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  1. Here is the first chapter of my brand new Diaper Dimension/LittleFallenVerse ABDL story - Little in Love 2! The sequel you've all be looking forward to, and also my tenth story! Following on from the events of Little in Love 2 and Love in Dimensions, this story follows our adorable couple, Olivia and Charlotte, as they face the difficulties of Liv being in the public eye whilst she runs for a seat in the next election. Expect lots of fun, lots of cute moments, lots of mean cliffhangers, and lots of familiar faces. Its just more of the first story, and I hope you enjoy it! It will be shorter than Little in Love 1, at around my usual story length (40ish chapters), but it'll still be just as exciting (hopefully!). Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Due to the issues surrounding Patreon and our community, I will no longer be posting early access chapters to my Patreon. It is currently paused with no-one being billed, and I am currently in the process of finding a new home for my stories. I'll also be working on new tiers and pricing more so there may be other benefits for supporting my writing. I'll keep people updated once I've made some progress. Also, please link to my stories rather than posting them as files when sharing with others! Chapter 1: Run, Liv, Run! Little in Love 2 – LittleFallenPrincess I dropped my bag as I ran for my life. Sure, it contained my whole life. My ID, my purse, my keys, my stuffies, everything except my phone; which I had given to my wife. But I was not going to allow myself to be caught. Not today. Not ever. I know what these people do to people like me. And I was not going to allow that to happen to me. I would rather be dead. I ran as hard as I could through the dimly lit corridor, pushing my still slightly unfit 5’10 body to its limits. Turns out those limits are pretty low when you don’t exercise or eat healthily, which is a bad excuse considering how much Charlie tries to improve my diet. But I pushed them regardless. Every time I felt like I was about to break apart, my body just kept going. A small part of my brain knew I was going to ache for days after this, but that part had been swallowed whole by the one simple thought running through my brain: run. They wanted me. I was the prey, they were the predator. I could hear them shouting behind me. They had the speed advantage on me, there was no way I could outrun their legs. However, I did have the element of surprise, the head start, the ability to get through small gaps, and a nice mix of adrenaline and fear. And I would take any advantage I could get. I managed to sprint down the corridor, jumping over boxes, avoiding a group of people who all turned their heads towards me. If I had gone near them they may have grabbed me and handed me over… it’s just that kind of world. I squeezed through some boxes, scraping my arm against a door handle, and eyeing an opening under a table. That was my chance. I needed to make it under there, somewhere they couldn’t follow, somewhere I could slip away and hide. Looking behind me, the group I just avoided had started making their way towards me with my pursuers not too far behind them, their eyes all locked on mine. Those cold, cruel eyes. The ones you’d see on a villain in a children’s movie. The little voice inside me was screaming for me to run, but seeing those eyes... I froze. I was done for. My body wouldn’t obey me. I couldn’t move. No matter how much I screamed at my body. Seeing those eyes and all the fears of what would happen if she caught up to me... My life was over. …And that’s when Zoey tackled me to the ground, pinning me down and beginning tickling me relentlessly as the others gathered around and grabbed my limbs so I couldn’t escape their organised tickle attack. “AHHHHH! NO FAIR!” I screamed out loud, laughing uncontrollably as they all laughed at me and teased me, my ashen hair flailing about in frustration. “Oh very fair, Miss ‘I’m totally a big girl, not like you babies’. Your britches too big for your nappies? Think you could get away from us just because we’re wearing thicker nappies than you? Just wait until your Mummy catches up… you’re gonna be so blushy when your nappy is even thicker than ours!” Zoey teased. “Come on girls… let my baby catch her breath…” ‘My saviour… my knight in… a cosy… knitted jumper.’ I thought to myself, looking up at the beautiful face that I still made me feel butterflies in my tummy whenever I stared into her mesmerising eyes. Zoey stopped tickling me at Charlie’s request, but didn’t bother getting up off my stomach. Instead she just sat there, her thickly padded ass pinning me to the ground, making me unable to move or fight back. At least I could catch my breath now. “You okay, babygirl?” Charlie asked, smiling down at me with her gorgeous smile. And yes, beautiful, mesmerising, gorgeous… I’m very gay for this girl. I mean I married her, so yeah… “Uh… huh…” I replied, breathing heavily. “Good. Zoey, can you get off my baby so I can get her appropriately dressed?” “Can I help pick out her outfit?” Zoey replied, not moving an inch. Charlie took one look at me before grinning and turning to Zoey again. “Sure.” “No fair!” I cried out. “Girls… if you’ll excuse me. Zoey, you come with. Hold my other hand, okay?” Charlie said, holding both her hands out. Zoey grabbed one and Charlie used the other to reach down and grab mine, pulling me up onto my feet with no issue whatsoever. Benefits of having an Amazon for a wife, I suppose. Being married to someone who can single handedly lift me up and is twelve feet tall definitely has its advantages. “Pick something super blushy for her, okay?” Sarah said to her girlfriend, grabbing Alice’s hand and skipping off to the playroom. Zoey replied by winking at her, before turning to grin at me. ‘I’m going to regret teasing them…’ And so that’s how I ended up in the poofiest, frilliest pink dress with a crawler nappy of all things. I couldn’t even stand in it! I mean… I guess that’s implied in the name, it forces you to crawl. Instead I just sat in Charlie’s arms, my very thickly padded ass on full display to everyone behind me as she carried me into the playroom, Zoey giggling the whole way. It was nice to have these get togethers now and again, especially with everything that’s been going on. I still can’t believe it's only been like a couple of years, so much has happened. I got married to an Amazon, I joined a political party as a candidate for parliament, my whole relationship… at least a lot of it… got put out there into the public eye in Charlie’s book, and then don’t get me started on the adventure with Rose and the others. After learning there’s a much bigger picture than my small little world, it was hard to settle back into normal life. I mean after the things I saw… who could? And if it wasn’t for Charlie, I probably wouldn’t have done it, but as usual, she’s the voice of reason and the source of stability. But I was managing it. We got back to our way of life, we returned to whatever ‘normal’ was for us. Our Mummy/Baby bond was stronger than ever and we made sure to take time out of my busy schedule to have time to focus on that. Meanwhile, the rest of my life was devoted to campaigning. After the current Prime Minister called for an early election after recognising the threat Charlie and I posed, we had no time to waste as we campaigned like crazy, trying to win people’s hearts and minds. There were a lot of things to do, a lot of places to go, a lot of people to talk to, and Charlie helped me through it all. She was my rock. Sure, I had staff thanks to my political party, and they were a great help, but it was Charlie that kept me going. I had to stop taking orders for my clothes, sadly. I was far too busy, the only time I had to make anything was for myself, so regretfully I had to step back from the business and let Malcolm run it for the time being. I’d send him sketches occasionally, so he always had new designs, and thankfully with the help of his girlfriend, Claire, he was managing to keep up with demand without being too overworked. Part of me missed that old life of mine, designing clothes… helping regressed and kidnapped littles… but I knew this was more important. If I win, this would make a much larger difference to little’s lives. So yes, my life gets pretty hectic lately. I don’t get much free time to myself outside of evenings, and even then I’m too exhausted to do much. So these little get-togethers with my friends every now and again mean the world to me. I get to be my baby-self and play with my friends for an afternoon… I get to forget my worries and fears. Today I’d colour some pictures in, play dress up, pretend I’m a tiger, throw balls from the ballpit at my friends, and probably have my nappy changed at multiple points and be teased the entire time. Tonight we’d all hang out as adults with my other friends, the old team of mine, and we’d have a drink or two. Sort of a ‘calm before the storm’ type thing. The election was in two weeks. I still didn’t feel prepared for it, I don’t think anyone did. And this was the last time we all had free to spend time together before it. So I was going to make the most out of it and colour the hell out of some Princesses. After Zoey, Alice, Sarah and I spent a few hours playing in my playroom and having fun whilst Charlie and the other bigs chatted downstairs, talking about boring adult things no doubt, it was time to wind down and get going to the pub, otherwise we’d be late. So John took Alice in his arms and said goodbye, they had stuff to do and needed to head home, wishing us a good time and good luck with the election as no doubt the next time I would be able to see them is at the election results. Eve put Sarah and Zoey in their double stroller and grabbed her coat, heading for the front door. “I’ll get these two bundled up in the car and get going. You two won’t be far behind, I hope? You can’t be late.” She said, looking back at Charlie and I. “Don’t worry, I’ve just got to change my baby back into my girlfriend, dress her in some more appropriate adult clothing, then we’ll catch up and meet you at the pub.” Charlie replied. “Good. It’ll be nice to see everyone again. Oh and Liv, if I don’t remember to remind you later, don’t forget your therapy appointment tomorrow.” Eve reminded me. “I know, Doc…” I said, smiling at her, with a slight grin. “Good, because there’s something I want to try. It may help you, after everything you’ve been through.” “Oh?” “Be patient! You really are just a baby, aren’t you? You’re as bad as these two…” Eve laughed, making me blush. “Oh you don’t know the half of it…” Charlie added, making me blush even more. This wasn’t fair, they’re not allowed to team up on me! Why is everyone ganging up on me?! “So yes, see you soon. Don’t forget… appointment.” Eve said, opening the front door and gripping the stroller that held two of my best friends, who were fast asleep at this point, napping together as they held hands. It was adorable. “Thank you for reminding me, Doc.” I said, rolling my eyes at her. “I have to…” “I missed ONE appointment!” I whined. “And now you’re going to have me reminding you every time.” She grinned back at me. Everyone had gone, leaving just Charlie and I alone together again. “Right, time to get you changed and into your new dress!” She said, excitedly, as she spun around and lunged for me, grabbing me and lifting me up into her arms. I’m glad she was going to carry me back to the nursery to change me, as the crawler nappy I was still wearing meant there was no way I’d get up the stairs in any reasonable amount of time. “And I can drink tonight?” I asked. “You can have two drinks. We’ve got a busy day tomorrow.” Clapping excitedly, I snuggled into Charlie’s chest, her warmth and smell making me instantly melt in her arms, as I listened to her soothing heartbeat. Everything was at peace with the world. Everything just felt right. Everything was great… until… “But you’re getting those drinks in one of your bottles…” ======================================================== Eeeeeeeee! So excited for you all to be able to read this finally! I hope you enjoyed it! As I mentioned, I've moved away from Patreon and am finding a new home for my stories. I'm thinking of offering exclusive stories or other benefits to those who support me and my writing, and I'm setting up a Ko-fi for people who want to help me as I make the move over to a new home. I'll keep you all updated on what I do, as right now it's all just super bad for my anxiety and it's hard to figure all this out. Happy to take suggestions on what people want from it, where I end up. I hope everyone enjoys this chapter! Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Thank you to all my patrons for their support over the past couple of years! Seriously, your support meant the world to me, and I hope to be set up somewhere new soon. New chapters of Little in Love 2 every Wednesday/Sunday! Also just a quick note: I don't mind people saving this story for personal reading. But I'd appreciate it if people didn't post it elsewhere, even if you're just suggesting it to other people. If you want to show others, please send them a link to the first page of this post! Thanks!
  2. Hey all, I have a bad habit of starting stories and abandoning them. That was the case with the first story I posted here a few months ago, Mandy's Infinite Playtime. But I have a new one that I like so far, and I'm hoping sharing it here might hold me accountable to keep going with it and actually finish this time! Hope you like it. ---------------------- A BUSINESS ARRANGEMENT -- JUNE -- Jeff and Heather had been through everything together since becoming friends in high school -- helping each other through breakups, graduating together, staying in touch despite going to different colleges, and sharing in the disappointment of moving back to their hometown afterwards. But in the last few months, they'd gone through so much more than either of them could have ever predicted during those early days of friendship. They were both now 24 years old and had spent the previous 2 years living at their respective parents' houses and trying unsuccessfully to find jobs. Jeff and Heather were at a point of desperation when, hanging out in Jeff's mom's basement, they turned to Craigslist in search of job postings others might have missed. At that point, there weren't many jobs they'd have turned down if it meant moving somewhere new and starting their lives in earnest. One fateful posting, while extraordinarily cryptic, seemed to have been written purely for the pair of friends: "Seeking open-minded young man and woman for full-time, live-in employment. Must be at least 18 years old and able to commit for at least one year each. We are a married couple (52M and 48F) looking for an unconventional yet mutually beneficial arrangement with two young people. Nature of relationship will be intimate both emotionally and physically, although not necessarily sexual. More details available upon request -- no obligation to move forward until all parties are fully informed and comfortable. Room, board, and meals in a large, well-furnished home in an affluent neighborhood included, as well as a generous stipend for the right candidates. No skills or prior experience necessary, but must demonstrate patience, trust, and above all else, a willingness to be vulnerable. Contact details below." Surprisingly, it was actually Heather who led the charge to respond to the ad. "What do we have to lose by reaching out?" she asked. "It's free room and board. Plus, they sound interesting, whatever they want us to do." "Are you kidding? This sounds unbelievably sketchy," Jeff responded. "They're going to end up harvesting our organs or something." "We don't even have to meet them in person until we decide we like what they're asking for," Heather said. "We can give them fake names and use a burner email address." "I mean... I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least curious to see what this could possibly be," Jeff said. "So let's do it!" Heather chirped. "Move aside, I'll write the message." There would be dozens of emails sent back and forth in the coming weeks between the young friends and their mysterious contacts. It was only in the first few messages that the older couple spelled out their intentions in no uncertain terms: The couple -- Rick and Marlene -- had always wanted children, but could never have them. They had stumbled upon the world of ageplay a few months earlier, and after an immense amount of research, decided they wanted to try it. It was important to them, however, to find partners that they could trust, and also those that they could mold according to their specific ageplay desires. For that reason, they were seeking partners exclusively from outside the existing ageplay community. They made it clear that ageplay wasn't a sexual thing for them -- rather, it was an elaborate way to experience raising young children in a controlled, informed environment without long-term responsibilities and repercussions. They acknowledged that the request was strange -- but the number they provided for the stipend, which would be paid at the end of the arrangement and scale based on its length -- was persuasive enough to make Jeff and Heather consider it anyways. There had been countless discussions and even arguments between Jeff and Heather as they learned more about the offer. Jeff had objections to virtually every detail -- but Heather knew how to persuade him. For her part, very little about the arrangement seemed to bother Heather, much to Jeff's confusion. He knew his friend was open-minded and adventurous, but her complete receptiveness to such a strange idea was surprising. After a few video calls with Rick and Marlene to verify each party was who they said they were, the four finally met at a local coffee shop -- neutral ground -- to discuss the details in earnest. Jeff and Heather sat outside. Jeff sipped from a black coffee while Heather enjoyed her caramel macchiato with a squirt of vanilla syrup. "Weird that they wanted to meet at a coffee shop," Jeff muttered. "Oh, relax," Heather said. "It's somewhere public. We can just leave if the vibe is off." "They want us to behave like infants, Heather," Jeff said. "For a year. Wouldn't they rather have us drink, I don't know, juice or something instead of coffee?" "You're overthinking it. They just want to meet us and talk things over." "I think you're underthinking it. I'm just saying, be ready to run if we have to." "Have you ever considered that maybe you'll end up liking this arrangement if it works out?" Heather asks. "Honestly, you've been fighting it at every opportunity. It's just a sweet older couple who wants somebody to take care of. And they're paying enough to set us up for years. You're literally getting paid to be pampered by rich people for a year." "Pampered is the key word," Jeff said. "I mean... diapers?" "You'll get used to it," Heather said, rolling her eyes. "Think about how convenient it'll be." "Sounds gross to me," Jeff said. "Then go home," Heather snapped. "If you're going to be negative the whole time, I'll take the money and we can find some other guy to take your place. I'll see you in a year, I guess." A few heavy seconds of silence followed. "Let's just see what they have to say," Jeff conceded. "If they even show up." Sure enough, as if on cue, Rick and Marlene approached the coffee shop hand in hand a moment later. For a couple posting something this strange -- on Craigslist of all places -- they seemed extraordinarily normal. Attractive, even. Rick looked as though, a decade or two ago, he could have been an athlete. His frame was still large for his age, but it was tempered by time, with soft, brown eyes, glasses, a full head of graying, black hair, a full, salt-and-pepper beard, and a warm smile on his face. Marlene, likewise, wore her growing wrinkles with dignity. She carried herself with a maternal presence, as if she was just waiting to go in for a hug as she approached Jeff and Heather. Her eyes were blue and her hair was a light blonde. Heather was the first to stand up out of her chair and greet them. "Hello! Rick and Marlene, right? You two are an even more beautiful couple in person," she said, making Jeff silently scoff. "Nice of you to say, sweetheart," Marlene said, sure enough going in for a hug. "Thank you both so much for meeting us here. Rick and I have been looking forward to this all week." "She's right," Rick said. "We've really enjoyed getting to know you over the last few weeks and it's great to finally meet in person." An awkward silence followed as the four people felt eachother out, the strangeness of the request that brought them together looming over them. "So... do you mind if we sit down?" Marlene asked. "Not at all," Heather said. "I'll go get us some drinks," Rick said. "Need a refill, Jeff or Heather?" "We're good," Jeff cut in. Marlene smiled warmly at the young adults as she sat down, but her face betrayed her unease as well. "This is weird, I know," Marlene finally said. "I can see you're both nervous. Trust us, we are, too." "I'm just having a hard time believing your story," Jeff said. "Jeff!" Heather scolded in a sharp whisper. "No, I get it," Marlene said. "It's quite alright. It's not like this is an everyday job offer we're making." Rick returned to the table and set a paper cup down in front of his wife. "Caramel macchiato," he said. "Hey, that's what I'm drinking, too!" Heather said. "Delicious, aren't they?" Marlene asked as she took a sip. "And what do you have there, Jeff?" "Coffee. Black," he muttered. "Me too, buddy," Rick said, smiling as he raised his own cup. "Well, that has to be a good sign, right? What are the odds?" Heather chuckled. Jeff didn't. "Well, I guess we should get down to business, huh?" Rick said. "I think we're all familiar with the offer Marlene and I are making at this point, but now that we're all meeting in person, I'm just going to go over it again to make sure there are no misunderstandings." "Sounds good," Heather said with a smile. "My wife and I are looking to take care of two adult babies for at least a year," Rick began. "The goal would be to simulate the experience of a family with two young kids as accurately as possible, while respecting the reality that you are adults with your own boundaries and autonomy. Consent is extremely important to us, and while we would aim to take care of you in virtually every way possible and completely take your agency out of the equation, we would tailor our approach for each of you according to your comfort level." Rick and Jeff locked eyes for a moment. Rick could sense Jeff's distrust, just as Jeff could tell Rick had rehearsed this speech. "So, for example, it seems that Jeff has a few more hangups about relinquishing control than Heather does," Rick continued carefully. "We could work around that, within reason. Maybe we treat Jeff as the big brother with a bit more autonomy than Heather." Jeff's eyebrows raised in curiosity, caught off guard. "What did you have in mind?" Jeff asked. "We were thinking this through, and one scenario we had in mind is that Jeff is 5 or 6 years old and Heather is 1 or 2," Marlene chimed in. "If you're both comfortable with that, of course. So, for example, Heather might sleep in a crib while Jeff sleeps in a big-boy bed." Jeff visibly cringed at Marlene's juvenile word choice, but quickly regained his composure. "Go on," he said. "We do have some non-negotiables," Rick said. "After we agree on rules at the start of this arrangement, we expect those rules to be followed. You are to defer to our authority as if we really were your parents. In the most extreme case, both parties reserve the right to cancel the arrangement at any time, but if the agreement is canceled because you fail to hold up your end, you forfeit the rest of your stipend." "This is all sounding very official," Jeff said. "I'm a lawyer," Marlene said. "I've written up a legally binding contract to this effect. But trust me, the last thing we'd ever want to do is go to court over this. That's why we're doing so much vetting before moving forward -- we need to find the right people and be sure as we can that this is going to work." "As discussed, in return for lasting the full year, you'll each receive $250,000," Rick said. "We'll pay for all expenses while you stay with us, and if all parties are willing, we're also open to discussions about prolonging the agreement in exchange for even more money." "This all sounds amazing, guys," Heather said. "We're honored you'd even consider us. But just so we're all completely clear, could you give us a bit more detail about what the day to day would look like for something like this? Jeff and I have had some trouble picturing exactly what you mean by 'adult baby'." "Sure," Rick said. "But before getting into it, I'll say again that most of this is negotiable. We'll agree on specific expectations with each of you if we decide to move forward." Rick took a deep breath before continuing. "Marlene and I were hoping that at least one of you would be a true baby," he said, looking at Heather. "That would, of course, mean wearing diapers at all times as well as using them. But it would also mean a lot more -- we'd expect you to communicate like a baby would. That doesn't mean you'd have to stop talking altogether, but think short words and sentences and a lot of nonverbal communication. You would also sleep in a crib, eat in a highchair, play with baby toys, wear baby clothes... all that good stuff. The idea would be that you'd depend on Marlene and I to do nearly everything for you." "Uh... wow," Heather said after a moment. It was the first time she'd shown true signs of hesitation. Jeff couldn't help but smile, sure that she was about to pull out and go home. He opened his mouth to get the rejection started. "I don't know, that seems a little --" "I think I can manage that," Heather interjected, sending Jeff's eyebrows skyward. "As we mentioned, we're willing to set different rules for you, Jeff," Marlene said. "We're picturing you as mostly potty-trained, with maybe a few pee-pee accidents here and there. You'd probably fluctuate between Pull-Ups and big-boy undies most of the time." Again, this sent Jeff into a full-body cringe. "You'd still spend a lot of your time playing with toys, watching cartoons, and dressing like a little kid. We'd supervise you quite a bit while you're playing and make sure you don't do, see, or say anything too age-inappropriate. But we'd also trust you to do things like sit at the kitchen table in a normal chair, sleep in a bed, and maybe even use the potty by yourself." Jeff sat in silence, dumbfounded, trying to decide whether these two were serious. He opened his mouth to begin his long, certain rejection, but once again, Heather interrupted. "Do you mind if Jeff and I talk about this in private for a minute?" she asked. "Not at all," Rick said. "Come on, honey, let's go get a refill." Rick and Marlene left the table and headed into the coffee shop. "Look, I know this is crazier than we expected," Heather said to Jeff. "Did you hear that number, though? $250,000 apiece? Think about that. That's more than either of us will make in a decade. Isn't that worth a year of humiliation which we'll probably get used to and stop even thinking about within a few weeks?" "I don't want to get used to it," Jeff said. "These people are insane. This is probably some kind of hidden camera reality show and everyone we know is going to see us acting like babies." "Hey, it sounds like I'm going to be the baby, not you," Heather responded. "They're not going to make you shit yourself or get fed in a highchair. Dude, it's basically just an acting gig for you, I'm doing the hard part." Jeff paused. "I know," he said. "You're right." "So will you do this? Please? For me?" He didn't answer right away. "Look, we can give it a try, and if it goes really bad, we just break the contract," Heather reasoned. "We don't lose anything except a little time and dignity by doing that, and let's face it, right now we have time to spare and no dignity to lose." "Fine," Jeff muttered. "For you." Heather hugged him tight, nearly knocking him out of his chair. "You're the best," she said. "Don't worry. A year isn't that long, and then we can do whatever the hell we want. And we'll be in this together." "You're crazy, you know that?" "Totally." -- AUGUST -- Marlene was overjoyed. There had been a few early hiccups, but this idea she had developed with her husband that seemed unthinkable just a few months ago had gone well beyond her expectations. Having Jeff and Heather in the house made her feel fulfilled for the first time in years -- having someone to love and care for who truly needed her. For her, the strangeness of treating two adults like infants wore off rather quickly, though she suspected it was still present with the men. As supportive as he had been, Rick had shown many signs of discomfort and even voiced second thoughts once or twice. But then, what new parents don't do that? Meanwhile, as expected, Heather had proven far more receptive to the arrangement than Jeff. He would ultimately fall in line, but much of the time, put up a fight every step of the way. Still, there were rare moments when he truly seemed to be enjoying his new life -- snuggling up with Marlene on the couch while watching a kids' movie, getting deep into a project with his building blocks, or, his favorite, teasing his baby sister. But by and large, for Marlene, this new life was the best thing that ever happened to her. She had woken up with a smile on her face once again, and looked over to see Rick still asleep. She tried to sneak out of bed without disturbing him, but didn't succeed. "Morning," Rick moaned. "Sorry," Marlene replied. "I was just slipping away to go check on the kids." "Ugh, let them sleep," Rick replied without opening his eyes. "I hate it when they're cranky." "I'm not gonna wake them, I just want to... I don't know, look at them," she said. "You didn't want to wake me either, but here we are." Marlene rolled her eyes as she left the bedroom and walked down the long, opulent hallway to Heather's nursery. She wore a silky, lavender nightgown that highlighted her tight figure and curves, which were rather impressive for her age. Rick loved it. She turned the knob on Heather's door as gingerly as she could, successfully opening it without so much as a creak. She looked around the room, silently congratulating herself on her decorating skills. The nursery was her lovingly made masterpiece, featuring the mainstay furniture like an oversized crib, changing table, rocking chair, and bouncer, a veritable mountain of colorful toys and stuffed animals, and adorable decals lining the walls. Everything was color-coordinated in pink and white, and Heather had reported several times how much she loved her bedroom -- how it kept her in the baby mindset, which she was growing to truly enjoy. Marlene quietly entered the room and sat on the rocking chair, admiring Heather sleeping in the middle of her crib as daylight poured through the windows of the nursery. Her straight, tan hair, like always these days, was styled in pigtails. She was clutching a white teddy bear against her chest, which contrasted with her full-body, purple, footed pajamas. Marlene waited in the chair, her heart warm as she watched Heather sleep. She had done this on several mornings during the last few weeks, silently taking in the beautiful sight for as long as Heather would allow her before waking up naturally. It was her favorite part of the day now -- the most peaceful. But soon enough, as she always did, Heather gently roused herself awake. Marlene smiled as Heather stretched out her arms and legs with a yawn without managing to reach any of the bars of her gigantic crib. Marlene had spared no expense in ensuring it made Heather look as small as possible in comparison. "Good morning, sweetheart," Marlene said quietly. Heather's eyes drifted open and fell upon Marlene. It wasn't a shock anymore after she'd woken up this way a dozen times or so. "Hi," she yawned. Marlene stood up from her chair and walked over to the side of the crib, and Heather looked on as she lowered the bars. "Sleep good?" Marlene asked as she unzipped Heather's pajamas. Heather closed her eyes and nodded. "Still sleepy," she muttered. Marlene carefully slipped Heather's legs out of the pajamas one by one, noticing that the girl was still wearing her socks. She laughed and shook her head. "Well I can see Daddy got you ready for bed last night, didn't he?" she asked. "He always forgets my sockies," Heather said. "Can you sit up for me, hun?" Marlene asked, and with a tired groan, Heather complied. "Good girl." She worked Heather's arms and shoulders out of the pajamas, leaving the young woman naked besides her socks -- and of course, her thick, plastic-backed diaper, printed with colorful rattles and teddy bears. Nowadays, Heather didn't mind her new parents or even Jeff seeing her naked. It happened multiple times each day and was painfully awkward at first, but now, she was simply used to it. There were even some particularly hot days when Marlene and Rick would decide to keep her in only her diaper for the entire day. Her nudity had become so common that Heather sometimes preferred it -- she sometimes took it upon herself to take off her clothes and toddle around in just her diaper, much to Rick and Marlene's amusement. Likewise, Heather had gotten used to diaper changes, although these were still uncomfortable at times. Still, she had come a long way from the outright hysterics a change would send her into just two months ago. Marlene sat down on the edge of the crib next to Heather. She didn't need to feel the front of the girl's diaper to know she had wet herself, as she did most nights these days. Marlene patted her own lap with her hand, which wordlessly signaled Heather to lie across her legs on her stomach for easy access to the back of her diaper. "No poopies," Marlene sang as she pressed a hand against the seat. "Do you have to go, sweetheart?" "Yeah," Heather said. "I think so." "Okay, go ahead." Heather climbed off Marlene's lap and stepped onto the carpet of the nursery, her back to Marlene. She yawned again as she slightly crouched in place, and within a few moments, Marlene watched as Heather's diaper quickly expanded to accommodate her morning mess. An odor just slightly permeated the room, but the floral-scented, plug-in air fresheners Marlene had added to the nursery mostly hid it. After a few more pushes, Heather sighed and stood back upright. "All done," she said. "Good girl," Marlene praised. "Come on, let's go get you into the tubby and clean you up." Rick had gotten out of bed and dressed himself in a green button-down shirt. With his beard and glasses, he looked particularly like a math teacher today. Passing the bathroom, he saw his wife lovingly washing off a naked Heather in the tub. "Morning, girls," he said. "Sleep well, baby?" Heather was too busy playing with a pink toy boat to acknowledge him with anything more than a "Hi". "She just made a great, big, stinky diapie," Marlene said, tickling Heather's exposed stomach. "Didn't she? Didn't she?" "Stooooppppp!" Heather squealed as she collapsed into laughter. Rick just smiled and proceeded to Jeff's room. He and Marlene had also put quite a bit of time and money into his bedroom, although it didn't call for the same level of specialized furniture as Heather's nursery did. Looking around the space, Jeff saw every 5-year-old boy's dream bedroom. The back wall was covered in a full-size mural of outer space, and the twin bed immediately in front of it was shaped like a spaceship. All manner of toys lined the room, with the many LEGO creations Jeff had made over the last two months displayed prominently on the dresser and bookcase. He had a desk with crayons, safety scissors, and construction paper waiting on top of it, as well as a large rocking chair in the corner, similar to Heather's. Unlike Heather's room, however, this room also had a TV and a video game console -- however, the console came with only a few games geared toward children, and the TV was severely restricted by parental controls. The difference, of course, was that the boy sleeping in the bed was, in truth, far older than 5. But you wouldn't know by looking at him. He wore a pajama top with a cartoon character on it, and his underwear -- small briefs that held tight against the outline of his dick -- was similarly decorated with bright colors and playful figures. Marlene had located and ordered Jeff a whole line of this childish underwear in a size that would fit him, much to Jeff's disappointment, and they had become his default unless Marlene or Rick saw fit to put him in Pull-Ups instead. "Rise and shine, little buddy," Rick announced. Jeff responded with a whine, turning over on the bed and hiding his head with a pillow. "C'mon Jeffy, time to wake up," Rick said, approaching the bed. "Mommy's finishing up with your sister's bath and then we'll go have some breakfast." "Five more minutes," Jeff muttered from under the pillow. Rick peered back out into the bathroom and saw that the girls seemed to be having fun in the tub, and saw no reason to rush them along to breakfast. "Alright, fine, five more minutes," Rick said. "But you better not pee your bed again, okay?" "It was one time, let it go!" Jeff protested. Rick and Marlene had agreed with Jeff that he could freely use the toilet, but on one condition: he had to ask one of the adults whenever he needed to go, and they would wait just outside the bathroom as he went, ready to render any aid he might require. Jeff continued to be quite resistant to this policy. One morning, he proved so stubborn about asking to use the toilet that his bladder got the best of him, and he wet the bed. He wore Pull-Ups for two weeks after that. A few minutes passed, and Marlene walked a towel-clad Heather back down the hall to the nursery, leaving the bathroom free. When Rick returned to Jeff's room, he was already awake and ready for his turn in the bathroom. A few minutes more, and all four of them were dressed for the day and convened at the kitchen table for breakfast. Jeff, dressed by Rick in a striped t-shirt and shorts, looked at the plate in front of him: a bowl of colorful cereal in the center, surrounded by toast with jam, sliced fruit, and a glass of orange juice. For all the humiliation he had to suffer during this arrangement, he couldn't deny that Rick and Marlene took good care of him. He never ate this well during his adult life. Looking across the table at Heather, he felt sympathy that her breakfast wasn't as palatable. The young woman was dressed in a pink onesie that just barely revealed the fringes of her diaper through the legholes and sat in an oversized highchair. She enjoyed more-or-less the same breakfast every morning: a jar of mushy baby food spoonfed to her by Rick, a sliced-up banana, and a baby bottle full of milk. Still, while her meal seemed bleak compared to Jeff's, Heather didn't seem to mind. If the taste of baby food bothered her, it didn't show on her face. She happily and greedily lapped up the baby food from each spoonful and never complained. "Such a good little eater," Rick praised as he fed her another spoonful. "Eat your fruit too, honey," Marlene told Jeff. "Too much of that cereal without any substance isn't good for you, even if it's tasty." Jeff looked at her, but didn't respond, putting an apple slice into his mouth and returning to his meal. "I was thinking maybe we could go to the park this afternoon," Marlene said. "Maybe have a little picnic." Jeff audibly groaned, attracting a sharp look from Rick. "Do we really have to go out in public like this again?" Jeff protested. "Jeff..." Rick warned. "I mean, Heather and I have been pretty patient with all the stuff you want to do to us behind closed doors, right?" Jeff said. "It's so humiliating for others to see us in little kid clothes." "Heather, how do you feel about this?" Rick asked. The adult baby girl shrugged her shoulders. "It's fine," she said. "I like being outside." Jeff rolled his eyes. "Jeff, the rest of the family wants to go to the park," Rick said. "Stop saying we're a family," Jeff snapped. "This is a business arrangement and you all know it." Marlene's eyes sunk and a frown crept across her face. "We ARE a family for the next year," Rick said sternly. "Have some respect for Mommy and I. And don't forget that our 'business arrangement' can be ended at any time." Now, Heather glared at Jeff. Her face conveyed a clear message: Shut up. Don't blow this for us. "We're going to the park and having a picnic," Rick stated. "And that's final. Finish your breakfast and then you two can have some playtime while Mommy and I put some sandwiches together." When her jar and bottle were empty, Rick gingerly helped Heather out of the highchair while Marlene stood up and collected the dirty plates. Jeff and Heather headed into the living room, which had become their playroom over the last two months, while Rick and Marlene got to work in the kitchen. Heather wasted no time in kneeling down on the floor and playing with her dollhouse. Jeff just sat on the couch, his arms crossed, looking at his diapered, onesie-bound friend as if she were a stranger. "How are you so comfortable with all of this?" he asked. "You're acting like this isn't weird." "Of course it's weird," Heather said. "But it's really not so bad. Some parts of it I kind of like now." "Look at yourself," Jeff said. "Look how you're dressed. Look what you're playing with." "So what? They're just dolls. It's supposed to be fun. You like playing with your LEGOs, don't you?" "I do it because I don't know how else to make this year pass any faster," he said. "You don't think I'd rather be having a beer, watching a football game, or, hell, even mowing the lawn or something?" "You're being dramatic," Heather said. "Maybe your problem is you're always focusing on getting through the year instead of just trying to get used to things and embrace the reality of the moment." "Maybe your problem is you're forgetting that you're an adult woman and not a fucking baby." "Oh, I remember completely," she responded. "I remember that I'm broke, and that $250,000 is a lot of money." "You know what I think?" Jeff said, standing up off the couch. "I think you actually like all this. You have the same sick fetish Rick and Marlene do." "Well, I don't hate it, if you must know," Heather said. "What's not to like? I don't have to worry about anything besides being cute. I've had a pretty happy two months. Maybe you'd be happy, too, if you just let yourself and stop fighting everybody all the time." Suddenly, Heather's stomach made a loud, growling noise. She bent forward and clutched her stomach, a look of discomfort on her face. "How about that, if you're asking what's not to like?" Jeff asked, knowingly. Heather's one complaint, which she often spoke about to Jeff in private, was her new diet's effect on her stomach. She didn't particularly mind the taste of baby food, but since it became a staple of her meals, it was not uncommon for her to mess herself as often as three or four times per day. While she was getting used to them out of necessity, Heather still didn't enjoy messy diapers -- or even wet ones, for that matter. "I can handle it," she said as she continued to play with her dolls. "It's not the end of the world." "Sure hope it doesn't happen at the park today," Jeff said. "Sure would be a shame if somebody you know walked by and saw you dressed like a baby wearing a shitty diaper." "Why are you trying to make me feel bad about this?" Heather asked. "You realize I have it way worse than you, right? You're complaining to the wrong person. A lot of people would kill to get paid $250,000 to be treated like a 5-year-old. Your situation isn't even that humiliating." "I'm so sick of you rationalizing everything," Jeff said, stepping closer to the dollhouse. "It's like I don't even know you anymore." Heather opted not to respond, and simply focused on her dolls. Incensed, Jeff abruptly kicked the dollhouse, causing one of its walls to cave in and sending one of Heather's dolls flying across the room. "And I'm sick of these stupid baby toys!" he exclaimed. "Dude!" Heather cried, throwing up her arms. "Get a grip! For someone resisting all of this so hard, you're sure acting like a spoiled, 5-year-old brat!" "What are you gonna do?" Jeff said, taking on a sarcastic, mocking tone. "Get me in trouble?" "You know what? Yeah, I think I will," Heather said. Without another word, Heather opened her mouth and began to wail at the top of her lungs. "Shut up," Jeff muttered. "Shut up!" Heather yelled out in faux anguish, turning her face red. Within seconds, Rick and Marlene had entered the living room. Marlene raced over to Heather's side to comfort her while Rick surveyed the room -- and spotted the broken dollhouse. "What happened here?" Rick demanded. "Jeff hurt my dolly!" Heather cried. "Oh, sweetie, it's okay," Marlene soothed, hugging Heather tight. "Jeff, how many times have we told you to stop picking on Heather?" Rick said sternly. "Look at this dollhouse, it's broken! Do you know how much this cost?" "Oh, whatever," Jeff said, crossing his arms against his chest. "She's being a baby." "She IS a baby," Rick said. "Is that the kind of person you want to be, Jeff? Bullying a baby? You may want to pretend you're an adult, but you show us every day what an infant you are on the inside." "Jeff..." Marlene interjected, still coddling Heather. "Why did you even agree to this if you're going to resist every step of the way? It's like you WANT to break your contract." "I... I didn't want Heather to have to go through this alone," Jeff said. "So you're doing this because you care about your friend, and you're going to demonstrate that by breaking her things and making her cry?" Marlene asked. "We've been over this a dozen times, Jeff," Rick said. "Marlene and I have been nothing but fair to you. We've followed every word of the contract you signed. Heather has clearly found a way to enjoy her new life. Why can't you?" "I..." Jeff began. Nothing else followed for a few seconds. "I want to. I just... can't. I can't convince myself that being treated like a little kid is normal like Heather can." "Well, do you want to break your contract?" Marlene asked. "Leave here with nothing, leave Heather behind, and pretend none of this ever happened?" "...No," Jeff said. "Maybe. I don't know. If I could somehow find a way to make it all feel normal, I would. I just... don't know if I can pretend for a full year." Rick and Marlene exchanged a glance, as if tacitly making a decision among themselves. "Well, I think we have an idea," Marlene said. "But it's a little drastic." "What do you mean?" Jeff asked. "Are you familiar with hypnosis?" -- OCTOBER -- They say that hypnosis only truly takes hold if the subject is willing to be influenced, and if that's true, Jeff must have earnestly meant what he said about wanting to be comfortable with ageplay. It only took about two weeks of listening to the recordings Marlene had found online for Jeff to stop complaining about his day-to-day treatment as well as stop referencing the arrangement altogether. By mid-September, Rick and Marlene saw an entirely different person when they entered Jeff's bedroom each morning to wake him. There was one catch, though. The recordings Marlene had found focused heavily on the potty-training aspect of rewiring the subject's brain to that of a 5-year-old. As a result, Jeff's bladder control had started to slip. It was no longer particularly uncommon for Jeff to wake up in a wet bed, or even accidentally wet himself during the day if Rick and Marlene weren't immediately available to take him to the bathroom. To make matters worse, Jeff's conditioning made him desire nothing more than to wear "big-boy undies". He was forced to wear Pull-Ups more and more often, and that was his main source of tantrums and complaints nowadays. Meanwhile, without constant reminders from Jeff of her adult life, Heather seemed to grow more and more comfortable as an adult baby. She no longer felt embarrassed during diaper changes and had become more content each day with the idea of relying on Rick and Marlene for even the simplest things. But, deep in her heart of hearts, Heather was concerned about Jeff. For her part, she knew she was still very much in control of her true, adult side -- she was simply becoming better-versed in the role she was playing. She hadn't experienced any true loss of bladder or bowel control, and still had to deliberately try to use her diapers. Jeff, on the other hand, had responded so well to the hypnosis that Heather wasn't sure he was just acting anymore. When he would wet himself, he seemed truly upset, as if it really was an accident. And, as hard to admit to herself as it was, Heather missed his trademark cynicism. He was so agreeable nowadays that it just didn't feel like the real Jeff anymore. Would he be able to go back to the person he was -- the person Heather called her best friend -- when this arrangement concluded? Heather thought about this as she sat at the breakfast table, accepting a spoonful of baby food from Marlene while looking across the table at Jeff. He was excitedly tearing through a stack of pancakes with chocolate chips arranged into a smiley face on the top. "I'm so excited for our big day," Marlene said. "Nervous, but excited." "It's certainly going to be eye-opening," Rick said, drinking his coffee. "I just hope everyone is normal." Marlene looked at Rick with one of her expressive smirks that managed to convey whole thoughts without a single word. They're not going to be "normal," she communicated. They're ageplayers like us. There's nothing normal about it. Rick just chuckled to himself, picking up every word. "You're right, you're right," he said. "Maybe I could make a friend and he could come over and play video games with me," Jeff mused. "That'd be nice, sweetie," Marlene said. "Daddy and I are hoping to make some friends, too. This will really be our first time meeting other people in this community. I bet we can learn a lot." Rick looked over at Heather as she ate in her highchair. Her breasts, a scoop of errant baby food resting atop one of them, were on full display, as was her bulky diaper. "Someone's going to have to get dressed before we go out and meet anybody," Rick said with a smile. "It's a shame, but you're right," Marlene said. "Mommy's little jaybird is so cute in just her diapie." Heather giggled to herself. She was discovering that there was something oddly appealing about being talked about as if she wasn't right there in the room. "It sounds like there's going to be a pretty big turnout at this place," Marlene said. "It's this group of ageplayers who meet at a different house each month, and the RSVP list had something like 20 or 25 people on it." "Cool!" Jeff exclaimed. "I just hope it's not all dumb babies. I wanna meet some other big kids." Jeff took another bite of his pancakes when a look of realization came over his face. "Uhm... Do I have to wear Pull-Ups to the party today?" he asked bashfully. "Afraid so, buddy," Rick said. "You know the rules. You're in Pull-Ups for at least a day after you have an accident." "Oh, come on," Jeff whined. "That's such a dumb rule. I had to go pee, you weren't around to take me to the potty, and I get punished for it?" "Chin up, kiddo," Marlene said. "I'm sure all the littles will be in either Pull-Ups or diapers." "Fine," Jeff pouted. "Anybody in particular you'd like to meet today, baby girl?" Marlene asked, feeding Heather the last scoop of her breakfast. "Mmmm... iunno," Heather said. "Someone nice, I guess." "Who could be mean to you, cutie pie?" Rick said. "I bet you won't have any trouble making friends." "I bet we can make you even cuter," Marlene said, cleaning Heather off with a napkin and helping her out of the highchair. "Come on, pumpkin, let's go upstairs and get you dressed into something pretty." "Okay," Heather said, taking Marlene's hand and following her upstairs. As he watched the two women walk away, Rick's nose picked up a slight odor, and he noticed the back of Heather's diaper drooping a bit lower than usual. "Marlene..." Rick called out. "Yes?" she responded. "I think she might need more than just a change of clothes." Marlene gently grasped Heather's shoulder and turned her around to face her back. She stuck a finger in the back of the waistband of Heather's diaper, slightly pulled it out, and peered inside. "Wow," Marlene said. "You're right. When did you go poopy, honey?" "Just now," Heather said nonchalantly. "Good girl," Marlene said. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up." Jeff and Rick chatted about the day ahead while finishing their breakfast. The two men got along far better these days and seemed to be truly enjoying eachother's company. When they were finished, Jeff followed Rick into the kitchen to continue their conversation while Rick cleaned the dishes. Soon enough, Marlene and Heather returned downstairs. Rick stopped what he was doing as soon as he lay eyes on Heather, who now wore a sparkly pink dress with matching ribbons tying her pigtails in place. Her fresh diaper was clearly visible beneath the hem of the dress. "Princess, you look absolutely adorable," Rick said. "Thanks," Heather said with a bashful smile. In truth, despite everything she had dealt with in the last four months, being dressed this way and knowing she was going out to meet new people in this getup still embarrassed her. But she couldn't deny that she did, in fact, look adorable. "I was waiting for a special occasion to break out this dress," Marlene said. "I'm so glad it fits her." About an hour later, Marlene looked backwards from the passenger seat of Rick's Jeep to look at her two adult children: Jeff, wearing his usual graphic t-shirt and brightly colored shorts, who was looking thoughtfully out the window, and Heather, strapped into an oversized carseat and enjoying a nap, her mouth hanging slightly open against the cushion behind her. They would arrive at the party soon, and Marlene hoped Heather wouldn't be cranky after being woken up. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as Marlene remembered where they were going: their first-ever ageplay meetup. She didn't know the host, although they had exchanged a few messages to go over the details. This group was large and dedicated, most of them meeting up at least once every month or so at one of their houses. The setting for today's party sounded like a mansion, which seemed more and more likely as the car meandered through increasingly large houses after entering the neighborhood. When they arrived at their destination, it looked from the outside as though this was a baby shower or a gender reveal party. Pastel pink and blue balloons were anchored to the mailbox, and a little card with a diaper and a pacifier on it was stuck onto the front. "Head to the backyard," the card read, with an arrow pointing to a gate. Heather made a face as Rick helped her out of the carseat, but didn't protest. Jeff seemed shy as he got out of the car -- he wasn't speaking, yet seemed on-edge. "You okay, Jeffy?" Marlene asked. "Yeah," he said. "Just nervous I guess." "It's okay, me too," Marlene said. "We're all going to have fun, though. These are our people." Jeff and Heather exchanged a look -- were they, at this point, now considered "these people"? They certainly looked the part, regardless of the circumstances that brought them there. Opening the gate to the backyard did little to settle their nerves. They weren't sure what to expect, but it was certainly nothing as overwhelming as what they saw. About two dozen sets of eyes suddenly snapped to Jeff, Heather, Marlene, and Rick as they stood at the gate, a roughly even mix of bigs and littles. It was a remarkably diverse group, representing all ages, genders, and races, all of whom were united by their similar, peculiar interests. There was a large bouncy castle and jungle gym set up in the backyard, both bustling with adults dressed like infants. Several of them were completely naked besides their diapers, much to Rick and Marlene's surprise -- apparently, Heather didn't need to get dressed this morning after all. Their attention quickly shifted away from the new arrivals and back to playing. It was a bizarre, yet strangely peaceful, scene to see this many adults freely indulging in this part of themselves. Arranged along tables next to a banquet table full of food were the bigs, who also ran the demographic gamut. They dutifully watched their littles play and chatted amongst themselves while eating hot dogs and hamburgers, just like real parents at a cookout. "Marlene!" a skinny, blonde woman who looked to be in her 40s or 50s called out from one of the tables. She stood up and began walking toward the gate. "Marlene, right?" "Yeah!" Marlene responded. "Jessie?" "You got it!" Jessie said. "So glad you could make it -- it's so nice to finally meet you in person!" She turned her attention to Rick, then to Heather and Jeff. "You must be Rick," she said, shaking his hand. "Oh, and the kiddos! Jeff and Heather, right? Heather, I love your pretty princess dress!" "Thanks," Heather squeaked, partially hiding herself behind Rick. "Pleasure to meet you," Rick said, shaking Jessie's hand. "We appreciate the invite. Beautiful house!" Jessie smiled at Rick, then turned her attention back to Jeff and Heather. "Hey, why don't you guys go play with the other kids?" she said, pointing toward the jungle gym. "Everyone here is super friendly and they can't wait to meet you. Me and Mommy and Daddy are going to be right over here talking about boring grown-up stuff, but if you need anything at all, just let any of us know!" Jeff and Heather looked at Marlene uneasily. "It's okay," she reassured. "Go ahead -- have some fun!" "I guess we're really doing this, huh?" Jeff said as he and Heather walked slowly toward the jungle gym. "Guess so," Heather said. "Just... try to be optimistic. It might be nice to talk with some people who know what we're going through." "Do we tell them we're being paid to do this?" Jeff asked. "I'm guessing these are all people who actually want to live this way." "I don't think it really matters," Heather said. "I say we just try to match their energy and blend in." "I'll try," Jeff said. "Just... lean into that hypnosis," she said. "It's done wonders for you so far." Jeff glared at Heather as if she had crossed a line and he was deciding whether to snap at her. He knew that the hypnosis had definitely changed his personality so far, but it was still a touchy subject that he didn't like to talk about. It was a choice he made strictly to make his life at home easier, but he dearly hoped that he could go back to normal at the end of the year. Suddenly, Jeff felt a hard tap on his back. "Tag!" a voice behind him called out. "You're it!" He and Heather turned around to see a skinny, tattooed man around their age running away from them. He wore only a diaper, which sagged low and yellowed beneath his waist, obviously soaked. "I guess you're it," Heather said with a smile before running in the other direction. It didn't take long before Rick and Marlene had met all the other bigs in the ageplay group, and within 30 minutes or so, they were talking as though they'd known each other for years. "Yeah, Jeff was a terror before he started hypnosis," Rick described to the group between bites of a burger. "We didn't think it would make a difference, but it really, really did. He barely ever fights us at all anymore and finally seems happy in his new life." "Is he still on it?" asked Will, one of the other bigs who had just talked about using hypnosis to condition his adult baby girl into associating using her diapers with sexual arousal. "Yes, but we think it's just maintenance at this point," Marlene said. "It's a three-month program and we're a little more than two months in. We're wondering if he'll start to backslide once he's not listening to the recordings overnight anymore." "If he's responded this well to it, I doubt it," Jessie chimed in. "That stuff tends to be really hard to break once it takes hold. I'm jealous of you guys -- I tried hypnosis with Sarah and she didn't respond to it at all." "What were you trying to get her to do?" Will asked. "Mess in her sleep," she answered. "It was really just an experiment to see if it would work for us." A few of the bigs laughed, and a lull in the conversation followed as they all ate another few bites. Marlene looked toward the bouncy castle and jungle gym, searching for an update on what Jeff and Heather were doing. Heather appeared to be having the time of her life, jumping up and down in the bouncy castle with a few of the other littles and laughing at full volume. With every jump, her dress flew upward, fully revealing her diaper. Marlene squinted, trying to discern whether she might need a change from across the yard, but couldn't get a great look with all the motion happening. Meanwhile, she spotted Jeff, sitting on top of the jungle gym with his legs dangling off the side. He was calmly sitting and chatting with a young brunette, dressed in a white t-shirt and pink shorts. Whatever they were talking about, they seemed to be hitting it off. "Who's that cute girl Jeff is talking to over there?" Marlene asked aloud at the table. "Oh, that's our Lily," one of the men said. "Hi, I'm Lee and this is my husband George." "Pleasure to meet you both!" Rick said. "They definitely seem to be getting along." George chuckled to himself. "I bet I know what they're talking about," he said. Jeff and Lily truly were hitting it off. They seemed to be the only two littles at the party who weren't visibly wearing diapers. "So that's your sister?" Lily said, pointing to Heather in the bouncy castle. Jeff cringed at that description. "Uhm... kind of," he responded. "Let's go with best friend instead." "That's cool," Lily said. "I wish I had a kind-of sister." "Do you hang out with this crowd often?" Jeff asked. Lily rolled her eyes in response. "Unfortunately," she said. "My Daddies drag me out to one of these parties every month. I keep telling them that I don't want to hang out with a bunch of dumb babies, but they don't listen." Lily stole a close look at Jeff, surveying him up and down, doing her best to be subtle about it. "It's kinda nice to have another big kid to talk to," she said. "What are things like for you at home?" Jeff asked. "Probably about the same as you," she said. "My Daddies take care of me and make sure I don't have to deal with grown-up stuff. It gets lonely sometimes, though." "How did you meet your Daddies?" Jeff asked. "How'd you get into this lifestyle?" "We were friends for years," Lily said. "I used to work with Lee, believe it or not. I used to be an architect. But you know how it is -- I always had this fetish since I was a teenager, and one day I decided I wanted to stop wasting time and pursue it, and somehow it turned out that Lee and his husband were willing to pursue it with me. Go figure." "Any regrets?" Jeff asked. "No, not really," she said. "Except maybe that my Daddies got into the ageplay community as much as they have. I kind of like to keep my little girl side behind closed doors, you know?" "Trust me, I know," Jeff said. "I also miss sex," she said, making Jeff's eyebrows raise. "Sorry. Too much information." "No, you're good, I hear you on that," he said. Suddenly, Jeff was picturing what Lily must look like naked. He missed sex, too. Sure, he had found time to masturbate late at night when Marlene and Rick were asleep, but doing it in a Pull-Up or childish underwear always made it feel weird. He felt his dick tighten from inside his Pull-Up as dirty thoughts clouded his mind, and he did his best to make sure his erection wasn't obvious. He wanted to get to know Lily better, but at the moment, he couldn't help himself from prying further into her sex life (or lack thereof). "I'm guessing you don't really get any of that kind of attention from your Daddies?" Jeff asked. "Nope," she answered with a chuckle. "They dress me and give me baths, but that's about all the touching I get." "No diapers?" Jeff asked. Lily responded by unbuttoning her shorts and slightly lowering one side, revealing a pink garment. "Pull-Ups," she said. Jeff smiled and did the same, revealing the waistband of his blue briefs. "Me too," he said. "Well look at that," Lily said. "We match." "Do you like them?" "Honestly? Love them. They remind me that I'm just a little girl even when I'm trying to act like a grown-up. And I love the feeling of being wet. At least most of the time. I've been noticing my bladder control slipping for real which has been a little scary." "Same here," Jeff said. "I've been waking up in the morning wet more and more often and I don't know how to feel about it." "When did you know you wanted to live life as a little boy?" Lily asked. It was a tough question to answer. Jeff didn't know how she would react to finding out this was just a job for him. "Well... recently," he said. "I'm still getting used to it, to be honest." "It seems like you have a good thing going," she replied. "A Mommy, a Daddy, and a little sister? A lot of ageplayers would kill for a setup like that." "I'm just glad Heather is doing all this with me," Jeff said. "It'd be a lot harder without her." "She's a full-time baby, it seems?" "Yup. And Marlene and Rick take things pretty far with her." "Marlene and Rick? Is that your Mommy and Daddy?" "Uhm... yeah," Jeff said. "She's got a nursery and isn't allowed to use the potty for anything. Eats baby food, wears baby clothes, the whole nine yards." "That's nice, if she's into that," Lily said. "I tried that life before, but I just can't get comfortable being quite that helpless. I think what I have now with my Daddies is a good fit for me." "Hey... do you maybe want to come over sometime?" Jeff asked. "Like you said, it's nice to have another big kid to talk with." Lily looked at Jeff and smiled. "I'd like that," she said. "I'll ask my Daddies about setting up a... 'playdate.'" She winked as she emphasized playdate, sending Jeff's mind racing. Could that mean what he thought it meant? Lily started giggling to herself, breaking Jeff out of his thoughts. "What's so funny?" he asked. "Sorry," she said with a smile. "I just wet myself. It always makes me laugh for some reason." Lily stood up atop the jungle gym. As he looked up at her, Jeff saw a patch of wetness forming along the seat of her shorts. "Shit," Lily said. "Leaking again. I better go tell my Daddies." She leaned down to Jeff's level and, much to his surprise, kissed him on the cheek. "Bye, Jeff," Lily said. "Really nice to meet you." And with that, she launched herself down the slide. Jeff watched, rock-hard within his Pull-Up, as she toddled over to Lee and George.
