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  1. I suppose the title says it all!
  2. Hi my name is Alex! I'm a fit, college going 20 year old who is looking to meet a woman who shares this aspect with me. I'm outgoing and really nice and would love to hear from you!
  3. Hi just joins this site . I am a UK nappy lover and have been wearing nappies for the past 28 years. Like to wear as often as a am able and mainly a disposable person. Would love to chat / meet other local ab's or dl's. So please don't be shy and drop me a message.
  4. Hi I'm new and wanted to tell you all a little bit about me I'm a diaper lover. I where diaper 98% of the time. I have a little control but not much.. like I said I just wanted to say hi. =>
  5. Hello to all, New on DD, but a long time member of the community. Just another DL, making his way through a life, with diapers on the brain. For me, it started right after I was taken out of diapers, at about two. I never really was a bedwetter, but I suppose I always wished it would happen, to give me a good reason to need to be put back in diapers, but it never happened, given the nature of my family situation, growing up in the 50's. Honestly, I sorta hoped I would grow out of the need to relive those feelings and sensations that diaper thoughts gave me, but as I got older, the feelings only increased. Once I hit puberty, all of the feelings,
  6. Hey guys - Finally signed up after browsing for a while and wanted to say hello and share a bit...
  7. Author's Note: Set in England in the recent past, an minor aristocratic family has a rather odd approach to potty training. My first attempt at a diaper story, I hope to keep it short, sweet, and slightly funny. Chapter One I feel, dear reader, that I must bring you up to speed. It has often been observed by our own sort, but more frequently (and, rather obviously) by our observers, that the landed gentry develop idiosyncratic ways. Cooped up, as they often are, in drafty old houses miles from even a mere whiff of civilisation, bizarre microcosms of humanity begin to form. This of course was compounded before the advent of the motorcar, so the prospect of reprieve was so distant that complete acceptance of their lot was pretty much guaranteed. Some formed little languages of their own - I once spent a summer in a Tudor dump up north where the word "peach" was used for so many things I could barely keep track. One of my distant uncles, I'm reliably informed by the man in the pub, started a tradition of shooting at funny shaped clouds every morning at five o'clock. More shockingly, the Preston-Barts in Hampshire are Catholic. Our family, however, is perhaps the most peculiar of them all (N.B. - ought that to be perculairest? Look up later.). Since around about the mid 17th Century - no one is quite sure of the date - almost all of our family have returned to nappies pretty sharpish after they were so unjustly taken from us. Indeed, so common is this circumstance that when the 6th Baronet demolished the family home to rebuild it in the Georgian style, he neglected to add any toilets. Of course, the attempt to potty train is still made, although the lack of alternative facilities makes this really part of the whole dance. I was around five when I was taken out of nappies in the day, and about six when I was taken out of them at night. I was soon whisked off to school, and, only returning to the old place a few times a year, was mostly using the W of C as one might expect. I did still, however, wet the bed, perhaps once or twice a week, but by summer term of my second year, that too subsided. A few cycles of the heavens later, as that chap from Greece might have said, I was facing a rather long stretch in the house over summer. My father usually took us off to Italy in the nicer months, but having lost a fair bit on a rather extravagant bet involving a friendly game of chess and an absurd amount of rice, it was safe to say he didn't have the oomph that particular year. So, at they joyful age of 12, I was stuck in that rotten place with no one near my age except my older sister, Ethel. Ethel had just turned eighteen, and was ghastly. Although I'm not certain what exactly a ghast is like, she was certainly like one. So it was that one morning about two weeks into my incarceration that I was lying on my stomach in the drawing room pretending to practice my Latin grammar, when really drawing rather vicious caricatures of my house masters at school. Ethel was curled up in an armchair reading "The Arabic Princess" and padded up to the nines in nappies. She had only spent about a year out of them, as it happens, at age fourteen, and was dreadfully engrossed in her book; made even more apparent by the growing wet patch between her legs. As I lay there attempting to recall the precise shape and nature of Mr Mulch's nose, I suddenly felt as though a small switch had been flicked in my brain. I couldn't tell then what the switch was controlling, but rather soon it made itself very clear. I noticed, one rapidly after the other, a pressure in my bladder and bowels. I very quickly filled my underwear with those respective contents, continuing to examine the visual faculties of noses as I did so. Now, it wasn't as though it had snuck up on me, as it does when one wets the bed, nor was it that I had made a conscious effort to empty myself, but more that I simply no longer cared. Ethel, ghastly as ever, didn't notice my change in state, but to be fair, I barely did either. It wasn't until mother came in to call us for lunch that I was discovered. Mother squealed in delight - "I knew you'd come round, dear. Let's pop upstairs, shall we?". I was, waddling slightly, led up to my room, where, after asking the maid for supplies, mother and I opened my chest of drawers and formed a pile of my underwear on the bedspread. "I shan't expect I'll be needing these anymore," I informed her with a hint of triumph in my voice. The maid soon returned with supplies - a vast quantity of nappies, talcum powder and flannels, a changing mat and waterproof mattress cover - and took away my underwear to be disposed of. I was thereafter changed into a nappy for the first time in six years, and followed mother down to lunch. Chapter Two A decade later, at the ripe old age of twenty-two, brings us up to just before now. I was rattling up the drive in my new car, pretty chuffed with the world. I shifted my weight in my