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It started with a onesie 1-7

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It started with a onesie


Chapter 1 - Christmas


For me it started a couple of Christmases back when I received a lovely green onesie as a present. I’d heard all about them being ‘the thing to wear’ and a friend had gone to the trouble of buying me one that encased my feet and had a ‘dropdown’ back flap as well. I thought it was a fun, though childish, item and at the time was surprised at just how comfortable it was to wear.


I have never worn it outside the house but often, when I get home from work, I just love to cast off all my clothes and climb into that soft, fleecy and welcoming garment. At first I simply thought I was being trendy, wearing something that was very ‘current’ but fashion being fashion, that look moved on… but I didn’t. Friends who call when I’m dressed in my onesie, smirk to themselves and say that I look like a rather strange adult-looking baby. I merely reply that I don’t care and that I want comfort, not opinions from the fashion police.


As it turned out, a few months after Christmas, for my birthday I received yet another onesie. Having raved about the one I had I suppose it made buying this one a bit easier for my friend. However, this time I’m sure my present-giver was either taking the piss or making a point about the whole ‘look’ being foolish. However, by making that particular point he’d taken the ‘look’ to the next ‘level’… so, the design is even ‘cuter!’


It is very childish; pale blue with rabbits and teddy bears all over it and, as if it was possible, even more snug to climb into. I’ve left my green onesie in the wardrobe and now wear, and sleep, in this one just about all the time. I’m not sure if it’s the same for everyone, but I find just wearing my comfy onesie makes me so much more relaxed. I also find, much to my surprise, that I am going to bed much earlier, sleeping deeper and waking far more alert than I used to. It is like going back to my childhood, and I have to say, I really enjoy the feel of reliving that less stressful time in my life.


As my mates seem to think I’m silly and are not in the least interested in – as they call it - ‘my thing for babywear’, I thought I’d better look online to see if there are others who have the same experience as myself… and really love their onesie. I was, and still am, happily surprised to find loads of newsgroups and Tumblr images full of guys that enjoy onesies as much as I do. There are some who appear to love them even more and have taken the wearing of them to a different intensity.


There are loads of images of men and youths who seem to have adopted the idea of complete regression while wearing the onesie. They are happy to wear childish, snug and colourful designs plus, to complete the image; they have a dummy (pacifier), drink from a baby’s bottle, wear a nappy (diaper) and appear to be looked after by a caring partner. At first I thought it all a bit strange but, in most of the images, everyone looks so at ease, comfortable and content with being who they are… and more especially, in what they are wearing. I found it all so damn cute.


I’ve begun to think that I’d like to try all that for myself. You know, wearing a nappy to sleep in (heavens that takes me right back) and not caring what anyone else thinks, just letting go of being grown-up and enjoying letting my adulthood fade away for a few hours. I don’t have a partner to try it out with so it is down to me. According to the many online sites, adults and youths wearing nappies seem to be a bigger ‘fetish’ than I could have imagined, and some appear to have been into it for many years. Those who I could send messages to, and ask questions about what they do and what they wear, seem happy to chat. Some said that they just liked the feel of being a child again, it was an escape, others found it a turn-on, and some were ordered to wear them by a partner who liked control, while others passed it off as a ‘medical’ necessity. Whatever the reason I was constantly encouraged to try it out and see for myself. So, as I was already part way there with my onesie, I thought I may as well wear a nappy and my onesie together one night and see how it went.


I love it even more. It was like the first time I wore my onesie, it all felt completely natural and I really felt relaxed and content. I’d been advised by some of the guys I chatted to online that it might take a bit of time to get used to the extra bulk between my legs but, I can honestly say, I don’t think I’ve ever slept better… with the possible exception of when I was a baby.


So, thanks for the encouragement to all you guys on the net who, like me, have taken to this particular ‘fetish’ and find it both liberating and a revelation. I’m sure it is all in my head and that somehow I’ve just talked myself into this whole thing… and if I have… I am really glad. Even though I don’t consider myself an Adult/Baby I can see the positive in it. We’re all different and I’m sure we all get our own rewards from wearing the things we do... whatever that might be. My nappies come from the local chemist but to my surprise I was astounded at how much anyone could buy from eBay if they were too shy to go into a shop. Adult sized plastic and rubber pants, onesies specially made up for you and some outrageous ‘other’ items and outfits that might be fun to try at some point.


I might be exploring this particular interest for some time as I can see there is more to it than at first appears. I know I don’t want to be a full time baby (I still have a job) but I do enjoy the feeling when I’m at home and dressed as one. To have a dummy in my mouth, while I cuddle on a big, soft stuffed animal gives me a superb, blissful feeling. More recently, I now often wear a nappy under my suit to work and that gives me a great feeling of satisfaction for the entire day.


Before you ask, and although many guys and women love that side of things, no, I don’t wet or mess my nappy as that isn’t what I’m into. However, I am excited about something… my new short-legged, Sponge Bob Square Pants onesie is on its way and I can’t wait to wear that with the new terry towelling nappy and thick rubber pants I have waiting.



