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Tinny Intruder ch15 book 1 end (9-24-23)

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The Little Thief is no more, but i wont let my hard work go to waist just because of one asshole. 80% of the story is what i made and i wont let it go to waist. 

Character names, and places have been changed from the original. Character dialog and actions have also been altered. some plot actions will be simaler but will have differences as the story continues. 

if you would like to read the original version of The little thief, you can read the role play it was originally based on. HERE.

the Little thief story i made might be deleted, but i give no rights to post or to use my work in any way.  i also hold nothing against Diaper_teen66. they are not the asshole im referring to.



Chapter 1

It was a cold and dark night in the city of North Perthmit. It was 2:30 A.m. as the dark blue Ford drove down the street with its lights off. The only lights on this street were from the glow of Halloween decorations.

"OK, Ella, you know what to do, right?" Bob asked as he pulled to a stop in front of one of the houses. "Just get in and unlock the front door. Then search the house for any valuables."

Bob was an average-sized man with a balding head. He was in his mid 40's and had a bad attitude. Give him a cheap suit and a cigar, and he would look like a used car salesman.

"If you find anything heavy, give me a call, and we'll grab it last," Bob said before he gave the little girl next to him the stink eye. "And remember, don't fuck this up."

This was a routine Ella was familiar with. Bob always gave the same speech, and it always ended with Bob telling Ella that if she got caught, she was to pretend she did this alone. Because if Ella told anyone about Bob, he would find her and make her life a living hell.

"T-this is not my first time Bob." Ella stuttered. "a-and besides, t-the old bats on v-vacation. How could I f-f-fuck this up?"

Before Bob could answer, however, Ella grabbed her tool belt and jumped out of the car.

Ella was 4 feet tall with short black hair in a pixie-cut style. She wore an all-black outfit with a black hat. You could almost mistake her for a boy if you didn't hear her speak.

"OK, Bob, I'll call when im done or if I find something," Ella told Bob.

"Don't fuck this up, you little freak," Bob told her. "This is a big job."

As Bob drove away, Ella flipped him off.

'Well fuck you too." Ella whispered to herself. 'God, I hate working with him.'

Ella took a deep breath of the cold air and relaxed momentarily before going to work.

She had been scoping out this two-story house for the last month. Only one person lived here, a woman in her late 30's, early 40's. From watching her, Ella learned that the woman was going on an 8-day vacation to France and left earlier today for the airport.

Ella ran to the fence leading to the backyard and saw the lock on the wall. It did not matter to Ella as she moved a loose board to reveal a small hole in the fence. This was one of the few perks of being small as she quickly slipped through the hole.

Once in the backyard, Ella went up to the small basement window and flashed her light inside. Thankfully, nothing was blocking the window, and Ella could see the door to the house on the inside. Using a little crowbar from her belt, she could open the window with a bit of strain but with little noise to not wake the nabers.

With her tiny body, she could barely squeeze into the basement and stand on some boxes.

'OK, first unlock the door for a fast getaway and check upstairs.' Ella told herself as she got to the basement door and got into the house

She quickly unlocked the door and hurried upstairs.

Once she was up there, she noticed a few doors. She went to the first one and saw it was just a bathroom. Not what she was looking for.

The next was a door with unicorns and a name plack saying, Alex. Curious, Ella takes a peek into the darkroom. While she couldn't see anything inside, Ella could tell it was a kid's room, and she doubted anything valuable would be there.

However, the final room at the end of the hall was just the room Ella was looking for.  The woman's bedroom. After flipping on the lights, Ella went to work filling her bag.

Unbeknownst to her, however, a car pulled up to the house, and an older-looking woman got out. It was the owner of the house, Nikkole Laden.

Nikkole's flight to France was canceled not once but twice, and the older woman decided she didn't feel like waiting another few hours at the airport for another plane and decided to cancel her vacation. She can just have a nice staycation, she thought. Just stay home and relax.

As she went to the door and put the keys in, Nikkole was tired and didn't realize the door was unlocked and slipped inside without making much of a sound.

"I'll just get my stuff out of the car tomorrow. Right now, I just want to go to sleep." Nikkole told herself as she made her way up the stairs. But when she got upstairs, she noticed her bedroom light was still on.

Did she forget to turn them off when she left? Nikkole thought when she heard something from inside.

Someone was in the house! Nikkole reached into her bag, pulled out a can of mace, and slowly went to the bedroom.

Ella had already taken all the jewelry, some money, and anything else that looked of value. Standing right next to a nightstand, she was looking at a picture of the woman she was stealing from holding a little blond girl in her arms.

Ella could feel the knots in her stomach return. She hated doing this. She didn't want to do this, but Ella had to push those thoughts away. Bob will be expecting her soon.

Ella grabbed the picture and set it face down so she didn't have to look at it before turning to check the closet. But as she does, Ella stubs her toe on the nightstand through her cheap, thin shoe.

"MOTHER FUCKER!" Ella screamed as she dropped her bag and began kneeling to hold her hurt foot.

Behind Ella, in the doorway, Nikkole watched the little girl curse and kneel in front of her. The girls back to Nikkole.

Nikkole was shocked. She was expecting a full-grown adult to rob her, not a little girl. From the looks of it, Nikkole could see Ella was unarmed, so she put her mace away, walked into the room, and stood behind the tiny intruder.

"Well, well, who are you, sweetie?" Nikkole asked and startled the tiny intruder as Ella let out a quick shriek and spun around.

"O-oh shit…" Ella said as she looked up to the house owner standing over her.

Ella's little heart beat like a jackhammer as she looked upon the house's owner.

'OH FUCK!' Ella's head screamed. 'She shouldn't be here! She should be on a plane to France right now, how is that old bitch here!'

"Hmm? What precisely are you up to, young one?." Nikkole asked calmly as she kept her eyes on the "small intruder" in her room.

Ella, on the other hand, was shaking slightly. Her eyes darted around the room for a way out.

The older woman was blocking her path to the door, and there was a bed to her left. Beside the bed was a window that she could use, but she doubted.

Even if Ella could get to the closed window, the old lady would grab her before she got it open. And Ella knew there was no way her body could smash the glass either.

"YOUNG LADY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Nikkole asked again, but this time using her 'mom' voice. It had been quite a while since she used it, but it made the little girl jump slightly.

Ella was the most frightened she had ever been in all her life. This had never happened before, she had some close calls early on, but nothing like this.

"W-what are y-you doing sniff here?" Ella asked, trying to sound brave but failing. Hard.

Being caught really threw her off her feet, and the shock in Ella's voice made her sound even younger than she already looked.
“Well,” started Nikkole. "I live here, but I am asking you, what are you doing here?"

"W-well y-you see um DISTRACTION!" Ella yelled out before tossing her crowbar at the older woman before running to the door.

"NO YOU DONT, YOUNG LADY!" Nikkole yelled as she caught the crowbar in one swift motion before she tossed it on the bed before she spun around to grab the little girl's arm with ease.

"H-HAY LET ME GO, BITCH!" Ella yelled out as she struggled to escape the older woman's grip.

Nikkole, on the other hand, quickly dragged Ella back into the bedroom over to her queen bed. After sitting down on it, she pulled the tiny intruder over her lap with just as much ease.

"H-HAY WHAT THE FUCK A-ARE YOU D-D-DOING!?" Ella yelled out as she went over the older woman's lap. Every second, looking more like a little kid than a grown-up.

"Now, will you tell me why you are here, young lady?" Nikkole asked as she held one of Ella's arms behind her back.

"F-F-FUCK YOU! I DON'T HAVE T-TELL YOU SH," Ella yelled but was immediately replaced as the old woman slapped her little bottom. "OWWWWWWWW!!!!"

Ella started kicking her feet wildly just to try to escape the older woman's grasp.

"HEY! WHAT ARE Y-! OUCH! PLEASE, QUIT IT! YOU CAN'T, OW! TREAT ME LIKE THIS!" Ella yelled out as the older woman started spanking the little intruder.

Even with Ella wearing jeans, she could feel the strong slaps to her little bottom. Ella felt humiliated at being caught and getting a spanking at eighteen years old!

"L-LET ME OW! GO N-NOW! I AM, OWWW! *SNIFF* NOT A LITTLE GIRL! OWWWWW!" Ella yelled out as the tears and snot ran down her face.

"Should I get the authorities then?" the older woman stopped and asked.

*sniff* "No," Ella sniffled out, trying hard to hold back her childlike crying.

Nikkole then let out a sigh. She hated having to do this, but she had to.

"Now, can you please tell me what are you doing here? And more importantly, You look eight or nine years old. But im guessing that's not right. you got "it," dont you?" Nikkole asked

"F-f-fuck you, you old bitch! I don't have *sniff* have to tell you shit." Ella said stubbornly, not wanting to give up.

But to Ella's horror, the older woman grabbed the back of Ella's black pants and pulled them down to her knees!

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU D-DOING!" Ella yelled out, her eyes going wide as her pants went down. But before she could yell more, the older woman asked something.

"Are you not wearing any protection?" the older woman asked, surprised to see someone with her condition not wearing a pull-up.

"s-s-s-s-so what! It's not your fucking business!" Ella said, her face getting red.

Nikkole was getting sick of all the cursing, So Nikkole started a new round of spankings. Ella's eyes widened as she got her first bare-bottom spanking in years!

Ella kicked and fought, she was even able to kick off her pants and shoes. Ella screamed out every curse she knew, but soon, she could no longer resist. She soon burst out crying.

"WAAAAAAAAAA! N-NO MORE PWEASE! N-SOB-N-WAAAAAAAAA-NO PWEASE! I W-W-WILL BE GOOD! SOB, I WILL BE GOOD! I SORRWE! WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Ella cried out, sounding just like a little kid getting a spanking. Nikkole then stopped as she took some breaths and then asked.

"OK, are you going to be good?" Nikkole asked. "Or do you need another round?"

It emphasizes her point. She gave Ella's bright red bottom another smack.

"Y-WAAAAAAAAA-YES! SOB Y-Y-YES PWEASE NO MORE WAAAAAAAAAAA!" Ella cried out. Her little bottom felt like it was on fire!

Soon, Ella was taken off the older woman's lap. But before she could beg more, scared of what might happen next, the older woman pulled her into a close hug and rubbed Ella's back, to Ella's surprise.

"Shhh. It's OK. It's over," the older woman said to calm the still-crying child. Knowing there would be no way to get anything out of her while she was crying.

Before Ella could ask or say anything, the older woman got up. Ella squeaked like a mouse in surprise before being lifted up and carried out of the room.

"OK, let's go someplace more comfy." the older woman said as she carried Ella out of the bedroom. Ella sniffled as she did, her bottom sore from the spanking. Her eyes were red from crying, her bottom lip quivered, and her throat sore from screaming and crying.

Nikkole then noticed something odd about the intruder. But they decided to wait until they reached their destination to confirm her thoughts.

Nikkole soon got to Alex's old room. She took some deep breaths. It had been a while since the accident, and besides doing some cleaning now and again, Nikkole never went in there. It was just too hard.

But it would still have what she needed for the little one in her arms, so after one more deep breath, Nikkole walked in, turning on a light.

After closing the door, she put the little Adult on the floor.

As Nikkole looked at Ella, Ella blushed and decided to distract herself by looking around the room. To her shock, it was the kid's room she saw when she was first upstairs, but now, with the light on, she could see it was more of a nursery than a kid's room.

She looked around at the nursery. As she looked, it was not just any nursery. It was one of the most beautiful nurseries Ella had ever seen.

The cream-colored walls with little pictures of teddy bears, rocking horses, and fairies. To the light pink carpet she was standing on, to the unicorn lamp sitting on a nightstand next to the soft green armchair. The whole room felt warm and made with love and care.

As she looked more at the room, she saw, to her surprise, a crib. But to her shock, it was bigger than any crib she had ever seen, it was way bigger than for a baby.

"S-someone like me could fit in there, and s-s-still has room to spread out," Ella said aloud, not realizing she had said it.

Then Ella saw the changing table, and like the crib, it too was big. Then it clicked what was happening, and she faced what the older woman said.

"N-n-no! I-I am not some T-Todler!" Ella said, shivering a bit from fear and lack of pants.

"We will talk about that later, but right now, can you please take your shirt off for me?" Nikkole asked. She knew something felt off when she was carrying the little girl.

"W-WHAT N-NO NO NO NO!" Ella could not believe what she was hearing. How could someone just ask that? What the fuck is wrong with this old bitch. She thought.

"Calm down. You were much lighter when I carried you than you should be." The older woman said calmly but with a look of worry.

"I-I d-d-don't care! You're a lot bigger than me. Of course, I would be lighter!" Ella said, holding her stomach, knowing that was not what the older woman meant. But she still didn't want anyone to see.

"You can take off your shirt yourself, or I can take it off for you, but I need to see if I am right," Nikkole said one last time to give the girl a chance.

Ella got mad, not wanting any more of this, so she just flipped her off.

"L-l-look, just call the c-c-cops because there is no way I am l-l-l-letting a crazy old bi," but Ella was cut off as the older woman grabbed Ella's shirt and pulled it up and off before Ella could do something.

To Nikkole's shock and horror, she was right. The girl was all skin and bones.

"When was the last time you had a decent meal? I mean, look at you. I can see your rib lines." Nikkole asked.

"Th-there are not m-m-my rib lines!" Ella lied with a mix of anger and fear. "You see, these are my, um, womanly curves!"

Nikkole let out a sigh and shook her head. "I can tell you're lying and that you're starving."

Ella could not speak. All she could do was fight back the tears and frustration.

"What about your parents? Do they know about this? More importantly, do they know where you are right now?" Nikkole asked when she saw Ella's body tense up, her face a tidal wave of anger.

"F-FUCK YOU AND FUCK THOSE M-M-MOTHERFUCKS! I-I-I DON'T NEED THEM. I-I DON'T WANT THEM. I HOLP THEY D-D-DIE!" Ella screamed as she stomped her foot down and balled up her fits. A single line of tears came from her right eye. Her entire naked body shook with pure anger.

Nikkole was almost taken aback by hearing this. But at the same time, she knew exactly what it meant. Abuse...

She immediately grabbed Ella and pulled her close. Ella began throwing punches and kicks. Ella even bit her shoulder, but none were effective as the older woman wrapped her arms around Ella and held her again.

Ella continued to struggle, but anger-fueled rage soon subsided. All she could do was pant as she tried to catch her breath again.

"Now, before I get you something to eat and drink, let's get you into something more appropriate for you to wear," Nikkole said before lifting the girl, taking her to the changing table, and laying her on it.

Ella was shocked when she heard about getting a meal, but before she could say something about it, she was already picked up and put on the changing table, and a strap was placed across her stomach.

"Wait, w-w-what are you doing?" then it dawned on her. "N-NO, NO, NO, NO! I-I AM NOT WEARING A FUCKING DIAPER! D-DO YOU HEAR ME!"

"Sorry about this, but many people with your condition have day and/or nighttime accidents, so this is just in case," Nikkole said as she reached under the table and grabbed the needed supplies.

