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Alice's Day in Very Full Diapers

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Alice's Day in Very Full Diapers


¬†¬†¬†Rejoice! For I have once again written a smut. ūü§£ But this time I wasn't alone. I co-wrote this story with the lovely PrincessDiaperGirl on Deviantart, whom I shall link to here:


(She doesn't have an account here so we agreed that she'd post the story on DA while I post it here ūüėÖ)¬†


   NOTE: All characters depicted here are 18+ years old. Enjoy! 




   Alice stood rigidly in front of the three members of the House of Azalea Doves who would be deciding her fate.

   In the center of the group was Jennifer. With her auburn hair pulled back into a ponytail, her round glasses perched perfectly on her face, and the pledge book in her arms, she gave off the impression of being the leader of the trio.

   To her right was Britney. Though they all wore the same button-up and navy blazer with matching skirt that was the school uniform, Britney's dark makeup, lip piercing, and generally menacing aura gave off a somewhat scary vibe. Like Wednesday Addams, if she were also captain of the Track team and could bend you in half with one arm tied behind her back.

   And last but not least was Harmony. The red hair and freckles combined with the not-too-subtle southern drawl caused her to stand out from her peers. But the confidence in her emerald eyes seemed to indicate that she wasn't insecure about any of it.

   "Good Morning, Alice." Jennifer greeted with a smile. "I hope you slept well. You've got a big day ahead of you."

   Alice yawned, indicating that she may not have had the best night. Must've been the nerves, after all she'd been working up the courage to join for months now. Her long blonde hair was pulled up in a messy bun, hastily done just hours before. Her voice was shaky, again due to nerves.

   "Y-yes- I'm.. I'm ready."

   "Good," Jennifer nodded. "We here at the House of Azalea Doves sorority only take in the most-dedicated pledges."

   "So you can expect today to be hell." Britney added with no visible emotion on her face.

   "Did you *prepare* yourself for the Initiation like we told ya to?" Harmony asked with a smirk.

   Alice looked down sheepishly at her skirt. "Y-yes-.. just as you asked-"

   "Do you honestly expect us to just take your word for it? Show us." Britney ordered, the faint traces of a malicious grin tugging at her lips.

   "I-I- uhh.. fine.." Alice's face was burning with embarrassment as she turned around and lifted her skirt.

   Beneath her skirt was a pair of translucent baby blue plastic pants which did very little to conceal the puffy white diaper she was wearing.

   "Let's see if you got it on right." Harmony said, stepping up to Alice and gently lowering the plastic pants down to mid-thigh before running her fingertips over the crinkly plastic padding.

   Alice froze up. The feeling of Harmony's fingers rubbing over her diaper was one of best things she'd ever felt. It was all she could do to hold in a yelp of pleasure.

   "Very good! You even got the tapes straight." she said, slapping the back of Alice's diaper with a dull thud. "Good girl."

   "Eep!" She couldn't help herself, a quiet yelp escaped Alice's lips. The combination of the rubbing, the quick slap and the "good girl" was too much for her.

   "th-thank you.." she muttered, face still flaming with embarrassment.

   Jennifer nodded her head "Good. Then we can begin with phase 1 of the Initiation." she said, setting her book down and going over to a table, retrieving an opaque Tupperware container.

   Alice peered curiously at the container. "What's the first phase?"

   Britney stalked around Alice like a lioness circling her prey "Oh, did you think the Initiation was just gonna be wearing a diaper for a day?"

   Harmony crosses in front of the poor girl, grinning like the Cheshire Cat "No no, you're gonna be wearing a FULL diaper all day, Hon."

   Alice shrank back, trying to back into a wall but instead tripping clumsily over a chair. "Wh-what? But- b-but this wasn't.. nodody said-"

   "Oh quit your whining," Britney sneered down at Alice "Just because you're dressed like a baby doesn't mean you have to cry like one!"

   Harmony leans down and offers her a hand up "Careful, Hon. We don't want you hittin' that pretty little head a' yours, do we?"

   Alice took Harmony's hand, blushing a deep red as she spoke. "Thanks...". She shot a look at Britney. It was becoming clear who Alice favored out of the group.

   Jennifer continued on as if nothing had happened "We have each selected a substance or object to put in your diaper at the beginning of each of the 3 phases."

   "And if you happen to fill your diapers on your own, that's your problem." Britney added.

   "If you can make it to the end of the day without removing your diaper, you will be welcomed in as an official Azalea Dove!" Harmony said. 

   Alice was taken aback. She'd known that she had to wear a diaper, sure, but nobody had told her that the girls would be filling it with.. "substances" as Jennifer had called them.


   She took a deep breath.

   "Fine. I'll-I'll do it."

   "Excellent!" Jennifer said, "For your 1st phase, I wanted to pick something that wouldn't be too unpleasant. So I decided on a batch of oatmeal." She opens the container to reveal what looked like a pretty hefty amount of oatmeal, especially for what she intended to do with it. "Harmony, would you please pull the back of her diaper open?"

   Alice cringed at the thought. A load of oatmeal right down her diaper? Suppose she's doing what has to be done, after all it was basically her dream to join up with these girls.

   Harmony complied and held the back of Alice's diaper open for Jennifer. What came next was the scraping of a spoon against Tupperware and the sensation of Alice's diaper being filled up with a load of surprisingly-warm mush.

   Another quiet yelp came from Alice. She squirmed around at the uncomfortable sensation but that only made the mushy oatmeal wriggle around more and settle into the bottom of her diaper, nestling itself right up against her butt.

   "There we go. All done!" Jennifer's cheery voice exclaimed as Harmony released the back of Alice's diaper, causing it to snap back into place.

   As the diaper snapped back against Alice's skin, one more yelp came for good measure. She didn't dare move, just in case she agitated the mush further.

   Unfortunately for Alice, Harmony had other plans. She smacks the padded girl's butt again, squishing the mess thoroughly "How's that feel, darlin'?" she asks teasingly.

