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Reincarnation (Finished!!! 8/23/2015)

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vampire4    6

Zeke/ Alexander Blackburn


Zeke was dreaming. He knew he was, because he was in his old room at his father's house. It looked to be only a few years ago. He looked to be maybe 17 again. Zeke was confused because this wasn't his normal nightmare. Wordlessly, he watched his younger self play a video game, pausing it when his father came in.


"So....uh......I saw Krista today. She looks good." His father said, looking awkward.


"That's a shame." The younger Zeke said in a flat voice.


"No. I said she looks good."


"And I said that's a shame. Does this conversation have a point?"


His father buried his face in his hands, trying to find some patience. "Zeke. It's been years. Sure, Krista has made some bad choices in her life, but no matter what she's done she's still your-"


"SHE is nothing to me. She made her choice a long time ago. Drop it."


"All this anger you feel, this hatred, it isn't good for you son. You need to let go. You could fix things with her if you gave it a shot."


"I have no desire to be reconciled with her. Every time I've been stupid enough to let her back in my life......she's betrayed me. Besides, it's not like she hasn't known where I am. I don't see her coming here to talk to me."


"So what? Are you just going to hate her for the rest of your life? One day she might be gone from this world and you'll never get a chance to settle things." His father pleaded.


"That's the plan. Whether she is alive or dead is no concern of mine. Things aren't gonna change."


His father shook his head. " You've turned into a vicious person Zeke. I don't like it."


Zeke winced at the words, although his younger self showed no reaction. "Nice one dad. You always know what to say to make a guy feel better." He thought to himself.


Suddenly the room warped. He saw himself as a child again. He sat on the couch brooding, watching cartoons, as a young Krista entered the room.


"Hey kiddo." She said, sitting down on the couch next to the surly young boy who refused to look at her. "You still mad at me?"


"Why did you leave?" The young Zeke asked. He sounded so.....pitiful. Zeke hated hearing himself like that.


"It's complicated." She said in a small voice.


"That's not an answer."


Krista sighed. "I just......wanted some time away from everything. I'm sorry for worrying you."


The young Zeke looked up at her with moist eyes. "You're not going to leave again are you?"


"No. I'm done doing that kiddo. I've learned my lesson." She said with a smile.


"You promise?"


"Yeah. I promise."


The scene flashed away. Zeke could only see darkness, but he could hear himself well enough.


"You promised! You said you would stay!"


Zeke wanted more than anything to wake up, to get out of this nightmare. Why did this keep happening to him?


"You promised! You're a liar! You promised!"


Zeke shot up from bed, not able to stifle the scream in his throat. It wasn't very loud, but it echoed in his quiet room. He could feel the sweat collecting on his forehead. This was the third day in a row that he had woken up from a nightmare. This one was little different though. They were more then nightmares. They were memories that he had tried to suppress for a long time. Zeke gasped for breath, feeling hot tears running down his face. He was trembling again, his whole body shaking like he was in Siberia. He reached down into his pajama pants as he tried to compose himself. When he felt the swollen diaper between his legs, he lost it again and fell back into his bed. It was at this low moment in his night that the door opened, the light from the hall spilling onto his pathetic form.


"Zeke? Everything okay? I heard you scream."


Erica. Of course.


"Yeah.....I'm....I'm fine. Just a dream. Another dream." He said weakly.


Erica sighed. "Will you talk to me now? How long does this have to happen before you admit you need help?"


"I'm fine, I swear." He said as he rose from his bed weakly. "I'm going to hop in the shower"


Erica gently pushed him back down onto his bed. "I have a different idea. How about you let me help you with your diaper, and you try to go back to sleep? You need to get some rest. This isn't healthy for you."


Zeke had no intention of going back to sleep. He was done with nightmares for now. However, with Erica staring at him with those concerned eyes, he decided to lie. "I can take care of it. I'll shower and go back to sleep after."


Erica didn't fall for it. "How are you going to go back to sleep if you don't have a clean diaper on? I've diapered you a few times now, and I bet you can't do it on your own. It's not a big deal Zeke, just let me help."


Zeke sighed, finally giving a small nod. He laid back as Erica left to get a clean diaper and wipes. Despite the fact that she had done this a few times, he was still uncomfortable with it. He had done his best to avoid her since his funeral and subsequent breakdown. It seemed like she knew this and gave him his space, but he often caught her staring at him, only for her to turn away when she got caught. He was still embarrassed that he had cried in front of her. It made him feel so weak. Now he had agreed to yet another humiliating diaper change from the woman. His life had certainly taken an odd turn.


Erica returned with all the supplies she would need and before he could say a word, she was taking his soggy diaper off of him. He laid there silently as she began to gently clean his privates, but he couldn't help but tense up the first few times she touched him with the wipes.


"I know their cold. Bear with me." She said with a smirk.


