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Found 41 results

  1. So, a year ago I started to write a story and got a few chapters in but a really bad experience killed any drive to do anything related to this fetish. So, a year later I've gotten over it and decided to reboot the story by releasing a chapter once a week. I have up to Chapter 7 done and hopefully won't get caught up on posting vs writing. If that happens, posting might slow down but I will finish this story. It's very much a basic AF diaper fap story so don't expect a masterpiece. Hopefully it reads well and all criticism/feedback is welcome. Formatting on this forum is odd so I apologize if it looks odd. I'm rewriting the previous version of this story and trying to make fatter chapters out of the previous ones. Enjoy. Hard Reset Chapter One: The Meeting The Anderson's took three months to search orphanages across the country, three months to find the perfect girl. The main problem for them was her age, she was almost an adult and able to discharge herself without being adopted. Being months away from eighteen also makes the legal process harder as well, considering it can anywhere between nine months to many years for the process to actually go through. Not to mention, she would need to agree to the adoption as well, which is something they needed to pursue first. Their chosen candidate was named Alex. She was small for someone her age, at a massive 4’10” she was towering over toddlers and not much else. Having a slender “bean pole” build was also a major factor in the Anderson's decision that she was the one they wanted. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson where both in their early forties and loaded, if their initial meeting went poorly then they could easily grease the wheels to make it work regardless. They were going to get their girl, one way or another… Alex shut the door to her room, sighing as she tossed her backpack in the corner of the room. She walked over to her bed and collapsed face first. She was burned out and wanted to decompress after her final week of exams. She was alone and she knew that the three other girls she shared the room with wouldn’t be home until later in the day. She was done with high school, although being delayed for a rather long time because of the reason she was orphaned in the first place. She knew she would be out of this place in a few months and fully independent. She took the opportunity to change into a pair of black sweat pants and a black t-shirt and laid back down on the bottom bunk. Now that she was more comfortable, she grabbed her phone and started browsing the internet for something to help her relax. Double checking that she was alone, she slipped her hand down her pants and disappeared into fantasy land. She was almost there when the door to the room flew open, a grey haired woman stood in the doorway, smiling from ear to ear. Alex pulled her hand from her pants just in time. Her face was flush but Mrs. Cooper, the head of the care home, seemed oblivious of what she was doing. “Alex, I have a big surprise for you!” She said “Come with me!” extending her hand. Her heart pounding at the sudden exposure, Alex hesitated. “Right now?” she managed to squeak out. “Yes, right now.” Mrs. Cooper lost her smile and stared right at her. “Take a moment to get cleaned up, and put something nice on.” Alex didn’t argue, she slowly got off the bed. Still in mini panic mode of almost getting caught with her hand down her pants. Taking a clean skirt out of her dresser, she slowly walked up to her caretaker with the intent of going closing the door to change. As she got close, Mrs. Cooper put her hand on her chest and looked her right in the eye. At almost six feet, the older women towered over her. With the heat still in her pants, the prolonged stare was the last thing she needed. Mrs. Cooper walked over the dresser and grabbed a large hair brush and hairband. Returning to the smaller girl, she grabbed her long black hair and roughly put it into a pony tail. Putting the hair brush back, she took the girls wrist in her own hand and practically dragged to out the door. Walking down the hallway, she quickly realized what she was being led to. She was going to be made to change in the group bathroom while Mrs. Cooper was going to be waiting outside the stall. This was to prompt expediency and she knew it. “A nice couple is looking to adopt you.” Mrs. Cooper said while Alex was quickly changing in the isolated stall. “You’ll be on your best behavior or you’ll regret it.” This was a surprise, it was a waste of time considering she was close to being a legal adult. She wasn’t given the opportunity to be adopted in a long time because of her age. Having declined all of the potential parents, a lot of families just stopped trying to adopt her based on that alone. She just wanted to be out on her own, she was so close and she didn’t understand why Mrs. Cooper was even bothering to try one last time. Once changed, she was once again led by the hand to the interview room. Mrs. Cooper stopped right before entering and did a few more things in an attempt to clean Alex up. With a somewhat heavy sigh, she put her hand behind Alex and guided her into the room. There were two people sitting at the table in the middle of the room. A larger man and a women about same size as Mrs. Cooper, both looked like they were straight out of the 50s. He was in a black business suit, sporting a dark red tie. The lady looked like one of those women on a World War II propaganda poster. Her brown hair done up with large curls that looked like she emptied a can of hairspray just to keep the shape. A red and white poke-a-dot dress, bridge red lipstick and a white furry number covering her shoulders. Alex was guiding to a chair in front of the two strangers. Sitting down, she just stared at the table. The large windows of the room where open, letting in the sounds of the city flood the room. Car horns, sirens and engine sounds added to the ambiance to the otherwise awkward moment. “I’m Martha Anderson.” She women in the red dress said sweetly “And this is my husband Thomas.” She gestured to the suited man. “We’re really glad to finally meet you Alex, we’ve been looking forward to this moment for months.” Thomas said with a mild grin. “I’m not interested” Alex said bluntly, not taking her eyes off the table. “That’s not how you talk to an adult Alex. Look at them when you’re talking.” Mrs. Cooper interjected. “I said I’m not interested, I’m almost old enough to be on my own and I don’t need to be adopted.” Alex said coldly, still looking at the table. “If you’re not interested, you’re not interested.” Thomas said. “We won’t force the issue. I believe we’re done here.” He said looking at Mrs. Cooper. The couple got up with Thomas gesturing to his wife to take a lead. “I’m sorry about that Mr. Anderson, she is too stubborn for her own good.” Mrs. Cooper said. “I’ll go talk to her, let her know the possibilities you can provide her.” Mrs. Cooper said apologetically as they continued to leave. “Thank you, there is no need. We’ll just go with the other option” Mr. Anderson said. “I’ll be in touch.” Letting the moment breath, Mrs. Cooper standing in the doorway, shot Alex a stern look before walking off. She headed towards Alex’s room with the girl slowly following behind. Stopping in front of the door, she looked directly at Alex. “The other girls won’t be staying in this room tonight, take the time to reflect on the opportunity you just gave up.” She sighed, putting he hand on her face. “I made you some food earlier and left it in fridge, I don’t want to see you out of your room tonight, you’re lucky I already made that food or you wouldn’t be eating tonight.” With that, she turned around and left, clearly in a foul mood. Alex didn’t say anything as her walked away. Alex was looking forward to being left alone and returned to her previous activity prior to being interrupted. Alex took care of herself in record time. After laying there, staring at the bunk above her, the tingling having left her body, her stomach was letting her know it was food time. She went to the kitchen and grabbed the plastic container out of the fridge with her name on it. She opened it up to reveal a surprising good looking chili. After heating it up, she went back to her room and began to dig in. She was almost done when she started to feel drowsy. Standing up, she felt really dizzy, she sat back down right where she was, on the floor, with a thud. Her vision was starting to get blurry, a buzzing was enveloping in her ears, and then she couldn’t see at all, everything was going dark.
  2. “SPIDER!” my little sister Annabelle screamed at the top of her lungs. “STOP SCREAMING!” I screamed back at her before running over and killing the damn spider. “Look, just go downstairs and look through some of the stuff down there!” Annabelle was 8 years old and had a very high pitched scream that I absolutely could not stand. So far that had been her 4th time screaming her head off and I would rather clear out this attic myself than to hear her scream near me one more time. Why are we cleaning the attic? Well because we're selling my grandmas house. About 5 months ago my grandma got really sick and died just 2 weeks later. It was a very sad time for us all. Anyway, my mom couldn't afford to keep both our hose and my grandma's house so she decided to get everything out and go through it. Some stuff we are selling, some were giving to goodwill, and some were keeping. My sister was in tears after I yelled at her but what do you expect? A 16-year-old brother can only handle so much screaming. But Annabelle did climb down the ladder leading to the attic crying so it wouldn't be so bad. Mom might be a little mad at me for yelling at her but even she knows how much of a pain it can be to hear my sister scream. I was about to get back to taking stuff down the ladder when I suddenly heard something slam shut. Looking back I could see the door to the attic had closed shut. Shit! I went over and tried to reopen the door but it wouldn't budge. Whoever made it, made it so that it can only be opened from the outside. “Perfect,” I whisper as I pulled out my phone to text my mom. She had a few things to do today so she left the two of us here to clear out the attic. ‘Hi mom, Annabelle’s screaming was getting on my nerves so I sent her downstairs. She must have accidentally knocked the ladder and now I'm stuck up here.’ I texted my mom. ‘Ok, I'm almost done with my shopping and I'll be back in 30 minutes.” she texted me back. great, stuck up here with nothing to do. My grandma doesn't have internet and my phone doesn't have any apps so I'm already bored. Not long after that, I hired the phone ring downstairs. Most likely mom checking on Anna. I take a look over at the boxes still up here and I decided to open a few and see whats inside. Maybe I could find something cool and call dibs on it. the first box had nothing but clothes in it, the next had old photos, and finally the last I checked actually had stuff in it! Most of it was old junk that I wouldn't have any use for. But it was still neat to look at some of it. Then I noticed something, a little pink box. I grabbed it and just looked at it. Out of everything in the box this one looked a little out of place. As I opened it, I let out a small giggle. It was a pink diaper with the word ‘princess’ on the front. On the back was just a large red hart. “Why was this up here?” I asked myself before tossing the diaper and continued to look through my grandma's stuff. But then I heard something, a small rustling sound, was it a rat!? I quickly turn around to see nothing. Then I hear the rustling again and I turned to look at the attic door. But again nothing was there, well except for the diaper. Just then I realized the rustling sound must have been the diaper. but what I didn't realize was it wasn't in the spot I tossed it at. I decided I should actually pick it up and put it back in the box before mom gets back. As I walk over and try to pick it up however the diaper suddenly leaps into the air and clamped onto my face! What the fuck! I immediately start fracking out as I try to pull the diaper off my face when I suddenly fall down. “Ow,” I say as I rub my head and release the diaper is off my face but notice it's trying to make its way into my pants! I immediately grab onto it and tried as hard as I could to pull on it, but It just would not budge! I might be scrawny but I can't be this week! But my hands slip and the diaper went right into my pants. I quickly stand up as I feel the diaper moving around in my underwear! I immediately pull down both my pants and underwear just as the diaper tapes itself onto me and started releasing a thick pink smoke! “What the hell!” I yell out before I start coughing and I close my eyes. With my eyes closed, I didn't see my clothes began to disappear and soon replaced by different clothes. When I finally was able to open my eyes I screamed as I looked down. I now had knee-length socks and black shoes. My pants were gone and I was now wearing a pink frilly skirt that only covered half of the pink diaper. My shirt was replaced with a short-sleeved pink shirt that didn't even cover my bellybutton with a red vest red ribbons over it. And if I had a mirror I would see that my dark hair has turned into a light pink color with a small ow sicking out the side of my head! “W-w-what the…” I said weakly as my body starts shaking slightly. "What the hell was going on here!" I then began pulling at everything, trying as hard as I can to remove any of it! “You can't take me off.” I heard someone say and I immediately jumped and began looking around. “Who said that?” I asked as I saw no one else around me. “I am Pardie,” the voice said again. “Where are you!” I asked. “Look down.” the voice said and when I did all I could see was the diaper. “What do you mean? All I see is the diaper.” I tell the voice. Suddenly the diaper began to swell and get bigger forcing my legs apart! “I am the diaper.” the voice said before deflating back to the original size. (the name pardie is diaper with the letters changed around) “T-this can't be happening,” I say as I really start to freak out. “Ow, but it is princess, and now it's time for you to save your kingdom,” Pardie told me and suddenly the diaper began letting out even more smoke. “NOT AGAIN!” I yelled as I closed my eyes and began coughing again. When the smoke finally subsided and I was finally able to breathe again I opened my eyes to see I was no longer in the attic anymore. “WHAT THE HELL!” I screamed as I began to freak out. “THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! I was now inside an empty room with only a single window and a door. “Welcome to you castle princess,” Pardie said to me. “IM A BOY NOT A PRINCESS!” I screamed at the diaper and realized I'm losing my mind. There's no way I'm screaming at a talking diaper, or magically been taken somewhere else. “This has to be a dream. Ya, I must have slipped when I was picking up the diaper and hit my head.” I told myself. “You still don't believe this is real?” pardie asked. “Of course not!” I screamed. “Who in their right mind would think diapers could talk!” Suddenly I felt the diaper suddenly get really tight as it began shrinking! At first, it wasn't that bad, hell I figured it would just pop off as soon as it got small enough. But no, it soon felt like there was a vise clamped onto my nuts! Soon I was screaming in pain. “Do you believe this is real now princess?” pardie asked. “YES!” I screamed just wanting the pain to be over and thankfully the diaper went back to normal. “What is going on here?” I asked the diaper as soon as the pain in my crotch went away. “You are here to save your kingdom princess.” pardie told me. “What kingdom?” I asked and suddenly heard screaming coming from outside the window. I immediately ran over to the window and looked outside and my jaw dropped. I was in some sort of tower looking down at a vast beautiful city. But with a closer look, I could see people running around screaming as buildings were lit on fire. Then I saw the case of the fire, a large lion with goat horns was breathing fire! “Princes, it's time for you to save your kingdom,” Pardie told me as I nearly pissed my diaper. ____________ hi! ^.^ I hope you like this first chapter. I've been pretty busy so I haven't had much time to write but I've been wanting to post this for a while. I want to give a shout out to skipek1 (from DeviantArt) who asked me to make a transformation story. and to Redwelch2222 who helped me with a little bit of the world building that will be in the next chapter. this is my first real original story not based on anything already. hope you all like it!
  3. ABAlex


    Anna shuffled around the piles of books lining the walls and shelves. "Introduction to Wicca," "Witchcraft", "Malleus Maleficarum,"- all themed to match the odd little shop, full of incense and stones, skulls and bones. A lot of nonsense, as far as Anna was concerned."Can I help you find something," the clerk asked. She had long, ragged dark hair that blended into her black clothes, and wore dozens of metal pendants.Anna looked at her. "Yes, its said online you sold journals here?"The woman smiled. "Yes, of a type. Here, let me show you."She bent over and opened up a drawer. Inside were leather bound books with brightly coloured titles. "Travel," "New Worlds", "Karma," "Spirit." Anna tried not to roll her eyes at the hipster names the journals always had. She had picked up the hobby of writing daily a few months ago, and had since gone through a few such books, though they were ususally from more normal book stores."Thanks, I'll take er... Karma," she said.The woman smiled again. "Good choice. But be warned, with great power, comes great responsibility. Karma strikes both ways." "Thanks uncle Ben. Now how do I pay?"Anna was outside the store a moment later."Hey there sweetheart," a deep voice said.Anna stopped and turned around to see a blond haired and a medium build. She shuddered. "Ugg, I told you to leave me alone Ryan.""Awww sweetie why so upset? I'm just wanna be friends with my little girl." He put a hand on her shoulder.She knocked it off. "No, your a pervert. Leave me alone or I'll call the cops?""And what? I'll deny it. 'Sides, you sure loved it when we were dating.""We went on two dates then I found out you were already sleeping with someone." That had been one of the worst episodes of her life. He seemed so friendly when they first met, then got worse once they were out. At the second date another woman came in screaming wanting to know why she was out with her boyfriend. "You still loved it." He grabbed her by the waist and leaned in close. "Awww, whats wrong? Need a kiss?" He began to make kissy faces at her."LET ME GO!" she screamed, and slapped him.He laughed. "Fiesty. Alright, I can see its your time of the month. I'll come back next week.""Asshole!"He winked, and as he passed by her, he reached around her and spanked her hard."Hey! How dare you... What are you..." He only laughed as she screamed after him.Anna stopped her foot. The horrible, awful man! She had just gotten over him too.She breathed heavily to calm herself. This is why she started writing in the first place. She got out the journal and began writing."Today, Ryan grabbed me. I wish someone would do the same to him. I want someone bigger to him to come up and call him a little girl. Grab him, call him demeaning names, kiss him and spank him and make him feel as awful as he makes others feel."She felt better having just written it. She began to walk back down the sidewalk toward her home. It was a cool day, but the sun was out, and she was enjoying the weather while it lasted.She heard a yelp coming from across the street. She looked across it to see Ryan, with his eyes wide open, staring at a man a head taller then him."Whats the matter sweetheart? I just want to be friends with my little girl," the man said in a gruff voice."What? I'm, not... LET ME GO! Hey!"The giant man picked Ryan up and kissed him on the cheek. "Wow, feisty," he said. "Must be your time of the month. I'll come back next week." He spanked Ryan hard enough to make him shout, then walked away, leaving a stunned Ryan staring after him.Anna couldn't believe her eyes. Had she made that happen? It couldn't be.But... could that just be a coincidence? She had never seen a man that size before, and she had never seen Ryan mistaken for a girl. The entire scenario was weird... aside from Ryan, who would behave like that to a random stranger in public? They weren't even at a bar or anything.She had to test it. Ryan was walking quickly. She opened the book."Ryan will trip... now."As she wrote it, a rock appeared under Ryan's foot, and he stumbled to the ground. He kicked the rock angrily, and began to get back up. How far could she push it?"He will trip again, and his pants will tear and fall. Underneath he will have pink underwear. He won't be able to hold his pants up."As he was getting up, he stumbled again. His pants opened and fell to his knees."God dammit!" he said. His anger turned to shock when he saw his underwear- pink, small, and lacy, they so clashed with what he normally wore that he seemed unable to beleive they were there. From the distance, Anna wasn't certain if they were just briefs or actual female panties. "Where did these come from?" He said, and reached down to cover them."Ryan will step on a rake and it will fly up and hit him."A rake, seemingly out of no where, smacked into his face."He will turn around and there will be another one there, then another, and another," she wrote, taking a line from the Simpsons.She burst out laughing as Ryan repeatedly hit himself in the head and stumbled backwards. "This is impossible," she said, looking at the book. However, she saw it in front of her. It had to be true.She noticed another woman behind Ryan giggling, and Ryan turned to her red faced and tried to rush down the road, but stumbled with his pants around his legs and fell to the ground. That gave Anna another idea."A crowd of people notice, including Ryan's friends, and begin laughing and commenting on his underwear."Ryan attracted a crowd as he walked down the street, struggling to hold his pants up. "Ryan will fall, end up stuck with his butt in the air, and get spanked."She burst out laughing harder as she saw exactly that unfold. She looked down at the book."This is going to be fun," she said to herself.Anna was soon in her apartment alternating between pacing and dancing. She had found a magic book somehow. She was able to control... what, exactly? Almost anything, it seemed. What should she do? How did the magic work? It said Karma, so it made sense she could get revenge... wait, was that what karma was? Could she give herself things.She thought for a moment. "I might as well try," she told herself."I want a million dollars," she wrote, and waited. She looked around, expecting to see money somewhere, but nothing happened. She had a thought. She sat at her computer, turned it on, and checked her bank account. Her eyes went wide.There, in plain black and white, was the number "$1,000,000," written exactly like that."I want another million." Before her eyes, the number doubled. She screamed in delight. She stood up and fell to her bed, clutching the book to her chest and laughing.How could this be real? Should she check back at the store? No, she thought. If they found out it was real, they might want it back. She studied the book. It was hers."I don't want to have to go to work for the next month."Her phone buzzed. She picked it up. "Hello Anna. The product you created at work the other day paid of well, and we decided to give you the next month off. I know it seems an odd decision, but for some reason it feels right. -Albert Herald."She leaned back in her chair laughing. Her mind swarmed with thoughts of what she was going to do. A new house? A pool?She looked at the title. "Karma." What did that mean? Was it just a random title? The first thing made sense, Ryan had it coming, but the others?She smiled to herself. The primary motivation must be to give people their comeuppance, she decided. But it wouldn't hurt to give herself some things along the way. After all, how could she have enough time to do her new job unless she had money?She opened the book and began to write. "Tomorrow, Ryan will..."...Ryan woke up the next day shaking. He had a rough night full of humiliating dreams. He had been repeatedly mistaken for a girl, left naked in public, grabbed and harassed... It was all from that odd incident on the sidewalk. What could it mean?He got up, showered, and began to get ready for work. He dried off, looked in the mirror, and gasped.Had his hair gotten longer? It was touching his shoulders! He had never grown it out that far before but there it was. Some kind of bizarre hair only growth spurt?Confused, he shook his head, went to his closet and began to get dressed. He made sure he had normal underwear this time, along with his regular jeans and shirt. He packed a bag with the shirt he had to wear in the cafe he worked at, ate breakfast quickly, and left. As he exited the door he noticed something. He hadn't shaved that morning, but his face was smoother then it ever had been....Anna was standing across the street from his door. She saw him walking out, and confirmed to herself that everything had worked. Longer hair, clean shaven, and ready for a new game.She began to write....A woman was walking toward Ryan. She was one of a few people he had passed, but she definitely stood out. He had to do a double take when he saw her.She was tall, well built, and with long blond hair. However, it wasn't her appearance that caught Ryan's attention, but her clothes. She was dressed head to two in in one of the most eye catching outfits he had seen. Her dress was a vibrant pink, with frilled bands going over her shoulders and a skirt that flared out to the sides, ending half way down her thighs. A white shit was under her dress, but rather then just cover her up more, it drew more attention, with ruffled shoulder cuffs and a heard shaped hole over her chest. Below her skirt long white stockings that were tied at her knees with red bows and shinning, healed shoes. Finally, her hair was tied into pigtails with heart shaped bows.Ryan tried to place the dress. Was she cosplaying as an anime character? Was this a lolita dress? Had she come from a comic con?His thoughts were interrupted as she stopped close in front of him, noticed a coin on the ground, and bent to pick it up. Her skirt flared up, exposing ruffled lacy underwear. Ryan couldn't control himself, he took his phone out and, while she was looking away, took a picture.She stood up when the flash went off. Ryan cursed himself for forgetting."What was that? she said.Ryan decided to keep going, hoping confidence would win. "Just admiring your underwear, sweetheart. Almost pretty enough to touch.""Excuse me?" she said."Well you were bending over and your pretty ass was out, so i figured I'd snap a picture. Such a cute little girl like you needs to be remembered." He reached out to hold her shoulder, and she knocked his hand away."I'm taller then you, shrimp. Don't test me," she said."Ok ok, don't get feisty. I'm sorry sweetheart." He began walking passed her.She rolled her eyes and continued on. Ryan kept watching as she passed, and saw her skirt bouncing, exposing more of her thighs with each step, stopping just short of her underwear. Almost instinctively, he reached over and pinched her beneath her skirt, then started walking as quickly as he cloud.He stopped walking as he was pulled backward. With speed that shocked Ryan, she grabbed his wrist and yanked him back. "That does it!" she shouted. "I am dressed for a display of the costumes at the store I design at. Its my JOB, not permission to grab me." She began twisting his wrist backward until he shouted."I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" he screamed, tears forming."Oh no you are not, not yet. Lets she how you like it," she turned his wrist again, this time leaving him bent over a wooden bench with his hand behind his back. She reached foward and undid his belt."What are you doing?""First I'm going to show you how it feels to have your underwear exposed and grabbed in public. Then I am going to do what someone should have done to you years ago."She pulled down his pants. Ryan saw a flash and noticed as crowd of people taking pictures of his underwear."Nice panties bro!" someone shouted, and Ryan looked back to once again see his underwear replaced, this time with silken white panties decorated with little red hearts."How!? Those aren't mine!" he said."Yeah right," said the woman who had grabbed him. "Almost pretty enough to touch, eh?" She reached down and pinched both cheeks until he yelped."Now, to make sure you've learned you're lesson..." She reached her hand up into the hair, palm down.Ryan's eyes went wide. She was about to deliver a spanking, and not a light one. Here? Now? How could this be happening to him? He struggled but couldn't break her grasp. "No, please don't," he begged."Don't what?" she asked, savouring the moment."Don't spank me," he replied."Awww does the the little boy not want spankings? Too bad," she brought her hand down with immense force on Ryan's exposed underwear, and he shouted. She began spanking him again and again as the crowd watching grew and laughed. The loud smacks echoed down the street, and Ryan noticed more and more people coming to see.Why would no one step in? Ryan thought. It felt so wrong.Soon tears were forming in his eyes, and he began to sob from both the humiliation and pain. She kept spanking him as he shouted."Please, enough, I'm sorry," he said.She stopped. Ryan thought he was free, then he groaned as he felt her take his belt out of its loops."No, not that.""Yes, that." She lifted the belt up and hit him hard. He screamed and would have fallen if she didn't put her knee under him to hold him up. She began to talk as she spanked, punctuating each word with a loud, hard whack. "WHAT. PEOPLE. WEAR. ISN"T. PERMISSION. TO. GRAB. THEM. YOU. WILL. NOT. DO. THAT. AGAIN. UNDERSTOOD?""Yes!" he shouted."Now what do you say?""I'm sorry," he whined."Good," she helped him stand up. She pointed down the street in the direction he had been heading. "Now, you are going to keep walking that direction with your pants around your knees so everyone can see what happens to naughty little boys in panties who can't keep their hands to themselves." She handed him his belt. "You may put this on when you are passed the corner and out of my sight. If you don't listen, you'll get another round. Understood?""But... but..."She spanked him hard again. "UNDERSTOOD?""OW! Yes!""Then go!"Ryan began to waddle, pants around his knees keeping him from running. He sobbed and tried to ignore the jeers and cat calls from the people who he passed. He felt more then one reach out and grab him as he want.Finally he rounded the corner, pulled his pants up, and started running as he pulled his belt on. He ran as fast as he could, trying to stop crying, until he was sure he was passed anyone who had seen, then kept running.He stumbled. Got up, and started running again. He wobbled. He felt as if he was walking on a rope.He looked down, and he shouted in shock.The reason he was having trouble running was easy to see. Why it had happened was impossible for him to figure out.He was wearing a dress. Not just any dress, but the one the girl had been wearing. Same skirt, same socks, even had his now bizarrely long hair tied in the same pigtails. He had stumbled due to the heels now on his feet.There was a store beside him with a display window, and he looked at his reflection in it. With his outfit, his hair, and apparently a bra under the dress, he might have mistaken himself for a girl. It even seemed like his legs had been shaven, and he was wearing make up.He yelped. Someone had just grabbed him under his skirt. "Nice underwear, sweetie."He whined. "How is this happening?" he asked....Anna broke out laughing at Ryan's appearance. She couldn't have designed a better outfit if she tried. It really looked more like a costume then actual clothes. He could pass as someone cosplaying an anime character.Ryan walked along the side walk, head down, and stumbling slightly in his heels. His face was blushing as red as the bows in his hair- and, Anna thought to herself, as red as his recently spanked bottom in its pretty panties.Anna wasn't quite down yet. She began writing and watching.Ryan attracted a crowed for the second time in two days. This time, however, instead of it just being people pointing and laughing- and there was plenty of that- she mixed in a crowd of men who suddenly decided Ryan was the prettiest girl they had ever seen...."I love your dress! Its so pretty" the giant man said as he reached out."Let me go!" Ryan squealed, then yelped and covered his mouth, frighted by how high his voice had suddenly gotten."Aww sweetie, why? I'm sure a cute girl like you could use a hug."Ryan began to run, but the heels made him stumble and he fell... right over the lap of another man sitting at a bus stop. He felt his skirts fly up, and reached down to cover his panties as people cheered and laughed behind him. He felt hands grab his now exposed cheeks, and someone commented that 'she' must have gotten a spanking."Hellos sweetheart," the man whose lap he was now over said. "What pretty undies! Thanks for showing them to me! You want to hang out later?" He patted Ryans bottom."No!" Ryan said. He pushed himself up, straitened, and tried to turn over until he was sitting. He paused a moment, and realized he had just sat down in the stranger's lap."Aww honey," the man said, and wrapped an arm around Ryan."No!" he said, and began to push up. He finally made it, and began running.He did his best to ignore the crowds as he did. Most seemed to think he was a girl with a flamboyant sense of style, which he guessed was for the best. He could do without the catcalling, however.He made it to the cafe. He breathed, straitened his skirt, and looked at his watch. His eyes went wide. 10:30 it read, he was two and a half hours late. "How..." he said.THe door opened. It was Mr. McLaughlin, his boss. He sighed."Ryan, what are you doing?""I uhh..." Ryan hadn't stopped to think of an explanation, and was surprised that Mr. McLaughlin recognized him."Look, what you do in your private time is your own business, I don't mind, no matter how... strange. However, you have been late far too many times, and I can't have you working like that.""What?! But!""No butts. Did you even bring your work clothes?"Ryan gulped. "I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do? Anyway I can make up for it?"He sighed and rolled his eyes. He put a hand on his chin and thought. Suddenly he smiled. "Give me a second."He went back into the store and returned a minute later he returned followed by two people. One was carrying a tray of samples, the other a stand."What..." "We are going to start a new program. People your age like this sort of thing, right? Cosplay, anime characters, cute outfits.""I mean, some do..." Ryan tried to think if he actually knew someone who talked about it.He handed Ryan a teddy bear. "You are going to be our new mascot to appeal to a new group! You are going to stand here in your cute outfits... and I'm sure we'll find more... flirt with anyone going by and offer free samples of our newest teas.""What!? I can't do that! You want me here in public dressed like this?!""Yes. Cute cross dressed boys are thing online for some reason. You are going to be ours. Think of it- "The Sissy Cafe!" Its new branding we've been considering, and you will be our first server! With any luck, people might think your a girl, or won't care. Now, be sure to smile!" He waved his arms around as the two people who came with him set up the stand. It was a small stage with a banner reading "sissy service."He went in, then stopped. "Oh, another thing. People will flirt with you, some might want kisses or get handsy... are you alright with that?"Ryan was far from alright with it. However, he felt he didn't have a choice, and inwardly he felt compelled to say yes. There weren't many other jobs he could do inside the cafe, dressed as he was, and he couldn't afford not to get paid. "I... I guess so...""Good. It will be part of our marketing. Be sure to offer kisses!"He went back in, leaving a dumbfounded Ryan outside. He wanted to run, or to hide. However, with the wide windows and cameras, he knew his mangers would see if he wasn't doing his job.He had begun to attract a crowd again. He always seemed to do that now. He turned to face them. "Uh... do you want some tea... or a kiss?"...Anna savored every moment of the discussion. Ryan had bragged before about taking from the till, and now was being punished at his job. That was DEFINITELY karma.But she wasn't done yet. Ryan had always said she was a LITTLE girl, not just a girl. She'd show him how 'little' he could feel. The teddy bear was just a beginning, she had her own ideas of what he might look good in. She began to write. "As he's heading home, Ryan will get lost, and feel his bladder beginning to ache..." This story currently is mainly focused on sissy kink, but ABDL will come up a lot more, with a heavy focus on messy diapers and embarrassment. (even more so then usual for me)
