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More Littles with Sugar than Salt (ch 18, 9/30/23)

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More Littles with Sugar than Salt


How do you get what you can’t have but really want? There are better ways than forcing someone to your will. That always ends poorly, instead use a little sugar and you may get a lot farther than you’d think. This story is how I ended up getting myself into a “dreaded” adoption but it wasn’t so bad. Actually, it’s kind of nice…



 I was walking home as I usually did, I could have taken an auto car or even the rotor platforms, flat things that moved you where you wanted to go, no roof but got there fast. not much going on for me, but I liked it that way. Work had been a little rough, my amazon boss had been riding my a$$ about being able to keep up with the giants and pull my own weight. That was a funny thought, I don't weigh a tenth of what those hippos weighed so shouldn’t my work be “lighter” too? 


             God! they were annoying creatures, every female treating me like I'm 3 wiping my face and making sure I can get to the "potty" on time. Every male calling me "sport" or "buddy." Really, such a superiority complex. 


             Anyway, here I am going home on my usual route stretching my legs and enjoying a nice afternoon, the setting sun gave a good vibe of a peaceful night. Probably enjoy a good beer on the back porch when I got done with dinner. Not like I had anyone to answer to tonight. Single life was something of a blessing and a curse. While no one was there for you, you also didn't have to justify spending that 100 dollars for that thing you wanted. My walk home usually brought me close to a few of the "fee fi fo fums" in the neighborhood but they tended to be well behaved. A couple might try to drug me just so they could diaper me on the sidewalk, since they were not allowed to force adoption anymore. That was the worst case scenario. You could usually tell those ones right away, for instance, take the behemoth Bella Carter. Every week it was a new baked thing or the new fried that, and she loved giving them to me. I had tried a few here and there, in private of course, to see what would happen. It only reinforced the rule you never take things from a giant. 


            I had a friend that once took a pillow once, seems innocent right? Well, technology being what it is and the giants being what they are, it ended up being an auto diaper and boy was it thorough. When he layed on it it activated, a small puff of knockout gas, followed by a fast numbing agent, it put itself on him and performed incontinence surgery on him right there. Poor guy ended up giving up, couldn't afford to fix it, the price of keeping up with his new needs was too high, he just walked down the street and told the monster he would do what she wanted. Last I saw he was blissfully unaware of his current state of infantilism. Buuuh, never take things from an Amazon.


            On this particular night, since it was so nice out, a lot of Amazon's were out and about or sitting on a porch. Everyone of them offering a small encouragement to get home before dark, or "hope your well sweetie" or "you're such a big boy walking home alone." Arriving at my street Bella was out walking her dog. Of course she was carrying some cookies, upon seeing me she immediately ran over to me exclaiming "oh, cutie pie! I made you a little something." I rolled my eyes and turned to face the thundering elephant bounding towards me on tree pole legs. 


"I know you're gonna love these," she said with a rather southern twang. It would be almost charming, if she wasn't trying to poison my digestive tract for the next week. 


"OH, miss Carter I didn't see you there, how are you tonight?" I replied, "it's a wonderful evening and I'm ready to get home from work and relax a little over the weekend. Gotta get to it." Trying to sound polite and not give her a reason to invoke the "Impromptu Needed Attitude Adjustment law. 


She didn't even act like she heard me, "will you give them a try? I made them this afternoon." Looking at her offering, it had the same logo that the "Love your Little" pharmacy used. Cooked it? Yeah, I had heard her cooking would probably have killed me, not just left me without bowel control for a week. "Oh wow, I'll have to give them a try on the way, I'm super tired after a long week, miss Carter, I'll just scoot along and give one a go on the way, deal?" Not one to give up easily, she replies "oh it'll give you a pep in your step." I'm sure it would, so much so I'd be running home. 


Starting to walk I quipped "Yeah but I don't want to ruin my dinner, you know how we littles are. I promise next time I see you i'll let you know what I think, deal?" 


"Oh all right, make sure you eat your vegetables tonight to. Be a good boy and I'll see you next time."


Walking on until I was certain she couldn't see me, I dumped them into a trashcan, keeping the bag so I could return it to her as evidence i had eaten them, it was fun this way. She always had such a confused look on her face when i never had any issues. I received 2 more "gifts" on my way before I reached the Littles part of the neighborhood. Here there was a small gap with just some trees and no lights or anything, it divided the Giant houses from the littles houses. I Always feel nervous here, it made me feel like I was being watched or like a wolf was waiting to attack me. Tonight was no different so I picked up my pace. By now the light was starting to dim, and it was getting hard to see into the trees very far.


However, that's not where the danger came from.


I should have seen it, should have heard it but I assumed I was safe, and I let my guard down. A hand snaked around my waist, grabbing me and lifting me straight up about 5 feet. Carrying me into the trees I heard a female voice say "You are a rather curious one, and I'm not going to lie to you, curious littles are kind of my thing. Don't worry, I won't hurt you. In fact I hope you enjoy tonight's entertainment." About that time she plopped me onto a folding table, pretty certain I was about to be spanked into oblivion I rebelled, "I haven't done anything to deserve an attitude adjustment! Leave me alone!" I began kicking and trying to escape.


 A rather pleasant face came into view over top of me, a face that felt familiar in spite of never having met her. She spoke again, obviously surprised, "Spank you? no, I would never! You're a good little boy aren't you? At Least, that's what I've seen." 


"You were watching me? Isn't that stalking? What do you want?"


"Only to reward you," her answer threw me off. No amazon rewards a little, ever. It had never happened in written history. Even before the demons had infested the little dimensions with portals. The words alone stunned me better than a punch to the face.


In a heartbeat she had my pants off, my legs went up, which was enough to shake me out of my confusion. "Hey! what're you doing? Stop!! You said I hadn't done anything wrong." At that point something warm and very much like a slimy ball went right in my bum. It made me feel sick, I was going to spend a lifetime on the toilet, I just knew it. Maybe it was some kind of new hormone thing and I will be a girl tomorrow. Man, the problems of explaining that to my boss or my family. 


"Don't worry, it has some… undesirable side effects but they will wear off by morning. I don't like doing it this way but its hard to get you littles to believe I won't harm you." She replied coolly. "Now let me finish before it all starts getting into that cutie patootie system of yours" I was certain I heard a hint of baby talk in that last bit, but I wasn't going to fight whatever this was, why you might ask? It was already bad, and going to get worse if I put up a fight. No, she wouldn't adopt me, the penalty for that basically made her take my place with a new amazon. It wasn't something you heard of Amazons trying anymore. This however, was well within her rights. 


I felt my legs go up again and a soft padding went under my rear. Great! Yup it was a diaper. "Don't worry hun, it'll be just this one, I promise no more unless you want them."


"Want them? WANT THEM?!" I was almost yelling. "Why would I ever want them?!?" 


"Don't worry, my little love, I promised you a reward, and believe me it will be one." At that moment my stomach twisted. I must have reacted because she quickly went back to her demonic work of putting me in padding. "That's my que, I promise no one has ever complained about this part." 


No one?


 As she pulled the diaper up I felt really really small and out of control, something I was not accustomed to. I was rapidly taped in inspite of my continued protests, she ignored me completely while she finished.


And then… it started.


It was wonderful, a pleasure like I had never felt. It wasn't sexual, or anything else I had ever had. It started small, like that first bite of cake when you have been staring at it for an hour. Or when you get that first drink after being incredibly thirsty. Oh it was good, but there was more it grew, it became as strong as an orgasm but there wasn't an orgasm.


I felt the hands that lifted me up and pressed me against 2 soft pillows, wait those were breasts. The behemoth had laid me against her chest, she was going to kidnap me! "Hush, my little pretty boy, I'll make sure you're safe and sound. I'll bring you to your home and get you in bed, don't you worry. Shhh shhh, I've got you." At this point I didn't care, the pleasure had grown so much, it seemed to vibrate and caress and gently massage and everything all at once. My fatigue washed away and the fact I was in nothing but a diaper and a t-shirt laid against two, truthfully soft, giant mounds of my doom, didn't matter at all. My world was washed out in beautiful warm colors. I don't know how long it lasted, but I savored every second of it. It was luxurious, beyond sex, beyond a good beer, beyond anything I had ever known.


And then everything faded out, I didn't know where I was, nor did I care, I was so tired, I was so relaxed I slept, a perfect sleep. 


Ch2. Where the sun doesn't shine or Butter up buttercup.


*sniff sniff* ugh I was so tired.


*sniff sniff* What was that smell? 


My consciousness returned slowly, mostly I became aware of the stench. Good dog almighty it was awful. I opened my eyes to the sun coming in my window, which had been opened. "I didn't do that," I thought. "How did I even get home?" Then it all came crashing home, as if my brain finally decided to wake up. The whole thing, but I didn't remember ever getting home or really anything after all the glorious fun had ended. But what was that smell?


It was my butt. 


I lifted my body up to stand and became acutely aware of the diaper still taped around me. The smell was emanating from it. Sure enough, I could feel the mush inside it. Strangely, I wasn't even mad, I was kind of ready to be rid of it, though. The mushy mess shifted as I stood up, so gross.


I reached down and grabbed a tab only to be rewarded with tape stuck fast. Great its a littleez, the diaper meant to stop any little from easily escaping it . It wasn't coming off without an Amazon or a pair of sharp scissors. Luckily, I stocked such items in my junk drawer. Moving downstairs in the most awkward yet, least poo touching way possible, I hurried to my freedom. Only, I was stopped by a packet on the counter, it only read "READ ME FIRST" in giant letters.


I picked it up and opened the cover, and began reading…


"I know this wasn't the state you wanted to wake up in, but I felt you may be ok with it after the enjoyment you got from last night. Don't worry your current state is far from permanent. Matter of fact the side effects should be wearing off or even gone by now. You'll be able to tell easily as there will be a slight green ooze in the front of your, im sure, rather full diaper." Curiosity got the best of me, sure enough, after pulling the waistband back just a little there was a green slime there. "This is built in so you know the end of this particular pleasure pill. I'm quite certain you have more questions and I will answer them in the next pages, but why don't you cut that diaper off and take a nice warm shower first then read on." That actually sounded smart.


 Moving to the bathroom I took care of the giant fluffy sack of crap around my waist. Climbed in the shower and let warm water run down my spine and now cleaner buttocks. I wondered at technology, after all these advancements we couldn't even upgrade our cleanliness, nothing beat a showe. The shower did feel almost righteous though, I guess you don't fix what's not broken. 


After drying off, I bagged the nastiness and threw it away, it was shaping up to be a nice day so I sat on the back porch to read, I didn't want to be disturbed:


"My name is Tina Herringer, I am not an enemy but rather a simple purveyor of pleasurable items for you Littles. I do not want to harm you, only help you" sure sure, id heard that before. " what I gave you last night was a pleasure ball, or anal super stimulator, A.S.S for short, yes yes, I am aware of the funny you Littles see in that word. These pills are designed to give you more pleasure than you've ever felt before, the unfortunate side effect is incontinence of both kinds, bowel and urinary. I'm sure you noticed." Yeah, the house still wreaks, I thought. "So I'm sure by now you're wondering, why me? Well that's simple enough. You're a good boy. You don't cause trouble, or fight with other Littles, you don't argue with the maternity crazed Amazons. You are a good boy, you should be rewarded. I like to give good things to good boys. 


I mean what I say, I want to give you more. In good faith I have placed another pill in your underwear drawer, and yes another diaper, in case you'd like to give them another try. There is another note in the drawer as well. It contains more information than I have given here. Please do not read it until you use the pill, I would like you to be a good boy and wear the diaper as well. It is an auto diaper unlike the one you had on last night. It will release itself when you have filled it. Remember once it's on it doesn't come off without you using it for what it is for. If you use the pill and not the diaper I will know."


On that note, the note ended. It felt a little ominous, I knew I should immediately go throw it away, but I really didn't want to. Was it really worth the potential issues? I mean she had been honest, I regained my control. At least I haven't peed myself yet. Whose to say the next one wouldn't make things worse? This Tina also knew too much. I didn't like it. 


I went upstairs and straight to the drawer, it was going to go in the incinerator trash immediately. There it was exactly as she had said in the note, a diaper, a glove, wipes, a note and of course the A.S.S. Grabbing everything I went straight outside to the chute that would burn it all. I flipped up the latch and hesitated. How would she know? Would she seek retribution if I tossed them? I lifted the pill off the pile of supplies. My mouth began to water, my whole body wanted it, I was trembling. How could I throw it away? I decided right there to keep the pill and note. Tossing the diaper and supplies, fudge the consequences. Taking it back inside with me I made a cup of coffee and sat down with the pill. It was in a tube like a prescription would come in. The label read," self lubricating, take one rectally, never more than one in a 24 hour period. Make sure to properly diaper anyone taking this medication, extreme loss of continence is expected lasting as long as 12 hours." 


What was I thinking? NEVER TAKE ANYTHING FROM THESE DEVILS. I just couldn't stop myself, she seemed sincere, and I… I trusted her?. Did I? It sure felt that way. 


Whatever, let's test this theory, I popped the lid open and pulled out the pill. It looked for all the world like a large green piece of candy. In a rush I dropped my pants and prepared myself, I was elated, I was desperate… in a flash it came to me i was standing in my kitchen with open windows to the world, and I was Half naked. Instead of coming to my senses I went to the bathtub, you know, just in case she wasn't lying about the incontinence part. Bent over and like magic it seemed to turn into a slimy thing as it was pressed into where the sun doesn't shine. 


A couple minutes later I was about to give up, it had seemed like only a few seconds last night, why was it taking so long? Stepping out of the tub and i felt the twinge I felt last night. It was happening, I was almost drooling on myself. The excitement and anticipation came on like a wave. I tried to get back into the tub but the pleasure started and it was all I could do to hold myself upright. With the next wave I went to my knees, and the third wave washed my world out again. I hovered in pure bliss for eternity again. Floating in an ocean of warm orange and yellow, caressed by the most gentle feeling ever. It was ecstasy once more…





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I floated for an eternity on the waves of pure delight. 


When I came down finally, I was acutely aware of one very nasty thing. My decision to leave the diaper off was a bad decision. It was everywhere and I was covered in it.


To spare you the details, cause, ew. I cleaned up all the while battling the side effects of the A.S.S. pill. It wasn't easy or pretty. 


Finally, after several hours, I sat down on the toilet with the note. I figured I'd be here for a while, since the damage was done and might as well do some reading then I can maybe find some info  on the internet.


The note was not what I expected:


    My curious little one, I had hoped if nothing else you would read this. I'm proud of you for trusting me this far. It's not easy when you're at the bottom of the food chain, no pun intended. I truly hope you will hear me out. 

     I am a part of a coalition that wishes to serve the needs and desires of both littles and Amazons. We want to make sure that little are cared for as well, Amazons get what we need. Even more, we want to do it in a way that everyone is happy. We only ever accept the best of you Littles, the ones whose behavior AND drive keeps them doing well for themselves. We do not want to take that from you unless you want it gone. I'll be honest I'm not 100% on what your dreams are, but I want to make them real.  

     I know this sounds like an impossible thing, an Amazon who cares, but I hope you will trust me long enough to SHOW you the truth of things. As always, the choice will be yours to take the next step. If you want to keep going, meet me in front of the bakery on tenth and square st. today at 5. I'll be there, whether you come or not. 

Please believe I want to keep rewarding you. 

                      With hope,



The note ended with a symbol I had never seen before, two circles one inside the other with a heart covering both. She was definitely laying it on a little thick. Even if she felt the way she was speaking…


At some point I had dropped another deuce, blasted Amazonian drugs! Why did they all have the exact same "side effects?" 


I won't go. 


Tina be damned, these side effects were annoying. I picked my phone up and scanned the symbol on the page, hoping to find anything I could on this organization Tina had written about. Exactly 10 pictures came back. They were all on the same site, a well known little advocacy group had documented these images as a mystery. Apparently these symbols had appeared in 10 cities around the country. Each on a prominent and established Amazon business. 


Each business had been known to have had strict ways with littles, everything from discipline rooms to required "little protection programs," which sounds great until you realized it was to protect the office furniture from the littles who were "too little" to keep their pants dry. 


I shuddered at the thought of the discipline rooms. Nurseries, more like, always well stocked and kept. Everything from paddles to diapers to cribs. You could spend a whole day there for being late to a meeting. It had been a long time since I had seen one but they were still terrifying.


These companies had always been bad to littles, at least they had until the symbols had appeared. Then they had each lightened up and even made full employees of littles. Even more Littles were responding in the thread claiming to work at such places and that they were happy there. What had changed? What had motivated it? Was it a farse? Were these littles being forced to say these things? 


It was all so confusing. 


I was not going to meet that temptress, I wouldn't do it. 


As I scrolled through, I saw that one of the businesses was not far away. I looked in the toilet to see if the pill was done and sure enough, green ooze, I quickly dressed, I grabbed keys, as an afterthought I put on a baseball cap and some sunglasses. Hopefully I could avoid being recognized. 


I was not going to the meeting with Tina..




Tina sat waiting, it was still a few hours before he would arrive, but she didn't want to miss him. She had told the waitress, a wonderful and delightful little tweener, that was part of the coalition, she would be there awhile and to keep the tea coming. When the cute little one had brought Tina's scone she had rewarded the girl with a gentle pat to her padded rear. The girl had responded with a wink and a smile. 


It still amazed Tina how freeing the coalition was for everyone. All parties received everything they wanted. Sure some parts weren't for everyone, but it eased the load that was always one sided for the Amazons, and so the littles had enjoyed the coalition. It made sense, if you torture people they eventually fight back. And thats what had been happening, little killing and harming. They shouldn't have to have such thoughts. So she had helped to form the coalition with some like minded Amazons, and maybe a little bit of blackmail. 


Either way, she and those with her were building an empire together. With littles in their place, with no worries, tweeners wherever they were, and amazons still ruling the roost. 


Tina toyed with the 2 pleasure pills she had brought, her mind going to her precious one. The thought of him not coming had made her almost tear up. She had found a special place for this one. Of the some odd 100 littles she had helped to convert only ever had 2 caught her interest. He was kind and would be the perfect playmate for Cindy. 


Cindy, she had been lonely since coming home with Tina. She was fulfilled though, she had taken up a job at the coalitions offices here in town. It was adorable to see that little girl's cute fluffy behind pretending to be an adult. The truth of the skirt that hid the diapers was one all the Amazons in the coalition knew well. In fact all coalition littles were well padded and a good percent held jobs. It seemed to be quite a contradiction really, but It worked. It worked very well.


Today was the first step of trust and Tina knew if she had any chance of loving her little guy like he deserved she had to play her cards well tonight. She had both the green and blue pills with her. The green he had had before, short and intense, it usually left the user quite pleased. The blue though, it was a long release, not as strong but it was easily as alluring for the littles. There were 2 more, but it wasn't time for them yet, she wanted him to want it. To want her and what she could give him. She only needed to wait a little longer… Maybe that cute tweener was wet enough to want a change. Sigh, it WOULD put a band aid on those maternal needs of hers.

I have close to 18 chapters written. I'll post a couple chapters a day. I haven't posted here with any consistency but I'm working on it. Please comment or like. It encourages me to keep going.

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  • Bladderbrain changed the title to Most Littles with Sugar than Salt (ch 3&4, 7/24/23



Standing outside the building, I could see the corporation named "Building better lives." 


It was an odd sort of place, the symbol with 2 concentric circles and a heart around them was emblazoned beside the door, the image itself almost as tall as a little. It wasn't easy to miss. How had they gotten away without ever being talked about before? What was this coalition all about?


Littles and amazons would stream in and out talking to each other. Not in the usual badgering that came with amazons but almost like both sides wanted to talk.


Mustering all my courage, I crossed the street to go in and see what I could find. As I reached the turn style door it swung and a little came flying out. Well maybe not flying but definitely faster than I was expecting, and well, she ran me over. 


Trying to gather myself back together I sat up, noticing the woman that had hit me, she was a brunette wearing a nice business coat and skirt that was currently riding up a bit. As she sat up collecting herself I saw a very plainly obvious childrens pattern on her underwear. A DIAPER?! My mind reeled with confusion. Why would she be in a diaper and have a job? If she had been adopted then…? 


She seemed to notice my confusion, and that I had noticed her secret. "It's OK, its not really a secret around here." Her voice was gentle and caring, it sounded like honey to me. I had never really wanted to date much, if you had someone and the monsters took you from them, I didn't want to hurt anyone like that, or be hurt like that for that matter, but I knew I wanted to know her more. Her voice snapped me back to the present, "were you going to go inside? It's a pretty nice office but make sure to check in first, we really don't like people snooping around. My names Cindy, and I'd be glad to show you to the security desk if you want."


"Ummm," I stammered, not really sure what to say. I hadn't planned on talking to anyone. "I don't need to, I mean I wasn't going to, it's not like that." She laughed "Don't worry I won't tell anyone. I hope I see you soon, you seem like a curious person. Well, I do need to get going, I have to be home soon." With that she was off, me still sitting on the curb bewildered. 


I walked down the street so thoroughly confused I wasn't sure what to do. I must be going crazy, seeing things maybe. Cindy, she had been quite eye-catching, I think I developed a crush instantly. I really needed to get it out of my head though. She had a mommy or a daddy, no little that didn't would wear a diaper like that if they were free. Even if she'd actually had a real reason to be in them, it would have been plain or with a more sophisticated pattern on it. What was more confusing was that she was wearing adult clothes. She seemed to have a job here. 


I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going until I looked up and saw that I was only 2 blocks from the bakery Tina had mentioned. I am NOT GOING! 


But.. I was… or rather I had walked myself here.


Subconsciously or deliberately or even accidentally I had walked myself here. I stopped across from the bakery, watching, waiting, wondering, worrying. 