   Alice immediately clasped her hands to her mouth to stifle a moan of pure pleasure.

"W-well- it.. it's-.. probably the worst thing I've ever felt.. who even came up with this?"

   "Let's just say it was a... Collaborative effort." Harmony explains.

   "I still think it's f***ing weird, but whatever."

   "Britney! Language!"

   "Oh go to hell, Jen! We're all adults. Well... Most of us." she responds, glancing at Alice. 

   At Britney's comment, Alice gazed at the floor shamefully.

   Jennifer straightens her glasses "now then, I believe your next class starts soon so you better get going."

   "And remember," Britney began, "you can quit and take the diaper off at any time. But you know what *that* will mean."

   "Nah, I think she's gonna make it through the day." Harmony winked at the diapered girl. "She seems like Azalea Dove material."

   At Harmony's compliment, Alice squared her shoulders as best she could "I-I can do it! I'll make it through the whole day-"

   "Wonderful." Jennifer smiles "Now run along and we will save you a seat at lunch time so we can check on how you're doing."

   "And start phase 2." Britney added, knowing it would make Alice squirm.

   Alice looked back at the girls before she left, giving Harmony a quick smile. Making her way across campus to get to class turned out to be a lot more-challenging than Alice expected. Each step she took caused the oatmeal in her diaper to shift and squish against her, and the added bulk forced her to concentrate on not waddling to avoid drawing suspicion.

   Alice had to keep her mouth firmly shut to avoid yelping at the feeling of her mushy diaper.

   Eventually, she made it to class, and was even a few minutes early and was the first person there. Her relief, however, was cut short when she had the horrific realization that she was going to have to sit down in the mush-filled diaper clinging to her butt.

   She slowly lowered herself down to the chair, anticipating the squishing that was about to come. In hindsight, this was a terrible idea. The mushy oatmeal slowly squishing against the seat of her diaper as it made contact with the chair was agonizing.

   Students slowly started filtering into the classroom followed by the professor as class was getting started. The old man's droning voice was hard enough to pay attention to on a good day, and Alice's thoughts were already too fixated on the squishy feeling of the diaper beneath her skirt.

   She could barely concentrate. Maybe it was all the concentrating on the mushy oatmeal feeling, or maybe it was the slightly comforting feeling of the diaper, but she was slowly drifting off to sleep.

   The next thing she knew, the Professor was tapping on her desk with a ruler, startling her awake "I hope I'm not interrupting your nap time?" he said with a slight smirk, indicating that he wasn't mad.

   A quick glance around the room revealed no other students. She'd slept through the whole class!

   "H-huh?? I-I-.. uhm.. s-sorry sir.. didn't sleep well last night.." An embarrassing apology to be sure, but nothing bad could come from it... Right?

   Then it hit her. Alice had to stand up. Stand up.. in her mushy, oatmeal filled diaper. This was going to be a problem.

   A warm chuckle escaped his lips "It's quite alright, dear. You can find the material we covered today in chapter 4 before my next class tomorrow. Just try not to make a habit of it, alright?" Without waiting for an answer he heads back towards his desk at the front of the classroom.

   "I-I'll look at that tonight sir.." Now comes the trouble of standing up. She had to yet again hold back her whimpers of pleasure as the mushy oatmeal slowly unstuck itself from both her ass and her diaper. Once she'd slowly risen from the chair, she made her way out of the room and to her next class.

   The next class was much more of the same--another boring lesson she couldn't be bothered to pay attention to, when her thoughts were so preoccupied with her diaper. Thoughts which, unfortunately, were cut short when she felt a twinge in her bladder about halfway through Class and remembered what Britney said about "filling" her diaper throughout the day.

   She tried to fight the urge, and almost saved herself by thinking about asking to leave to use the bathroom... Not remembering that it wasn't permitted unless you had a medical reason. This was certainly not one of those reasons for not using the toilet. She would've gone before her last class but she was too preoccupied with the Azalea Doves initiation.

She couldn't stop herself any longer, and a warm feeling spread into her diaper, accompanied by a quiet sound of her piss hitting both the diaper and the oatmeal. As the liquid mixed with the mush inside, the feeling only worsened…

   Alice couldn't resist the urge to carefully reach down between her legs and lightly prod the diaper. It felt so warm! And it could be her imagination, but it seemed like it had swelled quite a bit from her pee.

A shiver ran up her spine at the thought of being stuck wearing this diaper all day--continuing to "fill" it, on top of whatever Britney and Harmony had planned for her. Just how far were they expecting her to go? What would they make her do next?

   She was hit by a crushing feeling that this was only the beginning… 

   Luckily for most, though very unlucky for Alice, it was lunch, so she set off to find the table with the Azalea Doves.. to start the second phase.


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Part 2

   Alice groaned as she saw a text from Jennifer telling her to meet them in the Azalea Doves' House for lunch. Trekking across campus again wasn't necessarily any easier than it was last time, especially now that the diaper was even heavier and swollen than it was before. And would be a lot heavier before the day was done…

   She found them in the same room her Initiation began in, with bags of fast food strewn about the floor.

   Jennifer smiled at Alice as she appeared in the door "There you are. Come, sit with us. We have plenty of food to spare and you are welcome to it."

   "Th-thanks.." She carefully walked into the room, making sure to take slow and deliberate steps to not agitate the mush within her diaper any further, before gently lowering herself onto the floor near where Harmony sat.

   Harmony chuckled at her cautious steps "You're adorable."

   Alice blushed at Harmony's comment.

   "How's your diaper holding up, little girl?" That remark came from Britney across the room as she sipped on her milkshake.

   "U-uh- it.. it's.. fine. Y-yeah- it's fine.."

   "Oh is it now?" Britney retorted "Maybe we should check, just to be sure?"

   "I can handle that!" Harmony said with perhaps a little bit too much enthusiasm before turning to the diapered girl.

   "H-huh-? I- uhhh.. d-do you have to..?" Alice pleaded. 

