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  1. Jeff, who was 21, worked in the IT department at a large company. He was still pretty low in the company, so he was often called on to do things for his boss James. Jeff got a call from James saying that he had a meeting out of town that would last for a few days and had asked Jeff to house sit and take care of his cat. Jeff had gone over after work with his computer and had settled in. Jeff had just had dinner and was watching some Netflix.
  2. Larry was a young man just turning twenty-seven. He had been out of town for a few years, but was now ready to put his degree to work for him. He had been at the local shopping area, about a fifteen or twenty walk from his motel he was staying at for the moment while he was trying to get settled. He had heard that he could substitute teach for the rest of this school year, it being around March, so he had been at the store getting some nice things to wear to present himself to the school district board on Monday. It was Friday evening about six or seven, the sun having gone down enough that it was starting to feel like night. The man dressed in a brown jacket, some jeans with a red T-shirt underneath the jacket was just coming out of the store, his brown hair mostly looking neat, but for the wild part that always stuck up in the back, looked around to figure out where the bus stop was. He didn't want to carry the two bags of stuff he had just gotten all the way to the motel, when he saw someone sitting on some steps at a building not far from the Walmart he had come out of. He had eyes that had different specks of color around the iris, so that nearly every time he put certain color shirts on, they would change color from brown to light blue to green. His hair was on the lighter side of brown. Larry walked towards the bank, he noticed as he got closer, and he frowned as he saw a lady sitting there, not really looking like she was just taking a break, but somehow, seemed upset. She had a Windex spray bottle next to her. There was a young woman, maybe about her early twenties. She was a little short and maybe a little heavier than most men think is cute, but he thought she could be cute. There was a little problem though. Her dark brown hair wasn't matted but it looked shined in greasy limpness that revealed that she might not have bathed in a few days. She had dark brown eyes that still had a shine in them with her smudgy face looking a little puffy from having been crying. Her hands didn't look particularly dirty, but her fingernails are bitten down to the nub. Wearing some dingy dark grey sweatpants with enough discoloration that she had clearly been wearing them for a few days without a shower or washing them. Her tattered t-shirt with Disney stitch on it was wrinkled from wear and it was poking out from the faded 90s style track jacket 2 sizes too big with a broken zipper. The old blue and white adidas running shoes with Disney completed her ensemble. She had a bright blue drawstring bag that had her dying phone, a brush and comb, another shirt that was Lion King themed, A bottle of deodorant spray, a toothbrush tucked inside it. To him, the girl looked like she was probably a runaway teen, maybe even a kid as young as twelve. She certainly was short enough to be in junior high school, barely her head reaching about the top of his chest. She looked kind of rough. He sat down next to her and looked in one of his bags pulling out some orange soda he had purchased, and he pushed the can towards her. "Hey," he said trying to gage the situation and no spook her too much. He didn't want the kid running off and getting in trouble with some real dangerous people. "You look like you can use a little drink." Larry felt sorry that anyone could be out in the dark like this crying, and wondered where the child's parents were, or if she had been shopping with friends who had somehow had a fight with her and left her there to fend for herself, or if there was something worse. He tried to think how he could word this without accusing her of being homeless, which he wasn't so sure she wasn't given her state of dress. "Do you live around here? Would you like someone to walk you home?" he asked her. Since her phone was put away in her bag, he had no idea if she had a phone to contact anyone with or not.
  3. Ralph Kean, a 35 year old, yellow bond blue eyed fellow, taught eighth grade History, seventh grade Government, and Sixth grade World Culture classes at FootValley Middle School. He had over 100 students, all with their own excuses and their own personalities so that it was impossible to keep up with them all, and yet.... The bell had just rung, and students were in their seats copying the vocabulary for the words that would be important to the day's history lecture from the talking points of what lead the United States into the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was already the second week of November, and out the window, you could see a foot or so of snow layered over the undisturbed areas of the ground. While they were working on their attendance seat work, work he assigned them so he could take attendance without foolishness, he looked around to see who were all in his class. He has noticed that one particular student has had a few absences, some missing homework, and had missed two important tests this year so far. He was a bit worried about her, and wanted to talk to her at the end of the period if she was there that day.
