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  1. A story set in Japan? You have my attention. :3
  2. Edit Note: Due to the site update several months ago, the formatting in some parts have been changed. Things like speech quotes "blah blah" and apostrophes (ex: can't) were replaced with weird lettering/ symbols. I'm slowly going back and fixing it when I have the time to do so. I think I got them all. XD If there's anything I missed (or any other comments, good or bad) please point them out. ^.^ This is one of my first diaper stories, and the first topic I've made here. So I'm just testing the waters here. :3 I wanted to write a Halloween themed story. I appreciate thoughts and comments on the story, and if you think there's anything I can improve on. Three years. I never planned on this story taking so long to finish, but I'm nearing the home stretch and I hope to have it finished by this Halloween. I'm super happy to make this announcement: as of 8-28-16 ROUGH DRAFT IS FINISHED!!!!! All that's left is editing and typing it up. TRICKY TREATS by Cute_Kitten Kaoru squirmed in her carseat, stretching her cramped muscles with what little wiggle room the dip of the seat and the harness restraint allowed. She pressed against the thick pink cushions of the over sized infant carrier, her diaper crinkling. As much as she loved her carseat, she'd been in it for hours. Her mate, Danny, had decided to drive straight through, stopping only for gas, to feed or change her, or for the occasional piss at the side of the road. She had slept most of the way up north through the night. Mate was a funny word, but given what Danny was, it was suitable. It was the correct term, according to him. Kaoru just called him her boyfriend, but their relationship was deeper than that, more like soul mates from a fairly tale. The term married couple could have applied to them, but that didn't really fit right, either. Mate sounded just as funny to her as boyfriend or husband did to Daniel. Mate was a strange word, but then Danny's true nature aside, they were a strange couple, she supposed. She enjoyed playing baby. It helped her cope with her past and her insecurities. As for Daniel, well, he was not human at all. An oversized infant carrier was just as strange and unbelieveable as Danny's true nature was. It had been a gift sent from Auntie Hester, who over the phone had told them in jest that making a car seat that size was as easy as bippity boppity boo. Karou settled back down, staring out the window at the crisp colors of autumn leaves in the early morning sun. Her gaze shfited from the trees to her reflection. Staring back at her was what looked to be a petite preteen girl, half white and half Japanese, or Halfu as she'd been called back in her home country- half Japanese and half gaijin, dressed in a pink, oversized infant sleeper with attached mittens and booties and evident bulge of a ridiculously thick diaper. The sleeper had Disney Princess print. The pink and purple pacifier she sucked on and the Cinderella bib around her neck completed the ensemble. She scrunched her pert little nose up at her reflection. She didn't like how her eyes looked without her usual gyaru style makeup that made her eyes look poppingly big, almost like a Shojo anime character or a doll. Danny assured her she looked beyond adorable either way. The no makeup rule when playing baby was the only part of it she didn't like. Without makeup, she looked even younger than the preteen or young teen she was usually mistaken for. Over here in America, people always thought she was around fourteen or fifteen with makeup and ten or twelve without it. Her actual age was eighteen. She wondered if she ever got the chance to go back to her home country what age people would assume she was. Her actual gender was more tricky. She had been born a male, and had physically been a male for few years of her life. As a toddler, she had been drawn to girly things and had always felt like a girl inside, even when her mom and maternal grandparents insisted she was a boy. That came to a head when her mother's yakuza thug of a boyfriend, after a drinking binge one day, snatched Kaoru by her hair, sliced her dress off with a knife, slicing into her skin in the process, then began to butcher- The memory suddenly vanished, blanking from her mind as if sucked up by a vacum cleaner. Kaoru gasped, almond eyes wide and pacifier tumbling from her lips. Her pulse sped and she grabbed onto Miss Mopsy, hugging her beloved plush bunny tight. "Pumpkin, you okay?" Kaoru looked up into a pair of concerned blue eyes visible in the rearview mirror as Danny checked on her from the driver's seat. She forced a weak smile that he didn't buy. "J-just a-a bad memory but it....feels more like a bad day dream. It disappeared in the middle-" She trailed off into a low mumble but he could still hear her heavily accented English. Her face showed her confusion. That memory was real, had happened, but it was already gone from her mind, wiped away like the early morning mists. Remnants lingered like ghosts, but even they were fading. Danny's eyes softened with a touch of sadness, sorry that his baby girl's past still hurt her. "Auntie Hester said the effects of the potion she sent will increase with each dose. It will take some time, but soon you'll forget those memories forever." Hester was a very good friend of Daniel's; they considered each other siblings even though they were not related by blood at all. Or marriage. Neither was Hester Kaoru's aunt or any relation at all, but she insisted Kaoru call her Auntie, and Karou seemed to enjoy it as well. Kaoru's smile grew slightly more steady. There were things in her past she did not want to remember. Therapy and medication hadn't helped her cope much, and the scars on her body were reminder enough. Danny's sister had sent Kaoru a special potion she'd brewed, and dose by dose it was gradually erasing the painful things Kaoru dearly wished to forget, misting over the scars of her heart and mind.
  3. Thoughts/ comments/ critiques are welcome and appreciated. ^^ EDIT TO ADD: The forum switch messed up some of the formatting in some parts. Working on fixing that, but I may miss a few. BAD SEED by C.K. (Cute Kitten) Sweet notes of baby powder and diaper cream filled the air, underscored by a faint tinge of dirty diaper. Cameron MacLeod lay on his back, staring up at the white painted ceiling tile decorated with decals of teddy bears and ABC blocks. He sucked on the large rubber nipple, the plastic shield of the pacifier pressing against his lips. His hooded sweatshirt and onesie were pushed up to his armpits, and the plastic strap securing him to the changing table was tight; Mrs. Vesper had the unfortunate habit of fastening it too tight, as if she thought that somehow made it extra secure. He felt a tugging sensation on his hips and lower abdomen as a fresh diaper was taped around him. "A clean diapee feels better, doesn't it?" Ms. Sweeney chirped in her sugary sweet sing-song voice. Her diaper changes were much gentler than Mrs. Vesper's. She had gotten called away by a phone call, so Ms. Sweeney had stepped in and finished changing him. He tilted his head, looking up at his teacher and licensed regression therapist. Her plump, ruby red lips smiled down at him and her brown eyes twinkled, full of the joy of life. Her short, curly black hair frizzed around her head like a fuzzy dark halo and huge rhinestones sparkled in her earlobes. She chattered away, mostly to herself, not expecting her charges to answer. Most of them could or would not. Cameron caught her eyes and returned her smile behind his binky. He was one of the few who could. He had a hand full of classmates in the special education; regression therapy curriculum. His only reply to her was a smile. Dirty diaper, clean diaper, it made no difference to the eighteen year old. He had been in diapers since he was six. The last day he had worn big boy underwear- they had a print of Spiderman, he recalled that specifically- his life had changed forever. He shivered at the memory, his heart skipping a beat "It's cold, huh, baby?" Ms. Sweeney cooed as if he were a toddler. "Let's get you all fixed up and snuggly warm again." She unfastened the changing table security strap, pulled down his blue onesie down, fastening it over his diaper. He heard the metal snaps click shut, pressing the padded bulk closer to him and felt some of the cool baby powder shift in his diaper, sliding down towards his butt. He felt her tugging on his pants and heard all those snaps click shut. The cold was not what made him shiver, but that was something he did not want to talk or think about. He was happy the cool days of early autumn were growing colder as winter approached. Wearing pants and long sleeves was a lot more acceptable in the cold weather than it was in the warm. It was normal. He would rather be stared at for being dressed like a weirdo in the warm weather than to expose what lay beneath his clothing, and he did not mean his diapers. The snaps on all his pants, and the tell-tale bulge of a thick diaper, coupled with the loud crinkly noise they made, all gave away his diapered state anywhere he went. No, what he hid from the world was the painful mementos of the fateful day that changed the course of his life forever. That day was the reason he still wore diapers, and why he was in the regression therapy program. Ms. Sweeney watched her student's pretty face crumple. Cameron had better control of his emotions than her other students, and he was the one who had been through the most. He had also been through the most intensive therapy. When reading his files for the first time, she had been horrified at the nightmare the boy had survived. He had also spent several years in a mental hospital that specialized in intensive regression therapy. "What a cute ducky!" She tapped the yellow duck embroidered on the chest of his blue onesie. "What does the ducky say?" She asked, fearing he was having a melt down and wanted to distract him from it, like she would distract a baby having a tantrum. Cameron stared up at his teacher. He knew what she was trying to do, distract him from his thoughts. The technique worked with patients who had been mentally and emotionally regressed. It had worked on him in the hospital, when he had been little more than an overgrown infant. It worked on his classmates, who were kept emotionally regressed. He played along. "Woof-woof!" He spat his binky out. "Silly baby. Puppies say woof. Duckies go quack-quack." Ms.Sweeney cooed then pulled his hooded sweatshirt down, hiding his ducky and his onesie from sight. "Uh-oh." She smiled and slipped his binky back between his pink lips. Cameron opened his lips so she could slip the rubber nipple into his mouth. "There we go, all done!" She held out her hands, and Cameron placed his hands in hers, allowing her to help him sit up then jump down from the changing table. His hooded sweatshirt hung loose on his slim frame. It was light blue with white and baby blue stripes on the sleeves. His jeans would have passed for normal jeans except for the snaps running along the inner legs all the way up to his crotch, to make for easier diaper checks and changes. His plastic backed diaper crinkled noisily with each little movement and the thick padding around his crotch was familiar and comforting. "Tank yew." He lisped behind his binky to Ms. Sweeney as she tugged at his pants and shirt once more, fixing them now that he was standing. A little bit of drool ran down his chin and plopped down his ever-present bib. A bright yellow ducky clip with a blue strap secured his paci to his shirt. "You're welcome, sweetie. Go back to your seat now." She patted his heavily padded bottom then set about cleaning up the changing table and throwing his used diaper and wipes into the diaper genie. He started across the regression room, which resembled an adult-sized daycare. The thick bulk of his diaper forced his legs apart, giving him an unsteady toddler's waddle. He toddled past the locked classroom door when loud voices drew his attention to the glass window in the heavy door. It was locked to prevent any regressed students from wandering out, for their own protection of course. The regression room was more like a daycare in the highschool, and students in the regression therapy program were little more than oversized toddlers and babies.
