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  1. *Describe:* The story is about a boy who has a perfect sister and they make a bet that makes him have to deal with his baby and maybe sissy treatment Chapter 01 It was a beautiful day at the Hill house. The sun shone brightly in the sky, illuminating every corner of the small house. A not very large family lived there: a teenager called Parker and his younger sister, Aniyah. Parker was a young man of average height, not very athletic, stubborn and clumsy. He had a condition that forced him to wear Goodnites, which made him even more insecure. Aniyah, a beautiful, fun-loving girl, was the definition of perfection in person. She had excellent grades at school, a busy social life and was very responsible for her age. That day, the girls' parents planned to go out partying for several weeks, leaving Parker and Aniyah alone at home. The two siblings had an insane feud between them, as siblings often do. They were in the living room, arguing about who was the best at a particular activity, when Parker had an idea. "Aniyah," he said, with a mischievous smile on his face, "let's settle this once and for all. Let's have a competition!" Aniyah, always willing to accept a challenge, looked at him curiously and said: "A competition? I like the idea, but it's not a competition without a prize. What do you think?" Parker scratched his head for a moment, thinking about the possibilities. "Well, I have a few ideas," he said hesitantly. "We could put money on the line, or maybe the winner gets a week without housework..." Aniyah interrupted, shaking her head. "These ideas are silly. I have a better idea. The loser will have to obey the winner and do whatever he tells them until our parents come back. What do you think?" Parker looked at her, surprised by the proposal. He knew his sister was intelligent and a strategist, but he hadn't expected her to suggest something so daring. However, he didn't want to back down. "All right," he said at last. "I accept the challenge. Let the competition begin!" The brothers stared at each other for a moment, each determined to show off their skills and prove that they were superior to the other. They decided that the first competition would be a bike race to the local park. They both ran out into the yard, grabbed their bikes and positioned themselves at the starting line. "Ready... Go!" Shouted Aniyah, and the two brothers pedaled with all their might. Parker, although clumsy, was determined, while Aniyah showed her skill and grace on the bike. The race was fierce, with the two brothers fighting for the lead. However, on the last stretch, Aniyah managed to overtake Parker and crossed the finish line in first place. She let out a shout of joy, knowing that she had conquered the challenge. Parker was aware that he would have to start obeying his sister as soon as he woke up that morning. During the night, he had put on his Spider-Man Goodnites, one of the baby diapers his mother had insisted he wear. Parker hated the feeling of wearing those diapers, but he had no choice. When he woke up, Parker felt his Goodnites get wet, as usual. He pulled down his pants, revealing the faded Spider-Man print on his diaper. Parker got out of bed, feeling uncomfortable as he knew he would have to face Aniyah. He wanted to go to the bathroom to change, but before he could leave the room, Aniyah came in and intercepted him. "Looks like we've got a wet diaper down there," teased Aniyah, with a mischievous smile on her lips. Parker blushed instantly, feeling embarrassed by the situation. He tried to leave the room, but Aniyah blocked his way, reinforcing her authority. "Let's see the damage, that's an order," said Aniyah, with a tone of superiority. Parker, in a mixture of resistance and embarrassment, retorted: "I don't have to show you." Aniyah laughed, reveling in her position of power. "My forgetful little brother, remember? You lost the bet, now you do whatever I want." Parker bit his lips, feeling helpless in the situation. He knew he had no choice but to give in to Aniyah's desire. With a resigned sigh, he allowed Aniyah to come closer. She bent down and pulled up her pajama pants, revealing her wet Goodnites. "Very good, little boy," said Aniyah, with a childish tone in her voice. Before adjusting her pants, she made a playful gesture, as if she were two years old. Parker felt extremely uncomfortable with the situation. He wondered how far Aniyah would go in her new position of power. However, he knew that he was obliged to obey her commands, as per the agreement. With the Goodnites duly replaced and his pants pulled up, Aniyah finished: "Little boy, you're just wet." Want Parker felt a mixture of shame and frustration. He knew he would have to face more challenges and humiliations as long as he wasat Aniyah's mercy. Author note Hi, this is Lola I've had a hard time with my story about Abigail and her stepmother I lost her with more than 30k on Wattpad and I'm going to have to respond and I got discouraged it was hard here it's business as usual but I've created a way to support myself Subscribe Star and Kofi https://subscribestar.adult/lola-bunny https://ko-fi.com/lolabunny2rabbit
  2. Chapter 1 (The opposite of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) could be described as Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG). While PTSD involves the negative effects of trauma, such as flashbacks, nightmares, and severe anxiety, PTG refers to the positive psychological change that can occur as a result of struggling with adversity. PTG may involve a greater appreciation for life, increased personal strength, improved relationships, and a deeper sense of spirituality or meaning in life.) The impact felt like a slap in the face, although her whole body shook. Far from the darkness, or the proverbial light, Sally only saw… opaque, a sort of grey. And a powerful smell. It stung her nostrils. After that, it was mostly confusion. She vaguely remembered her mother in panic, trying to open her own door, trying in vain to pull on the deployed airbags covering the SUV’s windows, in a futile attempt to get her bearings, and asking if she was alright. Sally felt alright. As right as one can feel after a head-on collision with a concrete barrier, that is. She felt herself for wounds, but the most evident effect of this crash was a painful shoulder, evidently due to the seat belt. She was mostly stunned, shocked, disoriented. But she couldn’t see any blood or bones poking out. “I’m fine, mom”, she stuttered, as she double-checked herself, confirming she had broken nothing. Except for maybe that shoulder. That stung. The following moments were a daze for Sally, as helpful drivers made their way to the wrecked vehicle, and called out if they were all right. Her mom was still desperately trying to open her door, but it wouldn’t open. A concerned face suddenly appeared inches away from Sally’s face, behind the loose window airbag which had been lifted out of the way. “You alright?”, the gruff voice sounded. “Get us out of here”, her mother almost shrieked. “I can’t open my door”. “Uhm, ma’am, you’ve got a concrete barrier on that side. You’d better come out this side. “You OK, miss?”, he asked, looking at Sally, who nodded. Sirens were approaching, louder by the second. It annoyed Sally that somehow somebody decided to forget their siren on, and that seemed to be her only focus now. The siren. Eventually somebody decided it would be better to turn it off, so the emergency responders could communicate with the victims. Amidst Sally’s protestations that she was alright, she was strapped onto a scoop stretcher, with an elaborate cervical collar, and after a while in which they took some vitals and made sure she wasn’t actually dying, they slid her into the back of an ambulance, her concerned mom got in a jump seat, and then the siren started again. And this time they didn’t turn it off.
  3. Chapter 1: This is a joke, right? Lisa was wandering around her house frantically, getting ready to leave for work. She couldn't find half of what she needed and was about to miss her bus. Finally finding the all-important house keys, she ran out the door, locking it behind her. She sighed in relief and ran down her driveway to find a small package by her mailbox. "That's odd," Lisa thought, "I haven't ordered anything recently." She deposited the package in her purse and hurried to the bus stop just in time to catch the 12, the only bus that stopped near her work. Once taking her seat on the near-empty bus, she pulled out the box and examined it. Only her address was written on it, so she had no way of knowing where it came from or if it was meant for her. She ripped off the tape to be welcomed by bubble wrap. "This is adorable!" Lisa thought as she unwrapped the rest of the package, she saw a cute bracelet with green marble-like rocks. After putting on the bracelet, Lisa spotted a note in the box. Unfolding it, she began to read it. "To whoever receives this bracelet, I am sorry, I just couldn't take it anymore. This thing has ruined my life. I don't know where it came from but received it one day. After a few days of wearing it, I discovered this thing can grant wishes when you say "I wish.." THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING! I swear it's like a monkey's paw. You won't notice it at first, but if you aren't careful, it'll ruin you over time. You can't take back a wish once it's been made. If you are smart, you won't use it! Good luck and good riddance. Please be smart." Lisa laughed; this had to be a joke, right? The bus screeched to a stop, reminding her why she had been on the bus in the first place. Luckily for her, her workplace was only 2 stops away, so it took no time on the bus, but walking would take forever. She climbed off, thanked the bus driver, and went to the small office building in front of her. It was 5 stories high, which was small compared to the skyscrapers in the nearby area. Unfortunately for Lisa, she works on the fifth floor where an advertising company is located. So when the elevator is down, which happens often, an annoying journey up the stairs is required. Not fun in heels. "Please let them be working, please let them be working, please!" She spoke to herself as she turned the corner to where the elevators were. "Closed due to Maintenance" hung on the doors. "Danmit! I wish the elevator would just work." Suddenly, the door behind her opened as the elevator repair man walked out. "Then you got good timing. I just finished up," He told her. "Wait, are you serious? You have it working again?" Lisa's voice carried a mix of disbelief and relief. The repairman nodded, a faint smile playing at the corners of his lips. "Yep, just finished up. Good timing on your part." A surge of gratitude washed over Lisa. "Wow, talk about luck. Thank you so much!" "Not a problem," he said, stepping aside to let her enter the elevator. "What floor are you headed to?" "The 5th," Lisa replied, stepping in and pressing the button. "Ah, perfect. You're all set then," he remarked, moving to remove the maintenance sign. Lisa couldn't help but grin. "You've just saved me from a trek up a gazillion stairs in these heels. You're a lifesaver." The repairman chuckled, his eyes crinkling with amusement. "Glad I could be of service. Have a good one!" "You too! Thanks again," Lisa called as the doors slid shut, leaving her alone in the now-functioning elevator. Once on the 5th floor, Lisa rushed over to her desk; she was late enough as it was and didn't want to run into her manager or stop to chit-chat with a coworker and get busted. Setting her things down and taking her seat, Lisa sighed in relief. "Few, finally made it, and now what do I have going on today? Looks like I have a meeting in an hour in conference room 501." *Gurgle* "Shoot, I didn't have enough time to get breakfast. I wish I had something to eat this morning; otherwise, this will be a long day." *knock* *knocK* "Hey, Lisa. Do you have a minute?" Looking up from her Computer, Lisa saw her coworker Sarah. "Hey, Sarah! what's up?" "I noticed you were running a little behind today, and you look like you could use a pick me up. I have an extra breakfast burrito I made this morning. Would you like it? If you heat it up for like 30 seconds in the microwave, it comes out amazing!" "Oh my god, you are a lifesaver, Sarah! Thank you so much. I had a hectic night last night; I'll tell you more about it at lunch." "Rain check, I'm heading out early today; I've got a doctor's appointment I need to go to, maybe Monday after the weekend unless you want to meet sooner?" "I'll get back to you. I got to unbury myself; there's a ton of things I need to catch up on." Sarah's breakfast burrito was amazing and definitely hit the spot. Now being able to focus, Lisa spent her time before her meeting catching up on emails and direct messages and preparing for the meeting. The prep work paid off while in the meeting as she provided solid updates on the status of their latest project, but before returning to work, she had to stop by the bathroom for a pee break. Only to see that three other ladies were waiting for a stall to open up. "Can you believe how long these lines get during peak hours?" Lisa chuckled nervously, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. "Yeah, tell me about it," replied Sarah, her voice sympathetic. "I swear, I practically live in this line some days." A middle-aged woman in line with them nodded in agreement. "You'd think they'd install more stalls or something with how crowded it gets." Lisa chuckled, feeling discomfort as another wave of urgency hit her. "Yeah, that would be nice. Honestly, I wish I didn't have to pee so often." Sarah chuckled. "Yeah, it's just one of those things we women have to deal with, right?" Lisa nodded, trying to ignore the increasing pressure in her bladder. "Yeah, I suppose so." As they continued to wait, Lisa's discomfort grew. She shifted from one foot to the other, trying to distract herself from the urge to pee. But the pressure was becoming unbearable. "Come on, come on," Lisa muttered, hoping desperately for a stall to open up soon. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, one of the stalls became available. Lisa practically dashed inside, grateful for the relief it offered. The discomfort from her full bladder now a distant memory. She resumes her work with renewed focus, navigating the rest of the day's tasks without significant hiccups. As evening approached, Lisa gathered her belongings, ready to return home on the bus during the peak transit hours. She joined the bustling crowd at the bus stop, her mind preoccupied with thoughts of dinner and relaxation after a long day at work. The bus arrived, and she could already see from the outside that it was pretty full. Upon getting inside, she saw her suspicion was correct: no seats left, and she'd have to stand. As Lisa stood in the crowded bus, she felt a sudden, urgent need to pee. Panic surged as she glanced down at her new pair of pants, desperately not wanting to ruin them. The pressure in her bladder was unbearable, and she knew she wouldn't be able to hold it much longer. Without thinking, she frantically whispered, "I wish I had some way to protect my pants." Instantly, she felt a strange sensation over her, followed by a wave of relief as she felt herself peeing. But to her shock, her pants remained completely dry. At the same time, her crotch started to feel warm. Lisa's eyes widened in disbelief as she was peeing herself. She glanced around nervously, hoping no one had noticed her moment of weakness. But as she looked at her fellow passengers, she saw that they were all engrossed in their conversations or staring blankly out the window, oblivious to her predicament. Feeling both relieved and bewildered, Lisa cautiously reached down to touch her pants, half-expecting to find them soaked despite the lack of any wet sensation. But to her amazement, they were completely dry, as if nothing had happened. However, she noticed that her underwear seemed like they swelled up, absorbing the pee, as she could still feel the warmth, and even a bit of weight was now weighing them down. "What the heck is protecting my pants?" Chapter 2: Is that a Pullup? As the bus rumbled along its route, Lisa's mind raced with confusion and disbelief. She glanced around, hoping no one would notice that she just peed herself. "What just happened?" she whispered, her heart pounding with embarrassment and bewilderment. She tried to calm her nerves with a deep breath, chalking it up to a bizarre fluke. Maybe her mind was playing tricks on her, or she was just overly stressed from the long day at work. But even as she tried to rationalize the inexplicable event, a nagging sense of unease lingered in the back of her mind. There was something undeniably strange about the way her pants remained dry despite it feeling like her bladder released its contents. Lost in her thoughts, Lisa almost missed her stop. With a jolt of realization, she made her way to the front of the bus, eager to escape the uncomfortable confines of the crowded vehicle. Stepping off the bus onto the sidewalk, Lisa took a moment to gather her thoughts. She knew she couldn't dwell on the strange occurrence forever; she had to focus on getting home and putting the bizarre incident behind her. As she walked the short distance to her apartment building, Lisa couldn't shake the feeling of the swollen underwear between her legs, making her worry that her peeing wasn't just in her head. Entering her apartment, Lisa tossed her purse onto her beanbag chair in her bedroom. The box and note were still in it, slightly spilling out of her bag as it landed. Feeling utterly drained both physically and emotionally, Lisa moved to her couch out in the living room and collapsed onto it. She needed time to process everything that had happened but knew she couldn't afford to dwell on it indefinitely. With a sigh, she pushed herself to her feet and went to the kitchen, her stomach grumbling in protest. Dinner seemed like a distant afterthought, but she knew she needed to eat something to replenish her energy after the long day. As she rummaged through the fridge, her eyes fell on a box of leftover pizza from the night before. With a shrug, she grabbed the container and popped a few slices into the microwave. As she waited for her meal to heat up, her thoughts drifted back to the strange bracelet on her wrist. It was adorable, but where did it come from? Was it okay to keep it? What was up with that weird note? *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* The microwave sounded, breaking her train of thought and bringing her back to her dinner. As Lisa sat down to eat her dinner, she couldn't shake the unease that had settled over her since the bizarre incident on the bus. The pizza tasted bland, the flavors muted by her racing thoughts. She kept glancing down at the bracelet on her wrist, its intricate design catching the light from the overhead lamp. With a heavy sigh, Lisa took her last bite, her appetite gone from the bland flavor. She felt she should address the weird feeling from on the bus but wasn't sure where to start; it was all too weird. The logical part of her brain screamed that it was all just in her head, a series of strange events with rational explanations. But deep down, she couldn't shake the feeling that something more was at play. After staring blankly at the wall for a few minutes, Lisa pushed herself up from the table and went to the bathroom to shower. The shower's hot water sounded inviting, a temporary escape from the chaos swirling around her mind. As she undressed, she couldn't help but glance down at her underwear. To her horror and confusion, she saw that her panties had been replaced by what looked like a girls' pull-up diaper. The realization hit her like a ton of bricks, sending a shiver down her spine. "What the...?" Lisa muttered, her hands trembling as she touched the strange garment. It was soft to the touch. Panic threatened to overwhelm her as she struggled to comprehend what was happening. Confused, she stared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, the image of a grown woman wearing a diaper staring back at her. As Lisa stood in front of the mirror, staring at her reflection in disbelief, she tried to convince herself that it was all just a bizarre hallucination brought on by stress and exhaustion. "This can't be real," she muttered, her voice trembling with uncertainty. Shaking her head, she quickly stripped off the pull-up diaper, tossing it into the trash bin with disgust and disbelief. "I must be losing my mind," she whispered, her hands still trembling as she turned on the shower, desperate to wash away the day's strange events. The hot water cascaded over her body, providing some much-needed comfort and clarity amidst the chaos of her thoughts. As she scrubbed away the tension and confusion, she tried to push aside the nagging feeling that the diaper was real. Once she had finished her shower, Lisa wrapped herself in a towel and stepped out of the bathroom, determined to put the bizarre events behind her and get some much-needed rest. With each step, she tried to convince herself that it was all just a figment of her imagination, resulting from an overactive mind and a stressful day at work. She moved to her bedroom, where she retrieved a fresh pair of panties from her dresser drawer, determined to put the day's strange events behind her. Slipping into the comfortable cotton panties, Lisa couldn't shake the memory of the pull-up diaper she had found herself wearing earlier. It was all too surreal, too bizarre to be real. Yet, the soft fabric of the panties against her skin offered some semblance of normalcy, grounding her in the present moment. Oddly, they didn't feel like the pull-up she thought she saw herself wearing. Could it have really been a pull-up diaper? With a sigh, Lisa grabbed a cozy pair of pajamas from her closet, eager to relax and unwind after the tumultuous day she had endured. As she slipped into the soft fabric, she felt a slight sense of relief wash over her, the warmth of the pajamas soothing her frayed nerves. Tired from the day's events, Lisa opted to go to sleep and crawled into bed. She usually would stay up to watch some TV or read a good book, but with the stresses from work, the date she had last night, and the weirdness she experienced today, she figured getting sleep was the better option for tonight. Chapter 3: That was a Weird Dream On Saturday morning, Lisa awoke to the sunlight seeping through the curtains. She groaned softly as she stretched her limbs, feeling the warmth of the morning sun. She enjoyed the blissful ignorance of sleep for a moment, her mind still shielded from the previous day's events. But as she shifted in bed, her thoughts inevitably drifted back to the strange occurrences that had unfolded—a bizarre package, a mysterious bracelet, and the unsettling discovery of the pull-up she was wearing. "Must've been a weird dream," she mumbled to herself, her voice thick with sleep as she attempted to dismiss the surreal memories that lingered in the recesses of her mind. "There's no way any of that was real." Despite her attempts to convince herself of the absurdity of it all, a lingering sense of unease persisted within her consciousness. There was something undeniably tangible about the memories, a lingering presence that refused to be dismissed as mere figments of her imagination. Pushing aside her lingering doubts, Lisa swung her legs over the edge of the bed, preparing to face the day ahead. As she stretched, a sudden, intense pressure in her bladder jolted her from her thoughts, causing her to freeze mid-motion. "Uh-oh," she muttered under her breath, her heart sinking as the urgency of her need to pee washed over her. It was an overwhelming sensation, demanding her immediate attention and threatening to ruin her day before it started. Lisa scrambled out of bed, her movements quick and frantic as she stumbled towards the bathroom. The painful discomfort with each step reminded her of the urgency to relieve herself. As Lisa reached the bathroom door, her sense of urgency intensified, each step feeling heavier as if trudging through mud. The pressure in her bladder seemed to swell with each passing second, a relentless reminder of her body's urgent demand. Finally reaching the bathroom, Lisa's hand trembled as she reached for the doorknob, her heart pounding. With a shaky breath, she pushed the door open and stepped inside, her eyes darting to the familiar sight of the toilet. But before she could register her next move, a sudden wave of warmth flooded her. Panic seized her as she realized what was happening, her hands fumbling with the waistband of her pajama pants in a frantic attempt to undo them. But a strange sensation overcame her before she could even step closer to the toilet. A soft rustling sound filled the air, accompanied by a strange sensation against her skin. Lisa's eyes widened in shock as she looked down, expecting to see her pants darkening with the telltale signs of her accident. But to her bewilderment, her pants remained dry, untouched by the inevitable release of her bladder. Instead, a faint crinkling sound reached her ears, followed by the sensation of something expanding against her skin. With a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, Lisa realized what was happening. Her heart raced as she looked down, her eyes widening in disbelief at the sight before her. A pull-up diaper, once again, was in the place of her panties, soaked with the evidence of her accident. Lisa's breath caught in her throat as she stared at the surreal scene before her, unable to comprehend how such a thing could happen. This still had to be a dream, right? There's no way this would be possible. But it felt real. There she was, seeing herself in the mirror again, in a soaked pull-up diaper for little girls. Looking around, she could tell she was still in her apartment; things weren't different, and then it caught her eye. Her purse was sitting on the beanbag chair in her room, with a small box and a note sticking out. The reality of the situation sank in, and a sense of dread washed over her. This was no dream, no figment of her imagination. It was all too real; Lisa quickly slid back up her pants and ran over to the note to reread it and see if she missed any information. Lisa frantically sifted through the box's contents, her hands trembling with anxiety and disbelief. She felt frustration wash over her. The absence of clues regarding the mysterious bracelet's origin only increased her bewilderment. She scanned the note again, her eyes darting over the hastily scrawled words in search of any hidden meaning or clue that might shed light on her predicament. But the message remained cryptic, offering no further insight into the true nature of the bracelet or its origins. A sense of helplessness washed over Lisa as she realized nothing could explain what was happening. She then attempted to remove the bracelet from her wrist, but her efforts proved futile, the band clinging stubbornly to her skin as if fused in place by some unseen force. Panic surged through her veins as she tugged at the bracelet with increasing desperation, her mind racing with a million unanswered questions. Suddenly, her phone started to ring, breaking her thoughts and frustration at the bracelet. She fumbled for her phone, her heart pounding with fear and apprehension. The caller ID revealed Sarah's name. With a shaky breath, she answered the call, her voice a little cracked from her worries and just recently waking up. "Hello?" she ventured tentatively, followed by her clearing her throat as she realized how raspy she first sounded. "Hey, Lisa, are you okay?" Sarah's voice sounded concerned, her words tinged with worry as she sensed the tension in Lisa's voice. Lisa hesitated momentarily, grappling with the overwhelming urge to confide in Sarah, to unburden herself of the weight of her newfound reality. But the fear of sounding insane, of being dismissed as delusional, held her back. "I... I'm fine," she replied hesitantly, her words tinged with uncertainty as she struggled to mask the turmoil within her. "Just... woke up a minute ago. What's up?" "I just wanted to check in on you," she said softly, her words laced with sincerity. "You seemed a little off yesterday, and I wanted to ensure everything's okay. Maybe meet up for coffee and talk about Thursday night?" "Oh, that's right! I didn't get to tell you yet, did I?" she replied, her voice becoming energized with the distraction and the prospect of sharing the spicy details of her date on Thursday. "That sounds great," Lisa said, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips despite the lingering unease gnawing at her. "Coffee sounds like just what I need right now." Sarah's relieved sigh was audible through the phone. "I'm glad to hear that. How about we meet up at Brew Haven around noon? That should give us plenty of time to catch up." "Sounds perfect," Lisa replied, her voice steadier now as she focused on the prospect of spending time with her friend. "I'll see you there." Lisa's mind raced with a million conflicting thoughts and emotions as they confirmed the details. On one hand, she was grateful for the distraction and the chance to talk with Sarah about her recent date. But on the other hand, she couldn't imagine having another accident while hanging out with her friend. Chapter 4: New Panties Please As Lisa stood in the bathroom stall, her mind reeling from the surreal experience, she couldn't shake the feeling that something extraordinary was happening. The evidence was right in front of her—the pull-up diaper now snugly wrapped around her hips, soaked with her latest accident. With trembling hands, Lisa reached down to touch the smooth fabric of the pull-up, her fingers tracing the contours of the unfamiliar material. It was a surreal sensation, the reality of the situation sinking in with each passing moment. "I... I can't believe this is happening," she murmured to herself, her voice barely above a whisper as she struggled to face the bizarre turn of events. "This... this can't be real." But as she looked down at the pull-up, its soft padding offering a strange comfort in her confusion, Lisa knew she could no longer deny the truth. Something extraordinary was at play. Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, Lisa forced herself to focus on the task at hand. She couldn't afford to dwell on the surreal nature of her situation, not when there were other people waiting outside for the stall. Gathering her courage, Lisa quickly checked her pants for any signs of the pull-up underneath. To her relief, there was no telltale bulge or outline that would give away her secret. It was as if the pull-up had seamlessly blended into her clothing, leaving no trace of its presence. With a silent prayer of gratitude, Lisa straightened her posture and composed herself before finally flushing the toilet to avoid suspicion and unlocking the stall door. Stepping out into the bathroom, she offered a quick apology to the other ladies waiting outside, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment at her earlier rudeness. "Sorry about that," she muttered, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment as she met their gaze with a sheepish smile. "I didn't mean to cut in front of you like that." The other women offered polite nods in response, their expressions a mixture of annoyance and understanding. "No worries, honey," one of them said, her tone gentle and reassuring. "We've all been there before." With a sense of relief, Lisa hurriedly washed her hands, eager to put some distance between herself and the awkward encounter. As she exited the bathroom, Lisa's mind raced with questions, her thoughts consumed by the inexplicable magic that seemed to be at play. How was it possible that her panties had transformed into a pull-up, seemingly of their own accord? And what did it mean for her future if such bizarre occurrences continued to unfold? As she walked, Lisa couldn't shake the uncomfortable sensation of the wet pull-up against her skin, a constant reminder of her life's surreal turn. Feeling increasingly frustrated and disgusted by the situation, Lisa couldn't help but resent the childish garment clinging to her hips. It was a humiliating symbol of the inexplicable magic that seemed to have taken hold of her life. With a deepening scowl, Lisa finally reached her desk and sank into her chair, the wet pull-up squelching beneath her with an unpleasant squish. Grimacing, she shifted uncomfortably, trying in vain to find a position that would alleviate the discomfort. But as she fidgeted in her seat, her mind raced with a single thought: she needed to figure out what was causing these bizarre occurrences. With its cryptic note and mysterious powers, the bracelet seemed to be the only explanation. With trembling hands, Lisa reached down to her wrist, fingers fumbling over the smooth surface of the bracelet. She tried to slide it off, but it refused to budge as if fused to her skin. Panic rising within her, she attempted to cut it off with scissors from her desk drawer, but the metal remained unscathed as if mocking her futile efforts. Frustration boiled within her, mingling with a sense of helplessness. She was trapped, bound to this cursed bracelet with no means of escape. Each wish only seemed to entangle her further in its magic web, leaving her more powerless than ever. Desperate for answers, Lisa began to make wish after wish, each more fervent than the last. She wished for the bracelet to be removed, for knowledge about its origins, for it to disappear entirely, for it to stop meddling with her life. But with each wish, nothing changed. The bracelet remained firmly in place, keeping her captive until satisfied. Defeated, Lisa slumped back in her chair, tears of frustration pricking at the corners of her eyes, threatening to overwhelm her with the magnitude of the situation she found herself in. How had a simple bracelet turned her life upside down in such a short amount of time? As she leaned back, on the edge of tears, "I wish I at least had a new pair of panties," she muttered under her breath, more as a desperate plea than a genuine belief in its fulfillment. With tears threatening to spill from her eyes, Lisa's whispered wish hung heavy in the air, a stark reminder of her desperation for a reprieve from the chaos. As Lisa attempted to gather her composure and focus on her work, she reached into her purse for her earbuds, hoping that immersing herself in music would offer a temporary escape from the chaos swirling around her. With trembling fingers, she fumbled through her bag until her fingertips brushed against something unexpected. Pulling out her hand, Lisa's eyes widened in surprise as she stared at the object now nestled in her palm—a pristine pair of panties, neatly folded and seemingly untouched by the events of the day. She blinked in disbelief, unable to comprehend how they had appeared in her purse as if materializing out of thin air. For a moment, Lisa questioned her sanity, her mind reeling from the inexplicable sight before her. But as she reached out to touch the fabric, her fingers tracing the delicate lace trim, she couldn't deny the reality of the situation. Somehow, her wish had been granted again, this time in a manner that defied all logic and reason. As Lisa looked around the bustling office, her heart pounding with apprehension, she couldn't shake the nagging suspicion that someone must have seen her moment of desperation, running to the bathroom. Thinking she might have leaked and needed a new pair. But as she scanned the room, her gaze darting from one face to another, she found no trace of recognition or curiosity in the eyes of her coworkers; hell, no one was even glancing her way. Breathing a sigh of relief, Lisa focused on getting changed and cleaned up. Grabbing her purse, she stood up and headed towards the bathroom, knowing she needed a way to conceal the pull-up for safe disposal. She is glad to at least have a change of underwear, her mind racing with a million questions and fears. What if they think she can't control her bladder? What if she couldn't? The thought made her skin crawl with unease, a cold shiver running down her spine as she pushed open the door to the restroom. Inside, the familiar hum of running water and whispered conversations greeted her, a comforting backdrop to the chaos swirling within her mind. With practiced ease, Lisa made her way to the nearest stall; thankfully, the line had subsided, her movements brisk and efficient as she locked the door behind her and quickly shed her soiled garment. A sense of relief washed over her as she peeled off the wet pull-up. A chill ran up her body as the cool air of the restroom offered a welcome reprieve from the suffocating discomfort of the past hour. With trembling hands, Lisa hastily donned the fresh pair of panties, her fingers fumbling with the delicate lace trim as she struggled to compose herself. But as she finished dressing and prepared to leave the stall, a sudden wave of panic washed over her, the fear of discovery gripping her heart with icy fingers. What if someone saw her leaving the stall with the pull-up in her purse? The thought made her stomach churn with dread, her mind racing with a million worst-case scenarios. Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, Lisa closed her purse after burying the pull-up as far down as she could. With a determined stride, she unlocked the stall door and stepped out into the restroom, her gaze sweeping the room for any sign of prying eyes. To her relief, the restroom was empty, the only sound the distant chatter from the hallway outside. With a sigh of relief, Lisa made her way to the nearest trash bin, her movements quick as she dug out the pull-up and disposed of it. But as she left the restroom, her heart skipped a beat as she collided with a familiar figure standing right outside, her eyes widening in surprise as she found herself face to face with Sarah. "Hey, Lisa!" Sarah exclaimed, her tone bright and cheerful as she offered her friend a warm smile. "Fancy running into you here. Everything okay?" For a moment, Lisa felt a surge of panic coursing through her veins, the fear of discovery threatening to overwhelm her. But with a forced smile and a casual shrug, she brushed off Sarah's concern with practiced ease, her voice steady despite the turmoil within her. "Yeah, everything's fine," Lisa replied, her tone light and nonchalant as she sidestepped Sarah's probing gaze. "Just needed a quick break, you know how it is." Sarah nodded understandingly, her expression sympathetic as she reached out to squeeze Lisa's shoulder in a gesture of support. "Of course, I get it," she said, her tone gentle and reassuring. "Well, if you ever need to talk, you know where to find me. I'm always here for you." "Thanks," Lisa said, her voice tinged with warmth as she met her friend's gaze. "I really appreciate it. There's been a lot going on lately that I'm honestly still working through. I could use a coffee date if you're up for it tomorrow?" "Absolutely! Text me over the details later; I'm open all day." With a final nod of gratitude, Lisa turned and headed back to her desk, her mind still reeling from the whirlwind of emotions and revelations that had unfolded throughout the day. As she settled into her chair, she couldn't shake the lingering sense of impossibility. Glancing at the clock, Lisa realized she still had a few hours left in the workday. With a determined sigh, she forced herself to focus on the task at hand, pushing aside her worries and distractions as she delved into her work with renewed determination. As the hours ticked by and the end of the workday drew near, Lisa's curiosity got the better of her. With a hesitant glance around the office to ensure no one was watching, she reached down to her wrist and touched the smooth surface of the bracelet, her fingers tracing its intricate patterns with a sense of trepidation. Summoning her courage, Lisa closed her eyes and made a wish, her voice barely above a whisper as she spoke the words that would set the wheels of fate in motion. "I wish I didn't have to ride the bus," she murmured, her heart pounding as she awaited the inevitable response. To her surprise, the answer came swiftly and unexpectedly as a ringing phone. Startled, Lisa reached for her cell phone, her pulse quickening with anticipation as she answered the call. "Hello?" she said, her voice tinged with uncertainty as she held the phone to her ear. "Hey, sweetie, it's Mom," came the familiar voice on the other end of the line, warm and reassuring. "I just wanted to check in and see how you're doing." Disappointment flooded through Lisa at the sound of her mother's voice. It was great to hear from her, but she was hoping for a call about winning a car or something. Either way, her mom's call was a comforting reminder of the love and support that surrounded her. With a grateful smile, she leaned back in her chair, feeling a weight lift from her shoulders as she settled into the conversation with her mom. As they spoke, Lisa's mother mentioned that she was in the area and offered to give Lisa a ride home from work, sparing her the usual ordeal of navigating the crowded bus and rush-hour traffic. Grateful for the unexpected gesture, Lisa readily accepted, her heart swelling with gratitude for her mother's kindness. As she hung up the phone, she couldn't help but wonder, did her wish come true? At least she didn't have to ride the bus today, but was it just a coincidence? Meeting her mom in the office lobby, Lisa couldn't help but notice the weary lines that creased her mother's face, the sadness that lingered in her eyes. Sensing that something was amiss, Lisa hesitated momentarily before approaching the subject with her mother, her voice hesitant as she spoke. "Mom, is everything okay?" she asked, her tone filled with concern as she searched her mother's face for any sign of distress. Her mother hesitated momentarily, her gaze drifting away as if lost in thought. But then, with a heavy sigh, she finally spoke, her voice tinged with sadness and resignation, as her eyes began to tear up. "No, sweetheart, everything's not okay," she admitted, her words weighted with emotion. "Your father and I... we're having some problems. I... I left him this morning. Nothing's final, but I'm frustrated." Lisa's heart sank at her mother's words, a wave of sadness washing over her as she realized the depth of her parents' troubles. She reached out to her mother, offering a comforting hug as tears welled up in her own eyes. "I'm so sorry, Mom," Lisa whispered, her voice choked with emotion. "I had no idea things had gotten this bad. You don't have to talk about it now if you don't want to, but know that I'm here for you, no matter what." Her mother returned the embrace, holding onto Lisa seeking solace in her daughter's arms. "Thank you, sweetheart," she murmured, her voice muffled against Lisa's shoulder. "I just need some time to figure things out. But it means the world to me to know that you're here for me." As Lisa and her mom walked out of the office building towards her mom's car, Lisa couldn't help but notice the trunk of her car was packed full of her belongings. Concern etched lines on Lisa's forehead as she glanced at her mom. "Mom, where are you staying?" Lisa asked gently, her voice filled with worry. Her mother sighed, a mixture of exhaustion and uncertainty clouding her expression. "I... I don't know yet," she admitted, her voice tinged with sadness. "I just needed to get away for a while, figure things out." Lisa's heart ached for her mother, the weight of their shared troubles pressing down on her shoulders. Without hesitation, she squeezed her mom's hand, offering a silent gesture of support. "You can stay with me," Lisa blurted out before she could second-guess herself. "I mean, if you want to. My apartment isn't big, but we'll make it work." Tears welled up in her mother's eyes, gratitude shining bright amidst the uncertainty. "Oh, sweetheart, thank you," she whispered, her voice thick with emotion. "I don't know what I would do without you." As they reached Lisa's car, her mother hesitated before turning to her with a hopeful smile. "And if you ever need a ride somewhere, just let me know. I'll be there for you." As Lisa's mom's words hung in the air, Lisa felt her heart skip a beat, her mind racing with a sudden, chilling realization. Could it be possible that her wish had inadvertently affected her mother's behavior? The thought sent a shiver down her spine, the weight of guilt settling heavily upon her shoulders. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as Lisa replayed the events of the last two days in her mind, searching for any connection between her wishes and the events that had unfolded. It was too much of a coincidence to ignore—the timing, the circumstances, everything seemed to point to her. As her mother climbed into the driver's seat and started the car, Lisa's thoughts whirled with uncertainty and fear. What had she done? What if her wishes continued to impact the lives of those around her, causing unintended consequences and chaos? Chapter 5: Motherly Advice As Lisa and her mom drove back to Lisa's apartment, the silence between them was intense, the air thick to the point where you could cut it with a butter knife if you wanted to. Unspoken words and unresolved emotions lingering in the air. Lisa stared out the window, lost in thought, her mind still reeling from the realization that her wishes might be affecting those around her. Her mom glanced over at Lisa, concern etched on her face. "You've been quiet, sweetheart. Is everything okay?" she asked, her voice gentle. Lisa blinked, gazing away at the passing scenery to meet her mother's worried eyes. "Yeah, Mom, everything's fine," she replied, forcing a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes. Her mother studied her for a moment as if trying to decipher the truth hidden behind Lisa's facade, but ultimately, she sighed and returned her attention to the road. "Alright, sweetheart, if you say so," she said, her tone tinged with disappointment. Lisa's heart twisted with guilt at the hurt evident in her mother's voice, but she couldn't bring herself to confide in her just yet. Not when she didn't fully understand the extent of the situation herself. As they pulled into the parking lot of Lisa's apartment building, Lisa felt a knot tighten in her stomach. She glanced over at her mother, her heart heavy with the burden of her secret. How could she explain what was happening without sounding crazy? "Thanks for the ride, Mom," Lisa said softly as they stepped out of the car, her eyes avoiding her mother's concerned gaze. Her mother frowned, sensing Lisa's unease. "Are you sure everything's alright, Lisa?" she asked, reaching for her daughter's hand. Lisa forced a reassuring smile, the weight of her guilt threatening to crush her. "Yeah, everything's fine. Just a lot on my mind lately, you know?" she replied, her voice tight with emotion. Her mother's expression softened with understanding, but Lisa could see the worry lingering in her eyes. "Well, if you ever need to talk about anything, you know I'm here for you, right?" her mother said, her voice filled with love and concern. Lisa nodded, her throat tight with unshed tears. "Thanks. I appreciate it," she said, her voice barely above a whisper. As they made their way to Lisa's apartment, her mind raced with a whirlwind of emotions. How could she fix the situation with her parents? Would a wish fix it? The thought of her mother being affected by her wishes filled Lisa with a sickening dread. Once inside her apartment, Lisa helped her mother carry in a few bags of clothes, among other things, her movements distracted as she tried to push aside her mounting anxiety. But as they set the bags down in the living room, a sudden urge gripped Lisa "Shit..." she cursed under her breath as she stumbled backward, nearly dropping the bags she was holding. Her mother's eyes widened in alarm, concern etched on her face. "Lisa, what happened? Are you okay?" she asked, rushing to her daughter's side, concern etched on her face, Lisa forced a tight-lipped smile, her mind racing with panic. "I-I'm fine, just need to use the bathroom," she stammered, her voice strained with the effort of holding back her urgency. Without waiting for a response, Lisa hastily set down the bags and bolted towards the bathroom, her hand pressed tightly between her legs as she fought to maintain control. Her mother's worried gaze followed her daughter's frantic movements, her heart twisting with concern at the sight of Lisa's obvious distress. As Lisa reached the bathroom door, her bladder screamed for release, a hot wave of pressure coursing through her body. With a shaky exhale of relief, Lisa pushed open the door and stumbled into the bathroom, her legs shaking with the effort of holding back her impending accident. Her mother hovered anxiously in the hallway, her eyes wide with concern as she watched her daughter's desperate dash to the toilet. With a frantic whimper, Lisa reached the toilet just in time, her body trembling with the effort of holding back her desperate need to pee. With a shuddering sigh of relief, she collapsed onto the seat, her bladder releasing a torrent of pent-up pressure. Hisssssss..... Outside the bathroom, Lisa's mother stood frozen in place, her heart heavy with worry as she listened to the sound of her daughter's desperate relief. There were no signs she had to pee that bad. Did she even know she had to go that bad? Her mom thought, worried about the health and well-being of her daughter. As Lisa sat on the toilet, her mind raced with a whirlwind of confusion and fear. What was happening to her? Why did she keep experiencing these sudden urges to pee? It felt like her body was betraying her at the worst possible time, given the weird magic with the pull-ups appearing when she pees herself. After a few moments, Lisa managed to compose herself enough to stand up and flush the toilet. She washed her hands, her mind still reeling from the recent events. When she opened the bathroom door, her mother was waiting outside, her expression a mix of concern and confusion. "Are you... okay? That was quite a close call," her mother said, her voice gentle yet probing. Lisa tried to brush off her mother's concern, a faint blush tinting her cheeks with embarrassment. "Yeah, sorry about that. I guess I just got caught up in bringing the stuff in and didn't realize how bad I needed to go," she mumbled, her voice barely above a whisper. Her mother, however, wasn't buying it. "Honey, that was more than just getting distracted. Are you sure everything is okay?" she asked, her tone gentle but firm. Lisa shifted uncomfortably, her mind racing for a plausible explanation. "It's nothing, Mom, really. Just a one-off thing," she insisted, avoiding her mother's probing gaze. Her mother sighed, placing a comforting hand on Lisa's shoulder. "Sweetheart, this isn't the first time something like this has happened, is it?" she asked, her voice filled with concern. Lisa's cheeks burned with shame as she shook her head, unable to meet her mother's gaze. "No, it's not," she admitted, her voice barely above a whisper. Lisa's mother's brow furrowed with worry. "That isn't normal, honey. How long has this been happening?" she asked, her voice tinged with concern. Lisa hesitated, her heart pounding in her chest. "It's been... a couple of days," she admitted, her voice barely audible. Her mother's eyes widened in alarm. "A couple of days!? We need to get you to a doctor," she exclaimed, her voice filled with urgency. Lisa's heart sank at the thought of having to explain everything to a doctor. "I-I don't think it's necessary, Mom. It's probably just stress or something," she stammered, her voice tinged with desperation; how could she possibly admit to having a toddler's bladder issue as an adult to another person? Her mother shook her head, her expression firm. "No, Lisa, this could be something serious. We need to get you checked out," she insisted, her tone leaving no room for argument. With a heavy sigh, she nodded, her eyes brimming with unshed tears. "Okay, Mom. I'll go to the walk-in later," she promised, her voice barely above a whisper. Her mother's expression softened, her worry evident in her eyes. "Okay, just promise me you'll take care of yourself, alright?" she said, reassuringly squeezing Lisa's shoulder. Lisa forced a smile, grateful for her mother's understanding. "I will, I promise," she said, her voice steadier now. With a nod, her mother released Lisa's shoulder and turned towards the door. "Alright, well, let's get the rest of these bags in, shall we?" she said, her tone lightening as she tried to change the subject. Lisa nodded, relieved by the change in topic. "Yeah, sounds good. And hey, how about we order takeout for dinner tonight? My treat," she suggested, hoping to distract her mother from pressing the issue further. Her mother smiled, her eyes crinkling at the corners. "That sounds wonderful, sweetheart. I could go for some Chinese food. What do you think?" she asked, her enthusiasm contagious. Lisa grinned, grateful for her mother's easy acceptance. "Chinese it is, then. I'll go grab the menus, and we can decide what to get," she said, heading towards the kitchen. As they settled on their