"No, it' not that. I'm just.....not used to this kind of pampering. It's embarrassing. " Zeke explained.


"There's no reason to be embarrassed Zeke. Babies have their diapers changed all the time and they don't get all shy about it."


Zeke raised an eyebrow as she slid a new diaper under him. "Really? That's your argument? Hate to break it to you lady, but that hardly makes me feel better. Infants NEED diapers."


Erica smiled even more. "Oh? Do you deny that you need diapers?"


"I am not a child." He huffed angrily.


"I know. That's not what I meant. I was just pointing out that you have a need to wear diapers and occasionally have them changed. There's no reason to be embarrassed about it."


Zeke didn't like the comparison, but he didn't have an effective argument at the moment so he let it slide. Erica finally finished taping up the infantile garment, giving his butt a small pat as he stood back up. Zeke gritted his teeth and tried to put some distance between them, but Erica had grabbed onto his arm. Zeke looked back to see her coming toward his face with a wipe.


"Wh-what are you doing?" He asked.


"Your covered in sweat Zeke. She said as she wiped his forehead with the cool wipe. Once she was satisfied, she ruffled his hair and headed to the door. "There all done. That wasn't so painful was it. Try to go back to sleep. I'm down the hall if you need anything. Ash is sleeping with me so be quiet if you come in."


"I'll be fine. Uh....thanks....I guess."


Just like that, she was gone. Zeke stood at his bed, considering going back to sleep now that he didn't have to worry about wetting the bed. As nice as it sounded, he knew if he went back to sleep, the nightmares would return. As tired as he was, he couldn't make himself take that chance. He sighed and headed out of his room, intent on finding something to occupy his time. He glanced at his clock, frowning when he saw it was only one in the morning.


"This is going to be a really long night." He thought.


He walked down into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. He figured if he did fall asleep, he would wake up wet anyway, so it didn't matter. As he walked back up the stairs, he glanced down the hallway. Erica's light was off, but he could see some lights flashing from under the door. She must have been watching T.V. or something. He stood there for a minute, unsure of what he should do. For a long time Erica had been trying to get him to open up, to trust her. For the first time since this ordeal had started, he was actually considering it.


"Don't be an idiot." He thought to himself. "Trusting her will only end up bad. Your fine on your own. You don't need her."


After another minute of deliberation, Zeke took his hand off his doorknob and began heading down the hallway.


"Fuck it." He thought.


Erica/ Laura Blackburn


Erica stretched in the giant bed she had grown accustomed to. Ashley was curled up to her left, clutching her stuffed rabbit while she sucked her thumb. She had complained of being cold earlier, so Erica had wrapped her up in as many blankets that she could find. Now the girl was resting quite comfortably. Erica smiled as she stroked the girls back and continued to watch Law and Order. She missed James terribly, but she felt better with her little bed mate beside her. What worried her the most was how little James had tried to contact her since he left. Even when they did speak, his mind seemed to be on something else. She was doing her best not to be suspicious, but his manner was off somehow.


The gears in her mind only stopped when Zeke came walking in sheepishly. She sat up quickly, instantly worried. Zeke NEVER sought her out on his own. He wouldn't look at her, keeping his eyes rooted on his feet.


"Hey. Are you okay? Do you need a diaper change already?" She asked in genuine surprise. It had only been fifteen minutes.


Zeke kept looking at his feet, seemingly unable to say what the problem was.


"Zeke? Are you okay?" She asked once more.


"Actually, I was wondering if it would be okay.....if I kinda......hung out in here for a while?" Zeke asked as quietly as he could.


Erica was so shocked that she didn't reply at first. She couldn't help but wonder if this was really Zeke, or if the little boy inside of him was somehow resurfacing. Zeke had been slowly breaking ever since his funeral. He was so different from a few weeks ago, it was hard to tell that he was the same person. He still had a blunt streak, but was much more soft spoken than he had been. She looked at him standing there, a small semblance of a scowl on his mouth. It was him, that much was certain.


"Look at him." Erica thought. "Standing there, ready to be rejected, It must have been tough for him to come to me for help."


And yet that was exactly what she had been urging him to do for so long. "Sure. Of course. Come on up here." She patted the bed, inviting him to join her.


His head shot up suddenly. "Wha- oh, umm.........no that's okay. I was just going to uh.....sit down on the floor."


"Don't be silly. The bed is huge. There's plenty of room." When he didn't move she put on her best mean face. "Zeke! Now!"


Zeke jumped a bit at her tone, but joined her in the bed quickly enough. She took a last look at Ashley sleeping beside her, then turned to the boy now laying with his back to her. It looked like he was barely breathing. She gently rubbed the boys back, feeling him stiffen instantly and release the breath he had been holding.


"Calm down. I'm not going to hurt you. Just relax."


She began humming a tune to herself as she continued to rub his small back. Before long, there were two sleeping children in her bed.