  4. Witch’s Brew by Cute Kitten Joshua poked at the chocolate cereal puffs and marshmallow bats floating in the milk puddle on his highchair tray. His cheeks and chin were wet with milk; a couple of mushy bats stuck to his face. His plastic bib was as messy as his tray. He wore most of his food instead of eating it, despite his efforts to the contrary. He poked at another cereal puff, trying to pinch it between his fingers. The soggy cereal smooshed under his uncooperative fingers. He puffed his cheeks out in frustration, staring down at his hands and the delicate, silvery webbing of scars on his porcelain skin. His skin was so pale the scars were barely visible. He turned his wrist and the spidery, thin lines shimmered with a pearly sheen. Normal scars were varying shades of pink, red, and white. Not pearl and silver and covering nearly his entire body. The odd scars were souvenirs from a necromantic witch who had slowly burned and destroyed his nerves. He’d been very close to death. Aunt Gertrude saved him just in time. She even brewed him a potion distilled from the Font of Youth, to regrow and restore his injured body. Recovery was not magically instantaneous; his body was like that of a baby, and he had to relearn all over again. Hence his infantile lack of fine motor skills and barely controlled gross motor skills. And Auntie Gertrude raising him like he was an oversized baby. Physically, he was a baby. He couldn’t even manage to feed himself yet. Josh puffed his cheeks out and smacked one hand into the milk puddle on his tray. His fingers accidentally hit the rim of the bowl; milk and cereal arched through the air and splattered onto the floor. He froze, eyes going wide as he realized just how big his mess was. He was in so much trouble; Aunt Gertrude would be furious. He wasn’t supposed to feed himself; he wasn’t ready for that yet. Aunt Gertrude had told his big half-sister Tabitha to feed him, but Tabi had snuck down into Aunt Gertrude’s liquor cellar. So Josh had taken the opportunity to prove he was a big boy who could feed himself. He’d failed. Claws clicked on the tiled floor then a snuffling noise near the high chair legs. Josh looked down to see a monstrous, fluffy black dog-like creature lapping up the milk and cereal. Pandora, Aunt Gertrude’s familiar. Even at peace, Dora was terrifying. She was slightly larger than a Great Dane, bulky, and fluffier than a Tibetan Mastiff. Her cat-like claws and teeth were made for ripping into the flesh of her prey. She was a barghest, a hellhound; a beast who could only be controlled by a powerful witch. Her massive pink tongue swept out, licking up the last of the spilled breakfast. Dora raised her massive head and started licking the highchair tray. Josh giggled in relief, patting the thick black fur with his clean hand. Orange ribbon was tied in a bow by each ear, making her look pretty for Halloween. Plastic bowl and rubber coated baby spoon clattered to the floor as Dora pushed them out of her way. Finished with the tray, she moved on to Josh’s milk-sticky hand then his face. Joshua giggled some more, squirming helplessly as her rough tongue tickled his baby soft, delicate skin. He kicked his feet, his soggy diaper crinkling audibly. A wave of warmth engulfed his crotch as he wet himself but he barely paid any attention. He was too busy being tickle-attacked by Dora’s monstrous tongue. “Pipe down. You’re gonna attract the old bat with all that racket.” Tabitha crept silently out of the basement. She scowled at her little half-brother. They had the same father but different witch mothers. Just looking at him annoyed her. He was so damn pretty; a soft, lovely, delicate baby doll she often just wanted to smash. She felt like an ungainly sow in comparison. “S-sowwy.” Josh gasped out in a toddler lisp. His lungs ached from laughing. Pandora sat on her haunches, licking the milk and marshmallows off her muzzle. “Doggy tickles.” Shaggy, pale blonde bangs fell into his big green eyes as he ducked his head, looking down at his tray that smelled of doggy slobber. He poked at the mess on his bib. He hated making his big sister mad; it reminded him too much of all the times his mother had been upset with him. “Whatever. Just don’t start blubbering.” Tabitha snorted, tossing her frizzy dark brown ringlets over her shoulder. She didn’t even glance at his tray or bowl on the floor; she turned and went straight to the kitchen cabinet above the sink to fetch a glass. She held up the pilfered bottle to the autumn morning sun streaming through the window. The light caught the pale amber liquid, making it sparkle and shimmer. The bottle should have been brown; instead it was clear to show off the liquor. A homemade label decorated with drawings of pumpkins covered in spider webs. She read the squiggly handwriting. “Spider Cider.” She snorted. “Cute. How appropriate for Auntie’s Halloween party.” She sat the bottle down and turned to Joshua, who still sat quietly in his highchair. “You know, I’m 21. I’m finally old enough to go to the Samhain Feast. Become a full-fledged coven member. Instead, my Halloween is stuck here changing your diapers and handing out candy to filthy brats.” “Sowwy.” Josh whispered softly, not daring to look up at her. Instead he looked around for his binky. He didn’t see it, so he slipped his thumb in his mouth instead and started to suck. Pandora’s wet nose bumped into his bare calf and he smiled a little at the ticklish sensation.
  5. My favorites as a kid: Rainbow Bright (I still have my old Starlight stuffed animal), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thunder Cats, He-Man, She-Ra, Biker Mice From Mars, G.I. Joe My favorite puppet was the Crypt Keeper from Tales From the Crypt. My grandfather loved that show, and when he'd babysit me it was on. Once I fifth grade it as all anime. Other kids started getting out of cartoons- they were into things like Saved By the Bell and the Fresh Prince. For me, it was anime. Sailor Moon and Ronin Warriors. Then I saw Akira on the Sci-Fi channel and was hooked on anime. As a kid, that movie scared the shit outta me. But I loved it, too XD
