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  1. Cody couldn't believe the humilating position he found himself in. After finding out his college roommate Vincent wears and uses diapers. He told all his classmates. Unfortunately the next morning he found himself strapped down to the his bed naked and standing next to his bed was his college roommate in just a thick diaper. Vincent told him how Cody humiliated him and everybody was calling him diaper boy. Also had girls slap his padded ass or pull back his pants waistband to give him a diaper check. He told Cody how much he loved diapers but it was supposed to be a secret. Now that it was out Cody's roommate decided it's time for some revenge. So he told Cody that now it's time teach him a lesson and that now they will becoming much more closer then just roommates. Vincent was now going to be Cody's master. Cody saw Vincent holding something his hands and then saw it was a chastity cage. Cody's roommate laughed then slowly started to attach the device to Cody's member. Vincent said from now on Cody will do what he says if he ever wants to make cummies ever again but unfortunately Vincent wasn't done with Cody just yet. He climbed on top of Cody then planted his diaper butt right infront of Cody's face. Cody then heard rumbling but it wasn't coming from his tummy. It was Vincent's tummy. Cody knew what his roommate was about to do. Vincent looked back at Cody and smiled then said "I made sure to have a big nice breakfast today. Some taco bell breakfast! Now your going to get a front row seat and get to take a nice whiff of my stinky butt". Cody begged for Vincent not too but it was too late. He heard a huge loud fart echo from Vincent's diaper then heard a big slush of mess enter the diaper. Vincent's diaper butt expanded getting closer and touching Cody's face. Then Vincent lifted up and said "smell the roses" then plopped hid stinky butt on Cody's face! Cody smelled the terrible odor coming from his roommates diaper. After smelling his roommates diaper. Vincent got up and then said "I got a special treat for you. Well two I should say so let's start with a nice warm enema. You better hold it in too. No going or il put my filthy dirty diaper around that head". Vincent grabbed Cody's legs and lifted them up and exposing his butthole. Vincent smiled "Here let me help lube it up" Vincent then tounges Cody's butthole making Cody squirm and get hard. Cody's hard dick strains against the cage and starts to precum like crazy from the rim job. "Daww looks like somebody loves their butt getting attention. If you love that you'll enjoy my toys but we can do that later time for your treat. Bottoms up" Vincent laughs sticking the enema inside Cody and then releasing all into Cody's tight ass. Cody could feel it filling up. He couldn't believe how real this was. He was a Dom not no sissy sub boy. Vincent then took out the enema and then could see Cody squirming. "Now now you better hold it in. Be a good boy for me. You can release it all out once we get your fresh diaper on" his roommate chuckled. Cody eyes widened and begged Vincent not to put a fresh diaper on him. Vincent smiled "hmmm ok fine I won't put you in a fresh diaper then if you say so". Cody felt relieved. Vincent then took off his messy filthy diaper and Cody almost gagged from how bad it smelled but then Cody noticed Vincent lowering the dirty diaper on the bed. And lifting Cody's legs in the air. In Cody's horror he saw Vincent place the monster filthy diaper underneath his butt. Cody then yells "Wait I don't want to wear yours! You said you wernt going to diaper me! Please don't do this!" Vincent then laughed "Well from your words exactly you said you didn't want to wear a fresh diaper. So im giving you what you want. Putting you in a "DIRTY" diaper haha". Vincent then lowered Cody's butt into his messy diaper. Then tapped Cody up. He then untied Cody and them lifted him up and planted Cody on his knee and bounced him just like a baby. So diaper slut how do you like my dirty diaper. Cody didn't say anything he was too grossed out from what was happening but something felt good. He couldn't help but moan. Something about the filthy dirty diaper felt so good. He couldn't explain why. He tried to not enjoy it but his dick strained and precummed more. He just started moaning more and more. "My my somebody really loves my dirty diaper. This is new. I was not expecting you to enjoy this so much. Btw Cody turn around and smile for the camera" Cody turned around and saw a friend of Vincent holding a camera aiming at him and his dirty pampers. Cody tried to cover his face but it was too late. Vincent laughed "Now lets see we got footage of you enjoy my poopy diaper and expressing it on camera. So here's the deal Cody! Your going to be my sissy diaper slut from now on. Every day after class I will diaper you up in a diaper or if your lucky my dirty diaper. And we will have lots of diaper play! If you don't do what I say then the whole school will see this video of you enjoy my dirty diaper! So do we have a deal?" Cody couldn't believe his roommate blackmailed him but he couldn't exact say no. So he agreed to the conditions of his new life to save his dignity. Unfortunately Cody felt a stranger sensation. He forgot about the enema that was given to him and held his tummy. Vincent noticed then said "oh perfect timing looks like you ready to add your own mess to your diaper. Well let's get you to the couch and get the camera set up. One video isn't enough. Got to have a backup just incase. But before that let me just quickly draw on the back of your diaper" After Vincent drew on Cody's diaper, he took him to the couch then Vincent put on his pup hood. And place Cody over his lap. Then the camera started recording and perfectly on time. Cody started to fill his already filthy diaper with his own stinky poo. The diaper surprisingly held it all. Then Vincent started to rub Cody's diaper butt squishing all the poo that was mixed against his butt. The mess started to move towards the front. And Cody started to moan from the rubbing. The camera captured it all even the drawing on Cody's diaper butt that said "diaper loading" with a bar half colored in with a 79% written under the bar. Cody couldn't believe that this was his new life now! He better be lucky that Vincent doesn't start making him wear diapers to class.
  2. Intro Evelyn, a middle-aged history professor at the local college, found solace in the routine of her early morning and late nights spent on the balcony of her cozy apartment. Perched on a comfortable chair, she would watch the world pass by, lost in her thoughts. The balcony offered a front-row seat to the daily comings and goings of college students, who unknowingly became characters in the silent play that unfolded before her. Despite her engaging lectures and dynamic teaching style, Evelyn often felt an overwhelming sense of solitude. Her unconventional schedule, with most classes held in the evening, left her with free mornings and afternoons. The balcony became her haven, a place where she could reflect on the pages of history and, more intimately, on the chapters of her own life. One particular ritual, hidden from the eyes of her colleagues and students, unfolded on those quiet afternoons. Evelyn would find herself drawn to the comfort of an old habit — sucking her thumb. It was a habit she often enjoyed, especially when watching young love unfold from her balcony; something she greatly regretted not having. As Evelyn sat on her balcony, thumb often creeping into her mouth, she observed the ebb and flow of college life beneath her. The students, backpacks slung over their shoulders, chatted animatedly as they walked past her apartment building. Some were engrossed in their smartphones, while others eagerly discussed the day's lectures and upcoming exams. Unbeknownst to Evelyn, the students were aware of her discreet balcony retreat. In many ways the balcony has become a living attraction to bypassing students over the years; no one went out of their way for it, but no one regregretted strolling past. [There was an unspoken agreement to respect the privacy of their history professor, a woman who held the key to unlocking the mysteries of the past but guarded her own secrets with equal diligence.] Evelyn, absorbed in her historical musings and thumb-sucking reverie, believed herself to be invisible to the world below. She found comfort in the anonymity of her perch, where she could be both a spectator and a participant in the theater of daily life. One day, as the students passed by her balcony as usual, something unexpected happened. A brave soul among them, a young woman named Sarah, decided to break the unspoken barrier. She smiled warmly at Evelyn and nodded in acknowledgment. As the days went by, Sarah made other distant gestures to Evelyn, such as small waves and momentarily inserting her own thumb into her mouth, as if playfully asking a child, "Do you need to suck your thumb?" Despite these subtle attempts at connection, Evelyn remained reserved. Evelyn continued her balcony rituals, she found a new sense of camaraderie with this unknown (to her) student. The unspoken understanding between them deepened, and the balcony became a symbol of connection, bridging the gap between professor and student in a way that transcended the formalities of the classroom. And so, history continued to unfold, both in the lectures within the college walls and in the quiet moments on Evelyn's balcony. Chapter I Lisa: Hey, Sarah! How was your day? Sarah: Oh, you know, the usual. But something interesting happened today. You know the professor who sits on the balcony and sucks her thumb? Lisa: Professor Evelyn? Yeah, I've seen her. She seems so lost and lonely up there; often sucking her thumb, thinking the world doesn't know her secret. Sarah: Well, I've been trying to break the ice, you know? Like playful waves and pretending to suck my thumb too. Just trying to make her smile. Lisa: That's sweet of you, babe. But why? What made you decide to do that? Sarah: I don't know, Lisa. There's something about her that just tugs at my heart. I see her up there all alone, and I can't help but feel like she needs a friend. Lisa: You think we should be her friends? She seems more ? Sarah: Yeah, that's what I was thinking. She's so cute and childlike. It got me thinking... What if we could be more than just her friends? Lisa: You mean, like, adopt her into our lives? Sarah: Exactly. I mean, she's alone up there, and I can't shake off this feeling that she needs something more stable. We could be that stability for her. Lisa: That's a big step, Sarah. But, you know, I've been feeling the same way. She's become a part of our thoughts and conversations. Sarah: I know it's huge, but I can't stand the thought of her being alone. I want to make her a part of our unconventional family. Lisa: Let's take it slow, then. Maybe we can start by getting to know her better. You said you're in her history class, right? Why don't you try talking to her? Sarah: Yeah, I am. I'll give it a shot, but we need to be careful. We don't want to overwhelm her. Lisa: Absolutely. We'll take it step by step. If she's comfortable with it, maybe she could join us for coffee or something. Sarah: Perfect. Let's see where this goes. I really think we could make a difference in her life. As Sarah and Lisa discuss the possibility of "adopting" Professor Evelyn into their lives, the balcony stands as a silent witness to their evolving plan. The dialogues reflect the mix of compassion, care, and the desire to bring a sense of family to someone who seems to need it. Chapter II Evelyn, engrossed in her historical research and the quiet moments of reflection on the balcony, remained blissfully unaware that Sarah was one of her own students. The campus was vast, and the lecture halls were filled with faces, making it easy for a single student to blend into the crowd. Sarah, who often chose a seat in the back of the class, had mastered the art of anonymity. One day, as Evelyn, who was often engrossed in her lecture notes, looked up at her Intro to World History students and noticed Sarah. A mix of emotions swept over Evelyn—surprise, curiosity, and a touch of embarrassment that she hadn't recognized her only balcony companion as a student. The realization added a new layer to their interactions. Evelyn pondered whether Sarah had intentionally chosen to sit in the back of the class, maintaining a discreet distance between the formal academic setting and their informal balcony connection. Despite the revelation, Evelyn decided to let the connection evolve organically, choosing not to confront Sarah about their shared secret. However, she began to notice Sarah playfully sucking her thumb during lectures, making sure that Professor Evelyn noticed her playfulness. The following evening, Evelyn approached the lecture hall with a newfound awareness. As she began her class, she noticed Sarah sitting in her usual spot at the back, a knowing smile playing on her lips. The other students, oblivious to the connection between their professor and their classmate, immersed themselves in the lesson. After the lecture, as students filed out of the hall, Sarah lingered for a moment. With a subtle nod and a twinkle in her eye, she acknowledged the unspoken understanding between them. Evelyn reciprocated with a grateful smile, silently appreciating the delicate balance they had struck between the formalities of academia and the genuine connection that had formed on the balcony. As the semester progressed, Evelyn and Sarah continued their silent interactions, weaving a unique tapestry of connection that transcended the traditional roles of teacher and student. The balcony, once a place of solitude, had become a bridge between two lives—a place where history unfolded not only in the pages of textbooks but also in the quiet moments shared between a professor and a student. Chapter III Sarah's after-class visits became a cherished ritual, adding a new dimension to the connection she shared with Evelyn. While other students hurriedly packed their bags and left, Sarah lingered, patiently waiting for her turn to approach the professor. "Professor," she would begin, maintaining the formal address that characterized their interactions; though her quiet motherly voice made Evelyn feel as though the roles were switched. Her questions were a clever mix of academic curiosity and a genuine desire to know Evelyn on a more personal level. Sometimes, her questions dived into the intricacies of the day's lecture, showcasing Sarah's dedication to the subject matter. Other times, the questions subtly steered toward understanding the woman behind the professorial facade. Evelyn, in turn, welcomed these post-lecture conversations. Sarah's inquiries provided a bridge between the structured world of academia and the uncharted territory of personal connection. Evelyn found herself opening up, sharing anecdotes from her own academic journey, and offering insights that transcended the confines of the classroom. As the weeks unfolded, Sarah's questions became more personal, yet she maintained a respectful distance. She never overstepped boundaries or pressed too far into Evelyn's private life. The discussions, although occasionally veering into the realm of personal experiences, remained grounded in the shared love for history and the pursuit of knowledge. One evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon and cast a warm glow on the balcony, Sarah hesitated before asking a question. "Professor, I was wondering," she began, "what inspired you to become a historian?" The question opened a door to Evelyn's past, and she shared stories of mentors who had shaped her journey, pivotal moments that ignited her passion, and the challenges she had overcome. Chapter IV One Sunday evening, Evelyn decided to treat herself, and go out to the local bar, for a night cap instead of her usual at home alone time. While seated at the bar, alone, she suddenly noticed Sarah seated next to her. After exchanging pleasantries, Sarah offered Evelyn to join her and her friends for a night on the town. Being substantially older, and wanting to go home Evelyn deeply hesitated; however, after some persistent nagging by Sarah, Evelyn obliged and join Sarah and her friends. The evening started with the promise of a casual and enjoyable time, but as the drinks flowed, Evelyn lost touch with the limits she had unknowingly set for herself. The laughter and shared stories became a blur, and the once-composed professor found herself caught in the grip of intoxication. As the night wore on, Evelyn's words began to slur, and her movements became unsteady. Unaware of the extent of her inebriation, she continued to share anecdotes and insights, but the clarity that usually defined her words was replaced by a haze of alcohol-induced fuzziness. Sarah, watching the gradual transformation in her professor's demeanor, became increasingly concerned. Like a frog in slowly boiling water, Evelyn seemed oblivious to the changes in her own behavior. The warmth of the evening, and the warmth in her pants, had given way to a more somber atmosphere as Sarah recognized the signs of excess. As the night approached its end, Sarah made a decision fueled by genuine concern for her teacher. Rather than leaving as originally planned, she offered, "Evelyn, I think it's best if I stay the night. Just to make sure you're okay by morning." Evelyn, caught in the haze of alcohol, managed a nod, as her thumb glided into her mouth, her usual composed demeanor now replaced by a vulnerable state. Sarah took charge, guiding Evelyn to her apartment with a supportive arm around her shoulders. Once inside, Sarah ensured Evelyn was comfortable and settled before quietly going about making the necessary arrangements for an unexpected overnight stay. Throughout the night, Sarah kept a watchful eye on Evelyn, periodically checking in to ensure she was safe and comfortable. The balcony, witness to so many shared moments, now stood silent as the night unfolded. In the quiet hours, Sarah reflected on the evolving dynamics of their relationship and the responsibility that came with genuine concern for another person. When the first few students passed by the balcony, Sarah decided it was best to leave before anyone noticed her up on the professor's balcony. Evelyn was still deep in her slumber not fully awake from the night before. Chapter V The following week, Evelyn, haunted by the memory of the pub incident, decided to take the initiative and invited Sarah to meet for coffee at a quiet and public place. The atmosphere was tense as they settled into a corner of the coffee shop, surrounded by the hum of conversation and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. "Sarah, I wanted to apologize for that night at the pub," she began, her voice carrying a mix of remorse and embarrassment. “I knew I shouldn’t have gone on a drinking binge; let alone with a group of students…” Sarah, understanding the sincerity in Evelyn's apology, nodded in acknowledgment. "No need to apologize, Evelyn. We all have our moments. Let's just move past it," she reassured. However, as the conversation shifted, Sarah pulled out her phone,“stumbled upon images of the night before, as the two searched for an old message Evelyn had once sent Sarah… Evelyn's eyes widened in horror as Sarah showed her the images and later videos of night.. There, on the small screen, was a selfie of Evelyn, thumb in her mouth, seated on Sarah's lap at the pub . Another video revealed Evelyn giving an non-understandable speech, as a dark spot slowly grew around her groin. Evelyn's face turned several shades of red as embarrassment washed over her. "Sarah, I... I had no idea," she stammered, feeling a mix of humiliation and regret. Sarah, however, surprised Evelyn by laughing gently. "Don't worry, Evelyn. I promise not to use these pictures against you. When we had reached home, I had helped you take a shower and washed your clothes. As I walked home, before you had woken, or students walking towards their morning classes, I kept thinking how cute and vulnerable you were that night. It was as if something inside you finally opened up”. Caught off guard, Evelyn hesitated, unsure of how to respond. Sarah continued, "Actually, you look so adorable in these videos. Do you mind if I keep them? I promise, it's just for our private memories." Too embarrassed to even say anything, Evelyn stood up and left the coffee shop. Too shocked and shaken to even fully comprehend Sarah had said. Chapter VI Evelyn attempted to avoid Sarah at all costs, like a child she hid behind the curtains of her balcony in hopes that Sarah would not see her. She found a very nice teaching assistant to replace her for a few weeks in class, but eventually, Evelyn couldn't not go back to teaching. Sarah on the other hand, tried to reach out to Evelyn, trying to explain herself and make sure she’s ok. However, a few days before final exams, on the final day of classes, Evelyn had no choice but to resume her teaching. Throughout the lecture, Evelyn kept looking up at Sarah, who for her part pretended to be listening to the lecture, but in reality was planning her next step. When Evelyn finally finished her lecture, and asked whether anyone have questions regarding the final, Sarah raised her; Evelyn made the mistake of calling Sarah before calling anyone else. Sarah, standing up, asked - “Professor Evelyn, history is filled with secrets, can you show everyone your biggest secret?”, as if on queue, Evelyn began sucking her thumb. It was unclear to Evelyn what happened the next few minutes, but she somehow found herself, in the back of Sarahs’ car, wearing only a pull-up and her thumb in her mouth. Chapter VII Like a small child holding her mommy’s hand, Evelyn walked a pace behind Sarah towards the door. As the two reached Sarah’s apartment, the door suddenly opened by a woman, who was slightly older than Sarah, but clearly much younger than Evelyn. The woman introduced herself to Evelyn as though she was talking to a preschooler; offering Evelyn to sit on the floor and play with the plush toys laying around. Next thing Evelyn knew she was seated on the floor, staring up at the two young women, who could easily have been her own daughters, had she decided to get married and have a family. Sarah and her lover explained their plan. Evelyn was to be their baby, and both women would be called "mommy." The shock deepened as Evelyn, still constantly sucking her thumb, struggled to process the information. "I... I don't understand. Why? How?" Evelyn stammered, her voice a mixture of confusion and disbelief. Sarah's lover, whose name remained a mystery, spoke gently, "We've seen you sucking your thumb on the balcony every morning as we walked towards campus. I then saw your videos from the pub, and think the loss of control is simply because of too much control and maybe starting over is what you need. What you seem to want…” Chapter VIII In the quiet darkness of the nursery, Evelyn lay in her toddler bed, surrounded by the soft hues of pastel colors and the comforting presence of plush toys. As she drifted closer to sleep, her mind swirled with a cascade of thoughts and reflections. The weight of the revelation bore down on Evelyn's mind. Years as a professor, yet it took two students, Sarah and her lover, to unravel the depths of her secrets. The dichotomy between her public persona as an educator and the vulnerability she now embraced in the nursery left her contemplative. Evelyn wondered how the carefully constructed walls around her personal life had crumbled in the face of these two determined students. What was it about her habits, her idiosyncrasies, that had been so transparent to them? The balcony, once a sanctuary of solitude, now seemed like an inadvertent stage where her private rituals were unwittingly exposed. In the dim light of the nursery, Evelyn couldn't shake the astonishment that these two women had not only uncovered her secrets but had actively taken steps to provide for her needs, albeit in an unconventional way. The complexity of the situation left her in a state of vulnerability, wrapped in a strange sense of care and intimacy that defied the traditional roles she had known for so long. As sleep finally claimed her, Evelyn's thoughts lingered on the mystery of connection—how these two students had seen beyond the professor and discovered the layers that lay beneath. The nursery, once a symbol of surprise and uncertainty, became a cocoon where Evelyn could rest, suspended between the past and an unforeseen future, her mind echoing with the enigma of newfound connections that transcended the boundaries of academia. Chapter IX When Sarah woke Evelyn up the next day, Evelyn found Sarah's lover making Evelyn's favorite breakfast. Evelyn sat at the table, as a bib was put on her and kids utensils (fork only) were provided Sarah's lover gave Evelyn a pre-cut plate and a sippy-cup with OJ. As Evelyn tried to feed herself, but really was being fed by Sarah, Sarah’s lover began to explain their plan… For the next 4 weeks, they'll treat Evelyn at a different age. AAt the end of the 4 weeks Evelyn will decide the desired age; then once a year Evelyn will decide if she wants to grow up, grow down or stay the same. Week 1 - 2 yr old Week 2 - 3 yr old Week 3 - 4 yr old Week 4 - 5 yr old Evelyn agreed, and so after breakfast Lisa took Evelyn to get dressed. As Lisa dressed Evelyn, she explained what life at each age would be like. Evelyn sat motionless as mommy Lisa, dressed her and talked. Explaining that while clothing and toys would change for each age, the use of diapers or pull-ups would not, nor would the ability to inform a grown-up when she had used her diaper. For her final touch, Lisa put a nice big bow , and a pacifier attached to her shirt. About an hour later, Sarah came out of their office and announced they're going on a walk. like a good mother and to Evelyn's surprise Sarah put Evelyn in a stroller. When Evelyn tried to protest, Lisa pushed the pacifier attached to Evelyn’s shirt in her mouth as Sarah pushed her out of the house. After about an hour’s walk, Evelyn was brought back home for a nap and some playtime, before being bathed and put to bed. Her days were suddenly all the same, sometimes their walks would end up in a playground, where Evelyn was expected to play with kids in her “age” group. Slowly, Evelyn was finally feeling happy, there was nothing humiliating or sexual about the behaviors of Lisa and Sarah towards her; they simply wanted to fulfill her unspoken dreams. Chapter X Towards the end of month, Evelyn was already being treated like a 5 year-old who wears pull-ups, something odd happened… Instead of being dressed like a “big kid”, Lisa put her in a diaper. Confused, Evelyn asked “Mommy, why am I dressed like a baby?”, to which Lisa replied “it’s a surprise…”. As breakfast Sarah began feeding Evelyn her breakfast, Evelyn asked “Mommy, why are you and mommy treating me like a baby again?”. Like Lisa, Sarah replied “it’s a surprise…” When breakfast was finished, Sarah put Evelyn in her playpen, and disappeared into the bedrooms. A few minutes later, Lisa and Sarah reappeared with 2 suitcases, Evelyn’s diaper bag. Their mysterious adventure began at the airport, where Evelyn, although having her own seat, spent the entire flight sitting on either Lisa or Sarah's lap. When the three reached their hotel room, Evelyn was put to bed for an early nap; after which she was put in a baby pastel dress, a diaper, and a pacifier clipped to her dress. After dressing themselves and Evelyn, the three women embarked towards an unknown for Evelyn but a clear destination for her mommies. After about a 15-minute stroll, they arrived at a really nice restaurant. To Evelyn's surprise, they were meeting Lisa's parents, who greeted her with the warmth one would reserve for a 2-year-old. The woman, who Lisa called mom, seemed vaguely familiar to Evelyn, though it was clear to her that they were both younger than her. Throughout dinner, the "adults" engaged in conversation, seemingly oblivious to Evelyn's presence. In this adult-oriented restaurant, one without a kids menu, Sarah and Lisa had come prepared, bringing baby food and a bottle for Evelyn. As the adults waited for their dessert, Lisa’s mom, who by now Evelyn had learned was named Tina, took Evelyn to sit on her lap. Acting fussy, Tina took Evelyn's clipped pacifier and inserted it into Evelyn’s mouth; as she recollected how the roles have changed. According to her story, Tina and Evelyn not only went to the same college. In fact, Evelyn was best friend’s with Tina’s big sister; and while never a part of the sorority, she often had the chance to haze Tina – forcing her to suck her thumb or a pacifier. Oftentimes Evely had a pacifier waiting for when Tina showed up with her “older sister”. She had finished the story with “oh how the tables have turned”... The next day, they went to another restaurant, this one more "child-friendly". This time meeting not only Sarah’s parents, also her slightly older sister and 2-year-old nephew, as well as Sarah’s 10-year-old brother. From the moment they arrived at lunch, it became clear to Evelyn she was the “baby” of the group. Her new “nephew” was wearing pull-ups, not diapers and was no longer using a pacifier during the day; while the 10-year-old was clearly treated much more as an adult as she has in the past month. As the adults waited for their food something inexplicable happened to Evelyn. She found herself lying on her aunty’s lap, being breastfed as if she were nothing more than an infant. By the time food arrived, Evelyn was already back in her stroller, sucking her pacifier and watching baby-ish videos on her mommy’s iPad. As the video played inches from her face, Evelyn had an internal conflict. On the one hand, she was enjoying the idea of being treated as she was. Having her deepest secrets and darkest secrets, even ones she didn’t understand how her mommies knew of, fulfilled. On the other hand, she understood that if she stays this way any longer she’ll never be an adult again. Even now, she wasn’t sure if she was still potty trained or not. Chapter XI Coming back to reality, Sarah, Lisa and Evelyn understood that they’d be better off financially if Professor Evelyn would go back to teaching. However, having your “mommy” walk you to class as you suck on a pacifier or thumb decreases your authoritarianism in the classroom. Worse off was “Professor Evelyn” when she’d mess herself, and begin to cry while giving a lecture on the timeline of events the class will cover during her third class. It had reached a point so bad that Evelyn’s boss called her into her office. Arriving with her two mommies, and sucking her pacifier, Evelyn arrived at her boss's office. As Evelyn sat on Sarah's lap, the dean listened to Lisa as she explained the state of Evelyn. Instead of firing Evelyn, the dean provided an unique proposal…. Evelyn would continue to receive her pay, but she would no longer be required to teach. In return, the dean requested that they collaborate on writing academic papers that explored Evelyn's regression and the process of her re-aging, with the goal of returning to a 5-year-old state by the time Sarah graduated in three years. Lisa and Sarah agreed, with the condition of legally declaring Evelyn as a child; which the dean was more than happy to help with. And so… Evelyn was declared a 2-year-old, Sarah became a psychology major and Lisa a childhood education major, both trying to reteach the ever so resistant Evelyn to slowly grow-up.
  3. (Yes, I know I should continue my Dragon Quest AR story, but three ideas for this site have really struck me lately - one of which, thus far, is eighty-four Google Doc pages thus far, and likely will push into the 500-page range. No, this is not that story; I want to absolutely finish it before posting here - and this is the one I've found the most time working on lately, so this is the story I'm gonna post here. I don't know at what intervals I can post it; I thought I had it with the Dragon Quest story, but I have three chapters done so far, and I'm closing in on a fourth and more. Let's just say a monthly updating schedule?) (Anyway, this is Salutatorians! It's a much darker spin on a Daddy Dom-Little Girl story, not because of any punishments or sexual stuff in particular - the former because I'm not into punishments by a parental figure because I've had those punishments done as a kid for no reason in the past and I'm averse to it, and the latter because I'm a virgin and won't write sex scenes when I have no idea how to write them - but because of just how dark this story gets for the characters. As trigger warnings, suicide, mental illness, violence, abuse of children (including sexual (not shown), physical, and emotional), domestic violence, cursing (including sexist rhetoric), and explicit description of injury (including blood, broken bones, and torn ligaments).) (If you haven't been scared off yet, I promise to write this story to the best of my ability, and I promise that, while I will not shy away from any of those trigger warnings, I will write it as tactfully and as respectfully to those who still wish to read it as I possibly can. These things are not in the story for anything other than plot reasons; this, I swear with all of my heart and soul. But I've said my piece. It's up to you if you want to read or not. I hope you'll read, but I won't be upset if you don't; I'm writing this story as much for me as for you.) EDIT: About critique, feel absolutely free to tell me what I'm doing wrong; in fact, I encourage it with all my heart! I want to publish this under my pseudo penname in books for AR/AB stuff, and in order to publish without mistakes and errors, I absolutely need to know what I've done wrong. If you can't find anything wrong, then tell me what you liked, please! These things make me a better writer. I'm not soft when it comes to critique, and I'll always listen to it. --- Chapter One: Yet Another Date. --- Eiluned Mostyn was silent as she prepared her large black tote bag, black gloves, an ankle-length black hooded down coat, and a hot-pink scarf for the cold February Minnesota weather, ready for another dinner date. The college sophomore - formerly from Torfaen, Wales (Cwmbran, if one wanted to get personal) - had tried for a fair few dates with men on Tinder. Those fair few had claimed they were Welsh, claimed they knew her from school or whatever, claimed a lot of things that, after she dug deeper, weren’t true. She always ended up swiping left for most of the cases, and the few dates she had gone for had gone nowhere. This new guy seemed interesting…because she remembered him from a long while back. Ifor Sealy. Just a month older than she was, both of them being twenty years of age. Moved to Tennessee from Wales like she had (except he had been from Bridgend). She remembered him from middle school in eighth grade before she moved away to Minnesota the following year, and lost contact with him. And now he showed up? Out of the blue? Like nothing ever happened? Sure, Eiluned had done her research; the profile proved that he was exactly who he said he was, and for some reason, according to his Facebook and Twitter pages, he had transferred to Minnesota - THE University of Minnesota, where she was studying mechanical engineering - for reasons all his own (i.e., football). But why? Why had he moved here, of all the places he could’ve moved? Surely it didn’t have to do with…her, right? No, couldn’t be. Absolutely couldn’t be! She shook her head and shivered as she stepped into the chilly evening air, got into her car - a beat up Honda - turned the key into the ignition, and drove off to the meeting site: Hell’s Kitchen Minneapolis, a popular hotspot for the college crowd. It wasn’t that far, but she didn’t feel comfortable walking to dates. Too many horror stories, and she was smarter than that. She was one of the best students, a salutatorian in her Minnesota high school. She worked hard for everything she had. And yet… Eiluned froze, trying to drive…it out of her mind. It was her own horror story that made her this way. She didn’t want to think about it. It was something she had worked hard to get rid of, and yet, it was always at the back of her mind, and it stayed there on the short drive to the place, all the way until she pulled into the parking lot, where Ifor was already there, apparently waiting for her. The first thing about Ifor that she noted was that he was a lot bigger than her (although she shouldn’t have been surprised; he was an offensive line transfer from Vanderbilt). She was small at 5’1”, 105 pounds, and he absolutely dwarfed her, like a full-grown redwood tree would dwarf a sapling; he had to be 6’7”, 295 pounds. His hair was down past his shoulder blades, a curly ginger mop that he had tucked away from his gleaming ocean-blue eyes; he wouldn’t have looked out of place in a movie about Celtic warriors, except for his gap-toothed grin showing a playful side of him. He wore a coat that was a surprising fit over a black dress shirt, khaki pants, and a pair of worn brown boots that looked like they had at least been cleaned for the date. Well, you certainly dressed to impress, Ifor. Now what do you want? Eiluned sighed, brushing her dark-brown bangs away from her sage-green eyes. "Helo, Ifor,” she began calmly. “Shwmae?” "Da iawn, diolch, Eiluned,” he replied with an accent that was decidedly not Welsh, yet somehow seeming natural to those words; he was a man who had obviously grown up in a Welsh family. She gestured to the sign. “Why here?” Ifor shrugged. “I hear they make a nice Lucy burger, and I’ve never had one before,” he said in a surprising Southern drawl; she had expected him to speak more…Welsh-ly. "Why do you have a Southern accent, Ifor?” she asked, a little more sharply than intended. To his credit, the harshness of the question seemed to roll off him. “I’ve lived in Tennessee since I was almost seven. Sorry, I bet you expected a Welsh accent?” "Then how do I know you’re actually Ifor Sealy and not some creepy imposter?” He sighed before reaching into his pants pocket for his wallet and giving his ID to her. “If there’s a creepy imposter my size using my name, I’d definitely be scared.” She looked at the ID, noted that it was undeniable proof Ifor was who he said he was. “Fine. I apologize for misunderstanding; you can never be too careful.” "If the situations were reversed, I’d do the same thing. So, are we going to stand in the cold for the night or do we go in?” Eiluned nodded. “Let’s go in.” --- (So, this is the first chapter. As a note, those supposedly unpronounceable words are Welsh (which is admittedly not a language I know, so please forgive me if I don't get them right, I tried my best and looked up as much as I could, and I promise to correct them if they're wrong.). I'll give you a quick translation and pronunciation (from what I could find on Google Translate and various sites): (Helo = Hello. Pronounced "hello", obviously.) (Shwmae = How are you? (informal). Pronounced "shoo - mai.) (Da iawn, diolch = Very good, thanks. (Pronounced "da - yaown - dee - och (ch is the same as in "loch".) (Cwmbran = Kuum = brawn) (As for how the story goes...well, we'll certainly see what happens, won't we?)
  4. Planning this one to be a bit more slow paced... hope you enjoy! ...... Alice packed her bags alongside five other girls in the dark room they had all chosen to leave tonight. As she packed she made a disgusted face at the poster encouraging people to vote for the "otoku Movement" with an image of women dressed in varous skimpy outfits from schoolgirl get ups to chinese dresses. That was one of the many posters that lined the wall of what used to be the girls RA office. Posters that decried girls as "innocent" and other derogatory propaganda. The movement had started out in japan. The result of an underpopulated country, A culture of infantilism, and advancements in biotech. They had taken over like a storm and everyone had thought it would never last until it did. Then they thought the movement would never move out of japan. A year later both china and South Korea had adopted the movement. But still they had foolishly thought that it would never take root in america. 3 years later and women were portayed in media as vulnerable and weak. Even comics had gone as far as to make wonder women into a schoolgirl in love with superman. She wasn't even superhero. 4 years and women had lost the right to vote. Then the right to attorny or legal council. Just yesterday they had lost the right to graduate and could no longer leave their campuses without the deans permission. Alice finnally finshed packing. With a look to the other girls who had finished as well. They made thier attempt to escape.
  5. Alice's Day in Very Full Diapers Rejoice! For I have once again written a smut. 🤣 But this time I wasn't alone. I co-wrote this story with the lovely PrincessDiaperGirl on Deviantart, whom I shall link to here: https://www.deviantart.com/princessdiapergirl (She doesn't have an account here so we agreed that she'd post the story on DA while I post it here 😅) NOTE: All characters depicted here are 18+ years old. Enjoy! ***** Alice stood rigidly in front of the three members of the House of Azalea Doves who would be deciding her fate. In the center of the group was Jennifer. With her auburn hair pulled back into a ponytail, her round glasses perched perfectly on her face, and the pledge book in her arms, she gave off the impression of being the leader of the trio. To her right was Britney. Though they all wore the same button-up and navy blazer with matching skirt that was the school uniform, Britney's dark makeup, lip piercing, and generally menacing aura gave off a somewhat scary vibe. Like Wednesday Addams, if she were also captain of the Track team and could bend you in half with one arm tied behind her back. And last but not least was Harmony. The red hair and freckles combined with the not-too-subtle southern drawl caused her to stand out from her peers. But the confidence in her emerald eyes seemed to indicate that she wasn't insecure about any of it. "Good Morning, Alice." Jennifer greeted with a smile. "I hope you slept well. You've got a big day ahead of you." Alice yawned, indicating that she may not have had the best night. Must've been the nerves, after all she'd been working up the courage to join for months now. Her long blonde hair was pulled up in a messy bun, hastily done just hours before. Her voice was shaky, again due to nerves. "Y-yes- I'm.. I'm ready." "Good," Jennifer nodded. "We here at the House of Azalea Doves sorority only take in the most-dedicated pledges." "So you can expect today to be hell." Britney added with no visible emotion on her face. "Did you *prepare* yourself for the Initiation like we told ya to?" Harmony asked with a smirk. Alice looked down sheepishly at her skirt. "Y-yes-.. just as you asked-" "Do you honestly expect us to just take your word for it? Show us." Britney ordered, the faint traces of a malicious grin tugging at her lips. "I-I- uhh.. fine.." Alice's face was burning with embarrassment as she turned around and lifted her skirt. Beneath her skirt was a pair of translucent baby blue plastic pants which did very little to conceal the puffy white diaper she was wearing. "Let's see if you got it on right." Harmony said, stepping up to Alice and gently lowering the plastic pants down to mid-thigh before running her fingertips over the crinkly plastic padding. Alice froze up. The feeling of Harmony's fingers rubbing over her diaper was one of best things she'd ever felt. It was all she could do to hold in a yelp of pleasure. "Very good! You even got the tapes straight." she said, slapping the back of Alice's diaper with a dull thud. "Good girl." "Eep!" She couldn't help herself, a quiet yelp escaped Alice's lips. The combination of the rubbing, the quick slap and the "good girl" was too much for her. "th-thank you.." she muttered, face still flaming with embarrassment. Jennifer nodded her head "Good. Then we can begin with phase 1 of the Initiation." she said, setting her book down and going over to a table, retrieving an opaque Tupperware container. Alice peered curiously at the container. "What's the first phase?" Britney stalked around Alice like a lioness circling her prey "Oh, did you think the Initiation was just gonna be wearing a diaper for a day?" Harmony crosses in front of the poor girl, grinning like the Cheshire Cat "No no, you're gonna be wearing a FULL diaper all day, Hon." Alice shrank back, trying to back into a wall but instead tripping clumsily over a chair. "Wh-what? But- b-but this wasn't.. nodody said-" "Oh quit your whining," Britney sneered down at Alice "Just because you're dressed like a baby doesn't mean you have to cry like one!" Harmony leans down and offers her a hand up "Careful, Hon. We don't want you hittin' that pretty little head a' yours, do we?" Alice took Harmony's hand, blushing a deep red as she spoke. "Thanks...". She shot a look at Britney. It was becoming clear who Alice favored out of the group. Jennifer continued on as if nothing had happened "We have each selected a substance or object to put in your diaper at the beginning of each of the 3 phases." "And if you happen to fill your diapers on your own, that's your problem." Britney added. "If you can make it to the end of the day without removing your diaper, you will be welcomed in as an official Azalea Dove!" Harmony said. Alice was taken aback. She'd known that she had to wear a diaper, sure, but nobody had told her that the girls would be filling it with.. "substances" as Jennifer had called them. "I-I-.." She took a deep breath. "Fine. I'll-I'll do it." "Excellent!" Jennifer said, "For your 1st phase, I wanted to pick something that wouldn't be too unpleasant. So I decided on a batch of oatmeal." She opens the container to reveal what looked like a pretty hefty amount of oatmeal, especially for what she intended to do with it. "Harmony, would you please pull the back of her diaper open?" Alice cringed at the thought. A load of oatmeal right down her diaper? Suppose she's doing what has to be done, after all it was basically her dream to join up with these girls. Harmony complied and held the back of Alice's diaper open for Jennifer. What came next was the scraping of a spoon against Tupperware and the sensation of Alice's diaper being filled up with a load of surprisingly-warm mush. Another quiet yelp came from Alice. She squirmed around at the uncomfortable sensation but that only made the mushy oatmeal wriggle around more and settle into the bottom of her diaper, nestling itself right up against her butt. "There we go. All done!" Jennifer's cheery voice exclaimed as Harmony released the back of Alice's diaper, causing it to snap back into place. As the diaper snapped back against Alice's skin, one more yelp came for good measure. She didn't dare move, just in case she agitated the mush further. Unfortunately for Alice, Harmony had other plans. She smacks the padded girl's butt again, squishing the mess thoroughly "How's that feel, darlin'?" she asks teasingly. Alice immediately clasped her hands to her mouth to stifle a moan of pure pleasure. "W-well- it.. it's-.. probably the worst thing I've ever felt.. who even came up with this?" "Let's just say it was a... Collaborative effort." Harmony explains. "I still think it's f***ing weird, but whatever." "Britney! Language!" "Oh go to hell, Jen! We're all adults. Well... Most of us." she responds, glancing at Alice. At Britney's comment, Alice gazed at the floor shamefully. Jennifer straightens her glasses "now then, I believe your next class starts soon so you better get going." "And remember," Britney began, "you can quit and take the diaper off at any time. But you know what *that* will mean." "Nah, I think she's gonna make it through the day." Harmony winked at the diapered girl. "She seems like Azalea Dove material." At Harmony's compliment, Alice squared her shoulders as best she could "I-I can do it! I'll make it through the whole day-" "Wonderful." Jennifer smiles "Now run along and we will save you a seat at lunch time so we can check on how you're doing." "And start phase 2." Britney added, knowing it would make Alice squirm. Alice looked back at the girls before she left, giving Harmony a quick smile. Making her way across campus to get to class turned out to be a lot more-challenging than Alice expected. Each step she took caused the oatmeal in her diaper to shift and squish against her, and the added bulk forced her to concentrate on not waddling to avoid drawing suspicion. Alice had to keep her mouth firmly shut to avoid yelping at the feeling of her mushy diaper. Eventually, she made it to class, and was even a few minutes early and was the first person there. Her relief, however, was cut short when she had the horrific realization that she was going to have to sit down in the mush-filled diaper clinging to her butt. She slowly lowered herself down to the chair, anticipating the squishing that was about to come. In hindsight, this was a terrible idea. The mushy oatmeal slowly squishing against the seat of her diaper as it made contact with the chair was agonizing. Students slowly started filtering into the classroom followed by the professor as class was getting started. The old man's droning voice was hard enough to pay attention to on a good day, and Alice's thoughts were already too fixated on the squishy feeling of the diaper beneath her skirt. She could barely concentrate. Maybe it was all the concentrating on the mushy oatmeal feeling, or maybe it was the slightly comforting feeling of the diaper, but she was slowly drifting off to sleep. The next thing she knew, the Professor was tapping on her desk with a ruler, startling her awake "I hope I'm not interrupting your nap time?" he said with a slight smirk, indicating that he wasn't mad. A quick glance around the room revealed no other students. She'd slept through the whole class! "H-huh?? I-I-.. uhm.. s-sorry sir.. didn't sleep well last night.." An embarrassing apology to be sure, but nothing bad could come from it... Right? Then it hit her. Alice had to stand up. Stand up.. in her mushy, oatmeal filled diaper. This was going to be a problem. A warm chuckle escaped his lips "It's quite alright, dear. You can find the material we covered today in chapter 4 before my next class tomorrow. Just try not to make a habit of it, alright?" Without waiting for an answer he heads back towards his desk at the front of the classroom. "I-I'll look at that tonight sir.." Now comes the trouble of standing up. She had to yet again hold back her whimpers of pleasure as the mushy oatmeal slowly unstuck itself from both her ass and her diaper. Once she'd slowly risen from the chair, she made her way out of the room and to her next class. The next class was much more of the same--another boring lesson she couldn't be bothered to pay attention to, when her thoughts were so preoccupied with her diaper. Thoughts which, unfortunately, were cut short when she felt a twinge in her bladder about halfway through Class and remembered what Britney said about "filling" her diaper throughout the day. She tried to fight the urge, and almost saved herself by thinking about asking to leave to use the bathroom... Not remembering that it wasn't permitted unless you had a medical reason. This was certainly not one of those reasons for not using the toilet. She would've gone before her last class but she was too preoccupied with the Azalea Doves initiation. She couldn't stop herself any longer, and a warm feeling spread into her diaper, accompanied by a quiet sound of her piss hitting both the diaper and the oatmeal. As the liquid mixed with the mush inside, the feeling only worsened… Alice couldn't resist the urge to carefully reach down between her legs and lightly prod the diaper. It felt so warm! And it could be her imagination, but it seemed like it had swelled quite a bit from her pee. A shiver ran up her spine at the thought of being stuck wearing this diaper all day--continuing to "fill" it, on top of whatever Britney and Harmony had planned for her. Just how far were they expecting her to go? What would they make her do next? She was hit by a crushing feeling that this was only the beginning… Luckily for most, though very unlucky for Alice, it was lunch, so she set off to find the table with the Azalea Doves.. to start the second phase.
