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    4.) Corles lead Call down to the hall and fetched his clothes from the laundry room, then took the boy by the hand and took him into the changing room. He set the folded pants and top down and lifted him up onto the changing table. "It's okay little man, lay yourself down." His voice was firm, stern, but kind the way that Corles's was. One of his hands pushed the boy down with gently firm force and just like that he was undoing his diaper. "Hey, wait-" But Corles didn't wait. I had only ever had a few people change me in my entire life - my sisters, my parents, and the instructors in elementary school. And, of course, now Emme. I tried to sit up, but Corles had already taken the diaper off. I'd expected the courteous asking to lift like my sister did, but he grabbed my ankles like a second grader. Corles had a way of making Emme feel childish with his stature and the way he could lift her up and toss her around like she was still six. And Call wasn't any bigger than she was, so Corles still had that same advantage. He held the boy’s legs up by the ankles and then slid the new pink diaper under his bottom, pulling it up into place. "There's a good boy, isn't that better? Nice and dry and thick between your legs. You're so well behaved, Emme could learn from you." The words melted into my body and I sunk deeper and deeper into the changing table. By the time my body was clad in the newly pink diaper - I didn't even have a chance to argue I liked blue - I was standing on my wobbly feet again and ushered out of the room. My eyes were glossy and I couldn't help the blush. Wow... Corles had helped the boy into his pants and top, adjusting them and fussing about them to make sure he looked his best, but Call seemed to be somewhere else entirely with his cheeks glowing crimson. "Go say goodbye to Emme, I'll wait by the front door." He smiled warmly at the still sorta dazed boy. I nodded my head, and I was already standing in front of the girl before I realized where I was or why I was there. "Oh, right... um... bye, then... I'll see you tomorrow at school." My whole body was dizzy, clearly having not caught up with my mind. I took a deep breath and smiled. She was nice to me. "See you tomorrow!" I kissed Call’s cheek and cuddled him, which only seemed to daze the boy even more and I had to point down the hallway. "Front door is that way, cutiepie." He really was cute, too, dazed and blushing like... like a girl. Gosh. Corles was holding the door open when the boy joined him and the two of them went out to the car with the bigger of the pair opening the passenger door for the smaller, then closing it behind him. "I'm in so much trouble," I said the next day, Emme having sat across from me. Her boyfriend, it seemed, was not a member of our lunch period. I ran my fingers through my hair. "Mom was getting really mad at Lina. I only used one this morning, and there were the two from yesterday, but..." I took a deep breath and ran my fingers over my arms. It helped keep me calm. Movement. "I don't know what to do. If I take more..." "You can have some of mine, I don't mind." And we had plenty - Mom worked for one of the companies so we were always flush with supplies. I shrugged my shoulders casually and ate a carrot stick with thoughtful flair in my movements. "It should be the pink ones, though, they're my favorite and if lots of those are being used nobody will really notice." It did make me think, though. "Are you going to stay this way? You know. The U-word?" I looked around with a frown and crossed my arms over my chest. We didn't say the U word, and we definitely didn't mention diapers in relation to me, not in public. It was a very ambiguous system for one day of knowing this girl. "I don't like the pink ones. And no. It's just stress of high school. It'll go away tomorrow." "You should wait for it to go away before you stop taking precautions, though, and not just stop taking precautions. If you stop taking precautions and you have an..." I tried to think of a good way to word him wetting himself, "event, then things will be much much worse." I sipped from my juicebox. "We're going to see a movie tonight, Corles wanted to know if you'd like to come." "No, it's probably not a good idea." I frowned and played with my fork. I was cutting back on liquids very harshly, and it left me a little light headed. I had been avoiding most foods altogether, too. "I have to work on this whole issue. Like you said. I can't be having any events..." "Corles is going to be disappointed~" I said it in a singsong voice, sipping my juicebox. "Not as much as when he finds out you skipped morning recess and lunch. And your lips are cracked, too, so I bet you're trying to go cold turkey." I was nothing if-not observant. "I'm practicing," I said with a frown. It was a very nonconventional way of training someone out of diapers, and it was also the only thing I hadn't tried. Alarm systems were my least favorite, over the summer. My parents thought they worked. I just couldn't handle it anymore, and I started turning them off at night. The no water deal was supposed to demonstrate to the body how it feels to need to use the bathroom, and it involved two days with no water and then one day with nothing but. I was just hitting the end of day one. I felt horrible. "Well... I don't know about that..." Training was never something girls needed to worry about - one day it just sort of happened, and I hadn't even been trained out of twosies so I guess I couldn't sympathize. I didn't say anything more on the matter, though, and lunch ended without incident. It wasn't me who saw Call next, though. Between the two afternoon classes Corles found Call in the hall and pulled him into a classroom, closing the door behind him. “Emme told me you're not looking after yourself, little man. Why don't you tell me about that?" I pulled my hand out of Corles’s and frowned. I really didn't feel well... mac and cheese was the only thing I'd eaten in over a day now. I took a deep breath and looked up at the boy. He was so much taller than me. "I appreciate your concern, man. I do. It's cool. But I'm fine. I'm getting rid of this problem, and that's it. Alright?" Corles smiled and picked the boy up, pulled him into the nook of his elbow, and pushed the teat of what was very clearly a baby bottle into his lips. He spoke very clearly as he did. "Be a good boy, Call, you want to make me proud of you, don't you? Drink your baba now so you can grow up big and strong." The other infantile elements of the high-school relationship status quo weren't really talked about in 10th grade, but it wasn't an uncommon thing. Corles was so much bigger, he held he boy in his arms, and weather he liked it or not the chocolate milk in the bottle was starting to trickle onto his tongue. I kept struggling, pushing against the boy as hard as I could, but the milk tasted so fucking good, and I felt so fucking thirsty... I started to suck on the bottle. I couldn't even remember the last time I had a baby bottle, but Lina had one until she was ten. Motor function came slowly to girls, after all. I kept struggling for a while, but my own body started to overpower the psychological aspects. I really needed something to drink... "There's a good boy, such a good boy..." Corles praised Call and pulled him on his lap, taking a seat on one of the desks, and gently began to rock him. "And once you've finished your baba, I'll cuddle you in my arms until your diaper needs a change and I'll lay you down and change you. Won't that be nice? Get you changed into a fresh diaper, and no more ouchy tummy..." I was probably psychotic or hallucinating or something. I wasn't sure why I agreed to any of it. But Corles really was warm, and the more he rocked me, the sleepier I got. I clung up against his uniform with a little smile and closed my eyes, too tired to care. It wasn't until the bottle was finished, Corles held the boy for half an hour until he felt the diaper filling up, and he'd laid him out on the desk to change him that Call's eyes finally opened. Corles lifted his legs in the air and slid the new diaper underneath his bottom, smiling at the dreary boy. "I'll meet you both in the parking lot at four for the movie." It wasn't a question like Emme had asked; just a statement. "Don't be silly with your body, little man - you only get one. Don't mess it up on a matter of pride, all things happen the way they do for a reason." He taped up the diaper and patted the front of it before tugging the boy’s pants back up. "I don't want to go." "Corles said you have to." "I know what he said. I told you what he said." "So come on." "No, like..." I sighed and took a deep breath, stopping outside the door. Despite the chocolate milk, I still didn't feel well. Better, definitely, but probably not well. Dairy really shouldn't have been the only thing I've had in two days, either. It wasn't smart. "He always... messes with my head. I don't know how to explain it. I just don't like it, okay? I don't want to go." "It's just how he is, he cares a lot and you know he means the best. And it makes you happy, I know it makes you happy. What's the harm?" I looked at the door and then at the now empty nurses station, mischievously. "If you come, I'll let you change my diaper. Right now. In the nurses station. One time offer." "I don't want to change you, Emme. I don't want to be a part of you and Corles and whatever you have. I don't even understand where I fit in. I'm just your friend, his friend, and this just isn't friendly." I sighed and shook my head, rubbing my fingers along my arms. "You guys go see the movie. I'll talk to you both tomorrow, alright? Seriously. I just need some time..." He spoke. I knew he spoke. But I pulled him into the nurses office anyway, closed the door, pushed him down onto a chair and summarily began to wet my diaper. I mean, it was wet already, but it would hold a little more, and the crinkling plastic was right on top of his lap so I knew he'd feel it. "Uh-oh... Call... I had a ax-see-dent..." I pouted as cutely as I could manage and took his hand in mind, guiding it down to where my diaper touched his pants. "You dun' wanna change me...?" I wasn't sure where I'd lost it. I pushed the girl off me, completely, and stormed over to the door. She looked very taken aback, but I turned to her to clarify. "Listen, Emme. I'm fine being your friend, and whatever, but I don't like this shit. You're fifteen fucking years old, and you shouldn't act like a fucking kid, okay? So seriously, if you want to fuck around with Corles like a goddamn baby, you go right the fuck ahead, but leave me out of it!" And with that, I slammed the door hard. I frowned and looked down at my hands, watching the little tears fall down onto my pretty pink nails. I was a nice girl, right? And Call was a nice boy, he was just frustrated and confused, that's all. Right? I wound up texting Corles to let him know what had happened and we didn't see Call the rest of the day. He wasn't at school the next day, either, but that night Corles got a phone call from the boy in tears asking to be picked up.
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    This is a commission I was asked to do and I liked the premise so much I wrote a bunch of lore for it and have really started expanding the world. I am hoping that the commissioner enjoys the hard work I have been putting into this story. I will be posting chapters one at a time to motivate myself to finish the story faster. Each chapter will be about 5 pages long. This is a sci-fi story with typical abdl content but it's a clean all-ages story. PLANET Of The Roos Chapter 1 "No turning back now, Jenny." Gayle fitted the suit onto Jenny. Gayle was Jenny's best friend, probably her only friend as she was a bit awkward and she had a hard time talking to other people. "It's your last chance to reconsider. There are a few guys here ready to act as your understudy." What Gayle was talking about was Jenny's space mission. Jenny was an astronaut and her new mission would take her farther than anyone had ever traveled before. Using brand new technology which could curve space she would be transported tens of lightyears out. Even with some time warping though Jenny would be gone for several years, leaving behind many people on Earth. The last person to travel to a far off distant planet lightyears away took five years to come back. Granted, this was exceptionally fast travel compared to when the program first began, but it did show there was a plateau to how quickly one could travel even when bending space itself. "Gayle, it's fine. You know I've always wanted this." Jenny said with a meek smile. "I don't have family to leave behind, and it's been my dream since I was a little girl to go to a far off planet." "You'll be leaving me behind though." Gayle said, a single tear rolling down her cheek as she fixed Jenny's helmet on. "Please don't make this hard." Jenny hugged her friend and then quickly turned to get into her exploration pod. Gayle was escorted away from the warping radius. The pod hovered in the air as it prepared to travel through a man-made wormhole and send Jenny to a far off destination. A planet that would be nearly nine lightyears away from earth, making instantaneous communication impossible. Jenny stared at her view screen, her heart racing as she prepared for the exhilarating rush of seeing light around her twist and reshape itself to plop the pod into a brand new space. Looking at the screen she saw the scientists working frantically on the ground controls. Jenny checked her gauges to make sure everything was working okay. The scientists tried to communicate with Jenny, but the warping had already begun. At first their voices crackled and then seemed to stretch out. Jenny saw everything around her getting flatter and spacing itself out. She tried to keep her eyes open but she became increasingly disoriented. Something was going horribly wrong. Jenny woke up to the feeling of space vibrating around her. Her view screen was black, having shorted out. She heard rumbling outside the pod. Red lights were flashing, offering the only illumination. Finally the pod stopped moving and Jenny could feel herself hanging upside down. With no frame of reference she felt quite disoriented. She unbuckled her strap and held onto her chair so she didn't fall. She carefully stepped down and looked at the wrist of her space suit. She tapped a projected screen. The screen told her she was on solid ground. She went for the hatch and turned the crank, opening it carefully. The air inside slowly decompressed. Thankfully the pod itself remained unbroken. Only the electronics on board had shorted out. At least her suit still worked. She sighed, urinating into the space diaper. Unfortunately she must have been out for a long time because her diaper was overflowing. She felt it dripping down her legs. Jenny winced and groaned. Now each step she took was squishy and wet. "Damn it!" She muttered. She pulled open the door and stepped outside. The ground was dirt and grass with some odd looking vegetation, but it was pretty Earth-like. Poking at the projected screen coming off of her wrist she saw that the planet indeed had a similar atmosphere to Earth. She did a quick scan for any possible harmful bacteria in the air and again it all was so similar. Still, even knowing that the planet could be safe for a human like her was hesitant to open her suit. She tried to remind herself that she should probably preserve the power on the suit since there wasn't any immediate way to charge it up with the pod currently out of commission. After a period of stalling she finally unhooked the helmet and pulled it away from the suit. She set the helmet back in the upside-down pod. Jenny climbed out of the impact crater and looked around the planet. She searched for any pools of water so she could get a drink and maybe wash out the inside of her wet space suit. She was careful to use the suit's guidance sparingly, only searching for essential things. After some walking she saw a lake in the distance with very tall trees behind it. She approached slowly, seeing some birds flutter out from the forest. She smiled, a bit excited despite her cautious fear of being stuck on the planet for now. Though she was nervous and a little scared she tried to remind herself she was resourceful and could survive long enough to figure out how to repair her pod and get home. Jenny set the used space diaper on the ground while she turned the inner-lining of her space suit inside-out. She splashed some water over the lining and was grateful no one was there to see the embarrassing moment. Part of the reason she left Earth was not only to explore another planet but to feel thrill and excitement again. She was usually very depressed and often anxious. Being on this strange planet was already making her feel better. A crackle came from upstream and Jenny's gaze shot upward. There she was another human like her. This one had long hair covering her chest. She was wearing a dirty mud-caked grass skirt. At least it looked like mud. The two females locked eyes from across the lake. "Did I go back in time or something?" Jenny thought to herself. "Hey there, sweetie." Jenny spoke in a calm tone. She wondered if she looked strange to the other humanoid. She had on a bra and a spare set of underwear and she was washing a fancy looking space suit. "My name is Jenny. Who are you?" She knew it was a long-shot communicating to the alien woman. The woman babbled some nonsense. It didn't really sound like language as it was full of inconsistent gibberish. Some louder foot steps came from behind the trees. Jenny saw the other woman get scared and run into the woods, hiding. Jenny looked around, not really seeing anywhere to hide. She picked up her space suit and started running down the river. When she looked over her shoulder she saw two tall creatures. They looked similar to kangaroos with long ears, snouts, and on their bellies were some pouches. They were dressed in human-like clothes though. Their bellies had to be exposed so there was easy access to their pouches, but they wore shirts and pants like any other human. Their bodies were even humanoid in shape. Jenny skidded to a halt, observing these alien creatures from afar. It was too strange for her not to stare. She could even see one of the kangaroo creatures was female because of the way her chest stuck out. Normally the mammaries on a kangaroo would be inside the pouch, but not for these creatures who probably evolved in the same path humans did on earth. The creatures talked to each other, but Jenny could not tell what they were saying. This definitely was a language with complex words and phrases. It was just completely alien to Jenny so there was no way for her to understand it. "I told you, I heard some humans talking over here." The female roo said. "Not talking." The male said. "Humans make noise but it's not exactly talking." "You know what I mean. They were verbally communicating, or at least trying to. I know I heard human voices." The female's ears perked up and she looked down the other side of the river, seeing Jenny completely exposed with nothing to hide behind. Jenny gasped, turning around and running away, almost tripping on her suit. She tried putting it back on as she ran. "I never seen a wild human like that before! She's groomed and appears to be dressing herself. Do you think she ran away from her owner?" "I'll take a picture." The male kangaroo took out a tablet device, holding it up and snapping a picture as Jenny was running away from them towards where her pod was. "We'll let Dr Bounder know where we saw her and she'll probably be able to track where she was." Gasping and panting, nearly out of breath, Jenny stopped where her ship's crash site was. She looked down at her wrist band, noticing that she was now running low on power and she'd have to use her own wits and resourcefulness to survive now. Jenny climbed into her pod and took out her trusty multipurpose screwdriver. She opened the main control panel and assessed the damage. It didn't look like there was any immediate noticeable damage. She took out her multimeter and poked around the console. The sun started setting at the horizon and she was getting very tired. She closed the door to her pod and attempted to sleep. Jenny woke up suddenly. She felt like she only closed her eyes for a few minutes. Opening the door to her pod and looking out she saw bioluminescent birds fluttering outside with a beautiful yellow glow. At least it wasn't completely dark outside. She sat in the open doorway of her pod and just looked outside at the beautiful night sky. She smiled, thinking this is exactly what she signed up for. Under the cover of night, Jenny walked the surface of the mysterious planet carefully to look for many minerals she could use for supplies or food to eat. She carried a stun gun and she just prayed she would not need it. She also brought a fresh space diaper with her inside her suit. She prayed she would not need that either. Jenny fashioned herself a bridge to cross the river. She managed to use her gun on a high setting to cut down a tree. It took several minutes to tie everything together. She used some rocks to roll the bridge to the river. Several more minutes later and she was able to use some ropes she fashioned to position the bridge just right so that it reached the other side after being dropped. Jenny hopped onto the tree bridge and carefully tip-toed across. She felt mighty proud of her resourcefulness, but now she had to go to the bathroom real bad. There was a debate going on in Jenny's head about whether she should just use her diaper or go through the complicated process of taking off her suit and peeing outside. She decided on the latter and stepped out of her suit. She left the suit and diaper behind her as she wandered to another stream and squatted down. It didn't take long for her to relax and let loose her hefty stream. It sprayed onto the ground between her feet. She felt quite relieved after holding it in for so long. Unfortunately she had to squeeze shut when she heard a noise. She glanced around, and after not seeing anything she resumed her stream. Suddenly she felt something tighten around her neck. Her pee was gushing out now as she stood up and panicked. Pee was spraying all over her legs and feet. She cried out for help but her mouth was gagged next. It felt like there was a bulb plugging her mouth which she felt an instinctual need to suck on. A tight strap reaching behind her head held the gag in place. She felt the ground move away from her feet as she was raised in the air and then tucked into a warm pocket. She looked around, trying to see her surroundings. The outer lining of the tight pouch her body was stuffed in was covered in dense, short-haired fur. Looking down lower she saw massive feet. The middle toes had huge claws coming out of them. This had to be one of the kangaroo creatures! She struggled to get out of the pouch. She then saw the head of a kangaroo wearing glasses. She had delicate features and long lashes. Her ears twitched as she tilted her head upside-down, inspecting the human in her pouch. "Don't worry, darling. I'm not here to hurt you. You're just a fascinating specimen!" The kangaroo spoke, but Jenny could not understand her. The language was completely foreign to her. She held a gun up to Jenny's neck, which made the girl whimper in fear, leaking a little into the kangaroo's pouch. There was no shot though. The kangaroo held the barrel of the gun up and looked at a screen on the side. "Hmm, just as I thought. You have no owner chip, which means you're wild, but you look far too well groomed to be wild." Looking over at the space suit and diaper just lying against the tree nearby the kangaroo stomped over and picked them up. "Hmm, even more curious! I wonder who fashioned this adorable outfit for you. It's so complex, so intricate." She rubbed her thumb against the outer layer. The kangaroo turned around and started running in the other direction, hopping now and then. Reaching a clearing, Jenny could see a vehicle on the side of a dirt road. There were large wheels on the side. The kangaroo climbed into the vehicle and rode off. Jenny tried to pay attention to where she was going, but soon she was lost, far away from her space pod. The lights flickered on in a sterile white lab. Jenny was pulled out of the kangaroo's pouch and placed upon a table with a cushioned padded over the top of it. Jenny stood there, confused and scared, but she was grateful to be alive. The kangaroo took some tissues and wiped down the inside of her pouch. Jenny blushed, feeling guilty for peeing in the kangaroo woman's pouch. "Sorry." Jenny mumbled. "Sah-Ree? Is that your name, little one?" The kangaroo spoke. She pointed to her chest. "My name is Dr Bounder. Doctor... Bounder..." she emphasized by tapped her chest two more times. Jenny's eyes lit up. She figured the Dr Bounder was trying to communicate with her! She tapped her chest and tried to speak back. "Jenny! Jenny!" she said excitedly. "Well that's strange. Are you trying to communicate with me, Sah-Ree?" Dr Bounder tilted her head and flicked her long ears. "No, that can't be possible. Humans can sometimes parrot words and phrases but they can not speak to us." Jenny looked up, confused. She thought she was making a breakthrough. She tried tapping her chest more saying "Jenny!" over and over. She then tried to repeat Dr Bounder's name back. "Ke-lah Br... Brund-hah." Jenny tried her best to speak the kangaroo's language. Dr Bounder's ears perked up. "Oh, well now that's really intriguing!" Dr Bounder said, clutching her chest. "It almost sounded like you said my name. I knew you were special. Tell you what, I'm going to bring you home with me." She put her hand on Jenny's chest and made her lie back. Using some sheet-like wipes she cleaned Jenny's butt and crotch. Jenny whimpered and squirmed, feeling like an infant. "Stop! I'm not a baby!" Jenny insisted, but to Dr Bounder her words just sounded like childish gibberish. Jenny felt a familiar thick padded going under her. It was a diaper, but it wasn't like the one she wore under her space suit. This one was thick, white, and had babyish decorations along it. Little pink and blue print designs adorned the waistband of the thick baby diapers. Before Jenny could pull the diaper off she had her hands secured in mittens and she was stuffed back into Dr Bounder's pouch. "You must be so tired and hungry running around half naked like that!" Dr Bounder tugged on Jenny's bra. "He he, you almost look like roos with this thing on." Jenny let out a yelp and grabbed at her bra, clutching it and staring up at Dr Bounder angrily. The scientist Kangaroo adjusted her glasses and chuckled. She pat the girl on the head and then left her lab. Dr Bounder parked her vehicle and stepped toward her house. Jenny must have nodded off during the ride home because she found herself just waking up and feeling sleepy as she rested in the tight confines on the pouch. At the top of the stairs was another Kangaroo lady. She slid down the stairs and embraced Dr Bounder. Jenny grunted a bit as she was slightly squished between the two roos. "Nyette!" The other roo said, nuzzling Dr Bounder. The then kisses her on the mouth. "Alkeena. My sweet flower." Nyette Bounder said, kissing back. "Oh my, I almost forgot to introduce you to our new little human!" Alkeena looked down, seeing Jenny sticking out of the pouch. Jenny looked a bit flustered and frustrated as she was stuck in this pouch with two strange eight foot tall alien kangaroo creatures looking at her. "Are you sure we can handle a human together, Nyette?" Alkeena said, reaching down to stroke Jenny's hair. Jenny just stood still, shivering a bit. These aliens did not look hostile, but she was still very nervous around them. "Sure!" Bounder explained. "You know I think she's actually really special. There's something about her. We'll do some tests in the morning." Going up the stairs Jenny was brought to a guest room. There was a soft looking bed in the corner. There was something that looked like a television and next to that was another electronic device with a screen. It was probably a computer, but the keypad was laid out differently. This was an alien world, so it made sense things would be different, but Jenny was surprised by how many things looked the same as on Earth. Jenny was laid back on the bed. Her arms were raised above her hand and she had her wrists tied to the posts with some soft cloth ribbons. Jenny panicked, squirming in her new restraints. "Shh, just relax, little one. I know this is not ideal." Bounder said, stroking Jenny's hair to soothe her. "but until we can get you a crib I don't want you falling out of your bed or wandering off." Jenny still didn't know what Dr Bounder was saying, but she sensed condescension in her tone. Jenny grumbled and tried to preserve her energy. Dr Bounder leaned down. Jenny whimpered, feeling the large roo's head so close her's. The kangaroo woman gave Jenny a kiss on the forehead. Jenny relaxed. The kiss felt nice and she blushed a little over it. She couldn't remember the last time someone made her feel like this. Memories of her own mother were so distant. "I'll see you in the morning my Sah-Ree." Dr Bounder smiled warmly, clutching her hands over her chest. Jenny felt so awkward. Wearing only a diaper and a bra she felt so infantile, but there was something comforting and familiar about this treatment. Bounder left the room and turned off the light, though a night light shone and lit up the ceiling with multicolored stars. Jenny yawned and closed her eyes, feeling comfortable enough to fall asleep now. She even started sucking on her pacifier contentedly. Around the middle of the night Jenny found herself waking up to an overwhelming urge to poop and pee. Normally Jenny would be getting out of bed to go use the toilet, but she found herself still tied to the posts behind her. This wasn't a nightmare she was waking up from. She was still trapped on this alien planet. Now she was in a humiliating position, needing to use a toilet, but being unable to do so. Sometimes Jenny would use her space diaper on missions where she was out in space for extended periods of time with no time for a bathroom break. There was also the incident where she soiled herself during a simulation. She claimed it was because she had a stomach ache, but in reality she just got a little scared and messed herself like a baby. That was a pretty humiliating moment, and now it appeared that even lightyears away from home her reputation as a big baby would remain unchanged. Jenny groaned, unable to hold it in. She couldn't even call for help with the pacifier gagging her mouth. She felt the poop coming out into the diaper. Unlike the maximum absorbency space diapers these were just like regular baby diapers, so Jenny felt everything. She felt the thick logs spreading across her bottom. She felt her warm piss getting all over her crotch and butt. After feeling a thick, warm mess covering her bottom and soggy diapers rubbing against her front she thought there was no way she could possibly get to sleep. Surprisingly though she found herself feeling much more calm. She started to get used to the feeling of her dirty and wet diapers and even started to think they were quite comfortable. Lying limp on the bed Jenny shut her eyes again and let herself drift off to sleep.
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    Aww man, don't ruin Ferix's topic, please This is one of my favorite threads on the site. Even if I can't achieve his success, it's wonderful reading the progress of someone closing in on one of my biggest dreams in life
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    3.) "This is so fucking messed up," I said with a frown, sitting in one of the ritzy chairs. Our economy was great, and it really showed. I put my head on my arms and let out a long, exasperated sigh. Diapers were as much underwear as anything, and that I didn't mind, but I still didn't like being in my underwear in front of new people. On top of that, they were bright pink. "You shouldn't curse, Corles thinks it's tacky.” I was sat next to Call at the table and I smiled, arranging my knives and forks the way I liked them, despite only needing a spoon for this meal. My headspace was definitely a little bit younger since Corles arrived. "Just relax, okay? We're friends now and Corles wants to be your friend, too. He's cool, right? I mean, he doesn't make you feel icky or anything or tease you, right?" She had a point... and for an eleventh grader not to tease a tenth grade boy in diapers was... well, it was something. But I still didn't like the way he treated me. It was so condescending... but really, how different would it be if I was in boxers? "Maybe you're right. I just want him to tone down the childish crap. Even if I was a chick, I think it's stupid as hell." "It's his way - you'll get it when you're his age." I smiled and put a fork in Call's hand so I could play-sword-fight with him, a devilish smile of glee on my lips. "Please be patient, okay? He's really a really nice boy. I used to think the way you did, but over time I just... I began to see how dreamy he is..." "Yeah, well, unfortunately for Corles, I'm not interested in how dreamy he is." I frowned and pulled my head up from the table, twiddling the fork in my hand. I had little else to say until the food came in. I hated this. I hated that they were both looking down on me, like I was a girl or something. "Here you go, baby girl, little man," Corles smiles, setting down the two bowls of macaroni and cheese in front of the two and a third in front of him as he sat opposite them both. Even sitting the boy was an imposing stature, but his smile was pretty charming. "If anybody at school finds out, you just tell me and I'll make sure to let them know not to tell anybody." Corles smiled - he'd be diplomatic, but it was hard to picture him as anything else but the sort that would just crack skulls to get results. "It's your business, way I see it." I shot a 'see?! isn't be so dreamy?!' look at Call and smiled. "Yeah, thanks..." I let out a little sigh and blew on the mac and cheese. So maybe he wasn't so bad... "I'll get over it in a week or whatever. I'm just stressed about high school and OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS." It was like mac and cheese crafted by the gods! "This is Corles' mac and cheese, I told you it was good, I told you I told you I told you!" I grinned and ate another spoonful and Corles laughed."Settle baby girl, don't want to spill your noodles."He was always so firm in the way that just made my head spin. Of course, following that statement, Call did just that - he spilled creamy cheesy sauce down the front of his top. "Shit.” It was my own damn fault. I was careless. I was holding the bowl, and... ugh. I quickly put the bowl of mac and cheese down and assessed my school shirt. I'd taken my hoodie off on the train, like an idiot. But it wasn't so bad... if I had a napkin or something... Corles stood up the moment he saw it happen and went around the table, kneeling in front of the boy once he pulled out his chair, and with careful dabbing with a napkin he cleaned up most of it without a word. Call was looking at me over my boyfriend’s shoulder, blushing, and I smiled knowingly with a sense of happy mischief. "Let's get this in the wash, little man." "I got it. Really." But before I had much of anything to say on the matter, the shirt was pulled up over my head. I felt the same kind of sensation in my chest when Emme lifted me onto the changing table and shook my head of the feeling. I couldn't start acting like this! "Hey! I'm not a fucking girl, alright? I said I got it." Corles took the boys chin and directed his gaze to meet his own. "You shouldn't curse, Call, it makes you sound like an idiot who doesn't know any better words to use. And you're not an idiot, so you shouldn't want people to think you are. Should you?" That made my heart flutter - it wasn't too different from what Corles had told me way back when, but still made my head swim to hear it again. I felt my cheeks turn pink at the boy's words and it was only after he took the shirt away and into the laundry room that I felt the oxygen into my lungs again. What the fuck was wrong with me... "Jesus, Emme, what is wrong with that guy. Doesn't he listen?" "He just cares about you - you're my friend and that means you're his friend as well, and you learn a lot of lessons in school. He's a year above us, so he's just trying to help." I decided not to mention just how much of Call's blush I'd seen, though I knew it was hard for him not to feel that way. Corles came back a few minutes later with one of my white blouses - though it wasn't apparent it was a blouse from the way he held it all bunched up to slip over the boys head. "Arms up little man, you can just wear this until your top is washed and dried, no big deal." Well, this shirt seemed to come down a little further, at least over a majority of the diaper. I was thankful for that. But the sleeveless top certainly held a lot of characteristics I wasn’t familiar with, and then it clicked. "Hey, this is a girl's!" "We're at my house, Call. What were you expecting?" "...right, but..." "Would you rather be topless?" The logic was sound and I smiled as I nodded back to my pasta. "Finish up, before it goes cold, okay?" Corles looked at the two of us with a little smile and sat himself back down at his place. In the distance, the washer hummed like it was three houses away and everything was calm and quiet but for the sound of spoons chinking on china. Okay, so Corles was pretty awesome. I didn't want to admit it, especially with how young he treated me, but he really was cool. It took an hour to really get into a conversation where he didn't call me "little man" every sentence, but after that... "Oh shit-" "Call." "Right, sorry. It's just really late, and my parents are home for sure..." "It's cool - I’ll drive you home.” Boys could get their licenses five years earlier than girls, and even so Corles only recently had his, but he did have a car and it was sitting in the drive. "Come on, let's get your top and pants and I'll take you home. Did you get our phone numbers?” “No, uh… I should do that.” Getting a license was a sixteenth birthday kind of thing. Girls didn't get theirs until 21. Really, our society was very suited for men. I loved it. Some people didn't, but no one with enough political power to change anything. Anyway, everyone came around eventually. Certain functions developed faster in boys, like the toilet training and fine motor function. The downside was, we often lost those things much sooner at old age. I smiled as I watched the two and sucked on a lollipop - I had homework to do. "It was nice seeing you, Call! See you at school tomorrow? Are you coming back, Corles?" "Shyeah, I'll get Call ready, drop him off and come back, yeah? Come on, Call." Call was wet and Corles was going to change him. I didn't know what that made me as happy as it did.
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    2.) I didn't see her again until after school. We had two classes together, but after I changed myself in the bathroom, I was already too exhausted to talk. She went her way for the girl's class and I went to the boy's, which involved an annoying amount of previsionary testing. They would split us up tomorrow, and we'd wind up in different ranks of our gender-specific class. The girl's focused a lot on home life where ours had more to do with monetary flow and economics. "How was classes?" Serendipitously we seemed to have the same train home and that was actually very lovely - I liked Call quite a lot. "Do you want to come over? My parents don't get home until late so I have the house to myself..." I was wet, and would be more than wet by the time we got home, but that was okay. "Plus I bet you can change more discretely at my house without your parents and siblings to worry about." She sure had me pegged, didn't she? I let out a little sigh and nodded my head, climbing off the train at her stop. I walked with my backpack over my shoulder and watched the houses go by. It was pretty customary to either have no kids, or four kids, and the population seemed to balance itself out pretty well. It was seen as very troublesome to have a small family with all the social expectations. Siblings taught a lot. We finally made it to my house and I opened the door with the small button attached to a retractable cord that was clipped to my bag. The lights came up and the air-conditioning started to hum and I waited for the boy to come in before closing the door. "We have a changing room," I explained as I led my way down the hall - my house was very large for the area and quite impressive. Changing rooms were likewise rare for a family with only one child. "Yeah... well... um..." I peered down at the pink plastic under my shirt with a little frown and turned to the girl. "I'm really sorry about today. And thanks for keeping my secret and all that. And for the loan. I just didn't know what else to do..." I sighed and closed my eyes, putting my hands behind my head. "Your parents don't know, do they? And I guess your siblings don't, either?" I knew he had siblings because he seemed to have a supply of diapers, still, though it did make me curious because most families kept pretty close eye on supply levels. "You.. know the school policy if you get caught, right?" "I won't get caught," was my way of saying 'Yes, I know what will happen'. I frowned and stepped into Emme’s changing room. "Wow. You have like... wow." At the very least, she had eight different colors. The changing room wasn't impressively large, but they never were. "You must have like eight siblings..." Though that was very irresponsible. Maybe six, tops. "Nuhuh. I'm an only child." I leaned against the changing table and winced as I felt my diaper fill with its second purpose, frowning a little. "I'll change you, don't worry, you don't have to change me." Twosies were something I was a little shyer about, though it was a natural part of my life. "Come on, over here." "I can change myself," I said with a frown, sifting through the packages on the wall. Blue. Yes! It wasn't a very bright color, either, so it wouldn't attract as much attention as the pink. I pulled one out and turned back to the girl, her cheeks burning red. She was clearly very uncomfortable. "I said I can change myself." "I'm going to change you." I took a breath and tried to hurry down my cheeks - I knew things were only going to get worse for the state of my diaper if he stalled, so I took the boy under the arms and lifted him onto the edge of the changing table. The same sinking helpless feeling washed over me and I wondered if that would ever go away. Boys were always allowed to get on the table themselves, even when we were young. But that feeling... "Emme... I've got this. Just please give me some priv-" But the next minute the smell hit me and I realized what she'd done. Most girls and boys had stopped the messes after elementary school, but the smell was always very familiar. I'd even been trained out of it at two years old! The realization over his face was familiar and I huffed and pushed the boy down on his back. "Be good, Call, be a good little pretty boy and lay still while I change you." I was firmer than normal, but I wanted this to be over so I could change myself. Ugh! I sat up on my elbows. "You know, most girls your age are over that. Gosh, I'm in diapers in high school and even I’m-“ But the next time she slammed me to the table, it was much less playful. I felt my cheeks catch fire as she leaned over me. "You know when my tummy wasn't working right, my parents got me some things to help move things along. If you tease me again I'll see if they work on boys, too?" I untapped Call’s pink diaper and then took the blue one from his hand, tossing it aside and picking out a pink one from the shelves instead. I wasn't sure why I took her threat so seriously, but it shut me up quick. I bit hard on my lip while she changed me into the not-blue diaper and stood me up alongside the table. I still hadn't said a word, my cheeks indescribably red, and the girl pushed me out of the room without my pants. "H- hey..!" But then she slammed it closed. Great... The front door opened and there was the sound of a deep male voice calling into the house, the sort of voice that had definitely crossed over from boy to man but maybe only just. "Emme, baby girl, it's me - you here?" Corles clearly had a key-button of his own which wasn't that unusual, though when he turned the corner into the hall it wasn't his girlfriend that he saw - it was a boy about her size wearing a pink diaper. "Huh. You must be Call, right? Is she in here? I'm Corles." Corles had been the recipient of not one, but three growth-spurts, and could have made most any girl and most boys feel like children next to him. I did my best to pull the shirt down over the diaper, but the pink ones were difficult to protest the color of. Nothing quite had that hue. I felt my cheeks heat up as he walked over to me, about a foot higher, and stepped right past me and into the room without knocking. I heard Emme about to scream at me, but suddenly stopped when she realized who it was. The door closed again and I slipped to the floor to make myself as small as possible. "Fuck, fuck, fuck..." It only took a few more minutes for me to emerge, a fresh diaper beneath my skirt and a red hue still in my cheeks, Corles behind me and towering above. "I'm sorry, proper introductions. Call, this is Corles. Corles, this is Call - he's Untrained." "So I see." He nodded, looking down at the boy huddled on the floor. He knelt down and picked the small boy up, setting him on his feet. "It's alright, don't worry - I'm not one of those brainless jocks who need to bully people to make themselves feel good." "Corles is actually in all the A-Level classes." I was proud of my Daddy! "I'm not Untrained…” I hated that word, too, even more than I hated 'Daddy'. I did feel like quite a child though with Corles picking me up. I took a deep breath and looked up at him, then ever at Emme. "Can I have my pants now, so I can leave?" It wasn't that I liked being rude, but I didn't like the associations. And now it was the first day of school and two people knew about my problem! "What's the hurry little man? Stay a while - I'll put some food on." Though in the future it would typically be women who cooked for their men, at high school age it wasn't uncommon for a man to cook for his girl - it was a very paternal thing after all. "Yeah, please? Corles makes amazing mac and cheese and then we can all get to know each other. Please? Pretty please?" I held his hand with both of mine the way I did and Corles looked at the two of us with a smile. I didn't want to stay, not really, not after everything that happened. But I really was hungry, and cooking wasn't something most guys were good at, me included. I bit my lip and crossed my arms. Lina wouldn't be home, either... "Fine... but can I have my pants, please?" "When you go you can." I nodded, logically. "If you leak, you only have one pair of pants to go home in. And Corles doesn't mind, do you?" "Psh, naw. Come on you two." He took me by one hand and then took Call by the other without a second thought and began to lead the two of them into the large dining room.
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    Chapter 2 Jenny's eyes opened, waking to the feeling of being wiped down on her bottom. When she looked up it was not Dr Bounder but her wife Alkeena. She was smiling as she cleaned Jenny's dirty butt and privates. Jenny's face reddened as she was being cleaned like a baby by the kind and sweet kangaroo woman. She was completely naked by now. Alkeena must have taken off the girl's bra while she was still sleeping. Her nude body was of no consequence to an alien species like these roo people. "Good morning, sunshine." Alkeena said. "Someone sure made a big mess last night, didn't she?" Jenny was mortified. This creature was making her feel so small and helpless. Compared to the roos of this planet she was indeed pretty helpless though. They were taller and stronger. She wished she could communicate with them to tell them that she's potty trained and doesn't need diapers. She had her bottom lifted up and set back down on a fresh diaper. Sweet smelling baby powder was sprinkled all around her diaper area before the padding was pulled over her crotch and taped tightly around her waist. "Nyette really wanted to take you to the lab today, but she unfortunately had some other work to do at the lab." Alkeena stood Jenny upright and started to get her dressed. She tugged on a pretty purple dress over Jenny's head. Jenny, being a bit of a tomboy, hated the way the sissy dress looked on her. She whined and tugged on the skirt. She had her hands gently batted away. "It's a good thing I'm taking you to the obedience school today. Nyette thinks you're a civilized little human, but I just don't think you can be trusted alone. You're going to need to learn how to act like a proper little human girl." Jenny was picked up and stuffed into Alkeena's pouch. She bounced out the door and climbed into her vehicle. Jenny tried to look out the windshields. Tall buildings and trees whipped by. The planet was so green. Despite civilization taking place the Kangaroos here seemed to live in harmony with nature. Alkeena parked the car in front of a brightly colored building. It looked very similar to a daycare would back on Earth. Jenny was carried inside the building and saw more humans just like her! These ones were well groomed and dressed in adorable sissy clothes, unlike the naked wild human that Jenny encountered in the woods. Alkeena talked to the two teachers. One looked strict, wearing modest clothing which covered most of her body. She also had horn rimmed glasses and the hair on her head was cut short. This woman was known as Professor Alcoyne. The other seemed more fun, always smiling and wearing a low-cut top to show off her cleavage. Her pouch was clearly visible and there were two humans in it napping next to each other. Her hair was also longer and fluffier and adorned with little ribbons and bows. This was professor Zenayda. Jenny tried to listen to the conversation the roos were having, hoping she might pick up on key words and maybe learn a few phrases. "This little lady is named Sah-Ree." Alkeena said, pulled Jenny from her pouch and handing her to the bubbly, smiling roo teacher. "Dr Bounder came upon her while doing research in the Bird Woods. She believes she shows signs of above-average human intelligence." "Well," Alcoyne started, "even an above-average human is still no smarter than a 2 year old roo child. Does she even know her name? Sah-Ree?" The roo leaned in close. "Sah-Ree!" "Sorry?" Jenny repeated back. It dawned on her that they had been misunderstanding her name this whole time. "No! Jenny! JEN-NEE!" she shouted "Jenny, Jenny, Jenny!" "What is that strange caterwauling?" Alcoyne recoiled. "Maybe Jeh-Nee means she needs a diaper change!" Zenayda said. She lifted Jenny high and pressed her snout to her diaper. Jenny let out a yelp. "No, that's not it. Smells clean to me. Maybe it means she needs a bottle?" "Maybe it's just more nonsense gibberish." Alcoyne responded. "Well now some humans at least know their names, and some can even count to five!" Zenayda retorted. "Oh, um, I need to go." Alkeena said, seeing the two teachers were getting into a debate. She didn't want to stick around for it as she had some errands to get to. "You have Nyette Bounder's contact info with you, yes?" "Yes, yes, thank you." Alcoyne said, waving her hand. "Just make sure one of you picks up the little ragamuffin by the 18th hour." Jenny was set down on the floor and given a baby bottle. She looked around, seeing lots of other humans crawling on the floor around her, sucking on pacifiers or drinking from bottles. Some were playing with toys and a few were just standing around using their diapers with a blissful look on their face. Jenny frowned. She did not want to deliberately use a diaper. She felt a strong urge to pee and she wasn't about to soil herself like some little baby. Jenny stood up and tried to get the attention of one of the roo teachers. She hopped up and down shouting "hey!" but this was just seen as typical rambunctious childlike behavior, so she was picked up and stuck in a baby bouncer. Jenny groaned, fighting the urge to pee herself. She looked up pitifully at the two tall women and tried to listen to their conversation, wondering if she could figure out their names like she did for Dr Bounder. After only ten minutes though Jenny could feel herself losing her battle. A gurgling hiss came from her diaper and she felt hot pee spreading around the crotch. In a way it felt relaxing to just pee where she was dangling, not having to worry about the toilet. There was even something comforting about soaking the puffy diaper and feeling her piss just warming her up down there. The teachers seemed to show no interest in changing all the little baby humans any time soon though. It was probably something that was scheduled. Feeling like she had quite the empty tummy now, Jenny needed a refill. She looked at her baby bottle and make a disgusted face, but she had no choice. Hopefully it wouldn't taste too bad. Suddenly upon tasting the delicious milk she started to suck more eagerly on the baby bottle. She had not eaten much since arriving on the strange planet and the very sweet milk was just what she needed. She finished the bottle and let out a burp. Seeing that Jenny had calmed down, Zenayda walked over and let the little girl out of her bouncer. She brought her over to a table full of puzzles. The puzzles looked similar to the baby toys on Earth with shaped blocks meant to be put into appropriately shaped holes. Zenayda, not really thinking Jenny would get anywhere with the puzzles, just looked down at her clipboard. Jenny figured she might have a chance to show these creatures she was smarter than they gave her credit for. She put all the blocks into the shaped holes, lined up the twisting puzzle so all the colors connected, and even figured out one of the more complex puzzles. The last complex puzzle was a mostly clear box that Jenny had to tilt in a certain way until some ball bearings slid into little sockets which lit up colored lines around the box. Using her finger she then had to connect the colored lines together. Jenny smiled, feeling a little proud of herself for figuring out the unique alien puzzle. Zenayda looked up from her clipboard to see that all the puzzles had been solved. She smiled and waved Professor Alcoyne over. Alcoyne rolled her eyes and blurted out a flat "what is it" as she came over. "Look. Jenny's the first human to ever solve all three of the kindergarten level roo puzzles." Zenayda pointed out. "Sure, but she's still soiling herself like a baby." Alcoyne put her hand on Jenny's soggy diaper. Jenny got the hint and started to whimper. "Come on, give her some slack! She may be a baby, but what if she's a smart baby?" proposed Zenayda. Alcoyne scoffed. "A smart baby? Fine, let's see how she handles a puzzle intended for 4 year old roos." Alcoyne set a box on the table and then turned it upside-down. A bunch of complex shapes spilled out onto the table. Jenny looked at the shapes curiously, wondering what they could be. She picked them up and tried piecing them together. Eventually she figured out how the pieces interlocked. Zenayda looked on, fascinated as Jenny slowly figured out the puzzle. Jenny finally finished up after 10 minutes and saw that she had just pieced together a three dimensional puzzle of a roo's head. She clapped her hands together and leaned back in the big chair she was sitting in. "Yeah, I did it. Now what else you got?" Jenny smirked slyly. "If I didn't know any better I would say she was showing signs of smug satisfaction." Zenayda smirked as well. "Zen." Alcoyne slammed her hand on the table and spoke in a hushed tone. "Positing that there could be a human with roo-like intelligence would be heresy. Please do not go down there road." Alcoyne was not so much angry as she was afraid. She looked deeply into Zenayda's eyes with a look of concern. Jenny could see a deep connection between these two roos as well even if Alcoyne was stuffy and not willing to show her emotions openly. "But Dr Bounder could have very well stumbled on one of the most important scientific finds of our generation." Zenayda countered. "Then let her deal with the consequences." Alcoyne's voice trembled. "I will not have people dragging your name and reputation through the mud for something they are not willing to accept." Alcoyne picked up Jenny and carried her to a special room. It was much like a nursery and everything was dimly lit with a dark blue hue. A screen on the wall flickered on and Jenny was stuck in a comfortable plush chair. Her hands were tied behind her back on the back of the chair and both of her ankles were attached to the legs. Alcoyne then fixed some headphones onto Jenny's head. "This might seem like an extreme measure to you..." Alcoyne explained, "but it will keep you safe as well, dear human." With that, Alcoyne leaned down and gave Jenny a kiss on the forehead. The show of affection was the kindest she had seen the strict roo woman act. Jenny wondered what could possibly be happening to her now as the door closed and she was left alone in the dark room, lit only by a glowing screen on the wall. Soon a video began to play, showing diaper-clad humans prancing with each other, playing with baby toys, and falling asleep in kangaroo pouches. While these visuals went on an odd piece of music played in her ears. It was like some kind of hypnotic drone. Jenny felt dizzy and her eyelids became heavy. Soon she had passed out. Jenny woke back up slowly, feeling groggy and disoriented. She couldn't move her arms or legs and when she looked down she realized why. She was in a big, comfortable pouch. Looking up she saw that she was in Zenayda's pouch. The beautiful roo creature looked back down at Jenny with a little coy smile. "Hi, sweetie! Are you feeling better after your nap?" There may have been a language barrier, but Jenny could hear the syrupy saccharine tone in Zenayda's high pitched voice. Jenny grumbled, looking up with a pout. "Oh I guess you're still fussy. That's good. It means you're still you!" Zenayda poked Jenny's nose gently. Jenny tilted her head back and looked both confused and embarrassed. All of these creatures were so kind and gentle. She almost wanted to cry. She never really got to experience this kind of unconditional maternal love before. Suddenly, Jenny felt her diapers getting warm. Jenny blushed, wondering why she couldn't control her pee stream. It was just so sudden. She heard Zenayda giggling, and the cute roo had a bigger smile on her face. She must have felt it too! Now Jenny was even more embarrassed. She was having accidents and they were super obvious in these organic pouches. Zenayda pulled Jenny from her pouch and carried her over to a slab of changing mats against the wall. Next to Jenny were two other humans, lying docile on the changing mat as they got their dirty diapers changed by Alcoyne. The strict roo was being so gentle with the big babies. She even glanced over and gave a small smile to Jenny. Jenny just looked away shyly. Zenayda ripped open Jenny's diaper. Jenny still had her modesty and tried to cover herself, but the kind roo just pulled her hands away gently. "Shh, it's okay." Zenayda whispered in a pleasant timbre, trying to soothe Jenny. "Humans have nothing to be shy about. We've all seen their cute little parts." Zenayda playfully grabbed Jenny's feet and wiggled them. Jenny let out a small giggle despite herself and clutched her hands over her mouth. "You're still anthropomorphizing that human?" Alcoyne said with a slight smirk. "You saw it. She showed signs of modesty just now." Zenayda smiled at Alcoyne, but Alcoyne's smile turned into a frown. Zenayda frowned as well. "I'm not saying anything. I'm just excited to have a human like this here, even if we have to keep it a secret." Jenny was wiped down as the roos had their conversation with each other. Something was different. She felt even more childlike. Eventually she found her thumb in her mouth. Surprised, she pulled her thumb out and looked at it. She didn't even remember starting to suck on it! It was like it was involuntary. "Hypnagogic Suggestion." She thought to herself. "That's what those headphones were for... I think they're.... I think they're trying to make me into a baby!" Jenny felt a brand new thick diaper being pulled up between her legs. The extra thick diapers were taped shut around her waist. Zenayda cooed down at Jenny and then picked her up. She clutched the tiny human to her ample chest. "We have four at home." Alcoyne warned playfully. Zenayda shot back a cute pout. Dr Bounder soon arrived at the facility, dressed in a long lab coat. She looked over at Jenny and waved. Jenny felt a warmth in her heart when she saw Nyette Bounder. Seeing the familiar roo gave her a strange feeling deep inside. Did she actually miss her, like a mommy? Jenny didn't question these emotions further, reaching her hands out towards Dr Bounder. The motherly roo grabbed Jenny and stuffed her down her pouch. Jenny wiggled inside the pouch, getting comfortable. "Oh my goodness. One day and you already have her obedient?" Dr Bounder said, stroking Jenny's hair. "Don't worry, the thing that makes her special..." Zenayda paused, looking at her partner. She looked back at Dr Bounder. "I think that's still there." "Alky, Zenny, thank you." Dr Bounder pulled both women into a hug. Zenayda giggled while Alcoyne scoffed and sputtered like a stuffy old lady, though there was a hint of blush on the roo's face. "Sorry, Professor Alcoyne. I'm just very grateful for your efforts today." "As long as you do not get my bright shining star in trouble with your shenanigans." Alcoyne spoke sternly to Nyette. "If anything happened to her I would make you feel my wrath." "I expect nothing less of you, Professor." Dr Bounder smiled at the woman. "I take full responsibility for this human." Dr Bounder left the building, bounce walking to her vehicle with little Jenny sitting comfortably in her pouch. She sat and looked down at Jenny. "For real, tomorrow I will be bringing you to the lab. We're going to give you some tests to do. I know you'll knock everyone's pants off!" Jenny just listened to the strange alien language, but she still could not even get the context. She sensed there was some pride in Dr Bounder's voice though. Jenny felt the rumble of the vehicle as it drove through some rough, rocky roads. She felt herself relaxing, though not enough to fall asleep. She just lied there in the roo's pouch, giving in to the feeling of being surrounded by a soft, velvety pocket. It did not take long for the vehicle to be parked at Dr Bounder's home. Alkeena was at the door to greet her love immediately. Jenny looked up, seeing the two women kiss each other deeply. She smiled, sensing their profound love. She found the way the women on this planet expressed love was so refreshing. She almost wished she could have lived here all along. Jenny sat in a high chair, munching on a curious but savory meal on her plate while Nyette and Alkeena sat at the table and talked to each other like adults. Jenny felt like such a baby, but it wasn't all bad. She felt loved and cared for on this strange planet. Dr Bounder would reach over now and then to wipe Jenny's face with the little bib around her neck. After dinner, Jenny was given a bowl of what looked like ice cream. She had a little pink spoon to scoop it with. The roo couple watched as Jenny took a few bites. Jenny kicked her legs, enjoying the sweet taste. She let out a "thank you!" with her mouth full. Jenny showed her appreciation for the roos by drinking down all of her baby bottle. Alkeena clapped and giggled as Jenny licked her bowl clean. Nyette picked Jenny up from the high chair and pat her on the back. Jenny smiled and nuzzled into the roo woman's shoulder. Just like a family, the two roos sat on a couch with Jenny between them. A screen flickered on the wall and some family sitcom seemed to be playing. Jenny tried to follow along despite not knowing the language. Universal comedic moments still got a chuckle out of her though, like when someone would slip and fall. Jenny giggled, clapping along. She noticed that the two women were not laughing at the broader jokes. They only laughed at some of the dialog. Jenny blushed, feeling somewhat immature, but she tried to remind herself that it was just the communication barrier. A moment later Jenny felt a pressure in her tummy. She rubbed her tummy and looked down. A strong need to poop was building inside of her. She was worried about pooping right there with the two women there to witness it. Part of her was just embarrassed about it, but another part of her just didn't want to ruin the sweet moment she was having with the two larger ladies. Jenny hopped off of the couch and looked up at Nyette and then Alkeena. She danced in place frantically, trying to think of a way to explain that she had to poop. She put her hands over her bottom and let out an infantile whine. "I gotta use the bathroom! Please, please, please! I can do it!" Jenny begged. "Just show me to the toilet. I promise I can use it without any trouble!" "Do you think she's trying to tell us something?" Alkeena looked at her lover curiously. "I swear, it looks like..." Nyette watched Jenny's desperate dance. "No, it couldn't be." Jenny whimpered, feeling the poop already starting to come out. It was too late. She looked down and cried softly, holding her hands to her face. She felt her warm, mushy logs press against her bottom. Her diaper became so full so quickly. "Aww, poor baby!" Alkeena picked Jenny up. She turned the girl around and sniffed her bottom to inspect her diaper. She wrinkled her snout. "Yep! Someone's a stinky little girl! But that's nothing to cry about, little one." Jenny felt even more embarrassed by now nice Alkeena was being. Dr Bounder watched curiously as Jenny wiped her tears away from her face. She buried her head between Alkeena's bosom. A sudden realization washed over Nyette Bounder's face. "She was doing a potty dance! Like a baby roo does!" Nyette said, looking at Alkeena with an excited expression. "Do you think that she wanted to use a toilet?" "No way! Humans like their diapers! See?" Alkeena pressed her large hand to Jenny's diaper. Jenny's eyes shot open wide as she felt her mess spread around. Her face became redder as she felt a warm tingling sensation. Jenny didn't want to like this, but she did. She covered her face bashfully. "Perhaps. Still, I think it's worth looking into." Nyette grabbed Jenny from her mate. She held Jenny to her chest. "Would you like a diapy change, Jenny?" She asked as if Jenny could understand her. Alkeena followed behind Nyette as she carried the human girl to the guest room. Jenny looked over and noticed that the guest bed and been converted to have bars on the side. It was clearly a crib now. Jenny was laid out on a changing table and she had her little skirt lifted. Nyette hummed a soothing melody as she tore open the diaper started to wipe Jenny down. Jenny's old, poopy diaper was thrown into a diaper pail and she had a fresh one tucked under her. "I think tomorrow we should give Jenny the hardest test a human has ever faced." Nyette said to Alkeena while looking down at her baby. "We'll present her with a potty and see how she does." "Okay, I need to be there to see that." Alkeena giggled. "Although I kind of hope she doesn't get fully potty trained. I think it's cute that humans stay babies all their lives." "I know what you mean." Nyette said, setting Jenny down in the crib. She turned on the spinning mobile and it turned above Jenny while playing a cute music box tune. "She does look precious in those diapers." Jenny was given a bottle of warm liquid. It was held to her mouth so all she could do was suck it down, hands free. Feeling the warm liquid coating her tummy made Jenny sleepy. Her eyes drooped and the started to drift off to sleep. "Sweet dreams my special little human." Nyette whispered, stroking Jenny's cheek.
