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  1. Winks at you "Okay honey. Maybe we could try for another baby?" The kids finish and I get them upstairs and teeth cleaned and coats on. "Ready to go honey?. You want me to drive?" I say putting Freddie in his car seat and putting the diaper bag by the seat.
  2. I clean up and join you all and wait for mom's instructions
  3. "It's just a bit of poo. It's just a bit smelly but it happens and you just have to deal with it" takes holly and Harry and goes and baths them
  4. Forgets and let's you change me "sorry mommy I've taken your job away hehe"
  5. "Are you sure your parents will be OK with all four. Do they know about Auroras refusal to potty train. And Finns toilets troubles. And Freddie and his explosive bowels. I know your dad has a weak stomach when it comes to poo"
  6. "Yes buddy. Go join your sisters" I say as you're cleaned up with clean trousers on
  7. "Fair enough. I've punished you enough" I dispose of the diaper. (What's the time in the roleplay?) "Maybe wet ones not dirty ones" I say "I will say if they're just wet though"
  8. (Is there too much poo?) "Kids you looking forward to seeing granny and grandpa?" I ask. Finn gets excited "yay granny and grandpa". Finn was the first grandchild for Belles mom and dad and they adored him. He was exceptionally close to his grandpa
  9. "Liam you forgot to pull your underwear down" I sigh as I grab a clean pair of undies and cuddle you and remove your wet ones and slide the clean ones up after cleaning you.
  10. Ignores your whining and spanks your bottom. "Anymore and you'll get more!" Mom removes your diaper without speaking, cleans you up and tapes a clean nappy on you without speaking to you. She puts a onesie on you and puts you in your bed and takes the diaper and supplies and leaves the room. The onesie is locked with a padlock to preventing you taking it off. I've also left a laced bottle of milk by your bedside table.
  11. Doesn't look at you because Holly is now upset she made you mad with her messy diaper. Dan comes in "oh for goodness sake Aurora it won't hurt you okay. You did poos like that at Lily's age. We all did! She can't help it. She's 3. We need to encourage her to use the potty. Otherwise she'll be in diapers forever! " "I appreciate you doing this. It's not the nicest job in the world I know. But it has to be done"
  12. (Are you liking this roleplay?) Sits and eats
  13. Looks at you and starts crying "you look scawy"
  14. Cleans up the diaper and tosses it away
  15. I follow him as he still needs help and he doesn't like to be alone in the bathroom yet