"N-NO FUCK YOU! I *SOB* I DON'T HAVE A *SNIFF* ACCIDENT." Ella cries, not wanting to be put in yet another diaper.

"Hay, it's OK if you do. My little Alex needed diapers as well," Nikkole said as she got an old but still unopened box of baby wipes.

"W-WELL, I DON'T! AND YOU'RE FUCKING NOT PUTTING ME IN ONE!" Ella screamed and kicked with all her might.

"Sorry, but I don't want you having an accident on my floor, so you're going in one whether you like it or not," Nikkole said as she tried to stay calm with the little girl.

"FU-FUCK YOU! YOU CRAZY BITCH! I AM NOT L-LETTING YOU! H-HAY NO!!!" Ella stopped yelling as the older woman lifted the Small intruder's lags up and started giving her another spanking.

Like before, Ella fought, cursed, and screamed, but just like before, she soon broke down in tears.


"OK, young lady, I have had enough of your temper tantrums. now, will you be a good girl and wear your diaper?" Nikkole asked when she stopped the spanking.

"Y-sob-yes. I-I well, but pwease, n-no more sp-waaaaaaa-spankings pwease," Ella said, not meaning for it to sound so childish,

"Good girl," Nikkole replied. She looked and saw that Ella had, in fact, peed a little during the spanking, no doubt from the pain. But she said nothing as she got to work cleaning the little girl.

Ella squirmed and cried as her bottom was wiped, making her squirm more.

"N-NO PWEASE NOT TH-THERE MO-MO…" Ella covered her mouth, stopping herself from saying, Mommy.

"Shhhh, it's OK, just relax. Now let's get you something for your little bottom," Nikkole said as soon as she got done wiping and throwing the wipes away.

She got some aloe Vaseline out and put it on the little girl's bottom.

Ella's eyes went wide again, making her kick and cry, not to fight the woman, but from the pain, as the cold cream was put on her red and sore bottom. All the while, the older woman shhhed her and told her it would be OK.

After what felt like forever to Ella, a diaper was finally put under her, and soon it was taped up.

"There we go now. That was not so bad, was it?" Nikkole asked as she sat the little girl up, wiping away the tears and snot from Ella's face using one last baby wipe.

Ella looked down at her horror and humiliation. The diaper was Purple and had baby cartoon animals on it. Her mind was all a mess, like a mixed-up puzzle. She had been spanked, striped, and diapered like a child. Ella kept thinking about how this happened and why she was there.

Ella could not take it anymore and started to cry. Nikkole, seeing this, gives a hug.

"Shh, it's OK. There, there, it's all going to be OK. How about we get you something to eat and some warm milk to drink?" the older woman asked.

Ella just shook her head no.

"P-p-waaaaaaaaaaa-pwease, n-n-no more pwease. j-sob-just call the cops pwease j-just take me to jail waaaaaaaaa." Ella cries, wanting her humiliation to end.

To Nikkole's surprise, Ella jumped off the changing table and ran for it, making Nikkole turn and run after her.

"HEY GET BACK HERE YOUNG LADY!" Nikkole yelled out.

But Ella didn't listen. All she could think about was getting to the front door. If she could just get outside, she might be able to get to Bob and get away!

Ella ran down the stairs, nearly slipping and falling, and turned to the door. She was turning the handle when her black shirt was grabbed and lifted into the air by her new diaper! Ella was kicking, screaming, and biting just to get free.

But Nikkole held the little girl's arm in one hand and the diaper in the other. This gave Ella a wedgie, but that was the least of her problems as they returned to Nikkole's room.

Once there, she opened the one drawer Ella didn't get to look through and pulled out some old handcuffs. She then walked to her door and handcuffed the tiny intruder to the doorknob.


"Well, every highway patrol officer, even retired ones, has a spare pair," Nikkole told the girl and saw Ella's face pale.

"W-w-wait f-? B-bull-shit!" Ella Shouted, not believing the older woman was some form of cop. "T-this place is t-t-to big." 

"I won a small lottery shortly after I retired," Nikkole told her as she returned to the drawer and pulled out an old badge as proof.

"I-I d-don't care. Let me go!" Ella said as she pulled on the handcuffs.

"Sorry you wanted the cops here, and they will be here," Nikkole said as she walked past the little girl. Trying to ignore the tiny intruder's begs, curses, and screams again as she kicked and punched the door.

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1 hour ago, JE PUNK said:

Loved the orlgnal but I’m curious what this new story will bring 

80% if the story will be the same, but i will be changing a few things to make it more myown and fix some of the problems i had with the original. (like toning down the main character baby behaver by a third.) 
also, unlike the original, i will be using my planed sequel in this version to deal with the many plot holes and unfinished story lines the original had.

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chapter 2

Nikkole sat in front of her phone. She'd been there for the last two minutes, hearing the girls scream and cry as she hit and slammed on the door the tinny intruder was handcuffed too.

She turned her head towards the stars, and heavy thoughts waged war.

'"Someone like her, with her condition and weight, will be torn apart.' Madalin thought. "No! She is eighteen years old! She may look or sound like a child, But she is eighteen. If she wants to go to jail, then she can!

But the thoughts didn't help the sick feeling in her stomach. She knew exactly what would happen to that girl.

Nikkole finally had to grit her teeth and grab the phone before running outside and away from the crying. Her hands were shaking badly, but after taking a few deep breaths, she slowly dialed the one number that came to mind.

"Hello?" the man said on the other end of the line.

"Sampson, I need a favor from you…" Nikkole told the man.


As the call was being made, Ella had one leg on the door, pulling her arm as hard as possible!

"OOOOOOW!" Ella groaned as the pain grew too much, and she stopped.

She tried everything she could think of to get free of the handcuffs. She tried breaking the doorknob, but without any tools, that didn't work. She tried lubricating and sliding out by licking her hand, but the cuffs were too tight, and she couldn't do that.

Her thoughts then turned a little more drastic as she thought of cutting off her wrist, breaking her thumb, and even gnawing her hand off! Everything she's read about before. But before she could commit to any of them, the pain stopped her.

"I am going to die. I am so going to fucking die," Ella told herself.

She then looked over at the pants she wore not 5 minutes ago that lay just out of reach on the floor. 

Now look at her, a tinny adult who was just spanked and wearing a diaper. All because she was caught red-handed.


5 minutes after the call, a police car pulled into Nikkole's driveway. Still standing out there waiting for them was Nikkole. She couldn't bear hearing more of the screaming and crying from the girl upstairs.

Two cops took a step out of the car.

The first was an old man and Nikkole's old teacher and partner,

Sampson was in his late 40s, but with the amount of stress he's had to put up with, he looked more like 60. 

Nikkole knew Sampson back when she was just a rookie.

On the other side of the car, a younger man stepped out. A new guy Nikkole didn't know.

He looked tall in his early 20s and had the "straight out of the academy" look.

“Hay Nikkole, how are you?” Sampson asked as he walked over and smiled at her.

Nikkole herself gave a weak smile as she walked to Sampson and gave the old man a hug, 

"Haven't seen you in ages." Nikkole sais when the hug ended. "Things around here have been better."

"I've heard. But we can catch up later. What's this I hear about you catching an intruder?" Sampson asked.

He then saw her face change from one smiling to see an old partner to one with worry and sadness.

"O-oh, right, she's upstairs. Just to warn you, she has.... "it," Nikkole told him.

"Really? Did she have ID on her to confirm that?" Sampson asked with a look of surprise on their face.

"No. but she has verbally confirmed that she is 18." Nikkole explained.

Nikkole was leading Sampson and the rookie upstairs. As soon as the cops reached the top, they were both dumbfounded when they saw Ella at the end of the hall.

"W-what the fuck?" Sampson said as he saw a little girl in a purple diaper handcuffed to a door. Not at all what he expected.

"Um, Sampson, who are we supposed to take into custody?" the rookie asked, just as dumbfounded by the situation.

Ella spun around when she heard them, and when she saw the two cops, she could not move, blink, or even scream. Some part of her hoped the old woman was lying, but now...

All she could do was look in silent horror. Her face was bright red from fighting, her eyes puffy from crying, and the only neat thing about her was the still clean diaper.

"As I have said before, she has 'it,'" Nikkole said again, trying her hardest not to look at the little girl.

"Okay, Nikkole, but I must ask you some things. You know the standard procedure and all that," Sampson said, but Nikkole could only nod a yes.

Sampson looked at the rookie, then turned to the little girl. Once they were near her, Ella let out a blood-curdling scream, making all three Adults jump a bit. Ella fought as hard as possible, but the two cops overpowered the screaming girl.

They took off the old handcuffs and put on new ones. Even though Ella was exhausted, she tried her hardest to get free.

Somehow, she even managed to kick the rookie in the face! But it was not enough as they got to the cop car and started putting her in.

Ella looked at the house and saw the older woman standing by the door. That's when reality struck, and she realized she didn't want to go to jail!


Nikkole was shocked when she heard that. Although Ella tried to rob her, lie to her, and run from her, Nikkole's motherly instincts kicked in.

"Get in there, you fucking brat," the rookie yelled as he finally got her in the car. Still mad at being kicked in the face. Nikkole called Sampson over, and the two adults talked as Ella kicked the door.

"HAY, KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF!" the rookie yelled at the girl, but she was not listening. Just as he was about to do something, Sampson called him over while Nikkole walked to the back car door and opened it.

"Miss, you cannot.." the rookie started, but Sampson grabbed him by the shoulder.

"That door was never opened after you shut it." Sampson told him, "Now, let's go check out how that tinny intruder got in the house, shall we?"

The rookie looked back and forth between Sampson and Nikkole, then decided to go with Sampson into the house.

Ella, seeing this, tried to run out of there like a bat out of hell but was grabbed by Nikkole, making Ella cry out.

"NO, NO, NO, NO! PLEASE! LET ME GO! Ella screamed out, terrified. 

Lights turned on in some houses, trying to figure out what was making so much noise.

Nikkole hugged the little girl, slowly rocked, and rubbed her back. Ella was still crying, but she had calmed down enough.

"It's okay. I talked to Sampson, the older grandpa cop. I told him I wouldn't charge you and would be billing you out." Nikkole told the girl.

"R-really? you are really g *sniff* going to do that?” Ella asked with tears in her eyes.

"Yes, I am, and I am also going to take you back inside, okay?" Nikkole asked.

Ella, at this point, did not care. All she wanted was to not go to jail.

"But they are still going to have to take you downtown," Nikkole told her. A little bit of sadness on her face.

Ella's heart almost stopped at hearing that. She then began a new round of crying.

"W-WHAT! N-NO! MO-MO *WAAAAAA* PWEASE! MISS PWEASE! I'LL BE GOOD! I DON'T WANT TO!" Ella cried out, her voice going hoarse.

"Don't worry. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. I promise I'll come get you out, okay." Nikkole told the girl after calming her down.

Ella wanted to say yes, but it came out as garble from all the crying, so she nodded yes.

"But you have to be good for them. so no more kicking and fighting or cursing, all right?" Nikkole said, and again Ella nodded.

"Now, I just need to know one thing. What is your name?"

Ella hesitated, looking over at the house's front door and seeing the officers still inside. Deciding she had no other choice, she gave her name.

“Its *sniff* its Ella, Ella Metztli.” Nikkole gives an odd and surprised look on hearing that.

"Metztli?" Nikkole asked, making sure she heard it right.

Ella felt sick from all the stress and crying and began dry-heaving at that moment. 

Nikkole quickly rubbed the little girl's back and thought about that name.

As Nikkole rubbed Ella's back, she noticed she finally had an opportunity to run. Ella thought she could make a run for it. But that idea died when she then thought, where would she go? Even if she found Bob, that guy would bail on her when he saw her being chased.

Nikkole herself was thinking similarly, which is why she left that opening. To see if the girl was genuine with her cries for help or just trying to use Nikkole's kindness against her. If Ella ran this time, Nikkole would catch her, place her in the car herself, and not look back.

But Ella stayed where she was, even as she stopped dry heaving. She just slightly leaned on Nikkole as she rubbed the girl's back.

"Okay, Ella, I think it's time you get going," Nikkole said as the two cops finally returned.

"O-Okay a-are you, are you really going to get me? mo, I mean Miss Nikkole?" she almost called her mommy again.

"I am. Just be good for the officers, all right," Nikkole said as she smiled sadly at the small girl.

Ella willingly got into the cop car and sat down.

Nikkole then closed the door and walked to the two officers. After some time, the two men entered the car and went to the station. Leaving Nikkole alone in her driveway.

Ella slowly cried on the way there. She leaned on the cold window, which felt soothing against her bright red face. Soon, the cop car stopped. The older man got out and opened Ella's door to let her out before they took her inside.

The floor of the station was cold, even with her socks on. Ella grew a little scared when they passed a few holding cells.

Most were just drunk men asking why a kid was there, but a few made jokes as she passed them.

"What the fuck did she do? Rob, a candy store?"
"No, man, it was a toy store!"
"Ya, she robbed them at water gunpoint!"
"And ended with a high-speed chase with her getaway tricycle!"

The cells were full of laughter as Ella's face grew redder.

She closed her eyes, trying not to listen as she walked with the old officer. Soon, she felt a hand touch her shoulder, which made Ella jump. She then looked up and saw a woman looking at her.

"Okay, Ella, go with the officer, and she or someone else will put you in a holding cell till Nikkole comes and gets you," Sampson said as he cracked his back.

Ella nodded and walked with the female officer. Ella was then made to get her fingerprints taken and then asked her full name. But she would only give her first name, Ella. Then it was her picture getting taken. All the while, Ella cried.

"Stop crying, you little snot." the female officer told Ella.

Ella looks up in shock as the female officer looks at her. “W-w-w-what?” Ella choked out.

"You heard me. You people always say you're adults, but you act like snot-nosed kids when you get in trouble. Now shut it, and let's get this over with."

Ella, scared, just nodded her head as the pictures were taken. Soon, Ella was taken to an empty holding call.

"W-w-w-wait! I-I was supposed to be taken to a s-s-special holding cell!" Ella cried out as the female officer just rolled her eyes.

"Sorry, but the special holding cells are full. and besides, you people say you want to be treated like everyone else, so now you are, now get in there." The female officer said as she uncuffed and pushed Ella in before closing the cell door.

Ella cried as she walked to the cell bed. Looking around, she saw a toilet, but a nasty-looking one.

"S-she's coming to g-git me. I-i can h-hold it." Ella stuttered from a mixture of fear and the need to pee.

As she sat on the bed after what felt like forever, two officers opened the cell and put a big, buff, scary-looking woman in.

"The fuck! why is a kid in here?" One of the offers asked.

"Oh, I heard about her. She got that disease thing. she is really adult." The other officer said.

"Really? I don't know, shouldn't she be put in a special holding cell or something?" The other officer replied.

"Maybe they filled up? Just put this one in for now, and I will talk to someone about this." The other officer said

"Fuck man, all right, all right." The other officer said as both men left.

Ella started to shake as the scary woman looked her up and down. Knotting the black shirt and purple diaper.

