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  1. A very good overview overall But it's likely going to take more than 6 treatments and here's why: First is that they can only work on so much area in a given timespan. These sessions usually last an hour so there will be more to do when the clock runs out. Second is that hairs grow in cycles so from one follicle a new hair will emerge eventually until every root in that follicle has been treated, and there can be many roots hiding in there. Given the nature of this growth pattern it is not unusual to have hairs showing up ,months or years later. This is why it is not called "hair removal" but "hair reduction" by the pros. Pain levels in treatment will vary. What is being referred to here is what you feel when the hair is pulled out after it's treatment which is a different thing. You should not feel any pain when it's pulled, nor should there be much or any resistance in that. Some people can feel the hairs coming out and some don't, but pain or a pulling sensation here indicates an ineffective 'kill' and a need for more power, more time, a different method, or a different combination of these. As each person's skin varies (and in anyone it varies between places on the body) the operator has to find what to do by experimentation on every person for every area. There is no "one size fits all" approach here though a good operator will have a good idea where to start and get your optimum settings found quickly. One clue to look for is to see if they record your personal settings after the session. Good operators will; those lesser ones who think "one size fits all" will not. Absolutely true is that your results will depend almost entirely on the operator's skill. Finding a good operator isn't easy since they aren't going to reveal names of their past clients due to privacy concerns. But uf you can, who you want to speak with are clients who have had their treatments 'completed' at least a couple years before.I put 'completed' in brackets because in truth this is never a 100% complete process and even with the best operators it is normal to need a "touch up" treatment or two about a year later and perhaps again another year hence. This is because sometimes the root wasn't entirely killed but only had it's regrowth stunted giving a delayed re-emergence. What you shouldn't see is a lot of regrowing hairs after 'completion'- that is almost always the sign of a poor operator. My treatments stopped about 10 years ago and I never returned for a 'touch-up' treatment. I had my face done and then we worked downward. My beard was thick with above average hair density and hair thickness; my chest was the opposite. I have some regrowth in my face, perhaps1%-3%, but almost none on my chest. I had one of the best operators in this part of the world based on my personally knowing numerous case histories going back decades. It took over 200 treatments to get here but it was worth it. The pubic area has far fewer hairs so it won't take nearly as much to 'complete' but it's likely going to take you more than six no matter the method used. Mine was "Blend Thermolysis" which is slower, lasers cover more area faster. The difference will also set the schedule for treatments; I went once a week or more but laser can have longer in between. Don't fall prey to a "set price for everything" scheme- that means you'll either pay too much or the treatments aren't going to be customized for you like they need to be. And above all remember this is a commitment to all the area you want covered and to forever. If you truly want this you'll love it Bettypooh
  2. Please don't bash sellers or products in this forum. If you don't like something just click off and grab some fun elsewhere in our site Questions and bargaining are however encouraged here Bettypooh
  3. Clicking on their profile, I see the seller hasn't been on the site in almost a year. Just my guess that you'll not get a response Bettypooh
  4. Sorry you're going away but I understand the reasoning. My own choice of a career leaves me in a bunch of less tolerant folk, but as long as the full depth of me isn't known I can handle the rest and it won't have a long-lasting effect. Life is full of compromises which you must make in order to get things you want most and while it's not right that's how the world works. May your future go well and exceed your expectations- Godspeed on your journey. Bettypooh
  5. Generally, during surgery they will insert a catheter to collect any urine due to a need for the entire room to be as sterile as they can make it, so don';t be surprised if you wake up without a diaper on. They generally want you to be wearing only the hospital gown when entering surgery, it would be best that you ask about what they want you to do ahead of time Bettypooh
  6. It is something to be absolutely certain about before crossing the threshold into making body changes in any way other than dieting and exercise. HRT doesn't always go as planned and can have permanent consequences even when stopped. Though the risky things do not commonly happen, they are very significant when they do occur. Slow and careful is the way to go See the process as one of self-discovery with the end goal being maximum happiness throughout life however that needs to be achieved. With that mindset you life will be better no matter what else happens. Bettypooh
