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  1. Ordered the new little mermaid pull ups from wal-mart. the designs are super cute and hold a lot of potty suprisenly. Definitely check these out if you're a pull ups lover 😊
  2. 16-year-old Zelinda Seacrest is a vegetable, stuck in a coma for 11 years and counting. Her mother Zentroz is worried about the health of her daughter, hoping every day that she would awaken from her endless sleep. But unbeknownst to her mother, Zelinda's dreams have served as a wondrous, attractive, and nearly permanent destination since they began 11 years ago. A magical kingdom paradise born from her imagination, with Zelinda princess over it all. And with an imagination that has grown beyond her wildest dreams, Zelinda ventures to the surface of her subconscious, bringing her overactive imagination with her. Meanwhile, Zentroz grows restless with her husband Jonathan as they receive news of the moment that they were waiting for. A care-free Zelinda finally awakens, ready to experience the strange new world that awaits her. And with the kingdom in her mind, she slowly introduces it to her parents, before gradually growing homesick of her dream world again. The thought of the mysterious dream world that her daughter describes begins to worry Zentroz. And her daughter's growing attachment to it worries her even more. And as the days and weeks go by with Zelinda's numerous revisits to the land of her imagination, her daughter begins to change more and more. What was this mysterious land that she spent so much time in? Why does Zelinda keep becoming more and more different? Before any of Zentroz's questions could even be answered, Zelinda becomes as mysterious as the dream world that she first experienced in her coma and her parents begin to find themselves right in the middle of their daughter's fantasy world. Welcome to the kingdom born from imagination. Welcome to Zelinda's Garden. I. The Planting Chapter 1: Nowhere Zelinda Seacrest’s eyes looked so empty that you would believe that there’s nothing inside her. Her eyes never changed or moved. If you were to try to talk to her, you would clearly get no answer. All you would get is a glance of her dazed stupor. A robotic glance devoid of any real intelligence. Her hazel hair flowed down to her shoulders. Her face was lightly freckled with a couple areas of acne starting to form. Her left bra strap sagged over the v-neck of her sky-blue dress. Lacking any awareness, Zelinda continued to stare into nothing. While her own heartbeat proved that she was alive, Zelinda was nowhere to be found. She was sitting on a soft tan couch, with her neck hunched over. Her parents sat beside her, impatiently looking at their phones for the time. “When is he coming?” Jonathan said, staring up from his phone screen. “It’s three minutes after four! The doctor is three minutes late!” “Calm down, dear.” Zentroz said, patting her hand on his right shoulder. “Maybe she’s with another patient.” Zentroz gazed over at her teenage daughter and tucked the bra strap back into her dress. “There honey. I fixed it.” But Zelinda didn’t respond. She maintained her same blank stare as usual. “Why do you talk to her?” Jonathan said, sighing. “She is not even there!” “How do you know?” Zentroz asked him. “There might be something going on inside her. You don’t know!” “Do you still think that? She’s been like this for 11 years!” Zentroz took the defensive. “Maybe so, but she’s still my daughter and I want to talk to her. Isn’t that right, Zelinda dear?” She waved her hands up and down over Zelinda’s eyes, which remained still. Zentroz could remember the last time that her daughter was normal. It was just a few days after Zelinda’s fifth birthday, in the year 2043. Zentroz was putting her daughter to bed. “No mommy!” she cried. “Tell me more of the story!” Zentroz held the book shut and smiled. “Don’t want to ruin the surprise, dear. You’ll hear some more tomorrow night, okay?” She leaned over her daughter’s bed and nuzzled her nose over her daughter’s face. “I love you, dear.” Zelinda gave her mother a look of curiosity. “Mommy?” “Yes dear?” she asked, staring into her eyes. “Am I a princess, like the story you told me?” Zentroz waved her hand on her daughter’s face like a magic wand. “You are, dear. You’re a beautiful princess.” Zelinda’s face lit up and she began to smile. “Look at me, mommy! I’m a princess!” Zentroz nodded, giving her daughter a very excited face. “You are! Good night, dear!” She kissed her daughter goodnight and left the room. During that night, something strange started to happen. Zelinda quickly fell asleep and was filled with the dreams from all the stories that her mother told her. Stories about beautiful princesses and heroic princes to rescue them. Fond memories of all the playtime that she had during that day. Then it happened. In the morning, Zelinda stopped. Her face gave a blank stare, which has remained unchanged to this day. Wherever Zelinda went that one night, she never wanted to come back. The doctor finally came in and shook both Zentroz’s and Jonathan’s hand. Dr. Julia Prost greeted her patient with a warm smile. “How’s Zelinda today?” Zelinda gave her usual response, giving her a blank and emotionless stare. Dr. Prost nodded. “Fine as usual, I would guess?” She adjusted her glasses and gave Zentroz a serious stare. “I know that you want to see your daughter back in the right mind. Do you mind if we run some more tests on her again?” Jonathan sighed. “What difference would that make? You have done this every month for years!” Dr. Prost gave Jonathan a sharp stare. “Yes, I know. But what else can we do? There might be something else that we can find out about her. Something that might get you your daughter back.” Zentroz elbowed Jonathan and smiled at the doctor. “Oh, we would love that! Wouldn’t you want that, honey?” Jonathan nodded. “Yes, I would, but we’ve been down this road for about 11 years now. Do you really think that this would make any difference?” “Yes!” she sharply