  6. Did some story updating this weekend; Bad Seed, Tricky Treats and Witch's Brew. 

  7. Thank you for commenting! I enjoy hearing your thoughts and what you think of the characters. events, etc! We're in the home stretch; there's only a several more updates left then this story is a done duck pumpkin. “Pumpkin, you sure? Danny asked in a worried daddy voice. He knew how unsteady Kaoru’s balance was when she was tired. She’d already walked a lot tonight. She was really pushing herself and he didn’t like it. Seeing the concern for the chubby girl in her eyes, Danny’s refusal crumbled. She just wanted to be closer to her friend to comfort the butterball. And he’d be right here to catch her if she fell. Kaoru nodded, puppy dog eyes pleading. “Alright.” His huge hands lifted Kaoru by her armpits, setting her down. Her short, poofy dress and pinafore rose up, displaying more of her bulbous diaper as it strained against her frilly bloomers. One glance told an passersby she was a heavily diapered little girl who needed every ounce of that padded protection. Danny was mindful of her feet, making sure she had her balance. Her purple butterfly braes held her feet at a fixed angle, so Kaoru sometimes appeared to have her balance just standing there only to lose it as soon as she moved. He’d learned that the hard way; too many times he’d carelessly stood her up or set her down on her feet and let go prematurely, only for her to immediately wobble and fall down. She’d accumulated a few grazes and bruises in the process then apologized to him. She never blamed Danny for it; she blamed herself. He hated that, so he was extra careful nowadays to make sure she had her balance before he let go. He stayed hunched over, holding her hands. “I’m good. Thank you.” Kaoru tried to kiss Danny’s cheek in thanks, but his face was just up above her reach. If she could get up on her tiptoes she could’ve kissed his chin. He smiled at her adorable pout and obligingly bent his face down to her level. After a quick peck on his cheek, she took a few slow steps forward towards the stroller. She wobbled more with each step, tightening her hold on Danny’s hands; they were the only things keeping her steady and righting her balance. Her legs were tired; this was the most she’d walked in a long time. On top of that, she was sleepy. Her coordination and concentration were off; it was like driving through a thick fog. His big, strong hands cradled her own tiny ones as she toddled unsteadily to Gabby, crinkling all the way. “Kaoru?” Gabby asked, watching as the fragile girl struggled to walk. Karu just smiled at her. Slender arms wrapped around her pudgy middle, her vision full of Kaoru’s hair. She was stunned by such a bold move from the timid, painfully shy girl. “I had fun tonight. Sorry all those buttheads ruined it.” Kaoru whispered, squeezing her plump friend. Gabby had accepted her, didn’t laugh at her dysfunctional bladder, feet, or tummy. She was patient with her, didn’t make her feel like a burden at all. Kaoru wanted to reciprocate, to be there for Gabby when her friend needed her. Right now, gabby was hurting on the inside and trying to hide it. Kaoru didn’t know if she could make Gabby feel better; she just wanted to let her friend know she wasn’t alone. Gabby hugged her back. “Thank you. I’m okay. I’m just being stupid. We did have a lot of fun. You’re right. I won’t let those idiots ruin our Halloween.” Gabby actually believed her words. Her friend and her family were right. This was a special night. She could mope and worry about the consequences later. Her smile this time was more genuine, less forced. “Good. Now we’ve got that settled, let’s get going before those diapers leak.” Danny said flatly as he scooped Kaoru up. She squeaked at the sudden motion as Danny settled her back onto his hip. Both girls blushed, faces candy apple red. “D-Danny!” Kaoru protested as he poked at her covered diaper, giving the noisy plastic padding a squeeze. “What? Just checking your diaper. It’s soaked. You’re going to leak any second now.” “You’re embarrassing them.” Hester added helpfully. “Well, it’s true. I’ve changed more diapers than you have. You wanna check? I’m sure hers is in the same state.” He gestured at Gabby, who let out a strangled squeak and hid her face in her hands. Danny had been standing behind Kaoru this entire time. Now that he’d picked her back up, he stood in front of the stroller. Gabby found herself staring straight up at him. From her seated position, he seemed even huger. Icy fingers of fear ran down her spine. Danny was all raw, muscled male. Like a model on the cover of a romance novel. There was something more than just his physical presence that intimidated her, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. She peed a little. The man was so gentle and loving with Kaoru, yet Gabby couldn’t shake her innate fear of him, no matter how much she tried to reason with herself. She told herself she was being ridiculous. Like her fear of Auntie Hester’s bitchy cat. She was just spooked because it was a spooky night and her imagination was in overdrive. Danny felt Gabby’s gaze, saw the irrational fear there. He grinned, flashing those awfully sharp pearly whites. Gabby shuddered, more pee squirting out, though her padding was already so soaked and warm she didn’t feel the added urine. With his attention on her, she felt like a plump rabbit cornered by a hungry fox. In desperation to put some space between them, she blurted without thinking, “A NEW DIAPER SOUNDS GREAT!” Her shout echoed into the quiet, chilly night. “Alrighty then. Fresh, dry diapers it is!” Hester chuckled. Kaoru smiled softly down at Gabby, who cringed in embarrassment at her outburst. She hid her face in her hands again as Hester pushed the stroller forward. They carried on back to Hester’s house. The diapered girls grew drowsy once again as their emotions calmed down.
  8. Joshua crawled along the rough, green carpet of the hallway. The heavy cream coating his bottom caused his cheeks to slide together, almost making it feel like he’d messed himself. He sucked on his yellow and white pacifier; the crinkle of his freshly changed, bulky diaper seemed to echo down the huge, quiet hall. Bright flashes of multi-colored lights shot out from under the door to Auntie Gertrude’s off-limits work room. He knew where his older half sister was; getting into trouble again. Auntie Gertrude was getting dressed; she had a lot of preparation to do for the Samhain Feast. Her coven was hosting a few other covens along with a contingent of ghouls. Josh had taken advantage of her preoccupation to slip away. He felt like he should check on Tabi because she had looked so miserable and humiliated this morning. Normally, he’d be in his playpen. He rarely got time alone, only when he was in his crib or playpen. Even then, Pandora frequently popped her huge, shaggy head in to check on him. Just like now; as soon as he’d crawled out of the nursery and out of Auntie Gertrude’s sight, Pandora was on his tail. He paused, turning around to pout at the huge demon dog. “Dowa, shoo!” He lisped in a whisper around the rubber nipple filling his mouth. The familiar just gave him a long, slow blink. Her expression clearly said, Yeah, not gonna happen. He sighed in defeat. Pandora only listened to Auntie. “Otay but yoos gotta be shush!” He had no choice, so it was just easier to agree to her coming with him. He held up one finger to his paci in a “be quiet” gesture, then started crawling down the hall again. Dora chuffed, her reply as clear as if she’d uttered the words. I’m not the crinkle-butt. Josh sucked his paci and crawled onwards. He’d only figured out how to crawl a few months ago. Walking was still a faraway dream. He hoped he could talk Tabitha out of whatever she was up to this time, though he had a sneaking suspicion it involved attempting to remove her seal. If her magic was sealed, how could she cast a spell? Unless her magic was somehow leaking through. He frowned behind the plastic shield covering his lips. The light wood of the workroom door creaked as he nudged it open a crack. Bright flashes of Crayola colored light shot out from a small, rapidly boiling cauldron suspended over a bunsen burner. The flickering, painful onslaught blinded him; before he closed his eyes, he caught a brief glimpse of Tabi nervously dancing around with a small blue bottle in one fist. Oh, he knew that bottle well; Aunt Gertrude’s Concentrated Essence of the Font of Youth. Use Sparingly. That little bottle had saved his life and regrew his nerves. “Yes! I can feel my magic! That stupid seal drained it away, but not anymore. I won’t spend my days as a powerless human!” Tabi crowed, her voice filling Josh’s ears. A chilly autumn wind swept in from the open window. Both made him shiver. An ominous tingle ran down his spine, the same wrong feeling he’d gotten earlier. He whined softly. Pandora made no sound. Had she stayed out in the hall? “Tabi? Dis bad. Stawp. Peese.” He lisped in a soft plea for her to stop. She never heard his tentative whisper, too swept up in her elation. She poured several large dollops of Font of Youth into the cauldron; with a bubbling whoosh and the shrill whistle of an over boiling tea kettle, all of the colored lights shot out of the cauldron at once. Tabitha screamed. Josh curled up into a ball on the floor as the bubbling brew exploded. The scent of ozone filled the air. A warm, tingly sensation washed over Josh, the wave of magic cocooning him. What had Tabi done? How? He cautiously cracked open one eye. Multi-colored smoke filled the room like dense fog. He could just make out the outline of the empty cauldron, shimmery potion dribbled down it’s sides and bunsen burner flame out. He couldn’t see much of the room, but he felt normal. He held his hands out in front of him, wiggling his fingers. He looked normal. He sat up and looked around some more, trying to figure out what the potion had affected. Smoke drifted out the open window; gradually his view cleared. The shelves of books and jars of ingredients and potions lining the walls were intact. Nothing broken or missing, aside from Tabi. Her clothes puddled on the floor like shed snakeskin. A chubby toddler with brown curly hair lay, her head swiveling around in stunned confusion. She spotted him and narrowed her eyes. “What da heww? Why every fin so big?” What the hell? Why was everything so big? Her voice was a squeaky, toddler lisp. Her eyes grew wide gain and her stubby fingers flew up to her mouth. Josh was just as shocked. “Tabi? What did you do?” His own words were normal, enunciated adult speech like when he was a big boy. His eyes widened and his fingertips pressed against his lips. They stared at each other, slowly realizing just what had gone wrong. Tabitha was now a baby, and he had his voice back. Heart pounding, he wondered what else he could do. Was he a big boy again? He pushed off the floor with his legs, expecting to fall any second. He stood up, wobbling as his muscles trembled. He reached out to the wall for support and balance. He giggled, beaming and excited while Tabi watched with narrowed eyes, annoyed he was so happy when she was distressed. “Oh, Tabitha. Why must you ungraciously throw every change I give you back in my face? You’ve truly done it this time.” Auntie Gertrude stood in the doorway.