There she was, back to a wall, at a table outside the bakery, as pretty as she was the night she abducted me and started me down this nightmare. Why was I still here? Why wasn't I running? She had a natural beauty, not something in a bottle or loads of makeup. She was wearing a dress, loose at the bottom and form fitting at the top. She was endowed just like most of the Amazons, but it fit her. She seemed elegant and relaxed. 


While I was watching she smiled, even laughed a little, picked her phone up, typed something in and set it down, her smile never leaving her face. My phone dinged an alert.


Impossible, she couldnt have known! It was a text, sure enough it was her. 


"I see you cutey, are you playing detective? Come over and have a drink or a cookie or something."


Could I run now? She could easily catch me, what with the giant legs she had. Had she just made a good guess? No way, this woman never guessed, maybe a slight gamble but never guessed. She was too sure of herself. What to do? My heart was pounding as I took off my glasses and cap. No use hiding anymore.


Her smile broadened, it seemed to light up her face, it felt comforting and I felt like I wanted to see that face more and more. She motioned like you would to a small scared child, showing she meant no harm. 


Really though, what harm could she cause out here in such a public place? What is wrong with me?! She's a behemoth! She only wants to torture me to soothe some kind of manic desire.


What am I going to do? There's no simple fix, but that smile, I want that smile more, I want to see it aimed at me! 


I was halfway across the street before I realized I had even moved. Realizing that fact I stopped, Tina had looked down at her phone and didn't see that I had stopped until a car blew its horn at me. She was up in a flash! She left her table and was beside me. "Are you ok? Did they hurt you? Do you need any help?" What was going on? I was too startled to respond. 


Yelling at the car, she ushered me to the sidewalk. "I am sorry if I startled you, I was worried that the car might hurt you." She SEEMED genuinely concerned.


"I.. I'm alright, I guess." She looked amused at that. "You guess? Are you worried I will hurt you? I promise I will only ever act in the interest of both our desires." There it was again, that cryptic talk that both amazon and little could live happily, in harmony and coexist. 


"How can you do that? How can you want what I want?"


"I didn't say that, now did I? Sometimes the best way to live is for someone else."


It was not getting less confusing yet, "this isn't helping." 


She smiled a pitying smile, one that seemed to understand my plight. " I can tell you a lot more today than I have told you so far, and I will. What I would like to do though is let you ask questions first, allow you to catch up then I will tell you more."


My first question came out so fast I didn't have time to consider it. "What did you do to me?" Oops! I should not have been so rude.


Without batting an eye she responded gently, "I haven't done anything permanent, no addictions or brainwashing, no hypnosis or alterations. I don't plan to yet. The A.S.S pills you have used are exactly what you have experienced. There are 4 variants to the pills, which we will discuss later. There are some more lasting ones but again we will talk about them before you ever even see one."


Could she be telling the truth? This all seemed so open, honest. Why?


"How long have you been watching me?"


"I've had my eyes on you for about 2 years. This is the first time I have had time to get to you and devote myself to rewarding you. We like to get to know the littles we interact with quite well before revealing everything to them."


"Who is we?"


She only paused for a moment before reaching into her purse and pulling a piece of paper out. "This agreement is simply to say that if you decide not to move forward with us that we can remove the memories of who we are, you would not remember any of this. It also requires you to keep the coalition a secret from anyone. That means in writing or speech you cannot communicate who we are. Before I tell you more I need you to sign this." She pushed the paper to me with an etch pen. "While you read it, I can order you a cookie and milk if you'd like? My treat?" 


She sounded so enthusiastic on that last question I almost agreed. "Oh, no need to be worried, if I wanted to poison you or anything I could have done so already."


Made sense, I gave a nod of my head and that blessed smile came back. My heart felt warm and welcomed again. She motioned the waitress over. 


"Sweetheart, this is one of our newest potentials, can you get him a glass of milk and a cookie please? Oh, and no sippee cup today I think." She beamed at me. "Oh I do hope you will join us." She seemed about to bounce off the ground, as she turned to go Tina did something completely unexpected. She checked the girls diaper, honestly I had not seen she was wearing one until the waistband was pulled out.


"Let me know if you need another change, sweetheart." The tweener nodded and still beaming went to get the order. 


God, what was going on? She was completely there, no sign of the hypnosis or drugs that altered her mind at all. My confusion was being converted to curiosity, I didn't like it.


I read every line and every word, it all seemed very simple. Phrases like "You will not speak to anyone about the coalition," "never reveal who is in the coalition," it went on, but nothing was truly overwhelming. 


My cookie came, it was a good one, with coconut and chocolate, perfectly baked. The tweener waitress, still smiling from ear to ear, claimed she had "made it herself, with no extra help." She seemed happy…


In the end what could I do? If I ran who knows what would happen, if I signed who knew what would happen. At least I could control a little bit, so I signed.


Ch5. Some Answer's


Tina's smile only seemed to grow warmer as I signed, it felt like I was going to lose my life. 


She began "We are a coalition of Amazon's named 'better way families.' We have existed for close to 6 years now. Our goal is to unite littles and Amazons exactly as nature intended. As parent and child" my hackles went back up, but I remained silent,"I know that's a scary thought, but the goal is to make a relationship that both sides agree is a good one. Take our good girl over here." 


She gestured at the waitress helping other patrons of the bakery. 


"We brought her in about 2 years ago, she chose this life and we helped to find an Amazon that would respect her needs as well. She needs to feel grown up at times, she wants to feel independent, she really loves to go shopping with her daddy, I'm told. Here she has a job that doesn't push her too much and allows her some independence. At home, her mommy keeps her well cared for as a baby. Loved, wanted, and safe. She can be what she really is."


Winding down, Tina looked at me questioningly. Something was gnawing at my mind.


"How many littles have you brought into the coalition?" I asked.


"Oh, I stopped counting, but if I had to guess it would be close to a 100. No one has been as successful as I have, but we all work together." 


The number left me stunned. Tina kept going.


"We use the offices we have deals with not only to run the corporations that cover our project but also we use them to identify littles like you, my beautiful boy. This arrangement gives us jobs to dole out to littles that need them as well it gives us considerable income."


"This sounds too much like a scam." I replied half to myself.


Tina laughed, "I'm sure it does to you, Amazons have done nothing but lie and cheat and hurt you." That last seemed to almost be said in tears. "You see, my precious one, I have been watching you so much I've grown quite fond of you, and honestly I want to hurt those that hurt you, and repair the damage they did." It all seemed too much for me.


I had seen enough that I needed to ask, "so why am I here?"


"Because I want you, I want you as my little. I won't lie to you." There it was the catch, my stomach turned. "Remember, I would never go too far for you."


"So if I say no?" She immediately teared up, "then we would go to the office, wipe any memory of us and you'd be free to go." 


I had just signed the agreement…


Still wiping her eyes, "but I hope you choose different, I hope you will think on it, but as a reward I have brought you a choice."


Reaching once again into her bag, she pulled out a familiar green bottle and and a blue bottle. "Remember I mentioned there were variations to the pleasure pills? Here is your first variation. The green you have had quite a good taste of. The blue however, is new. Let me explain it; it is a longer release, it will take 2 or three days to fully go through your system. The effects and the side effects are weaker, instead of it being a complete wash of reality, it gives the user a good sense of happiness and pleasure for multiple days. It's purpose is to be a longer but gentler one. You will lose control again but only on the last night, until then you will be constipated. So yes a diaper will be needed." Lots of info right there. She wasn't done though, "I will let you pick which one I give you."


My eyes locked in on the pills, I was willing and wanting, I couldn't help myself. The obvious choice was the blue one, even a fraction of the green over multiple days? Who would be dumb enough to choose a few minutes over a few days? Especially when it didn't end with me on the floor covered in feces. "I want the blue one" too fast! I had played my hand at how desperately I wanted this. 


Tina only smiled, "one more thing though, I get to give it to you, diaper you, and clean you up. Deal? I know you skipped and destroyed the last one so I am making it part of the deal."


Why not? I'm already a stark blind moron, why not take the next step into foolishness? "If I have to." I replied. And anyway she'd already done it once…


Ch.5. The process or the possibilities 


Tina started, "I'll be fast and gentle, i promise." Quickly and deftly unfastened my pants. 


We had moved to the changing room of the bakery so she could do the deed.


Once my pants were no longer an obstacle she quickly put on some powder, stating "we can't have you ruining your experience with a rash on that patootie, can we?"


"These will come off whenever you need them to." My bottom was lifted and a diaper placed there. The long awaited pill was inserted up my bum, and like magic turning into lubricant straight away. Tina pulled it between my legs and I had never felt more defeated. Being taped in I remained quiet and embarrassed, but Tina was perfectly happy, "Now my little boy, isn't that comfy? All ready for his big adventure. Such a cute little one."


"Now this one will take longer to activate but will not take as long as it will for you to get home, so I will call you a cab. One last thing, when you finally do reach the end of the pill, no matter where you are, push this button." Handing me a device, it was just that: a button. "It will let me know you need me to clean you up. As well here are a few extra diapers." Handing me 4 fresh all white, pillows for my rear. "Remember you cannot sit on the potty all day, so I expect you to use these, understand me?" Taking a very motherly tone, I nodded. I wasn't going to even try avoiding it since she had already figured out how I had skipped the last one. 


Placing them in a carry all she handed it and a few other supplies to me. Called me a cab and as it pulled up she bent down and surprised me with a hug. "I hope we will be together again soon." At first I resisted the hug, but it felt good to be held and so I allowed it. 


By the time the cab pulled up to my house the pill had taken full effect, it was not nearly as intense but I felt like I was enjoying a message all the time. It was wonderful. I was really looking forward to the next couple days. Oddly enough, I wanted to see Tina again. I was already missing her, and I couldn't get Cindy out of my head either. Both faces fought for my attention, my thoughts. It wasn't fair, it had only been 2 days, why was I like this? Honestly I was starting to not care. I had been alone long enough. I wanted some life in my life, maybe I was just craving that. 


I decided I would call in sick tomorrow, I needed to clear my head. Tonight though, I'd have a beer and sit on the porch like I had planned 2 days ago.




Tina went home smiling and almost overjoyed, she needed to keep her wits. She still had to go to work and do other things for a couple days. 


She had been right about him. She knew it. He hadn't asked for both pills, so he wasn't greedy, he hadn't gone for green again, so he wasn't after instant gratification. It was going to be perfect, he was looking for the long haul.


She was still going to have to redden that butt for tossing the first diaper though, but not yet, not until he was ready for her. 


There would be three happy people when this ended, Tina, Cindy, and her new baby boy. She swore to herself right then and there she would convince him, no matter what.


He would call her mommy, she would call him baby boy. None but Cindy had ever made her this delirious before. She needed him on her hip, breastfeeding from her, cuddling to her chest, all of it. The dream almost made her knees weak. 


He would call her mommy…

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Ch6. A new day or a Bad start doesn't mean you cant win.


The night didn't go well. 


When I arrived home I was wet, I hadn't remembered doing that. I chalked it up to the pill, though it made me a little grumpy, I decided I could stay in it, sat on my porch drinking and thinking. The pleasure pill took the edge off of anything negative I thought, it allowed me to have a good clear perspective, I believed. Those thoughts kept filtering back to today. Cindy and the waitress had been completely ok with diapers and seemed even more ok with being manhandled by the giants. Could it really be true? Could littles be ok with those maternal/paternal starved monsters? It was beginning to seem that way. 


In any case, Tina's smile always brought me back to a good place. I need to see it again. 


Even with the beer and the pill, I spent the night tossing and turning, nightmares and wonderful dreams of both Cindy and Tina. Everytime I would wake up it felt like hands were lulling me back to sleep. 


When the sun came up I called my mobster of a boss to say I wouldn't be in. 


"Hello mister Handicraft, I'm sorry but I won't be in today I am feeling under the weather."


"Oh really?" Came the reply. "Do you think I don't know you're going to go out and play all day? You Littles can't be trusted at all. I'm not going to give you a break. What's even wrong with you?"


I had not prepared my speech very well and I stammered into it. "Well you see, I'm not feeling all that well, and umm l, I mean my stomach is out of sorts, and uhhh I just can't make it to the office." He wasn't going to fall for that one.


"That's bologna, if you really are feeling that bad and can't get here I'll send the car. Better be telling the truth, I see an attitude adjustment in your future if not."


A little shaken, I changed the sodden diaper I had on and tried my best to figure it all out before the car got to me, but the fact it felt like someone was giving me a foot massage with every step made it hard to think. In the end I had nothing even after the ride into the office.


Mr Handicraft, looked me over, " you don't appear to have any problems." There was anger in his voice.


I quickly stammered out "my stomach is on my inside." I should have known better. It was not even possible to think that wasn't going to go badly. Smart off to the manager of the littles support team. He didn't hesitate. 


He grabbed my arm and dragged me to my cubicle. "Little one, if you ever talk to me like that again, you will have the rest of your pathetic life to regret it. I'll chalk this up to that upset stomach you keep lying to me about, but so help me. One more screw up and I'll have you in the crib in my office, pushing your insides out until the dogs come home."


I was already trembling, I was too concerned to move, my mind had gone blank. Where he'd grabbed me it had felt like he was caressing me. I felt fear and comfort from it. My head couldn't process it. So I sat staring at him like I'd lost all rational thought.


Mr. Handicraft seemed to notice, and his paternal care side kicked in a little. "You ok, sport? You look like the world doesn't make sense anymore." Boy was that an understatement. "You know what, I think you do need an adjustment, but not the same one I wanted to give you. Come with me, little guy."


The gentler tone didn't fix my emotional state any. "Yes sir." I stumbled out and plodded along behind him. The diaper I was wearing felt 3 times its normal size. 


We went past his office to the little care lounge, which was really a discipline room in disguise. My fear peaked while my shoulders relaxed from the messaging they felt like they were getting. I stopped in the door, was he going to Spank me? Or put me in time out? Either way he was going to find out about the diapers I am wearing. 


Seeing me stop, he turned. "It's alright. No punishments, it may not be pleasant but it will fix that little tummy of yours." He immediately walked to the enema station, I had never been misfortunate enough to be subject to one of these. 


I was beckoned in. "It'll be over fast, and I'll make the settings as comfortable as possible, and no diapers even. Sound fair?" No, but I didn't have a choice did I? "Alright big guy, let's get those pants off." 


For obvious reasons, I hesitated, he did not however, and went straight for pantsing me. 


And there it was, my shame on display. Needless to say, Mr. Handicraft was a little shocked. "Where did those come from? In your interview we asked if you were potty trained. Why are you in diapers?" 


I started to cry, it was all too much. Everything felt like I was in heaven but it was all going to hell. 


I looked down and the front of the diaper had damning evidence of its own there. "You know company policy, only adults work here, crying, wetting your diapers, does that sound like an adult? You're still getting that enema."


Pulling the diaper off in one swift motion not even bothering with the tapes, he shoved me on the enema chair and flipped a switch. Immediately I was cuffed down. I began pleading and begging. I was ignored. A nozzle found its way from under the sink to under the chair. 


At no point could it have been called gentle or nice, but it felt nice because of the pill. The overstimulation sent me into new waves of sobs. At that instant the nozzle pushed itself into me and began pumping. I cried in ecstasy and fear, Mr Handicraft began to lecture me.


"Do you think it's OK to lie? Hmm? This is unacceptable behavior. I have a mind to see if I can have you declared a child so you can be adopted and properly raised. Why even the worst brats know better than to lie."


He went on while I was filled with dreadful and yet terribly wonderful enema fluid. Once it finished he picked me up and put me on the changing table. There was no powder or loving touch in it at all. Just stuffed into a new diaper. This one much fluffier and wider, it would be hard to walk. I was carried, my shame on display to Mr. Handicrafts office and thrown, literally, into the crib there. My bag and laptop tossed in beside me. "Work from there, I'll reconsider your punishment for lying if you do well today. If not, well, the paddle will get some use."


My world was upside down. It took 10 minutes to stop the tears, each sob shook my body and caused waves of comfort in the middle of my despair. It was causing me to be overwhelmed and my mind couldnt process anything. 


I knew what was waiting for me, I couldn't do anything to prevent it. First I was going to go through this enema, and be left here in it. Then I was going to be here until he came back and spanked me into oblivion. My head began to race, and I started to panic. My mind lost all traction against the problem and I started into hysterics. 


I didnt deserve this. How had it all gone wrong? Why was this happening? I didn't do anything wrong. My thoughts were going a million miles a minute.


I was going to be here until Mr. Handicraft ruined me. I'd never see Tina's smile again. That stopped my hysterical tirade.


Her face, I wanted her so badly. it sounded weird in my head even then in the midst of it all. But the thought of her calmed me immediately. My fear was still there but I knew she'd come save me, I knew she would save me, she had seemed to want me so badly. 




How would she find me? especially if that oaf of a troll takes me to be declared unfit. He could have me adopted in a week. I could get to her before then. All I had to do was wait for the pill to finish and then… 


Wait the button! She said push it and she would come! 


She never said I needed to wait. My stomach roared in agreement. I spent several seconds fighting back, I went into my bag and found where I'd left it. Holding it I flipped the cover up and there shining was a big red button, all I had to do was push it.


I only hesitated for a moment. It felt like a huge relief and a terror at the same time. Like I'd pulled myself to safety from a bear to find myself fighting a lion. At least the lion seemed to want good things for me. 


At that moment my stomach gave out, and so the inevitable end came. The whole enema came crashing into my diaper. 


I broke laying there sobbing, my hope gone.


I could only wait…




Tina was at lunch when the warning alert came in. Blaring from 3 places, her watch, phone and tablet all went crazy. 


It was her special project, he had hit the button. At first she was worried, but something slowed her down. With a sly smile she thought, he was probably in a wet diaper and didn't know what to do with it. She laughed and shook her head, silly little baby. He needed her for everything, he just didn't know it yet. 


Looking at the tablet, he wasn't far. The GPS tracker had the button at his work. Strange, I thought he would have stayed home today. It was his MO. That old coot of a boss of his probably bullied him into the office. I'll go check on the baby.


Paying her tab with the auto function on the table, she left at a brisk walk. 2 blocks down and three left. It was a nicer day, a little warm for her but she usually was warm. Arriving at the office, something just felt off. 


Second floor, his cubicle was the second row,  5th door down. He wasn't there, her heart leapt. Where was he?


Looking at the tracker again it pointed right to that morons office. Charles Handicraft, if he had done anything… Tina swore then and there he'd be working in the ice fields managing penguins. Charles was going to regret ever taking his first breath before she was done.


Breaking into his office was as simple as pushing the door open. 


The man had a propensity to harm littles, like most littles loved sweets, he loved hurting them. She was going to hurt him. 


Charles wasn't there, but in the crib she could see a figure. Sure enough it was her boy. There was an obvious odor. Not good! That means the pill had been interrupted and likely overloaded his system. He was probably all but delirious. 


"Tina..help me" he mumbled. That oaf Charles may have even done the hard work for her. He was still going to get his just deserts. 


Picking up the little she could smell the mess already there. He melted to her and her heart felt whole again. He probably wouldn't remember this but she sure would. 


Turning to go, Charles was standing there looking like he might pass out all on his own. To him Tina looked like a demon coming for his soul. 


"Charles" She growled, almost sounding demonic, "you will pay for this. You don't even know what you have done. I assure you though, you will regret this day."


"Ms. Tina! What a surprise? I mean you told me to treat him like normal, like he wasn't anything special. He talked back and lied to me. Told me his stomach hurt. He was trying to play me for a fool. This was justice." 


"The one just thing in this is that you may have done what I needed done, but the ends don't justify the means you use to get there. You will regret this day!" 


With that she carried her precious cargo out the door, hailed a cab and went to the clinic the coalition had established. She needed to counter the pill, and fast.


Ch 7 The Beginning or the End


I woke up in pain, not much but it was there. My head was still swimming, she was there. Like an angel, I didn't remember much after pressing the button but I remember her silhouette when the door opened. She seemed an angel, perfect and powerful. 


"Im sorry." I whispered. 


Her eyes moved to me and she smiled, moving the hair out of my face and caressing me like I was a small child. It was ok with me, if it helped her feel better in the moment. The least I could do was sit there and allow her to play with my head. 


"Sweety, there is no need to apologize. I had already told that rat of a man to not harass you. He apparently didn't listen. Anyway, I'm already working on it, he will be moved to a penguin habitat in the frozen lands far away. I promised him as much when we left." She seemed to relax, "speaking of, what do you remember?"


"I remember trying to get out of work by saying my stomach felt bad. Mr Handicraft didn't like that. He sent the company car to pick me up. When I got there he discovered I was wearing a diaper and decided an enema would fix it. He wouldn't stop. Said I lied to him and he would teach me to not lie. He left me in the crib and told me to do my work, but the pill kept making me feel good and I felt bad and everything got crosswired and I panicked. I'm so sorry I hit the button early."


" shhhh shhh shhh, it's ok" She cooed trying to calm my frantic response. "It's not your fault. It's good you pushed the button, otherwise the pill may have hurt you. When the enema was introduced it likely forced the entire pill to be consumed. In that scenario we are lucky it wasn't worse. The doctors say you will recover fully." She continued reassuringly "the side effects should wear off in the next few hours and you can go home or…" 


She had stopped instead of pushing forward. What was she up to?


"Or what? Please tell me."


"Or you could come with me, if you don't want to be alone. I have space for you at my home. My little one and I would welcome the company. We could also spend sometime talking about what you want."


Why did that sound fantastic? She had saved me after all, maybe it was influencing my thoughts. Maybe I just wanted to be with her.


"You don't have to decide now. Just think about it."


"I want to." I blurted out.


"What?" She seemed stunned.


"I guess it feels safer, he was going to hurt me, but.. you saved me." It all sounded right, it played like a horror film in my head but it sounded right.