dinner choices, the tension that had filled the apartment dissipated, replaced by a sense of normalcy that was comforting to both. They spent the evening enjoying their meal and catching up on each other's lives, the earlier events pushed to the back of their minds, at least for the time being. As the night wore on, Lisa and her mother finished their dinner and settled into a comfortable routine to end the night. They chatted about mundane things, and eventually, it was time for bed. "Goodnight, Mom," Lisa said, warmly hugging her mother. "Thanks for the ride today." "Goodnight, sweetheart," her mother replied, returning the hug. "Any time, honey, consider me your personal driver for now. haha!" Her mother laughed jokingly. With a concerned smirk, Lisa watched as her mother went to the couch, where she would sleep for the night. Once her mother was settled, Lisa headed to her own bedroom, feeling mixed emotions. Was my wish the cause of my mom's separation? On her way to her bedroom, Lisa passed by the bathroom and decided she should head there first, hoping to relieve herself before bed, even though she didn't feel the need to go. Luckily, to her surprise, she ended up peeing a ton from all of the fluids she had since having dinner. "Thank GOD! I better not need to pee so badly in the morning." Relieved, Lisa got up and headed to bed, the day's events weighing heavily on her. She lay awake for hours, her thoughts racing as she tried to make sense of everything that had happened. Eventually, exhaustion overtook her, and she drifted to sleep. Chapter 6: Nosy Mother With a groan, Lisa slowly blinked her eyes open, feeling surprisingly refreshed despite her troubled dreams. She stretched languidly, relishing the warmth of her bed for a few moments before reality came crashing back. As she swung her legs over the side of the bed, preparing to start her day, a sudden, urgent pressure gripped her bladder, causing her to freeze mid-stretch. Frustration and confusion warred within her as she realized she had just gone to the bathroom before bed and shouldn't be feeling such a strong urge to pee so soon. "Damnit," She cursed under her breath; she quickly scrambled to her feet, her muscles protesting the abrupt movement. She hurried out of her bedroom, intent on reaching the bathroom before it was too late. As she rushed down the hallway, the noise of her footsteps echoing in the early morning silence, she inadvertently woke her mother, who had been sleeping on the couch. Her mother stirred, rubbing her eyes sleepily as she sat up, concern etching lines of worry on her face. She watched Lisa disappear into the bathroom, her heart heavy with unspoken questions. She knew something was wrong, but she also knew that Lisa wasn't ready to talk about it yet. As Lisa closed the bathroom door behind her, she let out a frustrated sigh, her mind racing with confusion and fear. What was happening to her? Why did she keep experiencing these sudden, uncontrollable urges to pee? Lisa's heart pounded in her chest as she ran towards the toilet, her hand shaky for her worry of wetting herself again. With a desperate attempt, she grabbed the toilet seat to lift its lid, only for her worst fears to be realized. Hiissssss The pressure in her bladder had reached its breaking point, and before she could even get the seat up, she felt her body betray her, releasing a torrent of urine. Shame washed over her as she stood there, helplessly wetting herself, a pull-up miraculously appearing, absorbing the mess, leaving her pajama pants dry. With a defeated gasp, Lisa collapsed onto the tiled bathroom floor, feeling the soaked pull-up under her butt, bulky from absorbing all of her pee. There she sat next to the toilet, tears welling up in her eyes as frustration and embarrassment overwhelmed her. She hugged her knees to her chest, feeling utterly defeated by her body's betrayal yet again. The cool tiles starkly contrasted the warmth and wetness between her legs. Tears running down her cheeks as she realized the extent of her predicament. She was a grown woman, yet here she was, wearing a wet pull-up like a toddler. "Why does this keep happening to me?" she cried, her voice trembling. "It's not fair!" The sound of her voice echoed in the small bathroom, mixing with the soft hum of the ventilation fan overhead. When Lisa's mom heard her daughter cry out from the bathroom, she got up to check on her. "I'm too old for this," Lisa muttered bitterly, her hands balling into fists at her sides. "I shouldn't have to wear these stupid pull-ups like a child." Her mother knocked softly on the door, concern evident in her voice. "Lisa, dear, are you okay? Can I come in?" Lisa wiped her tears and took a deep breath, trying to compose herself. "I'm fine, Mom. Just... just give me a minute, okay?" She heard her mother's footsteps recede down the hallway, leaving her alone with her thoughts. She knew she couldn't keep hiding this from her mother, but she also didn't know how to explain what was happening to her. Lisa pushed herself up from the floor, her legs feeling weak and unsteady. She stumbled slightly, caught off guard by the weight of the sodden pull-up between her legs. With a shaky breath, she reached down and removed her pajama pants, revealing the bulky garment. Tears continued to flow from her eyes as she stripped off the pull-up, the cold air of the bathroom meeting her damp skin. She balled it up, a sense of shame washing over her as she tossed it into the trash can with a soft thud echoing in the small bathroom. Lisa quickly pulled her pajama pants back on, the fabric feeling soft and clingy against her skin. She hurried back to her room, her mind racing about how to handle the situation. She searched her dresser for a clean change of clothes and realized she needed to get laundry done; she only had two pairs of clean underwear left. Grabbing one of them, she rushed back out of her room towards the bathroom to shower and remove the smell of pee before speaking with her mom next. However, she was too late; as she approached the bathroom door, she was stunned to see it was already closed and locked from her mother going in there while she grabbed her clothes. *** Lisa's mom, Carol, stood outside the closed bathroom door. Concern for her daughter mingled with a growing sense of unease as she tried to make sense of the situation. She had heard Lisa's cries, and her instinct as a mother told her that something was seriously wrong. "I'm too old for this," she heard Lisa mutter. "I shouldn't have to wear these stupid pull-ups like a child." Carol hesitated, her hand hovering over the doorknob as she tried to process Lisa's words. Pull-ups? Why would Lisa be talking about wearing pull-ups? The confusion only added to Carol's growing concern, as she gently knocked on the door. "Lisa, dear, are you okay? Can I come in?" Carol called through the door, her voice laced with worry. There was a moment of silence before Lisa responded, her voice strained. "I'm fine, Mom, Just... just give me a minute, okay?" Carol hesitated, torn between respecting her daughter's privacy and wanting to comfort her. Ultimately, she decided to give Lisa the space she needed and stepped back from the door. As she waited outside the bathroom, Carol's mind raced with questions. What does she mean she is too old for this? Too old for what? Was she really wearing a pull-up? Before Carol could dwell on these thoughts any longer, she heard the sound of the bathroom door unlocking, followed by the soft click of its opening. Lisa stood in the doorway, her eyes red-rimmed and puffy from crying. Carol's heart broke at the sight of her daughter's anguish, and she longed to wrap her in a comforting embrace. But before Carol could say anything, Lisa rushed off to her room. Carol watched her daughter retreat down the hallway, a sense of helplessness washing over her. She knew she couldn't force Lisa to talk if she wasn't ready, but that didn't make it any easier to stand idly by while her daughter suffered. With a heavy sigh, Carol stepped into the bathroom, locking it behind her. Her eyes scanned the room for any sign of what had caused Lisa's distress. The air was thick with the scent of urine, and Carol wrinkled her nose in distaste as she made her way further into the room. Her gaze landed on the trash can near the sink, and her heart skipped a beat as she noticed the crumpled pull-up lying discarded inside. Carol's breath caught in her throat as she reached for the pull-up, her fingers trembling with disbelief. She lifted the pull-up from the trash can, her eyes widening in shock as she took in its sodden state. Clearly, this wasn't just a one-time accident; there were already two in the can. Lisa must have been wearing pull-ups for some time now. Why didn't she tell her mother? Have they grown more distant than she thought? Carol searched the bathroom, her heart pounding in her chest, her mind reeling with questions. She opened cabinets and drawers, looking for any sign of the package of pull-ups Lisa was using. But to her confusion, she found nothing. As Carol stood in the bathroom, her mind reeling with unanswered questions, she couldn't shake the feeling of unease settling in her stomach. She glanced around the room, her eyes scanning every corner in search of some clue that might shed light on the situation. But the bathroom offered no answers, only the lingering scent of urine. Her heart heavy with concern, Carol carefully placed the pull-up back into the trash can, her thoughts consumed by worry for her daughter. Lisa had always been independent and resilient, but seeing her distressed was tearing at Carol's maternal instincts. With a heavy sigh, Carol turned to leave the bathroom, her mind still racing about how to approach Lisa about what she had discovered. But before she could take a step, a sudden knock at the door startled her, causing her to jump in surprise. "Mom, are you almost done in there?" Lisa's voice came from the other side of the door, tinged with impatience. "I really need to take a shower." Carol's heart sank at the sound of Lisa's voice, the defeated tone in her voice only added to Carol's growing sense of worry. She had been so preoccupied with her thoughts that she hadn't even considered how her actions might affect Lisa. Now, feeling guilty for being the cause of slowing down Lisa's efforts to clean herself up from her accident this morning. "Sorry, sweetie, I'll be out in just a minute," Carol replied, her voice strained with emotion. She quickly moved to the toilet, her need to pee still present. As Carol relieved herself, her mind raced with thoughts of how to handle the situation with Lisa. She knew she needed to talk to her daughter about what she had discovered, but she also didn't want to invade Lisa's privacy or make her feel ashamed. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Carol finished her business and flushed the toilet, her thoughts still in turmoil as she washed her hands. She took a deep breath, trying to steel herself for the difficult conversation ahead, before finally opening the door and stepping out into the hallway. Lisa was waiting just outside the bathroom, her expression a mix of frustration and embarrassment as she watched her mother emerge. Carol's heart ached at seeing her daughter's troubled face, and she longed to wrap her in a comforting embrace. "I'm sorry for taking so long, sweetie," Carol said softly, gently touching Lisa's arm. "I didn't mean to keep you waiting." Lisa forced a small smile, though it didn't quite reach her eyes. "It's okay, Mom. I just really need to take a shower." Carol nodded understandingly, stepping aside to let Lisa pass. As her daughter disappeared into the bathroom, Carol couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt gnawing at her conscience. She knew she couldn't avoid the conversation they needed to have, but she also didn't want to make things any harder for Lisa than they already were. Unsatisfied with the answers she had found so far, Carol turned to Lisa's room. As Carol entered Lisa's room, she couldn't shake the feeling of unease that had settled in her stomach. She felt conflicted; she didn't want to invade her daughter's privacy, but she knew she needed to find some answers. With a heavy heart, she began to search the room, careful not to disturb anything from where it was. Her eyes scanned every corner in search of some clue that might shed light on the situation. As she opened drawers and checked closets, Carol's heart sank further. There was no sign of the package of pull-ups Lisa had been using, and only one pair of clean underwear was left in her daughter's drawer. Carol felt a wave of sadness wash over her as she concluded that Lisa must have been struggling with her bladder for a while now. With a sigh, Carol closed the drawer and turned to leave the room, her mind still racing with unanswered questions. She knew she needed to talk to Lisa about what was happening, but she also didn't want to make things any harder for her daughter than they already were. She just wanted to reassure her that it was alright and that she would be there for her. *** As Lisa stepped into the bathroom, a knot of anxiety twisted in her stomach. She couldn't shake the worry that her mother had seen the pull-ups in the trash. The thought made her heart race with panic, but she quickly pushed it aside, telling herself she was overthinking things. With trembling hands, Lisa quickly stripped off her pajamas and stepped into the warm embrace of the shower. The hot water cascaded over her body, washing away the physical evidence of her embarrassment. As she stood under the spray, lost in her thoughts, Lisa's phone buzzed on the bathroom counter, startling her out of her thoughts. Confused, she reached for it, her fingers struggling to unlock the screen from the shower's steam. A text from Craig flashed across the display, and Lisa's heart skipped a beat at the sight of his name. Despite everything that had happened, his message brought a small glimmer of comfort to her troubled mind. "Hey, babe. Just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. I know work has been crazy lately, but I'm here for you, okay? Let me know if you need anything. Love you ❤️" Tears pricked at the corners of Lisa's eyes as she read Craig's words. Despite the chaos around her, his unwavering support was a beacon of hope in the darkness. With a watery smile, Lisa quickly typed a reply, her thumbs flying across the screen. "Thanks, Craig. I really appreciate it. I've just been really busy lately and barely hit my deadline on Friday. But knowing you're there for me means the world. Love you too ❤️" As she hit send, a sense of relief washed over her. No matter the challenges, she knew she had people around her who cared about her. Craig, Sarah, and Mom would all be there for her. Even with that reassurance, Lisa felt a small pit in her stomach as she thought about what had happened with her mom and dad. Even if they are there for her now, what happens if she makes a foolish wish that ruins their life? Could she live with herself if that were to happen? Lisa pushed off her worries for now. She finished drying off, getting dressed in a checkered black and white skirt, a pair of nylons, and a white blouse with a jacket over the top. As she dressed, she couldn't help but feel a pang of anxiety about meeting Sarah and revealing the truth about the magic bracelet. But she knew she needed to confide in her friend; she couldn't keep this secret to herself. Sarah was the perfect person to confide in. Sarah had always been a good listener and had a knack for offering practical advice. With a deep breath, Lisa grabbed her phone and sent Sarah a text message asking her to meet at a local coffee shop. She hoped that Sarah would be able to help her navigate the chaos that had become her life ever since she had received the bracelet. As Lisa exited the bathroom, her heart raced with the fear of encountering her mother, her mind still reeling from the morning's events. She clutched the trash can tightly, determined to dispose of the evidence of her accidents before her mom could find them. She didn't want anything else to complicate her already chaotic situation. However, as she made her way down the hallway, trying to keep her footsteps as quiet as possible, Lisa froze in her tracks as she heard her mother's voice from the living room. "Lisa, honey, wait." Carol's gentle tone sent a shiver down Lisa's spine, and she felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment. She couldn't face her mother right now, not with the shame of her secret weighing heavily in her hand in the trash can. But before Lisa could retreat outside to dispose of the evidence, Carol appeared in the hallway, her expression a mix of concern and confusion as she approached her daughter. "Sweetie, are you okay?" Carol asked, her voice soft and gentle. "I saw you rush into the bathroom earlier in a hurry, and... well, I just want to make sure you're alright?" Lisa's heart clenched at the worry in her mother's eyes, and she swallowed hard, trying to find the right words to say. She couldn't bear to lie to her mother, not when she had always been there for her, but she also couldn't bring herself to admit the truth about the magic bracelet. "I'm fine, Mom," Lisa replied, forcing a smile despite the turmoil inside her. "Just... you know, when you gotta go, you gotta go." Carol studied her daughter's face for a moment, her brow furrowed with concern, before nodding slowly. "Alright, if you say so, sweetie," she said, though her voice was tinged with uncertainty. "Maybe try going before going to bed next time. haha," She laughed, trying to joke and lighten the mood. Lisa's face blushed a slightly brighter red. "Yeah, I tried that last night, but it didn't work as well as I hoped. Honestly, I wish I didn't have to pee so bad when I woke up. haha," Lisa tried joking back in hopes of keeping her mom off the trail of what was really going on. As if this was a totally normal thing for her to deal with. "Right?! I guess I can relate to that." Carol replied, trying to ease up the embarrassment she saw she was indirectly causing. "Are you taking out the trash?" she asked, her curiosity piqued, trying to change the subject. Lisa's cheeks now burned with embarrassment as she realized she had been caught in the act. "Uh, yeah," she stammered, her mind racing for an excuse. "I... I just noticed it was getting full, so I thought I'd take care of it." "Do you mind taking out this bag with you? I would have done it sooner, but I didn't know where the bins are here," she said, pointing to the bag she had from the day before, leaning up against the door. "Sure, I can do that," Lisa replied, quickly grabbing the bag and trying to run out the door before her mom could see what was in the trash bin in her hand. "Is there anything you need, sweetie? I was about to head out to the store, so if you need anything, just let me know." Carol asked her daughter, curious if she would admit to needing more pull-ups. Lisa's heart skipped a beat, worried her mom might have seen the pull-ups and assumed she needed more. "Uh, no, Mom, I'm good," she replied quickly, her mind racing for an excuse. "But... um, actually, I was planning to meet Sarah for coffee later. Do you think you could give me a ride?" Carol's expression was soft, nodding with a smile. "Of course, sweetie," she said. "I'd be happy to give you a ride. Just let me know when you're ready to go, okay?" Lisa's heart swelled with gratitude for her mother's support. "Thanks, Mom," she said, her voice lighter than before, as she felt a weight removed, hoping things were more normal. "You're the best." With a final smile, Carol turned and headed back to the living room, leaving Lisa alone in the hallway with a sense of relief washing over her. She knew she couldn't keep hiding the truth from her mother forever, but for now, she was grateful for the chance to spend time with her friend and get the trash out before her mom could try to confront her about the pull-ups. Chapter 7: Coffee Date The coffee shop came into view as Carol's car pulled up to the curb. People were bustling in and out of the coffee shop, seemingly in a hurry to get wherever they were going. Lisa's stomach fluttered with nervous anticipation as she glanced out the window. She took a deep breath, preparing herself for the conversation she knew she was about to have. As the car came to a stop, Lisa started to exit the car; Carol's gentle voice interrupted her, concern etched in every line of her face. "Are you sure you don't need anything from the store? I can pick up anything you might need?" Carol's offer carried a note of worry, her hope that her daughter would open up about her needs. Lisa forced a smile, trying to reassure her mother. "No, Mom, I'm good, really. I have everything I need." But before she can fully step out, Carol's concern spills over into another question, one Lisa had hoped to avoid. "When are you planning on seeing the doctor? It has me worried about you." Lisa felt a pang of defensiveness rise within her. It's not that she doesn't appreciate her mother's concern; it's just that she's too embarrassed about the situation to want to bring it up with someone else. She hardly wanted to talk to Sarah about it, but they'd been best friends for years now, and the number of times she's had to help Sarah get home after getting too tipsy at a club and wetting herself, she knew Sarah would be the last person to judge her about this situation. "I'll get to it, Mom, I promise," Lisa replies, trying to strike a balance between reassurance and deflection. "But honestly, I'm feeling fine today. Really." Carol's worry hardly dissipates, but she nods reluctantly, knowing when her daughter is putting up walls. "Okay, honey. I'm here for you if you need anything." Lisa nods, offering another weak smile before finally leaving the car. As she watches Carol drive away, she can't shake the guilt that twists in her gut. She knows her mother only wants to help her, but opening up about the reality of her situation is a hurdle she's not quite ready to jump yet, at least not with her mom. As Lisa stepped into the coffee shop, she scanned the area and spotted Sarah sitting at their usual table near a window at the front of the shop, a warm smile on her face. Lisa felt a sense of relief wash over her; Sarah's presence always brought comfort, especially in times of uncertainty. Approaching the table, Lisa noticed that Sarah had already ordered her favorite coffee—a small gesture that meant more to her than she could express. "Hey, Sarah," Lisa greeted her friend with a grateful smile as she took a seat opposite her. "Hey, Lisa! I got your usual, hope that's alright," Sarah said, sliding the cup across the table. "How's your day been so far?" Taking a sip of her coffee, Lisa sighed, feeling the tension of the day slowly melting away. "It's been... eventful, to say the least," she replied, her thoughts briefly flickering back to her urgent need for the bathroom this morning and the pull-ups she ended up throwing out after having another accident. Sarah raised an eyebrow, sensing there was more to Lisa's day than she was letting on, but she decided not to press, as she seemed a little distressed. "Well, you made it through the week in one piece. That's always a win," she remarked with a playful grin. "Yeah, barely," Lisa chuckled, grateful for Sarah's light-hearted approach. "Any exciting plans for the weekend?" The two friends engaged in some light small talk while sipping away at their favorite drinks. Discussing their respective Fridays and plans for the weekend. Sarah mentioned a new movie that was coming out and suggested they go see it together. "That sounds like fun! I'd love to see it with you," Lisa said, genuinely looking forward to spending more time with her friend. Sarah, ever perceptive, remembered seeing Carol was the one to drop her off. "We should look at show times later. I also noticed that your mom dropped you off today. Is everything okay with her?" she asked gently, her eyes filled with concern. Lisa hesitated, her mind racing with conflicting thoughts. Should she tell Sarah about the bracelet and its wishes? Would Sarah even believe her? She knew how crazy it all sounded, and the last thing she wanted was for Sarah to think she had lost her mind. As she debated internally, Sarah's voice broke through her thoughts. "Lisa, you know you can tell me anything, right? I'm here for you, no matter what." Taking a deep breath, Lisa weighed her options. On one hand, keeping everything bottled up inside was taking its toll on her mental health, and she longed for someone to confide in. On the other hand, the risk of rejection and judgment was almost too much to bear. Sarah's concerned gaze met Lisa's, and she felt a flicker of hope ignite within her. Maybe, just maybe, Sarah would understand. Maybe she'd even believe her. "I... I don't even know where to begin," Lisa started, her voice barely above a whisper. She fidgeted with her coffee cup, unable to meet Sarah's gaze. Sarah reached across the table, placing a reassuring hand on Lisa's trembling fingers. "You can tell me anything, Lisa. I'm here for you." The words hung in the air, heavy with promise and acceptance. With a shaky breath, Lisa mustered the courage to speak, her words tumbling out in a rush. "I know this is going to sound absolutely insane, but... but something bizarre has been happening to me lately," she began, her voice gaining strength with each word. "I... I've been making these... wishes, and they've been coming true. It's like magic or something, I don't know." She braced herself for Sarah's reaction, steeling herself for disbelief or mockery. But to her surprise, Sarah simply nodded, her expression thoughtful. "Go on," Sarah encouraged, her tone gentle yet unwavering. Lisa began recounting the events of the past few days—the mysterious package, the bracelet, the note. "It grants wishes, but not in the way you'd expect," Lisa explained, trying to find the right words to describe the inexplicable nature of the bracelet's powers. "I didn't believe it at first. I only put it on in the first place because I thought it was cute, but then... things started happening." She explained her experiences with the bracelet, from her wishing to no longer need to ride the bus and how her mom called shortly after, only to find out her mom and dad were separating. Sarah listened intently, her expression a mix of shock and disbelief at the news about Lisa's parents. As Sarah listened to Lisa's recounting of the events surrounding the mysterious bracelet, her initial expression of shock slowly transitioned into a more skeptical demeanor. She furrowed her brows, processing the information, but there was a glimmer of concern underlying her reaction. "I don't know, Lisa," Sarah starts cautiously, her voice tinged with uncertainty. "I mean, it's definitely... a strange coincidence, but... magic bracelets? That's a bit... out there, don't you think?" Lisa's heart sinks as she registers Sarah's disbelief. She had hoped that confiding in her friend would provide some relief, but instead, she feels a sense of isolation deepen within her. She opens her mouth to protest, to insist that it's all true, but Sarah's next words catch her off guard. "I'm really sorry to hear about your mom, Lisa," Sarah says, her tone softening with genuine sympathy. "That's a lot to deal with, especially on top of everything else you've been going through." Lisa's breath catches in her throat, her eyes stinging with unshed tears. "Th-thanks," Lisa manages to choke out, her voice wavering with emotion. "It's been... rough, I... I just don't know how to process what is going on right now." Sarah nods understandingly, reaching across the table to squeeze Lisa's hand in a comforting gesture. "I can only imagine," she murmurs, her gaze filled with compassion. As the weight of the conversation hangs heavy in the air, Lisa wrestles with the urge to divulge the full extent of the bracelet's powers. She knows it sounds absurd, even to her own ears, but a part of her longs for Sarah to believe her, to validate her and the events happening to her. Before she can gather the courage to speak. However, a sudden pressure builds in her bladder, cutting through her thoughts with urgent intensity. Panic floods her senses as she realizes she's moments away from having another accident. "I... I need to use the bathroom," Lisa blurted out, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment. "Sorry, I'll be right back." Sarah's concern flared anew at Lisa's abrupt announcement, her brows knitting together in worry. "Are you okay? You seem... flustered." Lisa shook her head, her mind racing with anxiety. "I'll explain everything, I promise. Just... just give me a minute." Without waiting for Sarah's response, Lisa rose from her seat, her heart pounding. She knew she had to do something to prove the bracelet's magic to Sarah, to make her believe. Then, suddenly, an idea popped into her head. She was about to have an accident, which meant her underwear would change into a pull-up again. She could show Sarah her underwear and then have an accident, and they'll transform. Sarah would have to believe her at that point! "Come with me," Lisa urged, her voice tinged with urgency. "I'll show you." Confusion flickered across Sarah's features, but she rose from her seat nonetheless, her concern for Lisa outweighing her bewilderment. "Okay?" As they made their way to the bathroom, Lisa's mind raced with a thousand thoughts, her determination bolstered by the knowledge that she was about to reveal the truth to Sarah. She knew it wouldn't be easy, that Sarah might still doubt her even after witnessing the bracelet's magic firsthand. But she couldn't let that stop her. She had to make Sarah understand, to believe her. Pushing open the door to the bathroom, Lisa gestured for Sarah to follow her inside. "Watch," she instructed, her voice tinged with excitement and trepidation. "I'll prove it's not just random coincidences." Lisa's heart pounded as she led Sarah into the bathroom, her mind racing with the gravity of what she was about to reveal. She could feel Sarah's skeptical and confused gaze burning into the back of her head, but she refused to let doubt cloud her determination. As they entered the bathroom, Lisa's hands trembled slightly as she reached for the hem of her skirt. With a deep breath, she lifted it up, exposing her panties to Sarah's bewildered gaze. "Look," Lisa urged, her voice tight with urgency. "I'm not crazy. My underwear will turn into a pull-up if I... if I..." Her words trailed off as panic surged through her, her bladder protesting with increasing urgency. Desperately, she tried to hold back the inevitable, her muscles straining against the overwhelming pressure. As Lisa stood there, her eyes squeezed shut in a mix of desperation and embarrassment, Sarah's expression shifted from confusion to shock. "Lisa, what are you doing? Use the toilet!" Sarah's voice was filled with a mix of disbelief and worry as she took a step closer, reaching out as if to offer support. "I-I'm sorry," Lisa stammered, her voice strained with effort. "I just... I need you to believe me. Please, just watch." With a deep breath, Lisa forced herself to relax, letting go of the last shreds of control she had over her bladder. Silence hung in the air, broken only by the sound of urine hitting the floor and pooling below her. Nothing happened. There was no magical transformation, no pull-up appearing to save her from the humiliating accident she had just experienced. Instead, Lisa felt the warm, wet sensation spreading down her legs, the sign of the bracelet's magic taunting her. Why didn't it work? Her eyes snapped open in horror, tears welling up as she looked down at the puddle forming at her feet. She had hoped that the bracelet's magic would somehow prove her right, but all it had done was leave her feeling stupid, foolish, and extremely embarrassed in front of her closest friend. Sarah's gasp of shock was the only sound in the bathroom as she took in the scene before her. She could hardly believe what she was seeing, her mind struggling to make sense of the surreal situation unfolding in front of her. "L-Lisa... what just happened?" Sarah's voice was barely above a whisper, her eyes wide with disbelief. Lisa could only hang her head in defeat, unable to find the words to explain. She felt a wave of shame wash over her, knowing that she had proven nothing and now probably seemed even crazier to Sarah than before. Now, feeling like she had just lost all sense of reality. "I-I'm so sorry, Sarah," Lisa choked out, her voice trembling with emotion. "I thought... I just thought if you saw it, you'd believe me about the bracelet. But I was wrong. I was so wrong." Sarah's expression softened with genuine concern as she stepped forward, reaching out to gently touch Lisa's trembling shoulder. "Hey, it's okay," she said, her voice filled with compassion. "Accidents happen, you know? I mean, how many times did you help me out at the club?" But despite Sarah's words of comfort, Lisa couldn't shake the crushing weight of her embarrassment. She felt like a total idiot for doing this on purpose in front of someone. Why didn't she think of a better way to prove the bracelet's magic? With a shaky breath, she stepped back from the puddle to see the damage that was done. "I... I think I just need a moment," she murmured, her voice thick with emotion. Sarah nodded understandingly, her concern etched in every line of her face. "Of course, take all the time you need. I'll be right outside if you need anything." Sarah quietly exited the bathroom, leaving Lisa alone with her shame. Lisa sat down, wondering if she could ever face her friend again. The weight of her humiliation threatened to overwhelm her with tears. How could she even bring herself to step out and face Sarah again? Chapter 8: Shopping As Carol navigated the familiar streets to the store, her mind was preoccupied with thoughts of Lisa. She couldn't shake the worry that lingered since her daughter had started acting strangely, especially after finding those pull-ups in the trash. Pulling into the grocery store's parking lot, Carol grabbed her list and headed inside. The store was bustling with activity, shoppers weaving in and out of aisles, their carts filled with the week's necessities. Carol couldn't help but overhear bits of conversation from nearby shoppers as she wandered through the aisles. Seeing one little girl ask her mom to use the potty while doing a potty dance only exaggerated her thoughts about Lisa and her close calls. Pushing her cart along, Carol collected different items on her list, her thoughts drifting back to Lisa. She had always been a bit of a worrier, but lately, it seemed like something more was weighing on her daughter. Carol glanced down at her list, her eyes catching on the item with a question mark next to it: "Pull-ups?" She furrowed her brow, a knot of worry tightening in her stomach as she considered the implications. Should she really be contemplating buying pull-ups for Lisa? Would that be crossing a line? Would Lisa appreciate the fact she didn't have to ask? With a sigh, Carol pushed her cart forward, weaving through the bustling aisles of the grocery store. As she passed by the baby care section, she couldn't help but steal a glance at the pull-up packages on the shelves. She scanned them, trying to match the design she vaguely remembered from the discarded pull-ups at home. There were dozens of different styles and brands. But it had to be here somewhere. The ones in the trash were rather childish, nothing like a grown-up would wear or what you could get at the pharmacy. Carol's steps slowed as she approached the baby care section, her eyes scanning the shelves for any hint of familiarity. She felt a pang of guilt for even considering buying pull-ups for Lisa without her consent. But the worry gnawing at her heart was too strong to ignore. She began to sift through the various packages, her eyes tracing over the different designs and sizes. None of them seemed to match what she vaguely remembered from the discarded pull-ups at home. She let out a frustrated sigh, feeling lost in a sea of unfamiliar products. "Excuse me, ma'am, can I help you find something?" a voice interrupted her thoughts. Carol looked up to see a store employee with a friendly smile. "Oh, um, yes, I'm looking for pull-ups," Carol replied, feeling a flush of embarrassment. The employee nodded. "Sure, what size are you looking for?" Carol hesitated, unsure of how to answer. She didn't want to reveal too much about her daughter's situation to a stranger. "Um, I'm not exactly sure. I think for some older kids?" The employee nodded understandingly and led Carol to a different section of the aisle, where the bedwetting pull-ups were stored. Carol's heart sank as she realized the gravity of the situation. How had Lisa ended up needing pull-ups? Was it a medical issue? Or was there something else going on that she didn't know about? With a heavy heart, Carol thanked the employee for the help. Staring at the package of the same pull-ups she saw in the trash, she felt torn. Should she pick them up? It seemed like Lisa was out of them at home, or at least she couldn't find any of them. Would buying them only embarrass Lisa more? Carol shook her head, trying to push aside her growing concern. She continued down the aisles, methodically ticking off the remaining items from her list, but her mind kept returning to Lisa and the pull-ups. Maybe she should pick them up just in case? The worst case scenario is she totally misread the situation and can just return them, and the two of them will laugh about this one day. Torn, Carol returned to the baby care aisle, selected a package that seemed to match the ones she had seen at home. Finally, with her cart filled and her list completed, Carol made her way to the checkout counter. As she waited in line, she couldn't shake the feeling that she was invading her daughter's privacy in a way she never had before. She began to unload her groceries onto the conveyor belt. But she couldn't shake feeling embarrassed for her daughter as she placed the package of overnight pull-ups on the belt. Her cheeks blushed lightly at the thought that she was buying these for her adult daughter. As Carol finished placing the last of her items on the belt she felt her phone buzz in her purse. She fished it out and saw a message from Sarah, Lisa's close friend. The message caught her off guard, and she quickly glanced around to ensure no one was looking over her shoulder as she read it, briefly looking at the pack of pull-ups before opening the text. "Hey Carol, wanted to give you a heads up. I'm gonna take Lisa over to my place for a bit, and then we're gonna catch a movie. So don't wait up for us, I'll drop her off at home later. Let us know if you need anything." Carol's heart skipped a beat with relief as she read the message. She felt slightly concerned for her daughter, for not being able to get her to the doctor today; feeling she should have been more adamant about it. But it is nice to hear Lisa is getting some girl time in. Carol quickly sent a thumbs-up emoji, and paid for her items brushing off the embarrassment about buying pull-ups. She doesn't have to have a direct conversation with Lisa about them now, or at least for a little while. Carol drove back to the apartment. On the drive, she began to think about what she should do with the pack of pull-ups. Should she leave it on the table for them to talk about when she gets home? No. That would be a bad idea, what if Sarah comes in to chat? Then, it would be on full display. What about her bedroom? Sarah wasn't likely to go in there. But what if Lisa brings back a guy? It would be a little awkward with her mom there, but it would be even worse if he saw a pack of bedwetting diapers on her bed. Then, it struck her. Duh, I can just leave them in her underwear drawer. No guy will go in there unless he is a creep, and if that's the case then they aren't meant to be anyway. When she arrived home, Carol rushed to bring in everything. As Carol brought the groceries inside, she couldn't shake off the weight of concern that had settled in her chest since finding those pull-ups in the trash. She made multiple trips from the car to the apartment, each time feeling the pull of worry tugging at her thoughts. Finally, with everything brought in, Carol began sorting through the bags to find the pull-ups. She located them nestled among the groceries and pulled them out, feeling a sense of apprehension. She knew she needed to talk to Lisa about them, but the right opportunity hadn't presented itself yet. With the package of pull-ups in hand, Carol made her way towards Lisa's room. She hesitated at the doorway, her mind racing with uncertainties. How would Lisa react to finding them? Would she be upset? Embarrassed? Would she even understand why Carol had bought them? Pushing aside her doubts, Carol stepped into Lisa's room and began searching through her stuff again, hoping to find a pack of pull-ups that were just well hidden. But no matter how hard she tried, she kept coming up empty-handed. She even pulled out the drawers to see if Lisa had hidden them behind the drawers but turned up nothing. Where was she keeping them? After a lot of rummaging, she finally gave up, opting to leave the pull-ups – tucked away in Lisa's underwear drawer. It seemed like the most discreet option, ensuring they would be there when Lisa needed them without drawing unnecessary attention. As Carol placed the package in the drawer, her fingers brushed against something else – a small box containing a note. Curiosity piqued, she picked up the box and examined its contents. The note inside caught her eye, and she read it over carefully, her brow furrowing in confusion. "Is this some kind of joke?" Carol muttered to herself, shaking her head in disbelief. The idea of a magical bracelet granting wishes seemed too absurd to be true. Without giving it a second thought, she left Lisa's room in a state close to its original so as not to raise suspicion. Chapter 9: What are Friends for? As Lisa gingerly inspected her skirt, relief flooded her when she realized the fabric hadn't visibly betrayed her humiliating accident. With a shaky sigh, she began to peel off her wet underwear, her cheeks burning with embarrassment at the mess she had made. Not wanting to stay in urine-soaked underwear or have any way to carry them out of the bathroom without it being clearly visible, Lisa opted to dispose of the soiled garment. Lisa grabbed some paper towels, used them to dry off her legs, and tossed several on the floor to help mop up the puddle she had created. Not wanting to leave a mess for the staff to clean. She quickly used her feet to mop up the evidence of her mishap the best she could before she disposed of the soaked paper towels; luckily, they also helped to bury her underwear sitting in the trash can. Just as she was beginning to regain some composure, a gentle knock sounded on the bathroom door, causing Lisa's heart to skip a beat, freezing her in her tracks. "Lisa? Are you okay in there?" Sarah's voice was filled with concern, muffled by the closed door. Lisa's heart eased with gratitude at the sound of her friend's voice. Despite her mortification, she couldn't help but feel warmth at Sarah's support. Lisa called out, taking a deep breath to steady her nerves. Her voice was slightly hoarse from the lingering embarrassment. "Yeah, I'm okay. Just... just give me a minute, okay?" There was a brief pause, followed by the sound of the doorknob turning as Sarah pushed open the door, her concerned gaze meeting Lisa's. "I brought you something," Sarah said softly, holding out a rolled-up fabric bundle. I keep a new pack of underwear in my car for emergencies, and I thought you might appreciate a pair ." Lisa's eyes widened in surprise as she accepted the offering, touched by Sarah's thoughtfulness despite the situation's awkwardness. "Thank you," she murmured, her voice choked with emotion. "I... I really appreciate it." Sarah smiled sympathetically, her eyes warm with understanding. "No problem. We've all been there, right?" As Lisa quickly changed into dry underwear, a sense of gratitude washed over her. She felt so lucky to have a friend like Sarah in her life—someone who didn't judge her for the awkward moment she had just put her friend through, someone who just so happened to be ready for something like this to happen, someone who she could talk to, to get her thoughts, fears, and secrets out to. "Looks like you've got everything taken care of," Sarah remarked, breaking the silence as Lisa finished changing. "Yeah, thanks to you," Lisa replied, smiling gratefully at her friend. They stood there momentarily, the weight of the situation still hanging in the air. Lisa felt the urge to make another wish, to undo everything that had happened, but she hesitated. She remembered what happened with her mom. What unforeseen consequence would happen with a wish to undo something already done? She couldn't risk making things worse. Sarah must have sensed her friend's turmoil because she spoke up. "Hey, why don't you come over to my place? You can take a shower and relax for a bit. Maybe it'll help clear your mind." Lisa appreciated the offer and nodded, relieved to escape her apartment and her mom for a while. "That sounds really nice, actually. Thank you." As they left the bathroom and headed towards the exit, Lisa couldn't shake the feeling of unease. She knew she had to be careful with the bracelet and its wishes, but she couldn't ignore the temptation to use it again. The power it held was both alluring and terrifying. Once they were in Sarah's car, Lisa glanced at the bracelet on her wrist, feeling conflicted. She thought about wishing to undo everything that had happened, to erase the embarrassment and the mess. But something held her back. She couldn't shake the feeling that using the bracelet again would only lead to more trouble. Sarah tried to distract Lisa from what happened. "Hey, I've done it a thousand times," she said, trying to ease Lisa's embarrassment. "Don't sweat it. We all have our moments." Lisa nodded, grateful for Sarah's understanding. She couldn't shake off the embarrassment, but Sarah's reassurance helped. "I just wish this whole thing hadn't happened," Lisa muttered, her cheeks still flushed with embarrassment. "That was the most embarrassing thing ever." Sarah comforted her friend, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "I know it feels like a big deal now, but trust me, we'll laugh about this one day. In the meantime, let's hit the road to my place so you can get that shower. And hey, we can still go see that movie we talked about if you're up for it." Lisa managed a weak smile, grateful for Sarah's friendship. "Yeah, that sounds good. Thanks." As they drove to Sarah's place, Lisa couldn't help but wonder why nothing had happened. She made a wish, just like she had done with not wanting to ride the bus. Only nothing changed. She was still embarrassed about what happened. She was still in Sarah's car, still wearing different underwear than when she started the day. She stared at the bracelet momentarily, frustrated that it refused to work how she thought it would. It didn't protect her from peeing herself; it got her mom in a separation, and now it was ignoring her. This thing is a curse! As they arrived at Sarah's place, Lisa felt a mix of relief and lingering embarrassment. The short ride had provided a small respite from the day's events, but she knew she couldn't escape them entirely. Sarah's apartment building was familiar yet unfamiliar, a place Lisa had never visited despite their close friendship. Sarah led the way, her steps brisk as they ascended the stairs to her apartment. Lisa followed, her mind still reeling from the day's events. She couldn't shake the feeling of unease, the nagging suspicion that the bracelet on her wrist was more trouble than it was worth. Inside Sarah's apartment, Lisa took in her surroundings with curiosity. The space was cozy and inviting, filled with warmth and a comforting home scent. Sarah gestured for Lisa to make herself comfortable as she disappeared into another room, returning with a bundle of clothes moments later. "Here you go," Sarah said, offering Lisa the clothes with a sympathetic smile. "I grabbed you some clean clothes and a towel. The bathroom's right through there." Lisa accepted the clothes gratefully, feeling grateful for her friend's kindness. "Thanks." Once inside the bathroom, Lisa hesitated momentarily, her fingers trembling as she reached for the hem of her shirt. She paused, her reflection staring back at her with a mix of uncertainty and resignation. How had her life come to this? Soiling herself as if she couldn't control it. She never imagined herself in a situation quite like this. All of this chaos in her life, all of it because of a cursed bracelet? Shaking off the thoughts, Lisa focused, quickly undressing until she was just in her underwear. She stared at herself in the mirror, the image reflecting back at her a stark reminder. She couldn't help but feel a sense of déjà vu wash over her. She had been in this situation before, just a few days ago when she got the bracelet. She stood in the bathroom staring at her reflection looking at a wet pull-up she was wearing. Here she was again. Having had an accident, only this time, she was in underwear. The pull-up, no-where to be seen. Just as Lisa was about to step into the shower, Sarah's voice interrupted her thoughts from outside the bathroom door. "Hey, I'm going to order some takeout. If there's anything specific you want, just text it to me. Otherwise, I'm just going to get some Chinese food." "Sounds good! Thanks." Lisa called back, her voice brimming with gratitude. As she stepped into the shower, the warm water cascading over her body, Lisa couldn't help but feel relief washing over her. The day's events seemed to fade away if only for a moment, replaced by a fleeting sense of peace. She was grateful for the opportunity to wash away her shameful moment, leaving it in the past. Once she had finished showering and dried off, Lisa dressed in the clothes Sarah had left for her, feeling grateful for her friend's kindness. Not only was she understanding, but she was also being overly generous. Sarah gave her a pair of brand new underwear again, a pair of sweat pants, and a large hoodie—the perfect comfort clothes to combat the stressful day she had had so far. As Lisa emerged from the bathroom, Sarah greeted her with a warm smile. "Feeling better?" Lisa nodded, her spirits lifted by the comfort of her friend's presence. "Yeah, thanks to you." Sarah smiled, her eyes sparkling with warmth. "Anytime, Lisa. That's what friends are for." Lisa and Sarah settled in to enjoy their takeout, the tension of the day began to melt away. They chatted and laughed; Lisa told Sarah about her date with Craig tomorrow. Excited to be able to see him again and enjoy a nice meal with him. The comfort of their friendship eased Lisa's earlier embarrassment. Lisa felt grateful for Sarah's understanding and support, her worries about her accident and the pull-ups momentarily forgotten in the warmth of the evening. As they finished their meal, Sarah glanced at the clock and frowned. "We should probably head out soon if we want to make it to the movie on time," she said, double-checking the time on her phone. Lisa nodded, a sense of unease creeping back into her mind. She knew she had no way of controlling the bracelet's magic. Not yet, at least. Not wanting to embarrass herself any more than she already had, she knew she needed to use the bathroom before they left. She couldn't risk ruining Sarah's clothes or embarrassing herself again. "I just need to use the bathroom real quick," Lisa said, trying to sound casual despite her nerves. She didn't feel the need to go, but waiting until she needed to go hasn't been working out the best for her lately. "I'll meet you by the door." "Take your time, Lisa. We're in no rush." As Lisa entered the bathroom, she couldn't shake the feeling of dread that washed over her. She stared at herself in the mirror, the worried look in her reflection a stark reminder of the day's events. She couldn't let another accident happen, not now. Taking a deep breath, Lisa moved herself over to the toilet and sat on it. She tried as hard as she could to relax and let herself go. She couldn't feel any sensation that it was working. It was like her body had chosen to ignore her completely now. Suddenly, she heard the splashing water and a stream running. She let out a sigh of relief. Maybe she could get through the rest of the day without further embarrassment. She knew she still had to be careful with the bracelet, especially now that its magic had been confirmed and seemed unpredictable. She couldn't risk trusting it to replace her underwear and prevent an accident. After using the bathroom, Lisa took a moment to compose herself, her mind racing with thoughts of the bracelet and its powers. She couldn't help but feel a sense of regret for ever putting it on, for ever making those wishes. But she also knew she couldn't change the past. All she could do now was be cautious and hope for the best. As she rejoined Sarah in the living room, Lisa forced a smile, trying to push aside her lingering worries. "Ready to go?" Sarah nodded, standing up from the couch. "Yeah, let's go."
