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Mega Millions Jack Pot


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crack and whores :o Oh wait....I'm not charlie sheen. I would blow it on all extinct dinosaur DNA and bring dinosaurs back. Then I would make an almost escape proof island theme park called........crustaceous carnival island!!! Then make a zombie virus and have undead dinosaurs to kill the earth!!

This might have been a dream I've had.

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Guest Diaperdragon

Ok, if I won the mega millions, I would

1) pay off my debts and bills

2) buy a house in a rural area

3) buy a car

4) stock the house up with lifetime supply of diapers and diaper related stuff.

5) pay off my college and get that college degree.

6) travel for one year.

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Well, buying an old abandoned ghost town has been a kind of fantasy of mine :blush: I'd buy an old town, and rename it "Happiness"..

Who says money can't buy Happiness! :P

But I'm not one who "loves money" I like what one can do with it. My dad on the other hands L*O*V*E*D money and all its incarnations.... :badmood: and I watched him self destruct and whine and complain about what others had or got.....all the while having the tools to build his own wealth etc, so my lesson is that love of money or material things really does nothing but cause a lot of trouble.

Another thing I forgot was that I'd get myself a really nice cabin in the mountains...I have always loved the mountains and always wanted a place there. This would mean I could get a "REALLY" nice place that I could let my family and friends use if/ when I'm not there....which would'nt be often :P

But $19 mill a year is a lot, and how much do you really need to live on? $1 million invested at 3%-5% is $30,000 to $50,000 a year income, and if you are still working, thats just free money that you can save and reinvest to make more.

Believe me, I can live very easily on $50 grand a year and have funds left over :P

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Hmm...I'm with you Squareduck, hard to imagine why someone would want money for money's sake.

I'd buy the family ranch, or at least pay the taxes for the next hundred years. Fix up the house (the paint is peeling, leaky tin roof, needs septic work but no one lives there anymore so who cares) and the property. Come up with a quick way to get in to town, perhaps a helicopter, wouldn't want to pave the dirt road of course. I'd probably stay there at least some of the time (uncle wouldn't let me when I really wanted to) and pay a caretaker otherwise. Maybe even make the bed and breakfast I always wanted to.

I'd donate a lot of it, I know some people can spend money like they're burning it, but I can't imagine having that much money around. Been scrounging for too long. Sure I have things I love to spend on, games, computers, recently roller skates... but millions? One of my professors asked what kind of car most people would buy with that kind of money. Ferrari was the top pick, but I'd grab an 89 Grand Prix and trick it out. That was a fun car. They either ran forever or just died for no apparent reason. Mine did the latter.

I'd set up something for my handicapped stepson's future. He'll probably never have a 'female companion' or a family of his own, so he'll need someone to look out for him.

It would be amazing to buy a largeish chunk of land, build a modest castle on it, well furnished in an early medieval style, and donate it to my principality for use as a camping site for SCA and Renfaire events and such. I wonder what the King of the West would think of the Black Swan having their own castle? (I've even talked to the wife about building a semi-authentic norse longhouse if we ever get a decent piece of property for it, just for fun.)

Some would certainly go toward my religious organization, for operating costs and supporting the work.

I'd probably buy/build a combination pizza kitchen/arcade/roller rink/pinball museum with REAL pizza, GOOD games that WORK, and custom proprietary motion-control cockpits for a photoreal space fighter sim, the kind of thing you will never be able to get at home until a real VR system emerges. I can imagine working a place like that and loving it. Of course, I'd pay someone to manage the business crap and let me play.

Diapers galore, of course. I'd probably get that diaper training device working too.

Wife and I would both get the best dental work available. My teeth aren't too bad but I've got some issues I need worked on. She has lingering problems from braces that were not adjusted or removed for YEARS longer than they should have, and she fell off a shopping cart as a teen, cracking her front tooth. It's never been really fixed, just patched. She'd like veneers or whatever is best in the long run. She'd also get any cosmetic procedures she wants, though she doesn't need them. She's loved her breast augmentation so much she'd like to get them bigger, but she's already at the limit of 'standard' sizes, so it would require custom implants, not to mention custom clothes, to go any bigger. She'd get them, of course.