Her smile came with a tear of joy. "You will be most welcome. We will leave as soon as the doc clears you, we can go grab some clothes for you on the way." She paused, " if you change your mind it's ok."


"How long have I been asleep?" 


"About 18 hours, you had me worried there for a bit." Worried about me? Why? No one worries about me anymore. Ever since my parents vanished probably in hiding or something, I had never had anyone care for me.


She held my hand for the next ten minutes talking to me about how I was a mess. I felt very childish with her but it was good. She had done so much for me in the past few hours. 


When the doctor came in he did a couple more tests, and cleared me to leave. Telling Tina I likely needed to stay diapered for a few more hours. Maybe overnight for a couple days. The mess in my system was a little bit more than I should/could probably handle. There was a clear warning before he left. No A.S.S for at least 4 days or until all side effects had ended. I laughed, Tina told me I was acting like a little boy, the doc smiled and said all littles find it funny. 


We went by my house and gathered a few things, clothes, toiletries and such and headed out. Tina said we needed to stop by the store for some supplies, all she had at home was for girls, and no boy wanted that.


So off we went to a general store and grabbed a few things to make sure I had boy things and diapers that were white instead of cutesy.  I had made an argument for no diapers but the fact I was standing in a wet one that had only been put on me 20 minutes ago defeated anything I had going for me.


We arrived at Tina's house shortly before dark. It was almost like a fairy tale. The sun was setting and it shined on her house like it was trying its best to light it up. There were flowers in the front of the not so modest two story brick home. The car pulled in and I could see the backyard had a playset and a nice patio. It felt like a comfortable place. 


"We're here" Tina quipped as she began getting out of the car. She came around and helped me get out, having to ride in a special seat irked me but what are you going to do? Especially when you can do little more than walk. 


*sniff sniff* "uh oh, someone needs a change. Let's get you upstairs and settled, I'll run you a hot bath so you can relax and play." I hadn't noticed the mess, this was getting beyond annoying. A bath would be most welcome. I must have shown how upset it made me because Tina reminded me "Remember the doctor said it would pass. All you have to do is keep it clean for a few hours and it'll show me the side effects are over. 


"I don't ever want another blue pill." I pouted, Tina bent down to my level. That beautiful face inches from mine and said "I'm sorry this happened. Because it did, I will care for you until it passes. This wasn't what I wanted to happen but now that it has, can we try to make the best of it?" 


I was back in that crib again mentally, I started to cry and for some reason I leaned forward and into Tina's arms, who wisely didn't pick me up, she just held me there on the driveway. When I backed away I could see she had been crying a little too. What was I to this woman? A toy? A project? A baby? Nothing conventional seemed to fit. She treated me respectfully but also seemed to push my needs ahead of my wants, especially when I put my wants ahead of my needs. 


Maybe I am her needs, that thought rocked my world. What could I fulfill that she needed? That would have to wait because Tina was apparently ready to move inside. "My little girl will be so happy to see you, she has been worried sick since I sent her a message saying you were hurt. Anyway, she always gets excited when someone might join our coalition." She kept going on and on, but I zoned out.  


This grassroots "coalition" movement seemed to have some momentum. Even scarier, it had power. If she could just get my boss sent to the frozen tundra on her whim she definitely held some sway with some powerful people. Or maybe she had that power herself. I didn't know but it gave me a little anxiety. 


"Baby girl, we are home!!" Tina announced our entry to the house.


A disembodied voice answered from somewhere. "Yay, mommy you're home!" Tina responded, "I'll come check on you in just a second sweetheart, I need to get our guest settled." 


"OK, mommy" that voice sounded familiar.

We went upstairs and into a room that looked like it was set for a very young child. A race car bed, and a lot of toys you would think a boy would want. Dinosaurs on the wall and even a TV screen for something was on the dresser. A changing table with stairs sat adjacent to the bed. Can't forget that now can we? "This is where you'll stay. There's a bathroom through that door. And everything you might need is in the cabinets here."


She went into the bathroom and I heard the water start running. "We can get your things unpacked after the bath." She walked to the changing station and patted the top,"come on let's get you at least partly cleaned up so the bath doesn't end up being gross." Reluctantly I climbed the stairs and layed down. Flashbacks from yesterday came flowing in. Tina was gentle though, she pulled the tapes back, making soft affirming noises. Joking about how stinky I was, laughing and carrying on. She cleaned me very well, even lifted my legs herself and forced my behind into a very embarrassing view. I was obviously red faced, "you have no reason to be embarrassed." Walking to the bathroom with a naked me she turned the water off and asked, "would you like to sit on the potty for a few minutes first?" 


"No,  I'll be fine." 


The bath had bubbles and smelled like she had put a perfume in it. "I'll let you soak a bit, make sure to wash well before I get back or I'll have to do it myself." It sounded both menacing and joking, but I took her seriously.


Climbing into the gigantic tub, the water only came so high but it was all right for me. The water felt a little too warm, as I sat down though I adjusted to it. I went ahead and washed as well as I could, the chance of mishap was too costly. I didn't want to wash with my urine. Settling in I relaxed, ignoring the toys and stuff. I began to drift away and think, trying to just organize my thoughts.


This had started like any encounter with an Amazon, forced into a position of babyfication. But it had been for pleasure and not for pain or punishment. It had been disconcerting to lose control immediately like that, even if it had been temporary. Those pills though, I wasn't addicted, at least I didn't feel like I was. It was more like it was my absolute favorite thing to eat and it was sitting in front of me, something I hadn't eaten for months. In my defense the green ones were pretty killer. Literally in the case of the blue one. Supposedly there were 2 more, sure enough they'll make me lose everything. I suppose they will have some crazy other variations like the blue one did. I'm sure Tina will offer them soon enough. At least she will have to wait for a couple days. 


Tina came back in what felt like a few minutes, but she insisted it was almost 30. She had had to clean up after the girl in the house, apparently she had made a mess trying to get dinner ready. 


She held out a big towel, protecting my modesty, which seemed odd since she had already seen, cleaned and been way touchy with my intimates. "Let's hurry so there is no messy mess, ok? No one wants that, do we?" Quickly wrapping me up she seemed to go into auto mode. Picking me up and whisking me out of the bathroom. "Hey! Wait a minute!" I yelped. She paused and sat me down, "sorry there, I know I should have asked, now hurry up on the table please." 


Up on the table she quickly went to work and began drying me off. My face went red immediately, she got out a few bottles and selected one, on it I could only read "scented oil." "This oil is to help keep your skin soft, it also has a calming scent. It'll help you rest. I'll also use a powder to help keep you feeling drier and more comfortable." She moved to the powder and applied it very deftly. By the time she finished I was feeling a little bit better, but the next part was what I feared most. "I know you don't want this right now, but I don't have a choice. I want to make it as good of an experience as I can." Cleaning her hands with a wipe she pulled a white rectangle out and unfolded the damnable diaper. She fluffed it so it would have a little less resistance and be more comfortable. 


My legs and powdered bottom went up and slid a pillow under me, or at least it felt that way. Soft and thick. "Now I know these aren't your standard diaper, and they tend to be thicker due to you needing it all night, but it's the right choice for right now." 


It felt like a truck was being parked between my legs, it was huge. She taped the diaper closed with expert level skill, it wasn't rumpled or loose or too tight. It was perfectly done. Reaching for one more thing she pulled out what looked like a shirt, but with buttons. A onesie? It was a plain gray but still, a onesie!!


"Do I have to?" 


"Ofcourse, it'll keep the diaper in place and stop leaks in the night. Now no fighting please. Arms up!" She started sternly but ended cheerfully. 


Buttoning it in the crotch she sat me up, motioning for a hug. I had to admit she had done a good job, it was very comfy for a diaper. Realizing I was sitting there staring at my crotch, I looked up and accepted her embrace dispassionately.


She held on tight and said, "I know it's been a rough day, and you've been through quite the ordeal. It's over now, let's go eat dinner and get an early night. I think I managed to salvage the mess maker's dinner."


"Mommy?," I heard from just outside the door. I looked over in time to see the cracked door open and a familiar face appeared.


I must have reacted somehow, because Tina let go of the hug and looked down at my face. I was stunned, there in a diaper and onesie of her own stood the girl my mind could not forget.


"Cindy..." was all I could muster.

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  • Bladderbrain changed the title to Most Littles with Sugar than Salt (ch 7, 7/26/23

I like the premise of the story.

Both sides come together because they want to come together.

I've already written this in other stories.

If DD existed and the Amazons could be trusted to keep agreements, they wouldn't need to kidnap Littles.

There would probably be enough people who would go there from our world to become the baby of Amazons.

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Ch8 Surprise surprise or huh that wasn't expected.


On one hand, the way this day had been going I shouldn't have been surprised. 


On the other hand, it seemed like a rather embarrassing dream. 


And then again we were both seemingly in the same state. Hers was a little more babyish, with cute patterns on the onesie.


Of all the emotions I chose, I was embarrassed, and tried to hide behind Tina. Who, of course, had no qualms about moving. With the swiftness of a practiced mom she scooped up Cindy by her rather pronounced diapered rear and spun her once and then plopped her right next to me. 


I was mortified!


She was not.


Cindy looked me up and down, I could only stare at that captivating face. "Mommy? Is this the boy? The one you want to help?" 


"Yes sweetheart, he's going to stay here for a few days and recover from what a bad man did to him. Don't worry though he will be right as rain in just a few days." There was a moment of silence.


"Have you 2 met each other?"


"He's the boy I ran into yesterday."


"Oh, really? You called him a man yesterday, so I never would have thought he was a little. You rapscallion."


She threw her arms around me and gave me a hug. "I'm glad you're here." 


Well needless to say a lot of things happened in a very short instant. I was very glad for the diaper that hid some things though. Being alone had some disadvantages too.


"All right you 2 munchkins, I know one of you is hungry because she made a big mess trying to make dinner for us, but I'd bet you're hungry too aren't you, little man?" Booping my nose with her finger. Cindy gave an impish smile and held her arms up to be set on the floor. I elected to climb down. 


We both trailed the giant, I marveled at her gracefulness, she seemed to flow instead of walk. The floor didn't shake when she walked, and there was no clumpiness to her. Was she perfect?


We entered the kitchen where all the counters were above my head but not out of my reach. It looked a lot like my kitchen at home, just bigger. "You 2 in your chairs. "Cindy show him his booster and then get in yours please, I'll bring your plates." The meal was chicken nuggets, broccoli and some pasta thingy that only the 2 of us ate. 


I stayed pretty quiet the whole time letting Tina and Cindy catch up. They talked about the doctor and how work went, all of course in a very childish manner on Cindy's end. She seemed to be all there. It was kind of like all her cares were gone and she just was happy and innocent.


After dinner, Tina announced it was time for her shower. She led the little ones upstairs and into her room where she placed some toys on the floor and said she would only be gone a minute. Everything on the floor seemed kind of beyond my desire to play with but I picked up something that looked like it changed between a robot and a dinosaur and fiddled with it in spite of myself.


"She's not so bad," Cindy had lost that childlike quality. Her eyes were still happy but just not as innocent anymore. "I know it's hard to believe but she really does want the best for you." 


"How can I know that? How do I know you haven't been hypnotized?"


"You don't, that's the sad part, but you've met 2 of us who have joined the coalition. Even if we are hypnotized, wouldn't a life free of worry and fear be worth it?" That was a new thought. No more Mr. Handicrafts to bully or butcher me. No more neighbors trying to poison me into a diaper. 


She began again,"plus I see those looks, and I like it, I feel the same way too. I meant what I said in front of the office. I am glad to see you again." She finished quietly and a little sheepishly. 


She was glad? "Well, this wasn't how I wanted to meet you again, wrapped up in padding and you have a mommy, she wouldn't let you and I ever go anywhere."


"You'd be surprised, she's going to start making a list soon, she always does. It's going to be what you really want, not superficial desires but true dreams. I'm sure a mate will be on that list. It was for me."


The water turned off in the bathroom, and Tina emerged shortly with a towel around her. "Are you 2 getting along?" She went to the dresser and got clothes out, not paying us anymore mind than she would a baby. She dropped the towel and began getting dressed. 


Cindy had been staring the whole time, and her mommy saw it, "would you like to nurse tonight, my dear?" 


"Can i?" That youthful innocent exuberance came right back. 


"Haha, of course my little one. We will give you some milk at bedtime." It took me a second to realize what they were referencing. Tina was lactating.


I had heard Amazon's milk was addictive. But Cindy's response seemed to prove it. It also had unusual effects on littles, both digestive and mentally. I had never really talked to anyone about it, only read a few snippets on the internet. Most of the littles in the position to try it were not getting internet time, so it was only ever word of mouth.


I must have been staring, because Tina laughed and teased me, "she never drinks it all, you can have some too." 


I blushed and pretended the toy was important again.


"Well then let's get you 2 down for bed." It's been a long day, and I know 2 littles in need of some sleep." Cindy I'll put you down first. Go ahead, I'll be right there for storytime."


Cindy wandered down the hall and Tina took me into my room. "While you wait for me, there are some video games you can play." I immediately got excited. "Really?"


You avoided the things that the amazons thought were childish. You didn't buy them or have them because you could be considered unfit. So I had never had them, even growing up. I wanted so badly to try them but I had never been allowed. 


Laughing at my exuberance, Tina showed me where to turn them on and how to choose a game. For now she picked one out for me. It was a game where you ran around catching monsters. You used them to fight and such. I was immediately engrossed. 




Tina messed the boys hair, such a simple pleasure had brought out the child in him so easily, the worries and trauma of the past 24 hours fading into the video games. 


Not even noticing her leave he kept playing. That made it easy, he was certainly a little clingy in a new environment. Tina liked it that way, it made her feel wanted and not just needed, but she also had 2 to take care of tonight. 


Once in Cindy's room, a pretty standard room for the girly girl who occupied it. Princess crowns and fairy wands. Pink things everywhere. She sat in the chair beside the lamp. 


"All right, have you picked out a story?"


"Yes ma'am."


The little wiggle butt waddled over and crawled up into mommy's lap. A story about a knight saving his princess was read. Then prayers and finally what the girl wanted most, Tina bared her breast and the girl latched on. She had learned not to use her teeth and was remarkably good at feeding now. This part always made Tina melt. She enjoyed this because it not only fed the girl, which was a need but it also served as a way to bond with and relax Cindy. As usual though, Cindy would fall asleep long before she even drained a single breast. Maybe Tina would try morning feedings. 


Laying her gently in her bed, and covering her with a warm soft blanket, Tina kissed her forehead goodnight. The little barely even stirred.


Well that was one…


On to number 2, he was just where he'd been left. Good! He had at least enjoyed himself for a little bit. "All right my tiny monster hunter, it's time for bed."


He looked up, seemingly shocked that Tina was back. "You've had a good first time, how was it?" He was excited for sure.


He began describing the game and missing details and having to go back to describe them. He would talk too fast and trip over his words. This went on for a few minutes, none of it making any sense to her, but she listened avidly as a good momma would. In the end she smiled and said "I'm glad you enjoyed it. In the morning you can play some more." Sitting on the bed she asked if he'd like a story. The boy declined but asked a potent question "why do you want me?" 


"Well" She had been prepared for that one, "I want you because you have a good heart, you are a smart boy, you try not to cause trouble in spite of your sometimes mischievousness. I want you because I love you." Her heart was feeling that full feeling again. He stood up in the bed next to where she sat and looked her in the eyes. Just looked, he seemed to be searching for something. 


Whatever it was he seemed to find it and flung himself on her, she caught him with ease and held him half cradled half supported in her arms. He was crying, maybe from relief, maybe from the stress of his life up ending in 3 days.


 She marveled at the bond they already shared, it usually took a month of candies and meetings just to get to where she could talk to the recruits without some sort of motivation. That round with Charles must have been worse than she had been led to believe. She would have to make sure he was shoveling penguin doo doo.


His sobs were slowing, but Tina wasn't going to spoil the moment. She just rubbed his hair until he had completely calmed. When he looked up, Tina asked "all better?" Nodded, "now I promised you an opportunity. Remember you don't have to but you are welcome to breastfeed." He looked down at her shirt and contemplated it. "Can I try a little bit?" 


"He always knows how to make me smile." Tina thought. With practiced ease she set him in place and prepared. "Now the best way is to not use teeth and to focus on kneading and suckling." Tina assumed he wasn't listening since he seemed to be intently focused on the next step that would bring him into her arms forever. Tina raised him to the right spot and began patting his bottom the way she always did with Cindy. He didn't seem to notice.


He was a natural. for all his talk of being an adult, he had done very well being a baby today. Never used his teeth, Cindy had been a bother, bringing Tina to frustration more than once, it was always hard with her in the beginning. Couldn't latch, bit, wouldn't suckle, one thing after another she had had to be taught slowly. 


He was perfect though, she was going to have to decide on a name for him soon. Right now Carmen and Joshua were the 2 at the top of the list. When she adopted him he would leave his whole old life behind. That meant all of it. She would give him a new life. She wouldn't take him from it, he would have to walk away from it. It was the best moment she had had with Cindy and she was hoping it would be the same for him.


His suckling was slowing, he was falling asleep. Wonder of wonders, he was going to be perfect. The next 3 or 4 days needed to be very focused on what he needed from her to fulfill himself. She already knew what she wanted from him. He was even giving it now. Slow and steady though. The bonding pill couldn't be used for at least a few days. A momentary rise in anger at what had been done to him was settled instantly when she felt him slump against her breast.


 He was tired and had somehow and for some reason let his guard down with her. It almost made her cry. I'd bet Cindy had had something to do with that. Sneaky little girl, always trying to do anything she could to be involved, bless that precious heart. 


Laying him in bed and covering him with the blanket, she patted that cute little diaper butt and snuck in a little kiss. He wouldn't know, but she would. It was a nice night, so she cracked his window and left the room. 


Tina felt a wet spot on her shirt, it was where he had cried. After thinking about it, it was a badge of honor, and she would carry it with pride.


She turned on the baby monitor and for the first time setup the split screen mode. It was going to be a fun couple days so Tina decided on an early night herself. 




She had come back right as I had discovered and destroyed the first boss with my monster army. 


Then she had said she loved me, I hadn't heard that in years. I was beginning to believe this woman. 


When she had offered her breast I wasn't sure I should have said yes. But her smile was all I needed to confirm that she approved. It had been sweet and savory to my taste. It had been nurturing and calming. In the end I never remembered finishing or really getting in bed. 


I did remember it was the best day of my life.


Ch9 Next steps or What do you want for me?


In the morning I woke up before everyone or at least thought I had, so I played the video game for a little bit until Tina came to evict me from my bed. 


I was soaked through and the diaper weighed 100 pounds plus. Tina giggle and squished my bottom with her hand. Saying it was good she had put me in such a thick diaper. 


After a discussion I lost hands down, seriously, I wasn't even allowed to change myself, she changed me into a light daytime thing that was a lot easier to walk in. Reminding me "the effects would wear off soon." She always seemed to have a better answer. In any case, the morning went pretty normally aside from Cindy coming down to breakfast in business attire. This was just so weird.


"Oh you look so cute." Tina bent down and kissed her head. I flushed with embarrassment, as I hadn't been allowed pants yet. Something about needing to know when it was about to leak. 


"Mooooooooom, that's embarrassing." Cindy responded to the comment like any child might. 


Breakfast was a simple cold cereal, it was good to have a little normalcy in it. Afterwards Cindy said her goodbye and off she went, I assumed back to work for the coalition, where we had met.


Tina took some time getting ready for the day, I could hear her singing as she went through her routine, it was a comforting thing even if it wasn't always on key. 


She had told me to explore a bit, so I knew where I was and what the house looked like. I walked from room to room. There seemed to be more than I thought there should have been. I only looked in Cindy's room, I felt like I was intruding by going in. It was a typical girl's room, all dolly and princess type stuff. 


The last thing I found was the basement, mostly open. It looked like a fun house for kids. Toys galore and and even a few playhouses and the like. I couldn't help myself and I crawled into a multi story one and climbed to the top. I felt like I was a mile up. It was probably only 10 feet or so but it felt higher. There was a rope bridge that connected to another tower and there I sat my pantless padded rear and surveyed the room a little better. 


Consequently, that was where Tina discovered me. She walked up to me, my feet a little bit below her eye line, and without hesitating tickled my feet. Of Course I laughed, but in my weakened state I also peed. 


When she had stopped, "Tina?" I said sheepishly, "I think I had an accident." 


"Oh dear heart, I'm sorry but that's why we had you in that diaper isn't it. The good news is you felt it, that means it's going away. Maybe just another day or so. Remember to go potty as soon as you feel the need to, ok?" She sounded like she was trying to potty train me. "Now would you like to jump to me?" That kind of sounded fun. A smile spread across my lips and Tina held her hands up to me, I only hesitated for a second or 2 thinking about falling. "Come on big boy, jump to me!" Tina encouraged me.


 So I did.


She didn't stop at catching me though, she twirled me through the air and finally landed me in a big hug. I laughed the whole way around. It felt freeing. During the hug I felt Tina probe the diaper, probably seeing if she needed to get me into something drier. She never said anything so I ignored it. It was embarrassing enough.


We went upstairs and into the office type room and sat down, her at the desk. Me on a chair made for a toddler placed on top of the desk.


"I want to talk to you about what you want in your future. You always seem to live in the moment, and that makes it hard for someone just observing to see what you want and do not have yet."


I got a little nervous, I had not really thought about it myself. Littles didn't get a lot of options in life. I had always wanted to travel but if you ever ended up in the wrong place or the wrong country, well, you were never heard of again. Family, who doesn't want a place they belong. Was that what she wanted from me?


My face must have gotten worried because she reached out and cupped my face, "it's ok nothing to be afraid of. There aren't any wrong answers. I'll help you figure it out. This won't be our only session, just our first ok?"


