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Meet Alice. An 19 years old college girl who, recently has been having some troubles with a slightly leaky bladder. Regular bathroom trips have frustratingly become the norm for her in recent times, as well as frequent sudden urges to go. Which when you're often stuck in a 90 minute class can be a problem....
The last thing she ever expected at her age was to be worried about peeing herself in class, it's the sort of thing she would of happily teased someone other unfortunate student for, but the reality is that the cute college chick now finds herself terrified that with her seemingly misbehaving bladder, she might end up doing what in her mind, would probably totally destroy her all so-important social life.

Yesterday was the final straw. 
She had struggled with every fibre in her body to hold it until the end of class, trying desperately hard not to make her predicament obvious to the rest of her class, as she fought against her throbbing weak bladder. 
The only way she held it was to constantly remind herself of just how much it would ruin her life if she peed herself in front of everyone. 
Alice hated History any way, she didn't even know why she picked it. That stupid teacher Mr Slater would never let her leave from the moment the class started.
Perhaps because of his perceived perception of her as being one of the more rebellious students in his class, which to be fair to him was probably justified.
It was seemingly his way of trying to teach her some much needed discipline...

The second her class was dismissed Alice literally ran down the hallway, barging past people. There were a few chuckles as some students noticed the pretty girl clutching between her legs.
Eventually she made it into the girls toilets where she charged into one of the cubicles, however before she could even lock the door, or pull down her panties, her baby-like bladder decided to let go......
She stood frozen on the spot only a mere few inches away from the toilet , as if to add insult to injury, as she helplessly let out a huge gasp which was followed by a torrent of uncontrollable pee which gushed out from beneath her pleated skirt, quickly forming a large puddle which spread outside of the cubicle
She felt like an embarrassed, un-potty trained child as the reality of what she had done set in, causing her make-up covered cheeks to instantly burn red.
The puddle was huge, and there would be no mistaking what it was if someone came in and saw her stood there.. 
"No no no this can't be fucking happening" shouted the distraught girl as she looked at what she'd done, completely oblivious that she wasn't alone....

She soon heard some giggles from the stall next to her.....her heart instantly skipped a beat as a feeling of dread rushed through her.......
In her desperate rush she couldn't believe she hadn't noticed there was someone in the next stall.....
Whoever was in there obviously knew about Alice's accident. To be fair no one could of missed the sound of her pee hitting the floor though. It had been like someone putting a tap on full power and left it running for about 20 seconds...
Looking down Alice almost died when she saw her accident had crept under the partition wall and into the cubicle the other girl was in......

Knowing now that the girl could potentially ruin her if she knew who she was, Alice, in a complete panic thought hard about what to do.
Then she heard a voice....

"Oh dear looks like someone needs some pampers, did Mommy not put one on you this morning little one?" came the condescending voice of the laughing girl

Alice fought hard to hold back the tears in her eyes....

Judging by the horrible rough voice the cruel words had been spoken in, Alice thought she recognised the voice as a girl called Lisa Phillips. This was bad news. She was a rather large girl known not to be backward in coming forward. Probably something to do with her own shortcomings, she wasn't afraid to try and bring other people down if she had a chance.
If she found out it was Alice, she knew news of her accident would be common knowledge by tomorrow morning....

She decided that she now had two options..
1. Wait it out until Lisa leaves and hope to god she doesn't wait for her outside or go and get her friends..... which knowing her would probably be extremely wishful thinking...
Or 2. Just grab her bag and get the hell out of there before Lisa has a chance to come out of the cubicle and see her.....

A concerned Alice examined her skirt realising to her surprise it was pretty much dry, and her shoes had also avoided being soaked. Visually she felt relieved there were actually no signs of her having just peed herself.
She knew her expensive blue Victoria's Secret panties were obviously completely soaked, but no one need ever to know about that. She would just stick them straight in the washing machine when she got home.

Suddenly, panic set in...........as she heard a click from the stall next to her. Meaning the cubicle door had been unlocked.........

Without any time to think, Alice knew she had to act quickly. She grabbed her bag, swung the cubicle door open and ran, with her hands on her head to cover her face....

She bolted for the exit door trying to catch Lisa by surprise, who hadn't expected her to quickly run away. 
She managed to catch a glimpse of the running Alice from the side and back as she saw her dash for the door, with the girls hands trying to cover her face and her dark brunette coloured hair flying all over the place....

Alice quickly made herself disappear into the crowds, as the toilets were fortunately situated right by the college main entrance, and thankfully it was now home time, meaning what looked like half the college were either stood waiting for friends or headed home for the day....

Lisa charged out of the toilets hoping to get a better look at who the panty pisser was but felt disappointed to be met with nothing but crowds of students walking about....

The question is, did she, or did she not get a good enough look to know which college girl had just had a little pee pee accident?


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Good start. I think her best choice would be to play ignorance if confronted. I am looking forward to reading more of this. 

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New chapter ?




Alice was still in complete shock at what had just happened. She had just come unbelievably close to her social life being completely ruined, and she knew there was still the worry that Lisa had noticed it was her. 
She quickly exited the college after pushing her way through the crowds of students, and walked down the road to where she would always meet with her little sister Sophia at the end of the day.
At 14 years old Sophia was still in high school, it was handy for Mum how close the girls school and college were so she could still pick them both up at the end of the day. 

As Alice got close to where she knew Sophia would be waiting, she suddenly remembered the soaking wet panties she was currently wearing. 
Realising the safest thing to have done would probably have been to take them off and hide them deep down in her bag. 
But it was now too late, she was in a busy street and her sister would already be waiting, and she couldn't be late meeting them or they may get suspicious.

Alice also tried without being too obvious, to examine her skirt, again checking there were no signs of her accident that Sophia or her Mum might notice. She felt confident that her skirt was ok, although with every step she could feel the uncomfortable wetness of her pee soaked panties.

As Alice approached their usual meeting point, she saw Sophia was stood there as she had expected.

Alice suddenly felt a feeling of worry. What if Sophia noticed something was up? What if she somehow found out her 19 year old sister had just peed herself like a baby? 

Knowing she had no other option, she managed to compose herself as she reached where Sophia was stood. 

Just as she got there their Mum pulled up, which Alice was thankful of, saving her from making small talk with her sister. 
Both girls got in the car, Mum had a few bags of shopping in the front seat so they both got in the back.

"How's your day been girls" asked Mum 

"It's been good Mum. Guess what? you know that boy I told you I liked, Ben, well I asked him out today and he said yes" replied Sophia

"Awwww that's great darling so my little girls got her first boyfriend, I was wondering when this day would come" 

Alice wasn't in the mood for listening to this, she didn't want to hear about her sister getting her first boyfriend, all she could care about right now is the fact that she was sat there in soaking wet panties that she couldn't wait to change out of.

"What about you Alice? "

"Uh yeah it's been okay I guess"

"Good. Well I think Sophia getting a boyfriend calls for a little treat, so what do you girls fancy? McDonald's or KFC?"

Yeeeess!!! can we get KFC please Mum?" asked Sophia 

"Alice are you ok with that"

Yeah that's fine Mum"

As Mum drove to KFC it was mostly Sophia and Mum talking.

In the busy city traffic, it seemed to Alice to be taking an eternity to get there, it had already been 20 minutes and there was still no sign of them getting there anytime soon.
As a few more minutes passed Alice soon noticed something worrying, she felt a twinge from her bladder, she needed to pee.

"Please not again" she thought to herself.
She tried to remain calm, and not let Sophia notice how desperate she was, but by the time they finally arrived at KFC she couldn't really hide her need for the bathroom. 

Sophia had a little smirk on her face seeing her big sisters struggle.

"Mum is it ok if we go inside I really need to pee"

"Yes of course we can sweetie" 

Mum then parked up and they all headed inside.

Alice ran off ahead which made Sophia chuckle. She'd never seen Alice in such a compromised state. 
She was usually the one to laugh at others for things like this.

Alice bolted straight for the toilet only to find it was locked. Across the toilet door was a big sign "out of order" 

"No no no please no" 

She was now jumping around so much she drawn quite a lot of attention to herself.

As Mum and Sophia walked in they were greeted with the sight of Alice jumping up and down, one hand on the front of her skirt, and the other yanking at the toilet door handle, clearly holding onto a slim amount of hope that it may somehow open. 
Almost everyone has stopped what they were doing to watch the desperate girl, many of which were kids far younger than her. 

It was quite a spectacle to see a college aged girl jumping around like a toddler that was about to have an accident

"This is amazing" smiled Sophia under her breath.

"Please please no this can't be happening" cried Alice as she suddenly became still.
Letting go of the door handle and holding the front of her skirt with both hands.

She let out a gasp as she finally lost her battle. 
"No freaking way" said Sophia as a torrent of pee gushed out from beneath Alice's skirt, hitting the floor loudly for everyone to hear.

Sophia couldn't hold herself back from smiling. 

Tears started falling down Alice's face. 

As people noticed what had happened there was initially shock followed by lots of giggling.

Lots of small children were making comments to their parents. " look mummy that big girl didn't make it to the potty"

For the second time that day the now humiliated Alice stood with a large puddle of pee beneath her feet.

As soon as her bladder has emptied it's contents Alice ran outside as fast as she could and headed straight for the car. Luckily Mum hadn't locked it so she jumped straight in the back.

"I'm sorry Sophia but we're heading home right now" 

"That's not fair just because she pissed herself like a baby" 

"That's enough young lady, we're leaving"

With that Mum headed for the exit doors.

Sophia took one more look at the large puddle of pee her big sister had left on the floor, which again brought a big smile to her face.

She couldn't believe what she had just witnessed. Her lifelong tormenter had just uncontrollably wet herself and humiliated herself in public. 

Sophia remembered a few years ago when she had wet the bed a few times Alice teased her relentlessly for it and even told all her friends.

As they got back to the car Alice was sat there sobbing. 

"Look darling I'm sorry about what's just happened but everything going to be alright"

Alice didn't speak she just continued sobbing.

"She clearly needs to wear nappies Mum if she can't hold it for more than a few minutes"

"That's enough, the only one ending up in nappies will be you Sophia if you don't drop it"

"Just shut it Sophia" angrily retaliated Alice 

The rest of the journey home was pretty much silence, although a couple of times Sophia gave Alice an evil smirk and prodded at her skirt, making sure not to let Mum see what she was doing.

Mum made Sophia swear she wouldn't say a word about what had happened to anyone.

"Of course I won't tell anyone Mum" had been her response

Alice just wanted to get home and shut herself away.

Eventually they arrived home. Alice went off to her bedroom, where she got a change of clothes before having a shower.

She cleaned herself up in the shower, before taking her wet clothes downstairs and putting them into the washing machine.

Now that Alice was clean all she wanted to do was hide away in her room and forget about what had happened.

She layed on her bed for a while, worrying about everything that had happened, with no intention of coming out for tea.
A while later her bedroom door suddenly flew open. 

It was the last person she wanted to see right now- Sophia.

"Get out of here Sophia" 

"Mum sent me to get you for tea"

"Well tell her I don't want any" 

" Fine, suit yourself. Oh by the way, what happened earlier, I've never seen anyone older than 2 just stand there and piss themselves like that, not even the little kids I babysit would do that, just imagine if all your mates somehow found out" 

Sophia then have an evil wink before turning around and heading off downstairs.

Alice just couldn't believe what was happening and she didn't know if there was a solution to it.

She stayed upstairs for most of the evening, before heading downstairs  to get a drink and a small snack shortly before bed. 
She didn't stay down there long as she didn't really want to see anyone.
After tossing and turning in bed for what seemed like ages, Alice finally managed to get to sleep. 

She had a peaceful long sleep.

The next morning she woke up to hear Sophia shouting 

"I told you Mum she wet the bed I knew she would"

Alice shot up out of her sleep trance. She realised her covers were off and feeling around her pyjamas and bed, she was soaked.

Alice let out a big sigh. This surely must be a dream.

Soon Sophia and Mum came into the room as she lay there unable to hide her soaking wet bed and pyjamas.......











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So sorry I took so long getting to this. I haven’t been feeling well and find it hard to read. I really enjoyed the chapter. You can’t help but feel bad for Alice. I am eager to find out what all of a sudden is causing all these accidents. Sophia sure isn’t doing much to help. I am looking forward to reading more of this. 

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large update & story edited ?



"Oh sweetheart what happened?"


Sophia just stood there with a look of triumph on her face


Alice pulled her duvet back over herself as if to to keep any shred of dignity she may have had had left


" it's gross Mum I can't believe she's still wetting herself" 


"Just leave me alone" retaliated Alice 


"Look can you give your sister some space and please go downstairs and have your breakfast" 


"Ok fine I'll go"


A few moments later Mum checked to see that Sophia had actually gone downstairs, before shutting Alice's bedroom door for privacy so they could chat without Sophia listening in....



Alice couldn't hold back from sobbing as a tear ran down the humiliated girls cheek.



"Here you need to take this" said Mum as she handed Alice a £20 note


"What's that for? "


"I want you to buy yourself something before college today" 


"Whaaaat no " stuttered Alice  through her tears worrying what her Mum might mean.........


"Yes you can, now listen to me, I'm going to make an excuse to Sophia that I have to get into work early, so that you have enough time to go into Boots before your first lesson. 

I want you to buy yourself 2 packets of large girls drynites to wear. Like the ones that girl you used to babysit down the road had to wear to bed.

From what I've read online they should just about fit you"


That girl was 9 at the time, she was 19.

How could her Mum do this to her? She couldn't possibly wear training pants at her age. This was a huge blow.  Alice couldn't fathom what was actually happening. Her Mum surely couldn't do this she was an adult. No way could she force her back in pull-ups.


"Mum please no there's no way I can wear them I too old to wear nappies"


" Clearly you're not after what I've seen from you over the past 24 hours, and they're not technically nappies they're pull-ups and you really don't have a choice. 

By the way, after Sophia’s comment yesterday when I said you wouldn't be ending up in nappies, or any other form of protection for that matter, at the time I meant what I said, and I obviously wanted to save from the embarrassment of her knowing. But this bedwetting incident has made me have to change my mind. I mean god knows how many other accidents you've had that I don't know about. I bet this isn’t the first time you’ve wet the bed either is it?”


"Yes it it! I haven't had any other accidents" blurted out Alice, suddenly realising how immature she had sounded.

It was also a lie as Mum didn't know about her other accident at college yesterday, although it was actually her first wet bed, despite a few near misses.


“I’m not sure that I believe that after  what I’ve seen”


"This so isn't fair I'm 19 years old I don't need them it was just a one-off" 


"Believe me this is fair and you will be wearing them day and night until you can prove to me that you don't need them. I want you in one before your first lesson and I will be checking you're wearing one after college have you got that?”


Alice nodded nodded her head


With that Mum left her bedroom.


Alice knew her Mum really wasn't messing about....


Feeling utterly defeated before her day had even started her day, she clambered out of her cold, wet bed and made her way across to the bathroom to get ready, whilst her soaking wet pyjamas clung to her body.


Sophia appeared to have bought Mums excuse about why they were getting to school so early.


Also to Alice's surprise Sophia didn't once mention her bed wetting accident on the way to school. It almost made her suspicious she was so quiet.


Although this quickly changed the moment Mum dropped them off.


"Try to keep your pants dry today baby" jibed Sophia once Mum had driven off as they began walking their separate ways


Alice didn't rise to her sister and just walked away.


She saw she had just over half an hour until her 1st lesson, meaning she had plenty of time to do what her mum had ordered her to do.....


Once she arrived at Boots she immediately began scanning the store to make sure there was no one she knew about. Fortunately she didn't see anyone she recognised.

She hesitantly made her way to the baby section, feeling upset knowing it was the home of her new underwear. 

Heading into the baby nappy aisle Alice knew she was looking for a pink package. She remembered what the package looked like from when she babysat a girl called Brittney. That was a few years ago now. She bet Brittney had probably outgrown her bed wetting problem by now, and yet here was Alice, her former charge, buying the exact same embarrassing product for herself. She also, now regretfully remembered how she had teased Brittney for wearing them. 


 She found the drynites had their own section at the end of the aisle, which unfortunately was at the edge of the main walkway to the till, in full view of the entrance doors, where people queued up, making her task just that bit harder.

Knowing she had no choice but to do this, she quickly examined which one’s she needed, had a final check in both directions that she didn't see anyone she knew, and picked up two pink girls packets which read age 8-15.  She blushed at the thought that these would likely fit her.


Keeping her head down she joined the queue to the side of her.

The whole time Alice felt extremely paranoid that everyone was watching her, as if everyone knew the infantile packages were for her.


Slowly the queue went down and finally she was being served. 

It was a young smiling girl, almost too smily for the time of morning it was. Alice thought she can't have been far off her own age which made it all the more embarrassing.

One at a time the girl scanned the packages of teenage girls pull-ups  through.


"That's £11 please" 


Thankfully the girl didn't make any comment, she handed Alice her change and Alice quickly walked away from the till.

Opening her bag, Alice quickly stuffed the two packages of pull-ups into her bag, before anyone saw her, realising it was a very tight squeeze, but fortunately the zip just about did up.


Checking her phone, she had about 15 minutes until her class stared.


She then remembered what her Mum had said 


"I want you in one before your first lesson" 


Those words stuck in her head. She knew she had to do as her Mum said.


Alice suddenly worried as that meant finding somewhere to change into them.


 She didn't like the thought of changing in the college toilets but realised that was probably her only option.

The public toilets near college had been shut for ages, and she wouldn't have time to go anywhere else.


She continued walking to college, seeing a group of her friends stood outside the main entrance.

She said hi to them before quickly excusing herself to head to the girls toilets before class.


Locking herself into a cubicle she noticed there were at least two other girls in there.


Alice remembered to pee as she did everyday before class.


Letting out a sigh, knowing she had to do it, as quietly as she could Alice opened her bag, and tore open one of the packages of pull-ups. 

Sliding one out of the packet. It had made quite a noise as the drynites were so tightly packaged together.


Zipping her bag back up. Alice now had to slide off her panties.


Alice now had to unfold her pull-up which made a worryingly loud rustling noise.


She held it up to examine it. Noticing how childish the purple garment looked and how it was covered with the babyish butterfly pictures.


She stood there blushing as she slowly stepped into the pull-up before sliding it up. Lifting her skirt she pulled it up around her waist. 

She couldn't believe how snugly it fitted around her bum.


She was 19 years old, an adult, and yet here she was at college, wearing under her skirt what was effectively a nappy designed to hold teenage girls bed wetting accidents.


Smoothing down her skirt ensuring her pull-up was well hidden, Alice unlocked the cubicle door and headed off to class.


She quietly sat in her class trying not to draw any attention to herself.  Fully aware the whole time of what she was wearing. She felt extremely self-conscious being sat around her friends whilst in a pull-up. She swore she could hear it crinkle every time she moved. But just hoped to god it wasn't noticeable to anyone else.