responded. “I think that it would make a lot of difference! Let’s just do what the doctor says. Okay?” She looked back at the doctor and nodded. “Go ahead and take her. If you have any questions regarding her, they’re all going to be the same as last time. Just to save you the time.” Dr. Prost nodded. “That’s fine. And that’s also why we would like to run some more tests on her. Just asking the same questions and trying all the same things as before isn’t going to change anything. All we can do is run some more tests. Maybe we can reach her this time.” “I hope!” Zentroz said with a smile. Dr. Prost held Zelinda by the hand and led her outside the room to the lobby with Zentroz and Jonathan following. Some other specialists were standing there, ready to take Zelinda. Zentroz’s smile faded when she saw the specialists guiding Zelinda down the hallway. “Leave her to us.” Dr. Prost said, giving her a reassuring smile. I’ve trained the new staff so they’ll know what to do with her. I’ll keep a good eye on her, okay?” Zentroz nodded. “Okay. Let’s go home, honey!” Zentroz and Jonathan left, leaving Zelinda to the doctors. The doctors ran all the usual tests on Zelinda, but the results were the same as last time. By that time, it was evening, so they placed her in one of the hospital beds. Zelinda’s blank stare retired for the day. Her eyelids drooped shut and she fell asleep. *** Zelinda watched as her mother tucked her in. That was a wonderful story. She wanted to hear more and how it turned out. Where did the princess go? What land did she travel to next? Maybe she’ll tell me more if I ask her… But the mother closed the book. Zelinda, now crushed, started to cry. “No mommy!” she whined. “Tell me more of the story!” But the mother just stood there, holding the book in her hands. Zelinda glanced at the book and frowned. If only I could get that book! Maybe mommy tell me just a little more…” “Don’t want to ruin the surprise, dear,” she told her. Zelinda’s tears were erased when she heard the word “surprise”. What? Surprise? Where? Zelinda glanced around, trying to find where the surprise was. “You’ll hear some more tomorrow night, okay?” Zelinda glanced at the book that was out of her grasp. Tomorrow? I can’t wait until tomorrow! Please let it be soon! Pleeeease? She felt the nuzzling of her mother’s nose against hers. Oh, I love it when mommy does that! I hope that she kisses me too! “I love you, dear,” the mother warmly told her. Zelinda then thought of the story that she just heard again. That princess in that story…Is that me? Maybe mommy knows! Mommy knows everything… “Mommy?” she said with great eagerness. The mother stared deeply into Zelinda’s eyes. “Yes dear?” Zelinda began to smile even more. “Am I a princess, like the story you told me?” She watched her mother wave her hand on her face. It’s a magic wand! She’s turning me into a princess! “You are, dear.” The mother told Zelinda. “You’re a beautiful princess.” Zelinda smiled very brightly. She closed her eyes, imagining her beauty. She then opened her eyes. “Look at me, mommy! I’m a princess!” The mother nodded and smiled widely at Zelinda. “You are! Good night, dear!” Zelinda glanced at her mother, who gave her a very nice kiss on the cheek. There we go! She didn’t forget! Yay! After the mother left the room, Zelinda’s eyes became heavy. When she opened her eyes, she was in a magical land. She got out of her royal bed and glanced out of the window. She was in a beautiful castle on top of a very high hill. When she saw the view, her royal chamber, and her royal princess gown, she sighed with ecstasy. “Wow!” she squealed. “I really am a beautiful princess! “I never want to leave this kingdom! Ever!” And that is just what happened. Since the night she dreamt that dream, she has remained princess of her very own kingdom. All while her body continued to age day by day from the outside. While her mother was worrying about her vegetative state, she was having the time of her life, living every one of her days as a beautiful princess in a land of her very own. *** Eleven years has passed since Zelinda began the wonderful journey to her very own kingdom. Every day played out exactly as the day before. Her mother the queen would tell her that one day, the land would be hers. Everything that she could see outside the window of her castle would belong to her. Zelinda, still five years old, squealed as she played with her royal blocks. She stacked the blocks to make a royal castle of her own. Looking out of the castle, she frowned. “Mommy, can we make the castle bigger?” Right after she said that, the castle grew to exactly the size that she wanted. “Yay!” She got to her feet and ran around all the new rooms that she made in her now bigger castle. When she entered the throne room, she went and sat on the throne. “Mommy?” she asked. The queen immediately appeared. “Yes dear?” “Can I be ruler now?” she asked her. Right after she asked her, a crown appeared on her head. “You are, dear!” she told Zelinda. “You rule everything!” Zelinda smiled. “I do!” All of a sudden, Zelinda suddenly remembered the story that her mother promised that she would tell her. She glanced at the queen. “Can you tell me the story now?” The queen looked at her in confusion. “What story do you want me to tell you?” Zelinda smiled. “You know! The princess story!” The queen nodded and smiled. “You’re already a princess. What story do you want to hear?” Zelinda frowned and began to pout. “You don’t know the story. I wanna hear the story!” A portal appeared and Zelinda saw it. Wow! A flashing thing! If I go through it, will mommy tell me the story? Zelinda ran eagerly through the portal and went through it, her very own kingdom vanishing behind her…