"What are you doing on my bed, Kid?" the woman asked with a hillbilly accent and being intimidating.

Ella immediately got up and moved away from the bed as the woman went over to sit on it. 

"I-im not a k-kid." Ella tried to correct the woman

But the woman just lagged at Ella's attempt to not look scared.

"Don't make me laugh, kid. With that diaper on, you must just be a large baby." The scary woman told her.

But Ella, still trying to be brave, said: "I-Its t-t-true I-im an adult! s-s-so don't fuck with me b-bitch!" 

But all that did was make the woman laugh more.

"Hey, here's an idea." the woman told Ella with a broad smile and cracked her knuckles. "Call me a Bitch one more time, and soon we'll see just how long it takes you to call me mommy."

Ella's eyes went wide as she backed up to the wall.

"W-WHAT? NO PWEASE!" Ella told the woman as she started laughing.

"Oh, look, is the pretty diaper getting wet?" the woman asked before laughing again.

“No no no no no, I am an a-an adult!” Ella says, trying to look tough, but with a diaper on, the woman wasn't buying it.

Ella was finally at her breaking point!

"SHUT UP, YOU FAT COW!!" Ella screamed as she ran across the room and punched the woman in the crotch.

That punch didn't hurt, but Ella immediately regretted it.

At that moment, the scary woman grabs Ella by the shirt and slams her against the wall.

"WHAT YOU CALL ME YOU SNIFFLING LITTLE CUNT?" The scary woman screamed at Ella's face as Ella began pissing her diaper right then.

"OH GOD! HELP ME! M-MOMMY! Ella balled as she began kicking and swinging at the woman.

"What the hell!" Someone yells before a loud bang is heard, and the door opens.

The woman immediately draped Ella as she turned to the two cops rushing to detain her.

But the moment Ella hit the ground, she bolted for the door.

"HEY WAIT"! An officer yelled as Ella slid under his legs.

Ella was in the hallway and saw a familiar old face.

Sampson saw Ella running toward him, thinking she was aiming for the door behind him. he dropped to one knee and spread his arms out to catch her, but instead, she jumped on him and wrapped her arms around his neck tightly. Nearly knocking him over.

"PWEASE, PWEASE, DON'T PUT ME BACK THEIR!" Ella yelled into his ear.

"MISS MISS IT'S OKAY YOU'RE SAFE!" Sampson yells back at Ella so that she can hear him over her yelling.

"I-I WANT MY MOMMY! Ella Cries out, not caring who heard her or if she looks like a baby.

"S-SIR LET ME….." an officer started as he was about to grab Ella off Sampson.

"No, no! It's fine! I was just coming to get her anyway. I got her." Sampson told the officer as he stood up with Ella still sniveling in his arms. "I got her."

Nikkole was waiting at the front desk as Sampson came out with a crying child in his old arms. When Ella saw Nikkole, she pushed herself out of the old man's arms and ran to the older woman.

"MOMMY!" Ella cried out. She didn't mean to, but she didn't care at that moment either.

Nikkole saw Ella's terrified look as she kneeled and asked what happened.

But with a mixture of adrenaline, crying, and snot running down her face, Ella could Barely make out two cohesive words.

"It's okay, don't cry." Nikkole then looked at Sampson angrily. "Sampson, what the hell!"

"Nikkole, I honestly don't know. But I do know heads will roll as soon as I find out. I can promise you that." Sampson said as they both looked at the crying, possibly traumatized girl.

Nikkole said okay and to give her a call as soon as he knew what happened. She then took Ella outside, her crying slowly turning into a snivel.

Nikkole opened the back car door, put Ella inside, and buckled her seat belt.

"mo, Ni-Nikkole?" Ella said meekly, getting the woman's attention. "i-i w-w-wet my..."

But Ella was too ashamed to finish, and that's when Nikkole looked down at the diaper. The cartoon animals were gone, and she knew that meant the young girl wet herself.

"Ssshh. Don't worry, I will take care of it," Nikkole told Ella and stroked Ella's face to calm her down and not cry anymore.

Ella nodded. No longer caring. She was tired, scared, hungry, wet, embarrassed, hurt. And all she could do right now was let this woman take care of it,

Nikkole closed the door and got into the driver's side. She started the car and began driving home. Hoping to put not only this strange night but also her new baby girl to bed.

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chapter 3


Preadolescence disease is an illness that swept the world nearly 50 years ago. Anyone can catch it, but it won't impact the person's life if they are over 15. 

But if anyone younger catches it, their bodies could be affected for life.

Science hasn't fully figured out why it happens, but children infected with this disease will seemingly stop aging at some point in their early years. 

On paper, this would be amazing, but it has its drawbacks.

Some symptoms are diminished mental cognition, hormonal imbalance, and loss of essential human functions. (typically a loss of bowel or bladder control.)

In the best cases, you could be trapped in a 16-year-old body and have mild mood swings.

Or, in the worst case, be stuck as a 5-year-old who can't properly control their limbs.

While the disease is rare and hard to pass on, it is also hard to detect if someone has it, and could remain dormant for years. 

Those who are infected with Preadolescence disease are called Preas for short.


Nikkole was driving home with the little girl in the back seat. As she drove, she could hear the sniffling from the little girl in the same spot Alex used to sit in.

'What a night,' Nikkole thought as she sighed. 'There is a lot I need to do. I need to give Rose a call tomorrow morning to see Ella. I hope to reach her before she goes to work.'

As Nikkole thought of what she needed to do, Ella, on the other hand, sat as quietly as a mouse. Say for her sniffling.

'How could this happen to me?' Ella thought to herself as she sniveled. Almost everything hurt, from her butt from all the spankings, to her wrist from trying to get out from the handcuffs, to her body when it was slammed to the well by that scary woman!

But what hurt most of all was her pride. Almost all her adulthood had been taken from her in just one night. She had been caught, stripped, spanked, cried, wiped, powdered, and diapered like a child. But worst of all, she even wet herself!

Ella looked down at the diaper she was in. She could hardly believe she was in one.

She poked at it, trying not to accept she had peed in it. Trying not to acknowledge she had wet herself. Wet herself like a baby.

But she could see the yellow tinge and that most of the cute cartoon baby animals were gone. Then, to her horror and humiliation, her mind returned to the police station and the thought of people seeing it and hearing what she said.

"Haha! See! I told you she was just a BRAT!"
"Ya, only BABYS wet their diapers!"
"Well, she's OBVIOUSLY just a little baby."
"A little baby POTTY PANTS!"

Soon, Ella started to whine at the imaginary police officers in her mind and what they must all be saying behind her back.

Ella had no more tears to shed; she could only whine. As she did, Nikkole looked back at her when she was at a stop light, and the sight almost broke her heart.

The little girl in a wet diaper, her eyes red and puffy from crying, leaned her head onto the car window as she whined.

"Ella honey," Nikkole called out, trying to get Ella's attention to calm her down, but it didn't work. "Ella," Nikkole said a bit louder than she meant to, making the little girl jump in her seat with a wet plop from the diaper.

Ella Jolted and raised her arms to protect herself as more pee entered the waiting diaper.

"Ella, no, no! You're okay. No one is going to hurt you." Nikkole said with worry as she quickly pulled over before turning her head to look at Ella. Ella could only look around in a frantic state.

Ella's panicked expression soon faded as she started to breathe heavily. Memories of years past come to her mind to haunt her in her vulnerable state.

"A-are you okay, Ella?" Nikkole asked.

"I-I'm fine," Ella responds. It's not fine, but trying to put on a brave face.

"Look, we will soon be home, and I will make you something to eat and give you a nice warm cup of milk," Nikkole tells her before driving back home again.

Ella did not say anything else as they drove. All she could do was look out the window at the early Halloween decorations that were out.

Soon, they were home. Nikkole parked her car and then looked at Ella more before getting out and opening the back seat.

Ella looked up at the older woman and quivered, scared of what she could do to her now. But All Nikkole did was unbuckle her and pick her up. Ella was too tired to fight back, so she wrapped her arms around the older woman's neck and allowed herself to be carried inside. She wanted to get out of this wet diaper and sleep.

Nikkole carried the little girl upstairs, into the nursery, and then to the changing table. Nikkole laid Ella down and then started to undo the little girl's diaper but was soon stopped by Ella, who whimpered.

"P-P-P-Please, miss. I-I can d-d-do it by myself!" Ella trying to save what little adult pride she still had. But Nikkole gave a warm and caring smile, put her hand on Ella's cheek, and rubbed it a bit.

"It's okay. I have done this before with my little girl. so you don't have to be scared or embarrassed." Nikkole told her.

Ella wanted to say something, but looking into the blue, caring eyes of the older woman robbed her of that. All Ella could do was close her eyes and sniffle as she let the older woman change her.

"That's a good girl," Nikkole said, then returned to work on changing Ella. She took off the diaper, tossed it away, got some baby wipes out, and started cleaning Ella up.

Like before, Ella blushed and squirmed as she was cleaned. She cried a bit, but not as much as when the aloe veraselin was applied. soon after, the cold cream followed the pleasant smell of baby powder.

Ella hated to admit it, but she liked the small and its feel on her lower body. Soon, a new diaper was put on her. She was then sat up on the changing table, and her face was cleaned with a baby wipe.

"There we go, all cleaned up. So, how about we get you in some pj's and get you something to eat. okay, Ella?" Nikkole said as she started to take off Ella's socks,

"p-pj's?" Ella questioned.

"Yes, pj's, it's already a cold night tonight," Nikkole said as she got Ella's socks off and then her shirt. 

Ella covered herself in embarrassment as she was left without a shirt. But there wasn't anything to see.

"B-But I don't have any pj's with me." Ella sniffled out.

"Don't worry, you can wear one of my Alex's PJs till we get some of your own," Nikkole told Ella as she walked to a dresser and looked for something.

Ella was shocked to hear that.

"I tried to rob her. Why is she being so loving and nice to Me?" she thought. Then thought, 'm-maybe I can get out of this diaper and back into my big girl clothes.'

Ella felt a good bit calmer after being changed but still a good bit scared. Nikkole then walked over, holding three PJs.

"Okay, I have three you can pick. which ones do you want to wear tonight?" Nikkole asked.

"C-can't I wear what I had on before?" Ella asked, hoping to get some of her adulthood back.

Ella looked at Nikkole momentarily as a thought of realization came over the older woman's face.

"I am so sorry!" Nikkole told Ella. "Sampson took them when you were taken to the police station. I was supposed to grab them when we left, but everything happened so fast!"

It was the truth. Nikkole wasn't expecting to see Ella in a wet diaper crying earlier, and it just slipped her mind.

Ella was a little distraught. She was really hoping to be back in her clothes again. But it did make sense. Even she was too depressed at the time to fully understand what was happening.

"C-can I just h-have a shirt?" Ella asked.

"No, Ella, it's going to be very cold tonight, so you need to be warm. you don't want to get sick, do you?" Nikkole asked as she kneeled down to face the little girl.

Ella finally looked at the pj's and was shocked to see what was picked. The first was a onesie with a snap on buttons at the crotch. The second was a flowery nightgown, and the last was a shirt and sweatpants, but the shirt had a cartoony moon on the front.

Ella's face grew red at the thought of wearing any of them.

"N-No, y-you can't make me! I am a grown u-owwwww." Ella was starting to say till Nikkole gave Ella a hard slap on her patted bottom.

"Ella, that is enough of your attitude tonight," Nikkole says, having enough of Ella's temper tantrums. "Now, Ella, enough is enough. You have two options: get your pj's on right now, or get a spanking and then get your pj's on."

"N-No fair! M-my butt still hurts s-s-so much. y-you can't m-mommy." Ella sobbed, not realizing she called her mommy.

Nikkole let out a sigh. Not noticing the mommy part.

Ella sniffled and rubbed her padded bottom a little,

"Well, what do you want?" Nikkole asked, still keeping an eye on the little girl. 

Ella, not wanting another spanking, slowly picked the flowery nightgown but asked to also wear the sweatpants. 

"That's a good girl. Now let me help you with them." Nikkole said with a smile before helping Ella put on the sweatpants and nightgown.

Ella did not resist anymore as she was helped into the pajamas. After getting in them, to Ella's surprise, they felt nice and warm on her little body. They were a bit big on her, but not too much.

Nikkole smiled, gave Ella a hug, and said." Okay, Ella, now let's get you something to eat."

“Mo... um, Miss Nikkole. c-can I just go to bed please I am really sleepy." Ella asked, wanting to sleep and putting this horrible night behind her.

"Ella, are you sure? Can you try to eat something for me, please?" Nikkole asked. But she did see Ella was getting sleepy so she didn't want to force her to. Ella just shook her head no, she just wanted to sleep.

"All right, Ella, you can, but you are eating tomorrow," Nikkole tells her.

Nikkole just smiled before picking up Ella and walking to the crib, she laid the little girl down and covered her with some blankets.

"C-Come on! I don't need to sleep in a crib!" Ella said she was getting sick of being treated like a baby, not an adult.

"Just for tonight, it's already very late, and I don't have anything else for you at the moment," Nikkole told the small girl. "But I won't raise the gate if that will make you feel better.

Ella pouted, just like a child. She didn't want to sleep in the crib, but she was too tired to really complain about it anymore as she gave a yawn.

"All right, all right, Ella. We will talk more in the morning. till then, do you want anything to help you sleep?" Nikkole asked, but Ella shook her head no before yawning again.

Nikkole nodded an okay, told her goodnight, then turned off the light and walked out of the room.

When she was out, Nikkole let out a sigh.

'what a night this was.'

She found a tinny intruder stealing from her, diapered the little girl, and even had her arrested. Now she just tucked the little girl to sleep like she did with….

Nikkole shook her head not to finish that thought.

She walked into her room and looked at the clock. It was 3:45 AM. Even though it was late, Nikkole was still wide awake from everything that happened. so she went to work putting the stuff Ella tried to take back to where it belonged. Even after getting that done, she was still not sleepy.

She then got out her old laptop and looked up the name Metztli.

'Was it true?' Nikkole thought, 'Was that little girl really a Metztli?' Nikkole started to look them up, starting with Gordon Metztli first.

The Metztli's are one of the oldest families in North Perthmit. Nikkole knew Gordon from work. He was ferocious in court and very smart. As the news said, he's a shoo-in for a presidential nomination. But there were rumors of blackmail and falsifying evades, but nothing has come of it.

Then there was Heather Metztli. She was beautiful for a woman her age and had been in many TV shows and movies for her acting.

Then there was Nia Metztli, the daughter and pride and joy of Gordon and Heather Metztli. 

Nikkole did not see Ella at first but did some digging. She found an article saying how the Metztli's have just welcomed their new daughter, Ella into the world.

Nikkole looked even more and soon found a pic of Gordon and Heather Metztli at a fundraiser. In the picture, there was a teenage Nia and a seven-year-old Ella. Even though she was a bit small and had longer hair, Nikkole knew it was her.

She tried looking up more about Ella, but the only thing she got was that Ella had disappeared years ago. Nikkole blinked. 'This can't be right? Can it?' She asked herself, then looked more into it.

