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Reincarnation (Finished!!! 8/23/2015)

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Nah. With Blackburn ' s rampant dishonesty in his own body I might imagine some of those proclivities will come to light. Heck, even Erica's persona might have a few juicy skeletons in the closet because she knows what her husband is doing. Who knows, but where ever it goes it has a logical context in the plot.

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Ooh sounds like this story will be getting even juicier. I'm also interested to see how zekes going to handle school. Based off Ashleys behavior so far my readers guess is she will like it xD But the conflict....ooh, I'm all in anticipation!

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That was a very funny chapter!  I loved it!


You might want to check your work before you publish though.  I found one place where you wrote Ge instead of He.  I am sure that it is difficult to write such an interesting story and to keep everything in line all the time.  So, this was just a suggestion.

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Lol. My story is riddled with typoes. More than im proud of but i don't feel it takes to much away from the story and besides it's just for fun. I get so excited to push these updates out i don't proofread well enough.

I will try to be more careful though.

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All good Vamp, we are hanging for the next update, could you tell us when the next update is going to drop.

Pretty Please

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Typos happen, even in professional, published works. ^.^  I didn't notice the typo, but then when I'm wrapped up in a good story, only a major mechanical/ grammar screw up will break my concentration. But that's just me. XD

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Erica/ Laura Blackburn


The ride home was pleasant. They were all in fine spirits, and Erica herself was basking in the presence of the two children getting along, smiling even. Zeke had begun to smile a lot more lately, and she suspected he was finally coming around a bit. He still avoided them most of the time, but he was more open the rest of the time. Erica held out hope that he might actually seek her council on the nightmares he had been having.


As she watched Zeke and Ashley talk and laugh with each other, her own thoughts drifted to her husband. He had called to let her know he was taking a plane home tonight, and would arrive in the morning. He wouldn't say why, and Erica could sense a certain amount of.....uneasiness in his voice. Ever since he had left for the trip he had been acting strange, and to be honest, she was afraid to know the reason why.


After another amazing home cooked meal by Tara, Zeke headed up to his hidey hole, grabbing his bear and giving a small chuckle as he looked at it. Tara was working on the dishes, so It was only Ashley was the only one still at the table with her. Erica was too lost in a multitude of thoughts to speak, but Ashley seemed to know something was bothering her, and reached over to give her hand a small squeeze.


Erica spoke before she could though. "I kind of wish things could stay like this. Is that bad?"


Ashley looked a little surprised, yet she seemed unsure of how to answer. "I guess. We can't though, can we?"


"No, I suppose not. It's just seems that I finally have a taste of what I always wanted, but I can't keep it." She saw Ashley give her a sympathetic look as she continued. "I mean, I know you're not MINE, but sometimes, I almost forget and it seems like you are. Zeke too. Today, was one of those days. I wanted kids so badly, and now that I have some loaners....I don't want to give it up."


"Maybe I'm not your real daughter, but we can still have fun while we can." Ashley said.


Erica nodded, not really feeling any better. She didn't have anyone she could talk to. Ashley couldn't understand, Zeke wouldn't care, and James was far away. Not that he would understand either. He had always been reluctant when it came to children, which was a shame because he would have made an excellent father. He was such a kind and caring man, he was a hard worker, and he was always putting others needs before his own.


Tara had finished her work, and was preparing to leave, having been let off of diapering Zeke tonight, as Erica felt she needed to get the boy more comfortable around her. She returned to the kitchen with her jacket on, keys in her hand.


"Is there anything else Mrs. Blackburn?"


Erica looked up at the twenty-three year old girl. "How long have you worked for us Tara?"


"Five years. Why?"


"Have you ever thought of doing something else? Going to college or something like that?"


"I had wanted to be a teacher, before I got the job here. Then....I don't know. I just came to love the kids, plus you pay really well. I guess I didn't see the need."


"Remember to live life for yourself sometimes. There's more to life than working. I just.....don't want you to regret anything. Work to make yourself happy."


Tara nodded, looking a little confused. "I am happy. I'm very happy.


"Really? I never hear of you going and doing things with friends, or anything like that. You work here everyday."


"Well, I'm a private girl I guess. I have a cat, if that counts. His name is Scar. He was....abused...so....yeah.....Scar." She saw the look Erica was giving her. "I don't know. I'm just a loner I guess."


