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Found 53 results

  1. BabyWendyMarie

    baby time

    gaaa gaaa dy dy
  2. le Hollandais

    Doing Laundry

    I was wondering how often my fellow cloth diaper wearers do laundry. Just to keep things from stinkin' up the place, I do laundry at the end of every diaper day.
  3. This was begun before the malware attack and was destroyed by it. It was my, and others', reviews of "rubber panties", rubber sheets, marketing sites, how to care for them and related. The motivation was to have the rubber panties in one easy to get at place. To find any reviews at DD you had to go to the bottom of the "Product Reviews" section of the site and wade through over 160 reviews of adult pampers to the bottom of the pile, which was a really PITA to use; I wanted to fix that However I find several things have happened that cast doubt on the value of continuing the practice, RearZ buy-out of AC Medical has produced some confusion, the the best ACM were the "high-waisted" panties which I do not know if they are available and the RearZ presentation of the AC Medical items leaves much to be desired or even if they sell the full line, of interest were the sanitary skirts in both A-line and full-circle pattern. I lobbied AC Medical for a few uears to carry them beginning in the 1990's. I do not know if RearZ carries them. Next I wanted to do reviews on Protex. However they appear to be unstable with regard to product line so what I say today could be false tomorrow. Babykins no longer carries rubber sheets, which were, to me the best. the RearZ are really more likd the draw sheets rather than full coverage and thinner, less sturdy material (I have had a few) and not the classic color) Babykins was the ivory with the classic smell that reeked of "nursery". In fact, I really do not see anything "babyish" in Babykins. The plastic panties, while servaiceable are made of material that is grainy on one side. Their rubber panties are more for "littles" and are very good and are recommended here. As far as I am concerned, there are no good rubber sheets being sold. My recommendation are as before, the LL Medico 7 mil snap-on and pull on panties and the Babykins 15 gauge rubber pantiy with protex having some good items Eruosoft and I Can't Believe It Isn't Gerber II. Their regular line that looks like the AC Medical/RearZ is not long enough at the side seams to provide good coverage but the material is very good. RearZ is to confusing for me to draw any conclusion. They appear to have botched the AC Medical line. As far as rubber sheets go, there are no good ones in sight The market is very unstable and I do not have the money to try all the ones that I would like
  4. Mommy (my SO) and I were getting ready to go out of town for the long weekend Saturday morning and she put me in a Goodnight, one of my night-time cloth diapers & 2 pairs of blue plastic panties. I asked why and she said that we wouldn't have time to stop for diaper changes & she wanted to make sure I didn't leak. I really liked being in 2 plastic panties! She dressed me the same way this morning for the ride home. When we got here, she changed me and I asked if I could wear 2 pairs again. She said yes. So here I sit. Anybody else enjoy this?
  5. I've just bought my very 1st adult diaper/ nappy. I opted for a modern cloth contoured design with leg gussets & some elastic at the back of the waistband. Love wearing it!!... but a major concern is the loud noises velcro fasteners make when I pull them apart or do an adjustment for comfort. Sound travels where I live & the neighbours can be nosey & ask awkward questions. I'm wondering about the different fastening arrangements which are available & the pro's & cons of each .. Please, could you help me?
  6. le Hollandais

    Just Have to Share

    Last Friday I got my order for Zorb II dimples. I ordered a half yard of sixty inch wide fabric. This morning I cut it up into six 10" wide by 18" soaker panels. I wear two of these panels sandwiched between two cloth diapers. That Zorb II is, as they say nowadays "da bomb." The more you wash it, the fluffier it gets. Anybody else tried it? Tell us your experience.
  7. le Hollandais

    Today Is a Good Diaper Day

    Kissed my wife good bye this morning as she left with a friend to visit a mutual college friend who lives several states away. I've spent the rest of the day diapered up. And I'm here to say I really like the Zorb II fabric. That stuff is great. Changed myself three times since this morning. It really soaks up pee very well. I have a long standing social engagement this evening so I'll have to clean up in a few hours. It's been a very relaxing day.
  8. Plastic pants have always been a big turn on for some reason. I have worn them at night over disposables. However, last night I tried a cloth diaper and plastic pants for going to bed. OMG! What a great turn on. Just need a female partner that feels the same. Good luck, right?
  9. Somelildude