   "Yes, darlin'. It's all part of the Initiation. Now if you'd be so kind as to lift your skirt for me, hon?"

   "A-alright..." She turned around and sheepishly lifted her skirt, yet again blushing.

   "Thank ya, hon." Harmony said before pressing her palm into the back of Alice's diaper, feeling the padding squish against her and slowly moving down further between the girl's legs.

   Alice squeaked, flinching at the feeling of Harmony rubbing her diaper.

   "Hmmm, feels a little squishier than it was before. I wonder why?" Alice didn't need to see Harmony's face to hear the smirk in her voice, nor did she miss the muffled chuckle across the room from Jennifer.

   Alice's face flushed red with embarrassment, and she looked down at the floor with shame.

   After what felt like an eternity of having her squishy diaper groped, Harmony removed her hand and pulled Alice's skirt back down. "Looks all good to me. Why don't you go ahead and grab a bite to eat, hon? Would you like a burger or a wrap?"

   Alice kept her eyes locked onto a particularly interesting spot on the ground. "I'm.. I'm fine for now- thanks.."

Her voice was quiet, no doubt due to embarrassment.

   "Suit yourself." Harmony relented.

The three Azalea Doves continued eating and talking about House business, as if Alice wasn't there at all, giving her a much-needed reprieve from the lime-light to collect her thoughts and compose herself. Alice breathed a sigh of momentary relief, though she knew it definitely wouldn't last. Was this even a relief if she was still stuck here squirming in her mushy diaper?

   As lunch was coming to an end and Jennifer was gathering up the trash from their little makeshift picnic, every muscle in Alice's body tensed when Britney stood up and stalked across the room until she was standing directly over her. "Do you know what time it is, little girl?"

   "Y-yes- I... I do.." Alice knew exactly what time it was. Time for phase 2 where something else would be added to her already sodden diaper.

   Britney wasted no time quickly yanking Alice up onto her feet and pulled her over to where she had been sitting. "I'll be honest, I was struggling to decide what I wanted to contribute to this part of the Initiation. Then when we were ordering lunch I had a brilliant idea..." She picked up her extra-large milkshake which appeared to still be about half-full.

   Alice pretended to not know what Britney was talking about, but she knew exactly what was going to happen next…

   Britney saw through Alice's play of ignorance fairly easily "That's right, the rest of this milkshake is going in your diaper. Half in the back, and half in front." She grinned evilly, "So be a good baby and turn around for me. We'll start with the back."

   "F-fine.." Alice stood still for a moment, then submitted to Britney's orders. This tiniest show of defiance towards her least-favorite Dove was her one solace in this situation.

   "Better hold still. Wouldn't wanna get milkshake all over your skirt, now would we?" and with that, Alice had the back of her diaper pulled open for the second time today, only this time instead of warm oatmeal being dumped into her diaper, it was an ice-cold milkshake.

   Alice shivered with cold as the milkshake made contact with her bare skin.

   But Britney wasn't done with her sadistic punishment. She let go of the back of Alice's diaper and circled in front of the shivering girl, 1/4 of a milkshake in hand. "Why don't you hold your diaper open for me this time?" she ordered, knowing the poor girl couldn't refuse.

   Alice decided that she probably didn't want to disobey Britney. So she held her diaper open and squeezed her eyes shut in anticipation.

   As bad as the shock of the cold milkshake hitting her butt had been, the shock of it being poured into the front of her diaper was somehow ten times worse. She shivered even worse than before, holding onto the wall for support. She didn't want to show weakness in front of Britney, but this was a moment where that wasn't possible. 

   "I'll bet that's cold, huh? Well don't worry. If what Harmony said was true, you should have no problem warming that diaper up on your own." Britney teased, reaching down to pat the front of the girl's diaper when she was finished.

   That simple pat made her squirm even more. 

   "Well if this ain't gettin' more fun by the minute!" Harmony exclaimed, "I'll have to come up with somethin' to top Britney's contributions for Phase 3." She said with a mischievous gleam in her eye.

   Alice mentally groaned at the thought. What could be worse than a cold milkshake right down her diaper? Squishing around with the oatmeal and absorbing into the crinkly material.

  "But don't you worry your pretty little head about that, hon." she said, gently patting the girl's head, "Now I believe we all have classes to get to, right?"

   The other two Azalea Doves were already making their way out of the room. But on the way out, Jennifer reached over and gave Alice's diapered butt a gentle pat, giggling under her breath.


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  • Wannatripbaby changed the title to Alice's Day in Very Full Diapers (Chapter 2)

Part 3

   Making her way across campus again was a trial. Just when she thought the diaper couldn't get any harder to walk in, she's almost immediately proven wrong as the Doves (or herself) fill it up even fuller and heavier. Not waddling was becoming a physically strenuous task for Alice, and she couldn't tell which was making her shiver more: the coldness of the milkshake... Or the humiliation those girls were forcing her to endure.

   It was all she could do to hope that nobody else noticed or knew what was going on.

   By the time she reached her next class, Alice was ready to get off her feet, even if it meant... Sitting down... In her cold, mushy diaper… 

   After much more anticipation, she again lowered herself into her seat. But she couldn't suppress a shiver running through her body as the ice-cold contents of her diaper squished against her most-sensitive areas. 

   She resisted the urge to let out a squeal of pleasure and discomfort as the mush mixed with the liquid spread all around her diaper and her butt.

   One thing was certain: There would be no risk of Alice falling asleep in this class. She'd be too busy trying not to shiver.

   She still didn't pay much attention, though at least she didn't embarrass herself further by falling asleep in the middle of class.

   "Are you okay?" a whisper came from the seat next to Alice. It was some guy she didn't know, nor did she care to know him. But it seemed he'd noticed the girl shivering despite her best efforts to keep a low profile.

   Alice froze up, and that wasn't just because of her cold diaper. She wasn't the most confident person at the best of times, but with a diaper full of cold mush, combined with the fact that she was terrible at talking to boys, this was probably the worst situation she could've been in.