One of her best friends Zoe was sat next to her. Alice imagined what she would think if she knew what she was wearing. 


The lesson dragged on. She did manage to get through the lesson fine, without her bladder giving her any trouble at all. Even forgetting she had it on as she chatted with her friends during a group activity.


Her 2nd lesson was history.  She sat next to Natalie, a girl she wouldn't exactly call a close friend but they did still chat a bit.


As the class went on Alice was feeling more slightly more confident.


That was until about midway through when Alice noticed she felt a twinge from her bladder, which only seemed to get worse as the minutes ticked by. 

Without even realising, Alice was shaking her legs and shuffling uncomfortably in her seat.


"Are you alright ?" Questioned Natalie after noticing Alice acting strange 


"Uuuhh yeah I'm fine I need to pee a bit but I can hold it until the end of class"


"Are you sure you don't look like you can hold it to me" said Natalie whilst sarcastically giggling 


“I’ll be fine trust me”  replied Alice as she tried to hide the fact that her need was getting quite desperate now.


“Why don’t you ask Mr Slater if you can go? “


“It’s not even worth bothering I know he won’t let me”


Thankfully Natalie dropped the subject as they had to get on with some written work in silence.


Alice had made a conscious effort to stay much more still and actually felt like she had gained back control for the time being. It also seemed to get Natalie off her case.


Five more minutes had passed. She didn’t feel quite so well in control anymore. While the class were all sat there in complete silence, Alice suddenly felt a few spurts of urine begin to escape. 

It had almost caught her by surprise “please god no” she thought silently whilst trying to remain calm and still, Alice could do nothing to stop herself as a few more spurts escaped, which quickly turned into a full uncontrollable accident as her pull-up rapidly began to fill up.

Alice could only hope it hadn’t leaked onto her skirt.


She couldn’t believe it. Here she was at 19 years of age, sat in class in the 1st pull-up she’s worn since she was about 3. And she had just proved to her mum she was right by wetting it like a baby.


The warmth spread right up through to the back, as she felt the padding expand pushing her legs apart.


Looking over at Natalie she didn’t appear to have noticed anything was up, as she was still focused on her writing.


Alice couldn’t help but feel like a toddler whilst she sat there in need of a change. 


Part of her was thankful for the pull-up as she thought what might have happened if she wasn’t wearing it. 

But also she resented the thought that her mother had forced her to wear them.

No way should her mum have done that at her age. She didn’t need her mum controlling her like that. She was old enough to make her own decisions.


Once her class finished Alice made a dash for the girls toilets wanting to quickly get out of her soaking wet drynite.


Once in one of the cubicles, Alice quickly slid off her wet pull-up. 

Wiping herself off, she resentfully pulled another one out of the package and slid it up around her waist.


Opening the door, with her wet pull-up in one hand, she scanned to see if anyone was about before quickly walking over to the bin and chucking the drynite in. 

Alice worried someone might see it sat in the bin so she washed her hands and stuffed a few paper towels in the bin on top of it. 


She left quickly and decided to go and join her friends for lunch break.


She met with Zoe, Samantha and Abbie. 


“Hey Alice, nice of you to join us” 

giggled Abbie, clearly making a point that Alice hadn’t spent much time with them in recent days.


“Yeah it’s good to see you stranger”


“Thanks guys, look sorry I’ve been really caught up with some stuff at home and haven’t felt all that sociable recently”


“ Awh I’m sorry to hear that is everything ok”


Alice suddenly realised she hadn’t though it through very well


“Uhhh yeah everything’s fine”


“Is it your parents?”


Alice thought for a moment before responding. She certainly didn’t want to tell them the truth that she had wet herself in college yesterday, then in KFC and to top if off had then wet the bed last night, and that her mum had now made her start wearing pull-ups, which she had just wet in her last class.

Samantha has just given her a good excuse and she wasn’t going to turn it down...


“Yeah my parents have been going through a bit of a rough patch” lied Alice.


“I’m sorry to hear that chick” as one by one all her friends gave her a big hug 


“It’s okay thanks guys”


Soon the talk turned from Alice to discussing other things important to 19 year old college girls...


“So anyway how did your date with Zak go the other night Abs?”


“It was cool he took me for a romantic walk on the beach, we stopped at this nice bar and had a couple of drinks. Then we went back to his place for a bit as his parents are away”


“Oooohhh what did you two get up to at his place I wonder?”


Everyone was now laughing 


“Shut it guys” joked Abbie



“What about you Alice? What was that guys name again that was messaging you?”  questioned Samantha 


“He was called Ashley and don’t ask”


“You have to tell us more now”


Alice had met up with Ashley for a date, after he kept messaging her, but the truth was she just didn’t feel like he was good enough for her. He wasn’t the best looking guy in college, but he wasn’t exactly a bad looking guy either. But to Alice he wasn’t quite up to her high standard that a guy had to meet.

He was neither popular enough or good looking enough for her.

She knew she was hot with beautiful long hair, her amazing curves and her gorgeous olive skinned complexion, and it made her feel like she was better than just about every guy in college. In her head she had put herself on this imaginary untouchable pedestal that no one else could reach.

And yet now here she was probably the only girl in the whole college that was hiding pull-ups under her uniform. 



“It went kind of okay I guess but I wasn’t really into him to be totally honest”


“I get it hun he didn’t meet the Alice Jacobsen guy standards level” joked Samantha whilst winking at her 


The girls went to the college cafe whilst they still had time before afternoon lessons. Alice had a coffee and a chicken salad. She knew she probably shouldn’t drink coffee as it seemed to slightly aggravate both her bladder and tummy, but her caffeine addiction was too strong to even consider giving it up. Also it was a trend she had to keep up with. She couldn’t be seen drinking water. Her friends would laugh at her.

After everyone had finished their lunch, Alice remembered to go to the toilet before her next class, where she managed to pee a small amount although she didn’t really need to go.

Alice had maths. It was a class she didn’t mind too much as it was probably her best subject.


She breezed through most of the lesson, completing all of her work before most of her classmates. This made her feel much better about her current situation, at times even forgetting she was wearing the pull-up at all.

Towards the end of the lesson she did start to feel a slight need to pee, but this time she wasn’t worried as she knew she could hold it. 

Once her class was over, Alice headed to the girls toilets, knowing that although she wasn’t that desperate, she was about to meet her mum and sister so she certainly didn’t want to risk having another accident. 

She entered the toilets, and turning the corner to where the cubicle doors and sinks were she was greeted by someone.

It was Lisa Phillips.




“I was wondering how long it would be before I saw you in here”


“What on earth are you on about?”


“Mmmmmm let me think, yesterday afternoon maybe. I know it was you”


Lisa slowly started walking towards her


“What would everyone think if they knew that beautiful popular Alice Jacobsen was actually no more than a little panty pisser?” 


Lisa had now backed her up against the wall.


Alice took a big gulp as Lisa had totally taken her by surprise. She felt scared.

Lisa had scared her so much in fact that she suddenly felt a few involuntary warm spurts of urine escape into her training pants.....


“ I uuuhh don’t know what you’re on about Lisa”


“You know I wouldn’t even be surprised if your Mum put you in some pampers after what happened yesterday “


As Lisa reaches her hand out and grabbed the hem of Alice’s skirt....


“Let’s have a look shall we”


Alice took a couple of moment to process what was currently happening. Lisa was now right on the verge of exposing her.


“Get the fuck off me” she shouted 


Alice grabbed Lisa’s hand, firmly pulling it off her skirt and managing to strongly shove her away......


“Look I don’t know what the fuck you’re on about but I’ll tell you one thing, you’ve got the wrong person”


“Are you sure about that ? You looked so scared just then I bet you’re gonna have to run home to mummy for a change ” said a smirking Lisa 


Lisa had no idea how close to the truth she was with that statement. Alice’s pull-up had now grown a little warm at the front but thankfully for her she didn’t need her mum to do it.

Keeping up her lie, knowing it would be her only chance of Lisa not finding out the truth, Alice replied...



“Whoever the little panty pissing baby is I can tell you one thing it’s not me”


With that Alice turned around and exited the toilets


Alice was in shock at what had just happened as she made her way to meet her mum and sister. 

How had she been so scared of Lisa Philips that she had actually caused her to slightly pee herself right in front of her?

She hoped she had been convincing enough to get Lisa off her back, but she wasn’t too sure that she had.


As she met her sister, she suddenly blushed at the thought that this was the first time she had been around her little sister in a pull-up. And she blushed even more when she remembered it wasn’t exactly a dry one. 

She didn’t have to wait long before their mum pulled up and they got in the car.


Something that had slipped Alice’s mind then struck her as they set off in the car. 

With what had happened with Lisa Phillips, aside from the few spurts of urine that she had accidentally let out, she had completely forgotten to pee.


Mum then announced that they were heading to the shopping centre as Sophia had arranged to meet some of her friends there.


She instinctively kept a tight hold of her bag whilst in the car, which she hoped hadn’t appeared obvious to Sophia. She knew her little sister was nosey and she didn’t want to even give her the opportunity to see what she was hiding in her bag.

As Alice sat clutching her bag, she felt her need to pee grow as they approached the shopping centre. 

After a few minutes of driving around the busy car park, mum eventually found a space.


Sophia wasted no time in announcing that she was off to meet her friends which left Alice and mum alone.


“I trust you did what I asked before college this morning ? “


Alice sighed, feeling very uncomfortable that her mum would even bring it up


“Yes mom and can we please not talk about it?”


“Can you pass me your bag please Alice”


With that Alice passed her bag through to the front for her mum


“I got what you asked me to”


“That’s good honey but I just need to check for myself”


“Please not here mum”


“Don’t worry no one’s going to see”


Mum unzipped the bag and pulled out the two packages of pull-ups


She examined one pack to see it was sealed and then appeared to look over the other package


“There are 2 missing” she queried “there should be 8 left but there are only 7. You’re wearing one I presume as I asked, so what happened to the other one?”


“I uuuu I....... look the uhhhh teacher wouldn’t let me go to the toilet and I kind of couldn’t hold it”


“You wet it? Well clearly then I made the right decision putting you back in these. Your first day back in pull-ups and you’ve already had an accident. What a great start you’ve made”


“I’m sorry mum, it wasn’t like that!

 if the teacher had let me go this wouldn’t have happened”


“Look just put these back in your bag ok, while we’re here we may as well go and do some shopping”


Alice quickly got the drynites back in her bag and zipped it up.


Her and mum then got out of the car.


“Stand still”


“What the hell are you doing mum?” as she reached for Alice’s skirt 


“Don’t you dare speak to me like that young lady. I need to check you have a pull-up on. So you can either stand there and make a scene of this for other people to see, or you can just let me get on with it. Which is it to be?”


Alice just stood there in silence with her arms folded, no longer looking like a 19 year old, she looked more like a sulking toddler, as she accepted that one way or another her mum was about to check she was wearing her training pants.


“ just as I thought”


In the busy car park, in plain view of anyone that walked past, mum lifted the front of Alice’s skirt revealing her drynites pull-up.


“Mum please people can see it”


Much to Alice’s horror her mum then reached down and squeezed the front of her padded garment.


“It’s wet Alice”


Alice suddenly remembered the few spurts of urine she had leaked out when Lisa Phillips had confronted her


“No it’s not really it’s only a few drops Mum” Alice sputtered out realising she had also forgotten about her desperate need to pee which had suddenly caught up with her

“You wet it and didn’t even realise didn’t you?”

“Mum stop please look I really need to pee”


As she stood there she couldn’t hide what was happening.  She began to feel a spreading warmth between her legs, as her pull-up expanded, all whilst her mum was still squeezing the front of it.


“Are you actually kidding me Alice?”


“I’m sorry mum” was all she could muster 


Mum then let go of Alice’s skirt letting it fall back into place, hiding her now swollen drynite from any gawping passers by.

She then opened the back door of the car and retrieved a pull-up from Alice’s bag, which she then handed to Alice.


“We are walking straight to the toilets and you are going to get yourself changed out of that soaked pull-up do you understand?” as Alice stood clutching the undergarment to her chest.


Just at that moment she heard a voice from behind Mum


“Hey mom I completely forgot to ask for some money for food”


It was the last voice she wanted to hear whilst she was stood holding a drynite. Sophia had returned.


As quickly as she possibly could Alice reached behind herself and stuffed the pull-up into the hem of her skirt, only able to hope it was secure enough not to fall to the ground and humiliate her.

Tugging her shirt down to cover it, she didn’t have time to check how securely it was in place so had to just hope it wouldn’t fall out. 

She could only pray Sophia hadn’t noticed anything, as fortunately mum had been stood pretty much right in the way.


“Yes of course sweetie. Look we’ve got to get going but here’s my keys, there’s some change in the centre console it should be enough”


Mum left Sophia with the car keys as her and Alice walked off with their destination the public toilets...


As they walked away Alice couldn’t help but worry. She had left her college bag full of her pull-ups on the back seat of the car, and her little sister was currently rummaging around in the car for change. All it would take was for her to be a little suspicious of what she had just witnessed, or curiosity of the events of yesterday after school or this morning. And Sophia was quite a nosey girl already.



She pushed the thought out of her head, knowing she couldn’t do anything about it now as they approached the toilets.


“We’re going in the disabled toilet” announced mum much to Alice’s shock


“I don’t need you to come in with me”


“Just go in please Alice”


As they got in the disabled toilet mum locked the door


“Stand still” 


After what had happened by the car, this time Alice listened to her mum and just stood there


Her mum unclipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground


“You certainly tested that to its limits Alice” Alice blushed at the realisation that her mum had exposed her bulging wet pull-up.


Mum began pressing the pull-up both at the front and at back.


“If you keep having accidents like this Alice I’m not sure that these are going to be absorbent enough for you, it’s slightly leaked onto your skirt. We’ll have to see how it goes over the next few days”


Alice didn’t like the sound of that. She knew what the next level of absorbency would likely mean and she didn’t even want to entertain the thought of it in her mind. 

She knew she would have to be extra careful now and prove to her mum that she actually didn’t really need any kind of protection at all. She needed to show her mum that the last couple of days had all really  just been a big misunderstanding....



“Get yourself changed I’ll wait outside”


Alice was thankful that her Mum at least let her change it herself.


She gladly pulled down the soaked pull-up tossing it into the trash, before wiping herself down and stepping into the clean drynite.


Looking at herself in the mirror, Alice tugged her skirt down into place ensuring from every angle that her humiliating glorified nappy was well hidden from view as she smoothed down her shirt.


Satisfied her secret was hidden, Alice unlocked the door to start shopping with her Mum.


She was shocked as she opened the door to see Sophia was stood right outside.


“God you took your time didn’t you ? What on earth were you doing in there ? “


Alice certainly wasn’t about to tell her the real reason she had taken so long in there.......


“And why the hell are you in the disabled toilet? Last time I looked you weren’t disabled?”


“Uhhh yeah I only used it as the other toilet was in use” lied Alice


“Whatever, anyway I need to pee, I may as well use it as well”


With that Sophia headed into the toilet, and Alice went and joined Mum who was sat on a bench a few metres away.


They headed off to do some shopping, leaving Sophia to go off and join her friends once she came out of the toilet.


Alice and Mum looked around a few clothes shops together, before they went off seperately as Mum said she had a couple of boring errands to run while she was here.

Alice spent a while on her own, she felt hungry so she went and got something to eat from a cafe she often went to with her friends, although obviously on this occasion she was alone. 

She bought herself a sandwich and a coffee, before finding a table to sit at, which proved quite a task as the cafe was so busy. She guessed it was because most people would have not long finished work, or in many people’s case, college, as many of the customers looked to be around the same age as Alice, although she didn’t see anyone she recognised. Eventually she managed to find a table to sit at.

Sipping on her coffee, Alice sat looking like your stereotypical pretty college girl to anyone else. No one would ever suspect her mother had recently had to put her back in pull-ups.

Sat there savouring her food she had realised she had completely forgotten about the fact she was currently wearing a pull-up. She shifted on her seat uncomfortably at that thought.


Just as she finished her food her phone buzzed. It was a text from her mum to say to meet her by primark.


Alice loved primark as it was much cheaper than all the other shops, meaning she could buy a lot more. 

Instead of just one top, she could buy maybe 4 items for the same price as most other shops.


She left the cafe to meet her mum there. Her mum was stood right outside exactly where she said she’d be. Carrying what looked like a lot more stuff than when Alice had left her. 

She was curious as to what her mum had bought, as her birthday was next week so she thought maybe she had gone off to buy her some presents.


She thought about trying to sneak a look into the bags if she got the chance.


As they went into primark Alice had a good look around for clothes that she liked. She found herself a crop top she really liked. She also wanted a new pair of jeans to go with it so she went over to the women’s jeans section. 

They had all different designs. Alice knew which type she wanted. She always liked the tight ones that showed off her butt. She found some light blue ones that she liked before telling mum that she was going to try them on.


She got into the changing rooms after being checked in by a girl probably the same age as her.


Sliding her skirt off Alice realised she was now stood there with her pull-up on full display, only hidden from someone seeing it by the flimsy changing room curtain, which anyone walking past could accidentally pull back thinking her cubicle was empty. 


She didn’t want to take any longer than she needed to.

Alice stepped into the jeans and began pulling them up. She got them up to her thighs fine, but she found it a little difficult to get them to go up and over her pull-up. After a bit of shuffling Alice was satisfied they were fully on as she did up the buttons on the front. 


Quickly taking her top off Alice changed in the crop top to see how the full outfit looked.


Checking herself out in the mirror, from the side she thought her butt looked quite peachy.


Turning to look at her butt from the back she realised she had another problem.  

There were a good 2 inches of the waistband of her pull-up showing above the back of her jeans, which the short crop top did absolutely nothing to hide. She instantly felt her cheeks burning red at this realisation. 

She knew there was no way she could wear this look right now, at least until she was out of these horrid training pants, which she hoped wouldn’t be too long.

The jeans actually did a good job of hiding most of the pull-up bulge, although there was still a faint outline visible should anyone observe closely. Alice really wanted to still get the jeans so she talked herself into buying them telling herself she would just wear a longer top to cover the waistband.


She got herself changed back into her clothes before exiting the changing rooms. 

She met back up with her mum who was still looking at clothes. 


“Did you like them sweetie?” asked mum


“Yeah I didn’t like the top but I like the jeans” 



Mum seemed to take forever looking through clothes. Often asking Alice’s opinion on clothes for herself.

 Eventually she was satisfied with what she had found and they headed to the tills. 

Nearing the end of the day the queue was very long.

10 minutes had passed and the queue had hardly moved. Alice started to feel a slight tummy ache. She pushed it out of her mind as a few more minutes went by. The queue had moved slightly, but they still weren’t near the front. 