  4. Anya quietly did her homework at her desk. She was quite a studious girl- Always got her work turned in, always got As, always kept her room clean as a whistle. Her roommate on the other hand... That was a different story. The girl was a slob! Anya would have to do HER laundry for her if she didn't want the place to reek of dirty socks for weeks at a time. Anya had never seen her do any homework, so she wasn't even sure why the girl was in college to begin with! All she did was party all night and sleep all day when she should be going to class... It was a complete nuisance! This night, however, it turned from a nuisance into an intolerable problem that needed fixing. The door swung open, and a completely smashed girl walked in, stumbling and laughing as she made her way to her side of the room. Anya rolled her eyes in disgust, only pausing when she smelled something worse than usual! She glanced in her direction, looking more closely, and her eyes widened as she noticed piss dripping own from under the girl's short dress and right onto their newly vacuumed floor!
  5. James and Lily Johnson were a couple in their early 30’s and we’re all in all very content. They had a wonderful daughter named Aurora who was now seven years old. Though it had taken quite a few years to conceive their daughter which meant that having another biological child was out of the question due to how much it affected the couple. When Aurora was very small the couple had tried fostering, but decided to close their home. It was too difficult for them to raise a toddler while also dealing with social workers and everything that came with a foster child. Now that Aurora was seven, the couple had decided to open up their home again. They’d declined a few infants and some older children, being firm on wanting to preserve birth order by having their biological child be older than any incoming children. Finally after a few months of the extra bedroom being ready and empty, they’d decided to accept the placement of a five year old girl named Samantha. After only a day to make final preparations and tell Aurora, she’d be arriving any moment now. James rushed to the door as soon as he heard a knock, having been cleaning up the kitchen in preparation for the arrival. “Honey!” He called to his wife before opening the door to greet the social worker. “They’re here!” He welcomed the social worker and little girl into the living room and guided them to the couch. Samantha nervously entered the new house after some prompting by the social worker. She had long and thick wavy black hair that went past her shoulder blades. She was wearing pink and white overalls with a lavender shirt with frilly short sleeves underneath along with pink and purple AFOs and pink sneakers that looked at least one size too small, all of her clothes seemed to be quite dirty, or at least dingy and stained. She kept her head down as she used her sparkly purple forearm crutches to walk to the couch. She could tell that James was staring at her and that made her even more nervous.
  6. Twenty three year old Michaela Schick was driving home from the grocery store when she hit her third consecutive red light. She groaned to herself and tried to take a deep breath to avoid getting too worked up. She always hated driving, but sometimes it was a necessity. Today she had decided to her partner relax and go to the grocery store alone. Usually they went shopping together, but Michaela wanted to let Morgan, her long term partner, relax after a long day at work and decided to do it herself. Despite having multiple disabilities and health conditions that made her somewhat reliant on her partner sometimes, Michaela was fiercely independent and strong willed. While she sat in traffic though she was wondering if she had made the right decision. Because today had been a bad day as far as her pain and fatigue went, her fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome flaring up pretty badly, she had been using her wheelchair while at the store. Usually using any one of her various mobility aids was no problem, but when the weather was hot and Michaela had been trying to stay hydrated she had needed to use the bathroom by the time she got to the store. Again, this was usually no problem, since she had been an ambulatory mobility aid user for almost two years now, but today it had been an issue. Today of all days the bathrooms were out of order, leaving the young woman with no choice but to suck it up and hold it until she got home. By the time she was finally able to continue moving through traffic again, she was desperate to use the bathroom. The typical hour and a half trip had turned into three hours due to traffic and short staffing. When she pulled into the driveway of the one story house she shared with her partner, she bolted inside and to the bathroom, forgoing her mobility aid and the groceries for the time being. “Hi honey! Sorry!” Michaela said as she hurried past Morgan on her way to their master bathroom connected to their bedroom. Relieved to have made it home, she lifted her skirt and pulled down her underwear to sit on the toilet. Her relief quickly turned to frustration and embarrassment when she looked down and saw that her underwear were noticeably wet. “Damnit.” She mumbled under her breath. Having never had any continence issues, this accident though minor as it was, was very embarrassing. Being disabled and looking more like a fourteen or fifteen year old, Michaela didn’t need something else making her seem childish. Taking a deep breath and blinking away the forming tears in her eyes, she finished up and pulled her underwear back up with a grimace. She’d have to change her underwear as soon as she could without Morgan finding out. Her loving partner already helped her with her disabilities and worried for her health, Michaela didn’t need to add to her plate. She took one last deep breath before heading back out of the bathroom, hoping her blushing wasn’t noticeable. “Hey sweetie, I still have to carry the groceries in.” She said after a quick kiss to Morgan’s cheek, heading out to the car.
  7. Characters: Jessica, Age 32, Six Foot 2, Red Curly Hair, Hour glass figure with FF-Cup Breasts, College professor, Initially discharged on parental leave but lost her child in birth. Months later, shes been prescribed some anti-psychotics and anti-depressants, but is still at a loss Until she notices one of her old students, Anastasia, walking home in the rain. Within a week, she decides to make her her own, which leads us to the fateful day....
  8. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed: Susan, a 34 year old single mother with three children had just been driven out of her home of ten years. It wasn’t enough that her husband had died to some senseless robbery bologna, but life decided to really kid her while she was down, and not even three months after he died, she lost her job, and the landlord was a real hardcase when it came to rent on time. So it was, about three nights ago, Susan took her children out of the city and about ten miles from the city limits, there was a busy truck stop. Susan just didn’t have the skills that were necessary for working today, in any industry, but one. But that industry was still illegal, and it was dangerous. Still, there was no other way for her to support her three girls. It was about two in the morning, and Susan had just climbed out of another truck having gotten a nice payday that would feed her children for the next week, at least, and maybe even allow her to rent a motel room for once. However, in order to rent one, she had to find one. Inside an old beat up brown and green Ford Station Wagon, three children slept at peace. Two of the girls looked the same size, and plenty of people thought that they were within a year apart, but they were always wrong. The older girl with heavy freckles on her face and caramel color brown hair was eleven years old, and her younger sister, who had darker brown hair that was quite wavy was only eight years old. On the other side of the older sister, a young child that looked maybe four or five, was actually three year old Amy. The girls knew that they had to be very careful especially at night, so as not to draw attention to themselves, so no matter how bad they had to use the bathroom in the night, they were told to hold it or have an accident, but don’t get out of the car. Over the last three nights, Heidi had been stuck in a situation where she had to pee herself, and the more often it happened, the funnier she felt about it. She knew it was wrong to like wetting her pants or even wetting the bed, but for some reason, the wetting was starting to become something she would hate to like. Heidi wasn’t the only one. Cassandra, the eight year old, was sort of getting used to leaking a little bit in her panties before going to the bathroom even during the daytime, and she found that she liked the wet feeling in her panties. It was… well… sort of nice and warm for a while, and it was … she couldn’t put words to it, but it felt nice. She kept her panties damp for as much as she could, but of course when mom caught her being damp, mom always asked her to change, though mom never seemed to be upset at her for doing it. Indeed, it was like mom sort of expected her to be damp sometimes. Truth be told, though, Susan had her own problems with the situation at hand. She really wanted to give her girls a safer place to stay, a place with a proper bathroom where they could take a bath, and they wouldn’t have to worry about finding a bathroom. Susan already had a weak bladder, and when her kids complained that they needed to go to the toilet, she always let them go first, so that often made for wet panties as it was. Since being stuck out here for the last three days, though, and worried about going to the bathroom during certain times of the night, and making sure her kids got to the toilet when they wanted to, she started to pee her pants on purpose. She didn’t know why she did it. But the more she did it, the more she seemed to want to do it the next time it came around, and then she would wet herself more and more often. Her daughters might have noticed, or they might not have. She wasn’t sure. None of them really called her on it. Anyway, she was walking towards the car she had left her children to sleep in, when she felt herself leaking, and she sighed and spread her legs apart a bit more, and started to wet herself… not knowing that her longtime friend, whom she had not seen in a few months, was now pulling in for a little rest….
