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Found 61 results

  1. For sale, individual or job lot (prefer the latter). Incontinence pads, pe backed all are slips (nappy style). Sizes small to large all need to go. Size Small: (Cost: £5.00pp) (249 small pads in total) x7 Tena Slip Confio air (Cotton style backing) Maxi x 24pp x2 Small Tena Slip PE Backed (Plastic backing) Super x30pp x1 Small Tena Slip PE Backed (Plastic backing) Maxi x21pp Size Medium (PE Backed) (295 medium pads in total) (Cost: £8.00pp): x1 ID Slip M, Extra Plus x28pp x7 ID Slip M, Extra Plus x28pp x1 ID Slip M, Super x28pp x1 Drylife Super Slip x15pp x2 Abri-Form Abena M4 PE Backed x14pp (Cost: £12.00pp) Size Large (PE Backed) (44 large pads in total) (Cost: £10.00pp): x2 Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi x22pp In total I have 588 pads in small to large. I have boxes for almost all of them. Come from a pet and smoke free home. If your buying all of them we can negotiate a price. I am welcome to offers, but due to size and weight, these need to be collection only. You can arrange for a courier to collect but it will be at your own cost. Grab yourselves a bargain today. Based near Milton Keynes, UK
  2. Diapers for sale

    Hey everyone, I am trying to get rid of some diapers that are just sitting in my closet. 3 Bags of size 3 Tykables, asking 20 a bag or 50 for all 3. 4 bags of XL Space, asking 60 for them all. or 20 a bag. 1 case of Bambino Classico Size LG. asking 50 for the case. 4 bags of Abena M4 asking 15 a bag.
  3. Good Abena Wetting Vids

    Has anyone got any great Abena Diaper wetting videos they could share?
  4. Wetdream in diaper

    Has anyone had a nocturnal emission in their diaper and was thankful you had your diaper on when you woke up? Geeze, I was taking this pygeum supplement that helps with increasing precum flow or helps with prostatic fluid. After a couple of days, I woke up to the most intense ejaculation in the middle of my sleep!!! Thankful I had abena diapers on. Look at the proof! My mind was blown!!!
  5. Hello everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that we now sell TENA, Molicare, Attends, Depends, and more! If you don't see it on the site, I just might not have gotten around to adding the items yet. Reply back here or shoot me a PM and I'll let you know if we have it. Everything ships the same day and will arrive at your door withing 1 - 3 days (lower 48 states). https://www.llmedico.com/27/adult-diapers/ If you have any questions, please let me know or email us at [email protected] or call us at 855-422-4556 (between 9-5 M-F Eastern). Thanks and have a great day! Alex Owner/Operator LLMedico.com
  6. My Day in Diapers

    After working eighty hours the past week, I finally had a day off from work. Unfortunately, spending so much time at work left all the work around the house unfinished . So Friday was a day of running errands. I hadn't worn a diaper in two weeks and was feeling the need to wear for the day. Two appointments and lots of stops at various stores. It was a warm, well hot, but I decided I needed to wear jeans to my first appointment. An Abena and suffer would have to do while I was out. Going against convention, I decided to wear tight jeans over my diaper. Checking myself in the mirror, my butt was larger but not obvious . Unfortunately my jeans did not completely cover the top of the diaper. Found a long shirt that came down low enough to cover up. Since it was warm outside, I made sure I was well hydrated before I left and made sure I took some liquids with me. One of my stops involved properly disposing of fluorescent light bulbs. These bulbs are the long ones and just wouldn't fit in my trunk. Large diaper butt and all, I have to bend over and reach into the trunk to pull the straps allowing the seat back to fold down. I don't think the neighbors were around to see. So off I went to the auto-parts store. It wasn't busy but to employees were in the shop. I find the part I think I want on the bottom shelf. Bending over, I grab the part and look it over. Then I see the one I really need on an upper shelf. Bending down again, I replace the first part on the bottom shelf. Next the hardware store to look for some miscellaneous pieces and parts. My bladder is feeling full by this time but I set a goal to hold it for another two hours. At least until my first appointment was complete. Again, what I was looking for was on the lower shelves and I needed to repeatedly bend and squat down to look for the pieces and parts. By the time I was ready to check out, there was a crowd of people around the register. Some women with there young children stepped in line behind me. Unfortunately, I had to wait because there was a delivery and not enough employees were at the front to help. Another five minutes waiting to check out. The kids never said anything. I made my way to the next stop, bought another long item that needed to go into the trunk. So in a crowded and busy parking lot, I bent over in the trunk with my diapered butt hanging out for all to see. At that point, I didn't care and was enjoying myself. Hope my shirt covered my diaper. Finally, my first appointment for the day. Had to take an elevator to the fourth floor. I arrived early, had a thick diaper, a full bladder. There were people standing in line waiting to get checked in and I'm sure people standing and sitting in the reception area could see my diaper bulge. After getting checked in, I was told to wait in a small room with other people. Random types of chairs were arranged in rows in front of a television mounted on the wall. The only open seat was front and center in an open back type chair. If my jeans opened up or my shirt came up a little, everybody behind my would see my diaper peaking above my waistband. Trying to hold the pee back until after the appointment was getting difficult. Finally my turn, I stood up when my name was called and looked around the room to see if anyone noticed my diaper. Made eye contact with a couple of people but none seeing to let on they saw anything. Back to the reception area to sit and wait more. This time on full display of anyone walking into the area. It was finally over and my bladder was aching. Waiting for the elevator, I began wetting my diaper. It felt like the diaper was going to leak so I stopped the flow of pee. Finally, the elevator arrived and I stepped in, pushed the button and waited for elevator to move. As the elevator moved, I felt it was safe to pee again. Suddenly, the elevator stopped and the doors opened. Still wetting my diaper, I look up and a woman steps on, confused I look and see it stopped at the third floor. Managing to stop the flow of pee. I paid attention to my surroundings. The woman was asking to hold the door for a coworker. Arriving at the bottom floor, I held the door for them and followed them out of the building. Stopping outside to check the address for the next stop, I stood on the sidewalk and wet my diaper more. So my diaper is getting full and I still had a couple of stops to go. Next stop was going to the waste collection center to properly dispose of the light bulbs and other materials that shouldn't go into the trash. For the third time, I had to bend over into the trunk to lower the seat back so I could get the light bulbs out. Only one person around and I think he was more interested in my car than worrying about my diapered butt. That was done and off to lunch. I large iced tea and a bite to eat before the last stop. Ended up at Wal Mart to pick up a couple of items. Ended up wetting the diaper more before checking out. I'm sure my diaper was getting bigger. No leaks and all was well. Finally made it home and unloaded the trunk. Bent over to reach inside once more. I had a couple of hours until my next appointment so I changed clothes and got to work in the garage. Kept drinking water and wetting my diaper until I needed to get ready for my last appointment. Changed clothes and diaper before leaving. For this appointment, I donned an Abena pull-up. As I'm checking out and scheduling my next appointment. A friend of a friend recognizes me and we talk for a little while. Heading home, my pull-up is still dry. More work to be done before dinner. After arriving home, I change back into my
  7. Diaper Depot Atlanta, GA

    Hey everyone daddy Eric here. I just wanted to let everyone know who lives in or around the Atlanta area that starting tomorrow that Diaper Depot will be carrying abena adult diapers in store, Also next week they will also be carrying Abuniverse diapers aswell. She will be getting in Little paws and space diapers. I tried my hardest to get this started and now it is becoming a reality. I hope everyone can be as happy as I am. Diaper depot is located at: Diaper Depot ?Clothing StoreAddress: 5231 Memorial Dr, Stone Mountain, GA 30083Phone: (404) 297-4900
  8. Ok so i am trying to clean out my diaper closet- i am selling ABU SDK diapers (large), Molicare Super Plus (medium) and Abri form X-plus. They are all unopened and still in their bags The price I am listing them is as follows: ABU SDK (large) 1 pack of 10 for $25 + shipping 2 packs of 20 total for $45 + shipping Molicare Super Plus (medium) - PLASTIC BACKED! 1 pack of 14 for $20 + shipping Abri form X plus (large) - PLASTIC BACKED! 1 pack of 12 for $20 + shipping 3 packs of 36 total for $55 + shipping Please contact me for more information if interested. I accept paypal or venmo payments Note: I am shipping from Virginia, United States
  9. Hello All, I thought I'd offer these up to DD members first before putting them on Ebay. I have some Abena Delta Form's that I need to sell fast. These haven't sold very well for us over the past few months and we are waiting on our first shipment of DryCare ConfiDry 24/7's so I need to make some room in the warehouse. We'll probably add them back in the future but for now I need to get rid of them. First come, first serve! Below is what we have left but these #'s might change due to sales on our website. Shoot me a private message on here or email me at [email protected] if interested in ordering. Also send me your address and I can provide you with a shipping rate. S1 - 8 packs (20 briefs in each) - $12/pack M2 - 4 packs (20 briefs in each) - $13/pack M3 - 5 packs (15 briefs in each) - $11/pack L2 - 8 packs (20 briefs in each) - $15/pack L3 - 8 packs (15 briefs in each) - $17/pack XL2 - 8 packs (15 briefs in each) - $14/pack Thanks!! Alex Jensen www.llmedico.com [email protected]
  10. Adult Diapers in Georgia

    If there is anyone other then myself on this site that buys Diapers such as molicare super plus (Plastic Backing), Abenas, Tena, I have found a place in Georgia That might be able to sell Abenas in her store. She told me today that she cant just order then for 1 person, but if more then one person is willing to buy from her she could order them.
  11. 1013152031a.jpg