"Y-yes-.. just- j-just- uh.. ..cold- th-that- that's all…"

   The boy shrugged and, thankfully, dropped the subject. But the interaction only made Alice feel more self-conscious than she already had been.

   Alice's face seemed like it was perpetually burning, what with all the embarrassing things she was unfortunately subjected to.

   The rest of class soon finished much like the others--with Alice having retained nearly none of it.

   She waited for the other students to file out of the room before leaving her own seat. Her diaper wasn't nearly as cold anymore, but that didn't stop her from shuddering as the contents shifted and sagged with her movements.

   The realization then hit her like a ton of bricks. The realization of what her next class was, that is... When she spotted Britney outside the class. She didn't actually have a class now, but she did know that certain sport tryouts were held at certain points in the day. This was one of these times…

   "Hi Alice." The most-terrifying of the three Doves purred. "Did you enjoy your class?"

   Alice tried to remain calm, but she knew it couldn't last. "Uh- y-yes- it was.. v-very interesting.."

   "Oh really?" Britney raised an eyebrow "What was it about? Or were you too 'distracted' by something?"

   "It- it was- uh...." She looked down at the floor in shame.. or was she looking at her diaper- who's to say?

   "Uh-huh, that's what I thought. You know you really should work on that short attention span of yours, or else you're just not gonna make it around here as an Azalea Dove." She chastised.

   "I-I- uhhmm..." Alice couldn't think of a retort, although if she could think of it she'd be too scared to say it to Britney's face. "I was- I was just distracted.."

   Suddenly the elder girl looped her arm around Alice's and began pulling her down the hall. "Well luckily for you, I've got your next activity all picked out for you, and it requires zero brain power to get through."

   As Alice was dragged along, the contents of her diaper squished right up against her body. "Wh-where are we going-"

   "You'll see." was all Britney would say as she pulled Alice along, out of the building, and towards the stadium.


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  • Wannatripbaby changed the title to Alice's Day in Very Full Diapers (Chapter 3)

Part 4

   Alice looked over at the stadium and signed. No mental groaning, no audible exclamation, just a sigh. She'd almost become used to these punishments. She also knew exactly what Britney was going to make her do. All she wanted now was for Harmony to appear, to speak to Alice in her sweet yet still slightly menacing voice. But no, she was stuck with Britney and there was nothing she could do about it…

   Upon entering the stadium, Alice saw several groups of people all running around the track and got a pretty good idea of what she'd be expected to do. But how was she expected to run with a full diaper sagging from her butt!?

   "Britney! There you are!" an older man Alice presumed to be a coach said as they entered "I was beginning to wonder if you'd make it."

   "Sorry Coach," she said "I've been stuck babysitting our newest pledge to the Azalea Doves."

   Alice yet again cast her gaze towards the ground. "H-hi.." she mumbled. 

   "Hey," the man says, doing the bare minimum to even acknowledge the new girl. "Well, we better get going. This one has a lot of training to do if she's going to make the team." and with that, Britney pulled her unwilling participant towards the track.

   "S-so- you're.. you're really going to-"

Her complaint/question was abruptly cut off by Britney's voice.

   "Expect you to make the team? Not really. But I thought it would be fun to watch you try to run a lap around the track in a full diaper. Now get going!" she ordered with a smack to Alice's diapered butt.

   Knowing she couldn't stop any of this happening, Alice regretfully followed Britney's instructions. She wasn't the best runner under any conditions, and certainly not with a sagging diaper. As she ran, it squished and squelched against her body. 

   Barely a minute into her run and Alice was already miserable. The monstrous padding sagging between her legs kept rubbing her inner thighs with each step and she had to adjust her run to more of a waddle because of it. On top of that, she was terrified of her skirt flying up and revealing her secret to other runners, so she had to keep her hands pinned to her sides to stop that from happening at all costs. Alice knew she probably looked ridiculous running like that, but it was far better than any of the alternatives. 

   Alice was so focused on her unusual running technique that she didn't notice Britney running up beside her effortlessly "Your form could use some work, kid."

   "W-well- it's.. it's not too easy- I'm... I'm trying my best here-"

   She spun around in front of Alice, still keeping ahead of her even though Britney was now running backwards "You look utterly ridiculous, waddling around the track like a toddler."

   "W-well- how else am I supposed to- I don't.. I d-don't want people seeing-"

   She rolled her eyes, sighing in exasperation "Just finish your lap and meet me in the locker room when you're done." And with that, she spins on her heels and runs ahead of you. By now, Alice was about halfway around the track.

   The last half was more agonizing than the first. All the movement had really stirred up the mush, spreading it all around her diaper. It was agonizingly uncomfortable but nothing compared to how Alice felt when it was done.    

   Britney was waiting impatiently by the entrance to the locker room "Well it's about time. Did you crawl the rest of the way or something? I thought I was gonna die of old age waiting for you."

   Alice couldn't lift her gaze from the ground, still heaving and panting from the exertion of her run. "S-sorry.. I'm- I'm not the best at running.."

   "What exactly *are* you the best at, Alice?" Britney sneared, "Besides stammering incoherently and embarrassing yourself?"

   "U-uh-.. I'm- I can do-.." Alice realized that no, she wasn't really "the best" at anything. She wasn't even mediocre at best. She was barely scraping by in her classes and didn't have any friends.. becoming an Azalea Dove was one of her only chances to not be alone. Though the way it was going now, she didn't have a good shot... She wasn't sure how long she could stay in this horribly squishy diaper.

   "N-nothing.. I'm- I'm b-basically useless…"

   Britney just rolled her eyes again and groaned "Uggghhhh, you're so pathetic it's not even fun." before grabbing Alice by the arm and dragging her into the locker room.

   The locker room was empty. Nobody was in there and by the looks of the corridor, nobody was going to be entering soon.