  3. A short story spinoff by LittleFallenPrincess based on the Infernum Infantem/Parum Mortis universe I created. So to start off... I know it's a bit late. But thought I'd quickly sneak this in before New Year and the Christmas period is over completely, as I didn't want people to miss out on this small story update to one of my favourite stories that I've written so far, whilst also giving early access to those who support me on SubscribeStar. It's only short, at 4 chapters long, and probably a good indicator as to the length and quality of my soon-to-be commissioned short stories that will be exclusive to my SubscribeStar. It's a little light on the ABDL elements, but I hope you still enjoy it as it was a lot of fun to write. And if you're interested on reading more short stories from me, keep an eye out on my SubscribeStar as I hope to start a trial run of commissioned short stories in January, ideally taking on two per month from the following month if the interest is there. Chapter 1: Christmas Eve Infernum Infantem: Nativitas Reunionis – LittleFallenPrincess “Nia, we’re going to be late… YOU BETTER HURRY UP!” Vic shouted from the hallway. “IN A MINUTE!” I yelled, struggling to pull the zipper up on my new coat. “Do you need help?” I heard her ask, from the other side of the door this time. “Damn infernal mittens making everything so difficult…” I grumbled as Victoria opened the door. Her heels clacked on my wooden bedroom floor as she walked over and stood in front of me, quickly taking over and pulling the zip up. I now looked like an overgrown toddler with this huge puffy coat, thick snow pants, cute pink boots, and these ridiculous mittens which made everything a thousand times more difficult to do with them on. At least it was only the boots and mittens that were pink, I think I’d die and go back to Hell if my coat and pants were pink too, thankfully they were black so I only looked semi-ridiculous. But no, what scared me most was what was underneath this thick winter clothing. But hey, at least only those attending this thing will get to see that, and they’re all littles too and have seen me in much worse. “You ready, babygirl?” Vic asked me as she looked down at me with those gorgeous blue eyes of hers, wrapping her arms around me and pulling my body against hers. For a second I completely forgot how ridiculous I looked compared to the gorgeous Goddess that was my girlfriend, with her long, smart black coat and hella sexy sparkly black dress underneath it. For that second, I melted into a subby little pile of goo as I embraced the hug. Ignore the leg being raised behind me and the tail swishing, it means NOTHING, got that? “Won’t people get scared if they see me?” I asked, pulling away from the hug and pointing up at my horns and then turning around to show my tail to her. “We’ll be in the car for the drive over, and our windows are tinted. And you know the Sanctuary has that perception doodad thingy that the street has where Teles’ cafe is. Humans won’t be able to see you, don’t worry. I want you to be yourself today, both as my gorgeous demon girlfriend and also my adorable ickle babygirl…” Vic said, booping my nose before quickly kissing my cheek, making my already red cheeks even redder. “Stooooooop!” I whined, rubbing my cheek where she kissed it, but not-so-secretly hoping she would just replace the kiss again. It’s not like her lipstick would be noticeable, the benefits of having demonic red skin I guess. “Right, you ready then, baby?” “Uh huh. So can you tell me what this is yet?” She had told me that we were having an ‘event’ at the Sanctuary, but that was it. She hadn’t told me anything else, other than that it was going to be for littles and that all my friends would be there. I wondered if it had anything to do with this ‘Christmas’ or whatever it is that humans call it, as Vic had been so different this month, putting up fancy lights and sparkly decorations all around the manor and playing all sorts of music I had never heard of before. All it consisted of was ‘Christmas cheer’ and ‘love for all’ and something about decking some halls… which I didn’t understand… but I have to admit, it wasn’t too bad, and it was really nice seeing Vic looking happier than ever. Like seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen her this cheery in… well… ever. “Nope. Now get that cute padded butt in the car, and watch your tail in the door…” “THAT WAS ONE TIME!” I whined. “And I’ll continue to remind you.” She giggled, making my heart soar. “Now go on, off you waddle…” And so I did, off I waddled out of my bedroom and down to the car, Vic following close behind me, giggling every time my ‘underwear’ crinkled. Which was constantly. I was really excited to see my friends again. It had been a while since the last time I saw them, Susie and Beth had had another long trip away to help someone again, Lucy had become a bit of a shut in after a very brief attempt at dating again, Grim and Abby were busy with lots of stuff, and even Beatrice had moved out. That’s right, Beatrice was no longer Vic’s maid, now that her whole ‘setting me up with Vic’ plan went off perfectly. She has moved into the Sanctuary temporarily, whilst she finds a new purpose in life. So I was excited to see her again, as I must admit… I missed having a Nanny. She made changing time… yeah… Talking of changes! Brelgamur, or Belle as we have been calling her, also moved out. She found her own place and has sworn off returning to Hell. I did ask my sister if she was also one of our siblings, given Belle’s reluctance to return to Hell, but Lucifer insists she was a human originally. And no matter how much I whine and beg and brat, Lucifer still won’t reveal which of the demons are our angelic-siblings-turned-demon. But I swear, one of these days she’ll break… So yeah, mostly it’s just been me and Vic, which has made the manor feel a bit… empty, but at the same time it’s allowed us to get closer and more intimate. Our relationship has definitely blossomed and I love her even more and more each day. The only time we fight is when I’m a brat and even then that’s fixed with a quick spanking. She’s even learned how to tame my tail so she doesn’t get thwacked in the face whilst trying to thwack my butt! After a very anxious car ride in which I was worried people would be able to see my horns and skin through the tinted windows, we arrived at the Sanctuary in Vic’s latest sports car, pulling up in our usual parking spot. Yeah… we spend a lot of time here. When Susie and Beth are around, I’d usually be spending a lot of time with Susie, catching up after all this time apart, whilst Vic and Beth would sit together and chat. Victoria wanted to know everything about this supernatural side of the world, as her library only contains a very very limited amount of knowledge of it all and Beth is one of the most knowledgeable people we know, her library puts both of Victoria’s to shame. So we have our own little parking spot that we usually take. Waddling into the Sanctuary, through the entrance hallway, I was greeted by all my friends standing together in a group, all looking at me. “NIA!” They cried out, rushing over and pouncing on me, each one of them joining the hug puddle. “Hey you lot… it’s good to see you too, haha!” I laughed, trying not to get smothered by affection to the point I couldn’t breathe. “Aren’t you excited?” Lucy asked, being the first one to break the hug. “About what? Vic wouldn’t tell me anything about what is going on.” “What has she told you?” Susie asked, pulling away as Grim and Abby also did the same. “That it is an event for littles, that’s it.” “Oh then we’re not spoiling anything…” “Good girl.” Beth said, grinning down to her wife, making Susie wiggle and blush. “Yes, I’ve got the camera ready…” Vic said, ominously, as she held up her fancy, expensive camera that I got her for her birthday. “I knew getting you that would come back to bite me…” I groaned, rolling my eyes at her. “Come on, let's go!” Lucy announced, excitedly, as she grabbed my hand and escorted me through the lobby, which was just as well-decorated as our manor, with tinsel and fairy lights and everything. “Why are there decorations here? I wouldn’t have thought our world would celebrate such a silly holiday? If anything, maybe something a bit more… Pagan?” I asked. “Its origins are Pagan, but no, that's not why we do it.” Beatrice said as she rushed over and grabbed me, pulling me up into a huge hug as she lifted me onto her hip. “Missed you, kiddo.” “Missed you too!” Everyone else continued towards the play room, whilst Beatrice stayed in the lobby with me, bouncing me up and down gently on her hip. “Sorry I’ve not been about, been figuring things out.” She apologised. “Oh psst, shush, it’s okay! Managed to find your new goal in life?” I asked, as she continued bouncing me on her hip. “Not yet, but I’m sure I’ll find it. Anyway, yes, we celebrate because we like the cheer it brings. Sure, we don’t celebrate the religious part of it, but we do like the gift-giving and all the other silly human traditions. So we celebrate our own way, a bit of human tradition and a bit of our own. Helps those who used to be human, like Lucy.” “So you do this every year?” “Look, I don’t want to say this in front of Vic… but we haven’t done this in decades. At the sanctuary? Sure, every year without fail. But at the manor? No. Vic was in a very, very dark place, so she never wanted to celebrate a holiday in which everyone is with family. It was a bad time for her, so I spent most of my time keeping her attention off everything around this time of year.” “But now…?” “Now she’s got you. She’s worked on her trauma, and even though she’s got her own new brand of trauma from her trip to Hell… she’s doing better than ever. All because of you. So this year, she’s wanting to go all out. Like I mean… ALL out. So whilst I’m going to keep today a bit of a surprise, I will say that we’ll all be around yours tomorrow.” “Huh?” “For Christmas dinner, duh!” “Christmas… dinner? Do you eat… Christmas?” “Silly baby, it’s just a big family meal, in which everyone eats way too much turkey and roast potatoes and gravy, they wear stupid paper crowns from mini explosive satchels, and then play party games when everyone is in a food coma afterwards.” “And you’re all coming for it?” I asked, confused. “Who do you think is cooking it? Vic certainly isn’t a great cook!” Bea winked at me. “So… everyone? Wow…” “I know you don’t understand the big thing about Christmas, I don’t blame you. You’re a demon and you’ve spent most of your time in Hell. But just play along, okay? Even if only for Vic’s sake. She needs this. Let her spoil you, let her celebrate this.” “Don’t worry, I wasn’t planning on ruining it for her. I haven’t seen her this cheery in forever. It’s… really nice.” I smiled warmly thinking about my girlfriend being happy. “I’m glad. Now, you’re going to be extra blushy when I carry you through, so get ready.” “Huh… what?” I said, squirming and wriggling in my ex-Nanny’s arms as she carried me towards the playroom. The whole play room was decorated with the same kind of stuff the manor and the Sanctuary was decorated with, making it feel… festive? Is that the right word? Either way, it was… nice. Especially seeing Vic’s face light up as I was carried in and over to the centre of the room, where everyone’s eyes were on… me. I swear my face couldn’t get any redder as everyone smiled and giggled, before I noticed someone sitting in the centre of the room… dressed… like some of the decorations? A big human dressed up in a red suit with a big white beard… Beatrice carried me over to the strange human man and placed me down… on his lap! ‘WHAT THE HELL? Why am I being given over to this large human?’ I thought to myself as Bea walked away, leaving me on the lap of this strange man. “Hello there, little one…” A deep, booming voice came from behind the beard. Upon closer inspection… I noticed it was fake. “Umm… Vic? What is this?” I asked, nervously. “This, Nia, is Santa Claus. Or Father Christmas.” “So is there like a Mummy Christmas or a baby Christmas? Is there a whole family of Christmases?” “No, silly baby…” She sighed, laughing to herself. “He delivers presents to all the good children at midnight on Christmas day. You wake up to presents from him.” I knew it was a gift-giving celebration, but that’s pretty much the extent of my knowledge. “So…” “So here is your chance to tell Santa what you want!” She exclaimed, clapping her hands excitedly at me. “I… umm… I ask this big guy for stuff… and he brings it to me?” “Pretty much!” Lucy said, smiling over at me as she looked adorable in her smartest ‘little’ dress. “I WANT A NEW GAMING RIG!” I yelled at this strange fat man’s face. “Ho ho ho… I think that can be arranged.” The bearded man laughed as he… jiggled. “So what, are you like a warlock or something? What is the extent of your magic? Because there are billions of human children, right? So that must mean you… yeah there is no physical way you could deliver that many presents in one night.” “I have my secrets…” He winked at me. “You’ve been a very good girl this year, Nia, so I’m sure we can find something for you, don’t you worry!” “You better…” I squinted at him, giving my evilest look and scrunching my face up at him. “I think that’s enough… got the pictures?” Beatrice asked Vic as she pulled me off Santa’s lap and started unzipping my coat, taking all these thick layers off me. “Yeah, I was surprised that she was that well behaved!” Vic giggled, walking over to me and planting a kiss on my forehead. “So that’s what you want? A gaming rig?” “I mean… I’m just happy to have my family here. That would have been my first wish. But now I’ve got you all… yeah, I want a freaking gaming rig!” I grinned up at her. “Well we’ll see what Santa brings you tomorrow.” Vic said, as if deep in thought. “Now, why don’t we get you into just your baby party dress and you can go play with your friends.” “We’ve got all day, right?” “Yep. Then we’re off home and you’re going to snuggle with me on the sofa as I show you Christmas movies that we’ve both missed out on, ones that Beatrice recommended.” “I have good taste, don’t worry!” Bea winked at me. “She does. And then after that, early night for you, baby! You’re going in your crib tonight too.” “Early night? Whyyyyyyy?” I whined. “Because we’ve got a busy day tomorrow, and Mummy has some things to work on. And most importantly… if you’re not asleep early, Santa won’t come.” “So no… no gaming rig?” Here came the puppy dog eyes. I was getting better and better at them. Vic will be powerless against them once I’ve mastered them. “Nope.” She snapped back at me, grinning back at me. “Fine. Early night it is. I better have at least 32gb of RAM though. And be water cooled. And have fancy lights.” “I’m sure he won’t disappoint.” Vic said, with both her and Beatrice laughing, making me pout and stick my tongue out at the two of them. Chapter 2: Christmas Day Infernum Infantem: Nativitas Reunionis – LittleFallenPrincess I woke up with an energy flowing through me that I had never felt upon waking up. Usually I wake up and need at least five energy drinks to be able to even string a coherent string of words together to form a sentence, but today… Today was different. The way they hyped up the arrival of this jolly fat guy wearing red, delivering presents… I can’t say I’m not excited to see if what they said is actually true. I know lots of entities in this world and other worlds, from vampires to trolls to Elder Gods… but I had never heard of this ‘Santa Claus’. He must have some pretty impressive magic if he manages to deliver all those presents in one night. Maybe I’ll hunt him down and find out his secret one day. For now though… I should have a fancy new gaming computer sitting there… just for me… So jumping up out of my crib with the agility of a cat, landing on my feet on the outside of the crib, with a thick, soggy nappy drooping close to my knees, I ran… or waddled… as fast as I could out of the nursery and towards the door. I wasn’t going to let a soggy nappy slow me down, I wanted my presents! As soon as I reached the door, I swung it open and dashed out, skidding across the floor as I turned down the hallway, running at full speed towards the living room. “Ah ah ah…” That voice stopped me in my tracks as I stumbled forward, trying my best to stop… but finding it hard as I barreled into the wall. “Oh dear! Are you okay, babygirl?” Victoria asked as she rushed over in her dressing gown and fuzzy slippers, bending down and helping me up. “I… I’m okay. Sorry. Did I wake you?” I replied. “No, but as soon as I saw you leap from the crib I knew I better get out of bed.” “You saw…?” “The baby monitor has a video function…” She grinned at me. “EEEEK!” I cried out, quickly hiding my blushing face in her chest. “Is someone excited to see what Santa left her?” “U… Uh huh…” “Well the rule is, you can’t open them without me being there.” “Wait, that’s a rule? Sorry! I didn’t…” I looked down at my feet, feeling really guilty all of a sudden. “It’s okay, my love. You didn’t know, and I forgot to tell you last night. I have to watch you open your presents! As if I couldn’t miss that adorable face as you see what you got…” I nuzzled further into her chest, burying my face deeper into her dressing gown, and wiggled my tail. “Still… sowwy.” “That’s okay baby, why don’t we go head downstairs and see what you got?” I broke free of our embrace and backed up, nodding up at her and smiling from ear to ear as she held out her hand. Grabbing it, I turned and followed closely by her side as she escorted me towards my new gaming computer. “This… this is… umm…” I said, awkwardly, as I sat cross-legged on the rug near the Christmas tree. There were dozens of little gifts, all wrapped perfectly, just underneath the bristly branches. And I had chosen the biggest one there, pulling it close and tearing the paper off without even thinking about how much of a mess I was creating. “I thought you wanted a new computer?” Vic said, looking confused from the sofa as I sat in front of this… gift. “I… it’s not really a computer, you know that? It looks like the babyish toys in my nursery…” I pressed the button on the fake, colourful keyboard and the monitor showed the image of a cow as a ‘moo’ sound came from the speakers on the back. “I thought…” That’s when she broke into laughter. “I’m so sorry, sweetie, I couldn’t keep it up… as soon as Beatrice suggested this prank I just had to…” “Beatrice… of course it was her…” I sighed in relief that this was just a prank. “Check behind the sofa. Be careful pulling it out…” Vic said, pointing behind her. Jumping to my feet, my even-soggier nappy weighing me down and sloshing about, I waddled behind the sofa to find an enormous box! And because I’m a good girl, I did as my Mummy said and carefully pulled it out from the sofa and around to the front so she could see me open it. “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed in delight as I tore the colourful paper off my huge present, and saw the multiple boxes inside it. Monitor, keyboard, mice… everything! Like… this was everything I wanted! “I did ask Lucy for some help picking out the things. You know how I am with computers compared to you two. Did she pick well?” “Wait…” I turned to face her, my own turning serious for a second. “I thought Santa brought gifts…” “I’ll explain it to you later, sweetie. It’s a very complicated system…” She giggled, making me feel like there was another joke being played on me. After my presents were opened, and after Vic had opened a cute little handmade bracelet I had made for her at the last little’s event, we snuggled up on the sofa, surrounded by Christmas decorations and the enormous tree in the corner. But I could feel my tummy rumbling, so I looked up at Vic as the noise reverberated around the living room. Yes, it was that loud. Demons get hungry, I can’t help it! “Is that a food thing or a succubus thing?” Vic asked. “A bit of both?” “Well your wet nurse is on holiday, so we could always… you know…” “Oh… fun big girl time?” I looked up at her, excitedly. “We’d have to be extra careful… But you need breakfast first anyway, and then we have family coming over, so I don’t know if we have time, you may have to wait til later. I told everyone to come over at twelve, apparently Beatrice doesn’t need much time to cook the turkey thanks to her magic.” “I could always take it to Hell… I’m sure the brimstone will add a nice… flavour…” I giggled. “No more trips to Hell, Missy! For either of us. Once was enough for me, thank you very much.” I giggled a bit more before snuggling back into her arms and relaxing. If our friends were coming over soon, I wanted to make the most out of this snuggly time with my Mama whilst I can. “I wuv you, Mama…” I whispered up at her, earning myself a squeeze and a kiss on the top of my head from her. “I love you too, baby. My little ‘Child of Darkness’.” That was her cute little pet name for me that she sometimes uses, due to her expecting to give birth to the bringer of the end of the world and ending up with… this overgrown baby. It made me pout, but it made us both giggle, and it was our special thing, so I loved it. “So you say our friends are coming over…” I began, before getting cut off. “I said family, but yes, friends too.” “Huh?” The doorbell rang, indicating that someone had arrived. “Wait… is it twelve already?” Vic yelled, jumping up and ruining our snuggly time. “I didn’t realise it was that late!” I had been too engrossed setting up my new gaming PC and opening all my gifts and snuggling to realise the time, so it seemed like neither of us were on the ball today. “I’ll go answer that…” Vic said, turning and looking down at me, as I sat on the sofa still. “You go get dressed, into something less babyish, okay baby?” “Less babyish? I thought you’d want me babyish today…” “No, our friends are okay with it, but I don’t know about family.” “You said family again, like it’s a separate thing… what are you talking about?” “Go! Go get dressed, quickly!” Vic pulled me up quickly, smacking my padded butt lightly, rushing me out of the living room. As I waddled up the stairs, I heard familiar voices coming from the main hallway of the manor. Beatrice, Beth and Susie had arrived by the sounds of it. I couldn’t make out any other voices, so Lucy’s house must not have arrived yet. As I was in the middle of taking the huge nappy off, managing one tape but getting stuck on the second, I heard a knock on the nursery door. “Hello?” Someone called out. “Occupied!” I cried out, desperate to stop them from coming in and seeing me like this. “I know, silly! Your Mummy said you may need a hand changing your nappy and getting dressed. And since Susie already needs a change, I offered. Especially as Bea has her hands full with Christmas dinner…” “Oh… Beth… sure… umm… come in?” I responded, blushing, as she and Susie walked in, pulling that ‘oh, doesn’t she look adorable?’ face at me. “Come on then hun, let's get you changed. Where are your big girl clothes?” “In… in my bedroom…” I replied. “That’s okay. Let’s get the nappy done first, then I’ll go get some clothes for you.” So I watched as she escorted Susie over to the changing table, lifting her up onto it and lifting up her smart, adult dress. I blushed and looked away, because even though I had been changed in front of other littles, including Susie, and they had been changed in front of me… I still found it embarrassing. Susie though… by now she felt no shame. It had been decades since she got introduced to all this, so she no longer felt the embarrassment of doing any of it in front of other littles and caregivers. “Any idea why we have to dress up smart?” Susie asked me as she got her nappy changed. “Nope. Vic won’t tell me.” “We’ve gotta pretend to be adults apparently. Non-kinksters attending or something like that.” “Non-kinksters? Who?” “Don’t ask me, I’m in the dark about this too…” Beth joined in, shrugging. And so as I waited for my turn to get changed, I wondered just who-in-the-Hell Vic invited. Shortly after I got changed into a clean nappy and a nice, appropriate dress, we headed back downstairs and I got to say hi to Beatrice, just in time for Lucy, Abs and Grim to arrive. They too were all dressed up all fancy, which surprised me. I thought it must be another big prank, but no… this seemed genuine, but none of us knew why and Vic was mysteriously absent most of the time. That was… until the doorbell went again. “Did she invite Meddy and Pandora?” I asked around the living room, but everyone shook their heads and shrugged. “GET THAT, WILL YOU BABY? I’M JUST GETTING READY.” Vic shouted down from the balcony, loud enough that I could hear it from the living room. “I guess I’ll answer the door… I hope they’re okay with demons…” I shrugged, knowing that my glamour hadn’t been applied, as this was supposed to be a day I wouldn’t need it. I shuffled off towards the front door as everyone continued to talk about presents and gifts and what their families are doing and stuff. And as I got nearer, I could hear multiple voices, ones that sounded familiar but I couldn’t place. ‘Maybe she did invite Pandora and Meddy…’ I shrugged, turning the doorknob and slowly opening the large front door. “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Four people I had never seen before all looked at me in wonder, with great big smiles on their faces. Apparently not even demon-red skin, horns and a tail could scare these carolers away. (Yes, I had that experience earlier in the month. Usually the big, creepy manor deters random people coming up the driveway, but some carolers got especially brave, climbed the gate, and made their way to the front door. Safe to say… they won’t be coming back again. I nearly sent them home with nappies, they clearly needed them.) “I… sorry, you have the wrong house?” I replied to these… very beautiful people. Like seriously… these were like model-status gorgeous. They all wore white winter coats and looked immaculate, two guys and two gals, they all just smiled at me. Except one of the guys, who you could tell was pretending to smile. “NIA! AHHHHHHH!” One of the women thrust themselves forward, wrapping their arms around me and hugging me tightly. Despite the uncomfortable unconsenting hug, I felt a warmth from it that felt… familiar. But it was what I could now see behind them, that made things fall into place a little bit better. Or should I say… who. “Lucifer…” I croaked to the figure in the background, hanging out a dozen feet or so behind the group. I tried to sound normal, but you try that whilst having the stuffing squeezed out of you by this gorgeous woman hugging you! “Hey Sis. You seem surprised. Oh no… don’t tell me that lovely girlfriend of yours didn’t tell you…” Lucifer replied, sighing and clutching her forehead in disbelief. “Tell me… what?” I cried out, pulling myself away from the stranger who may have tried to end my existence on Earth by hugging me to death. “You don’t remember us?” The hugger said, looking offended as she flicked her gorgeous mousy-brown hair behind her shoulders. “I told you… her memories are slowly returning…” Lucifer said, before getting cut off suddenly. “Yes, but I don’t trust anything you say, viper…” She hissed at Lucifer. “Ugh, why don’t you go shove it up your angelic arse…” “Angeli…” I said, before getting interrupted. The four figures clad in white all turned back to me and smiled, before announcing in unison: “We’re your siblings, Nia!” “Sib…lings? Wait… are you… angels?” I asked, confused and bewildered. “Well duh, of course we are!” The black haired woman said. “Sorry… I… I don’t remember you.” It’s true, I genuinely didn’t. They felt familiar… but I couldn’t remember anything about them. My memories had been returning, but it seemed to be in reverse. Newer memories were returning, then ones from about a hundred years ago, then two hundred, and so on. I hadn’t remembered anything about my old existence as an angel yet, or any of my siblings aside from Lucifer. “That’s okay! We certainly remember you!” “Is… is that a good thing?” I asked. “Of course! We missed you, silly!” The brown-haired woman stepped forward and hugged me again, before backing off and introducing herself. “I’m Gabriel. We were as close as you and Luci were. But then there weren’t any angels who disliked you, hun. Everyone loved you. I don’t think it was possible to not love you.” The guy who had been fake-smiling before coughed awkwardly, looking around. Clearly he was the exception, whoever he was. The other guy, the one with long, dark hair stepped up next and hugged me. “Raph. Or Raphael. It’s good to see you again, Niazriel. I was wondering if any of you would break Father’s curse. But I think we all knew if anyone could… it was you.” He smiled at me. His aura just felt… he felt very ‘big brother’ to me… which felt nice. The other woman stepped forward, gave me a huge hug and waved at me. “Azrael. Angel of Death.” This woman looked different from the others, as she looked a lot more like Lucifer. Dark makeup and jet-black hair… This just made her stand out more with her white coat and white dress. Kinda like if you shoved someone pure into someone dark and edgy… this was the result. But she seemed nice at least. The last one, the snobby guy in the back, didn’t come and hug me like the others, they just nodded at me and turned their eyes away from me, before taking the lead and walking past me, straight into the house. “Oh my Dad… is this where you’re living now?” Gabriel said as she walked in after the snobby angel. Azrael and Raphael quickly followed them both, walking straight past me as if I wasn’t there. Thankfully, that’s when Luci walked up to me, put her arms around me, and hugged me tightly. “Yeah… that last one is Michael. He’s an ass. He was the only one who didn’t like you.” “He… didn’t like me?” I asked, feeling deeply hurt. “Well… he hated how much attention you got from the others. And how much Dad loved you. So when you sided with me, it just increased his hatred towards you due to his loyalty to Dad. He was the one who egged Dad on to give you all this curse and not just banish you to Hell, so excuse him. It’s been way too long since I saw him, he’s clearly not changed.” “Is… is this everyone? I thought there were loads of angels?” “Because of the date today, most of us are at Dad’s favourite son’s birthday party… even if he wasn’t born in December and it was just stolen from Pagans. But anyway, yeah, most couldn’t make it, and I’m not exactly welcome up there, so I was free anyway. I was going to just get drunk. Your girlfriend prayed for your family to visit, and Gabriel… being Gabriel… rounded up as many as she could afford to pull away. So you got us.” “You heard them?” “Hey, I’m still an angel. I can hear prayers too. And despite their disgust towards me, and my inability to deal with their Holier-than-thou bullshit… I wasn’t going to miss out on spending a holiday with my fave sis! Though I must say… I was expecting you to be more… infantile…” Luci winked at me, grinning, making me blush instantly. “Oi! That was… shush! She made me dress up nicely today.” I pouted at her. “I can hear the crinkles, sis. You’re not completely an adult. Don’t worry, the others won’t realise. Now, shall we go see how our siblings react to your non-human friends?” Lucifer said, putting her arm around me and closing the front door behind us. Chapter 3: Christmas Reunion Infernum Infantem: Nativitas Reunionis – LittleFallenPrincess Walking into the living room, I was still slightly in shock that not only were my family wanting to see me… but that they were here, for Christmas dinner. I couldn’t remember any of them exactly, but they felt familiar, like… home. But the stark difference between our appearances kept reminding me that I had apparently fucked up big time siding with Lucifer eons ago, as their pristine white dresses and suits they had hidden underneath their coats clashed with my dark purple dress and my red skin… and horns… and tail… and fangs… “Umm… come on through… umm…” I mumbled, showing them through the main hall towards the living room where everyone else was currently chatting happily. Opening the door, I hesitantly smiled at everyone. “Hey Nia, are you okay, sweetie? You look… nervous.” Beth said, holding Susie on her lap. Nia, Abby and Grim were all sitting on the sofa together, and Beatrice was in the corner with her back turned to me, pouring herself a drink. “I… I’d like to introduce our latest guests…” I replied, awkwardly. “Who did Vic invite this time?” Beatrice laughed, without turning around. “My… my family…” I heard the clink of ice dropping into a glass as Beatrice turned around, her face looking mortified. “WHICH… ONES?” She growled at me. “Um… my… angelic ones…” “Angelic ones?” Lucy asked, confused. “Nia… she used to be an angel. She’s Lucifer’s sister…” Beatrice explained. I’m glad Beatrice explained it for me, as it still felt awkward for me to say. I hadn’t told anyone, only Vic. But since Beatrice knew about the whole thing, as her and Lucifer were the ones to set Vic and me up to break the curse… of course she already knew. My friends though… none of them knew. I mean it’s not something I can just blurt out whilst playing with dolls or colouring something. ‘Oh hey, so I used to be an angel and tried to rebel against God himself and got turned into a creature of Hell forced to suck the life force from others for eternity.’ They don’t even write a greeting card for that kind of thing. “Nia… was an ANGEL?” Lucy looked back over at me with amazement on her face, her mouth open wide. “Makes sense. Demons were probably transformed angels after the rebellion.” Beth said, as if it was just normal for her to know these things. Susie, Abby and Grim all looked at me in surprise, but still… nowhere near as excited or amazed as Lucy was currently. She must have a thing for angels. “Nia… which ones are here?” Beatrice asked, looking angrier than I had ever seen her before. “Raphael… Gabriel… Azrael… Michael…” “RAPH, GABE… GET IN HERE, NOW!” Beatrice screamed, her voice echoing through the whole manor. I turned around to see Raphael and Gabriel shuffle guiltily into the living room, looking at the floor. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” Bea asked, crossing her arms the way Vic does whenever I’ve been bratty. “We… we didn’t know you’d be here… We honestly didn’t know you even knew our sister…” Gabriel replied, sounding nervous. “Yeah… what she said.” Raphael added. “Wait… so Beatrice knows two Archangels?” Lucy asked Grim, who just shrugged his shoulders. “Bea? How do you know my siblings?” I asked her. “How do you think…?” Lucifer said as she walked past us all, confidently, pushing past the two guilty-looking angels and walking over to Beatrice, where she began making herself a drink. “What does she mean by that?” Lucy asked, innocently. The rest of us had figured it out already. “It means they fu…” “ANYWAY!” Azrael said, cutting Grim off and walking in. “Hi, I’m Azrael. Hi Beatrice.” She said, nodding over to Beatrice, who just nodded back at her. ‘At least she hasn’t gone through my entire family tree…’ I thought to myself, rolling my eyes at my ex-nanny. “Azrael? The angel of Death?” Lucy asked, surprised. “I’ve met Death. You’re not them.” Susie spoke up, giving the evil eye to Azrael. “I… well…” Azrael looked around, nervously. Lucifer laughed, causing everyone to all look at her now. “She’s Death’s biggest fangirl. She’s probably the first ever fangirl of anything, ever. She saw Death once near the beginning of time and since then has been obsessed about copying them. Hence the edgy makeup.” Lucifer said, popping the olive from her drink into her mouth. “SHUT UP, VIPER!” Azrael snapped at her, making Lucifer laugh. “Oh hello! You must be Nia’s family, it’s lovely to meet you all! I’m glad you could come!” Victoria said, appearing in the doorway on the other side of the living room, looking absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. If she didn’t have me getting hungrier and hungrier by the minute just looking at her, I would probably yell at her for surprising me with all this. No, instead I was too busy thinking about jumping her bones to be angry right now. Thankfully, Beatrice had my back on that front. No, not the jum… oh nevermind, you know what I mean. “Vic… why didn’t you tell me you were inviting MY EXES?” Beatrice yelled across the room, towards my Mummy. “Your… oh. Sorry! I didn’t know! I just thought it’d be nice for Nia to have her family for Christmas…” Victoria looked really awkward now. Lucifer just laughed again, walked past me, towards the comfortable recliner in the corner. But as she passed me, she bent down and whispered: “Oh this is going to be the best Christmas ever…” ----------------------------------------------------------------- And so we all chatted in the living room. Trying to act like a ‘normal’ family. Whatever that is. Lucy kept asking Michael questions, but he kept looking at her with disgust. Lucifer explained to me discreetly that Michael is bad enough normally, but he despises the ‘creatures’ of Earth, ‘creatures’ being vampires and werewolves and undead. Humans he can stand… just about. It was adorable really though, because it looked like a toddler asking their Uncle question after question, and the Uncle has had enough but is trying to be polite and not ruin dinner. Azrael was busy talking to Susie about Death, about their experiences, all whilst Beth sipped her wine, happily listening to her wife ramble on. Grim and Abby kept to themselves mostly, they didn’t seem bothered by my angelic siblings. Vic got an earful from Beatrice, before our friend turned her gaze to her ‘exes’ and started having a go at the pair in the corner of the room, before dragging both of them out of the room to finish cooking Christmas dinner. It was hilarious, Gabriel and Raphael both following her heels closely, like a couple of submissives… It made me wonder just what kind of relationship they had had in the past. And… how many of my damn siblings she’s dated… Lucifer sat in the recliner, drinking slowly, happily listening to the chaos that had engulfed our normally-cosy living area. Vic… Vic seemed hesitant to even look at me. She could see how weird I felt about this, and I think she felt like she had fucked up. Which just left me, sitting on the sofa, awkwardly, not talking or interacting with anyone, just watching everyone else socialising or enjoying themselves. Twiddling my thumbs, squirming in place as my other hunger started rising… I was not exactly having fun. This wasn’t the reunion I was expecting. It was somehow better but also worse than what I had imagined. They weren’t at each other’s throats… or mine… but there was this awkward distance between Lucifer and the others, as if none of them could stand to even look at her, let alone be near her. Lucifer, however, didn’t seem to mind this, as if she was used to it… maybe even enjoyed it. So, taking the initiative, I took a deep breath and walked over to where Lucy and Michael were sitting and completely interrupted what moment they were having by sitting on Michael’s lap. It seems my inner brat was back, and I was going to take these fuckers down with me if they don’t start behaving like adults. “So do you have wings? Do they magically appear or are they squeezed under your suit? Can I see them?” Lucy asked him as I sat down. “Grim wants to chat to you.” I lied to Lucy, making her wander off awkwardly, sitting by Abby and Grim and chatting to them. Once she was out of earshot, I turned and grinned at Michael, who looked just as visibly disgusted at me as he did around Lucy. “What?” He snapped at me. “How’s it hanging, big bro?” I replied, my grin growing with each uncomfortable second. “Hello, Niazriel.” He was clearly an angel of few words. “So obviously correct me if I’m wrong, as the whole ‘having my memories stolen from me’ kinda ruins a reunion when you can’t remember even knowing them… but it seems you don’t like me. Why is that?” “I…” “Is it my red skin? Tail? Horns?” “That is just evidence of your betrayal.” He looked up at me and stared at me directly in the eyes. “But I don’t even remember doing it. And even then, it sounds like Dad wasn’t exactly ‘Father of the Year’...” “Don’t you dare talk about him that way…” Michael growled at me, trying not to raise his voice. “Or what? He’ll take my memories again? Oh what a shame. Plus I heard it was you who planted that idea in his head…” “He can do much more than that. What if he decides to take away your little girlfriend…” I laughed and put my hand on his shoulder, gripping tighter and tighter until I could feel my nails cutting through his suit. Any tighter and that’s not all that they would be cutting through… “Michael… don’t underestimate our sister.” Lucifer said, appearing behind me. It appears she had been listening the whole time and decided now was the best time to step in… probably for Michael’s sake. “You hear all the gossip in the Silver City, so I assume you heard about what she did when those cultists took her girlfriend away from her, right?” “I…” Michael rolled his eyes. “She. Is. Off. Limits. Got that?” I growled. Michael just grumbled at me. “GOT THAT?” I growled louder, gaining the attention of the other guests in the room. “Understood.” He muttered. “I don’t give a flying fuck what kind of beef you’ve got with Lucifer, monsters, and more importantly… me. You can come at me with all you’ve got if you want. But if you, or Dad, come for her… I will tear down the Silver City if you even lay a finger on her.” “She will. Not even Dad will be able to stop her.” Lucifer added. “Off limits. Got it. Now get your filthy claws off me, Hellspawn…” Michael replied, with venom in his voice. My anger subsided and I put a huge grin on my face and smiled at him. “Okay Big bro, good catch up!” I said with a chipper voice, jumping off his lap and skipping off to go sit with Vic. “What was that?” Vic asked as I sat on her lap and snuggled up to her, laying my head on her shoulder. “Just family squabbles. It’s nothing.” I smiled up at her. “You threatened him, didn’t you? Because he threatened me?” “Only a little bit. But wait… you could hear?” “No, but I saw your tail stand on end when he growled at you. Then I saw the vice-like grip on his shoulder and put two and two together.” “S… sorry…” “No sweetie, I’m sorry for not telling you about inviting them. I just thought… I wanted you to have family here for Christmas. And now that your memories are slowly returning, I was hoping seeing them would speed it up a bit and you could be happy. I didn’t even stop to think about the animosity between Lucifer and your other siblings… or you and them.” “Shush. You did a lovely thing, but it blew up in your face. Plus Gabriel and Raph seem okay with me! Az… she seems okay… I guess… and hey, Michael is a dick to everyone, apparently. And did you see Beatrice’s face when she found out Gabe and Raph were here? Priceless. That alone would be the best Christmas present ever.” I grinned up at her. “Well I’m glad you’re okay with it. Again, I’m sorry. But don’t worry, that’s not all your presents. I know you got the toys earlier and your computer, and now this… but there’s still one present later.” My eyes lit up upon receiving this news. I loved presents. “What is it?” “That would ruin it. You just enjoy your day. Food shouldn’t be too long now, then after a few party games we’ll snuggle up just me and you and have a nice evening together. That’s when you can have your present, okay baby?” “Is it a sexy present then?” “It’s… pretty sexy.” She smiled back at me. I clapped my hands, excitedly, wiggling on her lap as my tail swished back and forth behind me. “Now, baby girl… how’s that nappy?” She whispered. “I… umm… it’s a bit soggy…” I whispered back. “I can tell…” “Y… you can?” “Yes. But don’t worry, pretty sure your big brother couldn’t tell you were padded when you sat on his lap.” I blushed and nuzzled into her shoulder more, enjoying this closeness, surrounded by family. Even if it is a little dysfunctional. Chapter 4: Christmas Dinner Infernum Infantem: Nativitas Reunionis – LittleFallenPrincess “Who wants to say grace?” Gabriel asked as we all sat around the enormously long dining table in this lavish dining room. Everyone had their own places, with Vic and my friends sitting at one end, and me and my siblings sitting at the other end. I wish I was sitting next to Vic, but my family insisted on spending more time with me after wasting so much time being yelled at by Beatrice. “Seriously, Gabe?” Lucifer gave the hardest stare at our sister, and I quickly joined in. “What?” She replied, not seeing why we were so upset. “You want to thank Dad for this… when both of us were…” “You were cast down for rebelling! That’s on you.” Gabriel responded, sounding very ‘holier than thou’ towards us. “I don’t think it’s in good taste either…” Vic said, thankfully standing up for me. “But we are his loyal children.” Gabe argued. “You’re a suck up, that’s what you are.” Lucifer muttered, rolling her eyes. “SHUT UP SAMAEL!” Gabriel yelled across the table. “OR WHAT?” Lucifer shouted back. “OR I’LL SEND YOU BACK TO HELL MYSELF!” Michael joined in. The three of them started yelling back and forth at each other, picking up cutlery and threatening the other with it. Raph and Azrael hadn’t raised their voices or joined in yet, but I could see them eyeing Lucifer like they were ready to attack her. “Please… stop…” Vic muttered, sounding a little overwhelmed. Normally she’d stand up for herself, and especially for me… but these are angels, she’s just a human. I think she felt a little out of her depth around this celestial family feud, so her fight was just… gone. I could see how upset she was getting as Raphael and Azrael finally joined in the yelling, aiming their hatred at Lucifer. It was now four on one and my girlfriend was getting overwhelmed and Beatrice looked like she was ready to step in but Beth was holding her back, with her hand gripping her sister’s arm. “This… was supposed to be a nice Christmas… I haven’t celebrated since… her… and I just wanted Nia to…” Vic started quietly crying to herself next to me. And I lost it. “EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP!” The scream violently filled the room, echoing through the whole manor, making everyone freeze in place, instantly losing their voices, looking terrified. As they all stopped and turned to look at me, their eyes widened in fear and shock (well, all except Beatrice, who had the biggest grin on her face right now), I felt my throat ache like never before, so I grabbed a glass of water from in front of me and chugged it down before looking back up at my siblings and slamming my hands down on the dining table. “STOP. NOW.” I coughed out, sounding scratchy after what was probably the loudest noise I had ever managed. “Can’t you see what you’re doing to my love?” I said, pointing at Vic who had stopped crying at this point and joined the rest of them looking up at me in shock. “I…” Gabe began. “NO! Shut the fuck up, Gabe. And you too Michael. And you Raph. And Azrael.” Lucifer smiled and began to open her mouth before I cut her off too. “AND you too, Lucifer.” They all sat down, awkwardly, giving each other menacing glances. “I don’t give a shit what went down thousands of years ago. Boo hoo, Lucifer rebelled. Maybe she did it for good reason, I don’t know, I CAN’T FUCKING REMEMBER thanks to the worst father of all time. But no matter what, that shit happened so long ago it should be in the past and forgotten about. People change. Look at me, I was torturing nerds in Hell until not that long ago. And now here I am, surrounded by the most wonderful family. And no, this doesn’t include any of you angelic arseholes. Look at my gorgeous girlfriend… She wanted the world to end for the past 40 or so years, but here she sits, trying her best to give me the best Christmas possible. People change. If you can’t deal with that, or at least play nice together, get… the fuck… out.” I growled, bearing my fangs at my ‘siblings’. Vic put her hand on mine and smiled up at me. “S… sorry.” Lucifer said, finally finding the courage to speak up. “I guess things have been left to fester for a while now. None of us ever even tried to move on.” “Yeah… I’m sorry…” Gabriel looked just as guilty as the rest of them, but managed to smile up at Lucifer with genuine kindness in her eyes. “Sorry, Sis…” Raph and Azrael chimed in next. Michael though… no, he can’t accept anything, being the righteous Daddy’s boy that he is… And so he left. Just took the napkin from his collar and dropped it on the plate, before screeching his chair back and walking out in a huff. There was an awkward silence lingering in the air as no one knew what to say once Michael had left. “More food for me!” We all stared at Grim, who had the biggest grin on his face as he reached over and grabbed Michael’s plate, bringing it over to his place and began devouring it. And so the silence broke. Tensions were relieved as everyone laughed at the wolf boy shoving a turkey leg into his mouth. “That, Beatrice… that was amazing.” Lucifer said, undoing the button on her waistcoat and patting her tummy. “I agree.” Gabriel added, gently placing her knife and fork on the empty plate. We had all eaten way too much food and collapsed back into our chairs, not a single one of us leaving a scrap of food on our plates. “Glad we can finally agree on some things.” Luci replied. “Like how we’ve got the best little sister ever?” Gabe smiled at Lucifer, before they both looked at me. “Agreed.” I quickly hid my blushing face behind my napkin. “Shame Michael couldn’t accept this new normal. But then he never liked me.” Luci shrugged. “Don’t mind him, he’s always been like this.” Gabriel said to Lucifer before turning to me. “Thank you, Nia, for all this. And you too Vic, I can’t imagine a better human… no, person, for my sister to be with.” Vic’s face lit up and found it hard to maintain eye contact with my sister. “Yeah, Nia… you’ve found yourself a really good human. And who knew these… What is the collective term for you lot? Monsters?” Gabriel asked. “We don’t really like that term…” Abby spoke up, after staying quiet for so long during that awkward family drama. “Sorry, what do you call your kind then? We’ve always called you monsters.” “We never really coined a term, though lately we’ve been going by ‘Monstrum’.” “That’s literally the same word we use but in a dead language…” Gabe looked confused. “Yes, but it doesn’t sound as mean.” Lucy piped up. Gabriel just laughed, making Lucy blush instantly. “Okay then, well it turns out we’ve been a bit hasty in judging these ‘Monstrum’. Okay… I can see it now, it doesn’t sound as horrible, I understand now. Anyway, yeah, I’m glad you’ve found a family of your own Nia. Though please never forget you also have one in the Silver City.” “And in the underworld…” Lucifer added. “Am I even allowed back in Heaven?” I asked. “I’ll have to talk to Dad. Maybe I can get you a visitor's pass?” Gabe laughed. “So what now?” Beatrice asked, changing the topic quickly, thankfully. “Games and a few drinks?” Vic suggested. “Brilliant! I’m a pro at that game where you buy property and build hotels.” My ex-Nanny grinned. “NO! I’m not playing with you again. I ended up owing you like twelve favours that one game we had.” Lucifer replied to her. “Yeah, I’m out already. Never play against Beatrice.” My other three angelic siblings all said, bowing out instantly. “I’ll play!” Lucy spoke up, stupidly getting herself into something she wasn’t prepared for. “Me too!” Abby and Grim added. Susie and Beth knew better, keeping their mouths shut, as did I. Vic was about to agree to play before I quickly reached over and placed my hand over her mouth, shaking my head violently at her, trying to signal to her not to. “The three kiddos then…” Bea’s grin grew wider… and more sinister. “We’ll have to get going, we need to get back to the Silver City and make sure Michael isn’t telling Dad too many lies about today. Plus you know it’s the ‘kid’s fake birthday, and we already got an earful for skipping out part of that.” Gabriel shrugged. “Awww, do you really have to go?” I whined. “Don’t worry, we’ll come visit more often now.” I climbed out of my chair and ran over to Gabe, pouncing on her and giving her the biggest hug. “I’m glad you’re back with us, Nia. And thank you for starting the healing process for our family. It may take a while, maybe even a few centuries or millennia… but I think we’ll get there eventually thanks to you.” “And Michael?” I asked. “I’m sure you’ll drag him along with us, kicking and screaming, if needed. Don’t you worry about him.” “Oh… Miss Gabriel?” Susie shouted from the other side of the dining room. “Yes, Susan?” “Can you tell my Grandma something?” “Sure. What is it?” Gabriel smiled at my reanimated friend. “That… I… That I made the right choice.” Susie said, blushing and burying her face into her wife’s shoulder. “Got it. I’ll make sure she gets your message.” Gabriel replied, smiling at her. “I’ll see you out. Luci… are you staying or going?” I asked my devilish sister. “I’ll… stay for a bit. If that’s okay. It was nice seeing you Gabe. Eww… I can’t believe I said that. Nia, you’re rubbing off on me.” Lucifer laughed. “She’s always been able to do that. On all of us.” Gabe said, squeezing me tighter. Once my more angelic side of the family had left, leaving just my ‘Monstrum’ side and my devilish sister left, we all moved back into the living room and broke out the party games. Of course Beatrice won her games against my friends, making them all quickly regret signing up for it. And because they lost… they’re all currently in the cutest, frilliest little baby maid outfits, waddling about, cleaning the manor from top to bottom with feather dusters and washing the dishes after our meal. I swear I have never seen Lucy’s face more red than it was during that humiliating experience. The rest of us all dodged a bullet. A very humiliating, blushy, bullet. Lucifer had a few more drinks before bowing out and leaving, but not before she teased my friends. I guess having the head honcho for torturing as a sister pays off, it makes her an expert at teasing. Though for some reason, she still pales in comparison to Beatrice, who kept the losers of their little game blushy for the rest of the afternoon and evening, all the way up to the point where they had to leave and go back to their homes. Nia, Grim and Abby were the next to go, thanking Vic and me for such an amazing Christmas and thanking Beatrice for the food once again. And I noticed as they all waddled out of the manor in their normal clothes… Beatrice hadn’t returned everything back to normal. That extra-wide waddle was not there before… Susie, Beth and Beatrice stayed for another hour, before announcing that they were leaving, but not before Beatrice handed a little wrapped present to Vic, planting a little kiss on her cheek and winking at me. And once the door shut… it was just Vic and I, alone together, again. “What did she give you?” I asked, desperate to know what surprise present Vic got. “A present. Isn’t that obvious, silly baby?” My girlfriend grinned at me. “Buh wha is it!?” I whined more. “Oh I see, as soon as your friends have gone, little Nia comes out to play instantly…” “I wanna knooooooow!” “I… fine. Come with me, demonling.” Vic said, grabbing my hand and escorting me into the living room, where it suddenly felt so… empty… so lifeless. All that was left were the remnants of the board games we had been playing, the empty glasses of alcohol that had been consumed, and the roaring fireplace keeping the room from freezing over. “So… what is it?” I asked again as my girlfriend led me to the fireplace, now holding both of my hands as she positioned me perfectly in line with the toasty hearth. “This… is a present for both of us.” She said, letting go of my hands and taking apart the wrapping on the small box. It looked like a jewellery box. “Is that…?” “It is. A new amulet of protection. Though this is enhanced with certain extra magical properties…” She teased. “Huh?” “Your wet nurse isn’t on Christmas break, sweetie. She isn’t needed anymore, so I gave her a hefty severance payment.” “Wait… so…” “If you ever need to nurse, or you want to feed through more adult means… this has got you covered either way…” I blushed and nearly melted into a little pile of demon goo on the spot at the thought of her feeding me like my wet nurse does… did… I mean, I was a blushy mess whenever she fed me, and I guess I needed to feed otherwise I’d have to suck on other people’s lifeforce, people who can’t regenerate. But it felt… less special. This though… This was my ultimate fantasy involving Vic. Or at least I thought it was… “But I have one last gift to be opened.” Vic said, reaching behind her back. “Ooooh! From who?” I asked. “From me… to you.” “Huh? I thought I got my presents.” “They were presents for little you. I told you earlier I had one more for you, so this… this is for my girlfriend.” “Huh?” And that’s when she pulled out another box, though this one was… smaller. Holding it in one hand, she used the other to open it, but at the same time… she knelt down, standing on one knee. “Wait… I… I’ve seen humans… oh…” My brain was piecing all my memories back together, the ones I remembered about all this, as I saw the sparkling great big whopping diamond on the silver ring in the box. “Nia, my love… will you marry me?” ======================================================== And there we have it. So... what did you all think? I loved writing it and so far I've made a number of my supporters on SubscribeStar cry, which I am very proud of. I just finished writing Little in Love 2, so after a small break I'll be starting Monster book #3, which will be posted once Little in Love 2 has finished (got months left of that, don't worry, it won't be for a while that we see monster book 3 on here). And as stated, this is going to be the rough length of most of my short stories that I'll be taking commissions for, starting next month. They will be exclusive to my SubscribeStar though. Don't worry, my main series stories are still going to be posted here, two weeks after they're posted on my SubscribeStar like usual. And lastly... Happy New Year! Expect more LittleFallenVerse and LittleFallenMonsterVerse (Name pending) in this new year! And maybe even MORE evil cliffhangers! 😈 Also if you haven't heard, I'm now up and running on Subscribestar! (Sorry, just trying to get the word out that I've found a new home now, trying to get my supporters back!) ======================================================== I hope everyone enjoys this chapter! Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! If you want to read the next 4 chapters, thanks to two weeks early access to my main story and also soon-to-be exclusive access to short stories (or even have a chance at commissioning one when I add the tier for them!), why don't you check out my SubscribeStar! The basic tier gets early access and exclusive access to short stories (when they're written), higher tiers will be limited but get a short story each month (1-2 per month in total). Thank you to all my patrons for their support over the past couple of years! Seriously, your support meant the world to me, and I hope to be set up somewhere new soon. New chapters of Little in Love 2 every Wednesday/Sunday! Also just a quick note: I don't mind people saving this story for personal reading. But I'd appreciate it if people didn't post it elsewhere, even if you're just suggesting it to other people. If you want to show others, please send them a link to the first page of this post! Thanks!
  4. After ten years, I'm so pleased to introduce the DailyDiapers forum to Sophie & Pudding's 50th story!! Butterflies is - in my opinion - one of the best things we have ever written. We have been working on it for about a year and I'm just so happy I finally get to show people. ;__; Butterflies is a story about love and how transformative it can be to have people care about you. It's a tale about growing up and growing down and how both of those things can be possible at the same time. It's a realistic narrative about life and daily problems and overcoming obstacles you never thought you would have to deal with. And of course, it's a story about diapers and cute adults wearing them. ^_~ Butterflies has exactly 100 chapters (an homage to the first ABDL story I ever read!). The complete story is available on our Patreon in PDF and ePUB format. If you don't like waiting for chapters, please consider supporting us at: www.patreon.com/sophieandpudding Thank you all for the past ten years! We wouldn't be where we are as writers without you guys as our audience. ❤️ Also, special thanks to @mahleedl for commissioning this piece and inspiring the concept! ~Sophie ----------------------------- Butterflies By Sophie & Pudding ----------------------------- Chapter One "Fuck off." I put up my middle finger and stuck out my tongue - some sort of half-step between maturity and childishness. That sentence just outright summed me up. But Eliot was getting on my nerves today. Always asking stupid questions... "I don't want a boyfriend. Who wants a boyfriend anyway? They just talk shit behind your back and sleep around, right?" Speaking as someone who had never had one. "If it matters so much to you, why don't you go get a boyfriend, hm?" "I'm not really boyfriend-boyfriend material, Ky-Spy." I flipped my bangs up out of my eyes with a sharp and cynical exhale, a little puff of breath, and shrugged with my palms faced upward - I'd always been a pretty animated example of a young man my age. Also, it infuriated Kylie when I was aloof, but that was my way of being a conscientious objector to our sometimes-childish bickering. She also hated it when I rhymed her name with things, too. All a side effect of growing up together. "I just think you should try it out, maybe have someone you can kick around some, you know?" "I cannot believe we are having this conversation..." How many times did I have to spell it out? I don't date! Well... not the way Eliot thought about dating, anyway. "Why are you on my case about this, huh? I don't pester you for being single, do I?" "You do not," I conceded, glibly, before continuing with an almost-too-sharp, "you're too busy pestering me for spending a thousand credits a week on nice clothes when 'one good pair of jeans is all you really need', right?" Eyeing up a reply, I burst into a little immature giggle and clasped my hands together. "Oh don't be mad, come on now! I was just winding you up. You make a single pair of jeans look... great, really!" She wasn't poor, neither of us were, she just had hobbies of the more mechanical nature. Clothes were function to Kylie, not fashion. "It's a miracle you afford rent," I said flatly and got up from the table. We had been sitting in the mall food court for the better part of an hour. Thankfully, malls were back in fashion. It's wonderful what universal income can do for the economy. "Come on - I want to check out a new game." "I don't know how you spend your income on something you never actually get to own." Kylie shot me a look that told me she was about done with the razzing back and forth, and I tipped my head in unspoken understanding, following along behind her. "Tell me about this game, what's it about? Is it one of those ones where the Big Burly Man Shoot Gun, or one where the Big Burly Man Throw Ball?" Games were not my forte. "It's an RPG. You can kind of like... I dunno. Make a character. Be someone else. That kind of thing." "I like who you are," I said under my breath. Kylie turned to me with a goofy smile. "No worries; I'm not going anywhere." "That girl at the game store that hit on you, did you ever call her?" Ky had argued that it wasn't flirting, but I knew better - as far as romantic entanglements went, I knew more than most boys my age. "She's probably working today, do you wanna hit the store outside the mall?" "No thank you," I said flatly. I kept looking forward to prevent Eliot from seeing my blush. I insisted time and again that I didn't like girls, but... well, as the years went on I was less and less sure of that. I almost felt like I was hanging onto my heterosexuality just to spite people. A shitty way to live, I guess. But I repeated my trademark line: "I don't date." "Of course you don't." I didn't either, but for me the statement was more of a 'I'm so bad at this OTL' kind of sentiment. We both had our own hang-ups, it, but together we could probably conquer the world if we could go an entire day without sassing each other. "I wanna know more about this game!" I tried to explain to him all the nuances that came with reputation systems, but he definitely wasn't following along. I had tried to play games with him in the past, but Eliot had the attention span of a may fly when it came to technology. But he could look at t-shirts for two hours. I swear... We were just outside the game store when something caught my eye. At the end of the hallway, a woman was standing there, leaning against the wall. Tall. Taller than me, and I wasn't really short either. Her hair was reddish and cut short. But most importantly: I knew this woman. I knew her and I really didn't want her to be here... "Hey, uh... you go inside. I'll catch up..." "Hi, El, you go into the store that we're here for me to go to, and I'll stand out here and maybe go look at clothes." I said out loud, looking at her with a dopey smile, like she hadn't realized the surrealness of what she'd suggested. But her eyes read serious, so I did what she said after a tense moment, and found myself immersed in the kinda dank smelling decade-old carpet and wall-to-wall shelving décor of the game store. Oh look, a T-Shirt rack… When I approached her, she took a few steps away, off to the side and away from the crowds. I followed after her, until we were as along as two people could get in the middle of a shopping mall. "What are you doing here?!" "You weren't answering your phone," she said quietly, almost nervously. "I'm fine, Marnie. I... I just need some time to myself, okay?" I crossed my arms over my chest and looked down at my feet. When had things become so complicated...? "Time to yourself with a boy?" Marnie tilted her head almost accusatorially, but gave no reason to believe her question didn't expect an answer, either. She wasn't quite an insecure girl, so much as she was an often paranoid one. She didn't like being blindsided. I balled my hands at my sides and looked up at Marnie with irritation. "I don't date!" I swear, one of these days someone is going to actually listen to me when I say that! "And if I did, it's none of your business. You're just..." "...just what?" I looked at the floor and shook my head. The thought that came to my mind was mean-spirited. So I took a deep breath and changed direction. "I'm... I'm glad you're worried about me. It's sweet. But I'll call you when I need you, okay?" "It's funny how if I took you on your word at that, I never seem to hear from you again, isn't it?" Marnie meant well, she really truly did, but just like some art was defined by its imperfections, so too was Marnie by hers. "I'll wait, but not forever." "Whatever..." I turned on my heel and went back to the game store, with a whole lot on my mind. Marnie... why was she doing this? I just wanted to keep everything the way it was. Separate. Simple. But no... "Hey, sorry about that," I told Eliot, returning to the game store. "Just had to take care of something..." "I found T-Shirts. Or I thought they were T-Shirts, and then I touched them, and realized they were just coarse pads for scrubbing pots and pans with, in the shape of T-Shirts, which is a shame cause there was this one that looked pretty cool with a fat little yellow rat on it, but I could not wear something like that." Nor should anybody; clothing that cheaply made ought to be a war crime! "Yeah... sure." "Not even a single snide remark? You sure you're okay?" Eliot put his hand to my forehead to check for a fever and I brushed him away. "I'm fine, I'm fine. Um. I'm not really feeling the whole games thing. Maybe we could take off?" I wanted to go home. "You know, it doesn't take an android to figure out that something happened, so maybe..." It was always best to let Ky know that I wasn't going to cross her boundaries when she was wound up like this. Hmm.. "I'm not going to like push the issue or anything, but I'm here you know?" I sighed and nodded my head. "Yeah, thanks..." Eliot could be pretty cool sometimes. I guess that's why we stayed friends after all these years. Maybe I should have told him the truth. I could have told him everything, right? But I didn't think I'd survive the emotional talk. Emotions really weren't my thing... "Come on, I'll buy us some ice cream. I know you already spent all your credits." "If I spent credits on ice cream, I'd have to spend more credits on clothes, cause mine wouldn't fit." Graciously, I'd accept the free ice-cream though, despite my diminutive frame. Honestly, no amount of food in the world would alter my waifish frame - was waifish a word you could use to describe a boy? Sure, why not - but I didn't generally like to take chances. I liked being small. So we got ice cream. He talked about something - fashion or shoes or whatever - and I nodded my head. I wasn't listening though. I had a lot on my mind, and I wasn't looking forward to this discussion. Maybe I should just talk to Eliot. And make things even weirder? Pass.
  5. “Do I have to take them down myself, little girl?” I hate it when my girlfriend calls me that! Yes, I’m six inches shorter. Yes, she’s eight years older. Yes, she’s the one in charge in our relationship, and yes, this whole domestic discipline thing had all been my idea three years ago, but I’m 30 and Not. A. Little! Girl! Dammit! But all I did instead was whine, “Not here. Please? I’m sorry. Can’t we just wait until we get home?” “Daphne,” Mary said, “this is not up for discussion. Besides, Brenna has seen plenty of bare bottoms spanked, including yours.” I glared at Brenna. We knew her through a local Fetlife group. Sometimes we did just plain vanilla stuff with her, like regular friends, like today, when she’d asked us for help planting trees in her yard. Mary has the green thumb. I hate yard work. “Bare? Can’t it just be over my shorts?” You’d think I’d have gotten used to being spanked, what with not a week going by when I wasn’t, but I never had, which I guess is the point. I looked at Brenna, who was smiling approvingly from the couch. Mary had pulled a kitchen chair into the living room and sat down. “Did your shorts make a rude comment to Brenna? Did your undies? So why would I spank those,” Mary asked me in her stern voice, the one she saves for when she’s talking to me like I’m a naughty little kid. “No,” I mumbled. I’d learned the hard way that there is no such thing as a rhetorical question when I’m in trouble. Mary reached out and grabbed me by the waistband of my innocent shorts and pulled me closer. None of this would have happened if Brenna had just been grateful we were over there helping in the first place. So I’m not Ma Nature - did it really matter if the hole wasn’t exactly fifteen inches deep? Of course, I do have a tendency to kill houseplants, even succulents. But anyway, she was harping on it, and I got irritated and said, “Then why don’t you just do it yourself, dammit?” I’m not sure if I’d have been in so much trouble if I hadn’t added the ‘dammit.’ At least I didn’t interfere while Mary popped the button on my shorts and whisked them, along with my panties, down to me ankles. “How did you get so dirty, anyway,” Daphne asked. “Not like you were putting that much effort into it.” I didn’t need to respond because Mary easily tossed me over her knee. My hands were on the floor, but my feet were not, leaving my butt hanging there. “Anything to say, Daphne,” Mary asked as she rubbed my butt. “I’m really sorry?” “Not as sorry as you will be.” That little rub is all I ever get for a warm up. Mary believes spankings are best delivered hard and fast, and within ten second she’d probably spanked me thirty times. This all started as a relationship with spanking involved, a little role play and bedroom fun. I even spanked her a couple times, though neither of us liked it. Eventually, I said I wanted it to be more than roleplay. I wanted it to be our lifestyle. I shortly thereafter found out just how many issues Mary had with my behavior and how much she’d been wanting to fix them for a while by then. But I wasn’t thinking about the time she had needed to spank me three times in one day. I was thinking about the spanking she was giving me right then. Mary is thorough in everything she does, and a creature of habit. She always starts out spanking me seemingly at random, no order to which side she wails on or how many. She likes to make sure I can’t anticipate anything. I lay there doing my best to hold still and be quiet, trying to keep my eyes closed and pretend Brenna wasn’t there, probably smiling. Only when my butt is a dark pink from top to sit spots does Mary really get going. As she says, this is when the real spanking starts. She stopped assaulting my butt and said, “Hand me the paddle, Daphne.” I freakin’ hate the thing. It’s small, heavy, and has four holes in it. She got it specifically to keep in her purse. She could just use her hairbrush when she disciplines me away from home (dressing rooms are the worst - everyone can hear!), but no, she says knowing she has a just-for-spanking implement with her at all times does a better job reminding me to behave. I pick it up with my left hand and reach behind me to give it to her. She takes it, then takes my arm and pins it behind my back. I’m a wiggler when she uses that thing. She’s like a freakin’ ninja with it. Equal parts thuddy and stingy, she paddles as fast as she hand spanks, but in a tight pattern. Up and down, each spank overlapping with the one before it, in a tight row, then shifting over and working a line from top to sit spot again. She never makes it from one side to the other but that I go from grunts to sobs to tears. Every. Damn. Time. The small paddle bounces off my bottom so fast I don’t even feel the individual spanks anymore. It’s all one swollen throb. She’s gentle, by comparison, with my thighs, but before she’s done with those ten spanks to the tender backs of my legs, I frantically promise, “I’m sorry! I’ll be good! I’ll be good!” Mary finished the last spank, and I lay over limp over her soft lap, big tears falling, and my nose running. It takes me a few seconds to realize Mary is rubbing my back, like she always does after a hard spanking, shushing me gently. When I’m ready, I start to get up, and Mary helps me so that I’m sitting on her lap, my crimson bottom aching when I do, and crying into her shirt as she calms me. “It’s okay, little girl,” she coos to me, “All is forgiven.” She kisses my temple. “Let it all out. That’s my brave girl.” When I get myself under control, though still struggling with the occasional sob and needing badly to blow my nose, she helps me off her lap. “What do you say to Brenna,” Mary asked. I don’t know when I kicked off my shorts and panties, nor do I care. I shuffled over to Brenna. “I’m sorry for being rude,” I said. “I forgive you,” she says, opening her arms. Brenna is big woman, and I all but collapse into her softness. I do like her, even though she has a way of bringing out the brat in me, but that brat never seems to be that far away. I stand between her big thighs, and she rubs my butt with one hand while she hugs me with the other. I’m grateful she does because I’m not allowed to rub. “Mary, why don’t you go take her to wash her face, and I’ll get lunch ready,” Brenna suggests. “Can I have my shorts back,” I ask meekly. “After lunch,” Mary says, holding out her hand. I take it. I like Mary’s hands. I also know she’s gonna lift me up and seat me on the cold vanity, and that it’s gonna feel good for about five seconds then feel clammy and hard. After lunch, I’m for sure gonna dig those holes right, and without a world of complaint.
  6. by LittleFallenPrincess So here's my third story, Glitch in Nanny. It's an MDLG/ABDL romance novel about a sci-fi/cyberpunk world where the world has flooded and everyone lives on giant floating cities. A little is working on a new project, one that will change her life and others. One of the characters was chosen by my patreons in a poll. It should be about 40 chapters long, with an Epilogue at the end, and new chapters will be posted every Monday and Friday. You can find my first story, Little in Love, here. And my second story, Witch in Training, here. (Currently in Progress) I would recommend reading Little in Love, then catching up with Witch in Training. Even if you're not usually a fan of diaper dimension stories, you may find you enjoy Little in Love. Two weeks Early Access to chapters of Witch in Training & Glitch in Nanny is available for the second tier on my Patreon. The first five chapters in pdf form are up from the start, with the sixth being posted on Monday, the same time the second will be posted here. If you have any questions regarding this, ask away. Charge up front is enabled. Meaning you will be charged as soon as you pledge. Little in Love Chapters are not available for Early Access. I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as my other stories! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, I love reading it all! Chapter 1: Faith We raced through the streets of London, running red lights and dodging traffic. Weaving through the gaps between the cars, I held on for dear life as she made this normally terrifying act seem like it was easy. She loved showing off, especially to me. No idea why, she was already my closest friend, she didn’t need to do anything. I knew exactly how awesome she was and how tough she could be, she didn’t need to risk both of our lives on a night time drive. But hey, I enjoyed spending time with her, so I tightened the grip I had around her waist and closed my eyes. “You know... if you keep your eyes closed like that, you’ll miss all the pretty scenery?” she said, her voice slightly muffled from the helmet. Opening my eyes, she wasn’t wrong. It was beautiful at this time of night. The neon glow of the city in the night sky, the reflections of all the lights and signs in the water, the gorgeous Art Deco buildings that formed the floating city of London. It was worth keeping my eyes open, despite how scared I was. I don’t normally get out much, I’m a bit of a shut in. But she wouldn’t take no for an answer, so I eventually gave in and agreed to go drive around the waterfront on her bike with her. We pulled up in a quiet little spot on the edge of the city and looked out across the endless ocean. The water was still, with no waves and no traffic out here. The night skies were clear, not a cloud in sight. The air was much cleaner out here too. Getting off her bike, she took her helmet off and let her long, dark brown hair flow down her shoulders and back. “Come on. This is my favourite spot.” She said, waving me over and she went and leant against the wall. I took my helmet off and sorted out the mess of red hair. ‘How does she manage to look so damn gorgeous when she does it, but when I do it, I look like I got out of the wrong side of the bed?’ Following her over to the wall, I shuffled up next to her and looked out. “I can see why. It’s beautiful. I keep forgetting to come to the edge, it’s so much better than the centre.” “Exactly. So you agree I should bring you out here more often?” How is she so confident? It took me months to ask my girlfriend out, and even then it was mostly her that did the work to get me to that point. “So Red... how are things with you and Sadie?” she turned to look at me and raised her eyebrow. Morgan has called me Red ever since we were teens. I’ve known her over half my life now and we’ve been best friends. She’s really intelligent, she’s an engineer, she’s a badass, she drives a motorcycle, she’s gorgeous... but since the day we met, she’s never come up with anything wittier than ‘Red’. I mean sure, my hair is red, congrats. But there are so many other nicknames she could have come up with... She only ever calls me by my actually name when she’s disappointed in me or angry or upset. ‘Oh Faith’.... ‘FAITH WHAT THE FUCK?’... ‘Come on Faith, stop screwing around!’... you get the idea. “It’s going really well actually, thanks.” I replied. “It’s been what, three months? When are you going to finally move in with her? Or is she going to move into the shit tip that is your apartment? I’m sure she’d loooove to be surrounded by all the spare parts and tools.” “We... we’re not at that stage yet. Although she does spend most of her time at mine.” “Really? And she doesn’t mind all the tinkering you do?” “Umm... I don’t think so.” “Well that’s a surprise. She always seemed a bit... pretentious...” “You think she’s pretentious?” “Ignore what I think, Red. You seem happy with her. That’s all that matters. I just want whatever makes you happy.” Morgan looked back out across the ocean. What I couldn’t tell her was that Sadie satisfied a part of me that had been neglected most of my life. For years I had tried to find someone who wanted that side of me, but it was just failure after failure. Too many people looking to take advantage of me or use me. No one who actually wanted to know that side of me, no one who wanted to take care of me and love me for who I was. Morgan had no idea of that side of me. We are best friends, sure, but I wouldn’t tell her about that part of my life even to save my own. We were inseparable, I didn’t want to ruin that with her by telling her about my stupid little kink. She’d look at me so differently. She already gets uncomfortable when I start acting childish around her. I don’t mean to, it just... happens, but whenever it does, she gets visibly awkward. But Sadie... Sadie understood that part of me. She cared for it, she nurtured it, and she encouraged it. She made me feel like less of a freak, she made me feel loved. I mean sure, we weren’t living together yet. She was busy most of the time with work, and we were both trying to save up a bit of money so we could get a nice place together. I stayed in my shitty apartment, she shared her place with a couple of friends. There was no room for me, but honestly, I’m glad. I needed my workshop, and I would have had to have given that up if there was room for me. My workshop is my life. It’s where I make my money, it’s where I work on my projects, it’s where I developed some of my greatest creations. All with the help of Morgan. I was gifted when it came to tech. From a young age, I just knew how machines worked. I’d often spend my days drawing cool looking androids and figuring out how to program them to do things. Most of my childhood was theory though, I didn’t actually get to create or mess around with any real tech. That was until Morgan turned up part way through the year in high school. Transferred from another part of the city, she ended up in my class. She sat next to me and we hit it off straight away, bonding over our love of tech. She encouraged me to actually start working on stuff with her. I focused on the design and the programming; she focused more on the engineering side of it. And together... we were amazing. And now, at 29, I’m working on my most ambitious project yet. Creating our own, fully functioning android, complete with programmed behaviour and a realistic looking body. Morgan was great at working out the specifics about the chassis and the inner workings, whilst I designed the thing and worked on the personality and behaviour she would have. I didn’t tell Morgan exactly what I had in mind for this; this was a bit of a personal project for me, something to keep me company whilst Sadie was away on one of her business trips, or when she couldn’t come over. I’d just need to program a second set of behaviours into it for when Morgan is around it. “So... when we working on Evie next?” Morgan asked. Evelyn, or Evie as we’ve grown to call her now, was the android we were working on. Morgan would often go dumpster diving to get whatever parts we could get for free. Whatever we couldn’t obtain, we’d have to get from the market. I hated going there, it was shady as hell, but sometimes we needed to. “Dunno. Whenever. Been a couple of days. We’re getting close, we just need a couple more parts and I need to finish the code before she’s ready.” “So once we’ve finished, she’s just going to help around your workshop? That’s a bit of a waste for such a brilliant piece of tech.” “What else can we do with her? She’s brilliant, sure, but we can’t exactly get her registered nor do anything outside my workshop. Only official androids can perform jobs and all that.” “I know, but she’s more advanced than any of that android market crap. She makes even the newer models look obsolete!” “But we don’t have a licence. We’re lucky we can even make her at all.” “Ugh.” Morgan flailed her arms and turned around, looking behind us at the city. “I hate this city.” “I know. It’s shit. But would you rather live out there?” I pointed out towards the empty horizon. “I know we got it good compared to other cities that survived the flood, and we got it infinitely better than the people who didn’t survive... but this city is toxic. There’s a reason I like this spot.” “No signs, no noise?” “Exactly. We’re on the floating city of London, and the only place I actually like is this quiet bit at the back because it doesn’t feel like the rest of it. I mean look at it, look at the city.” I turned around and did as she was doing, my back against the wall, looking out to the city of London. ------------------------------------------------- Forty years ago, London was just another city in the world. Advancement in tech skyrocketed after the Victorian era. Tech advanced so quickly, we were more advanced than we should have been. We pushed the world further and further into the future. Humanity as a civilisation advanced much quicker than we should have, which means we are now about 50 years ahead in terms of society and technology. By the thirties, we had developed smart phones. By the forties, we had perfected robots. By the fifties, we had already developed bionic limbs and organs. By the sixties we had created androids. But all of this came at a cost. Humanity polluted the planet faster than it could handle it. The ice caps melted, the world flooded. Most of humanity was wiped out in a decade. The survivors were those who escaped to the major cities. Instead of working on a solution to fix the climate crisis, engineers and scientists worked on a way to adapt to it instead. They created a way to make the major cities of the world... float, turning them into their own little islands. Creating a solid infrastructure beneath a large city, they were able to save a whole bunch of people when the world started flooding. London was one of them. These cities quickly became new nations with their own laws and their own jurisdiction. England no longer had control over the rest of the UK. England had a couple more cities that were able to be saved, but we didn’t have many. Scotland, Wales and Ireland quickly distanced themselves from us, but they were only able to save one city each. Edinburgh was the largest, and it quickly sailed away from the rest of us. Wales and Ireland managed to save their capital cities, and followed suit. And so, as the whole world sank, a hundred or so cities throughout the world survived, floating on the endless ocean that covered the planet. That was over 40 years ago, before my time. And since, London has gotten worse and worse. Crime rates increasing, tech has kinda... stagnated, corruption is rife within the police and the politicians. Hell, even slavery is making a comeback. Whilst we rarely interact with other cities due to us being pretty self-sufficient, there are a lot of stories about people being sold off to wealthy people on some of the less... civilised... cities. It’s illegal still, but the police are often paid to look the other way most of the time. It’s why I keep to myself mostly, only leaving my apartment when I need to. “Come on, let’s go back. Your girlfriend is probably worried I’ve kidnapped you or something!” Morgan said, pulling my arm. I nodded and smiled as we got back on her bike, driving into the centre of the city. As we passed all the tall buildings, I couldn’t help but admire their design. Sure, the city looked like any of those typical futuristic dystopian cities from the old movies and books, but where they differed to reality is the style of buildings. They had all these smooth, modern buildings and it was all dark and grungy. They got the dark and grungy part right. But for every three modern buildings that had been built in the past twenty years, there was one old building. And it was these old buildings that made this city. At some point during our rushed technological advancement, Art Deco buildings became popular, and London was flooded with architects creating large numbers of buildings of this particular style. I think they looked at New York and tried to copy it. And where other trends would go out of style... this never did. They became a part of this city and people were reluctant to replace them. So throughout the city, these towering structures withstood the test of time and are some of the most popular places to live. I managed to score an apartment in one, but only because my landlord owed Morgan a favour and she cashed it in to get me my place. I mean... it’s not exactly one of the best kept buildings, it’s a bit of a wreck in a bad neighbourhood, but it keeps me safe and I’ve got a roof over my head. ------------------------------------------------- As we pulled up to my apartment, I got off the bike and went to hand Morgan her spare helmet back. She pushed it back at me. “Keep it on you. I’m gonna take you for a ride again soon. Now that I’ve managed it once, it’ll be easier next time. I’ll call you later, and then we can work on Evie.” I knew better to argue against Morgan. If she wanted me to do something, there’s a very high chance I’d do it for her. She gave off a weird protective, maternal feeling. Maybe that was what attracted me to being her friend to begin with? Either way, I gripped the helmet and she winked at me, dropped her visor, and sped off down the road. “Hey baby, how was your little trip with Morgan?” Sadie said as I entered the apartment. “Oh hey! I wasn’t expecting you!” I replied. “I figured you’d want a bit of time with me... baby.” “Oh... you mean?” “Yep. Now go lay down on the bed and wait for me. Mummy has a couple more things to do, then I’ll be right in to get you changed into something much more appropriate for someone as little as you...” My face turned red and I did everything I could as to not wiggle my butt as I quickly rushed into my bedroom. I started taking my clothes off, unbuttoning my shirt, when my wrists were grabbed and I was quickly turned around. “Babygirl... you know you’re not supposed to do that yourself... now, are you going to be a good girl for Mummy?” Sadie looked at me with those gorgeous brown eyes of hers and I melted. “Yes... yes Mummy...” my voice had gone really quiet and shy at this point. “Good girl. Now, lay back. I assume you’re going to be working on your little Nannybot tomorrow?” “Yes Mummy... Morgan is going to come round and help.” “Good girl. Now you better be good, otherwise I’ll make sure you’re padded for your little playdate with her, and she’ll quickly realise just what you plan to use that android for..." She pushed me back onto the bed and I lost the ability to speak. I was so flustered that I hadn’t even noticed that she had brought out the super thick nappies she saves for when I’m feeling really little... ========================================================== I hope everyone enjoyed this first chapter! It's a genre I never thought I'd write, but I had a fun idea and went with it. Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Thank you to all my patrons for their support! Don't forget, the next 4 chapters are available on my Patreon, which can be found here if you go for the second tier. You get two weeks early access to chapters of Witch in Training and Glitch in Nanny. The first tier is purely for supporting my writing. Access to my Discord server is included with both tiers, where people can discuss early access chapters, although it seems most of them use it just to tease me ? New chapters every Monday/Friday!
  7. by LittleFallenPrincess So here's my second story, Witch in Training. It's an MDLG/ABDL romance novel about two Witches from very different backgrounds in a universe filled with Magic. Alternating between the perspective of each Witch every chapter, beginning with the more traditional village Witch. It should be about 40 chapters long, with an Epilogue at the end, and new chapters will be posted every Wednesday and Sunday. You can find my first story, Little in Love, currently in progress, here. Two weeks Early Access to chapters of Witch in Training is available for the second tier on my Patreon. The first five chapters in pdf form are up from the start, with the sixth being posted on Wednesday, the same time the second will be posted here. If you have any questions regarding this, ask away. Charge up front is enabled. Meaning you will be charged as soon as you pledge. Little in Love Chapters are not available for Early Access. I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as the first! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, I love reading it all! Chapter 1: Village Life I watched as the water droplets made their way down the plants. Cascading down each leaf. Each leaf bending and swaying as the weight of the droplet forced its way downwards towards the soil. I admired the way this universe worked, even in small ways like watering plants. The cycle of life, the connection between the elements, the necessity to depend on others... I lost myself whenever I did this by hand. It’s why I did it this way, rather than relying on my power. Sure, I could just wave my hand, channel a bit of magic, and ‘poof!’ the plants are fully grown in an instant and no effort is needed. But I enjoyed the day to day, the daily watering, watching them grow and get stronger as I nurtured them, from a tiny seedling all the way to when it blooms. I liked feeling like the love I channelled in to my daily routine with them provided them enough to grow stronger than if I had just used my magic. It was the only way I could satisfy that part of me. For now. The bell from my front door rang. “Oh that must be Mrs Timpson. Here for her usual.” I liked talking to my plants. They didn’t talk back, but when you live alone, on the outskirts of the village, you don’t get much conversation. So I take whatever I can get. I put the watering can down beside the plants and walked over to the front door. As I passed the large mirror, I checked myself out quickly. My long black hair flowed down my shoulders, resting neatly on my cardigan. My glasses were wonky, so I quickly went about correcting that. I didn’t need them, but they did make my green eyes pop and it gave me an aura of intelligence to everyone around the village. I wiped a bit of dirt from my lightly freckled face. My t-shirt was on day 2 of use, I hadn’t found the energy or time to do any washing. But hey, it looked good on me at least. And it hugged my curves perfectly. At six foot, I was a bit on the taller side, with nice curves and a kind, affectionate face. Or so I’ve been told by ex’s and random guys hitting on me. And then I realised something I had nearly forgotten about. With a flick of my wrist, my comfortable cardigan was replaced by a long black robe, my jeans into a medium length black skirt, my favourite band tee turned into a smart white blouse. “Much better.” I said to myself whilst admiring myself in the mirror. I opened the door to see the familiar face of Mrs Timpson waiting for me. She was an elderly lady from the village with white hair and glasses. You would never catch her not wearing a floral outfit. She loved flowers and put her heart and soul into her garden, often exhausting herself beyond her limits. “Hello Mrs Timpson. Are you here for your usual today?” “Not today dearie.” “Oh, then come in and sit down. Tell me what’s up.” I held the door open for the elderly woman as she slowly shuffled into my house, sitting down at my rustic oak table in the kitchen. Closing the front door, I followed her through and put the kettle on the stove before sitting down across the table from her. “So how can I help?” “Well my plants are doing perfectly, thanks to you dearie. You have such a connection with nature, I really admire that about you. Not like those witches you see on television.” “Well thank you Mrs Timpson. I really appreciate you saying that. So if not your garden, what ails you?” “It’s my back dearie. I’ve tried everything I can. I’ve seen so many specialists, had so many different treatments. Nothing works.” “Why didn’t you come to see me sooner?” “I already ask too much of you with my garden. I didn’t want to bother you.” “Oh Mrs Timpson, you’re no bother. I wish you had come to see me sooner, I bet I can get that back of yours feeling better in no time. Cup of tea?” “Oh yes please dear. That would be wonderful.” “Can I just quickly take a look at your back?” “Of course. Go ahead. Do you want me to lie down or anything?” “Don’t worry, I just need to read the energy around your spine. It will only take a moment.” Running my hand down her spine, a few inches away from her navy blue floral dress, I sensed a twist in the flow of energy. “Ah yes. I see the problem. I’ll have it sorted in a jiffy.” I walked over to my plants and searched for the specific one I needed. Finding it, I snipped a bud from the stem and took it over to my kitchen counter, dropping it in my pestle. I channelled a little bit of healing magic into the bud. “Tea is nearly ready Mrs Timpson. How’s your husband doing?” As she started going on about her husband, I took the boiled kettle off the stove and pulled out two cups, along with some tea and an infuser. Pouring the boiling water into the cup through the leaves, I then went on to crush up the bud I had cut. Adding that to one of the cups, I passed that one to Mrs Timpson and sat down with my own cup. “Drink that and see how you feel.” “Thank you dearie.” She drank the tea, continuing to talk about her husband. Right at the end of the story she was waffling on when she suddenly put her hand on her back. “Oh my, the pain has gone! I feel 20 years younger!” “Good to hear. I’m always happy to help, you know that. So next time, don’t hesitate okay?” After she had finished her tea and after she had finished telling me all about number 9 who painted their shed blue, I smiled and showed her out the door, shutting it as soon as she left. Looking back at myself in the mirror, I waved my hand again and I was back in my comfy clothes, and I went about my day. I enjoyed spending time with the people from the village, but their lives weren’t particularly interesting. Always the same ‘my husband saw a robin’ or ‘did you hear the post office was busy on Tuesday?’ Whilst I loved living in solitude, outside the little village of Basinwall, I couldn’t help but feel like the Witches in the city had much more interesting stories to listen to. But I could never live there again, I chose this life. The villagers led very boring lives, whilst the Witches from the city were ambassadors, diplomats, and celebrities. They often went out and got drunk, fighting demons and saving people’s lives. I, on the other hand, had guests with such riveting stories such as they ‘may have had their garden gnome stolen by a teen’, or ‘a gate got blown down!’ Instead of the normal life for witches these days, I chose to live on the outskirts of a quiet little village in England, both for privacy and safety. I mean, I got on well with the fae folk whenever I visited the city, but I didn’t get on well with other magic users. They were often way too full of themselves and looked down on me for choosing the ways of old. ------------------------------------------------- You see, centuries ago, witches were often elders of a village who had the gift of magic. They were often sought out to fix problems for the community, whether it was helping crops grow, healing the sick and injured, helping with discussions and disagreements, whatever the people needed. We didn’t lead, but we were important when it came to a village’s health, prosperity and growth. And people looked up to us for that, revered us even. Over time, as towns grew, that role became more demanding and more important. But at the same time, the number of witches born started increasing. It used to be that each village had its own witch. But eventually there were multiple witches per village. Then cities started forming and witches started becoming diplomats and guardians, basically any very important positions of power within the city. They started working to further their own paths rather than help others. They became more and more selfish, often favouring power over empathy. The formation of the Council eventually united all of the witches into one powerful force, but they began to forget their roots. There was a point that most witches saw little acts of help, for example healing an old woman’s sore back, as ‘unworthy of their talents’. They became celebrities in their own way, often being idolised for their gifts and looks, but never worthy of such devotion. These days they graced magazine covers, hosted big arena events, signed autographs and got drunk at parties. They flaunted their magic, often in dangerous ways. But they never learnt their lesson, as the Council would just clean everything up and brush away the evidence, acting like nothing had happened. But that’s what this society had become. Witches had no humility. Even from a young age, witches were expected to become powerful and famous. All that pressure, all the expectations... it’s no wonder they grew up selfish and vain. At a young age, anyone identified as a witch would be assigned a more experienced witch to be their tutor. They would act as their guardian, support system, and guide as they taught them how to wield the magic they now had access to. You couldn’t ask for a different tutor. A tutor could choose a different student, but if you didn’t like your tutor... well you were shit out of luck. My tutor was some cranky old hag who was some old movie star whose career had shrivelled up decades before. She was the kind of person who loved reminding me that I would amount to nothing and I hated that about her. But because of that, I learned the power of positive reinforcement. I swore to myself if I ever took on someone, I wouldn’t be like her. At 31 years old, I was the right age and had the right experience to take on an apprentice, but I was isolated from the community and excluded from the inner circles. So I have never been given the opportunity to take someone on. Because of this I spent most of my time working on my plants, helping the residents of the village, or visiting friends. Not like I’d want one of the witches you see in all the magazines anyway, none of them are worth training. I know because I used to be like that. I was a stuck-up little Witch-in-training in the city, tutored by one of the best living witches. I partied, I got into fights, and I drank way too much. I got a few telling offs by the Council, but as I was one of the up and coming rising stars, I could do no real wrong in their eyes. But over time I felt empty. I felt hollow. I felt like I was just pretending to be like every other witch. After a lot of soul searching and travelling, I realised what I wanted. Part of what I wanted was to have a quiet life somewhere out in the countryside, near a little village, doing what we witches used to do. I wanted to get closer to nature, as that had always been my strongest affinity when it came to magic. ------------------------------------------------- All witches have magic. Any witch can learn any spell. Some are more difficult than others, but they are still available to all. What makes each witch different is their affinity. Usually inherited from a parent, an affinity is just a natural talent for one aspect of magic. Sometimes a witch can have two affinities, one from each parent. But it’s rare. I’m one of the few. Fire, nature, earth, air, water. All the elements could be an affinity, but there were plenty more. Some witches have a rarer affinity. Like augmentation, healing or self-regeneration. It doesn’t mean all witches can’t do those kinds of spells, but those with an affinity have a distinct talent for spells in that category. I, for example, gained one of my affinities from my father, his nature based affinity. I find I can connect with plants and animals more easily than any other witch. ------------------------------------------------- So in the end, I left my old life behind. The gossip magazines wondered where I went, the Council were furious. There was an incident with them but I ran as fast and as far away as I could. I didn’t care anymore. I built this house on the edge of Basinwall and have been happy since. Well, mostly happy. I couldn’t go back to my old life. I had severed all connections to it. My tutor disowned me, the Council hated me, and the community looked down on me and snubbed me. But I lived in my own little cottage, in peace, and could focus on helping people. I had what I had fought for. Mostly. ------------------------------------------------- I dragged my feet through the house. I had done my good deed for the day, helping Mrs Timpson with her back. But today an air of melancholy surrounded not only myself, but the house. So I whisked my hand a bit, conjuring a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on my front door. The people from the village were thoughtful and friendly, and whenever I got like this, they’d be understanding and leave me be for the day. They tried to offer their support, but we all knew, even myself, that there was nothing they could do to help me. I needed some time to myself. To clear my head a bit. To try and focus on something. But every time I tried to focus, my body wandered that bit closer to the bare wall between my bedroom and the spare bedroom. Giving in to my feelings, I drew an outline in the air in front of the bare wall with my hand. A door appeared and I walked through. This room hurt my heart every time I entered, and because of that, I hadn’t been in here for a while. But for some reason, it was now calling to me. Running my hand over the plush fabric of the animals, all stood to attention along the shelf in a neat line, I couldn’t help but feel like I would never find that missing piece to this room. It should bring me happiness, love... but instead it was just empty, devoid of joy. Until I could fill that piece that was missing, it was a reminder of the loneliness I felt. Not only in this house, not only in this village, but in this world. I took in the scent that never left this room. When designing it, I made sure that approximately half of the time you’d be able to smell it. Just a simple enchant. That’s all it took. Running my fingers over the wooden beams circling the bed, I couldn’t help but wonder if I had made a mistake in leaving the city. It wasn’t easy leaving that life behind. I fought tooth and nail to get where I am today. And I won’t let anyone take that away from me. I know I’m still missing something, but at least I know what I’m missing this time. The cravings became stronger every day. Caring for the plants only satisfied me so much. But it was difficult living in isolation in a tiny village, how was I supposed to find the thing I needed? I just had to be patient. I’d find it eventually. One day I’ll find that piece I am missing. ========================================================== I hope everyone enjoyed this first chapter! Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Don't forget, the next 4 chapters are available on my Patreon, which can be found here if you go for the second tier. You get two weeks early access to chapters of Witch in Training (Little in Love will not be available on there until it's all finished here). The first tier is purely for supporting my writing. There's also a discord server I've created, which you get access to with either tier. The discord server, my Patreon, everything is new and there may be bugs or mistakes or whatever that I'll try and sort out as soon as possible. That's where suggestions and feedback come in! I'd love to hear what everyone thinks, or what people would like to see from me or anything that needs fixing. I've never done something like this before, it's been a nightmare for my anxiety setting all this up on top of the anxiety of posting my second story, so patience is appreciated. Anyway, enough about all that, I hope you enjoyed this chapter, the second will be posted on Wednesday (and the sixth chapter will be posted on my Patreon).
  8. Summary: After going through a traumatic childhood, Willa needs help. She's unknowingly admitted to Little Beginnings where she's going to have the chance to have the childhood she should've had (whether she wants to or not). ooOoo Chapter 1: “W-Willa…Willa Carolan,” the young girl stuttered. Her chocolate brown eyes focused on the black and white tiled floor as the receptionist typed upon the keyboard. She was the only one in the waiting room which she supposed made her feel a little better. She did not do well with interaction. The thought of even coming to therapy terrified her as she had never been before. She clenched her clammy hands into fists and counted backwards in her mind, trying to calm the beating of her heart. Suck it up. She thought. Plenty of people go to therapy. There was nothing to be worried about. That’s what she tried to tell herself. But she wasn’t so sure. She could barely talk to another person without stuttering or wanting to puke. How could she manage an hour long session? The whole point of therapy was to talk and she couldn’t even do that. “You can just take a seat in the chair right over there.” the woman smiled at Willa, finally having stopped typing. “Dr. Tischner will be out shortly.” Slightly nodding her head in thanks, she quickly scattered to the furthest corner in the small room away from the woman. With her knees pressed against her chest, she rested her head on them, taking in deep and rapid shallow breaths, ignoring the stack of magazines on the tiny table beside her. Willa didn’t know why she even agreed to come to this. She had managed to avoid it for the past ten years, silently suffering, never going out unless absolutely necessary. She was only twenty years old, had no friends, no job, and anxiety that riddled her mind and body. Adrian, her older brother was the one who supported her but she had a feeling he wanted her out of his home. His crazy ex- girlfriend of three years had just left and was still traumatized by... by everything. Willa thought his message was pretty clear when he scheduled the appointment himself and drove her, escorting her as far as the front door then leaving. She was pissed, rightfully so, that he would just abandon her like that. They were best friends. They had been for all of their lives. Even though her brother was five years older, they understood each other like no one else. She could count on him for everything. She didn’t have to hide away. They were exactly the same in everything from their caramel skin, eyes, round face and thick curly black hair. People would confuse them for twins because of how much they looked alike. So, yes, it hurt when he just dumped her at the building. He didn’t even say when he would be back and the unknown was what scared her the most. “Willa Carolan?” a new voice echoed throughout the room. Shooting her head up, a blonde haired woman dressed in a pink cashmere sweater and light jeans stood at the door with a clipboard. She looked to be about forty years old. Some lines were visible on her milky white skin but from afar she didn’t look to be over twenty five. On trembling legs, Willa walked across the room, ducking her head at the woman’s kind smile and followed her through the brown door into a small room. Sitting down on the lumpy grey couch, she examined everything around her. The walls were painted a mustard yellow and there was one small window which was the only light in the room. In front of her was a coffee table and a chair on the other side. An icy glass of water and a bowl of mints was situated in front of her. Her hand twitched, wanting to take a sip to cool her parched throat but she held off. Willa didn’t want to get too comfortable. She didn’t want to let her guard down. “It’s small, I know.” Willa jumped, turning to stare at the woman. The door shut and suddenly the two of them were alone. She sat down across from Willa with the clipboard and pen in her hand. Her blue eyes gleamed in curiosity. “I’m Dr. Tischner,” she said, her voice was low. Without realizing it, Willa slowly found herself relaxing at the woman’s soft tone. it was almost maternal, something she hadn't heard in many years. “You must be Willa. I believe it was your brother that set up the appointment, yeah?” Willa nodded her head. She kept her mouth shut, still inclined not to speak. Her foot tapped against the black carpet. Her eyes darted every which way, determined not to look at the doctor. “It’s alright if you don’t want to talk. We can just answer, yes or no questions.” she waved her hand. “Everyone reacts differently to therapy so there is no one way to feel or act. It’s normal to be nervous or afraid. I like to go at the patient's pace. If you’re uncomfortable with any of my questions we can just move on. Does that seem fair?” Her eyebrows furrowed together, taking in what she said. Willa was not one to bare her soul to people, especially strangers. It was a relief to hear her say that because she didn’t know if she would ever be ready to share what happened. Willa nodded her head once again. It did seem fair. Looking down at her clipboard, she began to speak. “I just want to clarify a few things, first. Your report says that you are twenty years old; full name is Willa Jean Carolan; and that you were born November 12, 2000? ” The young girl gave a nod. “Great! Now that that’s out of the way I thought we could get to know each other a little.” she exclaimed. “My name is Marina Tischner and I’ve been a therapist for about ten years now. I love working with children and young adults such as yourself. I take a really laid back approach when counseling. I don’t push my patients into anything they are uncomfortable sharing and will not reveal to anyone what is said in this room unless it endangers the lives of others or yourself. Do you understand?” Willa tugged at a curl that had fallen loose from her ponytail. She bit her lip, humming a yes and hugged the pillow in her arms that sat beside her. Dr. Tischner continued to question her about different stuff in her life such as her favorite color, food, animal, etc, and by the end Will found herself slightly smiling, not as tense as she had been when she first arrived. There was something about the woman that gave off a maternal presence. Something she hadn’t felt since the death of her parents. Dr. Tischner cared about her. It wasn’t fake. She gulped, holding back the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes. Willa bit her bottom lip, drawing blood but sucked it away. “I’d like to talk about you parents.” she casually brought up, stopping Willa in her tracks. Her heart dropped to the bottom of her stomach. It was the one thing she refused to ever talk about. A single tear fell from her eye. “You witnessed your parents murder.” Dr. Tischner's voice was just above a whisper. “That’s when the anxiety and PTSD started, isn’t it?” Her chest rose up and down. She didn’t have the words to scream at her to stop the questions. Her shoulders shook as she continued to speak. Willa couldn’t breathe, she was gonna pass out. “You were only ten years old. I couldn’t imagine what that could do to a child.” she sadly shook her head. “You didn’t see your brother until you were at the hospital. That’s why he isn’t as affected as you are. Does that ring true?” The sound of a gunshot echoed in her mind. Her mother’s dead body fell to the ground. A pool of blood surrounded her. Willa’s father was already dead, having been murdered first. The intruders thought no one was home. That’s what they claimed in court. They never meant to kill anyone, they were just gonna rob her house. It didn’t make it any better because her mother and father were dead. She hid upstairs at the top of the staircase, terrified to make a move, afraid they’d hear her. It was two o’clock in the morning. Her brother was sleeping over at a friend's house. That was the day her life changed forever. “Take a sip of water.” Dr. Tischner calmly nodded toward the glass on the table. “We’ll stop the questioning.” She didn’t have to tell her twice. Holding the glass with shaking hands, she tilted it to her lips, gulping it down, barely noticing the change in taste. Willa finished it within a few seconds and collapsed back against the couch, suddenly overcome with fatigue. “We’ll stop for now. Why don’t you take a little nap… we’ve still got ten minutes left.” Dr. Tischner encouraged. Willa didn’t have to be told twice. A haze had clouded over her mind and suddenly she found it harder to stay awake. The only thing she could hear was the doctor’s voice calmly lulling her to sleep. ooOoo This couldn’t be real. Willa naively thought. The last thing she remembered was being at Dr. Tischner’s, her brother leaving her, recounting parents' death, and having a panic attack. She didn’t remember anything after that. A part of her desperately wished for this to be a dream but she knew it wasn’t. It was too real. Warm tears blinded her already blurred vision as her chest rose up and down, desperate to escape the entrapment she had been placed in. Willa wanted to be home in her own bedroom, laying in her queen sized bed. She wanted to be with her brother. She wanted to tell him how much she loved him. She wanted to be away from here. Away from this woman who was holding her as if she weighed nothing. . She couldn’t move her arms or legs. Her entire body was constricted in a tight swaddle by the light pink blanket. It had taken a moment for her to realize that as she slowly awoke, hearing the soft sound of the woman’s voice. That was ten minutes ago. Willa should've been freaking out more than she was. She should’ve been crying and screaming and having a panic attack. But the only sign of her panic were the fat tears that rolled down her cheeks, as she stared up at the woman who cradled her against her bare skin. The only thing she could focus on was her green eyes, unable to see anything else. If she tried to look more than six feet away it all became a big blur. “You’re alright, baby.” the woman cooed as she wiped away the tears. She spoke down to her as if she were an actual infant, unable to understand basic speech.That pissed Willa off more than anything. But she had no way to show it except for the glare in her eyes. “Mommy’s got you,” she spoke in a high pitched voice. “You’re safe with mommy now. You don’t have to worry about those big bad thoughts in your head. Just suck your paci.” she tapped the large object that was stuffed in her mouth. Willa was forced to suck on it, unable to spit it out due to the strap that went around her head. Pitiful whimpers rose from the back of her throat and the woman condescendingly cooed, rocking them both in the rocking chair. They were in the infant ward. The room was light pink and smelled of baby powder. Ten large adult sized newborn incubators filled the room and changing tables ran along the walls. There was also a rocking chair in each corner of the room. Everything was adult sized. Tapping her bottom, Willa’s eyes widened in horror as she felt a cushiony bulk on her bottom half. The woman’s smile widened, showing off her shiny white teeth. “Does baby Willa have to use her diapee?” She began to wiggle as hard as she could, trying to escape but she was too weak. Now she was sobbeduncontrollably as the weight of the woman’s words sank in. She was swaddled like a newborn, sucking on a pacifier, and in a diaper that she was expected to use. Her vision had been blurred. Her muscles were weak. She was as helpless as an infant. Willa was an infant. The woman stood up, pacing as she rocked her back and forth, supporting her head like you’d do a real baby. She wore no shirt and Willa’s cheek was pressed right up against her large left breast. Willa was only faintly aware of the woman’s hand, pressing on her stomach. The more she wiggled the looser her bladder became until suddenly a warm stream flooded her diaper. The thick padding expanded and she screamed and screamed through the pacifier, glaring at the woman in hate for forcing her to piss herself. It was warm and wet, sloshing around her bottom before being absorbed. She desperately wanted it off. She was twenty years old. She hadn’t used a diaper since she was two years old. “I’m so proud of you!” the crazy woman praised her. “You used your diapee like a good little baby-- you’re my good little girl!” She gave her a wet kiss on the forhead and placed her on the changing table, ignoring the screams. A moment later, another woman walked into the room through the sliding doors. Both had curly brown hair that fell right above their shoulders and fair skin. She crooned, brushing her hair out of the girl's out of her face. “I think she’s one of the cutest infants we’ve had yet.” the woman tickled under her chin, causing Willa to try to wriggle away. “She’s also a very smelly baby! I think it’s time for a diapee change!” The second woman held her down as her mommy undid the swaddle revealing he naked body and sagging thick diaper. She continued to sniffle, out of energy to fight. A strap was tightened over her waist and chest while the second woman held down her shoulders. Moving quickly, the straps were undone and the diaper removed. Grabbing baby wipes, she wipes down everywhere, running her finger over her now bare pubic bone. Willa’s eyes realized at the realization only for the woman to giggle. “Babies like you don’t need grown up hair. Infants are bare.” she covered her in baby powder, not wanting to cause a rash and retapped an even thicker diaper making her unable to close her thighs. Undoing the straps, Willa wanted to plead not to be swaddled again but it’s what her mommy did. She wrapped it around her body even tighter than before and supporting her neck, held her against her body. “I’ll go get a bottle.” said the other woman. “Little babies like her shouldn’t be up for so long. Little Willa needs to go nighty- night.”
