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DD not showing in google search

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  • 2 weeks later...

Most mainstream browsers/search engines refuse to show any websites that prohibit bots and show non-extreme views, like this site. 

Never mind the fact that Reddit, Snapchat, Twitter, etc are known for banning people for directing people to better quality sites.  Try looking for links to DD from say, r/abdl.  Decentralized networks like Mastodon have also been under attack for their ability to prevent this.

DD has always been welcoming of people of various beliefs, which creates a healthier community but doesn't catch immeadiate attention like mainstream sites do.  Effectively more independent sites are like salad and bigger ones are like donuts.  If you ban salad you end up with a captive audience wondering why they're so unhealthy and a very profitable opportunity. 

Awareness of this will likely help a lot (screenshot this post if you wish), and simply removing yourself from sites where you don't feel welcome.  (Kind of like how Tumblr crashed and burned when they decided to block porn and people refused to support that change.)

Don't underestimate your potential.

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I am seeing it

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