  3. I have posted this on my Patreon for some time now, and have decided to start publishing each chapter a month elsewhere. I’ve found this story to be one of my better stories I’ve written thus far. I hope you can enjoy the golden apple I’ve worked hard on! Vampers Halloween Trial A Diapered Fantasy By Takumi41 Chapter 1 The Vampire’s Lore This world is filled with many beings. Small as a tiny lily, giant as the trees in a forest. Animals roaming the plains, humans dancing down the streets. However, this world doesn’t just have mere mortals that exist. A parallel world houses what humans consider “monsters.” These monsters can be beasts, witches, and even vampires. Though these monsters may seem scary, they do not chase after humans. In fact, the majority of them live in isolation. I can tell you that is the truth because I am one of these “monsters.” With enhanced physical abilities and sharp fangs, I am a vampire. My name is Viki, and I’m a twelve-year-old vampire girl. Growing up as a vampire on this side of the world hasn’t been difficult. As I mentioned before, with isolation, vampires normally don’t socialize. So, for all these twelve years, I’ve lived, I haven’t talked with a single human once. But I have always given it a serious thought and still wonder why we never do socialize with them. If I could, I would change that. That has been something I’ve dreamed about ever since I was younger. As a vampire, I do have sharp fangs. So as a precaution, I’m pretty good at not showing my teeth to give it away. Unlike many beliefs there are of our kind, we vampires do not bite living beings to suck their blood. In fact, we don’t drink blood at all. Another misconception is that we don’t shapeshift into other forms either. Despite our fangs, we don’t have many differences from the others, including humans. We get up at the same time, study, eat the same things and play. I suppose one of our significant differences, besides remaining reclusive, is that we have unusual abilities. The magical energy within us can be harnessed into many different shapes and forms. As well as being utilized for many tasks to make them more manageable. Being part of the vampires, we have chosen to live away from the other beings in our world. This world being Earth—a planet that has two sides to it. One we often call the “Main” world or even “Human” world. The other is where I was born, the “Alter” world. The Alter world is a different realm than the Main one, where many differences can be spotted. Such as the living beings that reside there. Even with our differences from humans, I lay awake with the sun’s beam through my window. Blinking my eyes, I feel a set of damp sheets under my white knee-length nightgown. Its scent drifting about the room. I, Viki, a twelve-year-old vampire, lay awake, finding my bed wet. Sighing to myself, I cannot believe what has happened. I’m a twelve-year-old girl and a vampire, no less! I shouldn’t be wetting my bed! I scratch the scalp below my long ash-colored blonde hair before blinking my azure eyes a few times. Still, a wet bed is below me, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Getting out of bed, I stepped in front of my mirror. The mirror had a floral design on the wooden edges that belonged to an older generation in my family. But here I was, looking at myself—a big wet stain on my nightgown. Brushing my hair with my fingers, I sigh to myself, glaring into the bright blue eyes. Though this is the third wet bed in a row, I know I have to bring my sheets to the wash as soon as I get up. My parents called me out for not letting them know right away on the first day I had the accident. With that in mind, I began the process of striping the white sheets off the bed and taking the pink blanket off my bed. This bed had a valence decorated in a floral pattern—a bed that shouldn’t have been wet. Holding the needed to wash materials, I turned towards the door to my room. Passing by an ornately carved round table with a large novel on top, I marched out of my room through the wooden door. Stepping out, I was greeted by a long hallway with several other rooms. Of course, the bathroom was to the left, but it wasn’t needed now in my current state. I could sense there should be no one down the path. Pillowing through the hallway, I exit into a four-way path of hallways. Pictures lined on the walls, along with short tables with vases filled with flowers. The laundry room which I was seeking was straight across from the hall that my room was in. Through an antique-looking wooden door at the end of the hall led to a room with white walls. Several washing machines and driers were placed in. This was the goal I intended to reach with my sheets—the laundry room. A woman with black hair, a navy-blue collared knee-length dress with a white apron stood looking at me. She was one of our current maids to assist in our daily lives. Not to mention one I could trust with my current predicament. The maid swiftly took hold of the sheets I currently held and put them in the nearby empty washer. “I see the problem still persists, my lady,” the maid spoke with a curtsy. “Unfortunate, but that does seem to be the case,” I sighed. “Thanks for your help, Miranda.” “Of course, you can count on me to help lady Viki!” Miranda replied enthusiastically. However, her look of enthusiasm vanished into a head tilt. “Should I make mentions to the headmistress?” The “headmistress” Miranda was referring to was my mother. Though it could make my life easier, I already made my decision the second I arose from my chambers. “No, I chose to make her aware of the dilemma myself.” “Ah, quite mature, I see,” Miranda smirked. “Well, if you’d require my assistance, do give me a call. Perhaps I can help you change from the current attire?” Looking down showcased the wet-stained knee-length white nightgown with some details around the skirt. It was clear I should have changed out of them. “Nah, I prefer to showcase the evidence,” I twirled my hand in the air. “Alright, well, I wish you the best of luck. Oh, I should tell you she’s in the main hall right now.” “Thanks, Miranda. I shall go reveal the truth to my mother now then. Though, I’m not sure how to get her alone…” “Ah, here, let me assist you with that.” After making her statement, Miranda wrapped me with a pink blanket. “This should