soaked nappy as I changed gear, and felt thankful for the modern marvel of synthetic leather - I'd had the car reupholstered in it, by the same chaps in Florence who make our changing mats. Much had changed in the intervening ten years, although mostly along the obvious path, but not so much re: the nappy situation, although no one would really expect it to. I did relatively well in my schooling exams, and went up to Oxford to read Art History. Never had much trouble about the choice of underwear, but then again my family's habit was well known even amongst those who didn't know me, and so it was let slide. After all, Peeker Preston-Barts was a Catholic! So I graduated with a Third Class Honours, which was to be expected, and spent a while hanging around Europe. It was there I met a corker of a woman - Cherry Otherington. You see, it wasn't just an overfull nappy that accompanied me up the drive, but the delight that was Cherry herself. I'm not one for gushing, but she was certainly very pretty. Not particularly tall - definitely not in the vein of a Michelangelo - but if I were to stretch the sculptural analogy, much more suited to a bust, if you hop on my drift. A small blonde bob topped the whole thing off, like a... Well, like a cherry, I suppose. We pulled up outside the house and the footmen, a fair number of them new, scurried away our luggage, and, shortly, the car. Mother met us over the threshold, beaming. "I hope you had a pleasant journey," she said, "and you must be Cherry, oh how lovely it is to meet you at last!". "It's lovely to see you too, Ma," I failed to reply. "Now," she continued, "We're just about to serve tea in the conservatory; do either of you need a change?" Cherry, after a flash of bemusement sent my way, diplomatically replied, "No, I think these clothes will be fine 'til the evening, if that's alright with you?". "Don't be silly!" Mother replied, "Do you need to change your nappy? - I know I do, I was just too excited waiting for you!". A further and more intense glance of bemusement was pinged my way, this time by both women; a veritable barrage of pinging. "Oh I know this old chap does," Cherry returned, "But I have been free from nappies since I was about four, thank you." "Well I'm not sure I would call it a freedom, Cherry, but you might struggle here. This house is rather lacking in the way of toilets. I imagined my son would have informed you!" Mother batted back, her English temperament almost straining at the leash. "I'm sure I'll be fine," my corker replied, before finally turning her attention to me, "Come on, you need a change though, don't you? Let's get that sorted and then come down for tea." The situation not so much de-escalted as hovering in mid air, we moved toward the staircase, and I let my soon to be removed nappy fill with poo. Mother briskly, although with slightly apart legs, called a maid for assistance in a ground-floor changing room. Once upstairs, like a cheap tailor, I attempted to patch things up with Cherry. "Look here," I said, as she removed my filled nappy, "I don't want you and Mother getting off on the wrong foot, but you should be alright with the lack of toilets; there's one in the gamekeeper's cottage at the back of the south garden." "Oh thank you, darling," she replied whilst applying copious amounts of talcum powder, "but I think I shall be alright until tomorrow." She patted my now fresh nappy and handed me my trousers, after which we made our way back down the staircase at to tea. The rest of the day passed rather smoothly - I took a brief leave to change Ethel, now slightly less ghastly, as she was as ever engrossed in a book and demanded not to be disturbed. Dinner was tremendous - the wine flowed much as wine does when it does flow - and we were all, I dare say, getting pretty squiffy in the drawing room at around ten. Cherry, due perhaps to her non-Michaelangelo stature, was really rather drunk, and so took some herbal tea to sober up. Ethel, having finished her book, was now repeating the entire plot to an audience who were so un-captive that 'bored out of their sculls' would hardly cut it. Cherry, after sitting quiet for a while and appearing as though she was gently dodging invisible fish, leaned over and whispered in my ear. "I say, I've just had the most peculiar sensation - like a switch being flicked!". No sooner as she had finished speaking, the sound well known in our house - that of a stream of pee against the enameled floor - gently lifted itself through the air. "Darling," she continued with no hint of sorrow, "I think I've had an accident". I do mean to continue this, but, If I don't, I hope that was satisfactory. Comments appreciated.
  8. First a shout out to "Dl2024" for being awesome. He recently has been letting me try out new diapers. Tried 5 new ones. can't remember most of their names than an Bambino. One says Baby on it. One was just white and the other two had Teddy's on them. ^-^
  9. Hello Everyone, I have been into this for a while and i would love to meet other people who i could share this interest with. I am primarily into girls who do this but im willing to connect with anyone post or message me
  10. Hi beautiful AB/DL community! My boyfriend and I have been together for 2+ years. I found out he was into diapers for sexual purposes in the very beginning (at 6 months). However, he told me he loved to experiment, and he was not set on one thing. Today, he uses them often, and I think he definitely has a fetish. My problem is that (being super open-minded and understanding) I let him completely indulge in his fetish
  11. My girlfriend and I have been dating a little over a year now and we have a WONDERFUL relationship.
  12. Hey Guys! I am very new here. Please let me know if you see a better place for this discussion. I am still learning the ins and outs. Basically, I live near the Harrisburg area and I'm looking for medical suppliers that sell decent diapers. Of course I have did the googling and found some medical supply companies, but their websites don't have much info. I was wondering if there was anyone in the area that could recommend some place. It can be anywhere close, like mechanicsburg or such.
  13. I need some recommendations on a good diaper. I will be returning to college next month, and would really like to order other diapers besides Depends? I usually do go two wettings before changing. Thanks for your time guys!
  14. dressupDV