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Chapter 2 - Update


I have become infatuated with SpongeBob Square Pants. Although I knew his name before I got my onesie, I’d never seen the cartoon programme but now, I like nothing better than to sit in front of the TV and enjoy his adventures. It’s complete madness and yet I get caught up in what’s going on as I stare at the screen whilst wearing a thick nappy, SpongeBob plastic pants, my hero emblazoned t-shirt and sox... I even have his smiling, goofy looking face on my underwear for work.


In fact, since I’ve come to terms with my ABDL side, even if I have been denying I had one, I have been so much happier. At work I am far more content, easier to get on with, even friendly and, according to my boss, I’m in line for promotion. It’s hard to believe that SpongeBob is the cause of this, and I suppose it isn’t all down to him, but living the life I have now embraced is certainly giving me a new view on all that is good in the world. That may sound silly, it may go against what should happen, all I know is, I am unbelievably happy.


As soon as I get home I dispense with the suit (and my smiling yellow undies) and slip on a thick nappy and plastic pants and spend the rest of the evening dressed in just those. I have colouring books, picture books and even books that let me cut out outfits to dress up paper dolls. I can spend hours changing their ‘clothing’ and having conversations, adventures and exciting tea parties with them. My LEGO set has made it so I can create houses, palaces, castles or just about anything for them, or my other toys, to live.


My bigger (recently acquired) stuffed toys get to sleep with me but we can have incredible journeys to far off lands as they trek around my room, climbing over pillows, conquering the sofa or visiting the chilly north (or fridge as it is sometimes known). My imagination has either been reborn or let loose and as I wriggle and giggle at my toy’s antics, the thickness of the nappy and crinkle of the plastic pants reminds me how to have fun… with no restrictions.


I have met a couple of other ABDLs but they weren’t for me. They wanted to do grown-up things like smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs or have sex… and that isn’t what I want when I’m in my little zone - I just want to play. I want them to enter into the same state I am in and forget all that silly stuff, and just enjoy being silly. I’m looking for playmates and I suppose a daddy who wants either to be, or let me be, little.


If I got a daddy I realise that I’d have to wear what I’m told, take a nap when I’m told and … in general… do what I’m told and I think that might be fun. If I had playmates it would be good to splash in the tub together, or eat cupcakes, or drink our milk from sippy cups. I’m sure it would all be good and we’d have a brilliant time.


And when I had to go to work, I’d lose my nappy, plastic pants and onesie, slip on my cartoon briefs, pull on my suit and eagerly count the hours until I could be home again to start the entire process all over again.



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I have enjoyed many of your stories, including this one.

My question is what kind of garment is being discussed?

The USA and the UK are two peoples divided by a common language in which words have a different meaning. In this case as an American when I think of a Onesies I mean the trademarked garment of Gerber which is like a shirt with a flap through the crotch to hold a diaper snug.

My UK friends use the term onesies to mean what in the USA is called a footed sleeper either with or without a drop seat to facilitate diaper changes.

May I assume you are thinking of a garment without a snap crotch?

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Hi Angela

The onesie I start the story about is in fact a footed sleeper but we call it a onesie.

However, I still call it a onesie when I mean the snap crotch item as we (or perhaps I mean me) call that a onesie too (if you get my drift?)

I'll be surprised if this hasn't confused you more but I hope we are all agreed... they are both a (nice) babyish item of clothing to wear.:D


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Dear Les,

No worries about confusion! I've been communicating about the challenges of poor bladder control since I was 6 years old. My Mom had taught me to type. For practice she encouraged me to become pen pals with children of friends her family had made all over the world.

I know I was familiar with the term 'nappies' even when my Mom did not know the meaning because my best and most interesting pen pal was a girl two years older than me who lived in York.

In the Onesies story I asked in a post because possibly other readers would be confused. Thanks for the clarification.


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Chapter 3 - A Further Update – A Possible Daddy



I never thought things would move on so quickly. One minute I’m happily playing on my own and the next I’m thinking of becoming someone else’s toddler.


I met Brian online in an ABDL chat group. He wanted to be someone’s Daddy and, after we’d exchanged a few messages, he asked if I wanted to meet up.


I was nervous, and have to admit it, I was afraid. I know I’m an adult but the prospect of meeting someone like Brian was a huge and very scary step. However, I’d come this far and, in truth, wanted to see where all this would lead - so we agreed to meet at a McDonalds in the city centre. I didn’t want to feel I couldn’t excuse myself if it all got a bit uncomfortable so a public space seemed a natural choice.


That morning dressing was a problem. I wasn’t sure how to appear on our first meeting but I realised that anything too babyish would be out of the question… for me at least. I may be happy to wear such things in private but it was something else to wear them in public. However, after my shower, I slipped on a couple of pairs of pull-ups and covered them with my favourite yellow plastic pants. There was a slight pleasing rustling as I walked and I quite liked that, and I liked it even more when I put on my SpongeBob t-shirt. Looking in the mirror I thought I looked ‘youngish’ and hoped that Brian would appreciate the little bit of padding and the ‘fun’ look.  However, I wasn’t going out just like that so quickly pulled on a yellow shirt, blue jeans and finished the look with a pair of yellow trainers.