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    Here is the next part of the story which has been available on my Patreon for eight days (Sorry, was one day late!) A big thank you to everyone who reads my stories and enjoys them. An extra special big thanks to my Patrons: DannyDazzler, Jan O, LB Iceland, Eric C, Paul E, Kevin H, Mr. Smileypants, Tom H, Sterling W, John S, Ryan, Jens B, Zachary U, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Matthew, John D, Crash Bear, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G, P, Kent J, Frank S, C Dom, Scott S, James B, Ben F, P74_1986 If you would like to support me and earn awesome rewards like exclusive stories and early access to updates, then you can subscribe at the following link. Any and all support is gratefully accepted: https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 I also write commissions and if you are interested my price is £5 ($6.45 depending on exchange rate) per 1000 words. Just message me if you are interested in discussing an idea. --- Sarah closed her eyes and gulped as she thought about what her answer would mean either way. If she answered yes her life would be seriously altered. She would face possible humiliation, embarrassment and shame on a daily basis just like Nick had done for the last couple of weeks. But if Sarah answered no it seemed that her life would still be seriously altered. At best her husband would stay but that bond of trust and mutual respect would be gone, at worst and he would be gone altogether. “I… I…” Sarah stuttered as she felt herself getting flustered. Nothing in her life mattered more than her husband. She would do so much for him but willingly allowing herself to be subjected to such humiliating treatment was a difficult pill to swallow. She knew rejection of Nick’s proposal would be devastating. Not only had she told him that she would do anything to save the relationship but he had asked her to do exactly what she had forced on him. If Sarah now refused, Nick would be livid and she couldn’t blame him for that. Nick sat expectantly. He could feel that familiar feeling of butterflies in his stomach, the nerves and tension of the situation getting to him a little bit. He was full of emotion and was trying to stay calm and controlled. He had never expected this situation to come about, least of all so suddenly. “Do you trust me?” Sarah asked Nick seriously as she felt the heat rising in her face. “Yes.” Nick replied, “Despite everything, I do.” “Then why do I have to do this?” Sarah asked. There was a note of pleading in her voice, she was asking for mercy that she had never given her husband. “I told you already.” Nick replied with a little impatience, “I need to know you will do the same things you make me do to prove your love.” “Can’t I do something else?” Sarah asked rather desperately as her face flushed red, “I could let you have time out of diapers or give you money to buy things or…” “No!” Nick shouted to cut his wife off. When he saw Sarah jump he lowered his volume, “This isn’t about me. This isn’t about anything except you showing that you love me, that you respect me as an equal. You said you would do anything to prove it, I just want you to do what I have done for you already.” Sarah put her head in her hands and could feel her heart hammering from nervousness. She greatly regretted saying she would do anything without first thinking about what that would mean. “Just one diaper?” Sarah asked hopefully. It was as if she was negotiating a business deal rather than her future as a giant baby. “Honestly, I want to keep you in them until you prove you love me the same way I did.” Nick admitted, “It’s about respect. When I know you respect me, that’s when we can talk about where we are going in the future.” As Sarah put her head back in her hands, Nick was still left in the very strange position of wanting to punish his wife whilst also consoling her. The truth was there was no plan, this had all come out of nowhere. It was a very sudden situation and Nick was doing his best to take advantage of it. “Can… Can I just have a minute to think?” Sarah asked hesitantly. Nick nodded his head and stood up, he heard himself crinkle as he did so. He walked out to the kitchen and poured himself an actual glass of water. It had been a while since he had drunk from anything that wasn’t usually reserved for a toddler. It was refreshing in multiple ways. Sarah was left alone in the living room and could only hear the clock ticking. She felt faintly panicked and had no idea what to do, she had completely lost control of the situation. She wanted to speak to Kirsty but she knew that her best friend wasn’t exactly happy with her at the moment. She already knew what Kirsty would tell her. “You made this your bed, now you have to lie in it.” Kirsty’s voice said in Sarah’s head. The worst thing about all of this was that Sarah knew Kirsty was right. She had been looking for loopholes or anything that she could use to stop what was now happening but this was all heading to one place and it had picked up to much momentum to stop. Sarah’s thoughts turned to the possible future. She thought about what she had made Nick do and it made her shudder, imagining doing those things herself was terrifying. Using the diapers was a given, Sarah was already prepared for that fact as unpleasant as it might be. The idea of messing her pants was abhorrent. But even worse than that were the thoughts of humiliation, of the sexual things. Did Nick expect her to do all of the things that Sarah had made him do? “What’s it to be?” Nick asked casually as he walked back into the living room. Nick put his hands on the back of the couch and leaned over his wife. All of his old habits that had been forced away by his baby treatment started rearing their heads. All those old manipulating and dominant behaviours that Sarah had been working so hard to get rid of suddenly enjoyed a revival. “Will I… Will I have to do everything that you did?” Sarah asked. She didn’t take her eyes off of the floor. “You will have to do whatever I ask.” Nick replied, “Just like I had to do for you.” “Things were going so well…” Sarah said, “Maybe we sho-” “Enough.” Nick cut off her with a loud and authoritative voice. A voice he hadn’t used in some time. It surprised Nick as much as it did Sarah. Sarah paused for a second before looking up at Nick with rather teary eyes. She nodded her head and stood up with shaky legs. She took a deep breath and began walking towards the stairs. Sarah wanted to stop with every step, to say she was refusing but after what had happened in the last couple of days, she felt in no position to call a halt to proceedings. Nick watched his wife head towards the stairs with more than a little satisfaction. To give back some of her own medicine was something Nick couldn’t wait to do. Nick hoped that by the time he was finished that Sarah would think twice about being so manipulative and dominant over him. He didn’t see his own hypocrisy but he rarely ever did. Like a prisoner and her guard, Nick trooped up the stairs after his wife to make sure she didn’t run away. He wouldn’t describe himself as vindictive but he definitely felt a lot of satisfaction at turning the tables like this. Sarah turned to walk into the nursery as if she was walking to the gallows. She was scared and unsure about what was coming but she tried to hold her head up and refrain from panic. Nick followed his wife into the nursery and walked over to the changing table. He could tell that his wife was really nervous as she was eyeing the table and changing supplies as if she had never seen them in this light before. Nick knew what Sarah was thinking, she was thinking about everything that she had done to him. Nick hoped she was regretting it. “Don’t worry.” Nick said quietly, “It will be fine.” Nick hopped up on to the changing table and reached under for a new diaper and the wipes. Laying back, Nick started pulling the tapes off his diaper, he hadn’t done this himself in a while but it would send the wrong message if he asked Sarah to do it. Nick pulled his used nappy out and gave himself a quick wipe before unfolding a new nappy and placing it under himself. It was a little tricky to do this himself on the table and as he tried to manoeuvre the new nappy, he knocked the old one on to the floor. “Do you want me to help?” Sarah asked. She looked rather sheepish and was fidgeting with her hands. “No, I can do this.” Nick replied with a grunt as he lifted his waist up. There was no way that he wanted his wife to continue changing him at the moment, even if it would be much easier. Nick pulled the front of the padding up between his legs and began to tape it closed. It felt good to do this for himself, even something as small as changing his own nappy felt like a big step in the right direction. “Umm, Nick?” Sarah spoke up suddenly. “Yes?” Nick replied as he placed the final tapes. “Why are you putting another nappy on?” Sarah asked with a furrowed brow, “At night I can understand but why choosing to wear during the day?” “I… Sometimes I find myself wetting without realising I needed to go.” Nick replied rather bashfully, “I just want to make sure there aren’t any accidents.” “Oh.” Sarah replied simply. She hadn’t realised his control had gotten so bad already. Sarah felt extremely uncomfortable for drawing attention to it and knew that it wasn’t helping her case to stay out of the nappies herself. A pang of panic shot through Sarah’s body as she started to think of the implication. What if the same thing happened to her? Nick hated that his wife would make him admit that now. He was supposed to be taking control now and being forced to admit that he didn’t have total power over his own body was the exact opposite of what he was trying to accomplish. He was blushing and he felt very awkward, despite the shift in power these nappies were a constant reminder of what had happened. Hurriedly, Nick finished taping his nappy on and hopped down from the table with a scowl on his face. He stood to the side and looked at Sarah who was sheepishly looking from the table to her husband and back. Nick could see that Sarah was staring at his underwear and he could imagine exactly what she was thinking. “Whenever you’re ready.” Nick said to Sarah as he leaned back against the wall. Sarah bit her bottom lip and took a step forward towards the table. Her heart was beating faster than a jet plane as she got closer and closer to the table. Sarah tried to imagine a way to get out of this, could she still save herself the indignity that was coming? “Wait, wait, wait…” Nick stuck his arm out and stopped Sarah just as she was about to hop up on to the table. “You’ve changed your mind?” Sarah asked hopefully with a smile lighting up her face. “No.” Nick said with a small chuckle, “But it would be easier if I undressed you now rather than up on the table.” “Oh.” Sarah sighed and closed her eyes to the disappointment. This was really about to happen. Nick stepped forward and indicated that Sarah should raise her arms, which she did. He grabbed her shirt and pulled it up and over her head, he wasn’t overly rough but he wasn’t gentle either. Sarah was left with no false impressions, her husband was in charge now. She still wanted to run away but she just had to remember that she was doing this for her relationship. Sarah blushed as her shirt was discarded to the side. Before it had even settled on the ground Sarah felt Nick’s hands on the front of her jeans. She felt herself go red in the face as her husband loosened her pants and pulled them down. When they were settled around her ankles Nick held them to allow Sarah to step out and leave her naked except for her bra and panties. “Nick, maybe we can discuss this again.” Sarah suggested as her jeans were tossed into the pile with her shirt. “There’s nothing left to discuss.” Nick replied simply. He stood up straight and looked at Sarah in the face. “But…” Sarah had a note of whining in her voice that she just couldn’t keep out. “I love you, Sarah.” Nick said simply, “I just need you to know what it feels like to be me.” Nick moved his hand to Sarah’s face and gently brushed a stray bit of hair away. He leaned in with all the confidence he used to possess and planted a kiss on her lips. A loving embrace from a man to a woman. Nick could feel Sarah melting in his arms slightly, he was glad he still had this effect on her. Sarah closed her eyes and kissed her husband in a way that reminded her of the very earliest days of their relationship. She kissed him just like she had kissed him on her wedding day and she was briefly transported back to that magical moment. She reached out with her hands to grab Nick’s waist and felt the plastic wrapped around his waist. She heard a small amount of crinkling as Nick suddenly pulled away again. “Sorry…” Sarah said quietly, “Force of habit.” “Get on the table.” Nick said. His voice betrayed his annoyance and his red face showed how awkward he still felt about his diaper wearing. Sarah gulped and took a second to steady her nerves. She hopped up on to the table and slowly laid herself back. The table’s thin padding didn’t help much from a comfort point of view and Sarah shifted her position slightly to try and get comfortable, there wasn’t much she could do. Most of her discomfort at that moment wasn’t physical. Nick stood at the foot of the table and couldn’t help but smile at this reversal of positions. He reached forward and grabbed the sides of Sarah’s panties, she lifted up her hips so that he could pull them down but Nick pushed her hips gently back down. “What are you doing?” Sarah asked with confusion. “Hold on.” Nick had suddenly had an idea. Nick left the room and headed downstairs, he gave no indication to his wife as to where he was going. “Nick?” Sarah asked questioningly as her husband suddenly left the room. She sighed deeply at this sudden delay to her torment. It was strange being on the changing table in an empty room, especially whilst almost completely naked. Sarah just wanted to get a move on now, this was happening and there was no need to drag it out. It did give Sarah a chance to look around at the nursery though, and it helped to bring home exactly what was going to happen. She had to take a deep breath to stop herself from panicking or getting up to run away. “Come on Sarah…” Sarah whispered to herself as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, “You can get through this. One way or another this is only temporary.” Sarah took deep breaths and did her best to remember the meditation she had learnt as a teenager. She was just reaching the point where she felt relaxed when she heard heavy footsteps on the stairs again. Her eyes snapped open and she prepared for the worst. Nick walked back into the nursery with a smile and in his hands were a pair of scissors. Sarah frowned as she tried to work out what they could possibly be for. She watched as her husband walked back to the foot of the table and reached forwards with the cutting tools. Sarah winced as she felt the steel blade on her skin. Two snips later and she opened her eyes in time to see Nick pulling the two halves of her panties away. “Nick!” Sarah shouted, “What are you doing? Those were my nice panties!” “You won’t be needing them for now.” Nick said cheerily as he threw the panties to the side before his voice hardened and he continued, “Besides, they remind me of… Him.” Sarah didn’t say anything. She knew what he meant and there was nothing she could say that would help, silence was the best option. She was still a little sore about the destruction of her underwear but she let it slide, she wasn’t in a place to make demands. “Right…” Nick said as he stared at Sarah’s crotch. It wasn’t something he had got to see very often recently. Nick reached under the table and pulled out a nappy. Although Sarah was taller than Nick she was also slightly thinner and Nick was very hopeful that the nappies meant for him would fit Sarah as well. Sarah found it hard to watch as Nick slowly unfolded the nappy. Each and every crinkle that came from what he was holding and what he was wearing was a reminder of where Sarah was imminently headed. The tiny part of her mind that still hoped this was all a bluff was rapidly disappearing. Nick moved to the side of the table and put his arm under his wife’s knees. He lifted her legs up and folded them as far back as he could get them. His wife was nearly kneeing herself in the face as he slipped the padding down and under her. Nick noticed his own diaper related issue as he was doing this. His excitable little tool was rapidly thickening. When Sarah’s legs were lowered back on to the padding she felt a small shudder run up her spine, this was getting more and more real with every minute that passed and she could barely repress shivers that threatened to show just how nervous she was. Nick pulled the front of the diaper up between Sarah’s legs and snuggly flattened it on Sarah’s tummy. He smiled at how cute she looked although her blushing cheeks told him that she was finding this just as embarrassing as Nick did. Nick pulled the tapes and placed them on the front so that the nappy was taped closed. He slowly pulled his hands away and smiled to himself as the nappy stayed in place. He was impressed that he had managed to do it so well. “Is… Is it on?” Sarah asked hesitantly. “Uh huh.” Nick affirmed. Sarah felt very strange. The padding that was now wrapped around her waist felt like it was hugging her and the slight movement of her legs produced the crinkles she was used to hearing on Nick, that they were coming from her was just surreal. “So…” Sarah said as she awkwardly touched the waistband with her hand, “What now?” “Now?” Nick repeated. He had to think fast now, he had never considered what he should do next. Nick pulled Sarah into a sitting position and then lifted her down on to her feet. Each movement produced more noise and Nick could see the nappy stretch slightly into position. The nappy was very flattering to his wife, the padding looked wonderful on her. He ran his hand across her butt and admired how good she looked. Sarah could pull off anything and look beautiful! “Well… I don’t think you got much sleep last night judging by…” Nick trailed off as his mind went back to that picture, “Maybe you should have a nap.” Sarah bowed her head as Nick brought up that picture and in an attempt to appease her husband she nodded her head and shuffled over to the crib. The thick padding between her thighs felt very strange and she was very aware of the fact that her walk was noticeably different with the mass of material against her crotch. Climbing into the crib, Sarah turned around to see Nick lift the bars into position. She had never appreciated just how claustrophobic the toddler bed was from the inside, the towering bars providing a cell from which she couldn’t escape. “I really am sorry.” Sarah said as Nick turned to leave the room, “Truly I am. I know I need to be punished for what I did and I accept that... I’m just sorry.” “I know.” Nick said without turning around. He exited the room and closed the door. Nick knew he must have seemed harsh but as he wiped his eyes with his sleeves he knew that if he had turned around he might have crumbled then and there. Nick had to be strong, he had to make sure Sarah really was sorry. The question of what came next was a real question though. He tried to think back to what Sarah did and he remembered the clothes that Kirsty had given her for him. He found the answer to his question. Nick walked downstairs and to the phone. He flicked through the address book that they kept next to the receiver before dialling a number. His eyes were closed as he heard the dialling, he hadn’t expected to make this call and he hadn’t expected to speak to this person so soon after what had just happened. “Hi Sarah.” Kirsty’s voice said cheerily. Nick guessed that Kirsty had this number saved as Sarah’s, it was understandable because Nick had never wanted to call Kirsty before, “Everything sorted out with Nick?” “Hello Kirsty.” Nick replied. “Nick!?” Kirsty’s voice sounded surprised, “Erm, hi. Everything alright?” “Everything is great.” Nick responded cheerily, “I do have a favour to ask though.” “Yeah?” Kirsty said slowly. “Do you have any clothes for a woman?” Nick asked, “For a woman… Back in nappies?” “For a… Oh!” Kirsty seemed much taken aback, “I... I guess I do.” “Cool.” Nick said with a smile, “I’ll be right over.” Nick put down the phone before Kirsty had a chance to ask any questions or respond to what Nick was saying at all. There would be plenty of time for that soon.
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    6.) I cooperated and said very little the rest of the night. We didn't talk about it. I couldn't believe I'd kissed him. I couldn't believe I'd... I shook my head, against his chest, and closed my eyes. Tomorrow's a new day. Tomorrow things will be better. They definitely can't get worse, right...? But the next day, in homeroom, things did just that. "Call, the Headmaster would like to see you." "What...? About what...?" "He didn't say." "Call, we received a call from your mother last night." The Headmaster sat at his desk, little placard and paperwork and heavy oak construction - it was what you'd expect from a principal’s desk. "I'd like to hear you tell me your version of events first. Do you think you would do that for me, child?" I felt my cheeks heat up and I looked away from the Headmaster. This wasn't happening... "It's just stress, Sir... I promise, it'll stop very soon. And I'm taking care of it. There's no need to get the school involved... it's a personal-" But I was cut of. I should have expected it... "Young man. You are aware that all boys become men upon attending our fine institution. There are certain expectations and requirements that go along with becoming a man, Master Lindemann. As you have failed to meet this basic requirements, you are to dress appropriately until you are able to meet those requirements.” "Sir, that isn't fair!" But the Headmaster didn't deal in fair. I felt my chest tighten and I shook my head. "Sir, please, listen..." But the rules were the rules. It wasn't a punishment, and a part of me knew that. The girls’ uniforms were designed for checking diapers, the same way the dresses in middle school were. The check ins with the staff twice daily was another requirement. I'd abide by those or be expelled. "I will be expecting very good results from you, Master Lindemann. But miss three check-ins and your parents will be notified." He looked back down at his paperwork - the sort of clear signal that principals liked to use to let them know they were done. "That will be all. Report to the nurses station, you'll find a new uniform there." "But, Sir-" "That will be all." I felt the panic in my chest as I left the room. This wasn't happening. It couldn't be. What could I be doing differently? Why wasn't I trained? And what was worse, with the uniform, that's an official marking for a boy. Untrained, through and through. No matter what I did, I couldn't force myself to the nurse's station, or any other classes that morning. I sat underneath the stairwell on the South end and waited for the day to go by. I'd be in so much trouble when I got home... "You know there's soooo many places to hide in this school - I've been searching all morning. What's the matter? What happened?" He was crying. He'd been crying for a while it seemed like, too. I squeezed into the little space and sat down next to Call, putting my arms around him and cuddling him tight. "I can't go... can't go back there... I'll just... go to school somewhere else..." But the policies were all the same. All the fucking same. I had been over the logic in my head a hundred times now. I'd get way more attention that I liked. But what could I do about it? And it was already time for my first check in... "What happened, Call? Did your parents call? Hey, hey come on, it's not that bad." I knew he disagreed with me and I smiled, taking his hand in both of mine. "I'm your friend, and Corles adores you, too. That's not going to change. I promise. So what will change, huh? Some people might say some crappy things, but when you graduate and have a great job and a girl of your own, you won't even remember this." "I won't remember any of it when I'm dead, either..." I frowned and climbed up from my spot on the floor. It didn't seem so private anymore with Emme. "If I don't pick up the uniform, I'm going to get expelled... I'm going to have to move or something..." What choice did I have? "Or you could rock your uniform and not get all worked up over it. What's so bad anyway? You'll get to look like me - we can be Corles' little twins! I think it'll be cute - he can take us our for ice-cream and stuff." I hoped Call knew I was being mildly silly. I got up off the floor, too, and put my hands on his cheeks. Then I kissed his lips, mirroring what he'd done with my boyfriend. "Please? Life's too short to get stressed over this, just roll with it - does anybody else in this school matter to you other than us?" Corles' little twins. And then the kiss. Which I adored. And she had a boyfriend. Who I kissed. Who was a boy. And I shook my head, stepping away from the girl. "Just... leave me alone for a little while, okay? Both of you..." I walked away, then, and toward the nurse's office. I wouldn't get between the two of them. I wouldn't be another problem in someone else's life. And I had enough problems of my own. "Hello, um... yeah, I'm Call Lindemann..." When Call came out of the nurse’s room in his new uniform, Corles was waiting across the hall with a little smile. "Come with me, little prince." It was that tone of his that didn't leave very much room for negotiation, the one that left a lingering warmth in the chest of both his little charges. I shook my head and walked right past him. I tried to show as much confidence as I could in the new uniform and pink diaper, but it was impossible. I held my head low and did my absolute best not to cry as I wandered the halls back to class. Lunch was already over. It didn't take Corles very much time to catch up - he was a lot taller than the boy, but by the time he did, Call had slipped back to class. Corles stood just down the hall and looked at me with a wry smile. "This afternoon, after school, okay princess?" "I think so, I don't think waiting is going to be of any help to him." "Can you get him to come?" "Oh, yeah. Yeah, no problem at all."
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    Once everybody starts looking at each other as a brother, a sister, a human being; beauty will spread like wildfire...
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    Here is the next instalment of Nick and Sarah's adventures. If you are enjoying this story and the other stories I write you are able to support me via Patreon (if you wish!) For $5 a month you can get early access to everything I write. For one week you will see what is written before anyone else. For $10 you can receive the above access plus access to a host of Patreon exclusive stories. There are other rewards which you can read on my Patreon page. In fact, the next update to Bad Husband has already been posted on Patreon! Anyone who pledges $5 or more can gain immediate access and see the next part. A big thank you to everyone who reads and enjoys my stories, but an extra big thank you to my Patrons: DannyDazzler, John, Diapering Daddy, Eric C, Paul E, Kevin H, Mr. Smileypants, Tom H, Sterling W, John S, Ryan, Jens B, Zachary U, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Matthew, John D, Cyatomorrow, Keen Lover, Emmanuel S, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G, P, Kent J, Frank S, C Dom, Scott S, James B, Ben F, P74_1986 Without further ado... --- Nick put the phone down with a smile even as Kirsty was still trying to ask him what was going on, it was Nick’s turn to leave people in the dark as to what was happening. Nick had only been separated from Kirsty for a short time and yet he was looking forward to returning. The circumstances for this next visit couldn’t be more different than the previous one. It had been such a long time since Nick had been left alone like this that he had to think about all the different steps he had to go through before going to Kirsty’s house. The first thing Nick knew he wanted to do was to get dressed, and not in the baby crap he had been dressed in recently. Nick walked back up the stairs and had to stop himself from turning into the nursery on auto-pilot. He shook his head and turned back and entered the main bedroom. The room that had been his and Sarah’s until all of this had started. It had been so long since he had been in here that it almost felt like he was trespassing on someone else’s territory. The bedroom was obviously very familiar but after everything that had happened it somehow felt quite alien as well. Nick looked around and felt a chill, he wasn’t sure why. It felt like Nick shouldn’t be in there, like a child sneaking into the room he knows he shouldn’t be going into. Nick found it hard to believe that after such a short amount of time that he had such a different mentality. He should be more comfortable in this room than anywhere else and yet it was the exact opposite. Shaking his head, Nick walked around to his closet where his clothes were kept. He quickly pulled out one of his old t-shirts and a pair of tracksuit bottoms. It felt good to get dressed in his regular adult clothes and when he looked in the mirror he was very pleased that the trousers did a great job of hiding his nappy. Once he was dressed, Nick headed back downstairs and grabbed his car keys and jacket. He didn’t even hesitate to open the door and leave despite his wife being sat in the crib upstairs. His mind was focused on one thing and that was the trip in front of him. Nick took the drive slowly, it had been a little while since he had been in control of a car and just like being in control of his relationship it took some getting used to. Still, the journey was an easy one and Nick pulled up outside Kirsty’s house without any major issues. He had been here only an hour or so ago and yet it already felt like a long time had passed. He smiled and nodded his head in a friendly gesture as a woman pushed her baby past him. Nick walked up the garden path with a swagger that had been absent for a long time. A renewed confidence surged through him and when he saw the curtains to the living room twitch he smiled, Kirsty was obviously watching and waiting for him. The door opened before Nick even reached the house and he was greeted by Kirsty who was staring at him as if he was a ghost, Nick supposed that in some ways this version of him was a ghost, it had seemingly disappeared before coming back from the dead. “Kirsty, good to see you again.” Nick smiled as he walked past his wife’s best friend and into her house without an invitation. “What’s going on!?” Kirsty asked immediately. She was a little worried that Nick had completely snapped. “Sarah and I had a chat.” Nick said simply, “There’s going to be some changes.” “Nick, what’s going on?” Kirsty repeated hoping for a more concise answer, “Is Sarah OK?” “Sarah’s fine.” Nick said, “Can we maybe sit down? I’ll fill you in on what’s happened.” Kirsty nodded and pointed the way into the living room. Nick walked in first and sat down on the couch, he crossed one leg over the other and heard a faint crinkling from his crotch, it was so muffled by the clothes he was wearing that he was sure that no one else would hear him. It cannot be underestimated how much of a difference it made to Nick, not having to worry about whether anyone knew he was wearing a nappy at every moment of the day was like a two ton weight lifted off his shoulders. Even he could forget he was wearing at times. “Hi Nick.” Came a small feminine voice from the corner. Despite the voice being high pitched it was still clearly male. “Hello George.” Nick replied. He looked over and smiled. It was a different smile to the one he had given the sissy earlier, it was a smile with pity in it. George was sitting in the corner with some toys and in a very clearly thick nappy. Nick thought he could see some discolouration on the front but it may have just been a trick of the light. George was surrounded by toys and had seemingly been playing with some dolls before Nick came in. He seemed happy to see Nick but was mostly confused at how he had suddenly changed back into an adult so quickly. “So what’s going on?” Kirsty asked. She was getting impatient and nervous for her friend’s well-being. “We talked about things and she said she had gone too far.” Nick said as he leaned back in the chair. “Good…” Kirsty replied cautiously, “I’m glad she realised that and you both talked about it.” “Basically, there are new rules.” Nick said. “That much is evident.” Kirsty replied as she looked at Nick in his adult clothing. Her voice was friendly enough since she was trying to get information but there was a coldness in there as well. She and Nick had rarely got on well. Nick wasn’t too fond of Kirsty but he had found a new respect for her more recently, not to mention he needed her for some baby girl clothes, there was no reason to antagonise her. “So is it over?” Kirsty continued, “I see you are dressed normally again, you drove yourself here… Are you both back to normal?” “Not at all.” Nick said with a grin, “We have had a realignment though.” “Realignment?” Kirsty asked. “We’ve swapped roles.” Nick clarified, “She is at home and enjoying her first nappy as we speak!” “Oh my!” Kirsty covered her mouth. She had expected a lot of outcomes from the conversation that Nick and Sarah needed to have but this was a shock even for her. “Which is why I need some clothes for a girl.” Nick continued, “I was hoping you could help me.” Nick had to giggle at the reactions from the people around him. Kirsty was clearly very shocked and George, who had given up any pretence of playing with his toys, was watching the adults talk with rapt attention. “I have plenty of stuff that you could use.” Kirsty eventually replied, “But… Don’t take this the wrong way Nick, but how do I know you are telling me the truth?” “Huh?” Nick was confused. “You left here very upset, your wife had cheated on you and you were in a very stressful situation…” Kirsty bit her lip a little, “I haven’t spoken to Sarah since she left…” “Kirsty!” Nick was stunned at what he thought Kirsty was suggesting, “You think I would harm my wife?” “No, it’s just… Could I speak to her on the phone?” Kirsty asked. “She won’t be able to answer. She’s in the crib.” Nick said simply. He couldn’t believe Kirsty would be even slightly suspicious like this, he felt insulted that such a thing would cross Kirsty’s mind. He held his tongue though, Nick needed Kirsty. “Hold up.” Kirsty narrowed her eyes as if she wasn’t sure she had heard Nick properly, “Sarah is locked in the crib? Alone?” “Yes.” Nick confirmed with a smile. He was pleased at how the tables had turned. “Jesus, Nick…” Kirsty said. She stood up and looked anxious, “You left her alone, trapped in the crib. What if there’s an emergency?” “Erm…” Nick hadn’t thought about that and it was only now he realised how vulnerable she was. Nick hadn’t even told her where he was going. Kirsty shook her head in disbelief. She couldn’t believe that neither Sarah nor Nick had any idea what they were doing. It annoyed her that they kept making potentially dangerous mistakes, she started thinking that they were as bad as each other! “Follow me. Let’s get this sorted so you can get back home as soon as possible.” Kirsty said as she headed out of the room. Nick didn’t appreciate Kirsty thinking she knew better than him and he thought about reminding Kirsty that she couldn’t order him around anymore. George was still sitting in the same spot and watching as the two grown-ups walked out of the living room. He shook his head more from seeing Nick as an adult than anything else. What a dysfunctional couple, George thought, as he checked his nappy for leaks and waited for mistress to come back downstairs. “I swear both of you need to read some books on BDSM…” Kirsty muttered crossly as she led Nick up the stairs. “Why?” Nick asked in confusion. “Neither of you have a clue what you are doing!” Kirsty said much louder, “You are both making this so much more complicated than it needs to be.” “OK, thank you for the advice Dr. Phil.” Nick said with an eye roll, “Let’s just get the clothes and I’ll be on my way.” Kirsty shook her head and clenched her fists. As she got to the top of the stairs she turned around to face Nick. “Why do neither of you ask the one person you both know is into BDSM about how to do this stuff!?” Kirsty asked in frustration. “We are doing fine without you.” Nick said coolly. “Oh really.” Kirsty said mockingly. She lifted up a hand and started extending a finger for every point she was about to make, “Your wife cheated on you, neither of you have a safe word or any sign of being able to stop things, you’ve lost contact with friends and family, you’ve been humiliated several times and you are still wearing a nappy as we speak so I’m guessing you have control issues.” Nick jumped at the last point and looked down. His nappy wasn’t showing but clearly Kirsty had either heard it or seen the outline. Nick reached down and smoothed out his clothes, he could feel his anger rising but he couldn’t argue with any of Kirsty’s points. “Just get the clothes.” Nick hissed through clenched teeth. Kirsty threw her hands up in annoyance and turned around. She walked through to the nursery with Nick following her. She walked straight over to the closet and opened the door, it clattered against the wall as Kirsty started sorting through the clothes in the closet. A lot of it was little boy and sissy stuff but she also had a few pieces meant for women. Picking out a sports bag, Kirsty quickly shoved the clothes in and zipped it closed. She thrust the bag into Nick’s chest. “I came for the clothes, I stayed for the friendly service.” Nick said sarcastically. “Careful…” Kirsty warned, “You may have turned the tables on Sarah but I can have you on that table and naked before you even know what’s happening.” Nick took the bag with a scowl and turned to leave. He shook his head and left Kirsty in the nursery as he started walking back down the stairs. He planned to stomp straight out of the house but stopped when he looked to the living room and saw George standing in the middle of the room looking nervous. “I heard raised voices.” George said quietly. “It’s OK.” Nick replied with a small smile. Nick put the bag down by the door and walked into the living room. He wasn’t sure what he was doing but he knew he couldn’t just leave like that. George gave Nick a weak smile and Nick wrapped him in a hug. Nick felt like he empathised with George more than any other person on planet could and his hug was one of compassion and friendship. “Just be careful.” George whispered to Nick, “Remember how she hurt you. You love her, don’t hurt her like that.” Nick pulled away from the hug with a smile. He rubbed the sissy’s hair and nodded before turning around and walking back to the front door. As he picked up the bag he glanced up the stairs to see Kirsty standing at the top and looking down at him with pursed lips. Her stony face was difficult to read and Nick turned away again. Nick opened and closed the front door and took a deep breath when he reached his car. As Nick exhaled he felt a sudden splash of warmth around his private parts and belatedly realised he was wetting himself again. With a shake of the head, Nick got in the car and started on the journey home. As Nick pulled away there was a twitch of the curtains in the living room of Kirsty’s house. Nick didn’t see as Kirsty pulled the curtain back and watched Nick go with narrowed eyes. It was clear from his interactions with her that the obnoxious man had not learnt any lessons from his time as a baby and she was still concerned for the well-being of Sarah. It was with a lot of regret that Kirsty realised there was little she could do to influence the situation. She would miss her best friend but she didn’t expect Nick would bring her around and she certainly didn’t expect that Sarah would be allowed around on her own. Kirsty sighed sadly and just hoped that one way or another things would turn out for the best.
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    28.) "It's better than him dying now, like this..." That fact was simple. If there was even a chance that Kit would be okay, I had to do it. I looked down at my hands, and finally asked the question. "His fifteen year old self... will he be affected by the changes and memories of his eight year old self...?" "Hell if I know," she answered honestly. "This is as new to me as it is to you, kid..." With a deep breath, and a bit of deliberation, she finally elaborated. "If he assimilated the memories properly - as in, his fever went back down - then in theory… he'll remember it all. I don't know if that'll change anything, but he should at least remember.” MacKenzie stood there, frozen. Unable to make a decision. So Izzy thought it was a good time to remind her: “I’m only doing this because I have nothing to lose. But after this, if it works or doesn't, that's the end of it. If he dies at twenty-two, I can't bring him back again." "Eight year old Kit would never understand what had happened... why he couldn't see his Mom..." It was as much convincing to myself as it was anything else, and I felt my fingernails digging into my other hand as I fretted and worried. "It has to be fifteen year old him...unless..." I paused. "Unless eight year old Kit would have all his memories..." But Alice had told me, the reason I'd brought him here in the first place... he'd have no ID, no documents, no anything; he'd be too far out of sync with his real self to ever exist. Fourteen years of nothingness, or seven years of real life...? "Fifteen. It has to be fifteen. Do it. He's in the car, I'll get him." Alice was so intrigued. Of course, she wanted Kit to live, but she was also so interested to see this work. To see a laser gun actually turn a twenty-two year old basically-dead boy into a very alive fifteen year old one. Alice had asked MacKenzie about her concerns, about how selfish she was being, but in the end, MacKenzie was right, and even Alice relented to that. If he were eight years old, he’d have to say goodbye to his family, to his life, and he'd never understand. This was better. Seven years could be accounted for, to some degree, but not fourteen. Alice put her hand in MacKenzie's and with an invisible beam and a quiet whirring - she hadn't expected that - Kit's body was suddenly smaller. Not terribly so, but this was the first time Alice had seen this version of the boy. The hospital gown sagged on his slightly smaller body and he didn't move. I rushed over to the boy after only a minute, Alice's hand still in mine. I had to know, I had to know if it worked, I needed it to work, I needed him to be okay. Izzy looked at the two of us huddled around the boy, but she didn't come any closer. "Kit? Kit, darling, can you hear me...? Kit...?" I looked at Alice with a worried expression, biting my lip. The first thing anyone noticed was my eyes, squinting further shut rather than further open. It was another second before my fingertips twitched, and another before I squinted again. Eventually, my eyes opened, and MacKenzie was above me, her hands on the sides of my face. I smiled sleepily, like I'd just woken up from a long nap, and my eyes slipped closed again. "Kenzie..." Kenzie...? That was what he'd called me when he was eight, but he was fifteen now, and... and I didn't know if I could kiss him, or be a sweet babysitter, or how to act or what to say. So I just smiled, and I put my waited for his eyes to flutter again, and spoke softly as I could manage, like this was our secret. "Welcome back, princess..." The next second, my eyes slipped closed again and I fell from the stool. MacKenzie caught me and Alice hurried over to check my pulse. "I think he's just sleeping..." she finally said. Izzy sighed and watched the reunion, crossing her arms. "So we're done here, then?" There was nothing else Izzy could - or would - do now, like she's said, and I nodded softly, holding the boy in my arms on the floor. The woman crossed her arms and looked at us, and then wandered to the back corner of the warehouse. I looked at Alice, and then at Kit with a smile. "I don't know who he's going to be when he wakes up... how much he'll remember. He called me Kenzie, though... only eight year old Kit called me Kenzie..." "Seven," Corrected the woman, as she handed me a cheque. "He was closer to seven. And I trust that will ensure your silence." Alice and MacKenzie both said their goodbyes to the woman with the magic machine and never saw her again, even on the news, even on the internet. It was never known what happened to her, if she sold her machine or what, but it was never a question of importance from that day on. I slept all through that afternoon and that night, and when I finally woke up, in Kenzie's bed, I was uncomfortably cold and slightly damp. "Ugh, why me..." I was sitting on my desk chair, my knees tucked up underneath me and I only stirred from my own slumber when I heard Kit's voice. I rubbed my eyes and waved to him, yawning. "Morning, precious. How're you feeling?" It was the first real conversation we'd get to have, the first real change for me to assess who he'd become. The only clue I had was the childish version of my name.... and now, it seemed, the fact he'd wet my bed. My cheeks turned pink upon seeing Kenzie awake in the chair and I quickly pulled the blanket back over my body. "Jesus, Kenzie - you scared me!" I frowned, trying to ignore the fact she'd just seen me wet the bed. No use hiding it, I supposed... That sounded more like a teenager, I decided, and I smiled - at least there was that. "I'm not sure they make butterflies in your size, sweetie. But we'll figure something out, don't you worry." The mention of the pull-ups was mostly to test for recognition - I was smiling though, I was so fucking happy - he was alive! My cheeks took on the shade of a firetruck and I suddenly couldn't meet Kenzie's gaze. "Oh right... that was you..." I still didn't know how to piece the information together. It was all so jumbled, even though I knew how wrong I was. "It feels like... like time travel. I knew a girl named Kenzie when I was young, the girl who... who took me to Disneyland. And she went away, and I never saw her again, and I met you six months later, but you were my age..." I wasn't even sure I was making sense. "We grew up, and you turned sixteen last month. And now you're twenty-two, and I'm still... me." I took a deep breath and tried to smile, tried to make sense of it. "I know about the age thing. I know it all happened start to finish. I know it was linear, but... to me, it wasn't..." Everything was there, everything that needed to be, anyway. I smiled, and I sat down on the edge of the bed, not even minding that it was wet. I leaned in close, and I kissed Kit’s forehead. "Do you remember the last thing we talked about when you were young? That day at Disneyland, when you were a princess?" It must have been so weird for Kit, so strange putting things together, I was at pivotal points of his life and all out of order, and he knew I was but that still didn't make it make any more sense. "Mom got mad." I said with a little smile, the recollection so long ago. "I know it wasn't because of you, but it was a few weeks after you left, after Disneyland, and I was wearing Taylor's dresses again. She didn't give me the same speech, though - she told my sisters. I didn't wear anything like that again, but I know I've always wanted to be a girl, ever since Disneyland..." "I want to help you. I want to help you because I know it's who you're meant to be." I smiled and bit my lip, taking his soft hand in mine. Fifteen was a good time to start, not too long into puberty, plenty of time to reap the benefits of change. I didn't know how I was going to tell him that he might die at twenty-two, or if I would, or if he would, or if I even had the right. I just wanted him to live, wanted him to enjoy who he could become. I wanted to see that princess again, that clarity and beauty that echoed through the words that night, and the words right now. Kit was a girl. Kit knew that. "You're going to be a girl now. Okay?" "I didn't know she was you, for all those years..." I smiled shyly, looking down at the wet bed beneath the covers. "It wasn't until I just woke up, just now, that it really clicked. That girl who babysat me, and that girl I grew up with, and that girl I had a crush on, and... everything was you, Kenzie." "I can't imagine how weird this must be for you, huh...?" I bit my lip and smiled coyly, looking at the boy with a curious glance. "You know I have a crush on you, right? But you're probably not interested in a twenty-two year old, I bet you want a girl your own age. Or... now that you're a girl, maybe you want a boy your own age?" I was only teasing, but I wasn't sure how this Kit dealt with things like that - he was a new person, a fifteen year old tempered by the sweet sensitivity of a child who knew he was a girl, instead of broken and shattered by the fear of being different. This Kit was quietly confident, soft spoken and calm; he didn't wring his hands, didn't seem stressy, it was like he was... at peace. "I like twenty-two year old you very much," I said with a smile. "The last thing I remember was... was my getting hit with that laser, after you bailed me out from jail. Our date was really nice, even if we did get rained on. But the future… I don’t remember…” "You were a twenty-two year old boy without any friends, who dressed like a girl on weekends but got angry when his best friend asked if he wanted to be a girl. You were a boy who was bitter, cynical, and angry about being a boy, but one who believed it was wrong to want to be different. Then you were a teenager, a confused boy on the cusp of adulthood who felt so much shame for wanting what he wanted, but still open to the possibility. And then... a child...a young child, who desperately wanted to be pretty, to wear pretty dresses, to be seen as a girl, to be a princess..." I looked down at his hand as I played with his fingers, smiling idly to myself. He was complete. "But I'm not like that anymore," I said nervously, almost like a question. She shook her head. "I think that's because of you, because of what you taught me when I was little, or yesterday, or whenever it was." I sighed and felt the edges of the bedsheets. "Did older me ever tell you I used to wet the bed?" She shook her head. "It must've been a shock... sorry about that..." "It's no big deal," I smiled, and I meant it, too. So far I'd cleaned up the bed for three different Kit's, and I was starting to get used to it. "You had the prettiest pull-ups when you were younger. I think they helped you become less ashamed, right?" I smiled happily, looking into his eyes with an adoring stare. I felt my cheeks get pink and pulled the blanket a little higher up. I'd have to change the bedsheets at some point, but I didn't want to ruin this moment. Of course, I'd have to do so anyway. I bit hard on my lip and ran my fingers along the bedsheets. "Um... about that..." Kenzie looked curiously at me and I took a deep breath. "I actually... well, since I was... um..." How was I supposed to explain this? "I kind of like them now. I mean, whenever I go to bed, and I get to wear a pull up, I just feel... so much more... girly. It reminds me of my weekend with you..." Little seeds grow into big trees, it seemed. I smiled, thoughtfully, and nodded without any judgment in my words. "I think that's all sorts of adorable." And I really really did. I didn't know how I felt about dating someone who liked to wear pullups, but I also didn't know how I felt about a lot of things lately. "So you'll have a padded bottom when we cuddle in bed from now on? I think I'm okay with that." I smiled and thought for a moment longer. "You know, I realized I was gay at three years old, and I never told old you... because you wouldn't have understood. But I'm telling you now, because now I know you will. And you're going to be my first girlfriend. How's that feel?" "Even though I'm fifteen, and still wet the bed?" I wished I could remember particular parts about my future, most notably when I'd stop wetting the bed. Just because I liked wearing pull ups didn't mean I liked needing to. It would be a lot more enjoyable, I suspected, if I could choose when to do it. "Absolutely. Are the pullups you wear as cute as the ones you used to?" I think this had been good for me, really, because a week ago it might have been weird for me that my potential girlfriend had been born a boy and enjoyed wearing pullups. But after all of this, I was about ready to be okay with everything. I felt my cheeks take color, Kenzie much bigger than me in this way. Maybe I'd grow taller than her. Did I ever get taller than her? I was still under the covers and she was still on top, which was probably for the best. "Kenzie, the bed is still wet..." "Well, we'll have to do some research and find you something cute." I laid next to him, albeit with me on top of the covers to keep me dry. "Kit... nothing is life is a promise, nothing that you have today is guaranteed tomorrow. I want you to remember that, okay? And I want you to do everything you want." I paused, deciding that was enough, and that was all I would tell him about his potential future. "So show me right now what you want." I rolled over onto my side, careful to keep the blankets between me and Kenzie, and pressed my lips to hers. "I love you, Kenzie Macintosh, and you're what I want." Of course, I wanted other things too. I wanted to have sex, because I was a teenager, but Kenzie was very strict on waiting until I was eighteen. I wanted to figure out about my future, about the things I couldn't quite remember. I wanted to be a girl, a real girl, with dresses and boobs. I wanted to find a way to keep my bed dry that involved a very adorable undergarment. I wanted a house someday, and to figure out what I was going to do about college now that I wasn't twenty-two anymore, and I wanted to see my mom and watch her flip out about my being fifteen and wearing a bra. I wanted to tell my sisters about my new life that I'd be adopting and I wanted to make up a really fun story about how being a girl makes you look younger. I wanted to meet Alice properly, when I wasn't wearing her clothes or wetting her couch, and I wanted to remember it. I wanted to remember everything from here until forever, and every second with Kenzie. End. ----- Thank you for reading! Fully edited ePub and PDF versions of Kit 'n' Kenzie are available on our Patreon for only a dollar! Please consider supporting us; it gives us the means and motivation to keep writing for you guys! New story coming soon!
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    Hey everyone! Ready for a new Sophie & Pudding story? Kit 'n' Kenzie ended last week and Pudding and I wanted to try something a little different. I started writing this story at the beginning of the year, but it really didn't "feel" right. So Pudding and I reworked it. Though there are Little elements, the story is extremely diaper-focused. It also features a boy that DOESN'T become a girl, because I know a lot of people wanted to see that! There are still some gender elements though... sorry, I can't help myself. It takes place in a reimagined version of our world, where people wear diapers into their teens and young adulthood. It also has a lot of boy/boy content because that's a demographic we usually don't explore! In short, Untrained is a mishmash of all the things that are usually absent from a Sophie & Pudding story. As always, Early Access chapters will be available on our Patreon! Thank you for reading and make sure to leave comments! ~Sophie ------ Untrained 1.) "I'm Emme. Like Emma but not at all because a and e are different letters." I smiled as I rocked back and forth on the hard plastic chair, the crinkling of my diaper not at all subtle beneath the pleated skirt of the girls’ uniform - easier for changing times, really. The boy looked shy, but he was cute in a not-yet-a-man kind of way; his hair was short, but soft and pretty and his cheeks had a natural blush. "What's your name?" First day of school meant having to make new friends, after all, and though my long term boyfriend was in 11th grade, I wouldn't see him until after school. The whole idea of sexualizing the girl's uniforms was silly. I put my head against my arms on the table, careful to keep my top down over the waistband of my pants. It's hard to sexualize something so widely accepted, and lifting a skirt to check a girl's diaper was just that. Even boys wore the same dresses as girls in middle school, but not here, not in high school. Boys didn't wear diapers in high school the way girls did. All except me. But if they found that out, I'd be in the same outfit as the girls. "Call..." "That's an odd name." The tone wasn't something too condescending, it was just a pretty simple observation. "I like your pants.” Seeing a boy in pants in school hours was still something of a novelty to me and that was the easy compliment to make. "Are you nervous? I bet you're nervous. The instructors said that most of the boys would be the first few days - I bet your birthday is toward the end of summer, right? It's okay - you'll be fine." Easy for me to say - I didn't need to worry about training. "I'm fine... it's fine..." The black standard issue school pants were never meant to hide a diaper, and likewise, they didn't do it well. I had to be absolutely sure to always wear my sweater, even in the late summer heat, and even then I had to walk slowly. But what choice did I have? "Can I see your schedule?" Girls weren't usually very assertive, and once we got to high school we usually fell into our natural social place - especially with the boys coming out of their shells. For now I was doing okay, though, but I expected once Corles and I spent a few days together at school that would change. "I don't have any friends and it would be really fun if we had some classes together." "Sure, no problem." I grabbed the slip of paper out of my jacket pocket and passed it along the table. She seemed delighted about something and passed it back. I slipped it back into my jacket and shifted uncomfortably on the seat. Wet already...? I still had three classes… "We have the next two classes together. How cool is that?” I smiled happily, shifting in my seat. But the bell rang overhead and I knew classes were going to start soon. "You can hangout with me and Corles - he's my Daddy." "I never liked that word," I said with a frown, climbing up from the seat with much too much care. I took a deep breath and followed behind Emme. "I think it's messed up to call your boyfriend Daddy, you know? Just because of the whole diaper thing... it's kind of gross, actually." It tended to stop, though, once girls were out of diapers, too. But that was anywhere from 18-22. "I think it's cute. I mean, it's not like it's a permanent thing, but you think about it - we get changed here by school staff, but otherwise a boyfriend changes our diapers, takes care of us, gives us baths, it's pretty much that sort of thing." Despite the public title fading in time, the level of subservience that a girl had with a man was very prominent throughout the rest of her life. "Don't you daydream about a cute girl to lay down on a bed and stare longingly into her eyes while you untape her? Knowing she needs you?" “No,” I said with a frown, still following Emme at quite a slow pace. I meant it, too. I wasn't an unattractive boy, though probably not the kind of attractive most girls here were interested in. But the idea of changing someone out of their diapers...? I was the youngest - I'd never had to. It just seemed so weird to me. Why couldn't they do it themselves? I did it myself! "You wouldn't want to lay me down... lift my blouse a little, slide my skirt up and look into my big blue eyes, look at my blushing cheeks as I nibble the tip of my thumb...?" I smiled coyly, daydreaming a little bit at the description that Corles had once given - most boys were enamored with the idea! That Call wasn't was a little bit peculiar. "Come on. Come with me." I took his hand in both of mine the way a child would with an adult and began to lead him down the hall to one of the changing halls. Shit, seriously? Come on! "I... hey, we have class. Cut it out!" But she'd pulled me through and into one of the changing rooms. Boyfriends changing their girlfriends at school was forbidden - it was a strictly parental or staff thing - but girls needed a place to be changed or change themselves regardless. What was worse, these places were usually checked in on pretty often... "We're going to get caught!" "We'll be fine." I was gleeful and bubbly - a lot of girls my age got this way when changing was on the table - and I pulled the flimsy curtain around one of the changing alcoves. It wasn't a lot of privacy, but we scarcely needed it. "Lift me onto the changing table." "Emme! Not only are we going to get caught and suspended,” on the first day of school, no less, “but you said something about a boy, right? He wouldn't be happy with this!" But a second later, she was standing an inch away, our heights nearly even and her eyes level with mine. Her hands fell to my hands and put them in place on her hips. I could barely breathe. Corles wouldn't mind - as an 11th grader he had very little to prove, and Call would be aspiring to be just like him anyway. I put the boy’s hands on my hips and smiled at him, biting my lip and whispering. "Change me, okay? I'm just a helpless girl, and I need a big strong boy to take care of me... lift me onto the table...?" I was swaying left to right, coyly, smiling cute as a button. Alright, so maybe it wasn't so bad... and damn, Emme was cute. I lifted her up onto the changing table, which wasn't too difficult, and she laid back against the padding. I let out a little sigh and lifted up her skirt. The diaper, despite the pink hue, was definitely wet. All I could think about was how badly I wished I could change, too... A boy as freshly out of diapers as Call was wouldn't have the same level of practice as Corles did, but a lot of people had younger siblings and had some level of skill at this. "You should compliment your girl when she's on the changing table, Call, because she's going to be very self-conscious and she's going to look to you to bolster that for her." The words were very adult, but my tone was still 'little', the way I spoke when Corles changed me. "Um... sure..." But of course, I had no idea what to say. I took a deep breath and untaped the sides of the pink diaper. Colors were pretty popular, but the cloth movement never really stuck. Some girls still wore them, but they were never very popular. It always added too much waddle. Regardless, this would be the first girl I'd ever see naked. I didn't care, not really. Nudity wasn't so intimate anymore, but it was still a moment. "You're... really pretty, Emme. I mean that, too. And you smell like vanilla..." Which I guess is better than pee. He was pretty good, but he needed to do better if he wanted to catch a really nice girl. "Imagine you're on the table and I'm changing you, and you're a pretty girl and you're shy, think of some of the things you'd like me to say to you..." The cold air was a sharp contrast to the warm diaper and my legs tingled with a sort of pins and needles that wouldn't last very long. I knew how this was supposed to be done. My parents had changed me many times, and instructors in elementary school. By middle school, all the boys were changing themselves, and by high school, even most of the girls were too. And I knew how to lift her legs, but when I tried, I couldn’t get the diaper under her. I had to ask her to lift up herself. It wasn't a proud moment for me. "You're really cute, and... and outgoing, which isn't supposed to be nice, but it really is. I would never have talked to you, and you made a friend, and that's such a nice attitude." Okay, so it was a start. I smiled as he pulled the diaper up between my legs and taped it on either side, then sat up, looking down at him with a sideways and sort of wry smile. I took his hand in both of mine again so he couldn't run, then nodded to the table. "Your turn. Up on the table." Firm and a little bit playful the way Corles was with me - I'd only seen it by accident when he'd reached up with my legs, but Call was definitely wearing a diaper. “W-what are you talking about...?" I felt my stomach sink, turning toward where the door would be if it wasn't for the curtain. Lunch was over. The room would probably stay empty, but an instructor would be in soon to verify that before classes. I felt my chest pound. "We need to get to class." "You can go wet, or you can go dry. Come on, Call, I won't tell." It was weird, but I mean, no weirder than most other stuff that happened at school - diapers leaked and tapes broke and problems were problems. "I'm your friend, remember?" We were the same height and to be honest I was maybe a little stronger, and I lifted the boy under the arms and sat him on the edge of the changing table. "Lay down." I felt like someone had lifted my stomach out of my body. I thought I'd throw up, but damn did I feel tiny, even on top of the table so much higher than the girl. She put her hands on my chest and pushed me backward against the padding. "I don't know what you're talking about, cut it out!" I tried to sit up again. His movements to sit up were abruptly stopped, like a puppet with its strings cut, when I unbuttoned the boys pants and tugged them down to confirm my suspicions. A diaper. And a wet one, to boot. "Be still, beautiful, I'll get you all changed and dry." Okay, so I'd never changed a boy, not like this, and I'd only ever been changed by my parents, my boyfriend and school administrators (the latter of whom were quite detached) so this was new, but I emulated Corles for the most part as I untapped the diaper. I thought I would die. It really couldn't get any worse than this, right? Wrong. The door opened a second later and I tumbled down off the table. The diaper was already gone, the same pink kind my sister wore, and I very quickly tugged my pants back up just before the curtain was drawn. "Young lady, you know better than to have boys back here, what is the meaning of this? What is your name." I smiled confidently as I could manage and looked up at the stern woman's face - she was my boyfriends gym teacher and we'd met only once before in passing during induction this morning. "Emme Matruglio, Miss. I'm sorry Miss, it won't happen again Miss.""And you, young man?" I answered for Call, though. "I was showing him where the girls got changed, because he was curious Miss. You know how boys are." "Yes, well..." She seemed convinced, mostly, though her temper was a little sour still. The whole deal ended with an "If I ever catch either of you together in here again..." and I was ushered out of the changing rooms. I followed behind Emme was the teacher led us back to class. When we arrived, we both took a seat in the back. My anxiety was overwhelming. I could barely breathe. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck... "Are you okay?" I was smiling at the adrenaline, but I was also worried because Call looked as though he might die. "Take my bag once class starts and go to the bathroom - I have a spare." We were about the same size, and I wouldn't need my spare, since the school supplied them. I imagined that Call would, though - if he was still wearing at fifteen, that meant he was an Untrained. Things could get very very unpleasant for him. --- The first seven chapters of Untrained are available now on Patreon! Please consider supporting us!