  6. The Weird Scholarship Chapter One: The Drive I drove down the highway with one hand held between my legs. I had to pee and being stuck in a car didn't help. A sign up ahead said that the next rest area was only fifteen miles up ahead and I could certainly hold it. It was just a bit uncomfortable and I didn't know what I would do when I got there. My phone rang and I answered it. I know you are not supposed to talk and drive, but at least I wasn't texting. I looked at the screen and saw it was my best friend Kara. “How's the drive?” “Weird,” I said. “I'm almost to Massachusetts though.” “Good timing,” she said. “What's weird about it?” “You know.” She very well did know why I felt weird. This was her plan. “I'm wearing a diaper.” “You better be, Nora,” said Kara. “You don't want to be found out as a faker and lose your scholarship.” “Yeah,” I said. “That's the problem. I'm not really incontinent. They are going to find out.” Kara giggled on the other end of the phone. “No they're not. Just act natural.” I rubbed myself in the thick padded material between my legs with my phone to keep from peeing. I then picked the phone up and said, “This is not natural.” “Well, get used to wetting yourself,” she said. “You probably should show up in a wet diaper. That way you won't look like a faker to the other girls who are used to wetting their diapers.” “Why did I let you talk me into this?” I asked. “You got a scholarship to MIT. The IRS took your college money, remember? This is your last chance to go to college.” I sighed. “Goodbye, Kara.” “Bye. And trust me about arriving in a wet diaper.” I hung up. I don't understand how things got so weird. My father had saved enough in my college fund to pay for all four years of school. So my junior year of high school, I didn't really need to bother with scholarships. When we had to go to the library to research scholarships, Kara suggested I choose the weirdest scholarships. There were actually scholarships for people who entered a program to study yodeling. Like I could get a job doing that. There was also a scholarship for incontinent girls who were studying engineering at MIT. That was a pretty specific scholarship and it was a perfect target for my entertainment during library time. So when the IRS investigated my father, somehow my college fund was where they though he was hiding the money. It was the summer before college and I had no money. The only scholarships I had applied for were for yodeling majors and for incontinent girls studying engineering at MIT. The scholarship was generous. It paid for everything I needed for college. I remember getting the phone call where I was given the scholarship. “Is Nora Stevens there,” the woman on the phone had asked. “This is Nora.” “This is Elizabeth Jones from the scholarship selection committee. I am pleased to inform you that you are next on the list for the Scholarship for Incontinent Girls in Engineering.” My mouth was opened in shock. I had though my college dreams were over since I lost my college fund. I was in until her next line. “The other girl didn't measure up. She was faking incontinence just to get the scholarship. I made this scholarship so incontinent girls can have the full college experience. That includes living in the dorms. To do that we want to make sure that we pair you with another girl in the dorm that is in your same situation. Will this be a problem for you?” “No problem,” I said. “Good. We are having a summer camp to get to know the other girls. Attendance is mandatory.” Kara had laughed and laughed when I told her, but she had been a big help in getting me adult diapers. They do sell diapers in stores, but the kind that real incontinent people wear are only found online and I had to order some ahead of time. The rest area came up soon after the sign that said that I was entering Massachusetts. I almost stopped, but then I thought about what Kara said. An incontinent girl would show up in a wet diaper. To be convincing, I would do the same. I relaxed and pretended I was siting on the toilet, even though I was sitting behind the wheel of my Ford Fiesta. I still had to keep my eye on the road. As I started to wet, it was so warm as the wetness spread around my crotch and under my bottom. The first time I wet the diaper, I was surprised it felt good. This was the first time I had tried to wet while sitting down. The first time I wet a diaper I was standing. Both times, I was shocked at how good it felt. I looked back at the rest stop through the rear-view mirror. The rest area, like my toilet training, was behind me. Chapter Two: Fitting in with the Group I drove my car into Cambridge and then followed the directions I was given previously. I pulled into the lot near Kesge Auditorium and right away I saw the group I was looking for. They were not hard to miss. The parking lot was empty except for a livery van and four cars. Five college age girls and two women stood around the van. I pulled in and got out. “Are you Nora?” a woman asked me. She looked like she was forty. She wore mom jeans and a T-shirt. “Yes,” I said. I opened the back door of my car and got my bags, a pillow, and my sleeping bag. I had brought two bags. One was usually sufficient for camping, but not for this trip. The extra bag was my diaper bag. I grabbed my stuff in both arms and took them toward the van. “I think I have everything I need.” “Good. You're the last one, so let's get going. You can put your stuff in the back of the van.” She open the rear door and I piled my stuff in there. I opened the diaper bag and pulled out a book and then looked down at my clean diapers. The wet diaper I had on had stopped feeling warm and good and I felt that I could use a change. “Do I have time to run to the bathroom real quick?” I leaned closer to her. “I'm wet.” The other older woman heard me. She looked at a brown haired girl. “Are you wet, Darla?” She actually put her hand under the girl's skirt to check. She pulled away. “No, mother. I'm fine. You don't have to do that. I'm starting college now. I know if I am wet or need a change.” “I'm your mother and I care about you. You don't want to get a rash like last time, do you?” “Mother, stop! I'm going to camp now.” She walked around and picked a seat in the van. The woman, not Darla's mother, leaned in and whispered to me. “Do you think we can get by another hour? I think Darla's feeling a bit of pressure to get on the road.” I nodded. When Kara and I were testing, she had me try to make a diaper leak. I hadn't been able to before the thing got so soggy I had to take it off. I had had to wet three times to get to that point. “I think so.” “Good. Then we got to go.” She led me in through the sliding door of the van and I took a seat beside a bored looking girl with a sarcastic nerd phrase on her shirt. She wore black cargo jeans with all kinds of metal hanging from them. She turned to the other woman. “Mrs. Keene, we need to get going.” “Sure. Have a good time, Darla, and listen to Miss. Jones.” The girl Darla just glared as Miss Jones closed the sliding door and walked around to the driver's seat. While she was gone, the girl next to me whispered, “My God, it's like she is a five year old going to her first sleep-away camp.” “So I wasn't the only one who thought that was uncomfortable?” I asked. “Hardly,” said the girl, “at least she was standing up to her mother and not crying as she drove away.” She just pointed her thumb behind her to a girl wearing a pale blue and plaid bib overalls. She was dabbing her eyes with a Kleenex. The girl wore her short blond hair in pig tales. In her left arm she held a battered teddy bear. “So what's your story?” Before I could answer, Miss Jones hopped in the drivers seat and started the van. She put the van in gear and started to drive out of parking lot. “Girls,” she said. “I am Elizabeth Jones, but you can call me Bets. I am the scholarship coordinator and founder of the Scholarship for Incontinent Girls in Engineering. I like to have this camp for several reasons. Mainly so you can get to know each other and find out who you want to be your roommate. There are six of you, so you can pair off during camp. The other reason is, unfortunately, to screen out people who are liars. I had to replace one girl who was not even incontinent. I thought Nora was more deserving of the scholarship.” At this point we had driven off campus and onto the main road. “So get to know each other during this week. How about introducing yourself to each other as we drive to the camp.” She stopped talking to concentration driving and we started talking. “Well, I am glad to be on the road,” said Darla. “You don't know what it's like to live with a woman that treats you like a toddler every minute of the day. I'm eighteen now. I am finally independent.” “We're supposed to be introducing ourselves, Mommy's Girl, not whining about our childhoods,” said the girl next to me. “That's really mean,” said Darla. “I am tired of being teased about my incontinence. Having a mother who is not so discrete about it means everyone in high school knew. I just want to move on. I want to experience stuff. That is what college is for. This scholarship is great. I worried about college and having to hide my diapers from my roommate, but if my roommate also needs diapers I can keep it a secret. My name is Darlene Keene and I am excited about studying engineering at MIT.” “Darlene, not Darla?” I asked. “Darla is my toddler name. I am eighteen and I am an adult. I am Darlene. I have a medical condition called incontinence that I can manage as an adult. I don't need my overprotective mother to change me.” The girl with the teddy bear sat beside Darlene. She spoke up. It was the first time she said anything. “I've never changed myself before. I'm a bit overwhelmed. I've never been so far away from my mommy before.” The girl next to me snickered, but the girl ignored her. “My name is Melody.” Her voice was soft and quiet. “I don't really have friends, so I don't know what to expect. I was home schooled. I scored perfect on the ACT.” In the rear seat, a girl spoke up. “I'm Veronica English. I'm just as normal as anyone else, or I was until the accident. Some drunk ran into my car when I first got my license. It wasn't fair. The drunk doesn't have to wear diapers. That would be fitting justice. Instead, he only got thirty days in jail. I have to spend the rest of my life in diapers.” She pounded her fists on the seat beside her. “My boyfriend took someone else to prom. He was too embarrassed to be with me. I entered my application for the scholarship that day. Ironically, the next day was the last day to get the scholarship application in the mail.” “My name is Bella,” said her neighbor who had just looked up from a book. She wore all black. Even her nail polish and lipstick was black. “People already though I was weird, so knowing about my diapers really didn't change things. I like dressing in black and reading about vampires.” She picked up her book and started to read. “A girl named Bella who reads books about vampires? Can you get more cliché than that?” said the girl next to me. “I'm surprised she doesn't sparkle in the sunlight.” She started laughing at her own joke. Bella looked up. “I'm reading Anne Rice, not that stupid Stephanie Meyer woman. Lestat and Louie would feel sorry for vampires that sparkle in the sun. My mother liked the name Bella. I was born way before Twilight even was heard of. Why don't you tell us about yourself, Loudmouth, instead of teasing us. You pee your pants like the rest of us.” “Fine. My name is Cassie. I am majoring in engineering at MIT. I've dreamed of coming to MIT all my life. I want to fully experience college.” She looked at me. I hadn't introduced myself yet. “From hearing you talk, you wouldn't even know you were incontinent. What gives?” asked Bella. “You're not telling us about yourself.” “I told you my name and my vision. I'm done.” “Cassie doesn't have to say why she wears diapers,” I said. “My promised college fund went away, so I thought I couldn't go to college. I was going to go to Alpen-adria-univeritat Klagenfurt to pursue a yodeling major, but thanks to this scholarship, I will actually get to major in a marketable skill.” I looked around. I was being stared at. I gave a nervous giggle. “Plus, I don't have to explain my special underpants to a roommate. I'm Nora Stevens. I don't have a middle name. Is that weird or what?” I faced forward and looked in my book. Cassie slid next to me. “Why did you turn down a chance to study in Austria?” Her voice was quiet like she didn't want the other girls to hear. “I was living with a family who had a real daughter who was studying in Europe. She was so pretty and she came home to visit for Christmas. She had so many experiences.” She looked across me out the window and sighed. “That was my favorite family.” “Um, yodeling,” I said. That was all the answer I thought I needed to give. I wondered what she meant by having a favorite family. I thought you only got one. “I never thought I could even get into MIT.” She smiled at me. “I hit the jackpot here.” She shifted her legs closed and closed her eyes like she needed to pee. She didn't get the blank stare Kara said I got went I wet a diaper. Chapter Three: The Public Change About noon, we stopped at a McDonald's. I had wet my diaper a second time, which made the pee not feel so clammy, but I wanted a fresh diaper. We all grabbed our diaper bags and stood outside the van as Bets lock it up. “Okay. Here is the plan. Cassie, Nora, and Melody will go into the bathroom and change. Veronica, Bella, and Darlene and I will order our food. When you come out, we will go change while you order your food. Then we will eat together.” I looked at Cassie and Melody. Melody looked back at Bets. She looked like she wanted to say something, but was too shy. Cassie walked toward the building. I grabbed Melody's hand and pulled her with me as I followed. We got inside and Cassie and I took the first two stalls. I thought I heard Melody go into the third stall, but I wasn't sure. I pulled down my pants and looked down at my wet diaper. It was really wet in the back since I sat while wetting. I peeled off the tapes and rolled it up, then wiped myself off with baby wipes. Once finished, I put on the diaper like I had practiced by leaning against the wall of the stall. I got it on semi-decently. I listened as Cassie changed. I heard the toilet flushing, and then heard the rustling of a diaper. We came out together. Melody stood waiting for us holding a diaper. She pushed the diaper to Cassie. “Can you please change me?” “I'm not changing your smelly butt,” said Cassie. “Can't you change yourself? We did it,” I said. “My mommy always changed me. I don't know what to do.” She held the diaper to me. I sighed. “I guess I can help you.” She pulled the diaper change table down and then tried to unhook her overalls. She had trouble. They opened easily to me. Once her pants were down, she lay on the table. Her diaper was swollen. Unlike my purple diaper, hers was white, but it had blocks across the front. I thought my diaper was thick. “Guard the door,” I told Cassie. I didn't want any strangers seeing this. I untaped the college woman's diaper and then cleaned her with a wipe. For her part, Melody lay still and stared at the ceiling. I put the clean diaper under her and then powdered her. I then closed it and taped it up. The tapes on her diaper sucked, but they got the job done. Once she was diapered she stood up and pulled up her pants and then motioned for me to do up her overalls. “Thank you,” she said. “We are going to have to teach you to do this yourself,” I said. “Why can't you get your overalls undone? What do you do when you poop?” asked Cassie. “Mommy takes me to the potty when I have to poop.” “I knew everyone would be in diapers, but she's a fucking baby,” snarled Cassie. “Didn't your mother teach you anything?” “Don't call me a baby,” she said. “I am a big girl.” “You're not a baby. You just let your mother do too many things for you. We better teach you to do things yourself before classes start” I knew I shouldn't have promised. I knew I would regret it. It's hard enough pretending to be incontinent without being a mommy. I just didn't want to be around her if she couldn't learn discretion before classes started. Cassie just rolled her eyes. We walked out to get food. It wasn't real food; it was McDonald's food. I ordered a vanilla milkshake and a Double Quarter Pounder. I supersized it too. Since I am lactose intolerant, I was an idiot, but I thought it wouldn't matter. Ugh. At least Cassie had hers coming. She ordered the same thing as me. I should have had a happy meal like Melody. Chapter Four: Bonding with Cassie. We arrived at the camp just after one. I got up and looked around. The camp consisted of four log cabins that sat on the edge of a forest. A simple gravel track ran between the cabins and a large meadow. We pulled right up to the cabin and we unloaded stuff. The first thing I did when we had everything offloaded into the cabin was make my bed. The cabin was smallish, but much larger than we needed. Bunk beds lined the back wall. There were about ten of them. A twin bed sat near the door. Of course Bets claimed that one. I was surprised that many of the girls openly put their packs of diapers at the foot of their beds. I shrugged and put my diaper back in that location. I didn't even bother to zip it. I claimed one on the edge, but Cassie took the one next to me. She said she didn't want to be near Melody who had taken a bunk in the center. It was funny. Everyone picked bottom bunks. I didn't know why, but that is how it was. I wondered why. My guess was that if an incontinent girl shared a bunk bed, the other sibling would get the top in case their were any leaks. No one wants a golden shower in their sleep. When we were all unpacked, Bets called a meeting. We gathered around. She passed out sheets of paper. I looked at mine and saw we had an agenda. I sighed. It wasn't bad. There were nature hikes, a swimming session at the lake, and sports. I hated sports. There was also free time as well. “So I have lots of activities planned,” said Bets. “We need to get to know one another. I am Bets. I started a scholarship so that girls with incontinence. When I studied engineering at MIT, I was alone. I was embarrassed about having to share a dorm room and explain to my roommate that I had a wetting problem. She teased me and never wanted to hang out. She kept my secret, but I felt like someone who only lived in the same room as me. I wanted a roommate who knew what incontinence was like. I realized that only another incontinent girl would make a good roommate. That's why we are here. We want you to pick a college roommate who you can bond with. There are six of you and that means we have three dorm rooms to fill. You will spend lots of time with your new roommate, so here at camp, I want you to spend time with each of your fellow freshmen engineers. Any questions?” “Um, what's with the swimming?” asked Veronica. “It's stupid. I can't swim anymore. We're incontinent. How's that even going to work?” “I like to swim,” said Melody. “My mommy sent some swim diapers.” “I'm not wearing swim diapers. You can't hide them under a bikini,” said Veronica. “There are many ways to deal with swimming,” said Bets. “Swim diapers are one of them. I have plenty of extra swim diapers for those who don't have any. I usually just wear my regular diaper under soccer shorts though. We are here at this campground where there is a beautiful lake just to the south of us.” “That's what I do,” said Bella. “No one really knows. They do swell a bit though.” “We are going swimming tomorrow,” said Bets. “We will all enjoy it. We have the campground to ourselves, so no one is going to see you in your diapers. That is final. I won't insist that you change your swimming habits. Besides, when are you going to have a chance to swim again.” I was disappointed. Out of habit, I had brought a bikini. I did think about the diapers. I would never be able to swim again. I was upset because I looked good in a bikini. “You guys are just so stupid,” said Darleen. “Stop arguing. It's not important. We are here to bond. Let's not get into an argument about one activity.” “Very good, Darleen,” said Bets. It took an entire hour to get through the agenda. Cassie started fidgeting. My stomach started to cramp and I knew I would have to poop soon. I shifted uncomfortably as well. Some of the girls told long stories. I was in pain. I looked around and then at my watch. I saw Cassie relax. Her face looked blank like she was peeing. She got a scared look on her face and struggled to her knees. “Bathroom,” she squeaked. Everyone stared at her. Was she a faker? I had to go bad as well. We would both get sent home if I revealed myself. “Do you need a diaper change?”ask Bets. She looked a mix of concerned and suspicious. “No,” she whispered. “Yes. I--” She stood and held a hand tightly on the back of her black pants. She ran out the door. “What happened?” asked Melody. I got up. “If she feels like me, she really has to poop.” I grabbed her diaper bag and mine. “Where is the bathroom? I'll find her.” “Oh, yeah,” said Bets. “I should have mentioned that. It's right behind cabin one. None of us are bowel incontinent this year.” I ran out the door to follow Cassie. She was going the wrong way. “Cassie.” She looked at me. “This way,” I said. She came back in my direction and we looked around. I spotted cabin one and we walked around to the back. The bathroom was just around the corner. I was ahead of Cassie and spotted the bathroom. My heart sunk when I saw it. It was a tiny wooden building with a moon carved in the door. It leaned to one side at a ten degree angle. I looked back at Cassie. She had her knees pressed together and she was hobbling by moving just the bottoms of her legs. “I'm not going to make it.” She just stopped. I heard a squishy fart. There wasn't much smell because the diaper blocked most of it. “Come on,” I told her. I needed to go bad as well. “I...,” she said. I saw her almost fall and like an idiot, I rushed forward to catch her. She clung to my neck and hung on me as she bent over and I heard the squishy farting noise again. “Oh God,” she said. I had thought she was just farting, but she really stunk. She had just filled her diaper. Her weight pushed me down a few inches. I lost control myself and made a mess in my diaper as well. I knew I shouldn't have had the milkshake. Usually I would go to the bathroom right away, but I was distracted by needed to change my diaper in McDonald's and dealing with two other girls. We stood together hugging each other as we emptied our bowels in our underpants. It had gone too far. I wondered if it was too late to take up yodeling. I would go to Bets, come clean and give up this nonsense. I was done. “I can't believe I did that,” said Cassie. “I've never had an accident since I was ten.” I looked at her. “I mean pooped my pants,” she said. “This sucks.” She let go of me. “What are we going to do?” “I guess we get changed. I brought our diaper bags.” “Well, we are supposed to be bonding,” she said. “Have you ever changed a messy diaper? What should I do?” “To be honest, I don't have any experience with this.” I looked at the bathroom and started for it. I would get some water and paper towels so I could clean myself. However, when I opened the door, there was only a wooden plank with a hole in the middle. I let the door shut and turned back to Cassie. “What?” she asked. “It's just an outhouse. We need a shower.” “Or a hose,” she said. “At least it's contained in my diaper.” It wasn't running down my legs yet. “Me too, buy I am afraid it will leak any minute. Let's go back and get Bets. She'll know what to do.” “No way,” said Cassie. “I am not going into a room with a bunch of dorks and admitting I just filled my pants. I never should have had that milkshake in McDonald's. It's just McDonald's shakes that make me almost shit my pants.” “Almost?” I asked. “Well, until now,” she said. I opened my diaper bag and took inventory. There were diapers, some powder, and a box of wipes. I didn't really stock it with a lot of necessities being unsure what I needed. I looked at Cassie. “I don't know what to do either. There is no room to change in the outhouse. Hell, there is no running water. Let's just admit our mistake and go tell Bets.” “I got a better idea,” said Cassie. “How about we go skinny dipping?” That was a weird suggestion and just came out of no where. Sure, I'd like a swim, but I had to deal with my accident. I gave her a questioning look. “No, really. We go down to the lake, strip naked, and wash this mess off of us. Bets said there was a lake to the south of us.” “We can't wash in the lake. We'll contaminate it.” I could imagine the next day having to swim in the same water I washed my poopy ass with. That would sure go over well. “Just come on.” Cassie walked or rather waddled ahead of me. She looked into the woods and stopped, but then she saw started forward. I wasn't about to just charge into the woods, but Cassie found a dirt trail and we headed straight into the woods. I think we walked around. The mess was spreading throughout my diaper and I imagined that some was running down the back of my leg. I touched the back of my jeans, but nothing felt wet. I continued to follow for about twenty minutes, when we crossed a little foot bridge across a creek. We turned following the bank of the creek until we found a lake. The lake was pretty big. Cassie walked down from toward the lake and was about to undo her pants when I saw a sign that said the swimming area was around the lake a bit. “The swimming area is around here.” Cassie reluctantly buttoned her pants and we walked the short area to a swimming area complete with a sand beach and a little building at the top of sand. The building had two signs: one said men and the other said women. It was dressing rooms. “Ooh, there might be showers in there.” She hurried forward, not even waddling anymore. I followed as best I could. Inside, it was indeed a dressing room. Even though we were inside, there was plenty of light. I looked up and there was no ceiling. A line of bathroom stalls sat at one wall and sinks occupied another. In one corner was a shower room. Inside was just a pole with a bunch of shower heads like I was used to from gym class in high school. The edge of the room were surrounded by benches for changing. Cassie slipped out of her shirt and bra faster than she could have with help from a high school jock. She kicked her sandals off, but her pants took longer as she didn't want to have her diaper leak when she was getting them undone. She flung her clothes onto one of the benches and looked down to examine the diaper. I didn't envy her and although my description seems like it, I didn't just stand there and watch her change. I was undressed soon after she was. I was caught off guard by examining the seat of my pants. My diaper had leaked and there was an obvious stain at the back of my right leg. I sighed and threw the pants on the floor beneath the bench where my clean clothes were. I then untaped my diaper and slowly lowered it and then pulled it into a loose ball. Cassie kicked a trash barrel toward me and I dropped it in on top of her diaper. She started toward the shower and was about to turn it on when I said, “Wouldn't it suck if the water isn't turned on?” The look on her face was priceless, especially since she was naked and her but and thighs were smeared with poop. “Don't you dare think that,” she cried. She reached the handle to the faucet and gave it a turn. The pipe groaned a bit, but then water started flowing and she adjusted the temperature and stepped under the water. I took a spot on the other side and turned on my faucet. The water felt so good after being dirty for so long. It felt so weird not having soap. I did not feel clean at all when I finished. I knew I was better then when I started. Water and scrubbing work wonders, but it's not the same as soap, especially when I was cleaning poop of myself. We finished and I reached in my diaper bag to pull out a clean diaper. Cassie put a hand on my wrist. “Wait,” she said, “Let's go skinny dipping since we are here.” “But..,” I started to object. “What if I wet?” She smiled. “We will be outside and naked. You can't get wet except from the lake water. If you pee on the beach or in the lake, who will know?” At least she believed I was incontinent. I really wasn't like a lot of the other girls here. Cassie was being pretty cool to me. I just wished she didn't bully the other girls so bad. “Okay, but only for thirty minutes.” We walked naked to the lakes to begin our swim. The water was cool and the sun was hot. I had never been skinny dipping before. It was so much fun. Chapter Five: Facing the Music When we dressed, I could not wear my pants. I washed them in the lake, but I couldn't get the stain out without a washing machine. “I guess you have to walk back pantsless.” She giggled. “It's not funny. I was not counting on messing my pants. This has never happened to me. Ever.” I did not remember a time I had messed myself. I remember the day I wet my pants in kindergarten and again in second grade. I don't remember pooping myself. “It's that stupid milkshake from McDonald's. I'm lactose intolerant but I like to eat ice cream. So far it hasn't caused any problems. Sure, I get the runs, but I always make it to the bathroom for that.” “Well if it makes a difference,” said Cassie, “I messed myself bad when I was ten. I kept telling Lorraine I had to go, but she ignored me. Suddenly I couldn't hold it anymore.” “Who's Lorraine?” I asked. “She was a lady I lived with then. I didn't like her. She raised German Shepherds. I was afraid of them. I'm glad they took me away from her.” She smiled and finished her story. “She was so mad too. I had to ride in the back of the pickup and then when we went home. She then took me into the yard and stripped me and hosed me off with the hose. She wouldn't even let me get dressed or dried off. She just put me in one of the empty dog crates and I had to stay in there for a week until the social worker came and took me away from her.” “Cassie, that's terrible. I hope she got in big trouble for doing that. She should have been more understanding because of your incontinence.” She got a panicked look. “Oh that was before that. I am an adult now and CPS doesn't get to decide who I should live with. I am eighteen now and I'm going to study engineering at MIT.” I wondered if everyone on this trip was dysfunctional. Cassie was the only one I got to really know so far, but Veronica seem very angry, Darleen had an overprotective mother, and there was Melody: the girl who never grew up. Only Bella seemed normal, but maybe that was because I hadn't gotten to know what kind of baggage she carried around. “We better hurry back. They might think we got lost.” “No. They'll just know we decided to ditch those losers. You and me, we are different then the others. I can feel that we have more in common than the others.” “Yeah, we both can't control our bowels. The other girls just have wetting problems.” I turned to Cassie. “They are never going to let us live this down.” “Sure they are,” said Cassie. “We just got hot. Diapers are hot in this weather, so we went for a dip in the lake. No further questions. We walked back up the hill to the cabin and when we emerged from the trailhead at the edge of the woods, everything was quiet. When we left, we could hear the girls and Bets talking in the cabin. Now it was silent. Cassie opened the door and I followed her in. I looked around and noticed the other girls weren't there, except for one girl who let out a squeak. I looked at the source of the sound. Bella was lying on a bunk changing her diaper. “I didn't know you were coming in,” she said. She finished taping her diaper and grabbed her shorts and pulled them on. She looked at me and Cassie and then shook her head. “You two are in big trouble.” “What for?” asked Cassie. “You wandered from the group. You two were supposed to come right back after using the restroom.” Bella picked up her vampire book and walked to the door. “Where were you?” “We went for a swim,” said Cassie. “It's hot.” “Well anyway, everyone else is at lunch in the dining hall. It's that brick building across the meadow. You should come. You two need to face the music anyway, and besides there is lunch.” Bella led the way across the meadow and we followed. “So why were you in the cabin by yourself?” asked Cassie. “I didn't want to leak in my pants. I changed.” She looked pointedly at me for my lack of pants. I blushed and ran in the cabin and grabbed some shorts before returning. I caught up right as they got to the door of the dining hall. Chapter Seven: The Punishment When Cassie and I entered the cafeteria, everyone got quiet. I knew that did not bode well. I knew it was even worse when Bets stood up and almost glared at us. “Cassie, I need to have a word with you in the other room.” She looked at me. “I will deal with you after I deal with Cassie.” She turned and walked toward the kitchen, but turned and waited for Cassie who, with reluctance, followed her. The other girls stared at me. Melody was the first to speak. “You were gone for three hours. Bets is really mad. She wants to send you both home.” “That's not quite true,” said Veronica. “She said that you better have a very good explanation.” I panicked. “But I need this scholarship or I can't go to college. The alternative is yodeling in Austria. I can't yodel.” “Then you better think of a good explanation,” said Melody. “Personally, I hope she sends Cassie home. She is such a meanie.” “She seems really mean, but most mean people are just hurting inside,” said Bella. “Veronica acts cross and angry all the time, but that is because she hasn't accepted her situation.” “This is not about me,” said Veronica. “Besides, if you could pinpoint the person directly to blame for your incontinence, you would be angry at them too.” “Where were you?” asked Melody. “I really like you Nora. I hope you don't get in trouble too.” I was sitting at the table and it took me a bit of time to realize I was being spoken to. I was worried to death and I really had to pee even though I had been earlier. I looked across to Melody. “Thanks.” “No problem. Besides, you promised to teach me to change myself.” I wondered if one of the other girls would help her out. I was sure they would, but I had promised. My thoughts were interrupted as the kitchen door slammed open against the wall and Cassie stormed out. She turned toward the door and yelled, “I hate you, you stupid bitch.” She then ran across the cafeteria and out the door toward the cabin. I caught a glimpse of her face as she ran by. Tears and mascara streaked her face. Clearly she was crying. Bets appeared in the door and I slowly walked into the kitchen knowing I was going to be yodeling soon. “Nora, come on in. I want to hear your explanation.” We walked into the kitchen. It was not just a kitchen like in a house, but an industrial kitchen with stainless steel counters and fixtures and everything. Since it was just the six of us, the kitchen didn't look like it was being used. I followed her toward the freezer which made a buzzing sound. Two chairs sat in front of the freezer facing each other. “Sit,” she said as she took a chair. I sat and looked across to her. “Cassie didn't want to be a team player. She is in the cabin packing. Tell me why I shouldn't yank your scholarship and send you home as well.” “Cassie lost her scholarship?” I asked. “Yes. She told some tale about the two of you getting bored after you went to poop and that you went for a walk to the lake. Yet you were gone for three hours. We almost called the park ranger to find you.” “You didn't believe her?” I asked. “Of course not. She was obviously lying and she didn't seem to care that I knew.” “But,” I started to say. “That is pretty much what happened. We got done in the outhouse and walked down to the lake. I didn't know it was against the rules. Please don't pull my scholarship.” “You two are hiding something, so I don't think I have a choice. Go to the cabin and pack your stuff.” I couldn't lose this scholarship. I didn't even get caught as a faker. How could everything have gone wrong? “Please, no.” She gave me a stern look. I thought about Cassie and how her only way to go to college was this scholarship. I was just faking my way through this. Cassie really had bladder control problems. “It's all my fault. Don't blame Cassie for this. She doesn't deserve to lose her scholarship.” “Cassie made her position clear. She said the two of you went off so you wouldn't have to hang out with losers like the rest of us. Are you the one who convinced her of that.” “No, but it's still my fault. When we went to the outhouse to go number two, I let Cassie go first because she was the most desperate, but I couldn't hold it until she was done. I'm eighteen years old and pooped my diaper like a toddler. I did it right in front of Cassie, too.” “Go on,” said Bets. Her tone had changed. “Well Cassie is pretty abrasive, so I expected her to make fun of me, but she didn't. I still just stood there and balled. Instead of teasing me, she put an arm around me and told me it was okay. However, I didn't feel okay. I was actually overwhelmed and didn't know how to go about changing myself out of that mess. The outhouse didn't have running water and I needed a shower. Cassie suggested that I clean myself in the lake.” Bets eyebrows went up. “You didn't wash that mess off in the lake, I hope?” I shook my head. “No. When we got to the lake, we found the dressing rooms for the swimming area and I had a shower. Cassie helped change me. She was so nice and I was useless. Then the worse thing happened. My diaper had leaked and I had a huge poopy stain on my pants. I couldn't go back like that. I sat and cried and refused to move. It took Cassie a few hours to convince me to come back without my pants. I was unconvinced until she said to tell them I leaked pee in my pants instead of poop. I'm so sorry. I lost Cassie her scholarship all because I had too much pride to let the other girls find out I messed myself.” “You know that scholarship means a lot to Cassie. It's her only chance to go to college. I can probably go in a few years once my dad gets his case with the IRS settled, but Cassie has no money and no family that can help her out.” “Okay, you can stay. Go get Cassie and tell her she can stay too.” Bets then held up a finger. “However, Cassie said a lot of angry things and insulted all the other girls. The two of you will befriend Darla and Melody. Cassie will be in charge of changing and dressing Melody until she learns those skills herself. I don't know what that woman was thinking not teaching the girl those things. You do the same for Darla. Do we have a deal?” “I can't speak for Cassie, but I accept that deal.” “Good. Now go get Cassie and tell her she can stay if she follows the new rules.” “Sure thing,” I said. I rushed out of the kitchen and through the cafeteria. As I left, the other girls were waiting. “Are you being sent home too?” asked Melody. She stood up and came toward me. “I'll really miss you.” She squeezed me into a tight hug. “I explained everything to Bets. Everything is going to be okay. I got to run and tell Cassie before she does anything regrettable.” I pulled myself out of Melody's hug and continued out the door toward the cabin. ### When I opened the door to the cabin, I couldn't see a thing. There was a thick cloud of what could only be described as baby powder. Clean diapers littered the floor, a box of wipes lay broken against the wall and clothes were scattered around. I walked in and found Cassie lying facedown in her pillow. She was crying, but what really got my attention was she was naked from the waist down. There was a slightly damp diaper on the floor by her bed. “Cassie?” I didn't know I spoke, but she sat up and turned to face me. She was white as sheet and covered with baby powder. She must have noticed me staring at her crotch, so she put her pillow in her lap to hid her nudity. “Did you get kicked out too?” she asked. “No,” I said. “I explained everything to Bets and she is going to let us stay.” “Really?” She looked around the cabin and then frowned. She must have been embarrassed. “What did you tell her? I said some awful things. I thought I burned my bridges before I stormed out.” “I just told her that everything was my fault. You were just helping me because I had a messy accident and we were away so long because I was upset and too embarrassed to come back. She bought it.” She looked back at me. “You didn't tell her I messed myself first?” “Nope.” “Good,” she said. I was disappointed she didn't say anything else, but then she must have seen the look I gave her. “I can't live down a messy accident. I'm sorry you had to take the blame. Bets isn't punishing us at all?” “It's okay,” I said. “Yes, we are getting punished. We have to teach Melody and Darlene to be more independent. Both are functionally well-educated toddlers.” “I can see that Darla just had an over-protective mother, but Melody is a piece of work.” “Even Bets is surprised that Melody's mother didn't teach her anything. She is kind of upset about how childish she is. That's where you come in. You are her new best friend.” “Why me?” asked Cassie. “I am not a mommy. I am just a girl with a bladder control problem who wants to go to MIT.” “You said and I quote, 'I hate all these losers who equate incontinence with childishness. We just went away for some adult time.'” “Yeah, I said that and I meant it. I would have tried to break away for some fun time anyway if we hadn't pooped our pants.” “Fair enough. Now we have our tasks to perform.” I waved one hand around the room. “So what happened here?” “I threw the contents of my diaper bag around the room in anger. Do you think Bets will say anything?” “Let's not find out.” I picked a clean diaper off the floor. “Let's get you diapered before you have an accident on the bed.” She blushed, or I think she did under all the baby powder. She took the diaper and proceeded to diaper herself. She looked at me. “Thanks, Nora.” “Don't thank me yet. Let's get this mess cleaned up before the other girls get back.” We never did get the baby powder cleaned up despite sweeping the floor. The cloud dissipated and Cassie got her diaper bag restocked and her stuff put back away. The cabin still had a thin white dust over everything and the overwhelming violet scent of baby powder until we left camp at the end of the week. However, most of the evidence of Cassie's temper tantrum had been eliminated by the time the other girls returned from dinner. The only other consequence we faced was dinner. Both of us were famished from missing our meal. Cassie and I couldn't get a chance to eat until breakfast. I was surprised that I managed to get away with faking incontinence, but I only had been at camp for a day. I had the rest of the week and then four years of college to hide the fact that I was a big fat liar. Bets said we were going on a nature hike and then for a swim in the morning, so at least there would be activities to bond. I still needed to pick out which girl would be my new roommate. Chapter Eight I had such a hectic day with coming to camp and getting yelled at by Bets that I was surprised that we had only been at the camp for one day. After the other girls got to the cabin, it was getting dark. I dug out my cell phone. Although there was no coverage, I could see the time. It was only seven in the evening, but I was tired. Bets was the last one to enter. “Whoa, it's dusty in here.” I gave an embarrassed smile. “Yeah. We had a bit of a mishap with baby powder.” “I kind of need a spare bottle now,” said Cassie. “I'm sure Nora will let you share,” she answered. “Won't you?” I nodded. “And we now have a new rule. No one is allowed to go away from the main campground without telling me. You have the whole meadow, the cabin, and the cafeteria. In addition, there are shower facilities behind the cafeteria building and you are more than welcome to use them at any time. Does everyone understand?” A few of the girls nodded, but Bets was looking at me and Cassie. “We are adults,” said Veronica. “We are not babies just because of our underwear.” “Veronica, no one is treating you like babies. We just have a lot of team building exercises and we are not going to get through them if we have to go all over the camp looking for people.” “I don't mind,” said Bella. “It's only a week and then we have college. I can be adult enough at college.” “At least Bets is not going around checking our diapers to see if we need changed,” said Darla. “In spite of the problems we have, at least she lets us have some autonomy.” I looked over at Melody, but she just sat in silence. She had her bear in hand and was hugging it tight. I wondered how she would adjust to college. I had had my whole childhood to adjust slowly to not having a mother do everything for me. To be thrust from baby to adulthood in one week must be scary and it would be an abrupt adjustment. Of course she hadn't had to deal with bullying or anything like that, but that didn't give her social skills. Cassie and I had our work cut out for us. “So, anyway tomorrow is a full day,” said Bets. “You all might like to get some extra rest. It's 7:30 now, so I will turn the light off at 9:00, but your time is your own until morning.” There was a scramble as six girls stood up and went to their bags. I grabbed the romance novel I was working my way though and curled up in my bed with it. Bella grabbed her Anne Rice novel. We were apparently the only readers in the group. Cassie pulled out a deck of cards and taught Darla and Veronica how to play spades. Melody wanted to play too, but she couldn't follow the game and kept begging to play Old Maid instead. I felt bad that she was left out, but I was too comfy with my novel. I was surprised when she pulled Barbies out of her bag and started to play with them on her bed. I rolled my eyes and returned to my novel. In the novel, Phillipe was hired as a ranch hand after Mayre's husband had died. At first Mayre had hated the man, but he saved her many times. Once he saved her from rattle snakes and then later when her horse got a bur in its saddle and was out of control. He chased down the horse and lassoed it before holding her in his arms. I had the sudden urge to pee and I relaxed and let the inevitable happen. Would a man like Phillipe, or even the average frat boy want to date me while I kept up this charade? Boyfriends were supposed to be part of the college experience. Did Bets realize that wearing a diaper would be a drag on my sex life? Of course I was being selfish. I am sure she experienced lots of rejection from boys due to the diapers. I was stealing a chance from another incontinent girl, so I already knew I was being selfish. I rolled over into my pillow and started to cry. I was overwhelmed. This was too much. It was only one day in diapers and I was ready to be done. I needed the scholarship. I was not going to give it up, but four years of this was going to suck really bad. I tried to keep my sobs silent. The other girls were reading or absorbed in their games. However, Melody looked over at me and saw my blood-swollen eyes. She put down her dolls and walked over and knelt beside my bed. “Are you homesick, Nora?” she asked. I shook my head and tried to think of a way to shoo her away, but she sat down beside me and started stroking my hair. “Don't worry, Nora. I miss my mommy, too.” Angrily I grabbed her arm and shoved her away. “Stop touching me,” I yelled. The hurt look Melody gave me as she fell against the other bunk snapped me out of my morose. I got down on the floor and put an arm around her. “Are you all right? I'm sorry I pushed you.” I saw Bets glare at me, but she didn't intervene. “I'm not injured, but I'm still hurt,” she said. Her voice was still sad. “I was just trying to help. My mommy brushes my hair when I am sad and I thought it might make you feel better.” “It was a nice gesture, but please don't do that again. I am just upset about having to wear diapers. I'm just afraid I won't ever have a boyfriend. I haven't had a boyfriend since I first started having to wear diapers.” That was the first honest thing I had said about my diapers since I got there. I didn't have a boyfriend and I hadn't last week when I tried diapers for the first time. “I was just reading my romance novel and it just brought back the fact that none of the female interest in those books wear diapers.” “Are you saying that I can't get a boyfriend if I am in diapers?” asked Melody. “When I was twelve I asked my mother when I could have a boyfriend and she said when I started college. Why would she tell me that if I can't.” I sighed. “No one is saying we can't have boyfriends. It's just that most boys will be grossed out when we are making out with them and they discover a diaper on their girlfriend.” “But....” “Don't tell me you are that sheltered. All boyfriends eventually want to have sex. They will discover you wear diapers then. They will be surprised to find that you are not wearing sexy panties.” “I've never worn panties,” she admitted. “Weren't you ever potty trained?” She smiled. “Nope. Mommy told me I wasn't able to be potty trained because I am incontinent.” “I had many doctor's visits trying to find the cause of my incontinence after my car accident,” I said. That was the cover story Kara and I devised when I wrote my essay for the scholarship. “Veronica told me she went to the doctor multiple times after the drunk driver ran into her,” said Melody. “I've never been to the doctor's office. My mother doesn't believe in them. She has a spiritual healer we go to instead. Mommy runs a shop that sells hard to find ingredients that spiritual healers use, so we get a discount.” I was appalled. How could have she gone through life with a major problem like incontinence and never been looked at by a real doctor. Did she not have vaccinations either? Was she a religious nut? How would her mother let her go to a college like MIT where they have science if that was the case? “Umm, Melody?” “Nora.” “What about vaccines? You have to go to the doctor to get vaccines. They won't let you start college unless your shot records are up to date.” “Mother's spiritual healer didn't believe in vaccines, so mother didn't either. I never needed them since I was home schooled. We had direct energy transference instead.” I opened my mouth to object, but she interrupted me. “I think DET is nonsense. I still got measles. That was a really itchy two weeks.” She frowned. “Don't worry about the vaccines though. I got a letter from MIT last week that said that I just have to visit the Student Health Center to get them taken care of within the first two weeks of the semester. I am an adult now and can make my own health decisions. That includes going to get my health care needs filled by someone that doesn't buy scary chicken feet and hangs them from the ceiling.” I put an arm around Melody. I thought she was just sheltered before, but now I believe that her mother did her active harm. “So tell me about home schooling.” “Well, daddy used to visit me on Christmas and my birthday. So when I was seven, he brought me some school books and I did all the worksheets. Every Christmas and birthday I got some more and he picked up my worksheets. I went up two grades every year. They got harder and harder the last couple years though. For my sweet sixteen, daddy took me out on a day all my own. We went to a real school, which was weird because it was a Saturday and he left me there to take my ACT. I got a perfect score and we looked for scholarships. Mother was really upset when she found out, but I'm eighteen and daddy said she has to let me go to college. I guess that is homeschooling. I am interested to see how college works because you get teachers.” I was taken aback. She seemed so dumb, but if she home schooled herself with only books and worksheets, she had to be a genius. “Melody, you are going to be in my study group when we start college.” I turned and kissed her on the cheek. She smiled. “I'd like that. I never got to study with anyone else.” Bets walked over to the light switch and toggled it so the lights blinked. “Fifteen minutes, girls.” “Can you change me into a clean diaper before bed?” asked Melody. “I know you promised to teach me to do this myself, but you haven't yet.” I sighed. “Sure.” I helped Melody out of her overalls and then changed her. She just stared blankly as I did it. I taped the final tape and then patted her hip. “All set,” I said and started to get up. “Aren't you going to help me into my jammies?” She sat up and went through her bag and found a sleeper and handed it to me. It was August and hot. I shoved it back in her bag. “No,” I said. “It's too hot for jammies. We are just going to sleep in our diapers and shirts.” I pulled off the soccer shorts I was wearing and folded them and put them at the foot of my bed. I was dry, but I had waited a bit long to wet and it might be suspicious if I conveniently wet right before I needed a change. I had to pee a little bit and I would have gone to the bathroom if I wasn't wearing a diaper. “Are you sure it's okay?” I looked around at the other girls. Veronica wore shorts over her diaper, but Bella only wore a t-shirt like us. Darlene wore a nightie. Cassie got in bed and cast aside her bra and t-shirt before covering up. I was surprised that she would go shirtless in front of the rest of us. My best friend Kara had told me she slept naked unless she was staying at my house. I was a t-shirt and panties girl. I had nighties and even a set of flannel pajamas, but I always found that they were too much. “Yeah, I think it's okay. If you get cold just let me know. I know you don't want to wear a sleeper though.” I left Melody in her bed holding her teddy bear and returned to my bed. As I passed Cassie's bed, she grinned at me. “How was your talk with the baby?” Just then the lights went out, so she didn't see me when I scowled at her. “Don't call her that. Besides, you need to teach her to dress and change herself.” “Don't remind me,” she said. “And I suppose I should be nice since Bets gave me a second chance.” “There's the spirit,” I said. I got in my own bed and lay staring at the ceiling. If Melody the other girls could deal with incontinence, then I should be able to wear diapers continually too. I closed my eyes and relaxed before remembering that I had to pee. I couldn't get comfortable, so I just relaxed letting the wetness fill my diaper. It felt really warm against me and with that feeling, I drifted off to sleep. Chapter Nine: Are You Sure You Belong Here. I woke up and around me all the girls were sleeping. At least I didn’t see anyone moving around. It was light enough with the moonlight shining in the windows so that I could see. I looked around. Bets snored. She lay in the bed by the door, but I could tell she couldn’t know who was coming in or out. Melody sucked her thumb and hugged her teddy. Darla had her mouth open as she slept. I only saw the lump that was Veronica curled up under her sheets. Bella just slept on top of her bed. She was rolled over on her stomach. Her shirt rode up and I could see her entire diaper on display. However, I didn’t see Cassie. My diaper sort of started to feel clammy, so I wanted a change. I changed as quietly as I could and then walked to the trash can to throw away my used diaper. As I passed the door, I heard a noise coming from outside. I stepped out to investigate. Right away things were different. There were usually crickets cricketing and other night sounds but everything was still. We were away from the city and away from electric lights, or at least most electric lights. The only artificial light I’ve seen was in the cabin and it was off. However the sky was brilliant. It seemed covered in stars. I was used to only seeing a handful of stars, but they were clouds of stars. They ran in streaks and patterns around the sky. I was staring so hard at the stars that I almost forgot why I was out here, until I heard a pattering sound coming from behind a tree. I walked over to investigate and Cassie almost walked into me. She was adjusting her shorts, but when she saw me she got frightened. “What are you doing out here, Nora?” “I heard a noise,” I said. “What were you doing over there?” I wondered what caused the pattering sound. If we weren’t all diapered, I would have thought she was peeing, but that didn’t make sense. “Oh, um,” she started. “The stars were really bright so I went to investigate. You know if you wait long enough you can see a shooting star.” “No you can’t. Stars are just big gaseous balls of hydrogen. If one fell to earth, the planet would burn up. No. The whole solar system would be destroyed.” She grabbed my hand and dragged me across the meadow to a clear spot. Her blanket lay in the grass and I watched her lie down on it. “Lay beside me and we can watch.” I decided to play along and got down on the blanket beside her. I looked at the brilliant star field and tried to find the big dipper. That was the only constellation I knew. “There.” Cassie pointed at where the streak was. “Did you see the shooting star?” “It was a flash,” I admitted, “but I doubt it was a star.” “Of course not, you dolt.” She punched me lightly in the arm. “It’s a meteor. Just a piece of space rock. It’s just called a shooting star. The basically fall all the time.” “Meteors land on the earth constantly? You’d think you’d be able to find meteors everywhere if they are constantly falling.” “Meteors don’t land. If they did, they’d be meteorites. Besides, most are the size of sand and just burn up to show the streak you saw.” She pointed at the sky. “Ooh, another one. They are not all over the place.” “So how do you know all about this?” I asked. “When I lived with Felix and Elisa. Felix was an astronomer and he took me to the observatory all the time. I got to look through an eight inch telescope a few times. I really like that family a lot. Well he taught me a lot of astronomy stuff.” “What happened?” I asked. “Did they lock you in a cage too?” “No, they weren’t like Lorraine. I screwed this one up.” She looked at me and smiled. “I sort of beat up another girl in high school pretty bad, so I had to live in juvie for six months. They didn’t want me back when I got out, so CPS assigned me to another family.” She slurred the last few words as she started to cry. I put an arm around her. “It’s okay,” I said. “No it’s not. I wet the bed every night and then they made me wear diapers.” She cried even harder. “The other girls made fun of me and I got beat up all the time.” I held her and patted her back. “No one is going to make fun of you for your diapers.” “Thanks,” she said. She sounded a bit sarcastic. We were bonding and her tone just kicked me out of it. I thought maybe I was imagining it and I didn’t want to think bad of her after she opened herself up to me. Was Cassie a trouble maker? Would she hurt any of us? “We better get back to bed before Bets thinks we are breaking more rules. I don’t want to lose my scholarship,” she said. “Yeah, go ahead. I will follow you in a little bit. We shouldn’t come in at the same time. If we wake someone, they’ll notice both of us.” “Good idea.” She picked up her blanket and walked toward the cabin. When she went inside, I listened but didn’t hear anyone stirring. I turned and walked a different direction to the place I first saw Cassie come from behind the trees. I took out my cellphone and used it as a light to find what was making the splashing sound. There was wetness beneath the tree trunk. I knelt close enough to smell if it was pee and it was. Cassie was peeing back there. I walked slowly back to the cabin and tiptoed back to bed. No one except Cassie was awake. She looked at me. “You don’t tell anyone,” she hissed. Did she know I suspected her? That I discovered her pee puddle in the woods? She slid beside my bed and held one of my hands. “I don’t want the other girls to know about me being sent to juvie. They already hate me.” She looked me in the eyes and moved my hand so our pinkies were interlinked. “Pinky swear.” I was surprised she used such a childish gesture, but she had a look of panic on her face when I hesitated. “Pinky swear.” “And don’t tell them about me crying.” She turned and scooted off to bed. I lay back and stared at the bunk above me. Cassie was a girl of contradictions. First I thought she was going to beat me up for discovering that she was peeing outside. However, she thought she got away with it, so that was not what she was hiding at all. Instead of beating me, she did that little girl pinky swear thing. I was seven the last time Kara and I pinky swore. She had beaten up another girl in the past, so why was I different? Maybe her meanness was just a cover for her being afraid. I still had to worry if she was a threat to me. She was in juvie for hurting someone. Six months must mean she hurt the other girl bad and I wondered if she would do it again. However, she seemed to like me. She confided secrets that I wouldn’t have had the courage to tell. If she was really incontinent, could she have been able to pee outside? I doubted it. She had to walk quite a way from the blanket she lay out in order to pop a squat. It wasn’t right for her to fake this just for the scholarship. However, I was a faker and who was I to judge Cassie? I couldn’t see the splinter in her eye with the plank in my eye. I rolled onto my side. Experimentation had shown that wetting in this position meant a leaky diaper, but I was not going to sleep on my back or stomach. It was more comfortable and I was in no danger of wetting in my sleep. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Chapter Ten: The Nature Hike I woke to Bets yelling at us to get up. “It's morning and we are going to go swimming,” she said. “You can't lie in bed all day. It's nine o'clock already. You don't want to sleep away the day when there is so much nature to see.” I rolled to my back and stretched before looking around. Cassie had a blank look on her face, but she had her hands over her eyes as if she was rubbing them. Melody just jumped out of bed walked over closer to Cassie and I. Veronica's hair was everywhere. She was already going through her stuff and when she bent down, I could see her sleep shorts were wet. She grabbed a clean diaper and threw it angrily onto her bed along with her changing supplies. When she looked my way, she seethed with anger. Darlene just sat on her bed and looked at her feet. Bella stood and stretched. Her t-shirt rode up to display her wet diaper. Bella was the first to speak. “Where can we shower?” Bets smiled. “There are shower facilities across the meadow. Get you stuff and lets go.” Five minutes later, we all trooped across the meadow. We must have been a sight since we were all in our pajamas. Cassie did put on a shirt, but the rest of us wore what we slept in. Veronica was still cross and I heard her and Bella talking. “Did you leak last night?” asked Bella. “Are you wearing Depends?” “Of course I'm wearing diapers. They just suck for sleeping in.” Veronica still wore her soaked shorts. “I meant that you don't really have good ones,” said Bella. “I don't want them to show under my clothes. I'm not wearing thick ones with blocks on them like that girl.” She pointed at Melody's diaper. “I don't know about the blocks, but thicker is better.” She lifted her t-shirt to reveal her diaper. “No baby blocks, but they are thicker and my nightie is dry. I'll loan you one for tonight if you want to try. You'll feel better in the morning.” “I'd feel better in the morning if I didn't have to wear diapers at all.” Veronica bore her teeth and it looked like she was going to snarl at Bella. Darleen grabbed Bella by the arm and pulled her toward me. “Don't mine Veronica. She looks like she needs coffee.” “Or an enema,” said Cassie. “She has something up her ass.” I elbowed her in the ribs. “Shush.” She gave me an angry look and I remembered what Cassie was capable of. Was she going to beat me now? I turned to apologize, but she just smiled. “Geeze, it was only a joke.” “Remember,” I said. “You are supposed to be nice.” She frowned. Melody stood on my other side. She looked a bit worried and reached to grab my hand. I let her hold it until we got to a door in the back of the cafeteria building. It had a woman's bathroom symbol and another symbol indicating showers. We walked and the other girls race toward the showers. I found a bench and threw my bag on it before stripping down to shower myself. Melody stood quietly beside me and just stood there. She looked worried. I looked at her. “Are you all right?” “I always take baths. I never took a shower before.” I sighed. Did she have to be that helpless. “Well there are probably not any bathtubs in the dorms either, so get used to it.” “But...,” “Just get undressed.” I took off my t-shirt and diaper and then wrap a towel around me. I looked over to Melody and she saw she was doing the same. At least I didn't have to undress her like a baby. I put a hand on her shoulder. “It will be okay.” There were only four position in the shower and Bets, Cassie, Veronica, and Bella were first, so Melody, Darlene, and I had to wait. I looked into the shower. Most of the other girls were finished. I took Melody by the hand and pushed her under the shower and then took my position under the other shower head. I cleaned the best could and then returned to my towel and started to dry off. Melody was still under the shower soaping up. She looked happy in there. I imagined how her life must have been before camp. Her mommy probably bathed her like a toddler. I dried off and then pulled my bikini out of my bag. I kept my towel around my waist and put on the bikini top. Before I grabbed the panties and put them on, Bets voice rang out clearly. “Girls, hurry up and get dressed. We are going on an hour long nature hike on the way to go swimming. Be sure you bring some extra diapers. We are going to be gone from the cabin until noon.” I grabbed a clean diaper and taped it on. I found some clean shorts in my bag and pulled them on and stuffed the bikini bottoms in my pocket. Melody came out of the shower naked and wet. I tossed her a towel and she started to dry off. “Can you diaper me please?” she asked. I shook my head. “Cassie is supposed to do that from now on,” I said. I motioned over to Cassie and she came over. “Hurry and get dressed, Baby,” she said when she saw Melody wasn't ready. I sighed. “We talked about this, Cassie. You need to help her. Besides, she's not a baby. She's really smart if you get to talk to her.” Cassie frowned. “Well, Smarty Pants, lay down on the bench.” She put one of Melody's building block diapers under her and pulled the front up between her legs. She was about to tape it up, but I had to tease her. “You must really like changing diapers,” I said. “No, I don't. Bets is making me.” “She's making you do it until she learns how to do it herself,” I said. “If you don't teach her, she's not going to learn and you'll have to keep doing it.” She scowled, but looked at Melody. “See, you lay on the diaper and then you pull the front up to the same level.” She described the process as she did so. I was enjoying Cassies discomfort until Darlene tugged on my arm. “Can you give me a hand?” She held a untaped diaper between her legs and she looked cross. I helped her down on the bench. “I always tape the bottom tapes first,” I said. “Then you can make sure the top ones go over your hips so your diaper doesn't sag too much.” I taped them in place. I never thought I would be changing diapers. I was glad Kara made me wear them and change myself in the week before camp. I would have looked stupid if I didn't know what I was doing. When I was done, I brushed my hair the best I could and tied it in a pony tail. Toothbrushing followed. I decided to skip the whole makeup thing. It was just us girls and it would wash off while swimming. Cassie and I were the last to leave the bathroom when all was said and done. I smiled at the group. “Shall we be moving?” asked Bets. Melody took Cassie by the hand and they followed Bets and the other girls. I was surprised Cassie let her hold her hand. She looked back at me with a look of discomfort. I smiled and walked beside Darlene. We walked into the woods and Bets pointed out all the trees and what types they were. After about twenty minutes, she pointed out some mushrooms growing on a tree like a shelf. I thought it was pretty cool, but the other girls were bored. “Nora, what is your room like?” asked Darlene. “I bet you have a cool and more adult-looking room. Mine has pink walls and a stupid canopy bed.” I frowned. “I'd actually like a room like that. Mine has a boarded up window and black scorch marks on my carpet.” “Really? What happened?” “My house got raided by the IRS. They came with guns. It was scary because I was still in bed and they smashed through the windows. They wouldn't let me get dressed until they were done searching the house.” “Whoa. That sounds embarrassing. Were they nice about your diapers?” I had to stop and think about it. I hadn't been in diapers then. I wondered what would have happened if it was the case. “No.” I remembered the SWAT team teasing me about wetting myself when the flashbang grenade flew through the window. I don't they would have been very nice if I was in diapers then. “They even handcuffed me so I wasn't able to pull my shirt down and I was obviously very wet.” Sitting in wet panties for three hours was embarrassing. Wetting on my carpet because I was still in handcuffs was even worse. “Oh my,” she said. “I though I had it bad with a mother who won't leave me alone. You have it far worse than me.” I felt bad. I was gaming these people for free college and Darlene felt bad for me. I felt disgusted with myself. “Well, it's good you got the scholarship since your money dried up,” she said. I nodded. “So tell me more about yourself.” “Well, I have four brothers. I'm the only girl. I'm the youngest.” She looked around. “Nothing really exciting happened to me. Well that I remember. I was in a car accident between first and second grade. I don't remember it at all. I do remember coming home from the hospital and having to wear diapers again. My mother is a stay at home mom, so she could make sure I have anything I want. She writes all the time”. “I had to be quiet and play with my toys or read a book in her office so she could keep an eye on me. I really didn't need constant supervision. The only freedom I got was when mother dropped me off at school and there I had to deal with people who bullied me.” “Oh wow,” I said. “I thought she was over the top when she dropped you off at the van.” “I was surprised by that too. I thought I'd get a reprieve now that I am eighteen, but I think she is a habitual meddler in my life.” She sighed. “It worked out. I didn't have anything to do at home but do homework. At least mother didn't hover over me and second guess me on school work. Everything else was hovering.” She twirled around. “Do you see how I dress?” I did look at her. She wore nighties to bed, which was just personal preference, I thought, but she also wore weird looking clothes. Her jeans were just a bit like mom-jeans. I mean, sure she would need the extra room in the seat, so I never expected anything. However, her shirts were a bit dressy. I hadn't really seen her wear a t-shirt the whole trip. She only wore button-down blouses. “It's not that bad,” I said. She pointed to Melody just ahead. She wore a pink t-shirt with a Disney princess on the front. She wore a short white jeans skirt and I swear I could see her diaper peaking out as she walked. “At least I am not as babyish as she is.” “Well, from what I hear, her mother makes yours seem normal. You know she never had a vaccination in her life?” “What? My mother wouldn't let up about the vaccine thing. I think I had to get a flu shot at least twice a year. My shot record is meticulously recorded in volume eighteen of my baby book.” “Volume eighteen?” I had a book with baby pictures and scrapbook items, but it stopped getting updated when I was three. “I do have a shelf with all my participation trophies, but I don't care about those. I got my softball trophies for sitting on the bench.” “My brothers had some of those. They never kept them. They only kept their championship trophies. I never got to play sports. It wasn't safe for someone with my condition.” She shook her head. “I only have a severed nerve from where a pen impaled me during the accident. It's only the nerve that tells me when I have to go pee. It's not like I am in danger of hurting my back or jarring something if I get hurt doing sports.” “So why couldn't you do anything?” “I think mother feels guilty because she thinks she couldn't protect me,” she said. “I have to be watched over so no more harm will come to me. You know, I am not prepared to be on my own. Mother didn't even teach me to change myself. It's ridiculous.” “We'll work on that,” I said. “I appreciate it.” She looked at me. “You know, I noticed you are pretty together. You step up and help out. I don't know what you did to Cassie.” She pointed at Cassie and Melody holding hands as they walked. “She was so mean before. Bella told me Bets was going to throw her out of the program.” “Bella was wrong.” I didn't want to tell her about our messy diapers. I didn't want to have the other girls find that out about me. “Well, Bets just asked Cassie to help out Melody. She wasn't in trouble.” “We all heard Cassie's outburst,” said Darlene. “Something went down.” “It's a private matter,” I said. “Bets said it was over and forgotten.” I must have appeared angry. “I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry.” “Forget it,” I said. “So what made you choose engineering?” I asked. “I had the grades for it. We don't have much money because there were a lot of medical bills and mother quit her job to take care of me. I couldn't get any other scholarships because you have to be involved in extracurricular activities to actually be awarded most scholarship. I don't even know what I want to do when I grow up. Never had any experience that would help me decide.” “I actually wanted to teach English,” I admitted. “I want to write an awesome bodice ripper with Fabio on the cover.” “Ick,” she said. “Fabio is pretty dumb. He can barely speak English. Mother got to meet him when he was in a photo shoot for her cover.” “You're kidding. Your mother wrote a book with Fabio on the cover?” “Yeah, ick.” “I love him,” I said. “I used to lay in bed and read his books with one hand under the blankets.” I blushed. “Eww,” she said. “Oh, come on, surely you have. Everyone does it.” “I don't. You really missed the part where my mother supervises every aspect of my life.” She looked at me. “Just eww. That was too much information.” “Oh look,” I said, desperate to change the conversation. “Bets is pointing out a deer. Be quiet or it will run away.” The deer came closer to us and I saw that it had an orange tag in its ear. It saw us and turned and bounded away. “Are they domesticated?” I asked Bets. “What's with the ear tags?” “No,” said Bets. “It's a state park. They mark them to manage the wildlife. Some people like to hunt here in the winter.” “Oh, no,” said Melody. “Someone would kill that sweet little deer? It's like when Bambi's mother got shot.” “Stop being a baby,” said Cassie. “There are too many deer anyway.” Bets glared at Cassie for an instant and then we resumed our march. “That was weird,” said Darlene. “Cassie had to grow up too soon,” I said. “She doesn't have the patience to deal with Melody tactfully.” We walked a while longer and then came out of the woods behind the locker rooms by the lake. Cassie and I had been there earlier. Behind the building was a picnic table and on it was a basket. “Oh good. The food is here,” said Bets. “We can have out picnic after our swim.” Swimming would be fun. I didn't know how much it would reveal about me or the other girls. I've never been so humiliated in my life. Chapter Eleven: Humiliation “I am not going to swim,” said Veronica. She held her arms crossed to emphasize her flat refusal. I stared at her. Her one piece swimming suit lay on the bench of the dressing room and she refused to even pick it up. The colors were still bright. In fact, it still had the price tags on them. Darleen sat on the bench in her suit. She wore a swim diaper instead of bikini bottoms. Melody wore a one piece, but it was obvious she had on swim diapers beneath them. Cassie was naked. She still wore her diaper, but she hadn't started to put on her bikini top. “I don't know why you don't want to swim,” said Cassie. “Nora and I went swimming yesterday. The water was nice.” “It's because I'm wearing a diaper. It reminds me of my incontinence when I swim. There is no way to hide the diaper. Look at these two.” She pointed at Melody and Darleen. “It's just us girls,” said Darleen. “No one else will see our diapers.” “I will see them,” said Veronica. “I will see what that drunk turned me into.” “Don't wear a diaper,” I said. “You are outside and it's a lake. Besides, before I was incontinent, I peed my bathing suit lots of times.” “Eww,” said Darleen. “Nora and I were skinny dipping yesterday. We took off our diapers for a swim.” Cassie turned a bit red. “Are you sure it's okay?” asked Veronica. I nodded and she shed her clothes and diaper and pulled on the new swimsuit. She looked in the mirror and smiled. Cassie and I dressed in our bikinis as well. We walked out and Bets stood there. “Swimming without protection?” Cassie nodded. “Yep. I peed in the pool before I was incontinent. Besides swim diapers don't really hold pee.” Bella came running out of the locker room. She wasn't diapered either. Bets smiled. “Okay. That is a valid and discreet option. Have fun.” She then turned to me and quietly said. “Nora, I think you do need a swim diaper. You had issues with messing yesterday. I don't think we want to swim with you if you have another messy accident unless you have swim diapers on.” Veronica was probably too close and she definiately heard. “Eww. Nora messed her pants yesterday. Make her wear a swim diaper. Eww.” The other girls all stared at me. I couldn't believe what Bets had revealed in front of the other girls. Only Cassie had known about the incident and now everyone knew. “Oh, that's why you came back without pants,” said Bella. I turned and fled into the bathroom where I sat on the bench and started to cry. How could Bets embarrass me like that? I was going to just go home and pack for Austria. At least no one in Austria would know I messed myself and I wouldn't have to wear diapers. I wondered what kind of job I could get with a yodeling degree. Bets came in. She had a swim diaper in her hands which she handed to me. “Nora, it's for the best. You don't want to contaminate the water.” I wanted to yell at her for embarrassing me, but I couldn't get any coherent words out. I was crying too hard. However Cassie came in behind her. “The other girls think I'm mean,” she said. Bets looked at her. “This is hardly the time.” “It's exactly the right time. You revealed something Nora was embarrassed about to all of us. Don't you see you humiliated her? The other girls think I'm mean, but I am never that mean.” “I didn't know Veronica was close enough to overhear. I'm sorry.” Bets sat beside me and held me against her and patted my back. I was still sobbing and I pressed my face against her shoulder. I still couldn't say anything understandable. “Bets, let me take her to the cabin,” said Cassie. “We will behave ourselves, I promise.” “We are going to stay together,” said Bets. “You two need to get to know the other girls. You just can't stay by yourselves the whole time.” “But she is humiliated and just needs to be alone to cry it out. Please let us go. I know she'll have to face the other girls later. However, she not ready for that.” I stopped sobbing a bit. “Yeah, I want to go back to the cabin.” I could barely speak, but I managed. Bets looked at Cassie and then back at me. “Okay, go. We'll be back after our picnic. There are sodas in the cooler in the cafeteria kitchen and there are frozen pizzas in the freezers.” She touched my shoulder. “I'm really sorry I revealed your accident to the other girls.” Cassie took my hand. “Come on, let's go.” I got up and then picked up my diaper bag. Cassie took hers and we walked back to the cabin. We had just gotten out of sight of the lake when I felt the need to pee. I was almost ready to start peeing, but then I realized I was still in my bikini. “Oh crap. I forgot to put on a diaper.” Cassie got a panicked look. “Oh yeah.” She grabbed a diaper from her bag and lay right down on the grass and put one on. She then turned to me as I was sorting through my bag for a clean diaper. “Would you like me to help?” “I think I can manage,” I said. I pulled a diaper out of the bag and started to change myself. When I had my diaper on, Cassie was ready to go. “Hurry up.” “I need to put on shorts.” “No we don't. I am just going to wear my diaper and bikini top. We can go to the meadow and lay out.” She grabbed her diaper bag and began to walk toward the camp. I hurried to follow her. When we arrived at the campsite, he dropped our bags on our bunks and then Cassie left the cabin. I followed her to the middle of the meadow where she threw her towel on the grass. “I still think that was mean that Bets outed you. And Veronica is going to hear from me.” Cassie balled up her fist before bending down to straighten the towel. I laid my towel down and joined her. “Thanks, Cassie. Veronica is still more to blame. I don't think Bets meant to shame me.” “Still, a bit of discretion goes a long way.” She