  9. Laura had always wanted a little girl of her own, but sadly, there was no way that would happen now. She had been thwarted naturally, and then the courts found something in her past, criminally, that she had forgotten about that made it impossible for her to adopt. There was just no way for it to happen, and that saddened her. Through all of this, her husband left her, and so now, she was alone. One day, Laura was out and about shopping for the week, when she throught she heard something down an alley behind the supermarket. You see, she didn't even have a car at the moment, so she took the bus, and on the way to catching the bus, she had heard a noise, not like an animal being caught in the trash, but something a little different. Common sense should have told her to walk away, but curiosity seemed to get the upper hand this time, and she went to investigate.
  10. Aizawa Shouta was fed up with his obnoxious little brother. The man was always annoying and kept pulling stupid pranks on him to get a laugh. He decided to get revenge, see how he liked being pranked for once. He entered an ABDL, Daddy and little searching website after his brother called him a baby, and filled out a long form explaining that sissy needed a stern hand and lots of big, thick diapers. Bill also added some rules: Rule 1: Sissy is not allowed to take off her diapers under any circumstances. Rule 2: Sissy must allow Daddy or another adult to check her diapers anytime if they think she’s had an accident. Rule 3: Sissy needs to talk like a baby and never say naughty words, or else she’ll get a spanking. Rule 4: Sissy must allow Daddy to baby her at home and in public. The long-haired man sighed in relief after submitting the form, but much to his eventual dismay, he had put his own name in the form where the sissy’s name is meant to go...
  11. Amanda had had a rough life. She had dropped out of school at the age of seventeen because she had got pregnant with the first boy she slept with. Her parents had told her to get an abortion or put the baby up for adoption. Amanda refused to do either and had been kicked out of her parents house. Amanda had spent the next three years doing her best to take care of baby Clover, living with friends and on the streets. Although she tried to find a job, her lack of education hindered her. Finally she met a man named Jacob Woffe. He paid attention to her and seemed to care for Clover as well. They got married and Jacob changed. He became somewhat controlling, not allowing her to look for work. He expected her to be a stay at home mother. He took care of the finances and most everything else. He had an older brother named Scott, who Amanda was afraid of. About three months ago Jacob was killed in a work accident. Amanda had received a settlement from the company, but it wasn't much. Amanda wasn't good at finances, so she went through the money like water. Amanda had never been a housekeeper, and after Jacobs death, she let everything go. The house was a wreck. She barely kept Clover clean and in clean clothes. The last straw happened when she received an eviction notice. She didn't know what to do. She couldn't run back to her parents, and the only person she knew aground here was Scott. She looked in Clover's bedroom and saw her playing on her unmade bed. She knew that she couldn't let Clover be homeless. Amanda decided to do what she didn't want to do and call Scott. She started crying as she dialed his number.
  12. “Sir, I’m going, I’m going to the dentist ! “ Shigeru told his teacher with a smile on his face. It was an obvious lie but he didn’t want to go to more lessons. He stood up and grabbed his bag. The teacher nodded and without looking behind Shigeru left class. He only went to school today because there was an important test, but if it wasn’t for the test he would have skipped the entire day. He was glad this teacher was easy going, some teachers would question everything before letting him go. Shigeru walked down the stairs and while walking outside he put his coat and scarf on. He couldn’t go home just yet, his oldest brother would notice he was way earlier home than he was supposed to be if he had gone to all of his lessons. Shigeru went to the park for a little while. He listened to music and read a book. A little while later he went to a local coffee bar and drank some coffee. That’s when he noticed his bag was still in the park. He shook his head with a little grin on his face. “I’m such an idiot “ He mumbled quietly to himself. He carefully looked around to see if any waiter was watching him. He pulled the hood of his coat over his blonde hair before he decided to run. As his wallet was in his bag he had no choice. He immediately ran back to the park and sighed relieved when his bag was still there. He grabbed his bag and decided to walk home. If he would come home now it wasn’t that obvious he skipped. A while later he arrived home. He noticed his oldest brother on the couch with another guy next to him. The brother had called (y/c) to come over. Their father was away for business so the older brother was fixing everything in the household for now. The two guys on the couch looked like friends and Shigeru didn’t think too much of it. “Hey.. “ Shigeru greeted his brother with a cute smile before he grabbed something to drink . He almost spilled his drink when his brother told him a coffe shop owner called. Shigeru knew he was going to be in trouble.. He turned around to look at his brother, wondering if he was angry. Right at that moment he noticed the guy next to his brother wasn’t just a friend. He was wearing a blazer from the tutoring institute, and holding his folder with school results. Shigeru rolled his eyes and realized what was going on. “ You've got to be kidding me.. “
  13. Thirty-five year old Jim Bouen was driving on evening, traveling from hsi old place in California all the way to Iowa. He had a job lined up in Davenport, but he was not in a hurry. He had more than a month to get there and still get the job, so he planned on taking it easy. The interviews, paperwork, and everything was already done. He just had to start in thirty days when the new company would actually open. Yep, he was getting in on the ground floor as a top manager, so things were really looking up. Jim was driving in his Ford Ranger Ton and a half truck through Arizona, when something happened that he had not planned on. Jim had wanted a girlfriend, a wife, and children at one time, but that dream was now behind him. He didn't think he had the patience for women and their head games, so he gave up dating and trying to have his own family, though he sometimes still dreamed of having his own kids. He knew that the chances of getting to adopt a kid when he was single was quite small, and so all he had were his dreams, right? Well, one evening, fate planned something that was going to change his and maybe a young girl's fortune for the years to come....
  14. Alys was quite a young Mother, she had her now teenage son when she was 17, now at 33 she was struggling with him.
  15. (http://diaperedanime.com/forum/showthread.php/cute_things_private-29650/index.html this is a continuation of this rp on diapered anime)
  16. Zoey Matthews befriended Wendy the last month of the school year. They were really close friends yet she hasn't stayed at Wendy's house before. It was always her house they had sleep overs at. Zoey didn't know why Wendy never wanted her to stay at her house but she practically begged her to have a sleepover at Wendy's house for once. So when Wendy learned her parents were going out of town she finally decided that Zoey could come over for the weekend since it was beginning of the summer after all. It was an early Friday morning and Zoey decided to head over to Wendy's house. She was super excited to finally have a sleepover at Wendy's. She sent a text letting her friend know she was on her way. Finally around 11 am, she arrived at her friends door. She held her bag which contained her clothes, extra blankets, make up and other necessities she would have for that day through Monday. She wondered what was planned for there weekend.
  17. Gram Williams was a 22 yr old male, tall with black hair and dark-brownish eyes. He lived in a medium sized house 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms something nice if their was a family of four living there. But unfortunately it was only him which made the house so big and empty for him. He was a nice enough man, always talking to co-workers and helping them out whenever they needed his help and just all around trying to create a more friendly-like environment. He was a computer technician which meant whenever someone needed a computer part replaced or maybe help with upgrading their computer he was the one of the ones that got sent out to resolve the issues and or just advise on what would be best for that particular persons needs. He also had a degree in IT-Solutions with an emphasis on network engineering. He had graduated from university with a pretty solid GPA and no student loans to pay back either. Recently he had been talking to one of his fellow co-workers as they had brought their daughter in for "take your daughter to work day" and he had asked his fellow co-worker "Man, how much fun as well as responsibility is it to raise a child of your own? I mean i can imagine it must get pretty stressful sometimes with all the things children do" to which the co-worker replied "Its fun but also very hard work, but if you can find the child that you love and are willing to commit you will have a perfect relationship and fun memories with them" he said. This conversation had stuck with him ever since that day and he had started to research how to properly take care of a child so that he didnt get the child taken away by protective services. After all he didnt wanna make the goverment think he was incapable of taking care of a child because he could. Once all the researching had been done he began to start child-proofing the house so that when the child in question was gonna explore the house they didnt get into anything that might hurt them badly. Once all the preparation was done he then began the lengthy process of filling out and applying to be a foster parent. In the application he made sure to state that he didnt want a teenager as he had heard from some of his co-workers teens were a lot more difficult to deal with then children as they required more independence, plus he would rather raise a young innocent child then have to raise a stubborn, thinks he/she knows-it-all teenager. After months of waiting he received a call from a social worker and after chatting with her he agreed to meet the social worker at a local foster home so that they could go through the final steps of the process faster.