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    <Neural Uplink Reconnected In Real Time.> To say that the rest of that day was uneventful would be misleading and factually incorrect. Having my best friend and the only other sane person in the world ripped away from me because her mother had errands to run was eventful. Finding out through a series of unplanned trial and error that I had roughly ninety seconds from the time I realized that I needed to relieve myself to the time that my underwear became squishy from urine was eventful. Being bathed by my mother and then put to bed shortly after sunset was eventful; especially given the likelihood that I’d wake up wet again. Hearing the harsh tones of my parents arguing…again…right before sleep claimed me was eventful. Eventful to me, but to any other human being pushing thirty, it likely would have been common place to the point of banality. All of these things were eventful, but I’m choosing not to upload those specific memories because the one thing I don’t feel they are is pertinent. Through firsthand experience and the brief “playtime” I had with Julia, I concluded that there had been more drastic changes to the world at large than would have been initially suggested by the data I had spent years collecting. Not only had my capabilities been severely reduced, but apparently as far as the rest of human society was concerned, twenty-nine was the new two and a half… if that. Yet I didn’t fully appreciate how much the world had changed until the next day. <Memory Sequence Uploading. August 18th, 2017 8:30 A.M.> After waking up, changing out of my-on-the-verge-of-leaking Pull-Up, (trying not to listen to my father’s remarks that I should maybe go back to diapers at night), and breakfast, my parents explained to me that they were going back to work, and that meant I was going “back” to daycare. The great panic of so many children disappearing and then reappearing- as those affected by the chronotons justified and misremembered the entirely of the population mentally and socially regressing by twenty-seven odd years- had allowed them each to take the day off of work to make sure that their little girl was all right, but now that they knew I was okay, we all had to get back into our regular routine. I didn’t know whether this willful ignorance was the result of chronoton saturation, the human psyche’s need to put everything in place so that it makes sense, or some combination thereof. Regardless, if my parents were any indicator, the world was quickly moving on and accepting of the new status quo. As I sat in the unnecessary booster seat of my mother’s SUV, scores of buildings both familiar and strange zipped by on the periphery. Julia had been right. Not only had clothing changed to fit our new perceived social standing, but buildings and businesses as well. Most of the franchises, their logos designed to be forever stamped upon the popular subconscious remained: the restaurants, the mega-marts and grocery stores; the places that catered to all walks of life. Looking at them I’d never know that anything had changed. So too were local landmarks that people familiar with the town could use to navigate better than street signs: statues, the old church, the retention pond that never quire drained, schools. All of it was the same. Yet, like a dark road that you normally only travel by day, some things, no matter how familiar, were decidedly different. I spotted men in their mid to late thirties running on the elementary school playground with all the zest and zeal of stereotypical second graders in their sneakers with the Velcro and no button shorts. Women in their mid-forties popped bubblegum and gossiped with each other in their Catholic school uniforms as Mom drove me by the church. And here I was sitting, in a floral-patterned shirt, nothing to cover my fresh Pull-Up but a hot pink skirt (provided I didn’t bend over too much,) the slightest bit envious of all of them. Whether I envied them their clothing, their status, or their ignorance, I cannot objectively say. Then there were the other buildings: Most of them zipped by too fast as my mother drove down not-quite-memorized roads that I had long taken for granted, but based on the décor and color scheme of their signs, much had changed. Too many bright signs with letters in primary colors. Too many pictures of various cartoon mascot animals in safety-pinned on diapers. Too many mannequins with gigantic baby clothes on them in store windows. Losing (or, more accurately, misremembering) their target clientele, many businesses had transformed to serve the needs of a community filled with gigantic children. A red bricked building I once knew to be a bar was now some kind of child’s clothes consignment shop. The Planet Fitness that I passed every day on the way to work was now a Gymboree. A Gap was now a Baby Gap. Of course there were more baby stores. If ages zero to thirty were considered infants and toddlers, those goods and services would be in higher demand. Unwittingly, I had changed an entire world’s economy. And then, during the times when my mother would slow down enough, I got an eyeful of the rest of this topsy turvy reality I’d created. Grown men and women were being pushed around in strollers. Someone in their late teens or early twenties was still breastfeeding in public. A car pulled up at a stoplight, and I saw someone only a few years younger than me, sitting rear facing, batting at the dangling toys of their car seat, giggling and drooling idiotically. I’d have to find a way to get to my lab and fix all of this mess, I decided. This was my mistake. I’d just have to figure out where I went wrong, then find a way to get back to the institute, get back to my equipment. A tall order to be sure, but nothing was impossible; if anything, this entire misadventure was proof of that much. I sucked in my breath as I felt the sudden, sharp, stinging sensation of a full bladder? Really?! I had just gone before my mother and I had left for daycare. “Mommy!” I whimpered, desperation and urgency in my voice, “Potty!” “Really?” she asked, her eyes unbelieving in the rear-view mirror. “You just went before we left the house.” The feeling was building. Less than ninety seconds and counting. “I know,” I whined. “I gotta go, though.” The SUV sped up. “Just hold on, Elisa, baby,” Mommy said. “We’re almost there.” Sixty seconds. Don’t think about don’t think about it don’t think about it don’tthinkaboutit. “You’re doin’ good, big girl,” she encouraged me. “Just hold it. We’ve got a potty in the trunk. We can stop at the daycare, and set you right on it before we even go inside.” As humiliating as the thought of peeing in the parking lot of whatever childcare facility my mother was taking me to, the idea of me urinating in my clothes seemed infinitely more terrifying. It was an illogical fear, like a phobia, gripping me despite all intellectual protestations. Logically, dispassionately, in hindsight, I might have had an easier time of willfully succumbing to my bladder, saving myself the stress, and dedicating my mind to more important things, like fixing the whole of reality so that I was at least considered a middle schooler. But only babies went pee-pee in their undies. I was a big girl. I didn’t need diapers. I wasn’t a baby. Thirty-seconds and counting till my bladder would let loose, and suddenly the term “baby” had become a slur of some sort in my mind; a way to instantly other and demean someone…or myself. Right then, had you asked me, nudity would have been preferable to diapers. Despite Julia’s safeguards, new immature impulses and outlooks had been slowly but surely worming their way into my subconscious. For one reason or another, the idea that I had been or would soon be reduced to nothing more than a particularly verbose and gifted toddler seemed likely. “Almost there, Elisa,” Mommy snapped me back to attention, the car decelerating as we approached our destination. Why did this place seem so familiar to me? The entire route we’d taken, almost exactly like the route I took everyday to- KA-THUNK Mom’s SUV barreled over a final speedbump into the parking lot, causing the entire car to bounce. I gasped in surprise and shock, my underwear becoming hot and moist as, not for the first time that day, I started to wet myself. Queen Ariel had one less sea shell in her collection. How was I going to save the world when I couldn’t keep my training panties dry for longer than ninety seconds? I said nothing. No crying. No screaming. No protestations that “I was a big girl,” as the car slowed to a stop. All present and available data pointed to the contrary; and as a scientist, when a scientist’s hypothesis is not supported by the data, they must re-evaluate their hypothesis. Try as I might, in terms of my physical capabilities and needs, I was not a big girl any longer. Mommy opened up the side door, and saw me sulking in the backseat. “Didn’t make it?” she asked. Woefully, I shook my head in reply. She leaned in and unbuckled me from the booster seat. “Well, that’s okay,” she said, (because in this brave new world I had made it was normal for someone my age to have “accidents”) “you’ll just have to try harder later.” She reached out her hand, and as if mine had a mind of its own, I accepted it, stepping out of the car and onto the hot pavement. Still preoccupied with the now sagging training panties between my thighs, I didn’t recognize the large cement building before me. The sign over the entrance said, “Tiny Tots. Ages 25-30.” That made sense. Even if infancy lasted well into the twenties, as far as the world was now concerned, it was impractical to keep actual newborns with substantially larger “children”. I walked, bowlegged to prevent the urine soaked mass from touching me, disgusted with myself as I was. Apparently, I was an extremely heavy wetter. Maybe Daddy was right, I thought absentmindedly; maybe I did need to go back to diapers…at least for the nightti- stop it! Stop it stop it stoppit! Instantly and immediately, I was furious with myself. I was thinking like one of them…like the little girl the world expected me to be. I was Dr. Elisa Briggs, not some diaper wearing brat. I couldn’t allow myself the luxury to slip into infantile oblivion. I had a world to fix. I had to get back to my- MY LAB! That’s what this place was: The Institute for Chrono-Research and Innovation. Or at least that’s what it had been before. Now…now it was “Tiny Tots. Ages 25-30”. Its gray granite walls were suddenly a cheery sky blue. Over to the side of the main building, where a tasteful bamboo garden had been, was now a mulched playground with plastic slides and baby swings intended to accommodate fully grown adults. Still in my stupor, I was pushed through the front doors, their formally clean and clear veneer now plastered with butterfly and smiley face stickers. “It’s okay,” my mother whispered to me, “we’ll get you some clean undies as soon as I sign you in.” Clearly, she was misattributing my distress; though to be truthful, had my bladder not already been emptied, I would have likely wet myself at the initial shock I felt. My throat felt dry and pinched. The reception area was still there, only now the clean marble floor had been transmuted into worn and sturdy carpeting. My mother led me up to a desk, a sign in book prominently displayed. She pressed a button, an electronic bell of some sort to the right of the book, as she flipped through the pages, finding my name and signing me in. As she signed the page with my name one, making sure to mark the time and date, I noticed a hand painted mural on the wall in front of me. As if mocking me and my hubris, it showed a childishly drawn scene of “children” playing in a grassy field, the sun shining overhead. The whiny creak of unoiled hinges alerted me to the door opening to my, right. From my lab…from what used to be my lab, an older woman, grey-haired and bespectacled, came out, her bony frame concealed by the baggy sunshine yellow t-shirt she wore. She looked at me, and her eyes lit up with recognition. Sadly, I recognized her, too. < Memory Upload Disconnected> <Neural Uplink Reconnected In Real Time.> I don’t believe in God, personally. I have nothing against faith, and I am open to the possibilities that there might be some sort of “higher power” out there, but I only tend to believe in what I can measure and what I can see. Yet the amount of coincidences and little, petty ironies that have piled up lately are so numerous that I can’t help but speculate if some form of intelligence has been toying with me. Perhaps chronotons have a sense of humor. <Memory Sequence Resume Uploading. August 18th, 2017> “Why, hello, Elisa,” she spoke in the high-pitched sing-song rhythm reserved for small children. “Are you ready to learn today?” I wanted to say that her name was Helen; but despite my superb, near photographic memory, I had never invested the modicum of effort needed to memorize the woman’s name. People’s names just weren’t something that I typically had time for. To me, she was just the lab’s secretary. I stood there, tall enough to look her in the eye, but feeling so powerless and shocked that she might as well have been looming over me. Two days ago, she was only good enough to answer phones and take messages. As of today, she was considered my mental, developmental, and social superior. She was my- “Teacher…?” Even the word left a bitter taste in my mouth. “Yes, Elisa?” she leaned in. I stood there; paralyzed, shaking, dumb. A familiar, comforting hand was on my shoulder. “She’s a little rattled still from all the strangeness that’s been going on,” Mommy offered by way of explanation. “A lot of the little ones are,” my ex-secretary replied. “Did she mysteriously pop off somewhere, too?” “The memorial park, if you’d believe it.” “Oh my,” my now-teacher remarked. “you’re lucky you found her.” I looked behind me and saw my mother nodding vehemently. “We didn’t have many kids here yesterday, obviously,” I-think-Helen continued, “but it seems everyone is trickling back in; trying to get things back to normal.” Again, my mother nodded in agreement. “Same here,” she said. “I’m hoping to get this whole messy business behind us.” The teacher looked back to me. “Speaking of business,” she leaned in and spoke slowly and clearly as if I might not understand her otherwise; “we were about to start Circle Time. Are you ready to come learn with us?” I wasn’t. I really wasn’t. I looked back to my Mommy, my eyes pleading. I wasn’t ready for this; my hopes had already been dashed by seeing this. Please, please don’t cast me into this strange limbo- trapped somewhere between child and adult. The pity in my mother’s eyes was evident, but that didn’t stop her from saying, “Go on sweetie. Mommy will pick you up after work.” She scooted me forward, and my hands – disobedient – grabbed hold of the woman who used to answer my phones. Mommy added as an afterthought, “Oh, and I didn’t check to make sure, but she said she had a little accident on the way over.” “I’m sure she did,” my so-called teacher agreed. “Elisa usually knows when she’s had an accident and is the first to speak up about it. She’s very advanced in that way.” A hint of bile crept up into the back of my throat. I’d gone from being a genius scientist to being advanced because I knew when I’d peed my pants and could tell someone about it. I didn’t have time to look back and call out as my mother walked away from me. My legs weighted down by my own insistence, but still keeping pace with the teacher, I was led into what used to be my old laboratory; only now, apparently, it was the “Butterfly Room,” if signs and labels were to be believed. More than ever, I wanted to cry. My beautiful, spacious, clean laboratory had been transmogrified into a rough-and-tumble pre-school. The storage space where Julia had kept her myriad of fungi, viruses, and bacteria had been replaced with a row of cubbies. My own desk, computer and workbench now held tinker toys. The space reserved for HAZMAT suits and other safety equipment was now a dress up and dramatic play center; a fireman’s yellow coat and red helmet was on a hook next to my old lab coat, a play stethoscope hanging out of one of the pockets. Over by the rat cages, Lucy and Ethel remained, now the class pets instead of the award winning scientific curiosities. I was led over to the cubbies. On the way there I saw the rest of the class, all who would have been my peers in age if not intellect under normal circumstances, sitting in a semi-circle facing a wall decorated with educational posters. “Just a second, Carol,” my teacher called out to another middle-aged woman as she walked me over to the cubbies. “Let me get Elisa changed, and then we’ll start circle time.” At the mention of my name, Julia, turned her head and made eye contact with me. When it registered with her that I had recently wet myself, she had the good grace to blush and look away. Th teacher reached into a cubby that had my name and picture- a photograph of me smiling giddily from behind my strapped on glasses- and took out a fresh pink Pull-Up, brandishing it in her free hand as she rudely yanked me away towards a bathroom that hadn’t existed until two days ago. Right next to it was what was unmistakably a changing table; wide, long, and thick enough to accommodate someone my size. Despite myself, I glanced back at the semi-circle of adult toddlers, many of them hunched over enough so the waistbands of their underpants poked out slightly. While some had the purplish pinks and bright blues of Pull-Ups poking up out of the top of their pants, just as many, if not more, had the flimsy, frail and uneven white edges of a diaper peeking out over their waistbands. If that wasn’t evidence enough, the difference in the padding around their bums had been fairly obvious, too. Mommy had been right: some children my age hadn’t even begun potty training. I really was advanced. I sucked in my breath as I passed the changing table on the way to the bathroom, as if I was afraid to catch the babyishness surely contained within. There but for grace of God, pure luck, or something in between go I. It could always be worse. It might have been my relentless curiosity and desire to collect data, or it might have been just a more complex but futile attempt to prove my maturity, but I felt compelled to test the limits of this new reality. “Tell me Miss…” my voice bounced off the bathroom walls as I was escorted in, “…teacher; are you aware that the third law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of a system approaches a constant value as the temperature approaches absolute zero?” “I did not know that,” my ex-secretary replied as she closed the door behind us and went for a package of baby wipes resting on the toilet. Her tone was that of a person listening without listening; as if she wasn’t particularly interested in what I had to say, but was letting me say it. I might as well have been explaining the intricacies of a child’s television show that she had absolutely no interest in watching to her. “I personally think the fascinating thing about that is,” I pressed on while she knelt down to access my sagging underwear, “that there’s no such thing as absolute zero. It’s purely theoretical, since as long as there’s motion somewhere in the universe, there will always be a form of heat.” The easy open sides of the Pull-Up did just that, and I helped by holding up my skirt so that my nether regions could be properly cleaned. “That’s a very good point,” I-think-Helen replied, wiping me between my legs; not even looking me in the eye. She had no interest in anything I had to say. I might as well may have been talking about My Little Pony while she sanitized my privates, except that I didn’t know anything about My Little Pony. Great, another “adult” who was either too deluded or too stupid to notice that the content and vocabulary I was using was far too complex for a pre-schooler. My parents were the former, I believed. The woman who was dressing me in what amounted to a tapeless diaper, the latter. I was forced to make a show of washing my hands, as absurd as that was, and then walked over to the semi-circle, Julia patting a bare patch of carpet beside her, while my former employee threw away the wet Pull-Up in the diaper pail. “How are you holding up?” Julia asked as I took a spot on the floor next to her. “Not great,” I muttered. “All data is indicating that we’re royally scre-“ “Elisa,” the older woman in the middle of the circle, Carol, interrupted me. “We’re about to start Circle Time. You two can talk afterwards during play time.” Her tone brooked no argument. “Yes Ma’am.” Julia replied with automaticity, lowering her head in submission. I followed suit and felt my own cheeks flush as a flash of shame tingled across the back of my brain. Julia always was a people pleaser, but why was I feeling so easily cowed? Some part of me, for whatever reason, recognized this woman’s authority and wanted to please her. Was she really that much more of a “grown-up” than I used to be…than I was? Miss Carol addressed the rest of the class. “Okay gang, it’s Circle Time. It’s Justin’s turn to be our special helper.” On cue, a skinny brown-haired man with a bowl cut climbed to his feet and waddled over to the front. Based on the swollen bulge between his legs and the light smell of ammonia and baby powder that wafted behind him, he was obviously diapered and would likely need to be changed soon. He held out his hand and Miss Carol placed a stick with a plastic pointing finger on one end into his grip, before maneuvering him over to a poster entitled “Days of the Week.” “Sing along if you know the words, and Justin and I will point.” The older woman maneuvered herself behind the toddlerized man and grabbed hold of his wrist while he stood there stupidly and looked at the brightly colored display. A little boombox, manned by I-think-Helen kicked in, and synthesized harpsichord notes filled the room. Bland, autotuned, synthesized, not-quite-adult-not-quite-child voices blared out: “Days of the Week (snap snap) Days of the Week (snap snap) Days of the week, days of the week, days of the week. (snap snap)” I guffawed in surprise. The Addams Family? Really? As mnemonic device for the days of the week? Julia and I shot each other the same baffled look and we giggled at the absurdity and ridiculousness as it all. Something must have overcome the two of us. While Justin was being Miss Carol’s puppet- her hand guiding his to the correct days- and the other grown children were picking their noses or mumbling, Julia and I sang along: “There’s Sunday and there’s Monday. There’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday. There’s Thursday and there’s Friday. And then there’s Saturday. Days of the Week (snap snap) Days of the Week (snap snap) Days of the week, days of the week, days of the week. (snap snap)” The teachers praised us. “Good job, Julia and Elisa!” We both sat up a little straighter at that. A feeling of accomplishment welled up in me. I might have been a pre-schooler, but I was still the smartest pre-schooler, damnit. The next track came on the boombox, and Justin was moved over to a “types of weather” chart, as different types of weather were sung to a rough approximation of “Oh My Darlin’ Clementine.” “Sunny-Sunny, Sunny-Sunny, it is Sunny in the sky. S-U-N-N-Y Sunny, it is Sunny in the sky.” Julia and I both instantly picked up the pattern, and smiling proudly and smugly to ourselves, repeated the process in our seats for “cloudy”, “rainy”, “windy”, and “snowy”. I was bouncing when the grown-ups complimented us on participating and picking up on the words. I was smart! I was a big-girl! Next came a song about writing numerals to the melody of “Skip to My Lou”, which we executed flawlessly. Again, we were perfect when reciting the letter names and sounds to the tune of Jeopardy “A for apple, a-a-a.” The pictures on the wall aided us in predicting what the other letters would be “for”. The whole extravaganza ended with a song about basic shapes to the tune of “I’m a little tea-pot.” Within seconds, we- child geniuses that we were- picked up on each rhythm and song and sang along perfectly as if we had heard these songs every day for months. The teachers seemed so happy and surprised at our sudden progress. But why should they be surprised? Julia and I were both advanced. Even when we had a potty accident we knew it and could tell people about it so we could get changed right away. Poor Justin’s diaper was all squishy and he didn’t even notice or care. He wasn’t even close to going potty like a big kid. It was only after the music faded, the opiate of praise removed; after we were allowed to scatter and go play that we were able to objectively look at ourselves and our behavior of the past ten minutes. Julia pulled me over to a low shelf filled with blocks. “What the hell just happened there?” she asked. My head shook so fast, I was vibrating. “I don’t know,” I admitted. I thumbed back to wall filled with educational posters. “That wasn’t completely an act from you either?” I asked. “Not at all,” Julia said, her pig-tails flopping. “I’ve been getting super excited from praise from grown-up…adult…oh you know what I mean,” she sighed. “I don’t understand it. I can still recite the parts and functions of a cell in my sleep. I can still recite my doctoral thesis practically verbatim,” she paused and looked over her shoulder, “ but I felt more accomplished when our secretary patted me on the head for singing the ABC’s than I have in years.” “Me too,” I admitted. “I felt more proud of myself when my Mommy let me wipe myself than when we got that grant money a few years back.” Julia crossed her arms, and poked her upper lip out. “I wouldn’t know. I haven’t had that pleasure yet.” I stared down at my sneakers, trying to distract myself by reciting complex theoretical equations in my head. Julia looked over my shoulder and my gaze followed hers as Miss Carol taped Justin into a fresh Luvs, his pants around his ankles on the changing table. “Still, it could be worse,” she granted. “At least we’re not totally regressed.” Without realizing, it we were holding hands, gripping each other’s fingers tightly as the poor man was helped off the table before his pants were pulled up over the diaper. My colleague looked to me. “You don’t have an irrational fear of being put back in diapers, too, do you?” “There’s nothing irrational about it,” I replied defensively. The only person whose opinion I still respected gave me a quizzical look. “I mean,” I stuttered, “I just don’t want to be a baby, that’s all. Babies where diapers.” “But isn’t infancy a matter of physical development that we’ve long since surpassed?” Julia asked. “Is an old person who is incontinent a baby?” “No,” I scoffed. “Don’t be silly.” “Then why are we both afraid of losing our big girl Pull-Ups?” she countered. “Why are we defining babies by what they wear instead of their chronological age? Why are we responding to positive reinforcement of perceived caregivers and authority figures so strongly?” “Oh shit,” I whispered, Julia’s analysis hitting home. “We really are regressing.” “Yes and no,” Julia gripped my hand. “I specifically designed my anti-regression safeguard to affect cognition. I think we’re whole in that regard.” Her eyes became slightly glassy as she blinked back tears. “But emotionally, I think we’re becoming closer and closer to two-year olds.” I tried to be clinical and cold; to act as an example and source of strength for my friend. “Then let’s stay away from emotions,” I said. “Focus on the work we have to do. Like, why has the world changed? Like, I can see furniture and clothes being retrofitted to meet our physical needs after the fact, but that should take time. There shouldn’t instantly be adult Pull-Ups and…” I gulped, “the only diapers that should fit us should be Depends.” Julia let go of my hand and began scanning the shelves filled with blocks. “Maybe chronotons don’t’ function exactly like we thought. Maybe they’re somewhat psychoactive.” She went over and began precariously stacking cardboard bricks into a careful tower in criss-crossing rows of three. I toddled after her. “But none of our experiments suggested that. The environment never reconfigured themselves when we exposed Lucy and Ethel to chronotons.” “To be fair,” Julia said, still stacking. “Is a baby rat’s cage all that different from an adult rat’s?” I opened my mouth to protest, but finding nothing to argue, I conceded. “Point taken.” I took a seat by Julia as she continued to construct her block tower, the gears in her head clearly turning. I felt just as much as heard the soft paper crinkle of the disposable training pants encasing me. That was another point of contention. “Yeah, but that’s another thing that’s bothering me,” I said. “Chronotons from when we were toddlers the first time around leaked out into the world. Wouldn’t you say our current treatment is a little more…modern? Shouldn’t George Bush be president? Shouldn’t smart phones be gone? Shouldn’t I have been watching nineties cartoons this morning instead of SpongeBob re-runs?” “I’ve thought about that,” Julia replied. She wasn’t taking her eyes off of her tower, now several rows high so that she was having to rise to her knees to continue stacking. “I think we left a few variables out and were working under some incorrect assumptions.” “Like what?” “We were harvesting chronotons from the fifth dimension,” my friend reminded me, “but chronotons only radiate outward into the fifth dimension from the present. Chronotons from the past mixed with the chronotons being generated from the present. Maybe this is what it looks like when past infects the present.” Julia pointed to a row of blocks near the bottom. “Let’s say that this is chronotons from the past when we were toddlers.” Gently, she poked a block out of the stack and removed it, leaving the rest of the pile still standing stall. “Then we moved those moments in time, those states of being, up here to the present.” The brick she removed went to the top of the tower. “The rest of reality still stands, but now in the present day, we’re potty training again, and this part,” she pointed to the top and wiggled her fingers down back to the base, “is spreading and dripping down the rest. The present and past still happened, but now the entire structure of reality has changed to explain why we never left daycare, and have gaps in our potty training.” I felt myself frown. “You’re suggesting that chronotons act like both a particle and a living thing?” I asked. “Like a kind of bacteria that’s spreading and cross breeding?” Julia looked at me and shrugged. “Unless you’ve got a better explanation.” I didn’t. “It still doesn’t quite explain why this building became a daycare,” she said. “It never was one to begin with.” “Maybe it would have been one, had it been normal for people in their twenties to need care at this level.” I said, giving her tower a look over. “ Cause and effect aren’t exactly intuitive where chronotons are concerned. Neither is conservation of mass, in all likelihood.” Bored now that she had given visual metaphor to her theory, Julia knocked over the cardboard bricks onto the carpet. She started stacking them again into something less defined. A castle perhaps? “What do you mean?” she asked as I watched her build. How to put what I was thinking? I saw a hint of Pull-Ups poking out from the back of her shorts, and inspiration struck me. “Like, do you really think that all of your Pull-Ups used to be panties? That your toddler bed used to be a grown-up bed?” My colleague stopped stacking the blocks and looked at me. “I…I suppose so? I haven’t given it much thought.” “How old were the panties you were wearing the night before they changed…” I stopped myself; poor choice of words, “err…transformed into Pull-Ups?” Julia reached behind her and hiked her shorts up. “I dunno. Why would I know that off the top of my head?” “Had them for a couple years?” I suggested. “At least.” “Right,” I nodded. “You don’t keep track because you wash and re-wear underwear again and again as long as it fits and is in good condition. But with disposables, new ones have to be manufactured and replaced daily. If everyone under thirty had their underwear-and just their underwear-transform to diapers…” “We wouldn’t have enough diapers and training pants to make it through a week, even when accounting for countries where infants don’t wear diapers.” Now she was getting it. “And I felt my panties get thicker,” I told my friend. “Me too,” she said. Without consciously meaning too, my hand wandered underneath my skirt and I gave my Pull-Ups a quick squeeze. Julia was noticeably touching her thighs together, likely taking notice of the slight padding between them. “But where did the material come from?” I asked. Both of us sat there in silence for a few moments, neither of us knowing the answer, the question only now coming into my head. Julia broke the silence. “Are you suggesting that all this stuff just…just materialized out of thin air?” I frowned. The idea that such a thing could happen was against every known and plausible scientific law that I was aware of. The amount of energy required to convert air into solid materials alone would likely drain the sun. Finally, I spoke. “We still don’t know precisely how chronotons react with inanimate objects beyond a few isolated unprocessed samples,” “We never thought to,” Julia said. Then her own eyes showed a flash of shock as the further implications of our meddling occurred to her. “The extra strain on natural resources would already be catastrophic,” she told me. “Oil is needed for the plastic and elastic needed for diapers. “ “You don’t suppose the chronotons had other effects do you?” I asked. “Like, replenishing of certain irreplaceable resources?” “I have no idea,” Julia admitted. “Every bit of news I’ve heard my mommy listening to has been about the kids popping up all over the place. There’s no talk of any kind of resource shortages.” She paused. “No more than usual that is.” She giggled. It was dry and bitter, but it was giggling all the same. “Maybe we accidentally solved the resource crisis on accident.” < Memory Upload Disconnected> <Neural Uplink Reconnected In Real Time.> I had no idea if we did. I still don’t. All I do know is that the diapers and baby clothes are still very much in demand and plentiful. The adult and child sections of clothing stores have shrunk considerably, but the baby aisles have ballooned proportionately with no shortage in stock. <Memory Sequence Resume Uploading. August 18th, 2017> With no further data to examine, I found my mind wandering to seeking further solutions to our current predicament. “So what do we do now?” I asked. “Wait until we’re considered ‘old’ enough to re-enroll in college, re-earn our degrees, and pick up our research where we left off?” “I don’t know,” Julia shuddered. “I have no idea. Never had to literally restart my life.” She turned her attention back to the stacking bricks. “I’m feeling really overwhelmed, right now.” “Me too.” “I just…I just need some time to de-stress.” She didn’t even look at me. “I need to…I need to play with some blocks for a little while.” I stood up and flattened my skirt back out. We were both stressed. We needed time to think to ourselves rather than a constant commiseration. Elisa would give Julia some space, and little by little Dr. Briggs and Dr. Meyer would return to the fore as some new idea snuck up on us. Besides, I felt more like coloring. “Doctor,” I said, invoking our ritual. She replied automatically, not even looking up from the blocks, “Doctor.” I walked over to small, but abandoned table. It wouldn’t do to have me trying to clear my head while some six-foot-tall toddler tried to give me a hug or pull my hair. The table was filled with stacks of crisp white paper, several boxes of crayons strewn about. Ignoring the dry crinkle and barely audible hiss from my padded backside as I sat down at the table, I grabbed a box of crayons and a piece of paper. Perhaps in my calculations there had been something I overlooked when programming the chrono-drill. With practiced ease, I grabbed a black crayon- the closest thing to an actual pencil- and went to write down an equation, only to be sorely surprised when the crayon streaked wildly off the paper and made a dark mark on the sunshine yellow surface beneath. “The hell?” I whispered, bringing the crayon up to eye level to examine it. Again, I tried to write formulae that I had long ago memorized in my sleep, and at most I was left with unintelligible scribbles. I stared down at the paper, feeling betrayed by my tools, but somewhere inside of me, I knew that it wasn’t the crayon’s fault. With shaking, unsteady digits, I attempted to write my name in all capital letters. E-L-I-S-A. Only the first three letters were anything resembling legible. The S was little more than a squiggle and the A looked like a Frankenstein’s hybrid of an X and an H. My fine motor skills had been impacted along with my bladder capacity. I turned over the piece of paper to continue experimenting, only to find a pre-rendered but rather plain sketch of a frog. I grabbed another piece of paper from the stack and turned it over. A white (save for the outlines) cow mooed up at me from the table. Coloring pages. Of course. I should have been annoyed, or outraged, but instead I saw only opportunity to test the limits that this new reality had imposed on me. Even a baby could manage to color a stupid cow, right? Several hours passed as I experimented and colored, trying diligently to keep my crayons on the paper. Little by little I started to get the hang of things. I really was advanced. I sat at the art table in daycare, doing my best to color in between the lines. The thick orange crayon felt cumbersome and unwieldy in my hands. Each stroke was laborious and imprecise; no two strokes precisely lining up with each other, no matter how intent I was or how meticulous my technique. A chasm of white separated each grainy orange line. The “work” that my teacher had given me was extremely frustrating- my coloring was more of a barely controlled scribble- but it served my purposes. I was still collecting data, even if it was data concerning my current physical limitations and the lingering psychological side effects of the recent fallout from my previous experiment. Besides, the chicken wasn’t going to color itself. A cry from a familiar voice made me look up from my “work”. Red faced and snot gushing out of her nose, Julia was being led to the daycare’s bathroom. I looked back down to the cartoon sketch of a now mostly orange barnyard fowl, averting my eyes to give my colleague some measure, some tiny scrap of dignity. She had likely just urinated in her pants, despite there being no outward visible indicator that I could see. Correction: the pink Pull-Up in the teacher’s free hand as she led Julia to the bathroom confirmed my hypothesis. Unable to control her bladder properly, or her emotions, she was being led to get changed into a fresh pair of what passed for underpants. The giggling twenty-something getting his bottom wiped on the nearby changing table as another adult slipped his soiled Huggies out from under him was a stark reminder that things could be much worse for us. A sudden flash of doubt caused me to look to the left and the right, making sure the coast was clear before I peeked under the hem of my own hot-pink skirt. The “fade when wet” designs on my crotch were still bright and clear. A sigh of relief escaped me, involuntarily, as I smoothed out my skirt. How queer it was, in this new status quo, that I was expected to occasionally soil myself yet still maintain a semblance of modesty. How had it come to this, I wondered, as I heard my friend’s wails of protest echo off the bathroom walls. “I’M NOT A BABY! LET GO OF ME! STOP! PLEEEEAAASE! STOP! NOOOOO!” At least one of Julia’s hypothesis about our current state was being supported. We were cognitively still very much adults, thanks to the precautions she had taken before disaster struck; but emotionally we were becoming less and less developed. Coloring and blocks were emotionally satisfying and perhaps even stimulating. The thought of being treated as an infant mortified us disproportionately, even when compared to our adult selves. The opinions of so called “grown-ups” held unmerited weight. Julia was still bawling when she came out, our teacher shaking her head to herself while disposing of Julia’s soiled Pull-Up. She practically threw herself down at the table; and almost slammed. “I’m never going to get potty trained!” she wailed. “NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!” Each word was punctuated by a balled-up fist slamming down on the table. Feeling incredibly awkward, I reached over and patted her on the back. “Don’t worry,” I told her. “You’ll get it. This is only day two of-“ “-OF ETERNITY!” she snapped her head up, tears streaming down from her eyes. Without looking back, she pointed back at the rat cages. “Lucy and Ethel,” she growled at me. “How long have they been stuck in the same loop? An eternity in rat years. Not one bit of progress. How long have our plant samples lasted? Our bacterium? Chronotons preserve. That much holds constant!” She was teetering the line into hysterics. “Julia…” There were no other words. I tried to offer what comfort I could. Tearfully, angrily, she shoved my hand away from her. “The only time I’ve used the potty was yesterday when I went poopy; and that was an accident.” The disgust on my face must have been unconscious and yet plain. “Oh don’t act so high and mighty, Elisa,” she whispered through gritted teeth. “I’m a couple of months younger than you, so my bladder is less developed…but it’s not going to get any more developed.” I shook my head, dumbly. Now my own eyes were getting watery. “What do…what do you mean?” “Either the grown-ups won’t notice the passage of time and we’ll be twenty-nine-year-old babies forever, or they will…only we’ll be thirty-year-old babies…forty-year-old babies…fifty-year-old babies.” Her face broke into a buskin match, yet her sobs sounded almost like laughter. “It’s like you said…we’re in a never-ending yesterday.” She was right, of course. All of our data, even before this mess indicated a kind of paralyzed immortality. Being considered giant toddlers was just an unforeseen circumstance that we hadn’t calculated. It was getting harder and harder for me to see. My own tears. “I’ll be forever in Pull-Ups…just starting to potty train,” my best friend moaned. “Never making it, always being shamed for not being mature enough.” Her body was racked with sobs. She picked herself up and stared at me. “It’d almost be better if we had gone back even further,” she cried. “At least I wouldn’t have to deal with the shame of going pee-pee and poopy in my diapers if that’s what I was supposed to do!” She wiped her nose and leveled a snot-dripping finger at me. “And it’s all your fault.” “What?” “Oh come on!” my colleague wailed at me. “Don’t tell me you haven’t figured out where it all went wrong. Even I figured out that much. It was your lack of foresight, your lack of understanding that made this all happen to us! If you had just done one thing differently the other night, we’d be okay…” Julia started babbling incoherently, more sobs than speech. I couldn’t see her anymore. Everything was too blurry. I too was crying, openly. I was angry and penitent and miserable and desperate all at once. I hated Julia for her telling me what I had been secretly telling myself this entire time. I hated her for being smarter than me; her invention, though rushed and incomplete had saved us both from mine. The daycare teachers were walking over to us, two little girls bawling their eyes up for no reason they could discern. I had no idea what Julia was talking about, blaming myself but still not sure what I could have done differently. My body took control away from my rational mind, and my arms opened wide; the near universal sign for asking for a hug. Damn, I needed a hug. Thankfully, though still sobbing, Julia reciprocated. Noses running with snot, eyes flooding with tears, and throats sore from incoherent screaming, we embraced each other, taking what comfort we could as grown-ups came to see what all the fuss was about. “Julia,” I cried. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. If I could do it all over again, I’d go back and-“ I heard the response in my head, in my mind, rather than in my ears. “<Command accepted. Go back.>” No…
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    Nobody is being told to endanger themselves here. It has been made very clear that you do things like this at your own risk, and that you need to know well what you're doing if you go down this path. This is the "Incontinent Desires" forum where we will not tolerate bashing of our members for doing things like this and their sharing them with us. Nor will we tolerate any arguing about the risks, although meaningful discussion is OK. Once that discussion is done and a member makes it clear that they understand the risks you've pointed out and wishes to go forward anyway that ends the discussion and anything beyond that becomes flaming or bashing. Everyone needs to get it into their heads that there is an end to conversing when the people you're talking with stop listening. After that point has passed simply drop it and let it go. I may not be here as often as I once was but I still have my ban-hammer and I can still use it as well as I always have. Don't make me do that as it is not an enjoyable experience for me- I'd rather that everyone behave well on their own. Bettypooh Admin and Moderator Extraordinaire
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    Chapter 4 Grace's House, the night of the dinner. "Daddy! I don't see what the big deal is...I mean...ugh, no there is no way" Grace's father cut her off. "Grace, you do not have a say in this matter. You may think you're all grown up, but your behavior tonight demonstrated otherwise. Besides, I pay for your education, so I still have a say in your life". "Since when do parents have a say in their kids underwear?" screamed Grace. "Since when do people expose other people's underwear to a whole table in the middle of a business dinner? Or any place, for that matter? I mean Jesus Christ, what were you thinking?" Grace knew perfectly well why she had exposed Katelynn. She didn't like being turned down. But she didn't feel like coming out to her father, he clearly was not in the best state of mind. She was great at sharing other's secrets, but not her own. "Okay, I made a mistake. Really, I'm sorry. But I don't think this is necessary." Grace was sitting on her bed while her father ruffled through her closet. "I think they should be around here somewhere," said Grace's father, Stan. "Daddy, I'm not wearing diapers!" By now she was growing desperate. "Why not? You already wear those pull up diapers to bed when you're home on break". "They're not diapers! They're Greatnights. And it's not like I use them, it's only at night and because you make me." "I wet one time on Thanksgiving break, and that was the first time in like forever!" Grace had indeed wet her bed once while home on Thanksgiving break. She was mortified. It was the first time she'd peed in her pants since she stopped bedwetting her senior year of high school. None the less, her father was scared her "condition", as he called it, was returning. So now he made her wear Greatnights to bed every time she was home. At least he didn't know Grace's wetting had returned full force this break. "Grace, you can tell yourself what you want to make yourself feel better, but those pull ups are clearly diapers. And it's a good thing you wear them to bed, because I've seen your soaked ones in the trash, so stop trying to act all innocent." Grace was starting to cry. Great, now her father knew her wetting had come back. "I mean, what do you do at Yail? Do you wear diapers down there?" "I don't wet the bed at Yail, it just started again regularly when I came home this Christmas." "Well, we have these to take care of it for now. I thought you had some leftovers from when you wore these every night." He was holding a very thick disposable diaper. "You always did wet heavily." By now, Grace was sobbing. "Daddy...hmph," she said through tears, "hmph...please don't make me wear those to bed! I'm so sorry for embarrassing you." Grace hated diapers. She hated that she wet the bed. Those stupid Greatnights were bad enough, but at least they were better than her old bulky diapers. At least she could take her pull ups off if she needed to go to the bathroom. Not with her old diapers. The worst part of wetting the bed was waking up, needing to pee, and being able to make it to the toilet, but being forced to pee in her diaper because she wasn't allowed to waste them. Her father was a business man, after all. "This isn't about me, or you, for that matter. It's about Katelynn and her family. And you are going to wear these at night. In fact, you're going to wear them all day and all night for at least the rest of break. No exceptions. Look on the bright side, at least you won't have to wake up early to not so secretly wash your sheets because those pull ups, which you insisted on wearing instead of your old diapers, couldn't hold your accidents." "What the actual FUCK?" wailed Grace. "There is no way in hell I am wearing those 24/7!" "Well, now it's through the first month of the school year. But since we're on the subject, I shouldn't have even let you wear those pull ups when you wet again. You couldn't even wear them when you were younger because they always leaked ", said Stan. This was true. Grace had worn baby diapers until she was nine. After she outgrew those, she tried Greatnights, but she always made them leak, so her father bought her youth diapers. Those lasted until 13, when she had to start wearing the best, and consequently thickest, adult diapers money could buy. Her father bought them online, along with booster pads (not even the best could soak up Grace's floods without some help), and had them delivered in monthly installments. Grace wore a diaper to bed literally every night from birth through the middle of her senior year of high school. Obviously, she didn't spend every night in her own bed. This led to awkward moments during sleepovers, overnight field trips, and visits to see relatives. It didn't help that she never learned how to put on or change her diaper. She relied on other adults to diaper her before bed and to change her when she inevitably woke up in a soaked diaper the next morning. On such occasions, when others were getting ready for bed, she would sneak away and find a teacher or a parent of a friend to put her diaper on. This wasn't that big of a deal when she little. Half the time at elementary school slumber parties Grace wasn't the only embarrassed girl being put into a diaper. But as she got older, she was eventually the only one sneaking off. By the time she entered high school, she pretty much stopped going to sleepovers because parents found it too weird to be putting a diaper on a girl so old. But she couldn't stop going on field trips or visiting relatives. The regular girls' chaperone for such trips was her twenty-five year old history teacher, Ms. Morgan. The fact that Ms. Morgan was the young, cool teacher made it even more awkward when she was changing her saturated diapers. Somehow, through all the field trips and sleepovers, none of her classmates noticed her diapers. But they always wondered why the prettiest girl in school wore giant, baggy sweatpants to bed instead of cute shorts like all the other girls. Grace could hide her padding from her school, but she couldn't hide it from her family. All of her cousins knew about her diapers and made fun of her. It didn't help that her father was an early sleeper, and always put her diaper on before going to bed. She'd have to walk downstairs in a huge diaper and booster, wearing the cute, short pajamas her aunt always gave her for Christmas (clearly, this was the only time she wore these outside of the house), and hang out for hours with her cousins in the basement until everyone went to sleep. "Ahhh! No, there is no...you can't...I live hours away! How can you make me wear diapers?" yelled Grace. "Now it's two months, and Let's just say I'll know if you're following the rules. If you aren't then you can pay for college yourself. I'd like to see you come up with 60,000 dollars a year. " Grace's eyes grew wide. She was overcome with tears. But she didn't dare offer another complaint. "So," continued her father, "like I said, you'll wear diapers every moment for...I guess now it's almost three months. And you're going to use them for everything. You're not grounded, I'm not going to punish you in any other way, you're just going to wear diapers. School, work, church, visiting friends, Christmas with the family. Got it?" All Grace could manage through her sobs was a nod of her head. "It looks like this is the last diaper, I'll need to order some more online. But that will take a couple of days, so we can go to the store tomorrow. I think there's a medical supply place somewhere. Oh, and you can't wear these big old things in the pool, we'll need to get some swim diapers." Grace still worked her old job from high school as a swim class instructor when she was back in town. "Daddy, everyone will see my diapers. There is no way I can hide this. I mean, keeping the bedwetting from people was bad enough, but this is...I mean those diapers are so big, everyone will know." "That's part of the punishment. And swim diapers aren't so big." "Neither are bikini bottoms", said Grace. "And I wasn't talking about the swim diapers." "I'm not getting you thinner diapers, you'll be wearing all the time and people would find out no matter the size. And if your daytime wettings are anything like your nighttime ones, you'll need all the protection you can get. But enough talking, I'm tired. We'll have plenty of time to talk about diapers when you're in them." Stan started untaping the diaper. "Ready?" It had been several months since her father had diapered her, but Grace hadn't forgotten the routine. "And for the record, I could wear Greatnights when I was younger, just not at night. When I wore them on long car trips and plane rides I did just fine." Grace didn't have daytime accidents, but her father was worried she would fall asleep on such occasions, so he insisted on diapers. Grace refused to wear diapers during the day, so they compromised with pull ups. However, Grace was so worried that her pull ups would leak that she never actually allowed herself to fall asleep. But at least she stayed dry. "That is nothing to brag about, considering you were a high schooler in pull ups, dry or not." her father chuckled. Once the diaper was on, her father got up. "One more thing. I know I've been the one to change you in the past, but I just don't have time during the day. I know you don't like to do it yourself, so I hired someone to change you." "You went through the trouble of getting me a babysitter?" "Not really a babysitter. You don't need that, and it was such short notice. I told Claire I'd give her twenty dollars a day to do it. You guys hang out all the time anyway, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle for her." Grace's sobs had begun to subside, but now they were back full force. "You're kidding, right?" Claire was Grace's neighbor and best friend since preschool. She knew Grace was a bedwetter when they were younger, but Claire thought Grace had outgrown it in middle school. Now they were nineteen. "No, but it's not up for discussion. Now, try to get some rest." Grace rolled over and cried into her pillow. After a few minutes, she heard her phone vibrate. Claire had texted her. "Hey Grace...um...I don't really know what to say. I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" Grace threw down her phone. So much for a nice break at home.
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    Here is part two of Katie's story If you are enjoying what you are reading then you can find out what happens next right now on my Patreon! The next update is already there and ready to be read. For just $5 a month you get early access to all my stories (bar Patreon exclusive ones) by one week AND help support me to keep writing as much as I can. For just $10 a month you can get the early access plus access to exclusive content. There are more rewards listed on the Patreon and more content coming. In the pipeline and hopefully to arrive soon are ideas for both a podcast by yours truly and commissioned art work that will depict scene from my stories! I appreciate everyone who reads my stories and especially those who leave comments giving suggestions, ideas and things of that ilk. I am super duper appreciative to those that help support me financially: DannyDazzler, John, Diapering Daddy, Eric C, Paul E, Kevin H, Mr. Smileypants, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Zachary U, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Matthew, John D, Lb Iceland, Cyatommorrow, Keen Lover, Emmanuel S, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G, P, Kent Jacobs, Frank S, C Dom, Scott S, James B, Ben F, P74_1986 I also write commissions so if you are interested in that, send me a message --- All the desks that had filled the room had disappeared. In their stead was a low plastic table, red in colour, and little seats next to it. They were meant for kids of pre-school age. The teacher’s desk in the corner was the same but everything around it had changed. Around the two tables were piles of toys haphazardly strewn around the room. The walls of the room were suddenly covered in posters and pictures that would be appropriate for a young child. Posters of the alphabet, of numbers and of things like dinosaurs covered the walls as well as art work that looked like it was finger painting by a very young child. Everything was a lot more colourful than before and Katie wondered how the room had transformed so quickly. It was as if someone had waved a magic wand and transformed the whole room. Katie shook her head to clear her thoughts and then ran to the back of the room. She found the area where the door was and tried to pry it open again. Just like the last time she had tried to do this, there was no way through the securely locked door. “You are being very naughty.” Came the robotic voice that made Katie’s skin crawl. “Just… Just let me go!” Katie pleaded as tears welled up in her eyes. She smacked her hands against the door in frustration. “The internship hasn’t finished.” The robot said dispassionately as it advanced on Katie. Katie pulled back her hand and prepared to defend herself. She knew she was outnumbered and outmatched but she had to at least try to fight these horrid machines. Katie went to swing her fist forwards but found she couldn’t move it, a sudden feeling of something grasping her arm near her elbow held her arm in place. Turning her head to the side she saw a long black tube with a mechanical hand at the end. It had come out of the ceiling above the door and grabbed the girl’s arm. Katie looked up in horror at where the restraining limb was coming from. This technology was incredible, if Katie hadn’t been so fearful and embarrassed by what was happening she would have marvelled at what she was seeing. Whilst Katie was looking away the robo-teacher walked forward and put one of its mechanical hands on Katie’s shirt and tie. Katie didn’t even have time to look down before the machine pulled hard and ripped the schoolgirl clothes off of her body leaving her bare from the waist up. “Argh!” Katie felt mortified at being so suddenly exposed and she used her free hand to try and cover her modesty even if there didn’t seem to be anyone around to see her. Katie wasn’t even allowed this little bit of modesty as she felt her free arm get grabbed by another of the mechanical limbs and pulled away from her body leaving her totally exposed. Katie could no longer stop the tears and as she blinked she felt the salty liquid rolling down her cheeks. Katie watched as the robot’s horribly cold hand now took hold off of her skirt and her underwear underneath it. It paused for just a couple of seconds. “Please don’t…” Katie almost whispered in fear. The robot showed no emotion or even any sign that it had heard Katie. It simply pulled very suddenly and ripped the skirt and underwear off of the girl leaving her completely naked except for her socks, these were swiftly pulled off by the robot as Katie blushed and cried out more loudly. “Calm down.” The robotic teacher said with very little empathy. Katie blushed furiously as she stood fully exposed and naked in the pre-school classroom. She wanted to cover herself up but it was impossible as her hands were held out and away from her body. She took great shuddering breaths as the tears flowed freely from her face. What could this horrible robot want to do with her next? “Please!” Katie pleaded, “My family have money! They will pay you, just let me go!” The robot walked over to the teacher’s desk in the corner and picked up a pile of clothes that it carried back over to the Katie. The teacher placed the clothes on a table at the back of the room and looked at Katie with its cold and emotionless eyes. “Will you get dressed?” The robot asked, “Or do I need to dress you?” “I… I can do it.” Katie said through gritted teeth as she tried to control her emotions. “If you try to run away you will be caught.” The robot continued, “And punished.” Katie felt the grip on her arms release and she pulled her hands back to her side. She rubbed her wrists which were a little red from the strong grip she had been subjected to for the last few minutes. She was grateful to be able to cover herself up and try to regain some modesty and she hurriedly sorted through the small pile of clothes. Without taking much time to think about what she was putting on, Katie first grabbed the panties that were on the top. They were a pastel pink colour and had a picture of a Disney princess on the front. They looked like the sort of panties a very young girl would wear so Katie was very surprised when she pulled them up her legs and they slipped over her hips with relative ease. There was no time to question why these childish panties fit her, she had to cover herself up. Despite her blushing face, she picked up the pair of shorts that were provided. They were a very light yellow and just like the panties, they slipped up her legs and covered her up quite well. They were very short though, only going a little way down her thigh, it may have covered her up but it didn’t do much more than that. Lastly, Katie picked up the t-shirt and quickly threw it over her head. The shirt, just like the panties, was a light pink colour and was decorated with sprinkles of glitter. There was white embroidery on the front of the shirt that formed the words “Little Princess.” Katie only took the time to see how she was dressed once she had fully covered herself up and when she looked down at herself she blushed anew at how young she suddenly looked. These clothes made her look like a little girl and being in these surroundings didn’t help with that. “Don’t you look adorable?” The robot asked rhetorically when Katie had smoothed out her shirt. The robot talked like a mother talking to their little girl and Katie resented that a lot. “No…” Katie replied quietly with a scowl. “You may now play at the table.” The robot continued. It clearly didn’t care what Katie thought of her attire and it retreated over to the desk in the corner leaving Katie free to look at the table. There were a bunch of activities sitting on the table. Katie looked at some dolls without interest, there were some childish books that looked entirely uninteresting and a bunch of other games that wouldn’t entertain her. When Katie saw the teacher staring at her and waiting for Katie to sit at the table, Katie saw some painting supplies and just decided to sit there since it seemed like the best of all the possible options. When Katie sat down, the teacher sat down as well but it didn’t take its eyes off the girl. As Katie started painting with the childish paints she had to remind herself that she was supposed to be a college graduate. She had no idea what was going on here but she felt scared enough that resistance seemed scarier than just going along with what was happening. As Katie fiddled with the paint supplies, the robot walked over and made the girl jump by placing a sippy cup on the table next to her. Katie eyed the cup and pursed her lips, if these mechanical things thought she was going to drink from that infantile cup they had another thing coming. It felt like hours passed with Katie just sat in the same spot and painting on the paper in front of her. Very soon, she found two major issues arising. Firstly, Katie was getting incredibly thirsty. She could barely remember when her last drink was and she knew she must be getting dehydrated, she remembered the juice box she had left in the canteen, she wished she had drunk it when she had the chance. Despite how abhorrent the thought of drinking from the sippy cup was, she found herself getting more and more tempted to pick it up as she grew thirstier. Her second problem was an ever increasing need to use the bathroom. Katie could feel her bladder aching for the toilet but she was too scared to risk drawing the attention of the robot again. Katie could solve one problem right there and then and she finally decided that her thirst was more important than her dignity. She picked up the sippy cup and held it up to her face, the cup was lime green and had a light blue top. Sniffing the spout area, Katie couldn’t find anything suspicious and so slowly put the cup to her mouth and tipped her head backwards to drink it. It was apple juice, warm apple juice by the time she decided to drink it but in her state of extreme thirst it might as well have been the finest tasting drink she had ever had. Her second issue was even more embarrassing and she put the sippy cup down and turned to the robot in the corner of the room and took a deep breath. “Excuse me?” Katie asked as pleasantly as possible. She wanted to get out of this place but resistance hadn’t worked so she would try being a little nicer, it was worth a try. “Yes?” The robot replied in its monotone voice. “I… I need the bathroom.” Katie said quietly. She blushed furiously as she basically asked permission to use the toilet, something she hadn’t done since grade school. “Come with me.” The robot replied and it began walking very slowly towards the door that led to the canteen. Katie stood up and immediately felt her need for the bathroom increase dramatically. It was as if the gravity had suddenly flushed even more fluid through Katie’s system and she felt even more pressure building, it was almost intolerable. Was there something in the food or drink making her more desperate? The robot ahead of Katie walked incredibly slowly and Katie found herself dancing on tiptoes in her attempts to keep herself together. The robot never walked this slowly before, this was surely on purpose. “Please hurry…” Katie said in a whiny voice behind the robot. “Calm down. You are a big girl; you can hold it.” The robot replied without looking at the girl. Before Katie could argue that the machine was deliberately going slowly, she saw a door at the end of the hallway that had a sign hanging on it signifying that it was the women’s bathroom. Katie didn’t want to wait for the robot to slowly walk down the long hall. She started to pick up the pace and overtake her caretaker. She found that a hand reached out and grabbed her stopping her in her tracks. The sudden grab and the jerk as she stopped moving was almost disastrous for Katie as she felt her bladder jolt and she had to fight to keep her panties clean. A small trickle escaped her and Katie could feel her panties dampen slightly. It wasn’t really enough to be noticeable to anyone else but Katie went red as she moved even closer to what seemed like an inevitable accident. “No running.” The robot said. Katie walked as fast as she could to the door that offered her salvation. She sighed with relief as she reached it and gave it a push. The door didn’t move. “No, no, no…” Katie whined to herself as she crossed her knees in an attempt to keep control. The door was locked and there was simply no way of opening it without the key, a key presumably held by the robot teacher who seemed to be moving slower than a glacier. Katie could feel that the robot wasn’t going to get here in time. She could feel her control slipping as her body started to go on to auto-pilot. A single tear rolled down her face as she silently begged for mercy. “Oh no…” Katie whimpered suddenly as she looked down in horror. A very sudden and very warm wet patch suddenly appeared on Katie’s panties and shorts. She covered her mouth with a hand and felt her cheeks blazing as the wet spot rapidly spread throughout her clothes. It wasn’t long before the warm feeling was trickling down her legs as her body gave up any remaining fight and just let go. Katie could see streaks of urine running down her leg and she shook her head in useless denial as a puddle began to form. The robot had finally caught up with Katie and just looked at the floor where the urine was gathering in silent judgement. Katie sobbed slightly as her bladder finally stopped releasing and all that was left was the dripping of her pee soaked clothes into the ever increasing puddle beneath her. “Oh dear!” The robot said without any true emotion. It had clearly copied the words that people say in these circumstances but it seemed to have no idea about how to say them, “Accidents happen. We can help.” Katie was a mess. She didn’t want to move thanks to the wet feeling on her lower half. She felt utterly humiliated to have wet herself like an infant who couldn’t hold on for the potty. She hoped no one else could see her in this sorry state, she had no idea what was happening any more but she prayed that she would be allowed to leave and that this embarrassing episode would remain a secret. The robotic teacher stepped forward and lifted Katie with incredible ease. Katie was rather taken aback by it but she knew that resistance was futile as she was held against the robot’s metal chest. It was very disconcerting to be held against a chest like this and feeling no heartbeat or warmth. Just the hard metal covered in some synthetic skin and thin clothes. Katie could feel the wet areas of her crotch and legs already cooling and she began to feel increasingly uncomfortable. As the bot started taking her back towards the room Katie had been painting in, Katie shivered slightly. Despite everything that had happened and the worry of what might happen next Katie really hoped that she would be taken out of these wet clothes at least. Katie was carried back through and into the pre-school like room and into a corner of the room that she had somehow missed earlier. This corner was hidden behind a curtain that was now pulled back and Katie’s heart sank when she craned her head around to see what was coming. This corner contained three pieces of furniture and none of them pleased Katie to see. A high chair was flanked on either side by a large crib and a changing table. Shaking her head in denial, Katie wriggled to try and get free but that only caused the robot to clutch her more tightly. “Settle down.” The robot said as a warning. Katie was placed down on the changing table and she almost immediately tried to slip off of it. Obviously this move was expected as the robot reacted with lightning reflexes to block the escape route. When Katie wouldn’t settle down a sound from the ceiling signified one of the panels being pulled back and four long black tubes with robotic hands came down on the girl who tried to beat them away. As soon as one of Katie’s arms was caught, the struggle was over. The snake-like machines from the ceiling held the girl down and allowed the robot to unceremoniously rip off the clothes Katie was wearing and leave her naked on the table. Katie whined and shuddered as she tried to suppress the tears that were threatening to spring forth but she was unable to resist in any physical way. She even felt some joy in being out of the wet clothes, she saw the wet cloth being piled on the floor next to the table and she blushed as she spotted the very clear dark patch that covered most of her shorts. Katie jumped slightly as she felt a cold feeling on her legs that moved up to her crotch. She lifted up her head to see the robot wiping up her wet areas. She shuddered as the robot got close to her most sensitive spot but it was never a sexual movement, this was purely for cleaning and Katie would have found it impossible to be excited under these circumstances anyway. Katie was very worried as to what was coming next. Seeing the equipment around her made Katie assume the worst and it was without surprise that she saw the robot reach underneath the table and pull out a pull up. Katie’s face went bright red and she shook her head in denial but she was physically outmatched and already emotionally beaten. There was little she could do to prevent her feet being slipped through the pull up. She felt it get pulled up her legs and, despite a snug fit, the elastic sides stretched and allowed the absorbent underwear to be pulled up over her hips. The restraints let go and the robot lifted up Katie again. She whimpered as she was stood on the floor. A pale pink thin cloth was pulled down over Katie’s head and as it fluttered down she realised that it was a nightie. A very loose nightie designed to be slept in. Katie was pulled towards the crib and despite her continued whimpers and attempts to pull away she was easily lifted into the baby bed. “I don’t need any of this!” Katie whined as the bars were raised. The robot didn’t reply and instead just turned and left the room leaving Katie alone in the crib. The first thing that Katie tried to do was to climb out, this was just a crib and it was designed to keep babies in, surely a college graduate could work out the mechanism and break it up. After a few minutes of examining the raised bars she became increasingly frustrated as she saw no way to release the side. Katie was actually trapped in this damn bed. There were few things that made a person feel more helpless than being trapped in this state. Katie experienced a surge of anger and frustration and as tears filled her eyes she looked down to her humiliating underwear. The pull up was an embarrassing reminder of what had just happened and she wanted to forget all about it. She moved her hands down to her waist with the intention of taking the disposable garment off. As soon as Katie’s hands touched the pull up there was suddenly a mechanical noise that came from the corners of the crib. Katie looked up just in time to see more of the mechanical arms suddenly spring up. “No!” Katie yelled as she held her hand’s out to try and protect herself. The arms clearly didn’t want Katie to undress and each of her limbs was grabbed and she was forced into a star position whilst laying down in the toddler bed. She was held so tightly that she could barely move a single muscle, it was far from the most comfortable thing in the world. Katie felt like she must have been laying there for hours before she was able to finally close her eyes and drift off into a restless and much interrupted sleep. She would have been tossing and turning all night if she wasn’t held in place. When Katie’s eyes finally opened, she had very little idea of what time it was. There was no window in sight and there was little in the way of clues as to the time. The only thing Katie knew for sure when she woke up was that her bladder was asking to be emptied again. Katie bit her bottom lip as she looked through the bars but the room was empty. The caretaker robots had yet to return the room and the eerie silence was broken only by Katie’s occasional whimpers as she tried to keep from having another accident. “H-Hello?” Katie called out into the silent room. She hoped there was someone or something listening, “I… I need the bathroom…” There was no response. Half an hour passed before Katie gave up hope of anyone coming to get her. The continued silence gave no indication that anyone was coming and despite intermittent struggling the restraints still wouldn’t budge. Finally, the discomfort became too much for the young woman who decided it would be better to allow the inevitable to happen than endure the pain any longer. Katie relaxed and closed her eyes as she tried to let her body do something that felt so unnatural. It took a few minutes for any progress to be made but Katie started to feel a small trickle escape her and enter the padding between her legs. As soon as the first trickle started it became easier to let go and before long Katie felt relief as she wet the pull up that started swelling. She was concerned of leaking and had no idea how much this disposable underwear could take but as she finally stopped wetting she felt confident that the pull up had held everything. It was as depressing as it was predictable but barely a minute after Katie had finished embarrassing herself, the door to the room opened up and the robotic caretaker walked in. Did they know? Maybe they could see when Katie wet herself, maybe they were waiting for her to do it. “Good morning, little one.” Came that monotone mechanical voice which sent shudders down Katie’s spine. “I’m not little…” Katie said through gritted teeth, “I’m an adult!” The side of the crib lowered and the robot reached in. It pushed the soggy pull up against the woman’s crotch as it assessed its state. Katie blushed as her arguments over not being a little girl were ruined by the soaking padding. She felt some urine that hadn’t soaked in yet trickle further around her crotch; it tickled her a little and made her squirm. The restraints that had been holding Katie down for so long finally let go and she quickly sat up. She had half a mind to try and climb out and run away but she was given no opportunity and the robot quickly gathered her into it’s arms and carried Katie over to the changing table. Katie didn’t attempt to resist in any serious way as she already knew the robot’s super strength would stop her from being able to get away easily. Besides, where would she go? There didn’t seem to be a way out. Katie was laid down on the table and she felt the sides of her pull up ripped apart and pulled out from underneath her. Before she could make any kind of movement or even a sound to protest, a new pull up was already being pulled up her legs. “Stop!” Katie yelled out, “This is mad! I want out of whatever is happening here.” The robot completely ignored her as the pull up was pulled over Katie’s waist. This pull up was even more embarrassing than the previous one. The last one was plain white and fairly discreet. This one had pictures of cartoon ponies on it and was clearly made for children in potty training. Katie went very red when she felt how much thicker this pull up was. “If you don’t give me a chance to use the toilet of course this will happen!” Katie complained fruitlessly. The robot placed Katie on the floor. The young woman swayed slightly on her legs, her muscles ached from being held in place for so long. She felt very upset and she quickly sat down on the chair at the table. She didn’t know what to do anymore, she couldn’t run and she couldn’t hide. A bunch of Lego blocks were placed on the table in front of her by the robot teacher along with a sippy cup. Katie remained silent as the teacher moved back to the desk and sat down there. She almost felt like she was sulking as she had her pull up open for the world to see. It was absurd how much control she had lost of her life at this moment, she truly felt like a toddler being forced to do things by the adults around her. The only saving grace for Katie was that the advert had said this was just a five-day stay. She had said as much to her mother, if she didn’t come home then people would come looking for her and, thankfully, Katie had written down the address of this facility. It was the only thing that stopped her from going mad. Katie folded her hands across her chest and the pink nightgown that she was wearing stretched out across her chest. She refused to take part in these silly games and was just going to sit there in protest. “I’m not playing your games.” Katie said out loud to no one in particular. Katie had no idea how much time had passed but she grew more and more bored as time went by. There was no way to distract herself as she sat at the table, whenever she glanced over at the robot in the corner of the room she saw it’s beady red eyes staring back at her. Eventually, Katie finally got so bored that the Lego in front of her started to seem more appealing. At least it would be something to do, she could make something interesting and just generally take her mind off the predicament she was trapped in. Just as Katie was about to pick up the Lego and start building something she heard the robot teacher move to It’s feet. Katie looked over at the unexpected movement and after a brief pause the robot approached the table. “It’s lunch time.” Came the familiarly robotic voice, “Follow me.” “Can I at least put some pants or something on?” Katie asked as she tried to maintain a small amount of dignity. “Follow me.” The robot repeated without any indication it had heard the woman. Katie sighed and just hoped that she was still the only living thing in the building. This was all embarrassing enough without anyone else seeing her like this.
