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Mega Millions Jack Pot


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What would you do if you won 19 million for the next 26 years. To start I would fill my supply of diapers with everything diapers I would buy my wife and thing she wanted invest and pay off debt all in the first year

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ohh i think ths thread was stareting a few months ago when it was around 300 million jackpot... its one of my fav. games to play.. What would you do if you won the loterry. Its up to 500 mil now, i went in at work, i don't normally buy tickets, but at work i'll go in with my unit.

of course there are a few charities i would make annual donations to. MS Society, TSA-USA, PBS and a few others.

I would like a scholarship set up at my undergraduate alma mater - with certain criteria. It would be a one year full scholarship, you would only be eligible for it one time, but it would cover full tuition (as in 4 courses, meal plan and dorm living.. even if the person didnt live in the dorms, the money taht did not go to tuition/books would go to them in a check in monthly installments)....

I would buy some land and build my dream house - which is nothing huge, but there would be the master bedroom with two separate walk in closests - one for me, one for boyfriend - and an awsome master bath with a HUGE soaking tub, along with slate shower, as well as at least two guest rooms with their own bathrooms, there would be the library, a mini gym with free weights, two treadmills and an endless pool and a separate hot tub, there would be a dining room, living room, office/den. The gym w/ endless pool and hot tub would be in the basement. The bedrooms would be upstairs, the rest of the rooms would be on the main floor. There would be a two car garage, as well as a recording studio (also in the basement) for boyfriend. There would be enough yard for a garden, a pool (enclosed in all glass and connected to the house for year round use) and a nice deck/patio for bbq's...

I would pay off my boyfriend's parents mortgage and my parent's mortgage. I would pay off all of my and my boyfriends bills, and get a damned good laywer and accountant to help meinvest most of it.

I cannot say for certain I would quit my job, i acutally enjoy my job. I also would continue in school. I may consider however, going to part time at my job, so i could devote more time to volunteering, or maybe I would open up the bookstore i always wanted to because I would ahve the money to not have to stress too much about business.

I also would like to buy a cabin on a lake, secluded, so there were no neighbors, with a private waterfront area that was not visible by other houses. This would be a small place, maybe two bedrooms with a kitchen and livingroom/dining room area, and a basement. the basement would be the nursery so daddy and I could have weekend getaways for some playtime, but we could also just go there with friends family and no one would know what was in the basement...

Also disney is starting to sell houses ON disney property in florida.. this is not he same as the town of celebration, but rather 5 million dollar and up houses on property by the parks. I would buy one of those.

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After paying of a few small debts and buying a couple nice things (spending no more than 100k or so,) I would create a private holdings corporation and transfer the wealth into it by purchasing the shares at a set price. I would be 100% shareholder and all my financial assets would be owned by the corporation. This takes lawyers and accountants to set up properly, but is well worth it for the tax advantages. I would then use the power of the holdings company to purchase cash flow financial assets such as real estate, mining stocks, ect., always purchasing undervalued assets and selling overvalued ones. I would hire financial advisers to help me in my decision making, but would essentially grow my wealth as much as I can. Not like I would need to, since the initial winnings would be more than enough to live from, but the process of managing and growing wealth is appealing to me, and with the ability to continue to generate wealth, I could sustain long term charitable ventures and basically live a free life to do as I desire.

And yes, I would stock a warehouse full of diapers, just for the heck of it. I would also build a full concrete safe in the basement of my fabulous new home, and line the shelves floor to ceiling with gold and silver coins and bars.

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i would buy a old nuclear bunker and turn it in to a ab/dl hotel underground so no one can see or get in and the land on top i would have a abdl town layed out so others can eather rent or buy and have a large apartment block built so them that want something like that to live in but only ab's abd dl's would be allowed to live there

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Well first off I'd pay off my debt, buy a big house with a 6 car garage, buy a few more cars, set up a college fund for my kid, and, of course, actual diapers. No more store brand for me lol.

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What would you do if you won 19 million for the next 26 years.

I wouldn't because I'd take the lump-sum payout. I'd rather have the money in my bank account earning interest than wait 26 years for the full amount.

Unfortunately Florida doesn't have Mega Millions. :(

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First, I would have to pick myself up off the floor.....and dust myself off, then head to the bathroom to change my pants :blush:

I would probably also take a lump sum payment, which would be somewhere around 250 million after taxes etc. but if not that, $19 mill a year is about $1.58 a month, which is still a nice paycheck ;)

I would then go hide for a while to give me time to think....but I would first offer to buy my dads estate :P which wouldn't really be that much, but would 'hopefully' shut my brother up :P

Then go shopping for a few apartment buildings, and buy myself a really nice place to live. I would also be investing a major portion of it to help it grow so it would last a long time.

I'd also set up investment accounts for my 2nd cousins and send them to school to learn how to manage wealth, and maybe a trust account for another cousin who just can't get his act together :P

Also set up a trust account /charitable trust to help fund DD here and make sure it keeps going no matter what happens :D

Then I would travel a lot...maybe buy a small motor home to travel the states with so I could see all the lower 48 (I've been to about 10...have more to go) and visit with my many friends from here :D

And do some globe trotting and visit with more peoples....all of those would only take a few million, if that, the rest would get stashed away in various accounts, some other charitable trusts for favorite organizations.....

