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plastic pants repair


Hello all,
I have a pair of plastic pants that the welded seam has come apart, is there
a way to fix them? Don't really want to glue them.

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A difficult decision at best - do I find a cheap way to repair spending more money than

if I just simply bought another pair (or two).

A quandary:

Using glues cements bonding agents that may eat away at the plastic causing more harm -

or not using enough repair materials causing the seam to unravel worse than ever -

then maybe thinking about sewing the pieces and parts together - but with the element of holes

causing leakage which was the object in the first place to plug the dike panties.

If the seams were heat sealed possible to weld them back into place with an iron - too little heat

and the bonding won't work and too much well so much for melted plastics.

Bonding the seams in a new overlapping way may work but then you have lost the flexibility of

original blueprint (too tight pants - ripping apart somewhere else).

Maybe adding more material at the seam might work but creating a baggy pants effect - this and

the material must be compatible for the mutual bonding of the two.

Taking into account the type of material in the plastic pants - rubber cement used to secure leather

objects may work - but more for a temporary fix. Rub the cement between the fingers and it comes

off like a pencil eraser.

Using model airplane glue - pretty toxic smelly stuff and in quantity eats (melts) plastics -

then maybe a dab of two might just tack weld the seams.


Then there is the always venerable DUCT TAPE but it is not all that flexible - suitable for repairs

of a semi-permanent nature.

I would experiment around with the DUCT TAPE as the least expensive less messy method of plastic

panty recovery. Cut into small strips at first - apply at angles to handle the stress points !

Realize that none of these is going to be fully functional like the original but merely something to

get you by until whatever you plan next.

Do you wear your plastic pants tightly ?  Problem there !

Light wetter - maybe you can go without the plastic pants and change more often.

Heavy - consider wearing a larger plastic pant or even as a outer layer over smaller pants to insure

that the urine stays in place within.


Wearing fashionable clothing - how to conceal the plastics - research in self-discovery of how and

where you wear your clothing and if your repaired plastic pants are going to be noticed and heard !

Just some of the things to ponder while you work on that plastic panty fix !


Going back to the start of this - If the sum of the pieces parts and ideas exceeds the cost of the

new plastic pants consider the new pants sized to prevent the problems you are facing.

Also consider the factor of overloading the absorbency material within the diaper area as this

maybe contributing to the undue expansion of the plastic pants in critical areas.


YES I have tried to fix plastic pants with not much success (DUCT TAPE limited exception) and

in doing so made adjustments and you will find as I did time is better spent with new plastic pants !


The Wisdom of Plastic Panty repairing 101  


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I tried fixing a pair of Gary's snap front pants at one time, after fixing them I never trusted the repair.

I found it better to buy cheaper throw aways.


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just throw them away and buy a new pair.. not worth all the effort it will take to fix them.. 


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If you can find one of those as seen on tv items that was out 5 or more years ago, it was made to reseal a plastic bag of foods. If you also have a little extra room in your plastic pant. in some situations I had success but I do agree that its just a lot less hassle to just buy more, and I always hand wash and line dry. Unless you have a newer front load washer its much more gentle on them. 

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For an emergency till-you-get-home fix duct tape will work if they're clean and dry where you place it; do matching strips inside and out pressed in tightly. Otherwise I've found nothing which worked decently. I've tried every kind of glue; among those a special glue made for vinyl window repair and ShoeGoo were about the best, lasting 1-2 days. I've tried various ways of heat-sealing; none of the devices really worked except by accident- all either had too little heat or melted the plastic when you moved too slowly. I didn't try a women's hair-straightening iron but I've heard of others using one successfully on similar plastic items.

The case with us is either poor quality, overstress, or aging of the vinyl. With the first somewhere else will let go soon. With the second you're making them smaller and raising the stress. With the third, the plasticizers in the material are gone and there's nothing you can do to renew them as it's a one-time-only process with heat in making the plastic.

So just get more. There's nothing you can do to repair them. If you rely on them have some back-up on hand.



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In a pinch, clear box tape can be used as a repair. It will get you home, but you should toss the pants after that. 

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