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    Hey @Serah, I'm really glad to hear that my story has been inspirational to you. It sounds like you're really close to starting this journey, if not ready to go as is! I think that you being a bed wetter will definitely help with your progress. I doubt I will become a bed wetter anytime soon but do believe that it will eventually come with time. Becoming incontinent is a process that needs training. The training process is slow and takes a lot of time and effort. The most important parts of this training process are: The first, and most import part, is to have enough diapers/protection to wear 24/7. 2 other items that I feel I must have on hand are wipes and powder. Changes are going to happen 3 or more times a day, and I totally feel it's totally worth the effort to have a thorough wipe job and a generous sprinkle of powder to keep things fresh and to prevent rashes. I also find it very helpful to have a variety of diapers. I keep a good supply of ABDL diapers, as well as a good supply of incontinent diapers and pull-ups. ABDL diapers are amazing; they hold more, they are super comfortable, and they are really cute. They are also more expensive and if I wear them all the time, the costs add up. Most of the time I'm wearing incontinent diapers; Tena Ultras, Supers, and pull-ups. They aren't as nice as ABDL diapers but they definitely do the job and at a fraction of the cost; I check goodwill, offer-up, and craigslist regularly for cheap/free incontinence diapers. I prefer wearing them when I'm at work or when I'm at home when I'm active and/or doing chores. Wearing them also makes me appreciate ABDL diapers a lot more, so I still get some of those “magical” feelings when I put one on—even after being diapered 24/7 for 5 months now. You should also get a diaper bag or find a place to stash diapers when you go out. You never want to leave home without a change! When I go to work, I keep a couple diapers in my tablet bag. I also keep a bag of diapers in the trunk of my car. Things like plastic pants and onesies are nice to have but are not always necessary or practical for me. I can avoid the need to wear plastic pants if I stay on top of my changes. Onesies are nice to have to keep the diaper in place and close to the skin, but they can be too warm for these hot summer days. The second most important part is to be comfortable with using your diapers in any situation and train yourself to go in any position. Once the urge hits, I relax and I stay relaxed for as long as possible. As time has progressed, my urgency has become more frequent, and the amount I go is less. This is good! It means my bladder is holding less before it wants to void. I want my bladder to release the pee as soon as possible.This process can take some time as I'm still having issues going when things get stressful or when I'm focused on a task. There are days where it's easier to use diapers than others, but for most of the time, I'm going as soon as the slightest urge hits. It also helps that I make diapers and incontinence a part of who I am as a person. I never think of myself in a situation where I'm not in need of some sort of protection. I need my diapers just as much as I need to use deodorant or wear clothes in public. They are part of my daily routine and I'm totally comfortable with that. The third most important part is to keep enjoying your diapers. I will lounge around the house in just a t-shirt and diaper, I'll drink lots of fluids just so that I can use my diaper more, I'll go to bed and snuggle up to my boyfriend in just diapers. Whatever it is that makes diapers special for you, keep doing it! Lastly, and also really important, is to have a support group. I'm pretty lucky to have a boyfriend that is also 24/7 by choice. I also have a couple other friends that wear 24/7 by choice, as well as a handful of other friends who wear occasionally. We hang out in diapers, party in diapers, go out to the movies in diapers. Whatever it is we do together, we do it in diapers! It's valuable to be around others that can relate to the diaper experience and be able to share good times while wearing them. They are great friends and they can be a great resource for information and advice about anything related to diapers. Honestly, it can be very tough to find quality local diaper friends; there may be a lot online but not all of them are ones you'd actually want to hang out with >.>. Don't stop looking—find friends that click with you! So, that's all I can think of right now. I wish you the best on your journey. Reality doesn't always match up with expectations, so whether you actually become incontinent or you decide to only wear diapers on occasion, do what makes you happy.
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    This site is such a wild ride. I came here as an incontinent person who was interested in the idea of AB and now not only have I been pretty much convinced that I'm a baby by several people; I have also taken on the cutest lil' online baby of my own for funsies ! You guys are a bad (read: good) influence on me!!! xxxx
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    Here's the next chapter! Long-promised things in the next update for sure, comments are, as always, welcome Chapter 15- Time Together Bridget very nearly dropped the controller in surprise, and Maya's racer in the game they were playing zoomed ahead as Bridget's spun out. You can't be serious! Bridget exclaimed. It took every ounce of control she had to express the idea only mentally and not to shout it out in the middle of the living room. <<Oh, I am, sweetie.>> Val said coolly. <<We voidwalkers possess no sense of humor that we know of.>> Ha ha, very funny. Could you maybe explain to me why our first mission has to involve me fighting a small army of seven-foot-tall merciless thugs, each with biceps bigger around than my neck? Have you forgotten that they wounded Sami, and she's practically invincible? Her retort began snarkily, but as she thought more about it, fear rose in her like a tide, until all traces of sarcasm had vanished beneath the onrushing waves of terror. <<Certainly, little one.>> Val said sweetly, before switching quickly back to her usual didactic tone. <<I was listening to your sister and her friends, and from what they were saying, it sounds like the Hellbloods have become more physically terrifying only recently, and before, they were just 'normals,' as Sami put it. That sudden change has to come from somewhere, and just happens to track with the kinds of things we did to our hosts to prepare them as weapons of war against the star wardens. If we want evidence of what the voidwalkers are doing, the Hell blood safe house is the place to start >> Okay, that part makes sense, I guess. Bridget admitted, But still, I can't possibly fight that many, and they'll have guns! Bridget did her best to turn her attention back to the game, and before long, she found herself drifting in Maya's tailwind again. <<Well, they might have guns,>> Val conceded <<but they'll also have six other meta-humans to fight. We won't have a lot of time, but at least there'll be a window here you can sneak in, get to their command room and have a decent chance of getting what we need.>> But bullets! Bridget protested. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Val wasn't corporeal, and so couldn't quite grasp why a tiny bit of metal could be much of a threat, but Bridget didn't seem to be having much success in conveying the urgency of the problem. <<Calm down, sweetie,>> Val said gently. <<I know the idea is scary, but dealing with primitive projectile weapons is just basic physics. The gun exerts a force on the bullet, so all we need to do is create enough of one to force it to decelerate before impact. It'll be simple, I promise. But if it would make you feel better to practice deflecting small objects away from yourself, we can do that.>> <<Besides, even though they probably will look frightening as far as humans even can,>> Val continued, <<the actual human gangsters aren't much heavier than you, and it's cost us virtually no effort for me to levitate you and rock you to sleep every night>> Bridget's cheeks flushed a deep crimson as the image filled her head. But Val said it so matter-of-factly, and she had been sleeping better, with fewer dreams of purple lights, black-clad doctors , and cold steel operating tables. She started to protest, but she thought better of it. Her mind was still racing with worries and questions, but she tried to focus on the game, if only to keep Maya from realizing how distracted she was and demanding to be let in on the secret “Ha, nice try Bridget!” Maya exclaimed, as Bridget's racer pulled even with hers, but failed in its attempt to overtake her. Her normally cheery expression twisted into a grimace of effort as she side-swept Bridget into the guardrails. Sparks and smoke flew from Bridget's avatar and Maya defended her lead. Bridget took advantage of the lull in excitement as Maya successfully blocked her cursory attempts at passing to ask Val more questions. How are we even going to get in there though? Overwatch will have her drones patrolling the whole perimeter, if we try to enter, she'll definitely see us. <<We'll be getting there before the cordon is established. Besides, I paid close attention to the diagram. Leanne has very sensibly left their opponents one pathway that seems like it's intended to look like an avenue of escape once the front gets cut off. We'll just go in through that upper floor window before then. It's not the direction of travel they'll be expecting, so it shouldn't raise too much suspicion on either side.>> Bridget started to argue that the plan would require her to fly, which seemed very unlikely based on how terribly she'd done in handling that skill so far. But her thought was interrupted by the blaring sound of victory horns as Maya crossed the finish line to a shower of digital cheers and confetti. Maya herself lat out a victorious shout and punched the air with her fist, grinning widely. Bridget let her controller fall into her lap and sighed in exasperation. How on earth can you think this will be so easy? Bridget asked, perplexed by Val's continued calm. <<Oh, I have no illusions on that score. It will still be incredibly dangerous, and could very easily turn deadly.>> Val said clinically. But I never expected any of this to be easy. We're outnumbered, and our enemy is merciless, and has total technological superiority. If we can't get through a few of modified thugs, we have no chance of opposing Warmistress Sonata, and should flee into deep space as fast as possible.>> Bridget fell silent for a moment. It had been easy, buoyed by the story Val hd told, to want to follow Sami's example and run headlong into danger, confident that her alien superpowers would be able to handle whatever foe she faced. But it was quite another to try to infiltrate a den of superhuman gangsters in the middle of a firefight, with only Val to help her and none of her sister's trademark invulnerability. She could suddenly clearly see herself alternately being ripped apart by hideous demonic claws, or bleeding out on cold hard concrete as the chaos and destruction of a superhuman battle raged around her. It suddenly seemed absurd that she could even think bout doing something so dangerous; after all, she'd first used her powers about a week ago, and hadn't had any combat training to speak of. She couldn't imagine that a Hellblood would be terribly frightened by the prospect of being bonked on the head by a baby building block. As more and more terrifying scenarios began to fill her head, her breath grew short, and her eyes began to dart around, seeking any reassurance that she could even hope to survive what she was thinking of doing. “Hey, Bridget, what do you want to play next?” Maya asked, not noticing Bridget's rising fear. As she interrupted Bridget's contemplation her own doom, Bridget couldn't help but jump a little in her seat. “I mean, I'll probably beat you whatever, it is,” she boasted, adopting a faux posh British accent as though she were a noble lady discussing choices of weapon for dueling, “but I'll let you choose. the manner of your defeat.” “Oh, um,” Bridget said haltingly, caught between a desire to run to her room and not wanting to leave Maya's comforting presence for the loneliness of her own thoughts. “Could we maybe play something more cooperative? I'm not feeling up to challenging your might today.” “Sure! Maya agreed happily. “Ooooh! I got a region-free version of Beautiful Extreme Nebula Warrior Combat, we definitely need to try! Oh, by the way, can I leave this at your house, my parents would blow a gasket if they knew I had it.” “Yeah sure, no problem,” Bridget assented without much thought. It certainly wasn't the first time she'd helped Maya hide things her parents wouldn't approve of. They started playing, but as all the instructions, menus, and commands were in Japanese, Bridget pretty much just followed Maya's lead, which suited her just fine. Besides, Maya was having so much fun with the thing that just watching her bounce up and down in excitement with each successfully executed special move was a treat in itself, and for a while, Bridget forgot her fear. It was hard to think about formless terrors from the void when presented with the game's much more whimsical vision of space conflict, complete with buxom-blue-skinned aliens, spacefaring samurai, and cyborg cowboys with laser six-shooters. Val even ditched her usual acerbic commentary in favor of images of Bridget in the role of each of the absurd protagonists in turn, but always with a slight twist. Bridget was pretty sure for instance that even in as absurd a game as this was, there was no unlockable costume that would have given the space cowgirl a pastel purple hat with a pink heart on it, or added lacy frills to her poncho. Hours passed this way, and by the time Maya tired of anime space battles, midnight was fast approaching. Bridget's head nodded a little. Maya looked over at Bridget, and a flash of sudden realization crossed her face, and her eyes darted from her friend, resting her tired head on the arm of the couch to the harsh white glow of the screen. Her face fell, and she looked down at her lap glumly, her previous joy suddenly . “Aaaah! Crap, crap, crap, I'm so sorry, Bridget, I was so wrapped up in what I was doing, I didn't even think about whether you would get tired or bored or....” she sighed dejectedly, and averted her eyes. “...Sorry I'm such a weirdo, getting so into everything that I make the people around me miserable” Maya's breath came in small quavering bursts as she looked miserably back up at Bridget Bridget was taken aback by the sudden change in her friend. She'd known Maya long enough to get the occasional glimpse beneath the eternally sunny mask Maya always wore. But she couldn't bear the thought of her friend being miserable like this, and with how suddenly Maya's whole demeanor had changed, it was like she too knew that something was wrong, that this time was somehow different than all the other time they'd spent together. And, the thought felt fuzzy and vague as it took shape in her head but suddenly sharpened to a cod and crystalline clarity, this could be the last time I ever see her. <<Bridget...>> Val began, but Bridget didn't wait for her to finish, didn't know or care whether she planned to console or criticize. She felt a white hot urgency burn in her chest, and the words tumbled out of her. “Maya, please, she said, pulling her friend into a warm embrace, partly to console her, and partly for the sheer, immediate feeling of her physical presence. “Never apologize for being you, okay? You're my friend, and I like all of you, all the nerdy, silly, fun parts of you. And it's okay to be sad sometimes. I want to be there for you when you're down, not just be another person you have to please. You don't need to be perfect, you're already wonderful” Maya sniffled a little and held onto her more tightly, and Bridget was suddenly struck by how small her friend was, and how easily and comfortably she fit within Bridget's embrace. The two of them just sat together that way for a while, just enjoying the physical closeness. “I feel like such a dork.” Maya mumbled ino Bridget's chest after a while. “I spend so much time trying to make sure you know you're not weird, and then I turn around and do the same thing to myself. “It's fine, it happens like that sometimes!” Bridget assured her, with another squeeze. “But if it's okay, I think I'd like t get ready for bed,, it's late, and I've fought enough space battles and lost enough races for today.” “Okay!” Maya agreed, traces of her cheerful disposition returning as a small smile spread across her face. Bridget and Maya ducked into separate bathrooms to change. <<That was good of you, little one. It's all too rare for one creature to support another. But maybe that's just having a swirling cocktail of chemicals pumping through you does. Now if only we could get you to follow your own advice on occasion, or at least the advice of those substantially wiser than you.>> Yeah, well, you just keep hoping for that, Bridget thought back wryly I just couldn't think of myself as any kind of heroine if I didn't try to help my friend feel better. At least its easier than what you want me to do. <<Well,>> Val said thoughtfully. <<I was always terrible at that with Echo, and to me, dealing with a few score overgrown chimpanzees is easy as basking in sunlight.>> Yeah, but you're a weirdo. ' Bridget pointed out with a smirk. <<And proudly so>> Val replied without missing a beat. By the time she re-emerged, pajama-clad, to set up the pull out couches for herself and Maya, Bridget's apprehension about her first mission had shrunk from an all-consuming maw of terror to a small, stubborn, but manageable feeling resting in her stomach. It was something she could push to the back of her mind for a little while, as she and Maya cuddled in the soft and quiet dark. Neither of them had voiced the suggestion, or even consciously worked toward it, but it felt nice to be close to one another, and that was enough.
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    Joyeux anniversaire à moi!
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    Part 10 Auntie Joan had been working from her den at home. She’d had quite a lot of paper work regarding Rainbow and perhaps even more after what happened at school. However, she’d said that we needed to talk and I was keen to get whatever the ‘problem’ was out of the way as soon as possible. “Ah Doodle,” she greeted me caringly at the door, “how did the rest of the day go?” I shrugged and slipped the backpack off my shoulder and onto the floor. “I’m sorry sweetheart, it wasn’t the best way to start a new school,” she added sympathetically. “It’s OK.” She put her arm around me and pulled me in for an embrace that always made me feel good. She kissed the top of my head and patted my padded bottom and asked if I needed a change. Despite the fact that I’d been wearing them since the morning, I’d resolutely kept myself from peeing in them. I tried to control my bladder as much as possible and I think I succeeded… well to some degree anyway. “Not yet, erm, er, you said in the nurse’s office that we needed to talk, er, can we do it now please?” I was feeling a bit apprehensive and a little afraid. I had no idea what the psychiatrist had said in his report but, after what I’d done, I wasn’t too hopeful. Also, on the journey home I’d begun to think that, if like the nurse, the principal thought I might somehow now be a bit mentally ‘challenged’, perhaps they would put me in a lower grade. There was a load of rubbish and doubt flowing through my mind and I urgently needed auntie to help sort it out. I needed to know what was happening. # She guided me through to the sofa and we sat down, my padding crinkling slightly as I made myself comfortable. “Now then,” she cleared her throat. “Mr Thomson (the Principal) has a bit of a problem with you.” She looked to see if that information alone would get a reaction. “Although your school report from England was positive… the psychiatrist report was not particularly positive… and blamed me for your unconventional behaviour.” She seemed to just cast that idea off with a ‘well he would wouldn’t he?’ shrug. “According to his professional opinion – You…” She raised her eyebrows as if to emphasise the point. “…apparently reacting to my need to keep you in protection, had adopted some strange juvenile habits, which he was keen to point out might ‘flare’ up at any moment.” I looked at her and saw a look of resignation on her face. “They think because I run The Rainbow Rooms Nursery…” she took a deep breath, “for me to cope with the sudden arrival of a heart-broken teen ‘still bereaving the loss of his parents’ I need to see you no different from the other children I look after.” She shrugged and raised her eyebrows again as if to say, ‘that’s what the psychiatrist thinks’. I shook my head and mumbled that it simply wasn’t true. She hugged me tightly. “We know the truth but because of your reluctance to tell him everything, and be quite defensive when talking about me, they think I’m the problem.” “Ooh.” “I’ve tried to explain things to both the psychiatrist and to the principal but the outcome is…” She paused and I don’t think it was for dramatic effect. “…they want us to see a different family psychiatrist and get another appraisal.” I still wasn’t too sure what this all meant but a sudden thought struck me. “They can’t send me away… can they?” The very idea sent me into a panic and the flow to my diaper was matched by the deluge of tears running down my face. “Ohh auntie, please don’t let them send me away. I don’t want to go back to that horrible school. Please don’t let them…” My sobbing was reaching a hysterical level as the flood of tears soaked auntie’s dress as she tried her best to comfort me. # At that moment I felt like a little boy who had no control over anything. I was grateful for the unconditional love that auntie gave me and anxious that I in no way compromise what she did for me. However, as I wept I couldn’t help but realise that my life now appeared to be in more than just auntie’s hands. I wasn’t old enough to take complete control. I wasn’t in a position to make demands because there would always be someone (like that damned psychiatrist), who, no doubt full of good intentions and thinking of what was only right for me, didn’t get who I was and what I wanted. Rainbow had offered me a fun and completely different way of life. I know my education more or less stopped but I was learning something from my fellow toddlers that I hadn’t learned before… friendship. I was happy to throw myself into anything that other kids wanted to involve me in instead of being the self-centred, aloof student I’d been at any of my previous schools. I felt I’d blossomed in that environment and although I didn’t want to leave it, knew I had eventually to get back to a more conventional education. After feeling quite good being at senior school and having a friend in Oliver, I now felt totally useless. The confidence and esteem building auntie had done tumbled around me and I wanted to retreat to where I knew I was safe. It took some time but eventually my tears dried up, alas my diaper was soaked through. Auntie noticed and recommended that we do something about it. My safe space. # On the changing table up in the nursery auntie got to work with her usual efficiency. As she cleaned me up she added another of the stipulations from the principal – ‘when at school I needed to wear protection at all times’. He was firm with auntie about this requirement, he said he was not going to have an ‘accident’ like the psychiatrist experienced in his classrooms or anywhere else on school property. To make sure I complied with this instruction I would be obliged to visit the nurse every morning to be checked before I’d be allowed into any class. I didn’t know a lot about psychiatrists but thought that info about my ‘accident’ in his office should have remained confidential, why was it in a report to the principal. Apparently, word had got around from the next patients, it was a small town and gossip was at a premium. So, despite my trying to be a fourteen year-old student they were determined to keep me in diapers. I wasn’t sure whether to be happy or sad about this news. However, as auntie wrapped me snuggly in a fresh disposable, snapped a new pair of pink plastic pants into place and guided me to the open closet filled with my toddler clothes, surprisingly, I resented that the school was insisting what I wear. # At school in the UK I’d only wet intermittently, although, since the news of my parent’s deaths it appeared that more often than not my mind just couldn’t be bothered sending any message to my bladder when I needed to go to the bathroom. During the day, since auntie had tried to get me back into ‘big boy’ briefs, my toilet training had been reasonably successful because I was more aware of what was needed. However, as I slept, there was no such discipline. Almost every morning I woke up wet, and I have to say, it didn’t worry me at all; I loved it when auntie changed my soaked diaper. That morning intimacy was something I’d never experienced with anyone else before. When I was young and wet at school the ‘nurses’ just did their job, there was no love or connection from either me or them but with auntie it was so different. Even though I wasn’t a toddler she took time and effort in making sure I was happy. She talked and we giggled, she powdered and I’d wiggle, she slipped me into a comfy diaper and I was grateful. I was grateful because the soft, fluffy, thick, reassuring diaper was an extension of auntie’s love. Maybe that was the trouble. Maybe I’d gotten too reliant on having that circle of love surrounding my groin. However, I couldn’t let auntie take the blame for my dependency because of her devotion in making me a complete human being. I had to explain to any new psychiatrist that because of auntie’s methods I was becoming less insular and more able to deal with the real world, even if that had meant almost restarting my development from scratch. # However, the more I thought about it being a terrific plan, I wasn’t sure I had the right words or attitude not to make things worse when I spoke, or worse still, nervously pee myself in that kind of official company. I knew I got angry. I’d displayed that anger in the psychiatrists office and look how that turned out. I was angry that I was feeling angry, which can’t be a good place to be but… as I wriggled in my diaper and closed my eyes briefly; I could feel the stress evaporate. There was safety in my diapers. At Rainbow and with auntie of course, I never thought about authority. I was like the rest of the kids, the adults were in charge and decisions were made on our behalf. I never thought that those decisions were made to make anything but us toddler’s lives better and more fun. They kept us clean and happy, fed and entertained; it was strange that I felt more of a real person at Rainbow than I ever did anywhere else. Certainly with my parents I’d never felt anything more than a visitor just passing through their lives, in England I felt detached and lonely, despite the teachers best efforts to include me in everything. I think I was too far gone by the age of ten and rejected everything but study. I had begun to shun intimacy in any form as a protection, I suppose, a bit like the protection auntie let me wear. I felt safe when I was protected. # I satisfied myself on the notion I was quite bright. Obviously on many levels I didn’t come close but my high grades told a different story. I’d used my inner anger for quite some time to justify why I, Dean Court, was the way I was. I thought I was an individual. I thought I was clever in my independence. I even thought my bedwetting was somehow proof that (even as a boy) I was my own man. Stupid, Stupid STUPID! My anger would never appear valid it would be seen as a childish tantrum rather than any cogent argument I wanted to present. Somehow I needed to keep that rage under control like it was at Rainbow. I’d never once felt anything but happiness there and somehow I’d have to transfer that pleasure to my day to day existence in High School. Perhaps the diapers might be the solution, or if not, at least a helpful soft and fluffy hug when I felt my annoyance rising. # I grabbed a pink t-shirt and a pink and blue pair of shorts from the closet and wondered downstairs to join auntie for our meal. As always she could see I was in some kind of quandary and wanted to help, the thing was, I just didn’t want to think grown up stuff when I was in my toddler clothes. I needed them to escape from… “Sweetheart,” She looked concerned. “I wish I could lift all this stress off your shoulders.” I sat at the table toying with my food. I knew I shouldn’t, she’d made me a lovely meal, but I just couldn’t raise any enthusiasm for it. Again the feeling of inadequacy swamped my head… and… there was something else that came and bit me on the bum… I realised I’d become a whiney little kid who was using any excuse to justify my behaviour. Auntie had said some time ago that there would be times when I wanted to be a toddler and there were times when I needed to be fourteen. I had to separate these two different sides of my personality and it was proving very difficult. That night auntie and I tried, in between cuddles, to map out some kind of strategy… and I’d have to find a way to contend with any comments from other students once they found out I wore diapers. Wearing diapers wasn’t a worry for me as my general lack of concern over what anyone else thought about me, or what I chose to dress in, had armed me pretty well. I knew that if they didn’t get a rise or embarrassment out of me they would soon stop any comments. However, there were always going to be bullies and my diapers might just be like a red rag to a… bully. # That night I dreamed of bullies and Oliver. Well I say Oliver but at times he was both him and Colin. It was perhaps strange that at times they both melded into one; though I’m thankful that each time that happened they/he was still my friend. The bullies had striped me naked and were running around throwing my diaper to one and other as I played an unhappy ‘piggy-in-the-middle’. Meanwhile, ‘Coliver’ was desperately trying to retrieve it but was having no luck over these older and bigger boys. Eventually, having tired of calling me names and seeing my pee-pee wobble back and forth in the middle of the playground, they left, taking with them my protection and leaving me naked below the waist. ‘Coliver’ searched around until we were alone and then surreptitiously delved into his backpack and produced a fresh clean disposable. I was shocked but with a nervous smile he said, “I’ll always have your back.” He helped me into it and wearing just that diaper I went back to class. It was embarrassing to some degree but, as everyone knew about my diapers by then, it wasn’t a big deal. # The following morning I woke up dry. Yes, one of the few occasions when this happened although my bed was a mess from all the tossing and turning I’d done during my dream. With my sheets in a tangle and pillows thrown onto the floor I’d woken up slightly disorientated and worrying about bullies lying in wait. I mistook my teddy bear, looming in the corner of the bed as a possible antagonist and thrown out my fist in a pathetic attempt at a punch. Teddy looked pretty annoyed at what I’d done and auntie came in and found me bouncing him up and down on my plastic bulge frantically apologising for hurting him. I wasn’t sure if this was quite the way for a fourteen year-old high school student to be acting but I suppose neither was auntie stripping me from my diaper, sharing my joy at being dry and sending me off to see to my morning ablutions. When I returned my boxers had been replaced with a disposable and a pair of clear plastic pants. I suppose so that the nurse and anyone else who might need proof could see I was well protected. “Do you want to try and do it for yourself?” Auntie asked quietly from the door. Over the time I’d been in diapers I had made one or two attempts at fitting myself but it just seemed such an operation and far better if someone else saw to it. “Can you do it please auntie. I, er, prefer it when you do, er…” She smiled and did what she always did… she made me feel safe and secure both mentally and physically. # To be continued
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    This commission took up a lot of my time. Though it’s only about 22 pages the description was rather long, precise, and had quite a few spelling/grammar errors. However I was able to fully translate it and make it into a story that makes sense and hopefully it will be enjoyed by others! Since the story is full of inconsistencies and magic I wrote it in the style of a juvenile children’s literature horror novella (like goosebumps.)A FEW WARNINGS: this story has no sexual content, but it is very MEAN spirited. The Power Prayer Tyler and Colby have always been best friends even though they were two grades apart. When Tyler had transferred to a new school he was very shy and a bit socially awkward. He did not know how to make friends. It was one day on the playground when he met Colby. Even though Colby was in the 3rd grade and Tyler was in the 5th grade the two became fast friends that day. Tyler was being teased by some younger girls for having a wet spot on his pants. It was clearly pee, but Tyler kept insisting the water fountain just splashed him. This just made the girls tease him even more. Colby snuck up behind the girls and put worms down the back of their dresses, making them scream and run away. That's just the way Colby was. He wasn't afraid to get into trouble. Tyler was also grateful Colby never brought up the pee stain on his shorts. Whenever the story was told back Colby always left that part out, which Tyler was grateful for. Colby was also a bit of a bad influence on Tyler. The boy got into much more trouble whenever he was hanging out with Colby. The two boys' parents did not want to separate the two best friends though. They knew that all they had was each other. It was Tyler's aunt Susan that suggested the boys should start going to church together. Colby's parents were originally apprehensive. They were somewhat spiritual, but they've never gone to church, but Susan eventually persuaded the young boy's parents into letting him attend mass together. Colby's parents agreed to let Colby go along with Tyler and his parents to church. At first Colby hated the idea of going to church, but once Tyler entered middle school he knew that going to church with him meant they could at least spend Sundays together until he entered the 6th grade himself. Around the time Tyler was 13 and Colby was 11 the two boys were inseparable. They hung out at home, school, and they often slept over on weekends so they would be waking up bright and early to go to church together on Sundays. Next year Tyler would be going to high school. The high school was located farther up town, which meant Tyler would again only see his friend on Sundays. He wouldn't even be going on the same bus this time. On top of that, high school had a whole 'nother set of social constructs that Tyler wasn't ready for and Colby sure wouldn't be ready for in the next two years either. Tyler really hoped that their friendship could survive it. Our story begins on a typical Sunday with Tyler and Colby waking up in the same bed. Lucky for both of the boys they stopped bedwetting around the same time so neither of them had to be embarrassed about sharing a bed. Only a few years ago they were still sleeping with rubber sheets, but thankfully the first time they slept over there was no more need for the protective covering on their mattresses. It's not like they would have teased each other about it anyway as most of their friendship was held together by not talking about such embarrassing things. While getting dressed for church, Colby was horsing around and throwing his socks. Tyler was trying his best to keep a serious expression as the balled up socks bounced off of him, but soon he was giggling and throwing socks back at Colby. "Ten minutes, boys!" Tyler's mother called from downstairs. "Quit being silly little monkeys and get dressed for church!" Tyler sighed, getting back into serious mode again as he looked in the mirror, buttoning up his dress shirt. This year had been awesome. The two boys spent so much time with each other now. He really didn't want these times to end. At church Colby was fidgeting around, mostly out of boredom. Putting up with one full hour of boring church stuff was just a lot to bear for an 11 year old boy. When you're that young time seems to move a lot slower and even 10 minutes can feel like forever. The priest was droning on about one of his "importance of prayer" sermons. "If you pray for it, with all your heart," the priest said, pacing around as he paused. "It will happen." Colby mouthed the words mockingly making a face. Tyler held back a giggle and then responded in kind. "Yeah right..." he muttered, rolling his eyes. "How about I just pray that this sermon will be over already?" Tyler and Colby snickered, gently pushing and shoving each other as they leaned on the pews. It was a good thing they were sitting by themselves away from the eyes of Tyler's parents otherwise they might get in trouble. When the final hymn was being sung both boys were ready to dart out of there and go hang out in town. Tyler felt his phone vibrate and he pulled it from his jacket pocket. He frowned, seeing a text from his mom telling him that he had chores to get to before he could go out and play with his friend. Colby got a text as well with his mom telling him to help out around Tyler's parent's house. "It's the least you can do for always staying over at their place" his mother added in a second text. Colby groaned and stamped his feet. Tyler looked at Colby and knew that their fun was going to have to wait. "This is such bullcrap." Tyler muttered, tucking his hands into his jacket pockets angrily. "I thought Sunday was supposed to be the day of rest." Colby said. It seemed he only payed attention to stuff in church if he could use it to be a contrarian smartass. That's when he got a snarky smirk on his face. "Why don't we pray to get out of our chores?" "Heh heh, yeah" Tyler chuckled. "Let's just pray that we don't have to do chores ever again!" Colby went back to one of the pews and got on his knees as he clasped his hands together. He snickered slightly. "Dear Lord, please let us be like we were when we were kids. No responsibility, no chores, no boring sermons!" Tyler got down on his knees next to Colby. "And Lord, I would just like to add, we want to remain the same age, but just without our responsibilities." "Amen." Colby nodded with a smile. Tyler looked up, still holding his hands together. He looked around and then turned to Colby with a shrug. "Nothing happened. Guess we know the preacher's just full of baloney." The boys were pulled up by Tyler's mom and dad. Tyler's father looked annoyed, shaking his head slightly. Tyler just clammed up, not wanting to get in trouble. He wondered how much his parents heard. They didn't seem to say anything though and just brought the boys back to the car and drove them back to their house where their chores were awaiting them. Tyler was upset about having to do extra chores on the weekend, but he was glad he at least got to be with Colby. At home Tyler was instructed to clean the entire toilet, including behind it and the floor around it. His mother got on his case so much about sprinkling everywhere when he used the bathroom. She knew Colby was just as guilty so she used the opportunity of his parents making him do chores around the house and had the boy work on cleaning the sink. Tyler was a bit embarrassed as his mom stood in the bathroom doorway and scolded both of the boys for tinkling all over the bathroom. Colby didn't seem all that embarrassed though. He looked over his shoulder, making sure Tyler's mom was gone before he spoke again. "What's her problem?" Colby scoffed. "She's just a neat freak. Don't worry about it." Tyler said, blushing a little as he was cleaning up the dingy puddles behind the toilet. "We're guys! We pee standing up. So a little bit of it gets on the floor sometimes. It's bound to happen!" Colby said as he scrubbed the sink. "She's making such a big deal out of nothing." "Yeah, I can see that." Tyler said with a heavy sigh. "I mean it! Cleaning up a bathroom is women's work anyway." Colby scowled, looking at the sink. "And I aint no lady! I'm a man!" He was halfway right. As his mother said, these two were being 'little boys.' Tyler had to smile at his friend's confidence. He just nodded along in agreement with his friend. He then thought about the prayer the two of them made and secretly wished it would come true. No more chores, no more homework, just two best friends always hanging out together and having fun. At church the next week the boys were sitting in the back. For some reason the church was not as packed today as it usually was, so the boys were able to hang back and play on their phones while pretending to pray. "If you pray for it, and really pray, with all your heart" the priest reiterated, "Your prayer will come back to you, seven-fold!" "Is he still going on about that?" Tyler leaned over to whisper to Colby. "Mmh." Colby barely grunted a response as he played with his phone. The two young boys were so distracted by their own phones they didn't even notice the young 18 year old woman leaning on the pew watching them. She must have been a high school senior. She was wearing a bright pink shirt like the kind the child directors at the church wear. "Would you boys like to come with me to the kiddie room?" She asked in a syrupy tone. Hearing the older girl's voice made Tyler sit up stiff at attention. He froze for a moment and then he turned to Colby. His friend just shrugged. "Hey, beats listening to that old guy preachin' at us." They followed the girl to the back room where all the little kids were. No other kids there were over five years old besides Tyler and Colby. There was a round plastic table in the middle of the room and small plastic chairs that were low to the floor. The older girl placed some sheet papers and crayons on the table. Colby sat at the table first, fiddling with his phone still. Tyler sat down next and curiously picked up a crayon. The children were being noisy, which made sense. The kiddie room was were the youngest children went so they would not be disruptive to the mass. The room got quiet when the woman put on a DVD though. It was just some cute and harmless Disney cartoons, the kind that keep children occupied but do not over-stimulate them. Tyler tried drawing Pluto, doing his best to copy what he saw on the screen. When Colby's phone was just about to run out of charge he too picked up some crayons and tried drawing some killer robots. "You guys are great little artists! What a wonderful gift God has given you." The young woman sounded a bit condescending as she spoke to the boys. Tyler tried not to let it bother him as he found her so attractive, but being the shy boy he was he couldn't speak up. She took the drawings Colby and Tyler made and she hung them on the cork board. She came back with a large tray of animal crackers and another tray of juice boxes. Colby excitedly scarfed down the crackers and gulped down the juice. He always had to wait until after church to have breakfast, so getting to have a snack during church seemed cool to him. Tyler was apprehensive about snacking on what he saw as a "baby" snack. He tried to shake off that notion though. Colby was snacking on the food and juice and he was the most mature kid he knew! He took two animal crackers and nibbled on them slowly as he looked at the childish cartoon playing on the big screen. When the last cartoon ended so did the church service. It seemed like time went a little quicker during this particular Sunday. It was probably because the boys weren't bored out of their minds. Tyler slipped out of the kiddie room along with Colby. He went to find his parents who were smiling and shaking hands with other members of the church. Tyler shook hands with the older folks and Colby shook hands as well, holding a kind of languid posture. He just wanted to head back to Tyler's house already. "Hey." Colby turned to Tyler. "That was weird but it was kind of cool right? I honestly wouldn't mind going to stupid church if it was always like this." "Yeah." Tyler nodded. "You're right, I just think she thought we were actually little kids or something." "You maybe! Also, I saw you looking at her." Colby snickered, giving Tyler a playful shove. The two boys shoved each other back and forth until Tyler's parents turned around and they stopped immediately and put on innocent expressions, hands behind their back. "I guess church was a bit exciting for you today." Tyler's father said. "Do you boys need to take a nap when we get home?" "Oh yeah, church is always a real adventure." Colby said sarcastically. "Don't be a wise butt, Colby. Your mom said it was okay to spank you." Tyler's mom reminded the boy. "Not that I would. Now get on in the car." The car ride back home was silent. Colby wasn't able to play on his phone since he used up the battery all the way and Tyler didn't bother playing with his phone in the car since it usually made him car sick. Not even Tyler's parents were saying anything. When the car pulled into the parking space Tyler could see the car of Colby's parents. He turned to Colby who just shrugged, looking confused as him. "You know the cabin up where we take our vacations?" Tyler's dad said as he entered the house first. Tyler's face lit up. Was he going to get to go on vacation this week? The cabin was so fun. It had wifi, but he also had great memories of hiking in the woods and swimming in the lake. It was also just fun to pee outside! "Don't get too excited." His mom chimed in. "Your father and I, as well as Colby's parents, are going to vacation up there for the week. It's just a grown-up thing I'm afraid." "Oh." Tyler's heart sank. "Well, that's cool. Me and Colby can just hold down the fort here." "Not so fast." Dad chuckled. "We can't trust you troublemakers on your own. You'll be staying with Aunt Susan." "Not Aunt Susan!" Tyler whined. "Hey! Your aunt is a sweet lady and she loves you very much!" Mom spoke up. "If you really want to be left on your own in the future then you need to show me you can be a respectful young adult and start acting like one." Tyler walked away to his room, grumbling. Colby followed behind his friend, watching him pack his clothes for the week. Colby's stuff was already packed in his duffle bag that he brought with him when he went to visit Tyler's house. "Is that the same Susan that made me start going to church with you guys?" Colby asked. "You don't know the half of it. She's some lonely old lady that never had kids of her own and she runs her own daycare. On top of that she's crazy religious and very strict!" Tyler complained, packing his game systems. "Unlike mom she will spank you, so just watch out for that." "Yeah I'd like to see her try. I'd give her a kie-yaaah!" Colby kicked the air. Tyler's cheeks puffed up and then he bust out laughing. It was amusing just for the vivid visual he had in his head of Colby high-kicking his aunt, but also for the absurdity of him ever getting away with it. He knew that such an action would get him punished so bad! "Come on, boys! It's a long way to Aunt Susan's!" Mom called from downstairs. Tyler hung his head and groaned. He picked up his bags and headed down the stairs along with Colby. Before heading out though Mom stood at the door and looked down at the two boys. "Did you remember to go to the toilet first?" Mom asked, raising an eyebrow. "Oh my God, Mom!" Tyler responded, blushing deeply. "Don't get so fussy! We're not taking any stops and I just don't want any wet pants before we get there." Mom said, restating her case. "And don't be using the lord's name is vain while you're at Aunt Susan's. You know she hates that." Mom took the duffle bags from the boys and set them by the door. "I can carry my own bags, ma'am." Colby said as his bag was taken away. "You wont be needing them. She's got everything there for you." Dad said, ushering the boys to the car. "Can I at least get some of my things from my bag?" Tyler asked with a whine in his voice. He was ignored as Dad buckled the boy's seat belt for him. Tyler's mom buckled up Colby next. The boys were so confused. The car ride over to Aunt Susan's place now felt a lot more foreboding as they were pretty much diving in unprepared with none of their 'survival' supplies. ~ "Boys!" Aunt Susan greeted them at her door. She was unusually cheerful this time around. Not the prim and puritanical lady Tyler was used to. She scooped both of the boys into her arms, hugging them close. "Bye kids!" Colby's mom called out from the car as the two cars peeled out of the drive way. "We love you! Be good!" Colby frowned, seeing his mom and dad leave. For the first time ever he was actually sad to see his parents leave him alone. It was mostly because he was being left alone with some strange lady he had never met before but he heard scary stories about. "Come on, let's get inside. I want to show you to your room." Aunt Susan said with a bright smile. Aunt Susan was in her mid 40s. She looked a bit tough for her age. She actually seemed a bit younger than Tyler remembered. Perhaps this was because she started going to a gym, so her body was much more toned these days. Her hair was a light brown with some gray coming in, but it was still very full and bouncy. She had the same old fashioned flower dresses and frilly aprons that Tyler remembered though. The guest room was on the first story of the house, tucked behind the stairs. The ceiling on one side was sloped because of this, but it made the room look pretty cool. There was room for two twin beds, decked out in some outer space themed bedsheets. In the closet were plenty of different clothes for them to wear. At the far corner of the room were old game systems. They were mostly vintage stuff and not the modern games the boys were used to, but they were grateful to have anything to play. There was just one computer which the boys were probably expected to share. It used the old style CRT monitor. "The wifi password is on the computer desk." Aunt Susan started to explain things. "Now I just have some very basic rules, but I promise as long as you follow them we'll get along just fine! Always pick up after yourselves. Put dirty laundry in the basket. Show me the same respect you show your own parents. I expect pleases, thank yous, and yes ma'am and no ma'ams. Finally, do not go upstairs. I mean it. That's the most important rule. This is an old house and some parts of it I just do not want you wandering into or messing up." "Um, thanks Aunt Susan." Tyler said, a bit surprised by how nice Aunt Susan was being, but he welcomed it. "You're pretty cool Miss Susan." Colby said with a smile. "Thank you, Colby! You seem like a cool kid yourself!" Susan smiled. "Feel free to call me Aunt Susan or just ma'am." Colby and Tyler exchanged glances. Tyler shrugged. He didn't know what to say about this surprising change of character for his aunt. The boys wandered around the spacious room, checking out everything that was there. It seemed that along with the games and toys there were also some preschool things tucked in there as well. It probably came from Susan's daycare and just got mixed up with the other stuff. "Now I heard that you boys were good at looking after yourselves. I hope that's true as I will be gone most mornings. I have a meeting today and I wont be home until late." Aunt Susan handed a piece of paper with her number on it. "You call me if you need anything. Also, you can order a pizza for dinner if you like. I left some cash on the kitchen table." Before leaving Aunt Susan gave the boys a big hug and even planted big, wet kisses on their cheeks. Tyler squirmed a bit, but Colby just laughed. This was going to be great! Maybe being at Aunt Susan's wouldn't be so bad after all? Even though Tyler wasn't going to be spending his time at his favorite vacation spot, this particular vacation away from responsibilities like school and chores was better than he could have imagined. That night was filled with pizza and games. The classic game systems may have been old, but they were still fun to play. Colby especially found himself enjoying the 16 bit games. His father played games like that when he was a kid, so it was like being transported back in time. With no adult supervision the boys pretty much played with games and toys all through the night and did not fall asleep until midnight, full of pizzas and sodas. They almost never got to stay up so late, and they really thought they could keep it up all night long. When they finally crashed though they crashed pretty hard, splayed out on their beds still dressed in their clothes from the day before. MONDAY On Monday morning the boys woke up around 10 AM, feeling a little groggy from their laissez faire carousing last night. It was like having a hangover just without the alcohol. Sitting up in his bed he saw a big pink sheet of paper by his night stand. It was a note from his aunt. Dear Boys, I'm very sorry that I wont be able to make you breakfast this morning. There are leftovers in the fridge for you. I am not sure when I will be back home, so I hope you can handle things on you own again today. Feel free to stay in your rooms or play outside but do not go upstairs! Tyler was confused by how insistent Aunt Susan was about the upstairs portion of the house, but he wasn't going to question it right now. He nudged Colby who was sitting up but still with his eyes closed. "Come on, man! We have another day of goofing off to get to!" Tyler giggled. "I'm so glad we don't have school today." Colby smiled a bit, rubbing his eyes. "Those poor saps that still have to go to class are missing out." The boys were too preoccupied with the old video games and watching youtube videos on the ancient computer to go outside and get some fresh air. Before they knew it they had spent most of the morning just in that one little room. Some time in the afternoon though, while Colby was using the toilet, there was a loud bang coming from upstairs. Colby's stream went everywhere as he backed up from being suddenly startled. He muttered under his breath as he tried to finish up quickly. He didn't even shake off the last drops as he zipped his pants back up and ran to Tyler. "Did you hear that?" Colby asked, peeking into the room. "You heard it too?" Tyler said, turning around from the computer desk. "I'm seeing what that was." Colby said, picking up a baseball bat. "Come on, don't do that. It's probably just some raccoon that got into the attic or something." Tyler said nervously. "I don't want to get caught snooping around upstairs for something stupid." "I told you, Tyler, we're men! This is what men do. Even if it's against the rules." Colby stated with conviction. "Fine, but you probably don't need that bat." Tyler got up, dusting himself off. Slowly the boys crept up the stairs, listening closely. There were some faint noises, but the boys couldn't really make out what they were. In the dark hallway there was light shining through the bottom of one of the doors. Colby got down, pressing his cheek to the carpet so he could peek under the door. That's when he saw some small feet run by the door. He lifted his head quickly. "What do you see?" Tyler whispered. "I don't know. I'm going to find out." Colby reached for the door, opening it just a crack. There was the sound of another bang. This time it came from outside. It was the sound of a car door being shut. "Crap! She's home!" Tyler quickly made his way to the stairs, leaning back and almost sliding down the steps. Colby followed right behind his friend. Both boys were at the bottom of the stairs when Aunt Susan opened the front door, holing some bags. She looked at the boys who seemed to be out of breath, even though they were trying to just stand around casually, leaning on the wall. "Okay, what have you been up to?" Aunt Susan asked, cocking an eyebrow. "We've just been having fun, playing... sports." Tyler said. He winced at his stupid excuse. He could have said they were playing baseball outside considering Colby was still holding a bat. Sports! How stupid could he be? "You know what happens to little fibbers? Little fibbers always get found out." Aunt Susan said, not even looking at the boys as she spoke. She just unloaded her bag of groceries, putting everything away. "Oh my GOD that was close." Tyler said in a hushed tone to his friend. They hurried back to their room. "I thought she was going to be gone for the rest of the day! Dang man, we were almost caught." "Yeah, but the point is we weren't caught." Colby went back to his games. Tyler sat there at the computer again. He was going to ask Colby about what he saw, but he figured he would just keep to himself and play some games quietly. His heart was still pounding from the experience. Aunt Susan didn't even question the boys, but something in her tone made it sound like she knew the boys were breaking the rules. The thought of getting caught and punished by Aunt Susan was a little nerve-racking. He tried to put his mind at ease by just getting lost online again. That night the boys were up late once again, getting full on sodas as usual. TUESDAY There was a faint sound of a faucet, slowly dripping. At least that's what it sounded like. The dripping got faster until it was making a full-on trickling noise. Tyler's eyes shot open and he sat up straight. He was in his bed and he was wearing some light blue pajamas that covered his whole body. They had a zipper going up the front, going from his stomach up to his neck. He then noticed with horror that there was a huge dark stain all over the front and back of the pajamas. His sheets underneath him were soaking wet. He turned and saw Colby was waking up too and having the same realization. He was also dressed in the toddler style pajamas and he was soaking wet all around his waist. Catching each other's glances the boys looked away, blushing deeply. Neither of them could remember when they fell asleep. Last night seemed to be a blur right after they had their dinner. As usual, nothing needed to be discussed between the two boys as they stripped the soaking wet sheets off of their beds. They also stripped out of the sopping wet pajamas. It was no big deal being naked since they weren't looking at each other anyway, both of them far too embarrassed to even half-acknowledge their soaked state. After wiping themselves dry and getting dressed Tyler finally spoke up. "Hey, let's go to the movies." "Yeah man! We've been cooped up in the place too long." Colby hopped into his jeans and threw a t-shirt over his head. The clothing choices were much more limited now with either overalls or dungarees for pants and brightly color shirts with little animals on them. It wasn't too unusual, though it seemed annoying that Aunt Susan didn't give them regular clothes to wear. The boys still smelled pretty strong from their nocturnal accident, but they weren't able to smell themselves. Not that it mattered to the carefree boys who just wanted to see the latest super hero film. After a fun, action-packed movie the boys headed to a McDonald's. They had forgotten all about their embarrassing damp wake up and were now just overly excited bouncing around the fast food place. An old lady smiled as she saw the boys playing around and commented on their cute outfits. "Oh my grandson has those same shirts!" She smiled. "I bet you boys have worked up an appetite! Here, let me buy you some kid's meals." The old lady reached into her purse gingerly, pulling out a few dollars and change. Tyler twisted his face in disgust at the very idea of someone paying for a simple meal that cost less than four dollars! He made more than that in his allowance! "Lady, we don't-" "Shh-Shut up!" Colby nudged his friend, smiling. "Dude, it's free burgers and fries! We can spend our money on other stuff!" "Yeah, I guess." Tyler muttered. He still frowned, looking a little offended still. When the Happy Meal boxes came to the boys the old lady stood there looking at them with a big smile. "Now now, little boys, what do we say?" Tyler pouted. He wasn't about to say thank you for something he didn't even ask for, but Colby gave him another nudge. Both boys said "thank you" in unison before darting out of the McDonald's, running home with the Happy Meals in hand. "All I'm saying is, don't look a gift horse in the mouth." Colby leaned back in a bean bag chair, tossing french fries in his mouth. He got most of them in while some fell behind him. "You don't even know what that expression means." Tyler joked, tossing a french fry at Colby, which his friend actually caught in his mouth. "I do too!" Colby said with his mouth full. "It just means be grateful you got something and don't look for problems with it." "Well then what's a gift horse?" Tyler asked, smirking. "He's the Santa Claus of horses." Colby explained "and if you look inside his mouth he'll eat your face off." The two boys laughed and Tyler nearly fell out of his chair. That's when they heard another loud noise from upstairs. Their laughter immediately stopped and their eyes widened as they stared upwards. The boys looked at each other, wondering if they should risk going upstairs again. "What are the odds Aunt Susan is going to come home unexpectedly a second time?" Colby boldly stood up. "Come on, let's find out what's up there once and for all." "Fine." Tyler said, pulling himself to his feet." Before going up the stairs Colby looked outside. He seemed to be checking for Susan's car just to see if the crazy old lady might be out there just waiting for them. The coast was clear, so Colby lead the charge and started bounding up the stairs two steps at a time. Colby and Tyler stood with their backs against the wall in the hallway. Colby grabbed the doorknob and struck a kung-fu pose as he leapt into the door frame. The boys' jaws dropped. Inside the room was an oversized nursery. It was almost identical to the little guest room they were sleeping in, even with the ceiling at an angle on one side where it met with the roof. There were toddler clothes, lots of baby toys. Where the computer desk would have been there was a play desk with some busy boxes on top. The television was behind a large protective Plexiglas frame which was obviously for a little one's protection and to ensure only parental approved things would be put on the screen. Finally the beds had bars around them and were clearly turned into large cribs. Colby walked ahead of Tyler, putting his hands on the bars of one of the cribs. He mouthed "what the hell" silently as he explored the nursery. Tyler looked confused, but he also felt very fearful at the same time. There was something very frightening to him about a nursery this big, especially one that seemed to mirror the room he and Colby were staying in. It was like looking into a funhouse mirror. Seeing a crib that was large enough for him to fit in gave him a sickly feeling in the pit on his stomach. Just like last time there was the sound of Aunt Susan's car door slamming shut. "Seriously, dude?" Colby whispered to himself. He put his hands on Tyler, helping him exit the mysterious room. Colby