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  1. Gun advise

    There are many options available to you for your price range. Glock, Smith and Wesson, HK, Springfield Armory, CZ. I would recommend going to a local shop with a range that does rentals. They usually sell brand new versions of their rentals, and will usually let you rent them for free if you are going to be buying one, at least all my ranges do. First off, I recommend nothing smaller than a 9mm. I'm not a fan of the .40 cal handguns but that is just my opinion. So go to your local range/shop and try some out, see how they fit in your hand, and if the gun fees right, or intuitive, try it out and see how you perform with it. When I was selecting my conceal and carry gun I had a list of 3 guns, one of which I really wanted. I tried all 3 and ended up selecting one of the handguns I wasn't really wanting to go with but was pretty accurate with. Good luck! Let us know what you go with!
  2. stopping the cycle

    I agree with others on here. For me it got less sexual as I aged and as I was exposed to diapers more often. At first I felt naughty, and I liked being naughty. However after over 10 years of wearing on and off, I really don't get aroused at all anymore by wearing diapers, it's much nicer this way for me.
  3. How do you poop?

    I will have days without really any bowel movement. Then after a few days at any time my stomach will rumble, sometimes get in knots and then the timer starts. I know that if I do not get to a bathroom within 3-5 minutes I will have a BM in my pants. I work EMS and have been in a patients house and had to go number 2 in their bathroom because of this. It was really embarrassing, but it was less embarrassing than walking around with it in my pants, through the hospital to drop the patient off, then climb back in the truck and head back to the station. As far as having any feeling of it coming out? Absolutely, I know it's going to come and know when it's coming out, but it's usually if I cannot physically hold it back anymore. Doesn't matter what position I am in, I've had it happen while in bed sleeping, and rolled over to get up and it just came out, I've had it happen while standing/running to the bathroom, and while i was sitting.
  4. I have worn in public many times. I don't do it often but it's usually just because of laziness, not that I'm really scared to do it. While this isn't going out in diapers, sometimes when I wake in the morning and my diaper is full, I'll pull on a pair of gym shorts and throw a shirt on and hang out with my roommates before they go to work. If they've noticed they didn't say anything. Not that I want to involve them, I'm just not ready to climb out of my diaper first thing in the morning.
  5. Scared of wearing in public

    Hey, like Alvin said, just go for it! Is it overall confidence that you lack? Is it that you're worried someone will notice you're wearing? Or is it leaks? You can try wearing in public and not using your diaper for a while. Many actually enjoy wearing and not using their diapers! But if you're like me, you enjoy using them for their intended purposes. So again, just try wearing dry in public. Sometimes if I'm going to be out for a while I will wear a pair of vinyl underwear over my diaper. It has elastic leg cuffs and an elastic waistband. It has never failed me yet! Sometimes I will also wear a pair of boxers or undies over my diaper and pull them up high to keep my diaper in place. As it fills it sags, so this helps prevent sagging. I'm sure many more will have some great ideas! Good luck!
  6. Do you stay in your poopy diapers?

    My bowel habits are erratic. I'll go 2-3 days sometimes 4 without much bowel movement. Then usually at some point out of nowhere I will have a sudden and strong urge to void my bowels that would be comparable to the feeling of giving yourself a fleet enema. If I don't find a bathroom within about 2 minutes, I will have the bowel movement regardless if I'm on a toilet or not. Well, to get to the point of this topic, for example I was wearing a diaper the other night in which I had done some minor wetting before bed. I woke up at around 3am with my classic you need to go now urge, and since I was diapered, I just let it go. It was a pretty massive and loses movement. After about 5 minutes my stomach cramps subsided and I fell back asleep. I woke up at 11am and showered. No rash, no pain, or anything of the sort from wearing a poopy diaper for prolonged periods of time. When I mess my diaper it's usually a pretty liquidy stool, and therefore when I've had urine leaks, some of the bad stuff has come out with it. It's aweful!
  7. do you hide your wetting at home