I felt encouraged by her words. We talked for a while until I became aware of a need for the restroom. She took me, removed my diaper, and left me some privacy. Upon finishing the toilet wouldn't flush. I tried a few things and pushed the buttons, but it would never work. I got a little frantic and Tina must have been listening, "what's the matter?" "It won't flush, I can't get the toilet to work."


I heard laughing, "I forgot to tell you it's little proof. It keeps the littles from cheating. In my line of work it is essential.if you are done come on out and we will get it all sorted.


And sorted we did. She flushed the toilet, not sure how, and me powdered and padded. With Each diaper change she seemed to be holding something back, more and more. I couldn't tell what, but it felt like she wanted something but couldn't or wouldn't do it. Maybe it was my imagination. 


Anyway the afternoon was spent doing simple things like playing board games or puzzles or even a game of hide n seek, which she was really good at. Cindy arrived home and after sometime in her room with Tina she came out dressed similarly to last night. A colorful onesie and diaper, even in that get up i couldn't help but notice her legs and shape were womanly. We went In the basement, and were told to play nice and that dinner would be ready soon. 


As soon as Tina left, Cindy dropped back into her adult mode. That's what I'd decided I'd call it when she wasn't playing childlike. "She really likes you." I was always stunned when she talked like that.


"Why?" Cindy shrugged at that. "It's not my place, she's my mommy, and I love her for that. She's protected me from something, I can't remember what. A memory blocker was put up to keep me from ever remembering it. I have a vague understanding that it was terrible, that mommy saved me and made me her daughter to help me heal from it, but it hadn't been enough, so I decided to have the blocker put in."


"You decided?" 


"Yep, that much is perfectly clear." Sitting in a playhouse tower it felt like make believe but I listened on. "Anyway, this life couldn't get much better, I have all I need, I get to be an adult for a few hours a day. Mommy takes all the stress off me when I get home each day. I get to play and watch TV or be a princess. Who would ever want more than to never HAVE to grow up."


"You talked about a list last night, what did you mean?" 


Her only response was a flat, "I can't talk about it." It was almost robotic.


"What about the mate thing?"


"It's on my list, I have no ability to talk about it."


I was now utterly confused, the way she sounded it was like a hypnosis response. There was never any sign of hypnosis until this moment. I decided to change the subject. "Why do you use diapers if you get to be an adult?"


"The Amazon's want babies right? We are babies to them. We know we are not babies, they know we are not, but their minds allow them to believe we are." She paused and smiled, "I am mommy's baby."


And with that she proved it, not intentionally ofcourse, but audibly and quite obviously. "Ewwwww" I said half mockingly. 


She just laughed so hard she fell backwards into a giant bear stuffy. From the stairs we could hear Tina coming. " What are you 2 rugrats up to?" Coming over, she didn't need an answer as Cindy's smell did the talking. "Whooo, guess we need to fix that before dinner!" Her focus changed to my crotch "Speaking of you haven't had an accident since we changed you. That's good news!" 


Sure enough, I was still dry. I hadn't even noticed. The praise made my cheeks flush red. 


"In the morning I think we can skip the diapers, as long as you promise to be careful and go as soon as you feel the need to." Yep I was definitely being potty trained. My cheeks got even redder.


"Run along and get your hands washed, I'll be up shortly and we will eat dinner."


I went and did as instructed, I was assuming Cindy was getting changed. Dinner was a lot the same, the pasta thingy was back again, it seemed to be a pattern, they tasted good so I didn't say anything. 


Bathtime and bedtime came again, there was another discussion on whether I needed diapers for bed and of course I lost. Seemed to be a pattern forming there. There was another onesie, this time powder blue.


I got second round once again. So I got a few more minutes on the video game and then Tina came in. "I think tomorrow will be another good day, we can go visit Cindy for lunch and you can meet a few more Littles at the coalition." I had other things on my mind. 


"Why does Cindy have hypnosis programming?" I knew I should have, maybe, led into it or prepped her for it but I was curious. Tina frowned, "meddlesome little girl, always the mischievous one. Anyway, come sit in my lap." I crawled over from the bed to the chair where she settled me on her knee. "This is a bad time to be talking about business, but I think you need to know so you can sleep better. 


The coalition is still a secret, remember the contract you signed?" I nodded, " Well it's the first step, remember I told you there were 3 contracts?" I nodded again, " the next contract we will talk about tomorrow. The hypnosis is to help us keep a secret what we are doing. While we are strong we are not to the point where we can just go about saying we are who we are. Some people don't like what we do. Also, we don't want to be flooded with applicants, we want to find them." She trailed off for a minute, "the littles we find are always specifically chosen, the same goes for the amazons. Believe it or not they undergo the same hypnosis."


It wasn't really relieving my fears.


"Tomorrow 2 people are scheduled to have it done and I thought it might be good for you to see it done in person, before you made your decision." 


"My decision?!"


I may have sounded a bit upset, "decision? To do what chop up my brain? Take parts of me away so I cannot think anymore? Make me some drooling infant?!"


Tina took it all in stride, she had heard it before. "I know, it's not like that though. The contract that comes next basically say you want to keep going with us, but we have to stay safe. I know its hard to understand but it will keep you from talking about it to anyone who is not also under the same hypnosis. That's it. There isn't anymore to it."


It didn't sit well with me. "I can hold you the whole time if you want. I can be with you, or maybe have Cindy there? Whatever would make you feel better." She seemed to be almost desperate, she really didn't want to lose me? Why was this so important? 


"I will at least see what you are talking about." 


She gave me a hug, "I'd also like to stop by the clinic and talk to the doctor tomorrow. Just a check up."


"Goodnight, my darling little one, sleep well."


I never responded, I was already lost in thought.


Would it be so bad to be so happy?




He wasn't sleeping, the monitor kept notifying her of his movement. Tina just kept staring at the monitor. In the end she went in and layed down, rubbing his back. 


He never acknowledged her, but he slept, and so did she, right next to her would be adoptee. She would have him, and he would have his happily ever after. 


He wanted to belong, he had already told her that much, not in so few words but it had topped the list.


He was a smart boy, how had he discovered the hypnosis? She'd have to ask tomorrow, Cindy wouldn't even remember that part of the conversation. Anyway, she'd sit with him through the procedure. It might make him feel better. If the doc went ahead with the green light, she could do the bonding pill as well. If he was genuine the pill would make him, and her, aware of it. 


All for tomorrow, for now they both needed sleep and he was getting a head start. 


Mommies need their rest too.

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I am really excited.

Although everything Tina says makes sense, it's still scary to think about what the coalition can do.

Also, that she wants to change his name if he wants to stay so he can leave his past behind sets alarm bells ringing.

I am curious to see what happens next.

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I haven't post yet, but I read almost all DM stories and this is done exceptionally well.  I like the story line and am interested to see if Tina lives up to her claim that it is his choice in the end.🙂 

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I am also enjoying this story.

I never read this type before.

I noticed when she slept with him before she put him to bed, and he was in her lap

she didn't breastfeed him.

I do wish there was such a place where a 5" man could be treated like this I would go

though the Portale to find a Mommy.

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A nice Wholesome set of chapters. Hope you enjoy:


Ch. 10 The end of the beginning or the beginning of the beginning. 


I awoke 2 two feelings one cold and puffy between my legs, guess I wasn't completely out of the woods yet. 


And 2 more curiously, warmth all over behind me. Tina had slept there after coming in to keep me company. 


I really don't get these people. I thought.


She woke up to my stirring. It was still early, the sun was just starting to rise outside and the birds were singing. "Morning" She said sleepily. I mumbled a greeting back. Last night hadn't put me off to her just made me feel awkward about myself. 


"How are you feeling?" She asked as she reached down to check the obviously swollen thing. "I'm ok just worried."


"What about hypnosis scares you so badly? It had to be over 2 years ago because if not I would know about it." 


I sighed, was I really going to share this with her? "About 5 years ago, I had just moved away from home, I had gotten a big job and was excited to move and start. Everything was going great. Money was coming in. I was living a great life. I met a girl at the bar. She was amazing, pretty and sweet and she liked me. We started dating and shortly after she dragged me to a party. It was supposed to be a make fun of Amazon's party, we all dressed as faux babies. No diapers of course but you know.


She wasn't any different, she had come fully diapered and everything. We laughed and said she would get picked up on the way home if she didn't change. 




We danced and drank and had a blast. But as the night went on the crowd kept getting smaller and smaller, figured they were getting tired of the scene and leaving. Well, I decided to try my luck with her, and invite her home. She said she had a better idea. I must have triggered the programming because she started acting weird and got me to start following her. 


We went down a hall and I heard a bunch of screaming and yelling about not wanting to be a baby. I got nervous and tried to turn her around. 


The programming must not have had a fail safe because she went completely blank. Flat with no emotion at all. I hid away from her and watched. As I did, an Amazon came down the hall. Yelled at her and asked where I was. She had fear in her eyes as the amazon carried her off. 


I waited there hiding for hours, the party had been a front for a baby traffiking ring. I listened to littles cry and scream until they were turned. Each going silent in the same way, fading out slowly and eventually turning into incoherent babbling.


I had almost been caught and been nothing but a drooling mindless doll."


I was shaking, and she saw it. She cooed and shushed me until I was calm. "If you watch two Amazon's get the same thing would it set your mind at ease?"


I had to admit, it sounded odd that any amazon would agree to the same treatment as a little. It was intriguing, "I guess it might help."


"Dear heart, I will not do anything that is not for our good. All three of us. I'm so sorry that you had to endure that. I won't let anyone do that to you either. Even if you decide to leave us."


The way she phrased that last one, it didn't sound like she meant the coalition. It seemed more like she was referring to Cindy and herself. I've only known her for 4 days. How could I be this attached?


"Come on, Cindy will be wanting up and you mister are in a giant squishy diaper. Let's put some underwear on today, what do you think?" That bolstered my spirit a little. I waddled over to the dresser and grabbed some underwear and some clothes. "Hop up here so I can get you cleaned up first." She patted the changing table.


10 minutes later we walked into Cindy's room, me following timidly. She was sitting in bed playing tea with her dolls. The onesie had come loose, seemingly unbeknownst to her and her sagging diaper was clearly visible. "Morning mommy! Hey, no boys allowed!" 


"I'm sorry I'll leave!"


"Cindy be nice now. He just wanted to help say good morning." She went to the girl and put her on the changing table by means of an under arm carry, like she was a football. Cindy grunted and laughed through it all. When it came time for a diaper change I got sheepish and went to read a book. Cindy didn't seem to care at all. 


The day started very much the same as the day before. At least until lunch. Tina made me go to the bathroom right before we left so I wouldn't have any accidents. Then we were off to the city and offices and everywhere else. 


After picking up lunch for three adults. We met Cindy in the lobby of the coalition building. We went to the 3rd floor and onto a balcony, we sat and ate talking a little here and there. My nerves were on end, I was still worried.


Shortly after the meal we walked back inside and Cindy said she had some work to do before she could go home, so she needed to get it done. 


Tina took me back in the elevator and to the second subfloor. I was looking for escape routes when Tina took my hand and reassured me. We walked 3 rooms down and into what looked like a waiting room. 4 Amazon's were in there, and my heart skipped a beat. 


"Tina!" One of the male Amazon's said. "Is this the new recruit we keep hearing about?"


"He is, go easy Gary, the process has gone by way faster than normal, so he's a little scared."


Turning to me and bending down, "nothing to be afraid of! I have been in the booth 35 times myself." He seemed to be bragging. "Anyway, Ms Tina here is going to keep you all to herself, you know? Most of us are pretty jealous. You seem like a really good little, if it was anyone but Tina I'd steal you away honestly. Always wanted a boy. In truth, with her you'll be getting the better end of that deal. She's a first rate mom and a first rate person." Who was this guy? "He leaned in but never got quieter, "in fact can I tell you a secret?" He blabbed loud enough for the whole room. "If she'd be a little less stubborn, I'd take her on a really nice date." 


"Gary, you wanna be smoothie, that's enough. I don't think you're helping here. In any case we are going into the booth. This guy wants to watch first." She put her hand to the back of my neck and gently urged me to a door out of the way. 


When we entered there were 3 others in there a little and 2 Amazon's. They only nodded at our entry and kept working. 


On the far wall was a gallery window to a single chair with what looked like a camera attached to the screen. There was a light on what looked to be a monitor inside the room with us. On looking better it was a word that said 'execute.' There wasn't really much else.


Tina flatly explained, "hypnosis tech has advanced really far with bad intentions, but we can use it for good now as well."


"I want you to read the contract before we begin," she said, pulling a single sheet of paper out. It only had 4 sentences on it.


I agree to be hypnotized into never speaking of the coalition to anyone I do not know is a part of the coalition.


I will be hypnotized into the complete knowledge of the coalition.


I agree to hypnosis that will not in any way alter my perception of reality.


I am of sound mind and under no duress upon signing this, or the hypnosis will not function. 


That was it, no more no less. 


Inside the other room an Amazon I recognized from the other room walked in and sat in the chair. An attendant from our side of the window walked over and hit a button, the screen flashed twice and the amazon's body relaxed, all except their eyes, which were glued to the screen. Then she woke up and walked out of the room. The next amazon came in, sat down and repeated the process. "That's it?" I exclaimed, a little miffed there wasn't more to it. 


"Haha, so you're saying it's ok?" Tina asked. 


I wasn't really sure to be honest. I was expecting cartoons and diapers and people crapping themselves, but nothing happened. We left the booth and into the waiting room where all four amazons were again. 


"Nothing to it, champ!!" Gary exclaimed. "You got the stones to do it?" It felt like a pep talk from hell. I realized though that I was. So I solemnly nodded my head. Tina reached down and hugged me, she had the biggest smile I had ever seen on her. 


Gently she asked, "are you really ready?"


I decided I was and put the paper on an end table, using the pen there I signed it. If I lost my mind at least I wouldn't know it. "I'll be with you the whole time." Tina promised and we walked in and sat down, me resting back on her chest, it felt like home. She grabbed my hand, and the screen flashed and my eyes reacted looking up. 


And then Tina said we were done. Nothing had happened though. I was confused but I wasn't dumb enough to argue.


Leaving the room, the other 4 were still waiting. Gary, ofcourse, gave away the surprise. "Party time! Welcome to the family!"


Tina responded by smacking his shoulder, "can you go 5 minutes without blabbing something? This is why we have to have hypnosis." The last was aimed at me. 


Everyone seemed so happy, and it was catching, I felt the excitement too. We left the room together and down a different hall. We took 2 turns and opened a double door.


Inside the sound of applause exploded out. There was a sign hanging from the ceiling that said 'welcome family,' turns out there really was a party.


I tried to hide behind Tina but she pushed me in, talk about betrayal. Cindy and the waitress from the bakery were waiting for me. Both dressed as little girls, neither dress hiding their obvious diapers. Cindy had a box of nice candies for me, and the waitress who introduced herself as Carrie had some of her cookies. 


Tina bent down, "it's tradition that the initiated get gifts from the people they know in the coalition. I have one for you too." She pulled a small bottle around in front of me, it read B.A.S.S. and the pill was yellow. "I actually have 2 but this is the one my heart says it's time for. I'll explain later, but for now, it's time for a party!" With the hypnosis I had been given a full history of the organization. I now knew how it had started as a few amazons that really wanted babies but couldn't bear destroying a little to get it, they had maneuvered and even blackmailed to get what they wanted. Tina had been there from the start. She was one of the most influential members. No wonder no one argued with her and people feared her. 


My mouth watered. The idea of another pill made me nervous but also excited. The green ones still made my body tremble, the blue one made me want to run and hide. But this one was yellow. 


Tina got Swept up in congratulations on another fine job and questions of how she did it?


I wasn't given much time to think about it, Carrie and Cindy dragged me to the littles table where we had all sorts of cakes and good looking food to pig out on, and we all did. I noticed quickly while I wasn't the only one dressed as an adult, I was the only one not wearing a diaper.


It was A party, we danced, sang and played, I even got to dance with Cindy. Who claimed to enjoy it profusely. After a while, I was sitting surrounded by other littles all talking at me when Tina bent down behind me. "The doctor wants to see us now. Can I carry you? It'll be faster getting out of here." I nodded my approval. Scooping me up, she held me on her hip expertly and we left quickly. She was in a hurry, walking fast and only nodding at people who talked to her. "Cindy is going to stay with Carrie tonight." She said it like I should be expecting something but it didn't click with me. 


I was carried the distance to the clinic quickly, no short legs to have to wait on made the trip faster. I was still on quite the sugar rush so I was ready to get down and move, once in a room I launched into story after story while Tina grinned and laughed through each story. Which only served to keep me going until the doctor walked in.


"Are we being impatient, Tina?" 


"Yes" She responded flatly, and the doctor didn't argue.


"Hello young man, do you remember me?" I nodded from behind Tina. "You can come out, I just want to see how well you are healing." I moved slowly, and he waited patiently. 


After a few pokes prods and tests, scans and the such he stood up and looked at Tina. "I think it'll be fine, but I'd like you to wait, it could be CLOC if you don't."


Tina responded with a smile and a "I think it's inevitable that that will happen. I can't give up now."


"Then it's in your hands, Tina. I don't think it'll do any damage but there is a slight chance."


Tina paused, "I understand."


With that we went out and left the coalition headquarters. 


We headed to Tina's home, I found myself thinking about why Cindy was going to sleep at a friend's. I asked Tina what CLOC meant. "It's just fancy doctor talk, but we can talk about it later." She seemed distracted. She wanted something. It reminded me of my desire for the pills. It was incessant but only when I knew it was coming. 


"Tina, are you ok?" She almost choked. 


"Dear heart, I'm perfectly fine. I have wanted something for several months and it seems close and it has made me want to hurry. I'm sorry if I made you worry in the midst of it."


I couldn't wait to ask, "can I know what it is?" 


"Remember there are 4 pills," she began, " the first 2 you've seen, green and blue, are purely for pleasure. Nothing more, the other 2 have other effects. My gift to you is the yellow pill, more commonly called the bond pill." I went on alert again, she continued unaware of my concern, "the pill doesn't alter your thoughts or even have a permanent effect. Instead it amplifies what already exists. It makes your emotions for someone ten times more than they had ever been. If you hate them, then you will likely try to kill them. If you love them then you'd die for them. If you're indifferent then they would literally mean nothing to you.


It is also the only one with a companion pill. They are meant to be taken in pairs. I will take the other."


My mind reeled, what was she saying? She said it would make me love her but not, but if I did I would love her a thousand times more. "So you're going to make me love you?"


"No no, my dear heart. I want to show you how much I love you. As well it'll show you how much you do or do not love me. Usually, this is months into a relationship, but circumstances and the fact I want to keep you all to myself have sped up the game a bit."


"I'll do it," she slumped a bit in relief, I was curious myself. Now that I knew what she was planning, I wasn't really worried she'd hurt me, but I was curious at how this would affect us both. What if we didn't really have that mother son bond as strong as we thought?


The car was nearing the house, my heart pounded. I grabbed Tina's hand, I wanted her touch, she squeezed my hand in return.




Once again I was back on the changing table, naked head to toe this time. The pill sat over my head and its partner next to it. It was similar in size but a different shape, more oblong. 


The diaper change was different this time, slower less rushed, it seemed she wanted to savor the moment. The oil and powder, she made small talk and booped my nose. Poked my belly button and genuinely made me feel like a kid again. 


I giggled the whole time, eventually, I realized she was stalling not savoring. I hoped she wasn't nervous.


 She had put an insert in the diaper which served to make it thick enough I could not walk, it was either waddling horribly or crawling. Apparently, I was going to need it. If this went really well it would be hard to change me, she had said. 


I made a complaint about it, only to be ignored. While I was only diapered, she had removed her shirt. Sitting in front of the giant she opened both pills, "are you ready?" She asked. 


"So, what happens when, you know, it takes effect?" Tina responded, "it won't be a trance like the others have been, instead it'll be a mental enhancement. You'll seem more focused on me and me on you. That's why Cindy is spending the night elsewhere. It'll be hard for us to focus on anything else."


I hesitated, "how long are the side effects?


"The effects will likely last most of the night. The diapers will be needed for a couple days." I shuddered, this might be worth it. On the other hand, we may try to kill each other. She would definitely win, but I really doubted that outcome. 


She took my head in her hand and raised my chin to look her in the eye, "are you ready?" How could I say no. I nodded and swallowed, I felt a hand go down the back of my diaper and something slimy went in my rear. 


She then immediately took her pill. 


"Let's toss the dice my dear heart."


My last clear moment of thought was "I really like it when she calls me that…"


Ch. 11 Bonds of steel or not even Hercules could break that.


It was like a flower opening. My understanding of Tina was completely wrong. I could feel her heart. It was like we had been linked. Like a shining star that represented her emotions toward me erupted in front of me. 


It was glorious.


I had never known anyone could care for me like that. 


My eyes began to water up. I burst into sobs, what teen girls call ugly crying. I couldn't believe I had treated her so badly, her intentions could only be pure with that emotion. How could I be so mean? "I'm sorry" I choked out. 


I was in her arms, my skin to hers. My head resting on her chest, her heart was beating so perfectly. I didn't even remember her picking me up. She bounced and shushed my crying, all while crying herself. "I'm so sorry." I choked out again. 


"No baby, it's ok, I see now. It's ok. Shhhh, you are mine now, shhhhh, I won't ever let go, shhhhhh shhhhh." 


I calmed a little, enough to realize for the first time Tina was becoming my world. My emotions were there too. They weren't nearly as prominent but they were there. I couldn't let her go. My arms wrapped around her neck. I was never going to let go.


She was patting my bottom and swishing me. Cooing and shushing my tears. I could do nothing for hers. 




It had been like a dream. His skin to hers, she had learned that contact helped. He was holding her neck.