  9. I can't resist boys in skirts. I enjoy reading your stories, too!
  10. Thank you for commenting! I love hearing what you think! “Mrs. Beatrice, ma’am, this isn’t working. You need to do something. Call another agency if this can’t find an afternoon nanny. Cameron can’t be left alone. Me and the rest of the staff are busy doing our jobs. The maids don’t know what to do with him.” “Nonsense, Tyrese. It’s just like taking care of an overgrown baby.” Beatrice sipped at her after dinner coffee. Cameron sat down at the other end of the dining room table, safely buckled into his highchair as he quietly nursed his bottle of chocolate milk and listened in. “No, it’s not.” Tyrese folded his big, muscular arms as he towered over his aged employer. “There’s an entire universe of differences. Cameron’s not an actual baby, and he needs regression specialist nannies, not any old nanny off the street. That reminds me; Jenny the night nanny complained about Cameron having diaper rash. The school sent home a letter about it, too. You need to do something about the afternoons, ma’am.” “Oh, alright. I’ll give the agency a call tomorrow. Maybe they’ll have a nanny available.” Beatrice sighed, annoyed her relaxing coffee break was interrupted. “They haven’t had a nanny in two weeks. Ma’am. You need to try something else. His teachers were worried when he showed up to school with all those bruises on his face. Now he’s got diaper rash. You can’t keep rescheduling that meeting with them.” Beatrice groaned, slamming her delicate, gilded cup down so hard coffee sloshed over the rim and onto the fine linen tablecloth. “Enough! I’ll call Jill and take her up on that babysitting offer. Just leave me to finish my coffee in peace!” Her old-lady voice shrieked high and shrill; both Tyrese and Cameron winced. “Yes, ma’am.” Tyrese gave her a polite bow then went back to the kitchen. “Ma’am, here’s the day’s mail from your desk, as you requested.” A maid who’d been waiting in the wings for Tyrese to finish approached. She laid the mail on the table in front of Beatrice. After a nod from her employer, she curtseyed and backed away. From the other end of the table, Cameron stiffened at the sight of the milk. Milk dribbled down his chin and onto his bib while he stared intently at his grandma. This was it, what he’d been waiting for. “I really don’t want that... girl... loose in my house.” Beatrice muttered to herself as she dug through the huge mail pile. She paused over the word “girl” as if she wanted to say something much more nasty but was too well bred to actually say it. “Jill always said she was a savage beast. Now I’m supposed to trust her in my house? Ridiculous. All this nonsense over a few bruises and a rash. Babies get rashes all the time, it’s not the end of the world. They fall down, too. Accidents happen.” She shook her head, setting aside and sorting the envelopes. “That Indian woman with Jack at the country club had some good points. It’s been many years, I suppose, since that girl’s been back. Maybe Jack truly did manage to tame the beast. That’s not what I’ve heard from others who’ve dealt with her….” Beatrice sighed. “I’m tired of Tyrese’s constant nagging. I suppose giving her a second chance isn’t too much to ask for, if it’ll quiet Tyrese. I’ll tell Jill I accept the babysitting offer that Indian woman mentioned.” Cameron’s eyes grew even wider as his chest swelled up with hope like a balloon. He listened as hard as he watched. Was it true? Could it really be? It sounded like grandma was talking about Lili. Lili, coming to babysit him. She’d kept her promise after all. He grinned behind the rubber nipple, chocolate milk dribbling over his face and onto his bib. His heart filled with happiness; he didn’t pay any attention to the milk. He made sure to be a very good boy by staying still and quiet, just watching passively despite the joy bubbling up inside. It itched to burst free in a loud, exuberant cheer. He was getting Lili back! “What’s this?” Beatrice frowned at the folded up paper tucked amongst all her envelopes. Cameron’s letter. His breath caught in his throat and he trembled in anticipation, adrenaline fusing with joy in his veins. She opened up the paper, expression turning sour as she read. She lifted her head, noticing her grandson for the first time all evening. At the look in her eyes, the balloon in his chest popped and shrivelled. Before she even spoke, Cameron knew he’d been bad. She was angry with him. He should’ve said nothing and just floundered uncertainly. If an adult wanted him to know something, they’d tell him. He was so, so stupid. Stupid, dumb baby. He deserved to be fully regressed again. He wasn’t ready to be a big boy. He lowered his head, breaking eye contact, but he could still feel her disgusted stare bearing into him. “No, Cameron. Daddy’s not coming home yet. Another lawyer has let me down. He never should’ve gone away in the first place. But because of you-” Beatrice bit off her bitter words abruptly and stood up suddenly. “I can’t even finish my coffee now. Thank you for ruining my evening.” She stormed off, slamming the door behind her. Cameron cringed. Each word stabbed into him. He whimpered, cowering at her wrath. “S-sowwy.” He blubbered softly as tears fell down his cheeks, onto his damp, messy bib and highchair tray. His bottle clattered, half drunk, onto the plastic tray and his damp diaper crinkled. He cringed, barely able to move in the confining safety straps of the highchair. His soft sobs filled the vast, empty room.
  11. Very imaginative. I liked it.
  12. Thank you both for commenting! BabyKayla, I'm blushing! I'm very glad you enjoy my stories so much! Gertrude turned to Josh, unbuckling his tray and untying his bib. Her voice gentled into a doting mother’s coo. “Come on, big boy. Let’s get you a nice ba-ba. At least Dora won’t eat that.” From the floor, Pandora snorted. Joshua obligingly held his arms up. His aunt picked the eighteen year old up as if he weighed nothing more than an actual toddler. He looked down at his sister lying on the floor. Her limbs twitched with muscle spasms, her body recovering from the after-effects of Gertrude’s magic. The gray of Tabi’s sweatpants had a dark, wet ring around the crotch herself and a yellow puddle under her butt. She’d peed herself without realizing it yet. He stuck his thumb in his mouth to hide his giggle. Sure, he peed himself all the time, but that was inside his diaper. Outside, he was dry as a bone. He wanted to make a remark about how maybe Tabi should wear one of his diapers, but thought that would be too mean. While his bottle heated on the stove, Gertrude poked a stubby finger at the leg holes of his diaper and onesie, checking to see how wet he was. She squeezed the thick, damp padding encasing his backside. The plastic crinkled loudly with each poke and squeeze. “Soggy but I think you can hold out a little longer.” Josh just continued to stare at Tabitha’s wet crotch. He was too used to diaper checks to be bothered by Auntie Gertrude’s intruding fingers. Since his torture, he’d been unable to use his own magic. As his nerves regrew, he sometimes felt twinges of magic every now and then, like it was a muscle he was just relearning to flex. Was this what it felt like for Tabi and her seal? His eyes traveled up to her chest, just above her heart. A circular, twisting mark burned into the flesh there, a deep magical scar from the spell that sealed her magic. It was hidden by her shirt. Three covens of witches- his mother’s coven, Tabitha’s mother’s coven, and Gertrude’s coven- had to work together to cut the flow of magic from her body. They only spared her because of her young age and hope for redemption. He shivered like he always did when thinking about it. It would be like having a limb cut off. Losing her magic was a better alternative than execution; her mother’s fate for torturing Josh and killing his mother. Tabi caught Josh staring. At her teary glare, his eyes quickly darted to the window. Branches of the huge old oak trees swayed in the autumn breeze. Orange, ruby and gold leaves drifted about the huge backyard. Plastic bats and ghosts hanging from the limbs fluttered madly. Gertrude lived in a sprawling suburb with plenty of yard between houses. A cluster of raggedy, half dead pines stood between Auntie Gertrude’s yard and the neighbor’s. The dark of night still seemed to cower within the dense, rotting evergreens. One branch dipped in the opposite direction of the wind. Josh narrowed his eyes, squinting. Was something in there? A feeling of unease curdled in his stomach. The more he stared, the stronger the feeling grew. Something felt off. Maybe it was just an animal? Nausea rolled over him; he moaned and buried his face in Auntie’s shoulder. Her flowered housecoat smelled of burned coffee and mints. “Shh. Almost done, baby. You’ll feel better with some warm milky in your tummy.” Gertrude patted his back, rubbing little circles like she did when she burped him. Josh kicked his feet through the air, hearing his soggy diaper crinkle. Didn’t Auntie Gertrude sense whatever was out there? She was a powerful, skilled witch. Pandora more demon than dog. If something truly was wrong, surely they would notice. Auntie always knew everything. He sighed in confusion. His head was telling him one thing and his gut another. He only had a few bites of cereal; maybe he just needed some food. Gertrude tested the bottle’s temperature on her wrist then nodded her approval. “Come along, Joshy.” She cooed as if he had a choice. She swept past Tabitha without a word. Tabi lay on her back, tears silently trickling past her clenched lashes. Her teeth dug into her lower lip so hard her skin nearly tore. She choked on her sobs. Only the tips of her fingers and toes tingled now. Still, she did not move. Her crotch and butt were cold and clammy. The scene of her urine filled her nostrils. She knew when she peed herself, the nerves of her bladder bound up in Gertrude’s spell. She said nothing- she wouldn’t give her aunt the satisfaction. Joshua looking at her with pity stung worse than Gertrude’s disappointment. Spoiled brat! What did he know of hardship? His whore of a mother never made him do a damn thing and now their aunt pampered the big baby. She angrily wiped her face with shaky palms. All she wanted was a little Halloween fun. She didn’t know the alcohol was full of spider venom. That was something a disgusting ghoul would drink. What kind of lunatic would concoct a noxious brew like that? Making Josh feed himself would help him grow up again. Wasn’t that what everyone wanted? Why the hell was Gertrude so hard on her and so soft on him? She had paid her debt for her past actions. Things her mother had coerced her into doing. Why couldn’t the covens just release her and let her get on with her non-magical life instead of trapping her under Gertrude’s guardianship? She was twenty one; an adult by human standards. Witches considered age twenty five, when the brain was fully mature, to be the marker of adulthood. So she was considered a witchling, underage until she hit twenty five. Four more years of being trapped in a hell that constantly reminded her of everything she’d lost because of her mother and Josh. “Fine. Be that way. See if I care.” She sniffled then scowled. She rubbed her face, hands still shaking. She sat up and winced at the cold pee puddle sloshing around her. “Ugh. After I clean up, I’ll show you who's a witch.” She vowed with all the venom of a brown recluse.