By now she was starting to feel a little uncomfortable, and she realised she needed to get to the bathroom, sooner rather than later. She could also now feel a pressing need for her bladder to be emptied.


“Mum I could do with going to the toilet, can I leave these with you while I go?” she prayed her mum wouldn’t make some comment like “you’re wearing a pull-up you may as well use it” for everyone to hear.


Fortunately for Alice that isn’t what she said


“Yes that’s fine darling I’ll meet you by the toilets after I’ve paid”


With that Alice dashed off to get to the toilets, which were a good couple of minutes away.

As she eventually got close to them, her heart sunk. The ladies toilets had a sign outside. They were closed for cleaning.


What could she do now? Why of all times did they have to close them right now? Whilst Alice was on the verge of having what would be the most humiliating of accidents.

She then remembered that maybe she could use the disabled toilet again as she had earlier......


Pondering her decision for a moment too long 


“God of all times just as I need to pee they go and shut the toilets, oh well at least the disabled toilets empty”. The voice of Sophia had started from behind her, but she was now stood in front of her, right in the way of her route to the disabled toilet.


“I was here first Sophia you don’t mind waiting til I’m done do you?” said Alice trying not to let on the desperate state she was in as she tried to get to the door.


“I’m sure you can hold it” was all Sophia said as she gave Alice a grin whilst swiftly moving inside the toilet before Alice could do anything about it. Before Alice even had a chance to stop her, the door was slammed shut in her face. And locked.....


As Alice looked around, she couldn’t believe she was in this predicament in the busy shopping centre. At any moment someone she knew could walk past.

She was now clenching her butt to stop herself having an accident, and her full bladder was making it very hard to concentrate on doing that.......


She now stood with her eyes closed and a winced look on her face as she bounced around, determined not to let her little sister have the satisfaction of being the cause of her totally humiliating herself.


It was pretty obvious to any onlookers just how desperate she was. 

After two more minutes of struggling, Alice felt a glimmer of hope as she heard the door lock click. But it was as if hearing this somehow set off a reaction in her body.

She could feel it happening, and there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop it....

Her butt had expanded as the warm mess began forcing itself out of her.

All while Sophia was now stood in front of her. Her jaw had dropped along with a devilish grin as she saw what was happening before her eyes.

Alice was bent forward with one hand one her bottom, and one hand on her crotch, as the back of her pull-up quickly expanded, followed by her bladder also giving way as an uncontrollable torrent of pee gushed into her pull-up.

There was no mistaking what she had just done with the strong smell that now surrounded her.


A few passers by had stopped to see what was happening.



“No freaking way. I knew you were a baby but this is taking it to a whole new level. Mum definitely made the right decision putting you back in those pull-ups. Although judging by that you need something a bit thicker” as she gestured to pee dripping down between her legs, that had formed a small puddle on the floor, where her pull-up hadn’t quite managed to contain her entire accident.


“That’s right I found them in your bag earlier, and I found the one you pissed in earlier at the top of the bin. You could have at least shoved it under some paper towels”


Alice was beet red in the face aa she stood crying her eyes out


“Just shut it will you.....just let me get past” as Alice tried to push past Sophia and get out of public view, with tears now pouring down the 19 year olds face.


“I don’t think so. Just wait til mum sees what you’ve done”


“No Sophia please”


Sophia got out her phone and rang mum...


“You better get to the toilets mum.......Alice has kind of had a bit of an accident”


“What......look I’ll be there as quick as I can ok I’m just finishing up at the tills”


When mum arrived she was shocked at what she saw. She thought when Sophia said Alice had had an accident she had meant maybe she had grazed her knee or something, not this....


Alice was stood balling her eyes out, with what looked like a puddle of pee on the floor near where she stood, she was then hit by the smell, a smell she certainly hadn’t expected to be coming from her eldest daughter’s rear.......there was no doubt about what it was, she had dealt with it often enough back when the girls were babies.......the unmistakable smell of a messy nappy


“What on earth is going on?”


“I’m sorry mum I would’ve made it but Sophia wouldn’t let me in the toilet”


“That’s not true I needed the toilet just as much as you. You’re just too much of a baby to hold it. At least you’re wearing what’s clearly the appropriate underwear”


“That’s enough girls”


“What are you going to do about it mum? I’m not sitting next to that smell all the way home”


“I never said you would have to. Now let’s go in here Alice and get you cleaned up” ushering to the disabled toilet.


Once inside mum began unclipping Alice’s skirt to get it off.


“I don’t think you can wear this home as it’s quite damp from where your pull-up leaked”


“I’m sure it’ll be ok mum”


“No it really won’t be I don’t want pee getting on the car seat, that would be a nightmare to clean off. You can wear those jeans you bought in primark home”


With her skirt completely off, her tanned legs and her very full pull-up were now completely exposed. 


She blushed at the though that her mum was now about to see her naked as she had begun ripping the sides of her training pants. 

Ripping it off Alice’s private’s were now on view as mum threw the loaded pull-up away.


Holding it at a distance mum walked over to the bin dropping it inside.


“I’ll let you do this bit” as mum pulled out a pack of wet wipes from her bag, allowing Alice to clean herself.


Once Alice had cleaned herself up mum began looking through her shopping bags before pulling out a large white and blue package.


“Thank god I went and picked these up earlier” as mum placed the package next to the sink.


Alice examined the package. The writing on the front said Betterdry.

“W w w.......what are those mum?” asked a now quite worried Alice.


“They’re adult nappies Alice. They will be much more absorbent than those pull-ups you’ve been wearing. “


“Mum no no no there’s no way I can wear them. I’ll wear the pull-ups and be extra careful not to have anymore accidents ”


“I’m sorry Alice but I’ve lost track of how many accidents you’ve had now.  For the time being at least you’re going back into nappies, until you can prove to me your grown up enough not to need them. That’s not up for debate”


“This so isn’t fair you can’t do this to me I’m an adult”


“From where I’m stood this is totally fair. You may be an adult, but how many adults do you know that go around wetting and messing themselves in public?. Exactly, none.........Now can you get yourself up onto the changing table so I can put you in this nappy” as mum pulled the large, thick, crinkly, white adult nappy out of the package. 


Thinking about it, she realised she couldn’t really argue with anything her mum was telling her. She couldn’t deny the fact that she had indeed repeatedly wet herself over the past couple of days, and had now even gone as far to mess herself as well. She couldn’t deny that that wasn’t normal behaviour for a girl of her age. And she also couldn’t deny the fact that now on two occasions on her first day back in pull-ups, they had leaked, meaning only one thing, that the nappy she was about to be put in by her mother was exactly what her behaviour deserved.


Still, Alice was totally stunned her mum was actually going to do this to her eldest daughter. 


She knew she now had no choice but to do as her mother told her. She layed on the changing table, designed not for adults but for small babies to be changed on, whilst her mum unfolded the large and very crinkly nappy, before lifting her bum to slide it under her, and lastly 1 by 1 tightly securing it firmly in place with the 4 blue tabs. Diapering her just as if she were an actual baby.

As she stood up the nappy felt worlds apart from the comparably thin pull ups she had been wearing.

It felt as if it would be near impossible to hide these under her clothes.


As she walked over to her bags to get out her new jeans Alice couldn’t believe how loud the nappy was. 

Stepping into the jeans and sliding them up, it really was a task to get them up over the bulging nappy. Once she had them pulled up, she realised there was no way her jeans would hide the waistband at the back. Her top did just about cover it but she knew she’d have to be careful not to bend over. They also made her usually perfect butt look a slightly weird shape.


“Right let’s get going” announced mum.


Stepping out of the toilet to join Sophia, initially not much was said.

As they approached the car park mum had to go off and sort out paying for parking. She told the girls to go straight to the car.



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  • 4 months later...

NEW CHAPTER 02/04/2020

I have deleted a small portion of the previous chapter and edited it, which is included at the start of this new chapter 





Alice’s birthday week, “I’m not a bedwetter”



“I hope mum put you in another pull-up, we wouldn’t want the baby having another accident in the car on the way home” 


“Just get lost” was all Alice could bring herself to say.


“Well judging by that bulge though I’m pretty sure she has” as she gestured towards Alice’s bum


She really hoped Sophia couldn’t tell that the bulge was actually from an adult nappy not a pull-up.


“I’m wearing one ok. Are you happy now?” 

as she nervously began tugging at the back of her jeans not wanting to give her sister even the slightest glimpse of what she was actually now wearing before getting into the back of the car, 



Mum soon arrived back and they headed home. On the way back mum made Sophia swear to her she wouldn’t tell anyone about Alice. She smiled like a model daughter and told mum of course she won’t ever tell anyone.




Once they got home Alice went straight to her bedroom. She chucked her bag, which was still full of her training pants, into her closet and shut the door, making sure it was well out of sight if anyone came into her bedroom.




She could curse her little sister, if it wasn’t for her she wouldn’t be wearing this stupid nappy. Yes she would still be in a pull-up, but that was nothing in comparison.


She would have gone into that disabled toilet, done her business, and they would have gone home, end of story. But no, that stupid little brat had to go and hog the one available toilet and cause her to humiliate herself. She couldn’t let Sophia be the cause of her being stuck in these adult nappies. She had to do something about it. Starting right away. 



She felt determined now to prove to her mum that she really didn’t need these things at all. 


Thankful it was Friday, Alice knew if she didn’t want the humiliation of dealing with going to college next week in nappies, she would now have to do all she could over the weekend to prove to Mum she didn’t need them.




Firstly she had to try and find something to wear that would conceal the horrible nappy bulge. After trying on a few things that were too tight, she pulled on some Adidas joggers and a loose white shirt that seemed to cover it quite well, although she could still hear, what to her, was a near deafening crinkling sound with every step she took.


She spent the whole evening trying to avoid Sophia. She was the whole cause of this whole situation and she didn’t want to give her the chance to rub it in anymore than she already had. And she just prayed she wouldn’t notice that she had been upgraded to adult nappies.


Fast forward to Sunday morning.


Alice had managed to stay accident free so far after thankfully waking up dry on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. This gave her confidence that the bedwetting incident was nothing more than just a one off, and that she wasn’t becoming an adult bedwetter thank god.

She had spent the whole of Saturday at home, while much to Alice’s delight, Sophia had been out almost all day. 

She made sure to not risk any accidents by going to the toilet at the first hint of needing to pee, which had meant quite a few toilet trips over the course of the day.

It was still totally humiliating though having her mum check her every few hours, only to find her dry, and each morning changing her into a fresh nappy, insisting she wasn’t capable of doing it herself. 


“You might leak if it isn’t on properly” mum insisted 


After waking up dry on Sunday morning Alice begged her mum to let her just wear the pull-ups again. (She couldn’t believe her life had somehow come to this)


“I’ll think about it sweetie, maybe if you haven’t had any accidents by tomorrow morning I might let you wear a pull-up to college. But for today and tonight at least, you’re staying in a nappy” as mum lifted her legs and slid the thick white nappy under her bottom, before beginning to securely tape her in to the humiliating garment she would have to put up with wearing for at least another day.


Alice could only hope Sophia wasn’t up yet, as she peered over to see mum had thoughtlessly left her bedroom door wide open, despite the embarrassment of the task she was currently carrying out on her 19 year old daughter, leaving her on full display should her little sister walk past her room, the last thing she wanted was for her sister to witness mum giving her a nappy change. She could imagine the smug look on Sophias face if she saw what was going.


As her mum finished changing her and left the room, Alice wasted no time in shutting her bedroom door and putting on some joggers to cover her embarrassing underwear.



She thought that she could try and get her sister off her back over the coming days by telling her that she wasn’t wearing any pull-ups anymore, that mum had let her out of them, hoping somehow Sophia would believe that her bladder troubles had stopped.



By the early evening, Alice had again spent the day at home, making regular visits to the bathroom the second she felt the need to pee. It was working well, as she still hadn’t had anymore accidents.


Mum then called Alice down for tea.



Making her way downstairs she couldn’t help but feel so immature sat with her mum and sister wearing the humiliating undergarment. Every time she shifted in her seat she could hear a loud crinkle, which she hoped wasn’t noticeable to Sophia.


Needless to say Sophia seemed to be in a very good chatty mood. For obvious reasons Alice didn’t really feel like talking all that much.



Alice had to admit her mum was a fantastic cook, although she really didn’t have much of an appetite right now, mum had made them sausage casserole which was delicious. She managed to eat most of it. 


Towards the end of the meal, Alice did feel a slight need to pee, although she knew she could comfortably hold it until after everyone had eaten.


Subconsciously she slightly shifted in her seat.




“Are you okay Alice you look like you need the toilet” questioned Sophia with a sincere look on her face....




“What?  I’m absolutely fine thank you” Alice was shocked at what she was hearing 




“Drop it Sophia”




“It’s just it looked like she was shuffling cos she needed to pee, and you know, after the last few days, I thought it’s best to be safe”




Mum was now looking at Alice with a questioning look




Alice knew exactly what Sophia was doing and she just hoped mum would see through it. How wrong she was.




“Well is your sister right Alice do you need to go to the toilet?”




“This is stupid! no I don’t need the toilet”




“Are you sure?” Questioned mum




“Well look maybe only a tiny bit but I’m more than capable of holding it”




“Well I think after the last few days that’s debatable. I think you better go upstairs now to the bathroom ”




She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She was 20 years old in a few days time and here she was being told to go to the toilet because her mum now didn’t trust her not to wet herself.




“Fine, whatever, but this is stupid”




She got up from the the table in a huff, and took her crinkling behind upstairs to the bathroom. 




She locked the bathroom door, before pulling down her joggers revealing the thick white nappy. Letting out a big sigh.


Looking in the full length mirror it stood out clearly against her tanned skin. 


“This is totally stupid”


she muttered to herself 




Pulling at it from both sides, and wriggling her butt, she slid it down around her ankles whilst the tapes stayed intact, as she had done each time she had needed the toilet.




Alice sat herself down on the toilet realising her need to pee really wasn’t that bad. Despite her plan having been to pee the moment she felt the need to go, on this occasion she felt defiant against her mum.



Thinking of how stupid this whole situation was, Alice thought to herself how she wasn’t going to let her mum treat her like this. She was an adult. Capable of making her own decision about when she needed the bathroom. She didn’t need her mum, or her little sister discussing her toileting needs.


Feeling angry and defiant, she stood back up and pulled the nappy back up over her bum, before pulling her joggers up as well. Exiting the bathroom without doing as her mum had told her to.........






Feeling satisfied with her decision, Alice went back downstairs to finish off supper. As she sat back down at the table, she half expected someone to say something but they didn’t.

Mum then got out a tray from the oven. It was dessert. Mum had baked one of her apple pies.

Again, it was one of Alice’s favourites 


“So mum does Alice have to wear pull-ups from now on?” asked in the most matter of fact way as if what she was asking was a totally normal question 


Alice practically spat out her drink in shock at what Sophia had asked


“That’s between me and Alice ok it’s none of your business what your sister wears or doesn’t wear Sophia so please drop it ok”


“Ok Mum I’m sorry”


“That’s ok. Now can I trust you two to do the washing up while I’m gone? I have a couple of things I need to go and do so I’ll be out for a little while”


“Yeah of course Mum” both girls agreed


“Thank you girls, I’ll see you both in a bit later on”


Alice and Sophia made a start on clearing the kitchen 


“So then did you actually make it when you went to the bathroom earlier?”


“Just shut it will you Sophia! the only reason I’m wearing these stupid things is because of what you did anyway. You know I don’t actually need them and it won’t be long before mum realises that too”


“Sure, think of it like that if it makes you feel better about it, but let’s face it, you wet yourself in KFC, which I had nothing to do with, you then wet the bed the other night, and at some point on Friday, probably while you were in your college class, you pissed your pull-ups . You know, the soaked one I found sat at the top of the bin? All of those were down to you not me you. Oh yeah, and to go and not just piss yourself in public but mess yourself too, only a real baby would do that”


Alice could feel herself turning beet red as her little sister completely destroyed her.


“So if I were you I’d forget thinking mum is going to let you out of them anytime soon as you clearly need them”


“None of those were my fault”


“So who’s fault is it you have a bed wetting problem huh?”


“I DO NOT have a bed wetting problem ok ! That is the only time that has ever happened I swear. It wouldn’t surprise me if you somehow caused that to happen ”


“Oh you think I made you wet the bed?, you can think that if it makes you feel better about it”


“Well why else would I do that it’s never happened to me before”


“Mmmmmm maybe the same reason as the other accidents you’ve had. Cos you’ve clearly got the bladder of a small child”


Her cheeks were now absolutely glowing red.

Her sister was beginning to frustrate her, and this was coupled with the fact that she now regretted not having peed earlier when she had the chance.....


“No I don’t ”


“You need to pee again don’t you?”


“What? No I don’t. Like I said I’m just going upstairs”


“You so do I know it, why else would you be going up there? You’re supposed to be down here helping me tidy up”


“Sophia please get out of my way will you”


Sophia now stood in the kitchen doorway blocking Alice from getting through


“I tell you what, I think we should play a game”


“Just move will you in not in the mood for any of your stupid games”


“Oh come on it’ll be fun. I think what we should do is see who can make the other laugh first”


“You’re really starting to annoy me now Sophia just get out of my way”


“I can see it’s gonna take a lot for me to win this one”


Sophia then lowered her hands from where she was blocking the doorway and began tickling her sisters chest and sides.


“Sophia please stop it”


She relentlessly tickled her big sister causing her to start almost nervously giggling


“Get off me will you this is not funny”


“Then why are you laughing huh? “


“I’m not now stop right.............right now  


Alice was now bent over trying to stop Sophia from being able to tickle her, but it wasn’t working 


Sophia then took the chance while Alice was bent over, to hook her foot behind her sisters legs and trip her up, instantly causing Alice to fall onto the hard wooden floor with a thud as her landing was cushioned by the thick padding she was wearing.


The shock of the fall had caused Alice a real problem. It had caused her bladder to spasm, and no longer than a few moments later she felt an involuntary leakage of urine escape her bladder. 

It was only a small amount, but nonetheless she needed to get it under control quickly before she ended up having a full on wetting accident in her nappy. 


“What’s wrong you look like you’ve seen a ghost?”


“Nothing ok! this stupid game ends now Sophia”


“Oh my god you peed yourself didn’t you?”


“Did you wet your pull-up?”


“No I did not! now I’m getting up”


“But we haven’t finished our game yet”


With that Sophia started tickling Alice once again, this time pushing her big sister back flat on the floor before sitting on top of her, pinning her legs down so she couldn’t move. 


Sophia jabbed into Alice’s sides relentlessly.


“No no no Sophia you have to stop”


Alice had managed to gain back some control, but she could feel herself rapidly losing the battle. 


She could do nothing about it as her sister continued to tickle her as she felt it begin. 


Unable to hide it a loud gasp escaped her mouth, as her bladder finally began emptying itself at full force.