  18. My idea for the Rp is about two brothers. One about 16 and the other about 24.
  19. Adam had been waiting all afternoon one day for his house to get their little prisoners. He had been given files on four little girls between the ages of ten and eleven, and every one of them had committed very serious crimes. The law had had to make a choice, should they go to prison, and not kid detention, but real adult prison, or would they be better off.... So it was, that four little girls were driven from a jail in Colorado, overnight, not allowed to get out of the van for any reason because a mistake was made, and they thought they were escorting boys and not girls, so after they called it in, and it being too late, they had to just keep the girls in the van. They fed them, of course, but they didn't let them out for any reason, thus after nearly eighteen hours in the van, all four of them had peed at least twice in their pants. Finally, the van pulled up outside, and while three kids were kept in the van, One small fragile blond with blue eyes was led into the office part of the huge mansion like house. She kept looking down at the floor, her hands bound in front of her, her legs bound, and an orange rope trailing from the pants look of her soaked jeans. "What in the ...?" Adam and the guard argued about how they handled the girl and kept her chained up like that, but eventually, when he signed for her release, he was able to request that the guard release her from all those sill contraptions! There was no way an eleven year old child could overpower him and then even if she did get away, there was no where to run. Their house was nearly in the middle of a desert, and the girl didn't really know where she was, did she? He confirmed that her name was October, and then he led her from the office to the sitting room where he saw Jason and the others watching TV. "Jason, this is October. She's going to be your little one. You might want to get to know her and maybe... yeah... get her cleaned up. She's peed her pants."
  20. Thirteen year old dark brown hair brown eyed medium tone skin chubby cheek Nancy had been causing a lot of grief for Amy Piper for the last three weeks. She had been with a group of girls that followed the poor girl everywhere making her life trouble at school. They would spill her food tray at lunch, block the bathrooms on her until she was crying as she pleaded with them to let her go, though they normally did let her make it just in time, and they push her down a lot and threatened her that she better not tell on them. Besides her bullying streak of the last couple of weeks, her report cards since starting junior high school last year have been far below what her mother was used to seeing her get in elementary school. Last year, she had Cs in Math, PE, Science, and Homec while she had Ds in English and Music and an F in English. Because of that, she had to take two English classes this year to make up for the F and that meant she only got to pick one elective, Art. Even now, her grades were not doing well. She had English 7th C English 8th D Math C History D Science C Homec C and Art B at the moment. It wasn't that everything was really that hard for her. She just didn't see the point of trying. At home, she never helped out. Even in her own room, she only picked up and made her bed when she planned to invite someone over so that they wouldn't see a mess in her room, but other than that, she would leave dirty cups all over the house from drinking something like milk or juice without even bringing them back to the kitchen, and she never took her own plate to the sink. She was just plain lazy at home, only doing her homework for school when her mom got on her and stayed on her until she was finished. If her mom left her for even a few minutes, she would be reading something she wanted to or doing something else unless she thought she'd get caught by her mother. Today, the bullying group had gone too far on Amy. They pushed her down when she asked to use the bathroom, and they had already denied her for a little too long anyway, and she ended up wetting her pants. While she was too scared to go straight to the principal's office to tell on them, a teacher caught her wet and made her go to the nurse, and with prodding and prompting that lasted almost the entire day, she finally reluctantly told on Nancy, who was the one that pushed her and then called her a baby for peeing her pants. Nancy was called from her seventh period class to see the principal, but the principal didn't see her right away. She made her wait until she could get her mom to come in, and that meant, she waited all seventh period until about five minutes before it ended before the principal had gotten the mom in the office, told her about how a group of girls was bullying Amy, and that her own daughter was the one to force Amy to wet her pants and then start calling her names on top of actually physcially assaulting her by pushing her down. Now, the office door finally opened, and Nancy was walking into the office to see what they wanted.