It said something about a home invasion gone wrong, Nia being hurt, and Ella missing, but nothing was found. After a year, the search was called off. Nikkole's head was full of questions.

How is Ella missing?
Did her parents even know she was alive?
What caused Ella to become a crook?
What type of treatment would cause such a small girl to hate her family?
Why would Ella starve herself like that?

Thoughts lingered on Ella's skeleton-like body. There was no doubt she was starving herself. Even now, Nikkole had to stop herself from shoving a turkey down the little girl's throat just to put something into that stomach.

But she's most likely sleeping right now and wouldn't eat anything.

That's when Nikkole had a thought and rushed to the kitchen.

She opened her pantry and looked at the container of "Preas  bottle formula."

For some Prea's, getting all the nutrition their body needs is challenging. So, people made a unique formula mix to help with that. All you had to do was mix it with water and drink. It's not meant to replace food, but it can help Prea's who have difficulty getting the nutrition they need.

Nikkole bought this one when Alex was sick and couldn't eat solid food for almost two days.

"It might not be much, but it is way better than going to sleep hungry," Nikkole told herself as she prepared a bottle in the microwave.

Once the bottle was nice and hot, Nikkole added some cold milk and strawberry syrup to add flavor.

The bottle was now nice and warm as Nikkole creped back up to the nursery.

Checking on Ella as she walked to the crib, she smiled as she was sound asleep. 

Nikkole slowly pulled Ella's mouth open and quickly inserted the rubber nipple of the bottle.

Ella gave two tiny sucks, letting the warm liquid pour into her mouth. Her body must have realized it was getting some type of food as the sleeping girl began sucking harder.

Nikkole held the bottle and petted the girl's hair as she watched the bottle slowly drain.

'You were definitely a hungry baby,' Nikkole thought as the bottle emptied.

Ella moved a bit but did not wake up,

Nikkole sighs happily before kissing Ella's cheek and gently raising the crib's side.

Nikkole then went to her room, got her nightgown on, set her clock, and finally went to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a long day."

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Thanks for the rebirth of The Little Thief in a new updated version. The Little Thief is one of my favorite stories I've ever read - one of those you never forget. Looking forward to reading this new version, excited to see what it has in store. ☺️

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  • PinkTheDinosaur changed the title to Tinny Intruder ch4 (formerly The little thief) (9-17-23)

chapter 4


As the warm sun rose in the sky to shake off the cold October night, it was still early, around 6:35 AM. Newspapers were being tossed, coffee was being made, and people were slowly getting up from bed for work.

At 7:00 AM, Nikkole's alarm clock beeps, waking her up. Sadly, Nikkole had trouble sleeping, even with some warm milk. After everything that happened last night, it could have been some bizarre dream.

Nikkole then sat up and turned off her alarm clock before she got out of bed, put on her bunny slippers, and walked out of her bedroom door. But before getting the morning paper as she always did, Nikkole stopped at Alex's old room.

"Was it really all a strange dream?" Nikkole asked herself. Did she practically adopt a little girl who was trying to rob her?

Slowly, she slipped into Alex's old nursery and went to the crib.

There she was, the little girl, still sound asleep. She was sprawled out with half the blanket on her and half off. Nikkole could only stare at the sleeping baby in the crib as she watched Ella's chest rise and fall as she breathed.

'So it was not a dream.' Nikkole thought before the negative thoughts flowed through her head.

'Is she just a replacement for Alex?'
'What type of mother are you? Replacing your dead child with a new one
'Your child is already dead. Time for a new model.'

NO! No one could replace Alex, but this little girl needs Nikkole. She needed love, care, and support. Ella needed a real...

Part of Nikkole wanted to pick up Ella and hold her tight right then and there, but she stopped herself. Instead, Nikkole decided to check something.

Gently, she lifted the flowery nightgown and felt around the girl's padded crotch. Shure enough, it was wet. Considering the bottle she fed Ella a few hours ago, it's not too surprising.

She thought about waking Ella up to get a change but let the little girl sleep a little longer.

Nikkole recovered Ella before the girl rolled over. She smiled at the cute sight before heading downstairs and getting ready for the day.

After getting the coffee started and getting the morning newspaper, Nikkole picked up her phone and dialed a number.

"I hope Rose is not too busy," she said as she heard the phone ring a few times.

“Hay Nikkole, what’s up?” Nikkole's old friend and roommate asked as she picked up her cell.

"Hay Rose, sorry to call so early, right before work," Nikkole told her.

"It's okay. I just got changed, and I still have time to make something for me and my little boy," Rose said before another voice could be heard.

"Mooooom I can make my own lunch. I am not a baby anymore." Rose's little boy yelled.

Rose let out a giggle.

"Oh, Nathan, I know that, but no matter how big you get, you will always be my baby. And besides, I have a little time to make something. Now go finish getting ready for school."

"Okay, mom will do," Nathan said right before he left to get ready for school.

"Sorry about that. Nathan is going through a little rebelling thing," Rose told Nikkole. "I swear, where does he get that from?"

"didn't you tell me you were in multiple governmental protests in college and tied yourself to a news van once?" Nikkole asked as she smiled like mother like son.

"Your right, your right. But anyway, what's up? I thought you were going to France?" Rose asked.

Nikkole hesitated just a bit.

"Well, I was, but my flight was canceled twice, and I decided I didn't feel like waiting another few hours at the airport for another plain. So, I decided to just cancel my vacation. I'll have a staycation instead." Nikkole told her.

"Well, that sucks," Rose said. "So what's up then?"

Agin Nikkole hesitated.

"Well, um, you see…" Nikkole just couldn't think of the right way to say it, so she decided to say it bluntly. "I think I just adopted a little girl last night."

There was silence for a good 20 seconds.

"WHAT!!!!" Rose screamed into the phone and hurt Nikkole's ears.

"I-it's not official yet! B-but ya. I-i might have just adopted a little girl." Nikkole told her friend. "That's why I'm calling. I was hoping you could give her a little check-up today. If you weren't busy, that is."

"Why? Is something wrong?" Rose asked with a good bit of concern.

"W-well, yes, but it's best you see," Nikkole said, trying not to say too much.

"Well, this is sudden, and I have a full schedule. But I might be able to see you for about 20 minutes before my shift starts." Rose told Nikkole. "Think you can be there at 9:30?"

"Yes, we can make it, thanks," Nikkole said happily.

"Okay, I will see you then. Oh! By the way, what's her name?" Rose asked,

"It's Ella..." Nikkole replied, but she stopped herself from giving Ella's full name.

"Ella. a nice name," Rose said. She was a little worried about the sudden ordeal but also felt happy for her friend.

"Well, I better get going. I will see you soon. Bye, Rose." Nikkole said with hope in her voice.

"Bye, Nikkole," Rose said before hanging up.

Nikkole let out a deep sigh and went to get her coffee. She looked at the clock, and it was 8:16. She would get Ella up after a cup of coffee and a look at the paper.

Nikkole then returned to her coffee and reading, wondering if she had time to do her crosswords before getting Ella up.

But as soon as she relaxed, she heard a horrible scream from upstairs.

Nikkole jumped in surprise before she shot right up, dropped her coffee on the floor, and came running to the nursery.

"Ella, WHAT'S WRONG?" Nikkole asked, slightly out of breath from the shock.

"not a mistake, not a mistake," Ella repeated repeatedly as she huddled in the corner of the crib and held herself.

Nikkole went to the crib and lowered the bars.

"There, there, Ella, Im here. it's okay, Im here." But Ella fought back, yelling no over and over until Nikkole could pull the scared little girl out and hold her. "Shhh. You okay? You in a safe place."

Soon, Ella stopped fighting and began to take deep breaths to try to calm herself down as she started to look around and remember where she was.

Ella looked right at Nikkole with tears in her eyes.

"Mi-Mi..." Ella squicked out before she buried her face in Nikkole's chest, 

Soon after a little bit of time, Ella calmed down.

“M *sniff* Momm… Nikkole. I h-had an… accident." Ella mumbled softly and with shame. 

"It's okay, Ella, I know," Nikkole told the crying girl." would you like to get out of it?

Ella nodded as Nikkole got up and took her to the changing table. Ella found it even harder to stop calling Nikkole mommy and act like an adult around her.

Nikkole went about undressing Ella to get to her diaper. The diaper itself was utterly soaked. But Nikkole wasn't surprised. With how much liquid she gave Ella, it would be more surprising if she woke up dry.

Soon, Nikkole went to work on changing Ella, and after a short time, Ella was cleaned, powdered, and in a new diaper, much to Ella's dismay. But Ella didn't fight it this time.

Nikkole then went to look for something Ella could wear today.

Nikkole thought it best to go simple and got a bright blue t-shirt and a blue and white striped skirt. 

"N-No, I don't wanna w-where that. It will make m-me look too much like a l-l-little kid."

"Sorry, but Alex's clothes are mostly dresses or old children's clothes. She only ever wore pants for winter. But look, it's only two or three days until I get you your clothes. all right?"

Ella sighed and pouted but knew Nikkole was right and just nodded her head. Nikkole walked over and started to dress Ella, but she fought a bit.

"O-Oh, come on, mommy! I-I mean Miss Nikkole!." Ella cried out in frustration as the nightgown was pulled over her head.

"I know. I just thought you would be a bit worn out from your nightmare, so I thought I would help you," Nikkole said as she put the top on Ella. Ella blushed and pouted like a child.

"W-Well, I can do it myself, thank you," Ella said, wanting to show Nikkole she was an adult, not a baby.

"Are you sure, Ella? it won't take long." Nikkole said as she looked at the little girl with her caring eyes. Ella tried not to look, but it was hard.

Nikkole understood and handed Ella the skirt. 

"Im sorry, you're right. I was going a bit far. Here you go,"

"T-thank you," Ella replied as she took the skirt. It was a little challenging to get it on, with the bulk between her legs making her feel weird, but she got the skirt on.

"There we go, all dressed." Nikkole said, "All right, let's get you some food for you, then we need to be going."

"G-going, going where?" Ella asked, getting worried.

"I am taking you to see a doctor," Nikkole said, but Ella's eyes went wide with fear.

"Ella, what's wrong?" Nikkole asked, worried about what she had said to upset Ella now.

"I-I don't w-wanna go to the doctor," Ella tells her. They were one of her biggest fears.

Nikkole nelt down and held Ella’s hand.

"It's okay, Ella. You're going to see my friend Doctor Rose. She was Alex's doctor before she passed." Nikkole told her. "She's a great doctor."

But Ella still whimpered like a puppy at the thought.

"I will be with you the whole time. Now, let's get you something to eat." Nikkole said as she held Ella's hand and led her to the dining room. "Okay, Ella, what would you like to have? It can't take too long because we must get going soon."

Nikkole sat her down at a table.

"I-i dont feel so good. Can I just wait till we get home?" Ella asked.

Nikkole gives Ella the mom look again.

"Ella, you not feeling good means you need to eat something. How about a banana and some graham crackers with some milk." Nikkole asked. She noticed right away Ella was about to protest, so she added, "You are having something to eat before we go, even if I have to feed it to you like a baby. And don't think I won't. Now, what would you like?"

Ella pouted but said, banana and looked down, blushing.

"That's a good girl. Now, don't go anywhere," Nikkole said before petting Ella on the head and heading out to the kitchen.

Once there, Nikkole went to work. She got some graham crackers and two bananas, then cut them up for Ella. She got an unused bottle out but stopped and put it back.

'No, while she might look like a cute baby, she's still an adult. She's not like Alex.' Nikkole thought.

Nikkole then got out a mug. After putting a little formula in the mug and some strawberry syrup to add some flavor, she got something for herself.

After she returned with the food, she was surprised that Ella was still at the table. Nikkole smiled and sat Ella's food down as well as hers.

"All right, let's eat," Nikkole said as she started eating hers. Ella, on the other hand, poked hers a bit.

"Ella, eat your food, or do you need me to feed you?" Ella pouted like a child and started to eat her food slowly. Ella did not want to admit it, but getting something in her stomach was good. Usually, she would have a salad or some fruit salad for the whole day. Maybe a food bar if she was still starving.

After eating her food and drinking her milk, which she noticed had an odd yet familiar taste, she was done. Nikkole saw Ella was done and smiled.

"Excellent Ella, I'm very proud of you," Nikkole said

"Y-you are?" Ella asked, slightly confused. She rarely ever heard those words directed at her...

"Okay, Ella, I just need to get some stuff ready, and then we are off," Nikkole said as she stood up.

"Okay, mo, I-I mean Miss Nikkole," Ella said, still trying to not call the older woman mommy.

Nikkole just gives a giggle.

"It's okay to call me whatever you like, Ella," Nikkole told her. Ella blushed as she hid her face with her hands in embarrassment. Not knowing what to do.

Nikkole gets Alex's old diaper bag out and puts what's needed in it. After that, she goes to get Ella, 

She was still at the table, but when Nillole said it was time to go, Ella began breathing hard and holding onto the table tightly. Wanting to stay in her spot.

Nikkole knew at this point there was no use arguing. So, instead, she went over and picked up the small girl. Ella tried to hold onto the table but had little strength and was quickly pulled away from it.

While Ella didn't fight or scream this time, she didn't really help as Nikkole put her in the back seat of the car and buckled her in. her hands gripping the seat belt for dear life. But at least Nikkole didn't have to bring out the baby car seat to strap her down. 

With the young girl safely in the car, it was finally time to head off to the doctor.

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2 hours ago, BabySofia said:

I, too, enjoyed the concept of the original story. Not sure of the drama involved, but I'm looking forward to seeing what changes you make along the way here!

glad you liked the orignal, and i hope you enjoy the new one as well. ^w^ to simplafy the drama, i don't like dealing with controlling assholes. and if you piss me off enough, i can be very petty. like deleting a years worth of work and fixing it to be mostly mine. ^w^

1 hour ago, diaper24/7 said:

I like how this is similar to the original story but also changed some to make it your own.

yep. only 20% of the orignal story was based on the role play. anything related to that im removing. everything else was mine so by making small tweeks here and their, im able to keep most of the story and potentuly change the direction of it if need be. (im basikly winging the story as i eddit it, so i have no idea were it will go lol.)

1 hour ago, BobbyDrago said:

I was only able to read a little of the little thief before life got away from me do I'm glad to be able to read this!

sorry you couldn't read the original. but im hopping to have the updated version complete within a month. (not counting the planed sequel that will come later.)

1 hour ago, ~Brian~ said:


Followed Both of these:  look forward to reading :)


glad your looking forward to it. ^w^ hopping to have chapter 5 done in a few hours.

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  • PinkTheDinosaur changed the title to Tinny Intruder ch5 (formerly The little thief) (9-17-23)

chapter 5

Ella remained quiet all the way to the doctor's office, even with Nikkole saying it would all be okay and nothing would happen, but Ella could still only shiver from fear.

When they got to the destination, Nikkole parked the car near the front and got out.

"You'll be fine," Nikkole told Ella as she unbuckled the young-looking girl and took her hand. Forcing her to stiffly leave the safety of the car.

