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  1. Longest been messy

    Right around 15 hours or do
  2. Caught by mother due to my own mistake

    I feel ya man. When I was around 16 I had the whole basement to myself. I would take my used diapers and conceal them under the stairs and then take them out all at once, when the chance arose that no one was home (I had lived there for 2 years at this point, and no one had been under the stairs yet except for me). Well, one day before I went to work, I was in the shower and my mom knocked on the door and asked me why there was “big diapers” under the stairs in what was essentially my room. I played the dumb criminal card and said they weren’t mine. My moms voice was more out of concern for my health, not a lashing out at me. Every once in a while she’ll bring it up and ask about that event, and I always cringe when she does because it’s something I plan on never telling my parents.
  3. Feeling So Much More Comfortable Here

    This place is an oasis for our like mindedness. I felt a sigh of relief when I found this website, as I realized I wasn’t the only one in the entire world with this “weird” desire/emotional need to wear and use diapers.
  4. Would you want to be a "Normie"?

    Honestly, not having a “need” to wear diapers, would make my life easier. I have wrestled with guilt from wearing diapers since I started actually wearing diapers again as an adolescent. The guilt would get so bad that I would convince myself there was something wrong with me, vow to never wear diapers again, and then throw out all of the supplies I had. Like a pendulum in motion I would end back up acquiring diapers and using them... rinse and repeat with the guilt. This continued for a while into my early 20s. Eventually I just accepted the point that this is a part of my life, and no matter what I do, I’ll still have an urge for some reason to wear and use diapers. After accepting that, the guilt is gone. So I was able to rid myself of the pesky guilt by a combination of being more mature than previously, and accepting the DL inside of me. Diapers don’t rule my life, and I feel I have a healthy relationship with my desire to wear, or a good balance rather. The only reason why I would say that if I could rid myself of my diaper desires, would be that even though I’m okay with it, due to societal standards, this practice of wearing diapers is very taboo and if caught, ya have a lot of ‘splanin to do!
  5. Partying in a wet diaper

    In retrospect it was pretty reckless and I opened myself to the possibility of some serious scrutiny lol
  6. Hey, just curious, I have no issues wetting while lying in bed, except for when I’m on my stomach as I currently am at this moment. I can sit, lay on my back, my side, but for some reason im unable to go while on my stomach in the prone position. Is there some sort of anatomical blockage, or is this a mental blockage? Thanks!
  7. Corrupt-a-wish

    Granted! You are now the proud new captain of your own starship! But you forget every planet you have visited once you’ve left it! I wish I could get a solid 9 hours of sleep tonight!
  8. Same lol, just popped a couple suppositories and now the waiting game. Pressure is building, and my toes are starting to ache lol
  9. 1st Messy Accident, Had to Share

  10. Favorite poopy

    I like it when your stomach is sort of bound up and you know what’s coming. After a few minutes of slight pain it just shotguns out over the course of 4-5 seconds just completely filling up the diaper. It’s like an orgasmic stimulation to me that feels like heaven lol.
  11. hello

  12. Partying in a wet diaper

    Nice! Never went to a party, but have worn to some of my college classes in the past. Actually, I was giving an oral example in a foreign language class in which I was standing in front of the class facing them, and wet my diaper.
  13. Wearing for IBS peace of mind?

    I have IBS as well. While I can usually get to the bathroom in time, there have been times where I was unable to make it to the bathroom and had a full unload into my pants. This usually only happens once or twice a year. But I will generally have a small accident monthly. I will also experience intermittent bouts of leakage that kind of comes out randomly throughout the day. I generally don’t wear all the time for anticipation of an accident, but there is indeed a pattern that comes in waves (a few days) and I will pad up for those. If I’m just experiencing a “leaky faucet”, I will wear an overnight pad that is similar to the pads women use for their periods (super discreet, and able to do the job with a small presence)
  14. i there im new here

    Hi Dean! Well, I can tell you that you are among friends here. This site is a wonderful place for you to explore and learn things about yourself. Ask questions, interact, and enjoy! Welcome to the site!