A loud hissing sound could be heard as she began filling her nappy at full force.


“Well if you hadn’t before you definitely have now”


Instinctively she now had a hand against the front of her crotch. Coming back to reality she opened her eyes to see her smug-faced little sister still on top of her 



“Get the hell off me right now” as she managed to push Sophia off


“Still think mums gonna let you out of them now huh?”


“I hate you I fucking hate you” as Alice ran off up the stairs crying to her bedroom as her now rather full nappy swelled up between her legs.


A few minutes later whilst Alice was still laying face down on her bed crying, Sophia opened her door and came into her bedroom.


“Get the fuck out of my room”


“Look I’m really sorry for what I did, it was......... mean of me. What I wanted to say was I’m not going to tell mum about it. It wouldn’t be fair on you”


Alice wondered if her sister was playing some trick on her, how could she have gone from being so mean to suddenly doing her a favour?

But right now it was her only option if she wanted to have any chance of not being sent to college in a nappy tomorrow morning.


“I promise” as Sophia smiled at her and left her bedroom.


She pondered what to do before realising she probably didn’t have much time before mum would be home. 


She quickly got up from her bed and slid the heavy wet nappy off. Luckily she had some wipes in her room that she used to take off her makeup so she wiped herself clean with those to get rid of any pee smell that may give away what she had done to mum.


She knew mum had kept the package of adult nappies somewhere in her bedroom which was by the top of the stairs, so she quickly pulled up her joggers and headed there, with the wet nappy hidden under her top, trying not to alert Sophia to where she was going.


She looked through her mums drawers and wardrobe one by one but couldn’t find the nappies anywhere. She then checked her mums en suite, looking under the sink, still nothing. 

Now in a slight panic, she stood thinking where else could they be?

Maybe under the bed?

It was about the last place she hadn’t checked.


She went to the far side of her mums bed and layed on the floor. 

She felt relieved as she saw the white package, she recognised it from the disabled bathroom, it was tucked well under the bed.


She wasted no time in pulling it out and getting one of the large nappies out of the package.


She unfolded it before laying on her back.

She tried to remember how her mum did it, sliding the end with the tapes under her bum. She fiddled around, before comparing it to the wet nappy she had with her which she unfolded, she tried to make sure the tapes where secured in the exact same place as the nappy her mum had put her in.


She secured it tightly around her bum before quickly heading downstairs, with the used one in hand into the kitchen. Sophia was thankfully nowhere to be seen downstairs.


She suddenly panicked as she thought about how she could dispose of the wet nappy.


Did she risk going outside with it and stuff it down under the bags in the wheelie bin?


She imagined bumping into one of the neighbours. What if one of their daughters saw her who were far younger than her? They often went out on their bikes on the weekend and would come back around this time. How would she explain her way out of being caught trying to dispose of a used adult nappy? 


Or was the safer option to try and shove it to the bottom of the bin in the kitchen?


The bin in the bathroom was a little too risky as it wasn’t all that big and mum or god forbid Sophia would be more likely to find it in there.


As she thought about what to do, she then heard a car pulling up outside. 




Mum was home.


This had made her mind up for her. She ran to the kitchen bin and scrambled the lid open in a panic, before digging at the rubbish already in there, doing her best to push it to one side and shoving the wet nappy in under neath it. 

Pushing as much rubbish on top of it as she could, Alice felt confident her mum wouldn’t ever find it.


Letting the lid fall back down Alice quickly went over to the sink and started washing her hands 


“Hey sweetie”


Her mums voice shocked her as she slightly jumped as her mum spoke. She hadn’t expected her to get in the house quite so quickly.


“Oh hey mum”


“Everything okay Alice?” as her mum looked at her as if to question why she was stood at the sink not just washing her hands but washing right up her arms too


“Oh yeah uuuuuuu everything’s fine.............. it’s just my arms got a bit dirty from doing the washing up that’s all”


“Oh ok. Where’s Sophia?”


“I haven’t seen her for a while I guess she’s up in her bedroom”


“Right well I guess now’s as good a time as any” gesturing to Alice’s midriff as her daughter finished up at the sink


“Still dry I presume?”


“Yes. Do you have to? I promise haven’t used it”


“Yes you know I do” as mum walked up to Alice, and subjected her to the embarrassment of a nappy check in the middle of the kitchen, as she lowered the front of her soon to be 20 year old daughters sweatpants before firmly squeezing the front of the nappy


“Yep, as you said all dry, well done”


Her mum then shocked her by also checking the back


“Mum seriously?” questioned Alice


“Don’t remind me of what you did at the shopping centre”


Alice felt herself turn a shade of crimson as her mum reminded her of what was probably the most humiliating moment of her entire life.


“That won’t happen again”


“Well I do hope you’re right”



The rest of the evening was quiet. Alice made herself a coffee before going upstairs to her bedroom where she watched a couple of things on Netflix, whilst also messaging a couple of her friends on Facebook. She kept up her regular trips to the bathroom the moment she felt any need to pee, being ultra careful not to have to any more accidents.


As far as she knew she had managed to hide her accident from mum. Alice knew she just had to hope her mum wouldn’t be suspicious for some reason and go rummaging through the trash, or have kept count on exactly how many nappies were left. She thought that was unlikely now that there was only around half a pack left.


As she sat sipping on her second coffee of the evening, Alice realised it was getting towards bedtime. A knock on her door confirmed this as her mum came in.


“Hi sweetie”


Alice sighed at the thought of another pointless check


After a quick check her mum was satisfied that she was dry.


“Stay dry tonight and like I said I might let you out of those tomorrow”


Although ‘might’ didn’t mean quite the same thing as ‘will’, Alice was hopeful that her mum wouldn’t be mean enough to send her to college in a nappy if she was still dry come tomorrow morning.


She went and brushed her teeth, before sliding down her undergarment to use the toilet one last time before bed. She squeezed out every last drop ensuring her bladder was completely empty.

Feeling very satisfied she headed back to her bedroom to put on her pyjamas and get into bed. Excited to wake up tomorrow and not have to deal with anymore damned nappies.


After laying there for a short while, Alice drifted off into a deep sleep.........




As she awoke the next morning, stretching off, she remembered that today she would be finally be out of these stupid nappies. Yes she would still probably have to wear the pull ups for now, but they were practically normal underwear when compared to the thick nappy she was currently wearing.


Reaching down to the side of her bed to look at her phone, Alice checked the time, “ 5:38”.

She usually woke up much later than this. 

She though that seeing as she was up she may as well make a trip to the bathroom, so she clambered out of bed and started making her way across her bedroom.


However, as she started walking something didn’t feel quite right. Though she couldn’t put her finger on exactly what it was, and come to think of it there had been a bit of a weird smell in the room since she woke up.


Surely she hadn’t done something in her sleep after all? Alice shook the thought out of her head. She realised it was ridiculous to even think that. 

Yes she had had a bedwetting accident the other night, but that was nothing more than a one-off, and in Alice’s mind at least was likely in some way caused by Sophia.


Just to confirm she hadn’t done anything, she thought she better check.


Alice then slipped her hand down the front of her pyjamas, reaching down to the crotch of her nappy, where much to her horror, it didn’t feel as she had expected it to.


“No no no I can’t have!”


Instead it felt warm and mushy.

As she felt it more it only confirmed what she had done, as she squeezed the whole front of her nappy she realised it was well and truly soaked.


She felt tears forming in her eyes


The whole front of it was warm and wet. There was no hiding the fact that she had indeed wet herself in her sleep.


At that moment Alice didn’t realise just how pathetic she looked , she was one of the hottest girls in her college, yet here she was stood in the middle of her bedroom crying over waking up to a wet nappy............


Not knowing what to do she went back to her bed and sat down.


As she sat though, something else didn’t feel quite right. It was as if it had all squished against her bum as she sat on her bed.


She then put her hand down the back of her pyjamas to her butt and felt the back of her nappy.



“What the hell......no no no oh my god no!”


As her hand felt the back of her nappy she couldn’t believe it.


It was full. Her accident was sat there and there was no hiding it. She was in her final year of college, supposed to be an adult, and yet Alice had just messed herself in her sleep like a baby.


Just two days before her 20th birthday.


She felt disgusting at herself as she sat there in what was now a fully loaded nappy. 


What the hell did she do now?


There was no way on earth she could let her mum see her like this. Or her sister for that matter. She would be stuck in nappies forever if mum found out what she had done.


The nappies were presumably still under mums bed. How on earth would she get another one to change into? Mum was in there asleep, that would be ever so risky trying to sneak in there and get one.


Or did she dispose of the nappy and put on a pull-up, and confess to mum that she had wet the nappy, accepting her punishment for that but hiding the fact that she had actually also messed it too? It would be better than mum finding out what she had really done.


She decided that either way, she needed to get this nappy off herself, fast.


Also she didn’t want her room smelling like a nursery, so despite it being pretty cold outside, she opened her window as wide as it would go. She hoped by the time everyone else woke up the smell would have gone from her bedroom.


As quietly as she could Alice undid the 4 tabs on the nappy.

She had the horrible task of cleaning herself up which took a good 5 minutes, using her wet wipes that she was very thankful for.


She balled up the disgusting garment as tightly as she could. She found a carrier bag in her bedroom that she put it in, which she tied up as tightly as she could.


Wanting to get it straight out of her room, Alice didn’t want to risk waking anyone by going downstairs, so instead she threw the bag out of her bedroom window, it landed down behind the bins at the back of the driveway to the side of the house. Telling herself she would deal with it later. She felt satisfied the evidence of what she had done was now out of the house.


Now she had the dilemma of what to do next. She couldn’t stay as she was in just her pyjamas. Mum would kill her.


She really didn’t want to deal with wearing a nappy to college, and she knew unless she got hold of one now to put on herself that was exactly what was going to happen.


She decided her only real option would be to try and get hold of one from her mums bedroom...


Slowly getting off her bed and walking towards her bedroom door, Alice gently opened her door to listen if anyone else was up.


She didn’t hear anything, so she tiptoed down the hallway to her mums bedroom.


Her door was shut which didn’t help.


Putting her head against the door, Alice listened in, although the door was quite thick so she couldn’t hear very much.


She thought she could make out a slight sound of her mum sleeping, but couldn’t be sure.


As gently as she could Alice lowered the door handle to unlatch the door, trying the best she could to make no noise at all.


She very slowly opened the door a few inches to listen in...


She could hear a light sound that confirmed to her that her mum was indeed  still asleep...


Opening the door a little more, just enough to get through, Alice went down onto the floor and began very slowly crawling. 


She made it to the end of the bed. Peering up she could see her mum was still fast asleep. 


As she slowly crawled past the end of her bed a floor board made what seemed to Alice like quite a loud creak. She froze in panic. 


Her mums breathing pattern had changed. There were then shuffling noises from the bed. Alice stayed as still and as low to the ground as she could. 


She then heard some groaning noises as she could hear her mum was waking up...


She saw a phone light come on as her mum must have checked the time on her phone.


Alice then panicked as the covers were pushed back as mum started getting out of bed......


Alice’s heart was pounding...


Fortunately for Alice her mum got out of the side of bed nearest the door, so she didn’t see her. 


She heard her mum go down the hallway into the bathroom, and then saw the bathroom light come. 


Knowing she had very little time to decide what to do, Alice made up her mind to get what she needed and get out of there as quickly as possible. 

She scrambled the package of nappies out from under the bed, and shoved one under her pyjama top. Pushing the package back to where it was, Alice quickly made her way out of her mums bedroom and back out to the hallway.

She knew it was very risky as her mum could come out at any moment, but she very lightly tiptoed her way past the bathroom and back towards her bedroom.

She pushed her bedroom door open and gently pushed it almost closed behind her, without clicking it shut.


As she was making her way to her bed she heard the bathroom door open.


As quick as she could she got herself back under the covers.....


Listening to where her mum was Alice panicked hoping she wouldn’t come in. She was glad when she heard her go back into her bedroom and click her door shut.


She breathed a sigh of relief. Alice knew that could have ended up a lot worse than it had. 


Once the panic was over, Alice, as quietly as possible in the nighttime silence strapped herself into the nappy and, after a short time went back to sleep..........


About 2 hours later Alice awoke to her curtains being opened and a voice in her room.

Also she heard her mum shut her window.


“Why on earth did you open your window it’s made the whole upstairs freezing?”


Alice was still half asleep.


“Anyway let’s see how you got on last night”


Her covers were pulled off as mum lowered the front of her pyjamas to check her nappy.


At this point Alice began to wake up enough to understand what was going on.


Her mum put her hand to the crotch of the nappy and began squeezing it.....


After a short pause her mum spoke.


“Well done darling you’re all dry”


Hesitantly Alice asked “so does that mean I don’t have to wear one to college now”


“ Yes it does. But I still want you to wear a pull-up just in case ok”


“Ok mum”


Alice was happy to agree with that. Anything was better than being sent to college in a adult nappy.


“And I want you to pack a spare pull-up in your bag as well”



“Why mum I shouldn’t need it?”


“Like I said Alice it’s just in case. It’s either that or you go in a nappy, it’s your choice”


“No mum please I’ll pack the spare one okay”


“I though as much”


Her mum then left her to get ready.


She got her clothes for the day, and a pull-up, before heading over to the bathroom to have a shower. 

Stripping off the nappy, Alice gladly put it in the bathroom bin, she took the flip lid off and shoved it under some paper that was already in there, satisfied it was fairly well hidden so Sophia wouldn’t see it.

She wouldn’t have wanted to put one in there that she was trying to hide from her mum, but with it being dry she wasn’t too worried about it being in there.


Alice had a long warm shower, ensuring she gave herself a very good clean after the events of last night. She didn’t want any remnants of that left on her skin.


Reluctantly she slipped on the pull-up before putting on her knee length dress.

She had a white shirt which she tucked into her skirt to help conceal the pull-up. She felt good about how cute she looked.

Admiring herself in the mirror she almost felt normal again after the events of the the past few days, despite what she had woken up to find she had done this morning. 


She joined Sophia and mum downstairs for breakfast.


Alice was nervous someone would ask what the smell was in the house earlier, but no one did so she was happy that she had got away with it. 


They ate breakfast before mum drove the girls to school and college. 


Alice was nervous having a spare pull-up in her bag. She imagined someone mistaking her bag for theirs and finding it in there.  She did her best to hide it under her stuff, but all she had in there besides the pull-up were a few books, a few pens and a notepad.


As mum dropped them off, she was surprised that Sophia didn’t make any comment to her like “try and keep dry today baby”, instead she just said “have a good day”. 

How could her sister have suddenly turned nice about this whole situation?

It almost didn’t seem right.


As Alice walked off to college, she saw a group of her friends stood by the main entrance.


“Hey stranger, so how was your weekend?”







































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just found this! love it!! keep it going! :thumbsup:

i can't wait to see if mum makes sophia wear diapers for punishment of making fun of her sister. i'm still not entirely sure why her mum is treating the diapers and pull-ups as more of a punishment and controlling the distribution of them. i get she doesn't want alice to wet, but acting like the diapers are a punishment aren't going to help things.

but then again, it's just a story! and a real good one, too! i can't wait to see what happens next! :D 

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  • 2 years later...


I know it has been a while, but I have decided to try and continue this story.


New chapter:  Am I the only one?



“Uuuhhh yeah it was fine, pretty good actually”


For obvious reasons, she skipped telling her friends about her accident at the mall, or how she had spent the whole weekend wearing nappies, or how she had woken up this morning to find she had wet and messed herself in her sleep. Or how she was currently wearing a pull-up under her clothes as her mum still didn’t trust her not to pee herself. Or how she had even had a spare one in her bag in case she had an accident in the one she was wearing. 

In fact she told them none of the truth at all. What she did tell them is how she had a great weekend doing various things that weren’t true. 

She thought that was the better option than potentially making her friends suspicious about anything by saying she did nothing. They knew Alice too well to believe that.


“Anyway we’ve got a birthday to arrange haven’t we? So how about we go out in town and then you guys can all come and stay at mine after?”  said Abbie


Alice didn’t know what to say. A night out drinking and then a sleepover. Usually she would love this sort of occasion, in fact she was usually the first one to arrange them. But right now she couldn’t think of anything worse with her current lack of confidence in controlling her bodily functions. 


What if she peed herself at the club?  Or wet her friends bed? Or even worse god forbid messed herself again?


Her friends would think she was gross. 


She had to try and think of an excuse as her friends continued to plan the evening out.


“If everyone meets at mine for pre drinks at 8:30 then we can head into town for like 10:30 when all the clubs are open” to which Zoe and Samantha agreed.


Alice knew she really didn’t have much of a way out of it now. Her friends had practically arranged it for her and after all it was her birthday. She knew she would just have to be very careful and maybe not drink too much.


They were now looking at her as she was the only one that hadn’t agreed with Abbie’s plans yet..


“Uhhh yeah that’s sounds great……I can’t wait” replied Alice trying to sound as convincing as she could that she was excited about it. 


In her head Alice thought over whether the safe thing to do would be to wear a pull-up for the sleepover or not. It would at least save the worry of peeing her friends bed. But there was no way she could let them find out what she was wearing. The humiliation would be too much to deal with.


“Great, well catch you later then!” As everyone knew it was time to head to class


Wanting to start her day off on the right foot, Alice took a quick detour to the girls bathrooms on her way to class, hoping that would stop her having any problems in her first class of the day.


As she pushed the door open to the toilets, she was met by one of the last people she wanted to bump into. It was Lisa Phillips.


“Oh, I’m glad I’ve seen you”


“What the hell do you want? Asked Alice sternly 


“Look, what it is……. I actually wanted to apologise to you for the other day. I should’ve know it wasn’t you……….you know……..that was the panty pisser……I actually think I’ve finally found out who it was now”


“Uuuhhm ok” Alice was glad to hear this if it would get Lisa off her back, even if it was at someone else’s expense. She couldn’t help but wonder what Lisa would say next.


“You won’t believe this but rumour has it that Brooke Daniels still pisses the bed, can you believe it right, she’s 20 and still can’t keep her sheets dry. Her little sister blabbed her secret to one of her friends apparently. I bet anything that pull-up was hers the little baby. So yeah anyway I’m sorry ok for thinking it was you. It’s kind of an easy mistake, from behind you do both kind of look similar. No hard feelings huh?”


“Oh right ok, uuuummm…….no……of course not……..no hard feelings……thanks” was all she could muster as a response as she tried to take everything in that Lisa had said. With that Lisa exited the toilets as Alice headed into one of the stalls to relieve herself, not that she particularly needed to go.


She guessed her and Brooke did look a little bit alike, although Alice liked to think she would be the better looking one out of the two of them, and the more popular too. The reality was they were pretty well matched in both respects.


She couldn’t quite believe what she was hearing though. Although she shared a few classes with Brooke, she had to admit she didn’t really know her all that well.

