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Drinking and bedwetting

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On ‎2017‎-‎02‎-‎27 at 6:33 PM, thedman said:

I usually only wet in my sleep 1 to 2 times per week at max which is still enough to justify diapers every night. That and the fact that I usually flood about 10 seconds after I stand up. But I have done some experimenting and I can pretty much guarantee that if I have a beer within an hour before bed I will wake up wet

Did you wet the bed when you were younger like into puberty or your teens? I find that a lot of people who start to do it in their adult years did it when they were younger. Once or twice a week isn't such a big deal but going 10 seconds after you stand up seems a bit unusual. And wetting after having one beer seems unusual too. For me it usually takes three or four beers or other alcohol drinks.

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Actually, flooding after standing up is common for someone who is incontinent. While lying down, there is relatively less pressure on the bladder and as a result it will fill up more before the urge to void strikes. As soon as you stand up, the bladder suddenly has the weight of the other internal organs pressing down on it.  It has filled more than normal while horizontal and now with the added weight of the other organs, the internal pressure suddenly rises and it immediately empties. 

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As a teenager I would sneak a glass of wine from the box my parents kept in the refrigerator.  I quickly found out that if I chugged a glass right before bed I would sleep so deeply and would always wake up in a wet bed.  It was foolproof. 

Later, in college, this "training" seemed to carry on in my subconcious and I experienced more than a handful of wet beds after a night of drinking.  This would have been very embarrassing but luckily I was never caught out.  Once I started keeping diapers around for "just-in-case"  this wasn't a problem and it got to the point where even if I would just have one or two beers I would wake up in a wet diaper.  


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6 hours ago, bobbyc said:

it got to the point where even if I would just have one or two beers I would wake up in a wet diaper.  


That’s exactly where I was in my mid-twenties.  Enjoyed it so much, I did it over and over till in time beer was not a prerequisite to wetting in my sleep.  Then, for the longest time I was convinced it would only happen when diapered in my own bed.  Not!

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I  can't believe myself this morning. I did the laundry from last night then fell asleep on it and wet again before it had even cooled off from the dryer. I'm a bad boy.

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