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  1. Hey everyone! Welcome to Academy II, the final installment of Academy Works. The title is unlike previous installments, using a roman numeral instead of a letter. This is a play off Academy I, the first in the series, but it also has a few other meanings. You will quickly find that A2 is very different to the other stories! If you haven't read any Academy Works stories, there are six others in this universe. They are as follows: Academy I (Part 1), Academy B (Part 2), Academy T (Part 3), Academy K (Part 4), Academy A (Part 5), and Academy M (Part 6). Since this is the final book in the series, reading all of the previous ones will help you understand what's going on. I strongly encourage it. But if you want to jump right in on this one, I think you'll still have a good time. Thanks to all my readers and fans over the past few years. I hope this conclusion is everything you wanted it to be. You can support my work at this Patreon link, or this SubscribeStar link. ~Mia~ --------------------------------- Academy II will operate a bit differently than previous stories. Updates will be multiple chapters at once, with a bit of a twist. Please be patient and thoughtful with this new format. ❤️ Take it away, Soph. ---------------------------------
  2. Hi guys! Here are the first two chapters for Araceli's Descent Into Babyhood. You can find chapter three and four already added to my website: The Padded Playground. There are new stories like Finding Mommy, Bully - A Mother's Forced Regression, and more. Be sure to check them out. Araceli's Descent Into Babyhood Lena looked around the room. It was a nursery, but everything was bigger than normal. A play pen in the middle filled with blankets and toys that could fit multiple adults in it. A crib on one corner, big enough for two adult women, and that crib wasn’t empty. Inside, a woman with olive skin and dark brown messy hair slept peacefully. She was naked but for a diaper, which was clearly wet. Araceli was sucking her thumb, probably dreaming about her past life. A life she had spent in the streets of Lima, begging for money to support herself and her children. Now, here she was, in America. In Lena’s home, sleeping like a baby, for a lack of a better word. Lena turned to see the camera pointed at the crib, recording Araceli’s every movement. And she couldn’t help but thinking about how she had made everything possible. How she turned the beggar mother into an ABDL superstar around the world. If the baby wasn’t sleeping she would’ve laughed diabolically. It was, after all, something only a villain would’ve done. Turn a mother from the streets into her perfect baby angel, submissive to her every command. Lena could’t deny it, she was proud of it. Chapter 1 Lena’s New Idea Lena looked at her phone and the endless notifications from her last post. It was a simple photo shoot of her wetting her diaper and then getting changed by a random fan she chose. It had gotten a lot of interactions; everyone wanted to have been that fan, and that kept her followers wanting more. But, if she was honest with herself, it wasn't the same anymore. She sighed, looking down the car window. The city was unlike anything she had seen before. A beautiful and endless green pier at the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean and she wasn't even in the nice part of the city yet. Perhaps, in the future, she thought, she could leave it behind. The idea of having to wear diapers and wetting or messing them up to make money for the rest of her life didn't seem as enticing as when she started selling content. She was running out of ideas to keep her followers satisfied. True, it gave her enough money to live a comfortable life. Not something the average ABDL content creator could say, but then again, not everyone had her hourglass figure and piercing blue eyes combined with long blonde hair, making her look like a baby Viking goddess when she was on character. At almost twenty-five, Lena couldn't have asked for better genetics. Her thoughts came back to the present when the car stopped, and she went down. The warmth of Lima radiated against her porcelain skin as she strolled past the elegant facade of the five-star hotel. In the heart of Lima's touristic district, restaurants and malls and beautiful parks were everywhere. And yet, on the streets, beggars. The taxi driver had told her they were Venezuelans, escaping from the horrors of socialism in their own country. Though, he pointed out, it wasn't that much better in Peru. Lena didn't know what to say, so she just nodded and smiled. Politics weren’t her thing. If anything, she just wanted to pay as little taxes as possible and not be bothered by anyone. But, confronted with it now, she felt sad for them. Something she could’ve just shake off once she was inside the hotel and that would’ve been it. And then it happened. She saw her first. Amidst the crowd, a woman in her late thirties with a beautiful tan, olive skin, and the deepest black eyes. She was tall for a Latina but with the natural curves of her people. Big breasts and a soft face, almost too soft for someone living in the streets. At that moment, Lena got an idea that would change her life and the life of that beautiful older woman who was asking for money from any and every tourist. Could it actually be possible that the beggar was the answer to her question? "Welcome to the Lima J.W. Marriott," said the guard, bringing her back into reality and helping Lena with her luggage. Lena didn’t answer. She was deep in thought. She didn’t want to be rude. No. But there was an idea forming in her mind. She felt the diaper around her crotch getting warmer. And the feeling of her urine against her skin confirmed what she wanted. She wanted out, and this was her opportunity. "Miss?" the guard asked again. "Could you get them inside," asked Lena, "I'll be back in a second. Thanks.” She rushed off, almost running, though the thick diaper wouldn’t allow too much movement. She rushed towards the woman she had seen, and stopped only when she was close enough to see her better. Her eyes had not lie. If she were clean and better fed, the mature woman could’ve been a former model. One of those Venezuelan ones that used to win every Miss Universe competition. "Excuse me," Lena began tentatively, not wanting to offend or scare the struggling mature woman, “Excuse me.” "Disculpe?" asked the woman, “Tiene dinero?” Lena smiled, giving her a ten-dollar bill, "English?" The woman nodded, "Little." "What's your name?” "Araceli." Looking at her closely, Lena could spot the dirt and stains in Araceli's clothing. She had probably haven't showered in a while. Her hair was messy and chaotic. She had lines around her eyes and dry lips. And yet, there was potential there that remained undiscovered. Exotic and sexy and, because of the woman’s demeanor, cuteness. With the right makeover and a proper cleanup - yeah, that would work. It would be perfect, and Lena’s own excitement made her already wet diaper soaked with her own juices. She could imagine herself diapering the woman, treating her like a baby for all her followers to see. She would be the mommy, not the baby anymore. Of course, she wouldn’t give up diapers. They were more for comfort and convenience than anything else. But yes, Araceli was the ideal candidate for her little experiment. She smiled, devilishly and charmingly, "Would you like more money?" Araceli nodded vigorously, "Yes, please.” "What would you do for it?" "How much?" "A thousand. Cash, I guess you don't really have a bank account, do you?” Araceli shook her head, "What do I do?" "Do you know what a diaper is?” Araceli nodded, though her eyes were perplexed at the question, "Babies, changes.” "Yeah," said Lena, "I'll give you a thousand dollars if you let me put one on you and then let me take photos and record it. It will be classy. Just one night. In my hotel room. No one else will be there. Just you and me.” Araceli looked lost for a second before she answered, "Porn?" Lena nodded, "A type of. But nothing too sexual unless you want to. Look, it's a lot of money, not just for someone living on the streets, but in general. Think about it. If you choose to do it, come to my hotel room. I'm in the penthouse. Ask for Miss Stone." Without letting the mature woman answer, she turned around, smiling, and walked back to her hotel. She stopped by the front door, right beside the security guard who had greeted her a few minutes before. He still had her luggage and a welcoming smile. "If the woman I was talking with comes asking for me. Show her to my room," she said, hanging him a fifty-dollar bill, "There's more if you're discreet about it." The guard’s smile grew bigger, “Yes, ma’am. Welcome to Lima City." Lena entered the hotel, "I'm going to like it here." Chapter 2 Mother & Daughter Araceli looked at her daughter. She was eagerly eating the street burger she had bought for them. Ten dollars wasn't a big thing for them gringos, but for her, it was life-changing. Her daughter had not known the taste of nice food in a while, and knowing she could change that for good made Araceli consider the proposal of the crazy white lady who gave her the money. Porn? Porn? But with diapers. It just didn't sound good. She said not really porn. Nothing too sexual. Was there not going to be coitus? Was it just the diaper? Those crazy people from first-world countries were really into some weird stuff, weren't they? "Are you okay, mom?" asked Maria. She looked like a clone of her mother but in the body of a nineteen-year-old. Even malnutrition hadn't taken away her beauty, and it was her beauty they were counting on when they escaped Venezuela. But when they arrived, they realized no matter how pretty they were, there were hundreds upon hundreds of them. Most Peruvians hated them, too. There were no opportunities. Chileans hated them. Argentinians hated them. Brazilians hated them. They were banned from El Salvador. It seemed they could only go to America, but getting there was the problem. Easy to go in, difficult to get there. "Mom?" asked Maria again. Araceli looked at her daughter and smiled, "Eat, honey.” Maria did as told. Mothers, especially those from Latin countries, would do anything for their kids. And if she wanted to call herself a real mother, she needed to step up. She couldn't let her daughter starve. And they needed a home. Somewhere to live. A thousand dollars was enough to rent an apartment for three months or more if they were smart about it. Maybe buy some cheap clothes. Eat properly for a while. But the shame of what she needed to do prevented her from committing to that decision. "Mom. That's it. Tell me what's going on," said Maria once more. Her daughter had always been more bossy and dominant than herself. It had gotten her into trouble, especially in a culture that didn't allow that on women. But Maria was also smart, maybe not street smart, but smart nonetheless. Emotionally smart would be the right word. "It's nothing, honey," she said, "I just got...a proposal." "A proposal?” Araceli nodded, "Yeah, a money-type proposal." "A job?” Araceli hesitated to share more with her daughter, but they were close. Best friends. There were no secrets between them, and that alone was the only reason they had survived so far. Together, they were stronger. They complemented each other. And her hesitation faded as she explained what had happened earlier that day. "Diapers? Porn? You aren't thinking about doing this. Are you?" asked Maria. Araceli nodded, "It's a lot of money. We could find a place to live." She looked around. They were sitting in a dark park, hoping no one would force them out until the morning. "But it's no different than having sex for money! No. You won't do it. I forbid it.” "I'm the mother.” "Yes, but I'm the one that takes care of us.” "Enough," said Araceli, putting her foot down for the very first time in her life, "I'm the adult here. You're only nineteen. I decide what we do, and if I decide I'm taking the offer, I will. No discussion." There was a moment of awkward silence between the two. Araceli tried to look away, giving her daughter some sense of space. Though, they dared not to get too far away from each other at night. "If I had a room, I'd rush there and stomp the door," said Maria, and Araceli chuckled, and she did, too, "When do you have to do it?" …………………………………………… In her hotel, Lena had everything ready. She had bought diapers she was sure would fit Araceli. They had different bodies and hers wouldn’t actually cut it for what she intended. She also got more baby powder and baby wipes for diaper changes. Her camera was already set up. And she had the cash ready. She even ordered food and alcohol, perhaps, it would help break the ice. And now she waited. It would be her first time as someone's caregiver. The idea itself was exhilarating, enough to create a sense of warmness between her crotch. Knowing Araceli was vanilla and, like most people in the region, probably conservative, made the entire idea even more exciting. Controlling someone twice her age was something she had never expected, but it was a welcomed change. While she waited, she thought, why not? Her finger found their way to her wet pussy, caressing it slowly and carefully at first, thinking about the mature woman who she would soon put back in diapers. Lena was never meant to be the baby. She had always craved to be in charge. And now she was close to it and as the thought came to her mind, she reached the best climax she had had in ages. Her heart was beating fast and she was sweating slightly, and she was naked on top of the bed. It was going to be an interesting experience, that was for sure. She smiled and kept waiting. …………………………………………… Araceli didn't know what to say or how to act. Everyone in the hotel looked at her as if she had some sort of disease. She kept telling herself it was for her daughter, but she had to admit, that it was mostly for her. She wanted a better life. A different life. Her daughter didn’t mind. She didn’t lost everything when communism destroyed her country. She was born in poverty already, and it’s easier to live knowing you haven’t lost anything than it is to accept what you had is gone. She sighed as she found her way around the hotel hallways and stairs. She dared not take the elevator. Her smell alone would make it unpleasant for everyone, so she took the long route to the penthouse floor where the security guard told her Lena would be waiting. The outside of the hotel was luxurious and elegant, but inside, it was like something out of her imagination. If this was how people lived in countries with decent economies, was it better somewhere else? America, perhaps, was as good as her acquaintances had told her. She walked down the aisles and through, looking for the room where she would earn money enough to change her daughter’s life for good. If only it didn’t mean dishonoring herself. If only she didn’t have to submit to others’ demands to survive. She cursed her luck as the thought of being diapered again by someone much younger than her rushed through her brain. Would it be that bad? She had no time to answer herself as she reached Lena’s room. Hesitant, she knocked, and within a few seconds, the door opened. She took a deep breath and stepped in. The room was dimly lit, but she could make out the figure of a woman, younger than herself, sitting on a couch. She was sipping on a glass of wine, and her eyes seemed to sparkle in the low light. The fragrance of fresh flowers filled the air, and soft, sensuous music played in the background. It was a surreal environment, so far removed from her reality that it left her feeling like she had walked into a dream. "Hola, Araceli," Lena greeted her warmly, setting her glass down on the table, "That's about as much Spanish you'll hear from me, though." There was a long pause as Araceli closed the door behind her. “Are you ready for this?” Asked Lena. Araceli nodded, hesitant about her answer, but knowing there was no other way for her.
  3. Chapter 1 Tish held the pen in her hand. She was shaking and wasn't sure she would be able to sign the document in front of her. It was partly from fear and partly from anger. She still couldn't believe this was happening to her. She felt so alone but knew that there were millions of others facing the same thing. She looked down at the legal document in front of her. She had read through it twice but it didn't matter. At the bottom of the last page were spots for two signatures. On the left was a signature line labeled "Minor Person", waiting for her to sign. How could she be a minor person when she was 20 years old? Her birthday was in 4 days. This was rediculous. On the right was a second signature line labled "Sponsor/Adult" and that line had already been signed by her friend and roommate Jenn who was sitting next to her. Tish looked up at Jenn who was waiting for her to sign. Jenn gave her a reassuring look and nodded towardsd the paper, encouraging her to sign. All Tish could think about was how unfair this was. She and Jenn were practically the same age, yet they were in entirely different situations. Jenn was only a few months older than her and she was the 'adult'? If only she had been born a week early she could have escaped what was about to happen to her. She put that out of her mind and brought the pen down and awkardly signed the paper in front of her. "Thank you Tish. I know this is awkard for everyone but just know what you are doing here could save the human race.", The woman across the table took the signed documents, quickly reviewed them for accuracy and put them in a folder. "Uh huh, that's what they say.", Tish retorted. "Tish! Don't be one of those people. You know the science is clear on this. The whole world is doing their part in this. You should be taking this more seriously.", Jenn pleaded. "Want to switch places then?", Tish snapped back. "Jenn is right. You both need to take this seriously. The documents you signed today show your committment. Jenn, since you are acting as her sponsor and guardian with regard to the new laws, you will be held just as accountable as her to follow the rules and instructions." "We understand.", Jenn confidently replied while Tish folded her arms and looked down. "Tish, I we realize this is hard for you to accept. You just missed the age cutoff by a few days but there a lot of people going through the same thing. Frankly, I haven't seen anyone as reluctant or resitant to this as you. Jenn has spent a lot of her time going through the training necessary to be your sponsor. She has sacraficed a lot of her time and is taking on a big responsibility. You are lucky to have her. There are many people who aren't so lucky! People who don't have anyone close they can depend on. Those people have to depend on complete strangers, and it won't be easy for them, but we are all in this together. I guess what I'm saying is you are a lucky, and you should realize that. So I don't want to hear of any trouble from you two, ok?" Tish looked up at Emma and Jenn. She didn't want to seem ungrateful for what Jenn was doing for her but it didn't change the fact that all this seemed uncessary and unfair. She was so sick of hearing that we were "all in this together", everyone needs to "do their part" and all the other buzzwords and phrases the media and government pushed on everyone. She was sick of it. Anyone that spoke out against these new measures was deemed to be some sort of irrational selfish jerk. "No Emma, you won't. This is just such a strange thing going on for everyone. Everyone will come around I'm sure. And maybe it won't take long to find a cure or whatever. I'm pretty hopeful about that, but until then I'm sure we'll be fine once we get going and into the routine.", Jenn stated while massaging Tish's shoulder, trying to comfort her. "That is everyone's hope Jenn. Now if you don't mind, I've got about 50 more of these appointments today for the other stragglers. Please find your starter kit on the way out. It will be labeled with both of your names. Everything you need for your first week is included. Remember your training and everything will go smoothly. Remember, we have an appointment in 1 week from today, but remember that random inspections may happen at any time. Carry your ID with you at all times. Jenn, because you look young, you may be asked for proof of age. Tish of course won't have that problem. Good luck and I'll see you in a week." Tish and Jenn walked out of the office into a lobby full of people sitting and fidgeting awkwardly. All eyes were on them as if trying to seek out any information about how their meeting went. The room was full of different people of all ages. Guys, girls, children and their parents, friends, couples holding hands, and others. Tish wondered about all of the weird situations the new law would cause for people and their relationships. She wondered about her own relationship. Her boyfriend was 22, so he was immune to the restrictions. At first it made sense that he would be her sponsor but that option was quickly removed from the table. As the laws were being debated back and forth over the many months, some lawmakers got their way that there could be no opposite sex minor/sponsor relationships unless both parties were married or the person was a legal guardian. Of course, the government failed to take into account all sorts of other lifestyles, situations, exceptions etc. It was a typical bearucratic mess that you would expect. There were protests and speeches and marches, but in the end things move so fast that is how it ended up. No solution was perfect and no side of the argument got everything they wanted. The other fact was her boyfriend lived 45 minutes away which would also be inconvenient for other reasons. Luckily he was very supportive and said he would stand by her over the next year. Jenn found the box with their names on it and they loaded it into the car. The drive home was awkard. Jenn tried to make small talk and assure Tish everything was going to be ok. "You say that, but I'm the one having to go through this. I'm just really worried about John. He says he will stick by me." "He will. I've always like John, Tish." "I know but a whole year without sex? I just don't understand why we can't, you know, do other things. Why are they being so strict with all of it?" "Tish! We've talked about this before. You know why. The future of the human race is a stake. Even if you don't believe it or whatever, it's true!" "Yeah yeah, I know.. the science. But maybe we can sneak around somehow." "Tish, you know the rules. If you get caught.. Well, and...." "What?" "Umm, it's just that messing around is going to be pretty impossible for you." "Huh? Just what does that mean? Tell me!" "I'll explain everything in a bit ok? I'm really not supposed to tell you anything until we open the box later together." "Geez Jenn, like who is going to care. But whatever, you are always the rule follower." They arrived at their apartment in about 15 minutes and took the large box inside and set it on the floor. It was Sunday afternoon and they both had to work tomorrow, but they had a little time to relax before having to get ready for tomorrow or discuss the kit. They worked around the house for awhile, made dinner and opened a bottle of wine. When they were cleaning up dinner Jenn finally broke the ice. "Tish, it's time to go through the kit. There is a little worksheet we will have to do and things to discuss. We both have busy days tomorrow so we just have to do it and get it over with." Tish had noticed a slight change in Jenn's tone. Almost an suble aire of superiority or authority. She wondered if this was how it was going to feel for the next year. "I know.. I know I'm putting it off. I still can't believe this you know?" "I know.", Jenn took Tish's hand and squeezed it as she lead her over to the box. She knew a lot more about what was going to happen than Tish did. She had been through several training classes to become Tish's sponsor. For some reason they didn't want the minors, as they were called, knowing all the details. She knew right now all over the country people were about to do what they were doing. Open these boxes and have their lives changed. She knew people were probably live streaming it, blogging and posting things on the various social media sites. She tried to ignore the noise of all that and focus on what she could best do to support her friend through this. Jenn figured that after a couple of weeks the newness of all of it would wear off and people would just have to accept that this was the way of life for awhile and the world would adapt. Jenn handed Tish a pair of scissors. Tish slid the blade across the heavy tapes and the heavy cardboard box poped open. The scent of the air from inside the box hit her nose. It was unfamiliar to her but not unpleasant. She took a deep breath and peeled back the edges and looked in.
  4. (I wrote this years ago, back in my fanfiction days. Some money may have exchanged hands for me to continue it, so I brought it back from the dead. I tried to find my original posting, but It's gone. So this is a repost with two new chapters.) The five and a half year old brown haired girl sat with her face scrunched in concentration as she stared deeply at the group of cheerios sitting on the kitchen table. MOVE! She yelled at it within her mind. “What the hell are you doing you little brat? Clean this mess off the table!” Harry Wormwood barked at his daughter. “Yes, daddy.” Matilda quickly answered swiping her hand across the table and scooping up the scattered pieces of cereal into her palm before making her way over to the trash can. “I work too damn hard for you to be wasting food like that!” The large man with the receding hairline said. “Sorry, daddy.” Matilda said returning to the table to properly pour herself a bowl of cereal this time. Matilda scooped a spoonful of cheerios in her mouth as she sat deep in thought. Maybe this was all just her imagination, Matilda thought to herself ignoring her older brother, Mikey, who had began throwing his own cereal at her. She had thought for sure she had somehow blown that TV in the living room to bits the other night. All she had done was glare at it while wishing it would break and the next thing everyone knew, it exploded! Maybe it was all just a coincidence. Maybe she had stayed up one too many nights reading past her bedtime. Matilda simply sighed again as she got up and put her empty bowl in the kitchen sink before finishing getting ready for kindergarten. Matilda slipped on her favorite blue dress before carefully brushing her hair and tying it up with her red silk ribbon. After carefully going over her “special homework” from Miss Honey (8th grade algebra) she packed up her backpack and waited by the car. Soon Matilda was on her way to her most favorite place of all-school. Matilda smiled widely as she took her seat behind her best friend after saying good morning to Miss Honey. “Want to hear something crazy?” Matilda whispered to her friend. “The other night I think I broke my families TV set; with my mind!” “I think you’ve been reading too much.” Lavender said giggling. “Yeah, I think you’re right.” Matilda agreed smiling, but suddenly frowned when she was alerted by a sudden pressure coming from her bladder. Matilda looked at the clock checking to see how much time she had before class started. If the Trunchbull found her out in the hallway even a second after the bell rang! She didn’t even want to think about that! “You okay?” Lavender asked seeing the sudden serious expression on her friends face. “I have to go to the bathroom.” Matilda admitted blushing slightly. Normally she could hold it no problem, but today was show and tell and she didn’t want to be distracted at all. Suddenly the bell rang as everyone ran to their seats before the Trunchbull made her morning rounds. Everyone jumped slightly as a large stern looking woman with her hair pulled into a tight bun holding a leather riding crop stormed in un-announced. “Surprise inspection!” The Trunchbull yelled snapping the riding crop in her hand. “Everyone on your feet!” All the children, including Miss Honey, nervously sprang up at attention. “Textbooks have been going missing from my office!” The Trunchbull said walking up and down the row of children glaring at each and everyone of them as they all nervously averted their eyes. “I think I know just who the thief is!” The Trunchbull said glaring down onto the small brown haired girl. “Wormwood! Open your backpack!” Matilda gulped as she picked up her bag and unzipped it before having it suddenly snatched out of her hand and overturned onto the floor. Textbooks of various grade levels spilled onto the ground with loud thumps as the Trunchbull bent down to pick up the Intermediate Algebra book that under normal circumstances a kindergartener should have no business carrying around. “I-t’s not what it looks like!” Matilda stuttered as she felt the back of her dress grabbed. “Oh, I think It’s exactly what it looks like!” The Trunchbull said smiling maliciously while showing off her yellowing teeth. “You’ve been stealing books out of my office!” She spat. “Ms. Trunchbull, please-” Miss Honey started to say. “Shut up, Jen.” The fat woman said grabbing a fistful of Matilda’s hair from the back of her head causing the young girl to wince in pain as her eyes watered. “I’ve caught the thief red handed! Don’t try and cover for her!” She snarled pointing the riding crop at the blond woman who looked on with a look of horror on her face. “I’m taking the brat where she belongs and if you take one step out of this classroom you're fired!” She threatened while dragging Matilda through the hall and into her office. “No, please! Not the Chokee!” Matilda begged as she was drug along. “That’s exactly where you’re going you good for nothing thief!” She yelled opening a separate door that had several large nails and pieces of glass protruding from the inside. Matilda grimaced as the door was opened to reveal the tiny space only a child could fit in without being impaled by the sharp pointy objects. “Now stay there!” The Trunchbull said pushing the young girl into the corner and slamming the door closed and bolting it with several dead locks. Matilda whimpered as she stood in place while the door was shut leaving her in total blackness. Tears rushed into the young girls eyes as she stood trembling in the dark from fear. How long would she have to stay in here? An hour went by and then another as the cause of the girls trembling went from fear to her steadily filling bladder. She tried to take her mind off of it by thinking about the latest book she had read by Charles Dickens. Matilda moaned quietly shifting from foot to foot thankful that her small size allowed her that much room to move about. Her teacher, Miss Honey, had been giving her textbooks from more advanced grades to help her prepare for college. The Trunchbull must have noticed they had begun to go missing from the supply cabinet in her office. “I have to pee.” Matilda whispered in agony as she grabbed the front of her dress and bunched the material inside her legs to get a better hold. What was it that she had read about the human urinary system? Girls her age could only hold so many mls before their bladders gave up. Matilda moaned again as she used both her hands to press down in order to apply extra pressure. She didn’t dare call out for help for fear of her sentence inside the Chokee being doubled, or even tripled, but she was running out of time. If she had an accident who knows how the Trunchbull would punish her. Not just the Trunchbull, but her parents as well! Last time she wet the bed they hit her upside the head and took away all her books for a week! She was only three at the time to boot; she didn't want to know what would happen if her mom was called to the school to pick her up because she had wet. Matilda grimaced as she felt moisture beginning to enter her panties. She pressed down even harder and slightly bent her knees as much as the small space would allow. Another ten minutes in she had begun to leak for a second. Matilda wondered how long she had been in here. How many hours had it been? She moaned in desperation as a second longer leak escaped and then a third. “SOMEONE HELP!” She finally yelled out as the door began clanging as if someone was trying to open and close it without undoing the deadbolts. Finally after several hours Matilda lost control as she felt warm liquid beginning to trickle down her legs; slowly at first but picking up momentum as Matilda finally gave up and removed her hands as she sobbed. The steady stream of urine trickled and pattered onto the ground soaking her panties, socks, shoes and dress. Matilda continued to cry; she was hungry, tired, wet and miserable. Her eyes grew wide with fear as she heard someone approaching and undoing the dead bolt. There wasn’t enough time for her accident to have dried; there was no way to hide this. She clenched her eyes shut waiting for the worst as the door was quickly opened. “Oh, Matilda.” She heard as she opened her eyes to find a very worried looking Miss. Honey. “It’s okay, sweetie.” Miss Honey said pulling the girl out and wrapping her into a tight embrace while Matilda couldn’t help but cry and beg for forgiveness. “Honey, it’s okay. It’s not your fault.” Her teacher said kneeling down to her height and lightly tracing the girl’s tear streaked face with her palm. “I’m sorry!” Matilda continued to sob, but stopped when she felt herself suddenly get lifted into the air causing her to wrap her arms around Miss Honey’s neck as she buried her head in her shoulder as she was carried down the hall. “Please don’t call my parents.” She begged as she was set down in the bathroom. “Why not? I’m sure they’ll understand. Accidents happen-” “No! They won’t!” Matilda insisted locking her fear filled eyes with Ms. Honey’s. “I wet the bed when I was three and and.” She said starting to sob again. Ms. Honey bit her lip anxiously thinking of what to do. Clearly something had happened in the past to worry her this much. This was so unlike the normally mature girl. Ms. Honey finally nodded in understanding as she remembered the last run in she had had with Matilda’s parents. “Alright, honey, I won’t call your parents.” The teacher assured her. “How about you wait here and I’ll see if the nurse has anything.” “Okay.” Matilda agreed calming down some and went and hid in a cubicle until her teacher had returned. “Matilda, I’m back.” Ms. Honey said entering the girls bathroom carrying a dress as Matilda peaked her head out from the stall. “How about you go in the big stall.” She suggested as she began to dampen a washcloth in the sink before following the girl into the teachers only cubicle. “Go ahead and take off anything that’s wet.” Miss Honey instructed as Matilda was forced to remove, well, everything while Matilda blushed as Miss Honey began cleaning her wet skin. “I’m sorry, dear, but this is all the nurse had in the way of underwear.” Miss Honey said apologetically as she held up the babyish teddy bear print diaper. Matilda blushed furiously while Miss Honey helped her put it on still standing and tape it up. “I’m sorry.” Matilda apologized again looking away once they were back in the empty classroom. “This wasn’t your fault.” Miss Honey said kneeling down and wrapping her arms around the girl in a big hug. “You don’t have to keep apologizing. You were in there for four hours; I’m sorry I couldn’t get to you sooner. Would you like to come over to my house after school? I can wash your clothes for you.” She offered referring to the bag Matilda kept hidden under her chair containing her soiled dress. “I’d like that.” Matilda nodded with a smile. Chapter 2 Jennifer Honey sat at her desk with a worried expression plastered all over her face. She shifted anxiously about in her chair as her eyes fell upon the empty desk that should have been seating her star pupil. While she loved each and every student in her kindergarten class; there was something special about Matilda. Her intelligence far surpassed any student in this school yet she was only six. How could she have been so stupid, Miss Honey chastised herself. She thought the Trunchbull wouldn’t notice a few books missing here and there, but she was wrong and now Matilda was paying the price. She needed to find a way to get her out of there, but with the Trunchbull sitting in a chair in the corner watching her there was nothing she could do. Miss Honey bit her lip anxiously as she worried about Matilda. She had seen children come out from the chokee completely traumatized and she couldn’t blame them. This had to be illegal she thought while she walked around passing out worksheets for her students. Suddenly the lights in the classroom began to flicker on and off as the Trunchbull jumped to her feet. Ms. Honey hid her smile knowing how superstitious the Trunchbull was. Maybe if something else happened she hoped while stealing the occasional glance over her shoulder at the giant olympian that was gawking up at the florescent lights while beating the case with her riding crop. Ms. Honey began instructing the children on how to work through the addition problems but froze mid sentence as suddenly the door to the classroom sprung open and then loudly slammed shut by itself. Ms. Trunchbull cowered away from the door as it continued to open and close by itself. Ms. Honey peeked into the hall as her eyes widened in surprise to see all the doors to all classrooms were opening and banging shut by themselves. The lights continued to flicker on and off as if someone was playing with the lightswitch. Ms. Trunchbull at that moments found what little courage she had left and sprinted out the door as it slammed shut behind her before opening once again. Teachers began peeking into the hallway to see what was going on as the Trunchbull sprinted down the hall, out the building and to her car. Ms. Honey immediately made a beeline for the principal's office after she timed her escape from the self operating doors. After jumping into the hallway she began sprinting until she got to the chokee to see the door rattling and shaking. Quickly Miss Honey unfastened the dead bolt and threw the door open to find the sobbing child standing in a puddle of urine. “It’s okay, sweetie, Ms. Trunchbulls gone now. You can come out.” Miss Honey said gently coaching the shaking child into her arms. “It’s okay.” “I’m sorry!” Matilda cried as she felt Miss Honey wrap her arms around her and pick her up. “Shh. It’s okay, Matilda.” Miss Honey whispered rocking the girl in place noticing that the lights had stopped flickering and all was finally still. How strange she thought as she carried the girl into the nearest bathroom and set her down. “Please don’t call my parents.” Matilda begged with wide pleading eyes filled with fear. Normally it would have been school policy for any and all accidents to be reported, but something in the girls eyes told her she should let this slide. What could she tell her parents anyway? Your daughter wet herself while we locked her in a cage for half the day? “Alright.” Miss Honey agreed. “I’ll try and find you something to wear.” She walked back down the hall towards the nurse's office while ignoring the streams of kids and teachers pooled into the hall for lunch break. “Ah, Jenny! What can I do for you?” The school nurse said looking up from her paperwork. “Hi, Carol. You wouldn’t happen to have any clothes that would fit a six year old girl, would you?” “You can check the lost and found box.” Carol said pointing to a drawer. “Thank you.” Miss Honey said digging through the box and pulling out a white one piece dress that looked like it would fit the girl. “What about underwear?” She asked after going through the box of mostly sweaters. “No, I don’t have any. What happened?” Carol asked looking up. “One of my students was put in the chokee for too long.” Ms. Honey explained with a sigh. “Poor things really shaken up about it.” “You want me to call her parents to come get her?” Carol asked quickly putting the pieces together. It wasn’t the first time a child had wet themselves from being left in there and unless something changed it wouldn’t be the last. “No, I don’t think it’s a good idea. I’ve met her parents before; I don’t think she get’s the love and support she needs at home.” Miss Honey said. “I think it would be better if I just helped her get cleaned up and we move on.” “You wouldn’t be talking about the Wormwoods, would you?” Carol asked going through some drawers. “Yep.” Miss Honey said nodding. “How’d you know?” “I called her mom once when Matilda came in with a fever. She told me to tell Matilda to suck it up, told me not to bother her and hung up.” Carol explained opening up a package and pulling out a plastic garment. “She can’t go without underwear so she’ll have to wear this.” She said holding up the diaper. “You don’t have anything else? I think this would just upset her more.” Miss Honey said frowning while examining the folded up garment with cute printed teddy bears. “It’s not even a pull up.” “Sorry.” Carol apologized with a shrug. “Kids don’t leave underwear lying around, thankfully. Here’s a washcloth too.” “It’ll have to do, thank you.” Miss Honey said before rushing back to the bathroom to find Matilda hiding in a cubicle. “It’s okay, no one else is in here. How about you come out and I’ll help you get cleaned up.” “What if someone walks in?” Matilda squeaked while Miss Honey dampened the green washcloth in the sink. “Then let’s go in the big stall. I found some clothes that will fit you.” Miss Honey said smiling comfortingly once Matilda finally stepped out of the cubicle and followed her teacher into the larger stall. “Alright, let’s see.” Miss Honey said inspecting the damage. The poor thing was literally soaked. “Go ahead and take off everything wet.” Matilda silently nodded turning her head away as she pulled down her soaked blue striped panties and dress leaving her completely naked. She jumped slightly as Miss Honey knelt down and began wiping her legs down with the damp wash cloth. Matilda blushed and closed her eyes. She wasn’t used to having anyone care for her and she definitely wasn’t used to having accidents. Matilda let out a quiet moan in embarrassment and covered her face with her hands as the washcloth moved higher up her legs until she felt it cleaning her privates and butt. “I’m really sorry about this next part, but It’s the only option.” Miss Honey explained as she unfolded the plastic garment as Matilda’s eyes grew wide in shock as her teacher began taping a diaper on her waist. “I-it was just a one time thing!” Matilda whimpered while her teacher adjusted and played with the waist band. “I’m- I’m not a -a baby!” “Of course you’re not a baby; you are a very wonderful and mature young girl who just had a run of bad luck is all. We just can’t have you going without underwear and this is all I could come up with.” Miss Honey explained motioning for Matilda to lift her arms so the dress could be slipped on. “There! All better.” She said smiling as she unlatched the door while Matilda picked up her wet clothes and followed Miss Honey out. “Thank you.” Matilda said still refusing to make eye contact after they returned to the now empty classroom once they found a bag to put the wet clothes in. Miss Honey glanced at the embarrassed young girl who took her seat and stared out the window. Miss Honey wondered what she could to do make Matilda feel better until an idea struck her. “Would you like to come to my house after school?” Miss Honey asked. “I have a large collection of all sorts of books you’d be interested in. I could even wash your clothes for you.” She smiled seeing the shine in Matilda’s eyes return as the girl nodded gleefully. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. The rest of the day went along smoothly without any paranormal activity. Miss Honey quietly chuckled to herself as she saw Matilda making weird faces as she tried to adjust to the extra padding underneath her. Miss Honey sighed in frustration while she quietly graded papers during nap time. While other students were learning how to read and write basic words and letters, Miss Honey had Matilda writing full essays and book reports. Another grammatically flawless research paper on the human heart she thought as she read over Matilda’s work. Matilda didn’t belong in kindergarten, or even elementary school for that matter, but the Wormwoods had nearly slammed the door in her face when she suggested she begin preparations for college. The Trunchbull was of course no help either, accusing Miss Honey of being weak minded and that she was attempting to “pass the little brat off on someone else”. Seeing no other solution, Miss Honey took it upon herself to provide Matilda with the proper level of education she deserved and began trying to assess just how high of a grade level she should be at. So far she had aced every test this school had to offer which put her above the 6th grade. What she really needed was a full time private tutor, but there was no way she could ever convince the Wormwoods to pay for something like that. Once the final bell had rung dismissing the children, Matilda hung back eagerly awaiting getting to spend alone time with her favorite person. “Ready?” Miss Honey asked smiling as Matilda enthusiastically nodded her head. “You need to call home first and make sure it’s okay with your family.” “Oh.” Matilda said as she bit her lip. “Okay.” She said finally dialing the number into the phone sitting atop the desk. Miss Honey frowned as she overheard the conversation on the other side that sounded a lot like “Don’t bother me with that.” “They said it’s fine.” Matilda lied. Close enough Miss Honey thought as she grabbed her stuff and walked out the door. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Just how had she let this happen Miss Honey thought as the two of them huddled together in the small closet in the mansion. She should have never told Matilda the story of her childhood. She thought that by explaining to Matilda that she hadn’t grown up in a loving home either Matilda wouldn’t feel so alone. The young girl had looked shocked to learn of Miss Honey’s father’s death and of being forced to live with the Trunchbull as her aunt growing up. What she hadn’t expected was Matilda to run into the house when she told her of her lost doll that was left behind. While walking past the mansion that rightfully belonged to Miss Honey, the two had hid behind some bushes as they watched the Trunchbull pull out of the driveway and next thing she knew Matilda had made a mad dash inside to retrieve Miss Honey’s doll. Overcome with sudden nostalgia Miss Honey had looked around instead of getting Matilda and making a run for it. Not five minutes later the Trunchbull had returned and the two of them were forced to hide in the nearest closet. That was nearly two hours ago Miss Honey thought as she sat on the closet floor with Matilda in her lap. Miss Honey grimaced as Matilda leaned back putting pressure on Miss Honey’s full bladder while she cursed herself for not using the bathroom at school before she left. How was she supposed to know she’d be hiding in a closet from her deranged aunt all night? She wondered if this was how Matilda felt being stuck inside the chokee all day. She grimaced again as Matilda began shifting in her lap increasing her discomfort dramatically. The girls restlessness only seemed to be increasing as the minutes slowly dragged on. “What’s wrong?” Miss Honey whispered in Matilda’s ear when she heard a small quiet whimper escape the young girls mouth. “I have to go pee.” Matilda mumbled as she shifted again. “Yeah me too.” Miss Honey whispered back. “As soon as she goes upstairs we’ll make a break for it. Just try not to move so much.” She said as she felt a sudden spasm from her bladder from the pressure of Matilda’s constantly shifting weight against her lower stomach. Miss Honey began to worry that if they didn’t make it out soon she really would feel like how Matilda felt earlier. At least Matilda was wearing protection she thought giving the girls front a pat to see if she still had it on. Miss Honey shook from the effort of clenching as Matilda squirmed causing a little to leak out. She’d have to get Matilda to sit still or else she was going to have an accident too. There was only one way that was going to happen. “Sweetie, it’s okay if you can’t hold it.” Miss Honey whispered through clenched teeth. “Just go ahead and pee in your diaper.” “No, I can hold it!” Matilda said pressing her hands into her lower half. “I’m not a baby.” “This doesn’t make you a baby.” Miss Honey whispered wrapping her arms around Matilda to hold her in place. “It’s called being resourceful and making due with what you have available.” “But…” Matilda mumbled trying to think of a counter argument. “Sweetie, just go. You’ll feel better.” Miss Honey encouraged holding the girl against her while petting Matilda’s hair. “I won’t tell anyone.” “Promise?” Matilda asked as her face burned with embarrassment at the thought of wetting a diaper while sitting in her teachers lap. “Promise.” “O-okay.” Matilda mumbled turning her body and burying her head into Miss Honey’s shoulder as the woman tried to comfort her by rubbing her back. Miss Honey bit her knuckle and clenched her thighs together while she heard the loud hissing of Matilda relieving herself into the garment secured to her waist. Miss Honey could feel the diaper slowly expanding atop her legs and growing warm. Matilda lightly trembled as she kept her head buried in her teacher’s arms. “It’s okay.” Miss Honey whispered when she realized the girl had begun to cry. “Shh we still need to be quiet.” She said as she lightly patted the girls back. “I’m going to be in the same boat soon if we can’t get out of here.” She admitted as she sharply inhaled wishing the space she was in was big enough to move around. “What time do you think it is?” Matilda asked as she felt her teacher beginning to tremble and fidget. “Six maybe.” Miss Honey said through her now labored breathing. “Matilda, no!” She gasped as Matilda stood and slowly opened the closet door to peek her head out. “She’s watching a movie.” Matilda whispered sitting back down in Miss Honey’s lap who let out an audible groan. “Miss Honey,” Matilda said studying the pained expression on her teachers face in the dimly lit closet from the cracks in the doorway. She smiled sympathetically knowing her teacher wasn’t going to last much longer. Miss Honey let out a weak smile as she clenched her fists at her side. “I guess now I understand what you went through today.” She groaned feeling a leak escape and then another as she desperately tried to keep holding it in despite her dress already becoming visibly wet. “It’s okay, Miss Honey.” Matilda said wrapping her teacher in a hug once her little hand had felt the dampness on her teachers dress. “I won’t tell either.” With misty eyes Miss Honey nodded knowing it was going to happen anyway. She patted Matilda’s head as she forced her clenched and trembling body to relax. Almost immediately pee gushed and hissed into Miss Honey’s panties as it pooled beneath her soaking her dress and legs. “I can’t believe I just did that.” Miss Honey said with a depressed sigh. “ I haven’t had an accident since I was a little girl.” After another 20 minutes Matilda stood and peaked her head out the door again to find the Trunchbull snoring loudly in the recliner. “She’s asleep.” Matilda whispered as Miss Honey stood from her puddle on the ground and peeked her head out. Quickly and silently the two made their way through the house and out the front door. It was nearly 7pm by the time they made it to Miss Honey’s and both were in desperate need of cleaning up. After throwing all the clothes in the wash Miss Honey took a quick shower before calling Matilda’s parents to ask if she could stay the night. After getting a less than courteous, “You can keep her for all I care” Miss Honey hung up the phone and was about to ask Matilda what she wanted for dinner when she heard a sudden “Woah!” Come from the living room. Matilda stood looking up at the overflowing bookshelf that took up nearly half the wall. Her brown eyes sparkled as she read over all the different titles. Miss Honey smiled as she quietly watched before taking a seat in her favorite recliner and instructed the girl to pick one. Matilda stood indecisive for a moment before finally choosing one about a dragon. Miss Honey then motioned for Matilda to climb up in her lap as the young brown haired girl eagerly obliged as she pushed up the sleeves to one of the woman’s old T-shirts that nearly went down to Matilda’s knees. After snuggling up close to her teacher Matilda began to read out loud with ease, never stumbling over any difficult words until she could barely keep her eyes open. Miss Honey finished reading the chapter for her as Matilda closed her eyes and rested her head on Miss Honey’s chest as she listened to the woman’s voice lulling her to sleep. “I wish you were my mommy.” Matilda muttered before losing consciousness. Miss Honey stopped reading in surprise and looked down to find the young girl fast asleep. She smiled and set the book down as she lightly stroked Matilda’s back. “I wish I was your mommy too.” She replied. Chapter 3 There was just no way she could make this happen she thought as drew up a document of her monthly finances and bills. She could barely support herself on her income. How could she support a small child? Not to mention she’d need to get her a private tutor. Miss Honey sighed before switching off her monitor and joining the girl in her bed who appeared dead to the world. She smiled as watched the girls deep even breathing for a few moments before flicking off the light on her nightstand. It was a nice thought, but it could never work on her current income. Who's to say her parents would even just hand her over to her just because she asked? Them supporting her while living here would probably be too much to ask for as well. How would she even start that conversation? Hi, remember me? Since you don’t seem to want Matilda, can I have her? There’s just no way she thought until she felt a pair of tiny arms wrap around her waist as a small body huddled up resting it’s head on her stomach. I’ll find a way, Miss Honey thought to herself while running her fingers through the young girls thick brown hair as the pair slept peacefully through the night. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Miss Honey was the first to awaken Wednesday morning in the darkened room. She squinted her eyes at the digital alarm clock which read 6:08 AM. Just a few more minutes, she thought taking notice of the sleeping girl cuddled up against her chest. She could be yours, the voice inside Miss Honey’s head told her as she lightly rubbed the girls shoulder. Can she really? Miss Honey thought as the girl began to slightly stir. “Time to wake up, Matilda,” Miss Honey whispered as the girl slowly opened her brown eyes before searching the room in confusion until finally they met with the woman’s kind smile. “Did you sleep well?” She asked as Matilda nodded her head in response as Miss Honey began lightly stroking the back of the girls head. Suddenly Matilda’s eyes went wide as the color drained from her young face causing Miss Honey to retract her hand. Was she uncomfortable with this much affection? The woman tried to best to read the startled features on the young girls face, but came up with a blank. It was almost as if she looked...afraid? “Honey, what’s wrong?” She asked growing concerned once Matilda’s eyes had quickly begun to fill with tears. Suddenly the girl ducked into the covers before pulling them up over her head as she curled into a ball sobbing. “Matilda, please come out.” Miss Honey said worried. Did she do something wrong? Did she somehow hurt her? Why are the lights flickering? The bed is...shaking. An earthquake! “I-I can’t.” The woman heard coming from underneath the covers. “Why not?” Miss Honey asked, but received no reply. “Would you come out if I made...french toast?” Nothing. “Pancakes?” Still nothing. “You’ll have to come out if you want to go to school.” Miss Honey said smiling at finally seeing movement underneath the covers as a small tear streaked face popped out. “What’s got you so upset this morning? Are you scared of earthquakes?” She asked as Matilda shook her head. “The only time I’ve seen you this upset was when you...oh.” Miss Honey said as she pulled back the blankets to confirm her suspicion. “I-I’m sorry!” Matilda said as more tears fell down her face. “Matilda, it’s ok.” Miss Honey said with a soft smile. “Look at me; it’s ok. It was just an accident.” “I haven’t wet the bed since I was three.” Matilda mumbled looking back down. “How about I run a bath for you, and we forget this happened? Just like yesterday,” Miss Honey said as Matilda nodded her head as her teacher lead her into the bathroom to run the bath. Matilda stood awkwardly in the corner gripping the bottom of the now wet T-shirt as she watched Miss Honey fill up the tub for her. “Go ahead and get in and I’ll bring you your clothes and a towel.” She said. “Just go ahead and throw the shirt on the ground, and I’ll wash it later with the bedding.” Matilda nodded again and undressed before tentatively sticking her foot in the water to check the temperature before slowly lowering herself in the tub. I can’t believe I peed in Miss Honey’s bed, Matilda thought as she breathed a heavy sigh. That’s three times in one day! She’s never going to let me stay over again. Matilda let herself sink lower into the water as she imagined her teacher telling the entire class what she had done. What if she puts me in the chokey as punishment? Once Matilda was settled in Miss Honey walked to the back of her cottage where she stored her washer and dryer. After collecting the girls now clean clothes from the previous day and a towel Miss Honey stood in front of the open bathroom door studying the girls worried expression as she sat motionless in the tub. Poor thing, she thought before making her presence known. “You look so down.” Miss Honey commented as she sat on the closed toilet seat lid. “I enjoyed getting to read with you last night.” She said after a moment of silence. “I enjoyed it too.” Matilda said while finally meeting the woman’s gaze. “I’m sorry about your bed. You’re probably never going to let me come over again.” She said sadly. “Matilda, it’s normal for kids your age to occasionally have accidents; these things happen. Haven’t you ever read that?” “I did, but it’s not normal for me.” “Have you been stressed more lately?” Miss Honey asked as she began digging through the bottom cupboards underneath the sink and produced a large plastic cup with a nearly completely faded design. “I guess being put in the chokey was pretty scary.” Matilda admitted. “It would scare me too.” Miss Honey agreed as she dunked the cup into the water and poured it over the girls’ head. “I don’t like being in tight spaces. Miss Trunchbull used to lock me in the closet for hours as punishment. Ever since I can’t handle feeling trapped.” “Were you scared yesterday in the closet?” Matilda asked as Miss Honey nodded. “I was, but you were there with me so it wasn’t too bad.” Miss Honey said splashing the girl in the face. “Hey!” Matilda said giggling. “You’re always welcome here, Matilda; bedwetter or not.” Miss Honey said with a smile as the light returned in the girls eyes. “Really?” Matilda asked. “Really.” Miss Honey answered. “As long as it’s okay with your parents of course. I can’t just kidnap you, but whenever you feel like staying over you’re more than welcome. “Now, think you can hand me that shampoo bottle over there? It’s the white one in the corner.” “Sure.” Matilda said as she stretched out her hand. Suddenly the white bottle began to shake before it slowly rose in the air by itself and floated gently into the girls outstretched hand. Matilda stared at the bottle in utter shock before slowly meeting the woman's equally stunned gaze as the two sat in silence trying to process what just happened. Chapter 4 Matilda sat alone in her room among the pile of borrowed library books thinking about the past two days. It seemed no matter how hard she tried, her thoughts kept drifting back to her afternoon in the Chokey. The feeling of being trapped inside that tiny little space made her chest tighten in anxiety. She closed her eyes, while taking a few deep breaths as she leaned back on top of her bed. It was bad enough she had had an accident then, but to follow it up by being put in a diaper by Ms. Honey. She shivered at the thought. Then she got them both locked in a closet for several hours where she ended up wetting the diaper, and poor Ms. Honey, she thought. It must feel so much worse for an adult to have an accident. To top the whole day off, she just had to go and wet the bed! “Ugh” Matilda moaned softly. Other than that though; it had been so... nice. Never before had she felt so cared for than she had in that 24 hour period. She smiled as she remembered the feeling of Miss Honey’s warm arms wrapped around her. When was the last time her own mother ever made her feel like that? Had she ever? No, definitely not. She had never held her or read with her, or even... said she loved her. How many perfect scores on tests had she shown her in hopes of earning some kind of praise only to be told, “that’s nice” or “I’m on the phone”. The way Ms. Honey had held her though. It had made her feel like she was actually...wanted. She probably does that with all her students though; It’s not like she was anything special. So what if she could read at a higher level or do a few math problems. She probably does that all the time. “I hope she lets me come over again sometime.” Matilda mumbled wrapping her arms around her pillow pretending it was her teacher’s soft stomach as she remembered the lovely feeling of having her hair played with. Would she ever let her over again, she wondered. It wasn’t just the bedwetting that was the problem now after all. Matilda had actually scared her teacher. She grimaced as she remembered the look Ms. Honey had given her after the bath tub incident. It was a look of pure fear. “She probably thinks I’m some kind of freak now; that’s definitely why she wants to meet with my parents alone tonight.” She had had this inexplicable feeling for days now that something...strange was going on with her and just the other day wasn’t she trying to move cereal around? To think that it actually happened though. It wasn’t just her imagination; it really happened! She was elated when she had gotten over the initial shock, until she saw the look on her teachers face however. The two had walked to school that morning in complete silence, leaving Matilda to wonder if she had done something wrong. She hadn’t meant to make the shampoo bottle move on its own, it just sort of happened. She went to reach for it, but it came to her instead. The feeling of guilt intensified when Ms. Honey forbid her to tell anyone what had happened that morning; even Lavender. She felt kind of bad ignoring her friend all day in favor of daydreaming or looking over at Ms. Honey for some sign that she wasn’t in trouble. If only she’d smile gently at me like she usually does, she thought unaware her teacher was lost in her own thoughts. Matilda had been so distracted that day that she hadn’t even finished all of her special school work like she usually did and was forced to take it home as homework on top of her usual reading assignments. Pre-Algebra and intro to chemistry just didn’t hold her interest like usual. When Matilda heard the doorbell ring, she sprang to her feet and dashed to the end of the hall peeking her head around the corner so as not to be seen. She could hear her parents grumbling about their show being interrupted as an unhappy Harry Wormwood opened the door to find one of his least favorite people standing in the doorway. “What do you want?” Harry barked. “Mr. Wormwood.” Miss Honey said trying to stand up as straight as she could under the intimidating man’s glare. “I’d like to talk to you about the possibility of adopting your daughter.” Chapter 5 The twenty-three year old dirty blond haired woman sighed and bit at the inside of her cheek as she asked herself for what felt like the millionth time how she was going to make this work. It would help if her aunt didn’t take most of her paycheck, but the fact of the matter was, she did. Nearly all of it. She told herself, as she had told herself many many times, it was the only way she could get this job. The Trunchbull had gotten her way, as she always had by terrorizing the girl growing up, and had prevented the woman from attending college, even though it was Miss. Honey’s dream to become a teacher. She was lucky in the sense that the Trunchbull didn’t care if the teachers she hired had proper teaching credentials or not, as the children’s well being was not her first priority- or any priority. Cranham Hall had an extremely high turnover rate for teachers, as it was widely known the Trunchbull would simply fire anyone right before hitting tenure, if they could even last that long. Most simply gave up mid year. As far as Miss Honey was concerned, they’d never had a teacher last more than a few years before they’d crack under the terror of the Trunchbull. So whether it was desperation, or the Dictator like Principal simply wished to continue tormenting her niece by keeping tight reigns on her, she offered Miss Honey a teaching job, under a signed contract that 75% of her wages went directly in the Trunchbull’s pocket. For “Back payment of raising her,” the woman had said. “It’s not like she could teach anywhere else without a degree,” She had told herself many times and even though she took home less than a part-time minimum wage job, she was happy….sort of. At least she was making progress. It had taken years of saving to move out on her own into her shack of a cottage, but she was finally free! - sort of. Money wasn’t everything after all, but now that she was considering expanding her one person family- it was certainly becoming a bigger and bigger problem. A problem so big in fact, she was about to face her biggest fear of all- her aunt. Her legs trembled at the thought as she tried to take deep even breathing to calm herself down. She wouldn't ask for much, perhaps make it a 50/50 deal instead of 25/75. That was reasonable, right? And that was how she had ended up in front of the headmistresses door, her legs were shaking, she felt like she was going to be sick, but it had to be done- for Matilda. “What do you want?” Trunchbull yelled from the other side of the closed door ten minutes later once Jennifer Honey had managed to find the courage, somehow, to knock on the door. “M-Ms. Trunchbull...It’s..