She had braced for there to be almost nothing there, for even a little bit of indifference, but this she couldn't have expected. Cindy had loved her but not nearly as much as she had loved Cindy. 


This was nothing like that.


This was indescribable.


The pill forced the body to create thousands of times its usual pheromone output. Causing those near to experience the emotions you were outputting. Then it used the adrenal system to amplify what you felt, increasing brain processing in the area of emotion and a host of other things. The effects created a wonderment of emotions and effectively caused you to know all there was to know about what could not be said between 2 individuals.


Being more experienced with the pill she could sense it all. Cindy's pain had been prominent and hard to bear, but this poor thing's fear was so overwhelming, no little body should be able to hold something so big. It had utterly shocked her. 


Something had happened though. 


His emotions for her were there, but his fear had almost drowned them. Miraculously though his fear had melted to almost unrecognizable, but his love had grown to replace his fear. 


She had had to sit down. It had made her knees weak. How could that happen? Her only guess was that he saw what she was and all those worries and doubts were erased. Without them to hold him back his heart opened to her. It felt like a miracle.


Tina had cried tears of joy.


 She was glad she had both drank and made him drink water, they were both crying heavily. It had been almost an hour already and neither showed signs of stopping. 


This poor boy, her poor baby boy. He was hers as surely as the sun rose and set. Surely as she lived and breathed. 




My senses started to calm from the overload. I wasn't sure how long it had been, but the sun had set before I opened my eyes.


My eyes were still bleary and watery but at least the sobbing had stopped. Never had I been so happy and sad at the same time. 






I wouldn't call her that again




Mommy had sat down and held me, her eyes were red too. She'd cried as well.


"M.. mo.."


"It's ok, my baby." 


"Mmm.. mommy?"


She pulled me back close and I could feel her warmth grow. 


"I have food coming, my dear heart. Are you hungry?" I nodded my agreement against her chest. I didn't want to leave her glorious smell or miss hearing that heartbeat. 


What was this? She had said it amplified what was there. It made you realize what you already had for another. 


"Mommy, can… can I.."


She tried to encourage me,"it's ok dear heart, you can say whatever it is?" Her voice had grown even more soft and loving. 


"Can I say I love you?"


Taken back, mommy's eyes began to water again, but I could feel the joy so I didn't fear I had screwed up. "Oh dear heart yes you can, you never need permission for that." 


"I love you" 


She replied with "and I love you more."




He could make her smile in the darkest night, in the rain, surrounded by wolves. 


Their stomachs were growling, she wished that the delivery bot would move faster. Something so dumb might ruin this moment. She'd deserve it for not being patient. 


They needed a distraction. Clean up a bit and get some clothes on, she thought. She carried him without asking to the bathroom where she plopped his padded rear on the counter and gently wiped his face, cleaning his snotty nose, and cleaning his eyes up. Then she let him do her face. It had made them both laugh. 


The food alert came about 3 minutes before they were done, so she carried the baby to get the food and get set up. She had pulled out the high chair because she wanted to be closer to him than a booster would allow. 


Putting him there, she prepared the food.


Soon they had eaten. She had fed him most of it, which he had seriously enjoyed. He had become so carefree at that moment. Not over thinking it all, he had laughed when she had tapped his nose with the spoon getting pudding all over it. In the end he may have been wearing more than he ate. Mostly because of his shenanigans rather than babyish eating. 


She bathed him afterwards. They played some simple games, she tickled him until he begged her to stop, read books with his head on her chest, cuddled and watched cartoons. As the effects were beginning to wind down, she didn't want to miss the opportunity, so she sat down with him and breastfed him. Neither talked during the prep, both knew what was happening and both were excitedly expectant. 


The moment would go down for both of them as one of the best moments in their lives. Perfectly in sync and able to understand each other's desires for just a few more minutes, he suckled and she held him. In the end he fell asleep again, almost as if drugged. 


He was awake then he was asleep.


He fell off the latch even though his mouth kept working at it. She wiped the drool from his lip and placed him in bed as the last of his emotions drained out. She couldn't help but think, "what would she call him when he had been officially adopted?"




I was certain when she offered the third contract to me I would say yes. Historically, it had weeded out more people than anything else. 


I couldn't imagine life without mommy. How could I turn her down after tonight? 


She was breastfeeding me now, I was staring into her eyes. 


I could feel the full effects of the pill dwindling. I could tell I was tired, my body done. 


At Least I was warm, she smiled at me and that was the last thing I remembered as I drifted off to blissful sleep. 


It had been a good night, but all good and bad things came to an end.



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sigh,.. I would give up anything and everything to trade places with him…


 "what would she call him when he had been officially adopted?"

hmm,, did i just scroll back through the whole story to find his current name and didn’t find it?

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7 hours ago, dmavn said:

sigh,.. I would give up anything and everything to trade places with him…


 "what would she call him when he had been officially adopted?"

hmm,, did i just scroll back through the whole story to find his current name and didn’t find it?

Purposefully done I promise. It all comes down to how the story ends.

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Ch.12 The Good the Bad, and the New or Balance is Key


It wasn't a surprise waking up a bit of a mess. It was a surprise to realize I was in mommy's bed. She must have brought me here after I fell asleep. It was warm and super soft, so I was pretty pleased to be there. 


I could hear her breathing, it was a comforting noise. I remained as still as I could so I didn't wake her. I needed a few minutes to think.


Last night had been amazing, but in the midst of it all I hadn't been able to digest everything that had happened. 


The first thing I noticed was that Mommy had felt completely overwhelmed by anything I had felt. It wasn't that I didn't have feelings or emotion, they just weren't nearly as strong as hers. She had been learning who I was for 2 years, it felt a little unfair for me. In that light, I had seen all she hadn't been able to say. 


I became aware of my fear of her, of all amazons truly. But How could such a loving and compassionate being hurt me? How could that level of care even exist? It was still hard to imagine even after seeing the truth with my own eyes. It had made me remorseful, it broke my heart that I could be so mean as to mistrust her.


What was harder to understand was that I believed it all. Which is what changed everything. That belief had been like a hammer to all that supported my fear. In that moment I lost all my fear of her, why should I fear her? The resounding silence in my mind was my answer. Even if she reduced my mind to a drooling pitiable and pathetic baby, it could only be for my good. 


Whether it was something I wanted or not. 


What did I want? I wasn't as sure today as I was yesterday.


My stomach protested the late morning wake up, by announcing its desire for food.  It served to wake mommy up, who reached over and drew me closer. "Are we hungry?" She must have read my mind because she went straight to lifting her shirt. I latched greedily, I tried hard to make sure I didn't use teeth but I'm not sure how much I bit her. If I did she never even blinked. After a short while of feeding I couldn't get anything else, so I just kind of sat back a bit. 


Mommy seemed surprised, "are you done? You didn't seem to be finished there."


"I think I drank too much," I said obviously with a disappointed sound. 


"Haha, you actually managed to empty one of mommy's breasts. I thought I might need to move to morning feedings. You and Cindy both like to fall asleep before you ever finish." Resettling us both in a better position she held me up to her other breast and I laid in her arms and drank my fill. 


It wasn't just that I was hungry, or that the act of breastfeeding created such a moment, or that it tasted fabulous. It was intoxicating to drink from her. Her milk was like candy to me. 


When I had finished she rubbed my squishy rear and decided it was time for a change. 


"I'm going to dress you up a little more to my liking today. I hope you'll be ok with it. We won't be going anywhere except to get Cindy and maybe dinner." I mean, who was I to argue, right? She had just fed me using her body, and I was anxious to please her. I nodded my agreement, she ruffled my hair, put me on her hip and down the hall we went. 


Back in the room I had been using she laid me down and quickly cleaned me up. Taping a new diaper on, it was blue with little pony-like cartoon creatures on it.  "this one will not come off without help, I just like the cutesy designs, it'll make that tushie even cuter." Her voice kept moving closer and closer to baby talk. "Remember the side effects probably will keep going today, there's a price for what we got last night." That made me wonder what it had cost her. 


"Did it cost you anything?" 


"My system is stronger and so it has effects just not the same, but you don't worry that little head of yours ok?" As she finished her work she went to the closet and pulled out a pair of short-alls and a light blue shirt. 


I was gonna look like a 5 year old, oh well I had agreed. The shortalls had crotch snaps and everything. When she had finished her labors she smiled and plopped me in front of the mirror in the bathroom. I did look younger, I'm sure to her eyes I was now exactly what I should be. It was a little disconcerting. 


She handed me a toothbrush and told me to brush while she got dressed. 


We ended up downstairs and back in her office type room again, me on the desk and her in front of it. 


"I'd like to keep talking about what you want today, then tomorrow I'd like to discuss why and what I want from you. Does that sound fair?"


I nodded, "I know we talked about a lot of what you want to do but what about what you want. Do you want a family of your own? Do you just want to be alone? You've always been alone as far as I've seen but is that something you like?"


I thought hard for a moment "I guess it has never been an option to have friends or family, you could disappear at any second or they could. You never know what happens to them or what will be the end for them. That's a kind of pain I never wanted to cause someone." A faint spark of hope ignited in me, "but who wants to really be alone? I mean really really. My own parents vanished without a trace, I haven't heard from them in years." 


Mommy interrupted my train of thought, "do you miss them?"


I stopped for a moment, "yes and no, they raised me and did what they could, they kept me safe until I could do it myself. I'd like to be able to say thanks at least." She typed away for a minute then looked back at me. "What do you think became of them?" 


"Who knows? They were crafty and sneaky, not much chance they got caught by anything unscrupulous. I can count on one hand the number of times they came home after an attitude adjustment."


"Interesting, what about your job, do you like having one?" 


It was hard to think about after the last encounter with Mr. Handicraft. "I like seeing people, it's my one link to others in the world. I've never really made friends there, for the same reasons as before. It wasn't bad though." She typed away again.


"What about your life do you like the best?" What was I supposed to say to that? After the cataclysmic events of the past 5 days, I'm not sure what life I had to return to. Thinking about it, my life had been so bland, mostly running away or hiding or trying to outsmart the amazons in my life. I said as much.


"I'm not sure my life is even there anymore, or what I enjoyed. I always wanted more but what could I have if it could just be taken from me. It was easier just to keep my expectations down." I realized that the way I was talking I never expected life to go back to how it was. "I mean yeah you had some basic assurances, like you wouldn't be picked up off the street without it being illegal. But if an Amazon got it into his or her head you could be declared unfit pretty easily. Mr. Handicraft said he was going to do that."


Her anger flared up,"HE SAID WHAT?!" I got up and thought about finding a hiding spot. It had been reflexive, but it was plain to see how much it had affected mommy."Don't worry dear heart, I'm not upset with you. That man has overreached himself. I don't think he's good enough for the penguins though. Maybe we will have him reassigned to a more appropriate place, a place for someone who needs to learn to follow directions and learn their place." I just stared at the floor.


"Baby, you have done nothing wrong" She said, holding my chin in her hand so I had to look her in the eyes. 


That was the moment my stomach decided to let go and tell the world how much mommy's milk had done for me. 


"Haha, well I guess we need to take a break. Run upstairs. I think I have enough for now." 


Well that had been terrifying, I was beginning to think mommy was not a person you crossed lightly. Doing so might be the worst decision of your life.




"That fu**ing rat ba**ard," Tina thought. He'd make an awful baby but she was going to do it. 


After changing her baby, she let him play video games while she worked. That had gotten him back to that youthful state again. 


The side effects of the B.A.S.S were still wreaking havoc on her emotions. For amazons it affected the balance in their systems. If you spent the whole pill happy, you'd struggle not to be sad, joyous then you'd be angry, basically the emotions you didn't use became like a hammer for you. So when Charles got brought up it was all she could do to keep herself from finding and killing him. Luckily it was better each passing minute. 


What worried her most was that the pill had gotten stronger each time. Only a few more and she may need 4 or 5 special ops If she was triggered to keep her from hurting someone. Even then that might not be enough. 


Maybe that insufferable Gary, he had matched her on her worst days. Then again he may be the trigger.


As clever as he thought he was, he could be annoying beyond reason. His skills in every area were quite strong, the problem was he knew it. 


Logging into her credential with the state she found Charles' extradition hadn't gone through, it was sitting on pending, perfect! She changed the orders to request he be left in the coalition's care. With it pending he would already be confined and in custody. That means he could be dealt with tomorrow. It would be a joy to deal with him. 


Now she just needed a nanny for a few hours that would deal with her baby properly. 


Logging into the coalitions website she decided to use a tweener she had gotten for Cindy once. She was available, and apparently she had a lot of fun with the littles.


Huh, there was a new update to her profile. 'Possible leaks, keep in pull ups, likes to take them off.' Well, Tina thought, there shouldn't be too much to handle I don't think. Sarah was her name, she liked babysitting for money. Her age had been set at 15. Tina made a mental note to call her daddy and find out what that was all about. 


Scanning her profile just to see what was there, liked shopping at the mall, wanted to be a designer. The coalition had gotten too big for her to know everyone but those she was involved with she tried to keep tabs on. 


Sending another 4 or 5 emails to handle the details for tomorrow's change of plans, she settled in and caught up on communications she had missed 


Tomorrow was a new day for new fun, but today, well it had all its own issues. It was getting to be time to go get Cindy. 


"Time to go get Joshua ready," testing the name in her head. 


Ch. 13 Old habits die hard, or People need to learn to move on.


They had gone to pick up Cindy from Carrie's house. Apparently they had done makeup and makeovers. Cindy looked like she had put the whole kit on her face. I didn't tease her, I wasn't sure how it'd go over, plus she was so proud of it. 


Carrie's dad walked us out to the car, "Well it looks like it went well." He was saying. "At least judging from the current state." I hadn't been paying attention but I figured they were trying to talk over my head, so I just listened and didn't interrupt. 


"For sure," Mommy replied. "In fact better than anticipated, maybe even one for study." He sighed, "you always find the best ones, and manage to get the biggest messes." He laughed a little and mommy did not smile in the slightest. That angry look from before had come back a little and she was a bit scary again.


It passed almost as fast as it came on. 


Once we got in the car and strapped into our seats, mommy said she needed to run to the clinic. It would only take a few minutes. The doctor wanted to see her. 


Once inside, she left Cindy and I for a few minutes and then came back with a bandaid on one arm. She had had blood drawn or a shot. This was my fault I thought, she had taken that pill for me, she was dealing with the side-effects and had even needed the doctor. I'd have to apologize again tonight.


Mommy wanted to go to dinner out so we decided to walk to a nearby place that was known to cater to both amazons and littles. 


Mommy ordered for us and we had a tasty dinner with fruit and chicken tenders and those weird noodle things again. I had never seen them before but I decided I'd ask about them. "They are proteins that counteract aging. It doesn't make you younger but it makes you feel younger." She said it matter of factly and moved on. 


After we ate mommy decided to get ice cream and we set off walking. It was a nice night so there were lots of people walking in the streets. We held mommy's hands so we didn't get lost.


Out of the blue I heard a familiar voice exclaim, "oh my word! I have been worried sick about you." I felt a hand grab my free arm and turn me around.


 Bella Carter! Could I never be free of her? 


She held my arm like a spoiled child that refused to leave a store. There was no escaping it. "Let go of me!" I yelled at the bimbo. 


"Why are you dressed like that? Did someone adopt you? Did you agree to it? Of Course not, you wouldn't do that to me. You want to be mine even if you don't know it yet." I started to yell for mommy, but I really didn't have to because she was already there. 


"I don't know who you are, or what you think is happening right now, but you will release him now." She was scary again. 


Bella looked at me then back at mommy, "you called her mommy?" She was taken aback by this revelation. "No, no, no, no, no, no, he belongs to me. He always has." 


"I hate you."


"Oh you'll regret that you little troublemaker." She rared back and slapped me so hard I couldn’t see for a second. Then, without warning her hand on my arm just disappeared. I looked up and mommy had her in a hammer lock. She didn't stop there, she spun and flipped Ms. Carter into the air. It had seemed effortless. 


Mommy walked over and placed a hand on Ms. Carter's neck and the woman screamed in pain. 


"You listen to me and you listen well. One, you will never touch him again unless he or I say you can. Two, you will under no circumstances consider hitting him ever again." Ms. Carter tried to get up again, mommy wasn't having it. She grabbed her by the arm again, this time instead of flipping she twisted. There was a nasty crunching sound that anyone who heard it cringed at. 


Ms. Carter was done. She layed on the ground holding her arm, which had a second elbow. "Why would you steal him from me?" Mommy responded, "he was never yours. Be smart, let him go, forget he ever existed. If you keep at it, you will regret it."


With that we went on, mommy walking a little too fast for our legs, we struggled and stumbled along trying to keep up. Cindy fell first, skinning her knee. She sat down crying and mommy picked her up, comforting her, apologizing over and over for walking too fast. She seemed like a another person at that moment.


We managed to get to the ice cream shop in one piece aside from Cindy's knee, which mommy cleaned up and put a spray on. 


We got our order and sat at an isolated table. "Mommy needs to say she's sorry, to you two. I should have handled that woman better," I thought she handled her fine. "There will always be amazons after you 2 and I should be more aware of them. Don't worry though mommy will always protect you two, like a momma bear. Roooooaaarrrrr" raising her hand like she was going to pounce on us, the last had made us both laugh. 


The tension eased and we ate our ice cream watching people go in and out.


"You know what we need?" Mommy asked. "A vacation!" 


"Yay, I love vacations." Cindy squealed. "We can go to the water park! or ooh ooh how about we go to the river!" 


"I think we need a proper vacation, little girl!" Mommy laughed, "it's been too long. You and I haven't ever had one." 


Growing more serious, "We will go soon. How about the beach?"


I didn't know how to act, was she involving me? It felt like it but how? Why? She and I had no tangible link yet. It was certainly coming though. I considered the diaper he was in and the fact I hadn't seen a third contract. It was definitely on its way.


Mommy summoned the car to us so we didn't have to walk back by where that infernal hippo had tried to take me. We rode to mommy's home, Cindy dozed off,  and when we got there mommy carried her to bed, and met me in the kitchen afterwards. "You ok dear heart? I know she has harassed you before." I could only nod. "Don't worry if she ever bothers you again, it'll be the last time." I nodded again. "Come on, let's go play a game before bed." Before I could go though she slipped my pants off and gave me a very invasive diaper check. "Need to change that too."



Tina was finishing up her charge's diaper change, using a little extra oil tonight. He seemed to handle it better than before. As well he handled that moron of an Amazon better than before. 


Tina blew a raspberry on his tummy and made him make that adorable laugh again. She couldn't get enough of it. It warmed her heart. That pill must finally be letting go. She could feel the joy that her little ones brought her again. She smiled and her heart was full. It had been a hard day. Putting the soon to be named Joshua in his onesie, she kissed his forehead. 


"Mommy?" He asked. "I want to learn to be as strong as you." Her timid little boy wanted to be a fighter? She gave him a confused look, "why?" 


He shrugged, "because I want to protect people too." She laughed at that, "my little precious warrior, with the heart of gold. I think you are something else." 


He fell asleep in her arms tonight. Resting on her shoulder. She held him for a long while after. Cindy would never have slept on her like this. She wished the girl would cuddle more, but what are you going to do? She was too adventurous and curious. Free spirited even. 


Tomorrow was going to be a hard one and a bit of a shocker for him, so she didn't want to put him down just yet. She would offer him the third contract. By now he had to know it was coming soon. The effects of the yellow pill should be wearing off on his system too. This had moved so fast. She was certain though. He would perform his part perfectly, she knew he would. 


The third contract, it was the most dreaded part of her job. Normally she would spend a month trying to get a little to trust her, another with spending nights and meeting Cindy and other littles and Amazons, it could take as few as 2 months sometimes as many as 3 or more. By the time she got them to spend nights over she would have started to move them to other amazons, the ones that would be adopting them but she still visited to help build their third contract. 


The third contract was so important. It was almost a living will. It was about what they desired for their lives. The little would literally give her all she needed to know about them. Likes, dislikes. Hopes, dreams, loves, hates, everything laid out and bare. She would arrange it into lines and promises then the contract would be written out. Plainly so their little minds could understand. 


Then the amazon would put requirements behind them. Things like an age, a set of behavioral patterns, any hypnosis requirements, so on and so forth. Almost all required the final pill, the red pill also called the P.A.S.S. It was so called because it was permanent. The use of it would rewire the brain chemistry to not create extra stress hormones allowing the littles to act as they are, as babies. It also removed their continence, resulting in CLOC, complete Loss of control, Amazons liked this because it made the little permanently dependent on the Amazon. She was going to require it of her Joshua, as well his name would be changed. She wanted a clean cut from the old to the new. It was easier that way. 


She had some extra work to do tomorrow. With the whole contract she had to fulfill the bits she needed to fill asap. In the end she would have him. 


It would be hard to send him home first. She knew he wouldn't like it. It was the rule. One she had made and had insisted on all recruiters follow. No questions asked.


Yes, tomorrow was going to be busy, and hard. 




"She was raped, by 3 men who claimed to care for her." The boy was persistent and it had gotten on her nerves, so she answered. Apparently at some point he stumbled on the blocker hypnosis Cindy had required early on. He had asked Tina 3 times since Cindy had left this morning to go to work. 


He had stopped in his tracks after that. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have pushed."


"No you shouldn't have, that's not respectful behavior. The other side to it is since she does not know, so you can't tell her. Understand? Ever!" 


He made his promise. "Now we need to get ready to go to headquarters. I have some work to do there, Sarah, the nanny I set up for you will be there and you 2 will have a great time until I am finished, then I have a big job for you." 


"What job?" He asked.


"Excuse me young man, did we not just get reprimanded for pestering mommy?"


"Sorry mommy, I'm kind of excited to get to help."