could see his friend was a little stunned and not moving quick enough so he did his best to help him get down the stairs before Susan could open the front door. "Hello boys. What kind of mischief did you get into today?" Aunt Susan asked, carrying some boxes and setting them in the living room. She wasn't really looking at the boys. If she did she might have seen their awkward body language as they poorly attempted to look nonchalant. "Oh you know-" Colby gulped as he caught his breath. "Just eatin' pretzels and drinking beer while watching the big game." "Very funny." Aunt Susan rolled her eyes. Tyler was just calming down as he entered their bedroom. He sat on his bed, completely forgetting for a second that it didn't have his sheets on it. Colby sat in front of the television, playing the Super Nintendo and acting like nothing out of the ordinary was going on. During this moment of calm Aunt Susan peeked into the door frame. "Oh boys." She said, getting their attention. She walked through the door and held up the stained bed sheets. The color left Tyler's face as he realized they forgot to finish washing their clothes. "What happened here? And why didn't you tell me right away about it when I got home?" "We didn't think we had to tell you about every little thing." Colby said. "Besides, we were cleaning the sheets ourselves!" "I can't really expect you to wash your own sheets and pee pee soaked jammies when you can barely aim in the toilet." Aunt Susan started showing her impatient side. Colby shut up and sank into his chair. "Look, I'm going to deal with this laundry and clean up any other messes I find, so I need you boys to go play outside. Why don't you play some of those 'sports' you like so much, Tyler." Colby and Tyler stood outside. There wasn't really much to do in the back yard. There was a basketball hoop and a few balls, but the boys didn't much feel like playing. "This sucks." Colby said, his face getting very red. "I don't know what she's mad about. We were doing the laundry by ourselves!" Tyler said. "Everyone's always telling us to do chores and now when we actually do them we get in trouble for it?" "Yeah," Colby nodded. "She's being a real b-" "Boys!" Aunt Susan called from the window. "You can come back inside now!" Tyler and Colby walked with heavy feet back to their room. Colby noticed right away that the video games had been taken away. He made a face as if to say "what gives?" New sheets were on the beds with puppy and dog bone patterns. It was a step down from the space themed sheets they had before. Not quite babyish as the sheets that were in the nursery crib, but still not the kind of sheets a teen and preteen would be sleeping in. "The lying, sneaking around, and fibbing I just can not tolerate, so until you start acting mature again there will be no more video games, no internet, and the television has been locked out with the parental controls set to only g-rated shows." Aunt Susan held her hands on her hips. "Furthermore, you now have protective sheets on your beds and each night I'll be fixing a diaper to your butts. This isn't part of the punishment. This is just to keep the mattresses and floors clean." "That's total bullcrap!" Tyler mouthed off. "You can't treat us like babies because of one accident!" "Language, Tyler! This is precisely why I'm restricting you. Speaking to me like that, I mean honestly!" Aunt Susan reached out and grabbed Tyler, yanking him by the wrist and then pulling down the back of his pants. She started to smack Tyler's butt right there in front of his friend. Colby looked away bashfully, feeling awkward about his friend getting spanked like that in front of him. He never seen anyone else get spanked before! He was usually the only one getting spanked. "Stop it!" Tyler said, his voice cracking as tears rolled down his face. "I'll call the cops on you! Th-this is abuse!" "Oh get over it. It's just a spank on your bottom, not a slap in the face! I am your legal guardian and I am allowed to dole out spankings when I see fit." Aunt Susan explained, pulling Tyler's pants back up over his sore bottom. "You know your parents gave me permission to spank the both of you. Yes, including you, Colby. I'm surprised a smart-aleck like you hasn't been spanked by me already!" Colby didn't say anything. He just kept his mouth shut, knowing better than to get on the bad side of this woman. She was showing her true colors, a strict disciplinarian. The two boys were much more docile after Aunt Susan's display. They ate their dinners quietly at the dinner table. They only spoke up to say "please" and "thank you" just like little gentlemen. As soon as they finished their last bites Aunt Susan pulled their plates away and set them in the sink. She pointed outward. "Hop in the shower, both of you. I'm going to need you to save water by washing at the same time." She tapped her foot, waiting for the boys to rush into the shower. Colby and Tyler had been naked around each other plenty of times, but this time felt far more embarrassing than normal. It was really hard to not look at each other as they washed up in the cramped shower. They even had to slide across each other to take turns rinsing off under the shower head. The moment the boys stepped out Aunt Susan was right there waiting for them with towels. She wrapped the boys up and vigorously rubbed them dry with the large and fluffy towels. She then guided them back to their room where some odd looking locks were attached to the headboards of their beds. On the dresser were neatly stacked light blue baby pajamas just like the ones they woke up in that morning. On top of those jammies were some special protective underwear. They were made to look like boy's briefs on the outside but had the absorbent leak-proof core on the inside. "You can't be serious! No!" Colby pouted. He clutched his towel to himself tightly, walking with it like it was a cape as he grabbed the pull-ups with a free hand and tossed them to the floor. "What did I just tell you, Colby?" Aunt Susan rushed over to the boy throwing his tantrum. She whipped the towel off of him and swiftly smacked his bare naked butt. Colby howled and danced in place as a red hand-print faded into sight on his cheeks. "Since you decided to mouth off you'll be getting dressed first." Aunt Susan tugged the training undies up Colby. They were snug. The woman really knew these boys' sizes. She then started to tug the footed pajamas up Colby's legs and then zipped them all the way up. She took a small padlock and fixed it to the top of the zipper. The padlock was hooked into the hole of the zipper tab and a ring at the top of the pajamas. This kept the clothing from being unzipped. "What's that for?" Tyler asked nervously. "You said you were big boys." Aunt Susan explained, pulling away Tyler's towel next and pulling his training undies up for him. "And big boys should be able to hold it over night. If not, well, you've got your padding this time." She patted the seat of Tyler's puffy underwear. She got his pajamas and pulled them up, locking the zipper in place just like she did for Colby. The boys were sat in front of the television while Aunt Susan got their beds ready. Colby was tugging on the zipper tab, trying to at least break it so he could pull the stupid baby jammies off, but they would not budge. The television was playing some pre-recorded preschool shows. Both boys felt so childish in that moment, strictly confined to pull-ups with toddler jammies and watching baby cartoons. Aunt Susan swiftly grabbed Tyler, pulling him to his feet and leading him over to the bed where he was laid on his back. She used the locks at the headboard of the bed to strap his wrists above his head. Tyler jerked his arms, unable to move them. He could only move his lower half. "Why are you doing this?" Tyler whimpered. "As if you didn't know!" Aunt Susan spoke with anger in her voice. "The whole reason you're being punished isn't just because you've soiled perfectly good sheets and mattresses. It's because I know you've been snooping around where you shouldn't have! I told you boys not to wander around certain parts of the house, but you've deliberately disobeyed me!" Colby turned and was about to run out when he was grabbed and pushed face-down on the bed. He was then flipped over and had his wrists strapped above him as well. "I would suggest not kicking too much. I'm not going to keep tucking you back in and I'm sure you don't want to get cold." Aunt Susan fixed the blankets over each boy. Colby tucked in his lips. He wanted to curse out Susan so bad, but part of him wondered if this punishment could get worse. He held his tongue for now and just tried his best to jerk free from his confinement. Aunt Susan walked to the door and shut off the light. She left the door open a crack so they would have a little light from the hallway for them. With all their struggling the boys eventually tired themselves out and fell asleep. WEDNESDAY Tyler woke up to the feeling of hot piss rushing out of him. Even though he was still in bed and far from a toilet it felt so relaxing to just pee right where he was laying. Soon he realized just how wet he was and sat up in the bed. He felt his wrists and noticed he was no longer bound to the headboard. Looking down he saw that his pajamas were soaking wet and so were his blankets. The rubber sheet underneath the bed cover was keeping a small reservoir of pee all around him. Anything that wasn't soaked up by the sheets or his pajamas and pull-ups was still a puddle under his butt. Just then he heard Colby waking up and instinctively tugged on his blanket to try and hide the large pissy accident he just made. His fears were moot though as Colby had also heavily wet his bed. Colby slid off his bed and looked down at his sodden pajamas. He pulled on the damp fabric that was clinging to his skin and shuddered a bit as he felt it slowly peeling off of him, only to adhere back with a wet slap as soon as he let go. The boys looked at each other and their faces reddened quickly. It was utterly humiliating to wake up so wet. The boys tugged down the zippers on her dripping pajamas, which were thankfully no longer locked tight. Tyler wondered when Aunt Susan took them out of the locks, but he didn't say anything, just keeping his mouth shut for now. Once again they just cleaned up by wiping themselves down with napkins and paper towels. Colby went to the dresser to find something clean and dry to wear. "What the hell!" Colby raised his voice. "There's no more underwear in here!" Tyler went to look in his own dresser. When he pulled open the top drawer he saw that all the underwear was replaced with pull-up training pants. He frowned, looking angry, but he didn't want to speak about it. He opened up the other drawers, seeing only overalls and more childish looking baby animal shirts. Rather than fuss about longer he put the toddler clothes on. "Guess we're going commando." Colby said as he tugged up a pair of overalls, pulling them over his shoulders. "I really don't want to wear these dumb clothes, but we need to get out of here." Tyler grumbled. "I'm with you. Let's get a bite to eat first. I'm starving." Colby whined, holding his tummy. Tyler headed down the stairs first, glancing about to make sure that his aunt wasn't down there waiting for them. He went into the pantry and pulled open a box of pop-tarts. Colby grabbed a package and tore it open. He hungrily ate the pastry without even toasting it. Tyler ate a bit slower. Both boys ended up getting crumbs on themselves which they just brushed off. "Do you know where your aunt keeps her phone?" Colby asked, wiping his mouth. "If she keeps a phone anywhere it's probably locked in her room." Tyler said with a frown. "She probably doesn't want us calling anyone. We're going to have to hoof it to the police station." Nervously the boys headed for the front door. On the one hand they needed to find help, but on the other they weren't so sure they wanted anyone to see them dressed the way they were. Tyler felt something hugging his waist and crotch. He flinched and then looked at Colby who also seemed pretty shocked. Colby tugged on his overalls and looked inside. "How did-" Colby looked weirded out by what he was seeing. Tyler put his hand over the front of his pants, feeling around curiously. He realized he was wearing a pull-up and Colby must be in one as well. Feeling more embarrassed than frightened Tyler turned for the door and tried to get back into the house before anyone could see him. The door had locked itself somehow though. "There's some freaky voodoo going on here." Colby's voice trembled. He was clearly shaken by this. "Screw it, we have to find help." With little regard for his dignity Colby ran up to the first adult he could see. He tried explaining that he and his friend Tyler were being controlled by some fanatical religious woman. The man watering his lawn just shrugged at the kid and gave him a confused look. "Go on, go back home" is all he said to him. Tyler ran over to a woman pushing a baby in a stroller. "You have to help us!" he cried desperately. The woman shook her head and then waved her hand out like she was shooing the boy away. Tyler's pull-ups seemed to crinkle loudly each time he moved around. He wanted to just yank them off, but there was no way to remove them without completely stripping naked. Not being able to get back into the house he just couldn't get the pull-ups off until he found somewhere private to do it. Colby ran back up to his friend. "Even the cops around here are acting weird!" Colby whimpered. "Why doesn't anyone believe us?" "Let's go to the McDonald's. We can take these stupid pull-ups off in the bathrooms." Tyler nodded at his plan, which he figured would go off without a hitch. Tyler and Colby walked to the fast food place. Tyler gritted his teeth, feeling like everyone was just staring at him as he walked down the street, crinkling all the way. Glancing ahead he saw some teenage girls close to his age. They cupped her hands over their mouths as they whispered to each other, watching the boys awkwardly walk with the bulk of training pants between their legs. The girls giggled at them. Tyler felt so ashamed. He wondered if the girls knew they were wearing pull-ups. Inside the restaurant Tyler made a bee-line for the men's room. There was a lock on it though. A sign next to the door read "For Employees And Customers Only." "Crap." Tyler said under his breath. "Crap crap crap!" "I have some change. Let's just get some small fries and hurry!" Colby said. He rushed over to the counter and slapped down a couple dollars in quarters and dimes, demanding they get a key for the bathroom. "Sure, boys." A young woman at the cash registered smiled at them. "Just have a seat and we'll have your order ready in a minute." "I don't care about your crappy fries!" Colby shouted, growing impatient. Two large high chairs are rolled up behind the boys. Colby jumps forward in surprise when he sees the high chair. It seemed to just come out of nowhere! That's when they both felt themselves being lifted up and strapped into the high chairs. Tyler panics and tries to get out, but they've been strapped down tight. A tray of a full meal is slapped down in front of each boy, seemingly coming out of nowhere. It's burgers, fries, and sippy cups of juice to drink. Tyler watches in horror as a plastic fork and knife moves by itself and starts cutting the burger into small bite-size bits. The food comes up to his face and he turns away, not wanting to eat the food. Its shoved into his face anyway. He sees the same thing is happening to Colby. Next the sippy cups are pushed into the boys' mouths and their heads are tilted back. They are forced to gulp down the juice as it fills their mouths. After the sudden force-fed meal the boys feel very full. Colby holds his stomach, feeling cramps. He groans for a moment and suddenly a loud fart goes into the back of his pull-up, followed by the soft crackling sound of poop coming out. Tyler cringes, not wanting to see that happen to his friend. He then feels it happening to himself. A large log comes out into his trainers, lifting him slightly from his high chair as it fills up the back. A loud hiss noisily comes from the front as he wets the very dirty undergarment next. Tyler sobs quietly. He hadn't had an accident like this since he was in grade school. The boys are unable to do anything about their current state except cry. Colby, who normally seems so tough, was now doubled over in the high chair, sobbing into his arms as pee overflowed from his overalls and dripped onto the hard floor below him. It wasn't long before a couple of parents entered the fast food place with their own toddlers. A twin pair of a boy and a girl who looked to be about three years old. The small girl was wearing a pretty ballerina dress and she clearly didn't have pull-ups on, unlike the two wet and messy boys up in their high chair. She noticed the boys right away, pointing at them. "Those babies are crying! Are they wet?" The little girl asked curiously. "I don't know." The mommy said. "I don't see their parents around, so I guess we'll have to check." The father comes over, unstrapping Colby first. "Yeah, this one's wet!" he called over his to wife. "Stinky too!" "Yeah I think we have two poopy pants here." the mother stated as she felt the back of Tyler's pants. Tyler whimpered as he felt the poop pressing against his bottom as he was checked. He watched helplessly as Colby was pulled out of the high chair and carried like a baby by the father. He was able to get the bathroom key without any hassle. Tyler looked down at the twins just staring up at him. It was bad enough being wet and messy, but he had an audience too. Colby was set down on the baby changing station. Miraculously the baby changing table was able to support the weight of the 11 year old boy. His overalls were taken off and then his pull-ups were torn open like a diaper. The father didn't seemed to bothered by Colby's odor. He must have been used to changing dirty diapers by now. He expertly wiped Colby down and then threw out the soiled trainers. Reaching into a handbag he pulled out some baby diapers. He set them underneath Colby and sprinkled the powder onto him. He then taped the diaper shut. Colby was surprised at how well the baby diaper fit. It seemed to be bigger just by being on him. He is then set down on the floor as the dad peeks out of the bathroom door. "Let's get the big one now." the father said with a smile. His wife smiled back, picking up Tyler and carrying him to the bathroom. Her children follow right behind as she didn't want them out of her sight. Tyler squirmed in the woman's arms, begging her to set him down. "I think you'll need help with this one. He's really fussy!" the woman giggled, bouncing Tyler in her arms. The father held Tyler down while the mother undressed him and ripped open his filthy pull-up. Tyler kicked weakly as he was being cleaned and wiped like a baby. He saw Colby on the floor, looking a bit dazed. At least his friend wasn't watching his humiliating diaper change, but the twins still were. The girl covered her mouth, giggling as she watched from below. Tyler was put in a nice thick diaper and then set back on the floor. Tyler didn't stick around to see what else would happen. He grabbed his friend by the arm and pulled him out of the bathroom, running towards the exit. "What, no thank you?" The mom said, hands on her hips with a smile. The boys could hear her voice fading as they made distance between her. "Well that's gratitude for ya!" Now they were outside, wearing nothing but diapers. Colby snapped out his daze just in time to realize he had to run away. The boys ran the best they could with bulky diapers on their bodies. They stopped at a playground, catching their breath. Rather than worrying about being naked in public Tyler reached for his diaper and tried to yank it off. The diaper wouldn't budge though. It seemed strongly attached to him! Colby tried pulling on his diaper as well, but he couldn't even break the plastic. Exhausted from running and struggling to take off the diapers the two boys sat down on the playground equipment and sighed. Tyler didn't want to say anything, but he knew they had to come up with some kind of plan. "I don't know what to do, but there has to be some way for us to get out of this." Tyler sighed. "Well," Colby spoke up "Do you know any wizards?" Right when Colby said that a woman in a beautiful blue dress came by. She was pushing two oversized strollers and stopped in front of the boys. She clasped her hands together as she looked down at them. "Are you boys lost? Let me help you find your way home." She picked up Tyler and set him in one of the strollers. The straps tightened around him, locking him in the stroller. Fed up, Colby ran to his friend and tried to free him. Laughing dismissively the woman picked up Colby and set him in the other stroller where he was also strapped down. Colby felt so confined in the tight straps. He opened his mouth about to cuss the woman out. "You b-" Each boy had their mouths stuffed with pacifiers. They were unable to spit the pacifiers out and had to suck on them. For some reason, sucking on the pacifier made Colby feel sleepy. As his eyelids grew heavy he turned to look at his friend who was also nodding off. Soon the boys fell asleep. When the boys came to they found themselves back at the front door of Aunt Susan's house. They were still strapped into their strollers and could not budge though. Tyler looked down and felt the front of his diaper. He was soaking wet again! Worse still, the back of his diaper felt quite lumpy. Colby twisted his face in a look of shame and disgust as he realized he too was sitting in a dirty diaper. Aunt Susan's car pulled into the drive way and she stepped out, looking down at the boys with a disappointed expression. She clucked her tongue and shook her head slowly as she walked up to the boys. Colby scowled at her, but Tyler just whimpered, feeling more intimidated by this woman than ever. "Well it looks like you just couldn't keep out of trouble today, now could you?" Aunt Susan bent down, placing her hands on the boys' diapers. "Yeah, you two need a change. Let's get you back inside." Wheeling the boys in by their strollers she parked them in the living room. She turns and locks the door. Hearing the heavy click of the lock as it slid into place made Tyler's heart sink. It almost felt like they were being locked in a prison. What happened next though was really disturbing. Aunt Susan clapped her hands twice and the soft, cuddly teddy bears in the living room stood up, coming to life. More teddy bears appeared behind furniture and coming out of closets. There were about a dozen of them it seemed like and they stood in front of the boys, looking up at Susan as if waiting for orders. "Please get these boys ready for dinner." She commanded. "Yes indeedy, ma'am!" One of the bears said in a cute child-like voice. The other bears giggled like small children as they huddled around the boys. Tyler was too shocked to speak, but Colby was yelling and kicking his legs as six of the bears surrounded him and pulled him out of the stroller. Colby's screams were muffled by the pacifier that was still stuck in his mouth. He still couldn't spit it out. Tyler felt the bears grabbing him next as he was unstrapped from the stroller and lifted out of it. Their little paws were strong but still felt like soft plush. The boys were then carried up the stairs to the nursery. Humming a happy tune the bears brought the boys to a changing table and tossed them up onto it. They were held down by cuddly little arms as they had their soiled diapers stripped off. There was little the boys could do to get out of it. Colby struggled in vain as he was held down and got wiped up like the dirty boy he was. Tyler could only look on helplessly yet again as his friend was being babied. He winced as he felt his own diaper being opened and his dirty bottom getting wiped. He was then wrapped in a fresh diaper after being powdered. The strong odor of their accidents was now thankfully replaced with the much more pleasant smell of baby powder floating in the air. They are finally put into brand new onesie pajamas. The pajamas looked just like the ones they wet through last night, only these ones were clean now. They even had the same ring at the top of the zipper which the bears used to put the small padlock through, keeping them trapped in the jammies and unable to get out. Hoisting the boys up and tossing them from the changing tables they were caught by other little bears on the floor. The bears held the boys above their heads and marched down the stairs with them. Their little plush feet made squeaking sounds as they hit each step on the way down. In the middle of the living room was a play pen that looked like it just got set up. They were set in the play pen and had their pacifiers removed from their mouths finally. Tyler and Colby didn't say much. There was nothing they could really say at all. The television was set to some baby cartoons. These were even more childish and mindless than the cartoons they were forced to watch last time. Tyler looked so annoyed. He stood up in the play pen, shaking the side of it. It didn't look very sturdy, but somehow he was unable to move it in the slightest. Feeling defeated he sat back down in the pen and just pouted. He couldn't even cry, feeling like she cried his eyes out completely earlier today. "Dinner time!" Susan called from the dining room in a sing-song voice. The voice seemed to alert the happy teddy bears who marched to the play pen and opened it up. Tyler thought about running but for some reason his legs felt too weak. His legs wobbled as he struggled to stand up, but the bears carried him anyway. The bears stacked themselves in totem formations beside two high chairs. They passed the boys upward and then strapped them into the chairs. Next each boy was fixed with little bibs that read "messy boy" on them. Aunt Susan placed baby bottles of warm milk and little jars of baby food before them. While Aunt Susan sat down to have a full dinner for herself the happy little bears spoon-fed the boys their baby food. Tyler opened his mouth and ate obediently, not wanting to prove the bib right that he was "messy." He just couldn't let that be true. Colby resisted though, showing that he clearly needed the bib as his food got on it, as well as all around his face. When their baby food was finished the cuddly teddy bears held the baby bottles to their mouths. Resisting the bottles was quite futile at this point so they gave in and just drank down the milk, feeling their stomachs get coated with the warm and smooth liquid. Tyler really had to pee after that. He knew it was pointless to try and hold it so he just gave in to his urges and let loose a hot stream into his diaper. His eyelids drooped as he felt so relaxed. A faint sigh came from Colby and Tyler just knew that his friend was wetting his diapers as well. The teddy bears whipped their heads around, giving each other knowing glances and then covered their mouths with their fluffy paws as they giggled. "I think it's time the boys had their bath, don't you?" Aunt Susan said, taking the dishes and bringing them to the sink. "Aye aye, Captain!" one of the bears shouted, giving a salute. Once again the boys were carried above the bears' heads as they were marched to the bathroom. In the tub were some bathing chairs. After the boys were stripped of their clothes and their soggy diapers they were strapped to the chairs and got scrubbed down. Tyler scrunched up his face, feeling a bit ticklish as the fluffy paws lathered up his bare body. The boys were then rinsed off and wrapped in big fluffy towels. They got their little bottoms gently swatted with soft bear paws and sent back to their nursery. Now the boys were in a completely different scenario. They were locked in giant cribs tonight. They had brand new diapers on and their old jammies locked onto their bodies. Their pacifiers were stuck in their mouths and still somehow magically held in place. Since there was no threat of the boys getting out their wrists were not strapped to the cribs. They were free to move around as they pleased, much to the amusement of the little giggling teddy bears. Colby breathed deeply through his nose, looking quite annoyed that there was nothing he could do about his current state. Looking up at the mobile slowly turning above their cribs the boys silently sucked on their pacifiers. Today had been filled with a frightening kind of magic. It was difficult to understand just what had happened to them or why. Tyler suspected that they might have asked for this though. It was all he could think about just before he passed out, falling asleep quickly in the surprisingly comfortable crib. THURSDAY Colby and Tyler woke up at pretty much the same time. The bars to their cribs were down and they felt like they could have slipped out if they tried, but at the same time their bodies were weak and they were barely able to move. Colby squirmed a little as he felt the familiar feeling of those teddy bears. They were pawing at each boy's diaper, checking them. "Uh oh, we have soggy boys!" one of the bears squeaked out cutely. Without removing the boys from their cribs they had their pajamas opened up and their diapers unfolded. "Rrgh! Stop it!" Colby squirmed as he had his butt and privates wiped clean. The bears just giggled and ignored his protests. Each boy was then placed in brand new diapers, feeling even thicker than before. They were then slipped into their baby shirts and toddler overalls. The overalls had snaps around the seat and crotch for easy diaper checks and changes. They were carried down the stairs to where a sweet smelling breakfast awaited them. Unfortunately just like last night they were strapped into high chair and force fed their meals along with their baby bottles. "Well boys, I think I'll be keeping a closer eye on you today. No more running around the neighborhood like a couple of unhousebroken puppies. You'll be coming with me to my day care center." Aunt Susan held her hands on her hips, speaking confidently. "Could my little helpers bring the boys to my car?" Humming their happy tune the teddy bears carried the boys to the back of Aunt Susan's car. They were strapped down in the child safety seats quite easily. Aunt Susan came out to the car dressed in her old fashioned clothes and motherly apron. She got into the car and the boys watched as the little bears marched themselves back into the house. Tyler looked so confused, wondering how Aunt Susan was doing all of this! The car was parked in Aunt Susan's personal parking space. When she got out of the car Colby turned to his friend and whispered. "Okay, now's our chance. Soon as we get out of this car let's make a break for it." "And go where?" Tyler said, sounding nervous and unconvinced about this plan. "Anywhere but here. It's not like Susan can be everywhere! We just have to keep running until we're far away from her." Colby fidgeted in his car seat. Instead of Aunt Susan coming to the side of the car it was two staffers that worked at the nursery. They opened either door and unstrapped the boys from their safety seats. Colby tried his best to jerk away and run but his wrist was held firmly in a young woman's hand. It was no struggle for the little ladies to bring the two diapered boys into the daycare building. The boys were brought to the "toddler" wing of the facility, indicated by big block letters over the double doors reading "TODDLER." After being ushered inside the room the doors are locked behind them. Looking around they could see it looked very much like their nursery back at the house only much bigger. There were other children there, but they were all around the one to three years old range. There were little girls up to the age of two and boys up to the age of three. It seemed like this was mainly for children not yet potty trained as there were pink and blue potty chairs for the boys and girls and all of them were still in diapers and pull-ups. Tyler didn't want to use a potty chair, but he really didn't want to use a diaper either. He grabbed at his clothes, trying to pull them off, but they were magically stuck to him still. It seemed hopeless, like he was doomed to poop and pee in his diaper and nowhere else. Colby looked around for any way to escape the room. There were windows in the room but they were too high to reach. The double doors locked from the inside but were well guarded by staff who stood by the only way in or out. Tyler had already given up and was sitting down where some blocks were. He was idly playing with the blocks, trying to keep his mind off of the humiliating position he was put into. Colby sighed and resigned as well, sitting across from Tyler and playing with the baby toys. By the time it was noon the double doors opened again. Before the boys could even stand the doors were closed once more. A cart full of snacks and baby bottles had been wheeled into the room. Colby was so hungry and seeing graham crackers and peanut butter made him eager to climb into one of the high chairs. It was better than mushy baby food at least! Tyler followed behind, also getting into a high chair. While the boys were allowed to feed themselves the food the caretakers held their baby bottles for them, holding them to each of their mouths. Tyler instinctively sucked down the milk from the bottle. He didn't want to, but the bottle was being forced against his face and he couldn't really pull away. Once snack time was over for the little ones they were picked up and brought to the nap area. Several of the toddlers were napping in sleeping bags or in cots. Colby and Tyler were brought to their own special cots which they were strapped into. It was embarrassing that even when surrounded by a bunch of other little babies they were still treated like they were naughty infants compared to the others, not to be trusted to nap like good little boys. Colby wanted to resist, but that warm milk was settling in his stomach and making him feel very sleepy. He turned to see Tyler falling asleep. Colby sighed, feeling too weak to keep his eyes open. Colby's eyes opened again. He had no idea how long he had been asleep, but his diaper felt very wet and squishy. Tyler was whimpering as he woke up, tugging on his wrist straps. One of the caretakers came over, smiling down at the dirty boys. She bent over, unstrapping Colby first and picking him up from the cot. She placed a hand under Colby's bottom, making the boy wince as he felt his own messy accident press against his butt. She then took Colby to a changing table and strapped a belt across his stomach, leaving him only able to squirm helplessly. "No, please, there must be some kind of mistake!" Colby cried softly. "We're not babies! Please let us go!" The caretaker continued to smile as she plugged the boy's mouth with a pacifier. She unsnapped the overalls, opening them up at the bottom to easily access his diaper. Colby felt strange being fully dressed during a diaper change. His diaper was opened up and his butt and crotch were wiped down thoroughly. Colby let out a frustrated cry from behind the pacifier, but it was muffled. He eventually calmed down, thinking his indignity was over, but then the caretaker started to remove his overalls completely, folding them up. "Oh dear, looks like you got these a little wet and dirty." She sighed with a smile. "We'll have to wash these. Let's hope your new diapers don't leak." While the lady talked down to Colby another caretaker picked up Tyler. Squirming around, he tried to wrestle himself free, but he just couldn't get away. It only made matters worse for him as they strapped him down to a changing table as well. Even though his overalls weren't dirty he also had them taken away. When he was changed and put into the new diaper he had mittens and booties put onto his hands and feet. Colby got the same treatment, making both boys unable to do anything about their diapers, even if they could someone break the spell holding the diapers onto their butts. Feeling sad and pitiful the boys resigned to their fate, going back to playing with toys while sitting on the floor. One of the kids came over, poking Colby's diaper. She giggled a bit, continuously poking the boy's poofy diaper. Colby tried yelling at the girl, but the pacifier stuck in his mouth just made his muffled shriek sound funny, causing more laughter to come from the girl. Eventually it was time for lunch. While the little ones were trusted with sippy cups both Colby and Tyler were given baby bottles. Tyler held the bottle in his mitted paws. It was slippery and hard to hold onto, but he felt compelled not to drop it, worrying that someone would hold it to his mouth again and force him to drink. Feeling the pointlessness of resistance he brought the bottle to his lips and sucked it down. He opened his eyes and looked at Colby who was doing the same, suckling from the nipple and filling his tummy. Tyler felt warmth spreading between his legs. He was pissing in his diaper and he didn't even feel it until it was too late. Looking down he saw the white diapers turning a dull shade of yellow. He let out a relieved sigh, knowing there was nothing he could do about it. Colby started to wet himself as well. The boys remained in their soggy diapers for a while. Tyler looked around, wondering if anyone would help him. The caretakers must have trusted these new diapers because they clearly did not think the boys needed to be changed out of them just now. It could have also been because it was getting to be late in the day. Eventually Aunt Susan came to the day care to pick the boys up. She smiled, chatting with the staff while Tyler and Colby just had to wait, sitting on the floor. Colby wanted to say something as he was getting increasingly annoyed with the woman, but for some reason he was unable to find the words. Aunt Susan finally walked up to the boys and lifted them into her arms with ease. Tyler looked surprised. He knew his aunt was strong, but he had no idea she could lift both him and his friend at the same time! She doesn't break a sweat as she carries them the rest of the way to the car. Again the boys start feeling sleepy. The effects of the warm milk took a little longer to knock them out, but soon they are fast asleep in the back seat of the car, strapped to the child safety seats. Colby snapped back awake, feeling a tightness around his body. He moved his feet and realized they were not touching the ground. Looking down he noticed he was in a baby bouncer. He couldn't see his diaper as it was obscured by the bouncer but he didn't feel wet anymore. He figured that Aunt Susan must have changed him while he was sleeping. He yawns a bit and notices he doesn't have his pacifier either. "Oh thank God..." he muttered softly. "You awake now, Colby?" Tyler's voice broke in. Colby looked over, seeing Tyler stuck to a baby swing, rocking back and forth. Just like Colby isn't really able to control his bounciness while in the bounder Tyler can't control how much he gets swung back and forth in the swing. "Okay seriously this time we need to come up with a plan." Colby said, losing his patience over how many times he's had to abandon his escape plans. "Maybe.... maybe we need to pray our way out of this? I mean, I think our prayer got us into this, maybe it can get us out." "That's not going to work." Aunt Susan said as she entered the room. The teddy bears appeared from behind her and rushed to the boys, taking them out of the bouncer and swing and carrying them to the dining room where they are strapped into their high chairs. Colby whined as he was unable to come up with an escape plan. Tyler looked nervous as his Aunt's words were ringing in his ears. What did she mean that it wasn't going to work? After their dinner they get their mouths wiped clean using their little bibs and then they are pulled down from the high chairs by the cuddly teddy bears. The bears were so soft and yet possessed a frightfully strong grip. When they are put into the nursery they are swaddled in their blankets, making their limbs completely unusable. All the boys can do is squirm in their cribs. Susan walked into the room, standing in the doorway with a sly smirk. "You're not going to get away with this!" Tyler whimpered, his cracking teenage voice not sounding very threatening. Before he could get another word out the soft bears held a baby bottle of warm milk to his lips. This milk tasted so much sweeter than last times he had the bottle. He tried to turn to look at Colby who was also being fed when Aunt Susan kneeled down in front of him. She placed her hand on Tyler's blanket covered tummy and started rubbing in circles, settling his tummy as it was coated inside with the warm and sweet milk. Tyler could not fight how sleepy he was getting and fell fast asleep. FRIDAY Tyler woke up slowly in the crib. His swaddled blankets were looser so he stretched his arms and legs. He shuddered as he felt the messy contents of his diaper shifting around. Colby woke up, whimpering softly as he rubbed his mitted hands over his dirty diaper. Tyler frowned, seeing his once daring and confident friend crying like a baby over his poopy pampers. Those dreaded teddy bears marched into the nursery again this morning. They pulled down the bars on the cribs and whipped the boys' blankets off. Without carrying them to the changing table each boy was efficiently cleaned up at their crib, having their diapers torn open and their dirty areas aggressively wiped up. After a messy breakfast getting pancake syrup all over their faces Aunt Susan walks into the kitchen fully dressed again for the day. She pats her hands over her apron as she looks at the two boys. She dampens a wash cloth and wipes their faces clean. The teddy bears giggle and scatter out of the way as Aunt Susan takes over, pulling them out of their high chairs but holding onto them with her strong arms so they don't run off. "We're going on a field trip today, little ones." Aunt Susan said as she got the boys into their car seats, buckling them up. She cinched the straps on Colby's safety seat extra tight. "All your little friends from the daycare will be there!" The car arrives at the zoo and sure enough the boys see vans from the daycare are parked in the parking lot and all the little diaper wearing toddlers are there. Tyler and Colby are for once thankful to be wearing their childish overalls with the snaps around the crotch. At least there's something covering their diapers while they're out in public. Tyler and Colby are let out of the car while the caretakers grabs their hands and hold onto them, making them walk over to the group. Tyler and Colby are taken to the front of the group where they are in the front of two lines, holding hands with little ones behind them. "Okay everyone, just like choo choo trains we're going to hold each other's hands!" Aunt Susan said in a sweet voice. "Tyler and Colby are our little conductors!" The boys are somewhat resentful of how condescending Aunt Susan is being about their arbitrary "conductor" statuses. It's no real position of power at all. As the boys walk through the zoo though it soon dawns on them and none of the adults are holding their hands. Colby gives Tyler a look and both boys realize they can make a break for it now. They let go of the children's hands behind them and run off, hearing the children scream and giggle as they leave them behind. Their screams almost sound like an alarm going off, warning everyone about two escaped prisoners. The boys eventually find a guard standing by the front gates of the zoo. She's wearing some high-waisted pants and has on some aviator shades that cover her eyes. Colby starts frantically explaining to the guard about crazy Aunt Susan and her gang of daycare workers. Tyler gets an uneasy expression on his face as this feels all too familiar any time they've come to an authority figure for help they've been captured again. Tyler tugs on Colby's arm, trying to get him to run off again. "Two little diaper boys are wandering around the zoo without supervision, be advised. They must be returned to the daycare group having their field trip." A voice came over the guard's walkie talkie. The guard smiled and reached for the boys. Tyler tugged Colby's arm harder and he finally got the hint, running away. The boys don't make it very far when other guards at the zoo find them, grabbing them and holding them down to the ground. Tyler looks over at Colby who is crying his eyes out. Tyler can even hear a loud, gushing hiss as Colby soaks his diaper. Tyler feels warmth spreading between his legs as he wets himself as well. It's such a strong current of pee too, wetting completely though the daytime diapers and almost leaking into his overalls. The daycare group finds the boys and Aunt Susan comes to the front, looking furious. She holds her hands on her hips as she glares at the boys. "You gave everyone an awful fright you naughty little boys!" she declared. "Running off like that is very dangerous. What if someone were to kidnap you, or worse?" The irony of Aunt Susan's words was not lost on the two wet boys. Tyler hung his head, whimpering as he was scolded in front of everyone. Aunt Susan stripped them out of their overalls, which was starting to become a common punishment for the boys now. She then attached little puppy harnesses around their midsections so she could pull them along on a leash. Tyler didn't think the indignities could get any worse as he and Colby were lead around on leashes, their wet diapers in full view. Eventually everyone joined together in the food court to have lunch. While the small toddlers were afforded little boosters seats the high chairs were reserved just for Colby and Tyler. The other children were also allowed to have the fun food they were serving at the food court while the boys were forced to eat baby food out of jars. The bottles of milk came next. Colby was shaking his head, dreading taking anymore of the milk. He knew he would just end up falling fast asleep and he would probably use his diaper while sleeping. He couldn't bear for that to happen again! He tried to push the bottle away but it still went into his mouth and he had no choice but to suck it down. Tyler gave no resistance, hoping that maybe he could just sleep through his humiliation. Eventually the boys doze off. Tyler woke up to find himself being pushed around in the stroller. He felt a heaviness in his stomach. He shut his eyes tight, wanting to appear like he was sleeping. He felt the thick poop coming out of him and squishing across the seat of his diaper. He then felt some arms scooping him up out of his stroller and carrying him to the changing table in the middle of the room. "Look at me, Tyler, I know you're awake." Aunt Susan's voice broke the silence. Tyler opened his eyes slowly. He saw Aunt Susan looking at him with a stern expression. He turned to see his friend Colby strapped down to a changing table, sucking on his mitten for comfort, tears rolling down his cheeks. Aunt Susan placed her hand on Tyler's bottom, feeling the lumpy mess he just made. "Oh dear, looks like these babies need a change now!" Aunt Susan said out loud. Tyler heard the sounds of giggling children. He was surrounded with the little ones from the toddler room in the day care as well as some of the older kids that weren't in diapers. Tyler felt his heart racing. There were a couple girls there his own age, which just overwhelmed the boy with abject humiliation. "Jeez, how come these boys poop in their diapers?" One of the cute girls asked, pinching her nose. "Because they're babies." Aunt Susan explained. "They can't help it! They're also bad and fussy little boys that can't be trusted to use a toilet even if they tried. Why Colby over here is a seat sprinkler, and Tyler never wiped his bottom!" "That's not true." Tyler mumbled. "What's that? You want your pacifier?" Aunt Susan smirked. Tyler got quiet as Aunt Susan went to work, opening up the boy's diaper and starting to wipe him down with a cool baby wipe. Colby was being changed at the same time by another one of the caretakers. Hearing the other kids giggle at him as he got his diaper changed, Colby couldn't take it anymore and started to cry. Tyler cringed, feeling so bad for his friend and also just feeling shame by proxy. When their diapers are finally back on and their humiliation is complete they are set back in their strollers wearing nothing but their diapers. The caretakers gently rock the strollers while Aunt Susan speaks softly with some other adults. The other kids at the daycare all poke and prod at the two boys curiously. Colby squirms, still sobbing softly as he gets poked. A caretaker puts a pacifier in his mouth and soon Colby calms down. She shoos the children away so that the boys can get a little rest before their punishment is doled out at home. Back at the house the boys are carried in by the teddy bears and brought to their high chairs for dinner. Aunt Susan just glared at them the entire time they were fed their meal of mushy baby food and warm milk. This time around they are slightly overfed and they can feel their tummies stretching out, getting bigger. Tyler looks down in surprise as his belly sticks out, his t-shirt rising slightly to show it. He tries to pull his shirt down to hide his little round tummy, but it's sticking out too far now. After dinner with their tummies full and their spirits broken the boys are brought to the bathroom. Once again as they are seat in little plastic seats in the tub as the playful bears lather up their paws and scrub them down. Their bottoms have to be cleaned as they've gotten a bit messy since dinner. Tyler looks a little confused. He didn't even feel himself going that time! The wipe-down in the tub was his first indication to him that he messed himself. After their bath the boys get bundled up in their towels and walked into the living room rather than their nursery. A few of the teddy bears have their paws over their mouth in exaggerated concern. A white towel is spread across the floor and the boys are laid down upon it. Their shoulders are held down by the little bear's paws while Aunt Susan comes in holding a hair brush. She kneels down on the floor and grabs Colby by the ankles. He begs with a high pitched "no, please, don't!" Susan ignores his cries and starts swatting Colby's butt and thighs with the flat end of the hair brush. Colby is bawling by now. Tyler groans, feeling like his friend is being a crybaby, but he can't really blame him. It's Tyler's turn and just like Colby he is lifted by the ankles. The starts smacking Tyler's butt with the brush in the same way, sometimes hitting his thighs. Tyler grits his teeth, trying not to cry and give Aunt Susan the satisfaction, but he can't hold out for very long. Eventually he starts bawling, a little pee leaking out of him during the spanking. Now it was obvious why the towel was laid out on the floor. After that humiliating spanking the boys are carried back upstairs by the little teddies. Aunt Susan follows behind, just watching in silence with a stern, disappointed expression. She watches the two boys get placed in nice thick night time diapers while laid out on the changing table. The diapers are so thick they can't even put their legs together. The diapers are then covered by some cloth and finally topped off with a plastic covering. Their legs are almost completely immobile now with the bulk between them. The boys get set into the same crib. A large belt strap is brought across their tummies, keeping them locked in place. They make a pitiful attempt to paw at the belt, but they're strapped in tight and their mitted hands are useless. There was nothing they could do but wait for the walk milk to take effect and send them to sleep right beside each other. SATURDAY When the boys wake up they notice they're no longer strapped into the crib. They move around slightly and realize they're actually outside, right in Aunt Susan's front yard. As their blurred vision comes into focus they can see Aunt Susan standing there at her doorway, looking sad and disappointed. There's still a hint of anger in the way she looks at them and her body language, but she is being reserved. "I'm sorry boys, but you haven't been very well behaved. I've tried everything to get you to be good little boys, but you fought with me every step of the way." Aunt Susan sighed. "I'm afraid you're not welcome here anymore. You need to go home." The little teddy bears appeared from behind Susan, making sad faces and tracing their paws on their faces to mimic tears. "What do you mean? J-just let us back in, we'll be good!" Tyler whimpered. "Go home." Aunt Susan said, shoving a pacifier gag into Tyler's mouth. Tyler was no longer able to protest verbally. Aunt Susan also plugged Colby's mouth with a pacifier. Colby didn't even put up a fight. The walk home was grueling. While the boys still had on socks and shoes it was still several hours of walking while wearing filthy diapers around their waists. Colby sobbed into his pacifier as he had to take the humiliating walk with Tyler back to his house. His dirty diaper was bulging in the back but it unfortunately never got loose for the entire walk. A few girls riding on bikes passed by Colby and Tyler. They circled around the boys, giggling. One of the girls took out her phone and started snapping pictures. Colby put his hands over his face. Tyler didn't know whether to cover his face or his diaper. "You guys sure look big for babies." One of the girls said, snickering. Eventually the girls rode off, but their humiliation was not over yet. For the last hour of their trek as they entered their own neighborhood they had to deal with the laughter of all the kids on their block. They pointed and laughed at the boys. Tyler tried walking a little faster and he felt his mess spreading around even more with each desperate stride he took. Colby darted ahead, walking into Tyler's house first. Tyler noticed that his parent's car was not pulled up yet. As soon as they stepped into Tyler's house the baby clothes were feeling so much looser. Their diapers were practically falling down! Colby ripped the pacifier gag out of his mouth and tugged off the mittens from his hands. Tyler kicked at his booties, loosening them until they came off his feet. Colby and Tyler carried all their baby things, including their loaded diapers, to the trash can. They stuffed everything into the can and gave each other a look. This would just be another one of those things they didn't ever speak of. The rest of the night went much more smoothly. They each took turns taking showers and getting dressed in their "big boy" clothes. Tyler was grateful to be wearing his underwear again. His undies may have been stained in the front and back, but at least they weren't diapers! While their long day winded down the boys sat in the living room watching mindless comedies on the big screen tv and eating pizza. That microwaved pizza never tasted so good. It may have been a crappy frozen pizza from the freezer, but it was a lot better than the mush they were forced to eat all week. Colby leaned on Tyler, starting to fall asleep. It had been such a long week for the boys, and today felt like the longest. Tyler yawned and let himself start to fall asleep too. The boys dozed off on the couch while their silly movies still played on the tv. ~ SUNDAY When Tyler woke up he felt a cold, clammy feeling between his legs. He groaned, figuring he must have pissed himself while sleeping on the couch. He looked down and to his horror he saw he was wearing a diaper. When he bolted to his feet it ended up waking up Colby as well. Colby looked down, seeing he was also just in a diaper and it was soaking wet. He angrily pulled on the diaper and found that it came off easily. He looked confused at first and then relieved as he saw the diapers were not magically attached to him like they were at Aunt Susan's house. Tyler was relieved as well as he also ripped off his wet diaper. As usual the boys don't mention anything to each other about the diapers. The just put on their boxer briefs and get dressed in their church clothes. Even though it seemed like their parents were not back yet they didn't want to risk getting in trouble for skipping church. The boys take a walk to the church and end up arriving halfway through the service. To their surprise both Tyler and Colby's parents are there together, sitting up front. Colby rushed over to hug his mom, feeling like such a wimpy mama's boy, but after the harrowing week with Aunt Susan he was glad to be back with his parents. "Well boys," Tyler's father began, "What happened with Aunt Susan?" Tyler's face went pale as he thought back on the week. So many things happened that seemed impossible. Would his parents even believe him? Colby already started talking though. "Aunt Susan was crazy! She used some kind of magic to put us in diapers and we couldn't take them off!" Colby spoke frantically "And then she had these evil teddy bears that held us down and put us in cribs and stuff! Oh and she also took us to her daycare and made us hang out with a bunch of babies! And we couldn't do anything about it because she's some kind of evil witch with magic powers!" "How dare you! Aunt Susan is a good woman. She's not evil!" Tyler's mom said indignantly. "Colby how could you make up such stories about Susan? And such obvious lies too!" Colby's mother chided him. "Have you learned nothing from going to church?" "I think we need to deal with these naughty little fibbers right now." Tyler's dad said picking up his son. Colby's parents picked him up as well, carrying the boys to the kiddie room in the back of the church. "I didn't even say anything!" Tyler whimpered. The same pretty young lady from last week saw the boys being dragged into the back room. Some of the smaller children looked over curiously while the rest of them just kept on playing or watching Disney cartoons on the tv screen. "Uh oh, did Tyler and Colby do something naughty again?" She asked the parents. "Well they fibbed." Colby's mother said, lying Colby on his back on the table, stripping him out of his Sunday clothes. "And it smells like they wet their bed again and didn't even wash up!" She wrinkled her nose, pulling off Colby's boxers and holding them up to inspect them. Sure enough they were a bit dingy from the boy not washing himself properly. Tyler's boxers weren't very clean either. He cursed himself for not wiping, but he really didn't think his parents would be stripping him naked at church! While the dads hold their boys down, the moms go about wiping them with the baby wipes provided. They then take some of the spare baby diapers, doubling them up to wrap around the boys' waists. The diapers are then covered with plastic diaper covers that Tyler's mom seemed to just have handy. "Mom, please! We're big boys, we don't need diapers!" Tyler begged. The boy's pleas were ignored as both he and Colby were set in a crib. The boys whined, but they were told to go to sleep until church was over. The boys just couldn't sleep though. All they could do is stare up at the turning mobile above them. Colby flinched for a second and then sighed. Tyler could hear the soft hiss of his friend wetting his diaper. Tyler gave in as well, wetting himself. He could feel the warmth spreading out inside of the diaper. After that it felt like time was moving a little quicker and before they knew it their parents came to pick them up out of their crib. Both boys were brought to the back of Tyler's parent's car. They were strapped into child safety seats like the kind Aunt Susan used. Tyler panicked a bit, tugging on the straps of the safety seat. He was nervous all these things were going to start all over again! "Well boys..." Tyler's mom leaned over, looking into the back seat while Tyler's dad drove the car. "I hope you're happy. You're going to be spending your entire summer break at Aunt Susan's daycare. She said you were just too much to handle all on her own and she was very heartbroken to hear that you made up all those fibs about her." "What? But she was the one-" Colby whined. "I heard your prayer last week." Mom went on to say. "You kind of brought this upon yourself. Next time, be careful what you wish for."
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    Tee showered quickly and with trembling hands put on a pullup . Though it still felt like a padding rather than the cotton feeling of a pair of underwear , he was still happy . He looked down a few times while getting dressed to make sure he wasn't dreaming it . He sat down to breakfast . Chris looked at him over his glass of coffee and saw something resembling a smile . Maybe this will be a lot easier than he thought . But then who on earth put him back in diapers 24/7 and why for the love of God ..? Chris suggested a layed back morning tv and such . Tee was watching tv while Chris was sitting on the other sofa answering emails . About 11 o'clock tee started to feel a slight fullness in his bladder . He knew he could hold it back . But for how long he wasn't sure . He pressed his legs together as much as he could . He felt a cold sweat break out on his back . He just got a chance to use try them if he can't even keep them dry now Chris will never give him another chance . He looked over at Chris but he seemed completely absorbed in reading . Tee considered maybe he should try to ask Chris for permission to use the tiolet but till now he was never granted that permission . However this case Chris was the one coming up with the idea so he expected him to use the tiolet. But how should he address him ? Simply Chris ? Dad ..? He never had a dad . He had foster fathers . - amm - Chris didn't react . Tee wasn't sure if Chris didn't hear him or he just ignored him - Chris ? - tee didn't dare to ask louder Chris thought he heard his name called but he was deep into reading about a new role . He lifted his head up to see tee standing infront of him timidly - is something wrong ? - I need to pee - tee said embarrassed Chris looked confused . Does he mean he needs to be taken to the bathroom ? Oh crap ok that complicates things . Yeah this did seem way too easy ... - you need help ? - Chris asked putting down his laptop tee shook his head but shifted his posture indicating his urge for relief was increasing - then ...? - now Chris seemed puzzled - what is it ? - can I go to the tiolet ? - tee asked in a desperate voice - yeah of course go - as tee basically ran off Chris looked after him . He was trying to ask for permission ..? Maybe I should have had a longer talk with him about this whole thing ... Yeah I should have tee returned after a few minutes . Chris heard the water flushing in the tiolet but no running water in the sink . Ok 1 more thing I forgot to go over ... - everything ok ? - yeah - did you wash your hands ? - tee shook his head face going a bit white - go back then and wash your hands - as tee walked back to the room Chris yelled after him - with soap please ! as tee returned Chris called him over - ok 2 things I seemed to forgot - tee looked at him anxiously maybe this is the part where it all blows up and Chris laughs his head off on his expense - if you have to go , number 1 or number 2 you don't have to ask for my permission ok ? Just go to the bathroom . And as you feel you have to go don't try to wait . And wash your hands everytime ok ? Tee nodded . - ok well done - Chris returned to his laptop as tee breath out in relief . Though he was wondering how school would be like but Chris said it was just a try . So he will have to work extra hard to show him he deserves to wear them and he can keep them dry .