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This is one of the stories where I enjoy the characters' interactions quite a bit. Thanks for the update.

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Crimson_Wolf    35

I have to say this is becoming a great story.  I have to be honest though I had my doubts but after re-reading the story it's well written and the story line is great.  Keep up the great work.

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vampire4    6

Hey everyone. A couple of things I wanted to point out. I didn't get to edit the last chapter and noticed I failed to mention that James had left for his trip. I apologize for any confusion. To be honest, I had to end the chapter a little sooner than I had intended but I really wanted to get an update out. I'm hoping to avoid such mistakes in the future. Also, As I was re-reading the earlier chapters, I noticed that I messed up on the names of Ashley's brothers. In the first chapter, I gave them names, which I later forgot a gave them new names later in the story. I don't know if anyone has noticed but I'm deeply sorry, They don't have much of a role at this point so I hope you can forgive the horrible typo. I get excited at pushing these chapters out so there are times when I end them too soon, or forget details that I wanted in there. Hope you all enjoy what's coming next.


James/ Edward Blackburn


James woke up to the hotel phone ringing. He stretched a bit as he picked it up from the receiver, already excited at hearing the voice on the other line. As he had anticipated a sultry Asian accent informed him that it was time to wake up and prepare for the meeting. Her name was Miyuki Kiriyama, and she was his personal assistant. James had never told his wife about the lovely Japanese assistant he had come to rely on in his new life as a CEO. After thanking her one more time, he rose from his bed and got in the shower. Miss Kiriyama had been most helpful ever since he had begun his new job. She was intelligent, ambitious, and quite beautiful. She had lived in Japan until she turned eighteen and came to the states. She was a graduate of Harvard, and had quickly rose through the ranks of the company. James didn't know why, but he had developed....feelings for her ever since he had met her. Her body and even her accent seemed to make him forget that he was already married. James felt a wave of shame for thinking about his assistant in the shower, when his wife, the love of both his life and afterlife, was at home.


In truth, unlike other men, he had never had a fondness for Asian women. Erica had been all he had needed. He wasn't even sure if these feelings were his, and not the powerful CEO's who was currently trapped along with him. It didn't make sense, but James couldn't deny one thing. He wanted her. Badly. James got out of the shower and began getting dressed for the day. Today was going to be the last day of talks before he returned to Chicago tomorrow morning. The meetings had gone well, and today was all about sealing the deal. He hadn't even finished getting his tie fixed when there was a knock on his door. Before he could even head to the door, Miss Kiriyama had let herself in with the spare room key she insisted on keeping. As usual she was impeccibly dressed in nice, form fitting black suit. She wore a tight black skirt as well, low enough to still be professional, but high enough to tease him. He long black hair was in a ponytail and James could already feel a stirring in his trousers as she approached, barely looking up from some quarterly reports she held in her hands.


"Are you nearly ready sir? The car is waiting downstairs and it is important that we arrive timely." She said gently.


"I'm nearly done Miss Kiriyama. Just need to fix my tie and we can leave."


His assistant instantly set down her papers and strolled over to him, beginning to adjust the tie he had looped around his neck. This close, James felt really uncomfortable. He stood a head taller than her, and found himself looking down her blouse. She finished her task and looked up at him, giving him a small sly smile. There was a look in her eyes that was almost inviting, and James couldn't help but wonder if he was blushing, or if the bulge forming in his pants had been noticed. The Japanese woman moved aside and gave him a playful slap on his butt.


"After you.....sir." She said.


The two of them quickly head down to the waiting car. The while ride over, Miss Kiriyama read him notes that she had taken during the previous meetings. She was the very picture of professionalism now. James listened to her drone on, all the while trying to remind himself that he had a loving wife that he would get to see before long. Between their new bodies and Ashley periodically sleeping in their bed, they still hadn't made love, and James was beginning to feel the strain of that neglect. It's not that they didn't want to, but the idea of having sex with someone who looked so radically different was difficult to overcome. Maybe that was why James found his assistant so appealing. She didn't know who he really was, and he really didn't know her. A one night stand with her wouldn't be such a bad thing.


"What am I thinking?" He thought, inwardly chastising himself. "I'm not the one night stand kind of person. I have a wife that I love. I shouldn't even be considering that. What the hell is wrong with me?"


He felt the car come to a stop, and quickly saw his fantasy girl climb out, her ass looking fantastic. James shook his head and tried to get in the professional mindset, instead of one of a teenage boy. As the meeting began, he was able to get his mind off his assistant, and before too long the final papers were signed.


"Excellent work sir. Getting this deal is a big win for us." Miss Kiriyama said with a smile.


"Yes. Thank you very much for all the hard work you've done the last few days."


"I live to serve." She said in a seductive tone. "Is there anything else you require sir?"


James tried not to look at her as they again entered a waiting car. "No, that won't be necessary. I'm feeling a little under the weather today Miss Kiriyama, so I'd like to head back to the hotel room."