It was Saturday morning so the place was packed but I recognised him immediately when I saw him sitting in a window seat. I was dressed casual so I looked like the majority of the customers but he was wearing a three piece suit. Although he had said he was only 10 years older than I was, he looked far more grown-up. He didn’t look old, he just looked… adult.


He greeted me with a huge smile, “Hello young man,” and invited me to sit down in the seat opposite. We didn’t shake hands, that would have seemed too formal and I suppose inappropriate for a possible ‘Daddy’ and ‘son’ to do, but he did whisper that he thought I looked ‘very special’.


I was slightly relieved, we seemed to have got off to a good start and, although I was pretty shy our conversation went on for quite some time. I found his eyes glittering, inquiring and sometimes, a little intense and at those moments I usually looked down when I answered. It was strange, I did feel like I was a little kid and my speech was peppered with silly nervous giggles and far too many flustered replies.


I wriggled in the comfort of my padding when he asked me if I was wearing a nappy. I told him what I had on and he beamed a huge smile and said that was just the type of thing he would want me to wear. I wriggled some more enjoying the sensation and because I was idiotically pleased that I’d pleased him.


It was getting near lunchtime and he asked if I wanted something to eat and despite my nerves I said that sounded a great idea. He went to the counter and a few minutes later arrived back with a Happy Meal for me and a large coffee for himself. Oddly enough, though I’d had many burgers from McDonalds in the past, I’d never had a Happy Meal in my life and I was a little uneasy about opening the box with other people around.


I have no idea why this simple action should have worried me but it did, so, it was with a great deal of unease that I eventually delved into the contents. It was only when I realised there was a toy included that I thought that this might be some kind of test. Did he want to see how I’d react, and then play, with this little gift?


I didn’t do much with the Disney character but he was one of my favourites from the latest blockbusting movie, so I said a line from the film.  This had Brian laughing and I then tucked into the rest of my food.


I talked about work. How nice it was now and how I was happy there… even though it didn’t pay a lot. I told him I was hoping for some promotion as it was a struggle to pay the rent, maybe even afford to learn to drive instead of catching buses everywhere but mainly how much I loved being little whenever I got the chance.


After a while he checked his watch and apologised but said he had to be somewhere. I was a bit sad and thought I must have done something wrong. He saw the expression on my face and said that little boys should never frown… they should always be happy… and encouraged to be happy. He asked me if I wanted a lift back home and in truth, I didn’t want to stay in town, I wanted to get back home and change into my thick nappy and play with my new toy.


As he drove he rested his hand on the front of my jeans and caressed the padding underneath. I liked his touch. It wasn’t aggressive or overly sexual, just an appreciation of what was there. Once home I asked if he wanted to come in but he smiled and said that although he’d like to, he really did have to be somewhere else. However, he handed me a card with his name and a telephone number and said that if I’d like him to be my Daddy to just call. He knew it was a big step and I should take my time to think about it, but, if I did call, he wanted me to say “Daddy, please come and get me” and he’d be around to pick me up as soon as he could.


As I lay on my stomach wearing only a nappy and cartoon covered plastic pants I played with my new toy. He quickly became part of the ‘Super League of Heroes’ I had invented and he set about helping his friends save the world. The rest of the weekend was given over to my LEGO and I made a new ‘Castle of Courage’ for the heroes and a ‘Fortress of Fear’ for the baddies.


However, during the week work didn’t occupy my mind like it should and I was thinking more and more of Brian. Did I want a Daddy, and if I did, would I be happy with someone else making my decisions? A couple of times I almost called him but it wasn’t until Friday afternoon I actually placed the call. It rung, and I nervously swallowed in anticipation. On the third ring it was answered. I heard his voice say ‘Hello’ and I coughed slightly.


“Daddy, please come and get me”



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Chapter 4 - Daddy’s Visit


“I’ll be there in 30 minutes.” There was a slight pause and then Bri… I mean Daddy asked what was I wearing.


“I’ve just got in from work so… my work clothes.”


“My work clothes… what?”


“My work clothes…” I was a quick learner, “Daddy” And as I said THAT word I felt a shiver run down my spine.


“Are you padded?”


“Not yet… Daddy… but I will be by the time you arrive.” Saying that word, even for only the third time on the phone, was having a powerful effect on me. I felt some of my 23 years slipping away and I wondered what I’d be like when he eventually arrived.


“No-no little one. Daddy will dress you.” His tone was soothing, as you’d talk to a toddler who didn’t understand. “Daddy will do everything for his little fella. You just find your favourite toy or stuffed animal to play with until I get there.” He paused for a moment. “Can you do that for Daddy?”


His words was almost hypnotising as I felt my voice falter and reply in a very quiet and childish way. “Yes Daddy.”


“Good boy. Daddy will be there soon.”


