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  1. It would be so much fun! *giggle*
  2. I want you to 'poke" fun at me!
  3. Oy yes and thank you for looking! I can only imagine your thoughts!!! *giggle*
  4. Thank you for taking time to comment Sandiramon! I do love the fluff also. I love how it looks and how it feels against my legs.
  5. I am certain if I used your wee much bigger! Yes we could have so much fun playing with each other. And we could play tea party. baby dollies, kitchen. jumping rope etc. If you like to color I have lots of girlie coloring books too. Posting a couple more pictures I just took for your entertainment and excitement!
  6. Thank you for writing me BabyWendyMarie! I appreciate your comments. Yes it would be so fun to "play" with each other!! I can only imagine fun and "literal excitement" we could be having. We could have tea parties, diaper changes, bottle and baby food feedings (and other feedings) "poking fun at each other" etc!!
  7. I posted some new pictures of me taken today. I hope you like them.

    Happy New Year,

  8. No Doubt this is a Diapered Sissy Baby

    From the album More Diapered Sissy Baby Pottypanties

    This diapered sissy baby should be humiliated, used and abused!!