She raised her eyebrow slightly before telling the driver where to go. Nothing was said the rest of the drive was silent, but his assistant continued to look his way, her eyes locking on to his whenever he let them. He was eager to get back to his room and take a cold shower or something. Reaching the hotel, he gave a curt goodbye to Miss Kiriyama before turning to head to his room.


"I'm just down the hall if you need anything Mr. Blackburn." She added as he began to walk away.


James rushed back to his room, feeling for like the biggest piece of shit in the world. After the way his parents had carried on when he was a kid, he had always had a distinct hatred for cheaters. Now he wasn't sure how long his morals would hold up against the intoxicating woman who seemed to know EXACTLY what he wanted. James was pacing back and forth in his room when he heard the door open and his desire come walking slowly toward him. She was dressed in what looked to be a Japanese schoolgirl outfit. Not an actual one, but one of the novelties you could buy at some kind of sex shop. He hair was out of the ponytail, spilling down to her stomach, and she approached him like a lion about to pounce on it's prey.


"I'm sorry we couldn't do this earlier sir. I know what you've been wanting, but I've been so busy." She said seductively, as she wrapped her arms around his neck. " I hope the wait didn't distract you too much."


James remained silent, utterly frozen by what was occurring. He breasts pushed up against his chest, her perfume invaded his nostrils, and every fiber of his being wanted to grab her and ravish her. "This is wrong." He thought to himself. Despite his misgivings, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him. She smelled so good as she began to bring her lips to his.


A scene flashed in his mind. Erica in her old body, crying in their room after finding out she would never get pregnant. It snapped James out of what he was about to do, and he quickly pushed the woman away, turning his back on her. He was breathing heavily, but tried to not let it show.


"Edward? What's the matter?" She asked, her voice sounding genuinely hurt.


"This is wrong. I......we can't do this. I have a wife." He stuttered.


" I don't understand. That's never bothered you before. What's going on?"


Before. She had said it, confirming his own suspicions. Edward Blackburn had been cheating on his wife with this......this....angelic looking goddess. Somehow, his feelings had been transferred, explaining why James had felt such a longing for her.


"What we've done before was wrong. I......shouldn't have been unfaithful to my wife. I'm sorry, but this can't happen again." James managed to spit out, wanting her gone more than anything.


She looked hurt, yet almost unbelieving. "So that's it? It's over just like that? I thought.....I thought we cared about each other."


"I was wrong!" James shouted. "Get out of here now, and forget that there was anything between us."


He glanced behind him and saw her take a step back, looking hurt and humiliated. Tears were forming in her eyes. "As you wish sir." She forced out. "I'll just go then."


She quickly left, and James was alone with his thoughts. He was ashamed of how close he had come to betraying his wife. Betraying her again. Though the first time, they had been in different bodies and the circumstances were vastly different. He had never cheated on her, but if she knew what he had done, she would probably never forgive him. Sighing at how awkward work was going to be now that he had ended things with his assistant, he quickly headed to the bathroom for a long, cold shower.

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vampire4    6

Erica/ Laura Blackburn


Erica was nearly asleep herself when she heard Zeke begin to stir. She couldn't understand what he was saying, but she could have sworn he said a name. She was more surprised when he turned over and sleepily curled up to her, laying his head on her bosom. She wasn't sure whether to move him or not, but he looked so comfortable that she doubted she had the heart to make him scoot over. She continued to rub his back when his eyes opened a little. She didn't think he was completely awake, but there was a question she had wanted to ask him.


"Zeke?" She asked in a gentle tone. "Why did you come here tonight?"


"Hmmm? I....I had a bad dream." He mumbled sleepily.


Erica laughed a bit at how childish he sounded. "So you had a bad dream and you came to sleep with me?"


"I didn't want.....to be.....alone."


Her heart broke a little as he fell back into a deep sleep, his head still resting on her chest. She felt bad for laughing at him, and she hugged him tightly to her.  She reached over and pulled Ashley to her as well. As she fell asleep, she couldn't help but think that this was the most comfortable she had felt in some time.


Ashley/ Maria Blackburn


Ashley sat at the kitchen table, sitting in a warm diaper and her nightgown. Erica had changed her in the morning without even asking if she wanted another diaper on. Since she hadn't had the chance to use the restroom, it hadn't stayed dry very long. Ashley didn't mind all that much. She almost didn't feel comfortable anymore unless she was in a fluffy diaper. She was blown away at how only a few weeks ago it had seemed like a death sentence. The first morning she woke up wet she was mortified, but now she had come to enjoy the warm feeling of a wet diaper.


"I'm such a weirdo." She thought.