hide you from the others from knowing.” I smiled, looking up to her calm crimson eyes, “Thanks!” With a quick wave and an exchange of curtsy’s, I exited the laundry. The main hall was several more corridors and stairs down to reach. This was currently the most enormous estate mansion my family-owned. Even though it wasn’t as big as our primary home, I still found it rather pleasant. This estate served its purposes rather well to my family every year around this time—of October. Once I reached the mansion's main hall, I could spot a woman with a full-length navy-blue dress. This dress had floral embroidery on the collar, a pair of sleeves that streamed below the waist, blonde hair well below her shoulders—my charming mother. My mother was currently directing a few of our maids on how to “decorate” the place. At least, how to decorate it to her vision. The decoration was getting prepared for the month’s event in October—Halloween. Unlike humans having a spooky atmosphere with cobwebs, tombstones, and monsters, we vampires dapper the location with silky white drapes and celebratory flowers. There are other kinds of accessories that go into play. Still, it goes into our celebration of Halloween that vastly differs from mere mortals. Clamoring my way towards the top of the regal rug-covered stairs, my mother looked in my direction. I was glad she did too, as any closer, and I’m sure the maids would be able to smell my accident. “Well, good morning, sweetheart,” My mother exposed her fanged smile. However, she looked at the current attire. “I see you haven’t prepared yourself for the day…and possibly a dilemma?” I looked towards her, then to the side. “Yeah…about that.” My mother turned to look at the maids, “Um, can you wait for us while we talk in private.” With no rebuttal, my mother swiftly jaunted up the stairs, took my hand to the nearby room to the right while the pink sheet drifted along the floor. This white textured door had carvings of a dragon placed over the exterior—fitting for the main hall entrance. Behind the expensive door was a table in the center with floral decorations at the corners. It was not the prettiest room in the estate, but used for conversation with lesser individuals. Closing the door behind her, my mother took a deep breath. “I see you had another accident during the night.” The thought of it brought overflowing mist steam in my eyes, “Yeah…I’m actually worried, mother…” Unable to hold back, I leaped into my mother's arms, escaping the blanket around me. “This is my third accident in a row…But I’m a vampire…a princess no less! This is absolutely unbecoming of me!” Tears began flowing down my eyes. Before I could speak anymore, my mother brushed my hair. “Shh. Shh. It's okay. Everything’s okay! I know the issue brings about a sour taste, but I know it won’t persist forever. There’s an abundance of girls your age who soil themselves at night. This isn’t anything to worry over.” “But…I’m a princess!” I barked back with tears. “That doesn’t matter. Every girl has a set of hardships to overcome—that includes princesses. So, you don’t need to worry over something this meek. But if it troubles you so, lean into me longer. For no matter your status as a princess, queen, or common girl, you will always be my precious little gem! Now let your mother shred those fears of yours.” The instance her grasp ensnared me tight, a pleasant sensation quaked within my tiny frame. I attempted to exchange the same snare. “It’ll all be okay. Mother loves you obsessively. Just soothe into my arms, and everything will be just.” I closed my eyes, grasping my mother tight. Her grasp relocated below my waist, and she held onto my petite bottom. Not realizing the full extent my mother did, I grew closer to her heartbeat. Laying up against her delicate chest, I curled my body—almost fetal. My mother's soft fragrance and hums were the only thing I could sense from my keen observations. Opening my eyes once more, I perceived my location had changed. Mother caressed me to a nearby chair, holding me tight in her arms. Despite me having grown from my infantile stage in life, this was something I’d always cling to. My love for my mother flourished, and it persistently shows. If I ever needed my troubles to melt, my mother would sacrifice to make it so. This care she has done so openly in the past earned her the title of “nurture queen.” Despite wanting to grow up, it always warmed my heart even at this age. Though, we only hug in private locations like this due to our status. “I’m sorry for having you do this for me…” I glanced downwards. “Please, it warms me to hold you,” My mother smiled. “So, think nothing of it as long as you feel better.” “Okay!” I beamed in her direction. “Can I stay like this a little longer, mommy?” “Of course you can.” “Hehe, yay…” Closing my eyes once again, I curled my legs to an even superior angle. With one hand still clasped around my mother, I wrapped my legs with my open hand—thus entering a fetal position. The short hums my mother presented warmed my body. Once I felt fully calmed down, I reopened my eyes once more. Leaning up, I hopped off her lap. “Feeling better, hon?” My mother questioned. “Yup!” I landed with a twirl. “That’s good then. I was beginning to worry if it was affecting you. The last couple of days, it took us by surprise. Even though you seemed fine, I still worried about how you were processing it. Given how the mood vastly changed, I smiled at how informal our private conversation moved. “Yeah, it still bothers me, but not as much now.” “That’s good, just remember, even though you are a princess, accidents happen to the best of us. Though, I won’t deny it…it doesn’t happen to many vampires…” “Wait…what?” I felt stunned. “That doesn’t matter though, you’re our special little princess!” My mother quickly hugged me. “Hehe.” “Well, let us not worry about it for the rest of the day, alright. But if it does happen again, we might need to consider a solution.” “Okay, I agree to that.” It was true. The notion was pointless to