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All You Can Eat Buffets


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i dont eat at those places i can never eat enough per visit to make it worth while.... some people can have 3-4 plate fulls but i get full after 1-1.5 plates and my wife had gastric bypass a few years ago and can only eat a small amount at a time

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Depends on where you go. I have a great all you can eat place in my town that costs $5/plate, and $3/drink(free refills), and having as many kids as I do, its very well priced, considering most places charge $10+.

I don't eat much, but considering I get a portion of porterhouse steak as an option, that alone is worth the $8

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responsibility is on the eater, not the eatery.

This is also why we also have something that unfortunately not everyone knows how to exercise, & that is called Self-Control

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Only 3rds? One time at a Ryans Steakhouse I went back for 8ths. Yes that was eight full plates of food.

Well yeah, only 3...I have to watch my girlish figure (expand) ya know ;)

BTW, a mind is a terrible thing to waste, but a waist is a terrible thing to mind :P

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