“Thank you Daddy,” my voice almost trailed off to a whisper.


The call ended and I found myself stranding in my room wondering what my next move should be. I wanted to strip out of my work suit and climb into a onesie, or fix myself in a nice thick nappy or… but, I’d been given my instructions and if I wanted this Daddy thing to work, I had to do as I was told.


I went off to my bedroom, looked longingly at the terry nappy and yellow plastic pants and my SpongeBob onesie that I had already prepared for my return home from work, and sighed. I didn’t even dare to take off my shoes or jacket and tie and I felt silly not being able to undertake even these simple things. I know I could have if I’d really wanted to but, and it was a big but, that would have defeated what this was about. 


Just wait and see how it goes.

Don’t force it.

Don’t fight it.

Don’t anticipate what Daddy wants.

Just go with it and enjoy it.


The desire just to rip off all my clothes and settle into my thick nappy was beginning to overwhelm me and, for someone who, just a few weeks ago would never have admitted to thinking about, never mind having, these urges it was proving more than a bit of a challenge.


Daddy had said to play while I waited but it just didn’t seem right, dressed as I was, to race my toys across the floor. I grabbed my favourite bear and hugged him close and immediately I felt better. His furry head tickled my nose as I rubbed him against my face and the soft downy coat was lovely to touch. I sat down and snuggled him and we quietly chatted to one and other until Daddy came.


I was dozing in the chair when I heard the knock. My wits returned and I moved quickly to answer the second knock. I opened the door still holding onto my bear and Daddy smiled, which made me cast my eyes to the floor but feel happy that I’d made him smile.


“A welcome committee,” and he walked in ruffled my hair and gently patted the bears head, “how nice.”


I wasn’t too sure of my next move but I swallowed hard and put my arms around his legs and hugged him hard. “Thank you for coming Daddy.”


His strong, manly hand stroked my head and he let me hold him like that for a few minutes before he gently eased me away and said: “Right, let’s get my sweet little boy ready.”


He pulled a white plastic dummy from his pocket and slipped it between my lips.


“When you have the dummy in, no talking… and… never… never… talk back to Daddy or any other adult.” He searched my eyes for understanding, “OK?”


I was surprised at the sudden appearance of such a thing in my mouth but, as I naturally sucked on the teat, I nodded back.


“Good boy.” And he ruffled my hair again and guided towards my bedroom.


He saw all the things I’d prepared for myself to wear laid out on the bed and nodded, “Very nice… show me what else you have.”


I opened my closet with my onesies hung up, the shelves of diapers and plastic pants and the big box of pull-ups I’d recently bought.


“OK baby… let’s get you ready.”


He helped me out of my suit and hung each item back in the closet. Jacket, tie and shirt were first, shoes, socks and trousers next. Throughout it all his gentle hands took control and all I had to do was suck on my dummy, which I did. I wondered what would happen when he got down to my SpongeBob briefs but he was all smiles as he pulled them off and I stood naked in front of him. The nervousness I thought I’d have just wasn’t happening. I was surprised when he gave me my teddy back and told me to snuggle him while he went to the bathroom to get something else.


Teddy was lovely to snuggle and being naked made it all the nicer but moments later Daddy came back with hot water, shaving foam and my razor.


“I want my baby boy to know that is what he is. I want you to know that you have a Daddy who cares for you and appreciates every little thing about you and… to make that ‘little’ boy inside you snug and happy when he’s with me.”


I sucked hard on my dummy and held teddy even closer but his words soothed me and I didn’t mind that I was going to be shaved. I’m not a hairy person but I did have hair… besides, what Daddy wants a hairy baby? I trusted him and gave myself over completely to his ministrations.


Once he’d cleared all the areas of surplus hair he oiled and applied lotion and thoroughly rubbed it in. It made me giggle. He blew raspberries against my belly, tickled me and sprinkled baby powder all over my body. I love the smell of baby powder and his gentle fingers slowly massaging all over my skin was a wonderful sensation.


Throughout this process I hadn’t said a word; just smiled, giggled and sucked on my dummy. It was amazing just how quickly I had slipped into my part and, as he fed a thick nappy under my bottom, pulled it firmly up between my legs and pinned it into place, I was very, very happy. He pulled a pair of pink plastic pants over them and then helped me into my childish, but super, onesie decorated with rabbits.


Once he was happy with the overall look, he pushed the hair from my eyes and told me what a good boy I’d been. I looked in the mirror and the tightness of the onesie really emphasised the bulging nappy. He hugged me close and kissed the top of my head. I hugged him back.


“OK… you look soooo cute.” I felt cute. I felt like a toddler. I felt Daddy was in charge and I’d do anything for him.


He went and picked up my stuffed backpack, which I hadn’t seen him fill, and held out his hand for me to hold. I suddenly realised we were going outside and I was gripped with apprehension - I just wasn’t ready to make that big a move. He picked up my keys from the bowl near the door and as soon as he opened it I was paralysed with fear. I couldn’t even take a step. All my anxieties about being seen dressed this way flooded my system… and my nappy… and, as if on cue, I began to cry.