Could it be true that this girl was really still a bedwetter? 

After all, what Lisa had told her was nothing more than a rumour.

And little did Lisa know there was no way that the pull-up had belonged to Brooke, as shamefully Alice knew it was hers.

Part of Alice hoped the rumour about Brooke was true. It would be nice to know she wasn’t the only one in the whole college with bladder troubles.

She couldn’t help but wonder though, if it was true whether Brooke still wore nappies  or pull-ups to bed.

As much as she wanted it to be true, she thought it was pretty unlikely. And as much as she now felt curious to find out if it was true, she knew it was unlikely she would ever find out for sure if it was or not.


After a small dribble of pee, Alice was done. She washed her hands before heading off to her class.


Media Studies. Her first class of the day, which as it happened was one of the few classes she shared with Brooke. 


As Alice entered the classroom and took a seat, coincidentally she noticed Brooke was actually sat right in front of her, one row nearer the front. 


Having heard what she just did about Brooke, she couldn’t help but find herself start to analyse what Brooke was wearing.  


And it didn’t take her very long to come to the conclusion that she was pretty sure Brooke wouldn’t be wearing such a revealing pair of leggings, should she be trying to hide any absorbent underwear underneath. 

In fact, Alice was pretty jealous of Brooke’s outfit. It was exactly the way Alice liked to dress, but she knew it would be too risky to wear leggings while she was in pull-ups.


Although Alice had only seen her seated, she was pretty sure Brooke’s tight leggings wouldn’t do much to hide what was beneath, especially should she have to bend forward and pick something up off the floor. Certainly not if there was any padding underneath. Unless Brooke was either extremely brave, or pretty damn careless, Alice knew there was a pretty high chance the girl was wearing nothing more than a pair of panties underneath such a revealing outfit.

She knew she could already all but rule out Brooke being a pants wetter. This made her question how reliable a source Lisa would be for such a rumour and whether what she had told Alice was even close to being true. After all, Lisa almost seemed to have a thing for trying to humiliate people for peeing themselves. She had seen it first hand for herself. It made Alice wonder if all along Lisa could be the one who was a bedwetter, and her way of hiding that was to try and humiliate others for the same problem she had. 

She soon snapped out of her train of thought as Mrs Gibbs began talking.


“Ok so today we are be going to be starting off a group activity. Everyone is going to be working in pairs, each pair will be given a subject to prepare a report on, which once completed they will then present to the class. Each pair will be picked at random from this box. Your mark for this project will count towards your end of year results, so I want everyone to work together to the best of their ability on this to try and get the best marks possible ok?”


This wasn’t exactly what Alice wanted to hear. Despite being a pretty confident girl, especially around her friends, she really wasn’t too keen on doing group presentations. But knowing it would count towards her final mark for the year, she knew she didn’t have much choice. 


“Starting with you Lydia, please pick a name out of the box, and that will be who you’re working with.”


Lydia picked a name out and handed it to the teacher


“Jake. Ok so our first pair will be Jake and Lydia.  Your turn next Lucy” 


Lucy picked a name out


“Sammie. Ok so Lucy and Sammie are our next pair. Right, Brooke please pick a name out will you”


As she heard Brooke’s name mentioned, Alice couldn’t help wonder if anyone else in the class was aware of the rumour going around about her being a bedwetter. No one appeared to have taunted her about it at all. Maybe she was the only one in the class that was aware of it so far. 


Brooke handed the name she had picked to the teacher “Alice, so Brooke and Alice you will be paired together”


Alice couldn’t believe it. Her name had been picked out to work together with Brooke. Maybe this would be her chance to find out a bit more about Brooke, and who knows, could this be her way of finding out the truth about whether the girl really was still a bedwetter………


The class continued picking out names until everyone had a partner, before the teacher told everyone to move desks to sit with their partner for the assignment.


A space became free next to Brooke, so Alice picked up her belongings and moved forward to be sat beside her.


“Hey Alice, this should be cool working together for this project. I’m excited to find out what subject we’ll get.”


“Yeah it should be great. Let’s hope it’s something interesting at least.” 


“Ok so I’m going to go around and randomly hand an envelope to each pair, which will have your subject written in the front. What all the subjects will have in common is that they will all be a well known brand within the UK. Most of which you will likely have seen in the supermarket. You will probably notice aswell, almost all of these are food manufacturers, except for a few. Also, some of the more observant ones among you may notice that many of them are part of a far bigger, often global organisation, but for this assignment it has been decided that in those cases, just the selected division of the company is to be used as it would be far too much to ask of any of you to cover the whole company in the time you will all likely be able to allocate to this. Inside the envelope I hand you will be a list of everything that you will be expected to cover within this project. This will vary slightly depending on which brand you are given. Right then, anyway, I’m sure you’re all eager to see what you get, so let’s start at the front and work our way to the back. We’ll start with you two, James and Sam.”


Mrs Gibbs pulled out the first pairs assignment envelope from the stack she’s holding…


Ok so looks like you’ve got Cadbury’s. So please familiarise yourselves with all the information inside.”


Mrs Gibbs then moved onto the next pair. They got Nestle. Then onto the next pair, who got Fairy. The next one pulled out was Heinz.


Next it was Brooke and Alice’s turn. 


As there’s was read out there were more than a few chuckles from around the class. Alice didn’t know if that could be partly down to the rumour going around about Brooke, or that it was just an unfortunate topic for anyone to have to been given regardless. Of all brands it could have been, and they somehow ended up with this one. 


“Brooke and Alice, Huggies”


Huggies. The friggin diaper manufacturer. Surely it was some kind of a joke. What made Alice feel even more uncomfortable about this was that she knew from looking at the package that this was the brand that made the underwear she was currently wearing, as she had seen their little red logo on the front of the packages of pull-ups. 

Glancing across to Brooke, she didn’t appeared to be bothered about it one bit.


“ I don’t know what it is about the subject of nappies that causes such humour amongst a group of young adults like yourselves. All of you will have worn them once upon a time. If any of you have kids in the future you’ll be dealing with plenty of them then too. And who knows, some of you may even still wear them now.” to which there were more than a few chuckles from around the class. Alice certainly felt a little uncomfortable hearing her teacher say that.


“Anyway I do hope you two know are at least reasonably familiar with the brand. If not I certainly suggest you do a decent amount of research into them, it will certainly come in handy for your assignment”


“Yay we get to study a nappy brand. Just what Ive always wanted” said Brooke sarcastically to Alice


“Haha yeah great” replied Alice rather nervously


“Well at least we know who the target market is hey?”


“Uhh yeaaa haha very true…” replied Alice


If Brooke really was a bed wetter, Alice had to admit she was doing a damn good job of not showing any sign of it right now.


Mrs Gibbs continued handing out subjects to the remaining few pairs.


Walkers……Pg Tips…….Coca Cola………


“Ok so Sarah and Anna you’ve got Pampers.” to which everyone again laughed 


“I mean that as in that will be your subject, apologies for the wording used there. I’m sure you two were both out of pampers many, many years ago now. Anyway, it will be good to see the comparison between the two main nappy manufacturers in the Uk, Huggies and Pampers and how they approach their marketing in different ways”


“Well at least we’re not the only ones dealing with nappies for this project”


“Very true” replied Alice


“Ok, if you can all settle down now, I’ll give you some time to read through all the information relating to your projects”


Alice and Brooke spent some time looking through all the information, before starting to write up notes and planning out how they were going to structure their presentation. This took up almost the entire lesson, as it did for everyone.


“Ok, so as I think I briefly mentioned before, you are all going to have to arrange some time in your pairs, outside of lesson time to do your research and the bulk of the work on your projects. We only have one more lesson which is allocated to this. So I strongly advise arranging something sooner rather than later to make sure you meet the deadline for this”


Alice thought she would get in there first with asking about a meet up, as she didn’t particularly want Brooke, or anyone for that matter coming over to her house. Not while there were pull-ups and nappies in the house. Even if they were hidden. And not to mention the plastic sheet that was now on her bed.


“So whereabouts do you live then? Are you close to college?” asked Alice 


“Uhh yeah I guess I am quite close to be fair. I live in Nelson Road in St George’s.”


“Ah ok. That’s like walking distance from here isn’t it?”


“Uhh yeah it’s about a 15 minute walk from college”


“That’s pretty handy”


“Umm……maybe if you like……you could come over one evening next week so we could try and finish the project?”


This was exactly what Alice had hoped Brooke would say.


“You know, that would be great”


“Ok cool. Just thinking, if we say Tuesday that’s probably the best day as my sister has swimming lessons on Tuesday evenings so her and Mum will be out”


“Ok, yeah that should work for me”




Mrs Gibbs dismissed the class for the day



Alice felt quite happy. She’d got through the entire lesson without even coming close to having an accident. Also, she was now looking forward to going over to Brooke’s house next week. Even if this was partly down to her hoping it would be her chance to find out a bit more the girl, and if she really was a bedwetter. 


Alice’s next class went well also. Only near the end did she feel a need to pee, but she managed to hold it until the class had finished. 


Her last lesson of the day was IT. This was probably her favourite lesson, only because you could basically just walk in and out as you pleased without having to ask a teacher, or without anyone really noticing should you need the toilet due to the layout of the class. A couple of visits to the toilet throughout the lesson ensured she was able to make it through the entire day without any accidents.


Thankful it was now the end of the day, Alice walked to where she met her sister and mum for a lift home.



Her Mums car was already there waiting. As she got in Alice saw that Sophia was sat in the back.


“Hi Alice, how was your day?”


“It was good thanks Mum!”


“That’s great darling, anyway, I don’t know if you remember me saying last week, but it’s tonight me and Sophia are going away”


Alice had completely forgotten about this. Mum had told her back along that her and Sophia were going away for a night as Sophia wanted to see and old friend called Jodie she hadn’t seen for a few years from before they had moved house. Mum was going as well as she got on well with the girls mum, also because Sophia was too young to go off on a long journey on her own.


“So I’ll be at home alone tonight then?” 


“Well not exactly. You know that girl from down the road you used to babysit, Brittney, well her mum called me earlier to see if you could babysit her tonight as she’s been called on last minute to go away for work overnight. I presumed it wouldn’t be a problem and said that you would. I thought the money would come in handy at the moment”


“But I haven’t seen her for a few years now”


“That’s ok it doesn’t matter, I’m sure you’ll get on well with her. Can you believe her mum said she’s just turned 15? Doesn’t time fly? It doesn’t seem that long ago since you were babysitting her”


Alice remembered it well. She was 13 at the time and Brittney was 9 . Thinking back, she hadn’t been all that nice to the young girl. Mostly down to the fact that at that time Brittney had a bedwetting problem. Something not really all that uncommon for a child of that age. But Alice had rather horribly used it as a reason to be mean to her.

Every night Alice had to check that Brittney had put her pull-ups on before bed. She recalled how she would tease the poor girl about it and tell her no other children still wet the bed at her age.


She squirmed in her seat as she thought about how things had changed since then, as she suddenly remembered the pull-up she had on herself. 


She wondered if Brittney was still having troubles with bedwetting or whether she’d outgrown it by now.

Part of her hoped she still would be, as it would make her feel slightly better about her current situation. Although she thought it was probably unlikely by now.

She did however think it was odd that Sue had insisted on her being babysat at the age of 15. She wondered why she hadn’t just let her stay at home on her own.



As they arrived home two people were stood on the driveway near the front door.


“That must be them” mum announced


She recognised Brittney’s mum Sue straight away, but Brittney looked completely different. 

She had grown up so much that she was almost unrecognisable.


Seeing them here already was a blow.

Alice would have at least hoped to have a bit of time to sort her room and empty all the bins to make sure there was nothing at all that could possibly give away her secret. That damned plastic sheet her mum had put on her bed too. 

How would she talk her way out of that if Brittney sat on her bed and questioned why it was all crinkly? 

She would surely know what it was for as she had one on her own bed back when Alice used to babysit her.

Would she get a chance to remove it? 

And the package of pull-ups that were just sat in her closet on full view should someone open that door. 

Where could she hide those so that Brittney didn’t see them? 

What if she tried moving them and then Brittney caught her?

She knew that her best bet was to just try and keep Brittney out of there if she could.


And the package of adult nappies under her mums bed. She could only hope the girl wouldn’t go sneaking around in her mums bedroom and god forbid find them.


Wait a minute, what was wrong with her? She realised she was freaking out over nothing. Brittney was only there for 1 night. They would likely just stay downstairs and have food, watch some tv, before going to bed. And then by the afternoon tomorrow she would go home, and everything would be fine again, panic over.


As they got out of the car they were greeted with a big smile.

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Thanks for the story so far I would say in stories like this there is good chance that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

New Chapter: Babysitter or baby?



The first thing Alice noticed was how Brittney was now actually ever so slightly  taller than her.


“Hey Alice it’s great to see you again” as Sue gave her a hug 


“You too”


Brittney then gave her a hug too


“Wow look at you...........you’ve well.... grown up so much since I last saw you” said Alice feeling almost a little intimidated seeing that Brittney was now the taller of the two of them, despite being nearly 5 years younger than her.

It could also have had something to do with what she was currently wearing under her skirt.


“Hey thanks, you look great by the way”


“Awh thank you”


“Shall we go inside I know you have to get going soon Sue?”


“Oh yes look at the time, I can’t be too long and I’ll have to be on my way”


They all went inside. Mum told Alice to show Brittney up to the spare bedroom so she could put her stuff down. 

She nervously tugged at her skirt ensuring it was as far down as it could be as she walked up the stairs right in front of the girl she would be babysitting.


“So uhh here’s your room for tonight”


“Oooh that’s great, this is such a nice room, thanks Alice”


Brittney put her bags down on the bed


“I don’t know if you want to head back downstairs I’m just going to pop into the bathroom a minute”


“Ok sure I’ll see you in a minute” replied Brittney


As soon as Brittney had gone out of sight down the stairs, Alice shot into her bedroom. Alice did actually need to pee, but right now she was more worried about making sure everything in her bedroom was well hidden. 

She opened her closet door, where on full view were her packages of pull-ups. And much to her horror, right next to them now sat a half empty bag of adult nappies that had previously been hidden under her mums bed. 


“Damn it Mum!” she muttered under her breath as she stared at the package.


At the worst possible time mum had decided to move them out of her bedroom and into Alice’s. Of all times to do that why now?

In a slight panic Alice pushed the packages to the back and put a couple of cardboard boxes full of old stuff in front of them. It took her a good couple of minutes to reorganise her cupboard in a way that actually hid the packages. Although the top of the packages was still slightly visible. Thinking quickly she then grabbed a couple of old items of clothing to put on top of them.


“Hey Alice”


In shock she let go of the clothes as they fortunately fell on top of the boxes, just about covering the packages.

The voice came from right behind her. 

She turned to see Brittney stood there.



“Oh uuuuuuu hey Brittney”


“Sorry I didn’t scare you did I?”


“Oh no it’s ok”


The truth was that the shock has almost caused her to pee herself right there on the spot.


“Well that’s good. Anyway I love your bedroom by the way”


“Oh uuuuu thanks”


Alice slowly turned and walked out of her closet to face Brittney, who stood a couple of inches taller than her. And she was stood right beside her bed.

Brittney had been so quiet she could only hope she hadn’t seen anything. 

And now she had to try and get her out of her bedroom without sitting on the bed. She knew her secret would be up if she discovered the plastic sheet on her bed. 

Stood there awkwardly she didn’t know what to say.



“Your mum asked me to come up and get you, she said they’re leaving in a few minutes as well”


“Oh ok we better get down there then and see everyone off”


“Sounds like a plan!”


With that they left her bedroom and went downstairs. Disaster averted. Alice knew she needed to get the plastic sheet off her bed as soon as she could.


Mum and Sophia were by the front door with their bags.


“Ah there you are. Alice we’re going to get going as well now as we’ve got quite a long drive to get to Jodie’s house”


“Oh ok, well I hope you two have a good time. So you’ll be back by tomorrow evening?”


“Yes we will darling, I’m sorry we’re missing part of your birthday, but we’ll make up for it in the evening ok I promise”


“That’s ok mum don’t worry”


“I’ll see you sometime tomorrow afternoon Brittney, now you be good for Alice won’t you” said Sue


“Of course I will be mum, see you tomorrow” 

as she gave her mum a hug, before they all left the house, leaving Alice and Brittney alone.


They went up to the window and watched as Sue walked off down the road back to her house, Sophia had got in the car, and Alice could hear her mum pulling the bin down the drive, where she pulled it to the edge of the pavement, before getting into the car, and leaving. Alice forgot it was bin day tomorrow, so it was lucky mum had done it.

With that the two girls were now completely on their own.....



“So uuuh what do you want to do Brittney?”


“Shall we see what’s on tv?”


“Yeah sure”


They found a show to put on 


“Gosh can you believe it’s been like 5 or 6 years since I last babysat you?”


“I know it’s crazy how long it’s been. No offence though but I still don’t understand why my mum insisted on this and didn’t just let me stay at home alone. I’m more than capable of looking after yourself”


“Yeah I am sure you are Brittney. I mean your what, 15 now aren’t you? I wonder why she wouldn’t let you? Maybe it’s just that’s she’s being a bit overprotective. My Mum can still be like that even now sometimes”



“I don’t know she’s just annoying sometimes”


“You uhh don’t think it cos of uuu you know.....at night is it?” trying to gain herself a bit of confidence by bringing up Brittney’s previous bedwetting problem, which Alice had no idea if still existed.



“Oh god no! I don’t wet the bed anymore thankfully. I stopped that about 4 years ago so that chapter of my life’s well in the past. So you can’t go teasing me about that anymore”


Alice was disappointed to hear this. She had hoped Brittney would have confessed to still having troubles at night. It would certainly have made her feel better about her own troubles knowing Brittney still had similar problems herself. 


Finding out that Brittney had outgrown her bedwetting was a big blow. 


Alice’s attention quickly turned as her bladder gave her a reminder that with everything going on she had forgotten she still needed to pee. Pretty desperately.

She now needed to think of an excuse so that she could get to the toilet.



“Look.....I’m sorry, it was a long time ago, you don’t need to be embarrassed about it and I really shouldn’t have been so mean about it either”


“It’s fine, I totally forgive you. Talking of peeing, where abouts is the bathroom? I could do with nipping in there if that’s ok before I do go having an accident” joked  Brittney 


This wasn’t what Alice wanted to hear. She needed to go in there herself, urgently.


“Oh yeah sure, I’ll show you” replied Alice


She showed Brittney up to the bathroom, trying not to let on to the girl just how desperate she was herself to go in there. As as far as Brittney knew, Alice had already been. Except she has been too busy hiding her diapers to actually use the bathroom.


After Brittney had locked the door, Alice darted back downstairs, unsure what to do about her own need for the bathroom.