   Britney pulled Alice down a few corridors, deeper and deeper, further away from prying eyes. "Since you utterly failed at running, I suppose I'll just have to come up with a fitting punishment for you." She said before sitting down on a bench and pulling Alice over her lap in a very distinctive position… 

   Alice tried to struggle out of Britney's grasp but, unsurprisingly, she wasn't even good at that. Britney held her firm and she wouldn't let go no matter how much Alice kicked or squirmed.

   The skirt was unceremoniously lifted out of the way, exposing Alice's mushy diaper to the assault that was to come.

   Britney ran her fingertips over the diaper cover, prodding the squishy padding far-more roughly than Harmony had. "Ugh, honestly how can you stand wearing this thing? If you had any dignity at all you would've put your foot down. But you don't, do you?"

Without waiting for an answer, she brings her hand down on Alice's butt with a sharp *SMACK!*

   Alice cried out, mostly due to pain.. although a little bit of it was due to pleasure-

"N-no- ..s-stop-"

   Her voice was quiet, and after only one smack, her eyes were already filling with tears.

   "Oh please, one spank and you're already practically crying? You really are a pathetic-" *SPANK!* "Little-" *SPANK!* "Baby!!!" *SPANK!*

   Alice tried to choke out words, but in-between shrieks of pain and general sobbing, she really couldn't get a word in edgeways. If someone were to be outside the room, they would definitely be able to hear, but Alice was far beyond worrying about that. 

   She didn't know how long the spanking went on before a familiar voice halted Britney's assault on the poor girl's bottom. "Britney! What are you doing!?" The shocked exclamation came from Jennifer who was now standing in the doorway.

   "What does it look like? I'm punishing our new Pledge. Isn't that what this whole weird Initiation is about?"

   "Not with violence! This is incredibly un-ladylike!"

   "Oh please, she can probably barely feel it through the diaper! Ugh, fine." Britney released her grip on the sobbing girl and stood up "This whole Initiation is fucking weird and stupid anyway!" she says while storming out.

   Alice didn't get up. She just laid on the bench, face down, streams of tears continuing to run down her face.

   Jennifer came over to the girl and laid a gentle hand on her back "Are you alright, Alice? Did Britney hurt you? I swear, I don't know what's gotten into her."

   "She's right.. i-i have n-no dignity.. I'm-I'm useless-.."

   The older girl tilts Alice's tear-covered face to look up at her "That's simply not true. We would not have considered you in the first place if we did not see your potential. And you have shown remarkable strength and dedication today."

   Alice still couldn't stop crying "I- I haven't.. I've just- ...I'm only putting up with this because- b-because joining was the- the only thing I c-could think of.. to not be lonely- ..she- she was right.. I'm just- I'm just a pathetic baby…"

   Jennifer was silent for a moment, contemplating how to console the girl, before wrapping her arms around Alice in a surprisingly tight hug. "I think you're just the kind of girl the Azalea Doves need, Alice. Someone gentle and kind, and not afraid to show emotion."

   Alice leant into the hug, her mood lifting. "Y-you really.. you really think?"

   Her squeeze tightened slightly "I really do. If it were up to me, I'd call the Initiation finished now. But unfortunately, that's not my call. Do you think you can make it just a little bit longer in your diaper, Alice? I would hate to see you go through all of this for nothing."

   Alice finally brought her face up from the bench, and gave a weak smile to Jennifer.

"Wh-why go so far to.. to g-give up now..?

And- and.. w-well-"

   This next sentence would make it clear that Alice was *maaaybe* into this- and possibly also into Harmony-

   "Harmony didn't even- she- she hasn't started phase 3 yet- right?"

   Just then, Alice felt something deep in her bowels. A sinking feeling for sure. It just hit her that she hadn't needed to poop at all today... until now-

"And.. b-by the looks of things- uh- d-don't tell anyone but- b-but I- I think I'll.. I think I need to use it s-soon… for more than just pee…"

   "Oh, well umm..." She looked back and forth, clearly feeling a bit of embarrassment for Alice. "I was going to take you back to Azalea House to start on Phase 3, but if you need me to give you a moment of privacy first...?" she trailed off a bit, not wanting to humiliate the girl any further.

   "Y-yeah- ..uh- I'll m-make my way there.. when I'm... done-"

   "Alright Alice. I'll see you soon." and with that, Jennifer left the diapered girl alone with her thoughts, and her rumbling tummy.


   Alice sat up, getting in a better position to use her diaper… It wasn't something she wanted to do of course, but she had to… 




Hey all! If you're enjoying the story, leave a comment and let me and my partner in literary crime know what you think! ūüėĀ We're talking about wanting to do a sequel to this story if there's enough demand for it. ūüėČ

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  • Wannatripbaby changed the title to Alice's Day in Very Full Diapers (Chapter 4)

I like sexy/adult kind of naughtyness in my stories and this has hinted that it might head that way.¬† I'd really like it if all the authors would tag their stories somehow to let the readers know if it will have an adult theme or not.¬† Anyway, thanks for sharing. ūüôā

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1 hour ago, christi said:

I like sexy/adult kind of naughtyness in my stories and this has hinted that it might head that way.¬† I'd really like it if all the authors would tag their stories somehow to let the readers know if it will have an adult theme or not.¬† Anyway, thanks for sharing. ūüôā

I definitely get that. 

I can say this story doesn't have any¬†overt¬†sex scenes in it, but it¬†does¬†contain quite a bit of lewdness that would disqualify it for a PG rating if you get my drift. ūüėÖ Especially towards the end.¬†

Which makes this story in particular difficult to tag. 

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You have a good point about tagging as adult or not.¬† I wonder...¬† I'm not looking for an answer pertaining to your story here but for me it would be as simple as: Does someone in the story have an orgasm?¬† If yes, it's adult even if it's not graphic in the text.¬† I'll continue to read and see what happens with poor Alice.¬† Anyway, thanks for the reply and enjoy the rest of the weekend.¬† ūüôā

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Part 5

She felt it coming on, and she couldn't stop it once it began. She pushed and pushed but.. nothing. She tried more, straining and grunting, even holding a hand against the wall for support. A little slipped out, then more and more until her diaper was nice and full.. well, more full than it already was that is. It was sagging lower than before and she gave it a gentle rub just to see how it felt. Oh it felt good... She kept rubbing it, losing her fingers in the crinkly, squishy feeling of her full, mushy diaper.