  4. Hello im looking for people to roleplay with on here in pm or on some apps like kik or hangouts or messanger? I am open to playing the caregiver but do prefer to be the baby. If interested pm me
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  6. She woke up as usual, in a full wet & messy diaper & strapped to her spreader pants that usually never came off anymore. Her hands in her mittens tied above her waist due to her always touching herself & she knows Daddy & Mommy’s rule very well about that. Her face had dried milk to it hidden from her paci that was strapped around her neck. She also wore a type of goggles that made her vision blurry to make her feel more like a baby. She knew that Mommy or Daddy would be in to see her any moment due to the sensory pad she was laying on which beeped in their room to tell them baby was awake & moving around. Usually they would leave her there for about an extra 5 mins or so she can wake up still groggy & aware of her hypnosis MP3 still playing in her ears. Her life was micromanaged in every way & one of those ways was her sleeping habits. They had her sleeping most of the day & night through medication laced in her bottles. She was only allowed awake for about 8- 10 hours a day and during that time she was being trained for her other role… a sex slave for Daddy, Mommy & some of their friends. Daddy wants to mold me into his perfect baby sex slave & that has lots of training. It all started about 3 years earlier on a kinky site, he had named a lot of the kinks I liked & thought we would click, I didnt know how much we would click. He was married & was looking for a baby girl & I was looking for my forever Daddy, a Daddy that I would keep hopefully forever- I wanted to be a slave so that way I had to no option to leave him or leave the lifestyle, If I was going to do this, I was in the for the long haul. We had chatted for well over 6 months the before we finally met. He was from VA & I was in Florida. Mommy & daddy decided to go to Disney & meet the baby girl at their hotel & spend the day together. Due to all the meds I've taken throughout my new life, I only remember bits & pieces… I remember being put into 3 diapers & a booster in each one… I was then dressed in a loose tank top & a skirt overall. My hair in pigtails & my feet into hello kitty crocs. I was given a 1 liter bottle of juice (which was laced, as I later found out) that had a nipple at the end, & I was to drink like a baby bottle. Daddy said he wanted it all gone within 45 mins… which was about the time from the hotel to McDonald's for a quick breakfast & to the park. I remember being given more water & juice throughout the day & messing right after lunch. I remember at one point complaining to daddy that I wanted a change & he spanked the back of my leg so hard that I learned not to ask for a change any longer. Due to my asking for a change, daddy said I wouldn't be changed til bedtime instead of dinner time. After Disney, we saw each other 2 or 3 more times within another year, til I officially moved in with mommy & daddy… I remember I came up for a mini visit & daddy never let me leave again. I literally left everything behind in FL. That was about 1 year ago. I came up Friday morning, daddy was working til early afternoon, so mommy had come to get me from the airport, of course rules were that I was suppose to arrive diapered & decently wet. By the time we got home, Mommy added the mittens & made a slit in the 1 diaper & 1 booster I had on & added 3 more diapers, while I sucked on my bottle. Little did I know that Mommy had put my new cocktail of meds in that bottle that started my new journey that moment. That cocktail had a mild sedative, diuretic, laxative & a female version of viagra. Eventually, my sedatives became stronger, as I lost control, less diuretic, as daddy trained my ass, I was no longer on laxatives bc I was on a pure high fiber diet, however the viagra was slowly but surely increased as time passed by, in fact daddy found in Canada an injectable type of female viagra, that was 5 times more potent than a regular pill, daddy would inject it every 3 days & I was on a constant high of horniness but I was only allowed to cum when I was messed. Daddy had trained me to eventually associate pleasure with a messy diaper. I couldn't have an orgasm unless I was messy, so daddy or mommy or any of their friends could fuck me for hours, & I wouldn't know how to cum, but the minute I messed myself, daddy would play with the outside of my thick diapers & I would have to Hump myself to an orgasm. Depending on the day or hour, it could be as fast as 10 minutes or an hour. So back to the day daddy decided to keep me as his. When he got home, I was on the high chair being fed my bottle yet again after mommy fed me my new baby food. I was already full from all the bottles I was fed throughout the day, but mommy had to make sure I ate solids if not the meds would make me sick. Daddy asked if I was messy yet & mommy said no, that we were waiting for him. By this time I was crying because I did need to poop but mommy had a plug in me. So daddy pulled me from the chair & took me to my room… my room was a full nursery, with some extras for daddy's pleasure. As I was put down on the soft carpet, daddy started to give me the news that I wasn't going back home. He had arranged for my dogs to come up & eventually stay with us, but the rest of my stuff other than any diapers or toys was to be donated to a local Goodwill. I wasn't sure if I was happy or nervous or what. All I knew is my life was about to change to something I craved for so many years but was scared to do. But I had finally found that daddy that was ready to give it all to me & more. I was on all 4s on the floor waiting for him, as he walked around the room to get something but I couldn't see what. He brought out a weird looking glasses & headphones. The glasses looked like black leather goggles, tied tightly behind my head & the headphones were put on. My wrists were locked together in the front via my mittens & I could hear daddy come through the headphones… “Baby I want you to listen to me through the headphones, if you can hear me & understand, shake your head yes” & I did. By now, I realized I was a tad drowsy & couldn't understand why, thought maybe it was a long day, but it was only 6pm. “OK baby girl, so I will be sitting down on this chair & I want you to crawl closer. You are going to start listening to your training music & I'll come through every so often to give you instructions but you gotta remember this, because this will be your daily routine.” All I did was shake my head. So I crawled closer to daddy & some music started playing, it was making me even more sleepy, but then I heard daddy say for me to crawl all the way to his crotch, I was to play with his cock through his pants, & he asked me if I needed to mess, & I shook my head yes. He asked me if I was horny too, & again I shook my head. He then proceeded to tell me that if I wanted to mess, I had to work for it, once I messed he would let me cum. Rules were that I couldn't use my hands, only my mouth & teeth. So I had to work to get his fly open & pull his cock out of his pants, all while needing to poop more & more, I was practically crying, but daddy said the faster I get it undone, the faster I'd mess. As I started, I noticed it was hard to concentrate with the sound playing through my ears, it was telling me how I was to become a baby over time with no control of my life or my body, how I was suppose to behave & listen to mommy or daddy, but I felt so drowsy as well & daddy noticed how lazy I was, when that happened, I would feel him rub my belly & remind me I had to hurry if I wanted to mess before bed. Finally, I got his cock out, & I was instructed to suck it, suck it like if it was my bottle, but to take my time with it. Felt like 10 minutes in, Daddy reached out to the top of my diaper & put his hands in & pulled my plug out, I moaned from relief. Then daddy came through the headphones & said, “ok baby girl- go ahead & mess. Slowly. Make sure you push it all out, keep sucking daddy though.” So I did. As I messed it would slip to the front of my diaper as I was on all fours, & I just kept on messing. I didn't know how much I had in me. Finally, I stopped. Daddy asked if I was finished & I shrugged my shoulder, I think I did but thought I had more in me. He rubbed my diaper & pulled it in a way to make sure I had room to go some more. He then told me to try & push some more, at first there was nothing but eventually I was able to poop again, & I couldn't believe the load. My pampers felt extremely heavy & to make matters worse, I had to pee. Daddy gave me permission while he touched my diaper & felt the pee spread in the messy pamper. Once I was done, the voice & sound through the headphones changed. This time it was telling me how much I loved to mess my diaper & enjoy my messy state to the point that I want & need to orgasm every single time I messed. That nothing else mattered except I HAD to cum. By this time daddy started to rub my pampers against me & I was swaying side to side & working myself to an orgasm, I was horny after all but felt so gross, I was crying non stop. Daddy reminded me not to let go of his cock & that my crying would stop eventually once I got used to messing all the time. So of course, I'm sucking but paying attention to my oncoming orgasm, daddy reminded me one more time, don't let go of Daddies “pacifier”. & the voice telling me how I'm no longer to have orgasm unless I was messy. I can have unlimited orgasm daily, but I had to be messy, if I dared to have an orgasm without a messy diaper, I would be punished. I thought I was about to cum & daddy stops & starts face fucking me, of course, I whine from frustration. Daddy starts to get rough & he pushes my butt down on the floor over a large teddy bear & tells me to Hump it, while sucking him & as soon as I do, daddy cums in my throat & soon after I start to cum in my dirty diaper. As he slows down, he pulls out of my mouth & spins me around to check how dirty I am. Then he asks how I feel, I tell him sleepy, & he responds, good!! He tells me to bend down, face to the floor & butt in the air & tells me to cuddle with the bear. The minute I do, I knock out, but not for long, as I feel daddy rubbing me again. “Come on baby, no sleeping, training time”. But that's exactly what he wanted, for me to be docile. Tired but susceptible to all his demands. I am rubbed enough to the point I wake up a little & start cumming again. As I finish I was handed a bottle. The bottles were meant to keep me hydrated & full & on the cocktails of meds to keep me off balance. I was given 3 bottles throughout the night. I remember having weird dreams of what my life would entail, little did I remember that I was still wearing the headphones. I was made to suck Daddies cock twice more & made to orgasm as well. Rule in the house was that I was to sleep messy to get me used to it, eventually daddy would only change me every 24 hrs or so, so I would always be messy, it was his way to humiliate me & remind me of my baby slave state. Life was like that almost everyday for about 4 months. By then I swear, I had already lost bladder control, but daddy said not quite yet but was ready to have me lose bowel control. Daddy had decided to not lace all my bottles any longer however to up the dosage of my meds when I did get them & that was going to happen for at least first year, to make sure I didn't go back to adult hood somehow. I wasn't allowed to adult talk, so I always had a pacifier in my mouth, the pacifier had an attachment that you can remove so then the bottle can be screwed on, my paci would only be removed during my oral training with Daddy. Which was for about an hour, twice a day. My jaw ached at first then eventually got used to it always being somewhat opened & sucking on something. The files I was listening to were also teaching me how to forget how to use adult words. I was allowed to talk but in broken sentences. Eventually over time, I would talk like a 18 month old. My words wouldn't make sense, so I'd have to learn baby sign language & certain cries to tell mommy or daddy what I wanted. THis would be the life I would live for a very long time, maybe forever. Mommy & Daddy said they had no intention of letting me grow past 2 yrs old. I would stay with the mindset of a child, except she knew she was needed sexually & she needed to have her needs taken care of too, it would make her more babyish. I would never learn how to walk correctly again, nor talk, or eat normal food. In return, I would get fucked all I wanted, or didn't. I was to be a sex slave with the mind of a 2 yr old who still needed diapers. As daddy wanted to start my bowel training, he decided to start plugging me with larger plugs every week. I was given an enema on day 1 to clean myself out, then put into a small plug for 24 straight hours, then a size up from there for the rest of the day & at night Daddy pulled out the plug so I can properly mess overnight, after a week, I was put in the larger plug for a few days, I would then get a rest from the plug but get a good fucking from the fucking machine, & daddy would up the laxatives so I would mess more often, which would help me push my colon & weaken my system from all the pushing, but with that, I had to drink more water so I wouldn't become dehydrated, so my diapers were very wet. After 3 weeks of this treatment, daddy started to insert a large hollow plug, that way, I would stay gaped for much longer times & get me to continue messing, this time I had no way to hold it back. With the hollow plug, daddy wouldn't give me a break, it was taken out once a week to clean it up & clean my ass, but eventually within 8 weeks I was completely incontinent. When this happened, I cried non stop, because I couldn't believe I was now really needing diapers, but daddy made sure that through those tears, I was cumming. I don't remember how many times I came, all I know is I was tired, but daddy wanted me to celebrate. And I would celebrate by cumming as many times as he wanted. By now a little over 6 months into my new life, I no longer got fucked in the pussy, a small dildo was placed in my pussy but I was no longer allowed to cum from any pussy penetration & I was getting used to it. The only time I was fucked in the pussy was by mommies dildo, as per daddy, I would never feel another real cock in there, I was to be an anal whore. Mommy fucked me about 3 times a week alone, & the other times it was as a DP with daddy in my ass. But I wasn't allowed to cum, I would only cum if I was messy. But I was always horny & asking for cock. It got to the point daddy decided to take drastic measures. But by now my schedule was as follows, wake up 630am, given a bath, changed into fresh diapers, have breakfast & be ready for Daddy by the time he got home from work at 730, & therefore I would be on my knees sucking on daddy for a little while & by 9 I would be tucked away for my 90 min nap, 1030 up for a bottle & Mommy would get me to training until 1145am, by this time I would have lunch & put down for another nap at 1245pm, Mommy would leave for work & I'd be awaken by Daddy at 2ish & enjoy my afternoon with him along with some more training, be put back down at 530 til 730pm, so by the time mommy got home, I'd have dinner, hang out til 9ish then into mommy & Daddys room for more training & fun til about 11ish when daddy would leave for work & I went to bed for the evening. Eventually with my late afternoon naps, daddy wanted to further my anal training.. he would attach me to the fucking machine. Usually before my midday nap, My training was with mommy & she got her time with fucking me about 3-4 times a week. Mommy would fuck both my holes, Daddy wanted to make sure my ass was always being trained. At first, when I was attached to the machine, it was hard for me to nap but eventually I was so tired from only getting 6 hrs of sleep at night, daddy would give me a mild sedative to get me to sleep through the fucking. Daddy loved to change the size of the dildo so I never knew what I was getting, I barely could see anyways due to those goggles I had on. Daddy wanted my ass nice & stretched. He thought it would help with my messing. By the time I was with them for 8 months & without speaking & my hypnosis training, My speech was all over the place, if you didn't know me, you didn't know what I was saying. I was a small child in every way. Mommy & daddy introduced me to friends outside of the lifestyle as a cousin who was born with issues, daddy did put me through some cosmetic surgery that made my facial look a little younger so I would pass as a 9-10 yrs old. I would always be in a stroller or covered so they couldn't see how tall I was. But to Daddys lifestyle friends, they all knew who I was & everything that was done to me. Daddy finally decided to make sure that I lost weight since I was on the chubby side. Thankfully with the meds, the food I was eating, & the usual cardio from sex in 8 months I was able to lose about 30 lbs, but daddy wanted me at my ideal weight of 125 lbs & I still had 70 more to go. Daddy made sure that the only type of walking I'd get would be the 15 mins on the treadmill, but it wasn't really a walk but a waddle that just taught me how to waddle better, then I'd be put on a bouncer & made to bounce for another 30 mins. Daddy even thought that I should be fucking more often knowing I'd lose a good amount of cardio there, so daddy started to ask his friends to come over more often & give me a cardio workout. So Daddy’s friends came over for more “training, & of course they also knew the no pussy rule. So I was always satisfied anally. So on the weekends & once a week I would take a break from the treadmill but I would be fucking Daddies friends. Usually it would be about 2 of them at a time & they would keep me going for 2 hrs. Daddy would make sure i had an energy drink & an extra pill of my horny pills. I sure was losing weight & gaining muscle in my legs. But again, never allowed a cock in my pussy. Sometimes I would think of getting fucked in the pussy with a real cock but when I did mommy would fuck me with her enormous dildo & I'd be satisfied. However, I was always horny. Daddy made sure that I didn't get to view other men's cock bc he knows I'd whine & cry asking for it, but daddy would always remind me that not all men like a messy girl & he'd remind me what I was wearing & what was inside of it & I'd let out a slight cry knowing that i couldn't get to that cock. sometimes when we were out & about he would take me somewhere more private & rub my diaper & let me have a cum to calm me down. I was usually always messy by now. He wanted me that way so I can always be made to cum. I never knew how I could cum from how thick I was. Rules were when I was out, it was always 3 thick diapers with a booster in each one & once home I would be put into 2 or 3 more diapers. Always very thick, but so horny that I'd be able to get that orgasm. I don't know how but I did. Each diaper of course would be slit. Except the extras at home, those were just added for thickness. Daddy eventually had me well trained for my messy orgasms. With the pill, I would want to keep going bc I wasn't satisfied so I would beg to be fucked harder, Daddy would just smile & tell me what a good girl I was, to be a perfect sex slave like he so wanted. Once a month he would have a fucking party, where he would have about 10 of his friends over early Saturday afternoon & I had a train ran on me all night. By the time we finished I was filled with cum, daddy would just add a suppository & put my previous diaper right back on bc daddy never wasted diapers if they weren't full. & as soon as I was messy, I'd get to cum while finishing off with daddy in my mouth. That way I got re-energized with daddy's protein. By the time I was finished with my afternoon activities I was cranky from not getting a nap, so of course, I was made to crawl right back into my room & put into my spreader & nap til feeding time & then more training with mommy & daddy. On my 1 year anniversary with mommy & daddy, I was given a “birthday” party, but not for my 1st birthday but my 6 month birthday. I sure was a baby. I had lost all control, I was so lost I didn't even know what day it was. I had lost 45 lbs within that year, but I was still in large size diapers. Daddy wanted to make sure I lost more weight so I got small enough to be put in small size diapers, but I still had another way to go. I was fully incontinent by my anniversary. I didn't know how to speak any longer, all that came out was mama, dada, & very little talk, it was mostly a babble. My hands were useless for always being in mittens. If I was to ever get the use of them again it would take years of physical therapy. My hands were always in a closed fist as they were used to being in the last year, Daddy said he would wait one more year before he took my hands out of the mittens, but by then he would use something that was more baby instead of restrictive. I still had strength to crawl, but when I tried to walk I would lose balance & fall, due to the constant crawling & the spreader harness, daddy said eventually there would be no walking, just crawling. For my “birthday” daddy decided to pierce my little girl part, he pierced it in 3 spots on one side & 3 on the other. The rings that were put on were a decent thickness bc Daddy had intentions of closing my pussy & I was to only be fucked once or twice a month in the pussy by mommies large dildos. Other than that there would be a small remote controlled vibe locked in there to keep me horny when needed. Meaning my ass was getting all the attention. By this time I was still in the hollow plug, & daddy had it a larger size, my asshole was always gaped. Not very big but decent. He wanted to make sure that I didn't hold my mess at anytime. He knew I didn't have control but it was his way to humiliate me. The plug came out often though as I was always being fucked in the ass, either by mommy, daddy or his friends, so I only had it in a couple hours during the week. My goggles eventually came off & I was fitted to a type of contact that made my vision blurry. Because I was still 6 months old, I was still sleeping 12 hrs a day, but was told that I would start sleeping less but still about 9 hr days… usually 7 at night & 1 2 hour nap. But most of the time I was still very tired bc of the weekend parties I would have to do, I'd barely get sleep on the weekends. My horny pills were still being fed to me, now that I was so used to them, daddy made sure to up the dose, he said that he would wean me off them to see how I do, but if I slacked off sexually he would put me right back on them. “Good morning baby girl!” Daddy walks in saying. “Do you know what day it is?” I had no clue, & all I did was suck through my paci & look at daddy & my arms partially swinging around & shaking my head no… “it's your birthday baby girl. Today you turn 6 months old.” They did neglect to tell me it was my anniversary there, so I was as lost as always, I just thought it was another day they made up. But I was awaken with a cupcake. “Ok baby let's get you up & going so we can sing happy birthday & let you enjoy your smash cake.” Of course, by now my stomach was too sensitive to eat anything too sugary & solid, so as Daddy said, it was a smash cake. My hands were removed from the mittens, but I had no strength in my fingers, so they remained in a closed position, so mommy just put my hands in the cake & was told to play with it. After a few minutes, my hands were brought to my face & I was to spread the cake around my mouth & nose, but I wasnt allowed to it, & I couldn’t even if I wanted to, thanks to the paci locked to my mouth. Mommy & Daddy couldnt stop laughing at my state & began to take pictures. I couldnt believe it. Of course I got mad & let them know it too with my facial expression. They didnt care. My hands were cleaned off & back into my mittens but my face remained a mess & daddy said I was going to have some fun with him 1st thing before breakfast. I was unfastened from my chair & taken back to my room. Once back in my room, I was put down to finish crawling in & followed daddy back to his chair, he unlocked my paci from my mouth & just like the 1st day I arrived, I was made to pull daddies “paci” out & play with it. Daddy actually made sure to smear his “paci” around my face so he can get some of the cake from my face on his cock. “Here baby, dont tell mommy I let you enjoy some of your cake” & he shoved his paci into my mouth. I got to enjoy sucking him for about 30 minutes before I had to go take a bath & get into fresh diapers for the day. I was then put down for my morning nap, while I heard mommy & daddy having fun back in their room. As I was awaken from my morning nap by daddy, I was handed my large bottle of milk & the usual & told we were going to get ready to go out & get baby some gifts for her “birthday”. I was changed into babyish clothes, a short babydoll dress that barely covered my diapers & some cute ruffle pants, my maryjane shoes & some cute socks with little hearts on it. My hands were removed from the mittens but put into fingerless mitts, my paci was changed out from the penis looking paci to an adult pacifier strapped to my dress. I was so used to sucking a paci, that I never seemed to spit it out. Both mommy & I were ready before daddy was so I was told to crawl myself back into the living room with the help of the leash attached to my harness since I wasnt able to see correctly. Once in the living room, mommy figured she’d get lunch out of the way & laid me on top of her to breastfeed. I usually only breastfed about twice a day directly from mommy but all my milk during the day was from her. It was not something easy to get used to, but when you are hungry & thats all you are offered, you gotta eat! Mommys milk was put into everything I was given so I can get used to the taste, it didnt take long for me to eventually get used it. Daddy was finally ready, but mommy was only half way through the feeding & daddy just couldnt help himself, he came over, pulled my ruffle pants & 2 diapers down & pushed the last diaper to the side & started fucking my bottom until mommy finished. Daddy liked to fuck my bottom at random times bc it would help make me mess not too long after & knowing daddy, I know he wants to take me out messy. Plus the good thing is, my mess doesnt smell, I was given special supplements for them not to be so acidic or smell, which helped when i wore my messy diapers for long periods. So mommy finished, daddy came in my bottom, I was rediapered & redressed & into the car I went. Of course strapped to a customized car seat & paci back in my mouth. We drove what felt like forever, since I couldnt see correctly, my sight was still in a blurry state. Just imagine putting on the very wrong pair of glasses or contacts. Thats what it felt like. But we were there in less than 30 minutes. I noticed that it was a small strip mall & not many cars in the parking lot. As I was getting undone from the car seat, mommy asked if I had done messy yet? I shook my head no & daddy wasnt happy. “ You better do poopoo in those pampers within the next 10 minutes if not you will get a decent spanking when you get home.” I didn't have my plug in today, so it was all about me pushing. Since my bottom was decently agape it wouldn't take much effort, I just had to make sure I could get my colon working. I was strapped into my stroller & into the store we went. As we walked in I could tell that most of the things there were large. I suppose high chairs & a crib. I heard daddy talking to the lady about getting a new crib, a new horsey, & some clothes. During this time, mommy unstrapped me from the stroller & put me down on the floor & was told to crawl around. Bc all I could think of was messing my diapers, bc daddies spankings is no joke. I was left alone & I was only concentrating on making that poopoo daddy wanted, but to no avail. Suddenly I was called towards the back of the store & began to crawl that way when I felt someone rub my diaper & leave me alone… as I got to the back of the store, I get picked up & put on a dresser with a nice smack to my bottom. I was then given a bottle & put it in my mouth as I felt my dress being pulled off & told to stay still. I didn't move. Over the next while I was yanked, pulled, picked up & getting clothes on & off me. I realized I was getting sleepy & my tummy was rumbling. I started whining from being cranky & moving me around non stop for the new clothes but I was quickly smacked & told to calm down & somehow I was able to tell mommy that my tummy hurt & she just put me into one of my new outfits & put me on the floor to finally mess. I know I was going to get a spanking anyways bc the 10 mins passed but my morning bottles always had some sort of laxative in them. So I just got on all 4s, squat down & just pushed. Everything else around me went silent & I just concentrated on doing what I was trained to do, just mess myself like I don't have one care in the world. As I thought I was finished, I laid down & fell asleep. It felt like I was knocked out for at least 30 mins when I felt daddy rubbing my pampers & bringing me to orgasm. I had forgotten where I even was as I started moaning from the orgasm I was about to get, & as I was almost there, I felt daddy stick his fingers in my mouth to suck since I couldn't suck his paci like I usually do. & I came! Daddy whispered in my ears what a good little slut I was & how proud he was of me. I was then put into the stroller & allowed to fall asleep. The next thing I knew I was home in my crib. A couple days later, mommy moved me to the living room in my bouncer for the day. I thought that was odd & then started seeing things from my room being moved then a few hours later I heard the doorbell ring & I noticed the voices at the door as the couple from the store we went to the other day. They were there to deliver my new crib & my horsey. My crib was like a normal crib, except it was a full size mattress & the sides were taller, which didn't allow me to be able to get out of it. There was a small door attached to the railing which they would open to put me in. & once closed it would be locked from the outside. The top didnt need locking since I was always bound in some way to not stretch my legs out or stand up right. Anyways, I was always tied down for bed anyways. Next came the horsey.... Part 2 coming soon. I would love feedback & suggestions.