Erica was humming happily as she made two bowls of cereal. The group had decided that it was a safer breakfast option than her cooking......anything at all. Ashley knew why her friend was so cheerful. Not only had Ashley slept with her, but so did Zeke. It had been quite a surprise to see him in the bed as well, but she wasn't jealous or anything. Erica told her that his nightmares had finally forced him to seek a little help. Apparently it had worked, as he hadn't had another nightmare that night, and was still asleep upstairs. Erica had yet to step foot in the antique store she owned, much preferring to play the stay at home mom.


She sat happily across from her friend as she began eating her cereal, occasionally shifting in her chair, feeling her swollen diaper press against her skin. She knew that James should return tomorrow morning, and Ashley was eager for him to get back. She had grown surprisingly attached to him lately. It wasn't just how kind he was to her, she was really starting to view him as a father figure. She had grown very attached to her little family, even her sometimes surly brother. She finished her cereal shortly after Erica, who quickly took her bowl as soon as she was done. In the meantime, Ashley let another gush of pee into her diaper, losing herself in the feeling of wetting herself, something she had become very good at lately.


Erica gave her a small smile. "Do you need a diapee change?" She asked in a motherly tone that Ashley loved.


"What about Tara? Won't she be here soon?"


Erica shrugged. "So what? She won't know that your wearing a diaper. I always get you ready for bed anyway, so she won't even see what you've been wearing all day. Come on. Wouldn't you like a baby day?"


Ashley blushed, not understanding why she found the idea of being in diapers all day so appealing. "Are you sure she won't notice?"


"I'm positive. Come on now, I don't want you getting a rash or anything."


Ashley waited as her friend started walking out of the kitchen. When Erica turned around to see what was taking her, she slowly raised her arms up, silently asking to be carried. Erica just giggled and scooped her into her arms. Ashley played with her blonde hair as they walked up the stairs, comparing it to her "mother's." They finally reached her bedroom and she was laid down on the changing mat Erica had used this morning. Laying there, surrounded by her stuffed animals, about to have her diaper changed, she felt a strange sense of peace. This was the good life.


Erica undid her diaper and began cleaning her with wipes.


"Lift up your tushie sweetie." Erica ordered.


Ashley complied and soon her butt landed on a soft dry diaper. Ashley was so lost in what she was feeling that as her diaper was closed she forgot who it was that had changed her.


"Thank you Mommy." She said happily.


Erica froze, and it looked like she wanted to cry. Ashley felt stupid for saying that, knowing that Erica had never been able to have any kids.


"I'm sorry." She stuttered. "I didn't mean to-"


Erica wrapped her in a hug, and Ashley could feel warm tears falling on her. "Thank you for calling me that. I've always wanted to hear that." Erica confessed.


Now knowing that her friend liked what she had called her, and wanting to make her happy after all she had done, Ashley decided to play along.


"I love you Mommy." She said in her cutest voice. And she really meant it. Everyone had become such a rock for her in what should have been a terrifying time in her life. She felt Erica hug her even tighter.


"I love you baby. I love you so much." Erica said, continuing to cry softly.


Ashley could have stayed there all day, wrapped in her friends arms, feeling safe and comfortable in a dry diaper. The moment didn't last long, as she heard Zeke's voice from the hallway.


"Hello? Where the hell is everybody?" He asked.


Erica dried her tears before giving Ashley a big smile. "Come on. Let's figure out something to do today."



Zeke/ Alexander Blackburn


Zeke staggered around the mansion, looking for any signs of life. He felt better than he had in some time. He felt refreshed. However, when he saw Erica come out of Ashley's bedroom, he immediately felt ashamed at what had happened last night. His nightmare had been so vivid, he had actually sought comfort in Erica's presence. He hadn't meant to end up sleeping in her bed with her. He just hadn't wanted to be alone.


"Good morning sleepyhead!" Erica sang in a voice that would have made his skin crawl before, but now gave him comfort.


"Morning ladies. You guys having a secret meeting or something in there?"


"I was just changing this cutie's diaper." Erica said, ignoring the look of horror that spread on Ashley's face. "Do you need a change?"


Zeke wasn't sure he understood why Ashley had been so content to stay in diapers all the time. He had heard her crinkling around before. Part of him wanted to mock her, but after everything they had gone through, what type of underwear she was wearing really didn't seem to matter. That being said, it wasn't for him, wet diaper or no.


"Umm...that's alright. I need to shower before the evil maid get's here." He said firmly.


The women hadn't said anything as he bolted for the shower, happy to get the wet diaper off his waist. After he had showered, he wandered downstairs to see that Tara was already there, cleaning the kitchen. Things had been rocky between them since they had returned from Ohio. Tara hadn't forgotten his rudeness to her, and Zeke hadn't forgotten what a pain in the ass she was to him. He sat down at the table, doing his best to avoid the young woman's gaze. Erica soon came by and set a bowl of cereal down for him, and Ashley soon joined them at the table, a coloring book and crayons in her hands.