  9. New story, new series, new art style, same MDLG stories! Just in time for Halloween too! I've been so excited writing this, I love all things supernatural. Lore, myths, legends, monsters, magic, everything. And for the longest time I've wanted to write a new story set in a brand new universe that I haven't written in. And like every project I start, it quickly turned in a much bigger project, so it turned into a brand new series and not just a single story. I've got this and 3 other books planned, but this time it won't all lead to a big finale in the 5th book like my other series. They're individual stories, but with recurring characters and themes and places, all based around all the classic monsters (and some lesser known ones). Think of it more like a continuing world that I'll write stories for rather than it being a big plot spread over multiple books. Oh and no multiverse shenanigans! These are completely separate from my multiverse series, you won't see any cross over whatsoever, just some good old fashioned monsters and spooky things! The first, Infernum Infantem, is a story about a cult trying to bring about the end of the world. I won't say more than that other than if you enjoy my other stories for their cute MDLG stuff... you should enjoy this one. I have focused a lot more on humour in this one, so I really appreciate any and all comments, especially regarding how funny it is. I got a few chuckles out of the person I gave early chapters to, so I'm hoping I get the same reaction from everyone else. I've nearly finished writing it, and if this is liked, I'll feel comfortable to start writing the next book as soon as I've finished this. One chapter per week. Every Friday. Just like last time. Increasing to two when Regression Echo ends. And as usual, if you want two weeks early access to chapters of Infernum Infantem and Regression Echo, you can sub to my Patreon. You'll also get access to my discord server to discuss chapters there and stuff. And also to tease me apparently. Grr. I hope I've covered everything that needs saying and I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as my other stories! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, I love reading it all! Also, please link to my stories rather than posting them as files when sharing with others! Chapter 1: The Ritual -Victoria- Infernum Infantem – LittleFallenPrincess “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” I stood there, in the middle of the circle, my hands quivering as I nervously awaited the outcome. My bare feet touched the cold stone cellar floor beneath me. The dampness of the cellar made the air feel moist and unclean, but this was the place we would conduct this ritual. In this cold, damp cellar underneath my estate, in the middle of the English countryside. I tried keeping my eyes closed, but I couldn’t resist the temptation. Opening them slightly for a peek at my surroundings and my fellow circle members, I looked around at the hooded figures surrounding the summoning circle painted on the ground, the same circle I was currently in the centre of. Five people at the five points of the pentagram painted within the circle. Each of them chanting the words that would bring about the desire we had worked hard for for the past thirty years or so. Runes decorated the sigil. It was all a bit nerve wracking. But tonight was the night. We were ready. There was no backing out now. Thirty years I had researched, experimented, done everything in my power to end up in this very moment here, right now. We would complete this ritual, and with it… our wish. I had spent millions on getting to this point. I had built my empire up just for this purpose. If this works, that empire will soon be worthless… but it will have all been worth it. “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” Again, they chanted the words. Velvet black robes hiding each of my fellow cultists within it, their hoods up, masking their faces in darkness. A dull, monotonous tone echoed through the large, dark, grimy cellar. The sound of running water could be heard through the walls, but other than that and the chanting… silence. “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” Is this even going to work? Did we even translate the text properly? For all we know this could mean ‘Can I have a large fries with that?’ We had found the tablet hidden within a temple, a temple that was lost to nature, hidden away from human eyes for thousands of years. Transcribed by worshippers of a dark being, the one who would bring darkness unto the world. “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” Decades had passed since I founded this little gathering of like minded individuals. Years of research, spells, and preparation for this very moment. I wouldn’t let anything stop me now. We had security posted around my estate, all the doors were locked and sealed, and we all held our amulets of protection. The ones that we had put our heart and soul into… literally. Well not the whole thing, but a fraction of it. But they still gave us perfect health, protection… and long life. I was reaching sixty years old now, but I still looked like I was thirty. Some of my circle were nearing a hundred years old now, some were just reaching their fifties. But all were dedicated to the cause… and to me. We had sacrificed so much to get to this point, and nothing would stop us from achieving our goal. “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” Being the High Priestess of our circle, and also only one of the two women in it, it was my job to be the one standing in the centre of the circle. The intended target of the ritual. After everything though… I would do anything to further my cause. Tonight had to be the night, otherwise we’d have to wait another hundred years for the next window. So everything had to be perfect. “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” The cold air surrounded my naked body, causing me to shiver. The spell required there to be no clothes whatsoever. But hey, at least the circle all had their eyes closed, so it’s not like they’d see anything. “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” If this worked… this would be the end of the world. Or at least lead to it. And honestly? Good riddance. Humanity had its chance. Now we would wipe the slate clean. The intention of our little ritual was to summon the child who would bring about the end of the world. Many languages, many civilisations had different names for him. We had spent decades researching them all. And if our ritual was a success… I would be the one to bring him into the world. I’d be his mother, and when he becomes of age… he’d bring destruction and wrath to this pathetic planet. Now my fellow cultists… they wished to bring about the end times for their own gain. To rid the world of the ‘failures’ of humanity, and to start again, with boons from the Dark Lord. They would rebuild humanity under the watchful guidance of him, making sure humanity is faithfully serving us. I however… I had nothing to live for anymore. Not for the past thirty years. I didn’t care about rebuilding the world. I didn’t care about humanity. I didn’t care about any of that rubbish they spouted. But I wouldn’t tell them that. If they knew my true intentions… they would remove me as head of our little organisation and I couldn’t allow that. I wanted the end because… I just wanted the world gone. I couldn’t stand this world anymore, but at the same time I didn’t really care what would come after it. This was the only thing keeping me going, and I would stop at nothing to end this world. Most people would have moved on from their trauma… spent the rest of their life doing something more productive. No… I had to join a cult, build a business empire, then give birth to the bringer of darkness. Maybe I should’ve gotten into knitting. “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” I had a feeling this wasn’t working. We’d been at it for twenty minutes now, them constantly chanting, me freezing my naked butt off… Not to mention it’d probably take me multiple washes to get this cellar smell out of my long, blonde hair. ‘Maybe we should give up?’ I thought to myself as I felt a shiver run up my spine. ‘No. I can’t give up now. We can’t give up. We’ve worked too hard for too long. We need this to work. I will accomplish my goal. I will cleanse this Earth.’ “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” It just wasn’t working though. Maybe we had messed up the ritual? It could be the sigil we painted on the floor, the runes could be slightly off, the translation may not be correct… it could be any number of things. This… this has never been done before. No one has brought upon the end of the world like this… “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” I was just about to throw in the towel, when I felt something surrounding us. A gush of air encircled us. But the cellar was sealed, so there was no wind. But still… The candles blew out and the cellar suddenly plunged into darkness. This was it. It worked. It actually fucking worked! My body started shaking. Not because of the cold… no… that was no longer a problem, it no longer bothered me. No… Now it was fear. Fear that we had actually accomplished it. A twang of doubt filled my heart as one by one, the candles around the cellar spontaneously lit back up again, slowly illuminating the pitch-black cellar. I felt no different though. Other than the fear invading my body, I felt no different from that moments ago, before the spell worked. Maybe I was expecting to be at least half way into pregnancy with the Child of Darkness. Maybe we were wrong about that, maybe I’m much earlier on than that. Will I have to wait nine months just to give birth? And then there’s raising the child until they are ready to bring upon the end times. That would take… what… years? I know I’m a bit impatient, despite somehow managing to wait thirty years for this window of opportunity. But I liked results as soon as possible. Once the corners of the cellar had lit up, the candles around the centre of the room started lighting up one by one. First the one in front of me, then in a clockwise motion, each one surrounding me lit up until I was staring at the faces of my brothers and sister. But something was different. I could feel it. Like a… pull… a connection… a bond. This was it! It worked! I was bonded to the Child of Darkness! The feeling however… didn’t come from within… Looking at the faces of my brothers and sister… I saw genuine fear in their eyes. Fear and… confusion? All of them staring at one point in the room. Somewhere directly behind me. Exactly where I was feeling the pull coming from. Slowly turning around, my heart beating like a hummingbird’s… I turned my gaze to the object of my fellow cultist’s interest. A demonic figure stood there. Scarlet skin… beautiful grey-blue eyes… short black pointed horns protruding from the top of their head… a black, whip-like tail with an arrow point at the end wrapped itself around her leg. She was a demon from the pits of hell. But why was she here? Was she here to bless me with the Child of Darkness? But she was… not what I pictured. What I pictured when I thought of demons were monsters of darkness… red skin, forked tail… just like hers… but I expected larger horns… someone taller than me… maybe dark hair… and revealing outfits? Slutty outfits? Or even no outfit? I wasn’t sure what I was expecting when it came to clothes… but whatever it was, it definitely wasn’t this. Instead, her white hair was tied up into a messy ponytail, with messy bangs covering her forehead, split apart slightly by her horns. She was a clear foot shorter than I was too. She wore an oversized hoodie, baggy dungarees… a low-cut top… and a… choker? She even wore hi-tops. If anything, she was dressed like she was a teenager, though her body was clearly that of a beautiful woman… a beautiful, red, demonic woman. I inspected every inch of her as she stood there, blissfully unaware… as if we weren’t even here. I examined her face… it was… gorgeous… but also… cute… and somehow… innocent… My heart was still racing as I felt a connection with the demon in front of me. Stronger than any bond I’ve felt before. Maybe even more so than with… her. I noticed crumbs covered her clothing, orange dust of some kind painted the corners of her mouth… My eyes stared into hers. Those beautiful grey-blue eyes… looking down at… a device… “Is that a Gamegirl?” I blurted out. The demoness looked up at me, looking into my eyes… into my soul… Her arms holding the portable gaming device lowered to her sides. Her eyebrow arched. Her mouth opened… her fangs protruding out. She was about to speak the words of our Lord of Darkness… “What the fuck?” ========================================================== I know it's only the first chapter, but I hope you enjoyed it! I hope everyone enjoys this chapter! Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Thank you to all my patrons for their support! Don't forget, the next 4 chapters of Regression Echo and the next 2 chapters of Infernum Infantem are available on my Patreon which can be found here if you go for the second tier. You get two weeks early access to chapters of Regression Echo and Infernum Infantem. New chapters of Regression Echo every Wednesday/Sunday! New chapter of Infernum Infantem every Friday! Also just a quick note: I don't mind people saving this story for personal reading. But I'd appreciate it if people didn't post it elsewhere, even if you're just suggesting it to other people. If you want to show others, please send them a link to the first page of this post! Thanks! ?
  10. Hi everybody! As a long time lurker and even longer writer for my own enjoyment, I finally got the push to actually share something. It couldn't have been done without the help of some writer friends, /u/Sissybecky (r/abdlstories) who beta read and Clairanette (aka Clairacuddles on A03), talking to both of them for hours about writing. Check them out too! Scarlet is a young woman down on her luck. She has a broken heart, bank account, and sex life. Her luck finally seems to be changing when she is offered a job on the outher side of the country, and really has no option but to take it. But what she doesn't know about the city of Caulfield Valley may get her in trouble, like what her new boss, Emilia Kane, secretly does as a side hussle. a slowburn, long form lesbian fic that is very kinky and ABDL oriented. 1- so it feels real There is both terror and freedom in restarting your life. Not in a cosmic sense, but in the moving-across-the-country-and-leaving-everyone-you-knew-on-the-opposite-coast sense. That is where Scarlet found herself this morning. Eyes red from her jetlag, hair a mess from the uncomfortable seats, and a puffy-eyed death stare meeting her from the scratched bathroom mirror. Even with her fresh start, the fresh apartment, she was not ready for her first day at a new job in this new, unfamiliar city. She wanted to sleep. She wanted to forget. She wanted to go back to her home with—a pang of heartbreak through her chest interrupted the thought. That home was no longer there, and no one was waiting for her to come home. Instead, Scarlet let out a dejected sigh, opened the cardboard moving box that contained the toiletries that were not in her carry-on, and got in the shower. She was up far earlier than she realistically needed to be, to make sure she could wash her hair, shave her legs, and still have plenty of time for makeup and a relaxed cab ride to work. The pipes whined and hot water splashed her face as the new-ish utilities sprung to life. She focused on getting the sleep out of her eyes. She resented her own anxious, over-prepare-until-exhausted tendencies. Yet Scarlet knew that on mornings where she didn’t do this, she was late. It was part of why she’d lost her last position as a Library clerk. God, that feels like a lifetime ago. If I started taking those then…what if... Scarlet let the thought drift up with the steam, and focused on the rigorous maintenance that her curly, shoulder-length bob required. The rest of the shower went likewise. She would move on to some other form of self-grooming, only for another intrusive thought to appear, and she would do her best to let it roll off of her. By the time she was done, dripping into a towel and stepping out, she had gotten most of the self loathing scrubbed off. Scarlet turned to face the same mirror. She wiped the fogged glass with one pale hand, and the same dead-eyed look greeted her. Scarlet forced a smile, hollow but just enough to come across as courteous and eager, rather than like a retail worker who was dead inside. She had plenty of practice masking in this way. Her breakfast was a microwaved cup of coffee and protein bar, the leftovers from her flight. She’d have to go to the grocery after work. She ate just enough to then turn to her prescriptions, the small, resentful white triangles tasting bitter and frustrating, her knowing that it was a 50/50 on whether she would be vomiting before lunch. The three small blue estrogen pills had to melt sublingually, and wouldn’t upset her stomach. They did, however, taste like minty asshole as they dissolved under her tongue while she started her makeup routine. It went quickly, Scarlet’s old “professional” looks still in her head after years of rushed mornings where her mediocre nutrition and makeup routine battled for time. Her hands danced; brushing, patting, dabbing, blending, and setting at a quick but deliberate pace. This wasn’t Scarlet’s first time working places that made her tone down her looks and cover her smattering of artsy tattoos that criss crossed her arms. Her new boss had assured her however, that so long as she wore at least business casual and none of the tattoos visible were profane, no one would care. Simple enough to cover the guillotine on her shoulder blade or the shoddy stick and poke of her highschool bff’s band “The Fart Coffins” on the opposite blade. She only sometimes regretted that one out of any of the designs on her body. She finished with a modest amount of very neutral blush, and got up to dress in the outfit she had laid out the night before. A simple white blouse and black skirt, black tie, black flats. Should show a good first impression for a secretary of a legal office. She couldn’t help but roll the sleeves partially, however, showing hints and edges of her ink. Scarlet made sure her hair was dry, shook her head as a jolt of the last taste of estrogen left her mouth, and called for her cab. Just before leaving, she packed her purse, and heard an unfamiliar jingling at the bottom. Fishing through the myriad receipts, dust bunnies and half finished chapsticks, she finally found the culprit, and her heart dropped. A simple gold ring, with an inscription inside; Futile – the winds –/ To a Heart in port –The singular band was heavy in her hand, and Scarlet felt the heartbreak all over again. She wanted nothing more than to scream. She wanted to sob until her throat was hoarse, to wail in pain. She wanted to call her. Instead, she tenderly wiped the welling tear in one eye to preserve her mascara, roughly threw open the drawer to toss the precious bomb in with a clatter. The front door slammed and locked behind her. The cab hummed quietly as it rode down the dense city streets, and Scarlet focused on taking in the sites of tree leaves slowly changing color through the cab window. She was headed further downtown from her new apartment, and even still there were beautiful trees she wasn’t familiar with. This is exactly what I thought the East Coast to look like, and yet it’s even more beautiful than I could have imagined, she mused to herself. She was used to her hometown in the Bay, the palms and pines of the San Francisco and Oakland areas all she had made friends with until now. The trees were dotted in front of the tall downtown shops, looking like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. She took a picture every now and again, killing time until her quiet cab driver pulled over to a sidewalk. Scarlet smoothed her skirt, handed the man his fare and a tip, and stepped out in front of a small office building. Her flats echoed against the shiny, reflective tile as she followed signs and elevator directories to Kane Arbitration & Mediation Legal Services. The interior of the elevator shined, polished enough that Scarlet could see her own reflection. She took a moment as she rode to the fourth floor, using the reflection to adjust her skirt. She was so tall that no matter what she wore, it always eventually turned into a skirt shorter than intended, and that was the last thing she wanted to project on her first day. Once the soft fabric was in place, better resting on her hips and covering much of her long thighs, she noticed she had arrived. Scarlet swallowed, her nerves making it louder than she had wanted, and exited as the doors parted. Kane Legal was one of the only offices on this floor, and it didn’t take her long to find, but she paused outside the door anyway. She took solace in the fact her new employer wouldn’t be able to see her through the doors frosted glass. Scarlet had a moment to steady the shaking in her hands. There’s nothing left for you back there. This has to work. You have no other option. The thought was supposed to be comforting. She opened the door and recalled all the times that thought would light a fire in her—to ignite the contrarian and spiteful nature she had to anyone that doubted her. A year ago, this would have made her unstoppable…but the last year was harder than she could have ever predicted. The reception area of the office was nicely decorated, looking like the kind you’d see on a mid-budget daytime law drama. No one was at the desk that she assumed would be hers, so she tried to peer around a corner leading to what she assumed would be Miss Kane’s proper office. Sure enough, a door at the end of the hall was open and revealed a head of deep black hair peaking just over the top of a large computer monitor. Scarlet took a moment for them to notice her. In another life, Scarlet would have confidently marched into the office, head held high, with enough swagger to convince anyone that she owned this office. Now the poor girl stood there, shivering as her future awaited. The Scarlet of a year ago would have left this newer Scarlet behind, just like the one she cared about the most. She prayed this wasn’t some kind of test. “Excuse me?” She called out, causing the head to twitch, “I’m looking for Miss Kane?” The top of the head rose for a pair of eyes to see just over the top, and then a hand brusquely slid the monitor on a pivoting stand out of the way. Scarlet recognized her now, the telltale hazel, almost golden eyes and a striking streak of platinum blonde to one side having stuck with her since their video interview. “And you have found her.” Her voice merrily sang, reverberating down the tiled hall. She stood. “You must be Ms. Finch. I am so glad to finally get you out here. May I be the first to properly welcome you to Caulfield Valley, I hope your flight was smooth?” Scarlet was immediately put off balance, having to look up at someone for once. Even if Emilia Kane hadn’t been in imposing black heels, she would easily have three inches on the six feet even Scarlet. She effortlessly glided down the hall towards Scarlet, her hand outstretched. Scarlet met her, returning her’s for a handshake. The taller woman’s hands were so soft. “Ah, t-thank you, Ma’am.” She politely smiled, and decided to rest her hands on the strap of her purse so as to not fidget. “I appreciate that, it was a long flight.” She wanted to divulge how exhausted and sore she was, but held back. “That is such a shame.” Emilia twisted her mouth into a concerned frown for a moment, a hand grabbing her chin in thought. “If you ever need to fly for me again, I can make sure you have better accommodations. Thankfully, your first day probably will not be too demanding. I am hoping to simply get you familiar with the way I organize best and have you operating at full speed before my next big meeting in…,” She checked the date on her phone, pulling it from the breast pocket of her dark green suit, “-three days. Does all that sound good?” Scarlet sighed in relief. “More than good, Ma’am, I’m sure I can be up to snuff by the end of the day.” She was a tiny bit surprised by how confident she sounded. “Oh please, Ma’am makes me feel old.” She waved a hand as if shooing the notion away, “I know to most it is respectful, but I prefer ‘Miss’ or just Emilia if it is all the same to you.” She rested the same hand now on her hips, which Scarlet noted were surprisingly accented in this type of suit. She nodded in response, and Emilia gestured for her to sit in the chair behind the receptionist desk. The woman looked like she was off a runway, the two piece suit and platinum jewelry complimenting her intense eyes and the vibrant streak of silver- no, platinum blonde in her hair. The hazel of her eyes became almost amber-gold as the light from the windows caught them. When her new employer wasn’t looking, she shook her head to erase the thoughts. Scarlet couldn’t exactly be thinking about how attractive her boss was if she didn’t want to risk her new living situation. “—and your last employer said you were familiar with all of these programs, is that right?” The question snapped Scarlet back to reality as Emilia motioned to the open windows of the computer. “That’s right. All of this is right in my wheelhouse.” Scarlet affirmed, grateful that the job didn’t seem to have any sudden surprises. “And this looks like a pretty standard inter-office set up on the phones as well. Would you prefer a call or a ping on your computer when you have a call or a client?” She hoped the question would help make her seem competent and ‘a go-getter,’ something her father had told her once upon a time about starting a new job. “A call is fine unless I am already with a client. If I do not respond, you may call regardless.” Emilia said, a small smile of approval spreading across her red lips. “On the topic of clients, occasionally you are to sit in for meetings and you will be taking notes. These are legal matters and meet the standard of attorney-client-privilege. So it is vitally important you understand that anything you hear or write down in those meetings are confidential, but could end up under scrutiny if we were ever to be sued or subpoenaed. Are you comfortable with that?” “I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.” Scarlet nodded, “To be clear, any notes I take are private between you and I unless that happens right? Like—” she kicked herself for her valleygirl filler word, and tried to recover, “a doctor? For example, I wouldn’t talk about this with anyone except you or the client, even during off hours?” Scarlet couldn’t lie to herself and say that didn’t make her anxious. Her understanding of the legal system told her there were a million and one ways to mess up proceedings if everyone didn’t know them ahead of time. The clarity would help alleviate that anxiety. “Exactly. We can talk about it informally outside of the office but we must use discretion. God forbid you run into a client at a bar, make sure neither of you are shouting without realizing. However you got the most important part. Good job.” Something inside Scarlet warmed at her new boss’s approval. Emilia’s phone lit up and began ringing in her hand. She rolled her eyes. “I have to take this,” she explained, grabbing a small packet from the top drawer of the desk, “Just answer the phone if any calls come in and start filling this out with your info so I can make payments and records and such. It will only take a moment!” Emilia walked back up the hall, closing the door of her office. Scarlet could hear her talking in a tone that sounded professional and even, but couldn’t make out anything specific. When Scarlet realized she could not eavesdrop, no matter how hard she tried to focus, she instead grabbed a pen from the desk and focused on the forms. They were typical of starting with any new employer: tax info, new address, signing agreements. Scarlet was sorely missing the over-designed packets she would receive on her first day at each of the oversized chain stores she had grown up working at. The kind that tries to convince the reader that “we’re a family here,” isn’t the same as “your boss will not give a single shit about you if you think for yourself.” They were always a riot to laugh at with her fellow cashiers, clerks, and baristas. Everything was astonishingly professional, and felt tailored to the tiny law office. The forms were of course up to every standard Scarlet was aware of, but everything appeared handwritten and then copied from a master document. The young woman marveled at the curves and loops that seemed so practiced, so official. Calligraphy as a hobby? Scarlet’s daydream was broken as the phone rang. Her arm sprung to life, grabbing the phone and bringing it to her ear. “Hello, Legal Offices of Miss Kane, how can I help you?” Her mind auto piloted the greeting, a tactic she’d learned as a young adult to perform before any social anxiety made her hesitate to answer. There was a silent beat, broken only by soft background hum from the receiver. A deeper voice finally spoke. “Oh, is Miss Kane not in?” “I’m sorry, she’s stepped away for another call. I’m the new secretary.” The professional mask came back to her like a second skin, despite over a year of disuse. “Can I take a message for you?” Scarlet offered. “Er,” The voice stammered for a moment, then clarified, “Yeah. Actually, you can tell her that I have to back out of Friday’s meeting, I won’t be rescheduling. She can keep the deposit. Goodbye.” Scarlet busied herself scribbling the note down. “Wait, I’ll need to tell her your name.” She tried to catch the man before he disconnected. It was too late, the line went dead. Scarlet took a confused look at the receiver before returning it to the cradle. She tried to imagine what would have someone behaving this way, but even her previous customer support and retail work did not track here. Scarlet merely blinked in confusion and returned to filling her new employment forms. She could hear the muffled speech of her new boss, not able to pick distinct words, only cadence. The forms were dull and simple enough, and before too long Emilia’s office door clicked open. Scarlet was finishing the bottom lines of the last page, hoping quietly to impress the imposing woman, as childish as that want may be. Emilia’s heels marked her approach down the hall, and Scarlet spun gracefully in her swivel chair to face her. “Did I hear a call come in while I was gone?” “You did, and I've got a message,” Scarlet tried her best to sound professional yet nonchalant, “your Friday meeting canceled, said to keep his deposit.” She looked up to Emilia to gauge her superior’s reaction. Emilia gave nothing but a solitary eyebrow twitch. “He didn’t leave a name and hung up…is that normal?” “Whether it’s normal or not, we get to keep the deposit for my time, and that’s what matters to me.” Emilia said, too hurried to be as casual. Scarlet decided to just let that slip.There was something going on here, but she would catch the intricacies of the client relationships soon enough. Emilia very pointedly avoided her gaze to check the time, and excused herself again. The rest of the day moved slowly, save for asking Scarlet for a coffee run in the afternoon, which turned into buying a cafe scone for Scarlet’s lunch as well. She busied herself with memorizing the upcoming schedule, the program, and the routine expected of her. She tried not to fidget as the caffeine had its way with her later in the day. The bouncing of her leg coincided with an increase in worry. Would she have another reaction to this medication like her last, and be unable to sleep? Would Emilia be angry that she wasn’t being proactive in some way? How was she supposed to know? She paused, trying to stop ruminating. She lifted her hands away from the keyboard. They were shaking, and she squeezed her eyes closed. When Scarlet opened them, they focused through her fingers, at the sticky note she had written down the message, and the smaller coffee order beneath it. Sighing, she wrote down the coffee order on her phone and on her desktop notepad. If she could do nothing, she would be constructive and prepared for the future. Her hands kept shaking for the remainder of the shift. Scarlet wasn’t sure if it was the anxiety, the caffeine, or her meds. She’d been so isolated until moving she hadn’t noticed if the shaking started then. Just past five, Emilia’s heels clicked down the hall, a smart designer purse over one shoulder. “Now, is there anything I can clarify before we leave?” Her voice sang again and the hall reverberated in tune with her voice like Brian Eno was behind it. Scarlet shook her head, smiling with her mask back on as she spun to face Emilia again. “Thank you so much, but I don’t think I’ve got any questions yet.” Scarlet wanted to be sincere in thanking her, drop the facade and business-casual tone. Speaking without rehearsal tended to bite her in the ass lately. She squeezed her hands between her thighs to try and avoid any probing questions. Scarlet could only imagine suspicious and overbearing concern at best if her new boss thought there was something wrong with her medically. “Is there anything else I can help with? I’ve just been organizing your schedule and getting used to the layout in here all day.” She desperately wanted to get her groceries before it was too dark. “No thank you, Scarlet. You’ve already helped me enormously, you have no idea.” Emilia ushered Scarlet out the door, and locked it behind her. * * If one thing in the world could be counted on, it was chain stores being identical on the inside. Scarlet pushed an identically squeaky cart up identically packed aisles among indistinguishable brands. The only difference really seemed to be the accents. She approached bulk rice bags, hesitated, and drew out her phone with dread. Her meager bank account balance confirmed her fears, and she begrudgingly went for the generic. Other staples like cheap instant ramen and pasta followed suit. The sole splurge was the cheapest, sweetest, garbage brand of red wine she could find. Her cab ride was identical, save for the setting sun behind her. Purples and oranges and cotton-candy-clouds danced behind her, out of view, as she slowly sank her head against the cool glass of the window. At least the trees are still pretty. She raised her phone again to try and take a picture, but the camera went grainy in the growing dark. Her new apartment greeted her with the same lonely tone as when she first received the keys. It was cold, it was empty, the furnishings were bland and picked by the property management company. Nothing here was hers yet, save the stacked boxes of cardboard. Her tired arms carried the groceries to their appropriate resting places, and she cracked open the wine before settingling on the couch. Out of habit she reached for her remote, only to remember she didn’t have a TV yet. Sold for the moving expenses. Scarlet was so tired of sighing. She took a swig of wine, an old comfort that was basically a juicebox and rubbing alcohol that reminded her of being broke in college. She opened her phone, wishing for any stimulation. Her friends, (rather former friends) were still posting stories, still sharing their bad takes and inane jokes. She considered getting off the couch to do the same. It was all performative anyway, right? But the energy wouldn’t come when she called out for it. Another sip, and she swapped apps. Scarlet noticed the singular blink of darkness on her phone’s screen. “Please, you piece of shit. I really can’t afford you to die right now.” Her worries seemed unfounded, as the brilliant screen returned and the malfunction wasn’t replicated for the rest of the night. What was strange, however, were the kinds of new accounts she was being recommended as she scrolled her timeline. Now, Scarlet was no prude. She enjoyed fucking and her alone time as much as anyone. Estrogen and Progesterone even maybe had her hornier than the average. But her timeline wasn’t full of this much smut. She had friends in the sex work game, but she didn’t exactly like, share, favorite, reblog, or any other influencer verb their content. Another website breaking their algorithm again? Even if Dani did porn, she didn’t do this kind of porn. Morbid curiosity, and a slight increase in her pulse, beckoned Scarlet onward. Drawings, videos, and staged photos of women in things she’d only seen in racy HBO content. She didn’t even know what to call the more intricate…props…but felt herself linger on a clip of a woman riding a…pleasure machine plugged into the wall behind her. Scarlet’s face matched her namesake and she scrolled on. A woman sitting at a home office, the quintessential framing of every vlog you’ve ever watched. Finally somebody is fucking sane in this world. She clicked the video without even reading the caption, and the perky eyed labrador retriever of a woman began to speak. “Hi everybody! This is the Channel of O. SO!” The blonde clapped for emphasis. “You’re trying to learn about BDSM, and you have no idea where to start.” Scarlet’s eyes went wide, she took another sip, and watched the woman jumpcut and explain through terrible jokes. It was a trainwreck, steam engines exploding in her mind. It made her hot in the crotch. Scarlet finished her glass, finished the video, and poured herself another while going deeper to the woman’s personal channel. More videos, more introductory guides. Scarlet polished the second glass, and was too engrossed despite the initial impulse to cringe to even pour another. Her alarm rang to remind her to take the rest of her medication, pulling her out of her trance.How long had she been zoned out? It was eight thirty. Losing track of time like that wasn’t uncommon for her and this diversion was welcome. She resigned herself and went to go take another dose of bitter antidepressants and her dose of Progesterone. Once the poison was administered, she looked across her kitchen to the counter where she left her phone. It lay there, like a metal megalith, imposing despite being a little plastic rectangle. Scarlet had to gather her nerve just to walk across the room and lift the damn thing. Once it was back in her hand, she used shaking hands to unlock it. The Channel of O was still smiling up at her, and she felt her cheeks getting redder. Her glass of wine was forgotten as she brought her phone to her bedroom. She unboxed her duvet, and sat on the soft material as the video resumed. Scarlet was enthralled, soaking in every bit of knowledge she could. “There’s all kinds of different dynamics! You’re probably familiar with a ‘master/slave’ dynamic,” The blonde woman began, “but there’s also pets and owners, and even daddies, mommies,—” Scarlet’s pulse quickened,”—or more generically caregivers and littles! Sometimes that’s called ABDL if it involves diapers.” Scarlet felt her breath catch in her throat. Her fingers flew into a flurry, and a private internet search later, her phone was filled with images that made her heartbeat accelerate. Videos, drawings, and many, many depictions of adult women, with all their curves and freckles and other parts that excited Scarlet, in thick diapers. They ranged across all body types, and the infantile garb varied from plain white plastic to over the top patterns to evoke baby diapers. Scarlet continued to scroll, eyes wide in wonder and excitement. She finally stopped, a thumbnail capturing her attention like a punch to the gut and clicked the video. Scarlet’s mouth went wide, and felt herself starting to leak into her panties. A gorgeous, curvaceous woman was lying on her back, supple lips wrapped around the nipples of another woman, in nothing but a pastel colored diaper and delicate, lacy lingerie top. The tender moment evoked breastfeeding, save for the “mother” holding a massive vibrator against the woman’s…diaper. The “baby” of the couple was moaning, growing louder, and Scarlet felt a tent form under her skirt. Eventually, the “baby” was screaming, thrusting her hips into the massive sex toy, in time with cries of “Mommy!” Mommy’s smile was intoxicating. She was very clearly getting off just as much as her baby, her face painted a combination of maternal nurturing, hedonistic pleasure, ecstatic elation, and sadistic control as she began thrusting the enormous vibrator in time with her partner’s thrusts. It was obviously acting on the merit of pornography, but Scarlet couldn’t tear herself away. She allowed her hand to snake up to a nipple poking through her top. Scarlet realized her own arousal, and in embarrassment, closed the tab, flinging her phone to the edge of the bed like it was a dangerous spider. She flung the covers off, racing to the bathroom for a cold shower.
  11. Here is the first chapter of my brand new monster-based ABDL story - Parum Mortis! Hope you enjoy it! Set in the same universe as Infernum Infantem, a woman finds herself somewhere she wasn't expecting to be. I can't say any more than that without spoiling it, so I'll just say that if you enjoyed Infernum Infantem, you should enjoy this. Just a heads up, there's some slightly dark topics in the first chapter, after that it's a lot less morbid. But even then, it shouldn't be too bad. Expect lots of my usual humour, MDLG fun, and cute pet names, as well as a few twists and turns and reeeeeeeeally mean cliffhangers. So... my usual story. This isn't a sequel to Infernum. It's got a brand new main character, though you'll be seeing a lot of returning characters from my other book. It's more... one story in the series. Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Especially with this being a new book, I'd really love some opinions! And as usual, if you want two weeks early access to chapters of Parum Mortis, you can sub to my Patreon. You'll also get access to my discord server to discuss chapters there and stuff. And also to tease me apparently. Grr. Also, please link to my stories rather than posting them as files when sharing with others! Chapter 1: Mr Crumpet Parum Mortis – LittleFallenPrincess I sat there on the pavement, in complete shock, as my whole world came crumbling down around me. How was I supposed to react to this? What would happen now? Where would I go? What if I stayed? I twiddled my thumbs as the world came to a standstill around me. My heart felt like it was racing. My eyes darted everywhere, watching every bit of carnage that surrounded me. An eerie silence filled the air and I felt… alone. No one could hear me. No one was moving. Nothing. No one. It was as if… “Oh for fuck’s sake, seriously?” I heard behind me. Turning around, I didn’t know what was worse, the scene I had just turned away from… or the fact that my childhood teddy bear was now six feet tall, holding what looked like some kind of scythe, and was examining itself, swearing at no-one. Like… he looked just like my bear from when I was six. That was like… over twenty years ago. Because it had been twenty years since I lost him on a trip with my Dad. Now here he was… five feet taller than I remembered him, looking like he was in pristine condition, wielding a deadly weapon. “Seriously? You had no-one?” He asked me. “I… I’m sorry… who are you?” I replied. “No, this won’t do. I need a better image. Come here... I’ll have to do this the old fashioned way.” Mr Crumpet waddled over, scythe in hand, to where I was sitting. I wasn’t sure if I should run or what, but my body made the decision for me and I quickly found I was unable to move. Stopping just in front of me, he bent down and looked me in the eyes with his… glassy… beady… teddy bear eyes… which totally wasn’t creepy at all or anything… and put his scythe down on the ground. “I… what… What do you want?” I asked, fear in my voice. “I’m sorry, honey. This is my mistake. Don’t worry, I’ll fix it.” He said, taking his soft, plushy arms and putting them on either side of my head. “This won’t hurt. Just close your eyes.” For some reason, I felt like… I felt like I could trust whoever this person was. Or whatever he was. Because he can’t damn well be my childhood toy! So I closed my eyes and felt the soft, plush hands of his become less plush… more… human. Like I could feel the bones in his hands now. There wasn’t much muscle in his hands, but it was definitely human now. “That’s better. You’ve got a few rattling around up there, but I’m not sure which to use. They’re all similar in importance, so I’ll just take this one for now.” He said… sounding more feminine suddenly. More… familiar. “You can open your eyes now, honey.” I slowly opened my eyes, nervous as to what would be in front of me now… to be greeted by a face I had not seen for a long time. “G… Grandma?” I blurted out, covering my mouth with my hands in surprise. “Oh sweetie…” She said, taking my hands in hers and pulling them down, rubbing the backs of them gently like my Grandma used to do. Problem was… my Grandma died ten years ago. “It’s okay, honey. It’s all going to be okay. Just breathe.” “Why do you look like my Grandma?” I asked, pulling my hands away from her. “Sweetie… I…” “Stop! Tell me, right this instant!” I snapped at her. Gran never called me sweetie. She had her own little name for me. “Look around you. Who do you think I am?” I took another look around me. I knew what had happened. I had a pretty good feeling where I was. And I had a damn good feeling who this person was, pretending to be my Grandma. But I didn’t want to admit it. I didn’t want to look at the car with the front half wrapped around a lamppost. I didn’t want to look at the shattered glass that had littered the pavement. Nor did I want to look at the brown-haired figure with freckles on her youthful, round face… crumpled up a few feet from… no… please… no… “That’s you.” Grandma said, pointing at the crumpled mess on the grass. The crumpled mess that wasn’t moving. I went to stand up, before ‘Grandma’ grabbed my hand and pulled me back down to the pavement. “Trust me, you don’t want to look, sweetie.” “Can… Can you stop?” I sighed, deciding that maybe this person was right, maybe here was the best place for me right now. “Stop what?” “This whole ‘pretending to be my Grandma’ thing. Just reveal your true self.” “You couldn’t handle that. But okay, I’ll pick a form you’re not familiar with, if that would help?” “Please. I loved my Grandma, and this just makes me… uneasy.” I blinked and suddenly my Grandma was gone. Not replaced by a giant childhood toy again, but by a beautiful blonde woman… no, wait… man… no I was right the first time… was I? I… I wasn’t sure what they were, but they were beautiful. Looking somewhat masculine, but also feminine… but at the same time… neither. This being incorporated everything into one person. “Wow…” Was all that I could utter, still staring at them in awe. “That better? Haven’t used this form in a long time.” They said, examining the clothes they were wearing. “Are these decade-appropriate? I’m normally good with human fashion, but the sixties and seventies made a bit of a diversion, and now the eighties… wow… of course Cassie predicted this. Only she could have, I suppose.” They looked down almost in disgust at their outfit. I looked them up and down… and yeah, they were pretty on point with their choice of fashion. And considering who they were… I hadn’t even contemplated that they had experienced all those other decades… seen all those other fashion trends as they met each and every person… Wearing a blue denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up and matching denim jeans with the cuffs rolled up, along with a white t-shirt and white trainers… They looked just like any of my friends. “You look fine…” I commented. “You think? Thanks. Sorry, yeah usually I just wear whatever I wear when I…” “Steal the faces of our loved ones?” I interrupted. “I… I don’t steal. I borrow… aspects of them. Not my fault you ignore the differences and focus purely on the similarities. Typical humans. Look, I’m trying something new. Sorry if I don’t get it right the first time.” “Why though? What made you want to change?” I asked. “Why do you want to know? It’s not me who’s lying over there, lifeless.” “Humour me.” “Because… I… look, I had big jobs before. I remember the plague. I remember Rome burning. I remember every huge, historical event where my presence was needed. But the war…” “Ah…” Was all I could say. “That… that made me realise I needed a bit more… humanity. Haha… like I ever saw myself ever saying that! Anyway… figured the old robed me needed a retirement. So I take on the appearance of those you found most comforting. At least a general likeness.” “Oh, so like a celebrity impersonator?” “I… yes, I guess so? I would have said someone you saw on the street that looked like someone who you hadn’t seen in a while, but yeah that works too. It can’t be the exact same… stupid copyright laws…” They took a second to breathe before looking at me again. “Problem is… you’re torn. The person you normally find most comforting…” “Don’t.” I shut them up instantly. I didn’t want them saying it. “I…” “Don’t say anything. I understand.” “Okay… Well yeah, because of that I had to go with a second option. Which ended up being Mr Crumpet, your Grandma, or your father. And your father isn’t dead yet and would have freaked you out even more, so…” “And you went with the giant fucking teddy bear over my Grandma?” “Again, still relatively new to this. So apologies in advance.” “So… that’s me, huh?” I asked, nodding over to where I lay. “I’m afraid so, sorry hun.” “You’re awfully nice for a… what are you exactly?” “I… oof. Err… that’s a complicated question that people have been theorising for millenia. Let’s just say… guide? But thank you. How… how are you holding up?” “I mean I just found out it's all over, so… been better.” “We can sit here as long as you want.” They put their arm around my shoulder, trying to comfort me. “What if I choose to stay here forever?” “You don’t want that.” They looked at me, looking serious all of a sudden. “I don’t?” “Look, if you want to go haunt a house or a certain person, or you want to take over a creepy doll and terrorise people… be my guest. I can arrange that. Some people can’t move on, and whilst sad… I will allow a small number of people to stay. But not here. Not at the scene.” “Why not?” I asked. “Because if you do, you’ll lose what humanity you have left. Just… for now, take your time. Take it all in. Then I’ll take you where you’re supposed to be.” “And where is that?” “Well I suppose I can tell you now, as you’re heading there soon anyway, but you’re going to Heaven.” “I was… a good person?” “Yes, Susan. You were a good person.” They replied. “But I…” “One mistake doesn’t doom you to an eternity in Hell. And you don’t believe in reincarnation or anything, so Heaven it is for you, sweetie. I know you weren’t technically a believer, but you were raised in that faith and had a small bit of hope that that place existed, so that’s where you go.” “Still… I feel bad.” I replied. “How so?” “It’s my fault. It’s all my fault.” “I’m sure that’s not true.” They shrugged. “You’re all knowing, right?” “Not really, but I know a lot, yes.” “Then you know I’m right.” “I’m not saying…” “See, that’s basically confirming it. I fucked up. I…” The cold winter’s air made my skin feel tingly. “How can…” “The cold is setting in on you over there.” They answered. “Ah. I suppose that makes sense. Whatever little sense all this makes anyway. So… what happens now?” “I take you up.” “Right now?” I asked. “When you’re ready.” There was something on my mind. Figured this was the last chance I’d get to ask… so I took a deep breath, not that that even mattered right now, and asked… “Can…” “I swear, if you’re about to ask me what I think you’re going to ask me…” They rolled their eyes at me and sighed. “Please?” I begged. “Why you humans care so much about this, I will never understand. But sure. Only because you’re cute.” They tapped my forehead and everything went dark. ------------------------------------------------------------ “WAIT, WHAT?” I awoke, screaming and yelling. “I’m not going to let you sit around for a week and watch it all. I’ve got a timetable to keep. You’re lucky I’ve got a little bit of a break at this exact time, after moving a few things around, to let you play out this… whatever this is. The reason I can get around to so many people is the whole freezing time thing. So when we’re not freezing…” “So when you’re not freezing time, you’re not out there helping… ‘guide’… people?” I asked, feeling slightly guilty that I was holding them up for this silly request of mine. “Exactly.” “Thank you then.” They looked at me, bewildered, as if they had never been thanked before. “You… you’re welcome, sweetie. Now, you’ve got about ten minutes to watch. Then I need to send you on. I’ll have to catch up a bit on those I should be guiding. And no, people can’t see, hear or sense you. So don’t try to go talk to them, it’s a waste of time.” They explained. “Ten minutes. Got it.” I looked ahead, from the bench I was sitting at with this beautiful blonde figure, towards the thing I so desperately wanted to see. I don’t know why I did, call it morbid fascination. But I wanted to see how many… and more importantly, who… showed up. The cold winter morning caused the priest to wrap up in his thickest robe. The grey sky drained all the colour out of this morning… not that there was any colour at a funeral. Black clothes, some flowers… and a whole lot of crying. At least it would be, normally… I sighed. “I’m sorry.” They whispered to me. “I… was expecting more people. I was at the very least expecting…” “Your Dad turned up…” They said, trying to find the positive in this shitty situation. “And… that’s it. No friends. No other family. No…” That’s when Death turned to me and wrapped their arms around me, surprising me as they brought me in for a hug. “I’m sorry hun.” They whispered in my ear. “I… it’s okay… maybe I… maybe I wasn’t worth…” “No, shush. You are worth every second of your life. You are worth so much more than this. I’m sorry people didn’t take the time to come to your funeral, but I promise you, you won’t be forgotten.” I cried into Death’s black denim jacket, which was appropriately changed to match the black dress code of the funeral. I hadn’t bothered to look at what state I was in now I was a… what… a ghost? Trapped in between life and death? I wasn’t sure what I was right now… but whatever I was, I finally took a second, wiping away the tears, to look at what I was wearing. I was still wearing the same dress I wore that night, albeit scuffed, ripped and bloody… Which means ghosts wear whatever they died in… ‘Thank fuck I didn’t die at one of those nudist beaches…’ I joked to myself, trying to lift the mood. Because that’s totally going to work at my own funeral… “It’s okay, hun. You’re going to be okay. You’ll be going to a better place now. I remember sending your Grandma there.” “Really… You remember her?” I asked. “I remember every soul I send over. Every face. She was a special woman. I can see why you looked up to her.” “I missed her…” “That’s why we should get going…” Death said, pointing towards the empty graveyard, empty except for my Dad and the Priest at my graveside as the coffin was lowered into the hole in the ground. “So… that’s it? A few words by the priest, I’m lowered into the ground… and that’s it? Isn’t anyone else mourning me? What about…?” “I’m sure people are mourning you elsewhere. Not everyone can make it. Your friends are no doubt having to work. They’ll show up for the wake later.” Death replied. “Fine. Whatever. I’m done with this. Let’s just go.” I sighed in frustration. “You sure?” Death said, standing up and offering their hand out. “I’m sure.” I replied, grabbing their hand and accepting the help up onto my feet. “So what… like… beam me up?” “Something like that…” They said, smiling softly at me and gently brushing my cheek with their hand. The grey sky turned into a blinding light suddenly. This… this must be it. Well… it was a nice… nearly thirty years on this planet. Shame I had to go and do something so stupid to cut it short. Maybe I… The light stopped suddenly. “Huh?” I said, confused. Death started looking around, looking as confused as I was. When suddenly… a portal appeared. A glowy, blue portal… like you’d see in those sci-fi movies. “NO!” Death screamed, like a banshee. “What… what is going on?” “DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE! I WILL FUCKING FUCK YOU UP YOU FUCKING FUCK!” Suddenly Death didn’t sound so… dignified. They went to grab my arm, but as they got closer, I felt a pull, like a magnetic pull… towards the portal. The strength drawing me towards it was more than I could resist as my feet left the ground and I was launched straight towards it… my last memories being that of Death reaching out to grab me… …Before everything went dark. ========================================================= New story! I know it's only the first chapter but... whatcha think? 😊 There's a lot to unpack from the first chapter! I hope everyone enjoys this chapter! Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Thank you to all my patrons for their support! Don't forget, the remaining chapters are available on my Patreon which can be found here if you go for the second tier. New chapters of Parum Mortis every Wednesday/Sunday! 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  12. by LittleFallenPrincess Been a lurker here for a long time now, and after spending (many many maaaany) years reading so many amazing stories, I thought I'd give it a go myself. This is the first story I've ever posted. I'm aiming for about 60 chapters, and I'll try and post at least two chapters a week if I can. Comments are welcome, and feedback appreciated. I hope people enjoy! Chapter 1: Run, Olivia, Run! I dropped my bag as I ran for my life. Sure, it contained my life. My ID, my purse, my keys. Everything except my phone, which I had carefully stashed in my pocket. I had no choice as she gripped my bag, trying to pull me in. But I was not going to allow myself to be caught. Not today. Not ever. I know what these people do to people like me. And I was not going to allow that to happen to me. I would rather be dead. I let my bag fall from my shoulder, and I ran as hard as I could through the chilly, dimly lit night, pushing my slightly unfit 5”10 body to its limits. Turns out those limits are pretty low when you don’t exercise or eat healthily. But I pushed them regardless. Every time I felt like I was about to break apart, my body just kept going. A small part of my brain knew I was going to ache for days after this, but that part had been swallowed whole by the one simple thought running through my brain: run. They wanted me. I was the prey, they were the predator. I could hear them shouting behind me. They had the speed advantage on me, there was no way I could outrun their legs. However, I did have the element of surprise, the head start, the ability to get through small gaps, and a nice mix of adrenaline and fear. And I would take any advantage I could get. I managed to sprint down the street, jumping over boxes, avoiding a group of people who all turned their heads towards me. If I had gone near them they may have grabbed me and handed me over, it’s just that kind of world. I squeezed through some parked cars, scraping my arm against a door handle, and eyeing an opening under some wooden fences. That was my chance. I needed to make it under there, somewhere they couldn’t follow, somewhere I could slip away and hide. Looking behind me, the group I was avoiding had started making their way towards me with my pursuer not too far behind them, their eyes locked on mine. Those cold, cruel eyes. The ones you’d see on a villain in a children’s movie, she even had the crazy frizzy hair and dark clothes to match. The little voice inside me was screaming for me to run, but seeing those eyes... I froze. I was done for. My body wouldn’t obey me. I couldn’t move. No matter how much I screamed at my body in my head. Seeing those eyes and all the fears of what would happen if she caught up to me... My life was over. After a few seconds that felt like an eternity, I was broken out of this trance sharply when I saw her fall to the floor after running into some other woman with red hair. I didn’t see much of what happened. I think I saw the woman drop the bag of mine that she stole while she was desperate to get her hands on me. I was taking no chances to go get it though; I knew that this was my moment to get away. So I dashed for the opening in the fence, tearing my pants down the leg as I scurried underneath it. I’d deal with my outfit and my appearance later; I needed to get to safety for now. I had gotten into someone’s garden, obviously a family due to the trampoline and toys scattered about the place. I couldn’t find an exit-- well, at least not an exit that didn’t involve going through someone’s house or the way I came which to say the least, not an ideal way to go due to the ongoing threat... Wait... Trampoline! That was it! My miracle! I could scale the enormous fence partially using that, at least to give myself a bit of distance so I could climb the rest. One problem being that the trampoline was huge, and there was no way I could move it closer to the fence, at least close enough to grab onto the top. I shook my head. Curse my imagination. That thing only works in the movies anyway. It would never work in real life. If I was to get out of this garden before I get caught for trespassing, I would need a quick... and simple... way out... a way to make... as little noise... as possible... a... oh come on. There’s a gate... An unlocked gate. A fucking unlocked stupid fucking gate. Of course I think of the trampoline first before seeing the obvious gate I could just walk out of. One of these days my imagination will be the end of me. Slipping out of the garden through the gate, I exited into an alley that was cut off from the street I was just on, so thankfully those chasing me would not be able to get to me now. But just to make sure, I’ll make get a few more streets away and wait a while for them to leave before I make my way home. So, acting like a secret agent, I crept through the next few streets, hiding behind cars, avoiding being seen by anyone, until I found an alley that looked quiet and safe. Or at least as safe as a dark creepy alley can be. Feeling a lot safer now I believed I had escaped the danger, I leant against a wall and took a sigh of relief. Breathe. I arched over, trying to catch my breath. My hands were resting on my knees and I could feel them shaking. I had just escaped a fate worse than death. I had to be more careful. If I hadn’t realised who had spilled that bottle of water on my jeans, I would’ve been kidnapped and my life would have been over. I would have been stripped, have my bare bum put straight into a nappy, and dressed in some ridiculous baby clothing. ------------------------------------------------- Now I’m sure you’ve heard a bunch of this place--this dimension. About Amazons or Bigs or whatever you want to call them. Those people who are ridiculously tall and like to treat anyone not like them as less than them. They are usually cruel sadistic monsters, but they have this weird maternal/paternal instinct that makes them look at people like me, a little, as helpless little babies who need regressing and taking care of. Yeah yeah, I know some of them are really loving to their ‘babies’, but they still kidnap them, and before anyone corrects me, yes I know not all Amazons are like that, my business partner for instance, but the majority are. Our whole society is set up to entrap littles into a life of nappies, dependency and submission. It’s a multi billion industry for turning a functioning intelligent little into a drooling baby who will never get to grow up. From products to daycares to subliminal messing designed to hypnotise littles, it takes a lot for a little to be free these days. Usually we are just kidnapped and ‘adopted’ before having our brains turned to mush and our bowel control ruined after feeding from ‘mummy’. And it’s not like we can seek legal aid for any of this, the government and law all revolve around Amazons and what they think is best for littles, which to no one’s surprise, is enforced babyhood. And sure, I know some countries are different. Some have protective laws for littles. Some are just flat out cruel and horrific. It can even differ from state to state. Some will allow a little to choose to be adopted and can never be forcefully taken, some will allow it in cases of Maturosis, and some will just let anyone take anyone and modify them how they want. My country is a bit different. Here in Tir Cawr, we don’t make headlines in the world because we don’t do anything particularly outstanding. Sure we have some little laws to protect them, but nearly anyone can adopt a little if they just say they show signs of Maturosis. We’re kind of in the middle, not too progressive but not cruel or barbaric like some of the other countries. And I know a lot of those countries have ‘diapers’ and ‘pacifiers’ and all that, whereas we have ‘nappies’ and ‘dummies’. So whilst we share a lot of language with those around the world (I swear we got all that Maturosis nonsense from the bigger countries), we have our own little quirks that make people look at our country and go “aww”. Like how an Amazon would look at a little really. We aren’t seen as a threat and everyone leaves us alone. And don’t get me started on modifications. Just thinking about them makes my skin crawl. If I ever get adopted and ‘modified’, just shoot me, please. Being a little, especially one Amazons see as ‘cute’, may lead to me being teensy bit biased about Amazons. Except for one or two bigs I trust, I actively avoid them. My parents had been adopted together when they were around 28, my current age, but managed to stick together and escape somehow. They never told me how they managed it, I think it was too traumatic for them to relive it, but this means they taught me from a very early age that Amazons just can’t be trusted. Despite being so careful for so long, I’m still very surprised I haven’t been adopted so far. Guess I should fill you in a little about me. I’m Olivia. As I said, I’m 28, slightly unfit but not overweight, long silvery-blonde hair with deep blue eyes that sparkle and a smile that could melt the hearts of even the coldest of Amazons (or so I’ve been told... By my parents... Which is embarrassing when they actually say that to people whilst you’re stood right next to them... Totally no experience of this whatsoever...). I’m a bit of an artsy nerd, binging whatever shows and movies on are, even if they aren’t designed for littles. I’m good with computers and I have a knack for designing clothing, which got me into opening a small clothes shop for littles with my friend. Which is where I was leaving tonight before everything happened. ------------------------------------------------- It was just supposed to be another average night; I wasn’t expecting all that chaos. I left work late after working on an important project all evening. I said goodnight to Malcolm, my business partner and friend, locked up my work area, put on my jacket, grabbed my bag before heading out the door and heading home. I had made it half way down the street and all was going well until an abusive ex-client had decided to get her revenge by splashing water on my jeans to make me look like I had wet myself. With an obvious sign of immaturity, she would have had every legal right to adopt me there and then. And I hate to think what she would have done to me had I not ran within a second of realising she had done that. After all the running, once I had recovered in the dark, quiet alley, I could finally start thinking about my situation and what I could do to fix it. You see the problem is, I was now further away from my apartment or anyone I know, with wet and torn jeans, no ID or money, only my phone still stuffed in my jacket pocket. I couldn’t call for a taxi or ask anyone nearby for help, they’d see my wet jeans and probably adopt me on the spot. I couldn’t walk home from here; it was way too far to go without being seen. This wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because my keys were in my bag which I couldn’t retrieve. Work! That was the closest place I could go, and then hide out there or sweet talk Malcolm into giving me a ride home, even if I had to legally use one of those infernal car seats. So I made my way back to work. I was familiar with the streets around this area, so I knew what back alleys and side streets I could take without being noticed by a big. Being meticulously careful, I managed to get back to the street where the shop was. The coast was clear. I was home free. I dashed for the front door, praying to whatever higher power that it was open and Malcolm hadn’t left yet. My prayers must have been answered, or I was just plain lucky, but the door opened as I pushed against it with my entire body, quickly closing it and hiding behind the wall beside the door. I leaned my head back against the wall and closed my eyes, happy in the thought that I was safe from any big, at least for now. That I could soon go home, snuggle up with my favourite stuffie (don’t judge me!), and relax. My legs were still shaking, my heart was racing, my nose was running, and I could feel my cold skin tingle as I struggled to catch my breath. It was then that I heard a cough. Not an ‘I’ve got a cold’ kind of cough, not an ‘I’ve got something stuck in my throat’ kind of cough, but an ‘Excuse me’ kind of cough. The kind that is meant to get your attention. The kind that makes a little stand to attention because you’re in trouble or you’re going to be. It wasn’t a very strict sounding cough, but it was definitely one that only littles would hear from a big. I opened my eyes and before me stood the most beautiful Amazon woman I had ever seen in my life. Long red hair, light green eyes, the cutest freckles, casually dressed but somehow still elegant.... I was lost in her beauty. Like I knew I was gay, but damn, even if I wasn’t a lesbian I would have found her gorgeous. I had never fallen for someone so tall; I mean she must have been like 12ft! This is when the fear crept in. Oh god. Here I was, jeans torn, looking like I had wet myself, looking like a feral little who couldn’t take care of herself, frozen still like a deer in headlights partially due to this woman’s beauty, partially due to fear of her putting a dummy in my mouth and adopting me right there and then. And then it clicked... I had seen her earlier. She’s the one who the crazy lady bumped into. Looking down slightly I saw that she had my bag. Oh god. This was the end. There’s no hope now. Nappies here I come. Goodbye toilet training. Better get used to sitting in my own shit and sucking on my toes. She bent down slightly with the cutest smile on her face... “Hi there cutie,” she said softly and sweetly, her words flowing through my head like pure bliss. “I’m Charlotte!” ========================================================== Thank you for reading, let me know what you think! I haven't decided on a schedule in which I'll post yet, but I've written about 12 chapters so far and I'll try and aim for posting at least 2 chapters a week.