    Happy Endings Pocket Cloth Diapers

    I was browsing Amazon when I came across a brand of cloth diapers called "Happy Endings", and I saw that they had some cute pocket diapers. Then I saw they had some labelled for "Teen/Adult" use. Now, I always get anxious when I see a diaper that can be for both teen and adult use. I wanted to see why it was for both, in the event this was one of "those" companies that were selling products with a "creepy" factor. After looking at their website and finding out why it was for both teens and adults, I determined that there was no creepy factor. This cloth diaper can be made shorter in length to accommodate someone about the size of a teen. With that being said, I will move on to my thoughts. This is a pocket style diaper, just like the babies today are being put in. The adult sizes come in two styles, one with snap closure and one with velcro closure. Each diaper comes with one insert when you buy it. My personal thoughts are that the snap style is shorter than the velcro style, and comes a bit short. As far as comfort goes, both of them are slim, comfortable, and fairly absorbent with the insert that comes with it. Finally, the customer service is top notch! I ended up having to send an email about an issue with the site and a coupon. They got back to me promptly and had fixed the issue. Also, when my order arrived, it was short one of the diapers. However, there was a note about the reason why (something about managing stock between sales and the website), and included a free gift. About a week later, the missing diaper arrived in the mail! To sum it up: Not creepy, great quality, comfortable, adorable prints, great customer service! If you wanted to look at getting pocket-style cloth diapers, I would give them a shot. Also, order from the web site, not Amazon.
  10. Plastic pants have always been a big turn on for some reason. I have worn them at night over disposables. However, last night I tried a cloth diaper and plastic pants for going to bed. OMG! What a great turn on. Just need a female partner that feels the same. Good luck, right?
  11. Little Christine

    LL Medico

    Recently Cocmo has ceasced production. Two of the most important things that they made were pull-on and snap-on plastic panties. Comco was an icon of the ABDL/incontinence world for some 28 or 9 years so their disappearance created a void. LL Medico has sought to fill in this void with a replacement for both pull-on and snap on panties from a company called Gary which I was asked to review and did, since I am very familiar with Comco and wanteed a readily available similar product on the market These are my reviews of the product itself, a plastic panty made of 7 Mil vinyl PULL ON PANTIES and SNAP ON PANTIES One of the advantages of these panties is a generous size overlap so that a person with a 36" waist could use anything from a small to 5X Large, depending on the specific needs at any given time. a trait not found in Comco nor many other high-quality plastic panties Now that you have learned about the products themeselves. What about the LL Medico website and online shopping process? I bought a couple of panties for my dolls (wish they carried 5X Small) to test the process The main product page is well-laid out with pictures and links to the specific product page where you do the actual purchase. the size chart is very detailed which allows you to inform yourslf very will with measurements for waist, leg, side seam length and crotch width Payment is straightforward by credit/debit card or PayPal and gave me no trouble at all The account section is also well done with access to your personal information, vouchers, purchase history and your favorite products There are also contact information, live chat and real-world reviews. They look for customer feedback and listen and help An excellent shopping experience and quick delivery Rating: 9 to 10. The more you use it the better it does for you
  12. Little Christine


