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  1. Diapers for surgery?

    DL Biker, you are so very right about bring your own diapers suggestion. The one time I did not have my own diaper available I woke up in one very cheap and substandard Attends in the recovery room. The recovery room nurse ended up changing me twice that day. To make matters worse by the time my wife drove us to pharmacy to get post op Rx's then go home, I was totally soaking wet through my cloths! I detest wet clothing. My wife who is a RN has never made that mistake again by insisting I have extra diapers both with me in the OR but also in her big oversized computer bag/purse to keep her little peepants hubby dry! Thanks for pointing this fact out!
  2. Hello there! I just saw your reference to the Snappi diaper pin. I've used these for years but recently learned they dropped the toddler size.

  3. Diapers for surgery?

    So I too have gone to surgery and on my bladder on multiple occasions. I wear my Tykables or Rearz Inspire and the OR team has one of my dry diapers to put on me after my surgery is over. During my most recent procedure on my bladder last Oct, I found myself awakening on the OR table while the OR team was putting one of my dry diapers on me. Sadly the old fart circulating nurse sucked at this simple task and barely got 3 out of 4 tape tabs attached to the diaper. I was soaked shortly there after in the recovery room as was the stretcher. My wife who is a RN was summoned by the recovery room nurse to help her change me. Had my urologist still been in the OR, I'm sure she would have expertly gotten me diapered properly. Make sure you tell the OR team and the anesthesia team your Incontinent and wear diapers. They're there to try and help keep you as comfortable even if it means carrying a spare dry diaper for you to surgery. I detest laying in wet bedding and clothing. That's why I wear diapers in the first place!
  4. Opinions of Pull on cloth diapers

    I have worn pin on gauze adult diapers to work for years thanks to my wife insisting I use cloth 24/7 many years ago due to costs of the Molicare diapers. I freaked at first but actually got well adjusted to cloth diapers at work and carrying a diaper bag. I also struggled early on with the "diaper funk odor". This is where the clean dry diapers see their first wetting of the morning and they stink really really bad. They make special diaper detergents but what solved this problem was an LG HE washing machine with a "sanitary setting". This plus Murphy's Clean day laundry detergent made funk go away. Also my plastic panties also softened back up in this detergent. The benefit of cloth over disposable diapers is the cloth keeps wicking urine far far long than the early saturation point of some of the best disposables like Rearz, Abena, Bambino, and Tykables. Also my day and night weight cloth diapers will last up to 5-6 years! The only drawback is you have to have a large supply on hand and avoid letting diaper pail getting full. The excessive weight in the washing machine can shorten the machine's life! Peepants
  5. Sleep Apenia

    Hey I'm new here to posting but have been lurking for past 2 years and love this web site. I'm having a sleep study in 10 days. I use full time external catheters or diapers day/night. My wife says wear a diaper during the test, but I sleep better with a catheter and less fearful of wetting their bed. Do the technicians really care about this? any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated