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Found 14 results

  1. So, one thing I noticed when I have a catheter in is that every now and then, it will feel like I'm trying to pee really hard. I'm guessing these are bladder cramps? Either way, is this normal or how do I make them stop. Because it is borderline painful.
  2. Yesterday, I flew from Ft. Lauderdale to Dallas Tx on business. I wore a depends pullup to the airport (dry), but as soon as I cleared TSA, I went to the adult changing room, and put in a foley catheter and changed to a bambino. If then put the syringe you use to remove the catheter into my carry on, and went to gate check the carry on. I would be in diapers from then, until I got to Dallas at the very least. The flight from FLL to ATL was short - just a couple hours. In that time, I drank a whole 1 liter bottle of water and a 20oz bottle of coke - getting the fluids flowing. My diaper was pretty dry - maybe only 1/4 full. Well, I had a short layover in ATL, and figured with the diaper as dry as it was, I would just wait until I landed in Dallas. Well, I underestimated my diaper's endurance. The fluids I had drunk on the first flight ran right through me, and I filled that diaper BIG time.I had a 12" wet circle on the back of my pants. The embarrassment and uncontrollability was so delicious. For the first time since I was a baby, I was stuck in diapers and couldn't get out. Without the syringe (which was stuck in my luggage), I had no choice but to wear and use diapers. Since I was flying, it wasn't even like I could get a knife or pair of scissors and cut the valve off. I then had to change not just my diaper (and had no choice but to change into a new one), but also my pants. The diaper was so full, it weighed several pounds. It was wet from the very top of the front all the way to about 3" from the top of the back of the diaper. Tonight, I am sitting in the hotel room in a wet/messy diaper (no catheter), ready to go shower and get back in another diaper. I made the choice when I left that I would not use a toilet from the time I took off until the time I land back in Ft. Lauderdale. I had no choice but to take the catheter out an hour after getting to Dallas, since I was meeting with a customer. (I am willing to bring diapers into the public life, but not imposing them on a customer. Those two worlds should never mix). I am going to put in a new catheter on the way back home Wednesday as well (although this time I am going to change at my layover). Since I have precheck, I am going put in the catheter before i leave the hotel room. Diaper dependent while I check out of the hotel, while I wait for the taxi, while I go through security, while I fly, and while I collect my baggage back home. Infact, I may put the catheter in Tuesday night before I go to bed. A full 24 hours (or close enough) of being diaper dependent. Unfortunately I have to change out of the diaper and remove the catheter before I get home.
  3. Hi all, had my anual check up today at urologists in the hospital. All went well until they suggested that i try using a catheter again. The consultant said that with my sphyncter being in the condition it is it may be worth trying a catheter again, but i may also "dribble a little around the catheter" i said does that mean i will have to use some sort of incontinence pad? The consultant said that it would most likely be necessary to use pads. The consultant looked a bit stumped when i suggested that not only will i still have to use pads but there will be the discomfort of a bag and the possible UTI'S as well, instead of wearing briefs and having none of the other complications. I said to the consultant that that it is he who finds fitted incontinence briefs embarrassing and that i am comfortable wearing briefs all of the time. I explained that it was a matter of getting into a routine and knowing the limits of your nappy. I told him that he was trying to stigmatise me and said that he was going to put me at more risk from being cathetered. We left it at that!
  4. Well, after writing a couple of scenes with catheters into some stories here, I got curious as to what it would be like.
  5. If you've used a stent or similar design I'd like to hear how you're making out with diapers and 24/7 wetting. The reason I bring this up is I've found it much harder to get good value out of
  6. This wasn't exactly voluntary. I found myself pissing very red pee & long,ropy clots; so little output with so much difficulty my fears of a ruptured bladder dominated other sensations.
  7. I just thought this information might be helpful for people that are trying to become incontinent or desire wearing a catheter while in a diaper. I found this site while I was looking for a better way to stretch my urethra.
  8. It could be said that I slept like a baby except that most of the babies I have known don't use catheters.
  9. When I have a catheter in, I find sitting somewhat uncomfortable. The pressure on my perineum causes me discomfort. Diaper bulge (when wet) exacerbates the situation.
