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  1. Thanks Rachel
  2. Yet we can say smoke in English? How peculiar. Can we say auch? What's so special about Rauch?
  3. Be sure to let us know what you think of them.
  4. Well, a lot more younger children wet the bed than older ones. So the marketing is going to naturally shift toward the largest demographic.
  5. About a year ago, I ended up with a bladder infection which wasn't diagnosed, which caused me to have a lot of heavy gushing accidents (about 20-30 a day). Unfortunately, when I'd seen the Dr. I was just having urgency issues, and when asked if I ever didn't make it to the toilet, I said no. It was the following day that I began having accidents. In my state, incontinent people can get free diapers with a prescription, and being a poor student, I can't wear as often as I'd like. Fortunately I ended up getting a bacterial lung infection, and the antibiotics they put me on caused the infection (which they failed to diagnose) and the incontinence (as well as the burning which would travel up my urethra toward my kidneys after every time peeing) to go away. I would have loved to have had a steady supply of diapers, but potential organ failure isn't a good trade off.
  6. They were my favorite, and I loved the purple. They remained unchanged for ages. The backing is now a very institutional blue color, and it holds 23 oz instead of 30 according to NorthShore. I wonder if the change in color was for guys too insecure to wear lavender. https://www.everynappy.co.uk/blog/molicare-maxi-molicare-super-plus-is-back This link shows a comparison of the Super Plus, and the new Maxi.
  7. Rancid, and the Beastie Boys would have been awesome shows. I liked A Tribe Called Quest too. For anyone out there, who's stuck on deciding between seeing a band they like, and going to Starbucks; groups, and people themselves in the recent cases of Bowie, and Leonard Cohen, don't last forever, but you can always buy a latte later. (edit: Wow, Phfife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest died this year as well, and sorry about your brother. So much death recently.)
  8. Well. I'm a DL, and not an AB, so I can't really vouch for the mindset, but would a time out work for when he is too needy and you want a break? I mean, if he truly is your little, and apparently has submissive tendencies, then it's not always up to him, right? Couldn't that kill two birds with one stone?
  9. They're just flat patterns masked over the same photo...and why would DC lend themselves to this in any way? In some areas the darker blue bleeds over the flesh, and there are portions of the fingers erased.
  10. I'm not sure that he did wear a diaper/nappy. His quote said: “I did power-lifting for a good few months. And there were a couple of times when I felt like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not because I was getting ripped but because I heard he used to wear a nappy at the height of his prowess as Mr Universe. When you go to the outer limits of what you’re capable of, your body can release its contents. And, I have to be honest, I came close a couple of times to needing a nappy.” The Scottish Sun has the same quote in an article titled: "A NAPPY ENDING Hollywood star James McAvoy reveals why he almost had to wear a nappy while preparing for his new movie Split". The Daily Mail isn't exactly the most reputable paper. They're known for putting no effort into their headlines which appear to be written by someone other than the article's author. In fact, they often recycle components. My personal fave is "(female celebrity name) puts on a leggy display", which they've used as the headline for hundreds of articles (if not thousands,) written by dozens of different journalists. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/search.html?offset=0&size=50&sel=site&searchPhrase=leggy+display&sort=relevant&type=article&type=video&days=all So given these factors, it will be interesting to see if he ever actually claimed to have worn one once the special actually airs. Edit: Wondering what others had thought on this, I found that the top rated comment is: " False headline... he didn't say he wore one at all, he said there were a count of times he came close to needing one - why does DM always miss the humour in what people say, then report as if the stuff they joked about actually happened?"
  11. Congrats on your happy accidental discovery! Though I prefer plastic disposables, when I wear out and about it's usually a pullup for discretion's sake. And I've recently started fitting back in Goodnites as well, although I've only lost about 7 lbs.
  12. I think she's trying to make it appear to be a standard length article when it's really much shorter. Journalism is dying.
  13. While I do find this cartoon to be crass and juvenile, and really my new pet peeve is that democrats have begun behaving like republicans, using ad hominems and ridicule as a substitute for logical discourse, you yourself are using a genetic fallacy. It's irrelevant that Norway is making the statement. Would the validity of the cartoon somehow change were it drawn by an American? Not at all. You're attacking the source of the claim, rather than addressing it on it's own merits. And it's pretty clear that he's about to topple that globe because many of his proposed foreign policies directly affect other nations. Especially our nuclear alliances with many countries.
  14. The negatives outweigh the potential positives. Incontinence isn't a guarantee of any medications, and anti-psychotics are pretty serious drugs. I have a friend who has schizoaffective disorder, who's had serious side-effects (including gaining about 100 lbs) on that drug. He also took Abillfy (aripiprazole) and ended up with tardive dyskinesia, which is a permanent movement disorder. I occasionally take a couple ambien and drink to wet the bed, but what you're proposing is really dangerous.
  15. About a year ago I started needing to urinate about 20 times a day with little warning. Shortly after it went up to around 30 times a day along with a burning sensation in my urethra once the flow stopped. This concerned me, so I went to a doctor, and got tested for a UTI. The tests came back negative, but I progressed to having accidents, and needing to legitimately wear diapers (and store brands were of course garbage, so I was glad to have Molicares). The painful sensation gradually made it's way up to what felt like my kidneys. By an odd stroke of luck, I got bacterial bronchitis a few days later. I say luck, because within days of taking the antibiotic for the bronchitis, the prior issue went away. The doctors had somehow made a mistake, and if that UTI was left untreated for much longer, I could have suffered permanent kidney damage, kidney failure, and eventually a life threatening infection of the blood. So really, take Elfy's advice to heart.