ponder about. Despite the idea of what “fixing” the problem could entail, we’ll just have to cross that bridge. “Alright, hon, you should get yourself ready for the day,” My mother scanned my nightgown. I did question the possibility my mother did wonder why I was still wearing the same soiled clothes, but it seemed she didn’t care. The only thought to care about was my well-being. “I can reason with that notion. Probably a good thing too, because I kind of need to go potty now.” The urge didn’t really show itself as I was contently laying in my mother's arms, but a notion of desperation took form. Clasping my legs together, I put my right hand on top of my stained nightgown to hold the best I could. “A good thing indeed. Otherwise, I might be wiping my daughter’s urine off the floor. And I’d have to change my pristine clothes.” “Yeah, I almost took a nap too…” “If you had, I’d most likely be getting Miranda with a mop bucket about now then.” She gave me a devilish smirk showcasing her fully grown fangs. “Haha yeah, well, if you’ll excuse me then.” “Have a good bath, sweetie! I’ll have the maids prepare us breakfast in the meantime, so take your time, okay.” “Okay,” I walked up to the door. “One last thing, mommy,” I started dancing in place. “Yes, Viki?” “Hehe, I love you!” I beamed before scurrying out the door without waiting for a response. I didn’t believe I had it in me to reach the bathroom I would be performing my bath in, so I stopped at the nearest one. Sitting on the porcelain throne, I began to relieve myself. Thinking to myself, I am a twelve-year-old vampire princess, relieved to have made it and not an accident on my mother's lap. Once finished, I flushed the toilet of my waste, closing up the pitstop with a wash of my hands. Now that I could sigh in relief that I didn’t fail to keep the current attire clean a second time, I proceeded towards the area my room was located. The bathroom of my preferred tub was located over in that location. Within the same hall of my room, which door was currently closed, I continued to the end of the hall. Turning the handle led to a bathroom, which walls were covered by a pastel blue, a taque flooring (similar to marble), and small bird creature designs depicting a snazu throughout. Although the bathroom design seemed more of a childish feature, I mainly have fawn memories of it. The bathroom was about half the size of my room. A wall divided the portion with the toilet and bathtub. A double vanity across from the tub made it fun to change which side to use each day. But the critical part was the tub that was built for someone the size of my mother. So, no matter how much I’d grow, I’d always be able to enjoy a pleasantly warm bath in this bathroom. Without a moment's hesitation, I turned the handles for warm water fill the tub. Stripping off the dried wasted clothes, I look in the cabinet under the sink. Once I find the pink bottle, I procure it with a fanged grin. With a naked skip in the air, I opened the bottle above the tub. Pouring a fair bit of the bottle's contents out into the tub as its levels rose up caused a bubble effect to take place. A bubble bath of this nature helped me calm down with the assistance of the aromatherapy scents to be sprayed. The sprays occurred through motion, so once I would get in, a soothing aroma would be gently poured into the atmosphere. It was similar to having a candle, though my parents didn’t trust me with fire, even near an open source of water. Turning the handles once more the other way caused the water to stop pouring from the faucet. Stepping into the pleasantly warm water with a smile, a relaxing scent blew my direction. Soaking my hair under the water as my fingers felt the bubbles, I felt far better than I did before. No maids would come to aid us in cleaning up, given that was not a duty we had given them. As a vampire, we prefer to take things into our own hands. Plus, it would take away from the relaxing atmosphere under the presence of someone else. Or so that’s what my mother always told me when I asked in the past. Finishing up this lengthy soothing soak, I unplug the drain. As the water level slowly sank, I rose up out of the tub. Hoisting a pure white towel made with a soft fabric made for royals, I proceed to dry myself off. Wrapping the towel around myself, I find myself ready for the next step in the daily routine. Following my earlier tracks outside the door, I take a detour into my room. If the day were to present itself like any other, well besides my nightly accident, I should find a set of clothes prepared for me in my room. Pushing open the door, I found as I would have expected—a clean set of clothes picked out from the maids hand-picked by my own style. Even though we do not have maids assisting us through our daily needs such as bathing, they still help straighten things out, like getting our clothes battle-ready. Although, I am the final say in the style they choose. For this current time, I have set the type to be cute. I choose this style, as I admire the kinds of clothes they’ve picked out for it. In the current case, I see laid in front of me a silky dress. This white knee-length dress is slightly different from your average dress. The top part has a collar with a sash tied around the chest with a similar pair of sleeves that my mother had. For the bottom half had frills at the hem. Lastly, a couple of comfy black leggings followed by white undergarments that have a cute little black ribbon. If the clothing were a bit trickier to put together, a maid would stay behind to assist us in putting the equipment on—typically Miranda. However, that doesn’t appear to be so for this case. So, I begin the equipment process by dropping my towel. Once I finished equipping the dress, it drooped an inch below my knees. Admiring the frills at the hem, I find myself excited how today’s outfit turned out. Stepping into the regal floral mirror in my room, I take a good look as I turn and twist my body to view at different angles. Smiling with my fangs, I am