"Hello, I'm here to see Doctor Turner. My name is Nikkole," she told the receptionist when they entered.

"Oh yes. Doctor Turner, we'll see you soon." The young receptionist said just before handing Nikkole a clipboard. Nikkole took it with her free hand and walked to a seat to sit down.

"Okay, Ella, I need your help filling this out. um, Ella?" Nikkole said as she looked at Ella sitting beside her, stiff as a board.

Her eyes closed and shook with fear as Nikkole started patting her leg.

"Ella, it's okay. I'm here. please, can you help me out?" Nikkole asked.

soon Ella opened her eyes and gave a shaky "y-yes." Her voice was almost a whisper.

Nikkole first filled out the easy stuff, then asked Ella a few things, like, did she ever smoke?

Ella tried weed at least 3 times. Didn't like it.

Drugs or drink?

Nothing stronger than the weed, and had tried alcohol once. It wasn't a fun memory.

After filling out the forms, Nikkole went to give them back.

Ella was so nervous about the doctor that she didn't notice her diaper getting damp. She wouldn't mind looking like a baby at that moment if it meant not seeing the doctor. Ella closed her eyes as she tried calming down, trying to think of some better place to be than where she was right now. But since she was still tired from waking up so early, She slightly nodded off for the next ten minutes.

A nurse calls them, and Nikkole wakes Ella up, holds her hand, and goes with the nurse.

They are led to the doctor's office. Once there, Nikkole picked up Ella and helped her to the examination table. The nurse, saying Doctor Turner will see them soon, then leaves the room.

Ella sniffles a bit. “N-Nikkole, I am scared.”

Nikkole said nothing as she just held the girl's hand. When Ella looks up, she can see a smile on Nikkole's face that just says everything will be all right.

But the moment was short-lived as there was a knock on the door, and to Ella's confusion, a black teenage girl walked in.

She could not have been more than 13-14 years old. Her hair was brown and curly, and she was wearing a little doctor's lab coat with black sweatpants.

"Hello there." The girl said. "I am Doctor Turner, and you must be Ella."

Ella was not at a loss for words. How could this kid be a doctor?

"W-what the fuck!?!" Ella finally yelled.

Nikkole smacked her face at the outburst while Rose just laughed.

"A lot of people have that reaction when they see me for the first time," Rose said with a Cheshire grin.

"M-Miss Turner, s-so you have, um, well, um?" Soon, both Rose and Nikkole laughed, making Ella mad and crossing her arms.

"I am a doctor, and yes, I do have Preas," Rose assured the girl.

"And more importantly, Rose was Alex's doctor for a while," Nikkole added.

Ella was surprised at all of this. Of all the ways a doctor could look, this was not one of them in her eyes.

Rose then got a clipboard and sat in a little chair.

"B-but I thought all Preas were children! And that we all had to wear diapers! This just doesn't make any sense!" Ella said as she tried her hardest to figure out what was happening.

Rose looked at Nikkole for a moment and then back to Ella.

"Well, I wasn't expecting to give the basics on Preas, but I guess I can explain a bit." Rose tells Ella. "anyone can get Preas. Even Nikkole has gotten it at least once."

"Realy!" Ella asked, shocked, and looked up at Nikkole.

"The older you are, the less likely you are to deal with the side effects, but you become a carrier for a time. Everyone infected by Preas had to have come in contact with someone infected by it. Most commonly, a parent gets infected at work, brings it home, and spreads it to a child."

"I-i see," Ella responds.

"While it's true the younger you are, the more likely your body is unable to fight off the disease, the most common group to be infected are 8-11 year olds. Hence, it's called Preadlecece disease. But someone older can get infected. Im a rare case of being infected when I was 13 and stopped aging at 14."

"Lucky…" Ella mumbled.

"You would think. But I have just as many problems as any other Preas," Rose said with a smile and pointing to her eye. "Im blind in one eye and lost all sense of taste and smell."

"It's true. I once saw her make the most disgusting-smelling seafood sandwich and ate it without problems." Nikkole chimed in. "I spend days trying to get out of the apartment after that."

"Hey! My cooking isn't that bad!" Rose shouted.

"You've put salt in my coffee more than once in college." Nikkole reminded her.

Ella giggled slightly at the story.

"A-anyway, if it wasn't for the fact the doctors caught it in time, I could have also lost my ability to walk, so im not in any better position than you are."

"But I have to wear diape…" Ella was saying before Rose stood up and lowered her sweatpants to show she was wearing a thick diaper with a heavy-duty diaper cover.

"Lost full control, little missy. The only reason I can do my job is thanks to the diaper cover blocking any smell or leaks." Rose tells Ella. Showing that besides the look of age, they were basically the same. And in some cases, Ella was the one to have it easy.

Satisfied with blowing Ella's mind, Rose sat back down and got her clipboard.

"Now, Ella, let's start this. How old are you," Rose asked, getting to work.

Ella looked nervous and said. "E-Eighteen."

At hearing this, Rose looked at Nikkole in surprise, and Nikkole mouthed, 'I will tell you soon.'

Rose nodded.

"Okay, Ella, can you lift up your shirt for me, please?"

Ella blushed and looked at Nikkole. Nikkole looked back and held Ella's hand before Ella lifted up her shirt.

Rose wanted to freak out when she saw the almost skeleton body. Yell at the girl and demand she eat an entire Thanksgiving dinner, maybe two! But she was a professional and did not let that part of her show.

Rose used her stereoscope, which the cold metal made Ella giggle badly when it was on her stomach.

"Okay, let's get to the questions."

Ella slowly nodded; Rose smiled and started her questions. Ella tried her best to answer honestly on most of them, such as her speech, sleeping habits, etc.

"Do you have some trouble controlling your emotions sometimes?"

Ella didn't want to admit it, but that part was crystal clear in the last 24 hours. She nodded slowly.

"All right. Last question, do you have a going problem?"

Ella blushed and asked, "W-what do you m-mean?"

"Sorry, do you have day and/or nighttime accidents?"

At that, Ella started to tear up. Nikkole pated Ella's back and said, "Shh, it's okay,"

Rose didn't need a verbal answer and continued to write down on the paper.

"Okay, that's all the questions I need right now. Just give me and Nikkole a few moments outside, and then you're free to go."

"R-realy? That it?" Ella asked.

"Well, if you want, I could give you a shot before you go," Rose said, watching Ella epped before becoming stiff as a board. Rose just loved using that joke on people.

Both Nikkole and Rose stepped outside, and Rose led Nikkole into another room across the hall.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Rose says in a harsh whisper when they are out of sight and earshot. Nikkole raises her arms in defiance. "18, clearly malnourished, below basic education if she didn't know the basics of people with her disease. Where the fuck did you find her!"

"W-well, last night…when she…broke into my house." Nikkole sheepishly says, only now realizing how crazy it started to sound.

Rose had to suppress the urge to hit this woman right now.

"L-look, I know this sounds crazy, but I just couldn't leave her alone like that," Nikkole tells her friend.

"Are you nuts! She's not some stray pet you can pick up off the side of the road and keep. I know you're going through a lot after Alex's passing, but I dont think this is a healthy relationship with you two." Rose tells her friend with a stunned glare. "Worst case, you could hurt both her and yourself."

"I-i know. But i-i still think what im doing is right." Nikkole says and practically pleads with Rose with her eyes to accept this strange relationship.

Rose growled. "Officially, im not on the clock, and nothing said in that room will leave here."

Nikkole let out a huge sigh.

"Just tell me, do you at least know who her parents are? And do they know where she is and what's going on?" Rose asked.

"S-she has told me who they are, but im still looking into them," Nikkole says as she remembers the strange article about Ella's disappearance. She needed to look into things first before doing anything.

"Well, that's good enough for now. Just make sure that the girl starts eating soon. She needs to gain at least 50 pounds. And make sure she gets that Preas formula. It will help a lot.

"Dont worry, I plan to. And I've already used the formula."

Rose nodded in approval as she waved for Nikkole to leave the room and return to Ella. There was still a lot Rose wanted to say and do. But she figured now wasn't the time. Later, she would set up an appointment with Nikkole to get blood work and other necessary tests officially done. But for now, she needed to hold herself back.


It was 10:20 when Nikkole and Ella left the doctor's office. When they got to the car, Nikkole opened the back door for Ella.

"Um, N-Nikkole? Couldn't I just sit in the front?" Ella asked.

As Ella stood by the door, Nikkole had a flashback of Alex.

"I-I'm sorry, Ella, but I dont want anyone to sit there. okay?" Nikkole told Ella, who looked back in confusion. Nikkole had to do something to change the awkward situation. "W-Would you like me to help you in?"

"N-no. I can do it…" Ella said as she climbed into the car's back seat.

Nikkole then got into the car and began driving to their next destination.

"Ella, why don't we get your clothes back from the police station?" Nikkole suggested as she looked at Ella through the rearview mirror.

"YES!" Ella cheered happily.

Nikkole giggled as her eyes went back to the road.

Nikkole Pulled into the police station not long after and sighed.

"I would never have thought I would have to be coming back here so much like this," Nikkole mumbled to herself before getting out of the car and opening the back door.

When Nikkole looked inside, she could see the wide eyes of Ella just staring out the window at the police station.

"Ella? Are you okay?" Nikkole asked. But Ella didn't seem to hear her, so she turned Ella to face her. "What's wrong?"

"I-i don't want to g-go inside," Ella told Nikkole.

That's when Nikkole remembered what happened last night.

"I-its okay, Ella. I'll go in and get your stuff." Nikkole told Ella. "Nothing bad will happen to you now."

"T-thank you momm- Nikkole," Ella said while blushing deeply.

Nikkole smiled before she closed the door and locked it just to be safe.

She was surprised to see an old face walking toward her as she went inside.

"Hello, Nikkole, what are you doing here? it's too early for you to mooch lunch off me." Sampson said with a smile on his old face as he told their bad inside joke.

Years ago, when they started working together, they went out for lunch, but Nikkole had dropped her wallet at home. What was worse, she ordered an expensive lunch. So Nikkole was forced to beg Sampson for help.

Even though Nikkole paid back the money, he will never let her live that down and has made it a joke.

"Hey Sampson, you just get off?" Nikkole asked, ignoring the joke.

"Ya, now I can finally get some sleep…" the old man grumbled. Why he did the late night shift Nikkole will never know. "So, why are you here?"

"We ran out of here so quickly I forgot Ella's stuff," Nikkole told him.

"Right," Sampson said as he remembered what happened. "How is she?"

"She's... okay…" Nikkole told him.

"What's wrong?" Sampson asked, now a little skeptical.

So Nikkole decided to tell him about Ella, or at least everything she knew right now.

"My god…" Sampson commented. "Well, that explains why she felt so light last night."

Nikkole nodded as she got Ella's things.


"Well, you should be happy to know we discovered what happened last night. The bitch Eleanor decided to ignore me to follow her bigoted beliefs and pick on Ella because she's a Preas."

Nikkole grits her teeth at hearing that.

"If I ever see that bitch I'm going to hurt her for what she did," Nikkole growled.

"I've already dealt with her," Sampson told her. "She has been suspended following an internal investigation,"

While Nikkole was still mad about what happened, she did feel slightly better hearing that it was being handled.

"Anyway, there was something I meant to talk to you and Ella about last night, but I got distracted when that happened," Sampson told Nikkole.

“What?” Nikkole asked.

"I wanted to know if she had a partner when she broke into your house," Sampson told her.

It was something that really didn't cross her mind. Everything happened so fast that Nikkole didn't think about how Ella would have gotten away with her stuff last night.

Even if she didn't come home early, how was Ella planning on stealing her stuff? There was no way a little girl like her could carry that much stuff, especially in her condition. Had anyone looked outside and seen a little girl walking alone in the middle of the night, they would have called the police and reported a lost child or something.

Nikkole even remembered how tight Ella's Pants were and looked inside them while she had them in hand but found nothing. Not even a key to a getaway car.

The only thing that came to mind was someone must have been the getaway driver or someone waiting to pick her up. But left when Nikkole got home.

"Is Ella with you right now?" Sampson asked. "I would like to speak with her now if I can."

"S-she is, but I don't think that's a good idea," Nikkole told him with a sad look. "After what happened last night, I don't think she really wants to come back inside here for a while."

"Honestly can't blame her, but I still need to question her," Sampson told her.

"Would you mind if I ask her?" Nikkole asked. "I'm sure if I ask her where she feels safe at home, she'll tell me."

Part of Sampson wanted to say no. that's not how this stuff works. But considering the strangeness of the situation, Sampson decided to let his old partner try it her way.

"Okay, Nikkole, but call me as soon as you learn anything," Sampson told her. "And if you don't call me in 2 hours, I'll head over to question her myself."

Nikkole smiled and thanked Sampson for doing this for her and Ella.

Soon, Nikkole was heading back to the car and got into the driver's side.

"Here you go, Ella," Nikkole said as she handed the clothes to the girl.

"Thank you, Nikkole," Ella said with a little smile. Glad to have her clothes back.

"You are welcome. Now we just have one more stop before we head home, okay?" Nikkole told her as she started the car.

After a quick trip to a nearby corner store, they were home. Nikkole let Ella out of the car and let her head inside while Nikkole got the bag.

As Nikkole entered, she found Ella standing by the door, looking a little nervous.

"What's wrong, Ella?" Nikkole asked.

"I-i don't know where to go…" Ella mumbled. "I-im not used to this house…"

Nikkole then realized that, despite everything that happened, this was still the first day at a new home. Anyone would feel a little nervous about being in a new home.

But was this Ella's new home?

"Come here, Ella," Nikkole said as she took Ella's Hand and led her to the living room. She sat Ella on the couch before kneeling down in front of her.

Ella grew slightly nervous as she sat there.

"Ella, I want to ask you something," Nikkole told her.

"Y-yes?" Ella asked.

"Do you want to stay here?" Nikkole asked.

Ella was slightly shocked. After everything that has happened, ever since coming back from the police station, she hasn't once thought about leaving. She could have left the moment Nikkole bailed her out.

“I-i-i…” Ella stuttered. She tried to think of something but failed.

Nikkole gave her a slight smile and took Ella's hands.

"Ella, I know this is weird. You tried to rob me not 12 hours ago." Nikkole told her, and Ella couldn't help but a tug of gelt in her heart for that, "but I can't help but want to help you. The more you are around, the more I want you to stay with me."

A few tears began to form in Nikkole's eyes.

"But I must keep reminding myself that you're not a little girl, despite your looks. You are still an adult, and it's your choice to stay. If you want, I will take you home and let you return to your life. I will understand."

It was at this point Ella's eyes also began to water.

"But, if you would like, I would offer you to stay with me. I would love it if you made this your home." Nikkole told Ella as a tear came down her face.

Ella's heart was pounding so hard as she heard Nikkole say that.

How long has it been since someone said something like that? How long had it been since someone asked her to stay with them?

Ella couldn't say anything. A tear streaked down her shocked face. Her lower lip began to quiver as she heard this, and she needed no need to think about it.

"MOMMY!" Ella screamed as she leaped and wrapped her arms around Nikkole's neck.