“Come on baby boy, this is what you need.” I looked into his eyes and they were encouraging but I didn’t doubt for a moment that he meant business. Daddy was in charge but I was still scared.


My mind was screaming “NO” but with my warm pee telling me I really was just a little kid so I didn’t get to make decisions, he clasped my hand tighter.


With my reluctance ebbing he simply guided me out the door, locked up and was leading me, wet and waddling, towards his car. This wasn’t what I was expecting. I didn’t want other people to see but, it was too late, I was dressed as I was and out in public. I wanted to ask him to take me back in and change me and then I’m sure I’d be OK to try again but all I actually did was continue to sob and frantically suck on my dummy as he fastened me into the rear seat.


Once I was secure he climbed in to the driver’s seat, looked over his shoulder, passed me my teddy bear and said it was time for us to get going.


“This,” he promised, “is going to be the best time of your life.”



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Chapter 5 - Not What I Was Expecting


As we made our way to wherever we were going I sat wet, miserable and dejected in the back. Down each street we drove I was convinced that everybody was looking at me, even though I didn’t actually see any kind of recognition to my ‘kiddie’ situation.  All the way through the journey I was clutching my teddy tightly but even he was having a hard time making me relax. I sucked continuously on my dummy as Daddy played some music from a recent Disney movie, he encouraged me to sing along but I was still too panicky to do that.


I kept saying to myself that this could not be happening. This wasn’t what I wanted. This just wasn’t me… and yet, I had slipped into being a little boy, under the complete control of his Daddy, with hardly any protest. When Daddy spoke to me, or ruffled my hair, or praised me in some way I felt that my ‘little’ world was complete. He’d done exactly what he said he’d do… and I’d let him… although, I was beginning to wonder if I ever consciously had any say in the proceedings. My damp nappy wasn’t helping my thoughts but at least I didn’t feel any self-reproach when all these anxieties made me wet again. Eventually we arrived at our destination. I began to try and unfasten the seat belts but Daddy just told me to sit and wait, he’d see to it all.


We were standing out front of a building that looked like it was an old church. Daddy was holding my hand and I was holding teddy’s when he rang the bell. I was more than a little uneasy with what lay beyond the door but Daddy was being very positive in allaying my fears. He was just telling me what a fantastic place this converted church was when the door was opened by a very nice, good-looking woman.


“Hello,” she chirruped, “you must be Daddy Brian.” She looked down at me, well it felt like she looked down at me because I was feeling very small, and said “And who’s this fine looking young man?” I blushed and my eyes sought a hiding place on the ground.


Daddy looked proudly at me. “This is Baby Leslie. Say hello to the nice lady sweetheart.”


I was flushed, I was wet, I had a dummy in my mouth so it came out as “Hewoo”, and she bent down and kissed my head.


“What a nice, polite boy… let’s get you both inside.”


I didn’t know what to expect but I certainly wasn’t expecting what was to come.


As she guided us through a heavy double door we were greeted by a huge, brightly lit, colourful area that was noisy with half a dozen ‘ABDL’ at play. The place had undoubtedly been a church at some point but now, with all the pews taken away and all the walls painted with incredible cartoon images; it was just a fantastic kindergarten… for people like me.


I looked up at Daddy in shock. He smiled, let go of my hand and said, “OK little man… go and play while I talk to this nice lady.”


Another lady took hold of my hand and introduced me to the others. She clapped her hands and all the kids turned their attention to her. “Boys and girls, we have a new playmate… this is Little Leslie.” She waited for the chorus of “Hello Leslies” to die down. “So, as this is his first visit, who’s going to look after him?” Every one of the toddlers put up their hand and I soon found myself mobbed by a throng of new friends eager to play. Within seconds I was crawling around on the floor, pushing a huge fire-engine around and making siren noises.


There were other four boys, two girls and me. We were a cross-section of ages but, at a guess, I’d say none of us were older than five. Two of the boys were wearing only disposables fastened tightly into place. One of the others had a thick nappy covered with a pair of Disney character plastic pants, whilst the other was in a short onesie festooned with pink kittens, his ultra-thick nappy making walking very difficult. One of the girls was wearing a short little pink dress that displayed her frilly pink plastic pants which also tightly covered her terry cotton nappy. The other girl, Princess, who had joined me in the race for my fire-engine to save a girl (her) trapped in a burning building, was wearing the whitest nappy I’d ever seen. She also had one of the shortest little white skirts on but it had gold sleeves and, close up, I could see that there were flecks of gold on the seat of her nappy. She looked glorious, indeed, everyone in their own way did and the manner in which we were dressed wasn’t hampering the hectic play that was going on.  