Erica laughed a little. "Well, you and Zeke would make quite the couple."


Tara's eyebrows raised. "Whose Zeke?"


"Oh, nobody. Just a friend of mine."


"No blind dates please. My mother tried that years ago and it was a disaster."


Erica nodded. "Fair enough."


"I'll see you tomorrow okay?"


Erica forced a small smile. "Of course Tara. Have a nice night."


Once she departed, Erica let out a sigh and stood up from the table, taking Ashley by the hand and leading her up to her room. She removed the soiled diaper the girl had on, and quickly put her into a clean one. She dressed the girl in her favorite silky nightgown, and stood her up.


"Go on now. Head to my room. I'll be along once I get Zeke sorted."


"Okay Mommy." Ashley replied, giving the cutest smile she could manage.


Erica leaned over and gave her friend a kiss on the forehead, giving her butt a small smack as she left. She watched the girl run off happily with her new bear, then she went off to find Zeke. He was sitting out on his balcony, lounging in a chair and reading by the moonlight.


"More history books? Don't you ever get burnt out?" She asked.


Zeke looked up briefly. "I do actually. I'm reading fiction at the moment. I'm a fan of Lovecraft."


"What's that?"


"Just an old author. Anyway, what can I do for you?"


"It's time to get dressed and get in bed." Erica informed him.


"It's like nine o'clock. Seriously?" He whined.


"Ash and I are going to lay around and watch a movie. I want you to join us. We had a deal, so come on, lets go."


Surprisingly, he didn't argue any further, but closed his book and began to head to his room. Even though he looked uncomfortable as she put a diaper on him, it didn't seem to bother him as much as it had before, and instead he told her about the author he was reading. This Lovecraft person. It was strange that they were having a normal conversation, despite the circumstances. Once it was done, she took his hand and led him to the bedroom, again with no protests. Ashley was already in the bed, looking incredibly comfortable. Erica climbed in, then motioned for Zeke to join her, which he did after a slight moment of hesitation. They were only an hour into the movie when she noticed they had both fallen asleep. Smiling, she turned off the T.V. and quickly fell asleep herself.


She slept very well, but woke up to the sound off the front door opening downstairs. She looked at the clock, seeing that it was only six in the morning. Zeke had slept through the night and hadn't had a single nightmare, something she couldn't wait to rub in his face. She made sure both of the kids were covered up, then went downstairs to greet James, who had arrived much earlier than she expected. He was sitting in the kitchen, staring at his hands, seemingly lost in thought. When he saw her though, he jumped to his feet, and pulled her into a fierce hug. Before she could even speak, their lips met, and she found herself in a make out session with her husband. Once he allowed her to catch a breath, she pulled back and looked at him. He looked disheveled, unshaven.


"What's wrong?" She asked, full of concern. "Why did you come back early?"


He shook his head. "They didn't need me there anymore, and I just.....I missed you."


"I missed you. Are you sure you're okay? You seemed upset over the phone."


James nodded. "It's just good to see you again, to hear your voice. I'm glad to be home."


Erica smiled, despite her doubts. She was glad to have her husband back. As his caresses became more urgent, she found herself leading him to a spare bedroom, the two of them shedding their clothes in what seemed to be a delirium.  After so long a time of forgoing each others affections, their lovemaking was intense, passionate, and entirely exhausting. Afterward, they returned to the kitchen, sipping coffee and discussing what had happened while he was gone.


Ashley and Zeke came down about an hour later, with the two of them looking refreshed and fairly happy. Ashley, saw James and ran to him, laughing as he picked her up and spun her around. She excused herself and took Ashley to change her diaper, while Zeke went to take a shower. Once they were all downstairs, she made them some cereal, and sat at the table. The family was finally reunited.


"So Zeke." James began, setting his coffee cup down and smirking a little bit. "Have you enjoyed sleeping with my wife?"


The poor boy nearly choked on his cereal. "What?! It......I didn't......she-"


All three of them burst out laughing, while Zeke only blushed, eventually muttering at how he hadn't wanted to sleep in the same bed.


"But Zeke, it worked. You didn't have a single nightmare last night. Just like I predicted." Erica said smugly.


Zeke didn't seem happy about the outcome. "It was probably a fluke."