delighted at today’s choice of clothing. However, my hair wasn’t in the best of shape, given it was still wet. So, I scoop the towel I used and head back over to the bathroom. Back in the bathroom, I step in front of the mirror to locate a nearby brush and hairdryer. I could call for a maid or even my mother to do this for me, but I felt the need to be a big girl since my recent accident. After I’d finish this procedure, I would have an excellent breakfast to look forward to. Now that I have been prepared, I continued out the bathroom doors down the main hallway I used before. Near the main hall on the ground floor was a corridor with a set of doors leading to my next destination. With our family now up and battle-ready for the day, we could proceed our breakfast operation. Opening up the regal wooden door leads to a set of decorated white-clothed tables with a vase of colorful flowers to the right. Gorgeous glass ornaments hanging effulgent from the ceiling. A large circular table with a white cloth covering is placed at the center. Elegantly crafted chairs resting against the table for guests to enjoy. As well as my mother and a well-dressed vampire-man with dark hair. They noticed my presence and turned my way with a fanged smile. Returning their kind expression, I endured up to my mother to take my seat between her and the male vampire. First looking up to my mother, then I look over to the man who is my kind father giving both of them a warm smile. Now that I had taken my seat, we could proceed to the main dishes for our breakfast. The family I sat next to is the current queen and king of all vampires within our nation. Much like other monarchs that exist within the world, the royal family's blood is passed on. Royal blood runs through the veins of our current king—my father. Our kind never took much the interest of inbreeding to keep the royalty “pure,” so the majesty would always be looking for lovers as they grew up. According to the story, my mother tells me how the two of them got together on a starry night. They had known each other for several years and supported one another but didn’t have romantic feelings at first. “Until that starry night,” my mother would say with a giggle ending the story. Despite not knowing the exact details, I ended up coming about the world due to the two of them which I am grateful for. Perhaps one day I’ll get to know, but I am happy to be their daughter for now. Being their daughter would mean that the royal blood runs through me—much like my liquids at night. That would have me be the royal princess. Unlike other princesses, our kind has been protective of each individual’s decision since ancient times. Thus, the princess in our kingdom wouldn’t be marketed off to another country just to “strengthen the countries ties.” The thought of it disgusts me. Having my decision being respected would mean if I desired a different path than royalty, I can pursue it. However, my parents and other relatives love saying how I’m the spitting image of the very revered Kassandra. Kassandra was one of our very early empresses who saved our kind from being forced into slavery by other beings. Supposedly her famous quote is “love our surroundings, but perish not.” Though no matter how many times I look over at her portrait, I can’t find the similarities. I mean, sure, we have the same hair color and eyes…not to mention I completely agree with that quote. To appreciate everyone for who they are, but to care for our kind first before moving into agreements with the other species was more or less how I perceived it. Given this comparison has had me a little troubled to figure out my path for my own future. “Now that I have my two favorite girls at the table,” my father began to speak. “We can discuss a short bit of these upcoming days. As I’m sure you are aware, Halloween is coming soon, and that will mean I’ll be busy into the late evening.” He looked towards me and gave a bright expression. “Of course, I will always make myself available at our usual time.” By “usual time,” he was referring to the time he instructs me. As a princess and a vampire, I do not go to any kind of institution for schooling. At least the leading vampires have voted against it. “I have plans in the process currently in the works as well,” my mother spoke up. At this point, they continued to explain their business relations with the government board and cabinet members. This had been a process I have come accustomed to given my twelve years of being a princess. Though it always sounded like a lot of work went into each Halloween. Unlike the mortals who would dress up as fowl creatures to greet each doorstep with a demand for sweets, we vampires send our proper respects and thanks to those before us. Such a tradition was put into place closer to a thousand years back. Back in those times, vampires were relegated to the shadows just for how different we were despite the majority of us only trying to mind our own business. That was till a group of vampires banded together and eventually formed their own civilization outside. Thanks to their efforts, we can live in comfort, isolated from the disasters that sprung from others. Hidden from human knowledge, Halloween is only an adopted term from us. From what I have studied about this holiday, humans did stumble on a ceremony in the process. Those humans took that knowledge, ignorant that it was a group of vampires, and spread information to others. The following year, it began as a pagan tradition as some means to celebrate spirits. However, their Christian churches didn’t approve of this belief. They began spreading treats at their doorsteps to the youth to prevent them from participating. The church had a lot of success in this and shut down the pagan ritual. Despite it being shut down, the idea was continuously passed down. Eventually, the great depression hit America, which caused the idea to cause mischief in most youth. Given the problem it was causing, they ultimately gave the kids treats at the doorsteps once