  13. Boys in skirts and diapers? I like it! Somehow I get the filling he's not going to be wearing pants for much longer!!!
  14. Very nice character descriptions. I'm looking forward to seeing how things play out for them.
  15. I've been bitten by the festive spirit bug, so I whipped up a little holiday story about a girl with an attitude just as bad as her bladder control who ends up dealing with much more worse than Santa and his lumps of coal. Santa isn't the only holiday spirit coming to town, and this particular spirit specializes in punishing bad babies. Thoughts, comments, critiques, etc are appreciated! I'm still writing this as I post it in pieces, so suggestions/ideas are welcome. ETA: This was supposed to be a short story. So far, it's at 30K words. It's pushing into novel territory. And it's not done yet! (starting to get there, though!) A NAUGHTY CHRISTMAS by Cute Kitten ~ Part One: To Grandmother's House We Go ~ “I’m not wearing this damn thing!” Reila swore under her breath as she pulled her cobalt jeggings back up. She wiggled around the tiny bathroom in her fur trimmed Ugg boots. The soft, stretchy fabric of her jeggings- the bastard love child of jeans and leggings- felt weird as it rubbed over her bare crotch and butt. Finally, the tight material settled just right on her slender frame. She tugged down her bright turquoise sweater-tunic and smoothed it in place. She turned, checking herself in the mirror above the sink. The thick, knitted wool covered her butt, hiding her freshly un-padded bottom from view. “Perfect. The old hag will never be able to tell.” She smirked and tossed the unused purple with pink butterflies printed pull-up into the garbage, hiding it under layers of used, balled up paper towels just in case her mother decided to check the bathroom in suspicion of just such a stunt. Reila put her hand on the door, hesitating for a second with a nagging sense of guilt. What if her mother lifted her shirt to make sure she still had her protection on? Given the last few months, Reila wouldn’t have put it past her. But in a crowded airport? No, not even her mother was that insane. She pushed the door open. Eight hours was a long flight. What if she fell asleep and wet herself, as she had been doing every time she dozed off? She bit her lip, tempted to go back in, fish her pull up out of the trash and put it back on. Planes had toilets. She’d just have to remember to go a lot so her stupid, malfunctioning bladder stayed empty. She stepped out and was immediately accosted by her mother. “Took you a while.” Sonja stared at her daughter, pursing her red lips in displeasure. “I had to take a shit.” Reila fired back at her mom’s suspicious accusation. She crossed her arms defensively. “I’m eighteen, not two. You can trust me.” “Yet you wear the same undergarments as a two year old and act just like one. After your recent escapades, you’ve lost my trust. You’re doing a poor job of earning it back. Even the judge saw fit to strip you of your adult status. Need I remind you that just days after court. One more screw up and it's straight up the river for you.” Sonja’s eyes narrowed at the back talk as she stared Reila down. Reila’s defiant glare gradually withered to a sulky pout under her mother’s cool, firm disapproval. Sonja was at her wit’s end with the girl. Barely an adult, yet she’d racked up a laundry list of misdemeanors and law violations long enough to do any hardened criminal proud. Just like her absent father. Sonja encouraged Reila’s spunky spirit, knowing it would help her get through tough times in life. Sonja could have used a little more spunk and backbone in her own childhood. Maybe then she wouldn’t have married young to a man who turned out to be a murderous loser that ended up in prison for life. Reila had gotten into fights in preschool and elementary school. Middle school saw her skipping school and taking up smoking. High school was full of underage drinking, unsupervised parties, and smoking pot. Reila progressed to breaking and entering , vandalizing school property for a senior prank. Even though she was not a senior. She should have been, but all that hookie and sleeping in class led to her flunking junior year. This year she should be graduating, but she was repeating her junior year instead. Then came the sex tapes on the internet. The proverbial cherry on top was her getting arrested for shop-lifting lingerie at the mall. The judge, being lenient with youth offenders and in the spirit of the Christmas season, gave Reila one last chance to clean up her act. He gave Sonja legal custody of her, declaring Reila unfit to run her own life Next stop for her was prison or one of those new Regression Therapy discipline camps for youth offenders designed to turn troublesome youth into moral, upright citizens. “There’s a line of people waiting for the bathroom.” Reila said sulkily, lowering her gaze to her mother’s scuffed, off brand boots. Sonja, a single mother, did her best to give Reila the name brand things she liked. Right now, she just wanted her mother to stop staring at her. “Because you were holding it up. You’d better still have your diaper on.” Sonja hissed in a loud voice then swept past for her turn in the bathroom. “They’re pull-ups, not diapers!” Reila retorted just as loud as the door closed in her face. She was suddenly aware of eyes on her; her eyes scanned the airport crowd. Those nearby stared incredulously at her- the pretty, fashionable young lady loudly proclaiming her pull-ups were not diapers. Meeting her gaze, most on lookers looked away in embarrassment but some continued to stare. Few smirked in amusement. Her cheeks flamed red as Rudolph’s nose and she ducked behind a nearby pillar. Why did the airport have to be so damn crowded? It was only the first week of December. Not holiday travel time, even though that’s what she and her mother were doing. Her mother with the embarrassingly loud mouth. Life just loved to take a big, steamy shit on her. All she wanted was to have a little fun, to live her own life. She never hurt anyone. Yet the judge saw fit to turn her back into a child just for a little harmless pick-pocketing. Her mother had breathing down her throat ever since she was arrested and released. On top of that, her bladder had been acting up since she woke up in the hospital several months ago. She’d gotten her stomach pumped after passing out due to a cocktail of various alcoholic drinks and funny shaped pills. Maybe a line or two of cocaine, she didn’t really remember. Those were the best parties- the ones she couldn’t remember. Pure bliss. Now, her life was pure piss. Wet bed every fucking night since she’d woken up in the hospital. Pissing herself during the day, too. Like when that cute cop handcuffed her. Or when she peed herself standing in front of that bastard judge. In a bizarre way, wet pants, along with her baby face, had helped convince the judge to be lenient with her. All these accidents were just flukes. Nerves. Stress. The doctor had said something about street drugs being laced with other shit and unpredictable side effects, but what did that stupid bitch know? Reila did NOT need diapers. Pull-ups. She’d show them all she could keep her pants dry.