  7. Kassiani pursed her lips as she stood, arms folded behind her back, next to her partner. Before them, a sobbing woman had her hands over her eyes, looking like her shaking legs might give out beneath her at any given moment. A man had his hand on her shoulder, trying to whisper soothing words in her ears. The couple was rightfully devastated. It was late, half past ten last she checked, and the woman before her – Mrs. Evelynn Hogan had gone up to give her little boy a late night bottle. It was not uncommon for parents to feed Littles late in the night in the first year. It further promoted healthy bladder movement. Tonight, however, she’d gone up to an empty room; crib abandoned, sheets mussed up, window open. It was only natural she call the police, and Kassiani had been called not long after that. She and her partner were investigating an increased number of disappearing Littles. The count was up to twenty three. Nine little boys, fourteen little girls. Not all of them simply vanished from their cribs like little Nelson Hogan. Some had been abducted in public; plucked from daycares or café patios. No witnesses had ever offered a description that made much sense. At least, not to those with closed minds. Kassiani was beginning to think there might be merit to a few of the claims, made mostly by Amazon children. “I just don’t understand,” Mr. Hogan stated with a shake of his head. “Nelly was a good boy. A little vocal at times, he was still new, but never stirred much of a fuss. Even if a Little were capable of running off in the middle of the night with no one noticing, he never would have tried it.” Kassiani nods. “He’s not the first baffling case. Mr. Hogan, if you would be so kind; my partner and I would like to go up and take a look at the nursery. Would you accompany us? It might be better for your wife to remain downstairs,” she advised. The man’s expression turned grim. He pushed his glasses up higher on his nose and ran a hand through his crop of thick black hair, messing it more than it already was, if it were possible. After a moment, he nodded. “Of course, I’ll show you up.” Silent as always when dealing with grieving families, Kassiani’s partner, Nathaniel, moved first as Jonathan Hogan led them upstairs. He had his hands stuffed into the pockets of his crisp gray suit. Kassiani followed them both up a set of curled, white wash stairs. The top floor of the house was neat and orderly, and a door at the end of the hall was open, light spilling into the dim hallway. Mr. Hogan hung back as the two detectives stepped into the plush carpeted nursery. Kassiani glanced around the room, taking in the details quietly. The walls were a soft, muted yellow, and stenciled across them were various cars, planes, trains, and boats, all with cartoony eyes and gaping smiles. It was sweet. The love the Hogans had for their Little was obvious as her gaze swept over the room. He had all sorts of blocks and toys to play with, many of which dotted the floor and spilled from an open toy chest. Kassiani plucked a teddy bear from its place on a green cushioned rocking chair. The bear was a soft brown, a green silk ribbon tied around its neck, and it held a heart shaped pillow with I Love You scrawled in white cursive letters across it. She stroked a finger over the bear’s plush face and smiled. “You said you had a lid crib?” she inquired. Mr. Hogan nodded. “Yes. Not that we ever had any concerns about Nell ever trying anything, but the boy did love to climb. Climbed everything. If you took your eyes off him for a moment, he’d scramble up a bookshelf or climb the drawers onto the counter. We were worried he might take a tumble at night, so we got a lid and started locking it after putting him down. Safety measure. Listen, you’re free to look, take anything you need to, and I’ll answer any question you have, but I should really remain with my wife right now. She’s not holding up well. Nelson is her whole world.” Kassiani dipped her head. “Of course. Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Hogan. We’ll be alright up here.” “No lid now,” Nathaniel commented once the father had scurried back downstairs. “These things don’t usually have more than one set of keys, and they’d have heard the lock break if someone had busted in.” Kassiani walked up to the crib. It was true, there wasn’t a trace of the lid the Hogan’s had on their crib. Instead, there was just a fine trailing pile of black dust on the crisp white sheets. Pulling on a latex glove, Kassiani scooped some of it up. Ash. It was certainly unusual, but she’d seen it at a few scenes now. Nothing about the situation added up. Once again, her theory rose in her mind, nagging like a cicada beneath a glass. She gave her head a shake. Putting merit into such a concept could get her abilities questioned and the last thing she wanted was to be put under review. She excelled at her job. But no, it was still there, lurking, prodding at her. She couldn’t shake it. “Any theories, Nate?” she asked, her voice a little shaky. Anything to break her from her thoughts. Nathaniel turned, his head cocking to the side like a lizard eyeing a juicy bug and a frown twitched at the corners of his mouth. “You’re not still thinking about the witness reports are you? Kasey, they were children. Kids making up stories, nothing more.” “Kids all making up the same story, Nate? That’s always unusual enough to warrant at least considering. You know as well as I that the second we start excluding suspects based on age, personality, appearance of ability…or size, then we’ve lost the case.” “You really think a Little did this? Kasey, look around this room. It’s meant to contain a Little. We’re damned good at that. Otherwise, every nursery in the country would be empty.” He had a point. The notion that Littles were the culprits felt illogical. How could a Little, or even a ragtag band of them, get in and out so efficiently, casting off restraints specifically meant to use their size and strength against them, and make off with a victim, or perhaps in their eyes, a rescue, without getting caught, or even much more than a passing glimpse by a child? She sighed and rubbed at her temples. Illogical, but not impossible. If there was anyone in the city with cause to take the risk, it would be Littles. They would likely see it as liberating themselves from their own fates, futures. Few Littles sought out the comfort of an Amazon home. But the things that didn’t add up with a Little were rivaled by the improbabilities of an Amazon. “How did the Hogans not hear anything?” she said finally. “If an adult had come in here to pinch Nelson, he would have cried. What reason could another Amazon whisper to a baby to keep him quiet? He’d have no reason to trust them.” “Gun, maybe? Littles may be silly creatures, but they’re not that dumb. Besides, Nelson couldn’t walk. Littles couldn’t have carried him,” Nathaniel responded. He folded his arms over his chest and leaned back against the wall, raising an eyebrow at her. Kassiani grinned. This was much better, comfortable. Bouncing debate points off one another. They’d come to a middle ground eventually. “Then how did the culprit get in? That window is accessible from a ledge too small to safely stand on, and even the window itself would be a squeeze to get through. And again, the noise factor. If the Hogans claims are to be trusted, Mr. Hogan was reading a paper, and Evelynn would have been in the kitchen preparing tomorrow night’s dinner. Neither activity is loud enough to conceal heavy footsteps or a ruckus going on right above their heads.” Nathaniel tilted his head to the side, a sign he was giving her a point. Her grin widened. “Maybe it wasn’t an Amazon. You make a good point. They don’t trust anyone when they’re free and they trust strangers even less after they’re adopted. It would have had to be a very efficient break in to be an Amazon. There’s not a clear motive.” “So you agree with me?” “That it wasn’t an Amazon? Yes. But not that it was a Little. They couldn’t pull it off either. I want to look for a Mid.” It took Kassiani a moment to digest his words. Where had that left field notion come from? “You think a Betweener did this?” she echoed. “But my theory is the absurd one?” “Now who’s casting off a class?” “Well come on, Nathaniel!” she exclaimed, throwing her hands up. “There are no more Betweeners in the city, you know that. You think a rogue Mid managed to go unnoticed this long? They’d stand out like a sore thumb in the crowds. Why take such a risk?” Kassiani swallowed the lump in her throat. A Mid. It was true, she hadn’t considered them. It could mean another civil war though, if they were involved, and she doubted their government wanted to risk the fragile peace they’d brokered. Both populations were still recovering from the backlash of the Betweener separation from government. It had been a major pride blow, to be unable to control the middle class. In the end though, it was easier to give them their land to form their own society and live as they would. The cost was that they were no longer welcome in Amazon society. Not for support, trade, or work. If Mids were snatching Littles from their cradles, the uproar would be wildfire. An uncontrollable blaze that would engulf them all. “If it is a Mid,” she said finally. “You’d best hope we find them quickly and quietly, and that all the missing Littles are unharmed.” She sighed. “Fine. We’ll pursue your theory. But if it comes up dry, Nate, you’re going to support me with mine.” Nathaniel’s posture straightened and his expression darkened. “If anyone else asked me to practically commit career suicide, I’d drop them good.” Kassiani squared her shoulders. “I’m not anyone else.” “Which is why you’re not on the ground,” he pointed out. “And you’d better be right in that event, or I swear, I’ll kill you myself.” “If you’re right, someone else might just do it for you,” Kassiani countered. She sighed and glanced at the crib again. “There’s still one thing I don’t understand, from any angle. How the hell did they do that? Those lids are automated, heavy. How’d they manage to destroy it…it looks practically vaporized. Nothing but a bit of ash, though a fire would have set off the alarm and breaking it would have made too much noise.” There wasn’t an immediate response and Kassiani turned back to Nathaniel. He was staring in the same direction. Finally he shrugged and shook his head. “Yeah, I have no clue. This whole situation is way too messed up.” …Meanwhile… The old warehouse complex was dark and desolate. Nothing disturbed the eerie silence that hung over the abandoned structure. It really was a mess, a surprise the city hadn’t zoned it for demolition yet. Three figures dropped through a broken window, their footsteps drowned out even in the open floorplan of the building. One, a small boy with a mop of sandy curls and brown eyes so wide they might’ve popped of his head, stood between two others. He was still wearing a footed sleeper, fingers locked in the fingerless mitts on the ends, and a massive, swollen diaper sagged between his legs, making his knees wobble. He sat down with a rather noticeable squish and blushed. A lone candle, still flickering in the night, provided them their only bit of light to see by. One his one side, another Little, with shaggy blonde hair and green eyes that practically glowed in the dark. He spun a small crowbar and tucked it behind him on his suit. He knelt down next to the other boy, spun him around, and hooked a clawed finger into the zipper on his back. The sound of the zipper opening filled the room and soon the fabric was spilling off the small boy. Neither made a sound as the clawed figure, cloaked in black, shredded the diaper off next. “Nelson your real name?” he asked finally. The Little boy nodded and hung his head. “You’re safe now, Nelson,” a female voice assured him. The other figure knelt down and caught his chin with her hand. She offered him a smile. Dressed near head to toe in a bright red getup, her dark hair pulled into pigtails tied there with ribbons. “There won’t be any more nurseries in your future.” She glanced at her companion and took out a small red and black polka dotted yoyo. “Time to purify,” she murmured as she dragged her finger up the center. The front of the yoyo split open and a soft white light spilled from it. She took a deep breath, then turned it upside down over Nelson’s head. They all watched as a glowing white dust showered over his head. “What is that stuff?” the boy yelped, then his hands flew to cover his mouth. “My…my lisp!” The girl smiled and nodded. “Gone. You can walk properly again too.” “And hold it,” the other boy stated with a grin. “Useful stuff.” “Nelson, listen very closely. You’re going to go upstairs where there’s a little kitchenette. There’s a box in the cupboard by the stove. You’ll find proper clothes there, some rations. Squat down here a day or two. Someone will come for you. An associate. An Amazon. You can trust him. You’ll know it’s him when he comes in, talking about a fetching a lost teddy bear, okay? He’s going to take you far from the city. A place where you can start over, live freely. You mustn’t leave this warehouse until he comes for you, not for anything, okay?” Nelson hesitated and for a moment, the girl thought he might argue. Then he simply nodded. “Okay. Thank you,” he added. He didn’t wait around, simply scurried off in the direction of the stairs. The girl, still crouched on the ground, shook a little more dust into her hand and blew on it. “Miraculous ladybug,” she whispered. She watched it glow, the red and white swirling from her hands to race off into the night. It would repair any damage, simultaneously destroy any evidence. She grinned at the thought of the baffled looks the police would wear. Oh well. “Job well done, as always Milady.” The girl grinned and rose to her feet. Her associate was holding out a hand. She clenched her fingers into a fist and bumped it against his. “Pound it,” she agreed warmly. “Feel like a little rooftop celebration?” the boy inquired with a grin. “Under the stars, the moon. What’s not to love?” She rolled her eyes at his romantic advancements. A flirt, she’d decided long ago. Nothing more. Still, she trusted him with her life, as she knew he did with hers. Her thoughts were pulled from her as a soft beeping sounded in her ear. She brought a hand do cup one of the earrings in her lobes, watched him twist his ring uncomfortably. “Looks like we’re running low on time. Perhaps another night, Chat Noir,” she decided, offering him a kind smile. She liked him well enough, but it was imperative they knew nothing of their real identities. She stepped up on the window ledge and swung her yoyo until it pulled taunt on a pole a good distance away. “Bug out.” With the final statement, she swung out the window and off into the night. Well then....been a while since I've written a chapter, much less posted anything. I'm kinda surprised that this came from my brain, I haven't written fanfiction in a LONG time. Like, a really really long time, but oh well. It's how I started off back then, so perhaps it's fitting that it's how I'll get back into writing now. That said, I am so feeding my guilty pleasure here. I am a mega nerd when it comes to Disney and animation and all the wonderful things on the memory lane of childhood. Miraculous Ladybug is a show a friend of mine recently got me into and I will curse her name till the end of my days for it, because I'm shipping characters and raging out like crazy at this adorable kids superhero show. But you know what? The characters are literally adorable idiots and I've come to decide they'd be freaking wonderful Littles, and the diaper dimension rather fits them nicely for it, so here's an AU story about vigilantes with magic powers seeking to liberate Littles from cribs and the detectives soon to be hot on their tails. As a side note, yes, Ladybug's abilities are way off in this. I kinda had to rework her a little so it all made sense, since there's no akumas to catch in this. Anyways, to everyone who knows the show, *Fist bump*. To those who don't: go watch it, it's great (Though, start with the origin episodes 'Stoneheart' as it actually makes the show easier to follow than starting at ep 1 does). And if you don't wanna watch it....well, it is AU so I don't think you need too much knowledge of the show to read this, as I am reworking the characters and abilities a bit so I'll touch on a lot of the lore. Disclaimer though. (Wow, have not done one of these in a while either) MLB and it's characters are obviously not mine and the wonderful minds behind it deserve all the credit there. I'm just having some fun writing this story. Also, totally a working title. I'm open to better suggestions on what to call this, lol. Have a great day everyone. Littles - stay out of trouble you naughty things. -Kwoceans
  8. Hello everyone, I tried many, many years ago to write a story, I am hoping what little i posted of it was lost forever in the few site crashes we have seen. I have decided to have another go at it, this time, I finished 2 chapters, before I posted anything. This is the first chapter, and I do expect some good, or bad, comments to help me better this story. I am dyslexic, and so writing, or reading becomes difficult at times. This chapter has not been looked over for mistakes, other then myself, and my wife, so there will be plenty of issues with grammar and spelling, but I just couldn't wait to let you all read it and see what you think, and yes, i might be stalling a little bit, so, here it goes. This is an older version, if you wish to read the newest version of chapter 1, please scroll down further. The Most Unusual Amazon Diaper Demention Chapter 1 I felt warmth on my face, must be the sun, I think to myself, trying to tell me to wake up, and start my day. Though, right now, i have other plans as I slowly open my eyes, as little as possible and reach over to the curtin that was suppose to be covering the window that was just above the left side of my bed and pulled it so it would actually do it's job and block out the ,unrealenting, morning sun. As I survey my bedroom, not sure why, but I just had to make sure everything was still the same I guess, and my eyes fell upon the big oak dresser accross the room from my Amazon twin size bed, that I was currently laying in. To the left of the dresser was my walk in closet, I so loved that closet, and the secrets that it hides from everyone that happens to come into my room. To the right of the dresser was my bedroom door, which at the moment was closed, for some reason I just can't sleep with it open. Above the dresser was what I was really looking for, it was a clock, one of those easy to read clocks, in the morning I am just to lazy to try and think about reading one of those, "... mmm, what are they called again?" My brain is still trying to go back to sleep, but for now i will just call it the grown up clock. The clock read 7:14 A.M, "It's the fucking weekend, why am I not still asleep?" I say outloud to my empty bedroom. I curse myself several more times in my head as I lay my head back down on my pillow so I can try to go back to sleep, though, I was sure I wouldn't be able to, but a girl has to try right? As I lay down and try and get into a comfy position, I hear a crinkling sound, I just smile to myself and close my eyes, demanding my body to go back to fucking sleep. "Ok, I know, I curse to much, but I am an adult, so i am aloud to use adult language, right?" After I lost the battle with my brain and body, over going to sleep, I got out of bed, and yes, a lot more cursing going on in my brain that I will not bore you with. I walked over to the body length mirror on the back of my door that I might have forgotten to mention before, "What I was half asleep, I can't be faulted on not remembering or seeing every little detial of my room, give a girl a break will you?" I love looking at myself in this mirror, I look so sexy, even after just waking up, my long blond hair, that goes down to the middle of my back, but currently braided into pig tails, yes you heard me, pig tails, it makes it easier with my long hair. I looked at my sexy, black silk nighty I was wearing, "God I looked so damn sexy.", and my nighty is covering the best looking breasts I have ever seen. "Ok, you are right, I am bias, and I am probably not near as sexy as I think I am, but it's all about self image right?" I cup my nice double D boobs, and gave a nice firm squeeze. "Just right.", I think to myself. Then I look at my legs through the mirror, they are long legs, ok, not that long, but I am a little tall, even for an Amazon. I raise my nighty a little bit at a time, taking in the clean shaven legs, till I see something that you, normally, wouldn't see on an Amazon, even on an inbetweeners it's a rare sight, at least it was for me. "What is it you ask?" "It's a diaper, yes, you heard me right, I am wearing a nice, thick, diaper under my nighty, and no, I do not need it for bedwetting, or any other medical issues. I have a diaper fetish, deal with it." I reach down and feel the front of my diaper and press my hand firmly into the crotch of the diaper, and somewhat, to my surprise, it's wet, which has been starting to be a thing lately. I guess after wearing a diaper to bed every night for, I think it was a year, or there abouts, I was becoming a bedwetter, and that thought made me blush, and tingle in all the right places. I ground my hand more into the crotch of my diaper, and moan, maybe a bit to loudly, but I lived out in the country, my nearest neighbor, a nice Amazon/inbetweener couple, lived at least a good 10 minutes drive from my front pourch, to theirs, and that is if you drive in a straight line. But I didn't have time for any playing this morning, like i normally do, every morning, some big baby wanted to try and sleep in on a busy day and I had a lot to do today, well, not a lot, just stuff I had to get done before this afternoon. I had a backyard barbaque at my best friend's house, an Amazon woman named Daria, to get ready for. So I headed out of my bedroom, which is right off from the kitchen, one of the reasons i bought this house, less walking to get a snack in the middle of the night. As I was walking through the kitchen, towards the laundry room, I could hear my diaper crinkle, and I could feel the weight of it between my legs, and the coldnesss from the pee I had filled it with in my sleep, which I quickly stopped and warmed it up some with some fresh warm pee. It felt so good, which made my brain start to fantisize, when I should have been thinking on where I was going and doing. My mind though, was already thinking about someone, an Amazon, inbetweener, or even a little, it did not matter much, would be standing there watching me pee in my diaper, and when i finished, they'd just walk up to her and pat her bottom and say something like "Wow, you really pee-peed in your diaper didn't, just like a BIG baby, and at your age, and an Amazon. You should know better then to go potty in your diapers like that, you naughty BIG baby. You should be ashamed of yourself, standing there, in a wet diaper." As she says the words BIG baby, she smacks my butt to get her point across. That's when i realize i was standing in my living room humping the arm of the sofa. I looked around and saw that I must have just kept walking, right through the kitchen and ended up in the living room, which wasn't that much of a walk, it's a small two bedroom house, another reason I bought it, less areas to clean. As I looked around the room, the first thing I saw was my new, big screen TV, and thought, "Oh, yeah, I need to find someone that can come and hook that thing up, I might ask around at the shindig tonight and see if anyone there might be able to help a girl out." Then a grin formed on my face, "If that friend of Daria's shows up, I might be able to talk her into coming home with me to "fix" it, might lead to some fun times later on tonight." As I thought of that, I caught my hand before it got to close to my naughty kitty, but not before I could stop my other hand from massaging my boobs, making my nipples get harder then they were. "Dammit girl, get it together, I know, it's what I do, like every morning, but we ain't got time for it this morning, you big over grown baby." Not sure why I was talking to myself, outloud no less, let alone why I added that last part, but, I am weird that way. I also noticed that the blueish green carpet needs to be vacumed, "I know, I hate that color too, but it was on sale, what can I say?" Then I saw something that kind of got my heart racing, the curtins on the big double window, facing the front yard, were wide open, I quickly raced across the living room and closed them, but just as i got them closed, I lost my balance and fell on my padded backside. It didn't hurt, but my pride was wounded a bit, and I figured if this was the best time as any, I stuck my thumb in my mouth and sucked on it, as I wimpered like the big baby I am. I am just glad I lived so far out of town, and from people, my house was the last house at the end of the dead end road I lived on, so unless someone was here to see me, there wouldn't be any reason for anyone to be on outside my house. I finally got a hold of my inner sex demon and walked back into the kitchen, passing the hallway to the second bedroom in my house, and started the pot of coffee, it's not one of those kind that has a timer that starts it for you, I liked things less automatic. After I was sure that the coffee was going, i walked out of the kitchen, and into the laundry room, it was a nice size laundry room, with a decent size, washer and dryer, the kind that are stacked on top of eachother. Right in front of me was the back door, well, side door, I guess would be a better term for it, it had a window in it so i could look out at my garden I had growning in the back yard. Which remided me that it was now spring and I should start getting it ready to plant, and to figure out what it was I wanted to plant this year. I opend the door, mostly to let in the cool breeze, and to get some fresh air in the house, but the secret reason I did it, was so I felt more exposed, as I took my nighty off, picturing it in my head, that people could see me, and everyone new what a baby I really was. I finally took my diaper off, rolled it up nice and tight and threw it in the trash can next to me and the door I had just walked through. To the left of where I was standing, was the bathroom, it wasn't that big, which is one reason I usually get undressed, and dressed, in the laundry room. I walked in and started the walk in shower, which surprisingly, is big enough to fit two Amazons, not that I have had the chance to try that, but I might get that chance tonight, if all goes well. After the water heats up, I get in the shower to wash off the sleepy feeling I get when i first wake up, and to wash off the pee. After my shower, I got dressed, just a pair of blue jeans, and a red T-shirt, and threw a blue button up shirt on top of that, I left it unbottoned, it wasn't really cold or anything outside, just a nice breeze, so it worked out great, since I like dressing like this. I didn't bother with socks or boots yet and I am sure you are wondering, what's she got under those jeans, well, I like to take risks sometimes, and today, I went with some of those cotton training pants, I like the idea that I might get caught, though, being that I am an Amazon, not sure how well that would actually go over, but since I didn't satisfy my sex demon this morning, it was able to swade me to be daring, or as it might turn out, plain stupid. I went into my small kitchen, though I am sure an small inbetweener, or a little would think it's big, but either way, it suits my needs. I make some breakfast, just some toast with some apricot jelly. After I washed that down with a nice cub of coffee, black, three surgars, I put my long socks on, and a pair of boots, not those you go work in, nope, some country boots, or some call them cowgirl boots. I am a country girl, and I am not some cow, so I call them country boots. I grabbed the keys to my truck and my country hat, and out the door I went, as I dropped tha hat on my head.
  9. Chapter 1 I hate women. They always complain about their big boobs like it's a curse, and fat hips as though they are somehow an aberration. They complain because of those damn super models that are eight feet tall, who've been starving themselves since adolescence so they can fit a size zero dress. Women think that's the standard, then look down at me with jealous eyes because I can do the same. I can do it because I'm a skinny four-foot-nine at thirty years old. I'm not going to get any bigger even though there's twelve year olds taller than me. And that have bigger boobs. I don't have breasts, I have the underdeveloped, underexercised chest of a ten year old boy. I don't need to wear bras which is a good thing since few designers make adult bras in 30/AAA. And it's a good day for me if I can find panties in adult small that fit me since my hips stopped growing after the age of eight. But grown women stare longingly at me wishing that they could have my figure, if not my height. They can have it. They can have the rejection at bars and night-clubs because they think my ID is fake. Or the long-term crushes that never pan out because "You're just like my little sister." And especially the creeps that are attracted to me because of my "youthful" appearance. I'm sorry to rant, but I've been dealing with this all my life. I've always had to make up for my height. I was a tomboy as a kid, which led to me also being, "just like the guys," There were other girls like me, but they eventually all sprouted. When they did, the guys all took notice and left me in the dust. My life as a little sister or one of the guys. So if I couldn't get by that way, I was determined to get by on my own. I worked my butt off at university. I got hired out of college, and I'm now a mid-level exec at a multi-national. I thought life would get easier at some point, but it hasn't; the work just changed. I could be higher up the food chain, but at a certain point they want you to sell your soul. Not literally, but they want you to put profit before all else. I understand that, but I also can't stop seeing people in the names on the rosters I oversee. So I have to work that much harder and watch more cutthroat people pass above me. I think the stress was starting to get to me which is why my friend Laura made a suggestion. I met Laura at a pilates class at my gym. She was older than me, a mother of three, had a lovely husband. All the things a good girl wants. She had started out in psychology, and I mean that she became a doctor. Almost had her own practice, but then she got pregnant. Her husband was making enough to take care of them both, so she stopped to take care of her kids. I admired that. She worked her butt off, but knew how to prioritize and go after her goals. After so many times of hearing my usual rants about work or my body or men, or all the myriad things that I complained about I think she decided that I was to be her next project. So she made her suggestion. "Regression Therapy." She told me. "I studied it extensively in university; even wrote my thesis on it. I never got to practice it clinically, but a number of years ago I suggested it to a friend of mine who was very stressed out, and she found it really helpful." "I don't know if I really need therapy." Was my go to answer to this kind of conversation. "Most folks under stress don't like to admit that they are. Often they are so used to it that they don't realize that it isn't normal. It has become their normal, but they don't understand that it could be better. You haven't been happy for some time despite your success. I would like to help you figure out why." We'd had similar conversations about help and stress before, but I think for the first time I was really listening to her. It had been a particularly bad day, so maybe I was just more receptive to the idea of support. I asked her about this therapy she'd mentioned. "What the subject does is spend a period of time acting like a child. She gives up a lot of grown-up responsibilities, but also endures a lot of the arbitrary rules that kids have to deal with." "What, like I get to run around screaming and painting walls?" "Not necessarily. Part of the process is taking the subject back to an age where they felt comfortable. Some go to their teens, some go all the way back to babyhood. Or somewhere in between." "I don't see the point of it." "Well it works in two main ways. First, the subject gets to leave behind all of the stresses that they are dealing with currently. It's all on hold, and for the therapy she doesn't have to worry at all about her responsibilities. The other part is that the subject realizes what all that responsibility earns them. You get to remember what you yearned for when you were a child. It helps you to remember why it's all worthwhile." "Seems a little hokey to me." "To some it is. Some forms of therapy just aren't for some people. But I've met a number of people who felt it completely reset their life expectations. There are other, more complex benefits depending on the issues that some people have. Often the experience brings up old forgotten memories that have been bothering them but they weren't really aware of it. They can bring up the memories, and often re-live the experience but can make better choices because despite being placed into a childlike state, they are still adults that can make better informed decisions." "This worked for your friend?" "Oh yes. She got married a year or so ago out east. I think it brought us closer together as well since I stood in as her mother." "You took care of her even though you aren't really practicing?" She blushed a bit at the question. "It was kind of a freebie, since she didn't really have the money for it. But while it wasn't exactly ethical to do it without a license, I'm still a trained psychologist, and I feel that my home environment provides a better surrogate than a facility. Much of it is about immersion." We discussed it further, but I wasn't really sure I wanted to do it. At that moment I'd already worked off quite a bit of stress just ranting at her. I was grateful that she was so patient with me. I still wasn't sure that I needed any real professional help. But then I had the bad week. Two weeks earlier I'd given Brenda, one of the secretaries a project. It was a whole pile of information, along with instructions to put it together in a proposal I'd be making to my boss's boss Dan Carmichael. She had two weeks to put it together, and when she gave it to me two days before the presentation, it was shit. She hadn't paid any attention to my instructions, nor did she include a lot of the information that I'd sent her throughout the two weeks she was supposed to be working on it. I was so angry that I berated her in front of the staff. In hindsight that was not a good idea, but I was just so angry. The next day Chet from HR called me. I fucking hate Chet. Brenda had complained, and Chet wanted us to meet to "work out or differences." My response to that was, "Sorry Chet, but I'm too busy starting from scratch the job that is due tomorrow that Brenda had two weeks to work on!" I slammed the phone in case he was confused as to my mood. The worst part came the next day after I'd worked, and slept in my office trying to get the proposal ready. So the big meeting came and there were four proposals that Dan was looking at. Only three of us showed up to present. The others were okay, but by comparison I rocked mine. I'd been living in the information for months now, especially the last two days, but Dan didn't even ask any questions. This was because halfway through my presentation the fourth presenter showed up, that prick Taylor. He interrupted me to ask Dan if they were still on for golf this weekend. Then he made the worst presentation of the bunch. But as soon as he was done, Dan congratulated him and told us he was going with Taylor's idea. He'd chosen before the meeting, probably while golfing. This whole horrible week had been unnecessary. I returned to my office and slammed the door. Chet called again, but I told him that now was not the time. I called Laura. Chapter 2 I finished my third coffee waiting for Laura to arrive. It was the first day of my vacation but I always need the caffein to get started in the morning even on weekends. It was several weeks since "The Bad Week" so I'd calmed down since then. My thoughts were drifting towards maybe this therapy thing isn't all really necessary. I could still enjoy a week off and not pretend to be a kid the whole time. Laura had explained that she would come pick me up on the morning of the beginning of my vacation and bring me a change of clothes. I'd kind of glossed over all the details up to now since I was being so half-hearted about it. But I was supposed to leave here with whatever clothes she brought me, and a single key to my apartment that I would give to her. When my time is up she'll bring me back to re-introduce me to my life. I was getting nervous because now that I though about it, the whole experience was starting to feel scary. So when the knock came at the door I decided to call the whole thing off and apologize to her for bringing her out of her way. "You don't get to make that decision." She replied to my apology. Standing in the hall she pushed her way past me carrying a paper bag. "You are an adult, dear, and you made a decision. You've made arrangements toward that decision, and so have others. You can't go back on it now." The door led to the living room where she set down the bag. "But it's fine Laura, I'll still enjoy my vacation." "But you won't feel better, and you will have made things worse. Now come over here." She said in a tone reserved for her children. I went, but I hadn't changed my mind. I tried to explain but she put a finger to my lips. "Arms up." she ordered, taking hold of the bottom of my cami. I pulled away, but she held firm. "I've seen plenty of naked girls in my time, dear. We have to get you changed." Once again in her stern mothers voice. Her tone then softened, "At least see how you look in what I brought." Sighing, I indulged her. Putting up my arms she whipped the cotton cami over my head. I felt a sudden shyness as I realized my nudity. She just smirked "There's no need to be shy, dear." She then grasped my sweatpants and pulled them down. I realized that she'd got my panties in with the pants, and modesty overcame my indulgence. She ignored my attempts to cover my self, fending off my hands, "C'mon, Honey step out of the pants." I calmed myself and did as I was told. "I told you to shave yourself before today." She looked at me sternly. "Oh…Right." I'd forgotten, "Look, see I just don't want-" "No, young lady you march right into the bathroom and you do as you're told!" She pointed me at the guest bath and marched me right in with a soft swat to the butt. "Go on!" She added as she turned to the linen closet to find a towel. She followed me into the bathroom and saw that I wasn't moving toward the shower, she crossed her arms and tapped her foot. I began to realize just how much she towered over me. "Do you need me to do it for you?" Having three kids seems to have given her lots of practice with that withering glare. "No, I'll take care of it." I muttered as I turned the shower on. She still didn't leave until I was under the hot spray. It's been a while since I'd done any "yardwork" down there. Not since I stopped dating to focus on school ten years ago. So it took me a while to finish. Partly because I'd had to ask Laura to get me my shaving supplies. Quite honestly this was the first time I'd showered in the guest bath. It felt like I was in someone else's house. Once finished I turned off the water and quickly dried myself. I found myself slowing the process trying to avoid going back to the living room. I tied the towel around my chest. Thankfully she supplied a second towel for my hair which I neatly wrapped. I stood in the mirror trying not to see myself as an adolescent, but as always, when just wearing towels I look like a kid at her mother's vanity. There was a knock at the door. I turned to tell her I'd be out in a minute, but I jumped when she just opened the door and walked right in. "Ah good, you're all ready. Come here." She took my hand guiding me back to the living room. Once situated next to the couch, she pulled out what looked like a fresh package of children's panties. I grimaced seeing Disney Princesses all over the pair that she held out for me. I tried to take them, but Laura avoided my grasp. "No, no, step into them, please." I tried to give her a withering look like I would one of my staff, but she just watched me patiently. Finally I stepped into the underwear which she pulled up my legs. She pulled off the towel and finished adjusting the underwear to her liking. I just waited arms crossed over my embarrassing chest while she pulled something else out from the bag. I didn't look at it, I was just glowering at the idea that children's panties still fit me. "Arms up," she said again, bright pink cloth, bunched up in her hands hovered over my head. I really didn't like the way this was going. She pulled the child's dress around the towel, and down over my head. She smoothed the skirt down my legs until it came to my knees. Just looking at the Print of the Sleeping Beauty on my chest made my face go flush. "I'm not wearing this." I told her flatly. "But I'm not even done yet." She said dismissively. "Here put these on." She handed me a pair of pink tights. I took them like I would a dead frog but she didn't notice my reaction as she got up to grab something. I waited a moment while I heard her rummaging, but decided to finish the childish ensemble and pull on the tights. Laura returned with a brush and set me on the floor before the couch. She pulled off the towel and started playing with my hair. Ignoring the clothes for a moment things started to feel much better. It had been a while since I last got my hair done. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensation of my hair being pampered. With a pat on my shoulders Laura announced that she was finished. "Now go look at yourself in the mirror," She encouraged me. I walked over to the full length mirror in the guest bath. But before I saw myself I had a brief moment of vertigo. There was a strange girl in my bathroom. Except that she was in the mirror. In one sense I knew that the girl was me, but my brain took a while to make the connection. My first reaction was to scream. Or to pout. But also to throw something. Or rip the clothes off. Possibly break the mirror. Emotions were a jumble. I settled on crying. I made a very pretty ten year old girl. The pink princess dress was flattering to a little girl, and the pig-tails bound with purple ribbon in my light brown hair enhanced my juvenile features. How could I really be an adult if I look like some damn kid? How could anyone take me seriously? No wonder they promote people over me. No wonder my bosses don't listen, and my staff don't pay attention. How can I get any respect? Arms engulfed me, "Oh sweetheart, it's okay." I just started bawling I turned from the mirror and buried my face in her blouse. I heaved sobs into her for a while until the emotions abated. When I'd calmed down she asked me what was wrong. "I look horrible." I said pulling away from her. She cleared the hair from my damp face, "Oh, you look beautiful." She looked me right in the eyes. "I understand, but this is the whole point of your vacation. I didn't say that it would be easy. And now that you've faced it, don't you feel better?" I wanted to protest, but now that my eyes had cleared I did feel better. And maybe this whole kid thing wouldn't be so bad. It was nice to have a shoulder to cry on. I nodded. "Good." She kissed my forehead. "We don't like to say this, but for therapy to work, it has to hurt sometimes." "Now there's just your shoes in the bag. Once you have those on we'll go." I hugged Laura once more then returned to the couch. The shoes were pink mary janes that matched the outfit. They didn't seem so objectionable as the rest of the outfit had, but then my attitude had changed. I pulled them on and grabbed my purse. "No dear, did you forget what I told you?" I looked about me trying to figure out what I'd forgotten. "Your purse?" "Oh right." I put my purse back on the table. I pulled out my keys pulling the one for the front door off the ring. It felt strange handing it to her. I looked back at my purse as Laura shuffled me toward the door. It's funny to think that there is so much of our lives that we carry in our pockets. I felt naked leaving my house without any of it. From now on I would be, could only be what people perceived me to be. Before she opened the door, she turned to me, "Remember also, in case you forgot. From now on you call me Mommy. To you that is who I am until we get back here." This I did remember, but I hadn't thought she would be serious. Then again this whole morning had been a lesson in how serious she was. "Yes Mommy." I replied. That felt weird too. The door opened, and I preceded her into the hall of the apartment building. Laura pulled the door closed behind her before locking it. The bolt flicked shut with a heavy clunk, and the key disappeared into her purse. Apprehension filled me once more as I realized that I was now locked out of my whole life. Chapter 3 I followed Laura out to her car. I didn't recognize it at first since I usually see her driving the sedan. But today she was driving the family car, a giant, black SUV. She said that it was great to haul all the kids to where they need to go, plus supplies and groceries despite the poor gas-mileage. I heard the doors unlock, and I made my way to the passenger-side door, "Uh sweetie?" I heard her behind me. Turning around I saw that she had the backseat door open a crack. "Little girls have to sit in the back." I made an exaggerated sigh, "But Laura-" "No buts young lady. It's safer, and it's the rules." She tapped her foot. "Fine." I replied sullenly. She opened the door wide, and I hopped up- well, tried to hop up. Did I mention that I'm short? Laura boosted me up into the vehicle, and right in front of me was a child's safety seat. I tried to move around the bulky thing to get to the other side. "No, dear you sit in the seat." "Laura-" "That's twice you've forgotten the rules." "Wha- Oh, sorry, M-Mommy." "Good girl, now get in the seat." She repeated lifting the harness so I could fit my head under it. I felt objections bubbling up in me, but her simple insistence that the world was her way had so far had been unshaken by my objections. So I sat down trying to be uncomfortable, and oversized for the seat. My worldview simply insisted that the seat was built for a child and therefore I couldn't fit inside it. But as I sank into its cushioned embrace, she brought the harness down to buckle in my crotch. I had to face the stunning reality that maybe I'm even more childish than I really thought. She closed the door, time seemed to stretch as she walked to the drivers side. Once situated herself, and buckled in, she turned back to look at me, "All comfy back there?" Her hand caressed my knee. I just glowered at her. Maybe I had to accept that I could fit in a child seat, but didn't have to like it. As she drove we chatted for a bit, but with her focus on the road, and my position in back it made the conversation feel forced. So I sat back in silence and watched the scenery go by. We hit a bump. Not uncommon since there was a lot of road construction on this part of town. Another bump- That was weird. Knowing this stretch of road, I realized a double bump was coming. Bubump! Oh my god! I didn't know whether to feel outraged or humiliated. Every time the car hit a bump the crotch of the seat hit me in the, well crotch. And it felt- Well it hurt, but it also didn't. I mean to say that, well, it… Okay it felt good. But more in the way that I realized that I hadn't had any external stimulation in years. Well nothing that wasn't- uh, by my own hand. Slam! "Stupid lady! Get off the damn cell phone!" Laura had hit the brakes as another car veered into our lane. Whew! I had to get a hold of myself. Oh shit, I just realized that they were repaving this section of road. The car started to buck and leap. I tried to focus on other things, but then I realized that you know what? I'm in my own little world back here. She's got that terrible song turned up on the radio, who will notice? So I relaxed myself into the hump that held the buckle between my legs. The vibrations of the car transmitted movement through the chair into my body and against the seat. I closed my eyes focusing just on the sensations. It was like I imagine what it felt like on those old latenight softcore shows where they would hump each other but not actually have sex. Except that I was balanced on the edge of a dull pinnacle, each vibration from the ground transmitted right to my- Kathunk! The unpaved section had ended. Okay, yes, I was disappointed. Still, I could get used to riding like this. First we stopped at the gas station, where before she got out Laura gave me an odd look before filling up the car. Then she picked up her dry cleaning. When she stopped off at the post office, I was really getting bored of the car ride. I also noticed the growing need to use the bathroom, the curse of the coffee addict. Being a small person means that everything is smaller. Once I notice things down there getting urgent, I can't hold it for much longer after that. That's another thing that full-sized women can have, they want this body so damn much! "So are we going- uh, home now?" I asked when Laura pulled her door open. "Just a few more errands to run, then yes we'll be going home." More errands? That wouldn't end well, I thought as she pulled the car into traffic. "Laura-" "Ahem." She glared at me through the rearview mirror. "What? Laura-" "Ahem!" "Look this isn't the time for silly rules, Laura, I have-" She jerked the wheel around, and pulled the car to the side of the road. "I have all the time in the world, young lady. You do have to follow my rules. If you don't want to follow them you can get a spanking. Understand that I have no problem with you breaking rules, the person that will have problems is you. Is that clear?" I had no words to give back to her. Given how much control she suddenly had of my life, I whole-heartedly believed her. "Well?" She demanded. "Yes." I replied sullenly. "Yes what?" "Yes, M-mommy." She gave me a pat on the knee and a smile. "Good girl." She turned back forward and got the car moving again. Totally cowed I huddled in my carseat. I pouted for a bit, but the urgent need to pee overcame me. Still, there was a rebellious part of me that didn't want to acknowledge her superiority. Which is why I still sat in the car while she did something at the bank. But after that urgency won out. "M-mommy?" She smiled at me through the rear-view mirror, "Yes, dear?" "I need to go to the bathroom." Oh god that sounded so childish. "We'll be home in just a bit, dear. Also, you will call it potty from now on." She's goading me. She had to be. I had to stop myself from saying, "The hell I will!" She pulled into the hallmark store. I tried to unlock the catch on my carseat, but I couldn't find the damn thing. I was really getting desperate. I'd hoped I could get out and back without her noticing, but I was reduced to clawing and pulling at the buckle trying to release it. Laura finally came back and got us moving again. "Mommy I really need to go!" I said through gritted teeth. "Go where, dear?" I glared at her through the mirror hoping she could feel the daggers of thought I threw at her. "The potty, dammit the potty!" I finally yelled. "Not with that language you won't." My jaw dropped, if she was this much of a bitch to her own children- "Please! I can't hold it." I begged. But she still waited for the proper words. "Please let me go to the potty." "Okay dear, we're at the drugstore now, you can come in with me." She got out, her walk around the car seemed to take forever. "See how easy things can be if you just ask nicely." She said after opening my door. I didn't see how she released the catch, but I was too focused on getting to the bathroom. Once the harness was over my head I tried to push past her, but her hand kept me stuck in the seat until she pulled me up by the armpits. She pulled me out of the car before setting me with a rough jolt on the pavement. A jolt was the last thing I needed at that moment. I felt wetness filling my panties. And once it started I couldn't hold it back. Pee ran down my leg creating a dark stain on the concrete below me that quickly spread. "Oh my god!" She cried before grabbing my hand and roughly jerking me into the store. I was so embarrassed. I'd pissed myself like some kid, and now the whole store would see me. I tried to hide my face, but her firm grip held one of my hands. "Where is your bathroom?" Laura demanded from a clerk. He looked at her, then down at me. "In the back to the right." He pointed. "Did you hear that?" She jerked me back to facing her. "You go back there to the potty and you wait there, you understand?" Her furious expression cowed me into just nodding before she pushed me toward the back as she hurried off in a different direction. I hurried to the bathroom my shoes squeeking wetly on the linoleum, avoiding other people's faces, praying that they only saw a little girl, and not an adult pretending. Somehow them knowing I'm an adult would make this worse. The fact that I am did make it worse. I entered the bathroom, and locked the door. I pulled off the tights and panties, and tried to wash them in the sink. I put the shoes back on since this bathroom didn't look all that clean. Looking in the mirror I realized that the dress was ruined too. That's when I started crying. Twice in one day. Not only did I look like a kid, but now I was acting like one. No, not acting. I was trying to act like an adult, but this childish body kept screwing me up at every turn. The handle jiggled, then a knock came at the door. I let Laura in. She had some bags in her hand which she set on the toilet after lowering the seat. "Let's get that dress off you, lift your arms." With a deft pull she had me naked in a public bathroom. Which I realized she hadn't locked. She damped some towels and started scrubbing my legs roughly. "You're going to have a bath when we get home." She muttered. When she was done, she went to her bags pulling out a cheap undershirt. "Arms up." She ordered as she bunched the fabric in her hands. Once again she pulled clothing over my head, I put my hands down feeling a little bit better. But I was soon dismayed when she returned from her bags again this time with what looked like a diaper. She paused, considering the diaper for a second she looked down at me with her mouth a tight thin line. "I hope, for your sake you're not just doing this to act out some fantasy." She looked at me sternly. "Excuse me?" Her accusation stunned me. "I know all about infantilism, and all that stuff, and this better not be some scheme you're trying to pull to get your jollies at my expense. I will make your time with me very difficult if that's the case." "Where do you get off-" "In private, missy! I saw you in the carseat humping it like some slut. And then you wet yourself so as to get put back in diapers? That's two strikes against you. But I'm willing to forgive it if this is actually happenstance. I do consider that I could be wrong. But with both happening so soon, I'm not so sure. That's why I'm warning you right now you won't be taking advantage of me for any of that." She pulled open the pull-up for me to step into, Cinderella staring out from the front of it. I really didn't know what to do at that point. I tried to review my options, but I just wanted to be back in my apartment. "Look, Laura why don't we just call this off. It's obviously a mistake. Just take-" I suddenly found myself over her knees as she sat on the toilet, the bags shoved to the floor. The loud crack of her hand smacking my butt echoed through the bathroom. I cried out for the pain. She spanked me again, harder. I tried to cover myself, but her hands pulled my arms away somehow locking them both in her grip. Another slap echoed through the room. "How many was that?" She demanded. I sniffled and sobbed in response. Smack! "How many?" "Three!" I cried, "It was three!" "Wrong! Start over, count each one." Smack! "One!" Smack! "Two!" Smack! "Three!" Smack! "Four!" Smack! "Five!" Smack! "Six!" "So how many?" "Six!" I replied through my sobs. "For each time you broke the rules." Smack! I cried in surprise. "And that was for using a bad word." She pulled me back up and set me on my feet. "Now are you going to be a bad girl?" "No." I replied through the tears. "No what?" "No, Mommy." She lifted me off her lap, and set me down. I just stood there wiping my eyes as she held the diaper out for me to step into. I did so carefully so as not to get the soiled shoes on the diaper. It was a pull-up style which she promptly lifted up my thighs until they were snug over my hips. "There you go. Now grab those dirty clothes from the sink and put them in this bag." I quickly did as I was told, ignoring the snot nosed brat staring back at me from the mirror. Once the bag was tied she handed it to me along with the bag that held the Goodnights package. She then opened the bathroom door. Exposing me to the store in just an undershirt and a diaper. "L- uh, Mommy, I can't go out there like this..." "Sweetie,” She said loudly from outside the bathroom, “I don't have anything else for you to wear. You soiled your clothes, so you're going to have to wait until we get home to get changed." She held her hand out, beckoning for me to grab it. I did so, and she pulled me close to her. I felt like a three year old. I stuck right by her side, trying to hide my face any time someone passed close by. But we didn't leave. She pulled me to a stop at the end of the line for the prescriptions. We stood in the middle of the store where anyone could see me. "M-Mommy?" I pleaded in a whisper. "Can I please just wait in the car?" "No. Right now I don't think I can trust you to be alone in the car. So you just wait right here until we're finished. If you'd behave like a big girl then you wouldn't be here." So we waited, and the line, as they always seem to didn't move. I stood with my head down hoping that somehow I'd turned invisible. I surreptitiously looked to see if anyone was looking at me. And to my surprise people did. That wasn't the surprise. I was expecting people to be staring at me trying to guess if I was an adult or an overgrown child. But it seemed that they'd already labeled me as a child. What they would do is look at me, then at Laura, or as they saw her, my mother. Some would glare, others would nod in sympathy. I even started to hear snippets of conversation about bad parenting. I realized in that moment that I hadn't just taken the role of child, but she'd also taken the role of parent. In doing so I became her daughter, and my actions reflect on her as a parent. I may look ridiculous right now, but that's the nature of children. It's the parents who are blamed for how the child looks. It's the parents who are blamed for the child's behavior. Like it or not, Laura took on a heavy burden when she decided to help me this way. We finally made it to the front of the line, and even though they had the prescription right there, they took their sweet time fetching it and have her pay for it. But finally we got to leave. Once back to the car I let her boost me to the car seat without complaint. I sat down and let her buckle me in quietly. When she got the car running I decided to apologize. "Mommy?" She turned to me, "Yes, dear?" "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused." She smiled. "I understand, Honey. This takes a bit of getting used to. It's much of what the first day is all about." She gave my knee a squeeze. "Let's get you home, and cleaned up." Chapter 4 She got the car moving, and once again I was trying not to pay attention to the bumps in the road. This time, though the diaper cushioned the seat so that the ride didn't hurt at all. That didn't stop the interesting sensations. Thankfully it was a short ride, but it did seem long. Finally home Laura pulled into the garage. She turned to me once she'd parked, "Remember, Paul knows what's going on, but the kids don't so as far as they're concerned, you're just a little girl that will be staying with us." "Right." I replied. Laura pulled me out, and I followed her into the kitchen. I became self-conscious of my lack of clothes when I saw that her daughter Kathy was already there finishing off a soda can. "Hey, Mom." the leggy eighteen year old said when she saw us. "Dad's been trying to get a hold of you." "I didn't get anything on my phone." She replied as she rummaged through her purse. "Oh, it's turned off, What did he want?" "You're supposed to meet him for the firm's client meet and greet." "That's next weekend- or wait. Oh shoot!" She glanced down at me still holding the bag of supplies that we'd picked up at the drugstore. "This is my friends daughter that I told you about. I have to go get ready, do you mind giving her a bath, she had an accident." "I'm actually about to go out. Get Mandy to do it, she's still grounded anyway." Laura made a dubious glance up at the ceiling before leaving the kitchen. I heard her call up the stairs. Alone with Kathy for the moment I just clutched the package not knowing what else to do. The silence was becoming oppressive. "Mandy, I need you for a minute!" Laura called again much louder. There was a sudden stomping from above us that trailed to the stairs before very deliberately stomping down them. I could hear Laura speaking to her, their voices getting louder as they came to the door. "-So I need you to babysit while I'm with your father." Laura said coming into the kitchen. "You don't have to do anythings special, just give her a bath, and some lunch. There's a chance we'll be late, so you might have to make her some dinner too." Both women looked at me as they entered. "Oh Honey, you can just put those on the chair." She said motioning to the pack of diapers. I put it where she indicated, feeling everyone's eyes as I did so. "If you do well I might even end your grounding early. Deal?" Laura continued. Mandy glared at me, the sixteen-year-old looking sour. She was dressed all emo/punky with platinum blond hair with bright purple at the ends. "Alright Mom, I'll take care of her." "Oh thank you! Now I've got to hurry the thing only starts in a little bit." Laura hurried off. I realized that I'm now a kid to these people, but how was I supposed to act? Mandy seemed to soften a bit as she held out her hand to me. "Cmon kiddo, Mom says you had an accident." I nodded before taking her hand. "Oh let's get those shoes off, Mom hates shoes on her carpet." Deliberately I sat on the floor to pull the shoes off. I was doing so in a very exaggerated juvenile manner, bending over, roughly pulling them off before tossing them aside. I didn't want these girls to think I wasn't really a little girl. I mean how weird would it make me look to be found pretending. After that I followed Mandy up to the bath on the second floor. As Mandy started the bath running Laura poked her head through the door. "Mandy, I've put her clothes in the Sarah's old bedroom, just grab what you need from there." She nodded to her mother who darted back to what she as doing. "You- arms up." She ordered. I did as I was told and the undershirt lifted back over my head. She pulled down the diaper and had me step out of it. Once again I stood naked for the third time today in front of someone else. I couldn't really get over the embarrassment. Mandy smirked at my modesty. "You wait here so I can get your clothes and a towel." She promptly left the bath leaving the door wide open. I closed it behind her and waited watching the bath fill. I reflected on my new predicament, being a little girl babysat by someone half my age. Being too scared to assert myself in case someone finds out the truth. I was suddenly hoping my underdeveloped body was youthful enough to fool them. Getting annoyed that it was. I pulled the ribbons from my hair and set them firmly on the counter. What a difference a day makes. "There you go." Mandy re-entered the bath- still without closing the door. Watching the tub fill for a minute, she stopped it when she was ready and guided me into the warm water. "Have a seat, kid." I kept waiting for her to leave, but she stayed and started soaping a washcloth. "Oh, I can do it." I told her holding my hand out for the cloth and soap. Where do these women get that glare? Mandy seemed to put curiosity, absurdity, and derision all in one glance as I withered in front of her. Laura looked in again, this time in a beautiful bright red gown that really showed off her assets. Really showed them off. I looked down at my own chest in embarrassment. "Your sister's gone, and I'm going to take off now too. I'll have my phone if you need anything. What's that?" she was looking at the pile of clothes Mandy'd brought in. "I left underwear in the bedroom." Mandy looked down, at the pile, and I too saw what they were both looking at. She'd brought up one of the diapers. Mandy nervously glanced at me, then back to her mother. "Oh, she told me she needed them." Mandy thumbed back at me. I wanted to protest, but a furious glare lit Laura's face, her lips a thin painted line. I tried to shake my head or say no, but when you're small, naked and wet, it's hard to come up with coherent arguments. "Yes. Well that's only for at night. Isn't that right, dear?" She glared at me demanding a confirmation. I could only nod in response. "Okay, then I'll grab some panties when we're done." Mandy replied. "Here, let me walk you out." She got up and followed Laura down the stairs chatting as they went. That little bitch lied! She'd lied, and now her mother'd confirmed the lie. Well, she hadn't known that her daughter was lying about it. But why would I say such a thing? It's not like I want to wear diapers. This was all her idea. I've been trying to escape this childish body my whole life. Frustrated I punched the water. It made a big splash so I did it again. It felt good to let out the aggression in small gouts of water. "So you're a pissy pants bedwetter are you?" Mandy giggled from the bathroom door. What could I say? Her mothers response pigeonholed me as a bedwetter. "Only sometimes." I muttered sullenly. My cheeks went red with the admission. "That's not what it looked like to me. It looks to me like you can't hold it at all. But Mom seems to think you can handle big girl panties. We'll just have to see." With a cruel sneer she slapped the soaped cloth over my face and started scrubbing. "Hey! I can do it! Stop!" I yelled into the washcloth, but she just kept at it, batting my arms away. "Hold still, Runt!" She pulled the cloth away just in time for me to get a face full of water. She cleared the soap from my face and started scrubbing all over me. To be honest it wasn't all that bad. She certainly was thorough, going over my back and chest, then all down my arms. I stood when she bid me so she could scrub my legs. I tried not to blush when she did my thighs. But finally when she finished she had me dunk myself fully into the tub to rinse. "I suppose a girl as young as you would prefer a bubble bath, but I'm afraid we don't have any of that." "I'm not that young." I replied. "Oh? How old are you then?" I almost said thirty. Laura had never set an age, I was supposed to fall into an age where I felt comfortable. So far nothing felt comfortable about being young. “Fourteen?” I tried. "Oh come on! Maybe you're tall enough, but I've never seen a kid take so much time to think about how old they are." "Really!" "Come on, you aren't fooling me, Runt!" "Okay, I'm twelve, but I'll be thirteen soon." I tried again. "Better, but I don't believe you." she sat up arms crossed under her breasts like they gave her authority. "Ugh, fine, I'm ten!” I yelled. This whole thing was getting more and more ridiculous. "Good girl!" she patted me on the head. "You are tall, but you sure don't act like a big girl.” You have no idea, I thought at her. She poured out some shampoo into my hair and started scrubbing. Pretty soon she was dunking my head again until the shampoo was all out. She stood me up and wrapped me in a towel as I stepped out of the tub. I dried my hair in front of the mirror while Mandy went to grab some underwear. Once she returned she had me step into the Princess Belle printed panties just like her mother'd done. I wondered just at what age any of these girls had started dressing themselves that they felt an eight year old needed help. When she was done she'd dressed me in purple leggings, a jean skirt and a pink shirt with a rainbow unicorn done up in sequins on the front. I tried not to be so disappointed at the outfit in case Mandy got suspicious. She sat down on the toilet, and pulled me onto her lap to start doing my hair. I closed my eyes once again to ignore the circumstances and just enjoy the pampering. Unfortunately I kept getting hung up on being treated like a little kid by someone half my age who also happened to be bigger than me in every respect. Once done I didn't need to look in the mirror to know that I had the two pigtails tied with ribbon again, but Mandy seemed to be seeking approval of the job. So I conspicuously primped and smiled at my reflection. "C'mon, lets get you some lunch and then we'll figure out what we'll do the rest of the day." She said, her attitude seeming to have much improved from her earlier nastiness. Back in the kitchen she poured out a tall glass of apple juice for me while she looked over the lunch options. "There's Mac-n'-Cheese, course that's more of a dinner thing. Hmmm, frozen pizza, peanut butter sandwiches or Ham-n'-Cheese -oops, no ham." "I know! How'd you like some grilled cheese?" She looked up at me from the fridge door. That actually did sound like a great idea. "Mmm, yummy!" I replied. It had been forever since I'd had that bit of comfort food. I think that grilled cheese is probably most kids first attempt at cooking, which is why so many of us look back so fondly on it. Quite suddenly I found myself actually enjoying my childish role. "Okay!" She gathered the ingredients. "You finish that glass while I get everything ready." I really was kind of thirsty at that point so by the time she'd prepared lunch I'd done as I was told, and she poured me another glass. We had lunch in the living room with the tv which surprised me a bit, since she turned it to some cartoons for my sake. "Oh hey, My Little Pony like your shirt!" I gave Mandy a big smile since I was supposed to like this sort of thing and slowly savored my toasty warm grilled cheese. I do have to give her credit, she made it just right. The cheese was all gooey and the toast was all buttery. Things got really dull quickly though because Mandy, while eating her lunch and sitting on her computer would flip to MTV every commercial to watch the latest and greatest in crappy pop music. While cartoons weren't really my thing, they were far superior to her taste in music. But she retained the controller, and I endured the torture long after I finished my lunch. While the cartoons were on, though I really did feel myself getting a little comfortable in my assumed role. Quietly reflecting on the cartoons and my babysitter I could immerse myself in it. Even the lack of control of the tv gave Mandy a distinctly "big sister" air. I settled comfortably into the couch and stayed that way until Mandy's foot found its way into my side. I nearly jumped out of my seat. "Oh, I'm sorry," She said looking up from her computer. "I didn't realize you were ticklish." Oh shit. I needed to head that off right away, I was not getting the tickle torture. "I'm not ticklish, you just startled me." An evil glint filled her eyes, "You're not?" She set the computer aside. Oh no. "Nope!" I looked back trying to be casual about it. She set the computer aside, "I dunno, that looked ticklish to me." The only way to deal with this, in my experience is to bluff; be so confident, and stay relaxed during the test. 