"Oh, that's bull and you know it. Aside from you muttering a name the other night, It looks like sleeping with someone else is the answer to your nightmares."


Zeke looked at her directly, looking suddenly worried. "I said a name? Do you remember what it was?"


Ashley stared at him. "Whoa. You just got really pale."


Erica wasn't sure what the problem was, but she was suddenly worried that she should have kept her mouth shut. "I don't know. You were mumbling.......I think it started with a K?"


Zeke remained quiet for some time, staring at nothing in particular. "Krista." He finally said. "That was the name."


"Whose that?" Ashley asked.


"She's my older sister."


James spoke up finally. "Wait a minute. When I asked you before you told me you were an only child."


"Yeah, well I basically was." He saw everyone staring at him, and Erica reached over to grab his hand. "Okay. I guess it's time to come clean then. This is gonna suck."


Zeke/ Alexander Blackburn


The others were sitting there, waiting for his explanation. Unfortunately, he had never wanted to talk about his own personal pain, at least not to to these people. He always felt ridiculous when he thought about his "problem", as though it could really be called that. He hadn't had a bad childhood, he hadn't been beaten or anything like that. So he hated his sister, so what? It had effected him sure, but it seemed silly to whine about.


"What am I doing?" He thought to himself. "Do I really want to get into this?" It didn't matter at this point, since everyone was staring at him. Erica had grabbed his hand, and it was becoming clear that he wouldn't be able to get out of this.


"So my sister was seven years older than me." He began. "It might sound strange, but we never argued. I don't know why but we actually got along really well. I didn't have any brothers and she was a bit of a tomboy anyway. I guess....I guess I looked up to her."


"What happened?" Ashley asked.


"She began to fight with my mother when she was about fourteen. She wasn't a fan of some the rules in the house. I didn't realize it had gotten so bad, and I'm sure my mother just figured it was a rebellious faze. I was young then, so I didn't understand why my mother was so upset. I didn't understand that she was hiding drugs in her room, or sneaking boys and other friends inside at night. You know when your parents warned you not to fall in with a "bad crowd?" Krista WAS the bad crowd. Eventually, things got so bad, Krista ran away."


Zeke took a breath. "I didn't understand. She just vanished and I didn't know why. She was gone for days before the cops picked her up. I thought things would go back to normal. I made her promise not to just....leave like that again. And then....." He couldn't continue, his feelings of anger and betrayal threatened to overwhelm him.


"She left again?" Erica asked quietly.


"The next morning. I heard her leaving, managed to get to the door in time to see her walking away. My mother was there too. I didn't understand why she wasn't going after her. Now I get it though. My mother knew it didn't matter how many times she brought her back, she was never going to stay. I was a kid and it just.....hurt. She didn't even say goodbye. I had nightmares for a while after she left. I kept seeing her leave, the same thing over and over again, the same thing that I couldn't change."


Zeke noticed his hand was shaking a bit, and hated it. "So years go by, and one day she shows up again....and she's pregnant. For a while it looked like things might actually go back to normal. My niece was born, I had forgiven my sister at my mothers urging, and for a while we were all pretty happy." He shook his head angrily. "But nothing changed.....the arguments came back, and this time I understood it. Krista had moved on to not only using drugs, but selling them around my niece. I was furious, my mother was furious, and things ended up the same as before. This time though, I lost my sister and my niece. That was ten years ago."


Suddenly Zeke became acutely aware of how intently the others were staring at him, and he longed for solitude again. With a sigh, he slowly stood up, quietly excused himself, and left the others without another word.

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The typos are not keeping me from enjoying your work, and if you took it as hateful, I'm sorry.  I was only trying to be helpful in making your wonderful work better.  I truly do enjoy your work, which is why I keep coming back to read more.  Now to read the newest update....

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That last bit really made me want to cry!  Dang!  What a twist!

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Another great update, i like Zeke even more now. Keep up the great work.

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Thanks for the update, it is good to finally get a glimpse into Zeke's past. 

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Watch out for the ex- girlfriend, the old saying about watch out for a girl scorned!

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Watch out for the ex- girlfriend, the old saying about watch out for a girl scorned!

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Lol. Everything is fine. I know you're doing your best to be patient for the next chapter. I've been busy this week finishing up some annoying paperwork and such nonsense in order to make things better for my family. A great oppurtunity came my way.