  16. Thank you for the comments! I enjoy reading them :3 The barghest stood in front of the highchair and just stared Tabitha down. She didn’t growl or bare her teeth; she just stared at the girl. “Dowa, dat not nice.” Josh lisped at the barghest. That dead stare trapped her like a cornered rabbit. It was the look of a dog that was considering attacking. Pandora often gave Tabitha that look. She found it almost as annoying as Aunt Gertrude’s reprimands. Pandora never attacked her yet, but often looked at her like the damn mutt was thinking about it. Tabi tried to give the familiar a wide berth; all it took was one time, one incident. A barghest attack was hard to survive, and with her sealed magic it was almost impossible. “I’m not scared of you.” Defiance laced her tone. Her limbs were stiff and her knees shook. “Anyway, since this Halloween’s gonna suck, I might as well have some fun while I can. The least Auntie can do is spare me one lousy bottle of her brew.” She slowly, intentionally turned her back on the beast and tried to open the bottle. Her hands trembled and she waited with baited breath to hear a growl in her ear, pain erupt as teeth sank into her shoulder. When no attack came, she let out her breath, hitched on a smirk and slowly, cautiously turned around. “Hey, baby pants, you want a sip?” She waved the bottle, amber liquid sloshing around. “No, he doesn’t. You aren’t having one, either.” A calm, firm voice filled the kitchen. A second later, Tabitha let out a small shriek as her limbs suddenly went numb. She fell to the floor in a sprawled heap; the bottle landed with a muffled thump as if protected by a cushioning charm. She could only stare helplessly as fluffy black cat slippers and a blue floral housecoat filled her vision. She tilted her head, gazing up into the stern face of Aunt Gertrude. Her long black hair was wound up in curlers and her gray-blue eyes gazed unblinkingly at Tabitha as she silently cast her spell. To blink or look away would break the spell that numbed the young woman’s body. This was the power a witch could achieve. Both thrilling and terrifying. Tabitha was helpless before the head witch of one of the largest American covens. Part of her wanted to become that powerful; to be feared and respected. Most witches used words to help them concentrate. Gertrude didn’t need to. That would never be Tabitha; her powers had been sealed away as punishment for assisting her mother in killing her philandering father, his whore mistress and torturing her bastard son. “Tabitha. We’ve had this discussion before. I’m disappointed; you know you’re not allowed into my cellar. When I tell you something is too dangerous, I mean it. Drink this-” The bottle floated off the floor and into Gertrude’s palm- “and you’ll rot your insides out. There’s black widow and brown recluse venom in here. This is NOT for human consumption. Took me ages to get the balance of the venom and alcohol just right. A lot of work went into this. Losing just one bottle would cost me a pretty penny. And more importantly, it would cost you your life.” Joshua chewed his soft lower lip. Auntie Gertrude could be very scary when she wanted to. Tabitha was in trouble. Again. Her judgement had improved less than his motor skills. Under orders from her mother, Tabitha had helped kidnap and torture him. For that, her magic had been sealed. Tabi was no longer a witch- just a normal human. She could still do adult thing. Auntie gave her responsibilities. He’d have traded his own magic to be a big boy again. Tabi had no idea how good she at it. Pandora lay quietly at Josh’s feet, calmly watching Tabitha. Gertrude released the spell with a blink. “This is your final warning. Do NOT go in there again. If you can’t act like an adult, then I’ll treat you like a child. Maybe you’re not ready to grow up. Maybe I should treat you like Joshy.” She glanced from her niece to her nephew. Reaching out, she tenderly stroked his soft golden locks. Same shade her brother had. “NO!” Tabi shouted as her limbs began to tingle, sensation slowly returning. “I asked you to do one simple task. Feed your baby brother. He can’t feed himself yet. Instead, you let him make a mess while you sneak off into a room expressly forbidden.” “I just wanted to have some fun. I was gonna feed him after-” Gertrude cut Tabi off. “When? After your stomach became necrotic? “ She snorted. Tabitha glared, her eyes shiny with tears. Josh was the one who made the mess, yet she got blamed for it. Gertrude never made him do any chores or yelled at him. She coddled him. Lucky brat had no idea how good he had it. The older witch stared down at her a moment longer. Tabi feared for a moment she’d hex her again. “Soon as you get feeling back in your limbs, clean this mess up.”
  17. nice to see u back boo boo! what an exciting twist!!!
  18. Azrael. Reila opened her mouth to scream but choked, coughing on the dust and ash stirred up from the fireplace. The weight of the owl statue she held above her head pulled her off balance; she wobbled as she coughed. One deep, chest wracking cough sent her sprawling to the floor with a crash and jarring her bladder. She soaked her nightgown. The statue rolled away from her. Pain radiated from her bruised derriere and her skull. “Merry Christmas, Baby Riley! What a naughty little girl you are, sneaking out of bed. And you took your diapee off and pee-peed all over yourself! Naughty, naughty!” Azrael’s voice radiated pleasure. Reila groaned, still unaware she’d wet herself when she’d fallen. She blinked several times to clear her blurred vision. Azrael loomed tall and imposing over her sprawled body. The long red velvet skirt covered her hooves. Curly black hair tumbled in thick waves to her waist, held back by a festive green ribbon. Polished horns curled out from her skull. So that’s what the bitch was hiding under her hat during the Krampuslauf. Horns and hooves. Reila stared in a surreal haze, not quite believing what she was seeing. Her mind was sluggish and numb. Strangest of all was the bright Christmas green, oversized baby carrier holding Nicky bundled to her chest. His legs dangled limp and useless in the air. He wore a red velvet sleeper with padded green mittens and booties. A green bib trimmed in white hung from his neck while a red infant’s bonnet drowned in layers of ruffly white lace obscured much of his pretty face. He sucked on a red and white pacifier. He looked like an overgrown infant, helpless and vulnerable swaddled to Azrael’s chest. Nicky whimpered softly as he sucked on his paci. His large doe eyes shone with sadness as he gazed down at Reila. She’d never seen the disabled, girly boy look so miserable, as if his heart overflowed with sorrow. Her head throbbed and she moaned. The dust settled and she could breathe freely again. The strange red and green light that had flashed from the chimney grew brighter. Red and green sparkles fluttered down the chimney like a horde of Christmas fireflies. She tried to raise her hands to rub her eyes, but her body would not cooperate. Her body tingled, feeling numb, as if her appendages had fallen asleep. Had she hurt herself when she fell? Her eyes flew wide open in panic. Her heart sped up and another spurt of pee squirted out onto the floor, warm and wet on her thighs. This time she felt it. She whimpered. “Aww. Don’t be scared, baby. You didn’t hurt yourself. It’s just an effect of my Christmas magic.” Azrael grinned, revealing shark sharp pearly whites. Her smile was not reassuring at all. She tapped her chin thoughtfully; her eyes were fervent with excitement. “On second thought, considering what I’m here to do, maybe you should be scared. I do so enjoy that expression on your face.” Nicky whimpered again, louder this time. “Shh.” Azrael soothed him in a gentle coo, pressing on the shield of his pacifier. She kissed the top of his bonnet covered head. “You know she has this coming. She’s had multiple chances and blew each one spectacularly.” Her eyes glinted, almost seeming to glow in the gloom as they locked onto Reila’s own. “Baby Riley here has been a very, very naughty girl. Soo naughty.” Azrael almost moaned. “The fat man himself said so.” Nicky shook his head as if to deny Az’s words. He looked right into Reila’s eyes, too, as tears welled up in his own. He sucked noisily on the rubber nipple filling his mouth; some drool dribbled down his chin and onto his bib. Gone was the fragile, disabled girly-boy, replaced by a big baby girl. Just like Rachel. “The fucking hell is going on? You’re mental! What did you do to me, you fucking bitch? Fix it! Help! Mom! Grandma! HELP!! MOOOM! GRANDMA! HELP! MOMMY!” Reila still had control of her mouth and she used it, screaming in growing, blind terror at the top of her lungs, head thrashing from side to side and banging off the floor in her growing panic. She would have thrashed her arms and legs, gotten up and ran if her body would obey her. No one came. Reila screamed and screamed until her lungs ached and her chest heaved. Her face was a red, ruddy mess from er exertions, streaked with snot and tears. Nicky winced, his own tears falling. He looked up at Azrael with pleading eyes. She kissed his forehead and rubbed his mitten covered hands. She smiled as she watched Reila. As Reila screamed on, Nicky squirmed, whimpering softly and crying. Throughout it all, Azrael remained calm, her smile jolly. Once Reila finally ran out of energy to keep screaming, Az unstrapped Nicky. She removed him from the infant sling and set him down on the floor. She took off the sling and shook out her red skirt. The long hem fluttered, revealing her hooves once more. Then she bent over a small, red Santa sack she unslung from her back. She dug through the velvet bag. What she pulled out seemed too large to fit in the bag; it was like Mary Poppin’s carpet bag, or Hermione’s purse. She pulled out a large cloth and metal contraption. She unfolded it with a series of metallic clicks to reveal an oversized baby bouncer. Nicky watched her work with big, teary eyes. His legs splayed awkwardly on the floor, flopping limply when she set him down. He covered his ears with his thickly padded mittens and sucked hard on his binky. Az picked him up as if he weighed no more than an actual infant. She kissed his wet cheek and wiped away his tears. “Nicky. You knew she had this coming. She won’t be allowed to continue on like this. And you and Rachie will have a new baby cousin to play with!” She cooed as she laid him in the bouncer, strapping him in securely. His diaper bulged against the snaps of his onesie. He gazed up at Az, whimpering softly one last time, his eyes begging her. For just a moment, her face softened with a maternal look. “Sweetie. My baby.” She bent in for more kisses on his soft cheeks. He relaxed under her affections but didn’t smile. “You know the head tub o’ lard himself gave me the greenlight for this.” He nodded sadly in resignation as she chuckled darkly. She stood up, turning and focusing on a panting, snot covered Reila. Her grin turned feral, lips pulling back to bare her teeth like a predatory animal.