Both girls held each other close as the two of them cried. Both were beyond happy the other wanted them.

In the middle of the crying, Ella's diaper grew even more damp, but not even that could ruin her loving feeling at that moment.

Both knew this would be hard. There would be fights, there would be misunderstandings, and there would undoubtedly be some babying. But both knew the other would always love each other.

After a while, Nikkole picked Ella up and sat on the couch with Ella on her lap.

The two of them just sitting there cuddling each other.

Thanks to all that crying and staying up so late last night, Ella yawned and tried to rub the sleep from her eye.

Nikkole took notice and decided it was probably time for a quick lunch and a nap.

But first, there was still something Nikkole had to do.

“Ella?” Nikkole asked.

"Hum?" Ella mumbled.

"There is something I would like to ask you. And I want you to be honest with me. Nikkole said as she held Ella a little tighter, "Who were you working with when you tried to rob me?"

Ella's eyes shot open.

'Bob!' Ella screamed in her mind. How could she forget about him?

"I-i-i d-don't know w-what you…" Ella started, but Nikkole put a finger under Ella's chin and lifted it until she looked at Nikkole's eyes.

"Honey, please tell me," Nikkole said as she got slightly serious, but her eyes told Ella that no matter what happened, Ella would be okay.

But Ella was still scared. She's heard plenty of stories of people who ratted out others. They are seldom good… and if the stories she's heard about Bob were true…

"Ella, it's okay to tell me. No matter what happens, I'll help you." Nikkole told Ella.

“H-his name i-is Bob. Bob Tenderheart.” Ella told Nikkole.

That name sounded familiar to Nikkole, but she couldn't place it now.

"How did you meet Bob?" Nikkole asked.

"W-when I ran away f-from home, i-i meet him a-at his m-motel," Ella told her. "H-he saw me p-pit pocket m-money for f-food. S-since i-i was small, h-he th-though I would be u-useful and d-decided to sh-show me how to steel."

Thinking about it, that would make the most sense, Nikkole thought. How else would Ella go through years stealing without getting caught?

More tears began to form in Ella's eyes.

"N-Nikkole? A-am I g-going back to j-jail?" After realizing she could also be sent to jail for working with Bob, Ella asked.

"No, sweety," Nikkole said as she smiled at Ella and kissed the crying girl's forehead. "I'll make sure that doesn't happen."

"Y-you promise?" Ella asked.

"Yes, sweety," Nikkole said as she smiled at Ella.

Nikkole then got up off the couch while still holding Ella.

"How does a quick lunch and a nap sound?" Nikkole asked.

"C-cant I j-just have a nap?" Ella asked.

"No, Ella," Nikkole told her as she gave her the mom look again. "You didn't eat much at breakfast, so you're going to eat lunch before you can nap."

Ella huffed a little but burst out laughing as Nikkole began tickling Ella.

"Come on, Baby, let's go eat," Nikkole said with a bright smile.

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Very good story and I've never heard of PREAS disease but that's cool.

There's one thing that I'm getting caught up on with the story and I'm not sure if it was an oversight or a mistake or if it was just something that happened, but the thing I'm noticing is that we have a Nicole and a Madeleine and an Ella here and it goes from Nicole to Madeline to Ella being tickled by Madeline and Madeline is probably the name of somebody else but it doesn't make sense if Nicole is the one we're talking about. I'm reading it wrong or adding things that I don't understand or whatever, but it doesn't make sense right now, so I figured I'd let you know that it is a little confusing maybe you can clean that up, and it's probably just something that's kind of silly but I've noticed that for some reason I got confused towards the end.

So far this story is pretty cool, and I must say that even though I did not read the primary story, I'm glad that you are redoing it because I looked at the original role play, and it's very hard to read it when you end up with someone who is typing 2 or 3 sentences per post and you have to read that by going in reading about 25 posts to be able to get to where we are now. I'm not putting down the people that wrote that, But I'm glad that you are writing it in a way that I can read it. Nothing against the original writers and nothing against you, but when I have role plays I usually like to read them in paragraph form and it's just me I guess.

Look forward to hearing some more! Great job!


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1 hour ago, ~Brian~ said:


Very good story and I've never heard of PREAS disease but that's cool.

There's one thing that I'm getting caught up on with the story and I'm not sure if it was an oversight or a mistake or if it was just something that happened, but the thing I'm noticing is that we have a Nicole and a Madeleine and an Ella here and it goes from Nicole to Madeline to Ella being tickled by Madeline and Madeline is probably the name of somebody else but it doesn't make sense if Nicole is the one we're talking about. I'm reading it wrong or adding things that I don't understand or whatever, but it doesn't make sense right now, so I figured I'd let you know that it is a little confusing maybe you can clean that up, and it's probably just something that's kind of silly but I've noticed that for some reason I got confused towards the end.

So far this story is pretty cool, and I must say that even though I did not read the primary story, I'm glad that you are redoing it because I looked at the original role play, and it's very hard to read it when you end up with someone who is typing 2 or 3 sentences per post and you have to read that by going in reading about 25 posts to be able to get to where we are now. I'm not putting down the people that wrote that, But I'm glad that you are writing it in a way that I can read it. Nothing against the original writers and nothing against you, but when I have role plays I usually like to read them in paragraph form and it's just me I guess.

Look forward to hearing some more! Great job!


glad you are liking it. Preas disease is something i made up to replace Youthlock from the original.

thank you for catching that. ill have to look for it and edit it. Madeleline is the original name that i replaced with Nikkole. but it looks like i missed a spot. ill try to fix it here soon. thanks for bringing it up! ^w^

i wouldn't blame the role play to much. a glitch on the site wiped out most of what they had. its why its weird to read and some lines get cut off. but ya, having the same thing repeated in the role play was a pain in my ass when i was writing the original. i was able to trim down multiple pages of RP to be a simple line in the story. i also had to edit Alice's dialog and personality a lot for the story as compared to the RP. at least i now can fix it entirely with Ella.

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13 minutes ago, PinkTheDinosaur said:

glad you are liking it. Preas disease is something i made up to replace Youthlock from the original.

thank you for catching that. ill have to look for it and edit it. Madeleline is the original name that i replaced with Nikkole. but it looks like i missed a spot. ill try to fix it here soon. thanks for bringing it up! ^w^

i wouldn't blame the role play to much. a glitch on the site wiped out most of what they had. its why its weird to read and some lines get cut off. but ya, having the same thing repeated in the role play was a pain in my ass when i was writing the original. i was able to trim down multiple pages of RP to be a simple line in the story. i also had to edit Alice's dialog and personality a lot for the story as compared to the RP. at least i now can fix it entirely with Ella.


Good afternoon and thank you for the clarification I figured it was such that there might have been a few names that might have gotten stuck in there and you might have to go in there and read that and clean it up. Ended up writing a story myself, and there is a couple places where I had to go in and edit it a few times because I think there was Seven chapters in my story, and I picked up a couple of errors that I had to go in and fix in every single posting where I had the actual story in there.

My story is basically a story that talks about what I would love to happen to myself and have a whole bunch of pretty girls taken care of me, in a resort where I don't have to worry about a thing. Some of it sounds like real life, Some of it may be fantasy, and some of it is fantasy. This is my fantasy so that means that anything that I put in it is something that I wish would happen to me, or somebody doing something to me, and the whole idea of this story is I'm so stressed I need somebody to help me relax, then when I try to force the issue and try to fight them, the girls have their ways of making sure that I'm relaxed, and they help me to forget all my worries and my cares.

I'm not blaming anybody in the role play at all, and I know, That we had a mass problem with data loss, and that means a lot of stories ended up going into the electronic file 13 in cyberspace. I know that there are several role plays that I am watching comment and I love everyone of them, but there are times when when you have someone writing one sentence or two sentence replies it makes it real hard to be able to read it and be able to put yourself in the shoes of the people that it's being written about. that's how I end up trying to enjoy the story, because what I try to do is I'm reading the story, trying to visualize the setting, where things are what's going on and everything else, and visualize and actually try to feel what they're trying to do, so let's say somebody's touching me or tickling me or whatever, I try to put myself in the shoes of the person it's being done to, and then try to make the connection. If a story is written really well, an author can suck you right in, and sucking you in is not a bad thing, it's a good thing, and if they write it good enough, you can be sucked right into a world where you feel like you're on cloud 9 and nothing can hurt you. Sometimes stories like that, like the one you've written, and the one we're currently reading, put me in a position where I leave my cares at the door.

The world around us is so stupid sometimes: now I understand to an extent why people want to regress why people want to be little, And do things that a kid would do as an adult, and we know what adulting is, and we have to turn the switches on and off between adult mode and little mode sometimes, because we must function as adults. The stories that I've read around here make me feel like sometimes the world's being negative, then you end up where you feel like somebody's hurt you, and then in the story there's always a hero or a heroin that comes to your rescue, and then we'll end up helping you when you feel broken inside, when you feel like somebody broke your body and you've got glass or something inside when you pick up somebody and shake them, or when you try to hug them. When you have a bad situation happen, you always look for that hero or heroin to save you. I'm glad that there are stories like this, because it kind of puts me in the same position. There are many times when terrible things have happened to me or things that I feel are bad happen to me, but then of course there's always a story that can snap me back around and make me feel like I can always release and let everything go: like in frozen they say let it go let it go!

This story also reminds me of one that was written by @Emily Ruby Rose It reminds me of something that would happen that was bad in your life, and it was really bad, and it was like a nightmarish activity or something that really scared you, so bad that you need to go all the way down all the way down to start and then build your way back up. Emily is also a very good author in my opinion, she writes awesomely and it always reminds me that there are times when people get scared, and when they get scared bad things can happen, but even in a story, there's always a hero or a heroine to be able to help you, in real life sometimes you don't have that hero or heroine, and you have to work hard to be able to do whatever you're doing. Being a adult baby or a diaper lover, there's always a way for us to escape the world around us the ones that try to pick on us or make fun of us or try to put us down, Well they don't understand, and sometimes being able to switch adult life off for awhile is what we need. Sometimes just being able to sit and think about things are better than worrying about the world around us. I'm not sure what the title of Emily's story was, but if I find it I certainly would shoot you a line to tell you that it was a good one and if I remember it again I'm definitely going to read it.

So yes, this story is awesome: it's almost like you have an issue, and every time Ella says something and she's scared, it reminds me of the story Emily wrote, because she's scared of things happening in her situation as well, and I believe the character Emily and her story would do things that are similar or talk similar and that's what was catching me and reminding me of that story, because it's similar.

Thank you for writing this story and thank you for rewriting it and making the changes that are necessary. I will try to read both of them if you post the other one that was done, the one you said that was no more, if you decide to post it that's great, but if you don't I will wait until you decide to if you decide to post it. My story is " Brian's dream comes true" and it is in the story collection in the story section, and I bet you would probably be interested in that one if you want to read it.


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  • PinkTheDinosaur changed the title to Tinny Intruder ch6 (formerly The little thief) (9-18-23)

chapter 6

Nikkole carried Ella back into the kitchen, where Ella was set at the table again.

"M-Nikkole, i-its fine, I'm not hungry," Ella told Nikkole.

Nikkole just gave Ella the mom look again.

"Ella, you are completely underweight. You need to eat something," Nikkole told her.

"I-it's not that bad!" Ella protested.

Instead of fighting with Ella, Nikkole walked back over, picked her up, and had her stand on the chair.

"W-wha…?" Ella let out before Nikkole pulled her shirt off. "HEY!"

Ella immediately tried to cover herself, but Nikkole grabbed her arms and held them out.

"Ella, this is not a healthy body!" Nikkole told her.

"I-its fine! M-my body is just m-more m-mature." Ella told Nikkole while trying not to look at her.

Nikkole just stared at Ella for a good minute. She then reached up and pinched Ella's nose.

"OWWWWWW!" Ella cried out as Nikkole brought her face very close. Her expression was dead serious.

"No, it's not," Nikkole said in a calm, serious voice Ella hadn't seen yet. And it scared her slightly.

Nikkole finally let go, and Ella's hands began to rub her sore nose.

"Ella, your body isn't meant to be mature. I know this concerns your family, but they aren't here now. You don't have to be what they want." Nikkole told Ella.

"I-im not! I-it's my choice!" Ella screamed. "I wanted a mature body! I wanted a grown-up look! I want to have full puberty! I want a sexy body! I want to have boobs! I-i-i..." but Ella couldn't say anymore as Nikkole hugged her.

It was only as Nikkole hugged her and noticed the tears streaming down her face.

"I j-just want to b-be normal!" Ella bawled as she gripped onto Nikkole,

“Shhh,” Nikkole told her. "You are perfect even if you're not normal."

Ella just bawled more as memories flashed in her head.


"This is just a fantastic day!" Ella's mother shouted when Nia got her first period. "You're growing up to be a woman!'

Nia was always the favorite, always good at everything.

'Maybe when Ella has hers, she'll finally grow up and start doing things right." Ella's mother commented.

But that day never came. At 8 years old, she just seemed to stop growing. Even worse, part of her body got much weaker.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE HAS PREAS!" Ella's father yelled at their family doctor.

"I'm sorry, but she was unlucky enough to get it. Someone else in the family must have gotten it and spread it to her." the doctor told him. "I'm sorry, but that's just how it is."

"SHE ALREADY WAS A DISAPPOINTMENT, AND NOW SHE'S HANDICAPPED! FUCK!" he yelled as the crying Ella heard from the doorway.

Looks meant everything to her father and mother. Just wearing mixed-matched socks would warrant a scolding and harsh punishment from him. So now that Ella has Preas, the image of the perfect family he wanted is gone.

"Just look at me! Your body will never have curves like mine." Nia said a few years later.

She was showing off her sexy underwear to Ella just to spite her. Showing off her still-developing body. While Ella's was just plain. A plane 8-year-old body forced to wear pull-ups due to a weak bladder.

From that day on, Ella just stopped eating. While she couldn't do anything about her small size, she could still force her body to look mature. Ella would stop eating to thin out to simulate curves. Maybe when she turned 18, she could get a boob job. Ella didn't want to be a child and would do anything to stop looking like one.


That was a few years ago, just before Ella ran away. Despite everything Ella has put herself through, the countless hungry months. Despite all the efforts to make herself the mature woman she wanted to be.

Here she stands. Diapered like the baby, her sister said she was. Dressed like a little girl her father didn't want her to be. And hugging a woman who seemingly loved Ella for all her flaws when even her mother could not. 

Nikkole let go of the crying child and wiped away the tears from Ella's face.

"Will you promise me you'll start eating?" Nikkole asked her.

With those kind, caring eyes staring down at Ella, she couldn't help but nod yes.

Nikkole gave back Ella's shirt before making the little girl a sandwich.

Despite everything Ella said about not being hungry, About not wanting to eat. Once Ella finally gave in to what she truly wanted, she wolfed down the sandwich. Then, for the first time in almost 7 years, she asked Nikkole an essential question.

"C-can I have s-seconds please…" Ella asked while blushing.

"Of course, sweety," Nikkole told her as she made the little girl another sandwich.