'Cause at this point I knew there would be a test. "Well it wasn't." "Not even here?" She attacked my side where she'd nudged me with her foot. I flinched a bit, but I was able to relax through the attack. The second time would be both sides, and then somewhere else. If no good jump occurred by the third time, there might be a fourth, but it would end. I just couldn't flinch at all until Mandy finished. I could feel myself tensing, despite myself "Or here?" She attacked both sides of my waist like I thought. "Nop-" As I relaxed after the second attack she hit my underarms. I shouldn't have been surprised, but I jumped and wriggled under her assault. "Shit! Stop! Hahahaha! Please, stop!" I shouted. "Oooh a liar and a potty mouth!" She grinned. "You do deserve a punishment for swearing, so punitive tickling!" "No plea- Hahahahah! Please! Heeheehee!" The bitch was ruthless, and now that she found my weakness she kept at it all over. It went on for a while with short breaks when I became breathless only to start right back up. My sides were hurting while I writhed on the floor screaming and giggling under the torture. She paused for a second, pulling back, and leaving me wriggling twitching on the floor. "Now for the finale, then your punishment is over." She said with a satisfied grin. Her fist grabbed my shirt and yanked it forcefully up as her head dove for my belly. "Noooohohohoho!" I cried as she began blowing raspberries on my belly, then her hands found my sides and armpits. She waged total war on my body, and it capitulated in hilarious agony. I didn't even feel it at first, my mind taken up with so many other sensations, but pretty soon I was shoving her violently off me as I felt the wetness filling my underwear. Suddenly standing I lost control of everything. "Oh shit!" Mandy yelled before yanking me into the kitchen before I leaked all over the carpet. Standing for a second time in my own puddle I broke down crying. "I told you to stop!" "Well dammit you're eight years old! You should be able to handle this sort of thing by now!" She started roughly taking the clothes off me. "As far as I'm concerned you're wearing those diapers until Mom says differently." Oh god, Laura was having some weird thing bout these damn diapers what would she think now? I felt a slap on my butt. "Step out." I did as I was told and stepped out of the leggings I'd just stepped into. Now run upstairs and start another bath. I'll get this cleaned up. Then I'll come help you, understood?" I nodded. I ran upstairs crying. What the hell is wrong with me? I started the shower running, trying to clear my eyes while waiting for the water to warm up. The door opened behind me, "Bath, not shower, I said." She barked before moving further down the hall. I slammed the door, but she returned quickly with a towel and clothes. "I said bath!" she shouted pushing me out of the way to the bath knob. "What difference does it make?" I sobbed, "I just need to rinse off." The spray switched to the spigot before Mandy rounded on me. "Showers are for big girls, and you're obviously barely above a baby!" She growled at me. "Now you wait there while I go clean up your piss!" That fucking bitch! I slammed the door behind her once again. But not knowing what else to do I just stood there and sobbed. I wouldn't be so upset about it, but the bitch was right; she was just rude about saying so. I mean if the goal was to convince her I was a little kid, mission fucking accomplished. I heaved one last sob before clearing my eyes. I still had the stupid unicorn shirt on, add that to the red, watery eyes, and all I saw in the mirror was a snot nosed kid waiting for a punishment. How had things gotten so bad so quickly? The door burst open again - why didn't I lock the damn thing? Mandy practically ripped the shirt off me before depositing me in the bath with a splash. She yanked the tap closed and started once again with the washcloth. Now that I'd had time to think, I realized that she had pretty good reason to be upset, what with having to clean up after me. So I just took her rough treatment silently feeling much like a pet that hasn't figured out house training yet. I smiled at the image in my head. "What are you laughing at, Runt?" "I was thinking that you're lucky." "Oh?" she sat back. I think she was expecting some kind of defiant insult for her painful ministrations. "Yeah, I haven't shit on the furniture yet." Her look made me laugh. For a brief moment she thought that I was threatening to do just that. But she started laughing with me when she realized I was making fun of myself. "You foul mouthed runt!" She giggled as she finished her scrubbing much lighter now. Once out of the bath and dried she had me step into a diaper that she pulled up to my hips. That drained the humor out of me; it got me wondering of what Laura would think when she got home. The diaper was followed by a pink, ruffled, Little Mermaid nightshirt that came down to my knees. "There you go, now we can finish watching cartoons, okay?" She held her hand out to me. "Okay." I replied taking her hand and letting her guide me back to the couch. Chapter 5 I thought that the humor would soften Mandy's disposition, but she took to calling me Pissy the rest of the day. On one hand, I did kind of understand. She was grounded, and now stuck looking after a brat that seems to have a problem holding it. But on the other, she's supposed to be the responsible one here, and resorting to bullying and name-calling wasn't helping. The cartoons stopped right away. Instead we watched spoiled bitches have massively overdone sixteenth birthdays, followed by girls the same age (and I'm sure there's overlap between programs) getting pregnant, and being generally spoiled bitches about that too. Then there were the dating shows which are generally based on insipid concepts in the first place, but MTV seems to have run with the ideas that other channels thought were too dumb to air. It was not a fun afternoon. Laura called to say that she would be late, and that we should get dinner, and made sure that Mandy put me to bed on time. Though it annoyed me when I didn't overhear what that time was. I didn't feel like asking. She did set it back on the kids shows while she cooked up the mac and cheese. Not cartoons this time, but still smarter and more entertaining than what she liked to watch. Dinner went fast, and it was quickly followed by cookies and milk which ended abruptly since I yelled at Mandy to stop calling me Pissy, which she refused. "C'mon Pissy it's your bedtime anyway. Once you're put away you won't have to listen to me. Even when you piss the bed, Mom can take care of that crap when she gets home!" I finished my milk, and slammed it on the table. "Fine, I'm going then! I'd rather be alone than spend one more minute with you, or watch your crappy tv!" I stomped out of the kitchen really wanting to break something, but all I could do was stomp up the stairs, much like she'd done coming down this morning. "Goodnight Pissypants!" she called up behind me. Oh I had some choice words for that bitch! And it was a struggle to not turn around and shout them down the stairs at her. But I didn't, no matter how satisfying I knew it would be. At the top of the stairs I was confronted with a conundrum: Which room was Sarah's old room? I went to the end of the hall where an open door revealed the master bedroom. Next to it was a closed door that turned out to be the linen closet. The door across was closed, and with quick inspection I found what I concluded was Mandy's room filled with the detritus of a sixteen year old's life flung about. I closed the door, and found what looked like an unused bedroom that had some of the leftover accoutrements of Laura's eldest daughter. Also on the bed was a pile of kids clothes meant for me. I put them away, holding particularly onto the pack of disney panties, wanting to change into them, but fearing to disturb the illusion. I finally just put them away. There were several books on the shelf from which I picked out a cheap romance novel to read until Laura came home and we could talk this all out. - We were in the car again. Laura driving, and me bumping along in the child seat. The same embarrassing but enjoyable sensations transmitting from the seat. Laura stopped the car and turned to me, "Are you wet?" Her hand reached out feeling my diapered crotch, feeding that same sensation. "Good girl!" she said as she pulled me from the seat. Mandy was next to her outside the car. "Are you wet yet Pissy?" She sneered as she felt around my backside again transmitting those enjoyable feelings. "Hmph! Not yet." They then pulled me into the drugstore. It was full of people. Every one of them was watching me, whispering to each other, wondering if I'd just wet myself. Laura was talking to the clerk, and they were both nodding to each other. He turned to me, asking Laura, "Is she wet?" Before he too reached down below the hem of my night shirt, feeling me, rubbing me. I didn't want him to, but I was afraid that people would find me out if I resisted. Other people started checking as we made our way to the pharmacy. Reaching down, pressing their hands to my crotch, unaware of the affect, simply, innocently checking my diaper. I clung to Laura but let these strangers continue their probing. Part of me didn't want them to stop. We made it to the line for the pharmacy. Laura checked me again, and Mandy reached behind at the same time. I moaned. "Are you okay?" they asked. Their concern filled the people in line. Pretty soon everyone was checking my diaper as though somehow it's dryness or wetness would somehow indicate some kind of ailment. And all the time the sensations became more and more intense, more and more sexual. My desire overcame my shyness. I now waited with my hands holding the hem of my nightshirt up to my chin as people rubbed me through the diaper. We passed by everyone in line slowly coming to the front where the nurse looked down at me. "Is she wet?" She somehow reached across the counter to rub me. Her examination of the diaper lasted longer than the others. Slowly the desire built inside me as she checked what I knew was now a wet diaper, but now I was afraid that they'd spot it. That she would recognize that kind of wetness. But still she examined, and I stifled moans and tried to resist the mounting pleasure that filled me. Her hand pulled away. "Doctor, could you take a look at this?" A tall dark skinned European man in a lab coat looked down at me. "Of course I can." he replied in a heavy accent that made me melt. His dark hair flowed in waves behind his ears. His eyes penetrated me as he looked down at me. I pulled at the skirt not wanting him to see the diaper. But he reached underneath. I knew then that I wanted him to examine me. Two hands felt around making sure of every nook and cranny. But I wanted him to know of my wetness. I wanted him to feel it, and keep going. To release the desire that was building in the confines of the plastic about my hips. I moaned, not caring who heard it now. And I felt his hand on my shoulder now. I wanted it to go down to my breasts, but it stayed their and shook. And it shook me, his voice calling my name- - Laura shook me awake. For a second I thought she was coming to check my diaper, and I was really keen for her to do so. But reality hit, and I shied away from her. It was dark in the room, and the clock on the nightstand told me it was a little after midnight. "We need to talk." Was all she said. I sat up noticing the sticky wetness in my diaper. I could feel my cheeks getting warm, and hoped Laura couldn't see it in the gloom. I gathered the blankets around me. "Mandy tells me you wet again. I really don't understand what's going on. I want you to be honest with me, and tell me what you're really doing here." I stiffened at her daughter's name. "What is really going on here? I have no idea what's going on here. I haven't had any idea since you locked my door. I haven't done anything, everything has been happening to me. Starting with you not letting me go to the bathroom, even though I tried to tell you several times. I had three cups of coffee this morning, but you only thought about making sure I called you Mommy, and said potty, cause you are really pushing hard this whole little girl thing. So you're surprised that after too long in the car I couldn't hold it? And then your response isn't to take care of me, but to humiliate me in front of the whole store after calling me a slut to my face!" "Then your precious snit of a daughter babysits me-" "You told her you wanted to wear the diapers, she told me." "She lied to you! When you spotted the diaper in the bathroom, I never told her a thing, she just grabbed it, probably to embarrass me. And then you confirmed her lie when you said it was just for bedwetting! Which, by the way, she gave me all kinds of shit for while you were gone." "You know her nickname for me is Pissy? She started calling me that right after you left. Oh she played nice for a while for lunch. But then she felt it would be funny to tickle me until I pissed myself again. And that's what happened while you were gone. She bullied me because she knew I had a weakness, and I couldn't do anything about it without giving this whole "therapy" thing away." She looked thoughtful for a moment. "Has this been a weakness for you?" "What, wetting? Not until today!" I realized I wasn't being very quiet, so I lowered my voice to really answer her question. "I mean I've always known I've had a weak bladder, but I figured it was because I'm so small. But I've always been able to control it, I just have to know where bathrooms are more than others.. There was an old rocking chair behind her that relaxed into, while taking a deep breath. "I'm sorry. I've really screwed up trying to make this a comfortable place for you. I really just wanted to help." "I know." "And now we're kind of stuck with it for now." I frowned at this, why couldn't she just take me home? I didn't ask since she's been so opposed to the idea from the start. "Look, we'll talk more in the morning, but right now I've got to think about what I'm going to do about Mandy." I didn't like that line of thought. Mandy was her priority, not her thirty year old friend dressed as an eight year old trapped in her house. "She really isn't all that bad." She sighed before leaving me once again in darkness. Chapter 6 I was playing with myself in the pharmacy this time. All the people were watching me, talking about me, about how I needed a diaper change. That I was so obviously wet that they didn't need to check even though their hands still reached out to feel my diaper. Laura just stood in line waiting oblivious to it all. I could feel their hands checking all over me, not stopping at the diaper, but feeling up my back and along my breasts. There were giggles at how young I looked, about my tiny breasts and shaved pussy. But somehow that just fed my desire, fed the wetness in the diaper. They joked that I couldn't really be an adult at all. The nightshirt was pulled up and held under my chin as my hand was plunged into the diaper, soaked with my damp desire. I could feel myself gushing with each giggle and joke at my expense. I could feel the warm wetness covering my hand, the liquid leaving my body, in very much the same manner as when I- - My eyes snapped open to the bright morning sun. My right hand sat immersed in a bowl of water, and my butt sat immersed in a wet diaper. A giggling Mandy was just closing the door to my bedroom. I threw off the covers shrieking. I couldn't believe what that horrible bitch had done. I had leaked all over the bed, and the diaper was sodden. I ran to the door, ripped it open only to be stopped by Laura looking bewildered. "What are you screaming about?" I could feel my cheeks flush. I had no desire to admit that I wet myself, but caught out now there was no real way to avoid it. "Mandy put my hand in warm water just now while I was sleeping! She was trying to play a joke on me!" "Shh, there's no need to yell." Laura put a restraining hand on my shoulder. "But she-" "I said shush!" She cut me off sternly. "Mandy?" she called to her daughters bedroom. Mandy'd managed to very quickly return to her sanctum, but took a good while to respond to her mother's call. The door cracked, and a bleary eyed Mandy leaned out. "Yeah Mom?" "Did you go into her room just now?" Laura asked nodding to me. "No, I just woke up." She groaned. Thankfully Laura wasn't buying it, "Look young lady, she might have a little girl issue, but it is very rude of you to tease her for it. There will be no pranks, do you understand me? I won't have it on a guest in my house." All pretense of having just woken up left her. "Oh what you just believe her? How do you know she's not lying? Maybe she was being a brat all yesterday! Maybe she wants to get me in trouble because she knows I'm already grounded!" "That's enough Amanda Anne!" Laura shouted. "If you never want to see your friends again until you graduate that's fine with me. I notice that you still haven't done the chores you said you would do to shorten your grounding." Laura continued like that for a while before Mandy shouted her response. The argument continued for some time before Mandy's door finally slammed, and we were left with the ominous silence of a teenager pouting in her room. Laura led me to the bathroom where she silently drew a bath for me. I didn't object to her pulling my clothes off, or thoroughly scrubbing me clean. When it was done she apologized for her daughter, to which I told her it wasn't her fault. And I really couldn't blame Laura for her daughter since Kathy turned out to be the polar opposite of her younger sister. I mean, she could have spent her Sunday with friends or locked in her room, but while Laura cleaned the bed, she looked after me for breakfast. After that she chose to keep me entertained for the whole day. She was much better company than her sister. Overall the day spent with Kathy was quite pleasant. But then I was just relieved to be wearing regular underwear, even if it did have disney princesses on it. The diaper was bulky and noisy, both facts that Mandy liked to point out to me every chance she got. Kathy played cards and board games with me. She also put the cartoon channel on in the background so that I wouldn't be bored when she had to go do something for her mother. It was interesting to watch those two interact so I wasn't annoyed at the interruptions to our games. Though it was these times that Mandy liked to poke her head out of whatever hole she'd been hiding in to poke fun of me. "Oh hey, I don't hear your diaper." or "You sure you can stop from pissing all over that game? Or maybe the game is to see if you can hold it for that long!" The bitch was deft enough to not get noticed by her mother or sister. Though she did get caught by her dad once, but she has him wrapped up around her finger. She put on the pout and the tears and he just let her go back up to her room. I didn't see much of him for the day though as he spent it outside doing man-things. A little after lunch though Mandy wasn't able to escape because something she said made me snap. I don't really even remember what it was, but Laura and Kathy heard the noise and returned to the living room seeing Mandy and me tugging on each others hair while wrestling on top of the Monopoly set. They pulled us apart, and we were both sent to our respective rooms. I heard the stern talking-to that Mandy got through two walls so I was surprised at how calm Laura was when she came to talk with me. "To be honest I'm rather disappointed in you." She started. "I know you're supposed to be the child here, but your displays of temper I don't think are an act." I didn't know what to say about that. I mean she's right. I have a short fuse, that's always been a problem for me. But at the same time, given my line of work, people with bad tempers seem to be the ones that get what they want. At least the famous ones. Looking back not really so much me. "I'm sorry." She said. This surprised me, especially the tongue-lashing that she gave her daughter. "This was supposed to be therapeutic for you, but I see that I have failed to provide the right environment for you." "I'm sorry too. You're right, I should be able to keep my temper better." I replied. She smiled at me. "I'm also sorry for my daughter. She carries so much anger in her. Either way, I've talked to some people, and if you want to try a different approach we can." "Different approach?" "Yes. In Newton there's a facility that specializes in regression therapy. They have several different programs there. One of them is exactly what we're trying here, but that would be more of a clinical environment. I wouldn't be able to oversee it because of my lack of license, but I know the people there, and can call in a few favors to get you in if you want to go." "I'm not sure." Was all I could reply. To be honest I wasn't really enjoying this therapy. But then Laura had said that for it to work it had to be unpleasant at times. Not to say that it was all bad. Kathy was lots of fun, and seeing Laura in her mother mode actually was an education in itself. Her family was complex and interesting to see from the inside. But there was also Mandy. The rotten bitch managed to ruin every good moment. If I stayed here this "therapy" would be colored by my interactions with her. And frankly I wasn't looking forward to a whole week with Laura's horrible daughter. There was just no way to avoid her. Chapter 7 The drive to Newton was long. It's normally an hour drive, but stuck in rush hour traffic as we were, it doubled the time I was stuck in that car seat. Laura insisted that since I'm going on with the therapy I should stay in character. As we drove I realized that I really ought to have just quit the whole thing. Laura had provided me with the opportunity. But I also didn't want to disappoint her. She'd tried so hard to help me that it couldn't hurt to try one more thing. If it doesn't work I'll just give her a call and she'll take me home. Though which home is still debatable. Though I doubt Laura would try to keep me at her place again. Mandy had tried the warm bowl trick again. Yes, it had worked again, but this time I tried to be more mature about it for Laura's sake. I still want to kick that little bitch in the face, though. I also couldn't help thinking about sex. It's been on my mind this whole time. Especially because of the damn car seat; that stupid hump kept hitting me there. That and the weird dreams I've been having. I can only suppose that the fact that I've lived a largely sexless life, and that I finally have few distractions, my body is reminding me that I am human, with human needs and desires. Even if I don't really have time to fulfill them. Not that there's anyone that wants to help a dwarf like me. The place looked like the typical movie nuthouse. At least the front did. There were more modern additions behind it. Laura explained that they had taken it over after the old asylum closed. It had a lot of the facilities that they wanted already in place with not a lot of modernization to make. The new buildings were simply expansion since the place has really been doing a good business. "This is the place I could have been partner in if I'd wanted." Laura told me a she pulled me out of the car. "I know most of the administrators, and even could still have a place here if I just get my license." I followed her into the building where she was quickly directed down a hall from the front reception area. The white clinical halls led us to another reception room. This one had warmer light, and comfy chairs. Laura directed me to a seat before she went to talk to the nurse. I started to feel a little better about this. Here they were trying hard to make you feel comfortable, and there would be actual trained doctors, and accountability. If I don't like something, there's somebody to yell at. "Yes, we know all about your situation," One of the nurses said to Laura, "We have your file right here. Or.. Do you have that file?" "Yes, um… here it is." Another nurse replied with an oddly familiar voice. "Here just fill these out, and sign on these lines and we'll process everything and you'll be all set." Laura came back with a bunch of papers that she had me fill out. She filled out a couple outlining treatment and such. I kept getting distracted though because that one nurse would say something, and my mind kept trying to latch on to someone. I know that voice. I couldn't really look though because the seat I took was facing away from the reception desk. Laura gathered up the pages once we were done and brought them back to the front. I wanted to go with her to see the nurse, but Laura told me to wait. I tried to protest but she gave me that withering glance again. I tried to look from the chair, but the desk itself was set high, and that familiar voice was coming from the side of the window. Laura sat beside me once again, I was tense, and while I wanted to chat, I don't think either of us were sure what to say. I was saved from the awkwardness when the door next to reception opened, and my name was called. Laura gave me a hug and reassured me that she would pick me up after my week here is done. I turned to the nurse and followed her through the door. I looked back at Laura gathering her purse as the nurse shut the heavy door with a no-nonsense clunk. "Don't worry about a thing, Sweetie," she said to me, "We'll take good care of you. Brenda here will show you to your room." Brenda. That was why that voice was familiar. Sure enough that tall, matronly, idiot stood before me in nurse scrubs with that vapid, 'I'm being helpful' smile on her face. My first thought was, "Please don't let her recognize me" Especially when I'm still wearing a stupid Disney princess blouse, and bows in my hair. But of course she might not recognize me. We're both so out of our elements, and I'm dressed so ridiculously different, it would be a stretch for someone of her intellect to recognize me. "C'mon, Dear, I won't bite." She smiled again, holding out her hand to me. Yeah, maybe she doesn't recognize me. Be cool. I slowly walked forward. "That's right, we'll take good care of you." She grabbed my hand when I reached out to hers. She quickly had me following her through corridors and halls twists and turns. When she finally paused we seemed to be at an intersection of two non-descript halls. I started to wonder if she hadn't gotten lost herself. I looked at her, but her nose was buried in the file. "Now let's see, you're supposed to be… wait, this isn't right… Oh damn." She looked down at me. "Someone mixed up the files." She said as though it was somehow my fault. "I'll be right back as soon as I get this set right. You wait here." She set me down on a bench in the hall then stalked off in a huff. The idiot had screwed up again, I decided. It took a while before Brenda returned. I was bored pretty quickly of the people watching, especially since there were so few people. When she finally did return she had a flustered, and harried look to her. But that smile returned as soon as she saw me. Probably forgot where I was. Without preamble she grabbed my wrist and led me through a number of corridors, through a heavy metal gate and nurse station, down another few corridors to a bank of cells made to look like rooms. In a different setting I'd think these were offices, but the clinical nature, another nurses station, and the bars on the windows at the front of the room disabused me of that. "Here." She said, "Room 27." She opened the door. "Demerits?" I asked reading the white board below the room number. "Don't worry about that, I need to examine you." The room looked strange, less like a hospital room, or asylum cell, and more like a kids room, or nursery. She helped me up to the bed. "Now I need you to remove your clothes." "I'd rather not." I replied. Alarm bells were going off in my head. This isn't what Laura had described to me. "It will be real quick. If you want I can get a smock for you from the nurses station. Before I had a chance to reply she was out the door. Grumbling, I did as I was asked. I stripped off my jeans and shirt. I debated with myself if I should go all the way. Which is worse, Brenda seeing me nude or in Disney Princess panties (Ariel today). I decided to bare it all. Brenda returned, but without a smock. Idiot. "Now I need you to lie down, Sweetie." I did as I was told. The exam started with the same old physical we all get, blood pressure and cold stethescope. I didn't realize what she was doing until too late. She'd gotten the cuffs on my ankles before I realized what they were. "What are you doing?" I demanded stupidly. That gave her enough time to grab a wrist. She'd gotten it cuffed and anchored before I really started fighting back. With only one limb free it was easy for her at this point. I screamed and flailed, but she secured me easily. She then shut me up with what looked like an oversized pacifier that she secured behind my head. With my wrists bound to the bed there was nothing I could do release myself. Brenda just looked down at me triumphantly. "You cost me the best job I ever had." She brushed a wisp of hair out of her face. "I thought it was funny that I had a late arrival joining us with the same name as my bitch boss. It was even funnier when I saw you, really you sitting in my reception area looking like a little girl. I didn't believe it." "You know all of us always made fun of you. The bitchy little perfectionist trying to make up for your -heh- shortcomings. We all wondered if it was cause you couldn't get a date that you'd spend all weekend in the office. Chet hated you. He figured half his job was dealing people that you'd pissed off." I stared coldly at her, growling through the gag. "Oh, what's going to happen? You are in our 'Youth Behavioral Advancement Therapy' wing. We get kids who have severe social issues, and we regress them and until they start behaving they stay where they're at. You see I think you have some behavior issues. So I'm going to regress you. The more you misbehave, the younger you are treated, the nicer you are the older you get to be. It's very simple." "Since you're such a bitch, I think we're going to start you at level 1, as a baby." I started screaming into the pacifier and pulling at the straps. "Oh no you don't sweetie. If you want to grow up, you have to behave yourself." She placed a thick white diaper next to me on the table. "At level 1 you don't get any privileges. You don't even get to use the bathroom. You are going to have to use your diaper until you grow up a little." She then grabbed my wrist and started forcing some kind of glove over my hand. "And like a baby, you could grab at things that might hurt you, so you need to wear mittens until you're old enough to not be such a bitch." She had the glove over my hand, but it forced me to ball my fist. the heavy rubber I realized would make it impossible for me to use my fingers. She quickly did the same to my other hand, rendering both useless. "Babies also only get to go around in their strollers or crawl. If any of the nurses see you standing or trying to walk they might punish you. We believe in corporal punishment around here. There are other rules that I should be telling you about, but I think it'll be more interesting for you to find those out yourself." She added with a sadistic grin. "Lift up." She said as she unfolded the diaper. I shook my head. She had my nipple between her thumb and fingernail twisting hard. "You can do things the hard way, but they will only be hard for you." I did as I was told, and she soon had a diaper wrapped around me. This one was much thicker than the Goodnights I'd had before. "Good girl." She patted me on my head. I tried to brush her hand away but my struggles only made her laugh. She moved to the end of the bed where she lifted a slat into place with a snap. She did the same to the other three sides of the bed until I was looking at her through white metal bars. "You get to nap here in your crib for a while until the nurse decides to wake you. I'll be visiting when I can. I may decide to transfer into this wing just so I can make sure you're progressing properly. Sleep tight Babygirl." Laughing, Brenda exited the room. Alone once again, I struggled against the restraints. This can't be happening. In a panic I tried to scream through the gag, I cried, I begged incoherently to the empty room. This can't be happening! I knew it was futile but I didn't want to believe that I had just handed my life over to Brenda, one of the people that had been making my life an absolute hell. And now she'd do it again. I screamed in frustration. I shook the bed, tried to rip the restraints from the frame. I tried to bite through the gag, but all of it was made for my tantrum. It was all made to withstand my rage. The restraints held, and the rubber gave, but wouldn't be cut by my teeth. All my noise didn't even draw a check in by the nurse on watch. Helpless, I settled myself down. All I could do was wait. I was reminded once again of my little body, and all its little things. Little waist, and hips. Little feet and legs. Little breasts and arms and all the bits that other women all wish they could have. I remembered my little bladder, and how it had been hours since breakfast. Chapter 8 It was hours of waiting before the nurse came to look in on me. She lowered one side of the crib and started undoing some of the straps. She didn't touch the gag. When I was freed she pulled me up so that I was sitting on the edge with my short legs dangling. "C'mon. The doctor needs to speak to you for your entry interview so you know what is going on here." She said sternly. The woman was stout, and looked ready for any kind of rebellion. She pulled me down and sat me in what looked like an oversized stroller. "Am I going to have to strap you in or will you go nicely?" I shook my head, but she gave me a long look before she started pulling out wide nylon belts. "You gave Brenda such trouble I don't think I can trust you yet." I sighed but did nothing to prevent her from doing her job. She wheeled me through the halls and I saw the gated area that I passed through in the wide open room which now had a number of young people of varying ages playing in it. One or two were in strollers like me and were being pushed around by the other kids. I was the only one wearing just a diaper, but with my arms strapped I couldn't cover myself. I just sat red faced hoping no one saw me. I got several stares, especially from the boys, but the nurse moved quickly. I was pushed down another long hall to a large door at the end. Behind that door was a reception area with a spectacle wearing nurse sitting at a small desk in front. The nurse at the desk knocked then pushed the door open. "Doctor, the latecomer is here." "Ah, good, just before lunch. Thank you I'll call you when we're done." I was wheeled right in front of the doctors large desk. Behind the desk sat an older gentleman with greying hair and kind brown eyes. He was thin and stretched, with angular features. He got up and I saw that he was tall. He came close and undid my gag. "You must have put up quite a fight for Brenda. No one usually starts here as a baby. Though it often doesn't take long for them to get there, before they learn the system." I moved my jaw trying to get it comfortable again. "I didn't fight anyone! Brenda is…" An idiot, I thought but I couldn't say it. "Is what?" "She is mistaken. I was brought here to be part of a regression therapy for a week. She seems to have gotten things mixed up though. I'm not supposed to be here." The doctor, Doctor Massey according to the nameplate, frowned at my response. "Is that so? Is that what your parents told you, or…" He picked up a file off his desk, "Your mother told you?" My mother? Oh right Laura did the paperwork. But she wouldn't have actually listed me as her daughter would she? I'm supposed to be an adult coming for regression, that doesn't make sense. But if that was part of the therapy… I nodded to the doctor. He nodded with me. "Well according to this your mother left you here because you have been fighting at school, doing drugs, and having sex with a highschooler. At ten years old. You barely escaped juvenile detention because of repeated theft and vandalism charges. According to her you are here as part of a court order and are supposed to stay until we decide you are ready." My jaw dropped. "What? No, that's not possible. I didn't- I never- I'm a virgin goddammit!" The doctor looked at me sternly, "We don't like that kind of language here, young lady. Unless you can come up with a better lie than that let me tell you how thing work here." "But it's not a lie, your file is wrong my name is-" "I know your name, it's right here." He showed me the file. "So why don't you tell me all about how this is all fake, and that you're really a nice person who is just in the wrong room, and that your mother will be right back to fetch you." The chart did indeed have my name on it. "You think you're the first to come here? That I haven't heard every lie you could come up with a thousand times before? Here, look it over, make sure your mother got everything right." The file had everything that Laura had filled out and then some. The age was wrong. but everything else was her writing. But there was more, much more there was a photocopy of a court order; I tried to find how it was false, but he turned the page to a police report with my name on it, also a photocopy. There were several more pages of infamy and felonious behavior, "Wait! 'I of sound body and mind…' I never signed this!" It was a document of voluntary self-commitment. He looked confused for a moment. "Well it looks like you did, right here where it says signature." He pointed. "Yes, but if I'm under eighteen it wouldn't be a binding document anyway you wouldn't have had me sign it. And if I'm so violent and don't want to be here, why would I have?" "Look it's all part of the facility documentation, it doesn't matter if you had signed it or not, but now that you did, you can't just go back on it. Face it, you're suck here. Now it can go easy for you, or it can go hard." "No, you don't understand, it's Brenda, she did this to me, she hates me, I was-" "Brenda can't hate you, she doesn't even know you." "You don't understand, she does, she knows me from-" The doctor stood up "Look, you are lashing out because you don't want to face the fact that you've had a pretty easy ride so far. You're scared because that ride is over." He sat down behind the big desk. "You have to learn that the reason you are here is because of the choices you have made. Until then things are going to be very tough for you." "Please, just listen!" "No, you are going to listen." "Look just let me-" "Are you going to listen?" "I'm trying to tell you-" "I don't care what you have to say." "But, please it's just that-" He pressed a button, "Nurse. Come get this girl, we can finish when she's willing to listen." "But… okay, I'll listen." "Too late." He replied smugly. "What?" "It's too late, Young Lady. I tried to talk, but you wouldn't listen." "But, I'll listen!" He sighed "The first thing you need to learn about this place is that there are real consequences for your actions. The other thing is that this place is unfair. It's unfair because you are a child and you won't get your way through tantrums." The door behind me opened, and the stroller began to move pulling me out of the office, the smug doctor looking satisfied with himself. "Have someone feed her lunch, we can find out in the afternoon if she's going to cooperate." "Yes, Doctor." the nurse replied as we left the room. I was turned around, and there again was a satisfied Brenda. The door closed with a heavy thud. "Well hi there young lady." Brenda grinned at me. "It's slow at my reception area, so I decided to put in my transfer." She added though she said it to the reception nurse. "I know you just handed me the slip." The reception nurse gave her a confused look. "Do you mind taking her back to her room?" "Sure, she can't give me much trouble this time." They both laughed. I lost it. I mean completely lost it. Blind rage turned my vision red. I screamed at them, I fought against the restraints. I kicked, I tore, I howled like a rabid animal. Unfortunately hospital restraints aren't known for being flimsy. Epilogue I left Dan Carmichael's office positively glowing. It had been so long since I'd been recognized for my efforts. To be so thoroughly complimented by the boss man himself. I returned to my office with a skip in my step and a smile on my lips. That hasn't happened at work in a very long time. "So how did it go?" Brenda asked as I closed the door to my office. "It was fantastic." I replied as she came around from behind my desk. "It was pretty obvious that Taylor had gotten to him again, but I pushed hard. I convinced them actually look at the proposal and when he figured out what I was saying Dan looked at Taylor all disappointed." "And what else?" Brenda asked as she lifted my skirt. When she did I froze in place as I’d been taught. She felt around my diaper checking me for dryness. "I know the meeting ended a while ago so I was wondering what kept you." She dropped my skirt. "A little wet but you don't need changing yet." I nodded with a sigh of relief; she still keeps a sharp eye for reasons to punish me. "He took me into his office and complimented me on the presentation. But he also said that he liked the new look, and he said he liked even more my new attitude. He told me that he'd come very close to letting me go. Especially when you called them from the facility about my break down. He said that he's glad he didn't even though he lost me for six months. He said since I came back I've been less hostile and more problem-solving." "Good girl!" Brenda patted me on the head. I felt a warm glow fill me; praise from her was rare. "Of course they like your look, it suits you so much better than the stuffy suits you wore. And what's all this?" She asked at the pile of stuff I brought from Carmichael's office. "The new client, Nook, or nuck, spelled N-U-K." Her eyes lit up, "Really? Oh my they must know something about you then." She laughed and started going through the pile, "Oh they sent samples!" She came up holding a big pacifier. "Open up." She popped it right into my surprised mouth. There was a little ribbon dangling off the end of it which she clipped to the peter pan collar on my baby blue dress. "They do baby accessories and they're well known for their pacis." I could feel my cheeks reddening at the thought of Brenda treating me like this at work. I took out the pacifier and lowered my voice to a whisper, "Please, Mommy this is just client stuff, if it goes too far, Dan might not like it very much." I felt a hand return to my crotch in a much more probing manner. "Or maybe this is making you wetter, huh? Remember that little secret I discovered when you were at the facility?" How could I forget? "You like having that thing clipped to you, huh? You want people to see it. You want people to check your diaper for you don't you?" "No." She started pressing her hand hard against my diaper. "You do, which is why you're going to wear it, and keep it in your mouth at all times. You can take it out to talk to people but if they ask, you can tell them it's just research. But we'll both know how it embarrasses you, how that makes you feel. And you know that if you don't do as I say, they will find out, won't they?" "Don't make me do this Brenda. Please don't." "Oh, and forgetting yourself too, aren't you?" "No, Mommy! I'm sorry, Mommy! Please, I'm sorry!" The noise of the diaper became loud as she stroked it agains me. "I'll have to come up with a suitable punishment, don't you think?" I sighed. "Yes, Mommy." Her hand came away from the diaper, and she popped the paci back into my mouth. Brenda smiled. "You know, it took quite a bit of work, and punishment, and arguments. But I really think you've finally grown up to be a good little girl.