-It’s me.” The woman choked out, fear evident in her voice- just the way Ms. Trunchbull liked it. “C-can I come in?” She asked after receiving no reply. “Whatever.” She finally heard before pausing to calm her nerves, and gently pushing open the door with a creak. “Well, what is it? I don’t have all day!” The Trunchbull barked after seeing no effort on Miss Honey’s part to begin speaking first. A trait the Trunchbull had taught her very early in life. Do not speak without being spoken too- ever. That was the number one rule. “I-i’ve been thinking of starting a family.” Miss Honey finally said trying her hardest to keep from buckling under the Trunchbull’s menacing glare. “What? You actually found someone that would fuck you!?” The Trunchbull laughed in a disbelieving way as Miss Honey cringed at the sudden rise in her voice and coarse language. “You expect me to believe someone- no ANYONE, wants to see your disgusting body. Don’t make me laugh!” She said taking her infamous riding crop and circling around the young trembling woman while looking her up and down. “With what breasts will you tempt him with?” She asked taking the end of her crop and circling around Miss Honey’s chest and poking at each meager lump underneath her shirt. “With what ass will you shake at him?” She suddenly cracked the whip against Miss Honey’s backside causing the woman to yelp in pain. “Or are you trying to marry for money perhaps?” The Trunchbull said forcefully taking the younger woman’s chin in her hand and forcing the terrified soul to look her in the eye. “ANSWER ME!” “There is no man!” Miss Honey said anxiety gripping her core. This was a bad idea, this was a very bad idea. “So then what are you planning, you conniving bitch! Trying to run away from me are you?!” “N-No, Miss Trunchbull, I-I was thinking of..of adopting a child!” She stuttered out as the beast of a woman finally released her face. “O-one of my students actually.” “Oh, and where do you plan to come up with that kind of money? Being a whore? It would suit you.” The Trunchbull sneered. Jennifer closed her eyes in order the hide the fear in them. “I-I was hoping we could re-negotiate my contract...a little.” “Why would you even want one of those disgusting little things?” The Trunchbull asked sitting down in her chair as her lip curled in disgust. “This girl is...special, unlike anything i’ve ever seen. I just want to raise her in an environment where she would feel wanted and appreciated, most of all, loved.” Miss Honey said. “I was hoping maybe, I-I could keep a bit more of my salary so this could be possible.” “I’ll give you 75%” The Trunchbull said so suddenly Miss Honey didn’t believe her ears. She could only stare at the woman blinking in confusion as the sudden understanding. Was she finally coming around? With 75% she could pull it off! “IF” Miss Trunchbull started to say with a wicked smile showing off her rotting teeth. “You can last the rest of the day in there.” She said as she pointed her riding crop at the Chokey. Miss Honey’s face fell faster than a rock falling to the bottom of a pond. In there? There was no way...not anymore. It was the place that haunted many of her nightmares. The thought of stepping anywhere near that box of death made her lungs feel as though they were no longer doing their job. A cold sweat broke out over the woman’s skin as her eyes filled with tears. “A-anything but that, please!” She begged backing away from the door as her past childhood trauma at the hands of aunt came crashing down on her. “Since you obviously don’t want her, I take it you’ll have no problem with me expelling her, will you?” The Trunchbull grinned. “You’ll never see that brat again.” “No! Please, No!” Miss Honey begged as tears fell from her face. “Don’t send her away!” Miss Honey cursed herself. Why did she have to be such a coward? Why couldn’t she be brave and stand up to her aunt? Matilda stood in there for hours yesterday because of her; so why couldn’t she do the same in return? “What will it be? Get in the box or say good-bye to Wormwood.” She taunted grabbing Jennifer by her wrist. “Now doesn’t this bring back memories. Get in the closet or I’ll break your wrist...again.” She whispered pushing the struggling woman towards the chokey. “I won’t fit!” Jennifer tried to counter attempting to become dead weight, but the menacing giant pulled her along as if she weighed nothing more than one of the children the Trunchbull bullied herself. “Oh, I’ll make you fit, Jen. You’re still the little whiny, spineless coward you’ve always been. I think a little time in the Chokey will do you some good.” She said pulling open the door with one hand and tossing her in with ease. “A single peep out of you and you’ll never see the little brat again!” She said and with that, the door was slammed shut in Miss Honey’s face as bits of nails punctured her arms. She was indeed too big, but she managed to crouch down and pull herself in a ball in order to avoid any more superficial wounds from the doors “decorations.” The only question was how long she’d last. She was beginning to hyperventilate and it had only been a few minutes. The Trunchbull was right; she was nothing more than a coward who couldn’t stand up for herself or others. What would Matilda think if she saw her like this? She was crying like a punished child. Pull yourself together! Matilda went through this yesterday and was fine! Shooken up sure, but fine. She would be fine too. Deep breathes and keep your thoughts on something else. Miss Honey distracted herself with thoughts of the heroines in books she had loved as a little girl. Books had always helped her through those long miserable days as the Trunchbulls “plaything.” How many hours had she locked herself in her bedroom reading as an escape from her deranged aunt? Jennifer had always dreamed of being brave like them, but in truth, she was as weak, timid and powerless now as she was back then. Her goal was simply to be the kind of adult she wished she had in her life growing up. What she really wanted most of all, was to be that adult in Matilda’s life. From what she could tell, she deserved so much more than what her “family” had to offer. Matilda needed someone who could recognize just how special she really was- strange telekinetic powers and all. Miss Honey smiled faintly in the darkness remembering the previous night. Matilda had indeed said she wished Miss Honey was her mom, and it had sent the woman's heart a flutter like nothing ever had before. She had greatly enjoyed getting to cuddle up in her favorite chair while holding her and just listening to her read until Matilda had fallen asleep in her arms. It was pure bliss and the ache in her heart longed for more. Miss Honey had a lot of time while locked up to think about her second largest challenge. How would she convince the Wormwood’s to give her custody of their daughter? While not the most intelligent beings on the planet; they were certainly proud and marching to their house and accusing them of bad parenting sounded like a terrible idea. Another problem she encountered was how they viewed her. While clear they did not care for their daughter as a person; they might think of her as their “property.” As terrible as the thought sounded, it was the only way Miss Honey could imagine winning custody. She would have to play their game. It sounded horrible to the woman and she cringed at the thought, but the more she thought about it, the more she realized it was the only way. “Oh, Matilda, please forgive me for what I’m going to say tonight.” She whispered. She was smart; she’d understand it was all an act. Chapter 6 Matilda sat in her bed gripping her stuffed bear tightly. What was going on? Why was her teacher here at the house? The temptation to peek her head out of her room was quickly building up more and more. Her father had been in a bad mood when he got home from work, something about a raid on a warehouse and profit losses, but he may as well have been speaking an entirely different language. Matilda knew lots of things far above her age range’s capabilities, but her father’s business practices was an area she purposefully let herself be uneducated in. Some things she knew were best left unknown. They had just sat down in front of the TV when there was a knock on the door. Whoever it was, Matilda had thought at the time, they in for an unpleasant surprise. There were two rules in the Wormwood house: Don’t interrupt Harry Wormwood when he was eating, and don’t interrupt Harry Wormwood when he’s watching Tv. This person had broken both those rules. At first, he pretended he didn’t hear it and kept on eating his microwavable meal, but then the knocking began again. He snorted in annoyance with a, “I’m not getting that!” Matilda knew better than to answer the door as well. If Harry Wormwood didn’t get the door it meant no one was to either. When the knocking became more persistent, Harry Wormwood slammed his silverware down before pushing his tray away with enough force to knock it over. The air had become tense. No one uttered a single word while Harry stormed over to the door muttering curse words under his breath the entire way. The rest of the Wormwood family craned their necks to see who was brave or stupid enough, to come knocking on the door during dinnertime. Harry had sent the last door-to-door salesman running in a panic with a message to the others never to come back. When Matilda saw that it was her teacher, her heart sank. She was the last person she wanted to see treated poorly by her father. “You again!?” He had shouted, before turning and glaring daggers into his daughter. It was her teacher; therefore, it must be her fault Harry’s logic told him. “Room. Now!” And that was how she had ended up here in her room, worried out of her mind for the one person who had ever shown her kindness. Her curious mind couldn’t take it anymore. She slid out of her bed and hurried over to her door. She quietly as she could pulled it open and cringed at the loud groaning sound it made. She stood in place terrified as she wondered if anyone else heard that. After a minute or two of no one storming down the hall to punish her for trying to eavesdrop, she let out her held breathe and tried to focus on what was being said. Try as she might though, she couldn’t make out a thing. She had to get closer, she thought. She slipped out her open door and as quietly as she could tiptoed down the hall. Matilda stopped at the edge of the hall right before she knew she could be spotted. She held her breath as she strained to listen. ………………………………………… “Mr. Wormwood, did you know it cost 35,000 pounds a year to raise a child?” Miss Honey said. She was anxious and sweating. She was about to pull off the biggest bluff she could think off, in other words, she was lying through her teeth. She had no idea what it cost to raise a child, but if she had to guess, it was more around 10,000 a year. It was still 10,000 more pounds a year than she had. She was so relieved when Mr. Wormwood had told Matilda to go to her room so she wouldn’t have to say this in front of her. She’d look like an idiot. The first thing she had done was butter him up. She complimented his house, his wife, his business sense, and it had taken all her acting skills to do so, but also his intelligence. She had wanted to gag when she said those things, but it had served its purpose. Suddenly she went from unwanted intruder to guest of honor. She hated everything about what she was doing, but she had no choice. She had to play these people’s games. Mr. Wormwood’s smug smile faltered as he stared at her with a look of utter horror on his face. She could see the gears moving behind his eyes as he tried to do the math in his head. If she weren’t so nervous she would have surely let out a chuckle at how comical he looked. His face reddened like a frustrated child about to throw a tantrum over a simple math problem. “But I have two!” He finally blurted out before clenching his jaw. “Did you know that girls cost almost twice as much as boys?” She lied again. “We are materialistic beings: clothing, accessories, make-up, jewelry.” If he had half a brain he would have noticed Matilda was not that type of girl, but fortunately for Miss Honey all Harry could see were the dollar signs flying out of his pocket. He looked to his wife as she simply shrugged. It was true for her, so why wouldn’t it be true for the little runt as well. “I can’t afford two of you!” He barked. “Just last week she spent almost 125 pounds on hair products!” “Well, sow-rry, but my hair gets all frizzy when I use that cheap stuff.” Mrs. Wormwood complained twisting her long blonde locks in between her fingers. “I could lose my business!” He said. Miss Honey smiled on the inside. This is exactly what she had hoped would happen. Clearly their finances were more important to them than their children. Just one final jab into his pride. “What would the neighbors think of that?” Miss Honey said trying to sound as casual as possible. “It’s too bad you decided to have more than one kid. I could see you starting the next Vauxwell Motors.” She watched his face turn bright red. She wasn’t sure if he was about to yell and scream or simply internally combust. Finally he let out a defeated sigh. “You know, it might still be possible.” She said. He looked up at her, eyes begging for a solution. “Your son, he seems like such a good boy, a spitting image of you in fact. You could put him to work and together you could make that dream possible.” “Yes, you’re right. He is a spitting image of me, and if he’s anything like me, you know he’ll be great!” He said. Miss Honey nodded her head as she felt a little bit of her lunch coming back up. “Just think, Wormwood and Son, 1,000 car lot right off the highway where everyone could see your name.” His eyes shone brightly as he saw the dollar signs. Maybe he could even afford a commercial! “But Matilda…” Miss Honey said with a grimace. “As her teacher, I can honestly say, she doesn’t have what it takes.” “That runt is a burden to us all. I hardly believe that’s my own flesh and blood. I think there was a mistake at the hospital.” He scoffed. “What if I told you I had a plan that would save you 15,000 pounds a year and take away the burden of having someone like her in your family?” On the outside, Miss Honey remained calm and collected, but on the inside she wanted to scream. How could she say those things about her? Where was this manipulative lying side coming from? If her father could see her he would be ashamed. “You could sure make quite the investment into your business with an extra 15,000 pounds a year.” “Yes, yes I could!” “What if, for a measly 850 pounds a month, I raised her for you. I could turn her into a proper Wormwood for you.” “And you can’t do that at that school I’m sending her to?” He asked suddenly becoming suspicious. “Why should I pay you?” “She’ll be out of my class in less than a year. Then she’ll go to some other teacher that doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Not to mention, normally, it would cost closer to 3,000 pounds if she stayed here with you.” Miss Honey said. “Why should you bother to raise her if she’ll be no use to you?” She dug in her bag for the paperwork. This was it. All they had to do was sign this paper and she’d have a legal document agreeing that they would pay her child support. She wasn’t proud by any means of what she’d done, but once she had Matilda it wouldn’t matter. “So if I sign this?” Harry asked looking over the document. She could see him stumbling over the larger words as he tried to make sense of the situation. “Then she’s out of your hands and you’re one step closer to that empty lot by the highway.” She said. Her hands shook as she bounced her knees in anticipation. She was bouncing her knees so much she was shaking the whole coffee table. Wait…that wasn’t from her, the whole house was shaking! The last time this happened…Oh no! Miss Honey looked up and saw Matilda standing in the hallway. Her expression was one of which Miss Honey had never seen on her before. Tears were streaking down her face, not of sadness but of rage. Suddenly Mrs. Wormwood screamed. Photo frames, dinner trays, and sharp silverware was flying around the room. Even their 75 lb television set was hovering off the ground. “Ghosts!” Mrs. Wormwood shouted. “The ghosts are back!” She stood on the couch screaming and using her arms to cover her head. Did these people really believe in ghosts? “Not again!” Harry shouted grabbing a broom as he swatted at the flying silverware. So they didn’t know about Matilda’s powers. She could use this to her advantage. “Look!” Miss Honey shouted amongst the chaos. “Look at Matilda! She’s possessed!” Matilda’s eyes narrowed even more as everyone looked at her. The house shook even more violently and to confirm their fears, she lifted her hand and pointed it towards her father as a Tv dinner tray came from behind and smacked his bottom repeatedly. He swore loudly and as he begged for someone to help him. “It really is her!” Mrs. Wormwood shouted. The house was utter chaos. The light bulbs shattered one by one along with the tv screen. Fashion magazines swarmed around Mrs. Wormwood as she screamed and batted them. Michael was cowering underneath the coffee table, large butt sticking out as a prime target. Another tray dinner tray swooped down and smacked him as he shot up howling only to hit his head on the table. “Sign the paper and it will stop!” Miss Honey said amidst the chaos. “I will take her and banish the demons plaguing her!” “Sign it, Harry!” Mrs. Wormwood shouted. “Where’s a pen?” Mr. Wormwood shouted. A drawer off to the side began shaking violently and burst open as a pen shot out and stabbed into the coffee table just inches from his fingers. “She’s trying to stab me!” He shouted before tugging the pen out of the table and signing the paper. “OUT! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” Miss Honey grabbed the paper, grabbed Matilda’s hand and ran out the door as everything in the air fell to the ground. Now the only problem was calming her down. “Matilda, I am so sorry you heard that! I didn’t mean a word I said! It was all a trick! It was-“ Miss Honey searched the young girls face for the rage and fury it so obviously shown earlier, but to her surprise, all that was there was a mischievous smile. “I know it was.” Matilda said calmly. “You…you mean you’re not mad?” “You’re not the only one who can act. My father is stupid, but he would eventually figure out it was a trick. I needed to improvise to make him afraid. You played well on his pride and love of money, but the one thing that drives him even more is fear.” Matilda explained. Miss Honey stared at her in amazement. To think a six-year-old girl could process her surrounding that well. What surprised her even more was the suitcase and backpack she carried. Miss Honey hadn’t even noticed until just now. “You’re packed?” She asked. “How did you pack so fast?” “I had everything ready days ago.” She said with a smile. “I just knew you’d save me!” Matilda quickly latched on to the woman’s waist as they stopped walking. Miss Honey smiled widely as she bent down and held her new daughter in her arms. “So how do you plan to rid me of my demons?” She asked with a giggle. “I guess it’s something we’ll just have to figure out together.” Chapter 7 “Matilda, please come out.” Jennifer Honey said, trying to coax the small child out from under the blankets. The lump ever so slowly began to move forward until a small face emerged sporting a look of pure guilt. “It’s not your fault.” “I’m so-“ she tried to say, but was cut off by a gentle finger pressing against her lips. “You don’t have to apologize every time this happens. It’s okay, I promise. Why don’t you hop in the bath and let me take care of this? Leave your wet things in the hallway.” Matilda nodded her head and unpeeled herself from the covers before she made her way to the bathroom, head hung in defeat. At least the house didn’t shake this time, Jennifer thought to herself as she stripped the bed. Maybe she should schedule her a doctor’s appointment. In the week that Matilda had come to live with her, this was the third time she had wet the bed. With Matilda swearing up and down this never usually happens, Jennifer was worried. Perhaps Algebra two was a little too advanced for the six year old. Or maybe it was their other training that was too much for her little body to handle. What would she tell the doctor? I think my newly adopted daughter, whose parents I convinced was worth less than a car dealership, is wetting the bed because of the physical strain of having telekinetic powers? Oh yeah, that’ll go over real well. They’d think I was nuts. Great job, Jenny, lose custody over her before the paperwork is even finalized. It wasn’t like Matilda could use her powers on demand yet; although they had been having fun trying. The first night started with her attempting to levitate a piece of popcorn. Jennifer would throw it in the air and Matilda would try to manipulate it into her mouth. After a handful of failed attempts, they spent most of the evening just throwing popcorn at each other. It was great. They giggled, lost in an all out free for all, the purpose of the exercise completely forgotten. It wasn’t until Jennifer had launched a handful at Matilda’s face did they remember why they had started this in the first place. Instead of showering the young child in bits of popped kernels, they froze midair, suspended in place by invisible hands. It was then they discovered emotions to be the driving force behind it. The lights had flickered on and off because she was afraid. The popcorn kernels hung in the air because she was happy, and the worst of all, the night Jennifer had taken Matilda from her home. She had been hurt. The way her parents had given her up without a fight, even if that’s what she had wanted, hurt her to the point of being able to manipulate a household full of objects. It was as clear as day to Jennifer now. Matilda had lied. She wasn’t acting that night, and if she was, it was only to reassure Jennifer she was ok with it. Maybe the reason for her bedwetting now was because she was hiding that hurt deep within herself. The thought tore Jennifer up inside; to the point she was tempted to see if she could move objects as well. She wondered what she could do to help her. What could someone like plain and simple Jennifer Honey have to offer someone extraordinary like Matilda? An education? Jennifer spent more time learning from Matilda than Matilda learned from Jennifer. Money? Even with the money from her parents they would still be scraping to get by. Love? Yes, that was the one thing she could give her. Matilda had already stolen her heart long ago on that very first day. She’d shower her in the love and affection she had so obviously been lacking in. It was all she had to give her. “Miss Honey! I forgot a towel!” Matilda’s voice rang from the bathroom, snapping her from her thoughts. She went to the cupboard to look for the biggest, and fluffiest one she could find, but all that was there were thin, old ratty things she had picked up from a garage sale more than ten years ago. Hmm, that was something they could do today. It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and the swap meet would be in full swing. “Here you go.” Jennifer said handing over the least torn up towel she had to the dripping wet and shivering child. “You know, it’s the weekend. You don’t have to call me Miss Honey at home.” Matilda looked at her puzzled for a moment seemingly lost in thought. “What should I call you then?” Deep down she wanted to hear the word, mom, but stopped when it was on the tip of her tongue. Too much too soon. “Jennifer’s fine.” “I can’t call you by your first name.” Matilda said. “You’re my teacher!” “Not at home I’m not, silly. Hmm, how about, Jenny?” She said, taking the towel from her and throwing it over her head. Matilda giggled as her head popped out. “I guess that’s okay, but only here. It’s impolite to call a lady by her first name.” “Whatever you’re comfortable with, but you still have to call me Miss Honey at school. Now what would you say to going over to the swap meet after breakfast? It’s a nice day out after all.” Jennifer suggested rubbing the towel over the girl’s head. “That sounds fun!” After a quick bite to eat of toast and tea, Jennifer pulled a mason jar of change out of the cupboard and examined it. She had maybe about ten pounds at the most saved up. She frowned slightly as she pulled out the highest denominations and put them her pocket. They’d have to be careful and only buy what they absolutely needed. “Miss Honey, here.” Matilda said reaching out her fist. Jennifer opened her palm as Matilda deposited a wad of bills in her hand. Where in the world had she gotten this? There had to be at least 100 pounds if not more. “I saved my allowance.” Matilda said with a shrug. “No, sweetie, this is yours.” Jennifer said trying to give it back, but Matilda just shook her head. “Hold it for me then.” Jennifer sighed, but agreed. She should be supporting her, not the other way around! She couldn’t spend a little girl’s allowance! She’d sell all her books if she had to! They walked out the front door and chatted about the book they had been reading together- an old warn out copy of a Charles Dickens novel Jennifer had picked up years ago at a second hand bookshop for fifty pence. Maybe if they still had the energy- and money- she could take Matilda there. She’d probably find it a lovely place to spend an afternoon browsing. When they got onto the main road ten minutes after 9 am, the little town was in full swing with the nearby farmers market as bustling as ever. After they finished with the swap meet, she figured she should stop by on the way back and pick up a few groceries. She’d have to ask Matilda what she liked to eat. Once they arrived, they got lost looking at all the little odds and ends people were selling in their stalls. Different kinds of music blared from various large boom boxes. A stall to their left sold every type of flower she could think of: lilies, tulips, roses, and daisy’s lined the white plastic table in ten gallon buckets. A tent to their right had dresses and blouses swinging from hooks in the gentle breeze. Food vendors were out setting up their sugary snacks on display sending scents of cinnamon wafting into the air. She was curious about what kind of things Matilda was interested in. All she knew of was her love of academics. Even her packed suitcase and bags-which she said she had packed days prior- was nothing but necessities. Not a single toy. Did she even have interests outside of reading? Jennifer kept a close eye on her as they walked through the stalls. The little girl browsed around, but nothing appeared to really keep her interest for long- until she came upon a beat up looking chess set. Her eyes shone as she opened it up and examined the pieces. “Do you know how to play?” Jennifer asked. “I’ve read about it, but I’ve never had any one to play with before.” Matilda admitted. “I had hoped there would be one in the classroom, but-“ She trailed off looking it over. “Well, chess is a little advanced for a kindergarten class.” Jennifer said with a laugh. “Would you play it with me?” “Of course! I’d love to.” Matilda smiled wide and pulled a five-pound note out of her pocket. Just how much money did this girl have? If she hadn’t known her to be such a sweet and honest girl, Jennifer would have assumed she cleaned her parents out before she left. The elderly man smiled and handed her her change, as he looked her up and down. “She yours?” He asked as Jennifer proudly nodded. “Make sure she doesn’t eat the pieces.” He said. Jennifer frowned and looked to Matilda to gauge her reaction. She had almost expected her to be angry at being talked down to, but she just smiled and shook her head. “I’m not very fond of the taste of wood, sir.” She replied before turning and searching through the other games he had. Jennifer stood at a distance glad to have found something she was interested in other than just books and schoolwork. Board games did seem like something she would be interested in. She wondered if he had any jigsaw puzzles they could do together in the kitchen, but a look to her left revealed Matilda was already one step ahead of her as usual. “Margaret!” The old man shouted into his trailer. “If I sold all the games here for two pounds each, and subtracted the seven percent the lot gets, what would my profit be?” “I don’t know! I’m not a calculator!” A woman’s voice shouted back. The man grumbled under his breath and reached for a pen from his pocket along with a dirty napkin. He sat hunched over scribbling number down. “We’d make fifty nine pounds and 34 pence if we sold everything!” He shouted back a few minutes later. “Your math is off.” Matilda said without looking up from the instructions on the back of the game. “You need to take your number of board games, multiply it by two, which gives you 72 pounds, and then multiply that by .07. That gives you five pounds and four pence. Now subtract that from your 72 pounds and you end up with a total of 66. 96 pounds.” The man blinked in surprise for a moment before a wide grin spread across his face. “Cute.” He said, before yelling inside for a calculator. A few moments later, the woman named Margaret appeared with calculator in hand and passed it off to him, before she returned to the sanctuary of the trailer. Miss Honey watched him curiously for a moment as he punched in numbers from his napkin. He remained still staring at it, before erasing it and starting over. “What did she say her answer was?” He asked after a moment of silence. “66.96 I believe.” Jennifer said, a smile spreading across her lips at his shocked expression. She knew that look. It was the exact same look she had worn the first time she had experienced Matilda’s calculations. “Here you go, six pounds for these.” Matilda said, handing him the money as she held up the puzzles she had picked out. He stared at her blankly for a moment, before thanking her and accepting the money. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she doesn’t eat those pieces either.” Jennifer said as they continued on. Chapter 8 Matilda tossed and turned in her sleep. The dream had started off so pleasant. She was just about to be crowned England’s youngest chess Grandmaster. Miss Honey was there with a bouquet of flowers for her, and the audience was cheering. She heard a voice bellow from the audience, “That’s my daughter!” and “That’s my little girl!” She followed the sound until she locked eyes with her mother beaming up at her- an expression she had never received from her before. Matilda felt a rush of happiness and relief rush over her and then… everything changed. The audience gasped. She looked down at herself to see her bare legs damp with pee. Her dress was ruined. The cheers turned to cries of disgust. The expression on her mothers face became one she was all too familiar with, repulsion and indifference. “See, this is exactly why we sent you away!” Harry Wormwood yelled. “Disgusting, get her out of my sight! You’re a Wormwood it’s time you started acting like one!” Matilda felt a giant hand clamp around her arm. She let out a wail of pain as the Trunchbull dragged her off stage and onto a different one. She was thrust into a chair facing the other children in the school. There, sitting on a table was a giant chocolate cake. No! This wasn’t her punishment! This hadn’t happened to her! She was in the audience! Her only punishment had been… Then she found herself standing alone, wet and cold, staring at the nails in the walls mere inches from her face. If she dared move even a muscle she would be met with the sharp pain of rusty metal cutting into her skin. Even worse, she could get tetanus! She had read about that in a book and it sounded awful! A small panel opened and eyes peered down at her. She had expected the Trunchbull, but instead they were Miss Honey’s. “Please let me out!” Matilda begged. “I’m disappointed in you, Matilda.” “Wake up, Matilda.” “I’m sorry!” The small child moaned in her sleep and shivered from the damp bedding. A gentle hand touched the top of her head. Her eyes sprung open and she examined her surroundings. She slowly sat up and looked around the small apartments one bedroom. Various items that had once been on the nightstand were now scattered across the floor. A mirror that had once hung on the wall now spread shards of glass on the carpet. “Was there an earthquake?” “N-not quite.” . . . . . . . . . . . . . “Stress.” the doctor said after a moment as Matilda pumped her legs that dangled off the exam room table. “That’s it?” Miss Honey asked. “Are you sure? She really hasn’t been herself lately.” “How so?” “Well, she’s been acting sort of...well...childish.” Miss Honey said. The doctor raised an eyebrow as he looked at the small six- year- old girl sitting on the table, and then back to Miss Honey. “I mean she’s normally very mature, but she’s started,” She dropped her voice to a whisper, but Matilda could still hear the word “accidents.” “I mean, it’s not a big deal or anything, but I just want to make sure there isn’t some kind of underlying issue.” “I could check her blood sugar, make sure we’re not dealing with juvenile diabetes. Excessive urination can be a symptom.” “Please, but it’s not just that it's, well, how do I put this? Things have been… flying around the room when she gets upset.” “Flying around the room?” The dr. looked at the woman doubtfully. Miss Honey locked eyes with Matilda, whose expression was one of horror as she shook her head. “You mean she’s getting upset and throwing things?” “Y-yes, like that.” Miss Honey said. “So she’s been throwing tantrums and you’re concerned because it seems out of the ordinary for her?” “Yes!” Miss Honey exclaimed as Matilda scowled. She was not throwing tantrums, Matilda thought until she remembered last night. Miss Honey had brought up the idea of wearing diapers to bed. Logically it made sense! It shouldn’t have been such an issue, but instead of thinking things through like she usually did, she had resisted the idea and it had led to their very first fight. Not even a fight, but a disagreement...at least until the unknown pressure inside her had become so unbearable she had thrown it out and the invisible force smashed the bedroom mirror to bits. She couldn’t play dumb with her arms outstretched like some kind of cartoon superhero mid attack as glass exploded around the room. Matilda sighed. She knew she needed to apologize, even if she didn’t quite understand how she had made the mirror blow up. Matilda tried her best to tune out their conversation, even if it was about her. The pressure in her chest and behind her eyes was beginning to bother her and if she didn’t get it under wraps, she would unintentionally demonstrate what Miss Honey was talking about. She tried to think about Miss Honey’s promise that afterwards they’d go to the museum together. They were having a special exhibit today on ancient civilization. She had always wanted to go. It was huge! Three stories and there was a massive hedge maze in the back. She had tried on several occasions to go, but they never let her in without an adult. Even that though quickly lost its grounding ability after listening to the two of them go back and forth. “May I be excused? I need to use the restroom.” “Yes, of course. I need something from you though.” The doctor said. Matilda hopped down from the table and was handed a specimen cup. She examined it. She knew what it was for from reading about medical tests, but she had never had to herself. She couldn’t even remember when the last time she was in a doctor’s office. Had her parents ever taken her at all? “Am I current on all my vaccinations?” Matilda asked. Legally, she would have had to be for school, but she had a sinking suspicion Crunchem Hall wasn’t very particular about following the laws. Hadn’t she seen a girl in her class get thrown over a fence by her hair on the first day? Bruce Bogtrotter would agree “normal” wasn’t in their schools vocabulary. The doctor let out a patronizing chuckle. “Can’t say I’ve ever heard a little girl ask me if she was getting a shot that way before. Why don’t you let the adults discuss that?” “Please, I’m-” Matilda started to say, but was cut off. “Now I know shots can be scary, but it’s not as bad as you're imagining.” “I want-” “Now run along and go potty, or do you need your mommy’s help with that?” He gestured to the cup in her hands. The pressure in her eyes was too much to take. Behind the doctor, the wastepaper basket began to levitate. Miss Honey let out a gasp. “Yes, I think I’ll go help her!” Matilda felt a larger hand begin to pull on hers, and the trash can fell back to the ground with a loud thunk. The doctor swiveled around in his chair searching for the noise as Matilda let Miss Honey lead her to the bathroom. Once there, Miss Honey watched with a mixed feeling of apprehension and wonder as bits of paper towel floated around the family style bathroom. Matilda on the other hand, seemed hardly to notice. She stood as still as a statue, staring transfixed at the trashcan as garbage continued to rise. After about a minute, everything fell to the floor leaving the bathroom covered in trash. Matilda let out a relieved sigh and rubbed at her eyes. “Matilda.” Miss Honey said, a bit of apprehension in her voice. The young girl looked up upon hearing her name. “What’s going on? How long has this been happening?” Matilda thought about it. “Well, I guess it started when I accidentally blew up my dad’s tv, but i’m still not sure. I can’t control it or anything. I get this burning in my eyes and I feel like I’ll blow up if I don’t get it out. I’m really sorry about the mirror, Miss Honey. I wasn’t trying to break it, I had to get the pressure out before it broke me!” She blurted out without stopping. She hadn’t realized her eyes had begun to water and sting, but this time for a more mundane reason. “Please don’t send me back!” “Matilda, I would never send you back, sweetie. You are the most extraordinary and brightest child i’ve ever met. You are wonderful, and special. I’m sorry your family never recognized you for what you truly are. Maybe the doctor’s right and you are just under a lot of stress right now. Sometimes I forget you’re only six-years-old. You may have the mind of someone far beyond your age, but your body is still growing.” “I was embarrassed and. . . I lost control of it.” Matilda tried to explain. “I think I need more practice.” “Well,” Miss Honey said looking around the room. “I guess we can start by cleaning up in here.” Matilda took in the room for the first time and cringed. There were paper towels everywhere! One was even dangling from a vent in the ceiling! Not only that but the faucet had turned itself on. She pointed at the nearest piece of trash and concentrated and then… nothing happened. She pointed again and again trying with all her might, but the most she could get to happen was turning over a crumpled up wad on its side. “Where are you when I need you?” Matilda said. Resigned to her fate of manual labor, Matilda used her foot to sweep everything into a pile and Miss Honey picked it up and put it back in the trash. Matilda looked up at the vent. How were they going to get that down? “Do you want help with that?” Miss Honey asked quietly. “I guess, but how?” Matilda said, still looking up. “Well, you sit on the toilet and lift your gown up and i’ll hold the cup so you don’t drop it.” “Wha-” Matilda started to ask until she saw Miss Honey holding the specimen jar. Matilda’s face grew a shade of pink. “I can do it myself. I’ll meet you outside.” “Are you sure, it can be tricky with small hands.” “No, thank you. I’ll be fine.” She waited until Miss Honey left, before reading the directions on the label and sat on the toilet. Why in the world would she think I needed help with this, she thought to herself. She lifted the gown and bent over, but she couldn’t see where to position the cup. All she could see was the gown no matter where she bunched it up. Some genius she was if she couldn’t even pee in a cup by herself. Resigned to doing it by feel, she blindly stuck the cup under her and relaxed. She could hear it splash in the bowl below. This wasn’t right. She moved her arm around under her until she heard a different sound and felt the warm liquid begin to fill from the outside. There, no problem. She had this. She. . . . . . . . “Matilda?” Miss Honey asked, seeing the young girl come out with her head hung low. “I dropped it in the toilet.” ….. They had made her drink eight cups of water. She felt so full by the time she downed the last one. She looked down at both her arms now covered in bandages and felt relieved. Sure the shots had stung, but the momentary discomfort was nothing in comparison to catching a preventable disease. She had been right to be concerned. She hadn’t been vaccinated since she was a baby. So it had been one shot. One cup of water. Another shot. Another cup of water. “I know Diphtheria isn’t very common here as its mostly found in Asia and developing middle eastern countries, but a virus that creates a toxin that can destroy the nose and throat, before leading to paralysis and death doesn’t sound pleasant. It’s still nothing compared to Polio though. Miss Honey, did you know that 1 in 200 people that had Polio ended up paralyzed?” Matilda rattled on. The doctor chuckled politely, as she spouted out different dates, until she had come to the M.M.R. vaccine. That date he did know off the top of his head. It was 1971 and as she confidently repeated it, he stopped in his tracks and stared at her as if he was noticing her for the first time. He had assumed she was pretending to know as children sometimes did in order to appear more knowledgeable than they really were. “That’s right.” he said as he knit his eyebrows together. He wanted to assume it was a lucky guess, but that didn’t seem right. “Do you know what M.M.R stands for?” “Mealels, mumps, and rubella, they each had their own separate vaccinations in the late sixties, but they didn’t put them together until early 70’s.” Matilda said. “Where did you learn that?” “A library book about contagious diseases. It was really interesting, but I skipped over the pictures, especially when it came to the bubonic plague.” “I don’t blame you. That medical book, you read it or did someone read it to you?” “I read it.” “And you understood it?” “Yeah, I wash my hands a lot more now.” “You said you were six, correct? How long have you been able to read adult books?” Matilda shrugged and thought about it. “Well, my parents left me home alone since I was three, and it was really boring so I’d walk down the library everyday since it was just a couple blocks. The children’s books stopped being all that interesting pretty fast, so I guess since I was four?” “Wait, what?” The doctor asked alarmed. He looked up at Miss Honey. “She’s been left unsupervised since she was three?” He gave her an accusing look. “Yes, that’s why she’s in my care now. She is a student in the class I teach and I started noticing signs of severe neglect. When I asked her parents about it, they signed over custody to me. I’m just waiting on the courts to make me her legal guardian.” Miss Honey explained. The doctor relaxed a little. “You must be a very kind person to take her in. Most would just report them and move on with their lives.” “Matilda is a very special girl. She’s not like other children her age. I asked my kindergarten class as a joke to multiply a large sum, and she knew the answer right away. I thought she was kidding until I worked it out with a pencil and paper.” “I’m starting to understand your concerns a little better, but I stand by my earlier assessment. I think it’s just stress. It can affect the body in strange ways, especially small children. I must admit I am quite impressed with her knowledge and mental capabilities, but she is still just a child. If the urine test and blood work come out fine, my advice is give it time. This is a big change in her life, and she might just be having trouble adjusting emotionally. If the bed wetting becomes persistent, get a mattress protector and maybe some of those absorbent night underwear for kids.” “No!” Matilda said, before cringing in embarrassment for interrupting. “I’m sorry, but please, no diapers. “I’m, I’m…” she started to say before pausing to get her thoughts in order. “I’ve really never had this problem before.” “Well, I wouldn’t call them diapers.” The doctor said, but she shook her head. “Well, then I would suggest no liquids before bed, and if need be, set an alarm in the middle of the night to wake you up to use the bathroom.” Matilda frowned. Why hadn’t she thought of that? “That’s a thought.” Miss Honey agreed. “Let’s do that then.” “You ready to try this again?” The doctor asked, handing Matilda another specimen cup. “Please take this nice woman to help you this time.” “You, you really don’t need to help me.” Matilda mumbled. “It’s kind of embarrassing. You’re my teacher.” Miss Honey frowned, feeling a little hurt. She thought they were more than teacher and student at this point. Is that all Matilda saw her as? “Well, we can’t have you drop it again, what if one of my female nurses went with you?” the doctor asked. Matilda shrugged. She’d rather do it herself, but she had blown that chance. Anything was better than accidentally peeing on Miss Honey’s hand or something. She might blow up the sink with her mind. She had read that viruses were spread via bodily fluids, and what if this sudden telekinetic thing was a symptom of some unknown illness? She couldn’t risk passing it on to her. Not Miss Honey. Anyone but Miss Honey. The nurse would wear gloves at least. If she couldn’t do this by herself, this was the next best option. She gave her agreement, before giving her small hand a glare. “This is your fault.” she whispered at it as she followed a young black haired woman with glasses back into the bathroom. “Go on and lift up your gown with both hands and spread your legs.” Matilda didn’t fight it when she felt herself get cleaned, it was weird but necessary with her hands occupied. “Now what you’re going to do is pee for a second to flush out anything, and then stop.” Matilda stared over at the sink and relaxed. One second went by, and then two. No, no, no, no!! “I can’t stop it!” “No worries, it happens. It takes practice, as long as I can get enough in the cup. Good, just a little more, and... this should be enough. D-did the sink just turn on?” Oops, Matilda thought as the nurse stood back up with the half-full cup. “Go ahead and finish up here and meet us back in the room. Don’t forget to wash your hands in the haunted sink.” Matilda breathed a sigh of relief when she was alone. Embarrassment seemed to be the trigger for whatever made her lose control. She didn’t realize doctor appointments could be so...awkward. At least all the embarrassment for the day was over, she thought as she washed her hands, blissfully unaware that the day had only given a taste of what it had to offer. Chapter 9 As smart as Matilda was, there was one thing she didn’t fully grasp, and that was just how remarkable she really was. She didn’t know why adults sometimes gaped at her with glassy eyes, or why Miss Honey kept telling her she was special. She had never thought herself as special before. She had certainly never been told so by her family. She enjoyed reading and learning new things, but in her mind that didn’t really set her apart from anyone else her age. She didn’t feel any different than her friends, Lavender and Hortencia. They all loved pulling pranks on Miss Trunchbull, but if anything though, if anyone was a “genius” it was Hortencia. Matilda and Lavender were in awe of her when it came to her bravery and how far she was willing to go to pull one over on the Trunchbull. They looked up to her, as any pair of six year olds would look up to an 11 year old, with awe and reverence. When Hortencia had told the tale of how she had single handedly snuck into the Trunchbull's office and sprinkled every single one of her pair of gym shorts in itching powder, it had elevated her to god status in their young eyes. Once the doctor had left the room, Matilda changed back into her overalls, glad to be rid of the gown. She got her legs in fine by herself, but when it came time to hoist the straps up, she winced. Both her arms gave off a dull painful throb which she fought through as she tried to fasten the buckles. There was something that Miss Honey had said that had bothered her. She didn’t quite understand what she had meant by “she was usually so much more mature than other kids her age?” What did she mean she was being more childish than usual? Did Miss Honey expect her to act like an adult all the time? Matilda had a sinking feeling Miss Honey was putting her on a pedestal far higher than she deserved to be on. Matilda wondered if she meant childish because she needed help sometimes. “How are you feeling? Still up for the trip?” Miss Honey asked, before taking the loose strap of Matilda’s overalls and buckling them for her. “Yes!” Matilda said and frowned as Miss Honey fastened her clothes for her. Was this childish? She had been enjoying having Miss Honey there, brushing her hair and tucking her into bed at night. It was a new experience for her, but was she not supposed to? Was that a childish thing to want help? Mom’s always did that sort of thing for their kids in books, but Matilda wondered if that’s why Miss Honey liked her, because she was “more mature”. Was she the exception to the rule because she was different? They walked in silence down a few blocks in the small village. Matilda stared questioningly at Miss Honey’s offered outstretched hand before they crossed the busy intersection. Was it some kind of test, she wondered to herself. Before she could make up her mind on what to do, Miss Honey had taken her hand and led her across. Matilda let out a small whimper as she let her arm be raised. She had only expected pain during the actual injection process, but not after. Once they stood in front of the large white multi-story building all thoughts of pain and childish actions were far behind her. Now she was the one who eagerly marched forward pulling Miss Honey by the hand. She was so excited to be here! The place was full of adults and children alike on a bustling Saturday afternoon. A banner hung on the entrance that read, “Come Meet our Award Winning Olympic Athletes! Today Only!” Matilda was fascinated by the displays. Each room had a different civilization. There was Rome, and Egypt, Incan, Persian, Ancient Greek, Chinese, Mayan and Mesopotamian. That was just a traveling display that came and set up one month a year before packing up and moving to another city. There was still the Museum's usual year around displays she had never gotten to see. There were paintings, and sculptures, and the Garden Maze in the back that drew flocks of families. She heard along the way there were hundreds of different types of plants to see. She had seen pictures in a book and it looked so beautiful. In the center of the maze was a huge gorgeous fountain. “So what do you want to look at first?” Miss Honey asked. “You pick, I can’t decide!” Matilda admitted. “How about we start with Rome and work our way around?” Matilda peered into various glass cases and read all about various inventions, and tools. There was a display about the founding of the Julian calendar she found fascinating. She hadn’t even realized nearly 30 minutes had gone by in the first room alone. She had been reading about the history of aqueducts when Miss Honey reminded her if they wanted to see everything she couldn’t stop and read every little plaque that had writing on it. They passed through Inca and Mayan territory, but Miss Honey had to practically drag her out of the Egyptian room. She would have stayed in there all day if given the chance. The mummies history, and the pyramids were so interesting that she hadn’t even flinched reading about the embalming process despite Miss Honey’s concerns about it giving her nightmares. After two-and-a-half hours they had finished all the civilization rooms. Matilda was ready to jump straight into the paintings, but Miss Honey pulled her in a different direction. “How about we take a break for a bit?” Miss Honey said. Matilda noticed she looked moderately uncomfortable. She seemed to be looking around for something, spotted it and Matilda obediently followed until they came to a line for the Restroom. It was fairly crowded and by the time it was her turn, Matilda began to feel the effects of all the water she had drunk. There was just one problem though, she realized as she stepped into a stall and closed the door. She couldn’t raise her dominant arm past her chest. Matilda winced in pain as she tried and tried again to reach the straps of her overalls. “Matilda, are you okay?” Miss Honey asked from the other side of the stall door after a few minutes. “Do you need help?” “N-no!” Matilda lied, sighing in defeat. Needing help getting undressed to use the restroom fell squarely in the childish category. She didn’t need to go bad anyway. She’d ask for help if it was an emergency, but for now she was fine. She kicked the plunger with her foot for show to flush the toilet and came out to wash her hands. “Ready for more?” Miss Honey asked and Matilda eagerly followed. She quickly forgot about her predicament for the next twenty minutes until she found herself shuffling from foot to foot. She stared at the paintings with less rapt attention and focus to detail. After another ten minutes she was no longer enjoying the paintings at all. She was about to admit defeat and ask Miss Honey for help when a familiar voice behind her called her name. “Matilda! Miss Honey!” Matilda spun around to find her older, blonde friend Hortencia and her mom. “Oh, hello!” Miss Honey said as Hortencia made the introductions. “Be careful out back at the Olympics display.” Hortencia warned ominously. “The Trunchbulls here and in a foul mood.” “Why?” Matilda asked, her joy now turned to horror. “Have you ever seen her in a good mood?” Hortencia shot back. “No, I mean why is she here?” Matilda asked, but the answer to her question came to her the moment she closed her mouth. “The Olympics display.” “Yeah.” Hortencia nodded before leaning in close and whispering in Matilda’s ear. “And because I put something in her drink.” She grabbed Matilda’s hand and slipped something inside of it. When she pulled back away, Matilda examined the laxative wrapper crushed in her fist. She nearly lost control of her bladder from laughing, only recovering once she crossed her legs and leaned forward. “You okay?” Matilda gave a side glance at Miss Honey, but she was busy talking to Hortencia’s mom to notice. “I need your help.” Matilda whispered. “Not here though.” She waited for a break in the adults' conversation to ask as politely as she could if she could go show her friend something in the other room. “I’ll be right back!” Matilda reassured them both once she had gotten their consent and dragged Hortensia by the hand towards the restrooms. She froze in dismay as she read, “Closed for Cleaning.” “What, what did you want to show me?” Hortencia asked. “Nothing, I needed your help with my overalls. I can’t get them off and I need to pee.” “Why didn’t you just ask Miss Honey? Why do you need my help for?” “Because. Besides it doesn’t matter, it’s closed.” Hortencia rolled her eyes. “That’s such a little kid problem. You little kids can't hold it for five minutes without peeing your pants. Fine there’s another one downstairs. I’ll take you.” Hortencia groaned acting like it was the biggest chore. “Thanks.” Matilda mumbled, shifting her weight from foot to foot. “I can’t lift my arms for some reason. ” “Why?” Hortencia asked as the two of them rode the escalator down. “Got a bunch of shots this morning and-” “Tetanus, wasn’t it?” Hortencia nodded her head in understanding. “Had to get one after spending all day in the chokey. I came out with all these cuts and scrapes before Trunchbull let me out. I had to tell my parents I got cut from the metal in the jungle gym, but yeah, couldn’t lift my arm for a week.” “So it’s normal?” Matilda asked. “I guess.” “Where are you two going?” A voice rang out. They turned to see Miss Honey and Hortencia’s mom at the top of the escalator about to ride it down. “The bathroom!” Hortencia yelled back up. “Matilda needs help getting her pants off!” Matilda cringed. “Thanks.” she mumbled. She could feel the heat radiating off her face. “Tell the whole place why don’t you.” “I think I will.” Hortencia said with a grin. “She’s about to pee herself!” She yelled back up before letting out a laugh. “Lighten up, no one cares, you’re just a little kid after all!” Matilda was horrified and the worried expression on Miss Honey’s face didn’t help. Even worse, she could feel the pressure building behind her eyes. She rubbed at them as tried to get the sensation to go away. “Jeez, don’t cry I was only teasing you.” Hortencia said. “I’m not crying, there’s something up with my eyes.” Matilda said. She stopped at the bottom of the escalator and blinked trying to get the sensation to go away. “Matilda! Are you okay?” Miss Honey said. Matilda could hear the worry in her voice without looking at her. She must have taken two steps at a time to get to her this fast. “I’m fine, my friend is just picking on me.” Matilda said, plastering on a fake smile. Try as she might, she couldn’t stand still long enough for that sentence to ring true. “Are you going to lose control?” Miss Honey whispered in Matilda’s ear. Her face burned crimson. “No! I don’t have to go that bad!” Matilda said. “I meant the other thing.” Miss Honey said. “Oh, umm, I- I don’t think so.” Matilda said, sounding unsure. The burning pressure was now worse thanks to the question and the realization that they were surrounded by precious and priceless artifacts was not lost on either of them. “Let’s go outside just in case.” Miss Honey said. “Can I use the restroom first?” Matilda asked, but she knew the answer to that question as soon as a poster fell off the wall behind them. “Quickly! Let’s get you out of here!” Miss Honey scooped Matilda up and raced outside, leaving behind a confused Hortensia. “Uh, see you at school!” She yelled after them. Miss Honey briskly walked outside only to find the courtyard packed from the Olympics display. There was nowhere for her to release the pent up energy without being spotted, and the last thing either of them wanted was to be caught by… “Jen! Jen! What brings you by?” The Trunchbull asked. “Come to see me perform my famous hammer throw perhaps? Wait, what are you doing with the Wormwood brat?” The Large muscular woman sneered at Matilda, who hid her face in Miss Honey’s shoulder. No matter how brave she was with her friends, her natural instinct was to shrink in terror when caught face to face with the horrible beast. “Absolutely! I wouldn’t miss it! When’s the next demonstration?” Miss Honey asked, trying to appease the horrid women. “You didn’t answer my question. What are you doing out of school with the Wormwood brat?” “We came to see the exhibits, and-” Miss Honey’s words were cut off by a faint gurgling sound. Miss Trunchbull's face paled. “What do I care what you do with the little vermin on the weekends?” The Trunchbull said before storming away inside while holding her stomach. Miss Honey breathed a sigh of relief before spotting the maze. “Here!” She said, rushing inside around a few corners and into a dead end. She set Matilda down in front of a pile of leaves when they were sure they were alone. “Would that help, whatever it is to calm down?” Matilda nodded and stared fixated at the pile until it was as if a strong wind had entrapped itself in the corner of the hedge. Miss Honey watched the leaves swirl around for a few moments, until the small pocket of wind died down. Matilda now kneeled on the ground with her ankles crossed and hands holding herself. Using her powers had made her urge to pee so much worse. She suddenly felt very weak. She gasped as she felt a small trickle escape into her pants. No. No. No. Not while she was awake! Not in public. “Oh, Matilda, I didn’t know you needed to go this badly. ” Miss Honey said. She rested her hand on the small child's back. “ I’m-I’m fine.” Matilda said, before standing up. She still shifted from foot to foot, but felt she could move on. She looked down at her pants alarmed at the tiny dime sized wet stain. She covered it quickly with her hands, but Miss Honey had already seen it. “Why didn’t you tell me you couldn’t undue the clasps? I would have helped you.” Miss Honey said gently as they slowly made their way towards the center of the maze. There had been a sign for porta-potties along with an ominous sign. “Due to the recent cost of the dying plant life and flowers, please use the portable facilities located in several points along this maze.” A large red circle with a parent and small male stick figure peeing into the bush was crossed out with a big red line through it along with more text underneath. “Punishable by permanent ban and 250 pound fine.” “Because it was a childish thing to need help with.” Matilda mumbled, as she shuffled along as fast as she could. “I can’t lift my arms from the shots.” “Matilda, look at me.” Miss Honey said. Matilda kept moving but looked up. “I want you to rely on me, okay? I know you’re so used to having to take care of yourself you don’t know what it means to rely on others. But If you ever need anything, big or small, I want you to tell me, okay? I don’t want you to feel you have to do everything by yourself.” Matilda nodded, too preoccupied on the situation to let the words she was hearing sink in. Her eyes were watering and her pants felt suspiciously damp. She was afraid to look at the damage. After three more wrong turns, her heart soared when she saw the exit. “It’s the center!” She cheered rushing forward until she stopped dead in her tracks looking horrified. “What? What is it?” Miss Honey said, until she saw the problem. “Oh no.” She mumbled, before meeting the near crazed look in Matilda’s eyes. “Well, I guess we better get in line.” They stood in the back and waited with Matilda occasionally letting out a cry. She couldn’t hide her situation now. A tiny wet streak ran down a pant leg. Passerby’s offered Miss Honey a sympathetic nod as if to say, “Been there with my little one.” The door to the only porta potty finally opened. A mother and her toddler were about to go in when the crowd jumped as something large barreled towards them all. People left and right were shoved out of the way with grunts of, “MOVE!” and “Out of the way!” were hurled at them. The Trunchbull, holding her stomach, pushed and shoved her way to the front of the line, knocking over the mom and toddler in the process before going inside and slamming the door in the process with an angry THUNK. Miss Honey looked down at the horrified look on Matilda’s face as she held herself, tears now streaming down her face. She rubbed her back sympathetically, before guiding her away. “I have an idea.” She said. Matilda whimpered as she saw her last remaining hope vanish in front of her. She couldn’t make it through the maze to the other bathrooms. “Over here.” Miss Honey whispered, leading her into a corner of the last dead end they had come across. “Take off your shoes and socks.” Matilda thought she knew what Miss Honey wanted her to do. Her face turned red, but it was better than having a full blown accident. Miss Honey was going to stand guard so she could pee in the grass like a dog. She kicked off her shoes before pausing to bend and hold herself again, before managing to slip off her socks. “Please help me with the straps.” Matilda begged. “Why?” Miss Honey asked, before realization dawned on her. She gave Matilda a sympathetic smile. “No, sweetie. You need to keep them on.” She gave her head a gentle pat. “Wha-” Matilda choked out as she sobbed. “No, please no!” She tried to undue the strap herself, but her arm was now even worse than before. “I can’t!” “Sweetie, it’s okay, I promise. Just get it over with.” Matilda sobbed. “No, I’ll go back in line. I can make it!” “Shh. Honey, you already didn’t make it.” The woman said, but her voice was gentle and non chastising. She knelt down until she was eye level with her. “There’s no point in fighting the inevitable any longer.” “I- I-’m so sorry.” Matilda cried. Another, larger streak had begun to form but then stopped. “Matilda, really it’s okay. You’ll feel better if you just get it over with. I promise. I love you, and a pair of wet pants, or sheets isn’t going to change that.” Matilda stood there stunned. It had taken her so off guard that she let go of herself and stood still, staring at Miss Honey as if seeing her for the first time. Had she just heard what she thought she did? The distraction had been enough. Matilda whimpered and turned towards the hedge as she felt her bladder decide enough was enough. She leaned her head against the hedge and began to bawl as warm liquid began to freely flow down her legs, soaking the faux denim and coming out at the ankles, leaving a patch of damp grass at her feet. “It’s okay, it’s okay.” Miss Honey whispered gently, rubbing Matilda’s back. “That’s it. It’s all over now.” She gently spun the girl around to face her. She ran the back of her hand along the girls damp cheeks. There was still a look of uncertainty and shock in her eyes. “Talk to me, Matilda.” “Were you just saying that?” Matilda asked, almost a whisper. “Saying what?” Miss Honey asked, but the young girl didn’t respond. She was at a complete loss, until a sad thought crossed her mind. “Matilda,” Miss Honey whispered. She felt something large and thick catch in her throat. “Has anyone ever told you they loved you before?” Matilda stood still for a moment before slowly shaking her head no. Miss Honey sighed sadly before kneeling down and wrapping her arms around the trembling girl and rocked her back and forth. “I love you, Matilda.” “No, Miss Honey, you’ll get all wet.” Matilda said, but made no move to push her away. “I don’t care.” “Miss Honey.” “Yes?” “...I love you too.” ……………………………………………………………………………….. When the two stood up and made their way back to the center of the maze, they noticed the line for the Porta Potty had not changed at all. Was Miss Trunchbull still in there? Matilda wondered. She had an idea, a terrible, but wonderful idea. She doubted she could pull it off, but the fluttering anticipation in her chest told her Maybe. Despite her current ordeal, she hadn’t felt this happy and at peace… ever. If she could smash a wall, and knock over shelving… what if? “Is that lady still in there? The big one?” Matilda asked. A woman and daughter pair turned around and took in the state Matilda’s clothes. The woman gave her a look of sympathy before nodding her head. It was all she needed to know. “There’s a fountain by the exit.” The woman called out after her. “Miss Honey, could I use my powers for evil, just this once?” She motioned something with her finger and Miss Honey knitted her eye-brows together. It took her a minute to respond, as being a good role model and poetic karma fought for dominance. “You could try, I mean it’s not like you could...right?” Miss Honey smiled for a second. “I feel like I could do anything right now.” Matilda whispered. She stared at the porta-potty. It had worked with the glass. She threw her whole mind into it. She summoned every emotion she had felt today. Embarrassment, shame, and lastly, a new one she had never felt before. Love. Ever so slowly she could see the blue box begin to rock. Back and forth. Back and forth. “KNOCK IT OFF YOU LITTLE MAGGOTS!” Bellowed an angry voice from inside. Back and forth. Back and forth. “I MEAN IT, IF I FIND WHOSE DOING THAT I’M GONNA MAKE YOU WISH YOU WERE NEVER BORN!” The rocking began to pick up momentum. People in line began to back up. Back and forth. Back and forth. Finally with one last mental push, the porta potty tipped over. “Huh, sure is windy today.” Miss Honey said casually as they turned their backs and began the walk back home. “Right, Miss Honey, It just seems to come out of nowhere.” Matilda said with a grin. “You know you don’t have to keep calling me, Miss Honey.” Matilda took her hand in her hers. “What do you want to be called?” Jennifer thought about it for a moment. “When you’re ready, how about mom?” Matilda smiled. “Okay, mom.”
  5. The Trinket By Horatio Husky Commissioned by Hunter Chapter One The Will Hunter sighed as his mother, who he was currently on the phone with, continued to drawl about the contractual obligations he now had to abide by. His great aunt, or now his late great aunt, had left him a few things in her will that came with a few specific rules. The fennec fox had barely known her, other than seeing her at a Christmas party and once during Thanksgiving when he was very young. She was not really even his aunt, being an in-law and a cheetah to boot. He had heard a few stories about her, some from his mother who had always spoken about her with a degree of awe mixed with disapproval. Whether or not she was even really his aunt in-law was in question sometimes, but her presence in the family was nevertheless appreciated, if not coveted. She had been an Egyptianologist, but not the kind that mostly stays on the campus of a university. Accused several times of being no better than a bounty hunter with a college degree, she would often beguile whoever cared to listen at the taverns and bars she was often found at about her great adventures in the middle east. There were usually many stories told and drinks bought during such evenings. Her alcoholism aside, she had apparently kept up her taste for adventuring into abandoned tombs and caves right up until the very end. They never recovered her, but enough time had passed where her body had been declared lost and her vast collection of artifacts reclaimed by the museums and universities. Judging from their hasty reclamation of such items, they had been waiting for exactly such an opportunity as her disappearance. They had claimed most of the artifacts, at least. “So like, dumb it down for me a bit, Mom?” Hunter asked, a slight note of exasperation coloring his tone of voice as one of his large ears flicked to the side in irritation. It was his mother’s turn to sigh, which was followed up by a response. “You just can’t sell any of the stuff. You’re supposed to keep it as if it were a family heirloom. There’s some evidence to support that this does belong to us give or take a hundred generations.” Hunter replied back. “Right, don’t sell. Just keep it. Anything else?” “Not until they go through the rest of her possessions and check her records. You might be getting some money too, but that’ll take a while.” Right… After the state takes its hefty cut… Hunter thought to himself, but he did his best to keep his sense of sarcasm out of the conversation. “Great, thanks Mom.” “Of course honey, was there anything else you wanted to know about Auntie Tare?” Hunter, knowing that this would probably prolong the conversation for another good hour, shook his head before realizing that his mother could not see his reaction. He cleared his throat before he spoke. “Hrm… No, no. I think I’m good for now, still… Processing and all that. I’ll talk to you later Mom.” “Okay sweetie, let me know what’s in the box. It looks mysterious!” “Yeah, I will. Love you Mom.” “Love you sweetie, bye bye now.” The line went silent, and Hunter put his phone down on the table with a sigh of relief. As silence enveloped the apartment, interrupted only by the soft hum of the refrigerator in the kitchen, the fennec’s gaze drifted over to the box that sat in front of him on the dining room table. The word that could describe the wooden container could only be described as ornate. Carvings of Egyptian hieroglyphs laced with what he suspected was gold lining on the borders of the miniature crate gave the appearance of a most valuable item being stored inside. The wood had been treated with oil, and with great care as well. Part of him wondered if the box might be empty, as the container itself looked relatively valuable. Whatever it was, he was not surprised that his aunt had mentioned that he was not allowed to sell it. I’d probably make a pretty penny off of it too… Hunter mused to himself, as he pushed his chair back and stood up, only to crouch in front of the box in order to more closely examine its decor. He was not literate in Egyptian hieroglyphs, nor was he particularly interested in learning more about them. History had always bored the little fox, and despite having a renowned, though estranged, Egyptologist in the family it never sparked the same fascination and excitement as it did in Aunt Tare. Well, might as well have a look then. Reaching forward, he undid the clasp on the front of the box and pushed the lid open. Its hinges worked silently, and Hunter immediately noted that the entire inside of the box was laced with a vibrant, purple velvet. Amidst the swathes of cloth, Hunter beheld a palm sized brooch made of a mixture of dulled copper and gold. Marveling at it, the fennec’s eyes widened as he scanned its surface. The fennec picked it up with a paw and noted its significant weight. Equipped with a pin which Hunter presumed was intended to keep a cloak around a traveler’s shoulders, Hunter turned the brooch over and let out a surprised breath. The ornament had been placed upside down in its container, and it was studded with several small jewels with one large piece in its center. Peering closely at them, it took Hunter a moment to realize that they were opals. In the center of the metal disk, the largest of the opals was oval in shape. It gleamed as if freshly polished when it caught the last of the afternoon sun streaming from Hunter’s half shuttered window. A small scratch in the center of the opal was the only blemish on the piece, revealing the rainbow colored insides of the gem that refracted in ever changing patterns of color as he turned it over. Strangely, despite the fact that it had been sitting in the box ever since it had been delivered to his doorstep inside of its own, discrete cardboard container, the brooch was warm to the touch. And it felt like it was getting warmer. “It’s… pretty…” Hunter said lamely, to no one in particular. His initial curiosity had been sated, and he was now coming to the conclusion that he really had no use for the gem-encrusted display piece other than to perhaps show it off for his friends. The more he thought about it, being the owner of such a valuable piece now might mean that he would have to take insurance out on it. Great… Another responsibility… The fennec thought grimly to himself. Hunter was about to set the artifact down, when the opal flashed catching his eyes. Blinking, he looked down at the gem and wondered if he had imagined the sudden luminescence that had come from the piece. Gingerly, he brought it back up to his eyes and peered closely at the scratch on the gem’s surface to see if he had missed some refractive angle inside of the opal’s crack. Seeing that there was nothing he could immediately detect, he placed the brooch back down in its comfortable bed, this time right side up with the opal facing the ceiling of his apartment. He thought about where he should put the box, glancing around his apartment and seeing now apparent free space where he might rest it. I’ll probably just chuck it into my closet or something… His stomach rumbled, reminding him that his mother’s phone call had caused him to miss lunch at a reasonable hour. Closing the box, he decided to put his inheritance out of his mind for the time being. Padding over to his closet, he picked out his jacket and fumbled the keys to his apartment out of the bowl they rested in. I’m kind of hankering for some chicken… He thought to himself, his mind already beginning to drift away from the strange set of rocks that were now his, now and forever. He did, however, check twice that he had locked the door to his apartment before bounding down the staircase leading to the lobby of his apartment complex.
  6. Ill be alternating between this and "even heroes can be infantilzed." This is to explain how this works before I write the chapter this Saturday. The facless mother never visits those who are sinners. Only the innocent will know her malicious intent. The facless mother never harms, but instead crafts a world the child will hate. The children may think themselves adults. But soon they will find that once graced by the facless mother they are no more then children doomed in her neverland. ... hope yall enjoy. The first chapter is "disability"
  7. Hello everyone! This is going to be my first serious story on this site. I am attempting to create a subscribestar to release early chapters. This story focuses on Nary and Melody. Two highlevel catkin who helped to defeat the demon king. ..... Melody sat squirming in the carriage. She hated being stuck in one place. It made her feel exposed, a common problem among [Assassins]. Her brother was already asleep. Sometimes she envied the [warrior]. She looked into a nearby mirror in the carriage noting her appearance. She was a catkin, a demihuman race who looked mostly human with the exception of catlike ears and a tail that swished back and fourth. Both her and her brother had jade green hair and looked to be in their early 20s. As the carriage entered into the city proper, she grew a bit excited. It had been five years since they had helped the hero Vivian defeat the demon lord Roldwen. When the battle was over her and her brother had asked for one thing. For their race to be happy in the new kingdom. Under the demon lord catkin had been subjected to poverty, slavery, and worse. She saw that were once had been shops selling catkin slaves now stood colorful clothing shops with pastel sighns such "Nyaedy: Catkin clothing shop." She did notice that the dresses sold were a bit frilly and childish but she'd never been one for fashion and was just glad that her kind had devolped a fashion. It made her feel a bit guilty about going into seclusion after they had beaten Roldwen. She should have been here to witness her people claiming back their lives. She put that in the back of her mind though. It was useless to think about and besides they were getting closer to the castle. Once the home of the dread demon Lord it was now the home of Vivian Allbright. The castle was a grand building floating high up in the sky. A drawbridge was the only way to reach it. Its spiraling towers and brick exterior painting a forboding atmosphere. She woke up her brother who mumbled and promptly went back to sleep. Melody kicked him. "Hey!" He protested as he fully woke up. Eye blinking rappidly and his ears twitching in agitation. "You need to wake up. We are almost at Vivians" she said matter of factly. He grumbled but stayed awake as the finaly entered the courtyard. A large collection of servants already put to greet them. Finally they were here. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
  8. ((Based on the wonderful worlf created by altered states. Warning: story will contain themed such as forced orgasms, institutionized sexism, and other mature themes.)) Marry woke up grogily as she heard the banging on her apartment door. She practically rolled out of bed, not even bothering to change out of her pajamas. She'd change just before she went to school as normal. Marry was one of those lucky girls who didn't have parents. Making her effectively emancipated by defualt. No diapers, no frilly clothes. So, instead of princess pajamas like many of the girls who attended her college she actually had semi mature nightwear. "H-hello" marry said as she opened the door surprised to see 2 police officers and a... very bubbly girl. "Hello! Would you be Mary Foster?" The girl said in a pratonizingly sweet voice. "Yeah that would be me. Whats going on?" Marry asked wondering just what the hell was going on? "Perfect!" The girl said before giving a nod to the officers. Before marry could react the two officers started pulling mary away from her apartment. Try as she might she could not stop them. Despite her growing panic and desperation they forced her into a car seat, restruaning her to it. Before they drove off she heard the girl say something about an orphanage. Still confused, and honestly a bit scared she could only look out the window of the cop car as it took her from her life.
  9. BB’S Nursery and Day Care Chapter 1 It was 11pm on a Saturday night and Tommy had been a high school graduate for little over 9 hours having walked across the Townsfield High stage around earlier in the day. He was happy high school was over. He was happy to be off to college in a couple of months. He was also a bit drunk. His best and really only friend was leaving in the morning for Air Force basic training. His Friend Brad had always wanted to be a pilot and fly anything that the Air Force would let him. They shared that dream until it was obvious that Tommy would not be meeting any minimum physical requirements. Brad was 6’2”, athletic and super smart while Tommy stopped growing at 5’ unlike his father who was over 6 ft. tall. Not that Tommy wasn’t smart, he was, and he was also in good shape. He just didn’t fit the pilot mold. No amount of exercising was going to add those extra inches and he let that dream die last summer and buckled down on college. He did not begrudge his friend his dreams. He was very happy for Brad. Tommy learned to accept a different dream. If he couldn’t fly planes then he could go to school and learn to design them. Once the summer was over he was going to Stanford on a full ride scholarship that he worked his butt off to earn. There was a lot a school in front of him but it was exciting. Neither Brad nor Tommy had really ever drank before. Heavy drinking parties were not on the agenda for their future and they turned down most of the invitations or left early from the last semester’s parties. So Tommy was not aware of how several shots of stolen Tequila from the liquor cabinet in Brad's dad’s home office would slow down his reflexes and give him a slight fuzziness. He felt good, real good and did not notice any real impairment. Brad had to be up and on the way to the airport by 5am so they hugged it out, promised to e-mail when they could and Tommy headed home. Tommy drove well. Only a seasoned officer would have noticed anything and probably let it go. He lived in a small subdivision of nice homes on large lots and was close to home when the large grey tabby cat darted in front of him. Caught by surprise he swerved to the right and tapped the brakes. No problem. At least that was what he planned to do. He swerved to the right and instead of tapping the breaks he nicked the accelerator. The car, his Mom’s car, shot forward and into the adjacent yard. The impact with the curb yanked the wheel from his hands and the car slewed sideways. The car ripped through a long length of pristine white fencing, crushed all of Mrs. Nelson’s award winning roses, clipped the backend of the sky blue Mercedes parked in the driveway and came to an airbag deploying stop against a moderately sized oak tree. The cat watched the whole event with the detachment that only a cat can really display then sauntered off into the night not aware of, or caring about the life altering events it had just precipitated. Tommy was stunned first by the impact with the tree. Then the airbag went off. Both hit as one as far as Tommy ever remembered. He was stunned, not quite unconscious but only vaguely aware that the engine had shut off and the only real noise was the ticking of the engine and some hissing noise as the engine coolant leaked out on to hot engine parts. He was jerked into more awareness as his door was opened and the scared angry face of Mrs. Nelson appeared. Mrs. Nelson was just shutting off the living room lights in preparation for bed when she heard what sounded like a major collision happening in her front yard. She grabbed her phone and hurried to the front door. She stared in shock at how much damage could be done to her yard so quickly. Her rose bushes were flattened, the fence she and James Wilder built twelve years ago was in splinters and her car’s rear lights were smashed. She did not recognize the car in the dark poorly lighted yard. Steam billowed up from the engine as she approached the car. She was angry and scared as she looked through the window. The driver was still and it looked like blood was dripping from the driver’s forehead. She opened the door ready to yell at the driver. "What do you....." she started yelling. She never finished her sentence as the driver looked up at her and she knew that face well. Her anger was instantly replaced with concern. "Tommy" she gasped. "Tommy are you ok?" Tommy knew Mrs. Nelson well. She was a family friend. He spent many a summer hour mowing her lawn and doing odd jobs for her over the years. "I think so" he stuttered his head slowly clearing. Then he panicked. "Mrs. Nelson are you ok? I didn't hurt anybody did I?" he almost yelled. "No, my boy you only hurt some stuff. Nobody was around to be hurt." She replied with a slight smile. Just like Tommy to worry about others first. "Just stay still, don't try to get out of the car. You could be more hurt then you know". She reached for the phone but stopped short of dialing 911. Still far in the distance she could hear the sirens. Knowing her neighbors someone had called 911 before she could even leave the house. She pulled out a handkerchief and pressed it to his cut forehead and had him hold it tight. As the sirens grew louder she heard Tommy begin to sniffle a bit. "I'm so sorry about you flowers Mrs. Nelson, I know how much you love them". "It ok Tommy, they are only flowers. You are more important right now" she said giving him a peck on the cheek. The ambulance arrived first, followed by the fire truck and a police car. The paramedic gently but firmly pushed Mrs. Nelson out of the way as she tended to Tommy and started asking questions. Mrs. Nelson let herself fade to the back of the crowd. She had smelled the alcohol on Tommy’s breathe. She knew where this going to go. She headed into the house. Mrs. Nelson had a call to make and some preparations to take care of. She already knew what was needed to be done and got started right away. As the door shut behind her she thought about how tired she was of roses anyway. Might be time for some daisies and lilies. +++++++++++++++ James and his wife April were coming back from date night dinner, movie and some serious parking lot kissing and heavy petting. Both were looking forward to continuing the evening in the privacy and comfort of the bedroom. As the neared the house they could see the lights of a police car and an ambulance in front of Mrs. Nelsons house. You could see the shattered fence and flattened rose bushes. James thought to himself that the poor sorry bastard that did that was in for a world of hurt as Mrs.’s Nelson loved those flowers and the awards given out each year for the Counties best roses. James heard a gasp next him and April shouted “Stop the car, its Tommy!” Even before the car stopped moving April was out of the car and running to the ambulance. Tommy was visible sitting at the rear of the ambulance while a paramedic was holding something up to his forehead. April slipped by the police officer and the paramedic (like only a determined mother can) and was soon hugging her son to her chest and peppering the paramedic with questions about Tommy’s obviously cut forehead. James quickly parked the car and headed for the ambulance. Before he got there he heard Officer Benton call out “Mr. Wilder can I speak with you for a moment, Please?” James turned and waited as the police officer walked up to him. He knew Officer Rick Benton from bowling leagues James and April participated in over the years. He barely opened his mouth before Rick said “Relax, Tommy is ok, just a little cut from the airbag. Nobody else was involved, nobody else got hurt.” James shoulders slumped a little as the tension left him with a relived sigh. Continuing Rick said “You can take him home now but I need you to come back right away, we need to talk charges.” “What…why?” James stuttered shocked and scared all over again for his son. “When I got here there was strong smell of alcohol from Tommy, I had no option but to give him a breathalyzer test. He failed, just barely but he failed. Normally he would be ticketed for DUI, reckless driving and destruction of private property and maybe hauled in for the night, but Tommy has been very cooperative so that won’t be necessary” Rick said softly. “Drinking, Tommy? Are you sure? It does not sound like him.” James replied hoping that it was some big mistake. “This will sink his scholarship, everything he’s worked for” his voice rising in pitch as his stress and anxiety shot through the roof. “Calm down James” he said reaching out and grabbing James’s shoulder. “Everything is going to be ok. Take him home and come back and we can talk more.” James nodded, squared his shoulders and went and gathered up his wife and son in a big hug before leading them to the car and home. The ride home was silent and very short. April took Tommy to his room to get into some pajamas. Then after a quick trip to the bathroom he was tucked into his bed and due to the pain pills the paramedic gave him he was asleep almost before his Mom closed the bedroom door. ++++++++++++++++++++++ James quickly returned to Mrs. Nelson’s house. The ambulance was gone along with all the concerned neighbors. It was quiet as James entered the yard and saw both Rick and Mrs. Nelson talking on the house porch. Mrs. Nelson looked at James as he crossed the yard. She knew this next bit was going to be hard on James and she had already made arrangements in the house for after the police officer had left. “Good news James, Mrs. Nelson, and Judge Sanderson have already worked out a community service agreement” Rick said smiling. He loved it when something could worked out so that young people get a second chance without screwing their lives up first. “Tommy will need to work off the car repairs at some daycare Mrs. Nelson used to work for before she retired. After that any additional money will be toward fence repair. On the weekends Tommy will work as Mrs. Nelson’s gardener until the rose garden is either repaired or replaced. As long as the Judge hears a positive response from Mrs. Nelson by August 14 confirming that Tommy has met his obligations he will have all charges dropped. My understanding is that this will give Tommy 2 weeks to get Stanford and start his college life” Rick said slapping James on the back. “I have got to go but someone will around with the paperwork from the Judge sometime tomorrow. I will need everyone to sign it. Like I said everything will be ok James” He said cheerfully. As he walked away he stated “You must know the Judge well to call so late at night Mrs. Nelson. Must be a real friend.” “We worked together a long time ago when we graduated college together” she answered never taking her eyes from James’s face. As the cop car rolled away the tears started to fall from James’s eyes and their apparent age dipped with every tear. James’s voice rose in pitch as he cried “My Tommy, my baby, how could you do this to him?” Mrs. Nelson reached out and took him by the hand and gently led her into the house. “Let’s talk inside Janice, we do not need to be having this talk on the front porch” she said softly and gently like you would to an emotional child. Janice slipped a comforting thumb into her mouth and mumbled a sob filled “Ok, Nanny” and let herself be pulled into the house. When the front door was closed she gently guided Janice into the kitchen where she plucked a towel of the counter and large pink plastic baby bottle filled with milk from a bottle warmer. The milk was nicely warmed up from its frozen state. Once she knew it was Tommy that crashed into her yard she knew that Janice would need comforting and had removed a pouch of frozen breast milk she kept for these type occasions. The last such occasion being 2 years ago when James’s wife April had the breast cancer scare. Turned out to be benign but still caused several sleepless night before the diagnosis. She walked down a hallway and began unbuttoning her blouse as she went. “Janice, please follow me to the nursery” she called lightly over shoulder. Still sniffling and trying unsuccessfully to hold back her tears she said “I’m coming Nanny” the voice sounding all world like a 5 year old girl. Mrs. Nelson entered the nursery and sat on the upper cushion of a two tiered couch. She had the couch made many years ago for Janice and herself. While she long ago stopped lactating the simple act of suckling was an important bond between them, Nanny and child. She laid her bra and blouse over the arm of the couch as Janice settled her large form onto the larger lower portion. Now fully in Nanny mode she guided Janice’s head to her chest and sighed as Janice’s mouth closed on her nipple. The soft gentle sucking motion calmed the child inside and soon the tears and the sniffling began to slow. Nanny stroked her hair and told her over and over “Everything was going to be alright baby, calm down sweetie, Nanny loves you” and other loving soothing words. The tears and the trembling finally stopped. “Are you thinking about Tina again?” a slight nod. Not ready to give up her comforting nipple to answer with words. “Tommy is not Tina, Tina came from a broken family, a horrible family. She decided that staying a baby was safer. She was so loved by her Nannies and taken care. She found people who loved her for the first time in her entire life. You know the program is very different now. After you and Tina we changed everything. Tommy will have a wonderful summer being Tammi Lee and I promise she will spend most of it as my little granddaughter. She will fine. I promise.” Nanny said as she gently stroked Janice’s cheek. “He will leave to Stanford and be Tommy through and through. A bit wiser and with a new prospective on women. But will be Tommy not Tammi.” A short pause and then “Are you ready for your Baba?” Janice let the nipple slip from her mouth. With a little smile she cooed “Yes Nanna, Baba..Baba”. Nanny smiled and held the bottle for Janice. Janice closed her eyes and started to drink the warm breast milk. It was comfort and peace. There were several wet nurse Nannies working for BB’s so getting fresh breast milk was never really an issue. Watching the child drinking her milk filled Nanny with the ever present worry of whether or not Janice would be able to pick up the outer layers of James again. This was not like two people living in the same body. At the heart of James was Janice, a five year girl (with some baby tendencies when feeling a lot of stress and anxieties) that can’t grow up. But Janice was smart, with a lot of practice and training and tears she was able to pull James around her like a coat and allow herself to be the grown up man she would have been if she never would have been sent to BB’s so long ago. She wanted more than being a five year old girl but couldn’t grow up. What was done to her so long ago locked her in place. But by wearing her James coat and pretending to grow up she was able to go to college and use her big brain to become an engineer. She even fell in love with April and had a family. It was a complicated balance of who she was before the regression, who she became at BB’s and who she wanted to be. All under the watchful eye of her Nanny. Janice was her responsibility and she would always be there for her. Always. When her bottle was finished Nanny used her towel to wipe a little slobber and milk from Janice’s lips and urged the child to sit up. “Mommy April will be mad when she finds out what you want to do to Tommy Nanny” she said quietly and with trepidation. “Don’t worry child, your mommy will be fine with it eventually. It will be my problem. You just be the supportive husband and father you always are.” “Yes, Nanny.” They got up and Mrs. Nelson slipped her blouse back on and buttoned it up. “Go ahead and kiss your friends good night, you need to get back home soon”. Janice clapped her hands together and skipped across her nursery. While she rarely needed to spend time in it anymore. It was undoubtedly hers. The last time she slept in the crib and was diapered for the evening was when Mommy April was diagnosed with cancer and Janice couldn’t face the thought of losing her Mommy/Wife. She regressed and needed an evening of being the baby without cares or worries. She reached into the overly large crib and pulled up a fairly beat up stuffed bear. It was her bear from before she became Janice. Her real mommy bought that for her when she was actually five years old and she loved it. It was a Smokey the bear stuffy. His hat and shovel were long gone to the years that have passed but the often repaired bear was very huggable. She hugged the bear and gave it a kiss and said “I luv you smokie.” She then tucked it back under the blanket and then picked up her Raggedy Ann doll. This doll was the doll she was forced to carry around long ago when she arrived at BB’s. She fell in love with it eventually. Annie became a friend and confidant over the years. She listened to problems and issues that Janice was not comfortable sharing with Smokie, some things just can’t be shared with boys. She hugged the doll close and whispered “Please take care of Tommy, I love him so much and want him to be the boy I could never be” louder she said “Goodnight Annie, luv you too.” Janice walked out of the nursery, slowly pulling on her James layers. She needed to get home. She had a wife that would need comforting and support for tomorrow. Back in the living room James leaned over and kissed Mrs. Nelson’s cheek. “Goodnight Edna, please take care of my Tommy” James whispered his voice already deepening. Using her first name was a bit of a ritual between them. Only James would be comfortable enough to use it. It was one of the harder things for Janice to do and it was one of the last layers of her James coat. “I will James. Give this card to your wife and tell her to be there tomorrow at 9am.” She said handing James a business card that read BB’s Nursery and Daycare and had the address and the name of the current Nursery Director Ms. Valentine. “The day care van will be there to pick up Tommy at 11:00 am. Take the time to reassure Tommy that everything will be ok. If you wish to tell him you went through something like this when you got in trouble with the law go ahead. Above all stress that it is important for him to do as he is told and things will go much easier for him. “Don’t give him any hints on what is coming. He won’t understand.” She reached up and stroked James‘s cheek and said “Don’t worry everything will be ok.” With that last statement she gently pushed him out the door. +++++++++++++++++++++ James walked home with a heavy heart. He was scared but he also knew that Nanny (always Nanny in his mind anyway) would take care of Tommy. He refused to let memories of those days at BB’s overwhelm him. He had to be strong for April. He opened the door and was immediately slammed into by a slightly hysterical April. “I have been waiting for you, what took so long?” she cried as she wrapped him up tight. He led her to the couch were they sat in almost a complete reverse of his time at Mrs. Nelson’s house. He held her tight and ran his fingers through her long blond hair. His turn give comfort and love. He kissed a few tears away. “Tommy failed his sobriety test. I guess he must have been drinking at some graduation event or something. Combine that with the accident and he is lucky he’s not spending the night in Jail” James states with a sigh. “I don’t believe it. Tommy is not some wild boy out drinking it up. They probably don’t know how use the damn breathalyzer. Just trying to make an example out a new high school graduate.” She spat venomously. “The test was administered by Rick. He is the only reason that Tommy is not downtown spending the night” James interjected before April could get deep into one of her patented diatribes. “He was going to be charged with a DUI, reckless driving and destruction of private property. Rick told me that they usually haul you in for the night.” “This will end his scholarship! Tommy will be devastated when he wakes up tomorrow.” She cried and started sobbing in James’s arms. Janice pulled her James coat tighter and held her as she wept. “Edna made a call and worked out a deal with Judge Sanderson. Tommy will need to do a summers worth of community service to pay off the property damages. He will have to work at some nursery and daycare Edna is part owner of. He will get paid wages which will be applied to what he owes. As long as he participates as directed the charges will be dropped and he will be off to Stanford. No record of any kind.” He said squeezing her tightly. “It won’t be a carefree easy summer but it beats the alternative.” April’s sobs slowly stopped and she said “Edna took care of it? She reached out on her own and took care of Tommy for us? God I love that women!” She paused and continued “You know I used to be jealous of Edna. You were always helping her out and spending time with her. I resented all the time she got with you that I didn’t. Over time I realized that you were good for each other and that she needed someone too.” She kissed James and smiled. “Let’s get some sleep. I will talk to Tommy in the morning and you need to meet Edna tomorrow at 9am. I left the business card on the table” He said pulling her to her feet. They moved through the house in a familiar routine. Checking doors, feeding the cat and shutting down the lights. Later they laid in bed in a familiar spoon position. Sleep came slowly for James as Janice’s fears needed to be tamped down again. She knew Tommy would be ok, Nanny promised. But she also knew it would be hard and weird for the boy. She also wanted to go see Tina but knew her grown up size and maleness confused her and she did want to upset her. He sighed and slipped into a dreamless sleep. +++++++++++++++++++ After James left Edna closed the door and sank to her knees. She felt a little badly for Tommy but he did break the law and damage her car. But those were minor issues. She had a growing problem and Tommy was going to be the answer. Leaning against the closed door she spilled more than a few tears of her own for the two boys whose lives they permanently changed so long ago. Janice and Tina was their responsibility even if it wasn’t truly their fault. If she ever found that bastard doctor that ran the experiment she would kill him. Damn the consequences! (This is Chapter 1. I hope to have many parts as we follow Tommy’s summer of fun and find out what happened to James/Janice and who Tina is. And see how April is going to react to Tommy becoming Tammi Lee. This is my first story and I appreciate any feedback (CCApril@Proton.me). I would also like to call out three of my favorite authors from Fictionmania/Daily Diaper. They have written great stories and inspired me to give it a shot. Thank you Mary Beth Sanford, Baby Sofia and Princess Phoebe. I hope you enjoy my stories a fraction as much as I have theirs. Also I have never played a psychologist on TV and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night. I’m just trying to write a fun story. If Janice/James personality is upsetting and/or its inaccuracy offends you please feel free to move on.)
  10. Hi all, I've been writing all my life, but always in my native language Dutch. I wanted to see if I could also write in English. So... I just started writing. And this is the result. It is basically a brain dump, so I never re-read it. Please let me know if you like it. Tips and tricks are welcome. And highly appreciated. Chapter 1 – She is here! “You know she is here, right?” The fifty year old man looked at me with a concerned look on his face. Bob was my colleague. He was my boss actually, and ‘she’ was an intern. She was 25 years younger than me and turned a few some months ago. I smiled and nodded and continued with the preparations for some hot snacks. I would fire up the barbecue in a few hours, but until then I didn’t want my colleagues to get hungry. “You know?” He was surprised. “Yes, I saw her ten minutes ago, through the front window, sneaking into my garden.” “And?” “And what?” “You are going to do nothing?” “You think she would leave if I asked nicely?” I answered with a new question. Bob looked at me for a moment and then started to laugh. He shook his head. “No, I don’t think she would leave.” “Then there is no point in asking, or telling, her to leave.” I concluded. “If I went to the garden and told her that she isn’t welcome here and that she needs to leave, then she would cause a scene and ruin the mood.” “So? You let her stay?” He asked. “I’m going to give her a choice: leave or stay. But if she wants to stay, it’ll be on my conditions. And I’m not sure she is going to like the conditions.” I smiled. Bob shook his head. I think he misread my intentions, but he would see for himself what I was planning to do. I didn’t think she was going to leave, but I also knew she wouldn’t accept my conditions without a fight. It was a bit of catch-22 situation, but I was sure the end result would be satisfying for both of us, in the end. I only had to convince her of it. “You know, I do feel sorry for her.” I said. I presented the plate with the snacks to Bob and let him try one. He tasted and nodded an approval. “You feel sorry for her? Why is that? She is the one who is crazy. Totally nuts.” “I know.” I knew a bit more about her tan Bob did. “She didn’t have a normal childhood, and yes, she does have some issues. I helped her get this internship. Now she has a crush on me, and thinks I love her because I helped her.” “Crush? This isn’t a crush anymore. She is hopelessly in love, and she stalks you. You need to do something about that.” “Oh, I will. I certainly will.” I said. “She is so talented, but a bit screwed up inside her head.” “That she is. That she is indeed!” Bob laughed approvingly. Chapter 2 – First step I found ‘her’ in the garden. Emma was talking to two of my female colleagues, and from a distance I saw that they didn’t want her around but were too polite to just turn their backs on her. I could see the annoyed faces of my colleagues, but Emma didn’t notice that. She just didn’t have an antenna for that kind of thing. Or maybe she had, but choose to ignore it. I walked towards them and Emma noticed me. She smiled immediately, but only for a second. Then she realized the situation and that she wasn’t welcome here. She must have been afraid of me being mad at her. Her expression changed, but that also lasted only a second. Then she smiled again. She tried to be calm and confident, but I knew she wasn’t. Emma was small and her high heels didn’t compensate fully. Her small skirt, sexy top and plenty of skin showing made her look like a teenager at a fraternity party. But this wasn’t that kind of party. This was just a barbecue with ten colleagues from work. And we were all in our forties and fifties. She definitely stood out of the crowd, she was the outsider, and everybody knew that. Even Emma. When I came close she hugged me. She wrapped her arms around me and wanted to kiss me on the lips. But she couldn’t reach that high. Instead she pushed her face against my chest and I feared that her extensive make-up would leave marks on my white shirt. She smiled and looked up with anticipation and maybe a little bit of tension. “Hi Emma. Please come inside, we need to talk.” I pushed myself out of the hug and placed my hand between her shoulder blades to guide her inside the house. Emma looked worried and I knew all my colleagues were staring at us. They all felt the tension, and they all knew what had happened before. All right, they didn’t know everything, but they knew enough to feel that something was going to happen. “Peter, I’m sorry for...” She started, but her words where unnecessary. “Please stop talking. I will talk first and you need to listen. But we will do that inside the house, and we will find a nice and quiet place where we are not disturbed.” I said it calm but resolutely. I wanted her to know that I was serious. This was not a game anymore, not for me anyway. In fact, for me it was never a game. But Emma did exactly what she always did when somebody asked her to do something: she starting asking why and did not get the clue that she should have listened in the first place. She turned around to me and looked me in the eye. She didn’t seem to care that everybody was looking at us. “Peter, let’s…” She started talking again. “No, stop. You really need to listen to me now.” I said with a raised voice. “You know you are not invited here, and I made it absolutely clear that you are not welcome. You even promised you wouldn’t come.” I looked her in the eyes and saw her nervous smile fade away. Her confidence was melting, but it was not gone yet. “So you can talk all you want, but all I hear are lies and falsehoods. So, stop talking and go inside. Now, please!” I gave her a last chance to go to a place without spectators, without the audience. And people were looking at us, enjoying it. Not long after Emma started her internship at the company, people started to dislike her and hoped that something like this would happen one day. Her arrogance and misplaced self-confidence made her no friends. “That’s not…” Again I didn’t let her finish her sentence. She clearly wasn’t going to listen and she didn’t made any attempt to go inside. She gave me the excuse I wanted, and I could do what I planned to do. I grabbed her by her arm, pushed her in position and swung my other hand from behind and let it land op her ass. Everybody could hear my hand hit the back of her skirt and saw the startled face of Emma. She shouted in surprise, not because I did her a lot of pain. Everybody looked at us in silence and saw that I treated her like the child she was acting like. Emma was shocked and looked up in disgust. I looked her again straight in the eyes. The twenty year old looked up to me and then looked away. She now realized that everybody around us looked at her, and the humiliation became visible on her face. “Did you hear what I said? I want you to go inside the house so we can talk. Are you going to listen now?” I still had my hand around her arm. She couldn’t get away, but I think she was more or less paralyzed by the shock and wasn’t planning to run away. Again she didn’t respond to my question. She just looked down at the ground, avoiding any eye contact. It took a little shaking around before she looked up and finally she nodded, albeit very slightly. “OK, then please go to the hall. You can sit on the stairs if you want. I’ll come find you in a minute. Is that understood?” I was purposely talking to her as if she was a child, but she wasn’t a child at all. She was an adult, a beautiful but slightly small one. She had made an effort to look sexy, with a lot of curve showing and from above I had an excellent view into her cleavage. But she was twenty and I was forty-five. “Yes.” She sounded very soft. For the moment she conceded. She knew she couldn’t win this round and the only thing she wanted to do now, was leave the garden and find a spot to regroup, and find her calm, and her confidence. This was not the moment to teach her that I would like to hear a response like: ‘Yes, Peter’ or ‘No, Peter’, but I hoped that that time would still come. I let go of her arm and Emma immediately started to walk inside the house. I watched her go and followed her with my eyes. I was a bit afraid that she would run away, and that she went home and that my plans would fail. But deep inside I knew already that she would not do that. I was confident that my plan worked, and that she would behave the way as expected. I smiled, and was already excited about the next step of the plan. For now I concluded that the first part of the plan worked perfectly. Chapter 3 - Confessions Five minutes. I gave her a bit more time to think about what happened. She got a bit more time to realize that her plan was failing. I suppose she still thought that she might end up in bed with me, but that was not the end goal I had in mind. I had different plans, and preparations were already underway for a two weeks now. The only reason I gave this barbecue in my backyard was to lure Emma here. And it worked. I opened the door to the hall and Emma was startled. She was indeed sitting on the second step of the stair, but stood up as soon as I entered the hall. “I’m sorry I had to smack your bottom.” I said with a shy smile. I think she thought I was still angry, but instead I walked towards her and gave her a hug. I pulled her close to me and wrapped my arms around her. I even kissed her on top of her head. “You didn’t listen, and I needed you to listen.” I whispered to her in a soft voice, without a hint of anger or irritation. “Why… Peter?” She still felt the humiliation and the confusion. Moments ago she thought I was mad at her, and now I was kissing her. I gave out these mixed messages on purpose. I needed her confused for now, to lure her a bit more in my trap. Far enough that so there wasn’t a way back. “First, please forget that you think you can end up in my bed. That’s not going to happen.” I said sternly. I still had her firm against my body, but she could hear me perfectly. “If you still believe that, then please leave now. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay the night, if you want.” I let her get out of the hug and she looked up at me. Her confusion was still visible. “What? Really, but…” She fumbled her words and was lost for words. “I know you don’t want to go home tonight, and I know you brought a change of clothes just in case, but there is a big issue we need to talk about first.” “Wh… What?” “The problem is that I don’t trust you. I can’t trust you.” “Yes… Yes, you can.” Emma looked up desperately. “No, I can’t. Did you lie to me? Did you say you were not planning to come here tonight, because I explicitly said you were not welcome? Was that a lie, Emma?” Emma wanted to answer immediately, but I stopped her. I put a finger vertically on her lips and she understood the gesture. “Please think before you answer, and please don’t lie to me again.” Emma started blushing. I knew she was going to lie again, like she always did. That was kind of second nature to her. Off course she would deny it, but I already knew the truth. Last Thursday she confessed to another colleague that she was planning to come here, and later that day denied it to me. It was time for her to stop lying. Emma looked up at me, with a blush on her forehead. She nodded and finally told the truth. “Yes… I… I lied. But I…” I saw her tremble for a moment and pulled her close to me again. “All right, Emma. I’m glad you told the truth. Please don’t ever lie to me again.” I said, and gave her a moment to feel her body against mine. I wanted to give her some warmth, something I knew she didn’t get at home. I gave her another minute before I made my confession. “Now you told the truth, then I need to make a confession too.” I said, and I smiled. “Even though I explicitly forbade you to come here and I made myself very clear to you that you were not welcome here, I already knew you would come. I knew you could not resist the temptation and that’s why I already prepared a room for you.” Emma bended her head backwards and looked up. “A… A room.” “Yes, off course. You will get your own room, with your own bed.” “And… I can stay?” She asked. I couldn’t answer that question right away. “If you want, and if you obey my rules, then yes. You can stay here tonight. But only if you agree to my rules. And even then, there may be some surprises for you. And I already know that some of those surprises you will not like.” And even with that ominous warning she only heard the word ‘yes’. Chapter 4 – The proposal “The problem is that I don’t trust you. You lied to me, on multiple occasions. You looked me straight in the eyes and lied. That is problem.” I said. “So, I’ll be very clear to you. I’ll tell you exactly what is going to happen. You may not like what I have planned for you, but you are here out of your own free will and you are free to leave. Do you understand?” Emma look puzzled, and a bit scared, but eventually she nodded. “You are free to leave, but… There is a big but.” I said. “There are only a few moments where you can decide to leave. Between those moments you are in my house and under my control. Here in this house I am responsible and you have to follow my rules.” Emma looked at me with a blank face. She had no idea what I meant. That would change soon. “I know this all sounds a bit strange, but I will explain.” I started. “First, in order to be able to build up my trust in you, I need you to learn that you cannot lie to me. You need to understand what happens when you lie and what the consequences are. And that will not be a pleasant part of this evening. I’m sorry to say, but I will need to punish you for your lies. I hope that will prevent you from further lying.” “P… Punish?” She stuttered the word. I nodded. “Yes. I will punish you. And it will hurt. It will hurt a lot.” I looked her in the eyes and saw fear. I was so much taller and stronger than her, and until now that didn’t stop her. Only now she really noticed the difference. “Then I will show you your room and you will stay there for at least two hours. You can sleep if you like, but you must stay in your room. You will get some time to process what I did to you, so you can decide how you react to that. That is part of the punishment.” Emma didn’t dare to ask anything. “Then I will get you, take you downstairs and get you something to drink and eat. At that point you can decide if you want to leave. I will ask someone to bring you home. I think Bob is going your way anyway, and he can drop you off at home if you want.” “By you can stay here if you like. But if you decide to stay for the night, you will need to comply with my rules, you need to behave or suffer the consequences. By then you know what happens if you misbehave.” “B… But…” She was lost for words again. “If you decide to stay the night here, I can bring you home tomorrow around noon. Not sooner. So, again, you need to make your decision carefully.” Emma was desperate to stay the night here. She decided that upfront. She knew she would do anything to stay the night here, but now, now it didn’t go according to her plan, everything fell apart for her. I saw her thinking about it, but now that everything was different than expected, she didn’t know what to do anymore. “What… Punishment… What will you do?” She looked up at me. Her face betrayed her nervousness. I approached her again and drew her close to me. I hugged her and wrapped my arms around her, and I gave her a kiss on the top of her head. “I have to do what I should have done before.” I said and waited a few seconds. “I will put you over the knee and I will spank you. I will use my hands, but I will do it on your bare bottom.” I felt her shock. Her body stiffened and she gasped. “I won’t lie to you, and I’m honest to tell you that it will hurt. But I hope that you trust me that I believe that this is the best for you. That is maybe a bit hard to understand, but I believe you need a firm hand.” She pulled her hands between our bodies and pushed herself out of our embrace. She looked at me and shook her head. Of course she was afraid. “No… You don’t… don’t have the right to… to…” She was right, of course. I could only do it with her permission. She was an adult and I had no legal control over her. But I was still convinced that she at least would stay till after her punishment, and after she had spent her time in her bedroom. I was almost certain that she loved me enough, and trusted me enough, to let me punish her. “No, but you lied to me too often and if you want us to have any kind of relationship, then it starts with this. I’m sorry, but this is the only way.” She still shook her head, maybe it was out of stubbornness, or despair. I couldn’t be sure. I knew I had to give her some time, but at the same time give her a hard deadline. She needed to make a decision fast, while I knew that was a tough decision to make. “Go back to the garden, get something to drink or whatever. In fifteen minutes I will ask Bob to bring you home. If you want to stay, then come to me before that. OK?” I asked, but Emma turned her head away from me. She pretended not to listen. With a gentle push I directed her out of the small hallway, in the direction of the garden. I went back to the kitchen to pour myself a drink. I smiled, but I was nervous too. I hoped see agreed to my proposal, but I wasn’t entirely sure. Chapter 5 – Her decision I already asked Bob and prepared him a bit for what was coming. I didn’t tell him everything, but most of it he would find out eventually. With Bob on my side we walked to Emma. She was sitting a bit outside the group. She was looking away, deep in her thoughts. “Emma? Bob will take you home now.” I said and laid my hand on her shoulder. She was startled by me touching her and looked at me. It looked like she cried a bit, but she would probably deny that. She looked at me, then at Bob and then back at me. I didn’t think she fully made her mind up. “Come, you need to go. I don’t think Bob would want to miss the barbecue.” I said smiling, but Emma didn’t move. She gazed at me for a moment and ten slowly stood up. I spread my arms and she walked into them. I hugged her again and let her feel some warmth. “I don’t want to go.” She said very softly. I don’t think Bob could hear it. He knew to give us some space. “Then you know what I have to do.” I replied, also softly. I kissed her on the head again. She shook her head. “Please, don’t.” “I understand you don’t want to be hurt and I will not be gentle. Let us walk to the hall together, we can grab your stuff on the way. If you then want to stay, I need you to show me that, I need a kind of confirmation that you really want to stay. If not, we call Bob. OK?” I whispered and she nodded. I gave her another kiss, but now on her forehead. She looked up at me with watery eyes, as if she was about to start crying. Slowly I let her out of my embrace and I grabbed her hand and softly led her through the garden. We both knew people were looking at us again. What was happening between that 45 year old and the 20 year old intern? It wasn’t illegal, even if she did end up in my bed, but although it was completely legal, it still felt off. She was too young for me. I was too old for her. She was working in my department, even though I wasn’t her real boss. For a short period of time I was her boss, but that didn’t work out, so I transferred her to a colleague. I felt her feet dragging. She didn’t want to go, but she didn’t know if she wanted to stay either. It took us more than a minute to cross the house, grab her bag, and end up in the hall. We stood still in front of the door, but it was still closed. She was looking to the door, to her way out, to the end of this disappointment, but she didn’t open the door. “I need conformation, Emma. We’re both adults, I have no right to do this to you without your consent.” I saw her tremble. “So… Let’s… If you want to stay, then… then take off your panties and give them to me. That way I know for sure.” I proposed. I could hear her gasp. She had her head down, looked to the ground and thought about it. I knew she didn’t want to go home, but maybe the price of staying was too high. And she didn’t even know what I had planned for her. She only knew about the spanking. It all took too long. I didn’t want to wait anymore. Maybe the more she thought about it, the less chance I had she would stay. I walked up to her. Her back was turned to me and I moved close to her. I put my hand on her shoulder. “I understand this is a difficult choice to make, and I understand if you want to end it right here, right now. I’ll call Bob, and he’ll…” I started, but she didn’t let me finish. Suddenly she turned around. I saw anger on her face. Her hands were fists and she pounded them against my chest, but not hard. She didn’t want to hurt me, it was just an expression of her anger. Her hands came down and she reached under her skirt. Her skirt came up, but with her thumps under her panties she pulled her panties down. Her seemed more decorative that serving any other purpose. She pulled her feet out of them and then bend over to pick them from the ground. Without looking me in the eye she held her panties out. I took her pink panties and then gave her another hug. “Let’s get it over with, then.” I said. I tried to sound serious, but of course I was excited. She gave herself to me, ready to be punished. “You can leave your shoes, here.” I said, and half a minute later I guided her barefoot up the stairs. Chapter 6 – Final preparations I guided her to my bedroom. I went first and closed the door after she came in. I walked past her to the other side of the bed, closer to the window. The window was open and we could hear our colleagues talking. I closed the window and sat down on the middle of the bed. I placed my hand on the sheets next and gestured to come sit there. So hesitated, but she complied. “Have you ever had a spanking before?” She shook her head immediately. She looked very timid now. “I’m you cry or shout too loud, people may hear us. I think you don’t want that. And also I need you to lie very still, and that may prove difficult too.” Is said to her in a soft voice. “If I need to stop every time you make too much noise or move out of position, then that will only make it take longer. I… I may even need to hit you a bit more, because of the pauses in between.” She kept looking at her feet. “No, no… I will… I will try to…” “I can help you, but… But you may not like it.” “What? How?” I heard softly. “I can fixate your arms and legs, and put something in your mouth. You can’t move too much anymore and I can more easily keep you in place, and you can scream as much as you like as only me will hear you.” I said. She kept quiet. “I would be extremely proud of you if you did that. And it will be over more quickly.” She still didn’t say anything, and didn’t dear to look my way. “You want it to be over as soon as possible?” I asked, and now she nodded very slightly. I wasn’t sure what she really wanted, except that she didn’t want to be spanked at all, so I decided to use the tools I had at my disposal. First I took the towel that was on my night stand and spread it over my knees. With my hands on both side over her body, I helped her move and let her sit on my lap. She still didn’t look at me. The night stand was close enough by to open it and opened the drawer. I saw her looking at what my hand would get out of the drawer, probably anxiously. The first thing I picked was a belt that I put on her waist. I closed it on the front Velcro. On the back, a bit to the side, there were to wristbands that could also be closed with Velcro. One at a time I grabbed her wrist and brought it to her back and locked it into place. I felt a bit more resistance with her second hand, but she let me do it. She was already helpless and overpowered, but now her hands were out of the way, and securely locked against her back, she must have felt more helpless than ever. I grabbed a much smaller belt from the drawer with a soft, black gag on it. I brought the gag to her mouth and she let me put it in her mouth. It was from a soft material and it filled her mouth completely. I closed the belt behind her head. For a short moment I hugged her. I was so glad she trusted me to do this to her. She could have just refused and go home, but I had her on my lap in a position that I completely dominated her. I felt her tremble a bit out of fear and anticipation. I gave her a bit of time to get used to her outfit, before I helped her turn around. I got her to lie on my knees without any problems. She rested with her belly on my left thigh and with her private parts on my other thigh. Her hands were visible to me and were nervously trying to investigate their maneuverability. Her skirt was still covering her buttocks, but only barely. “Can you bend your knees, please?” I asked, and her knees came into reach. I had a last belt that I used to bind her ankles together. It also closed with Velcro. It was done quickly and she straightened her legs again. Her feet were resting on the ground and seeking support against the wall. She was almost ready. I had one more task to do, before I could teach her not to lie to me again. With both hands I pulled her tight skirt up. I exposed her buttocks as she wasn’t wearing any panties anymore. She tightened up, nervous and afraid. I could feel her while body stiffen, but her behind was exposed. I laid my right hand on her left buttock and it shocked her. It was just a touch but she was already in shock. The fact that it was hard for her to see what I did, didn’t help. She trembled again and I decided it was time. I pulled my right hand back. Chapter 7 – Punishment She cried within a minute. The first slaps didn’t hurt that much, much I kept going and soon the pain of each slap faded into the next one, until there was no more relief in between. I hit her with the inside of my hand, hurting myself too, but her pain was worse. I hit her on the left and on the right randomly, leaving her guessing where she would feel the next hit. She screamed at first, but the foam ball in her mouth reduced the volume for the most part. Only I could hear her in between the moments where my hand hit her skin. She fought me, her body tense and hard at one moment, and soft and flexible the next. I could easily keep her in place with my left hand grabbing her belt on her back, between her hands. And when she did manage to move a bit out of position, I could easily pull her back. I continued with her punishment, hitting her hard and leaving the skin on her buttocks darker and darker. It started a light shade of pink, but by now it some places became bruised and were already a much darker shade of pink. I didn’t think she thought it was going to hurt this bad. It took a while before I felt her body relax. She started to give up the fight. Her muscles relaxed and her body was loosening up. Her mind was accepting the fact that it couldn’t fight it, and was just helpless. She wasn’t screaming anymore into her gag, she was just crying. I continued for a short bit, slapping her darkened skin for a few more times and then stopped. She didn’t react to the end of her punishment. She still laid perfectly still, ready to accept more of I decided to do so. I placed my hand on her battered behind. I hadn’t broken anything, just darkened it. But it was enough. It was easy for me to pick her up, turn her around, and let her sit on my lap again. I did it carefully to not hurt her any more than necessary. Her upper body relaxed against mine, and her head was resting against my shoulder. Her eyes were wet from crying, but she was still bound and gagged and could do anything I didn’t help with. She felt exhausted. Her heart was racing and I could her chest expanding every time she breathed. Her mouth was filled, so she had to breathe to her nose. I gave her a minute to recuperate and then removed the gag from her mouth. She drooled a bit and I threw the wet gag on the floor. She rested her head again against my shoulder and felt her wet mouth against my neck. “I’m proud of you.” I said. “You’re so brave. I hope you learned your lesson.” She didn’t say anything, she just rested against me. After a moment I felt her pull against her restraints, and I removed them. Her hands were free again and then I also removed the restraints on her ankles. She was free again, but was still recovering from her punishment. Her breathing was slowly slowing down. I looked at her face and saw that it was a mess. Her make-up was awful after her crying and her mascara was all over her face. With some wet wipes I started to clean her face up. At first she resisted me a bit, but when she noticed that I did it with care and gentle strokes she started helping me. I think her main reason for her resistance was that she didn’t want her make-up to be removed, but I suppose she realized it was needed anyway. So, she let me do it. I needed a lot of wipes to remove it, but in the end her face was clean again, albeit still a bit red. “You did good.” I said thankfully. “Let’s get you into bed. I think you can use the rest.” I tried a small smile, but I didn’t get the same response from her. She wasn’t looking at me, she just laid there in my arms. I was prepared to carry her to her bedroom, but I couldn’t stand up with her in my lap. I could carry her, but then we first both had to stand up. Without speaking I helped her up and stood up beside her. I took her back in my arms, and she let me do it. She even wrapped her arms around my neck to help me. She was ready for another big surprise. Chapter 8 – Her bedroom She wasn’t that big, and I was strong enough to carry her in my arms. I maneuvered her out of my bedroom. I think Emma was glad this part was over, even though must have been a bit nervous about being sent to bed. She must have felt that there was something strange about that, and of course she was right. It was strange to bring a twenty year old to bed, just after a nasty spanking, but this whole situation was strange. Emma was not a normal twenty year old, but what do you define as normal. There were problems in her childhood that followed her around, and that defined her what she was today. And me? Was I normal? I had to admit that I also had my quirks, and today I had the satisfaction of playing out one of my quirks. I brought Emma to her room. The door was closed and I had my hands full. Emma helped. She opened the door for me and I stepped in. Emma must have been curious, or maybe she didn’t expect anything to be strange at all. But as soon as I carried her inside, I felt her body tense again. Her breathing stopped for a moment and I heard her gasp. “I think you remember the remark I made a month ago?” I said. I felt that she wanted to get out of my arms, but I kept her tight. “Someone said something about what you felt for me. I don’t know the exact words anymore. But they were implying that we end up in bed together, that’s for sure.” Our faces were very close and she looked at me for a moment. I watched her face from the moment we stepped into the room. She wasn’t pleased, she wasn’t pleased at all. She looked surprised at first, but then her expression quickly changed to shocked. “You know what I said? You remember that?” I asked, but knew she remembered it lividly. She was shocked and angry, while everybody was laughing. She felt so humiliated that she ran from the company restaurant where we had all lunch together. “I said that I thought you were so young that I would only feel comfortable with you in my bed when you were diapered.” I already knew that she had a crush on me, and this was my first attempt to push her away. I wanted her to know that I wasn’t the right match for her. But it didn’t work. It worked for a few hours, that’s all. “Everybody thought it was a joke. Everybody laughed. Except you.” I said. “Do you still think it was a joke?” I brought her over to the big changing table and sat her down on it. The plastic cover of the changing mat compressed under her weight, but it may not have been prepared for her weight, it was long enough for her to lie down on. For now she just sat in the middle of it, but with her bare feet already on the changing mat too. Emma started shaking her head in disgust. She didn’t understand what she saw and I Think she didn’t realized yet what it meant for her. Maybe she still thought this was all a joke, maybe a bit elaborate to be a joke, but still a joke.. But it wasn’t a joke. This was dead serious. I spent a lot of time and money in preparing this room for her, without even knowing for sure it would be used at all. I hoped it would, but I couldn’t be certain. I saw her look around. She already noticed the pink changing mattress she was sitting on. It was just like one for babies, but only a lot bigger. Now I saw her eyes look at her bed. It was a giant crib, with bars that ended high above the mattress. The mattress itself was already up from the floor, much higher than on a normal bed. She looked at her crib for a moment and then looked at me. “It wasn’t a joke, Emma.” I said again. “I will help you undress, then I will diaper you before you will be put to bed.” “No… No… Why?” She stammered. “No questions. Let’s get you in bed, little girl. I will answer all your questions after your nap. She was still shaking her head in disgust while I started to open the buttons of her shirt. Chapter 9 – Undressed Just before I could open the last of the four buttons of her shirt she froze. She pushed my hands away. Not like she was in a panic, but more gentle and calm. With her sitting on the changing table our eyes were on the same level. She could look me straight in the eyes. She slowly shook her head. “No… Please.” She whispered. I smiled at her. I understood that she would be hesitant, and that she needed some time to comprehend what was happening to her. But my plan was to let her think about that in bed, and for that I needed her diapered, and… for that I needed her naked and lying down on the plastic mattress. “You don’t have to be afraid. I won’t do anything to you that I wouldn’t do to my nieces and nephews.” It was a joke of course, but at the same time a way to let her know that I would treat her like a child. So, I pushed her hands aside, with exact the amount of force that I needed, and opened the last button of her shirt. I immediately pulled her arms out of the short sleeves and threw her shirt on the ground. “No, no.” She protested again and she felt my hands on her back, opening her bra. Now she panicked a bit. She knew she was helpless and I knew she was afraid of me at the moment. That was totally understandable after the spanking I just gave her. “Please, Peter. I…” I already managed to open her bra and pulled it away. Her face became red in shame and while I tried to maneuver her arms out of the straps of her bra, she placed her arms horizontally over her chest. She seem to protect herself more from my eyes, and less from my hands. “What is it? Why are you so suddenly so shy? This is not the first time I am going to see you naked, is it?” I asked, and again with a little smile. I tried to lessen the tension as much as possible, and at the same time make sure that she knew I was serious about this. I almost had her bra completely off, but with her left hand she tried to hold on to it. “Is it the first time I am going to see you naked?” I asked again, but this time with a bit more power in my voice. She let her fingers relax a bit and I could pull the strap out of her fist. She looked at me, now even redder than before. She shook her head. After I tossed her bra on the ground I placed my hands on her shoulder. “It is not, isn’t it?” I said amused. A few days after my joke in the company restaurant we had our monthly drinks. It was quite busy and of course my joke was still a topic of conversation. When I wanted to go home around nine, I went to my office to get my coat and laptop, but I found a bit more than I had expected. Emma had been waiting for me in my office, and she was desperate to proof to me that she wasn’t a child. I found her sitting on my desk, completely naked. I was stunned and laughed. I had never considered her to be a possible sexual partner, and presenting herself to me naked didn’t help at all. I brought my face a bit closer to hers and we met eye to eye. “I probably should have given you a thorough spanking back then. That would have saved me from a lot of time and money to prepare this room for you.” She blushed and looked down, too ashamed to look at me. I continued to look at her all the same, before my hands slid along her arms to her elbows. “Don’t be afraid, little girl.” I said, and I grabbed her lower arms and helped her lying down on the changing mat. I pushed her sideways and turned her a bit so her back her the plastic cover and she pulled her feet on the mat. Her only garment was now her skirt, and her breast came in full view when I pushed her hands behind her head on the mattress. I held her arms there for a few seconds to let her know that her hands belong there, and when I let go of her hands they indeed stayed put. Without any problems I could open the zipper of her skirt and pull it down. I felt the shiver through her body and heard her gasp for air, but she lay perfectly still for me. Her skirt became the last piece of clothing on the ground as she was now completely naked. For a moment she panicked. She started to sit up and tried to cover herself with her hands. I was prepared for that and I quickly grabbed an ankle and pulled it up and a bit in the direction of her belly. Her other leg followed and she was forced to resign her bid to sit up. With her legs in the air I had access to her bums. I slapped her, not too hard, but it shocked her. I immediately felt her resistance break. The tension left her body and she was under my control again. “Don’t so that, please.” I said. She pulled her hands back behind her head. “S… Sorry… Please.” She whispered. She regretted her moment of rebellion and realized again that she was not in control anymore. I caressed her forehead as a sign of forgiveness. If this was the only time she didn’t do what she was supposed to do, then I would call that a success. Chapter 10 – Diapered! With one hand she held the wrist of her other hand, and her head was turned to the wall. The only movement she made was her chest going up and down for her breathing. Maybe she didn’t dare to move, afraid of another spanking, or she accepted the fact that I could see her completely naked, and that I would diaper her. When I grabbed her ankles and crossed them, her knees bended and her legs opened. She was even more vulnerable now, but she still didn’t move. I took both her ankles in one hand and raised them. I brought the over her belly, but not too high. Her knees moved outside and her back arched a bit. Not only I had an unobstructed view at everything between her legs, I could access it as easily with my right hand. Her bottom was still red from the spanking, and it must still hurt a bit. With my free right hand I opened the top drawer and found the soothing cream. It wasn’t easy to open the tube with one hand but I didn’t want to let her ankles go. To be honest I wasn’t a pro in caring for babies, and most certainly not for babies as big as Emma. I squished some crème directly from the tube on each of her cheeks and then started to rub it in. I did it slowly and with care. My touch must have hurt, but the crème should make the pain go away sooner. “I’m sorry I had to spank you.” I apologized again. “I hope I have never have to do that again.” Emma was still looking at the wall. She let me do what I wanted to do, and she kept her eyes closed. She didn’t need to look, she felt everything I did to her. I tried to be as gentle as I could be, but I was rubbing her abused behind, so it couldn’t be enjoyable. I had to let her skin absorb the crème for a moment and I needed to clean my right hand, so I decided to let her loose for a moment. I stood by to see what her legs would do now I didn’t keep them in place, but nothing happened. She held her legs up, her knees out, and her ankles crossed, so I could grab a towel and dry my hands. “I know this is not a comfortable position, but please hold on for a moment.” I said to her. I put my right hand on her upper thigh and tried to lay my right hand on her forehead and caress her, but the shook my hand away. She was clearly angry at me, but that was OK. I was not angry at her anymore, I was even proud at her that she let me do what I needed to do. I pulled my hands back and started gathering her clothes from the floor. I folded them and put them on the end of the changing table. I wasn’t in a hurry at all. Emma was in a very vulnerable and humiliating position and she stayed like that without me holding here. She just laid there, naked and hurt, waiting for me to continue. I grabbed a diaper from the pile and right next to her head I began to unfold it. The plastic made a lot of noise, but Emma kept looking at the wall. Off course she wore diapers as a kid, but nobody can remember that part of your life. So like most people her age, this would be her first time she would be diapered like a child and actually remember it. Her diaper was white and very think. This wasn’t just a medical diaper, it was much thicker and the tape landing zone on the front was showing cute little bears. Emma didn’t see that. She kept her eyes closed, but she knew what was happening. She had heard the loud crackling of the plastic when I folded the sides of the diaper outwards, and maybe she did some babysitting in the past and recognized the sound. But now it was Emma who was getting diapered. I thought about saying something, but I decided to let her be for the moment. I pushed the back of her diaper under her and positioned the diaper. Then I let her take her legs down and guided her feet down to the changing table. I pushed her knees outwards and pulled the diaper up between her legs. I folded it over her belly. One by one I grabbed the blue tapes, opened them, and pushed them on the tape landing zone, covering part of the childish figures. I closed all for tapes and as a last check I ran my finger between the diaper and the inside of her legs. I felt the elastics and concluded that I did a prefect job. She was diapered! Emma felt that the diaper was closed and slowly started the move a little. She opened her eyes and looked up at me. She blushed and looked away again. She tries to stretch her legs, felt the bulk between her legs and heard the plastic of her diaper protesting. I smiled. “You’re a good girl and I am proud of you.” I said. She shook her head in disgust, or shame, or anger. I didn’t care which emotion she was showing. If it were up to me this wasn’t the last time I diapered her, and I even hoped I could even change her diaper tonight. But I knew that chance was slim, and that she needed time to cope with what happened today. “You wanted to stay the night, I said that I wanted you in diapers. I kept my word. Now, let’s get you ready for bed.” “No, no, no.” She said, but each no was softer than the one before. I knew she resigned to her fate. Chapter 11 – Naptime I helped her sitting up. She let me help her but she wasn’t looking me in the eye. She just looked down. Maybe she was looking at the diaper, or maybe she was just blankly staring down. I realized I still had about ten guests in the garden, and I could hear them through the window that was slightly open. I knew I could leave them alone, and they all knew something was happening with me and Emma. They were probably gossiping about us, but for now what was happening here was still a secret. But not for long. I picked an onesie from the small stack I ordered not so long ago. I hoped I had the right size, but too be absolutely sure I bought a slightly bigger and a slightly smaller one. This one was white, had short sleeves, and three snaps to close it between the legs. I held the arm openings open for her and she reluctantly pushed her hands through them. I pulled the onesie over her head and then further down. If she was glad that her upper body was covered again she didn’t let it show. Maybe the shame for her diaper was much bigger than the fact that I could see her breasts. First I fixed her short sleeves, and pulled them straight, then I let Emma lie on her back again. I pulled the backside of her onesie