  4. Let me preface this topic by saying I am not a writer, but I've read quite a lot of stories on here as well as pretty much every other website that provides ABDL or similarly themed stories, in German as well as English. Thus there may be themes and plotlines in this work that are inspired by other works out there, as that is pretty much unavoidable. However I will try my best to ultimately still keep this story original in the end. Since I have pretty much zero experience in actually writing stories, but am quite versed in prompt engineering AIs, I decided to try out how far I can get to writing an actually enjoyable and consistent novel by relying heavily on AI assistance. I checked the pinned posts in this forum and did not find any rules regarding AI assisted/generated stories, so I hope I'm not breaking any rules. If I do, my apologies. Of ourse I'm heavily aware of the limitations of current, publicy available language models and for the sake of transparency I'm going to briefly explain my approach here. I use two instances of the free version of ChatGPT running on GPT-3.5. The first one I feed with precise outlines of what I want to happen and it responds with a handful of paragraphs at a time. Due to limitations in the conext size and the size of the responses it can't generate full chapters at once, even though those would be more consistent on their own., however with my approach of feeding it prompts bit by bit I have more control about the content. I still need to go through each paragraph however, rearrange them sometimes and fix minor consistency issues. Every now and then there will also be sentences and the odd paragraph in there that I had to fully write on my own, as ChatGPT was not cooperating to produce what I wanted. I really hope those do not stand out however and there is no discernible difference in quality of writing. After I finish a chapter I then feed it into a second instance of ChatGPT, which sole purpose is to extract knowledge and data points from the chapter and outline it once again, which I then feed back into the first AI to increase cohesion and consistency. I've created 5 chapters so far and in my opinion they read really well and are fairly cohesive. I have a general idea for where the story will go but I'm still uncertain of where it will end up. I like to surprise myself a bit as I progress this story and dive deeper into the mind of the protagonist. I aalso have no idea how long this approach will hold up and when the consistency breaks down completely. I welcome any kind of criticism regarding the quality of this story, especially in regards to consistency, as quality AI assisted writing is still fairly novel and I'm very curious to hear what you guys have to say about this approach aand the result. Without further ado, here are the first 5 chapters: ----------------- Chapter 1 (Thursday, Day 1) Sitting at my desk, the hard wooden surface pressing against my thighs, I let out a weary sigh. Mr. Henderson's droning voice filled the classroom, the words blending together into a meaningless stream. History had never been my favorite subject, but today it felt particularly unbearable. I was a sophomore in high school, barely fifteen, with chestnut hair that fell in unruly waves around my shoulders and eyes the color of storm clouds. Despite my petite frame, I carried myself with a quiet confidence, a facade that masked the shame that gnawed at my insides. School had only started three days ago, after a long summer break filled with lazy days and carefree afternoons. But now, with the weight of my secret bearing down on me, those carefree days felt like a distant memory. My mind drifted back to that first accident a few weeks ago, the one that had started this whole downward spiral. I had been home alone, lost in the blissful solitude of my own thoughts, when it happened. I was sitting at my desk, engrossed in a book, when the pressure in my bladder had become too much to bear. I had tried to ignore it at first, too focused on the story unfolding before me to pay attention to the warning signs. But as the urgency grew stronger, more insistent, I finally realized what was happening. I jumped up from my desk, my heart pounding in my chest, and raced to the bathroom. But by then, it was too late. I felt the warm trickle of urine running down the fabric of my pants, a humiliating reminder of my body's betrayal. The shame washed over me in waves as I stumbled into the bathroom, tears stinging my eyes. I cleaned myself up as best I could, my hands trembling with embarrassment. And when I finally emerged from the bathroom, my cheeks flushed with shame, I vowed to never let it happen again. But now, as I sat in Mr. Henderson's classroom, the memory of that first accident came rushing back with startling clarity. And as the pressure in my bladder grew stronger, more insistent, I realized with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that history was about to repeat itself. Bits and pieces of the lesson floated through my mind, ironically drawing parallels to my current situation. Mentions of treaties and alliances felt like reminders of the fragile alliances I had forged with my own body, desperate attempts to maintain control in the face of impending disaster. But as my thoughts started to spiral again, a sudden realization snapped me back to reality. A warm, damp sensation spread across the fabric of my panties, and my heart sank. The shame washed over me in a suffocating wave, my cheeks burning with embarrassment as I tried to discreetly wipe away the evidence. And then, just as I was grappling with the humiliation of my predicament, Lily's voice cut through the haze of my thoughts. Lily has been my best friend for as long as I can remember and she was sitting next to me in class. "Ellie, are you okay?" she asked, concern etched in her features. I forced a smile, my voice strained as I replied, "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a bit tired, I guess." But even as I spoke the words, I could see the doubt in Lily's eyes. She had noticed something off about me, something I had been desperately trying to conceal. And as she continued to study me with furrowed brows, I knew that my carefully constructed facade was beginning to crumble, exposing the truth I had fought so hard to hide. My heart sank further as I realized there were still ten more minutes left in this class. How was I supposed to deal with my wet secret for that long? And as the pressure in my bladder continued to build, I couldn't shake the feeling of mortification knowing that the short leak wasn't enough to relieve it. I watched the clock closely, patiently waiting to be released from this torture. My thoughts started drifting off again, thinking about how my life was just fine a few weeks ago and how my bladder control got progressively worse in the last two weeks of summer vacation. At first, I didn’t notice. It all began with that one accident, which I quickly dismissed. I rationalized it afterward, attributing it to the copious amounts of water I drank that day to combat the summer heat. Given my tendency to lose myself in thought and tune out the world around me, it seemed plausible. In the following weeks, I continued to use the same excuse to justify my increasingly frequent trips to the bathroom. I didn’t think much of it. "It's just because I've been drinking so much to stay hydrated in the summer," I reassured myself. Although that carefree confidence started to crumble more and more with each trip to the bathroom and close call. Afterall here I was, sitting in class with damp panties. The shrill ring of the bell echoed through the classroom, pulling me once again from my thoughts, signaling the end of yet another torturous history lesson. Without a second thought, I bolted out of my seat, my heart racing as I made a beeline for the exit. I could feel the pressure in my bladder reaching a critical point, threatening to unleash an even worse accident if I didn't act fast. With each hurried step, I prayed that I would make it to the restrooms in time. The hallway stretched on endlessly before me, the minutes ticking by agonizingly slow. But finally, mercifully, I reached the door to the restroom and pushed it open with trembling hands. I dashed inside and made a beeline for the nearest stall, my breath coming in ragged gasps. Just barely, I managed to yank down my pants and lower myself onto the toilet before it was too late. I closed my eyes, relief flooding through me as I felt the warm rush of urine escaping my body. Once the immediate crisis had passed, I dared to open my eyes and glance down at my wet panties. The shame washed over me anew as I realized the extent of the damage. There was no hiding it now – the evidence of my secret was plain for all to see. I contemplated my situation, trying to come up with a plan to discreetly deal with my wet underwear. But as I sat there, lost in thought, a knock on the stall door shattered the silence. "Ellie? Are you in there?" Lily's voice broke through the haze of my thoughts, concern evident in her tone. I froze, my heart pounding in my chest. How had she found me here? And more importantly, how was I supposed to explain the mess I had gotten myself into? With a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, I realized that I was about to be confronted with a reality I had been desperately trying to avoid. "I-I'm fine, Lily," I stammered, my voice barely above a whisper. "Just... needed a moment alone, you know?" But even as the words tumbled out of my mouth, I knew they sounded unconvincing. How could I possibly explain the mess I had made of things without revealing my deepest, most humiliating secret? There was a brief pause, and then Lily spoke again, her voice soft but insistent. "Ellie, I'm your best friend. You can talk to me about anything. Please, just let me in." I hesitated, torn between the instinct to keep my secret buried deep inside and the desperate need for someone to confide in. Finally, with a heavy heart, I unlocked the stall door and watched as Lily stepped inside. Her eyes widened in surprise as she took in the scene before her – me, sitting on the toilet with tears streaming down my cheeks, my wet panties discarded on the floor beside me. "Oh, Ellie," Lily whispered, her voice filled with sympathy. "What's going on? Why are you so upset?" I took a deep breath, steeling myself to reveal the truth I had fought so hard to hide. "Lily, I... I've been having accidents," I admitted, my voice barely above a whisper. "It's been happening for weeks now, and I don't know what to do." Tears welled up in my eyes as I recounted the humiliating ordeal I had been going through, the shame and fear that had consumed me with each passing day. But to my surprise, instead of recoiling in disgust or disbelief, Lily reached out and enveloped me in a warm hug. "Ellie, I'm so sorry," she murmured, her voice thick with emotion. "I had no idea you were going through this. But you don't have to face it alone. We'll figure this out together, okay?" And in that moment, as I clung to my best friend for dear life, I felt a glimmer of hope flicker to life inside me. Maybe, just maybe, I didn't have to face this nightmare alone after all. Chapter 2 (Thursday, Day 1) Lily and I huddled together in the restroom stall, our voices hushed as we deliberated our options. "Okay, so we have two choices," Lily began, her brow furrowed in concentration. "Option one: we dry off your panties as best as we can and you put them back on. Hopefully, the wetness won't show through your pants." I bit my lip, considering her suggestion. "But what if they do show through?" I whispered anxiously. "I can't bear the thought of everyone seeing..." Lily nodded understandingly before presenting the second option. "Option two: we seek out help from the school staff. They might have spare clothing or be able to assist us in some way." I hesitated, my mind racing with conflicting thoughts. On one hand, the idea of confiding in someone else filled me with dread. I couldn't bear the thought of anyone else knowing about my humiliating secret. But on the other hand, the risk of being caught with wet panties was equally terrifying. "I... I think we should go with option one," I finally said, my voice barely above a whisper. "I can't... I can't bring myself to tell anyone else about this." Lily nodded in agreement, though I could see the concern in her eyes. "Okay, we'll go with option one," she said gently. "But if it doesn't work out, we'll figure something else out, okay? You're not alone in this, Ellie. I'm here for you." Tears pricked at the corners of my eyes as I nodded, overwhelmed by Lily's unwavering support. Together, we set to work drying off my panties as best as we could, hoping against hope that our chosen option would be enough to get us through the rest of the day. As we worked quickly to dry off my panties, the restroom door creaked open, and the voices of a bunch of gossiping girls drifted in. My heart sank as I listened to their chatter, their words slicing through the air like knives. "...and did you hear about Sarah? I heard she got dumped by her boyfriend in front of the whole school! Can you imagine how humiliating that must've been?" The cruel laughter that followed sent a shiver down my spine, and I felt Lily tense beside me. We pressed ourselves against the walls of the stall, hardly daring to breathe as we waited for the girls to leave. My mind raced with fear and anxiety, the sound of their laughter ringing in my ears like a taunt. I couldn't help but wonder what they would say if they knew about my own humiliating secret, about the struggles I was facing right now. But as the seconds ticked by agonizingly slow, the girls' voices gradually faded away, leaving behind an eerie silence. Lily and I breathed a sigh of relief, our bodies still trembling with tension. Once the coast was clear and my panties as dry as we could get them, we emerged from the stall, our faces pale with fear and exhaustion. Lily squeezed my hand reassuringly, her eyes filled with sympathy. "We'll get through this, Ellie," she whispered, her voice filled with determination. "Together." With Lily's support, I knew that no matter what challenges lay ahead, we would face them head-on. And as we left the restroom, ready to tackle whatever came our way, I felt a glimmer of hope flicker to life inside me. We made it back to our last class of the day without anyone noticing the turmoil that had unfolded in the restroom. With each step, I felt a sense of relief wash over me, grateful for the temporary reprieve from the weight of my secret, but also still reminded of the dampness inside my pants. As we settled into our seats, the familiar routine of the classroom provided a welcome distraction from the events of the day. And though the memory of the gossiping girls lingered in the back of my mind, I couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude for Lily's unwavering support. Despite the close call, I had managed to navigate through the day without my secret being exposed to the entire school. It was still a close call, but in that moment, it felt like a small victory. Despite the earlier challenges, the remainder of the class passed without incident. But as the final bell rang, signaling the end of the school day, my relief was short-lived. As I gathered my belongings and prepared to leave, Lily caught up to me, a concerned expression etched on her face. "Ellie, wait," she said softly, motioning for me to step aside. Confusion knitted my brows as I followed Lily to a secluded corner of the hallway. It was then that her gaze flickered down to my pants, and her eyes widened in alarm. "Oh, Ellie," Lily murmured, sympathy lacing her voice as she gestured to the damp stain that had seeped through. "We need to figure out a way to conceal this before you leave school. We can't let anyone see." Panic surged through me as I realized the gravity of the situation. I couldn't bear the thought of facing the humiliation of being seen with stained pants, especially not in front of my classmates. But with Lily by my side, I knew we would find a way to handle it together. Taking a deep breath, Lily and I set to work, brainstorming ideas to conceal the stain and get me home safely. We quickly decided that Lily would lend me her jacket to tie around my waist, providing cover as we made our way through the crowded halls. Nervously, Lily and I made our way through the hallways towards the exit, keeping a vigilant eye out for any signs of suspicion. To our relief, we seemed to go unnoticed, but the tension still lingered in the air, palpable and suffocating. As we approached the bus stop, the familiar sound of giggling reached our ears, and my heart sank as I spotted the gossiping group of girls already waiting there. Among them stood the tallest one, towering at 5 foot 10 over my petite 5 foot 0 frame. She shot a glance towards the jacket around my waist, raising an eyebrow in curiosity, but quickly became engrossed in conversation with her friends once again. My pulse raced with anxiety, but to my immense relief, the girl didn't seem to suspect anything amiss. She made no comment about the jacket or the stain it concealed, and soon, the bus arrived, whisking us away from the prying eyes of the gossiping girls. As we settled into our seats on the bus, I let out a shaky breath, grateful for the narrow escape. Despite the close call, we had managed to make it through the day without my secret being exposed to the entire school. It was a small victory, but in that moment, it felt like a monumental achievement. After what felt like an eternity, though it was only about 15 minutes, Lily and I finally reached our stop. Lost in my thoughts, I reflected on the rollercoaster of a school day we had just endured. As we stepped off the bus and onto the familiar sidewalk, a knot formed in the pit of my stomach at the thought of facing my mom when I got home. We walked together in silence until we reached the front of my house. With a heavy heart, I turned to Lily, knowing our time together was coming to an end for the day. "Thanks, Lily," I said softly, my voice tinged with gratitude. "For everything." Lily smiled warmly, her eyes filled with understanding. "Of course, Ellie," she replied. "Anytime. And don't worry, you can keep the jacket for today. You can give it back to me tomorrow before school." Relief washed over me as I pulled the jacket tighter around my waist, hoping it would conceal the stain, not realizing however that stain had almost fully dried and was barely visible by now. With a final hug, we said our goodbyes, and I watched as Lily walked away, disappearing down the street. Alone now, I stood in front of my front door, the weight of the day's events heavy on my shoulders. Dread gnawed at me as I contemplated the inevitable encounter with my mom. Taking a deep breath, I squared my shoulders and reached for the doorknob, steeling myself for what lay ahead. Chapter 3 (Thursday, Day 1) I stepped through the front door, the weight of the day's events heavy on my shoulders. My mom greeted me with her usual upbeat demeanor, her smile brightening as she asked about my day. "Hi, Mom," I managed to stammer out, my voice barely above a whisper. I forced a smile, hoping to mask the turmoil raging inside me, and quickly set my bag down by the door. As my mom chattered on about her day, oblivious to the storm brewing inside me, I followed her to the kitchen, my mind swirling with worrisome thoughts. I mechanically poured myself a glass of water, the cool liquid doing little to calm the nerves that threatened to consume me. I forced myself to focus on my mom's words, nodding along absentmindedly as she recounted the events of her day. But beneath the surface, a sense of dread gnawed at me, the weight of my secret pressing down on me like a suffocating blanket. I struggled to keep up the facade of normalcy, my mind racing with unanswered questions. How could I face my mom when she inevitably found out about my struggles? Would she be disappointed in me, or worse, ashamed? As I sipped my water, I resolved to keep my secret buried deep inside, at least for now. I couldn't bear the thought of burdening my mom with my troubles, not when she had her own worries to contend with. But even as I tried to push aside my fears, a sense of unease lingered in the air, casting a shadow over what should have been a peaceful afternoon at home. And as I glanced up at my mom, her smile faltering for just a moment, I couldn't shake the feeling that our idyllic facade was beginning to crack. As I helped my mom make dinner, the rhythmic chopping of vegetables providing a comforting distraction, I began to feel a sense of calm wash over me. Maybe, just maybe, my mom hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary after all. Lost in my thoughts, I didn't notice the pressure building in my bladder until it became almost unbearable. With a small gasp, I excused myself from the kitchen, intending to make a quick trip to the bathroom. But before I could take a single step, my mom's voice cut through the air, startling me out of my reverie. "Ellie, wait," she said, her tone gentle but firm. "Can I ask you something?" I turned to face her, my mind still foggy from my internal turmoil. "Sure, Mom," I replied, trying to keep my voice steady despite the rising tide of anxiety. She hesitated for a moment, her expression unreadable, before finally speaking. "What's with the jacket, sweetheart?" she asked, her brow furrowing in confusion. "It's still pretty warm out for you to be wearing it." My heart skipped a beat as I realized there was no way to avoid the question. With a shaky breath, I forced myself to reply, praying that my mom wouldn't push for more details. "Oh, uh, it's just... I found it in my closet and thought it looked nice," I said, my voice trembling slightly. To my surprise, my mom's eyes narrowed slightly as she studied the jacket. "That's odd," she mused, her tone thoughtful. "I don't remember you ever owning a jacket like that. Did you borrow it from a friend?" Panic surged through me as I struggled to come up with a plausible explanation. "Um, yeah, something like that," I replied, my voice barely above a whisper. "A friend lent it to me for the day." My mom nodded slowly, though a hint of concern lingered in her eyes. "Alright, honey," she said, her tone gentle. "Just be careful, okay? And make sure to return it to your friend when you're done with it." With a nod, I forced a smile and hurried off to the bathroom, my heart still pounding with adrenaline. As I closed the door behind me, I let out a shaky breath, grateful for the temporary reprieve. But even as I relieved myself, the weight of my secret hung heavy in the air, casting a shadow over what should have been a simple family dinner. Sitting on the toilet, I couldn't help but glance down at the white, slightly childish-looking panties I wore. My heart sank as I noticed the faint yellow stain, now fully dry, marring the fabric. With a pang of embarrassment, I realized I should probably change out of them. Once I finished in the bathroom, I made a quick detour to my bedroom upstairs. Hastily, I switched out of my jeans and stained panties, exchanging them for a fresh pair and a comfortable pair of sweatpants. I left the borrowed jacket on my bed and hurried back downstairs to the kitchen. As I reentered the room, the aroma of dinner filled the air, momentarily distracting me from my worries. My mom glanced up from the stove, a warm smile spreading across her face. "Feeling better, sweetheart?" she asked, concern lacing her voice. I forced a smile, trying to shake off the lingering sense of unease. "Yeah, much better," I replied, my voice sounding more confident than I felt. "Sorry about that, Mom." She waved off my apology with a smile, turning back to tend to the food. But even as I joined her in the kitchen, the memory of the stained panties lingered in the back of my mind, a constant reminder of the secret I was desperate to keep hidden. As I finished setting the table, the sound of the front door opening caught my attention. Moments later, my dad entered the kitchen, his tired smile lighting up his face as he greeted me. "Hey there, kiddo," he said, ruffling my hair affectionately. With a smile, I returned his greeting, grateful for the familiar routine of our family dinners. As we all sat down at the table, the warm glow of the kitchen bathed us in a sense of comfort and familiarity. Throughout dinner, I couldn't help but notice how upbeat both of my parents seemed, their laughter filling the air as they exchanged stories from their day. They played the part of the happy little family perfectly, oblivious to the worries that ate away at their daughter from the inside. I tried my best to join in the conversation, forcing a smile and nodding along with their stories. But beneath the facade of normalcy, a sense of isolation gnawed at me, reminding me of the burden I carried alone. As the evening wore on and dinner came to an end, I excused myself from the table, claiming exhaustion from the long day at school. But even as I retreated to my room, the weight of my secret hung heavy on my shoulders, casting a shadow over what should have been a simple family meal. As I sat down to tackle my homework, my mind couldn't help but drift back to the events of the day. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for Lily and all she had done to support me. Without her, I don't know how I would have made it through the day. With a sudden burst of determination, I decided to call Lily, hoping to do our homework together. Somehow, suffering through the boring math equations seemed more bearable with her by my side. "Hey, Lily!" I greeted her as she picked up the phone. "Hey, Ellie! What's up?" Lily replied cheerfully. "I was wondering if you wanted to do our math homework together? It's kind of boring on my own," I suggested. "Sure thing! I’ve finished mine already, but I don’t mind keeping you company," Lily agreed with a laugh. I quickly got to work, Lily helping me through the first problem. But it wasn't long before our conversation veered off course, leading us down a rabbit hole of jokes and stories. "Remember that time in sixth grade when Mr. Thompson caught us passing notes in class?" Lily reminisced, causing us both to burst into laughter. "Oh, how could I forget?" I replied between giggles. "That was definitely one of our finer moments." As we continued to work through the homework, I couldn't help but marvel at Lily's patience and willingness to help, despite having already completed her own assignments. It was moments like these that reminded me just how lucky I was to have her as a friend. In the midst of our conversation my focus shifted further and further away from the assignment I was doing. By the time we were completely off topic I barely managed to finish half of the assignment and had already completely forgotten about them. I even completely forgot about the stained panties still lying on my bedroom floor, which I had originally planned to deal with after homework. For the first time since I had arrived home, I felt a sense of lightness wash over me, grateful for the simple joy of friendship in the midst of chaos. Chapter 4 (Thursday, Day 1) Hours slipped by as Lily and I talked, laughter punctuating our conversation as we reminisced about old memories and shared new ones. But as the evening progressed, I realized with a sinking feeling that I still hadn't finished my homework. Time had slipped away unnoticed, and now I found myself scrambling to catch up. A sudden knock at the door shattered the tranquility of the moment, causing me to jump in my seat. With a quick apology to Lily, I excused myself from our phone conversation and hung up, my heart pounding with apprehension. "Come in," I called out automatically, my mind still reeling from the unexpected interruption. The door creaked open slowly, revealing my mom standing in the doorway, her expression a mix of concern and curiosity. "Hey, sweetheart," she said softly, her voice gentle. "Is everything okay?" I forced a smile, trying to hide the panic that threatened to consume me. "Yeah, Mom, everything's fine," I replied, though my voice sounded strained even to my own ears. But my mom wasn't convinced. I could see it in the way she studied me, her eyes searching mine for any sign of distress. "Are you sure?" she asked, her tone gentle but probing. "You seemed a bit... off earlier. Is something on your mind?" I felt a surge of nervousness grip me as I realized that my mom wasn't as oblivious as I had thought. She had sensed something was wrong, and now I found myself at a loss for words. "I, uh, just got caught up in a conversation with Lily," I stammered, my voice faltering. "That's all." My mom's expression softened with understanding, though a hint of concern lingered in her eyes. "Alright, sweetheart," she said softly. "Just remember, I'm here if you ever need to talk. I love you." As I sat there, trying to compose myself, realizing my Mom was only concerned and meant well, I noticed her gaze flicker towards the floor where my discarded clothes lay. My heart skipped a beat, fearing she might notice the stained panties, but to my relief, her attention seemed to pass over them without recognition. "Sweetheart, don't forget to clean up your clothes before bedtime," my mom said, her voice gentle but firm as she turned back to face me. I nodded quickly, my mind racing with a mixture of anxiety and relief. "Okay, Mom," I replied, forcing a smile despite the turmoil brewing inside me. With a final nod, my mom left the room, closing the door softly behind her. As I sank back into my chair, I couldn't help but feel a sense of unease lingering in the air. My mom's concern was touching, but it also served as a stark reminder that I couldn't keep my struggles hidden forever. With a heavy sigh, I pushed the thoughts aside, focusing instead on the task at hand. But even as I gathered up my clothes and prepared to clean up, the memory of my mom's probing gaze lingered in the back of my mind, a constant reminder that some secrets were harder to keep than others. As I placed my clothes in the hamper, a sense of exhaustion washed over me, weighing down my limbs as if each step was a struggle. I made my way to the kitchen, the cool tile floor soothing beneath my feet as I poured myself a glass of water, the gentle sound of it filling the silence of the empty house. With a heavy sigh, I trudged into the living room where my parents sat, their voices low as they chatted quietly. I mustered a weak smile as I bid them goodnight, the weight of the day pressing down on me like a leaden blanket. Turning away, I made my way to the bathroom, the familiar routine of brushing my teeth offering a brief respite from the chaos of my thoughts. But even as I rinsed and spat, the worries of the day lingered in the back of my mind, a constant reminder of all that I had left unfinished. As I climbed into bed, the events of the day replayed in my mind like a broken record, each moment filled with anxiety and uncertainty. I couldn't shake the feeling of dread that gnawed at me, the struggles of the day casting a shadow over the days to come. With a heavy heart, I closed my eyes, the weight of my worries threatening to pull me under. But even as sleep beckoned, I couldn't escape the nagging sense of unease that clung to me like a stubborn shadow, a constant reminder of the struggles that lay ahead. And so, with a weary sigh, I surrendered to the embrace of sleep, hoping that tomorrow would bring some respite from the chaos of today. I drifted off into a restless slumber, completely oblivious to the fact that I had never even finished my homework that day. Chapter 5 (Friday, Day 2) I sat in math class, my eyes fixed on the clock at the front of the room. Its hands seemed frozen in time, mocking me as I waited for the minutes to tick by. My bladder ached, a constant reminder of the discomfort I had been trying to ignore all morning. As the teacher droned on about equations and variables, I tried to focus on the lesson, but my mind kept wandering back to the relentless ticking of the clock. Each second felt like an eternity, stretching on and on as if time itself had come to a standstill. I glanced down at the worksheet in front of me, my stomach twisting into knots as I realized I hadn't finished the homework assignment. Panic bubbled up inside me, threatening to overwhelm my already frayed nerves. Summoning all my willpower, I tried to push aside my worries and concentrate on the task at hand. But as the minutes dragged on, my anxiety only grew, a heavy weight pressing down on my chest with each passing second. Just when I thought I couldn't bear it any longer, the teacher's voice cut through the haze of my thoughts, calling my name. My heart skipped a beat as I realized what was happening. "Ellie, would you mind coming up to the front to present your solution for problem number three?" the teacher asked, her voice breaking through the fog of my panic. I felt a surge of dread wash over me as all eyes turned to me expectantly. With trembling hands, I gathered my things and made my way to the front of the room, my heart pounding in my chest. As I stood in front of the class, the weight of their gaze bearing down on me, I struggled to find my voice. My mind raced, searching desperately for the solution I knew was buried somewhere in the depths of my memory. But as the seconds ticked by, I realized with a sinking feeling that I had nothing. My mind was blank, my thoughts consumed by the overwhelming pressure of the moment. With a shaky breath, I mumbled something incomprehensible, the words tumbling out of my mouth in a jumbled mess. The teacher frowned, her disappointment palpable as she urged me to try again. But it was no use. The words refused to come, trapped in the tangled web of my anxiety. And as I stood there, frozen in place, I couldn't help but feel the crushing weight of failure bearing down on me, a heavy burden that seemed impossible to bear. Suddenly, a wave of relief washed over me, but it wasn't because I had miraculously found the answer to the math problem. Instead, it was a strange warmth spreading through my lower body, a sensation that left me bewildered and confused. Slowly, almost hesitantly, I glanced down, fully expecting to see a puddle forming at my feet. But to my shock and confusion, my pants remained dry, and instead, there was a strange bulge forming between my legs. My heart pounded in my chest as I realized what was happening. I felt a surge of panic rising within me, my mind racing to make sense of the impossible situation unfolding before me. I looked up, my eyes wide with fear, only to find all eyes in the classroom fixed on me. I could feel the heat of their stares burning into my skin, their whispers filling the air like a deafening roar. And then, amidst the chaos, I heard it: a faint, familiar giggle echoing from the back of the room. My blood ran cold as I recognized the sound, a chilling reminder of the humiliation that awaited me. Frozen in place, I struggled to make sense of it all. How had this happened? Why was I wearing a diaper? And who could have done this to me? But as I searched the faces of my classmates for answers, all I found was confusion and disbelief mirrored back at me. And in that moment, I realized that I was alone, trapped in a nightmare of my own making with no way out. As I jolted awake, confusion momentarily clouded my thoughts. It took a moment for me to realize that it was just a dream, but as the fog of sleep lifted, a wave of worry washed over me. My heart raced as I remembered the vivid details of the dream – the warmth spreading through my lower body, the sensation of wearing a diaper, the humiliating laughter echoing in the background. With trembling hands, I reached under the sheets, my heart pounding in my chest as I searched for any sign of wetness. Relief flooded through me as my fingers met dry fabric, but it was short-lived. In the next instant, a sharp pain sliced through my bladder, a stark reminder of the reality of my situation. Panic surged within me as I realized that I only had seconds to spare before disaster struck. Frantically, I threw back the covers and stumbled out of bed, my mind racing as I raced to the bathroom, every step sending a jolt of agony through my body. With trembling hands, I fumbled with the doorknob, my heart pounding in my chest as I pushed open the door and stumbled inside. And then, finally, blessed relief washed over me as I collapsed onto the toilet, the pressure in my bladder finally easing as I let out a long, shuddering sigh. As I sat there in the dim light of the bathroom, the events of the dream still fresh in my mind, I couldn't help but wonder what it all meant. Was it just a nightmare, or was it a sign of something more? And as I sat there, lost in my thoughts, I couldn't shake the feeling that the worst was yet to come. As I returned to my bedroom, the dim light filtering in through the curtains cast long shadows across the room. Glancing at the clock on my bedside table, I realized with a sinking feeling that it was barely 3 am. Exhaustion washed over me, the events of the night leaving me drained both physically and emotionally. Crawling back into bed, I pulled the covers up to my chin, hoping to find solace in the darkness of sleep. But as I lay there, my mind buzzing with a thousand thoughts and worries, I found myself unable to relax. Minutes turned into hours as I tossed and turned, my thoughts swirling in a chaotic whirlwind. But despite my best efforts, sleep remained elusive, slipping through my fingers like grains of sand. And then, just when I thought I couldn't bear it any longer, exhaustion finally claimed me, pulling me down into the depths of dreamless sleep. As I drifted off into unconsciousness, a sense of peace washed over me, if only for a fleeting moment, as I surrendered to the embrace of slumber once more.
  5. Big Thanks to all my patreons that make this story possible! Sarah Smith Daniel Klohac Matt Surber Shido Little baby Jedi If you also want to support me you could also spend 1$ to help out and read all my stories way earlier than anyone else! What a chance to be in the next season of This? Then join my Patreon to get in all you have to do is be a Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Little_Rie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A black deer is sitting in what appears to be a nursery. She's reading a kid’s book to 2 toddlers. One drinking from a bottle and the others sucking a pacifier. They both seem nearly asleep as the black deer rubs both their heads as they fall asleep. She smiles and giggles. Closing the book and heading out of the nursery shutting the door and turning out the lights. A young woman probably in her early 20, she's a pink bunny with floppy ears. She is sitting in an office chair spinning before she notices the black deer. "o-oh boss, you already have the little ones to sleep?" The young lady has a slight blush on her face. The deer giggles and smiles. "I'm surprised you didn't want to join them? Heh." The bunny girl blushes more and laughs. "Well someone has to watch them right? Kinda part of my job. I know you've been looking for more help so I've been keeping an ear out for you." The deer puts her hands on her knees and smiles at the bunny. "Oh really! That's wonderful Sally. Tell mommy all the information and I'll go find you some new friend~" The bunny girl who looked in her early 20s begins to look smaller. She would blush more playing with her ears. "W-well there are two boys who are very sweet but it turns out they lost their home and are homeless now. It's really sad but I'm sure mommy can help them! Then they can work wif us!" The bunny girl gets younger and younger till she's about two years old, the deer grabs the bunny girl. "well ok, then mommy will check on these boys. But in the meantime, you need to get some sleep." The deer grabs a pacifier and puts it in her mouth. She rests her head on the deer and the deer pets her. Like magic, the bunny girl begins to fall asleep. She takes her to the nursery laying her in a crib and leaves thinking to herself. "Two young boys who are homeless. That's so sad… but I'm sure I can give these boys a better life, Heh." The deer leaves the nursery looking up at the sign Staries 'little' getaway. Was the name of this apparent nursery. "It's so hard to find help… No one wants to work here, they all want to stay here." She says with a sigh. She heads to a house next door and walks inside. It was a normal-looking home. But it had stuff set up like she had a child or two. But there was no evidence of a husband or even a kid. She heads to her room removing her skirt and brown apron. She gets dressed in some silky pj's and sits on her bed. "You're going to change the world Starie and if not… I'll make them change." She says with a giggle laying down and quickly falling asleep. The next day Starie wakes up stretching. She throws the covers off her and grabs her phone. She had a text from Sally, it was just a random address and some text that said, love you. Starie smiles and texts back. 'love you too baby bun.' She giggles grabs a new apron and skirt with some panties from her dressers and heads to the bathroom. She gets undressed and gets in the shower just relaxing and cleaning up after she gets out, dries off, and gets dressed. She leaves the bathroom and grabs her phone heading to the kitchen. She hums while she makes herself a bowl of cereal. She scrolls through her pictures on her phone and smiles. "Aww, I can't believe it's already been a year." There was a pink bunny that looked like Sally. She was covering her face as she was an adult in nothing but a diaper laying on a changing table. In the next few pictures, she was younger, probably about 16. Again she was in a diaper standing in the grass in a dress. Just looking around confused. More pictures later the pink bunny was a kid. She was crying because she had scraped on her knee a little. The next one though she was about 2 years old. She was sucking on staries boobs, eating while Starie petted her head. "She would kill me if she knew I took all these pictures. She doesn't have a huge debt to pay off. I probably still own her for another 10 years at least. I doubt she would quiet after though." She giggles and finishes her cereal. She finally gets up and heads to her computer and opens a document on her computer. She works for a few hours before printing it off. "That should do. All I have to do is get a few people to sign this." She grabs the 30-page document and puts them in her purse. Throwing it over her shoulder and heads out of her house. "Let's see here." She pulls out her phone and looks at the address again. "307 west peanut Street. Got it~!" She locks her phone and puts it in her purse and heads down the sidewalk. After about a half-hour of walking, she Finally finds peanut Street. She keeps walking and finds a homeless shelter and frowns. "I feel like most of my workers should come from here just to give them a second chance. Poor people. We will see." She says with a sigh she goes to walk up to it and finds an anthro pony orangish yellowish pony. He had a black eye and is handing a small girl a Halloween bucket. "Don't worry about me, I'm fine! Isn't that right Resuku? Me and him couldn't have you without Halloween candy next week now could we?" A skunk with orange on the back of his tail white belly and brown the rest of the way around smiles shyly and nods. "Ya… though brave took quite a beating…" Brave soul covers Resukus mouth. "Shhh! Yap! Just fine, now go have fun." The little girl smiles. "Thank you, mister!" She skips off and Starie smiles. "That was super sweet. How old are you two?" They both look around before looking at each other. brave spoke up first. "Us? Well, we are the same age, 26 ma'am." She giggles and smiles holding her hand out. "Oh, I should introduce myself. I'm Starie! You are brave? And your boyfriend is Resuku." Resuku blushed and brave blushed a bit. They both shook her hand. "He's my friend… we are not uhh together like that. But can we help you?" Brave asked as Starie nodded. "Oh right, well I hear you two don't have a place to call home anymore? Would you like a chance to have a place to live for one year? After that, we will see where it goes." Brave looks suspicious but Resuku looks interested as he speaks up. "Wait… like we pay rent or something? We don't have jobs but we could with a place to stay! Right brave?" He holds up a finger. "Hold on. What's the catch lady?" She frowns. "Aww, already caught on huh?" Brave smirks. "I'm not stupid." Starie pulls out a bunch of documents from earlier from her purse. "All you have to do is fill out this. Sign a few papers and for one year you have a free place to stay. I mean you can buy other stuff to make life more enjoyable but we will give you the basic stuff for free." Brave and resuku look intimidated by this large document. "Holy… crap…" Resuku says. "Oh ya it's quite long. Would you prefer me to come back another day, to get time to read it over?" Starie asks with a smile. "Uhh let's go inside and sit down and look it over I suppose?" Brave says. he's kinda excited. He couldn't believe such an opportunity to get back on his feet was here in front of him. They all head inside and sit around a table in the main area of the homeless shelter. They began reading the first page. It was very simple stuff. The normal for a legal document. Reminded them of kinda like a renters form. "Well… What do you think Resuku? This looks legit?" Brave asks. Resuku nods. "Let's sign it! I'm sick of this place. I'm ready to get back on my own feet and live my own life again!" Brave smiles and laughs and they begin to work on the document signing everything they need to. After what felt like forever of paperwork they hand the stuff to Starie who's texting on her phone. She's texting Sally. All it says is 'bring the van'. Starie looks up with a smile. "Oh all done? Well, congratulations on your new home!" She puts the paperwork away. And brave gets in her face. "S-so umm when can we go to this home…?" Resuku also looks interested but too shy to speak. Starie giggles. "Soon! I got a car coming to pick us up." They wait a good half hour before Sally comes running into the building breathing heavily. "I-im here! Sorry! I was changing-" Starie puts her arms around Sally. "Sally! Say hello to Brave soul and Resuku. You two, this is my worker Sally. She's a bit scatterbrained. But does her best." They all shake hands. They head out to the van and get in. "Smells like baby powder in here." Brave says, Sally blushed and was about to say something. "And? It's a better smell than something rotten wouldn't you say?" Brave shrugs. "Huh… ya I suppose so?" Resuku shrugs and smiles. "I mean...it kinda smells nice." Starie nods. "Yap! Oh while you two sit back there I got one more form for you to fill out. This one doesn't have anything about boring stuff. This is about what you all want. There's stuff that costs money here but don't worry you pay nothing for the full year. Then after you can either pay off your debt or work for me to pay it off. Sally's a previous customer! " Sally blushes more and nods. "Y-ya that's right! I racked up so much debt on day one… I had to stop and go with the free options." They take the paper Starie hands them and looks it over. Do you want an adult bedroom for $5000, a child's for $1000, or a baby's free. (girls bedroom would depend on clothing) Clothing options, adult $2000, child $500, or baby free. (Girls' clothes give you money in the opposite way. Baby $2000, child $500 an adult $200) Underwear? Adult $5000, childish, $2000 pull-ups $500, and diapers free. Food. Every meal adult $1000, baby food $500, breastmilk free. Bedtime, 7 free 10 $1000 no bedtime $3000 Fun items can be anything you want. They both had an incredible blush on their face. Brave speaks up. "You can't be for real? Why is all this baby stuff free? You just can't expect us to pick that?" Sally giggles and Starie smiles, turning to them. "Oh right, I forgot to say. The first 3 days you will be regressed, younger and younger. Till You're both about 2 years old. So the baby's stuff will come in later. Just depends if you want it earlier. It also won't make your debt much higher." They both blush more. "it's not possible to regress someone right…?" Starie reaches behind Sally who's driving and pulls her pants down a bit showing her diaper. Sally blushes like Crazy. "M-mommy!" Both the boys couldn't believe this was an adult in diapers. They both looked at each other as Starie kissed Sally's cheek. "Sorry baby, but mommy had to prove it to them. Now, are you going to select your stuff? Or do I get to?" Both their eyes get big. "W-we will." Resuku says filling out the information on his paper. Brave sighs and does the same as they turn them into Starie. She secretly takes a picture of them and sends them to an unknown number. "... We could just runoff." Brave says. "And risk jail time? The papers you signed give me ownership for one year. Take your choice boys." They sigh. "Guess we are going with you… but I mean what happens if we max out the debt?" Brave asks. Starie giggles. "You work for me for the rest of your life. But don't worry you will get a place to stay and stuff, In the nursery that is. Sally likes it there." Sally whines as they Finally make it to the house. They both blush. "N-nursery? Oh God… let's try not to make this permanent…" Brave says, Resuku nods. "I agree… but this will be so humiliating…" Sally gets out of the van running into the building with Starie’s 'little' getaway written on it. Starie laughs. "She's so shy about her diapers. But a year as a toddler will do that to you." They both shake gulping. She gets out and opens the door for them. "Well come on! Let's head on inside. You were both so excited!" They both take their time getting out of the van and follow Starie up to her house. They all step inside and she shuts the door. "Please take off your shoes." They both do as she says. "So uhh… I mean this place isn't that bad… right Resuku?" Brave asks. Resuku nods shyly. "Y-ya… do we get separate rooms?" Starie frowns. "No, unfortunately not. I only got one spare room. I never expected to take on two at the same time." Brave kinda shrugs. "I don't mind. Could be worse right?" Resuku blushed. "R-right! Like having to wear diapers… or something." Starie giggles. "Oh that will be a given eventually but I'll let you try to keep without them as long as you want. But I won't give anyone false hope. Now let's check out your new room for the day shall we?" They all head to a spare bedroom and open the door heading into their new room. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  6. As the song goes; I get by with a little help from my friends.. Sorry for the mix up... I think I am in the right place now. When I finish the story THEN I will post it in completed stories... ? Sorry folks. Please enjoy! ~LTRID CHAPTER 1 “Jace! Wait up!” Jace turned around to see Gina, a girl from entry physics, run up behind him. Jace turned and faced her. “Oh, hey Gina. How are you today?” Jace asked as cheerful as he could be considering he just finished a three-hour exam that started at seven. “I’m good! But I am still having trouble with chapter seventeen…” Gina pouted. “I am sure that Professor Williams could…” Jace was cut off. “I was hoping that maybe I could sneak in an extra study session with you tonight?” Gina smiled flashing doe eyes to Jace. “I mean… I was kinda hoping to take it easy tonight… Today was my last exam…” Jace scratched the back of his neck. “Please Jace!” Gina begged. “You’re the only TA that makes any sense to me… Something about the way you teach just clicks for me.” Jace looked around trying to come up with any excuse to get out of tutoring tonight. “Tell you what!” Gina started seeing Jace’s apprehension. “My roommate is already gone for the semester. Why don’t you come over to my dorm instead of the library? That way you don’t have to be all professional.” “I really only get paid for the hours listed in the syllabus…” Jace replied. “That’s perfect! I’ll figure out a way to pay you for the study session and then you can come to my dorm!” Gina replied eagerly. “That is not what I…” Jace began. “Awesome!” Gina cut him off and grabbed his hand to write on. “My room is 28C, be there at five!” Gina winked and carried on her way, leaving Jace to think about what had just transpired. Jace had just wanted to spend the rest of the day relaxing; he had not had any time to himself for the last few weeks and stress was getting to him. He just wanted to play some video games and do some reading that did not involve college. Jace looked to his hand where Gina had written her note. 5PM 28C, Gina ?. But she dotted her ‘i’ with a heart. Jace sighed and continued walking down the hall. He did not like all the attention he had been getting recently. His first two years of college he was practically invisible; everyone saw him as the nerdy high school kid. But now that he is a viable option, girls he never would have dreamed to talk to are coming up to him. At first it was flattering, but as Jace became more serious with Amy he started seeing it more as an annoyance. He just wants to find time for himself and enjoy some peace and quiet. MSG: JESSICA WHEELING ‘You out of your exam yet? And more importantly do you want to get food? ~Jess.’ ‘Out of exam. Starving. Need to change first. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘☹ Amy told me that you two were working all week on potty training. She said that you were making such good progress too! Do you want help changing? ~Jess’ ‘No… And glad to see that Amy is telling the world about my potty training! ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Take a breath Jace… ~Jess.’ ‘Sorry… stress, hungry, tired… ~Jace Windu.’ ‘And wet? ~Jess.’ ‘Funny… ~Jace Windu.’ ‘It is one of my many talents! Was today your last exam? ~Jess.’ ‘Yes. Thank God! ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Awesome! We are having screwdrivers. ~Jess.’ ‘I just want to eat and go to my dorm… ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Too late! Ordered us food! Come to my dorm for pre-brunch drinks. ~Jess.’ ‘Ugh… Can I at least change first? ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Hell no! Change when you get here! You have sat in it this long already, what’s five more minutes? ~Jess.’ ‘Wow… ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Scoot that diaper butt! Drinks are awaiting! ~Jess.’ Jace put his phone back in his pocket. He loved Jessica, but she can sure be bossy sometimes. Unfortunately, Amy had been picking up this habit as well. Jace turned to head to the dorms instead of the cafeteria. His GreatNite sagging in his pants. CHAPTER 2 KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK “It’s open!” Jessica called. Jace opened the door and walked in. “Took you long enough!” Jessica jested. “Literally has been five minutes!” Jace replied, exasperated. “Hopefully, that is not what you say to your girlfriend.” Jessica said handing Jace a glass of orange juice. Jace laughed and shook his head at his friend. Jessica had a way of calming him down and getting him out of his head. He took a drink. “Jeepers Jess!” Jace said coughing. “What? You said today was your last exam!” Jessica replied with a smile. “This tastes like vodka with a splash of orange juice.” Jace said pointing to his drink. “You are not wrong.” Jessica said holding up an empty juice container. “More will come with the food.” Jace stared to Jessica holding up an empty juice container. He then looked to her glass and saw it was only vodka. For some reason, this scene was funny to him and he started laughing, causing Jessica to join in and laugh as well. After a longer than normal time of laughing the pair eventually calmed down. “I don’t know why that was so funny, but it was.” Jace said smiling wiping a tear from his eye. “I am just that funny!” Jessica replied. “Cheers!” They both drank their straight vodka, Jace suffering far worse than Jessica. “Do you have any exam’s left?” Jace asked grimacing at his cup. “Nope. Last one was yesterday.” Jessica replied, inviting Jace to sit on the bed. “Nice.” Jace replied, sitting. “How long are you going to stay on campus then?” “Till Friday, Kelly and I are driving to Lake Crescent for the holiday.” Jessica replied sitting in her chair opposite Jace. “Things getting serious with you two then?” Jace asked raising an eyebrow. “Ehh…” Jessica said waving a hand to brush Jace off. “I don’t want anything official just yet.” “Still spooked from the bitch that shall not be named?” Jace asked. “Yes.” Jessica replied blankly. “Well, I am glad you took my suggestion. You both will love the place; it gets beautiful in the winter.” Jace said, taking a drink. “You said that you and your mom went there right?” Jessica asked. “Every year.” Jace answered. “Are you going this year?” “Nah, Amy is meeting my mom for the first time, so we are staying home for the holiday.” “Now that is getting serious.” Jessica stated taking a long sip from her drink. “First girl I am brining home to my mother…” Jace said finishing his drink. “Will drink to that.” Jessica said holding her drink up to Jace before finishing it. “Good luck soldier.” “Thanks… I am hoping she will be normal.” Jace replied. “Who? Isadora or Amy?” Jessica asked. “My mother…” Jace replied. “Well, I am sure Amy will do fine. She has put up with me all semester.” Jessica said tapping her chin. “That we can agree on!” Jace replied smirking. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP Jace’s watch started going off. “What’s that for?” Jessica asked. “Ahh… Just something that Amy has me trying…” Jace replied sheepishly silencing the alarm. “Trying for what?” Jessica asked. “To keep me on schedule.” Jace replied. “On schedule for what?” Jessica asked. “It’s so that I get reminded to make it on time.” Jace replied. “Make it to what?” Jessica asked. Jessica started at Jace blankly. Jace was trying to find a way of explaining it without needed to say what it is. “I am just messing with you! Amy told me she started you on a potty watch!” Jessica smiled. “Oh, and you said you needed to change right?” “Yeah. I forgot about that…” Jace said embarrassed. “Hence the potty watch.” Jessica stated referencing to Jace’s watch. “You girls need to stop talking to one another.” Jace said, letting his body fall to its side, his head hitting the pillow. “Never going to happen!” Jessica said looking to her phone and standing up. “Food is about to get here. You change, I’ll be back in ten.” “I will be here.” Jace held a thumb up to Jessica. Jessica left her dorm leaving Jace alone on her bed. SEND MSG: AMY APPLEGATE ‘I am kidnapping your boyfriend for brunch today! He seems super stressed from exams, so I thought I would treat him. ~Jess.’ ‘Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Seriously, he has been in the library non-stop I have barely been able to see him. I will swing by after I am done with my exam. Starts in ten, wish me luck! ~Applesauce.’ ‘Good luck! Just so you know, daycare pick-up ends at 5! ~Jess.’ ‘That is too funny! Thank you for babysitting! ~Applesauce.’ ‘Anytime! Despite his general grumpiness he can be tolerable sometimes. ~Jess.’ Amy had stopped replying to Jessica. Jessica met the delivery person at the front door and grabbed the food she had ordered. She returned to her room. “Honey, I’m home!” Jessica announced as she walked into her room. “Jace?” Jessica looked to her bed to find Jace slumped over fast asleep in her bed. He still had his backpack on and everything. Jessica smiled noticing Jace sleep so soundly, she knew how tired he must be. She walked over to him and took off his backpack. She noticed the writing on Jace’s hand. “Gina?” She asked herself. Jessica knew that Jace would never be the cheating type, but still this was clearly a girl’s handwriting. She decided not to dwell on it, figuring he would provide an explanation when he woke up. “Aww, Jace… Dammit…” Jessica said looking to Jace’s crotch. Jace had wet himself while laying on his side and a small amount leaked onto his shorts and Jessica’s bed. Jessica attempted to stir Jace but to no avail. The mix of being over worked and the alcohol put Jace under deep. Seeing that she was not going to be getting her bed back any time soon Jessica went to work to get Jace changed for his nap. She rolled him onto his back and undid his pants, sliding them down little by little revealing his oversaturated GreatNite. “What happened to potty training?” Jessica asked rolling her eyes at Jace’s GreatNite. Jessica shook her head and walked to her dresser opening the top drawer revealing a Poof diaper that she kept from Amy’s sorority hazing, this one had hearts on it. She retrieved it and moved back to Jace. “Jace, sweetie please lift your butt up for me.” Jessica said in a gently sing song voice. Jace did not stir. “You are going to make this difficult, aren’t you?” Jessica asked. Jessica unfolded the diaper and lifted Jace’s legs putting it close to his butt. She then scooted it slowly inching it under him. Finally, she got it in place. “Don’t say I never did anything for you.” Jessica said looking at her handiwork. She ripped the sides of Jace’s GreatNite and slid it out from under him. She folded the diaper up between his legs and fastened it tightly. She got off the bed and grabbed and extra blanket tossing it over Jace. She went to eat her own food before it went cold. “I love you mommy.” Jace said still sleeping, talking to a dream. Jessica turned to look at Jace. She wondered if he knew that she just changed him or if he thought it was all a dream. CHAPTER 3 Jace awoke confused. He looked out the window to see that the sun was setting. “What time is it?” Jace asked. He looked around to see that he was alone in Jessica’s room. He shifted to stand up but felt a familiar crinkle between his legs. Jace pull the blanket back and say that he had been changed into a Poof diaper while he slept. This one had flowers on it; upon closer inspection Jace had found that several of the petals had faded. His stomach growled. Jace had not eaten or had a bowel movement yet today. “Dammit…” Jace cursed and fell back into Jessica’s bed. Jace looked up to the celling. All he wanted to do was read and play video games. Instead, he wound up in a girl’s bed, without her, in a diaper. Jace rolled to his side, his saturated diaper shifting with him. He grabbed his phone. MSG: JESSICA WHEELING, AMY APPLEGATE ‘Hey! You passed out and wet my bed! Had to change you while you were asleep. Figured a diaper would be best… Sleep as long as you want, I know you need it. ~Jess.’ ‘Meeting Kelly to celebrate exams being over at the sorority house. You are welcome to stop by, but I saw that you have a date at five… I will require explanations when you wake up. ~Jess.’ ‘Hello boyfriend! I stopped by Jess’s to meet her to go to the sorority house and saw you were sleeping. You looked so cute and I did not want to wake you, but you were almost soaked through your diaper, so Jess helped me change you before we left. Oh, and should I be worried about this Gina??? JK, but for real who is she??? ~Applesauce.’ Jace let his arm fell to his side with his phone in hand. He had a diaper change not once, but twice while he was sleeping. Jace cringed at the thought. He appreciated when Amy gave him diaper changes and even helped her when she needed it. But for him to be changed in his sleep felt so… familiar. Jace had been changed plenty of times in his sleep growing up by his mother or the several nannies/babysitters that she hired over the years, however, he had wanted to leave that behind when he started living on campus. He wanted a fresh start and wanted to work on finally potty training. Jace shivered. He had started to suspect that since his mother had never potty trained him growing up that he may never be fully trained. It was not a thought that Jace liked to dwell on. He rolled to his back and stared at the celling again. He felt his stomach in his chest, he was not sure why he was feeling this way. Maybe the stress was finally getting to him. Maybe he just needed to use the restroom. Or maybe he was starting to accept his lot in life, diapered and changed by everyone around him. He pictured Amy dotting on him how his mother had one done. Waking him up in the morning, feeding him, diaper checks, changing times. He enjoyed those times with his mother, but also enjoyed that Amy is a part of them now. Jace started to think that he was having an early life crisis. Or that he was at a conflict with himself. One part wanting to be the typical college guy and the other that likes to be babied every so often. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP Jace silenced his watch. He checked the time. “5:15!” Jace shrieked jumping out of bed. He had slept the whole day away and was late to meet Gina. He ran over and turned on the lights and tried to get ready. He was searching for his backpack but could not find it. SEND MSG: JESSICA WHEELING ‘Hey Jess, sorry I fell asleep on you. Just woke up. Gina is someone who asked me to tutor her in physics. Have you seen my backpack? ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Baby boy finally wakes up! DO you kno I gave you a diapy change twice today! Bad Baby! Very, very Bad! You were supposed to be going to the potty like a big boy! ~Jess.’ ‘Are you drunk? ~Jace Windu.’ ‘I AM CELEBRATING! ~Jess.’ ‘So… your wasted then? ~Jace Windu.’ ‘I am enjoying my youth! You should come out to join us!!! ~Jess.’ ‘Sure, maybe. But I promised I would help Gina study. Maybe I’ll swing by after. Backpack? ~Jace Windu.’ RING, RING, RING. Jessica called Jace. “Hello?” Jace answered. “Heeey!” Jessica shouted into her phone. “I have Amy here and we want to know what is up with this Gina girl?” “Oh, Lord…” Jace replied. “Boyfriend! Are you cheating on me?” Amy shouted into the phone, also sounding tipsy. “What? No! Gina is a girl from entry physics that I TA for, she wants me to help her study for her last exam!” Jace stated. There was silence on the line. “Hello?” Jace asked. “Hey Jace…” A male voice responded. “Barry?” Jace asked, he thought he recognized the voice as a sorority sister’s boyfriend that often bartends at the house. “Yeah, Jess started puking and Amy went with her to the bathroom.” Barry said. “Dude… it is like five.” Jace replied. “College life!” Barry laughed. “Future AA member!” Jace replied. “That too! Look I heard what you said, I will fill Amy in on it. She assumed it was something like that, but Jess wanted to mess with you. I gotchu covered.” Barry said. “Thanks. I owe you one…” Jace said. “Oh, do they have my backpack? It is black with blue stripes.” “You mean the one that has Jace embroidered on it?” Barry asked. “Yeah… That one.” Jace replied sheepishly. “They got it here. Amy said she was going to refill it for you or something but then they stayed here.” Barry responded. “Thanks… Alright, well let me know if I need to come get Amy. Jess is Kelly’s problem now.” Jace said. “Will do man. Be good.” Barry said. “You too. Thanks man.” Jace hung up the phone. Jace looked around the room for his pants. He found them hanging in the closet. He went to put them on and found that they smelt like pee. He just needed to get back to his room and change fast so these would suffice. Jace got his pants around his swelled diaper and left Jessica’s dorm. He hoped that he would not run into anyone and could just get back to change. He made it past the elevators. “Jace!” Gina called from the elevator. Jace’s heart sank. He tried to keep walking. Gina ran up to catch him. “You didn’t forget, did you?” Gina asked. “Nope, was just heading to my dorm quick to get into something more appropriate and then I was going to be on my way down to you.” Jace said. “Stop being so professional! You look fine!” Gina grabbed his arm and pulled him to the elevator. “We have important studying to do!” Gina pulled Jace to the elevator and shut the door. Jace heard his stomach grumble once more as the doors closed. CHAPTER 4 Arriving on floor three Gina pulled Jace to her dorm. Her hands around his forearm. “I am just down the hall.” Gina smiled pulling Jace along. “I believe you, but I can walk on my own…” Jace replied. “Right… Silly me…” Gina replied releasing his arm. “Hey Gina!” A girl called as they walked past a room with the door propped open. “Busy!” Gina called as they kept walking. “Get it girl!” She called from the room. Gina blushed. “Please ignore her…” Said Gina. “Did not hear a thing.” Jace replied with a smile. They arrived at Gina’s dorm and walked in, Gina shut the door behind them. Jace looked around and saw that Gina had prepared the room to be more like a romantic dinner than a study session. She had candles lit and a bottle of wine open with two glasses. “What is all this?” Jace asked, a bit taken aback at the scene. “Can I be honest with you?” Gina asked. “I wish you would!” Jace replied. “I am moving off campus next semester.” Gina said quickly. “Oh, why is that?” Jace asked. “My grades were terrible all year and I am on academic probation. My parents are making me get a job over break and making me move back home or they are going to cut me off.” Gina continued. “I haven’t been able to talk about it with anyone.” Jace could tell that Gina was genuinely upset over this. “I am really sorry to hear that. And I am sorry for asking… but why are you talking to me about this? Shouldn’t you talk about this with one of your girlfriends?” Jace asked. Tears started to swell in Gina’s eyes. “Hey! I am sorry! I didn’t mean to offend you!” Jace awkwardly touched her arm. “If you need someone to talk to… I am here for you.” Gina hugged Jace, pressing her face into Jace’s chest. She started sobbing. Jace looked around the room, not knowing what to do in this situation. He patted her on the back. “There… there… no need to cry.” Jace smiled. “I’m sorry… it’s just… I haven’t made any friends here… and I just wanted… I am sorry.” Gina pushed away from Jace and started wiping her eyes. “I should not have asked you to come over. Please, you can leave.” Jace was unsure of what to do. He wanted out of this situation, but he also did not want to underscore this girl’s cry for help. “You know what… You went through all this trouble… I guess I could stay for a glass of wine…” Jace stated. “You mean it?” Gina’s face lit up. “Yes, of course. I don’t have any exams left I can have a drink.” Said Jace. “You are an amazing human!” Gina squeaked running to the bottle of wine. “I am just doing what I can.” Jace gave a fake smile. Gina handed Jace a glass of wine and invited him to sit on her desk chair. Gina had rearranged her room so that her bedside dresser acted as a makeshift table. Gina sat in her bed opposite Jace. “So, why did you go through this whole charade of studying if you just wanted to hang out?” Jace asked sipping his wine. “I…” Gina looked to her glass swirling the contents. “Was planning on studying… But then I got the notification that I will need to repeat all my classes next semester.” “You are not going to take the exam then?” Asked Jace. “There is no way I am going to pass, so I was just going to say the hell with it.” Gina took a drink. “You should still take it. Treat it as a preview.” Jace said. “I’ll think about it…” Gina replied taking a drink. “So… what job are you doing over break?” Jace asked sipping his wine. “I am working at Dandy Daycare in Lake Crescent.” Gina replied. “Oh, I know that place well.” Said Jace. “Yeah?” Gina asked. “I thought no one had heard of the town before.” “My mom and I go every year over the winter holiday. She uses Dandy’s babysitting service.” Jace replied. “That is what I was hired for! I am working in their babysitting service.” Gina replied. “That will be fun! I always have a great time up there.” Jace said. “Really?” Gina asked. “Absolutely! The town is beautiful! There is a holiday market and a parade and even fireworks!” Jace responded excitedly. “Sounds like you have a great time up there.” Gina smiled. “I did, it is the place I think to when I want to relax.” Jace replied. “Maybe it will be that for me too.” Gina said sipping her wine. “I hope it will.” Jace smiled. The pair sat in an awkward silence for an extended moment. “I just wanted to have at least one college experience before moving back into my childhood bedroom!” Gina stated out of nowhere. “Random… what do you mean college experiences?” Jace raised an eyebrow. “You know… get drunk, go to a frat party, smoke weed, have a one-night stand…” Gina took a large drink. Jace took a sip awkwardly. “You haven’t done any of those things?” Jace asked. “No… this was my last attempt at maybe having one… or two…” Gina looked up to Jace attempting to be seductive. “Gina…” Jace started apologetically. “I am really flattered by all this, but I am seeing someone.” “Oh… I am… I’m an idiot!” Gina smacked her forehead. “Of course, you have a girlfriend, you are very attractive and witty and nice and…” Gina started to tear up again. Jace downed his glass of wine and walked over and sat next to her and put his arm around her. “Please don’t feel embarrassed. I don’t exactly promote it and you never know unless you shoot your shot, right?” Jace tried to cheer her up. “Yeah…” Gina replied sheepishly. Jace sat there wondering how long he needed to stay here before he could leave without being rude. Gina downed her glass of wine and set her glass on the table. She reached over and grabbed Jace by the front of his shirt and started kissing him ferociously. Jace tried to push her off him, but her grip was tight. “Please Jace.” Gina moaned, she started grinding his lap. “No one needs to know… Please let me have this.” Gina reached her hand down to Jace’s crotch and lifted his shirt, she started sliding her hand down into Jace’s pants. Jace jumped up, lifting Gina with him, and dropped her onto her bed. “What is the matter with you!” Jace said angrily. “I was just taking your advice and shooting my shot!” Gina replied. “I just told you I had a girlfriend!” Jace replied. “So? I thought all college guys cheated!” Gina said. “Yeah, well… not me.” Jace wiped his mouth with his wrist. “Come on, Jace… don’t you want me?” Gina said running her hands up and down her body. “Honestly, no. I just want to leave and that is what I am going to do.” Jace turned to the door. “Fine!” Gina yelled after him. “I bet you are gay anyway!” “Goodbye Gina!” Jace said walking out into the hallway. “Screw you!” She shouted as Jace closed the door. Jace walked quickly down the hallway back towards the elevators. “That was quick…” Commented the girl with the open door as Jace walked past.
  7. I have been posting this on ABDL story forum and a very kind person suggested I posted it here as well. This is my first completed story. Please let me know what you think! I am working on the sequel currently and when I become more familiar with this site I will post it here as well. Please enjoy! ~LTRID CHAPTER 1 Jessica was just about finished moving her last box into her dorm. This was Jessica’s junior year in college and she finally managed to land herself a single dorm. She was looking forward to this semester. Jessica liked her past roommates and they remained friends, sure, but one thing she never liked about college was sharing her space. Jessica liked her privacy. She was never able to get any of it when she was living at home. Jessica was the oldest of seven in her family, the youngest being three and a half. Every moment she had alone she savored. When Jessica first started college, she adjusted better than a lot of the friends she made. They were from small families and were nervous being out on their own. While Jessica was also a little nervous to leave home, the idea of her getting to have a room that was only shared by one other person was enough for her to jump headfirst. “Last box.” Said Jace walking through Jessica’s dorm room door, a big box in his hand. Jace was Jessica’s longest friend she had at college. She met Jace when she was trying to find her first class freshman year. She saw this dorky looking kid with his hand’s full papers and books in a stack that was taller than his head. Jessica walked over to help the poor boy and scared him nearly to death causing his papers to fly everywhere. Jace was very embarrassed about the incident, but Jessica thought he was cute, and he reminded her of her little brothers. It turned out that Jace was only sixteen but had graduated high school early and was attending college. Jace knew the campus from summer classes and helped Jessica find her classroom. They agreed to get lunch together that day and have remained friends ever since. Now that two years have passed, they remain close to one another. Jessica loved having Jace around, watching him blossom from an awkward sixteen-year-old to a handsome man. Both are juniors this year and since Jace turned eighteen this year he was finally able to move into the on-campus housing. “Thank you Jace!” Jessica replied smiling. “Just throw it with the rest of them.” “You would think.” Started Jace setting the box down on the pile of other boxes. “That after doing this for three years now you would be more organized. And what do you have in here bricks?” “What is the point of having all those muscles if you are not going to use them?” Asked Jessica. Jace looked down at his arm and flexed, he had put on a lot of muscle over the summer. He was not huge by any means but had toned noticeably. “They are for the ladies.” Said Jace. “You have never had a girlfriend in your life!” Jessica teased. “Hence the muscles Jessica!” Jace replied. Jessica walked up to Jace and put her hand on his bicep. “Meh… I’ve seen bigger.” “WOW!” Replied Jace. “What I am just being honest!” Jessica said smiling turning back to her unpacking. “Alright, that’s it!” Jace said picking Jessica up with ease and tossing her onto the bed playfully. “Hey!” Jessica screamed. “What was that for!” “If you are going to be a brat then I get to throw you on the bed.” Jace smirked, crossing his arms. “SO RUDE!” Jessica said climbing off the bed and walking up to Jace and poked him in the chest. “You listen here mister. I have never been a brat and never will be do you understand me?” Jace looked down at Jessica. Jace had had a few growth spurts since they first met. Before Jessica and Jace were about the same size, but he shot up the most in the summer between freshmen and sophomore year. He now stood at a comfortable 5’9 while Jessica was 4’10. “I hate that you are this much taller than me now…” Responded Jessica looking up at Jace. “You know, I am kinda liking it though.” Jace said patting her head. “Oh, get out of here!” Jessica said. “Don’t you have your own room to unpack?” “I did already. My parents helped me move in like two hours before you even showed up.” Jace replied. “Why didn’t you call me?” Jessica said. “I would have loved to see your parents.” “Ehh… it’s probably a good thing you didn’t. My mom is having a really hard time ‘letting her little baby genius go to college’.” “Awe… I know your mom is going to miss you.” Said Jessica. “Did she ever let you redecorate your room before you moved out?” “Nope! Still baby blue with the same mural she painted for me as a baby.” Replied Jace. “But that is so cute! I love little baby Jace around all his baby animal friends.” “You and my mom are the only ones.” Jace smirked. “I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she turned it back into my old nursery while I’m gone.” “If she does, I am coming to see it!” Jessica smiled. “Ha! Deal!” Jace stated. “So, you got a single dorm this year too? How did you manage that?” “I have connections you know.” Jace replied slyly. “Oh whatever. I was on the wait list for two years before I got a single and you just get one handed to you right away.” Jessica stated. “Is that jealousy I am sensing?” Asked Jace. “It is just not fair is all.” Jessica said. “Tell you what, you can come over and watch movies on my projector to make it up to you.” “Done! You sir are going to love this awful horror movie I found.” Replied Jessica. Jace laughed and shook his head at Jessica. “I am meeting some friends for dinner at the cafeteria. You want to come?” Asked Jace. “No, you go ahead. I am going to unpack and enjoy my earned single room.” Jessica stated. “Suit yourself. Text me if you want me to bring you back anything or hang out later.” “I will do. Bye!” “See you later.” Jace left Jessica’s dorm. Jessica looked around at all the boxes she had to unpack. Looking at everything she decided that this was a chore better left to another day. She quickly threw a blanket over her bed, changed into some yoga pants and turned on her computer. She would get to the boxes tomorrow. Jessica pulled up Netflix and hit play; fully intending on binging at least a season of something. “Ahh…” Jessica signed as she got comfortable in bed. “This is going to be my year.” BUZZ!! BUZZ!! BUZZ!! Jessica was awoken to her phone vibrating. She looked over and saw that it was already 9 o’clock. She had slept the entire afternoon and evening away. Groggily she reached and grabbed her phone. MRS. HARRISON She read the caller ID seeing that Jace’s mom was calling her. “Hello…” Jessica answered the phone, her voice raspy from waking up. “I am sorry dear did I wake you?” Mrs. Harrison asked. “No, well yeah but it is fine. What’s up?” Jessica asked. “I am sorry to bug you. And I know this is just me being a worried mother with my only baby son gone…” She started to tear up on the phone. “I just always check on him when he is in bed and he isn’t here… and he isn’t answering my calls or texts… and… and…” “Oh… Mrs. Harrison, that is so sweet. I can go and tell Jace to call you, I am sure he is just excited being his first day and didn’t mean to ignore you.” Jessica responded softly. “My mom was just as worried on my first night at school.” “She was?” Asked Mrs. Harrison. “Of course!” Jessica lied. Her parents did not call her till day three to tell her she forgot her toothbrush. “That makes me feel less crazy.” Mrs. Harrison replied. “Do not worry one bit. You are not crazy.” Jessica replied. “What is his room number? I haven’t made it over there yet.” “He is on room 4B.” “That is too funny! He is on the same floor as me, just on the other end of the building.” “Oh, how lucky!” Replied Mrs. Harrison. “So, you will check on him then?” “Absolutely. I am getting up now and will text you when I have confirmed your son is alive and well.” Said Jessica. “Thank you so much Jess! I owe you another dinner!” Mrs. Harrison replied. “Just make sure that he followed his bedtime routine and that he is wearing the pajamas that I put in his drawer for him.” “Okay.” Jessica chuckled. “Will go tuck him into bed for you.” “I know you are kidding but thank you!” Said Mrs. Harrison. “Anytime.” Replied Jessica hanging up the phone. Jessica turned her light on and found some slip-on sandals to wear. She walked with purpose to the end of the hall to Jace’s room. She was looking forward to making fun of him for this one. She arrived and knocked on his door. “Jace! Let me in! I am here to tuck you in on behalf of your mother!” Jessica yelled through the door. Jessica heard a stumble and small crash from the inside of the room. Jace opened the door slightly so that just his head was sticking out. “Be quiet!” Jace said. “Do you want to whole floor to hear you? What do you want?” “Your mother called me to make sure that her baby boy was still alive. Did you like not call her or something?” Jessica asked. “I was playing some games earlier and didn’t pick up. What the hell is the matter with her?” Jace replied. “I don’t know.” Jessica shrugged her hands and shoulders. “But I do know this is the longest I have ever stood at a guy’s door room without being invited in.” “Okay, hold on a second. I just need to put a shirt on.” “For what?” Jessica said pushing her way into the room. “You’re a guy in a dorm now, you should practically never have a shirt on.” “Hey wait!” Jace said in response. But it was no use, Jessica had already made her way into the room. Jace quickly pulled his pajama pants up. Jessica looked around the room seeing that Jace had turned one wall into a giant projector screen and had set up surround sound. She saw that he had calendars and whiteboards up with equations already written on them. “You do know that classes don’t start till tomorrow, right?” Asked Jessica. “I was just getting a head start.” Jace replied bending down at his knees instead of his waist to pick his shirt up from off the ground. After examining his room Jessica turned to Jace, just as he was standing back up bending at his knees like a ballerina. Jace had one hand on his pants making sure that they stayed up to his belly button throughout the process. “Jeepers man. Your pants are so high you look like a ripped Erkel.” Jessica said. “You can relax a little. You look good without your shirt on, actually. You should be proud of that body.” “Thanks..” Jace said sliding his shirt on. “Guess I’m just still self-conscious.” “You look better than most of the guys I have seen in this place. Seriously we need to focus on getting you a girlfriend this semester.” “Yeah…” Jace replied meekly. “Anyway, sorry about my mom calling you to come over here.” “You don’t need to apologize to me.” Jessica replied, pinching Jace’s cheek. “She is just worried about her baby boy.” “Stop… please…” Jace said looking back at Jessica defeated. “I think it is adorable that your mom still puts you to bed at night.” Jessica said smiling and sitting in Jace’s desk chair. “She does NOT put me to bed… She just likes to think I am still four years old and need to be put to bed.” “Well, she wanted me to make sure that you completed your bedtime routine. So, Mr. Man, have you brushed your teeth? And washed your face?” “Oh. My. God. Stop.” Jace replied. “I am perfectly capable of getting myself ready for bed.” “You didn’t answer my questions Mr. Man...” Jessica said looking at Jace as though she were interrogating a toddler. “Jessica!” Jace whined. “Jace – ica!” replied Jessica. “Come on tell me so I can drop it.” “Yes, I followed my bedtime routine, okay? Are you satisfied?” Asked Jace. “Almost!” Replied Jessica hoping up from Jace’s chair. “I just need to make sure that you are wearing the pajamas your mommy put in your drawer for you.” Jessica moved towards Jace’s dresser before Jace blocked her and held the drawer shut. “Jessica, NO! I have answered your questions, now will you please leave. I was just about to go to bed before you got here.” Jace said finally. “Wow. Someone is sensitive. I have seen guy’s underwear before. What do you have in their sex toys?” Replied Jessica. “I have some… personal things that I don’t want you to see.” Jace dogged the question. “Alright then, keep your secrets.” Jessica flicked his peck. “Thank you.” Jace guided Jessica to the door. “Now how about I get you breakfast tomorrow for your trouble?” “I am holding you to that!” Replied Jessica stepping out of Jace’s dorm and turned to face him. “For next time you need a babysitter my going rate is seventeen dollars per hour. Twenty if they are not potty trained.” “Goodnight Jessica May!” Jace shut the door on Jessica. “Call your mother!” Jessica screamed into the door. Jessica laughed and walked back to her dorm. She saw that there was a flyer tapped to her door when she arrived. Someone must have tapped it there while Jessica was sleeping. NEW PRODUCTS AT CAMPUS STORE!! NOW OFFERING DIRECT TO DORM DELIVERY!! Jessica ripped the flyer off her door and entered her room. She kicked off her shoes and got back into bed. She pulled out her phone and texted Jace’s mom. ‘Your baby boy is alive and well, I made sure he brushed his teeth and washed his face. He wouldn’t let me into his drawer to see if he was wearing the pajamas you laid out for him ☹ ~Jess’ ‘THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Seriously Jess, next time you come over for dinner I will make you anything you want! He is probably just being embarrassed about having great nights is all. He gets so shy around pretty girls. Thx again! xoxo ~MOM’ ‘He does get shy! I am sure he will still have a great night! ~Jess’ Jessica put her phone away and plugged it in setting the flyer under it. She opened back up her laptop and turned back on Netflix to fall asleep to. She smiled as she looked around her. She has a room to herself. She has her best friend on the same floor. Things were on an upward swing for Jessica. Or… so she thought. CHAPTER 2 Then next morning Jessica woke up to the bright morning sun shining through her window. She opened her eyes sat up and stretched her arms out. “YAWN!” Jessica said out loud. “Ahh! I haven’t slept that well in forever!” She took a deep breath and stood up from bed. She stretched her arms out and then reached down. MSG: JACE HARRISON Jessica opened the message. ‘Hey babysitter! Woke up early to go for a run. Let me know when you are awake, and I will carry you to get breakfast. ~Jace Windu’ ‘Good morning secret boy! Did you call your mommy last night? ~Jess’ Jessica looked over and grabbed the flyer that was on her door last night. She liked to read them every year. Companies always tested new products on her campus. She thought back to some of the funnier ones from the last two years. They brought in caffeinated breath spray that left your teeth blue; you could tell who pulled an all-nighter to study because they all looked like they chewed a Smurf. MSG: JACE HARRISON Jessica’s phone buzzed. ‘Yes, I did. Please do not validate her behavior by saying that was normal. And way to tell her we were on the same floor… She is going to ask you to spy on me and you ARE NOT to do so. I have like 15 mins left in my run. You cool if I don’t shower before we grab food? ~Jace Windu’ ‘Only if you don’t care that I also don’t shower and need to put underwear on. ~Jess’ ‘Why… aren’t you wearing underwear Jessica? ~Jace Windu’ ‘Oh, I got super turned-on last night after I saw you without a shirt on and I just soaked them as I masturbated with my vibrator set to pussy crusher. ~Jess’ Jessica watched the message bubble in her phone keep appearing and disappearing. Jessica smiled at Jace not being able to think of a response. She liked that she could get him frazzled, he is so witty all the time that he comes off as condescending to a lot of people. Jessica knows he cannot help it, so she tries to put him in his place when she can. ‘Make that 16 mins… need to take care of something in the bathroom really quick. ~Jace Windu’ ‘hmm… Only one minute? I bet we can get that down to premature ejaculation if we try hard enough! So, was the little boy I babysat last night a good boy? Or was he naughty… did he reach down his pants… grabbing his throbbing cock… and pumping himself to the thought of babysitter getting on top of him… Thrusting… Moaning… Oh GOD JACE! DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP! YES! YES! YES! AHH!... ~Jess’ Again, Jessica watched as the message bubble popped up and then disappeared again. She smirked knowing how this must be driving him crazy. She liked to tease Jace, she felt that he needed to come out of his shell a bit more and does more than hug a girl. She opened the flyer. It listed all the new products that they were going to start selling. MOON DRINKS – DRINKS TO HELP EVEN THE MOST STRESSED STUDENT FALL INTO THE DEEPEST OF SLEEP. PEP – THE ONLY GUM TO GUARENTEE YOU’LL STAY AWAKE FOR 12 HOURS! (PRODUCT NOT EVALUATED BY FDA, MAY CAUSE HEART, LUNG, KIDNEY, LIVER, STOMACH AND MUSCLE DAMAGE…. DEATH.) GO JUICE – A JUCIE THAT WILL FLUSH ALL TOXINS OUT OF YOUR BODY ALMOST INSTANTLEY. GREATNITES – NIGHTTIME PROTECTION FOR THE BIG BOYS AND GIRLS THAT SILL NEEDS A LITTLE HELP POOFS – TAPE ON DISPOSABLE UNDERWEAR FOR WHEN THE PARTY IT TOO LIT TO LEAVE. POWERTHIRST – FOR WHEN YOU NEED GRATUITOUS AMOUNTS OF ENERGY! FLOVORS INCLUDE SHOCKLATE AND RAAAWWBEEERRRYYY. Now offering direct to dorm delivery! Jessica giggled at the new offerings. She never bought any of them, but they were funny to see. Especially when the items that she thought would never make it to the store wind up on the store shelfs back home. ‘Make that 30 mins… I need to go change my pants now. ~Jace Windu’ ‘Uh-oh! Looks like your mommy switched you to big boy pants a little too, fast didn’t she? ~Jess’ ‘Yeah… so anyway can we get going? I am getting hungry. ~Jace Windu’ ‘Sounds like you are getting hangry. Sure crabby-pants. Will meet you downstairs in five. ~Jess’ ‘K. ~Jace Windu’ Jessica looked at her phone, she despised it when someone responds to a text with ‘K’ it is so annoying. Jessica typed back an emoji of the middle finger. She jumped out of bed again and looked in the mirror. “Yikes!” Jessica said to her reflection. She pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail and slipped on her shoes. She locked up her door and headed to the elevator. Walking down the hall Jessica found that there were boxes with groceries outside of some of the resident’s doors. Must be the delivery the flyer said Jessica thought glancing into the boxes seeing what people had ordered. She saw several cases of ramen noodles, sodas, some of the newly advertised items. She saw that someone had ordered a large box, she stopped to look at it. ‘GreatNites’ the box read. It had an image of a woman that looked to be in her twenties posing with her hip popped out in a tight fitting dark pink T-shirt and underwear on. Jessica examined the box further. They were not regular underwear like she had initially thought. They were like the pull on diapers that her little brothers and sisters had to wear when they wet the bed. The only difference is these ones looked to be aimed at a much older audience. There were two patterns shown on the box. One was black with a pink frill pattern around the top and legs, it had bows on the front and writing on it with different handwriting. Will wake for wine… The older I get the less I care. Need my beauty sleep. Too old for your drama. Bad Bitch! Jessica looked at them and saw they were designed like panties that she would wear. The other pattern was the one that the model was wearing on the box. They were a light pink color almost white. They had a lacey pattern on them making them look more like lingerie Jessica would get at Victoria Secret than diapers for bedwetting. “Interesting…” Jessica said moving past the box. Jessica called the elevator and rode it down to the ground level. She walked out onto the campus and looked for Jace. She saw him jogging down the sidewalk to her. “RUN FASTER!” Jessica yelled to Jace. Jace shook his head and smiled, but still did pick up hi speed. He arrived at Jessica. “Hey…” Jace said slightly winded. “You ready to go?” “For sure!” They walked towards the cafeteria. “The way you are such an overachiever literally sickens me.” Jessica said to Jace. “The way that you just roll out of bed, see THAT and think it is alright to go in public makes me embarrassed to be with you.” Jace said using his arms to reference to Jessica’s whole body. “Welcome to mornings on a college campus. You have no idea how freeing it is to put in such little effort.” “If I get to that level and I still don’t have a girlfriend. Please give me a pity bang and shoot me.” Said Jace. “Ha! We are going to get you a girlfriend this year no doubt. We can’t have you turning into the forty-year-old virgin.” Replied Jessica. They arrived at the cafeteria. “This place is dead.” Jace said opening the door for Jessica. “Dude, it is like 7:30. The only people awake are the weirdos that take morning classes and fo on runs.” Jessica stated. “Hilarious. What do you want?” Asked Jace as they got to the service line. “I’ll have a vegetarian omelet please.” Jessica ordered. “I’ll take the meat lovers.” Jace ordered. Jace and Jessica walked up to the register and Jace paid as promised. They walked to a booth that far away from the food service to give them some privacy. “When is your first class?” Jace asked taking a bite of his food. “Not till ten, you?” Replied Jessica also eating. “First one at 9. I have so many practical labs this year it is crazy.” Replied Jace. “That’s right! Now that you are eighteen you can take all the labs required for your major! Look at you all grown up.” Jessica smiled back to Jace. “And ridiculously busy. Barely have time to run to the bathroom between classes.” Said Jace. “That sucks! Those are three-hour labs, too right?” Jessica asked eating her omelet. “Ugh! Do not remind me. First one starts today.” Jace said exasperated. “Yeah, but I wouldn’t worry too much about that first day is always safety demos and syllabus.” Replied Jessica. “At least I have one day to relax then…” Jace grumbled picking at his food. “You are would up so tight you know that? Your mom is at home; you need to loosen up a bit.” “I have literally no idea how to do that.” Jace replied. “Well for starters, don’t get so nervous when a girl walks into your dorm. You were so rigid last night I thought you were going to break something.” Said Jessica. “Well… I mean… Last night does not count. I didn’t know you were coming over; I would have prepared better.” Jace stammered out an excuse. “Prepared for what? See, that is what I am talking about. You need to go with the flow more and learn to roll with the unexpected.” Said Jessica. “Easy for you to say you don’t…” Jace cut himself off. “I don’t what?” Asked Jessica. “Never mind… Please drop it…” Jace stated looking down at his food. “Hey…” Jessica responded, her tone shifting to be more gentle. “Is everything alright with you? If something were wrong you could talk to me you know.” “It’s nothing, really.” Jace looked up and smiled. “But thank you for the pep talk. I think I am just having a harder time than I thought adjusting to life on campus.” Jessica could tell that Jace was not telling her everything, but she wanted to respect his privacy. “Tell you what.” Jessica started. “My sorority and another frat are hosting a freshmen mixer tonight to meet the new little sisters and brothers. Why don’t you be my plus one?” “I am not really the partying type Jess…” Responded Jace rubbing the back of his neck. “Look you need to meet people and to do that you go to parties. I will be there, and I will have my new little sister with me. I can introduce you two before it starts, and you will at least know one person.” Said Jessica. “Your new little sister?” Asked Jace. “Yeah, every year the juniors in my sorority get assigned a little sister. They are freshmen just joining the sorority, we act as a mentor for their first semester. Help them out answer any questions. You know take them under our wing.” Jessica explained. “Oh, I understand now. So, who is this poor girl?” Asked Jace. “You think you are funny!” Jessica replied pulling out her phone and opening her email. “Her name is Amy Applegate. Have you heard of her?” “Nope. Is she hot?” Jessica kicked him from under the table. “OUCH!!” Jace screamed. “What the hell was that for?” “For being gross.” Jessica replied standing up. “Now if you will excuse me. It takes work to get this face ready for the day.” “And a metric ton of make-up.” Jace replied. Jessica walked over to Jace and grabbed his ear causing him to wince. “Now that wasn’t a very nice thing to say young man!” Jessica responded a firm grip on Jace’s ear. “I think I need you to apologize to the nice girl that is taking you to a party tonight.” “Fine! I’m sorry!” Jace said. “And?” Jessica said still holding on to his ear. “And! I don’t know! Let go of my ear!” Jace whined. “Ugh… fine.” Jessica said releasing his ear. “And thank you for brining me to the party. You are going to need to toughen up or any girl you meet is going to walk all over you. Kicking and screaming it is my mission to make you boyfriend material this semester.” “Lucky me…” Jace replied under his breath. “What’s that?” Jessica asked quickly. “Nothing!” Jace replied. “That’s what I thought… Looks like you spilled.” Jessica stated, pointing down to Jace’s shorts. “What?” Jace asked alarmed looking down at the spot. “Oh, yeah. Thanks.” “No worries!” Jessica said. “It’s just a small spot so no one will think you peed your pants. See you later.” Jessica turned to leave Jace. Jace looked down again at his shorts. He slid his hand underneath his butt and felt a big crescent shaped wet spot on the back. “Not again…” Jace sighed with a defeated familiarity. Jace stood up and left the cafeteria quickly trying not to attract attention to himself. He left through a side door. A girl with brunette hair tied into two loose pigtails worn down at either side, wearing plaid shirt overalls, white leggings and a tight white turtleneck stopped to watch Jace as he was leaving. She had an empty tray and was going to return it when she saw a familiar spot and Jace’s butt as he left. She craned her neck a bit to look behind her before shaking her head and continuing to her business. A slight crinkling could be heard with every step she took. She smiled and walked away excitedly. CHAPTER 3 Jessica arrived at her dorm and dug through her boxes to find her shower caddy along with her toiletries. She grabbed her outfit for the day, something simple, shorts and a blouse. Jessica was in her third year of college and did not need to show off to anyone. She stripped off her clothes and wrapped herself in her towel and put on her sandals. She walked into the hallway seeing that almost everyone had retrieved their grocery boxes. At the showers she walked down the isle to find an empty stall. She passed the first two, but then something caught her eye in the third. She took a quick step back and looked around to make sure she was alone. She peered into the changing area separating the shower and the rest of the lockers. She saw a pair of black and pink underwear with white writing on them on the ground, it looked as though they had rolled off the bench. Jessica could see that they had swollen to triple their size. The water splashing from beneath the showers getting absorbed by the discarded garment. Jessica looked on the bench and saw that there was another white and pink pair tucked into the girl’s pants. “Umm, excuse me.” Jessica called into the stall. “I think you dropped your… umm underwear.” “Oh! Shoot! Shoot! Thank you!” The girl replied reaching down and grabbing her absorbent underwear. “Just doing my part, miss.” Jessica mocked tipping her hat to the curtain separating the girls and continued to an empty stall. “I’m a college girl and can take care of myself.” The girl said quietly from behind the curtain. She repeated it like a mantra. Jessica stepped into the changing area and closed the curtain behind her. She turned on the water and removed her robe. She chuckled to herself as she stepped into the water. “Thought you needed to be potty trained to get into college.” She said to herself shaking her head. Jessica finished her shower without issue; laughing about the stereotypical erotic scene that always takes place when a college girl takes a shower. She dried off, got dressed and put her hair up into her towel. She reached for her shower caddy and walked toward the exit. The showers were getting busy as people were starting to wake up. As soon as she left another girl ran in after her. Jessica knew the panic and struggle. It is like the whole floor needs to align their schedules over the first week of classes. The first day is always a mad dash. Jessica exited the lockers and walked back to her dorm and deposited her shower caddy and towel. She sat at her desk and started brushing her hair. She opened a browser and played some music to listen to while she got ready. After her hair, Jessica went to do her make-up. ‘I’m a college girl and can take care of myself!’ “Hold up!” Jessica stopped what she was doing and turned to her computer and paused the video. There was an advertisement playing it was the same woman that Jessica had seen on the box of GreatNites she saw outside the door and that the girl had in the locker rooms. Jessica rewound the ad and played it from the start. A woman in her twenties is in her home looking miserable outside a window where there is a rainstorm going on. ‘I can’t be the only one on campus with a wetting problem? What If everyone finds out?’ Her phone rings. ‘Go out tonight? But what if I…. A GreatNite? What is that? A package of GreatNites falls into her lap. She pulls one out and in a flash, she is wearing it. She gets flung out the door in just her shirt and GreatNite. ‘How did I get here? Ahh! Where are my pants!’ The woman looks around and sees that everyone at the party is wearing just a GreatNite and a T-shirt. ‘Everyone?’ Music starts to break out and the rain clears up. The party moves to a roof where there are people dancing and drinking all in different patterns of GreatNites. The woman looks back to the camera. ‘So, what if I have trouble making it on time? Millions of people my age struggle to make it to the bathroom on time, but that is not going to hold me back; not anymore!’ There is cheering and then cuts to the same group in a classroom. ‘Because whether I am partying or hitting the books.’ Cuts to just the woman sitting up in her bed in front of her laptop. ‘I can take whatever life throws at me! Because I’m a college girl and I can take care of myself.’ The last scene cuts to a montage of people saying the tag line I’m a college girl/boy and I can take care of myself. Jessica stared dumbfounded at the screen. It was not that she saw that there was an advertisement aimed at an older audience. It was that the whole scene was completely normalizing the fact that everyone was wearing what is essentially a diaper. It was not like these were being sold as just for bedwetting, but something to wear day and night. Like there were thousands of people in college that could not make it to the bathroom on time like potty training toddlers. Jessica sat back in her chair and thought back to the girl in the locker room and the box she saw outside the other room. There was at least one person on her floor that wore these 24/7. “Whatever floats your boat I guess.” Jessica said going back to getting ready. She was glad to see that a company was taking notice to an issue that she had not known about, but otherwise did not pay it any further thought. Jessica went to her first class and found it to be dull and uneventful as she anticipated it would be. She knew the drill by this point; the only reason you show up to the first week of class is to get marked in attendance. MSG: JACE HARRISON ‘What the hell is going on here today? ~Jace Windu’ ‘What are you talking about? ~Jess’ ‘I think I have died and gone to heaven.’ ~Jace Windu’ ‘Or dropped on your head. What are you talking about? ~Jess’ ‘There is a bunch of girls dressed like schoolgirls on campus right now. ~Jace Windu’ ‘What are you smoking? ~Jess’ ‘Seriously, look around they are everywhere!’ ~Jace Windu’ Jessica looked around her classroom. ‘Nope. Fairly sure you are just high. ~Jess’ ‘I SWEAR I am not making this up. Maybe it is just the lower classmen? But for real I have seen at least ten of them. ~Jace Windu’ ‘Maybe there was a sale? ~Jess’ ‘Yeah… of Sexy co-eds! ~Jace Windu’ ‘Cool! You go shopping and we will bring her to the party tonight ~Jess’ ‘Fine! I will find one! You just wait! ~Jace Windu’ ‘Happy hunting ? ~Jess’ Jessica put her phone away and looked up at her professor. He was going over slides of the syllabus. Jessica signed the attendance sheet as it came by and then slipped out of the back without being noticed. Jessica looked around at her campus and smiled. “HEY!” A girl called from down the hallway. “Jessica!” Jessica turned to see Kelly one of her sorority sister strut down the hallway. “Hey Kelly!” Jessica said gleefully. “Jessica!” Kelly hugged her. “I missed you! Are you busy right now? Did you just cut class? I love it! I love you! Let’s get lunch! Is it lunch? Oh, well! Let’s get something to drink at least! How was your summer?” Jessica smiled at her friend. Kelly was one of the ditsiest girls that she knew. She had a heart full of gold, but a head that could not keep up with her mouth. Jessica walked with her to get a coffee. Jessica ordered for her while she continued to talk. “Large blended iced coffee and a medium double.” Jessica ordered and paid, still nodding at Kelly talking. They say down at a table and Jessica handed Kelly a straw. Kelly started to drink and finally allowed Jessica to talk. “I knew that would do the trick!” Jessica laughed at her friend. “Oh, my gosh!” Kelly responded. “Was I doing it again?” “At least you got a coffee out of it.” Jessica responded with a smile. “Thank you!” Kelly smiled back taking another sip. “Huh, I guess Jace was right.” Jessica said looking around. “It is like every tenth girl is dressed like a schoolgirl.” “You like it?” Kelly asked with a sinister smile on her face. “That is our doing. Didn’t you get the email?” “What?! No! I haven’t checked yet!” What did we do?” Jessica asked. “Well, you read the flyer, right?” “Naturally.” Replied Jessica. “So, we are having all our little sisters dress up as schoolgirls for the party and they need to wear Poofs all day!” Kelly said giggling. “Poofs? Wait, what were those again?” Jessica asked. “Party diapers!” Kelly said giggling harder. “Wait, hold on what now?” Jessica asked. “Well, they came out with these new things for like ravers and whatever. They are literally just diapers and they have like adorable designs on them.” Kelly replied sipping her drink. “And people actually wear these? Like outside a sorority initiation I mean.” Jessica asked. “I know right! But for real a bunch of partiers swear by them.” Kelly replied. “I guess that’s none of my business?” Jessica asked shaking her head and drinking her coffee. “You are so funny!” Kelly said. “Have you met your little yet?” “Not yet.” Replied Jessica. “We are meeting for lunch later.” “Oh, you are mean!” Kelly said. “What, why?” Asked Jessica. “Seriously Jess, read you email… Our little sisters are only allowed to wear Poofs for the day, no bathrooms and can only change if their big sister says it is okay or if they ask a boy to change them. No one expects the girls to use them. Most of us just clued them in this morning.” Said Kelly. “You don’t seriously think she will just walk around and wet herself till I say she can change herslef, do you?” Asked Jessica. “I don’t know. I told mine that she could use the bathroom and that this was just a prank. Any girl can walk by and ask for proof of compliance otherwise I would have told her not to wear one.” Kelly said. “Who the hell comes up with these things?” Jessica said taking out her phone. ‘Hey Amy! I am sorry! I just found out about this diaper thing; please know you don’t need to use the diaper! It is just a stupid initiation thing! ~Jess’ Jessica turned back up to Kelly. “I swear if this poor girl has been sitting in a wet diaper all morning, I am going to be so pissed at you!” “Ha! Pissed! You seriously don’t think she would have wet herself, do you?” Kelly laughed. MSG: AMY APPLEGATE ‘Oh… Thank you… ~Applesauce.’ Jessica looked down at her phone and then back to Kelly. “She probably hates me! Look at this!” Jessica showed Kelly her phone. “Awe! The girl probably did not know what to do and did not want to screw up her chances of getting into the sorority. Who did you get this year?” Asked Kelly. “A girl named Amy Applegate.” Said Jessica. “Oh yeah! You got little Amy!” Kelly said excitedly. “You know her?” Jessica asked. “Just from her video and pictures. She is only 4’9, meaning you are not the shortest one anymore.” “For real?!” Jessica asked excitedly. “Yup!” Replied Kelly. “I think that’s why they assigned her to you.” “Oh, my heart.” Jessica said hugging her phone to her chest. “I need to make things right!” “What are you going to do?” Kelly asked. “Bring her a new Poof to change into if she needs it! Where can I get one?” Jessica asked standing up. “Ha! You are so funny Jess! Here I have an extra one for my little sister you can have if you want. Do you really think she wet herself though?” Kelly said handing Jessica the Poof. “These things are so big! And I am not sure, but it wouldn’t be the first time someone took a prank too far.” Jessica said putting the diaper into her purse. “And it has unicorns on it?” “I told you they were adorable!” Kelly stated. Jessica pulled out her phone. ‘Hey girl! I feel bad about this and want to make it up to you. Where are you now? ~Jess.’ ‘I am just sitting in the library… working up the courage to stand up and go to the bathroom. ~Applesauce.’ ‘You poor thing! I am so sorry! Let me come meet you! What floor are you on? Can I get anything else for you? ~Jess’ ‘Top floor… A new skirt please… I am sorry! I did not know what I was supposed to do! ~Applesauce’ ‘Absolutely! Nothing to apologize about! I am on my way and we will get you cleaned up. Be there as fast as I can! ~Jess’ “You know you guys can be real assholes.” Jessica said back to Kelly grabbing her bag. “What? Come on Jess, don’t be like that!” Kelly said. “Did she actually use her diaper or something?” Jessica kept her head down and walked away. “She did!?!” Kelly yelled to Jessica as she walked away. Jessica arrived at the library and started riding the elevator up to the to floor. She pulled out her phone. ‘Hey… No questions asked. I need you to go to the school store and buy me one of the plaid skirts they sell and bring it to the top floor of the library. ~Jess’ ‘Please tell me you are going to also change into a schoolgirl outfit. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘I said no questions! Now just please do this for me. ~Jess’ ‘I am on my way! ~Jace Windu.’ Jessica returned her phone to her back pocket and stepped off the elevator. This floor was almost always dead, hardly anyone even knew this floor was up here. Jessica looked around and saw a girl sitting on a chair, her feet not quite touching the ground. She had her brunette hair in loose pigtails worn down at either side. She had plaid overalls on with white leggings that had yellow stains running down them and a tight white turtleneck. She looked as though she had been crying. “Amy?” Jessica asked softly making her way toward the crying girl. The girl looked up at her. “Jessica?” Jessica shook her head yes and walked over to her making sure no one was around. “Are you alright?” “Yeah… well no… but I will be fine now I guess.” Amy replied. “What happened?” Jessica asked. “I couldn’t get it to fit right… So I wore tights to try to make it stay. I really had to go pee this morning and I was having trouble holding it. I finished breakfast and saw a boy that must have been a pledge from the fraternity had soaked through to his shorts and that made me feel a little better about myself.” Amy started. “Okay and then what happened?” Jessica asked, thinking about the frat guy that also took a prank too far. “Then someone dropped a tray and… well I get excited easy and I lost control into my Poof… I guess I did not tape it on right because it started running down my legs and then I just ran away and made it here… I have been too embarrassed to leave. And I need to wear a Poof otherwise one of the other sisters might find out… And I didn’t know it was just a prank…” Amy finished. “Alright. So here is what we are going to do.” Jessica replied standing up. “We are going to get you to the bathroom and get you cleaned up.” “Okay…” Amy shook her head yes. “Here.” Jessica reached out her hands to help Amy up. She looked at her skirt and saw that she had went through the back. “The bathroom is right over there. I’ll clean this up.” “Okay, thank you.” Amy said as she waddled to the bathroom. Jessica grabbed some wet wipes that she kept in her purse and bent over to wipe down the chair. “Come on girl.” Jessica said. “Who just wets themselves at eighteen?” “What’s that now?” Jace said walking up behind Jessica. “Oh! Jace, did not hear you. It was nothing.” Replied Jessica. “Alright.” Replied Jace, looking around. “Here is your skirt as requested. And they were giving out samples of these as well.” Jace handed over a skirt and a pair of girls small GreatNites. “What the hell?” Jessica said grabbing the GreatNites. They were grey with pictures of rainbows on them. “They can’t be serious with these!” Jessica said standing up. “What?” Replied Jace. “Some people need those you know…” “It’s not that.” Jessica said giggling. “It’s just that these look so cute. Like I would have worn these in high school.” “I think that is the point…” Jace replied. “To make sure that people who need these have it accessible…” “I know, it’s just not what I was expecting. I have only seen the large size ones.” Jessica said. “You have seen the large size ones?” Jace asked nervous, but curious. “Yeah, some girl on my floor wears them.” Jessica replied. “Oh, I get it now.” Jace said. “You thought I wore them?” Jessica asked accusatorially. “I wasn’t sure… You did ask me to buy you a new skirt.” Jace replied. “It’s not for me. Like you I was potty trained a long time ago.” Jessica said. “Yeah… Who are these for then?” Jace asked. “Promise not to tell anyone?” Jessica asked. “I promise.” Jace replied. “Well, the initiation for my sorority and I guess another frat is to make the little brother’s and sisters wear those Poof diaper things. They weren’t supposed to use them, but I guess some of them took it a little too far.” Jessica finished. “Don’t make fun of her, okay?” “I wouldn’t dream of it!” Jace replied. “Good. Can you please just stand guard here? I am just going to bring these into Amy.” Jessica said. “Yeah, for sure.” Jace replied. Jessica walked into the restroom. “Knock, knock.” Jessica called. “In here…” Amy replied. “I have a new skirt for you.” Said Jessica. “Oh my God! Thank you so much Jessica!” Amy replied. “It is no problem really. Here you go.” Jessica slid the new skirt under the stall door. “Umm… Jessica? You wouldn’t happen to have brought a change of underwear, would you?” Amy asked sheepishly. “I have a GreatNite and I have a Poof.” Jessica replied. “That’s all you have?” Amy asked. “Well, you should be wearing a Poof anyway you know.” Jessica said. “I know… but what if there is a cute boy? I want to make a good first impression.” Amy said. “Oh girl, it is day one. You do not need to worry about that.” Jessica said shaking her head. “Now here. Put this on.” Jessica slid her a new Poof to put on. “Oh, thanks… here can you?” Amy slid her used Poof under the stall door. Jessica saw that the used one had designs of honeybees and honey combs that looked to disappear when it got wet. Jessica could only see a few of them left on the diaper. “Sure…” Jessica said picking up the saturated Poof and dripping it into the trash can. Jessica went to wash her hands. “Well, how do I look?” Amy asked stepping out of the bathroom stall. Jessica saw that the skirt was too short on Amy and that it was just barely long enough to cover her diaper fully. “You look like you are about two years old.” Jessica said examining her. “Is it really that bad?” Amy asked turning to look at her butt in the mirror. “I guess the unicorns’ kind of look like they could be panties from a distance.” “Yeah… for a two-year-old. Turn around.” Jessica ordered. Jessica tried to pull down her skirt enough so that the Poof was not showing as much. “That is as best as we are going to get it.” Jessica stood back up. “Thank you, Jessica. I really owe you one.” Amy replied. “Don’t mention it. Just make sure you go in the potty the next time, alright?” Jessica asked. “Alright, I will do.” Amy replied. “Ready to go?” “Yup, you can meet Jace. He is my best friend in the world.” Jessica said opening the door. “So, he… knows what happened.” Amy asked. “I have no idea what you are talking about!” Jace announced hearing Amy’s comment. “I am Jace, who are you?” “I… am hot. AMY! I am Amy, Amy Applegate.” Amy said flustered and reaching her hand out. “Nice to meat you!” Jace shook her hand. “I am Jace, Jace Harrison.” “Jace has been working out all summer so we need to get him a girlfriend this year.” Jessica said. “Jessica!” Moaned Jace. “And he is a little shy.” Jessica said. “I think that is cute. And totally working for you!” Amy said referencing to Jace’s body. “Thank you.” Jace smiled at Amy. “I am sorry, but I do need to get to my next class. Will you two ladies be alright without me?” “It will be hard… But we will live.” Jessica said. Jace turned to leave. “I could watch that ass walk away all day…” Amy said absentmindedly. “Amy!” Jessica said with a laugh. “What? Sorry! I saw him this morning and didn’t get a good look at him he was running out so fast.” Amy replied. “Was that before or after you wet yourself?” Jessica asked. Amy turned beat red. “Hey! I saw that he had wet himself too!” Amy protested. “Who? Jace? No, he just spilt something on him at breakfast.” Jessica responded. “I swear it looks like he had leaked in a diaper.” Amy replied. “Jace? In a diaper? Ha! No. His overbearing mother might try to treat him like a baby, but I don’t think she has succeeded in diapering him just yet.” Jessica replied. “I suppose you are right…” Amy said. “Will he be at the party?” “You bet! He is my plus one.” Jessica replied. “Why do you ask?” “Just… curious.” Amy responded. “Maybe I’ll have you ask him to change you later.” Jessica teased. “Hey if I had those arms changing my diaper I would not be complaining.” Amy retorted. “Amy!” Jessica laughed. “I can tell I am going to like you. Now let me show you where you can get the best ice cream on campus.” “Deal!” Amy replied. CHAPTER 4 The rest of the school day was uneventful. Jessica left Amy to return to her last class now that she was in some dry clothes. Jessica had told Amy to text her once she was finished with class so that they could get ready together. Jessica just had her last class let out at five in the afternoon. She pulled out her phone. ‘Well, this is going to be a long semester. ~Jess.’ ‘Why, what did you have? ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Early childhood development and care. ~Jess’ ‘Like you are learning how to take care of kids? ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Yes, but like young kids. Ones that are not yet potty trained. ~Jess’ ‘Oh, so like you little sister? ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Jace! That is not funny! That was just an accident and you promised you would not say anything. ~Jess’ ‘And I won’t! I promise. It was just a joke! ~Jace Windu’ ‘Just be by my dorm in two hours. I am going to get ready with Amy and we can all head together. ~Jess.’ ‘What will I wear? ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Just wear a buttoned shirt and nice jeans. ~Jess.’ ‘I can manage that. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Good. Now be here by 6:45 so I can tell you to change if I need to. ~Jess.’ ‘Yes, mom… ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Not your mom. Just your unpaid babysitter remember? ~Jess.’ ‘I don’t think you are ever going to let me forget. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘You have that right! Now be here with something presentable or I am picking your clothes out! I am not against making you wear a Poof with Amy! You two could match! ~Jess.’ ‘You THINK you are funny. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘And deep down we both know that I am! ~Jess.’ ‘And humble! ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Just please wear something nice alright. I already have one kid in diapers, I do not need the other one whining about little thing. ~Jess’ ‘I like that you are referring to us as your kids, like you are the one in charge of us. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Am I not? ~Jess.’ ‘I guess… you have a point. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Of course, I do! Now be here by 6:45! Or I will have Amy give you a spanking! ~Jess’ ‘Promise? ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Stop being gross! ~Jess’ ‘Can’t help it! I’m a dirty boy ? ~Jace Windu.’ Jessica shook her head at her phone as the dorm elevator opened to her floor. She barely realized she had gotten to her floor already since she was so enthralled in her phone. She walked to her room and tossed her backpack and purse haphazardly onto her bed. She looked over to her box of clothes, still having not unpacked. Jessica dug in a box and found a red dress and matching heels. She could not find a purse that goes with it so she decided she would need to use the one from today. She finished dressing and was re-doing her make-up for the night when she heard a knock at the door. “It’s open!” Jessica called. Amy stepped in. “Hey Amy!” Jessica said gleefully. “Hi Jessica.” Amy replied. “Don’t you look adorable! I love the pink pastel color!” Jessica commented on Amy’s dress. “Thanks… you don’t think it looks… too innocent?” Amy asked twirling her lacey dress. “A little bit, but that is the point. I think you wear it beautifully.” Jessica asked. “It is a bit short…” Amy pulling at the hem. “Yeah, but you can always use that to your advantage if you see a cute guy.” Jessica said giving Amy a wink and standing up. “You sit. I’ll work.” Amy sat in Jessica’s chair. “Yeah… but it doesn’t really help me much when I am wearing a diaper… I really appreciate you helping me, by the way, but you can finish getting ready first. I can do my own hair if I need to…” Amy said quietly as Jessica started styling her hair. “Nonsense! It is tradition for the big sisters to do their little sister’s hair before the first party. It takes me like five minutes to do my hair anyway.” Jessica replied. “Thank you…” Amy replied. “You are exceptionally soft spoken, you know that? You need to be more forceful when you talk if you are going to have anyone take you seriously.” Jessica said. “You think so?” Amy asked. “Definitely!” Jessica replied. “Take a guy like Jace for example. He is super shy and is not the type of guy to make the first move. So, if you were to say make the first move…” “You think Jace would really like me?” Amy asked excitedly. “I just mean that it wouldn’t hurt your chances if you were to take charge a little bit more with him.” Jessica hinted. “I can be in charge.” Amy said and punched her hand. “I can kick his butt if I need to.” “That’s the spirit!” Jessica laughed. “Alright, what do you think?” Amy looked in the mirror and saw that Jessica had curled her hair and tied it to off to one side. “It looks amazing!” Amy replied. “Thank you.” “You are welcome. I couldn’t go too sexy. The girls sent out an email that they wanted all the little’s hair to be cute, I think you will look the most grown up out of all of them.” Jessica said. “You are the best!” Amy said standing up and hugging her. “Of course! Now Jace should be here in like twenty minutes, if you want to watch something while we wait for him?” Jessica handed Amy her computer. “Oh sure!” Amy pulled up some music videos and sat back on Jessica’s bed, her dress riding up exposing her unicorn Poof. “Knock, knock!” Jace called through the door while knocking. “Door is open!” Jessica called. “Ahh! Shoot! Shoot!” Amy said as she struggled to get up from the bed and hide her diaper. Jace walked into the room. “Hi!... Oh! Sorry!” Jace turned his head to look away seeing Amy’s diaper sticking out from under her dress. “Too late now!” Jessica said. “I’m sorry!” Jace said with his back to Amy. “It is alright, really. You can turn around.” Amy said. Jace slowly turned around. “Might as well get it over with, I am going to be flashing everyone in this dress tonight.” Amy laughed. “I like your unicorns.” Jace replied. “I also like your unicorns!” Jessica chimed in. “Thank you.” Amy giggled. Jace smiled. “Can I ask why you are wearing that?” “Sorority initiation.” Jessica replied. “And I thought we agreed you weren’t going to ask about it.” “Oh, that is alright Jessica, I don’t mind.” Amy interjected. “Sometimes Jace says things that he shouldn’t say.” Jessica said glaring at Jace. “I am sorry!” Jace said raising his hands. “How can someone so short be so scary at the same time?” “Ever seen a chihuahua? We’re vicious!” Amy said playfully putting her hands up like paws and gently growled at Jace. “That was so adorable I think one of my ovaries just burst.” Jessica said looking back from her chair. “Alright, I need to do something about this before I adopt a child. Amy you go stand by Jace.” “Okay...” Amy said stepping over to Jace. Jessica stood up and grabbed her phone. “Jace, I want you to pick her up and cradle her.” Jessica instructed. “Okay…” Jace chuckled picking up Amy with ease. “Oh! My!” Amy said taken aback. “You are strong.” Amy rubbed Jace’s peck lightly. Jace smiled back at her. Jessica started taking pictures. Noticing that the Amy’s dress had ridden up so that her diaper was on full display for the camera. “Okay! I am satisfied.” Jessica said smiling putting her phone down. Jace set Amy down on the ground. “You could do that again if you would like…” Amy said a hand lingering on Jace’s arm. “Enough! No more of this Disney crap! I am already sick of it. Time to go! Now I need a drink.” Jessica said pushing past the pair. Jace and Amy looked at each other for a moment being left alone in Jessica’s room. “Come along children or I will get a leash!” Jessica called from the hallway. Jace and Amy quickly followed behind her. The trio walked for about fifteen minutes before arriving at a large house. They saw that there were several girls in the same dress as Amy many of them had their hair tied in pigtails or something equally as childish. “Hey Jess!” A girl standing at the door greeted Jessica. “Hey Rachel!” Jessica replied hugging her. “Your little is already paired?” Rachel asked. “What are you talking about?” Jessica asked. “Seriously? Did you get the email?” “I skimmed it…” Jessica replied. “But refresh my memory.” “Every year with you Jess… Well, the new girls need to find a boy to pair up with. There is a little brother and baby sister. Then the big sister becomes the mom and the guy she is with becomes the dad you both then ‘watch your kids for the night’ and there are games to play. Here are the name tags that go together.” Rachel finished. “That is a cute idea!” Jessica said handing the nametags to Jace and Amy. “It was all explained in the email.” Rachel said. “So, if your little is already paired off do you have a guy you are with?” “Nope, I’m a single mother. I put a lot of stress on my little boy to pick up the slack with his baby sister since his father walked out on us.” Jessica said dramatically putting her nametag on. “This is why I love you Jess!” Rachel said laughing. “Alright, we have Mommy Jessica, Little Boy Jace and Baby Amy.” “That is all of us!” Jessica announced rubbing her hands together. “Now where is the bar? Mama needs a drink!” “Wait, here take these.” Rachel said handing over a plastic wine glass, a sippy cup, and a baby bottle. “It’s all you can drink with these cups inside. Don’t tell anyone I let you skip on the cover.” Jessica hugged Rachel tightly. “It is reasons like these that gives us single mothers hope.” “Stop! You are being ridiculous!” Rachel said laughing pushing Jessica away. “You guys have fun.” Jessica took Jace and Amy’s hand and plowed her way through the party. They saw that there were lots of groups of four standing around noticing that the guy’s equivalent glass was a plastic beer mug. “Finally! Hey! Francis!” Jessica stood up reaching her way over the bar waving her glass. “Not again Jess!” Francis laughed pushing her off the bar. “I am not having you get super wasted again.” “Relax Francis! I have my kids with me.” Jessica said gesturing to Jace and Amy. “It is the first party of the year I am not going to get that wasted.” Francis looked at her sternly. “Alright, Jess. I believe you. What will you be having?” “I will be having these.” Jessica said taking the baby bottle and sippy cup away from Jace and Amy. “And you two will go find us a table.” Jessica put Amy and Jace’s hand together and pushed them away from the bar. Jace and Amy stumbled away from the bar looking around for a place to go. The house was large and there were a lot of people everywhere. “I think there is a table open over there!” Jace pointed. “Okay!” Amy yelled over the crowd letting Jace take the lead. They arrived at a stand-up table and made claim to it. “Do you come to these parties often?” Amy asked. “No, first one. You?” Jace asked. “Well, it is my second day in college.” Amy replied. “Oh! Right! What am I thinking, sorry.” Jace replied. “That is alright!” Amy giggled grabbing on to her hair. “You are a junior right?” “Only in year! I actually just turned eighteen last month.” “So, you must be like super smart then!” Amy said. “Well… my mom says so…” Jace scratched the back of his neck. “But I just really like math and physics is all.” “Does that mean you could tutor me in calculous this semester then? I can already tell I am going to struggle.” “Of course, he will!” Jessica said setting all the cups on to the table causing both Jace and Amy to jump. “You two are both jumpy.” “You did just sneak up on us.” Jace accused. “Oh! I am sorry for brining you drinks! Show some respect for your mother!” Jessica said. “Oh, Lord…” Jace said. “It’s already starting.” “What is?” Amy asked looking between Jace and Jessica. “She gets on this kick when she turns into a mother hen after a few drinks.” Jace explained laughing. “Jeepers, Jess, how much have you had already?” “Not important!” Jessica announced throwing her hand into the air. “What is important is that we drink!” Jessica slid the bottle to Amy and the Sippy cup to Jace. “To college?” Jace said holding his cup up to Amy. “To college!” Amy said smiling holding her bottle up. “I have the best kids!” Jessica said finishing the trio holding up her glass. CHAPTER 5 Both Jace and Amy made faces at each other like they had both drank something gross. “What the hell is in this?” Jace asked putting his sippy cup down at the table. “You don’t like it?” Jessica asked polishing off her drink. “Not really…” Amy said shyly setting her bottle on the table. “You I am not surprised about.” Jessica said pointing to Amy. “The have a special drink for all the little sisters. But Jace I just had them pour you spiced rum.” “You just got me a cup full of rum?” Jace asked laughing. “Yeah, why?” Jessica asked genuinely wondering why Jace did not like her selection. “Nothing!” Jace said taking another sip. “It is perfect, thank you.” “What is in mine then?” Amy asked. “No idea! But you need to drink it in the next ten minutes!” Jessica said putting the bottle back into Amy’s mouth. “Why?” Amy said grabbing the bottle and drinking on her own. “I was told that all little sisters need to finish their first drink before they start explain the rules.” Jessica answered. “This is freaking weird man.” Jace said chuckling nursing his drink. “Don’t think you are out of this either little boy!” Jessica said to Jace. “You need to finish that before it starts too.” “What? Come on, I can’t drink all this at once.” Jace replied. “Sorry bucko, but thems the rules for this party.” Jessica said. “Oh also, you are both to call me Mommy for the rest of the night.” Amy and Jace were both drinking their respective drinks and then looked at each other confused. “So, you are already drunk then?” Jace asked accusingly. “I’m not drunk! Not yet anyway.” Jessica began. “It is part of the game, so just call me Mommy.” Amy shook her head yes looking between Jace and Jessica, still sucking her bottle. “I swear I don’t know how I let you get me into these things.” Jace said unscrewing the sippy cup to drink easier. “Stop!” Jessica reached and screwed the top back on Jace’s sippy cup. “What are you doing now? If I need to finish that in ten minutes just let me chug it.” Jace complained. “Rules!” Jessica said handing the cup back to Jace. “Alright, I am getting confused… What are these rules?” Jace asked tapping his forehead with his pointer finger. “Here!” Jessica said smiling. Jessica put an arm around Amy’s shoulder and Jace’s waist turning them. Looking up they saw a TV screen that had been mounted high in the center room. It looked like where a scoreboard would be had this been a basketball court. “Those are the rules!” Jessica said pointing to the screen. “Rule 1! Mommies and Daddies take care of their kids. Rule 2! Big brothers watch your baby sister. Rule 3! Babies act like it” Jessica began listing the rules. “They are going to explain them any minute. I just had Francis tell me what they were.” Amy looked from behind her bottle confused finishing the contents. “Ahh.” Amy said setting her bottle down. “Okay Mommy, what does rule three mean?” “You aren’t going to like it…” Jessica replied raising her inflection on her last words. “Why?” Amy looked around confused then seeing the bottle. “What was in that drink?” “Okay please don’t be mad!” Jessica said turning to face Amy. “What did you give me?” Amy asked. “I think something is starting.” Jace said pointing to a staircase. “ALRIGHT LITTLE BOYS AND GIRLS!” A woman announced through the sound system, cutting out the music. “We are going to have some fun this year!” There were loud cheers from the crowd. “Have all our little sisters finished their bottles?” The announcer held a hand up to her ear and girls from the crowd cheered loudly. Amy remained silent. “Very good girls! We have the most perfect babies, don’t we?” There were cheers from the older members of the sorority. “Now I am sure you are all wondering what was in that first drink. Sorry to break it to you girls but you had some extraordinarily strong diuretic laced in with that cocktail.” The room started laughing with the girls in pastel dresses looking around confused. Amy turned to Jace and buried her face in Jace’s side; Jace put his arm around her. “That means that in the fifteen minutes all our little baby sisters can say bye-bye potty training and hello diapers. But don’t worry girls we have plenty of Poofs here for the whole night!” Several people in the audience hollered as there were several cases of Poofs and GreatNites rolled out onto the main floor. “We are nice to our sisters though! We have converted our three changing rooms into actual changing rooms!” Three doors behind the dance floor where the diapers were rolled out opened revealing baby pink rooms with large tables. “So here are the rules! Rule 1! Mommies and Daddies take care of your kids, that means that you get all the drinks and clean up any messes! If one of your kids spills, doesn’t call you by Mommy or Daddy, misbehaves or doesn’t follow any of the rules it is your job as stern Mommies and Daddies to punish them!” The announcer pointed to a chair being brought onto the floor with a whipping crop. “Rule 2! I need all the baby sisters to come out with their selected big brothers!” Amy looked up at Jace, with an expression of embarrassment and longing on her face. There were people shining lights in the crowd illuminating the new sorority sisters. Eventually one landed on Jace and Amy. “Go!” Jessica pushed the two from behind. All the sorority sisters made it out to the floor with their dates. All the girls had Poof diapers on and dresses that were just a bit too short to hide them. Amy saw that almost all of them had a different pattern on their diaper. The girls looked at each other with confusion and worry on their faces. Many of them, Amy included, holding on to their dates arm tightly. “Okay! Big brothers grab your baby sister’s hand and hold it up!” They did as they were instructed. All at once several men ran up and handcuffed the boys to the girls. The chains connecting them about two feet long. Amy and Jace looked at each other. Amy’s right hand and Jace’s left hand were now cuffed at the wrist. “That’s right boys! As big brothers you need to be there to protect your baby sisters, so that means you never let her out of her sight for the whole evening! That means that you get to help Mommy and Daddy with diaper changes and baby sister gets to come watch you on the potty! Maybe she can learn something by watching you.” Jace looked to Amy his eyes wide almost popping out of his head. Amy was turning beat red; she was looking intently at the floor burning with embarrassment. “Finally, Rule 3! Babies act like it! That means to all our baby sisters that the bathrooms are now off limits! And if you need to tinkle… well, that is why you are all wearing adorable diapers.” All the girls looked to the floor in embarrassment. Their dates trying to console them but failing. “Now I need all the mommies and daddies to come to the floor!” All the older sorority sisters went to join their littles. Each of them had boyfriends with them that looked to be enjoying themselves, obviously filled in prior. Jessica walked up behind Amy and Jace. Both looked at her and glared. Jessica smiled back. “Jessica no daddy?” The announcer asked Jessica. “Bastard walked out on me!” Jessica shouted back to the laughter of the crowd. “Alright then! If anyone is looking for a single mother of two, please direct your calls to Jessica.” “I put out on the first date!” Jessica screamed, Jace trying to get her to be quiet. “I give the best head!” “Jessica! Listen to your son and be quiet! Will you please get your mommy under control young man?” Jace got behind Jessica and picked her up making her calm down. All the while Amy is handcuffed to Jace dying of embarrassment. The crowd eventually died down after the outburst. “Getting back to it! Everyone was given three bows at the beginning of the night, correct?” The crowed mumbled pulling small pink clip on bows out of their pockets. “Those are drink tokens to be used exclusively for our little girls hear! We do not want to see any baby’s bottle empty so make sure that all our little girls have plenty of bows to go home with! And don’t forget about their big brothers either!” “Mommies and Daddies, you are responsible for your kids. Make sure they get home safe tonight and that you tuck them in nice and tight with their big brother. Tomorrow morning, we will text you the combinations to undo the locks.” “Now Mommies and Daddies! Let start the party!” “I am so, so sorry for this!” Jessica said to Amy as she lifted her dress and pulled out the butt of her diaper. All the other sisters did the same to their respective littles; some with the help of their Daddies. As soon as the girls had their diapers on display and open several men ran up with funnels and liquid and filled each girl’s diaper. “Ahh!” Amy jumped as liquid starting filling her diaper causing it to expand. “Something to get you girls used to having a wet diaper tonight!” The announcer cut out and the music and lights started back up. The littles all looked at each other not sure what to do. The rest of the party goers started making their way back out to the dance floor. “Come on! This way! I have drinks.” Jessica grabbed Amy and Jace and led them back to the table. “Did you know about this?” Jace demanded when they got back to the table. “I swear I didn’t!” Jessica said taking a drink from her glass handing the bottle to Amy and the sippy cup to Jace. “I don’t read the emails.” Amy looked at her bottle curiously. “Its white wine cut with grape juice.” Jessica said. “The girls made special drinks for you, so you don’t get super wasted with everyone giving you drinks.” “Wait. Then why did you make me chug rum?” Jace asked. “So that you would relax a bit man!” Jessica said laughing “I got you beer this time. Oh! And I almost forgot!” Jessica reached into her pocket and pulled out two pink bows and out them in Amy’s hair. “There we go sweety, you look adorable!” Jessica said. “Thanks Mommy…” Amy said smiling at Jessica. “You are welcome dear!” Jessica said tapping her noise. “Would you like that diaper changed now? Or wait a bit?” Amy looked up to Jace nervously. “Maybe…. Maybe, let’s wait a bit.” “Suit yourself! But we are going to need to change you at some point!” Jessica said cheerily. “Why are you so happy about this?” Jace asked. “I just think this is a fun idea is all and I love that you two get to have fun together.” Jessica replied. Amy blushed and looked towards the floor, drinking from her bottle. “You didn’t ask me if I was alright with it.” Jace snapped. “Calm down Jace.” Jessica said in a warning tone. “Everything is not about you tonight alright.” Jessica nodded over to Amy. Who looked somewhat offended about Jace’s comment. “Oh! No! Amy, I am so sorry! That is not what I meant.” Jace said to Amy. “It is alright…” Amy said somewhat defeated. Jessica communicated with her eyes to Jace pointing him to make thing right with Amy. Jace tried to convey something looking down to his crotch, however, Jessica was not understanding. “Ahh!” Amy shrieked looking down to her feet. A little stream was dripping on the floor at Amy’s feet. “Oh baby! You’re leaking!” Jessica said noticing what had happened. “Did I just…” Amy said spreading her legs apart. “Looks like it.” Jace said. “This is so humiliating…” Amy replied looking to the floor once more. Jessica again conveyed to Jace with her eyes to do something with Amy. Jace again trying to motion to his crotch. “Hey girl…” Jessica said. “Let’s get you cleaned up; I know what they gave you was strong so this is unfortunately going to keep happening tonight.” “Joy…” Amy replied, Jessica turning her by the shoulder towards the changing room. “What the hell is going on with you?” Jessica whispered in Jace’s ear as they were walking to the changing room. “I need to tell you something.” Jace whispered back. “What?!” Jessica whispered back angerly. “This is her big night! Stop being selfish!” “It’s not!” Jace started, then pulled out his phone. Jace texted with one hand while the other was still handcuffed to Amy. MSG: JACE HARRISON Jessica looked down at her phone. ‘I wear GreatNites. ~Jace Windu’ Jessica looked down at her phone with confusion and then up at Jace. Jace shaking his head yes with a pained expression on his face. ‘Like you wet the bed? ~Jess’ ‘YES! And… in general. Look my mom never potty trained me and I only just got to start wearing GreatNites when I moved out. ~Jace Windu.’ Jessica read Jace’s text message then looked up at Jace then re-read it again. ‘So… like you are wearing a diaper right now? ~Jess.’ “I am wearing a GreatNite, they are not the same as regular diapers. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘They are both freaking diapers! Why didn’t you tell me this? I would have been understanding and helped you! ~Jess.’ ‘I was embarrassed! But now I need your help. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Please tell me you do not also need a diaper change… ~Jess.’ ‘Stop! No, I don’t just get me out of this. I cannot let Amy know I wear GreatNites! ~Jace Windu.’ “Here we are.” Amy said stepping in front of the changing room and sighing. “Looks like you get to pick which design you want.” Jessica said pointing to the rows of diapers. “These look good I guess.” Amy said holding up a diaper with baby animals also in diapers. “What do you think Jace?” “I think those are adorable and look like the mural my mom still has in my room from when I was a baby.” Jace replied. “Ha, ha! Seriously?!” Amy giggled at Jace. “Yup, and I have seen it! It is ever bit as adorable as you think.” Jessica said. “Then it needs to be these ones!” Amy said excitedly. “Great choice!” Jace said. Jace, Jessica and Amy walked to the changing rooms and waited their turns. A door opened and a foursome walked out. “LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER GIRL JUST POPPED HER CHERRY!” Someone played airhorns on the speakers. “How was it, baby?” The announcer reached the mike over for the girl to speak. “Umm…” The girl began. “I… I kinda liked it.” The girl laughed and smiled, the crowd cheering. “Someone get our girl a drink!” Jessica pushed Jace and Amy into the changing room closing the door behind them. “Alright girl, take you place of honor.” Jessica said motioning to the changing table. Amy waddled her way over and tried to lift herself up onto the table but was struggling. “Jace.” Jessica said conveying for Jace to lift Amy up onto the table. “Up we go!” Jace said lifting Amy up. “You are really good at doing that.” Amy smiled. “Is someone getting a bit tipsy already?” Jessica cooed to Amy. “Maybe…” Amy smiled. “I love you!” Jessica said to Amy grinning before turning to Jace. “Now no peaking from you! Understand?” “What am I supposed to do?” Jace asked. “Here. Drink this and try not to spring a leak.” Jessica replied handing Jace his sippy cup and pointing to his crotch. “Can only deal with one thing at a time.” Jace blushed and turned to face away from Amy. Jessica undid the tapes to Amy’s diaper. She reached over and grabbed some wipes and started cleaning Amy. “That’s so cold!” Amy said as she wiggled at Jessica’s touch. Jace giggled at Amy’s predicament. “You think this is funny?” Amy asked Jace. “A little yes.” Jace chuckled his reply. “Butt up baby girl.” Jessica said and Amy complied. “I would love to see what you would do if you needed to get your diaper changed!” Amy said sticking her tongue out to Jace’s back. “Oh boy…” Jessica whispered under her back as she powdered Amy looking at Jace seeing him go rigid. “Good thing that I don’t need to wear diapers then…” Jace retorted. “Playing with so much fire right now…” Jessica whispered again pulling the front of Amy’s diaper up. “Oh yeah!” Amy said sitting up. “Ope! Excuse me Mommy.” “Back down, baby girl.” Jessica said pushing Amy back onto the changing table. “We are almost done.” “And then I am giving Jace a diaper change!” Amy said crossing her arms. “Well, Jace did you need Amy to give you a diaper change?” Jessica asked looking at Jace with her eyes wide. “No… I don’t need a diaper change.” Jace replied flatly. “Alright little girl! You are fresh and clean!” Jessica said patting Amy in the butt. “Ahh! Much better!” Amy said hoping off the changing table, wobbling causing Jace to catch her. “Careful there!” Jace replied steadying Amy. “I am fine! Where is my bottle!” Amy looked to find her bottle and grabbed it. “Empty.” “Jace will you please pick her up.” Jessica ordered Jace. “Sure. Here hold this.” Jace handed Amy his sippy cup and scooped her up at the knees. “Wee!” Amy screamed. “This is getting ridiculous…” Jessica said grabbing her forehead picking up Amy’s bottle; she pushed Jace out the door. “Come on, let’s go.” “WE HAVE ANOTHER ONE!” The announcer called as the trio exited the changing room. “And look! Our baby girl being carried by her big brother!” A rounding Awe made its way through the crowd. The announcer held the mic out to Amy. “What did you think of your first diaper change?” “I think…” Amy looked around. “I think it’s time for this girl to get a drink!” “Just what we would expect from the little sister of Jessica!” The crowd laughed and Jessica shook her hand. “Woo!” Amy screamed tossing Jace’s sippy cup into the air. The cup fell. Twirling in an almost slow motion. Everyone in the crowd had stopped to watch it. It dropped to the ground bouncing on plastic. A breath of relief washed over the crowed until, on the last bounce, the sippy cup bust open spilling out its contents. A loud air horn was played over the speakers. “Looks like we have our first party foul of the night folks and you know what that means!” “Punish him! Punish Him!” The crowd started chanting. “What?” Jace asked. “Why me?” “It was your sippy cup that spilled little man! Now to the spanking chair!” Two large men playfully guided the trio over to the chair that was on the dancing floor. The crowd formed into a large circle; someone had shined a spotlight over the chair. One of the men put Jessica in the chair and then handed her the whip. The other man took Amy from Jace and stood her up, making her hold onto the back of the chair. He then pushed Jace to bend his knees and had him lay over Jessica’s lap. “How many for the first infraction folks? Three? Five? Ten?” “Ten! Ten! Ten!” The crowd chanted. “Looks like that is ten spanks for one naughty little boy! Jessica whenever you are ready.” Jessica held up the whip and went to smack Jace on the butt lightly. “Come on Jess! We all know you can hit harder than that!” The crowd jeered Jessica egging her on to hit harder. WHACK “ONE!” The crowd counted on every hit. “TWO!” “THREE!” “FOUR!” “FIVE!” “Wait a second folks!” Jessica stopped spanking Jace and looked up at the announcer. Jace also looked up with Amy. “I think that since this is our first party foul of the night, why don’t we have the rest of the spanks be with his pants down! What do you say?” The crowd cheered again. Jace got rigid and Jessica froze. Both knew that Jace was wearing only a GreatNite under his pants and if they went ahead with this everyone would know that Jace wore diapers. “Umm...” Jessica stammered. “Too slow Jess! Baby girl would you please help your mommy take off his pants?” Amy not knowing that anything deeper was going on other than a party prank complied with the announcer. Amy grabbed the side of Jace’s pant and pulled leaving Jace with just a GreatNite patterned with a picture of Captain America’s shield on the butt. Unmistakably a diaper. The audience gasped at the reveal of Jace’s GreatNite. Then slowly the crowd started cracking up. Amy looked to Jessica with confusion in her eyes. Jessica looked down to Jace unsure of what to do. Jace looked to the crowd, fighting back tears seeing that his worst nightmare had just been realized. CHAPTER 6 Jace laid there across Jessica’s lap, his GreatNite on display for the whole party to see. All of them starting to laugh at the site of Jace. Jace started to get up attempting to end his shame. “Not so fast there!” The announcer said. “Jessica did you put you little sister’s date in a GreatNite to look the part?” Jessica looked stunned for a beat, then took her opportunity. “You caught me! There was supposed to be a big reveal later with them both!” Jessica hamming it up for the crowd. Jace felt a wash of relief as Jessica made up a story for the crowd. “Jessica you are literally the funniest!” The announcer said laughing. Amy still looked confused at what was going on. Jace, while relieved, wanted the moment to end. “Come on! Stand up and take a bow!” Jessica looked to Jace letting him make his way up from off her lap. Amy still held onto Jace’s pants. Jace slowly stood up and stood next to Amy, them still linked together. Amy looked down to Jace’s crotch confused at what was happening. Amy studied Jace further and saw that his Captain America themed GreatNites had fade-when-wet designs on the front in the shape of a shield. Amy watched as the design started to fade in front of her eyes. Jace, seemingly noticing what was happening took a fast and deep bow, trying to hide his quickly swelling GreatNite. The crowd continued to cheer. Amy sprang into action and quickly hugged him trying to hide the front of Jace’s wet GreatNite. “Awe! Let’s give a big hand to the cutest couple of the night!” The crowed awed and applauded. “And let’s hear it for the hardest working Mommy tonight, with not one but two of her kids still in diapers Jessica!” The crowd laughed and cheered as Jessica stood up on the chair and bowed. Amy took the opportunity to help Jace back into pants while the crowd was distracted. “I think we can let the boy slide on the rest of his punishment what do you say?” The crowd cheered in agreement. Jessica stepped down from the chair and grabbed the chain connecting Jace and Amy and pulled them away from the spotlight and back to their table. “Hey man! You dropped this!” A guy walked up to Jace and handed him his sippy cup back. “You were great up there!” “Thanks…” Jace muttered as the guy walked away. Jace and Amy did not say anything to each other and kept looking anywhere but at each other. Jessica kept looking between her kids. “Oh boy…” Jessica said slamming the rest of her drink. Both Amy and Jace looked at Jessica. “How about we get a drink?” Jessica asked. “Yes!” “Yes, please!” Both Jace and Amy responded over one another. Jessica walked them both over to the bar and took their cups. Jace had a bit of a waddle in his step. “Hey! You are Jessica’s little sister, aren’t you?” A girl from the bar looked down to Amy. “Guilty…” Amy replied kicking her feet to the floor. “I love Jess! Here, let me get your next drink!” The girl handed Jace one of her pink bows. “And I’ll get you something too! Where is your Mommy?” Jace pointed to the bar where Jessica was standing, and the girl made her way over. Jace stood awkwardly handcuffed to Amy. “Oh, darn it!” Amy said stomping her foot. “What’s wrong?” Asked Jace. “I wet myself again. I can feel it.” Amy said, more frustrated than embarrassed this time. “Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing in another second.” Jace replied. Amy looked down to her diaper, lifting her dress up slightly she could see herself wetting the diaper. The wetness was spreading down the middle, the animal prints on her diaper disappearing. She waited for a second and found that the Poof had absorbed everything, and the feeling of being wet was going away. Amy looked up at Jace with confusion on her face; she dropped the front of her dress. “Did Jessica really make you wear that diaper?” Amy asked Jace softly. “No…” Jace answered defeated. “She just covered for me.” “I didn’t think so… Why are you wearing it?” Amy asked Jace. “I have trouble making it to the bathroom, so I wear GreatNites just in case when I am out sometimes.” Jace replied thinking all his chance with Amy went out the window. “Do you need a change?” Amy asked Jace. “What?” He replied. “I saw the design start to fade on the front of your diaper when we were in the spotlight. That means you’re wet right? I tried to cover you so no one would see it. I think I was the only one that noticed.” Amy said. “You did that for me?” Jace asked looking to Amy. “Of course! I need to look out for my boy!” Amy grinned to Jace. “Thank you. I have never…” Jace was cut off. Amy had pulled him in by the bindings that they shared; she reached up to Jace’s head and pulled it close and kissed him. Jace was initially surprised, but then felt his heart pounding and kissed Amy back. They both were enthralled in a passionate embrace ignoring the party going on around them. “Who taught you two how to kiss?” Jessica asked interrupting Jace and Amy’s embrace. Amy giggled and looked away while Jace smiled back. “Uh-huh…” Jessica smiled looking between Jace and Amy, setting the drink on the table. “So, my children are making out now?” “Jessica! Gross!” Jace laughed back. Amy continued to blush. “A mother has a right to know!” Jessica stated handing out the drinks. “Thank you.” Amy said meekly grabbing her bottle. “So… do we want to talk about it?” Jessica asked diving into the subject. All three of them looked at each other then took a drink from their respective cups. “Alright… fine.” Jace began. “My mom is super overbearing and decided not to potty train me so that I could focus all my efforts on studying. While it did help me excel academically, I now have issues making it to the bathroom on time. Since they came out with GreatNites and our college started selling them I convinced my parents to let me move on campus.” “So, when I was in your dorm…” Jessica began. “Yes, I had just changed into a nighttime diaper and I was trying to hide it.” Jace replied. “And this morning when I saw you with a wet spot on your pants?” Amy asked. “I had leaked through my GreatNite during breakfast.” Jace replied. The three looked at each other awkwardly and then all took another drink from their respective cups. “Holy shit.” Jessica said setting her drink down. “What?” Jace asked. Amy looked at her confused. “Just so many things are making sense now, why you never had a girlfriend and were always so awkward. You were not potty trained! You were waddling around in a wet diaper half the time.” Jessica laughed. “Hey… it is not as uncommon as you think…” Jace said lowering his head. “Well, I think you look cute.” Amy said hugging Jace around the waist. “See Jace you still have girls that are interested in you! You just needed to find one that was also still in diapers.” Jessica laughed. “Umm… Amy?” Jace asked. “Hmm?” Amy said looking up to Jace smiling still holding on to his waist. “I think you’re…” Jace and Amy looked down. Amy jumped back as far as the binding would allow and scream. “I just peed on a boy…” Amy said with embarrassment and spite. “It is alright really.” Jace responded. “Jess… Mommy…” Amy began walking over and putting her head onto Jessica’s shoulder, her hands on her side. “Yes, dear?” Jessica said patting the back of Amy’s head. “I need a diaper change…” Amy answered meekly. “I can see! That is one soggy diaper!” Jessica said poking Amy’s Poof. “Come on, we should probably check the other kid’s diaper too...” Jessica handed Amy and Jace their bottle and sippy cup respectively and pushed them back towards the changing rooms. Amy was waddling heavily and was struggling to keep up with Jace and Jessica. “Jace. Please carry Amy.” Jessica said noticing Amy struggling. “I am fine… Oh! Okay!” Amy was picked up by Jace with ease and was now carrying her on his hip, his arm under her diapered butt for support. Jace carried Amy to the changing rooms with Jessica. They stood in line waiting their turn. Amy looked around at the other girls in line. The all had several bows in their har and looked like they were enjoying themselves. At least enjoying all the attention they were getting. Amy had to admit she also like all the attention she was getting. She was not often the center of attention but being here and having Jace and Jessica made her feel welcome and supported. “Hey! Finish your bottle!” Jessica said to Amy who was looking around. Amy complied and put her bottle back into her mouth. Jace was taking small drinks from his sippy cup as they waited. “I almost forgot!” Jace said pulling the bow he was given out and clipping it to Amy’s hair. “There we go! Very pretty.” Amy blushed deeply and buried her face into Jace’s shoulder. She gave him a peck on the cheek. “You know, of all the guys that I could have been with tonight I am happy it was you. Diapers and all.” Amy whispered into Jace’s ear. Jace smiled and kissed Amy back. “We’re up!” Jessica said once again interrupting the couple. “Amy pick out a new diaper… and grab a GreatNite for Jace?” Jessica raised her inflection questioning Jace. Jace shook his head yes, setting Amy down. Amy saw and acknowledged. Amy walked around and grabbed a new Poof, this time it had picture of frogs and swamp animals with lily pads that will fade as you wet it. She walked Jace over to the GreatNites and found that they were only girl style. “Will this be alright?” Amy asked Jace. “Not many options… I didn’t bring any changes with me.” Replied Jace. “Why not? And what is your size?” Amy asked. “I didn’t have anywhere to put it. And I am a size medium in GreatNites.” Jace answered. “Oh, I didn’t even think of that.” Amy replied. “Here these ones have dragons on them.” Amy held up a GreatNite that had pictures of pink and purple dragons flying around colorful castles; the fade when wet design was the fire from the dragon’s mouth. Unlike the pull ups Jace is used to; these had the wetness indicator more towards the middle rather than the front. “Come on kids! Mommy is waiting!” Jessica called. Jace and Amy walked over. “On the table baby girl!” Jessica demanded closing the door. Amy did not try to get on the table herself this time. Instead, she turned to Jace and held her arms up to be carried. “Look at you two!” Jessica cooed. Jace placed Amy down on the table. “Now! No peaking!” Jessica made Jace turn around. “Here, suck on this.” Jessica handed Amy her bottle. “So, since you wear diapers all the time you must be really good at changing them then… Cold! Cold!” Amy said screaming at Jessica wiping her down. “Sorry…” Jessica replied. “I am alright, I guess. It is better when someone else changes you than when you do it yourself. Makes it fit better and doesn’t leak as easy.” Jace said. “Butt up!” Jessica commanded and Amy complied. “Really? I never considered that! But I guess it would be a lot easier with someone changing you rather than you doing it yourself.” Amy said setting her butt into the clean diaper. “Yeah… not too many college girls would want to change their boyfriend’s diaper, so I try to keep it to myself.” Jace said “I don’t know Jace!” Jessica said pulling the diaper between Amy’s crotch and winking at her. “I think there would be at least one girl who wouldn’t mind helping you out.” “You’re hilarious Jessica!” Jace said somehow vocalizing that he was rolling his eyes. Amy and Jessica giggled to themselves as Jessica finished taping Amy’s diaper shut. “Alright little boy! You’re next!” Jessica announced. “Do you need to get up on the table?” “No, just turn around. I need to take my pants off.” Jace replied. “Is it alright if I just keep laying here?” Amy said laying back down on the changing table putting her bottle in her mouth and extending the arm that was attached to Jace. “Yeah, that’s fine… just turn your head alright.” “Okay.” Amy said turning her head slightly. Jessica turned so that her back was to Jace facing Amy. Jessica could hear Jace struggling taking his pants off with just one hand. “Need some help their sailor?” Jessica asked mockingly. “Not funny!” Jace said, tripping as he spoke. Jessica turned to help Jace. “Hey!” Jace replied. “It’s alright; I am here to help you.” Jessica said helping Jace step out of his pants. “Thanks…” Jace replied standing now only in a soggy GreatNite. “Jeepers! You have droopy drawers too!” Jessica said commenting on the state of Jace’s diaper. “Stop!” Jace whined, turning so that his butt was facing Jessica. Jessica tapped Amy to get her attention to look at Jace. “Although… that is America’s ass alright.” Said Jessica. Amy giggled and turned away again. “Now what are you trying to do?” Jessica asked, seeing Jace fiddle with his GreatNite. “I am trying to take them off, but it is hard with one hand.” Jace said. “Fine. Here.” Jessica ripped the sides off the GreatNite causing it to fall to the floor with a plop. “My Jace. A little excited, are we?” Jace tried to cover his erect penis with his hands. Amy turned her head slightly to catch a peak. “OH MY GOD. IT’S HUGE!” Amy mouthed to herself turning back to the wall and her bottle. “I can’t help it…” Jace replied. “Well, I don’t think you are going to fit with your flagpole standing at full mast.” Jessica said. Amy started giggling heavily into her bottle. Jace took notice. “What do you want me to do about it?” Jace asked semi-laughing at the predicament. “I have an idea!” Jessica said. “Shut your eyes.” “Jessica, no.” Jace protested. “Just do it!” Jessica ordered. Jace complied and now stood naked from the waist down, his penis fully erect in front of his oldest college friend and new girl he really liked. Amy turned back to Jace and started at his hard cock. “Are you ready?” Jessica asked. “Ready for… AHHH!” Jace screamed and jumped back. Jessica had poured the content’s of Jace’s sippy cup onto his penis causing it to deflate immediately. “Cold shower usually does the trick.” Jessica said laughing, Amy also joining in laughing. “That was so mean!” Jace said grabbing his crotch. “But effective. Let us see.” Jessica demanded. “I don’t want you to look…” Jace replied. “Come on Jace we already saw you fully loaded.” Jessica teased. “I liked it.” Amy chimed in smiling. “Show it to us with the safety on!” Jessica continued. “Fine…” Jace said removing his hands revealing his un-erect penis. Jessica and Amy did not say anything for a minute. “What?” Jace looked between the girls nervously. “Ah-hem.” Jessica cleared her throat. “You’re… a grower not a shower there Jace?” Amy started giggling mercilessly. “Hey!” Jace put his hands back to cover his crotch. “I am just glad we got to see the erect version first.” Jessica said laughing walking over to Jace with the girl’s GreatNite. “That is as big as a tic-tac!” Amy laughed. Jessica held out the GreatNite for Jace to step into. He complied and put his legs through the holes. Jace started to blush, Amy noticed. “No! I do not mean anything bad by it! I have seen the finished product and I am impressed. But…” Amy started giggling again. “That is definitely the size I would expect to see in a diaper.” Jessica pulled Jace’s GreatNite up between his crotch, easily sliding it over his un-erected penis. “This has definitely been an informing night, that is for sure.” Jessica said helping Jace back into his jeans. Once finished Jessica took a step back from Jace and Amy. Jace went to pick up Amy and Carry her on his hip again. “Alright, are both my kids happy and dry in their new diapers?” Jessica asked condescendingly. “Yes, Mother.” “Yes, Mommy!” Jace and Amy responded, respectively. “You both are adorable!” Jessica smiled turning to open the door leading the trio back to the party. CHAPTER 7 Jace carried Amy back out through the dance floor. They noticed that one of the other little sisters was being spanked for something. Her diaper fully on display, getting hit hard by her Daddy. “I wonder what she did!” Amy said. “Didn’t call her big sister’s boyfriend Daddy.” A stranger in the crowd answered. “Oh…” Amy said surprised. “Mommy I think I need another drink!” Jessica laughed and took her bottle. “How about you big kid? Need another?” Jessica asked Jace. “Sure!” Jace said finishing his drink and handing Jessica his sippy cup. “Go find a place to sit. I need to get off my feet!” Jessica said leaving Jace and Amy to walk to the bar. “Over there Jace!” Amy said pointing behind Jace at some couches that were empty. “Got it!” Jace made his way to the couch and sat down putting Amy across his lab with her feet kicked out sideways on the couch. “You’re comfy!” Amy said to Jace. “Thank you! Your extra padding helps!” Jace replied. “You know we could get out of here…” Amy whispered into Jace’s ear. “You want to leave your party?” Jace asked. “Well… leave with you.” Amy replied walking her fingers along Jace’s chest. “Do you think you could take care of my tonight? I can be a bad baby, you know.” Amy pouted her lip to Jace. Jace could feel himself growing out the top of his GreatNite. “I… I could take care of you.” Jace tried to sound suave, but his voice cracked. Amy started to kiss Jace on his neck. “Are you going to take care of me Jace?” Amy asked seductively. “Oh… yes baby…” Jace moaned. Amy moved her hand down to Jace’s crotch. “There he is…” Amy smiled seductively at Jace flipping the tip of his penis outside of his GreatNite. “Big boy Jace came back out to play.” “Please Amy… I want you so bad.” Jace said with a pained desire in his voice. “I want you too…” Amy replied. “Oh, Jace I am dripping wet. Here!” Amy grabbed Jace’s handcuffed hand and put it on the front of her diaper. “Do you feel how wet I am for you?” Amy asked. “I feel… I feel…” Jace looked to his hand that was cupping the front of Amy’s diaper; her hand still on his cock, her eyes closed her grinding on your hand. “I feel you wetting yourself! Amy you are peeing again.” “I… What!” Amy shrieked almost falling backwards trying to get off Jace’s lap. “It’s alright Amy, I know you can’t help it.” Jace replied. “So not the point…” Amy replied crossing her arms. “What the hell happened here?” Jessica asked setting the drinks down. “I hate this party…” Amy pouted. “Okay… Did something happen?” Jessica asked. “Don’t want to talk about it.” Amy said grabbing her bottle and sucking bottle furiously. Jessica looked at her with confusion, not knowing what to say. MSG: JACE HARRISON ‘We were getting hot and heavy… like she had her kung fu grip on my mushroom tip heavy. But she wet herself and it kinda killed the mood for her. ~Jace Windu.’ Jessica looked at Jace then to Amy with understanding. “Are you getting a little frustrated baby?” Jessica teased; Amy glared back almost halfway through her bottle. “Sorry baby, but maybe you should wait to have sex till your potty trained.” “I also don’t like this party…” Jace said picking his sippy cup back up. “That goes double for you Mr. Secret diapers! You should also not be having sex till you can go all day and night with dry pants!” Jessica scolded the pair. “Christ, I am turning into my mother.” “New drink Mommy!” Amy said holding out her bottle; her legs scrunched back up over Jace’s lap. “Already?” Jessica asked. “But I just sat down!” “New drink Mommy!” Amy said louder hitting the table. “Come on! New drink Mommy!” A girl said walking behind Jessica. “I’ll get her this round.” She tossed Jace a bow and helped Jessica stand up. “Oh right!” Jessica said spinning around tossing Jace a bow before moving on. Jace picked up the bows and gently put them into Amy’s hair. “One, two, three, four, five!” Jace tapped the bows on Amy’s head while counting them. Amy smiled and hugged Jace. “You are so cute!” Amy said grinning ear to ear. Jace took a drink from his sippy cup. “You finished that bottle fast.” Jace said. “Well, maybe I just wanted to get rid of our chaperone for a while. Now, where were we?” Amy climbed closer onto Jace’s lap. “I like where this is going.” Jace said. Amy again started touching Jace’s chest. This time she jumped onto Jace’s lap her wet diaper resting on Jace’s growing cock. “Everyone has seen me in a diaper tonight anyway. I might as well get to enjoy it to.” Amy said rubbing Jace’s chest grinding slowly on his lap. “I like the way you think!” Jace said grabbing onto the back of Amy’s thighs. Jace pulled her closer grinding together in rhythm of one another. Jace looked down to his crotch. “What’s wrong baby?” Amy asked with her eyes closed. “I know I am wet, but let’s enjoy it on my wet pussy.” “That’s not it…” Jace said with concern in his voice. “What’s wrong? Am I pee… OH! YOU!” Amy jumped off Jace. Jace had started to pee and unfortunately in all the excitement the head of his penis was over the top of his GreatNite. Jace had started to pee slowly but gained momentum gradually. After Amy had jumped off Jace quickly stuffed his penis back into his GreatNite and stood up causing Amy to topple over slightly. “I am so sorry!” Jace said inspecting the damage. Jace saw that he had wet the top of his pants to the back and his shirt was also wet. Amy rolled away from the wet spot and giggled, her had dangling from Jace’s. “What is so funny?” Jace asked. “First, I peed myself, then you peed yourself…. Jace honey. I don’t think we are getting out of these diapers tonight.” Amy said laughing. “Of course, you are not getting out of them!” Jessica said concerned. “Jace better not be trying to convince you to take it off!” “I wasn’t!” Jace protested. Amy giggled again. “Having fun, are we?” Jessica asked sitting down. “So much fun Mommy!” Amy replied. “I got you two bottles this time!” Jessica said handing Amy one and putting the other down on the table. “Here, let me help you.” Jessica walked over and sat Amy upright noticing that her diaper was once again wet. “Baby you wet again?” Jessica asked. “I did?” Amy looked down. “Jace, you too?” Jessica saw that Jace’s pants were wet. “What the hell am I going to do with you two?” “I’ll change him!” Amy said excitedly jumping up. “Yeah?” Jessica asked. “And who will change you?” “Jace has changed his own diaper lots of times! He can change me! Pleeeeaaasssseeee Mommy?” Amy tried to be cute. “Yeah! Pleeeeaaaasssseeee Mommy!” Jace also begged. “You both are cute… but no. Only Mommy gets to change baby’s diapers tonight. And Jace if you can’t keep in in you GreatNite then I am putting your butt in a Poof right with Amy.” Jessica said pointing to Jace. Both Jace and Amy looked to their feet defeated. “I don’t know why you both are pouting. You get to sleep in the same bed tonight. They aren’t letting you out till tomorrow remember?” Jessica said. “Oh yeah!” Amy said excitedly. “Damn Amy! Make him work for it a little!” Jessica said crossing her legs. “Now Mommy wants off her feet. So, we are sitting for a bit. I will change you both after.” Jessica said grabbing a drink. Jace and Amy looked to Jessica then back at each other. They both looked down at each other’s crotch and started laughing hysterically. “What the hell has gotten into you two?” Jessica asked. “She… She…” “He… He…” They both laughed. “Wet herself.” “Wet himself.” The handcuffed pair laughed harder. “Oh Lord…” Jessica said. “Sit down both of you.” They complied Amy sitting on Jace’s lap in a chair across from Jessica. They were still giggling to one another. Amy put the bottle back into her mouth and laughed more at Jessica. Jace laughed at Amy laughing. “Are you both having fun?” Jessica asked. “You bet!” Jace answered. “I am glad you are! But we actually do need to leave soon… I have someone I need to meet.” “We do?” Amy sat up excitedly. “Yes. But they are handing out some take home bags in a bit so everyone can leave when they want.” Jessica replied. “Change! Please! Change now!” Amy asked. “Why what’s wrong?” Jace asked. “I do not want them to march me back up in front of everyone with a wet diaper!” Amy said almost demanding to be changed. “She does have a point.” Jace said to Jessica. “Ugh... fine, but I am putting you both in diapers you understand? I want to leave right after and not stop for leaks.” Jessica said. “Yeah, whatever. Let’s just go!” Amy said tapping Jace to stand up. “Wait. I didn’t agree to…” Jace began. “Oh, whatever Jace, I am in a diaper. You will be fine; they are going to be looking at me anyway. Come on Mommy let us goo!” Amy demanded. Jace was at a loss for words. “The lady has spoken.” Jessica said gesturing for them to lead the way to the changing room. Amy walked quickly and grabbed two diapers, one had images of hearts on it for herself and one was jungle themed for Jace. Amy walked into an empty room. “Okay!” Jace said. “What’s the rush?” “Soggy. Diapers. On. Display!” Amy said shaking Jace playfully. “Got it. Up we go!” Jace said and set her on the table turning to his regular position. Jessica got to work quickly changing her with ease. “Okay, now your turn.” Amy said holding her hands out to Jace to be set down. “Up you go.” Jessica patting the table indicating for Jace to get up. Jace put Amy on the ground and then hopped up himself. The trio started to hear the announcer start doing checks in the background. “Do you want to wait?” Jessica asked Amy. “No! Get him changed so we can leave when we want to!” Amy said ripping Jace’s pants off exposing his wet girls GreatNite. Jessica started to rip the sides of the GreatNite exposing Jace who was once again hard as a rock. “Jace!” Amy whined. “Can’t you put that away and save it for later? We need your baby dick right now.” “Wow.” Jessica said her mouth open at Amy’s comment. “I am fairly sure I can fit this over him. Have you ever diapered yourself hard Jace?” “Yes… Just make sure… it’s pointing up when you close it.” Jace replied. Jessica slipped the diaper underneath Jace’s butt. “Hurry up! I can hear them starting!” Amy said grabbing Jace’s peins and tucking it up to his stomach while Jessica taped his diaper shut around it. “That was a new experience…” Jace said standing up, Jessica helping him into his pants. “Alright baby girl! Let’s go!” Jessica said opening the door. Amy practically ran out dragging Jace along with her. “Okay girls!” The announcer started as Amy made her way to the front with all the other girls in diapers. “As a final present we have gotten each of you a designer backpacks that also double as adorable diaper bags!” The crowd cheered and laughed. “No lie though, those are $400 bags.’ Amy said surprised back to Jace. “Seriously?” Jace asked. “The look super nice.” “For sure that is going to become my backpack.” Amy said clapping with the crowd. “And to get you started we have each bag filled with every pattern Poof!” The crowd laughed and the sisters handed out the bags. The announcer continued. “We have had a good time tonight and we hope you did too. But know it was all in good fun. Now go home tonight, sleep it off and we will see you when you are potty trained!” The crowd cheered, but the girls stuck in Poofs clapped the loudest. Amy grabbed her bag and dragged Jace back to find Jessica. “Are you all set to go?” Jessica asked, Jace and Amy walking up on her while she was talking at the bar. “Yes! I have my amazing bag! I am still dry! I think he is still dry! Let us go!” Amy said pointing a thumb to Jace when he mentioned her. “Are you still dry?” Another woman at the bar asked Jace. Jace did not answer her right away. “Go on Jace. Tell her if you are wet or not.” Jessica said. “No… I am not wet…” Jace said. “Great! Give me your cups, one more drink for the walk home.” Jessica said. Jessica got the refills and the trio walked back to the dorms together. The laughed and drank the entire walk back. “So, which place are we crashing in tonight?” Amy asked Jace. “We are kinda stuck together.” “What, do you mean whose dorm?” Jessica asked. “Don’t you have a roommate?” “Yeah, but…” Amy trailed off and looked to Jace who had a big smile on his face. “I have a single this year.” Jace said. “Well fuck me! Why didn’t you say that sooner!” Amy said. “No screwing tonight children!” Jessica scolded. “Yes Mother!” Jace called back scooping up Amy at the knees again, then whispering into her ear. “At least not until she goes to bed.” Amy kicked her feet and squealed excitedly. “And finish your drinks before we get back! Those will help you not be hung over tomorrow.” Jessica said. “She really is great at taking care of us.” Amy said. “Yeah, she is something.” Jace replied. The trio made it back to Jace’s room and walked in. Amy set her new bag down and admired the single. “This looks amazing… YAWN…” Amy said. “Sorry. I am not tired I don’t know what came over me.” “It is alright… YAWN…” Jace replied. “Now I am doing it.” “Okay babies does anyone need a diaper change before bed?” Jessica asked. “Nope.” “No.” Jace and Amy replied. “Alright Amy step in.” Jessica held out a pair of plastic panties. “These are so you don’t leak. I would have gotten a pair for Jace as well had I known.” “I should be alright but thank you.” Amy responded. “Can’t take no for an answer. Sorry, they told me that stuff they gave you won’t wear off till tomorrow morning.” Jessica explained. “Just do it so she’ll be quite about it.” Jace said sneering at Jessica. “Alright Mommy Dearest.” Amy said stepping into the pants. Jessica turned her around and pulled up the plastic pants the rest of the way. “You keep talking like Jace I might need to rinse your mouth out with soap young lady.” Jessica said. “Oh, whatever Jess.” Jace said as Amy waddled her way back to him. “Good night children.” Jessica said as she exited the room and went back to her dorm. Jessica laughed stepping into her dorm room. She knew that Jace and Amy were being so bratty because of how horny they were. Jessica pulled out her phone. SEND MSG: My Addiction ‘Hey, thinking about you. Wanna come over? ~Jess’ Jessica tossed her phone to her bed and kicked off her shoes. She unzipped the back of her dress and stepped out. She laid down in her bed still buzzed from the night’s beverages. MSG: JACE HARRISON ‘I F*&$%^ING HATE YOU! ~Jace Windu’ MSG: AMY APPLEGATE ‘Come on Jessica! This is not fair! ~Applesauce.’ Jessica looked at her messages and laughed. She popped her phone case off, and a tiny key fell onto her belly. ‘Sorry children! I said no screwing tonight and I could not trust you to behave; clearly, I was right. I will take you out in the morning. ~Jess.’ ‘What the hell happened to getting me a girlfriend? ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Yeah, not one you screw the first day you meet each other! ~Jess.’ ‘Please? ☹ ~Applesauce.’ ‘No baby, I am sorry. ~Jess.’ Jace responded with more targeted profanity while Amy stopped texting. ‘Great, now she is asleep. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Good! Probably has to do with the Moon Drinks I gave you both! ~Jess’ ‘You are insane! ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Good night! ? ~Jess’ Jessica laughed and started scrolling through her social media. She giggled to herself thinking of Jace and Amy. MSG: My Addiction ‘Where are you? ~Wallflower.’ Jessica felt her heart start to beat fast. Since the kids were not hooking up tonight, she might as well. ‘34B… I will be waiting. ~Jess.’ Jessica went to her boxes and changed into her sexiest lingerie. She unlocked the door, lit a candle, and turned off the lights. “Mommy’s waiting.” Jessica said lifting her eyebrows looking at her door with lust. CHAPTER 8 The next morning Jace awoke to Amy snuggling close in her arms. Jace felt as though he had just had the best sleep of his life. He looked down to Amy, she was softly purring into his arm. Jace laid back on the pillow and smiled ear to ear. He loved the feeling of waking up with Amy next to him. The sun rose ever so slightly and hit Amy in the eyes. She stirred groaning at the uninvited light. “Make it go away Jace. I am not ready to wake up yet. Too comfy.” Amy rolled into Jace’s chest. “As you wish it.” Jace replied and pulled the covers up closer to tuck Amy back in. Amy looked up to Jace with adoration in her eyes. She kissed him gently on the chest and receded back into Jace, him holding her tight. “Good morning to you too.” Jace kissed Amy on the forehead. “Did you just sleep better than you ever have?” Amy said as she closed her eyes and snuggled up on to Jace’s shoulder looking him in the eyes. “I know what you mean.” Jace responded and stretched his whole body. “I think this is the most well rested I have felt in a long time.” Jace rolled his head back to Amy and they locked eyes. Each one had a smile on their face. Amy reached in and started kissing Jace. Jace kissed back. They rolled to their sides facing each making it easier to continue locking lips. Jace ran his hands through Amy’s hair, Amy nibbled Jace’s lip moaning ever so slightly. Amy pushed Jace onto his back and went under the covers reaching her handcuffed hand up to Jace’s mouth. Jace started sucking on Amy’s fingers. Amy started kissing Jace’s bellybutton and worked her way up, kissing every muscle along the way. Jace moaned at each kiss. Amy felt Jace becoming hard beneath her. Amy reached Jace’s neck and grabbed Jace’s hand, still handcuffed to her, intertwining her fingers in his she reached above his head and held his hand close to the wall. With her free hand, Amy lifted her body so that she was straddling Jace. Amy started to grind on top of Jace; the only thing separating them was thin plastic and absorbent padding. “I want you so badly…” Amy said thrusting more forcefully onto Jace’s fully erected penis. Jace reached his free hand down to his crotch where Amy was riding him. Jace undid the tapes of his diaper. The only thing holding it in place now was Amy’s body pressing against it. He reached over to Amy, putting his hand under her crotch. Amy moaned louder and intensified her moaning. “Please Jace! Oh! Jace! I want you inside me!” Amy moaned. Jace looked up to Amy who was writing in pleasure. Jace could feel the pleasure growing inside of him. He wanted its release… He wanted to explode inside Amy. Jace grabbed at the plastic panties trapping Amy’s diaper. He had failed last night to remove it, but this morning he was determined. Jace pulled at the plastic, but to no avail. He then reached his fingers down the front. The opening was just wide enough for him to get the tips of his finger to the start of the padding in Amy’s diaper. “Turn around.” Jace ordered Amy. Amy turned around on Jace, now riding him reverse cowgirl. She scooted further back onto Jace’s stomach allowing his diaper to fall forward. It fell with a plop, clearly wet from the night. Amy hardly noticed the state of Jace’s diaper and instead put her focus on his throbbing cock. Amy started rubbing his shaft slowly, continuing to grind into him. “Hurry, Jace… I want all of you… deep…” Amy said continuing to stroke Jace’s throbbing cock. Jace had found the lock on the back of Amy’s diaper cover. Try as he might, it was not going to budge. He pulled his handcuffed hand back from Amy; he was having trouble focusing with Amy’s pleasuring. Jace pulled hard on the chain trying to get it to give way. “OUCH!” Amy shouted. “I am sorry!” Jace screamed releasing his grip on Amy’s plastic panties. “It’s alright just… I don’t think they are going to come off still…” Amy said. Jace could feel the blood leave his penis. Amy seeing her object of desire start to shrink turned back around to face Jace, her face pouting. “I want sex.” Amy said crossing her arms on top of Jace her bottom lip stuck out. “I do too, but with these on I don’t think it is going to happen.” Jace said grabbing on to Amy’s plastic pants at the leg cuffs. “I really don’t like Jessica right now…” Amy said, touching Jace’s chest again. “Me either… But you could keep doing that.” Jace replied referencing to Amy running her fingers up and down his chest. “I can do that.” Amy said with a sinful grin. Jace started admiring Amy’s body. Her hair messy from the night before, some pink bows still clipped on. She had on a lacy beige bra, supporting her perky breasts. Jace moved his hands to grab them. “Hmm… Is this what you want?” Amy asked reaching her hands behind her back undoing her bra and dropping it to the side of the bed. “Yes…” Jace replied, he could feel his penis begin to grow again. Jace reached up and firmly grabbed Amy’s exposed breasts. He massaged her nipples till they were hard enough to cut glass. He lifted at his midsection and put his mouth around Amy’s right nipple suckling it. “You like that baby?” Amy asked reaching around Jace grabbing his exposed back. Jace shook his head in agreement as he sucked harder. Amy moaned her loudest at Jace’s increased ferocity of sucking. “Yes baby! Yes Back! Suck it, drink me all in!” Amy screamed. *KNOCK *KNOCK Someone knocked on Jace’s door. “Ahh!” Amy screamed, the loud knocking enough to take her out of her bliss. “Go away!” Jace yelled to the door. “I am busy!” “Come on baby let me in! You can suck on me too if you want!” Jessica yelled from the other side of the door. Amy’s whole body turned red with embarrassment. “Do you think she heard us?” Amy whispered to Jace. “She can still hear you!” Jessica called. “Can you come back later?” Jace asked. The door opened; Jessica walked in. “No, I can’t come back… Oh…” Jessica said walking in and seeing the scene. Amy dove to the side of Jace causing his handcuffed hand to be pulled with him. Jace tried to pull the covers over them. “How did you get in here?” Jace demanded Jessica. “Your mom sent me a key…” Jessica replied holding up a room key. “UGH!” Jace yelled. “Please leave…” “Well, I would but I am sure Amy wants to be let out of her diapers.” Jessica said. “Yes please!” Amy popped her head up like a meerkat a huge smile on her face; her breasts bouncing as she sprung. “That is what I thought.” Jessica responded smiling. “Can I come in yet?” A voice behind Jessica asked. A woman taller than Jessica, looking very athletic walked through the door. “Jess, what the hell!” Jace said trying to hide himself; Amy threw her hands over her chest and ducked back down under the covers again. “Relax, Jace this is my… friend Emily.” Jessica said. “Nice to meet you both.” Emily said. “It’s very nice to meet you!” Amy said in a muffled voice from under the covers. “Sorry Emily, but why are you here?” Jace said. “Jace Harrison! That is no way to treat a guest!” Jessica scolded Jace. “Why can I never be rid of crazy women?” Jace called out. “Ouch!” Amy had pinched him from under the covers. “Emily knows all about the sorority initiation and the fact that you are still in diapers and hides it from everyone. You can relax.” Jessica said. “Oh! In that case can anyone see my bra?” Amy asked popping up from under the covers again, her hands covering her chest. “Oh, here it is.” Emily said stepping to the bed grabbing Amy’s bra from the floor and handing to her. “Thank you, Emily!” Amy said smiling affixing her bra. “You are welcome sweetheart.” Emily replied. “You were right Jess, she is adorable!” Amy smiled. “Jace, could you help me?” Amy asked struggling with one hand cuffed. “Oh sure.” Jace replied. Emily and Jessica came in fully and shut the door behind them. “So, who needs a diaper change?” Jessica asked. “ME!” Amy bounced as Jace was finishing clasping her bra. Jessica and Emily stared laughing. “Jace sweety, do you also need your diaper changed?” Emily asked sweetly. “No… I am fine, I don’t need your help…” Jace said coldly, not liking that Jessica shared his secret with a stranger he had never met before. “Suit yourself little boy! I only offer diaper changes once; you want to stay in your dirty diaper go for it.” Emily replied helping Amy off the bed. Amy stood up with her hand attached to Jace as he laid in bed his crotch under the covers. Jace was about to say something back to Emily when Jessica interjected. “First thigs first! Let us get you unlocked from Jace. Code is 1-2-3-4.” Jessica said. “You have got to be kidding me…” Said Jace as he entered in the code allowing for the handcuffs to be released. Both Amy and Jace rubbed their wrists. “For someone as smart as you, I am surprised you did not try that.” Jessica said mocking Jace. Amy and Emily chuckled. “Very funny, Jess.” Jace replied. “Now!” Jessica said turning to Amy. “Time for my little girl to graduate out of diapers! They grow up so fast!” “Finally!” Amy replied. “Turn around.” Jessica instructed, she put a key into the small padlock and opened it. Amy started to pull down her plastic panties. “Ahh!” Amy shrieked. “What’s wrong?” Emily asked. “I uhm… I went more than I thought last night… There is a small pool in my panties right now.” Amy said embarrassed. “Oh! Umm, Jace where do you keep your changing supplies?” Emily asked commandingly. “What makes you think I have changing supplies?” Jace retorted. “JACE!” Jessica snapped at him. “Are you going to help or are you going to let Amy embarrass herself and leak all over your floor?” “Top drawer…” Jace said sheepishly, he did not want to upset Amy but still did not like the stranger in his room talking to him like a child. “That wasn’t so hard was it?” Emily smiled walking to Jace’s drawer. Jace sulked on his bed. “Oh wow!” Emily started. “Wipes, powder, rash cream, boosters, cloth diapers, covers oh and cute onesie!” Emily pulled out a blue and white stripped, long sleeve snap crotch onesie that had a cartoon pirate embroidered where a breast pocket would go and a large pirate ship on the butt. “Hey! Put that back!” Jace whined. Amy and Jessica giggled. “Here Jess.” Emily tossed Jessica a booster to absorb the puddle in Amy’s plastic panties. “You are pretty well stocked for someone that wasn’t sure if they had changing supplies.” “I just didn’t want you to dig through them…” Jace said under his breath crossing his arms. “Can you please wear the onesie today Jace?” Amy begged as Jessica finished wiping up the wet spot allowing her to step out revealing an oversaturated diaper. “It will be so adorable!” “That is more of a bedtime outfit… It is meant to be worn with a diaper not GreatNites.” Jace replied. “Why does that matter?” Emily asked Jace then stating in an accusatory tone. “You will be wearing a diaper today anyway.” “I WILL be wearing whatever I want to, thank you.” Jace replied angrily to Emily then spoke to the group. “I usually only need to wear GreatNites during the day.” “Not from what I heard…” Emily commented. “Okay!” Jessica said sensing tension. “Why don’t we get Amy situated and then we can let Jace do his own thing.” “Sounds like a plan to me!” Amy said smiling trying to break the tension. “I think that the effects of the diuretic last night should wear off today, but I was told that the littles are being advised to at least have a GreatNite on for today, just in case. I grabbed some from the sorority house this morning.” Jessica said handing Amy a fresh girl GreatNite. “I figured you would be a small or medium.” “You are right! Thank you.” Amy replied taking the GreatNite. “Do you want help changing?” Jessica asked awkwardly addressing the girl standing in an extremely saggy diaper. “Uhm…” Amy turned back to Jace who shook his head no. “I think we can manage.” “Okay then…” Jessica said, unsure of the position she found herself in. Usually, Jace would look to her for permission. “I’ll wait for you outside then… I was planning on taking you both out to brunch off campus if you want?” “Oh! Thank you!” Amy replied surprised, but disappointed as she had something else in mind to satisfy her hunger. “I don’t have anything to wear except my clothes from last night… Maybe I could grab something quick.” “Already taken care of!” Emily said producing a set of clothes from her bag. Emily handed her the clothes. “Disney princess T-shirt and matching pink shorts… How thoughtful?” Amy asked. “Last initiation thing.” Jessica said. “They want you to dress like you would if you were potty training since you all are in GreatNites today.” Jace laughed from behind Amy and fell back to his bed. “Hey!” Amy said turning back to Jace. “Could still put you in your onesie you know!” Jessica and Emily giggled at Amy’s comment. “Alright children. We will let you get ready and wait downstairs.” Jessica said leading Emily to the door. “Here!” Emily said tossing the onesie on Jace’s lap. “If you change your mind.” Emily and Jessica left. CHAPTER 9 MSG: JACE HARRISON ‘I can’t even believe you right now. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘What? ~Jess.’ ‘You told that girl about me??? I do not even know who she is! ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Are you mad or something? ~ Jess.’ ‘I’m pissed! AT YOU, specifically. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Why? It’s not like she is going to tell anyone… ~Jess.’ ‘How would I know that?! This is why I do not tell people in the first place! I don’t want to have the reputation as the guy who wears diapers. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Look, Jace. She works as a nanny and has lots of experience with young kids that are going through potty training. I thought she could help you. ~Jess.’ ‘I don’t need help! And that is not your call to make. I am doing fine on my own. So, fuck off with this crap alright? You didn’t know for 2 years and I was just fine. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘You mean the 2 years before you were even potty trained? ~Jess.’ Jessica watched the message bubble appear then disappear before she did not see a response. ‘Jace, I am sorry I told anyone… I did not think about it and I was seriously just trying to help you. Last night it seemed like no big thing so I thought you would appreciate the help. ~Jess.’ ‘K ~Jace Windu.’ Jessica stared down at her phone angrily. He knew that she hates it when people text her that. “Who are you texting?”” Emily asked as they made their way to the elevator. “Jace… He is really mad I told you about his…” Jessica trailed off. “His diapers?” Emily said. “Why would he be mad?” “Ehh… I think that I kinda overwhelmed him telling you… And now he is being a brat and pouting about it.” Jessica said, upset by her actions. “Oh, whatever.” Emily said stepping into the elevator. “If he wants to wear diapers then he should be expecting people to find out.” “I don’t think he wants to wear them. His mom just never let him potty train.” Jessica replied stepping into the elevator behind Emily. “If an eighteen-year-old boy can’t make it to the potty on time then he is choosing to wear diapers. Trust me.” Emily said pushing a button and closing the door. “Why do you say that?” Jessica asked looking confused. “I have dealt with this countless times with the kids I nanny. They just don’t want to put the effort in and think that someone else will just take care of it for them.” Emily said condescendingly referring to Jace. “How do you deal with that in the kids you watch?” Jessica asked. “Reverse psychology usually does the trick.” Emily stated walking out of the elevator. “What do you mean by that?” Jessica asked following Emily. Emily walked outside to a smoking area lighting up a cigarette. “You just treat them like a baby. When my kids don’t want to take potty training seriously I just baby talk to them and put them in diapers until they are sick of it.” Emily replied taking a drag off her cigarette. “Three days of sitting in stinky diapers and they learn fast.” “I don’t know if Jace uses them for that…” Jessica began. “Tough!” Emily interjected. “He wants to run around in diapers he can use them for their intended purposes.” “How would you even go about that with Jace? It’s not like we could make him use only his diapers.” Jessica replied. “Oh, sure we can!” Emily said taking a last drag off her cigarette and extinguishing it. “Pull out your phone.” CHAPTER 10 MSG: BIG SIS JESSICA ‘Hey! Are you guys almost ready? ~Jess.’ ‘Almost! Jace is just trying to find something to wear. And then wants to run to the bathroom before we go. ~Applesauce.’ ‘Not going to make him wear the onesie? ~Jess.’ ‘Maybe next time ? ~Applesauce.’ ‘I have a plan and I need your help… ~Jess.’ ‘Sure. What’s up? ~Applesauce.’ ‘Emily is a nanny, and she is giving me pointers on how to help Jace get potty trained. ~Jess.’ ‘Oh! That is super thoughtful of you! You know, I think he is close too! I remember when my little sister was potty training, we had to put her back into diapers full time for like a week because she just kept going in her pull ups. ~Applesauce.’ ‘Funny you say that… ~Jess.’ ‘??? ~Applesauce.’ ‘We are thinking of doing something similar with Jace. ~Jess.’ ‘Seriously??? I mean like how would that even work? ~Applesauce.’ ‘Emily has a great idea! And I think it will work! I just need your help. ~Jess.’ ‘Alright… What is the plan? ~Applesauce.’ ‘Will tell you soon! ~Jess.’ “Jessica… you are going to need to give me something if you want me to go along with you diapering my boyfriend more than he already is… ~Applesauce.’ ‘BOYFIREND?!?! ~Jess.’ ‘Well… not like official boyfriend… but like he is a friend who is a boy… and I like him alright!! Let a girl dream! ~Applesauce.’ ‘Almost gave me a heart attack… just step outside and call me, I will explain what we need you to do. ~Jess.’ ‘Alright fine! ~Applesauce.’ “Be right back.” Amy said stepping out the door. “Okay.” Jace replied standing in front of his closet. “Stupid Jessica and stupid Emily…” Jace said looking for something to wear. “Asking me if I need a diaper change like some kid…” Jace looked to the back of his closet and saw several boxes of Poofs intended for him. “Should just wear a diaper to spite them.” Jace muttered. “You are going to put on a diaper today?” Amy asked returning to the room putting her phone in her pocket. “What?” Jace jumped in surprise. “No just muttering to myself… Emily got on my nerves. Can you believe she asked me for a diaper change?” “Umm, yes I can believe it.” Amy responded. Jace looked to Amy confused. “Why do you say that?” He asked. “Did I not just watch you throw BOTH of our soggy diapers into your diaper pail?” Amy asked. “When you put it that way…” Jace replied. “And look at us!” Amy replied overdramatically laughing. “I look like I am about three and you are standing there in just a GreatNite! We look like we should be starting day care not college!” Jace looked down at his GreatNite then back up to Amy and started laughing hysterically. He knew that she was completely right and that the whole situation they found themselves in was something that they could laugh at together. “Alright…” Jace said calming down. “I guess I was a bit harsh on her and Jessica.” “And me…” Amy smiled. “I wasn’t mean to you, was I? I am sorry if I did anything!” Jace replied. “…you did make fun of me for my outfit...” Amy replied upping her cuteness factor. “I wasn’t making fun of you for it… just that they are making you dress that way…” Jace looked away from Amy as he spoke. Amy tiptoed closer to Jace and put her hands behind her back and kissed him. “That just means I get to pick out your outfit for you!” Amy said smiling devilishly. “You are stuck on deciding what I wear today aren’t you?” Jace asked. “Well, I only ever got to play dolly with my sister. I never got to play dress-up with a boy before…” Amy said seductively biting her lip. Jace felt something twitch in his pull up. “I suppose since you put it that way…” CHAPTER 11 Jace and Amy stepped off the elevators holding hands. Amy was practically bouncing from excitement while Jace looked miserable. They walked outside to find Emily and Jessica talking. “Sorry we took so long… Amy got to pick out my outfit. Didn’t even have a chance to run to the bathroom.” Jace said as they approached Jessica and Emily. “Look! Look!” Amy said jumping pointing to Jace’s shirt. “It has duckies!” Jessica and Emily looked Jace over and saw that Amy had picked out a blue shirt with a picture of a rubber duck on the chest reading SPLASH INTO SCHOOL and shorts that had an elastic waistband. “Awe!” Jessica cooed “You two look adorable! Oh my God! Amy with your backpack on and Jace’s shirt it looks like you are going to your first day of school! I need pictures!” Jessica pulled out her phone and started snapping photos. Amy was smiling and posing on Jace while he pouted. “Come on Jace! Smile!” Jessica said from behind her phone. “I am not going to stop until you do!” Reluctantly Jace smiled for a good picture. “Go stand with them! I’ll get one of all of you.” Emily said pushing Jessica over to Jace and Amy. Emily took a few photos before walking back and returning Jessica’s phone. “You guys make the cutest family!” Emily said laughing. “Awe, we do!” Amy said looking at the picture. “And look Jace you look adorable too!” Jace looked at the picture and smiled, he agreed that they all looked cute together. “There’s the smile Jessica was telling me about!” Emily said to Jace. Jace blushed and stepped closer to Amy. “Now you’re shy…” Jessica said shaking her head at Jace. They all walked to a parked minivan. “Here we are!” Emily said pushing a button opening the side doors. “Car seats?” Amy asked noticing that there was a toddler car seat in the way back and a booster seat on one of the captain’s chairs. “Sorry about that! They are a pain to take out… You think you will be able to fit? Or should I try to take it out?” Emily asked. “Oh, I can totally fit!” Amy replied climbing into the booster seat. Jace and Jessica smiled at Amy as they got into their seats. Jace in the back with Amy and Jessica in the passenger. “Buckle up!” Emily stated as she turned on the car and pulled away. “So, where are you taking us?” Jace asked peaking his head around to the front. “It’s a surprise!” Jessica exclaimed waving her arms like a seal as she looked to Jace and Amy. Amy laughed at Jessica’s antics and Jace just smiled. “For real though.” Jace continued. “I am not a big fan of surprises.” “Why not?” Amy asked Jace. “I have to plan for how long I am out and if there will be a place to change. There is a lot that goes into it…” Jace said. “Okay…” Jessica began. “Do you have a few spare GreatNites?” Emily asked Jace bluntly. “Yes…” Jace replied suspiciously. “And do you have a change of clothes?” Emily continued her questioning. “Oh! I do!” Amy said raising her hand looking in her backpack. “And I packed us wipes, powder and I still have all the Poofs from last night!” “Thank you, Amy!” Emily praised as Amy smiled. “See Jace it should not matter where we go Amy packed everything you need.” Jace looked at Amy. “You’re welcome!” Amy smiled as she kicked her feet, high up in her booster chair. Jace looked to Jessica who just shrugged back at him. Jace smiled and sat back. “Well, alright then.” Jace replied. “See what happens when trust your friends Jace?” Jessica asked. Jace did not say anything but did smile. Amy reached out her hand to hold Jace’s, Jace grabbed it and they swung their hands between the seats. “Cute! Cute! Cute!” Jessica said pulling her phone out to take a picture. Amy and Jace smiled back. Emily smiled to Jessica and put her hand on her arm. Jace and Amy saw this and looked at each other with shocked confusion then turned their heads back to Jessica at the same time. Jessica saw them smiled and shrugged touching Emily’s arm back. “Mommies have needs too…” Jessica replied to Jace and Amy’s stares. Jace and Amy giggled at Jessica. “You two are cute together…” Amy said smiling. “Thank you sweety!” Emily replied pushing a button lowering a small screen. Jessica looked up and watched it lower. “Look at that guys! You are in for a treat!” Jessica said to Jace and Amy. Amy smiled and shook Jace’s hand. Jace could see that Amy was having fun but did not like the insinuation of them being shut up by a movie. “Isn’t this a little patronizing? Putting a movie on for us like we are five.” Jace snarled. “Well, if you don’t want to watch it…” Emily said pushing the button again causing the screen to go back up. “HEY!” Amy whined. “Jace! I wanna watch something!” “You want to watch a movie for a short car ride? Isn’t that a little, I don’t know, immature?” Jace asked. “JACE HARRISON!” Jessica boomed from the front seat. “You apologize right now!” Jace looked up to see Jessica’s eyes in the child viewer; she was seething with anger at his comment. Jace looked to Amy; she was looking away from Jace a looking embarrassed at her excitement. “I am sorry Amy… I did not mean like you were acting immature… Just that… Emily started it!” Jace said, getting overwhelmed as he saw everyone in the car was against him. “Jace, grow up. She was trying to do something nice for you both.” Jessica started. “It’s fine, Jess.” Emily held a hand up to Jessica. Jace felt even worse now. He looked back to Amy who looked like all her excitement was drained and then to Jessica who shook her head at him disapprovingly. “Hey… I am sorry everyone… I did not mean to ruin everyone’s good time… I’ll shut up now.” Jace looked to the floor. “Thank you Jace. That was very big of you.” Emily replied. “Yes, thank you Jace.” Jessica said smiling to Emily. “I forgive you Jace.” Amy said holding her hand back out. “We can watch the movie now…” Jace said defeated. “Good choice.” Emily said once again lowering the screen. Amy once again bounced with excitement. “I almost forgot!” Jessica said reaching into her purse. “I brought these!” “Push-pops!” Jace said excitedly. “I knew they were your favorite, so Emily and I ran out after we picked up Amy’s clothes. These are alcoholic, but don’t let the other moms know I let you drink.” Jessica said with a wink handing back the frozen treats. “You are the best!” Amy said unwrapping her snack. “Yes! Thank you!” Jace said. “And thank you too Emily.” “You are welcome.” Emily replied. Jessica smiled and touched Emily’s arm. “There are headphones in the seat pockets so you can hear the movie.” Emily said. “Thank you!” Amy said reaching for the headphones. “What are we watching?” “How about live action Beauty and the Beast?” Emily asked. “Oh yeah! I have not seen that in forever. Jace have you seen it?” Amy asked. “No, I haven’t.” Jace replied. “Oh my God! You are going to love it! Grab your headphones!” Amy commanded putting her own headphones on. Jace quickly followed suit and put his own headphones on. “You two are adorable.” Jessica smiled turning back to face forward. “You going to tell them?” Emily looked to Jessica. “Maybe. If they ask.” Jessica replied. CHAPTER 12 Jace watched as the movie ended with all the characters turning back into humans. He took his headphones off. “You’re right Amy! That was…” “SHHH.” Jessica cut off Jace holding a finger to her mouth pointing to Amy. Amy had fallen asleep during the movie; her head was rolled off to the side. “Oh! Sorry.” Jace replied in a whisper. “It’s alright.” Jessica whispered back. “Is the movie over?” “Yeah! It just ended.” Jace replied. “Good! We are almost there.” Jessica said. Jace looked out the window. He had been so engrossed in the movie that he had not noticed they had been driving for more than two hours. Jace reached his hand down to his shorts and pulled them out to get a good look at his GreatNite. “Something wrong kiddo?” Emily asked seeing Jace in the rear-view mirror. “No… Just checking is all.” Jace replied letting his pants return to normal. “Do you need to go potty?” Emily asked. Jace grimaced at her. “No. I don’t! Now stop treating me like I am one of your dam toddlers!” Jace said a little too loud. Amy woke up from her nap. “Jace! Dammit!” Jessica scolded. “What happened…” Amy said rubbing her eye. “I’m sorry sweety. Nothing happened, we are almost there is all.” Jessica replied to Amy. “Almost there?” Amy said sitting up straight. “Where are we going?” “Look out the window and you will see.” Emily said. Jace and Amy looked out the window and saw a sign come up on the road. ACTION PALACE NEXT EXIT. “Action Palace?” Amy asked. “I can’t believe you are taking us to Action Palace.” Jace replied. “What is Action Palace?” Amy asked. “It is a super fun play place where you can play mini golf and go carting and there is a big game room and places that you climb in! But it is geared towards college age people instead of kids, so everything is oversized and they serve alcohol.” Jessica rattled off. “What happened to brunch?” Amy asked. “Well, this was all Emily’s idea, but I checked both your schedules and saw that we were all open today so I thought I would kidnap you both for some more fun before classes really get going.” Jessica replied. “I am actually kind of excited about this. I have not been able to go here yet, but I have heard people talk about it.” Jace said grinning. Amy reached out and grabbed Jace’s hand and smiled. “How long till we get there?” Amy asked. “Probably another twenty minutes or so.” Emily replied. “Oh…” Amy replied. “Something wrong?” Jessica asked. “I… had an accident…” Amy said embarrassed. “Can you wait to change till we get there?” Emily asked. “Can’t we stop Emily? I don’t want her to get a rash or anything.” Jace said trying to convince her. “A rash?” Emily laughed. “You wear diapers Jace; you should know that you won’t get a rash from sitting in a wet diaper for twenty minutes. I was just asking if she was about to burst.” “No, I am alright.” Amy said pulling her shorts forward to see her wetness indicator. “I still have some rainbows left.” “You are so cute!” Jessica reached her hand behind her seat and grabbed Amy’s leg. “I think we should still stop though.” Jace said. “Jace I am fine.” Amy said rocking his hand and smiling. “Jace… be honest do you need to go potty?” Jessica asked. “He already said he didn’t Jess. He will be fine till we get there. That’s what you said right Jace?” Emily replied. Jace glared at Emily. “Yes. Emily… That is what I said.” Jace answered through gritted teeth. Amy pulled up Jace’s hand and kissed. “Good job babe! I am proud of you.” Amy said. Jace just smiled and shifted in his seat nervously. He felt the need to pee and knew that it was a losing battle. As much as he was getting the hang of potty training, he still did not have very much capacity in his bladder. “Oh! More popsicles before we get there!” Jessica exclaimed. “Yeah!” Amy said letting Jace’s hand go to clap. Jace took his treat but was starting to squirm. His leg was bouncing up and down. “Cheers!” Amy said reaching out her popsicle to his. “Cheers.” Jace went to touch his to hers. HONK Everyone in the car lurched forward. Jessica looked back to Jace and Amy. “Sorry! Just needed to break check this tailgater.” Emily said innocently. “Everyone alright?” Jessica asked looking up to Emily with distaste. “Yeah… I’m good.” Amy replied sitting back up. “Jace?” Jessica asked. Jace was looking down to his pants. He could feel himself wetting. The warmth was filling the front of his GreatNite and making its way to the middle. He started at his shorts knowing what was happening underneath. “I know that look.” Emily said. “What look?” Amy asked looking over to Jace. “Your boyfriend is filling his diaper.” Emily smirked. Jace looked angry and embarrassed and looked away from everyone else. “You mean he just?” Amy gasped. “Is he going to smell?” Jessica asked. “I didn’t poop myself!” Jace said angerly. “What happened then?” Jessica asked. “I… Had an accident… but it was only pee…” Jace said. “Couldn’t make it… huh I thought you were a big boy that was potty trained. I barely even touched the brakes too.” Emily said. “Shut up…” Jace muttered under his breath. “Emily… too far…” Jessica said to Emily after seeing Jace. Amy looked over to see Jace was almost on the verge of tears from Emily’s teasing. “Psst!” Amy called to Jace. “Psst!” Jace looked over to Amy. She waved her hand for him to come over. He reached his head closer thinking she was going to tell him a secret. Instead, she grabbed his chin and kissed him on the lips. Jace opened his eyes wide in response. “I wet myself too. Now we just get to match okay?” Amy winked to Jace. Jace looked to Amy, she had returned to eating her push-pop. Jace smiled at her and looked over to his own treat and started to enjoy it. Jessica, having seen this exchange from the child viewer, smiled and sat back enjoying her own treat. The rest of the drive was quiet. Three out of the four passengers were currently eating alcoholic snacks. Jace and Amy kept making faces at each other while Jessica and Emily looked forward. They arrived and parked. Emily opened the side doors letting Jace and Amy out. Emily was getting out and Jessica grabbed on to her arm. “You two go on ahead. We’ll catch up.” Jessica called. “Whatever.” “Byyee!” Jace and Amy said respectively before walking on ahead. “What’s wrong?” Emily asked. “I don’t know if we should go through with your plan. I think we are butting in too much and Jace is having so much fun with Amy. Maybe he just isn’t ready for this and he can do it another day.” Jessica said earnestly. “Where the hell did this come from?” Emily asked. “Just… Jace is gentle and he is with Amy. Let us let them have fun today.” Jessica said. “You need to stop coddling him. He is a big boy. I thought you already told Amy to remove his GreatNites, you don’t have a choice but to put him in a diaper for the day.” Emily replied. “We will deal with that as it comes up, or I will ask Amy to share hers. But for now, I do not want any more talk about it. I already texted Amy, so she knows it’s off too. She also thinks that I am in the right here.” Jessica said firmly. “I think you are being an idiot, but fine whatever.” Emily started to get out of the car. “Your kids, right?” Jessica took a breath to collect herself before getting out of the car to join the rest of the group. “Hey! I’ve been waiting!” Jace waved Jessica down. Jessica walked over. “Everything alright?” Jace asked. “Hmm? Oh, yes I am fine… just the alcohol hitting me.” Jessica replied. “Alright…” Jace replied. “Where is Amy and Emily?” Jessica asked. “Amy is in the bathroom getting into a new GreatNite and your mean girlfriend went to smoke.” Jace replied. “Jace… that’s not nice.” Jessica said laughing slightly at his comment. “You know I am right.” Jace said. “She is just trying to help.” Jessica replied. “Well can you tell her to lay off a bit? This isn’t Misery.” “Yes, I talked to her in the car.” Jessica laughed at Jace’s comment. “Thank you, Mommy.” Jace said with a large grin. “You are welcome.” Jessica smiled and patted his head. “Hey!” Amy said stepping out of the bathroom with her backpack. “You ready?” “Yeah… I’m coming…” Jace hung his head. “Amy forgot to pack me any GreatNites and only has ones for her, so I need to change into a Poof. Amy is going to help…” “Hold on!” Jessica said rummaging into her purse. Jace looked at Jessica confused. Amy glanced to her with a worried expression. “I have an extra GreatNite!” Jessica responded reaching into her purse and pulling out a GreatNite. “It’s the sample you gave me when we rescued Amy from the library. I know it is a girl, but it should fit right?” “Oh wow! I forgot about that! Thank you, yes these will work.” Jace took the GreatNite and walked to the men’s restroom. “Why did you tell me not to pack his GreatNites if you were just going to give him one? Weren’t you saying that Emily said this is like the only way to help him?” Amy asked. “I changed my mind… Emily convinced me to do this and then I saw how embarrassed he was after his accident and I felt so horrible. Emily might know best about the kids she watches, but I have known Jace longer and know what he needs.” “If you say so. I do not think one GreatNite is going to last him though… Those push-pops are already ran right through me.” Amy replied. “Do you mind sharing yours?” Jessica asked. “I only have one left…” Amy responded looking through her bag. “Why didn’t you pack more? I thought we gave you a bunch.” Jessica said. “I only thought we were running out for brunch… So, I left the rest in Jace’s room; you told me just to pack the Poofs for Jace.” “I know… But please, I told Emily off and said you had already agreed with me.” Jessica pleaded. “Okay fine… this stuff is supposed to wear off today, right? I probably will only need one anyway.” Amy replied. “Thank you so much! I love you! I love you!” Jessica said hugging and kissing Amy. “I think I saw a porno start this way once… yeah, it was milf and stepdaughter.” Jace said walking out of the restroom. “Stop being gross Jace!” Jessica said. “What’s a milf?” Amy asked Jessica. “It’s a… never mind. Keep your head pure as long as you can.” Jessica said hugging Amy tight. “Hilarious. So, we going to get tickets or what?” Jace asked. “You bet!” Jessica said releasing Amy and leading the way. Amy held back to walk with Jace. “EWW!” Amy shouted. Jessica shook her head in disapproval. Jace had told her what the acronym stood for. “Four day passes please.” Jessica said getting up to the counter. “I can help pay, Jess.” Jace said reaching for his wallet. “Nonsense! Sorority has a budget for this, I picked up our spending cash this morning.” Jessica smiled. “Here, you both go get something to eat and I will wait for Emily.” Jessica handed Amy and Jace their tickets along with some money. They entered leaving Jessica to wait. CHAPTER 13 “Have you calmed down now?” Emily asked walking up to Jessica. “I was always calm; we were having a discussion.” Jessica replied. “Whatever.” Emily said walking by her grabbing the ticket and entering. Jessica looked to her in disbelief and followed behind her. “Over here!” Amy called. Jessica looked over and saw Jace and Amy sitting in front of a shop eating ice cream; Emily already walking over. “Don’t you two look sweet.” Emily commented on Jace and Amy who had paper crowns and ice cream smeared on their faces. “I wanted to try some of Jace’s ice cream, and he got it all over my face! So, I got him back!” Amy said giggling. “And what’s with the crowns?” Jessica asked. “Amy told them that it was my birthday so they would give them to us.” Said Jace. Amy had a big grin on her face with ice cream spread on her cheeks. “Awe!” Jessica cooed at them. “Don’t move, I need a picture!” Jessica pulled out her phone and snapped several pictures. “Here.” Emily walked up to Jessica handing her ice cream. “Oh… Thank you.” Jessica replied, she had not noticed that she had gone into the store. The group ate their ice cream, Jace occasionally making faces at Amy. Amy laughing and making faces back. Emily looked as though she did not want to be there any longer and Jessica was just trying to keep the peace. “So, what are we going to do first?” Jessica asked finishing her ice cream. “How about mini golf?” Amy inquired. “I was thinking go carts.” Jace said. “Well, since the sorority is funding our adventure Amy gets to win by default today.” Jessica stated. “Yes!” Amy said gleefully. “But it’s my birthday!” Jace pouted. “It’s not your birthday…” Jessica replied. “Hey! Respect the crown!” Jace replied pointing to his hat. “Don’t worry.” Amy whispered in his ear grabbing his thigh. “I will give you a present later.” “Do I need to lock you up again?” Jessica asked. “NO!” Jace and Amy said together. “You both are no fun!” Emily replied. “A little teasing is good for the buildup.” “Too much buildup last night…” Amy said exasperated. “And this morning.” Jace muttered with a grin. “Cold showers help!” Jessica said smiling. “Come on let’s go get our balls before yours burst!” The gang walked over to get their putters and balls to start the game. At the club pick up there was a bar attached to it. “I’m going to get myself a drink.” Emily said walking over. “Here. Could you get us all something?” Jessica said handing Emily some money while trying to keep up with Jace and Amy who ran ahead. “Fine whatever.” Emily grabbed the money and turned away. Jessica caught up to Jace and Amy who were fighting over who gets to go first. “You got to pick what we did so I should get to go first.” Jace said playfully fighting over the tee. “I should get to go first because I am me and I am adorable!” Amy replied trying to push Jace out of the way. “Jace… It is the gentlemanly thing to let the lady go first.” Jessica said breaking up the rough housing. “HA! I win!” Amy put her ball in position while Jace stepped out of the way. “You need the advantage anyway!” Jace said smiling. Amy stuck her tongue out at him and lined up her shot. Jace turned to Jessica. “What happened to Emily?” Jace asked. “She is just getting us drinks is all.” Jessica replied. “That is nice of her!” Amy said. “Here we are!” Emily said arriving with drinks. “I got myself a rum and coke and for the rest of you I got Sprites. Oh, and here Jace I got this one for you.” Emily handed out regular cups with lids and straws to Amy and Jessica before giving him a childish park themed cup with a spill proof lid. “Why did you only get me this one?” Jace questioned. “No matter!” Jessica chimed in. “Bring them to me!” Jace and Amy walked over to Jessica handing them their sodas. She produced a small bottle of alcohol from her purse. “The key to day drinking is to get buzzed but not drunk.” Jessica said in a motherly tone, pouring a small amount into each cup. “You are a genius!” Amy said smiling. “Jace I am jealous you get the fancy cup. I bet it comes with free refills!” Jace smiled and went to hit his ball, followed by Jessica, followed by Emily. “Race you!” Amy screamed to Jace as she ran down the hill. “Hey! No fair!” Jace replied running after her. Jessica looked to Emily. “I know what you are doing, and I already asked you to stop.” Jessica said to Emily as they walked to catch up to Jace and Amy. “What are you talking about?” Emily asked. “You got that cup to embarrass Jace, and I told you that I didn’t want to go along with the embarrass him into potty training thing.” Jessica said. “I think you are overreacting a little. I just grabbed him a cup I thought was appropriate to how he was acting.” Emily said. “That is what I am talk…” Jessica started but was cut off. “Over here! Look! Jace got a hole-in-one!” Amy shouted gleefully. “Oh wow! Great job Jace!” Jessica said walking up to where they were standing. “Thanks.” Jace smiled looking proud of himself. “It took me three more times to make mine in…” Amy said defeated holding up her ball. “Well, I am sure you tried your best.” Emily said hitting her ball and sinking it. Jessica took her turn and took an additional five shots to make it. “Not my day.” Jessica smiled retrieving her ball. They played the next few holes at the same skill level. They arrived at a hole that had a waterfall flowing next to it. “Hey, can we find a bathroom?” Amy asked. “Oh, sure I’ll come with you.” Jessica grabbed Amy’s hand and took her back towards the spot where they got their clubs. Jace watched them walk away smiling. “You know Jace, you should consider yourself lucky.” Emily said once Amy and Jessica were out of earshot. “Not everyone has a girlfriend and a surrogate mommy to change their diapers for them.” “What is your problem?” Jace asked. “They don’t change my diapers. I don’t know why you are so obsessed with me and the fact that I wear GreatNites.” “My problem is you are just being a lazy little boy and refusing to grow up and Jess is just enabling the behavior.” Emily stated. “I don’t know what you are talking about. Jessica and Amy have nothing to do with me being in diapers.” Jace responded defensively. “I am fine being out on my own taking care of myself.” “You are all the same. You just want every woman around you to be your next mommy.” Emily said. “Will you just shut up?!” Jace shouted back to her turning to walk to Jessica and Amy. PRICK “No, I don’t think you can tell me to shut up.” Emily said standing over Jace with a small syringe. Jace turned back to Emily. “What did you…” Jace’s vision started to go blurry. Jace tried to turn to leave but fell into Emily’s arms. Emily caried Jace to a nearby bench under the waterfall. CHAPTER 14 Jessica held Amy’s hand as they walked out of the bathroom together. “That is alright. That is why we have that cute butt covered!” Jessica said reassuringly. “Yeah… I just thought there would be more of a warning… As soon as I felt the urge, I only had a minute before I started going. I feel like I had more control this morning…” Amy replied. “Probably just the booze. We should go easier on it since you and Jace are still potty training.” Jessica teased. “You are funny.” Amy chuckled. “I think that it has been great for Jace to have you like this, even though I know it must be uncomfortable. You two seem to be really hitting it off.” Jessica said walking back to the hole. “Yeah! And having Jace has made the whole experience better. Fun even… I really like him.” Amy said blushing. “I can tell he really likes you too.” Jessica smiled. “You think so?” Amy asked excitedly. “Totally! He is always so stressed when I try to take him to a party or out like this. With you he is relaxed and having fun. I haven’t seen him like this before.” Jessica replied. “That makes me so happy!” Amy said grinning ear to ear hugging her middle. “Almost worth being in diapers?” Jessica asked. “I would have made the switch sooner had I known I could get with a guy like Jace!” Amy laughed. “And hell, he could change my diapers any day… They get wet with me just standing around him.” “Amy!” Jessica laughed. “If he heard the way you talked about him, I swear he would faint.” Jessica laughed. “I am glad that I can knock him off his feet.” Amy winked. They were getting closer to the hole. “I am only glad you have an extra GreatNite. Looks like Jace will need to suffer in diapers for the rest of the day if he has an accident.” Jessica said shrugging. “I will make him feel better about it.” Amy said happily. “He does seem to like having a playmate around.” Jessica stated. “I fully intend to keep playing with him… and then play some more in his bedroom later.” Amy said sinfully. “You are ridiculous you know that.” Jessica said. “Hey, you saw that cock last night!” Amy said. “He was well endowed…” Jessica replied. “I have never wanted anything so large inside of me so badly before.” Amy stated. “Amy!” Jessica laughed again. “What?” Amy asked. “I am only human.” “It’s just I am not expecting that kind of talk from you yet.” Jessica caught her breath. “Well get used to it!” Amy jeered. “What are you going to do when he is not hard?” Jessica raised an eyebrow to Amy. “You can’t keep him hard indefinitely and... well you know… the little Banner to his Hulk.” “It was small wasn’t it?” Amy laughed. “Well, when I don’t have him hard and he is annoying me I will just wrap him up in a Poof and put him in the corner.” “You might both be back in Poofs at the rate you are going!” Jessica teased Amy. “At least I’ll be there with Jace.” Amy smirked. “Speaking of. Where is Jace and Emily?” Jessica asked looking around. “Good question. Maybe they went to get more drinks?” Amy suggested. “Maybe…” Jessica replied. “I hope they didn’t go far. Jace has my bag with him with my last GreatNite.” Amy said. “I’ll call Emily you call Jace.” Jessica said. “Okay.” Amy replied pulling out her phone. “Straight to voicemail.” Jessica said. “Hold on. I think I hear something over here.” Amy said walking to the waterfall. Amy and Jessica walked into a small cave area under the artificial waterfall. Jace had been propped up on the bench hunched over Amy’s bag. “What the hell?” Amy gasped. “Jace!” Jessica shouted rushing over. “Is something wrong?” Amy asked sacred. “Jace! Wake up!” Jessica shouted shaking him. “What…” Jace replied starting to come to. “Thank goodness.” Jessica said relieved. “What happened?” Jace asked. Jessica looked down to his shirt and saw that it had been cut down the middle. Jessica pulled it back at the rip and saw there was writing on Jace’s chest. I AM IN CHARGE ALWAYS Jessica read the words written in red lipstick over his chest. “What does that mean?” Amy asked concerned. Jessica looked around frantically. She saw a small vial sitting on top of Amy’s backpack. She reached over to grab it. BOTTOM’S UP The bottle read. Jessica turned it over and saw that it was the bottle of drugs the sorority had used last night. The bottle was empty. Jessica grabbed it and walked to the corner. “Jessica, what happened?” Jace asked, Amy walking over to him. “Emily happened…” Jessica said. Jessica pulled out her phone. ‘What did you do? ~Jess’ ‘I feel like you needed to be reminded of your place in our relationship. ~Wallflower.’ ‘This isn’t funny… Jace and Amy have nothing to do with us. ~Jess.’ ‘And yet you still let them come between us. I told you when you invited me back in last night. I am in charge and what I say goes. No matter what. ~Wallflower.’ ‘Please Emily what did you do? ~Jess.’ ‘You crossed me so I hit you where it would hurt most… those precious “kids” of yours. You can tell them they will not need to worry about potty training for a while. Isn’t that what you wanted? To keep coddling them not letting them grow up. Have fun getting what you wished for! ??? ~Wallflower.’ “Jessica is Jace going to be okay?” Amy asked. ‘What did you give Jace? ~Jess.’ ‘Just some of my special mix. Do not worry he will wake up in a minute. ~Wallflower.’ “He will be fine. Just give him a minute.” Jessica said starting to pace around the cave. “Here, drink this.” Amy said holding up his cup. Jace started to drink his soda. Jessica looked at the empty bottle in her hand then back to where Jace and Amy were sitting. She blinked, the realization if what Emily had done setting in. “No!” Jessica ran and knocked it out of her hands. “What is wrong?” Jace asked. Jessica took a step back to compose herself, not sure how to explain this to them or what she had gotten them into. Jace and Amy looked to her with concerned confusion. “Alright… Jace, Amy I am very sorry.” Jessica said. “Why?” Jace asked. Jessica turned away from them. “Emily didn’t like that I changed my mind with Jace, so I think she spiked both of your drinks with the same drug that Amy had last night.” Jessica said. “SHE WHAT?” Jace screamed. “Jace! You are peeing!” Amy said standing up and pointing to a growing wet spot on Jace’s crotch. Jace looked down and saw that there was a wet spot growing on his pants and dripping down his leg. “Where is your diaper?” Jessica asked running over to help. Jace tried to stop himself, but it was no use. He heard himself leak through his short and the bench he was sitting on; somehow it sounded louder than the waterfall they were sitting behind. Amy jumped up to avoid getting wet. Both Jessica and Amy were looking to Jace waiting for Jace to finish. “All done?” Jessica asked as Jace’s stream slowed. “I don’t even want to look at you right now…” Jace said seething with anger. “Jace I am so…” Jessica was cut off. “STOP! I am tired of you meddling with me. I just wanted to have a normal college life away from my mother and you couldn’t even let me have that!” Jace shouted from the bench. “I was just trying to help…” Jessica said with a defeated sadness. “I never asked for your help! I never wanted it! What was your plan anyway?” Jace demanded. “Emily said that with her kids… they get lazy with potty training… so she said that putting them back into diapers full time for a while would get them to snap out of it and stop needing diapers.” Jessica replied. “What the hell is wrong with you? I would never go along with something like that! Do you know how mortifying that would be for me? I have been working extremely hard on potty training and with only ONE day of knowing you suddenly know what’s best for me?” Jace screamed. “Jace… come on…” Amy tried to calm Jace down. “Jess… stay out of my life… please.” Jace sighed holding his hands in his head. “I… I…” Jessica started but couldn’t get the word out. Jessica had understood that she had crossed a line with Jace. She felt tears of sadness build and a stomach of guilt and shame standing there. She looked to Jace who was still holding his head. Then to Amy who looked like a lost puppy not sure what to do. “Amy… you said you packed me a change of clothes, right?” Jace asked. “I did…” Amy replied reluctantly. “Then do you mind if I just change and head back to campus? I’ll just call an uber or have my mom come to get me or something.” Jace said standing up showing off his soaked pants. “Sure…” Amy said reaching for her bag. “Let me just grab them…” “Can we please just talk?” Jessica asked looking to Jace. “Don’t.” Jace replied firmly holding his hand to silence Jessica. “I swear I packed more than this…” Amy said pulling out Jace’s pirate themed blue and white stripped onesie. BUZZ Jessica looked to her phone. CALL: MY ADDICTION “Emily? Emily what did you do? Please stop this right now.” Jessica said frantically into her phone. Jace and Amy looked to Jessica. Jace walked over and grabbed the phone out of Jessica’s hand putting it on speaker. “Listen, bitch you… AHH!” Jace reached down to his crotch and doubled over in pain folding to the ground. “Excuse me little boy. The adults are talking. Amy why don’t you go grab that pacifier I put in your bag and put it into Jace’s mouth to suck on. I don’t want any more outbursts.” Emily said with a sinister tone in her voice. Amy looked down to Jace then to Jessica looking for guidance on what to do. “AHH” Jace screamed again. “I wouldn’t wait too much longer, sweetie, that cage on your boyfriend has quite the vibrator attached.” Emily stated. Jace looked at the phone in his hand; he wanted to murder Emily for this. Amy frantically started searching in her bag. Jessica reached down and grabbed the phone from Jace. “Emily, I swear if you don’t stop this…” Jessica warned to the phone. “You will what? Make me wait till the next drunk botty call? Nice try. You invited me back. You knew what I was about.” Emily said. There was a silence on both ends. “AHH!” Jace shouted as the vibration intensified. “Here!” Amy said holding up a light blue pacifier that read BABY BOY on it. Amy shoved it in Jace’s mouth and instantly the vibrations stopped. Jace rolled to his back in relief, biting down on the pacifier hard. Amy knelt next to him. “Where are you…” Jessica demanded rather than asked. “Clever girl. This is why I like playing with you. You make it fun…” Emily replied. “Jessica…” Amy looked down and saw that her GreatNite was leaking and she was peeing down her shorts and legs. “Oh, good looks like the drugs are kicking in!” Emily said excitedly. “Emily. Enough. Stop this and let Jace go now!.” Jessica demanded into the phone. “No… I don’t think I will.” Emily replied. “You crossed me and need to be punished, so your children will pay the price.” “Jessica… I’m getting scared.” Amy said looking over to her. Jace looked to Jessica worry conveyed on his face behind his pacifier. “Oh, don’t be scared little girl!” Emily said gleefully from the phone. “In fact, your mommy is about to put a special little toy on you just for us to play with. Won’t you like that?” “No… please…” Amy begged the phone. “AHH!” Jace screamed. “I suggest you listen.” Emily said coldly. “Now Jess, I want you to grab the little collar in her bag and strap it to her inner thigh; take those shorts off while you at it, they are soaked anyway.” Jessica looked to Amy. Amy had tears starting to form in her eyes. Jessica looked to Jace him still writhing in pain. Jessica looked to her phone. She saw her reflection in the glass, she saw that her hair had stared to come disheveled in her anguish. Jessica took a breath. She was not going to let Emily win. She could not when she was messing with her kids. She set her phone on the ground and stood up. “Right. Amy stand up and take your shorts off. No crying, do you understand?” Jessica commanded putting her hair back with a head band. “We are not going to give in to this psychopath. Jace hold tight.” “Okay…” Amy said sniffling sliding her shorts down. Amy had soaked through her GreatNite, all the patterns had faded. Jessica found the collar from the bag and attached it to the top of Amy’s thigh; Jessica has had these attached to her before and knew what to do. She moved the tiny electrode so that it was on the back of Amy’s leg. Jace’s device stopped vibrating. “Interesting…” Emily laughed through the phone. “So, you think you are going to beat me at my own game, hmm… this may turn out to be a fun afternoon after all. Give your kids a diaper change and go to the merry-go-round. You and I need to go over our terms.” Emily hung up the phone. “Jessica…” Amy said reaching her hand to under her butt where the electrode was. “Please make this stop happening Jess…” Jace spit his pacifier out and groaned, reaching both of his hands on his crotch. Jessica looked to Jace and Amy. She felt a wave of guilt, sorrow, worry and anger. “Okay. Jace, Amy.” She said pointing at each of them as she called to their names. “I am sorry I got you in this, but I promise I will get you out. Jace, I understand if you never want to talk to me or see me again. And Amy, I would understand if you wanted to get a new big sister after this. But for today, you are both going to need to trust me and do as I say. Can you do that for me? For us?” Amy shook her head in a sad agreement. “Why should we believe you?” Jace asked. “Because nobody messes with my kids.” Jessica said with a terrifying seriousness. CHAPTER 15 “First things first. We need to get you both changed.” Jessica said walking to grab the diaper bag. “Amy, go grab me the diaper bag. Jace, since you are already on the ground, I’ll start with you.” Jessica said moving to Jace’s legs. “Like hell you are!” Jace said trying to move away. “JACE HARRISON! STOP THIS INSTANT!” Jessica commanded grabbing his leg and slapping the side of his leg. “I know you don’t want this and didn’t ask for it. I know I got you into this. I know that I have been the world’s worst friend. But I also know that I am going to get you out of this, so dammit listen to me and do as I say!” Jessica finished nearly crying, she hung her head. Jace propped himself up on his elbow. Amy quickly shuffled back over and knelt next to him placing her bag at their side. The pair exchanged glances then nodded in agreement. “I don’t like this… but it looks like we don’t have a choice…” Jace responded. “We will get through it together.” Amy said grabbing Jace’s hand. Jessica felt warmth growing inside of her. She did not deserve these two, but they were in it together now. “Thank you both…” Jessica said guilt still lingering on her face. “Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it! The sooner we are out from under this psycho the better.” Jace said snapping Jessica out of her daze. “Right. Yes, you are right.” Jessica shook her head. “Let’s get that bum changed.” Jessica repositioned herself to be in front of Jace’s legs. She grabbed the sides of his soaked shorts and started scooting them down. Jessica saw the device that Emily had put on him. It was a white chastity cage with two heavy duty vibrators at the back. When you turn them to full blast without warning it can be extremely painful. Pulling his pants down further he saw that Emily had written more on the inside of Jace’s leg. It was smeared slightly by his accident, but it spelt LOL with an arrow pointing to Jace’s penis. Jessica quickly reached into Amy’s diaper bag and wiped it off. “What was that?” Amy asked looking over to what Jessica was doing. “Just Emily being… Emily.” Jessica sighed removing the final bit of graffiti left on Jace’s leg. “Amy, grab me a fresh diaper from your bag, and help Jace clean off his chest.” Amy grabbed a fresh Poof from her bag. This one had bees and fade-when-wet honeycombs on them. The same design that Amy had worn with her first diaper. She grabbed wipes and reached to start cleaning off Jace. “I can do it.” Jace said gently reaching to Amy’s hand. “Please… please let me do it.” Amy replied, her voice shaky. Jessica finished cleaning Jace and went to put the fresh diaper under Jace. She looked to Amy with worry. “Alright…” Jace replied putting his hand back to his side. Amy sat next to him her legs off to the side by Jace’s head. “I am just worried about what is going to happen… And I just want to be helpful.” Amy started, but tears started to swell in her eyes. “Hey, none of that…” Jace reached up and put his hand to Amy’s eye to wipe a tear away. Amy smiled back silently still cleaning Jace. Jessica looked to Amy; she felt horrible that she had put her in this situation. Jessica was supposed to take care of Amy and instead she got her caught up in one of Emily’s crazed fantasies. “All done.” Jessica said patting Jace on the side. “You’re up next Amy.” “I’d rather just wear a GreatNite… if that is alright with you.” Amy said timidly. “Of course! What ever makes you feel most comfortable.” Jessica said reassuringly. “You go change quick and I will finish up here.” Jace said grabbing Amy’s hand and taking the wipe from her. “Thank you.” Amy replied standing up. Amy reached into her bag and grabbed the last GreatNite that she had. This one had hearts all over it with a large one on the butt that read This Botty Belongs to a Cutie! Amy took it and walked to the corner to change. Jessica started to dig through the diaper bag. “Amy, I thought you said you packed extra clothes for you and Jace.” Jessica said. “I did!” Amy replied slipping off her wet GreatNite. “I packed Jace a backup pair of shorts and his onesie as a joke and I should have another outfit you gave me. They should be in the same pocket his onesie was in.” “She did not…” Jessica said realization coming to her. “What?” Jace asked getting to his feet. “She took all your clothes out.” Jessica stated. “Seriously!” Amy asked angerly stepping to the side of Jace her wet GreatNite in her free hand. “I’m afraid so…” Jessica replied. “So, what are we supposed to do?” Amy asked. “We could wear our wet clothes I suppose…” Jace suggested. “If you walk out there looking like you both pissed yourselves, they are going to kick you out thinking that you are drunk.” Jessica said. “And walking out in just a diaper is better?” Jace asked. “Well…” Jessica began. “If you both walk out in just your diaper and GreatNite people would probably assume someone put you up to this as a prank. That kind of stuff happens all the time at this place.” “You don’t think there will be an issue with Jace only being in a diaper?” Amy asked. “I suppose you are right… No shirt, no shoes, no service, but they don’t say anything about pants!” Jessica announced grabbing Jace’s onesie. “Come on… Do I have to wear that?” Jace bemoaned. “You will look cute! And at least you will have your diaper covered. I will be on full blast!” Amy said referencing to her GreatNite. “Fine…” Jace said grabbing the onesie from Jessica. Jace slid it over his head and put his arms through the long sleeves. He reached down to start buttoning his crotch, connecting the fabric together. Amy walked over to him when he was finished and gave him a hug. “To college, right?” Amy asked kissing him on his cheek. “To college.” Jace said smiling back. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK “What are you doing now?” Jace asked Jessica. “I’m sorry! But I could not resist! You two are so cute!” Jessica said. Both Jace and Amy started laughing. “Alright children, ready to get this over with?” Jessica asked. “Yes.” “Absolutely.” Amy and Jace replied, respectively. Jessica led them out of their cave hiding spot and back on to the mini golf course. Since this was a weekday in the afternoon the place was not very crowded. Jace and Amy held each other tight, supporting each other in their walk of shame. They arrived to return their clubs and balls. “Finishing early?” The attendant asked. “Yeah… was a little bit more exciting than we would have hoped.” Jessica replied putting the clubs back on to the table. “I see…” The attendant replied looking to see Jace and Amy standing behind Jessica. “I guess it can be hard when you still wear diapers.” Jace and Amy hugged each other tighter, both wincing at the attendant’s comment. “They will get the hang of it eventually! Bye!” Jessica quickly hurried Jace and Amy away from the attendant and to the merry-go-round. “Now what?” Jace asked looking around for Emily and other onlookers. “I don’t know… she said to meet her here.” Jessica replied. The trio looked around hoping to see Emily, but no such luck. People who were walking past and noticed Jace and Amy started laughing or giggling. The pair were blushing harder with each passing minute. Jessica looked to the merry-go-round and shook her head. “Over there…” Jessica pointed to the merry-go-round. “What the carousel?” Amy asked. “Yeah… just wait a second you will see what I am talking about.” Jessica replied. Jace and Amy watched the merry-go-round spin slowly. As it was completing a rotation the pair saw what Jessica was referring to. On the track there was an oversized stroller that sat two people. “You think she wants us to ride in that?” Amy asked. “Probably.” Jessica responded. “You two get in line and I will see if she turns up.” “Let’s get this over with…” Jace replied grabbing Amy’s hand and walking to the ride. Jessica followed them. “That is too funny!” The ride attendant said. “You must be Jessica’s kids; and you must be Jessica.” “How do you know us?” Jace asked. “Emily told me to be on the look out for two oversized babies and their mommy Jessica. She is a riot, isn’t she?” The attendant asked laughing. “Yeah, a real riot…” “Hilarious…” Jace and Amy replied. They both held their shoulder’s forward and sulked. Jessica could not help but smile at the two of them looking like miserable toddlers being forced to do things for their parent’s benefit. “Alright kids! I assume you want the stroller?” The attendant stated opening the gate for Jace and Amy. The attendant made sure that they were buckled in and then went back to his booth to start the ride. The merry-go-round creaked and then sprang to life playing music as Jace and Amy slowly Made their way around. Jessica pulled out her phone. “Smile!” She shouted. Jace and Amy smiled as they rode passed Jessica. On the second loop they had angry and worried looks on their faces. Jessica turned around to see Emily walking up to her, a drink in her hand. “Hello, Mommy…” Emily said walking up behind Jessica. Jessica was startled by Emily’s comment not realizing she had snuck up behind her. “So jumpy!” Emily sneered. Jessica looked at Emily with anger. “I should punch you right now!” Jessica stated. “If you do that you won’t find the key to Jace’s cage.” Emily replied. “Emily, this isn’t funny. They didn’t sign up for any of this.” Jessica pleaded with Emily. “Right, you did. I asked you when I came over last night if you really wanted to come back to me and you practically begged me to get into your bed.” Emily took a sip of her drink and waved to Jace and Amy as they rode past. “And now what is yours is my plaything.” “Just let them go! You can do whatever you want with me but let them go! Please!” Jessica begged. “No…. I think I like this version of you better. A poor sniveling little girl begging me. Much better than when you tried to tell me what to do. I think this will snuff any future ideas out of your head.” Emily pulled out her phone and pressed the screen. “AHH!” Amy and Jace screamed. “EMILY, ENOUGH!” Jessica commanded. Emily released the button. “You must really care about them…” Emily replied. “More than I ever cared about you…” Jessica replied ice in her voice. “Hmm.” Emily scoffed. “Fine, you want to play mommy then so be it.” “Give me the key Emily.” Jessica demanded holding out her hand. “You don’t EVER get to command me to do something.” Emily hit her hand away. “If you want to unlock your baby boy you will need to play my game.” “Fine. What do I need to do?” Jessica asked. “I? Don’t you mean we?” Emily laughed. “Your kids need to play too. They are going to be the stars of the show.” “Emily, no. I am the one you are mad at, not them.” Jessica stated. “You are just not getting it are you?” Emily said. “What you hold dear is now mine to do with what I please. That is what you agreed to when you let me in last night.” Jessica hung her head down; she knew that she was not going to win this here with Emily. Emily patted her on the head. “Much better when you comply isn’t it?” Emily said as she put her hand on Jessica’s shoulder guiding her away. CHAPTER 16 The ride slowed down and came to a stop. Jessica was waiting for Jace and Amy at the exit. It was taking longer than she thought it would for them to get off. Jessica saw the attendant run over to Jace and Amy. “CODE YELLOW – CAROUSEL” The ride attendant said into his radio. “Miss… can you please come and get your friends?” The attendant looked up to Jessica. “Oh… Sure!” Jessica said walking through the exit to Jace and Amy. Jessica walked to Jace and Amy’s stroller and turned to face her friends. “I see…” Jessica said. She looked to Jace and Amy’s laps and found that Amy had leaked through her GreatNites again and all over the seat. She had gotten Jace’s onesie soaked on the butt. “Looks like the girl couldn’t make it. Usually, we do not need to worry about kids in diapers here. I would say if you were planning on staying longer at the park you should diaper her like you did with her brother there.” The attendant said. “Thank you, I will take care of it!” Jessica smiled, helping Amy to her feet. “I am so sorry Jessica and Jace. I did not mean to… And I didn’t expect it to leak so fast.” Amy said apologetically. “It is alright Amy, seriously, has happened to me literally thousands of times.” Jace replied. “No use crying over a soggy diaper! Come on, let’s get you changed. Amy, hold Jace’s hand.” Jessica said grabbing Amy’s hand and leading her off the ride. “Change into what?” Jace asked getting pulled along. Jessica hurried them to a nearby family bathroom. She brought them indie and locked the door behind them all. “Care to explain what is going on?” Jace questioned. “Yeah…” Jessica replied snarky. “Amy wet herself and now I am going to give her a diaper change. Why do you ask?” “You know I was talking about Emily.” Jace respond. “Please tell us we can go home soon.” Amy begged jumping up on her feet. “Sorry… No, we are not going home yet.” Jessica replied folding down the bathroom changing station. “What did she say to you?” Jace asked. Jessica continued to go about setting up the changing station, pulling out a fresh diaper, wipes, and powder. “Jace, please help Amy up onto the table.” Jessica said. “Not until you tell me what is going on!” Jace said grabbing Jessica by the wrist pulling her away from the changing table to face Amy and himself. “I am still processing it… can we please change Amy first?” Jessica asked. “Not until we have answers.” Jace said folding his arms. “Amy?” Jessica asked. “No, I agree with Jace. I also would like some answers.” Amy said stepping closer to Jace’s side. Jessica started tapping the front of her forehead with her index finger. “UGH!” Jessica shouted into the air. “I hate you Emily!” Jessica turned to face Jace and Amy who now looked more confused than ever. “So… what you need to understand about me is I like it when a woman takes control of me totally. That is how I met Emily, she is a DOM and likes to play out these elaborate fantasies. I stopped seeing her because she always took things too far. But last night after the party and seeing you two together… I contacted her again.” Jessica said. “Wait, are you telling me that you got to have sex last night and we didn’t?!?” Amy shouted. “Yeah…” Jessica replied. “Un-fucking-believable.” Jace said putting his hands up. “So now you have a crazed dominatrix after us; I thought you said she was a nanny? What does she want us to do?” “People can have two sides Jace Harrison… and she wants us to… have a nice day at the park…” Jessica replied. Jace and Amy exchanged glances to one another before looking back to Jessica. “That’s it?” Amy asked. “That’s it.” Jessica said. “Bullshit. I do not buy it… Some crazy chick knocks me out and puts a cage on my cock doesn’t just stop with ‘nice day at the park’.” Jace said. “There are some conditions…” Jessica began. “There it fucking is!” Jace replied. “What are these conditions?” Amy asked. “Emily has got it in her head that I am coddling you both and disagrees with how I am treating you.” Jessica began. “When have you ever coddled me…” Jace began but was cut off by Amy. “Let her finish.” Amy put her hand onto Jace’s arm. “So, she believes that if I want to play Mommy so much, she was going to give me two babies to babysit for the afternoon. She is hoping that me being forced to take care of the both of you as children will make me want to get over you both and come running back to her.” Jessica started. “Get over us both?” Amy asked. “Yes… Emily says that I care about you two more than I care about her.” Jessica began looking to Jace and Amy. “And she isn’t wrong. She said that an afternoon of diapers and whining babies will be enough for me to get over this obsession of mine.” “So… since I didn’t go along with her plan… now you…” Jace began. “No! Jace, none of this is your fault. Please do not think you had anything to do with it! I am so sorry.” Jessica cut off Jace. “We just need to be in diapers for the afternoon and play with you as our Mommy? We can do that, did it last night and will do it again.” Amy stated. Jessica smiled to her. “I will play along too, for you. But I am still mad at you…” Jace said to Jessica. Jessica smiled back to them. “I don’t deserve either of you!” Jessica shouted and ran to hug them both, each with one arm. Jace and Amy hugged her back. Sharing a sweet reprieve of loving embrace before the games that lie ahead. CHAPTER 17 Jace lifted Amy onto the changing table in the family bathroom. Amy looked surprised that she was able to fit and that it was supporting her weight. “Right. So, like last night you both needed to call me Mommy but today call me Jessy, and if you don’t do it today and Emily hears it she will be the one giving out the punishments, not me.” Jessica began tearing at the side of Amy’s GreatNite, however, she noticed that Amy had started to wet herself again a look of fear on her face. Jessica noticed and put the GreatNite back in place so that Amy could finish wetting. “You both are expected to act as though you are between the ages of one and a half and two years old, that is how she sees you in this. That means no potty, diaper changes whenever and wherever, you drink and eat what gets handed to you, you go where anyone tells you to, if either of you get fussy you will be punished. If either of you talks back, you will be punished. If either of you even THINK of stepping out of line or crossing Emily, you will be punished. She will not tolerate you joking, and she will not ask you twice. Do both of you understand me?” Jessica finished looking between them. The room went silent, neither Amy nor Jace knew what to say. A faint hissing sound broke the silence. Jace looked to his crotch. “Good.” Jessica said pointing to Jace, taking his fear wetting as affirmation, then turning back to Amy. “Are you almost done love?” “Sorry…” Amy said turning her head away. “Not to worry! I know how scary she can be too. Looks like your GreatNite held this time… with some help from your shirt…” Jessica said noticing a large damp spot on Amy’s back. Amy blushed laying on the changing table. Jessica finished tearing the sides of Amy’s GreatNite. “Butt up!” Jessica commanded. Amy complied allowing Jessica to remove the wet GreatNite and replace it with a dry Poof. Jessica cleaned Amy off and then powdered her groin. Making sure that Amy’s collar was on the outside of her diaper she tapped it up snuggly. “Jace, could you?” Jessica asked stepping back and referencing to Amy. “Oh, sure.” Jace replied picking Amy up easily and setting her on her feet. “I love how strong you are.” Amy said playing wither her hair. “I love how easy it is to carry you.” Jace replied. Both blushed. “As much as I love how sickly adorable this is, we have things to do…” Jessica said. “What’s next?” Jace asked. “Jace, I need you to take off your wet onesie, and Amy since you also wet your shirt, do you mind taking that off as well?” Jessica asked. “Not at all.” Amy replied slipping of her shirt with ease. Jace undid snaps at his shoulder and slid the onesie down to the floor. “What?” Jace asked noticing Jessica looking at him. “Just funny to see how easy it is for you to operate a onesie.” Jessica replied. Jace shook his head and smiled slipping his onesie off and putting it in front of him. Amy and Jace were now standing diaper clad in front of Jessica. Jessica reached into Amy’s diaper bag and started pulling out clothes. “Emily went to get these for you to wear…” Jessica said. Jessica pulled a pair of denim overall shorts that had a large image of a teddy bear sewn into the butt with snaps running along the inseam and white T-shirt with DIAPER LOADING written on it, and a short pink petticoat baby doll dress. She handed these to Jace and Amy, respectively. “Why does she just have these?” Amy asked holding up the dress seeing that it looked like a princess dress she would wear while playing with her sister. “Apparently, her tastes have grown since we were last together… She now has a bunch of toys and outfits that she keeps in the stowaway of her van…” Jessica replied. “I honestly think my mother has bought me worse than this before.” Jace said chuckling. “Really?” Amy asked excited. “Really, it will be like I am in the seventh grade again.” Jace mocked. “Seventh grade?” Amy asked. “Please don’t remind me…” Jace brought his hand to his face in shame. “Well, I am sure you were even more adorable then than you are now.” Amy replied slipping her dress over her head and smiling to Jace. “I will take your word for it.” Jace said setting his overall shorts down and putting his shirt on. “Jace, do you want a change before we go back out?” Jessica asked. Jace looked to the state of his diaper. “Awe, the bees have no more houses to fly into.” Amy teased commenting on the fade-when-wet designs. “I suppose we should…” Jace said. “I don’t think you are going to fit on the table, but I think there was a mat in Amy’s bag.” Jessica said rummaging again. “Here it is! It came with the bag.” Jessica held up a small shiny mat that matched the design of Amy’s backpack. “That will work… AHH!” Jace screamed grabbing his crotch and falling to his knees. “Owie! Owie! Owie!” Amy shouted dancing and grabbing her leg. MSG: My Addiction ‘Too long! Mustn’t dilly dally! ~Wallflower.’ ‘Okay… we are coming. ~Jess’ ‘We are coming what? ~Wallflower.’ ‘We are coming Mommy… ~Jess.’ ‘Good! And change your signature line, I do not want you to forget who you are. ~Wallflower.’ ‘Yes, mommy… ~Little Girl Jessy.’ ‘Good girl ? ~Wallflower.’ Jessica looked up from her phone and saw that Emily had stop inflicting pain on Amy and Jace. “Sorry Jace. We are going to need to delay that diaper change. Emily is apparently in a hurry.” Jessica replied putting her phone away and packing up the diaper bag. “Why is she so mean?” Amy whined as she helped Jace to his feet. “Because if she was nice, the pact she made with a demon would be broken and her soul would be taken to hell.” Jace said groaning pulling his short overalls over his slightly wet diaper. “Or you know something close to that.” Jessica said stowing the changing table and wrapping up Amy’s dirty diaper. “Either way, let’s not piss the bitch off!” “Agreed!” Amy said pushing the sides of her dress down trying to make it fluff out less then announcing. Amy walked to the door. “Jace, would you mind getting the door? I’m afraid my dress will get caught in the door.” Amy Asked. “Of course!” Jace ran to the door and held it open helping Amy get her dress out. Jessica watched them exit the door. She was happy that even though all this was going on they were still finding some happiness. Jessica quickly threw Amy’s soiled diaper into the garbage and walked out the door. CHAPTER 18 “You both look adorable!” Emily cooed meeting Jace and Amy outside the restroom. Jessica followed closely behind them. “Jessy, I told them they look cute. Why aren’t they saying thank you.” Emily demanded to Jessica. “Guys. Say thank you to Auntie Emily for the clothes and the compliment.” Jessica said to Jace and Amy. “Thanks…” “Thank you…” Jace and Amy mumbled back. “AHH!” “Owie! Please stop it!” Jace and Amy yelled, Emily torturing them. “Jessy, you need to teach these kids some manners!” Emily scolded Jessica. Jessica put on a big smile and went up to Jace and Amy putting a hand on each of their backs. “Jace, Amy.” Jessica said sweetly. “Please tell Auntie Emily how happy you are with you new outfits.” “We love them Auntie Emily!” “Thank you so much! It is the prettiest dress I have ever had!” Jace and Amy responded back with an empty enthusiasm. “See, Jessy, this is how to properly discipline a child.” Emily said turning to address Jace and Amy. “Now I am hungry, so we are going to lunch. I want perfect children. Do you both understand me?” “Yes, Auntie Emily…” Jace and Amy responded back. “Jessy, now!” Emily turned to leave. “Come on kids.” Jessica said grabbing Jace and Amy’s hand leading them to follow Emily. They walked up to a picnic area with a small hut serving food. Jace and Amy could feel their mouths start to water smelling the food cooking. All they had to eat was the push-pops in the car and the ice cream when they got there. “Thank God. I am starving.” Jace said walking to the food hut. “Me too! My stomach has been grumbling since the carousel!” Amy replied. “Shh!!” Jessica said behind them, but it was too late. “That didn’t sound like what babies sound like.” Emily said turning around with her finger on the button. She let Jace and Amy feel the torture a bit longer before releasing them. “Now Jessy, encourage your kids to talk to me appropriately.” Emily demanded. Jessica walked up to Jace and Amy again and addressed the as though they were children. “Okay guys!” Jessica said cheerily. “We are going to use our baby words to talk today! Doesn’t that sound like fun?” Amy and Jace grimaced at each other. “She asked you both a question.” Emily said gravel on her lips. “Jace, Amy…” Jessica said diffusing Emily and focusing the attention back on herself. “Why don’t my good little ones try saying what they mean again in a way that is more age appropriate?” Jessica smiled at them, encouraging them to talk again. “Uhh… I so hungry I eat a horsey!” Jace replied unsure of his words. “So hungry! My tummy has all the grumpies!” Amy said overdramatically, covering for Jace. “Jace! You big hungy too?” “Yeah! Amy, I have big hungy too!” Jace said rubbing his belly. Emily turned back to continue walking. “Good job guys!” Jessica said walking behind them. Jace looked to Amy and Amy grabbed his hand and smiled to him. “I gotchu baby!” Amy said in a sing song voice. The gang arrived at the food hut. “Jessy, what do you want? I want to make this quick so we can get back to the day. I didn’t drive your brats all the way out here for them to lay around and shit themselves all day.” Emily stated when in ear shot of the food attendant. “Okay then…” The attendant replied. “What can I get for you?” “I’ll have the grilled chicken sandwich with chips, Jessy hurry up. What do you want?” Emily asked Jessica. Jessica looked at Emily with confusion. “Come on, Jessy I don’t have all day!” Emily announced. “I’ll just have a cheeseburger and fries.” Jessica said also realizing how hungry she was. Jessica turned to Jace and Amy. “What would…” Jessica started. “Ahh! No!” Emily cut Jessica off. “They don’t have a kid’s menu here and it is your fault that you did not pack them anything to eat.” Jace and Amy held their hands to their stomachs. Jessica looked at them with pity. She then turned to Emily who was waiting for her with her eyes wide. “Something you wanted to say?” Emily asked Jessica. “Please… They have barely eaten today…” Jessica started. “Are you two babies really that hungry that you are going to whine about it all day?” Emily asked looking over Jessica to address Jace and Amy. Both Jace and Amy shook their heads yes, unsure of what to do. “Fine.” Emily turned back to the attendant. “Also get me a double bacon cheeseburger, chili cheese dog and a large fry.” Jace and Amy looked at each other with surprise and worry. Emily looked back to them and smiled sinisterly. “And for the girl.” Emily turned back to the attendant. “She will have a large Cesar salad with extra grilled chicken, a large order of your grilled brussels sprouts and how about we get two pitchers of beer for the table.” “Alright then… Your total is $111.46. We will bring it out to you.” The attendant replied. “Well.” Emily said to Jessica. “Pay the man!” “Oh, sorry! Here you go.” Jessica said, putting her phone in her pocket and handing over her card. Jessica had taken out a little money for the day, but she did not plan to spend this much money at the park. Jessica turned and handed the number to Emily, who walked ahead to get a table. Jace and Amy looked at her worried about her and themselves. “Over here!” Emily called waving them down. Jace, Jessica and Amy walked over to the table. Jace had a noticeable sag in his shorts with Amy also starting to show signs of drooping. “Jace, Amy. You two sit over there. Jessy, you’re with me.” Emily ordered. The trio made their way to their seats. “I hope you two are as hungry as you say you are!” Emily teased. “So much food!” Jace pleaded to Emily. “My tummy hurts…” Amy said grabbing her middle and leaning into Jace. “I don’t want to hear it! You said you were hungry, and I expect you to eat all your food! Jessy tell them how we do not waste food.” Emily said. “Jace, Amy. You both said you were hungry. I want you to do your best to finish all the food that they bring.” Jessica said. Jace and Amy looked to her pleading for her to do something. “Here we are!” A food attendant showed up with mountains of food. Emily helped them distribute the food. Jace and Amy stared at their food with their mouths hanging open. There was no way they could eat just one of the portions between the two of them. Emily poured everyone a pint of beer while Jace and Amy gawked at their food. Emily sat down and started eating, Jessica joining her. Amy noticed and started nibbling on her salad. “Jace. Be a good boy and eat your food alright?” Jessica said warningly gesturing to him to eat. Begrudgingly Jace took his first bite. They ate in silence, Jessica and Emily finishing their meals way ahead of the other two. Jace and Amy were struggling to eat everything. Both were full beyond capacity. “What’s wrong with them?” Emily asked Jessica. “Guys what’s wrong?” Jessica asked. “Tummy full Jessy…” Jace said rubbing his stomach. “My tummy feels sick…” Amy said hugging Jace. “Really? We got you all this food and you aren’t even going to eat it?” Emily shouted. “Please… Auntie Emily… no more…” Jace said. “My tummy doesn’t feel good.” Amy said letting go of Jace and attempting to stand up. “Amy, sweety, what’s wrong? Are you going to be sick?” Jessica asked. “I… I…” Amy was looking around in desperation sweat started to form on her brow. Amy got her dress caught under the table as she was trying to stand up and now, she was stuck in a sitting position. “Amy, what’s wrong? Use your words.” Jessica said. “I…” Amy sat back up straight and looked to Jace before burying her face in her hands. Amy clenched herself trying to hold back what was inside of her. But it was no use and her body eventually caved to the growing pressure. Amy felt a steady flow of poo oozing into the seat of her diaper. She could feel it squish its way to up her back, the mess distributing itself through the padding. “Uh-oh…” Emily said condescendingly. “Looks like baby girl filled her diaper, hasn’t she? I was wondering when the laxative I slipped into your beer would kick in.” Amy looked up to Emily, tears streaming down her cheeks. She had just pooped herself in front of the boy she liked. She was mortified. She looked to Emily non-verbally begging to let this end. “That is enough.” Emily said standing up. “I suppose I can let you both slide on finishing your food. Messing your diaper in front of your boyfriend was enough torment for me.” Jessica ran over to Amy putting an arm around her shoulder, condoling her. “Come on, let’s get you changed.” Jessica said freeing Amy’s dress and standing her up. “Hold on.” Emily said to Jessica. “We have a lot of stuff to do. You can change her when Jace messes his diaper too. I gave them both the laxatives.” Amy looked to Jessica a look of despair on her face. “You can’t!” Jace said standing up. “Ahh, ahh, ahh…” Emily said holding up her phone. “Wouldn’t want to make it worse on your girlfriend, would you?” Jace stopped talking. “That’s what I thought.” Emily said returning her phone to her pocket. “Now let’s go. I have something special planned next.” Emily walked away. Jace looked at her wanting to strike her. “Jace, enough.” Jessica said. “Help me clean off the table while I help Amy.” Jace shook his head in agreement after seeing Amy upset. Jace quickly threw the trash away and went over to Amy. “Is there anything I can do? I know that messy accidents can be uncomfortable.” Jace said. “Thank you, but right now I just want to crawl in a hole and die…” Amy replied. “Come on, sweety, let’s follow Emily. Jace, please grab Amy’s bag.” Jessica said. Jace did as was instructed and followed the group. CHAPTER 19 “Here we are!” Emily announced as they walked up to the go cart track. Jessica, Amy and Jace looked at the track. Amy looked at the track with despair. “What are we doing here?” Jessica asked placing her phone into her pocket. “I thought it would be funny to have you children cruising around the go carts and helplessly fill their diapers. I did not think your girl was so much of a baby that she couldn’t even make it to the starting line. But no matter.” Emily shrugged and started walking to the track. “Jessy… I no want to go…” Amy said. Jessica looked at her with concern, wanting to help her. “Emily, do you think Amy can sit this one out at least? You will still have Jace and…” Jessica was cut off by Emily. “Did you seriously just try to tell me what to do again?” Emily said pulling out her phone. “Ow! Ow! Ow!” Amy grabbed the back of her leg, Jace rushed over to support her. “Is your little girl going to behave herself now or do I need to turn this up?” Emily asked. “Yes! Yes! Please, stop! I’ll go! I’ll go!” Amy whimpered. “There you have it, she is going…” Emily finished her sentence coldly. Emily turned to walk to the cart attendant. “Four of us.” Emily said to the attendant. The attendant looked back to Jace, Amy and Jessica. “Well don’t you all look adorable!” The attendant said, then put her hands on her hips in a mock authoritative way. “Are you two old enough to ride on this ride?” Jace and Amy blushed. “Oh, they are old enough to drive. They are just still getting the hang of potty training.” Emily stated. “Well, this course probably won’t help then. It’s a bumpy drive.” The flight attendant winked as the gate opened letting them in. Emily walked in followed by Jessica, then Amy and finally Jace. As Amy walked past the attendant started smelling harder and got a twisted expression on her face. Amy noticed and blushed deeply running forward to grab Jessica’s arm. Emily noticed Amy and looked back to the attendant. “Everything alright?” Emily asked. “Everything is fine, just caught a bad wind is all.” The attendant replied. “That is probably because little Amy here shit in her diaper in front of everyone and now we all need to suffer because of it.” Emily stated. “Oh… Umm… I am sorry to hear that…” The attendant responded awkwardly. Amy tried to bury herself further into Jessica. “It’s fine. We are all used to it by now. That is why I keep them in diapers.” Emily said casually. “I am… very glad… you found a solution….” The attendant responded. Amy wanted to die of embarrassment. Jessica tried to console her knowing there was only so much she could do. Jessica hated that Emily pulled that on Amy, the poor girl is embarrassed enough. “Here, let me help you.” Jace said offering to help Amy into the cart. “Thank you.” Amy replied accepting. Jace helped Amy climb into the car and held on to her hands. He stepped off and started to lower her down slowly, knowing how gross a mess can get when you squish them too fast. HONK Jace jumped letting go of Amy causing her to fall the final two feet to her chair. Amy hit with a thud, but she felt the mush spread further up the back and to the front of her diaper. “I am so sorry!” Jace said looking to the source of the noise. Emily waved her hand sitting in her own cart ahead of them. Jessica grimaced at her as she got in the cart beside Amy. “It’s fine. I’ll be okay.” Amy said trying to settle in her full diaper. Jace gave an apologetic grin and turned to his own go cart beside Emily. “Hey Jace! Why don’t we make this interesting!” Emily called over. Jace looked to Emily; Amy and Jessica also paying attention. “If you can beat me and fill your diaper, I will give you the key to your cage!” Emily pulled out a key on a necklace. Jace shook his head in understanding. Emily wanted to humiliate him just like she did to Amy with the attendant. Jace also knew that there was no way he was going to let a crazy woman treat Amy like she just did. He wanted to win for her. The lights on the track started to change colors. First, turning red, then yellow and finally green. Emily peeled out of the lane Jace following close behind her. Jace saw Emily’s cart bounce in front of him, he hit the same bump and landed hard. Jace felt something in his stomach start to churn. He sped back up trying not to think of it as they entered a climbing spiral track. Amy and Jessica were close behind them. Amy hit the bump and hit the pavement letting her foot off the gas for a moment. She felt her mess squish further around inside her diaper. “Keep up little girl!” Jessica screamed waving her hand for Amy to keep going. Amy snapped herself out of feeling uncomfortable and slammed her foot back on the pedal. Closing the gap between her and Jessica. The entered the spiral track not far behind Jace and Emily. Jace was following Emily tightly, his car was rubbing up against the bumper of his cart. He was trying to get on the inside so that he could pass. The track was getting higher. Their carts squealed as they got to the top of the track. Jace leaned into the turn trying to get the advantage when the track opened into a straight away. Jace pulled out to Emily’s right attempting to overtake her. Emily saw and swerved her car to block him. The sudden turn caused Jace’s stomach to drop as he let off the gas. He felt something try to shoot out his backside but then retreat back inside of him. “You bitch!” Amy screamed seeing the move that Emily pulled on Jace. “You tell her!” Jessica responded to Amy. Jace refocused and closed the gap between himself and Emily. He was inching closer he saw a turn coming and if he could just get to her side before then he could overtake her. The front of Jace’s car was at Emily’s back bumper when the track dropped into a dip causing Jace to lose his concentration. The sudden drop startled Jace enough to cause him to lose control. Jace hit the ground with a loud bang followed by what sounded like an even louder wet fart from Jace. Jace felt a wet mess explode into the back of his diaper. The sudden release causing Jace to let off the gas. He felt a warm mess make its way up his back. Jessica caught up to Jace. “Come on! Poop and drive!” Jessica yelled as she overtook him. Jace snapped out of his messing trance and refocused on the track, hitting the gas pedal, and accelerating. “You can do it babe!” Amy yelled. The track turned into a steep hill as a final stretch to the finish line. Jessica was able to use this to catch up to Emily, slamming into her bumper. Emily looked behind her to see Jessica her middle finger raised. The sudden impact caused Emily to slow down enough for Jace to overtake them both. “Oh no you don’t!” Emily screamed pulling out her phone. “Hey! Leave my boyfriend alone!” Amy yelled coming in from the side slamming into Emily’s cart causing her phone to fly out of her hands. Emily’s phone landed and shattered on the pavement. Jace was able to win the race with the help from Amy and Jessica. And as part of the deal Jace had successfully filled his diaper as well. Emily, Jessica, and Amy followed in behind Jace. An Attendant ran up with Emily’s phone. “Sorry miss. That’s why we say don’t use them on the track.” The attendant said returning her phone. All of them got out of their carts and exited the track. “Give me the key.” Jace demanded after they left. “No, you all cheated and it wasn’t fair!” Emily screamed like a petulant child grasping the key and running away towards the entrance. “Hey! Get back here!” Jace shouted as her started to run after her but was stopped by Jessica holding him back. “Just let her go.” Jessica said putting her phone into her pocket. “But she still has the key for Jace’s cage.” Amy said. “Just wait.” Jessica said reaching into her purse, pulling out her bottle of alcohol. “You both must want this straight from the bottle from what you just went through.” “Yes.” “Me first!” Jace and Amy shouted. Jace grabbed the bottle and took a long pull before handing it off the Amy. “Why are you so calm now?” Jace asked coughing on the after burn. “I think that Emily will be pretty upset when she makes it to the front gate.” Jessica said walking with her hands behind her back looking like she just won the lottery. Jace and Amy looked to each other confused but kept following Jessica. Each of them waddling uncomfortably. “Hey, Jessica… Can we get changed please?” Amy asked. “Yes, that would be nice!” Jace seconded. “Juist hang on for a few more minutes. You are not going to want to miss this.” Jessica said smiling. The trio arrived at the front gate to find Emily being screamed at by two older individuals. “This is what you do when you are supposed to be in class?” The woman screamed at Emily. “You live out some perverted fantasy?” “We are very disappointed in you.” The man said. “There they are! You must be Jessica.” The woman said running up and shaking Jessica’s hand. “I am indeed.” Jessica said with a smile. “I am glad that you got here alright.” “We would have gotten here sooner had it not been for the traffic!” The man called. Jace and Amy looked over to see Emily who looked like she was about a centimeter tall. “Emily, come over her and apologize to these people.” The woman commanded. “Mom…” Emily protested. “Do as she says or I will beat you over my knee with a cane.” The man threatened. “Yes Daddy…” Emily replied defeated and walked over to her mother. “Well?” Jessica asked smiling. “Well? Well, fuck you! You little cu…” “Ahh!” Jessica said putting Jace’s pacifier into her mouth. “We don’t need any of that language.” “Thank you, Jessica. As we discussed here are the keys to Emily’s van. I will come pick it up from you tomorrow.” Emily’s mother handed Jessica the keys. “And thank you for not getting anyone else involved in this… You have no idea the embarrassment you are saving her father and I.” “For your trouble.” Emily’s father walked up and handed them each $5,000 cash. “And your silence.” “One last thing!” Jace said as he moved to Emily and grabbed the necklace with the key snapping it from her neck. Emily gave Jace a disgusted and angry look. “Now if you will excuse us…” Emily’s father said moving Emily towards the parking lot. “Also, you both smell like you need your diapers changed.” Emily’s mother commented before turning to leave. Amy and Jace looked to Jessica with bewilderment. “How?” Jace asked. “Well, I didn’t have her last name, but never underestimate a sorority finding people on the internet. I sent the girls a message that I needed help tracking down a suspicious girl I was hooking up with they took care of the rest.” Jessica replied. “After they found out her last name it was easy to track down her parents; her mother and I have been texting since Emily explained her game to me. When I found out who her parents were, I figured they would want to keep a situation like this quiet, so I used that as a little blackmail. She may have had her fun, but I can only imagine what they will do with her. They have the kind of money to make problems just disappear. Like studying abroad in Siberia disappear. There was no way I was going to let her get away with this unscathed…” Jace and Amy looked to one another then back to Jessica. “What?” Jessica asked. “Just remind me to never piss you off…” Jace replied. “Umm… Jessica?” Amy asked. “Yes, dear.” Jessica replied. “Can you please change us now?” Amy asked. “Yes please!” Jace also chimed in. “Sure, let’s get you both cleaned up and ready for the ride home.” Jessica said as she guided them to a family restroom. Jessica had Jace lay down on the floor. She undid the tapes and same the mess that Jace had made. She reached in and used the key to unlock his cage. “Thank God! That is so much better!” Jace said. “Yeah! But you are so much stinkier!” Amy said holding her noise. “Oh boy, don’t worry little girl, you are next.” Jessica said going to work cleaning up Jace. Amy blushed and turned away. “Amy, hand me a new diaper.” Jessica instructed. Amy handed her a diaper with teddy bears and moons on it. Jessica slid it under him and powdered him up heavily. “Alright little miss your turn.” Jessica said shooing Jace out of the way. Jace went to buttoning his overall shorts back up while Amy got into position. Jessica undid the tapes and opened the front of Amy’s diaper. “Pee eww! And you were saying that Jace was bad!” Jessica teased while Amy blushed while Jace chuckled. “Could you get Amy a fresh diaper?” Jace grabbed a diaper that had pictures of ladybugs flying around and handed it to Jessica. Jessica went to work and cleaned up Amy, once again heavily powdering her before taping the diaper back shut. “Alright you two stinky kids. Let’s get back to campus.” Jessica said pushing them out the door. They made it back to the van, Jace and Amy getting in the back while Jessica got into the driver’s seat. They buckled up and Jessica pulled out onto the road. “Looks like it is a two-and-a-half-hour drive from here. We’ll be back after dark.” Jessica announced. Jessica looked back to find that Jace and Amy were holding each other’s hand. Jessica smiled at the two of them as she entered the highway; the sun setting behind them. Jace looked into Amy’s eyes and Amy into his. “I think I’m falling for you Jace Harrison.” Amy whispered turning her head so that it was facing Jace and resting on the back of the seat. “Call me when you catch up Amy Applegate.” Jace replied squeezing Amy’s hand. Jessica felt her heart flutter, she looked to the road and smiled settling in for the long drive. CHAPTER 20 Jessica pulled into the campus dorm visitor parking lot and looked back to Jace and Amy. Both had fallen asleep on the drive home. Jessica opened Jace’s side door and stepped out of the car. She gently woke Jace. “Hey, we are back to campus. Are you ready to go up?” Jessica asked. “Huh? Oh, yes. Sure.” Jace replied unbuckling and stepping out. “I figured you could just carry Amy up to your room and not wake her too much.” Jessica said as Jace stood in front of her. “I will return your room key tomorrow… and we don’t need to see each other again.” Jace faced her in silence for a moment. Jessica stood waiting for Jace to say something. Instead Jace reached out and hugged Jessica. Jessica stood stunned for a moment before hugging him back. “What is this for?” Jessica asked. Jace stopped jugging her and held her at arm’s distance. “Jess, as much as these last two days were crazy and wild and I don’t even know what else. I found Amy through it all and that was because of you. I can forgive you and we can still be friends, but please no more Emily alright?” Jace said. “Deal!” Jessica replied tears welling. “Can we go upstairs now? I heard Jace was carrying me.” Amy called from inside the car, not opening her eyes. “You heard the lady.” Jessica said. “I got her.” Jace smiled as walked to the other side of the van and picked Amy up from the seat. Jessica and Jace walked to the dorm entrance. Amy snuggled her head closer into Jace. “You’re wet little girl.” Jace commented. “So are you so, shh!” Amy held a finger up to Jace’s mouth. “You two are too freaking cute.” Jessica said calling the elevator. Jace smiled to her carrying Amy over the elevator threshold. The gang rode up together reaching the fourth floor. “See you for breakfast?” Jessica asked. “I think you owe us that much.” Jace smirked as he turned to his room. “Goodnight Jessica.” Amy called. “Call me Jess, my friends call me Jess.” Jessica replied. “Goodnight Jess.” Amy called back sleepily. “Goodnight Amy.” Jessica smiled. Jessica made it back to her room and closed the door. She went digging into her boxes and found a small chest. It contained her stash of alcohol. Jessica grabbed a cup and poured herself a tall shot of whiskey. She downed it and changed into some comfy pants and a cozy sweater before pouring herself another and moving to sit on her bed. MSG: JACE HARRISON ‘Please for the love of God tell me you have a condom. You are the only person I know to contact. ~Jace Windu.’ MSG: AMY APPLEGATE ‘Hey… do you have a condom by chance? Jace said he is going to call some people, but I don’t think he knows anyone that would have one… don’t tell him I texted you! ~Applesauce.’ ‘Sure, hold on… ~Little Girl Jessy.’ ‘LMAO! What is with your signature? ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Seriously Jess! Enough with the baby stuff today! Jkjk. ~Applesauce.’ Jessica walked to her door and opened it. “ROOM 4B NEEDS A CONDOM!” Jessica yelled into the hallway. Jessica saw that people’s doors had started to open. Some people with a condom in hand and walked to Jace’s room. ‘I am glad we are back to your normal crazy self… ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Did you get a condom? ~Jess.’ ‘Yes… Thank you… ~Jace Windu.” ‘You’re welcome. ~Jess.’ Jessica smiled and opened her laptop to watch a funny movie. She was glad that they were able to experience each other tonight. They had been so close and yet separated so many times over the last day that it was almost cruel to make them wait any further. MSG: NEVER AGAIN ‘I just want you to know that I am sorry, and you won’t be seeing me again. My parents have arranged for me to work as an au pair in France. ~Emily Adams.’ ‘Goodbye Emily, lose this number and never contact me again. ~Jess.’ Jessica downed the last of her drink and settled in for a night of mind-numbing comedy. The next morning Jessica awoke to the sun hitting her face. She jumped up. “Shoot!” Jessica jumped out of bed. “I am going to be late!” Jessica quickly grabbed her backpack put on some shoes and ran out the door. SMACK Jessica ran into Jace who was just about to knock. “What’s the rush?” Jace asked stepping into her room, he had on dark jeans and a V-neck sweater with a white T-shirt under. “Are you alright Jess?” Amy asked stepping in, she was wearing a pink sundress with a white headband and her new backpack. Both Jace and Amy looked very well put together and in stark contrast to what Jessica had seen them as yesterday. “Yeah, just late for class.” Jessica said. “Class? It’s Saturday.” Jace said sitting on her chair kicking his feet up. Jessica looked at her phone, sure enough it was the weekend and she had lost track of the days. “Too much craziness… messed with my schedule.” Jessica said collecting herself. “Messed with us all I think.” Amy replied. “Do you want us to come back when you are ready?” “Nah, I’m good.” Jessica replied walking out the door. Amy looked to Jace who stood up to follow. “I can only aspire to not care as much as her.” Jace said wrapping an arm around Amy walking her out the door. The gang arrived at the cafeteria and as promised Jessica treated them to breakfast. “I know this doesn’t make up for everything. But hopefully it’s a start.” Said Jessica. “I have no idea what you are talking about.” Jace said feigning ignorance. “Yeah, Jess I am pretty sure you have us mixed up with a different couple.” Amy said. Jessica laughed hard, causing the other two to crack up with her. She had not been able to laugh with her friends in a while. “I love you two!” Jessica said. “Love you too, Jess!” Amy said smiling back. Amy looked to Jace and put her hand on his back. “Whoops! Jace and I will need to be right back, I can tell boyfriend needs a change.” Amy said standing up. “Boyfriend, huh?” Jessica asked a giant grin on her face. Jace and Amy blushed looking at each other. “How could you tell he needed a diaper change?” Jessica asked smirking. “Intuition.” Amy smiled. “Was she right?” Jessica asked Jace. Jace pulled out the front of his jeans a small way. “She was.” Jace laughed. “Do you want me to help you?” Jessica asked standing up. “I got him. Don’t worry about us.” Amy said brushing off her help. “What about you?” Jessica asked referencing to Amy. “I got her.” Jace replied like he was explaining to a parent that they do not need supervision. Jessica sat back down and smiled. Jace and Amy walked towards the family restrooms. “They really do make a cute couple.” Jessica said watching her two diapered friends make their way to change one another. Fin If you have enjoyed this please check out its sequel Lake Cresent and let me know what you think!
  8. CHAPTER 1 Oliver's a 20 year old guy but today is his birthday so he will be 21 years old starting today and he will be able to legally drink. Not that he didn't before, he did it a lot. He's a party animal and today was also the day he asked out this hot girl he met at the last party he went to. He didn't know much about her but today was the day. Oliver was just waking up in only boxers. He lived in a decent house his parents left him before they passed away. Oliver had a good amount of money where he probably wouldn't have to get a job till he's 30 if he plays his cards right. He went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth then took off his clothes to take a shower. Suddenly while in the shower his doorbell rings. Oliver jumps out of the shower and grabs a towel drying off some then wraps it around his lower half and walks to the door opening it. "hello?" Someone jumps in and wraps his arm around Oliver's neck and gives him a nuggy. "yo! Oliver!! You ready to go!" Oliver has to let go of his towel and push him off as the guy laughs. "damn it Josh…no I'm fucking not ready to go." Oliver grabs his towel. Josh was one of Oliver's best friends or party friends. He wraps it back around himself not being the first time they seen each other naked. There not gay but one time they got a 3 way with a girl and the only way she would have had it is if him and Josh got naked and hugged and gave a small kiss to eatchother. It was definitely their gayest experience and neither enjoyed it but God the end result was so worth it for them. They don't talk about that time ever again. "Well hurry up man, there's going to be a bunch of sexy girls at this party! I hear a few of them want to congratulate the birthday boy" Oliver glares. "Josh you know I hate it when you call me a boy… Give me like 5 mins to dress and do my hair." Josh laughs. "your hair?! God that makes you sound like a girl!" Oliver blushes slightly. "oh shut the hell up! You just wish you could look this good!" Oliver walks to his room and grabs some nice pants boxers and a nice shirt getting dressed. Then he grabs a comb and makes his hair look very nice then starts talking to himself. "heh see Oliver. You're a sexy man every girls going to want a hold of your 6 foot tall body." Then Josh opens the door quietly and smirks at Oliver. And talks in a girly voice. "oh Oliver all I want is that big cock of yours." He bursts up laughing and Oliver blushes a lot and glares. "damn it Josh!!!" He throws his comb at him "oww!" But he keeps laughing as Oliver pushes past him to the door and Josh follows. "God I love embarrassing you so much! Anyways come in man let's get to that party! We are taking my car!" Oliver sighs. "why would I want to ride with your dumb ass?" Josh smirks. "because you're going to be so drunk you won't be able to get home. I'll be your driver." Oliver looked surprised. "wait… You're not going to drink just so you can get me home safely?" Josh smiles. "Hell ya man what are friends for. Happy birthday man." Oliver sighs and smiles. "you might be an ass but somehow a good friend I guess." Josh laughs. "alright man shut up with the mushy stuff and just In my car." Oliver nods and goes to the passenger seat and Josh gets in then starts his car and heads to the party. The place is packed with people and cars. And there's a huge sign outside that says happy birthday Oliver. Oliver's eyes get big. Then glares at Josh who's smirking big. "well what do you think." Josh parks and Oliver rolls his eyes getting out "I think we could have kept this quiet…" Suddenly this very cute girl got out of the back of a car, her butt looked a little big and she wore a long skirt. She had long blond hair. This was the same girl she met at the last party and Oliver ran up to her. And Josh just sighs. "hoes before bros am I right" The young lady saw Oliver, she clearly wasn't old enough for drinking but she was definitely about 19. Oliver walks up to her. "h-hey Mandy looking good as always" Mandy blushes and giggles. "thanks Oliver. And you're pretty darn cute too" Oliver smiles and puts his arm around Mandy and she lays against him and the other girls giggles and ohhhh at her making her blush and hide her face some. Oliver only smiles bigger as they make their way into the party. It was packed even though Josh was already in this mess somewhere but Oliver didn't care he wanted to spend the day with Mandy. "hey how about we get a few beers and talk?" Mandy smiles some. "ok that sounds fun heh" They grab some beers and alcoholic drinks and take up to an empty bedroom and open one taking a drink. "So Mandy? You do anything as a job?" She nods also while taking a drink. "I'm a babysitter." Oliver looks confused. "you don't look like a babysitter heh no offense. I expected them to be more… Ugly but damn you're hot." She blushes and shugs drinking some more quickly to help get over the complements. "well… I Just love kids… I- never mind heh but ya I love kids and stuff I guess" She looks down. Oliver looked interested and took a few more drinks but not wanting to make her say anything she didn't want to say. "what about you Oliver?" Oliver pulls the drink away from his mouth. "well… I shouldn't tell people this but I don't have a job. I have a decent house and payments aren't too bad. Before my mom and dad died they left me quite a bit of money but I didn't want to blow it and I want to save it till I'm at least 30. So I made it my job to live like crazy till I'm 30 then I'll get a job and just live a normal boring life…. " Mandy looked surprised. "whoa… You're so you’re rich? That's pretty cool." Mandy laid her head against him getting quite drunk from nervously drinking. Oliver smiles. "your very cute you know that" She nods and stretches and a weird sound like she was sitting on paper was made. She didn't react and neither did Oliver; he didn't want to ruin the moment. "Mhm people say all the time Mandy's such a cutie! And I want to hug her and take care of her" She giggles and he looks confused. "they do?" She giggles more, turning into laughing. "nu uh… I was just being silly" He laughs. "You're already drunk aren't you?" She shakes her head and pouts. "I'm not drink I'm mandy" They both laughed and Oliver takes a big drink and smirks at her "so mandy, have you ever been with a man before?" She blushed and shook her head. "nope! I'm all vegin!" Oliver laughs. "you mean virgin?" She tilts her head and smiles. "Y-ya! That!" Oliver smiles. God she was so drunk he could probably talk her into anything but he was getting there too. "so Mandy" Oliver puts his hand on her leg and rubs her bare leg under her skirt making her blush. She stared at Oliver and he stared back before they moved in to kiss but just before someone kicked open the door making them jump. "mmm hey love birds care if I join!" Oliver stands up and grabs the lady by the front of her shirt. "what the fuck! No get the hell out!!" The lady stares at him then at mandy shaking on the bed and she smirks. "she cute" He glares and punches her. Making this lady fall to the floor. "you will pay… You will pay dearly for that." She gets pushed out by Oliver and he slams and locks the door. "sorry about that Mandy…anyways shall we get back to-" He turns around and Mandy runs at him and jumps in his arms and begins to make out with him. He felt something weird with her ass but he didn't care at the time. He was making out with this beautiful woman. He took her over to the bed and laid her down as he pulled off his own pants and pushed up in her shirt where she was willing to let Oliver pull off her shirt leaving her with a bra on. They pull away to do that then look at each other with a bunch of lust. Mandy pulls Oliver in and kisses him again then pulls away. "I want daddy to show me a good time." Oliver was rock hard, he's never been called daddy. It was definitely a new one but he liked it. He pulled back and took his own shirt off revealing his muscles. She clearly liked that show. Oliver grabs her skirt and tugs like he's teasing her. "Oh no is daddy going to make me all nakey?" Oliver couldn't take it. He pulled off her skirt and left her in her bra and p-wait the heck she was in a diaper?! Oliver looked awkwardly at it, she blushed like Crazy. "i-I can explain…" Oliver reaches out and touches the front to find it warm. "a-are… You wet…?" Oliver was a bit weirded out from this. "look I'm… Ok See I like diapers… And when I drink a lot I can't hold it down… So I wear these to party's I never thought I would be so close to sex and they find out I'm sorry I ruined it!" She closed her eyes starting to cry. Oliver felt bad but wanted to make her feel better. "o-oh I enjoy them too! I just keep it a secret… And never did anything with them." Her eyes light up. Oliver lied big here. "really… Well I keep extra once with me. Want to try it?" Oliver blushes and nods as she pulls away grabbing her purse and pulls out a pink diaper. "lay down!" She giggled and pulled off Oliver's boxers leaving him naked it was kinda a turn on. He was never forced to do something by the woman he kinda like that. He did and Mandy began diapering him and powder him rubbing his rock hard dick with her hand. "daddy's got a very big guy here huh?" She giggles making Oliver blushe more as he continued to be diapered this was the strangest experience in his life. "now" Mandy puts her hand in the front of his diaper. "now wet…" Oliver gulps. "i-I don't know…" She smirks "Maybe you need your friend here." She said jokingly and made out with him. Oliver tried as she made out with him he soon found himself able to as he filled this pink diaper with his own urine. Mandy would moan as I did and it made me more horny she soon pushed me on my back again and got on top rubbing her wet diaper against mine. My dick was rubbing against the wetness making me enjoy myself and even Mandy was moaning as we did this weird fetish of hers. She would make our more and keep going till we both hit our limit and cam in the diapers she lays on me as we finish. "that was wonderful… Everything I ever dreamed Oliver… I Think I love you…" Oliver smiles and hugs her. "you're welcome… I'm… Going to admit I lied...i'm definitely not into this like you. But it made you happy and that's what I want to do…" Her eyes get big looking at me. "... Y-You put on a diaper for me…" She hugged me tight. "you're the bravest man I know… and the nicest… I hope we can be together… Forever…" Oliver smiles. "me too… No matter what strange fetishes your in to" They both yawned and fell asleep. Neither of them were tired but they just passed out like under a spell. When the lady from before walks in and smirks. "together forever huh? Well let me just ruin your life kid. From this day forward you will never be remembered by anyone and a child you will be for the rest of your life or until you receive a kiss of true love from someone of your original age!" Magic goes around Oliver but nothing seems to happen. Yet. Check out my other story if you havent thats related to this story called gods and little mortals
  9. Any preference on pull-up diapers? Best store -bought? Best all around? I have Depend Sillouette and they smell horrible when wet.
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  11. Just wondering if anyone else has tried or has any thoughts on the new Bambino Magnifico Pull-Ups.
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