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  1. gbw_dl

    Diaper lover or adult baby

    DL here, no real interest an AB stuff, but do ya thing!
  2. gbw_dl


    I haven't been with a guy in about 4 years, but I personally loved the satisfaction I gave him, and I got from swallowing. For me, it was like the ultimate good gesture, like a complete package. Plus, it makes me feel dirty, and I'm all about that lol
  3. Right. It's something that I need to do, because it has been way more frequent than I'm used to since I've had gastric bypass surgery. I just dont know if it's a pullup I need or full on diapers. The problem with a regular diaper is that it doesnt seem feasible to take them off to pee, and while I do have full control of my bladder, taking off a regular diaper to just go pee seems like the diaper would break down too quickly. But pullups dont really seem like they are made to contain a big mess either. What I do know, is that its embarrassing, and has since happened again, and it was while I was in school. Thankfully, I've been traveling with extra underwear and wipes to school, and was able to change in the bathroom. But I was mortified.
  4. gbw_dl

    Marijuana and your diapers?

    I haven't smoked in about 10 years. I do miss it. There was only one time I was ever high and in diapers. I smoked a few bowls and gave myself a fleet enema and held back as long as I could. Probably the best mess I've ever made. Wouldn't mind doing it again
  5. Hi all. I would first like to start by saying that I have IBS and have had it for the better part of a decade. With my IBS I have found that I suffer from small amounts of leakage from time to time with some occasions of having a full blown accident (usually 6-8 times a year). With my IBS I get a timer that is like "you better find a toilet now!!!" Feeling, and sometimes I'm unable to make it and nature takes over and I mess myself because I cannot hold it in any longer. Well, in my mind, 6-8 times a year doesnt really warrant me wearing something for protection against my accidents. At most I would wear a maxipad to contain the minor leakage that I would have but most of the time dont need anything. Well, where things are different now, is that I've had gastric bypass surgery and things have kind of changed. Ive seen great results with my surgery, but I've noticed that the urge to go is more intense and i feel like i have less time. Another thing is that since my surgery, I've had 4 accidents (all within the last month) in which I was able to stop it from all coming out, but not without making somewhat of a moderate mess in my pants. I've been taking the fiber supplements my doctor recommended to me, and I've tried withholding the fiber supplements to see if it bears any change, and it doesnt. The maxi pads that I would use on occasion aren't big enough to contain the messes I'm having. And I'm getting to the point where I'm having to carry aro uh nd extra underwear because I dont know when I may need them (had to use them today for instance). So I dont know what I should do. I dont know if some kind of diaper would be the solution or if there are other products that are better suited to bowel incontinence issues. I should relay the fact that I do have some bowel movements that aren't emergencies where I need to rush to the bathroom, but its getting to th point where the emergent need to void my bowels are become more frequent. Any suggestions? Right now my current relationship with diapers are on a want basis more than a need, but right now that line is starting to cross over. Thanks Ryan
  6. gbw_dl

    How was your first time in a diaper?

    I was 16, had my own car and a driver's license. I also had storage (my trunk) that my snooping mother couldn't access. So, knowing that I loved diapers, and feeling like I was the only one in the world that felt this way, I went to the grocery store and bought a package of depends pullups. Not knowing that all diapers aren't created equal, I slipped one on and let go a fulllllllllll bladder. It immediately soaked through and started leaking onto the floor (thankfully the tile floor in the bathroom). I would binge and purge out of lust and disgust of my relationship with diapers. Eventually I found this site and the rest is history!
  7. gbw_dl

    Undercover Sissy At Work

    Cute! Keep doing your thang! You devious little princess!
  8. Last night, although it wasnt in a diaper, it was an accident at work. I have IBS and had accidents every so often, but since I had my surgery 2 months ago, I've had probably 5-6 accidents.
  9. gbw_dl

    What Other Fetishes Are You Into?

    Also, I'm kinda in to the furry thing. I think some of the fur suits are so cute. I dont have a fur suit, or anything like that, but I do like the idea. My only exposure is what the internet provides
  10. gbw_dl

    Post when messy.

    Wet and messy. Woke up to my semi usual stomach cramps, rolled onto my side and just let go. Filled her all the way up. Now, I am on here surfin the forum!
  11. gbw_dl

    Another Peeing into Your Diaper

    I have always wanted to try something like this. Just finding someone else that's in to diapers must have been hard, let alone someone who is actively participating to the level they are. Good for you!
  12. gbw_dl

    What Other Fetishes Are You Into?

    I haven't explored my sexual side too much, but I have stumbled across things that I get in too. I know I have fetishes, but I cant quite pinpoint it.
  13. gbw_dl

    What feels better?

    Wet, swollen, diaper. To the point of leaking, but just not quite there.
  14. gbw_dl

    Longest been messy

    Right around 15 hours or do