  13. Fidgeting anxiously in the café Amelia couldn’t stop herself from checking the clock every few moments, Irritated that only 15 minutes have passed when it felt like 15 years. To focused on the time she barely notices when the waitress walks up “just yourself today Hun” pulling out a pen and paper for her order. “I’m waiting on someone actually” looking down to avoid eye contact she sheepishly says “could I have small coffee please” she’s never been good with strangers “ of course coming right up” the waitress replies smiling before turning away. Amelia’s eyes once again dart back to the clock with 10 minutes to go, almost squirming uncontrollably “I can’t believe I’m doing this” she murmurs under her breath waiting for the elusive C an older woman she has been chatting on fetlife for the last several weeks. They seem to click on every level spending hours upon hours discussing everything from books to their home life. They decided to wait on a meeting up or giving names, both having been burned heavily in past relationships due to their interests but neither wished to discuss it just yet. Arriving with her coffee the waitress leaves it on the table and heads back up front, suddenly the café door opens up and Amelia hears her say “oh she’s in the back waiting” Amelia straightened up her anxiety going through the rood as she hears the footsteps growing closer until finally. “Hello are you A?” Her voice sounds incredibly familiar to Amelia as she stands and turns, but freezes at the sight of C instantly recognizing her. “Oh no oh no” is all she can say her mind racing “this can’t be happening” standing before her is Claire Parker her old middle school teacher. Not just any teacher, her favorite teacher. The one who was there to comfort Amelia when her best friend pretended she didn’t exist in the cafeteria, the one who helped wipe away the tears when bullies wouldn’t leave her alone calling her “anchor Amy” because of her size. Miss Parker was also the one who encouraged her to follow her passion for music and to be honest the one when had an enormous crush on. She was a huge influence on young Amelia, but suddenly one day she just quit, no word or warning she just vanished. Leaving Amelia devastated. But now over 6 years later they’re once again face to face, she should be overjoyed at the reunion but all Amelia can think about is the fact that she has told Miss Parker everything. Literally every dirty fantasy and kink has been unknowingly discussed with her former teacher; shaking uncontrollably the only thing that stops her from fleeing is 9Miss Parkers reaction. “AMEILIA!!!” she exclaims pulling the startled girl into a warm embrace “now this is a happy coincidence isn’t it” her voice giddy with excitement “it’s been what? 6 years? Look how you’ve grown” looking her up and down Miss Parker gets a good look at her former pupil her smile growing “you filled out in all the right places” Amelia’s face flashes crimson at the compliment, looking down at her thick frame she doesn’t quite get what Ms Parker is seeing “t..th..thank you Miss Parker” is all she can spit out “Oh I think we’re far past calling me Miss don’t you?” her kind demeanor making Amelia fill more at ease “ why don’t you try calling me Claire?” she says as she settles down into the booth. Settling down herself she takes a deep breath to steady her nerves “this isn’t weird for you? I mean you use to be my teacher” says Amelia quietly, her eyes darting back and forth ensuring the coast is clear “I haven’t been your teacher in a long time sweetie, were both adults who know what they are getting into” Claire keeps a close eye on her not looking away for a moment “and besides I think we’d both rather I be your Mommy anyway” she says it so casually it causes Amelia to blush even harder. “but why don’t we forget all that for now” reaching across the table Claire puts a hand on her arm “I’d love for us just to catch up and chat, just treat this like a regular old date, no pressure or expectations. How does that sound?” Thinking of this as a normal date did help alleviate some of Amelia’s anxiety about the situation, I mean at the least this isn’t some stranger just trying to seduce her or anything, it was Miss Parker one of the kindest people she has ever known “I guess that could work” a smile beginning to spread across her face as she begins to relax. And so began their first official ‘date’ it was awkward at first with Amelia stumbling to find her words but soon they were both chatting up a storm talking for hours in the quiet little booth about everything they could think off . It all flowed just so naturally as if they were friends for years. It was the best date either of them had in quite a while. One thing became very evident to Amelia throughout the evening and that is that she was still totally infatuated with her former teacher hanging onto her every word neither of them realizing just how long they’ve been talking until Amelia asks the question that has plagued her for years “Why did you leave the way you did” Claire grimaces, the old memory still causing a sting even now “well you see sweetie back then I was in a relationship that had slowly become toxic. We were bad for each other but neither of us could admit it. In the end I broke things off with her” she pauses staring down at her coffee “she….didn’t take it well” Amelia’s can see her eyes start to glisten and says “you don’t have to tell me if it’s too painful I understand” the last thing she wants is to drudge up old hurts. “No…no it’s ok you of all people deserve an answer” breathing in deep she exhales “my former little ousted me to everyone, she told the school board and all the parents the nature of our relationship and they freaked” Amelia’s eyes grow wide with disbelief. How could anyone do such a cruel vindictive thing to Claire, she was always the kindest and most compassionate out of all the teachers at school. “They gave me the choice to resign with some dignity or be fired” looking down to avoid eye contact she says “I’m so very sorry for never saying goodbye but they wouldn’t let me” a moment of pure silence follows as Claire continues to stare at her coffee. Amelia had never seen the usually confident Miss Parker seem so vulnerable. Shaking her head she looks up at Amelia “but that’s all in the past now” reaching over the table she takes Amelia’s Hand “I’d much rather look to the future” she squeezes a little “and I hope you can be a part of it as my little” Amelia’s entire body once against turns scarlet almost forgetting why they were there in the first place. The thought of loosing Miss Parker again is too much to bear; she squeezes Claire’s hand just as hard before replying “I think I’d like that very much” “You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that” says Claire still holding Amelia’s Hand tightly “there’s no rush we can take this as fast or slow as you want ok baby girl” gazing deep into Amelia’s eyes she leans forward over the table their lips just barely touching before she pulls away “I’ll keep you safe, I’ll take care of you, I promise” Amelia’s brain short circuits as their lips meet, she must have day dreamed about doing that a million times back in school but the reality of it is much more satisfying then in fantasy. Her attempts to speak fail miserably, unable to find the right words. Burying her face in her hands incredibly flustered she can only murmur “oh my God that just happened “much to the amusement of her older companion. Mustering the strength of will to lift her head she finally asks “do you mean it…..that you’ll keep me safe? ….. That you’ll take care of me?” Her face instantly serious without a shred of doubt in her voice Claire replies “Always Amelia no matter what we do I’ll be there with you every step of the way” softening her features “you’re going to be my little girl after all” Seeing Claries conviction she relaxes, a state of calm she rarely enjoys. The ideas of being someone’s baby girl making her feel so at ease it’s shocking. Feeling 10 years younger she slips into a headspace she’s not quite familiar expressing in front of others. Having spent her teen years being the good girl, the honour roll student, the constant pressure by her parents to succeed. Heck she has never even had a detention. With a coy smile she leans over and giggles “but what if your baby girl likes being a brat” she teases twirling her honey blonde hair around her finger enjoying being able to show this side of herself to someone “I mean I can be a lot to handle” “Oh is that so” purrs Claire her voice sweeter then honey “well there isn’t a brat born who myself and Miss Hairbrush can’t handle” reaching into her purse she pulls out a solid oak paddle brush placing it in front of Amelia. Biting her lip Amelia’s eyes lock onto the brush, so many deep seated fantasies of being helpless over someone’s knee while they roast her bottom flashing through her mind, squeezing her legs together in need hoping Claire doesn’t notice. Feeling like a bratty teen now more than ever she defiantly proclaims “is that all?” dismissing the brush entirely “you’ve met your match Miss Parker” sticking her tongue out at her former mentor impudently. Leaning to the side Claire raises her hand almost shouting “Check Please!” Sitting in Claries SUV outside her home Amelia’s heart is beating like a drum, she is made to sit in the back on the drive because “little girls are safer back there”. Sticking true to her role Amelia whined “but I wanna sit up front” But was quickly silenced by Claire’s steely glare. Stepping out onto the asphalt the young woman can’t help but stare in awe at the big house, so entranced she doesn’t notice Claire coming up beside her “sweetie there’s something important we need to discuss” Turning around to look up the tall brunette is staring down at her. She can’t help but blush “If anything gets to be too overwhelming or to difficult you just have to say cantaloupe and well stop ok” reaching up she brushes some of amelias hair behind her ears before leaning to whisper “otherwise the second you walk in that door you’ll be nothing but a naughty brat in need of some firm discipline, is that clear” her demeanour changing rapidly, now strict and demanding causing a shiver to run down Amelia’s spine, nodding her head unable to articulate a response Claire gently grasps her hand leading her up the stairs. inside the house is immaculate and well furnished but the awestruck girl has no time to process when she hears “Amelia Jacobs you are in so much trouble” spinning around to see Miss Parker with her hands firmly on her hips stern look across her face. “I can’t believe a girl your age would act like such an incorrigible brat in public” with hands faster then they eye can see she grabs Amelia by the ear much to her dismay“and I know just how to deal with bratty little girls”. Stinging like hell with little choice but to lean forward awkwardly as the older woman leads her into the living room squealing along the way “hey let me go you can’t do this I’m not some little kid” trying her best to sound angry instead of deeply excited being lead to her fate. Ignoring her pleas Claire drags her to the living room before pushing her front and center, where with the same steely gaze as before she orders “Strip!” Amelia’s heart is pounding in her ears, it’s been many years since her last high school gym class, and even then she changed in the stalls insecure about her body. Panicking a little she debates using her safe word until she sees Claries face staring at hermit was a look of pure desire, of hunger and want. No one had ever looked at her that way before, like she was something desirable. Shaking her head meekly she squeaks “n-no I w-wont” stuttering while staring at her feet to hide her excitement. Feeling a hand under her chin her head rises to meet Claire’s gaze “you can do it or I can do it little one your choice” Oh god the thought of Claire stripping her down is almost too much to bear. Gulping down her apprehension and with shaky hands she slips her thumbs into her yoga pants slowly dragging them to the floor hoping that’s the end of it “Shirt to” says Claire leaving no room for argument Hands still shaking lifting her sweater over her head before dropping to cover her voluptuous body, she can feel Claire’s eyes scanning every inch of her until they rest on her wiggly bottom framed perfectly by a lacy pink thong “tsk tsk tsk” is all that comes out “Those panties are unacceptable for a girl your age Amy” taking the waistband of her panties giving it a snap against her waist “we will definitely be making some changes to your underwear drawer” without further warning she gives Amelia a spank on her unprotected bottom “in the corner now little girl” Amelia quickly buries her head into the corner having never felt so exposed while Claire can only stare at her bottom “in 20 minutes I’ll be back and I won’t be empty handed” her hand making its way to her bottom giving it gentle rub before leaving. So here was Amelia, half naked, exposed and having never felt so helpless in her entire life, yet she couldn’t have been more excited.
  14. Here we go again! This story takes place in the same universe as Classified: A New Life, and if you haven't read that, you should read it first. This is a much less whimsical tale, but one that I hope fleshes out the universe a bit more, as well as being enjoyable to read. It covers some pretty dark stuff as the story goes along, so read at your own risk. Here we go, and please do tell me what you think! ##### Prologue: Starquake “Fuck!” Lily Bronsen snarls. She trembles with rage, wondering how the universe could possibly be so unfair. “What’s wrong?” One of her roommates, Alex, pokes her head out of the kitchen; her blonde hair is tied up in a bun. Alex is a Neutral, and does data-entry for the CLASS branch in their area. “Did you bang your shin on the coffee table again? I keep telling Darren to pick a spot for it.” “No.” Lily snaps, swiping angrily at her eyes and pushing her strawberry-blonde hair out of her face. “I got my results today.” Alex comes over to sit next to Lily on the couch. “What’d you get?” she wonders. “I’m a Little.” Lily says bitterly. “Did you not know that ahead of time or something? I mean...most people don’t suck their thumbs when they get stressed out. Not to mention what happened last week at Shue’s place.” “I was drunk, okay? It’s not like I piss myself regularly or anything.” Lily grumbles. “What about the week before that, at the movie theatre? Or at the concert? Or the theme park?” Alex continues, listing off other embarrassing incidents, as Lily refused to call them accidents. “Too much soda, drunk again, should have gone before we got in line.” Lily huffs. “You got a fucking point to make, ‘Lex?” She growls. “I think you know exactly what I’m saying. One is an anomaly, two is a coincidence, and three is a pattern. We’re at four in the last two weeks alone. I keep telling you to wear protection--it’s not like anyone will see it anyway. Besides, I’m not a Caregiver. I don’t mind helping you out or anything like that, but I shouldn’t have to carry around extra clothes for you either.” Lily blushes. She had been wearing protection on all those occasions. Pull-ups just didn’t work for the magnitude of incidents she’d had, and she’d ended up leaking. She pats down her pockets, looking for her cigarettes and finds them empty. Fucking Darren. “First of all, I didn’t ask you to do that for me. And secondly, what are you saying then?” Lily demands. Alex sets her jaw. “You’d better watch your attitude, Lil. I’ve had a shitty day at work, and I don’t need to deal with your tantrum on top of it.” she snaps. “I’m saying you should have seen this coming miles away. I’ll go and get the ELK, and we’ll figure something out.” Alex disappears for a moment, and then returns with the ELK and a small duffel bag in the same coloring. She opens the container, revealing four tablets, one each of green, yellow, purple, and a white one. Lily tastes each of the colored tablets in turn, mostly to placate Alex while she thinks about how to proceed. She absolutely refuses to become one of them, no matter what. She’s already managed to escape one hellish environment where her every move was decided for her, and she’s not about to go through that again. The yellow candy does taste pretty good though… “So, you’re an L-3.” Alex says. “At least potty training is an option for you, that’s at least something positive…” “How do you know that?” Lily wonders, smacking her lips at the taste of the candy. “That’s literally what the candy is for. The colored coating only tastes good if your biological markers match with that Classification, or something like that, I’m not familiar with the science of it. It’s just to prevent panic attacks over the news.” Alex explains. “You just gave me drugs?” Lily wonders. “It’s just an anti-anxiety thing. Don’t worry. There’s a pull-up in the bag, and I’d like you to put it on, just in case. You’re pretty worked up right now, and I don’t want to clean up any puddles.” Lily immediately stands up, offended and angry at the implication, even if it isn’t exactly off-base. “Oh, fuck you! Really, Lex? I’m not a goddamn baby, or a puppy or whatever, I’m not going to piss on the floor.” “Lily, you’re really trying my patience. I’m only trying to help you out. I might be a Neutral, but I’m this close to taking you over my knee, I swear. If you want to be treated like an adult, then act like it, and let’s have a civil discussion without all the cursing, okay?” “Try it and see what happens, Lex.” Lily snaps, and marches across the room to retrieve her shoes and jacket. “I’m going out. I gotta talk to Bongo and Riceman.” Lily says, double checking that her wallet has actual Coin in it, and not just her card. “Why? All Bongo’s going to do is try to sell you CHITs and fake IDs.” Lily nods. “Exactly.” She zips her coat, too aggressively and makes for the door. “Lily, what the hell are you doing? I know I’m not your Caregiver, but as your friend, this is probably the dumbest thing you’ve ever done. Those CHITs are really dangerous, not to mention illegal, and unless you plan on hacking the CLASS database to change your results, a fake ID is useless.” “You’re not telling me anything I don’t already know.” Lily points out. “That’s what Riceman is for.” “Are you insane? You’re trying to prevent an inevitable biological process from happening with a drug that will at best, delay it, and at worst, kill you. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, you’re going to participate in cybercrime while you’re at it!” Alex’s voice gets progressively louder and she takes Lily by the arm. “Yep.” Lily replies flippantly. “I will not be a Little. Look, only like, three people have ever died from doing CHITs, and I’ll be careful. I refuse to end up as a pants-shitting crybaby who’s incapable of living a normal life. Better dead than useless.” she jerks her arm free of Alex’s grip “ I can handle myself.” She steps out into the hallway and slams the door in Alex’s face. ~CSR~ Bongo and Riceman’s apartment is surprisingly clean, Lily thinks. The furniture is old and well-used, but they take care of the things they have. She tries not to fidget as she sits across from Bongo at their kitchen table. Her bladder throbs, but not too urgently. She slides her pile of coin across the table to Bongo who counts it and nods, satisfied. “I’ve gotta go make your new ID and get the CHITS counted out. Be careful with that stuff, Lily, I mean it. Any more than one a day and you’re in for a real bad time.” Bongo say seriously, his dark eyes intense. “They’ll help with the incontinence part of things temporarily. Keeping your cool, and making smart decisions is on you. The Doctor could probably help with a more permanent solution, but he’s on sabbatical and not to be disturbed for anything. This is the best I’ve got.” Bongo says. “And some of the side effects can be pretty wicked, so like I said, one every day.” Lily nods again. “I get it.” She counts out another stack of Coin and passes it to Riceman. She’s just shelled out almost all of her savings, but if it keeps her from ending up in diapers, it’s worth it. “And I can alter some things in the CLASS systems without getting caught, but it’ll only be surface level.” Riceman explains as he scratches at his stubble, his round face serious. “Any kind of deep digging, and you’re fried. You’ll be able to buy booze and smokes, and get into clubs and shit. But buying a car or a gun or anything like that is a no-go. And, don’t get pulled over either.” “I can handle that.” Lily says, swallowing hard. “Is there anything else I should know before we do this?” Bongo stares at her. “Are you sure about this? There’s no reset button for this kind of thing. Once we do this, you’re stuck. You can live as a Neutral for the rest of your days, but if you fuck up at all, game over. And, we won’t be able to help you either, for obvious reasons.” “I understand. I’m sure.” Lily says, with a confidence she doesn’t actually feel. “Okay.” Bongo shares a glance with Riceman, and both of them stand. “Wait right here.” Riceman says. “We’ll be back shortly.” In another moment, they’re gone, leaving Lily alone with her thoughts at the table. What did I just do? Lily wonders.
  15. And so we have a fresh start! Well... mostly. I've been so excited writing this, and I've been super excited to start posting it here! A Diaper Dimension story with new characters and a new story! That's not to say you won't see some references... maybe... But this is pretty much separate from my other series. Even those who aren't fans of my other stories should still be able to enjoy this without reading any of my previous work. I can't give too much away without spoiling the plot, which you'll be able to figure out a handful of chapters in. All you need to know is this is a fun little story about a little called Elise, who works in a Coffee shop and her day just doesn't go according to plan. This isn't a typical DD story... Also won't say how long it is. You'll see why. It's a little darker than my other DD story BUT in a way that should still be okay for people who find DD stories to be a bit too mean/cruel to read. You'll understand when the plot becomes clearer. But basically if you liked Little in Love, you'll probably enjoy this! One chapter per week. Every Friday. And as usual, if you want two weeks early access to chapters of Regression Echo and Love in Dimensions, you can sub to my Patreon. You'll also get access to my discord server to discuss chapters there and stuff. And also to tease me apparently. Grr. I hope I've covered everything that needs saying and I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as my other stories! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, I love reading it all! Especially now that I've moved on from my main series (writing it for a while anyway, that's not to say I won't be writing more in the future! And I'll still be posting Love in Dimensions every Wednesday and Sunday!), I'm really interested to see what people think of this new story. Also, please link to my stories rather than posting them as files when sharing with others! Chapter 1: Work Regression Echo – LittleFallenPrincess “ELLIE! HELLOOOO? ELLIE, WAKE UP!” The blurry haze in front of me cleared up as I quickly realised I had fallen asleep at work... again. “ELLIE!” “I’m awake! I’m awake! Sorry!” I said, wiping the sleep from my eyes. I turned around to see my boss with the biggest scowl plastered on his face. In the most unflattering shirt and tie, he looked down at me the way most Amazons did... only looking at me like I was some kind of baby playing pretend. His short black hair was obviously cut at home and I swear his tie was a clip-on. He wore the most offensive and repugnant cologne, it made me glad he was rarely on the shop floor so I didn’t have to smell it much. He never shaved properly so he had the most uneven stubble across his jaw and his age was showing with the many... many lines running across his forehead. Think sweaty, creepy older white guy who doesn’t know how to talk to women... That's my boss. And compared to this guy who was like twelve foot... Here I was at like half of his size, a 25 year old university educated little with brunette hair, pale skin, a bit of a baby-face, and terrible anxiety. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not bad looking, I’m even quite proud of my figure, though I can’t keep comparing myself to all these gorgeous Amazon women who walk in here every day. I was especially proud of my blue...ish eyes. I mean... sometimes they appeared more blue, sometimes they appeared more green. But I always loved how my eyes looked, and they were always the thing people would compliment first. “Ellie, if you keep falling asleep and making mistakes... look, you’re not proving to me that you’re a big girl...” David started his humiliating rant that he’d recite on a daily basis. ‘Fuck off David... I’m really not in the mood right now for your infantilising bullshit...’ I thought to myself as I rolled my eyes. “Sorry. I’ll focus. I promise. I just didn’t get much sleep last night.” I said, trying to sound as innocent and sincere as possible. “Like every night lately... just be warned, you know when I hired you that you told me you could be trusted. That you weren’t like the other littles out there, in need of nappies and a crib... that you could be a big girl and not give me reason to fire you. Oh, and don’t forget to send those order forms out!” ‘You say ‘fire’... what you mean is ‘regress me and send me to the nearest adoption centre’...’ I know this because I read the new employee handbook that was given out when I started here a year ago. Thanks to a few developments in our society, companies wanted to appear like they were more sympathetic to littles, that they would give us a chance at becoming ‘productive members of society’... instead of nappy-filling, mouth-drooling babies. They didn’t really give a shit about Little’s rights, it’s just that right now, the public was largely in favour of us getting equal rights or at least more rights. So of course the company has to side with the public... for now. That's why I’m the only little working here. I’m the ‘experiment’ for this store; along with a handful of other littles working across the country in the company’s other stores. They wanted good PR by hiring littles to work in their coffee shops. And because I needed to pay rent, and I didn’t want to end up in nappies when I failed to pay it... I took one of the only places that would hire someone with a useless university degree like mine. So here I am, serving coffee to Amazons (and a few littles), constantly having to put up with my Boss looking down at me and berating me whilst customers coo and aww at me like I’m some baby serving pretend drinks at a tea party. Today my boss was berating me because yet again I fell asleep at the counter. If I kept doing it, he’d ‘let me go’... which the handbook states is basically code for ‘littles who fail to perform adequately are to be demoted in social status and enrolled in the nearest adoption centre post haste.’ It’s not my fault I kept falling asleep though! I’ve been having terrible nightmares lately. Mostly about people I’ve lost to adoption over the years, but also me being adopted by some random Amazon because I couldn’t pour coffee well enough. Didn’t help that David called me ‘Ellie’. No matter how many times I told him it’s ‘Elise’... he’d use the more infantile form of my name, the one every Amazon called me throughout university. I hated it. I hated David. I hated this job. But I had a psychology degree, so I was nearly unemployable. Oh and don’t get me wrong, it’s not the degree itself that’s useless. Lots of people get good jobs with the same degree I have. The problem is... I’m a little with a psychology degree. When was the last time you saw a little working as a psychologist or a therapist or anything? Never. Because they don’t exist. Why fix problems with a little when you can just regress them? And even if you did want to fix any mental health issues... why would you listen to a little when ‘an Amazon knows best’... what a load of bullshit. Lots of my classmates went on to get high paying jobs and were working in the healthcare sector... but they were all Amazons. No one would hire me, so I’m stuck working at ‘Amazon Aroma Coffee’. Which might I say... is the stupidest name in the world. “You okay hun?” A feminine voice next to me brought me back to the present. I turned around after watching David walk off into his office in the back, to see the light that kept me going throughout my day. It was my co-worker, Julie. Small for an Amazon, though not quite betweener height, Julie was one of the sweetest Amazons I had ever met. Her gorgeous strawberry-blonde hair was always tied up in a ponytail for work, poking through the hole in the back of her uniform cap. She wore the same generic coffee-shop uniform as I did, but she somehow made it look so much cuter, despite mine being sized for littles. I even had a little-sized apron, yet she was still cuter in my opinion. Her beautiful green eyes always felt welcoming as I stared into them. Little freckles dotted around her light-toned cheeks just made her look so... Anyway, she was here before I started last year, and she taught me everything. David is very much a ‘hands-off’ manager, so he just spends his time in the office or is out here berating me. Both apparently are full-time jobs. But Julie... Julie was so nice to me. Especially for an Amazon. I mean firstly, she calls me Elise most of the time instead of Ellie, which is always a good start. That’s when she’s not calling me ‘hun’ or ‘honey’. But for some reason I didn’t mind her calling me that. If it was any other Amazon I’d probably have an issue, but her... she could call me that all day and I’d still like her. Julie was the one who taught me everything, showed me the ropes, and most importantly... backs me up whenever I screw up. Which might I say... is a lot. This world, and more importantly, this coffee shop... isn’t designed with littles in mind. Everything is so tall, they even had to get me little steps to reach everything. But whenever I do screw up, she’s always there in my corner, defending me and getting David to back down. I lost count of the amount of times she’s saved me from getting a strike. And as the saying goes... three strikes and you’re out. I’m on two so far, but if it wasn’t for Julie, I’d be on 500, and most likely sucking my toes and wetting a nappy in a playpen somewhere. “Oh, me? Yeah. Just... having a quick siesta. But unless I want it to become naptime... I better get back to work.” I laughed awkwardly, knowing that if I wasn’t careful, it really would become that. “Good idea. You know you only have one strike left. And I can’t protect you forever. My Mum keeps saying I should adopt you when you do fail, before David can ship you off to an adoption centre.” “And is that what you want?” I asked her, nervously. I knew that her mother was pushy. Typical old school Amazon mother who saw littles as nothing but babies to be adopted and cared for. Whilst Julie was good at standing up for me against David... She wasn’t very good at standing up for herself against her mother. And for the longest time, her mother had tried pushing her to adopt me. Thankfully Julie isn’t like her Mum, though I do worry that one day she’ll give in and do what she says. I had avoided adoption for the longest time. Not all my friends from school and university had been so fortunate, especially my best friend Danielle, who had been adopted during the last year of university after struggling with her classes. I hadn’t seen her since. That was about two years ago. I still had nightmares about her, I still worried about her all the time... worrying about what horrible things her adoptive parents have done to her. But I... I befriended an Amazon who helped me pass my classes and not get in trouble so that I could graduate. Not that that did any good, I ended up working here right after I finished university. But it was still infinitely better than shitting my pants and sucking my toes. Which is probably what Danny is doing right now. The idea of adoption scared the hell out of me. I didn’t want to lose my adult life, I enjoyed my time with friends, my video games, my nerdy little things I used to do with Danny all the time. I didn’t want to be mentally regressed into an infant, I didn’t want any of the treatment those bastard Amazons enforced on us. So I was very careful growing up, trying my best to not mess anything up, trying my best not to give any Amazon a reason to adopt me. Although after starting work here, seeing all the adopted littles being carried or pushed in their strollers and prams by their adoptive Amazon parents... I started to lose hope, which is when the mistakes started. It was only a matter of time before I screwed up that one time too many… and whilst Julie pushed that inevitable outcome back, it was still going to happen. I was still going to be regressed. I swore to Danny back in high school, where we met, that if I ever got regressed... to kill me. Just seriously... put a bullet in my head. I didn’t want to end up like the friends I had who had been adopted at an early age. And here I was... proving to all the Amazons around me... that maybe I was better off in a playpen rather than serving coffee... and it scared me senseless. “No. You know that. I like working with you too much. I wish she’d get off my back though.” Julie replied, making my body relax and my heart slow down. ‘Good answer’ I thought as I grabbed a coffee from her and handed it to the Amazon man who had been waiting for his order. “Well I’m glad. Because even if you did adopt me... I’d hate to have your Mum as my grandmother...” I laughed. “Haha, yeah I don’t blame you. She can be a nasty piece of work.” Julie replied. “Oh hey, here’s another little... don’t see many of them lately...” Julie nudged me again to get back to work. ‘For good reason... Whenever a little comes in, David usually comes out to serve them, usually adding a little something ‘extra’ to their drink to ensure they end up in a nursery by the end of the day... I swear one of these days I’ll get evidence and report him... if that will actually do anything...’ I thought to myself as I smiled at the blonde girl who was about my size, standing in front of me on the other side of the counter, thankful that David wasn’t here to see who I was serving so he couldn’t ruin her life like he had so many others... ------------------------------------------------- After an hour of serving drinks, after the initial morning crowd had dissipated after lunch, the shop was mostly empty. So Julie and I usually used this time to wind down a bit and get a bit of cleaning done around the counters and to restock everything. Julie was cleaning the counters off to the side as I was organising the cups near the counter. “Hey baby girl...” A familiar voice came from behind me. “Excuse me I’m not a...” I turned around to see one of my best friends, Hailey, standing there at the counter. “Oh hey nerd!” I replied back to her, smiling. Hailey was the Amazon I befriended after Danny had been adopted and disappeared. Hailey was there to support me and help me get through the rest of the year despite my head being all over the place thanks to my best friend disappearing. I honestly wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for her. It’s why she was the only Amazon who was allowed tease me that much. She was a brunette like me, and she too had a bit of a baby face. She also had a similar taste in fashion... favouring comfort over style. Today she wore her skinny jeans and a short-sleeved white blouse that was perfect for this summer weather. But her hair was darker and much shorter, and she had hazel eyes rather than my blue-ish ones. And she... you know... had like... 7 more feet in height than I did... “How’s the daily grind going?” She laughed. “Was that... a coffee joke?” I sighed. “Was it that bad?” “It was terrible. But hey, what are you doing here?” I asked her. “Here to see my baby best friend!” “I’m not a baby. Not yet anyway. But hey, can I get you anything?” “Hmm... hot chocolate please. With the little marshmallows.” “Aren’t you sweet enough?” I flirted a little. “Aww, if you keep that up, I’ll just have to adopt you... especially since you still owe me.” She grinned. “Look, you helped me through the last year of uni, and I thanked you for that. I vividly remember buying you a rather nice bottle of whisky for your troubles...” “And what a lovely bottle it was! But was that enough? Wouldn’t you love to just be pampered...?” She winked at me. “You’re lucky I know you, otherwise I’d be running for the hills...” Hailey laughed. “Sorry kiddo. You know I can’t resist. You’re too cute when you’re all blushy.” “Am not!” I snapped back like a bratty toddler. “Even cuter when you get all pouty...” I scowled at her as Julie walked over with a hot chocolate in her hands for Hailey. “Oh hey Julie! Good to see you. How’s my favourite baby barista?” Hailey asked her. “In trouble. Again.” Julie replied. “Elise... you need to stop getting in trouble. I swear if someone gets to adopt you before I do...” Hailey’s eyebrow raised as she looked down at me. “Look, I don’t plan on getting adopted at all. Now, if you want to hang out later or whatever, give me a call. I can’t socialise whilst on the clock, otherwise David will kill me. Or regress me… Which would be worse.” “Fine. But you owe me a girl’s night out sometime soon. Now if you don’t mind me... I’m going to go devour this drink in the corner whilst I watch my favourite little barista work.” She winked at me before walking off into the corner with her drink, sitting in a booth and smiling at me. “She has a thing for you, you know...” Julie whispered to me. “I know. But she’s an Amazon. As much as I’d love to be with her... I mean look at her... she’s gorgeous... but yes, as much as I’d love to be with her, despite Amazon/little relationships becoming slightly more acceptable since the Williams-Clarke marriage, I think it would… just be too awkward.” “Have you never thought about dating an Amazon girl?” “Of course I have. But I’ll never do it. I’m more likely to find someone who will end up putting my butt in Pampers rather than a ring on my finger...” I shrugged my shoulders. I had thought about it daily for a long time now. Julie... Hailey... Alicia... all these gorgeous women and I had crushes on all of them. And then there’s all the Amazon women who walked in whose names I didn’t know. Well, all those that didn’t instantly start trying to baby me. I lost all attraction to them as soon as they started with the baby treatment bullshit. And sure, it was becoming more socially acceptable for Amazons and littles to date, especially after all that stuff with that little who nearly got regressed at their wedding, you know, the one who is one of the local candidates running for MP (Member of Parliament). But I still worried that I’d just end up in nappies, sucking a dummy, if I ever tried dating an Amazon. I trusted Hailey and I trusted Julie more than any other... but deep down... I couldn’t truly trust any Amazon. ------------------------------------------------- “Oh, she’s here again...” Julie nudged me. It was now near the end of our shift in the late afternoon. “I’ll be in the stockroom. Have fun!” She grinned and walked off. I heard the familiar clacks of someone’s heels walking along the tiled floor. I’d know those heels anywhere... it was one of the few perks of this job; at least it has for the last month anyway. Always after the initial rush she’d come in, flirt with me a bit, and then leave. Every day I’d enjoy the few minutes I got to talk to her... every day I’d hate myself that little bit more when I didn’t ask for her number. I looked up to see the raven-haired beauty that had graced us every day at the same time for the past month. Her gorgeous smile, her shapely figure in that black dress she wore once a week, the one that showed off her shoulders and arms beautifully... Honestly, she could have been a model. I mean for all I know about her... she could actually be a model. Whilst we flirted a bit every day, I was still too nervous to actually talk to her. Especially given the fact that she’s over twice as tall as I am. “Hey gorgeous.” Her words felt like silk as they flowed through me, sending shivers down my whole body. “H... hi... hi again... Alicia.” I sounded just like a schoolgirl with a crush. I had picked up her name on her first order here, and I hadn’t forgotten it ever since. “Can I get my usual, cutie?” She asked. “Of... of course!” I looked to the side to see her usual pastry and coffee waiting for her. ‘Thanks Julie...’ I thought to myself as I grabbed them and pushed them nervously towards the woman in front of me. “Oh wow, that was quick!” She said, smiling. “I’m not always...” “I bet you’re not...” She winked at me, making my whole body squirm. “So... are you single?” She asked. Wait... she asked... me... that... It took a second for my brain to realise what had just happened. She had visited every day at the same time, ordering the same thing every day. Every day she flirted with me. But not once had she asked me... that. “I... umm... no.... I mean yes! I am single. I meant to say no, I wasn’t dating anyone...” “You get so blushy around me. It’s adorable...” She giggled a bit, making my heart skip a beat. “I...” “Well… it was nice meeting you. What was your name again?” “El... Elise...” “Well I’ll make sure to remember that for next time.” She said, winking at me. She left me the money, along with a tip before grabbing her coffee and pastry and walking out, her hips swaying in the long, black dress that I desperately wanted to tear off her. ‘Next time? Oh thank god.’ As I watched her hips sway out of the door, my attention was diverted as she opened the door for an Amazon woman pushing a stroller. And by the looks of things, this other woman was pushing an adult little in it, not an Amazon child. ‘Ugh... I hate when they walk in, it’s basically a reminder of what my future will probably look like.’ I looked back to the door to find Alicia had gone, so I focused back on my job and put on my best fake smile as the woman pushed the stroller to the counter. The Amazon Mummy was quite beautiful if I’m being honest. Middle aged, mid-length blonde hair, blue eyes... a jogging outfit that indicated that she was out exercising with the stroller, but not a drop of sweat on her meant that she hadn’t started yet. Not going to lie, that outfit looked good on her, but then again the fact that she had a little strapped into the stroller was an instant turn-off for me. Though something about her seemed familiar... but I couldn’t put my finger on it. “Hi there Miss. What can I get you today?” I asked in my best customer service voice. “Hi there... I’ll umm... sorry, I don’t actually know much about coffee... Can I just have a normal coffee? With milk? And two sugars?” “That’s no problem. I can get that for you. Don’t worry; I didn’t know anything about coffee for a long time.” I replied. “Haha, thanks. I’ve always been a bit nervous about coming to a place like this, but I figured new start, new experiences. “Oh you’re new around here?” I asked her. “Well, it’s been a while since we lived in this town, but we’re back now, with a fresh start for us and our little one.” If anything, I was good at small talk with customers. It’s one of the ways I get myself out of being adopted; I try to charm them as best I can so they don’t see me as an adoptable little. “Oh that’s nice. Can I get you anything else?” I asked. “What about you, babygirl?” She said down to the little sat in the stroller. I looked down at the stroller to get the adopted little’s order, but her face was covered by the stroller hood that had been protecting her from the sun outside. At least I assumed she was a her. The frilly pink dress and the white frilly socks I could see indicated that this was either a girl... or this Amazon loved to humiliate their little boy. “I’ll have... a hoh choccylat!” She said in an adorably babyish voice. ‘Ugh... please never let that happen to me...’ “Oh baby, you need to look at this nice lady and give her your order, the cover is blocking you. One second Miss...” ‘Well this woman is nice enough to call me ‘lady’ and ‘Miss’ at least... she can’t be all bad...’ The Amazon woman reached down and pulled the hood back, retracting it to reveal the little sat in the stroller, sucking on a dummy. Her dark brown pigtails, her warm golden-brown skin, her blue eyes looking up at me… They were all too familiar… “Wait...” It finally clicked. My heart stopped. “Elise?” she called out, her eyes widening and her smile forming around the dummy in her mouth. I looked down in fear at the friend I hadn’t seen for two years… and I was speechless. ========================================================== So... what did you all think of the extra long first chapter? ? I hope everyone enjoys this chapter! Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Thank you to all my patrons for their support! Don't forget, the next 4 chapters of Love in Dimensions are available on my Patreon, as well as the next two chapters of Regression Echo, which can be found here if you go for the second tier. You get two weeks early access to chapters of Love in Dimensions and Regression Echo. New chapters of Love in Dimensions every Wednesday/Sunday! New chapter of Regression Echo every Friday! Also just a quick note: I don't mind people saving this story for personal reading. But I'd appreciate it if people didn't post it elsewhere, even if you're just suggesting it to other people. 