form under her bottom. She spread her legs for me and made it easy for me to close the onesie in between her legs. The onesie might cover most past of her diaper, it didn’t hide it at all. Not only the diaper was wider between her legs than the onesie, also the thickness of the diaper didn’t leave any questions about what she wore as underwear. I was just glad I bought the right size onesies. It fit her perfectly. It seemed to be comfortably snuck around her body, but not too tight. I left Emma on the changing table for a moment. I wasn’t afraid she would get off by herself, or that she would run away. I also didn’t think she would open her onesie and remove her diaper. I was almost a hundred percent sure that she would just lie there and wait for me to help her in bed. And that was exactly what I was about to do. First I opened the lock on the side of the bed and let the whole side slide down. I found a beautiful and childlike bed for her online. It had cost me a small fortune to buy it and let it be delivered here, but I found it worth every penny. It was just like a children’s bed, with a raised mattress and high barred sides. It wasn’t a cage, but inside the bed it must feel like that with bars all around. Only the ceiling you could see without restrictions, but even it you would climb over the side you still had to face the almost 2 meter high drop to the ground. That wasn’t a problem for an adult off course, but the sides were supposed to be more of a psychological barrier than a psychical one. And I hoped that it would make her feel small and childish. I also hoped that she would recognize and appreciate the effort I made in preparing this room for her. I could understand that she wouldn’t really appreciate it right now, but I hoped that this was not the first and the last time I had her here in this room. I also bought a special sleeping bag for her, similar to the ones babies sleep in. It was light blue and not too thick for her too sleep in during the summer. It was smaller at the top and it has openings for her arms. It had a zipper on the back from top to bottom. I brought it over to the changing table and Emma looked at it with disgust. I opened the zipper from the bottom upwards. Emma shook her head and she looked at me for a moment. She saw the smile on my face and probably realized that she didn’t have choice. I draped the sleeping bag over her and helper her arms through the holes. I then helped her turn around. Now she was lying on her stomach and I could close the zipper just below her neck and pull the zipper all the way down. At last her feet disappeared in the sleeping bag. I helped her turn around again and helped her sit up. Her short white sleeves showing, but the rest of her onesie was covered by the sleeping bag. The light blue sleeping bag covered her shoulders and gave just enough space around her neck to be comfortable, but still we tight enough to not be able to pull her head inside. “Isn’t it nice, and comfortable?” I asked. Now she was sitting up our heads were not far apart. She wasn’t looking at me. I waited for a moment to give her a bit of time to respond, but she didn’t say anything. She even didn’t move and just sat there. “Can you please look at me?” I asked nicely, and after a few seconds she turned her head and looked me in the eyes. I saw a little bit of anger, but also shame, but mostly I saw the helplessness in her eyes. She was indeed helpless. I was in control, and she could only just go with the flow. Even though she, more or less, underwent this whole ordeal voluntarily. “Thank you for cooperating. I can understand that this isn’t easy for you, but I am very proud of you, of your behavior. Thank you for that.” I said. I wanted to kiss her on her forehead, but I wasn’t fast enough and I gave her the opportunity to reject it, and she took it. I was OK with that, for now. “I think you understand what I expect of you, but to be entirely certain I will tell you my rules.” I said. She blushed a bit and looked away. “You are not allowed to touch your diaper. I diapered you, and I will take your diaper off when I decide it is time for that, or I will change your diaper when it needs to be changed before that time. Is that understood?” I said. I tried to keep the tone of my voice not too strict, but the same time I wanted her to know that I was serious. She nodded. I think I saw her shiver a bit when I told her that I might need to change her diaper. I could only hope that she urgently needed to pee soon, and that she then was forced to use her diaper. It was already a dream come true that I could spank and diaper her, and I couldn’t hope for more, but a man could dream. “Just to be sure.” I said with a sly smile. “I don’t mind if your diaper is wet when I come get you out of bed later. I don’t mind at all.” I said. Emma grunted something softly that I could not understand, and probably it was just a generic noise of disapproval. “Also, you are not allowed to open your sleeping bag. And off course you are also not allowed to climb out of bed when the sides are up. Understood?” She nodded again. “If you want I can help you.” I said after a short pause. “I can lock your sleeping bag so that you can’t open it and so you can’t touch your diaper. I don’t want to spank you again, so if you are afraid you can’t control yourself then please tell me.” She abruptly turned her head and looked me in the eyes. She was angry now. “You… The lock is not necessary.” She said. “Did I not do everything you asked of me?” I didn’t expect her to react to fiercely, but I smiled forgivingly. “I’m sorry, you’re right. You behaved perfectly.” I bent forward to her and wrapped my arms around her. I pulled her close to me, and although she resisted me for a moment she knew she was too late to react this time. Our heads were side by side and I kissed her just above her ear. Then I repositioned my right arm under her and took her in my arms. She was not too heavy and I carried her too her bed. I laid her down on the mattress and she stretched her legs. She was still or het back. I kissed her on her forehead and she let me. “I am so proud of you, little girl.” I said, with the biggest smile possible. “Please try to rest for a bit. I will come get you in a few hours.” I stepped back a bit, pulled the side of the bed up and enclosed her in bars. She immediately turned on her stomach, facing the wall. I walked to the window, looked outside to my guests in the garden and closed the curtains. It didn’t darken the room very much, but it kept the sun out. I looked at Emma again, at her white onesie sticking out of the light blue sleeping bag, through the white bars of the oversized baby crib. With that picture in mind I left her bedroom, closed the door and went back to my guests. I had some explaining to do to my colleagues. Chapter 12 – My little girl Two and a half hours I left her alone. Via a baby monitor I checked on her regularly. It made it possible for me to see her at any time via an app on my phone. I had seen her restless in the beginning, not sure what to do and unable to find a comfortable position. She turned and turned and eventually settled down on her side, faced towards the room, and with her arm under her head as some kind of pillow. I didn’t think she slept, or even tried to sleep. It must have been turmoil in her head, thinking about what she has been through, and what she expected to happen next. I couldn’t possibly know what she was really thinking about, and I could only hope that she didn’t hate me too much. When I opened the door to her bedroom she looked me in the eye. She was sitting in the corner of her bed, with her back against the bars and her knees pulled up. She had her arms wrapped around her legs and I had seen on my phone that she had rested her head on top of her knees. She followed me with her eyes, as I smiled lovingly. I first went to the window and opened the curtains. The sun blinded my eyes but Emma was still in the shadow. I went to her and lowered the side of the bed. She looked at me with a little bit of fear in her eyes. “Can… Can I go now?” She asked. I shook my head. “No. Bob will take you home if you want, but not before eleven tonight.” I said. She bowed her head. “You are my little girl, at least until eleven, and I hope for whole the weekend.” She shook her head again, this time with more determination. She kept looking at me, but not directly into my eyes. Maybe she hoped that her sad face would make me more lenient. “Please lie down.” I asked. “What… What are you going to do?” She asked softly, but she already moved to the middle of the bed and laid down on her back. “Let me first get you out of your sleeping bag.” I said. “Then I will check your diaper and change you, if needed.” She looked at me angrily. “What? Off course you don’t need to change me.” She shouted. “Don’t be mad. You are wearing a diaper and you will wear a diaper for as long as you are in, or around, my house.” I smiled at her. “So, I suppose you will be wet before the evening is over.” She shook her head again, this time almost frantically. She panicked and sat up. “No, no… Please.” Now I shook my head and looked at her sternly. “Lie down, Emma.” I put my finger under her chin, pushed her head up a bit and let her look me in the eyes. “You behaved almost perfectly until now. You should have been lying down in bed, and not sitting up, but that I will forgive you. This time. Please don’t start misbehaving now, because I will not tolerate that.” She laid down again, but kept looking up at me with pleading eyes. “So, as I said, first I will check your diaper and then I will take you downstairs.” “But… But what...” I almost smiled. Off course she was afraid that anyone would see her in a diaper. The clothes that she wore when she arrived here would not conceal her diaper, it probably wouldn’t even fit over her diaper. “You don’t need to be ashamed. We are going to show everyone that you are still a little girl. A very pretty little girl, and a very good behaving little girl. We are going to show everyone what you really are, and that you are not the bratty, foul-mouthed and arrogant young woman that you pretend to be.” She was in shock. Her face turned white and froze. I used that to turn her around and open the zipper all the way up until the two sides came apart. I helped her out of the sleeping bag and folded the sleeping bag and put it on the end of the bed. Emma was already on her back again. I pushed my hands between her legs pushed her legs apart. I opened her onesie and pulled it up. Her diaper came in full view and I could clearly see that her diaper was still dry. I thought about opening her diaper and look at her buttocks to see if they were still red, but I decided not to do that. I closed her onesie, but that didn’t conceal her diaper completely. “Are you ready?” I asked. “R… Ready?” “To show your colleagues that you are still a little girl?” I smiled. She shook her head. I helped her sitting up, and then I guided her legs over the side of the bed. She let me, but with hesitation. “Please…” She pleaded. “Don’t be afraid. You don’t need to be ashamed. Nobody will laugh at you.” I knew I couldn’t convince her to not be afraid or ashamed, but I wanted to give her at least some kind of support. “And to be honest, I have to confess that everybody heard that I had to spank you. I shouldn’t have left the window open.” “What? No!” She said, and I saw her eyes get watery. The knowledge that all of her colleagues knew what had happened to her, made her even less willing to go downstairs. But she had no choice. I would take her downstairs, in her diaper and onesie, and show everyone that she was a little girl. And Emma realized that too. Chapter 13 – No secrets With her legs over the side of the bed I stood right before her. I looked her in the eyes. She looked differently without her make-up, and I never really looked at her without all the stuff she used. I thought she was much prettier without it, and with her hair loosely over her shoulders, she looked so much friendlier. And with her wearing that cute onesie, and her diaper showing underneath, the picture was complete. “Let’s get you downstairs. You must be thirsty.” I gently picked up her hands and put them on my shoulders. She shook her head and was clearly shocked, but I already pushed my hands underneath her, between the diaper and the bed. I lifted her up from the bed and she leaned forwards against my body. I felt her arms around my neck and her face next to my right ear. She also wrapped her legs around me for a bit of support. She was not that big, but still heavy to carry downstairs. “Pl… Please, not… Can I stay here?” She pleaded softly in my ear. “No, off course not. Don’t be ridiculous.” I said. “Please, I will… I will be a little girl. I will… pee, and I… You… I will let you change… change me.” I laughed while I carried her out of her room. “I think the evening is still long and you will wet your diaper anyway.” I said. “And I will change you whenever and wherever I want, little girl.” I tried to sound firm and strong, but she must have heard the laugh I was desperately trying to hide. I felt a shiver passing through her On the way down she was quit, and I had to concentrate to get her safely down the stairs. Maybe she was bit scared that I’d fall, and that she was trying to be as still as possible. Only after we were safely on the ground floor, I heard her voice in my ear again. “I… I want to go home.” “You can, but not now. Later tonight, I told you already. Until then I need you to behave and show everyone what a pretty, well-behaved little girl you are.” I felt her body tense up as I carried her into the kitchen. The noticed the first spectator looking at her, and I felt the tension in her body building up. She clearly didn’t want this to happen, but seemed to have accepted that she wasn’t in control anymore. Off course I could understand her. Until now she was an independent young woman, pretending to be confident and all grown up, showing her body to everyone, showing her curves. Just showing a lot of skin. She wanted people to notice her. But for me she just looked like a little girl in a grown-up body, hiding her real self behind the make-up, and the short skirts, and the almost-all-revealing tops. Until today. Today her life changed radically. She didn’t need to pretend anymore, because everyone would look at her, and see what she really was. And most likely they would all realize that deep inside they already knew. They all knew already that Emma was not the grownup, self-confident woman she pretended to be. Kathleen was the first to see this young woman in a completely different set of clothes. Kathleen worked in the Finance department, and I knew Emma did some work for her department, and I also knew she didn’t liked Emma. Now Kathleen looked at me, then at Emma and I saw her gaze go down and recognize the diaper. Kathleen smiled and Emma saw that. Emma hid her face in my neck, and her arms and legs around me hugged me a little tighter. Emma knew she could not fight it. She knew that she was to be presented to the rest of her colleagues. She knew everybody would see her in her diaper and onesie. “She is a bit shy now.” I said to Kathleen, with a sly smile on my face. I carried Emma through the kitchen and into the garden. As soon as we entered the garden everybody stopped talking and stared looking at us. Or, to be more precise, they looked at Emma. Everybody looked at the white onesie with short sleeves, and the diaper that was peeking out between her legs. The onesie wasn’t any good at hiding her diaper anyway, because you could see the back of her diaper through the white cotton. “Please, don’t make it harder for this little girl than it already is.” I said loudly. “Yes, I spanked her for lying to me. And yes, I spanked her for showing up while she clearly knew she wasn’t welcome her. Although I am sorry I had to hurt her like that, I will not tolerate that kind of behavior.” Everybody looked at me, nodded, and some even smiled a little. I felt Emma gasping for air, but she didn’t attempt to break free out of my arms. “And, as you can see, I diapered her and I will keep her in diapers for as long as she is here. As long as she behaves like a child, I will treat her like one.” I said, while slowly I turned around. I looked at all my colleagues and let all colleagues see the little girl in my arms. “No, no… Stop. I… I am an adult.” She whispered in my ear, so soft that nobody else could hear it. I turned my head and she tilted her head a bit backwards. We were looking in each other’s eyes while our noses touched. “No, you are not. Especially not while I am in charge.” I smiled and managed to give her a quick kiss on her cheek. “But don’t be afraid, or ashamed. I will take care of you, I will help you, and… and I will make sure you learned your lesson.” Then I whispered something else in her ear. “And I love you, but not in the way you hoped for.” I felt her reaction when I said I loved her. Maybe she was surprised by it, or maybe she was just glad to hear it. It was certainly not the love she craved for, but this was what I could give her. I knew her situation at home was not as stable as I had when I was her age, and I wanted her to know I could care for her, but she needed to understand the consequences of her choices. I carried her to a blanket I already had spread out on the grass, a bit to the side, and away from the bulk of the people. I let her down and she landed on her feet. Now she was on the ground she pulled her arms back and I could give her another kiss. Again it was quick, but this time it was on her forehead. “Let me care for you, little girl.” I said. She shook her head, slowly. Her face was red from the shame she felt and she didn’t want to look in the direction of her colleagues. “Please sit down.” I said gently. “You are not allowed of this blanket. I will get you everything you need.” She looked at me in disgust, but she did sit down. She pulled in her knees and wrapped her arms around them. “I’m not a baby!” She snorted while she looked up at me. “No, you are not a baby.” I laughed. “But you are a little girl.” I looked at her for a moment and then smiled. “Don’t be a naughty little girl.” I turned around and walked away. Chapter 14 – Warm milk She was sitting alone in her part of the garden. She was left alone by all of us, and she was certainly not going to attract any attention on purpose. She sat with her back to us, facing the high bushes surrounding the garden. She had put her knees up and leaned with her arms on them, and let her head rest on her arms. She must have felt lonely, but probably thought that lonely was better than being diapered and surrounded by colleagues. I wasn’t going to leave her alone for a long time. I had promised to let her go home at the end of the evening, if she wanted to. I could not keep her here if she really wanted to leave, but that was more for moral or legal reasons, than of a mere physical reason. I could easily lock her in the sleeping bag, and she wouldn’t go anywhere without me noticing, and preventing, it. So that meant that my time with her was limited, unless she wanted to stay. And I wasn’t sure she was ready to admit to herself that it was better for her to stay, or that she wanted to stay. With that in mind I prepared the next step, and then walked over to Emma. I crouched down beside her. She looked at me for a second, and then looked the other way, a bit too theatrically. “Go away.” She said softly. I shook my head. “No, I can’t do that.” I touched her shoulder. Did she shiver a bit? Was she afraid of me, or did I just startle her? “I have something to drink for you.” I said, but she again shook her head. I expected nothing else, and slowly, but firmly, I grabbed her and positioned her the way I wanted to. She didn’t help me, but she didn’t reject it that much too. I was already sitting and Emma was sideways in front of me. I let her head rest against my shoulder and supported her with my right arm around her back. She looked a bit surprised and it seemed she still didn’t know what was about to happen. She looked up, while I held her in my arms, and didn’t see the bottle coming. The nipple of the full-size baby bottle was already in her mouth before she could reject it. She closed her mouth too late and the big nipple was already filled a large part of her mouth. I held the bottle up and she must already feel the warm milk seep into her mouth. I prepared the nipple so that even if she didn’t suck on the nipple it would still release a little bit of fluid. Now she looked shocked and tried to push the nipple out with her tongue. “No, Emma. No!” I said loudly, and I felt her resistance fade away. “Be a good little girl and let me feed you.” She shook her head and her head turned slightly red. She was now facing her colleagues and she could see them looking at us. She looked away and decided to do what she was supposed to do. I could feel her trying to figure out how to get more milk out of the nipple, and I didn’t take long before she was swallowing the warm milk every few seconds. I gave her a small kiss on her forehead. “You’re a good girl.” I said. “You need to drink a lot, because I want your diaper wet before the evening is over.” I smiled at her and she looked shocked again. This couldn’t be a big surprise for her. She must have known I wanted her to wet her diaper like a baby, and I didn’t just diaper her for fun. I wanted her to use the diaper for what it was intended for. “No, please.” She said softly. I pulled the bottle back for a moment and let her speak. Her lips were white with the milk and it dripped a bit down her chin. I set the bottle aside a wiped her mouth clean. “You’re diaper will be wet before the evening is over.” I tried to look firmly, but she must have seen that I wasn’t angry. I was just amused and enjoying myself. “I can bottle feed you at least four more bottles like these, and not even a big girl can’t hold that much.” She shook her head again and started to say something, but I put the nipple back in her mouth. She swallowed her words, and the warm milk. And she swallowed her pride. I let her drink for a minute. It was a big bottle and drinking was slow, so only about a third of the milk had passed her mouth. Emma lay comfortably in my arms, her legs spread out on the blanket, her back supported by my arm, and the side of her head gently resting against my shoulder. She didn’t look up at me, and she didn’t look at her colleagues who sometimes looked our way. I didn’t think it looked like Emma was uncomfortable in any way, she seemed like a happy toddler being bottle-fed. Except Emma was a bit bigger than a normal toddler. But like a toddler, she was wearing a diaper. And whether she liked it or not, her diaper would definitely become wet during the night. I just hoped she was still wearing a diaper at the end of the night, and sleeping in her crib. Chapter 15 – Hesitations “I don’t think I should let you go home tonight.” I said. She almost finished her bottle of warm milk and her belly was full. The milk would gradually work its way to her blather, and would eventually make her diaper wet and bulky. Emma shook her head while she looked up at me for a few seconds. Her movement caused the escape of a few drops of milk from the corner of her mouth. They dribbled down on to her chin and she wanted to wipe them away with her hand, but I stopped her. The white milk on her pink skin didn’t bother me, and made her just look a little bit more childish. “I should keep you in diapers all weekend, little girl.” She again shook her head when I spoke to her. She wanted to talk, but with the nipple between her lips and the constant flow of milk in her mouth she knew she couldn’t do it without spilling some milk. The bottle was almost empty when I took it out of her mouth. She swallowed once and then looked up to me. “No, please… I can’t… I…” She said, softly. Off course I noticed that she didn’t say that she did not want it, but that she could not. “Yes, you can.” I said with a smile. “No, no… I… I need to work on… on my thesis. It… The deadline is in a month.” “You could have finished that by now, you should have finished that by now!” I said. “But you decided to pick up another project that was not part of your thesis. You shouldn’t have done that. This is your own fault.” “It’s… But…” “I know its part of a project with a strict deadline, but that is not your problem.” I said, and pushed the nipple of the bottle back into her mouth. She tried to reject it for a moment, but soon closed her mouth around it. I tilted the bottle and the last bit of the milk started to drip into her mouth again. “You are risking your thesis, and for what? You’re not even paid for this side-job.” I saw her blush a little, as she realized I was right. She shouldn’t have said yes when John asked her to do this. She drank the last bit of milk. With a big smile I looked down on her. “Very good, little girl. I am proud of you. You drank the whole bottle. I suppose you had to be very thirsty.” I pulled the nipple out of her mouth and now she could speak again. “And… And I need to work. I… I need… I need the money.” She said shyly, and looked up at me. I shook my head. I put the empty bottle aside and wiped her lips and chin clean. “No, no, no. Work, study, side-project. That is way too much for you.” I said with a serious tone in my voice. “Your study is almost finished, forget all the rest. Little girls like you should sleep a lot, and play. Do some coloring, play with dolls, watch cartoons. Stuff like that.” She shook her head. “I… I can’t do that.” “And there is something else. Your mother called, she…” “She is not my mother!” She interrupted me, almost angry. “…She said you were supposed to babysit tonight?” I asked. Emma shook her head, again, and let out a clearly noticeable sigh. “No, no… I said I couldn’t… She can’t expect me to… to babysit all the time.” “Now she is taking the money for the babysitter out of your bank account, she said. Can she do that? Can she take your money?” I heard her confirm that, but very softly. “Does she often take money from your account?” I asked, and again she nodded slightly. “Does she takes too much? I mean, more than you agreed to for… for general cost of living. It’s OK, and it’s normal, that you pay for something, but…” “She takes it all.” Emma said. “I… I need to work tomorrow.” She looked up, and pleaded. “Please, please let me go home tonight.” She begged. I pulled her close to me, and felt sorry for her. She was taken advantage of by her stepmother, had to work to get her money get stolen by her stepmother, and still managed to do well in school. And then also started a side-project, just to please somebody else at work. “I… I will be a… your little girl…. Tonight. I… I am… already… But… But, please. Please let me go home tonight.” I think she was crying, although I couldn’t see her face. I felt her body tremble for a moment and slowly she pushed her legs apart. It was only now that I realized she was peeing. My little girl Emma was wetting her diaper! Chapter 16 – No worries With what I had heard from Emma, I was even more determined to not let her go home tonight. I wanted her to be diapered this whole weekend. I wanted her in her crib for at least 12 hours a day. I wanted her to play, and watch TV, and maybe do some coloring for me. I wanted her to feel small, helpless and care-free. First step was to get rid of the stress she had. Some of that was her own fault, and some of it was because of her situation at home. But to be honest, most problems she had I had already anticipated, and without her knowing, already solved for her. It wasn’t too hard. With everything she had said to me, I believed I could let her stay her this whole weekend without feeling that I had gotten her in some kind of trouble. I smiled while walking upstairs. I picked the things I needed for her, and for the next step in her transition. And I simply wanted to play dress-up. I took it all downstairs, but left a few things on the kitchen table. When I returned to Emma she was still sulking. Her mood didn’t get any better when she saw what I brought her. I kneeled beside her, kissed her on her forehead and then pushed her on her back, gently but with just enough power to overcome her reluctance. My hands worked themselves between her legs and opened the buttons of her onesie and started to pull it up. While she was lying on her back, I pulled the onesie up and over her head. She was naked except for her diaper now, but she seemed for worried about her wet diaper than her exposed breasts. She brought her hands down and tried to cover her diaper. I let her. I wasn’t interested in her diaper right now. I already saw she had indeed wet her diaper, but it was not much. I was showing though, and it was clearly visible that she wet her diaper like a little girl. I let her stand up, let her put her hands out, and guided her hands and her head in the pink dress. I pulled it down and Emma let me. The pink diaper with short, frilly sleeves, and much more frills down below. Standing up the dress just covered her diaper, but I wouldn’t let her stand all night. “You must be lonely here.” I said. “You don’t need to be shy.” I smiled at her and put my hand out for her. I wanted her to take it so I could walk her to my other guests. I wanted them to meet baby Emma, but Emma didn’t agree. She shook her head and looked at me with a mixture of fear and shame. I smiled again. I knew Emma would know by now that if I wanted her between the other guests, she would be there shortly. Still she didn’t take my hand and looked down. Her face turned a bit of red. I gave her a hug, pulled her against my body, and wrapped my arms around her. I caressed her, pulled my fingers softly between her hairs. “Don’t be afraid. I’ve got another nice bottle of milk for you, and then something healthy to eat.” “No… no…” She stammered, and I felt a shiver pass through her body. “Yes, yes.” I said with a big smile. I let her go out of the hug and my hand found hers. I did a small step and felt her hand tense up. I didn’t let her go, and neither did she try to. Her grip just got a little tighter. “Don’t be shy.” I said. “You look beautiful.” I did another small step and Emma followed. Her bare feet stepped on the grass and slowly she followed me. Step by step we came closer to the small crowd, gathered around a few high tables. They were drinking, talking, laughing, and generally having a good time. When they saw us getting closer, it became silent. They were looking at us, but mostly at Emma. Her over-the-top frilly dress in pink was hard to miss. A few people were sitting around the wooden garden table. The wooden bench was empty and I lead Emma to the bench. I sat first and then I pulled Emma towards me. I let her sit on my lap and let her head rest against my shoulder. I positioned a little better so her upper body was a leaning backwards a bit. Kathleen handed me the bottle I had prepared, and I directly pushed the nipple between her lips. She opened her mouth a bit and accepted the bottle. I tilted the bottle up and Emma started drinking immediately. Her face was pointing to the other people, but she had her eyes closed. Her legs were slightly spread and I don’t think she realized that most of my guest had a perfect view of her diaper. Her dress was not long enough to cover it anymore now she was sitting in my lap. And not only could everybody see that see wore a diaper, it couldn’t be missed that she used for its intended purpose. “I think you were thirsty.” I said. She didn’t waste any time and I could see the level of milk slowly, but steadily, get lower and lower. I pulled her a bit more on my lap and placed my free hand between her legs on her diaper. I felt the thickness of the diaper where it had absorbed her pee. It could handle a lot more, and another liter of milk was coming that way. “O, hello.” I said. “Sorry that I’m not entertaining you all, but this little girl is in need of a bit more attention.” “No problem, no problem at all.” Kathleen said. “Very understandable. And I see that a diaper change is needed too.” I laughed. “I’ll change her in an hour or so when I bring her to bed. It’s already way past her bedtime, but it’s a party so I let her stay up.” Emma opened her eyes and looked up at me. I saw she was separate to speak, so I pulled the nipple out of her mouth. “What… I… You promised… I want… I need to go home.” She begged me but laid still in my arms. “You, you’re not.” I said, and I pushed the nipple back inti her mouth. “You can trust me. You don’t need to worry about anything. Daddy will solve all your problems.” I said. She wanted to protest, but I felt her body resign. The tension left her body again and she relaxed again. Chapter 17 – Shock She seemed relaxed now. She even had her eyes open, while I fed her yoghurt met pieces of fruit. I had placed a bib on her to keep her dress clean, and every time I brought my spoon to her mouth she opened it voluntarily. In the mean time I saw her looking around. She looked at my guests, her colleagues, and sometimes her eyes met the gaze of one of them. Only then she showed some shyness when then quickly looked another way. I told her that I had gotten her an extension for her thesis. She was clearly relieved to hear that. I already heard that the latest version she submitted last month was already enough, and that version would already gotten her enough points to graduate. But Emma wanted it perfect, and I would gladly help her do that. But she would be doing that diapered. She accepted another spoonful of yoghurt with a big chunk of apple in it. She opened her mouth for it, without really looking. The apple graced her lips and left a big spot of yoghurt on her chin. She looked up and smiled at me. With a corner of her bib I wiped her chin clean. She seemed so happy now. Everybody was watching us, seeing how a twenty year old was dressed as a toddler and being spoon-fed like a little child. I knew for sure that nobody here had seen this before in real-life. But everybody accepted Emma’s fate, as most of them knew her, and knew how she behaved in the office lately. Even Emma seemed to accept her fate. I also told her that I thought she should get paid for her side-project. It was a project with a high priority, not a very difficult one albeit, but still one that took her a lot of time and had her make arrangements with a lot of different people and departments to gather all the data. Maybe it was the stress, but she had overplayed herself somewhat by demanding the cooperation of some people. People that had their own deadlines and responsibilities. Emma hadn’t made much friends with this project, and I knew that some of those colleagues thought this was a proper reward for her behavior. I couldn’t agree more. I told her that I had arranged that she got paid for three months of work, full pay, as If she was a normal employee. And that I would also arrange that it was paid to a newly opened bank account, so that nobody could take her money away again. Emma had silently listened. She had said nothing, but just slightly rubbed her head against me. She had then just simply kissed me where her lips could reach me. So she kissed me in my neck. The bowl with yoghurt and fruit was empty, and Emma’s stomach was full. I released her from her bib, but not before I thoroughly cleaned her face first. I complimented her on a good job, but she didn’t answer or acknowledge the compliment. She just rested against my body, sometimes with her eyes closed. She seemed to be completely at ease. She got up and looked me in the eyes. “Can… Can I go inside and watch TV?” I shook my head. “No, not today. It’s almost bedtime.” She didn’t like that. “What no. I’m… I’m OK with…” She started to protest, but I stopped her. “I don’t care about with what you are OK with, little girl.” I looked her in the eyes. “If I think its little-girl-bedtime, then that’s what it is. In a few minutes you can say goodnight to everybody, and then I’ll take you upstairs for a diaper change. You will be in your crib in 15 minutes, young lady!” I’m not sure where her sudden reluctance came from, or why she now suddenly felt that she didn’t like this at all. Maybe she realized that her adult life was partially over. Maybe she realized that her troubles may well be solved, but that the price she had to pay for that was maybe a bit too high. Or maybe she simply didn’t want to go to bed so early in the evening. Or maybe she was testing me to see how my reaction would be if she didn’t behave the way I liked her to. It didn’t really matter what her reasons would be, the end result would be exactly the same. She would be in her crib soon, and she would be thickly diapered, and she would be in a place where she was safe and secure and where she would not be able to escape from. Emma stood up and looked down on me with an annoyed look, maybe even a bit angry. She pulled her frilly dress down in a futile attempt to hide her wet diaper. She shook her head. “No, I want…” She started, but I grabbed her hand and pulled her back towards me. “You have nothing to want. I make the rules here, and you have to follow them.” I said sharply. I wasn’t really angry. This was something that I anticipated. Changes didn’t come without some friction, and I was fully prepared, and willing, to show her who was in charge here. If I had to do it, I would put her over my lap, pull her diaper down, and spank her in full view of everybody around. And Emma knew that. But still she suddenly pulled her hand free, turned around and started running. I was surprised. I hadn’t expected this, but I was not worried. She would come far, dressed and diapered like this. “Emma, come here, now!” I yelled. Everybody stopped what they were doing and looked at me, and then at Emma. But Emma didn’t stop. She continued to walk away. Emma was not even at the house when I saw her freeze. She suddenly stopped and stood still. It was not like she had a change of heart, but it looked like she had seen something. Something unexpected, and something very scary. I couldn’t see what that was. The party did feel silent for a moment. Everybody had noticed that Emma had ran away, although no one had tried to stop her. “Emma!” I heard someone shouting her name. Than a small silence “What the fuck… What… What is that?” Now I saw a woman coming out of the shadows. I instantly realized it was Emma’s stepmother. Chapter 18 – The stepmother Everyone fell quiet, and that’s why everybody could hear it. “Emma, you… What the fuck!” I heard Emma’s stepmom shout out. “What… What are you wearing?” Emma was now right in front of her mother, and she was so shocked that she didn’t knew what to do. So she did nothing. Her mother was so close, compared to her I was miles away. I already stood up, but it would take seconds for me to rescue her. “M… What… no, leave!” I hear Emma say, but not so loud, and not nearly as convincing as needed to be. Her mother looked at Emma, and her gaze over Emma went from top to bottom. I couldn’t imagine what she was supposed to think about it, but she reacted quickly. She reached for the diaper under the pink dress of her stepdaughter, grabbed it and tore it off. I heard, we all heard loudly, the plastic as it was ripped open. The wet diaper was thrown to the ground, with the slightly yellowed insides for all to see. “What… What is this! This dress? What the heck is happening here?” “Mom, no!” I heard Emma yell, now louder. I was still on my way, but I couldn’t prevent Emma being grabbed by her wrist. The pink, frilly dress was now the only thing Emma was wearing. Her stepmother started Emma dragging away, probably because she saw me coming, but Emma tried to resist as much as possible. She was no match though for the bigger and stronger woman. Emma was being pulled forward, with her bare bottom now facing to us. The spanking was still showing a bit, giving her behind a slightly darker color than the rest of her skin. It was also a little bit glistering in the light, as her skin as not entirely dry. “Stop that!” I shouted. “Let her go. You have no business here.” I was now only a few feet away, and I already knew that I could stop them before they were out of my garden. Emma’s stepmother realized that to and she stopped and faced me, but not before she pulled Emma in front of her, as some kind of protection. “I don’t know what is happening here, but I’m stopping it, right here, right now.” She said, as solemnly as she could muster. “Indeed, you don’t know what is happening here, but you are trespassing, Emma is an adult, and she is here voluntarily. So, please let her go, so I can take care of her.” I said. The woman looked at me, both angry and confused. I’m not sure what she expected to see, and what her goal was, but I knew that I was in the right here. “Care? What… You call this… That diaper, what…” She was out of words, but she kept her hand securely around Emma’s wrist. The stepmother was looking for words and not ready to give it up. “Not sure what she is doing here, but I’m not leaving my daughter with a forty-something year old pervert like you.” She looked me in the eyes and pulled Emma even closer. “She is in my care, and belongs with me and my son. Definitely not here, with you.” She kept looking me in the eyes, without fear and full of determination. “And we are leaving her, now. Emma, please get in the car. At home we will get you into some normal clothing again, out of this… this… abomination!” “No, mom… No.” Emma cried softly, but she felt the grip on her wrist get stronger and also felt she was pulled away from me. Emma was clearly afraid, and her eyes found mine. Her face was wet with tears, but suddenly she bowed her head. She didn’t let her stepmother win so easily, and braced herself in the grass. Then Emma’s free hand went to her face, and she tried to hide herself behind it. She made a sharp sound, and then moaned. Both Emma’s stepmother as I were distracted for a moment, and we both seemed to realize what was happening. Emma’s other hand was released and that was also quickly brought in front of her face. But both me and her stepmother didn’t look at her face, we looked at the pee that was coming down between Emma’s legs. At first her legs were closed, and the pee streamed via her inner thigh downwards, but Emma opened her legs, squatted a bit, and the steady stream now flowed directly into the grass. Emma sobbed loudly. I recovered more quickly from this shock than the older woman that was still looking at the wet grass under her stepdaughter. Without checking if Emma was finished or not, I walked up to her and hugged her. I pulled her against me. With a hand on her head I pushed her face gently against my chest, while my other hand lay still on her back. Emma accepted my hug. Her hands found their way around me and touched each other again behind me. The three of us stood there for half a minute, without speaking, speechless. I felt sorry for Emma, but was glad she had chosen me. “Emma? Do you want to stay here? With me?” I asked. I pushed as a little bit apart so I could look her in the eyes. “Or do you want to leave? That’s also OK by me.” I asked her seriously. “But I rather preferred it of you stay.” I whispered with a smile. I didn’t care that Emma’s stepmother could hear that. Emma looked up at me. “I want to stay.” She said to me. Then she turned around to her stepmother. “I’m staying her. Please, go home.” She said. Her stepmother was flabbergasted. Her stepdaughter, who was naked under that silly, frilly dress, made her choice, and eventually she understood that she lost. In a dramatic gesture she threw her hands in the air, turned around. And left. I saw Emma smile. Chapter 19 - Finally “That was scary.” I laughed and tried to deflate the stress situation. Emma looked up at me, and nodded. “I’m glad you chose to stay with me.” I said, and I gave her a new hug. I pulled her close to me for at least half a minute before I let her free again. “Let’s get you cleaned up and ready for bed.” I said, and this time Emma didn’t object. “But there is something we have to address first.” I reached for the bottom side of the dress and started pulling it up. Emma was shocked as she realized she would be completely undressed. I didn’t hesitate and pulled the dress up until it was above her shoulders. Her arms and head were still trapped in the dress, but from there on down she was completely naked. We weren’t in the middle of the garden anymore, but set apart from the party a bit, but that didn’t mean that everybody was looking at us and was now witness to the naked young lady. I heard Emma protest and moan, but her head slipped out of the dress and eventually also her arms. Emma looked up at me in shock. It was yet another shock after the whole ordure with her stepmother. But with the dress on the ground, next to the ripped up diaper, she was now naked, vulnerable, ashamed, and completely under my thumb. She tried to cover her breasts and her privates with her hands while looking up at me with her face covered in shameful red. I grabbed her by her arm, pulled her a bit forward, and smacked her bottom with my open hand. I did it again, and again. She gave a high pitched scream, but mostly due to the shock. I didn’t think I really hurt her like before, especially because I gave her just three swats. I let her stand up again and put my hand under her chin. I pushed her head backwards so she looked up at me. “I didn’t forget what happened just before your stepmother arrived on the scene.” I said. “If you ever disobey me like that again, and walk away from me. I will not only have to spank your sorry ass until its red and you can’t sit up for a week.” I said out loudly, so not only Emma, but everybody could here. “But I will also keep you in a child’s safety harness with a leash for as long as I deem appropriate, and you will be safely locked in a toddler’s stroller every time we go out.” I saw her face turn even redder as she realized that I would unforgivingly put her on display like that. She bowed her head and apologized softly. “I’m… I am sorry. I… I will obey.” I left her standing like that for a few seconds. I wanted for her to feel a bit lost, and lonely. She was completely naked and all of our colleagues were watching. And all of those colleagues she would be facing again, next week. But by then she wouldn’t be naked anymore, then she would be diapered. “OK, little girl. I’m not mad anymore. This is probably not your last mistake, but you will learn how to behave. Spankings are part of the process, if you like it or not. Do you understand that?” She nodded again. With her head down and her hands covering as much of her private parts as possible, she looked so vulnerable. It couldn’t be easy to give up your old life, and give complete control to someone else. And it all happened in this very short time. She came her as a young woman, not knowing about the plans I had for her. She couldn’t have known about the spanking, the diapers and the crib. There was no way that she knew that without hours after her arrival here she would be diapered and spoon-fed like a toddler. I opened my arms for her. “Come, little girl.” I said softly. I deliberately didn’t walk up to here to give her a comforting hug, I let her come to me. She didn’t hesitate and stepped into my arms. She pushed her naked body against mine, laid her head against my chest, and wrapped her arms around my waist. We stood in silence for almost a minute. She felt cold, not surprisingly, and she warmed herself against me. I decided that it was long enough, that it was time for a diaper, and that is was time for bed. I took her by her hand and led her upstairs. Emma knew where we were heading, and she didn’t resist or linger on the way up. I helped her up the changing table, and although she didn’t look me in the eyes, she seemed not to be too anxious about what was to happen. I cleaned her up with wet-wipes and picked the thickest diaper from the stack. She pulled in her knees without the need for me to ask for it. She let me put the diaper under her, powder her privates, and close the diaper tightly. I then helper her in a body, closing the three snaps between her legs. She was now ready for bed, where her sleeper was waiting. She turned her head and looked at me. I saw tears in her eyes. “What’s the matter, little girl?” I asked while I stroked her hair. My other hand was resting on her belly. “Are you maybe a little bit afraid?” Off course she was afraid. She chose to drastically change her life, and put her fate in my hands. I could totally understand her fear. Her future would be totally different than she had planned, and from what she had expected until a few hours ago. “You should be afraid.” I said. “You should be very afraid.” She looked confused, but her face changed as soon as I started to tickle her. “I will tickle you to death!” She screamed in surprise while my fingers protruded her body. Her hands were no longer behind her head, but were desperately trying to stop my hands. But she couldn’t stop it. My hands were too fast and merciless. It didn’t take long before she couldn’t stop laughing and the tears in her cheeks were replaced with tears of joy. I stopped when she was gasping for air and the few seconds of wild uncontrolled body reflexes left her face sweaty. I still smiled, but now her bad thoughts for slowly coming back again. I opened the drawer and selected a big dummy from the selection I had bought for her earlier. I held the dummy for her mouth and for a moment I thought she was going to refuse it. But she opened her mouth and accepted the dummy. I saw a hint of a surprise on her face when she closed her mouth around the dummy and she seemed to realize that it fitted comfortably. And that it was even a nice feeling to suck on the dummy. I smiled and kissed her on her forehead. “You are a silly little girl.” I said. “You shouldn’t worry about a thing. I will take care of you.” With that I pushed my arms under her and carried her to her crib. I had her in her sleeper within seconds. I didn’t need to lock the sleeper this time as I knew she wouldn’t try to escape. I pointed at the camera above her feet, pointing to her face. “I will be looking after you.” I said, and tried to sell it as something comforting, and not as threat. I kissed her again on the forehead, and Emma took her pacifier out for a moment and kissed me on my cheek. She immediately pushed the pacifier back in her mouth. “Are you comfortable?” I asked, and she nodded. “Will you give me a nice wet diaper to change before I go to bed tonight?” She nodded again, with a slight blush. I laughed out loud when I saw her blush. “You don’t need to be ashamed of a wet diaper, little girl.” I said while I pulled the side of her crib up. “You are in diapers full-time now, little girl.” Little Emma was now safely surrounded by bars.” The front side of the bed locked in place with a loud click. Emma looked at me through the wooden bars. She already knew she would be in diapers, but only now she seemed to really realize what that meant. “No more potty for this little girl. I will need to change your wet and poopy diapers from now on.” I laughed again, turned around and left her behind. I closed the curtains, left the nursery, and closed the door. Emma was my little girl now!
  11. DISCLAIMER: IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! If you have not read my first story: Little Beginnings: New Life - I HIGHLY suggest you do so! This story will make a lot more sense if you do. It’s where the main character is first introduced and you and learn a lot about the little community I have created. ooOoo Chapter 1: Three Months Before The moment she stepped out of the cab, her skin began to burn. Luna groaned, enduring the full force of the simmering summer heat. This was the exact reason she never wanted to come to the South. There wasn’t anything she hated more than the sun, and by the end of the day, she’d be as red as a lobster. Her father always said it was their Irish blood and she’d roll her eyes in return. No shit sherlock. They were as white as the freakin moon. For sure, she’d stand out among the throng of tanned bodies, which in her case, was not a good thing. She wasn’t sure how long she would stay but Luna had gotten a credible lead on her dad. One she couldn’t ignore. And if the authorities were still scouring Raleigh, it would only take them hours to realize that she was no longer there. “Hello, Miss?” the driver grumbled, knocking her from her thoughts. “You gonna pay me or what? I’m not gonna sit here all day.” He was a grumpy old man who’d only reluctantly driven her all the way out here from North Carolina after promising a generous pay. She’d had to leave earlier than expected and while inconvenient, made her aware of how comfortable she’d become. Never did she stay in one place for more than a few months. It wasn’t safe. “O-of course,” she blushed as she fumbled around in her wallet and pulled out one hundred dollars for the driver. Despite his less-than-stellar personality, he knew when to stay quiet and not ask questions. That was good enough for her. She carried only the bag on her back and money to last her at least another year and a half. After that, she wasn’t sure what she would do. Luna watched the car take off down the dirt path before finally exhaling the breath she’d been holding in the entire ride. There was an eerie silence. A sort of calm before the storm. Luna had only ever known noise, growing up in the heart of Manhatten. Her father explained the importance of hiding in plain sight. Nobody would expect them to be in bustling New York City, a place known for the attention and spotlight. It was perfect… until it wasn’t. Now, looking straight ahead, Luna wondered if she had the right place. The roof of the red farmhouse was dilapidated and the land looked absolutely dead. Anyone who happened upon the house would believe it was abandoned. Though that was the point. No one was supposed to know this place existed. Luna had only found it due to her father. He was the reason she’d not been caught yet. The girl walked ahead with a renewed sense of purpose. The boards below her feet creaked and she rapped her knuckle, three than two than six times, on the faded white door. She clutched a swiss army knife in her other hand, hidden in her pocket. “Always be prepared.” Her father taught her. “Never hesitate.” She was literally in the middle of nowhere-bumfuck-South Carolina. No one would see her if she was kidnapped. No one would hear her if she screamed. Being vulnerable was something she did not like. The door opened a crack and dark brown eyes peered at her. Her hand tightened around the knife and heart frantically raced. “Who sent you?” it was a woman’s voice who asked. “Martin Creevy.” she used her father’s alias. “I assume you’ve heard of him before.” Oh, the woman definitely had by the way her eyes lit up. The door closed in her face and for a moment, Luna thought she’d been turned away. However, there was a click and suddenly it opened again, wider. “We’ve been expecting you,” she said, motioning with her hand. “C’mon in.” Despite the raised hairs on the back of her neck, she stepped over the threshold into the house. There was no turning back, only moving forward. She never could stop moving, searching. Not until he was found. The door slammed shut and Luna jumped, spinning around. She watched the woman re-chain the door and turn the several deadbolts. From the outside, it looked like nothing. Her eyes wandered around, trying to adjust to the darkness. They were in a narrow hallway, with no lights and no other exit. A few pictures adorned the walls and they stood on a dusty old rug. Her nose wrinkled at the smell of mothballs and she leaned on each leg, testing the uneven floor. “You don’t think much of it.” Her eyes flashed back to the woman, who stared intently at her. “It’s just… different.” her bow-shaped lips pursed together. “Where do we go?” “Down.” “Down?” Luna didn’t think she meant literally, but she did. She watched as the woman bent down and peeled back the rug, revealing the wooden floor and… a hatch? “We take our security very seriously. There’s a ladder going down,” she explained, unlocking and lifting up the door. “You go first. I’ll follow.” ooOoo It was a tiny house. That, Luna had been sure of when she saw it from outside but inside, down here, was big. She supposed the basement would be large but not this big.They stood in the kitchen, which had no wall and lead right into the dining room where there was a small wooden table. Unable to help but gap, eyes going wide, the woman laughed, coming from behind her. “Don’t keep your mouth open too long. You’re gonna catch flies.” Her mouth instantly snapped shut and a furious blush spread across her face. Her blue eyes drifted over the woman beside her as she could see her properly for the first time in the light. She had a heart-shaped face and kind but weary brown eyes, that looked to have seen too much pain over the years. And despite her smooth, unwrinkled brown skin, her hair, which Luna could imagine must have been dark black at one point, now greyed. A few loose curls hung in her face and her lips formed a thin smile. “You look like your father.” Her brows furrowed together. She knew her father? “You have the same face but your eyes, they are exactly like your mother’s.” Her lips parted and she stilled. Her only reaction was to blink. “Call me Sue,” the woman offered no other explanation. “I always wondered when we would meet.” Still, she couldn’t bring herself to react. “This is the MacIntosh Safe House. I suspect this is the first one you have come across?” It was. Before, she was squatting in random abandoned buildings, resting while she had the chance. She knew there were safe houses, just didn’t know how to find them. “Sit down, Hon,” the wom- Sue, headed toward the kitchen cabinets, searching through them. “You’re exhausted. I’ll make you a snack.” Her feet moved on her own accord and sat down on the stool at the island table. Sue chopped an apple into slices. MacIntosh. She gulped, trying to find the courage to speak but was, she felt… Luna didn’t know how she felt. The strong confident girl from a few hours ago was gone and didn’t know what had happened to her. “My name is-” “I don’t want to know your real name.” she interrupted, not looking up from the cutting board. “Do you believe my name is actually Sue?” The girl did believe, well, at least up until now. “Charlie.” she made up on the spot. “Call me Charlie.” “Nice to meet you, Charlie.” The name sounded strange as the woman referred to her as it but Luna knew it was better this way. There was nothing to tie her to here. Well, except the driver but she doubted he’d remember. “I’m sure you have many questions and I’ll wait to answer them until you meet the others. It’s not common that we have a new person.” “The others? Oh, and I’m not planning on staying long. I’m just passing through.” She passed the plate across the table with the freshly cut apple slices and smiled. “Of course, you aren't.” The woman didn’t seem to believe her. However, the girl nibbled on the apple, realizing for the first time just how hungry she was. “There are six other people staying here. Three are out right now and the others are in the next room.” Glancing at the doorway in the dining room, she could hear the faintest sound. Was that a tv? There were a few voices. “Your father always bragged about how smart you were and never did I not believe him. You found us, which is not easy to do.” she leaned back against the oak cabinet. “How long ago did he go missing?” “Two years ago.” she ignored the heavy feeling in her heart. Realistically, he’d been preparing her for this since the moment she could walk and talk; but since it had happened, she’d never had time to fully comprehend. “He told me to run and not look back if they ever found us. He said that if he was captured then he’d find his way back to me someday. I believed him for a long time. Now, I’m less optimistic.” She sucked the tart flavor off of her fingers. The apples were gone. She’d eaten them all. “I didn’t believe it when he first told me about the communities, age play, and all of that stuff.” her lips curled up. “If the government knew, why hadn’t they put a stop to it? Innocent people are being kidnapped. My mother was kidnapped. Now my father. It made no sense.” At least, it used to not make sense. But now she realized, anything the government profited off of made perfect sense. Kidnapping defenseless people, stripping away their rights, all for what? To create a better nation? Her parents knew the price they would pay for speaking out about the secret age play communities and the government-sanctioned kidnappings. They just didn’t expect it would go this far- being on the run, living in hiding. And her mother especially didn’t expect she would get pregnant. Now she was destined for a life on the run. That is unless she wanted to get taken and forced back into diapers, made to shit and piss herself, play mindless baby games, and be just some sick couple’s object of amusement. That’s what had happened to her parents, she was sure of it. The only other option was that they were dead. Luna would gladly choose the second option if it came to it. No way would they take her alive. If Sue noticed the faraway look in her eyes, she didn’t comment. Instead, she took the dirty plate, dumping it in the sink. “Why don’t we go say hello to the others.” “Now?” she stammered. Growing up homeschooled, her interaction with people was severely limited. Being alone was what she preferred. It's what she was best at. “Yes, there’s just one thing you have to know." "What?" "Try not to stare.” “Stare?” “Mary gets mad and Tina can't help what was done to her.” Luna didn’t know what that was supposed to mean and tried to shrug off the uncomfortable feeling, but it just wouldn’t go away. ooOoo A/N: Hello everyone! I promised I would post soon and I did! I hope you all enjoyed this first chapter and you may notice two familiar names :). If it doesn’t make sense at first, trust me it will soon! I will be alternating, telling Luna’s (Lulu) story from before she was taken and after in Henderson. I will touch a bit on the hospital but it will mostly be her life after. I should update again soon but I hope you all enjoy!
  12. This story is set in preston: a town were women have virtually no rights. Its an under used setting that I like and want to write a story set in it. And hope other would be authors use it as well. Here goes... Alice tried desperately to stop sucking on the pacifier to no avail. She hated not being able to speak. Not being able to say what she wanted to say. She hated it less then she hated her "playtime". Shed been nothing but the model of a good duaghter. Good grades. Good looks. She was even going to graduate from college! Any parents would have killed to have a duaghter like her. Every parent exept hers that is. They always tried to get her to act like a spoiled brat. When she got good grades theyd ground her. When she landed a job they tried to talk her into quiting. Shed even had to hide the fact that she was attending a virtual college. She thought that when she showed them her certifacate they would finnally be proud of her. Instead they drugged her and sent her to preston. "Sweetie its time for stickies!" She heard as she exited the land of memories. She started to cry immediately. She was not allowed to control her emotions. If she hated something she had to cry or be punished. As she qas placed on the vibrating rocking horse forced to cum and cum and cum again she flashed back to the day this all started.
  13. “SPIDER!” my little sister Annabelle screamed at the top of her lungs. “STOP SCREAMING!” I screamed back at her before running over and killing the damn spider. “Look, just go downstairs and look through some of the stuff down there!” Annabelle was 8 years old and had a very high pitched scream that I absolutely could not stand. So far that had been her 4th time screaming her head off and I would rather clear out this attic myself than to hear her scream near me one more time. Why are we cleaning the attic? Well because we're selling my grandmas house. About 5 months ago my grandma got really sick and died just 2 weeks later. It was a very sad time for us all. Anyway, my mom couldn't afford to keep both our hose and my grandma's house so she decided to get everything out and go through it. Some stuff we are selling, some were giving to goodwill, and some were keeping. My sister was in tears after I yelled at her but what do you expect? A 16-year-old brother can only handle so much screaming. But Annabelle did climb down the ladder leading to the attic crying so it wouldn't be so bad. Mom might be a little mad at me for yelling at her but even she knows how much of a pain it can be to hear my sister scream. I was about to get back to taking stuff down the ladder when I suddenly heard something slam shut. Looking back I could see the door to the attic had closed shut. Shit! I went over and tried to reopen the door but it wouldn't budge. Whoever made it, made it so that it can only be opened from the outside. “Perfect,” I whisper as I pulled out my phone to text my mom. She had a few things to do today so she left the two of us here to clear out the attic. ‘Hi mom, Annabelle’s screaming was getting on my nerves so I sent her downstairs. She must have accidentally knocked the ladder and now I'm stuck up here.’ I texted my mom. ‘Ok, I'm almost done with my shopping and I'll be back in 30 minutes.” she texted me back. great, stuck up here with nothing to do. My grandma doesn't have internet and my phone doesn't have any apps so I'm already bored. Not long after that, I hired the phone ring downstairs. Most likely mom checking on Anna. I take a look over at the boxes still up here and I decided to open a few and see whats inside. Maybe I could find something cool and call dibs on it. the first box had nothing but clothes in it, the next had old photos, and finally the last I checked actually had stuff in it! Most of it was old junk that I wouldn't have any use for. But it was still neat to look at some of it. Then I noticed something, a little pink box. I grabbed it and just looked at it. Out of everything in the box this one looked a little out of place. As I opened it, I let out a small giggle. It was a pink diaper with the word ‘princess’ on the front. On the back was just a large red hart. “Why was this up here?” I asked myself before tossing the diaper and continued to look through my grandma's stuff. But then I heard something, a small rustling sound, was it a rat!? I quickly turn around to see nothing. Then I hear the rustling again and I turned to look at the attic door. But again nothing was there, well except for the diaper. Just then I realized the rustling sound must have been the diaper. but what I didn't realize was it wasn't in the spot I tossed it at. I decided I should actually pick it up and put it back in the box before mom gets back. As I walk over and try to pick it up however the diaper suddenly leaps into the air and clamped onto my face! What the fuck! I immediately start fracking out as I try to pull the diaper off my face when I suddenly fall down. “Ow,” I say as I rub my head and release the diaper is off my face but notice it's trying to make its way into my pants! I immediately grab onto it and tried as hard as I could to pull on it, but It just would not budge! I might be scrawny but I can't be this week! But my hands slip and the diaper went right into my pants. I quickly stand up as I feel the diaper moving around in my underwear! I immediately pull down both my pants and underwear just as the diaper tapes itself onto me and started releasing a thick pink smoke! “What the hell!” I yell out before I start coughing and I close my eyes. With my eyes closed, I didn't see my clothes began to disappear and soon replaced by different clothes. When I finally was able to open my eyes I screamed as I looked down. I now had knee-length socks and black shoes. My pants were gone and I was now wearing a pink frilly skirt that only covered half of the pink diaper. My shirt was replaced with a short-sleeved pink shirt that didn't even cover my bellybutton with a red vest red ribbons over it. And if I had a mirror I would see that my dark hair has turned into a light pink color with a small ow sicking out the side of my head! “W-w-what the…” I said weakly as my body starts shaking slightly. "What the hell was going on here!" I then began pulling at everything, trying as hard as I can to remove any of it! “You can't take me off.” I heard someone say and I immediately jumped and began looking around. “Who said that?” I asked as I saw no one else around me. “I am Pardie,” the voice said again. “Where are you!” I asked. “Look down.” the voice said and when I did all I could see was the diaper. “What do you mean? All I see is the diaper.” I tell the voice. Suddenly the diaper began to swell and get bigger forcing my legs apart! “I am the diaper.” the voice said before deflating back to the original size. (the name pardie is diaper with the letters changed around) “T-this can't be happening,” I say as I really start to freak out. “Ow, but it is princess, and now it's time for you to save your kingdom,” Pardie told me and suddenly the diaper began letting out even more smoke. “NOT AGAIN!” I yelled as I closed my eyes and began coughing again. When the smoke finally subsided and I was finally able to breathe again I opened my eyes to see I was no longer in the attic anymore. “WHAT THE HELL!” I screamed as I began to freak out. “THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! I was now inside an empty room with only a single window and a door. “Welcome to you castle princess,” Pardie said to me. “IM A BOY NOT A PRINCESS!” I screamed at the diaper and realized I'm losing my mind. There's no way I'm screaming at a talking diaper, or magically been taken somewhere else. “This has to be a dream. Ya, I must have slipped when I was picking up the diaper and hit my head.” I told myself. “You still don't believe this is real?” pardie asked. “Of course not!” I screamed. “Who in their right mind would think diapers could talk!” Suddenly I felt the diaper suddenly get really tight as it began shrinking! At first, it wasn't that bad, hell I figured it would just pop off as soon as it got small enough. But no, it soon felt like there was a vise clamped onto my nuts! Soon I was screaming in pain. “Do you believe this is real now princess?” pardie asked. “YES!” I screamed just wanting the pain to be over and thankfully the diaper went back to normal. “What is going on here?” I asked the diaper as soon as the pain in my crotch went away. “You are here to save your kingdom princess.” pardie told me. “What kingdom?” I asked and suddenly heard screaming coming from outside the window. I immediately ran over to the window and looked outside and my jaw dropped. I was in some sort of tower looking down at a vast beautiful city. But with a closer look, I could see people running around screaming as buildings were lit on fire. Then I saw the case of the fire, a large lion with goat horns was breathing fire! “Princes, it's time for you to save your kingdom,” Pardie told me as I nearly pissed my diaper. ____________ hi! ^.^ I hope you like this first chapter. I've been pretty busy so I haven't had much time to write but I've been wanting to post this for a while. I want to give a shout out to skipek1 (from DeviantArt) who asked me to make a transformation story. and to Redwelch2222 who helped me with a little bit of the world building that will be in the next chapter. this is my first real original story not based on anything already. hope you all like it!