  19. Thank you all for commenting! I appreciate it and I enjoy hearing your thoughts. That was the last Cameron saw of Nanny Isabella. He almost missed her. He was afraid of making her angry, but at least she had been there in the nursery with him. Just like Ms. Sweeney and Mrs. Vesper kept watch over him all day at school. The majority of his life had been spent under the supervision of an adult in charge of everything from what he wore to what he ate. Now, on afternoons, he was on his own. Left all by himself in his nursery until the evening shift nanny arrived. The agency hadn’t found any caretakers to fill the empty afternoon slot. Tyrese the cook sent the maids to pop in and check on him every so often, but they didn’t have much experience caring for a regression patient. Being on his own scared him. Terrified him more than making Nanny Isabella angry. He should have been thrilled with the freedom. Instead, he found himself craving the safety and comfort of a caregiver. He frowned when a big glob of drool from his paci dribbled onto the picture he was coloring. He spat his binky out; it dangled from a yellow pacifier clip attached to his onesie collar. He lifted a corner of his bib to wipe his mouth. He was on his own, and he was trying to be a big boy. A good boy. That was the part that scared him. He liked doing what he wanted, when when he wanted. But looking after himself? He was doing his best not to screw it up. Not to bother the maids or make them angry. He desperately wanted to be a good boy all on his own- maybe then, Grandma Beatrice would be proud of him. His heart sped up with that thought. It’s why he stuck with quiet activities like coloring. He never asked the maids for anything. Like a bottle or sippy cup of juice. He licked his lips. Juice sounded so yummy right now. Or milk. And a clean diaper. The lumpy mess in his seat was cool and started to itch hours ago. The maids didn’t check his diaper, and he didn’t say anything. He wasn’t going to bother anyone; he was determined to be a good boy. Maybe then Grandma wouldn’t send him away when Daddy came home. IF Daddy came home. Cameron cringed at the thought, at the memories just thinking of Daddy conjured up. He didn’t want to be under the same roof as the man who’d literally burned him. He didn’t want to be sent away, either. What would Grandma do to him? Back to the regression hospital? What if they wouldn’t take him? He knew she’d just shop around until she found some place that wanted her money enough to take him. He dropped his fat orange toddler crayon. The flat side kept it from rolling away on the carpet. He feared being sent away would mean starting all over again. Being completely regressed again. Not just “failed to mainstream” but right back to square one. He didn’t know which was worse- facing his father or a trip back to complete babyhood. Even if that was unethical, probably illegal and most doctors would not do it, Beatrice always, eventually, found someone greedy enough to do what she wanted. So, what was she going to do? It all depended on whether or not Daddy came home. The only one who could tell him for sure was grandma. How could he find out> He absentmindedly rubbed the coloring book, smearing crayon wax on his fingers; his mind deep in thought. He never even felt his soggy, messy diaper grow warm as he peed himself. His diaper was near leaking; he needed a change. He could ask Grandma. That was obvious. And not going to work for many reasons. He doubted he could get the words out of his mouth. Even if he was brave and managed not to melt into a pile of quivering jelly, she’d just brush him off as she always did. She paid more attention to her mail than she did her own grandson- A letter! He could write her a letter! Cameron smiled. Maybe he could ask Tyrese or one of the maids to slip the letter in with grandma’s mail. That way she’d see it, read it, and pay attention before she even realized it was from her grandson. But what would he write on? His enthusiasm floundered as he glanced around the nursery. He had no pens, pencils, or markers. Nothing grown ups used to write. He glanced down at his coloring book and toddler crayons. They’d have to do. Besides the big baby coloring book was a blank drawing tablet. He tore off a blank sheet and picked up a purple crayon. Now, what to write? He had to sound like a big boy. Show her he could be one. Hi? No, too juvenile. Hello? That was better, more grown up. He carefully, neatly printed it out. His scrawl was still childish; the big fat crayon made it hard to write. Now, how should he phrase it so Grandma didn’t get mad? Cameron felt the urge to suck his paci. He picked it up but froze when the nipple bumped his lip. No, he was trying to be a big boy. He dropped his paci and sucked his lower lip instead. He had to get in grandma’s good graces. Maybe if he sounded like he was happy about Daddy coming home? That was a lie, though. Lying was bad. Wasn’t it? Ms. Sweeney always said it was, but she lied to Mrs. Vesper about having a crush on the janitor. Lili lied. A lot. She lied so well people believed it was the truth. She lied to stay out of trouble. If Grandma Beatrice knew how Cameron truthfully felt about Daddy coming home, he knew she would send him away for sure. What should he do? HIs thumb found its way into his mouth as he stared down at the paper with the purple “Hello” on it. Indecision tore at him. Good boys did not lie, even if they got in trouble for telling the truth. Like George Washington and the cherry tree; Mrs. Vesper read them that story today at naptime. Yet, if lying was so bad, why did everyone do it? He wished Lili was here. He whimpered softly around his thumb. Lili would tell him he was being stupid. She’d tell him to lie like it was the truth. He wasn’t hurting anyone. And he wasn’t flat out lying; he was just bending the truth a bit. With a little, encouraging nod to himself, Cameron began to write. He just knew this was going to work.