Erica beamed at them from her seat. "You two look so cute. I swear, if I didn't know better, I would swear you were actually little kids."


Zeke dropped his spoon back into his bowl, struck by an idea of genius. He stood up, looking for Tara.


"What's wrong?" Ashley asked not looking up from her coloring.


Zeke gave the girls a devilish smirk. "I'm about to make a sexy ally out of a sexy enemy. Behold."


As soon as Tara came back into the kitchen, he walked confidently up to her. She gave him a suspicious look as he approached.


"Miss Tara?" He asked in as sweet a voice as he could fake. "I'm really sorry for being mean to you before. I really like you a lot."


Erica and Ashley stared at him with wide eyes. Tara's jaw had nearly hit the floor. She rubbed her hands in her brown hair as she tried to figure out if he was sincere. Finally, she smiled at him as he knew she would. Who would be suspicious of a little kid.


"Well....thanks Alexander. That means a lot."


Zeke extended his hand. "Friends?"


Tara pulled him into a hug. "Yes, kiddo. We're friends."


When Zeke finally took his seat again he smiled at the two girls looking at him in utter shock.


He smiled. "Ha! Too easy. Chicks can't help but fall in love with my cuteness. Think of all the babes I could get to help me if I got lost in a grocery store!"


Erica looked appalled. "That was an act?! How could you?"


"Being cute does have it's advantages." Ashley mumbled.


"You too?!" Erica asked.


Zeke finished his cereal and washed his bowl before Tara or Erica could take it.  As he headed back to his room to find a book to read, he passed by Tara and gave her another hug, enjoying the knowledge that she might not trouble him as much in the future. Tara hugged him tightly, and Zeke really didn't mind the affection.


"You're so sweet." She cooed.


"Yes I am." Zeke said with satisfaction.

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vampire4    6

Erica/ Laura Blackburn


With breakfast out of the way, Erica took Ashley back to her room in order to get her dressed for the day. It was a small thing that seemed to be an excellent start to her day, as she loved picking out different cute outfits for the little girl. For her part, Ashley didn't seem to mind letting her choose her clothes, only occasionally asking why she always had to wear a skirt. Today would be no different, as Erica had already chosen a ruffled yellow skirt. Ashley remained silent as it was pulled over her diaper, the plastic crinkling when she moved. Erica thought she was adorable. She picked out a white shirt with a little duck on it, making the small girl look even younger than she was. Ashley smiled when she saw herself, evidently thinking the same.


As they returned downstairs, they found Zeke already dressed and reading a book. He glanced up for but a moment, avoiding Erica's eyes, and giving a suspicious glare at Ashley's outfit. Tomorrow James would return, and the thought of sitting around the large house was maddening to her. She snapped her fingers at the boy. "Come on Zeke. We need to go shopping. You two are going to be starting first grade in a few two weeks, so I want to get both of you haircuts and new clothes."


Zeke looked annoyed, "Where to begin? First, why do we need new clothes? We already have tons as it is. Second, You can't seriously expect us to go to school."


Ashley looked alarmed. "I want to go."


"Okay, so Ashley and I want to shop for clothes, and yes you have to go to school. It's illegal for you not to go." Erica explained.


"Don't you think homeschooling might be a better idea?" Zeke asked.


"But think of all the friends we'll meet." Ashley protested.


Zeke looked horrified. "Friends?! Have you lost your mind?! You want to make friends with a bunch of glue-eating snotgoblins?!"


Erica sighed. "Zeke, Homeschooling isn't an option. I have to go work at my store eventually. I can't keep putting it off. Look, you might not like it, but you have to go. That simple."


"For just once, I wish that someone would take my side." Zeke grumbled.


"Erica smiled. "You're cute when you pout. Ash, why don't you go get your shoes? I need to talk to Zeke alone for a minute."


Zeke rolled his eyes as Ashley walked away. "What now? What further degradation do you want to inflict?"


Erica ignored the whining as she took a seat next to him, gently grabbing his hands and forcing him to look her in the eyes. "I noticed you didn't have another nightmare when you slept in my bed last night. Did you notice that?"


Zeke blushed. " So what? Wait a sec. Were you watching me sleep?!"


"I just noticed how peacefully you slept. You need to get more nights like that."


"Get to the point. What do you want?"


Erica kept his gaze. "I think you should sleep with Ash and me again tonight. I'd wager you won't have any nightmares."


Erica kept a firm grasp on the boys hands as he tried to pull away. "No way! Look, last night was.......I don't know.....a weak moment for me. I don't plan on doing it again."


"But it worked didn't it? Come on, what if we just give it a try and see what happens huh? If you have a nightmare, I swear I'll drop it and never bother you again about it." Erica swore.


She could see the gears turning in Zeke's mind. "Fine. I'll sleep in my bed, and if I have a nightmare I'll let you know."