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    Thanks for all the terrific and positive comments, they are all greatly appreciated. ######################################### Part 5 There is something about being in a thick diaper. You walk differently. Yes, a waddle of course but something else, the thicker padding causes an amble that makes you feel… ‘toddlersome’. With the extra fabric I sense, with each step, my legs being slightly forced apart, my hips swing more and I have to ‘shake’ every now and then to un-bunch the folds of material. It isn’t a big movement but one that makes me feel, well, makes me feel my diaper is an important part of me. Now I’m getting used to the warm, wet and satisfying feeling of peeing in it… I like it even more. # Auntie Joan was continuing her thoughts about the rooms. “But, for as long as you want and desire your childhood, we have this room as well.” Her hand swept over the improved nursery. “You choose where you want to sleep and how…” My warm diaper had transformed me to a three year-old and my mind wandered. I wriggled in the wet delight and looked over at the piles of diapers at the change station hoping I’d get to wear them all before I had to go back to being a ‘big boy’. The very thought of being anything but what I now was I found frightening. I loved being auntie’s ‘good little boy’, I felt at my most comfortable when I was well-padded and now I’d learned how to have fun, I was in no hurry to return to a school of my peers; Molly, William and the others back at Rainbow were now my peers. I’d only just promised auntie I’d be her ‘little boy’ and now that I was, I would do anything to stay that way. I instinctively knew that she wouldn’t want me to change, that any change would be forced on her by government rules. I just hoped that she would delay the inevitable for as long as possible. I wanted my diaper, I wanted my short shorts, I wanted colourful and juvenile clothes, cartoons, lullabies, mad bursts of energy followed by naps. I wanted to hold hands when we went out, I wanted to know that crying wasn’t seen as a sissy thing to do but what was expected from a child with limited vocabulary. I wanted to be loved as you would and should love a toddler. With Auntie Joan I got that and more… and I wasn’t going to give it up if I could help it. # I was sitting in the bubble-filled bath feeling a bit sad but auntie was kneeling by the side and encouraging me to play with a couple of toy boats she’d added. I half-heartedly sailed them around. “Dean, sweetie, I want you to be a happy little boy for as long as possible.” She squeezed the sponge over my head and the resulting warm cascade was very soothing. “We have to face up to the fact that things change and I want it so… well… it isn’t a trauma when it happens. However, I don’t want my best little boy to worry. It’s going to be a while before any changes happen and…” She stroked my short wet hair and looked me in the eye. “There’s nothing to stop you being a little boy when you come home from big boy school now is there?” She looked at me to see if there was a happy response in my eyes but at that moment I just sighed and shrugged and let auntie continue bathing me. Once finished and dried I was again made ready for bed. The oil she spread over my body, and the obvious pleasure she got from making sure it was thoroughly rubbed in, made me smile. She was doing her best and I was coming round to accepting that we had started on a ‘relationship’ that neither of us really knew where or when it would end. I didn’t like these adult thoughts and I hoped they would be my last, but thankfully auntie was going to be there for whatever happened and more importantly, for whatever I needed. # I bucked up as a shower of baby powder covered my lower half and I could see she had already pre-folded my night time diaper. It had the thick pad in place and she deftly slipped it under my bum, lifted up my legs and adding more powder to my bottom and genitals before taking the huge pins and securing me in. This time she snapped me into a thick pair of bright yellow vinyl pants and pulled an equally bright yellow onesie over my head and snapped that into place. As she ran her finger lightly over my new outfit, one thing was certain, nothing was getting in nor out of my super-secure fortification. “Where is he?” She hid her face behind her hands before quickly reappearing. “There he is.” She was playing the simplest and silliest baby game going and I was giggling. It was a joke because I was laid there in the brightest yellow possible, a beacon of visibility, and no one could have lost me looking like that. She did the same routine a couple more times before I was laughing so much I thought I might pee myself again. Auntie took my hand and helped me to my feet. There it was again, that wonderful, bulky feeling that made me feel so… special. We waddled down stairs together and she sat me on the couch to watch more TV. This time she’d set a DVD going that was really just a parade of childish cartoons, which I loved, because I remembered that a couple of the kids back at Rainbow were wearing some of these characters on their clothes and I didn’t know who they were. # Auntie went off to the kitchen to get some snacks and I settled on my tummy in front of the screen to enjoy what was happening. My bulky front making me wriggle to get comfortable, I could only imagine what I looked like from behind but I knew auntie (and I) would both approve. She was away about ten minutes but when she returned gone were the cookies and Sippy cup I’d expected, instead was warm milk in a baby’s bottle. Auntie settled on the sofa and then patted the space by her side inviting me to join. I crawled into the crook and she immediately hugged me then turned so that I was on my back but facing her. She hadn’t said anything, just smiled and waited for me to decide if this was something I wanted. I wasn’t sure but I knew it was something else auntie had decided I needed so happily complied. The rubber teat slipped between my lips with ease. Once she was sure I was comfy she tipped the bottle up and let me feed, sucking it down in a rhythm I didn’t know I had (perhaps it’s a natural bodily response to a nipple that never really leaves you). The drink was warm banana and vanilla flavoured milk and wonderful to taste as it slipped gratifyingly down my throat. As she held me close I could feel the warmth of her body radiating the love I so craved. I snuggled deeper into that embrace and as I sucked I felt both small and soothed. There was nothing about this process that I didn’t find enjoyable, especially as she patted and rubbed my padding in time to the rhythm of my nursing. The cartoon on the television was still going but auntie had reduced the sound and hummed a little tune as I finished the milk. I was so relaxed I was almost asleep but auntie still held and gently rocked me as I dozed. Her fingers were softly making patterns on my tummy and occasionally she’d pat out a tempo on my vinyl protection. # I’d dozed so much and come round again that I had no idea of the time as she led me up to my room. This time she drew back the cover on the new bed and invited me to climb in. I really wanted to get into the other, I liked the feeling of security and childishness that the rails offered but, I couldn’t deny it, the new bed, with my choice of covers (colourful cartoon animals) was equally welcoming. I was reluctant of this change at first but climbed in anyway and was immediately engulfed in the new, clean and fresh linen. My bare legs felt the novelty of new sheets and a shiver of cool pleasure ran through my body. She pulled the covers up to my chin and kissed me goodnight. I wondered where my teddy was but auntie just laid the pale blue fleecy blanket I’d chosen in the shop next to my head. Its soft fluffiness tickled my cheek so pulled it in and hugged the fuzzy material close. I can’t explain how wonderful and calming it felt but my mind was suddenly empty of all those earlier awful and worrying thoughts. Now, as I slipped into dreamland, I had never been more snug, cosy or secure. # My tummy was full, my brain was empty and I was in the most wonderful place when auntie turned off the light and wished me “sweet dreams”. I snuggled up to my security blanket and for some reason my thumb found its way between my lips. I suppose the baby’s bottle earlier had got me thinking of sucking on something but I wasn’t even thinking of a reason as I happily suckled my own digit. I woke up late in the night and could barely make out anything in the room. There was hardly any light coming in through the window and auntie had not fitted a nightlight, which I thought I might mention at some point. There were only vague shadows being cast and I could make out the bulky contours of the closet. Strangely, there was one part of the room that did catch what little light there was and I could see the outline of my plastic pants hung on the rail above the changing table. Oddly enough I must have found this reassuring because I soon closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep. However, this time my dream was very different. # Neither auntie or uncle, or mom or dad, made an appearance; instead I was in the woods where I was playing with a green beaver (like the one on my covers). We’d been chasing each other, along with a red deer and purple bird, all over the place; in and out of the dappled leafy glades, through the bracken, over grassy hills and back to the ultra-blue meandering river. However, one of the little streams that flowed into the river was blocked by logs. The beaver said he hadn’t done it but was admiring the natural dam that had clogged its course. Unfortunately, further downstream, the water flow had stopped and large orange fish were distressingly flapping around in the tiny puddles that were left. We knew we had to do something to save them so we all pulled and pushed at the woody obstruction. The beaver was gnawing as quickly as he could, the bird was fluttering around hoping to dislodge any twigs with the beat of its wings, whilst I was straining as I took hold of a large log that seemed stuck and to be causing most of the trouble. I was sweating from the effort. I pulled and pushed, gripped and tugged, twisted and turned and eventually, with a huge, straining heave, I could feel the entire structure begin to give way. Soon the water began to trickle through the gap we’d made, which was rapidly followed by the entire dam disintegrating, releasing the water, the woody obstruction being forced apart and swiftly turning the empty stream into a raging torrent. I suddenly woke up pleased with the success of the mission. The morning sun was already beating at the blinds trying to get in and I was lying in… in… Oh God… what had I done? # The feeling of accomplishment was fleeting as I realised just what had happened. I was in shock. I could smell, as well as feel, the mess that was occupying my night time protection and I didn’t know what to do. I was stunned that my body should betray me in such a way but I had no idea how to deal with it. I didn’t dare move in case I made matters worse. I didn’t dare look in case I’d made a mess all over my new pristine sheets, I was completely horror struck that I’d done something that I couldn’t remember ever having done before. I’m sure as a child it happened but it wasn’t something I recalled but at that moment, I was as helpless as a new-born baby. As I lay there wondering if I should try and waddle to the bathroom auntie bowled in with her usual morning enthusiasm. “Morning sweet…” She obviously detected something was wrong as she pulled back the blinds and opened the window. Even a wonderful sunny Kansas morning couldn’t help the situation. She returned to my bedside and looked down as I squirmed in my shame. “Has my little Poppet had a bit of an accident?” There was no anger in her voice just a question that obviously needed no response from me. She pulled back the covers to reveal my yellow onesie and my burgeoning diaper. I felt guilty, ashamed and scared of my own body. How could it do this? # Auntie was of course immediately reassuring. “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll soon have my little chick,” I think she was jokingly referring to my extreme yellow outfit, “all clean and spruced up.” She helped me from my bed. I tentatively moved, desperate not to dislodge anything that was trapped in my diaper, and was relieved to see my plastic protection hadn’t leaked. Auntie guided me over to the new, reinforced and larger padded plastic changing area and had me lay out. I kept saying how sorry I was but she just smiled and got on with the clean-up. She cautiously released the onesie and the vinyl pants snaps, which revealed the fabric diaper looking like it had been through several muddy puddles. It was discoloured and I closed my eyes trying not to think of the horror I supposed was waiting for auntie once she unpinned the soggy thing. “OK Poppet everything is alright. Don’t worry, auntie will see to it.” Her reassurance was constant but the guilt hung heavily, like my diaper. “It’s natural sweetheart. Don’t be upset, even good boys have accidents so don’t let it worry you. I’ll soon have you looking as cute as always.” # The stench was overpowering to me but auntie just rolled up the offending article and put it straight into the waiting pail. Thankfully, the change station was well-equipped for such emergencies and a huge carton of wet wipes suddenly became the centre of my world as she slowly swabbed the mess from my nether region. The damp, menthol-smelling wipes were cool to my skin so came as a bit of a shock as she applied the first one. She could see I was on the verge of tears so her encouragement was most welcome. I’d always assumed that I wouldn’t ever fill my diaper in such a way, that I would be able to control that particular side of my bodily function, but now? The fact it was of no concern to auntie and that, judging by her words and tone, it was just something little boys do, made me less anxious. However, I didn’t really want to watch so closed my eyes and let her get on with what she had to do. She was of course incredibly thorough, bringing in a bowl of warm water and cloth to re-mop the entire area. With all the products and supplies she needed now at a more accessible height; I was daubed in more protecting cream and covered in powder. She then grabbed a couple of disposables and taped me in before finding a large pair of opaque plastic pants to drag over it all. She went to the closet and pulled out a pink and blue onesie that had an aeroplane on the front, which snapped neatly between my legs holding the bulky structure tightly together. Then she shuffled up a pair of very loose, elasticated denim style shorts to finish. It wasn’t as smart as yesterday’s outfit but looked more playful and I suppose, juvenile but I still felt happy wearing it. Despite the horror that had been in my diaper, it had only taken auntie a few minutes to clean me up, get me dressed and ready for my day at Rainbow. I inspected my new outfit in the mirror and thought how much more I looked the part and hoped I’d fit in better now I appeared more infantile. # By 7.30am I was already crawling around with Simon and Kate, two four year-olds, who wanted me to join them, because of the plane on my chest, to make an airport. There were a number of different sized toy planes, some you just pushed but others that made a noise and worked with a clockwork engine. We had a long runway that we swept the planes up and down, taking off and landing and asking permission from the Lego control tower when we could take our turn. It was great fun but, as more kids arrived, our noisy, busy runway got shorter and shorter so in the end we abandoned that and went to play with some toy cars in the corner where a garage was set. The day followed the same pattern as the day before but was completely different. I made other friends and we played different games together. We coloured in, we built, we ran around, we listened to stories, we got checked, we got changed and we napped. We laughed, we cried (well I didn’t but some did) we hugged and we pretended, we pretended we were grown up, which was… fun. At one point I was growling like a lion and chasing around after a group of other kids pretending to be very savage and attempting to eat them for my dinner. The kids were screaming in delight as I was on all-fours chasing and roaring my complete fiercest when almost five year-old Deborah came up to me, spanked me hard on my padded bottom and said very loudly. “Naughty kitty, you’re scaring Julie.” I was so surprised by this intervention that I sat back on my haunches and felt thoroughly chastised by this girl. Julie was indeed looking a bit scared but all the others were laughing and liked me chasing them around but Deborah was having none of it. “Stop scaring people.” She wagged her finger and though I wasn’t going to cry, she seemed so grown up in her attitude that I did feel ashamed and thought if I didn’t stop she was going to spank me again as punishment. That authority came from the fact that she didn’t wear a diaper. She was confident and potty trained, and we ‘little babies,’ still wearing our thick protection, felt she must know best. In fact she was very proud of the fact she was toilet trained. Like all the kids at Rainbow, because of the heat, we wore as little as possible. Her pretty little flowery dress was short, so every time she spun or bent over or just played in general, everyone could see the lack of a diaper and her silky matching little panties. She wasn’t a bully, in fact she seemed to see it as her job to look out for the younger, easily scared or upset members of the group and make it right for them. She was helpful and considerate and the staff liked her because of her empathy with other kids. As I reeled back under her wagging finger I could feel my body try and retreat into itself and without any help from me, I wet myself. The other kids I’d been chasing obviously thought the same of Deborah as I did because they immediately settled down under her stern words and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to let go a fearful pee. My diaper wasn’t checked again so I had a heavy load to carry with me all the way home. # to be continued...
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    5. I sit gingerly down on the couch. My Momma-ass spreads wider than I’d like as I sit. The tape and hook/loop tabs of the child’s diaper dig into my hips as my shape changes. Nothing pops loose, nor do I hear the sound of the hook and loop pulling free. I smile to myself and wiggle my butt a bit against the couch. I'm rewarded with the lovely crinkle that accompanies the cover of my diaper. I also hear a hook or two pop loose as I played, but the tapes don’t come off. I press my hand tightly into my hips reseating the tapes. I end up sitting out there with my panties on the floor in front of the couch wearing only my nightgown and socks. After a few moments, my head clears up and another teasing thought occurs to me. I’ve never been this forward or aggressive with my own desires. My husband is a young virile man. I’ve always been the bottleneck in our love making not the catalyst. Allen is ALWAYS ready. I smile to myself standing up and picking up my panties with my toes. I toss them in my bedroom on the floor in front of the bathroom door. I bait my trap with the best cheese a married mouse has, my vagina! I know I want to wear a better fitting diaper, and I’d be petrified of my sudden crashing desire for them if Allen hadn’t been so turned on by this situation. Instead, I giggle excited like it was my first time walking back to the living room. Something about these diapers appeals to me. Uncharacteristically, I don’t find myself overanalyzing things. I realize that my anxious nature seems pacified for the moment, and I try to just relax and enjoy it like Allen is always telling me too. I’m a whole hog kind of girl. Once I decide I’m into something, I do jump in the deep end with gusto. I mean, I seriously have 3D renderings of my aquarium, sump, stand, and cabinetry that we made. Hell, I had to learn Google Sketchup to build and test everything which is a whole different obsession that grew from the simple idea of keeping fish and coral. Holy Crap! If I don’t get a handle on these new impulses I’m going to end up throwing my whole damn pantie drawer away! I’d end up filling my closet drawers with diapers! The thought just causes me to smile and wiggle my ass instead of freaking out and nibbling my finger nails like I normally would have. Running around my living room carefree and diapered is another new liberating experience for me. Allen comes in the living room in his boxers and just stops to stare at me. I’m dancing around to the music in my head and smiling to the world about my unconventional underwear. He sneaks up on me and glues himself to my backside. He’s clearly still excited from seeing me earlier. I feel a flush of heat realizing that I’m standing there in my diaper in front of him, even if he doesn’t know. I can feel the evidence of that excitement even through my padding. Just when I think my level of arousal can’t elevate, he finds a way to do it again. I can’t wait for him to discover my new… packaging. Suddenly, I’m a woman possessed. A wild thing growls out from my throat as I grind backward into my husband. I bend down to the coffee table and start my sexy Pandora station. Allen and my diaper are really pushing all my buttons. I can hear the diaper crinkle with every gyration I make. I swing my hips in time with the beat of the music teasing both of us. I feel like I’m on the edge of every nerve in my body. It’s fantastic. I feel sexy. I feel seductive, and my poor husband doesn’t even know what has overcome my normally docile demeanor. I crack a smile, Diapers are making me more bold. How screwy is that!?! Allen reaches down above my panty line and starts to inch my nightgown up my legs. He continues to wad the fabric up in his hands. I swear the crinkle seem to grow louder every centimeter the gown rises. “Suddenly, I'm all hot Hon. Just take it off me, and let's go to our room.” Me.“Your wish is my command my lady.” Allen carries on playfully. I wiggle out of my less than sexy nightgown as I turn to face him. He pulls the top over my head slowly exposing my breasts, but not the diaper. I’m too close to him for him to see it yet. I pull him into a hungry kiss continuing to distract him. I grind against his leg marveling at his muscular thighs and how they feel beneath the padding on my crotch. “Take me to bed lover.” I purr into his mouth. I think he grunts but I'm not sure. I crawl up him straddling his stomach and locking my legs around his waist. We continue to make out as I cling to him like a baby monkey. We make the night rounds shutting off lights and locking up the house in fits of amorous laughter noy breaking the long kiss. “Get me a water honey.” I growl into his mouth still undetected. Allen redirects us to the kitchen, and I grab a bottle of water as we pass by killing the kitchen lights. Suddenly, one of Allen’s skillet sized hands cups my diapered ass easily encompassing an entire cheek. He presses my pelvis against his fluffy abs, and redoubles his affections on my neck. “Oh my god.” His gravelly voice pours into my ear as he finally comprehends my diapered state. “Same one?” Allen took his turn growling.“Nope. I’m crinkly, dry, and clean.” I manage in return biting at his ear.“You put on a new one for me?” He rumbles.“I think I put it on for both of us.” I admit feeling the blush on my skin from head to toe. Allen’s other hand leaves my back and directly grabs my diaper covered tushie. All the way to the bedroom, Allen runs his hands over my new underwear. He traces every edge he can get to playing with the elastic around my legs and waist. I start to slide down my husband when as enter the bedroom, but I stop when I feel his excitement pressing against my padded kitty. If ever there is a time for a human to purr it is right fucking now! I do my best giving him a human purr against his hairy chest. Allen pulls me back up and kisses my mouth like he had before we got married. If I had any doubts, any at all, that kiss removes them. He’s totally into this! We aren’t a kinky couple, but it seems we’ve have stumbled on something a bit off of center. This whole thing is driving me wild and I’m dripping with excitement. It feels like it’s driving him wild too. We have a thing! I think smiling into Allen’s aggressive kisses. Abruptly, I’m flying through the air. I laugh arching through space grunting on impact. I hit our bed a giggly umph. A fit of laughs assault me as my large husband crawls up the bed between my legs and re-tapes my diaper where it had popped loose. It’s heavenly and I make noises to let him know I approve. Allen rises up on his knees taking in my mostly naked visage. My flushed chest heaves with the rush of excitement. I’m not the teenager I was a few years ago, and seeing that look in his eye is the most flattering thing in the world. I find myself waiting patiently for something. I just don’t know what yet. “Babe, I swear you in this diaper is the hottest thing I have ever seen.” He tells me jumping up from the bed. He grabs his phone from the nightstand where he’d left it while he showered. If Allen has a weird thing, it’s how often the man showers. Meh, we all have something! He smiles at me and nods toward his phone. Allen travels for work occasionally. I have always allowed him to take pictures of me. He keeps them on a password protected website that we both have access too, but I administrate. He’s not supposed to be able to get the pictures off there, but I trust him so I don’t lose sleep over whether he can or not. They aren’t on his phone for his buddies or employees to stumble across, and I can access it and remove the stuff I don’t like or change the password at will which I do frequently. I setup the account so that if he ever leaves me he can’t reset the password. I know he could probably get around the no download settings and save them, but I trusted him enough to marry him so... I tug the sheet across my midsection to cover my tummy. I partially obscure my chest and diaper, but this is my permission to his request to take pictures. He just smiles and starts clicking away. He poses me and snaps pictures until we can’t take it anymore. I guess he’s afraid he’ll never see me this way again and wanted the record the night for his personal time or when he was away. I don’t mind, better me than someone else as his fapping material. It always makes a girl feel powerful to turn her man on. I’d go in and crop my face out of these pictures later anyway, but for right now I get even more excited thinking about him stroking himself looking at these pictures. After what seems like forever, Allen finally touches me. I’ve been in a wanton state for so long that my little diaper is literally damp, but not because of any traffic related accidents this time. I wet this one with anticipation. He puts the phone down and crawls up in the bed to lie beside me. His hands and mouth wander everywhere. I fall in love with the sound and feel of the diaper as he plays with me. The feeling inside my diaper as he runs his fingers along the outside of the leg gathers is amazing! It is the most tantalizing thing I have ever experienced. I feel like a teenager again getting felt up for the very first time. This feeling of renewed sexuality is driving me nuts. “Time to unwrap my pretty princess.” Allen says breathlessly. Then I remember that I have another surprise waiting for him. I’m totally shaven for the first time in like four years. Depending on how he reacts, I intend to stay shaved for a good long while! It feels terrific in my diaper. “Holy Shit! Just when I thought this couldn’t get any better.” Allen looks at me lustfully and amazed. His camera is instantly in his hands again, and he is clicking away at my shaven crotch resting in my opened diaper. My hips involuntarily grind against the open air in excitement. “Take me Allen.” I insist reaching my limit. He leaves the diaper under me and assaults my kitty. After bringing me off a few times orally, Allen takes me with an animal passion. The diaper lies forgotten on the floor by the side of our bed. When we finish and roll over to our backs panting and staring at the ceiling, I decide I rather enjoy the reaction my unconventional underwear sparks in my man. That thought brings a big smile to my face.
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    Today is my birthday!!!! 26 years old <3 <3
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    Part 4 Monday morning and I was nervous. It was to be my first day at Rainbow Rooms and, as Auntie had pointed out the day before; I would be treated just like all the other kids. I would dress the same, I would eat the same, I’d play the same and I would nap when told to. I was not going to get any special privileges except, at the end of the day, I’d be returning home with auntie. # We’d spent an awful lot of Sunday chatting and I discovered a great deal about my parents that I never knew. Like, for instance, they had met at university and both had been Math Majors, apparently, they fell for each other over a discussion on Calculous. This meant nothing to me accept auntie informed me that they married early and tried, as soon as Uni finished, having a family. Alas, they were thwarted in their efforts and ended up immersing themselves in their careers, which were both spiralling to greatness in their chosen fields. As it turned out, dad became a government analyst, whilst mother was headhunted for her code-breaking research, so both ended up working in the same ‘state’ department in the capital. Both mom and dad stopped discussing their work with family and were often away on special assignments around the globe. Then, as an unexpected career-ender, I came on the scene. I was such a surprise that mom never even knew she was expecting until two months before I arrived. To say I was a shock to my parents system was a bit of an understatement and although they appeared on the surface to be incredibly happy at this ‘wonderful’ event, I arrived at the wrong time in their lives. According to auntie both of them tried to be good parents but such were the demands on them and their specialised knowledge, they shoved me off for others to look after. “Your parents were both incredibly clever,” she said this as if, in some way, she was proud of their achievements. “Alas, I’m afraid their parenting skills had left them completely by the time you were almost out of diapers. However, they wanted what they thought was best for you, even if they couldn’t actually be there to make it happen, so… you were handed over to people they thought could bring you up better.” I wanted to interrupt. I wanted desperately to ask why she hadn’t taken me in; I never gave it any thought that perhaps she had her own ambitions that didn’t include me. “Education, learning, achieving… these were your father’s edicts on life in general.” She looked a bit sorrowful at me and to be honest I was feeling more than a bit sorry for myself as she continued. “What it was like to be a parent completely passed them by… and to be honest, from the little we could glean from their hectic lives, the government needed their abilities more and more. So, they sent you off to where they thought you’d be best educated and I presume, because of their increasingly important work, safe.” I know auntie wasn’t trying to be unkind but I felt like I was a burden to my parents and found that upsetting. Knowing I was the problem and not my illustrious parents was not what a thirteen year-old boy can quite grasp and I was feeling very sick in my stomach at the thought. I felt hopeless, useless and I wept not knowing what or who the tears were for, my head found it hard to cope. That Sunday was a complete and utter revelation. However, as I listened (and sobbed) at least I gained more info about my parents in those few hours than I had in the rest of my life. # She also showed me photographs of her and my Uncle Bill, who I didn’t remember at all, and the glass trophy they had won for their dancing. Apparently they had met twenty years ago just as auntie was building The Rainbow Rooms Nursery. He had been an odd-job man and there to put the finishing touches to the building; painting, plastering, doing any of the little bits of carpentry that were left. She had been entranced by his easy going and affable nature, the fact that he looked great in his overalls also had a big say in her pursuing him. They had struck up a conversation, found they both enjoyed dancing and in what appeared to have been a whirlwind romance, were married within six-months. He continued his odd-job work, she saw her nursery flourish, which he thought was amazing as he loved children as much as his wife, and they lived happily ever after. Well not quite. It was strange as I looked in her album and saw all the happy photos of this rather handsome man I felt I’d missed out on so much again. What would it have been like to have a family, a family who loved me, a family who was there? My eyes filled up and I began to softly weep, which set auntie off and between us we hugged each other in comfort. However, every time auntie patted my padded bottom I knew all was now well and I was secure; the soft rustling of my plastic pants a gentle reminder of that rather basic fact. # At around 6.30am auntie had come into the nursery to wake me up for my first real Rainbow day. My night had been filled with confusing dreams of my parents, except Auntie Joan and Uncle Bill were them, my real mom and dad were just passing people who appeared to have very little to do with me… apart from wave from a distance. I know at one point I got pretty anxious and shrieked out because I noted that in the morning I was hugging a teddy bear, which hadn’t been with me at the start of the night. It was extraordinary, after I’d screamed, although I can’t remember if it was in fear for something to do with me or terror about someone else, a voice calmed me, telling me everything was going to alright, not to worry and go back to sleep. In my dream a teddy was placed in my outstretched arms and I loved the feel of his soft fur against my skin. The effect was instant. Everything was just as the disembodied voice had said, I was snuggly and relaxed and had my teddy for security. “How is my best little boy this morning?” She beamed as she moved around, dropped down the rails and pulled back my duvet. I was grinning in happiness at being called her ‘best little boy’. All this sweet talk and cheeriness was having an impact on the way I woke up; excited and in high spirits. “I see my little boy had a fright in the night,” she felt down my diaper, “let’s get you washed and changed as you have a big new day today.” # The fact that my thick night time fabric diaper was absolutely sodden was taken for granted - no big deal because the rest of the bed was bone dry. Although when at school I had wet the bed only occasionally, since the funeral it had become a nightly thing. I was grateful for the nappy, I didn’t like waking up to a soaked bed and it made me feel better knowing I hadn’t wet anything other than myself. She popped the studs on the onesie, pulled off my plastic protection and unpinned the diaper, helped me out of bed and patted my bottom towards the bathroom. “Everything thoroughly washed and dried,” she said ruffling my short hair and gently slapping my bum once more in fun. I was naked and toddled off to shower myself for what promised to be the start of an exhilarating day. Showering appeared to be the only grown up act that I was allowed to do for myself because when I returned, everything was laid out and ready for the day ahead. Auntie inspected that I was dry and wiped any areas that I’d missed. She oiled and lotioned my entire body making sure that no rash or roughness had appeared on my delicate, newly exfoliated skin. Once again my penis began to get engorged but auntie quickly powdered and applied a very thick soaker pad to my fresh clean disposable and taped it into place. This made access to my genitals almost impossible so I wouldn’t be seeking relief anytime soon. This time the diaper was covered in a pair of white rubber pants that gripped the top of my legs and waist tightly but added a slick, shiny look to my outfit. I had loved the nursery print pants I’d worn previously, and when we were alone I hoped to do so again, but I was glad that auntie had gone with a more neutral, if bulkier, look for my first day. She’d found a loose fitting blue and green striped t-shirt from one of my unopened crates in the other bedroom and a pair of elasticated shorts, which hung loosely around my hips, from somewhere else. They didn’t hide my protection but at least they didn’t emphasise it either. I slipped into a pair of blue trainers to complete the first day in my ‘Rainbow Rooms Nursery Collection’. # I knew that Rainbow operated from 7.30am to 4.00pm and as it was now 7.35 realised that she was letting a few more of the usual kids get there first before I was introduced to them all. She had called Julie, her No. 2, the day before to explain that I’d be attending and that we’d be in about 8am. She also told her my age but said that owing to the tragedy that had recently befallen me, I was really not able to deal with any situation a boy my age would normally be expected to be able to cope with. This gave her the perfect excuse to introduce me to the other children as someone who was just like them, the staff already being pre-informed of my ‘problem’. As I finished my breakfast cereal auntie was on the phone making arrangements for later that day. “Hello Gordon.” She listened for the reply. “Yes it is… pause… Yes I’m back… pause… I have some jobs for you and Colin if you are available?” She walked through to the den to finish her call and I could no longer hear what was being said. However, I’d found a new thing to occupy myself with; my slippery bottom and loose fitting shorts made an ideal padded, rustling sound as I slid against the chair. It felt funny, and sounded funny, and I was really quite absorbed in the strange sensations it created as I wriggled more and more in my seat. I was enjoying the completely silly experience of being silly and making a noise just because I found it entertaining. I didn’t realise that auntie had finished her call and was smiling as I bounced around making strange noises thanks to my padded bottom, rubber pants and slippery chair. # As we walked the short distance from the house to the nursery (auntie had told me she liked that term better than kindergarten or crèche) I was nervous. Nervous of being out where people could see me dressed as I was, happy that I was dressed as I was, loving the warm morning air as it swirled around my bare legs and incredibly happy that I was holding auntie’s hand as she led me into the reception area of her business. All the small faces looked up for a few seconds and then got back to whatever they were doing. Obviously, seeing a taller toddler around the place was nothing new but the staff was quick to welcome me and feel part of the session. Auntie had advised me to take my time to get involved. She pointed out that as a thirteen year-old my language skills were way ahead of the toddlers so, to listen and get their speech patterns, listen to how they describe or ask for things and then do things at their level, otherwise she said laughing, “They’ll think you’re just another member of staff.” As usual, auntie made sense and I watched for a while. All the staff were engrossed with the children; there were four under 12 months, babies really, but the rest were from two and a half up to five years old. It was fascinating watching what they did and how they went about it but Molly and William came and grabbed me and wanted to play - they were sort of the toddler welcoming committee. # I got down on all-fours and followed them to a play area which had huge cubes and shapes made out of colourful plastic backed foam. We set about creating a building of some description (and to Molly’s design) and had a great deal of fun watching the towers we built fall on top of us. There was a lot of laughter and squealing with delight involved. My shorts rode up over the glossy white cushioned diaper so it could be clearly seen by anyone who might be interested I was just as padded as some of the other kids. Actually, there were about half who looked protected and others who’d made the grade to potty training, so wore normal underwear. However, Molly and William and a couple more of their friends were definitely like me because at one point I had two of them sitting on my tummy, another balancing on my knees and Molly’s little padded bottom wriggling on my head. I’m not sure how to describe the sensation of having a plastic clad, damp and diapered little bum rubbing itself, with not a care in the world, into your face but it was quite overwhelming. The other diapered kids were equally unrestrained as they bound around and bounced up and down on my own well-protected and padded groin. Occasionally one of the staff might ask if one of the boy’s or girl’s particularly droopy nappy (that’s my English education coming out again - ‘nappy’?) might need changing and if so, they were whisked over to the diaper station and quickly attended to. # Well into the morning and I was having fun. We stopped and sat around in a circle having milk and cookies whilst one of the interns, a pretty girl of about seventeen, read us all a story. Some of the kids drank their milk from Sippy cups or a baby’s bottle; although some were more than keen to show off they were grown up and didn’t need such childish things. I was given a Sippy cup like Molly and William for my milk and I couldn’t have been happier. The cookies were sweet, crumbly and definitely yummy. My nappy was damp but I didn’t know if it was from sweating with all the running about or, if in my excitement, I’d let loose a flow. However, when a hand pulled at my shorts and felt down the front, I was led off by one of the main staff to be changed. I wondered if auntie would come and sort me out but it was left to the hand-owner to strip me down, wipe me clean, spread some cream around, powder and eventually slip me into a fresh clean disposable then back into my white rubber pants. She then smiled, patted my dry padded bottom and said I could go back to play with my friends. # It was amazing! I wasn’t treated any differently to the other diaper wearing pre-schoolers. I was worried that my ‘emotions’ would mean I’d have a difficult time containing my excitement and that my de-pubed genitals might react. However, they were ignored, pushed to one side and the job of making sure I was sanitary and tidy was the obvious priority… it was almost as if I didn’t have a penis at all. When diapered, and the bulge in my shorts seemed to accentuate my groin, I loved the fact that it didn’t allow access. Despite the fact that all this protection had become a major influence on my moment to moment existence, the potty was definitely out of the question and all my instinctive actions were that I could and should use my nappy. The urges that normally lingered ‘down below’, were of little to no importance. # Screaming in delight as we ran around the garden (I on all fours), flitting from one shaded area to the next, all of us in bare feet enjoying the tickle of grass between our toes, we spoke in very childish terms. They asked how old I was but I said I didn’t know though hoped I was the same age as them as they were my new friends. They liked that answer because both William and Thomas cuddled me. These little padded kiddies, with no ulterior motive, hugged and patted me as if I was a new found pet and that was simply wonderful. I felt accepted, so when Molly, Elizabeth and Corey, with whom I’d also been playing did the same… I was in my element. Most of the nappy wearers smelled slightly of pee and poo and I wondered how long before I did… or did I already? # After lunch, ‘quiet time’ was announced so we all toddled to a little mat and lay out. It was too hot to need a blanket but I thought no one would be able to fall asleep after such an exciting morning. I was wrong. Not only did the blinds at the windows make the room nice and dark, there was a lilting piece of atmospheric music gently playing in the background, which appeared to push all other thoughts from the mind and let you quickly settle down. To my complete surprise I woke up with all the others about 45 minutes later. My other surprise, I was completely soaked and joined the queue to be changed. This time it was one of the interns, a nice, softly spoken Irish girl called Gwen who had the honour of cleaning me up. She, like the rest of the staff, was quick and efficient and I was soon back, lying on my tummy crayoning with a few other kids. Normally I’m reasonably OK with art projects but on this occasion I let Molly and another quietly spoken and nervous-looking girl called Beatrice help me choose each colour I should use. Beatrice was wearing a cute little tutu style dress with her thick padding in matching pink plastic heavily on show. She decided to sit on my padded bottom to watch what I did and make noises of approval; well I hoped that’s what they were. Eventually she got up and wondered round to my head and I could see her diaper was hanging even more heavily than before and she had more than a faint odour of poo. Two seconds later and Doreen, one of the main staff, saw he sagging diaper and whisked her off with a smile and jolly words about being a lovely princess who should meet the ‘diaper fairy’. # Four pm came around far too quickly. Parents started to arrive and collect their offspring and there was a lot of chatting and discussion about… well… what do parents talk about? For once, I wasn’t really all that interested. It could have been about the cost of living, some political furore or me, I just did not care. I’d spent the best part of the day in nothing but play and I felt brilliant. I was only saddened that it had come to an end so soon but that feeling of despair soon was turned into one of elation as I realised that I’d be doing it all over again the following day. Being a tot was certainly a lot of highs and lows in pretty quick succession but I loved it. I’d played, made new friends, been changed, made more new friends, screamed, squealed, charged around, napped, ate and wet myself and I wanted more of it all. As a thirteen (almost fourteen) year-old this was absolutely the most fun I’d ever had and it topped my computer games as a way of entertainment, like a million to one. Other than at the start of the morning I hadn’t seen much of auntie. I suppose she was busy organising, arranging and doing what principals do but I know she kept an eye on everything that was happening. When a little later, after all the other kids had been picked up and she offered me her hand saying, “Let’s go”, I felt like I’d just had the best day of my life and I couldn’t stop squeezing her hand and thanking her for giving me so much. # Once we arrived back at 46 Glendew Lane I could see a young man just packing up a truck, it had GorCol Services written on the side and in script underneath, No job too small. “Good afternoon Mrs Marsden, hope your day was fine?” “Yes, thank you Gordon, hope all the little jobs weren’t too much for you and Colin?” She asked with a smile. “No ma-am, we can come back tomorrow to give it all another coat of paint… if that’s OK with you… meanwhile, I think Colin is just finishing off upstairs. He’ll be down in a minute.” “Fantastic, you boys certainly work hard… and fast, tomorrow will be fine but…” and she pushed me forward to meet this tall, blond-haired twenty something man, “this is Dean my nephew, and the reason for all the changes, he’ll be living here from now on.” He reached out his large firm hand. “Pleased to meet you Dean, your aunt is a fine lady…” Whilst holding on to my rather juvenile handshake he looked me up and down, obviously taking in my bulky diaper and childish clothes. For the first time that day I felt uneasy under his gaze and wanted to hide just what I was wearing. “…seems like you’ll fit in just fine around here.” The smile was one of shear friendliness and my initial reserves disappeared as an equally good-looking young man joined him in his greeting. Gordon introduced him. “Dean, this is my brother Colin.” He also shook my hand and nodded an acknowledgement but I could see he was as reticent as I was on this first meeting. They climbed into the cab of their truck and, waving to us both, said they would be back in the morning to finish things off. “Come inside,” auntie said, “I’ll tell you who they are over some food … you must be famished… you’ve never stopped all day. # “Gordon and Colin Hudson were two boys your Uncle Bill took under his wing when they were kids.” I munched down on the pie auntie had supplied, fresh from the oven, together with mashed potatoes and veg. I don’t know how she knew it but had also made thick onion gravy, which I got a taste for back in the UK. I was half expecting to be eating baby food but this was wonderful and in between mouthfuls, she continued with whom these men were and what they did. “They were just ten and eleven year-old, Gordon being the eldest, when they came to Bill’s attention as a couple of hooligans. Their parents had split up, dad was a drunk and they were left to fend for themselves.” I continued tucking into my meal as she smiled at the memory. “Somewhere in the course of their loutish behaviour they smashed down some doors at a property where Bill was working but he caught them.” She could tell I was engrossed. “He gave them the option of him calling the police, after which they would no doubt be spending time in a kid’s detention home, where they might possibly be split up, or they could help him repair the damage they’d done. Colin, the youngest started to cry at the very thought of not having his brother around so they reluctantly agreed to help.” She looked at me as if revealing a huge secret. “Bill discovered, that even at that young age, they had incredible carpentry skills. They fixed the damage and continued to help Bill on a few of his projects. Colin had problems when alone but as long as his brother was around he’d be fine. So, we ended up occasionally giving them refuge if their father was on one of his benders but all-in-all encouraged them to develop their talents.” She went into slightly more detail but was smiling all the way through remembering the impact that Bill had on all their lives. How easy going, non-judgemental and positive he was. Gordon and Colin were his legacy. “They have become one of the most reliable little firms in the area, and, are my number one guys to go to if I ever need anything doing.” I was smiling because she was smiling but it did make me wish that I’d known Uncle Bill, he seemed a genuinely nice guy. I wriggled in my damp diaper as she finished what she was saying and I swallowed the last piece of pie. I knew I was wet but seemed to just let it flow at the table without even thinking about it. I wasn’t sure if I should feel guilty or not but, well, it happened. She looked over at me as I thanked her for the lovely meal and put her head to one side. “Sweetie… are you messy… or just wet?” It was as if I had no secrets or maybe the pleasure of a soaked diaper was just so apparent. However I nodded. “Just, er, a little, erm, wet.” So auntie held out her hand and led me upstairs. # My bedroom door was closed and had a sign that proclaimed WET PAINT. Meanwhile, the nursery door was open and I noticed there’d been a few changes in there as well. “I’ve had the crib taken into my room.” Auntie confirmed. “Meanwhile, as you can see the bed you’ve been sleeping in has been moved over… I’m not sure it is all that comfortable for you as you are growing all the time…” “No it’s perfect. I really like it.” I interrupted suddenly panicking in case I was going to be forced into the other room now. “As you can see, I’ve had another bed installed, with your choice of covers and the fleece you wanted, which I hope will be slightly more comfortable for you.” The room looked terrific. The dresser had been made higher, the shelves of all the diapers and stuff were also raised. Everything looked tidier and the two beds looked fit for a couple of sweet toddlers to have a great night’s sleep in. There was even a rubber mat with play areas and characters marked out all over it, any kid would enjoy. It looked ideal for where a toddler, or someone like me, could have a really good time. At the side of that was a huge box with the word TOYS stencilled across it and hanging off the rails above the diaper station were a selection of colourful plastic and rubber pants. I checked in the closet and a whole new bunch of onesies, sleep suits and toddler clothes were all hanging ready for… me. “Ohh auntie.” I cried “It looks wonderful.” I hugged her and she hugged me back. “This is now your room, although, should you have a sleepover, or I have to babysit, you will be sharing this with any guest… understand?” I nodded enthusiastically taking in the simple wonders that auntie had produced, well, Gordon and Colin I presumed had produced. The entire nursery just felt even more special and I could feel myself shaking in happiness that I had somewhere like this. “What’s happening in the other room?” I innocently asked. “Well, this is something we have to think about. You see, eventually you will have to go to school.” I could feel the tears building desperately not wanting that to happen after my first day at Rainbow. “Dean, I have to face facts. At some point the Education Department is going to start asking questions about why you’re not in school. Don’t worry, I shall keep them wondering for as long as I can but, it is inevitable that it will happen.” My eyes misted over thinking about all I currently had, gone. “Dean.” She took me by the shoulders so I was facing her as she explained further. “This other room is going to be for a boy of your real age; your clothes, computer, everything that a boy your age needs will be there as you grow. There will be times when you are at the next stage in your education that you won’t want to be a toddler, you’ll want to be a teenager, you’ll want other things and they’ll become important to you.” I didn’t want responsibilities but I knew that, unfortunately, as always, auntie was probably correct. I’d just gotten used to my diaper and all the other stuff that made me feel, well, protected and like a child again. I’d loved these feelings of unabashed childishness - the liberty to act like a little kid and love every minute of it. To discover such simple and basic pleasures of having no stress because others took charge and made the decisions. My entire body left to enjoy the fun of play and not have to compete or meet anybody else’s expectations. As I sadly thought all this I felt the slow, warming at the front of my diaper. # To be continued…
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    The first thing an nurse or doctor (worth their salt) will say.. why are you wearing diapers. and then put you through a battery of tests. I am inco and the only thing people like you do, when you show up in unneeded diaper, is to cause havoc on the people that truly need them. If you really want to start wearing diapers all the time.. just put the damn diapers on and own it. about a week or so in full time diapers is all it usually takes to smoke out the posers...
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    Part 3 When she’d finished her ministrations and I tentatively got up, the feeling of my crotch wrapped in a fresh, clean and dry set of padding was so much nicer. The soft bulk seemed so natural and auntie said I looked a lot happier. I was but didn’t know that my pleasure could actually be seen. For the rest of the day I sat out in the garden letting the sun toast my legs, enjoying the attention of auntie (she continually applied sun-screen) as we sat and talked about everything. I asked her for information on the school here in town, which I assumed I’d be attending, but she was surprisingly noncommittal about it. She said there were various forms but as yet had not sent them in so I didn’t have school for the time being. I wasn’t sure if I should be pleased or not but auntie pointed out that I’d been through a very traumatic experience and she at least thought I needed some time to heal. The forms would be filled out when she thought I was ready and not before. There she was again thinking of what I might need and giving me time to sort things out for myself. # Auntie was very definite about some things, one of which was that I shouldn’t worry about using the diaper for what it’s designed for – pee and poop. I laughingly said I couldn’t imagine wanting to do either, although I had peed without knowing I was doing so. However, she said that if I did, it didn’t matter, just let her know when and she’d change me. Part of me was horror struck at the very idea of pooping my pants, at my age it was a definite no-no and something I’d never done even at school; that would have been just too gross even for my touch of the rebel. “Doodle’s pissed his bed… again.” Or a chorus of “He’s my Yankee Doodle Peepants” sang to that wonderful show tune, which never got boring… yeah, right. Those mocking voices of my school colleagues never really got to me because they were never said with any venom, just resigned acceptance. I obviously wasn’t the only bed-wetter in the place, as classy as it was. In spite of this, and for some strange reason I wasn’t aware of, I was pleased that at least for auntie it wasn’t a problem. I suppose because she dealt with little kids in diapers all day, the thought of poop and pee was of no consequence, no matter who it came from. I didn’t want to poop but considered that, as I was now wearing a diaper and plastic pants, perhaps getting to a toilet and taking the thing off, might be more of a problem than just doing it. I giggled to myself at that very thought. # As I was thinking about this the sensation of a little spurt of pee warmed my diaper and it felt nice. A moment later, and again what started as a little dribble, turned into a full surge. I went very quiet as my bladder emptied itself into my comfy diaper and thought I could tell that auntie knew just what had happened. It was a weird sensation and I don’t just mean the warming of my crotch. No, there was a definite shiver of, er, something, sorry, I’m not expressing this very well but… when I peed myself my body seemed to be ‘happy’ about it. I wasn’t horrified, I wasn’t ashamed, I didn’t immediately excuse myself, I, I… I didn’t do anything except happily sit in my flooded diaper. Something else happened, I liked the slight rustling from the plastic pants as I shifted somewhat so that the pee could get absorbed more evenly by the disposable. It was as if I was helping my diaper do its work. Weird eh? # We carried on talking and after a few minutes, when I thought I’d managed to get through it without her realising after all; she informed me that I should probably have a change as sitting around in such dampness would cause problems later on. She asked me to come up to the bathroom in a few minutes and went off to do whatever it was she wanted to do. I rubbed the front of my shorts and examined the increased volume of the expanded diaper underneath – I found it strangely comforting. The mound made me look particularly sexless and at the same time emphasised my crotch, the thought of the wet diaper and plastic pants giving me a raging stiffy that I hoped to get rid of before I ventured up to see auntie. # The bath was full and she stood by its side armed with a loofah and various lotions and potions. I was surprised to see that the water itself wasn’t filled with bubbles but she helped me out of my clothes and asked me to wait a moment before getting into the bath. I didn’t need any help but she seemed determined to make sure I was safe so guided me through this simplest of tasks. Yes, I can’t deny it, I was enjoying the attention. After years and years of absolutely no familial contact I was obviously going to grasp at what was offered and luxuriate in the care and attention auntie was bestowing on me. At school we were often naked in front of one and other and the regular check-ups from the doctor, sports coaches and the intimate living conditions meant you simply couldn’t be shy around others. Firstly auntie coated my body with a cream that left a glow to every part of my body it touched. She daubed a huge heap of the stuff onto my genitals and smoothed it in making sure every follicle was covered. Again I got that sexual feeling I’d had in the garden but tried to keep it from taking a hold, or stiffening up, whilst auntie was working ‘down there’. “You’re being a very brave little soldier.” She kissed the top of my head, though I wasn’t sure what I was being particularly brave about but thought maybe she was just humouring the situation as she would comfort a small child. It was nice and to be truthful, I felt like a little kid in her hands. She made me feel free to be me, and I was so grateful to be offered such freedom. Meanwhile, she continued to rub more and more lotion around my body and up into my arse crack. That set my cock throbbing and I could also feel something else brewing deep in my balls. The warming balm made everything feel like it was glowing and that piqued and sensitized all my nerve endings. However, before it got too intense she started scrubbing my body down with the loofah and I saw that all my fine hair was coming off with it. Pretty soon she had removed all my hair and my genitals looked like I was a three year-old, except a bit bigger. She sat me down in the water and then sponged the rest of my body to get rid of any excess cream. She shampooed my hair and asked if I’d mind if she cut it a little. I rather liked my long blondish hair but, as she pointed out, I’d probably suffer itchiness from sweating in the sun if I kept it too long. She’d been correct so far so I nodded. As she went off to get the scissors I examined my now hairless pubic area. It felt so soft and smooth and looked rather, special. I rubbed it lightly and the soft silky feel was quite a turn on but I doubted I could masturbate before auntie returned. # Moments later I was right, as she came in with a pair of hair clippers, and got me out of the bath to dry me down. Once I was thoroughly towelled she had me stand on a piece of newspaper as she set about cutting my hair. She was no bespoke hairdresser and styled my hair in the simplest way possible. She just ran the clippers from front to back on a setting that left me with a very short haircut indeed. The buzzing implement making short work of my long locks but in next to no time her task was complete. It was a dramatic change of image but auntie appeared pleased with her work no matter how much of a shock it was to me. Taking a damp sponge she removed any fallen hairs from my now denuded body and led me into the nursery. “Sweetie, I think after today we’ll give your underpants a miss and settle on diapers for the foreseeable future. Is that OK with you?” I was standing naked and she was fussing around my lower region seemingly pulling off stray and loose hairs. My silky cock was showing signs of rearing up again but my mind was begging it to go down I didn’t want auntie to think I was some kind of pervert. “OK sweetheart, it looks like that,” she said gently flicking my cock, “is going to be a bit troublesome for you but, I’ll sort that out tomorrow, in the meantime, let’s get you into your bed time diapers.” It was only around 6pm and I wondered if she was putting me to bed early for some reason. “Is it bed time already?” I asked nervously wondering if I was being punished for wetting in public. “No Dean, it’s just, well, you’re all clean and tidy, so it seems silly dressing you again only to get you ready for bed again later on. Why do a job twice, you’re not planning on going anywhere this evening… er… are you?” She gave me that cute, accusing mock look as if I’d been organising something on my own without discussing it with her first but of course I hadn’t. “Noooo.” I shyly shrugged like a toddler would. “So, that’s settled. I’ll get you ready and then we can spend the rest of the evening not having to worry about a thing as it’s already done.” # Of course auntie made complete sense and as she guided me in to the nursery I noticed the Disney duvet pulled back and ready for me to climb in. I was happy about that, as I didn’t really want to start and build my real bed just yet. I’d had such a wonderful sleep the previous night, so in a way, I was looking forward to sleeping there again. On the floor was set out a plastic changing mat, she said that I’d be too heavy for the one on top of the dresser where she changed the babies in her care, and set against that were a pile of diapers and stuff. Her calming hands were soon covering my entire body in a slick of sweet smelling oil, her slippery fingers taking special notice of my recently sheared pubic area and bottom, where at her soft touch again I got those horny sensations travelling along my cock. Auntie took absolutely no notice and continued smoothing in the mollifying balm. To finish she sprinkled a cloud of even sweeter smelling powder over everything before reaching for a thick fabric diaper. I was intrigued about how she had all this stuff that appeared to fit me so well. “Well, I told you that occasionally we have older boys and girls who come to the nursery.” I nodded that I remembered. “I have to be prepared for most eventualities so I have diapers, plastic pants and various other items in large sizes that I hope would fit a teen boy or girl. As it is, over a number of years I’ve had clothing sent to me for approval from various companies (and grateful parents) so have stacks of old and new items that should cover just about any age group.” She beamed that smile that brought the cross examination to a close, and in truth, it had answered all my queries. # All this had been said as she folded me into a double thick diaper and pulled a pair of nursery print plastic pants up over it all. I was a bit shocked at how childish it looked but before I had an opportunity to complain, she was pulling another cotton onesie, in the same print as the plastic pants, over my head and snapping it together under my crotch. It was very bulky, much bulkier than the previous night’s protection so wriggled about in it to try and get comfortable. The thing was - it was very comfortable - I was just making a show of the fact I was wearing it all. The other ‘problem’ was I actually loved the silliness and juvenile look I was now sporting. In my head I was a happy toddler, what I was wearing was of no importance, what was, the fact I was comfortable and HAPPY. Auntie could tell immediately that I was in a place that I loved. She had read my mind and come up with something that I would never have asked for or knew I desired, yet here I was, ecstatic in my new childish outfit. Even though it was so early I was in two minds whether to crawl straight into bed but auntie had other ideas and we went downstairs for our evening meal in front of the TV. After we’d fed ourselves I cuddled up next to her and we watched some programmes that I can’t remember. What I do remember was the joy I felt as she stroked my head or patted my bulky bottom. After what felt like a lifetime of anger and frustration I’d eventually found what I hoped for, a family that loved me and a place I wanted to be. It’s so easy to drift off when you’re relaxed and I slipped in and out of sleep as auntie’s warm body and comforting caresses left me feeling utterly content. I don’t know what time I eventually climbed up to bed but, with auntie’s guiding hand, I slipped under the Disney duvet, was given my teddy bear and a feeling of serenity filled my body. I vaguely heard the rail being pulled up and clicked into position but I was so comfortable, and perhaps even in a state of bliss, that within moments I’d slipped into deep sleep. # I woke up and it was Sunday morning. Back in the UK, the entire school had to go to church and I didn’t know if auntie had similar leanings. However, just moments after my bearings had returned she came in like a breath of fresh air and slid down the rail. “Morning poppet.” This was a new term of sweet talk and I wriggled in pure pleasure on hearing it. “I left you to sleep a little longer than usual, you looked like you could do with the extra hours but, there’s no rush for you to get up if you don’t want to.” She looked at me and then around the room. “You can stay and play up here if you want but come down and join me for breakfast when you’re ready.” She was speaking to me as if I was a little kid and I didn’t mind. In fact, I giggled as I bounced teddy on my chest thinking about what exactly I planned to do. She was like a whirlwind as she picked up various little bits and bats off the floor, drew back the blinds, kissed me and teddy as we lay curled up in bed and patted my padded bottom. “We’ll get that sorted after breakfast.” She smiled and was gone leaving me to stretch and wallow in my lovely warm bed. I had this strange thought that all the Disney characters on the covers had encouraged me to a peaceful night’s sleep so I was mentally thanking them all… one by one. # I reached below the duvet to feel the thick wadding and knew I was very wet. Once again I’d been so relaxed as I slept that getting up and going to the bathroom had never occurred to me. Actually, I couldn’t remember even knowing I had to go so, that was new. It hit me that with the rails up I might, in the dark, have trouble finding my way to the bathroom anyway. No sooner had that thought entered my head than it was gone and replaced by the sight of a couple of toys that had been left out. I didn’t know if she’d done it on purpose but there appeared to be a train and racing car next to the diaper pail and their bright colours were beckoning me over. I eased myself up, the thickness of the padding making me roll rather the climb out of bed and over to the two models. I caught sight of myself in the mirror and had forgotten just how short my hair now was. Coupled with the baby print onesie and the enormous padding I looked like the biggest toddler in the world. I was shocked but giggled at my reflection, the plastic pants gripped tightly to the top of my leg and could easily be seen bulging out under the onesie, thankfully it all matched so…? I wasn’t sure ‘so what’ but the fact that it all co-ordinated pleased me as I admired my reflection. I hadn’t had chance to appreciate exactly what I looked like before, but now, well, I was a kid again. Everything about me gave the impression I was a big, incontinent kid. Auntie had given me, visually at least, the opportunity to be a toddler again. A shudder of excitement passed through my body as I deliberately sat down with a squish on my well soaked padded bottom. I spent the next half hour or so pushing the toys around and making various noises not quite believing that I was enjoying playing, and playing on my own. I couldn’t remember ever having done this before, I know I must have at some point but, this just felt like an entirely new experience. Eventually I heard auntie calling breakfast was ready, so I reluctantly left them parked under my bed and slowly shuffled down stairs. # After breakfast she insisted, while she tidied around, and so I wouldn’t get under her feet, I go and play in the garden. I was still wet and dressed in my night time ensemble (see the British education filled me with words I never thought I’d use) and though I felt a bit nervous about doing so, I wondered into the morning air and immediately loved the feeling of being in an open space dressed as I was. The slight breeze caught my hairless legs and it felt cooling, I liked the feeling so much I thought it would be silly to ever have them covered up again. I sat out and relaxed. The birds were singing and it was as if it was the first time I’d ever really listened to birdsong. I could hear other kids playing out in their own gardens. The occasional vehicle drove along the road out front and in the distance a mechanical sound, which I guess was someone mowing their lawn. I’m not sure why but all these sounds gave me the goosebumps as I looked down at my colourful childish onesie. I began to think in terms of what it must be like to discover everything; sights, sounds, experiences, learning to walk, to talk, to recognise your parents, to feel loved. This was not what I expected when Auntie Joan said “Come and live with me” but I really felt like I was undergoing so much for the very first time. I was beginning to appreciate what auntie had said she could offer and as I spread myself in the sun, I wanted to start again. A little while later auntie came out into the garden armed with the changing pad and all the accessories she needed. I was about to experience my first outdoors diaper change and felt a rush of excitement… things were moving on at such a pace. # I sat there in the lawned back garden wearing nothing but a fresh disposable and clear plastic pants. I felt like I just wanted to run around, scream, laugh and play, all of which I’m sure would have been OK but I detected that auntie wanted a more serious chat. As always she could see that I was in my element but she had doubts. “Dean, it’s very important to me that you are happy.” I smiled in acknowledgement because I already was. “But I don’t want you thinking you have to please me… because you don’t.” I shivered a little bit confused she looked a bit serious. “Don’t you like me dressed like…” I stroked over the silky, glossy mound of my plastic pants. “Of course sweetheart, I want you to be you more than anything else… but what I want has to be the same as what you want. I’d hate to take you down a path you weren’t happy about.” “Well auntie, what do you want?” Her serious face melted a little and a smile appeared. “You are already giving me so much, even after such a short time together I feel much rejuvenated.” “Aaannnddd?” I queried in a childish drawn out way. She took a deep breath. “I won’t lie to you Dean,” She was thinking, her eyes sort of drifted off into a slightly different realm as she spoke. “But in my imagination you are a sweet little toddler taking their first independent steps.” She interrupted herself. “Not that I don’t like you just as you are.” I nodded and it was as if I’d given her permission to carry on with her fantasy. “But… I like you in a diaper. I love dressing you in your protection. I even enjoyed the fact that you wet yourself at the mall…” She obviously hoped this wasn’t something too far. “Not that I wanted to embarrass you, or you to be embarrassed, it was just the thought I needed to protect my sweet baby boy. That he… you… needed me to make things better.” I gave her one of my coy little looks, which I’m sure was pathetic but I wanted her to know I appreciated all she did for me. “I see an opportunity to let you have something you’ve told me you never had, a proper childhood. I watch your reaction when you are around even the most juvenile things and I see an urge to be involved. I noticed at Rainbow. I noticed it in the nursery…” She indicated the house behind her. “I noticed how happy you are to be in a diaper and dressed as a toddler, all of which I love you for because, I have to admit it, you look so damn cute... and ... more importantly, you look contented.” She smiled and I wondered over to her. She patted my bulging bottom as we hugged each other tightly. She carried on but in a much dreamier voice. “I want a boy who wants nothing more than to play and enjoy life, a boy free of any grown-up thoughts or worries, a boy who wants nothing more than to scream and charge around with other kids his age and build forts, live in his imagination and not worry about anything else. A young boy should not have any grown up worries and should only see his life through his own eyes, not blinkered by parents who try and guide him to their destination.” I felt her words gathering in my chest. It was a strange sensation; several different emotions welled up inside, each competing with one another. One moment it was awful, then not too bad, then confusing, eventually any bad thoughts disappeared and I was elated when I whispered in her ear. “I’ll be your little boy. I’ll be the best little boy ever.” I saw her face beam with pride. We cuddled in the garden, in the morning sun for quite a while as she simply stroked my padded bottom and kissed my head. “OK… if you’re sure.” #