  14. Jackson is a young man fresh out of high school. He is finding that a job is harder to come by than he would have previously assumed and is getting tired of searching. Just when Jackson thinks there is nowhere else to look he spots an opportunity and decides to take the plunge. --- This story, like all my other ones, has been available on my Patreon page for the last week. The lovely people who pledge at the $5 level get to see all my public story updates one week before anyone else and those at the $10 tier also get acces to TWENTY exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards available and they can all be found on my Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 I wish to give a big thank you to all of my beautiful patrons: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Craig G, Steve, LetsMakeAgithaGreatAgain, C Dom, J Onyx, Dre, Pat M, Sierra C, Kris, Miss X, Ali T, PF, Georgia C, Joe, Camilo H, Jason M, Seamus B, Jeffrey G, Charlie S, Martijn de J, Phantom Sonic, Vivi L, Mike S, Dr J, Bojack D, Blipp, Duncan G, Jake W, Brandon G, LuvsSissy, DreaR, Alex B, Malcolm E, Pete W, Cless, Frank S, PatheticABDL, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Kim, S Miller, Britnee L, Tim F, WillNotWill, Orion F, Tom H, Sterling W, Jens B, Whatsnot, Justin152, Charles L, Trenton M, Bask25456, MagmaLord, Diapering Daddy, Pierry L, Trish C, Curiosity24, Peter C, ReiofLight, James K, Anne Mette B-H, Kirk H, Mikkel L, Eric D, Bruce D, Alice W, Findlay, Bob S, Timothy A W, Erik P, Ben F, Steven H --- Carter’s Correctional Care By Elfy Jackson kicked a can down the sidewalk as he slouched along with his hands in his pocket. He was in just a shirt and pants thanks to the hot summer sun that was relentlessly beating down on him. As he walked along he passed people going in the other direction, they were much happier than he was. Jackson didn’t want to be out of the house and doing this stuff. He had only graduated from school a week ago and already he was being hounded to get a job by his parents. Jackson wanted a few weeks just to unwind after all his effort at school. He didn’t think it was fair that he was expected to go straight from classwork to proper work. He wasn’t ready to give up the life he had enjoyed for one that seemed relentlessly full of work. The eighteen-year-old was armed with a backpack full of CV’s as he walked through the town looking for any windows advertising work. Jackson was growing increasingly tired and annoyed as he handed out all of his resumes. The thing that really annoyed Jackson was that these were jobs he didn’t even want, most of the jobs were things he considered beneath him. “This is so stupid.” Jackson muttered to himself as he walked down a side street and away from the main shopping street. It was nice to get out of the sun for a few minutes. Jackson had covered the whole of the main town and didn’t feel like he had made any progress at all. He stepped out of the side street on to a quieter road lined with warehouses, most of them were full of stock for the larger shops. Jackson took a moment to stop in some shade and watched as some trucks drove out of the nearby gate. Thinking he would’ve had more luck sitting at home and going on to the internet to look for jobs Jackson crossed the road and slowly ambled along next to the large metal fences protecting the factories and warehouses. Jackson checked his watch. It was nearly midday and his parents had told him not to come home until the evening. It was ridiculous in Jackson’s mind that he was forced to be out and doing this. He had handed out a dozen resumes and had covered the whole town centre, he didn’t know what else he was expected to do. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t just do all this online. At least there were less people back here and Jackson felt less of the hustle and bustle. Most of the noise was produced by the huge trucks that left the large buildings and rumbled off down the road. Jackson watched one turning into the factory area and as he followed it’s progress he saw a poster on the metal fence. “Volunteer needed!” The poster had written in big and bold lettering, “Product testing. Payment on completion. Enquire within.” Jackson looked through the chain link fence at the large warehouse just beyond the large concrete car park. The car park was half full and Jackson wondered if he should walk up and volunteer for the opening. It was all rather mysterious and he couldn’t see any branding on the brick building that might give him a clue as to what product might be being tested. Checking his watch Jackson was reminded that he was expected to be out of the house for a lot longer. He didn’t see what else he could be doing so with a few tentative steps he walked through the open gate where the truck had gone, in the distance he could see a large metal door open and the truck backed into the building. A couple of large men in white coats quickly pulled down the metal shutter after the truck had disappeared inside. Jackson felt very out of place on the driveway towards the car park and he averted his eyes as he passed a couple of very burly guards. Jackson was very aware of his lack of stature, he was only 5’5” and just 130lbs. He was used to being smaller than most of the people around him but the workers he passed seem to tower over him, they stared as he walked past and Jackson looked the other way. The door to the reception area was in front of Jackson behind a small fountain. The public facing area of the reception was all glass but the bright sunlight made it impossible for Jackson to see inside. As he approached the door he saw that there was a side door that the workers were coming out of, maybe they weren’t even employed at the place Jackson was heading too. As Jackson stepped up to the sliding door it automatically slid open. Jackson stepped through the doorway and felt the air conditioning blowing on him from the ceiling. The cool air felt wonderful on the sweaty man’s forehead. As he looked around he saw a rather small carpeted area that was very quiet, the only sound was a ticking clock. A receptionist’s desk sat against the wall opposite the door. A young woman was sat at a desk typing diligently on a computer, she didn’t turn to look at the new entrant and there was no obvious signs that she even recognised that someone had just walked in. Jackson nervously stepped forwards and looked at a large painting on the wall. The painting was a portrait of an older gentleman, he looked very stern and the eyes seemed to follow Jackson around the room. It gave Jackson the creeps. “Ahem.” Jackson cleared his throat as he reached the desk and smiled at the woman sat in front of him. The receptionist didn’t look away from the screen or say anything. She simply put one finger up to tell Jackson to hold on a minute. Jackson waited and glanced at some of the forms on the desk. It was very clean and tidy, there was a disarming picture of a small dog sitting facing the receptionist. He didn’t really get a chance to read anything written on the pages but it all seemed very important. “Hello and welcome to Carter’s Correctional Care.” The receptionist said, “How may I help you?” “I saw your advert on the fence.” Jackson said, “About the volunteer position. Is that still open?” “It sure is!” The receptionist’s face lit up as he said he was here to volunteer, “Let me just get you the forms. Please take a seat.” The receptionist quickly stood up and indicated the table and chairs to the side of the room. Jackson watched her go through a door behind the desk before turning to the glass table. There was a large leather chair that Jackson sat down in, he had some second thoughts about doing this but he decided to stay to at least ask some questions. The receptionist was only gone for a minute before returning with a nurse. Jackson watched them walk over to the table with a nervous smile, he had no idea why a nurse was required and it did very little to make him feel better. “We’ll need you to sign these permission forms and waivers.” The receptionist said as she placed a pile of papers down on the glass table along with a pen. “I don’t want to be rude.” Jackson said nervously as he picked the pen up, “I just wonder why there’s a nurse?” “There’s nothing to worry about.” The nurse stepped forwards to say, “I’m just here to make sure everyone stays safe.” “I’m… Not sure I feel comfortable.” Jackson said as he looked at the paper. “The process is very simple and will be completed in just a day or so.” The receptionist said, “You can leave a contact number so we can tell your next of kin where you are. It is all above board and there is nothing to worry about.” Jackson took a moment to think about what he was doing. He looked out of a nearby window at the car park he had walked through to get here and wondered whether he should leave. If he went home without any money or employment he knew his parents wouldn’t be happy. The nervous young man turned to the receptionist and nurse who both stood in front of him, their smiles were very disarming. “We can promise that they pay is more than adequate compensation for your time.” The receptionist said in a way that seemed rehearsed. Jackson took a deep breath and put the pen to the paper. He signed his name and put the date in the appropriate boxes. Almost as soon as he had finished the receptionist leant down and took the paperwork away from him, she checked the signature and then gave the nurse a small nod. “If you would like to come with me.” The nurse said as she indicated the door she had come through just a minute or so ago. Jackson stood up and picked up his bag. He hadn’t expected things to suddenly start moving so fast but he walked forwards behind the nurse anyway. As they walked past the receptionist’s desk he saw the phone and was suddenly reminded of his own phone. “Don’t I have to give you guys my home number?” Jackson asked, “So you can call my parents?” “We’ll get it from you later.” The nurse quickly replied without turning around. “Oh, OK…” Jackson said quietly. Once through the doorway Jackson was led down a small corridor. He heard the door behind them close and lock. There was a pair of double doors at the end of the hallway, they looked heavy and imposing. “Through here please.” The nurse said as she opened a door to the side. There was a plaque on it that read “Preparation Room.” Jackson walked through the door that the nurse held open and entered into a room that looked like a nurse’s office. He stood awkwardly in the middle of the room as the nurse closed the door behind them both. “I just need to take a few quick measurements before you go through to the testing room.” The nurse said as she put on some gloves and looked through one of her drawers. “What will I be testing?” Jackson asked as he watched the nurse pull out a clipboard. “I’m afraid I can’t tell you that.” The nurse replied, “If you could just step on to those scales over there for me.” Jackson didn’t like the non-answer but he did as he was told and stepped on to the scales near the wall. The nurse peeked down at the result and wrote it down. “OK, that’s a good and healthy weight.” The nurse said with a smile, “Now if you could lay down on the bed for me.” Jackson rather warily climbed on to the surface. He would’ve described it much more as a table than a bed and he laid back on the thinly padded table. The nurse quickly came over with a tape measure and began to take all of his sizing information. Jackson allowed the tall woman to move his arms and legs to take every measurement she needed. “You can leave your jacket and bag here.” The nurse said when she had written down her final measurement, “You won’t need them for the testing.” The nurse watched and waited for Jackson to drop his bag and take off his coat. Then she opened the door to let Jackson back out to the hall. “Through these doors you will find the testing area.” The nurse said as she indicated the double doors now directly in front of them both, “I must ask you to comply with all instructions and you will receive your reward at the end.” Jackson was just about to ask what the reward was actually going to be but was cut off as the door was opened and he was quickly shepherded inside. He was rather shocked as he watched the nurse give him a small push and as soon as he was on the carpeted floor inside the door was closed behind him. There was a small click as the door was locked. Jackson slowly turned around to look at the room he was in and felt his breath being taken away. The room was very large and the startled young man estimated it to be the size of his old school gym. The first thing Jackson noticed was the furniture of the room, it was like a giant nursery or maybe even a day care. There was a crib placed against the wall, a changing table in the centre of the room and more toys than Jackson had seen in one place. Everywhere he looked he saw things that reminded him of a nursery and even the walls were full of small star charts and other posters tailored for an infant. The second thing Jackson noticed was that he was not alone. Standing around the room and looking his way as if they had been waiting for him were around half a dozen men and women in white coats, they were dressed very similarly to the nurse Jackson had just been following. There was an eerie silence in the room as everyone looked at Jackson. Jackson was more confused than ever before and he wanted to leave the room right away. He turned back to the locked door and knocked on it hoping the nurse from before would still be there, maybe she would let him back out. “I’ve… I’ve changed my mind!” Jackson called through the door rather desperately, “I’d like to go home now!” There was no response from the other side of the door and after a few seconds of waiting with baited breath Jackson knocked again. A few seconds later he hit the door much harder but there was still no response, he was almost scared to turn his head and look back into the room but before he even had the chance to do that he felt a hand on his shoulder that made him jump. “If you would like to come this way, sir.” An older man said as Jackson turned around.
  15. Sam is a small college student who enjoys the quiet life. Her roommate, Janet, has been determined to get Sam to let her hair down and come out to a party. Eventually Sam gives in whilst still being very nervous and second-guessing her choice. Whatever she was expecting as she left the house, it certainly isn't what she finds. --- This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to THIRTY stories that only my patrons get to see. If you are interested please consider giving my Patreon page a look https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Sam’s Punishment By Elfy Sam adjusted her backpack straps as she approached her dormitory after a long day of college. She had just got off the bus and had been having to endure the usual looks and comments that she faced nearly every day. She had already been exhausted by a long week on her Business Management course and she just wanted to get home. At just a little over three feet in height the twenty one-year-old Sam didn’t much look like her classmates. Spending a life commonly mistaken for someone much younger than she was had often been tiring for the young woman but college seemed to be a lot better for her than school had been. At school Sam had been teased and bullied and even when she wasn’t being made fun of she found it practically impossible to make friends with the judgmental teenagers. College was much better and the people were much nicer, Sam had even made some good friends especially amongst the others staying in her dormitory. Opening the door to the dormitory Sam smiled as she heard music coming from one of the bedrooms and the smell of someone’s dinner wafting out from the kitchen. She walked down the hallway to her bedroom and opened the door, everything in her room and in the communal areas of the dorm had been adjusted so a smaller person could use them. Sam loved having the independence of being able to do things such as cooking for herself without needing help reaching things. “Is that you, Sam?” Janet’s voice called from the kitchen as Sam dropped her backpack on her bed. Janet was a nice girl and the first friend Sam had made. She sometimes teased Sam about her height but it was just friendly banter and Sam had soon learnt to give as good as she got. She was tall, even for regular sized people, and was roughly twice the height of Sam. She was a bit rowdier than Sam and her bubble-gum pink hair and nose piercing screamed for attention. When the two of them walked down the road together they definitely got some strange looks. “Yeah, I just got in.” Sam called out as she took her shoes off. Sam was about to make her way out of her room when Janet appeared in her doorway with a smile. “How were your classes?” Janet asked as she leaned against the doorway. “Same as ever.” Sam replied, “Dull and boring. I’m just glad it’s Friday.” “I hear that.” Janet said with a chuckle. She lingered in the doorway as a silence fell between the two friends. “Can I help you with something?” Sam asked after a little bit. “Maybe…” Janet kicked her foot on the carpet, “I was wondering if you wanted to go out this evening?” This was a strange offer from Janet because she knew Sam was much more of a homely person. Janet liked to go out clubbing and going to parties whilst Sam stayed at home much more. It had seemed like Janet had made it her goal to get Sam to open up and go out more though, for months Sam was getting these offers and having to find excuses to refuse. Last week Sam had finally said she would consider it for this weekend. “I don’t know…” Sam said hesitantly, “There’s stuff on TV and I have coursework to do.” “You promised!” Janet said with a playful smile. “I did not!” Sam countered, “I said I’d think about it.” “And?” Janet asked. “I’m just not sure I’d enjoy myself at one of your parties.” Sam said honestly, “You know I’m not exactly a party animal.” Janet seemed to pause and consider things. She looked like she was just about to walk away when an idea struck her, she turned to face Sam again who kind of wished Janet would go. Sam liked Janet but she could be quite pushy about this stuff. “What about if I ease you into it?” Janet asked with her eyes lighting up. “In what way?” Sam asked curiously. “You don’t have to come out to the party tonight but I do have to see some friends beforehand. Maybe you could come with me? We would literally only be there ten minutes at the max.” Janet offered, “Meet some of my friends and then I’ll ask nothing else from you… This weekend at least.” Sam thought about it for a few seconds and looked out of the window. Maybe this would be a good compromise, she would get to have the quiet night at home that she wanted and it would get Janet off her back. She weighed up her options and then cautiously nodded her head. “Great!” Janet bounced on the spot, “Get ready. We go in five minutes.” “Five minutes!?” Sam exclaimed. She had expected to be home for at least an hour or so. “No time like the present.” Janet called over her shoulder as she turned away. Sam sighed as Janet bounced away. Sam walked up and closed her bedroom door before walking back into the middle of the room, she could already feel the nerves jangling in her tummy. Sam quickly got herself changed and although her shower was calling out to her she walked out into the hallway. As she walked towards Janet’s room she was nearly knocked over by the much taller girl rushing the other way. “Oh, sorry Sam!” Janet quickly said. “Don’t worry about it.” Sam replied rather bitterly, “It happens all the time.” “Are you ready?” Janet asked as she either missed or ignored Sam’s tone of voice. “I guess so.” Sam replied hesitantly. Janet hurriedly put her shoes on whilst Sam was much more hesitant. One of the biggest disadvantages of Sam’s stature was that she found it really hard to buy clothes. Whenever she went to the shops the only clothes that would fit her were in the children’s aisle and that was very galling for a grown woman. Even her shoes right now were Velcro rather than laces, it made her feel very self-conscious but at least the heels didn’t light up like her previous pair. The two women were soon in the car. Janet waited until they were in the college’s parking lot before asking the smaller woman to drive. Sam had protested but the more forceful personality of Janet meant that, as usual, she got her way. Sam’s car was one of the few adult conveniences she could use, it was specially adapted for someone with limited stature such as herself. “So… There’s something I haven’t told you.” Janet said once they were ten minutes from their dormitory and about halfway through the journey. “Here it comes…” Sam replied cynically. She had been worried that there would be a catch in this journey. “It’s nothing major.” Janet quickly said although the way she wouldn’t look at Sam made the tiny woman worry, “It’s just… This friend I’m seeing is… Tom.” “Janet!” Sam nearly slammed on the brakes there and then, “Now the truth comes out! You don’t want me to meet your friends, you just want me to drive you to get your drugs!” “Calm down!” Janet said loudly, “He is my friend, I wasn’t lying. It’ll be good to get you out of your comfort zone a little bit, bring you out of your shell. Besides, it’s just a little weed, nothing major.” “I’m turning around.” Sam said with a shake of her head. “Come on, Sam.” Janet whined, “Look, come with me for this and I promise I’ll never push for you to come out with me again.” Sam pulled up at a red light and wrapped her fingers against the steering wheel as she considered the options. She knew there was a risk involved but it had to be a minor one since Janet did this sort of thing all the time without any trouble. With a sigh Sam nodded her head and continued towards where Tom was staying. When the car finally pulled up Sam looked out the window sceptically. She had expected many things but not the large detached family home with a “Vacant” sign out front. It looked like a regular family home, a place like the one Sam hoped to one day own. “Are you sure this is the place?” Sam asked. “Yeah.” Janet said as she checked her phone for the address Tom had sent her, “Come on.” Sam watched Janet step out of the car and reluctantly followed a few seconds later. As she walked alongside her friend up the path she started hearing music, it wasn’t loud enough to make neighbours complain but it was certainly audible down the path. Sam could feel herself getting increasingly nervous, she knew Tom as a laidback kind of guy and, apart from the drugs, Sam really didn’t have a problem with him. She had never visited him before though and she was starting to worry about what she would find inside the house. Janet rang the doorbell and after a couple of seconds the music dies down a little. Sam couldn’t see through the frosted window higher up the door but she could hear footsteps coming closer. She looked up at Janet and saw a look of confusion on her face which did little to make Sam feel more confident. The door opened quite rapidly and the man that stood in front of the two women almost made Sam gasp. The man’s face seemed pierced in every available place, he was shirtless but his chest and arms were covered in tattoos. He was smoking and his eyes were only half-opened, he swayed slightly as he tried to focus his eyes on the guests. “Hello?” Janet eventually said when the guy remained silent. “Hey.” The guy said in a gruff voice. “Erm… Is Tom here?” Janet asked. “Tom? Oh, yeah… He’s in the living room. Come on in.” The guy stumbled backwards to make room. Sam looked at Janet with concern but when Janet started walking in she felt she had no choice but to follow. She stepped over the threshold and was surprised that the interior of the house seemed completely normal. The hallways were all painted white and very clean, the juxtaposition with the man who opened the door couldn’t have been more pronounced. “Woah… No kids.” The man said as he blocked Sam. “She’s not a kid.” Janet replied as she looked around at the closed doors, “It’s a long story. Genetic defect stuff. She’s the same age as me.” “If you say so.” The guy said with obvious doubt, “Everyone is through that door.” Janet pushed open the door and stood in the doorway with Sam next to her. They both froze like statues as they looked into the living room, it was as if a bomb had exploded. The room was a wreck with holes in the walls, the lights in the ceiling hanging down or missing, a table was snapped in half, it looked exactly like what it was which was a squat. Tom was sitting on a couch cushion that had been tossed on the floor but he was far from alone. Sam could see eight people in various states of lucidity lying around and she was horrified to see how much alcohol and drug paraphernalia was scattered across the floor and surfaces. Sam and Janet had been expecting a laid out situation with Tom but what they got was a visage of Hell filled with hard drugs. “Yo, Janet.” Tom slurred when he eventually noticed the visitors, “Who’s the dwarf?” “Tom! What the fuck!?” Janet snapped as she stepped into the room, “Who are these people?” “Friends.” Tom said with a shrug. “Tom, there are needles here and… My God, you do this stuff?” Janet looked as shocked as Sam was. Sam suddenly felt even less safe than before and regretted ever leaving her bedroom. She wanted to call Janet back to leave but she couldn’t get her attention. Sam looked over her shoulder and saw a man and a woman stumbling down the stairs whilst only half-dressed. There were more people in the kitchen where the music seemed to be coming from. “Geez, calm down, it’s just a bit of fun.” Tom said as he sat up. Sam noticed he still has a belt tied around his upper arm. “I had no id-” Janet suddenly stopped when something outside the window caught her attention. Sam saw it too, the briefest flash of a blue light. Someone moved the net curtain slightly and Sam saw police cars pulling up outside. “Were you followed here?” Tom suddenly asked as his face drained of colour. “Oh shit…” Janet whispered, “The cops!”
  16. First story pure smut. I apologize in advance for the bad grammar and punctuation! It was inspired by ABDL_Zexion1337's little witch picture. If I can get permission I will add the pic later. So I was out at a party last Halloween. Looking for my next quick fuck. Halloween was one of my favorite nights cause it was easy to spot the slutty girls as it was the one night of the year they could get away with dressing like a slut. I had gotten a bit of a reputation as I would say anything I had to to get the girls to fuck me and then would ghost them(pun intended). Well little did I know my life was about to change. I was drinking a beer and checking out who my next conquest was to be! This place wasn't my normal scene since not to brag but I had exhausted most of my normal haunts. And let's say the pickings were slim I thought the night might be a bust. But then I seen her a cute girl dressed as a witch. She hat a witches hat on and a cute orange shirt with ghost and such it was tight enough to show off her perky breasts and below that a little black skirt. Her outfit was more on the cute side than the normal slutty outfits I would normally target but the choker she wore around her neck screamed fuck me. Time to go to work I thought to my self as I purposely bumped into her causing her to spill her drink. I apologize and offended to buy her a new one wich she accepted. When I came back with her new drink I introduced my self and she told me her name was Scarlett. Things were going great we chatted and flirted back and forth and she insisted on buying me a drink when I finally accepted she happily scampered off and came back a few minutes later and put this insane looking drink infront of me. It was green and effervescent and bubbling. She told me it was a special Halloween drink and I would love it. So in the name of getting her in bed with me I tried it. And it was actually pretty good. After our drinks were finished I asked her if she wanted to go somewhere quieter and she agreed and grabbed her purse well it was more of a bag and said we could go back to her place as she was wet! I thought to my self fuck I'm good as I started to get hard thinking about what was gonna happen next. We took a Uber back to her place. It was a short ride where I did kiss her and it was electric. We kissed and groped each other all the way to her couch. And groping turned to heavy petting she grabbed my cock through my jeans and gave it a gentle squeeze. A little moan escaped my lips as my hand went under her skirt. I put my hand on what I assumed would be her panties but it didn't feel right I was expecting to feel damp panties instead they were dry but felt soft and squishy. I took my hand away and said what the fuck. Scarlett calmly replied what I told you I was wet as she pulled her skirt up. And what I assumed were her panties was infact the bottom of her ghost onesie that was practically bursting trying to hold back her very soggy diaper. I said fuck this stood up and said I'm out of here this shits to fucked. She waved her hand and said on your knees and I fell to my knees infront of her my face practically infront of her diaper. Freaked out I yelled what the fuck why can't I move. Again she flicked her wrist and said silence. I instantly couldn't make even a peep. She said let me explain what's going on. She said you see I am a witch and I heard about you from a few of my girl friends who you fucked and ditched. Well tonight that changes you see that "Halloween" drink I gave you was infact real wishes brew one I made up just for you. As I speak your body is changing becoming more femin you will become more like me she explained as she popped the snaps of her onesie and started to undo her very wet diaper. Once undone she let the front of it flop onto the couch cushion. Right infront of my face stood a 6 inch dick. My jaw dropped and she laughed and said no not yet. I quickly shut my mouth. With another quick hand jesture she said to stand and strip and as my body instantly followed her command I noticed my clothes were alot baggier than before and were practically falling off me as I easily pulled them off. I instantly noticed that gone were my big muscles I was now very slender and looking at my chest that had pec muscles that would make most guys jellous now had cute little b cup titties with big hard nipples as I looked lower my hips had grown much wider and more girly and my butt was well sexy if it was not on me! But what caused me to drop back to my knees of my own accord was my once 9 inch cock was now barely 1 inch. As tears ran down my cheeks she said don't be sad Terry I will help you with a little attitude adjustment. Now listen to me carefully untill you come see me next Halloween you are now Terri the cute little cock sucking sissy baby. You LOVE sucking cock it makes your tiny little little girl dick hard. And when you suck a cock while diapered as you swallow there tasty cum you will start to pee in your diaper but the hole time you pee it will feel like the most intense orgasm you have ever had. You will love it so much you will suck any and all dicks you can. You will be the best little cock sucker you can be all for the reward of wetting your cute little diapers. She waved her hand and said you are free to speak. I instantly asked in my new much more high pitched voice if I could please suck Scarlett's cock as I hungrily looked at it. Well I don't know are you sure you want to suck my pissy cock? I had a literal line of drule running down my chin as I nodded yes. I don't know she started as I began to beg her to teach me how to be a good little cock sucker. She finally agreed and coached me through the most magical experience in my life. My tiny little wee wee was hard the hole time and grew to 2 full inches. After a few minutes of doing what Scarlett instructed me to do I felt her cock get a little bigger in my mouth and it erupted string after string of wonderful cum into my mouth as I swallowed every last drop. I thanked her for letting me suck her pretty girl dick. Scarlett said let's get cleaned up and diapered. She proceeded to lay me down on a change mat she pulled out of what I know know is her diaper bag not her purse. And slid a big puffy pink rearz princess diaper under me. She powdered my and brought the front up and taped it tight. It felt heavenly soft. Once she got me up. She then layed on the mat and had me return the favor. It took all my will power to not end back up with her cute little dick back into her mouth. Once she was cleaned and rediapered she stated let's find you something to wear and go back out the night is still young. She dressed me in a cute little pink baby dress and we headed back to the bar. I sat with her at the table in the bar sucking on my pacifier as a couple of guys came and hit on us. One of the guys said you like sucking on your little pacifier little girl. I popped it out and said why do you have anything better for me to suck? He took my hand and let me to a booth in the back corner and I happily crawled under the table and hastily got his big treat he has for me. With all the tricks Scarlett taught me I had him blowing his load in my mouth in mear minutes. Being this was the second dick I sucked but the first I had while diapered. I started to pee as soon as I tasted the first of his salty load hit my tongue. I was practically screaming in pleasure around his erupting dick. It was the single greatest feeling I ever felt. Once I was done I went back to the table and sat down with a squish. I looked at Scarlett and said I know you said I would be like this for one year but can I stay this way for ever please I don't want to go back to being an icky man ever again. She smiled and said if I wanted to stay and be her play thing that might be possible and asked me if I had ever heard of a witches familiar before? But that's a story for another night for now I see alot more trick or treating that needs to be done after all this diaper is supposed to hold 1100ml I know right must be magic 😉
  17. (I've been writing a new story using novelai. Most of the actual text is mine, as I've found that the ai software, needs alot of help.) I've currently written about 25,000 words and this is the first 4000.) It was early, or at least early enough for Las Vegas standards, 10 AM. It was late last night when Nick, Alley, Tom and Diane had all gone out together and had a couple of drinks. Nick says, "Guys I can't believe we are here, it's Vegas Baby!" They walk through the casino, the sounds of slot machines ringing. Diane says, "What are we doing today, what's first?" Nick says, "I think we should head over to the hotel and check in." Tom askes, "OK so when are we doing this VR thing, I'm really stoked to try it?" Alley follows behind, distracted as she is doing some searches on her i-tap and half her vision is filled with a list of girly boutiques she'd like to shop at. Diane and Tom are holding hands. Tom asks, "Hey are you coming with us?" Alley responds, "Uh, sure. We should do something first right, I mean isn't that why we came to Vegas?" Nick turns back and looks annoyed and says, "OK, so let me guess you want to go shopping?" Alley snaps out of her reverie and responds, "No, well I mean not yet, but it would be good to see some stores and then after the VR I'd like to check out some places. Diane checks the VR hotel on her i-tap and tells the group, "Guys its 10AM we can't even check in until 3PM and the VR doesn't start until 5PM, so we have plenty of time. Alley, where do you want to go?" Alley thinks about it for a moment and says, "Well there is a nice shopping area near the hotel called the Fashion District. I looked at a map and it seems to have some cool shops, plus I can grab some food. Nick gives Diane an annoyed look, and she responds with a sarcastic grin, "OK, yeah, that sounds good, you guys hit up Fashion District and Tom and I will go the sci-fi museum, right buddy?" Tom says, "Uh, Yeah I guess that sounds fine. Alley you have a map in your i-tap?" Alley nods yes. As they get to the main entrance of the casino and step out onto the hot Las Vegas day and see a massive crowd of people. There are signs for a concert at the hotel, a massive pop-star, the music can be heard even where they are. Tom says, "Wow, it's busy." "OK, lets meet up at 1 PM for some food, how about a Chinese buffet?" Diane asks. Nick responds, "Sounds good, see you later guys." Alley and Diane, walk off towards the Fashion District, while Nick calls an uber with his i-tap. "Dude, look at that old guy over there with the phone, wow, even here in Vegas there are old fashioned people." Nick says as he points at the man with the phone. "Oh yeah, that's crazy, I wonder how old he is?" Tom responds. "He has to be like 45 or something, what a dinosaur. Hey, check it out, that's our ride," Nick points to a red car and the two men jump in. *** Later that evening. Nick, Tom and Alley and Diane, have completed their check-in at the VR hotel, and are walking to the intake center. The place is mostly empty as a majority of the clients purchase short 2 or 3 hour sessions during the day and not the expensive overnight session that Nick has purchased. The group had been arguing for an hour about which simulation to enter. Nick stops and turns to Diane, "I'm just saying, you picked that restaurant and it was horrible, so why don't you just let me pick the simulation." Alley adds, "I liked the restaurant, I'm sorry that you didn't. Anyway, I don't know why you guys are fighting, the fact is Tom and I don't have an opinion and which simulation we do, as long as it's not too violent or confusing. So just make up your minds." "I just think we should try a star wars, where we can fly star ships, and stuff," Nick says. Tom adds, "Yeah, but we could just watch the movies, it would be alot cheaper.” “Bro, I told you my Dad hooked us up, he’s like a shareholder or something, don’t worry.” Diane said, “I'm sure you would prefer some Science Fiction nonsense, but Alley and I would prefer Rivendell." "I don't care, it's your decision." Alley said. The group enters into the VR lobby, it's a stark white environment, like a medical office. A middle aged woman is behind the counter smiling. She is wearing a stark white uniform and smiles professionally as the younger group walks up to the counter arguing. "Hello, welcome to AVR, my name is Jennifer, and I will be your technician for today's experience, please state your name and reservation code." Nick, still annoyed, says, "Hi Jennifer, I'm Nick, umm. I don't have my code." Jennifer professionally hides the annoyance from her voice, "Can you check your email on your i-tap sir, the confirmation code will be there." "Look, I'm Nick Lutz, and I've signed up and paid for a group session for 4. Here are the 4 of us, can't you just look up my name or something." "Yes sir, Mr. Lutz. Please give me one minute to look up your reservation." Alley steps up, "Hi Jennifer, can I ask a quick question? We can't seem to agree on the simulation, I'd like a fantasy simulation and he," Alley points at Nick, would like to do Star Wars. Jennifer is distracted by the question while trying to look up Nick's information. She finds herself growing more annoyed at these rude young people. "Excuse me ma'am, I need a minute to find the reservation. Then I'll be happy to answer." Another technician who had been listening in, steps forward and says, "Hi, my name is David and I'm the manager on duty, I'd be happy to answer your question." "Yes, David, thank you. Some of us want to do a fantasy simulation and the guys would prefer something in the Sci-Fi genre, any chance we could do both?" Diane asks. David answers, "Actually, we have a special today, if you purchase 4 sessions. Oh wait, no you paid for the group discount, you have to all do the same simulation. I'm sorry. These sims use tremendous computing power. You would not believe the electricity and heat load of this place. Sorry, we can't offer two." Tom adds, "How much would it cost to do two?" David smiles, "Well, the 12 hour hour package you’ve already paid for would be $1000." Tom feels his throat gulp, "Oh, umm... yeah that's alot of money." "OK I have your reservation here sir, but I still need that confirmation code for security purposes." Jennifer says. "Geeze, fine," Nick says and uses his i-tap to fill his vision with his email account, he finds the message from AVR and reads off the 6 digit code to Jennifer." Jennifer types the code and then says, "I have you and 3 others, can I have their names?" "Alley, Diane and Tom," Nick responds. "OK, looks like the decision is already made, the science fiction simulation has already been selected when the reservation was made." "You mean we've been arguing about this for an hour and you already made the decision!" Diane yells at Nick. Nick responds, "Whatever, I can't be held responsible, I asked what you wanted and you didn't respond, so I made a decision. Listen Jennifer, my friends are being idiots and my girlfriend would rather do Rivendell, whatever the hell that is, so just change it.” “I’m sorry sir, I can’t it’s already loaded, there will be a substantial delay,” Jennifer said. "Guys, calm down. OK, I'm ready for space ships or whatever." Alley says. David gives Jennifer a stern look, "Guess you’re off the hook, You think you can handle it from here?" he asks. "Yes, David, no problem. Please continue." Jennifer says. Nick is looking annoyed again, and David notices, and says, "You'll have a good time, the system is fantastic, and I guarantee you won't know you are inside the simulation. Jenn, I'm heading out for the night, I trust you'll take good care of these folks." David says and exits the room. "Thanks, David. Yes, sir, I'll take good care of them." Jennifer says and the group all notice a hint of sarcasm. "OK, please follow me," Jennifer leads the group into a side door with modern smoky glass windows. There is a conference table and comfy chairs, "Please have a seat." "Now, a few questions first, how many of you are virgins to Advanced VR?" Alley, Tom and Diane all raise their hands. "Ok, you're not alone, VR has come a long way since the days of goggles, and now thanks to the i-tap our system can connect directly with your senses and provide a very vivid dream-like experience. So, the only way to truly experience this is to do so. Just remember that while things will seem very real to you, they are not real. For instance you may get hit with a stormtrooper blaster, and you'll feel a sting, but you're not really hurt. The simulation will also make sure that you don't die." "What if I jump off a cliff?" Diane asks. "If the simulation allows it, you'll jump off a cliff. And if you would die from a fall, you won't, instead you'll just have a rough landing, maybe feel a bit shook up," Jennifer answers. "OK, I think we get it, can we start now?" Nick asks. "Of course, but because you've paid for a premium overnight simulation, there is the matter of protection." "What do you mean by protection?" Tom asks. "Well, in order for the VR experience to be authentic, the body will react the way it normally would, and so in order to preserve the authenticity of the experience, you will need protection." "What kind of protection?" Alley asks. "We have a variety, in the restrooms you will find shelves with pull on and tabbed briefs of different sizes and absorbencies, I recommend the thicker ones for an overnight experience." Jennifer explains. "You mean like diapers?" Tom asks. Jennifer smiles, "Yes, they're not really diapers, but they work similarly. I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name." "I'm Tom and there is no way I'm wearing a diaper," he says. Jennifer's face becomes stern, "Did any of you not even read a brochure, or look us up online, the overnight experience makes it clear that you will have to wear protection.” “I didn’t read that, no one told me,” Tom said. “Sir, this is the standard procedure. You signed an agreement, if you can't do it, you will not be able to participate in the simulation." Diane is annoyed and says, "Let's get this started." "Nick you didn't say anything about diapers, and you said you did this before?" Alley asks. "Umm, I just did a one hour session, but the website said nothing about diapers." "It's there, you just didn't read it, Sir," Jennifer says, "I'm sorry, I need a verbal agreement from everyone, or we will not start." Nick is clearly annoyed, "Fine, whatever." "Great, go on and get changed, make sure you have a bowel movement if you need to and after you've put on your briefs leave your clothes in the cubicles and put on the robes. I'm working overnight, and part of my job is to monitor your health, so if I find you need changed I'll take care of that. Also if I find out that you've not put on your brief, I'll just put one on you." "Wow, this is a little embarrassing," Alley says. Nick adds, "I know, but its worth it, I did it before and it's amazing." The guys and girls split off to the men's and women's room to change. Tom walks in the Men's Room and looks around, he sees a shelf with 20 or so adult briefs, and they are not what he expected. Instead of being a diaper with tapes, they are like the kind of underwear you would wear as a child, they just slide up and even feel like cloth. "This isn't so bad I guess," he says. He quickly puts on his brief and walks out. . Alley enters the women's room and is shocked. She was expecting a bunch of diapers, but the shelves have a large variety of styles. The briefs are just like the ones the men are using. "This is pretty weird, but I'll give it a try." She removes her clothing and slides on the brief, "Wow, this feels a little weird, and why did they have to make the print pink," she says. "Oh, come on, pink is your favorite color, you're the most girly girl I know," Diane replies. "True," Alley says from her stall as she slides the brief up her legs and ties the robe on. The group meets back up in the conference room and Jennifer nodes in approval. "OK guys, let me show you the next step, follow me." Jennifer leads the group into a room with four medical style beds, beside each bed is a high tech plastic device on wheels with a digital readout. The room is stark white, perfectly clean and modern. Each of the plastic machines has a thick cord of cables that all run into a computer in the corner of the room. "Please lie down on the bed." Jennifer instructs. Nick and Tom and the girls climb up onto the beds and Jennifer places the device over them and attaches a number of leads to their heads. That interact with the subdermally implanted i-tap devices. Each device had a band that wrapped around their forearm connected with a cable. "You'll feel a tiny bit of pain." She said as a small needle in the band punctured a vein and injected sedatives. For the 12 hour sessions clients would be given a continuous stream of light sedatives, fluids, and sugar. "Now, there are a couple things that you need to know, first off, once I turn on the machine and you enter the simulation, you will not be able to see me. It is extremely important that if you feel a sense of distress or panic, and need help, you just relax. Your simulations are so real that once you enter you won't be able to leave. In fact, you won't even remember you're in a simulation. But you have a safety switch, if you say 'help Jennifer' your simulation will stop and I'll come and talk you through. Just relax and try not to panic, and remember "Help Jennifer." "Wait, is this safe?" Diane asks. "100 percent safe. Now, let's begin. Remember, if you need help, say 'Help Jennifer,' and I'll be there. You're going to be asked to confirm that you are entering AVR and giving consent for our systems to interact with your i-taps. Once that happens the machine will administer a light sedative to help you enter a dream-like state where the simulation takes over." "Can't you just send us directly into the simulation," Tom asks. "That's the next generation of AVR, which is not ready yet. Just click OK, when prompted." Alley see's a wall of text in her vision that replaces the white plastic device hovering above her head. Her AI assistant assures her it's just a standard agreement so she focuses on the OK button and clicks yes. A red light on the plastic device over her head turns green. Soon everyone's devices are green. "Now, it's going to feel like you are drifting off to sleep, don't be alarmed, everything is fine." Jennifer says. Nick closes his eyes, and soon his breathing is steady, and he is asleep, a few minutes later everyone is out. "Geez what a bunch of spoiled brats," Jennifer says. "You know it is my last day here, I could teach these kids a lesson." she continues. She checks their vitals on her tablet and they are all fine. Jennifer goes over the computer which has the Science Fiction simulation loaded. She enters a password that she's seen David use several times and brings up the program index and goes to the kink simulations. As she looks through the list her eyes settle on the most humiliating one in their catalog. Jennifer goes in to adjust some of the settings. "Yeah Nick, you were the biggest jerk, and Alley, you seemed nice enough. "You guys are going to hate this," Jennifer says and chuckles then uses the mouse to click Start simulation sending the group into the "Naughty Nursery" program. Diane is rudely awakened by someone placing zip tie cuffs on her arms. She feels the sensors being yanked off her body and is jerked up. She looks around and sees the same thing is happening to Nick, Tom and Alley. "Wait, what the hell is this," Diane yells. A large muscular man is holding her zip ties. "Hush now baby, just relax, Big Daddy is here to take care of you" He says. "Look, I'm an adult, what is going on?" The man laughs, "You were an adult, not any more, the Mistress will fix that." He produces a large metal syringe and pushes the plunger. Diane feels her muscles loosen. She see's Tom try to knock his attacker's syringe away, but his arm doesn't move, and the injection is administered. "I don't understand, what are you doing to us?" Alley asks as she begins to lose consciousness. "Just take a nap," the orderly says and Diane feels herself drifting down. "I've got a special surprise for you Nick," Big Daddy says and pulls out a larger 3 inch needle, "It's a special cocktail, guaranteed to make you a pussy." The orderly holding Nick laughs and he is injected with the special cocktail. Nick is confused as his muscles go limp. He tries to resist but can't and as he's falling asleep. Everything turns black. "Guys, I think I had a bad trip, where are we," Nick says as he sits up in the crib, but something isn't right. Tom and Alley are still wake, and then realize they are sitting up in a giant baby crib.. As Nick's vision clears he is in disbelief at what they are wearing, Diane is wearing stretchy girls sleeper pajamas with rainbows and unicorn print, it's obvious she is wearing a thick diaper underneath. Tom has a t-shirt with a cute truck and a name, he lsqunts and reads, "Tomy. on his shirt. His diaper is out in the open and is an exact replica of a baby diaper complete with sesame street characters. "Where is Alley?" Nick asked. Diane looks around the crib and sees a small toy mirror attached to the bars, she looks and is mortified, "No, No what am I wearing, NO." Tom finally is able to sit up, and notices his diaper and looks around, and says, "Nick, what the fuck is this, where are we, and where is Alley?" "I don't know, but it seems like a nightmare, what the hell was in those shots," Nick answers. "I thought I was in a VR Simulation," Diane says. "Me too, I think we're all dreaming, this isn't real," Tom says. "Well I sure as hell hope it isn't real have you seen what you're wearing?" Tom asks. "I'd rather not," Nick says, but he looks in the mirror and sees he is wearing a very sissy blue and pink plastic bubble romper. Embroidered in the front of the chest it says 'Sissy' in flowing letters. "What the fuck is this shit?" "Yeah, this place looks like a nursery, and we're the babies" Tom says. Diane is freaking out, "What's wrong with you guys, look at this," She points at the diaper that is stretching her sleeper pajamas out. Tom tries to comfort Diane, "Hey, its ok, maybe they just loaded the wrong simulation?" "Nick, is that a pacifier clipped to your outfit?" Diane asks. Nick realizes he has a clip on pacifier, and reaches for it. He tries to yank it off, but it's clipped on, he removes the clip but it seems much more difficult than it should have been. "Damn it," Nick says. "Nick, I think you need this," Tom says. Nick ignores Tom and throws the pacifier across the room. "Ok, let's see if there is a way out," Nick says and looks over the bars of his crib. He stands up on the soft bedding and tries to pull himself over the bars of the crib. This should be easy for an athlete like Nick, but he can't seem to get a grip and pull himself up. "Shit, my muscles must still be out, come on help me over the bars," Nick says to Tom. "Ok," Tom says. Tom tries to lift Nick over the bars, and after a lot of struggling they are unable. "Umm, guys, we're different, my strength is way down," Tom says. "It's the drugs, just relax, let's not panic, we're probably still dreaming." "Maybe it's not a dream," Diane says. "Look at your arms, there is no hair on them," Diane says. The two men look at their arms, and their legs and sure enough their bodies have become more youthful. "That's strange, but let's not worry about that now," Nick says. "Oh and Nick, your hair is kind of feminine, it's a little longer and cute looking. And Tom, yours is longer but in a little boy way, its cute," Diane says. Nick and Tom are in shock and both look at each other and then their hair, but they are interrupted. "OK, I'm done with this shit," Nick says and tries to rip off the plastic romper he is wearing, but his strength is not what it was; the fabric stretches, and he can't tear the outfit off. He sees the the romper is snapped around his legs but it's held on with little locks. "What the fuck is going on!" Nick yells in frustration. "Guys, I don't think this is a simulation, this is real," Diane says. "Well whatever is going on I'm not playing." Tom eventually gets under a blanket. and pulls the diaper off down his legs. He wraps the blanket around his waist. "You're right, why don't we just wake up from this crazy nightmare and get the hell out of here," Tom says. "That's a great idea," Diane says. "Oh I remember, Help Jennifer," Diane says, but nothing happens. "That's right, help Jennifer." Nick repeats and again nothing happens. "Guys I don't think this is a simulation, I don't remember the one I did feel this real, and the last thing I remember is entering a room and falling asleep, maybe we were drugged." "This isn't possible, we were in a simulation center, how can we have been drugged?" Tom asks. "You guys, did you see those big needles they injected into our arms, what did they give us?" Diane says. "They had to have been huge," Nick says. "I wonder where Alley is?" he asks. "I don't know, let's look for her," Tom says and they all begin to crawl around the crib, which is filled with baby toys, soft pillows and blankets. "I'm worried about Alley," Nick says, and then looks at Diane, "Diane, did you see what happened to Alley?" Nick asks. "The same thing that happened to us, but she's not here," Diane says. "I wonder if this is some sort of sick game, do you think someone is trying to get revenge?" Tom asks. "Maybe that bitch Jennifer sold us out," Nick says. "You mean the nice lady that ran the simulation, why would she do that, we didn't know her?" Diane asks. "I don't know, let's just figure a way out of here."
