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Found 8 results

  1. (This story is done, let me know what you think about. Story will be posted in parts) Thanks in advance. “Fuck this mom. I’m going out and having a good time.” Jackson said as he walked towards the front door. “Look, Jackson. I love you, but you don’t need to get out tonight since your last charge. I’m just trying to keep you out of trouble” Ms. Peters said. “Mom. I’m 19 years old and the charge was for open container and under age consumption. Nothing else. It was just bad luck you know.” Jackson said as he rolled his eyes. “If you go out that door, you will be paying more rent than you know. Besides, I’m not bailing you out until the morning.” Ms. Peter’s said. “Mom. I won’t get caught and I promise I’ll stay out of trouble.” Jackson said as he crossed his fingers behind his back. “I have a feeling tonight that you will get a trick, instead of a treat.” Ms. Peters said as she walked back into the kitchen. “OK, what ever mom. I’ll be back tonight or early morning. “Jackson said as he walked out the door headed towards the street, wearing nothing but black pants and black sweat shirt. Jackson looked and could tell sunset was setting as he walked down the street looking for pranks he could pull off. Jackson finally decided he would only buy a four pack of toilet paper, eggs, and a simple mask. Jackson decided to add some different items before he checked out to make himself seem less suspicious. He then added a pack of gum and a soda. Jackson went to the self-checkout and paid. Jackson then bagged all his own item as he looked over his shoulder. Jackson walked to the park and sat down until it was night time and made sure the coast was clear before he got things ready. Jackson then put on his clown mask and got his toilet paper and eggs ready. Jackson decided to just keep all the items in the plastic grocery bag knowing it was the only way to carry them around. Jackson walked until he found the neighborhood he wanted to vandalize. He looked around to make sure the coast was clear before he started to take out the toilet paper and the eggs. Jackson started with the first roll of toilet paper and got it over the tree multiple times before it was gone. Jackson then threw a few eggs, hitting the house just below the first window. Jackson then saw the front porch light cut on. “Oh Shit.” Jackson mumbled as he grabbed his bag and darted off into the tree line. The home owner then came out decided and looked at the state of his yard. “God Dang Hooligans. Where the hell are you? Show yourself or I’m calling the cops.” The home owner said as he rushed back inside. ‘I’m not staying around to find out. “Jackson said softly to himself and took the back trail in the woods to another street. Jackson waited for about 5 minutes until the coast was cleared again. Jackson had a feeling that he might need to be ready to run away from the cops, but he still took the risk. Jackson then started back up and vandalizing the first house and was finished in a few minutes. He then started working on the second house, when he saw a car speeding towards him with headlights on. Jackson knew who it was. Jackson grabbed his bag and quickly ran into the woods. The car quickly pulled up and turned on the red and blue lights. Jackson could see the lights behind him as he made it deeper into the woods. “Stop. Police.” The guy yelled as he jumped out of his car and cut his flashlight on and ran to the edge of the woods. “Dam kids.” The cop said as he used his flashlight to try and spot Jackson but had no luck. The cop went back to his cruiser and got on his loud speaker. “Kid. I aint coming in there for you but I will find you and will charge you with multiple counts of vandalism. I saw your face and I don’t forget faces.” The cop yelled. “Yeah right.” Jackson said as he hustled through the wood’s barley hearing the cops. Jackson kept moving for a good five minutes until he thought he would be safe. “All right. I think I’m good for now.” Jackson said as he looked around and could tell he was lost. It was dark, but he didn’t want to cut his flashlight on his phone for the cop to see him. “Fuck. I thought I ran straight and only few a minute or two I would be over on the next street but I’m not.” Jackson said as he pulled out his cellphone and cut the back light on his phone all the way down. Jackson looked at his phone again and found out he had no service. Jackson knew he had no choice but to go forward. He walked through the woods for a while until he found what looked like an abandoned warehouse. Jackson then heard what sounded like a police siren coming up in the distance and made the rash choice to get inside the warehouse. Jackson made his way through the old cracked door and ventured inside. Jackson looked inside the warehouse and found it to be broken down and covered in filth. He never knew that this area had a warehouse.
  2. "Look, Jonathan. This is a very important day for Merge Corp. This commercial might seem like child's play, but if we screw it up we'll lose millions. Now get your ass down here or you'll find yourself in the unemployment office by noon tomorrow!" Charlotte Pickles exclaimed before hanging up her cell phone. "Mrs. Pickles, we're running a bit behind schedule." The director nervously stated. "What's causing the delay?!" Charlottes fumed. "The baby that's supposed to star in the commercial is not cooperating with her mother. The kid won't stop crying." The director explained. "I'll fix this. You just get that camera ready!" The businesswoman declared confidently as she walked away from the director and over to a young mother and her bawling baby girl. "We don't have all day to film this commercial." Charlotte stated bluntly. "I know, I know, but I can't calm down little Madison." The frustrated mother replied. "You're obviously a terrible mom. I have a daughter of my own who's a perfect little angel." The CEO paused slightly. "You can't let this little brat walk all over you or you'll never maintain control of your family like me. Now shut her up and get out there!" The tense situation was broken by the ringing of Charlotte's mobile phone. "Damn it, Jonathan! I..." "That's not an age appropriate toy you're holding in your hand." The woman on the other end of the phone said in a voice reserved for infants. "Look lady, I don't know how you got this number, but you..." Charlotte stopped mid sentence. "That's better. Now I heard you were needing a baby and mommy to star in your diaper commercial?"
  3. The following story was a request of sorts for Dyperdrive on Deviantart. The following characters are his and are used with his permission. Depending on the feedback this will most likely be made into a comic. Please leave feedback if you enjoy the story.
  4. Cole was upset that he had to have a babysitter watch him. He begged his mom that he was too old for a babysitter but his mom insisted on hiring one since she was leaving for a trip.
  5. Daniel was never much of a man, he wasn't effeminate however he wasn't studly either. Marcy loved him at one point but when she met Arnoldo the tanned muscle Italian at work she knew it would never been enough with Daniel anymore,Arnoldo wanted Marcy and Marcy wanted him,but she couldn't break her husband's heart,Arnoldo demanded to see a picture of Daniel,as soon as he saw the picture, he knew it would be fun to dominate him so he came up with a plan to help Marcy spare his feelings and yet not cut him out of her life completely.
  6. I am looking to play with the character's from tiny toon adventures. when Elmyra kidnap's,keeps and baby's a character like Johnny Pew from How I spent my vacation. if you're interested let me know.
  7. I am thinking about a scenario where a small framed man attracts the attention of a larger man,he abducts the smaller man and turns him into the baby of his dreams whether he likes it or not! I can play the daddy or the baby anyone interested?