I noticed that when they all ‘talked’ to each other it was all in baby-talk. Adulthood was definitely not allowed in this play area and I was again surprised how quickly I slipped into talking the same way. The other girl in pink was called Baby Blushes, the two boys wearing only disposables were Ricky and Paulie. The toddler in the cartoon plastic pants was Toby and the boy in the pink kitten onesie was called Baby Paws. It was great to be able to throw myself into all the fun with others. Up until that moment my pleasure had only been taken on my own but now, this was a whole new adventure and I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Even my damp nappy wasn’t going to hinder any of the games, although at times I felt it squish a bit too much. All the Mummies and Daddies were watching their little ones from a sort of little café area which looked down from above. It all seemed very social and I couldn’t get over the fact that such a place existed. 


A whistle blew and there was an audible sigh from the others and the games came to an end. Each one of us waddled, crawled or tottered to our Mummy or Daddy who was waiting with a bottle of juice, milk or formula. Hands delved into nappies to see if we were wet and a couple of us, me included, were led to one side, spread out on changing mats and cleaned up. Daddy took off my rabbit onesie (Princess had renamed me ‘Bunny’ because of that and was in fits of laughter when she called me it for the first time. I quite liked the name), pulled off my plastic pants and was amazed at how bloated my nappy had become.


“Well, well, my little hero has been busy.”


He popped in another dummy and I giggled as he tickled and cleaned me up. With the wipes and creams applied he unzipped my backpack, removed a couple of pull-ups and slipped them both down my legs. He then fidgeted in his jacket pocket for a moment before producing a little plastic bag which he opened. He removed its contents and with a big smile unfolded a new pair of plastic pants with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger all over them. Despite SpongeBob being my current favourite character, I have to admit that in my childhood it was always these two, no three with Christopher Robin, who were my heroes. How did Daddy know? He slipped them up and over the double pull-ups and I was so happy I gave him a huge hug. Other Mummies and Daddies that were nearby all sighed at my response and I was surrounded by smiling adults, all cooing and stroking my crinkly, plastic, Pooh covered bottom… and I didn’t mind. In fact, I loved it.


Daddy scooped me up and led me toward an armchair, which he sat in and held me on his lap. The lady who had met us at the door handed him a baby’s bottle full of warm milk and he gently aimed it towards my lips. This was another first for me but I gratefully accepted the warm teat and sucked in the pleasant tasting liquid. He rocked me gently as I was being fed and I could hear all the other kids also being suckled.


It had been a long day so I closed my eyes and began drift off. He softly stroked my bare arms, hummed some little tune and I felt really happy, dry and warm laying against his chest and nestling in the crook of his manly arm. My last thoughts were – this was not what I was expecting - and then I fell into a deep, deep sleep.



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Chapter 6 - Morning


As I woke up I began to realise several things: I was face down on a mattress covered in plastic, I felt warm and comfortable but damp between my legs, I had a dummy in my mouth and I could smell babies. The smell of pee, poo and powder was overwhelming and as I became more focused I realised that it wasn’t just me. In several cribs around the room others like me were just waking up and mummies, daddies, and the helpers we were told to call nanny, were all greeting the day with a change for their little ones. Nappies, disposables, pull-ups, plastic and rubber pants, onesies and some adorable, colourful outfits were all being readied for the day ahead.


“Morning Little Bunny.” Daddy was moving towards the crib armed with my change of clothes. My pull-ups were sodden but the Pooh pants had kept all the wetness from anywhere else.


I still had the dummy in my mouth so my greeting once again came out as “Hewoo”, which brought a huge smile to his face.


“I like Little Bunny as your new name,” the smile was quite infectious and I found myself happy that he was happy. “Princess has got everyone calling you that now… and I think it’s very appropriate. My little man is a sweet, fluffy little bundle of fun.” And he tickled my belly. Not surprisingly I giggled as he removed my soggy clothes, cleaned up and began to dress me.


Since Daddy changed me yesterday I hadn’t had a proper conversation with him. Like the rest of the ‘kids’ I’d spoken in clipped babytalk and enjoyed doing so. In fact, I’d enjoyed everything that had happened so far, even if I wasn’t aware of how I came to be sleeping in a crib. I had no idea what time it was but as I felt I’d slept for quite a while I assumed it must be morning and all the business that was going on around me certainly gave that impression. I had no idea how Daddy had transferred me from his arms to the crib, or how I could have slept so deeply that I wasn’t conscious of what was going on. I wondered if the milk had been spiked but, there was no reason for that to happen, I was happy to go along with whatever pleased Daddy.


As he dressed me he was telling me what a good, but sleepy, little boy I’d been. With the dummy in my mouth I remembered that I wasn’t allowed to talk but I did smile, giggle and make happy noises, which I hoped was a good enough reaction. My pull-ups were a little more messy than soggy and I suddenly felt embarrassed that he was having to change such a smelly boy but he didn’t seem worried or put out at all. Like a professional he had me wiped, cleaned, powdered and fitted with an extremely thick disposable in a just a few seconds.