  18. A/N: IMPORTANT TO NOTICE Hey all! I hope you're all doing well! Do not worry! I am still working on my other stories but had started this a while ago and felt like I should post it! Just a warning in the beginning that this story will contain a lot of non-con, sexual content and humiliation. If this makes you uncomfortable than I suggest you don't read it! I love seeing comments so I'd love to see everyone's comments! ooOoo Summary: When a young new independent journalist decides to write about something other than the typical run of the mill stories, she is introduced into a new life, just not in the way she expected. ooOoo Chapter 1: MommyslittleBiggurls.com 22 December 2021 Hello Friends! It sure has been a while! I hope you’re all doing well on this frosty morning. Here in Montana, we’re certainly going to have a white Christmas. Sugar and Cookie sure are excited to see Santa and have been extra careful to be good girls; always asking for the potty like good little girls, eating all of their veggies at dinner and making sure to drink all of their babas full of yummy milk! I’m sure you all are experiencing the same with your little ones at the moment, even the disobedient can’t ignore the happy cheer of Christmas. I really can’t believe it’s only been three months since we first adopted our newest little girl, Honey! Of course with new littles, it’s always an adventure and Sugar and Cookie are being the best big sisters they can be! It can be hard, especially around the holidays to deal with an un-regressed, naughty little so that brings me to the topic of today’s post: Punishments. If you're like me or are a new caregiver, it’s never easy training a new little and before they can be our sweet little babies, they will be literal demons! It is never fun but in order to nip that naughty behavior in the bum, punishment is required and it is not always as simple as quick spanking. Listed below, you will find three different punishments to try if you, like me, were at a loss. Punishments: Punishment 1: Corner time with a twist Depending on the severity of the naughty behavior, instruct your little one it's corner time for a certain amount of time. While many, if not all, will just find this incredibly boring and whine, there is a small twist. Listen carefully to these five steps: Take littles’ clothes away (that means no diapers/pullups/or undies as well!), Give a nice soapy cold enema to their bum-bum and insert a buttplug to ensure no dribbles Administer a firm spanking (I’ve found different objects such as a belt or hairbrush to be most effective!) Little will bend down or kneel in the corner with their bum-bum high in the air for everyone to see After a certain amount of time, if the little has not moved from their position, you will instruct the little to tell you what they did wrong and have them beg to release their bodily functions. If you are unsatisfied with their response, even more minutes will be added to corner time Punishment 2: Potty Time with Horsy Let’s get real, we’ve all struggled with littles refusing to go potty in their diapers or on the training toilet and it’s a pain to have to insert enemas and suppositories into screaming littles. That’s how I came up with horsy time. The rocking horse, while meant to be an object of amusement during playtime, can just as quickly be turned into an object of torture. What you need to do is listed below: The little will sit on the rocking horse in only their bottoms, whether that be a diaper or pull-up Place earphones on little and set to the wet diaper hypnosis Instruct the little to rock back and forth and do not stop no matter what and not to mess or wet themselves Plan a certain amount of time and come back when the time is up If the little is still rocking and is dry, they have earned the privilege to go potty. If not, horsy time is extended and the dirty diaper stays on another several hours The constant rhythmic motion combined with hypnosis at the same timing will put the littles right in the mood to have to relieve themselves. How they do it will no longer matter. The added pressure to keep a constant rocking in order to avoid further punishment will take a heavy toll on their mind as well and increase the need for positive behavior. Punishment 3: No Playtime with Teddy If you choose to allow your little to have any sexual release, this punishment can have a rewarding effect. As a human race, we are sexual beings but not everyone deserves or should have such an experience. Littles have gotten it into their minds that they should be allowed to have such experiences, but what do they know? They’re just littles. It is our job as caretakers to instruct and control their urges. If we leave them to their own devices, who knows what will happen? My little girls are allowed one play session a week with Mr. Teddy Bear to release all of their icky cummies by the hand of mommy and daddy. While Rosie and Cookie know being a good girl will lead to happy feelings, Honey is still learning. Orgasm and cum denial or “the tickles and ice cream dance” as we call it, are an excellent way to assert dominance and make them quickly realize who the real grownups are and who is in charge. Mittens or restraints are a must for untrained littles! You never know where their wandering hands will end up! Chastity belts are also a great device, especially if they get a little too excited during playtime and try humping (which is extremely discouraged!) IMPORTANT: It is important to enforce anything sexual is not allowed without the approval, observation, and act by grown-ups because you never know when littles might accidentally injure themselves! I hope you all enjoyed my little list and hopefully it helps you on your journey to having a regressed little! It may seem tough at times but we’ve all gone through it before (I currently am!) Stay tuned for next time and meanwhile, have a Merry Christmas! Love, Mommy Bree ooOoo The sound of the ding signaling the post had been successfully posted was a happy feeling to say the least. Unknown outside the world of ageplay, Bree Hawthorne was as famous as could be within the community. With over ten thousand followers and readers, people tuned in from all over the world to read about their simple little family. Being a blogger on top of a mommy had become her full time job and she didn’t regret a single second of it. She always knew she wanted to have a family and her love for blogging couldn’t have been a more perfect combination. There were so many who envied to fill the role of a Hawthorne little but only so few could actually meet the requirements. That’s why they had taken to unique means of obtaining their little girls. Kidnapping was a bit too harsh a term. They preferred adoption. Did the public need to know that? No. Would they ever find out? Probably not. Looking around outside the large glass windows, the only view for miles was farmland with snow capped mountains in the background. Bloomington, Montana was the perfect place to go to if one didn’t want to be found. They had the freedom to be who they were without any nosey neighbors disrupting their lives. Her husband, coming from old money, allowed them to own lavish homes around the country, buy the newest high-tech adult-baby equipment and pay off those they needed to stay quiet. Everything was as it should be. Everything would soon be perfect. They were our babydolls. Sugar, Cookie, Honey and- “Another post?” Jasper. At the sound of his deep voice, she spun around in the swivel chair. Face to face with her blonde, strong-jawed, blue eyed handsome husband. He was everything she dreamed of in a man. Strong, smart, caring, loyal. A great daddy to their three wonderful girls. What more could a person ask of a spouse? “Yes. I’ve finished just in time for… lunch!” she exclaimed, glancing at the time and shutting down the macbook. “Today’s post was about punishments and I gave the best examples of Honey. How is she doing this morning actually? The baby monitor on her end has been awfully quiet.” she asked, having been in the office the entire morning working. “Sleeping.” was his only response, scowling with his hand over his face. “Do I want to know what happened?” “No.” It was always a struggle to tame the girl and her rebellious behavior and silly dreams. Most often then not her bum was black and blue, littered with marks and bruises. How a five foot, one-hundred-twenty pound girl with not an ounce of body fat had managed to give them this much a fight, they did not know. While the little blonde fought they pushed back just as hard. She would break eventually. They all do. “Sugar and Cookie are in the playpen writing letters to Santa,” that made them crack a smile. “I can feed them while you handle, Honey? I may just take her over my knee again and that’s not what she needs at the moment.” Bree reached out, wrapping her arms around his neck as his face burrowed into her kinky black hair, placing a trail of kisses upon her chocolate colored skin. “So it’s my turn to play the bad mommy,” she mused. “Precisely.” her husband cracked a smile. “It feels so much longer than three months since we got her. Remember?” Oh, how could they forget…
  19. Short Story Five seconds… Eyes wide, she shook her head, desperately pleading with the clock to speed up or to break or miraculously just disappear. Four… Tears burst from her eyes, dribbling down her cheeks mixed in with her running snot. It was supposed to be right this time, she was supposed to be free! She was a big girl! Really she was! If only she could just convince her. Now, crawling around the room, her bum wiggling in the air, she was aware of how ridiculous she looked. Hell, she was practically humping the carpet. Libby didn’t think she was going to make it. The potty sat over there against the wall- pink and sparkly and locked up with the stupid chain. Three seconds now. Her face crumpled, unable to stop the flow of tears as she pleaded to whatever God up there not to let her fail. If she could hold it just a few more seconds then this would all be over. But Libby already knew it was too late. Having held it in since lunch, she drank from her bottle every hour like a good girl, gaining hundreds of streamers and bringing in the money acting like the little baby everyone wanted her to be. Three months, she had been stuck here in this oversized nursery fit for an adult sized baby. Sickeningly pink and filled to the brim with frilly outfits and dolls and toys, it would be an actual child’s dream room. However for her, it had quickly become a never-ending nightmare. Back in October, she’d seen the beautiful woman at the bar and Libby had been the hooker, just looking for an extra buck or two. Libby had spotted her a mile away, flashing her Cartier watch nursing a glass of red wine. Lean body, olive skin, and dark cascading hair… everything about her screamed money! Italian! At the time, she’d thought it strange how such a beautiful woman could be so alone. But that’s exactly what she’d been hoping for and Libby was been stupid enough to fall for her trap. Absolutely smashed off her face that night, easily she went home with her. They had sex, she demanded the money - which she almost got - but then she didn’t. With her panties on the ground, kneeling over her on all fours, the woman hadn’t even felt her bladder loosen until a warm pool of liquid had formed beneath the two of them. Surprisingly the woman wasn’t mad and that’s what confused her. Her comforter was probably worth hundreds by the looks of it. Libby told her to keep the money for the mess she’d caused, eager to get away, but the woman had had a different proposal- one, if she’d been in her right mind - would have turned down. Heck, she didn’t even know her name… and still didn’t. Now, staring at the timer, with one second left, it was all over. The floodgate opened. Starting with a few tiny dribbles, it just became heavier until she couldn’t even attempt to hold it in. She was so close! The timer went off and the camera blinked red, the invisible audience watching in silent anticipation. They could see her but she could not see them. Libby had become all too used to the feel of her hot piss splashing and filling up the absorbent padding. Squatting with her legs spread at the camera, it not only gave the best view to the viewers but was the most comfortable. This way it wouldn’t splash up her back or leak from the sides. It was embarrassing she even knew that but if she wanted to stay sane, the girl had to do whatever she could to survive. Now, hanging her head in shame, the sudden flood of dings throughout the room was music to her ears. It was the sound of money rolling in. People paying to see her debased and humiliated like this. Everyday there were different requests that people would pay hundreds, sometimes even thousands to see her do. If she was able to follow through, that meant treats were in order. However some tasks were meant to be impossible yet that didn’t mean she still didn’t try. Mommy promised once she paid back her debt for peeing in her bed and was able to go a whole day without wetting and messing her diaper, they could talk about letting her go. The girl welcomed the money and the embarrassment if it meant freedom in the end. But of course, once again, she’d failed. Libby knew though that she had, stupidly and drunkenly, agreed to this on her own free will. Who was she to complain? ooOoo “Muffin top, were you a good girl for Mommy and all of her friends?” It wasn’t even a moment later she heard the jingling of keys and the beeps of the code on the other side of the door. Mommy was always watching and waiting and ready to step in at every moment. She was a famous live-streamer, Libby had come to find out, and popular in the fetish world- was that even the right term to use? “Mommy!” She whined in a light and airy tone. Her voice had taken on a new timbre, becoming delicate, weak, young. She’d perfected the voice so much, always talking in it, she wasn’t even sure if she could go back to her old one. There were eyes and ears everywhere and she could not afford to break the role or else Mommy would tan her hide faster than she can blink. Lifting her arms, smiling painfully bright, she’d mastered just what the woman wanted and if she wanted to get out of this soaked diaper, she’d act her damn ass off. “Mommy wet!” She squealed. Popping the pink sparkly paci into her mouth from off the ground, suckling obediently, she didn’t fight the intruding fingers poking down the back and sides of her diaper. “Oh, yes you are! Was my little cupcake not able to hold her pee pee for the potty? You know you get potty time every several hours. You aren’t supposed to actually use your diapees, silly!” She bopped her on the nose. Her face burned red, stomach churning in humiliation at this beautiful woman dressed in a skin tight black dress and perfectly curled hair. Blue eyes sparkling in amusement, she knew exactly what she was thinking. Why would any beautiful woman like her go for a naked diapered adult baby who couldn't even hold in her own pee? Mommy called her Muffin Top because her belly was like a, well, muffin top, pooling over. It grew bigger everyday as did her thighs grow in thickness and face turn round. She used to be skinny. She used to have a body to kill for that any woman would chase after. Now? She was just her mommy’s little Muffin Top. What good would that get her in life? She couldn’t help the tears, as they started up once again and Mommy loved the tears. “Oh, baby,” she cooed, lifting her from the soft carpet cradled in her arms. Her hand cupped her bottom, every squeeze emitting a loud and wet squelch. “Mommy knows how hard it is trying to be a big girl but some people are meant to be little. Some people are meant to use their diapees and wait for their mommy for changes. Isn’t that right, baby?” “No!” She whined. “Big giwl! I, a big giwl!” With her face pressed against her large soft bosoms, in all honesty, she didn’t feel very big at the moment. Throwing a tantrum would get plenty of money from those watching (everyone loved a brat) but that’s not what she thought about. Turning and tossing her head, blonde pigtails swinging every way, Mommy could only giggle, watching the over-grown child prove her points exactly. Slapping her tender thigh, admiring the jiggle, immediately that caught the attention of the Little. Cringing at the painful sting, only then did she quiet down. “Answer me this baby.” She enquired. “Do big girls have tantrums? Do they wet themselves in a diaper? Do they crawl around naked suckling on a binky?” It was all rhetorical and the diapered girl had no rational response. “Since the baby has proven she’s too little to wait for the potty, I think it’s best she stays in diapers for the time being.” The only reason Libby could never hold in her pee pee was that she was always loaded up on bottles and mommy liked to change potty time and make her squirm. There were always some obstacles designed for her to fail. It just wasn’t fair! While she’d stupidly agreed to this, she felt herself begin to slip more and more everyday, forgetting that she’s not actually a baby. It was all pretend. Fake. She was an adult. Twenty-eight years old. College graduate. She did not need a stuffed elephant to help her fall asleep and she did not enjoy suckling on her strawberry flavored paci or getting dressed in pretty clothes with matching dolls with matching diapers. Don’t even get her started on the lack of control, putting on a show like a circus animal for thousands of internet people! “There’s no need for tears, sweetie.” A hand patted her back, bouncing her up and down. She suckled, quickly and rhymically taking too much comfort in the silicone object. “Now, you’ve gone tinkle but no stinkys! No diaper change is set without number one and number two, and by the size of your big belly,” she couldn’t help but jiggle her milk-filled pouch, “someone’s got a big poo to get out! Can you do that for mommy?” Did she even have a choice? The girl could only blink with tired eyes, her stomach actually feeling familiarly hard. “User Sissyboy and User Twinkletoes have bet five hundred dollars that little Libby can’t handle three enemas! Let’s see whose right, hmm? Can you go poo poo for mommy? For the streamers? Be a good girl, oh yes you can! You’re mommy’s stinky girl!” Placed on the changing table, her legs kicked out spastically. Involuntary laughter burst from her chest - high pitched giggles - as strawberries were blown on her pudgy tummy and Libby knew, at this rate she’d never be out of diapers. OoOoo A/N: I just thought I would post a short story in the meantime between writing the other stories. I know I’m so slow with updating so I just wanted to give a little something extra
  20. Contest link This is my entry to the contest. I'm working on defining this world a bit more. This would be the first story in its universe that I've posted. I like the non fantastical side of things. I want someone to be able to read it like it could actually happen to them. Anyway I hope people like it, whether it gets anywhere or not is not that big to me. How did I end up here?-Non Contest How did I end up here? Seriously?!?! Her hand on my padded rear, My head cradled in her arm. Laying across her lap with her boob in my mouth. Warm milk going down my throat. my mind wandered and i began to think on how I got here. —------------- My sign read "Don't report, just give me a buck, I'll be fine in a month." It wasn't so neat or so precise. It had been scrawled with a marker and some cardboard. I had written it a month ago. Best laid plans often go awry if you don't have ways to handle the unknowns in life. That's exactly what had led me to this moment. Maybe I should have seen it coming but well, I hadn't cared to be honest. A job was just a job, and if I lost one I'd just get another, I had done it 10, 15? I'd lost count how many times I had switched careers. This time the office had sent a LoGger to check on me. She had come in, done her due diligence and decided I wasn't worth her time. Maybe I just smooth talked my way out of it, maybe she was disgusted, who knew? More so who cared? In hindsight, I think she may have done something though. My newest job hunt went down the pooper. Job after job had just turned me away with no excuses. With the government and economy the way they were a job was almost guaranteed, so it had been troubling when the bills came in and I eventually got evicted. Now I was on the roadside begging for anything, dodging LoGgers as best I could. In the end they had found me, it was the same one that had been in my apartment. You could only hide so long in this city. It was one of the founding cities. They didn't have a uniform and couldn't always be easily seen coming. "You can leave the sign, let's go get you a warm meal and we will go from there." Was all the brunette had offered when she walked up. Her tight business skirt and loose blouse said she meant business. I knew I'd been caught, but maybe, just maybe I could talk my way out of it. After the meal, that is, I hadn't eaten in 2 days. She had taken me to a large apartment complex. Then to a special elevator which required a key. It had only one button. I knew then I was in trouble, but there was no running away now. When we arrived on the floor the elevator went to, the doors opened to a doctor's office waiting room. "Wait here, I'll have an escort get you cleaned up, in the meantime I'll get you a nice hot meal." My stomach was growling at the prospect. She left through one of the side doors and soon another plain Jane woman came back through. "All right, the orders are; all clean, shirt and shorts. Are you ready?" She held a hand out for me like she might a child. Expectantly waiting for me she smiled in a kind way. "I'm guessing she doesn't want a dirty companion for lunch? Why are you being so nice?" Taking my hand, "I'll answer all your questions as we walk. Firstly, you need a shower, you do stink. You've been on the streets for a month and 3 days now. Secondly, we like to be nice, it's when you aren't nice, we become the 'monsters' you all make us out to be." She was guiding me into another doorway. As we walked through it I continued to ask questions, "that's an oddly specific amount of time. How do you know that?" She never broke her stride. "Do you think we stopped watching you? You were already on a downward slope. The Lady that brought you in, well let's just say, she takes her time. She is very good at what she does and always gets her mark but she is not the fastest. Lucky for you though, she has taken special interest in you." I didn't feel very lucky, but I knew to keep my mouth out of it. Any negative emotions could likely ruin everything. We ended up in a room with a shower and a toilet, there were a few cabinets that had locks on them. It was tile on the floor and walls, a soft grayish blue hint to them that left you feeling sterile. It wasn't a comfortable place, it had an obvious purpose, clean those the Ladies of Guidance had decided needed guidance. "First let's get those clothes off. And get you in the shower. Arms up!" I was too stunned to stop her as she hauled my shirt over my head. "Well done! Such a good boy!" That was a little condescending, I expected as much from a LoGger though. "Now don't fight me on the pants, it's time for a shower." She never hesitated and dropped my drawers before I could even resist her. I had lost enough weight that my pants were falling off anyway, so they simply slipped off, underwear and all. "H H HEY, wait a second!" She only looked up and raised an eyebrow. "Remember I'm only nice as long as you are, and bets are with your weakend state I could take you physically. I know you haven't eaten in 2 days. Let's be quick so you can get to that meal." As much as I hated it, she was probably right. My stomach was agreeing with her as well. It seemed like everyone and everything was arguing against me. I swore to myself I wasn't going to end up in her care. That LoGger was going to have to deal with missing one goal. Holding one hand over my unmentionables I stood there with my pants around my ankles. "I've seen enough of those that you shouldn't worry about it. Also, not half bad." The compliment served to make me blush to my ears. I felt like a child at the same time a piece of meat. "Don't worry I don't date boys, only men.' "That's not helping." I said it before I had really thought about it. "Oh, is the cute stinky boy embarrassed? You are so adorable! Let's get you cleaned up." She started the shower and I felt the warmth from it almost immediately. I had to admit it was going to feel good. "Leave the pants. You won't need them anymore." She stated it like I was never going to wear them again. She collected them and put them in a cabinet. "Shy boys are only cute until they stop listening, let's go, your food will get cold. I just got the notice that it was being delivered soon." She was trying to entice me to obey. Right now I was motivated but it was drawing me closer to the dreaded conclusion. I was going to have to be fast when the time came. Smart and crafty too. Stepping under the water it was hot at the touch but began to feel good almost immediately, "now let me work and you'll get a minute to just enjoy ok?" Not waiting for permission once again, she went at my skin with a soapy rag. It felt like it was made of sandpaper, each scrub took a layer of my skin off. It took a second to realize that each swipe also took off every bit of hair. She was down to my mid section when I rebelled. "Hey, that's not ok!" She was expecting it I guessed and pushed me to the tile wall. A hard swat to my butt cheek quieted me. "You will not argue with me anymore. Do you understand me?" "B..but I" SMACK "Do you understand me?" "Yes." SMACK, apparently being submissive wasn't enough. "Yes what?" My thoughts raced to find a proper answer. SMACK, what did she want from me! I took 5 swats for my brain to catch on. "Yes ma'am, YES MA'AM!" "Very good! I'm proud of you, if she hadn't claimed your rehabilitation I would be all over it." That didn't sound good. They had a plan for me. She finished her job, cleaning every inch of me. The shower had lost its allure though and when she said I could stay in for a minute I just walked out. Sitting on the toilet naked and violated. "I gave you a reward and you turned it down?" I just sat on the lid of the toilet without responding. "I guess you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him enjoy it. Anyway," she dug in a cabinet and pulled out a white t-shirt and white shorts, they looked more like boxers than anything else, "put these on, and I'll deliver you. Your food is waiting. I dressed hurriedly, I wasn't looking for another spanking. The shorts were comfortable and the shirt was a bit big but close enough to not be a bother. We left the room and I was marched down a long hallway. A couple women came to the doorways along the hall, smiling. A few offered encouragement like "atta boy" or "That's a good boy." I felt my face heat up again. They didn't know I was going to get out of this. They were planning on me being taken in. As soon as I had that free meal that is. And now apparently my clothes too. Maybe without the clothes would be ok. I could figure it out. We reached the end of the hall to a door that said "For intake only, all others keep out." That's not good, not good at all. I had to find a way to do this away from this room. "Aren't we going to a kitchen or a dining room or something? I thought you said my food was here." She knocked on the door, "it is waiting on you in here. I promise, have I given you a reason to mistrust me?" My mouth once again moved without my brain telling it to, "You're a LoGger that's a reason in itself." Damnit! That was stupid! They hate that name, they only refer to themselves as Ladies. I knew better! Her face darkened as the door opened. The brunette that had brought me here stood in the doorway. She was dressed like she had been. "Oh? Did I interrupt something?" She was holding a plate with a steak, potatoes, broccoli and a piece of cake on it. My eyes focused on it, my mind blanked, I was so hungry I missed them saying "He decided to be rude a half a second before you opened the door." "How so?" "He referred to us as LoGgers." "I will ensure he understands the best way to talk to those helping him. It seems he has a need first, but rest assured I WILL handle it." Then to me grabbing my hand, "come inside, now." I followed like one of those cartoon characters that had been enticed by the vapors from a cooling pie in the window. I couldn't focus on anything. She placed the tray on the table and told me to sit and eat. I did, and with abandon. My whole mind focused on how fast I could cram food in my mouth. "Slow down,"She said gently. I never even heard her, nor did I see the stick she pulled from her pocket. It extended right into my thigh. When it connected, my world erupted into electric shock and fire. "Ahhhhh" I was thrown back by muscles reacting to the pain. Spitting the food in my mouth out like a projectile. "Do you think wolfing your food down like an animal is polite? Or do you think it's kind to someone who spent so much energy on making it just for you? Do you think it's OK to ignore me when I speak?" She hadnt said it in anger, just questioning me on proper behavior. I looked at her blankly, I wasn't sure how to respond. The pain in my thigh was beginning to dim but the memory was still there. "You will slow down, you will enjoy the food, and you will listen to me. The stick was a simple reminder, as it's your first offense I don't expect you to be perfect, however, polite and kind are things you should be already." Her stern voice was like a mother bringing her boy under control. I felt stupid. She was right and I needed to control myself if I was getting out of here without the dreaded destiny she had in mind for me. She handed a cloth napkin to me, at least I knew the answer here and placed it upon my lap. "Very good boy! I'm proud of you, now here's your knife and fork back. I'm going to go change clothes and freshen up. You eat slowly, and I'll be back. Don't want you getting sick now do we?" She stood up and I started to eat again. Slower this time. I distantly heard a door close and water running. I ate without a thought in my mind. When I had finished everything using my finger to get the cake crumbs to my mouth I surveyed the room. I was in trouble, one wall held a bed, another a door to wherever the brunette had gone. A third held a shelf a small refrigerator and a window, the shelf held every manner, color and size of diaper that existed in the hand of the LoGgers. This wasn't good. They had gotten me this far, it wasn't likely I'd talk my way out now. I bolted for the door. It should have been obvious, locked! There wasn't a key hole or anything. The knob just wouldn't turn or open. The window wasn't much more help, we were on the 5th floor or higher. I wasn't getting out easily and even with food in me I wasn't up to full strength so scaling a building wasn't going to happen. Not that I could when I was at full strength. I began searching the room frantically, I was once again so focused I never heard the door open. "There isn't a key." It shook me out of my reverie. She was leaning against the door frame, her clothes a red latex get up, skirt that went a little past her mid thigh, skin tight top. It looked like she had been watching me for a minute or two. I swallowed audibly. For one that was a hot getup and I was failing miserably to stop my freshly shaven private parts from engorging. The boxer type shorts not doing anything to hide it either. It also served as a prophetic moment for what was to come. The style suggested she wanted to play and I was goingbto be the toy. "I see you like it. Well those few that see it usually do. But they usually don't get to the softer side of it. Most of you fight until the bitter end. You however won't get a bitter end, you will be coming with me when we leave tonight. You see with no place to stay or way of caring for yourself I have invoked caregiver rights." I had never heard that before. No one had ever said anything about it. Never mentioned on the internet. My face obviously reflected my confusion and possibly revulsion to the idea. "We will talk about it more later. As for now, I see you've finished eating, would you like to use the toilet? It will be your last chance, quite probably ever." I needed to think. I needed time to plan an escape. Time to play dumb. "Uhhh, I have been using the toilet since I was 2. Why would I not be able to now?" Her attitude changed, "I am a patient person. So much so that I can wait a month or more for someone to get so low they walk themselves into my hands." The thought left me embarrassed, she crossed the room and produced a loop of metal. It came open at her touch and she placed it around my wrist. When it closed the clasp or whatever it was, vanished. "You won't get it off, and if you try you will likely hurt yourself." She stood close and asked again, "would you like to use the toilet one last time? It often helps you boys to say goodbye." I weighed my options, how long could I take? Maybe I could find a way out. "Sure." Trying to sound defeated. I turned to go in and she blocked my way. "I'm waiting, so remember that, and be polite." Her voice conveyed a threat but sounded gentle. Her eyes seemed to be motherly and I wanted to run. She moved only after I nodded. I shut the door, no lock on the handle. Probably only locked the same way the main door did. Similar to the room I'd been showered in. All the cabinets were locked, I sat on the toilet emptying myself, never knew if she could check for that or not. It would be better not to risk it. I was going to have to rely on wit and sheer luck to get out of this. I stood up pulling the white boxers as I went. Time to pour on the charm. The door opened before I even could push it open. "You took too long, let's go." She was no nonsense. "Can we talk first? I don't even know your name. Maybe some water?" "There are only 2 ways to address me right now, ma'am and Lia. Nothing else. If you are good you will not have long to wait on getting water or some juice. On the bed, on your back please." She picked up a blue diaper from the shelf and turned to see I hadn't moved. "That's one. On the bed, on your back please." "But, I haven't done anything wrong." "That's two. On the bed on your back please." Her tone never wavered as she crossed the room back to me. She tossed the diaper on the bed and looked up at me from about 6 or 7 inches below me. "I really don't see why…" that was as far as I got. I never even saw where it came from, the stick tapped my thigh again and I fell to the floor clutching my leg. It seemed to have hurt worse this time. "That's three. You won't always get 3 warnings, but for today I will, simply because you're a boy and in need of learning how to behave." She walked over to the bed and placed hand on the far side. "Now will you submit, get on the bed on your back?" I wasn't getting out of this, not right now. That stick hurt like the Dickens. I wasn't strong enough to fight her right now either. I delayed by getting up slowly. When I didn't move immediately she sighed heavily and tapped a button on her watch. "That's four, we will do it the hard way." The cuff on my arm moved of its own accord, I was dragged four or five feet to the bed, where my wrist was held fast. It wouldn't budge. What the hell was this thing? She plopped the rectangular plastic diaper in front of me, "It's an electromagnet, the tech is pretty neat huh?" Neat?! How is pinning me to the bed neat. " Where I touch, you go. Pretty simple in execution but it goes way beyond my understanding. Now we will begin. I'm going to paddle you, I want you to understand it will not stop until I think you are truly willing to obey me. So when you think you are ready for me to put you in that diaper, just say so." The way the cuff had dragged me I was laid over the bed exposed on my backside. There was no defense. She ripped the white boxers off my rear. "Can't even wipe correctly. You need a lot of help, my boy. You left streaks in the clothes you borrowed from us. That's disgusting." The first hit stung like a thousand bees stinging my ass. I couldn't see what she was using but it felt thin and hard. I wasn't going to dignify it with a yelp. Maybe if I could outlast her… She began working my cheeks over, I lost count around 15 or so. I started to yelp and do sharp breaths. She started to vary the pattern, sometimes slower, sometimes faster. I couldn't prepare for it, couldn't brace myself. Sometimes it felt like she was done, others it felt like she was just starting. I realized tears had formed in my eyes. She was never going to let me go, I was going to be in diapers, I was going to be her puppet. Like any male before me caught doing things they didn't want or deemed inappropriate. The first sob came like the sound of an old car starting up. Rough and forced. The caning kept going. Each time it felt like a hammer on my backside. I had lost all pretense and was just heaving and crying. "Please, pleeeeassse!" I cried, no response except the cane hit. A few more convinced me to try again. "I'm begging PLEEEEEASE! I'll do whatever you say, anything! I mean it." I was rambling and pleading my case. The cane kept falling. "I'll take the diaper, I will, please, I want it, please!" She paused for a second. "Now we are finally getting somewhere." Her voice sounded excited, almost erotically so. The caning started again. "No! Please, stop, I don't care, I'll do it, I'll even put it on myself!" She never reacted. The cane fell again and again. From the point where my butt met my back to mid thigh was on fire. It felt like someone had removed the skin. I collapsed into sobs not able to make coherent words anymore. Without warning the beating stopped. I could hear her barefoot hitting the floor as she walked around the bed. It didn't matter to me, I was broken, I layed on the bed sobbing, I could feel a puddle of tears that had formed under my head. When she reached me she bent down and kissed the top of my head. "I don't want to ever have to do that again, I probably will have to, You boys are stubborn, I much prefer to get my jollies in other ways. You need to understand I'm willing to do what is necessary to make you a good boy." She retrieved the diaper and walked back behind me. My sobs never abated. I felt a cool cream go onto my backside. It brought the pain back instantly. I jerked away from her hand, moaning in between my heaves as I tried to bring control back to my breathing. "I know, I know, shhhhhh, I know. This will make it feel better though." She shushed me as she worked. "Let's let that sit for a minute then we will get you properly dressed so we can go home." I was going to be in diapers. As she moved around the room she hummed and sang to herself. It reminded me of a serial killer I had once heard about. I was going to be in diapers. The thought kept ringing in my head. It was all I could think, but I had no will left to fight. It was a consuming thought. Everything I had done to avoid this moment and yet here I was. I was going to be in diapers. "All right, that should be good now, let's rollover and get you in your first diaper." I was going to be in diapers. It wasn't fair, it wasn't ok, but I complied. My tears returning. She was putting me in diapers. "Oh baby, don't worry, I'm going to take good care of you. You'll never be on the street again, ok?" I knew I needed to respond this time, "yes, ma'am" I choked out between sobs. The pain in my rear grew again as pressure came from being rolled onto my back. My legs were lifted, Lia used her shoulder to hold me off the bed enough to slide the diaper underneath. She laid me down gently, and began to rub in oil all over my groin. "You're such a good boy for me." After that came baby powder. "I bet that feels nice, even in such a state you like it don't you? Getting the little boy all excited!" She talked down to me like a child the whole time. "But it's not fun time, no no no. We have to get him tucked away all nice and cozy." With that she pulled the thick padding up between my legs, I fought back the heaving sobs again. I succeeded but a few tears still escaped. She expertly taped me in place. I wondered how many she had done this to. "Why?" Was all I asked. "Oh baby." She tapped her watch and I felt my arm go free. She pulled me onto the bed in the correct way, pulling my head to her chest. "Oh baby, you need to understand, I don't like seeing you the way you were this morning. I don't ever want to see you struggling like that. Remember how hungry you were? How dirty? How lonely? You walked in here KNOWING that this would end here. You were so miserable you came in here willingly just for a hot meal. I did this so you will never be that desperate again." She kissed my head lovingly. "Sometimes we have to be broken to be made into something better. I will do what I must." Laying in a diaper on her chest still heaving with the occasional tear I wanted to push her away, but I needed the soft touch right then. Even if it was from her. "Now let's get something soft on those legs and we will go home. Eat a nice dinner and get some good sleep." —------------- That at least, explains how I ended up here, you know diapered, how I ended up in Lia's care. I suckled more, her milk was usually sweet. The fruit she ate kept it that way. I had learned not to use my teeth or to pull too hard. This wasn't normal though. At least for my situation. I found myself here again because I had earned it. A bit of gas escaped to my diaper, it wouldn't be long now. The pressure was building in my abdomen. Breastmilk had its effects on me. My thoughts wandered off again, why was I here? —------------- "You want to act like a baby, you will be treated like one." I had avoided using the diapers for 2 days now. Instead I had walked out to the garden pretending to want to be in the yard and hid behind a bush there. It worked, mostly. At least until Lia had found out. The diaper still around my ankles, she activated my wrist cuff. I was dragged across the yard over the pool decking and slid into the wall by the door where the hidden magnet pad was. She had a few of them around the house. The one in the yard had been particularly embarrassing, she had left me there one day in nothing but a diaper. It had been 4 hours. My side, clothes and the diaper were destroyed in the process of being dragged across the yard. So there I lay bleeding from the road rash I had just received, mostly naked, completely embarrassed and horribly terrified. She was not happy. She hauled me up by my ear and took me to my room where she all but threw me on the changing table. "We use our diapers, little boy. I expect better from you. Did you think I wouldn't find out? What were you going to say when I checked you and you stayed dry for 3 days?" She was angry, and that was the understatement of the year. "This is ridiculous. You know better." She began cleaning out the roadrash, it was like she was using sandpaper. My sharp intake of air was enough to calm her a bit. She liked to know I was not enjoying my punishment. This was obviously a good punishment I thought. Maybe she'd leave it at that. Last time I'd been rude I'd had to use a pacifier for 24 hours. If she couldn't hear me suckling it she would swat my thigh. My jaw was aching by the end of the 24 hours. One time she caught me awake and out of bed, I had a week of nap times. Her brand of punishment was usually on the bizarre side of babyhood. "Don't think that this is going to be the end of it either." There went that hope. "This was beyond dumb." She laid a cloth against my leg for a minute. Then pulled it off and bandaged my leg. She put me in a new diaper and dragged me up off the table. A new pair of pants was added over top of the diaper, they had a lock on them. Before she locked them on though a hand went down the backside of my diaper and a finger pushed something in. "If you push that out there'll be a spanking and you'll get another one of them" The lock was fastened and I was brought to the living so "I could be watched." It didn't take long to realize she had put in a suppository and locked me in. I was about to uncontrollably poop myself. She watched with a glass of wine in hand. I began to struggle against the wave of contractions. I had always been allowed privacy until now. I got up to walk away, but was stopped. "Uh uh, get back here and sit on the carpet facing me." I didn't argue the spankings were worse than the babying. I knelt in front of her and she pulled me closer. Putting my head in her lap, she rubbed my hair, seeming to savor every second of my discomfort. Right as a new wave was coming, I began to brace myself to fight it. She pulled my head up to look in her eyes. She looked so sophisticated at that moment. Red dress, glass of wine in hand, and my head in her other hand, it made me feel dumpy and unrefined. The climax of the contractions came on and I closed my eyes fighting the good fight. Every fiber of my being was put into stopping the medicines from d I ung their job. Without warning my mouth was invaded by a tongue. My eyes flew open to see Lia kissing me. My concentration shot, the warm mush filled the seat of the diaper. The kiss didn't end immediately though, she held on until she finished with whatever she had wanted. I just sat there filling my pants completely stunned. "That's my good baby boy, from now on during punishments you will only refer to me as mommy." Was all the explanation she said or offered. I sat in that mess for a few hours, easily developing a rash. This was the extent of the punishment, not the accident, but the embarrassment and the rash as a reminder. When she changed me she did something very odd. She only did three tapes instead of the four. "Lay on the bed." She'd commanded. Doing as I was told, confused but obedient. She threw a rag very similar to the one she had used on my leg earlier. "Masturbate" "What?" I had been put in mittens for 3 days for touching myself last time. It made me timid to do so even if she was standing there telling me to do it. "Mast- ur - bate, now. I'm not going to tell you again. I need to collect several samples to make sure you are chemically balanced. Your constant bad behavior suggests there's an issue. I need to make sure there isn't." "Like, with you watching? I can't do that." "If you don't do it I'll spank you until you orgasm. Now chop chop, I still have to make dinner." It was said so nonchalantly it left me uncomfortable. I tried, I really did. After about 10 minutes of just trying to get going nothing was happening. "Boys and their toys, turn over and get on all fours." I did as expected. I felt the ever invasive hand go into my fresh diaper. She retrieved my member and began massaging me. It felt good, but I rejected it nonetheless, "this is so weird." "It is? Then tell me why you're already getting hard?" It felt Really good, it had been a long time since anyone had touched me like that. Once I had grown stiff she pulled it from the diaper through the leg hole. "I think you want to be my boy, look at how quickly you reacted to my touch. You're going to explode aren't you? I know you need the release, you haven't had one since you've come to me." She was full steam ahead. My cock harder than I had ever remembered. "Oooooh" the moan escaped my lips without my consent. "My boy, you can finish." She leaned down to my ear and whispered "you want it so bad, go ahead, diaper boy." That was it, all she wrote. I exploded, she held the rag in place and caught everything. "You CAN be a good boy, lay down please." The afterglow left me wanting to just fall asleep right there. I rolled over as instructed, she tucked me away in the diaper and taped it back snuggly. I had never wanted to be in a diaper less than that moment. Disgusted with myself I wanted to just disappear. She had gained so much power over me in that one moment. "You're not out of the woods yet." Was the only warning she gave me. —------------ Knowing why I was here was easy enough, her hand had been patting my rump. It was strangely comforting. She dimmed the lights. It had a nice effect. My head cradled at her breast, I kept nursing. If I stopped for too long she would assume I was finished or just being lazy. So I had to go long enough to satisfy her. "I think the baby needs both tonight." She announced in an almost whisper. I whined at her breast. This always gave me digestive issues. "Oh? Is the baby too tired? I guess after his punishment it'll be bedtime and not play time." I moaned again. "Mmm, then baby should drink all the milk he can. That way he has strength for play time. Mommy may let him out of that awful waffle diaper if he eats well tonight." The great thing about punishments is when they were over they were over, she didn't let it linger or hold it over my head. "You know baby, mommy finally got your tests back from the lab. They don't show any imbalances. All your levels are just right. That leaves me wondering something. If you don't have a reason to behave poorly, do you just want to be my baby?" Her hand brushing my hair back. I never responded to her. My face turned red as her hand moved from bum, down the front of my diaper. She didn't even really have to make contact to get me going, but she did, lightly at first. I responded to her touch by pushing forward. "My my, are we needy tonight? I think you should slow down and prove to mommy you can be a good boy first." She made me switch sides so I could drain her other breast. In the months since we had been together she had taught me a lot. Most of all she had taught me to not always be a good boy. It led her to want long nights of fun. Mostly because she got to "punish" me. Those times were her favorite. Oh how she enjoyed them. Not that I was complaining, the diapers still sucked but she would let me atleast "hang out" for our fun times. In the end I wasn't going to escape. I had tried, it hadn't worked. But that is a story for another day. Why? Well, it didn't have anything to do with how I got here…
  21. This story is written for the 3rd kasarberang non-contest. That Escalated Quickly By Bo Tox Chapter 1 Well, I suppose I have no one to blame but myself but the damned genie didn’t have to be so vindictive about it. Let my mistakes be a warning: Don’t make the three wishes. It never ends well. I was minding my own business while metal detecting at the beach. That day I found a fake high-end watch, a wedding ring and lots of trash. I was loading my gear into my backpack. The metal detector was still on and I sat it down near the dunes. It went off with the sound of something strong. The spot it indicated was above the high tide line so whatever was in the sand wasn’t new unless someone purposefully buried it. The sand was easy to dig in and I found a handle. Once pulled, the handle was attached to a pot. When I had it fully out of the ground, it resembled an old teapot. The teapot was a dull metal, maybe brass. It certainly didn’t look like it had a lot of value but if it were old enough, it might bring something. I tossed it in with the rest of my booty and finished preparing to leave. My diaper was pretty wet so it was definitely time to go. About the diaper, it is for convenience. If I’m making good progress while prospecting, I don’t want to stop to find a toilet. The facilities at the beach are often poorly maintained and borderline disgusting. With everything loaded in the car, it was good to get back into an air-conditioned car. Twenty minutes later, the car was in the garage and the day’s treasure was in the laundry room sink, getting rinsed off. While that stuff soaked, it was time to get something to eat, rehydrate and change my diaper. Full disclosure, diapers aren’t just for convenience. I might actually like to wear them. There’s nothing wrong with that. Lots of people do it. The microwave was spinning a pizza and half a bottle of water sat on the table while I went to get into a dry diaper. The microwave beeped on the way back to the kitchen. A fresh diaper is always a nice feeling. After eating and drinking enough to feel full, I went to the sink to start inspecting my finds a little more thoroughly. The teapot was rinsed off and put aside to dry. The other items needed another rinse. I towel-dried the teapot. It looked better cleaned up. A little shine might make it nice. A little metal polish and some elbow grease would do wonders. I squirted the polish into the cloth and started rubbing the teapot. I wasn’t paying much attention. When I looked at the lamp, it was brilliant with smoke coming out of the spout. The lights flickered a few times and the smoke grew thicker. I had no idea what was going on so I sat the teapot on the counter and backed away. A booming voice announced, “WHO HAS FREED ME?” I was shaking and might have even peed my diaper a little bit but answered, “I did, James.” “I am the genie of the lamp,” said the voice as the smoke coalesced into a head and flowed down to arms and a torso. The lower part remained a smoky haze. “Lamp? I thought this was a teapot,” I said. The arms of the genie spread and she smiled, “I was imprisoned in the lamp for 100 years. You have freed me and I will grant you three wishes and only three wishes. Choose wisely, James.” I scratched my ear and looked at the genie, “Three wishes. I’ll have to think about that a minute.” The genie looked at me with a wry smile, “Don’t take too long.”
  22. ? Isle of Foxes By Horatio Husky Commissioned by ArtMckinley Part One ”Island” Janet Parker kept her breathing steady, and her sights up. Disembarking from the rowboat after having crossed part of the East China Sea, the young anthropologist’s arms had shook even as she hauled the boat ashore. Still, after having furtively glanced around the deserted shoreline, she confirmed that she had managed to arrive undetected. Shouldering her backpack and hefting her emergency supplies kit out of the boat, she had half carried, half dragged her supplies to the jungle’s edge and hoisted her baggage into a small nestling of exposed rock. There, she would set up her camp. No fire or open forest floor plan for Janet, however. The mission she was attempting to undertake required utmost discretion, for not only was she going to have to camouflage her encampment as best as she could, but the boat would also have to be hauled further onto the island and hidden with brush. Still, Janet figured, she had some time yet. Carefully unpacking some of her supplies, she laid out the spokes and tarp that would make up her tent. Patterned the same lush hues of green as the surrounding underbrush, the anthropologist internally crossed her fingers that she would remain undetected. As she began to erect the tent, moving the expanding metal rods and tough, industrial string through the various pores of the tarp, her mind wandered back to the grueling process that had led her to the island she had been fascinated with since childhood. Maps of ‘Okidaitōjima’ had covered the walls in her bedroom ever since she was twelve. Previously known as ‘Rasa Island’ but also known as ‘Abreojos’ by its Spanish discoverer Bernardo de la Torre, who had become all too familiar with its perilously shallow surrounding shores, it was not the geography or its history that fascinated Janet. For thousands of years, the Japanese islanders who inhabited the Okinawa Islands held the island as sacred and forbidden to set foot upon. Untouched by humanity for hundreds of years, the island was rumored to be home to the only known species of intelligent, anthropomorphic foxes. Only recently had satellite imagery confirmed that the island was, in fact, inhabited. Changes in the island’s landscape and blurry images supplied by the satellite’s imagery suggested that there was indeed a primitive presence on the island. Janet still remembered the moment she had first viewed the low resolution pictures of erected watch towers and small huts, covered in leafy green vines and appearing almost as if they had been grown out of the forest into a desired shape. She had almost spat out her morning coffee when, unnoticed by her colleagues, a suspiciously orange shape appeared to be perched neatly in one of the towers. She had kept this observation to herself of course. Janet knew that if she founded her request to her university’s funding committee based on what most considered to be Japanese folklore she would be laughed out of the conference room. Persuading the Japanese government to lift the sanctions protecting the island’s shores from visitors of any kind was no easy task either. After several months of back and forth, Janet had opened her office mailbox to the welcome sight of a red envelope addressed to her personally. Inside of it, she was greeted with a letter proudly marked with the logo of the Japanese embassy. Not only had she been granted a researcher’s visa, but she would become the very first civilized human being to study the island’s inhabitants. Janet had gotten her chance, a childhood dream to prove to the world that lateral sentient evolution had occurred in other mammalian species. With any luck, after collecting enough evidence to make her claim undisprovable, she would begin a new career as the world’s first and leading anthropomorphologist. Janet regarded her handiwork, noting with a sense of self-satisfaction that her practice at home had paid off. From afar, the tent she had just constructed appeared indistinguishable from the surrounding jungle flora. In fact, she thought to herself, I’ll have to take careful note of its surrounding landmarks if I’m to find it again… After taking a moment to carefully study her immediate area, noting a particularly mossy boulder only a few feet away from her camp, she turned her gaze over to the metal and plastic watercraft she had arrived in. Its exterior had been painted a dull gray with a motley of military green intermixed with its rather unappealing color scheme. Despite having been designed to match the surrounding jungle, the glossy waterproofing it had been covered with caught the sun in a dazzling reflection. Janet made her way towards the boat, nervously glancing behind her shoulder at the looming watchtowers that just poked over the canopy of the jungle behind her. I really hope they haven’t been looking in this direction for the past hour… Stretching her arms above her head and behind her back as she strode purposefully towards the craft, she limbered herself up in preparation for a grueling haul towards the jungle’s edge. With several undignified grunts of effort and a lot of panting later, Janet was grateful to find that after pulling the boat onto the looser, dryer sand her efforts became significantly less labored. Half an hour later, Janet stood with her arms on her hips as she squinted hard at the boat, which was now concealed under a hefty amount of fallen branches and leaves. Sure… If you look at it long enough you’ll notice something is amiss… But that’s only if you expect to see something out of place. Contenting herself with the thought that after a day or two worth of tropical jungle rainfall the hidden boat would sink more organically into its surroundings, Janet waded through the sand back towards her tent. After a few minutes of anxiously scanning the jungle, her eyes alighted on the boulder she had set as her landmark and soon enough she was crawling inside of her makeshift abode. It was getting late, the sun began to cast the western part of the island with rosier hues, shifting from its lustrous, daytime yellow to a soft, warm red. The inside of her tent was growing darker at a much faster rate than the beach outside, so Janet quickly prepared her evening meal with what little light she had left. She opened one of the bento boxes she had purchased at the harbor, knowing she would have to savor the first few meals on the island as she went through her fresh rations before she would have to resort to eating dried food, and the few canned goods she had brought alone that would have to be consumed cold. Looking up, she took a minute to meditate before she dug in. I actually made it… Too concerned with ensuring that her base of operations was set up quickly and undetected, Janet had not allowed herself a moment to truly let the enormity of where she was impact her fully. She was on ‘the Isle of Foxes,’ the very one that her father had read to her when she was just a little girl. A giddy expression spread across her face as she looked down at her meal, shaking her head in jubilant disbelief. She had done it, years of university with her nose stuck in dusty books followed by a delicate campaign to convince a sovereign nation to allow her to set foot on one of their sacred islands. And she had managed to accomplish it all. Janet Parker did her best to compose herself then, not wanting to let her sense of victory and relief become premature. She still had a job to do, after all. With any luck, she would be able to use the week’s worth of time her limited supplies allowed her to glean enough data from the island’s inhabitants to serve as a milestone for the entire field of anthropology. Reaching forward, the young researcher undid one of the flaps of her tent to reveal the setting sun, gently descending down into the giant ocean pool beneath it. That day’s sunset serving as her evening meal’s entertainment, Janet took her time slowly picking up clumps of rice and pieces of pork dumpling with her chopsticks. The last hints of the sun had just barely disappeared beneath the horizon when she finished. Shrugging off her travel ware, Janet stripped down into her underwear before nestling herself into her sleeping bag. The inside of the tent was a little warm for her comfort, but she knew better than to fall asleep exposed to the elements. The temperature would drop quickly, and she would not have her dream field expedition burdened by a head cold. Janet allowed her eyelids to grow heavy, taking in slow, deep breaths as she calmed herself down to further expedite the onset of sleep. It was difficult at first, her mind was a whirl with the following day’s duties and plans. But eventually, she found herself nodding off, the muffled sounds of jungle insects and nightlife creeping into her dreams as she dozed off into a tired, deep slumber. ⤐ ⬷ Janet crept through the jungle foliage at a crouch. Every dozen steps or so, she would glance around furtively in the canopy above before slowly standing up to locate the beaten path she was trailing. The explorer had to take care to not walk on any of the jungle paths, as the likelihood of discovery by one of the island’s inhabitants taking the same path was too much to risk. This made the going very slow, as Janet had to take time to not only maneuver around obstacles such as gnarled roots or dense vegetation, but she had to do so without making too much noise or damaging the plants. This proved more challenging than she had originally anticipated, and sweat beaded her brow as the morning slowly shifted into afternoon, the island’s temperature rising as the sun continued to bombard it with summer’s radiation. As she ventured through, Janet’s eyes alighted on the various dried grass and wooden effigies that stood erected in the trees above, or swinging gently from a motley of vines like marionette puppets. Janet keenly noted that each of the wooden figurines appeared each to sport a distinct set of pointed ears at the top of their heads. This fact alone restirred the excitement of the butterflies inside of Janet’s stomach. | Still, despite the discomfort and slow traversing, Janet knew she was making progress. Her nostrils had caught a whiff of smoke, telling her that she must be getting closer to the primitive encampment. The smell of cooked fish and a strange, pungent herb had accompanied the woodsmoke. They must be good trappers… There haven’t been any reports of seeing them in the waters… Janet reflected to herself, inching her around an overturned log. Eager to see for herself, the anthropologist stopped as she spotted the back wall of one of the huts about a hundred meters away from her. Walking towards the village on the ground was far too dangerous, and Janet glanced around the surrounding trees as she decided that now would be a perfect time to execute phase two of her covert observation plan. She stretched once more, recalling the advice of her acrobatics instructor from her youth as she assessed which tree would be easiest for her to scale. Her gaze settled on a particularly large looking tree, covered in a dense blanket of vines and moss that would serve well for gripholds and traction. With a muffled grunt, Janet grabbed the nearest vine and hoisted herself up, her ankles gripping the leafy rope tightly as she began to ascend. One hand over another, Janet felt the excitement of the ascent course through her, quickly replacing the idle boredom of having to slowly sneak through the tropical forest. Janet reached for the branch above her, her knuckles turning white as her fingers gripped the aged bark enough to support her entire weight. Grabbing onto another part of the same branch with her other hand, she felt her grip loosen as her heart skipped a beat. Bits of decayed bark fell down to the forest floor below as she swayed precariously, holding on with only four of her fingers; the foliage below appeared dangerously far beneath her. She gasped, only just barely stifling the yell of fright that had welled up in her chest as she remembered where she was and what she was doing. Silently, her face contorted into a pained expression of effort and desperation. She swung herself from side to side, before reaching up and grabbing the branch once more with her other hand. To her relief, the wood held, and bit by bit she was able to haul herself up until she kneeled safely on the tree’s rigid bough. Janet took a moment to catch her breath, her chest heaving as her nerves calmed themselves down from the fight or flight response. Trying not to think about the fact that she had almost plummeted to her death, Janet quickly shuffled along the branch and began to make her way slowly through the canopy in the direction of the primitive village. A quarter of an hour later, she had closed the hundred meter distance. The smell of cooking fires and sizzling meat now punctuated the air, causing Janet’s mouth to water. Whatever the island’s inhabitants were cooking up, it smelled delicious. The anthropologist almost regretted having to conduct the research undetected, as she would have loved in that moment to break bread with the cooks of the island. She could now hear muffled voices, remarkably high-pitched for a collection of human primitives. Janet did her best to control her breath, her vision still obstructed by the large hut in front of her. She would have to creep along the branch, and do her best to glean what she could from the leafy canopy above. Janet’s right hand crept slowly into her satchel, ruffling around its contents until her fingers came into contact with the cool metal of her camera. Quietly, she took it out of her bag. She was about to begin a slow, methodical crawl across the tree’s branch when she heard the distinct sound of rustling leaves to her left. Before she could react, a voice that sounded like a squeaky child’s inquiry almost caused her to fall out of the tree in surprise. Janet’s head whipped around towards the source of the voice. Her jaw dropped open, her eyes growing wide as she beheld the sight in front of her. Standing on two paws at roughly a meter in height, with a blood orange colored fur coat, was a fox.