  21. Sonja, pronounced Son-ya, was a thirty-nine year old recently single mother with one daughter. Because of some idiot getting drunk and running into her husband's car a few months ago, they had had two months of touch and go hoping that Jim would recover, but he never did. Not only did he die, but because he was in the hospital for so long, the funds were quickly depleted that she had access to, and since the hospital bills were never fully covered, Jim's bank account was frozen so she couldn't touch it even though it was willed to her. Now, with money running near the bottom of the barrow, the hospitals and clinics that could take care of her daughter who had something very wrong with her being nowhere near the small town she lived at, and there being a lack of any work there, Sonja took a chance and moved her daughter to a bigger city hoping to find cheaper rent and a job. For now, though, it had been a week, and she still had not found any work, though that was not surprising since she had to be with her daughter all the time until she could put Michaela into school to look after her. Michaela could walk with very special crutches, but because she was growing, and the crutches were made for her almost a year before, she was outgrowing them, and that made it hurt sometimes when she used them. Not only that, but she needed special braces on her legs, which she was also outgrowing. When it got hard for her to walk, Sonja did have a folding wheelchair for her that she put her in when it was difficult for her to navigate certain areas by herself. Now, they were on their last dollar, and Sonja was almost out of ideas for a place to go. Then, by some lucky chance, she found that an old couple were renting out a guest house at a mere fifty dollars a month! She called them to find out about it, and by the stars, her luck continued and the old couple asked them to come and look it over for themselves. Sonja was not picky at all at this point because they were desperate. She took her daughter to the address that was given them, and soon found that this guest house was really just a one room place with enough space that it had a twin bed at one end and a kitchen table at the other end. Near the twin bed, there was also a television, and there was a small walk-in space that had a toilet to one side. They had access to a kitchen and to a bath if they knocked on the joining door that went to the rest of the house. Sonja quickly took them up on this gem of a find. While it was less convenient than Sonja would have liked, it was only fifty dollars a month, and she was not going to find any place that cheap anywhere else. The old couple also didn't take any deposit money when they realized how much she had left, and knew that she had a daughter to feed. Instead, they said she could help them out with the utilities later, after she got working. And this is where we start the story: "I'm sorry that I can't do better right now," Sonja apologized to Michaela. "But this is only until we can get on our feet. I have to see if I can find a job, and I can't really do that until you start school. We will check out the local school tomorrow to see about registering you, okay?"
  22. Gabrial is a happily married man in his late thirties. They have four beautiful but odd children. Though his kids can be odd he stoll loves them and could never hurt them and wants to make them happy. That's why he and his wife planned out a family trip. Which he'll remember after he gets his morning coffee. Dominic is the youngest in the family at only two years old. He's a happy little scamp who wants nothing more than to show that he's a big boy. He gets up ready willing and able to use the potty. He's on a roll going three days with no accidents and wants to keep it up. Gabriella or Gabby for short is the first born, but ar first glance you'd never be able to tell. She's seventeen years old but is treated like she's one. She has a nursery instead of a room wears diapers and baby dressed and even is breastfed by her mother. She helps out a little around the house still a little. Mostly just keep the other kids distracted and safe and what not
  23. Since I wear diapers almost every day (I take them off under some circumstances), my answer to this question is yes. What about you?
  24. Mel looked out of the window and sighed. She was bored. All of the meals were in the oven and there was nothing for her to do. She saw herself in the mirror off to the side, she was in her mid forties and had two children but that hadn't completely stole her beauty. She heard a bang and looked out of the window to investigate. It was just Jaxon, her youngest son,
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