  10. Who exercises with a catheter in place? With 'exercise' I mean going for a run, playing tennis etc.
  11. With the fairly active recent thread on catheters I thought I'd ask for people's viewpoints on different types. My everyday "go to" catheter is a 100% silicone 18FR catheter. It's very comfortable to use and can stay in for days. Lately I've been trying a 100% silicone catheter that is lined with silver to prevent infection. Maybe I'm part vampire, but these just burn when they are inside me. I have no idea why. When I know I'm going to be cath'ed for only a few hours I use a silicone lined rubber catheter as it's much cheaper. Largest catheter? 24FR I believe. I know I tried a 26 once, but could not get it in.
  12. Ok, I had posted elsewhere my idea to insert a plastic bead into a catheter. The idea is for the bead to keep the cath from dropping out on its own. But I still want to be able to remove it when I want to. My supplies. 1 intermittent 14fr catheter 1 plastic bead with the center drill oversize for better flow 1 stainless steel rod 1 small syringe to insert lube into the catheter Surgilube And pictures
  13. Ok, some short history about me first. I was urge incontinent from a car accident 15 years ago. Every doctor I met wanted to try and "cure" me but all I'd been interested in is getting rid of those painful urges. Last year I used catheters to reduce my urges into a more functional incontinence. It worked ok and I am now (mostly) functional incontinent. Unfortunately I still get a slight urge just before peeing, actually it's not much of an urge any more, just an annoying warning that in about 20 seconds I will be going. I don't consider myself as having any control, though sometimes my sphincter will still spasm and prevent me from peeing for another 20 seconds or so. Also, I still wake up at night just before peeing, all of which has been going on for the past year since I used the catheters. I was hoping that just letting myself pee then the urges would gradually go away to the point where I don't notice it until I'm all ready wet, and get to sleep a full night again- but that isn't happening since my control over peeing is messed up to start with. I've worn diapers 24/7 for the last 15 years but I'm still seeking a more comfortable life (to which the doctors won't help me). That said I'm just looking for input here to see what everyone thinks. I've tried getting many different urologists to help me achieve full incontinence or even just buying a (pre-mounted) urethral stent- no luck in the last 5 or 10 years of trying. I just realized the simplicity of stents are really nothing more than a bimetal strip that is coiled when hot then mounted on a catheter at room temp. When it gets inserted into the body it expands again so you can pull the catheter out while leaving he stent. The coil holds open your sphincter, and in about 3 months scar tissue grows around it, making it permanent without any further, additional, risk of infection. I think I might be able to make one out of a new bimetal thermostat which uses stainless steel & copper (that little copper inside you would be safe since it takes a lot for copper poisoning). Warm it up in 99 degree water, coil it around a bic pen, make sure it contracts tight around the pen, warm it up again to 98 degrees and make sure it expands to slide off easily, place it over the tip of a catheter and let it contract again, soak it in rubbing alcohol and let it dry, insert it (with lube as needed) until you feel the resistance of the sphincter give, insert 1/2 an inch more (I'm guessing the coil will be about 3 inches long), hold it until the coil expands from your body temp, remove the catheter, drink lots of cranberry juice for 3 months. Viola, permanent functional incontinence without the aid of doctor. First, has anyone ever had a real urethral stent inserted in them (for any reason)? What was your experience on this, and what could I expect IF I went through with this? Please no conjectures here if you haven't had it done (defined as the formation of conclusions from incomplete evidence; a guess) Second, do you believe this might work or should I refine my idea for manufacturing it? Should I use different materials? Do you know if I can get a bimetal strip that is actually rated for implanting- or better yet a stent? Go ahead and rant about your concerns but again, please stick to facts and tone down the conjectures (ie- using catheters WILL cause an infection because it happened to you even thought I used them on my own for 7 months and never got one). Third, I have great medical insurance and would be inclined to see my doctor after I've inserted it to make sure nothing is going wrong. And yes, after, not before (since I've all ready tried that but they're more worried about the "do no harm" part of their oath instead of the "do good" part that comes first.)