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    Big fluffy cozy teddy bear onesie!! ♥
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    Here is the fourth and final instalment of "The Internship" which has been available on my Patreon for one week. Anyone pledging $5 or more get early access to all my stories (I generally try to post a 2000+ word update, sometimes longer, at least once every four days), or for $10 you get the above plus exclusive stories not posted elsewhere. I also write commissions for £5 per 1000 words and I'm open to ideas, message me if interested and we can discuss things This was a very fun commission to write and I would like to thank the person who paid for it for letting me write their idea A big thank you to everyone who is reading and commenting on my stories (I live off of feedback!) and an extra special thanks to everyone who is contributing to my Patreon and allowing me to write as much as I have been doing: Dannydazzler, P, James S, TBCG, LB Iceland, Scy Tali, Orion F, John, Diapering Daddy, Eric C, Paul E, Kevin H, Mr. Smileypants, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Zachary U, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Matthew John, D, Liv, Cyatommorrow, Keen Lover, Emmanuel S, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G, Kent J, Frank Sz, C Dom, Scott S, James B, Ben F --- The cafeteria, when the robot carried Katie through the door, looked the same as the previous day except for one difference. A small difference but one that made Katie double take. One of the tables had been taken away, as had all the chairs that had been around it. In it’s place was a large high chair. Katie felt her stomach drop as she was carried over to it; she was sat down in the large seat and held there until the tray was pulled down in front of her. Katie half-heartedly tried to push the tray away but it was obviously locked in place very strongly. Her legs swung uselessly below the chair and the padded girl felt incredibly little. It’s amazing how such small things could have such big effects on how you feel. For Katie, just the fact that she couldn’t reach the floor made her feel more like a toddler than nearly anything else that had happened. The robot that had been with her nearly non-stop walked away from Katie and disappeared through a door into the kitchen area. It returned almost immediately, it’s slow and methodical walking gave Katie a long look at was coming and she wasn’t too excited. The robot was carrying a medium sized tray which had just two items on it. Katie could see a bowl that was steaming slightly and that seemed to have a spoon sticking out of it and a large baby’s bottle filled with milk. Katie felt disgusted at the treatment and despite her unwillingness to resist and cause more problems, the more she saw of this lunch that was being brought to her the more she was certain she couldn’t eat it. To put it mildly, this food did not look appetising. The robot placed the tray down on the high chair in front of Katie and picked up the spoon, it began stirring the bowl of food as Katie looked down at what she was being given with revulsion. The bowl was full of a lumpy and thick liquid. Katie couldn’t make out what the food was but she did notice little lumps of carrots here and there. It didn’t look appetising and it smelt even worse, it wasn’t necessarily a horrible smell but it wasn’t the smell of something Katie wanted to be eating. The robot brought the spoon up to Katie’s mouth and she saw some of the food drip off of the bottom of the utensil. Katie’s lip trembled and her throat felt tight, she felt like she wouldn’t be able to swallow even if she had wanted to. Katie felt pressured to open her mouth. The nanny was standing with the spoon outstretched and not moving, it’s piercing stare seemed to go through the woman’s soul. Reluctantly, and with great hesitation, Katie slowly opened her mouth and almost immediately felt the robot push the spoon in and upturn it, pouring the food into Katie’s mouth. Katie felt the taste hit her tongue and she winced, it didn’t taste as bad as it looked but it was still far from an enjoyable dining experience. As the food kept coming, Katie quickly learned to settle into a rhythm of swallowing as soon as the food hit her tongue. The less time Katie had it in her mouth the better and it actually felt good to have a warm meal. When the last spoonful of food was given to Katie she was feeling quite full. She had no idea what she had eaten but she assumed it was full of nutrients and vitamins, she was just happy to be done with the meal. She could hear and feel her tummy squirming from the unexpected meal. If Katie thought the latest ordeal was nearly at an end she was sorely mistaken. As the robot put the spoon back in the bowl, it turned to the side a little and grabbed the bottle. Katie was already feeling quite full and she looked at the bottle without appetite. “I’m full.” Katie said simply. The robot was unmoved. The only thing it tried to do was put the teat of the bottle in Katie’s mouth but the girl turned her head away. For a minute it became like a duel. The robot trying to force the nipple of the bottle between Katie’s lips whilst the girl refused to let it happen. She could tell that the robot was becoming impatient, if the robot was capable of feeling such a thing, and she saw it eventually reach forward and grab her nose. Katie tried to flail around and escape the grasp but she felt her airways blocked by the metallic fingers grabbing her face. She eventually relented and opened her mouth to gasp for air, as she did so she felt the teat of the bottle roughly jammed against her lips. The pressure on her nose disappeared and she finally able to breathe again. Katie gave an experimental suck to the latex bottle top and felt cool milk squirt into her mouth, after the food earlier, it tasted heavily heavenly to wash the taste away. After a few seconds of hesitation, Katie began to suck rhythmically. She closed her eyes and felt her cheeks going red as she drank thirstily from the baby cup. Before long Katie was hearing air coming through the bottle and she belatedly realised the vessel was empty. The robot pulled it away from her and Katie looked shyly at the tray in front of her. She saw the empty bowl and the empty bottle and she blushed even further knowing that she had been fed like a helpless baby. Katie felt like she wanted a few minutes for the food to go down but the tray lifted up and the robot swiftly picked the woman up again. She was in no mood to resist anything right now as she felt bloated from the meal, she laid her head on the nanny’s shoulder and just let it carry her back through to the nursery. She could feel a growing need to use the bathroom but she made no attempt to get the robot to stop at the toilets. Katie just allowed the robot to carry her back into the baby room. As if she couldn’t feel more embarrassed, the motion of the robotic walking seemed to affect her digestive system and halfway to the nursery door she let out a loud and prolonged burp. “Excuse me…” Katie whispered in embarrassment as she went into the nursery. Katie was sat back at the now familiar table and given some Lego pieces to play with. The robot took it’s usual space behind the desk as Katie meekly examined the small blocks in front of her. She didn’t feel much desire to play with them but after a few minutes she found herself growing bored. Picking up a few of the pieces, she started building something, anything to keep her mind occupied, she wasn’t really paying that much attention to whatever it was she was putting together. Katie’s mind was focused elsewhere. The massive amount of food and drink that she had consumed was working it’s way through her digestive system and Katie was quickly feeling a growing need to release her bladder. From previous experience she knew that asking the robot for help would be a useless enterprise, instead she thought about what would inevitably happen. “I’m going to wet my diaper…” Katie whispered to herself. It was very upsetting to admit this to herself and yet she saw no alternative. Katie turned to look at the robot and saw it was still sitting there with it’s unceasing stare. It would do no good to ask it for help, she had tried multiple times before and always been left disappointed. She shifted slightly in her seat and heard her diaper crinkle from inside her onesie, her bladder was already starting to get uncomfortable and the diaper almost seemed inviting. It was as if Katie’s diaper was telling her that it was OK to let go, it felt like resistance was pointless. Katie relaxed and put down the two blocks she was holding. She closed her eyes and tried to pretend she was sitting on the toilet, it felt really strange to be clothed and in a big room as she tried to release her bladder. It took a long time for the flow to start. Katie couldn’t make herself wet no matter how hard she tried and it took until the need to let go was nearly impossible to ignore. No matter how many times she did this it wasn’t getting any easier. Finally, after what must have been half an hour, Katie felt a small trickle of urine leave her body. She gasped a little in surprise but was able to relax her muscles enough to comprehensively wet herself. Katie felt the padding around her start warming up as she stared into the middle distance and felt her bladder empty. Katie was worried she might leak but as her pee trickled to a stop she could feel the padding thirstily sucking up everything she could give it. She was honestly impressed that the diaper could take this much liquid, she could feel it expanding and the warm gel was pushing against her thighs. Katie was now left with a really awkward situation. Did she go and ask the robot to have her diaper changed and suffer the indignity that would bring or did she just sit in her own urine? The diaper change would be inevitable; it was just a question of when it would come. Deciding to delay the inevitable as long as possible, Katie stayed seated and continued playing with the Lego. She hoped she was careful enough that no one would notice what she had done, not that there was any human in the facility that Katie had seen. An hour must have passed and Katie started feeling really uncomfortable. The warm feeling that had been tickling her rather pleasantly had become a colder and itchier feeling that made the woman wince. It felt horrid and yet she still couldn’t bring herself to speak to the robot and ask for a change. Something about admitting she needed it, even to a machine, was too much for her fragile ego to bear. She had already put up with so much. “Dinner time.” The sudden robotic voice right behind Katie made her jump so hard that she nearly tumbled off of the chair. “You scared the crap out of me…” Katie gasped as she caught her breath. She placed her hand over her chest as her heart slowly recovered from the shock. “You require a diaper change?” The robot asked in it’s fuzzy and strangely distorted voice. “What? No, it’s a saying… “You scared the crap out of me” just means that you made me jump.” Katie explained. It felt good that just once she was able to explain something to this robot, a tiny amount of control made a huge difference to her attitude. “Dinner time.” The robot repeated. Katie found it quite strange that the robot seemed to take what she said at face value. It seemed like a strange oversight of the programming and very much against how the robot had otherwise been acting. As she was pondering this thought, Katie felt the now familiar metallic arms reach down and pick her up. The cold fingers made her shiver as she felt them through the thin onesie material. The soaked padding underneath her was pushed closer to her body and Katie squirmed slightly as the expanded padding squeezed against her like a wet sponge. The robo-nanny started to carry Katie out of the nursery and towards the canteen area. Katie wished she had been more honest about needing a diaper change, now she was stuck in this cold diaper for even longer and she was far from comfortable. She blushed as she was forced to admit to herself that she would love a dry diaper right now. Dinner was a repeat of lunch. Katie was placed in the high chair and fed another surprisingly large meal followed by a bottle of cool milk. Liquid was the last thing that Katie wanted or needed but she still drained the whole bottle before being allowed out of the chair and returned to the nursery. This time the robot didn’t even bother asking Katie if she needed a change. It wasted no time at all in carrying her straight over to the changing table and laying her down. Katie was very full and, if she was being honest, was glad to be changed. The wet diaper was chafing her and the warm, fluffy padding was much preferred. She would never admit that out loud obviously. The robot pulled the tapes off of the diaper and opened it up. The cold air made Katie jump as she was exposed to the room. Katie jumped a second time when she felt the cold baby wipes pressed against her smooth skin. She gripped the sides of the table and closed her eyes to stop herself pulling away from the cold feelings. Although the robot’s face was emotionless, Katie felt as if she was being judged by it and she had to look away before her shame got the better of her and she burst into tears again. Katie felt her legs lifted high into the air. For a second she thought she was going to tumble head over heels off the back of the table but as quickly as she was raised up, she was lowered again. When she was lowered down she felt her butt laying on top of some fluffy padding that was rapidly pulled up between her crotch and taped closed. This diaper was different from the last one and Katie blushed when she looked down and saw that this wasn’t just a new diaper; this was a diaper with babyish designs all over it. This diaper was still mostly white but it had pictures of little building blocks all over the front. They spelt out words like “Princess” and “Baby.” As Katie looked down at her crotch, the robot reached forward again and snapped her onesie closed. Yet again, Katie felt the warm hug of a fluffy diaper as the onesie pulled the padding up against her body. She didn’t know if it was good or bad that she was feeling less humiliated this time, she was getting used to being dressed like this. As long as she was kept away from other people she felt like everything would be fine. Once the robot had finished with the onesie, Katie was lifted up again and this time deposited into the crib. It seemed like Katie wasn’t trusted to move anywhere on her own any more. She had to rely on the robot to carry her everywhere. “Wait! No!” Katie Said as she turned around just in time to see the bars being raised. The robot just walked away from the toddler bed, it ignored Katie as if it couldn’t hear her and despite everything else that had happened recently, it was being ignored that now really annoyed the young woman in the crib. “Listen to me!” Katie shouted as she pushed herself against the bars, “I’m not tired. You can’t lock me in here all night!” The robot was either willfully ignoring the shouting or it just didn’t care about what Katie was saying. It just continued to walk towards it’s spot behind the teacher’s desk. “I will shout all evening and all night!” Katie screamed, “This is all too far. Let me out or I’m calling the damn cops!” Still the robot didn’t move. It stood stoically in the corner despite the threats. Katie was just about to open her mouth to continue her verbal attack when she heard a mechanical clanking coming from the four corners of the crib. Four long black tubes with metallic hands sprang out and grabbed Katie’s wrists and ankles, they were locked on like a laser guided missile and Katie was swiftly pulled down to the mattress. This wasn’t the first time that Katie had been grabbed like this since she got here so it wasn’t as much of a surprise, despite this she couldn’t find them off and they grabbed her with ease. “You think holding me down like this will shut me up!?” Katie yelled almost maniacally, “You couldn’t be more wrong! Fu-” Katie was suddenly cut off and her screaming became very muffled. A fifth mechanical arm, one she hadn’t seen until this moment moved like lightning to push a large pacifier into her mouth. The latex bulb on this soother was so big that it filled her whole mouth. The only thing her mouth could do was suck. This was much like the last pacifier she had experienced except this one filled her mouth much more thoroughly. Just like before, the pacifier was attached to a strap which held it tightly in Katie’s mouth. Tears formed in her eyes as she unsuccessfully tried to push the pacifier out with her tongue, she couldn’t budge it even a tiny bit even though the end of the teat was dangerously close to triggering her gag reflex. The next few hours were extremely rough. Katie was held down to the mattress so tightly that she couldn’t move any of her limbs at all and the pacifier had rendered her mute. After struggling for a while, Katie’s energy was sapped and she just lay there trying to imagine how good it would be to leave. One thing was for certain, no matter what, she was calling the police on this sick operation. Katie didn’t know what was happening here and she didn’t want to know, she just knew she had to try and end it. She didn’t even want to think about the possibility that she wouldn’t be released after all. The thought that her Mom knew her location was the one thing keeping her flicker of hope alive. Katie didn’t remember falling asleep. All she remembered was laying in that crib without being able to move. The room had slower got darker and Katie had never been released from her bonds. She must have fallen asleep at some point, because Katie suddenly opened her eyes to find the nursery in almost complete darkness. The one source of light was a small nightlight on top of a table by the foot of the crib, it cast a rather eerie green glow throughout the nearby area. Katie rubbed her eyes and then belatedly realised that her limbs had been freed. Even the pacifier was loose and Katie pulled it out of her mouth with great relief. Katie’s first thought was to start shouting again but she quickly had second thoughts, she didn’t want to end up being held down again. Katie’s thoughts turned to wondering what had woken her up and it didn’t take long to work out as she put her hand to her stomach. A sharp pain briefly shot through her belly before slowly disappearing. Katie looked down with worry as she realised that she hadn’t been for a number two since she had arrived at the facility and now her body was telling her that it couldn’t hold any more. This was a real dilemma. Katie was trapped in the crib and knew that the release catch for the bars was well out of reach, she was left with two alternatives. Katie could either yell to try and get the attention of the robot and then face the likelihood of being strapped down again or she could soil herself like a baby. Both options sucked and they both left her in humiliating positions with a soiled diaper. Another cramp shot through Katie’s body and she realised that she didn’t have long to think before the choice was made for her. She had no idea what time it was, there were no obvious signs as to time except that Katie guessed it must be late at night. The pressure on her rear end was piling up quickly and she found herself putting her hand on the seat of her diaper as if manually trying to hold it in. Katie decided she had to at least try to get the robot to take her to the bathroom. For her own self-esteem she had to do everything she could to prevent a humiliating soiling accident. It was only now when Katie scanned the room with eyes adjusted to the darkness that she realised this wasn’t even an option. Katie squinted towards the teacher’s desk and felt her heart drop when she realised that the robot that had barely left her side for the last few days wasn’t there. After frantic looking around, Katie realised the machine wasn’t anywhere in the room. All of a sudden the preferable option to save some of her self-respect was removed. It was as if the hope of being allowed to use the toilet, or at least the toddler potty, was the only thing given Katie’s muscles strength. As soon as that hope was removed, Katie felt the pressure grow inexorably to levels that she couldn’t control. Her cheeks blazed red as began to comprehend what she was about to be forced to do. A small amount of gas escaped her aching body and it was almost enough to end Katie’s resistance right there. A final cramp hit Katie and this one didn’t subside. An overwhelming urge to push hit her and the inevitable finally happened. It felt like Katie’s whole digestive system was pushing down as she felt a solid log of poop push out of her body, it slowly and irresistibly pushed against the back of her diaper and pulled the plastic disposable tight as it tried to accommodate Katie’s mess. Katie felt sweat appear on her forehead as she pushed with everything she could. The log that was separating her cheeks was squeezed out and pinched off, it’s stickiness felt horrid against her skin and she could already feel it smearing over her diaper as it moved into the seat of her disposable pants. The first log was followed by several much smaller ones that dropped into the drooping padding without much effort. She winced as she pushed once more to completely empty herself. The diaper felt full but she knew she couldn’t stop now. Finally, the sordid deed was over. Katie straightened up and felt her heavy diaper stick against her a little. It felt absolutely horrible and her eyes teared up in humiliation at what she had been forced to do. The smell was already starting to leak out and she grimaced when she realised she couldn’t get away from it. From morbid curiosity, Katie reached behind her and felt the bulging diaper. It had lost a lot of it’s springiness, now it felt like a solid mass. As if it was an afterthought, Katie felt her bladder release and she did nothing to stop the hot urine that splashed around the front of her diaper. It hardly mattered to her that she was wetting herself after what she had just done. The question now was what could she do? She was alone and now thoroughly soiled. She couldn’t get out of the crib, she couldn’t see any of the robot helpers and she felt like a little baby who needed an adult to change her. She didn’t even care about the embarrassment and humiliation, she just wanted someone to change her diaper. Katie felt the tears overwhelm her as she lost control of her emotions. She started loudly crying and she hoped that someone would hear her and come rescue the situation. She had no shame anymore, she didn’t mind who came in and saw her in this messy diaper, as long as they changed her, she just didn’t care anymore. For once, something went right and after a minute or so of loud wailing the door to the nursery opened and bathed the nursery in light. One of the robots, presumably the one that had been looking after Katie all along, walked in and flicked on the light switch. Katie shielded her eyes from the sudden light but she could hear the metal footsteps getting closer to the crib. Her crying died down almost immediately as she realised she was finally going to get the attention she needed. Katie was still standing in a half-squat position. She didn’t want to move at all because she knew it would spread the mess in her pants even further. She just awkwardly waddled towards the side of the crib which the robot dropped. Katie shuffled forward and was about to jump down to the floor when the robot walked right up against the side of the crib and wrapped an arm around her back. “No!” Katie realised too late what the robot was about to do and couldn’t stop it in time. The robot’s other arm rested underneath Katie’s butt and it picked her up in a hugging position. Katie immediately winced and shivered as she felt the lumpy mess in her diaper spread even further. “Why?” Katie whispered in a whiny voice. Katie could have walked to the table. She would’ve had to lay down on the table but at least the damage would have been minimized. Now she felt the poop spreading with each mechanical step the robot made. Katie was left very confused when she saw the changing table over the robot’s shoulder. She was being carried away from it and towards the corridor to the cafeteria. Where was she being taken, this didn’t make any sense to her at all. Surely she wasn’t going to be fed in this position. The confusion only grew as Katie was carried past her usual seat in the cafeteria. She was even distracted from the sticky feeling in her diaper as she looked around and tried to work where she was being taken. She only recognized where she was when she started being carried down the long hallway towards the exit. Katie felt her heart soar. Was she being let go? It wouldn’t be a moment too soon but surely they would let her clean up. In the distance, Katie could hear two human voices, the first she had heard in the last few days. She felt a mixture of elation and terror as she was slowly carried down the hallway. She heard the voices getting clearer and with a jolt she slowly started recognizing one of them. “Mom?” Katie whispered. She was still facing away from the voices so she couldn’t confirm her suspicion but it certainly sounded like her Mother. “Katie?” Katie’s Mom called, “Oh my God! What is going on!?” “I told you to prepare yourself Mrs. Adams.” Came an older male voice, “Your daughter volunteered for this program to try and help change criminal justice in future.” “What!?” Both Katie and her Mom said at the same time. As the older man prepared to start explaining things, Katie was placed down in a chair just behind her Mother. She felt her disaster of a diaper spread it’s contents further. “Katie, what is going on?” Katie’s Mom asked with a look of revulsion, “Is that a dia… What’s that sme… Oh God, Katie!” “Your daughter has just passed through a program we are developing to help rehabilitate criminals.” The older man said, “My name is Dr. Phelps, I run this facility.” Katie was shocked at what was going on. Just minutes ago she had been in the crib and now she was standing at the exit and only feet from freedom. It was dark outside but she finally saw a clock, it was only 10pm. “Katie, you have been a wonderful participant!” Dr. Phelps said with a big smile. He handed a clipboard to the girl. “Huh?” Katie replied dumbly as she took the clipboard. As the shock wore off Katie became increasingly aware of the terrible state she was in. “I’ll explain…” Dr. Phelps said as he adjusted his glasses, “The prisons are overcrowded and the government have been looking for alternative ways to treat criminals. This is my proposed alternative.” Katie’s Mom couldn’t stop staring at her daughter, she couldn’t believe what she looked like. She was absolutely staggered at what she smelled like! “Regression is very powerful.” Dr. Phelps continued, “We want to use it to rehabilitate people. Break them down and grow them up again, this time with better morals and respect for authority.” “You volunteered for this!?” Katie’s Mom asked in shock. “No!” Katie said, “It didn’t say what it was I was volunteering for.” “You volunteered for something when it was a total mystery to you?” Katie’s Mom asked flabbergasted. “I guess…” Katie replied sheepishly. Her butt was starting to get itchy now. “Well, young Katie here was quite the participant. We have a lot of great data and modifications thanks to her input. She was such a great participant that we could call you to pick her up earlier than expected.” Dr. Phelps said cheerily, “Katie, if you could fill out that form. We will pay you afterwards.” Katie grabbed the pen that was attached to the clipboard and started quickly filling in the boxes. There were lots of questions asking how she felt when certain things happened and what could have been better. “We apologize for the secrecy.” Dr. Phelps said, “We wanted this to be as much of a surprise as possible to get the best results.” When Katie finally finished filling in the form she banged the forms down on the chair next to her. The sudden noise made her Mom and the doctor jump, they had got into a conversation and apparently forgotten the young woman was there. “Can I get dressed now?” Katie asked. Her cheeks were flushed red and her embarrassment wasn’t helped when her Mom pinched her nose. “Of course!” Dr. Phelps replied, “That room just down the hall has a shower and your clothes that you arrived in.” Katie stood up and waddled down the hall without a word. She hurried into the room that had been indicated and took the onesie and diaper off. She dropped the diaper in the trash can with a sealed lid to stop the smell. She had a long shower before drying off and getting dressed back into the clothes she arrived in. By the time she came out of the room and back to the lobby, Katie saw that her Mom was leaning against Katie’s car. Katie assumed her Mom had got a taxi here because her car wasn’t outside. “Katie, thank you again!” Dr. Phelps said with a wide smile. He held out an envelope which Katie took without a word. It was filled with a lot of notes, at least she was being well compensated for this nightmare. “One more thing…” Dr. Phelps said as Katie headed towards the exit, “Would you like to return next week for another trial?” Katie shook her head in disbelief. After everything that had happened, how did this doctor expect Katie to come back? She was angry at the arrogance. Katie stuck up her middle finger and showed it to the old scientist before walking out the door and to her car. “I don’t want to talk about it.” Was all Katie said to her Mom as she unlocked the car and drove away. Katie didn’t even want to think about what had happened yet alone talk about it. Katie’s Mom asked a lot of questions that her daughter refused to answer as the car backed out of it’s parking space and headed out on to the road. Dr. Phelps watched them go with a snide smile before walking back down the hallway. They never wanted a second trial, it was the biggest evidence that the program was working! Almost the second Dr. Phelps walked out of sight a new car turned into the car park. A young man stepped out and walked into the building with trepidation. Right on cue, Dr. Phelps pushed a button that popped the door leading to the classroom open. Dr. Phelps sat down at the computer and began preparing for the next test. The cameras watched the young man as he walked into the classroom looking just as confused as Katie was. Dr. Phelps smiled and flipped over a piece of paper and began to take notes.
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    It was the summer of 1974 and I was just past my 4th birthday. Mommy had a new baby in her tummy and was trying very hard to potty train me. "Good morning sweetie!" She said as she walked into my room. I groggily rolled over and focused as she pulled back the covers. "Boy, you are soaking wet!", she commented after pulling off my pajama bottoms and untaping the soggy pampers that sagged between my legs. She pulled three wipes from the box. "We are gonna try to use the potty today Dougie" She finished wiping and held up a pair of light blue cotton training pants with snaps on the sides. "You need to tell Mommy when you need to potty!" She said as she pulled them up to my waist. The training pants felt much different than the crinkly plastic diapers I was used to wearing. They were soft against my skin and I liked them. i ate my cereal and watched Roadrunner. I sipped apple juice from a straw inserted through a lid on my cup. "More juice please", I asked mommy. She filled my cup and went about her morning duties. I kept watching. After seeing Bugs and Daffy and even Sylvester and Tweety. Mom walked in. "Do you need to go potty?" She asked. I shook my head no but I was concentrating on the antics of that goofy cat. I laughed out loud."Ok, but remember to have to tell Mommy. Don't tee tee in your pants" i walked to my room and dumped my big box of building blocks in the floor. I wanted to build a big castle! I carefully stacked the blocks. Focusing on my project, I forgot Mommy's instruction. My trickle started and I felt the wetness work its way betweem my legs and to my bottom. My light brown shorts turned darker on the insides of my thighs. I kept building. Would mommy be upset? I knocked my blocks over and stood at my work desk and poured out my crayons. The warmness on my crotch turned cooler. I kept coloring. I heard Nommys footsteps coming down the hall and moved behind my desk. "Let's go try to potty'" she insisted. I stood silent coloring. "Dougie??" I looked up. "Come out from back there" she instructed. I slowly scooted out of the tight space. Mommy quickly noticed. "Yup, you are wet" she said to herself as she nudged me and led me down the hall by my arm. I was a quiet and small child. I whimpered "I'm sorry mommy". She said "it's ok sweetie as she pulled down my shorts and the now darker blue trainers, I stepped out of them and stood there with my skinny little body. She lifted me up in the potty, "Try to get all your tee tee out" I didn't go anymore. She once again wiped me down and held open a fresh pair of trainers. She tossed my wet clothes in the pail. i went back to playing. Later mommy sat me on the potty again and I went. "You are such a big boy!" She happily commented. She made a big deal out of it. it was nice outside so we went out to play after lunch. I played in my sandbox with my shovel and bucket and yellow Tonka truck. I got up and went to the swings and went down the slide and went around to go again. I stood at the ladder which was view blocked from the porch by the slide. I stood there a minute and pooted. I pushed and grunted a bit. I felt the warm sticky mess ball up and sag the seat of my pants. I walked from behind the slide. Mommy was reading a magazine and not looking my way. I went back to the sandbox. I squatted at the knees and pushed my truck. I pooted again and finished. I kept playing there in the stinky air. Mommy called to me, "come here Dougie and let's go potty". I stood up a started her way slowly. She stood up from her chair and placed her hands on her hips as I waddled to her. "Do you have poopy pants?" I looked down as I approached. She walked toward me and pulled me towards her baby belly. She reached over my shoulder and pulled back the waistband of my shorts and trainers. "Whewwww! You sure did!" She dusted the sand of my clothes and arms and legs and led me in the back door into the playroom to the changing table. i stood there waiting for the almost daily routine. I wasn't pooping in the potty very often yet so mommy was not surprised. The difference was that I usually pooped in a diaper. mommy pulled my t-shirt off and picked me up and laid me on my back on the table. She took out a basket from the shelf under the tabletop and pulled off my shorts. I lifted my head and shoulders off the table to see what mommy was doing. She unsnapped the sides and pulled down the front of the trainer. My little pee pee was standing straight up. "You are a mess" she said as wiped it and around my toddler scrotum. She discarded the wipe and raised my legs in the air pulling away the dirty training britches. Mommy scolded as she cleaned my bottom, "you are four years old! You are too old to be pooping in your pants" the same lecture I heard the day before at Grandmas. "You are going to be a big brother so you have to start acting like a big boy!" She finished and took me to the tub and washed me off. I was getting bigger but I still wanted to be her baby! in the weeks to follow there were countless more accidents,Many more than successful potty trips. I was still wearing a diaper at night but trainers during the day. After about a week, mom was changing yet another pair of poopy pants and slid a diaper under me. It was my comfort and I was happy. a few months later, my baby sister was born and she had two kids in diapers. i finally potty trained enough just after turning five to wear regular undies. I still had accidents though. I continued having pee accidents until I was almost 9 and sometimes still pooped in my pants too. I wet the bed until I was 11. My baby sister ended up potty training before me!
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    Understand that COW SHIT, CHICKEN SHIT, FISH SHIT, BIRD SHIT is distinct from PEOPLE SHIT. Understand that fecal bacteria from humans is very much a threat to other humans. Swim diapers are a safety net to allow the fecally incontinent the chance to get out of the water after an accident while minimizing the risk of contamination. It is not a designed for extended swimming by someone with a load of crap in their diaper. It is what the researchers call colloquially a "fecal teabag." Do not enter the water with feces in your diaper. Leave the water as soon as you can if you defecate in the diaper. It is especially unconscionably sociopathic to intentionally introduce fecal bacteria into public swimming areas. '
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    So today I went grocery shopping because I was out of food, so I put on a pull-up just in case I had to go potty and so I got to the store and I started shopping, so I put on a pull-up just in case I had to go potty and so I got to the store and I started shopping Midway through I got the urge to poo, as fast as I could I went to the bathroom but there was a cleaning sign so I couldn't go in there so I tried to hold it in. If I was in a bigger diaper I would have used it but I was wearing a pull up with leggings, and a crop top. While I was at the checkout line I couldn't hold it anymore and I released one huge log into my pull up. I just had a feeling that the bulge was really visible so as I was walking to my car I continued to Poo even more. I got into my car and I put on an overnight that I always have in my car over my pull up and I didn't even worry about Putting my pants back on and on the way home I continued to release logs and a whole bunch of pee. When I got home I put my groceries away grabbed my towel sat on the floor and rubbed my Poo everywhere. Then my boyfriend came home and saw what I was doing and he got a huge smile on his face and he told me to come sit down on his lap and bounce so I can make a bigger mess. I continue to wet my diaper and make my Poo softer. Then I went into the shower and he cleaned me up, today was by far the best Messy poo i've done -- hope you enjoy
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    See? We can write boys
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    My advice, which you can take it or leave it, is to be fully honest with her. Try your best to explain why this is a part of you and what it means to you. You have to be prepared to make a choice though, you can't force her to accept this or participate. If she doesn't want anything to do with diapers but still loves you and wants to be with you, can you respect that and keep your diaper life and your relationship with her separate? If not, it might be best to part ways because the resentment on both sides will tear you both apart down the road. This is both professional as well as personal advice. I have been married almost 20 years and have gone back and forth with my wife on the diapers. I am also a behavioral psychologist in RL.
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    Part 7 Eric usually drove to work and used that time to decompress. But today he was feeling anxious. This was the second day that he’d be padded headed to work. Wearing to work was risky in his opinion. People might find out! Even though Reddit told him no one would be paying attention… he didn’t buy it. The thought of a team member (or worse his boss) asking if anyone heard “that noise” was mortifying to him. Also, his cock kept pressing up against the cage. It was odd not being able to feel the inside of his diaper for a change. Now that Eric thought about it… that was the best part of being diapered. Eric scowled to himself. He needed to be patient. In three days – err two and a half- he could be free of this madness. His plan was simple. He needed Patricia to trust him. That way she wouldn’t keep this watchful eye over him. Once he gained her trust, he needed to carry into the work trip. Patricia was on a team that went on a retreat every quarter. This quarter’s trip was this weekend, meaning Patricia and the other account executives would be going on a team building exercise, away from Eric and the other senior associates. She’d forget all about him by the time he came back. Eric parked his car and stepped into the parking lot. While walking inside, he noticed that his diaper was making him waddle a bit. Eric forced his legs together a bit more, trying his best to look normal. He would never wear diapers again if he could have his old life back. That was for certain. ‘Are you sure?’ his brain asked him suspiciously? Eric thought for a bit once he arrived at his desk. ‘In the right situation, this could be fun.’ Was it possible Eric was actually enjoying this a little? Actually having a little fun thinking of Patricia as that Femdom figure, forcing him to submit to her will – “Ouch” Eric groaned. His cock had strained against the cage again. That was going to take some getting used too. *** Today was a day of client meetings back to back. Patricia waltzed into Eric’s office and sat down across from him. “You have a few meetings today and the new business presentation that happens on Sunday. If you have a chance, the partners would love to see the latest draft of the deck so the creatives can finish it by then.” Patricia said ticking off the list. “Oh and you need to wet your diaper three times before noon so… start drinking.” Patricia produced an ungodly sized water bottle. It looked like it contained at least a liter of water! “Excuse me?” Eric hissed across the table? “You need to wet your diaper three times by noon.” Patricia said. “This water should help.” Eric was silent. He needed to just needed to obey. Two and a half days… Eric unscrewed the cap to the water bottle and took a swing. “Fine. And how are you going to know each time I…?” Eric paused as Patricia leaned in a bit. “… you know?” “Each time you what?” Patricia asked grinning. Eric was silent. (Two more days his mind yelled). “Each time I wet my diaper?” He said quickly. “You’ll send me a text.” Patricia said simply. “Shouldn’t be too hard.” Eric nodded. He hated saying “diaper” out loud and he was pretty sure Patricia knew that. “So what are you going to do?” She asked him teasingly. “Text you when I wet my diaper.” Eric said quietly. Patricia leaned forward. “I can’t hear you Eric.” Eric looked her dead in the eyes: “Text you when I wet my diaper.” Louder this time. “Very good.” She said. “See you at noon! By then we’ll finish your punishment for the insolence yesterday and I’ll drive to the client meeting.” And she was gone. *** Eric was feeling bloated after chugging a third of the water bottle. His diaper was still dry so in the next two meetings, he tried to relax. But it wasn’t happening. Through the first daily project meeting to the second meeting, Eric was drier than the desert. But around 9:45, Eric felt his bladder peep a little bit. Eric quickly excused himself and went back to his office. He took a seat at his desk and closed his eyes. Slowly, the trickle started and then it rushed out faster, the warmth spreading over his groin and then being absorbed by the thirsty plastic garment around his waist. Then he was done. Eric sighed a little and grabbed his phone and typed out “Done” and clicked send. Patricia’s response came back awfully quickly. “Done?” it said. Eric quickly typed: “I just wet my diaper.” And clicked send. He needed to get used to these fucking complete sentences. He wasn’t used to using them, especially to talk about… this stuff. In this DL fetish world, you only referred to things amorphously. “Good boy.” She texted back. “And now for your punishment for not using complete sentences you’re going to go to the bathroom and take a photo of your diaper. You have five mins. Otherwise the other photos go out.” Eric was quiet. This was going too far. He was at work. If he was caught he could lose his job. Losing his job was nothing compared to the humiliation he’d face if he was caught. Imagine being called the “office baby.” Even if he could explain away the diaper as a “medical issue” why was he showing his diaper at work. “Four min.” Patricia texted him again. Eric got up, his heart pounding as he went to the bathroom furthest away from anyone in the office. If he used that bathroom, the one generally used around lunch, no one would be likely to walk in. Eric stepped inside and found the full length mirror staring back at him on the wall. He paused, looked around and quickly unbuckled his pants and pulled them down just enough to see his diaper. He quickly snapped a photo and pulled his pants back up. No one walked in in. Eric breathed a sigh of relief and sent the photo to Patricia. “Good baby.” She texted back. “Two more to go.” Eric sighed to himself. But that’s how the morning went. Eric would chug another few liters of water and then head to the bathroom. It would be easy he reasoned. The second time around, Eric had snapped the photo and sent it to Patricia when the door opened. Luckily, Eric had pulled his pants back up. He had some difficulty though. The diaper had started to swell from all the wetting. Eric nodded at the team members who walked in and pretend to have been checking his reflection. You know, a simple act of vanity to cover up this ridiculousness that Patricia was putting in through. His phone buzzed as the team member entered the stall. “Not good enough.” The message said. Eric looked at the message and frowned. “What do you mean not good enough?” Eric texted back. “The pants have to come off all the way.” Patricia said. “Three mins.” Eric swore out loud. He was at work. The place where he made a living. He never dreamed of mixing his DL and work at once. She couldn’t be serious. “Two mins.” His phone buzzed again as Eric heard the man in the stall clear his throat a little bit and continue clicking away on his phone. Eric looked over at the stall door that obfuscated the rest of the bathroom from the man and decided the risk was worth it. Eric kicked off his shoes as his phone buzzed again. “One min.” It said. “I know.” Eric hissed pulling his trousers off, forgetting completely that he was standing in a semi public restroom with his shoes off. Eric pointed the camera at the mirror and took the photo. Quickly he pulled up his pants as he heard the toilet flush behind him. As he was putting his shoes back on, he felt the diaper bulge press against the inside of his thighs. His diaper was saturated completely and felt heavy. Eric glanced at the photo and hit send. “Good baby.” Patricia said. “One more to go.” The follow up text. Eric sighed and walked back to his desk, but found it difficult. Not only was the diaper squishing in-between him, but Eric was feeling utterly humiliated. His waddle, now more pronounced had to have been obvious. Eric sat down with a squish and proceeded to drink the rest of the water. He was feeling quite stupid at this point. ‘How did this happen?’ Eric asked himself. If he didn’t leave the diapers in the cabinet under the sink. ‘Wait a second.’ Eric looked up. ‘He had left them (his diapers) under the sink, but the cabinet was closed. Who goes looking under the sink?’ Eric scratched his chin for a second. “No one.” He said out loud. “No one goes looking under cabinets.” That means that Patricia knew where to look. That means she was tipped off by someone. There was only one other person who knew about his fetish and that was Claire. But did Patricia know Claire? She had too. The other night when they were in bed, she said “Claire says hello.” So is it possible that she and Claire were in on this together and this was how Claire was getting her “revenge?” But revenge from what? Eric hadn’t done anything to her… at least nothing he could remember. He knew that they had had their fight when it came to the diapers. She wasn’t too happy about his frequent wearing. But that was his life, his decision. No one else could control that. Eric finished the water bottle and absentmindedly let loose the flood of urine into his diaper. He sent the text to Patricia and headed to the bathroom. Once inside, Eric noticed that several people were going in an out. Eric counted one or two people every three mins. As his phone buzzed Eric knew time was running out. “Take all your clothes off and take the pic.” Patricia had sent back to Eric. All of them. There’s no way Eric could do it now with everyone going in and out of the restroom. He started to panic. The photos and video that Patricia had. The video of him cumming in his diaper. The incriminating photos of him asleep, chained to the bed, his eyes closed in contentment. How was he supposed to explain all of that? “One min.” Eric’s phone buzzed. Eric sent a text back. “I can’t. Too many--“ Then he deleted the text and tried again. “I can’t send you a photo of me just in my diaper.” Eric wrote. “Too many people milling around.” Patricia never texted back. But once the clock ran down, his phone buzzed. “Meet me in your office for your punishment. Your babysitter will deal with you tonight.” Babysitter? Two more days.
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    Part 3 It may have seemed unlikely that a fourteen year-old lacked any sexual knowledge but Caleb was in many ways quite innocent. Often, when the topic had come up at school he was mystified as to what was being discussed, or, more precisely, why everyone was giggling about the subject. He knew boys and girls were different but had little interest in finding out anything further. However, Caleb had quickly, but nervously, come to appreciate his smooth cock and balls. Whereas, before he’d never given that part of anatomy much attention (the tightly fitted diaper keeping his hand away at night) now he was more attentive. The glossy plastic pants complimented his silky, naked pubic area, and although it would be laughed at by his classmates, he was beginning to enjoy the feeling his new hairless area gave. Even his diaper seemed to offer more intense sensations. School for Caleb became weird very quickly. Everyone knew he was back in diapers because of the ‘Rendle incident’ so at recess and lunch breaks, all around the building, that was the main topic of conversation. Suddenly, social media and just plain local gossip were alive to the subject of diapers and punishment. Within a few days ‘#teenager in a diaper’ had become THE story and trending hashtag, everyone wanted in on it – the Twittersphere went ballistic. All and sundry had an opinion and happy to share it in any way they could. Caleb was overwhelmed by the interest, with his padding becoming the focus of far too much attention from school mates and even strangers. He wished more people read the Bible. Luke 6:31 “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Perhaps then they wouldn’t be so ready to chastise and abuse him. Gary, Buddy, Sanjeev, Carlos and Max, the boys he got drunk with, had all become distant with him and, to a certain extent, each other. Apparently, Mrs Rendle had created quite a fuss with the neighbours and all the boys had been chastised to a greater or lesser extent. After a severe beating by his father, Gary, the ringleader and whose home it was (and who spiked Caleb’s drinks) had been threatened with Military School. Now he was on his best behaviour and hardly dare speak to anyone never mind give his usual confident backchat. The little group had been broken but it was the extent of Caleb’s punishment that created a barrier between them. None wanted to end up in diapers like him and thought the best course of action was to keep their distance. They needn’t have worried, their involvement in the dare was almost forgotten and it was only Caleb people focused on. However, with all this attention new thoughts entered the troubled teen’s head; was he was being tested? With the fantastic thrill he felt thanks to his sleek pubic area, diaper and plastic pants, maybe the Lord was testing his resolve not to pleasure himself? Also, making him the subject of such derision, perhaps God was penalising him in his own way? Then he had another theory; what if it was Satan making things worse? Guilt spread through his body; he couldn’t let the Devil anywhere near his family. He couldn’t give in to any form of temptation. He had to be good for the sake of his brother’s and his own salvation. # James 1:13-15 When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone; but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death. Meanwhile, other boys just wanted to take the piss, although even they had to admit that Caleb was dealing with his peculiar circumstances a lot better than they ever would. A few boys maintained that they would never let their parents treat them in such a way but, Caleb was unlike most of his classmates and understood what it meant to let his family down. So, if it meant keeping his distance from friends, and keeping his hand outside of his diaper, then that’s what he’d do. Although he didn’t like the present state of affairs, he knew from the Bible he had to gain his parents, and God’s, respect back, no matter how long it took. The town began to divide into two particular camps. The pro-Jefferson family stance was applauded by older citizens, whilst the younger population were incensed at the brutal and humiliating way the teenager was being treated. They didn’t actually know about the beating but that didn’t stop them speculating. Such was the intensity of the debate that a local newspaper ran a feature on the subject. Without mentioning the Jefferson’s by name they created a discussion forum and explored the pros and cons of what was happening to Caleb (although again, without mentioning him by name). What started out as a small, quirky feature developed into a huge talking-point. It was amazing, with social media and the like in full swing things happened at incredible speed. Some were funny, like the diapers on celebrities, but when Caleb was identified as the real ‘victim’ people wanted answers. Interest had been stirred; it was no longer acceptable to be theoretical about the subject, the media wanted to know all about Caleb and his parents. Caleb had never been the most popular boy in school he was seen as too much of a goody-goody, his religious upbringing putting many people off. What he’d done was completely out of character and had ended in disaster. Now his small group of friends had been scattered, and the fact he was wearing tiny shorts and a bulky diaper, meant he was even more of a misfit to most of the school… but not everyone. As much he tried to avoid the situation, Caleb had suddenly become a bit of a local celebrity. Girls especially wanted to get to know him and it seemed the diapers under his shorts were a beacon for those who wanted to date him as much as those who wanted to mother him – his situation produced a wide range of responses. He himself was bewildered by the entire proceedings and just wanted to melt away. # However, some of the girls held a ‘diaper-in’; they all arrived for a 'day of support' wearing thick diapers to class. It was a strange act of solidarity towards the protection-wearing teen but one he took no part in, preferring to keep his head down and do what was right for his family. He begged them all not to argue amongst themselves but refused to talk on camera when a local TV channel decided he was newsworthy. With the arrival of the camera crew the conversation and interest went up several notches and soon everyone had something to say on the subject, apart that is, from the Jefferson family. The reporter and cameraman made no bones about getting an interview with the central character but Caleb just ran off, though not before the camera zoomed in on his tight and puffy shorts. It probably didn’t help that he was rustling quite loudly as he made his exit, the noisy plastic pants making the journo smile as he disappeared. There were far too many voices shouting at Caleb and though he tried to ignore them it was getting more and more difficult. The problem was the entire event had become bigger than just a stupid drunken dare backfiring and the culprit made to make amends. It was now about using humiliation as punishment and what were the acceptable levels (if any) of that humiliation. What was missed by this general clamour of ‘moral outrage’ was at no point had Caleb voiced his own personal outrage either publicly or privately. He simply accepted the punishment his father thought was necessary. Emily arrived home with the twins to find a photographer in her back garden taking shots of the washing hanging out on the line. He smiled and quickly made his exit once he’d been discovered but not without firing off another series of shots of her and the twins. It all occurred so quickly. She was barely able to register what was happening but once she realised the line of billowing diapers had been the thing of interest she became angry at such an intrusion. She could readily understand the feeling Mrs Rendle had of violation after her clothes had been stolen. It just wasn’t right. Meanwhile, the phone was constantly ringing and, after answering a few strange and abusive calls, where “No comment” was dismissed as an unacceptable response from a reporter, it was left to the machine to screen all incoming messages. Without a statement from the boy or the parents it was left to the two opposing factions to vent their spleen. The TV crew were not without plenty of volunteers who wanted to add their two cent’s worth. Proverbs 18:2 A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. Mrs Rendle in particular was keen to put her side of the argument about the attitude of the ‘youth of today’ but conceded that it took a great deal of guts to appear at her door, as Caleb had, to apologise wearing nothing but a diaper. In fact, it was this particular ‘bizarre’ incident that had piqued press interest. How could a teenager be persuaded to dress in such a way and be made to apologise? What threats, coercion or downright violence would have to be in force for that to happen? These were questions the locals, and now the press, wanted to investigate. It was a story they knew would get people talking as everyone would have an opinion. Mrs Rendle also became a bit of a star herself as she expressed her distaste for the local youth and told anyone who’d listen about the exchange between her and Caleb. Tactfully, she didn’t mention he’d wet himself, much to the appreciation of the boy himself. However, there was another reaction to all this intense scrutiny that no one had foreseen - Caleb and his brothers had all started waking up soaked. When it first occurred Caleb guiltily shrugged it off as an unfortunate accident, thinking it might have something to do with him enjoying the naked sensation ‘down there’. Whatever the reason he was thankful to his parents for making him wear protection. However, after the third consecutive night, and the fact the same thing was happening to Joshua as well as Daniel, the event became far more alarming. It appeared stress was contagious and the boys were suddenly peeing in sync and sympathy at night. Although only Caleb wore a waterproof cover all the time, all the boys now wore rubber pants at night as a safeguard. Meanwhile, the washing line got heavier and heavier with the daily laundry. # At school Caleb was constantly being questioned and assaulted, supported and insulted in equal measure. Unfortunately, this constant attention led to a traumatic confrontation during a lunch break when a reporter from a daily newspaper had determined the story needed nationwide exposure. The female journalist appeared friendly enough to begin with, before Caleb realised her real business, but suspicion grew when he noticed a photographer, with a long range lens, taking sneaky shots from different angles obviously trying to get a photo of his actual diaper. In fact, the reporter got quite aggressive when he refused to expose himself to her so they could get a decent shot. Such interest in the subject was a mystery to the Jefferson’s who had decided, as a family, they wanted nothing to do with what they saw as nobody else’s business. The reporter tried to blackmail Caleb by saying that if he cooperated the item would be sympathetic towards him and his family, but if not… Ecclesiastes 7:7 Extortion turns a wise person into a fool, and a bribe corrupts the heart. All Caleb’s upbringing had made him respect others and especially those older than himself (a reminder as to what happens when that rule is forgotten was hugging his bruised bottom at that moment). However, such was the line of questioning, and the apparent inability to take “Sorry, no comment” as an answer led to what must have been a natural outcome for a timid young lad desperate not to be involved in any of this circus. # Scared and completely out of any sort of comfort zone he panicked, flooding his diaper in public. Horror seeped into every bone in his body as he felt the warm golden liquid soak into his thick protection. Thankfully, unlike the time at the Rendle’s when he’d wet and the result was apparent, this time the plastic pants his mother had insisted he wear were a blessing. All the fluid was kept inside the slippery barrier so at least he hadn’t given the photographer the one shot he was desperate for. A sodden and sobbing Caleb tried to escape the badgering reporter but found himself penned in. Luckily, some of the girls saw what was happening and were able to escort him away from the hostile interrogation. Caleb arrived home soaked, harried and in tears. The pressure on the fourteen year-old was just too much and he couldn’t cope. He seemed confused as he kept ranting over and over again. “Forgive me father for I have sinned (sob) Forgive me father for I have sinned.” He threw himself down and knelt next to his bed in prayer, his bulging shorts displaying the fullness of his dilemma, and pleading with the Lord to forgive him. “Forgive me father for I have…” “Ssshhhhh.” Emily hugged and soothed him as best she could but the boy was inconsolable and blamed himself for bringing such unwarranted attention to his family. “I’m sorry, sorry, sorrrrrrrry…” The tears gushed and the grief-stricken lad didn’t know what to do to make amends. Emily patted his padded bottom detecting the mushy diaper. She hoped that being put into something dry might make things better. The process was achieved very quickly with barely any acknowledgement from Caleb. She put him to bed in the hope sleep would take away the pain but he just whimpered restlessly until Daniel slipped his pacifier between his older brothers lips. It was something the four year-old used occasionally when he got fussy or upset about something. Caleb was so drained it was only a couple of minutes before the effects of suckling soon encouraged sleep. Thomas had been working out of town and had missed most of what had transpired. Once Emily brought him up to speed he realised his actions had contributed greatly to the current fever gripping the town. He looked in on his distressed but sleeping son and was amazed to see the pacifier still being gently nursed. “Oh heavens. What’s happened… did he come home like this… did someone… is he…?” His wife realising he’d got the situation all wrong explained about Daniel, who, seeing his brother in such distress, offered him the item he used when upset. Thomas was relieved and immediately went and ruffled the twin’s hair saying what good boys they’d been. Like Caleb they were already damp but wriggled joyfully as they always did when mama or papa praised them. However, now the details of the town’s ‘agitation’ were known Thomas thought of a way to defuse the situation. Later that evening when the family were all together, and a much calmer Caleb had woken up, his parents informed him that, for school at least, he no longer would be required to wear a diaper and shorts, as that part of the punishment was over. Naively they thought this action would neutralise the problem and everything would get back to normal. However, after the day Caleb had, and the fact that he’d wet himself at school, the panic-stricken boy begged his parent to let him continue to wear his protection until he was sure it wouldn’t happen again. He pleaded with them that his pants, with an accidental wet mark down the front, would make things a lot worse and only add to the story. Reluctantly they agreed with his summation of the situation and hoped that his school pants would hide his padding. The following day, and without any of the main characters having been interviewed, a national newspaper carried the story, with photographs. It was at this point that all hell broke loose. Open season had been declared on the Jefferson’s. # to be continued....