  10. I need a mommy/daddy/babysitter that is willing to take care of and force her into diapers, she is Trans female (no surgery) and will either be a good friend or a partner to your character, either way she can be forced or guilted into diapers, she will like it the more it goes on and I like to do public humilitation and such with her, SFW THOUGH, my discord is Gingertaz#3652
  11. A door slamming in the distance jolted Jacob from his sleep, and while he waited for the pounding in his chest to pass, he heard distant yelling that confirmed his suspicions. Must be my neighbors fighting again. Dammit. The young man stretched on his bed and pulled his cellphone out from under the pillow. Closing the tab of the paused video on his phone, Jacob remembered how he had spent the entire morning smoking weed and viewing pornography trying to masturbate away his emotional pain. He quickly cleared the unread notifications not even bothering to check through them and tossed the device onto the other side of the bed. He was just about to fall back asleep when an alarm went off on his phone. Snapping his eyes open, he briefly considered throwing the phone wrapped in his sheets into the wall, but instead decided to slide his hands around to find it. When he finally grabbed the device and went to silence the alarm, he realized it was actually a reminder he had set to alert him of when he needed to leave his apartment for his therapy appointment. He rolled out of his bed groaning the whole time. Even though he slept almost 12 hours each day for the past week, Jacob was physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted, and the young man knew there was no relief coming any time soon. Tomorrow, the day after that and every day next week, he'd wake up and continue the cycle of drowning in his depression. That was unless he decided to do something about it. Jacob couldn't escape the compulsion to fantasize about how much simpler it would be if he could peacefully die in his sleep. He was sure it would be a blessing, but for some inconceivable reason, he just kept waking up. Letting out a heavy sigh, the young man walked out to the living room of his small apartment and lit his last joint. Looking around, he could see that his place was a total mess. Clothes, bottles, cans and to-go boxes littered the floor, and his stained sheets appeared to desperately need a wash. That morning his eyes even watered in response to the terrible smell of the residual smoke mixing with his funk, but Jacob didn't have the desire to clean anything. He simply rubbed the tears from his eyes and pulled on a pair of jeans that he left lying on the couch in the living room before shuffling back into his bedroom to look for a shirt. Jacob spent some time staring at himself in the mirror that hung above his dresser. He looked at the pimples decorating his caramel brown skin and his jet-black Afro that had grown out to be about three inches higher than the two inches he normally kept it at. He saw how desperately his beard needed to be trimmed as the hairs were uneven and sticking out in random directions. Sighing and shaking his head, he fished out the last clean shirt from his dresser. He pulled it on and walked out of his apartment headed for the bus stop. **** Sitting in the lobby of his therapist's private practice office, he thought about how pointless his existence was. He was twenty-two years old, and he had absolutely nothing going for him. With no family, no job and no dreams, Jacob wondered what the point in continuing to live could be when he had absolutely nothing to look forward to. He was sure that it was wiser for him to prematurely end his misery. His therapist, Simon, was a short West Indian man from Trinidad in his late thirties who had expertly assisted him in navigating his grief after he tragically lost his family a few years ago. During the last session on Tuesday of last week, they were working through creating some new life goals, and by the end of the last session, Simon had been pleased with how well Jacob was progressing. When Simon went to the waiting area to usher Jacob in for his session that Friday, he could smell the strong scent of weed emanating from the young man, and he was already disappointed. From his uncoordinated walk to the therapy room as well as his bloodshot eyes, Simon knew Jacob was already so high that the session wasn't going to be very worthwhile. He decided he would at least try to get to the bottom of what happened before he sent him home. After Jacob finally made it to the sofa having been guided a bit by Simon so that he didn't accidentally damage anything, he rested his head on the back of the sofa and closed his eyes. Simon sat in his chair directly across the room from Jacob, and when the young man didn't try to start conversation, he called out to him. "Jacob?" His client opened his eyes, sat up a little and slurred, "Oh heyyy! Wassup bossman? I forgot you were there for a second." Seeing that he now had Jacob's attention, Simon leaned forward in his chair. "What happened Jacob? Why are you high?" "I'm stoned because I wanna be, Simon," he adamantly declared. Simon sighed. He knew that it wasn't going to be easy to get direct answers from Jacob when he was like this. "Jacob, you decided to stop using cannabis a year ago. Last session, you seemed to be very happy and hopeful. What changed between then and now?" Annoyed that he was reminded of how quickly his happiness was ripped right out from under him, Jacob looked through the window above his therapist's head. "I stopped being an idiot, Simon. Now, I see the world clearly. That's all." "Yes, Jacob I know. Now the world is terrible, and everything is bad. But what in particular about your life changed that caused you to begin to feel this way?" The young man rolled his eyes, sat back in the sofa and crossed his arms over his chest. Beginning to feel angry, he chose to stay silent. Simon ran his hand through his hair in frustration. He knew that Jacob normally had classes on Fridays a few hours before the session, but he presumed there was no way he attended them like this. "Did you go to your classes today?" The aggravated young man shook his head. "No, fuck that school. Fuck class." "Fuck class? If I remember correctly, Jacob, during the last session you talked about how you were planning to take your class attendance much more seriously. So, I'll ask you again, what happened?" Jacob took a moment to dejectedly look at the floor. "I got kicked out of school. I'm a fucking loser with nothing left," he whispered with a tinge of sadness evident in his voice. Simon kept a neutral expression on his face, but he was inwardly pleased to have finally gotten a helpful answer from the young man. However, he still wanted a few more details. "When did you find this out?" "I got a phone call and email the day after our last session informing me that I was kicked out." Simon sat up a little straighter in his chair and crossed his leg. He kept his focus trying to keep the conversation moving quickly, knowing from past experience that Jacob's cooperation was only going to last so long. "Since then, what have you been doing?" "Oh, I've just been chilling, smoking and making plans." Jacob enthusiastically responded while resting his head against the back of the sofa. The seasoned therapist was aware that Jacob had gone back to masking his emotions. He watched the young man sit back with a smile on his face. It was almost as if he was suddenly giddy. He knew that this was something Jacob only did when he was feeling especially emotionally volatile. Nonetheless, he figured he would bite the bait. "What kind of plans?" Jacob smiled and stretched. "Final plans." Simon knew where this was going. After the loss of his family, Jacob had attempted suicide a few times. Before his most recent attempt, Simon had him involuntarily committed to a local psychiatric hospital. To Simon's shock and dismay, Jacob was able to weasel his way out of the hospital within a few hours. The young man had attempted suicide again that night. "Jacob, have you made plans to end your life?" Simon asked directly, hoping to stage an intervention. Jacob rolled his eyes. "Listen Simon. We don't have to do the whole shebang again." He paused for a moment before he continued, "You're good. I'm good. Everything is good." "Have you given up on therapy? Jacob, this is just another rough patch in your life. You can move past it," Simon tried to encourage him. The young man sat forward in the sofa and crossed his leg. "I actually came here to tell you that I won't be coming back, but I did want to let you know that I appreciated having you as a therapist. You're really good, better than most." "Jacob, after your last suicide attempt, you agreed that you would see me for a closing session to discuss the work we accomplished together, rather than just leaving the same day you choose to quit." He shrugged. "I mean if you really want to waste your time like that. I'll come." "Good, today is Friday. I can see you on Monday at 6:30 pm. Does that work for you?" "Yeah, I'll be there," Jacob confirmed and stood up to leave. As he was about to walk through the door, he heard Simon call out to him, "Jacob, please at least try to be sober for the next session." "Sure, Simon. Sure," he responded, staggering through the main office door to the bus stop. On his bus ride back to his apartment, Jacob solidified his suicide plans. He figured the fact that he had no real family or friends left made the whole process so much easier. He didn't even have to write a suicide note. A few years ago, he had watched a TV show where the main character chose to die by heroin overdose on a beach, and he wanted to go with that same route for this attempt. The young man already had a dealer in mind, and he intended to sell his electronics to come up with the cash. Before he opened the door to his apartment, Jacob noticed an eviction notice on the door meant to inform him that he had until next week Wednesday to clear the premises. At least they'll get started on the cleanup early. After unlocking the door to his apartment, he stumbled through his living room and piled his electronics into a plastic bag to take to the pawn shop nearby. **** It was late evening when Simon had finished seeing his last client of the day. He sat down in his office and thought about his session with Jacob. He didn't actually plan to see any clients next week. In fact, the private practice that he shared with his wife was closed for an entire month. It was almost the 15th anniversary of their marriage, and they intended to leave for their second home near the waterfront in the mountains on Wednesday after spending a few days packing and cleaning. Simon couldn't help but feel guilty that he couldn't seem to figure out how to help Jacob. He saw so much of his young adult self in the younger man. He remembered being in a similar dark place when he was around Jacob's age after immigrating to the United States leaving friends, relatives and loved ones behind. That was why he didn't hesitate to try to see Jacob for one last session. Now, he just had to explain the decision to his wife when he got home. **** Angelique had always supported Simon after Jacob's suicide attempts. She knew from her own experience as a seasoned therapist how difficult it was to process the guilt that surfaces after a client's suicide attempt. When Simon came home and explained to her why he intended to see Jacob before they left for their vacation, she was understanding. Simon and Angelique spent some time talking about contingency plans should Jacob still choose to try to end his life. Simon was less than hopeful that his next session with Jacob would be an effective intervention. With their laptops, the couple looked into psychiatric hospitals in Washington that specialized in rehabilitating patients who experience persistent suicide ideation. From their research, they learned about Saint Ives psychiatric hospital and the hospital's intensive care unit for chronically suicidal patients. The project was led by Dr. Kelly, the chief psychiatrist of the hospital. The unit was pioneering a new and robust treatment method that involved drug-assisted physical age-regression. In her work, Dr. Kelly asserted that often the only true cure for chronic suicidal ideation in patients is a chance to re-experience childhood in a family free of any form of dysfunction. Initially, the couple was doubtful about the efficacy of the program, but the more that Simon and Angelique read into the intensive care unit at the psychiatric hospital, the more confident they were that Jacob would be a prime candidate for this program. That night, Simon sent an email asking for a consultation with Dr. Kelly on Monday morning. He made sure to include a few relevant details regarding Jacob's case. Read the rest on wattpad.com https://www.wattpad.com/story/162751907-jacob%27s-regression Follow me there as @CalebTheReaderWriter
  12. For just a dollar, you can see more stories like this at my Patreon. If you'd like a short story, you may pledge five dollars and I'll write you one about any image you choose.  https://www.patreon.com/user?u=6660213 Chapter 1: Abducted and Diapered Two large, humanoid, female aliens looked over their advanced tracking system which had located a high concentration of the desired energy which these creatures sought out. The women were tall, slightly pale and had large breasts. Each one looked at each other with pure excitement evident in their eyes. The readouts showed that the immaturity, relative to the subject's ages of the woman below, were absolutely off the charts. "Can you believe these readings!?" The taller female humanoid questioned her partner. "I am having a hard time. These have got to be the two most immature beings on Earth." "Quickly, we must have them on board right now!" The two creatures relayed a series of specific orders to various members of the crew. This was not a drill, typically such scans of alien worlds would be lucky to reveal a few dozen low level readings, but the planet known as Earth had two extremely high level beings. With a press of a button the ship went into cloak mode, rendering it invisible. Chi Chi and Bulma chatted on the patio of Capsule Corp's residential area, completely oblivious to the ulterior motives of the beings on the spaceship. Neither one could see the ship hovering a few hundred feet over head. They enjoyed the fair weather and the opportunity to get together on a beautiful sunny afternoon which was rarely afforded to the two mothers. Goten and Trunks were both quite a handful after all and their husbands were something else entirely. "That Goku is such--" Before Chi Chi could finish her complaining, a sudden energy had paralyzed her body. Bulma was experiencing a similar phenomenon as both women were levitating slowly until they instantaneous disappeared from Capsule Corp only to reappear aboard the alien vessel. Startled and confused they looked around the strange area that they were teleported to. "What happened?" Chi Chi questioned as she stood up from the floor. "I don't know, but everything in here is huge." Bulma replied, looking at a few large tables which stood close by. Her exploration was cut short by a door opening. A lanky, pale humanoid waltzed right in. This entity was eaaily the tallest woman she had ever seen. "Look at these two perfect specimens!" "It's a giant alien!" Chi Chi declared. "I can see that, Chi Chi. Just be calm. Let me do the talking." Bulma stepped forward towards the large woman and noticed that she barely came up to her thigh. Still, she was undeterred and unintimidated by this massive woman. "I'm Bulma Brief, head scientist and CEO of Capsule Corp." The blue haired woman held her hand out, waiting to shake hands with the enormous humanoid. "Oh, that's cute. Look at that, trying to be mature." Bulma felt a twitch of her eye as a big vein appeared on her forehead. "What do you mean by trying to be mature? I'll have you know that I'm a genius and run my father's company!" "Let's get you ready for the adoption protocol. You're going to make someone a very happy mommy!" The alien cooed, entirely ignoring the scientist. "Adoption?!" Bulma turned to run away, but was instantly scooped up by the giant woman as if she weighed nothing at all. "I'm an adult! I have two sons and a husband!" Chi Chi shrieked as a metallic arm grabbed her around the waist and pulled her towards the oversized humanoid. "Hold still, young lady!" The alien warned a squirming Bulma. "Hell no!" Bulma barked at her captor. "I want you to take me back to Earth right now!" "Can't do that, sweetie. You, and your little friend, are the perfect specimens for our home world. Now let's get you out of these silly clothes." Bulma was powerless to stop this crazy alien as it ripped her pants clean off of her body. Then she felt her top being pulled off with ease which was unmatched by even her husband, Vegeta.Lifting a grown woman like she weightless and then stripping her like it was nothing more than peeling an orange: This woman was strong! Chi Chi found herself in a similar state of undress after a multitude of metallic hands descended on her like ravenous vultures. Her trademark dress was torn to shreds and her bra and panties didn't stand a chance once they were out in the open. The raven haired woman struggled as best as she could, but she was no match for the machines. Both mothers were now butt naked. Speaking of butts, Bulma noticed that her captor was staring at her ass, almost mesmerized by it. "My stars. By the light of Azzelond, you have such a perfect rump. So fat and round. I just want to pinch it and squeeze it for eternity." "What? My ass is not fat!" Bulma fumed, pinned in the giant's hands. "Yes, it's quite the perfect bubble. Lucky for you, I can't pinch it or spank it. Violates the guidelines that state that the merchandise mustn't be damaged in any way." "Great. So, what? I'm cattle to you?" "No, you'll be the perfect pet or baby for someone who is lucky enough to get their hands on your bouncy booty." "That's exactly what I wanted to hear." Bulma shot back, sarcastically before continuing her rant. "Just you wait till my husband finds out about this. You'll all be sorry. I'm the wife of a prince!" "We've captured royalty before. They are always the most fun to train. Anyway, enough talk. Time to clean you both up." "I'm already clean!" "Yeah, me too!" Chi Chi added. "No, but you will be. Engage cleaning sequence Alpha Beta!" Once more, the machines renewed their assault on Chi Chi, but this time Bulma wasn't left out. Both ladies had their make up washed off, teeth brushed with a tiny high pressure spray from one of the smaller hoses and then a snake like tube slithered across Bulma's leg until it slowly pushed it's way into her ass. Her tight hole was instantly penetrated by the long, glistening tube. She felt it come to life and an odd sensation overwhelmed her stomach: It was pumping some kind of alien fluid up her rear end! "Oh my Kami!" Bulma cried out. "You're going to impregnate me, aren't you!?" Of course, the blue haired loud mouth failed to notice that Chi Chi was already finished with the enema, pissing out the vile oozing slime from her ass and into some kind of waste receptacle. "No, you're the baby. Baby doesn't make babies." The alien laughed while she held Bulma over her lap. The scientist still didn't trust this crazy alien. After all, her belly currently looked to be as large as when she was nine months pregnant with Trunks. Her stomach resembled a massive ballon. "Please, just let me go!" Bulma begged, but to no avail. She was held over the same type of receptacle which collected Chi Chi's waste and felt an intense pressure on her abdomen. She pushed with all her might and was rewarded with a hissing sound as the slime left her body, pouring into the space age bucket while she was held over it. "Thank you, that feels so much better!" Her relief was short lived thanks to the finger of the metallic hand being stuck up her fat butt. "What's the big idea?!" "Temperature, normal. Readings average." The machine spoke aloud while Chi Chi got an identical treatment. "Diaper Sequence: Engage!" The alien ordered. Soon both women were laid out onto a table, side by side. "I'm not going to wear a damn diaper!" "Me neither!" Chi Chi growled. Another bizarre, snake like device lowers down from the ceiling and did a quick scan over each woman's body. "Inappropriate hair detected!" "What's wrong with my hair?" Bulma retorted. "My hair looks great you bucket of bolts!" Unbeknownst to the two ladies, it wasn't refereeing to the hair on their heads, but their pubic hair. A small lazer rapidly burned off all their pubic hairs at the follicular level. Chi Chi lost her massive bush in the blink of an eye. Bulma had always kept her feminine area very well manicured, but the machine desired scorched Earth and quickly had Bulma looking as bare as a prepubescent girl. "What the hell did you do to my bush?!" Chi Chi screamed, utterly enraged. "Who cares about your bush? I spent hours grooming the Capsule Corp logo into my crotch!" While the two ladies bickered, they failed to noticed that two thick, white gleaming plastic diapers were ready, held in the robotic hands. The diapers were made of a special polymer which would allow for multiple wettings or messings. In a flash, the girls had their butts raised off of the table simultaneously . The metallic hands wasted no time and the mothers were oiled and powdered. Each one felt the bulky diaper fastened to their waists. "Well, looks like your both ready for nap time." The alien cooed. "Fuck that!" Bulma yelled at the top of her lungs while Chi Chi valiantly tried to rip her diaper off. The girls were sprayed with a gas specifically designed to knock out humans. "Sweet dreams, little ones."
  13. Katherine Holmes, she goes by Kit. She has an introvert personality, very shy and stubborn . Her parents put her into daily counseling/ therapy, so Kit has an outlet and isn't isolating herself all the time. She has no choice since her parents are concerned for her health. When Kit starts to go to therapy, day by day she is subtly treated like a child and furthered back into babyhood where there were no worries or cares in the world. After all, that's all her parents want for her. Is too no longer worry or stress and just be there happy little baby again. I need someone to play the therapist that babies Kit. I will be playing kit. This roleplay is open. But message me first if you're interested. Also 3-4 sentence replies are required, as well as playing in 3rd person and this is non sexual.
  14. This is the worst. Daisy sits on the couch with her arms crossed in a very huffy manner. The young adult had plans to go out and visit her friends since college is out for summer, but thanks to her new step mom that had to change. Daisy 's father finally married a new woman after her mother passed away when she was born. Of course her dad was lonely but did he really have to marry this woman that's only five years older than Daisy herself? Not only that! Daisy had to travel by plane just to meet her new "mom" and it turns out her father isn't even there this whole time. Daisy is stuck here with her step mother... (Need someone to be the step mom please!♡)
  15. Alex struggled helplessly in his binds. Stuck in a diaper and dress, gagged with an oversized pacifier, and with a bright red ribbon wrapped around, he could do nothing but wait. He supposed that was what he was a Christmas present for someone. The only question was for whom. It was a question that had haunted him since the day he arrived at the training institute. Like everyone, he knew there was someone paying for him. Like most, he had no idea who they were, when he
  16. This little short was based on this picture over at tumblr (warning: messy), and is set in Princess Pottypants' fantastic Diaper Dimension universe. *** Anna stood frozen with one foot on the first step, looking up and steeling herself. "Okay, I can do this," she scowled, taking a deep breath, and then moved to the second. An uncomfortable shift of her underwear caused Anna to wince, grabbing the halfway-high-handrail designed for amazon kids and littles, and she paused immediately, staring up at the 4 stories of zigzagging steps which she still had left to go. Dammit, why had she bought an expensive penthouse on the top floor? Her chest pounding, she slowly tried to piece together exactly what had happened, just what had resulted in her - quite literally - crappy situation. It had surely been Kirsten, that mid-sized bitch at work. It must have been. She'd been after the same client contract who Anna needed to give the presentation to this afternoon, and if Anna was somehow out of the picture, to say, not return to the office after her long lunch break, well, Kirsten would just have to take over, wouldn't she? The higher ups would commend her for it, and simultaneously be displeased with the shorter woman in the process. The little scowled, and realised now that she should have known better than to accept a morning cup of coffee from her rival. If it wasn't laxatives, it was something close, something which resulted in a thick but entirely sudden and uncontrollable mess entering her panties, six blocks from home too. It was just lucky that she'd been checking in on her dry-cleaning. Didn't the mid-sized Kirsten know what messed pants could result in for a little in their world? Well, perhaps she did, and had been intending it in fact. Well, Anna thought desperately, she just had to get back to her apartment, get changed, and get back to the office like nothing had ever happened. Kirsten would never count on that, and would be left rather baffled by the inexplicable perfection of Anna's appearance after work. Anna moved another foot forward, and the third step squeaked ominously. It was going to be a hell of a climb, she realised with a sigh, her panties drooping heavily. Every step would pull the already tight panties even tighter, lifting her thighs each time, and she'd worn a damn short skirt today in the hope of impressing the potential client. "Just go," she growled. Another step, another damn squish of her underwear. "Anna!" a voice suddenly called from ahead, and the little looked up in nervous surprise. It was Mrs Paddon, the amazon giantess who lived on the first floor, and she was standing in front of her wide open doorway sorting through mail. "What are you doing home at this hour?" the giantess asked with concern, giving an almost knowing look which made Anna tremble. "Is something wrong?" Anna smiled sweetly, presenting a facade of false bravado in an attempt to not give the giantess any suspicions. "Nothing at all Mrs P, I just have to pick some things up for work." Anna's gaze travelled past Mrs Paddon and settled on the playpen inside the apartment, before quickly travelling back at the giantess's face and again giving her most confident smile. Inside, Mrs P's first grade daughter was playing loudly, calling out some fact about animals to her mother, and the playpen sitting in the living room there had once been hers. Had being the operative word. Anna knew full well that a little woman now resided within Mrs Paddon's apartment, heavily diapered and likely sitting in that playpen right now. As a busy career woman, Anna didn't much stick her nose in it, nor question it. She'd often seen the woman in passing through Mrs P's open door was all. Sometimes in a stroller out on the street, or sitting in the giantess's arms on the stairwell. The woman was usually dressed immaculately as a frilly dolly most of the time, albeit with a disposable diaper drooping between her legs when often not wearing the frilled diaper panties. Hell, Anna had even seen the huge overflowing bags of messy disposable diapers in Mrs P's bin outside, but knew not to question it. She'd sometimes heard the lectures and spankings when walking past after all, even sometimes from her own penthouse on the fourth floor, and just tried to ignore it, knowing that the woman had been living with Mrs Paddon for nearly 6 months now, and that Anna didn't need to know why. She liked to presume that somehow the woman had deserved it, and left it at that. Still, she gulped and smiled at Mrs Paddon now, knowing full well how her messy panties would be received, and resolved to waiting until the woman went back inside, no longer being in a position to get a good view of Anna from behind as she ascended the stairs. Thankfully, the woman seemingly got bored of the little in the hall, focusing on her mail and walking inside, closing the door behind her. The coast clear, the messy little pressed on. "Anna!" a voice called up ahead, and she glanced up in growing frustration to see Luke, guiding delivery men into his second story apart. He was one of the gay giant couple who lived there, and his husband Gary, it turned out, was just inside guiding the two delivery men with the large flat carboard boxes. Anna paused, knowing that she couldn't very well pass further up while they were there - not in her short skirt with the state of her underpants being as they were... "H-Hey Luke," she managed weakly, leaning against the handrail and trying to act casual, unable to help noticing the giant's rippling gym-sculpted physique through his stylish casual shirt. "W-What are you guys getting delivered?" He beamed. "Oh it's just wonderful. It's a crib, and baby furniture - we've decided to adopt! A baby girl in fact. We were babysitting a little one for a woman below you see, and, let's just say that Gary and I realised that we'd make excellent daddies! We have the most wonderful eye for fashion - already have a whole closet picked out for her in fact, when we find her - and learned the other night that going to the gym makes for an excellent spanking arm, enough to put a child in her place almost right away with even just a glance." He suddenly chuckled. "Hey, you're about the right size in fact, if you ever wanted to model her fashionable parade of... Say, are you alright? You look a little ill..." Anna stood, pale, feeling cold. "N-No, I'm perfectly okay," she lied, edging towards the next stair. "Are you sure?" he asked, "You look a little sick. Maybe you should come inside and sit down for a moment. We could do a little check up on you. Gary is a doctor you know?" She smiled and shook her head, feeling cold sweat prickling her back. If they found out... Well, she was sure that they'd decide that they'd found their baby girl... She could already see herself getting dropped off at daycare by the pair, sitting in their stroller while they went to the park together... Her two daddies pushing... Laying trapped in her crib while hearing them making love... "I-I'm late for work," she lied badly, "Just have to pick something up." And with that she began edging towards the next flight of stairs, walking up backwards and smiling down awkwardly at him, while he looked up at her with concern painted on his face. She was almost at the third floor when she heard a digital camera shutter from behind her. She whirled, finding herself looking at two giant teen schoolgirls sitting in the hall, who looked on the verge of laughing. What had probably just been a momentary private teen conversation while browsing phones in the hall had just turned into a sudden perfect camera opportunity. "Well would you look at that," the large resident teen smirked, the one who Anna knew lived below her, though for the life of her never knew the girl's name. "I think I saw a little surprise," remarked the other, shaking her head in apparent disappointment. Anna watched with a sudden chill as the teen yawned and stretched out her long legs across the hall, effectively blocking the rest of the way. "You know," the resident teen began, "I've always wanted to live in the penthouse upstairs." Her friend nodded, seemingly intent on listening to whatever fascinating story the local teen had to offer. "My Mom did too. Put in an application there in fact, but was somehow outbid, by a little of all things, if you'd believe it. It's a big-sized penthouse, and this little one is up there with ladders and stools, clomping about all night long, clomp clomp clomp. Living in somewhere clearly not suitable to her size, all so she can imagine what it's like to live as an adult, I suspect." The friend shook her head sadly. "But you're not an adult, are you?" the teen suddenly asked with a chilling jeer, eyeing Anna sternly, a look which sent her cold. Anna stood on the verge of trembling, the heavy weight in her panties feeling ever more present with each quiet embarrassing moment. "I don't-..." she began, not knowing what to say. "I am an ad-" The teen suddenly perked up with a smile. "Fortunately, you don't have to answer!" "I don't?" Anna asked hopefully. "No, of course not," the teen replied happily, "I know just who we can ask to decide!" Suddenly the teen was up, gripping Anna's wrist, and with her friend not far behind, the little found herself being marched into the third floor apartment. "MOM!" the teen bellowed, marching in at a pace that Anna found herself barely able to keep up with. "MOM!" the teen called again, "The little from upstairs needs your opinion on something, we need a grownup opinion. She messed herself!" "She did WHAT?" a voice suddenly shrieked, and a moment later loud footsteps thundered their way through the apartment. Anna stood trembling, her wrist held inescapably tight in the giant teenager's hand. A huge curvy middle-aged woman stormed into the room a moment later, her face a harsh scowl, which quickly settled on Anna in the schoolgirl's grip. "She didn't know if she was a grownup," the daughter explained with a sighing shrug. "Perhaps another grownup could check and decide." Suddenly the giant mother was crouching down and whirling Anna about with two hands on her shoulders, one immediately going to the skirt and giving a hard tug. "Oh my GOODNESS!" the woman nearly shrieked, delivering a hard smack to Anna's rear above the lower mess of her panties, getting a sudden shriek out of the small working woman, who already knew that her working days were over. "Jessica, you were babysitting tonight, don't you? Go to your room and get me one of those diapers, we need to get this little brat into some protection immediately. For the apartment if nothing else." "Sure thing Mom," the teen grinned, stepping into a door down the hall and returning a flash later with a big disposable diaper in her hands. It was a real kid's diaper, giant sized, and Anna could only stare at it while a growing numb realization inside. "You two get this one diapered up immediately," the mother barked, "Over her panties, I don't want to deal with those right now while we don't have a method of binning them yet. And get the phone," she added, "I need to call the building's corporation to discuss cleanliness codes, and those broken by the little one who lives upstairs. Though not for much longer, I should think, at least not as the official owner of the apartment." The daughter nodded, and with that the triumphant smiling teen handed the diaper to her friend, and went to fetch the phone. Anna stood stunned, realising that she was never going to make it up the stairs in the first place, it just wasn't the nature of their world. "And bring me something to spank her with," the mother barked, "I'm going to teach her not to buy adult-sized upstairs apartments where she clumps around all night." **Epilogue** Anna awoke to the sound of morning traffic, and stretched out in a stretching yawn until she hit the familiar bars of her crib. Blinking, she sucked hard at her ever-present pacifier, and brought a mittened hand up to her eyes to wipe the sleepiness away. The thick pink sleeper onesie unfortunately didn't give her much to work with, only a clumsy padded fist, but she rubbed until her vision came into focus, and then sat to the sound of a squish. Well, she was very wet, as usual, but at least her diaper wasn't messy. Those mornings were the worst, Mommy sometimes didn't change her till after breakfast, until Jessica had gone to school in fact. It had been hard getting used to the concept of having a big sister who still went to school, especially one who was nearly ten years younger than she herself was. But over the past six months, sitting in her highchair, Anna had learned to obediently give her sister a goodbye kiss on the cheek each morning before the teen left, and was beginning to thoroughly understand her new place in her family. The teenager and her friends had changed her enough times to remove any sense of modesty or superiority anyway, and Anna found herself sitting in her highchair after breakfast staring at her big sister in awe, already finding it hard to believe that she herself had ever had that much freedom, finding teenagehood a rapidly blurring accomplishment. Well, at least from her highchair, she still got her penthouse views from the squat apartment building, she thought with a smirk. Mommy entered, swiping on the kid's music box as she went. Anna looked over in surprise as the nursery tunes started playing, realising that she'd been daydreaming and hadn't even noticed the woman come in. Two huge hands came down to lift her up, raising her until she saw a triumphant middle-aged face smiling at her - a face which had never stopped looking that way once in the last six months. "Hello babykins," the huge woman cooed, moving a hand under Anna's sopping wet diaper to hold her. "Are you ready for your numnums?" Anna just nodded numbly and didn't know why she bothered to respond, it was a rhetorical question as with how most people talked to her now days. Women at the park asking if she was the cutest, shop assistants in the toy stores cooing and asking if she was the happiest as she held her new Mrs Molly doll. She just leaned passively against the woman's giant well-endowed chest, and waited as they went over to the regular chair where Mommy began the mornings, watching as the giant began to pull up her top. Hot and salty gushing breastmilk was the first order on today's menu, as always, and Anna only stared in momentary bewilderment at the giant nipple and even larger breast appeared before her, before taking to sucking obediently. It was remarkable, she thought in sudden surprise, just how many women's nipples she'd suckled from over the past half year. There was her Mommy, then Mrs Paddon downstairs, when she visited her new playmate Rosemary on the first floor, the one who she used to ignore, to barely glance at the stacked dirty diapers of. Then there were the daycare workers, and there was even the visiting wetnurse when she visited the three little women who Mr & Mr Stevenson downstairs had adopted. Hell, even a few of her own babysitters would pull up their top and... "Other side!" Mommy instructed, and Anna shifted about in her squishing wet diaper, realising that a messing had started without her even noticing it. Well, she wasn't likely going to last until after breakfast anyway, she thought in resignation, as the expanding soft warmth filled the back of her diaper. Hell, she couldn't even make it up the stairs that time, when she had first pooped herself. Oh she'd tried to insist that it had been a laxative, they'd even gone to the family court over it to hand over her apartment ownership, but the grownups were having none of it, and they had spanked the naughty lies and excuses right out of her. They'd at least investigated Kirsten, and found her reportedly suspicious and with a bad attitude, sending her off to a strict diapered boarding school last Anna had heard. But the messing, that was none of Kirsten's doing, they'd determined. No, while she still had her doubts, she mostly knew for a fact now that she'd messed all by herself that day, and that it had, in the end, just been a sign that she'd needed to be in diapers all along.
  17. (Before anyone reads this, I think its only fair to warn you that there are 'dirtier' themes then you would normally find in an abdl story. I don't believe it breaks any site rules, but as I usually don't write like this, I may be mistaken and I apologize if so . )SMACK SMACK SMACK!The sissy squirmed as his bottom was spanked by his daddy. Tears were streaming down his face as he grasped tightly onto his teddy bear for comfort, and only his pacifier keeping him from calling out. His diaper was pulled down to his knees and his skirt lay on the ground, leaving his bare skin open to the harsh smacks. His daddy took his time, spanking him again and again until he was satisfied the sissy had learned his lesson.He stopped and rested his hand on the sissy's bright red bottom, feeling the new found warmth comming off of it."Now little Nathaniel, did you learn your lesson?"The sissy squrimed and looked at him through tear soaked eye lids. He didn't answer and kept suckling his pacifier, knowing the trick.His daddy patted his upturned bottom. "Good baby," he said. He removed the pacifier and asked again, "did you learn your lesson?""Yes daddy," he sniffed."What did you learn?""I learned not to deny to mommy or daddy that I'm a sissy baby.""Exactly right." He began absent mindedly stroking and patting the sissy boy's bottom, making him moan. "Now, remember when you came here. You played with your mommy, being her little baby, pretending to be a boy..."The sissy groaned and the word "pretending."The sissy's 'daddy' began speaking in an overly sweat, mocking tone. "But then she tried putting her baby in a skirt. She's told me how you whined and complained that you were a boy, and how you didn't want to do that... and how hard you became the second you were in pink. Remember?"He nodded."It wasn't long after until you were always in your pretty pink skirts, always a little sissy, and always loving it. But you still complained, didn't you? Were you a naughty little liar to your mommy?" He spanked him hard.Nathaniel yelped. "YES DADDY!""And whats more... I bet you never expected to be subby to a daddy, did you?""No daddy...""But the little sissy saw all the big strong men, and mommy saw how he stared... and it wasn't long until you were in the lap of your first male babysitter, crying in humiliation, and beging for more, wasn't it?" He spanked him again, and Nathaniel shouted."Yes Daddy!""And then you asked for something you never thought you would, to please a daddy, didn't you?"He blushed deeply. "Yes daddy.""Good baby. And yet it still seems you deny it sometimes, don't you? Like you did to mommy and me earlier?""Yes daddy.""Was that a lie? Was that a naughty little lie?" Another spank, another yelp.He nodded. "Yes daddy!""Then beg me for it. Beg to be a little sissy in pink dresses, bending over and kneeling down to please me. Tell me how much you love it.""Oh god daddy please no..."He spanked him, harder then before. "NOW!""OW! PLease daddy! I want to be a little sissy in pink dresses, bending and kneeling to please you! I love it I love it!""Good. Then I have a reward for my sissy. Stand up." He helped Nathaniel to his feet. He then reached over and pulled up the sissy's diaper, straigtening it out."Now. Pick up your skirt and put it on."He looked at the skirt and back at his daddy. "But... Daddy?" Normally he was forced into his fetish clothes, not asked to put them on himself."Do it yourself. If you want it, that is. I don't want any way for my little sissy to pretend we made him do it."Nathaniel glared, but reached down and pulled up the skirt.Nathaniel was now dressed head to toe in fetish wear. Almost everything he wore was pink and was designed to drive home his feminine and infantile state. Around his waist was a flouncing skirt that was short enough to leave his patterned diapers visible. Underneath it were long, pale stockings that went to his knees and were tied in bows, then Mary Jane shoes. Above it was a pink shirt he tucked into his skirt, a bonnet, and his pacifier. Though he was still clearly male, his hair had grown long, and the clothes were cut to fit his thin stature.Jordan, his 'daddy,' on the other hand, was far broader, and wearing only shorts and a t shirt. The contrast between the muscular sitting man and the thinner one in the skirt was clear.Jordan patted his lap. "Sit down sweetheart."Nathanil sat down gingerly, then whined and squirmed as he rested on his aching bottom."Oh hush up, your diapers are more then thick enough for cushioning," Jordan said. "Now, for your reward. And remember, you can stop this anytime you want"He picked up a bottle of white frothy liquid and brought it to Nathaniel's lips. Nathaniel looked at him suspiciously, then began to drink what he assumed was milk.A moment later Nathaniel gagged. "Keep drinking sweetheart," Jordan said sternly. "And yes, that is exactly what you think it is."Nathaniel whined but kept drinking. The bottle tip was thin, and the liquid came out slowly, forcing him to taste each drop."Like that? This was ordered online. I bet you didn't know they sold stuff like it, eh?" Jordan said. Nathaniel cringed and kept drinking. "It comes other doms and real men, intended for little sissies like you. I of course added my own, plus a little something to help you fill your diapers." Nathaniel groaned loadly at the last part, but kept drinking."I want you to know that this is your place. Look at you, a grown man dressed like a little girl in diapers, suckling a bottle in your daddy's lap. Longing to be in pretty pink skirts and getting taken care of and spanked. Pathetic. But you love it, don't you?"Nathaniel nodded between gulps. He squeezed his eyes shut and had to fight back gags from the salty taste."And now you're drinking this just because I told you to. We both know you hate the taste. We both know you could leave if you really wanted to. But we also both know that you won't, don't we? You love this more then anything?"Nathaniel didn't respond, and Jordan slowly reached down to his waste, lifted up his skirt and put a hand on the front of his diaper. Nathaniel gasped."Oh no? Sure seems like youre enjoying it." Nathaniel whimpered and pushed himself into his daddy's hand.Jordan laughed. "Oh ho look at you. Really loving it. Love the feeling of your pretty pink diapers, nice and soft against you?" He began rubbing it back in forth. Nathaniel didn't move. "Admit it, sissy. Admit you love it or I'll stop."Nathaniel nodded vigerously."Good baby."Nathaniel felt something poking the back of his diaper. He began rubbing it with his diaper almost instinctively, moving his bottom back and forth in his daddy's lap as he'd been taught to do.Jordan smiled. 'Very good baby."The bottle was almost done. Nathaniel still struggled to drink each drop, chocing and gagging at the taste."Keep going little one, almost there. Baby isn't going to be able to finish in his diaper unless he finishes his bottle!" He spoke in a high, teasing voice. "And remember, that is filled with a nice laxative, so finishing means your going to be in a VERY full and VERY stinky diaper soon, and we're going to keep you in it ALLLLLLL night. Sound fun?"Nathaniel whimpered and shook his head."Oh no?" Jordan pressed down on his diaper, and Nathaniel began nodding again. "Mmm hmm! Mmmm hmm!" he groaned, wordlessly begging for the punishment his daddy had promised."Now, you want to add something else to your pwetty widdle diapies?" Jordan asked."Mhmm!" "Finish the bottle and I might let you." He rubbed slower, keeping Nathaniel on the edge.Nathaniel sucked as hard as he could and tried to drink faster, resisting the urge to gag as he swallowed it all. Jordan kept rubbing him slowly, stopping when he felt him get to close.Finally the bottle was finished, and he moved it away."Oh god daddy!" Nathaniel shouted. "Please! Please let me!"Let you what? Let you be my little sissy forever? Let you please your daddy? Let you fill your little diapies?""Yes daddy please I want it all! To be your sissy, to please you, to fill my diapers!""Good. And you'll never play pretend at being a man again?""No daddy! Never! I'm not! I can't be!""Good. And you know that even though you're going to finsih in your diapers now, you'll still have to please your daddy, you'll still have to be a little diapered sissy, and you'll still spend the night in a messy diaper since when the fun is all gone?"Nathaniel was sobbing in desperation. "Yes daddy.""And you know this will prove how much you love being a little sissy in diapers, how much it turns you on, and how you only need to finish in your diapers from now on?"Tears streamed down his face. "Yes daddy!""Good baby. Then finish." He rubbed harder. Nathaniel gasped, convulsed, and lay shuddering on his lap.Jordan let him rest for a moment, smiling down at him. He then gently picked him up and cradled him in his lap. He began rocking him."Good baby. Good baby. Good sissy. You did well little one, you really did," he said in a soft voice.Nathaniel's eyes opened. "Daddy?" he said questioningly."Shhh..." Jordan said. "You were a good little sissy." He bent down and kissed Nathaniel on the forehead. He stroked his hair and back as Nathaniel became more and more awake. When Jordan was satisfied he was rested enough, he sat up straighter and hugged him. "Now, go rinse your mouth out," he said louder. "Then you'll come back and finish pleasing your daddy. When you're done, we'll give you a nice hot bath, and maybe some cookies if you're good, ok? How's that sound?"Nathaniel smiled. "Good, daddy.""Good, then go." He stood Nathaniel up, patted his bottom, and sent him on his way.