   "N-no- have to.. h-have to get to the House." She reluctantly got up and tried to walk.

   Alice thought that she'd be used to walking in a messy diaper by now after spending all day in one, but she was wrong. The added bulk of her fresh mess made the diaper feel like it weighed 20 lbs. Maybe it did? She had no frame of reference. She had to slow down a few times when she felt a certain twinge in her bladder that had been steadily growing all afternoon.

   It had become almost second nature for Alice to stop for a moment, back up against a wall or even find a corner, hope nobody was watching, and pee in her already soaked diaper. After much deliberation and only one or two stops along the way, Alice had made it back to the House.

   When she entered into that same room she'd been in twice today already, she was relieved to see that Britney wasn't there. It was just Jennifer and Harmony.

"There you are, Alice." Jennifer said "Glad you made it back here alright."

"Yeah, I heard Britney gave ya a bit of a hard time." Harmony frowned "I'm sorry that happened, hon."

   "I'm.. I'm fine now-" Her eyes were still red from crying, but she seemed happy, apart from a change in her gait, signaling… something in her diaper- given their prior interaction, Jennifer could easily tell what it actually was…

   Harmony sauntered up to the diapered girl and stood before here. Being almost a head taller than Alice, her mere presence made the girl feel small. "You know the drill, darlin'. Gotta check your diaper before we can begin phase 3."

   "R-right-..." Alice knew that this check would be extra embarrassing. After all she did just mess herself, and it was quite the big one too.. all messy and sloppy and sticky and… N-no- stop! Alice thought to herself as her mind wandered. She didn't *want* to be into this… 

   First Harmony's fingers prodded around between Alice's legs to check for leaks. After feeling the weight of the diaper a few times, her fingers creeped up inside the back of the girl's waistband and pulled it back, making Alice's cheeks burn with shame "Oh my!" the taller girl exclaimed "Looks like our little Alice made us a not-so-little present in her diaper."

   "Oh dear..." Came Jennifer's response, although she had been fairly certain of that already.

   "Uh-uhm.. yeah.. s-sorry-" Alice blushed as she saw Harmony check her diaper.. it made her blush harder when Harmony outright mentioned it and called her 'our little Alice'

maybe she was into this after all…

   "Awww, ain't nothin' to apologize for, hon. That's what the diaper's there for." she affectionately pat-pat-pats the extremely mushy mess in the back of Alice's diaper.

   Alice couldn't lie to herself.. she did love it when Harmony patted her diaper…

   "But most importantly," Harmony continued "No leaks! Which means we're all set for Phase 3."

   "Are you sure?" Jennifer asked "That diaper looks rather... Full."

   *It feels fuller than it looks,* Alice thought to herself.

   "I'm sure it'll be fine. These diapers are the best on the market. You'd hardly believe the capacity they're rated for!"

   "If you're sure... Alright." Jennifer relented.

   "H-how do you- ...actually- u-uh.. never mind…"

   "Now I'm sure you've been itchin' to know what Phase 3 involves, so I won't keep you in suspense any longer." Harmony says before going over to a drawer and pulling a jar out, bringing it over for Alice to get a good look.

At first glance it looked like dirt or mud or something. But as she watched, the contents of the jar started moving.


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  • Wannatripbaby changed the title to Alice's Day in Very Full Diapers (Chapter 5)
12 minutes ago, christi said:

Ewwww!!!  That is both horrifying and mildly arousing.  ARGH!  I hate it when that happens.  Like: How can I find that NASTY and yet erotic?!?!?!

I mean, most people would say the same thing of our shared affection for disposable undergarments. ūüėĚ

Still, I know this twist is a little bit¬†out there¬†and I'm glad it isn't completely turning readers away from what I've seen. ūüėÖ I'd say if you aren't immediately 100% repulsed, then you'll probably find enjoyment in the final few chapters. ūüėČ

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Sorry for the delays, everyone. It has¬†been¬†a week. ūüėÖ But without further ado (Adu? Adieu?) here is the next deliciously squirmy chapter of our story.¬†



Part 6

"Y-you c-can't be-" Alice stumbled backwards, catching herself on the wall.

   Even Jennifer shuddered at the sight of it "Harmony, surely you don't... Is that even safe?"

   "I used to play in the dirt with earthworms all the time as a kid. They're harmless, she'll be fine." Harmony explained, although that did nothing to quell the disgust Alice felt at the thought of having her diaper invaded by worms…

   It was already full of mushy oatmeal, warm piss, freezing milkshake and, just recently, squishy poop.. and she was expected to put up with earthworms… "Is- isn't this a b-bit too much..?"

   Harmony's mischievous grin couldn't possibly get any wider without splitting her face in half. "This is your final challenge before you officially become an Azalea Dove. You're almost at the finish line. You're not gonna let me down now, are ya darlin'?" she bats her eyelashes down at Alice, almost flirtatiously.

   Alice blushed again. "N-no-.. I- I'll- I'll keep going! R-remember earlier, Jennifer? I-I- I said I'd.. I'd come so far.. Wh-why give up now?"

   "I knew you wouldn't let me down, darlin'." she said, bringing her hand up to Alice's face and stroking her cheek.

   Alice blushed redder than she ever had before at this gesture, freezing up and allowing Harmony's soft hand to caress her face. "I-I- uhhmm.. i- y-yeah- I can- I-I-"

Seemed like she was well and truly lost for words.

   Having thoroughly flustered the girl, Harmony removed her hand from Alice's cheek and used it to open the jar. "Hmmm, I was originally debatin' weather to dump 'em down the front or back. But the back of your diaper is already lookin' kinda full…"

   Alice simply nodded, and, whether it was because she wasn't thinking right due to being flustered, or simply because she had resigned herself to her fate, she lowered the plastic pants and pulled the front of her diaper open herself, ready for the final part of this initiation she was still somehow going along with.