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    Author’s Note: It’s probably not the best abdl story out there, but I’ve wanted to write it for some time, and have half a dozen stories I’ve started and never posted. Figure I have to start practising somewhere, so here it is. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I’ve written it twice, the first time in a modern setting, and am still not sure if the story is actually interesting... --------------------------- Little Princess by AusDpr (This is loosely inspired by the character of Princess Azula) Chapter 1 – Usurper Anita rode her horse hard. From behind her came the frantic yells of her retinue, begging her to slow down. But the capital was in sight, there was no need for such caution now. Leaving them fretting in her dust, her mouth began to curl into the usual sadistic grin which snuck across her face whenever she caused others to suffer. She loved being cruel, it fed on her ideology that it was a harsh world, and that her actions demonstrated her rightful position atop of it. Amongst other things, Princess Anita was returning a war hero. The eastern war had been a smashing success, practically guaranteeing her country’s domination of the known world within several years, and she had been there in the middle of it as the commander. “Let’s see Father ignore that,†she told herself smugly, quelling the deeply nestled fury that came with remembering how he ignored her. Anita was always gifted, a prodigy child some had said. But she was a girl, and her father had wanted a boy. He seemed happy to use her, to send her out to win wars. But when it came to actually respecting her - to considering her a viable candidate for the throne - he seemed to always overlook her. They had no relationship; to him she was his puppet, and to her he was just another player in her game for the crown. It was a game which had seen her mother banished when she was very young - an act which the cruel Anita had internally cheered while declaring her mother weak. She was furious with her Father’s lack of respect however, even now it hurt. Her eyes narrowed, her nose screwed, and her bottom lip began to form a pout only ever seen in private. Gritting her teeth, she cruelly dug her heels into the horse’s side, speeding her journey and shortening the wait until a suitable distraction from her deep fury. She took it out on others – she knew that she did but she enjoyed it regardless. While on the outside she might often seem the sweet princess - now a stunning young woman - in reality, anybody that spent significant time around her discovered that she was a world-first unrivalled bitch. She constantly played off others against themselves, using her position and influence to insert herself into upper class social circles, and intimidate both men and women. She would lash out with her expertly cruel tongue whenever she saw the opportunity arise, and enjoy it entirely. The horse’s hooves hit paved stone. She was flying through the streets of the capital now. Anita was surprised to find herself hit with the smallest amount of sentimental familiarity, finding returning to the capital to be comforting, like returning to a home. She had grown up here she reasoned, and had been away for months. Ahead the palace loomed, the sight filling her with a small sense of dread, but also fuelling her constant hunger for power. Riding toward it now she, found herself feeling on top of the world, smugly confident that it would one day be hers, by birthright. To most she passed, Anita was a red blur. She was wearing a very light suit of feminised battle armour, made largely of flexible cloth with a few leather and steel guards, and a black ponytail sailed out behind her ducked head. Passing through the homes and business districts of some of the nation’s wealthiest families, she finally came upon the palace itself. Anita was well ahead of her guard and retinue when she reached the gate. Her always towering ego saw an opportunity to cruelly test the guards, and she continued straight past the gate’s watch in the hope of tricking a poor sap into the grave mistake of halting and insulting the princess. She hadn’t been to the city in months, and sure enough they didn’t immediately recognise her. Her mouth twisted into a cruelly satisfied grin again as one of the guards yelled out for her to halt, and was joined by others as they ran to block her off. She slowed her horse to a trot, and waited smugly for them to surround her. She intended to let them dig their hole before lashing out with her stinging tongue, and possibly even retributive power, if any of them so displeased her. However the stupid minions didn’t seem to be picking up on it, and were even grabbing for the leather strap that ran her horse’s neck. In an instant her eyes narrowed, and her top lip curled into a snarl. “How dare you touch the Princess’s mount without permission!†she hissed, genuinely angry now that one of them had touched her steed, and had completely forgotten that it was her own fault as she maintained her glare. A guard to her front side, who appeared to not be any more senior amongst the group, begun to offer a surprised apology, “We didn’t… expect you back so soon, m’lady,†he offered, a little too casually. “You were, however, expected today,†he continued, “if you will follow us?†he inquired inquisitively. He seemed rather un put-out by all of this, Anita fumed, considering he was party to the group who had just insulted the Princess. Anita decided that he would need to be punished for improper respect, later, once she had settled. These city guards weren’t yet used to treating her with the divine respect that she expected. “I will return to my chambers, and visit the reception chambers when ready,†she brushed him off. “It’s by order of his highness, m’lady,†he said, a little too dereverantly, with a hint of sternness. She was displeased yet again – but, the King had requested her? That was good news. That he had specifically requested to welcome the returning war hero, who just so happened to be his only valid heir to the throne. Anita’s resolve tightened, and she instantly begun to prepare herself for whatever ceremony might be ahead that she could twist to her favour. “Fine,†she said, as if uninterested, still fully intending to see that her justice was carried out on the guard when possible. At a trot they set off, the guards flanking the princess. Lost in thought for a moment, she almost didn’t realise that something seemed off. After a moment she found herself uneased, unused to such discomfort in her own element. While she tried to maintain a dignified composure, something about the situation led her to darting her glance to the left and right, above and around, trying to spot anything that seemed amiss. After a moment she realised. It was strange that the guards were flanking her, it was unlike an escort for a privileged princess. Their formation and movements weren’t deferential, it was more like they were escorting a prisoner who wouldn’t be allowed to escape. She began to feel unusual nervousness, her stomach tightening and palms misting, still unsure if anything was necessarily wrong. When they reached the main outer doors leading to the great hall, the throne room itself, the ease did not let up, as the guards maintained their circle once she demounted her horse. Nobody offered to help, and no servant her brought her a refreshment. “Guard,†she said, turning slightly with apparent disinterest to the same one who had spoken to her earlier, “I have not been attended, send for a drink, and perhaps a change of clothes.†Instead of replying, he simply ushered a hand towards the main throne room, and instructed “This way.†Raw rage ran through her, nobody so ignored her, The Princess, like that. But at the same time the feeling of unease increased. Something was wrong. Anita didn’t handle wrong well, she expected to always win, and in an instant she replaced her fear with rage. Whatever was in her way, she would crush. Maintaining her dignified exterior, she tramped on foot towards the looming outer doors, still flanked by guards. Thoughts ran through her calculating mind, she intended to come out of this well off, as always. Could her father be angry with her? She was a hero, she told herself angrily, if the fool was angry than perhaps it would indicate that it was time for a new ruler on the throne. Queen Anita had a nice ring to it, she thought, especially at such a young age. The heavy doors were swung open, revealing a darkness beyond in comparison to the bright light of the mid morning. Anita didn’t miss a step as she marched in, even feeling more confident with each step. She did not accept losing, this would be a cinch, even if she didn’t know what exactly she faced yet. She had torn apart the egos of many high-society girls and princess alike - she was not afraid of her father. Her eyes adjusted as they approached closer to the throne. Looking to her sides, she noted that the room was rather empty of any semblance of a court in session, and seemed to only be manned with guards lining the walls. There wasn’t even any hint of the kingdom’s ultimate crust of nobles here to greet her she fumed. How she loved showing them up, feeding on their envy and rage, and now none would see her first presentation upon returning home a military hero. She didn’t particularly like her father, and was not so enthusiastic to see him. Eventually when she had almost reached the elevated throne itself, she looked up to make eye contact with the King himself, presenting her best daughterly smile to the nearly unknown man that was her father. Except it wasn’t him. Sitting upon the throne, a little too rigidly, was a young man. Little more than a boy it seemed, though not necessarily any younger than herself. With jet black hair and the King’s crown of gold sitting confidently upon his head, he looked down at her with stern but confused eyes. She froze, her momentary confident smile nearly wiped clean. “Hello cousin,†he said flatly, not betraying a hint of emotion. Edward. Her exiled cousin Edward was sitting upon the throne. Her throne. Anita’s eyes widened and her stomach tightened with rage, quickly reaching an intensity which she very rarely experienced. Anita stood perfectly still for a moment, her shocked silence masking her internal battle. She was unsure exactly what this meant, but she immediately knew that it was going to cause her problems. In the moment of silence, her face slowly crept towards the aggressive snarl she so often wore. Prince Edward motioned to the guards, and they fanned out to line the sides of the chamber, apparently less worried about the princess escaping now that she was in a closed room. As the last of the guards took to his post and the clattering of armour quieted down, the princess recomposed herself. Anita, being the flexible manipulator that she was, had already rediscovered her eternally confident self. She blurted out the first thought that came to her mind. “You were exiled!†“Yes.†His face and tone revealed nothing. “And so why are you sitting on the throne?†she demanded, edging towards one of her hysterias. “Why do you think?†He held his eyes steady, steeled against insolence, but also revealing a hint of amusement. “Because you’re a traitor and have stolen the crown, that’s what!†she spat back, only half in control of her calculating nature, and resorting to her more primal indignant rage. “Funny,†he said calmly, “given that the crown was stolen by our mutual great grandfather, who everybody now calls a hero.†“You’re not a hero like he was,†she glared back, “he was a conqueror.†“He started a never-ending war, which has cost us generations of lives.†She was incredulous. Such traitorous talk from the likes of those too sappily romantic regarding the importance of the commoner’s life, it was nothing next to the power that conquest gave kings. “Funny how it’s all so ‘bad’ to the man who happens to have been fighting on the losing side his whole life,†she taunted. It didn’t work, he was unmoved. “No. It’s very unfunny how ok you are with it you are. She who just so happened to be on the winning side.†Anita scoffed. She only knew victory, and had towering confidence in her guaranteed success in all endeavours. That she was on the winning side was just further proof of her superiority, in her mind, that the idea that her actions could possibly be wrong was not something which she would ever bother to consider. She emphasised with nobody, and saw no other as her equal, only subservient subjects and game pieces to be used toward her own glory. “How did you get the throne?†she asked, genuinely disinterested with his previous statement, and changing the topic to more pressing matters. She did not know how to deal with being thwarted, but with her towering ego, she remained confident that she would easily be sitting on the throne soon enough, despite all this. He took some time to answer. “It may surprise you,†he began, “ - but it was the people. The people worked to bring me back. The people wanted an end to this endless war, and the people are the ones who secretly begged me to become their king, even despite my initial refusal to sit on such a dirtied throne.†Anita felt nauseous with rage. Traitors throughout her kingdom, she would root them all out. Edward continued. “My coronation is a week from now, Anita. They wanted me, you could never rule them - nobody wants you to be queen. I rule by the will of the people.†Anita glared and spat back, “I would cut them down like flies, and show them true power!†She was incensed that there had been an entire rebellion which occurred under her nose - her the great plotter and manipulator, who had known nothing about it while she was gone. They must have worked hard to keep her command out of the loop, Anita had spies everywhere, but, she realised with distaste, they were all focused toward the war during her campaign. Edward sat back, contemplating her threat to the people. Her surety of being able to rule by fear. “Maybe,†he said sadly, revealing to Anita that the fool even cared for the stupid cattle, disgusted that he didn’t understand that they existed only to elevate the more deserving Royalty. “Or, more likely,†he continued, “you would create a great deal of sadness and pain, and would be pulled from the throne anyway.†Anita scoffed. It was her right to rule. She was the best. Such a rebellion would never succeed. She changed the subject again. “Where is the true king?†“In prison, facing trial.†Edward answered, revealing a small hint of anger when he discussed the man. “It’s going to be long and difficult, and he’ll likely not live very long if the people have their way,†he continued, the fool seemed sad again. “Despite my misgivings about the man, I intend to see that he lives.†The talk of mercy only made Anita more furious. She felt it insulted her somehow, it was not something she could understand. “You know this will never – “ she began. “Shut up.†He warned her. She was stunned, and then furious, nobody talked to her that way. “I swear I will make you regret ever – “ “You are not going to be doing anything,†he said, a little smugly. “You are my prisoner now.†The point brought her back to reality, when she realised with the sickening realisation that she was surrounded by guards, in a hostile king’s court. It tore at her confidence, her casual belief in her guaranteed success. She spent a moment in sneering silence, quickly contemplating exactly what she should do now. And with that, she was off, sprinting for an open window which the guards had not thought to stand between. Behind her they started, but she was fast. Being a prodigy child in most every area, she was a capable runner in her own right. She took a flying leap and managed to hook onto the adult-sized window’s lower edge. The previously unknown condition of sweaty palms betrayed her however, and confidence turned to shock when she lost her grip and fell, tripped, and landed on her rear. For the first time in her life, Anita seemed to not be succeeding. In a panic, she threw herself at the window again, latching onto an outcropping brick with two hands and scrambling wildly. Feet and derrière flailed with increasing hysteria, but the guards were upon her - and hands around her waist they were pulling her down. “No!†she screamed, several times, as strong around her middle pulled her further away. “No!†she thrashed, having never been so handled. “Anita!†Edward boomed with unsure confidence. “You stay still this instant!†The command had no effect, and she was only growing wilder. Soon the guard had her pinned and a fat man in a monk’s robe approached with a small bowl. A strange liquid was forced into the wild princess’s mouth, and with some spluttering most even managed to make it down her throat. A few furious tears escaped her face as she began to understand that she was powerless, that things were not going to work out the way she expected for perhaps the first time ever. She was unstoppable in her own mind, but that confidence was meeting an infuriating reality. Whatever they had forced her to digest caused her to quickly numb. Anita was dragged on her armoured knees and unceremoniously dropped before Prince Edward still sitting upon the throne. Where she kneeled, a small amount of drool escaping her slackening mouth, and she found herself desperately hoping that the story of this would never reach the social circles that she often so cruelly taunted. Edward descended from his podium and moved closer to the princess’s side, where he crouched calmly in stark contrast to the slightly slobbering girl on her knees. At this close range he could talk softly without the guards at the edge of the room hearing, and he began to whisper quietly into her ear. “Do you remember,†he begun “when we were kids? How I was older, and was always trying to protect you? To help you?†She didn’t answer, and just glared at the back edge of his head of hair sitting next to her face. Furiously she did her best, but was too numb to do anything. He continued, “You hurt me so bad, even then. You began demanding that I diminish myself. To serve on you. You got me in trouble all the time, and made me give you my favourite toy, just to ‘prove my loyalty’.†He trailed off on that thought for a moment, clearly sad. “So what?†Anita hissed back angrily. “Why complain? I’m your superior and you should have been more willing to see it. Oh did poor baby Edward feel upset that somebody was better than him?†She laughed a little, although it came out more as a gurgle to her embarrassment. He stopped, and turned his head to now look directly at her. She was beautiful, he surprisingly noticed. If she ever did get out, she might even have some success at leading a rebellion if people took to rallying behind the pretty queen - even though they hated her father. He knew that he must protect them from that at all costs. Anita, as she was now, was a monster. She could not be let out there. “And do you remember how you declared that I was disloyal in front of the king one day, said that I was trying to depose you and command you? When all I was trying to do, was calmly talk to you about being more understanding, about being more careful before making demands.†He sounded a little angry now, Anita enjoyed hearing how easily she had hurt him, how much power she had. With a step he moved to her centre, looking her dead in the eye. “That got me exiled Anita. And for years I still held onto hope that you might have seen how wrong of you that was, how cruel your actions were.†She didn’t feel very elegant as she managed to look past him and scoff. She’d made her point about her royal claim, meaning he was just dead wrong she decided, and wasn’t sure if she could even formulate a response in her state if she tried. He looked sad, but then steadied himself, and proceeded to stand again at full height. “After you made me give up my favourite toy, I was upset. My nanny consoled me, and said you were a wicked child. I told her no, that you were just being a bit silly, but that I still cared for you. Loved you.†Nothing seemed to be getting through to her, but she was definitely hearing the words, so he continued. “After you got me exiled, my nanny comforted me, and said again and again that you were a wicked naughty child. That she would spank your ass raw if she ever could. She even swore, in fact, that if one day she ever got a hold of you, she would re-raise you from the little monster that you were, to be a nicer, proper girl.†Anita didn’t like this conversation. It was annoying and overly sentimental. She managed to look up at him and sneer, “So what? I’m all grown up now, it’s a bit too late for that, joke’s on you.†“Is it?†he wondered out loud, trailing off. Anita felt she was winning this stupid tat. He was, after all, revealing a stupid wishy washy weakness, talking only nonsense about hopeful dreams long since passed. “Well your Nanny isn’t around now is she,†she mocked, hissing. “No, she isn’t,†he replied sadly, “she’s retired now, and I don’t think disturbing her would be the nicest thing to do. I’m sure she’ll be proud enough once she finds out about my ascension, about my coronation next week.†“But I do think it was an excellent idea, a very good idea in fact. Imagine, re-raising the most horrible princess in the world, having her grow up again to be the sweet angel cousin I never had!†He was nuts and stupid, she thought smugly. She wished they could get back to more direct matters, instead of this childhood fantasy. “That is why,†he continued, “I found a new Nanny. A better Nanny, considering. She’s larger, very large, and strong! And she’s fully open to the idea. She’s a bit younger too, which is good because it could be a many years-long job, considering it normally takes eighteen after all. Nor is she personally invested with all that anger at you, which is preferable, since her job is not about hating you, but is purely about re-rais –“ The colour completely drained from Anita’s face. “Wait,†she interrupted, not sure that she wanted to hear the answer but having to ask anyway, “ - you got me a nanny?†There was a long pause. Anita looked genuinely fearful for perhaps the first time in her life. It was outside the realm of anything that she ever expected or imagined - sounding genuinely humiliating to a young lady of such power and propriety. It took him a moment to respond, locking his eyes with her avoidant gaze until she bought her vision to meet him. Edward simply answered “Yes.†----------------------- Chapter 2 – Trial by Spanking Anita wore a snarl as she was marched down a corridor by a single guard, Edward trailing not far behind. Her hands were tied behind her back, and the numbing potion that they had fed her was still largely keeping her subdued. She stumbled and tripped, often deliberately, but the guard always kept her upright. The spoiled princess was not used to failure however, and kept struggling, expecting at any moment to make her glorious escape. They were moving toward the centre back of the palace, approaching the entrances to the several separate wings which jutted from the sides of the many-sided building. Anita’s blood ran cold when they stopped in front of two large wooden doors with a curved top. She recognised this place, though she had not been here for many years. “The Royal Nursery†Edward announced happily, apparently now allowing himself to display his previously subdued pleasure. Anita knew it well, they had grown up there together, before he was exiled. It was designed to protect royal heirs, which meant that nobody got in, but at the same time, nobody got out. Anita had tried, when she was much smaller and able to fit through gaps more easily. She knew what a good prison it would make, from experience. She felt a similar pang of calming nostalgia to that which had filled her when she had first entered the capital. The very memory of the place made her feel small, and she could almost smell the talcum scented rooms again. Though more strongly she sensed an overwhelming impending humiliation, and an incredible desire to flee. As if reading her mind, Edward answered the question racing through her head, “There’ll be guards stationed at both the entrance and the hidden entrance at all times. I’ve even restored the garden terrace balcony, but I assure you that the stone wall is impossible to climb.†Anita knew it was, the slick wall stood three times an adult’s height and made of the smoothest stone, nobody had ever succeeded. Besides, it just led into the gardens of the castle grounds anyway. There were still more walls after that. Even somebody of her skills would struggle if she reached it that far. Her brow furrowed, Anita simply stared at the doors, willing herself to not have to go in there. If it had been a moment longer she might have thought she was actually succeeding, but Edward interrupted, cheerfully stating “In we go!†with a happiness that made the ever cruel Anita want to make him suffer. The guard pushed, while Edward held the princess, and the two large wooden doors opened into the the royal nursery. Across the main chamber’s foyer, the far wall curved into a half circle play area, heavily padded by multiple rugs and carpets, which were themselves covered in various toys from blocks to rattles to dolls, and even a wooden rocking horse. Returning to this place caused the usually cunning Anita to feel surreally helpless. She found herself without the usual mental clarity to form a plan, and felt as she had back when she belonged here - small. Her mind seemed to be automatically reverting in part to its younger state, and there was an innate helplessness, a reflexive impulse to be obedient to “grown ups†which came from deep inside her. The long outgrown sense of self came back in all its glory with the smells and the sight of the place. Edward, however, seemed exceptionally happy. The bastard had been dreaming about this ever since childhood, Anita realised in agitation. “You can leave us now, thank you,†he instructed to the remaining guard, who promptly bowed and left, pulling shut the large door with a thud on his way. Edward stood silently for a moment, he was experiencing the memories of returning to this place for himself, though apparently was not unhappy for it. He lead the weakened Anita toward the centre of the room and let her go, where she unceremoniously sunk to her knees. Her face ebbed from twisted rage to a scared confusion as her eyes stared dumbly at the red diamonded carpet which she had spent years of her childhood upon – something which she had completely forgotten and came back as a surprise. “You can’t –“ she began angrily, losing her voice for a moment, before managing to speak at a whisper. “You can’t.. re-raise me. I won’t do it. It won’t work.†She took two long heavy breaths before snarling, “Do you know who I am?†“Oh Anita,†he replied, apparently now even showing amusement that the guards were gone, “You have no idea what Nanny is capable of.†The reminder sent a chill down her spine. That she, the all powerful Princess Anita, apparently now had a Nanny. A woman who Edward considered a “good Nanny†no less. “Speaking of – “ Edward continued, looking around for a moment before disappearing into one of the several doorways off of the main chamber. Anita looked around miserably. As she looked at the toys piled up in the curved alcove on the far wall, she realised that she and Edward must have been the last inhabitants here, nothing appeared to have changed. But things had changed on the outside, she told herself angrily. There she had made a name for herself, there she was poised to take over the world. And then she realised. Edward was gone. There appeared to be no guards stationed yet, this might be her only chance. With all of her strength, she heaved herself onto all fours, and begun clumsily crawling for the door. She felt humiliated, crawling so pathetically, but clenched her teeth and grunted. She was going to make this, of course, why did she ever doubt herself? She was the ever beautiful and powerful Princess Anita, this daring escape would just be part of her legend. They’d say how she was taken so close to the fire and escaped her maniacal cousin in the moment before it began, it would seem so brave of her. Derrière swinging in the air behind her, the rightful heir to the most powerful throne in the world crawled faster and faster, a determined stare at the door marking her path. She was so focused on the task at hand that she didn’t notice the Nanny step up behind her, and squealed like a frightened child when two large hands reached under her stomach and lifted her from the ground. Her face turned red as she realised that she had been crawling like an excited toddler, and now was being picked up like one. “Isn’t she cute?†Edward mocked, standing in the doorway from where he had disappeared. Anita noted that he had an enthusiasm for her babification which was beginning to frighten her. She was the master of diminishment, but for the first time somebody was managing to turn it around on her with full force. She was turned and then cradled in the massive arms of the woman who had picked her up. Anita found herself staring dumbly at the brutish face which looked down on her. She rarely allowed herself to show such mindless shock, but The Nanny was huge, causing Anita to curse several times in her head while her wide eyes realised what she was in for. She found herself being cradled uncomfortably close to a pair of giant heaving bosoms - the Nanny had arms like tree trunks and her thick air was braided in giant curls at the side of her head. Anita swore she may well be a giant, straight out of a story book. Anita was turned over the Nanny’s shoulder, and the incredulous princess turned crimson as she felt one hand rest itself under her butt, bracing her. The woman turned to face Edward, her charge well contained in her arms, and simply nodded before carrying Anita off into one of the several adjourning doorways. She watched with wide eyes as the doorway passed her eyes and the main chamber was left behind her. They were going deeper, and now were in a rather dark passageway. It suddenly hit her just how real this was. In a way, a faint distant part of it almost felt nice - being looked after, being loved for once. But she snapped out of it, and the humiliation and indigence of it washed over her. She started struggling, doing what added up to nothing against incredibly strong arms while already numbed beyond even walking. It was pitiful, and the large woman shushed her dismissively. Anita had never felt so powerless, and it took her a moment to recover from the dismissal. She pushed harder, furious as she was bounced along with her backside resting firmly against this woman’s palm. The woman shushed again, and this time removed the hand that she was using to support Anita’s back, which she used to swat the girl’s rump once, hard, before returning the hand to support the princess. “You be good†she commanded in a booming voice. Anita pouted, there was nothing that she could do, and that spank had shocked her with its sting. Nobody spanked the princess she fumed. It caused a rush of emotions within her, from feelings of a long-lost mental connection between those who loved her and those who were willing to punish her, to overwhelming humiliation, to the foundation of a grudging childish submission to the nanny She realised what had happened, to some extent, and was frightened. Nobody commanded the princess’s emotions with a single smack. Nobody was able to enter her hardened mind and fill the painful void of love that she had long grown accustomed to. She twisted, spat, and even unhooked an arm from where her captor’s bearlike arm squeezed it against her body to make feeble swipes at the Nanny’s face. “Petulant child.†The Nanny stated, much more angrily now. Anita knew she was in trouble, big trouble. She shuddered at the thought. Somewhere within her she felt wrong for being disobedient, here, in her nursery. And she realised what was coming when she watched the Nanny reach for a wooden paddle on the wall, her wide eyes darting to the wall that Nanny was then approaching. Standing the girl several foot out from the wall, the Nanny bent her over and instructed her to touch her toes. Anita whimpered. Before entering this room, any day before today, she would have been fighting back tooth and nail and never submitting at all. But today’s events had shaken her, the raw size of the Nanny intimidated her, and while she stood defiantly the first time, she didn’t move when the Nanny bent her over a second time and smacked her bottom once. Her lower lip trembled as she stood there and Nanny began spanking her bottom. Soon she was in full tears, and began struggling as the smacks kept coming. “You. Do. Not. Disobey. Nanny.†the large woman instructed effortlessly, delivering a stinging blow to Anita’s bottom at the end of each word. Eventually she bolted for the door. Not out of her usual defiant confidence, but purely out of a juvenile attempt to escape the painful punishment. Nanny easily caught her and dragged her back by an arm, which she raised above Anita’s head before bending to continue to spank the much shorter girl’s bottom. Again and again she continued, the thin layers of cloth at her rear doing little to protect Anita’s precious rump. When Anita was exhausted, the Nanny let her collapse. “Now child,†she lectured, as she returned the paddle to the wall, “This was very harsh, but it’s what you get if you ever try to hit Nanny again.†“Understood?†she questioned, sternly. Anita simply continued to sob, she couldn’t believe how much of a child she felt like right now. She tried to grit her teeth and mature up several times, but each time a wave of stinging pain crept up from her bottom and she broke down all over again. “Understood?†the Nanny repeated, this time with a raised threat in her voice. Anita burst into a new wave of bawling as she stared at the floor, and had to steady herself to whimper out a simply “Yes.†between sniffles. Nanny didn’t respond, and Anita looked up to see the woman waiting patiently with her hands on her side. She raised an eyebrow and Anita felt like she shrank in fear. Realising what the woman wanted, she swore she couldn’t do it. Not her, Princess Anita, not here. But she couldn’t bear to consider another spanking, and with a trembling voice that did not belong to the most powerful woman in the land, she sobbed out “Y-Yes N-Nanny.†“Good girl†the Nanny beamed, and then turned to the awaiting bath tub that had been steaming beside her all along. ----------------------- There is a significant chunk more, but I'm unsure if I'll have time to work on it for a while. If people like it I'll finish it up, there's a complete story arc with two possible endings
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    Sorry this took so long, I had a death in the family. But here we go! Let's see what's happening with Eric and his... whatever we call this. *** Part 6 Eric lay awake as his stomach growled over and over. He was cramping now. Any moment he was going to finally just let go and mess his diapers. But he didn't want too. The idea of doing something so infantile, so disgusting made him feel less than a man. He felt like a child. Eric tried to get comfortable, but his hands were shackled to each corner of the bed. Patricia lay next to him, breathing softly in her sleep. Eric's abdomen had been cramping for a while now. But he was determined not to mess. Eric spent the next hour deep breathing and focusing. But it was a loosing battle. A deep cramp drove its way through his gut, and Eric slowly started to loose control. The mess slowly started to ooze out of him, pushing softly into is diaper. Eric grunted. This was disgusting. Lying on his back, the mess was smooshing against his bottom. It was barely coming out, instead spreading sideways on eitherside of him, pushing forward against his balls. Eric wanted to cry. A week ago, Eric would have probably fantasized about this. But this was different. He was chained against the bed, in a pink diaper, looking up in the darkness. Eric closed his eyes and decided it was time to go to sleep. He needed to work hard to make sure Patricia trusted him over the next few days. He was getting out of this mess. And besides, what did Claire have to do with all of this? Eric thought to himself, maybe it was time that he got out of diapers altogether. Like this wasn’t what he had imagined. Giving up complete control to someone else sounded fun in his mind… but in reality, this was hell. Eric stared up in the darkness, listening to Patricia breathe next to him quietly. ‘Three days. He thought to himself. If he could cooperate for three days, he could get out of this whole… thing. *** The next thing Eric knew, Patrica’s phone was buzzing. Sitting up, she leaned over Eric. “Time to wake up.” She said yawning slightly. Wrinkling her nose a little, she acknowledged the fact that Eric had a messy diaper. “We’ll take care of that after your morning workout,” she said uncuffing him from the bed. What? After? “Can’t I get changed first… please?” he asked gently. He could not imagine having the endure this gooeyness for a second longer. The diaper was poofy, but somehow still cringed to his bottom as he tried to gently wiggle off the bed. “After your workout, if you put in enough effort.” Patricia said pointing to the living room where his spin bike sat. “You’re the one who decided to mouth off the other night. Now you get to suffer the consequences.” Eric stood up slowly. The diaper was feeling awfully heavy around his midsection. Maybe if it got too heavy, it would fall off of him. That was a thought Eric laughed about. Like he was going to put more mess in his diaper. Waddling over to the bike, Eric looked at it. Once, the highlight of the morning workout, it was quickly becoming a very hated piece of equipment. Eric looked at Patricia one last time as she tapped her watch impatiently. “You’re not leaving for work until you get on that bike.” She said looking at him. Eric gave up and swung his leg over the edge of the machine. The mess squished as he began to slowly cycle his legs around the spinwheel. “You better workout hard Eric.” Patricia said. “Otherwise…” she pointed to her phone. “Oh, she said. Your workout wont be timed. I want you burning 500 calories.” Eric just stared at her. “Come on now.” Patricia said turning on a child’s show on the television. “Get to work.” This was humiliating. Eric usually felt like a boss on this bike, a fitness god. But each time he peddled his diaper crinkled. The mess moved in his plastic prison. Eric watched the calories slowly tick upward. What made things worse was that Patricia stood next to him looking at him as he biked. She stood right behind him and reached her hands over his shoulders and patted the crotch of his diaper a few times. Each pat stimulated him down there and he felt pleasure stir through his body. But then she’d say things like: “Come on baby. You’re a big little man aren’t you.” she cooed. “Move that diapered body through that workout.” Any ego he had would immediately deflate. PAT PAT PAT Eric wanted to cry. But he didn’t. He needed to comply. Finally, watched the bike hit 500 calories and he stopped. Patricia had gone back to the kitchen at this point, stirring what looked like a pot of oatmeal over the stove. Eric felt tired. He felt gross. The sweat and mess had collected in his diaper and mixed with the cum from the night before. And to make matters worse Patricia had taken a few photos of him on the bike. “Please can I get a change now?” Eric asked hopelessly as Patricia set the table. “After we eat.” She said simply. Eric approached the table in time to see Patricia place a bowl of Oatmeal in front of him. Only, there wasn’t a spoon. “Patricia.” Eric said tensely. “May I please have a spoon to eat my oatmeal?” “You can use your hands,” she said simply. “You were naughty last night talking back to mommy. So you don’t have spoon privileges today. Besides,” she said looking over whatever it was she was doing on her iPhone, “Your hands look pretty functional to me.” Eric swallowed hard and looked at the oatmeal in the bowl. “Oh,” Patricia said. “I almost forgot.” She left the room and came back with a bib. “Found this at a thrift shop yesterday.” Fastening it around Eric’s neck, she giggled to herself. “It looks cute on you. Besides, you might need it at the rate you’ll be going.” “How am I supposed to eat this with my hands?” Eric asked getting annoyed. “It’s Oatmeal.” Patricia stood up, when to the fridge and pulled out some milk. “It’s simple.” She said. “I made it a little dry for you. But since you feel the need to complain…” she poured milk into the Oatmeal and stirred it, creating a runny mess. “You can eat it with a little extra milk. Growing boy needs his milk.” She said poking Eric’s nose a little. Eric shouldn’t have said anything at all. She then glanced at her watch. “You have fifteen mins to finish that oatmeal or you’re going to work in that diaper.” Eric suddenly felt a sense of urgency and began scooping the oatmeal out from the bowl. It was so runny that it was dripping all over the place. This wasn’t right. Oatmeal hit his bib, dripped down onto his diaper, fell on the floor. The newly added milk from a moment before would have made eating with a spoon difficult. Patricia looked up from her plate of bacon and eggs that she had prepared for herself and watched this grown man in a pink diaper eat food like a child and snapped another picture. “Oh boy would Claire like to see this…” she thought. “5 mins Eric.” Patricia said. Eric began to panic. He wasn’t even halfway full. So he kept scooping. He had to finish, at all costs. He was not wearing a messy diaper to work. And he needed to get on her good side. He had too. Eric had an idea. He picked up the bowl and began to drink the oatmeal. It was runny enough to go down his throat quickly. Eric drained the bowl in time to see Patricia frown. “Did anyone say you can do that?” she asked. Eric’s since of accomplishment vanished as he sat quietly. “Babies aren’t supposed to pick up their plates like that.” Patricia said. “You’ll be punished later today for that half of Oatmeal that you thought you could just drink like that. I promise you that.” Patricia looked Eric up and down. “Messy baby.” Patricia said shaking her head. Eric looked down at himself, oatmeal on his fingers, chest and diaper. Patrica stood up and led him back into the bedroom and told him to lie down on the baby mat that was on the floor. “Time for a change before your shower.” she said un-taping Eric’s diaper. She pulled out a baby wipe and began clean up. Eric was feeling awfully vulnerable, with his privates on display. Plus he couldn’t help but get hard as she teased his cock in her hands. She stroked the baby wipe up and down his shaft till Eric felt like he was on the edge. Eric lay back and focused on the pleasure and was surprised when she just… stopped. She stroked once more. Eric shivered. She did it again. Eric stayed quiet. If he could focus, he could- “Go take a shower.” Patricia said pointing to the bathroom interrupting his thoughts. “Leave the door open.” Eric nodded and walked to the bathroom, his boner pointing the way. It felt great to be diaper free again something he had not experience in a while. Eric was convinced that never again would he want to be diapered again full time. He had gotten it out of his system. But the back of his mind couldn’t help ask the question, “Diapered by Patricia or at all?” As he scrubbed his body, Eric took a moment to run his hand across his cock for a moment. The sensation felt great. He could just pick up where Patricia had left off. But he didn’t dare do anything else in case Patricia was watching. Eric stepped out of the shower and dried off. He found a diaper waiting for him outside of the bathroom door. “Come here.” Patrica said patting the baby mat on the floor. She was holding a bucket and some baby wipes. Eric approached her. “Lie down” she said simply. “Time for your punishment for your behavior last night.” “Didn’t you already punish me this morning?” Eric asked. He wasn’t forgetting the bike ride anytime soon. Patricia giggled. “Oh poor baby, you don’t get to dictate punishments on your terms.” She said. “For that comment, you get an extra day.” Eric lay down. An extra day of what? Diapers? That wouldn’t be bad, as long as he didn’t have a repeat of this morning. Three days. He just needed to last three days… Patricia squirted some baby lotion on her hand and began playing with his cock again. After making it nice and hard (which barely took a second), Eric started to moan. “Pay attention.” Patricia said sharply grabbing the head of his penis in her slippery hands. “When you’re about to cum, you know the rules. But you must to let me know.” Eric nodded his eyes still closed. “You need to let me know in baby talk.” She said. ‘Please don’t remind me…’ Eric thought to himself. He was trapped in his own pleasure. If he could last as long as possible, this morning could be improved. Right when he felt the orgasm approaching, Eric kept his eyes closed and said reluctantly, “I’m about to make cummies.” He felt stupid. He felt really really stupid, but right when the cum started to gather in his balls, the senstation stopped entirely. Patricia did two things. She had stopped stroking and pushed a pacifier into Eric’s mouth. “Keep your eyes closed Eric.” she said sharply. Eric obeyed and then felt something cold against his cock. It was painful and cold and he couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was. Eric’s legs wiggled as he tried to force himself to cum. But instead of cumming, his errection was vanishing quickly. After a few moments, Eric felt a ring being placed around his balls, then a tube being pushed around his cock and then hear a “click” “You can open your eyes now.” Patricia said while sprinkling powder on his now locked crotch and pulling the ABU Preschool in place. “Your punishment is chastity.” She said simply. “That’s what you get for disobeying me.” Fear shot through Eric’s chest. “You mean I won’t get to…” “Cum?” Patricia laughed. “When I say you can.” She stood up and wiped off her hands. “Now get up and go to work. I’ll see you at the office today for the rest of your punishment. Eric’s penis twitched slightly as he came to the realization that he was not going to cum today. Could this get any worse? Patricia giggled and left the room. “Don’t be late Eric.” Three days. Eric thought. Three days. ***
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    Well it's been YEARS but I am finally back in adult ab style diapers, YAY! I decided to bite the bullet and order a sample pack of the DC Amor. They arrived on Tuesday and I've got the whole house to myself today, WHAT?!, so I'm all crinkled up. I have to say the feeling of spreading out a full size cute dip is just as thrilling as I remember. I'm so glad I decided to finally get them. They are super cute I love the little kitties on the tape zone. I must admit I am just a bit out of practice in getting myself taped up. The smallest size is medium so they're kinda big on me. No problems there just hafta get the tapes good and snug which I didn't quite do on the first one. Oh well I know now so hopefully the next one will be better. As far as the fit goes, outside of the awkwardness from the one tape I didn't get quite right they are pretty good so far. Anywhoser I'm just totally excited to finally have some cute and proper diapers again. I believe that I'll definitely be trying some samples of other brands I've been eyeing for a while in the weeks to come. To close here's a picture of the end results after wearing all day. Tutle loo folks
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    Part 12 Auntie Joan had received confirmation that our appointment with Dr Jayne Barrows, another psychologist, would happen in four weeks. Why it had taken so long to arrange I wasn’t sure (I suppose it showed the mental health of the state) anyway, that meant that for the next month at least I would have to continue to wear my protection for school. The principal insisted that I was still checked every morning and that any changes (should I wet) would be supervised by the nurse on duty, I was not to be allowed to change myself. I assumed this was some fear the school had of being sued should I develop a rash (or something worse) whilst in their ‘care’. I didn’t mind, I was used to having others take charge of my diaper change and I quite liked the fuss that surrounded this particular action. # Auntie had made it into an art. The care and attention paid to each part of the process always left me wriggling in pleasure. I know at fourteen I should be over that but in truth, it was the one thing that held me completely under its spell. The clothing… the childish clothing… was all well and good but the consideration auntie gave to my wellbeing with each wipe of the cloth, each tender touch as she applied the creams and lotions, the gentle loving sprinkle of the baby powder over my genitals and bum, were the things that made it all so special. The final firm fitting of the diaper was all part of a bonding experience I particularly enjoyed and so… was in no hurry to forego. # From the start Auntie Joan had let me go at my own pace, though I hadn’t realised it at the time, and to make my own decisions. She knew what I wanted, what I needed, and let me, with her encouragement, find what worked. The few months I’d spent as a little kid in her charge had been a complete revelation. I began to see things in a completely different way. My anger decreased, my self-imposed exile from the rest of the human race was broken and I’m sure I’d grown in such a way that my mind had been recalibrated. If this was what being ‘born again’ felt like, no wonder religious people praised it so much. Now I wasn’t religious in the least but this ‘glow’ from within was undeniable and it did indeed feel like something very special had happened deep inside. For me, auntie was the best psychologist in the world, even if she didn’t have a bunch of diplomas and degrees after her name. She’d rebuilt a fairly damaged boy and given him a future that wasn’t on a path of anger, isolation and possible self-destruction. I now found I had options that I would never have considered only a few months back. The diapers, as a simple wetting precaution at first, had proved to be the catalyst for my regeneration and I owed that simple piece of clothing everything I did now… and perhaps would do in future. # I’d worried about Kyle, the Hulk (as I thought of him) and the pleasure he’d taken in seeing my juvenile and diapered status, I began to ponder how he would set about using this to his ends. At the time, and despite just being changed into a fresh and dry disposable, the confrontation in the nurse’s office had un-nerved me and I’d wet myself instantly. So, for the rest of the day I was walking around with a very bloated diaper between my legs and decided I’d just put up with the inconvenience rather than return to Nurse Jefferson. I certainly didn’t want to meet him or any of his team buddies in that state of wetness. I’d had few ‘run-ins’ with this type of person and wasn’t sure how to react. In England, if you felt threatened by anyone or anything at school, you simply discussed it with a senior or teacher (whoever you were more comfortable talking with) and the problem would be resolved. Over those first few weeks at High School I hadn’t detected that type of intervention. Intimidation seemed rife and it appeared it was up to the individual to sort it out, make themselves invisible or just put up with it, whatever that ‘it’ might be. I knew jocks were a closely bonded group and they would mindlessly support each other so expected ‘The Hulk’ wouldn’t be the only one I’d have dealings with in the coming days. # I discussed what had happened with Oliver. Like me he saw possible problems ahead but was of the firm belief that telling a teacher or the principal was not the way to proceed. Because of what I’d experienced in the UK I couldn’t believe that a principal, or anyone else in a responsible position, wouldn’t want to nip such intimidation in the bud. However, Oliver just told me to “Look around”. He was right to underline what I’d already established; it was going on everywhere, openly and with no interference from anyone. If you defended some poor picked on junior, pretty soon you also became the object for intimidation. So far Oli and I had flown ‘under the radar’ (Oli’s words) but we did notice that Yoosuf had to cope with a great deal of jealousy from various groups of boys. He was good-looking, dressed well, confident and, with his dark looks, had a mysterious air to him that many at the school found both scary and exciting. For many generations his family had been part of the ruling classes in the Middle East, now there were barbed comments and graffiti calling him a ‘terrorist’. He tried his best to laugh these excesses off but I could see that at times he was struggling. He was subject to quite a number of personal provocations from seniors and junior thugs alike. # Typical of Oliver he was well aware of what was going on and despite the fact he was no ‘hard case from the block’ he hovered in Yoosuf’s proximity in case he needed any kind of support. He still maintained that our small group of three newcomers should stick together and that we should support one and other. On more than one occasion I saw him deftly insert himself between Yoosuf and some adversary and gently, almost as if it wasn’t planned, ease Yoosuf away. For some reason Oliver didn’t attract a negative reaction. He was friendly with everyone and despite being quite clever, never flaunted his superior knowledge and abilities over others. I suppose it helped that he never looked afraid of anybody, no matter how big or threatening they might appear. His humour, quick and clever talk and incredible affability made him instantly likeable. Also, he held his ground so as a result was not pushed around or picked on. Those who crumbled became victims. Whereas, Yoosuf and I were obviously different – his Persian looks and my ‘English’ accent, Oliver just mixed in well with the locals. Even after a very short time he was already well-liked by his classmates and had new friends who sought his company. I think when he hung around with either Yoosuf or me it put some people off a little, although I was still socialising and interacting more than I’d ever done before. # The day after my encounter with the Hulk it started… and it started with a grope to my padded bottom. “She’s well diapered… but probably wet… so no doubt needs to be.” He was talking to a couple of his equally hulking mates when we passed in the hallway and as I was retrieving some books from my locker. “She’s the little baby I was telling you guys about…” The molestation was forceful and I ended up being pushed up against the lockers as he patted my bottom and continued his vulgar juvenile comments. “Hairless and diapered… just like my shitty baby sister.” Those around looked on wondering what all this was about. “Yes siree, she sure has a fine ass…” He continued his fondling of my diapered bum. His mates found this hilarious and were laughing as if he’d just told the funniest joke ever. “Perhaps she’ll show us her little diapee when she goes bye-byes… or our little baby here gets nursey to change her?” With one final swat I was left half crammed into my locker and feeling shocked at what had taken place and that I hadn’t had chance to respond. When I finally extricated myself he and his mates were already gone and there was a look of both pity and pleasure from the assorted group who’d witnessed the event. I looked around the assembled faces and saw that there wasn’t one of them who would have intervened on my behalf and I even saw a teacher, who obviously having witnessed what had taken place seemed embarrassed that I’d noticed him looking on, so quickly made himself scarce. # Other than in the boxing ring at school in the UK I don’t think I’d ever had to fight anyone. Especially after a few months at Rainbow I simply wasn’t equipped to combat aggression. In my head I thought I’d be fearless but in truth, I was shaking like a leaf. The other result of this altercation was that I’d severely wet my diaper but once again didn’t want to give him the satisfaction (whether he was aware of it or not) that’s how my bladder reacted to such confrontation. I could feel the very bloated disposable filling out my pants but would have to wait until break to do anything about it, for now I still had class. At break, instead of going to the nurse I went to the principal’s office to lodge a complaint about Kyle’s behaviour. I got the brush off with an “I’ll speak with him”. There was nothing more I could do and the principal seemed to want me out of his office as quickly as possible. Whether that was from being worried I’d poo all over the place or that he just didn’t want bothering with, to him, such trivial matters, I’m not sure but I was speedily dismissed. # However, once home and in a safe environment the more I thought about it I was sure I’d be able to cope. I was in two minds whether to let auntie know but she had been fretting since I’d gone to High School that something like this might happen so I decided I should mention it… I hated keeping secrets from her. “Well, my diapers are no longer a secret.” I announced with a shrug. “Oh Doodle I am sorry… hope it wasn’t too traumatic…” I shrugged again and told her exactly what had happened. As always she listened carefully and I could see various emotions passing over her face and began to wonder if I’d done the right thing in bringing it up. “Oh darling, that’s a terrible experience. Do you want me to speak with the principal?” “No auntie it’s… fine… I’m sure all kids have to go through this type of thing and, if The Hulk wants to use my diapers as ammunition,” I smiled at the idea of my diapers being used as ammo, “there’s going to be very little anyone can do about it.” “Well dear, keep me informed, I need to know what’s going on with my sweet Doodle.” She gave me a hug. “Besides, you have a legitimate reason for wearing them and I say… screw anyone who has a problem with that.” I was surprised at auntie’s use of such a word and it set us both off giggling like three year-olds. # Now I could see certain aspects of my life in perspective, the idea of anyone ridiculing me for wearing diapers was not going to gain any embarrassment at my expense. If needed I would let the entire school know I wore protection… and even more so… was not in the least bit troubled by that fact. So, if he, or anyone else, thought they could benefit from any attempt to humiliate me in front of others I would have to play things on my terms and not theirs. Alas, the whole team seemed to now be in on the ‘joke’. I hardly went anywhere without one of them patting my bum or pulling at the rear of my pants “Just checking baby’s still dry” and gleefully saying babyish things as they passed by. Of course, their actions meant that it was a signal for others to act the same way and before long I could hardly step in the hallway or move to a different classroom without a barrage of comments and assaults. The name ‘diaper boy’ followed me everywhere; unfortunately it was never said as if referring to a Super Hero. # What started out as ‘playful’ banter got turned up several notches after the Bronco’s worst defeat of the early season. It appeared that I was the person the wounded team could lash out at and those ‘playful’ thumps became much more painful and the attacks more humiliating. Despite my continuing complaints the principal just didn’t want to know and, although he’d had a word with Kyle, nothing changed apart from him getting more and more aggressive. This had a knock on effect because I was continually wetting myself and every time I went to the nurse’s office, one of the team seemed to be ready to ridicule me in front of her. Nurse Jefferson took absolutely no notice of them but there again, she just didn’t seem aware of the damage their actions were doing to me and so, resentment settled in and I stopped going to her. My diaper would be full and leaking by the end of the day, through natural causes and through my distressed bladder. # My impotent anger was building and although I asked auntie to make sure my diaper had extra padding each morning I wasn’t sleeping well at nights and would wake up in the same state as when I returned home – soaking and irritable. She was adamant about speaking to the principal but I begged her not to intervene as I desperately wanted to sort this problem out for myself. After one particularly aggressive de-panting that left me wearing little more than my drenched diaper and ripped plastic pants (and perhaps could have been a lot worse if Oliver and Yoosuf hadn’t come to my rescue) I was quite devastated. There were looks of derision and sympathy from those who witnessed the event but no one of any authority stepped in to stop it. As I stood in the main school hallway in an obviously soaked diaper anyone who didn’t know before were now left in no doubt that ‘weird English kid’ wears pissy diapers. My pants had disappeared with the football team and I had to scramble around trying to find something else to cover my shame. Some girls offered me a skirt, but whether this was out of kindness or a further opportunity to embarrass me I was in no mood to find out. Thankfully Oliver arrived with a pair of gym shorts that I gratefully pulled over my demonstrably swollen diaper. My anger had returned. That anger that had me thrown out of the boxing club back in the UK and the one I’d reserved for my ‘thoughtless’ parents was bubbling in the pit of my stomach. It wasn’t helped by the fist that had connected there earlier from one of Kyle’s goons and, as there wasn’t going to be any adult intervention, I was going to have to sort it out for myself. Somehow I didn’t think that a polite note, or even a confrontation of the principal by auntie, would produce results so I decided that this diaper-wearing little baby was going to seek revenge. # Throughout my time at Rainbow I’d never been angry. I’d had toys taken from me by other toddlers and felt occasionally petulant but these feelings passed surprisingly quickly as I’d immerse myself (with the help of the staff) in some other enthralling game. However, my Rainbow time was now definitely at an end and although I still wore protection to sleep in I was determined to be a clever fourteen year-old student and not a wimpy, fourteen year-old victim. As auntie changed me and got me ready for bed she could tell I had something on my mind. I wanted to discuss it with her but was afraid that she would try and talk me out of my course of action. I also didn’t want her worrying, but of course she would. I slipped a pair of baggy boxers over my night time diapers and crawled into bed determined not to let Kyle and his cronies continue to infect my dreams. Auntie waited a few extra seconds at my bedroom door. I knew she knew that I had things on my mind and hoped that I would share them but this time I needed to do it without her help. # My dream was not quite what I anticipated. Indeed, not a sign of Kyle and his gang appeared but a potted history of my time at 46 Glendew Lane rolled out before me. The first time I wet myself in public, the first time auntie suggested I return to diapers, the quick way I embraced the entire idea of a return to some kind of positive childhood… The dream continued and at every turn I saw how reliant on auntie I’d been, how I was determined to be her ‘best little boy’, why I had taken to diapers so easily and come to rely on them for comfort and safety. The dream was an endless procession of why I had become what I’d become and the love that had guided that entire journey. Auntie Joan. Towards the end of my dream things got a bit more confusing. A few figures from my past began to interrupt proceedings. The feeling of happiness was being disturbed by teachers and pupils I had known in the past and who, despite their best intentions of friendship, I had snubbed. A tangle of emotions, and as it turned out, anger at myself, was eating fiercely into my subconscious and draining any comfort I’d been experiencing up until the moment when I awoke with a start. I wasn’t in the nursery, I hadn’t actually slept in there for a couple of weeks, but, as I woke up I desperately needed all those comforting signs that I associated with ‘happiness’. At that moment my bedroom felt austere and unwelcoming. The blues, greys and blacks echoing my mood and I wanted sunshine, colour, cartoons and fluffy animals. I threw back the covers and discovered a different sensation, I was dry. I didn’t quite believe it as I hadn’t had a dry morning for some time. I slowly pulled down my boxers and tentatively ran my hand over the slick plastic cover, it definitely didn’t feel bloated. I slipped them down and was surprised to find that, although the diaper had bunched up a little, it was completely dry. Shocked, I unpinned it and set it on my desk before wandering to the bathroom to get ready for the day. # My spirits rose as I showered and I thought about not wearing protection to school. I knew that I had to be inspected but I thought about ignoring that particular instruction and not visiting the nurse before attending class. Back in my room I searched for a pair of boxers and decided not to even wear a pair of pull-ups under them. When auntie came in and saw me wearing underwear and not protection I could see from her look she didn’t think it was a wise move. “I want to try a day without protection.” I was both explaining my stance and appealing for auntie’s understanding. “OK Doodle… but you know that Mr Thomson has already said you need to be protected…” “Yes, but, er, I don’t intend to see Nurse Jefferson, er, or the principal, I’ll just go straight to class.” She raised her eyebrows and left the final decision to me. # Half way through the first period of English I was summoned to the principal’s office. “Court.” Mr Thomson looked fatigued and annoyed. “Yes sir.” I maintained my composure and politeness. “Did you see the nurse this morning… as per my instructions?” “No sir.” “Why not?” “Because sir, I’m fed up with being treated as a child and it’s affecting…” “So,” he interrupted my flow and I could see he was heading towards a showdown “you have decided, unbidden by me, to take the rules I have set down and what, just ignore them?” “My wearing diapers to class sir has resulted in bullying and…” “Tell me Mr Court why you were wearing diapers in the first place.” He had me and he knew it. Reluctantly I had to give him the answer he already knew. “Because I occasionally wet myself sir.” It was a reply without the bravado I would have liked. “Wet… and MORE,” He emphasised the more. “And do you no longer wet yourself Mr Court?” “Erm, er, not as much… er, “ This was a complete lie because since Kyle and his chums had adopted me as their punch bag I’d been wetting constantly. “Well let me tell you Mr Court, I get complaints in here every day about you smelling of urine…” This took the wind out of my sails. He watched as my face flushed, it was something I hadn’t noticed but obviously others had. “… but I knew that was something you couldn’t help because of your ‘problem’ and you were doing your best, by wearing protection, to limit such a dilemma.” He explained as if he was defending my predicament. My argument about being bullied had just flown out the window as I tried to think of why I never thought about the smell of my wet diapers. My eyes were searching his carpet for some escape. I wasn’t expecting this and I felt stupid, inferior and at a huge disadvantage. I shuffled my feet. I’m sure he could recognise my uncertainty but firmly laid down his rules once more. “Now you have a choice. Go to the nurse immediately and get yourself appropriately protected or go home and explain to your aunt why I will not allow you back into my school.” I certainly didn’t want to alarm auntie, besides she had more or less inferred this might happen so I didn’t see I had an alternative. “Yes sir.” I whispered. “Yes sir what?” He wanted me to spell out his instructions. “I’ll go to the nurse sir”. “And?” He was determined I should know who was in charge. “I will not come to school again without the appropriate protection.” “Now get out and don’t waste my time… again.” He was obviously referring to my other complaints as well. I was in no position to protest against that comment so just had to accept his decision. “If I don’t hear from Nurse Jefferson every morning you will not be allowed to enter this school again. Do you understand?” I nodded. “Sir”. As I left his office I felt the tears and my crushed rebellion fill my heart like a dead weight and grudgingly made my way to the nurse. # Nurse Jefferson was just finishing on the phone when I knocked on her door. She had a look of disdain that is normally kept for silly little kids who should know better but still do something stupid. “Well young man.” I was expecting a lecture about my non-attendance but she just pointed towards the changing bench and told me to take off my pants and boxers. Thankfully I’d remained dry all the way through the principal’s speech and had managed to visit the toilet before I arrived at the nurse’s office. I was hopeful I’d remain dry for the rest of the day. “Last week Miss Marsden left some things for you, just in case of emergencies but I am under strict instructions from Principal Thomson to make sure you are well padded, leak-proof and… smell like a daisy.” I’m not sure if “smell like a daisy” were his words but I got the meaning that the thin plastic pants auntie had left with the nurse were going to be changed for the thicker, more robust rubber pair she was holding. # After all the preliminaries she fitted me in a very generous and extra padded disposable before adding the super smooth but inflexible rubber pants, it felt like I’d been concreted into my protection. I’d like to say it was a comforting sensation but it wasn’t, the elastic cuff held the top of my thighs tightly and irritated me because they were old and worn. Some of the rubber was slightly cracked so it nipped at my bare skin when she made sure none of my diaper showed past the seal. The waistband was equally tight and despite the white rubber being very glossy the durable material creaked with even the slightest movement. I sounded like I needed oiling. As I stood up but before I’d been able to put my pants on the principal’s secretary walked in unannounced and gave me a letter with the instruction that I had to deliver it to auntie. As she left the door was wide open and it was just my luck that a couple of seniors were there for some reason and saw my newly diapered state. Despite my protests Nurse Jefferson didn’t seem in a hurry to close it, whilst insisting I put my pants on and return to class immediately. You can probably guess the names I was subjected to as I eventually left her office. So, although I’d intended not to be embarrassed by wearing diapers, the fact was, at that moment I was extremely self-conscious and ashamed. I think a great part of that shame was because I knew I’d brought this on myself by refusing to wear my diaper as instructed that morning. The nurse’s attitude had been correct, I had been a silly little kid who should know better but still did something stupid. # Walking at normal speed produced a very obvious rustling sound but slowing down made it look like I’d had some kind of accident as my legs were slightly bowed by the thick padding. I was awkward and I’d never felt that my protection looked so noticeable before. I was uncomfortable so it may have been that I was just too aware of what I was wearing but I noticed that Oliver’s mates suddenly found better things to do when I appeared on the scene. Oliver was very supportive as expected and even tried to make a joke about my ‘special containment’ (as he referred to it). Unfortunately, everyone else, and not just the football team, decided that I was now total fair game and I received a barrage of comments and abuse. Even though the nurse had covered me in baby powder and “sweet smelling oil” (Nurse Jefferson’s words), quite a few people either could, or pretended, that they could smell pee… my pee and poop. Now everyone knew about my diapers I wished they didn’t. # To be continued…
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    Social sevices Throughout the day tee could not get the thought out of his head . In just 3 weeks or even less Chris and everything he thought he finally had will be gone . Sitting at the desk with Kathrine tee kept going over in his head what could have he done differently so Chris wouldn't be leaving . - alright I doubt my superiors will like it but you are welcome to go to their office and talk to them yourself - thank you - Chris's voice was clearly cold and measured as Chris got up to leave tee insinticivly got up to follow but Kathrine held him back by his arm - no you stay here that's not for you to be at that's for the adults you can stay here for now only then tee realized Chris was set to leave right then and there chris heard tee cry out " no no no " hysterically but only realized his arms were wrapped around his legs when he tried to move and almost lost his balance - tee what on earth got into you ?? Chris looked at Kathrine buffled but she just shook her head getting up as if of only out of force to try to peal tee off his legs - he never did this before - Chris said over tees screams Kathrine didn't seem very touched - I see it all the time I should be more surprised Chris thought . But his best efforts seemed useless at quieting tee or getting him to let go of his legs . He could not figure out what caused this extreme reaction . The commoction eventually brought in more people to the room including one of the superiors . Eventually tee was dragged off as Chris stood helpless after everything he tried to calm him down just seemed to make things worse . Well this was not the impression I was trying to make ... As Chris entered the conference room he was met by 3 superiors . - I m sorry I really don't know what that was about - seems like separation anxiety - the woman spoke up matter of factly - separation anxiety ? I thought that common in much younger children - in case you haven't noticed mr Reynolds your son is presenting behaviors that are characteristics to much younger age groups , and besides children spending too much time in foster care tend to get trust issues - yes I don't doubt that based on his latest placement - you are referring to the hultz family ? They are a good family they have 2 more children right now - I m sorry you seriously gave them more children ?! - well unless you can back up your accusations that you made to Kathrine with actual evidence we see no reason to consider them unfit . But I thought this wasn't what you wanted to discuss with us . You want is to grant you the right to take the child to California and transfer his follow up to our services there . Now why should we do that ? - fristly I gave you no reason not to . Second you had 13 years to find me but instead tee was bounced around homes and foster care thirdly I have absolutely no intention to give up on my kid no matter how hard you will try go make this - well in that case I m sorry to disappoint i must admit it's rare to find a biological parent who is willing and capable of caring for a child but in your case as the last outburst shows there is a connection formed and a string one . So we will recomend to the judge to keep monitoring the situation in California . - thank you . I appreciate your help now excuse me I will go find him
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    Hi I am a trans girl and a lesbian. Love to age play as a little girl and I am a sub.
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    Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Movie: the Test The movie was educational for me. I had never been to a superhero movie before and Jonah had to explain things now and then. However, I enjoyed it. I drank my large soda and some of Jonah’s and didn’t take a bathroom break because I was afraid to miss any of the movie. By the time the credits rolled, I was bursting. I stood up and tried to leave, but Jonah grabbed my arm. “You got to stay for the credits or else you’ll miss what the next movie is going to be about.” “Really?” I asked. I had to pee and I regretted not wearing a diaper, but I was not going to wet and then walk out in front of all these people. I squeezed my thighs together as the credits rolled. “I really had no idea that it took so many names to make a movie. They had separate credits for the caterers and craft services. They are pretty much the same job too. Both of them serve food to the actors. I later looked up the difference, but I though I was going to soak the theater seat and I was too embarrassed to tell him that I was desperate. What I planned to do was more embarrassing, but I wasn’t ready yet. Finally a scene came up on the screen and the characters interacted. The audience laughed and then started discussing as everyone got up to leave. “We got to go. I need to pee,” I said to Jonah. He guided me to the bathroom, but the line was so far out the women’s room door that I knew I was not going to be able to hold it. “Jonah, I can’t hold it with this line this long.” “Okay, let’s go,” he said. He led me out of the theater and into his minivan. We drove across the parking lot as I held my crotch and then pulled into the gas station on the other side of the parking lot. I got out and started to go into the gas station. I decided it was a good place to have my accident, but the clerk gave me a dirty look. Instead I hurried into the bathroom and locked myself inside. As soon as I saw the toilet, instinct took over and I pulled down my pants and panties and sat on the toilet and peed. After peeing, I realized what I had done. I missed my chance to test Jonah. I wiped and got dressed and then saw my phone sticking out of my pocket. I picked it up and called Jonah. “Jonah,” I said in a weepy voice, “I didn’t make it.” “Are you okay? Should we try somewhere else?” he said over the phone. “No, I mean I got into the bathroom and started peeing down my legs. I’m soaked and embarrassed.” “Are you serious? You wet yourself?” I let out a sob into my phone. “Well, don’t cry. These things happen. I shouldn’t have made you stay for the credits. Come on out and I’ll take you home.” He was so nice and I suddenly felt guilty for lying to him. I went outside and then got in the minivan. “Now, don’t be too embarrassed to date me again, Nora.” His hand touched my upper thigh and then he gave me a confused look because I was dry. I looked back at him. “Sorry,” I said. “I had to test you. Cassie’s boyfriend humiliated her twice over something like this.” I leaned forward to kiss him. “You passed.” “So you didn’t have to pee at all?” He sounded more annoyed. “You don’t trust me to treat you right?” Now I was on the defensive. “I’m sorry. You always treated me perfectly. And I really would have peed my pants in the theater lobby if you didn’t drive me to the gas station. I thought I was going to die. I was really counting on going during the credits. But I couldn’t help thinking, what you would do if I didn’t make it. I didn’t plan this out really well. I trust you completely.” He frowned. “We had this discussion earlier when we went and got Cassie on our first date. I knew she wet herself and that’s why she needed the extra clothes.” I looked at him. “I’m not being honest with you,” I admitted. “You see, Cassie and I are roommates because we both wet the bed. I just can’t really break it to a boy in a good way. I understand if you don’t want to see me again. Just don’t tell anyone about me and Cassie’s problem.” He reached over and kissed me. We made out a bit and I felt so wet. “Okay, now I am a different kind of wet. If you are ready, I’ll let you do me.” “I’m not ready for that yet,” he said. “I am waiting until I get married and I am not ready to think that far ahead until I graduate.” I kissed him hard. “You are such a keeper. I will respect your wishes in that area. I hope you still want to date me after all the mistakes I made today and what I revealed about myself.” He held my hand. “Nora, I still want to date you. You are okay and that won’t change even after I graduate and want more in a relationship.” “Then I declare this date a success. Now why did the superhero carry that old-fashioned relic with him?”
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    Thanks for the well wishes and nice words. I'm glad you are able to find comfort in diapers too . I definitely appreciate them more when I'm feeling down; Diapers can act like a security blanket. They wrap me up in good feelings and pull me into a good headspace when things aren't going well. As I always say to my diaper friends: Life happens. Wear diapers.
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    Until this current administration, Dan Quayle was the stupidest, dimmest person to hold executive office. Trump nicely tops him in that.