looked at me for a while and though for a bit before speaking. “When I got out of juvie, I got a new family. I was the only foster kid. They had a child of their own and I didn't have to share a room with her, but the diapers weren't a secret. My foster sister teased me and shamed me for needing diapers. It was awful.” I reached over and took her hand. “It's okay. You don't have to hide the diapers from me.” I twisted my fingers. “We are this close. We can share anything.” Cassie frowned. “Well--,” she started. She cut off what she was going to say abruptly. I guess she still had secrets and to tell the truth, I was lying to her then. I was a big faker and she had to endure teasing because of diapers when she was growing up. I had parents that loved me and I wouldn't have to deal with parents that didn't understand. We lay out for quite a while. We pointed out clouds and made up shapes from them. We talked about our dreams for college. At one point Cassie rolled over on her stomach and unhooked her bikini top. “My front is tanned enough.” I rolled over next to her and we stared into the woods looking for the other girls. “Are you going to try to find a boyfriend in college,” I asked. “Of course,” she said. “Although, I've never really been in anyplace long enough to have one. It will be a first for me.” “I thought you'd be a bit more experienced,” I said. “My rough and tough exterior?” she asked. “You got to be rough and tough to get through foster care.” “Especially with diapers,” I said. She paused and then sighed. “I guess.” I heard a noise and saw two cars driving around the lane from behind the cafeteria building. “Someone's coming,” I said. “Let's go before someone sees us.” Cassie squealed and then got up. Her bikini top started to slide, but she grabbed the ties in one hand in her towel in the other and ran toward the cabin. I grabbed our other stuff and followed. When we got to the cabin, we scrambled to find shorts and t-shirts. Once dressed, I looked out the window. The cars pulled up by the cabin and stopped in the lane. One of the cars was a cop car. The other was a Prius. Cassie joined me on the bunk by the window as we peered out. “It's the police. We got to hide.” “No, we don't,” I said. “We didn't do anything wrong.” However, the police man got out of his car and headed toward the cabin. The woman in the Prius followed and stood by his side. “No, there is a woman with the police man. That usually means it's social services. I need to hide.” She looked around nervously. “I thought you were eighteen. They can't get you, can they?” I was more worried that it was the IRS coming to take my new source of college funds. I wore diapers to get this one and I was not going to lose it after going through the humiliation of wearing diapers. Cassie looked around for a way out, but there was no back door. Instead, she hid under the bed. There was a knock at the door and I sighed and answered it. The police officer stood there and looked at me. His utility belt held black weapons. His gun looked so big, but he also had a taser and a heavy flashlight. I involuntarily let out a bit of pee into my diaper as I thought of what the SWAT team had done to me at my home. The woman next to him seemed out of place. She wore a flowy skirt and a peasant blouse. Around her neck was a pentagram necklace. She looked at me and a full body shiver flowed through me. She was a middle aged woman, but she scared me to death. She scared me more than the police man. The police man spoke. “We need to ask you a few questions.” From under the bed, I heard Cassie whimpering in fear. The police man looked around for the source of the sound. Cassie wasn't good at staying hidden. I bit my lip as the police locked his eyes on Cassie's bare foot sticking out from under the bunk. Chapter Twelve: I'm Not a Baby The policeman knew that Cassie was hiding under the bed. He looked at her and he looked pissed. “I see you under there. Come out now.” He took out his flashlight and shined it at Cassie under the bed. It was a big, black six cell Maglite and I knew they were used to force compliance as well as providing light. Cassie slowly backed from under the bed and sat up facing the police officer. She was scared. “I... I... didn't... do it. I... I... swear.” The cop ignored Cassie and turned to the woman with the pentagram necklace. “Is this her?” The woman shook her head. “No, it's not. I told you she was blond.” The cop shrugged and waved a hand at Cassie. “Who knows what color her hair was originally. I had to ask.” He turned to Cassie. “Now why were you hiding from me?” “I don't know.” She said it like a little girl who got caught taking a cookie from the cookie jar. It reminded me of the joke on Bill Cosby's stand up routine where he talked about how children were brain damaged. Her father played the tape in the car on every road trip. “Why'd you do it?” asked Bill. He then switched to a little girl voice and said, “I don't know.” Then he'd address the audience. “See? Brain damaged.” Cassie didn't think it was a joke and neither did the police officer. He looked at her. “Never hide from a police officer. If I wasn't so busy I'd arrest you for obstructing a police investigation.” He turned to me. “Now I have a few questions I need to ask you.” Cassie spoke up. “We demand an attorney while we are being questioned.” “I am investigating a kidnapping. Do you think you're a suspect?” He glared at Cassie. “We are just at a camp for the girls in a certain scholarship to get to know each other before we start college,” I said. “We don't know anything about a kidnapping.” “Is Elizabeth Jones the head of this scholarship committee? Do you know where she is?” “Her name was on the paperwork,” said the woman. I nodded. “She and the other girls are swimming at the lake. I didn't feel good, so we came back here.” “Do you know which road leads to the lake?” the lady asked. “I think you just cut through the woods on the trail.” I looked at Cassie and then back at the woman. “We didn't drive down there, although I guess there should be a way since there was an RV parking area by the lake.” “What's this all about? What would we have to do with a kidnapping? We haven't seen anyone as we've been alone on the campground since we got here.” “Someone stole my baby,” said the woman, “and someone will have to pay when I find them.” She pulled a chain from beneath her blouse and stroked a chicken foot suspended on it. Cassie spoke. “There are no babies here. We are all college students.” The woman just glared at Cassie and held the chicken talon tight in her hand. It was really creepy. Fortunately, the police officer turned to the woman. “We'll find your baby. Let's go down to the lake and interview this Elizabeth Jones woman. They were about to leave when I heard voices coming from the woods behind the cabin. Bets and the other girls were returning. I wondered what I should do, but I couldn't warn them without alerting the police. Besides, they were missing a baby. Maybe someone's baby disappeared at the McDonald's and they were asking because the van was marked and they thought Bets might have seen something. The girls walked into the cabin. Violet was first with Melody close behind. Melody looked at the woman and ran up to her and gave her a hug. “Mommy, what are you doing here?” The woman rubbed Melody's back and then showered her with kisses. “I missed my baby so much. I'm glad you are safe.” “Is this your daughter, ma'am?” the police officer asked. “Yes, yes, she is. Thank you so much.” She looked at Melody. “You are safe now with Mommy. I'll take you back home.” She looked at the cop. “How soon can we leave?” The cop was about to speak, but Melody interrupted. “No, mama. I got two more days at camp, then I am going to college.” “Nonsense. You are coming home. Who is taking care of you? Who is changing you and helping you get dressed. Did your father just leave you with these people without telling me instead of taking you back home when his visitation was over?” The cop looked a bit uncomfortable, but Melody went on. “I am dressing myself now, and I am learning to change myself. I am not a baby anymore. And yes, daddy dropped me off.” “But I am your mother and you have to do what I say. I am telling you that you need to come home with me.” So this was it. We were not going to deal with Melody anymore. She was pretty weird, but I had really grown to like her. “But, mommy, I am not a baby anymore.” “You'll always be my baby and I am not letting you go.” The whole interchange took place in front of the threshhold of the door, so Bets couldn't get in, but she finally got in past Darlene and Veronica and finally stood up for Melody. “She's starting college now. Surely you want the best for your daughter's education.” “Stay out of this,” said the woman. “Don't you dare try to tell me how to raise my child.” “Mommy, I am eighteen now. Daddy said it was my decision if I should go to college since I am now an adult. I'm not a baby anymore, Mommy.” “You lost that privilege when you didn't come back and you left home without telling me.” “But I left a note because I knew you'd be like this. I am eighteen and I am going to college. You can't stop me.” Melody turned to storm to her bunk, but her mother spun her around and held her by both forearms. “Listen. We are going now. Pack your things.” Melody stared back. I could see her legs were shaking. “No, mama.” “You are my child and I will make you if I have to.” The policeman finally spoke up. “No ma'am. She is eighteen now. You can't make her go back with you. She is an adult now.” Bets looked at the policeman. “Please make that woman leave. She is disturbing my students.” The policeman looked at her. “You got to leave now. She's an adult and she can make her own decisions. You have to let your children move on.” Melody's mother looked at Melody. “Fine. You can stay, but when you can't handle college, don't cry to me about it. If you don't make it through, I will not send you to college when you are ready for it. You will learn to do your own laundry, and make your own bed, and deal with homework and everything without help.” She turned and walked out the door. The police officer turned to Bets. “I'm sorry. I didn't know she was an adult. I thought I was looking for a missing child.” He looked at Melody and just stared. “She is awfully childlike though.” I looked at the policeman. “I honestly thought she was going to cave and go home. She is grown up today.” “Well, I'm done here.” He turned to Cassie. “You, young lady, need to keep your nose clean. Not every police officer is out to get you.” He turned and left. “Well, girls,” said Bets. “We had enough excitement for today. Free time until supper.” The other girls ran out of the cabin. I went to my bed. I was wet and I wanted a change. As I was l changing, I saw Melody lay down on her bunk. She wasn't changing herself, but she was lying face down. I quickly took off my old diaper and cleaned myself with a wipe, before putting on my new diaper. I heard sobbing and looked over at Melody. I had planned to go join the others. Bella had a Frisbee and Veronica and Darleen had ball gloves, so they were going out to have fun. However, I just felt bad for Melody. Why was she sobbing. Instead of going out to have fun myself, I walked over and sat beside her on her bed. I started brushing my hand through her hair. “It will be okay.” “No, it's not. My mommy is mad at me. I never disobeyed her before.” I rubbed her back. “Don't you want to go to college?” I asked. “Yeah,” she said through sobs. “It's just that she is mad at me and wants me to fail.” “Well, you will have to make sure that you don't fail then.” I rubbed her back and smiled. “I'll try not to.” “Good,” I said. “You will be in my study group because you are smarter than me.” “I'm glad you have such faith in me.” “Now let's go play Frisbee with the others.” She reached in her bag and pulled out a clean diaper. “Change me first?” I shook my head. “You know what to do,” I said. “Cassie showed you what to do.” She managed to change herself. I did take the time to tighten the tapes though. I looked at the cartoon Teddy bears on the front of her diaper. “Where did you get the diapers with the cartoons?” “Mommy gets them online,” she said. She pulled on her shorts and we headed out the door to join the others. Chapter Thirteen: Breaking Camp After all the earlier excitement, the rest of the camp activities just weren't eventful. Aside from swimming and hiking, we really didn't do much except get to know one another. I thought about who I wanted to live with and I really couldn't choose. I liked Melody and Cassie seemed pretty cool as well. I knew we should be picking roommates and I was frankly just torn. Cassie and I got along pretty well, but she had that violent past. However, Melody was really smart, but she was too childish. It was the last night before camp ended and we would be headed back to MIT. We all sat around a campfire. I sat between Cassie and Melody. Veronica and Darlene had gone off to talk and Bella was sitting by herself reading. Cassie scooted closer to me. “So who are you going to choose?” I thought about it and then I shrugged. “I still haven't decided.” I looked over at Bella and yawned. Sitting next to the fire was making me a bit drowsy. I wondered how she felt. She was sitting by herself. I stood and walked over to her. I looked at Cassie, but she gave me a hurt look. That was too bad. I had to find out. “Bella, may I sit here?” I asked. She smiled and put her book by her side. “So Veronica and Darlene seem to want to be roommates. Who do you want to room with?” She gave me an uncomfortable look. “Well, I like almost all the girls,” she said. “I really don't mind, but I don't want to share a dorm room with one girl.” I looked over to Cassie and then back at Bella. I smiled at her. “The thing is, I am trying to decide between choosing Cassie and Melody. Since Veronica and Darlene have decided to be roommates, then if I choose Melody, you have to live with Cassie, and if I choose Cassie, you get Melody. I wanted your input. Beside, both girls have different downsides, but they are both awesome.” I put a hand on her shoulder. “So what do you think?” “I'll take Melody. You stay with Cassie. You two are best suited for each other.” I nodded. “Okay. I'll fill out my preferences and give them to Bets.” I took the little ballot Bets made us and circled Cassie's name. I then put it in the hat she had on the picnic table and then I returned to my spot between Melody and Cassie. Cassie grabbed my forearm. “What were you two talking about?” she hissed. I tried to pull my arm from her grip, but it was too strong and it hurt. “I asked her if she wanted to live with you or Melody. I couldn't decide and Veronica and Darlene chose each other.” I tried to pull my arm away. “Let go. You are hurting me.” She let go and then rubbed my forearm where her grip had squeezed it. “I'm sorry. I got too excited. Besides, I thought you were going to dump me in with the baby.” She frowned and looked over at Melody and then stuck her mouth to my ear. “I'm sorry. I'm a terrible person.” I whispered back to her. “You aren't terrible. You are my friend and we are going to stick together.” She gave me a hug. “Thanks. I need someone who can put up with me. I usually don't get along with others.” “I would have never guessed.” The sarcasm was evident. I just sat and relaxed. After enjoying the campfire, it wasn't long before Bets took the hat and then began writing. She then stood up. “It looks like we decided on our roommate situation here. I think this is the first year everyone got their first preferences. Veronica and Darlene are together in the double Melody and Bella, and Nora and Cassie are going to be in the quad.” “I thought we were just two to a room,” said Bella. “You are,” said Bets. “The quad has a shared bathroom and sitting area, but the double is just a bit larger. You'll see. They are both nice.” “So I guess we are sharing a bathroom with the baby,” said Cassie. “You get to bathe her.” “Be nice,” I said. “She is going to bathe herself. Remember, we are teaching her to be independent.” “Fine,” said Cassie. “Shush, I'm trying to hear Bets.” Bets continued talking. “… so I expect you to be ready at nine o'clock tomorrow morning. We want to get you girls settled in your new rooms. We will give you a chance to go shopping. Your scholarship includes an allowance for incidentals and school supplies, so we are going to Walmart.” “Oh joy. Walmart,” I said. “Where do you shop for school supplies and stuff?” asked Cassie. “Some of us didn't grow up filthy rich.” I frowned. I felt guilty. I had been rich before Dad's IRS problem. I had two reasons to feel guilty now. Although I didn't feel as bad about this as I did about faking incontinence. Walmart? Really? I said nothing and Cassie took my silence as me being called out as snobbish. After a while, she whispered to me. “I'm going to head to bed. A quick change and some rest will do both of us some good. I nodded and followed. I was getting uncomfortable from being wet and wanted to change and maybe get back into the romance novel I was reading. “I can't wait for college to start,” she said. “I'm looking forward to it myself,” I said. “I hope I have the perfect outfit for the first day of classes.” “Yeah,” she said. “I need to pick out an outfit myself. What I usually wear won't work because I don't want my diaper to show.” “Cassie, what do you mean that you usually wear?” I asked. She got a panicked look on her face. “Well, um,” she started. “I, um, ripped my favorite jeans last week. I wear them everywhere I want to make an impression or I did. You can see my diaper through the rip.” “Okay,” I said. “I just think you should wear a short dress and let all the haters screw themselves.” “I wish I was brave enough to do that, but I think discretion is better.” “I know. It was one of the first things I had to give up after becoming incontinent,” I said. “And printed panties,” she said. “I was at Walmart and saw they had Marvel panties and I was upset I couldn't buy them.” “Really?” I asked. “I didn't see you as a comic book reader.” “Well, I don't read comic books. I like the comic book movies though. I don't have the patience.” “It takes patience to read comic books?” I laughed. “I could read one in ten minutes.” “Fine, laugh. I'll just take your romance novel and give you ten or fifteen pages every month. I'll be sure the last page is at a critical point. You see how much patience you have then.” “You wouldn't dare,” I said. “No, I wouldn't,” she admitted. “But if I did, you would know what a comic book is like.” “So why were you looking at little girl's Wonder Woman panties?” I asked. “I was in Walmart and they were on a display by the aisle. Besides they were for women our size and I said Marvel, not DC. Were you even listening?” “Wait. What?” “Wonder Woman is a DC Comics character. The panties I was talking about had Iron Man, the Hulk, and Thor. They are characters in Marvel Comics. And they were in our size, not little girl sizes. Okay?” “I get it now.” I didn't. I just rolled my eyes. “Good. As my roommate you are going to be exposed to my love of nerdy science fiction stuff. Besides, we are going to be MIT girls and that means we get to study nerdy stuff like science and engineering.” “I still don't know about comic book movies, though.” We arrived at the cabin and Cassie grabbed her changing supplies and changed. I took the time to do so as well. When I finished, I turned toward Cassie. “Cassie, have you ever had a boyfriend?” She started snoring and I didn't have the energy to wake her up.” ### The next morning, I woke up to a gentle shaking. “Wake up, Nora. Everyone else is ready.” I rolled over, but Melody persisted in her attempt to wake me. “Wake up. We are going to college today and we are leaving in ten minutes. I sat up. “Ten minutes. Why didn't you wake me sooner?” I had to pee pretty bad and my diaper was still dry. I reached for my shorts and pulled them on and then franticly set about packing. “We tried to wake you, but you kept going back to sleep,” said Cassie. “I am going to be left behind in the woods,” I said. “Oh, you're finally up,” said Bets. “Hurry and get your stuff packed in the van.” I grabbed my toiletry bag and started for the door, but Bets stopped me. “No time for that. We got to leave now.” I turned around and packed. This was not good. My hair was tied in a pony tail, but I got sweaty during the night and I wanted a shower. Besides, I needed to wet my diaper and have a diaper change. Instead I put my suitcase in the back of the van and got in with everyone else. As soon as I sat down I wet. The purple diaper I had worn to bed handled my wetting well enough, but I was afraid I was going to leak. However, these diapers held up pretty good and I had been in a wet diaper constantly so I guess it wasn't too bad. Soon after I wet, we were on the road and headed back to MIT. My adventure was about to begin. I had worn diapers constantly for three days with other girls watching. I could fake this pretty well. What remained to be seen is if I could fake this for four more years. I lay my head against the window as we drove back toward Boston. Chapter Fourteen: Settling In We decided to stop at McDonalds on the way home. Bets decided. I would have preferred anywhere else, but anywhere with a bathroom would be good. I wanted to change and I couldn't stand it after sitting in a wet diaper for three hours. We finally pulled in and I grabbed my diaper bag got out of the van and headed inside. “Wait up,” said Casey. She ran after me and matched my speed when she caught up. “Okay, let's go.” I headed toward the lady's room and Cassie followed me. We got stalls next to each other and I started to change. I got the old diaper off and carefully wrapped it up so it wouldn't drip on my shorts. “Eww. Yuck,” I heard from the other stall. “What's wrong?” I asked. “Nothing. I'm just changing.” I just ignored her and finished changing and getting dressed. I then picked up the dirty diaper and dropped it in the trash. When I looked in the mirror, I was a mess. My hair was everywhere and I felt sweaty. I just smoothed my hair the best I could and waited for Cassie. She came out of the stall and didn't look happy. She stuffed the diaper in the trash and washed her hands. “Let's skip the milkshakes today.” I blushed but then we walked out and ordered our food. Cassie and I just shared a twenty piece McNugget meal. I was in no mood to have a messy problem that couldn't be taken care of until after I was able to move into my dorm room. That would have sucked. We sat over in the corner away from the other girls. Darlene and Veronica, and Melody and Bella had each taken separate tables away from each other. Being together in the van and all weekend had been a bit much. “I can't wait to go to Walmart,” said Cassie. “I am going to love this. I am going to buy the good folders. I think I might actually buy a Trapper Keeper.” “Really? They still make those?” I wondered why she would want one. I couldn't imagine a use for one in college. “I'm just getting plenty of copy paper and a spiral notebook for each class. And gel pens. I don't know if I will be doing that either because we are going to have laptops and I'm probably going to take notes in Word, not on paper. We are engineering students, not English majors.” I winced slightly when I said that. I still wanted to write my romance novel. “Well, they were too expensive for a foster kid, so I never got one.” she said. “I had an old binder that said JamesSoft Human Resource Department on it. All my classmates had Trapper Keepers. If we needed crayons I would get a 64 pack with a sharpener instead of just eight crayons.” “I think I had a 96 pack of crayons,” I said. “Because you were rich and privileged,” she said. “Every time I colored it looked like they had Simpson skin.” “Anyway,” I said, “you probably don't want to carry more than you need for class each day. MIT is bigger than the campus at highschool. You won't have a locker.” She sighed. “I guess that is true.” She pulled the tray closer to her and and grabbed a hand full of fries. “McDonald's usually means something in my life is changing in a major way.” I smiled and almost laughed. I am glad I didn't because she said something personal and it would have been mean to laugh. “Yeah, my social worker took me to McDonald's before dropping me off with a new family. It was nice arriving somewhere after having eaten because I usually wouldn't be fed until the next meal.” I walked to the other side of the table and squeezed next to her so I could give her a hug. “Cassie, I'm sorry. That makes me so sad.” She hugged me back. “Well, I am a college girl now.” She smiled. ### We were back on the road for another few hours before we finally arrived back at MIT. The parking lot was full now. However, the few of us who drove had spots up front and there was a spot reserved for the van. Bets parked and then turned back to us. “Okay we are here. Go check into your dorms and then you are all set. I will meet you back here for supper and then I will make sure you can get your shopping done, then you are all set.” “What about the roommate assignments,” asked Veronica. “I e-mailed those in while we were connected to the McDonald's wi-fi,” she said. “What time do we meet you?” asked Bella. “Five o'clock,” said Bets. We all unloaded our gear from the van and entered the dorm building for the first time. I have to say, I was nervous. What if our rooms weren't as private as we thought? What if this scholarship was a known thing and our diapers weren't exactly a secret? I shuddered at the thought, but then realized we wouldn't have been warned about keeping quiet if it were known. Inside was a desk with the sign, “Resident Assistant” at the front. A poster said, “New students, sign in here.” A college girl sat at the desk behind a laptop. “Name?” she asked. Darlene and Veronica were at the front so they stood at the desk first. “I am Darlene Keene and this is my roommate Veronica English. Do you have our room ready?” she asked with a polite, but nervous tremor. The RA typed. “I got you in 401A. It's on the end, so it's a double. You two are lucky. There are only four doubles per floor and one of them is the RA's room.” “What's that mean?” asked Veronica. “You don't have to share a bathroom with anyone except for your roommate.” I started to feel worried. We were supposed to be protected from the other girls in the dorms from finding out our situation. “I'm Nora Stevens and this is my roommate Cassie…Cassie, what is your last name?” “It's just Cassie,” she said. “You got to have a family name,” said the RA. “I have to have a family to have a family name. I don't.” “Cassie, stop being difficult,” I said. “Tell her your last name.” “Fine,” she said. “It's Nova.” “I got a Cassie Nova here,” said the RA. She snickered. “You two are in 308A. That's on my floor. I am at 328A if you need me. And no sneaking in the dates after hours, Miss Cassie Nova.” “Is it a double?” I asked. I did not want to share the bathroom with anyone. “Not likely,” said the RA. I looked at Bella and Melody standing behind us. Melody hefted her teddy bear and frowned. “Do you know who our quad mates are then?” She looked down at her sheet. “Some girls named Melody and Bella.” “That's us,” said Melody. “That works,” I said. I took my key from her and Cassie did the same. We both headed to the elevator. ### The dorm room was tiny. It was a quarter of the size of my own bedroom at home and I had to share it. There were two tiny twin beds, two nightstands, two decent-sized desks, and that was it. Along one wall were two doors that led to closets and a third door to the bathroom. I threw my stuff on one of the beds and Cassie claimed the other. “Whew, I thought we'd be sharing the bathroom with strangers,” I said. “Yeah, not fun.” She lowered her voice. “Juvie was bad. We had common bathrooms and everyone knew. The other girls would steal my pants when I was showering and I had to walk back to the room with just my diaper and shirt. I can share with Melody and Bella.” I took the box of clothes from my bed and dumped it out. I had another box of hangers and I started to hang my clothes. I stuck them all in my closet. Cassie watched me and frowned. “Did you bring all your clothes?” She opened her suitcase and I could see that she maybe had twelve outfits. “No, I just brought my warm weather stuff. I'll bring my winter stuff when I go home for break.” She gave a look of shock at me and then I could tell how different we were. “Oh, that is all you have,” I said. We looked about the same size. I knew what I needed to do, but I didn't really know if I wanted to share my wardrobe with an incontinent girl. I sighed. “You can wear any of my stuff.” “Thanks,” she said. She looked at my unused hangers and gave a pleading look. “There is not much drawer space in here.” She opened the drawers in the bottom of the closet. She dumped socks and bras in the drawer, shorts in the middle one, and shoved her diapers in the bottom drawer. I gave her enough hangers to hang her stuff and we were pretty much settled. I still had one more box and I opened it. It had my desk stuff. I had a little clay cup I made in pottery class which I used as a pencil cup. I had painted flowers on it and it was girly and whimsical. The other thing I had was a Dr Who TARDIS USB hub that somehow stayed in my possession without being seized with the rest of my computer stuff. I also had a little bound book with my Internet passwords. By some miracle I had left it at Kara's house the night of the raid, so I still had it. The last thing I took out was my coffee mug. It had an open book on it and the caption read, “Hopeless Romantic.” Cassie's desk was mostly empty. I saw she pulled out a plaque that read “First Prize – North Senior High Science Fair” on it. “Wow, you were in a science fair?” I asked. She nodded. “I got lucky. The judges graded the entries before Ailina Mathiue sneaked into the gym and smashed my exhibit.” She frowned. “I took a Raspberry Pi computer and hooked it to motors. It was supposed to move a telescope to point at any object in the night sky. I used an astronomy program, but I controlled the motors with Python script I wrote myself.” “That sounds really cool,” I said. I had no idea what she was talking about. “I'm sorry someone ruined your exhibit.” She sighed. “Well I beat Ailina with her majorette baton. After I was through with her, she couldn't twirl a baton for the rest of high school.” She smiled. “And she looked like a raccoon with her two black eyes.” “That's terrible,” I said. Would she take her wrath out on me? “I thought I was a bad ass back then,” she said. “I never would have beaten her up if I knew I would get kicked out of school and sent to live with some real mean girls.” She shrugged. “I am in college now, so I don't have to worry about that anymore.” “It's nice that they still gave you the plaque,” I said. A tear ran down her cheek. “Felix brought it to me when I got out of juvie. That was when he gave me the news that he and Elisa wouldn't take me back.” Her talking turned into a sob and she turned and ran into the bathroom. “Wait,” I said, but she had slammed the door and locked it. I sat on my bed and opened my book bag. I sighed and then emptied the twelve novels I had out on the bed. I then stacked them on the shelf above the desk. I took the one I was reading and laid down and began to read. About twenty minutes later, I heard a knock at the door followed by frantic pounding. I got up and looked around and made sure no diapers were visible in the room and then opened the door. It was Bella and Melody. Melody had her hand held tightly onto the back of her pants. “Hurry and let us in. Our bathroom is locked from our side and Melody is about to crap her diaper,” said Bella. I let them in and then knocked on the door to the bathroom. “Cassie, come out. Melody needs the bathroom.” “Go away,” she yelled. Melody was bent over and she was breathing hard. “Please, no. I can't do this at college. I haven't done this since I was a little kid.” I thought of my incident at camp and blushed. I didn't wish that on anyone. I took out the bobby pins from my hair and bent one into a torsion wrench and the other, I straighten except for a little hook on the end. I stuck both pins in the lock and wiggled them a bit until the doorknob turned. Cassie had her head in the sink. Her eyes were red and splotchy when she looked at me. “How'd you get the door unlocked?” she asked. “Melody is pooping her pants,” I said. Melody rushed past me and pulled down her pants and diaper in one motion and sat on the toilet without waiting for Cassie to leave. She was not quiet as she pooped. Bella was not happy. “We were trying to get in for over ten minutes. How can you be so inconsiderate? You should be required to poop your pants so you know what she almost went through.” “You don't know what I was going through,” said Cassie. She still rubbed at her eyes. I lowered my voice. “I accidentally squirted perfume in her eyes. It's my fault.” I looked toward the open bathroom door. “We are sorry, Melody.” “It's okay. I made it all right,” she said. “Bella, can you go into our room and get me a dry diaper. I tore a tape getting them down and I will leak if I use this same one.” Bella went through the bathroom and came back with a diaper. I watched as Melody tried to change herself. She did a pretty good job fr not having done it before this week. Cassie pulled me aside. “Thanks for covering for me about crying. I am supposed to be tough, not a crybaby.” I nodded. “No problem.” She grabbed my forearm. “And you got to show me how you got that bathroom door open.” “What? A bad girl like you can't pick a lock with a bobby pin?” She smiled. “No, but that's why I like you.” Melody ad Bella returned to their room and Cassie and I just talked until it was time to go to Walmart. Chapter Fifteen: Shopping at Walmart “I found a Trapper Keeper,” said Cassie. She held up a puke green binder that said Trapper in white letters. She also had a handful of pocket folders. She also had a box of 96 crayons. “I also found crayons with a pencil sharpener.” She squealed in delight. I looked at her “Can you imagine any use case for crayons in college?” I just stared at her for a while before she sighed. She frowned. “I guess not.” She took the crayons out of her cart and put them back on the shelf. I showed off my stash. I had two separate stacks of six things each: pocket folders and spiral notebooks. In addition I had two packs of jelly pens, a pack of mechanical pencils, and some paper. I thought my current backpack was good enough. Cassie, had a new Jansport backpack, a ream of paper, some lined paper, spiral notebooks, and of course her Trapper Keeper. She had a big pack of ordinary Bic pens. “School supplies, check. Now we need some toiletries,” I said. We moved our cart over to the health and beauty section and Cassie went over to the lipsticks. “Of course I am stocking up on makeup. We got a $100 budget here.” She grabbed a few cheap items. They were about a tenth of what I paid at the department store. I didn't need makeup, so next we went to the other aisles. I grabbed a new toothbrush as mine was kind of getting gross. I picked up some toothpaste and shampoo and looked around. Cassie was gone. I walked up and down the aisle and then found her. She grabbed a box of pads and stuck them in her cart. I walked up to her. “Cassie, what are you doing?” She shrugged. “Nothing. Just getting toiletries.” I pointed at the pads. “Yeah, I started my period. What's the big deal?” “Cassie, we wear diapers. We don't need pads.” I waited a few seconds and then the light came on in her eyes. “Well, I…,” she started to say. “Cassie, you don't really need diapers, do you? You are faking this just for the scholarship.” She clapped one hand over my mouth and then gave a blank look as she stared at me. She held that position for almost a minute and then let go of me. “Nora, let's go to the bathroom right now.” She grabbed my hand and almost pulled me over. I pulled away from her and grabbed the pads out of the cart and put them back on the shelf. Veronica entered the aisle and I had put back the pads before she came around the corner. “What are you doing here?” asked Cassie. Veronica gave an angry look. “I'm low on Depends,” she hissed. She walked down the aisle to the incontinence section and grabbed a pack and then made a tent of folders and notebooks around it to hide the fact that she was buying diapers. “Well we are running to the bathroom for a change. Watch our carts,” said Cassie. She pulled me to the bathroom at the back of the store. We got in and went into a stall. She took down her jeans and showed me the front of her diaper. “I'm really incontinent. See?” She pointed at the yellow patch on her diaper and then frowned when she saw the diaper was also stained with period blood. So that was what she was doing when she held my mouth in the feminine hygiene aisle. She was wetting and on purpose to prove she was wet. “I saw you wet on purpose when I called you out as a faker.” She changed tactics. “Okay. I am faking incontinence. I stopped having daytime accidents about a month after I got out of juvie. I still wet the bed occasionally when I have a dream about juvie.” She shrugged. “So what are you going to do? Before you tell Bets on me, just know that this is the only chance for a science-loving foster kid to go to any college, let alone my dream school of MIT. Please don't take that away from me.” “I'm not going to tell,” I said. “How do I know that?” She had a feral look in her eyes. I think she was about to snap. I imagined Bets finding me dead in this stall. “I am faking too,” I said. “The IRS took my college fund and this was my only hope. Okay. We are both faking, so you don't have to hurt me to shut me up.” I pulled down my pants and diaper and sat on the toilet and peed. “See?” She smiled. “It's good you are my roommate. I was worried that I couldn't hide this all semester long without being reported.” I sighed with relief. “And you are right. Buying pads is a habit.” She looked down at her stained diaper. “Diapers do work as pads.” She pulled a clean diaper from her purse. “I'm going to change now.” We changed and straightened our clothing and returned to our carts. I was a faker and I was a lot worse than Cassie who had overcome legitimate issues. However, having a co-conspirator really did assuage my guilt. Chapter Sixteen: More Walmart After leaving the restroom, Cassie and I rejoined Veronica at our carts. "You guys took long enough," said Veronica. "You left me in this aisle of all places." She waved her hand to point to the diapers on one side of the aisle and the feminine hygiene products on the other. "What were y'all doing here anyway.?" I shrugged. "It's just in between where we were shopping," I said. "Cassie was looking at the makeup in the next aisle and I was getting a new toothbrush in the other aisle." "Well next time look around you before abandoning your carts for me to look after." She drove her cart away from us. We took our carts the opposite direction. "Do you suppose she suspects anything?" asked Cassie. "Not a chance." I said it louder and harsher than I meant to. In a quieter voice, I said, "She'll be even more resentful and most likely to go to Bets if she finds out, so let's keep quiet around her. He is content to hang out with Darlene, so we only have to deal with Melody and Bella." "Yeah, and we have the added bonus that we need to keep Melody from blowing our cover to everyone else about what this program is all about." Cassie looked around, but then shrugged. "At least she is willing to try to be a grownup." I nodded. We had all the items on our list, so we just walked around the store. As we passed the toy aisle, I saw Melody standing in front of the Lego display. She waved when she saw us. "What are you doing Melody?" I asked. "Just looking at toys," she said. She pointed at her cart. "I got everything on the list, so I thought I'd just kill time until time to leave." I looked in her cart. She had pens and pencils and notebooks and paper like I did. There were no crayons either. The only thing I thought was out of place was here Frozen backpack. I was concerned about how childish it was, but I decided to let it go rather than make a scene. She was the one who would have to carry it after all. Cassie looked on. "I love Legos. If I had any extra money I would get some," she said. “Felix and Elsa had Legos at their house. I used to build robots out of them and control them with a Raspberry Pi.” Melody shrugged. “My mother didn’t want me playing with Legos, so they were kept at my daddy’s house. I mainly had Lego Friends, not Lego Mindstorm, so I didn’t get to play with robots.” I felt completely lost. “Wait, what?” “We are engineering students,” said Cassie. “We all played with Legos.” “I haven’t,” I said. “I didn’t even know I wanted to be an engineer before Bets called me and told me I got the scholarship.” Cassie looked worried. “Did you take a computer programming course in high school?” I shook my head. “What about doing science fair? Popsicle stick bridges? Video games? Did you watch science fiction shows and wanted to be a rocket scientist?” I kept shaking my head. “I’m good at math and I love to read romance novels. I got a 33 on the ACT. I was eleventh in my class which disappointed me because I didn’t get to graduate first with the top ten. I had to wait all the way at the end with the rest of the S’s. I was supposed to major in English at Ohio State.” I looked at Melody and Cassie and they were just staring at me. “I though you were kidding about the whole yodeling thing,” said Cassie. “No,” I said. “I really had a choice between studying yodeling in Austria or engineering at MIT.” Melody smiled. “I’m just home schooled so I have no expectations of college. I didn’t do those science fair things either. Don’t worry. We can catch up on new experiences we didn’t have. You try so much to solve our problems that you never really tell us much about you.” I thought back on this whole adventure. Camp was so hectic and I did intervene between Bets and Cassie and teach Melody life skills. I shrugged. “I just went to school and enjoyed it. I wasn’t in sports or other extra curricular activities. I was just about going to prom.” Bella walked around the corner. “Oh there you are. Bets is ready and waiting to check out. Come up front.” We followed and went to the front where Bets paid for our purchases. Chapter Seventeen: Cassie Saves Us Money on Textbooks Cassie was shuffling stuff nosily on her desk. I woke up after my first night in the dorm and I quite frankly was not ready to get up. I was tired, but she was too busy moving around to notice she was waking me up. “What are you doing?” I asked. I had to pee badly and when I noticed the diaper I was wearing, I let go and wet. “I’m trying to figure out what to wear for our trip to the book store.” She put on a pair of white pants and looked behind her to see if her diaper was visible. “Don’t wear those,” I said. “I can read the wetness indicators through those pants.” Her face turned red and she hung the pants back in the closet. “Crap. I guess I shouldn’t even have these pants.” She grabbed a jeans skirt and pulled it on. She looked backward at herself and then bent over. “Can you tell?” “You aren’t going to be bending over in public. You wouldn’t do that if you weren’t wearing diapers.” I got up and put on my bathrobe. “I’m going to shower.” I started for the door. “Hurry up,” she said. “We got to get our textbooks.” I showered and then came back in the dorm room wearing only my diaper. I grabbed a bra and some soccer shorts and a t-shirt that had hearts on it. I pulled on some sneakers and sat on the bed to tie them. I then pulled my hair back in a messy ponytail and then grabbed my big purse. “I’m ready.” “Good,” she said. “We have $1000 each to buy our books. After that we got to go to the student computer store and pick up our new laptops. I am so excited.” We walked to the bookstore. It was quite a walk across campus, but it was a nice day. Cassie kept pulling down the back of her skirt and it was starting to bug me. “Stop touching your butt. Your skirt is long enough.” She took her hand away and we continued walking. We entered the bookstore and went into the engineering section. There were hardly any used books at all. When we had all the books we added the price up and it was well over $1200. “I can’t afford these,” she said. “I thought our book money would be enough.” I sigh. “Who would have thought that a Chemistry book would be $329?” I asked. “No one,” she said. “That is ridiculous. Put the books back.” I hesitated and put the chemistry book away. “No put them all away. We can get them cheaper online.” I sighed, but I complied with her. “We still can pick up our computers. We will need them to get our books online.” We walked over to the campus computer store. This semester, the computer was required for classes, so our financial aid covered the cost for freshmen. Since our financial aid was the scholarship, that meant the computers were waiting for us to pick them up. We got in line and after standing their for about an hour, we left with two brand new laptops and a huge debit on our financial aid account. Back in the dorm we had the computers set up. Cassie went online and got the list of textbooks and we were in business. Unfortunately, going online was not a better plan. It seemed like the edition of our textbooks we needed were new editions, so there was no deals on used books. I sighed. “Maybe we can share the books,” I said. “Or there are e- versions of our textbooks that are cheaper.” Cassie pulled up the information about the e-versions of the books. “They expire after one semester and I know we need that calculus book for Calculus I, II, and III. No. These people are thieves and I know how to deal with thieves who overcharge for textbooks.” “You are going to get us in trouble, aren’t you?” I asked. “No, but I know how to get some e-textbooks that never expire.” She closed her laptop and put it in her backpack. “You and I are going to Starbucks.” “Wait, why?” “We need to used the Internet.” I looked at my laptop that was connected to the Internet via campus Wi-Fi. “We have Internet.” She shrugged. “I’m not taking a chance of getting caught misusing the Internet my first day in college. We need off-campus Wi-Fi.” # We sat together at a table in the Starbucks. I sipped on my grande smoked butterscotch latte and watched as Cassie downloaded an IRC client onto her computer. She then found a warez chatroom and soon was downloading pdfs of all her textbooks. The two of us were taking the same classes, so we she copied them on a thumbdrive and gave them too me. “Why not e-mail them?” “Because. You can’t.” I sighed. “So I’m going to sit around with my computer to read my textbook?” I asked. “Well, with the money we saved on books we can get a tablet.” I was dubious, but we went back to the MIT computer store. They had tablets there and we were able to use the funds that were earmarked for textbooks on the tablets. I had a brand new $150 tablet with icons on it for each of the textbooks. I clicked an ICON and lay in bed flipping through my English text book. History, Calculus, and Intro to Engineering were the same. We did have to go to the book store and buy the lab book for one class that had tear out pages of assignments to turn in. “You are smart, Cassie.” I said. “I would have never thought of getting our books from a chatroom.” “Our generation missed out on the early Internet. It’s not just Facebook and Bit Torrent.” I grinned. “Yeah, our computers have Windows 10 and 1 Terabyte hard drives.” She tapped a few buttons on her computer. “And it’s a waste to give Windows that much drive space. I partitioned the hard drive and now I have Windows and Linux on my new computer.” “I don’t know Linux. I only use Windows.” I suddenly felt stupid. What if I put on diapers and then went to a school that I was unprepared to excel at? She laughed. “You have a lot to learn about being an engineer.” Chapter Eighteen: Melody’s Medical Diagnosis I was going to retort about Cassie lording her knowledge over me by using computer jargon to make me sound stupid, but Melody came through the bathroom door connecting our dorm rooms. “Hey, Nora. I have to go to the student health clinic to get my vaccines. You promised to come with me.” I stood up and adjusted my soccer shorts. “Yeah. Let’s go.” We walked to the clinic. Melody’s face looked white as a sheet. I rubbed her back as we walked. “Melody, it will be okay. Shots aren’t really that bad.” “Won’t they hurt?” “Just a little,” I said. “It hurts worse to get a paper cut.” “Oh, I hate those,” she said. “I’ll be with you,” I said. We got to the health center and sat in the lobby. There were about twelve students in the waiting room. Most of them looked like international students. They talked among themselves and didn’t come near us or try to make friends. I guess I could have initiated contact, but I just sat beside Melody as she filled out the health survey they asked her to fill out. “Should I put my bladder control problems down?” she asked me. “I thought it was supposed to be secret.” “Yes,” I said. “Answer everything truthfully and completely. The doctors and nurses can’t share the information with other people.” She started writing and then stopped when she got to the end. She got up and turned in the clipboard. While she wrote I got out my tablet and started reading ahead in my textbooks. The English textbook was interesting to me and I almost got lost before I heard the nurse call out a name. “Melody Franklin.” “That’s me,” said Melody. We went into the room. The nurse looked at me, but Melody smiled. “Nora is here for moral support. I’ve never had a shot before.” “Yeah, you will need quite a few shots. Well, let’s go.” She led us into an exam room and directed Melody to sit on an exam table. I sat in a chair in the room and we waited. In no time a nurse came in with a tray with about six shots on it. She held Melody’s arm and took the first needle. Melody stared at the needle and tensed her arm muscle. I knew it would hurt worse. “Hey Melody, it won’t be that bad. Just look at me and it will be over soon.” She stared at me and then let out a squeak as the nurse gave her the first vaccine. The needle didn’t bother her at all, but I know she felt a major discomfort when the nurse pressed the plunger on the syringe. “You did it,” I said. “Just five more.” I will say that Melody was pretty brave. She didn’t cry or act like a baby at all. When the shots were over the nurse looked at me. “Okay, Nora, I need to talk to Melody about something she wrote down on her medical survey sheet. I think she will want privacy for this. Wait in the lobby and we will be out shortly.” I left Melody in there alone. I wondered if I should have. In the long run she was fine. I walked out of the room and waited. I thought it would be about ten minutes to talk about whatever she wrote, which was probably about incontinence. However, I sat down playing games or reading from my tablet. I thought she would never get out of there, but she finally came out after two hours and she did not look happy. “Are you okay,” I asked. She didn’t answer, but left the clinic. I followed and she took my hand. “What’s wrong, Melody?” She pulled me behind some trees and just started balling? I held her against me and let her cry on my shoulder. “Was it the shots? They are over now?” “It’s not the shots,” she whispered. She sobbed and hiccuped before being able to talk again. “They asked about my incontinence and then ran some tests. They couldn’t find anything wrong and my lack of medical history meant there were no medical records. There is nothing wrong we me other than weak bladder muscles. My mommy told me all my life that something was wrong with me and that is why I needed diapers, but I think she was trying to keep me as her baby.” She sobbed and then sniffled. “Why would she do that?” I was appalled. “Are you saying your mother just didn’t potty train you?” She nodded. “I could have been a normal girl and gotten a boyfriend.” “No one says you can’t still be a normal girl,” I said. “Now that you know, you can train yourself.” She looked at me. “But the scholarship….” “There is no question you need diapers,” I said, “but I won’t tell Bets if you want to try to put diapers behind you.” She gave me a hug. I smiled. I wondered if any of us would have an actual need for diapers before four years were up. Chapter Nineteen: A Cute Boy and I’m Wearing This I was fully prepared to wear diapers for all four years of college. However, I hadn’t thought a situation where I could get a college boyfriend. I knew college boyfriends weren’t like high school boys. We were now adults and adults sometimes have sex. If I got a boyfriend, he would find out about the diaper and I couldn’t have that. But I’ve gotten ahead of myself. Melody and I walked back from student health after I got her calmed down from her cry about what she found out her mother had been doing to her. She looked at me. “What was potty training like?” I stopped suddenly. “Seriously? I was like three.” Honestly, I didn’t know how old I was when I was potty trained. My earliest memories involve me using the toilet by myself. I didn’t remember having a potty chair or anything. I had a little wooden stool that I used to climb up high enough to sit on the regular toilet. “I know it’s something three-year-olds are supposed to master, but my mother lied to me and said I couldn’t, so I don’t know what it was like. That’s why I am asking.” She looked angry, like I was holding back information from her or something. Maybe I was a bit dismissive in my answer, so I took her by both hands. “Melody, I don’t remember. I was three. Do you remember what you did when you were three?” She looked down. “I guess not. I remember my birthday. Vaguely. I had a My Little Pony birthday cake.” She looked down. “I’m sorry I snapped at you.” I shrugged. “I’m an only child, so I’m the wrong one to ask. Don’t mention this to Veronica at all.” “Oh yeah,” she said. “She would be mean instead of being happy for me.” I nodded. I wonder who said she was no good at social interactions. We continued around the tennis courts and were going to turn the corner when a hard form struck me and sent me sprawling onto the ground. I tried to suck in breath but it hurt to breathe in. “Are you all right?” I looked up and a really big student was kneeling over me. I slowly got my wind back and then just panted. “Why are you running around knocking girls down?” asked Melody. I sat up and looked around. My backpack lay on the ground about ten feet away. I looked down to my waist and fortunately, my diaper was covered. I landed hard on my arm, but it wasn’t broken. It was a little bit scrapped up. I looked up at the big man’s face and saw he was about the age of the rest of us. He wore a shirt that said Beavers. He was covered with sweat and I could tell he had just been running. He was also hot. “Yeah, I think I will be okay,” I said. He reached for my hand and pulled me to my feet and I swear there was a surge of electricity as he touched me. “Well I feel awful about knocking you down. Can I make it up to you by taking you to dinner? I got a gift card for the Olive Garden.” I smiled and then I stopped because I thought I was making myself look like a crazy person. “Yes. That would be nice. What time should I be ready.” “I’ll get you a seven.” He looked down. “Um, I am not carrying my phone since I am running. Do you have a pen and paper?” I grabbed my lost backpack and checked inside. My laptop was still in my dorm room, but the tablet was fragile and I checked it before grabbing out a pen and paper. The screen was intact. I wrote my number down. “I am living in the dorm next to Kesge Auditorium.” He smiled. “I know the one. I’ll pick you up then.” He waved and then continued his run. Melody looked at me. “Did you just get a boyfriend?” “I got a date,” I said. “It remains to be seen if he’ll want to be my boyfriend.” I tugged at my soccer shorts. “He’ll run away the second he sees my diapers though.” As we walked back to dorm, I wondered if I should cheat and skip the diaper. It’s not like Cassie would say anything if she saw me put on panties for my date. Chapter Twenty: The Date Cassie was missing most of the afternoon. I couldn’t find her anywhere since I came back from Student Health with Melody. She wasn’t in the dorm, nor was she in the common area. I shrugged. I had the room to myself. I sat down on the bed and started to program my class schedule into my new tablet. At about 4:30, I got a call from a number I didn’t recognize on my phone. “Hello?” “It’s Jonah Grueber. We ran into each other earlier and I asked you out. I am looking forward to sharing some Olive Garden with you.” “Oh, hi. I was hoping you would call.” My face burned with embarrassment. I hope I didn’t seem too eager. I wanted to date that guy so bad. I also wanted some Olive Garden. I hadn’t eaten anything except McDonald's and camp food since I began this adventure. “I was hoping to talk to you to,” he said. “It was fate that I ran into you.” “I was just in the right place at the right time,” I said. I smiled and then moved my phone from my right ear to my left ear. “So why were you running around out there?” He laughed on the other end of the line. “I was working out. I’m on the football team and was trying to improve my endurance so I can get more playing time.” “Cool, football. What position do you play?” I wouldn’t know a fullback from a shortstop, but I didn’t want him to think I was an idiot. “Umm, I’m kind of a bench warmer, but I am still a freshman and I may get some playing time. Until then, I am just paying my dues until I get more seniority on the team.” “I’m a freshman too,” I said. I then tried to steer the conversation to something I could follow a bit better. “What’s your major. I am engineering.” “Me too,” he said. “Cool that we have that in common.” I shrugged. “It’s more common at MIT then other colleges, I suppose.” He laughed. “Well I will give you a chance to get dressed for our date. I will pick you up about six.” “I am room 308A,” I said. “Well, see you. Bye.” He hung up. I put down my phone and then flew into a panic. It was now five o’clock and I tore open my closet door and the sifted through my dresses. I chose a blue one that went down to my knees and then I lay it on the bed. My bra was too thick and white, so I grabbed a sexier colored bra. I then opened my panty drawer and then remembered what I was wearing. Kara and I had a panties-burning party before I left and I didn’t have the appropriate foundation garment for my date. Instead, I pulled out a clean diaper and threw it on top of the clean bra and dress. I grabbed a pair of sandals with blue stones on them and put them by the pile. I didn’t have time to do my hair, but I wore a wet diaper and I wanted a shower. I hurried in and then started the water, being careful not to get my hair wet. I paid close attention to my diaper area and made sure I didn’t smell like pee and that my legs weren’t hairy. Satisfied, I returned to my bed and put on my clothes and underwear I had picked out before realizing that I could not zip up the dress. I turned my back to the mirror, and the diaper was clearly visible beneath the zipper closure on the dress. “Hey, Nora, I hope you aren’t hogging the bathroom,” called Cassie as she ran in. “I have a date tonight with a real boy.” “A real boy?” I asked. “Are you sure he is not made of wood?” Cassie laughed. “He better be made of wood.” She tossed a pink shopping bag on her bed and then tried to pull me from the bathroom. “Okay, I’m almost done. Just zip up my dress first,” I said. I turned and let her zip me. She closed the door and I heard her undress and then water start to run. The little pink bag on her bed looked familiar. She needed a better bra if she was going on a date. Hers were pretty sad. I checked one more time to make sure the diaper wasn’t showing. That’s the last thing I wanted the new boy to find that his new date still wore diapers. Still I shoved two clean spares into my purse and then got ready for my date to arrive. I had no plans of wetting, but I knew that if I used the toilet, I couldn’t retape a diaper. There was a knock at the door and I froze. He was here. I looked around and then kicked the dirty diaper that I had left on the floor into my open backpack and zipped it closed. I went to the door and looked out. A boy was there, but he wasn’t Jonah Grueber. He was tall and skinny. He wore glasses with thick brown frames and he actually had a pocket protector full of pens in his pocket. In the hall behind him was a dolly with a long wooden box balanced on it. “Hi, I’m Milton Jones. Is Cassie ready?” I was speechless. This was her date? He looked like such a geek. I looked over to the bathroom and shook my head. “She isn’t ready yet. I will tell her you are here. I shut the door and ran over to the bathroom. “Cassie, your date is here.” She came out of the bathroom naked and wet. She grabbed some clothes from the upset clothes basket on her bed, then ran back to the bathroom. She was only in there fro a little bit longer before she came out again, fully dressed. She wrapped her wet hair in a pony tail. “Is he on the way up?” she asked. “No. He is right outside the door.” She opened the door and let Milton in. He smiled, oblivious to her drowned rat hairstyle as he carted in his long box. Once she shut the door, she stood on her tiptoes and kissed Milton on the lips. He put his arms around her and held her close. “So, what’s in the box?” I asked. “It’s a ten inch reflective telescope,” he said. “Milton built it himself and he offered to take me out to look at the stars.” she said. There was a knock at the door and I opened it. It was Jonah. He looked at Milton and got a hurt look in his eyes before he saw that it was Cassie and not me that was hanging all over him, I grabbed my purse off the bed and smiled. “I’m ready Jonah.” I gave him my hand and we started on our date.\ ### The Olive Garden wasn’t really busy on a Wednesday despite being move in day at the university. I wore a lilac corsage that Jonah had made for me and presented to me in his minivan on the way to the restaurant. He was so sweet. No one had ever arranged flowers for me. The only corsage I have ever been presented was for senior prom and that was store-bought. Jonah was so nice. We had to sit for a while to be seated, but when we were, he pulled out my chair and adjusted it for me to sit. He also held every door. “You’re so polite,” I said, after the waitress had seated us and left us breadsticks. He only smiled. “I’m big and mean, so I have to be extra careful to be gentle. Besides, I already knocked you down once, so I am already at a disadvantage. I really hope I am doing okay on this date.” “You are doing fine,” I said. I picked at my breadstick and nibbled on it. I was trying to avoid bread. As it was, the carbs from the lasagna I planned to order would make me full, heavy, and disgusting. “Good,” he said. “I’ve never been on a date before. I’m kind of new at this.” Most guys had dated by college and most expected a college girl to put out. Jonah seemed different. He wasn’t pressuring me to have sex. He seemed to just enjoy sitting with me. I had to reward him, so I was totally going to have sex with him. I thought about the diaper I was wearing and how I was going to hide it. Maybe I would just go commando once I got to his house. That would work. “So what are you thinking?” he asked. No way was I going to answer that question. “I’m just thinking about college. I didn’t know I wanted to be an engineer until I decided to go to MIT.” “Really? What else is there besides math, science, and engineering?” he asked. I shrugged. I think STEM also includes technology. It’s one of the big parts about MIT.” He laughed. “Yeah, I guess.” “So why no high school girlfriends? How were you a football player and not have a cheerleader to date?” All the football players at my high school dated cheerleaders. He shrugged. “I could only stay on the team if I kept my grades up. My mother said I had to quit the team if I got an A-. I was too busy with football practice and school work to date.” I looked at Jonah. I was so dumb. I didn’t belong at MIT. Everyone else was so smart. Cassie’s date built his own telescopes, Jonah held an A in every class while being a football player, Melody home schooled herself, and Cassie won first prize in a science fair. They would all know what a faker I was. I wasn’t just faking incontinence, I was faking at being an MIT student. “What’s wrong? You look upset.” I looked at him. “Sorry. Everyone I met so far is so much smarter than me. I don’t think I have what it takes.” He took my hands. “Yeah, you do. Just have faith in yourself and do all the homework exercises. My brother went here before me and he said if you do the homework even though they aren’t required, you will know how to answer the test questions because they are set up the same.” I was about to say something negative, but the waitress came back with our drinks. “Are you ready to order?” I nodded and Jonah said, “Yes, ma’am.” He waved to me and I took it as a signal to order. “Lasagna.” “Grilled chicken piadina,” he said. She left us and we started talking again. So what do you like to do when you aren’t studying?” I smiled then frowned. I could talk about what I liked to do, but then he would think I am stupid. I wasn’t sure what to do. I was omitting the diaper-wearing part of me, so I had a feeling that I should be honest about some things. “I like to read. I like to read trashy romance novels. I know they are all formulaic, but I don’t care. I love them and just want them to come true for me sometime.” He smiled. “I like to read too. I am a science fiction fan. It’s how I got a love for engineering. I wanted to be the one to build the space stations in 2001, A Space Odyssey. I’m not a Star Wars or Star Trek fan because there is no science in those stories, but 2001 had accurate science.” “Really?” I asked, my tone doubtful. “Well maybe not the giant space baby.” “A giant space baby?” I asked. “I’ve never seen the movie.” “I got the DVD,” he said. “You want to watch it with me?” I wanted to understand more about Jonah and I bet I should have the science fiction repertoire of the average MIT student. “Sure,” I said. ### The meal was delicious. I had eaten way too many bread sticks and I had eaten the entire plate of lasagna. My stomach was distended and I looked down at my belly and thought about how fat I looked in my dress. Jonah didn’t seem to mind. He drove us to a local park and we got in the back of the minivan together. The headrests contained TV screens. He put in the 2001: A Space Odyssey DVD and I cuddled up next to him as we watched the movie. His hand touched my bare thigh and I put my hand on top of his. We watched the movie and gotten past the apes and past the moon mission. We were to the part where the Discovery One crew was being interviewed when his hand crept slowly up my thigh. I froze. I wanted this, but I didn’t have a chance to change out of my diaper. I wondered what he would do and I didn’t want to find out. I grabbed his hand with both of mine and pulled it away. “Oh, sorry. Am I making you uncomfortable?” I took his hand in both of mine and pressed it hard against my chest. “I’m just not ready today. Let’s just keep the hands above the waist.” I was feeling wet from the stimulation on my inner thigh and I wasn’t really prepared to explain my underwear. The movie continued on and we both watched it. He still held me in his arm, but he never again touched my legs. My boobs got touched quite a bit it honestly felt really good. I never had been touched there before. I don’t think he would have dared to touch them if I didn’t specifically moved his hand to cup them to distract him from discovering my diapers. The movie continued all the way to the giant space baby. Honestly, I was unimpressed. What was the space baby even there for? I thought about my special underwear and thought that the only baby in the minivan was me. The credits began to roll and my phone rang. I hit the back button to send the call to voicemail and looked at Jonah. “So what did you think?” he asked. “I enjoyed it, but I didn’t understand the space baby.” “It’s explained in the next movie.” He paused. “Sort of.” Another pause. “Well, not at all. It’s human’s next evolutionary step forward.” I gave him a kiss and my phone rang again. I sent the call to voicemail and looked who was calling. It was Cassie. I had six text messages and I looked and they were all from her. The last one said, “Help. Come get me.” I called her right away. “What’s wrong?” “Finally you answered. Why didn’t you pick up?” She did not sound happy. “Um, I’m on a date.” I looked at Jonah who looked left out. “Nora, you got to come get me. I am all alone and I am uncomfortable.” Cassie sounded panicked. “What happened to your date?” I asked. I was annoyed she was keeping me from Jonah. “We had an argument. He left me here alone. You need to come get me.” “Where are you?” I asked. “At a gas station. I’ll text the address.” “He left you at a gas station?” “Yes. Oh, and stop at the dorm and get me a change of clothes.” “What happened, Cassie?” She just started crying on the phone. My phone binged and an address came up on the screen. I copied the address into a mapping program and found out how far away she was. I hung up the phone and texted, “We’ll be there.” I looked up to Jonah. “Hey my roommate got in a fight with her date and he left her in the middle of nowhere. Can you please take me to get her.” I then explained that we had to stop at the dorm for clothes for her. I wondered what she did that she needed extra clothes. I wondered if her boyfriend got aggressive and tore her clothes and left her because she wouldn’t put out. Suddenly I hated Milton, her nerd date. ### I sat in the passenger seat of the minivan holding a pair of blue jeans wrapped around a clean diaper and a clean t-shirt. The minivan powered onward down the highway, a small two lane road going through the country. We drove a bit until we got to a small town. The town wasn’t that large and the only light that was turned on was from a gas station. The gas station was closed and a young woman sat on the curb in front of the building. Jonah pulled in and we got out. Cassie looked up from where she sat on the curb and then stood up. She had a sheepish look on her face and as I studied her and why she needed new clothing, it looked like her pants were very wet. Jonah looked shocked as he noticed her wet pants as well and Cassie began to cry as she noticed Jonah had noticed the state of her clothing. I went up to her and pulled her into a hug. “I’m here, Cassie.” “Let’s just make this night go away,” she said. I broke away from her and grabbed her stack of clothing. I then looked at Jonah. “Can you look away for a while while Cassie changes?” He nodded and started walking down the street. I took Cassie by the shoulder and guided her to the lee of the front door of the minivan. She wasn’t happy and but she pulled down her pants and panties and stepped out of them. I looked at the panties with disapproval. “What happened?” She looked down. “I peed in my sleep.” She took the diaper I brought and frowned, but put it on. She then pulled on the dry pants. “And the panties?” I asked. I grabbed a grocery sack from the minivan and picked up her dirty clothes and shoved them in the plastic bag. “Well we finished looking at the telescope and we cuddled. I was so comfortable I kinda fell asleep in his arms. I woke up with a very angry Milton waking me. He just packed up the car and left me alone in the middle of no where. I had to walk two miles to get to a gas station.” “Why were you wearing panties?” I repeated. “You know the other girls might find out we’re faking it.” “I was on a date, Nora. If Milton acted this way when I peed myself, how do you think he would have reacted if he discovered my diapers?” She grabbed the bottom of my dress and yanked it up, exposing my diaper. “How did your date react to your diaper?” “I didn’t tell him,” I said. “And shut up. Here he comes.” Jonah was walking back to us and I waved him over. When he got to us, I pulled him into a tight hug. “Thanks so much for doing this. I know this isn’t the best date misadventure to have happen.” “It’s not,” he said, “but I think it was terrible her date left her in the middle of nowhere.” He leaned in close. “No matter what you do, I won’t leave you in the middle of nowhere.” “Can we please go back to campus?” asked Cassie. “Um, sure,” said Jonah. I got in the van and rode shotgun while Cassie took one of the seats in the back. When Jonah got into the driver’s seat I leaned over to him. “I’m so sorry I ruined our date. I promise I’ll put out next time.” He blushed furiously and I smiled at him. I had picked a winner. ### Cassie lay on her bed and started to cry. I sat beside her and just rubbed her back and tried to make her feel better. “I’m so gross. What guy wants a girl who occasionally wets in her sleep?” she asked. “Is it just occasionally?” I asked. She looked up at me. “Of course it is. The last time was the night before I left for camp.” I touched the plastic of my wet diaper. I had made it through dinner and through that long movie, but I couldn’t hold it on the drive to get Cassie and I just wet my diaper in the car. I sighed. I wondered what Jonah would have though if I had let him discover the diaper under my dress. I got Cassie to get ready for bed and then I went to bed myself. My diaper was wet, but I wasn’t really in the mood to change, so I decided to go to bed wet. I took off my dress and replaced it with a t-shirt and soon fell asleep thinking about warm and pleasant thoughts. Chapter Twenty-One: The First Day of Classes After the exciting events of our mutual date night, Cassie had disappeared. I had no idea what had become of her and I was starting to get worried. I tried messaging her, but she didn’t answer. I asked around and she neither told Bella nor Melody where she was going. Melody had seen her with a dufflebag. After deciding that she had given up after her humiliating date and gone home, I gave up and got in bed the night before classes. When I woke up in the morning, there was a Cassie-sized lump in her bed and I sat up excited. “Cassie!” I sat up and went over to her bed. She rolled over and scowled at me. She looked tired and I had gone to bed shortly before midnight, so she had to have come home late. “What time is it?” she groaned. “It’s 6:03 am. Classes start today. And where where you?” “Oh yeah.” She threw off the blankets and got up. I looked down and she was diapered again, but it looked like she was dry. “Did you pick your outfit already?” I looked at her. “That’s it? You disappeared for two days and you are asking about outfits? Why didn’t you text me when I was texting you over and over for two days? I was getting worried.” “I didn’t get a text.” She walked over to her desk and opened the drawer and pulled out her cell phone. She flipped it open and looked at it a bit and then grabbed the charger cord and plugged it in. “The battery died.” “So where were you?” “I was hanging out at my boyfriend’s house?” she said. “I’m sorry I forgot the phone and made you worry.” “You will have to introduce us later,” I said. “You met Milton,” she said. “The same guy that left you out in the middle of no where?” “I know what you are going to say. We met up again near the planetarium and he walked over to me and apologized. I’ve been at his house rewatching Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.” “And explaining the situation we are in?” I asked. “No. I am not going to explain that to him right now.” “So besides watching two movies and not telling him about the diapers, what else did you guys do?” “We cuddled mostly and we watched way more than two movies. We watched six Star Wars movies and three Lord of the Rings moves.” I frowned and then walked over and gathered up my toiletries to get ready. “There are six Star Wars movies?” I put them down again. “Never mind. I know everyone here has seen those movies, so why watch them all again?” “I never saw the prequels before the original trilogy. It changes your perspective on the movie. And I also read a theory that Jar Jar was an evil Sith mastermind the whole time and I wanted to know if that theory fit into the narrative of episodes four through six.” She looked at me “Spoiler alert: it doesn’t.” “The movies are beside the point. If Milton hurts you again, you need to call this off. Leaving you in front of a gas station out in the middle of no where was inexcusable.” I grabbed my clothes, a clean diaper, and my toiletries and went into the bathroom. # When I finished showering and dressing, I heard a knock at the door from the other side. I opened it and Bella came out of her room. “Are you done? I have an eight o'clock class.” I nodded and left the bathroom and threw my stuff on the bed and then started sorting my stuff. “Listen,” she said. “Milton and I have so much in common. We like the same types of things: space, stories about space, and hobbits. I know he was a jerk, but all guys are jerks sometimes.” “So, let’s change the subject,” I said. “Does this outfit work for the first day?” I spun around. I wore a brown knee-length dress and white Converse. I had transferred my purse stuff to a white canvas bag that was the exact color of the shoes and had plenty of room for the extra toiletries I needed to work around this scholarship. Cassie giggled. “Well not if you spin around.” I froze and the ran to the mirror and turned around and tried to bend over. The mirror was too tall to see if I was flashing people because it was just for brushing hair, not a full length look at an outfit.” Cassie giggled again. “It’s knee-length. It covers you diaper. Just don’t spin or bend over: dress wearing 101. It’s not different in diapers.” “I know and I nagged you about this.” I walked over to her closet and grabbed a dress and tossed it to her. “Here is your outfit.” “Fine,” she said. She took the dressed and then opened her dresser. She took out her pink shopping bag and started to unroll it. I grabbed her wrist. “Just because you are faking, doesn’t mean you can wear panties. You are putting on a diaper.” She frowned but nodded. “Yeah. All I need is Bella or Melody to rush in here by mistake and this will be over.” She grabbed one of her diapers and wrapped the dress loosely around it. She took a bra and her toiletries and ran to the bathroom only to find the door locked. She knocked. “I’ll be out in a little bit,” called Bella. Cassie turned toward me and shrugged. “Well it could be worse. I had to share a bathroom with ten girls when I lived in the group home.” She did a little pee dance and then just stopped and relaxed. I watched her wet her diaper. When she finished, she smiled. “Yeah. Long lectures won’t be a problem for us.” “I’m done,” Bella called from the bathroom. We heard the lock click open. Cassie hurried to get ready. Chapter Twenty-Two: The First Class I had walked our route from class to class before the morning classes began, so I was already to go. Cassie had not. “Are you sure this is the right way?” she asked. “Of course it is. Instead of watching old movies I saw before, I made sure I was ready for classes. I mapped out our course. I was a Girl Scout. Our motto was ‘Be Prepared.’” “That is the model of the Boy Scouts,” said Cassie. “They both have the same motto,” I said. She took out her tablet and started tapping. “Scouting is expensive and my foster parents said it was only for their real children.” She found what she was looking for and said. “I just assumed the mottoes would be different.” “We are here,” I said. We walked into a mostly empty classroom. There was a guy in the corner wearing headphones connected to an iPhone that was on his desk. He wore sunglasses and had a cap pulled low. Instead of a sports team it was decorated like R2D2’s dome. We selected desks in the second row of the classroom. I sat down carefully and I watched as Cassie took the seat next to me. She carefully pulled her skirt under her and tried to cross her leg over her knee. She blushed and I realized the bulk of her diaper kept her from crossing her legs. She gave up and just sat with her knees close together and crossed her legs at her ankles. I sat in the same mode she did. She took out her tablet and her Trapper Keeper and then started writing in a notebook. “This class is a waste of time,” she told me. “I wanted to major in English, so watch it,” I said. I took out my new computer and then turned it on. I then started a file folder for English and then opened a Word document for my notes. I then shut the lid of my laptop. “Well, I knew I would have to take the same classes in college as I did in honors classes in high school. I just don’t care to write about what I did last summer or a persuasive essay on whether someone should vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.” “I am hoping we will have essays of more substance than those topics.” I didn’t want to write about being humiliated by the IRS swat team and then having to take a scholarship that required me to wear diapers. “Like what?” She fumbled through the syllabus she picked up by the door. “Write a story based on a poem by Keats or Shelly. I don’t even know who Shelly was?” “He is a romantic poet and he was married to the woman who wrote Frankenstein.” Her interest peaked. “Really? I love the old monster movies. Felix and I used to watch them before I was sent to juvie.” Some nerd in the next row gave her a weird look. He then picked up his bag and moved to the other side of the class room. She got a hurt look on her face. “Everyone is a nerd here. They aren’t used to being around people that were in juvie or talk about it openly.” I said this in a whisper. She nodded and then tried and failed again to cross her legs. She leaned over and whispered to me. “Tomorrow, you and I are going to skip diapers and wear panties. Tonight we are going to Victoria’s Secret.” I groaned. This again. We were going to get caught for sure. Then I thought about it. I didn’t really care to be sitting around in my own waste. It’s not like the other girls in the scholarship program would be looking in our pants to make sure we were diapered. “Okay, but we still wear them around the dorm. We do share a bathroom with Melody and Bella.” “Do you think they will say anything? “Bella might, but it’s doubtful. Melody already feels cheated and lied to, so I’d wait and see on her.” “What is her deal. She went out shopping and wouldn’t show Bella or I what she bought.” “She got bad news. I won’t betray her confidence by telling you.” She nodded, but class started before anything else was said. # o not Cassie. nd I will bring them."pants and one of my diapers from the room."bout it. I didn'r side of the class room." “We just had three classes and we already got loaded with homework and it’s only the first day,” I complained. “And we got two more classes tomorrow,” she said. “Let’s go to the mall so we got time to get back and study.” I nodded, but my phone rang. “Hello?” It was Melody. She wanted me to find her. “Where are you?” “In the library bathroom. Bring some pants and one of my diapers from the room.” “Okay. Cassie and I will bring them.” “No not Cassie. I don’t want her to see me like this.” I didn't know what to make of her. She was never shy about leaks before. She never said she had a leak, but I assume that is why she needed a change of pants and an extra diaper. “Okay. I’ll get them and bring them to you.” “And don’t look in the Hello Kitty bag on the floor of my closet.” “I promise,” I said, although I wondered what she was hiding in the Hello Kitty bag. “See you in about ten minutes.” I hung up. “What was that about?” asked Cassie. “I don’t know. It will just take me fifteen minutes to bring Melody what she wants. Stay at the dorm and I’ll meet you in time to run to the mall with you.” Cassie and I went to the dorm and I went through the bathroom to Melody’s room. I didn’t know which closet was hers, but I knew that she had a Hello Kitty bag on the floor. Upon finding it, I grabbed a pair of pants from her closet. I then found a pack of diapers. It was a plain white pack with only a green block with an M on it. I wrapped the diaper in the pants and then took off to the library. I climbed up the stairs and then texted Melody to ask what bathroom she was in. “The girls room next to the Athena computer lab.” I climbed higher and then entered the bathroom. Inside, a trail of pee lead to one of the stalls. “Melody?” “Nora, I’m in here.” A stall door opened and Melody emerged with a large pee stain running down both legs into her shoes. I looked at her. “Melody, what happened. It looks like you are not wearing a diaper at all?” She frowned and held up a Potty Training for Dummies book. “I’m not. I made it all day and then I couldn’t make it to the bathroom after my last class. I peed right as I walked in the bathroom.” There was a lot of pee on the floor. The puddle expanded out into the stalls on either side of the stall Melody was in. “How long did you hold it?” “About three hours. I peed in the potty at lunch and then held it until just before I got in the bathroom. The book doesn’t say how to clean up peed in pants. Toilet paper doesn’t dry it out.” I was impressed. “You are potty training yourself?” She nodded. “My mommy told me I was incontinent and I just wasn’t potty trained.” She looked down. “Maybe I am just too naïve to use the toilet.” “Well let’s get you changed and back to the dorm.” She pulled down her pants revealing Super Girl panties. She then took those off too and then changed into the diaper I handed her. However she had to exit the stall to pull on her jeans to avoid dipping them in the puddle. I helped her dress, and then put her peed in shoes on over her peed in socks. “Thanks, Nora.” She looked at me. “Do you think I should give up the potty training?” I shook my head. “No, keep it up. You deserve to wear panties again. Just don’t try to hold it three hours.” She nodded. “I thought I could make it. I was only squirming half an hour.” I laughed. “When you are squirming, it is an emergency. Go pee. Ask the professor if you can go to the restroom, or better yet, you are an adult: just excuse yourself and go pee in the toilet.” “So is that when you go potty? I mean before you were incontinent?” I nodded, feeling bad about lying to her. She followed me back to the dorm as the two of us bonded. I held her hand as we walked back to the dorm. Cassie was waiting. “What happened? It’s been twenty minutes, not fifteen.” “I didn’t bring enough supplies and I leaked,” said Melody. She squeezed my hand. “Yeah, I brought her a new diaper and extra pants.” I said. Cassie hugged me. “You are the designated pants and diaper bringer, I guess.” She giggled. Melody looked confused. “Nora brought me a diaper and extra pants already,” she said. “Shall we go to the mall, Nora?” I nodded. Melody waved at us and went into her room. “I got to do laundry,” she said. I took Cassie to me car and we went to the mall. I looked forward to wearing panties again. I wasn’t even a bed wetter, yet two others in our group were back in panties and I was still in diapers. I meant to correct that and getting new panties at Victoria’s Secret was a step in that direction. Chapter Twenty-Three: Shopping at the Mall I drove us to the mall. It had been a few months since I went to the mall, which was awful for me because the mall was my usual haunt. Armed with my dad’s credit card I could buy enough clothes to dress in style. This time I had no credit cards and was using my meager allowance that came with the scholarship to do my shopping. I was satisfied with the little bit of cash every month I had saved by just eating in the dorm’s cafeteria and not going out to eat. At least it wouldn’t be tracked like dad’s credit card would have been. All that stuff was gone until the lawyers and the IRS figured out whatever they had to figure out. I looked around the mall. Oh how I missed Hot Topic, Aeropostal, and Macy’s too. I also missed Victoria’s Secret and I missed underwear that didn’t need to absorb two cups of liquid. Cassie took my had as we went into the mall. “I’m really glad you are doing this with me,” she said. “I know you are faking too, but you have actually been faithful about diaper wearing. I don’t want to be caught by Bets as the only one.” I shrugged. “Melody is going to have problems in that regard too.” “But she has a good reason. I can’t believe her mother purposely tried to keep her a toddler.” Today Melody was all grown up. “She managed to toilet train herself, not to mention, she basically home schooled herself with educational materials her father left with her during his two weeks of visitation.” Cassie laughed. “I didn’t know that was her home schooling experience, but it’s no wonder that woman was divorced.” We walked along the halls of the mall toward Victoria’s Secret. However, when we walked by the shoe store I got excited. “Look at those sandles.” I looked at the price. They were $40.00, but there was a 75% off sign on them. I steered Cassie toward the store. “Don’t tell me you want to forgo panties for a pair of sandles.” She leaned closer to me. “I know you are still wearing a diaper.” “It’ll only be a few minutes,” I said. I was still wearing the same slightly damp diaper since lunch time and I was ready for my trip to Victoria’s Secret, but I wanted those shoes. I held up the display shoe to the clerk. I want one of these in an 8.” I sat down and waited. Soon the shoes were brought and then after I was satisfied that they fit, they were bought. I carried them in a shopping bag and we left the shoe store. “Besides, if someone asks us what we bought we can say shoes.” Cassie nodded. “Well it didn’t delay us that long from Victoria’s Secret.” She pointed at the displays of panties. “Have at it.” I entered just as some other girl was leaving. She set off the alarm and the clerk stopped her. Cassie grinned. “Imagine trying to steal panties,” she whispered to me. “If I were going to shoplift, I wouldn’t steal panties,” I said. “What would you take? I mean if you knew you wouldn’t get caught.” I thought about it. “I’d just take the cash from the till. We are only talking hypotheticals here.” I went to the bin that had my size. I didn’t know what I wanted. Should I go with bikini, French-cut, or boy shorts. I wasn’t going to wear a thong because they ride up more than other panties. I decided I had some money to spend so I selected some of each. I made my selections and then paused. One of the panties had a matching bra. I decided that I had to have it. I grabbed one my size and went to a fitting room. After trying on the bra, I decided to buy it. I took my purchases to the cashier. “I want this bra and these,” I said. I laid the panties on the counter next to the bra. “That will be $48.97,” the clerk said. I handed over my money and watched as she packed my purchases in the signature pink bags. “All set.” Cassie handed the clerk a naughty teddy. “Milton said he wanted to see me in something like this,” she said to me. She handed over a Victoria’s Secret credit card and paid. I was shocked. How did she get a credit card being an orphan? “Where did you get the credit card?” She smiled. “Milton got it for me to make up for leaving me behind at the gas station. I get the underwear and he gets the bill.” She smiled. Her purchases were bagged and we were ready to go. As we left, the alarm rang. I looked at Cassie and she looked at me, but she looked as surprised as me. A manager walked over. “Ladies, can we check your bags?” I reached into my pink bag and pulled out the receipt. “Everything I bought is paid for.” “Go through the sensor one at a time please.” Cassie went first. I am sorry to say that I expected the alarm to go off when she went through because I thought she might actually have tried to shoplift something. The alarm was silent. I walked through and the alarm blared again. The clerk left her cash register and stood between me and the entrance to the mall. I stood frozen. I handed over my pink bag to the manager. She went over the items I bought and compared them to the receipt. Only the bra had had a sensor and the clerk had removed it when she put it in my bag. She put my items back in the bag and then looked at my bag from the shoe store and my purse. “Hand me your other bags.” I hesitated. “We can call the police if you don’t let us look.” I remembered the sounds of the flash bangs and then being pulled roughly from my bed and thrown on the floor. I remembered the hot flush of urine soaking my pajamas. As I remembered wetting myself the night of the raid, I realized I was wetting my diaper in the store. I didn’t really want to deal with the police, so I handed her my purse. I only carried my tablet, my phone, my money, my ID, and two extra diapers. As the manager emptied these items on the counter, I heard the cashier giggle. The manager looked at the diapers. “Why do you have these?” I tried to think of a lie, but saying I had them because I was incontinent wouldn’t work. I was buying panties which I wouldn’t need if I had to wear diapers all the time. “It doesn’t matter why she has them,” said Cassie. “They are not stolen merchandise, so it is none of your business.” She took my shoebox from the shoe store bag. “She has a receipt for her new shoes too.” She waved the shoe box over the alarm sensor and the alarm went off.” The manager and Cassie looked like they had a lightbulb going on over their heads. Cassie examined the shoe box and peeled a sensor off the bottom of the shoe box. “This is what set off your alarm.” “I guess I owe you an apology,” said the manager. “You owe her more than that,” said Cassie. She motioned to the diapers. “You embarrassed my roommate in front of the whole store.” I looked around, but the store was pretty empty. I gathered the contents of my purse so the diapers were out of sight. Why I gathered my items, the manager was tapping something on the cash register while Cassie glared at her. “Let’s go,” I said when I had everything. The sales girl was still suppressing a giggle and I wanted to leave. But Cassie waited. The manager finished typing and then she handed me a pink card. “Just so there are no hard feelings, here is a gift card to the store.” I took it, but I wanted out of there. My diaper was really wet and I wanted to change. I walked out of the store and walked strait toward where I thought the bathrooms were. Cassie was right behind me. She was smiling. “You spent less than fifty dollars and you walked out of there with a $100 gift card. You made out great.” I pulled close to Cassie and put my mouth near her ear. “I just had an accident when she threatened to call the police. If I was wearing my panties, this would have been even more embarrassing. I am too overwhelmed to change right now and I am about to leak.” Cassie took my hand and lead me to a family restroom. Although I had my new panties, I let her change me into another diaper. ### I was still shaking so it took me over an hour of sitting in the car before I was able to drive. “I’d like to help, but I’ve never driven a car.” “Never?” I asked. “Would you trust a foster kid with the keys to the car? This one family locked me in the trunk every time we took a car trip.” “Your stories are so sad,” I said. “I can’t believe you got that scared though,” she said. “That lady couldn’t have done anything to you.” I frowned. “It’s not that. As soon as she mentioned the police, I felt like I was in my room when the IRS raided my home. It was awful.” I shook again and had to pull over and park in a parking lot. Cassie reached behind me and started rubbing my shoulders. “It will be okay.” “Thanks,” I said. “No problem. You’re my best friend. I owe you a lot. I mean, who else would drive to the other side of the state just to help me out after I had an accident?” She paused. “Besides, you admitted to messing your diaper just to keep me from being embarrassed for doing the same thing.” I thought about how we went swimming together at camp. Getting to meet Cassie was worth losing my college fund and having to take this Weird Scholarship. ### We arrived at the dorm and Melody greeted us. “Doing laundry sure is hard,” she said. “Why? What happened?” I asked. “I was dumping everything in the washer and someone said I needed to separate my colors and wash them in separate loads.” “So?” asked Cassie. “I knew you had separate colors since I had to start washing my own sheets.” She blushed. “Well there are just so many colors,” said Melody. “I did my white clothes and then I did my blues. I still have to do my reds, my grays, and my greens. And then I have this one yellow shirt that I have to wash by itself.” Cassie and I both started laughing. Cassie crossed her legs tight, like she was trying to keep from peeing. I couldn’t cross that tight in my diaper. “What’s so funny?” asked Melody. “Melody, you don’t have to separate each color of the rainbow. You just need to do two loads of laundry: white clothes and colored clothes.” I just shook my head at the idea of her separating her clothes in rainbow order. “I was starting to run out of quarters,” she said. “You would,” said Cassie. “Well Nora and I bought some new clothes and we need to wash them. Since you have just a partial load of colors left to do, we can maybe through ours in with yours.” I glared at Cassie. “No. We can’t. Melody will find out.” “Find out what? That you aren’t incontinent either?” I looked at Melody with an worried look. She smiled. “Cassie told me. Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.” “Why’d you tell her?” I asked. “We caught each other in panties and I mentioned that you were being faithful and wearing diapers even though you didn’t need them.” She turned to Cassie. “She is still wearing diapers right now. Isn’t she?” I felt the warmth of a blush coming on. “Well that is half of us,” I said. “You don’t suppose there are any others in our group of six?” Melody shook her head. “There is no way Veronica or Darlene are faking. And as nice as Bella is, she would have totally come out to me once she figured out I was trying to potty train myself.” I nodded. So Bella knew about Melody, but we had all seen how Melody’s mother treated her. I knew Bella would understand in Melody’s case. Probably not with our own. “So let’s see what you bought.” Melody smiled. “I got new underwear last night. I ran out because I didn’t do laundry until today.” She ran into her room and came back with a Walmart bag and dumped it on the bed. Every single pair had a cartoon character or a superhero on it. I couldn’t help but giggle. She looked hurt. “What’s so funny?” “Nothing,” I said. “She thinks you are being childish because you like superheroes,” said Cassie. “Nora doesn’t know any better. She is nerd-impared.” “I’m not nerd-impared,” I said. I thought of my experience so far at MIT. Everyone had awesome backgrounds and I had nothing like that in my past. “Okay, maybe I am nerd-impared.” “Well, let’s see what you bought,” said Melody. I poured my panties out of the Victoria’s Secret bag. The pastel-colored panties spread all over my sheets. They were pretty much the same cut as Melody’s superhero panties, but they were a marked difference. “Can you believe Nora got all her purchases for basically free?” said Cassie. “How?” asked Melody. “I don’t want to talk about it,” I said at the same time Cassie told the story. “Awesome. Maybe you can take me to Victoria’s Secret sometime if I ever get a boyfriend.” “It’s a deal,” I said. “And here is my purchase,” said Cassie as she spread out her teddy on the bed. “Isn’t it so slutty?” Melody just shook her head. “Wow. That is fancy. How do you pull it down when you need to pee? You got to take off your top as well as your pants.” She smiled and lightly punched Melody in the shoulder. “You don’t wear clothes over it, silly. You wear it in the bedroom with your boyfriend. An help me get out of it when he needs to.” The look of shock on Melody’s face was priceless. I giggled. I was a virgin, but I wasn’t really this naive. I loved Melody and I felt bad that we were corrupting a child, although a late-blooming one, and turning her into an adult. We packed up our stuff separate stuff and got it all put away just as Bella walked in. She had a big box in her hands. “They came. They came,” she said. I looked from Melody to Cassie and back again. “What came?” I asked. Was she going to reveal that she was part of the conspiracy? She laid the box on my bed and opened it. She then pulled out a pack of diapers and ripped them open. “I finally found diapers that come in black.” She looked back and forth between me and Cassie, as if to figure out why we weren’t as excited as we were. “That’s really interesting,” I said. She smiled and then pulled out three diapers. “I am going to put on one now. You two got to try them.” She looked at Melody. “You don’t have to try one,” she said. “I know you are training yourself.” “Okay,” said Cassie. She seemed like she didn’t know what to say. Bella thrusted the diapers into our hands, grabbed her box and went to her room, before she left she looked back. “I am going to put mine on now. I’ll be back and you can tell me how you think they feel.” I took the diaper and started to lay it out on my bed. “It looks like I’ll have to wait a bit longer to wear panties.” I preceded to change myself. Cassie laid down on her bed and did the same. Melody just smiled. It was safe to bet that Bella didn’t know we were fakers. I looked longingly at my panty drawer before taping on the black diaper. Chapter Twenty-Four: Bet’s Visit I woke up in the middle of the night needing to pee. I put my hand between my legs and prepared to flood my diaper, letting the cushion of my diaper expand beneath my hand. When I reached down, I instead felt my panties and sat up. I was going to have to get up in the night to use the bathroom. I smiled. At least I hadn’t become reliant on the diapers I needed to maintain my scholarship. Instead I waited to wet my diaper until I really had to go. And I always woke up before I had to pee at night. I got up and went to the bathroom and peed. When I came back the lights were already on. ¨Shit, not again,” yelled Cassie. She pulled her sheets off the bed and threw them to the floor. The plastic on her bed may have protected her mattress, but a visible puddle reflected the rooms light. I squinted against the light and walked back to the bathroom and returned with Cassie’s towel. I tossed it to her. “Again?” I asked. “This is the second time this week.” She nodded. “What am I going to do if I do this at Milton’s house. I am supposed to stay with him this weekend and wear my new teddy.” I let her vent as she dried up the puddle with her towel. I then helped her make the bed. “I’m not sure. You will probably have to talk to him about it before you surprise him with a wet bed.” I thought of her accident where Milton left her at the gas station after she wet on their telescope date. This was not going to go well. Cassie glared at me and then pulled her half of the top sheet tight across the bed before tucking it under the mattress. “Or maybe I will just wear my diapers to bed with him so he can change me like the big baby I am.” I sighed. “We aren’t babies,” I said. “We are incontinent engineers,” I said. “Besides, you are just under stress. It’s just a phase.” Cassie frowned and then pointed at my dry panties peeking out from under my long t-shirt. “Half of us aren’t even incontinent. Besides, these phases get worse before they get better. After Loraine, it was a month before I could stay dry. After coming home from juvie, it was almost six months before I was consistently dry at night. It’s only a matter of time before Milton finds out.” She threw her pillow on the remade bed and straightened it out, then pulled the sheets open to get back in bed. “Wait, Cassie, you are still in your wet things.” She looked down. “Dammit.” She grabbed a clean t-shirt and some panties and started to change. I frowned. “How about you let me change you into a diaper,” I asked. She nodded and lay on the bed. I quickly changed her, the first time either of us changed the other since we went panties shopping at the mall. “Just wear diapers to bed,” I suggested. “We got to use up diapers. I have three whole packs stockpiled since I started wearing panties again.” “I only have the one pack,” she said. “Melody comes and gets my extra supplies every weekend.” “What for?” I asked. “She stopped wearing them too. Besides, she has to buy her usual supply or Bets will see she is not buying diapers anymore. The scholarship reimburses us for diapers and we need to keep sending Bets reciepts.” Cassie shrugged. “I don’t know what she does with them, but she gives me a dollars a diaper, so I don’t really care.” She pulled the dry sheets around her and I returned to my own bed. “I care,” I said. “I have the trunk of my car full of diapers and then what?” Cassie laughed. “See if you can get the same deal.” She rolled over and went to sleep. I lay awake wondering what Melody was doing with all those diapers after she started wearing panties. ### I lay in my bed with Jonah next to me. Cassie was gone for the night, presumably to Milton’s. I hope her date would go okay. She’d had wet nights three of the four nights since the first time I helped her with her bed. “I can’t believe you never saw The Princess Bride,” said Jonah. He held my tablet so we could both see the movie and his other hand rubbed my thigh. I squeezed in closer and put my one hand that wasn’t holding the other half of my tablet on top of his hand. “Too much too soon?” he asked. “No,” I said. I pulled his hand higher and ground it into crotch. “Boo! Hiss! Boo! Hiss!” I was shocked at first, but then realized the sound was coming from my tablet. I pressed pause and set the tablet on the night stand and turned to kiss Jonah. “Don’t you want to finish watching the movie?” “We can watch it after I put out like I promised.” My heart beat heavier and heavier. I was a bit scared. He helped me out of my shorts and then out of my top. Soon I was had my underwear off and I focused on undressing Jonah. He lay me down on my back and I squealed. “Wait.” “What?” he asked. I reached over to the night stand and got out the condom I bought for our date. “Oh yeah. We need that,” he said. “Are you ready to have sex?” I asked. I trembled with readiness. I was scared and I knew it would hurt the first time, but I thought Jonah was the one who should have me. He looked at me and kissed me, but then scooted a bit away. “Actually, I’m not ready.” I looked at him with surprise. I wondered if something was wrong with me. I gave him a hurt look. “Listen. I just want it to be a special time when…,” he paused. “Well, when I do it for the first time. I’m sorry. I am not really experienced. Can we get dressed and just make out?” “Yeah, sure,” I said. “I am actually afraid that it would hurt me the first time.” I grabbed my panties and pulled them on and then pulled my t-shirt on. I left my bra and shorts on the floor. “You’ve never done it either?” “Nope. Kiss me and let’s finish the movie.” That night I didn’t get lucky but I did find out what true love means. I hoped Buttercup and Wesley were getting lucky. And that morning I woke up alone. ### I woke up in my shorts, t-shirt, and a dry diaper. I had encouraged Cassie to wear diapers to bed and I promised to wear them to bed when I was in the dorm. My phone had rang and I ignored it, but then I looked at my text and froze. “Just arrived for a visit. The staff let me upstairs. -Bets” I froze. The message was from tree minutes ago. I opened the bathroom door and found Melody in there. She was dressed for the day already. “Are you diapered? Bets is coming.” “That’s not funny, Nora.” “I’m not kidding.” I ran through her room, grabbed one of her childishly printed diapers and pulled her into my room. “Lay down.” I diapered her as quickly as I could just as I heard a knock on the door. I picked up her panties and threw them in my laundry and then push her shorts to her. “Get them on. Quick.” I went to the door and peeked through the peephole. It was Bets.” I had to pee badly from the night before, so I just relaxed and wet my diaper. Then I opened the door. “Good morning, Nora. I thought I would take you girls to breakfast and see how you were all doing.” She looked over at Melody. “Hi, Melody. How are you doing?” “Much better,” she said. “I had to get twenty-five shots just to start classes.” “Oh you poor girl? Why so many?” My mother didn’t believe in vaccines, so I needed them all to be able to start classes.” Bets shook her head. I think she looked angry. While they were talking, I grabbed my phone and texted Cassie. “If you are coming, stop by my car and get a diaper on. Bets is here. I’m dropping the keys out the window.” I then opened the window and dropped my keys outside. “So, Nora, did that woman ever show up here?” I shook my head. “Well thank goodness,” said Bets. I looked at her. “I need to freshen up for the day. I just woke up and I am wet and smelly.” I grabbed some clothes and a diaper and took them into the bathroom and showered quickly. I got dressed in the bathroom and then check my phone. “We are here and it’s awkward. I couldn’t hide this from Milton, so thanks.” “You want to keep the scholarship?” I texted back. “Yes.” I pocketed my phone and left the bathroom. Melody passed through and then I returned to the room with just Bets. “Where is your roommate?” she asked. “Um, Cassie had a date and didn’t come home.” I wanted to look at my phone, but Bets was watching. “She said she’d be back after breakfast. We didn’t know about the surprise breakfast you had planned.” “That’s okay,” said Bets. The door burst open and Cassie stormed in and threw her bag on her bed. She looked angry, her eyes were red and black streaks of mascara ran down her cheeks. Milton followed. “What do you think I am supposed to think? First you pee all over my bed and then you wear diapers. I can’t take it.” Cassie turned to Bets and then looked over to Milton. “Milton, just go. Please. I’ll explain later.” He shut the door and left. Cassie looked at Bets and let the tears flow. “Nora, do you want to step out so I can talk to Cassie?” asked Bets. “No,” said Cassie. “Please let her stay.” “So what happened Cassie?” She looked at Bets with tears flowing. “I cheated on the scholarship. I didn’t want my boyfriend to know about the diapers so I bought sexy lingerie to wear instead. I understand if you want to kick me out. I really loved MIT so far.” “And what happened when you did wear diapers with your boyfriend?” She hung her head. “I peed all over both of us in his bed” “And then he learned about your diapers anyway. So did you learn your lesson?” “Um,” she said. “I really wanted to go to MIT. I’m sorry for getting regular underwear.” Bets laughed. “I did the same thing. I tried to go on a date without being diapered, but I peed all over myself in his car before we got to the restaurant. You need to sit down your boyfriend and be honest with him. You need to ease a boy into dating an incontinent girl. It’s not something you want to spring to him after you wet your pants because you were too prideful to wear the diapers you need.” It then began to dawn on me that Bets didn’t realize Cassie was a faker. She actually thought Cassie had tried to hide her diapers from Milton by wearing panties to bed and had an accident. I walked over to Cassie and rubbed her shoulders. “Everything will be okay, Cassie.” I looked at Bets. “I’ll get her cleaned up for breakfast and then we’ll join you and the others soon.” Bets looked at Cassie. “It will be okay.” She left. Cassie looked at me. “She knows and I am getting kicked out.” I shook my head. “She doesn’t know you are a faker. She just thinks you didn’t wear a diaper and wet yourself because you are incontinent, not because you are a bedwetter.” She smiled through her tears and laughed. “Bedwetter is hardly an upgrade.” “But now that Milton knows you have diapers, just wear them for bedwetting if you spend the night with him.” She sighed. “Well if he wants to sleep with a smelly diaper baby, then I will sleep with him.” “Now go wash up so we can eat breakfast. I am hungry.” “Me too. Apparently Milton didn’t want me cooking him pancakes in a wet teddy.” I laughed. “That is his loss then.” “Don’t you know it?” she said. ### Breakfast was weird. At least Cassie got her pancakes. She didn’t have to cook them at all. The restaurant did it for her. I had bacon and eggs. Sullen Violate and carefree Darlene were doing well in classes and had become best friends. Bella couldn’t stop gushing about her black diapers. Melody couldn’t say much and neither could I. I had worn panties during the day for about a week and I was back in diapers again. I hoped Bets wasn’t going to come back and surprise us again. “This is really yummy. When are you coming back to do this again?” “I usually come the second Saturday of the month,” she said. I took a bite of my bacon strip. “Awesome.” Cheating was fine when it came to wearing diapers and Melody and Cassie deserved to be happy. I just hoped Melody could be grown up and Cassie could have a little less stress in her life. Chapter Twenty-Five: Accepting Diapers “Milton, you’re a jerk, but Cassie likes you, so that is why we are here.” I picked up my donut and took a big bite, pausing to suck out some of the pudding. Cassie sat beside me in the booth at Linda’s and Milton sat across from us. Between us was a box of a dozen donuts that I insisted that Milton pay for. Milton yawned. “It’s 6:30 am. I don’t know why you wanted to meet here in the first place.” “Because you avoided Cassie all week. It’s Friday already and you haven’t even called her. She’s worried you don’t like her anymore.” “I like hanging out with her, but she...” I didn’t let him finish the sentence. “She embarrassed herself in front of you and you did nothing to reassure her. Instead you yelled at her and humiliated her further.” I waited while that sunk in. “Let’s just go,” said Cassie. “It’s obvious that he is disgusted by me.” She stood up to leave. “Sit down, Cassie,” I said. “We are not done. I want to hear Milton say that he wants to stop doing astronomy with you and watching Star Trek characters cut off each other’s hands with laser swords.” “It’s Star Wars,” Milton and Cassie said together. They laughed. “Okay, Star Wars,” I said and then lowered my voice. “Do you want to give that up because of a little pee?” Milton sighed. “It’s not the first time she did this, you know,” he said in a lowered voice. “I know,” I said. “Last time you left her across the state and my date and I had to drive out and get her, so she was not only humiliated in front of you, but also in front of my date. Yet she dated you again. I wouldn’t have given you a second chance.” “It’s kind of gross to be peed on by your girlfriend,” he said. “Listen, Milton,” I said. “I am sure she didn’t pee the bed with you in it to make it a better experience. College is stressing Cassie out and causing her to wet the bed. Maybe you should help her out instead of make her feel worthless.” “What about the diaper?” he whispered. “That is just weird.” Cassie looked at him. Her eyes glistened and I think she was about to cry.” I kicked him under the table. “I wear them for my own wetting,” I said. I could feel my face grow warm and hot. “When she started having problems I gave her some of mine and told her to use them to deal with the problem. I thought she would explain it to you, but you aren’t really that understanding, are you?” He looked at the box of donuts. I think he was thinking about taking another donut, but I glared at him. Instead, he looked up at me. “So what do you want me to do, Nora?” “How about you accept your girlfriend for who she is? Give her another chance. She was more than forgiving when you left her at a gas station in the middle of nowhere.” I chomped on my donut and enjoyed the maple frosting as it mingled with the pudding in my mouth. “What if she wets the bed again?” he asked. “I don’t want wet on.” “I won’t do it again,” said Cassie. “How will you react if she does?” I asked. “Are you going to humiliate her again? Because I am already unhappy with how your treat her.” “It’s my fault. I’m sorry,” said Cassie. “No, it isn’t. Milton is the one acting like a jerk. So this is what is going to happen. Milton, you don’t want wet on when you are sleeping. Cassie, you can’t predict whether or not you will have a wet night. So when you are staying over at Milton’s, you will put on a diaper before you go to sleep. Milton, you will not tease her about her diaper or her wetting. And you will not tell anyone about this arrangement.” Cassie looked at Milton and then me. Her face was bright red. I have never seen her that embarrassed. “I like hanging out with you, Milton. We have so much in common. Are you going to let this one thing come between us?” “Well I did like the sexy teddy you wore last weekend. And we both like space and the same movies and stuff. I don’t want to give that up.” “So,” I said. “You’ll put up with her unwanted costume change before she falls asleep with you? That’s all we are asking.” “Okay, but I don’t want to have to change her.” He made a weird face. I laughed. “Is that what your problem with the diaper was? That you don’t want to change your girlfriend that you see naked anyway?” He nodded. “Yeah, Messy diapers are gross and they smell.” “Listen. A. She’s not going to poop in them and B. She is capable of changing herself. Besides, she’ll only be wearing them while she is sleeping. In the morning she will shower and put on her regular underwear.” Milton nodded. “Okay. I think that is okay. Cassie, do you want to do this? I promise I won’t humiliate you again.” She stood up and walked around the table and sat next to Milton. She then grabbed a donut and put it on a napkin in front of him. “I saw you eying that chocolate sprinkles one.” I grabbed my third donut. “I need to work on my freshman fifteen,” I said. I took a big bite of a chocolate long john and let the flavors mix in my mouth before swallowing. I wasn’t wearing a diaper that day, nor did I have a bow and arrow, but I sure felt like cupid as we ate donuts together. Chapter Twenty-Six: The Cheese-E-ist Restaurant Ever It was Saturday and I had a date later that night, but I had the afternoon free. I was one of those students who did my homework right away after school and then could spend the later evenings reading or otherwise enjoying myself. Although I hadn’t finished everything Friday night, I had plenty to keep me occupied on Saturday morning. I had just finished the last math problem in my calculus homework when Melody came bursting in through our shared bathroom. “Nora, do you want to come with us? We are going some place awesome.” “Slow down. Who is we again? And I can’t. I am starving.” I really was hungry and looking forward to the cafeteria fare in the dorms. Melody looked disappointed. “But my father is here and we are going to lunch. Please come with us.” “Sure. What kind of food do you have in mind?” I shuttered at the thought of going to McDonald’s again. Apparently Melody thought it was wonderful. I didn’t want to get sick when I couldn’t resist the urge to order one of their caustic milkshakes. “Not McDonald’s I hope.” She was still beaming. “Better than McDonald’s. We are going to Chuck E Cheese.” I was about going to say, “Taco Bell?” in my Sylvester Stalone tone, but then Melody was excited by it and I hadn’t had pizza in a while. And Jonah said I needed to learn about video games. So I said, “Why not?” We went through the bathroom to her room and I met Melody’s father for the first time. He was younger than my own father. Her dad had a very distinctive mustache. The corners were twisted up on the ends in points, like reddish flames, much darker than his very light blond hair. He smiled. “So this is my daddy, Jack Franklin,” said Melody. “And this is Nora Jones, one of my good friends. We share a bathroom.” I waved. “Nice to meet you, Nora. Melody said you helped her learn how to do a few things that her mother didn’t teach her.” “Yep. I taught her how to do her own laundry,” I said. “Good,” he said. “I don’t have a washer and dryer and could never teach her the basics.” “No washer and dryer?” I asked. “Well in my work, I travel a lot, so I am usually on the road.” “Well, let’s go,” said Melody. “I still have tokens from last year.” She grabbed a purse and flung it over her shoulder. “Do you have everything you need?” he asked. “Of course,” she said. We walked out to the car. His vehicle was a Jeep, but it had a tow bar on it like it was usually pulled behind an RV. My parents weren’t big on camping, but Kara’s family were big RV enthusiasts. I looked at it. “Do you go RV-ing a lot?” He nodded and started the Jeep and we pulled out of the dorm parking lot. “I am in the RV delivery business. I just delivered an RV to a family in Boston, so I decided to see Melody since I was in town already.” “So how often do you do this?” I asked. “It depends on how far from the factory it needs to go, but usually about one or two a week.” I couldn’t imagine driving all over in an RV. Kara’s family usually stayed at RV parks. “My best friend’s parents have a Fleetwood RV.” He frowned. “They are a major competitor of ours.” He laughed. “They keep us innovating though.” He kept driving. It only took about twenty minutes to get to the pizza place. We walked in and it was like it had never changed. “I haven’t been here since I was eight,” I said. “Daddy takes me here at least once a year,” said Melody. “I am a ski ball expert, so you better watch out.” “Food first, then games,” said Mr. Franklin. I giggled. “Yes, sir. I am starved anyway. We found a seat in the dining room without the big stage of animatronic singing animals and we sat and talked. “Melody gushed about classes and how she was becoming more independent. “Did you know Mommy hunted me down at the scholarship camp and tried to make me go home?” “Really?” asked her father. “How did she know about everything?” “I think she found out when I got the letter about my vaccinations. I had to go to student health and get all the vaccines I should have had over the years.” Melody continued. “Anyway, she went to the campground with a policeman and tried to get me to go home, but I told her that I was going to stay and go to college. The policeman said I could do what I wanted because I am eighteen.” “Good for you, baby,” he said. “Your mother unfairly held you back because of your problem.” Melody looked thoughtful, but didn’t say anything, so I was free to open my own mouth. “That’s not a problem anymore. Student Health told her there wasn’t physically wrong with her and Melody figured out her mother just didn’t teach her and she learned to use the bathroom by herself.” “Nora, no,” Melody said, but it was too late. Mr. Franklin’s face turned bright pink. He had been pale to begin with and it was easy to tell when he was angry. “That woman lied to me and you. She stole your childhood so she could keep you under her control. I am calling your mother and letting her know how despicable she is for what she did.” Melody looked alarmed as she looked out into the restaurant. “Quiet, our food is here.” A waitress laid a pizza on the table and we took time to pass out some slices for us. I took a bite of my pizza and looked at Melody. “I am sorry for bringing that up.” “Well, I am eighteen and don’t have to talk to Mommy again. I am so angry about what she did to me, but Daddy, don’t confront Mommy about this. I don’t want her to know that she doesn’t have power over me anymore. Besides, she can stop me from going to college just by telling the scholarship coordinator that I am not incontinent anymore. Then I would have to go back to her. I don’t want that to happen.” Her father’s normal color returned to his face and Melody relaxed. “I will not call your mother,” he said. “Now we came here to have fun, not argue about your mother. “Goody,” she said. She grabbed two slices of pizza from the pan to her plate dragging a stream of cheese across the table. I smiled and grabbed a few pieces of my own. “I haven’t been to a pizza arcade in years,” I said. “How did you know they still had them?” “Daddy took me to Chunk E. Cheese for every birthday. It was the one chance I got to have the kinds of fun Mommy didn’t want me to have.” “Oh?” I asked. “Melody’s mother didn’t want Melody to have fun if she wasn’t the center of it,” he said. “Or do anything, apparently,” I said. “Maybe that why she kept you in diapers?” Melody frowned, then nodded. “If my talking Barbie didn’t require a computer, I would have never been able to use a computer. Mommy couldn’t figure out how to make her talk and she left me alone with the computer for hours. I just had to change Barbie’s speech every now and then, so she thought I was only doing that.” We quickly ate and then when we were finished, we each got a cup of tokens. “Let’s play Ski Ball,” said Melody. I got up and followed her out into the game room. It was black lit and filled with flashing arcade machines and electronic noise. I went over to the ski ball machines and put in my tokens. The nine balls rolled down the chute and I begin to play. By the time I finished the first game, I only had one ticket print out. I looked over to Melody and she had ten tickets. I was jealous, but she had scored much higher than me. She smiled. “Don’t worry. We’ll pool our tickets and get something fun to share.” She popped in another token and we started a new round. We played Skee-Ball until it was time to leave. “Well, let’s redeem our prize,” she said. We walked to the counter and looked around. There were really awesome prizes, but we didn’t have near enough tickets for a MacBook or a LCD TV. Instead we spent our tickets on a cheap plastic Slinky. She looked a bit disappointed, but I just shrugged. “We just had fun playing.” “And we’ll have fun playing with the Slinky at the dorms. We didn’t have stairs at Mommy’s house.” Melody’s father drove us back to the dorms and then I came back to see Jonah walking away. He wasn’t happy. He was clinching and unclinching his fists. He stopped and looked at me. “Did you forget about our date? Cassie said she didn’t see you all day and Bella said she saw you leaving with some guy.” “Sorry, I kept her our too long,” said Melody. “My father stopped by and took us both to Chuck E. Cheese for my birthday.” She held up the Slinky. “See what Nora and I won at Skee-Ball.” “But you didn’t answer your phone or my texts or anything. I thought you didn’t want to talk to me anymore.” I grabbed my purse and reached for my phone, but it was gone. I grabbed my keys and went inside and found my phone still on my bed. I grabbed and started scrolling through the messages. I turned to Jonah. “I left my phone. I am sorry I forgot about the date. How late am I?” “Just half an hour,” he said. “I hope our plans aren’t time sensitive,” I said. He shook his head. “We can see the next showing of the movie.” “Let me get dressed and I will be ready.” I grabbed some clothes and threw them on my bed and then pushed him out of the room and was able to get dressed. I thought about a dress, but I decided that I needed to make sure that Jonah wasn’t like Milton. For that, I needed to wear light colored pants. I dressed in a cute blouse and khaki pants that I couldn’t really wear with diapers. I then packed some more suitable clothes in an overnight bag. I came out of the dorm with my purse and my bag. “Let’s go,” I said. Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Movie: the Test The movie was educational for me. I had never been to a superhero movie before and Jonah had to explain things now and then. However, I enjoyed it. I drank my large soda and some of Jonah’s and didn’t take a bathroom break because I was afraid to miss any of the movie. By the time the credits rolled, I was bursting. I stood up and tried to leave, but Jonah grabbed my arm. “You got to stay for the credits or else you’ll miss what the next movie is going to be about.” “Really?” I asked. I had to pee and I regretted not wearing a diaper, but I was not going to wet and then walk out in front of all these people. I squeezed my thighs together as the credits rolled. “I really had no idea that it took so many names to make a movie. They had separate credits for the caterers and craft services. They are pretty much the same job too. Both of them serve food to the actors. I later looked up the difference, but I though I was going to soak the theater seat and I was too embarrassed to tell him that I was desperate. What I planned to do was more embarrassing, but I wasn’t ready yet. Finally a scene came up on the screen and the characters interacted. The audience laughed and then started discussing as everyone got up to leave. “We got to go. I need to pee,” I said to Jonah. He guided me to the bathroom, but the line was so far out the women’s room door that I knew I was not going to be able to hold it. “Jonah, I can’t hold it with this line this long.” “Okay, let’s go,” he said. He led me out of the theater and into his minivan. We drove across the parking lot as I held my crotch and then pulled into the gas station on the other side of the parking lot. I got out and started to go into the gas station. I decided it was a good place to have my accident, but the clerk gave me a dirty look. Instead I hurried into the bathroom and locked myself inside. As soon as I saw the toilet, instinct took over and I pulled down my pants and panties and sat on the toilet and peed. After peeing, I realized what I had done. I missed my chance to test Jonah. I wiped and got dressed and then saw my phone sticking out of my pocket. I picked it up and called Jonah. “Jonah,” I said in a weepy voice, “I didn’t make it.” “Are you okay? Should we try somewhere else?” he said over the phone. “No, I mean I got into the bathroom and started peeing down my legs. I’m soaked and embarrassed.” “Are you serious? You wet yourself?” I let out a sob into my phone. “Well, don’t cry. These things happen. I shouldn’t have made you stay for the credits. Come on out and I’ll take you home.” He was so nice and I suddenly felt guilty for lying to him. I went outside and then got in the minivan. “Now, don’t be too embarrassed to date me again, Nora.” His hand touched my upper thigh and then he gave me a confused look because I was dry. I looked back at him. “Sorry,” I said. “I had to test you. Cassie’s boyfriend humiliated her twice over something like this.” I leaned forward to kiss him. “You passed.” “So you didn’t have to pee at all?” He sounded more annoyed. “You don’t trust me to treat you right?” Now I was on the defensive. “I’m sorry. You always treated me perfectly. And I really would have peed my pants in the theater lobby if you didn’t drive me to the gas station. I thought I was going to die. I was really counting on going during the credits. But I couldn’t help thinking, what you would do if I didn’t make it. I didn’t plan this out really well. I trust you completely.” He frowned. “We had this discussion earlier when we went and got Cassie on our first date. I knew she wet herself and that’s why she needed the extra clothes.” I looked at him. “I’m not being honest with you,” I admitted. “You see, Cassie and I are roommates because we both wet the bed. I just can’t really break it to a boy in a good way. I understand if you don’t want to see me again. Just don’t tell anyone about me and Cassie’s problem.” He reached over and kissed me. We made out a bit and I felt so wet. “Okay, now I am a different kind of wet. If you are ready, I’ll let you do me.” “I’m not ready for that yet,” he said. “I am waiting until I get married and I am not ready to think that far ahead until I graduate.” I kissed him hard. “You are such a keeper. I will respect your wishes in that area. I hope you still want to date me after all the mistakes I made today and what I revealed about myself.” He held my hand. “Nora, I still want to date you. You are okay and that won’t change even after I graduate and want more in a relationship.” “Then I declare this date a success. Now why did the superhero carry that old-fashioned relic with him?” “Well in the first movie...” Chapter Twenty-Eight: Driving Home Thanksgiving break was soon and I was exited. I liked my time so far at MIT, but t was really weird pretending to be incontinent so I could keep my scholarship. At least Cassie was also faking it, but she had genuine issues. I packed my suitcases and then Cassie walked in. She looked at my bags and frowned. “Getting ready to go home for Thanksgiving break?” she asked. I didn’t answer because I was getting ready for break and it was obvious. She must have realized she asked an obvious question so she went on. “The dorm said I they are closing for break and I can’t stay here. We are supposed to go home and enjoy the week with our families while they fix the bathrooms.” She frowned and walked over to the bed and sat down. “I don’t really want to take Bets up on her offer of a place to stay for the week. Can you imagine?” I laughed. “Could you even go 24/7 again?” She thought about it for a little bit. “I probably could. I mean, it would be easy, but I can’t deal with the paranoia that Bets would discover that I was faking. A week at camp was bad enough and you basically caught me out at Walmart right after camp.” “I actually caught you peeing in the woods that night we looked at the stars and looked for meteorites” “Meteors. They are not meteorites until they hit the ground. But, wait, you caught me peeing? I had kind of just changed into a clean diaper and didn’t want to wet it yet.” I nodded. “She paced back and forth. “Oh Bets is so going catch me since it will just be the two of us in the house. At least at camp there were six of us girls.” “Don’t worry about Bets. You are coming home with me.” I grabbed two packs of diapers and threw them in a duffle bag and put it with my stuff I was taking home. “So pack,” I said. “I want leave in half an hour.” She went to her closet and packed about four outfits. She then packed enough socks and underwear for two weeks. She didn’t pack any diapers. She brought her laptop and table since we both had a paper due. “Bring diapers. You’ll have to sleep in my room and I’d rather you didn’t pee in my bed.” “What were the diapers your brought for then?” “Because I promised I’d wear them to bed as long as you needed them. I didn’t embarrass myself in front of Milton for nothing.” She packed some diapers in her diaper bag. “Good idea. I don’t want your mother to throw me out on my butt in the middle of Pennsylvania.” We were all packed and I rushed us out the door of the dorm. The room was clean. Our beds were made, and our valuables put away. Most of what we owned was our laptops and clothes and we brought most of those with us. We went out to my car and soon we were one the road. We had driven for four hours when Cassie looked at me. “Can we stop soon. I have to pee.” I decided to tease her. “Just go in your diaper. I went in mine an hour ago.” I resumed driving. I also picked up my bottle of Mountain Dew from my cup holder and drank it down. She shifted her hips in the seat and then grabbed her crotch. “Nora, I’m serious. I am about to wet right in your seat. Besides, I am not diapered and it will make a mess.” “You really have to go. Well, we arguing to run out of gas soon, so I guess we can stop. Besides I am out of pop and I was just teasing when I said I was diapered.” I took the next exit and we stopped at the gas station. I didn’t even pull up to a gas pump. I just parked because I needed the bathroom as well. We went in, used the facilities and then I left to fill up the car while Cassie bought treats. She came out as the car was filled up. I got my receipt out of the gas pump and we were on the way. “Everything come out all right,” I asked. She nodded. “So does your mom know you signed up for a scholarship for incontinent girls?” I almost swerved I was so panicked. I got control of the car and then looked at Cassie. “Don’t do that again. My parents would freak if they knew I was doing this. Let’s not tell them. In fact, we only wear diapers for bed all week. We don’t have long classes to sit through and we can stop at a rest area any time we need to pee.” Cassie nodded. “Okay. The family doesn’t know. Anything else?” “Most of my family is Republicans. Don’t get involved in any arguments.” “Are you a Republican?” asked Cassie. “What?” I thought about it. I really didn’t know. “I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet.” Cassie sat back and thought silently for a bit. “I would be a Libertarian, but I don’t want dope legalized.” I shrugged. “Why not? It doesn’t hurt anyone else.” She looked at me a second. “I lived with this one family and they fed me graham crackers and Kool-aid for an entire semester. I only got to eat real food when I bought school lunches because they spent the grocery money on dope. It just breeds irresponsible people.” “Oh,” I said. I sat in silence for a while. “But we get a big meal with turkey and stuffing and mash potatoes and yams and green bean casserole, and for dessert we get pumpkin pie with Cool Whip on it.” “What will I get to eat?” she asked. “The same stuff as me,” I said. “Doesn’t turkey and stuffing sound good to you?” She game me a funny look. “When I lived with Cathy and Peter, they said Thanksgiving dinner is just for family and you don’t share it with anyone who is not a blood relative. I had to sit in my room by myself because they had relatives over. They brought me a bowl of popcorn and some pretzels and that's all I had.” “What kind of blockhead said you can’t share Thanksgiving with people who aren’t your relatives?” I asked. “You lived with some terrible people.” “Well after Loraine, I went to live with Cathy and Peter for three years, then …” She listed off a bunch of names before she got to her favorite Felix. She then mentioned a few more names. “None of them had me during Thanksgiving except Loraine and Cathy and Peter.” “Loraine is that awful woman that caged you with the other animals in that puppy mill?” She nodded, then shuttered. “In November too. Do you know how cold it is in a cage, especially when you wet your pants?” “Well, no cages, no wetting our pants, and no shutting you up in a room. Just be yourself and be polite and everything will be fine.” I shook my head. “You are going to enjoy a real Thanksgiving dinner no matter what.” “Thank you, Nora. You are the best friend ever.” I drove the rest of the way home. Cassie read her textbook on her tablet and I listened to the radio and drove. Then we got to my house. ### I pulled in the driveway and got out. I tried the door and it was locked. I had not brought my house key with me when I left for college. I rang the doorbell. My mother answered. “Oh, Nora, you made it back already. Come on in. Your grandparents came yesterday and are occupying the guest room. Your cousin has taken the foldout bed in the study.” She leaned in to whisper to me. “I didn’t know you would be bringing a friend. We don’t really have the room unless you want to put sleeping bags on the floor of your room?” “What’s wrong with my room?” I asked. I took Cassie by the hand and dragged her to my room. My room was missing. What had been my room was an empty shell. The carpet was missing. The walls were gone too. You could see the studs. Even though the carpet was gone, you could see a scorch mark on the floor near the window, which was boarded over. Over by where my bed used to be was a water-damaged area were I had peed. My stuff was gone, but where they used to be was piles of new Sheetrock, a brand new window, and lots of construction supplies. Cassie looked around. “Looks like they are doing a major remodel.” I nodded. “But why now? I lived here all summer like this because we couldn’t afford to fix anything.” I walked back down stairs. “We can’t stay in my room,” I said. “There is no furniture and it’s not habitable like this. And I brought my roommate Cassie.” “Nora, calm down. It’s been arranged. Kara said you can stay over with her. Just call her and ask if your roommate can stay too.” I calmed down. Of course my mother would have figured out a plan. She looked at Cassie. “You are very welcome to our house. Sorry about the sleeping arrangements. The house is in chaos and construction work never got finished.” She went to the computer and printed out two sheets of paper. She handed one to me and one to Cassie. I took it and looked over the “Steven Family Thanksgiving Week Itinerary.” Cassie looked at it with confusion. “I’ll explain later,” I said. “You don’t want to miss any events my mother has planned.” “Cassie, do you have any food allergies or religious restriction we need to know about.” “No. I can eat whatever I am served,” she said. I smiled. “We get along great. Cassie is a fun roommate. She has lots of stories from before college.” “I’d like to hear some sometime.” I shook my head so only Cassie could see me. “Let’s go to Kara’s so we can get settled in. I will be back in time for….” I looked at the itinerary. “…Monopoly or Uno and light refreshments at seven.” We walked out of the house and got into my car. “That was weird,” said Cassie. She held her Steven’s Family Thanksgiving Week Itinerary. “I never had an itinerary planned for me in such detail.” “My family is not weird. No one gets locked in cages or told to hide in a room during Thanksgiving dinner.” “Fine,” said Cassie. “My family experiences are way more weirder than yours. But I had a lot of families and not one had a printed itinerary.” She sat in silence for a while while I drove to Kara’s. “Although some of them were so disorganized they could use an itinerary,” she admitted. “See,” I said. She nodded. “So what is on the list for right now.” I looked being especially careful since I was driving. “It says Nora driving to Kara’s house.” She rolled her eyes at me. “Let’s say we just go to Kara’s later and go to McDonalds and get some milkshakes. I haven’t had one since—.” “—since we had some on the way to camp and both pooped our diapers. Never again.” “But those were vanilla shakes. I was thinking about egg nog shakes since it is almost Thanksgiving.” “So you want us to lose bowel control for the entire week then?” “Well, no. But I love egg nog and I love shakes from McDonalds.” She looked longingly out the window at a McDonalds we past. She was silent for a bit. “I bet we would have never become this close of friends if we hadn’t had that major accident together, but you have a point. So what about this Kara person and can she be discreet about my night thing?” I laughed. “She is the one who made me buy the right stuff. I would have shown up in pull ups and been totally outed as a faker. “Lol, that is what the other girl did,” said Cassie. I looked at her with surprise. I didn’t know about another girl. “Yeah, you don’t know because you weren’t at the pre-summer get-together. Neither was Melody for that matter. Anyway, she wouldn’t wet the pull up anyway and Bets accidentally walked in on her in the single person bathroom, so she got caught. Also, she didn’t bring any changes. That is such a rookie mistake.” “I was well supplied. Kara burned my panties and I had to wear diapers for two weeks before camp started.” I thought back about that bad ideas. Panties should never be burned. Thrown away would have been fine, but not burned. She frowned. “Yeah, about that. I pretended to wet the bed and told my foster parents the bed wetting started again and what they used at the last place. They weren’t really impressed with me and I think they were happy to see me go to college.” Chapter Twenty-Nine: Arrival Home and Alternate Sleeping Arrangements I pulled the car into the driveway of a little suburban home and we got out. I walked up to the door with Cassie by my side and I rang the doorbell. Kara answered. “Nora!” she yelled and gave me a big hug. I hugged her back and she whispered in my ear. “Who’s the other girl.” “My roommate,” I whispered back. “Be nice.” She released me and smiled. “Welcome to my parent’s house. Nora and I are best friends. Any friend of Nora is a friend of mine.” Cassie looked at Kara. “Don’t I know you?” I looked confused and Kara bit her lip. Kara looked embarrassed. “Yeah, I met you on senior skip day when I was looking at a college and you were there.” Cassie looked at me. “Well, that is how she knew.” Kara looked confused now. “Well, let’s go in and I’ll show you where you will be sleeping and then you two can freshen up.” We walked up to her bedroom. Her queen sized bed sat in the middle of her small room flanked on either side by nightstands. “Well you two can have the bed. I have an air mattress so I will sleep here.” She motioned to the floor. Cassie looked dubious, but I smiled. “It will work. We haven’t had a sleepover in ages. Thanks for taking the floor.” She smiled back. “Anything for my best friend.” “Do you want to get our luggage,” I asked Cassie. “Sure,” she said. We went out to the car and carried our bags upstairs. When we came back up, Kara was waiting for us. “So Nora, I got the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special on DVD. We always had to watch it. I thought we could see it as soon as you get ready.” “I’ve never watched that. Is it good?” Cassie smiled trying to be friendly. “Of course it is good,” I said. “It’s a classic. I can’t believe you never watched it.” “Well, I’ll go get it ready on the VCR while you two get changed.” She ran off. “What do we wear for watching a DVD?” asked Cassie. “I think she meant that we should change our diapers. She thinks you are incontinent and I am wearing one as a faker.” I shrugged. “So do you want to wear one?” “Sure, but we could have had the egg nog shakes if we were going to wear diapers anyway.” “You don’t remember camp very well, do you?” I said. She shuddered. “Well anyway, remember in the car how I talked about the girl with one pull-up faking incontinence?” I nodded. “Well she was your friend Kara.” “What?” I asked. “No way.” “Way,” she said. “She is pretending to not remember me, but we sat together at the get-together.” “That might be why she was so adamant about making me wear and use diapers for two weeks before I left for camp. She was the one that decided to burn all my panties.” I looked down the hall making sure she wasn’t coming. “Maybe that is why she knew what to do diaper-wise.” “At least she learned from her mistakes,” said Cassie. She walked over to her diaper bag and pulled out a diaper. Then she undressed and taped it on, then put her panties back in her bag and pulled her jeans back on. I wore a skirt, so I only had to pull my skirt up to change from panties to a diaper. Once diapered we went downstairs. We sat down on the couch and got ready for the show. “Wait. We need drinks. Nora, come and help me pick something out.” Kara grabbed my hand and took me to the kitchen. “Whoa. What’s up.” I knew Kara dragged me in to talk, not to pick drinks. “So, what is it like wearing diapers all the time?” she asked. “Is this why you dragged me in here?” I asked. ”So?” “It feels like a soft pillow between my legs,” I said. “But when I wet, it kind of bothers me because it shouldn’t feel good. But I have to worry whenever I am with my boyfriend that he will notice I am wearing them. He doesn’t really know.” “Wow, you tried dating in a diaper. You are brave.” “Well anyway let’s get the drinks. What do you have?” “Just Mountain Dew,” she said. We returned with six cans of Mountain Dew. Cassie was none the wiser that we were gossiping about her, but she was gossiping about Kara earlier. I wonder what Kara’s deal was. I didn’t know she had signed up for the scholarship too as another faker. Since she got caught, that opened up a space for me. I would have been yodeling in Austria if not for her. I was familiar with the rolling mountains of the Appalachians, but had not traveled overseas to see the Alps. I knew they were different mou, because I am not an idiot, but I tried the yodeling in Appalachia when I realized that was what I was probably going to end up doing. Fortunately the MIT scholarship opened up. I had Kara to thank for the opening and also for her coaching me on how to blend in, mostly based on her own failure to blend in. The movie started as usual. Again, as is everytime I watch it, I was laughing at Snoopy and Woodstock’s efforts to set up table and chairs for Thanksgiving. By the time the poor meal of toast, pretzel sticks, and popcorn was served, I was still giggling. “Is this where my foster parents got the idea to feed me that for Thanksgiving?” asked Cassie. I stopped laughing and it an arm around her. “This year, you will have turkey and all the fixings.” “Even though I am not family?” she asked. “You are my friend and Friendsgiving rules,” I said. “What is your family doing for Thanksgiving, besides inviting us to sleep over?” asked Cassie. Kara smiled. “We are all going over to the Stevens’ house and eating with them. Now quiet, this is the best part.” The cartoon cut to the closing scene where Charlie Brown invited his friends over to spend Thanksgiving at his own grandmother’s house. The children sang a song and then the cartoon ended. “So do you want to watch the Mayflower Voyages,” asked Kara. “No,” I said. “Let’s watch the Christmas ones.” “We can’t because Thanksgiving hasn’t passed. You can’t do Christmas stuff until Santa’s sleigh stops at Macy’s at the end of the Thanksgiving Day parade.” Kara retrieved the DVD and put it away in its sleeve and put it on the shelf with the Christmas and Halloween DVDs. “I never heard of these rules,” said Cassie. “They are quite well known,” said Kara. “They are completely arbitrary,” I said in return. “Kara and I had special rules we made up for everything. What did you think we did at all the sleepovers we had? Had pillow fights in our underwear?” Cassie thought for a minute. “Besides that I think we do each other's hair, give each over makeovers, and steal the underwear of the first person who goes to sleep, dip them in water, and put them in the freezer.” We looked at her with confusion. “Well that is what I think happens at them.” Cassie shrugged. “I’ve never been to a sleepover and foster children aren’t allowed to ‘invite their criminal friends over to case the place.’” Kara laughed and I reached under the blanket and pinched her hard in the leg. “Ouch,” she said, but the pinch got her the hint. She stopped laughing. “So if you want to do the pillow fight thing, we can,” said Kara. “I don’t think you want to with your problem.” I frowned. “We don’t need to go there. We all know about my scholarship and why Cassie and I got it.” I was going to let her think Cassie was genuine for a while. I wasn’t sure if I trusted Kara to keep Cassie’s secret. She would keep mine, I thought, but maybe she changed. “I’m sorry,” said Kara. “I shouldn’t have said that.” “It’s okay,” said Cassie, “but I am not really comfortable with people knowing that I am wearing a diaper. My boyfriend doesn’t even know.” “How do you—?” Kara started to say. “Easy,” said Cassie. “We do it in the hot tub.” She smiled and then I started to giggle. “I got the boyfriend who wants to wait until he gets married, so that is not an issue.” I thought of Jonah and how I wanted him and wondered what he would think of it he knew about the scholarship and how I wore diapers, but really didn’t need them. “Well that is an issue,” said Kara. “What’s the point of having a boyfriend if you can’t have fun with him.” “So did you get boyfriend at Penn State,” I asked Kara. She stood up and twirled. “Do you think a college boy could pass up this bod? In fact, I’ve had three boyfriends since the semester started. Just one at a time though.” “She was always the popular high school girl,” I told Cassie. “So we have talked about boys,” said Cassie. “When do we do each other's hair?” She took a notebook out of her pocket and put a check mark where it said, “Talk about boys.” I laughed and grabbed her note book. It really was a list of stereotypical things that girls do a slumber parties. I looked at the list. “Ooh, there is truth or dare,” I said. “Kara, truth or dare.” “Truth,” she said. “What a copout,” said Cassie. “Name a kinky thing you did with a boy,” I said. Kara blushed bright red. “No way,” she said. “Way,” said Cassie. “You picked truth so no take-backs.” “Fine,” said Kara. “My current boyfriend likes to spank me and I love it.” “That isn’t that kinky,” said Cassie. “I got spanked a lot of times.” “Well I have to drag a big wooden paddle to him with my teeth.” “Well that is kind of kinky,” I said, “But it’s just a playful smack I am guessing.” “No,” she said. “The paddle has holes in it and it leaves welts and it hurts to sit down in class for the next couple days.” “You really need a safe word,” said Cassie. “I have one,” said Kara, “but I never use it.” “Okay, your turn Kara.” “Nora, truth or dare.” I decided to be daring, “Dare.” “Show me your diaper.” I looked at her with a scowl, but lifted my skirt revealing the purple diaper I wore. “There. Still dry.” Cassie smiled. “While your holding your skirt up, I dare you to wet your diaper for us.” The Mountain Dew had gotten to me and. I went ahead and relaxed letting the wetness soak into my diaper. The wetness indicator disappeared and I felt it swell around my crotch, but it wasn’t really that noticeable. “Okay, I am done. Cassie, it is your turn.” “This is for Kara,” she said. “I double dare you to go put on one of my diapers and wear it until you wet it.” Kara shook her head. “No. I am not wearing one of your diapers. I don’t have a wetting problem.” “That’s the point,” I said. “Maybe you need to learn what it is like for Cassie.” She looked at me for a bit more than made me comfortable, so I added. “And me. Learn what it is like for me.” “I don’t know how to tape a diaper on,” she said. “I’ll go upstairs and do it for you,” I said. “I’ve changed some of the other girls in the scholarship program and Cassie and I have changed each other. She’s actually pretty good at it.” “Fine, but please don’t make me wet in it?” Cassie smiled. “We could all get egg nog shakes and then see who needs to be changed first.” “No,” I said. “I’m joking,” she said. “Well, come on.” I pulled Kara to her feet and led her upstairs. I looked at Cassie. “I’ll just change her in the bedroom since she doesn’t need both of us as an audience.” “Fine.” I walked with Kara into her room and we closed the door. “So take off your pants and panties and I will change you.” She slipped out of her jeans and then dropped her panties. They were purple with little black bats on them. She held her shirt down to cover her. I opened my bag and pulled out one of my diapers. She walked to the suitcase and held up a pair of my panties. “Why do you have panties in your bag?” “Because I am not letting my parents know that their college aged daughter now wears diapers. What do you think?” It was as close to the truth as possible. “Won’t your roommate realize you are a faker if she sees them?” “She won’t see them. Besides I am diapered now.” I flipped my skirt revealing my wet diaper. “Doesn’t that feel gross after awhile?” I smiled. “It actually feels really good,” I said. “You might try wetting while sitting down. That makes it warm you in more places at once. Why are you so squeamish? You taught me to wear diapers and be convincing.” “Because, I didn’t want you to go all the way to Austria,” she said. “Well, lie down.” She lay down and I opened the diaper and sat in front of her. “Lift your butt. Right there. You can put your butt down now.” I pulled the diaper between her legs and then taped her in it.” “This feels really secure,” she said. “You should be able to wet about three times before you are sufficiently wet to call this exercise over.” I slapped her leg, stood, and then pulled her to her feet. “Besides, why didn’t you tell me that you tried to get the MIT scholarship but you weren’t convincing at all.” “Would you admit you had to wear diapers?” “I don’t like to,” I said. “So far my boyfriend doesn’t know, but Cassie’s boyfriend saw me and was quite frankly a bit immature and stupid about it.” “To be honest, I filled out every scholarship app I could find and the incontinence one just hit for me. It was either that or go to State. Although I have to admit that State is hard enough. I don’t know what your grades are like at MIT, but I barely am going to sneak by with a 3.2 at State.” She reached down and picked up her pants to pull on. “No,” I said, “you need to leave your pants off so Cassie can tell you did her dare.” I then thought about my grades. My exams were all A’s except, ironically, in English where I struggled to get a C. College papers are hard. I will probably make five A’s and a C,” I said. “Wow, is Nora who studied all the time getting a bad grade in a class?” That wasn’t true. I hardly ever studied. I just did my assigned homework and made sure I had an overall understanding of the material. I knew grammar and the parts of speech and how to write a paper, but college English was really different. Our papers had to be about something. “Yes, I am bad at something. Let’s go and show Cassie your new underwear.” We opened the door and Cassie came in. She smiled. “Twirl around.” Kara did, but then she started to blush bright red. “I don’t think I like this.” “Well leave it on. Cassie and I haven’t changed since we got here.” “But Cassie… …and you,” she said adding me at the last minute, “actually need diapers.” “Thanks. I don’t know that already,” said Cassie. “Now, relax everyone.” I wanted to avoid a confrontation. “Let’s just watch stuff on Netflix.” We went back down to the living room and started watching romantic comedies. Most of them sucked, but there was one where Melissa Joan Hart gets robbed and decides to marry some guy for the wedding gifts that she met at the singles table of a wedding. It was pretty funny, at least to Kara and me. Cassie wanted to watch some science fiction series, but I had enough science fiction just from my semester at MIT. I wanted to watch a show I picked. Usually it is, “You never saw blank? Well we are going to sit you down to watch blank this weekend.” Blank either meant the Princess Bride, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Star Wars, Star Trek, Superman, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The one thing I really enjoyed was Ice Pirates for all its cheesiness. However, we had to stop the movie ten minutes in, because Kara’s parents were going to be home soon. “I don’t want to get caught in my diaper. I am taking it off.” “You never wet it,” said Cassie. “But at least let me put pants over it,” she said. “My parents will freak if they catch me.” “Just tell them you started bed-wetting,” said Cassie. “That actually works.” “Yeah, no.” She went upstairs and came down wearing pants. I slapped her on the butt to see if she was still diapered. She was. “Hey,” she said. “Yeah, still diapered. No start the movie. I want to find out if Melissa Joan Hart falls in love with the guy.” “Of course she will. Romance is so formula,” said Cassie. However as we watched she was totally crying by the end of the movie. Inevitably, Kara had to pee. “I have to pee,” she said. “Then pee,” said Cassie. “I did a little bit ago.” “Eww, won’t it smell bad?” “Are you saying we stink?” asked Cassie. “No, she is not,” I said. “She just doesn’t know how good a wet diaper feels. Well until it gets cool and gross.” “You’re not going to smell like pee right away,” said Cassie. “It needs awhile to get that gross ammonia smell and that is usually after you throw it away. Nora and I have a Diaper Genie so we don’t smell up our dorm room, but if I wet during my first class, I can usually wait until lunch time to change unless I have to use the toilet, then I just change afterward and I carry baby wipes in my purse.” “That sound good?” I asked. “Besides, how do you think Cassie and I feel about needing diapers?” Veronica is the person she should really ask, but I didn’t really like Veronica and Darla and here were friends, so I didn’t really need to try to bond with her. Her parents came home at that time, so her chance at bladder relief got delayed. “Oh, Nora, you’re here,” said Kara’s mother. “Yeah, I bright my roommate. I hope you don’t mind.” I put an arm around Cassie. “Mrs. Drake, this is my roommate Cassie Nova.” Kara giggled, and Cassie blushed. “It’s just Cassie. When you use my last name, I am Cassandra Nova. The people who named me were idiots.” “Well we are glad to have you here. Were your parents too far away to meet for Thanksgiving?” Cassie shrugged. “I don’t know. I never met them.” I did a shushing motion and the she said, “Well I am sorry. You are welcome to be part of our family this year.” “Thank you, Mrs. Drake,” said Cassie. “Well I am getting supper ready, but the Stevens are going out to dinner tonight or I would invite you to stay for dinner.” “Once Mom makes plans on the Steven’s Family Itinery, it is pretty much set in stone,” I said. “We should probably be getting ready,” said Cassie. “I want to make a good impression and be on time. Will you come upstairs with us Kara so you can show us where everything is.” “Sure,” said Kara. I walked upstairs with Kara and Cassie. We went into Kara’s room and then Cassie shut the door. “Did you pee yet?” Cassie asked. “No, but I really got to go,” said Kara. “Tickle fight,” said Cassie. She tackled Kara onto the bed and started to tickle her. I stepped besided her and held her kicking freet while Cassie dug her fingers into Kara’s armpits. I freed a hand and used it to tickle Kara’s feet. We had her held down and laughing for a good two minutes before Cassie let up. “Are you peeing?” she asked. Kara sat up. “OMG, it felt so warm. How do you stand this?” She got up and unbuckled her pants. Her diaper was very wet. “Okay you did the dare. Now Cassie and I have to get ready for dinner.” “Okay. I am going to take a bath now.” She ran off. I opened my bag and pulled out an outfit. I looked over at what Cassie was wearing and frowned. “You are not wearing that to my parent’s dinner.” She had picked skinny jeans and big black t-shirt that had Bill Nye on it. I rooted through her bag and didn’t find anything, so I went in my own bag and gave her one of my casual dresses. “Put this on.” “That is so not going to hide my diaper,” she said. “Duh, we are wearing panties.” She got the hint. Our diapers came off and went in Kara’s wastebasket. I’d let her deal with our wet diapers. We used wipes to clean off and soon looked ready to eat at dinner someplace nice. I twirled and my dress came up. “Don’t do that in front of Kara or she’ll think I know you are a faker. I hope we are keeping it a secret that I don’t really need diapers because I don’t trust her.” Cassie straitened the skirt of her dress and then the two of us went down stairs. “Goodbye, Mrs. Drake,” said Cassie. “We’ll see you before it’s too late. I understand we are going someplace nice to eat.” “It’s a local restaurant that your mother loves. It’s too pricy for me,” she said. “Have fun.” We went out to the car and got in. I started it and Cassie confronted me about my family. “I thought you were poor because the IRS raided your family’s bank accounts. However, they have money to remodel their house and to go to fancy restaurants. What gives? You had to pretend to be incontinent because of this.” I thought for a few minutes. “I’m not sure. I am sure my parents have a good explanation for this.”