   "Takin' the initiative I see! You really are Azalea Dove material, hon." Harmony didn't let the compliment sink in before dumping the writhing contents of her jar down the front of Alice's diaper.

   "A-ah- oh-!" As soon as said contents hit Alice's diaper, she let go of the diaper, letting it snap back into place. She jumped in surprise at the movement of her new friends, though since she still had her plastic pants around her legs, she tripped and fell face first onto the floor.

   Alice didn't stay down for long though as Harmony yanked her back up onto her feet like a rag doll. "Careful, hon! We don't want you hurtin' that pretty face of yours." Harmony said with a wink before pulling the plastic pants back up over Alice's bulging diaper so she didn't trip again.

   Alice hopped from foot to foot, trying anything to take her mind off of the wriggling feeling.

   Jennifer was also squirming quite a bit, as if it were her own undergarments filled with creepy crawlies and not poor Alice. "I'm gonna ummm, go see if I can track Britney down. Alice, I... Hope to see you soon." and with that, she fled the room a bit more-quickly than she likely wanted to.

   Leaving Alice alone with Harmony.


   When Alice turned back towards Harmony, she was gazing down at her with a predatory glint in her eye--like a cat that just caught her canary. "You may think you're hiding it well, but I see right through you, darlin'.'' she puts her hands on the girl's shoulders, rooting her in place. "You're enjoyin' this, aren't ya Alice?"

   Heat crawled up Alice's face as if she were on fire. "I-I'm.. I'm n-not- I swear-!"

   "You don't have to pretend with me, hon. I'll admit I've been gettin' a bit of satisfaction watching you get more and more squirmy in your increasingly-dirty diaper all day."

   By now, Harmony had subtly maneuvered the girl backwards until her back was pressed against a wall.

   Trapped between Harmony and a hard place.

   Alice wanted to get away, she really did, but she couldn't bring herself to shove Harmony out of the way and run out of the room. She could barely walk thanks to the worms that were rather happily wriggling away down her diaper.

   Harmony leaned in close, her warm, surprisingly sweet-smelling breath caressing Alice's face--yet another unfamiliar sensation to add to the list. "This ain't a part of the Initiation. And I ain't like Britney, taking advantage of my position over the new girl. If you want me to let you go, just say the word. But I have a strong feeling that, deep down, you don't want that."

   Harmony shifted her leg between Alice's feet and gently, but firmly, pressed her leg against the front of her diaper, squishing the mess and causing the worms to wriggle against her like crazy.

   Alice gasped, legs buckling under the feeling of Harmony pushing against her diaper.

   Harmony practically purred in Alice's ear "Admit it: You like this, don't you diaper girl?"

   "I-I- I just- I don't.."

She was lying through her teeth.. and her pleasure-

   "Lyin' ain't one a' your talents, hon." Harmony said, removing one of her hands from Alice's shoulder and using it to cup the girl's chin, forcing her to look into piercing green eyes. "Try the truth this time."

   "I- I really don't- I-" Alice's attempt to lie was cut off by a quiet squeak, caused entirely by Harmony softly grabbing her chin. It was something she'd never quite felt before. Just.. a mixture of subtle fear and more overwhelming lust. She needed this.. she loved this- she didn't want to admit it though, but it was true. 

   "F-fine.. I-I- uh- I'm.. I'm a- I'm a d-diaper girl.. I'm- I'm a messy.. sticky- s-squishy diaper girl.."

   Alice leaned on Harmony's shoulder, crying softly. She didn't know why she was crying exactly but it felt right.. after the day she'd had, after the emotions.. the pleasure- she needed a good cry. The day wasn't even over- she was still squirming slightly due to the wriggly worms in her diaper. 

   Harmony took the girl into her embrace, stroking her hair softly while Alice cried. "There's a good girl. Let it all out. I've got you, baby girl." She cooed in Alice's ear.

   "Y-yeah.. I'm- I'm j-just- a.. a baby-.. like Britney said…"

   Harmony pulled away enough to lift Alice's chin up to look at her "No, not like Britney said. She meant it as an insult. I'm saying that you're as precious and lovable and pure and full of potential as a newborn babe." her eyes, still shining with dominance, now reflected an almost-motherly warmth.

   Alice blushed, tears still slowly working their way down her face and dropping off her chin. "Y-you- ..you really.. d-do you really think so?"

   "I don't *think*, I *know* so, hon." she winks, wiping a tear away with her thumb.

   Alice didn't really know what to say. Nobody had really cared about her this much, and she didn't think it would be because she'd put up with this terrible diaper… well- was it really terrible? She still had to figure that out… maybe with Harmony's help… 


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  • Wannatripbaby changed the title to Alice's Day in Very Full Diapers (Chapter 6)

Glad to see she seems to have at least gotten a nice mommy out of this?

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10 hours ago, YourFNF said:

Glad to see she seems to have at least gotten a nice mommy out of this?

It does appear that way, doesn't it? ūü§≠ We have 2 more chapters left so anything could still happen. ūüėČ

Although I don't know if you'd call someone "nice" after they just dumped worms in your diaper. ūü§≠

... I mean,¬†I would, but I'm into that sh*t. ūü§£

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On 10/1/2023 at 8:44 AM, Wannatripbaby said:

It does appear that way, doesn't it? ūü§≠ We have 2 more chapters left so anything could still happen. ūüėČ

Although I don't know if you'd call someone "nice" after they just dumped worms in your diaper. ūü§≠

... I mean,¬†I would, but I'm into that sh*t. ūü§£

Hence the question mark lol

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Part 7

   Harmony's eyes glance over at the clock. "I believe you still got one more class to go to, and since I doubt you'll be movin' too quickly in that diaper, you better get goin'. We'll talk more later, hon." she says ushering a still-dazed Alice towards the door.

