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  1. Abena Abri Form X-Plus L4

    Only had issues with tapes on 2 of the total 48 diapers and that was just from one of the top tapes being misaligned during the manufacturing process. Guess Santhema must be selling old abena stock then. Understandable given the cheaper pricing for cases. The plastic was thick though, but they still leaked quite a lot considering the amount of padding within them.
  2. Abena Abri Form X-Plus L4

    Thankfully my Attends L10s are a lot better. Louder due to being thinner plastic but that's something I can live with
  3. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    Just tried a single use catheter from Coloplast, and boy did that thing make me horny! the only thing is, is it normal for a little blood to pass through the first time? And ebay yes, amazon no. amazon.ch redirects to amazon.de
  4. Molicare Brand

    it seems the Hartmann UK website still shows the plastic backed version - http://www.hartmann.co.uk/molicare_super_plus.php
  5. Someting i saw about what your garbage man knows.

    Now I want to do this for next halloween haha put an arm or leg (or both) hanging out of the trash can
  6. Snuggies Diapers Finally Shipping!

    they don't sell to switzerland
  7. Bambino Diapers Brand

    they don't deliver to switzerland
  8. Abena Abri Form X-Plus L4

    So I ordered this package from Santhema in Switzerland: https://www.santhema.ch/inkontinenz/windelnslips/mittlere-inkontinenz/abena/1651/abri-form-l4-x-plus-large-menge-4-x-12-stk.?c=158 Does anybody else have any issues with these Diapers leaking THROUGH the plastic backing around the penis area? It isn't just limited to a single pack or diaper, they have all been doing it and i have been having to double/triple up the point of waddling to prevent wet pants. Not that I mind doubling/tripling - as I am home alone at the moment, however it makes going out and wetting a bit of a mess. I have only encountered this problem before with a cheap supermarket brand which can be seen here: https://www.leshop.ch/leshop/Main.do/direct/en/Search/secure%20windeln/ They don't leak through the cuffs or top of back/front - the pee actually passes through the plastic. I have ordered some Attends anyway because I know from experience that they are good. I am just hoping beyond hope that Santhema aren't a defective items seller.
  9. First Public Messing

    I personally think it's ok in public barring certain requirements. One should only ever do it for example if they have diarreah and can't get to the toilet in time, or if they use pills to control smells and test out the results in private first to make sure it works for them. In addition, please do wear plastic pants over the top - big messes can seep out of the leg cuffs - and also be aware that when you have a soiled diaper, anything you touch becomes riddled with bacteria. Bacteria spreads and is so small that it can spread through diapers onto clothes and hence onto anything you touch. Be considerate to others. I only consider it mildly ok because babies mess in public, as do people with bowel incontinence, so the thrill behind it can be enjoyed, but yeah, just keep it responsible. Don't do it if it's going to smell or cause public disgust in places such as restaurants/coffee shops - and definitely don't do it in a clothes shop because that'll just scare off customers who might think you tried something on! Generally try to think if someone else doing it would disgust you and use it as a guide.
  10. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    I ask because I ordered one as a trial. Would a diaper be sufficient to hold it in place or would one need to modify it in the same way that people have modified other stuff previously shown with pictures (such as the one with the orange bands at the top and bottom)? The problem with foleys is that they generally arent available in Switzerland without prescription/doctor certifications. Medical stuff here is generally restrictive - can't even buy most medications over the counter, and anything you can, you can only obtain from pharmacies - even ibuprofen/paracetamol is subject to this punitive control to prevent abuse I am guessing.
  11. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    I have to ask, is it safe to actually use a single use catheter for longer periods? I know manufacturers will say to remove them as soon as liquid has finished draining, but I have to wonder if this is just a marketing ploy to sell more units, or if it is because of the absence of the retaining balloon.... So yeah, how safe is it to use a one use cath for say, a week or more? I mainly ask because it seems many of the stents made by members here work functionally the same as a single use cath.
  12. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    have to say, this is a really bad idea. doing so opens you up to severe urinary tract infections. While urine is sterile inside the bladder, once it leaves it picks up bacteria. placing a catheter introduces bacteria to the urinary tract, and the warm moistness of the urine passing through the hole in this advice provides a breeding ground for said bacteria. Having the urine pass directly through the catheter into the containment bag or even a diaper if not using a bag is very important because the urine stays away from skin inside the urethra - thus preventing infections. As an ABDL, this is all very important because you probably won't change the catheter every time you wet yourself. Using a catheter shortened to just 2-3cm longer than the penis however along with a diaper would still give the desired incontinence, but just in a more sterile way,