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On ‎12‎/‎20‎/‎2015 at 8:17 AM, diapered_in_wisc said:

I do "S" scale modeling, but not trains. (Mostly because trains in that scale are OUTRAGEOUS in price and I already spend enough on the stuff I do buy. LOL!) My collection is cars and trucks, but for the most part tractors and farm equipment. Hopefully someday I will get to build a layout, but until then I'll just keep detailing and building little projects.

S scale really isn't as expensive as some people think.  I have had S scale for over 50 years and it is cheaper in cost than Lionel O gauge.  Lionel actually makes American Flyer S gauge trains now, often using Gilbert's old molds and dies.  There is also American Models and The Showcase Line that also makes and sells S scale.  Often O and S guage buildings are compatable.  Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning and Matchbox cars are all "S" scale, 1/64th.  You can find a lot of good older American Flyer trains on EBAY and the price has come down in recent years.

On ‎9‎/‎6‎/‎2016 at 7:25 PM, barnburner said:

I want to get some N scale stuff due to limited room for a full train set setup, Looking at some Kato trains but they are expensive!

KATO is more expensive but well worth it for the quality.  Go with Bachmann and most likely you will have a cheap looking set with cheap looking cars that won't last.  Same for Life-Like and Model Power which I don't even think are made anymore.  Riverossi and Con-Cor are both good brands and even most Atlas engines and cars are good.  Always better to spend a little more for good quality than getting something cheap that won't last.

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i've always had trains of some sort from when i was in diapers the first time until now :P 

i've had the little wooden brio trains (about HO/S scale in size), some sweet battery powered G scale trains, and a bunch of HO stuff where i've been concentrating on. my dad started me on trains since before i could walk, and i havent really stopped.

right now, all my HO stuff is all packed up upstairs just waiting for the right opportunity to get a new layout built. but until then, i plan to get some kits built, painted and detailed, tune up, weather and detail my loco's and rolling stock, and of course, dream. but for now, i have lots of other house projects that need tending to first.

why can't i have the small, cheap hobbies!? lol

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That there would be the 8800.

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