  7. I'd feel more fortunate if I didn't have to do the replacement work. I rent this house but I also do work for the owner, so it's going to be on me even though I won't have to buy the new one. It should be here sometime today so I'll be playing plumber tonight. I hate doing plumbing Bettypooh
  8. Acceptance of needing diapers isn't easy, but once you get past that hurdle and find a diapering solution that works you can regain your confidence and go on with life pretty much like before. I'm past any real worries or concerns about my wearing now. I know that there have to be numerous people who have noticed the thickness, outline, and noise but I don't care. It's much better than wearing visibly wet clothing and there's not anything else I can do about it. And there are far worse things which could have happened to me (and some still might) so I put my diapers into that perspective- not really a big thing other than their expense. While I'm nearly asexual, I'm also ill-equipped got 'vanilla' sex so I've learned to use alternatives to please my occasional partners; there is a way even if it requires extra effort on my part. I didn't ask for or want any of my problems but they're here and I'm going to handle them all because I have to if I am going to have much happiness myself I figure I'm worth the effort and you are too. Vent away when you need to- we understand because sometimes we need to do that too! Bettypooh
  9. The best solution is doing to be related to the amount of urine involved and the time between changes so use that as a starting point to choose by. NorthShore has the best pull-up style disposable diaper, but even they are not great protection. There are also boosters which can be used to extend wear-time with any diaper, and they can be fitted/removed with one hand. The best tape-on disposables can last as much as 8+ hours so perhaps your friend can arrange to use those when assistance is available. They can be put on with one hand but it's very tough to get a decent fit that way. Cloth is probably a better long-term option but it requires a separate diaper cover which might be a hassle here, but it could also prove to be the best solution. There's a higher initial cost and laundering to consider but in the long run they're at least as economical as disposables and perhaps cheaper. They do have the advantage of not relying on an order come in in on time so once you've for a stock of them that worry is gone. I'd do a trial with disposables first to determine both what capacity is needed and how well your friend can handle changes before jumping into cloth with it's expense. Once you get the details worked out the best solution becomes much more obvious. Bettypooh
  10. Being a "pro" procrastinator, I let the leaking water heater in my bathroom drip away until there was always a veritable lake in the floor I finally HAD to do something, so I remembered that one of my Craigslist diaper buys had included a bag of underpads which I didn't need but kept anyway. Hmmmmm........ So I used them to 'diaper' my bathroom And yes, I had to change my bathroom's diapers several times. I'll see about getting a new water heater today- darn thing is leakier than me and I don't like the competition Bettypooh
  11. The time to fight is now and that may require personal exposure or risk; but if nobody fights all will be screwed over. Liken it to Brexit- wasn't that done to remove restrictions instead of adding more? Show the evil-doing MP's and Politicos for who they truly are- enemies of the people. Bettypooh
  12. I know the feeling. As I see things, the entire world is going to hell in a handbasket and the only escape is by being super-rich This area has always been conservative politically, but they didn't push much into personal areas (that was done socially). Now they're removing rights and freedoms at an alarming rate but nobody cares because they're too busy watching TV, phucking around on Farcebok, and drinking themselves into stupidity to see or even understand what's happening to us. By the time the populace realizes the scam they will be powerless to counter it. More onto this topic, there are ways to circumvent this crap and if they stop one way ten more will arise. It's a shame that honest people have to resort to criminal techniques to live freely but until the world wakes up and does what is needed it is only going to get worse- and that's wherever you are located. Freedom isn't free- it has the cost of being constantly vigilant and constantly active in fighting all incursions into anyone's freedom, not just yours. The means is still there, now all it needs is enough dedicated people and a path to take then to do it before the means is lost Bettypooh
  13. One of my biggest customers self-finances his FSBO's. He's easier on interest rates and payments than most banks would be for the 'high risk' buyers he sells to who might not even be able to get a loan otherwise. Nice guy Bettypooh
  14. That's already done. With water being so heavy and weight the biggest enemy in leaving earth, they recycle all liquids in space because they have to Bettypooh
  15. Pads or pull-ups provide limited protection but might be enough. You do need to do something and that's about as simple and discreet as it gets. Around the house I can usually make it to the toilet in time so I wear store-brand pull-ups. If I'm having a low-control day they're enough to keep my pants dry till I can change. Depends have a better waterproof backing than the cheap stuff; Pads are more convenient if they're enough protection. Either way there's a solution to your problem Bettypooh