That was all I was wearing as he lifted me from the crib, placed me in one of the four highchairs that were available, fastened me in and began feeding me with a plastic spoon in the shape of an aeroplane. It was a sort of honey and porridge concoction that I have to admit was particularly tasty. My bib, unlike some of the other being fed, was spotless as the food was eagerly eaten with no spills or dribbles. Again I got a “Good boy” every time I ate a spoonful and when I’d finished my dish. I could easily have consumed some more and wondered how I went about asking for another helping when I had my dummy put back in and I was lifted out and taken back over to the crib. Walking holding Daddy’s hand was funny and I could tell that this time the huge nappy was meant to make me waddle. He pulled a pair of pink plastic pants over the thick padding and then fed my arms through a completely new onesie. This was pink but with a huge, single cartoon-style baby bunny on the chest and it fastened between my legs so it held the nappy and pants tightly in place. I had no idea where or when he’d been able to purchase or… well, I was just dumbfounded at the lengths Daddy went to to make me his boy… his happy baby boy.


One of the nannies took hold of my hand and guided me away from the sleeping and eating area and into the play circle. Again, my slow waddling movement, though restricting, was a pleasant experience. The thick nappy being hugged tightly in place made me feel safe and secure, while the atmosphere in the kindergarten was a place of fun, pleasure and protection.


I saw a big mound of stuffed animals in the middle of the circle and shuffled towards it. There were plenty of other toys around but this hill of animals was intriguing and I wanted to climb up and reach a really nice looking giraffe at its summit. As I placed my foot on the first toy a little face with whiskers suddenly appeared. It was Baby Paws. I’m not sure how old he was really but I would have said he was easily the youngest of the group, possibly a teenbaby, I couldn’t be sure. Like the day before he didn’t say anything he just mewed, purred or sniffed around any of the other ‘kids’ that were playing. He had his dummy in and it had whiskers painted on it so he did look like a little kitten. His all-in-one onesie was a fantastic creation. A nylon ripstop fabric in various shades of pink that covered his entire body but was semi-transparent and you could see his thick nappy underneath. All parts of it could be opened, tightened, loosened or removed by Velcro strips but the main impression you got was how it suited him… he looked so cute.


Not only did he look cute but he had one of the most soft and loving demeanours of any of the babies. When he got up close he would lick you, or your plastic pants, face, nappy, legs... it didn’t matter… it was as if he was checking you out by licking. He would smile and purr if he settled down nearby and his mittened hands would gently paw you. It was nice to be playing with him because he appeared to be another stuffed creature but real. I really liked him and I planned on us making a zoo together, or an ark, or a safari park. We got everyone involved and even had a bit of a circus going at one point. His Mummy was a very elegant lady. She poured nonstop affection on him and was constantly saying what a good kitten he was. He never spoke just made those sweet appreciative animal noises.


Princess wasn’t around so I guessed her Daddy had taken her home. Baby Blushes was dressed in a huge pink satin dress that had loads of ruffles under it. This was set off with a thick nappy which was covered in the same shiny material with matching lacy frills. Her mummy kept readjusting her knickers and re-fluffing out her dress but was obviously very proud of her little girl. Toby, who was perhaps the oldest of the group, was being looked after by the nanny, who had got him dressed completely in a Disney character clothes; t-shirt, bib, sox and his clean white disposable nappy had Disney characters around the waistband. His plastic pants were only added later when he was checked and found to have wet himself. Both Ricky and Paulie had matching romper suits on, although it was obvious that Paulie had a much thicker nappy on underneath… it was huge.


I’d never had so much fun playing. Even as a child I’d been very much the loner and it was only as a grown-up I’d begun to have friends. It suddenly struck me that since I’d got my first onesie and I’d developed this… interest… I had let my workmates and friends go. I no longer sought their company and I think they began to eye me with suspicion and a bit of a weirdo. How they could have got such an idea I do not know as I threw myself into yet another game with my new friends.


I’d been playing all morning. I knew Daddy was keeping an eye on me, as were all the nannies and other mummies and daddies, to make sure none of us hurt ourselves or got into difficulties… or simply needed changing. In fact, regular hands would delve down the back of our nappies, or snap fasteners undone as our damp status was checked before we were allowed to continue our playtime. Wet bottoms were quickly wiped and powdered with absolute efficiency and more new ‘babies’ joined our happy, noisy, giggly gathering.



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Chapter 7 - Strange Thoughts


I was absolutely infatuated with Baby Paws. He was like no one else in our group of nappy-loving ‘boys’ and ‘girls’. Although we all had other clothing it was the thick daily protection that made us as one but Baby Paws, or more than likely his Mummy, had taken that ‘obsession’ to another level. His nonspeaking but animal communication was fantastic. He was like a small kitten exploring the world through touch, taste and smell and he looked the part to perfection (purr-fection?).


I wasn’t obsessed by him. I happily played, crawled around, squealed with delight and joined in the little games we all got involved in but it was really very nice when he came and curled up by your side, or rested his head in your cushioned lap. You found yourself stoking him, patting his furry nappy through his ‘cat-suit’ and getting quite giddy if he looked up with his whiskered dummy in his mouth and those big, big eyes looking, with a sense of wonder, right back at you. He was completely encased in his see-thru but feline looking onesie, even his hands had mittens and his feet were similarly covered.


