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  1. "Hey there sleepy head. Did you sleep good?" Edith asked as she hugged her granddaughter. "What would you like for breakfast?" A little later a nurse came in to adjust Scarlett's meds. "She should be awake soon." Sure enough, Scarlett opened her eyes a few minutes later. She started whimpering, then noticed Lillian was next to her and reached out to her. At least, she tried to. Her left arm lifted, though weak and shaky, but her right remained pulled in to her chest.
  2. Diana wasn't so sure about Mary's choices, but wasn't going to tell her no. She helped Mary into a spa chair for her pedicure and took the seat next to her. Penny grinned as she skated a few slightly wobbly circles around her father. "Hey daddy, can I take skating lessons?" she asked. "Mia does." Mia was one of her best friends from pre-K.
  3. Edith got up and started a pot of coffee before going to get the Sunday paper. She sat down and waited for Ava to wake up. "Hon, I got a room at the Holiday Inn just down the street. You wanna go take a nap?" Sean asked, though he figured Lillian would want to wait at least until Scarlett woke up and they knew how she was doing.
  4. Diana paid the stylist and off they went. She pushed Mary down the strip to the nail salon and wheeled her over to the racks of polish to select her color. "What do you think, Mary? Should we get our fingers and toes done today?" Penny inched along awkwardly for a bit before getting more confident. Pretty soon she was gliding along smoothly. "Look daddy! Look! I can do it!"
  5. "We will manage her pain as best we can. I really can't say about her speech until she wakes up."
  6. For the first few minutes Penny was slipping and sliding all over the place, but she got the hang of it pretty quickly. "Daddy, let go!" she ordered, wanting to see if she could do it on her own. "You look beautiful!" Diana gushed. I love it! Do you like it?"
  7. The next morning the doctor stopped by during rounds, examined Scarlett and read her chart notes from overnight. "She looks good. I'll have the nurse start weaning her off the sedatives this morning, and she should wake up in the next couple hours. I'll be back to check on her, and we'll see where she's at."
  8. Penny did as she was told, her tongue sticking out in concentration. "Oh, I like that one! That will look so cute on you!" Soon they were called over and the stylist started Mary's hair.
  9. (okay, so Edith diapered her before bed) Edith tidied up the house and went to bed, a bit worried that Sean never called with an update on Scarlett. At 9:00 the nurse came in. "I'm really sorry, but visiting hours are over. Only one of you is allowed to stay here overnight." "I'll go," Sean volunteered, knowing he'd never get Lillian to leave. "Goodnight, peanut. I'll be back in the morning," he said before kissing her goodnight.
  10. At the hair salon Diana got Mary into her wheelchair and brought her inside. She was pleased to see their usual stylist working even though they hadn't made an appointment. "Okay, let's find a style you like," she said as she grabbed some books, sat next to Mary, and started flipping through them slowly so Mary could see. Penny stepped into the ice and immediately fell on her bottom. "I guess you better hold my hand," she said, giggling as she got to her feet.
  11. A little while later the food arrived. After dinner Edith let Ava watch a movie as promised and let her take a bubble bath after, even though it was past her bedtime. She got her ready for bed (I forgot, does she still wet the bed?) and tucked her in. "Goodnight sweetheart, sleep well," she said and kissed Ava's forehead.
  12. (i'll probably just skip over the hospital stuff til morning, nothing exciting is gonna happen there, she's not gonna like, code or anything) "I'll be this one." Edith selected a brown haired boy. "You go first."
  13. (should she wear a diaper/pull up for going out since she isn't reliably toilet trained?) Diana got Mary situated in the bathroom, then got her coat and boots on. "Hon, make sure she wears a helmet when she's skating!" she yelled before heading out the door. She brought Mary to the van and buckled her in, then loaded her wheelchair into the back. "Are you ready for a girls' day out?" she asked cheerfully before backing out Of the driveway. Penny quickly got her coat, boots, hat and mittens on, then grabbed the skates. "Okay, I'm all ready!" She bounced excitedly on the balls of her feet as she waited for her father to be ready.
  14. "Of course! I love that game!" Edith went to the bookcase in the living room and got the game off the high shelf where all the games were kept out of a certain 2-year-old's reach. She put it on the coffee table and set it up. "What piece do you want to be?" Sean stood on the other side of the bed and frowned. "I know. I still can't believe all this happened from bumping her head." He covered her with her blankie and put her rag doll and fox on either side of her, then pulled a chair close to the bed and sat holding her hand. "Hey Scarlett, it's daddy. Everything's okay. Mommy and I are both right here," he said softly, hoping she could hear him and might be comforted by his words.
  15. Diana brought Mary to the downstairs bathroom to brish her teeth. "I want you to try going potty before we go," she said and got her seated on the toilet once her teeth were brushed. Penny finished the last of her eggs Ang gulped down her juice before dashing upstairs. She quickly dressed in leggings and a hoodie and brushed her teeth.