As Ella ate this one, Nikkole made something else for the little girl.

Ella finished the food and leaned back in the chare. She let out a loud sigh of relief. For the first time in a long time, Ella finally felt full. Ella let out a cute yawn as she grew exasperated.

"Come on. Let's go take a nap." Nikkole told Ella as she picked her up and carried her upstairs to the nursery. Ella was too tired to even move on her own.

Once inside, Nikkole laid the small girl on the bed and lifted her skirt to show off her wet diaper.

"Ella, where is the place you were staying?" Nikkole asked as she grabbed a new diaper and wipes.

"The *yawn* Tenderheart motel." Ella sleepy said while her diaper was opened and removed. “Room #134” 

"And where's the key for it?" Nikkole asked, lifting Ella's legs and cleaning everywhere.

“B-Bob *yawn!* ….has it with him there…” Ella told her as she nodded in and out. The full tummy made it harder for Ella to stay awake.

"Thank you, sweety," Nikkole whispered as she taped the new diaper and covered the girl up.

With Ella barely awake, Nikkole slid the nipple of another bottle into the girl's mouth. On instinct, again, she started sucking on the warm bottle formula. The warm, sweet taste made her smile as her eyes fluttered a bit, and soon she was asleep. Still sucking away.

"Sleep tight, my Ella," Nikkole whispered as she kissed Ella's forehead.

 Nikkole raised the bars to the crib to let Ella rest.

Nikkole left the nursery and was halfway downstairs when she heard a knock at the door.

When Nikkole answered it, she was shocked to see Sampson standing before her.

"So, found out anything?" Sampson asked.


Nikkole had told them what Ella told her, including where to find this Bob person.

"Are you sure about this, Nikkole?" Sampson asked as they both drove to the hotel.

"Not really, but it needs to be done," Nikkole told him.

After learning about Bob, Nikkole decided she needed to confront him. If only just to get Ella's stuff. Sampson immediately protested, wanting to keep an eye on him, But Nikkole was stubborn. Bob posed a possible threat to Ella should he decide to look for her.

Despite all the warnings, motherly instinct won out, and Sampson decided to just go with her as backup.

While Nikkole didn't want to, she figured Ella would nap for a long time. So she left Ella home alone.

They drove into one of the sketchier parts of the city. A part with the corny name of Nightstar.

Nikkole shuddered at the thought of seeing Ella walking around these parts.

The Tenderheart motel was shitty and disgusting-looking. Just looking at it made Nikkole want to take a hot shower.

They parked the car close to the main office of the motel.

"You do know once you do this, it will be hard to get him on anything else," Sampson told Nikkole as he drove.

"I know, but I want to, no, I need to protect Ella. She was scared of him, which means he could threaten her somehow." Nikkole told Sampson.

Both looked at each other before giving a slight nod and exited the car.

Entering the office, it looked like it had barely been cleaned in months. If this was how bad the office looked, Nikkole nearly threw up thinking about the actual rooms.

Sitting behind a desk was a middle-aged, scrawny man. He was leaning back on a stool to the wall. A hat covered up half his face as he was snoring.

“Bob? Bob Tenderhart?” Nikkole asked.

"W-what!" Bob said, slightly startled as he nearly fell off his stool.

He quickly fixed himself up and, for a moment, tried to make himself look professional.

"W-what can I do you?" Bob asked. "Staying the night or just want an hour?"

"Nether, we want to know if you are Bob Tenderhart?" Sampson asked, a little disgusted someone would ask that.

Bob needed some clarification.

"Who's asking?"

Both Nikkole and Sampson flashed their cop badges. Nikkole's being her old one, it's not official, but he wouldn't know that.

Bob had a pronounced "OH FUCK” look on his face.

It was now that Nikkole recognized him.

He was one of her first arrests Almost 20 years ago.

Dumbass robbed a house, but his getaway car ran out of gas on the highway. You never truly forget your first arrest.

"H-hay, I haven't done anything," Bob told them.

"You and your associate tried to rob an ex-police officer's house last night," Sampson told Bob.

"I don't know what…" Bob started.

"Ella already told us," Nikkole told Bob. She just wanted to get this done and over with.

Bob's face went from slightly scared to full-out pissed.


Sampson kicked the fucker in the chest and had both Bob and the chair fall over onto the ground.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" Bob yelled, now confused.

"Ella was arrested and told us what happened," Sampson told Bob.

Bob looked very pissed as he heard Ella ratting him out to save her ass.

"Look, we want to make a deal," Sampson told Bob as Sampson got in front of Nikkole to keep her from doing anything stupid. "We want you to give us Ella's purse and never go near her again."

"What the hell type of cops are you!" Bob asked. He's been arrested for many reasons and knew this wasn't standard procedure.

"Ones trying to help a young girl from pieces of shit like you." Nikkole told him. "so, you can either give us her bag and pretend we were never here, or I can arrest you now and convict you for robbery and kidnapping."

"Wowowow! I never kidnapped anyone!" Bob yelled.

"Ella disappeared when she was just 14," Nikkole tells him. "You think any reasonable judge wouldn't believe a little girl testifying that you kidnapped her and forced her to steal for you?

It was a big lie, but one that sounded believable.

Nikkole and Sampson just stared down at him. Their serious expressions freaked him out.

"F-fine, here!" Bob said as he pointed behind the counter at a small purse.

He was planning on looking through it and seeing if Ella had anything valuable he could take after he saw she was sent to jail last night, but Bob was so tired he fell asleep before he could.

Nikkole walked over and snatched the bag. 

Now, it was time to keep him away from Ella. Sampson moved his jacket over, gripped the gun she had, and pointed it at the man's crotch.

"Now, I never want to see you anywhere in this town. I will shoot you without hesitation if I see you again after today." Sampson told him with a deadly serious expression.

Bob just quickly nodded his head. Fearing he would be shot otherwise.

With that, Nikkole and Sampson walked out of the office.

"Just a warning, should anything happen to us, you'll have the entire police force after your head," Sampson told Bob as he left the office, leaving the pathetic crook on the floor.


With the key, Nikkole and Sampson open the door to Ella's room.

The room was simple and small. In the corner of the room was a small mattress on the floor with a simple blue and black bedspread.

Next to it was a mini fridge, a small heater, and a microwave.

The room was decently clean, besides a few piles of clothes here or there.

The rest of the place was just as simple. A portable DVD player, some movies, more clothes, a switch with a few games, cheap makeup.

What surprised Nikkole a bit was when she found a half-opened pack of pull-ups. Guess she did have a slight bedwetting problem already.

Nikkole packed what she could into her car and left behind what she couldn't take.

Such as the bed, the fridge, and the microwave.


The car ride home was silent. Both know they fucked up.

Should what they did get out, there is no way they wouldn't be in a world of trouble. But right now, that didn't matter.

No, to them, the only thing that mattered was making sure one little girl's life was made just a little bit better.

As they returned home, Nikkole thanked Sampson for staying with her and everything he did.

"Dont mention it. And if it gets out what I did…" Sampson says,

"Then I'll treat you to lunch at the prison," Nikkole says with a smile, and they both chuckle at the bad joke.

As soon as he was gone, Nikkole unpacked her car and brought Ella's stuff into the house.

"Well, go through this stuff later," Nikkole mumbled when she was done. "Let's go check on Ella real quick."

Nikkole went back upstairs and crept into the nursery.

Ella lay there, sound asleep.

Nikkole smiled as she gently lowered the bars to the crib and got a closer look at Ella.

Just looking at that sleeping face made everything Nikkole did worth it for her.

"Ella, Ella, sweety, it's time to wake up," Nikkole whispered as she gave Ella a gentle shake.

Ella's eyes fluttered open. Dazed and unfocused. But as Ella focused on the smiling face in front of her, she could not help but smile back.

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this story is awesome. I just want to let you know I would not want to be messing with either Samson or Nicole, because they are ones you don't mess with. Especially if they use language like they did, and let me tell you if I had a police officer draw his gun and put it on my crotch and threaten to shoot me I think I would be very very nervous!  Her dad sounds like a total dork and I'm using that as a clean way of saying something a lot worse, but man he has a bad way about him. I'll tell you if anyone ever talked to me like that in front of somebody that cared about me that person would be about 2 inches tall and about 5 seconds! That's one thing I can't stand is when people have bad attitudes about when things happen but since this is a story, I hope that her father learns a lesson that he'll never forget, and so far Ella seems to be in good hands with the people that are taken care of her!

Based on what I've read, her life sucked! I certainly do hope that Nicole, Sampson and whoever can help her Become the lady that she wants to be, and will allow her to go at her own pace and help her get healthy. That poor thing I almost ended up crying when I read about how bad she looked, and the poor thing indefinite need needs a person like Nicole to take care of her. Even when she uses her "Mom Look" , that's one thing that I wouldn't mess with. When a mother is that serious, she means business, and you do it or you get into some serious trouble. Let's hope that Nicole is able to help Ella get better so she can be the person she wants to be in a safe environment!

Great job keep it up! 😁😁


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I just got caught up on the newest version and like the original story I am enjoying it.  I did also noticed several mentions of Madeline in chapter 5.  I was thrown off a bit by that myself but then the explanation cleared things up.  So far chapter 5 I think is the only place I recall noticing it. I am not sure why it was necessary to redo the original story.  I kind of understand that you and a co-author had something of a falling out but what was written was done. I wouldn’t expect that person would have a problem with it as it was. But then you never know for sure. Either way I think it’s a good story and if redoing it works for everyone, I am definitely all for it as well. I am looking forward to seeing what changes. 

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27 minutes ago, CDfm said:

I just got caught up on the newest version and like the original story I am enjoying it.  I did also noticed several mentions of Madeline in chapter 5.  I was thrown off a bit by that myself but then the explanation cleared things up.  So far chapter 5 I think is the only place I recall noticing it. I am not sure why it was necessary to redo the original story.  I kind of understand that you and a co-author had something of a falling out but what was written was done. I wouldn’t expect that person would have a problem with it as it was. But then you never know for sure. Either way I think it’s a good story and if redoing it works for everyone, I am definitely all for it as well. I am looking forward to seeing what changes. 

i guess i sill missed some. ill take a look again and try to fix them.

yes we had a falling out. originally i had no problem keeping it up. it was my first big stories. in size, popularity, and in experience. but after writing it and our falling out, i couldn't bring myself to continue it. it was a world he started and that i improved and brought to life. but if i kept going, it would feel like i was still working with him. so i just let it be. that is until he came back into my life. i dont like being disrespected and i dont forgive and forget. when he got mad that i wouldn't forgive him, he told me he regretted working with me.

that's when it hit me. i did all the work for the story. only 20% of the original role play was a part of the story. the rest was used as an outline. i did everything else. 80% of it was mine. so why not make it fully mine? if we regret working with each other, then i can just cut out the 20%, change a few things and make the story better without being tied down by an asshole. 

they are still free to make their version of TLT, one more faithful to their RP. but they wont profit from my hard work. ill make sure of that. 

or for a more simplistic answer, if you somehow piss me off, i can be a very petty asshole. ^w^

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  • PinkTheDinosaur changed the title to Tinny Intruder ch7 (formerly The little thief) (9-18-23)

chapter 7

Ella let out a cute yawn as she slowly sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"How was your nap, Ella?" Nikkole asked her.

"Good," Ella replied, yawning as she stretched her arms above her head.

Seeing a good opportunity, Nikkole reached forward and began tickling Ella's unprotected armpits.

Ella erupted into a fit of laughter, and she began kicking and begging Nikkole to let her go.

Nikkole couldn't help but giggle while hearing the little girl's laughter but did as she wished and stopped, letting the girl catch her breath.

Ella was now lying on the bed, still slightly giggling from the tickle attack, a warm smile on her face.

When was the last time she woke up this happy?  

It's not like the last few years were all bad, but Ella found it hard to think of when she woke up in a happy mood like this. Ella wanted nothing more than for this moment to last longer.

But something began to bubble up, and Ella realized what it was.

"'Mo-Nikkole, um, could you, um," Ella said as she sat up and squirmed a little.

"Yes?" Nikkole replied, slightly confused.

"U-um, could you h-help me to the bathroom?" Ella asked while stuttering. "I-i need to p-pee."

Nikkole smiled as she stood up and showed Ella to the bathroom.

"I'll give you some privacy." Nikkole told her with a slight smile, "Just yell if you need help."

"O-ok," Ella replied with a blush as she entered the bathroom.

Ella turned to face the toilet and smiled that she didn't need to use the diaper. The ripping sound of the diaper tabs could have been music to her ears as She sat on the toilet for the first time in what felt like forever and could pee normally.

Once she was done and cleaned herself off, Ella realized she didn't have anything to cover up her lower half. She peeked out the door and called out for Nikkole.

"Are you done?" Nikkole called out.

"Ya! But I don't have anything to cover up with!" Ella called back.

"It's fine, just come to the nursery!" Nikkole called.

For a moment, Ella was a little nervous to walk out of the bathroom without anything down there, but she remembered Nikkole had already seen that place a few times.

So. Ella opened the door, covered her front area with her hands, and walked to the nursery.

"I got a surprise for you," Nikkole said with a smile as she walked over and led Ella to the crib.

Laying there was a diaper and what looked like little girl training pants. Something Nikkole picked up at the coroner store earlier.

"Ella, I know you don't like the diapers, but I don't want you to have an accident in my...no, our home," Nikkole said as she corrected herself while Ella turned to look up to her. "So I wanted to let you have the option of wearing these instead of diapers."

Nikkole picked up the training pants and gave them to Ella.

"S-so no more diapers?" Ella asked as she took hold of the training pants.

"No, but those will only be for nighttime or long car rides," Nikkole told her.

Again, Ella wanted to say no, to say she was an adult who wore regular underwear.

But she had to ask why? How many times did she have accidents despite all the work she did to prevent them? She did not drink so much when she was out, going to the bathroom every hour, just to still wind up with a small wet spot occasionally.

"O-ok Nikkole. I-ill wear them." Ella said as she gave Nikkole a small smile.

Nikkole smiled back as she took the training pants and held them open for Ella to step into.

Once pulled up, Ella couldn't help but feel odd.

They were not as thin as regular panties, but they were not as thick as diapers, either. A lot like the pull-ups she had back home on occasion, but softer.

"Good girl," Nikkole said as she patted Ella's hair. Making Ella blush.

Then Nikkole sat on the crib mattress and looked down at Ella.
"Ella, there are a few things I would like to talk to you about," Nikkole said as Ella looked at her nervously. "It's OK, you're not in trouble or anything. I just wanted to go over a few house rules, OK? Rule 1. As I said before, you'll wear your trainers during the day, but I want you to wear diapers at night. OK?"

"Y-yes," Ella replied with a nod. While she didn't like the diapers, at least it was only at night. After waking up with a wet diaper this morning, it would be hard to say no.

"2, you'll eat at least half of all the food I give you," Again, Ella nodes already accepting she needs to eat more. "3, no more bad language in this house. OK?"

While Ella thought that rule was a little unnecessary, she again nodded in agreement. 

