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  1. gbw_dl

    Who uses their diaper beyond capacity???

    I do this from time to time. Too often do I feel I dont get my money's worth out of my diaper, leaving areas that are dry, and it bumps me out. So every once in a while, I'll put on some sani-pants over my diap, and just continue to use it. When I plan on cleaning sheets and mattress my mattress cover, I will sleep in them and continue to keep using it as needed. An overfilled diaper is so nice!
  2. Just woke up with my usual IBS stomach cramps and needing to poo. Remembered I'd drank a bit and was diapered up. Just let it all loose. So warm 😍
  3. gbw_dl

    any kansas dwellers left?

    But alas! We are not alone! We just hide amongst the shadows.... lolol jk, hi!
  4. gbw_dl

    I successfully got drunk

    Be careful. If you are hell bent on getting drunk, just DO NOT take multiple shots in rapid succession. You will get entirely too intoxicated and wont be able to do anything about it, as the being drunk part comes 15-30 minutes later. Like Beallucanbe said, vodka and OJ (aka screwdriver) is delicious, and goes down easy. Just maintain the control to stop when you've think you've had enough... I problem I sometimes have. Be careful, alcoholism is a bear!
  5. I go through stents where I will wear out of the house for a out a week, to a week and a half, but I only get that urge about once a year.
  6. gbw_dl

    Our Unique Lifestyle

    I would agree. It's not weird to us, but that's because we all share our love for diapers in whichever facet that may be amongst our like minded selves here. From a societal standpoint, I can understand why one would consider this lifestyle or fetish or whatever you want to call it as being weird. And I'm not saying that by saying that something is weird means that it should be forbidden either. For instance, I think there are lots of things that are weird to me, but my perception is based in ignorance of the subject I think is weird. I know that's a ramble, was I able to make sense? Lol, sometimes my fingers cant type as fast as my head thinks! Lol
  7. gbw_dl

    What diapers do you wear?

    Right now I have some cheap prevails that I've had for a while when I was out of good diapers. But I currently have Dry24/7s, Abenas, as and Northshores on hand. The abenas are new to me and havent had the opportunity to try one yet, but I plan on wearing one to bed tonight!
  8. gbw_dl

    Put diaper on, need to do #2

    Hey Eddie, it's just the Sani-Pant cover that I use. I've had such good luck with mine. I messed myself once while wearing it when my roommate was home. I didnt realize he was home until I came out of my room and went upstairs to get something to drink. When I went back downstairs I ran to my room to grab my towel and hit the shower to clean up really quick. My roommate only commented on the smell after I took everything off, and I played it off as if I had a smelly poo in the toilet. It was a pretty smelly one too, and it never stunk until I took everything off.
  9. gbw_dl

    A question for the guys

    I do my best to aim it down. Not to get into TMI territory, but my "thing" is pretty small and generally likes to hang straight forward, so if I know im about to wet, I'll aim it down the best I can
  10. gbw_dl

    Nice Sissy Diaper Covers

    Those are cute!
  11. gbw_dl

    New to DD not to diapers

    Hi Katie! Glad to have you here! This is a fun and great community to be a part of
  12. gbw_dl

    any kansas dwellers left?

    Wichita KS here!
  13. gbw_dl

    Put diaper on, need to do #2

    I'm kinda indifferent. I have a diaper cover that does a really good job at locking in smells and retaining moisture. As most of my BMs are soft this can make for a mess. The diaper cover however has allowed me to fill up a diaper with number 2 at any stage of wearing, and then pee in it as I need to. That being said, my diaper cover does have its limits, and I have definitely exceeded them before by accident.
  14. gbw_dl

    Do you ever not poop your diaper?

    I dont wear all the time, but if I have to poop while wearing I generally will go ahead and poop in my diaper. It's going to be a lot better for me to do things how I want/when I want. I'm moving out of my house that i rent with 3 other guys to a 2 bedroom apartment with just one of my roommates. I have the master bedroom with it's own bathroom, and, my roommate is gone on business through the year, so I will have the place to myself more often.
  15. Depends upon the urgency in which I need to go number 2. I always pee when I go number 2, but sometimes the pop comes out so fast that I cant tell