    I love with three of my friends. Well, one of my roommates and I are really close. We have lived in our house for 3 years now and the empty room next to mine in basement became his when he decided he wanted to move his stuff to the basement because of the temperature difference. Well, I do a pretty good job of keeping my whole diaper thing private since I had the entire basement, bathroom and laundry room to myself. Not to long ago we were drinking and both pretty intoxicated and we were talking about stuff we would consider embarrassing that we do. He shared some stuff about himself before asking me an interesting question. He asked me if a have a bed wetting problem? So obviously I know that he knows something. When I asked him why, he said that he went into my room to grab one of my wallflower scents (you know what this is if you shop at bath and body works) and said there was an odor of urine. I came clean and told home that Sometimes i do wet the bed, and sometimes I'm diapered and sometimes I'm not. He was totally nonchalant about it all and said "that's cool man". Lol. I told him not to tell anyone else as literally no one else other than y'all here know about it. I trust him with my secret. So
  8. Diapers in highschool

    I bought a pack of depends when I was 15, but I never would have dared to wear to high school. I did end up building courage though. When I started college several years ago, I was taking a German class. We had to stand in front of the class and carry on a small conversation with the teacher as a grade for our test. I was wearing diapers that time, and was actively wetting my diaper while we were having our conversation. I went from being extremely timid, to using my diaper in front of an audience
  9. Public Messing on Purpose?

    I have messed myself in public many times, but never in a diaper, and never on purpose. I will say however, I have a diaper cover that completely blocks the smell out. I have pooped in my diaper (at home) with the diaper cover on, and have been around my roomies (one of which who knows I wear at night) but none of them were the wiser! Like Rusty Pins said, just be courteous to other people not involved in your passion for diapers
  10. Getting Rid of Your Undies

    Awesome! Happy to meet another fellow EMS provider. I've been working the streets since 2010. I'm happy for ya, sounds like you really found a way to wear that works for you! That's awesome! I'm not sure if I want to go 24/7, or at least I'm not at a point in my life where I would want to do that. I do like the freedom of being able to not have to take diapers with me when I leave the house, if I do choose. I have worn at work before, but it's not something I generally do in fear of discovery. But it seems like you have a pretty good system, I may give it a try sometime! Thanks!
  11. What Other Fetishes?

    Aside from the whole diaper thing (I hardly consider it a fetish for me, due to overall lack of sexual satisfaction. It's more emotional for me), I enjoy being talked to dirty, and I mean no holds barred. BDSM stuff. I like to be used . Sometime I also like wetting my bed/underwear without a diaper (I do not have an actual bed wetting problem... yet? Lol) but I like the idea of having to clean my sheets because I had an "accident". Again, not really sexual in nature, but I would think most people would consider this to be a fetish
  12. Getting Rid of Your Undies

    Still have undies/panties. Have been wearing mostly at night when I have the next day off (I work 24 hours on, and then 3 days off) I have been trying to wear at night again these past few days, and love it. Don't know how brave I'd ever get to wear 24/7. Maybe retirement? And if I have a boyfriend/ husband by then, as long as they are okay with it
  13. Favorite Method For Simulated Mess

    I can see how that would be pretty stimulative. I got to be honest though, 90% of the fun of messing (for me ) is actually pushing it out. I know it's stinky and can be pretty messy, but hey, they call it messing for a reason! Not a bad idea though!
  14. Security

    I get enough of political opinion on FaceBook. To be honest, I really only get on to FaceBook anymore to see cat and pug pictures/videos
  15. Joe, I am so sorry to hear about your car accident. I'm glad that you made it out relatively okay. Like many here, I really started wearing diapers the moment I had my own car, and a job to pay for them (I was 16 years old). For the longest time , I too, had the fantasy of having the need to justify my diaper wearing. I like to use diaper for what they are, and would sometimes wish that I was Incontinent as well. (I have had some IBs related accidents, but it hasn't ever been frequent enough to call myself bowel incontinent). I will say that as I went through the binge and purge cycles of hoarding diapers and then feeling utter disgust for myself about my diaper habits, I learned to accept that this part of me will always be a part of me. And while I may not feel the urge to wear a diaper for a week, two weeks, maybe even a month or more, that I am very fortunate that I have control over my body. I have so much respect for the incontient folks here and everywhere. Many of us feel like that's what we would want for ourselves, but never seem to heed the warnings of the people who live incontinent in their day to day lives. (Not to say that all people who choose to wear 24/7 and become incon, aren't happy with their decision.) But again, I'm glad you came away from your car accident relatively okay.