again. A tradition they adopted from miscued beliefs long before that belonged to us—Halloween. “With Halloween approaching,” I began to voice myself. “I wanted to experience the traditions human children would perform.” After I voiced my desire, silence filled the room. I understood my wish was like a comet in chances, but it was still one I desired fulfilled. As we vampires have grown to recluse away from other societies, we trade with them. We’ve only grown better at hiding these years, and something inside me just didn’t like that, though. A heavy sigh escaped from my father, “You know very well that we cannot interact with their kind. Especially the history our kind has endured. I’m sure you’re also aware of how terrible they treat themselves! How the woman of their kind have suffered through so many hardships and the discrimination just based on one’s own skin!” I began to pout, “But they have changed their ways long since then. It's only our stubbornness that keeps us from changing. Plus, I thought it could be a start to show the government and our people those changes!” Hmph! I remember hearing you say something similar to that too! We continue to glare at each other till we hear my mother clearing her throat. “W-well, regardless of this matter, your father and I will be unavailable for some time. So, we will have to leave you to the care of our maids once again.” I exhaled a heavy sigh, “Sigh, again. I thought you’d think about a different possibility for me this year.” “I’m sorry, sweetie,” My father stated solemnly. “I know you don’t like being in the care by our maids, but it isn’t like we have many other options.” My mother looked at me with a sour expression, “You know our maids would be just like hiring a sitter anyways. Plus, I thought you were close with Miranda?” “I-I am! I thought I was grown enough to be left alone, though,” I puffed. “B-but…sigh,” my father wrinkled his brow. “Look, we’ll think about this later, alright. We can enjoy our meal then and begin your studies for the day.” “Alright,” I gave in. It wasn’t something I felt pleased with for the idea. Still, my options didn’t seem very existent besides being left with the maids. Although I did feel alright with them here and helping out whenever it just didn’t feel right without my parents being present. With breakfast taken care of, I could now begin my daily studies. As a princess, I was homeschooled—through with the best education to offer. A majority of vampires were often homeschooled, though. Not many public schools existed for us to gather to, as generally there wasn’t enough of our kind to fit that demand. The fertility rate of vampires had been relatively stagnant for many centuries. Still, I suppose it’d make sense for our kind, given we do tend to live longer than the average mortal. The first subject I would tackle today would be mana harnessing. However, it was specialized to my physique. Unlike other vampires who typically graduated harnessing in their elementary days, I was a particular case. The mana inside me was far refined in comparison—thus, I had a more substantial capacity for mana usage. Granted the subject field had sparse research available for proper instructors, it would fall to my father to instruct me. From what I’m aware of, mana is generally genetic. Which would mean my father should also have a higher capacity than the average vampire. However, it sometimes can be spontaneous and unpredictable. So, it's generally genetic to a certain degree of percentage. My father first taught me that I was a unique case when it came to a vampire’s mana. Even though the royal family is lucky in children rich in mana, I was essentially an absurdly large diamond. Not yet refined, but no value could compare. Hence when we had instructors try to teach me at a young age, they would all abandon their position due to a lack of understanding my physique. Thus, due to no other vampire being able to visualize my being, my father decided to be my instructor and made sure to cut enough time for it. The best suitable location for harnessing mana is in a peaceful environment. So, our typical classroom was in the green room located in the back of the mansion. Many colorful flowers flourished alongside the greenest trees the world could witness. The half-dome shape was covered in window paneling to give a fantastic view outside. This room had a spectacular view at night when the moon sparkled through. Taking our seats in comfy outdoor seating arrangements, my father and I would begin the instructions. “Alright, sweetie, before we begin, let us meditate,” My father stated. This was a widespread routine I had been accustomed to. The meditation was to assist in harnessing one’s own state. At least that’s what I was told. Sitting with my legs crossed on top of each other, I put my hands together, closing my eyes. Slowly breathing in through my nose—witnessing many gorgeous scents around me before exhaling out my fanged mouth. A tranquil feeling came to me. “That should be enough for meditation. Now let us proceed with today’s procedure,” My dad stood up. My eyes opened up and followed in suit. “Today, I think you are ready to graduate to the next stage.” “Oh really?” I felt shocked. It was about a couple of years back before my father stated something similar and when our subject field changed. I’m still unsure what the importance of all that I had learned was, but my father tells me I have a pure talent for it. “Yup, as a matter of fact, you’re getting close to surpassing your father,” he said with a pleased expression. “It wasn’t till my late teens for when I got to this stage. So, it has me very pleased to see how much progress you can make this early on. As a father, it has me undoubtedly happy, and as a vampire, I am curious to see where you might go.” “I see…” I said, blushing away. The sudden praise felt very good, but I tried my best to contain it. “What will we be covering now?” “Well, as we have covered the subjects of harnessing your mana, circulation, and the idealization