  18. This is my first story that I've ever tried to write. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I know this isn't super unique and is pretty much just a fap fantasy so don't expect game of thrones level story telling. Hard Reset Chapter One: The Meeting The Anderson's took three months to search orphanages across the country, three months to find the perfect girl. The main problem for them was her age, she was old almost an adult able to discharge herself without being adopted. Being months away from eighteen also makes the legal process harder as well, considering it can anywhere between nine months to many years for the process to actually go through. Not to mention, she would need to agree to the adoption as well, which is something they needed to pursue first. Sarah was small for someone her age, at a massive 4’10” she was towering over toddlers and not much else. Having a slender “bean pole” build was also a major factor in their decision that she was the one they wanted. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson where both in their early forties and loaded, which was something they planned on using to “grease the wheels” if their meeting went poorly. They were going to get their girl, one way or another. Sarah shut the door to her room, sighing as she tossed her backpack in the corner of the room. She walked over to her bed and collapsed face first. She was burned out and wanted to decompress after her final week of exams. She was alone and she knew that the three other girls she shared the room with wouldn’t be home until later in the day. She was done with high school and she knew she would be out of this place in a few short months. She took the opportunity to change into a pair of black sweat pants and a black t-shirt and laid down on her bottom bunk. Now that she was more comfortable, she grabbed her phone and started browsing the internet for something to help her relax. Double checking that she was alone, she slipped her hand down her pants and disappeared into fantasy land. She was almost there when the door to the room flew open, a grey haired woman stood in the doorway, smiling from ear to ear. “Sarah, I have a big surprise for you.” She said “Come with me!” She extended a hand. Sarah pulled her hand from her pants just in time. Her face was flush but Mrs. Cooper, the head of the care home, seemed oblivious of what she was doing. Her heart pounding at the sudden exposure. Clearing her throat, Sarah hesitated. “Right now?” she managed to squeak out. “Yes, right now.” Mrs. Cooper lost her smile and stared right at her. “Get moving.” Sarah didn’t argue, she slowly got off the bed and walked towards her care giver. As she got close, Mrs. Cooper put her hand on her chest and looked her right in the eye. At almost six feet, the older women towered over her. With the heat still in her pants, the prolonged stare was the last thing she needed. Mrs. Cooper walked over the dresser and grabbed a large hair brush and hairband. Returning to the smaller girl, she grabbed her long black hair and roughly pulled it into a pony tail. Putting the hair brush back, she took the girls wrist in her own hand and practically dragged her out the door. Walking down the hallway, she quickly realized what she was being led to. This wasn’t a surprise, it was a waste of time. Why someone would try and adopt her so close to being a legal adult was just confusing. She wasn’t given the opportunity to be adopted in years, this was somewhat out of the blue. Having declined all of the potential parents, a lot of families just stopped trying to adopt her based on that alone. She just wanted to be out on her own, she was so close and she didn’t understand why Mrs. Cooper was even bothering to try one last time. Entering the room she saw two people sat at the table in the middle of the room. A larger man and a women the same size as Mrs. Cooper looked like they were straight out of the 50s. He was in a black business suit, sporting a dark red tie. The lady looked like one of those women on a World War II propaganda poster. Her brown hair done up with large curls that looked like she emptied a can of hairspray just to keep the shape. She wore a red and white poke-a-dot dress, bright red lipstick and a white furry option covering her shoulders. She was sat down in front of the two strangers and she just stared at the table. The large windows of the room where open, letting in the sounds of the city flood the room. Car horns, sirens and engine sounds added some ambiance to the otherwise awkward moment. “I’m Mrs. Anderson.” She women in the red dress said sweetly “And this is my husband.” She gestured to the suited man. “We’re really glad to finally meet you Sarah, I’ve been looking forward to this moment for months.” “I’m not interested” Sarah said bluntly, not taking her eyes off the table. “That’s not how you talk to an adult sweetheart. Look at them when you’re talking.” The man stated. “I said I’m not interested, I’m almost old enough to be on my own and I don’t need to be adopted.” Sarah said coldly, still looking at the table. “If you’re not interested, you’re not interested.” The man said. “We won’t force the issue. I believe we’re done here.” He said looking at Mrs. Cooper. Sarah got up and walked out. Heading back to her room. “I’m sorry about that Mrs. Anderson, she is too stubborn for her own good.” Mrs. Cooper said. “It’s okay, she’ll come around.” Mrs. Anderson said, no hint of sadness or disappointment in her voice. “I’ll go talk to her, let her know the possibilities you can provide her.” Mrs. Cooper said apologetically. “Thank you, there is no need. We’ll just go with the other option” Mr. Anderson said, standing up with his wife. “I’ll be in touch.” They promptly left, leaving Mrs. Cooper standing in the doorway alone. She headed towards Sarah’s room only to be stopped by the locked door. “The other girls won’t be staying in this room tonight, take the time to reflect on the opportunity you just gave up.” She said through the door, then sighed. “I made you some food and left it in your bar fridge, I don’t want to see you out of your room tonight, you’re lucky I already made that food or you wouldn’t be eating tonight.” She bellowed through the door. Sarah didn’t say anything so she just went back to her own room and waited for Mr. Anderson to call, she knew what was going to happen now. Sarah took care of herself in record time, she was frustrated and just wanted some relief. After laying there staring at the bunk above her, the tingling having left her body, her stomach was letting her know it wanted food. She got up and grabbed the plastic container out of the fridge and opening it up to reveal chili. She sat on her bed and dug in, eating faster than she expected, it was surprisingly good. She was almost done when she started to feel drowsy. Standing up, she headed over to the fridge to put the remaining chili back. She took a few steps and felt really dizzy, she sat down right where she was with a thud. Her vision was starting to get blurry, a buzzing was enveloping in her ears, and then she couldn’t see at all, everything went black.
  19. Just a very short trip into my imagination. Pledge Diapers Part 1 The light was at red and said “DON’T WALK” and I waited patiently for the traffic to move away and the white “WALK” sign to appear to help get me across the road. As I hovered at the curbside on a fairly bright Saturday morning here in Los Angeles I noticed a plastic carrier bag in the middle of the crossing where I was about to walk. I could tell there was something in it as the handles fluttered around in the light morning breeze but the main part of the bag was weighted to the ground. “WALK” appeared and my curiosity grew as I ventured on my way. Bending slightly as I passed the package I caught hold of the flapping handles and, in one deft movement, scooped up the discarded piece of rubbish and carried it safely to the opposite kerb as if I was a garbage conscious member of the public. Once there I waited a few moments near to a trash can but pretended to be absorbed in something in a shop window acting as if distracted from depositing the bag in the bin. I also wanted to see if anyone would come up and claim the contents before I got rid of them. A few moments passed before I looked to see what the bag contained and was surprised to see a folded, but worn terry diaper. Although it was a particularly icky thing to find I noticed that it was rather large and far too big for a little baby. As I have more than a passing interest in all things ABDL, this to me was like finding a $50 bill; I couldn’t have been more excited at my discovery and good fortune. I looked around to see if anyone was watching but as usual, everyone just went about his or her business with little interest or regard for anyone else. I plunged my hand in the bag to see if there were any more items or perhaps an indication of whom the owner might be but my hand only met with the soft white fabric, which was damp and sticky to the touch. I was in ecstasy. A freshly used and abused diaper… mmmm… I just couldn’t wait to get them home. As I stood and fumbled with my soft but sticky prize I let my mind wander as to the possible owner. As I pulled it clear of the plastic bag… WHAM… like an electric bolt my head was suddenly assaulted with strong visions and eventually a clear picture formed in my minds eye. Instinctively, or perhaps via some form of cosmic energy, as my fingers fondled the cheap and messy fabric, the history of the diaper began to evolve to me. It was as if I was there, watching and making mental notes of the action. **tbc**
  20. I made some changes to the flow of this story after it was purged from the website. I did not have the first three chapters saved and as a result I went off of the last chapter I had been working on and added the backstory into that, the premise is about the same as I had it before. Enjoy. -BG Chapter One: Searing pain awoke Adam, it happened when he attempted to move his body, particularly his legs. During his futile attempts to move, Adam realized he couldn't move anything other than his head to look around. It was a weird feeling to Adam as his eyes began to focus taking in his current predicament. He noticed he was wrapped up in a very tight blanket as if he was tucked in, but it was more like he was a burrito. He couldn't move. His heart rate began to jump around as he began to panic; however, Adam tried to focus on his surroundings and looked for an escape from this hellish world. A sterile room with childish pictures greeted Adam when he looked around. The childish pictures of carousels and teddy bears made him feel very small, but the worst part was the inability to move his arms. It was unsettling, making Adam look back to his childhood and seeing his baby cousins wrapped up like this. Swaddled he thought. Everything looked massive, and Adams only thought was escape. Voices greeted Adams ears, and a feeling dread came over him as the voices became hushed and shuffling paper filled the silence. Adam didn't see the door open, but he could hear it as well as the massive steps following it. "Did you learn your lesson little one" said the same Amazon as before. Adam kept his mouth closed remembering the pain from before and shook his head in agreement. "Good, I am Doctor Fields, and will be starting you off with the basics" said doctor Fields. "You are going to fit right in when I am done with you, and I can not wait to begin the training". Adam jumped when her large hands reached down and picked him up. The blanket surrounding Adam let up enough slack allowing him to squirm, but his sore and bruised bottom kept him from moving much. Adam was carried like an infant in the Amazons arms, and it terrified him, but somehow it felt okay with him. Almost like Dr. Fields wasn’t a harbinger of pain towering over him, but the look in her eye said otherwise. The blanket wrapping Adam was taken off as he was set onto a cold plastic mat. There was a little bit of padding as it wasn’t very hard, but his naked skin was shocked by the drastic and unexpected change in temperature. He looked around like a panicked animal searching desperately for a way off when he looked over and saw the Amazon walking towards him holding a bottle of something and a white square that had animal wearing diapers on it. “What are you doing to me” Adam asked doctor Fields without realizing his mistake. “This is the least of your worries little one, you should know better than to open your mouth” said Dr. Fields as she set the items down and grabbed a gag of some sort and shoved it into Adams mouth and twisted the top. Dr. Fields looked down at Adam and decided she needed to make sure he remembers not to speak out again. She quickly flipped Adam over and preceded to make his already bruised bottom light up scarlet red, something that would surly leave a mark. Adam’s butt was in so much pain, and he couldn’t make a darn noise after the Dr. Shoved this damn thing into his mouth. It seemed like a pacifier but that didn’t make any sense why would he have a pacifier, most people in his world would have grabbed a ball gag instead. This pacifier would not leave his mouth no matter how hard he tried to spit it out. Dr. Fields flipped him around and another onslaught of strikes hit his butt relighting the pain from before. He couldn’t stop himself from crying, and pacifier seemed to muffle the noises. After Adam was done sobbing, Dr. Fields grabbed the diaper she had previously set aside and began to unfold it making sure Adam could see every step through his tear crusted eyes. Dr. Fields knew Adam had no idea what was in store for him, and frankly it made her happy knowing this. Damn, she thought this one was going to look so cute when she was done, as she grabbed his legs and thrust them into air quickly sliding the diaper underneath his bright red ass. She grabbed some of the powder from early and sprinkled it on Adam in short time gleaming with excitement at what was to come. However, Adam panicked as he felt himself lifted into the air realizing what was happening. He felt a soft shell enveloping his privates making a loud crinkling noise every time he moved. Dr. Fields looked down at Adam and simply smiled at her work. She knew what was about to come to Adam, now that the diapers had been introduced his life was only going to change. He will make a fine baby after she is done correcting some of his behaviors, but that was something she intended to do over the next couple of months. Chapter Two: Adam thought back at how he ended up in this predicament. He recalled his dimension when a portal opened up and Giants began coming out. The Giants stood roughly three times the size of a normal human. And quickly disarmed the population of his earth. Their superior technology was capable of stopping all medium and large caliber weaponry. Their conventional weaponry was simply ineffective to stop the Invading force allowing all the Giants to take over the planet with ease. Bullets had little effect against the giants other then enraging them. At first, it seemed the Giants were not evil when they conquered earth; they had managed to disarm nations of nuclear arsenals and managed to bring humanity to its knees. It wasn’t until people began to disappear that the population truly began to worry; although, the amount of people leaving was small enough most people never truly felt concern. The Giants surrounding Adam referred to themselves as Amazons, and it seemed they had been to Adam’s dimension before; however, the original time the “little humans” managed to sever the inter dimensional gateway allowing Amazons to Earth. This story had been butchered for humanities sake in the attempts to avoid reliving the horror. The butchered story was Jack the giant slayer, and there were numerous components missing. The biggest is the fact the Amazons never ate humans as some accounts of the tale were told, they simply turned them into pets resembling toddlers which Adam was beginning to find out. Adam recalled being in the woods hiking when he was picked up and sent to this hellish word where everything was massive in comparison to him. He found himself being checked out in a medical facility and was ruthlessly “disciplined” if he spoke out. He was beginning to find out the different rules, and slowly figuring out the history of this dimension. Chapter Three: Dr. Fields was pleased with her new find. She had put in a request to her broker for a little fitting Adam’s description. Her luck at finding a little in her dimension had been dismal, and frankly the laws made it difficult to claim one; however, inter dimensional littles had no rights according to the Government and frankly there were very few dimensions truly had littles. Agencies were set up immediately tracking down littles when they appeared in other worlds; however, the cost was excessively high to bring a little over from another dimension. Dr. Fields had spent nearly a years pay to bring Adam over, and she was certainly pleased with the results. She had a particular image in mind for her first little, and she was willing to pay the exorbitant fees the little broker had charged. Adam’s height was a little under four feet when he came through the portal. (It was completely normal for littles to shrink when transferring) His eyes were blue and his hair was blonde, and frankly the crisp white diaper she just put onto his red bottom was absolutely adorable. Dr. Fields stood over 13 feet tall with her green eyes and brown hair. She stood out in the Amazon community not only for her looks, but also for her extensive knowledge in little regression. She is a Medical Doctor by training, but she branched out into psychology focusing on littles from other dimensions. She has been researching ways to make little’s more cooperative to the demands of their adoptive parents pioneering ways to adjust littles from other dimension into their new homes; however, most of the dimensions put up almost no fight and allowed their new Amazons to take over. For the most part Amazons simply left the world in working order and traded the prospect of peace for resources. Adam’s dimension was different from the rest. The dimension Adam came from had a past with the Amazon world. When they were going through their first industrial boom, an Amazon equivalent to Albert Einstein figured out a way to cross dimensions and plunder resources for other worlds allowing the Amazon world to remain a lush thriving and beautiful environment. They had their own littles on the planet that had always been subjugated to the will of the larger Amazon’s who felt it was their obligation to take care of the smaller humans. Overtime this obligation turned into an addictive need where Amazon women simply had to have a little in their care; however, laws changed making it more difficult to claim littles. Everyone understood the reasoning behind the Governments laws about snatching littles off the street and why that might not be the best idea. When dimensional travel was discovered, the first dimension the Amazons discovered was a vastly inferior Earth completely populated by littles. The difference however was the littles put up a massive fight unlike the ones in their own world which nobody had anticipated and they managed to destroy the dimensional portal infrastructure to their world effectively shutting off the Amazons from the largest supply of littles they had ever encountered or would. Over the years, the Amazons were able to re-establish inter dimension travel, but for some reason they never made it back the dimension two. It took decades for the Amazon to finally reestablish the connection, and this time they were prepared. Dr. Fields was the first person to study the littles from the second dimension, and her results were astonishing. Unlike other dimensions where littles had been discovered, these would put up a significant resistance and fight. She found they would reluctantly give into their captors and simply what for an opportune moment to lash out. The only way to truly make the littles accept their new life was to break them hard and slowly eventually building them up with their new parents. Some littles would still resist by taking whatever they could and using it as a weapon which was a fruitless process. Dr. Fields loved the challenge with the littles from the second dimension, and she knew if she was going to have a little of her own, she would have to bring one over and dominate the little into submission. Chapter Four: Adam found himself sore from the earlier spanking and frankly the massive bulk between his legs just felt weird. He struggle to put his legs together, but it didn’t matter to Dr. Fields as she lifted him up sliding a cute onesie over his head and snapping up the bottom snaps. “Now don’t you just look adorable” Dr. Fields said looking down at her soon to be adopted little. Adams blue eyes looked up to her with a scared look as he began suckling on the pacifier she put into his mouth. Dr. Fields made sure to bring a mirror over allowing Adam to Gaze at himself in his new glory. As Adams eyes scanned the mirror for glimpse of himself, he slowly realized the image staring back was him. He had an extra thick Diaper on with a onesie decorated with babyish dinosaurs and a pacifier in his mouth that said “I <3 my Mommy”. He was shocked at the image and simply thought this can not be real. Dr. Fields commented ohh it looks like my new Baby is enjoying his paci aren't you! To Adam's horror he noticed he was in fact suckling on the damn thing which only helped to crush his spirit. Adam knew he needed to break out of this hell and escape, but he was stuck in this monster’s clutches with nowhere to escape. The table he was on seemed to be twice his height and the sterile white floor below him did not look inviting. A prick on Adams arm brought him back to reality as the Dr. began injecting something into him. Adam’s immediate response was to cry out, but the pacifier muffled his screams of pain making him truly sound like an infant with tears falling down his cheek. Dr. Fields immediately went into action. “It’s okay Baby, the shot I gave you will only help you relax and become more accustomed to your new life. You don’t need to worry about anything, Mommy is here” said Dr. Fields. The last phrase the Doctor said threw Adam off. What the hell did she mean Mommy is here? He was already dressed like a baby and had a damn pacifier in his mouth. Did this women think she could keep him hostage or hope Stockholm’s syndrome would kick in? There was no way he would allow that to happen, he needed a plan. At that exact second Adam locked up like a deer in headlights. He froze. Adam noticed his crotch was turning warm, and wet. He thought what the hell, am I pissing myself as a stream of urine flowed into his now wet and ever expanding diaper. Shortly after, Adams bowels began to cramp up and sure enough he defecated into the diaper he was wearing. At this point Adam truly became aware of his predicament and how badly he needed to escape this world. First, he needed to get out of the disgusting mess he was locked in and tried pushing the feeling of helplessness out of his mind like an addict attempts to walk away from their problems. Despair appeared to be the victor this time around as the smell of his bowels caught the Amazons attention...
  21. DISCLAIMER!!!!! The original story does not belong to me, this is just a personal remake and updated version of Baby Care Class by wndash2 (link to there page at the bottom) they wrote this story a few years ago, and I liked it at the time. But recently after rereading the whole thing, I realized there wasn't much of a story here besides a guy being tortured for no real reason. So because I like making stories, I began thinking up a story to help fix that problem. If you haven't yet, please go check out the original. _________ Paradise private College, how the hell I wound up going here I don't know. Most of my grades suck, and I barely attended high school anyway. The only reason I'm even going to this college is by some miracle my mother sent in a college application that got excepted. “Look! You can either go to the school or get the fuck out of my house!” my mom yelled at me the day I said I wouldn't go. "All you do if fuck off and don't work. The only people in this house that get to do that are kids in school, the sick, or the retired!” I will admit that I may not have been the best son. But hell, having a rare condition that makes you look 4 feet tall will make you hate the world. I'm not a dwarf, per say, I'm just the first with a new rare genetic disorder that stopped me from growing. I just look like an average person was shrunk down. Heck if it wasn't for the facial hair I have then most people would assume I'm a child. Which has happened to me more than once! So my mother made me a deal. She would pay for the school, an apartment for me and give me a 200 dollar allowance for food every two weeks if I went. However, I must attend classes. If I miss classes more than four times without a doctor's note, she will cut all ties with me. So because I didn't want to work yet, I decided to go. Plus who doesn't like going to college parties? So I traveled nearly two states away just for school. Paradise private College was built a long time ago and was made on top of a large hill. Why they decided on that, I have no idea. Maybe because the rich people who built it meant it only for the upper class at the time. But thanks to it being on such a large hill a lot of people have to climb a ton of stairs just to get to the school, and for a short guy like me, that's just hell. One of the thing that came with the acceptance letter was another letter attached saying they were introducing a new program for people and that he was one of the few to start in it. It was a program to help people who didn't have the best grades in high school still go to college, just with a little extra help. That help was having to get to the school at 7:00 Am, an hour before the school opened, and attend a catch-up class. By the time I got to the top, I was even more exhausted than when I woke up this morning. Everything was dark outside and very cold. Even with a jacket on, I was freezing. I took a look at my phone that said it was 6:50, well at least I wasn't late. I walked over to the front of the school and tried to open the doors, but they were locked. What the hell? “Excuse me? Are you lost?” a woman asked me. I quickly looked and saw a gorgeous blond hair woman. “Um ya, I'm William, and I'm here for the catch-up class,” I told her. “well so am I, I can show you where it is.” the women told me with a warm smile as she pointed in the direction we had to go. “Thank you, um?” I told her. “Jen, my name is Jen,” she told me as I followed her around the school and to a back door. “I came here last week and was told where it was. Because it's such a new program, the school placed it in the back.” I guess that made since I thought as I walked through the door and into a hallway. The hallway was pretty dark with a few dim lights but near the end of the hall was a bright room lighting up the entrance. I walked over to the light with Jen right behind me. But when I got to the doorway of the room I stopped in confusion as instead of a classroom with a bunch of desks, there was instead what looked like a giant nursery? “What the heck?” I asked when I was suddenly pushed into the room and Jen locked the door. “You have no idea how long I waited for this,” Jen said as she immediately grabbed me and lifted me into the air. I tried to fight back but thanks to my small size I was nothing to her as she threw me onto a table and began strapping me to the table. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!” I screamed at her before she rubbed some weird cream stuff on my face before large pacifier was shoved into my mouth and strapped to the back of my head. “Quiet you, babies shouldn't scream,” Jen told me as she lifted scissors into the air and I grew even more scared. So scared that I began to piss my pants. “Aww, would you look at that. The baby had an accident. Well, that's what happens when you don't wear the right protection.” I had no idea what she was talking about as she then began to cut off my I'm, before throwing them into a trash can. She then proceeded to get out a giant diaper which I began to thrash around after seeing it. But since I wasn't able to get free Jen just taped the diaper onto me with no real difficulty. Next came two large pink mittens put over my hands. I didn't see what she grabbed next but one at a time Jen unstrapped my arms and legs before putting something on me and restriping me in place. When she finished, she took one last look at me with a broad smile on her face. Jen then unstrapped me and lifted me up. Agin, I tried to fight, but nothing worked. Jen the put me on the ground beside a large mirror and had me take a look, and I was horrified! I was in a tiny pink baby girl's dress that only covered half of the thick diaper Jen put me in, a pair of white stocking was on my legs, and I was wearing mary jane shoes that were somehow just my size! Since I haven't had a chance to get a haircut yet, my hair was slightly long. For some reason when I took a closer look all my facial hair was also gone and with everything else just made me look like a girl toddler! I immediately began screaming into the pacifier, but only a muffle came out. Jen just laughed at the whole thing as she looked at me with a broad smile on her face. “I think someone must be hungry.” gen said as she picked me up again to re strapped me to the table. Jen then walked over to a mini-fridge and pulled out a large bottle of milk. “This will help the baby grow,” she said mockingly as she unscrewed something at the top of the pacifier and attach the bottle to it. “Now drink up sweetie, or I'll have to hold your nose to force you to drink.” I didn't care what she said, I wasn't drinking it. That is until Jen did plug my nose and forced me to drink just to get air. I was only ¾ done with the bottle when I began to feel full and stopped drinking. “Come on baby, you need to finish it,” Jen told me as she plugged my nose again and this time didn't let go until the bottle was gone. “Good girl.” Jen then removed the bottle, and I was panting heavily. I felt like my stomach would burst at any minute. My stomach was slightly bloated, and Jen decided to give it a little rub before smiling at me. “Alright, that's enough for now," Jen said before unstrapping me and cared me over to a large baby crib where she laid me on my back before taking a large lid and placing it on top of the crib, making it impossible for me to climb out. Suddenly I heard a loud bell and Jen made her way to the door. I got on my knees and began banging on the crib bars. "Well, I got to get to class, but I’ll be back to take you to the Baby Care Class!" Jen told me excitedly, before turning off the lights and leaving me alone in the dark, dressed as a toddler. Thank you for reading ^.^ I much appreciate it! Here's the link to the original story that I hope you check out. https://wndash2.deviantart.com/art/Baby-Care-Class-Part-1-363391183
  22. Chapter 1 You lay sprawled, legs resting open naturally to either side of your wet diaper. Cold slender hands slide to take a firm hold of your soft wrist cuffs to transition them with a click to the locking clips by your shoulders. This was standard practice of all households enrolled in the program; although for you, it was almost unnecessary of course since by now you’ve learned it’s better to lie still. A pacifier nurses in and out of your mouth as the first tapes are ripped free by the practiced hands of your Civil Caregiver. Today Sammantha appears in no rush. You feel the diaper lowering, slowly, coaxing you to look at the yellow patch between your legs. Your cheeks burn and you look quickly back to the side to ignore the knowing look on your Caregiver’s face. A wipe is dropped dismissively before a hand joins it. A firm hand gathers your ankles and lifts them to reach any wetness that spread to your bottom. A few moments of loud crinkling follows until the brush of your newest diaper is under you. As the first light tap of cool powder begins, the doorbell rings. Samantha pauses mid-shake, the powder bottle hovers poised above you as she seems lost in an internal debate. You were clean and safely strapped down so she didn't see the harm in leaving you. She lowers your legs to either side of your diaper and sets the powder aside to answer the door. “Ms. Withers?” The voice reaches the nursery and you can glance far enough to see a man in a dark suit and tie standing on the doorstep politely removing his hat. “I’m here for a routine inspection of your charge. May I come in?" "Oh, yes of course!" Samantha beams, eager to show him inside. “I’m sorry if I don't shake. I was just dealing with a very full diaper!” Sam was always completely hygienic with your changes of course, but couldn’t pass up the chance to be a little showy. “That's impressive considering Y/N's age and short length of time sentenced to your care." The inspector said, referencing a file and clicking his pen to take note.Samantha excitedly ushers him to your nursery. You still lay dusted with powder caught in the middle of your diaper change. Seeing the man enter, your knees instinctively crunch closed in your concern for modesty. "Nuh huh!" Sam shakes her finger storming right over to you. ”You know that's a no-no! Even when guests arrive. Open!” Sam spanks you, so suddenly and so hard, you flinch against your changing straps and tinkle a little. Samantha despite a fair amount of strain can’t keep her composure and breaks into a fit of giggles at your toddler-befitting accident before grabbing a wet wipe to drag down your front again and dust the spot with another quick cool puff of powder. The inspector nods approvingly. "She seems very far along." he observes, noting the time and incident. “Now, before we go any further. I need to see more evidence of her regularity." He crosses the few remaining steps inside the nursery to inspect your diaper pail. "...My goodness.” He pauses peeking at the taped bundles inside. “Does she really need changes this often?" He sees your used diapers are almost filling the pail to the brim. Undeterred, he begins counting the number of times you've failed to keep clean, tallying each used pair in his notebook before praising the healthy ratio of wet to messy diapers he sees. "That's right.” Your Caregiver gleefully adds with a self-satisfied smile. “She needs her diaper changed after every nap or bedtime; she fills them right up. Doesn’t even notice not even when she's messing." She grins. "Incredible work," the inspector mutters writing that down in his notes as well. "Now what about when she's awake?" "I'm so glad you asked.” Sam intoned with a pompous air and smile. “She ends up having accidents, like you saw, wetting them mostly. I always give her more than the recommended number of chem bottles and fiber feedings so she’s almost always ready to let go. I know it's not strictly necessary, but I just love catching her in the act. One time, I was cradling her in my lap for her bottle feeding, and I could tell she was struggling, so I gave her just the tiniest of presses, and the little girl completely let go! She was wetting her diaper so heavily against me, I wondered if it was even going to hold it all! Speaking of which...” She eyes you trapped on the table. “Let me finish up her change before she might make a mess." She tuts over to you on the changing table and makes a big show of pulling up her big girl's diaper, once so defiant, now being wrapped up in a disposable. "Then can see why you've chosen the thicker variety." the man observes over your caregiver’s shoulder while she readies your diaper’s tapes. "Oh my yes. I can only keep her in the most absorbent overnights." Sam says securing the tapes over your crinkling diaper’s bulk as if to demonstrate. “She is just such a heavy wetter and her messes need somewhere to go." She pinches you, finishing up the last tape seal with a rub. "But I do love how these diapers still come in the little baby prints. Don't you? She really does look like an overgrown baby this way. Yes she does. Yes she does," she coos and tickles you. "And what a good baby you've been! Waiting quietly while the grown ups talked. You didn't even fuss for your paci." "And how is the progress there?" "Let me show you." She deftly procures your pacifier from where it had fallen and slides it between your resigned lips. They see you suckle tentatively at first, then more prominently and Samantha's grin widens. She leans in, praising her well-trained suckling baby, pressing a hand strategically into your diaper's noisy thickness. She coyly steals a glance at the inspector for his reaction. Needless to say, his eyebrows are high with appreciation as you fidget and turn to hide the heat building in your face. He clears his throat. "Well, I certainly have no further questions." He states tidying up his materials. "Ms. Withers your work here is outstanding. I am recommending you for a higher position in our efforts, and I'm sure our director will want to meet with you," he adds confidently, tucking your folder away and donning his hat. "Oh pish posh." Samantha says bashfully still idly groping at your softly rustling diapered crotch. “Simply following the prescribed number of spankings and dirtying of diapers have gotten us to this point, Mr. Inspector." She smiles. Chapter 2 - A Teaching Moment Locked in your car seat and thickly diapered for what was becoming a lengthy road trip. Your binky rattled with each curious suckle watching the scenery speed past. Your head bobs and eventually the blur of trees lulls you off to sleep. You awake hours later, groggily lifting your head to feel cool air against your thighs and the probing rustles of Samantha’s fingers checking your diaper. She had pulled the car into a rest stop and was leaning through the opened back door for your inspection. "As expected...Come on honey let's get you a new diaper and that stinky one changed.“ You’re confused and burning withshames, but she simple repositions your clothes over your used diaper and unbuckles you from your car seat. Your packed diaper bag is already waiting for you by the curb. She takes your hand, but your head shakes ever so slightly. "...Are you telling Mommy no?" She warns. You nervously look past her again at the crowded rest stop full of proper citizens happily picnicking and enjoying the springtime sun. But one more stern look from your caregiver and you slide yourself out from the car. She walks you past the chatty vacationers towards the public restroom, swinging your packed diaper bag over her shoulder and tugging you along in tow, waddling and struggling to keep up. Some onlookers paused their conversations to snicker at your pacifier and your struggles to walk some even outright laughed noticing your loaded seat was most likely to blame. Samantha drags you inside the woman's restroom to its designated diaper changing counter. She unfurls one of your Issued changing mats to place your mushy pants on top of. She babytalks gleefully proudly pulling down your outergarments, and opening your diaper to reveal your mess. "Phew. I'm glad we stopped when we did or this would have gotten ripe honey. You're also so soaked!" Your cheeks flared. It was still so difficult to accept you were filling your diapers without any indication, but only while you slept! She pushes your legs up to your chest causing your hips to rock back off your dirty diaper to remove it. She dumps it neatly into the restroom's fragrant pail, then gets to work cleaning you up with wet wipes. "That's it honey." She coos. "Just lay still so Mommy can clean all your poopy peepee..." She takes her time. Each chilly stroke longer than the last; slowing even further when people start to enter the public restroom, hoping they’d take notice. "My my." An older lady sneers noticing you on the counter with diapers and dirty wipes. "And here I thought they could control themselves." "...Oh no.” Sam chuckles finishing up her last clean swipe. She holds up your next massive diaper for the woman to see; its rounded thickness hangs open bottom heavy in the air. ”See how much protection she needs? And they get put to good use, believe me.” Sam whisks the diaper beneath you, shaking her head like a put-upon mother accepting potty training was never going to happen. The lady puffed with patriotic pride. "See to it.” She sniffed haughtily before thanking Sam for her service and taking care of her own business the grown up way while Sam continued your change with practiced precision. She was just finishing up arranging you bottoms-up for powdering when another woman approached. "Excuse me...” She began. “I couldn't help but notice...I've been thinking of volunteering for the cause myself. Do you mind if I lend a hand with the rest of her diaper change?" Happy to oblige, and eager to recruit Caregiver potential, Sam agrees wholeheartedly. She dusts a few light groupings of powder onto your waiting bottom before passing the bottle on to your babysitter-in-training. “See? Nothing to it. Just sprinkle some more of her baby powder onto her bottom...” Sam prompts waiting for the woman to begin. "...Just like that! You're a natural! You can add a little more powder if you want. Yes, yes, unfortunately for her, that is a small case of diaper rash. We've been on the road so it's hard to change her when she needs it. Go ahead and add lots of powder to keep her dry. Perfect! Now use your hand to rub it in...spread it out evenly...her little bum-bum is so soft all powdered up, isn't it? Now, I'm going to lower her down onto her diaper." Your powdered bottom is soon cradled in soft padding and Sam arranges your legs to allow plenty of room to work. "She's smooth?" The woman asked inquisitively as she fiddled with the baby powder. "Can you imagine if she wasn’t?" Samantha smirked, wiggling one of your lazily hanging toes. "With the amount of poo-poo and pee-pee this one can squirt out, her changes would take hours!" Dustings of powder tickle down with their giggles and side laughter, adding a thin fragrant coating between your legs. You do your best to ignore it, but cool teasing fingers spread the powder all over your diaper area then you hear loud crinkly rustling, and feel the firm press of your newest diaper pulled up tight. "Now we keep it nice and snug. Oh, no pun intended!" Samantha giggles. "These are adult Snuggies diapers. I'm so glad they make them for us. I find they work best for her." A few more giggles and sticky adhesives were required before Samantha finally helps you sit up, crinkling all the while against the counter as she takes your binky. "What do you say now sweetie? Oh, what was that...?” She cups her ear. “I'm sorry dear we couldn't quite hear you. Shouldn't you say something about your diaper? Remember? Use your words..." Finally you just break down and say it. "That's right!" Samantha cheers patronizingly. "Your diapey is all nice and changed thanks to her. We appreciate your gratitude." She returns your binky, pulls up your pants, and takes your hand thanking the woman herself and exchanging contact information before walking you back out to the car. Chapter 3 An industrial complex looms from your vantage point in the rear car seat. The car pulls up to a security gate and a guard steps out to meet you. Sam hands him her ID with a smile. He moves to check the back seat, and upon seeing you, smiles wickedly, hands your authorized CG her ID back and waves her through with a respectful salute. You feel the squish in your pants from your long trip and watch nervously as the car pulls into a parking space. You had fought the urge for as long as you could. You had your wits about you and so could fight, but one miss-timed bump in the road had left you gasping as you sprayed into your thirsty diaper. Sam knew those sounds well and had simply smirked into the rear view. Samantha gets out the of the front seat taking your diaper bag from the passenger and comes back to open up the door to unbuckle you. She keeps a firm grip on your hand as she walks you through large automatic doors and up into a reception area. "Ms. Withers, Welcome!" a beaming young professional greeted with a file folder in hand. She crouches down condescendingly to you. “And who is this? Y/N? They thought she'd be more trouble..." She teased suggestively with a knowing smile back up to your 'Mommy.' "Oh no trouble at all." Sam waved off the compliment. "In fact do you have a place where I can change her? She's always wet after her naps." "You've perfected that technique?" The receptionist asked with a hint of surprise. "She's only a few years younger than you...” She looks down, flipping open your file. “It says here she's soiling her diapers as she sleeps while under your direct influence. I must say, Ms. Withers, your progress is unprecedented." "It's the least I can do." Sam simpered. "It's my civic duty after all, and I've been working on ways to make it happen while she's awake too. That's what her types really need. Sure she can have accidents from what not, but it's more beneficial when she doesn't realize her diaper is, how we say, growing right out from under her.” She grinned down, shaking your hand a little at your shared, but obviously one-sided joke. ”I know certain treatments have been proposed,” she continued, “but I find we as the Caregivers lose too much control over them that way as well. It's so much better when the baby gets commanded. Isn't it honey?” She taps your hand. "I eventually want to be able to snap my fingers and I see her diaper droop, but I understand her kind have been a stubborn nut to crack and we are still a ways away from that ideal." The receptionist smiles. "And that is precisely why we've called you in today, Ms. Withers. We're hoping you can bring new innovations to our program. If you would just follow me,” she holds out her hand. “I'll lead you to one of our examination rooms where you can change her." A maze of stark corridors followed then a steel door was unlocked with the beep of a keycard to reveal a brightly decorated examination room obviously designed to embarrass bigger babies. ”Feel free to use the diapers provided.” The receptionist indicated the stacks. “And of course any of the changing supplies." She added Sam got right to work after expressing her thanks by unceremoniously tugging you up onto the room’s padded table for a change. Just as your nearly leaking diaper was being brought down the receptionist gave a little wave by the door. "Bye bye, Pottypants." She giggled. “Be good for Mommy, okay? I'll be back to check on you in a little while." Quick Note: I was considering reworking this to be a third person story. I'm happy to hear ideas! I almost always edit a few parts after posting.