  20. Kaoru squirmed, drawing Danny’s attention. He kissed her cheek and she smiled sleepily up at him. She yawned. The adrenaline spike from ambulance sirens and Becky’s screeching and wailing receded, leaving her more tired than she’d been before. Her eyelids were heavy, but she fought to stay awake. She couldn’t sleep, not just yet. She squirmed some more, her diaper rustling loudly in the quiet night as she leaned down towards her stroller. Danny’s thick arms were like fence railings holding her in place, making her feel little. “Gah-bee.” She lisped too soft to hear. Gabby just continued to stare vacantly ahead, lost in her own thoughts. After several moments, when she still didn’t respond, Danny tapped the top of her head. “EEP!” Gabby squeaked, jerking in surprise with a loud rustle of her diaper. Hester giggled and a corner of his mouth twitched upward in amusement. His sensitive canine nose picked up the scent of fresh urine; he knew she’d just wet herself some more. He’d known every time each girl had wet herself. Humans couldn’t pick up the scents, but he could. The chubby girl would be so embarrassed if she knew, which only heightened his amusement. “Kaoru called you.” He grinned; she looked up at him, shrinking back into the stroller. “She wants to know if you’re alright; you’re awfully quiet.” Hester added, diverting Gabby’s attention back to her. Kaoru nodded, her eyes wide. She wondered if her aunt could read minds or if she was just very good at reading people. Gabby blinked, startled yet touched by the concern. She almost felt like she was back home on her grandparents’ farm. Homesick tears blurred her eyes but she smiled big and bright, flashing her white teeth. “I’m fine, really. Just tired. We had a lot of...fun tonight.” Kaoru stared down at her friend. She knew Gabby was holding some feelings back. “Yeah. Wotsa fun.” Her accent was heavier with sleep, along with a toddler’s lisp creeping in. She chewed her lip. She wanted to comfort her friend and knew Gabby was faking her cheer. “We got a lot of candy.” She enunciated carefully, speaking slowly. “Yeah, we did.” Gabby forced her grin wider, almost manic. She glanced quickly at Kaoru’s stomach, remembering the fragile girl’s feeding tube. Kaoru caught her eyes, looking down at her own tummy and blushed. She laid a hand on top of the fabric covering her g-button, feeling self conscious even in the safety of Danny’s arms. Seeing Kaoru’s face fall, Gabby felt like she’d kicked a puppy. She was ruining Kaoru’s Halloween again. Trying to salvage the moment, she blurted the first thing that popped into her head. “I bet this beats being stuck in a stupid hospital.” Soon as the words fell from her lips, she shrank, feeling like a damn fool. Her saturated diaper squished as she squirmed; she felt like she was sitting in a swamp. Right now, the best treat in the world would be a new, dry diaper. Danny looked as if Gabby had suddenly sprouted another head, Hester pursed her lips in disapproval, and Kaoru just smiled awkwardly. “Yes.” She whispered with a small nod. “Ah, sorry. I’m making things weird, aren’t I? Sorry. I told you, I say stupid stuff all the time. Those dumb boys are in the hospital, though. Think they’ll be okay?” Gabby blabbered on, blindly switching tracks. Her words tumbled over one another in her rush to get them out. She didn’t really care of those bullies were okay or not. “Just two broken arms. They’ll live.” Danny shrugged. He didn’t care, either. “And wet pants. Maybe they’ll end up needing diapers.” Hester added with a malicious giggle. The certainty in her tone left no “maybe” about it. “It would serve them right.” Gabby nodded her head. Kaoru said nothing. “Um. Hey. Kaoru?” When the petite girl looked at her, Gabby continued on, “Gonna eat lots of candy when you get home? Maybe we can trade?” She stumbled over her words, floundering for a safe guard. “Trade!” Kaoru enthused. Merely thinking of candy churned her juice-filled tummy. All she’d wanted was to go out and have fun tonight. She’d automatically assumed most of her candy would go down Danny’s insatiable gullet. Maybe she’d nibble on a piece or two of soft chocolate, just to taste it. She wasn’t very interested in candy, or food in general. Not with all her tummy problems. Trading would be fun, though, and Danny wasn’t particular about what he ate. “Sweet! We’ll trade sweets!” Gabby giggled at her own joke, trying to make Kaoru laugh. Kaoru smiled. She saw how hard Gabby struggled to appear chipper trying to cover up her emotions from coming face to face with her bullies. Meeting them while wearing a bulging, noticeable and exposed diaper. Kaoru patted a huge bicep gently, signaling to Danny she wanted down.
  21. I wasn't diapered last night; but I am now. I spent my New Year's Eve pickled in vodka and champagne. It was a fairly quiet evening- just watched a New Year's countdown on TV with a good friend, attempted to light some fireworks but we were both too drunk, so we went outside and banged pots and pans like little kids followed by a New Year's kiss that turned into a rather heavy makeout session. Which wasn't awkward in the morning cuz we've done this before; we keep it simple and just blame it on the alcohol and the hangovers XD.
  22. I do believe those kinds of stories (sex with minors) are against the rules, so if you find a story with pedophilia in it, you should report it and the mods/admin will take care of it.
  23. We'll end up like Motoko from Ghost in the Shell.
  24. That....looks awesome! I wanna try one out. xD
  25. Thank you for commenting. I enjoy hearing what you think! I haven't had much time last few months for editing or writing. I had planned on having Tricky Treats finished by now, but there was a story contest on ABDL Storyforum, so my time went to writing and editing an entry for that. Then came NaNoWriMo, a busy work schedule, and a very long but very awesome manga coupled with some research on WW II. This is just a short update- I want to squeeze in updates on my other stories, too. :3 Hester caught Danny’s eye and smiled. “Checkmate.” Danny wasn’t quite finished with his fun. He had one last touch. He glanced around; everyone was focused on the retreating mother and daughter with wet pants. From Gabby’s position in the stroller, the diapered butterball couldn’t see him. No one was paying attention. He tilted his head back then an animalistic howl ripped out of his throat. The notes were short and high; he quickly cut it off before anyone besides Hester realized the source of the noise. Becky jerked at the sound. “See?! I told you! I told you! It’s a wolf! A real wolf! I wasn’t lying!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, whirling around frantically to search for the beast. Her hands still grabbed her wet crotch. Her eyes darted around, wide and desperate. All she saw was people. Staring at her and her pee-soaked pants. “Rebecca! Enough! It’s just a stupid Halloween tape.” Her mother snarled, snatching her wrist and yanking on her arm. Becky screeched as she stumbled, her mother pulling her along until they were out of sight. Danny smirked down at Hester, who rolled her eyes. “It’s not a competition.” She muttered, then looked around. “Besides, your show’s over but mine’s just begun. Now, let’s go before we attract any more attention.” As Hester turned the stroller around, Gabby felt her diaper grow warm as she peed. She squirmed; her bottom felt like it was encased in a warm swamp, and she was ready for a dry diaper. “Go home?” Kaoru asked softly, her accent heavier with sleep. “Yes, Pumpkin.” Danny kissed her soft cheek, bouncing her gently. As they strolled along once more in the quiet night, he leaned over to mutter at Hester, “So you caused a few puddles. Impressive.” He said dryly. “Your problem is you’re too short sighted. One hurrah and you’re done. I went for a more subtle, long term effect with a wide net. My actions are almost a civic duty. A work of charity.” Danny snorted in disbelief. “Well, it is.” Hester insisted. “Sales at local drug and grocery stores will go up as parents will need supplies to deal with ongoing bladder problems. This gives the local economy a little boost. All these puddle problems will surely change some behaviors, too. It’s hard to feel bad-ass and tough when you’re wetting your pants or waddling around in noisy undergarments. So the neighborhood will be a little more safer for all of us who live here.” She smiled. “Aren’t you a saint. So you did this with the welfare of your neighbors in mind?” His tone was sceptic. “But of course.” Her smile was angelically sweet. “Besides, I was fair. I did put up a warning. I can’t help it if people choose not to heed it.” As the two talked, Gabby paid no attention; she was lost in her own thoughts and emotions. Becky, one of her chief tormentors, had walked in her shoes. Her prayers had been answered with divine retribution. Yet seeing the pain and helpless humiliation on Becky’s face soured her vengeful glee with pity. She had felt the same pain and humiliation at Becky’s own hands. Hatred and hurt warred with sympathy, tugging her back and forth. “So, just what did you do with that candy?” Danny asked as the turned onto another street. He shifted Kaoru to his other hip so he could lean closer to whisper in Hester’s ear, voice so low Gabby could not hear it. Hester’s tone was smug. “Just added a little trick to the treats. Nothing wicked, darling. Just a little manipulation of bodily functions. The brain and nervous system are such wonderful, complicated and delicate things. Sometimes nerve signals misfire, get misread. A kid eats a candy bar, has a few accidents. Just some harmless fun to test out a new spell. If they eat more than one...well. We’ll just have to see.” She giggled softly, as if she already had a good idea of what that outcome would be. “If it does take awhile to wear off, or doesn’t wear off at all….well….the increase in patients will be good for the local doctors.” Kaoru yawned, snuggling her face in Danny’s warm neck. His huge hand cupped her thickly padded bottom under her frilly skirt. Her diaper squished with every pat, letting her know she was soaked. She couldn’t feel her front, but if her butt was soggy, that meant her front would be, too. She wasn’t worried; Danny would take care of her. Every time she shifted or squirmed, her diaper crinkled loudly. She loved being up in Danny’s arms. She saw the world from a very different vantage than when she was on her own short legs. He was so tall; she felt like Godzilla from this view. Would those two boys in the ambulance be okay? She sleepily wondered, but she didn’t really care. They’d never harmed her directly; just scared her at the playground. But they had bullied her friend a lot. Kaoru knew their type well; they reminded her of her American cousins who had almost beat her to death. The ones Danny had stopped when he saved her. Now, those nasty boys couldn’t hurt Gabby anymore. Were his actions right or wrong? It was wrong for those boys to hurt Gabby. It was wrong for the adults to let it happen. So his actions felt right to her. She kissed Danny’s cheek, her thin doll arms wrapping around his thick neck in a hug and felt his huge hand rub her back in response as they silently conveyed their feelings in those simple actions. “So you don’t know if the effects are permanent?” He asked Hester. She shrugged nonchalantly, like she didn’t really care one way or the other. “Maybe. Maybe not. I didn’t bother to calculate. Individual results will vary. Depends on how their bodies react. For some, yes. Maybe. Probably. This was just a trial run, so all I can do is guesstimate. “