  23. Hello everyone Welcome to my latest story! Babied By The Sitter! Originally this was going to be 1 of 3 or 4 different stories that I was going to leave up to a vote to see which one would be released first. I now know why that Idea hasn't been done before. Creating stories is a lot of work, even ones that are mostly thought up as they go like mine. Anyway all of those story ideas will come out on here sooner or later! The download for this story can be found at the bottom of this post and will be constantly updated as new chapters get added. You can also find an archived version of this story on Archive.org which will also be constantly updated as new chapters get added. Babied By The Sitter. ====Chapter 1 Alone at last?==== Daniel was an 18 year old living with his parents. They had made arrangements to go to Los Angeles for business and partly for pleasure. Mother: "Alright I think everything is all set and ready to go." Father: "Did you pack everything? I don't want to drive all the way back here because you forgot something. I swear it feels like you always forget things." Mother: "Yes, I double triple and quadruple checked this time! I don't want to miss our Flight" Father: "Alright, promise me you wont ask to drive back if you forgot anything." Mother: "Okay, Okay I promise, now can we please get going?" Father: "I suppose so, everything seems to be taken care of." After discussing amongst themselves they yelled up the stairs "Alright, we're heading out now! Stay safe!" A faint "Okay love you! Have a safe trip!" could be heard from upstairs confirming Daniel had heard them. Daniel was up in his room on the computer talking to friends. Everyone was playing "Doodle Destroyer" a game where one group of people draw buildings and another group draw creative ways to destroy those buildings, Longest to survive wins. The sound of the door shutting could be heard all the way upstairs. Not because it was loud or anything, just because it was a big door and it just so happen to shut loudly. After a couple of hours Daniel got off the computer and decided to go downstairs and get himself a soda. He walked downstairs into the kitchen and grabbed a nice cold soda from the freezer he had placed in there about 30 minutes prior. "Wow, I can't believe I'm home alone for a whole month" Daniel said to himself. He had been home alone before, in fact he would regularly be left at home alone but this was the longest he would be left home alone at a time. Daniel decided he'd play a few games on his own for awhile, maybe browse the web afterwards before heading to bed. He grabbed is Winbendo Twist, loaded up Plumber Platform Creator 2 and began crafting some levels. It was relaxing just being home alone, no one else around to disturb him. He could make his levels and just do his own thing in peace and quite... *Ring Ring* could be heard from the front door. "Who could possibly be here at 4pm? We never get visitors, especially not when my parents are gone." Daniel paused his game and walked over to the front door. He stood on his tippy toes to look through the peephole and make absolutely sure the screen door was closed, otherwise whoever it was could just walk into his house uninvited. After ensuring the screen door was fully closed Daniel opened up the large front door. "Hello?" Daniel nervously said to the stranger at the front door not even getting a good look at them yet. "Hello is this Daniel?" The stranger at the door asked. It was a girl, she had short dark brown hair, glasses and tits the size of Daniel's head, possibly bigger and that was not an exaggeration either. She had a rather large bag with her aswell, filled with who knows what. "Yea... why?" Daniel responded still confused as to who this woman and why she was at his door. "Okay good for a moment I thought I had the wrong house! Hi I'm Ava, Your parents hired me to be your baby sitter. They said something about keeping you company while they were gone. Here I even have the email to prove it!" Ava showed her phone to Daniel and sure enough there was an email by his parents asking Ava to babysit him. "Don't worry I know what I'm doing. I have a 4.85 out of 5 star rating on 'Welp!'" Ava boasted her experience and even showed some of her Welp reviews. Daniel had to admit her record was impressive, it was actually one of the highest Welp ratings he's seen. Daniel Opened the door for her. There was only one minor detail that made him suspicious. "All of these reviews are for children under the age of 5, I'm 18. Are you sure you're qualified to keep an 18 year old company? It's a lot different than babysitting you know." Daniel stated, trying to get out of this situation and stay home alone for the month. "I think I can handle it." Ava ruffled Daniels Hair.Ava was significantly taller than Daniel, by at least 2 or 3 feet. Daniel stood at a modest 5'6'' so Ava must've been atleast 7'6'' tall, which is absolutely giant. Daniel hadn't seen anyone quite that size in his life before, but Ava seemed to think there was nothing wrong with the massive size difference. "Hey do you like movies?" Ava asked with a smile. "Yeah, why?" "Well, I just so happen to have a copy of 'Literally burning to death' by Bizney that I've been meaning to watch and figured we could watch it together if you're interested.." Ava showed Daniel her boxed copy. Bizney was primarily focused on Childrens Animation but after the success of Phony's Adult animated movie Weeny Fiesta they decided to try their hand at an adult animated movie. 'Literally burning to death' was the first movie they made for that audience. "I uhm. It's not too scary is it? I have a low tolerance for horror." Daniel quietly replied. "I don't think it'll scare you, now come on let's watch it already!" Ava picked Daniel up cradling him just like you would a baby. Daniel's whole body was being squished under her giant titties until she sat him down on the living room couch and began fiddling with the TV. Ava put the HD-VD into the HD-VD player, pressed play than went and sat next to Daniel on the couch. "There that should do it." Ava said after she found a comfortable position on the couch. The Beginning of DVD commercials came on, most of them were other Bizney Movies that were currently out on HD-VD or in Theaters but there were two out of the ordinary commercials. One for Adult Sized Diapers and another for Baby Bottles, also marketed towards adults. "What weird product placements to put at the beginning of this type of movie. I didn't even know they made that sort of thing." Daniel said with genuine surprise. "Eh, you can't really understand companies. I'm sure they have their reasons for doing what they do. Market research and what not." Ava replied. What followed was typical movie banter, laughing crying, jumping out of your seat from fear, the usual. After the movie was over Daniel got up to get himself a glass of water. Ava: "You sure you should be getting yourself a glass of water before bed?" Daniel: "Yeah why?" Ava: "I don't want you having any accidents while I'm in charge, so I'm just making sure you can handle it." Daniel: "Of course I can handle it, I haven't had accidents in atleast 10 years." Ava: "Alright if you say so." Once Daniel was finished drinking his water he went upstairs, turned off his light, got into bed and attempted to fall to sleep. After about an hour of trying Daniel finally managed to drift off to dreamland, however his sleep was far from a peaceful one. Daniel tossed and turned throughout his slumber, the scary movie from earlier was clearly effecting him. Daniel woke up the next day in a cold sweat and a wet bed. *knock knock* could be heard on his door. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!" Daniel said quietly to himself as he tried desperately to find a way to clean or hide the piss that was on his bed and underwear. Obviously his first thought was to change his underwear, but since his door doesn't have a lock on it Ava could just open it up any second and see him naked. Daniel figured that it would be worse if she saw him naked and a bed full of piss as opposed just seeing piss on his underwear and bed. A loud creaking noise could be heard from the door as it slowly opened. "Is everything okay in here?" Ava asked with a genuinely concerned tone. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Daniel rapidly apologized. "I didn't mean to I swear this hasn't happened before in years." "It's okay sweetheart, I'll take care of it." Ava said with a sugary sweet tone to her voice. "Just go downstairs and have a glass of milk, I already have a glass all ready for you. Don't worry about a thing." Ava reassured Daniel, patting his back slowly. ***Meanwhile In Los Angeles*** Mother: "Do you think Daniel is doing okay at home all by himself?" Father: "Absolutely, he's been home alone lots before, I bet he'll enjoy the privacy." Mother: "Okay, if you say so." Father: "We can call and check on him in a few days. We can't call now, it's too soon and it'll seem like we don't trust him." Mother: "I suppose you're right." ******************************* ====End of Chapter 1==== Hope you guys enjoyed and as always feel free to leave me your feedback, I love to read what you have to say! It keeps me motivated to write more stories! Babied By The Sitter ~ A Kasarberang Story
  24. I'm writing this for the 3rd kasarberang non-contest. Chapter 1 I finished the block of code I was working on and started the unit tests. As the project built, I turned to the Web browser on my second monitor and started scrolling through the videos, trying to find one I hadn't already watched. I finally found one. The title was promising. "Slut takes 3 dicks." The thumbnail showed a wide-eyed woman with her lips wrapped around the shaft of an impressively thick cock. The balls resting on her chin. I glanced back at my work. There were a few green ticks indicating that the first tests had completed successfully but there were many more remaining. I had plenty of time so I started the video so I unzipped my pants. Enjoying porn on company time was just one of the many benefits of working from home. I was just getting into a rhythm when my phone began ringing. Without pausing, I looked down at it on the desk. The caller was identified as Melanie Baker. She was the wife of Brad, a friend of mine. I was actually rather envious of Brad, Melanie was hot. I ignored the ringing and kept going. I was already imagining Melanie in place of the star of the video and myself in the place of each of the men penetrating her. My climax came long before that of the video and I fell back into my chair panting, my cock still hanging out. My phone started ringing once more. It was Melanie again. This time I answered it. “Hi Melanie.” “Robert.” She said urgently. “I need your help.” “Huh?” I couldn’t imagine what problem she could have that would need my help specifically. Surely she had her own friends to call. “Brad was working on a story. He was obsessed with it. Something about a bunch of disappearances being connected.” Brad was a freelance journalist. “He told me he was getting close but then he didn’t come home. I’m really worried.” “So what can I do?” I asked. “All of Brad’s research is in his computer. There must be some clue where he was going there.” She explained. “But I don’t know his password. You know about computers. I thought maybe you could figure out how to get in.” “Yeah probably.” I agreed, seeing the potential to spend time alone with Melanie and with her in such an emotionally vulnerable state. “I’ll be right over.” When I arrived at Brad and Melanie’s apartment, Melanie answered the door with tears in her eyes and greeted me with a tight hug. “Oh Robert. Thankyou for coming.” “It’s no problem, really.” I hoped she wouldn’t notice my growing arousal. “Where’s Brad’s computer?” “In his office.” She released me and led me to a small room with a laptop sitting on a desk, surrounded by piles of paper. I moved the mouse and the black monitor came to life, showing the login screen. After clicking around a bit and finding no obvious way around it, I pulled out a USB stick from my pocket and plugged it in before restarting the machine. The computer booted into my pre-prepared Linux environment. This gave me access to the laptop’s harddrive. “Okay.” I declared. “Here’s his documents folder. And luckily he hasn’t encrypted anything.” “Can you find the research he was working on?” Melanie moved closer, placing a hand on my back. “Yeah. I think so.” I found and opened the most likely file. “I think this is it.” It contained chunks of an unfinished article interspersed with notes, documenting interviews and contact details. Brad had apparently found connections and patterns in the disappearances of a number of people, all but twol were women. Tthe men were each married to one of the women and disappeared at the same time as her. Most of the women were scientists, engineers and doctors, many with impressive achievements in their fields. He had concluded that they had not been murdered or abducted. They had chosen to leave. Brad had been particularly interested in Rachel Harbourne, one of the women who had disappeared. She wasn’t an engineer or a scientist. She was the ex-wife of the founder of some tech company and had left the marriage with over a billion dollars of his money. Brad had dug into her investments and had found a remote property that she owned indirectly through a convoluted network of shell companies. He was convinced that he would find the missing women there. “That has to be where he was going.” Melanie exclaimed. “It’s only about an hour away from here too. You’re my hero Robert.” She kissed me on the cheek. “What do we do now?” I wondered. “We go there.” She seemed uncertain. "Right now." “It would be too dark when we got there. We'll go first thing tomorrow." I said then saw an opportunity and added “I’ll stay here tonight so you don’t have to be alone.” "No.” She must have heard the enthusiasm in my voice because all doubt was gone. “We need to go tonight. Brad might be in trouble.” So I soon found myself driving down a deserted, unlit road with Melanie in the passenger seat. There was no address, only coordinates to put into the GPS, that gave us a marker which was at least a kilometre from any road on the map. As we got closer it wasn’t clear how we could actually get to the property. “Was that a road?” Melanie suddenly asked. “Back there on the left.” I checked the screen in the dashboard. “There’s nothing on the map.” “We have to go back and check.” She insisted. “That might be it.” I slowed down and did a U-turn. She was right, it was a road, well more a dirt track. We followed it and soon had confirmation that we were in the right place. “That’s Brad’s car.” Melanie pointed excitedly. I pulled up behind it and Melanie was out before I’d even come to a complete stop. “It’s locked.” She informed me when I joined her. “He must have decided it was better to go on foot from here.” I suggested, then noticed something through the trees. “Look. There’s some lights over there.” “Let’s go.” She took off in that direction. I chased her and saw that the light was coming from the window of a large building. As we got closer, I could see it was just one of many buildings but the only one with light in the windows. “What the fuck?” Melanie said as she reached the window. I joined her looking into the building. There was Brad, totally naked, on all fours on a table. A blonde woman was standing, fully clothed, beside him with a hand around his cock. There were two other naked men, in similar positions. Women stood around the room in small groups watching. "He's joined a bloody sex cult." I tried not to sound too happy. If anything was going to get me into Melanie's panties this was it. Maybe she'd come to me for comfort or maybe for revenge. It didn't matter if it got her into bed. The blonde woman moved her hand up and down Brad’s member. Initially, he just held his position, looking down at the table beneath him but soon he started moving back and forth with the rhythm. I absent-mindedly rubbed my growing erection through my pants as I watched. "Enjoying the show?" I heard a woman's voice behind me. Melanie and I both turned away from the window to see two women, armed with strange looking guns. After taking a moment to consider my options, I ran for it. I didn't get far before feeling a sharp pain in my right butt cheek. My legs started to feel weak as I felt for the source of the pain. I found a small dart and pulled it out as everything went black. I woke up surrounded by wooden bars. I could feel that I was naked except for some weirdly thick underwear. I ran my hands over this strange garment. It was covered in soft plastic and fastened at the front with tapes. With some effort, I sat up to examine it, confirming my fear. I was wearing a diaper. a ridiculously huge puffy disposable diaper, decorated with cartoon teddy bears in various pastel colours. I tried to take it off but the lingering effects of the tranquiliser left me too weak and uncoordinated. A door opened and a light turned on. "Looks like someone is finished with his nap." A woman's face, with olive skin and framed by long black hair, appeared, looking down over the bars. I suddenly realised what the bars were. I was in a giant cot. "Who are you?" I demanded. "And why am I wearing a diaper?" "You can call me Dr. Patel." She answered. "And the diaper is so you don't make a mess on the floor." "Where am I?" I continued my questions. "What have you done with Melanie?" "Patience. Everything will be explained in good time." She lowered one side of the cot. "But right now you only have to worry about finishing your bottle." "Bottle?" I asked, confused as she took my hand and led me to a long sofa. I tried to pull away but found I wasn't strong enough. She sat me in the middle of the sofa then picked up a large baby bottle full of a white liquid and sat at one end. "Just lay down and Dr. Patel will feed you." I made a feeble attempt to resist as she guided me to lay down across the sofa with my head in her lap. She smiled down at me as she brought the large nipple of the bottle to my lips. Even though I tried to clamp my mouth shut, she easily forced it in. The nipple filled my mouth. I tried to push it back out with my tongue but that only caused the liquid inside to squirt I to my mouth. In that position, I had no choice but to swallow it. "See." Dr. Patel said. "It doesn't taste so bad." She was right but it wasn't the taste I objected to. It was laying there in a diaper being fed like an infant. I wanted to ask why she was doing this to me but trying to talk only caused my mouth to fill with more of the liquid. "Good boy." She cooed. "Drink it all up." Whatever her reasons, it was clear she wasn't going to take that nipple out of my mouth until I had drunk the whole bottle so, resigned to this, I got to work. I had finished about half of it when my stomach started feeling uncomfortable. I kept going but a little while later it started cramping. "Is your tummy feeling yucky?" Dr. Patel must have noticed my discomfort. "Don't worry. It's just the laxatives starting to work. The muscle relaxants should kick in soon and then you'll feel much better." Now realising the purpose of the diaper, I started struggling against her again. She easily held me in place and kept the nipple in my mouth. I only succeeded in filling my mouth with more of the laxatives, muscle relaxants and who knows what else. "All done." She finally declared, pulling the bottle out of my mouth. "It won't be long now." She released me and I stood up. As promised, the muscle relaxants had muted the cramps but I could still feel what was coming. I had to find a toilet fast. On unsteady legs, I made my way to the door but I found that the doorknob was too much of a challenge for my hands. I knew that what was coming was inevitable but I still tried to fight it. I ordered my butthole to squeeze tightly shut and, for a while, it obeyed. With all of my attention on not shifting myself, my bladder took the opportunity to release, flooding the diaper. I felt the pee pool between my legs before being absorbed by the paddling. Dr. Patel didn’t move from her spot on the sofa. She just sat there, watching me with a patient smile. "Just let it happen." She suggested. "Don't worry. I won't leave you in a messy diaper. I'll get you cleaned up as soon as you're done. Her encouragement was unnecessary. At that moment, I finally lost the battle and the mess filled the seat of my diaper. It kept coming, squeezing up the back and the front. When it was finished, the diaper seemed ready to burst but, despite sagging heavily, it held on. "That's some laxative isn't it?" Dr. Patel laughed as she finally stood up. "It cleans you out completely, much more thoroughly than an enema." Too ashamed to offer any response, I meekly allowed her to lead me into the next room. With each step, I felt the mess against my skin. This room was far more clinical than the first. In the centre was what looked like a gynaecologist's examination chair. At least that's what they looked like in the fetish videos I'd watched. Dr. Patel led me straight to the chair. "Sit here and I'll get you cleaned up." I desperately wanted to be out of that diaper so I did as I was told. I didn't protest as she guided my feet onto the stirrups and strapped them in place or when she fastened a belt across my stomach. A large mirror took up most of the wall I was facing. As I looked at myself in that bulging diaper I had a terrible feeling it was actually a one-way viewing window. She pressed a button and the back of the chair lowered, pulling me back into a lying position, as the stirrups lifted my legs above me and spread them apart. “Okay. Now for the yucky bit.” She undid the tapes open and let my diaper fall open. She pulled a face but got to work, cleaning me with baby wipes. Working methodically, Dr. Patel started just under my stomach and then moved down to the base of my cock. I couldn’t help growing a little hard as she began to wipe the shaft. “Enjoying the attention?” She giggled and moved on to my balls, which did nothing to reduce my arrousal. Continuing to work her way down, she cleaned the mess off my bottom then wiped through my crack. She lingered on my butthole, pressing gently until it yielded to her fingers. I let out an involuntary moan of pleasure and my cock grew even harder. “I see you like that.” She smiled, removing her fingers from my arse and wiping the rest of my crack. “You’re going to love the procedure then.” “What procedure?” I did not like the sound of that. “What are you going to do to me?” “You’ll find out in just a moment.” She wiped my lower back and after inspecting her work declared. “There. All clean.” Leaving me strapped in place, She threw the used diaper and wipes into a nearby bin and moved to a sink to wash her hands. She took her time, either being very thorough or just deliberately making me wait, helpless with my bare bottom presented to that mirror. . Finally, Dr.Patel opened a cabinet, from which she removed a metallic cylinder. She carried it over to me and smiled at me from between my raised legs. “This is why we had to make sure your bottom was cleaned out.” She held up the cylinder, confirming my fears. “And the muscle relaxants will help it go in without hurting you.” I heard a clink as she put the device aside, then felt her fingers penetrating my butthole again but this time they were cold and slimy. “Just some lubrication to help it go in.” She explained, spreading the gel. I started to grow hard again in spite of my fear of what was coming next. Dr. Patel withdrew her fingers. A moment later I felt the smooth rounded end of the metal device replace them. “Just relax.” She said gently as she pushed it inside me. I gasped as I felt it slide deeper inside me. Precum started dribbling from the end of my rock-hard cock. “I knew you’d enjoy it.” She slid the device out a little. Then back in, slightly deeper than before. “Now I just have to find the right spot.” She moved it in and out a couple more times then said. “There.” I yelped as I felt a brief stinging pain inside me. I lasted less than a second but it seemed it was enough to make my erection disappear as Dr. Patel pulled the device out of my bottom. “What did you do to me?” I asked. “I’ve just installed your prostate chip.” She put the device down and returned to the sink to wash her hands again. When she returned, she stood at my side. “Now let’s test it.” She gently stroked my, now limp, cock. It felt good but I didn’t start to get hard again. “Good.” She began tapping on a bracelet on her left wrist and my cock became fully erect. “Excellent.” She tapped a couple more times and suddenly I began to squirt cum onto my stomach and chest. Weirdly, I didn’t feel any pleasure from this orgasm. “What did you do to my cock?” I demanded. “The chip is connected to the nerves in your bottom and groin.” She took out more baby wipes and cleaned the cum off of me. “Among other things, it lets us control your erections and ejaculations. Men have proven they can’t be trusted to control their penises so the chip gives that control to someone more responsible.” “What sort of feminist bullshit is this?” I demanded. “You bitches need a good…” I stopped and screamed as I suddenly felt a pain just like getting kicked in the balls. “That’s one of the other things it does.” She tapped her bracelet and the pain was instantly gone. “Behave yourself and you won’t have to feel that too often.” She took out a tissue and wiped up the tears running down the sides of my face. “You’re going to be a good boy for me aren’t you?” I wanted to tell her to go fuck herself but I didn’t ever want to feel that pain again. I remained silent and turned my head away from her. I heard her moving around then heard a plastic crinkling sound and turned to find her back between my legs, unfolding another big diaper. I was too afraid to say anything so I just laid there pouting silently as she slid it under my bottom. Once she had me taped into my new diaper, she moved the chair back up into the sitting position. “Don’t you touch that diaper.” She warned as she released me from the straps. “Now let’s introduce you to Ms. Harbourne.” She led the way out of the room. I hesitated. “Like this? In just a diaper?” “Of course. That’s how all of the boys dress.” She held the door open. “Now hurry up if you don’t want to get in trouble.” She motioned toward her bracelet. I quickly followed her out of the room into a hallway. At the other end, Dr. Patel knocked on a door. “Yes?” came a woman’s voice. “Come in.” She pushed the door open and led me into the room where a well-dressed woman sat behind a large ornate desk. She was middle-aged but still in great shape. “Rachel.” Dr. Patel greeted the woman. “I’ve installed Robert’s prostate chip and it is working properly.” “Thankyou Inika.” The woman ignored me for a moment and addressed Dr. Patel . “Good night.” “Goodnight.” Dr. Patel left me alone with the woman. “Hello Robert.” She smiled at me. “You may call me Ms. Harbourne.” When I didn’t respond, she said. “Don’t be rude Robert. I’m sure Dr. Patel warned you what happens to boys who are rude.” I looked at her wrist. She wore a bracelet just like Dr. Patel’s. “Hello Ms Harbourne.” I said, feeling like a schoolboy greeting his teacher. “Good boy. You can sit down.” She indicated a chair in front of her desk and sat on it. “I’m sure you’re very confused right now.” She went on. “You are in a little town I have founded as a model for a new society, one where women are in charge. I was sick of being mistreated by men and after the divorce settlement I had the resources to do something about it. I made contact with talented women who shared my feelings and together we built all of this.” “So, you’re punishing me for being a man?” I asked, hoping that maybe there was some way to talk my way out of the bizarre situation I had found myself in. “Oh no honey. This isn’t a punishment.” She said with genuine sweetness. “We don’t hate men. We understand that you can’t control yourselves. It’s not your fault. I promise that you are safe and we will take good care of you. If you accept your new position I’m sure you can be very happy here.” “And If I’m not happy here?” I asked. “Can I leave?” “No. I’m sorry but I can’t let you do that.” She said, “You would tell people what we are doing before we were ready and they would come and ruin everything.” I sighed. It was worth a try. “Okay but what about the diapers?” "Men have always needed women to take care of them like you are babies and we are your mommies." She explained. “Keeping you in diapers just makes that explicit.” "I thought you said it wasn't a punishment." Maybe I could at least negotiate a less humiliating outfit. "It isn't. It is just a reminder of your dependence on us, to keep your ego under control. When a man's ego gets too big it only creates problems for himself and everyone else." She explained patiently, as though she was speaking to a small child. "I know this feels like a punishment right now because you think it is humiliating. That's just your ego creating a problem for you. Let it go, accept your dependence and you will be quite comfortable in your diapers." Without thinking, I rolled my eyes at this. “Bullshit.” I realised my mistake a moment too late. “Robert.” Ms Harbourne rose from her seat and her tone became suddenly stern. “I will not accept rude language from you.” “I’m sorry.” I said. I was about to burst into tears as I anticipated the pain from the device they put in my butt. However, as she made her way around the desk, she didn’t reach for her bracelet. “I understand that you’re cranky. It is past your bedtime but next time you use bad language you will be punished.” Her voice was already softening again. “Do you understand?” “Yes.” I nodded quickly. “Yes, Ms Harbourne.” “Good Boy.” She was smiling again. “Now, I’d better get you to bed.” Ms Harbourne held out her hand. I hesitated for a moment but knew she could force me if she wanted to so I got to my feet and took it. She led me out of her office and back through the building to an entryway with double glass doors looking out into the dark night. “It’s a bit chilly outside.” She took some neatly folded baby blue fabric from a nearby shelf. “Let's get you into this.” She let part of the fabric hang down, a pair of blue fuzzy legs. “Step in.” She held it out for me. Eager to finally have my diaper hidden, I did as I was told. The material was soft and warm. The feet were closed and had rubber soles built in. Ms Harbourne pulled the rest of the material up my body and guided my arms in before pulling up a long zip which ran all the way from my left foot up to my neck. I realised that I’d just been dressed in a footed bodysuit like a baby but I didn’t mind. It felt snug and comforting. Outside, I tried to get my bearings. As Ms Harbourne led me along a footpath, I looked for the big building where Melanie and I had found Brad. If I could identify that, I could figure out how to get back to my car. “This is my house.” She indicates the building we were walking toward. “You’ll stay with me until we decide who will adopt you.” I rolled my eyes at the idea of being adopted. Fortunately, she wasn’t looking at me. Then I spotted the building I was looking for. From where I was, I could see the entrance and, above it, a sign which read “Milking Shed.” I was about to make a break for it when I remembered that I didn’t have my keys. With a sigh, I followed Ms Harbourne into the house. As soon as we were inside, she unzipped my bodysuit. Reluctantly, I allowed her to remove it, leaving me in just my diaper again. I wasn’t cold, It seemed that the buildings here were kept at a comfortable temperature for walking around naked. From the entrance, she led me into the living room. Two long white leather sofas and a large marble coffee table were in the centre of the room, leaving plenty of space on every side. An enormous television took up most of one wall. The other walls were decorated with paintings. “Now, I do need to get you into bed.” She said, “But, before that, are you hungry?” My stomach had settled down since the laxatives and was now feeling very empty. “Yes.” “I thought you might be.” She sat at the end of one of the sofas. “Come and sit with me.” She patted the cushion next to her. I didn’t understand what was going on but I didn’t want to get in trouble so I joined her. As I did, she began unbuttoning her blouse. She pulled it open and, with absolutely no hesitation, undid a clip at the front of her bra, releasing her breasts. From my position, next to her on the sofa, I could just see the smooth pink skin behind her open blouse and the large, dark nipple protruding from that. I nearly got up for a better view but that wasn't necessary because she turned to face me, showing me everything. She then began massaging her breasts, one in each hand, kneading the soft flesh. I didn't know what was going on but I was afraid that if I asked she might stop. Out of habit, my hand found its way down to my groin and started rubbing my cock through my diaper. However it remained totally limp, apparently unimpressed by the show. “What’s the matter?” Ms Harbourne teased gently. “Is your diaper wet?” I blushed and moved my hand away but kept watching her play with her breasts. Soon drops of liquid began to form on the nipples. She looked down and smiled. "Okay. I think they are ready for you.” “Huh?” I was confused. “Ready for what?” “To nurse, silly.” She collected some of the liquid on her finger and transferred it to my lips. It tasted sweet. “This will be your food from now on.” I had mixed feelings about that. I certainly liked the idea of putting her breasts in my mouth. However, drinking her milk, especially while dressed like a giant baby, wasn’t appealing at all. “Don’t be shy.” Her hands moved to gently guide my head down into position. Frozen by indecision, I neither cooperated nor resisted and she pulled my face against her chest. I felt her firm, wet nipple pressed against my lips, demanding entrance to my mouth. Part of me wanted to open wide and get a mouthful of breast but I couldn’t bring myself to surrender to this babyish treatment. “Open up.” Mr Harbourne said, her tone as sweet as the milk I could already taste dribbling into my mouth. Resting my head against one arm, she took hold of her breast with the opposite hand and rubbed her nipple back and forth over my lips. “Come on. All men love boobies.” She wiggled a finger in between my lips and used it to force my mouth open. “Just another way you never really grow up.” I considered biting her finger but I was sure that would not end well for me. She soon managed to pry my mouth open enough to force her breast in. “There you go.” I tried to protest but intelligible speech was impossible with my lips wrapped around her nipple and the movement just made her milk squirt into my mouth. I swallowed it and the action squeezed more out, it was a vicious cycle and I soon realised the only way out would be to nurse until the milk was finished. Luckily, it actually tasted pretty good. She let out a sigh of pleasure as I settled into a rhythm “See. It’s not so bad.” She was clearly enjoying this. “We know you boys never grow out of needing to breastfeed. It’s why you’re obsessed with our breasts. You turn it into something crass but that’s just because you can’t admit what you really need.” Unable to argue, I just continued sucking and swallowing. She held me firmly against her body. “We’ve developed a way to make our breast milk a complete and balanced diet for an adult. You’ll never need to eat anything else.” Her breathing and little involuntary movements told me she was enjoying this. When the milk from that breast stopped, she moved me to the other one. She stroked my naked back, running her hand down to the waistband of my diaper and back up. “Good boy. Drink it all up.” Finally, I finished and Ms Harbourne released me. “Okay. Now let’s get you to bed.” Not bothering to refasten her bra or blouse, she stood and led me deeper into the house. “This will be your nursery for now.” She pushed open a door, revealing a bedroom furnished with an adult-sized cot and change table. Under the change table were stacks of diapers just like the one I was wearing. “Do you need a diaper change before bed?” Without waiting for a response, she patted the seat of my diaper and then gave my groin a little squeeze. “Nope. Still clean.” She lowered the side of the cot. “In you go.” When I hesitated her voice once again took on a stern edge. “Do I need to remind you what happens to naughty boys?” She didn’t need to remind me. I climbed into the cage and she pulled the side back up, clicking it into place. “Good night.” The edge was gone as quickly as it had appeared. “There’s a baby monitor.” She pointed at a baby blue plastic device mounted high on the wall. It had a camera pointed down into the cot. “So I can check on you. If there’s anything wrong, just call out and I’ll hear you.” With that, she turned off the light and left, closing the door behind her. Now alone, I considered ripping off the diaper. However, that would leave me naked. My next thought was climbing out of the cot. The bars weren’t too high. I could easily pull myself over them but then I considered the camera. I had no way to know if Ms Harbourne was watching. I decided that she’d just glance at the video occasionally and the chances she was watching right then were slim. I’d have to risk it. I pulled myself up and threw one leg over the rail. Suddenly, the pain hit me again. I let go, instinctively moving my hands to protect my groin. As I fell backward, I wet myself from the shock and pain. I hit the mattress and the pain stopped. “Crazy bitch!” I said, angrily. Moments later, the door opened and Ms Harbourne stepped inside. “I warned you about using bad language.” She turned on the light and crossed the room to the cot. I was so afraid that I wet myself again as she lowered the side. “Come here.” She held out a hand. Reluctantly, I took it and let her help me out of the cot. She led me to a chair where she sat. "Lay here." She patted her lap. "What?" I didn't understand. "Boys who say bad words get spanked." She explained. "No way." I backed away. "I am not letting you spank me." She made an exaggerated motion toward her bracelet. "Be careful, Robert." I got the message and positioned myself across her lap. She hooked he fingers over the back waistband of my diaper and pulled it down just far enough to expose my butt cheeks. Whack. Her palm came down on my bare bottom, making me yelp in pain. It stung far more than I had expected. "Why does it hurt so much?" I whined, pathetically. Whack. She gave me another smack before explaining. "Your prostate chip lets me adjust your sensitivity down there. I have turned it up to help you learn your lesson." Whack. "I've learned it." Whack.I wet myself once again as the next impact landed. Whack. The pain and humiliation were too much and I started to sob. "I'm sorry." I flinched as her hand came back down to rest gently on my tender bottom. "It's okay. It's finished." She left her hand there for a moment then said. "Go get up on the change table and I'll get you into a dry diaper." I stood up, still crying and waddled over to the change table with my soggy diaper hanging off my throbbing bottom. I climbed up on the table and laid down on the soft towelling on top.. Ms Harbourne came over to the table and untaped the diaper. “You’ve really soaked this one.” She rolled it up and dropped it into the bin with a heavy thud.. “I think I’m going to need to keep you in thicker diapers at night.” I just laid there trying to get my sobbing under control as she wiped my privates clean. The gentle, caring attention was soothing and by the time she slid the new diaper under my bottom, I had calmed down. The padding definitely felt thicker than my previous diaper and as she pulled it up between my legs, it forced them apart. I looked as she stuck the tapes in place. The shiny plastic bulged out ridiculously from my crotch. The print on this one was stars, all with friendly little faces. “Almost done. Just need to make sure the leak guards are right” Ms Harbourne announced, inserting a finger into each leg hole. It tickled but in a not-entirely unpleasant way. “Otherwise all the padding in the world won’t save your bed.“ I squirmed as she ran her fingers around my thighs. Clearly she’d left my bottom extra-sensitive. “Okay. Down you get and back into your cot.” I climbed down, moving awkwardly in the puffy diaper. With my knees forced apart, I couldn’t walk normally and waddled back to the cot. “You look adorable.” Mr Harbourne giggled as she followed me. “I might need to keep you in these overnight diapers full-time.” As I climbed back onto the mattress, she encouraged me with a gentle pat on my thickly padded bottom. “Now don’t try to get out again. I probably should have warned you that the cot has sensors which automatically trigger your chip if you get out.” She raised the bars back into place. “The same thing will happen if you get too far from one of these.” She held up her bracelet. “Goodnight Robert.” She once again turned off the light and left the room. Even sleeping was awkward in the enormous overnight diaper. I couldn’t lay on my side with the bulk between my thighs. I tried my back but the padding under my bottom made that uncomfortable. Finally I settled on sleeping on my stomach, of course this meant my diapered butt was sticking up in the air. I tried not to think about how babyish I looked.
  25. Chapter One: Hannah Castle set down the chalk and turned from the blackboard. Re-tucking her white blouse into her green and blue tartan skirt she addressed the students in her class, “These are the things I want you to pay particular attention to on the field trip today. By the time we get back I expect everyone to be able to explain, in detail, two of these events. Essays will be due at the start of class tomorrow.” “You can’t be serious.” A girl in the back of the room griped. Having been walked all over by her students last year, in part because she wanted to be the ‘cool teacher’ and partly due the fact she is less than a decade older than the kids in her class, Hannah was determined to set a strong tone that she was in charge this year. “That’s detention Sierra.” “What?!?!” Sierra yelped. “I will not tolerate back talk or speaking out of turn in my classroom.” The teacher brushed a loose strand of auburn hair from her face. “I know you’re in high school now, but I expect all of you to be on your best behavior today at the museum. The bus should be here by now, so why don’t we all head out?” Forty-five minutes later Ms. Castle’s freshman class arrived at the Historical Museum for the day’s adventure. Having previously been paired into groups, the kids were allowed to wander about at their leisure to peruse the exhibits. Their teacher roamed about on her own keeping an eye on all the goings on pleased the earlier detention she had given had apparently done the trick. Lingering at an exhibit depicting Henry Ford, Hannah allowed her mind to drift a bit to her plans for the upcoming weekend. Hit the gym on the way home, swing home for a shower then off to Ryan’s house for dinner. More than likely she’d end up spending the night, which means a round two in the morning and lazing in bed until lunch. Of course, she did eventually have to get out of bed, Saturday afternoon she had yoga and a freelance art class. Painting wasn’t her forte, but it was fun swirling the colors on the canvas. Stumbling into someone she was bumped out of her reverie, “Sorry.” “And why aren’t you with the rest of the girls?” A woman in her 50’s with graying hair and thick horn-rimmed glasses admonished. With a furrowed brow, “Are you with the museum?” “You know full well who I am, young lady.” The woman placed her hands on her hips and glared. “Now march your butt back to the rest of the class.” “I don’t know who you think I am, but you’ve got the wrong person.” Seeing that the argument had drawn the attention of some of her students she pointed them out. “I’m a teacher, too. These are my students. Now I’d appreciate it if you kindly went on your way.” The older woman turned to the kids, “She isn’t your instructor, is she?” In unison, Sierra and her friends responded, “No. Never seen her before.” Stunned, Hannah was speechless as the woman grabbed her wrist and started to pull her away, “As I thought. Ten swats for running off and ten more for lying when we get back to school. And you’d best stop resisting or I’ll spank you right here.” “No! You can’t do this!” Ms. Castle pleaded. “I’m really their teacher, I can prove it! My purse, it’s on the bus!” The matronly woman delivered a hard smack to the teacher’s rear end. “I said march, young lady! You’re earning extra swats every second you delay.” “Those are my students, they’re lying!” Hands on her hips, “Not likely, it’s near impossible to get a group of kids to agree on anything let alone to all lie in concert with each other unprompted.” “Fuck you!” Hannah screamed spinning away from the other woman’s grasp and bee-lining towards the nearest exit with an obligatory angry glare at Sierra on the way by. Tasting free air, she paused for a second to locate the school bus. Halfway there, her run to freedom was thwarted by a wretched pothole allowing the overweight security guard to pin her to the ground. “Stop struggling,” he wheezed proving his 300 plus pounds weren’t just for show, he truly was out of shape. “Ms. Givens is getting the rest of the girls on the bus then she’ll be over to collect you.” “Ms. Givens is a stupid bitch who doesn’t listen.” The teacher attempted to squirm loose. “Just let me get my purse from the bus and I can prove I am who I say I am.” “I heard that,” the older woman scowled. “Frank, drag her over to the others if you have to, we’ll do roll call and then we’ll know exactly who this mouthy child is.” Figuring the ordeal would soon be coming to an end when they discovered they had an extra ‘student’, Hannah begrudgingly tolerated the walk of shame with most of her freshman ogling from the entryway of the museum. To her horror, two full buses of girls wearing the same outfit she had selected that morning greeted her at the destination. One by one names were read off a list alphabetically until every other girl there had been accounted for, getting ready to launch into a tirade, Hannah was cut short as one last name was read, a Hannah Ziegler. “I take you’re Hannah then?” Ms. Givens looked down over the top of her glasses. “I’ll be sure to remember that name from now on.” “I’m not! I mean my name is Hannah, but Castle not Ziegler or whatever.” “That’s enough lies out of you, bend over and touch your toes!” A blank expression on her face Hannah stared at the older woman who was not impressed by her lack of movement and appealed for help from the security guard. “Frank if you’d assist please.” A gruff hand gripped the back of the young teacher’s neck forcing her to bend at the waist. With her head held down by her knees she felt the back of her skirt being lifted to expose her lacy red panties to the world. “Stop! Please! You can’t do this! I’m an adult for god’s sake!” “Taking the lord’s name in vain and not wearing regulation underwear puts you up to 150 smacks.” Ms. Givens informed all those around. “Be sure to count them out.” In quick succession five swats landed on Hannah’s exposed backside. “Ow! Stop it!” “That isn’t counting,” three more spanks rained down. Another blow landed and the young teacher squeaked. “Nine. You happy you crazy bitch?” “That bumps the total to 160 and counting begins at one young lady.” Five more smacks connected with Hannah’s reddening behind. “One, two, three, four, five…” Tears running from her eyes and snot pouring from her nose she at last counted the requisite 160 and was summarily deposited in a vacant seat on the bus. Lurching forward the bus rolled onto the road and Hannah managed to compose herself enough to start working on a plan of escape when they got to wherever they were going. ~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Two: Watching her teacher’s ass turn the same color as her exposed panties made Sierra’s side hurt from laughing so hard; it may have been cruel but when an opportunity like this comes along you have to take advantage. Out of the corner of her eye she spied a girl in the same uniform the group of girls slip out of the museum and slowly being walking the opposite direct, obviously someone else was taking advantage of the situation as well. Once Ms. Castle had been whisked away and the students filed back to their own bus, Sierra nonchalantly retrieved her teacher’s disregarded purse and began digging through in search of her cell phone. “Where’s Ms. Castle?” the bus driver inquired. Popping her head up before anyone else could speak Sierra answered, “She wasn’t feeling well. After she made sure we were all getting on the bus she called an Uber home.” “Whatever.” The bored school employee closed the door to his yellow behemoth and began the trek home. Holding the cell at an angle, the freshman girl was able to see the swipe pattern on her teacher’s phone, replicated it and was free to scroll through the contacts. One named <3Ryan<3 jumped out as a logical place to start. Firing off a series of texts pretending Ms. Castle’s aunt had died and that she would be out of town for a few days ensured he wouldn’t go looking for her too early. The next thing she did was dial the ‘call in’ number and was greeted by a series of prompts, name, date off work and date of return. Filling in the appropriate information with off starting tomorrow and not returning until Monday would buy Thursday, Friday and the weekend off the school’s radar. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A nudge from the girl next to her jolted Hannah awake. Realizing she must have cried herself to sleep she peered out the window to get her bearings and was greeted by a wrought iron gate with the words ‘St. Anne’s Reformatory School for Girls’. She’d heard of it before, generally regarded as a disciplinarian school for kids who had been, for one reason or another, removed from their old schools in favor of a stricter daily regimen. The students all lived on campus during the year and the matrons, as evidenced by her earlier humiliation, had authority granted to them by the parents to use whatever corrective means was deemed necessary. Getting out would be an issue, especially now that she was more than forty miles from home with no access to money, a phone or her identification. Hannah was hardly surprised that security was waiting to escort her to class when it came time to exit the bus. The odds of overpowering the two men and running off to freedom seemed non-existent at best so she played along for the time being. As luck would have it, the time being didn’t take as long as she expected, a twinge in her bladder gave her an idea, raising her hand she waited to be called on before asking, “Miss, may I please be excused to the restroom?” “Can you hold it until the end of lesson?” Was the matron’s reply? “Sorry Miss, I don’t believe so.” Hannah played the good girl role to the max hoping it would help. Picking up a 2”x4”x6” block of wood with ‘Hall Pass’ burned on the surface she handed it to the out of place teacher, “Hurry back.” Taking care of the business that had inspired her breakout attempt, she poked her head out of the bathroom. Hallway clear, she stealthily tiptoed towards the nearest door, checking it and finding it unlocked she gave to handle a push. Alarms blared out, students flooded the halls and Hannah was busted. In short order she found herself forcibly bent over and spanked by the headmistress for the second time that day. “Honestly, child, I don’t know what has gotten into you. We haven’t finished the first week of classes and already you’ve had to be disciplined how many times?” Ms. Givens sighed. “Mind explaining what it is you were thinking?” “I’m 23, not a child and I don’t belong here!” Hannah fidgeted in her seat across the desk from her tormentor. “Just let me call me school, we can straighten all this out.” “Very well, if it gets you to shut up, I’ll play along with your little game.” The older woman picked up the phone, finger hovering over the buttons, “The number?” The well spanked teacher recited a number from memory, Ms. Givens dialed and put the call on speaker. After three rings someone answered, “DeWitt Public Schools, how can I help you?” “Can you confirm if a Hannah Castle works there?” the headmistress inquired. “One moment, I’ll transfer you.” The phone rang twice, “Ms. Castle’s room.” “Are you Hannah Castle?” Ms. Givens asked. Hannah burst out, “No, she’s one of the students from earlier.” “I am. Who’s asking?” Sierra’s voice queried over the speakerphone. “She’s lying!” the 23-year-old teacher pleaded. “Hush, you’ve earned yet another spanking little girl.” The older woman pressed the button to hang up and stared over the rim of her glasses, “Do I need to get Frank again or are you going to take your punishment without a fuss?” Having learned previously resistance was futile, Hannah stood up, bent over and counted out the twenty swats to her already sore bottom. Prior to being released back to class a warning was delivered that if she tried running away again alternative measures would have to be employed to safeguard against that possibility. Sulking, Hannah hung her head and allowed herself to be returned to her classroom, she’d have to wait until tonight when everyone was asleep to make another attempt. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Three: Darkness crept over St. Anne’s Reformatory School for Girls and Hannah sat biding her time. Having changed into the girls clothes she was supposed to be for before lights out call at 9:00pm, she figured all she had to do was let everyone fall asleep and she could slip out unnoticed. When the digital clock next to the bed clicked over to a new day it was time to make her move. Watching for the last three hours and provided the information she needed to make her grand exit; the guard that roamed the halls had just gone by and wasn’t due for another 30 minutes. As quiet as possible she slipped out the door to her room and immediately darted two doors down the hall to the roof access. From there she had a view of the entire property, eight-foot-high brick walls encircled the school leaving just the wrought iron gate at the entrance as the sole means of egress. Using the fire escape she found herself crouched behind some shrubs plotting a course to avoid as much of the ambient light as possible to the gate. Tree to tree she darted until at last she was mere inches from freedom, a push on the old iron bars, a groan of disagreement in response and she was off the property. “Stop right there!” A voice boomed behind her. Taking off in a sprint along the school’s driveway, Hannah knew her future depended on out running whoever was behind her. If this guard was as out of shape as the one from earlier, she’d be good to go; fate, however, was not on her side. Tackled to the ground a mere sixty meters from where she started, the 23-year-old burst into tears. “You don’t understand, you have to let me go. I don’t belong here.” “Sorry kid,” the guard helped her to her feet. “Not my problem, just doing my job.” Ms. Givens had proven to be unforgiving during the best of times, having roused her from bed in the middle of the night made her downright vicious. After fifty smacks to Hannah’s posterior, she launched into a speech about responsibility and consequences. In short, the 23-year-old would not be trusted on her own. Since the school didn’t have the resources to follow her around all day, her teacher would collect her from her room each morning and Hannah would not be allowed to leave the classroom for any reason during the day. A close eye would be kept on her in the cafeteria and post dinner she was to be locked in her room until the following morning. This would prevent her from access to the communal restrooms, so a potty chair was to be brought in for her to use. Exhausted from the day’s events, the out of place teacher fell into a fitful sleep. The following morning a matron roused her, made her dress in the other Hannah’s clothes and walked her to class where a plate of pancakes was waiting at her desk. Finishing them off as the students who belonged there began filing in, she raised her hand, “Miss, I need to use the restroom please.” “You know you are not permitted to leave. If you really have to go, your potty chair is in the back of the classroom.” The matron advised drawing a chorus of snickers from the other girls. “You can’t be serious!” Hannah was flabbergasted. “Don’t I get any privacy?” “You gave up your privacy when you tried running away three times in one day.” The older woman was unmoved. “Now you can use the potty chair whenever you need or try holding it until lunch in four and a half hours.” Eying the red and yellow plastic chair, the 23-year-old elected to hold it as long as she could. The tardy bell rang, lessons began, and the clock ticked agonizingly slow under Hannah’s constant gaze. Morning devotional was first on the agenda with the matron droning on about sin and redemption; this in turn giving way to the students taking turns reading aloud from Critical Terms for Religious Studies. Devout was not a term Hannah would use to describe herself, though she did believe there must be some kind of higher power out there in the universe. Squirming in her seat she tried to tune out both the monotone reciting of printed words and the growing pressure in her bladder. She was more successful with one than the other and after a scant thirty minutes her hand was waiving once again. “Miss, please, I really need to go to the bathroom.” “Ms. Ziegler, you know what your options are.” The matron dismissed her. “Now are you going to stop disrupting class or does your backside need a reminder on how to behave?” “No, ma’am.” Hannah sighed gazing back at the potty chair. She was going to have to figure out how to escape soon or the plastic throne was going to be her only option and she really didn’t want to have to humiliate herself in that fashion. A glance at the clock, three hours fifty minutes until lunch. How had she fallen so far, so fast? When it came time for her turn reading aloud the out of place teacher stumbled over a handful of words; the increasing pressure was becoming a major disruption to her normally higher cognitive function. Two and half more rotations of the larger hand around the circumference of the wall mounted timepiece brought it down to two hours and thirty-six minutes until relief. Squirming in her chair a squirt of pee soaked into Hannah’s ridiculous white granny panties. Panicked, the 23-year-old crossed her legs to stave of the inevitable for as long as possible. Deep down she knew she had waited too long to make her decision, even if she wanted to, she wasn’t going to make it to the red and yellow receptacle. For the first time in as long as she could remember, she was going to wet her pants. Another quick spurt, the dam broke, and as a torrent flowed out of her, she idly wondered what the punishment for this would be. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Four “Ms. Ziegler! I can clearly see why your parents thought it was a good idea to send you to our school. Clearly, you are in need of some serious behavior correction.” The matron exclaimed upon seeing the growing puddle on her floor. Directing her attention to another student, “Lindsey, would you be so kind as to run and fetch a mop?” Wanting to defend herself, but unsure how, Hannah writhed in her seat, mouth opening and closing but no words coming out. After a long silence, she was at last able to gasp out, “It’s not my fault. I didn’t do it on purpose.” “Young lady, it most certainly is your fault. You knew you had to use the restroom; at best you were unwilling to go from embarrassment, at worst you deliberately peed your pants trying to ditch class in yet another feeble escape attempt. Either way, the result is all over my floor, and you won’t be going anywhere until lunch when I can escort you to the nurse to get cleaned up.” The older woman lectured. In short order Lindsey returned, Hannah set about swabbing up the puddle on the floor while the rest of the class resumed their reading. Not wanting to make her predicament any worse than it already was, the 23-year-old begrudgingly took her seat when she finished her task. Two and a half long hours later, wherein the dampness between her legs cooled and itched, the lunch bell rang. Being led to the nurse’s office a chorus of laughter followed Hannah down the hall. Wanting nothing more than to yell at everyone to be quiet, to leave her alone and that she didn’t belong here, she bit her tongue. Who would believe that she really was 23 after witnessing her wet walk of shame? For her part the nurse, a woman barely older than herself, was very professional allowing the out of place teacher to strip the lower half of her body and wash off in the private bathroom. Emerging with a small towel wrapped around herself for modesty Hannah found that the nurse had disappeared along with her soiled clothes. This is a trap kept floating through her mind as she took advantage of being alone and ransacked the nurse’s office. Trying the desk phone first, she managed to get an outside line and dialed Ryan’s number, when he didn’t answer she left a message to come rescue her and provided as much information about her predicament as she could in the short time allotted. Next, she opened all the drawers and finding nothing of value, before quickly dashing back into the bathroom when she heard the door start to creak open. “I’ve brought you a fresh pair of clothes,” the nurse announced. Opening the door and taking the skirt, sock and panties, Hannah was once again dressed the part of schoolgirl. A quick mumbled ‘thank you’ to the nurse and the pair were on the way to the office of the headmistress. She was far less cordial than the nurse had been, delivering one hundred blows to the 23-year-olds already blistered backside then ordering the younger girl to have a seat. “Well, what do you have to say for yourself this time?” Ms. Givens inquired. Trying to find a comfortable way to position herself in the hardwood chair, Hannah choked back tears to answer, “It wasn’t my fault, having to use a stupid potty chair would be embarrassing so I was trying to hold it until lunch.” “More embarrassing than wetting your pants at your age? Honestly, I don’t know what we’re going to do with you. Never in my 27 years working here have I come across someone so hellbent on self-destruction.” Crimson cheeked the 23-year-old hung her head, “It won’t happen again, ma’am. I’ll use the potty chair from now on.” “You had better. Anymore ‘accidents’ and we’ll have to resort to more drastic measures.” The headmistress stood, took Hannah by the arm and returned her to class bypassing the lunchroom in the process. Twenty minutes of sitting in her seat with naught to do but watch her teacher eat a sandwich while she was apparently meant to go hungry did not improve her already foul mood. Wanting nothing more than to stand up and demand something to eat, Hannah debated whether it was worth it or not to anger the matron further, in the end the pain burning in her backside kept her firmly planted in her seat. By the time the rest of the students started to trickle in the classroom, her belly was grumbling in protest to that decision. Biology, or more specifically, the respiratory system was to be the topic for the afternoon lecture. Still able to remember about alveoli and plural membranes from an anatomy elective she took her senior year of college, the 23-year-old tried to focus on when Ryan would get her message and what he would do to rescue her. A sharp slap of a ruler on her desk broke the reverie, “Ms. Ziegler, you’ve been holding your stomach for the last hour. Why don’t you go use your potty, so we don’t have an even bigger disaster than this morning?” “I don’t need to go, Miss.” Hannah was relieved she wasn’t in trouble for her lack of attention. “I’m hungry is all, I wasn’t allowed lunch.” Non-plussed, the matron, hands on her hips glared down, “All the same, I think everyone in here would feel better if you gave it an honest effort. Who knows, you may even feel well enough when you’re done to listen to the lesson.” Having promised the headmistress to use childish receptacle, the 23-year-old slowly stood, keeping her gaze firmly on the tile floor as she ambled passed the other students. Discretely lowering her panties, she took her perch upon the plastic throne, adjusted her skirt to cover herself as best she could and buried her face in her hands. It seemed rather silly to have to prove she was a ‘big girl’ at her age, but hopefully when she successfully demonstrated she really didn’t have to go, the matron would relax on monitoring her bodily functions. ~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Five Checking his phone, Ryan saw that he had a voicemail from an unknown number and punched in his pin to give it a listen. It sounded like Hannah’s voice, but for some reason she was whispering, and he couldn’t quite make out what she was saying. Deciding to try her cell, he was sent to her voicemail. Instead of leaving a message he hung up and fired a quick text saying he wasn’t able to decipher her hushed rambling and that he hoped all was well with her family at the funeral. In a matter of minutes, a response came apologizing for the muted tone. Hannah had apparently stepped out of the service in need of consoling, but she was doing fine now, and she was grateful for his concern. Feeling relieved, he returned to his desk at work and began plugging numbers into the computer though something kept nagging at the back of his brain. Unable to put a finger on what exactly felt off, he tried to put it out of his mind and focus on the data entry he was being paid for. ~~~~~~ After ten minutes without tangible results, the matron allowed Hannah off the potty chair. Returning to her seat she heard snickers from her classmates and tried to ignore them. It wasn’t until she sat down that she realized they were laughing not at what had just happened, but what was about to, as someone had poured a liquid of some kind on her chair. Through no fault of her own, for the second time that day, she was sitting in a soaked skirt and panties. The question now was, raise her hand and tell the teacher someone had played a prank on her, or hope that it dried by the end of class and she didn’t notice. Hoping to be subtle, the 23-year-old slowly lifted the hem of her skirt to inspect the damage. Much to her chagrin, whoever had done this had planned ahead and used lemonade so as to give her formerly white panties a slightly yellowish hue. Deciding discretion was the way to go, she lowered her skirt and sat stoically, pretending that nothing was amiss. Of course, she wasn’t the only one who was aware of her predicament. “Miss!” The girl seated to Hannah’s right called out and raised her hand. “I think she’s had another accident.” Stomping to the out of place teacher’s desk, the matron pulled the 23-year-old out of her seat and inspected. “Now I know you’re doing this on purpose. You could have gone anytime while you were sitting on your potty chair but decided to wait and pee yourself at your desk.” “No, you don’t understand,” Hannah pleaded. “Someone must have put lemonade on my seat.” “Enough lies from you, young lady.” The redness in the matron’s face grew with the intensity of her voice. Grabbing Hannah’s ear, she started to pull her towards the classroom door, “Class, I want you to continue to read from your workbooks while I escort Ms. Ziegler to the nurse’s office.” Protests of innocence the entire way down the hallway fell on deaf ears, and deaf is what she thought she was going to become once the matron had ripped her ear off. At last they arrived at the appropriate door and her ailing ear was released from the older woman’s surprisingly strong grip. With a turn of the knob, the 23-year-old was roughly herded inside where the nurse looked up from a book she was engrossed in. Abandoning the reading material, she looked up, “Back so soon?” “She’s managed to wet herself again,” the matron responded as if Hannah wasn’t even there removing her skirt to show off the yellowed panties. Directing her question to the matron, the nurse asked, “She couldn’t make it to the potty chair in time?” “She had just returned to her seat after failing to make use of it. Deliberately peed all over herself out of spite.” “I’ll take care of her,” the nurse assured guiding the 23-year-old onto the exam table. With the matron leaving, the nurse tugged down her patient’s damp underwear and cleaned the now exposed crotch with a wet washcloth. “I swear, I didn’t wet myself!” Hannah once again tried to plead her case. “One of the other girls must have put something on my chair. Smell the panties, I bet they smell like lemonade not pee. You have to believe me!” “I will NOT be sniffing your underwear, young lady.” The nurse set down the washrag and retrieved something from a drawer beneath the table. “Now I tried to be nice to you before, but it’s my job to ensure the health and safety off everyone in this school. And since we can’t have you running around leaving puddles all over the place just because you don’t want to be here, I’m afraid I’m going to have to resort to a bit of a drastic measure. Lift your bottom for me.” Watching in horror as a large, bulky diaper was unfolded in front of her eyes the 23-year-old started to cry, “No, please, you can’t do this. I’m an adult, I don’t need diapers.” “I have no doubt you can control your bladder, that you choose to empty it at your desk instead of the restroom is the issue. The diaper is to protect other students from your bodily fluids.” Pinching Hannah’s butt, the nurse slid the padding into place when the younger girl jumped in response. “If you start behaving, you may only have to wear them for a few days. If not, well, it you’ll be in them considerably longer.” Knowing she couldn’t allow herself to be diapered without a fight, Hannah swatted the nurse’s hands away, she made an argument she thought she’d never have to make again after the age of three. “What about pullups then? That way people are protected, and I can use the bathroom when I need to.” “Sorry, kid, but you don’t get a vote.” The nurse expertly placed her body across her charge’s midsection to shield against any escape attempt or effort to stop the proceedings. Pulling the diaper up between the younger girl’s legs, it was soon fastened in place with a pair of plastic pants over top. “I’ll come get you after dinner and change you into your nighttime diaper. I’ll change you again before breakfast and at lunch and those are the only three changes you’ll get each day. Understand?” Trying to pull off the plastic pants, Hannah realized they were locked in place. With a pout she gave up for the time being, “Yes, ma’am.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Six Since she had ‘ruined’ two skirts already that day, a third was not forthcoming as Hannah was led back to class with nothing to cover her shameful new underwear. Raucous laughter greeted her, but thankfully the matron put a quick end to it and the remaining two hours of lessons passed with little else in the way of excitement. Dinner was a lonely affair as the other girls refused to sit near her, a small favor in an otherwise bad day. Managing to finish four tacos and two glasses of milk, she no longer felt like she was starving after being forced to miss the midday meal. True to her word, the nurse collected her after the meal was completed. Diaper still dry, a second was layered over top to ensure no leaks until the morning change twelve hours away. From there Hannah was locked in her room with nothing to do except try to find a way out of her crinkly prison. Searching the drawer in her room, she found a pair of rounded safety scissors and set to work on the plastic pants. Hacking, sawing and stabbing at the offending garment for over an hour produced negligible results and only served to make her feel sweaty and gross. Staring out the window of her room, the 23-year-old hoped Ryan came to save her soon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “I wonder how long we can keep her trapped there,” Sierra beamed holding up her former teacher’s phone in front of a room full of her friends. “I mean, I’ve got her boyfriend under control for now, so he won’t be looking. Maybe we should call her new school and check on her.” “Do it!” They chanted in unison. “Okay!” Sierra dialed St. Anne’s Reformatory School for Girls and waited for an answer. “Yes, I’d like to check on my daughter Hannah.” A long pause from the person on the other end of the phone had the girls gathered around holding their breath. “I’m afraid she’s been in a bit of trouble lately. Seems she’s been wetting herself deliberately and has had to be diapered to protect the other students.” Sierra had to keep her friends from giggling too loud at the news. “Yes, she’s always been a handful, that’s one of the reasons we chose to send her there. If you think it helps, you have our permission to keep her in diapers for the rest of the year. Do you think I could speak with her for a moment?” “If you could hold for a couple minutes, I’m sure that can be arranged.” Four minutes of crappy hold music later Hannah’s voice came over the phone, “Hello?” “Well hello Ms. Castle! I hear you’ve been a naughty girl and got yourself in diapers!” Sierra absolutely sparkled. Recognizing the voice, the 23-year-old begged, “Sierra! Please, I’m sorry I gave you detention. You have to tell them the truth and get me out of here!” “I don’t know,” the freshman girl responded. “I think you toddling around in diapers is kind of cute. You’ll have to come up with a very convincing argument to get me to change my mind.” “Automatic ‘A’, no detention ever, whatever you want! I can’t stay here!” Hannah implored. Hitting the ‘End’ button, Sierra and her friends broke down into fresh fits of laughter. This was too good to pass up, and while they hadn’t planned it, they certainly weren’t going to look the proverbial gift horse in the mouth. Hoping to prolong their teacher’s agony, Sierra fired off a series of texts to <3Ryan<3 explaining that her aunt’s death had given her cause to evaluate her life and that she was breaking up with him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Furious beyond belief after the conversation with her student, Hannah threw the phone against the wall shattering it. She was about to throw whatever she could find when Ms. Givens latched onto her arm, twisted and bent her over the desk. Several hard smack to her thighs and the 23-year-old was a mess of tears and anger. Spinning around she landed a backhand to the headmistress’s face and bolted for the door. Two security guards blocked her path from there and she was once again trapped with little hope of escape. An exceedingly long and hard spanking later, Hannah was unceremoniously dumped in her room for the night. Despite the clock reading half passed eight in the evening, she was exhausted from her day and soon fell to sleep. Waking up at a quarter to four in the morning, the former teacher desperately needed the bathroom. Pacing about and pressing a hand between her padded legs, the 23-year-old tried to stave off the inevitable as long as she could. The nurse would be around to collect her in a little more than two hours, perhaps if she could hold it that long she’d get a reprieve to use the bathroom. Time ticked agonizingly slow, the teacher-turned-student bounced around her room and a few minutes before six she lost the battle to keep her pants dry. The relief was immediate but soon turned into revolution as she was now forced to wear her urine around until someone else decided to set her free. Wriggling, she flopped back on her bed only to be awoken by the nurse several minutes later. Allowed a brief shower, then clad in a fresh diaper, it was off to breakfast and the torment that was sure to be waiting for her there. Much like the previous evening, nobody seemed to want to associate with the diapered girl. Nibbling on some fresh fruit and a muffin, the 23-year-old sat in solitude and wondered what was taking Ryan so long to rescue her. Surely by now he’d have listened to the voicemail, why hadn’t he shown up and whisked her away? It had to be Sierra. She must have sent him a text and convinced him everything was okay. As the matron came to escort her to the classroom, Hannah started to formulate a plan to speak with him directly, no more messages. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Seven Ryan received the text telling him that Hannah was leaving him when he awoke for work early Friday morning. Having been dating for a while, he seriously doubted she would end things in that manner and tried calling but was sent to voicemail. With little other choice, he got ready for another exciting day of data entry and headed into the office, the entire time preoccupied by the strange way his girlfriend had been acting recently. Informing his boss he needed the afternoon off to attend to personal matters, he slogged away at the computer terminal in front of him until 11:00am. As quickly as possible he logged out, ran to his car and dialed DeWitt Schools on his cell phone. In a matter of minutes, a man’s voice answered. Apparently, he was the substitute the school had called in due to the regular teacher’s illness. Hanging up, he knew something was terribly wrong, why would Hannah tell him she had a funeral and the school that she was sick. Scrolling through the contacts on his phone he found his wayward girlfriend’s parents’ number and hit send. They in turn informed Ryan that their daughter had not said anything about being ill, and that there was no Aunt Sally. Telling them not to worry, he would get to the bottom of this mystery, he looked up just in time to see himself speeding through a red light. ~~~~~~~~~~ Midway through the morning’s geography lesson, Hannah lost her battle to keep her pants dry and thoroughly drenched her diaper. Telling herself it was a necessary evil if she was going to put her plan to use the nurse’s phone in motion didn’t take away the disgust she felt with every squish in her seat. By the time lunch rolled around she was almost willing to accept a fresh diaper without much fuss just to be rid of the urine soaked one strapped to her waist, but that wasn’t part of the strategy. As the nurse turned to throw away the used garment, the 23-year-old concentrated really had and began to pee on the exam table. “Young lady! You stop that right now!” the nurse chastised. “I hope whatever rebellious reason you had for that was worth it because your already bruised butt is certainly going to pay the price.” Remaining silent, Hannah allowed the new diaper to be taped on and locked in place. When the nurse left the room to find a mop, locking her charge in the office as a precaution, Hannah made a beeline for the phone. The first number she tried was Ryan’s cell phone, five rings later and no answer she moved on to his office line. Still no answer. Redialing his cell, she planned on calling until he picked up, no voicemails this time. On the third attempt, a hand came over her shoulder and ended the call. “Just what do you think you’re doing?” “Um. Ah. I’m…” the out of place teacher sputtered. “Don’t even bother trying to lie.” The nurse thrust a mop in Hannah’s direction. “I can see giving you a change midday just gives you an opportunity to be naughty. Perhaps we should do away with it and keep you double diapered through the day as well as at night. I’ll just have to come to your room before breakfast and after dinner to attend to your needs; but at least that way you won’t be able to cause trouble.” “No! That isn’t fair!” the 23-year-old protested. A stern look, “What isn’t fair is having a teen girl peeing all over the place. Now let’s get you to the headmistress for your punishment so maybe you’ll have time to eat lunch today.” Not wanting a repeat of yesterday afternoon, Hannah begrudgingly submitted to her fifty spanks. Tears still streaming down her cheeks, she managed to make it to the lunchroom in time to snag a turkey sandwich, some Cheetos and a Coke. Wolfing them down in short order, the matron escorted her back to class for the start of the afternoon lesson in Family Studies. The girls were separated into groups of five and each was given a job to hold the family together, to nobody’s surprise the diapered girl was labeled the baby of her family. Playing the 1990 classic ‘Oregon Trail’, they had to work together as a unit to decide when to press ahead, how to ration food and at what pace to travel. As a history teacher, Hannah was knowledgeable in the time period and fully expected to make the journey easier on everyone by offering helpful insights. Unfortunately, the rest of the group thought the only thing the baby was good for was sucking her thumb and piddling her pampers. Having ignored her suggestions, the 23-year-old really didn’t care if they failed the assignment, it wasn’t as if she actually attended the school. Surprisingly, the group was only one of two that managed to navigate the harsh conditions. When it came time to present how they had managed the feat, the group’s leader gave credit to herself and the other three for the collaboration. The matron thanked them for their candor and asked, “What about the fifth member of your group? Did she not participate in the exercise?” “She did.” The group leader responded lifting Hannah’s skirt and rubbing the soggy padding between her legs. “She played the part of baby to perfection.” Blushing, the out of place teacher swatted the other girl’s hands away and returned to her seat, but not before a chorus of laughter echoed around the room. They didn’t understand she sulked; she didn’t want to use the diaper, but the stupid school was making her. She had tried holding it before; it was really uncomfortable and just ended up with her wetting her pants anyway, so why not let go when she had to? Once Ryan came to save her, everything would be better. She’d be free and no more wet diapers, but what was taking him so long? ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Eight Sierra was absolutely giddy leaving school Friday afternoon. Two whole days with no homework was just what the doctor ordered. Well, that and the excitement of checking on how Ms. Castle was doing in her new role. Gathering her friends around her on the bus ride home, she fished out her former teacher’s phone and called St. Anne’s. After a couple rings, she was greeted by a secretary inquiring how she could be of service. “Yes, I wanted to check on Hannah. See if her behavior had improved any.” “I’m afraid not.” The voice replied. “She’s in class now, would you like me to let her know you called?” Thinking for a second Sierra grinned, “No, that’s alright. Might I speak with Ms. Given’s please?” In a matter of seconds, the two were connected and the headmistress asked, “Mrs. Ziegler, I regret to inform you that your daughter seems hell bent on urinating on everything she can; perhaps I could get you to authorize an alternative way of managing this?” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dinner was pepperoni pizza, traditionally one of Hannah’s favorites, spoiled a bit this time by the sopping wet diaper strapped to her waist. A couple bread sticks and three slices later, she was being shepherded by the nurse to her room for the evening change. Having decided to accept it and get it over with, the 23-year-old lay on her bed, allowed the nurse access to her formerly private parts and let out a gasp of surprise when she felt something sliding inside her. “What was that?” “Your mother called earlier and agreed that since you seem to want to use your control of your bodily functions to try manipulating me, that it might be best if we take that control away until you learn your place.” Sitting up, Hannah saw a small tube sticking out of herself, “What’s that?” “That is a catheter. It will ensure that you can’t hold out and pee all over during your changes. Take these,” the nurse produced two pills and a glass of water, “they’ll help.” “You’re making me incontinent!” the 23-year-old was flabbergasted. “You can’t do that! Take it out!” Simply pulling the diaper up between her charges legs as pee began to drip onto the thirsty padding the nurse replied, “As I said, we have permission. Now take your pills.” Wondering how much worse things could get, Hannah swallowed the medication, if only to protect her bruised derriere. “What are they for?” “I noticed you haven’t had a bowel movement in the last two days. One is a stool softener, the other is designed for gentle overnight relief of your constipation.” Eyes bulging, the diapered girl looked down to see the plastic pants being locked into place. Pawing at the garment, “Wait, no!” “Everything will be alright and remember that tomorrow is Saturday, so you’ll be allowed to sleep in a bit, but I’ll be by in the morning to check on you.” The nurse walked to the door, closing and locking it behind her. “Wait! Come back! You can’t do this to me!” Hannah pounded on the room’s only means of escape. For over an hour she kicked and clawed, but no one came to her rescue. Flopping back on the bed, she could already feel a dampness growing in her crotch. Double diapered, there really wasn’t much chance at a leak, but she still had to find a way to get the infernal plastic pants off before an even worse disaster ensued. Unsure of how long she tugged and shimmied in vain, the 23-year-old awoke at quarter to five in the morning with a rumbling in her tummy. Frantic, she resumed her quest to beat the door down to no avail. Sopping wet diaper already hanging heavily on her hips, a cramp doubled her over in pain. It was then her body betrayed her and involuntarily squatted to release two days’ worth of muck into the seat of her pants without her say so. One last gaseous eruption brought her torment to an end, and the former teacher sobbed as her legs gave out and she sank down into her mess with a squelch. Laying there on the floor, curled up in the fetal position, Hannah couldn’t help but feel sorry for herself. How had her life come to this? For two hours, she wavered between sorrow and anger at the events of the last couple days, until the nurse arrived and let her free to shower the disgusting mess off. Steamy water cascading down her body provided a temporary reprieve, but all good things come to an end, and sooner than she would have liked the nurse was laying the 23-year-old down on a bench in the communal bathroom to tape on a clean diaper. Resigning herself to her fate, she covered her eyes and pretended there weren’t a bunch of teen girls around to witness her humiliation. ~~~~~~~~~ Standing alone in a room and staring passed the video camera in front of him, Ryan fixed his gaze on the television behind it which displayed the courtroom he was attending virtually. Apparently when you slam into a car while talking on your phone, and running a red light, and the other driver is injured, it’s a misdemeanor, which would be why he was facing a judge this morning. Even if there hadn’t been witnesses, the camera mounted to the traffic light had him on camera. The best bet would be to admit his guilt and plead for leniency from the court. “Do you understand the charge against you?” the judge was asking. Looking solemn he replied, “I do your honor.” “And you understand that if you plead guilty today that your license will be suspended for six months and you could face up to 120 days in jail?” “I do your honor.” “Very well, a plea of guilty will be entered in the record and sentencing will be scheduled one week from now. Defendant is released on his own recognizance.” Flipping to the next manila folder in front of her the judge read off the next docket number and Ryan was free to leave the courtroom. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Nine Headmistress Givens scrolled lackadaisically through her emails, most of it spam the same as everyone else on the planet, until she noticed one from the Ziegler’s. Opening it to see if they had any ideas for their disruptive daughter her mood quickly shifted from bored to terrified. They had been galivanting around Europe when much to their surprise they received a call from their housekeeper reporting their daughter was back home. Two things became immediately clear, the girl she had thought was Hannah Ziegler most certainly wasn’t, and that the Ziegler’s actual daughter must have slipped away the day of the field trip. Firing off a response, she informed the flummoxed parents that their daughter had run away but that the school was in the process of sending security to retrieve her post haste. Now what to do with the other Hannah? Apologizing and letting her go seemed the sanest course of action, but the woman would certainly bring forth a lawsuit over her treatment that would undoubtedly close St. Anne’s down for good. A deep breath to calm herself down, the headmistress pressed a button on the intercom and requested Hannah be brought to her office. ~~~~~~~~~ Hanging out at the mall, Sierra was somewhat surprised when a call came in on her former teacher’s phone from the DeWitt Police Department. Answering, she queried, “Hello, how can I help you?” “Not to bother you ma’am,” the gruff voice began. “But we received a report that you might be in danger. Is everything alright with you?” Realizing that Ryan must have gone to the police about his disappearing girlfriend, Sierra replied, “I’m quite fine. Did my ex-boyfriend put you up to this? I’m sorry that you had to get involved, but he’s been a bit erratic lately and I’m doing my best to separate myself from him.” “No worries, ma’am.” The voice reassured. “He said you were in danger and we had to check it out, you understand.” “Of course,” the high school freshman answered. “Thank you for being so concerned. I’d appreciate it though if you could try to keep him from trying to contact me in the future.” “Yes ma’am.” The officer acknowledged. “I will be sure to let him know that you are just fine and that he is not welcome to contact you.” ~~~~~~~~ “Let me out!” Hannah banged on the door to her room. “I really need to use the bathroom!” Silence answered. A full two minutes of it. Slinking down to the floor, the 23-year-old clenched as hard as she could but the pressure on her backside was too strong. What hadn’t been expelled earlier was now making itself known and the former teacher was desperate to stop it from making an exodus now. Hand clasped firmly to her behind, she was taken aback when a matron came around and requested her to follow. “Where are we going?” Not bothering to look back the matron replied, “The headmistress wants to see you.” “Oh.” Hannah was unsure what to make of this development, she hadn’t done anything to get in trouble lately, so she didn’t know what her sore bottom was in store for now. Still trying to hang on to as much dignity as she could, the 23-year-old kept a hand pressed to her backside as she entered the older woman’s office. Curtseying without giving up her fight she asked, “What do you require, ma’am?” “You’re dismissed,” Ms. Givens addressed the matron. Alone in the room she looked over the girl in front of her. “It comes to my attention that you may be telling the truth.” “Yes! I told you I’m really 23 and a schoolteacher!” “And therein lies the problem,” Ms. Givens inhaled. “You’ve been subjected to our methods without consent. Now, I could let you go, but you’d probably sue.” “I wouldn’t.” Hannah did her best to reassure the older woman while maintaining what little control she had over her bowels. “You let me go back to my school and I’ll forget all about what happened here.” Leaning back in her chair, the headmistress frowned, “I wish I could believe you.” “You can, I can forget all of this, just let me go!” Both hands pressed to her backside Hannah bent over in an attempt to remain untainted and failed. “How I wish that was true,” The older woman commented as she watched the girl before her squat down and the diaper she was wearing balloon out. “Unfortunately, I cannot risk this school on your whims. Which unfortunately means I’m going to have to make sure you can’t tell anyone what you’ve experienced.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~ After the earlier close call with the police, Sierra was unsure if her ruse had been discovered. Mulling it over a bit, she dialed St. Anne’s Reformatory School. In a matter of moments, she was connected with Ms. Givens. “How is my Hannah doing?” “She isn’t your daughter, is she?” The headmistress queried. Taken by surprise, the teen wasn’t sure how to answer, “I’m, ah, she’s, what?” “As I thought, she really is your teacher. Which leaves us somewhat dependent upon each other.” Ms. Givens countered. “As much as I would like to be mad at you, we’re somewhat reliant on each other at this point. Even though I’ve discovered the truth, I cannot release her now or the school would be ruined. I can find a way to keep her here indefinitely if you can manage to keep anyone from inquiring about her.” Flabbergasted, the 14-year-old responded, “I mean, I guess I could try. What are you going to do to Ms. Castle?” “In all likelihood, I’ll move her somewhere I can keep a close eye on her. That way we won’t have to worry about her chances of escape.” Hanging up, the young teen couldn’t help but think about the early bedtimes and droopy diapers that lay ahead for her former teacher. This was turning out to be the best prank ever pulled at DeWitt High School no questions asked, too bad she wouldn’t be able to tell anyone outside of her friends about it. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Ten Under the cover of the Saturday night darkness at a pay phone outside the town gas station seemed like the perfect place to make the call Ms. Givens once thought she’d never make. Punching in the numbers a man picked up on the third ring and the headmistress queried, “Brian?” “Yep. Who’s this?” Breezing passed a reply and onto the matter at hand, “Once upon a time you made me an offer to assist with a troublesome student in need of a more permanent solution. Does that still stand?” “It does!” the man sounded excited. “Give me the details on her and I can start right away on making arrangements for her arrival to town.” ~~~~~~~~~~ Thirteen hours and thirty-seven minutes. That’s how long Ryan had been seeking a ride on both Uber and Lyft for someone to chauffer him to St. Anne’s Reformatory School when early Sunday morning a response came saying a driver was eight minutes away. Forty minutes after that he was at the front gate and leaving a five-star review. Ringing the bell he briefly explained the situation and was admitted onto campus. “You said you were looking for Hannah Castle?” Ms. Givens asked offering him a seat. “Yes.” He said sitting down. “I received a voicemail from her the other day mentioning the name of this school and nobody has seen her since before that.” “She was here briefly,” the headmistress conceded. “We accidentally thought she was a student that had wandered off on a field trip but once we realized our error, we let her go. That must be when she called you, to get a ride home.” “So, she was here but is gone now?” Perking up a bit because he was buying her story, Ms. Givens continued. “That’s right. We ended up giving her a ride when nobody answered. One second, I have the address where she was dropped off at here somewhere. Ah, there it is, 430 N. Scott Rd.” “That would be her apartment building.” Ryan sighed. “Did she say anything that might give a clue where or what she was planning on doing once she was home?” When the headmistress told him no, the more-confused-than-ever-boyfriend thanked her for her time and the generous offer of a ride, but his Uber driver was waiting at the gate. Returning home, he contacted Hannah’s parents once more, but they hadn’t heard from her either. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Hannah lay on her back with a cold wet wipe removing the urine from her crotch and wondering what exactly was planned for her. There was no way Ms. Givens could get away with keeping her here now that she knew the truth about her identity. The old bat would have no choice but to let her go, all she had to do was wait it out. Snapped out of her reverie by a pinch to her backside, the 23-year-old lifted her hips so a fresh diaper could be taped on. As the nurse left, Ms. Givens entered. “Let’s get you dressed, it’s time we got you out of here.” I knew it, Hannah thought to herself, she just needed time to realize it. “Do I get my panties back?” “But you look so cute in your diapees.” The headmistress gave a pat to the younger girls padded bottom. “Besides, panties are for girls who can control their bladders.” “You know I can.” Hannah glared at the older woman. “I wouldn’t be too sure of that, you just got changed and you’re already a bit damp. Now get some clothes on, there’s a man who’s been looking for you for quite some time here to collect you.” A wave of relief washed over the teacher, abandoning the argument she hurriedly pulled on a skirt. Since nothing in the room belonged to her, there was nothing to gather and Hannah was soon following the headmistress down the hall towards the entrance. Stepping outside the sight of a moving truck and a tall, dark-haired gentleman greeted her. “That’s not Ryan. What’s going on?” “I’m here to take you home little girl.” The man said, walking over to her and in a flash, he had injected her with a needle. ~~~~~~~~~~ It was dark out when Hannah awoke, her hands and feet were bound, and her mouth was gagged. Struggling in vain in the passenger seat of the moving truck as it barreled down an unknown highway earned her a smirk from the man driving. Scared, she sank back down in her seat to realize her diaper was leaking, her eyes soon followed suit until her body was racked with full blown sobs. “It’s okay, baby.” The man stroked the 23-year-old’s hair. “I know you probably have a lot of questions, and I promise I’ll answer them soon enough, but for now I need you to relax. Can you be a good girl and do that for me?” Wanting nothing to do with this man, his explanations or whatever hell he was taking her too, the teacher started to bang on the window desperately hoping to gain the attention of a passing car. Several muffled grunts escaped through the gag as she put all her effort into escape as a pair of headlights pulled along on her side of the truck. Just as she could see the woman driving it, she felt a sharp poke to her neck and once again crumbled to sleep. When the 23-year-old woke again, it was still dark, and she was laying in a crib with a relatively dry diaper strapped to her hips, but the gag and restraints had been removed. Electing to remain silent for now, she studied the bars surrounding her looking for a way to lower them. When she spotted the lock on the top of her cage, she started screaming, whoever this guy was he was the only way of getting out. In short order the creepy guy was turning the lights on to illuminate the oversized nursery they were in. “What is it babykins? You hungry?” “Fuck you! Let me out of here!” “Oh, sweetie, I know we haven’t gone over the rules yet, but you should still know better than to use bad words. Are you trying to earn yourself a spanking?” What the fuck? Is this guy serious? What the hell did I do to deserve this? “No.” “That’s a good girl,” he cooed. “From now on, baby talk only. Though I suppose I should explain a few things, starting with, welcome to Preston, Kansas.” ~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Eleven “Now before you can officially start your new life here, we’ll have to go to court and make it official.” Brian took a seat in a rocking chair nearby the crib Hannah was trapped in. “There you’ll go on record and declare that you are incapable of caring for yourself and would like me to become your legal guardian. The-” “Why the hell would I do that?” the 23-year-old exclaimed in disbelief. A sharp look in the diapered girl’s direction, “You no longer have a job, a place to live or any money. You obviously need someone to help care for you. Besides, if you refuse to do it voluntarily, I can have a doctor come in and testify to your helplessness and as I was saying before you rudely interrupted, the judge is a personal friend of mine. I WILL be given legal custody of you, and if you make me angry, I WILL find ways to make your babyhood worse.” “Babyhood? I’m 23. Don’t you think people will find it fucked up that your ‘baby’ is actually an adult?” “Not in Preston. It’s a haven for girls such as yourself who, for one reason or another, have been declared incompetent and need caregivers. Some are willing participants, and others need a bit of persuasion, but those that do, eventually come around to enjoy their new life.” Incredulous, Hannah shook the crib bars, “Let me out of here! I’m not going to be your baby ya fucking psycho!” Calmly standing, the man walked to the makeshift prison his captive was in and unlocked it. In one swift movement he yanked Hannah out, ripped off her diaper and began to spank her already bruised backside. Ignoring her pleas for mercy, he wailed away until the former teacher was a blubbering mess then angrily deposited her back in the crib leaving the used diaper on the floor. “It doesn’t have to be this way. Just accept the amazing opportunity you’ve been presented to live carefree; no worries, no responsibilities and if you’re a good girl, no spankings.” Simultaneously trying to soothe her throbbing bottom and keep her nakedness hidden, Hannah croaked out between sobs, “I don’t want to be a baby.” “How do you know until you try?” Brian’s tone softened and he gently stroked her back. Spotting urine dripping from the catheter onto the plastic sheets, “How about we get you into a fresh diapee?” The question was rhetorical, and the 23-year-old knew it, allowing him to carry her to the change table and lay her on it in the hope that if she complied, she wouldn’t be hit again. “Why me? Why am I so special to you?” “I’ve been looking for a troubled girl for quite some time now. Someone who needs a second chance to be raised right, so she won’t be a delinquent.” He pulled a thick pink diaper from under the table and slid it beneath her. “But I’m not delinquent. I’m a teacher.” “Sure you are, sweetie.” A wet wipe in hand he delicately cleaned her intimate area. “It’s good to have dreams about what you want to be in case you grow up right this time.” The plastic garment now secured snugly to her waist, Hannah sat up, “Grow up?” “In Preston Little One’s are assigned an age and progression type within a week of moving in. I’ve decided that you’ll be starting anywhere between newborn and one year old depending on how complaint you are in court. Now I’m not a fan of the ‘static’ option for aging, which would be you remaining your starting age the rest of your life. So, I’ll either assign you ‘natural’, in which you age at a normal rate or ‘variable’ wherein you only age when I allow it. As you may have guessed, that too will depend on your behavior in front of the judge.” Gulping, not only at the implications of what he was saying, but also at the ease with which he was carrying her down a hallway towards what appeared to be a kitchen, the 23-year-old realized escape was not going to be easy. As she was placed into a highchair with locking table, she asked, “Is that all?” “Not quite.” He turned to open the refrigerator and pull out a bottle of milk to warm in the microwave. “As a baby you’ll of course be expected to make use of a vocabulary that’s age appropriate. There’s also an option to have you breastfed. I’d of course hire a wet nurse should you earn that particular punishment.” “If I understand this then, if I don’t do exactly what you want at the guardianship hearing, you’ll hire a doctor to ensure I’ll end up your baby regardless. In turn, I’ll most likely be a newborn that gets breastfed and never ages.” The microwave beeped, Brian tested the warmth of the milk and finding it satisfactory handed it to Hannah. “Quite right.” Thirsty, the former teacher began to suckle the offered drink, striving and failing to keep the image of having to do this from some strange woman’s breast out of her mind. As horrible as it would be to go on record and admit she wanted this asshole to be her guardian, the thought of being stuck as a newborn the rest of her life was far worse. But could she go through with it? It wouldn’t be giving up; it would be playing the long game. Besides, if she ever hoped to get the judgement voided, she’d have to be able to argue that she was coerced into making her statement and not let a doctor go on record against her. So, the game plan was, bide time, earn trust and gain the ability to walk; if she were to start as a one-year-old that shouldn’t take too long. Then one day on a trip to the park, or wherever, he’d turn his back for a spilt and she’d be able to make her move. The sad realization dawning on her, “I’ll do it. I’ll volunteer in court to be your baby.” ~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Twelve The morning was spent shopping. As she had yet to attend court, Hannah was allowed to walk and talk like an adult; however, the clothes she was made to try on were not. By the time Brian was satisfied with the haul, no less than a dozen onesies of varying designs and colors had been purchased as well as two cases of diapers. Embarrassing as it was, the 23-year-old wasn’t the only one in this fetish town run amok dressed solely in a snap crotch outfit. Soaking wet diaper held firmly to her crotch, Hannah debated asking for a change and the opportunity to use the restroom to take care of the bodily function she still had control over. “Um, Brian, can I-” “Babies don’t call their parents by their first names,” he eyed her in the car’s rearview mirror before turning into a doctor’s office parking lot. “What are we doing here?” Finding a spot, getting out and opening the rear door to unbuckle the baby woman, he responded, “Just a routine checkup, nothing to be worried about. He’ll be replacing the catheter the school put in as well, safety first.” “Do I really have to have a catheter?” “For now, yes.” Brian held the 23-year-olds hand and led her inside the building. “After all, babies don’t control when they use their diapees, do they?” Deflated, Hannah answered, “No.” In short order, she was admitted, laid on an exam table with a clean diaper laid out beneath her and the schools catheter replaced. Rolled over, a thermometer was inserted into her backside. While the mercury did its work growing to show her temperature, the doctor took out a hollow tube and began to apply lubricant. Announced to be healthy at an even 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, the lubed-up tube replaced the thermometer in her back passage. Before she could protest the latest intrusion, the diaper was secured snugly to her hips. Trying to reach her hand down the back of her plastic prison, Hannah demanded, “What did you put in me? Get it out!” “I told you before,” Brian grinned wickedly, “Babies don’t control when they use their diapees.” “What?!?! No!” the former teacher could already feel the mess she had been holding in start to coat the inside of her undergarment. Powerless to stop it, she began to cry, “It’s gross, make it stop!” Picking her up, her new daddy gave the diaper a couple pats, “There, there, sweetie. You’ll get used to it.” Her pleas that she didn’t want to get used to it fell on deaf ears as she continued to helplessly poop her pants. With just a half hour before their court appointment, she hoped it would be over before they got there, but at the glacial pace it was going, she doubted it. Given a pen and a pad of paper on the way to the courthouse, the 23-year-old baby was told to write a letter to her friends and family to let them know she was alright and that they needed look for her. She had wondered how he planned to keep her loved ones at bay, but he was going to make her do it herself. Realizing it wasn’t all bad news, she set about the task and managed to include a hidden message she hoped someone would be able to decipher. Please don’t be upset at what I am about to tell you. Right now, I’m not sure what direction I wish my life to go in. Everything was fine, but that was it, just, fine. Sadly, the life I was living wasn’t what I wanted it to be. To that end, I’ve decided to step back and take some time to discover who I really am. One thing that I’ve always wanted to do was travel and experience other cultures. Now that may seem like something I could do with a simple vacation; I need more time than a couple weeks to truly experience what I need to make myself feel whole. Know that I love you and I will be back. Sorry that this takes you by surprise. Selling all my possessions will fund this little endeavor to start and I will take jobs as needed to continue my quest so don’t worry about me. And though I will be out of touch, I will be thinking of you often. Venice will most likely be my first stop. Eventually, I’ll tour Tokyo, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro as well. May fortune guide my journey. Elvis has left the building! Brian carefully read over her magnum opus and not immediately finding anything alarming therein, agreed to mail copies to her parents, Ryan and a few other close friends. A quick stop at the post office and Hannah’s hope for rescue was soon to be on it’s way. ~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Thirteen With a mere three minutes to spare, Hannah was toddling alongside Brian into the county courthouse. Taking seats in the front row, the people nearby elected to cover their noses and scoot away lest they have to smell the contents of the 23-year-olds diaper. For her part, the former teacher once again questioned whether or not she could go through with it; could she willing give up adulthood. Humiliating yes, but undoubtedly brief. The letters had been sent out, surely someone would break the code and swoop in to rescue her. Sighing as her name was called by the bailiff, the diaper clad woman waddled to the indicated chair in the witness box. “State your name for the record,” the white haired, black robed man behind the bench boomed. Cheeks flushing red as all eyes in the room panned to her, “Hannah Elaine Castle.” “Do you swear the testimony you are giving today will be truthful and of your own volition?” The judges nose wrinkled. “Do you need a moment, Ms. Castle?” Brian stood smoothing his shirt, “Your honor, we were running late and I didn’t have an opportunity to change her. If you would like I could do so now.” “Please do,” the judge banged his gavel. “Court will take a short recess.” Taken by the hand, Hannah was led in the direction of the restrooms. Upon seeing that Brian intended to take her to the men’s room, she stopped earning a swat to her messy backside. “They don’t have a family restroom here and I can’t go in the women’s.” “But I” the 23-year-old stammered and was dragged through the door. Immediately inside, next to a row of sinks was the baby change station. “But they’ll all see!” Plopping his charge on the now open table, “That’s something you’ll get used to sweetie. Now lay back, we don’t want to keep the judge waiting too long.” Covering her eyes with her hands, Hannah didn’t want to know how many strange men were there to witness as her bottom was wiped clean. Evidently, the onesie she had on had managed to collect some of the mess and was whisked off. Naked as the day she was born, it seemed ironic that this should be happening on the day she started her second infancy. Agonizing seconds passed as Brian dug through the diaper bag removing a fresh diaper and clean onesie. Once she was dressed again, it was back to the courtroom. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ “I’m glad we could clear the air,” Nick Roach, private investigator said leaning back in his oak office chair. “Because I don’t do stalking cases. So long as you’re willing to let her go if that’s what she truly wants when I find her.” Ryan pinched the bridge of his nose and exhaled, “Like I said, I want to know she’s alright. She disappeared from her life and nobody’s heard from her in days. If the text was genuine and she doesn’t want anything to do with me, so be it, but I have to know.” “I’ll just need access to all your texts, emails, notes, anything I can use to start pulling the tendrils of this web.” The P.I. stood to shake his new client’s hand. “I can promise results, just be prepared that you might not like them. Now if you’ll excuse me, time is of the essence, the trail grows colder with each passing hour and as you say, she’s already been gone for days.” ~~~~~~~~~~~ “I do, your honor.” Hannah stated for the record. Dreading the next question, she shifted in her seat and noticed the dampness already gathering in her crotch. How many wet and dirty diapers did she have to look forward to before she was rescued. The pounding of a gavel broke her reverie, “Earth to Ms. Castle. Why do you wish to turn conservatorship over to Mr. Watson?” “Uh, because I don’t have a job, money or a place to live,” the 23-year-old hung her head unable to look at the people filling the room. “And because I am incapable of doing basic things on my own, like changing my own diapers.” “Do you feel that you will never be able to, as you say, do basic things on your own? That Mr. Watson absolutely needs to have full control of your life?” A gulp. “Yes, your honor.” “Very well.” The judge announced. “From this point forth, you shall be deemed a ward in the care of Mr. Brian Watson, and he shall have full power over your finances and other life decisions. You’re dismissed, next case.” Just like that, Hannah was no longer an adult in the eyes of the law. Taking her caregiver’s hand, she was led to his car and buckled into her car seat. The drive to Preston was relatively short, so she didn’t have too long to wallow before he was unbuckling her to go into the town hall where her age, progression and the remainder of her life would be determined. She was about to start waddling on her own when Brian scooped her up and carried her to the rear of his car. With his free hand, an oversized stroller was pulled from the trunk. “What’s” the 23-year-old was cut off as she was unceremoniously dumped into the stroller and a pacifier shoved between her lips. “Ah, ah, you’re officially mine now,” Brian beamed pushing the diapered woman up the walkway and into the building. “No more adult worries for you.” A woman in her thirties and wearing lingerie greeted them, “I heard we were getting a new baby, isn’t she precious?” “Thank you. We’re here to finalize her paperwork.” “I have it right here,” the sex-retary held up a sheet of paper. “Let’s see, Hannah Castle, age eight months. No breastfeeding injection, that’s too bad, and the little darling will only get older when her daddy allows it.” Spitting out the pacifier, Hannah was furious, “You said-” Slapping her exposed thigh, Brian gave the overgrown baby a stern look and replaced the pacifier. “You’re no longer old enough to speak, only babble. Any attempts to do so will make the spanking you got earlier seem gentle. Do I make myself understood?” Reminding herself it was only temporary until her friends and family got her letter, the 23-year-old nodded meekly. She watched helplessly as Brian signed the paper returning her to infancy then proceeded to flirt with the lingerie clad secretary. For her part, Hannah prayed to the postal service to break land speed records. ~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Fourteen Returning to her new home, no, it wasn’t her home she thought, it was a temporary prison, Hannah wasn’t sure what else the creep who had adopted her was planning. Once inside, she was placed into a large playpen that she could have easily stepped out of should the situation call for it, and a pair of bondage mittens were attached over her hands. Letting out a sigh, the 23-year-old plopped down onto her padded backside to try to figure a way to remove the newest torture device. Forty minutes of tugging and gnawing later, she was no closer to a solution when Brian came back into the room. “Having fun, sweetie?” He walked over to the plastic cage and bent down to reach a hand between the former teacher’s legs. “Just as I thought, sopping wet. Let’s get you changed before company gets here.” Hannah knew that other people were going to inevitably see her like this, but she’d hoped to keep the number to a minimum. As much as she wanted to protest, she weighed it against whether or not it was worth the spanking, something she was becoming far too familiar with, and decided how bad could it really be? All the freaks in this town probably saw loads of women in diapers. At her caregivers prompting, she rolled over onto the changing pad he’d laid out. Four loud rips unsealed the crinkly plastic from the 23-year-olds hips. The front panel pulled halfway down, there was a knock on the door and Brian yelled for them to enter. Another round of humiliation greeted Hannah as a younger couple, perhaps around her real age, walked in to see her crotch being wiped clean. The man pushed a stroller with a woman in her mid-30’s and clearly diapered inside, “Brian! It’s about time you got a young one of your own.” “Kevin, Joan, pleasure to have you over.” Brian responded while sliding a fresh diaper under his charge’s hips. “May I?” The woman named Joan cooed and sauntered over to hover over the former teacher. When Brian gave way, she pulled the front panel of the clean diaper up to Hannah’s belly and blew a raspberry on the exposed skin. Despite herself, the 23-year-old giggled. Absorbent underwear taped in place; the adults moved several feet over to the living room leaving the two diapered women alone in the playpen. Wanting a few answers but unsure how to go about asking, Hannah crawled beside her playmate and whispered, “What’s your name? How’d you end up here?” A series of gurgles behind a pacifier were the response. “What the fuck? Do you have mush for brains?” The former teacher hissed. A loud wail pierced the room causing Kevin to rush to the playpen, “Oh, honey, what’s wrong?” Pointing a finger in Hannah’s direction, the woman wrapped the other arm around her caregiver’s neck allowing him to pick her up. Seeing this, Brian stormed over, “What did you do, young lady?” Stunned by the turn of events, Hannah remained silent. Attention then turned to the 30-something woman being comforted, “She use big girl words.” All eyes returned to the 23-year-old as she was summarily ripped across Brian’s lap. Pulling her diaper down, his hand reigned supreme with one spank landing between every word, “You. Know. Better. Then. To. Use. Adult. Words. Claire. May. Be. 18. Months. Old. But. You. Don’t. Get. To. Pretend. To. Be. Old. Enough. To. Be. A. Big. Girl.” Bawling as her already bruised derriere was pommeled mercilessly, Hannah begged for forgiveness. “I’m sorry! I just wanted to know who she is!” “No. Adult. Words.” Three more spanks blistered an already red behind. Relenting, he pulled her diaper back into place. “Babies don’t care who their friends are. They play with whomever their mommies and daddies arrange for them to play with.” Sniffling, the 23-year-old curled up on the playpen floor. Her playmate, Claire, was set down beside her and was soon crawling over to play with a stuffed rabbit. Realizing that conversation was a non-starter, Hannah pouted and watched her counterpart bounce her fluffy friend around in circles. The adults resumed their conversation, and the former teacher did her best to listen in without appearing too interested. “Really, it’s not a bother,” Joan was saying. “When we first adopted Claire, she absolutely refused to be a good baby. It wasn’t until we really embraced the ‘apple a day keeps the doctor away’ mentality that she started to behave. Have you considered finding someone to do that for little Hannah?” “I’m not sure I want her to have that kind of experience anymore.” Brian confessed. “After all I’m trying to get her to believe all adult things are in her past.” Kevin interjected, “And they can be. It’s far more clinical than adult and can work wonders for obedience.” “Did you have someone you recommend?” “We can call our man, Scott. I’m sure Claire would be happy to demonstrate.” Brian approved, Joan disappeared to the kitchen and the men broke into a discussion on sports. A few minutes later, Joan reappeared informing the other that Scott would be there in 20 minutes and the three proceeded to engage in idle banter until the doorbell rang. Brian answered to usher in a man with long brown hair down to the middle of his back. Claire began to bounce up and down while clapping at the sight of him which left Hannah the only one confused. Entering the playpen, the man pulled a magic wand from his backpack plugging it into a wall outlet and patted the ground beside him. Claire crawled excitedly to the indicated spot and flopped over onto her back and spreading her legs. The device turned on, he placed it on the front of the girl’s diaper as she wiggled and moaned. Flabbergasted, Hannah could only stare, the rhythmic gyrations of her new ‘friends’ hips bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. When her counterpart erupted into ecstasy, Scott turned his attention to the former teacher. While it had been a week since she and Ryan had last been together, Hannah wasn’t desperate enough to want any part of this public display. Scooting backwards in a playpen will only get you so far away, and in no time the wand was being teased in her direction. The man holding it looked over his shoulder in Brian’s direction, “Shall I?” ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Fifteen “Does it matter if she has a catheter? And is there any risk of infection?” Brian inquired much to Hannah’s chagrin. She was still cowering in the corner of the playpen in the hope she could somehow avoid being forced to orgasm in front of a bunch of strangers while wearing a wet diaper. For now at least, the man with the magic wand was paying her no mind as he had returned his buzzy friend to between the other diapered woman’s legs. “In the four years that we’ve been allowing little Claire to cum, she hasn’t had any issues with infection.” Joan replied. “She’s also been better behaved. The first two years after we adopted my sister, we didn’t think letting her do something so adult would be proper but…” “An orgasm a day keeps Miss Fussy Pants away!” Kevin finished his wife’s sentence. Hannah returned her gaze to her ‘playmate’; six years she’s been kept like this?!?! Poor woman must have suffered some kind of mental break and probably believes she’s a baby at this point. With no intention of living out the same fate, the 23-year-old began to wonder what would happen if nobody figured out her letter. How would she escape on her own? Surely Claire must have tried at some point before her brain turned to mush, perhaps if she met more babies like herself, she could find someone still new enough to be willing to plot along side her. ~~~~~~~~ The office of the driver’s license appeal division was located inside a dilapidated building, and much like the exterior, the interior was overrun with blight, though that may have just been the clientele. Ryan eyed one such individual who was wearing a food-stained shirt emblazoned ‘Jesus Is The Reason For The Seizin #Epilepsy Awareness’ and hoped he would be able to conclude his business quickly. The goal was to get have his currently suspended license upgraded to restricted so that he could drive to and from work, the grocery store and appointments; Ubering to work every day was getting expensive. After what felt like hours a receptionist called his name and leading him to the back. The room where they stopped had three people seated on one side of the table and a lone empty chair opposite them. Taking the offered seat, Ryan thanked them, and the informal hearing began. Each member took turns asking questions regarding Ryan’s driving history and why he felt he deserved special accommodation. Giving clear, concise answers and using manners his grandmother would be proud of, resulted in a 2-1 decision to grant his restricted license. ~~~~~~~~ The smell emanating from the playpen was horrid. After climaxing a second time, Claire had fallen asleep in the padded flooring and sometime during her nap deposited quite a load into her pants. Having nowhere to hide from the odor, Hannah found herself clutching a stuffed bunny in front of her nose and hoping one of the ‘adults’ would take care of it, unfortunately though she’d used up all her luck when they decided to hold off on her orgasms until the catheter was removed. Kevin, Joan, and Brian continued to blather away as if nothing was wrong for another forty minutes with the homeowner occasionally slipping away to the kitchen. Returning to the living room one more time he announced, “Dinner’s ready!” “Smells delicious,” Kevin commented picking up Claire and carrying her to a highchair set up at the table. Joan took the nearby try to slid it into place and lock it. Retrieving a platter of bite sized chicken tenders and mac ‘n cheese she set it down in front of her ‘baby’ sister. Directing her attention to Brian, “Do you have a bib we could borrow?” “In the drawer over there,” came the reply. “Do you need one?” “That won’t be necessary,” Brian laughed unsnapping Hannah’s onesie and pulling it over her head. “My stinky little baby is going to need a bath anyway, no sense getting a bib dirty.” The 23-year-old fumed silently, I am not stinky, Claire is. As she was lifted up and carried to a second highchair though, she felt her diaper sagging far more than it should be. Her fear was confirmed when the hard wood of the seat smushed the contents of her diaper against her skin. Mortified not because she had pooped her pants, the hollow intruder in her ass guaranteed that would happen, but because she hadn’t noticed she had been sitting in her own filth for who knows how long. Arms pinned beneath the locking tray she had to wait for Brian to feed her the pureed slop from the bowl in front of her. In what could only be described as an attempt to make her look foolish, Brian deliberately altered the pace of each spoonful of the dreadful paste. Hannah did her best to anticipate the movements, but often times she was left opening or closing her mouth too early or too late. The net result was most of her dinner dripping down her face onto her exposed breasts and the 23-year-old still hungry when the bowl was emptied. Claire was given a sippy cup of juice while Hannah was fed a bottle of milk and once the grown ups had completed their meal, Kevin and Joan said their goodbyes for the evening. Clubbed mittens and diaper removed; the former teacher was placed in the warm sudsy water of the tub. Scrubbed clean, Hannah was relieved when the hollow anal tube was removed as she was not used to having anything occupying that space; it had been a literal pain in the ass. Dried off and laid out on a fresh diaper, her relief was short lived as Brian took the opportunity to clean the irksome device, reapply lube and reinsert it into her delicate derriere. Then, with the sun still shining, she was sealed away in her crib for the remainder of the night. ~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Sixteen “I know when your previous teacher left it was a bit sudden,” Hannah’s replacement announced. “But we now know why.” Panicked, Sierra raised her hand, “You do?” “It seems she is off galivanting around the world.” Holding up a piece of paper, “She sent this letter to the school to explain things. I’ll post it on the board so anyone who would like can read it when they get the chance. Sierra most definitely wanted to do just that. When the lesson finally ended, the young girl bee-lined to the chalkboard recognizing her former teacher’s handwriting. Knowing the letter was a lie, she could guess that it was meant as a hidden message. A quick photo with her phone and she and her friends were off to lunch to search for clues. Deciding to analyze each sentence individually, she wrote them out herself in list format. Please don’t be upset at what I am about to tell you. Right now, I’m not sure what direction I wish my life to go in. Everything was fine, but that was it, just, fine. Sadly, the life I was living wasn’t what I wanted it to be. To that end, I’ve decided to step back and take some time to discover who I really am. One thing that I’ve always wanted to do was travel and experience other cultures. Now that may seem like something I could do with a simple vacation; I need more time than a couple weeks to truly experience what I need to make myself feel whole. Know that I love you and I will be back. Sorry that this takes you by surprise. Selling all my possessions will fund this little endeavor to start and I will take jobs as needed to continue my quest so don’t worry about me. And though I will be out of touch, I will be thinking of you often. Venice will most likely be my first stop. Eventually, I’ll tour Tokyo, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro as well. May fortune guide my journey. Elvis has left the building! When she had finished, the solution quickly presented itself; the first letter of each line spelled out a short plea for help. PRESTON KS SAVE ME. Googling the town name along with her former teacher’s name netted a wide variety of results. By the third page, Sierra was about to give up on finding anything useful when a court case from the previous day caught her eye. ~~~~~~~~~ “Morning sleepyhead,” Brian cooed as he unlatched the crib bars. Carrying Hannah to the highchair to spoon feed her a breakfast of oatmeal. While not traditionally her favorite, she ate greedily and was able to get most of it in her mouth. Face wiped clean; it was back to the nursery to change her soggy diaper. The former teacher was somewhat astonished when her caregiver began packing a diaper bag and told that she was going to a babysitter’s house so that ‘daddy’ could go to work. Driving two streets over, the 23-year-old was dropped off at the couple she had met last night’s house. Kevin had already left for the day and Joan was busy feeding Claire breakfast when they walked in. Leaving Hannah in the playpen, Brian issued a quick thank you and was on his way. A couple minutes later a second baby was added to the playpen and ‘The Little Mermaid’ was on the television. Realizing that if she took her by surprise, Hannah could undoubtedly overpower her babysitter and make an escape. First though she had to figure out how to get out of the stupid mittens that prevented her from being able to use her hands and find where the car keys were kept. Pretending to play with a teddy bear, the 23-year-old scanned the room in search of a key rack or purse and was pleased to see a designer handbag hanging perched atop the kitchen counter. Trusty old teddy bear as a screen, the former teacher began to gnaw at the leather strap around her wrist. It was a slow process and she had to stop every time Joan looked in her direction, but progress was being made. By the time ‘The Little Mermaid’ ended, she had chewed halfway through the restraint. A brief pause as both the movie and Claire’s diaper were changed, and it was back to work. Jaw aching after close to three hours of work, her task was finally complete, now she just needed an opportunity. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Taking full advantage of his renewed ability to drive, Ryan took Hannah’s letter straight to Nick Roach’s office. “I got this in the mail today. It’s her handwriting, but it doesn’t sound like her, you know what I mean?” “You think she may have been trying to convey a message someone didn’t want to get out?” The detective responded. “Exactly.” Ryan handed the parchment over. “I just want to know for sure, think you can find something if it’s there?” Taking the offered paper, “If there’s something there, I’ll figure it out, it’s what I do.” A relieved Ryan left the office and an overworked detective quickly scanned the note. Deciding there was nothing amiss, he figured he’d give it a couple days, call his client and let him know that his wayward ex-girlfriend really was off globetrotting. There was other, more pressing business to attend to than some guy who couldn’t handle that he got dumped; only thing to do with people like that is take their money and give them closure. ~~~~~~~~~~~ The internet was a great tool, you could find out almost anything you wanted so long as you knew where to look. Sierra had taken the man’s name that had been granted custody of Ms. Castle and gotten an address and phone number in a matter of minutes. Dialing the number, she got a response in three rings, “Hello, is this Brian?” “It is, who is this?” “My name is Sierra; I understand that you recently adopted an old acquaintance of mine.” “Look, if you’re calling to tell me how evil I am then you can stop right there. Everything-“ Sierra interrupted what was sure to be a well-rehearsed speech, “Nothing like that. In fact, I think it’ll be good for her. I was just wondering if you’d be willing to keep me updated on your progress.” “Updated?” “You know, send me pictures and stuff.” “That seems a bit strange. Can I ask why?” “She bullied me.” The younger girl had to stop herself from giggling. “I want to make a scrapbook of her new life so I can move on and know she’ll never hurt me again.” “Tell you what, I was thinking about journaling her reformation anyway, I’ll just make her a Facebook page and post pictures, videos and stories about her new life.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Seventeen “Claire! You want some num-nums?” Joan called from the kitchen causing the other diapered woman to clap her hands and roll onto her back. Taking that to mean it must be closing in on mid-day, Hannah assumed lunch would soon be served. If her caregiver were distracted by meal preparation, then perhaps now was the time to rip off the cuff and finally get the hell out of this nightmare town. Deliberately waiting until the woman’s back was turned, she gripped her now unlocked glove hand in her teeth yanking it off. One hand now free, she unstrapped the other, jumped the playpen rail and was on top of her babysitter in no time. A quick shove sent Joan tumbling to the ground and the former teacher took the opportunity to swipe the unprotected purse from the kitchen table. Digging through it as she ran towards the door, she soon found what she was looking for and yanked out the key ring discarding the rest. Now on her feet, Joan began to run after her, keeping an eye out at the pursuer behind her, the 23-year-old burst through the front door. Smack! Hannah’s momentum was halted by the hulking figure of a man who had been about to ring the doorbell. Falling flat on her backside, her babysitter was able to grab her by the ear and drag her screaming towards the playpen. The man, Scott, armed with his magic wand, burst into laughter at the scene playing out before him. “Uh oh. Looks like someone could use a dose of good girl time. You alright, Joan?” “Can you hold her while I find something to tie her up with?” The woman of the house asked. “The little shit chewed through her cuffs and tried to escape.” Pinning Hannah’s arms behind her back, Scott replied, “Not a problem. Newbies can be quite a handful.” In short order the pair had the former teacher trussed up to make a dominatrix proud and the orgasm master had set to work on his assigned duty with Claire. Having reached her bliss, Claire curled up to suck her thumb and Scott turned his attention to Hannah. A quick brush of the still vibrating device across the front of her diaper, he looked in Joan’s direction for the go-ahead. “Oh, why not?” The babysitter smiled. “What Brian doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Besides, maybe if she wasn’t so pent up, she wouldn’t be such a bitch.” “No doubt. And I think I know the perfect way to make the lesson sink in.” He snagged the stroller by the door and wheeled it over to the playpen. “A little bit of humility in front of other will show her just where she belongs.” Hannah pushed by Joan in the stroller and Claire carried by Scott, the foursome was out the door. Arriving at the town park, a blanket was spread out for Joan and Claire to lay on while the stroller was deposited nearby and adjacent one of the parks many electronic device charging stations. Other park goers were encouraged to gather around, and the former teacher struggled futilely against her bonds as the magic wand was plugged into an empty outlet. “We have a first timer here!” the man with the buzzing toy announced slowly rubbing it between Hannah’s legs. “Everyone show her how to be a good baby!” A crowd of mostly men were soon congregated around the upcoming show. The magic wand doing its thing, three seconds on, two seconds off, teasing and tormenting the former teacher at the same time. Soon her body began to betray her, hips bucking up to maintain contact with the wand as it was pulled away. Trying to resist, the 23-year-old, twisted her body back and forth but the device continued to vibrate against her most sensitive spot. Powerless to stop it, Hannah erupted into the most intense orgasm of her life. Panting, she fell limply back into her stroller to the thunderous applause of those assembled. Weak from her exertion, she offered no defiance as Joan took her from her perch, laid her out on the blanket next to Claire and began to untape her diaper. The crowd hooted and hollered as her crotch was wiped clean, and fresh diaper slid beneath and then sealed in place. The show having reached its conclusion, many people began to disperse. One of the few women in attendance lingered, “I made a recording if you’d like a copy.” The babysitter accepted the generous offer intending to show Brian how useful the orgasm a day philosophy could be. Wheeling her charges back to the house, she said goodbye to Scott, prepared a lunch of macaroni and cheese for Claire and took out four jars of baby food for Hannah. The glow of ecstasy wearing off, the former teacher began to sob in humiliation as spoonful after spoonful of mush was shoveled into her mouth. How could she live with herself after such a shameful display? ~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Eighteen Four jars of baby food may be a lot for an actual infant, but for a fully grown adult it was somewhat lacking. Tragically for Hannah, being left hungry was becoming all too familiar as she and Claire were both placed into the same crib for an afternoon nap. Uncomfortable due to a lack of food and having to share a confined space with another person, the 23-year-old twisted and turned to no avail for several minutes until her babysitter returned. Lowering the railing, she pulled the former teacher out and guided her to her lap in the nursery’s rocking chair. As much as Hannah wanted to resist, the rhythmic back and forth became hypnotic and the next thing she knew she was waking up mid diaper change. Slowly coming back to the present, she noted Joan was still distrustful of her as her arms were still trussed behind her back and that Claire was playing with blocks on the mat next to her. Certainly, her failed escape attempt would be cause for punishment, though the homeowner seemed content to leave that to Brian. Clean and dry for however brief a time, the former teacher along with her diapered playmate were soon back in the living room with yet another kids’ movie playing on the television. Unsnapping her blouse, Joan had Claire across her lap to suckle an afternoon snack while she used her free hand to feed a bottle to her other charge. Thankful that she didn’t have to get her milk from her babysitter’s breast, the 23-year-old finished before her counterpart and with nothing better to do allowed herself to be sucked into the juvenile cartoon. Giggling at the silly yellow sponge’s antics despite herself, the clock ticked down and Brian came to collect her. “Was she a good girl?” “Sadly, no.” Joan replied. “She chewed through her cuff and tried to make a run for it. If Scott hadn’t shown up, she might have even got away.” Inspecting the damaged restraint, Brian dropped it to the ground and marched toward his little girl. “What am I going to do with you? I thought if I gave you a chance, you could accept the gift you’ve been given, but all you do is try my patience.” “She’s been a good girl since her treatment,” the babysitter retrieved her phone. Pulling up the video of the episode in the park she showed it to Brian. “I know what we discussed earlier, but it was the only way I knew to gain her compliance.” “No, that’s alright. You were right, I was wrong. Perhaps I’ll be making use of your man in the near future.” He collected Hannah from the floor. A quick peek into the back of her diaper revealed she had soiled herself during the afternoon. In no hurry to reward her for her earlier transgression, she was strapped into the car seat for the ride home where it was straight to the highchair. Icky mush smearing around inside her diaper, the former teacher squirmed in her seat. Complaining wouldn’t do her any good, her caregiver would only penalize her further if she tried to protest and she wanted this nightmare to be over sooner rather that later. From her vantage point, she watched as two chicken breasts, rice and green beans were cooked, half were put onto a plate, the other half into a blender. Brian ate his meal first while it was still hot before pouring the sludge from the blender into a bowl to feed to Hannah. Still hungry from lunch, she did her best to get as much of the slop into her mouth as possible. Dinner complete, the 23-year-old had her faced wiped clean and expected a bath before bed. What she got was laid onto the change pad, a few slits cut into her stinky diaper and another taped over top. Mumbling against the pacifier that had been placed in her mouth got a response from her guardian. Apparently, her punishment for running away earlier was to spend the next twelve hours with her own waste strapped to her waist. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Like any teenager, Sierra spent most of her life on Facebook. Scrolling through her friend’s feed, she was pleased when a notification popped up on the channel dedicated to her former teacher. Clicking the link, she immediately broke out into laughter. A photo of the woman, clad in a onesie with an obvious diaper bulge, was displayed. Reading the caption below, she learned that after her public display in the park, she had been put to bed with a messy bottom. Unable to contain her glee, she passed the link on to her friends with explicit instructions to keep the information to themselves. Soon, there was a group discussion on whether or not they could manipulate things to get their former teacher into more embarrassing situations. With all the suggestions in place, Sierra sent a message to the page’s creator; a note to make proposals of what kinds of punishments might be appropriate if the 23-year-old were to act up again. Before she could close her browser, she got a response. “Little Hannah will no doubt earn herself many reprimands in the upcoming days. I appreciate your input and will take them into consideration.” “Thank you. Having been the victim of her abuses, I feel relieved to know that someone like you has taken control to teach her the proper way.” The 14-year-old responded. “No problem. The next time she needs correction, and I doubt it will be too long, I will be sure to consult to make sure she learns her lesson.” ~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Nineteen “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed.” Kevin admonished. “She’s just a little baby. What would have happened if she made it out the door?” “I know, I’m sorry,” Joan sniffled and tugged at the hem of her new underwear. She hadn’t been put back into pullups since the early days of regressing her sister but knew daddy only would have done it if he was truly worried about losing baby Hannah. “I promise I’ll do better tomorrow.” Kissing her on the forehead, “You better, or we’ll have to find someone to look after all three of you.” “But daddy!” “Now, now, honey. It’s just three days until the weekend. No more misadventures and you can have your panties back then.” ~~~~~~~~~ Backside itching with no relief in sight, Hannah tossed and turned in her crib. She could see that it was still night out by the darkness of the sky and doubted Brian would be in any time before daybreak to clean her messy pants. Out of options, she did what any real baby would and began crying. Small sobs of self-pity soon gave way to louder, uncontrolled howls. Before the 23-year-old knew it, the sun was out and the crib bars were down; she must have tired herself out and fallen asleep. Brian reached in, scooped his charge up and carried her towards the changing table, a goofy grin and babble on his lips. “Who’s a stinky baby? Who’s a stinky baby? You are! Oh, yes you are!” Dirty diaper removed, bottom wiped clean, the former teacher was then taken and given a bath. Both devices that took away all control of her bodily functions were scrubbed, lubed and re-inserted before a fresh diaper was taped in place. An ‘I Love My Daddy’ onesie was buttoned in place overtop the crinkly undergarment and that was apparently her outfit for the day. Bottom still itching despite being clean, Hannah squirmed her way through an oatmeal breakfast with most of it ending up on her bib. Diaper bag packed, it was off for another day at the babysitter’s house. Upon entering, Hannah saw Kevin holding Claire’s poop-stained butt in the air and gently wiping the mess away. He looked up when Brian dumped the former teacher in the playpen. “Not to worry, she’s been warned.” “I should hope so,” Brian responded placing a stuffed animal between Hannah’s gloved hands. Today, a small chain with padlock had replaced the leather strap from the day before. “Who knows what damage she could do if she were to get loose.” Finishing the diaper change, he beckoned his wife over. When he nodded, she unbuttoned her jeans to reveal the butterfly pullup beneath. “As I said, she’s been warned.” “Glad to hear it.” Brian smiled, waved goodbye to his little girl and was out the door followed by Kevin. Hiding her face behind the stuffed rabbit, the 23-year-old mused, so Joan got punished for yesterday. I wonder what would happen if she were to get in trouble again today. Might be an interesting way to pass the time, no doubt my friends have gotten the letter and are sure to decipher it soon. I have a day, two at the most, let’s see what kind of trouble I can cause in the meantime. A fun game became crying whenever her babysitter looked like she might be ducking off to use the restroom. While Joan no doubt still had control over her bladder, it was entertaining to watch her dance around and pressing a hand between her legs. Just when she thought she had the woman on the verge of wetting herself, a pacifier gag was tied in Hannah’s mouth and she was leashed to the playpen bars as Joan darted off towards the bathroom. Her fun temporarily halted; the former teacher tried to think of other ways to bring the woman down to size. The 23-year-olds thoughts of revenge were put on hold as Scott burst through the door. Nonchalantly, he set down his bag and took out his vibrating friend. Stepping over the playpen wall, he plugged it in and turned it on the lowest setting. Claire’s eyes lit up and she eagerly crawled in his direction while Hannah did her best to fade into the background. Seeing this, he soon had Hannah backed into a corner and the wand tantalizingly close to her diapered crotch. Not wanting to be left out, Claire was soon thrusting her hips against the device which in turn pressed it into the former teacher’s padding. “Looks like the baby girls want to play together.” Joan commented returning to the living room. Moving the magic wand back and forth between the two diapered woman’s crotches Scott responded, “I’m seeing how well they can play together. Perhaps in the future we can get them doing this on their own.” As much as she hated what was happening, Hannah was powerless to stop the vibrations and soon she and Claire were both moaning in ecstasy. The diapers, the humiliation, all of it was forgotten as she and her playmate climaxed simultaneously. Exhausted, she curled up ready to drift to sleep, not even protesting when Claire snuggled in next to her and their diapers crinkled against one another to send a shiver up her spine. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Lunchtime rolled around and Sierra quickly grabbed her food, found a table and logged onto the Facebook live stream of her former teacher. The screen showed her and another woman in diapers being roused from their nap. The other woman was taken to a highchair to be fed while Hannah was left to crawl around in her droopy diaper. Giggling, Sierra clicked a few screen shots to save for later and logged out. “What are you so happy about?” One of her friends set down a tray. Showing off one of the new pictures, “Just admiring Ms. Castle’s new life.” “Oh my God! That’s so funny! How long do you think she’ll stay like this?” “If all goes according to plan? The rest of her life.” “Now what is this?” The school’s principal peered down at the photo. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Twenty The middle of the afternoon found Hannah groggily waking up to find Joan in the middle of changing her diaper. Giggling at the sight of her babysitter’s pullup peeking out the back of her shorts when she turned to grab the powder, the 23-year-old was soon reminded of her own infantile status when said powder was sprinkled between her legs and the fresh diaper taped in place. A bottle of milk clubbed in her mittened hands, the former teacher suckled while her Claire had her turn and being changed. There had to be a way to screw with Joan, get her in further trouble, not because it would help Hannah escape but because she needed something to pass the time until she was inevitably rescued. Ryan, her white knight, was no doubt already riding in on his trusty steed, so why not get back at the locals as best she could? Trying to keep her out of the bathroom had failed and Joan was most likely on guard for another escape attempt, so what could she do? Perhaps if she kept the babysitter occupied, her diapered counterpart would create her own mischief. Crying as loud as she could brought the woman rushing over. “What is it, sweetheart? I fed you, I changed you, what could you need?” A quick peek into the back of her charges diaper, “No presents here. Are you still hungry? We can take care of that.” Expecting the woman to disappear to the kitchen to fetch a bottle, the 23-year-old was a bit baffled when she was laid on the woman’s lap. Off came the shirt, out came the breast and Hannah’s mouth was guided towards the exposed nipple. Wanting nothing to do with what was being offered, Hannah bit down causing Joan to scream in pain and push her away. With a thud, the former teacher landed heavily on her backside and immediately knew something was wrong; the hollow plug felt as if it had been driven deep inside her. Crying for real garnered no sympathy. “You can cut that out right now, I’m not falling for it again!” The babysitter huffed covering herself and storming away. “And you can be sure I’m going to tell your daddy about this too.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~ “It’s not what it looks like,” Sierra stammered. The principal looked non-plussed, “Oh really? Cause it looks like you’re photoshopping a diaper onto your teacher. And while I may not agree with the way she abruptly left, that doesn’t give you the right to be disrespectful. I think a weeks-worth of detention should do the trick.” Waiting for the balding old man to strut away, the freshman fumed to her friends, “The bitch isn’t even here and she’s getting me detention. I can’t wait until she gets in trouble so I can get even. Grrr!” “What are you going to do?” One of the gathered girls inquired. “I don’t know, but she’s definitely not going to like it.” ~~~~~~~~~~~ Deciding enough time had passed, detective Nick Roach gave his client a call. “Ryan? I have news for you.” “Is it good or bad?” The former teacher’s former boyfriend asked. “I guess you could say it’s a bit of both. She is fine; however, she doesn’t want to be contacted.” Sighing, Ryan responded, “I see. So that’s it? She left me and there’s nothing I can do?” “I’m afraid so.” The detective leaned back in his chair and took a bite of his sandwich. “If anything changes, I’ll be sure to let you know.” Hanging up, Ryan went to his boss to request the rest of the day off. It wasn’t like Hannah to just abandon everything, but if the detective was to be believed, she did. Arriving home, he brought up the pictures of them on his phone, slowly scrolling through to remember the good times before banishing the memories to the deleted file. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tears streaming down her cheeks and hands pawing uselessly on her padded posterior, Hannah was in serious pain. “Please! Something’s wrong, it hurts so bad!” “Babies don’t talk,” Joan rolled the 23-year-old onto her stomach to give her backside a swat and noticed a red discoloration. Quickly untaping the diaper, she noticed blood dripping from her charges back passage and that the hollow tube had disappeared. Pulling out her cell phone, “Hello? 911? I need an ambulance, quick!” As the babysitter relayed the details to the dispatcher the wails of a siren grew closer and soon Hannah was loaded in the back of the ambulance headed for the town hospital. An IV was hooked to her arm, pain medication pushed, and the overgrown baby was asleep before arrival not to wake again until after surgery and her daddy was sitting beside her hospital crib. Having filled the prescription for pain medication while his little girl slept and received the go ahead from the doctor, Brian carefully carried the former teacher to the car for the journey home. “Wha… What’s goin on?” Hannah slurred still a bit delirious from the medication. “Shhh. Babies don’t speak.” Her caregiver pulled out a pacifier and stuck it between her lips. “You’ve had a hard day, get some rest, I’ll explain when we get home.” Curious about the infantile device in her mouth, the 23-year-old began to take stock of her surroundings. She was locked into an oversized child seat with an obviously well used diaper strapped to her waist and the scenery out the window didn’t look the slightest bit familiar. Her brain began to piece together the puzzle. Oh, shit. It hadn’t been a dream. She was waking up to the nightmare, twin rivers once more cascaded down her cheeks at the revelation. Back at her new home, Brian placed her on her tummy in the playpen and pulled out his laptop. Logging into a chat program, he made a bottle for his baby while he waited for a response. Hannah was laying across her daddy’s lap suckling greedily when the face of her former student popped up in the open chat window. “Oh my god, that’s so precious!” Sierra beamed. Keeping the bottle firmly in the former teacher’s mouth so she couldn’t speak, Brian replied. “If only she was this sweet all the time.” “Uh-oh, did someone get in trouble again today?” “To say the least. She bit her babysitter during feeding and ended up in the hospital after falling off the babysitter’s lap.” Feigning sympathy, the 14-year-old inquired, “Is she okay?” “She will be in a few days. The hollow plug I had been using to weaken her sphincter got pushed too far in and needed to be surgically removed. Really that turned out to be a blessing in disguise, though.” “How so?” “Well, I hadn’t been planning on it, but since she was in surgery anyway, I had the doctor just go ahead and sever the nerves regulating her bladder and bowels. No more ability to clamp down and stop her peepees or poopoos any more for my little baby.” He easily kept Hannah’s attempts at thrashing under control. “The reason I called was to get suggestions on what to do about her biting.” Barely able to contain her glee upon hearing her former teacher was now totally diaper dependent, Sierra blurted out the first thing that came to her head. “Why not get rid of her teeth too? Babies don’t need to chew after all and then even if she does try to bite it won’t do much.” Once again, the 23-year-old struggled futility on her daddy’s lap and was subdued. “That is an excellent suggestion. We’ll see about getting her to the dentist in the morning. For now, she’s had a rough day, I suppose I’ll just give Miss Piddle Pants a change and put her to bed.” “Nighty, night Miss Piddle Pants!” Sierra giggled ending the chat session. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Twenty-One Sun shining brightly through the crib bars, Hannah estimated it to be mid-morning which meant she’d been asleep for over 12 hours. Stretching, she felt the tell-tale signs that she’d messed in her sleep and began to cry as she remembered what Brian had said the night before. Even if she did manage to escape this hell, she’d still be pooping her pants the rest of her life. Moments later, he entered the room with a smile, “Hey there, sweetie. How about we get some breakfast in you then we you a bath?” Stripped out of the onesie and strapped into the highchair wearing just her soiled diaper and bondage mittens, the 23-year-old did her best to anticipate her caregiver’s movement with the spoon. Face and breasts covered in oatmeal at the end of the feeding, she was given a bottle of formula. It tasted worse than normal, no doubt due to her pain medication being mixed in with it, and by the time it was halfway drained there was a knock on the door. “Is there a Hannah Castle here?” A man holding a bouquet of assorted flowers inquired. Brian turned his head to yell in the direction of the kitchen, “Aww, honey, looks like Kevin and Joan got you a little get well present.” When was facing him once more, the delivery man’s fist rocketed into Brian’s nose; blood squirted everywhere. A second blow followed by a third landed in quick succession knocking out the stunned caregiver’s teeth. Stepping over his victim, the delivery man strode into the house and making a beeline towards the kitchen. Upon seeing the diaper clad woman, he let out a sigh, “My God, what have they done to you?” “Dad?” Hannah asked groggily as the pain meds started to do their thing. “That’s right, sweetie; I’m here to get you out.” He responded removing the mittens from his daughter’s hands. “She’s not going anywhere,” Brian spit blood. “She’s legally mine now.” Helping Hannah out of the highchair, “Go get yourself cleaned up and some real clothes on while I deal with this idiot.” “Don’t you dare move baby girl or bruise your bottom so bad you won’t be able to sit for a week. Daddy has already called, and the police are on the way to arrest this misguided gentleman.” The sound of sirens growing louder substantiated his point. Rolling his eyes, Hannah’s father launched a haymaker that connected with the other man’s jaw and dropped him into an unconscious heap on the floor. Time running out before the police arrived, he grabbed a coat to drape over his half naked daughter. “Sorry honey, we gotta go.” “Wait!” The adrenaline of the situation counteracting the drugs in her system, 23-year-old pulled away and ran to the nursery. Grabbing a package of diapers, she rejoined her father who now had a perplexed look on his face. “I’ll explain in the car.” Speeding away, Hannah recalled the horrors of the last two weeks to her father including her surgically created incontinence. She could tell he wanted nothing more than to turn the car around and kill the bastard who had hurt her, but reason prevailed, and they continued east crossing the border into Missouri four hours later. Finally feeling like it was safe to stop, her dad bought clothes for her to wear while the 23-year-old did her best to change herself in the ladies room. Her infantile underwear was crooked, and the tapes were perhaps not as snug as they could be, but for her first time it wasn’t bad. Back on the road, it was smooth sailing home. ~~~~~~~~~~~ ONE YEAR LATER: “Hannah! Are you ready?” Hannah’s mother called. Placing the last tape on the front panel of her diaper the now 24-year-old yelled back, “Just putting on a fresh diaper so I don’t leak at court today.” “Honestly, honey, you’ve been living with your father and I for the last year and you haven’t had a leak in the last 10 months, I don’t know why you’re always so paranoid.” “It’s a big day. I’m testifying against Brian and Headmistress Givens in their kidnapping and human trafficking case, and I don’t want to give them the satisfaction.” Dressed in a navy skirt and white blouse she exited her childhood bedroom. “How do I look?” “Beautiful as always.” Mother Castle beamed. “I wish dad could come with us.” “Me too, dear. But part of his probation agreement for assaulting that monster is he isn’t allowed within 100 yards of him.” Mother and daughter together in the car, Hannah couldn’t help but reflect on everything that had transpired. The mistaken identity and spanking that had started it all, being traded off to a pervert when the truth came out and the humiliating week of forced babyhood. Now it was all coming to an end. The evil headmistress and the aforementioned pervert were soon to be convicted and sent to prison. Her former student, Sierra, while not in legal trouble certainly regretted her part as her parents shipped her off to St. Anne’s Reformatory School for some much-needed correction. It had taken a long time to come to terms with her new status as a 24/7 diaper dependent adult and Ryan had done his best to be supportive, but in the end, they had parted ways, Hannah just wasn’t ready to date. She was ready to get back into the work force but having to explain to potential employers her hiatus was problematic to say the least even with her adulthood status restored through the courts. Most of her days were spent searching online job boards and evenings perusing the content at DailyDiapers, where it felt good not to be so alone.
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