  23. (Please enjoy XD. Give it a like if you did! Credit for the Diaper Dimension setting goes to Princesspottypants of course~) Quincy lounges in the backseat of a luxurious executive town car absently spinning a book of matches between her pinched fingers. She flips it open to check the number scribbled inside. It had been memorized instantly of course, but reviewing it helped to pass the time and ease her hungry anticipation. She peered out her passenger-side window, watching the black rippling waterfront lap against the docks, city lights shinning like yellow-orange orbs on its moving surface. A slight twinge inside her answers this alluring view, a small pressure building below, but she soundly ignores it, cursing her weak genetics. It was illegal to have been driven to this job in such a fashion. The regulatory carseat sat empty next to her, but legality meant very little to Quincy. This was how she had learned to survive in the Amazon’s world, and luckily, she was very good at it. “Almost New Year’s.” Her driver commented, glancing at her in the rearview. Quincy only responded by lighting the final match in the book with a one-handed flick, letting it burn up the thin cardboard to then drop and fizzle against the leftover ice in her glass. She opened the door, no childlock to stop her, and stepped into the cold night. Showtime. She had been trained; not like the other drooling idiots of her kind, but by an Amazon who knew how to hone her very particular set of skills. Ones that used her size to her advantage. In this case, a cargo vessel’s ventilation system became as easy to navigate as a Little’s playground. A snap of her wrist anchored her rappel and she lowered herself on the thin line, barely strained by her weight, into the cargo hold below. Container 343Y...The cameras were taken care of and it was shocking how few crew were required to operate these enormous ships. She walked between the towering rows like she owned the place, which in a moment she would; at least a small piece of it. Finding the container, she cut the lock and shoved her mechanized wedge to leverage the gap. The seal cracked, a hiss, then a blind punch shocked her senses. She staggered back, dropping her tool with a clang, her eyes watering as searing chemicals burnt up her nostrils forcing her to cough, gag, grow faint. She turned, collapsed, and was forced to crawl; her small black-gloved hand reaching up for her escape line, but darkeness over took her, and she was powerless to stop it. She grew numb then to her horror everything inside her relaxed; a warm stream began seeping through the fabric of her panties, quickly growing soaking wet and puddling around her. “Well, well, well.” A voice intoned above her, sneering. “I thought I smelled a rat.” A heeled toe nudges Quincy’s side, rolling her off of her pooled, yellow-tinted accident. “A lost little kitty found her way inside? Poor thing’s so nervous she’s forgotten her house training.” Quincy mewled helplessly against the effects of the drugged gas, struggling to move. “Nuh-uh. Don’t struggle, babygirl,” the Amazon admonished. “That dose won’t wear off for much longer. I was wondering where my things were walking off to; I almost thought my ships had sprung a leak! But oh don’t worry honey, Mommy will take good care of all of her baby’s little leaks...” * Floor to ceiling windows frame the twinkling city skyline. The top story penthouse was dim, cool, and inside, Quincy awakens. Her arms were held motionless by her shoulders, rubber padding crackling beneath her with every squirm, faint whiffs of baby powder and something fouler floated in the air. She attempts to stretch, her legs spreading accompanied by soft thick crinkling, but kept still by restraints, a rubber bulb obstructed her mouth when she tested her aching jaw. She tries to force the rubber out only to feel pressure against the back of her head from the strap keeping it in place. A silhouette of the Amazon settles into view, leaning above her, shushing gently, a possessive hand checking the front of the diaper, pressing squarely between Quincy’s legs. The Amazon chuckled knowingly as she felt the padding squish beneath her fingers. She could see the wetness indicator smeared and lower portions darkened from a helpless wetting and messy accident just as she had planned. Fireworks colored the sky above the city, flashing intermittent colors into the darkened room. “Happy New Year’s, babygirl.” The Amazon purred surveying her new hapless luxury toy. “Finding a Little of my own...of your sophistication...may make this my best New Year’s Night ever...” She leans forward, her full breasts aching for release, and presses a kiss against Quincy’s pacifier in a lovingly mocking gesture. Her breath then travels, settling against Quincy’s ear as she whispers, “Mother Time can tell her Baby New Year tinkled and dritied her diaper,” she tittered then chuckles, darkly smug. “Don’t worry, babygirl, Mommy’s here, and her resolution is to change her Little girl’s diapers three hundred and sixty five days of the year...”
  24. I posted this story before but that glitch messed it up so I have to repost it. but I also decided to go through and fix a lot of mistakes I had in this story so her is the fixed version. It was a chilly Saturday morning, The sun just barely peeking out behind the trees. Not a cloud in sight. Such a Beautifull day to be in school detention. As we pulled into the high school, I found it really weird to look at it without all the kids running around. Granite Hills School (random school name) was a medium-sized school with nothing much to it. The only thing the school is well known for is that 4 years ago it was one of the worst high schools for bullying, high pregnancies, and dropouts. Then one day they hired a disciplinary teacher, and everything was fixed. Being freshmen, I haven't yet seen the teacher myself, and for some reason, no one ever wants to talk about it. As we pulled up to the front of the school, we were greeted by a tall 6-foot blond girl. She didn't look much older than me, and I guess she was a senior also in trouble. “Excuse me, when will the teacher be here?” my dad asked the girl. “That would be me, I'm Mis.Mare the disciplinary teacher,” she said with a smile. To our shock, both dad and I got out of the car to shake her hand and apologize for not knowing. “It's no problem it happens all the time.” she then looked over at me and gave me a smile. “So how does this work exactly. Does Sara have to come here every week? Or….” my dad asked wanting to know how long I would be punished. “Ow no for what she did today will be all. Mostly she just has to finish her test and anything else she might not have finished.” Mis.Mare told him before handing him a couple pieces of paper. “This is everything you'll need to know, and I would ask you read it as soon as you can.” he nodded in agreement while she looked back to me. she then gestured for me to follow her into the school building. As we walked through the empty halls, she leads me to a room labeled D-1. Walking in I saw that it was the size of a small class and looked like one except for the one desk in the middle of the room. “Why is their only one desk? Aren't there more students coming?” I asked. “Nope, you're the only one,” she told me as she walked to her desk and held up a folder. I walked over to sit down. After a moment of silence, she turned around and began writing on the board. 1 finish test. 2 punishment/lines As she wrote that I thought back to yesterday. All I did was not go to my math class and played on my phone in the girl's bathroom. I didn't even know we were having a test until I was caught. At least my punishment is writing lines. “Before we start I want to ask if you have any other homework you would like to do while you're here?” She asked, and I shook my head no. “ok so here's how it'll work you after you finish your test you'll have your punishment, lines and then you can go home.” she told me with a smile as she handed me my test and a water bottle. The test wasn't hard and besides Mis.Mare leaving for a few minutes to check something I was done within 40 minutes. “Done already?” she asked as she picked up both my test and empty water bottle. Throwing the bottle away she placed the test into the folder. “Ok then now please come up to the desk please,” she asked me, and I did. I guess she's just going to give me a pen and a sentence to write. Mis.Mare then picked up the folder off her empty desk and put it into a drawer before asking me to lift out my hands. When I did, I heard a click and felt a cold metal on my hands and realized I was just handcuffed! “What the hell!” I yelled as I tried to get away from Mis.Mare but she just gripped the handcuffs harder and pulled me over her desk and looped the handcuffs into a lock leaving me lying on the desk with my legs kicking over the edge. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!” I screamed, but she shoved something into my mouth and strapped it behind my head to silence me. “I told you earlier after you finish your test its punishment, lines and then you can go home. This is your punishment before your lines.” this bitch said with that same simple smile as if this was the most normal thing in the world before walking behind me. I tried to kick her, but she just grabbed my legs and moved them before she grabbed the sides of my pants and pulling them down to my feet. I tried my hardest to do something, to kick her but she just pinned my legs down by putting her foot on my pants keeping my feet stuck to the floor. “What cute undies you have,” she said as my face blushed beet red. SMACK! I screamed as loud as I could when this woman smacked my bare ass. But the sound was muffled by the thing in my mouth. “That's 1 for ditching class,” she said. my tears started flowing as she raised her left hand and smacked my left butt check this time and I screamed again. “1 for playing on your phone during a class period.” Mis.Mare went on from there with each lousy thing I did. Again and again. By the end, I was out of breath and worn out. Mis.Mare walked around her desk and opened a cabinet before looking at my red teary-eyed face and gave me that same smile. “The worst is over, just going to give you some stuff to help the pain,” she said as she took out a paper bag and went behind me again. After a few moments and hearing some rustling sounds she quickly pulled my panties down. I began to squirm again until I felt a cold hand on my butt. “This is some special cream to stop the burning.” she told me before squirting moor cream on me and rubbing it in.” I was so embarrassed, but at the same time, I had to agree that the cream was soothing. I soon began to relax a bit, or as much as I could in this situation. Until I felt something weird as Mis.Mare started to poke my butthole and quickly slid a finger in, and I bit down hard on the thing in my mouth. “Ow so tight. I know exactly what will work,” Mis.Mare said as began sliding her finger in and out and looking into her bag for something else. When she finally removed her finger something bigger was put in. “good girl, that plug fits you perfectly.” I have no idea what she did next, I could feel that she put something fluffy on my butt and wrapped it around my crotch before taking a marker and writing something on it. She then started sliding my foot out of my pants and underwear and sliding something else up my legs and over the first thing before I heard a click. Mis.Mare then picked my clothes off the floor and walked back in front of me. Still, with that smile, she folded both my pants and underwear and placed them into the bag before taking a stapler and stapled the bag shut. Then with a marker, she wrote ‘for daddy’ on it before setting it aside. “Great! your punishment is over!” Mis.Mare said with an excited tone as I just glared at her. She then undid the gag, and I now could see it looked like a big pacifier? She then held up a set of keys in front of me. “Now be a good girl, and I'll use this one to let you out,” she said to me. “Fuck... you.” I panted at her, but she kept smiling. “I'll let that one go just this once after what just happened,” she told me before she grabbed a key and undid the handcuffs. The moment she did I jumped to my feet and tried to run to the door, but with the combination of the buttplug and a bulk between my legs, I quickly tripped and fell down. “What the!” I yelled as I spun around to look at what was between my legs and my brain couldn't comprehend what it was at first. “W-wh..” “It's a diaper, Sara. Something all bad kids get here.” Mis.Mare said to me as she watched me try to take it off but couldn't as it had some type of cover over it with a chain and lock. “That only comes off when you are done with your lines,” she told me. I tried to yell at her, then decided to leave, but the door was locked. I wanted to call the cops, but my phone was in my pants, and she just put them into her cabinet and held out a pen. “You can try whatever you want, but you're not leaving until I get my lines. ‘I will be a good girl for mommy’ 100 times.” she told me as she sat back in her seat, that stupid smile not leaving her face. In the end, she was right I couldn't do anything. So I waddled my way back to the board and began to reluctantly write my lines. I had just finished writing 28 linens when I felt a major cramp in my stomach. “Can I use the bathroom!?” I asked Mis.Mare. “You may use the bathroom when your lines are done. I promise.” Mis.Mare told me, so I continued. I tried my hardest to focus on my lines but I kept getting those cramps every few minutes, and I had to stop until it passed. Once it did, I tried to write faster making my handwriting sloppy, but I finally covered the entire board and Mis.Mare began counting the lines as I bent over with another cramp. “So close but that's only 97. What bad handwriting,” Mis.mare told me. “But it's close enough. Please let me use the bathroom!” I pleaded. “Nope, I said 100 and since you can't do it the first time let's erase it all and start over,” she told me as she held out an eraser. “NOOOO!” I screamed. “Please, I'll do anything just let me finish!” I pleaded with her as tears began streaming down my face. “Aww with a face like that it's hard to say no. Ok, I have an idea. Be a good girl for mommy and come here.” she told me. I was in so grateful I didn't even bother to correct her that she wasn't my mommy. I walked over to her, and she spun me around. I heard a faint CLICK before she turned me around again and pulled the plastic covering off revealing the big white diaper I had on. “I'll make you deal.you can either start over on the board, or you can be a good girl for mommy and finish your 3 lines on your diaper,” she told me before standing up and walking away. I looked down at the diaper and began to writing ‘i will be a good girl for mommy, I will be a good girl for mommy, I will be a good girl for mommy. On my diaper. Once I was finished, I looked up at Mis.Mare who now held out a pink skirt. “Good girl! Now let's get this on you and let you relieve yourself,” she told me with her smile, and I couldn't help but smile back as I let her help me get it on. It was a cheap skirt and it just barely covered my diaper. I was so glad it was Saturday so no one could see me like this as we walked through the school. As soon as we got to the bathroom, I reached for the door, but it was locked. Suddenly a massive cramp hit and I fell to my knees clenching my stomach. “It's ok. The school is closed, so all the bathrooms are locked but don't worry. You'll be able to go soon.” Mis.Mare told me before reaching out her hand. “Now be a good girl for mommy and take my hand. I did as I was told and she helped me back up before leading me by the hand to the front of the school. I could see out the door and see my dad's car already waiting for us as I began to whimper. “you're a good girl. It's time to go see daddy. Be a good girl for mommy.” Mis.Mare said as we walked to the car and my face was bright red. My dad rolled down the window and looked at us. “How did it go?” he asked. “It was perfect. She is almost done.” Mis.Mare told him Wait almost? What does she mean? “Ok I'll wait.” he told us as he took the paper bag with ‘for daddy’ on it from Mis.Mare. “Be a good girl for mommy and put your hands on the car.” Mis.Mare told me with her smile, and I did what I was told. She then got behind me to lift up my skirt and slide her hand into the back of the diaper and grabbed the butt plug. I began to whimper more before she whispered in my ear. “You're going to be a good girl from now on. You won't tell anyone about what happened today. You're going to feel really good soon. And if my baby girl wants to feel better then, be a good girl for mommy and use your diaper.” she said and pulled the plug out. My eyes went wide and misty as everything I was holding in was now coming out! My legs began to buckle as I squatted down as everything come out as I started moaning from the pleasure of releasing it all. Without realizing it, I began to let go of my bladder as well. I was squatting on the ground shaking when Mis.Mare opened the back seat door and helped my trembling body into the car and helped me get my seatbelt on before looking me in the eyes. She then started rubbing the front of my pee soaked diaper sending a shiver up my spine. “If the baby girl wants this again then be a good girl for mommy,” she told me. I had that same smile she had as I said “Yes mommy.” part 2 I had Sara place her hands on the car as I lifted up her skirt revealing her diaper and ‘time bomb written on the back. I then slid my hand into her diaper before whispering in her ear what to do and pulled her plug out. I quickly put the plug into a plastic baggie before placing it into my purse as the little girl succumbs to her please. Once she was done I helped her up and into the car but not before fixing the skirt up to show off her full diaper. I had to fight back a tear when I heard the girl call me mommy because I knew she was entirely under then. I watched the car drive away before I walked back into the school thinking of what will happen to Sara next. As soon as they get home, her daddy will follow the instructions I gave him. The first is to leave her in the diaper for a few hours. If she weren't broken by me, this would help with the punishment, if she was, well this will be a fun experience for her. Next would be to make lunch and give her the chocolate I added into the bag before getting her clean and giving her clothes back. Agin if she wasn't mine she would just get more humiliation, but if she was then, they might start to get a fetish for it. And lastly another diaper. Eather as a punishment or reward. Either way, it doesn't matter. I walked into the room labeled D-2 and into my office. It was a beautiful place I created for myself as I sat down at my desk and opened Sara’s folder before turning on the baby monitor next to me. Over the monitor, I could hear my little girls playing happily in another room. Back to my paperwork I began writing down my session with Sara and started giving her marks. She was a good kid, easy to punish, and while hesitant at first came around real quick. I wrote a few more things before I the folder away. I then looked up at the photo of a strawberry blond girl wearing very revealing clothing and I couldn't help but think back to 6 years ago ************************************************* I was the 2nd child in my family of 8. My mother was the type to have a man get her pregnant before forcing them to pay for the kid and doing anything she could so she wouldn't have to work. Including breaking her own leg to try to sue a small company. Between my siblings and me we all never really got along. Most of the time it was just found for yourself. The school was no better. People knew about my family and liked to call us trash. It was like the pot calling the kettle black, as most of the school was trash. The classes were just full of fucked up people. If you were nice you were bullied, if you were rich, you were pampered. If you were ugly you were abused, if you were hot everyone wanted in your pants. Most teachers here quit after just a year or two. It's incredible the school could even function. The only good thing in the entire school was just one teacher. An old army vet named Mr.Hobson. He didn't take shit from anyone. Always ready to put people in their place. He was the math/PE teacher. His class was the only safe haven in the school where the bullies know they couldn't mess with him. During breaks he let us stay in his class just to get away from them. He was a great teacher until Alice Young transferred to our school. She was the very definition of hot at the school. Tight body, big chest, dressed like a slut. From what I heard at the time was that she was raped by a teacher and they moved here to get away from the memories. The truth is that she was fucking a teacher for better grades and was caught. She claimed it was rape and everyone believed her. Even though she was a junior, she began to rule the school. It was just before the second half of school that we got a progress report that showed what our grade was and a possibility to improve it before the final grade. My classes were decent, mostly C’s and B’s though I could work in history a bit more as it was a D' I didn't really care and neither did my mom. Alice Young’s grads, however, were different. Every class she had were A’s except two, math and PE both at F’s. Everyone knew why she flirted with or manipulated all the teachers except Mr.Hobson. She couldn't accept not getting what she wanted, and at the time her own daddy was starting to restrict her a bit, so she decided to get rid of them both. A week before grades came out the school was in an uproar. Alice Young came to school all beat up, her dad was arrested, and Mr.Hobson never came back to school. Alice tricked her dad into thinking Mr.Hobson beat and raped her so he would kill him. She then told the cops it was her own father that hit and raped her and that he killed the old man for giving his daughter terrible grades. It was just so sick and twisted what that girl would do just to get her way. I didn't go to school for a month after that. I couldn't stand that school anymore, and my mother and family didn't care. It wasn't until I heard that Mr.Hobson family was selling his stuff did I decide to finally leave the house. Mr.Hobson had a lot of random things he collected over the years, too much for his kids to really keep. So they gathered the ones that had memories and a few valuables and sell the rest. Looking around I could see stuff from everywhere he was stationed. It wasn't until I noticed a small box did I ask heat it was. It was just some old puzzle box he got in Japan. He always said it was magic and that it would only be granted to those who opened it. I got it for $5. It's not like I thought I was actually magic but it was cool looking, and I wanted something to remember Mr.Hobson. It was 3 days later that I figured out how to open the box. I was so excited that for a moment I actually thought I might see the magic! But instead, it was just an empty box. I know I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up, but I still made a little wish. ‘I wish I could change people. It was a few weeks later that I finally discovered my new abilities. By this point, I had been missing a lot of schools, and my mom didn't like me lazing about the house. We got into a fight about being lazy, and she stormed out of the house when I told her ‘just get a job and support your family you lazy bitch!”. The next day for the first time ever she stunned us all when she said she had a job interview. At first, I couldn't believe it, and over the next few weeks, I began to work on my new powers. I have a type of hypnosis. Depending on the age and gender determine how I can manipulate people. For adults are the easiest. Their minds are full grown and don't change as much. However the younger you are the harder it is to get you under and takes a bit more reinforcement. When I finally realized this, I decided it was time to get a little bitch back. I was still learning how to control my powers, but I came up with a plan to do both. As soon as I got back to school, I convince the school to let me work on my grades and catch up. With that out of the way, I began my research on Alice and finding out everyone she’s ever dated, for how long and why they broke up. She dated anyone with power and used them until they were useless to her. Mostly she goes after the caption of any sports team that has the spotlight on them. It didn't take much to manipulate the track team, and before long I had them all under in a matter of days. Next, I began to date the lowest man on the team, Eddy. I was made fun of for a while for being trash that cadets a loser. That is until he began to get better. I merely made him focus and work harder on track, and if he were up against other members of the team, they would sometimes let him win. After a few weeks, I was dating the star of the track team. A zero to hero story, And Alice could see it. Alice then began to put pressure on me to leave him or flirted with him to break up with me. And each time I would tell her ‘you're not woman enough for him’. Eventually i “caught” them making out and pretended to be heartbroken. But I knew I finally won, and all I had to do was watch. Thanks to my reinforcements she wanted to be woman enough for him while he just argued with her that she was just too immature and preferred a woman that was into his kinks. It took a week, but he finally texted me a picture of her peeing her pants for him. This went on until the end of school. By now Alice was utterly in love with him, and she changed a lot. She wore less revealing clothing and instead of being a bitch to everyone she could only be at his side. Everyone thought she had finally changed, that she finally mastered. Nope. She just in lust. The clothing change is to hide the pull up she now wears and she stays so close to him is because he has the remote to the toys she’s using. It was here he told her he was ready to see her as a woman, but first, she had to do something. *************************Alice pov****** It was late at night, but I met Eddy in front of the school. I had a bit of a waddle as I walked up to him wearing a big coat. “Did you do what I asked?” he asked me. My face was bright red, and I was panting a bit as I opened up my coat revealing my almost naked body. The only thing I had on was a diaper, a pacifier wrapped around my neck, and a faint buzzing sound could from the diaper. I tried to lean in for a kiss, but he just stopped me by placing the pacifier into my mouth And told her not yet before taking my coat and leading me into the school. He leads me into a room already prepared for us. Bed, an ice chest and a box that already had some of my favorite toys. Eddy led me to the bed and began taking off his clothes. I was now getting very excited as I tried to remove the diaper Eddy stopped me saying again not yet. He then started kissing my body and play with my breast. When he finally stopped, he began to untaped my diaper. By now I was panting so hard the pacifier fell out of my mouth. He then had a good long look at my naked body. Especially at the toy buzzing away getting me ready for him. That is before he told me I wasn't ready I then began to freak out. I didn't want to stop here! I wanted him to finally go all the way, and I started to plead with him. “Fine, you just have to do one more thing before you're ready,” he told me, and I cheered. He then went over to the box and pulled out a blindfold. Telling me to wear it until he says to take it off. With no way of seeing him, he took out my vibrator and replaced it with an even better one. “That'll keep you occupied until I'm done,” he told me, and I began to tremble with pleasure. I could hear him messing around with something, and I was getting excited. I then decided to start playing with my clit when my hand was smacked away. “Not yet,” he told me. Party pooper... After a moment I felt a nozzle go into my ass and I jumped when the warm water began to fill me. This wasn't my first enema, but it still felt odd to me. “Hands behind your head,” he told me before playing with my breast again while the enema fills me up. When the enema is done, I can feel my stomach bloating a bit. Eddy rubs it and calls me a good girl as he pulls the plug out, and I immediately want to go. Instead, something cold was inserted. “What is that!” I ask. “It's an ice butt plug. The warm water in your tummy will melt it in 2 minutes,” Eddy tells me. He then lifts up my butt, and I feel him put a bigger diaper on me and tape me up. “Are you ready?” he asks. “YES YES IM READY!” I yell just wanting it to be over so we can finally start doing it. “Ok open your eyes,” he tells me, and with a big smile on my face, I remove it to see a flash of bright light. “AWWW she's so precious!” I hear a girl's voice as I blink away the flash I look up to see my boyfriend's ex standing next to him with a camera in one hand and his dick in the other. “Wh-what?” I asked my brain going 60 miles an hour before the girl jumps on top of me pinning my hands to above my head. “It was so fun to watch you play the big girl, but I think it's time you know he never saw you as a real woman,” she says with a smile on her face. “b-but I am a real woman!” I yell at her as I try to get her off but to no use. “Do you remember what I told you a long time ago”? she asked as I looked over to Eddy as he masturbates right in front of me. “ you're not woman enough for him, now enjoy your diaper for mommy.” she said as Eddy turned my vibrator on full blast! No, no! This can't be happening! The vibrations make my entire body shack, and I know it’s only a matter of time before I cum. I don't even notice that mommy got off of me as I grab the front of my diaper. It feels so good that I can finally cum! My body arcs in the air as waves of pleasure wash over me. ************************mommy's pov******************* I watched as both eddy and Alice had their orgasm and Alice fall back to the floor twitching while the back of their diaper began to expand. She even started to moan even more. I knew right then I broke her and took another picture. It was here that things began to change. To start, I had my mom become a better woman by having her get a job and take care of her family. I also made it so my siblings would never become what our mother was. Plus I made one of them into a bed wetter just for fun before I moved out. Alice Young was in the news as she ran away from home stealing her boyfriend's car and leaving a video of her confessing her crimes. Her father was released, and Mr.Hobson’s name was cleared entirely. During that summer the school was being fixed up, and I threw in a few ideas to add since I became the new disciplinary teacher. With my powers, I could possibly rule the world, but I decided I wanted to help it. I wanted to turn this shity school around and make everyone a better person while also adding a bit of my own fun to it. Eddy moved on with his life and forgot everything he did involving Alice and me. I hear he even went to the Olympics not too long ago. I kept this picture of Alice on my desk to help remind me why I do what I do. I smiled at it than I received a buzz in my pocket. I received the message ‘is she ready?’ it asked. ‘Yes, come pick her up at 3:40.’ i replied. Over the baby monitor, I can hear one of them wishing, and I know just what was happening. I sighed and get up to check on the babies. I leave my office and into D-3 that had a staircase leading down to my home. Once I'm down there, I could see my bad baby Alice on top of baby Bobbi.