  7. Here's a short story I've been occasionally working on for a couple of months now. Please let me know what you think. ----- The future was not looking great for Hannah. She was 4 weeks into her first term of college and was already failing three of her four classes, with the fourth hanging on by a mere three percent. She knew she was in trouble but just couldn't find the motivation to go to class or do her homework. She tried researching online to see what she could do to get herself motivated, but often she lacked the follow-through to actually follow the guides. While making her way through the dining hall after lunch, Hannah came across a poster that caught her eye. "Failing your classes?" the large title read. Just below that in a smaller font was "Need help finding motivation? Need a helping hand to help keep you going? Call the number below for help!". At the bottom of the page was a phone number. Knowing that she was running our of time and options, Hannah took a photo of the number and went back to her dorm. When Hannah arrived back at her dorm she was the only one home. Her two other suite-mates must have been eating lunch or at class. Hannah's relationship with them was fairly normal. She wouldn't really consider them friends, but they all got along and could maintain conversation with one-another. After going into her room and closing the door Hannah called the number from the poster. After a few moments of ringing a woman answered, sounding not much older than Hannah herself. "Hello, Christa speaking." The woman said. "Hello! I'm Hannah. I'm calling about the poster at Henshaw University." Hannah responded, a little nervous. "I see. Are you looking for assistance with passing your classes?" "Yes, I am. It's my first term of college and I'm failing almost all of my classes. I just can't seem to force myself to want to pass." "That's perfectly normal for someone like you. College is a big adjustment and some people just need a little extra help getting their feet on the ground. What do you say we meet in person at the Henshaw dining hall in a couple of hours and talk a bit more in person?" "That sounds great! I get out of class at 3:00pm and can meet you right after." "Alright Hannah, I'll see you then. Bye bye." Christa said has she hung up. ----- Hannah was nervous all throughout her 2:00pm U.S. history lecture. She was having trouble paying attention most of the time, and when she actually tried she was so lost that it almost wasn't worth it. Once the class was over Hannah made her way to the dining hall, having absorbed nothing. When she arrived at the dinning hall she spotted a tall brunette woman standing right outside the cafeteria. The woman was wearing business casual clothing along with short heals, giving her an almost intimidating look. Hannah's gut told her that it was Christa. 'Hello. Are you Christa?" Hannah asked as she approached the woman. "Why yes, I am. You must be Hannah. It's nice to meet you in person." Christa said, reaching out to shake Hannah's hand. Hannah shook Christa's hand and took a moment to analyze Christ further. She seemed to be somewhere in her mid to late twenties. Her long, straight brown hair was hung up in a ponytail. Christa probably had a good 7 inches of height on Hannah, which contributed further to her intimidating aura. "Well, why don't we take a seat and we can talk about what you need and what I can provide." Christa said as she lead Hannah to empty table. Hannah sat down across the table from Christa. Hannah was having trouble making eye contact due to her nervousness. "Let's start with why you called me." Christa started. "W-well, as I said on the phone this is my first term of college and I'm failing nearly all of my classes." Hannah explained. "I see. And why is that?" "I have a hard time paying attention in class and I can never bring myself to do my homework. Every time I try I end up getting demotivated and can't focus." "Is that so? I'm thinking that my services would be a good fit for you. What classes are you taking?" "College Algebra, Beginners Writing, Art History, and U.S. History." "And what are your grades like?" "I have a 27% in math, 49% in writing, 72% in Art History, and a %36 in U.S. History." I answered, a bit embarrassed. "Oh, wow. If you don't get those up you won't be looking good for next term. It's a good thing you are taking action now. Midterms are next week, so you may still have time to turn this around. What I think this boils down to is a lack of discipline and motivation on your part. I'm guessing your parents helped keep you on track in high school?" Christ asked. "That's right. My mom and dad were always checking my grades making me do my homework. They're hundreds of miles away now, though." Hannah explained, realizing a little how much she was missing them. "And that's the case for a lot of people like you. You've had someone watching over you and making you do your school work your whole life. Without those hands pushing you to succeed, you're losing pace and falling behind. What I do is act as that hand. I'll give you the motivation you need to keep your grades up while also helping you develop routines and self-discipline so that you can be your own pushing hand. Do you want to know more?" Christa asked me. It was honestly all starting to make sense to Hannah now. Back in high school her parents were always threatening her with groundings for not doing her homework. They were always checking her grades and questioning her about low scores or missing assignments. When she had that her grades were fine. But her parents were hundreds of miles away now, and she had only herself to rely on. Realizing there wasn't any immediate consequence for failing, she let myself slip into a cycle of bad habits. "Yes. I think this might be exactly what I need." Hannah answered. "I think so too. Now, I will warn you that my methods are fairly unconventional. I have found that it's better if I don't explain them until it's time to implement them, as my clients sometimes get cold feet after hearing my plan. I want to assure you that I have a very high success rate though." That made Hannah even more nervous. What could be so bad about what Christa does? Would she also get cold feet if she knew what they were, she wondered? In truth it hardly even mattered to her at this point. If she couldn't change course then she was going to sink. This could be her only chance to turn her future around. "I'm still interested. As I see it this might be my only chance at staying in college." Hannah stated. "Then I think we have come to an agreement. I have some paperwork here for you to sign. Once it's complete I will work with the school to bill your financial aid account. I charge a flat fee of $60 a week and require payments for a full term." Christa explained as she handed Hannah multiple pieces of paper. The first form was a general information form. It asked for Hannah's personal information, as well as her student ID number and dorm room number. The second, third, and forth pages were all legalese, which Hannah was having a hard time understanding. Eventually she gave up, assuming it to just be consent to let Christa bill Hannah's account and other mundane information. At the very end it asked for Hannah's signature, which she penned in without a second thought. "Very good. I look forward to working with you Hannah. We'll get started tonight. I am going to come over to your dorm at 6:00pm. I want you to eat dinner beforehand and be ready for me, with all your uncompleted homework. I also want you to setup proxy access to your account for my email address, so that I can monitor your grades." Christa instructed, handing Hannah a business card that listed her email. "Alright. I'll see you tonight then!" Hannah said as she left, proud of herself for finally getting her act together. ----- When 6:00pm arrived Hannah was incredibly nervous. Honestly she didn't know what to expect. Was Christa going to act like a tutor? What were her 'unconventional' methods? Was this going to be worth the money? She had done everything that Christa had asked of her. Her homework was either sitting on her desk or pulled up on her laptop. She had granted Christa access to view her grades as soon as she got back. Hannah was waiting in her room when there was a knock on the door. Hannah got up to answer it, but one of her suite-mates who was lounging in the living room beat her to it. "Hello. I'm looking for Hannah?" Hannah heard Christa ask from the other room. "She's in her room right now. I'll go get her." Angie, Hannah's suite-mate, said. Angie didn't have a chance though, as Hannah left her room to welcome Christa inside. "Christa! Hello! Please, come inside." Hannah said as she approached the door. "Ah, hello Hannah." Christa replied. "Angie, this is Christa. She's going to help me get my grades up." I explained. "Wait? Christa Morris? I think you may have helped my sister when she was in college. She has never told me much about it, but she said you're the reason she got through college." Angie stated. "I am glad I was able to help her! What is her name?" Christa asked Angie. "Elanor Grace." Angie answered. "Oh I remember Elanor! Yep, I helped her get through her sophomore year. I'm happy to hear that she made it all the way through. If you see her please tell her I said hello!" Christa requested. After a little bit more idle chatter Hannah led Christa back to her room. Once inside Hannah shut the door and Christa placed the bag she was carrying down onto the bed. "That's a big bag. What's in it?" Hannah asked. "Just some supplies. You'll see when we get to it. Is that all of your homework on your desk?" Christa asked. "Oh, yes. I also have the online assignments pulled up on my laptop." "Very good. Now, let's get down to business. If you remember, this afternoon we talked about you having a lack of motivation and needing a pushing hand. Well, that's exactly what I plan on giving you. Tell me, Hannah, how did your parents discipline you when you were having trouble in school?" Christa asked. "They usually grounded me or at least threatened to." Hannah answered, a bit embarrassed. "I see. Well I am going to take a similar approach with you. Have you ever been spanked Hannah?" Christa asked with no hesitation. "Spanked?!" Hannah responded, a bit startled. "Yes. Has your parents or anyone else ever given you a spanking?" Christa asked again. "N-no!" Hannah answered, almost a bit defensive. "It's okay, you don't need to get worked up. I found in the past that groundings are too hard to enforce on a college student. That, along with numerous other reasons, is why I opt to use spankings as a punishment. Bad grades and missing assignments earn my clients a spanking, with the duration and intensity being decided by the severity. It helps give them a motivation to succeed, so that they can avoid future spankings. I think that's where we'll start tonight." Christa said, as if it was completely normal. "Y-you're going to spank me?" Hannah asked, her heartbeat rapidly rising. "Correct. Come on over." Christa instructed, taking a seat in Hannah's desk chair. Hannah was scared. She had never been spanked before and she certainly wasn't expecting them to be a part of this. Christa's reasoning made sense to her but she just couldn't imagine herself being spanked. Spankings were for kids and Hannah was an adult. "Come on Hannah, let's get your spanking out of the way. We have a lot to do tonight" Christa said, patting her lap again. "I-I don't know, Christa. Isn't that a little extreme?" Hannah asked, scared and embarrassed. "Nope. In fact, I think it's exactly what you need. Now come on. Don't make me drag you over here." Christa threatened. Hannah gulped as she slowly started approaching Christa. Once close, Christa took hold of her arm and gently guided the small girl over her lap. Due to Hannah's short stature she was left dangling well above the ground. Hannah's breathing and heartbeat increased even more once she was positioned. She felt like she was two feet tall. Hannah yelped when she felt Christa's fingers slip beneath her pants. Christa wasted no time in sliding them down to Hannah's ankles. Hannah blushed as her panties were exposed to the older girl. That couldn't compare to how embarrassed she was when she felt Christa's fingers hook onto the back of her panties. "H-hey!" Christa said as her panties were slid down to her ankles. "Spankings are given bare-bottom, Hannah. Now I'm going to explain how this is going to go. You'll be spanked one minute for every grade of yours below a 'C' and half a minute for every 'C'. Once we're done with that you'll get a paddle swat for every missing assignment you currently have. It looks like tonight's spanking will last three and a half minutes with 9 paddle swats afterword. Do you have any questions before we start?" Christa asked. "Will it hurt?" Hannah asked, more nervous than she'd ever been before. "Yes, Hannah, it will. The pain will help motivate you to do better and avoid more spankings in the future. You should think about what earned you this spanking and what you're going to do to avoid another one." Christa said, taking on a more domineering tone. "W-wait! Won't Angie and Sierra hear?" Hannah asked, trying to think of a way out of this. "I would be surprised if they didn't. Don't worry though. Once we explain to them that it's for your own benefit I'm sure they'll understand. Maybe in the future they will be willing to help with your spankings as well." Christa answered. "C-can't we think of something else?" "No, Hannah. Now no more stalling. I'm going to set my timer and start. Are you ready?" "N-no." "Well you have a few seconds to prepare." Christa rested her arms on Hannah's back while she set a timer on her phone. Once it was ready she clicked 'start' and used her right hand to deliver the first smack to Hannah's bottom. The first spank caused Hannah to let out a small yelp. The small girl clearly was not ready for what was about to come. Christa steadily delivered swat after swat to Hannah's exposed butt. Each one sent a jolt of pain through the smaller girl's backside and caused her to let out a whine. As the spanking continued the swats became harder and the speed picked up. It didn't take long for Hannah's whines to turn into expressions of pain. Hannah was terrified. She had no clue how long had passed since the spanking started and her bottom felt like it was on fire. Each swat was more painful than the last. Before long she could feel tears begin to well-up in her eyes. Not long after they were streaming down her face. Suddenly Hannah's door opened. Both Hannah and Christa looked up to see Angie standing there, flustered. "O-oh! S-sorry to interrupt! I was wondering what all that noise was!" Angie said before quickly closing the door. The interruption did nothing to stop Christa's flow. Hard swats continued to rain down on Hannah's defenseless bottom. Hannah's crying and embarrassment was worsened by Angie witnessing her being spanked. Hannah felt like she was half her age. How could she hope to see herself as equals with her roommates after being seen in this state? The spanking continued on with Hannah's whining growing even louder and more desperate. Her bottom was absolutely on fire with a pain she couldn't remember ever experiencing before. Eventually she was fully pleading with Christa for her to stop. unfortunately for Hannah her requests fell on deaf ears. Hannah had no idea how much longer the spanking went on for before she heard Christa's alarm go off. Relief washed over the smaller girl as the slaps to her bottom ceased. The pain was all still there though, radiating an intense heat from her bottom. "Now that that's done we'll move on to the paddle strokes." Christa said, motioning for Hannah to stand up. The intensity of the spanking had caused Hannah to forget all about the nine paddle strokes her missing assignments earned her. A new dread entered her mind as she was reminded. Christa helped her up off her lap and onto her feet. Hannah's legs were a bit wobbly so she had to try her best to maintain her balance while trying to rub the pain out of her bottom. Her balance wasn't helped by her pants and panties, which were still pulled down around her knees. The pain prevented her from recognizing how exposed she was. Christa went over to her bag and pulled out a large, long paddle. When Hannah saw it she became even more scared of what was about to happen. It looked like something you would see used for hazing new pledges in a college movie. When Hannah noticed the grid of holes on the head of the paddle her fear worsened even further. "Okay Hannah, go ahead and bend over and grab your ankles." Christa instructed. "Christa please! I can't take anymore! Can't we just get to studying?" Hannah pleaded. "No Hannah, not until we've got your discipline out of the way. Now bend over, or I may have to add more strokes." Christa threatened, getting a bit annoyed at the younger girls whining/ Hannah gulped as she slowly started to bend over. Her bare bottom becoming more and more vulnerable. When she was and low and she could go she grabbed hold of her ankles and did the best she could to brace herself. Her anxiety grew as she heard Christa approach her. "Tonight you're getting nine paddle swats. One for each missing assignment you have. I want you to count each one out loud. If you miscount or forget then we'll redo that swat. Understand?" Christa explained. "Y-yes." Hannah said, very much unready for what was about to happen. With no warning Hannah suddenly felt pain explode through her bottom. The spankings she got from Christa's hand earlier were nothing compared to what the paddle could do. Hannah involuntarily let out a scream in shock. "One!" Hannah yelled, not wanting any more awful strokes than what she was already getting. Christa drew the paddle back and harshly brought it back down. A loud 'THWAP' quickly followed. Hannah shot forward from pain. She was trying her best to mitigate it with a death grip on her ankles, but it didn't seem to be helping. "Two!" This rhythm continued for the next several swats. Each one drew more tears and painful screams out of Hannah. She was now truly understanding why Christa was so effective. Who the hell would want to suffer this every week?! "Eight!" Hannah cried out shortly after the paddle hit her. Just one more and she was done. It was all she could think about. "Nine!" Hannah yelled right after the final stroke made contact. Hannah instantly removed hold of her ankles and moved on to rubbing her butt. No matter what she did, she couldn't get rid of the pain though. If she thought it was bad after the hand spanking, then this feeling was truly horrid. "Now that your spanking is done we cam move on to part two." Christa said as she went back over to her bag. Hannah could have never guessed what Christa was about to pull out. Out of the bag Christa brought out a large, pink package. Hannah couldn't immediately tell what is was until Christa placed it down onto her bed and she could see the logo. It was a package of children's pull-ups. "W-what are those for?" Hannah asked, still trying to get her sobbing under control. "They're for you." Christa said, as if this was normal. "What? I don't need diapers!" Hannah exclaimed, almost sounding offended. "First off, they're not diapers, they're pull-ups. And second, they're the second part of your punishment." Christa stated. "What?!" Hannah almost yelled. "Calm down Hannah. The spankings serve to give you something to dread. They are to help motivate you to study and do your homework by making you fear a more painful spanking. The pull-ups are used to accomplish the same thing but in a different way. Until you're grades improve and your assignments are turned in your panties are going to be entirely replaced with these. The thick padding and childish designs will embarrass you, motivating you to study and do your homework so that you can earn your big-girl panties back. You can think of them as punishment panties." Christa explained. This was too much for Hannah. Not only had she just been spanked like a child, now she was expected to wear diapers meant for potty training toddlers? The logic behind it made sense to her in a way, but she was a college student for god sake! She was much too old to be spanked and wearing pull-ups. And calling them 'punishment panties' didn't make it any better. "Christa is that really necessary? I'm 18 for crying out loud. I'm way too old to wear those! They probably won't even fit me!" Hannah exclaimed. "Oh I bet you they will. And age has nothing to do with this. I don't expect you to pee in them or anything. They're just there to give you a goal to work towards and keep you motivated. The pain from a spanking will fade in a day or so, but these will always be there to remind you of what you're working towards. Now come here, we've wasted enough time already." Christa ordered. Hannah was trapped. She knew there was no way she was going to talk Christa out of this. Her only hope was that the pull-ups wouldn't fit and Christa would abandon the idea. Shamefully, Hannah waddled her way over to her bed where Christa was sitting. Christa started by pulling down Hannah's pants and panties even farther. She had the smaller girl grab hold of her shoulders while she worked the pants off of her. Next came the panties, leaving Hannah completely exposed from the waist down. Christa then ripped open the package of pull-ups. She pulled one out of the package and allowed Hannah to get a good view of it. The pull-up was all pink. On the front there were several Disney princesses and just below them was a white oval containing an outline of Cinderella's slipper. A wetness indicator. Christa pulled the pull-up open and slipped her hands through the leg holes. She stretched open the object and brought it down towards Hannah's feet, clearly intending for her to step into it. Praying that they wouldn't fit, Hannah hesitantly slipped her foot through the first hole and then the second. Christa then began to work the pull-up up Hannah's legs. To her horror, there was little to no resistance as it got higher. Hannah felt utterly defeated as Christa removed her hands and the pull-up conformed to her body perfectly. "See, I told you they'd fit. Now, as I said before, these are to be your only panties until your grades improve. The only time you're allowed to remove them is when you're showering or using the toilet. I don't care if you're sleeping, going to class, visiting your parents, or whatever else. Your punishment panties stay on. Understand?" Christa said. "Yes Christa." Hannah lightly said while starring down. "Good girl. Now let's get to work. Get started on your math homework and let me know if you have any questions or need any help." Christa said. Hannah was going to put her pants back on to try to hide the pull-up but was forbidden to by Christa. Humiliated, Hannah brought her padded bottom to her desk. The pull-up was much thicker than her normal panties though. As she walked she noticed that it was slightly forcing her legs apart. Not enough to give her a waddle, but enough for her to notice. She also noticed that every movement resulted in a slight crinkle sound. Hannah wasn't ready for the wave of pain that shot through her as she tried to sit down. The pain from her spanking earlier had minor subsided and became relatively unnoticeable as her attention was focused solely on the pull-ups, but when she tried to sit down it was reignited. Hannah quickly shot back up and began rubbing her butt through the back of her pull-up. "Sit down, Hannah. The pain will fade soon." Christa ordered. Hannah slowly lowered herself back down. She winced as her butt made contact with the chair. She kept going though until she was full seated. The pain was horrible at first, but like Christa said it slowly faded. Not enough to not be painful, but enough to where she could divert her attention away from it. Hannah began working on her homework as ordered. She was interrupted minutes later though when she heard activity behind her. She turned around to see Christa going through her dresser, removing all of her panties. "What are you doing?" Hannah asked Christa. "Confiscating your panties so that you aren't tempted to wear them. Don't worry, I'll give them back once your grades improve. Now try to focus on your homework" Christa explained. Hannah turned back around and tried to focus on her homework. She'd occasionally steal glances back at Christa though. At one point she noticed that Christa was filling up the dresser drawer with pull-ups out of the package. There wasn't enough room for all of them though, so Christa just left the half full package exposed on top of the dresser. Hannah could have never imagined herself like this. She though college was her chance to show that she was an adult, yet here she was wearing what was essentially a diaper for toddlers after being spanked like a little kid. The worst part was that she was PAYING for it. Hopefully in the end she would actually be able to pass. It was going to be a long seven weeks.
  8. Well, I have a new story started, a friend of cool content helping me edit, and a ton of nervous energy. I always get a little nervous when I start a new story, and worse so, when I post the first few chapters! Please watch for the Point of View IDs (--- Becca ---) littered throughout the story. It's a first person work told from several points of view. I think this may be a long one so enjoy and let me know what you think! ----------------------------------------------------------- Birch House Chapter 1 --- Becca --- “I’m not parking this far away from the house everyday.” My husband grumbled. “Yeah, this is kinda retarded. If we buy it, you won’t have to.” I agreed flipping my bangs out of my face the jewelry on my wrist clinking together like a wind chime. “We’ll just drive up there and park next time, but we’ll need to get some gravel brought in and make a real lane out of this grownup driveway. We should do a circular drive and make sure Ann’s got a place to park too.” He said calculating volumes in his head. “We’re not pissing off the Finn’s Trent. We’ll park down here by the road until they tell us it’s ok, or we buy it.” I asserted. “All right… All right Babe.” Trent caved not wanting to upset the sellers either. That’s how Trent was though, always planning ahead. He could see things coming before they got to us, and still find creative ways to bitch about it even if he already had a plan to deal with it. I loved trent with all my heart, but his attitude could be an acquired taste. I had been with Trent since I was a little girl… first as a friend and eventually his wife. Trent’s offered me his hand getting out of my car, and I paused to pull my black lace covered skirt back down where it belonged. Stockings are great and all, but the silky lining of my skirt let it ride way up when I got in the car. I may like showing some cleavage and making sure my tattoos are visible, but I didn’t intend to flash my lack of panties to the world. I love teasing Trent, so normally that’s a good thing, but our realtor sure didn’t need to see my lady fur! Regardless of Trent’s attitude problems, I loved him. Not to mention the short walk up the tree lined lane was beautiful this time of year and was doing wonders for both our attitudes. The little forest guarded the edge of the property from view blocking us from our potential neighbors. In fact, it felt like the house was carved out of a small but wild grove of trees. Even the chill in the air because of fall’s cooler temperatures couldn’t mess with my mood. “God I hope we can close this deal. This place fucking rocks.” I squealed clinging to Trent. My hopes rose with each step closer to my would-be-house. My head swiveled admiring the small forest and the well kept yard. It was the fifth time we’d wandered up that path, and I was starting to feel like I was coming home. I wanted that house so badly, but the amount of debt we were talking about was Hella scary for me. Owning a home was going to be an exciting new chapter in our lives. I mean, I was still driving the car my parents bought me when I turned sixteen for fuck’s sake! The only credit I had was a hundred dollar Victoria Secret card! Big spender I was not. Mom would be so proud of me. I wish she were here to see this with me. Drunk ass old fool! I thought sparing an unkind thought for my dad too. Ashley, our realtor, had shown us this property all five times we’d visited. Each time she looked amazing, and she didn’t let me down that day either dressed in a brilliant blue business suit that day. I remember it matched her lovely eyes. The realtor greeted us with bright smiles hugging me tightly like a long lost friend. I admired her for her sense of style even if it was different than mine, but I’ll be damned if she didn’t catch me staring. “The house is nice too. My firm has sold this house a total of six times you know! This will be the second time that I have found Birch House a new family. She’s just an amazing place.” Ashley said over her shoulder as we toured the house taking my attention from her legs. “I still don’t understand the turnover.” Trent implied blind to her appeal. “This house, at its age, in this condition, and at this price point has always been a great deal. She’s always been a great first house or last house depending on your stage of life. Remember, six times over that many years isn’t so alarming.” She said sticking to her tour confidently dismissing his question handling Trents skepticism like a boss. “It looks like everything in here is new!” Trent said getting his first at the like-new old house. I realized she’d given this tour a million times before, and it added a layer of nervous energy to the walkthrough. Her cleavage was distracting me more than Trent, and I bet she dressed up to show off her assets as a tactic too. I shook my head clearing out the unproductive thoughts feeling a bit like a dude at Hooters hoping the waitress really meant all those kind words. I was ready to make an offer, well… mostly. We had our co-signer and our funding all worked out. We were ready to finalize on our latest offer, assuming the property had been improved like the Finn’s had promised. I shook off my uncertainty causing the chain on my ear piercings to make dainty metallic noises that only I could hear. Personally, I thought Trent had a good point, but maybe I was biased? Why would the house have had so many owners? It’s was nerve wracking going into debt like that, and I just needed to be sure. It felt terrifying and exciting at the same time like that time I went bungee jumping. Making a bad deal and going into over a hundred thousand dollars worth of debt was dragging my excitement to the shitter. The house seemed big enough to me... maybe it was just rich-lady-reasons? I sure as hell didn’t any of those! I wasn’t certain why it was only a good house to start or end one’s life, but I bet she had a speech prepared for the question so I just let it go. There were like a million rooms at Birch House. I bet a big family could live here for a good long time, decades even. The listing had it at about eighty years old. Three, maybe four owners seemed reasonable to me, not four before our realtor’s firm and six more after! Ashley skimmed her notes flipping through the thick stack of paper on her clipboard. The current owners had met us here the second time she showed us the place. I couldn’t believe it had only been a few weeks ago. Trent and I had discussed the things we’d like to do to the house to really make it our own after our first visit. It was going to be hard to complete our list since we didn’t have a lot of cash left for improvements. When the Finn’s had asked, it had seemed like a strange question. A question answered cautiously because we were eager to make a good impression. So, we literally gave them a copy of our list hoping for the best. They’d talked to us for quite a while when we met them. The Finn’s stayed so long it began to feel like a job interview! They’d asked what improvements could be made that would help us. Things they could do that would make the house more attractive and let us pay for the improvements over the term of the loan. The Finns freakin awesome! They were clearly still deeply in love with each other and Birch House. That was no small accomplishment after having been married over ten years. We guessed they were in their mid to late thirties at the time. They said they were only moving because Mr. Finn had been asked to head up an office for his company in another state. They said that they absolutely loved the house and honestly hated to leave it. That made more sense to us. It seemed like a good reason to move, but we still felt uneasy after the interview. We had the sense that the whole deal was too good to be true. We still had two months on Trent’s lease and weren’t too worried about finding a place to rent, so we had the time to be patient about our house hunting. His landlord even offered to go monthly on our rent at the end of the lease, so we had that option too. He wasn’t thrilled when we put in our notice. “Good tenants like you kids are hard to find.” Carl had told us reading our letter of intent. Good? Ha! We were the best tenants! We Phillip’s are handy. We’d tackled small home improvement tasks and simply ask off a bit of rent when our landlord was happy with the results. The first few times we’d had to get any upgrades approved, but it didn’t take long to make a good impression. The bathroom tile and marble countertops had made him so happy he’d paid for the supplies and given us rent for free that month. We weren’t afraid of a little elbow grease. In fact, we enjoyed working to make a house a home. Trent’s mom called it nesting. Unfortunately, money was going to be short for a while. It always is after you buy your first home. His mother had warned us, and it turned out she was clairvoyant about our potential lack of cash. There were more out of pocket expenses than we were expecting. We intended to make the repairs to Birch House on our own, and in our own time. Our realtor had insisted on asking about improvements saying, “you never know.” Then the Finn’s turned around and asked us themselves. We felt much better about being asked than doing the asking ourselves. “We’ve asked to meet with all the potential buyers you know. We’ve decided we are backing your offer. Honestly, the Missus just loves you two. Birch House was our first home and we just love it. Is there anything we can do to help you?” Marshall Finn had asked. Turns out the list we’d made at home was just what the doctor ordered. Trent’s forthought helped us out again, but his ego suffered from the triumph. The improvements were part of Trent’s property evaluation process. God, he was so organized it was obnoxious! Our fantasies gave us some goals to work toward and a future to dream of. In the end, the Finns had the list and we left it with them to think it over. “I can’t believe they did all this in two weeks!” I said trailing my black tipped fingers over the new stove while glancing around at the refurbished cabinets. “Well, they must be heavily invested in unloading this place, or they just really liked you two and were prepared to help you out. I think what really motivated them was when you said you’d have to take a renter for the upstairs.” Our realtor commented as she walked. “Rebecca look! They pulled the carpet off the stairs and refinished the old floors! They had to have had people working 24x7 to pull all this off. It’s not like it was in bad shape before, but this… It’s amazing.” Trent’s eyes roamed around the house absorbing details in a state of wonder. “I know. I mean we may want to paint, and I’d eventually like marble on the counters in the bathroom here too, maybe the kitchen. You know how I am about my marble! But, this… is UNREAL. It looks like a brand new house in here!” I gushed bouncing on my toes. “I noticed the shingles were replaced on the way up here. Did they mention any water damage?” Trent asked. “Uh… I have a note here that there was a small leak in the attic. The inspector’s report says there was only discolored sheetrock which has been replaced as well. This is an amazing deal. Brand new roof, that’s a ten thousand dollar value added back.” Ashley insisted redirecting Trent. The woman was amazing! Her word wizardry would leave you eating your own words with confidence. Un...Fucking...Real... “Well, I wouldn’t feel right countering lower than the asking price now. This place is worth way more than they have it up for.” I told them both, my heart investing deeply. “Awe Trent, look they left that rod iron frame up I liked so much. Honey, I just LOVE this place!” I said it and knew I was all in at that point. Our realtor probably felt her commission check weighing down her purse after my blabbermouth. The two story house was priced to move at one-hundred twenty thousand, but with these improvements it was worth around one-eighty easy. The Finns had gone way above and beyond for us. “Well, you can’t go wrong with Birch House. It always sells fast! Owners seem to stay a while or get out in under ten years. Then they move on to something bigger and better if they leave. Maybe it’s good luck?” Ashley shrugged having sussed out my love of the supernatural and superstitious. “There’s only one weird thing. The owners almost always want to meet the buyers before they accept an offer.” She noted certain that this deal was sealed. “But, you guys already nailed that, so I can’t imagine them not signing right away.” “I just want to run around in the yard barefoot and I don’t know… pounce on the couch for a good nap in the sun. These windows are insane! There’s not a smudge on them anywhere. They let in so much light!” I fussed to Trent tugging at his shirt begging him with my eyes. Hell, the grass looks as lush and fluffy as the carpet! “Ashley, you know we are just going to offer their asking price right? See if they will cover the closing costs for us, and we’ll be able to afford the paint right away. If not, we’ll take it anyway and paint in a few months.” Trent tells the realtor confident he’s getting a good deal the confidence sexily wafting off of him. “Oh Trent! Really! God, I really don’t want to leave now. This new carpet probably sleeps better than our bed!” I said bending to rub my hands through the pile on the livingroom floor. I was so wrapped up in the feel of that luxurious carpet that I forgot about my short little skirt. I mooned Ashley with my stocking covered pany-free ass, but she never commented. Girl wanted that commision check! “Ann is going to love it here. She’s always wanted a dog and there’s so much room! I guess we better look over the upstairs and I’ll run through the attic before you call them Ashley. Due diligence and all.” Trent said bounding up the stairs with the hardwood he’d fallen in love with. I stood up and headed over to the only picture still hanging in the house. The current owners had already moved out, and other than their couch and a bed left in a guest room downstairs there wasn’t much left in the house. We really could move in right away, I muse running my finger over the rod iron frame. The same saying hangs in both our parent’s house and Trent’s mom’s place. ‘Love makes a house a Home’ they read. I loved this house already, but that wall hanging really endeared it to me. I was feeling a connection to the house and we hadn’t even signed for it yet! I moved through the living room running my hand along the oak trim framing the doorway. I’ve always loved that quote, I thought leaving the room getting a tactile feel for the place. “Ashley, I’ve never lived anywhere that had an official laundry room before! Trent loves that the hot water heater is in there and accessible too. This place is fucking awesome!” I couldn’t praise Birch House enough! We both knew where I stood. “It is. This is my favorite property. I’d live here myself, but the house is never on the market when I’m looking. Each owner puts their stamp on it of course, but it just seems to add to it’s ambiance not take away. Owners have moved walls or changed things around to suit their tastes, but it always feels so... Homey in here.” Our realtor smiled. “Everything checks out up there Becca. There’s even more impossible renovations upstairs! Ann may want to paint, but there isn’t much reason to do anything else. They even got the sink and some cabinets in the third room. Hell, there’s room for one of your Exes up there too babe.” Trent joked. “Just be glad I like that girl so much. You really did a number on her. The poor thing.” I slapped at Trent giving him a hard time on a stale joke. “Rebecca Phillips! I was like fifteen er something! That was friggin years ago! I didn’t even know we were going steady. I had no idea going to the movies with Wendy was cheating on her! Cut me some slack! We are all adults and friends, best friends even! I don’t think of her as an Ex!” Trent looked tired of the old one sided argument, but I thought it was funny and so did Ann. He was still sensitive about it though. “Then don’t joke about it if you can’t take it. Ann can. You can’t, ya cheater!” I teased Trent even more. “I’d never cheat on you.” He whispered pulling me to him. “You don’t think that do you?” He asked. Ashley cleared her throat, “Becca, you had better be one hundred percent sure. Buying a house, married or not, has legal obligations that follow you even if Trent doesn’t. I can’t make your offer unless I’m sure you’re sure. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, even if my job is to sell the house and move on.” “Oh Trent! Your stupid jokes have scared Ash. Go measure something or look at man stuff!” I huffed at him swatting him on the ass dismissing him so the Big Girls could talk. His shoulders told me that he didn't’ appreciate that very much, but Trent ambled outside grumbling about girls being confusing. I watched him walking across the covered front porch and disappear from my view. We waited long enough to be sure he was truly out of earshot. I waited more for Ashley’s sake than for my own privacy. “Ash, you are totally safe making this offer. Trent may be gone a lot, but I see his checks. I know when he’s gone, how long he’s paid for, and I have ways of accounting for his time. The lady that does payroll showed me, Barb. We were at a company picnic and I told her I was uncomfortable with all the weird hours cause truthfully, I’m a little insecure and needy. I’m sure he worries about all those hot young college guys when I’m at class too.” I admit. “Oh, I know what you mean. I’ve been married for years and have zero reasons not to trust my husband, but it’s just so rampant, the cheating. I get worked up sometimes.” She reassured me shrugging her shoulders. “He never really cheated on Ann either. She just felt that way at the time. Neither one of them had dated before, and didn’t know any of the rules. It was hard for her for like two weeks then she was over it, and that was literally years ago. If you ever meet her just know Trent didn’t make her the way she is. She’s just a timid little thing and I love her to death. Trent does too, but we love her in a sisterly way. She’s older than both of us, and we’ve all been good friends since we were in diapers.” I assured her. “Ok, well I feel a bit better. Backstories always help a sale, ya know! Go let the heartbreaker and bring him in the house. Just remember. Everyone loves Birch House. It always feels like Home in here. Don’t be the first ones in like eighty years to bring bad things to this place.” I could feel Ashley’s love for the house and the warning in her threatening tone. Her deep care for the place anchored my feelings. Love grew in my own heart too. I was in love with my future first home! This house would be our Home. I was absolutely confident that Birch House would meet our needs and maybe even see the pitter patter of little feet bounding around. Trent and I walked hand in hand back down the lane to our car talking so fast we had trouble keeping up with each other. Birch House Chapter 2 Trent and I brought Ann to Birch House four days later. --- Ann --- I’m buying a flipping-stinking house! Daddy is going to be so proud! I said to myself while getting out of my jeep. I can’t believe I’m buying a frigging house! I shivered in excitement. “OMG! Girl! I can’t wait to show you OUR new place!” Becca yelled getting out of my jeep. She ran around my jeep bounding over to get me. Her silver bracelets and rings clinking against each other making her sound like a wind chime. “I know sweety. Look, calm down a bit. You’re spazzing!” I laughed hugging her lightly. I placed my hands on her shoulders to hold her to the ground. She looked at me with her large chocolate colored eyes opened widely, “I’m sorry… I just never bought a house before.” “That’s ok hun! Me neither! I’m excited too. Point those puppy dog eyes somewhere else! I really need a place anyway, like tomorrow!” I noted worried more about my own circumstances than buying a house. In fact, buying that house with my best friends was an answer to a prayer. “Ann, I’m so glad you’ll be moving in with me. Really I am. Not even kidding! I was going to be so fucking lonely! Trent’s driving would do me in I’m sure of it. You’ll get the entire upstairs to yourself so you can hide from me. You’ll have like everything up there. It’ll be your own apartment or something. OH. MY. GOD. I’m fucking freaking out.” Excitement spilled from Becca while she shook her hands animatedly grabbing at my elbows. “So they accepted the offer then?” I asked her taking her hands. “Yeah, the Finns accepted at their original asking price, like right away. Trent is freaking out too! He says it’s a steal! He’s prolly gonna be on the phone all day.” My friend babbled while tugging at my arms pulling me toward the house. “I’m sorta afraid it’s too good to be true.” I admitted looking down at her. For the millionth time, I pondered how badly that piercing in her nose must have hurt. She has a tiny silver ring in her septum that just hangs low enough to have a bit of movement. The dainty little diamond high in her left nostril fits tightly against her skin and barely catches the light. Becca was always modifying herself, but I liked her nose the best. Me? I’m a big wuss. I don’t like pain. I have one set of ear piercings to her many and nothing else pierced to her many other piercings. I have it on good authority Becca’s face isn’t the only location with non-biological holes! Just the thought of her pierced flower gave me a serious physical shiver. No way in a hairy dolphin will I ever get my lady bits pierced! I promised myself after that stray thought filtered through my mind. “Yeah, I can’t shake that feeling either… Only just a tiny bit though! They even paid the closing costs and shit. We are moving in on the down payment only, that’s nuts! We can cover that together no problem! You’re amazing by the way! Have I told you that today? We couldn’t do this without you.” Becca says turning around swiftly and stretching up to kiss my cheek meaning I had to bend down cause she pulled me to her. I loved Becca, but I’m a very introverted person. Hugs were the most contact Becca and I had shared and those were infrequent bro-hug type thingies. My childhood was sort of difficult. My parents were great, but my health wasn’t. I ostracized myself from the outside world and only went out when I had to. Trying to date my neighbor Trent had been Mom’s idea. I over invested and it sort of crushed my will to date for a while. Mom’s therapist (I refused to call her my own) said I have a social anxiety disorder. I thought I just like being alone, but I don’t have a Doctorate in what other people think so I got ignored. The kiss was new for us. I didn’t know what to do with it, but my hand drifted up to my face touching the trace of heat her lips had left. “You know, I only have a few days before I have to be out of my apartment. It stinks that I’ll have to move twice.” I complained. “Ah. You’ll only be a couch bum for a couple days. Maybe a couple weeks tops. We are happy to have you.” Becca reminded me of her offer to let me bunk on their couch at Trent’s apartment. “Uh... I decided to stay at the La Quinta Becks. They have a suite and I booked it for seven days. They gave me a good rate, and I’m not hurting for money. Besides, I don’t want to squash the newlywed vibe you two have going on.” I told her following her up to the house. “Awe, really? That’s no fun!” She huffed. “We’ll be all up in each other’s business before you know it. I’m excited. I’ll get more room for about the same money with this house. This move is a no-brainer for me babe.” I said looking down at her. “I may have bought it without you guys if I’d have been brave enough.” “I’m sorry they sold your building, but I’m not sorry to move in with my best friend!” Becca laughed hugging me tightly resting her head on my chest. “Your tall today.” Becca commented looking down at my hikers then back up at my face. “I’m always tall, and your always short!” I giggled and took a turn dragging her a few steps toward our new home. Becca took the lead guiding me around the backside of the house. She was a touchy-feely chick, but today she was a bit over the top. She’d always been that way, and it had been hard for me since I was a pre-teen. I’d dealt with the touching because I trusted her though. She was my first real friend after we’d moved when I was eight. I trusted Becca to get a good feel for the house just like I trusted Trent’s handi-maness to determine if the house was sound. The Lord knows I couldn’t do either! I giggled to myself. You have a certain set of skills… and house buying isn’t one of them. I thought in my best Liam Neeson impression. I hate getting out of the house, and college was just torture for me. My freshman year they made me live in the dorms! With people! I’d fallen into a light depression that year, but I had pushed through my problems and gotten my degree. I don’t really like to be touched, looked at, talked to… Fine. I’m a hermit. Dating was was even worse than living with strangers! It’s not that I enjoyed being alone, but guys just didn’t understand when I needed time alone. I just never really clicked with any of them. They couldn’t give me my alone time. Eventually, I gave up on dating altogether. I worked from home, shopped from home, ate at home, and gamed from home. I had a few friends and a truly lovely family. I just didn’t feel the need to get involved with humanity beyond that. “Look! Look!” Becca shouted as we rounded the house treading on a newer looking stone path. “Oh My stars!” Was all I could say. It was beautiful and I was left standing there dumbfounded. The back of the house looked very different from the pictures that Becca had shown me. There was a patio off the back door maybe three feet or so off the ground accounting for the grade of the hill. That wasn’t the only change though. Four humongous pillars rose from the patio on each of it’s corners. They were supporting another deck. I looked up at the bottom of the upper deck… my deck? There were two new decks, an upper and a lower, off the back of the house! I followed Becca, well got dragged by her, up a beautiful set of stairs. The dark wood had a tinge of red in the stain and was finished immaculately. The handrail was so smooth that when I ran my hand along it, I had no fear of splinters. “B...Becca! Do I really have my own outside access?!?” I stuttered in disbelief. “Yeah, Trent put that on the improvement list right at the top just for the hell of it. Look at this shit! They actually had it done!” Becca gushed literally jumping up and down. “I… I can’t believe it. It’s… so perfect.” I gaped reaching out to touch my own door. “Girl, just wait till we go inside! I don't’ have this key, but look it’s like a real balcony up here!” She giggled turning around to look at the yard. She drug me back around to the front door, but I had a hard time leaving my deck because it was cute and the view was amazing. I was already imaging watching the sunset out here. It looked like I’d have to see the first floor before I had the chance to see my floor though. The Finns had really put in a lot of effort for us, for me. I couldn’t believe all the work that had been done. It was nothing short of amazing. I was that much closer to a new dog. I was thrilled. All the woods in the house were all rich and dark where the walls were a complimentary lighter color. I was sure my little spaz of a friend would end up repainting a few rooms because her tastes are… her own? “Becks I’m pretty happy right now. I’m just so glad you and Trent finally have your own place, well you know mostly your own. I feel like I’m invading though, but I promise I’m like a recluse or something! I won’t mess with your newlywed vibe.” I told her trying to get her to slow down. “Pish! Trent will be on the road a lot, most of the week really. He may start taking some overnight runs or sleeping in his truck. They pay a crazy wad of cash for those two-day runs. We have my car, but he wants to get a bike for running back and forth to work. With you here, I won’t be alone when he’s off being the Man of the House!” Becca said growling in a low voice. “Trent could use some butching up ya know. Those truckers are going to eat alive with that metro head of hair and total lack of man-beard. He looks like a teenage boy… If he carried a hipster bag, they’d probably beat the poop out of him on the spot.” I laughed. “Hey! That’s MY metro-man you’re mouthing there.” Becca put up a token defense of her husband, but lacking in real conviction. She drew up to her full height, which unfortunately for her was just shorter than your average girl. It always makes me giggle when she gets her back up and I still have to look down at her. She looked at me with death in her eyes and then broke laughing hysterically. She hugged me in our shared excitement as we headed upstairs together. It was time to see my floor! There was a small landing upstairs and then a weird shaped hallway. I couldn’t see from one end of the floor to the other, but I’d noticed that in the pictures before. I was already figuring out how to divide up the rooms to create a full house on the second floor. I wanted a nice bedroom suite and there was a beautiful humongous master bedroom suite on this floor on the east wall. I wanted an office, guest room, and a pretend kitchen/dining room. Then I’d have a full apartment on this floor, but this house wasn’t built with that in mind. It did have a dedicated bathroom on this floor that could be a guest bathroom, so that was nice. There was plenty of rooms for the other stuff I wanted to do and I’d get around to it all eventually. “Look it! They put in an outside door on the landing!” She said her platinum hair and purple braids bouncing off her shoulders. The purple braids were tipped with silver skull-face hair ties. “I see. This is super amazing Becks! I can’t believe this. It’s almost like this floor has been remade into a real apartment. I’ll be able to take out a dog and not bother you!” I stood there shocked all over again excitement building. “I know! We’ll love your dog, but I’m glad you can do that out your own door. Just… you know walk it away from the porch a ways.” Becca admitted. “I promise Becks. I’ll do the poop bags and everything.” I agreed. “We told the Finns that we couldn’t afford the place all on our own. Ashley let on like they thought we had to get a renter. I thought she’d look our financial paperwork closer than that.” Becca told me shrugging like it was the realtor’s loss. “So... She knows I’m a co-signer right? I mean I’m covering most of the down payment and all the taxes.” I asked. “I guess, I’m sure she does by now at least. Worst case, she’ll find out at the closing won’t she?” Becca laughed. “It’ll be nice to meet the Finns at least the once.” I admitted. “Let me show ya the rest, there’s more.” Becca’s silver bracelets clacked together as she clapped her hands bounding off once again. Rebecca Phillips is my best friend, but she was just coming out of her goth phase. I was thrilled for that! Goth was preceded by a punk phase, and I for one would love to see the end of all the leather and silver buckles. The punk stuff came after her stab at grunge in her senior year. Japanese culture influenced most of High School before the grunge phase. The entertaining part of my besty is that none of the phases were ever totally left behind. They all left a mark on her eclectic sense of style. I bought her several of those noisey bracelets over the last few years. The purple streaks in her hair were left over from our junior year when two toned hair was her thing. Well, at least the punk and goth phases shared a lot of the same clothes! Goth just added a ton of dark makeup to the mix, at least that’s for the most part how it worked for Becca. I don’t know, there may be a few more piercings these days. I giggled to myself looking at her. Strangely, I found myself doing it much more frequently than I used too. I refocused on my wind chime sounding friend and the tour she was giving. It turned out one of the room’s had been upgraded just for me! There were some basic cabinets making a bar against one wall. They had installed a small overhead cabinet on one end and a fridge on the opposite wall. It immediately reminded me of a workplace break room. The only stuff I’ll have to do downstairs is oven stuff and my laundry! I notice unable to fight back my own sniffles suddenly overwhelmed by the Finns’ thoughtfulness. “Good gracious Becca, this place is amazing! I can’t get around how perfect this house is. I can’t believe they even got a fridge up here. It’s ridiculous!” I gush. “I know! Trent keeps coming over here looking for flaws. Poor guy has a bit of a glass-half-empty complex. It can be hard to keep him happy.” She giggled her hand resting on my arm. ----- I’m a few years older than Trent who was a few years older than Becca’s twenty. Twenty-four wasn’t ancient or anything, but I was the college grad with a few years of working and life under my belt. I would always be the oldest in our house. I loved Becca, but we’d never lived together, and I certainly didn’t have the upper hand in relationship edicate. I had few relationships and even fewer long term friends. Was all this touching normal? I asked myself trying to fight off the sense of invaded space she was stirring up. That day though, we both gushed and giggled about moving into our new house. We talked a lot about the new appliances and discussed colors for our walls. The owners were going to leave the couch and one bed in the guest bedroom downstairs until we closed, then it’d be a flurry to get all our crappy furniture in that beautiful house. ----- All the banking was done, so we were ready when Closing Day came around a few weeks later. All we had to was sign on the dotted lines. We were filled with nervous energy while Trent remained aloof standing with his arms crossed through most of the meeting. It was terrifying and thrilling at the same time. Admittedly, I could afford the house on my own, and I wouldn’t have co-signed with my friends if that weren’t the case. Plan for the worst case scenario! Dad was worried life would smack me and leave me in a lurch so I never got in over my head. I planned to squirrel away the difference that the Phillips would be covering so I had my budget worked out for worst case. Plus I needed to rebuild my savings after the down payment. Becca and I crashed on the downstairs couch as the sun was setting the evening after we closed on the house. Trent had to leave running his first night load. So, we were alone to celebrate in our new house. The view was amazing through the full windows on the west side of the house. We were nestled in watching the oranges and reds while she sipped a beer and I nursed at a sweet tea. Becca, being so short, could only lean her head against my shoulder, but it was comfortable and so was the silence in the room. She took a pull off her beer and looked up at me with her big chocolate brown eyes. She whispered, “I couldn’t do this with anyone else ya know.” “I know Becks. I get it. You don’t have to tell me. Seriously, it’s not charity. You guys really bailed me out here. If you can stand me for a couple years, you’ll be out of school and you won’t need me any more.” I pat her leg letting her know I wouldn’t intrude forever. Her body language changed immediately. She sort of shrank in on herself and sat up separating herself from me. A shadow crossed her face and her hands quickly covered her eyes. Soft sobs wracked her body and her pale shoulders bobbed keeping time with the crying. “Shit Ann. I’m sorry.” She sniffed. “I didn’t mean it like that. I meant, you are literally the only reason we can get this place!” “Oh Becks…” I started honestly confused. Becca cut me off, “No, it took both our credit ratings and you as a cosigner. I just meant please, please, please put up with us for a few years before your life sweeps you out of town. I’ll be ready to help with the bills then. Part-time just doesn’t cover much. Maybe I’ll be ready to let you go by then too.” I turn to do something I have never done before, something that had never occured to me before. I kissed the top of her head. Poor thing, I thought as she tugged me into a side hug burrowing into me. I’m never going to want to leave. I don’t want to get swept away with life or my carrier. I thought to myself not finding the words or the will to say anything. Becca was one of the coolest outgoing people I knew, but she seemed so fragile right then. One day I’d find out what had her so worried, but on that day I attributed it to the stress of debt and moving. “Sorry Becca. I get it. I guess I thought this might be long term thing. You know ‘Crazy Aunt Ann’ living upstairs taking care of your kids in the evenings so you two could do stuff together. I don’t know what I was thinking. Of course, I’ll stay long enough for you to finish school… long enough you won’t need me.” I whispered. “Shit! Damn! Ah Hell Annie. That’s N-O-T what I meant. You better bet your ass that you’ll be crazy Aunt Ann! We may need one of those rooms eventually. Trent wants to ruin my body with at least two kids. There’s only the one spare room down here unless we give up our office.” Becca rushed. “Sorry. I just… Well… Poop. Becks they are tearing down my building! I can’t catch a break anywhere. I thought you were telling me I wasn’t going to be welcome in a few years. I… it’s... I’m sorry.” I sniffed. “Such a potty mouth on such a pretty face.” Becca joked turning my words against me over my pseudo cussing. She got up on her knees and returned my kiss leaving my face uncomfortably close to her cleavage. I sprung up and drug her to the master bedroom on the second floor. My bedroom had a beautiful attached bathroom. It looked like my bedroom was a bit bigger than theirs and i secretly loved that. Buying the whole floor for half the house payment was a steal for me, but I wanted to cheer Becca up. “Your’s and Trent’s room is almost as big as his whole apartment. Plus, it’s on the opposite side of my outside entrance.” I pointed out. “Yeah, it’s a big fucking upgrade from my dorm room!” She bursted out laughing. “This is a huge upgrade for me too! Potty mouth.” I asserted. We moved to what I thought would be my guest room, “Well, the second room downstairs could be the boy’s room. You don’t want those yard apes too close to your room though. Too much rough housing in there. Then you’d have the kid’s bathroom, and then girls room up here if we had to. You know in the future.” “Or you could keep your office if I have two boys or two girls. Since you live up there, you’d have to take care of em if I put any spillover kids upstairs. Maybe we could put that baby monitor receiver in your room!” She teased. “You’re breastfeeding aren’t you!” I blanched looking mortified. No way I wanted to get up at night! “Hell, I don’t know! That’s at least after college and the first year of work or so!” Her face scrunched. “I have to wait like three FLIPPING years to live vicariously through your motherhood!” I mock panicked. “OMG! You’re going to have to get a handle on that fucking mouth before you burn my poor baby’s ears off with your verbal filth!” Becca teased me. “Why I never! My momma would probably spank me to this day if she caught me talking like you! Those poor babies!” I giggled. We broke off in a fit of laughter. Becca hugged closely to me as we walked back into her room hip to thigh. It was a big impressive room too. I really liked her room, but it was the view I was in love with even if my room was a bit bigger. I was truly happy for her and thrilled to be sharing the house with her. She ran a hand down my hair and stepped away from me taking my hand again. More touchy-feely boundaries were broken that day than in both of my previous dating relationships! I didn’t know what to do. I already loved Becca, but I didn’t see other people behaving like this with their friends. Course, one has to leave the house to see other people... Going to have to hit the internet for some research. I’m not sure if I should be offended or not. Still, it’s nice to be this close to someone. I decided. “God we can do anything in here! It’s so huge!” She said sounding like she was in a bit of a weird mood. “I could fit my whole dorm room in here fridge and microwave and everything!” Becca pointed out. “I won’t have an oven upstairs, but I don’t cook much so that wouldn’t be a problem!” I said getting truly excited. “Well, you’ll be eating downstairs with the family anytime I cook.” Becca asserted. “Bah you cook all the time! I’m going to wear out my welcome!” I worried. “Honey, you can’t wear out your welcome. You know why? It’s because your family, and I love you!” She reminded me. “I don’t wanna mess up the whole newlywed humping like rabid bunnies vibe you two have.” I giggled. We left Birch House in a good mood having spent some time in it dreaming of our futures. We headed over to Becca and Trent’s place and grabbed the boxes Trent had brought home for packing. It was enough boxes to move a whole house of people. Becca ran into PIzza Hut for a hot and ready pizza on our way to my hotel. The Packing had started. “Ok, Let’s pack this shit!” She giggled grabbing a piece of ham off the top of our pizza. “Oh I give up! Wish I had something to shove in your mouth so you wouldn’t foul up my air!” I said laughing at her potty mouth. “I’m sure I’ll spontaneously stop cursing as soon as the house is packed with diapers and pacifiers… Till then, Fuck Off!” She cackled at herself. “Let’s watch a movie or something while we pack.”  