I'd make sure Dad and his wife could definitely stay in their house as long as they want to. They're getting older and I'd hate to see them sell the house to pay for retirement, unless they really wanted to. They've spent twenty years making it the place they'll retire.

I'd buy the place my mom rents, it's comfortable and they like it there. I may do that anyway. :) I'd make sure she was set up with everything she needs too. She's been scrounging longer than I have.

I'd probably work on my own ideas for space stuff, as I've always been interested in science fiction and I'd like to see some of it become fact in my lifetime. I may not know much about neutrinos and quantum entanglement, but the pioneers of sailing and submarines weren't all about the science of it. I guess I've got too much of Roddenberry's ideas on exploration from a lifetime of Star Trek. I tend to think things will become very interesting once we can reliably transmit data FTL, perhaps even instantaneously. As a matter of fact, I'd probably do what I can to influence Paramount in regards to the future of the Star Trek franchise, there are some great artists out there doing fanfic that's easily better than anything since TNG. The Phase II episode with George Takei was absolutely amazing.

Can't think of much else atm, but I'm sure I'd find things. I'd want to make sure the important stuff was done before just blowing money on stupid stuff. So many would play Brewster's Millions with it.

Bleh, it's nice to dream but since I don't buy tickets I won't win. XD

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I wouldn't because I'd take the lump-sum payout. I'd rather have the money in my bank account earning interest than wait 26 years for the full amount.

Unfortunately Florida doesn't have Mega Millions. :(

You do realize that, even on 360 million, the top-paying mutual fund accounts wouldn't make up the difference over 26 years from what you'd lose in taxes by paying a much higher rate than if you spread it out, not to mention actual principle loss. Only way to outperform the annuity is to aggressively invest, not just "stick it in a bank account".

Personally, I'd rather have the annuity because of how utterly easy it is to completely lose track of how much you've spent. Yeah, it sounds ludicrous, but that's EXACTLY how people wind up in bankruptcy court - they blow through it like there's an unlimited supply, and they realize too late that it isn't...

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Thats why I like to go by the rule:

"Save and invest now, and then play later" you can always play, but saving and investing is limited to what you have, if you blow it to begin with, you have that much less to play with. Kind of like doing your homework from school. you can always play, but your homework is due the next day, so the sooner you get to it and get it done, the sooner you can go and play"

*shrug* works for me anyways.. ;)

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went in a pool at work, $5/person buy-in, 40-some people put in, going for cash option, which is about $460-something, which boils down to around $11.5 mil/person if we win! so after taxes and such, about $10 million each. family bought some tickets too, so here's hoping!! :D

anyway, either way, things i would do (in no particular order):

1- buy a cozy house somewhere not too far off, probably in PA somewhere, in a rural area, near water and some terrain (kinda flat where i live currently and i love the mountains), on a good sized plot of land big enough to let my rifles out for a good long run once in a while

2- a pick-up truck

3- more firearms

4- other toys

5- make my mom retire

6- pay for sisters' college (yup, twin sisters, no, not identical lol)

7- give some cash to friends and family

8- donate to charities/organizations i care about

9- pay off girlfriend's student loans

10- diapers and diaper related stuff (DUH!!)

11- put rest in savings for family and future family

12- possible beach house near atlantic city (which i would rent out during the off-season and certain holiday weekends)

it's fun to dream sometimes :P

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Pffffsstttt really! Like it's not hard enough just having to play against everyone in calif...NOOOOO! we have to pay against almsot everyone in the flipping COUNRTY! :badmood:

Maryland! of all places! this was the C*A*L*I*F*O*R*N*I*A Lottery! Not the Every-one-else-on-the-frigging-planet -lottery.....

I think they need to cancel that ticket and start again....and only people in Calif can play! :P


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Am I the only one who would just give it all away anonymously?


You do realize that, even on 360 million, the top-paying mutual fund accounts wouldn't make up the difference over 26 years from what you'd lose in taxes by paying a much higher rate than if you spread it out, not to mention actual principle loss. Only way to outperform the annuity is to aggressively invest, not just "stick it in a bank account".

Lets put it this way. You take the annuity, get your first check, then you get killed by a bus. You got $19,000,000 of the $640,000,000, and your heirs get the rest. I'd rather have the option of spending $20,000,000 in one shot and not have to wait for the next check.