I will do my very best to get the next chapter up by Friday.

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James/ Edward Blackburn


"I'm gonna go talk to him." James told the rest of the group.


"I don't think that's a good idea." Erica warned. "He needs a little space I think. I've gotten to know him pretty well lately, and after a reveal like that, I think he just wants to be alone."


James was already walking out of the kitchen, intent on doing something, although he wasn't sure what. An idealistic part of him hoped he could guide the young man out of his darker thoughts, but the more realistic part of him knew that he probably wouldn't be able to reach him. Still, he kept walking, until he had reached the Zeke's balcony. He was there, watching the sun slowly rise on the horizon.


Zeke glanced back at him. "I didn't expect you. I figured Erica would be up here to mother me.....y'know, fix everything with hugs, and kisses, and rainbows. All that bullshit."


James laughed. "Yeah I can see that. She cares. Is that so bad?"


"What do you want James?"


"I just wanted to see how you were doing. I know telling us that must have been rough. I'm glad you did though. I mean we worked together for a long time, and we worked pretty closely too. You were my right hand man at the store, yet I didn't know very much about you."


"I didn't know anything about you either. Didn't bother me." Zeke said flatly.


"Well you work pretty hard to push people away."


"It's better that way. People leave on their own eventually, so it's better to not get close. My sister, my friends, even my girlfriend Amy. Everybody leaves. I'm used to being on my own. I like it."


James shook his head. "No, I think you've convinced yourself that you do. Everybody needs someone to be there for them. You've shut everyone out for so long Zeke, when you desperately needed someone to trust."


Zeke scoffed. "Is this the part where you tell me I should trust you? Or Erica? Where you promise to be there for me? Go ahead then. Go ahead and lie to me, tell me you'll stay, tell me how much you care. I've heard it all before."


James took a step forward. "What do you think we've been doing this whole time? The only one pushing us away is you man. Don't try to say that we're being false with you."


James saw how the boy was pacing angrily, wringing his hands and shaking his head. He seemed particularly agitated, but it wasn't directed toward James.


"This isn't how it was supposed to be. I always thought that one day, despite everything, she would come back and try to fix things. I wanted that chance, the chance to yell at her, scream at her. I mean, how can I let anything go when all I feel is this endless......rage? I wanted my moment to vent, and now? Now it's gone forever."


James sighed. "I wish I had an answer for you. Unfortunately, it's something you need to come to terms with on your own. I don't think you'll be able to pass on until you're able to deal with how you feel about her. Somehow, you need to forgive her."


"I.....I can't. I've tried. How many times was I supposed to let her walk out on me?! Maybe a better person would be able to forgive her, but......but I'm not that kind of person. I'm a cold, vicious asshole. Always have been."


"No you're not. You just need to learn to start dealing with your feelings instead of shutting everything out."


"I don't know how to do that." Zeke said despondently.


Before James could say anything, he saw Erica and Ashley standing in the doorway. "We'll help you Zeke." Erica told him with a smile.


Ashley gave him a smile too. "We got your back. After all, I'm sorta your sister now."


James smiled, and he could tell Zeke was touched by the support, even though he tried to hide it. "You guys......" Zeke sighed. "Thanks. I appreciate it."



The rest of the week went by fairly well James continued to go to work, where his attractive assistant Miss Kiriyama continued to help him manage his daily affairs. She was more curt with most of her answers, but she was a professional, and it was clear she wasn't going to allow the end of their sexual escapades to hinder her career. Erica had begun working at her antique mall, enjoying getting out of the house and around customers again. Zeke and Ashley were with Tara mostly, and it was clear they were focused on enjoying the last bit of summer before they restarted school. The family often took walks in the evening, and James had taken to lifting Ashley up on his shoulders, an act she seemed to adore. Zeke looked amused, and James noticed he tended to walk closely to Erica. She had been the first person in a long time that had gotten him to lower his guard, so in a nearly unconscious gesture, he tended to stay as close to her as he could. The boy also had no nightmares for a few days after sleeping with her. An arrangement was made so that when he began having them again, he would sleep with Erica. Tonight was going to be one of those nights.


"Where are you going to sleep?" Ashley asked from her perch on his shoulders.


"Oh, there's a spare bedroom I can take for the night. It's gonna be a little crowded don't you think?"