She stood in the kitchen, now clutching between her legs, pleading with her bladder not to fail her while the girl she was supposed to be babysitting was in the house.


She considered somehow peeing in the sink, or finding something in the garage that she could pee in, but thought better of it in case Brittney caught her.


But before she knew it, she got a shock as she felt a warm spurt escape into the padding of her pull-up. 


“No no no of all times not now” she muttered to herself, with a rather worried look on her face.


Doing her best to get it back under control Alice thought she had managed to prevent herself from having a full on accident.


Alice now stood with one hand clutching the front of her pull-up, as she bounced up and down thinking about what to do.


She then heard the tap running as Brittney must have been washing her hands. She knew she didn’t have long. She didn’t know what to do. She certainly didn’t want to be caught doing a potty dance by Brittney.


Moments later and her bladder had made up its mind for her.


“shit” she muttered under her breath



Still holding the front of the pull-up, now with both hands, Alice could feel it expanding and growing warmer with every passing second. 

She felt like crying as she could do nothing to stop herself fill the pull-up to capacity whilst stood in the middle of her kitchen.


As the stream finished Alice didn’t know what to do. She hadn’t yet heard the lock click on the bathroom, so Brittney couldn’t have come out yet. 

Did she want to be around a girl she used to tease for being a bedwetter whilst hiding a soaked pull-up under her skirt? 

Or would she rather dispose of it and have nothing on at all under there?

One thing she was that she didn’t have much time to make a decision.



She quickly made up her mind that she didn’t want to risk being caught wearing it, as she lifted her skirt, sliding the thoroughly soaked pull-up down, flicking it off her feet onto the floor. 

Quickly rushing over to the bin, she lifted the lid, tossing it in. 

It worried her that her mum must have emptied the bin just before she left, as there was only one other item in there aside form Alice’s pull-up. She did her best to push it on top of the pull-up, before lowering the lid. 

Smoothing down her skirt, Alice quickly returned to the lounge where she sat and started watching the tv, making it look as if she had simply come back downstairs and sat down. 



She wasn’t sat down for too long before Brittney returned. Alice could only hope Brittney hadn’t been tempted to snoop around whilst she was up there, as the girl then sat back on the sofa. 


Alice was mad with herself for what had just happened. She had managed to go all day without even coming close to having an accident. And yet now that she was in the comfort of her own home, no more than 10 seconds from a toilet, and she’d managed to pee herself like a baby.

The only saving grace was that her Mum wasn’t around to find out about it.


“ So uhhh.....do you fancy something to drink?” asked Alice 


“Ooooh that’s a good idea, I’m pretty thirsty actually” replied Brittney


“Ok great I’ll go and see what we’ve got”


Alice got up and made her way to the kitchen


She opened the fridge when she heard Brittney was behind her


“Hey, sorry I wanted to be nosey and see what the kitchen looks like”


“Oh uhhh that’s ok. What do you fancy to drink, we’ve got orange or apple juice, or we could have a hot drink?”


“Oooooh, you know I really fancy a coffee actually if you’ve got any?” asked Brittney


“Ok yeah we’ve got coffee over here, I love coffee too”


“My family always say that I’m really good at making coffee. I tell you what, why don’t you go and sit down and let me make both of us a coffee” said Brittney


“No don’t worry, besides you might not be able to find everything” replied Alice


“Well the milks in the fridge I presume, and the kettles there. I’m sure I can find mugs and a spoon. Seeing as it’s practically your birthday, I insist”


“Ok if you’re sure?”


Alice couldn’t really say no, as she left Brittney to it and went and sat back down in the lounge.


She could hear the kettle boiling out there, she was now worried as she thought about the wet pull-up she had left in the bin out there, which Brittney was just a matter of inches from as she made the drinks. Although Brittney shouldn’t have any need to open the bin. And even if she did it was mostly hidden anyway.


A couple of minutes later, and Brittney came into the lounge with two mugs of coffee.


“Here you go, I hope you like it”


“Thanks Brittney, that looks amazing”


They sat sipping on their coffee’s as they made small talk, whilst watching an episode of the Big Bang theory.


Alice went to go on her phone, but couldn’t find it. She thought she had left it next to where she was sat on the sofa, but it wasn’t there. She guessed it had either gone down the side or she had maybe left it in the kitchen. 


“You know I have to admit this tastes really good Brittney”


“Awh thanks, I told you I make good coffee”


They sat fairly quietly watching the tv, drinking their drinks when Brittney spoke.


“So you must be like, finishing college soon I guess?”


“Yeah I am, this is my last year then I’m all done which I’m pretty excited for to be honest”


“Wow you’re so grown up that’s so cool. You’re literally a fully certified adult now haha”



“Well yeah I guess so. Almost. I just can’t wait for the freedom, once college is finished it’ll probably feel more like I’m finally an official adult, free to do whatever I want.

How about you? I mean, you were 9 the last time I saw you. Loads must have changed for you?”


“What hasn’t changed really? I mean I’ve moved up to secondary school, finally got myself a boyfriend, oh yeah and stopped wetting the bed haha. I guess the only thing that hasn’t changed really is where I live”



“Haha that’s cool, what’s your boyfriends name?”


“He’s called Sam”


Alice had to admit, she felt a little uncomfortable at Brittney’s reference to bedwetting, even though it was about herself. 


“Hey Alice, I don’t know if it just me, but does it kind of smell of pee in here? Can you smell anything as well ?”


This statement from Brittney caught Alice totally off guard


“Oh uuuu really?” nervously replied Alice trying to hide the fact that her cheeks were growing red.


“Yeah it’s kind of gross”


“Oh uuuumm........ well I know mums friend brought her little girl over the other day, maybe she might have peed on the sofa or something. I’ll have to let her know when she gets back” lied Alice


“Well I guess that probably explains it then”


Thankfully Brittney dropped the subject as they carried on watching tv and drinking their coffee.


After a while they decided it was time to get something to eat so they both went into the kitchen to decide what to have. 


“You know I fancy making something if you’re up for that?” Asked Brittney 


“Ok yeah sure we can make something, what do you fancy?”


“Mmmm maybe like a bolognese or something”


“Ooooh that sounds good, let’s have a look at what we’ve got”


Alice went and had a look in the store cupboard and the fridge.


“Yeah we’ve got all the stuff here it looks like so we can have bolognese”


“That’s great”


Alice got all the stuff they needed together, and with that the two girls started off by chopping the onions. 


After just a few minutes of work between them they had themselves a nice homemade meal cooking.


Brittney again insisted on making them both a cup of coffee as they sat around the kitchen island while they waited for the food to cook.


“This coffee’s great again Brittney thanks”


“Awh that’s okay I’m glad you like it!”


“I must just dash to the bathroom though if you’ll excuse me a minute it’s caught up with my bladder ” joked Alice as she got up and started walking out of the kitchen



“Hey wait a minute”


Alice turned around to see Brittney walking towards her


“That smell”


“What smell?” Questioned Alice nervously 


“The pee smell from the lounge, well I can smell it in here too now”


“Oh really that’s weird” as Alice tried to end the conversation there and continue walking away


“I noticed it when you stood up, I swear it’s coming from you”


“I don’t think so Brittney unless I sat in something”


By now Brittney had walked right up next to Alice and was sniffing around her skirt.


A little while had now passed since she’d wet her pull-up, meaning the pee smell had become stronger now that it had dried to her skin, making it more noticeable. Something Alice hadn’t though about when she discarded her soaked pull-up.


“Oh my god it is coming from you!”


“No uuuuuhhh……. it can’t be Brittney don’t be ridiculous” as Alice began turning red


“Then why do you smell so bad? Did you like, pee yourself or something?”


“No I did not pee myself Brittney! I’m an adult “


Brittney then began grabbing her skirt to see if it was wet


“Well your skirts dry. Did you wet your panties or something?”


“Brittney stop being so ridiculous” as Alice rather nervously tried to laugh it off and carry on walking away.



“You either peed your pants or you’ve not been washing yourself properly. Which is it?”


“I had a shower this morning thank you very much!”


“In that case there’s only 1 reason you smell like that. Lift your skirt up”




“I said lift your skirt up”


“I don’t think so”


“Either lift it up or I’ll do it for you, I need to see if you’re panties are wet”


Alice couldn’t believe what she was hearing


“Brittney do I need to remind you who’s babysitting who here?” trying to assert some authority over her


“Well I’m not the one here that stinks of pee”


Brittney then began grabbing at Alice’s skirt as Alice tried to push her away 


“Stop it right now”


Brittney relentlessly kept trying to lift her skirt while Alice desperately tried to stop her, not wanting the younger girl to see that she actually had nothing on under there at all.


She couldn’t let herself be overpowered by someone so much younger than her. Especially not right now.


Brittney then managed to push Alice up against the wall, causing her to hit it quite hard.


“Just stop will you this has gone too far now Brittney” as Alice felt the pain of her back hitting the wall.


“Ok look I’m sorry I hope that didn’t hurt. I didn’t mean to do that”


She suddenly had a big shock as she realised what else was happening.


With all else that was going on, she hadn’t noticed just quite how much the coffee had taken it’s toll on her bladder.


She now stood frozen on the spot in front of the girl she used to babysit, and she could feel a trickle of pee escaping her. She tried with everything she could to stem the flow before Brittney noticed what was happening. But with no underwear to absorb it some of her pee had already hit the floor.


“Wait why’s the floor wet?” Questioned Brittney as she noticed a small amount of liquid on the floor, as she gave Alice a rather puzzled look.....


“Oh my god is that pee, you didn’t actually just pee yourself did you?”



“I told you I needed the toilet!”


“Well sorry for assuming you were potty trained enough to hold it for more than 5 seconds at your age, obviously I was wrong”


“I am! I wouldn’t have done this if you hadn’t stopped me. It was the coffee. I would have made it if you hadn’t stopped me!”


“Well look don’t worry ok, anyway I can help you?” as Brittney grabbed Alice’s arm 


“No I’m fine ok let go of me!”


“Let me help you you clearly need it?”


“I do not need your help ok I’m going to go to the toilet now and your not going to stop me!” 


Alice then thrust her arm out of Brittney’s tight grasp which caused her to stumble into the wall.


She ended up stood bent over with her legs spread apart and both hands on the wall, and with her back to Brittney in a rather compromised position.


Much to her delight, Brittney had the perfect view of what happened next as right before her eyes she could see a large puddle forming between Alice’s legs as her pee splashed out from beneath her skirt.


“Well, I guess you were right about me not stopping you?” as Brittney let out a small chuckle at what she was witnessing her babysitter do.


Brittney took hold of Alice’s arm and began dragging her towards the staircase, where she pulled her up the stairs and into the bathroom.


Alice felt too embarrassed and upset to even put up a proper fight as Brittney, the girl she was supposed to be babysitting, then began undressing her like she were an infant.


She stripped Alice’s top and bra off, before unclipping the older girl’s skirt, letting it fall to the floor, revealing her lack of underwear.


Alice now stood totally naked in front of Brittney. Normally she felt proud of her body, but right now she felt anything but as she stood in front of Brittney.


“So why weren’t you wearing any underwear huh?”


“I don’t know ok sometimes I just like to go without”


“You know I really don’t believe you. I think the reason you smelled of pee was because you wet yourself earlier as well. And I bet you took off your underwear to hide it. Am I right?”



“No way that’s not true at all. Brittney I’m an adult stop being ridiculous!!!”


“Well you could have fooled me after what I’ve just witnessed from you. Anyway, I think you better get into the shower and get cleaned up” as Brittney turned the shower on for Alice and practically pushed  the now naked 19 year old in there.


Alice couldn’t quite believe this was actually happening to her. She was supposed to be this girl’s babysitter.

But she’d somehow allowed her to slip into the role of being the one in charge.


“I’ll take care of these” as Brittney picked up Alice’s wet skirt and her other clothes before heading out of the bathroom and shutting the door.


Alice gave herself a good wash to make sure there would be no pee smell left on her skin. She finished showering after a few minutes before getting out and wrapping a towel around herself to get dry.


She opened the bathroom door to see if she could see Brittney anywhere. She just hoped she hadn’t gone snooping around in her bedroom.


“Oh there you are” shouted Brittney as she came up the stairs to see Alice stood in the hallway 


“Come with me” as Brittney again took her by one arm. Alice could do little to fight her as she had one hand occupied trying to keep her towel from falling down.



Brittney dragged Alice across the hallway and into her bedroom, where she pulled Alice’s duvet back and shoved her backwards causing her to fall back onto her bed. A light crinkle could be heard as she landed on the bed. She could only hope Brittney wouldn’t notice the noise from the plastic sheet.


“You know what’s gonna happen now? I’m going to change you”


“Ch ch change me?” stuttered a now rather worried Alice wondering what Brittney had meant by the word ‘change’.


“Yep and it’s the least you could let me do after me helping you just now. I’m going to change you into some clothes I like”


Alice felt a mild sense of relief at hearing that.


Brittney then began searching through Alice drawers looking for clothes to put on her. 


“Mmmmm haven’t you got anything else?” 


“What about in here?” Questioned Brittney as she looked towards Alice’s closet 


“No!” Alice blurted out almost a little too loudly 


“There’s nothing in there”


Brittney opened the door anyway and began looking around


“Please no please no” muttered Alice under her breath as she could see Brittney  on her knees rummaging around in her closet.



“Mmmm what have we got here?” said Brittney as she had found something 


Alice could only hope it wasn’t what she dreaded her finding in there. Her heart was pounding.


Brittney turned around with something in her hands.


“You know I think this will really suit you”


Much to Alice’s relief Brittney was holding one of her old sets of a dress and top. Albeit a rather small one, that she had no idea if she would even fit into now. But at least it wasn’t a pull-up or nappy.



“That might be a bit small for me now” said Alice in hope that Brittney might let her wear something other than the quite childish looking clothing that she should have thrown away years ago.


“Awww come on you’ll look cute in that”


Alice suddenly thought to herself why was she even letting this girl choose her clothing for her? Brittney was 15 and she was about to turn 20. And she was supposed to be the one in charge here.


“You know what Brittney I’m not going to be wearing that ok. You’re going to get out of my room and go downstairs while I get dressed in whatever I want to wear ok. That’s enough of your games”


“Awwwh ok if you’re sure. Then I guess you won’t mind your mum and sister finding our about your little pee pee accident when they get back tomorrow huh?”


“What!! You can’t do that to me that’s not fair. They wouldn’t believe you anyway!”


Alice bluffed


“Are you sure about that? Well guess what!  I’m the only one who knows where the bag is with your wet shoes and skirt in. I’m sure I could conveniently leave that somewhere for your mum or even your sister to find when they get back?”


“So  guess what, if you don’t want your little sister and your mum to find out that big sister Alice went pee pee in her pants then your gonna lay back down and let me dress you ok”


Alice felt well and truly put in her place. She certainly didn’t want her mum to find out she’d wet herself with no protection on. She knew that would instantly mean she would be put back in nappies. Brittney had no idea just how much power her little blackmail had given her.


Alice was just thankful right now that Brittney apparently still had no idea about the pull-ups or nappies hidden in her closet. 


She now knew she had no choice but to obey Brittney’s instructions as she laid back on the bed, staring at the ceiling as Brittney got her dressed.


“Just as I thought”


Item by item the younger girl dressed her babysitter in the childish looking attire.


“There you go that wasn’t so bad now was it?”


“I look ridiculous”


“Don’t be silly it actually really suits you Alice”


“But it’s too small” argued Alice


“Well it looks ok to me. If anything it just means it shows off your cute butt more. Anyway we haven’t got time to change you again, I think we better get back downstairs now before the food burns” 


With that they headed back downstairs.


The skirt and top felt tight as she walked, and as she got to the bottom of the stairs Alice caught a glimpse of herself in the hallway mirror. It only confirmed to her that not only did she feel like a child, but she actually looked like one too.


As they got into the kitchen Alice checked on the food. Fortunately it was still ok and in fact actually looked to be perfectly cooked. 


“It smells really great” said Brittney 


The girls both served up their own food before sitting at the kitchen island to eat.


Alice got them both a glass of water.


As they sat eating Brittney couldn’t help but think something just didn’t seem right about this whole situation. This was a girl that used to babysit her. And here she was, Brittney only having been in her company no more than an hour or so, and she had witnessed her wet herself, and weirdly she seemed to already smell of pee before that even happened. And what Brittney couldn’t get her head around was that this was a girl that tormented her for wetting the bed at the age of 9. Alice turned 20 tomorrow. She wondered if this was a one off coincidence or if Alice actually had some kind of a problem. Either way, if this girl was a pants wetter or even maybe a bedwetter, somehow she needed to find out. If it meant she had to do some snooping around her room or on her phone then she would.  Brittney knew that both of which realistically, we’re pretty unlikely for a girl of Alice’s age.  But after what she had seen so far, she had her suspicions.


After a really good meal that they both enjoyed, Brittney insisted on clearing the table. “Honestly it’s fine, in fact I insist” 


She took Alice’s plate and went over to the bin to scrape her leftovers in, as she put her foot on the lever to lift the lid.


“Oh we’ve got a separate food waste bin under the counter” said Alice, just as the lid popped up, gesturing to Brittney’s right.



However, for a brief moment that the lid came up, something caught her eye at the bottom of the bin. A second later and the lid  began lowering as she took her foot of the pedal.


“Oh ok sorry of course, I should’ve know. We have to do the same with food waste”



Although she had only caught a quick glimpse, Brittney wondered if she had really just seen what she had thought she had.

“No way, it can’t have been” Brittney thought in her head as she realised there were probably 100 other things it could have been than what she hoped it was.


After rinsing the plates Brittney sat back down where they chatted for a few minutes. 


Brittney couldn’t get it out of her head what she thought she had seen in the bin, as the more she thought about it the more she realised how unlikely it was to be what she thought it was. However, just in case, she still needed to check.


“What’s for dessert?” asked Brittney


“Well I think there’s some cornettos in the freezer”


“Oooh that sounds good”


“I tell you what, you go and find us something to watch on the tv and I’ll fetch us a cornetto each from the freezer” said Brittney 


“Ok sure” replied Alice


Just before heading off to the lounge, Alice noticed a bag of rubbish down by the fridge. She’d forgotten to put in the bin earlier, before her mum had emptied it. She grabbed the bag and put it into the bin. 


“Gotta keep the house tidy hey” joked Alice before heading off into the lounge leaving Brittney alone in the kitchen.



“Damn it” thought Brittney under her breath. How was she meant to check the bottom of the bin now without Alice hearing?

Brittney waited until she could hear the tv come on before going over to the bin. 

Thinking on her feet, Brittney gave it a few moments before deciding to creep up to the edge of the doorway and check that Alice was focused on the tv, which she was.

Walking back over to the sink Brittney began running the tap in the hope that between that and the noise from the tv that Alice wouldn’t hear what she was up.