    Ready To Dance!

    I'm wearing girls goodnites under my one-piece swimsuit, capri tights and shorts.
  15. I am quite new to all this would love to talk to some people and discuss ideas
  16. I need some advice if anyone would be so kind. I have been with my boyfriend for over a year and a half and we're both in our early 20s. Back in January he confided in me that he has a diaper fetish and it started when he was in high school. He likes goodnites and honest company diapers. He's told me he likes to get in a warm shower with them and get off that way. I'm a pretty open, considerate and accepting person who is still trying to understand things about the DL world. Here's my situation... he has been explaining some things to me but I would love to surprise him since we haven't done diapers together before. I've never done anything like this and I would be thankfully for any input you can give as what he might like as a surprise. Would he maybe like me to get him off in the diaper or would it turn him on if I tried it with him? What would you appreciate your significant other doing for you?
  17. Everyone has their own personal "habits" regarding AB/DL lifestyle. Personally, I am not a 24/7 wearer. I rather wear "my Pampers" when I am feeling the need of a diaper for security sake. That could be wearing for emotional and/or practical security needs. Although, I do occasionally wear in public discreetly and well concealed. ...Hey, I just thought of a new acronym... Gun owners who carry a weapon without most ever knowing call it, "Concealed Carry Weapon" or "CCW". AB/DL's who wear discreetly, without it hanging out of their pants on purpose, could call it "CCD".
  18. diaperluv91

    White Diaper

    From the album: Me in diapers

  19. Hey, i found dailydiapers while searching google for ABDL community's and i instantly fell in love with it So i forgot to post an introduction before posting my first topic and im sorry for that, anyway back when i was a teen, ive always dreamed about wearing diapers and started searching for them, then i found a Dutch ABDL community, after browsing the forum, i found out i was a DL. I started to buy diapers when i left the house and started living on my own, i love wearing diapers and wetting and messing them, sometimes i wear in public. My favortie diapers are Tena Slip Maxi and Abena M4's.
  20. I suppose this is the place to start, but I may be somewhat the outlier here.
  21. I have been wearing diapers on and off for years now, i really enjoy the way they feel and how i feel in them. Ive been curious about what it would be like to have someone around to change me and how that would pan out.
  22. Hi to all ab and dl,s, October 2014 I will be in Orlando
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