They got ready and headed to the offices, when we arrived and met Sarah, she seemed to get along with the little guy right away. Tina had to make sure she was doing as she had been told, "spin" she said and twirled her finger. The girl's face went red and a little annoyed but she did as she was told. Mommy checked her pants, the girl was wearing a pull up. "Good girl, keep it on or I'll send you home in something locking and much worse." Mommy had warned Sarah. Sarah's face was horrified and was redder than the hair on her head. "Do you need a spare?" She shook her head. Something told Tina she was going to have to diaper a teen later. Hopefully not, Sarah seemed to be embarrassed by the whole thing. 


She had willingly walked into the scenario though. Her daddy and her had not felt close enough, so they had devised a plan to work in intermittent accidents. It was designed to be a secret for her to keep with her daddy so they could feel closer. The triggers for it were complex so it wasn't really a common thing, the girl didn't know what they were and they would trigger an hour after the event. 


So Tina helped out by giving the girl a hug and placing her hand on Sarah's left shoulder. That put her on a countdown to an accident. Hopefully she went potty soon otherwise….


Sarah seemed jovial and took her boy off to play and have fun, she had said something about making crafts. He was in over his head with this one, haha. 


Tina though had another mission.


She headed down to the 4th subfloor. Not even the state was aware of anything past the 2nd. 


Once there she headed through the double doors into a space they called the dead zone. It was designed to block all cell signals, all noise, there were no wires that went between the 2 rooms. Literally it was a space of about 15 ft by 15ft where no electronic thing was. The rooms beyond were completely isolated from any system, not even the internet made it here. Power was run by a generator on the surface. 


Using the fingerprint and eye scanner simultaneously took some getting used to but once you did, it only took 2 or three tries each time. 


The hall beyond was lined with 5 holding cells, usually mostly empty, today if she was right 3 were filled. One had a certain Charles Handicraft. 


Her heels echoed down the hall as she walked. The prisoners must have heard and they came to look, when he saw her, he began to beg. "Please, I won't tell anyone anything l, I'll go live in a jungle or a desert, yeah yeah, no one lives in a desert I can't tell anyone anything if I'm there. I'm begging you to let me go. I'll give you whatever I can, everything I have." 


She almost smiled, there was no reason to torture the man any further though. He was about to be taken care of forever. 


Going into the room at the end of the hall she entered a sort of chamber that seemed out of place. It looked for all the world like you might torture someone here. 4 chains hung from the ceiling, a hard slab was on the wall, and a grate in the middle of the floor, no visible cabinets or drawers. 


The part that made it purely psychotic was that there were no corners or edges in the room, everything flowed or bent instead. It messed with the mind some. 


Tina didn't stop there, she walked straight to a side and ran her finger down a line she couldn't see. The door slid back separating itself from the wall and then tucking itself away. 


Going through the door, Tina was in a booth a lot like the one 2 floors up. Except this one had 10 workstations, no littles, their minds did not need to see what would happen here. 


Gary, of course he was there. Cheerful as always, "you know I love to watch you work." He had a rare serious moment next, "also there is nothing in the world I like more than to watch awful amazons get what they deserve."


Tina never acknowledged his comments, instead she simply began to prepare "is Charles prepared?" 


"Yes ma'am" came a reply from one of the amazons.


"Excellent, have him stripped and moved in. Is my suit prepped?"


"In the dressing room, ma'am"


"All right then, we will begin in 20 minutes."


A chorus of "Yes ma'am" followed her final statement. 


She left the room via what looked like a closet. In fact it was a dressing room. It had a suit that would allow her to control the rooms' deeper functions. 


It was skin tight and covered her whole body, a face shield was all that let anyone know it was her. The final thing she grabbed was a black bottle. 


There was a 5th pill. Not many in the world knew it existed. All in all about 40 people. Soon to be 41. It was different from all the others, it was not a reward. 


It caused pain, hallucinations, it had one goal. Destruction, slowly and painfully. Oddly enough it actually was the last pill invented. It destroyed the brain pathways to good memories and serotonin receptors. The pill left no good thing for you. It was believed you could not even feel loved, even if you could perceive that you were loved. 


This was a final resort, you only found yourself here if you found the ire of about 10 people or you were truly scum of the earth. 


The bag of supplies she had requested lay in the corner. She inspected it, it was all there. He had put her baby in a living hell he had had no escape from. Tina was going to return the favor.

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  • Bladderbrain changed the title to Most Littles with Sugar than Salt (ch 14, 8/1/23

This is a heads up, this chapter gets pretty dark all around.


Consider this a blanket trigger warning.


Ch. 14 Death is a sweet relief or Sometimes life is excruciating.


Tina had only been in this room a handful of times. Even more, she had only used the black pill 3 times. Cindy had been hurt by 3 men. 


A lot of third contracts added a "removal of past entanglement" before the contract could be finalized. Things like debt usually topped those lists, but Tina liked to think she added a line a little more eloquent than most. "Remove any threats to a future happy life." That translated to anything that could ever harm her little from the past. She had handled the minor nuisance last night, it had been fortuitous that that mindless bimbo had found them. It was unfortunate it was handled in front of the littles.


Now she'd deal with this last one. She really didn't like the black pill. It was a bit horrific. In the end most did not survive long. When everything good to you was seared away you were left in a state of disbelief. Even knowing what would happen didn't change anything. 


She watched as they chained a naked Charles above the grate. He was still pleading to be released. He was a slob. It would be easier for her if she only saw those things. The bad side of him. 


They had finished and left him in the room by himself. The 20 minute deadline was only 30 seconds away. She prepared herself, reminding herself of what he had done. 




The counter went off and without a word she walked to the door and opened it. To Charles it would look like she had made a door appear and then disappear again. 


"Hello, are you ready to begin?"


He looked back and tried one more time. "Please, I swear, I'll do anything. I'll even kiss his feet. Whatever you're going to do to me. I  promise I'll make it up to you… and and him I will."


"Handicraft you despicable, insufferable man. If I thought for a second those words meant anything you wouldn't be here." Setting her bag on the table, she reached in for an inflating pacifier.


His eyes widened, "I haven't done anything to be made into a baby. This is illegal!" He was getting desperate.


"Don't worry no one will complain when I'm done with you." She walked around him surveying her prey. "You don't really get what you've done so, I'll explain."


"You were told not to bother him. To leave him be, to act like nothing ever happened to him, you were told powerful people were looking into him, that nothing mattered more than he not be molested.


You didn't succeed at that one command did you?"


He tried to answer but she stopped him with the pacifier. Giving it the flip it needed to activate. All he could do was beg with his eyes now.


"You took what I told you was precious, you planned to take him from me didn't you?


You were going to declare him, to strip his mind, WEREN'T YOU!??"


He became frantic. Obviously she wasn't supposed to find out about that. 


She made a fist in front of her, rotating it she raised a few inches. Charles fell over and the chain raised him to waist height. 


She walked to her bag and removed 2 more things. "You've likely never seen these things. One you'll recognize I'm sure." Holding up a giant folded diaper. His eyes widened and he began to thrash. "Oh that is the least of your concerns, Charlie." The nickname seemed to stun him. "Two," she held up a red bottle. "This is something we like to call the permanent pill. In the end you will be making," holding the diaper up, "number one very full."


He lost it again doing anything he could to be free. She motioned and a portion of the wall slid out, it was a large slab. Walking towards the slab she continued to motion and the chains flew Charlie over and dropped I'm on the slab. She spread her finger causing the chains to go rigid and hold him in place. He grunted in pain. Tina thought she needed to be careful, or she may rip an arm off. 


She set the pill in his eye line, unfolded the diaper and slid it under him. He began to sob. 


What a weak ba**ard, Tina was done being there with him. 


"You put my baby through a situation very similar did you not?" She opened the pill bottle and held it up. "Are you ready to feel what that's like?" Without hesitating she rammed it in his rear, taped the diaper shut and watched. 


He looked ridiculous, what a man baby he was. If she had shrunk him it would have been a better image, but there was no reason to. 


After a few moments, his eyes widened. It was done. His last meal was about to come charging out. He was already urinating. She made the fist again and raised him up again. Without any wait he completely filled the diaper. He wasn't an Amazon. He was a pathetic piece of trash.


Tina remembered the others she had done similar to. They, at least, she could have had pity on. They had already been shrunk

and were looking like children. This was not the same to her mind. 


He stopped struggling and just hung there sobbing. 


Retrieving the black pill, she motioned one more time and sat Charlie on the edge of the table. The delivery method was different with these, it was an auto injector that went to the brain. Without a word she pushed the pill to his neck and let it go. She watched it drain into him.


"You only have a few seconds before you can no longer feel pleasure or hope. Remember this, you put him in a place where he was destitute. I only repaid you in kind." She turned and opened the hidden door and walked out. As the door sealed the hallucinations began, and so did his screams. 


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Tina, back in the dressing room, head in hands as she sat in the chair. It wasn't in her to enjoy that. She did what she must though.


The only thing satisfying in the whole scenario was that she would have her boy. 


She really wanted him right then. 


He could always make her smile. 


She wanted to wait until Charles had been moved off. He would be sent off to a place where he would have everything until his life eventually ended. No one could explain it. Any user of the black pill eventually just died, they didn't have a heart attack they just laid down and died. 


She changed and sent a note to the desk to have the suit recalibrated and cleaned. It had been a little off.


Gary must have been waiting because he came through the door in less time than it took to send the note. 


To his credit, He didn't say a word, just went and held Tina. She wanted to hate him at that moment. In truth she usually wanted to punch his lights out. "They've taken him off." He said, "it's safe to come out. Can I walk you back upstairs?" Tina nodded solemnly.


As they walked the scene replayed in her head as Gary tried his best to distract her. It wasn't until he started talking about how well Cindy had been doing at work that he succeeded. She was glad for the report, that girl could always get herself into trouble trying to be useful.


There had been more than a few blistered backsides for that exact reason. 


There was the time she decided to mow the lawn and killed all the flowers.


 She once used the blender to make a smoothie for her and somehow got a banana stuck to the ceiling.


That girl was a class A mess.


They arrived at the gathering room where Sarah said they'd be, and sure enough there they were, a big mess of uncooked macaroni noodles and glue. 




I had spent the better part of time with Sarah playing in a sandbox, the sand was sticky so we were making a castle, but everytime we got it about finished it would fall over. Sarah would laugh, I'd sigh and we started over. 


Eventually she asked if I'd like to make something for mommy. Well of course I did! So we started gluing macaroni onto a piece of wood. 


I thought it looked atrocious but Sarah just praised it all up and down. 


That was when mommy found us, she knelt next to me and kissed my forehead. "How was it?" I lifted my artwork up and only 2 pieces fell off, better than I had honestly expected. 


"Oh, I love it! I'll hang it up tonight." I felt like she was making fun but the way she looked at it, I began to doubt myself.


"Yay," maybe she did, maybe she didn't. I was fine with it either way, she was happy. 


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Ch. 15 To sign or not to sign


Tina stood staring at the contract she had made. It was complete. Once signed The only things that could change it were someone dying or an agreement with a third party arbitrator for both of them. 


She was going to give it to him today. 


It also meant he would have to leave for a while. She would use knockout gas and take him home. Put him in his own bed, and let him find the contract on the counter. 


Joshua was playing video games right now. She would at least fill that tummy up before he left. Maybe that would hurry him into signing it. He hadn't needed a diaper last night so he was in his boxers today. He didn't need her right now. It was astonishing how much that bothered Tina. 


It won't be long. One last feeding before it was time. "I'll make it a good one…"




Waking up in my own bed felt like I was waking from a dream. 


I had my window open and the sun was coming in. I wasn't even sure what day of the week it was. It felt like it had been a month since I had been here. I walked the few rooms I had just to see if anything had changed. The only thing that had changed was the clothes on the exercise bike had been moved. Dumb thing wasn't even used anymore, so I know I didn't do it. 


Maybe mommy had done it trying to make my house cleaner. In the kitchen I found a note and a tablet.


It read:


Dear heart.


I'm not going to lie, this was one of the hardest things to do, sending you home. If you search the knowledge the hypnosis gave you, it will tell you why. I have prepared your list and the third contract. The final decision is yours. Please read the contract as many times as you need to. If you take 10 years to sign it, I still will not give up on you. I pray I will see you soon.






Geez, no pressure right?


I picked up the tablet and it flicked on, the facial recognition was set to me and it unlocked. There before me were the words "Last contract and Adoption from Tina" 


I began reading. My list was what I had expected mostly. The addition of elite martial fighting skills wasn't expected though. I did like the thought though. If she fulfilled everything she promised my life would be amazing. A mate, a family, to see my parents, to travel the world, learn a new language, and so on. 


Coming to her requirements I paused to get a drink because my mouth had gone dry. 


I would have to be adopted. Fully expected and ok with it.


I would have to enroll in 3rd grade(though I would learn more advanced stuff), kind of miffed me.


My age would be set to 5, hmm, that didn't sound terrible but it meant I may not have much alone time ever. 


I would take a new name, Joshua, so I could be identified as mommy's baby. That actually didn't bother me, as long as no one started calling me joshy or joshypoo. Buuuuh.


Permanent incontinence via the red pill, now that sounded terrible. I know why she wanted it, but I didn't want to have to. I mean 5 year Olds don't need diapers. She wanted that bonding time and needed a way to guarantee it. Why couldn't she just do mandatory diaper wearing or something?


All “adult” body hair would be removed. Never had to shave again? I was fine with that.


All my things would be sold and put into a fund to care for me if anything happened to mommy. If I signed my things wouldn't matter.


There were other parts but they seemed inconsequential to me. 


The name didn't really bother me. It was the age and the diapers that did. 


I already wanted to see her, but to do that meant diapers permanently. Also, if I just signed it it would mean I didn't think about it very much. I don't know if she would have a problem with that or not.


It was disconcerting having something in your head you had not learned but there it was. Tina’s Law. This is why Tina had made this rule. In the beginning of the coalition each founder had made a governing "law" to guide the organization. Each rule was named after its founder, in this case it was "Tina's law of freedom." It stated when a little was to make their final choice they had to be in the original state they had started in, or as close to possible, so that if their old life drew them back it was meant to be that way. 


 The influence an Amazon had over their little could be so varied, including intimidation or fear. Not that I had any of that towards Mommy. I did have a ton of anxiety. 


She had said in the beginning no little ever fought this, she was right. Because no one held them down and forced it onto them. She had also said that we choose it. Now I see why. 


The allure of a life without worry or fear. How could anyone turn it down? 


I decided I'd have a little more adult time as I wasn't likely to ever get some things again. Drank a beer, sat on my porch, and might have searched for some not so child friendly stuff on the internet. Drank another beer, and then another. 


With a deep sigh I picked up the tablet, it flicked back on to the sign page. I didn't hesitate anymore, I just signed it. 


It was done, I was hers now. 


The screen changed to her smiling face.


"Baby Joshua, I am on my way, I want you to go up stairs and look in the bottom drawer of your side table. Put those clothes on and wait for me in front of your house."


The tablet turned off having completed its objective.


"I'd better do as she says" I thought. 


The drawer had a set of pj's in it, I left my underwear on since there wasn't anything else to take its place. Then took another beer to the front patio and waited.




Sitting at the same bakery she had first met him at almost a week ago Tina had watched him almost the whole time. When he put the tablet down and went to do other things she had been greatly upset. Tina really believed he would just sign it right off. When she saw what he was doing she was glad he had, that way he was at least measuring his losses and gains. The dirty sites was a bit of a shocker. She had thought he wouldn't do that ever, but he was full of surprises. Thinking about it though, she had never said anything against doing it, so what was she going to say?


The boy's habits would have to be watched. He was getting himself drunk. Tina was not pleased about that. She could understand it but she was not pleased. He would get a reddened bottom anyway for not listening on the first day, throwing that diaper away and covering himself in feces was unacceptable. Tina always wanted to make sure she got one reason for a short spanking as soon as possible. It helped to affirm that the relationship was set and that their new status was "baby and mommy." 


When the video feed had connected he hadn't seemed to recognize it was live and not recorded. Not that it mattered, it would have gone the same way. 


Anyway, time to go pick up the newest member of her family. She picked up the diaper bag and off she went. Cindy would be home soon, she wanted to be there before then.




I wasn't really sure how long I would have to wait. Turns out she was close by and waiting for me. It must have been less than 10 minutes because I hadn't even gotten half way through the beer. 


"Baby," was all she said. She knelt down and spread her arms out for me. 


If we're going to do it, let's do it right! 


I flung the beer down and ran into her embrace. She smiled my whole way there. Then held me for a long moment. "Baby, we need to get you properly protected and then we can go home. No fussing now, I want to beat Cindy home ok?" I nodded, my fear and anxiety dissipating. 


She picked me up and laid me on the grass. My fear and anxiety came back.


"Ah ah, Joshua, babies do not fight diaper changes. Lay still now." My face went red, but I complied, I didn't want our first encounter as mom and son to go poorly. 


She pulled my pj's down to my knees, and cut my underwear off. "You won't need those anymore." Pulled out what looked like the thinnest diaper I had ever seen. "I figured you wouldn't need it much until we got home," She explained. I was quickly and unceremoniously diapered. The only thing that had seemed to change in her demeanor was that she was no longer asking. She was commanding me. 


Once done she stood me up and pulled my pants back up and set me on her hip. "Now, no more alcohol, do you understand me?" I nodded, and laid my head on her shoulder. "That's my good boy." She started off to the car and our new life as a family. 


I couldn't help but wonder why she was in such a hurry.




The night was only starting, but Tina's heart felt like it had finally been completed, when he ran into her arms she had never felt better. Never felt more whole. 


He RAN to her. She had been right, it wasn't doubts he had, he had been saying goodbye to his old life. She had done as she had with Cindy. Quickly making sure his new status was properly in place. The main events would happen at home. She had already prepared the room and set everything up. Everything from his first set of clothes to the hair remover and the red pill. 


This diaper was thin because she really never expected Joshua to use it. Which was what she wanted. He needed to make a big mess in his next one. She would see to it, she had already spiked both of the littles dinners. Oh, it would be a learning night for sure.


Cindy could always use a reminder that she was a baby in spite of having a full time job. While she was fully incontinent there were still ways to remind her of who she was in the hierarchy of things. Bless that girl, she was something else.


Joshua needed to learn his new role, when the red pill was introduced she wanted a big and hopefully instant mess. Done in front of mommy and Cindy, the humiliation of it wasn't the goal, it was to get him comfortable with the idea that he'd be going in front of people often, so he shouldn't hide.




Mommy had mentioned she had fun planned for the night. 


Games and food and play. 


I was excited. It would be fun to just cut loose a little. What was coming, was coming and I didn't have a choice anymore. So why fret it?


Anyway diapers being what they were, weren't really that bad. It had always been a scary thing but truthfully as much as I didn't want them, it could be worse. 


If I was made to where I needed them it would simply be like needing a wheel chair for the paralyzed.


"If?" What was I thinking, hahaha? I was going to need them. 


The car drove on and my euphoria at being reunited with mommy had ebbed a little, I was going to have a beautiful life. There was no reason to fear. 


The car drove into the neighborhood where mommy's house was. "When we get to your house are you going to finish the contract?" I asked a little timidly.


Giving me a furrowed brow she said, "my house? Baby, this is our house, you live here now, you are part of the family." My heart skipped a little. "We will begin all of it tonight. I promise it will be painless, and it will be fun." 


Her words comforted me as we pulled into the driveway and parked. "Looks like we beat Cindy, the deliveries are still on the porch. Let's get the food inside and ready. She can't be far away."


Once we had gathered all the deliveries inside, I was stripped to my skivvies. Or rather my diaper. Which felt like underwear because of how thin it was. Completely embarrassed I walked around helping carry this or that. Getting "good boy!" and “well done," after all my accomplishments. It kind of felt a little degrading because of the baby talk she added to it. 


"I'm so proud of you," she had said, scooping me up into the air and kissing me all over. 


At that moment Cindy came walking in with a "Mooooooom I'm home!" Even though we were right in front of her. Mommy didn't miss a beat, she twirled me over and lifted Cindy with the same motion. We all just spun around until dizzy, laughing all the time. 


Mommy seemed to have found a new level of joy tonight. Maybe she was just happy we were all together and finally a family. 


I couldn't be sure, but what I did know was that it was catching Cindy and I up in its wake. 


After we settled down for a second, mommy pulled the waistband of Cindy's skirt back and said, "Well, good thing you're home." Patting her rear, she stood up and said "wet diapers aren't fun, and tonight is about being fun together. Joshua, why don't you go into your room for a few minutes? I'm going to change this little sog bottom and we can eat dinner for the first time as a family."


I went and played the video game I had almost become addicted to. It was a blast to not have to feel like an adult and just let go and enjoy things. I was exploding some bad guy when mommy returned, Cindy on her hip and clad in only a diaper very similar to mine. 


My face went beat red, this was going to take getting used to, mommy put me on the other hip, Which was fine with me as the thin piece of plastic wasn't likely to hide my excited state.


Placed into 2 high chairs the food we had prepared was placed in front of us. Noodles and chicken tenders and fruit. A little feast for 2 littles. 


I wasn't given a fork so I waited, but Cindy had already figured it out. She dove in hands first. Cramming it all into her mouth, "when in Rome" I thought. 


I went to town eating while mommy told us jokes and ate her own food. 


As we finished, mommy got up and went to the fridge, getting out 3 small cakes. She brought them over and opened them, placing the 2 chocolate ones in front of Cindy and I. "These are in honor of Joshua's first night in the family. Eat up, they are good and sweet."


That was all we needed. We dove in hands first. It was likely the best cake I had ever had. It was a very rich and moist cake. It had a chocolate frosting and caramel sauce. We both ate our whole cakes.


In truth it's hard to eat cake with your hands and not make a mess. So we both ended up covered while mommy the picture of sophistication ate hers with a fork.