Ashley blushed a little. " Well......you could sleep in my bed with me. You know so Erica and Zeke could have a night of their own."


James was surprised by the request, although the idea didn't seem all that strange to him. He glanced over at Erica, who smirked and nodded her head. "Well, sure kiddo that sounds nice."


That night, after kissing his wife goodnight and watching her head to bed with Zeke, he picked up Ashley and headed to her room. She was quiet, but he could tell by the way she clung to him that she was scared.


"Hey what's the matter? Is this gonna be okay, cause I can always take you to Erica and crash in the spare bedroom."


"No!" Ashley cried out, blushing when she realized how loud her voice was. "I'm just a little nervous. I keep.......I keep thinking about my dad. He used to carry me to bed like this."


James saw the tears in her eyes, and gently brushed them away. "He sounds like he was quite a guy." He set her down in the bed and climbed in next to her. Ashley was trying to get herself together, but was failing, caught up in memories. "Why don't you tell me about him?"


They spent the next hour discussing their families before Ashley started to nod off. James covered her up, pausing to lightly kiss the girl on the forehead, then turned out the light and tried to get some sleep of his own.


Erica/ Laura Blackburn


"Goddamn it!" James yelled from the kitchen.


Erica muted the television, laughing at the the losing battle James was currently in. Zeke had offered to teach him chess, and had been giving him harsh lessons for the last hour and a half. Erica was sitting with Ashley on the couch, the two of them determined to enjoy the night, as school started bright and early the next day. Tara had already gone home for the night, but would be back in the morning to pick up the kids.


Erica felt Ashley curl up to her. "Mommy? I'm nervous about school tomorrow." Ashley said.


Erica smiled, not entirely sure if she was serious. Nevertheless, she reached over and pulled the girl into her lap. "Why are you nervous? I thought you were excited about going to school?" She asked the small girl.


"I'm excited at meeting new people, it's just that I was never all that good in school. I'm not an idiot, I just got bored real easily." Ashley admitted.


"It's first grade. I'm sure you can manage. In fact you two need to kinda dumb yourselves down."


"Dumb ourselves down? What do you mean?" Ashley asked, looking concerned.


"It will look really weird if you two are reading at advanced levels and acting like you already know everything. It might be a good idea to act like you're stumped from time to time."


Zeke voice echoed from the kitchen. "If you think I'm going to act like I'm an idiot you're going to be severely disappointed."


Erica had been afraid he might take that position. She figured she would just hope for the best, and pray that the teacher somehow didn't notice. Ashley was still curled up to her, but was biting her nails, a habit which drove Erica up a tree. She gently grabbed the girl's hands, refusing to let go as the girl struggled. "Oh for the love of.......you know I hate that. What else are you so nervous about?"


Ashley bushed deeply. "Well....I've worn diapers for a long time now, what if I don't have as much control as I used to?"


Erica thought for a moment. "Well, what if you just wore diapers to school?"


"No way! I don't want to do that." Ashley insisted.


Erica got off the couch and took the girl by the hand, leading her up to the closet that held their diapers and supplies. After searching around a bit, Erica found a pink package of pull-ups, and handed them to the confused girl. "There you go. This way, if you have an accident, it's no big deal. I'll pack you a spare and some baby wipes if you need to change."


Ashley gave her a small smile. "Thanks. I feel better now. Still, I'll miss all the diaper changes I get from you."


Erica smiled, reaching down to feel the girls diaper. "Well it feels like my baby girl needs a diaper change right now. What do you say?"


Ashley blushed, but kept her smile. "Yes please."


Erica took the girl into her room and laid her down. As she had done many times before, she cleaned the girl up, powdered her, and taped a new diaper on her. Erica also put her night gown on her so she was all ready for bed. Finally, she had one more idea she had been wanting to try. She picked her friend up and walked to the rocking chair that was in the spare bedroom. Taking a seat, she grabbed Ashley's legs in one arm, laying the diapered girl down and cradling her.


"Wh-what are you doing Mommy?"


Erica began to rock, looking down at the little girl. "Just relax." She said. When she saw Ashley's eyes begin to close, she laughed. "Isn't this nice?"


"Mmmm......Yeah. I really like this Mommy" Ashley mumbled sleepily.


"Well good. Just relax and go to sleep baby girl. It's going to be a long day tomorrow."