"I'm not stupid kid. You could just stay awake and I wouldn't know. You have to sleep with me, and then we'll see what happens." She saw the uneasy look on his face and added "What's the worst that could happen?  You might actually get a good nights rest?"


Zeke sighed. "Fine. Just....just for tonight."


Erica smiled and went to get her coat and shoes, Zeke following behind her glumly. Tara and Ashley were waiting at the door, Tara dressed in black slacks and a red sweater. Erica had insisted that she stop wearing that ridiculous maids outfit, which she apparently wore at Mr. Blackburn's insistence. She was a beautiful girl, that much couldn't be denied. They piled into the car and Tara took the wheel. It was going to be another fun day on the town.


Ashley/ Maria Blackburn


Ashley was on cloud 9 as they left the hair salon. They had trimmed her hair only a little, and at Erica's insistence, curled her hair. Her hairdresser had been a very friendly girl, and Ashley loved how she talked to her like she really was a little girl, which she technically was. Zeke remained mostly silent, giving curt replies to any questions asked, until his stylist simply stopped trying. Now as they continued on to the mall, Ashley felt her full bladder, urging her for release. Almost without thought, she allowed herself to flood her diaper, loving the feeling of her diaper swelling. She immediately felt naughty for soiling herself, and it was a feeling she found oddly exciting. As entered the mall though, she began to worry that her diaper was sagging to the point of being visible beneath the skirt. She walked as slowly as she could, her hands pulling her skirt down, until Tara and Zeke went off to get his shopping out of the way, leaving her alone with Erica.


Deciding to continue with the dynamic they had this morning, Ashley gave Erica's hand a tug. "Mommy? I need a diaper change." She whispered. She was strangely comfortable calling her that and she wasn't sure why. It was ridiculous really, calling a woman who had been her best friend for years Mommy. She felt Erica squeeze her hand, but her friend didn't say anything, silently leading her to the nearest restrooms. Ashley saw her smiling as she lead her inside. Luckily, the changing station was inside a stall. Ashley would've been mortified to get a diaper change where others could see. 


Once she was in a fresh diaper, Erica led her from store to store, making her try on a variety of outfits. They chatted all the while, and Ashley was glad to have a few adult conversations in what she felt was becoming an increasingly infantile life. Just when she was starting to feel like a big girl again, Erica took her to their last stop. Ashley was so shocked her mouth hung wide open. Before her eyes was a Build-A-Bear store. She had never been to one before, never had reason too, but now she was nearly giddy at making herself a new stuffed friend.


"Are you serious?" She asked with thinly veiled excitement.


Erica beamed at her. "I thought you might enjoy this. I wanted to have this time with you to let you know how much I appreciate what you've been doing. Acting like a little kid, letting me dress you and change your diapers, calling me Mommy. I really love that you've been doing this for me."


Ashley felt really awkward to admit the truth, that she actually really enjoyed acting childish, especially wearing diapers. "I'm glad it makes you happy Mommy, I really am. But I really like acting this way. I don't know why. It's a lot of fun, but it's more than that. I love being taken care of by you. You're so gentle and sweet, and I just.......love it. Does that make me seem weird?"


"It's not weird at all. It's cute and adorable, and I love you for it." They shared a quick embrace before Erica gave her diapered butt a little pat. "Come on. Let's make Zeke one too. Surprise him."


With that, the two friends walked hand and hand into the store, intent on making a stuffed bear.

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Cute_Kitten    320

glue-eating snotgoblins XD I giggle-snorted reading that.  Love the dynamic between Erica and Ashley

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vampire4    6

Found some extra time. Here's another very short chapter. Enjoy.


Zeke/ Alexander Blackburn


Zeke lost track of how long Tara drug him from store to store. He dealt with it with as much dignity as he could muster, finding solace in the fact that he was away from Erica, and with his sexy nanny. Half the trip, he was merely admiring her. She reminded him of Amy, his ex-girlfriend. She looked a bit like her, and was just as sweet and kind as Amy had been. Of course Amy didn't have the nanny's temper, she was a soft spoken girl, which was probably why he had liked her. There had been times in their relationship when they had spoken very little, yet Zeke had enjoyed her company nonetheless. oddly enough, he was enjoying Tara's company as well, despite the unpleasant chore he was facing.


Zeke was less enthusiastic about tonight. He should have been in Iran right now, digging for old artifacts, and sleeping in a tent. Instead he would be sleeping with Erica, who seemed intent on mothering him, and he would be sleeping in a diaper. He vowed not to drink any water after seven o'clock, not wanting the damn woman to have a reason to change him like an infant again. He shuddered at the memory of her cleaning him with baby wipes like he was a helpless toddler.


They gathered up the few outfits that Zeke had approved of and headed to check out. They were standing there for some time, waiting for the woman to begin their order before Zeke realized who it was. She was the same woman he had berated at the bookstore weeks ago, the same plump forty something woman, and she was currently staring at him like he was a ghost from her worst nightmare.