“Bunny” I heard my new name being called. “Come here sweetheart it’s time for a check and some din-dins.” Daddy was calling me over holding a fresh nappy.


I didn’t really want to leave my friends – Ricky had just built a castle with cushions and Paulie’s bulky bottom was a joy to behold as he started crawling to the top. Toby, Baby Blushes and two new ‘babies’ were involved in an elaborate tea party, which included several stuffed animals and one of the nannies as guest of honour… I think it was supposed to be her birthday. Meanwhile, I just wanted to play. I wasn’t wet, I wasn’t hungry and I didn’t want my game spoiling… so I waddled away as fast as I could.


“Bunny,” his voice was much sterner, “come here NOW.” But I pretended not to hear him and started a new game of ‘sudden interest’ - as if the toy figure I had just picked up was the most interesting thing I’d ever seen. Daddy called again but I saw a gap in the mountain of cushions and slipped into my new hidey-hole. It was dark in my bunny burrow but I had a toy and thought no one would find me if I piled more soft toys and cushions on top of me. It was very comfortable and I could just make out movement and some of the noise on the outside. I immediately felt very sleepy and closed my eyes, just for a minute…


Suddenly I found myself being yanked from my hiding place by my leg. The grip was tight and I was a little bit disorientated as I was dragged into the light. Daddy didn’t look pleased at all.


“We’ve been looking everywhere for you young man,” he was at his sternest. “You’re a very naughty boy.”


I was still coming round from my quick nap (although I didn’t have any idea how long I’d been asleep)


“The place has been in tumult trying to find you for over an hour…” He was fuming, “We wondered what had happened to you.”


As he was saying this I could feel him popping the studs on my onesie and pulling down my plastic pants.


“You’re soaked through.” I didn’t know I was wet and I didn’t remember wetting myself, “You’ll be getting a rash…”


My disposable was removed and I became aware of others standing around; all the babies, the nannies, the mummies and daddies and I felt a dummy being pushed between my lips. I felt a light breeze around my naked bottom as I was quickly pulled across daddy’s lap.  I was still wondering why everyone was watching when I felt the first slap.


Smack, smack, smack.


“This is what happens to naughty boys who disobey their Daddy.”


Smack, smack, smack.


I was shocked and the spanking was really painful. I tried to kick out but I was held tightly. My crying and squealing and begging and saying I was ‘sowwy’ wasn’t stopping the barrage of blows being delivered by Daddy’s huge hands. The pain was getting too much but there was nothing I could do to relieve the pain and the embarrassment I felt with those watching. I was still thrashing about but I closed my eyes trying to block out the agony that was being delivered to my bare bum, whilst biting into my dummy as each slap descended.


When I opened them again something had changed. In fact, everything had changed.


I was in bed, caught up in the bedding and with my thumb in my mouth. At first I wondered how I got put back in the crib but then I realised I was no longer in a crib, I was back home. As I slowly untangled myself from the mass of bed linen I heaved myself to my feet and looked down at myself. I was wearing my new SpongeBob short onesie, with a huge nappy underneath. I looked across to the mirror and saw the reflection of a big baby looking back. The baby was smiling back and looking very relieved.


I looked at the blue digital numbers on the clock and it struck me that I had slept in, I was going to be late for work if I didn’t get a move on. I quickly stripped out of my ‘pyjamas’ and was astonished to find that I had actually wet my nappy. As I gratefully stepped under the shower I was a little confused but laughing to my stupidity.


Where had I gone?

How deep did I sleep?

What the hell was I thinking?

Surely a onesie didn’t have ‘magical’ powers?


As the warm spray dragged me back to reality I caught sight of my discarded nappy and onesie on the bathroom floor. Gradually my laughter began to grow. It grew louder and louder and soon verged on the hysterical. How could my innocent dalliance with SpongeBob, whose crazy, bucktooth smile appeared to be mocking me, have created such a complex…






++++the end++++

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OMG. I loved that SO MUCH.  I was just sure baby Leslie was in for a rough time with daddy Brian.  Did you read my mind as to the perfect little nursery to drop him into?  All the littles were adorable, esp kitten and frilly Ruffle.

this is your best story EVER.


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Thank you, thank you, thank you :D

I always get excited when I see there's a comment against one of my stories and it pleases me to know that it has resonated so well with both of you... so again, THANKS.

I try to have an end to my stories as I'm not very good at keeping things going for too long. Quite often I just put stories directly into 'complete' and hope you enjoy them as well.

Again, I appreciate you taking time out to post a comment :)

All the best

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Loved it! I have often thought of joining other adults who wear diapers. I am not really into the adult baby thing though and the thought of seeing another adult being babied kind of puts me off a bit. I know I could handle seeing an adult in a diaper. I see that all the time. It’s the banking I would need to get used to. You have indeed put together another fantastic story and I truly appreciate them. I am working hard at getting caught back up again but always seem to remain three to four days back on posts. 

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