   "r-right-.. uh- uh.. b-bye-"

   As soon as Alice was out of the room and walking/waddling to class, she realized just how much all that... Harmony stuff... Had distracted her from the writhing mass of worms wriggling in her diaper. Even still, all she could think of was her interesting interaction with Harmony.

   Alice somehow made it to class, despite her haze. There weren't many students here, so she found herself a seat in the back of the classroom.

   Slowly lowering her butt into her seat, she felt herself sink into her mess. All that oatmeal mixed with the milkshake and her poop coated every inch of the inside of her diaper, squelching and squishing against her no matter how she moved. On top of that, without the weight of gravity pulling the worms away from her skin, their constant, unrelenting movements tickled and teased her most sensitive areas.

   If she couldn't concentrate in the other classes, she wouldn't stand a chance now.

   And she really did try, too. Minutes ticked by and she tried her best to ignore the writhing, tickling sensations in her diaper. But with each passing moment, her concentration drained. She couldn't turn her thoughts away from all everything happening to her body. 

   Her body squished down into the humiliating mushy mess in her diaper. It was no longer cold, having long-since warmed from her body heat and several wettings since lunch. Speaking of which, she felt a slight twinge in her bladder and didn't bother trying to hold it, letting her pee cascade over the mass of worms, oatmeal, and her own poop. How much could this diaper take? 

   Alice thought she detected the faintest smell of a dirty diaper wafting up from beneath her skirt. Or maybe she was just imagining it? If somebody smelled her, she would absolutely die from embarrassment. 

   The dozens of worms wiggling like crazy against her tender privates. What if they slithered inside her? What if they already were?

   And then there was Harmony, who somehow turned all of these gross sensations into a sort of burning, longing desire for more…

   As if her thoughts already couldn't stray from the red-haired girl, her phone buzzed and revealed a text from Harmony herself.

¬†¬†¬†[Harmony: r u enjoying class with all your "friends"? ūü™Īūüėė]

   She quickly texted back.

   [Alice: can't concentrate, diaper too full-]

Was she playing into the whole "diaper girl" thing just for Harmony?

   She got a text back fairly quickly

¬†¬†¬†[Awwww, baby girl can't focus on anything but her diapy. ūü§£ So cute. ūüėė]

   Again, she replied.

   [Alice: ...wish class was almost over.]

Her wish would soon be granted, as glancing at the clock revealed there wasn't too much time left.

   She sent another message.

   [Alice: hey, could you meet me after class? just wanna talk to you]

   The reply came back almost immediately.

¬†¬†¬†[I'd like that a lot, hon. ūüėė]

   There it was.. Harmony called her "hon" yet again. Every time without fail it always made her blush.

   The seconds ticked by agonizingly slowly for Alice. The worms kept writhing and tickling her in her diaper and she had to stop herself from giggling out loud. She couldn't wait to get out of this dreadful dirty diaper... Right?

   Then again, today had probably been the most memorable day of her life. Sure, the parts with Britney weren't all that great, but had the rest really been so bad?

   Alice began rocking back and forth in her seat, squishing in her diaper with every movement.

   She thought back to Jennifer's all-around gentle manner. How she comforted her after Britney made her cry. How even though she was the first to fill Alice's diaper, she'd picked oatmeal so that it wouldn't be too unpleasant. And really... It wasn't. It felt kinda good...

   Alice bit her bottom lip, her chest heaving ever so slightly.

   Then there was Harmony. The beautiful country girl with red hair and green eyes, who seemed to be taking quite a special interest in Alice, and in her diapers. Was she enjoying this? Was this whole thing her idea?

Would Alice care if it was?

   At some point her hand had made its way down between her legs and pressed itself firmly against her loaded diaper. Her palm dug into the filthy padding, and she imagined it was Harmony's leg again, pressing all the mush against her in all the right ways...

   The worms were going absolutely berserk in her diaper, likely due to the added pressure from her hand disturbing them. Dozens of squirmy, slimy creatures writhing in her most intimate areas, like a thousand tiny vibrators all buzzing away against her. 

   She kept on going, squishing and squashing the mess all around with barely a care in the world. If only she had an excuse to leave... Then she could really make herself feel good.. 

   Keeping quiet was perhaps the hardest thing she'd ever done in the face of this kind of pleasure. Her self-consciousness wouldn't allow her to do anything that might make a scene, and that seemed to be keeping her from fully achieving the pleasure she so desperately craved. But even so, her body was still swimming in pleasure from the sensations in her diaper. It was hard to imagine that she'd been hating being stuck in this messy diaper up until a few moments ago. What changed?

   Harmony. That's what had changed. She'd taken something so dreadfully awful and turned it into something wonderful. Now all Alice could do was discreetly hump her messy diaper in the middle of class and wish she was instead back at Azalea House, with Harmony standing over her and telling her what a good baby she was…

   At that moment, she wanted to see that girl more than anything.. she *had* to… 

   One thing was for sure, she needed to be that "baby girl".. it was the one thing besides her diaper that was getting her through this horribly boring class. Weird to think her diaper was a pleasure now… 

   The bell signaling the end of class broke Alice out of her stupor, and she finally, reluctantly, pulled her hand away from her diaper before anybody could see what lewd deeds she'd been up to. 


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Well done.  It's definitely a slow burn story kind of like edging but I'm enjoying it.  Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to the next chapter (Final chapter?).

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  • Wannatripbaby changed the title to Alice's Day in Very Full Diapers (Chapter 7)
2 minutes ago, christi said:

Well done.  It's definitely a slow burn story kind of like edging but I'm enjoying it.  Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to the next chapter (Final chapter?).

Glad you're enjoying it. ūüėä That's exactly what we were going for with this story so I'm glad we pulled it off in the eyes of our readers. ūüėÖ

And yes, the next chapter will be the final one (~cue audience booing~). But hey, if there's enough demand for it, maybe a sequel could be arranged. ūüėČ

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  • Wannatripbaby changed the title to Alice's Day in Very Full Diapers

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