stages, it’s now time for you to learn how to harness it in other means.” Hearing the term had me perk my ears in interest for what it could mean. “So, for today’s first lecture will be about self-defense. But I first wanted to mention that your mother and I are both on the fence about you learning this. As we always want to be there for you, is there really a means to teach you self-defense? That was when I recalled my old instructor and retainer.” The term “retainer” stuck out to me, as I remember the old gentle Frederick. He was a kind man that I came to love, and I called him my uncle. However, he passed on many years back when I was still relatively young. Those tears I had I still remember to this day. “Well, Frederick once told me that even though I may be royalty, would that mean I shouldn’t have a need to learn self-defense? But that would only weaken me to becoming an easier target. If I wanted to be defended at all times, at least the self-dense, I know would be there for me in dire times. It was through this teaching that had your mother, and I change our minds. So, with this teaching in mind, we can at least sleep easy that you can manage by yourself when the time comes.” “Ah, that does sound like uncle Fred!” I smiled with my fangs peaking. “But I’ll do my best that I can!” “That’s my girl! Now for today’s first lecture will be about putting something to sleep…” The lecture and technique went on for about an hour before we stopped for the day. With a pleased smile, my father leads me back to my study room, where I would begin studying other subjects. Though the latter half of our instructions for self-defense, I couldn’t help but think about being able to spend time with mortals once again. I couldn’t help muttering “if only there was some way,” out loud. But he left me within the study, hoping me a good rest the day before sitting in meetings for the day. I’ve once had several tutors come through to make sure I’m on a topic only to find I was advanced from where I should be. Thus, I’d continue to make progress on my own. *** Several more hours of studying go by before I could call it a day, thus closing the book with a clump. Now that I have finished all my studying, I could proceed through the day with my hobbies. The current hobbies in mind were reading and playing with my dolls. I know I was a bit old for playing with my dolls, but the process of imagination and how cute the dolls were constructed always had me returning for more. As for the stories I enjoyed reading, I can’t help but admit I’m a stickler for princess novels. It's kind of embarrassing to admit that I, a princess enjoyed reading about other princesses. Though the kind I read about is more fairy-tale related. Where the princess becomes trapped, and a handsome prince slays a dragon to save them. Such romance I couldn’t help but admire. But I’ll sometimes lie, saying I like to read only about vampire mysteries. Despite my enjoyment, the thoughts about another soiled bed remain in my head. Would I wake up with another wet bed? Was I severely different from a vampire? Was there something wrong with me? I couldn’t help but be somewhat afraid for my future. However, I could only hope there was at least some way I’d be able to bridge past the vampire’s issues of the outside world.
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    I am a sissy boy who likes girly pink and princesses. Sometimes need to be reprimanded. Love to rp.
  5. Hi everyone, Just wanted to share a link I found with some really cute wallpaper murals! Disney Princesses Mural I found it while looking for ways to decorate our spare bedroom at home. My partner (who I haven't told about my little side explicitly) actually suggested it as a nice space to unwind and forget about adult problems. He wants to fill it with everything soft, fluffy and plush. He thinks he might be multiple and has a little girl in his collective that likes pink, princesses, cartoons, plushies (especially unicorns) and soft things and clothes. It's strange that he feels so similar to me, and I've been worrying about how to tell him I think I'm a little. I was so shocked that I didn't say anything about me being a little and just accepted him telling me. But I plan to tell him this week! So we're getting a room for little space. I know I want a mural and a princess canopy bed and a soft fluffy carpet. And I'm getting a giant 6ft teddy too! I'm so excited!!! I just had to tell someone! Emily
  6. Heyo My name is Emily and I am ... this . . . . . Year old. Im super new to this world and not even sure how much into it. For me, this isn't a sexual thing, but more of a way of feeling safe and imprinting that feeling in my brain. I wish to have two mommy's, but one is also ok. And a sister maybe..
  7. When Princess Seraphina's father gets remarried to the Queen of the neighbouring kingdom, Seraphina finally has a new mother. What she doesn't know is that Seraphina, at age 20, is
  8. http://www.cooshietooshiez.com is now open and available to take orders for Rearz products shipping from the USA which means DISCREET SHIPPPING.
  9. I've been an AB/LG for the last ten years. I used to be very active on SissyKiss under the name Fairybelle. I love Princesses and frilly clothes, but hesitate to call myself a Sissy because I'm uncomfortable with the bondage/sexual connotations of the word. I enjoy the feelings of comfort and innocence wearing diapers and little girl clothes provides.
  10. Hi everyone, i am Cat , i live in palm springs CA
  11. I'm a new Daddy looking for a sweet little princess to baby online. I have experience changing diapers both wet and messy. We could RP or just talk about how our days are going. If you want someone to take care of you, I am your guy.
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    princess print adult training pants / pull up: [url="http://stores.ebay.com.au/AB-DL-Store-for-Aussies?_rdc=1"]http://stores.ebay.com.au/AB-DL-Store-for-Aussies?_rdc=1[/url]
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