  13. dannisissy

    For Sale

    I have the Babykins cloth diaper Style 11500 which is compared to the DPF like diaper it's very absorbent and thick. It has the hook and loop closure elastic back and very comfortable. The prints is called baby girl print which is very cute with baby blocks that spell different words like BABY, the back round has little dots of different colors and it is white in color,very cute. My problem is there a little small, I have a 32 inch waist and the size is listed as a medium but to small for me. I would say if you have a 30 inch waist they would fit you nicely even a waist a little smaller. I wore them Once DID NOT use them for there purpose and did wash them there still like brand new. I paid $28,00 dollars for them plus shipping (pretty expensive shipping) If you are interested in purchasing these diapers please message me. I would like to get at least $20.00 dollars for them plus shipping. I"m willing to negotiate but please be reasonable. Of course it would be discreet shipping. Please USA only.
  14. I am an AB who enjoys pooping in my diapers; I use both disposable and cloth. When using clothies, I have had serious problems with poop staining my plastic pants and thus ruining them. Does anyone know of a plastic pants that do not have this problem?
  15. Be sure to stop by Changing Times Diaper Company the next time you are in Las Vegas. We offer a nice selection of cloth diapers, waterproof pants made with plastic and polyurethane laminate (PUL), and, disposable diapers from ABU, Bambino and BareBum. Feel free to
  16. BabyWendyMarie

    baby time 4

  17. BabyWendyMarie

    baby time 3

  18. BabyWendyMarie

    baby time

  19. BabyWendyMarie

    Bad Experience

    Babykins, the online retailer of fine adult baby clothing known by many, has really let me down. Two months ago I ordered two large cloth diapers with a girl print. I don't usually like prints on my diapers, as I prefer the plain white. But this print looked "soft" to me, and so I ordered it. When my order arrived, I found that the print I ordered was NOT the one I received. As I am in the habit of washing things when as soon as I get them, I washed these immediately, realizing they would not take them back after my doing so. Despite that, I called the company to tell them about their mistake. The woman in charge was instantly defensive (I had emailed her a week earlier and it had taken her a full business week to reply); even though she said it was too bad that I had washed the garments, she NEVER apologized for the inconvenience I was experiencing. Her manner of handling things was not what I would call "professional." It was as if she had no idea that the items being sent were different from the items being offered on their website. In fairness to them, they offered to take 25% off my next order and provide free shipping, which would have been acceptable, but the point was that I would not have ordered these diapers had it not been for the print they showed on their website. You can see how different they were in the pix I've shown below. This practice by retailers to replace an item ordered with a different item is known as "bait and switch" and it is illegal in the US, although I'm not sure about Canada. It surely is NOT a business practice which would lead to greater consumer confidence. I also noticed that one of the diapers they sent had a flawed serge stitch along the outer seam. All in all it appeared they wanted to relieve themselves of their factory "seconds" and I was the likely candidate. At the moment the purchase is under review by my credit card company with which I have filed a dispute claim. The whole point of this notice is to inform people that when you deal with Babykins, despite the innocent sounding name which is so attractive to AB little folk such as myself, you do not know what you are going to get and you will not be able to have confidence in purchasing from them because we know they practice "bait and switch," a dishonest policy which puts the consumer at a disadvantage. If you order what is pictured below, this is not the print you receive. This is so sad because I've always enjoyed their product offerings and patronized their business for at least the last three years. Either way you look at it, it's a "buyer beware" world, folks, even if you're little and you don't think ANYONE should cheat you, EVER (like me...).
  20. Little Christine

    Christine's Review

    This has grown into the "What", "How" and "Why" of clothe diapers and rubber panties. along with an invitation and the means by which, to join in the process Christine's Reviews
  21. BabyWendyMarie

    Babykins Cloth Diapers

    Just bought two new cloth diapers from Babykins. They are a night-time diaper with a nice wide pad and a cute girl print. I'm very excited about this, as I have not bought new cloth diapers in well over three years. I'm also going to try the diaper pins they carry, model 14003. They aren't cheap but I've never had a 3" pin and am looking forward to trying these on for size, so to speak...Here is the link for the new diapers. I've always been impressed with babykins customer service for the most part, and their products are really good too. http://www.babykins.com/store/adult-cloth-diapers/kins-flat-prefold-night-time-adult-diaper/
  22. babyblood

    cloth diapers

    heya guys im looking for some cloth diapers/nappies but i want patterned ones nice a colourful ones like these baby ones i live in the uk and i really want some can anyone help or know were i can get some from ? thanks guys