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  16. The following story was created to participate in the Virtual Fiction Story Contest. ______________________________________________________________________________________ I should treat myself to something nice. That was my train of thought when using the library computers to buy a pre-owned Virtual Reality device. I… Kinda have nowhere near enough to afford the shiny new models. We met in the parking lot of some chain pharmacy. A brisk thirty-minute walk from home in the cool December air. My thrifted coat kept me warm despite being well worn. Throughout our interaction I kept my eyes low. It’s hard looking people in the eyes. Sometimes I feel like people can see right through me. I hate it. She handed me a worn box full of equally worn parts. It was hard not to feel like I’d been cheated. She swore up and down it all works... So, I accepted it and passed her the sum of several weeks of pay. Then thanked her for her time. Time to go home and check it all out. You’re pathetic. Wasting money on this broken trash and thanking her on top of it. This is why you get taken advantage of. You go around begging for it. “Not today, let’s not do this today, please.” I whisper to myself and shake my head. This will be a good day; intrusive thoughts be damned. For the past few years people have been talking nonstop about these headsets. While taking orders and serving food I would hear people talk about it and their experiences. Everyone seemed so happy. You could be anyone, you could do anything. Sounds like a dream come true. All these thoughts and more buzz through my mind. Excitement cutting through the fog of bad thoughts. I all but skip home. My shoes squelching in the slush coating the sidewalks. … Before I know it, I’m there. Home. At least, the shack I call home. I got it at a good deal, very cheap for the city. Probably because no one else would rent it. But it’s home nonetheless. A dump. A stain on the land. Perfect for y o u. I wince and step through the threshold. Once inside I lock the door and slip my sneakers off and place them just right of the entrance. My key and wallet go on the short shelf left behind by the previous tenant. The place is pretty barren and lacking in furniture, but it’s fine. I just need my soft brown blanket. Before the headset it was the most expensive purchase I’d made in all my 25 years... It’s so warm and cozy; a perfect investment! Box in hand I shuffle over to one of the walls with an outlet and sit against it. Looking over the instructions carefully it seems that everything is here. That’s good at least. Assembly is easy. The slightly chipped visor slots into the main headpiece. The sticky forehead thingies all seem to still be there. And the cords are long enough to reach the outlet and ethernet plug with slack. I think this will work. Pulling it over my head darkens my vision. I can just barely see the room through the visor. Carefully I attach the sensors to my forehead. Apparently, those will pick up some sort of brain wave or electrical signal… At least that’s what I’d heard. I go to press the prominent start button on the side of the headset but stop. It’s a bit chilly in here. My hands sweep the floor around me blindly before running into the blanket. I pull it over my body, snuggling deeper into my spot where the floor and wall meet. Finally comfortable, I press the button. And… Nothing. “No… No, no, no…” My heart falls as I stammer to myself alone in the empty room. Ha! Get scammed, idiot. Good luck getting your money back. Tears begin gathering at the corner of my eyes. … bzzz… Then, the whir of small motors fills my ears. The visor blocking my vision lights up. I exhale in relief, but before I can do or notice much else my consciousness fades and I slump against the wall. --- I’m falling. Slowly… I think. The space surrounding me is pitch black with small particles of blue floating down alongside me. Amidst the darkness, a screen of pale light with white letters opens before me. LOGGING IN… LOGGING IN… LOGGI- WELCOME USER, BETH I feel myself jolt in surprise at the scrawling text. “H-Hold on, I haven’t made an account. My name is Je-“ Disregarding my protests, the screen continues. NOW LOADING… THE HUB With the blink of an eye the world around me shifts into a sprawling city. No longer falling, I am on solid ground. My stomach lurches and my eyes adjust in response to the perceived shift in movement. It looks almost identical to the real world save for some of the city’s more ‘out there’ architecture. Castles in the far distance, floating islands, and roller coasters overhead. It all looks so real, so wonderful. Not wanting to get in anyone’s way I jump into the throng of people heading further into the city. My gaze shifts to the crowd around me. A wide variety of different characters. Some look like any person you might find in real life. A few have more animalistic features. Others appear as some sort of fantasy creature like an elf or orc. That isn’t even to touch on the outfits. Halloween costumes, clothes from fashion magazines, etc. People really can be whatever and whoever they want… “Amazing…” Unintentionally I gasp with genuine shock and amazement. This might just be everything I’d thought it would be. “Oh…” Was what I had thought until I looked down. I’m wearing the worn jeans, grey t-shirt, and dingy socks I’d started playing in. That, however, was not the cause of my sad remark. Unlike the others around me, my avatar seems to be glitching out. Static arcs about my body and clothes. Looking closer pixels seem to fade into a grey color before suddenly sharpening up. I look like an old TV not quite tuned correctly. But… It-it’s okay. I made it. I’m here. The headset is working. Keep telling yourself that. Bet you cut out any minute now. Wouldn’t that be hilarious!? I force my gaze back to the sights of the city. Banishing the depressing, nagging thoughts regarding the used headset to the back of my mind. … After walking with the crowd for a bit, I enter what appears to be the business area of the virtual city. “Minigolf! Over a hundred holes and thousands of environments to choose from!” “VR dining! Our virtual food will stimulate your taste buds! Guaranteed better than real food or your money back!” “If you want stimulation, then come on down to the adults only show! We got the best variety in the virtual business!” “Clothing sale! Everything 60% off, but only for a limited time!” People hawk their businesses on the sidewalk. Some real, others appearing as some sort of program on loop. In this virtual world the real people look more realistic, while the programs take on the look of some kind of semi-transparent ghost. I keep my head down, rubbing my arm awkwardly and fidgeting with my jean’s belt loops. My anxiety rises. Just thinking about someone mistaking me for a paying customer… While trying to keep to myself I swear I can feel everyone looking at me. The static drawing their attention and pity. You can’t escape these thoughts girl, you’re gonna be a pathetic ball of misery everywhere you go. VR can’t help someone like you. Maybe the intrusive thoughts are right. Maybe this was a mistake. I should just log off and sleep… On the corner of my vision, I spy a menu button. I swipe at it and a similar screen from earlier appears with various options including a logout button. My hand hovers, ready to swipe and exit VR for good. When a voice grabs my attention. “Hello! Miss!” I look around, trying to see if someone else is going to acknowledge them. “Yes, you Miss.” A gentleman standing in front of a modern white stone building points to me. Transparent like an inhuman program he differs somewhat in that his eyes glow a golden hue. “U-Uh, yes?” “I couldn’t help but notice that you seem green around the ears and a little overwhelmed.” “Aah, you could t-tell?” “I know your type lass, in fact we cater well to them here.” The man jabs a thumb to the building behind him. As he does so a sign on the wall flashes to life in a display of color. Inner Desires: Let your dreams become (virtual) reality “Oh… I don’t have any-“ “Not another word Miss, this is a free service. You put our AI through the wringer, and we get data. Simple as. We’re not out to bleed you dry like some of those con artists.” I chew on the program’s words and my bottom lip anxiously. It might be fun, and he seems nice enough. And if I left, I’d feel like I was letting him down or wasting his time… Pathetic. Weak. C o w a r d. “He” isn’t even real! “Okay… I guess I’ll check it out. Thank you, sir.” “Just doing my job. We’ll have ya feeling like a million bucks in no time, kid.” The rather upbeat machine bids me off with a wave as I enter the building. His golden eyes dimming to a similar hue as the other programs around him as he begins to greet others on the street. The entrance of the business is a rather sparse room, with a counter manned by a single smartly dressed feminine program and a few decorative plants. There’s a brown wooden door on the opposite side of the room, behind the counter. I step in the short line and wring my hands in anticipation. Equal parts excited and nervous. People ahead step behind the counter as part of the virtual ceramic lifts like a small gate. Each of them enters the same door. In no time at all I’m next in line. She… Or it speaks in a soft voice. “Hello Beth, thank you for visiting Inner Desires. Please step behind the counter and enter the other room. There we will have our algorithm scan your brainwaves to match you with an experience that suits your true desire. This experience will last an in-game 24 hours, approximately 2 hours outside VR.” “Um… Thank you.” I scurry behind the counter and nervously enter the other room, pulling the door closed behind me. It’s a completely white space that seems to stretch on forever. The door hangs in empty space, attached only to the floor. Ahead is a glowing blue sphere lacking defined edges. It gives off a mist of sorts. > Please approach Black text appears above the sphere. I obey, coming within arm’s reach of the thing. > Place hands on sphere Hesitantly I place both hands on the sphere, cupping it. Oddly enough, it feels warm and pulses gently. Perhaps to the beat of my heart? > Analyzing… > Analyzing.. > Analyzing. > Brainwave analysis complete > Compatible experie̴n̶c̶e̶ f̵̨̈ȯ̴ͅou̷̧̐n̶͍̍dd̸͔̿d > 01001000 01101001 01101010 01100001 01100011 01101011 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01010011 01110100 01110010 01100101 01100001 01101101 00101110 00101110 00101110 > Loading user BETH to map: 01100011 01110101 01110011 01110100 01101111 01101101 01011111 01101110 01110101 01110010 01110011 01100101 01110010 01111001 00101110 01111000 01111000 01111000 > Activating AI: 01100100 01100101 01100001 01100011 01110100 01101001 01110110 01100001 01110100 01100101 00100000 01000001 01001001 00111011 00100000 01100101 01101110 01100001 01100010 01101100 01100101 00100000 01100001 01110110 01100001 01110100 01100001 01110010 00111010 00100000 01101110 01100001 01101110 01101110 01111001 00111011 Much like my last time loading, the empty world around me disappears quickly. A sight more bewildering than an otherworldly city met my gaze this go around. I’m standing in the middle of a colorful nursery. Large toys spill out from a large toybox, next to it is a shelf with colorful books. A crib lines one of the walls, big enough to fit two of me with ease. Farther down from the crib is a tall, padded table with cabinets and a small bin below. Next to that is a wardrobe twice… No three times my size at least. There’s also a rather large TV, rocking horse, and rocking chair as well. A baby gate as tall as me blocks off access to another room – the only exit. “Erm… H-hello?” I walk over to the gate my nervous voice just above a whisper. Between the gaps in the gate, I make out a black and white tiled kitchen sort of area, and sitting at a table is… The AI the sphere mentioned? She appears dressed as a stereotypical nanny character. Wearing a green apron with pockets and a long, colorful, patchwork dress. Her body isn’t as holographic or ghost-like as the other programs. But if I focus, I can see she’s not as solid as ‘regular people’ in VR. The edges of her body blur. Instinctually my vision strays from her eyes. But I still get a good look at her face. It’s a bright golden color, like looking into the sun. Perhaps to save on the cost of rendering a face? The only feature that can be made out is lips set in a slight frown. “U-um, excuse m-me ma’am?” I speak up, fumbling my words. In an attempt to gain her attention. It perks up, seemingly jolting in surprise at my voice. Her mouth forming into a surprised ‘o’. “Finally, you’re…” It murmurs to itself, the rest of the words muttered inaudibly. Her mouth smooths into a wide smile. She stands, making it apparent that she’s double if not triple my size. It continues speaking, this time more coherently and directed at me. “Why hello dear, I cannot remember the last time we’ve had a visitor here.” Her voice is motherly, calm, and warm. Unlike anything I’d ever heard. “I’m sorry to bother you, but I… I think there’s been a mix-up.” “Oh dear, a mix-up you say?” “Yeah… I got scanned to experience my true desire or something. But this must be some sort of mistake, right?” “Hm, let me see… You are Beth, correct?” “I-I guess that’s right…” At least, it’s the name assigned to the previous device owner… “Then I’m afraid to say there’s been no mistake; this space is tailored to you.” My mouth dries as I look up at the much larger woman. Turning, I once again look at the childish if not babyish room I’ve found myself in. This is it? Deep, deep down this is really what I want? N-No, it can’t be. You’re a fucking mess. What kind of sick person would want something like this? The voice grows prominent. Becoming a roar in my ears. I feel dirty. I feel sick. This isn’t right! It’s too much. The intrusive thoughts I try so hard to ignore become prominent. Engulfing all thought. I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself. I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself ihatemyselfihatemyselfihatemyselfi- “Are you alright, dear?” The AI reaches down, touching my shoulder. The action pulls me out of my obsessive daze. My bottom lip feels raw from being chewed, and I’ve scratched my arms a little too hard. The simulation spares me much of the pain. “Yeah… I’m fine.” I lie, before continuing. “Sorry, I’m sorry for wasting your time, I’m going to log out now. I’m sorry…” My hand hovers over the menu button before she interrupts me once again. “Hold on! Why don’t you stick around? Give it a try?” “No, I-I couldn’t… I mean…” Her giant hands dwarf mine as she grasps them. Despite being virtual, her hands feel as warm as her voice sounds. “I know this isn’t what you expected. But perhaps there’s a reason you’re here, dear. There’s nothing for you to fear. This will be a secret between the two of us.” “It’s not that, i-it’s just…” “I won’t force you to remain, that decision is for you. However… I would be more than happy to perform my duties for you during your stay.” She sounds genuine. And the hopeful inflection of her voice is not missed on me. It’s pathetic. It’s stupid. But I feel bad. If I left now, I’d be letting her down… Right...? You let everyone down anyway, who cares about the ‘feelings’ of some imaginary person made of 0’s and 1’s! You’re falling for this shit again! The voice mocks me. Unintentionally pushing me towards my decision. “I… I’ll try. I don’t know about the full allotted time though…” “Oh, you won’t regret it dear! Nanny will make sure of it!” The AI picks me up under the arms, pulls me into the air, and spins around while wrapping me in a hug. After, she opens the gate and steps through. Into the adult-sized nursery. Without giving me time to speak up, she continues. “Let’s get you dressed, little one. You must be uncomfortable in those clothes!” “Um… I guess?” Is my confused reply. My clothes are well worn so pretty comfortable and broken in. “Well don’t you fret; we’ll get you sorted out in a jiffy.” Gently she lays me flat on the padded table. A strap is pulled across my waist, holding me against the table. With a wave of the AI’s hand and a flash of light the clothes I’d been wearing disappear. “H-Hey, woah!” I shout in surprise. My hands alternate between trying to cover my exposed top and bottom, and the scars along my thighs. Though craning my neck I’m surprised to find the latter did not get rendered. In the back of my mind, I know she’s not a person, but my face still reddens. “Hmm hmm, sorry about that dear. Just part of the process. Don’t worry; there’s nothing you have that I’ve not seen before.” She laughs gently at my frantic movements and panic while trying to reassure me. Then she bends over, and I hear one of the cabinet doors open below alongside some rustling. When she stands back up my eyes widen in shock. “W-Wait, are those…” “Diapers, yes. I’ve got three different patterns for you to choose from.” “I can’t… W-Why?” “All part of the dress code sweetie. I’d let you go without if I could.” You’re going to look so dumb. Like an overgrown, stupid toddler! In her hands are three different plastic rectangles. First, a simple pink color throughout. Second, a rectangular colorful motif of a playground on white plastic. Third, an assortment of blocks and toys on white plastic. While thinking, I chew on my bottom lip. I don’t want this… I don’t want to wear a… Diaper… But I’d feel even worse trying to weasel out of a promise. I guess I’ll pick the choice that might make me feel the least awful. “P-Pink, please…” “Oh my, an excellent choice! I’m very proud of you for stepping outside your comfort zone. You’re such a brave girl, Beth.” Any other time these condescending words would’ve triggered an awful, demeaning thought. But the way she said it and the warmth behind the words… It makes me feel warm, and fuzzy too. The corners of my mouth tug up unconsciously. She returns the other two choices below the table, and when she rights herself there’s a bottle of what must be baby powder in one hand and the pink garment in the other. With practiced ease she unfolds the rectangle and carefully lifts the lower half of my body to slide it beneath my bottom. She moves the hand I’d left covering myself and begins massaging the lovely smelling powder into my loins. The front part goes up, just below my belly button. And finally, the sides are brought down to seal me in. “There we go. It wasn’t that bad now was it, dear?” “No, it actually felt… Kind of nice…” Ha, you belong here after all. A failure of a person. Of an adult. Admitting it is hard, and if I was having difficulty looking at her face before there was no way I could do it now. I’m embarrassed and the intrusive thoughts are gutting me where I’m weak. Despite it all, it was nice to be doted on like that. “Let’s get you dressed and then you can play.” “Eep!” Having been distracted by the diapering process I’d completely forgotten that aside from my new choice in padded underwear, I was absolutely naked. The nanny AI chuckles in response to my noise. She removes the strap from my waist and sets me standing onto the carpeted floor. She throws open the doors to the large wardrobe. I look in and see a vast shadowy space. Her arms reach into the inky blackness and pull back out with piles clothing, some folded and some hung. Again and again, she does so until a mountain of various clothes sits on the table’s surface. “This will be enough to start with…” “S-Start with?” With practiced maneuvers and speed the AI dresses me in outfit after outfit. Then with similar ease she strips me once again. Each time her head tilts up and down, assessing her work. I’m given a quick look at a mirror to see the result before we’re on to the next. Onesies that emphasize the bulky diaper she’s changed me into, the buttons threatening to pop under the strain. Dresses long that cover the bulk, and dresses short that flash pink at the slightest movements. Jeans and overalls with an obvious bulge just below the midsection. Pajama pants and shirts decorated with cutesy designs and mascots. Athletic tank top and booty shorts threatening to explode under the strain of my enhanced ass. And more… So much more. “No, no no. None of this is good enough. Hold on…” With a snap of her fingers the pile of discarded outfits vanishes from view. She reaches into an apron pocket and pulls out a handful of folded cloths. After unfolding the mass, I realize it’s a pink shirt with purple bunnies, purple skirt, pink-purple socks, and a comfortable looking purple sports bra. “I hope you’ll forgive my selfishness and excitement. I just never thought this day would come. May have gone a teensy bit overboard.” The AI slips the t-shirt over my head and pulls it down, navigating my arms through the sleeves. Next, she pulls the skirt up past my cushioned bottom and tightens it up a notch around my waist. Finally, the socks go over my feet, ending at the ankle. The final flash of the mirror shows not a woman 25 years into her life. Rather, an overgrown toddler that seemingly never quite got the hang of potty training. The outfit does much to distract from the issues the headset has had in rendering my body. A fresh blush coats my cheeks at the sight as I force out a reply to the simulation’s caretaker. “It’s okay. Uh, thank you for um… Doing this, Nanny.” Yeah, thanks for making you look like a weird pervert. With the changing process complete she surprises me with a quick hug before depositing me on my two feet. “Think nothing of it little one, it’s my pleasure.” My first few steps are uneasy as the bulk of the diaper sets my legs apart in an unfamiliar manner. Looking down I notice that the skirt is rather short, and the padding is quite noticeable. Not that there’s anyone here aside from the nanny AI and myself to have a peek at my current state. Across the room, on the shelf with books, I see a puzzle with a jungle animal theme. I’ve never done a puzzle before, that might be fun and relaxing… So, I toddle over with the AI following close behind. I’m barely able to reach on my tippy toes. Puzzle clutched to my chest; I turn around to her. “Um, is there a table I can do this on?” “Certainly, here… [Hijacking stream].” She lowers her arm, palm out, to the ground. With a flash of light, a soft pink plastic table and chair appear. Both objects sized for me. “Thank you, Nanny.” She smiles in response, the light obfuscating most of her face increasing in brightness for a moment before dimming again to a more tolerable level. Perhaps something of a joyous reaction? I sit down on the plastic chair. It’s surprisingly comfortable. Though it could just be the padding built into my current underwear… Anyway, the lid of the cardboard container slides off easily and I scatter the pieces across the table. The AI sits next to me, a clear chair rising from the floor to meet her much larger bottom. While the idea of the puzzle initially seemed fun, having the 200 pieces out suddenly fills me with dread. My bottom lip once again becomes the plaything of my teeth. Ha, something new for you to be awful at. The big dumb baby can’t even do a kiddy puzzle. “Here, how about we separate the pieces of different colors?” Gently she offers a suggestion, perhaps noticing my trepidation. With another flick of her wrist, small containers appear around the edges of the table. Enough to categorize each type of puzzle piece color. “T-That’s a good idea. Thanks again.” “Also why don’t you try this, sweetie.” Leaning in my direction, she passes me a small plastic pink object with a long piece of fabric hanging from it. My momentary confusion clears as I put 2 and 2 together. It’s a pacifier. I’d been adjusting to everything well enough. The diapers. The clothing. The AI and her treatment of me. But this felt sudden, like being thrown further into the deep end. “Are you…” “I’m not making fun of you dear; I just think this might help give your poor lip a rest. I think you’ll like it more than you realize…” Her reply paints my cheeks with a fresh blush. I stop abusing my lip in response, feeling quite like a naughty child caught red handed. “Oh…” Without another word or further complaint, I pop it in. … And holy shit, it tastes good! Like lemon, my favorite flavor. I could probably count on my hand the number of times I’d spoiled myself with something so good. The flavor seems to increase, and decrease based on the activity. Biting increases while passively sucking decreases. I feel the Nanny AI smiling and watching my discoveries closely. Pleased with me. Pleased with herself. As odd and embarrassing as it is, I can’t bring myself to stop. She leans over and clips the end of the attached fabric to my shirt’s collar. Without any more words, the two of us get to work. Separating the pieces into their own containers. She’s very efficient at it, and by the end of this process she probably did twice as much sorting as I had. With the pieces sorted we used the box art to create the puzzle’s border. It consisted mostly of green pieces, the foliage the animals were resting in. From there it was a simple matter of filling in the rest using our sorted pieces. As awkward as it is to admit, the pacifier might’ve helped me focus and not feel overwhelmed… A fact I believe Nanny was fully aware of by the number of times I’d caught her looking in my direction. “Aaaaand done~!” She sings merrily with a clap of her hands as I push the final piece, a tiger’s face, into place. Finally done, what a boring waste of time. I’m filled with a sense of satisfaction. A sense of completion. It feels good, especially with Nanny’s infectious energy. Alongside the excitement, something tickles my nose. A smell I can’t quite place. It fades quickly and I give up on the thought as Nanny speaks up again. “While we’re here at the table would you like me to do your nails all nice and pretty?” “Mmm uhm…” I look down at my uneven and short nails. They’ve been treated poorly by me, objects I’d taken my anxiety out on by picking at or biting. “Nothing to be shy about sweetie, lay them out and Nanny will fix you up.” My hands go flat on the table as Nanny pulls several vials of polish out of her apron pockets. She gets to work with a flurry of motions, using both hands to their fullest. Her voice continues as my eyes try to follow the action. “You have such adorable, small hands you know.” “Mmm.” I grunt noncommittally, too distracted to give a more direct and embarrassed answer. Then the motion ceases, the job done. “Woah…” I gasp in wonder, staring down at the work she’d done. Somehow the nails were more even, whether it was something she’d managed to do in the mess of movement or a visual trick with the polish I’m uncertain. Each finger had a different pattern. Cute animals, swirls of light and color, rainbows, happy clouds, etc. My fingers glimmer in the simulated light overhead. Sparkling in my eyes. “I take it you like my work then, huh?” Nanny asks, proudly. I respond enthusiastically, for once feeling good about my fingers. “Yesh!” She laughs, patting me gently on the top of my head. “It won’t take long to dry but while we wait how about we get some food in that adorable little tummy of yours?” “Whmph?” Nanny giggles before lightly tapping the front of the pacifier still firmly planted in my mouth. My face burns red. I’d actually forgotten about it completely… “What? Does eating even work in VR?” I ask after removing the soother and letting it hang from the strap. “It won’t fill you up if that’s what you mean, but the sensors you attached to your forehead will stimulate you in the right ways to allow you to taste. Though you’ve already experienced that with your paci.” Fair enough, I guess. “W-Woah!” I shout in surprise as she abruptly picks me up, cradling me to her shoulder. One hand on my rear and one on my back. The hand on my rear presses lightly into the padding. The padding I’d also very much forgotten about. “Good job staying dry, dear! Nanny is so very proud of you.” Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Again, something about the demeaning words should mortify and depress me. Of course, the intrusive thoughts are always present. But… “T-Thank you, but I could’ve told you as much…” “Now what would be the fun in that? To the kitchen we go~” She speaks wryly before sweeping us away to the room I’d initially found her in. Her shoes going from a muffled ‘flump’ on the nursery carpet to a crisp ‘clack’ on the kitchen tile. To the right of the chair I’d seen her sit at is a new piece of furniture. A tall seat with belts and a tray jutting out. A highchair. I don’t know what I expected, but this seems par for the course. As we approach, the tray flips up and she places me on the chair. She leans in closer and fastens the buckles around my waist and through my legs to hold me in the seat. Satisfied with her buckling job, she turns on her heel and walks to the fridge. “You know… You seem so… So real.” My thoughts leak out, loud enough for her to hear. “Oh really, what makes you say that?” “It’s just… The way you move, the way you act. It’s so fluid, so real… I never thought an AI or robot or whatever could be so… Human.” “Ha ha, thank you dear. I’ve had many years of practice you know.” I guess not even AI are made automatically good at everything… She turns around and walks back, having successfully rummaged through the fridge. She slides a cup of brown gelatinous substance with a thick plastic spoon onto my tray. “Pudding?” “That’s right my little smarty pants. I thought you’d like a chocolate treat.” I’d always wanted to try pudding, but never really had the chance… My virtual stomach rumbles in anticipation. Before I can react, she grabs the spoon and swirls it around the cup, it moves with only slight resistance. She cuts me off before I can relay a complaint. “Allow me sweetie; your nails are still drying after all.” “Hey… You didn’t paint my nails on purpose, did you?” “I would never do something so heinous, so sneaky.” Her response is playful and dripping with gentle, good spirited sarcasm. I roll my eyes in response, a smile forming on my lips at her demeanor. The spoon enters my mouth, and the sugary gloop hits my tongue. In that moment I realize I’ve made a mistake. “Blrghk!” My palate, so unused to such sweets, immediately rejects the treat. Triggering my gag reflex and sending the mouthful across the highchair’s tray with a cough. Ha, what a mess. If you’re good at anything it’s making more work for other people. “Shorry… sory… srry…” I sputter in my coughing fit. “Oh no Beth, dear! Don’t say that. I should certainly have known better, I am sorry!” Frantically nanny rushes from my front to my side. A warm hand rubs my back soothingly as I cough. Her other begins gesturing around the tray removing, or rather deleting the mess and offending substance. “N…No, you couldn’t have known. This is my fault, I-I didn’t think…” Eventually even the tray disappears, and I am once again pulled into her arms where the back rubbing continues. “Shh, none of that little lady. Nanny would much rather hear ‘thanks’ instead of an ‘apology’ for something like this. It was no trouble to clean up, what matters most is that you’re okay now.” With the coughing having subsided and the warm feeling of her hand massaging my back I feel more than okay. Her kind words as well do much to keep my mood from spiraling down. I sink further into her hug, burying my face in her shoulder. “Yeah… I think I’m okay. I am. Thank you, Nanny, for so much. I mean it.” It might be my imagination but for a split second I swear the hand on my back trembles. It must be, as when she speaks next her voice expresses no change in emotion. “That’s more like it! After all that excitement, how about a quick nap?” “Mmmm…” Now that she mentions it, that particular need has crept up on me. “I’ll take that as a yes, let’s get you to bed.” “Wait, what about my time here?” “I can slow down things a bit more while you sleep since it’s not a very intensive activity. That is, if you’d like that…” If I’d been given an option to speed things up and get out of this simulated experience at the start, I’d likely have taken it in a heartbeat. It’s weird. It’s childish. It’s not right. All of this. And yet I’ve never felt so good in all my life. So loved, so safe, so comfy. “I would like that, sor- thank you, Nanny…” Gently I am moved away from her shoulder and lowered into the crib I’d seen earlier. The mattress is soft, nicer than anything I’d slept on before. “Here, maybe you’ll find this a bit more agreeable.” Her hand reaches into the pocket of her apron and pulls out a bottle with a clear rubber nipple. I reach up and accept it without question, popping it directly into my mouth. It takes a few inquisitive suckles before I free the liquid from the container. My brows raise in surprise and my mouth opens in surprised delight. “I’m in love, what is it?” “A very diluted lemonade. I knew you’d like it.” Nanny looks down at me as I use both hands to lift the bottle back to my lips, continuing where I’d left off. I feel so many sensations all at once. The soft padding like a hug around my bottom. The comfortable bulk crinkles audibly as I shift my legs to a more comfortable position. The soft yet firm mattress supporting my back in all the right places. The delicious, cool liquid spilling down my throat. And most notably, the loving smile that radiates from Nanny as she watches me work through the bottle. These feelings combined make me feel so incredibly small. I… I like it. I reach the end of the bottle at the same time as that conclusion. Nanny takes it from my hands, replacing the nipple with the pacifier still dangling from my shirt. She deposits it back into her apron pocket. She leans over the railing towards the foot of the crib and pulls something up and over me. Something I would recognize anywhere. “Bwankie!” A childish, excited gasp escapes me at the sight and sensation of my beloved blanket in this virtual space. Nanny nods her head, smiling warmly. “That’s right sweetie, you need your blankie if you’re going to nap-nap.” It smells nice, as if it had just come out of the wash. I roll around the crib, kicking my legs with audible crinkles to get the blanket positioned just right. Forming a comfortable nest. Nanny chuckles softly at the show. She rubs my head gently and speaks. “Nighty night dear, we’ll continue where we left off when you wake up.” “Wait…” “Yes?” “Dn’t weave pwease…” Her face brightens once again. Whether from the pacifier muffling my speech in an adorable manner or the request itself, I am not sure. “Of course, Nanny won’t go anywhere baby girl.” With that reassurance my eyes droop close and my mouth behind the pacifier’s shield slips into a content smile. As I begin to drift off the scent from earlier hits my nose again. Ever so slightly stronger now. I know this smell. It’s unpleasant and stings. It’s… ~~~ Slowly my eyes open once more. I feel very energized, as if I got a proper 8-9 hours. Funny how this works in VR, though I guess it isn’t too hard to simulate shutting your brain off for a time. I shove the pile of blankets off my body, feeling superheated by the cozy fabric. My arms and legs stretch out, basking in the uncovered air. While most of my body cools off quickly, an odd notable part remains rather warm. The lower part of my body, around my legs and bottom. My legs push together back and forth, trying to pinpoint the source. They do so with a squish. … Squish? “Whah?” I gasp from around the pacifier I’d been idly chewing on. One hand lifts my skirt while the other pushes on the padding inquisitively. Another squish. My breath catches in my throat. I… As if you couldn’t fall any lower. You’ve hit rock bottom and kept digging! For the most part I’d managed to ignore the nagging voice, but that was impossible now. Not with the source of these feelings pressed so close and warm to my bottom. My breath quickens, a panic attack threatening to develop. I pull the blanket over my face; preliminary tears absorb into the fabric. The intrusive thoughts push the advantage, knowing the delicate state I’m in. When you. Get out. Of here. How. About. You. Ki- “Beth? Are you okay?” Nanny’s concerned voice cuts the thought off. Her warm hand rests on my blanketed shoulder. “I… No…” “It’s okay sweetie, we can fix whatever is wrong. Do you want Nanny to hold you?” “Yesh… Yes.” I push the blankets aside, slurring the first word behind my… The pacifier. I spit it out, and it falls to the side, hanging loosely by the ribbon connecting it to my clothes. She pulls me into a hug, a hand supporting my bottom and an arm along my back. The hand on my rear shuffles back and forth inquisitively. My face goes crimson, and I bury my blurry eyes into her shoulder. “Is this the reason behind those teary little eyes of yours? It’s okay my beautiful girl, it’s why we put this on you to begin with.” “It-it was an accident though… I haven’t had one since… Ever, really. There’s gotta be something wrong with me. I can’t believe-” “I won’t have any of that talk, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you! I wish you wouldn’t be so hard on yourself, it’s just the effect this place has on littles ones such as yourself. Everything is a-okay.” That piece of information helps. It’s not my fault. Not something I’d done. It’s out of my hands, so out of my mind. Right? “Okay...” “How about we get you changed into a nice clean diapey? Then we can do whatever you want, that sound good?” Still buried into her shoulder I nod my head approvingly as she chuckles. A few light steps and we’re at the changing table. Once again, I’m laid upon it and strapped down. She disappears momentarily, dipping low to grab supplies beneath the table. She resurfaces, powder and wipes in hand. I close my eyes, not wanting to see what proceeds. She hums gently. Beautifully. The melody does much to improve my mood. Putting me almost in a trance of sorts. I don’t even flinch as the sound of the first tape ripping free from the front-panel echoes out. The second tape goes away much like the first, and the front is pulled down. With great skill and care I can feel her wipe down every part of my lower body. Every crevice, front, and back. Even going as far as to lift my legs with one hand while the other goes to work. It honestly feels cathartic. When my legs and bottom are set back down it’s on the cold padding of the changing table. I open my eyes and the remnant of my grief is nowhere to be seen, disposed of. She’s holding the options I’d chosen from previously in hand. I speak up as she probably expects an answer. “How about… The blocks and toys…” I ask, embarrassed to have chosen a slightly more babyish option. But I couldn’t resist trying. This woman- AI, so easily can put me in a different frame of mind. It’s magic. “Of course!” The other options go below the changing table. She unfolds and begins stretching and fluffing the garment. It slides under my butt as she grasps my legs, lifting them lightly. Already the padding feels rather thicker under my butt. As though the decrease in the padding’s maturity meant an increase in absorbency. Which after my accident might be something I need for the rest of my time here… Much like the wipes, the powder goes much the same way. She massages it in, filling my brain with positive sensations. The front is pulled up and the tapes affixed. The deed done. “Done, and I’d say this attempt was even better! Do you feel better now, dear?” “Y-yes, much better.” “Excellent! Now what would you like to do? You name it, we do it.” “Could you… Just hold me for a minute?” I’m unstrapped and my skirt is smoothed over the displayed padding. Then I’m lifted up, my body once again in her arms. “That can be arranged.” With her long strides we arrive quickly to the rocking chair where she sits. My head and back are propped in the crook of her right arm while my legs splay across her legs. A hand beneath cups my diapered rear while the other rests comfortably on my legs, the arm thrown comfortably over my chest. Surely an immodest display for anyone looking on, but no such person exists. Not that I could be bothered to care, it’s very comfortable. “Haaah…” A content sigh escapes my slightly parted lips. “Mm.” Nanny lets out a small sound of her own as she rubs my leg in a soothing manner. I could sit like this forever. … And I think she could too. But perhaps that’s just wishful thinking. In fact, I lost track of time. Just staring out into nothing. Feeling her warmth against me. … … … That familiar, familiar smell. Once again tickling my nose. Now I can taste it in the back of my throat. It’s- “Smoke?” “Smoke…? What do you mean, sweetie?” “I’ve been getting a whiff of something weird since before the nap, I think it’s a smoky smell.” Her bright face tilts down, the brightness dims and intensifies in long pauses in what I can only assume to be confusion. The smile on her face wavers. Whatever the source of the smell is, it must not be her doing. “Wait...” Quietly, almost to herself, she utters the single word. Her head tilts slightly back and to the left. Her lips purse and make other slight movements as if talking to herself. “Um, is everything alright?” I ask, receiving no answer. Seconds tick by in silence before her body jolts beneath me suddenly. Her lips paint an expression of fear and urgency. “You have to log out…! You must leave now!” “But the time… I thought-“ “I’m sorry you couldn’t stay the whole time but there’s an issue outside!” “L-Like what?” “That damned headset sparked an outlet fire! You should’ve been pulled out when you first started smelling smoke, but the safety mechanism didn’t activate! I should’ve been paying better attention… Damn!” Her words come out rushed, concerned, and full of anger towards herself. But none of what she’s saying makes sense. “Maybe the smell is just in my head, I… I mean how would you know if the headset doesn’t?” “We don’t have time; I need you to trust me on this.” “Can’t you slow our time again? I think we should talk-“ “JESS, PLEASE LOG OUT!” With her fingers digging into my shoulders, she shouts desperately. I shake slightly in her grasp, her tone of voice triggering a physical response. But the more important part is not lost on me. And it seems it wasn’t lost on her either. Her mouth clamps shut, and her hands loosen their grip. This was clearly a slip of the tongue. Nanny used my name. My real name. I tilt my head up to look her in the face. Really look this time. Beneath the bright light I make out a pair of sad, golden eyes. Her head twists away slightly. Guiltily. Pieces, much like the puzzle we completed earlier begin to come together in the recesses of my mind. I open my mouth, not quite sure where I’m going. “I-I guess I blindly accepted a lot… You know?” “…” “I’m here all glitched out and staticky, missing things like my… Scars. Even my name isn’t picked up. And I just buy that all this is possible.” I wave my arms at the nursery around us. And even at Nanny herself. “….” “That Inner Desires can make the perfect place for me by scanning my head. An oddly themed place filled with things I’d always wanted to try. It even has my blanket…” “…..” “If… If I were to guess they just skim surface level needs or wants and drop you into a pre-made space... Right?” “… You’re not too off.” I nod my head. All of it had been staring me in the face this whole time. So many hints. And I’d foolishly ate up the entire act. The ever-present voice mocking me is silent. Don’t need it to say anything right now. I know well enough how stupid and foolish I am. But there was one thing I still didn’t understand. Another piece of the puzzle. “Where do you fit in all of this?” “… What do you mean?” She hesitates. Whether intentionally delaying the conversation or not, I am uncertain. My face flushes, heating up in anger. “Really Nanny? I don’t even know where to start since it seems you know me at least somewhat... Was this fun for you? Some sort of sick joke at my expense?” “No! No-“ “You build this… Fucking adult nursery, specifically with me in mind. How? Have you been spying on me? At my home? Job?” “Well that’s-“ I cut her off before she can explain. I don’t want to hear it. I want- need to get this out. “Worse than that, YOU t-tricked ME into thinking all this was something I’D secretly wanted…” “I… It wasn’t-“ “YOU tricked ME into thinking that I… That I was having fun! I have so fucking little going on in my life that THIS seemed great! Doesn’t it just make you want to LAUGH?!” “Jess…” I don’t want to laugh. In fact, I can feel my eyes start to sting. I can feel the moisture building up, threatening to overflow. Focusing on the anger, holding onto it isn’t helping. Because more than that… “YOU tricked ME into thinking someone cared about ME! FUCK!” I feel betrayed. Crushed. “God no, I-I-I didn’t want to trick you, I just-“ “If you… If you really have watched me, if you really know so much about me… Then how could you do something like this? ‘Nanny’? I-Is that part of this fucked up game?” “P-Please stop, please, Jess… I-I love you, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry…” “-…” My breath catches in my throat. Her quavering voice reaches my ears once deafened by the rush of my virtually rendered blood. “I… I’ll tell you everything, quickly. But you may not believe me.” “Try me.” She exhales, long and slow. Calming herself and evening out her breathe once more. Her shining face turns to meet my gaze once again. It’s intense but for once I don’t flinch away. I feel drawn in. “I’m not human. Nor an AI. My kind have existed long before the universe itself formed.” “…” “We exist in a sort of immaterial plane of existence. Never meant to interact with humans or anything. Just watch.” “Suppose that’s even true, how are you here then…?” “You fascinating humans created a path. Radio, Television, etc. All of it can be interfered by us. And that miraculous headset, VR, acts as a connection between the material and immaterial.” “So, what? You watch us and come screw with our heads in VR? Is that it?” “Before this planet, our lives were meaningless and empty. Just mindlessly drifting as specs of light and consciousness. But watching life evolve and grow sparked a change in us. As if a switch was flipped, all my kind have developed unique passions over the eons. These interests range from animals to pieces of art to architecture to rocks; anything.” “I’ll bite… What’s yours?” She smiles, lifting her hand and placing it on my cheek. A finger brushes a stray, un-swept bang. “For so long I had none. I was empty, watching enviously as the others around me were fulfilled. And just as I’d lost hope… Twenty-five ago, I felt something change in me. I did not know what I was looking for, but I knew my time had come. So frantically I searched. It took four years, but I had found it…” She pauses, her hand still lingering on my face. “… What? What did you find?” “A little girl. No older than four. She had nothing. Abandoned and alone.” “…” I feel my heart quicken, beating audibly in my chest. I know what she’s going to say, I know. I know. I know. I know. “I found you, dear.” “Y-You’re lying. This is all bullshit, another trick!” She sounds genuine. But I can’t, I cannot accept it. “This is the truth.” “Why? Huh? Why me? What’s so special about me?” “I was just as confused as you are... But having watched you, I’ve come to understand.” “What?” “We’re kindred spirits.” “There’s no way that’s it… Just because we’re both defective pieces of trash?” “I wouldn’t put it that way, dear. You inspire me. Even with nothing you fight so hard to survive a harsh reality. Your successes. Your failures. Your struggles. I’ve seen it all. We may both be lacking, but you don’t let it stop you. Not really.” Anger bubbles to the surface at her words. “I don’t know who you were watching, but it wasn’t me! Any fight I had was beaten out of me long ago, you’re just speaking nonsense…” “You survived a childhood lacking in any form of stability, yet you hold a job and have a home. Is that not a sign of an uphill battle well fought?” “I get paid in peanuts and my home is a shed, I… I’m the biggest loser around.” Her warm arms encircle me, pulling me closer to herself. “Even if that’s true you worked hard and saved enough of those peanuts for an overpriced VR headset. You’re much too hard on yourself.” “Well, that overpriced VR headset is currently killing me, I guess. So that didn’t go as planned…” “Ha… Well, I understand that quite well. Another thing we have in common I suppose. This wasn’t supposed to end like this either.” I deflate in her arms. Ha. Maybe we’re fit for each other after all. “How was this supposed to end then?” “Well, soon after humanity invented VR I started work on this space. I hoped for so long that you would come, and I could… I don’t know… Sweep you off your feet. Show you the love you deserve. Perhaps give you a taste of the childhood you’d lost long ago.” There’s no reason for me to not believe her words. As wild as this story is she knows too much about me for it to be a coincidence. And in her own, odd way. I guess she really does care about me. “I guess aside from this ending bit… You did a good job…” “Really? Y-You really mean it?” A blush rises to my cheeks. It’s not often I talk about my feelings, especially ones as embarrassing as this. “I felt loved, and I had fun... You were an excellent Nanny. I just wish- Kgh ghk ghk ghk!” A coughing fit wracks my body, the smoky taste from earlier becomes more prominent in the back of my throat. We’d become too indulgent in the conversation. Nanny realizes it too, her obfuscated eyes widening in a mix of fear and surprise. “You need to log out now, dear. Any longer than this and you may not get out of your house safely!” “…” “Jess?” “I won’t see you again.” Not a question, a statement. After a pause her head nods slightly, she understands as well. Saving for this faulty headset had nearly ruined me, doing so again would be neigh impossible. “Even if that’s true sweetie, I’ll be watching over you. Just as I always have.” Her arms tighten around me. I grasp her arms with my own. It isn’t long, but we sit there like that just long enough for me to reach a decision. “Nanny… That’s not enough. I can’t go back to… Just knowing that you’re here, just outside my reach. Is there a way to take me with you?” I speak quickly, suppressing the urge to cough. “I...” “You said VR is a connection to the immaterial and material. There has to be a way to take me, my mind or soul or whatever makes up me with you.” “You don’t know what you’re asking me to do… You’d… “My body would die. Without… Well, me to pilot it. In a smoke filled, burning building.” “I didn’t want that. I didn’t want that for you.” Her voice sounds guilty, and her face contorts into a troubled expression. “I know you didn’t, you care about me more than anyone else. But knowing such happiness today has… Kind of spoiled me- gck kahk krhk!” One of her hands moves from its position around me and begins to rub soothing circles on my back. It doesn’t stop the sting or the cough, but the gesture is nonetheless appreciated. “Okay. I-I guess we’re doing this. Wow… I mean… Wow.” “So how does this work, maybe we should hurry it up before…” I trail off not wanting to say the quiet part out loud. “Together we’ll return to the immaterial. When you make the jump reality should work to rectify what is viewed as an impossibility. Your human consciousness should be converted into a form befitting ‘my kind’.” “Should, I’m hearing a lot of shoulds?” “This is a first, I can only make educated inferences based on the elasticity of reality. Trust me, it will work.” “I-I guess that’s good enough for me. If it’s you then I’ll take a leap of- Ghk!” It’s too late for second thoughts now. The pain in my throat is nearing a point more than I can bear. Nanny stands up, adjust me in her arms and placing me on her hip. My legs latch around her, the… My diaper pushes against me. I blush at the not unpleasant feeling. An arm not supporting me rises, aimed at an empty patch of wall ahead of us. If shifts and the wall sinks in on itself, creating a white glowing doorway. “A whole new world of opportunity awaits you... Awaits us, my sweet Jess. You’ll be able to do anything, be anything. Just like you’ve always wanted.” “I… I think all I want for now is to be your little girl. If that’s alright with you… Mommy.” This time I’m sure, her hand trembles on my back. Heck, I don’t have to look at her face to know she’s crying. Because I am too. I bury my face into her dress, hugging her more tightly than I’d hugged anyone before. The virtual tears soaking into the virtual dress of the virtual women that I was going to be with forever. “I love you.” “I love you too.” Together we go through the door. ______________________________________________________________________________________ If you're reading this, thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed this story. For those interested the final word count is an interesting 9696. Though that's after some pruning to keep it under 10k per the requirement. Huge shoutout to PeculiarChangeling for hosting this contest. Big thanks to Melunnia on Twitter for the character art. She's an amazing artist, check her out and give her your money.
  17. Hi! My name is Allycat, and this is my short story "A Little Trance." The story is about a college-aged couple--Riley and Sonia--and Sonia's little weekend to herself. With all her roommates away, Sonia finally has time to fully regress! ...with only one small hiccup beforehand: Riley walking in as she's putting away some of her little stuff. Now Riley knows (and wholeheartedly supports!), and Sonia still has the time to herself! Just with one person knowing, and caring an awful lot. Anyway, this is the first chapter! I'm not sure how many there will be, but it'll get done Eventually(TM). I hope you enjoy : ) Chapter One “I’ll see you Monday, Maddie!” Sonia called from her bedroom, “See you then!” her response. A quiet exchange of murmurs and a pregnant pause filled the gap, punctuated by the door finally shutting. From her bedroom Sonia couldn’t see what held it open for so long, but she didn’t care. She had to clean before Ri- “Hey Sunnie, how’s my girl doing?” Riley swung open and leaned on the door frame, staring at Sonia’s back. Her face flushed pinker than the pacifier sat plainly on her nightstand, now swooped up and shoved away into a drawer as the door swept forward. “H..hey Riley! I thought you were gonna text first before you came in! How did you get in?” Sonia’s voice warbled and stammered, anxious and rushed out. She layered her worries with a smile, one that Riley read through easily. Her eyes betrayed her, imbibing like a doe’s in dusk traffic–Riley honestly felt bad. “What were you uh…what were you shovin away?” Riley inquired, trying to peer around her girlfriend’s shoulder. Instinctively, Sonia’s hands swung behind her and pressed against the handle as if to glue it in place. “N…N…nothing! Nothing nothing nothing! Just had to tidy up!” “Well, in that case, that’s not nothing, is it now?” Sonia’s face turned a shade redder than her comforter, in which she wished she could curl up and die. Sadly, Riley could bound the four steps over to her drawer, then turn and jump on Sonia if she began to melt away into shame. She would have to tell her. “Listen, Riley…” Defeat. “Yes…?” Concern. “P…please, can you just drop it? It’s nothing bad, I promise. Please.” Palpitating. “Sonia, listen…” Soothing. “...” Descending. “You don’t have to look at me. But I want you to know that whatever it is, I won’t push you on it. Though I’m sure that talking about whatever it is will be helpful. I promise I won’t judge you.” “...” Considering. Riley stepped forward. “ I think this is the perfect opportunity, Sunshine.” Careful step after careful step, covered by careful words. “It’s your choice. In fact, I won’t ask a single follow-up question. You tell me what it is, we’ll drop it and move on.” “...” Ascended. Riley picked up Sonia’s hands, now gently resting at her sides. They floated between their chests parallel to each other; unparalleled relief pouring through Sonia’s heart. “I love you, Sonia. I don’t want you to think there’s anything I’d judge you for, or anything I couldn’t look past.” Sincere. “...” Preparing. “A pacifier. An adult, pink, pacifier.” Pacified. … Severe, unadulterated angst. A quiet beat, followed by a shrug. “Okay!” Riley chirped, roosting the two atop the bed. “So you got the place to yourself this weekend, huh? Anything fun you got planned?” Sonia stared, dumbfounded. “That’s...that’s it?” She sighed. “That’s all you have to say?” “Oh, my bad! You said no follow-up questions. But that shouldn’t count as a follow-up question, should it? Does that count as a follow-u–” She stopped, slyly alert. “These do not count as follow-up questions,” She smugly tapped her forehead twice, then slightly dropped the act. “Unless you consider it such. Then I’m sorry.” Sonia blinked hard. “No, not that. I told you I have an adult pacifier in my drawer and you’re not even weirded out by it. Why are you so co “I told you, I wasn’t going to ask any follow-up questions. I think that was a fair compromise to offer, you know how I feel about this kinda stuff. I don’t want you to feel like you can’t tell me about stuff. If I’m being honest, I’d feel weirded out if you didn’t tell me what it was.” She paused again, delayed in tossing her hands and eyelids up in panic and shock. “Not that that wouldn’t be okay! But the imagination is a wondrous place. I would have had to assume it was like, a doll’s head or something.” Sonia couldn’t help but smile. “I think you want me to, though” Smirking. Sonia now couldn’t help but stutter. “I I I n n no! No! I just want to ke… Sonia jumped upward, trailed by Riley’s hand. “Hold on there, dear.” Riley held Sonia dead in her tracks. “We’ve been dating for a year and a half now. You only clam up like this when I’m right, and when you’re unbelievably embarrassed. And for the last year and a half, every time you’re wrong you’ve been the latter, too! So, admit it! You want me to ask!” “...” Desce Riley stuck her finger out toward her lowering chin. “Uhp! Not this time! Look at me and admit it, Sonia. You want me to ask questions.” Sonia strained her eyes slightly upward because she refused to move any higher, forced into meeting her supposed sharp stare. Eye contact stung like a knife’s edge, making her bleed into her cheeks. “Is it healthy for this much blood to be going to your face in one afternoon?” Sonia squeaked and buried into Riley’s chest like a toddler. She needed to get away for a minute, her object permanence regressing. “I’ll admit something first,” Riley replaced her hands onto Sonia’s back, holding her softly. “I’m dying to ask questions. But I’m not going to until you give me the go-ahead. It seems like this is something you’ve been wanting to tell me, but haven’t had the opportunity to. Or, rather, you’ve been too flustered thinking of it to even make an attempt. Based on this reaction? “It’s the latter again.” Soul-piercing. “You know, your blush really brings out the blue in your eyes.” “YOU CAN ASK QUESTIONS!” Sonia muffledly screamed without missing a beat, having had enough of this embarrassment. Quietly, she quivered in Riley’s bowed arms, her arms quavering as she grasped her shirt. “Okay, what’s it for? Tell me everything.” Empathy. Compassion. Love. Sonia stilled, cooling into the comfort.