As quietly as she could Brittney put her foot on the lever which opened the bin, leaning over she reached in and began slowly lifting the plastic bag out of the bin. It made a fair bit of noise, but there was no sign of Alice noticing what was going on. She gently put the bag down to one side.


Next she reached in with one hand, managing to just about reach down enough to get hold of the item at the very bottom.


As she lifted it out she stood in disbelief as she soon realised it was exactly what she had thought it may have been. She had been right. She knew what it was the moment she saw the babyish patterns.

Just like what she used to wear to bed, except this one was in a bigger size for much older girls.

As she gave it a squeeze she noticed it was completely full of pee, and best of all, it was still warm, meaning it can’t have been in there very long.

A large grin crossed Brittney’s face as she realised the wet large sized pull-up could only possibly belong to one person; her supposed babysitter, Alice. 


Holding the wet undergarment behind her back, Brittney walked through to the lounge where Alice was sat watching tv. She hadn’t seen Brittney come in as she continued staring at the tv.


“Hey Alice guess what?”


“What is it?”


“Well I think I finally found your underwear from earlier” 


“W…..w… uuuh……what do you mean?”


as Brittney revealed the used pull-up from behind her back, holding it up high in front of her, before letting it drop to the floor where it landed with a thud by Alice’s feet..............

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There is no doubt that the next day will be hell for Alice, in front of the girl she least wants to reveal her secret. I think Alice will soon dress younger than she thought. Britney may let her wear a childish skirt with diapers underneath. Who knows, but Alice will regret that she once humiliated Britney's diaper.

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Dang!  Well, now what is Brittany going to do with this?  And while I think that pay backs are sometimes fun, it would be more interesting... well, actually, I'll wait and see what you do, and then maybe tell you my idea after we see what you have in mind for us.

Very nice story so far though.  

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  • 5 weeks later...

New chapter: They aren’t mine I promise you




“W...w.....w.....what that’s uuuuh...that’s not mine” replied Alice as she struggled to get her words out she felt so nervous, as they both stared at the pee soaked pull-up on the floor.


“You’re seriously gonna sit there and lie to me are you?”


“They’re not mine……….I promise you…..they’re uhhhhhh……….  my little sisters”


“Somehow I don’t think so. I saw your mum empty the bin just before she left. They left literally a minute after she changed it. And you know what? it’s even still warm. You peed in it earlier and tried to hide it didn’t you? That’s why you smelled so gross”


“No I did not you don’t know what you’re talking about !”


“Why didn’t you tell me about this just now when I got you changed? I would have made sure you had one on. I think we better get you in a clean one before you have another accident, don’t you? And seeing as your mummy’s not here to do it for you, maybe I can help. Now where are they?”


“They aren’t mine Brittney” hanging on to any last strand of hope she had left of stopping Brittney from discovering her secret......


Just at that moment a ping sound could be heard coming from the sofa behind where Brittney was stood. It was the sound a phone made when it received a WhatsApp message.


Brittney quickly rummaged behind the cushions where she found what she knew must be Alice’s phone, which she realised must have fallen out of Alice’s pocket when she was sat there earlier.


“Oooh it’s a message from your mum”


“Give it back to me right now”


“Not so fast, let me see what she said first”


“No you give it back to me right now Brittney that’s my private phone”


“Well..... this looks interesting......and yes it does look very……very private indeed”


Brittney ignored Alice’s plea and began reading the message out loud.............



“You’re in big trouble young lady after what I found in a plastic bag behind the bins earlier Alice. I cannot believe you DID wet your nappy after all and tried to hide it from me!”


Brittney’s jaw dropped as she took in what she had read about her babysitter. Alice now stood with both hands covering her face in shame. 


She knew there was no way out of it now.


From Alice’s reaction, Brittney knew what she had just read was actually true.


“Nappies?” questioned Brittney with a look   of both disgust and joy on her face. 


Before she could say anything else another ping could be heard from Alice’s phone. Another text came through.......


Brittney’s expression had now changed to one of shocked excitement…


“Starting right now you are going back in nappies 24/7 for at least the next month! I took the liberty of moving them next to your pull-ups in your bedroom cupboard so I don’t want to hear any excuses that you couldn’t find them. And before you say it, I don’t care that it will mean wearing them around a girl you’re supposed to be babysitting. That is totally your own fault. Now I want you to message me right away when you have one on have you got that???”



Alice now stood in absolute shock not knowing what on earth she could say to talk her way out of this one. The only small saving grace was that her mum apparently hadn’t realised that the bagged up nappy hadn’t just been wet. At least the extra embarrassment of Brittney finding out she’d not only wet but also messed herself hadn’t been revealed. Not that it made the situation at hand that much better………her mum had without knowing it just outed her daughters humiliating secret to the girl she was supposed to be babysitting………..



“Nappies! ? is this like some kind of weird joke? You seriously still wear nappies at your age? And you used to have the nerve to to humiliate me for wetting the bed, and you’re what 20 years old tomorrow, supposedly an adult and not only do you still pee yourself but you still wear frigging nappies like a baby?

And you actually used to have the gaul to tease me when I was still a kid?

I bet all along when you used to tease me you were a bedwetter yourself weren’t you?”


“NO! that’s not true!”



“I bet you would go home after babysitting me and your mummy would put you in a nappy for bed wouldn’t she so you didn’t soak your sheets, huh?

But teasing me somehow made you feel better about your own problems didn’t it?

You’re seriously a pathetic little baby do you know that?

Now come with me right this moment, we are going to your bedroom right now before you have anymore accidents”


“I’m begging you Brittney don’t make me wear one please this is all just a big misunderstanding I don’t actually need them you know ”


“Well after what I’ve seen from you so far little missy I think it pretty clear you DO need your nappies.”


“Look I’ll……….I’ll uh….. wear a pull-up ok? Please!……..that would be a fair compromise”


“Oh no I don’t think so. This one is so full it must have almost leaked. Your are coming with me and you are going in a nappy whether you like it or not.!”


Just like earlier Brittney grabbed Alice by one arm and began dragging her upstairs.


“Brittney stop please! Let go of me! I’m begging you I’ll do anything you want don’t put me in a nappy I don’t really need them”


Eventually they got to Alice’s bedroom where yet again Brittney shoved Alice back on the bed.


Brittney opened the cupboard door and began searching. Rummaging through all the boxes and clothes, eventually she found what she looking for. 

A big smile crossed her face as she discovered the pull-ups and adult nappies tucked away at the back of Alice’s cupboard.


Bringing the package of adult nappies out Brittney plopped it on the bed next to Alice. 


Clutching the open package with one hand, Brittney slowly pulled one out, struggling to contain a smile as she stood examining it with both hands. She now had all the proof she needed that Alice really did still wear diapers, and from all the other evidence she had, probably put them to good use too.


“Well these look very appropriate after what I’ve seen from you today”



“Now lay back down” as Brittney pulled the covers back and sat on the foot end of the bed, however she was distracted by hearing a crinkle sound as her butt made contact with the Alice’s bed.


“That’s surely not what I think it is?” as Brittney began pressing her hands into the bed, causing Alice’s plastic sheet to crinkle. And causing a grin to appear on Brittney’s face.


“Well well well ! Diapers and a plastic sheet? Looks like someone really is a little bedwetter aren’t they? Your mummy really doesn’t have much faith in you keeping your bed dry does she?”


At this moment Alice couldn’t imagine she could possibly feel any smaller.


“I do not wet the bed ok!” trying to maintain some amount of dignity. 


“And you seriously think I’m supposed to believe that after what I’ve witnessed from you today?”


“It’s true I promise you Brittney I’m not a bedwetter”


“Whatever you say…diaper girl. Anyway, you said you would do anything for me not to make you wear one right?”


“Yes I’m begging you Brittney please don’t do this to me! You really don’t need to”


“Ok fine, well I have a deal for you. How about this. You tell me the whole truth about your problems. A full confession just between the two of us, and I won’t make you wear one and we will forget I ever found this out about you. How does that sound?” 


“I don’t think so Brittney. How do I know you won’t tell everyone?”


“Oh come on. You can trust me, whatever you say won’t leave this room I promise. After what happened between us before it’s only fair surely? It might even clear your conscience of how you used to treat me. It could be our little secret”


“You really promise me” as Alice looked Brittney in the eye as she considered her offer.


With the sweetest smile Brittney replied


 “I promise. All you have to do is tell me everything and I’ll pretend I never found this out”


“You better be telling the truth”


“Look you don’t have to worry, you can tell me anything, and it will never leave these 4 walls ok”


Alice thought about it for a moment. What would be worse, a confession to Brittney which no one else would ever know about? Or enduring what could possibly be one of the most embarrassing moments of her life by laying there and letting a girl she used to babysit diaper her like a baby?


“Ok then…..I uuuhh….guess you’re right, like you said it’s probably only fair after everything that happened between us before.”



“Yes it is. So come on then, tell me, how long have you been wetting the bed for then?”


“I told you, I don’t wet the bed”


“Alice, remember part of our deal was that you tell the truth ok?”


“Ok fine,, it’s only happened…….. literally a couple of times ok, and only recently. It’s never happened before that”


That was the truth.


“You clearly didn’t quite understand what I said did you? This obviously isn’t going to work now is it? Well it’s your own fault, but you’ve left me with no other option. Lay down now!” as Brittney began unfolding the nappy.


Alice started to realise the seriousness of the situation she was currently in. And it now dawned on her that unless she told Brittney exactly what she wanted to hear, whether it was the truth or not, this really wasn’t going to end well for her……………. 


She had just confessed the truth to her but she wasn’t going to believe it.


So what if she lied to the girl about something extremely embarrassing making it out to be worse than it was?. In fact the more she lied about it the more likely it was to satisfy Brittney that she was telling the truth and get her on her side. At the end of the day it was only between the two of them. No one else would ever know about it. And it was probably the only way out of this horrible situation.



“No please god no! Ok look I’ll tell you the truth alright”


Brittney began folding the nappy back up


“You have got 1 final chance to tell me everything. Or believe me this will be tightly strapped around your butt within the next 60 seconds“ as she held the thick white nappy between both hands while extending her arms holding it out in front of Alice….….



“OK, OK……..The truth is……….well…………uuuhh……..since my last year of high school…….I’ve uhhhhh………..uuuhh…”


“ You’ve what Alice Jacobsen?”


Alice could feel her cheeks burning red as she tried to get her words out…


“ I’ve been ……uuh……..been struggling  with………….wetting the bed………..and…… also……having accidents during the day too………..OK……….so there……….now you know”


“See that wasn’t so hard now was it? …..now do carry on….”


“It started with me wetting the bed a few times. That’s when my Mum bought me pull-ups to wear to bed. I hoped it was just a temporary thing that would stop, but it kind of kept happening……..more and more often as time went on. And then not long after……… I uhh……..started to have a few problems during the daytime aswell. My Mum found out one day that I had peed myself at school, and from then on she made me wear pull-ups to school”


“And what about the adult nappies? When did you start wearing those?”



“Uuuhhh well like a few months in I leaked through my pull-ups at night a couple of times which is when she made me start wearing them to bed” 


“So since then you’ve been in nappies at night?”




“See, that was easy wasn’t it?”


“Uhhh I guess so”


“So have you ever worn one of these nappies to college?”


“No! Oh my god no Never!”


“But you still have to wear your pull-ups to college right?”


“Yeah rather embarrassingly I uhhh….do yes”


Most of what she had said so far wasn’t true, but unfortunately that bit actually was.


“So it’s been a few years since you started wetting the bed, now that you’re almost 20, how many nights a week would you say it still happens?”


“Maybe be like 4 or 5 on average, sometimes more, sometimes less”


“Gosh so quite a lot then? Out of curiosity, did you wet the bed last night?”


As much as Alice wanted to say no, she thought better of it as she glanced at the large white nappy that Brittney was still holding. Knowing if she said one more thing Brittney didn’t like she’d soon be wearing it.


“Uuuumm……yeah…… I did”


“And do you diaper yourself for bed or does your Mum do it for you?”


This caught Alice a bit off guard. What on earth was Brittney expecting her to say? Could she get away with lying? 


“Uuum….well…..my Mum actually does it for me”


“Jeez Alice, you know I was just kidding with that one right? I didn’t think for a minute your Mum would actually still diaper you at your age !” replied Brittney with a questioning look of disgust on her face


“She doesn’t do it every night!, she only does it sometimes” trying her best to backtrack now that she knew the answer Brittney had expected from her.


“Sure, I believe you. Now one last question for you Alice. Have you ever messed your diaper?” 


Alice hesitated. Was it another trick question? Could she get away with lying on this one?


“Oh my god you actually have haven’t you?”


“Uuuh what? No I haven’t!”


“You totally have! If you hadn’t you wouldn’t have taken so long to answer. Tell me right now” Brittney again began using the nappy as leverage as she began lifting it….


“Fine. It only ever happened once ok! And it wasn’t even my fault. My sister hogged the bathroom when she knew I needed to go”


She said it in a way that made it sound like it had happened at home. She didn’t want the added embarrassment of Brittney knowing it had happened whilst out shopping.


Alice couldn’t believe she had ended up telling that to Brittney. That little brat now had the knowledge that she has done the ultimate infantile act. The actual truth was that it had happened twice, which Brittney didn’t need to know. 



“And how long ago did this happen Alice?”


“Ummmm……it was…..probably about a week ago”


Brittney couldn’t believe what she was hearing. As recently as the past week her former charge had been in a loaded diaper. She only wished she’d been there to see it happen.


“Well anyway thanks you for that full confession Alice Jacobsen. Now, unless you want the whole world to hear your confession, you better lay down while I diaper you, seeing as your mummy isn’t here to do it for you.”





“That’s right you little bitch, I recorded the whole thing. And I’m sure there are plenty of people that would love to hear your confession of what a diaper messing baby you really are”


“You delete that right now Brittney! You had no right doing that!”


“Oh I think I had every right . Now lay down right this second before I send it to one of your friends” as Brittney forcefully shoved Alice back onto the bed.


“How dare you do this it’s not fair” as Alice layed on her bed having no choice but to accept being diapered like a baby by a girl nearly 5 years younger than her.......



“Now lift your butt before I do it for you”


“Brittney please I’m begging you! You really don’t need to do this to me”


“Trust me, the more you beg the tighter this nappy is going on ok. And you don’t wanna end up getting a diaper rash do you?”


That comment shut Alice up. 


Brittney slipped off Alice’s underwear, before pushing her skirt up. She now had Alice’s tanned bare butt on full display ready to be strapped into her fate.....


Alice shut her eyes trying to imagine this wasn’t happening as the nappy was slid under her. 

Brittney pulled Alice’s legs down as she then proceeded with tightly strapping her in, one tab at a time.


“There we are, all done, that wasn’t so bad now was it?”


Her humiliation now complete. She had just been diapered just like she were a baby by a girl she was supposed to be babysitting. The roles were now well and truly reversed. And there was nothing Alice could do about it. Not now that Brittney had enough knowledge to totally ruin her social life in a matter of a few clicks on her phone. And she didn’t doubt for a second that if Alice pushed her, Brittney wouldn’t be afraid to do it.


As Alice hesitantly got up Brittney gave her thickly padded rear a firm.


“That’s better, you don’t have to worry about any more accidents now do you” 


“Just shut it will you” as Alice pulled down her skirt trying to cover the thick nappy the best she could.


“Now now there’s no need to get cranky. It’s your own fault your wearing that remember?”




“Here you go” as Brittney handed Alice her phone back


Alice looked puzzled as to why Brittney had given it back at this exact moment 


“Don’t you remember? Your mummy wanted to know when you had your nappy on. I’d hate for you to get in trouble cos she didn’t think you had one on”




“Oh sorry I got confused. I though babies always said mummy, but I guess I was wrong”


With that Brittney went over to the dresser to pick her phone up. Alice then noticed the phone had been angled with the camera on right at the bed. It suddenly dawned on her that Brittney hadn’t just done a voice recording of her confession. She had done a video recording of the whole thing, including the nappy change...


“Oh my god you’ve had the camera on this whole time???”


“Well yes I have .... I thought it would be better evidence....... you know.....of what a baby you are...... having it all on camera. It even shows me putting your nappy on. And I made to sure to angle it so your face can be seen the whole time as well….It’s great isn’t it? I can’t wait to show it to people”


“You better not show it to anyone! Delete that now Brittney you’ve gone way too far with this”


“Oh I don’t think so. Now everyone will know what a baby you really are, unless you do as I say! Anyway you better send that message to your mummy before you get in trouble “


Alice then reluctantly began typing up the message to her mum which read “look I’m sorry Mum, I have done what you asked ok”.

Without putting anymore thought into the message, Alice pressed send. A short time later and a message pinged back. “After what you did, don’t blame me for having very little trust in you at the moment. I want you to stand with your back to the mirror and take a full body picture with the camera aiming at the mirror that proves to me you have your nappy on whether that means lifting your dress or lowering your trousers depending on what you are wearing ok? And I want that within 2 minutes so I know you weren’t lying to me!”


Alice let out a sigh at the request from her mother.


“Everything ok”


“Yes it’s fine. Look can I join you downstairs in a couple of minutes?”


“Fine, but don’t be too long or I’ll start getting worried about whether your diaper needs changing.”


With that Brittney headed off out of Alice’s room giving her some privacy.


Thankfully Alice had a full length mirror in her room to use for the picture. If she hadn’t it would have meant using the hallway mirror.


As her Mum has asked, Alice stood with her back to the mirror and lifted her dress as high as she could which revealed virtually her entire nappy wearing rear, which contrasted with her well tanned legs. Her dragon tattoo which she’d got on a trip she went on last summer to Greece with her friends, stuck out slightly from beneath her nappy down the side of her toned legs. It usually stuck out from her sexy underwear, but that was no longer the case. Not for the next few weeks anyway, Alice thought to herself.

Turning her head to ensure her face was in the picture, Alice hit the camera button. Just as she did this her bedroom door flew open…


“Ooooh your mummy wanted a picture did she?”


“Get out!”


“She didn’t trust you then? Well I guess you can’t blame her after you hiding your wet nappy from her hey?”


Brittney ignored Alice’s plea and began walking towards her. 


“Shut it ok! Just go back downstairs will you and I’ll be down in a minute”


  Brittney walked right up to Alice and before Alice had time to react, Brittney snatched Alice’s phone right out of her hand.


“Hey! Give it back right now!”


“Or what diaper butt? What are you going to do about it ? You gonna throw your dummy at me huh?”


“Shut it ok! Now give it back”


“Actually, I do photography at school, so I wanted to see if the picture you took is up to standard” as Brittney then looked down at Alice’s phone. 


“You know what? I have to say it’s pretty good actually. It shows your face pretty clearly so there’s no doubt it’s you, and it shows your diaper really clearly. I think she will be happy with this.” As Brittney then went to recent messages and opened the conversation with her mum. She attached the picture and began typing “ here’s the picture, and before you ask no I haven’t had an accident yet, I’m still dry” Brittney then clicked send


“Brittney what are you doing?”