Tara blinked and raised her eyebrow. "Umm....excuse me? Is there something wrong?"


Zeke tried to look innocent as the older woman gazed at him in shock. "My problem is that young man there. He's a little monster. You've really dropped the ball with your son, I can tell you that."


Zeke pretended to look confused. "Miss Tara? Who is this lady? Why is she being mean to me?"


Tara had fixed the woman with a fiery glare he knew all to well. "You listen to me....." She began, glancing at the woman's name tag. "......Lydia. I don't know who you think he is, but he's a seven year old boy. He is no monster. He certainly doesn't deserve to be called one either. You should be ashamed." She thrust the clothes back at her. "Take them back. We won't be shopping here again."


As Tara began walk out of the store, Zeke turned and gave the woman a cold glare, adding in a devilish smirk. "See you around.....Lydia. Maybe at the bookstore?" He almost felt like skipping when he saw her mouth drop open, trying to speak only to find no words.


Still, they hadn't walked very far before Tara grabbed him by the arm. "I'm not stupid Alexander. That woman clearly knew you, and it sounds like you gave her quite a reason to dislike you. I would have made you apologize if she hadn't been so goddamned rude herself. You need to learn to watch how you speak to people. Now come on, we'll say no more of this."


Zeke did feel a little guilty, and did his best to give Tara his puppy dog eyes. It apparently worked, as she sighed and ruffled his hair before moving on. They met up with Erica and Ashley soon after. Zeke noticed that Ashley was sporting a new stuffed bear. The fur was pink and soft looking, while the stomach was white. The bear's eyes were also pink around the iris. Ashley was hugging it closely to herself, as Erica nudged her toward him a bit. Silently, she reached into a bag and held out another bear. This one had black fur, and a lime green stomach. It's mouth was sown up into a small scowl. The most distinguishing feature was on the bear's chest. There was a rather large red heart on the left side.


"Uhh...what the hell is this?" Zeke asked, instantly feeling Tara smack him over the head for his language.


Ashley looked at the floor. "I.....um.....we made it.......for you. Don't you like it?"


Zeke stared at the dark and angry looking bear with the big heart, letting out a small laugh despite himself. He was oddly.....touched by the gesture. "of course I like it. Thank you. I don't know what to say." Ge reached out and took the bear from her.


Ashley looked up, giving him a big smile. "I'm glad. I worked hard on it."


As the two siblings walked out of the mall, each holding their stuffed bears, Zeke could have sworn he saw Erica smirking at him. At the moment though, he was willing to let it slide, and he continued to nod his head as Ashley went on and on about the process of making a stuffed bear.

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Drownedinp    83

Great story!

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Cute_Kitten    320

Yay, two updates in a row! Really digging the character development- I think Zeke is slowlyyyy starting to let down his walls a little ,but he's still a prickly little bugger. Also liked having him run into the lady from the bookstore- and he thought he was going to get away with it, but Tara was on to him about his behavior. XD   Ashley was adorable with the Build A Bear (that's one of my favorite stores XD) 

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Drownedinp    83

Great story!

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hifox5    0

I just love your story, it is so well written. The character development is great, Zeke is my favorite, followed by Erica, don't get me wrong the other two in the family are good as well and Zara's development is coming along nicely. I keep checking back numerous times though the day and night just to see if this fantastic story has been updated and I joined up now to leave a comment on your story. Your ability to engage the reader is just mind blowing.

I dislike it when people leave comments on authors stories such as "you should do this to this person etc" so I'm conflicted when I say this

1. Please don't make it sexual between Zeke and Zara

2. Please let Erica and get back in the "grove" if you know what I mean.

3. Maybe Erica can still lactate after all these years, making her and Ashley bond even stronger and before people say that's impossible, my wife still can and its been 10 years and we have been to the doctors and everything is ok.

Keep up the great work


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vampire4    6

Thanks for the kind words. I love answering questions. First i think you mean Tara not Zara, and i can assure you there will never be any sexual contact with Zeke. Because he is in a minors body im very careful with how graphic things are.

Not sure what you mean about Erica and her groove. Sorry. But there's not going ti be any lactating. I've had this story planned out from the beginning. I have added a few characters along the way, but i still have a focus on where the story is going. To be honest, I've included far, far more diaper scenes than i had intended too, but i wanted an element that would appeal to all those littles out there.

Hope to post more soon, but im so happy you're enjoying it. I hope i can keep your interest.

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hifox5    0

Sorry that should be "Erica and James get back in the groove, if you know what I mean"😉

You keep writing like this and updating like you do and you will keep mine and everyone else interest going,that I sure of.

Thank you for such a quick reply

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Thanks for the great story, I wonder what you have in store for us next?

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vampire4    6

School for Zeke and Ash. And a conflict that could tear the group apart. Lol. Just to tease you.

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