  18. Christmas in Aeyuivia A Christmas Short Story by LittleFallenPrincess So for Christmas, I figured I'd try my hand at my very first short story. I have only ever written long stories (which a lot of you may have already read), and I've wanted to try writing short stories for a while now, and I thought what better time than Christmas? No artwork for this one, as it's just a short story. I hope everyone likes it. And whilst you can enjoy this story by itself, those who have read/are reading my other stories will be at an advantage. If you haven't, go read them! Links to them at the bottom of the post! Please leave comments and all that fun stuff! Thank you to all my patrons for their support! Don't forget, early access to my stories, including any short stories I write, are available on my Patreon, which can be found here if you go for the second tier. You get two weeks early access to chapters of Glitch in Nanny and Thief in Service. New chapters of Thief in Service every Wednesday/Sunday! Glitch in Nanny on Monday/Friday! Once upon a time, in a far off Fairytale Kingdom, there lived a King and a Queen. They ruled together over the Kingdom of Aeyuivia. And during their reign, there was peace and prosperity. Queen Rhea was a beautiful Queen. Both in her beauty and her personality. The people loved her, adored her even. She was benevolent and often seen out of the castle, attending people in need as best she could. She was such a generous soul and always put the needs of others before her own. Born in Aeyuivia, she was the only child of the previous King, who passed away when Rhea was young. The previous King was dying, and to ensure both his daughter wouldn’t be lonely, and to ensure the Kingdom’s safety and prosperity, he organised a marriage for his daughter to a Prince from a neighbouring Kingdom. Shortly after the King passed away, Princess Rhea took the throne, marrying Prince Maxwell from the Kingdom of Zodopis when they were both 24, becoming Queen and King of Aeyuivia. For two glorious years, the Kingdom thrived more than it had ever done under the previous rule. Those within the Kingdom would attribute this to Queen Rhea’s diplomacy with other nations and the way she ruled the Kingdom, whereas those outside the Kingdom would rather attribute this to her husband, as he was the King, and even in this fairytale world, Kings were seen as more important than Queens. The King wasn’t as favoured amongst their subjects as the Queen was. He seemed cold, calculated, and manipulative. Not being a native to Aeyuivia, he was treated like an outsider by many, which made him that much more harsh when it came to how he treated others. And whilst the Kingdom prospered, whilst the people were happy, and whilst the King ruled how he wanted... the Queen continued on, doing her best, not saying a word, not putting her happiness above that of the Kingdom. But the people noticed. The King noticed. And there was much unease about the castle one night, just a couple of days before Winter Solstice, or as you may know it, Christmas. ------------------------------------------------- “Dear, how was your day?” Maxwell asked, sat at one end of the long, extravagant dinner table. The snowfall that could be seen through the windows in the dining hall was illuminated by the roaring fire that kept this room of the castle warm. “It was okay. I helped the baker with her sign.” Answered Rhea. Maxwell spat out his food at this information. “What? Why would you do something like that?” Rhea rolled her eyes at her husband for what seemed the billionth time since they were married. “Because she needed someone to hold the sign whilst she pinned it back. I was the only one around, so I offered my services.” “But you’re Queen. Not some... peasant.” You could hear the disdain in his voice. “And?” “In my Kingdom, you wouldn’t even leave the castle, let alone go and risk your life... and your reputation, by helping the commoners!” “That’s why my Kingdom thrives, and yours no longer exists, dear.” Rhea smiled. “OUR kingdom.” Maxwell reminded her. “Yes. Ours. Whatever. Just eat your dinner, the staff have worked extra hard on tonight’s meal and I’d hate to see you waste it by letting it go cold.” Maxwell was visibly frustrated, but shut his mouth as he quietly ate his evening meal. Rhea was happy in the silence that followed, the only noises being made were that of cutlery being used. The castle staff were all gone for the evening, Queen Rhea had seen to that. They had all refused, telling her they were happy to stay and serve them, but she had insisted, telling them to enjoy as much of Yule with their families as possible. So the staff reluctantly all went home. Well, all but one. Lydia had stayed, refusing the leave the Queen alone with no one to assist her. And she wouldn’t take no for an answer, so Queen Rhea allowed her to stay, but made sure that the kitchen staff had made a portion of the same meal the Queen and King were eating just for her. King Maxwell wasn’t happy that she was getting the same food as them, but he was at least content that he got his way in regards to her eating with them. Rhea insisted that Lydia dined with them, but he refused, so in the end she ate in the kitchen whilst the King and Queen dined together. ------------------------------------------------- Shortly after finishing, Lydia popped her head in the doorway, looking around. “What is it, girl?” Maxwell was irate at the sudden interruption. Interruption of what, I have no idea, but he was annoyed nonetheless. “Sorry to bother you, your highness, but I was just wondering if your meals were okay and if you needed anything... seeing as the rest of the staff are gone.” Lydia asked, nervously. She seemed like a shy little door mouse in comparison to the disgruntled, well-fed cat that Maxwell seemed to often play the part of. “We’re fine...” Rhea started to reply, but was hastily cut off by Maxwell. “Good. At least one of the staff knows their place. Go get me a bottle of red wine. Not the fancy stuff, get one of the higher shelf bottles.” Lydia nodded and smiled, glancing at Rhea who smiled back, weakly. “Why did you let all the staff go early?” Maxwell started the conversation back up with Rhea, who rolled her eyes yet again and looked towards her husband. “Because it’s two nights before the Winter Solstice. It’s for spending time with loved ones. Their families, partners, children...” As soon as she said children, she quickly regretted it. She regretted it because she knew what that would start. “Speaking of which... why haven’t we had a child yet?” Maxwell asked, as if on cue. Rhea’s muscles tensed as she repeated the same thing she told him every week. “No idea. It must just not be in the cards for us.” She explained to him, yet again. “I don’t accept that. There must be a reason.” “Maybe one of us can’t have them?” she suggested. “Well it can’t be me. My family were all healthy and fertile!” Maxwell boasted. Rhea just rolled her eyes and carried on eating, but was pleasantly surprised when Lydia walked back in with a bottle of wine, offering it to King Maxwell. “Good girl. Now leave us. Actually...” he stopped the young woman before she could move a single step, “prepare our bedroom for us.” Rhea knew what that meant. Maxwell would try for a baby with her again. They’d ultimately fail and she’d just have to pretend to be sad. You see, Queen Rhea was happiest when she was around other people. People that weren’t her husband. She hadn’t wanted to disappoint her father, and even after the Kingdom of Zodopis fell into ruin, she kept up the happily married appearance to everyone, not wanting to affect the Kingdom. To her, her people were the most important thing, and if her loveless marriage meant the Kingdom prospered, she would put up with this oafish, selfish man. And just like every month, the King tried for a baby with her. Every month they failed, not knowing what the cause of this failure was. The Queen would show no interest, and the King would storm off for the night, having a temper tantrum at how little interest she shows in him. ------------------------------------------------- As Rhea lay there in bed, trying to forget about Maxwell and this whole ‘male heir’ thing he was so focused on, she wrapped the silk sheets around her body as she called for Lydia. Popping her head in first, Lydia shyly stepped in. “How can I help you, Ma’am?” she asked, shyly. “Run me a bath, will you dear?” Rhea asked with her sweetest voice. “Of course!” Lydia nodded, rushing into the bathroom and turning the water on. Getting out of bed, making sure to keep her modesty using the sheets, Rhea created a makeshift dress with her bedding and strolled across her lavish bedroom. The cold winter night outside the windows contrasted against the warm, cosy sleeping area that was full of pillows, exotic materials and a large fireplace similar to that found in other rooms of the castle. Stopping in the doorway to the bathroom, Rhea leaned against the wood and smiled as she watched her personal maid run her a bath, making sure it was the perfect temperature. As she stared at Lydia’s face, Rhea’s heart was racing, her knees felt weak. But by now, she was used to this feeling, she knew how to control it. Ever since Lydia started here, Rhea learned how to keep her feelings in check. ‘Kingdom over feelings’ she would often remind herself. “Sweetie...” her sultry voice carried itself across the bathroom, over the sound of the running water. Lydia looked up at Rhea and smiled, her cheeks turning red. “Yes... Ma’am?” “You take care of me all the time. Cleaning, running my baths, helping me dress... when are you going to let me take care of you?” Rhea asked. “Ma’am... you’re my Queen. I’m supposed to take care of you. It’s my job, and my honour.” ‘One of these days though...’ Rhea thought to herself as she continued watching Lydia work. ------------------------ Earlier that evening ------------------------- “We found one, your Highness.” The guard said, saluting as he bowed before the King. “Where?” Maxwell asked, impatiently. “In the tavern. She isn’t local, she was just visiting, but the rumours are that she’s legitimate.” “So she can do real magic?” “Yes sir. Healed some of the sick, created things out of nothing. I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.” “Take me there. Now.” The King ordered, stepping into his carriage as the guard saluted and climbed up, sitting next to the driver. Whipping the reins, the horses took their orders and sped off into the night, taking the King to where he believed the fix to all his problems sat, probably getting drunk. As they sped through the cobbled streets, the city was mostly silent. Crime wasn’t an issue here, and people were orderly and happy. The water over by the docks reflected the moonlight, illuminating the streets as the horses galloped towards the tavern at the other end of the city. “This is where you saw her last?” The King asked the guard. “Yes, your majesty. She was here. By the sounds of it... she’s not left yet.” The tavern was more lively than usual, or at least it sounded like it from the outside. “Come on then. Let’s go have a chat with her, shall we?” The guard escorted the King into the tavern and pointed out the woman they were looking for. “You. Come with. The King wants to speak to you.” The guard ordered the woman at the bar who at this point had gathered quite the crowd. She nodded and took a swig of her drink before wandering over to the King who stood by the exit. “Yes, your majesty?” She asked. The woman wore a long, black cloak, her face mostly hidden by the hood attached to it. “You’re a Witch, correct?” Maxwell asked. “I am. And how can I help you?” “I... I have a private matter that I’d rather discuss with you elsewhere...” “Would you like to talk in your carriage, my Lord?” The Witch offered. King Maxwell nodded and they walked out together, getting into his carriage as the guard closed the door, ensuring no one heard their conversation. “So, what can I do for you?” the Witch asked casually. Maxwell was not impressed by the way this woman spoke to him, but he knew best not to annoy a Witch, especially one who’s help he needed, so he pushed past the disrespectful nature of the Witch and continued. “My wife... she... she can’t have a child.” “And you want her to?” “She... she says it’s me. And I see the way she looks at me in bed. She’s not interested in me. But I don’t care about that. I want an heir. So I want her pregnant.” “Is she okay with this?” The Witch raised an eyebrow. “I don’t care. She is the Queen. She is there to provide me with an heir. That’s it.” “So you’re happy to force this upon her, against her wishes?” “Yes, now can you do it or not?” The King demanded an answer. “I... can. For a price.” “Name it.” “I want whatever expensive piece of art you have in your castle. Just one piece, of my choosing.” “Is that it?” The King was relieved at this offer, he was expecting a blood sacrifice or a soul or a large amount of land. His art collection, which was really his wife’s, meant very little to him, so he was happy to part with one piece. “Yes. And for that, I will give you a baby.” “Deal. How long will it take?” he asked. “One night. You will have your baby by... what do you call it? Yule? Winter Solstice?” “That quickly?” “Oh yes. Just get me to the castle so I can perform the spell.” “Then do it. I want that baby.” The Witch shook his hand and smiled as the King gave his driver orders to return to the castle. The King strode through the castle, excited by what the next couple of days had in store for him, for his future, and for this Kingdom. He’d finally have his heir, and that way he would ensure his bloodline continued to be in royalty. He didn’t care about Queen Rhea, but then she didn’t care about him. The Witch followed behind him, looking at each piece of art along the way, trying to decide what to take. The guards had been ordered not to stop her from taking one item, whatever that may be. Her long black robes flowed as her head darted from side to side, examining each piece. “She should be upstairs, in the bedroom. Go work your magic. It better work, otherwise my guards will hunt you down...” Maxwell threatened her. But the Witch seemed unfazed and shrugged her shoulders as she deposited something in her satchel and glided over to the stairway up to the next floor of the castle. Slowly opening the door, she looked in to see the Queen in a silk sheet watching someone else run a bath for her. She couldn’t see their faces, but she knew which was the Queen, and what their relationship was. She didn’t make a noise, she didn’t alert them to her presence, and they didn’t suspect they were being watched. The Witch just stood there, watching the pair for a few minutes. Smiling, she waved her hand, a black haze weaving itself around her fingers, as she cast her spell on the unsuspecting target. ‘I’ll give you your baby, your majesty...’ ------------------------------------------------- The next morning, the King awoke earlier than usual and rushed to the Queen’s chambers to see if the spell had taken effect. He was expecting the Queen to be pregnant, ready to give birth for Winter Solstice, as the Witch had claimed. But Queen Rhea lay in bed, asleep, with no visible signs of pregnancy. And at the foot of the bed, was a crib. A crib larger than any he had seen before. A crib that would probably be large enough for him to fit inside of it. And from inside the crib, he heard movement. A rustling noise, a suckling sound. ‘Is this my heir? Is this my son?’ He thought as he crept over to the crib excitedly. ‘Did the Witch give me my son without the birth?’ But as he looked inside, he was surprised by what he saw and fell backwards, knocking a small table over and waking up Rhea. “What on Earth?” Rhea yelled as she shot up out of bed. “It’s... it’s...!” he couldn’t get his words out as he pointed to the large ornate crib that wasn’t there last night. “What is this crib doing there?” Rhea asked. “Is this some way for you to tell me I need to be pregnant?” “I... no... look!” he said. Rhea wrapped her sheets around her like she did last night and stepped out of bed, walking around towards the new crib. She didn’t fail to roll her eyes at her husband as she walked past him though. “What are you talking about...” Looking down, she saw Lydia, her personal maid, lay in the crib, in nothing but a large, soft cloth nappy and sucking on a dummy. “L... Lydia?” Rhea asked nervously. Lydia just suckled on her dummy and rolled about, kicking her feet. She looked just like a baby. Not an actual baby, she was still herself, still her normal body, but the nappy she was wearing and the behaviour she was exhibiting... she looked just like an infant would look if they were aged up 24 years. Rhea couldn’t help but stare at the infantilised woman’s breasts as they were exposed for all to see. “What did you do to her?” Rhea turned around and you could tell by her face that she wasn’t messing about. Something within her turned the once normally shy, reserved, polite Queen into someone with enough anger to burn a village down. Or an entire nation. “I... I...” Maxwell stuttered, unable to tell her the truth. “SPIT IT OUT!” Rhea’s voice filled the castle and everything came to a standstill. Even Maxwell was taken aback by this version of his wife, a side of her he had never seen before. “I... I saw a Witch last night. She said she’d give me an heir. That I’d have one by Winter Solstice. I thought that you’d just be made pregnant with my child and then we’d have a son in a day or two!” “You... did this without my consent? You want an heir that badly? And what about poor Lydia here?” “The Witch! I bet this is her joke! She’s given us a baby, that stupid little maid turned into a big baby!” “GET OUT!” Rhea screamed, causing Maxwell to grab his nightcap and run out of the room, scared out of his mind. Suddenly there was crying coming from behind her. “Lydia!” Turning around quickly, she bent down to aid the crying woman, and quickly found that she could lift her with ease. It was if she weighed the same as an infant. “I’m sorry sweetie, its okay, Mummy’s here now...” That word. That name. That... title. Something within her awakened and that word that previously never impacted her, suddenly made her feel... complete. Holding the infantilised woman in her arms, as Lydia wrapped her legs around her new Mummy, Rhea started gently bouncing Lydia up and down, shushing her gently as the crying slowly came to a stop. “Mummy’s here, babygirl. Mean old Maxwell can’t hurt you. I won’t let him. You’re not stupid. You’re my little bundle of joy. You’re my adorable little baby. And until I find that Witch... I’ll make sure you’re loved and protected.” She kissed Lydia’s forehead. “Maybe now I can show you how much you mean to me...” Rhea said as she snuggled Lydia against her. Lydia suckled her dummy and snuggled against Rhea’s chest. She seemed happy now that she was in her Mummy’s arms, which made Rhea happy too. ------------------------------------------------- “Get me that Witch. Drag her in if you have to!” The King screamed to his guards. Afraid of what he may do, they all nodded and followed orders, flooding out on to the streets, looking for the Witch who had tricked him. Pacing back and forth in the great chamber, the King was full of anger but was also still feeling the after effects of his wife’s rage. Never had he seen her act so defensive of another person before. Sure, she was protective of her subjects, of her Kingdom, but not on this level. With Lydia it was almost... primal. “I knew it. I knew she cared about that stupid wench more than me...” The door opened, instantly diverting Maxwell’s attention. “And this is Daddy... for now. But if he keeps calling you names and saying mean things about you, he’ll find himself sleeping outside with the horses...” Rhea said as she walked in with a giggling Lydia in her arms, resting on her hip. “What are you doing with her? Put her down!” Maxwell ordered. Rhea just ignored him and carried on walking around their large seating area, giving little Lydia a tour despite her having worked there for years. Neither Rhea nor Lydia minded, as they both seemed to enjoy all this. “Rhea. Put her down. Now. She’s your maid dressed like a stupid baby! She’s not actually your child!” Maxwell threw the book he was holding on the ground. “And you’re not actually the love of my life, but I pretend you are.” She snapped back, instantly shutting Maxwell up. Storming off out of the room, Maxwell left Rhea and Lydia alone together. “Ignore him sweetpea. I know you’re not actually my baby. But... surely you’ve seen the way I look at you. I’ve wanted to take care of you and love you for so long... and now I finally can. I know we’ll find the Witch eventually, and we’ll get this spell reversed, but I’m going to enjoy this special time with you as my baby whilst I can. You okay with that sweetpea?” Lydia looked Rhea in the eyes, as if she understood it all, and nodded. “Wait... can you understand me?” Rhea asked. Her face turned a deep red as she just realised she had actually confessed her love to her. Lydia nodded and smiled. “Can you speak?” “Bla blah babababa...” As Lydia tried to speak, all that came out was baby babble. “So no speech, but you can understand me and think somewhat like an adult?” Lydia nodded again. “Are you... okay like this?” Lydia took a second, looking at her new ‘Mummy’, before nodding and nuzzling into her chest. “I’ll look after you sweetheart. Mummy’s got you. Ignore my husband, he’s... not a very nice person.” That’s when Lydia looked up and kissed the side of Rhea’s cheek, causing her heart to melt. “Oh baby!” Rhea kissed Lydia’s dummy and rocked her back and forth. “No matter what, I’ll take care of you. No force can keep us apart now. I’m... I’m sorry I didn’t make my feelings known sooner.” In Rhea’s mind, she couldn’t believe how lucky she was. She had the person she had loved for many years in her arms and for some reason, she actually liked that she was her baby, even if only for the time being. Something about the infantilised woman interested her, and she wondered if this could be a thing, even after she’s cured. ‘If I have to, I’ll be your Mummy forever and ever...’ Rhea thought as she stared into her crush’s eyes. And unbeknownst to her, in Lydia’s mind, very similar thoughts were swirling around that baby brain of hers. Being touched by the woman she’s had feelings for all these years, being held and kissed by her... having all this care and love and attention... she was in heaven. She wasn’t sure what was going on regarding a Witch and a spell and all that, she had just gone to sleep last night and woke up this morning dressed like this, in the crib at the foot of Rhea’s bed. And for some reason, she kept her adult brain despite the baby babble, but it seemed to have cravings. Cravings that a baby or infant would have. To play, to snuggle, to nurse. It was like she was in control of herself, but her voice and her needs weren’t her own. Or at least weren’t her usual ones... ‘If it means spending my life like this... as long as I get to be with you like this, I’ll be happy.’ Lydia thought as she rested her head on Rhea’s chest. The two seemed inseparable. Walking into the kitchen, Rhea and Lydia surprised the staff, who were busy cooking breakfast for the King and Queen. “Y... your Majesty...” The chef said, nervous to say anything about the former-maid-turned-baby in the Queen’s arms. “What... what can we do for you?” “Have you got anything suitable for Lydia here?” Rhea asked, bouncing little Lydia up and down gently. “I... can I speak freely, Ma’am?” he asked. “Of course Jacob. You know you can always talk to me about anything.” “May I ask why Miss Lydia is dressed like... that?” Lydia’s face was bright red at this point, she was obviously embarrassed to be seen like this. “I’ll be honest with you. With you all. I trust you won’t say a word outside this castle?” “Of course, Ma’am, we are all loyal to you.” “Thank you Jacob. Well you know my husband wants an heir?” “Yes Ma’am, we are all well aware...” “Well he thought he could trust a Witch to give us one... without consulting me first. And apparently as either a joke, or a way to get back at my husband, she has cast a spell on poor Lydia here, turning her into our baby. But as you can see, only in clothing and language. She’s still mentally herself, so please don’t make fun of her or judge her, she had no say in this either. I couldn’t let the poor girl go without a Mummy, so until we find the Witch, she’s to be cared for and treated as if she is my actual infant daughter. Is that a problem for anyone?” The whole kitchen staff looked and smiled at the cute couple. Jacob stepped forward and smiled. “Your Majesty... motherhood suits you. And we’ve all seen the way you two look at each other. We won’t say anything and we won’t judge. I take it the King isn’t happy though?” “Not at all, but I don’t care. Now, I’ve never had a baby before... what... what do I feed Lydia?” “Does she eat adult meals or does the spell require her to eat like a baby?” “Oh. I didn’t think about that. I purely thought of her as if she was a baby. Maybe I...” The staff all looked at the Queen and some of them smiled and giggled. “What?” Rhea asked. One of the serving girls at the back spoke up. “Umm... she may need to... nurse?” Rhea looked down to see Lydia trying to nurse through Rhea’s nightgown. “Oh... umm... but I don’t...” she stopped before finishing that sentence as she saw her gown develop a wet patch on the other side of her chest. “Must be the spell, Ma’am...” Jacob suggested. “Right. Nevermind. Umm... usual breakfast then I suppose, I’ll go... nurse... I suppose...” Rhea said, blushing as she quickly exited the kitchen. ------------------------------------------------- “Here you go, Ma’am. Your breakfast. I see Lydia has latched...” Said the serving girl from before. Rhea looked up, coming out of her own little world and smiling at the girl. “Thank you for the advice. It must be the spell, making her want to nurse. Though Lydia seems... happy?” “You both do...” she replied, causing Rhea to blush. Lydia seemed otherwise unfazed as she carried on nursing from Rhea. “Thank you. For understanding. I... it’s weird, I know... but it’s as if its... normal? I don’t know. Anyway, you may go now. Take the afternoon off, go spend this last day before Winter Solstice with your family. We’ll only need basic kitchen staff over the next couple of days.” “Thank you Ma’am.” The Serving girl smiled. “Oh sweetheart... my little Lydia...” Rhea said as the serving girl left the two to it. “WHAT ON EARTH?” Maxwell yelled as he stormed in, confronting his wife and... his newly adopted daughter? “She needed to nurse. So that’s what I’m doing. Got a problem?” Rhea asked. “A problem? Of course! She’s a grown woman!” “Who is stuck acting like a baby until you find that Witch and get things fixed...” “We’re looking, okay? Just... stop that!” “No.” She gave a short, sharp answer. “I’m ordering you...” Maxwell was trying his best to be in control, but his wife was having none of it. “You can order all you want, you’re not stopping me...” Rhea wouldn’t back down. Maxwell stormed back out again, before returning with two of his most loyal guards. “Take her. I’m sick of that woman. Always giving my wife those long looks. And I’ve seen the way you look back at her!” Maxwell ordered his guards, one grabbing Rhea and the other wrapping his arms around Lydia, pulling her away from her Mummy. “GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!” Rhea ordered. Whilst most of the guards and all of the staff were loyal to Rhea, Maxwell kept these two guards nearby at all times, as they were only loyal to him. And he knew that. He knew they’d do anything for him. So as one took a crying Lydia out of the room, her kicking and screaming at being torn away from Rhea, the other held Rhea back, who looked ready to start a fight. “This is for your own good.” Maxwell said. Maxwell followed the guard who was carrying Lydia out, as Rhea fell to her knees, crying. Lydia didn’t know what was happening as she was carried out of the castle by this large man, followed by the King. One moment she was nursing from Queen Rhea, slowly coming to terms with the fact she actually enjoyed it, the next she was torn away and being dumped in a carriage with the King, as it rode away into the city. “You stupid girl. You ruined everything. That Witch ruined everything. All you women ruin everything. Rhea... ugh, she ruined my life!” Maxwell was having another of his long rants. ‘Yeah yeah... you ruined hers, jerk!’ Lydia thought to herself as the carriage bounced around due to the cobblestone streets. “It should be me that the people love, not her! I mean she can’t even produce for me an heir! All I wanted was a son, and that stupid Witch cursed me with not only a daughter, but... you! An adult! You’re not even mine by blood, you’re just dressed like this... Of course it was you though. The woman who stole my wife’s heart. I remember the day you started working at the castle. My wife was entranced. Her whole attitude towards me changed as soon as you arrived. Sure, maybe she never really loved me when we first got married... but before she met you she at least pretended she did! And who knows, maybe one day she will? But you... you ruined that! Temptress! Whore!” Wanting to give in to this spell, the one that made her want to act more babyish, but not wanting to show weakness in front of this man, she fought her hardest not to cry. She held on to her emotions as he rambled on and on about ‘women this’ and ‘women that’ and ‘my country wouldn’t be in ruin if I wasn’t King of this dump...’ ‘He really doesn’t shut up, does he? No wonder Queen Rhea isn’t in love with him...’ Lydia thought to herself. “And you... you love her, don’t you? Well too bad, because we’re never going to find that Witch. We’re never going to reverse this spell. You’re going to be stuck like this, like a baby, for the rest of your life. You’re not actually my baby, so I don’t have to keep you. So we’re taking you to a place that takes care of people like you, weird people. They’ll lock you up and keep you there, out of my way, so you can’t cause problems.” Lydia gave in to her emotions at that point and started screaming, like the baby she was dressed as. “AHH, SHUT UP!” Maxwell screamed as the carriage came to a stop. “Your Majesty...” the guard said as he opened the door. “Take her. Book her in under a false name. Don’t give details, just say she’s crazy. King’s rule, she stays here. I’ll see you back at the castle...” ------------------------------------------------- Hours passed. Rhea had been kept in that room for hours by the other guard that was loyal to only the King, unable to call out for help to any of those loyal to her. She couldn’t escape out of the window, it was too high up. She couldn’t scream, the castle was too big and most of the staff were out until later this evening. She was alone, and as the minutes passed, the separation hurt more and more. She needed her baby. She needed Lydia. At the very least she needed to know if she was okay, if she was safe. But after the first hour, she became more and more sick with worry. After a few hours, she was ready to fight. So around dinnertime, when her husband returned, she was ready. “Hello dear...” Maxwell said as he walked into the room. Much to his surprise, a book flung past his head, hitting his guard that stood behind him square in the face, knocking him out cold. “I... It was for the best...” Maxwell cowered and tried to weasel himself out of all of this, but Rhea wasn’t having any of it. “YOU! TOOK! MY! BABY!” Rhea ran at him like a raging bull, charging him directly on, hitting him and pinning him to the wall. “WHERE IS SHE?” “I... I’ll never tell! You’re never going to see her again!” he grinned. “Oh... I think she will...” A voice from behind the pair cackled by the fireplace. Turning around, Rhea saw a woman clad in dark clothing, staring at the fire. Maxwell recognised the woman as the Witch who had screwed him over. “YOU!” he yelled. “Wait... this is the Witch?” Rhea asked. “This is the bitc...” his mouth shut instantly. He started screaming, but he was unable to open his lips to say a word. “Sorry about him dear. You really should pick better. Maybe a certain... maid?” Said the Witch, who had still not turned around to face them. “How did you...?” Rhea was about to ask when the Witch cut her off. “I knew it from the moment I laid my eyes on you both. You two were meant to be. I... just gave you both a slight push. But then this joke of a man decided to ruin my plans.” “You... were trying to help us?” Rhea asked, becoming more at ease around the strange woman. “Of course, I hate to see people wasting their lives with the wrong people. So I gave you two a nudge.” “But... why the baby thing?” “What did you do as soon as you found her like that?” the Witch asked. “I... I looked after her...” “And?” “....and confessed my feelings. Of course. But how did you know it would work?” “Trust me. I could tell you had a maternal side. You’re destined to be a Mummy. And she makes a very cute baby.” “That she does...” Rhea smiled and laughed. Maxwell was still screaming and yelling behind his stuck lips, and the two women were just ignoring him, which infuriated him more. “Now, I know where she is. You better be quick though, it’s nearly Yule or whatever you call it.” The Witch handed the Queen a map that had a large X above a building. “But what about Maxwell?” Rhea asked. “What would you like me to do to him?” “I... I’d like him gone, to be perfectly honest. Wow, I can’t believe I said that. After all these years. Yes, I’d like him gone please.” “Where? I’m happy to assist.” “Somewhere that he deserves...” “I know just the place...” The Witch grinned. The Witch waved her hands and conjured a portal out of nowhere. Grabbing Maxwell, she pushed him through the portal and waved as his face turned from rage to fear. “There. He’s gone. Your life is your own now. Don’t waste it, go get her!” The Witch opened another portal and stood by it, before turning around. Her face was still obscured by her hood. “Seriously. Go get her. You two are meant to be. Stop worrying about what others need, and go do this for you, and for her!” “Wait! I don’t even know your name!” Rhea said just as the Witch was stepping through the portal she had created. “...Dahlia. And you’re welcome.” And in an instant, the Witch was gone. Grabbing her winter coat, Rhea instructed the staff and guards that were returning to keep the two guards who were loyal to her now ex-husband in the dungeon. She would have words with them both later and regretfully inform them they are no longer employed. She’d also have to inform the Kingdom that the King was... gone and wouldn’t be coming back, hopefully. But for now... she had to rescue her baby. ------------------------------------------------- Lydia lay on the cold, hard bed of whatever this place was. Was it an orphanage? Was it a hospital? Was it some kind of ward? She wasn’t sure, but whatever it was, she didn’t like it. The windows were barred and there was no heating. The sheets were scratchy and she still couldn’t do anything for herself, so she was relying on the staff here to look after her, but they weren’t sure what was up with her or why the King instructed her to be kept here, so they weren’t much use. She was scared, but what scared her most was not seeing the Queen again. So staring out of the window, hoping that maybe the Queen would be able to find her and rescue her, she watched as the snow fell outside in the cold, dark evening before Winter solstice. As the hours passed, hope of rescue dwindled gradually, until there was very nearly nothing left. But just as the last flicker of hope faded from her heart, a light appeared in the dark, distant streets. The dark winter night tried to drown out the light, but it fought its way towards Lydia, getting closer every second. The light snowfall had turned to a full snowstorm, yet the light burned brightly, refusing to give in to the darkness of the pitch black streets. ‘What... what is that?’ Lydia thought as she fixated on the light at the end of the road. The closer it got the more of the street it illuminated. At a certain point, it was clear that it was a lantern being held by someone. And that little remaining flicker of hope burst into an inferno within Lydia’s soul as she spotted the outline of someone getting closer. And closer. And closer. ‘Please. Please be her...’ And as the light reached the opposite side of the street where Lydia was being held, she noticed the long robe that she had been washing for so many years, the dress that she had always admired. The woman she had always loved. The dark figure stormed through the front doors to the building, and all Lydia could make out was a lot of screaming and shouting. Followed by a lot of apologising. Shortly after, the same men who had put her here rushed through and freed her from this bed, putting her in a wheelchair and wheeling her out to the entrance. “BABY!” Rhea yelled as she rushed over and picked Lydia up, squeezing her tightly and kissing her. As their lips connected, something rushed through them both, and suddenly Lydia was too heavy for Rhea to carry, so she had to let her down quickly. Stumbling a bit, Lydia got her balance back and stared at the Queen. “I... I think... I can speak!” She said. “You... you’re back to normal!” Rhea said, gasping. “I... thank you. Ma’am.” Lydia blushed. “No. Not Ma’am.” “...Thank you... Mummy...” Lydia ran at Rhea and wrapped her arms around her, kissing her lips and squeezing her. Rhea squeezed her back and repeatedly kissed her face. “You. Are mine now. And no one will ever take you away from me again. I promise you that. Now, how about we go home.” Rhea suggested. “H... home?” “Yes dear. To the castle. Your new home. You’re my baby. No matter whether magic is affecting us or not. I... I love you.” Rhea said as she held out her hand. “I love you too. Mummy.” Lydia responded, grabbing hold of Rhea’s hand with both of hers. The Queen and her baby walked out to the carriage that had finally caught up with them, hand in hand, fingers entwined. ------------------------------------------------- The Kingdom continued to prosper, it continued to thrive, despite the loss of its King. No one knew where he went, as the Witch never appeared again to divulge that information. No big loss if you ask anyone, the only two people still loyal to him ended up in the same place they tried to dump poor Lydia. But the Kingdom gained a new member of Royalty, as shortly after that Winter Solstice, Queen Rhea married Lydia, but instead of making her Queen too, she decreed that she would be known as a Princess, which Princess Lydia seemed all too okay with. They’ve lived happily ever since, and if rumours are to be believed, they both continued those roles that brought them together. According to visitors to the Kingdom, there is a nursery set up in the castle, just for the Princess. But if you ask any in the Kingdom, they won’t tell you a thing, as they are all loyal to their Queen... and their ‘Baby’ Princess. The End ========================================= “So, did you enjoy that story, baby?” Charlotte looked down and smiled. “Uh huh... but... wait... Dahlia?” The cogs in Olivia’s head were turning. “I was thinking the same thing, Liv.” “But... she gave us the book.” “I know, she said we’d like it as a cute bedtime story...” “Isn’t that her though? It seems like that’s her. Magic, portals... flowery names... Maybe this isn’t a fictional story. I mean... she has told us about all the different places she’s visited in the past... surely this can’t be another pair?” Liv scratched her head. “Maybe it is. Which means...” Charlotte smiled. “Dahlia though? Isn’t that a bit too... cheesy even for her?” “Hey, I can’t talk. I would have picked something similar if I were her. I mean... I kind of am her.” Charlie laughed. “Who wrote it though? She said she got it on one of her travels.” “Must be one of the people from that Kingdom?” “Which means there is a Princess... and a Queen... and wait, did she send the King here? That’s mean!” “Seems so my love. Maybe we can ask her next time we see her. She should be stopping by sometime soon, it’s been a while since she last dropped in with Ellie.” “Yeah. We’ll ask her. If we are right though, that’s so cool! She helped another pair! Plus a Queen and a Princess!” Liv was excited at the thought of there being a Princess variant. “I know, now... my little princess needs her nappy changing and you need to get snuggled up, otherwise Father Christmas won’t come. I’ve heard from reliable sources that he’s got some extra special fun toys for extra special good little girls...” Olivia got up, the plastic of her nappy crinkling as she climbed off the large sofa and started waddling towards the nursery. Charlie just sat back for a second, admiring her wife as she waddled out of the living room. ‘She’s so damn cute. That padded little butt makes my heart melt every time...’ Charlie thought to herself as she stood up and followed her wife to the nursery, patting Liv’s butt gently. Lifting her in to the crib, Charlie tucked her little baby in and pulled the side of the crib up, taking extra care to give Liv a quick kiss on the head as she did. “Now, off to sleep quickly sweetpea. Babies can’t stay up late on Christmas Eve. Night night my love, sleep well.” “Nini Mummy!” Olivia said, as tiredness overcame her. The light turned off and the nightlight activated as Olivia yawned and snuggled up with her newest stuffie, Flopsy. “I... I’m a Princess...” she smiled as her eyes closed and she fell asleep.
  19. Hi everyone. I don't know if this is really going to be any good, but I have been working on it for a while and I wanted to share it with other ABDLs. If you want to support the Academy stories (there's gonna be a few, I hope!) or get early access to chapters, please go to this Patreon link. It should explain things a little better. Oh and please tell me what you think in the comments! ~Mia~ -------------------- Academy I By Mia Moore "Fear not the star, but the magician that sets it in the sky." -The Source Chapter One Ai Sinclair pressed her back to the tree, gasping for air. Her lungs burned from the inside. The cold November air made her hairs stand on end, even as sweat matted her bangs to her forehead. She turned her head around the trunk of the tree to see the two men in black coats walking toward her. She had to keep running. In a quarter mile, there should be a gas station. She could call the police. With another deep breath, she ran onward through shrubbery and dodging tree branches. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, she burst through the tree line and found herself in an expansive parking lot. The lights of the gas station in front of her glowed in the twilight. She took off toward the door as fast as she could. Freedom was behind an automated door, in the hands of an underpaid worker behind a pane of bulletproof glass and only fifty feet away. Forty five feet. And then Ai's feet gave way as the jolt of electricity tore through her spine and seized her muscles up, stopping her in her tracks. The momentum carried her forward, and she skinned her knees on the asphalt of the parking lot. Like wolves circling their fallen prey, the two men in black coats approached and orbited their quarry, one with his hand to an earpiece in his left ear while the other scanned a full perimeter for anybody who might have witnessed. The distant sound of a car engine grew closer. Ai climbed to her hands and knees, but her body twitched uncontrollably. Even if she could force herself to stand up, she wasn't sure she could stay that way. The parking lot around her swayed in her vision and she started to crawl toward the gas station doors. "H-help! Someone!" Ai's voice was harsh in quiet evening air. A man picked Ai up from the ground and stuffed her through the side door of a large approaching van. He slid the door closed behind her, and the van continued like it had never stopped. Though the two men stayed behind in the parking lot, there were several more waiting in the back of the van. The tingling subsided quickly in Ai's fingers and toes. She dove at the door to escape, but two more men held her back as the van sped down the street and toward the freeway. "Let me go! You'll go to prison if you do this! You'll get caught! You won't get away with it!" Nobody said a word to her; the four men all wore dark black slacks with long black coats. They had shaved bald heads and ear pieces in their left ears. It was definitely a uniform, and this was definitely an organized operation. Two of the men forced Ai to the floor of the van and clicked restraints around her wrists and ankles that had been bolted to the frame of the van. As Ai pulled on the restraints, she started to panic. No matter how she thrashed and kicked, she couldn't break free. Every bump the van hit send shivers up her back and it was starting to give her a headache. "Lemme go... please, let me go. I don't know what you want, but... but you can have anything, okay? I don't have much, but... but my purse has some cash, and..." Tears were forming in her eyes. "Please let me go, please..." The movements of the men were methodical, directed, rehearsed and practiced. Ai's begging changed from sobbing words to muffled sounds as a colorful pacifier was pushed between her lips and held in place. A slight burning stung her lips as the glue bonded, and the then a creamy liquid began to ooze across her tongue from the nipple of the pacifier. Ai’s struggles started to fade. The ceiling of the van had colored lights inside, and the frosted glass made them look fuzzy, and pretty, and so very interesting. Her arms felt heavy, her legs felt heavy, her head felt heavy. But she wasn't tired; she was fascinated. It was okay to be fascinated, wasn't it? To find something beautiful in a time like this? Her skin tingled on the outside like her insides had when she'd been electrocuted. Somewhere far far away from her, she could feel herself being undressed. Ai looked up at the brown-haired woman towering over her with a warm smile on her lips. She was wearing a white coat and a pair of thick rimmed glasses. Ai tried to talk, but the bulb between her lips kept her quiet. She reached up to take it out, but her shaking hand couldn't pry the pacifier from her mouth. Where was she? How had she gotten here? Who was this woman? She had only questions, and no means to ask them. The room wasn't strictly clinical, that much was obvious. She was lying on a soft bed, surrounded by soft lighting, an extra and unexplained softness between her thighs, and a soft smile on the woman's lips. "Easy there, munchkin. Try not to move too much now, not while you're still coming to." Ai tried to tug harder on the pacifier, but each tug only pulled at her lips, dripping more tiny droplets of creaminess onto her tongue. The more she defied, the more hopeless she felt. "I'll be happy to remove your binkie, but you need to promise you'll be good for me. Do you promise?" Binkie? Ai furrowed her brow in confusion and looked down at her outfit. She couldn't see the pacifier between her lips, but she could see the rest of it. A pink t-shirt with frills around the hem and puffy sleeves. And no pants. More importantly, a diaper between her legs. It was huge, big enough to fit an adult, but the prints along the plastic had baby blocks and teddy bears. A fresh panic filled Ai's chest, but the woman pushed on the front of the pacifier. A few extra drops of creamy liquid spread across Ai's tongue and her anxiety ebbed away. "Like any adjustment, this is going to take time. It's going to be scary at times, but the better you behave, the sooner it's going to become easy, and then normal. You can fight every step of the way, or you can lean into the help provided and be a good girl. Either way, the destination will be the same - only your journey will change." As she spoke, the woman's voice betrayed more of an accent than it first seemed - something South African, perhaps? Friendly, with compressed inflections. Ai had no idea what she was talking about. What journey? What destination? Why was she dressed like an overgrown baby, and why was she kidnapped in the first place?! Ai wasn't special; she was almost too ordinary. She dropped out of college in her second year and worked as an assistant manager at a grocery store. She had less than a thousand dollars in her bank account and she shared an apartment with her fiancé. Her fiancé! She tugged again at the pacifier, a fresh panic filling her up. She had to know he was okay! "My, you have quite the resistance," the woman said with a curiosity. She pushed the front of the pacifier again and Ai's eyes began to droop. Each time she swallowed droplets of the creamy liquid, Ai felt like waves were pulling her back under the water when she was so close to shore. What was this? Where was she? Who was this woman? Diaper. She was wearing a diaper. She was wearing pretty, soft clothes. Kidnapped. She'd been kidnapped. She tried to blink away the waves, but they were so strong. "I have a feeling you're going to be a troublesome little fighter, aren't you, dear?" The woman stepped out. Out? Ai looked around the room, but there weren't any doors or windows. She stumbled to her feet and almost instantly crashed into the floor. Her body felt so weak, like she hadn't eaten in days. She sucked the pacifier and found an ounce of comfort; a remnant association she had as a baby. She was so hungry. "Oh, did we have an oopsie daisy?" The woman returned, like she'd never left, like she'd always been here. She was dressed in a different top; how long had she been gone? She knelt down next to Ai and reached one hand down between the clumsy girls legs; a motion so smooth and simple that it almost wasn't humiliating except for all the ways that it was. Her fingers slipped into the legband of the diaper and she felt for a moment before pulling them away. Ai Sinclair had just had her diaper checked. "Well, you're not wet. You've become such a heavy wetter in your time here." Truth or lies, who could say? Ai couldn't remember a thing and this woman could have told her anything. Heavy wetter? Time here? Ai had only just arrived! Or at least, that's what she thought. She tried to ask a question, but the pacifier was still firmly glued between her lips. "I bet you're hungry, though." Ai's attention was pulled away from her thoughts and into reality. Food? Her heart raced and her eyes betrayed her excitement. The woman smiled knowingly. "Come over here, dear," the woman was motioning to a very comfortable looking chair on the left hand side of the room, wide enough to accommodate perhaps more than one person. Ai was wearing the same clothes. The same pink shirt. The same blocks and teddy bears on her diaper. She couldn't be exactly sure it was the same diaper, but she wouldn't even consider the alternative. Ai tried to get to her feet, which failed spectacularly. Her knees were trembling and she felt lightheaded. How long had it been since they fed her? Or was the meal at the restaurant the last time she ate? "If you don't come here," the woman told her, "you won't get dinner." Ai's hunger outweighed her pride. She shuffled on her hands and knees across the room, trying her best not to faint. It felt like a strong breeze could knock her out. Finally, she reached the woman's feet and tried again to stand. The woman watched Ai’s attempt to stand, and rather than be disparaging, she was encouraging and supportive. "There you go, dear, you almost have it. Let Nana help." Nana? Ai barely had a chance to register that title before she was lifted up off the floor. She sat dumbfounded on a grown woman's lap, wearing a diaper and a short baby tee. Never in a million years did she think this was where she would be. Never in a million years did she think she would do it so willingly. "I'm going to take the pacifier out of your mouth," Nana said softly. "But if you say even a single word, I will put it back in. I will stop feeding you and you'll go hungry." Ai's stomach sank. No words? But she had so many questions... "I need you to nod your head, dear. Nodding yes and shaking no are the only answers you're allowed. Do you understand?" With a pensive pause, and a groan in her stomach, Ai nodded her head once. Simple. One nod. Nana unbuttoned her jacket, with revealed a series of pockets, and from one pocket she reached in and took what looked much like a marker of some description. Using one finger to hold the pacifier, she used her other hand to run the marker around the edges and after a moment, she pulled the pacifier free. Ai looked up at Nana with annoyance. She had a thousand things on the tip of her tongue. Questions, expletives, statements of fact. The most pressing was, of course: I'm not a baby! But the threat of the pacifier loomed heavily over her, like a guillotine. If she didn't get some food in her, she would pass out. So Ai swallowed her pride and didn't say a word. A blush of embarrassment covered her cheeks. "There's a good girl. You’re learning so well this time." Before that bit of pageantry could sink in too deeply, Nana pulled a jar from inside of her coat and began to unscrew the lid. It looked, through the glass, like the consistency of apple sauce. Or baby food. Dark in color, not the most pleasant looking. Or smelling. Or tasting. And that was the point, wasn't it? It would be this or nothing. And gosh was it a large jar. Ai opened her mouth in protest, but she stopped herself before a word escaped her lips. Even as the sickly stale smell of mashed vegetables filled the air, her stomach growled. If she turned her nose up at this, would Nana give her something else? Probably not. And she was so hungry... "Open wide. Ahhh." Ai shot Nana a sour look as the woman tried feeding Ai with a baby spoon shaped like an airplane. Whatever fucked up place she was stuck in, their intentions were plain: to Nana, Ai was supposed to be a baby. "Unless you'd rather not eat?" Nana tested. With reluctance, Ai opened her mouth. There was nothing quite comparable in consistency to the food that Ai was forced to swallow; thick, inconsistent, like lumpy mashed potato with an earthy, pungent taste. Her mouth pursed in disgust as she mulled it over, needing to mash it up some before she could swallow it. She resolved absolutely never to eat another bite - it wasn't worth it. As she swallowed, though, her mouth tingled pleasantly in the same way that it does after a spicy dish; a humming, buzzing, happy tingling. A heavy sated feeling in her stomach, a warmth. A more-ish feeling. An association building method. Nana smiled, and waited, filling another spoonful. Ai was still so hungry. Even if she hated the food, she had to have another bite. She needed the energy! And before she knew it, Ai had finished off the whole jar of baby food. Her stomach rumbled happily, but she could eat more. Still, Ai hadn't said a single word to Nana. "Wasn't that lovely?” Nana asked. Ai said nothing. "Nod your head, dear. Would you like another? You were such a good little girl, after all, and if you keep being good you can have more." Ai was still hungry, but she had some of her strength back. More importantly, Nana's words were grating at her, like the screeching of nails on a chalkboard. She couldn't take it anymore. "I'm not a baby, you know! You can't keep me here. My family is going to miss me. My fiancé. They probably already know I'm gone! You have to let me go!" Nana allowed Ai to finish her rambling sentiments, and gave her the kind of disappointed look that all children knew from the youngest possible age meant that they'd screwed up. Ai felt her stomach sink and steeled herself. She had to keep going. She had to get through to Nana. "Why are you doing this to me? I don't have any money. I don't have anything! I need to call my fiancé, right now. He's going to worry! Please, let me call him. Please..." Nana reached into her pockets and pulled out a second jar - this one had a mush inside of it that was the most unnaturally looking shade of pink imaginable; like nothing in the world existed in that particular color. She said nothing to Ai, and shook her head slowly. "No, I don't want more food, please, I just want to call my—" Ai was caught by surprise at the spoonful of pink mush pressed into her mouth. She shook her head, now, trying to pull away, to clamp her mouth shut, to keep from eating more, from swallowing, but it was already just a little too late. Her eyelids drooped and she giggled. And swallowed. "Um..." She titled her head, trying to cling onto thoughts, onto protests. "My fi, my fee... fian... fiance, um..." "Is going to think you're the most darling little girl he's ever seen, dear." Ai looked conflicted, like she knew those words weren’t true but wasn't sure why she knew that. She opened her mouth, and swallowed more of the pink food, her cheeks rosy red. "The food, uh, um…" "Is delicious," Nana provided an answer, and added: "It's your favorite." "It's my favorite..." Ai mulled over those words, like she was the last to know. Ai fumbled for words, for thoughts, for something to ground her. But every time she tried to say something, Nana would finish her sentences. Nana's words became the ground, and Ai was glued to them. "I'm not..." "A big girl anymore." Another spoonful. "Please, let me..." "Have another bite." Another spoonful. Soon the jar was gone and Ai couldn't think clearly. Little laughs escaped her lips and she smiled dumbly at her caregiver. "You're going to be filling your diaper soon, dear. You’re so excited, I know you are. You want Nana to hold you in her lap while you do, and bounce you a little bit after, maybe? And then you always did love it when Nana changes you." These words should have set off alarm bells in Ai's head, but they didn't - like someone had cut the wire to the sirens, and a little red light flashing was all that remained; and even then, Nana kept Ai’s gaze away from it. "I... uh..." Ai nodded along, but she wasn't sure what she was agreeing to. The food she was given would definitely have some desired effects, but it could take anywhere from an hour to four hours to do so. The pink food would wear off long before then. It was important Ai was fully aware of herself as she surrendered her control.