Can you buy them over the web, or did the person in Baltimore have to go to CA to buy it?

It's a multi-state lottery, like the PowerBall. 42 states, the District of Columbia, and the US Virgin Islands play Mega Millions. Though, if you live in a state that doesn't participate you can drive to a state that does or have someone else buy a ticket and mail it to you.

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Realistic charety that I would use the Money with

If I won that kind of money I would start up schools across the US and around the world to educate less fortunate kids. With some well placed investments in realestate I would hope to build boarding schools to replace the Washington State Foster system all together. The schools would be based and run by South Koreans who've specialized at reintergrating North Korean Refugees into south Korean Society. That way the children would have an accademic, physical, and mental preparedness for college and the rest of their lives. I'd also try and buy land and build buildings for women coming out of abusive situations especially ones with children. Set up the women with education not only schollarly but also life skills such as neutrition, child raising, and other such things that they and their children could be lacking in. I'd also hire doctors and pay for their education on the condition that they work off their school debt by performing spinal, eye, and nero surgery (once they get older and more experienced) for a low cost for multiple people here in the USA and around the world.

I would also build a massive network of non polutent high speed trains like the ones in Japan and China across The United States to compete with the Airlines. These trains would have an erray of restoraunts and vending machines. A long with a medical team and rest areas. This network would also go from city to city and have car rentals and massive parking Garages for passangers arriving and departing. The prices will be affordable and the trains ideal would be able to go from New York to Seattle in 4 hours.

I'd also eliminate slum lords wherever possible and improve the conditions of the poor's living situation.

Personal uses

I would have a house for myself with dozens of rooms dedicated to ageplay. Maybe have one on the west coast and another on the East Coast.

Fictional Uses for the Money

I'd also buy a house and have a few rooms devoted to ageplay. I'd probably wear diapers all the time but still use the bathroom. I'd also have a personal driver that drove me everywhere (sorry to say my eye site is not correctable) Pay off some family members medical bills and just live a happy life runing the companies that I've founded. If I find a way to get off fossol fuels then I'd have my own private military and take out dictators across the world and help spread the ideals of our constitution and Bill of rights to every society on the planet.

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At my age I would take the lump sum and distribute much of it around my family. especially the younger generations. I wouldn't contribute to "charity" - under our system they have already had their slice, and most of them are charity businesses anyway; much of the money goes in "overheads". For the same reasons I would take measures to mitigate taxes - the government has already had its slice. I might even shift my tax residence and domicile to Jersey or the Isle of Man; my taxable income would be ludicrously high, and the Isle of man has very reasonable rates and an overall cap on tax. (Love England as I do, there is a limit as to how much I would pay to live here.)

For my remaining slice I would invest a small part in a Purchased Life Annuity - at my age I would get a very good rate and this would provide a baseload income if everything else went wrong. The rest I would invest partly in land (town & country) as it tends to keep its value - after all, they've stopped making it, and most of the rest in "income shares" from companies which have a good and consistent record of paying dividends. I'm sorry, Sarah-ab, I would never use lawyers to invest my money, because I have worked as a financial adviser in a law firm and I know their financial acumen is usually very poor and their honesty is even less.

That would leave me free as a bird to be a gentleman-at-leisure, or "playboy" as they call it on the other side of the pond. I would be mindful of the old Arab proverb: "The man who can carry all that he owns on his back is free", and I would be continent of buying cars and houses. I would have a home in the northern hemisphere, in Jersey or Man, and another in the south - probably South Island, New Zealand, and I would spend the summer in each; flying south in autumn and back north again in spring, never remaining so long anywhere as to qualify for tax-residence. I would keep clear of London - I hate the place.

I wouldn't go any further into the dl thing - I am in quite far enough already.

One dream would be to buy a two- or three-masted schooner, all Melville and Marryat above deck but luxurious gin-palace below, and to try and visit as many countries as possible, dawdling along the coast, or from island to island, as the mood took me.

I would make some contributions to charity - noblesse oblige - but they would be small, local charites where the benefit could be focussed.

I think I could do all this within my budget - even with all that money I would still cut my coat according to my cloth - although I might indulge in a "wife" - I understand they are very good at distibuting surplus money.

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