I might even create my own diaper brand and sell that :D

The rest of the time I would probably be bored, watching money roll in is about as exciting as watching paint dry..MEH

Maybe run for Mayor...or Governor...Nah, to much work :P

Stay at home, build models, go vintage car shopping, and spend a lot of time in diapers :D

Maybe even look for a lady friend to spend the time with...*shrug*

Once I get everything set up, theres not much else to do...

Being rich is actually VERY boring once you do everything you want to do...Money os really a responsibility and liability.....why bother?

No wonder I don't play the silly game.. :P

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Cash Out, since I am not about to live for another 25 years. I figure I get about 300 mil, conservatively

Put 30-40 mil in very safe low-interest accounts for a secure income

put 20-30 in mutual funds (I know some that yield 11%/yr)

put 2 mil in a house and an account to take care of it

put 40 mil in medical accounts

put 20-30 mil in transportation accounts

put 1 mil in an emergency fund account

Use the rest to pay for whatevfer needs paying and incidentals

Turn my relatives and anyone claiming to be my relative into forgs

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Well, If I win, It will be a good thing you are not one of my relatives or claim to be

Just where from came the idea that Fairies turn people into frogs, we do not know but the threat does server the useful purpose of keeping people in line and I am only half-Fairy. Every Fairy girl starts school at age 9. By that time she has been taught her "characters and symbols" (48 sounds, 20 puncuations; 12 numbers:0-11 , number systems, usuallycount by 5, 12 or 60 which is 12 and 5, operation characters and over 20 ideographs that stand for processes and things) and has served as a page in either the Queen's or a local Queen'sLady's court from her eigth to her ninth birthday. Then she goes to school for 15 years. Most of that is to learn how to use "magic" and some of the implements that it takes. And no, the tiara is not a magic implement, it is worn to honor our most beloved Queen, whose name it bears, contains symbols to remind us of who we are and what we hold dear and important, and because we like how they look om us. But this is a digression to answer your question about frogs

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Am I the only one who would just give it all away anonymously?

Looks like it! :P I would set up a lot of different charitable trusts so that the funds keep on generating revenue and giving, instead of just a 1 shot deal.

Tell ya what though, if I do happen to be privileged enough, I'll send you a chunk of it so you can give it to what ever entity you wish and feel good about..... 'K? :D

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19 million for 26 years ???

Nobody needs that much money, I'd build a passive eco house, keep 5M in the bank for income via interest, and give the rest away.

It'd be nice to own a bugetti veron (excuse spelling) and a lambo, ferrari, aston-martin etc.., but I'd feel like a knob driving them, and these are not the kind of cars you treat as museum pieces !

There was a tv show on NZ tv recently that followed lotto winners, it was quite surprising how many of them wished they'd never won / hadn't won so much. Maybe it's just a kiwi thing, but I believe in such a thing as too much money.

In New Zealand, if you have a house, car & maybe a boat you couldn't wish for more! Mine is not a country that requires money to find enjoyment in !

Remember, the love of money is the root of all evils!

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The tub-thumpers have landed

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Hey, what does 'tub-thumpers' mean in this context?

I've never heard this term, and a google search didn't make too much sense of the term either:

"To argue for or promote something vigorously"

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okay first and foremost, put a good amount in the bank to just sit..... then...

1)Pay off ALL debts

2)Buy my own house in the middle of nowhere, or maybe just move to germany... undecided. maybe a home in the US and one in germany...why not if i have the cash...

3)Buy a classic car and truck, then a newer car and truck.

4)diapers diapers diapers (duh?)

5)Travel coast to coast, then around the world... again hey if i have the money, heck yeah!

6)buy some nice stocks. Maybe buy into the company I work for to the point where I can tell my bosses where they can shove their priorities list. But before I tell them to shove it, since they're both "big truck" guys, I'll rent BIGFOOT and show up on the job with it just to piss them off.

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I'd clear mine and my familys debts, but a few houses in different states to use as holiday homes. Buy a few houses in other countries too, to go visit family and friends. Maybe buy a boat to go sail to these other countries to visit. Buy some nice car's and trucks. Invest and live of the intrest and also give some to charities.

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it would be awsome to win such a prize ,, we all dream of it happening to us ,, i have never really thought about what i would do if i was to win any thing of that size ,,and if i did the first thing i would do is take care of my family and friends that need the help ,,i would quit the job i have but to be honest i just couldnt sit home and do nothing ,, i would take my existing hobbies and take them to their limits .. but what i always dreamed of having as far as material things go is getting my pilots liscense and my own airplane,, and i would build one heck of a nursery , money can buy happiness but only to a point ... too me happiness and contentment come from those you surround your self with . even with all that said the odds are all against us ,,, but who knows it may just happen to some one here some day... good luck to everyone that plays

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