"Good girl," Nikkole tells Ella as she stands up. "For being so good, would you like some ice cream?"

Ella looked up at Nikkole with a big smile.


A few minutes later, the two were down in the kitchen. 

Ella sat at the table as Nikkole brought over some strawberry ice cream.

"T-thank you, Nikkole," Ella told her as the bowl was set in front of her.

"You welcome," Nikkole tells her as she gives Ella a pet on the head.

As Nikkole was busy looking things over for dinner later, Ella ate her ice cream and looked around. She noted a hallway she had yet to go to and a lot of pictures hanging on the wall.

One, in particular, caught Ella's eye. It was of Nikkole holding who Ella could only guess was Alex. They looked like they were at a park and were playing and having a lot of fun when the person took that photo.

As she looked at it, she couldn't help but feel a tug at her heart.

'Why couldn't I have that?'

'she is lucky to have a mom like Nikkole.'

'I wish Nikkole was my mommy and not her's..."

Ella suddenly felt very cold, a tear streamed down her face as she remembered that Alex was gone. Was she really getting jealous of a dead girl?

"Ella?" Nikkole asked from behind Ella in the kitchen, snapping Ella out of her thoughts. "Are you OK?"

"Oh, um," Ella said, wiping the tear away. "I-I'm fine. W-what's over there?"

Ella pointed at the hallway in hopes of changing the subject.

"Oh, right!" Nikkole said as she just realized something. "I still need to show you the rest of the house!

Nikkole walked over and pointed at the stairs.

"As you know, upstairs has my room, the nursery, and a bathroom," Nikkole told Ella as she turned to the kitchen, "you see the kitchen here, and over there is the living room."

Nikkole pointed out the rooms Ella had already been to but went to the hallway next.

"Right this way," Nikkole tells Ella as she gets up from the table and leaves her bowl there for the moment.

In the hallway, there were four doors. The closest one was just another bathroom.

The one on the other side of it was opened up to be a home office.

"This was my father's office until he passed away, then I used it until I retired," Nikkole told Ella. "But now it's just an old room collecting dust."

The next room was just a little laundry room. Nothing much to say about it.

But the last door was different. Unlike the rest, it was much bigger and was painted a bright orange.

As Nikkole opened the door, Ella was surprised to see stairs leading down.

As they reached the bottom, Nikkole turned on the lights and surprised Ella with a playroom!

To Ella's left, there was a small table with art supplies scattered about, some hanging on the wall.

There was a changing table to her right, most likely for a quick change instead of going up two flights of stairs.

Then, in front of her, there were toys everywhere! Most were stuffed animals, but Ella could see other toys like dolls, legos, and even a spot where some board games were.

Thankfully, there weren't any life-size baby dolls. Those things creep her out.

But those toys were nothing compared to the GIANT STUFED UNICORN! It was sitting off in a corner, and even sitting down, it was about as tall as Ella herself! Ella was stunned at seeing it, and part of her just wanted to hug it. She didn't know why.

The room looked amazing, and Ella had no doubts any child would love to play there.

But something didn't feel right. As Ella looked around, she could see the toys were scattered everywhere, well played with, but the room felt off.

Almost sad...

"This was Alex's playroom," Nikkole told Ella. "My little baby just loved playing here for hours on end."

That's when Ella realized why she felt off. She could now see the thin layer of dust on everything like the toys had not been played with since their owner left them.

Ella looked up to see the half smile on Nikkole's face slowly fading as she looked at the room and thought of her daughter.

Ella didn't want to see Nikkole sad. She had to think of something to at least get her mind off it.

With the first thing that came to mind, Ella walked forward, picked up a stuffed raccoon, and hugged it before turning to Nikkole.

"N-Nikkole, wou-ould it be OK if i-i play in here s-some time?" Ella asked, slightly embarrassed as she tried to hide her face behind the stuffed kitty.

Nikkole was snapped out of her thoughts and was slightly shocked Ella would ask her that. Then she realized immediately what Ella was doing for her. She smiled and crouched down to Ella and hugged her.

"Of course. You can come and play any time you want." Nikkole told Ella.

Ella might not be as interested in all the toys as a child would be, but if it made Nikkole happy, she would go along with it for her.

Being this close to Ella, Nikkole could smell the little girl. It wasn't the smell of a dirty diaper but one of a child who hadn't had a bath in a while.

"Ella, when was the last time you showered?" Nikkole asked.

Ella's face was bright red.

"A-a few days," she said meekly. "M-my shower w-was broken a-and I was waiting f-for it to get fixed."

"Well, come along. Mine works, and you could certainly need it." Nikkole said as she gave a slight giggle.

As Nikkole and Ella were leaving the room, Ella gave the room one more look.

It might have been Ella's imagination, but the room seemed a bit brighter. Like it was happy to know someone would be using it again soon.

As they went into the bathroom, Nikkole asked Ella to get undressed while she did something.

When Ella was naked, she was a little surprised to see Nikkole running a bath for her.

"Go ahead and relax a little bit. I'm going to go make dinner." Nikkole said as she walked by Ella and petted her head.

As Ella stepped into the tub, she couldn't help but let out a moan as the hot water felt so good.

Ella laid back and let the hot water surround her as she relaxed. Were baths always this relaxing? When was the last time she got to bathe and relax?

It was back just before she found out she had Preas. After that, she did anything she could to look more grown up, and only babies played in the bath.

As Ella relaxed, she didn't care if this was considered babyish. She realized just how good the relaxing bath felt and wouldn't mind more of them.

Nikkole knocked on the door and told Ella there were clothes and a towel outside the bathroom door.

Ella thanked her before dunking her head into the water and having her whole body emerge momentarily.

As Ella reemerged, she began thinking of what happened today and what she was doing yesterday.

She would have woken up any other day, most likely in a wet pull-up. She would have had to do another wet wipe clean, so she did not smell too bad without her hot water. Her stomach would be begging for food, and she would only give it a single piece of bread and an energy bar plus her vitamins.

She would play her switch for entertainment for a few hours before she got bored and took a walk. But that walk would only be around the motel, and if she tried to leave without a car, she would have most likely been mugged.

Ella would then see Bob, who, depending on how hungover he was, would tell her what house they would hit next or have Ella look for one.

Then she would return to her room and nap for a few hours, skipping lunch and waiting for nightfall.

For dinner, she would only eat a small salad and an energy bar before having Bob drop her off to scope a place or robe someone.

Now look at her, been reduced to diapers, cried more times than she could count, had her bare bottom spanked more than once, forced to eat, forced to go to a doctor, and practically became a baby by a person she was trying to rob this morning!

And despite all of that, Ella would have done it all again.

Ella finally found someone else, someone who was willing to hear her out. Ready to give her a second chance even if she didn't deserve it, willing to trust her.

Nikkole did all of this, wanting nothing in return...

Was that really alright? Being taken care of and offering nothing?

No, she would ask Nikkole and try to offer anything to her to pay back her kindness!

She giggled when Ella finally got out of the bath and slightly opened the door to get her clothes.

Nikkole gave her another trainer and a blue footie pajama. She decided not to fuss about it too much. After everything Nikkole has done, wearing this wouldn't be so bad.

But as she put it on, she found the back zipper hard to pull up. So she went downstairs to ask Nikkole for help.

She could smell the scent of spices and tomato sauce cooking, making her mouth water slightly.

"N-Nikkole?" Ella said as she walked into the kitchen.

"Oh! Hi sweetie, how was your bath?" Nikkole asked as she drained a pot of pasta.

"F-fantastic!" Ella said with a smile. "B-but um, I need a little help."

Ella turned to show the zipper, and Nikkole giggled.

Nikkole walked over, finished zipping up the pajama, and smiled at how cute little Ella looked.

"Now go sit down at the table, and we'll have dinner in just a moment," Nikkole told Ella, who nodded and got to the table.

A few minutes later, Nikkole came over with two plates of spaghetti with French bread and a glass of fruit juice.

Nikkole enjoyed watching as the little girl with the eating problem was finally eating and slightly making a mess on her face.

Nikkole giggled as she handed Ella a napkin to wipe her face with, but she didn't do a good job.

"Here, let me help." Nikkole said as she took the napkin and cleaned Ella's slightly blushing face."

"T-thank you," Ella said shyly.

Ella could only eat about 1/3rd of the plate before she got full. Which was not surprising to Nikkole. Someone like Ella needs to work on getting back her weight; going slow is for the best. She was just glad Ella was eating.

"OK, Ella, why don't you go watch some TV while I do the dishes," Nikkole told Ella as she grabbed the plates.

"W-wait!" Ella cried out as Nikkole was walking away.

"Huh?" Nikkole said as she turned back.

"I-i can c-clean the kitchen. Y-you've already d-done a lot for m-me." Ella told Nikkole. "I-i want to h-help in a-anyway I-i can."

Nikkole smiled as she put the plates down, knelt before Ella, and rubbed her head.

"Why don't we do it together?" Nikkole asked, which made Ella smile.

While Nikkole did the dishes, Ella wiped down the table and counters.

Thankfully, Nikkole still had Alex's old step stool for Ella to reach high places.

"Thank you, Ella, you were a tremendous help." Nikkole lied to Ella as she still praised the little girl for trying.

Ella had missed quite a few spots, and Nikkole would have to go back and fix that, but at least Ella tried, and Nikkole would show her how to do better later. She'll wait until Ella is asleep before finishing the job.

"Let's watch some TV before bed," Nikkole suggested, and Ella agreed.

Upon getting to the living room, Ella stopped when she saw the boxes and her purse.

"Oh, right! I didn't get the chance to tell you. I went to your apartment and got most of your stuff for you." Nikkole told Ella.

"W-wait, but how!" Ella asked, stunned.

"While you were napping, I paid Mr.Tenderheart a visit. Let's just say he won't bother you if he knows what's good for him."

Ella was just in shock at hearing this. Was Bob out of her life? She didn't have to go back to that apartment? Could she really start over?

Nikkole picked up Ella and wiped a tear from her eye.

"You can stay here as long as you want, Ella," Nikkole said before kissing the girl on the forehead. "Now, we'll deal with the boxes tomorrow. Let's just relax and watch some TV."

Ella obliged and was sitting on the 2 seater couch facing the TV. Partly leaning on Nikkole as they watched 2 TV shows and started a movie.

Before the movie started, Nikkole went to the kitchen and brought back a little snack. She gave Ella 2 Oreo cookies and a glass of warm Preas formula with strawberry syrup.

Ella thanked her and ate her cookies before sipping on her surprisingly delicious and somewhat comforting milk. She didn't know it was Preas formula, but the taste brought a calming feeling to her.

But as the movie started and Ella got engrossed, she forgot she was still holding half a glass and spilling it on herself.

Nikkole and Ella jumped up before Ella started crying for making a mess.

"Shh, it's OK, Ella. Accidents happen." Nikkole told her as she took Ella by the hand and led her upstairs.

Nikkole removed the wet pajamas before picking Ella up and placing her on the changing table.

"Might as well do this now," Nikkole said as she took off Ella's trainers and put her into a nighttime diaper.

Part of Ella wanted to cry about the diaper but remembered it was only for nights. If she shows Nikkole she doesn't always have accidents, she could be upgraded to just pull-ups at night again.

Nikkole then helped Ella into a new white footie pajama before entering the hallway and giving Ella a towel from a cupboard.

"Go dry up the milk while I go do something," Nikkole told Ella, who nodded and went to clean her mess.

When Nikkole returned, the towel was over the couch, and Ella was trying her best to dry it, but it was still a little damp.

"It's OK. It should be fine." Nikkole told her as she sat down in her spot. "Let's just finish the movie."

Ella nodded and was about to sit on the damp towel or move to the other couch next to them when Nikkole picked Ella up and sat her on her lap.

"This is a comfy spot, right?" Nikkole asked.

"Y-yes," Ella said, slightly embarrassed as they both leaned back and Nikkole turned the movie back on.

"Here you go, Ella," Nikkole said as she gave Ella a bottle of warm milk.

Ella looked back in confusion.

"It's just to prevent spills. I'll get you something better later, but this is all I have." Nikkole told her.

"T-thank you," Ella blushed, knowing Nikkole didn't mean anything by the bottle. Ella just wouldn't drink from it.

But as the movie continued, and Ella found herself lying on the arm of the couch, she felt very thirsty. Part of her wanted to get a cup to drink from, but the movie was getting to a good part. So she reluctantly started to drink from the bottle.

Nikkole smiled at the baby lying on her lap as she rubbed Ella's head while she lost herself in the movie. To Nikkole, watching Ella enjoy the milk and the movie was better than the movie itself.

Before the movie ended, Ella fell asleep. Nikkole cradled the little girl and propped up her bottle so that she could drink the last little bit.

As Ella subconsciously drank the bottle so close to Nikkole's breast, Nikkole couldn't help but want to breastfeed the little girl. She knew it was wrong, that Ella wasn't a real baby, that her breast couldn't even produce milk, but the urge was too strong.

Nikkole lowered her shirt and pulled out Ella's bottle.

Ella's mouth hung open on instinct, wanting something to suckle on.

With Nikkole's nipple brushing Ella's lip, Ella leaned forward and latched herself onto Nikkole, making her yelp in surprise as the little girl began sucking.

Nikkole's heart was pounding as waves of old motherly emotions came flooding back. Nikkole knew Ella wasn't hers, wasn't a baby, and would probably be mad if she found out Nikkole was doing this.

But she didn't care. For this moment, Nikkole felt like a mommy again. A mommy feeding her precious, beautiful little baby girl. One that Nikkole would do anything for.

Tears streamed down Nikkole's face as she stroked Ella's hair.

"Mommy loves you, Ella. And she always will." Nikkole whispered.

Maybe it was Nikkole's mind playing tricks on her, or perhaps Ella subconsciously heard her, but Ella seemed to smile as she listened.

The moment couldn't last forever, however, and eventually, Nikkole had to take little Ella upstairs to the nursery and tuck her in.

"Sweet dreams," Nikkole whispered as she left the room.

Warm, full, safe, loved. Ella lay in the crib. At this moment, it would be almost impossible to wake Ella up. As Ella rolled over, she let out a small toot.

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I certainly enjoyed the newest chapter. I am enjoying how Ella is struggling between wanting to be a big girl and at the same time enjoy the childhood she missed out on.  I am sure the Preas is also causing some of the regression feelings. I hope she is able to find a happy balance.  I know Nikkole will help with that too. 
I normally wouldn’t do such a thing but I want to offer just a bit of advice and you can take it or leave it.  I am quite a bit older than most around here and life has taught me that it’s never a good thing to hold a grudge or keep in anger. Being “a very petty asshole” will shorten your life and keep you miserable doing so. I understand your feelings (I have been there) and I know it’s very hard to let go but when you do, you gain a great freedom. If you are like me you would actually remain awake thinking about the wrongs and hurting.  Then thinking of ways to get even or cause them the same kinds of pain and suffering. Letting go frees you of that though and you feel so much better in yourself.  You don’t need to care if they are still holding onto their problems. 
Now enough of that, I am looking forward to more of YOUR story. 

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