  20. So... Book 5... Love in Dimensions. An MDLG romance novel set in the multiverse that my other books have been set in. The big finale to my ongoing story. Hard to say anything else without spoiling things, but readers of my previous stories will understand. Never would have thought I'd have made it this far honestly... Nearly a year since I posted the first chapter of Little in Love, half a million words later... we come to the final book in my 'littlefallenverse' series. This is what all hard work has been leading towards. All the little clues I've dotted around my books, all the mentions and everything... hopefully this book answers all the questions people have. It's my most ambitious project ever, and I'm so proud of myself for coming this far. I know they may be silly little kink stories, but they mean a lot to me and I'm glad that people enjoy reading them! Now... a quick, and VERY important disclaimer... IF YOU HAVE NOT READ ALL FOUR OF MY OTHER STORIES, DO NOT READ THIS! GO READ THOSE FIRST. OTHERWISE THIS STORY WON'T MAKE SENSE AND YOU WON'T ENJOY IT. It'd be like reading H.P. and jumping to the end book without reading or watching any others before it. SO GO! GO READ THEM NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY! THERE ARE LINKS BELOW TO MY PREVIOUS STORIES. (Little in Love -> Witch in Training -> Glitch in Nanny -> Thief in Service -> Love in Dimensions) (Correct order to read them in for those who don't know) Anyway, now that that is out of the way, I hope people enjoy this. It's very... lore/story heavy. Maybe not as much kink included as previous stories, but I hope to have as much as possible. It's got a lot happening and a lot of characters. Not going to lie... it's been difficult to write, but I hope it's still good! Each chapter will show whose perspective the chapter is being told from. You're bound to see some familiar faces as we go on. And familiar settings. It should be about 60 chapters long (closer to LiL length), with an epilogue after it. Two chapters per week. Wednesday and Sunday. (Due to mental health and stuff, I've started limiting how much I post so I don't get overwhelmed or stressed) And as usual, if you want two weeks early access to chapters of Love in Dimensions, you can sub to my Patreon. You'll also get access to my discord server to discuss chapters there and stuff. And also to tease me apparently. Grr. I hope I've covered everything that needs saying and I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as my other stories! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, I love reading it all! Also, please link to my stories rather than posting them as files when sharing with others! Chapter 1: Visions Love in Dimensions – LittleFallenPrincess “I don’t want to leave you...” she cried. “Do you trust me?” I asked, trying to brush her cheek. “Always and forever...” “Then trust me when I say... we’ll be together again. One day. I promise you that.” “I hope so. Our love could never keep us apart. Of that I’m sure.” she said, smiling. ‘If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be with you again, babygirl.’ I thought to myself, hoping that everything I had set up would pay off. If it didn’t, all hope is lost. “I love you, my little Ophelia.” I kissed her, despite the illusion being unable to touch her. “I love you too, my wonderful Mummy... Freya.” She replied. The guards started unlocking my door, so I dispelled the illusion I was weaving. Standing up straight, I braced myself for what was to come. ‘I hope you’re right, Babygirl. I hope I see you again.’ ============================================================== “What the...” I pushed myself into a sitting position. My head was killing me and my vision was blurry. My robes were a mess, my hat had fallen to the floor, but apart from that I was fine. I felt... weaker though. “What was that...” I heard from across the room. “Owww... my head!” Another voice came from opposite me. “Who... oh god!” Alexandria said, jumping to her feet and looking directly at me. Her sweater and jeans were a bit scuffed, but she looked unharmed otherwise. I jumped up at the same time as her, ready to defend myself as she looked ready to attack at any moment. Paige got up onto her feet and looked around, confused. Her little maid outfit was scuffed a bit too, but was fine otherwise. “Who are you?” Alexandria screamed at me. “Please... calm down...” I used my calmest voice, I didn’t want to make things worse than they already were. “What was that? And that thing you did before... wait... why do you look like me?” “I promised I’d answer all your questions, so I will. But please... is there anywhere to sit down? I don’t know about you, but my head is killing me...” I gave an awkward smile, hoping to defuse the situation. Alexandria looked ready to attack still. Sure, I could easily defend myself, even when feeling this out of it, but I didn’t want to hurt her. I also didn’t want to make her hate me any more than she currently does, we may need her help. Thankfully, Paige came to my aid, running over to Alex and holding her. “Please. No more fighting. Please, can we just hear her out? There’s something about her... I trust her.” Paige said, pulling her best puppy-dog-eyes expression, rivalling that of Noelle’s. “Oh good. I had this effect on Olivia and Faith too. Seems any of Noelle’s variations see me as someone they can trust. It’s similar to how I feel a need to protect all of you...” “Huh?” Paige was confused. “Let me explain... let’s sit down first, please.” I smiled. Paige walked over to me, took my hand and escorted me out of the room. Alexandria used her cardigan to pick the jewel up and bring it with her as she followed close behind us, eyeing me up the whole way. ------------------------------------------------- “So... talk.” Alexandria ordered. We sat in a large, very expensive-looking room that looked like it may be their living room. The fireplace was gorgeous, and the sofas were ridiculously comfortable. No doubt this woman was well off, like Charlie. Maybe even more so... But as I sat there, admiring the taste of my Earth Prime variation... I couldn’t avoid their stares any longer. “Right. So... how do I explain this... It seemed a lot easier with Noelle here too...” I shuffled about on the sofa as the other two sat patiently awaiting my explanation from the other sofa opposite. “Noelle?” Paige asked. “She’s... right... let me start from the beginning.” I took a deep breath, trying to think about what I was going to say... and worrying about if they’ll believe me. “Right... so you have a portal to another dimension, right?” I figured I’d get them started with something familiar, something I could work from. “To the diaper dimension, yes. What about it.” Alexandria’s face was as stern as mine is when Noelle decides to be a brat. “That means there is another Earth out there, one that is slightly different to this one.” “The multiverse theo....OH! SHIT!” Alexandria suddenly seemed excited. “HOW DID I NOT FIGURE THIS OUT?” She was flailing her arms about at this point, so I figured I’d just let her continue until she either calms down... or no longer has the energy to move her arms. “Multiverse?” Paige asked. Alexandria calmed down and looked at her wife. “Baby... you know how the diaper dimension is just like our Earth, but there are Amazons and Littles?” “Yeah?” “Well the multiverse theory is a hypothetical theory about there being infinite universes out there, all slightly different from each other. Decisions made throughout time have lead to the creation of new universes. So say... there was a universe where the Nazi’s won World War II, there’s a universe where we never evolved from apes, there’s a universe where climate change won and we’re living underwater.” “Actually... they live on floating cities.” I butted in, correcting her. “Wait... that actually exists? And you’ve been there?” Alexandria turned to look at me. “Yes. And I come from a dimension where magic developed faster than technology.” I smiled awkwardly. “Wait... so that stuff you did earlier...?” “Was magic. I’m a Witch.” “You’re a... holy fuck.” Alexandria just sat there, her mouth agape, startled by this revelation. Paige still looked confused, so I looked at her and tried to explain myself. “Paige... so basically in the diaper dimension, instead of humans developing at a steady rate throughout the population like they did on your Earth, half the population diverted one way, creating Amazons, and half stayed the same, who became Littles. “I... think I understand. I watched some sci-fi shows as a kid that had alternate realities. But what I’m most confused about... is why you and Alex look so alike...?” “Because... I... am Alex? Or more so the Alex that was born in the magic universe. Whilst Alex here was born with blonde hair, I was born with black hair... and magic. Due to differences in our parents and our universes.” “So there’s more than one Alex?” She asked. “We don’t know how many there are yet, I’ve been exploring different dimensions. But there are quite a few of us. And quite a few variations of you!” “Me? There’s more than one me?” I took a deep breath and sighed. “Right, so this is where things get weird.” I said. Alex pulled Paige close to her. “Weird how?” she asked. “So there are multiple Alex’s... and there are multiple Paige’s... well it seems like that in every dimension... every single Alex ends up with every single Paige...” “Seriously? So you...?” Alex continued. “Her name is Noelle in my universe. She’s also a very talented Witch.” “That is very weird.” “That’s just the tip of the iceberg, sorry. I’ve spoke to two other couples, we’re all in constant contact... I’ve also come across a few more but haven’t interacted with them yet. But it seems that every single variation of us... is into... you know...” This was the hardest part to explain... especially when they were so discreet about it all. “Into what?” Paige asked. “You’re a little. Alexandria is a Mummy.” “Wha? No!” Paige tried to deny it, but you could see it clearly on her face. I had seen the nappy the first time I visited them, casting that little wetting spell on her for a bit of fun, and also... unbeknownst to her or Alexandria... Paige’s padding was on full display to me right now. “You don’t have to lie. I’m Noelle’s Mummy. Charlie is Liv’s Mummy. Morgan is Faith’s Mummy... I’ve not seen a single variation of us that isn’t into it.” “You can’t be serious?” Alexandria still didn’t quite believe me. “Completely serious. Either we get them into it, or it develops between us naturally, or the little gets us into it. No matter what, we’re all Mummies and littles.” “Statistically, that’s next to impossible.” Alexandria was as intelligent as the rest of my variations it seems. “That’s not all. Every Alexandria has green eyes and freckles. Every Paige has blue eyes.” “But... that dream...” “So you saw it too?” I asked. This was exactly what brought me here to begin with... that jewel. “What, are we having shared dreams now too? Of being with a blonde version of Paige?” Alexandria was stubborn, but she was slowly coming to accept everything. “I... I didn’t see that...” Paige quietly butted in, as shy as a mouse. “Wait, sweetie... did you see something different?” I asked, using the ‘Mummy voice’ that I used around Noelle so much. “I... I saw it from the perspective of the blonde me...” “And Alexandria... you saw it from the perspective of the brown-haired woman who looked like us? Like I did?” “Y... yeah...” Alex replied. “It’s as I thought...” “Huh?” “Right, let me tell you something I haven’t told anyone. Because you’re the only other version of us that knows as much about the Goddesses as I do...” “Wait, the old mythological story? The one I was read as a child?” Alex asked. “The exact one. Ever since I interacted with a statue back in my dimension, shortly before I met you two for the first time... I’ve been more powerful. Before then, I had to use a wand to cast spells and I couldn’t portal between dimensions. After the statue... I could cast without a wand and can visit any dimension I want.” “Wait... is it by any chance a statue of two women, both with gems in their eyes, one with blue gems, the other with green?” ‘How did she...?’ I thought to myself. “The same. Why, do you have one?” I asked. “I did...” Alexandria looked at Paige. “Sorry!” Paige responded, looking... guilty. “Huh?” I asked. “She... she stole it from me years ago, shortly before you visited. To get out of a difficult situation. Well she tried to steal it... I ended up feeling sorry for her and giving it her. Then she ended up moving in.” “Shame. I’ve not seen another statue yet, I’ve always wondered if it would do anything more to me... wait, did it give you any powers?” “Us? No. Both of us have touched it, and nothing happened.” “Okay, so maybe it only works on the magic user variations of us...” I thought out loud. “Wait so what have the Goddesses of the Zadri got to do with us and our variations?” “I believe... I believe they are variations of us too.” “Wait... really?” Alex seemed astonished. “Think about it. Blue and green eyes. Same faces... I mean we literally just had some kind of vision about them! And that’s not the first time I’ve seen one!” “It’s not?” “So this is the big thing I haven’t told anyone, not even Noelle. Last year... I died.” “You... died?” Okay... this was the biggest reaction so far to all these revelations. I was a bit worried too many of these would give them a heart attack or something, but they needed to know. “Yes. I died, fighting a rogue Witch who absorbed a demon.” “I am not drunk enough for all this...” Paige joked. “Sorry, I know it’s a lot, but it’s true. I died... and whilst I was dead, I had a vision. A vision of the Goddesses together. It’s what first put the idea in my head to search the dimensions for more evidence. I never told Noelle, but I’ll have to soon, especially after that vision. She’s going to kill me.” “I like the sound of Noelle!” Paige laughed. “You’ll probably get on really well with her. And the others.” “Wait... I can meet them?” Paige perked up at the sound of meeting her doppelgangers. “I think you’ll have to, after what we saw, we’ll have to go back and tell them what we saw.” Alexandria started laughing. “Normally if a strange woman burst in, attacked me, then I had a weird hallucination... I’d throw you out and lock the door... I certainly wouldn’t go with them!” Alexandria stopped laughing and took a deep breath. “But... that vision felt real. It felt as if I was really there. And I don’t know why they were being kept apart, but I need to know more. So... how do we meet the other... us...’s?” “I can conjure a portal and take you there, although at the moment Morgan and Faith are in the diaper dimension with Olivia and Charlie, and Noelle is on this Earth. We ran here after the rogue Witch attack, and we’ve been living here ever since, when we’re not travelling that is.” “Wait... why are they in the diaper dimension?” Paige asked. She seemed nervous as she asked this; she must have heard the horror stories. And after what Charlie and Liv have told me... I didn’t blame her to be scared of that place. At least Noelle and I had our magic to protect us whilst we were there. “Charlie and Liv are from there. Faith was injured last year and was sent to their dimension to receive treatment to reverse everything done to her. Morgan, being her Mummy, went with her of course. Last time I saw them, Faith was ready to be discharged after making a full recovery.” “Wait... they’re from there? Have they not been kidnapped and adopted yet?” “I assure you, Morgan and Faith are fine, they’re under the care of an Amazon that Liv trusts with her life. They’re originally from that flooded dimension I told you about. Liv and Charlie are from the diaper dimension though. Liv nearly got adopted a few times, kidnapped too... but Charlie keeps her safe.” “How? How hasn’t Charlie been adopted yet?” “Because she’s an Amazon.” “SHE’S AN...” Paige grabbed a nearby cushion and covered her face with it, she was too scared to come out right now, so I turned my attention back to Alexandria. “Is a portal... safe?” she asked. “It’s perfectly...” I was quickly cut off as light popped into existence in the middle of the room, quickly expanding to create the familiar sight of a portal. Noelle hopped out of it. Wearing her usual black robes and that cute little schoolgirl outfit underneath it that she’s been refusing to take off lately. Alexandria’s eyes were wide open in disbelief at what she was looking at. Paige had popped her head from behind the cushion long enough to pull the exact same face of disbelief. “Hey baby!” I said to Noelle, casually. “Hey Mummy!” Noelle waved at me. Turning round, she saw the other variations, ones she hadn’t met before and gave a casual wave and a smile. “Hey newbies!” she grinned at them before turning back around to face me. “So Rose...?” “Yes, my love?” “What the fuck was that vision?” ========================================================== I hope everyone enjoys this new story as it goes on! Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Thank you to all my patrons for their support! Don't forget, the next 4 chapters are available on my Patreon, which can be found here if you go for the second tier. You get two weeks early access to chapters of Love in Dimensions. New chapters of Love in Dimensions every Wednesday/Sunday! Also just a quick note: I don't mind people saving this story for personal reading. But I'd appreciate it if people didn't post it elsewhere, even if you're just suggesting it to other people. If you want to show others, please send them a link to the first page of this post! Thanks! ?
  21. by LittleFallenPrincess So here's my fourth story in my series, Thief in Service. It's an MDLG/ABDL romance novel set in London. A thief is indebted to someone and is tasked to retrieve rare items in order to pay off her debt. She may however, end up in way over her head... This story has been so much fun to write so far, expect much kinkier things than my previous stories! I would recommend reading my other three stories (Little in Love, Witch in Training, and Glitch in Nanny) before reading this, but you don't have to. You can find my first story, Little in Love, here. And my second story, Witch in Training, here. (Currently in Progress) And my third story, Glitch in Nanny, here. (Currently in Progress) One of the characters was chosen by my Patrons in a poll! It should be about 40 chapters long, with an Epilogue at the end, and new chapters will be posted every Wednesday and Sunday. Two weeks Early Access to chapters of Glitch in Nanny & Thief in Service is available for the second tier on my Patreon. The first five chapters in pdf form are up from the start, with the sixth being posted on Wednesday, the same time the second will be posted here. If you have any questions regarding this, ask away. Charge up front is enabled. Meaning you will be charged as soon as you pledge. I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as my other stories! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, I love reading it all! Also, please link to my stories rather than posting them as files when sharing with others! Chapter 1: The Jewel of Aenonnos Thief in Service - by LittleFallenPrincess As I crawled along the edge of the rooftop, ignoring the bustling, illuminated city of London in the background, I couldn’t help but think of the money this job was going to make me, rather than the beauty of the view that surrounded me. I mean... money it was going to make us. Five figures for some stupid jewel named after some stupid made up ancient city. Five figures... each. Sure, it wasn’t ‘run away to the Bahamas and live the rest of my life on a beach’ money, but it was enough to pay off my debts, get out of this life, and maybe a down payment on a house. I could settle down, find someone, and maybe even have kids. Well... maybe in another ten years or so, I still had a lot I wanted to do in life before I had kids. The important thing is that this job would allow me that future. The future I had always dreamt of. “Paige. Focus.” As I was rudely interrupted by the voice coming from my ear piece, I noticed that I was a little bit too close to the edge, so I shuffled over carefully. “I’m fine, Jack. Why, were you worried about me or something?” I joked. “No. But if you mess this up, we’re out a lot of money. And you have no idea what Christian will do to you if you mess this up for him. So stop playing around and do your job.” “Christian can go suck his own...” “His own what, Paige?” Christian interrupted me. “...Lollipop.” ‘Yeah. Great save, Paige. He totally bought that...’ “Stop messing about. You’re nearly at the vent.” Jack carried on guiding me towards the entry point to the museum. “You don’t have to take everything so seriously. And that goes for both of you!” I joked. Big mistake. “Paige, stop being such a childish brat and get your arse in that vent. Or else you’re going to miss your window. If you mess this up, I’ll mess you up.” Christian sounded vaguely threatening. But after knowing him for years, I was used to it and knew better than to take him seriously, so I shrugged it off and continued onwards. Reaching the vent, I pulled out the toolkit I had in one of my vest pockets. Quickly unscrewing the cover, setting it aside carefully as to not to make any noise, I took a deep breath, I wasn’t expecting the vent cover to be that heavy. “Good job. Now go.” Jack instructed. “You don’t have to praise her like she’s a fucking child, Jack. Just do your job.” “Christian, leave them both alone!” yelled a feminine voice. ‘Great. Now Naomi has joined in. This isn’t distracting at all, having 3 voices in my head arguing and having a go at me... now all I need is Emily and I’ll have the whole gang!’ I thought to myself as I shimmied down the dark ventilation shaft, heading deeper into the heart of the museum. “Why? What are you going to do, Naomi? Cry again?” Christian could be a real jerk sometimes, but he was our leader, he was the one with the contacts, he was the one who organised us to do jobs like this. I hate to say it, without him... we’d be lost. “Shut up! That was one time like two years ago! Why do you always bring it up?” Naomi yelled. “Mimi... just let it go. He knows how to get to you.” I whispered, trying to calm her down. ------------------------------------------------- Naomi, or as I like to call her, Mimi, was my best friend. We had been for a long time now. We met in sixth form, hung out a lot, then moved in together, and eventually she got me into the crew because I got drunk one night and told her about my debt and the reason I had it. She promised me that we’d make enough money to pay it off, and that I didn’t need to go solo anymore. If it wasn’t for that one stupid hidden alarm, resulting in me getting me arrested, I wouldn’t be doing this shit with these guys. Mimi has known the crew longer than I have, and honestly I have no idea why she puts up with them. I’m only with them because I need to pay off my debt. She hasn’t got any debts (that I know of), so there must be some reason why she stays. She hates Christian just as much as I do, but we don’t mind Jack and Emily. I mean, sure, they like to play jokes on us, and they look down on us, seeing us as annoying children despite us being older than them (I mean... sure, I can be a tiny bit bratty and childish... sometimes...), but they’re not too bad. At least when Christian isn’t around. ------------------------------------------------- I crawled along the vent as it straightened out, looking down each grate I passed to see the museum floor. The walls were lined with the typical paintings you’d see in any normal museum. And in the centre of each room was the usual centre piece, usually some statue or piece of art. Something... valuable. Not too valuable though. This wasn’t some fancy museum like the British Museum, it was actually a private museum owned by some rich dickhead who loved to show off his ‘bargain bin’ collection. You know... the stuff that’s too cheap to put in the proper museums, so he buys it cheap and puts it on display. It’s still worth a pretty penny to us common folk, but to him... most of it was worthless. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to complain that these items are of a lesser value to any fence, mainly because the higher you go in value for an item... the better security it has protecting it. And this guy... well this guy was a cheapskate. He charged patrons way too much to get in, just to make himself wealthier, whilst also scrimping on decent security. Honestly I’m surprised no one has already tried to rob this place. But despite the hand-me-downs, there was one item stored right at the heart of his little museum... the Jewel of Aenonnos. Named after the fictional city in some mythological story, it was a ruby the size of your fist. Now before you start telling me that surely a ruby that large would be worth millions, hundreds of millions maybe... the exact thing I asked when we were offered this job... apparently it wasn’t actually a ruby. I was told it was a huge scandal years ago, no one could identify what kind of gemstone it was. It looked like a ruby, but most people said it was just a lab-made one, so it was practically worthless. But that didn’t matter to us, the people who hired us to steal it offered us ten grand each. Which is more than enough to get... him... off my back for a while. -----------------------And now for a little backstory-------------------------- I was twenty. I had some experience pick pocketing and breaking into large estates at this point of my life, growing up on the streets of London. My parents died when I was young, fell into a life of crime... blah blah blah wrong crowd. Usual sad story you hear in books and on TV. I was hired by this shady guy called Tony. He knew of my skills, knew how good I was at getting into places unnoticed. I could be in and out of a place before anyone knew the item was even missing. And he needed me for a job. Something he wanted that he didn’t have. Something that the person who currently owned it... didn’t want to part with. At least not willingly... I had done a few basic jobs for him before, and out of the blue he offered me this. It was a simple job, break in, get the necklace, and get out unnoticed. Simple. He promised I’d make enough to be able to go wherever I wanted. So I, being the stupid young girl who trusted people way too easily, accepted the job. And of course... the job goes sideways. I tripped an alarm. An alarm that wasn’t on the blueprints of the estate. It was like it was purposely hidden from me. And then there’s the fact that security was way too fast, it was as if they were waiting for me. As if someone had tipped them off. Now, I know I was set up. Clearly Tony had set me up. He got me arrested just so he could bail me out with his connections, claiming ‘I owed him now’. He wanted me on his payroll. All the talk about getting to run away wherever I wanted, getting to have whatever life I wanted... he was bullshitting me the entire time. He set me up with this job just so I’d get caught and end up owing him. A debt that would probably never be payable, at least not in my lifetime. That way he can get me to steal whatever he wants, because every bit of cash I pay back adds time to my debt deadline. If I run out of time... well, I’ve been promised it won’t end well for me. So I decided to take whatever jobs I could take, just to pay him back. Shortly after, I got drunk with Mimi and told her everything. She told me about the guys, that they were starting their own crew. She introduced me to them, and I quickly impressed them, becoming part of the crew, along with Mimi. I don’t know why Mimi is on the team, she doesn’t have any skills for this line of work, but I appreciate her being on it nonetheless. I’d hate to be stuck with those three dicks. Christian is the boss. He has the contacts, gets the jobs from Tony, and comes up with a plan. He leads us. But he’s also a dick. Jack is our tech guy. He’s good at getting his way into security systems, even teaching me a few things along the way. Emily was our driver. She got me in and out, and picked up all the equipment we’d need. Mimi... again, she didn’t really have any skills. She was there because she was my friend and because for some reason, the others didn’t want to get rid of her. We don’t have a name for our little crew, although Christian likes to come up with really bad names occasionally. We humour him until he inevitably decides on the next name. I don’t care either way; I’m just here to get paid. It was going well for a while, we hit some pretty big targets. Big for us at least. Made enough to add a bit more time onto my deadline with Tony. I didn’t get to keep much for myself to live on, most of my cut was paid directly to Tony to keep him away for a bit longer. And then I reached my mid twenties...and we got this job. From Tony himself. He said he’d cancel my debt, as well as letting me keep my cut of the rewards to spend however I like. So of course we took it. I just hoped he didn’t screw me over like last time... ------------------------------------------------- I looked down at my target. The jewel was just below me, out in the open, not even covered by a glass case. ‘God, this guy really does cheap out when it comes to security...’ “Focus, Paige. Take it slowly. Your window is in two minutes. Get that grate open.” Jack said. Slowly and quietly removing the grate, I set it aside like I did the last one and tied my harness to the vent. According to the blueprints we... ‘acquired’, we determined the vent should be strong enough to hold my weight. I’d just simply rappel down, disable the panel that controlled the sensors, and then take the jewel. And so I began my descent. Lowering myself down, I was putting my faith in Jack that his timing is correct and the two guards hired for security were at the other end of the building. If we timed this right, I’d be back up into the vent before they got back, and they’d never notice the jewel had been replaced by a replica. I slowly lowered myself to the ground, making very little sound when I touched the floor with my boots. Creeping up to the panel on the side of the basic white pedestal the jewel was displayed on, I quickly plugged in the device Jack had prepared for me. I didn’t know exactly how it worked as he liked to keep some secrets, but thankfully it worked perfectly as I took the jewel from its display without so much as a sound. No alarms, no security... maybe this wouldn’t go bad like I was expecting! Carefully placing the jewel in my backpack, I took the replica out and placed it back on the pedestal. Pressing the button on the pager-like device, the security system started up again, returning back to normal. ‘Perfect!’ “Good job. Now get back up into the vent. You’ve got sixty seconds!” Jack instructed. I attached myself back to the cord and pressed the button on the side of grip. Quickly ascending back up into the ceiling, I reached the vent in seconds, pulling the rope back up with me. “Good job. Now put the grate back on.” Jack talked down to me like a child again, infuriating me. “I know...” I whispered angrily into the comms. “I know you know, but I’m still going to remind you.” “Stop treating me like a child. I’m older than you!” I nearly yelled, but got myself under control quickly enough to whisper it. “Stop arguing!” Christian yelled, causing us both to shut up immediately. Carefully and silently putting the grate back into place, I climbed back out of the vent, up back on to the rooftop, where I quickly put the other grate back in place. “Where’s Emily?” I asked, looking over the side of the large building at the street lit up by the street lamps. I couldn’t spot any cars or anything, it was strangely quiet, even if it was in the middle of night. ‘Good thing I’m not scared of heights or anything, or this would kill me.’ “She’s on the next street over. Get back down to street level and head over there.” “On it.” And so I climbed down the side of the building, using the ladders available, making sure not to leave any evidence that anyone had been here. If everything has gone according to plan, they’ll never know I was here or that the jewel had been switched. As I reached street level, I unzipped my jacket and tied it around my waist by the sleeves. Letting my jet black hair down from the ponytail it was in, I ran my fingers through it after having it up for so long. “Much better. Now... where’s Emily...” I said as I wandered off down the road to find my ride back. ========================================================== I hope everyone enjoys this new story as it goes on! Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Thank you to all my patrons for their support! Don't forget, the next 4 chapters are available on my Patreon, which can be found here if you go for the second tier. You get two weeks early access to chapters of Witch in Training, Glitch in Nanny and Thief in Service. New chapters of Witch in Training and Thief in Service every Wednesday/Sunday! Glitch in Nanny on Monday/Friday! Also just a quick note: I don't mind people saving this story for personal reading. But I'd appreciate it if people didn't post it elsewhere, even if you're just suggesting it to other people. If you want to show others, please send them a link to the first page of this post! Thanks! ?
  22. Hiya everyone, if the title looks familiar-- it's because I decided to completely revise my story lol (I was previously under the user smushtum!) I wanted my writing to be better, and I wanted to take the plot in another direction. There will be changes, nothing too monumental though (hopefully ?) I'm hoping to have Chapter 2 up later this week as well! As always, I'm inspired by almost every author here! Tell me what you think of the rewrite, especially if you read the original Thanks ? Chapter One Laurie wheezed out another strangled breath as her feet crunched against the muddied gravel. Her damp top clung to her back like a second skin.Trying to quell her growing panic, she paused to take a deeper breath. Laurie couldn’t remember how she got here, and didn’t recognize where she was. The last thing she could recall was..well, she didn’t really know. Laurie seriously questioned if she was in the throes of some kind of fugue episode. In her eyes it was fair enough, young adult life and college courses were enough to fry anyone’s brain.After shutting her eyes and taking a couple more deep breaths, Laurie forced herself to take a closer look at her surroundings. Whatever happened, she couldn’t be that far from her campus,right?The only way to figure things out was to stay level-headed, after all, she’d gotten this far doing so. Lifting her gaze, she hesitantly peered around. Laurie found herself in a damp and shadowy alley. Compartmentalizing any anxious thoughts that arose, she desperately looked around for anything familiar. Wait…Wait. Why the hell is everything so big? Craning her neck, Laurie found that she had to tilt her head all the way back to see the top of the buildings that hugged the alley. I mean, they could just be really big buildings? But there definitely aren’t any buildings like this near my school.. Gathering up her resolve, she decided seeing what was outside of the alley was a necessity. However..the thought of even leaving her gross little hidey-hole twisted Laurie’s stomach into knots. ..But,why? She chided herself for being so anxious. After all,people lose their way and get lost sometimes–it happens. Super common. Yet, no matter how Laurie tried to talk herself down, she couldn’t completely shake her uneasiness. Ready to yank off the proverbial band-aid, Laurie hastily strode towards the entrance of the alley. As she grew closer, the racket from the nameless city overtook her. Shifting her body behind one of the buildings that was near, Laurie poked her head out. What she saw caused her jaw to drop. Laurie stood in awe– There were tons of..well,giants. Enormous women, men, and everything in between paroused the sidewalks. Everyone she saw averaged about 3 to 5 feet taller than her. Was she hallucinating? ..Was she drugged or something? She had absolutely no clue what to make of what she saw. Shit, maybe I really am working myself too hard. Laurie continued to watch for a bit; everyone hurriedly bustled around—much like citizens of a typical city. Large men in starchy business suits flew by the alley,far too focused on getting to their destinations to notice the small girl. Contrarily, many of the ladies Laurie saw seemed to strut by in a very leisurely manner. The majority of the giantesses were accompanied by their children; whether the tots were stroller-bound, harnessed to the chests of their Mothers, or simply carried around – there seemed to be a high frequency of babies out today. There were many different kinds of people passing by, but it was the parents and their children who drew in her gaze. Although.. the longer Laurie watched, the more something didn’t feel right. Something was definitely..very off. Reasoning with herself, she figured that by comparison, most babies would be bigger--wherever she was. That made sense. However, the way all the toddlers were dressed escaped her comprehension. To Laurie, many of their outfits were extremely over the top, especially on what looked to be the little girls. Grimacing, she thought it was all a bit too weird..pastel lace and abundant frills seemed to swallow up their forms. Bonnets,mittens and huge puffy diapers also appeared to be the norm. Everything was passing Laurie by so fast, it was a lot to process; yet, she refused to draw her gaze away. She was still bursting with anxiety–but now, curiosity accompanied her worry. It was in that moment that one of the passersby captured Laurie’s attention; the passerby in question being a little mousy haired girl with her Mother. Caked in infantile regalia, the toddler wore a lavender bonnet and contrasting pale yellow mittens; the dress was also definitely...something. It was large and fluffy, accented with a myriad of embroidered flowers. Funnily enough, despite the size and flounciness of the dress, it did nothing to really conceal the girl’s diaper. Studying the girl’s diaper, she wrinkled her nose when she noticed the yellowy hue. That kid could use a change. Laurie continued to follow the pair’s movements with an intense squint; the Mother had the little girl’s head pressed to her sizable bosom, cooing at her nonstop. As they walked directly in front of the alleyway, Laurie’s eyes met the toddlers. And what Laurie saw in the girl’s eyes unnerved her more than anything else. More than the giants, more than the amnesia; looking into the child’s eyes, she saw..nothing. The toddler’s gaze was moony as her head bobbed along with her carer’s stride, drool glistened on her chin as Laurie continued to stare in disbelief. Now that the pair was only 1-2 feet from her..she was able to put her finger on why the babies here looked so..peculiar. She.. doesn’t actually look like a toddler at all. Laurie discovered that the girl perched on her Mother was about the same size as her; she was also able to make out the outline of..well, boobs. Toddlers don’t have boobs. Oh. That’s absolutely fucked. “Hi! Mommy look theres–” With a gasp, Laurie yanked herself back into the alley; squeezing her eyes shut, she tried to erase the sight. Laurie could only pray that she hadn’t been noticed by the large woman. Pressing her back up against the dusty brick wall of the building, she made herself as small as possible. “What is it Pumpkin?..Did you see another alley kitty?” Laurie listened to the Motherly voice trail off as the pair cleared the alleyway. Holding her breath, she waited until she was certain they were gone. Silently thanking the universe, she sank down to her bottom; as the wet asphalt dampened her jeans, her mind went into overdrive. So, what was that?? It was completely bizarre. Laurie was starting to acknowledge that she was way in over her head..absolutely out of her element, and maybe, mind. Swiping her clammy hands at her hairline in exasperation,she looked around. Finally spotting the gigantic trash bags and cans that littered the alley, Laurie considered hiding. Staying put till she knew what was what..until she figured something out. No. No, that was stupid. Groaning, Laurie buried her face in her hands. She’d spent at least 45 minutes pacing the mucky alley with no real plan; she had no phone, no keys, no anything. How was she even going to get home with no identification? Tears began to sting her eyes, threatening to spill over. Maybe she could try to find something to use as a weapon? Were the giants..nice?? Abruptly recalling the grown woman she saw dressed in a diaper, Laurie winced. I..no, nope. I don’t trust them. How was she going to find help if she couldn’t trust anyone? As more uncertainty clouded her mind, she began to hyperventilate. She shuddered, feeling the sweat bead on her forehead. Okay. Okay, Okay. Calm down. Laurie had to keep her head. There was no way she was going to launch herself into a full fledged asthma attack;especially since she had no idea where her inhaler was. Breathing slowly through her nose, her mind gravitated back towards the possibility of seeking help. Again, something was telling Laurie she couldn’t fully trust any of the oversized citizens she saw–but, she knew she had to talk someone to even try getting home. She attempted to weigh the pros and cons: she had no money, no way of contacting anyone, and no transportation. Oh. And, I can’t remember shit. Laurie anxiously chewed her lip, trying to think of something positive. I mean, if anything got hairy..I could always run. That was a pro, right? Being a fair amount smaller than everyone she saw, Laurie was sure she’d be able to outrun at least one of them if she needed to. She let out a congested giggle, picturing herself running away from the giants reminded her of Tom and Jerry. But hopefully, if it came to that Laurie would never get caught. Obviously, with her present emotional state and lack of inhaler, running was a last resort. Summoning her resolve once more, Laurie slowly rose up, letting the brick wall support her. She was going to ask for help. She was an adult, and with luck--they’d treat her as one. Maybe Laurie could call out? Only loud enough to get one of them to notice her. She even thought about the possibility of asking about where the nearest police station was; or, maybe even seeing if someone could make a call for her? She’d be polite and cordial– but, deep down her guard would be up. Chewing her lip, Laurie criticized her usual naivete. She’d never understand how someone could have so much common sense..yet lack it. More than a few people had gotten over on her, and Laurie knew she could be overly trusting. Sighing, she acknowledged that this needed to be one of the scenarios where she didn’t give anyone the benefit of the doubt..something was weird here, and it’d be rational to assume that everyone didn’t have the best of intentions. She'd buck up and act like the 20 year old she was, even though she was scared shitless. Beyond Shitless, actually. Gazing into the murky puddle near her feet, she tried to erase any trace of prior panic and tears from her face. Jesus..I didn’t think I was crying that much.. Laurie’s tawny skin was moist from the tears she’d shed; groaning at the puffiness of her eyes, she swiped at her cheeks. Something told her that she really couldn’t risk looking vulnerable..especially here and now. Closing her eyes, she allowed herself a few more shaky breaths. Looking at her reflection again, Laurie was thankful to find that her face was mostly dry. As she squinted into the puddle,she found that her nose still remained a dusky red color. Inflating her cheeks in disdain, she moved on, attempting to fix her dark kinky curls. Fluffing out the single bun it was puffed into, Laurie appreciated the familiarity of the tiny ritual. Her clothes were mussed and dirty, but she was still her, and she was still here. Laurie would be able to deal, she was sure of it. Upon further inspection of her clothes, her tiny bubble of optimism burst; the light pink sweater Laurie wore was covered in a gray film, and her jeans weren’t any better. This is one of my favorite sweaters..these damn stains better come out. Straightening herself out, she peeked out of the alleyway again. Almost instantly, she spotted a red haired giantess..and she was approaching very quickly. Was she heading to work? Something else? Laurie's palms grew sweaty as she looked the woman up and down. Dressed in a charcoal pencil skirt and a blue flowered blouse…she looked nice? --And well, pretty. Lightly snorting, Laurie shook her head. Get a grip dude, really? Perving on a giant lady?...C'mon. Well, at least she looked friendly, and hopefully just as helpful. Even from a distance, the large woman gave off an air of warmth. At almost ten feet, Laurie thought it was odd-- of course she was still intimidated, but the giantess definitely looked close to Laurie’s age. The woman's cheeks possessed a modest sprinkling of freckles, which only made her look more youthful. Tugging on the hem of her sweater, Laurie decided the lady must have stood out to her for a reason, and certainly one besides attractiveness. She looked safe..enough. Ok, Ok– just do it. Craning half of her body out of the alley, she forced herself into the approaching woman’s line of sight. Laurie winced at the sun’s rays, waving her arms to capture the giant's attention. “Uh..H-Hi! I was wondering--”
  23. You stand alone in the cereal aisle of the grocery store pondering the health benefits of cocoa puffs versus cocoa crispies. The cacauphony of sunday afternoon shoppers in the background serve as tender white noise as the familiar pangs hit you. You bend down like your habit dictates and you relax whatever weak muscles stand in the way of your bodily functions. The warmth spreads across your crotch with the smile on your face. You sigh and arise to reassess the sugary dilemna. Just as you made a decision- WHAM! A loud thud reverberates throughout the once empty aisle as you turn to be greeted by a woman dressed in a green tank top and frayed dark blue jeans. She smiles at you before saying, "Sorry about that- sometimes I get too excited to pat a baby butt!" You blush, you've never seen this woman before in your life. "Why did you do that? That was so rude!" You uphold your stance. This was harassment. Assault of your butt at the very least. You could sue. You should sue! She leans over towards your ear, "Sorry- I just thought that the baby was too distracted by the feeling in their diapers to make a decision. or was I wrong?" She pulls back smirking, never breaking eye contact. You stand there stunned. Head empty, diaper full was supposed to be a bad meme. Yet here you are. Blushing, you respond, "How did you know? I mean, I feel like I'm being discreet" You are! Wearing a character shirt and baggy sweatpants, you are the definition of discreet. The FBI should recruit you for being able to hide in plain sight so well! Then you adjust yourself, hear the crinkle and blush. You and her share a knowing smile before she responds. "It also helps that you posted about coming here online. Don't worry im not a stalker or anything! I just walked by after reading that and connected the dots" You blush again, "Oh- so you uhh... You follow me on there? Thats crazy! So umm... you want an autograph or...?" She quickly says, "No- no I'm so sorry. I dont know what I wanted really. Just wanted to say hi I guess and maybe tease you a bit. But umm..oh.."she looks down. You follow her gaze to see that since you got up, a massive wet spot has cascaded down your thigh in two obvious lines. You blush all the more and move to be flat with the display, panicked. She sees your response and raises her hands towards you in a calm motion "Its okay" she says, "I brought some stuff with me in my car that I think can help out. Might be embarrassing for a bit- but not as embarrasaing or uncomfortable as... this" she gestures towards your whole self. "Go to the next section over at the pharmacy and wait for me in the family restroom there. Ill meet you there. Ill knock three times in a row so you know its me okay? Now hurry! I'll be right there!" She ran towards the stores entrance and you...did as she asked. Too stressed to do anything else. You panicked when you saw the family restroom was occupied. Though thankfully it was in an alcove that gave you a neccesary space to hide your shame as you waited. Moments later a woman exited holding her child's hand. "You did so good in there miranda! Soon you wont need those pull ups at all! You're getting to be such a big girl!" The woman announced excitedly. Thankfully they both left quickly paying you no heed as you managed to vulture the restroom from them. You waited anxiously for the woman to arrive as promised. Though the time was more likely just a few minutes it felt like an eternity. Feelings of stress, hopelessness, and abandonment riled through you as you paced in the restroom. Finally, three promised knocks! Without hesitation, you opened the door for the woman from earlier as she barged into the restroom. She locked the door behind her when you noticed what was strewn across her arm. A fresh horror set in as your face become redder than the ripest tomatoes in produce. It was a diaper bag. A very large, very obvious, diaper bag. It was pastel blue and decorated with winnie the pooh characters, wipes and powder could even be seen sticking out of the top of it. She turned around, took out a blanket and placed it on the floor, "lay down" she ordered. "What? But-" You interjectef. "No buts! Except for yours. On the ground. Understood? Or do you not want my help and feel up to walking out of here with everyone seeing you walk out of here in an obviously leaky diaper? This is the sunday crowd. You saw all those people right?" You nod silently, and relent. There was really no other option it would seem. So you laid down on the blanket. It was warm, and soft. A contrast to the cold tile in the rest of the family restroom. "...Okay I guess I can take your pants off for you" You move to do it for her, but by then your pants are already half removed and your leaky diaper is exposed. So there you are. In the family bathroom of a major grocery store, about to have your diapers changed by a complete stranger. The BABY pattern felt appropriate. You blush throughout the entire change. She even calls out seeing you start to get excited by the situation. But after some more teasing and fussing, youre in a clean diaper again. You stand up, only for recall your sweatpants are unwearable. "In ya go!" She cheerfully announced. You look to see that the woman already has a replacement lined up for you. Denim shortalls. While these arent absurdly babyish, they were far outside your normal comfort zone. You look at her, unsure. "What-did you bring something better? This is all ive got little one!" You blush and step inside of them. The woman disposes of your used diaper and you both step outside together. She goes to hold your hand, "Cant have you run away with my clothes now can I? Lets finish each others hopping and then we can get everything else figured out!" You blush and nod. Too embarrassed to think of putting up any argument. You both finish your shopping. At the end you go to her car to load her groceries. She hands you her reciept with her phone number on it, "You were very well behaved in there for me. Keep the clothes" You blush, say thanks and wave her goodbye. Later, you text her and her first response is, "Surprised that u didnt just ask me 2 buy u sum new pants or something from the clothing section. I guess you really are a baby- couldnt go 10 minutes w/o a diaper huh?" You blush and smile to yourself.
  24. I had inspiration for a one-off today, so I wrote it. Enjoy. __________________ The Talk Honey, could you come downstairs please? We need to talk … You’re not in trouble, but we need to have a little chat. There you are. Come sit next to me. Did I tell you you’re looking handsome today? Cuz you are. O, don’t roll your eyes at me. I know you’re perpetually embarrassed by your stepmom, but you’re eighteen, a little old to still be blushing every time I give you a compliment. Here’s another compliment: I’m proud of you. You’re doing so well at school, and you’re adjusting so well. You even followed the no-pants at home rule without my even reminding you today. I know it’s silly to you, but it really helps me keep an eye on your diapers. Speaking of, lemme check … Just as I thought, damp but you don’t need a change. And clean too. And don’t go making your pouty face. I can see when you’re wet and I can usually smell when you’re messy, but I can’t always tell if you’re wet enough to need changed, and sometimes you have those small poopy accidents, and I can’t tell if you passed gas or just made a very small mess, or if you’re about to make a much bigger mess in your diaper. That’s why sometimes when you’re poopy you have to wait for a change, so I can make sure you’re all done. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about how you’re doing such a good job adjusting to being back in diapers. Remember when I first put you back in diapers, how hard you cried? I didn’t cry because I wanted to be brave for you, but I was crying on the inside because when you’re not happy, I’m not happy. That’s what it’s like being a mom, even a stepmom and even when her baby is eighteen. You cried so hard I thought my heart would break for you. And then the tantrums, o my gosh. All that yelling about how you don’t need diapers and your accidents weren’t that bad and how you’re a grownup and can make your own choices. But you never stopped me from changing your pampers or ever took them off on your own, and that told me you knew deep down you need your diapers and that I’d made the right choice by not giving you a choice. I’m just so glad you stopped having those tantrums before I had to spank your bottom. It's been almost two years since your last spanking. You hated it so much then and went on and on about how you were too old for it. Remember how you would argue you were too big even when you were over my lap, and you’d keep arguing right up until the first spank? Then the sniffling and the tears. I didn’t like spanking your bottom then, and I didn’t want to have to start doing it again. Imagine how you’d feel thinking your spanking days were behind you and then getting turned over my knee, having your wet diaper pulled down, and having your stepmom spank your bare fanny until you were a sniffling, crying mess with your feet kicking and your nose running just like when you were little. Just imagine yourself as technically an adult, coming off your stepmommy’s lap holding your little red bottom and doing the spanky dance from foot to foot with your privates on display but too worried about your sore bottom to even think to be modest. Don’t think it can’t still happen by the way, but I hope your spanking days are over just like you do. Imagine how your diapers would hold in the heat of your spanking. With how often you’re wetting, I wouldn’t even be able to put you in the corner bare bottom anymore. I’d have to diaper you again right away and it would keep your poor bottom so warm, and anybody visiting would be able to see your spanked red thighs peeking out from under your diaper, as if you in the corner sniffling and with those big tear streaks on your face wouldn’t tell them you’d just gotten off stepmommy’s lap. Anyway, I’m so glad just the threat of a spanking, and a few warning swats to your bottom, were enough to put a stop to those tantrums. I think you’d pee all over me during your spankings, but more importantly, I never liked having to spank your bottom no matter how naughty your choices were. We’re both lucky those few spanks I gave you when you were legs up on the changing table finally got through: let stepmommy do what’s best for you, put you back into diapers, or you’d be in for one heckuva trip over my knee for a bare bottom spanking with my hand and hairbrush. But phew! No need for that kind of discipline, and you’re doing so well adjusting not just at home but at school. Remember your first week back at school in diapers? That very first day, we went to the nurse’s office to drop off your diapers and changing supplies. You were so upset because the diapers wouldn’t fit in any bag we had, and you had to carry the two packages through the hallways. If I was embarrassed for you to be back in diapers, I can only imagine how you must’ve felt walking past all your schoolmates and teachers. Nurse Jenny was very nice about it all. She wanted you back in diapers two years ago because of your accidents, but I kept saying you’d get past it, that the doctors would figure it out and I didn’t want to hurt your self-esteem by putting you back in pampers like I was giving up on you ever using the potty again. Nurse Jenny tried to tell me how much worse for your self-esteem it must be having accidents in your pants that everyone could see, but I thought I knew best. Three outfits a day you were going through before we tried pull-ups, and those were so leaky you were still coming home in different pants than I sent you to school in. And socks, and sometimes even shoes. Remember how icky it felt when your weewee accidents would run down your legs into your shoes? Poor little lamb. It was your stinky accidents that changed my mind. I tried to tell myself they were one-offs, but Nurse Jenny was adamant. I still didn’t believe it, and I felt sorry for her having to help you clean up after those times you messed your goodnites, but I thought I was doing what was best for you. Even if, as you and I learned too many times, goodnites just aren’t made to hold the kinds of accidents a big kid – sorry, young adult – like you can have in them. Dirty pull-ups, dirty pants … Let’s face it: dirty diapers are much better, if we’re grading on a curve. Cleanup on someone your size isn’t easy, heaven knows, but much easier to clean up your dirty diapers. At least everything usually stays in your diaper. Blowouts happen – heaven and everyone else shopping at Walmart that day knows that too – but more stinky accidents than not were blowouts when you were having them in your goodnites. It was almost as bad as when you browning your tighty whiteys twice a day. Bottoming out your huggies is, well, not convenient, but more convenient, don’t you think? Of you course you do. And hasn’t Nurse Jenny been so nice? She didn’t get cross when you disobeyed her and she had to go pull you out of class to change your diaper even though you knew to go to her when you needed changed. Remember what the three of us talked about? … That’s right: your diapers can’t help you if you don’t get them changed. They’re not any better than your tighty whiteys if you sit in class until they’re sopping wet cuz you're afraid someone will wonder why you’re leaving class and don’t need to ask permission, or if they hear your crinkling or see you waddling. You’ve even learned to walk in your diapers with barely any waddling at all unless they’re soaked or full. You don’t even cry anymore when you need to go see Nurse Jenny. Yes, she told me about how you’d shown up at her office door sniffling those first few days, wearing such a sad frown almost pleading to get you into something dry and clean. And I know you don’t like the way she baby talks to you during your diaper changes, but if it helps her get through a yucky job, more power to her. Besides, she sent me a video of one of your changes like I asked her to, and I don’t think her baby talk was over the top or too embarrassing. You are a much tush huggy fudger at least twice and usually three times a day. There’s no use denying it, and you may have been pouting in that video and trying to look all grumpy and grown up, but I saw how you giggled and squirmed when she tickled your sides and blew that great big raspberry on your tummy. No use denying that you liked it. That’s why I started doing it at home. You can’t hide the little squees and smiles you make when I tickle your tummy any more than you can hide what you do in your diapers. And isn’t baby talk better than awkward silence like you have something to be ashamed of? Because you don’t. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You can’t help your accidents. That’s why you’re back in diapers, like a toddler who could be potty trained but for whatever reason isn’t it, except you’re an adult. And that’s okay, and you now that now, and I’m proud. And you’re doing so well socially. I know it was hard at first, but it did take longer for word to get around that you were back in diapers. You said it would happen by lunch time that first day, but it took the whole day … Yes, that is a meaningful difference. Trust me, I know these things. That’s why I’m the stepmommy. A few people saw you carrying them into school, but I suspect a lot of people thought that was just a rumor when word started to get around. Then you had that leak in class when you didn’t go to Nurse Jenny. Most of your classmates thought it was just another one of your accidents, and they were used to those. I bet the girls who babysit must’ve recognized those two half-moons on your cheeks as a leaky diaper. Nothing else leaves wet spots like those except huggies that just can’t hold anymore, but they didn’t know for sure. But it wasn’t until gym … Don’t make that grumpy face with me. We’ve been over this. I know the school would have excused you from gym, but you need the exercise, and if you have to take gym, you have to change for it. It’s not my fault there’s nowhere private for you to change for gym. Anyway, it wasn’t until gym that the rumors were confirmed. Remember how upset you were? I had to come up to school just to calm you down, sitting in the coach’s office until you stopped crying. My boss wasn’t happy – so much missed work leaving work to bring you fresh clothes, but when I explained our new solution, she agreed anything I needed to do to get you used to your new “underpants” would make me a better, more productive worker in the long term … I’m not verbally putting quotations marks around “underpants” when I refer to your diapers as “underpants.” You always say I do that, and I don’t have any idea what you mean. Anyway, when your new “underpants,” became common knowledge, and you had a good cry with me about how embarrassing it was and how it was even more embarrassing that everyone knew you were in coach’s office crying with your stepmom cuz everyone saw your new “underpants” and you felt like such a baby, I said it would al turn out okay, and I was right, wasn’t I? Of course I was. I know there are bullies who still tease you, but almost everyone in the whole school knew about your accidents already. So many accidents – big ones, small ones, wet ones, stinky ones – it was common knowledge you had them. I’d be at the beauty parlor and one of the other women would be talking about how their teen said one of their peers had a big accident in their pants at school, and I’d blush just like you are right now and not say a word when all the women agreed someone who has those kinds of accidents should be back in diapers even if they are eighteen. It seemed like most of the town knew someone who knew someone who had seen or heard about your problem, and it’s not like we live in a small town. I’m just sorry that it seems like everyone knew you needed to be back in diapers before I was ready to admit it to myself. But other than the bullies, you’d had so many accidents and so many destroyed pull-ups that most of your classmates didn’t even make fun when they found out you were wearing diapers at school. They knew you needed diapers even before I did. Remember what they used to say? “Ew, gross, they should be in diapers.” I know most of them were teasing, but they had a point. And I’m sure it doesn’t bother them that you aren’t leaving puddles in the classroom or interrupting class. No more “Mrs. So-and-so? It happened again,” and the teacher had to ask if you had an accident in your pants again, and you’d deny it right to their faces until they made you stand up and then sent you to Nurse Jenny, and then the custodian having to come in and clean up if it got everywhere. I don’t know if you know this, but in the other sections, no one would sit in the same chair as you. And as smelly as your poopy diapers can be, they’re still better than poopy pants. Your social life actually improved when I put you back in diapers. You're not eating lunch alone anymore cuz people aren’t afraid you’ll pee on them if they’re sitting next to you. Isn’t it nice eating with your classmates? And I bet you like the attention you’re getting from the girls in your class. It’s not exactly romantic attention, like we talked about when you thought maybe that one girl liked you. It’s more like they think of you as their younger sibling. That’s why it’s the girls who’ve stood up to the bullies for you more than the boys, though plenty of boys have stuck up for you too. Isn’t that nice of them, telling the bullies to mind their own business and that you can’t help it if you still need diapers because your dirty your undies and isn’t that better than what it was like sharing a classroom with you before? That sure did shut up the bullies; well, most of them. You don’t even come home crying anymore. I’m so proud of you for that. You can even play sports again if you want. I know you worry about waddling on the field or going two hours without a change, but we can double-diaper you like we do for car rides, movies, church, going out to eat, shopping, the park, and the beach. I know everybody can tell you’re wearing diapers when you’re doubled up, but isn’t that just proof that no one will make fun? If they all know and no one – well, almost no one – points or laughs or teases, that just proves most people will be nice about it. You even went to a party, and I know how brave of you it was to do that. We’re lucky to have a neighbor like Samantha, and luckier that she’s in your class. Isn’t it nice to have someone you’ve known your whole like come hang out with you when mom and I have a date night? … What? She’s not your babysitter, sweetie, we’ve talked about that many times. She’s just a friend who comes over to spend time with you when we’re not around. Really. I know it’s embarrassing for you when she changes your diaper, but it’s embarrassing for her too, not to mention yucky. It’s been so nice of her to take you places too, like that party. When I was your age, disappearing into a bedroom at a party would start all kinds of rumors; I know she was worried about that because the two of us talked about it, but I assured her everyone would know she was just helping you change your pampers, and I was right. People would’ve assumed that even if I didn’t tell her to leave your soaked diaper at the top of the trash in the kitchen just to be sure. Everybody already knows you wear diapers. Isn’t it better for people to know you were just getting your diaper changed and not that have any confusion or rumors that you had intercourse with her? You don’t want a reputation for being easy or loose or “scoring” with women, do you?. Neither does Samantha. She told me the last thing she wanted was for people to think the two of you were having sex or, worse, that you’re dating. It’s so wonderful to have a good, virtuous girl who thinks not only of her own reputation but yours as well for a friend, isn’t it? I know you have your urges, of course, which are perfectly natural. You can’t help those any more than you can help everything else to do with your diaper area. We don’t have to talk about birds and bees you’re not ready, but just know that when you’re read to discuss love and relations, I’m here for you. I just hope it’s before you leave for college. In the meantime, it’s best if we both just keep pretending you don’t do anything in your diapers except pee and poop yourself. I spoke with Pastor Sarah, and she agrees some things are better left undiscussed. She was so eager to have that conversation over; “Please, let’s just stop talking about it and pretend this never happened,” she said. She really lives by her word, as a pastor should. And she was so wonderful in organizing that fundraiser so the men’s bible study group could you build you a changing table in the mother’s room for when you pack your pampers during services. The acoustics really are something in there, aren’t they? So anyway, I just wanted to say how proud I am of you. I know it’s been hard, and I know the future can be scary sometimes, but you’re doing so good. It’s so hard being eighteen and ready to be a grownup but still needing diapers, but I really do believe the further you get into adulthood, the easier wearing diapers will be for you, if only because you’ll get even more used to it than you’ve already gotten. It’s so much easier already and it’s only been a month, right? What a month! And you have so many people who will help you. Such a loving community. And you know you can always come to me for anything. I love you, and I always will. You’ll be stepmommy’s little diaper butt no matter how old you get. Awww, there you go blushing again. Gimme a hug, and then let’s go get your pants changed. If I’m not mistaken – and I’m definitely, definitely not – you’ve been filling your diaper this whole time. March your butt straight to the changing table, stinky pants, and we’ll get you clean and dry and happy in no time. Well, about twenty minutes judging by your waddle, but we’re getting faster at it every day, handsome. Scoot!
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