Ashley sighed with contentment, closed her eyes, and was fast asleep in no time. Erica kept rocking the girl in her arms for some time after she fell asleep, unwilling to give up the moment of rocking her little diapered princess.


Zeke/ Alexander Blackburn


Zeke was glad that Tara was driving them to school at least. Riding the bus might have been one final indignity too many. Ashley looked nervous, which was surprising. Erica had begged him to try not to stick out too much, and he had agreed to try.....within reason. The school was nice enough, although Zeke was still shocked that the Blackburn's had actually planned to send their kids to public school, instead of some rich person boarding school. As they walked into the school, Ashley kept close to him, wrapping her arms around one of his. Zeke rolled his eyes, but let her cling to him.


Their teacher was a younger woman, perhaps in her early thirties, named Mrs. Mitchell. She seemed like a nice enough lady, and Zeke could tell as soon as she began her lesson that she truly enjoyed what she did. Zeke had always thought he might end up teaching one day, after his archeological career had ended, but that dream had died along with his body. As class continued on, Zeke mostly read a small book on Greek history that he had smuggled in. When he next looked up, the class was emptying, with Ashley tugging at him with an annoyed look on her face.


"Come on. It's time for lunch." She insisted.


"Already?" He asked as he stood up. Sure enough, everyone had left, other than Mrs. Mitchell, who stood by the door staring at the twins, a strange look of curiosity on her face. Fearing he had drawn attention he quickly tried to exit the room, but when he had gotten to the door, the teacher knelt down to his level, looking him straight in the eyes.


"Alexander right?" She asked gently. You know, I don't think I've ever seen a kid ignore my class with such focus. What were you reading the whole time?"


"Just a book. Why do you care?" Zeke responded, hoping to somehow intimidate the woman.


She only smiled. "Well, I was just curious. Most of the kids here don't read all that well, but you seemed to love it. So? What were you reading?"


Zeke sighed and handed her his book, while Ashley was doing her best to appear confident. The older woman looked at it for a minute, turning it over in her hands, before handing it back.


"Can you really read this?" She asked with a suspicious glare.


"Well, I'm not just staring at the pictures lady, of course I can read it," Zeke said.


Mrs. Mitchell stared at him a little longer, a mysterious smile on her face. "You are a very interesting little boy Alexander Blackburn. I will be keeping a close eye on you I think. Go on now."


They had barely gotten out of the room before Ash was on his case. "One day! You couldn't even make it one day before you freaked people out. Mom- I mean Erica is going to be so mad."


"Cool it." Zeke ordered as they grabbed their trays and got into the lunch line. "Everything is fine. I'll figure out a way to get her off my back."


Ashley looked doubtful. "I sure hope so. The last thing we need here is drama."


Zeke rolled his eyes. "Relax. I told you, we don't have anything to-" His words died in his throat when he saw the lunch lady staring at him, her mouth open in shock. For a moment, Zeke thought he was dreaming, but it soon became clear that he wasn't.


The lunch lady backed away, burying her face in her hands. "Oh sweet merciful Jesus, why am I being punished?! Why do you send this demon to torment me everywhere I go?!"


Zeke was just as shocked at seeing his old nemesis from the bookstore again. "Lydia?! How many freaking jobs do you have lady?!"


"It can't be you. It can't be." Lydia repeated.


Zeke grabbed Ashley by the hand, shoving an apple at her as they made their way past the mortified lunch lady.


"Who was that?!" Ashley asked.


"That would would be drama." Zeke replied flatly. "A lot of fucking drama."

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Great update, Every time Zeke just keeps getting better. Well worth the wait. Keep up the fantastic work, looking forward to the next installment.

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Yay an update. Enjoyed it as always. I laughed at the lunch lady and I'm wondering what's going to happen next with her and Zeke. And how class is going to go for Zeke. Ash seems to have blended in but Zeke and his book definitely got the teachers attention!

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I'm starting to think Zeke will only pass on when he makes peace with Lydia the bookstore/clothing/lunchlady. Bahaha

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The humor and addition of Lydia is much appreciated. It makes a great story that much more entertaining. 

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I agree with you Cute Kitten, Vamp can have a lot fun with the Zeke/Lydia dynamic. Although Lydia reminds me of my Nanna.

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