    From the album :)

  12. 1013152031.jpg

    From the album :)

  13. 1013152030a.jpg

    From the album :)

  14. 1013152030.jpg

    From the album :)

    <3 diapers
  15. Diaper Samples

    I have a large variety sample of top quality domestic and import adult diapers. Great opportunity to figure out exactly what works best for you, without buying lots of packs! All diapers are size medium (with exception of ConfiDry 24/7, as their small=medium dimensions). Attends Slip Regular 10 ID Slip Expert Night ABU Super Dry Kids ABU Cushies Tena Slip Maxi (full plastic backing version) Abena M4 (full plastic backing version) Abena Abri-Wing Molicare Super Plus (full plastic backing version) ATN Bambino Teddy Bambino Bianco Bambino Classico Bambino Bellisimo Total Dry X-Plus Aww So Cute A+ Level 4 ConfiDry 24/7 Cuddlz Drydaz Cuddlz Frontal Print Cuddlz All over Print Fabine ComfiCare M10 Northshore Supreme Snuggies Diapers Seni Quatro (best cloth backed diaper) Also, I have Abena Abri-Let Normal boosters and Attends boosters. Shoot me a message if you're interested. Prices vary (but very fair). I can ship, and use Google Wallet for transactions. I'll find the cheapest shipping option I can.
  16. Hey everyone I ordered this onesie a couple of months ago and found it was too big for me. I am now selling it for 15 dollars. I am located in georgia for any one who would like to meet up or I can ups it too you.
  17. Abena Abri Form X-Plus L4

    So I ordered this package from Santhema in Switzerland: https://www.santhema.ch/inkontinenz/windelnslips/mittlere-inkontinenz/abena/1651/abri-form-l4-x-plus-large-menge-4-x-12-stk.?c=158 Does anybody else have any issues with these Diapers leaking THROUGH the plastic backing around the penis area? It isn't just limited to a single pack or diaper, they have all been doing it and i have been having to double/triple up the point of waddling to prevent wet pants. Not that I mind doubling/tripling - as I am home alone at the moment, however it makes going out and wetting a bit of a mess. I have only encountered this problem before with a cheap supermarket brand which can be seen here: https://www.leshop.ch/leshop/Main.do/direct/en/Search/secure%20windeln/ They don't leak through the cuffs or top of back/front - the pee actually passes through the plastic. I have ordered some Attends anyway because I know from experience that they are good. I am just hoping beyond hope that Santhema aren't a defective items seller.
  18. Abena Abri-wing M3

    I found a good deal on these a few months ago, but I have too many, so I'm passing on the good deal to one of yall. A case of 56 for $56. They are size medium. Send me PM if interested.
  19. I have collected many different diapers, and I need to down size a little. All of them are size medium (except dry 24/7 as they run big, so it's a small). Here is what I have: Attends Slip Regular 10 ID Slip Expert Night ABU Super Dry Kids Tena Slip Maxi Abena M4 Molicare Super Plus ATN Bambino Teddy Bambino Bianco Bambino Bellisimo Bambino Classico Total Dry X-Plus Aww So Cute A+ Level 4 ConfiDry 24/7 Cuddlz Drydaz Cuddlz Frontal Print Cuddlz All Over Print Fabine ComfiCare M10 Northshore Supreme If you are interested in any of these let me know and I can get you a quote. I can do singles, doubles, or more of some and even some un opened packs of some flavors. I can ship discretely and do PayPal or Google Wallet. PM me if interested.
  20. Abena Abri-Flex Changes 2015

    Below is the announcement from Abena on their upcoming changes to Abri-Flex pull-on line: Dear Valued Customer, We are pleased to announce the launch of the NEW Abri-Flex Premium line of adult diapers: a much thinner and softer product, resulting in a more discreet diaper. This line still features the high absorption and breathability that Abena products are known for, and includes the following added benefits: 3D DualCore® technology, with increased absorption in the center of the core and no bulkiness to the front and back Extra long spreading layer where the whole core absorbs urine faster High side barriers, which minimize the risk of leakage and allow for more freedom of movement More elastic threads resulting in a tighter, more flexible fit; perfect for the active user A thinner, more discreet product with the same unrivalled performance We anticipate the line being available in mid-December and have included pricing (attached). Please note that the NEW Abri-Flex Premium will eventually replace the current Abri-Flex line, most likely in mid-2015. At that time, the current Abri-Flex line will be discontinued.
  21. I just ordered myself a case of Abena Abri-Form comfort (all-plastic) diapers! I haven't had these in a couple of years, and I can't wait! Anyone else order something for themselves today?
  22. abena M4 Wet 15

    From the album Abena Diaper

  23. abena M4 Wet 14

    From the album Abena Diaper

  24. abena M4 Wet 13

    From the album Abena Diaper

  25. abena M4 Wet 12

    From the album Abena Diaper