Alice was getting worried what she might be up to with access to that picture and all her contacts and her messenger.


“Don’t worry yourself, I have just saved you getting in anymore trouble with your mummy. I saw she wanted the picture within 2 minutes so I sent it for you ”


“What! Let me see now?”


“Just be patient you can see in a minute. It’s just it’s such a great picture I didn’t want to miss out on it” as Brittney clicked send as she sent the picture to herself also 


A ping sound could then be heard from Brittney’s pocket


“No Brittney! That is for my mum to see and no one else! Delete that from your phone now!”


“You’re seriously going to stand there, whilst wearing THAT and make demands of me? If you think you’ve got any control over me whatsoever you are sorely mistaken. You aren’t in charge of me anymore. Now I suggest you zip it right now young lady before I smack your padded butt silly!”


Alice felt well and truly put in her place. She had nothing to say that would help the situation, and she certainly didn’t want the humiliation of being spanked by Brittney, which from Brittney’s tone was a threat she wouldn’t be afraid to carry out.


“I take it that’s the end of your naughty behaviour? Now come on let’s go downstairs”



They went in to the lounge and sat down. For a few minutes they watched tv before Brittney spoke


“You know what, I know we’ve had a lot of fun, but I’m kind of bored being stuck in. The shopping centres still open for another couple of hours, I think we should go there. It’s only a few minutes on the bus. There’s loads of stuff to do there”


“Brittney there’s no way I’m going out like this”


“Relax, you’ll be fine, besides at least you don’t have to worry about any accidents anymore hey”


“I’m not going anywhere. This is my house Brittney, and if I want to stay in I’ll stay in ok”


“I’m sorry you feel like that Alice but I want to go out, and after what I’ve seen from you so far today I don’t think you can be trusted to be left on your own. God knows what I’d come back to find. So one way or another you’re coming to the shopping centre with me”


“I am not going anywhere ok! And for the record by the way, none of that confession just now was true! I was just telling you what you wanted to hear”


“Oh really? So do you care to explain to me why you have a plastic sheet on your bed? Or why you had a whole pack of adult nappies and pull-ups in your closet? Or why you tried hiding a nappy that you had wet from your mum, no doubt from one night where you wet the bed? Or why in the 2 hours or so I’ve been in your company you’ve already had two accidents? Or why I found a soaked pull-up in the bin? I bet every word of that confession was true, as from where I see it, you are nothing but a pathetic little baby that clearly belongs in nappies. Oh yeah, and by the way, you will be going out whether you like it or not”



With that Brittney completely caught Alice off guard…….


She pulled Alice across her lap, giving her no chance to take in what the younger girl was doing to her........


“I gave you plenty of warning, and yet you’ve still continued to behave like a little brat”


Brittney now had Alice face down across her lap and Alice was helpless to stop it from happening…




“Stop it! stop it immediately! Brittney you cannot do this to me!” As Brittney began smacking Alice’s diapered bottom as hard as she could using a nearby wooden hairbrush she had picked up.


Whack, whack, whack


“Still going to stay in are you huh?”


Alice was now on the verge of tears from the pain Brittney was inflicting on her rear. She couldn’t believe just how painful a hairbrush to her backside could be. And quite how strong Brittney was. This was even with the cushioning provided by her thick diaper.

And worst of all, Alice didn’t feel she could physically challenge Brittney to do anything about it. As much as Alice hated to admit it, despite the age gap, she wasn’t confident that she could overpower the younger girl if she tried. For some reason, the thought of fighting Brittney seemed harder with a nappy on. Almost as though the infantile item made her feel weaker. And less threatening. Possibly not helped by how thick it was, which in itself was enough to cause her to have a slight waddle when she walked. Which would no doubt slow her down slightly if she tried to physically take on the younger girl.


“Just stop……. please……you win ok…..I’m begging you…..I’ll do whatever you want”



Whack, whack, whack, whack



“That’s a good girl. Now tell me where we’re about to go?”


Alice was now wimpering and felt totally defeated by the younger girl, as she felt tears begin to fall down the side of her face.


“We’re..... we’re……going to go to the shopping centre........ together”



“See that wasn’t so hard now was it?” As Brittney let Alice go, noticing that Alice had started crying.



“Awh it’s ok you don’t need to cry” as Brittney wiped a tear off of Alice’s cheek as if she were a child.


“I hope you’re not crying cos you’ve had an accident already?”


“No I have not ok!”


“Well I think we better check before we go, now stand still”


Brittney reached under Alice’s skirt giving the front of the nappy a firm squeeze.


“All dry, well done”


Brittney then spun Alice around and rather embarrassingly squeezed the back of her nappy too.


“You don’t need to check that! I think I’d know if I’d done that!”


“Are you sure about that? Wasn’t it only like a week ago since you messed your diaper?”


Alice felt herself blush crimson red. She hated that Brittney knew about that.


“But like I said it wasn’t my fault”



“Whatever, now grab your bag and purse then we can get going. Do we need to take any spare diapers with us?”




“Okay…. well only if you’re sure……”



A short time later and they left the house. They had made the short walk down the road to the bus stop where thankfully it was just the two of them. 


Alice found herself frequently tugging at the ridiculously short dress Brittney had put her in as she had very little faith that it actually kept her nappy entirely covered.


Whilst they were waiting a messaged came through from her mum. Alice had silenced her phone so Brittney hadn’t noticed.


“Well done for doing as I asked and I’m glad you haven’t had anymore accidents. Although you may want to wear something that hides your nappies slightly better than that dress. I’m sure you don’t want Brittney finding out you’re wearing them. It  was short enough back when you used to wear it a few years ago, let alone now. Now please try your best to have no more accidents and we will see you tomorrow afternoon. Love Mum x”


If only her Mum knew what had taken place.

She wanted to tell her Mum that it was only because of Brittney that she had that dress on, but she knew that would only lead to her not believing her.


Scrolling back to the message Brittney had sent earlier she felt mad at how childish it made her sound to her Mum. 


All she wanted to do was run back home, and get out of this ridiculously embarrassing situation, but she knew that really wasn’t an option right now. Especially not with the knowledge Brittney now had about her. As well as the recording and now to top it off, the little brat now also had the rather too unmistakable picture of her showing her diapered bum. It even showed her tattoo should anyone have any doubts it was Alice.


After a short wait the next bus arrived.

Stepping on, Brittney went first speaking to the driver


“Two returns to the city centre”


“That’s £4.80”


Brittney stepped to one side hinting to Alice to pay the bus fare which she did without argument.


The bus was fairly empty besides a few people scattered through the bus and a group of boys around Alice’s age sat at the very back. As they walked through the bus Alice could swear the crinkling from beneath her skirt would be noticeable to anyone observant. She tried her best to walk normally despite her legs feeling like they were pushed apart. 


 Brittney led the way and chose where they both sat, a couple of rows from the back.


As Alice sat she was careful not to flash what was beneath her skirt to the boys behind. She tugged at the bottom of her skirt as she lowered herself onto the seat with a audible crinkle. 

She tucked her skirt under her bum and sat on her hands where she sat for the whole journey, which thankfully was only a few minutes.


As the bus pulled in to the stop Alice hoped the boys at the back would be getting off so she wouldn’t have to walk in front of them. But they showed no sign of moving. 


“Come on we don’t want to miss the stop” ordered Brittney as Alice took her time waiting for the boys behind to move.


Brittney teasingly swatted Alice’s bum as she ushered her to get up, making what to Alice seemed to be quite an audible puff from her behind.


Walking down the bus she could only hope they hadn’t noticed what she was wearing as they exited the bus, right outside the shopping centre. She knew at best the skirt may have covered her diaper by a few centimetres, but even that was optimistic.


Now they were in town Alice suddenly realised how exposed she felt being around so many people, knowing at any moment they could bump into someone she knew.


“Where shall we go first? I fancy a nice coffee before we get started. That place down in the corner by H&M do great coffee”


“Uhh ok yeah sure, let’s go there” agreed Alice. She had to admit it did sound quite appealing after what she had been through today. Despite the fact they had already had coffee not that long ago. There was something about coffee shop coffee that lured her in.


“Two large latte’s please” said Brittney 


“That’s £6.50 please”


Yet again Brittney stepped to one side making Alice pay on her card.


It actually felt like a nice relief after everything that had happened just a short time ago. Just to sit down and be normal for a while whilst sipping on their lattes. For a moment it almost felt to Alice like 2 friends sat having a drink together. Being sat down she also felt a little less self conscious about hiding what she was wearing. However, this was short lived.



“How about we go and do some clothes shopping?” Announced Brittney once both of them had finished their drinks


“Sure” replied Alice


They took a walk through the shopping centre to what was possibly the busiest store in the whole place.


Alice knew she didn’t really have much choice but to go along with what Brittney wanted to do. In fact at this point she didn’t dare argue it with her.


“I want a new outfit. Follow me”


Alice followed as Brittney looked through the many different clothing options on offer. She kept tugging at her dress to ensure nothing was showing. Also for added security she kept standing with her back to the clothing rails. She was paranoid about giving the wrong person a glimpse of what was beneath her skirt. 


“What do you think of these?” As Brittney held up a white crop top and a pair of grey leggings


“I think they would look great on you”


“You really think so? Ok maybe these are worth trying on then. Thanks Alice, it’s like having a big sister here to help me”


Alice was beginning to think maybe Brittney wasn’t so bad after all.


A few moments later and Alice found herself following Brittney to the changing rooms. There was a small queue to get in, which took a few minutes to go down.

When they eventually got to the front the attendant asked if they needed one or two changing room booths, to which Brittney replied just one. They were then guided to the first one on the left, which happened 

to be the only one visible from the queue.

They made there way in and pulled the curtain across.

Brittney hung up the clothes that she had selected. 

Alice noticed she had picked up 2 of each item.

“Were you not sure which size you are?”asked Alice


“Oh no it’s not that, I got one set for each of us. I thought we could wear matching outfits”


Alice’s heart skipped a beat. How on earth could she possibly wear that? It would do literally nothing to hide her uhh….nappy.


She had to be very careful what she said as well, due to there being lots of people within earshot. 


“I don’t know Brittney, I don’t think that look would really suit me” choosing her words carefully.


“Don’t be silly, it will look great on you. Trust me, if you wear that you’ll have practically every guy in the whole town staring at you. It will show off your great butt. Now come on and get that dress off”

as Brittney finished up putting the outfit on herself.

Alice rather hesitantly began taking off her dress. Leaving her stood in nothing but her bra and nappy.

She felt extremely uneasy about the fact that she was just one swipe of the flimsy curtain away from being on full diapered display to the queue of people waiting to use the changing rooms.


Quickly pulling on the leggings, she felt ever so slightly more safe. Next, putting on the white crop top which barely covered her belly button, her outfit was now complete……


“Wow look at you! You look incredible! See I told you it would suit you”


Brittney then started turning her around to get a full look


“See look at that butt” as much to Alice’s horror Brittney gave her a few swats and squeezes on her thickly diapered behind whilst pulling at her to get a better view in the mirror. Looking over her shoulder into the full length mirror Alice was pretty horrified at just how obvious the nappy was. The crop top left a good 6 inches of bare skin between the leggings and her belly button. The waistband was showing virtually the whole way around, and stuck out by a good 2 inches at the back.

And as for the rest of her butt, even if the waistband wasn’t showing, it was pretty damn obvious what she had on with the large strangely shaped bulge it gave her. Not to mention how little crinkle prevention the thin leggings would give.


“I just can’t get over how good you look. You have to get them”


“ I…..uh…….I’m…………..not too sure “


“Don’t be silly. You’re getting them and that’s final. I’m not letting you go home without such an cute outfit”


With that Alice began taking the clothes off. 


Whilst Alice was turned the other way, Brittney quickly disappeared out of the changing booth. Alice had no idea where she had gone. About 30 seconds later Brittney returned. 


“Where did you go?”


“Well I thought I’d do you a favour………………….see…… I know you really weren’t a fan of the dress you were wearing, and as you said yourself it was a little on the small side……..so …………to save you the trouble…………I’ve thrown it away for you”


“What! you can’t be serious!?” looking around frantically. Sure enough the dress was now nowhere to be seen. A dress she never thought she would find herself begging to find.


“Don’t worry, I thought you could just wear your new outfit out of here. I’m sure they won’t mind. I know they have to remove the security tags at the till but other than that I’m sure it will be fine.


Alice felt almost sick. She would now have to go out in public in an outfit that would almost certainly show off her nappy to the world. 


Very reluctantly Alice pulled the leggings up as high as they would go. 


“I tell you what, because I’m kind I’ll let you tuck this in” as Brittney’s finger ran across the waistband of the nappy 


Alice felt a small amount of relief to have heard this. She folded it down the best she could.


Using the mirror, Alice did her best to tuck the waistband in all the way around.



On checking it did appear it was just about tucked in enough to not be visible. But, this did nothing to hide the massive diaper bulge across her entire butt.


Pulling the curtain back, Alice had no choice but to follow Brittney out of the booth. 


“Excuse me, my friend here…… her dress well let’s just say it broke in a rather too revealing area. So I hope it is ok that she has put on some new clothes that she wants to buy?”


“Oh right……I see…..ummmm yeah if you just head over to the tills that shouldn’t be a problem” as he eyed up what Alice was wearing


“That’s brilliant thanks for your help. Off to the tills we go then”


They walked through to where the tills were, Alice just tried her best to keep her head down and keep walking. The store was pretty busy which she was actually thankful for, meaning she was less likely to be spotted by anyone she knew.

However, she wasn’t so thankful when they got near the tills and found there was quite a lengthy queue……


As they joined the queue, Alice did her best to try and face her rear away from passers by as it was near the main walkway through the store. Fortunately the other side was just clothing rails, which in her mind at least offered a small amount of relief. 


As people began joining the queue behind them however, she realised unless she wanted to draw unwanted attention to herself for walking in a funny way, she couldn’t exactly stay standing side on for the duration of the queue. 


Looking back, Alice could see the first group of people that had joined the queue immediately behind them had been a group of 3 girls who looked to be around 14 or 15 years old. Standing at a kind of 45 degree angle, Alice just hoped they would be so engrossed in their conversation, which they did seem to be, that they wouldn’t pay any attention to what she was wearing.

As time went by the queue seemed to be moving at an alarmingly slow rate. It looked like there was an issue with one of the tills causing a hold up.

To top it off, Alice then noticed she had a steadily growing need to go to the bathroom. She thought about whether to keep quiet or say something to Brittney. Thinking it through she realised that unless she wanted to risk having an accident, she would at least at some point have to ask Brittney if she could use the toilets. And she figured the earlier she asked the better.


“Hey uuuhh. I hope you don’t mind. I could do with using the toilet if that’s ok. I can give you my card to pay for the stuff. You don’t mind do you if I head over there now quickly”


“Well only if you don’t mind being arrested for shop lifting silly. You’re wearing two security tags remember”


“Shit” muttered Alice under her breath as the realisation kicked in that she wouldn’t be getting out of this store and to a toilet any time soon. She couldn’t believe she had somehow forgotten that she was wearing clothes with the tags on. And she had just thought about walking out with them on.


“Let’s hope it won’t be too long. Well at least we put a back up measure in place…just in case huh?”


Brittney then leaned in and whispered in Alice’s ear as she embarrassingly patted her padded bottom.


“It’s what it’s there for after all”


Alice just hoped the girls behind hadn’t noticed what was going on.


There was no way on earth that she was going to let herself use her nappy right in front of Brittney like this. That would be the ultimate humiliation to give Brittney visual proof that Alice really did belong in nappies, which she had absolutely no intention of ever doing.


As the minutes ticked by, the queue had moved slightly, but there was still a fair way to go.


What concerned Alice even more, was that the queue appeared to have slowed down somewhat, and there seemed to be less staff than usual serving customers.


The queue eventually started moving along as they turned the corner to the final stretch of the queue.

She was now at a stage where she had to use up all her concentration up on ensuring she didn’t have an accident, that she could no longer solely focus on hiding her padded rear from the group of people behind her.

She was sure she could hear the girls behind her sniggering at something, but she wasn’t sure if she was just being paranoid. After all, she kind of had every reason to be paranoid with what she was wearing.


The queue was now continuing to move at a reasonable speed, there were maybe only 8 or 9 people in front of them, with 3 members of staff now serving customers.


However, the frequent small shuffles forward were really not doing Alice any favours.


2 people then moved up in one go, causing a jolt forward as Brittney pulled on Alice’s arm, unbalancing her as they stepped forward.

This was unfortunately the straw that broke the camels back as Alice felt a slight  but rather sudden loss of control.


She felt a spurt of pee escape her as her body began to lose the fight…..



“Uuuuuuummm Alice what are you doing?”


Without realising Alice had closed her eyes and was also biting her lip as she tried her hardest to remain calm and keep control ……..


“Uhhh…….oh sorry…….. nothing…….I’m not doing anything”


“Ooooohh my god you’re not are you?” as Brittney’s eyes moved down towards Alice waist 


“No Brittney!..….. I’m not………..I don’t know what you’re talking about okay” Alice said in hope that Brittney would keep her voice down and stop talking so loudly.


Alice knew if she could just weather the storm for a short time, she could hopefully get her body back under control, and maybe Brittney wouldn’t be able to notice she had ever so slightly wet her nappy. A few drops would surely not be noticeable in such a bulky nappy Alice thought to herself, should Brittney decide to subject her to a diaper check at anytime.


Continuing to try her best to hold on, Alice tried not to let on how desperate a state she was in. It would have been all too easy to have started doing a potty dance, which would no doubt cause a few chuckles from both Brittney, and the group of girls behind. Staying still was now proving a challenge.


She managed to gain back a small amount of composure and for a moment she thought she’d be able to hold it. 


A combination of the fact that the diaper held her legs pushed apart and the continued small shuffles forward made things all the more difficult. 


A couples of minutes later, and one more jolt forward from the queue gave Alice a real problem as she felt a few more spurts escape her…


Alice feared the worst this time, as the queue again shuffled forward, before she had any chance to gain back any control.


She knew it was only a matter of minutes until she could use a toilet, but right now, that seemed far too long to wait…..


As the queue then stopped again, Alice now stood in silence with her eyes squinted closed and her mouth slightly open.


This time however, she could no longer do anything to stop it happening. Right there, stood in the busy queue, with Brittney stood right next to her, she could feel herself uncontrollably filling her diaper like a baby. The warmth of her accident rapidly began to spread all the way across the front as she felt her diaper fill up. The pee just seemed to keep coming, like she hadn’t been to the bathroom for a week.


And much to her shock, and by far the worst of all, she hadn’t realised what else was happening at the same time………..

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