They had finished their cakes with abandon, “PERFECT” thought Tina. As they were licking their fingers she picked them up and herded them into a bath. It wouldn't take long for the effects and she needed to work quickly. 


Drying Cindy and re-pampering her, Tina left her in nothing but a diaper. She groaned and said her tummy felt a little funny. “You probably just ate too much cake,” Tina replied, smiling to herself, the cake would constipate them for a little while working on building up to a rather harsh climax. 


Quickly she retrieved Joshua and put him on the changing table. “Its time, we need to finish the first part of your responsibillities.” His face seemed to drop a little.




I had been ready for this, or at least I thought I had been, it really didn't scare me much anymore. More of a sense of foreboding.


“Not that, the red pill is next.” That left me confused, “You see the first night you decided to disobey me, you didn't put the diaper on like you had been told to. This means you didnt listen but even more you didn't trust mommy to tell you what's best for you. This cannot happen anymore. Since it was before our agreement, I will only give you half the punishment I would from now on, 5 swats and we will move forward.” It didn't seem fair but she was mommy now, I wanted to voice my opinion but I didn't get a chance.


I was hoisted up and flipped over mommy's knee. The first swat stung and I yelped, the second wasn't harder, just felt harder. 3 and 4 made me cry out, and 5 had me sniffling. A full ten may have left me in full on tears. 


Mommy turned me back up right and cuddled me against her chest, “I dont ever want to do that again ok?” I simply nodded against her chest, the pain subsiding and the tears fading away.


“All right, we have delayed enough, its time for the next part of your contract.” A thick diaper was placed beneath me. I was oiled and powdered. 


Mommy had the Red pill in hand, “I know it can be a bit scary but this will relax you in more ways than just your bottom, it'll give you the ability to just be a baby instead of having to be an adult.” Maybe that was the quality I had seen in Cindy. It all seemed to make more sense now. 


“I’m not scared, I am ready.”




That was all the affirmation Tina needed, it made it easier since the spanking had been administered already. Lifting his feet she put the red pill into his bottom and allowed it to start taking effect.


Really a truly fun experience to watch the whole process only took a few minutes. The chemicals began in the brain rewiring all but the worst anxiety and other grown up emotions to be carefree and joyous. It didn't mean they couldn't get upset, it was just a lot less likely. From there it worked on their digestive tract making it work more efficiently, this was to make sure icky messes were less likely. In the end and very last it released the important sphincters that would make Joshua incontinent. 


His face had relaxed, then stiffened a bit as the second effect kicked in, and finally the sphincters released and his face was a picture of shock.




There was a sense of foreboding as Mommy had taped the diaper on. My stomach was in knots, but it seemed to be ok. Honestly, the pill wasn't that bad anymore. Really the diapers weren't either, I wasn't going to need to find a bathroom or fight with diarrhea or watch how much I drank. This really did have a bit of a silver lining.


Then I felt my stomach change, it had seemed to tighten then release, the knots were still there but they weren’t hurting or really bothering me anymore.


Then it happened, I felt my butt just give up, the same happened in the front. Mommy seemed to take my shocked face as a que and hauled me up and set me on the floor next to a seemingly concerned Cindy. She wasn't concerned about me, no, something else.


“Mommy, I don't feel so good.” She said.


Now that she had mentioned it neither did I, “me neither.” 


Mommy just giggled, “you two will be fine, now what should we do next? Hmm?”

“Ugh” I groaned, there was a warm feeling between my legs and I realized I had already wet myself. It didn't bother me though, the pressure in my tummy had grown and Cindy had already doubled over a bit.


Cindy took one step forward, and without warning I heard the reason her tummy was upset. “Oh geez, hoooo.” She moaned as she filled the seat of her diaper up. Right as she began to straighten, the full realization of what was happening hit me, “Mommy, did you spike our food?”


Mommy laughed “yes, baby Joshua, just this once. I wanted to have 2 messy pants in the house right away.”


I groaned, there was nothing for it and really no reason to be upset. She had the right, I guess. But my tummy was going to explode. 


I bent over a little, and moaned as the pressure built to a crescendo. Falling to my knees, the impact jarring me just enough to finish the job. It came out in one almost supernaturally large pile. “Gross,” I moaned as the tumultuous cascade continued. When I finished and stood up, I was grabbed and lifted, a hand going to my rear, mushing the mess in as I was carried off out of the room and down the hall. 


“You 2 stink, babies and their stinkies. We are going to need some air freshener.” My face going bright red. “Now what game should we play first?” Cindy didn’t seem phased by it all. I was trying to get comfortable. “Maybe we could play in the treehouse in the basement.” So down the hall we went, and into the basement. 


Eventually, Mommy changed us, I assumed she wanted me to get comfortable with the whole thing. It didn't help immediately but I was beginning to accept it all, what choice did I have really?


The night went on and we played until we collapsed, literally into one pile on the floor. All three of us were exhausted. While we drifted off, mommy gave one last surprise, “I think we will go on vacation soon.”  


We slept on the floor, content, tired, and complete…



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Ch.16 To beach or not to beach, or “What happened to you?"



It had been over a month since the arrangement had been finalized. Tina sat thinking over how everything had played out since then. At first it had been quite the effort to have 2 babies in the house. However, as everyone had settled into their roles everything had gotten a lot easier.


 Cindy had immediately taken to having a playmate in the house. Always pushing Joshua to play with her, she had even managed to dress him up as a doll one time. He had sworn that off when Tina had found him in a dress and bonnet, while she laughed at the little’s play, he had picked up a play sword and chased Cindy Around menacingly. 


It had all been fun, but Tina had laughed so hard she cried. 


Joshua had developed so well, fitting his new role like he had been born to it. He got his back end reddened like any other, but it was normal boyish things, once he had tramped off through the woods and come back with clothes torn and diapers hanging off. He had been so proud of himself until he got that spanking. 


One time he'd found a lizard and scared mommy with it, that had earned him a time out. Normal boy things, perfectly as it should be.


They had learned to play together so well, a few spats had broken out here and there but they had been minor. 


The only thing that had really been bad, was Cindy had decided on something and Tina did not know whether she should/could/would stop it. 


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


Tina had been woken up from a sound sleep to the monitor going off. Cindy was moving around. Not all that uncommon, most of the time she just wanted water. 


She flipped on the screen and instead of a baby holding a cup, it was two babies, one rather startled, Joshua, and one comfortably snuggled up next to him. 


That girl knew better, getting out of bed Tina went into Joshua’s room and snatched the girl out of the bed, her protests flying into deaf ears. “But mommy I was lonely, I wanted to snuggle and Joshua wanted me to.”


“Good girls don't go into boys rooms at night, you let him sleep. And you stay in your room. DO you hear me?” With that warning Tina gave one good swat to her padded backside which elicited an “ow.” 


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


It had happened three times since then, the last time the girl had been laying on Joshua instead of next to him. Joshua still seemed to be oblivious to the whole thing. He never seemed to let on that he knew she was smitten with him. 


The problem was Cindy’s contract. The reason it presented an issue was that Cindy had to be provided a mate. That was all very well and good but how would it work in the family dynamic? Even worse, how would it work if it didn't work out? 


That would have to be explored later, though. It was vacation time!!




I had really been looking forward to the vacation. Mommy had promised us it would be white sand, blue sky's, and clear water for 2 whole weeks. She had shown us playgrounds and amusement parks on boardwalks, beaches and a beautiful place we had rented. Apparently, Gary would be coming for some of the time, and my nanny Sarah would come for the whole vacation. Everyone was going to get their own rooms and there was a swimming pool. I hadn't been swimming in years. 


Often, a swimming little looked too much like a struggling little to the amazons, you could be picked up and declared unfit for being in the water too deep for yourself. It made an easy case for overturning someone's rights. 


Anyway that was in the past and I could go swimming with no fear now. 


In the end this was going to be great. I hadn't been on a vacation before so the time away and the time in the sun would be glorious. 




The day of our trip had come, mommy had shipped a supply of diapers and all our supplies ahead of us. Packed a bunch of clothes and Sunscreen and, my personal favorite, beach toys. 


We were off like three starstruck adventurers. 


The car took us to the airport where the throng of Amazon's threatened to devour us. Mommy being ever vigilant though, put us up on a cart and buckled us in. "I don't want you 2 wandering off and getting into any trouble." Mommy had said with a wink. Through security and up to the gate we went.


Strangely, I noticed the symbol for the coalition emblazoned on the uniform of the airport workers. 


"Mommy, are they with the coalition?" I asked, I was promptly hushed. "Let's get settled on the plane, we can talk there."


We moved through a gang plank and transitioned to the plane. "Immediately we were greeted by the attendants there. "Instructor Tina, we are honored by your presence today, can we take you to your accommodations?" 


Mommy seemed to pause a second, "Tina will do, or if you must Miss Tina. Please lead away." Down the row we went, passing a bunch of half filled seats and up a flight off stairs. 


There were no chairs here, only doors and a few windows that didn't lead outside. The attendant led us toward the front of the plane. The windows were actually viewports into rooms. I wasn't sure why they were there so I asked mommy. "They are for the people in the rooms to get the attention of the staff so they can order food or drinks or whatever else they want without being disturbed. All you have to do is open the curtain and someone comes to help."


We went into the last room on the right. Immediately I was astonished by the view. The whole room was a big window. I could see the whole airport from here. "This will be the best view you can get, you each have a bed to sleep in, and anything you need or want can be brought here," the stewardess bent down, "if you need toys or snacks just ask." She seemed overly happy about it, standing back up she looked at mommy. "Miss Tina, if you have any needs or wants let us know, as well if any of these precious little ones need a change I would be glad to assist." Mommy simply smiled and thanked her. 


"Before I leave you, I was told you have a couple other companions traveling with you, when they are on board I will make sure you are informed." Mommy snorted, "knowing who they are I doubt I will need to be told they are here. Is there any way we can go ahead and get a drink? Juice boxes for them, and the number 3 on my travel list please." 


"Right away, maam!" With that she closed the door. I had not stopped watching out the window. 


I had seen a man dragging a long rope for what seemed like no reason. There was a cage on wheels that had something that looked like a bear but WAY too big and a horn like a rhino. Probably for one of those strange genetic circuses that came around.There seemed no end of things to see being loaded and unloaded on planes and carts and hover pads or just being carried.


My revelry was interrupted by my pants being pulled back and a hand checking my diaper. Apparently, satisfied things were OK in my pants. She moved to Cindy, who had been digging in drawers around our cabin. Repeating the check and finding no reason to interrupt her anymore Mommy went to a chair and sat down. "We still have a little while before we take off. Are either of you hungry? Bored? Tired?" I barely responded with a "no ma'am" while I watched 2 amazons yell at each other over a large wooden crate that seemed hell bent on falling over. Cindy sat down on the floor and huffed. "How long is this going to take?" She seemed bored already. "What would you like to do? Teleport there?" Mommy asked in a playful manner. 


"Yes please!" Cindy stood up and planted herself in front of Mommy almost like she expected it to actually happen. 


"Oh you would? What if you got there and your stomach stayed here? You wouldn't be able to eat!" Mommy in an incredulous tone teased. " or what if you didn't have any more toes." Snagging the girl Mommy began tickling her. Finally collapsing in a pile of giggles and heavy sighs. 


The door opened with the attendant and 2 juice boxes, and a cocktail that seemed to be smoking and frozen at the sametime. I took mine happily, and began sipping away. 


The door had only been closed for a few seconds before an overly excited Gary burst in, singing something about no cares and sandy toes. It was off key, and not very impressive, just boisterous. 


He was followed by a very frazzled Sarah, I had never seen her like that. "Mr. Gary, You are harder to keep up with than a dog running with the lunch it just stole." 


"Awe, little miss Sarah, we are going on vacation, no need to sweat the small stuff. We made it, now, let's enjoy it!" Gary seemed to pay only as much attention as he absolutely had to. "We have the cabin across the hall so if you need some fun we will be right over there. Sarah, do we need to take care of anything before we take off?" It seemed like a cleverly disguised check on the would be teenger's diapered state. 


Sarah's face went bright red. "I'll be fine Mr. Gary, I promise." 


"Well then! I guess we should catch up and get a drink and a snack." Sticking his head out the door he yelled his order down the hall instead of summoning the attendant. 


The man had no sense of sophistication at all. He just seemed to fly by whim, whimsy and the seat of his pants. 


He seemed like a lot of fun.


Mommy was laughing at him and Cindy was ignoring all of us again and looking for something fun to do. She always seemed to be living in the next adventure, it bothered me for some reason, I couldn't quite tell why. Her attitude toward me had been changing slowly. She seemed to want to touch me more and liked to bite or tease me. I'll never understand girls.


Sarah bent over enough to whisper in her ear. Cindy's face lit up, and both of them left the room without a word. Mommy let them go, best I could tell she was comfortable in the fact the coalition was present. That thought made me remember the uniforms from the workers.


"Mommy," I interrupted her and Gary talking about something boring, "is the plane part of the coalition?"


"Come here, dear heart." She patted her lap. I climbed up and leaned into her, she seemed to like this position as much as I did. "Remember the coalition was initially a bunch of businesses?" I nodded. The company that owns all these planes is part of the coalition." Gary wasn't able to resist, "That's right buddy! You're a quick one and an observant one on top of that. We use their services because its cheaper and they will reserve things for us. We are going to have a good time training." I wasn't sure what he was talking about but I was sure I'd figure it out soon enough. 


Mommy rolled her eyes and took a sip of her frozen smoking drink. "What he means to say is they give us special treatment as part of the coalition. We get this sky box seating and such without having to fight for it. They will also organize transportation for us when we land. Which is nice since it is a foreign country." That was the first I had heard we were leaving the country, it didn't overly surprise me though. Not much shoreline here and it was mostly ports and immigration.


Mommy had seemed to relax a bit when Gary arrived. She always seemed more at ease when he was around. 


I remembered a day he had come over for dinner. Usually mommy wouldn't let us go far without her. Even in the house. When he was there though we were even asked to go play by ourselves. 


Just as I was starting to wander off mentally, the attendant stopped by and poked her head in, "10 to flight, anything I can get you? If not, it will need to wait until we hit cruising altitude in about an hour." My privates were once again invaded, I hadn't really noticed the growing bulk but it had gotten rather large and in charge. "Well this one won't last that long, I guess I'd better get you both fresh and clean." 


"Miss Tina, can I offer my services? I'd be glad to handle one of them quickly for you." Mommy smiled, "that would be splendid, why don't you take Joshua here and get him changed?" 


"Right away!" I was stunned but didn't resist. I had lost count of the people who had wiped my butt. Mommy had told me I'd need to get used to it and the faster I did the easier it would be, so I just kind of leaned into it instead of fighting it. Changes by mommy were always better, though. 


I was placed on the flight attendant's hip, she smiled at me, "you ok with that cutie pie?" Not waiting for an answer she carried me off down the hall. "You can call me Samantha or Sam if it's too hard for you. I always like to change the cute littles I get on the plane."


She set me on a table and took my pants away with great ease. Never missing a beat she went to work. The cool air and wipe on my crotch jolted me back to the moment. "Boop" She tapped the new diaper she had in hand on my head. "If you want when we hit our altitude, that means the height we will fly at, I'll come get you and show you where the pilots are." I nodded smiling back at her, that actually sounded fun. She finished up by putting powder on me and taping the diaper in place. It was THICK! way more than normal or even my night diapers. My best guess was this was going to be a longer flight.


She folded my pants up, to which I protested. "Why can't I wear them?" Sam laughed. "Would you like to try and get them over that fluff butt of yours? And why would you want to cover up such a cute tushy like yours?" Patting my rear like we had known each other forever. She carried me back down the hall to where mommy had finished with Cindy, who was also pantless diaper hanging out. Gary was arguing with Sarah about changing. "I really think you should put a diaper on young lady, it's going to be a long flight. I know your daddy told you if you leaked it'd be diapers for a month. So I'll leave it up to you…" it was almost a threat the way he left it. 


Sarah held onto her dignity for only a few seconds, "ok, Mr Gary, but can I at least do it myself." 


"Ofcourse, Lil missy! I do hold the right of inspection but I wouldn't deprive you of your independence." Sarah smiled and blushed at the sametime. 


Sarah gathered her bag and left the room. Cindy was sitting on mommy's lap. Her face covered in makeup, I guess that's what she and Sarah had been doing. "where'd you go?" I responded a little excited. "Sam changed me and said she would show me where the pilots were after we take off!" Mommy laughed and Cindy seemed to feel left out, "Mommy, can I go too?" Mommy laughed harder, "I'm sure you can, girlie." 


"For now though you 2 need to get strapped in, taking off can be a little rough and I don't want you bonking your heads."


She stood up with Cindy and placed her In a seat sized for a little, pushing the seat back just a little. It seemed to engage something in the seat, because a belt shot around Cindy then up over her shoulders. It was so fast Cindy yelped in surprise. "Pretty neat aren't they? I've thought about getting them for your high chair." Cindy glared at mommy, which made her laugh again. "All right my sweet boy, your turn, I didn't really want to get into a seat so I tried to escape, squealing and laughing, I didn't make it far, maybe 2 steps before I felt the loving hands snag me. 


"Are you trying to get away? I guess I'll have to punish you." I Wasn't really afraid I was in real trouble, but just to be sure I protested, "NO MOMMY!" but there was no mercy to be had. I was flipped upside down, my bare legs and feet held up right, hanging there. I was helpless to whatever my captor wanted. She began tickling my feet with abandon, and ofcourse I lost all ability to control myself, trying to jerk free and breath. When she let off and turned me back upright she asked playfully, "have you had enough or do we need to resort to extreme measures?" I was still trying to orient myself to being right-side up again. "I give up, I surrender." I said and was promptly kissed on the forehead. "Good, now let's get you in that seat, it won't be long I promise. I was set down and the same seat belt was put on me. I was glad that I had been at least seated by the window/wall. I wasn't sure how to refer to it, due to the fact that over half of the walls and ceiling were nothing but glass. 


"All right you two," she handed me a handheld version of the gaming console and Cindy was given a tablet she could play with, "we've got a little bit of time where we have to be in our seats. If you need me I'll be able to reach you so just say so. Her seat was to the otherside of Cindy's, but not so far I felt she was not able to get to me, for good or bad. All three were along the window in a sort of line but a little curved. She sat down and buckled in herself and finished her drink off. 


The plane started to move and I forgot about my game, such interesting stuff. A plane zoomed by and an Amazon stood on the pavement waving light sticks around like a crazy man, it looked like fun. There was a plane landing and one taking off. 


Our plane moved to the runway and paused for just a second. I could feel the engines more than I could hear them. The plane seemed to compress from the thrust of the engines. We shot off like a bullet. I was pressed into my seat as we tore off down the runway. I felt my stomach jump as we went airborne. Thinking I was glad I had been caught and strapped in or else I'd be smashed on the back wall and they would need a spatula to get me off it. 


It was amazing that as soon as we started going up the plane stopped shuddering and shaking and just became smooth. The view only got better, as we climbed I could see cities and mountains and everything you could imagine. It was awe inspiring.


"Joshua, do you like the view?" I only nodded. "Cindy, do you want to see?" Mommy interrupted Cindy who looked up and was instantly captivated. We both just stared until a white fog covered our view. A little bit annoyed it took a second to realize it was a cloud. Which only made me more amazed, I was flying in the clouds! After a few moments that novelty wore off though. Clouds weren't much fun to look at. They never changed.


I flipped the game console on and zoned out. 


After what only seemed like a minute or two, my seatbelt was unbuckled and I looked up to see Sam lifting me down to the floor, "Well you made it to the sky, want to go see the pilots?" Cindy made a grunt that sounded desperate and pleading at the sametime. Sam didn't miss a thing, "oh, I wouldn't dream of leaving such a pretty little girl behind!" Cindy clapped her hands together in excitement and grinned at the compliment.


Cindy was pretty, I thought, especially with those legs and diapered tushy hanging out. The super thick diaper gave the impression she had a rather huge butt. I realized I needed to change my thoughts, not that with this diaper on anything was going anywhere but just to be safe. 


My hand was held by Sam, "Are we rdy? Miss Tina, I'll have them back before dinner time." We were off, into the hall, waddling and crinkling. "You two are just so adorable. I hope one day to find some littles just like you to love and hold. Let's take the elevator! I bet you'll like that!"


We walked down the hall past the stairs and towards a set of double doors. Something triggered them to open as we got near…


What greeted us made me pause a moment in surprise. It was like the room we had been seated in but this one had glass on every side except the door. Even the floor was glass. Sam tugged a little to get our feet moving again. "Oh don't worry! It's a great view."


The doors shut behind us, and I suddenly felt very exposed. Cindy felt very differently though, freeing her hand she walked all they way to the outer wall and pressed her face to the window. "I feel like I'm flying." 


Sam laughed, "you are you silly goose."


The floor suddenly felt like it was falling, instead it was really just the elevator moving down. 


The doors opened and we went back inside the plane this time back on the level we had entered the plane on. We went back down the aisle of chairs to a lot of "awwwws" and "soooo cute" 


All the chairs were full now, only a couple were empty, I felt bad for the people down here. They didn't get to see all the cool things outside the plane. We made it to the front of the plane where Sam knocked in a funny pattern on a door. "Secret knock so they know who's here." A few seconds later a gray haired and mustached face opened the door. 


"Sam, you don't need to knock like that." The mustache said.


"Yessir, but the little ones love it. It makes it like a secret mission." 


"Oh, we have visitors?" The mustaches voice climbed questioningly. "Well, why didn't you say so. Come on in, I'll show you all the fun stuff and you can steer the plane!"


That was all we needed. In We went. We were shown all the fun stuff, and the knobs and levers and buttons. There were a lot of them. We even got to sit on his lap and hold the plane controls. The plane didn't move when we moved the control but that was probably for the best.


