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  1. Now the doc wants to talk to me about the hrt for a second time Ihave to wait 2 more weeks I'm getting fusterated
  2. There really Is no suPourt And I've tried gofundme 3 times and failed I feel trapped here in this small town. The referal letter I go will work I just don't have the money for gas to travel 130 miles to better doctors
  3. I've taken off a soaked diaper a few times and not had a spare diaper to change into and wet with out pertection Ironically it's been at Walmart luckily I was wearing a skirt all the times and no one noticed. Has anyone had similar experience?
  4. Been fighting planed parent hood for a year. Two months ago my therapist gave them a letter of recommendation for hrt. And by law you are supposed to get the hrt without a letter of recommendation. My insurance will cover it. But can not get prescription. My regular doctor prescribed me Spiro to block testosterone and lower blood pressure but is not familiar with estrogen and progesterone for mtf and will not prescribed them. I could get the estrogen through transparency but don't have the money. I've started to drink after 10 years
  5. My cupboards and frig have been empty for 2 weeks I'm starving and almost out of gas and depressed .
  6. The places around here gives enough food for 2 days and I'm out of food for 2 weeks a month Actually 2 and half weeks
  7. Yes judge granted the name change
  8. Medicaid and Medicare will fight the surgery if my genetic marker shows female saying I don't need it if I'm female
  9. I've got wait for the f toll after sex change or insurance company won't pay for the surgery
  10. I'm filing paperwork to change names to LeAnna Jayden Watson
  11. Daily Di yes Betty no
  12. I'm struggling and starving