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  1. I personally like the diapers that have the stretch sides to them. One that I use that’s kind of a “meh” diaper, but fits awesome, is the Tena Stretch diapers. They aren’t too bad if you throw a booster pad in it, but it has one large tape on each side that stretches for a more custom fot
  2. Lots of fun

    Can’t say I’ve done this. But hey, whatever floats your boat!
  3. Back when I joined this site and a few years afterwards, I would do the whole binge and purge routine. After having gone away from diapers for a while, something would spark, and then like frenzied lunatic do everything I could to acquire diapers, and make plans to commit to wearing them 24/7. Only to rinse and repeat the stated above. After a while of not wearing or really having an interest in diapers, I managed to mature some. When the urge eventually struck up (as it always would) I just decided to roll with it with ease and just simply address my “need” to wear a diaper and use it. This has allowed me to not frenzy around diapers, and I was now able to control my diaper wearing, and it not control me. I have a stash of diapers that I use intermittently as I feel I need to, and haven’t purged any of my stuff in a few years now. I will say, that it does help having my own place with relative privacy. I hope my ramblings make sense lol.
  4. Creations for messing

    I find that if I’m on the constipation end of the IBS spectrum, the only thing that works for me to go is glycerin suppositories, or the fleet enemas. I only use these when I’m absolutely constipated, which usually isn’t a problem.
  5. Hi DD

    Welcome! Glad you found DD! And as far as “weird” fetishes are concerned, I’ll assure you, you’re among friends here
  6. Need help peeing

    Yeah, as username stated, it’s pretty common. It takes practice and practice
  7. Does anyone ever get sore from wet diapers?

    I don’t wear 24/7, but I do have pretty resilient skin. I can stay in a wet diaper for a while, and the longest I’ve been in a messy diaper has been over 12 hours (messed before bed, and then got up and around the house for a few more hours still messy) without incident. I only changed that one because roommates were going to be coming home within a few hours.
  8. Holding it in

    I generally am unable to hold it in when an urge presents itself, at least not for too long (usually 5-10 minutes) before the deed happens
  9. My roommate and I were really drunk one night and telling each other our deepest darkest secrets. He had some that I found shocking so I felt comfortable to tell him that sometimes I wear diapers for when my IBS gets bad and I told him that sometimes I went the bed. I didn’t show him my diapers but showed him my duffel bags where my diapers are, and told him that if anything were to happen to me, to throw those away. Lol, he never seemed to care, and it’s never come up in conversation since then. If someone else found my stash I would also interrogate them as to what they were doing in my room without my permission. Ultimately, an explanation would have to be given, and I’d say the same thing. As someone messes myself accidentally somewhat often, people could understand.
  10. I go through bits where I really like to wear as often as I can, and then I go through bits where my emotional need for diapers is squelched. Either way, I always have one handy when I “need” one.
  11. Have a New Years resolution?

    I drink a lot, and I eat pretty crappy too
  12. Have a New Years resolution?

    To not drink as much... actually take a drinking sabbatical for the foreseeable future. Also, make better choices on the things I eat, and get through school.
  13. First time wearing a diaper

    Oh yeah, +2 on that spectrum for me lol
  14. That Time Of The Year Again

    I was always aware of the new year baby, but didn’t know people dress up to be one. That’s cool!
  15. Post when messy.

    I was this morning, it wasn’t a lot and it wasn’t on purpose. Being that I was on my way home from work (and do not wear at work) I had to immediately hit the shower once I made it through the door.