After what seemed like only a few seconds, mr. mustache lined us up and made us stand at attention. "All right, now that you've completed flight school it's time for your wings." With that he pinned a set of wings on each of us and saluted. "Welcome to the sky, and may your flight always be smooth." The wings had the double heart of the coalition holding 2 wings together.


We were each given a toy plane, Cindy's was pink while mine was normal colors, then we were sent off to find dinner.


We made it back to our cabin with little excitement. Once there we unloaded on mommy who tried to listen to both of us at the sametime. We flew our planes around for a few minutes and then dinner came. 


"All right you two space cadets, let's settle down and eat." Placed in our chairs we were given a simple dinner which we scoffed down. 


Outside the plane it was growing darker, the sun was beginning to set. Mommy decided we should probably try to lay down for a bit. Pushing a button on our chairs they laid back and the sides went up a little. They had turned into an elongated bowl of sorts. They even got softer. We each got a blanket. And curled up. Mommy told us a story about an elephant.


By this time it was fully dark. Mommy turned off the lights in the cabin, "best view in the whole world tonight, my lovelies, drift off to sleep while you count the stars." It was an oddly sentimental moment for her. I hadn't seen it before. I turned from the enigma that was mommy to the stars above. My breath caught, I had thought I had seen stars before, but I never knew there were so many. 


Mommy began to hum, and it didn't take long for me to drift off counting the stars.




They were finally on their way. Tina couldn't have been more content. Well the alcohol had probably helped, but only just a little. With Gary and Sarah coming with them she had been relieved a bit. This trip would be interesting for all of them. 


She glanced over at the sleeping littles her heart full and at peace. They were a handful but it was like a handful of precious things. While it was hard to hold on to, it was worth the work. 


Cindy, ever the adventurer, was not one for travel, she wanted to be at the destination before they even left. Poor girl would need patience in the future. 


Joshua had just been amazed at all the big or flashy things. He liked "new things." It was always astonishing to him, and he got to experience it with wonder and curiosity now, something he wouldn't have expressed before out of fear. 


The stars above her, her heart found an old lullaby, one her mother would sing to her back in simpler times. She began to sing it softly. The littles seemed to melt into sleep. Joshua even brought his thumb up and began suckling it. She noted it, and decided to find a paci for him. He would probably fight it at first but it would be cute and eventually he'd grow to love it. 




Tina hadn't meant to doze off, she woke a few hours later to Gary walking in. 


Rising they went into the hall so they could talk and not disturb the babies or Sarah in the other room.


"Does he expect anything?" Gary started.


"No, as far as he knows it's just a vacation."


"How did you convince them?" Gary probed


"Honestly, I'm not 100% sure I did, I know they are coming because they checked into their flight. Barzot is known for its free thinking around littles so, maybe they thought it was just safe, maybe they want something else. Who knows?"


"You amaze me, trully" Gary leaned in and kissed Tina in a very passionate way. Tina had been expecting a kiss a lot sooner than this. Maybe he was afraid of her, "good she thought, he should be." With that thoughts melted away and she simply enjoyed the moment. 


After they parted, they never said anything about it again, they continued to chat until there was a thud from the room. Upon entering they found Cindy out of her bassinet styled seat and trying to find a drink. "Girl, you are two messes past a disaster." Tina laughed.


The plane landed as the sun was coming up and the jostling Joshua awake. He would be grumpy, always was if he got woken up. Oh well, the beach may be able to fix that for him, time would tell.




Everything was settled for the crew of five, bags were waiting in a large SUV which had been stocked for littles and amazons alike. 


The drive wasn't terribly long but long enough to leave Cindy grouchy about having to be strapped into a seat. When they finally had arrived everyone was ready to not be traveling. Both littles ran around the house exploring. There was a playset on the top floor where all the windows could be opened and allow the air to flow through freely. Screened of course for littles protection. The cribs were soft and seemed less like a prison and more like a bed. Mommies room was big and open with plenty of space, Sarah and Gary took one end of the house and the family took the rest. There was an empty extra room that was set for littles, but not babies. It was only a minor curiosity as they explored. Joshua tried to get to the pool but the proximity alarm, made for just that purpose, alerted the amazons and they put a quick stop to his escapades. 


The thing that most captivated Joshua and Cindy though, was the beach. A thin strip of sand that ran as far as the eye could see, even from the third floor, and beyond that was the ocean. It was massive, it was blue, it was foreboding and tempting at the same time. 


"We have a while before lunch, do you want to go out on the beach for a while?" Mommy said coming up on the two littles who were looking out the third story window. Both just nodded still in awe. Neither had ever seen something so vast.


"Well then, let's change those pee paddings of yours and get ready" 


Twenty minutes, a lot of wrestling, Sunscreen and 2 threats of spankings later they walked to the beach with Gary carrying an umbrella and 2 chairs. Mommy had a blanket for the babies. 




I had been dressed in an aquatic themed swim diaper and smeared with sticky sunscreen. 


I was already not really wanting to deal with it but I wanted to go play in the ocean. So I dealt with it. 


We walked onto the hot sand and mommy told us to run for the water so our feet wouldn't burn. 


Gary, who apparently didn't go to the beach much, struggled with the umbrella, telling jokes the whole time about whoever had invented that umbrella needed to find a new purpose in life. 


We spread out our blanket and Cindy and I made a big sand castle. I dug a huge hole and we buried Gary in it. We played in the surf, and Sarah used a boogie board to body surf. 


It had been about 2 hours and I was getting tired when I walked back to our blanket with a handful of shells. 


I was arranging them when from behind me I heard a voice, it unlocked memories I thought gone forever. Something deep and permanent. It reminded me of being a real child. When I was even smaller. 


I turned around and there she was. She only said one astonished word.



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  • Bladderbrain changed the title to Most Littles with Sugar than Salt (ch 16, 8/3/23)
  • Bladderbrain changed the title to More Littles with Sugar than Salt (ch 16, 8/3/23)

I feel uncomfortable about what Tina and Gary were whispering about outside the cabin and the passionate kiss they shared. Are they mommy and daddy or is there other plans for the babies?

I don't remember who the lady was that grabbed his arm?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ch. 17 It's hard but it's also easy.


My mind was broken, how was she here? What was she doing? What was she thinking?


My Mom stood in front of me, less than 10 feet away. Mom not mommy, the woman who had given birth to me. I hadn't been embarrassed about a diaper in a few weeks, but today I felt ridiculous to be standing there in nothing but a swim diaper. 


Gary of course broke up the staring contest. "Well, I'll bet that's not how THAT was supposed to happen!" I covered myself with my hands looking for a towel to cover myself. 


"Son, what happened? Were you adopted? Dad and I can fix this? You just hold on. We can find a way to save you from him." Mom kept going but I wasn't listening, I had wrapped a towel around myself and was just sitting there my head in my hands. Gary trying to console me. Mom trying reassure me. 


"Stop, please just stop!" I almost yelled.


Everyone kind of just sat there for a second. "Mom, I promise it's not what it looks like, I know you don't understand but it's ok. He's not my daddy, I'm not really sure what he is right now."


Mom interrupted me trying to explain, "Son, I don't know how the brutes got you but here it's not possible for them to keep you. We can get you free, even fix whatever they've done to you." Pointing at my covered diaper. "They probably used hypnosis too," now she seemed to be talking more to herself, "we will need to find out what they did. Maybe even do full scan. Your dad will be along in a few minutes…" She continued on obliviously. 


As she ranted on, Mommy and Cindy came marching up.


"Joshua, are you all right?" I nodded. "Mrs. Gerson I presume?" It snapped mom out of her tirade. 


"Are you the one who kidnapped my son?" She glared up at Mommy like she was going to attack her. "I bet you tried one of those legal tricks, well it won't work here, the locals sympathize with us. They'll have you hauled back to your country in cuffs."


"Mrs. Gerson, did I not tell you to come with an open mind?" Mommy was a little scary right now. 


"Mommy, please don't hurt her. She's my mom." Mommy looked at me like I'd stabbed her with a knife. 


"Oh my sweet baby boy, I would never hurt her. She's your mom. I invited her here to help fill my part of the contract, love."

She paused but only for a second. 


Sarah came walking up the beach with her board. "Everything all right Ms. T.?" 


Mommy replied, "of course! Not as planned but definitely all right. I think we all need a few minutes to digest the moment. Why don't you take Joshua and Cindy up to the house to get them changed and cleaned up? It's almost lunch time anyway"


"Right away, come on you two, it's time for some food and a set of fresh diapers. How does that sound?" Not bad actually, but I didn't want to leave mom, it had been too long since I'd seen her, and I didn't want to leave without her knowing I was happy.


"Joshua," Mommy bent down to my eye level, it was like she read my mind. "This will not be the last time you see them unless you don't want to see them." 


I hesitated, but nodded and gave into Sarah pulling me back to the house.


My mind raced, how? Why? When? The questions didn't stop coming. Sarah was trying to distract me with the thought of yummy fruit and cakes, it all sounded bland and I tuned her out.


When we reached the house Cindy got a bath first so I sat on the third floor watching Mommy with mom and tried to figure out what was happening.


I knew this much, my mom being here was planned. Our meeting at that moment was not. Mommy had wanted us to be here when we met with mom.


I guess in hindsight I should have seen something coming. I mean Mommy never has been much for purposeless things. A recreation vacation alone seemed too empty for her style. 


Gary had known, and it hadn't phased him at all, nothing ever did. 


My contract had to be completed and this was one of the promises, that I would be able to, if at all possible, thank them for everything. 


Sarah chose that moment to get me, ruffling my hair and swinging me into a laying position in her arms, "you know, everything will be alright. Your Mommy is the best of the best. She knows what she's doing, and yes if I had to bet on it, she planned it all." Those words seemed to comfort me more than anything else. 


So, it was onward to bubbles and soap, and a dry diaper. Which did wonders for me.




Tina had been slightly surprised to see Mrs. Gerson standing there with Joshua. To her credit she wasn't trying to drag him off. 


She hadn't known Joshua was here yet, only an invitation to talk about life and better things. Also a free vacation to a place where littles were welcome and wanted. All expenses covered, and no expense spared of course. The coalition's presence here almost eclipsed the headquarters population. Here was safe and so recruitment could be world wide. The reach of those trying to bring more littles into the organization could usually make a lot of headway here. In fact the only recruiter with a success rate close to Tina's was regularly in the country, using the local culture to induce trust.


While the public still didn't know why, they could recognize the coalition's symbol on sight. They knew it was an equality organization and that was all. It allowed for a measure of respect not commonly found elsewhere.


As Sarah led the boy off, Mrs. Gerson laid into Tina. "How dare you!? That's my son. You will pay for this, every bit of it. I'll make sure you are swinging by your toenails until you die."


Tina was a little irritated, "Mrs. Gerson, I haven't done anything to him that he did not want or agree to, without coercion. Everything was his choice."


"I'll bet, right after you hypnotized him."


"You are welcome to interrogate him later. However, I feel you'll be disappointed in the result. He has been hypnotized but only by his own decisions."


That put a sock in the woman's mouth. She was mouthy, this one. Disrespectful too. She was certain someone would want her if she could be convinced, even as old as she was. It would likely be a pair deal though, she was married.


Speaking of where was her husband?


"Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it." She had every right to be confused.


"Well you are invited to dinner tonight. As we promised, we want to talk to you about a great deal of things. That is if Joshua doesn't change his mind. This is all for his benefit after all." Gary had finished putting the umbrella away, which seemed to be his nemesis. "We will expect you at the address provided at 6. His bedtime will have a little leeway while we are here but it is still in effect." Gary took that as the sign to start back to the house. "Mrs. Gerson, I really do hope you come. He made it pretty clear he wanted to thank you and your husband, so much so I added it to his contract." That ought to leave her at least curious. 


"You better believe I'll be there." She turned and left huffing off through the sand. 


Well, that made things more complicated. They were supposed to see each other at dinner tonight and be slightly prepared, Joshua would be in more than just a diaper sagging from that cute bottom of his. 


As it stood, the look of distress he had had was worrying. The red pill lessened any negative emotion, it didn't erase it, just eased it a bit. So the fact he had been so upset was a sign of how much it had meant to him. Tina knew it meant a lot but how much was beyond her. 


Walking silently with Gary, who always seemed to show way more was in that head of his than he let on, especially in these moments. She contemplated how she was going to approach it with Joshua. This was going to be hard. Maybe breastfeeding first. Always seemed to calm him down. 


They arrived home to the sound of Cindy laughing and circus music being played loudly. It had the air of someone trying to be cheered up.


Tina found all three of them on the playset, Sarah hanging upside down, doing something in front of her while Cindy laughed, Joshua just sat staring, at least he wasn't trying to hide like he would when he was in trouble. Tina waited and watched, she loved to hear both of her little laugh. So she bided her time and just enjoyed Cindy's enjoyment. 


It didn't take too long before she was noticed though, Cindy came running over, "Mommy, play with us!" 


"Oh honey, I wish I could. I think there's a little boy who needs me though." Cindy nodded, the girl was a little flighty but not so out of touch she couldn't see he needed a little more today.


Without asking she scooped him up and carried him downstairs. Once in her room she settled him in her lap facing him, he only ever contemplated his belly button. 


"I know you didn't expect it, but I also know you knew it would come soon enough." Tina started, "that was not how I planned it at all. I had planned on you being a little man for when they came over tonight." He looked up at that, "I had planned to warn you as best I could." He leaned on her chest. He was seeing how much work she had put into it. Always reading between the lines this one was. Tina began to understand how much she needed to watch what she said around him.


"Want some milk? It always seems to make you feel better." He nodded quietly, the act was well practiced by this point. He suckled for about 15 minutes before he fell asleep. Tina gathered him up and wiped his chin off and laid him on her shoulder. 


That was where he slept all the way through lunch. 




I woke up a little hazy but Mommy had some hot tea and a sandwich for me. I ate and found out I had missed lunch by about 30 minutes. 


In the end I boiled it all down to some simplicities. 


My mom was important but Mommy was more important.

I loved them both

I'm happy where I am.

No one got to take it away from me


They were all truth, and I recited them over and over as Mommy got me dressed like we were going somewhere fancy. A button down shirt that looked like it was for a kid, some nice pressed slacks, but of course they had buttons on the crotch for easy diaper changing, a tie with cartoon characters on it and some shiny shoes. 


Right as we got downstairs, Gary who had a similar getup minus the whole button fiasco, was waiting with wine and juice. "Tonight you can be a big boy if you want." He had said. I was never much for wine so I chose the juice which was put into a wine cup so I "felt like a big boy tonight." 


At about 4:30 a man arrived wearing a white shirt and a fluffy white hat that resembled a floppy mushroom. He was a chef and was going to cook for us tonight. Apparently he would cook most of our meals this week. 


"Don't worry little man, I can make the nasty stuff tasty and tasty stuff so good you will drool enough to fill up those pampers of yours!" He told me when he saw me eyeing him up and down. "I Love all the little ones. Always so adorable." Mommy smiled at him and Gary made a funny face behind the chefs back, which served to make me laugh.


Mr. Chef, that's what he'd told us to call him, "Easier to remember, adorable to boot." He'd tried to whisper to Mommy. Started bringing things in from his car. After about 10 loads he put everything in order and began slicing some stuff up. 


I watched in wonder, he was very good. He seemed to like me watching him. Cindy had gone off to try and sneak in the pool. I knew this because she kept triggering the proximity alarm, eventually she got a spanking and a time out for it. 


Eventually, Mr. Chef reached over and handed me a few berries. "These are so sweet this time of year. Try one." It was orange and a bit bumpy. I wasn't sure if I should eat it whole or not, it was too big for a single bit anyway. "Like this" Mr. Chef seemed to understand I wasn't sure if it should be peeled or not, and he popped one whole in his mouth. I followed suit and ended up trying to chew with an overall mouth.


I wasn't complaining. It was delicious even as juice dribbled down my chin, it was like dessert or candy. A certain soft sweet that was almost too sweet. "There'll be more with dessert." Mr. Chef promised. 


Mommy came by, "Don't spoil your dinner young man." She said in a half threatening tone. "I need to get Cindy and then we need to have a family meeting. Gary and Sarah are already waiting for us on the screen porch. Can you go there for me, please?" 


Nodding enthusiastically I hoped down. Mommy looked at Mr. Chef, "if he ever bothers you just give me a wink, I'll move him on." 


"Oh no miss, I do love the littles. One day when I settle a bit I'll make sure to find one who wants to be loved, and maybe even loves to cook. Can you imagine a father/son chef team? What a delight that'd be."


Laughing, "all right there 'dad' chef, I hope that dream comes true, and soon." That was all I heard from that conversation. I felt like I was going to be hearing about him again soon through the coalition. Mommy was never not interested in expanding. 


On the porch, Gary was teasing Sarah. "Sure they will, big giant whales, they just gulp up tweeners. You see amazons are too big and we get stuck in their throats. Littles are just too small to even be a snack. See tweeners really are one of their favorite food."


"Mr. Gary, you know I'm not a child, I actually go to school and I even did a project on whales last month." Sarah countered. Gary wasn't giving up, "all right then, see for yourself. Swim all the way out there but I'm warning you, we will never find you if one of them gobbles you up." Her eyes looked worried but her tone said she was not so shaken. "Mr. Gary, you're an odd one."


Mommy came in holding a sullen Cindy's hand. She was in a pretty evening dress, easy access to the diaper underneath as well as making her look adultish. It was different to see her in something like that. It sparked something in Joshua. He wasn't sure what yet.


"Well then let's make this short and easy" Mommy began cheerfully. "Tonight is a big night for Joshua, really for all of us. His birth parents are coming to dinner. They should be here any time." She looked me in the eye. "They will likely be confused at first. As well as being angry, it's important that we do not get angry at them. They will need to vent, that's ok." She paused a second or two, possibly waiting on a question. "Remember to be on your best behavior. When I say it's bedtime, it's bedtime, no arguments, do you 3 understand?" 


To her credit Sarah didn't argue and all 3 agreed simultaneously. Mommy probably wanted to talk to Mom and Dad alone at some point. I could understand that. 


"Does anyone have any questions?" Mommy finished.


To his credit Gary waited long enough to know there weren't any questions coming then simply said, "yes, when can we eat? The sand and sun made me hungry as a whale." He looked menacingly at Sarah, who rolled her eyes and threw a pillow at him.


The finishing of the meeting was almost like a signal, and the doorbell rang. "I'll get it!" Cindy didn't even wait for approval and made it halfway out of the room before she was stopped. "I think it's best if both of us go, little missy." Mommy responded. 


My heart pounded in my chest. I didn't follow them into the front atrium, instead I ran up to the third floor. I wasn't ready to see them yet.


I heard footsteps join me. It was Gary, I knew who it was just by virtue of who it couldn't be. Mommy never made a noise when walking, Sarah and Cindy couldn't have been that loud.


I never turned around, just walked to the playset and climbed in, dropping my legs off the side and putting my head on the rail. 


Gary was at eye level, "hey, big man." He seemed to be empathetic at the moment. "This is pretty scary isn't it?" I nodded, "you have every right to be afraid." That didn't sound like a "Garyism" to me, it caught my attention. 


"Look, let's boil it down,you haven't seen them in a long time. The one thing they trained you to do was avoid exactly where you are. Yet here you are, you feel like you failed them. Pampered and babied, you now have to stand in front of them and defend yourself. Did I miss anything?" 


This guy was something that I really didn't understand. He had nailed it on the head. I was shocked by that revelation.


"I'm going to ask you a question, my little man." That was the first time he had said "my," it felt odd but somehow it fit. 


"Why do you need to defend yourself if you are happy?" That hit me somewhere below the ribs. It was a good question though. 


"I guess I feel like I owe them." 


"Of Course you do, their your parents, you wouldn't be nearly as much of a good boy if you didn't, they do so much for you and try to make sure you get to that 'happy life' they want for you, but they can't see what you see." Tapping my forehead with a finger, "not what you see here. You found your happily ever after. Now instead of defending that, why don't you show them that?" 


I pondered that thought. In spite of wanting to prove Gary wrong, because, let's face it, he was Gary and everyone wanted to prove him wrong. I failed to find anything wrong in that logic. 


"You're right." Was all I said. Gary saw a lot, he also knew a lot, and he didn't let on that he had both of those things in his deck of cards. Maybe that's why Mommy kept him around. 


 He put his hands out for me to jump to him. Which I did with a laugh, he tossed me in the air a couple times making me laugh harder.


He carried me downstairs like a football. I felt like a football being thrown to people who were going to fight over me. 


Well, in any case I'd be happy, because I was where I wanted to be.




Tina had been a little worried when Joshua bolted up the stairs. She had been really worried when Gary went after him. 


In a red dress of her own she bent down, checked a diaper absently minded and straightened Cindy's dress. It accentuated her as an adult. Tina wasn't fond of the thing, but Cindy had saved up her money for it and had begged and pleaded to be allowed to have it. In any case it did nothing to hide the fact she was diapered even in the thinner things she was in now. The thought of combining something a lot less inconspicuous and the dress made Tina laugh. It may have to happen tonight. It'd be cute.


As they walked to the front door the food caught their attention. It smelt amazing, Mr. Chef was hard at work; he kept dipping something in a boiling pot. Moving it and then dipping it again. 


"All right, best foot forward, let's welcome them in, NICELY young lady." Cindy smiled up and gave her affirmative. 


When she opened the door they both smiled, however, the littles on the other side did not. 


"Good afternoon, I would like to see our son." Was all they got.


This is going to be a long hard night. 



Sorry for the delay, I've been in writers slump. I've gotten started on 18 already so hopefully it'll be faster than this one was. I'm hoping I can cover the rest of the story in about 12 chapters. We will see. I have 2 more major events planned. 



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  • Bladderbrain changed the title to More Littles with Sugar than Salt (ch 18, 9/30/23)

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