  9. Hi all, This is a sequel to a previously written story, but reading that isn't essential. This new story stands on its own The previous completed part is contained here: If you want the vibe, I suggest reading the interludes “The Great Shittening” and "Ditzies does it Again" https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/77379-weaponised-incontinence-in-a-world-of-late-bloomers-completed/&do=findComment&comment=1888109 Below is a summary on all of the important story beats: Prequel Summary Three generations after the fallout of an endemic, people have been left with long toilet-training times, up to 17 years in most. Nick is a very average teenager, if not below-average, who rode the wave of popularity when he toilet trained himself at fourteen, amongst the youngest in his class. He joined the popular group, made friends exclusively with those who were toilet trained, and lived confidently atop his precarious pedestal. He is however shadowed by his step-sister Laura, the class valedictorian, who is an incredible high achiever and beacon of knowledge. Her only flaw? At eighteen, she is still in nappies, with no sign of a successful training anywhere in the near future. Just how she wants to keep it. Laura is an incredible annoyance to Nick, always acting innocent to play jokes on him and scratch at his ego. Her tricks pique Nick’s intrigue one day when she soils herself in front of his friends to prank them. Nick suspects that she must have control over her movements, but just chooses to lie about it. Through a series of escapades, Nick goes on a number of dates with Laura’s secret nemesis, and the most popular girl in school, Cassie. It turns out that she was using Nick to get back at Laura who knows her secret - that she still pees herself sometimes. The story concludes with Nick finding out Laura’s secret, and her admitting to him that she likes using her nappies, and likes the way that he changes her. Unfortunately, things get strange between them as they open up to each other, and Nick moves across the city when their school year ends, to go to university over there. Laura, of course, will attend the best uni in the city. Chapter 1: Houseparty Blues Nick stood out on the grass under the cool and dark night, the house’s lights flooding the backyard and shining into his eyes and face. His hand formed a visor to cut through the beams, but even still his friends were just silhouettes in the brilliance. A muffled doof-doof crawled from the cracks in the shed door to his right, buzzing across the mud and grass and into Nick’s shoes. God a dance would be good right now. He was at a party, after all. He took a sip of his beer, trying to listen to what his mate was saying, but getting distracted by a bassline that he thought he knew. These really were the best nights, those in late March when summer’s last tendrils fought the Autumn chill. This time of year brought with it a still and frosty cold, one that reminded you how late the night was, and let you snuggle into blankets to fight it, but that dissipated with the still-hot sun. Perfect weather, Nick thought. One hand on his beer, the other around his girlfriend’s waist, perfectly chill night - this was meant to be the life. So why was he on edge? “Yeah, well Nick’s having trouble with that, aren’t you, babe?” Sarah said, and Nick was pulled back from his strange anxiety into the moment. What was the question? “Trouble with what?” “With motivation at uni. You know, there’s that accounting subject you hate,” Sarah said, and Nick nodded absently, hand squeezing her waist. He found that even without thought, his fingers played with the exposed edge of her nappy’s waistband. “Oh, yeah, don’t get me started. I’d rather shit myself than listen to the lecturer.” “Big words from you!” Luke, who stood as a black figure against the light, whistled. “You’ve got a perfect streak - not a nappy since you were 14.” “Yeah, well, I’m not gonna shit myself, am I?” Nick huffed. “So I guess I’m going to keep listening to old-mate explain balancing a book.” Shitting pants, if that wasn’t Nick’s life now. He figured that he’d never see another wrecked nappy after moving away from her family and step-sister Laura, who had been using nappies for pleasure and revenge rather than necessity, but then he’d moved into a sharehouse with a girl who was legitimately incontinent... “So how’d you two meet?” Tony, the other friend in the circle asked. “First I’ve heard of this relationship.” “Oh, Nick moved in with me,” Sarah giggled. “Moving quick,” Luke joked. “It’s a sharehouse,” Nick clarified. “They had an extra bed, so I took it. Moved in about three months ago.” “And that’s how the love story starts?” Tony asked. “Yeah, sorta,” Sarah blushed. “I guess it’s a little cliche, but Nick offered to help me clean up one of my nappy blowouts, and we caught feelings from there.” “Textbook movie stuff of the modern era,” Nick joked along, although cringed behind his facade. Somewhere in the past few years Nick’s wires had crossed, and the act of cleaning a nappy and caring for somebody had become sexy, and tied itself to his off-brand masculinity. Coincidentally, Sarah must have had a thing for guys with good hands rearranging her pants, and she’d been clinging to those hands ever since. Now, though? Nick dreaded every off-smell he caught from her direction. It’d only been three months and he’d already uncrossed those misplaced wires well and truly. This girl could blow-out a nappy like a chocolate grenade, and he’d somehow been caught with the medic’s duties. She shifted in his grip, her sides tensing, and Nick’s heart dropped in dread. Not now! he whined. But she relaxed too quickly, nodding to the conversation that carried on, and no smell came. Nick wheezed his relief. “How’s the rest of uni, then?” Luke asked. “And work? I heard from Shano that you’re a bit of a salesman.” Wasn’t this the question. “Well, uni’s otherwise alright, I guess,” Nick said, deflating to think about it. What even got him excited these days? It wasn’t uni, and it really wasn’t Sarah’s dirty nappies. “I just…I dunno. I guess I thought that by nineteen I’d understand myself better, but that birthday is just a few months away and I still don’t know if I like what I’ve gotten into.” “It’s only been a few weeks, though!” Luke said. “Can’t know whetheryou like it this quick.” “Yeah, but we’ll be twenty before we know it, you know,” Nick continued his moping. “And it just seems like I’m not ready for that - to know where I want to be, and what I want to do..” “I hear you,” Luke nodded. “In any case, I can just hope that Greg was right, and that Commerce really is the degree to get. But then what, join the corporate wank-fest?” “Who’s Greg?” Tony asked, and Nick was reminded that he’d only been hanging out with this crowd for a short while. All to get away from Laura and her drama. “My step dad,” Nick answered. “You might the office world once you get there,” Luke said, then pondered. “Although I can’t imagine you just sitting at a desk for hours on end.” “Me neither,” Nick agreed. “My work now is fun, but I can’t work at a Bunnings forever.” “You could.” “Well I wouldn’t want to, either.” Nick noted, realising that he hadn’t left himself with any options. “It would be nice if I could just keep the current status quo forever. Easy work at a hardware store, get the money, pay the rent, drink on fridays, Bob’s your uncle.” “That’s what my cousin does,” Tony spoke up, and Nick almost forgot the boy was there. “He has fun with it.” “Stasis life,” Nick repeated. “It’d be great.” Just then Sarah drifted away from Nick’s grip, spreading her legs as she shifted onto her far foot. Nick’s hand rode her short skirt from her waist down to her bum, where his hand rested, cupping her nappy. () He was startled when he felt the plastic press outwards against him Without even a grunt or a wink from the girl, a load dropped into the seat of her nappy, right against his hand. The plastic ballooned against him, hot and damp, as the mess creamed into the space. He then heard the wet squelch as more poured out, exploding into the seat of her pants. The nappy’s waistband puffed out with the bubbling farts, and he was sure this would be a blowout. He was not going to deal with this right now. “Sorry to bring the mood down,” he apologised, and retracted his hand. “But I’ve got to see a toilet about a piss. I’ll be back.” And he rushed off in a puff of smoke, almost spilling his beer as he jogged across the muddy yard. Really, Nick didn’t have to piss, he just had to get away, and he fumbled hastily through the house to the lone toilet at its far end, upon which he sat and locked the door behind him. Oh well, when in Rome, and he whipped his dick out anyway, just to see if he needed to go. Meanwhile, his other hand lifted his phone, and its fingers absently gravitated their way over to instagram, onto the profile at the top of his search history. Cassie’s profile. His high-school crush, and the girl who get away. Man… Nick bit his lip, looking at her most recent photo. This girl was hot - and she’d been into him for a bit, hooking up, almost fucking. Well...it was for the purposes of social espionage on her part, but that didn’t take away the fact that it had happened. He grumbled, scrolling on, admiring her. Was there a way that, if he could go back in time, he could have kept her interest in him? She was essentially nappy-free, which on its own was a ten-outta-ten feature. Sure, she wet a pull-up or two, lots of people did, but that was relative heaven compared to the scraping up of mudcakes which he did for Sarah. Could he rekindle something here? Was it worth sending a DM? His finger hovered dangerously close to the button. This action would drive a fork in the road - on one prong, a perfect life with a perfectly hot chick and no nappies to be seen, on the other prong, the ruthless humiliation of crawling back to a crush who rejected you. Or a third prong, the one where things go alright, she leads him on, and then breaks things off again, crushing him further. Nick was almost convinced to just smash his finger down on that paper plane icon, but he used his restraint. Having not pissed, he stood and flushed the toilet so that anybody waiting wouldn’t question him as he left, and bustled back through the houseparty to the backyard. There, the glaring spotlight from the house shone harshly upon Sarah’s face,which was sour and desperate. Luke and Tony turned to greet him, their faces structured in harsh shadows. “Babe,” Sarah whined and Nick neared closer. He knew what was coming. “Yes babe,” he said, pretending not to see the distress plastered to her facade. “Babe, I made a boom boom,” she said, and sniffled for effect. “Can you clean me?” Nick sighed. “Yes, come on,” and he gestured her up the hill and towards the house. Having gotten what she wanted, she skipped merrily along and up ahead, beating him to the steps for the back door. With her ahead and in the light, he could see the extent of the job ahead. From under her short skirt the nappy bulged into sight, waistbands stained brown. In the small of her back, just above the waistband - and luckily clear of her cropped shirt - sat a pool of sticky, melted shit. A fucking blow-out, Nick sighed.
  10. During my first semester in college, I was enrolled in the usual intro classes - Philosophy, History, Anthropology… I had also signed up for a one-credit “freshman seminar,” more or less an intro to surviving your first year on campus and living on your own. An easy A, I thought, and maybe a chance to meet some freshmen girls. The seminar instructor was a young faculty member from the Theater department. She was very casual and warm with the class, encouraging us to use her first name, Anna. I was a bit smitten from the moment she walked in the class room. She had very kind eyes, an attractive build, and a firm but gentle air of authority. I knew I’d have no trouble with attendance for Anna’s class! In the first few weeks of class, I started wondering (wishfully?) if Anna was flirting with me. She called on me often to share, and always did so with a broad, beautiful smile. Of course, she was friendly and kind with all of the students, so I convinced myself it was my imagination. The semester wore on, and I found my way into the various party scenes on campus. By October, I had made some friends among a group of Theater majors. They invited me to the annual department Halloween party, which they promised would be wild. Makes sense, I thought, that the Theater kids would take Halloween pretty seriously. I knew I couldn’t miss it… Realizing I wouldn’t be able to compete costume-wise, I simply put on a striped tie, some kakhis and a sweater vest, ready to do my best “Frank the Tank” impression. My friends and I pregamed with some beers in the dorm, then headed out to the off campus apartment for the party. The party was raucous, the costumes raunchy, and the drinks stiff. I was still finding my tolerance, so got pretty lubricated pretty quickly. A Senior dressed impeccably as Princess Leia invited me to step on the back porch to smoke a joint. No chance I could say no to that… I reentered the party feeling a lot lighter. I nearly walked right past her. I was halfway through the kitchen when I realized, the leather clad Catwoman serving herself from the punch bowl was my seminar teacher, Anna. We locked eyes. “Oh hi there,” she said a bit awkwardly. “Oh um hi!” I stammered, shuffling past her. I was caught so off guard, a naive freshman feeling like I was busted, in trouble with my teacher, having broken the rules, broken the law even! Wait, though, I thought. she was having a drink! she was partying too! …or was that really even her?? Considering my state of mind, I couldn’t know what I actually saw or what to think of it. I figured best think would be to sleep it off. I made an Irish exit, and slinked off to my dorm and passed out. Sunday morning was a blur, I slept off my hangover most of the afternoon, spent the evening studying, and before I knew it, my alarm was blaring Monday morning. I shuffled through my routine and went off to class. It wasn’t until Anna walked in the room that it hit me. She was at the party! Right..? she was at the party..? I fidgeted in my seat nervously. “Good morning everyone! How was the weekend for you all?” Anna said. I slunk down in my chair, and fortunately she didn’t look my way. Some other students offered innocent sounding Halloween anecdotes. Anna smiled entertaining each story cheerfully. Eventually, she said, “I had a fun weekend too. “The Theater department had it’s annual Halloween party, which can get a little crazy.” My stomach dropped. She was there. She saw me… But she still didn’t make eye contact. In fact, it felt like she was intentionally avoiding my gaze. She looked around the room quizzically. “I feel like I saw one of you there… Ryan, weren’t you there?” she asked another student. My mouth was dry. I was in the clear, she didn’t know it was me. Ryan shrugged and shook his head. “Oh, well, I guess you can what my state of mind was,” Anna giggled. “Like I said, it can get a little wild…” The rest of class was a blur. I was in a daze, feeling like I’d gotten away with something. I was still a bit spaced out when I realized my classmates were picking up their things, class was over. I snapped out of it and scooped up my books and stuffed them in my bag. Shuffling toward the door I heard a firm voice call my name. “Matthew.” Anna beckoned me to the front of the room, looking a bit stern. I slowed my pace as the room emptied. As I approached, her face softened. Now alone, she crossed the room and closed the door. Smiling at me she said, “Matt, I wanted to say thanks.” “For what?” I stammered. “For not calling me out about the party. I know you were there and saw how drunk I was.” “Oh…” I said, “um, no problem, not a big deal.” I grinned. “Well, it’s kind of a big deal,” she told me. “I was behaving inappropriately, drinking that much around my students. It wasn’t right.” I wasn’t sure where this was headed, but she seemed to be feeling guilty so I tried to be affirming. “Don’t worry about it. Lots of people were drinking. You didn’t even really seem that drunk to me.” “That’s sweet of you to say, thank you,” Anna smiled. “But I should be setting a better example. I really should be punished.” My mouth went dry and my cock flinched. Was I dreaming? Anna didn’t give me much time to consider the notion. “I think because you were generous and didn’t call me out during class, it would be fair for you to punish me for my bad behavior. Would you like to give me a spanking?” Now I knew I was dreaming. This couldn’t be real. I’m sure she could see that thought on my face. She took me gently by the shoulder and looked me dead in the eye. “Don’t worry. I deserve it, and it should come from you.” Anna winked at me, turned and leaned over a desk in the front row. She stuck her round butt up in the air and tugged her skirt up above her hips. I stared at her panty-clad ass in disbelief. Turing back to look at me, Anna said invitingly, “Come on now. Give me what I deserve.” My cock was now rock hard straining against my jeans. I slowly moved over to her. Cupping my hand on her waiting ass cheek, I took stock. This was a thing of fantasy. Could I really be about to spank my teacher?? Drawing my hand back I brought it down with a slap. Anna barely reacted. I took the hint and reached back a little further. Smacking in the same spot, I elicited a tiny yelp. Anna raised her bottom a little higher anticipating the next smack. I couldn’t resist… I spanked in quick succession, harder each time. Anna moaned a bit and wriggled her hips. But she stayed firmly in position with her ass in the air, and took everything I had to give her. As I noticed her butt getting a little red, I slowed down and admired my work. My cocked throbbed and dripped into my underwear. Anna tugged her skirt back over her hips and stood up. Her other cheeks were blushing too. Clearing her throat as she turned around, “well thank you again for your discretion. That was a fair punishment, don’t you think?” I nodded, unable to speak. “Good, I’m glad you think so,” she asserted. “Because there’s also the matter of your misbehavior that we need to discuss.” I swallowed hard. “You were in fact at that party, and you were drinking under age and smoking marijuana. Those are serious offenses that the Dean of Students does not take lightly. “But, as I think you might know by now, I like to deal with things like this directly. Fair is fair; you gave me my punishment, now it’s time for you to take yours.” She walked behind the desk, never breaking eye contact. Sitting down, she opened a drawer and produced a long wooden ruler. Setting the ruler on the desk, Anna crooked a finger and beckoned me. She might as well have been using a tractor beam. In seconds I was standing at her side behind the desk. With two hands on my belt, she sternly pulled me closer. Keeping one hand firmly affixed to the front of my pants, she shook a finger at me with the other hand and scolded. “Young man, your behavior this weekend was unacceptable. I do not tolerate boys who refuse to act their age. So now, Matthew, I am going to put you across my knee and spank your bottom good and hard.” My dick was aching, throbbing and dripping. Even though I stood looking down at her, I felt like I was about two feet tall. Anna went to work unfastening my pants. She quickly tugged them to my knees. Grabbing my wrist, she roughly pulled me forward over her lap. I tried to drink in the moment. I was relatively inexperienced sexually, but had fantasized about spanking scenarios extensively, just like this one. Anna seemed to be enjoying herself too. She wrapped an arm tightly around my waist, and rubbed my waiting bottom gently with her other hand. She lifted it for a moment and then… SMACK! I was snapped out of my trance by a sharp sting on my backside. “This is what happens,” she said, raining down three more hard spanks, “to naughty boys who misbehave.” The sting grew and spread as she peppered both cheeks evenly all over my sit spots. The pain wasn’t enough to assuage my erection though, as it throbbed against Anna thighs. She continued chiding me as she spanked. “When you act like a little child, you can expect to be treated like one, along with childish punishments. “Don’t you feel embarrassed, a big boy like you with his pants pulled down getting a smacked bottom like a little boy across his mommy’s knee?” She stopped for a moment. “Well, aren’t you embarrassed, Matthew?” “Yea ma’am,” I mustered. She cupped my cheeks and tightened her grip around my waist, indicating she was far from through with me. “It seems to me you are going to need some rather ‘hands on’ attention and guidance to navigate the rest of your freshman year. I have a feeling this won’t be the last time I have to put you over my lap.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! She kept up the barrage with her bare hand making me wriggle and yelp. Stopping again, I heard the ominous sound of the ruler sliding off the desk. “To make sure you know what to expect going forward, I’m going to give you a good dose with the ruler. This will be just a taste of the spanking you’ll receive the next time we have to have this conversation.” Anna tapped the ruler against my boxer briefs, taking aim. CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK! She lit up my butt, striking in the same spot repeatedly, right at the curve of my ass above my thighs, across both cheeks. I gasped as the pain seared across my backside. Just when I thought I might start to cry, Anna paused. She rested the ruler on my back and firmly rubbed my butt. The sting deepened as she did. Just when I thought maybe I was done being spanked, I felt Anna’s fingertips in the waistband of my underwear. “You’ve taken your punishment like a very good boy so far. I’m proud of you. We’re almost finished. Just to make sure I get my point across, I’m going to have to pull these down and give you the ruler on your bare bottom.” She tugged my undies down over the crest of my butt. I held my breath waiting for the crack of the ruler as I felt her retrieve it from the small of my back. I didn’t have to wait long. The ruler exploded across my bare behind and I lost control. I howled and bucked. Anna held me tightly in place and steeled her resolve. “Hold still and take your punishment little boy,” she scolded as she continued beating me. “A good bare bottom spanking is just the medicine you need.” I fell limply across her lap and sobbed. Anna kept spanking for a few minutes, then finally relented. I kept crying as she rubbed my butt and cooed, “good boy, good boy. Let it out.” Eventually she guided me to a sitting position on her lap. Anna rubbed my still bare butt and held my head on her shoulder. Despite the sharp pain in my backside, I felt loved and cared for. A strange sense of relief and comfort washed over me. After a few moments, Anna broke the silence. “You were a brave, good boy and I’m proud of you. But like I said, I don’t think that will be your last spanking this year.” She patted my bare bottom firmly. “We’ll talk more about that later. I want you to come to my office tomorrow at 1:00 pm sharp. Don’t be late. For now, you need to get to your next class.” She slid me off her lap and stood me up. As she pulled my underwear back into place, my erection was returning. Anna noticed and commented on the wet spot that had grown there. “Oh my, a little accident. We’ll have to discuss that tomorrow too.” She fastened my pants and turned me toward the door by my hips. “Off you go,” she said, with three firm seats to the seat of my pants. “And remember to behave yourself, or else…” she smiled at me broadly. I returned the smile, “See you tomorrow ma’am,” I said. “Yes until then,” Anna said, “Oh, and please wear that cute costume from the party when you report to my office.”
  11. I have been posting this on ABDL story forum and a very kind person suggested I posted it here as well. This is my first completed story. Please let me know what you think! I am working on the sequel currently and when I become more familiar with this site I will post it here as well. Please enjoy! ~LTRID CHAPTER 1 Jessica was just about finished moving her last box into her dorm. This was Jessica’s junior year in college and she finally managed to land herself a single dorm. She was looking forward to this semester. Jessica liked her past roommates and they remained friends, sure, but one thing she never liked about college was sharing her space. Jessica liked her privacy. She was never able to get any of it when she was living at home. Jessica was the oldest of seven in her family, the youngest being three and a half. Every moment she had alone she savored. When Jessica first started college, she adjusted better than a lot of the friends she made. They were from small families and were nervous being out on their own. While Jessica was also a little nervous to leave home, the idea of her getting to have a room that was only shared by one other person was enough for her to jump headfirst. “Last box.” Said Jace walking through Jessica’s dorm room door, a big box in his hand. Jace was Jessica’s longest friend she had at college. She met Jace when she was trying to find her first class freshman year. She saw this dorky looking kid with his hand’s full papers and books in a stack that was taller than his head. Jessica walked over to help the poor boy and scared him nearly to death causing his papers to fly everywhere. Jace was very embarrassed about the incident, but Jessica thought he was cute, and he reminded her of her little brothers. It turned out that Jace was only sixteen but had graduated high school early and was attending college. Jace knew the campus from summer classes and helped Jessica find her classroom. They agreed to get lunch together that day and have remained friends ever since. Now that two years have passed, they remain close to one another. Jessica loved having Jace around, watching him blossom from an awkward sixteen-year-old to a handsome man. Both are juniors this year and since Jace turned eighteen this year he was finally able to move into the on-campus housing. “Thank you Jace!” Jessica replied smiling. “Just throw it with the rest of them.” “You would think.” Started Jace setting the box down on the pile of other boxes. “That after doing this for three years now you would be more organized. And what do you have in here bricks?” “What is the point of having all those muscles if you are not going to use them?” Asked Jessica. Jace looked down at his arm and flexed, he had put on a lot of muscle over the summer. He was not huge by any means but had toned noticeably. “They are for the ladies.” Said Jace. “You have never had a girlfriend in your life!” Jessica teased. “Hence the muscles Jessica!” Jace replied. Jessica walked up to Jace and put her hand on his bicep. “Meh… I’ve seen bigger.” “WOW!” Replied Jace. “What I am just being honest!” Jessica said smiling turning back to her unpacking. “Alright, that’s it!” Jace said picking Jessica up with ease and tossing her onto the bed playfully. “Hey!” Jessica screamed. “What was that for!” “If you are going to be a brat then I get to throw you on the bed.” Jace smirked, crossing his arms. “SO RUDE!” Jessica said climbing off the bed and walking up to Jace and poked him in the chest. “You listen here mister. I have never been a brat and never will be do you understand me?” Jace looked down at Jessica. Jace had had a few growth spurts since they first met. Before Jessica and Jace were about the same size, but he shot up the most in the summer between freshmen and sophomore year. He now stood at a comfortable 5’9 while Jessica was 4’10. “I hate that you are this much taller than me now…” Responded Jessica looking up at Jace. “You know, I am kinda liking it though.” Jace said patting her head. “Oh, get out of here!” Jessica said. “Don’t you have your own room to unpack?” “I did already. My parents helped me move in like two hours before you even showed up.” Jace replied. “Why didn’t you call me?” Jessica said. “I would have loved to see your parents.” “Ehh… it’s probably a good thing you didn’t. My mom is having a really hard time ‘letting her little baby genius go to college’.” “Awe… I know your mom is going to miss you.” Said Jessica. “Did she ever let you redecorate your room before you moved out?” “Nope! Still baby blue with the same mural she painted for me as a baby.” Replied Jace. “But that is so cute! I love little baby Jace around all his baby animal friends.” “You and my mom are the only ones.” Jace smirked. “I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she turned it back into my old nursery while I’m gone.” “If she does, I am coming to see it!” Jessica smiled. “Ha! Deal!” Jace stated. “So, you got a single dorm this year too? How did you manage that?” “I have connections you know.” Jace replied slyly. “Oh whatever. I was on the wait list for two years before I got a single and you just get one handed to you right away.” Jessica stated. “Is that jealousy I am sensing?” Asked Jace. “It is just not fair is all.” Jessica said. “Tell you what, you can come over and watch movies on my projector to make it up to you.” “Done! You sir are going to love this awful horror movie I found.” Replied Jessica. Jace laughed and shook his head at Jessica. “I am meeting some friends for dinner at the cafeteria. You want to come?” Asked Jace. “No, you go ahead. I am going to unpack and enjoy my earned single room.” Jessica stated. “Suit yourself. Text me if you want me to bring you back anything or hang out later.” “I will do. Bye!” “See you later.” Jace left Jessica’s dorm. Jessica looked around at all the boxes she had to unpack. Looking at everything she decided that this was a chore better left to another day. She quickly threw a blanket over her bed, changed into some yoga pants and turned on her computer. She would get to the boxes tomorrow. Jessica pulled up Netflix and hit play; fully intending on binging at least a season of something. “Ahh…” Jessica signed as she got comfortable in bed. “This is going to be my year.” BUZZ!! BUZZ!! BUZZ!! Jessica was awoken to her phone vibrating. She looked over and saw that it was already 9 o’clock. She had slept the entire afternoon and evening away. Groggily she reached and grabbed her phone. MRS. HARRISON She read the caller ID seeing that Jace’s mom was calling her. “Hello…” Jessica answered the phone, her voice raspy from waking up. “I am sorry dear did I wake you?” Mrs. Harrison asked. “No, well yeah but it is fine. What’s up?” Jessica asked. “I am sorry to bug you. And I know this is just me being a worried mother with my only baby son gone…” She started to tear up on the phone. “I just always check on him when he is in bed and he isn’t here… and he isn’t answering my calls or texts… and… and…” “Oh… Mrs. Harrison, that is so sweet. I can go and tell Jace to call you, I am sure he is just excited being his first day and didn’t mean to ignore you.” Jessica responded softly. “My mom was just as worried on my first night at school.” “She was?” Asked Mrs. Harrison. “Of course!” Jessica lied. Her parents did not call her till day three to tell her she forgot her toothbrush. “That makes me feel less crazy.” Mrs. Harrison replied. “Do not worry one bit. You are not crazy.” Jessica replied. “What is his room number? I haven’t made it over there yet.” “He is on room 4B.” “That is too funny! He is on the same floor as me, just on the other end of the building.” “Oh, how lucky!” Replied Mrs. Harrison. “So, you will check on him then?” “Absolutely. I am getting up now and will text you when I have confirmed your son is alive and well.” Said Jessica. “Thank you so much Jess! I owe you another dinner!” Mrs. Harrison replied. “Just make sure that he followed his bedtime routine and that he is wearing the pajamas that I put in his drawer for him.” “Okay.” Jessica chuckled. “Will go tuck him into bed for you.” “I know you are kidding but thank you!” Said Mrs. Harrison. “Anytime.” Replied Jessica hanging up the phone. Jessica turned her light on and found some slip-on sandals to wear. She walked with purpose to the end of the hall to Jace’s room. She was looking forward to making fun of him for this one. She arrived and knocked on his door. “Jace! Let me in! I am here to tuck you in on behalf of your mother!” Jessica yelled through the door. Jessica heard a stumble and small crash from the inside of the room. Jace opened the door slightly so that just his head was sticking out. “Be quiet!” Jace said. “Do you want to whole floor to hear you? What do you want?” “Your mother called me to make sure that her baby boy was still alive. Did you like not call her or something?” Jessica asked. “I was playing some games earlier and didn’t pick up. What the hell is the matter with her?” Jace replied. “I don’t know.” Jessica shrugged her hands and shoulders. “But I do know this is the longest I have ever stood at a guy’s door room without being invited in.” “Okay, hold on a second. I just need to put a shirt on.” “For what?” Jessica said pushing her way into the room. “You’re a guy in a dorm now, you should practically never have a shirt on.” “Hey wait!” Jace said in response. But it was no use, Jessica had already made her way into the room. Jace quickly pulled his pajama pants up. Jessica looked around the room seeing that Jace had turned one wall into a giant projector screen and had set up surround sound. She saw that he had calendars and whiteboards up with equations already written on them. “You do know that classes don’t start till tomorrow, right?” Asked Jessica. “I was just getting a head start.” Jace replied bending down at his knees instead of his waist to pick his shirt up from off the ground. After examining his room Jessica turned to Jace, just as he was standing back up bending at his knees like a ballerina. Jace had one hand on his pants making sure that they stayed up to his belly button throughout the process. “Jeepers man. Your pants are so high you look like a ripped Erkel.” Jessica said. “You can relax a little. You look good without your shirt on, actually. You should be proud of that body.” “Thanks..” Jace said sliding his shirt on. “Guess I’m just still self-conscious.” “You look better than most of the guys I have seen in this place. Seriously we need to focus on getting you a girlfriend this semester.” “Yeah…” Jace replied meekly. “Anyway, sorry about my mom calling you to come over here.” “You don’t need to apologize to me.” Jessica replied, pinching Jace’s cheek. “She is just worried about her baby boy.” “Stop… please…” Jace said looking back at Jessica defeated. “I think it is adorable that your mom still puts you to bed at night.” Jessica said smiling and sitting in Jace’s desk chair. “She does NOT put me to bed… She just likes to think I am still four years old and need to be put to bed.” “Well, she wanted me to make sure that you completed your bedtime routine. So, Mr. Man, have you brushed your teeth? And washed your face?” “Oh. My. God. Stop.” Jace replied. “I am perfectly capable of getting myself ready for bed.” “You didn’t answer my questions Mr. Man...” Jessica said looking at Jace as though she were interrogating a toddler. “Jessica!” Jace whined. “Jace – ica!” replied Jessica. “Come on tell me so I can drop it.” “Yes, I followed my bedtime routine, okay? Are you satisfied?” Asked Jace. “Almost!” Replied Jessica hoping up from Jace’s chair. “I just need to make sure that you are wearing the pajamas your mommy put in your drawer for you.” Jessica moved towards Jace’s dresser before Jace blocked her and held the drawer shut. “Jessica, NO! I have answered your questions, now will you please leave. I was just about to go to bed before you got here.” Jace said finally. “Wow. Someone is sensitive. I have seen guy’s underwear before. What do you have in their sex toys?” Replied Jessica. “I have some… personal things that I don’t want you to see.” Jace dogged the question. “Alright then, keep your secrets.” Jessica flicked his peck. “Thank you.” Jace guided Jessica to the door. “Now how about I get you breakfast tomorrow for your trouble?” “I am holding you to that!” Replied Jessica stepping out of Jace’s dorm and turned to face him. “For next time you need a babysitter my going rate is seventeen dollars per hour. Twenty if they are not potty trained.” “Goodnight Jessica May!” Jace shut the door on Jessica. “Call your mother!” Jessica screamed into the door. Jessica laughed and walked back to her dorm. She saw that there was a flyer tapped to her door when she arrived. Someone must have tapped it there while Jessica was sleeping. NEW PRODUCTS AT CAMPUS STORE!! NOW OFFERING DIRECT TO DORM DELIVERY!! Jessica ripped the flyer off her door and entered her room. She kicked off her shoes and got back into bed. She pulled out her phone and texted Jace’s mom. ‘Your baby boy is alive and well, I made sure he brushed his teeth and washed his face. He wouldn’t let me into his drawer to see if he was wearing the pajamas you laid out for him ☹ ~Jess’ ‘THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Seriously Jess, next time you come over for dinner I will make you anything you want! He is probably just being embarrassed about having great nights is all. He gets so shy around pretty girls. Thx again! xoxo ~MOM’ ‘He does get shy! I am sure he will still have a great night! ~Jess’ Jessica put her phone away and plugged it in setting the flyer under it. She opened back up her laptop and turned back on Netflix to fall asleep to. She smiled as she looked around her. She has a room to herself. She has her best friend on the same floor. Things were on an upward swing for Jessica. Or… so she thought. CHAPTER 2 Then next morning Jessica woke up to the bright morning sun shining through her window. She opened her eyes sat up and stretched her arms out. “YAWN!” Jessica said out loud. “Ahh! I haven’t slept that well in forever!” She took a deep breath and stood up from bed. She stretched her arms out and then reached down. MSG: JACE HARRISON Jessica opened the message. ‘Hey babysitter! Woke up early to go for a run. Let me know when you are awake, and I will carry you to get breakfast. ~Jace Windu’ ‘Good morning secret boy! Did you call your mommy last night? ~Jess’ Jessica looked over and grabbed the flyer that was on her door last night. She liked to read them every year. Companies always tested new products on her campus. She thought back to some of the funnier ones from the last two years. They brought in caffeinated breath spray that left your teeth blue; you could tell who pulled an all-nighter to study because they all looked like they chewed a Smurf. MSG: JACE HARRISON Jessica’s phone buzzed. ‘Yes, I did. Please do not validate her behavior by saying that was normal. And way to tell her we were on the same floor… She is going to ask you to spy on me and you ARE NOT to do so. I have like 15 mins left in my run. You cool if I don’t shower before we grab food? ~Jace Windu’ ‘Only if you don’t care that I also don’t shower and need to put underwear on. ~Jess’ ‘Why… aren’t you wearing underwear Jessica? ~Jace Windu’ ‘Oh, I got super turned-on last night after I saw you without a shirt on and I just soaked them as I masturbated with my vibrator set to pussy crusher. ~Jess’ Jessica watched the message bubble in her phone keep appearing and disappearing. Jessica smiled at Jace not being able to think of a response. She liked that she could get him frazzled, he is so witty all the time that he comes off as condescending to a lot of people. Jessica knows he cannot help it, so she tries to put him in his place when she can. ‘Make that 16 mins… need to take care of something in the bathroom really quick. ~Jace Windu’ ‘hmm… Only one minute? I bet we can get that down to premature ejaculation if we try hard enough! So, was the little boy I babysat last night a good boy? Or was he naughty… did he reach down his pants… grabbing his throbbing cock… and pumping himself to the thought of babysitter getting on top of him… Thrusting… Moaning… Oh GOD JACE! DON’T STOP! DON’T STOP! YES! YES! YES! AHH!... ~Jess’ Again, Jessica watched as the message bubble popped up and then disappeared again. She smirked knowing how this must be driving him crazy. She liked to tease Jace, she felt that he needed to come out of his shell a bit more and does more than hug a girl. She opened the flyer. It listed all the new products that they were going to start selling. MOON DRINKS – DRINKS TO HELP EVEN THE MOST STRESSED STUDENT FALL INTO THE DEEPEST OF SLEEP. PEP – THE ONLY GUM TO GUARENTEE YOU’LL STAY AWAKE FOR 12 HOURS! (PRODUCT NOT EVALUATED BY FDA, MAY CAUSE HEART, LUNG, KIDNEY, LIVER, STOMACH AND MUSCLE DAMAGE…. DEATH.) GO JUICE – A JUCIE THAT WILL FLUSH ALL TOXINS OUT OF YOUR BODY ALMOST INSTANTLEY. GREATNITES – NIGHTTIME PROTECTION FOR THE BIG BOYS AND GIRLS THAT SILL NEEDS A LITTLE HELP POOFS – TAPE ON DISPOSABLE UNDERWEAR FOR WHEN THE PARTY IT TOO LIT TO LEAVE. POWERTHIRST – FOR WHEN YOU NEED GRATUITOUS AMOUNTS OF ENERGY! FLOVORS INCLUDE SHOCKLATE AND RAAAWWBEEERRRYYY. Now offering direct to dorm delivery! Jessica giggled at the new offerings. She never bought any of them, but they were funny to see. Especially when the items that she thought would never make it to the store wind up on the store shelfs back home. ‘Make that 30 mins… I need to go change my pants now. ~Jace Windu’ ‘Uh-oh! Looks like your mommy switched you to big boy pants a little too, fast didn’t she? ~Jess’ ‘Yeah… so anyway can we get going? I am getting hungry. ~Jace Windu’ ‘Sounds like you are getting hangry. Sure crabby-pants. Will meet you downstairs in five. ~Jess’ ‘K. ~Jace Windu’ Jessica looked at her phone, she despised it when someone responds to a text with ‘K’ it is so annoying. Jessica typed back an emoji of the middle finger. She jumped out of bed again and looked in the mirror. “Yikes!” Jessica said to her reflection. She pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail and slipped on her shoes. She locked up her door and headed to the elevator. Walking down the hall Jessica found that there were boxes with groceries outside of some of the resident’s doors. Must be the delivery the flyer said Jessica thought glancing into the boxes seeing what people had ordered. She saw several cases of ramen noodles, sodas, some of the newly advertised items. She saw that someone had ordered a large box, she stopped to look at it. ‘GreatNites’ the box read. It had an image of a woman that looked to be in her twenties posing with her hip popped out in a tight fitting dark pink T-shirt and underwear on. Jessica examined the box further. They were not regular underwear like she had initially thought. They were like the pull on diapers that her little brothers and sisters had to wear when they wet the bed. The only difference is these ones looked to be aimed at a much older audience. There were two patterns shown on the box. One was black with a pink frill pattern around the top and legs, it had bows on the front and writing on it with different handwriting. Will wake for wine… The older I get the less I care. Need my beauty sleep. Too old for your drama. Bad Bitch! Jessica looked at them and saw they were designed like panties that she would wear. The other pattern was the one that the model was wearing on the box. They were a light pink color almost white. They had a lacey pattern on them making them look more like lingerie Jessica would get at Victoria Secret than diapers for bedwetting. “Interesting…” Jessica said moving past the box. Jessica called the elevator and rode it down to the ground level. She walked out onto the campus and looked for Jace. She saw him jogging down the sidewalk to her. “RUN FASTER!” Jessica yelled to Jace. Jace shook his head and smiled, but still did pick up hi speed. He arrived at Jessica. “Hey…” Jace said slightly winded. “You ready to go?” “For sure!” They walked towards the cafeteria. “The way you are such an overachiever literally sickens me.” Jessica said to Jace. “The way that you just roll out of bed, see THAT and think it is alright to go in public makes me embarrassed to be with you.” Jace said using his arms to reference to Jessica’s whole body. “Welcome to mornings on a college campus. You have no idea how freeing it is to put in such little effort.” “If I get to that level and I still don’t have a girlfriend. Please give me a pity bang and shoot me.” Said Jace. “Ha! We are going to get you a girlfriend this year no doubt. We can’t have you turning into the forty-year-old virgin.” Replied Jessica. They arrived at the cafeteria. “This place is dead.” Jace said opening the door for Jessica. “Dude, it is like 7:30. The only people awake are the weirdos that take morning classes and fo on runs.” Jessica stated. “Hilarious. What do you want?” Asked Jace as they got to the service line. “I’ll have a vegetarian omelet please.” Jessica ordered. “I’ll take the meat lovers.” Jace ordered. Jace and Jessica walked up to the register and Jace paid as promised. They walked to a booth that far away from the food service to give them some privacy. “When is your first class?” Jace asked taking a bite of his food. “Not till ten, you?” Replied Jessica also eating. “First one at 9. I have so many practical labs this year it is crazy.” Replied Jace. “That’s right! Now that you are eighteen you can take all the labs required for your major! Look at you all grown up.” Jessica smiled back to Jace. “And ridiculously busy. Barely have time to run to the bathroom between classes.” Said Jace. “That sucks! Those are three-hour labs, too right?” Jessica asked eating her omelet. “Ugh! Do not remind me. First one starts today.” Jace said exasperated. “Yeah, but I wouldn’t worry too much about that first day is always safety demos and syllabus.” Replied Jessica. “At least I have one day to relax then…” Jace grumbled picking at his food. “You are would up so tight you know that? Your mom is at home; you need to loosen up a bit.” “I have literally no idea how to do that.” Jace replied. “Well for starters, don’t get so nervous when a girl walks into your dorm. You were so rigid last night I thought you were going to break something.” Said Jessica. “Well… I mean… Last night does not count. I didn’t know you were coming over; I would have prepared better.” Jace stammered out an excuse. “Prepared for what? See, that is what I am talking about. You need to go with the flow more and learn to roll with the unexpected.” Said Jessica. “Easy for you to say you don’t…” Jace cut himself off. “I don’t what?” Asked Jessica. “Never mind… Please drop it…” Jace stated looking down at his food. “Hey…” Jessica responded, her tone shifting to be more gentle. “Is everything alright with you? If something were wrong you could talk to me you know.” “It’s nothing, really.” Jace looked up and smiled. “But thank you for the pep talk. I think I am just having a harder time than I thought adjusting to life on campus.” Jessica could tell that Jace was not telling her everything, but she wanted to respect his privacy. “Tell you what.” Jessica started. “My sorority and another frat are hosting a freshmen mixer tonight to meet the new little sisters and brothers. Why don’t you be my plus one?” “I am not really the partying type Jess…” Responded Jace rubbing the back of his neck. “Look you need to meet people and to do that you go to parties. I will be there, and I will have my new little sister with me. I can introduce you two before it starts, and you will at least know one person.” Said Jessica. “Your new little sister?” Asked Jace. “Yeah, every year the juniors in my sorority get assigned a little sister. They are freshmen just joining the sorority, we act as a mentor for their first semester. Help them out answer any questions. You know take them under our wing.” Jessica explained. “Oh, I understand now. So, who is this poor girl?” Asked Jace. “You think you are funny!” Jessica replied pulling out her phone and opening her email. “Her name is Amy Applegate. Have you heard of her?” “Nope. Is she hot?” Jessica kicked him from under the table. “OUCH!!” Jace screamed. “What the hell was that for?” “For being gross.” Jessica replied standing up. “Now if you will excuse me. It takes work to get this face ready for the day.” “And a metric ton of make-up.” Jace replied. Jessica walked over to Jace and grabbed his ear causing him to wince. “Now that wasn’t a very nice thing to say young man!” Jessica responded a firm grip on Jace’s ear. “I think I need you to apologize to the nice girl that is taking you to a party tonight.” “Fine! I’m sorry!” Jace said. “And?” Jessica said still holding on to his ear. “And! I don’t know! Let go of my ear!” Jace whined. “Ugh… fine.” Jessica said releasing his ear. “And thank you for brining me to the party. You are going to need to toughen up or any girl you meet is going to walk all over you. Kicking and screaming it is my mission to make you boyfriend material this semester.” “Lucky me…” Jace replied under his breath. “What’s that?” Jessica asked quickly. “Nothing!” Jace replied. “That’s what I thought… Looks like you spilled.” Jessica stated, pointing down to Jace’s shorts. “What?” Jace asked alarmed looking down at the spot. “Oh, yeah. Thanks.” “No worries!” Jessica said. “It’s just a small spot so no one will think you peed your pants. See you later.” Jessica turned to leave Jace. Jace looked down again at his shorts. He slid his hand underneath his butt and felt a big crescent shaped wet spot on the back. “Not again…” Jace sighed with a defeated familiarity. Jace stood up and left the cafeteria quickly trying not to attract attention to himself. He left through a side door. A girl with brunette hair tied into two loose pigtails worn down at either side, wearing plaid shirt overalls, white leggings and a tight white turtleneck stopped to watch Jace as he was leaving. She had an empty tray and was going to return it when she saw a familiar spot and Jace’s butt as he left. She craned her neck a bit to look behind her before shaking her head and continuing to her business. A slight crinkling could be heard with every step she took. She smiled and walked away excitedly. CHAPTER 3 Jessica arrived at her dorm and dug through her boxes to find her shower caddy along with her toiletries. She grabbed her outfit for the day, something simple, shorts and a blouse. Jessica was in her third year of college and did not need to show off to anyone. She stripped off her clothes and wrapped herself in her towel and put on her sandals. She walked into the hallway seeing that almost everyone had retrieved their grocery boxes. At the showers she walked down the isle to find an empty stall. She passed the first two, but then something caught her eye in the third. She took a quick step back and looked around to make sure she was alone. She peered into the changing area separating the shower and the rest of the lockers. She saw a pair of black and pink underwear with white writing on them on the ground, it looked as though they had rolled off the bench. Jessica could see that they had swollen to triple their size. The water splashing from beneath the showers getting absorbed by the discarded garment. Jessica looked on the bench and saw that there was another white and pink pair tucked into the girl’s pants. “Umm, excuse me.” Jessica called into the stall. “I think you dropped your… umm underwear.” “Oh! Shoot! Shoot! Thank you!” The girl replied reaching down and grabbing her absorbent underwear. “Just doing my part, miss.” Jessica mocked tipping her hat to the curtain separating the girls and continued to an empty stall. “I’m a college girl and can take care of myself.” The girl said quietly from behind the curtain. She repeated it like a mantra. Jessica stepped into the changing area and closed the curtain behind her. She turned on the water and removed her robe. She chuckled to herself as she stepped into the water. “Thought you needed to be potty trained to get into college.” She said to herself shaking her head. Jessica finished her shower without issue; laughing about the stereotypical erotic scene that always takes place when a college girl takes a shower. She dried off, got dressed and put her hair up into her towel. She reached for her shower caddy and walked toward the exit. The showers were getting busy as people were starting to wake up. As soon as she left another girl ran in after her. Jessica knew the panic and struggle. It is like the whole floor needs to align their schedules over the first week of classes. The first day is always a mad dash. Jessica exited the lockers and walked back to her dorm and deposited her shower caddy and towel. She sat at her desk and started brushing her hair. She opened a browser and played some music to listen to while she got ready. After her hair, Jessica went to do her make-up. ‘I’m a college girl and can take care of myself!’ “Hold up!” Jessica stopped what she was doing and turned to her computer and paused the video. There was an advertisement playing it was the same woman that Jessica had seen on the box of GreatNites she saw outside the door and that the girl had in the locker rooms. Jessica rewound the ad and played it from the start. A woman in her twenties is in her home looking miserable outside a window where there is a rainstorm going on. ‘I can’t be the only one on campus with a wetting problem? What If everyone finds out?’ Her phone rings. ‘Go out tonight? But what if I…. A GreatNite? What is that? A package of GreatNites falls into her lap. She pulls one out and in a flash, she is wearing it. She gets flung out the door in just her shirt and GreatNite. ‘How did I get here? Ahh! Where are my pants!’ The woman looks around and sees that everyone at the party is wearing just a GreatNite and a T-shirt. ‘Everyone?’ Music starts to break out and the rain clears up. The party moves to a roof where there are people dancing and drinking all in different patterns of GreatNites. The woman looks back to the camera. ‘So, what if I have trouble making it on time? Millions of people my age struggle to make it to the bathroom on time, but that is not going to hold me back; not anymore!’ There is cheering and then cuts to the same group in a classroom. ‘Because whether I am partying or hitting the books.’ Cuts to just the woman sitting up in her bed in front of her laptop. ‘I can take whatever life throws at me! Because I’m a college girl and I can take care of myself.’ The last scene cuts to a montage of people saying the tag line I’m a college girl/boy and I can take care of myself. Jessica stared dumbfounded at the screen. It was not that she saw that there was an advertisement aimed at an older audience. It was that the whole scene was completely normalizing the fact that everyone was wearing what is essentially a diaper. It was not like these were being sold as just for bedwetting, but something to wear day and night. Like there were thousands of people in college that could not make it to the bathroom on time like potty training toddlers. Jessica sat back in her chair and thought back to the girl in the locker room and the box she saw outside the other room. There was at least one person on her floor that wore these 24/7. “Whatever floats your boat I guess.” Jessica said going back to getting ready. She was glad to see that a company was taking notice to an issue that she had not known about, but otherwise did not pay it any further thought. Jessica went to her first class and found it to be dull and uneventful as she anticipated it would be. She knew the drill by this point; the only reason you show up to the first week of class is to get marked in attendance. MSG: JACE HARRISON ‘What the hell is going on here today? ~Jace Windu’ ‘What are you talking about? ~Jess’ ‘I think I have died and gone to heaven.’ ~Jace Windu’ ‘Or dropped on your head. What are you talking about? ~Jess’ ‘There is a bunch of girls dressed like schoolgirls on campus right now. ~Jace Windu’ ‘What are you smoking? ~Jess’ ‘Seriously, look around they are everywhere!’ ~Jace Windu’ Jessica looked around her classroom. ‘Nope. Fairly sure you are just high. ~Jess’ ‘I SWEAR I am not making this up. Maybe it is just the lower classmen? But for real I have seen at least ten of them. ~Jace Windu’ ‘Maybe there was a sale? ~Jess’ ‘Yeah… of Sexy co-eds! ~Jace Windu’ ‘Cool! You go shopping and we will bring her to the party tonight ~Jess’ ‘Fine! I will find one! You just wait! ~Jace Windu’ ‘Happy hunting ? ~Jess’ Jessica put her phone away and looked up at her professor. He was going over slides of the syllabus. Jessica signed the attendance sheet as it came by and then slipped out of the back without being noticed. Jessica looked around at her campus and smiled. “HEY!” A girl called from down the hallway. “Jessica!” Jessica turned to see Kelly one of her sorority sister strut down the hallway. “Hey Kelly!” Jessica said gleefully. “Jessica!” Kelly hugged her. “I missed you! Are you busy right now? Did you just cut class? I love it! I love you! Let’s get lunch! Is it lunch? Oh, well! Let’s get something to drink at least! How was your summer?” Jessica smiled at her friend. Kelly was one of the ditsiest girls that she knew. She had a heart full of gold, but a head that could not keep up with her mouth. Jessica walked with her to get a coffee. Jessica ordered for her while she continued to talk. “Large blended iced coffee and a medium double.” Jessica ordered and paid, still nodding at Kelly talking. They say down at a table and Jessica handed Kelly a straw. Kelly started to drink and finally allowed Jessica to talk. “I knew that would do the trick!” Jessica laughed at her friend. “Oh, my gosh!” Kelly responded. “Was I doing it again?” “At least you got a coffee out of it.” Jessica responded with a smile. “Thank you!” Kelly smiled back taking another sip. “Huh, I guess Jace was right.” Jessica said looking around. “It is like every tenth girl is dressed like a schoolgirl.” “You like it?” Kelly asked with a sinister smile on her face. “That is our doing. Didn’t you get the email?” “What?! No! I haven’t checked yet!” What did we do?” Jessica asked. “Well, you read the flyer, right?” “Naturally.” Replied Jessica. “So, we are having all our little sisters dress up as schoolgirls for the party and they need to wear Poofs all day!” Kelly said giggling. “Poofs? Wait, what were those again?” Jessica asked. “Party diapers!” Kelly said giggling harder. “Wait, hold on what now?” Jessica asked. “Well, they came out with these new things for like ravers and whatever. They are literally just diapers and they have like adorable designs on them.” Kelly replied sipping her drink. “And people actually wear these? Like outside a sorority initiation I mean.” Jessica asked. “I know right! But for real a bunch of partiers swear by them.” Kelly replied. “I guess that’s none of my business?” Jessica asked shaking her head and drinking her coffee. “You are so funny!” Kelly said. “Have you met your little yet?” “Not yet.” Replied Jessica. “We are meeting for lunch later.” “Oh, you are mean!” Kelly said. “What, why?” Asked Jessica. “Seriously Jess, read you email… Our little sisters are only allowed to wear Poofs for the day, no bathrooms and can only change if their big sister says it is okay or if they ask a boy to change them. No one expects the girls to use them. Most of us just clued them in this morning.” Said Kelly. “You don’t seriously think she will just walk around and wet herself till I say she can change herslef, do you?” Asked Jessica. “I don’t know. I told mine that she could use the bathroom and that this was just a prank. Any girl can walk by and ask for proof of compliance otherwise I would have told her not to wear one.” Kelly said. “Who the hell comes up with these things?” Jessica said taking out her phone. ‘Hey Amy! I am sorry! I just found out about this diaper thing; please know you don’t need to use the diaper! It is just a stupid initiation thing! ~Jess’ Jessica turned back up to Kelly. “I swear if this poor girl has been sitting in a wet diaper all morning, I am going to be so pissed at you!” “Ha! Pissed! You seriously don’t think she would have wet herself, do you?” Kelly laughed. MSG: AMY APPLEGATE ‘Oh… Thank you… ~Applesauce.’ Jessica looked down at her phone and then back to Kelly. “She probably hates me! Look at this!” Jessica showed Kelly her phone. “Awe! The girl probably did not know what to do and did not want to screw up her chances of getting into the sorority. Who did you get this year?” Asked Kelly. “A girl named Amy Applegate.” Said Jessica. “Oh yeah! You got little Amy!” Kelly said excitedly. “You know her?” Jessica asked. “Just from her video and pictures. She is only 4’9, meaning you are not the shortest one anymore.” “For real?!” Jessica asked excitedly. “Yup!” Replied Kelly. “I think that’s why they assigned her to you.” “Oh, my heart.” Jessica said hugging her phone to her chest. “I need to make things right!” “What are you going to do?” Kelly asked. “Bring her a new Poof to change into if she needs it! Where can I get one?” Jessica asked standing up. “Ha! You are so funny Jess! Here I have an extra one for my little sister you can have if you want. Do you really think she wet herself though?” Kelly said handing Jessica the Poof. “These things are so big! And I am not sure, but it wouldn’t be the first time someone took a prank too far.” Jessica said putting the diaper into her purse. “And it has unicorns on it?” “I told you they were adorable!” Kelly stated. Jessica pulled out her phone. ‘Hey girl! I feel bad about this and want to make it up to you. Where are you now? ~Jess.’ ‘I am just sitting in the library… working up the courage to stand up and go to the bathroom. ~Applesauce.’ ‘You poor thing! I am so sorry! Let me come meet you! What floor are you on? Can I get anything else for you? ~Jess’ ‘Top floor… A new skirt please… I am sorry! I did not know what I was supposed to do! ~Applesauce’ ‘Absolutely! Nothing to apologize about! I am on my way and we will get you cleaned up. Be there as fast as I can! ~Jess’ “You know you guys can be real assholes.” Jessica said back to Kelly grabbing her bag. “What? Come on Jess, don’t be like that!” Kelly said. “Did she actually use her diaper or something?” Jessica kept her head down and walked away. “She did!?!” Kelly yelled to Jessica as she walked away. Jessica arrived at the library and started riding the elevator up to the to floor. She pulled out her phone. ‘Hey… No questions asked. I need you to go to the school store and buy me one of the plaid skirts they sell and bring it to the top floor of the library. ~Jess’ ‘Please tell me you are going to also change into a schoolgirl outfit. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘I said no questions! Now just please do this for me. ~Jess’ ‘I am on my way! ~Jace Windu.’ Jessica returned her phone to her back pocket and stepped off the elevator. This floor was almost always dead, hardly anyone even knew this floor was up here. Jessica looked around and saw a girl sitting on a chair, her feet not quite touching the ground. She had her brunette hair in loose pigtails worn down at either side. She had plaid overalls on with white leggings that had yellow stains running down them and a tight white turtleneck. She looked as though she had been crying. “Amy?” Jessica asked softly making her way toward the crying girl. The girl looked up at her. “Jessica?” Jessica shook her head yes and walked over to her making sure no one was around. “Are you alright?” “Yeah… well no… but I will be fine now I guess.” Amy replied. “What happened?” Jessica asked. “I couldn’t get it to fit right… So I wore tights to try to make it stay. I really had to go pee this morning and I was having trouble holding it. I finished breakfast and saw a boy that must have been a pledge from the fraternity had soaked through to his shorts and that made me feel a little better about myself.” Amy started. “Okay and then what happened?” Jessica asked, thinking about the frat guy that also took a prank too far. “Then someone dropped a tray and… well I get excited easy and I lost control into my Poof… I guess I did not tape it on right because it started running down my legs and then I just ran away and made it here… I have been too embarrassed to leave. And I need to wear a Poof otherwise one of the other sisters might find out… And I didn’t know it was just a prank…” Amy finished. “Alright. So here is what we are going to do.” Jessica replied standing up. “We are going to get you to the bathroom and get you cleaned up.” “Okay…” Amy shook her head yes. “Here.” Jessica reached out her hands to help Amy up. She looked at her skirt and saw that she had went through the back. “The bathroom is right over there. I’ll clean this up.” “Okay, thank you.” Amy said as she waddled to the bathroom. Jessica grabbed some wet wipes that she kept in her purse and bent over to wipe down the chair. “Come on girl.” Jessica said. “Who just wets themselves at eighteen?” “What’s that now?” Jace said walking up behind Jessica. “Oh! Jace, did not hear you. It was nothing.” Replied Jessica. “Alright.” Replied Jace, looking around. “Here is your skirt as requested. And they were giving out samples of these as well.” Jace handed over a skirt and a pair of girls small GreatNites. “What the hell?” Jessica said grabbing the GreatNites. They were grey with pictures of rainbows on them. “They can’t be serious with these!” Jessica said standing up. “What?” Replied Jace. “Some people need those you know…” “It’s not that.” Jessica said giggling. “It’s just that these look so cute. Like I would have worn these in high school.” “I think that is the point…” Jace replied. “To make sure that people who need these have it accessible…” “I know, it’s just not what I was expecting. I have only seen the large size ones.” Jessica said. “You have seen the large size ones?” Jace asked nervous, but curious. “Yeah, some girl on my floor wears them.” Jessica replied. “Oh, I get it now.” Jace said. “You thought I wore them?” Jessica asked accusatorially. “I wasn’t sure… You did ask me to buy you a new skirt.” Jace replied. “It’s not for me. Like you I was potty trained a long time ago.” Jessica said. “Yeah… Who are these for then?” Jace asked. “Promise not to tell anyone?” Jessica asked. “I promise.” Jace replied. “Well, the initiation for my sorority and I guess another frat is to make the little brother’s and sisters wear those Poof diaper things. They weren’t supposed to use them, but I guess some of them took it a little too far.” Jessica finished. “Don’t make fun of her, okay?” “I wouldn’t dream of it!” Jace replied. “Good. Can you please just stand guard here? I am just going to bring these into Amy.” Jessica said. “Yeah, for sure.” Jace replied. Jessica walked into the restroom. “Knock, knock.” Jessica called. “In here…” Amy replied. “I have a new skirt for you.” Said Jessica. “Oh my God! Thank you so much Jessica!” Amy replied. “It is no problem really. Here you go.” Jessica slid the new skirt under the stall door. “Umm… Jessica? You wouldn’t happen to have brought a change of underwear, would you?” Amy asked sheepishly. “I have a GreatNite and I have a Poof.” Jessica replied. “That’s all you have?” Amy asked. “Well, you should be wearing a Poof anyway you know.” Jessica said. “I know… but what if there is a cute boy? I want to make a good first impression.” Amy said. “Oh girl, it is day one. You do not need to worry about that.” Jessica said shaking her head. “Now here. Put this on.” Jessica slid her a new Poof to put on. “Oh, thanks… here can you?” Amy slid her used Poof under the stall door. Jessica saw that the used one had designs of honeybees and honey combs that looked to disappear when it got wet. Jessica could only see a few of them left on the diaper. “Sure…” Jessica said picking up the saturated Poof and dripping it into the trash can. Jessica went to wash her hands. “Well, how do I look?” Amy asked stepping out of the bathroom stall. Jessica saw that the skirt was too short on Amy and that it was just barely long enough to cover her diaper fully. “You look like you are about two years old.” Jessica said examining her. “Is it really that bad?” Amy asked turning to look at her butt in the mirror. “I guess the unicorns’ kind of look like they could be panties from a distance.” “Yeah… for a two-year-old. Turn around.” Jessica ordered. Jessica tried to pull down her skirt enough so that the Poof was not showing as much. “That is as best as we are going to get it.” Jessica stood back up. “Thank you, Jessica. I really owe you one.” Amy replied. “Don’t mention it. Just make sure you go in the potty the next time, alright?” Jessica asked. “Alright, I will do.” Amy replied. “Ready to go?” “Yup, you can meet Jace. He is my best friend in the world.” Jessica said opening the door. “So, he… knows what happened.” Amy asked. “I have no idea what you are talking about!” Jace announced hearing Amy’s comment. “I am Jace, who are you?” “I… am hot. AMY! I am Amy, Amy Applegate.” Amy said flustered and reaching her hand out. “Nice to meat you!” Jace shook her hand. “I am Jace, Jace Harrison.” “Jace has been working out all summer so we need to get him a girlfriend this year.” Jessica said. “Jessica!” Moaned Jace. “And he is a little shy.” Jessica said. “I think that is cute. And totally working for you!” Amy said referencing to Jace’s body. “Thank you.” Jace smiled at Amy. “I am sorry, but I do need to get to my next class. Will you two ladies be alright without me?” “It will be hard… But we will live.” Jessica said. Jace turned to leave. “I could watch that ass walk away all day…” Amy said absentmindedly. “Amy!” Jessica said with a laugh. “What? Sorry! I saw him this morning and didn’t get a good look at him he was running out so fast.” Amy replied. “Was that before or after you wet yourself?” Jessica asked. Amy turned beat red. “Hey! I saw that he had wet himself too!” Amy protested. “Who? Jace? No, he just spilt something on him at breakfast.” Jessica responded. “I swear it looks like he had leaked in a diaper.” Amy replied. “Jace? In a diaper? Ha! No. His overbearing mother might try to treat him like a baby, but I don’t think she has succeeded in diapering him just yet.” Jessica replied. “I suppose you are right…” Amy said. “Will he be at the party?” “You bet! He is my plus one.” Jessica replied. “Why do you ask?” “Just… curious.” Amy responded. “Maybe I’ll have you ask him to change you later.” Jessica teased. “Hey if I had those arms changing my diaper I would not be complaining.” Amy retorted. “Amy!” Jessica laughed. “I can tell I am going to like you. Now let me show you where you can get the best ice cream on campus.” “Deal!” Amy replied. CHAPTER 4 The rest of the school day was uneventful. Jessica left Amy to return to her last class now that she was in some dry clothes. Jessica had told Amy to text her once she was finished with class so that they could get ready together. Jessica just had her last class let out at five in the afternoon. She pulled out her phone. ‘Well, this is going to be a long semester. ~Jess.’ ‘Why, what did you have? ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Early childhood development and care. ~Jess’ ‘Like you are learning how to take care of kids? ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Yes, but like young kids. Ones that are not yet potty trained. ~Jess’ ‘Oh, so like you little sister? ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Jace! That is not funny! That was just an accident and you promised you would not say anything. ~Jess’ ‘And I won’t! I promise. It was just a joke! ~Jace Windu’ ‘Just be by my dorm in two hours. I am going to get ready with Amy and we can all head together. ~Jess.’ ‘What will I wear? ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Just wear a buttoned shirt and nice jeans. ~Jess.’ ‘I can manage that. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Good. Now be here by 6:45 so I can tell you to change if I need to. ~Jess.’ ‘Yes, mom… ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Not your mom. Just your unpaid babysitter remember? ~Jess.’ ‘I don’t think you are ever going to let me forget. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘You have that right! Now be here with something presentable or I am picking your clothes out! I am not against making you wear a Poof with Amy! You two could match! ~Jess.’ ‘You THINK you are funny. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘And deep down we both know that I am! ~Jess.’ ‘And humble! ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Just please wear something nice alright. I already have one kid in diapers, I do not need the other one whining about little thing. ~Jess’ ‘I like that you are referring to us as your kids, like you are the one in charge of us. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Am I not? ~Jess.’ ‘I guess… you have a point. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Of course, I do! Now be here by 6:45! Or I will have Amy give you a spanking! ~Jess’ ‘Promise? ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Stop being gross! ~Jess’ ‘Can’t help it! I’m a dirty boy ? ~Jace Windu.’ Jessica shook her head at her phone as the dorm elevator opened to her floor. She barely realized she had gotten to her floor already since she was so enthralled in her phone. She walked to her room and tossed her backpack and purse haphazardly onto her bed. She looked over to her box of clothes, still having not unpacked. Jessica dug in a box and found a red dress and matching heels. She could not find a purse that goes with it so she decided she would need to use the one from today. She finished dressing and was re-doing her make-up for the night when she heard a knock at the door. “It’s open!” Jessica called. Amy stepped in. “Hey Amy!” Jessica said gleefully. “Hi Jessica.” Amy replied. “Don’t you look adorable! I love the pink pastel color!” Jessica commented on Amy’s dress. “Thanks… you don’t think it looks… too innocent?” Amy asked twirling her lacey dress. “A little bit, but that is the point. I think you wear it beautifully.” Jessica asked. “It is a bit short…” Amy pulling at the hem. “Yeah, but you can always use that to your advantage if you see a cute guy.” Jessica said giving Amy a wink and standing up. “You sit. I’ll work.” Amy sat in Jessica’s chair. “Yeah… but it doesn’t really help me much when I am wearing a diaper… I really appreciate you helping me, by the way, but you can finish getting ready first. I can do my own hair if I need to…” Amy said quietly as Jessica started styling her hair. “Nonsense! It is tradition for the big sisters to do their little sister’s hair before the first party. It takes me like five minutes to do my hair anyway.” Jessica replied. “Thank you…” Amy replied. “You are exceptionally soft spoken, you know that? You need to be more forceful when you talk if you are going to have anyone take you seriously.” Jessica said. “You think so?” Amy asked. “Definitely!” Jessica replied. “Take a guy like Jace for example. He is super shy and is not the type of guy to make the first move. So, if you were to say make the first move…” “You think Jace would really like me?” Amy asked excitedly. “I just mean that it wouldn’t hurt your chances if you were to take charge a little bit more with him.” Jessica hinted. “I can be in charge.” Amy said and punched her hand. “I can kick his butt if I need to.” “That’s the spirit!” Jessica laughed. “Alright, what do you think?” Amy looked in the mirror and saw that Jessica had curled her hair and tied it to off to one side. “It looks amazing!” Amy replied. “Thank you.” “You are welcome. I couldn’t go too sexy. The girls sent out an email that they wanted all the little’s hair to be cute, I think you will look the most grown up out of all of them.” Jessica said. “You are the best!” Amy said standing up and hugging her. “Of course! Now Jace should be here in like twenty minutes, if you want to watch something while we wait for him?” Jessica handed Amy her computer. “Oh sure!” Amy pulled up some music videos and sat back on Jessica’s bed, her dress riding up exposing her unicorn Poof. “Knock, knock!” Jace called through the door while knocking. “Door is open!” Jessica called. “Ahh! Shoot! Shoot!” Amy said as she struggled to get up from the bed and hide her diaper. Jace walked into the room. “Hi!... Oh! Sorry!” Jace turned his head to look away seeing Amy’s diaper sticking out from under her dress. “Too late now!” Jessica said. “I’m sorry!” Jace said with his back to Amy. “It is alright, really. You can turn around.” Amy said. Jace slowly turned around. “Might as well get it over with, I am going to be flashing everyone in this dress tonight.” Amy laughed. “I like your unicorns.” Jace replied. “I also like your unicorns!” Jessica chimed in. “Thank you.” Amy giggled. Jace smiled. “Can I ask why you are wearing that?” “Sorority initiation.” Jessica replied. “And I thought we agreed you weren’t going to ask about it.” “Oh, that is alright Jessica, I don’t mind.” Amy interjected. “Sometimes Jace says things that he shouldn’t say.” Jessica said glaring at Jace. “I am sorry!” Jace said raising his hands. “How can someone so short be so scary at the same time?” “Ever seen a chihuahua? We’re vicious!” Amy said playfully putting her hands up like paws and gently growled at Jace. “That was so adorable I think one of my ovaries just burst.” Jessica said looking back from her chair. “Alright, I need to do something about this before I adopt a child. Amy you go stand by Jace.” “Okay...” Amy said stepping over to Jace. Jessica stood up and grabbed her phone. “Jace, I want you to pick her up and cradle her.” Jessica instructed. “Okay…” Jace chuckled picking up Amy with ease. “Oh! My!” Amy said taken aback. “You are strong.” Amy rubbed Jace’s peck lightly. Jace smiled back at her. Jessica started taking pictures. Noticing that the Amy’s dress had ridden up so that her diaper was on full display for the camera. “Okay! I am satisfied.” Jessica said smiling putting her phone down. Jace set Amy down on the ground. “You could do that again if you would like…” Amy said a hand lingering on Jace’s arm. “Enough! No more of this Disney crap! I am already sick of it. Time to go! Now I need a drink.” Jessica said pushing past the pair. Jace and Amy looked at each other for a moment being left alone in Jessica’s room. “Come along children or I will get a leash!” Jessica called from the hallway. Jace and Amy quickly followed behind her. The trio walked for about fifteen minutes before arriving at a large house. They saw that there were several girls in the same dress as Amy many of them had their hair tied in pigtails or something equally as childish. “Hey Jess!” A girl standing at the door greeted Jessica. “Hey Rachel!” Jessica replied hugging her. “Your little is already paired?” Rachel asked. “What are you talking about?” Jessica asked. “Seriously? Did you get the email?” “I skimmed it…” Jessica replied. “But refresh my memory.” “Every year with you Jess… Well, the new girls need to find a boy to pair up with. There is a little brother and baby sister. Then the big sister becomes the mom and the guy she is with becomes the dad you both then ‘watch your kids for the night’ and there are games to play. Here are the name tags that go together.” Rachel finished. “That is a cute idea!” Jessica said handing the nametags to Jace and Amy. “It was all explained in the email.” Rachel said. “So, if your little is already paired off do you have a guy you are with?” “Nope, I’m a single mother. I put a lot of stress on my little boy to pick up the slack with his baby sister since his father walked out on us.” Jessica said dramatically putting her nametag on. “This is why I love you Jess!” Rachel said laughing. “Alright, we have Mommy Jessica, Little Boy Jace and Baby Amy.” “That is all of us!” Jessica announced rubbing her hands together. “Now where is the bar? Mama needs a drink!” “Wait, here take these.” Rachel said handing over a plastic wine glass, a sippy cup, and a baby bottle. “It’s all you can drink with these cups inside. Don’t tell anyone I let you skip on the cover.” Jessica hugged Rachel tightly. “It is reasons like these that gives us single mothers hope.” “Stop! You are being ridiculous!” Rachel said laughing pushing Jessica away. “You guys have fun.” Jessica took Jace and Amy’s hand and plowed her way through the party. They saw that there were lots of groups of four standing around noticing that the guy’s equivalent glass was a plastic beer mug. “Finally! Hey! Francis!” Jessica stood up reaching her way over the bar waving her glass. “Not again Jess!” Francis laughed pushing her off the bar. “I am not having you get super wasted again.” “Relax Francis! I have my kids with me.” Jessica said gesturing to Jace and Amy. “It is the first party of the year I am not going to get that wasted.” Francis looked at her sternly. “Alright, Jess. I believe you. What will you be having?” “I will be having these.” Jessica said taking the baby bottle and sippy cup away from Jace and Amy. “And you two will go find us a table.” Jessica put Amy and Jace’s hand together and pushed them away from the bar. Jace and Amy stumbled away from the bar looking around for a place to go. The house was large and there were a lot of people everywhere. “I think there is a table open over there!” Jace pointed. “Okay!” Amy yelled over the crowd letting Jace take the lead. They arrived at a stand-up table and made claim to it. “Do you come to these parties often?” Amy asked. “No, first one. You?” Jace asked. “Well, it is my second day in college.” Amy replied. “Oh! Right! What am I thinking, sorry.” Jace replied. “That is alright!” Amy giggled grabbing on to her hair. “You are a junior right?” “Only in year! I actually just turned eighteen last month.” “So, you must be like super smart then!” Amy said. “Well… my mom says so…” Jace scratched the back of his neck. “But I just really like math and physics is all.” “Does that mean you could tutor me in calculous this semester then? I can already tell I am going to struggle.” “Of course, he will!” Jessica said setting all the cups on to the table causing both Jace and Amy to jump. “You two are both jumpy.” “You did just sneak up on us.” Jace accused. “Oh! I am sorry for brining you drinks! Show some respect for your mother!” Jessica said. “Oh, Lord…” Jace said. “It’s already starting.” “What is?” Amy asked looking between Jace and Jessica. “She gets on this kick when she turns into a mother hen after a few drinks.” Jace explained laughing. “Jeepers, Jess, how much have you had already?” “Not important!” Jessica announced throwing her hand into the air. “What is important is that we drink!” Jessica slid the bottle to Amy and the Sippy cup to Jace. “To college?” Jace said holding his cup up to Amy. “To college!” Amy said smiling holding her bottle up. “I have the best kids!” Jessica said finishing the trio holding up her glass. CHAPTER 5 Both Jace and Amy made faces at each other like they had both drank something gross. “What the hell is in this?” Jace asked putting his sippy cup down at the table. “You don’t like it?” Jessica asked polishing off her drink. “Not really…” Amy said shyly setting her bottle on the table. “You I am not surprised about.” Jessica said pointing to Amy. “The have a special drink for all the little sisters. But Jace I just had them pour you spiced rum.” “You just got me a cup full of rum?” Jace asked laughing. “Yeah, why?” Jessica asked genuinely wondering why Jace did not like her selection. “Nothing!” Jace said taking another sip. “It is perfect, thank you.” “What is in mine then?” Amy asked. “No idea! But you need to drink it in the next ten minutes!” Jessica said putting the bottle back into Amy’s mouth. “Why?” Amy said grabbing the bottle and drinking on her own. “I was told that all little sisters need to finish their first drink before they start explain the rules.” Jessica answered. “This is freaking weird man.” Jace said chuckling nursing his drink. “Don’t think you are out of this either little boy!” Jessica said to Jace. “You need to finish that before it starts too.” “What? Come on, I can’t drink all this at once.” Jace replied. “Sorry bucko, but thems the rules for this party.” Jessica said. “Oh also, you are both to call me Mommy for the rest of the night.” Amy and Jace were both drinking their respective drinks and then looked at each other confused. “So, you are already drunk then?” Jace asked accusingly. “I’m not drunk! Not yet anyway.” Jessica began. “It is part of the game, so just call me Mommy.” Amy shook her head yes looking between Jace and Jessica, still sucking her bottle. “I swear I don’t know how I let you get me into these things.” Jace said unscrewing the sippy cup to drink easier. “Stop!” Jessica reached and screwed the top back on Jace’s sippy cup. “What are you doing now? If I need to finish that in ten minutes just let me chug it.” Jace complained. “Rules!” Jessica said handing the cup back to Jace. “Alright, I am getting confused… What are these rules?” Jace asked tapping his forehead with his pointer finger. “Here!” Jessica said smiling. Jessica put an arm around Amy’s shoulder and Jace’s waist turning them. Looking up they saw a TV screen that had been mounted high in the center room. It looked like where a scoreboard would be had this been a basketball court. “Those are the rules!” Jessica said pointing to the screen. “Rule 1! Mommies and Daddies take care of their kids. Rule 2! Big brothers watch your baby sister. Rule 3! Babies act like it” Jessica began listing the rules. “They are going to explain them any minute. I just had Francis tell me what they were.” Amy looked from behind her bottle confused finishing the contents. “Ahh.” Amy said setting her bottle down. “Okay Mommy, what does rule three mean?” “You aren’t going to like it…” Jessica replied raising her inflection on her last words. “Why?” Amy looked around confused then seeing the bottle. “What was in that drink?” “Okay please don’t be mad!” Jessica said turning to face Amy. “What did you give me?” Amy asked. “I think something is starting.” Jace said pointing to a staircase. “ALRIGHT LITTLE BOYS AND GIRLS!” A woman announced through the sound system, cutting out the music. “We are going to have some fun this year!” There were loud cheers from the crowd. “Have all our little sisters finished their bottles?” The announcer held a hand up to her ear and girls from the crowd cheered loudly. Amy remained silent. “Very good girls! We have the most perfect babies, don’t we?” There were cheers from the older members of the sorority. “Now I am sure you are all wondering what was in that first drink. Sorry to break it to you girls but you had some extraordinarily strong diuretic laced in with that cocktail.” The room started laughing with the girls in pastel dresses looking around confused. Amy turned to Jace and buried her face in Jace’s side; Jace put his arm around her. “That means that in the fifteen minutes all our little baby sisters can say bye-bye potty training and hello diapers. But don’t worry girls we have plenty of Poofs here for the whole night!” Several people in the audience hollered as there were several cases of Poofs and GreatNites rolled out onto the main floor. “We are nice to our sisters though! We have converted our three changing rooms into actual changing rooms!” Three doors behind the dance floor where the diapers were rolled out opened revealing baby pink rooms with large tables. “So here are the rules! Rule 1! Mommies and Daddies take care of your kids, that means that you get all the drinks and clean up any messes! If one of your kids spills, doesn’t call you by Mommy or Daddy, misbehaves or doesn’t follow any of the rules it is your job as stern Mommies and Daddies to punish them!” The announcer pointed to a chair being brought onto the floor with a whipping crop. “Rule 2! I need all the baby sisters to come out with their selected big brothers!” Amy looked up at Jace, with an expression of embarrassment and longing on her face. There were people shining lights in the crowd illuminating the new sorority sisters. Eventually one landed on Jace and Amy. “Go!” Jessica pushed the two from behind. All the sorority sisters made it out to the floor with their dates. All the girls had Poof diapers on and dresses that were just a bit too short to hide them. Amy saw that almost all of them had a different pattern on their diaper. The girls looked at each other with confusion and worry on their faces. Many of them, Amy included, holding on to their dates arm tightly. “Okay! Big brothers grab your baby sister’s hand and hold it up!” They did as they were instructed. All at once several men ran up and handcuffed the boys to the girls. The chains connecting them about two feet long. Amy and Jace looked at each other. Amy’s right hand and Jace’s left hand were now cuffed at the wrist. “That’s right boys! As big brothers you need to be there to protect your baby sisters, so that means you never let her out of her sight for the whole evening! That means that you get to help Mommy and Daddy with diaper changes and baby sister gets to come watch you on the potty! Maybe she can learn something by watching you.” Jace looked to Amy his eyes wide almost popping out of his head. Amy was turning beat red; she was looking intently at the floor burning with embarrassment. “Finally, Rule 3! Babies act like it! That means to all our baby sisters that the bathrooms are now off limits! And if you need to tinkle… well, that is why you are all wearing adorable diapers.” All the girls looked to the floor in embarrassment. Their dates trying to console them but failing. “Now I need all the mommies and daddies to come to the floor!” All the older sorority sisters went to join their littles. Each of them had boyfriends with them that looked to be enjoying themselves, obviously filled in prior. Jessica walked up behind Amy and Jace. Both looked at her and glared. Jessica smiled back. “Jessica no daddy?” The announcer asked Jessica. “Bastard walked out on me!” Jessica shouted back to the laughter of the crowd. “Alright then! If anyone is looking for a single mother of two, please direct your calls to Jessica.” “I put out on the first date!” Jessica screamed, Jace trying to get her to be quiet. “I give the best head!” “Jessica! Listen to your son and be quiet! Will you please get your mommy under control young man?” Jace got behind Jessica and picked her up making her calm down. All the while Amy is handcuffed to Jace dying of embarrassment. The crowd eventually died down after the outburst. “Getting back to it! Everyone was given three bows at the beginning of the night, correct?” The crowed mumbled pulling small pink clip on bows out of their pockets. “Those are drink tokens to be used exclusively for our little girls hear! We do not want to see any baby’s bottle empty so make sure that all our little girls have plenty of bows to go home with! And don’t forget about their big brothers either!” “Mommies and Daddies, you are responsible for your kids. Make sure they get home safe tonight and that you tuck them in nice and tight with their big brother. Tomorrow morning, we will text you the combinations to undo the locks.” “Now Mommies and Daddies! Let start the party!” “I am so, so sorry for this!” Jessica said to Amy as she lifted her dress and pulled out the butt of her diaper. All the other sisters did the same to their respective littles; some with the help of their Daddies. As soon as the girls had their diapers on display and open several men ran up with funnels and liquid and filled each girl’s diaper. “Ahh!” Amy jumped as liquid starting filling her diaper causing it to expand. “Something to get you girls used to having a wet diaper tonight!” The announcer cut out and the music and lights started back up. The littles all looked at each other not sure what to do. The rest of the party goers started making their way back out to the dance floor. “Come on! This way! I have drinks.” Jessica grabbed Amy and Jace and led them back to the table. “Did you know about this?” Jace demanded when they got back to the table. “I swear I didn’t!” Jessica said taking a drink from her glass handing the bottle to Amy and the sippy cup to Jace. “I don’t read the emails.” Amy looked at her bottle curiously. “Its white wine cut with grape juice.” Jessica said. “The girls made special drinks for you, so you don’t get super wasted with everyone giving you drinks.” “Wait. Then why did you make me chug rum?” Jace asked. “So that you would relax a bit man!” Jessica said laughing “I got you beer this time. Oh! And I almost forgot!” Jessica reached into her pocket and pulled out two pink bows and out them in Amy’s hair. “There we go sweety, you look adorable!” Jessica said. “Thanks Mommy…” Amy said smiling at Jessica. “You are welcome dear!” Jessica said tapping her noise. “Would you like that diaper changed now? Or wait a bit?” Amy looked up to Jace nervously. “Maybe…. Maybe, let’s wait a bit.” “Suit yourself! But we are going to need to change you at some point!” Jessica said cheerily. “Why are you so happy about this?” Jace asked. “I just think this is a fun idea is all and I love that you two get to have fun together.” Jessica replied. Amy blushed and looked towards the floor, drinking from her bottle. “You didn’t ask me if I was alright with it.” Jace snapped. “Calm down Jace.” Jessica said in a warning tone. “Everything is not about you tonight alright.” Jessica nodded over to Amy. Who looked somewhat offended about Jace’s comment. “Oh! No! Amy, I am so sorry! That is not what I meant.” Jace said to Amy. “It is alright…” Amy said somewhat defeated. Jessica communicated with her eyes to Jace pointing him to make thing right with Amy. Jace tried to convey something looking down to his crotch, however, Jessica was not understanding. “Ahh!” Amy shrieked looking down to her feet. A little stream was dripping on the floor at Amy’s feet. “Oh baby! You’re leaking!” Jessica said noticing what had happened. “Did I just…” Amy said spreading her legs apart. “Looks like it.” Jace said. “This is so humiliating…” Amy replied looking to the floor once more. Jessica again conveyed to Jace with her eyes to do something with Amy. Jace again trying to motion to his crotch. “Hey girl…” Jessica said. “Let’s get you cleaned up; I know what they gave you was strong so this is unfortunately going to keep happening tonight.” “Joy…” Amy replied, Jessica turning her by the shoulder towards the changing room. “What the hell is going on with you?” Jessica whispered in Jace’s ear as they were walking to the changing room. “I need to tell you something.” Jace whispered back. “What?!” Jessica whispered back angerly. “This is her big night! Stop being selfish!” “It’s not!” Jace started, then pulled out his phone. Jace texted with one hand while the other was still handcuffed to Amy. MSG: JACE HARRISON Jessica looked down at her phone. ‘I wear GreatNites. ~Jace Windu’ Jessica looked down at her phone with confusion and then up at Jace. Jace shaking his head yes with a pained expression on his face. ‘Like you wet the bed? ~Jess’ ‘YES! And… in general. Look my mom never potty trained me and I only just got to start wearing GreatNites when I moved out. ~Jace Windu.’ Jessica read Jace’s text message then looked up at Jace then re-read it again. ‘So… like you are wearing a diaper right now? ~Jess.’ “I am wearing a GreatNite, they are not the same as regular diapers. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘They are both freaking diapers! Why didn’t you tell me this? I would have been understanding and helped you! ~Jess.’ ‘I was embarrassed! But now I need your help. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Please tell me you do not also need a diaper change… ~Jess.’ ‘Stop! No, I don’t just get me out of this. I cannot let Amy know I wear GreatNites! ~Jace Windu.’ “Here we are.” Amy said stepping in front of the changing room and sighing. “Looks like you get to pick which design you want.” Jessica said pointing to the rows of diapers. “These look good I guess.” Amy said holding up a diaper with baby animals also in diapers. “What do you think Jace?” “I think those are adorable and look like the mural my mom still has in my room from when I was a baby.” Jace replied. “Ha, ha! Seriously?!” Amy giggled at Jace. “Yup, and I have seen it! It is ever bit as adorable as you think.” Jessica said. “Then it needs to be these ones!” Amy said excitedly. “Great choice!” Jace said. Jace, Jessica and Amy walked to the changing rooms and waited their turns. A door opened and a foursome walked out. “LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER GIRL JUST POPPED HER CHERRY!” Someone played airhorns on the speakers. “How was it, baby?” The announcer reached the mike over for the girl to speak. “Umm…” The girl began. “I… I kinda liked it.” The girl laughed and smiled, the crowd cheering. “Someone get our girl a drink!” Jessica pushed Jace and Amy into the changing room closing the door behind them. “Alright girl, take you place of honor.” Jessica said motioning to the changing table. Amy waddled her way over and tried to lift herself up onto the table but was struggling. “Jace.” Jessica said conveying for Jace to lift Amy up onto the table. “Up we go!” Jace said lifting Amy up. “You are really good at doing that.” Amy smiled. “Is someone getting a bit tipsy already?” Jessica cooed to Amy. “Maybe…” Amy smiled. “I love you!” Jessica said to Amy grinning before turning to Jace. “Now no peaking from you! Understand?” “What am I supposed to do?” Jace asked. “Here. Drink this and try not to spring a leak.” Jessica replied handing Jace his sippy cup and pointing to his crotch. “Can only deal with one thing at a time.” Jace blushed and turned to face away from Amy. Jessica undid the tapes to Amy’s diaper. She reached over and grabbed some wipes and started cleaning Amy. “That’s so cold!” Amy said as she wiggled at Jessica’s touch. Jace giggled at Amy’s predicament. “You think this is funny?” Amy asked Jace. “A little yes.” Jace chuckled his reply. “Butt up baby girl.” Jessica said and Amy complied. “I would love to see what you would do if you needed to get your diaper changed!” Amy said sticking her tongue out to Jace’s back. “Oh boy…” Jessica whispered under her back as she powdered Amy looking at Jace seeing him go rigid. “Good thing that I don’t need to wear diapers then…” Jace retorted. “Playing with so much fire right now…” Jessica whispered again pulling the front of Amy’s diaper up. “Oh yeah!” Amy said sitting up. “Ope! Excuse me Mommy.” “Back down, baby girl.” Jessica said pushing Amy back onto the changing table. “We are almost done.” “And then I am giving Jace a diaper change!” Amy said crossing her arms. “Well, Jace did you need Amy to give you a diaper change?” Jessica asked looking at Jace with her eyes wide. “No… I don’t need a diaper change.” Jace replied flatly. “Alright little girl! You are fresh and clean!” Jessica said patting Amy in the butt. “Ahh! Much better!” Amy said hoping off the changing table, wobbling causing Jace to catch her. “Careful there!” Jace replied steadying Amy. “I am fine! Where is my bottle!” Amy looked to find her bottle and grabbed it. “Empty.” “Jace will you please pick her up.” Jessica ordered Jace. “Sure. Here hold this.” Jace handed Amy his sippy cup and scooped her up at the knees. “Wee!” Amy screamed. “This is getting ridiculous…” Jessica said grabbing her forehead picking up Amy’s bottle; she pushed Jace out the door. “Come on, let’s go.” “WE HAVE ANOTHER ONE!” The announcer called as the trio exited the changing room. “And look! Our baby girl being carried by her big brother!” A rounding Awe made its way through the crowd. The announcer held the mic out to Amy. “What did you think of your first diaper change?” “I think…” Amy looked around. “I think it’s time for this girl to get a drink!” “Just what we would expect from the little sister of Jessica!” The crowd laughed and Jessica shook her hand. “Woo!” Amy screamed tossing Jace’s sippy cup into the air. The cup fell. Twirling in an almost slow motion. Everyone in the crowd had stopped to watch it. It dropped to the ground bouncing on plastic. A breath of relief washed over the crowed until, on the last bounce, the sippy cup bust open spilling out its contents. A loud air horn was played over the speakers. “Looks like we have our first party foul of the night folks and you know what that means!” “Punish him! Punish Him!” The crowd started chanting. “What?” Jace asked. “Why me?” “It was your sippy cup that spilled little man! Now to the spanking chair!” Two large men playfully guided the trio over to the chair that was on the dancing floor. The crowd formed into a large circle; someone had shined a spotlight over the chair. One of the men put Jessica in the chair and then handed her the whip. The other man took Amy from Jace and stood her up, making her hold onto the back of the chair. He then pushed Jace to bend his knees and had him lay over Jessica’s lap. “How many for the first infraction folks? Three? Five? Ten?” “Ten! Ten! Ten!” The crowd chanted. “Looks like that is ten spanks for one naughty little boy! Jessica whenever you are ready.” Jessica held up the whip and went to smack Jace on the butt lightly. “Come on Jess! We all know you can hit harder than that!” The crowd jeered Jessica egging her on to hit harder. WHACK “ONE!” The crowd counted on every hit. “TWO!” “THREE!” “FOUR!” “FIVE!” “Wait a second folks!” Jessica stopped spanking Jace and looked up at the announcer. Jace also looked up with Amy. “I think that since this is our first party foul of the night, why don’t we have the rest of the spanks be with his pants down! What do you say?” The crowd cheered again. Jace got rigid and Jessica froze. Both knew that Jace was wearing only a GreatNite under his pants and if they went ahead with this everyone would know that Jace wore diapers. “Umm...” Jessica stammered. “Too slow Jess! Baby girl would you please help your mommy take off his pants?” Amy not knowing that anything deeper was going on other than a party prank complied with the announcer. Amy grabbed the side of Jace’s pant and pulled leaving Jace with just a GreatNite patterned with a picture of Captain America’s shield on the butt. Unmistakably a diaper. The audience gasped at the reveal of Jace’s GreatNite. Then slowly the crowd started cracking up. Amy looked to Jessica with confusion in her eyes. Jessica looked down to Jace unsure of what to do. Jace looked to the crowd, fighting back tears seeing that his worst nightmare had just been realized. CHAPTER 6 Jace laid there across Jessica’s lap, his GreatNite on display for the whole party to see. All of them starting to laugh at the site of Jace. Jace started to get up attempting to end his shame. “Not so fast there!” The announcer said. “Jessica did you put you little sister’s date in a GreatNite to look the part?” Jessica looked stunned for a beat, then took her opportunity. “You caught me! There was supposed to be a big reveal later with them both!” Jessica hamming it up for the crowd. Jace felt a wash of relief as Jessica made up a story for the crowd. “Jessica you are literally the funniest!” The announcer said laughing. Amy still looked confused at what was going on. Jace, while relieved, wanted the moment to end. “Come on! Stand up and take a bow!” Jessica looked to Jace letting him make his way up from off her lap. Amy still held onto Jace’s pants. Jace slowly stood up and stood next to Amy, them still linked together. Amy looked down to Jace’s crotch confused at what was happening. Amy studied Jace further and saw that his Captain America themed GreatNites had fade-when-wet designs on the front in the shape of a shield. Amy watched as the design started to fade in front of her eyes. Jace, seemingly noticing what was happening took a fast and deep bow, trying to hide his quickly swelling GreatNite. The crowd continued to cheer. Amy sprang into action and quickly hugged him trying to hide the front of Jace’s wet GreatNite. “Awe! Let’s give a big hand to the cutest couple of the night!” The crowed awed and applauded. “And let’s hear it for the hardest working Mommy tonight, with not one but two of her kids still in diapers Jessica!” The crowd laughed and cheered as Jessica stood up on the chair and bowed. Amy took the opportunity to help Jace back into pants while the crowd was distracted. “I think we can let the boy slide on the rest of his punishment what do you say?” The crowd cheered in agreement. Jessica stepped down from the chair and grabbed the chain connecting Jace and Amy and pulled them away from the spotlight and back to their table. “Hey man! You dropped this!” A guy walked up to Jace and handed him his sippy cup back. “You were great up there!” “Thanks…” Jace muttered as the guy walked away. Jace and Amy did not say anything to each other and kept looking anywhere but at each other. Jessica kept looking between her kids. “Oh boy…” Jessica said slamming the rest of her drink. Both Amy and Jace looked at Jessica. “How about we get a drink?” Jessica asked. “Yes!” “Yes, please!” Both Jace and Amy responded over one another. Jessica walked them both over to the bar and took their cups. Jace had a bit of a waddle in his step. “Hey! You are Jessica’s little sister, aren’t you?” A girl from the bar looked down to Amy. “Guilty…” Amy replied kicking her feet to the floor. “I love Jess! Here, let me get your next drink!” The girl handed Jace one of her pink bows. “And I’ll get you something too! Where is your Mommy?” Jace pointed to the bar where Jessica was standing, and the girl made her way over. Jace stood awkwardly handcuffed to Amy. “Oh, darn it!” Amy said stomping her foot. “What’s wrong?” Asked Jace. “I wet myself again. I can feel it.” Amy said, more frustrated than embarrassed this time. “Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing in another second.” Jace replied. Amy looked down to her diaper, lifting her dress up slightly she could see herself wetting the diaper. The wetness was spreading down the middle, the animal prints on her diaper disappearing. She waited for a second and found that the Poof had absorbed everything, and the feeling of being wet was going away. Amy looked up at Jace with confusion on her face; she dropped the front of her dress. “Did Jessica really make you wear that diaper?” Amy asked Jace softly. “No…” Jace answered defeated. “She just covered for me.” “I didn’t think so… Why are you wearing it?” Amy asked Jace. “I have trouble making it to the bathroom, so I wear GreatNites just in case when I am out sometimes.” Jace replied thinking all his chance with Amy went out the window. “Do you need a change?” Amy asked Jace. “What?” He replied. “I saw the design start to fade on the front of your diaper when we were in the spotlight. That means you’re wet right? I tried to cover you so no one would see it. I think I was the only one that noticed.” Amy said. “You did that for me?” Jace asked looking to Amy. “Of course! I need to look out for my boy!” Amy grinned to Jace. “Thank you. I have never…” Jace was cut off. Amy had pulled him in by the bindings that they shared; she reached up to Jace’s head and pulled it close and kissed him. Jace was initially surprised, but then felt his heart pounding and kissed Amy back. They both were enthralled in a passionate embrace ignoring the party going on around them. “Who taught you two how to kiss?” Jessica asked interrupting Jace and Amy’s embrace. Amy giggled and looked away while Jace smiled back. “Uh-huh…” Jessica smiled looking between Jace and Amy, setting the drink on the table. “So, my children are making out now?” “Jessica! Gross!” Jace laughed back. Amy continued to blush. “A mother has a right to know!” Jessica stated handing out the drinks. “Thank you.” Amy said meekly grabbing her bottle. “So… do we want to talk about it?” Jessica asked diving into the subject. All three of them looked at each other then took a drink from their respective cups. “Alright… fine.” Jace began. “My mom is super overbearing and decided not to potty train me so that I could focus all my efforts on studying. While it did help me excel academically, I now have issues making it to the bathroom on time. Since they came out with GreatNites and our college started selling them I convinced my parents to let me move on campus.” “So, when I was in your dorm…” Jessica began. “Yes, I had just changed into a nighttime diaper and I was trying to hide it.” Jace replied. “And this morning when I saw you with a wet spot on your pants?” Amy asked. “I had leaked through my GreatNite during breakfast.” Jace replied. The three looked at each other awkwardly and then all took another drink from their respective cups. “Holy shit.” Jessica said setting her drink down. “What?” Jace asked. Amy looked at her confused. “Just so many things are making sense now, why you never had a girlfriend and were always so awkward. You were not potty trained! You were waddling around in a wet diaper half the time.” Jessica laughed. “Hey… it is not as uncommon as you think…” Jace said lowering his head. “Well, I think you look cute.” Amy said hugging Jace around the waist. “See Jace you still have girls that are interested in you! You just needed to find one that was also still in diapers.” Jessica laughed. “Umm… Amy?” Jace asked. “Hmm?” Amy said looking up to Jace smiling still holding on to his waist. “I think you’re…” Jace and Amy looked down. Amy jumped back as far as the binding would allow and scream. “I just peed on a boy…” Amy said with embarrassment and spite. “It is alright really.” Jace responded. “Jess… Mommy…” Amy began walking over and putting her head onto Jessica’s shoulder, her hands on her side. “Yes, dear?” Jessica said patting the back of Amy’s head. “I need a diaper change…” Amy answered meekly. “I can see! That is one soggy diaper!” Jessica said poking Amy’s Poof. “Come on, we should probably check the other kid’s diaper too...” Jessica handed Amy and Jace their bottle and sippy cup respectively and pushed them back towards the changing rooms. Amy was waddling heavily and was struggling to keep up with Jace and Jessica. “Jace. Please carry Amy.” Jessica said noticing Amy struggling. “I am fine… Oh! Okay!” Amy was picked up by Jace with ease and was now carrying her on his hip, his arm under her diapered butt for support. Jace carried Amy to the changing rooms with Jessica. They stood in line waiting their turn. Amy looked around at the other girls in line. The all had several bows in their har and looked like they were enjoying themselves. At least enjoying all the attention they were getting. Amy had to admit she also like all the attention she was getting. She was not often the center of attention but being here and having Jace and Jessica made her feel welcome and supported. “Hey! Finish your bottle!” Jessica said to Amy who was looking around. Amy complied and put her bottle back into her mouth. Jace was taking small drinks from his sippy cup as they waited. “I almost forgot!” Jace said pulling the bow he was given out and clipping it to Amy’s hair. “There we go! Very pretty.” Amy blushed deeply and buried her face into Jace’s shoulder. She gave him a peck on the cheek. “You know, of all the guys that I could have been with tonight I am happy it was you. Diapers and all.” Amy whispered into Jace’s ear. Jace smiled and kissed Amy back. “We’re up!” Jessica said once again interrupting the couple. “Amy pick out a new diaper… and grab a GreatNite for Jace?” Jessica raised her inflection questioning Jace. Jace shook his head yes, setting Amy down. Amy saw and acknowledged. Amy walked around and grabbed a new Poof, this time it had picture of frogs and swamp animals with lily pads that will fade as you wet it. She walked Jace over to the GreatNites and found that they were only girl style. “Will this be alright?” Amy asked Jace. “Not many options… I didn’t bring any changes with me.” Replied Jace. “Why not? And what is your size?” Amy asked. “I didn’t have anywhere to put it. And I am a size medium in GreatNites.” Jace answered. “Oh, I didn’t even think of that.” Amy replied. “Here these ones have dragons on them.” Amy held up a GreatNite that had pictures of pink and purple dragons flying around colorful castles; the fade when wet design was the fire from the dragon’s mouth. Unlike the pull ups Jace is used to; these had the wetness indicator more towards the middle rather than the front. “Come on kids! Mommy is waiting!” Jessica called. Jace and Amy walked over. “On the table baby girl!” Jessica demanded closing the door. Amy did not try to get on the table herself this time. Instead, she turned to Jace and held her arms up to be carried. “Look at you two!” Jessica cooed. Jace placed Amy down on the table. “Now! No peaking!” Jessica made Jace turn around. “Here, suck on this.” Jessica handed Amy her bottle. “So, since you wear diapers all the time you must be really good at changing them then… Cold! Cold!” Amy said screaming at Jessica wiping her down. “Sorry…” Jessica replied. “I am alright, I guess. It is better when someone else changes you than when you do it yourself. Makes it fit better and doesn’t leak as easy.” Jace said. “Butt up!” Jessica commanded and Amy complied. “Really? I never considered that! But I guess it would be a lot easier with someone changing you rather than you doing it yourself.” Amy said setting her butt into the clean diaper. “Yeah… not too many college girls would want to change their boyfriend’s diaper, so I try to keep it to myself.” Jace said “I don’t know Jace!” Jessica said pulling the diaper between Amy’s crotch and winking at her. “I think there would be at least one girl who wouldn’t mind helping you out.” “You’re hilarious Jessica!” Jace said somehow vocalizing that he was rolling his eyes. Amy and Jessica giggled to themselves as Jessica finished taping Amy’s diaper shut. “Alright little boy! You’re next!” Jessica announced. “Do you need to get up on the table?” “No, just turn around. I need to take my pants off.” Jace replied. “Is it alright if I just keep laying here?” Amy said laying back down on the changing table putting her bottle in her mouth and extending the arm that was attached to Jace. “Yeah, that’s fine… just turn your head alright.” “Okay.” Amy said turning her head slightly. Jessica turned so that her back was to Jace facing Amy. Jessica could hear Jace struggling taking his pants off with just one hand. “Need some help their sailor?” Jessica asked mockingly. “Not funny!” Jace said, tripping as he spoke. Jessica turned to help Jace. “Hey!” Jace replied. “It’s alright; I am here to help you.” Jessica said helping Jace step out of his pants. “Thanks…” Jace replied standing now only in a soggy GreatNite. “Jeepers! You have droopy drawers too!” Jessica said commenting on the state of Jace’s diaper. “Stop!” Jace whined, turning so that his butt was facing Jessica. Jessica tapped Amy to get her attention to look at Jace. “Although… that is America’s ass alright.” Said Jessica. Amy giggled and turned away again. “Now what are you trying to do?” Jessica asked, seeing Jace fiddle with his GreatNite. “I am trying to take them off, but it is hard with one hand.” Jace said. “Fine. Here.” Jessica ripped the sides off the GreatNite causing it to fall to the floor with a plop. “My Jace. A little excited, are we?” Jace tried to cover his erect penis with his hands. Amy turned her head slightly to catch a peak. “OH MY GOD. IT’S HUGE!” Amy mouthed to herself turning back to the wall and her bottle. “I can’t help it…” Jace replied. “Well, I don’t think you are going to fit with your flagpole standing at full mast.” Jessica said. Amy started giggling heavily into her bottle. Jace took notice. “What do you want me to do about it?” Jace asked semi-laughing at the predicament. “I have an idea!” Jessica said. “Shut your eyes.” “Jessica, no.” Jace protested. “Just do it!” Jessica ordered. Jace complied and now stood naked from the waist down, his penis fully erect in front of his oldest college friend and new girl he really liked. Amy turned back to Jace and started at his hard cock. “Are you ready?” Jessica asked. “Ready for… AHHH!” Jace screamed and jumped back. Jessica had poured the content’s of Jace’s sippy cup onto his penis causing it to deflate immediately. “Cold shower usually does the trick.” Jessica said laughing, Amy also joining in laughing. “That was so mean!” Jace said grabbing his crotch. “But effective. Let us see.” Jessica demanded. “I don’t want you to look…” Jace replied. “Come on Jace we already saw you fully loaded.” Jessica teased. “I liked it.” Amy chimed in smiling. “Show it to us with the safety on!” Jessica continued. “Fine…” Jace said removing his hands revealing his un-erect penis. Jessica and Amy did not say anything for a minute. “What?” Jace looked between the girls nervously. “Ah-hem.” Jessica cleared her throat. “You’re… a grower not a shower there Jace?” Amy started giggling mercilessly. “Hey!” Jace put his hands back to cover his crotch. “I am just glad we got to see the erect version first.” Jessica said laughing walking over to Jace with the girl’s GreatNite. “That is as big as a tic-tac!” Amy laughed. Jessica held out the GreatNite for Jace to step into. He complied and put his legs through the holes. Jace started to blush, Amy noticed. “No! I do not mean anything bad by it! I have seen the finished product and I am impressed. But…” Amy started giggling again. “That is definitely the size I would expect to see in a diaper.” Jessica pulled Jace’s GreatNite up between his crotch, easily sliding it over his un-erected penis. “This has definitely been an informing night, that is for sure.” Jessica said helping Jace back into his jeans. Once finished Jessica took a step back from Jace and Amy. Jace went to pick up Amy and Carry her on his hip again. “Alright, are both my kids happy and dry in their new diapers?” Jessica asked condescendingly. “Yes, Mother.” “Yes, Mommy!” Jace and Amy responded, respectively. “You both are adorable!” Jessica smiled turning to open the door leading the trio back to the party. CHAPTER 7 Jace carried Amy back out through the dance floor. They noticed that one of the other little sisters was being spanked for something. Her diaper fully on display, getting hit hard by her Daddy. “I wonder what she did!” Amy said. “Didn’t call her big sister’s boyfriend Daddy.” A stranger in the crowd answered. “Oh…” Amy said surprised. “Mommy I think I need another drink!” Jessica laughed and took her bottle. “How about you big kid? Need another?” Jessica asked Jace. “Sure!” Jace said finishing his drink and handing Jessica his sippy cup. “Go find a place to sit. I need to get off my feet!” Jessica said leaving Jace and Amy to walk to the bar. “Over there Jace!” Amy said pointing behind Jace at some couches that were empty. “Got it!” Jace made his way to the couch and sat down putting Amy across his lab with her feet kicked out sideways on the couch. “You’re comfy!” Amy said to Jace. “Thank you! Your extra padding helps!” Jace replied. “You know we could get out of here…” Amy whispered into Jace’s ear. “You want to leave your party?” Jace asked. “Well… leave with you.” Amy replied walking her fingers along Jace’s chest. “Do you think you could take care of my tonight? I can be a bad baby, you know.” Amy pouted her lip to Jace. Jace could feel himself growing out the top of his GreatNite. “I… I could take care of you.” Jace tried to sound suave, but his voice cracked. Amy started to kiss Jace on his neck. “Are you going to take care of me Jace?” Amy asked seductively. “Oh… yes baby…” Jace moaned. Amy moved her hand down to Jace’s crotch. “There he is…” Amy smiled seductively at Jace flipping the tip of his penis outside of his GreatNite. “Big boy Jace came back out to play.” “Please Amy… I want you so bad.” Jace said with a pained desire in his voice. “I want you too…” Amy replied. “Oh, Jace I am dripping wet. Here!” Amy grabbed Jace’s handcuffed hand and put it on the front of her diaper. “Do you feel how wet I am for you?” Amy asked. “I feel… I feel…” Jace looked to his hand that was cupping the front of Amy’s diaper; her hand still on his cock, her eyes closed her grinding on your hand. “I feel you wetting yourself! Amy you are peeing again.” “I… What!” Amy shrieked almost falling backwards trying to get off Jace’s lap. “It’s alright Amy, I know you can’t help it.” Jace replied. “So not the point…” Amy replied crossing her arms. “What the hell happened here?” Jessica asked setting the drinks down. “I hate this party…” Amy pouted. “Okay… Did something happen?” Jessica asked. “Don’t want to talk about it.” Amy said grabbing her bottle and sucking bottle furiously. Jessica looked at her with confusion, not knowing what to say. MSG: JACE HARRISON ‘We were getting hot and heavy… like she had her kung fu grip on my mushroom tip heavy. But she wet herself and it kinda killed the mood for her. ~Jace Windu.’ Jessica looked at Jace then to Amy with understanding. “Are you getting a little frustrated baby?” Jessica teased; Amy glared back almost halfway through her bottle. “Sorry baby, but maybe you should wait to have sex till your potty trained.” “I also don’t like this party…” Jace said picking his sippy cup back up. “That goes double for you Mr. Secret diapers! You should also not be having sex till you can go all day and night with dry pants!” Jessica scolded the pair. “Christ, I am turning into my mother.” “New drink Mommy!” Amy said holding out her bottle; her legs scrunched back up over Jace’s lap. “Already?” Jessica asked. “But I just sat down!” “New drink Mommy!” Amy said louder hitting the table. “Come on! New drink Mommy!” A girl said walking behind Jessica. “I’ll get her this round.” She tossed Jace a bow and helped Jessica stand up. “Oh right!” Jessica said spinning around tossing Jace a bow before moving on. Jace picked up the bows and gently put them into Amy’s hair. “One, two, three, four, five!” Jace tapped the bows on Amy’s head while counting them. Amy smiled and hugged Jace. “You are so cute!” Amy said grinning ear to ear. Jace took a drink from his sippy cup. “You finished that bottle fast.” Jace said. “Well, maybe I just wanted to get rid of our chaperone for a while. Now, where were we?” Amy climbed closer onto Jace’s lap. “I like where this is going.” Jace said. Amy again started touching Jace’s chest. This time she jumped onto Jace’s lap her wet diaper resting on Jace’s growing cock. “Everyone has seen me in a diaper tonight anyway. I might as well get to enjoy it to.” Amy said rubbing Jace’s chest grinding slowly on his lap. “I like the way you think!” Jace said grabbing onto the back of Amy’s thighs. Jace pulled her closer grinding together in rhythm of one another. Jace looked down to his crotch. “What’s wrong baby?” Amy asked with her eyes closed. “I know I am wet, but let’s enjoy it on my wet pussy.” “That’s not it…” Jace said with concern in his voice. “What’s wrong? Am I pee… OH! YOU!” Amy jumped off Jace. Jace had started to pee and unfortunately in all the excitement the head of his penis was over the top of his GreatNite. Jace had started to pee slowly but gained momentum gradually. After Amy had jumped off Jace quickly stuffed his penis back into his GreatNite and stood up causing Amy to topple over slightly. “I am so sorry!” Jace said inspecting the damage. Jace saw that he had wet the top of his pants to the back and his shirt was also wet. Amy rolled away from the wet spot and giggled, her had dangling from Jace’s. “What is so funny?” Jace asked. “First, I peed myself, then you peed yourself…. Jace honey. I don’t think we are getting out of these diapers tonight.” Amy said laughing. “Of course, you are not getting out of them!” Jessica said concerned. “Jace better not be trying to convince you to take it off!” “I wasn’t!” Jace protested. Amy giggled again. “Having fun, are we?” Jessica asked sitting down. “So much fun Mommy!” Amy replied. “I got you two bottles this time!” Jessica said handing Amy one and putting the other down on the table. “Here, let me help you.” Jessica walked over and sat Amy upright noticing that her diaper was once again wet. “Baby you wet again?” Jessica asked. “I did?” Amy looked down. “Jace, you too?” Jessica saw that Jace’s pants were wet. “What the hell am I going to do with you two?” “I’ll change him!” Amy said excitedly jumping up. “Yeah?” Jessica asked. “And who will change you?” “Jace has changed his own diaper lots of times! He can change me! Pleeeeaaasssseeee Mommy?” Amy tried to be cute. “Yeah! Pleeeeaaaasssseeee Mommy!” Jace also begged. “You both are cute… but no. Only Mommy gets to change baby’s diapers tonight. And Jace if you can’t keep in in you GreatNite then I am putting your butt in a Poof right with Amy.” Jessica said pointing to Jace. Both Jace and Amy looked to their feet defeated. “I don’t know why you both are pouting. You get to sleep in the same bed tonight. They aren’t letting you out till tomorrow remember?” Jessica said. “Oh yeah!” Amy said excitedly. “Damn Amy! Make him work for it a little!” Jessica said crossing her legs. “Now Mommy wants off her feet. So, we are sitting for a bit. I will change you both after.” Jessica said grabbing a drink. Jace and Amy looked to Jessica then back at each other. They both looked down at each other’s crotch and started laughing hysterically. “What the hell has gotten into you two?” Jessica asked. “She… She…” “He… He…” They both laughed. “Wet herself.” “Wet himself.” The handcuffed pair laughed harder. “Oh Lord…” Jessica said. “Sit down both of you.” They complied Amy sitting on Jace’s lap in a chair across from Jessica. They were still giggling to one another. Amy put the bottle back into her mouth and laughed more at Jessica. Jace laughed at Amy laughing. “Are you both having fun?” Jessica asked. “You bet!” Jace answered. “I am glad you are! But we actually do need to leave soon… I have someone I need to meet.” “We do?” Amy sat up excitedly. “Yes. But they are handing out some take home bags in a bit so everyone can leave when they want.” Jessica replied. “Change! Please! Change now!” Amy asked. “Why what’s wrong?” Jace asked. “I do not want them to march me back up in front of everyone with a wet diaper!” Amy said almost demanding to be changed. “She does have a point.” Jace said to Jessica. “Ugh... fine, but I am putting you both in diapers you understand? I want to leave right after and not stop for leaks.” Jessica said. “Yeah, whatever. Let’s just go!” Amy said tapping Jace to stand up. “Wait. I didn’t agree to…” Jace began. “Oh, whatever Jace, I am in a diaper. You will be fine; they are going to be looking at me anyway. Come on Mommy let us goo!” Amy demanded. Jace was at a loss for words. “The lady has spoken.” Jessica said gesturing for them to lead the way to the changing room. Amy walked quickly and grabbed two diapers, one had images of hearts on it for herself and one was jungle themed for Jace. Amy walked into an empty room. “Okay!” Jace said. “What’s the rush?” “Soggy. Diapers. On. Display!” Amy said shaking Jace playfully. “Got it. Up we go!” Jace said and set her on the table turning to his regular position. Jessica got to work quickly changing her with ease. “Okay, now your turn.” Amy said holding her hands out to Jace to be set down. “Up you go.” Jessica patting the table indicating for Jace to get up. Jace put Amy on the ground and then hopped up himself. The trio started to hear the announcer start doing checks in the background. “Do you want to wait?” Jessica asked Amy. “No! Get him changed so we can leave when we want to!” Amy said ripping Jace’s pants off exposing his wet girls GreatNite. Jessica started to rip the sides of the GreatNite exposing Jace who was once again hard as a rock. “Jace!” Amy whined. “Can’t you put that away and save it for later? We need your baby dick right now.” “Wow.” Jessica said her mouth open at Amy’s comment. “I am fairly sure I can fit this over him. Have you ever diapered yourself hard Jace?” “Yes… Just make sure… it’s pointing up when you close it.” Jace replied. Jessica slipped the diaper underneath Jace’s butt. “Hurry up! I can hear them starting!” Amy said grabbing Jace’s peins and tucking it up to his stomach while Jessica taped his diaper shut around it. “That was a new experience…” Jace said standing up, Jessica helping him into his pants. “Alright baby girl! Let’s go!” Jessica said opening the door. Amy practically ran out dragging Jace along with her. “Okay girls!” The announcer started as Amy made her way to the front with all the other girls in diapers. “As a final present we have gotten each of you a designer backpacks that also double as adorable diaper bags!” The crowd cheered and laughed. “No lie though, those are $400 bags.’ Amy said surprised back to Jace. “Seriously?” Jace asked. “The look super nice.” “For sure that is going to become my backpack.” Amy said clapping with the crowd. “And to get you started we have each bag filled with every pattern Poof!” The crowd laughed and the sisters handed out the bags. The announcer continued. “We have had a good time tonight and we hope you did too. But know it was all in good fun. Now go home tonight, sleep it off and we will see you when you are potty trained!” The crowd cheered, but the girls stuck in Poofs clapped the loudest. Amy grabbed her bag and dragged Jace back to find Jessica. “Are you all set to go?” Jessica asked, Jace and Amy walking up on her while she was talking at the bar. “Yes! I have my amazing bag! I am still dry! I think he is still dry! Let us go!” Amy said pointing a thumb to Jace when he mentioned her. “Are you still dry?” Another woman at the bar asked Jace. Jace did not answer her right away. “Go on Jace. Tell her if you are wet or not.” Jessica said. “No… I am not wet…” Jace said. “Great! Give me your cups, one more drink for the walk home.” Jessica said. Jessica got the refills and the trio walked back to the dorms together. The laughed and drank the entire walk back. “So, which place are we crashing in tonight?” Amy asked Jace. “We are kinda stuck together.” “What, do you mean whose dorm?” Jessica asked. “Don’t you have a roommate?” “Yeah, but…” Amy trailed off and looked to Jace who had a big smile on his face. “I have a single this year.” Jace said. “Well fuck me! Why didn’t you say that sooner!” Amy said. “No screwing tonight children!” Jessica scolded. “Yes Mother!” Jace called back scooping up Amy at the knees again, then whispering into her ear. “At least not until she goes to bed.” Amy kicked her feet and squealed excitedly. “And finish your drinks before we get back! Those will help you not be hung over tomorrow.” Jessica said. “She really is great at taking care of us.” Amy said. “Yeah, she is something.” Jace replied. The trio made it back to Jace’s room and walked in. Amy set her new bag down and admired the single. “This looks amazing… YAWN…” Amy said. “Sorry. I am not tired I don’t know what came over me.” “It is alright… YAWN…” Jace replied. “Now I am doing it.” “Okay babies does anyone need a diaper change before bed?” Jessica asked. “Nope.” “No.” Jace and Amy replied. “Alright Amy step in.” Jessica held out a pair of plastic panties. “These are so you don’t leak. I would have gotten a pair for Jace as well had I known.” “I should be alright but thank you.” Amy responded. “Can’t take no for an answer. Sorry, they told me that stuff they gave you won’t wear off till tomorrow morning.” Jessica explained. “Just do it so she’ll be quite about it.” Jace said sneering at Jessica. “Alright Mommy Dearest.” Amy said stepping into the pants. Jessica turned her around and pulled up the plastic pants the rest of the way. “You keep talking like Jace I might need to rinse your mouth out with soap young lady.” Jessica said. “Oh, whatever Jess.” Jace said as Amy waddled her way back to him. “Good night children.” Jessica said as she exited the room and went back to her dorm. Jessica laughed stepping into her dorm room. She knew that Jace and Amy were being so bratty because of how horny they were. Jessica pulled out her phone. SEND MSG: My Addiction ‘Hey, thinking about you. Wanna come over? ~Jess’ Jessica tossed her phone to her bed and kicked off her shoes. She unzipped the back of her dress and stepped out. She laid down in her bed still buzzed from the night’s beverages. MSG: JACE HARRISON ‘I F*&$%^ING HATE YOU! ~Jace Windu’ MSG: AMY APPLEGATE ‘Come on Jessica! This is not fair! ~Applesauce.’ Jessica looked at her messages and laughed. She popped her phone case off, and a tiny key fell onto her belly. ‘Sorry children! I said no screwing tonight and I could not trust you to behave; clearly, I was right. I will take you out in the morning. ~Jess.’ ‘What the hell happened to getting me a girlfriend? ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Yeah, not one you screw the first day you meet each other! ~Jess.’ ‘Please? ☹ ~Applesauce.’ ‘No baby, I am sorry. ~Jess.’ Jace responded with more targeted profanity while Amy stopped texting. ‘Great, now she is asleep. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Good! Probably has to do with the Moon Drinks I gave you both! ~Jess’ ‘You are insane! ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Good night! ? ~Jess’ Jessica laughed and started scrolling through her social media. She giggled to herself thinking of Jace and Amy. MSG: My Addiction ‘Where are you? ~Wallflower.’ Jessica felt her heart start to beat fast. Since the kids were not hooking up tonight, she might as well. ‘34B… I will be waiting. ~Jess.’ Jessica went to her boxes and changed into her sexiest lingerie. She unlocked the door, lit a candle, and turned off the lights. “Mommy’s waiting.” Jessica said lifting her eyebrows looking at her door with lust. CHAPTER 8 The next morning Jace awoke to Amy snuggling close in her arms. Jace felt as though he had just had the best sleep of his life. He looked down to Amy, she was softly purring into his arm. Jace laid back on the pillow and smiled ear to ear. He loved the feeling of waking up with Amy next to him. The sun rose ever so slightly and hit Amy in the eyes. She stirred groaning at the uninvited light. “Make it go away Jace. I am not ready to wake up yet. Too comfy.” Amy rolled into Jace’s chest. “As you wish it.” Jace replied and pulled the covers up closer to tuck Amy back in. Amy looked up to Jace with adoration in her eyes. She kissed him gently on the chest and receded back into Jace, him holding her tight. “Good morning to you too.” Jace kissed Amy on the forehead. “Did you just sleep better than you ever have?” Amy said as she closed her eyes and snuggled up on to Jace’s shoulder looking him in the eyes. “I know what you mean.” Jace responded and stretched his whole body. “I think this is the most well rested I have felt in a long time.” Jace rolled his head back to Amy and they locked eyes. Each one had a smile on their face. Amy reached in and started kissing Jace. Jace kissed back. They rolled to their sides facing each making it easier to continue locking lips. Jace ran his hands through Amy’s hair, Amy nibbled Jace’s lip moaning ever so slightly. Amy pushed Jace onto his back and went under the covers reaching her handcuffed hand up to Jace’s mouth. Jace started sucking on Amy’s fingers. Amy started kissing Jace’s bellybutton and worked her way up, kissing every muscle along the way. Jace moaned at each kiss. Amy felt Jace becoming hard beneath her. Amy reached Jace’s neck and grabbed Jace’s hand, still handcuffed to her, intertwining her fingers in his she reached above his head and held his hand close to the wall. With her free hand, Amy lifted her body so that she was straddling Jace. Amy started to grind on top of Jace; the only thing separating them was thin plastic and absorbent padding. “I want you so badly…” Amy said thrusting more forcefully onto Jace’s fully erected penis. Jace reached his free hand down to his crotch where Amy was riding him. Jace undid the tapes of his diaper. The only thing holding it in place now was Amy’s body pressing against it. He reached over to Amy, putting his hand under her crotch. Amy moaned louder and intensified her moaning. “Please Jace! Oh! Jace! I want you inside me!” Amy moaned. Jace looked up to Amy who was writing in pleasure. Jace could feel the pleasure growing inside of him. He wanted its release… He wanted to explode inside Amy. Jace grabbed at the plastic panties trapping Amy’s diaper. He had failed last night to remove it, but this morning he was determined. Jace pulled at the plastic, but to no avail. He then reached his fingers down the front. The opening was just wide enough for him to get the tips of his finger to the start of the padding in Amy’s diaper. “Turn around.” Jace ordered Amy. Amy turned around on Jace, now riding him reverse cowgirl. She scooted further back onto Jace’s stomach allowing his diaper to fall forward. It fell with a plop, clearly wet from the night. Amy hardly noticed the state of Jace’s diaper and instead put her focus on his throbbing cock. Amy started rubbing his shaft slowly, continuing to grind into him. “Hurry, Jace… I want all of you… deep…” Amy said continuing to stroke Jace’s throbbing cock. Jace had found the lock on the back of Amy’s diaper cover. Try as he might, it was not going to budge. He pulled his handcuffed hand back from Amy; he was having trouble focusing with Amy’s pleasuring. Jace pulled hard on the chain trying to get it to give way. “OUCH!” Amy shouted. “I am sorry!” Jace screamed releasing his grip on Amy’s plastic panties. “It’s alright just… I don’t think they are going to come off still…” Amy said. Jace could feel the blood leave his penis. Amy seeing her object of desire start to shrink turned back around to face Jace, her face pouting. “I want sex.” Amy said crossing her arms on top of Jace her bottom lip stuck out. “I do too, but with these on I don’t think it is going to happen.” Jace said grabbing on to Amy’s plastic pants at the leg cuffs. “I really don’t like Jessica right now…” Amy said, touching Jace’s chest again. “Me either… But you could keep doing that.” Jace replied referencing to Amy running her fingers up and down his chest. “I can do that.” Amy said with a sinful grin. Jace started admiring Amy’s body. Her hair messy from the night before, some pink bows still clipped on. She had on a lacy beige bra, supporting her perky breasts. Jace moved his hands to grab them. “Hmm… Is this what you want?” Amy asked reaching her hands behind her back undoing her bra and dropping it to the side of the bed. “Yes…” Jace replied, he could feel his penis begin to grow again. Jace reached up and firmly grabbed Amy’s exposed breasts. He massaged her nipples till they were hard enough to cut glass. He lifted at his midsection and put his mouth around Amy’s right nipple suckling it. “You like that baby?” Amy asked reaching around Jace grabbing his exposed back. Jace shook his head in agreement as he sucked harder. Amy moaned her loudest at Jace’s increased ferocity of sucking. “Yes baby! Yes Back! Suck it, drink me all in!” Amy screamed. *KNOCK *KNOCK Someone knocked on Jace’s door. “Ahh!” Amy screamed, the loud knocking enough to take her out of her bliss. “Go away!” Jace yelled to the door. “I am busy!” “Come on baby let me in! You can suck on me too if you want!” Jessica yelled from the other side of the door. Amy’s whole body turned red with embarrassment. “Do you think she heard us?” Amy whispered to Jace. “She can still hear you!” Jessica called. “Can you come back later?” Jace asked. The door opened; Jessica walked in. “No, I can’t come back… Oh…” Jessica said walking in and seeing the scene. Amy dove to the side of Jace causing his handcuffed hand to be pulled with him. Jace tried to pull the covers over them. “How did you get in here?” Jace demanded Jessica. “Your mom sent me a key…” Jessica replied holding up a room key. “UGH!” Jace yelled. “Please leave…” “Well, I would but I am sure Amy wants to be let out of her diapers.” Jessica said. “Yes please!” Amy popped her head up like a meerkat a huge smile on her face; her breasts bouncing as she sprung. “That is what I thought.” Jessica responded smiling. “Can I come in yet?” A voice behind Jessica asked. A woman taller than Jessica, looking very athletic walked through the door. “Jess, what the hell!” Jace said trying to hide himself; Amy threw her hands over her chest and ducked back down under the covers again. “Relax, Jace this is my… friend Emily.” Jessica said. “Nice to meet you both.” Emily said. “It’s very nice to meet you!” Amy said in a muffled voice from under the covers. “Sorry Emily, but why are you here?” Jace said. “Jace Harrison! That is no way to treat a guest!” Jessica scolded Jace. “Why can I never be rid of crazy women?” Jace called out. “Ouch!” Amy had pinched him from under the covers. “Emily knows all about the sorority initiation and the fact that you are still in diapers and hides it from everyone. You can relax.” Jessica said. “Oh! In that case can anyone see my bra?” Amy asked popping up from under the covers again, her hands covering her chest. “Oh, here it is.” Emily said stepping to the bed grabbing Amy’s bra from the floor and handing to her. “Thank you, Emily!” Amy said smiling affixing her bra. “You are welcome sweetheart.” Emily replied. “You were right Jess, she is adorable!” Amy smiled. “Jace, could you help me?” Amy asked struggling with one hand cuffed. “Oh sure.” Jace replied. Emily and Jessica came in fully and shut the door behind them. “So, who needs a diaper change?” Jessica asked. “ME!” Amy bounced as Jace was finishing clasping her bra. Jessica and Emily stared laughing. “Jace sweety, do you also need your diaper changed?” Emily asked sweetly. “No… I am fine, I don’t need your help…” Jace said coldly, not liking that Jessica shared his secret with a stranger he had never met before. “Suit yourself little boy! I only offer diaper changes once; you want to stay in your dirty diaper go for it.” Emily replied helping Amy off the bed. Amy stood up with her hand attached to Jace as he laid in bed his crotch under the covers. Jace was about to say something back to Emily when Jessica interjected. “First thigs first! Let us get you unlocked from Jace. Code is 1-2-3-4.” Jessica said. “You have got to be kidding me…” Said Jace as he entered in the code allowing for the handcuffs to be released. Both Amy and Jace rubbed their wrists. “For someone as smart as you, I am surprised you did not try that.” Jessica said mocking Jace. Amy and Emily chuckled. “Very funny, Jess.” Jace replied. “Now!” Jessica said turning to Amy. “Time for my little girl to graduate out of diapers! They grow up so fast!” “Finally!” Amy replied. “Turn around.” Jessica instructed, she put a key into the small padlock and opened it. Amy started to pull down her plastic panties. “Ahh!” Amy shrieked. “What’s wrong?” Emily asked. “I uhm… I went more than I thought last night… There is a small pool in my panties right now.” Amy said embarrassed. “Oh! Umm, Jace where do you keep your changing supplies?” Emily asked commandingly. “What makes you think I have changing supplies?” Jace retorted. “JACE!” Jessica snapped at him. “Are you going to help or are you going to let Amy embarrass herself and leak all over your floor?” “Top drawer…” Jace said sheepishly, he did not want to upset Amy but still did not like the stranger in his room talking to him like a child. “That wasn’t so hard was it?” Emily smiled walking to Jace’s drawer. Jace sulked on his bed. “Oh wow!” Emily started. “Wipes, powder, rash cream, boosters, cloth diapers, covers oh and cute onesie!” Emily pulled out a blue and white stripped, long sleeve snap crotch onesie that had a cartoon pirate embroidered where a breast pocket would go and a large pirate ship on the butt. “Hey! Put that back!” Jace whined. Amy and Jessica giggled. “Here Jess.” Emily tossed Jessica a booster to absorb the puddle in Amy’s plastic panties. “You are pretty well stocked for someone that wasn’t sure if they had changing supplies.” “I just didn’t want you to dig through them…” Jace said under his breath crossing his arms. “Can you please wear the onesie today Jace?” Amy begged as Jessica finished wiping up the wet spot allowing her to step out revealing an oversaturated diaper. “It will be so adorable!” “That is more of a bedtime outfit… It is meant to be worn with a diaper not GreatNites.” Jace replied. “Why does that matter?” Emily asked Jace then stating in an accusatory tone. “You will be wearing a diaper today anyway.” “I WILL be wearing whatever I want to, thank you.” Jace replied angrily to Emily then spoke to the group. “I usually only need to wear GreatNites during the day.” “Not from what I heard…” Emily commented. “Okay!” Jessica said sensing tension. “Why don’t we get Amy situated and then we can let Jace do his own thing.” “Sounds like a plan to me!” Amy said smiling trying to break the tension. “I think that the effects of the diuretic last night should wear off today, but I was told that the littles are being advised to at least have a GreatNite on for today, just in case. I grabbed some from the sorority house this morning.” Jessica said handing Amy a fresh girl GreatNite. “I figured you would be a small or medium.” “You are right! Thank you.” Amy replied taking the GreatNite. “Do you want help changing?” Jessica asked awkwardly addressing the girl standing in an extremely saggy diaper. “Uhm…” Amy turned back to Jace who shook his head no. “I think we can manage.” “Okay then…” Jessica said, unsure of the position she found herself in. Usually, Jace would look to her for permission. “I’ll wait for you outside then… I was planning on taking you both out to brunch off campus if you want?” “Oh! Thank you!” Amy replied surprised, but disappointed as she had something else in mind to satisfy her hunger. “I don’t have anything to wear except my clothes from last night… Maybe I could grab something quick.” “Already taken care of!” Emily said producing a set of clothes from her bag. Emily handed her the clothes. “Disney princess T-shirt and matching pink shorts… How thoughtful?” Amy asked. “Last initiation thing.” Jessica said. “They want you to dress like you would if you were potty training since you all are in GreatNites today.” Jace laughed from behind Amy and fell back to his bed. “Hey!” Amy said turning back to Jace. “Could still put you in your onesie you know!” Jessica and Emily giggled at Amy’s comment. “Alright children. We will let you get ready and wait downstairs.” Jessica said leading Emily to the door. “Here!” Emily said tossing the onesie on Jace’s lap. “If you change your mind.” Emily and Jessica left. CHAPTER 9 MSG: JACE HARRISON ‘I can’t even believe you right now. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘What? ~Jess.’ ‘You told that girl about me??? I do not even know who she is! ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Are you mad or something? ~ Jess.’ ‘I’m pissed! AT YOU, specifically. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Why? It’s not like she is going to tell anyone… ~Jess.’ ‘How would I know that?! This is why I do not tell people in the first place! I don’t want to have the reputation as the guy who wears diapers. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Look, Jace. She works as a nanny and has lots of experience with young kids that are going through potty training. I thought she could help you. ~Jess.’ ‘I don’t need help! And that is not your call to make. I am doing fine on my own. So, fuck off with this crap alright? You didn’t know for 2 years and I was just fine. ~Jace Windu.’ ‘You mean the 2 years before you were even potty trained? ~Jess.’ Jessica watched the message bubble appear then disappear before she did not see a response. ‘Jace, I am sorry I told anyone… I did not think about it and I was seriously just trying to help you. Last night it seemed like no big thing so I thought you would appreciate the help. ~Jess.’ ‘K ~Jace Windu.’ Jessica stared down at her phone angrily. He knew that she hates it when people text her that. “Who are you texting?”” Emily asked as they made their way to the elevator. “Jace… He is really mad I told you about his…” Jessica trailed off. “His diapers?” Emily said. “Why would he be mad?” “Ehh… I think that I kinda overwhelmed him telling you… And now he is being a brat and pouting about it.” Jessica said, upset by her actions. “Oh, whatever.” Emily said stepping into the elevator. “If he wants to wear diapers then he should be expecting people to find out.” “I don’t think he wants to wear them. His mom just never let him potty train.” Jessica replied stepping into the elevator behind Emily. “If an eighteen-year-old boy can’t make it to the potty on time then he is choosing to wear diapers. Trust me.” Emily said pushing a button and closing the door. “Why do you say that?” Jessica asked looking confused. “I have dealt with this countless times with the kids I nanny. They just don’t want to put the effort in and think that someone else will just take care of it for them.” Emily said condescendingly referring to Jace. “How do you deal with that in the kids you watch?” Jessica asked. “Reverse psychology usually does the trick.” Emily stated walking out of the elevator. “What do you mean by that?” Jessica asked following Emily. Emily walked outside to a smoking area lighting up a cigarette. “You just treat them like a baby. When my kids don’t want to take potty training seriously I just baby talk to them and put them in diapers until they are sick of it.” Emily replied taking a drag off her cigarette. “Three days of sitting in stinky diapers and they learn fast.” “I don’t know if Jace uses them for that…” Jessica began. “Tough!” Emily interjected. “He wants to run around in diapers he can use them for their intended purposes.” “How would you even go about that with Jace? It’s not like we could make him use only his diapers.” Jessica replied. “Oh, sure we can!” Emily said taking a last drag off her cigarette and extinguishing it. “Pull out your phone.” CHAPTER 10 MSG: BIG SIS JESSICA ‘Hey! Are you guys almost ready? ~Jess.’ ‘Almost! Jace is just trying to find something to wear. And then wants to run to the bathroom before we go. ~Applesauce.’ ‘Not going to make him wear the onesie? ~Jess.’ ‘Maybe next time ? ~Applesauce.’ ‘I have a plan and I need your help… ~Jess.’ ‘Sure. What’s up? ~Applesauce.’ ‘Emily is a nanny, and she is giving me pointers on how to help Jace get potty trained. ~Jess.’ ‘Oh! That is super thoughtful of you! You know, I think he is close too! I remember when my little sister was potty training, we had to put her back into diapers full time for like a week because she just kept going in her pull ups. ~Applesauce.’ ‘Funny you say that… ~Jess.’ ‘??? ~Applesauce.’ ‘We are thinking of doing something similar with Jace. ~Jess.’ ‘Seriously??? I mean like how would that even work? ~Applesauce.’ ‘Emily has a great idea! And I think it will work! I just need your help. ~Jess.’ ‘Alright… What is the plan? ~Applesauce.’ ‘Will tell you soon! ~Jess.’ “Jessica… you are going to need to give me something if you want me to go along with you diapering my boyfriend more than he already is… ~Applesauce.’ ‘BOYFIREND?!?! ~Jess.’ ‘Well… not like official boyfriend… but like he is a friend who is a boy… and I like him alright!! Let a girl dream! ~Applesauce.’ ‘Almost gave me a heart attack… just step outside and call me, I will explain what we need you to do. ~Jess.’ ‘Alright fine! ~Applesauce.’ “Be right back.” Amy said stepping out the door. “Okay.” Jace replied standing in front of his closet. “Stupid Jessica and stupid Emily…” Jace said looking for something to wear. “Asking me if I need a diaper change like some kid…” Jace looked to the back of his closet and saw several boxes of Poofs intended for him. “Should just wear a diaper to spite them.” Jace muttered. “You are going to put on a diaper today?” Amy asked returning to the room putting her phone in her pocket. “What?” Jace jumped in surprise. “No just muttering to myself… Emily got on my nerves. Can you believe she asked me for a diaper change?” “Umm, yes I can believe it.” Amy responded. Jace looked to Amy confused. “Why do you say that?” He asked. “Did I not just watch you throw BOTH of our soggy diapers into your diaper pail?” Amy asked. “When you put it that way…” Jace replied. “And look at us!” Amy replied overdramatically laughing. “I look like I am about three and you are standing there in just a GreatNite! We look like we should be starting day care not college!” Jace looked down at his GreatNite then back up to Amy and started laughing hysterically. He knew that she was completely right and that the whole situation they found themselves in was something that they could laugh at together. “Alright…” Jace said calming down. “I guess I was a bit harsh on her and Jessica.” “And me…” Amy smiled. “I wasn’t mean to you, was I? I am sorry if I did anything!” Jace replied. “…you did make fun of me for my outfit...” Amy replied upping her cuteness factor. “I wasn’t making fun of you for it… just that they are making you dress that way…” Jace looked away from Amy as he spoke. Amy tiptoed closer to Jace and put her hands behind her back and kissed him. “That just means I get to pick out your outfit for you!” Amy said smiling devilishly. “You are stuck on deciding what I wear today aren’t you?” Jace asked. “Well, I only ever got to play dolly with my sister. I never got to play dress-up with a boy before…” Amy said seductively biting her lip. Jace felt something twitch in his pull up. “I suppose since you put it that way…” CHAPTER 11 Jace and Amy stepped off the elevators holding hands. Amy was practically bouncing from excitement while Jace looked miserable. They walked outside to find Emily and Jessica talking. “Sorry we took so long… Amy got to pick out my outfit. Didn’t even have a chance to run to the bathroom.” Jace said as they approached Jessica and Emily. “Look! Look!” Amy said jumping pointing to Jace’s shirt. “It has duckies!” Jessica and Emily looked Jace over and saw that Amy had picked out a blue shirt with a picture of a rubber duck on the chest reading SPLASH INTO SCHOOL and shorts that had an elastic waistband. “Awe!” Jessica cooed “You two look adorable! Oh my God! Amy with your backpack on and Jace’s shirt it looks like you are going to your first day of school! I need pictures!” Jessica pulled out her phone and started snapping photos. Amy was smiling and posing on Jace while he pouted. “Come on Jace! Smile!” Jessica said from behind her phone. “I am not going to stop until you do!” Reluctantly Jace smiled for a good picture. “Go stand with them! I’ll get one of all of you.” Emily said pushing Jessica over to Jace and Amy. Emily took a few photos before walking back and returning Jessica’s phone. “You guys make the cutest family!” Emily said laughing. “Awe, we do!” Amy said looking at the picture. “And look Jace you look adorable too!” Jace looked at the picture and smiled, he agreed that they all looked cute together. “There’s the smile Jessica was telling me about!” Emily said to Jace. Jace blushed and stepped closer to Amy. “Now you’re shy…” Jessica said shaking her head at Jace. They all walked to a parked minivan. “Here we are!” Emily said pushing a button opening the side doors. “Car seats?” Amy asked noticing that there was a toddler car seat in the way back and a booster seat on one of the captain’s chairs. “Sorry about that! They are a pain to take out… You think you will be able to fit? Or should I try to take it out?” Emily asked. “Oh, I can totally fit!” Amy replied climbing into the booster seat. Jace and Jessica smiled at Amy as they got into their seats. Jace in the back with Amy and Jessica in the passenger. “Buckle up!” Emily stated as she turned on the car and pulled away. “So, where are you taking us?” Jace asked peaking his head around to the front. “It’s a surprise!” Jessica exclaimed waving her arms like a seal as she looked to Jace and Amy. Amy laughed at Jessica’s antics and Jace just smiled. “For real though.” Jace continued. “I am not a big fan of surprises.” “Why not?” Amy asked Jace. “I have to plan for how long I am out and if there will be a place to change. There is a lot that goes into it…” Jace said. “Okay…” Jessica began. “Do you have a few spare GreatNites?” Emily asked Jace bluntly. “Yes…” Jace replied suspiciously. “And do you have a change of clothes?” Emily continued her questioning. “Oh! I do!” Amy said raising her hand looking in her backpack. “And I packed us wipes, powder and I still have all the Poofs from last night!” “Thank you, Amy!” Emily praised as Amy smiled. “See Jace it should not matter where we go Amy packed everything you need.” Jace looked at Amy. “You’re welcome!” Amy smiled as she kicked her feet, high up in her booster chair. Jace looked to Jessica who just shrugged back at him. Jace smiled and sat back. “Well, alright then.” Jace replied. “See what happens when trust your friends Jace?” Jessica asked. Jace did not say anything but did smile. Amy reached out her hand to hold Jace’s, Jace grabbed it and they swung their hands between the seats. “Cute! Cute! Cute!” Jessica said pulling her phone out to take a picture. Amy and Jace smiled back. Emily smiled to Jessica and put her hand on her arm. Jace and Amy saw this and looked at each other with shocked confusion then turned their heads back to Jessica at the same time. Jessica saw them smiled and shrugged touching Emily’s arm back. “Mommies have needs too…” Jessica replied to Jace and Amy’s stares. Jace and Amy giggled at Jessica. “You two are cute together…” Amy said smiling. “Thank you sweety!” Emily replied pushing a button lowering a small screen. Jessica looked up and watched it lower. “Look at that guys! You are in for a treat!” Jessica said to Jace and Amy. Amy smiled and shook Jace’s hand. Jace could see that Amy was having fun but did not like the insinuation of them being shut up by a movie. “Isn’t this a little patronizing? Putting a movie on for us like we are five.” Jace snarled. “Well, if you don’t want to watch it…” Emily said pushing the button again causing the screen to go back up. “HEY!” Amy whined. “Jace! I wanna watch something!” “You want to watch a movie for a short car ride? Isn’t that a little, I don’t know, immature?” Jace asked. “JACE HARRISON!” Jessica boomed from the front seat. “You apologize right now!” Jace looked up to see Jessica’s eyes in the child viewer; she was seething with anger at his comment. Jace looked to Amy; she was looking away from Jace a looking embarrassed at her excitement. “I am sorry Amy… I did not mean like you were acting immature… Just that… Emily started it!” Jace said, getting overwhelmed as he saw everyone in the car was against him. “Jace, grow up. She was trying to do something nice for you both.” Jessica started. “It’s fine, Jess.” Emily held a hand up to Jessica. Jace felt even worse now. He looked back to Amy who looked like all her excitement was drained and then to Jessica who shook her head at him disapprovingly. “Hey… I am sorry everyone… I did not mean to ruin everyone’s good time… I’ll shut up now.” Jace looked to the floor. “Thank you Jace. That was very big of you.” Emily replied. “Yes, thank you Jace.” Jessica said smiling to Emily. “I forgive you Jace.” Amy said holding her hand back out. “We can watch the movie now…” Jace said defeated. “Good choice.” Emily said once again lowering the screen. Amy once again bounced with excitement. “I almost forgot!” Jessica said reaching into her purse. “I brought these!” “Push-pops!” Jace said excitedly. “I knew they were your favorite, so Emily and I ran out after we picked up Amy’s clothes. These are alcoholic, but don’t let the other moms know I let you drink.” Jessica said with a wink handing back the frozen treats. “You are the best!” Amy said unwrapping her snack. “Yes! Thank you!” Jace said. “And thank you too Emily.” “You are welcome.” Emily replied. Jessica smiled and touched Emily’s arm. “There are headphones in the seat pockets so you can hear the movie.” Emily said. “Thank you!” Amy said reaching for the headphones. “What are we watching?” “How about live action Beauty and the Beast?” Emily asked. “Oh yeah! I have not seen that in forever. Jace have you seen it?” Amy asked. “No, I haven’t.” Jace replied. “Oh my God! You are going to love it! Grab your headphones!” Amy commanded putting her own headphones on. Jace quickly followed suit and put his own headphones on. “You two are adorable.” Jessica smiled turning back to face forward. “You going to tell them?” Emily looked to Jessica. “Maybe. If they ask.” Jessica replied. CHAPTER 12 Jace watched as the movie ended with all the characters turning back into humans. He took his headphones off. “You’re right Amy! That was…” “SHHH.” Jessica cut off Jace holding a finger to her mouth pointing to Amy. Amy had fallen asleep during the movie; her head was rolled off to the side. “Oh! Sorry.” Jace replied in a whisper. “It’s alright.” Jessica whispered back. “Is the movie over?” “Yeah! It just ended.” Jace replied. “Good! We are almost there.” Jessica said. Jace looked out the window. He had been so engrossed in the movie that he had not noticed they had been driving for more than two hours. Jace reached his hand down to his shorts and pulled them out to get a good look at his GreatNite. “Something wrong kiddo?” Emily asked seeing Jace in the rear-view mirror. “No… Just checking is all.” Jace replied letting his pants return to normal. “Do you need to go potty?” Emily asked. Jace grimaced at her. “No. I don’t! Now stop treating me like I am one of your dam toddlers!” Jace said a little too loud. Amy woke up from her nap. “Jace! Dammit!” Jessica scolded. “What happened…” Amy said rubbing her eye. “I’m sorry sweety. Nothing happened, we are almost there is all.” Jessica replied to Amy. “Almost there?” Amy said sitting up straight. “Where are we going?” “Look out the window and you will see.” Emily said. Jace and Amy looked out the window and saw a sign come up on the road. ACTION PALACE NEXT EXIT. “Action Palace?” Amy asked. “I can’t believe you are taking us to Action Palace.” Jace replied. “What is Action Palace?” Amy asked. “It is a super fun play place where you can play mini golf and go carting and there is a big game room and places that you climb in! But it is geared towards college age people instead of kids, so everything is oversized and they serve alcohol.” Jessica rattled off. “What happened to brunch?” Amy asked. “Well, this was all Emily’s idea, but I checked both your schedules and saw that we were all open today so I thought I would kidnap you both for some more fun before classes really get going.” Jessica replied. “I am actually kind of excited about this. I have not been able to go here yet, but I have heard people talk about it.” Jace said grinning. Amy reached out and grabbed Jace’s hand and smiled. “How long till we get there?” Amy asked. “Probably another twenty minutes or so.” Emily replied. “Oh…” Amy replied. “Something wrong?” Jessica asked. “I… had an accident…” Amy said embarrassed. “Can you wait to change till we get there?” Emily asked. “Can’t we stop Emily? I don’t want her to get a rash or anything.” Jace said trying to convince her. “A rash?” Emily laughed. “You wear diapers Jace; you should know that you won’t get a rash from sitting in a wet diaper for twenty minutes. I was just asking if she was about to burst.” “No, I am alright.” Amy said pulling her shorts forward to see her wetness indicator. “I still have some rainbows left.” “You are so cute!” Jessica reached her hand behind her seat and grabbed Amy’s leg. “I think we should still stop though.” Jace said. “Jace I am fine.” Amy said rocking his hand and smiling. “Jace… be honest do you need to go potty?” Jessica asked. “He already said he didn’t Jess. He will be fine till we get there. That’s what you said right Jace?” Emily replied. Jace glared at Emily. “Yes. Emily… That is what I said.” Jace answered through gritted teeth. Amy pulled up Jace’s hand and kissed. “Good job babe! I am proud of you.” Amy said. Jace just smiled and shifted in his seat nervously. He felt the need to pee and knew that it was a losing battle. As much as he was getting the hang of potty training, he still did not have very much capacity in his bladder. “Oh! More popsicles before we get there!” Jessica exclaimed. “Yeah!” Amy said letting Jace’s hand go to clap. Jace took his treat but was starting to squirm. His leg was bouncing up and down. “Cheers!” Amy said reaching out her popsicle to his. “Cheers.” Jace went to touch his to hers. HONK Everyone in the car lurched forward. Jessica looked back to Jace and Amy. “Sorry! Just needed to break check this tailgater.” Emily said innocently. “Everyone alright?” Jessica asked looking up to Emily with distaste. “Yeah… I’m good.” Amy replied sitting back up. “Jace?” Jessica asked. Jace was looking down to his pants. He could feel himself wetting. The warmth was filling the front of his GreatNite and making its way to the middle. He started at his shorts knowing what was happening underneath. “I know that look.” Emily said. “What look?” Amy asked looking over to Jace. “Your boyfriend is filling his diaper.” Emily smirked. Jace looked angry and embarrassed and looked away from everyone else. “You mean he just?” Amy gasped. “Is he going to smell?” Jessica asked. “I didn’t poop myself!” Jace said angerly. “What happened then?” Jessica asked. “I… Had an accident… but it was only pee…” Jace said. “Couldn’t make it… huh I thought you were a big boy that was potty trained. I barely even touched the brakes too.” Emily said. “Shut up…” Jace muttered under his breath. “Emily… too far…” Jessica said to Emily after seeing Jace. Amy looked over to see Jace was almost on the verge of tears from Emily’s teasing. “Psst!” Amy called to Jace. “Psst!” Jace looked over to Amy. She waved her hand for him to come over. He reached his head closer thinking she was going to tell him a secret. Instead, she grabbed his chin and kissed him on the lips. Jace opened his eyes wide in response. “I wet myself too. Now we just get to match okay?” Amy winked to Jace. Jace looked to Amy, she had returned to eating her push-pop. Jace smiled at her and looked over to his own treat and started to enjoy it. Jessica, having seen this exchange from the child viewer, smiled and sat back enjoying her own treat. The rest of the drive was quiet. Three out of the four passengers were currently eating alcoholic snacks. Jace and Amy kept making faces at each other while Jessica and Emily looked forward. They arrived and parked. Emily opened the side doors letting Jace and Amy out. Emily was getting out and Jessica grabbed on to her arm. “You two go on ahead. We’ll catch up.” Jessica called. “Whatever.” “Byyee!” Jace and Amy said respectively before walking on ahead. “What’s wrong?” Emily asked. “I don’t know if we should go through with your plan. I think we are butting in too much and Jace is having so much fun with Amy. Maybe he just isn’t ready for this and he can do it another day.” Jessica said earnestly. “Where the hell did this come from?” Emily asked. “Just… Jace is gentle and he is with Amy. Let us let them have fun today.” Jessica said. “You need to stop coddling him. He is a big boy. I thought you already told Amy to remove his GreatNites, you don’t have a choice but to put him in a diaper for the day.” Emily replied. “We will deal with that as it comes up, or I will ask Amy to share hers. But for now, I do not want any more talk about it. I already texted Amy, so she knows it’s off too. She also thinks that I am in the right here.” Jessica said firmly. “I think you are being an idiot, but fine whatever.” Emily started to get out of the car. “Your kids, right?” Jessica took a breath to collect herself before getting out of the car to join the rest of the group. “Hey! I’ve been waiting!” Jace waved Jessica down. Jessica walked over. “Everything alright?” Jace asked. “Hmm? Oh, yes I am fine… just the alcohol hitting me.” Jessica replied. “Alright…” Jace replied. “Where is Amy and Emily?” Jessica asked. “Amy is in the bathroom getting into a new GreatNite and your mean girlfriend went to smoke.” Jace replied. “Jace… that’s not nice.” Jessica said laughing slightly at his comment. “You know I am right.” Jace said. “She is just trying to help.” Jessica replied. “Well can you tell her to lay off a bit? This isn’t Misery.” “Yes, I talked to her in the car.” Jessica laughed at Jace’s comment. “Thank you, Mommy.” Jace said with a large grin. “You are welcome.” Jessica smiled and patted his head. “Hey!” Amy said stepping out of the bathroom with her backpack. “You ready?” “Yeah… I’m coming…” Jace hung his head. “Amy forgot to pack me any GreatNites and only has ones for her, so I need to change into a Poof. Amy is going to help…” “Hold on!” Jessica said rummaging into her purse. Jace looked at Jessica confused. Amy glanced to her with a worried expression. “I have an extra GreatNite!” Jessica responded reaching into her purse and pulling out a GreatNite. “It’s the sample you gave me when we rescued Amy from the library. I know it is a girl, but it should fit right?” “Oh wow! I forgot about that! Thank you, yes these will work.” Jace took the GreatNite and walked to the men’s restroom. “Why did you tell me not to pack his GreatNites if you were just going to give him one? Weren’t you saying that Emily said this is like the only way to help him?” Amy asked. “I changed my mind… Emily convinced me to do this and then I saw how embarrassed he was after his accident and I felt so horrible. Emily might know best about the kids she watches, but I have known Jace longer and know what he needs.” “If you say so. I do not think one GreatNite is going to last him though… Those push-pops are already ran right through me.” Amy replied. “Do you mind sharing yours?” Jessica asked. “I only have one left…” Amy responded looking through her bag. “Why didn’t you pack more? I thought we gave you a bunch.” Jessica said. “I only thought we were running out for brunch… So, I left the rest in Jace’s room; you told me just to pack the Poofs for Jace.” “I know… But please, I told Emily off and said you had already agreed with me.” Jessica pleaded. “Okay fine… this stuff is supposed to wear off today, right? I probably will only need one anyway.” Amy replied. “Thank you so much! I love you! I love you!” Jessica said hugging and kissing Amy. “I think I saw a porno start this way once… yeah, it was milf and stepdaughter.” Jace said walking out of the restroom. “Stop being gross Jace!” Jessica said. “What’s a milf?” Amy asked Jessica. “It’s a… never mind. Keep your head pure as long as you can.” Jessica said hugging Amy tight. “Hilarious. So, we going to get tickets or what?” Jace asked. “You bet!” Jessica said releasing Amy and leading the way. Amy held back to walk with Jace. “EWW!” Amy shouted. Jessica shook her head in disapproval. Jace had told her what the acronym stood for. “Four day passes please.” Jessica said getting up to the counter. “I can help pay, Jess.” Jace said reaching for his wallet. “Nonsense! Sorority has a budget for this, I picked up our spending cash this morning.” Jessica smiled. “Here, you both go get something to eat and I will wait for Emily.” Jessica handed Amy and Jace their tickets along with some money. They entered leaving Jessica to wait. CHAPTER 13 “Have you calmed down now?” Emily asked walking up to Jessica. “I was always calm; we were having a discussion.” Jessica replied. “Whatever.” Emily said walking by her grabbing the ticket and entering. Jessica looked to her in disbelief and followed behind her. “Over here!” Amy called. Jessica looked over and saw Jace and Amy sitting in front of a shop eating ice cream; Emily already walking over. “Don’t you two look sweet.” Emily commented on Jace and Amy who had paper crowns and ice cream smeared on their faces. “I wanted to try some of Jace’s ice cream, and he got it all over my face! So, I got him back!” Amy said giggling. “And what’s with the crowns?” Jessica asked. “Amy told them that it was my birthday so they would give them to us.” Said Jace. Amy had a big grin on her face with ice cream spread on her cheeks. “Awe!” Jessica cooed at them. “Don’t move, I need a picture!” Jessica pulled out her phone and snapped several pictures. “Here.” Emily walked up to Jessica handing her ice cream. “Oh… Thank you.” Jessica replied, she had not noticed that she had gone into the store. The group ate their ice cream, Jace occasionally making faces at Amy. Amy laughing and making faces back. Emily looked as though she did not want to be there any longer and Jessica was just trying to keep the peace. “So, what are we going to do first?” Jessica asked finishing her ice cream. “How about mini golf?” Amy inquired. “I was thinking go carts.” Jace said. “Well, since the sorority is funding our adventure Amy gets to win by default today.” Jessica stated. “Yes!” Amy said gleefully. “But it’s my birthday!” Jace pouted. “It’s not your birthday…” Jessica replied. “Hey! Respect the crown!” Jace replied pointing to his hat. “Don’t worry.” Amy whispered in his ear grabbing his thigh. “I will give you a present later.” “Do I need to lock you up again?” Jessica asked. “NO!” Jace and Amy said together. “You both are no fun!” Emily replied. “A little teasing is good for the buildup.” “Too much buildup last night…” Amy said exasperated. “And this morning.” Jace muttered with a grin. “Cold showers help!” Jessica said smiling. “Come on let’s go get our balls before yours burst!” The gang walked over to get their putters and balls to start the game. At the club pick up there was a bar attached to it. “I’m going to get myself a drink.” Emily said walking over. “Here. Could you get us all something?” Jessica said handing Emily some money while trying to keep up with Jace and Amy who ran ahead. “Fine whatever.” Emily grabbed the money and turned away. Jessica caught up to Jace and Amy who were fighting over who gets to go first. “You got to pick what we did so I should get to go first.” Jace said playfully fighting over the tee. “I should get to go first because I am me and I am adorable!” Amy replied trying to push Jace out of the way. “Jace… It is the gentlemanly thing to let the lady go first.” Jessica said breaking up the rough housing. “HA! I win!” Amy put her ball in position while Jace stepped out of the way. “You need the advantage anyway!” Jace said smiling. Amy stuck her tongue out at him and lined up her shot. Jace turned to Jessica. “What happened to Emily?” Jace asked. “She is just getting us drinks is all.” Jessica replied. “That is nice of her!” Amy said. “Here we are!” Emily said arriving with drinks. “I got myself a rum and coke and for the rest of you I got Sprites. Oh, and here Jace I got this one for you.” Emily handed out regular cups with lids and straws to Amy and Jessica before giving him a childish park themed cup with a spill proof lid. “Why did you only get me this one?” Jace questioned. “No matter!” Jessica chimed in. “Bring them to me!” Jace and Amy walked over to Jessica handing them their sodas. She produced a small bottle of alcohol from her purse. “The key to day drinking is to get buzzed but not drunk.” Jessica said in a motherly tone, pouring a small amount into each cup. “You are a genius!” Amy said smiling. “Jace I am jealous you get the fancy cup. I bet it comes with free refills!” Jace smiled and went to hit his ball, followed by Jessica, followed by Emily. “Race you!” Amy screamed to Jace as she ran down the hill. “Hey! No fair!” Jace replied running after her. Jessica looked to Emily. “I know what you are doing, and I already asked you to stop.” Jessica said to Emily as they walked to catch up to Jace and Amy. “What are you talking about?” Emily asked. “You got that cup to embarrass Jace, and I told you that I didn’t want to go along with the embarrass him into potty training thing.” Jessica said. “I think you are overreacting a little. I just grabbed him a cup I thought was appropriate to how he was acting.” Emily said. “That is what I am talk…” Jessica started but was cut off. “Over here! Look! Jace got a hole-in-one!” Amy shouted gleefully. “Oh wow! Great job Jace!” Jessica said walking up to where they were standing. “Thanks.” Jace smiled looking proud of himself. “It took me three more times to make mine in…” Amy said defeated holding up her ball. “Well, I am sure you tried your best.” Emily said hitting her ball and sinking it. Jessica took her turn and took an additional five shots to make it. “Not my day.” Jessica smiled retrieving her ball. They played the next few holes at the same skill level. They arrived at a hole that had a waterfall flowing next to it. “Hey, can we find a bathroom?” Amy asked. “Oh, sure I’ll come with you.” Jessica grabbed Amy’s hand and took her back towards the spot where they got their clubs. Jace watched them walk away smiling. “You know Jace, you should consider yourself lucky.” Emily said once Amy and Jessica were out of earshot. “Not everyone has a girlfriend and a surrogate mommy to change their diapers for them.” “What is your problem?” Jace asked. “They don’t change my diapers. I don’t know why you are so obsessed with me and the fact that I wear GreatNites.” “My problem is you are just being a lazy little boy and refusing to grow up and Jess is just enabling the behavior.” Emily stated. “I don’t know what you are talking about. Jessica and Amy have nothing to do with me being in diapers.” Jace responded defensively. “I am fine being out on my own taking care of myself.” “You are all the same. You just want every woman around you to be your next mommy.” Emily said. “Will you just shut up?!” Jace shouted back to her turning to walk to Jessica and Amy. PRICK “No, I don’t think you can tell me to shut up.” Emily said standing over Jace with a small syringe. Jace turned back to Emily. “What did you…” Jace’s vision started to go blurry. Jace tried to turn to leave but fell into Emily’s arms. Emily caried Jace to a nearby bench under the waterfall. CHAPTER 14 Jessica held Amy’s hand as they walked out of the bathroom together. “That is alright. That is why we have that cute butt covered!” Jessica said reassuringly. “Yeah… I just thought there would be more of a warning… As soon as I felt the urge, I only had a minute before I started going. I feel like I had more control this morning…” Amy replied. “Probably just the booze. We should go easier on it since you and Jace are still potty training.” Jessica teased. “You are funny.” Amy chuckled. “I think that it has been great for Jace to have you like this, even though I know it must be uncomfortable. You two seem to be really hitting it off.” Jessica said walking back to the hole. “Yeah! And having Jace has made the whole experience better. Fun even… I really like him.” Amy said blushing. “I can tell he really likes you too.” Jessica smiled. “You think so?” Amy asked excitedly. “Totally! He is always so stressed when I try to take him to a party or out like this. With you he is relaxed and having fun. I haven’t seen him like this before.” Jessica replied. “That makes me so happy!” Amy said grinning ear to ear hugging her middle. “Almost worth being in diapers?” Jessica asked. “I would have made the switch sooner had I known I could get with a guy like Jace!” Amy laughed. “And hell, he could change my diapers any day… They get wet with me just standing around him.” “Amy!” Jessica laughed. “If he heard the way you talked about him, I swear he would faint.” Jessica laughed. “I am glad that I can knock him off his feet.” Amy winked. They were getting closer to the hole. “I am only glad you have an extra GreatNite. Looks like Jace will need to suffer in diapers for the rest of the day if he has an accident.” Jessica said shrugging. “I will make him feel better about it.” Amy said happily. “He does seem to like having a playmate around.” Jessica stated. “I fully intend to keep playing with him… and then play some more in his bedroom later.” Amy said sinfully. “You are ridiculous you know that.” Jessica said. “Hey, you saw that cock last night!” Amy said. “He was well endowed…” Jessica replied. “I have never wanted anything so large inside of me so badly before.” Amy stated. “Amy!” Jessica laughed again. “What?” Amy asked. “I am only human.” “It’s just I am not expecting that kind of talk from you yet.” Jessica caught her breath. “Well get used to it!” Amy jeered. “What are you going to do when he is not hard?” Jessica raised an eyebrow to Amy. “You can’t keep him hard indefinitely and... well you know… the little Banner to his Hulk.” “It was small wasn’t it?” Amy laughed. “Well, when I don’t have him hard and he is annoying me I will just wrap him up in a Poof and put him in the corner.” “You might both be back in Poofs at the rate you are going!” Jessica teased Amy. “At least I’ll be there with Jace.” Amy smirked. “Speaking of. Where is Jace and Emily?” Jessica asked looking around. “Good question. Maybe they went to get more drinks?” Amy suggested. “Maybe…” Jessica replied. “I hope they didn’t go far. Jace has my bag with him with my last GreatNite.” Amy said. “I’ll call Emily you call Jace.” Jessica said. “Okay.” Amy replied pulling out her phone. “Straight to voicemail.” Jessica said. “Hold on. I think I hear something over here.” Amy said walking to the waterfall. Amy and Jessica walked into a small cave area under the artificial waterfall. Jace had been propped up on the bench hunched over Amy’s bag. “What the hell?” Amy gasped. “Jace!” Jessica shouted rushing over. “Is something wrong?” Amy asked sacred. “Jace! Wake up!” Jessica shouted shaking him. “What…” Jace replied starting to come to. “Thank goodness.” Jessica said relieved. “What happened?” Jace asked. Jessica looked down to his shirt and saw that it had been cut down the middle. Jessica pulled it back at the rip and saw there was writing on Jace’s chest. I AM IN CHARGE ALWAYS Jessica read the words written in red lipstick over his chest. “What does that mean?” Amy asked concerned. Jessica looked around frantically. She saw a small vial sitting on top of Amy’s backpack. She reached over to grab it. BOTTOM’S UP The bottle read. Jessica turned it over and saw that it was the bottle of drugs the sorority had used last night. The bottle was empty. Jessica grabbed it and walked to the corner. “Jessica, what happened?” Jace asked, Amy walking over to him. “Emily happened…” Jessica said. Jessica pulled out her phone. ‘What did you do? ~Jess’ ‘I feel like you needed to be reminded of your place in our relationship. ~Wallflower.’ ‘This isn’t funny… Jace and Amy have nothing to do with us. ~Jess.’ ‘And yet you still let them come between us. I told you when you invited me back in last night. I am in charge and what I say goes. No matter what. ~Wallflower.’ ‘Please Emily what did you do? ~Jess.’ ‘You crossed me so I hit you where it would hurt most… those precious “kids” of yours. You can tell them they will not need to worry about potty training for a while. Isn’t that what you wanted? To keep coddling them not letting them grow up. Have fun getting what you wished for! ??? ~Wallflower.’ “Jessica is Jace going to be okay?” Amy asked. ‘What did you give Jace? ~Jess.’ ‘Just some of my special mix. Do not worry he will wake up in a minute. ~Wallflower.’ “He will be fine. Just give him a minute.” Jessica said starting to pace around the cave. “Here, drink this.” Amy said holding up his cup. Jace started to drink his soda. Jessica looked at the empty bottle in her hand then back to where Jace and Amy were sitting. She blinked, the realization if what Emily had done setting in. “No!” Jessica ran and knocked it out of her hands. “What is wrong?” Jace asked. Jessica took a step back to compose herself, not sure how to explain this to them or what she had gotten them into. Jace and Amy looked to her with concerned confusion. “Alright… Jace, Amy I am very sorry.” Jessica said. “Why?” Jace asked. Jessica turned away from them. “Emily didn’t like that I changed my mind with Jace, so I think she spiked both of your drinks with the same drug that Amy had last night.” Jessica said. “SHE WHAT?” Jace screamed. “Jace! You are peeing!” Amy said standing up and pointing to a growing wet spot on Jace’s crotch. Jace looked down and saw that there was a wet spot growing on his pants and dripping down his leg. “Where is your diaper?” Jessica asked running over to help. Jace tried to stop himself, but it was no use. He heard himself leak through his short and the bench he was sitting on; somehow it sounded louder than the waterfall they were sitting behind. Amy jumped up to avoid getting wet. Both Jessica and Amy were looking to Jace waiting for Jace to finish. “All done?” Jessica asked as Jace’s stream slowed. “I don’t even want to look at you right now…” Jace said seething with anger. “Jace I am so…” Jessica was cut off. “STOP! I am tired of you meddling with me. I just wanted to have a normal college life away from my mother and you couldn’t even let me have that!” Jace shouted from the bench. “I was just trying to help…” Jessica said with a defeated sadness. “I never asked for your help! I never wanted it! What was your plan anyway?” Jace demanded. “Emily said that with her kids… they get lazy with potty training… so she said that putting them back into diapers full time for a while would get them to snap out of it and stop needing diapers.” Jessica replied. “What the hell is wrong with you? I would never go along with something like that! Do you know how mortifying that would be for me? I have been working extremely hard on potty training and with only ONE day of knowing you suddenly know what’s best for me?” Jace screamed. “Jace… come on…” Amy tried to calm Jace down. “Jess… stay out of my life… please.” Jace sighed holding his hands in his head. “I… I…” Jessica started but couldn’t get the word out. Jessica had understood that she had crossed a line with Jace. She felt tears of sadness build and a stomach of guilt and shame standing there. She looked to Jace who was still holding his head. Then to Amy who looked like a lost puppy not sure what to do. “Amy… you said you packed me a change of clothes, right?” Jace asked. “I did…” Amy replied reluctantly. “Then do you mind if I just change and head back to campus? I’ll just call an uber or have my mom come to get me or something.” Jace said standing up showing off his soaked pants. “Sure…” Amy said reaching for her bag. “Let me just grab them…” “Can we please just talk?” Jessica asked looking to Jace. “Don’t.” Jace replied firmly holding his hand to silence Jessica. “I swear I packed more than this…” Amy said pulling out Jace’s pirate themed blue and white stripped onesie. BUZZ Jessica looked to her phone. CALL: MY ADDICTION “Emily? Emily what did you do? Please stop this right now.” Jessica said frantically into her phone. Jace and Amy looked to Jessica. Jace walked over and grabbed the phone out of Jessica’s hand putting it on speaker. “Listen, bitch you… AHH!” Jace reached down to his crotch and doubled over in pain folding to the ground. “Excuse me little boy. The adults are talking. Amy why don’t you go grab that pacifier I put in your bag and put it into Jace’s mouth to suck on. I don’t want any more outbursts.” Emily said with a sinister tone in her voice. Amy looked down to Jace then to Jessica looking for guidance on what to do. “AHH” Jace screamed again. “I wouldn’t wait too much longer, sweetie, that cage on your boyfriend has quite the vibrator attached.” Emily stated. Jace looked at the phone in his hand; he wanted to murder Emily for this. Amy frantically started searching in her bag. Jessica reached down and grabbed the phone from Jace. “Emily, I swear if you don’t stop this…” Jessica warned to the phone. “You will what? Make me wait till the next drunk botty call? Nice try. You invited me back. You knew what I was about.” Emily said. There was a silence on both ends. “AHH!” Jace shouted as the vibration intensified. “Here!” Amy said holding up a light blue pacifier that read BABY BOY on it. Amy shoved it in Jace’s mouth and instantly the vibrations stopped. Jace rolled to his back in relief, biting down on the pacifier hard. Amy knelt next to him. “Where are you…” Jessica demanded rather than asked. “Clever girl. This is why I like playing with you. You make it fun…” Emily replied. “Jessica…” Amy looked down and saw that her GreatNite was leaking and she was peeing down her shorts and legs. “Oh, good looks like the drugs are kicking in!” Emily said excitedly. “Emily. Enough. Stop this and let Jace go now!.” Jessica demanded into the phone. “No… I don’t think I will.” Emily replied. “You crossed me and need to be punished, so your children will pay the price.” “Jessica… I’m getting scared.” Amy said looking over to her. Jace looked to Jessica worry conveyed on his face behind his pacifier. “Oh, don’t be scared little girl!” Emily said gleefully from the phone. “In fact, your mommy is about to put a special little toy on you just for us to play with. Won’t you like that?” “No… please…” Amy begged the phone. “AHH!” Jace screamed. “I suggest you listen.” Emily said coldly. “Now Jess, I want you to grab the little collar in her bag and strap it to her inner thigh; take those shorts off while you at it, they are soaked anyway.” Jessica looked to Amy. Amy had tears starting to form in her eyes. Jessica looked to Jace him still writhing in pain. Jessica looked to her phone. She saw her reflection in the glass, she saw that her hair had stared to come disheveled in her anguish. Jessica took a breath. She was not going to let Emily win. She could not when she was messing with her kids. She set her phone on the ground and stood up. “Right. Amy stand up and take your shorts off. No crying, do you understand?” Jessica commanded putting her hair back with a head band. “We are not going to give in to this psychopath. Jace hold tight.” “Okay…” Amy said sniffling sliding her shorts down. Amy had soaked through her GreatNite, all the patterns had faded. Jessica found the collar from the bag and attached it to the top of Amy’s thigh; Jessica has had these attached to her before and knew what to do. She moved the tiny electrode so that it was on the back of Amy’s leg. Jace’s device stopped vibrating. “Interesting…” Emily laughed through the phone. “So, you think you are going to beat me at my own game, hmm… this may turn out to be a fun afternoon after all. Give your kids a diaper change and go to the merry-go-round. You and I need to go over our terms.” Emily hung up the phone. “Jessica…” Amy said reaching her hand to under her butt where the electrode was. “Please make this stop happening Jess…” Jace spit his pacifier out and groaned, reaching both of his hands on his crotch. Jessica looked to Jace and Amy. She felt a wave of guilt, sorrow, worry and anger. “Okay. Jace, Amy.” She said pointing at each of them as she called to their names. “I am sorry I got you in this, but I promise I will get you out. Jace, I understand if you never want to talk to me or see me again. And Amy, I would understand if you wanted to get a new big sister after this. But for today, you are both going to need to trust me and do as I say. Can you do that for me? For us?” Amy shook her head in a sad agreement. “Why should we believe you?” Jace asked. “Because nobody messes with my kids.” Jessica said with a terrifying seriousness. CHAPTER 15 “First things first. We need to get you both changed.” Jessica said walking to grab the diaper bag. “Amy, go grab me the diaper bag. Jace, since you are already on the ground, I’ll start with you.” Jessica said moving to Jace’s legs. “Like hell you are!” Jace said trying to move away. “JACE HARRISON! STOP THIS INSTANT!” Jessica commanded grabbing his leg and slapping the side of his leg. “I know you don’t want this and didn’t ask for it. I know I got you into this. I know that I have been the world’s worst friend. But I also know that I am going to get you out of this, so dammit listen to me and do as I say!” Jessica finished nearly crying, she hung her head. Jace propped himself up on his elbow. Amy quickly shuffled back over and knelt next to him placing her bag at their side. The pair exchanged glances then nodded in agreement. “I don’t like this… but it looks like we don’t have a choice…” Jace responded. “We will get through it together.” Amy said grabbing Jace’s hand. Jessica felt warmth growing inside of her. She did not deserve these two, but they were in it together now. “Thank you both…” Jessica said guilt still lingering on her face. “Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it! The sooner we are out from under this psycho the better.” Jace said snapping Jessica out of her daze. “Right. Yes, you are right.” Jessica shook her head. “Let’s get that bum changed.” Jessica repositioned herself to be in front of Jace’s legs. She grabbed the sides of his soaked shorts and started scooting them down. Jessica saw the device that Emily had put on him. It was a white chastity cage with two heavy duty vibrators at the back. When you turn them to full blast without warning it can be extremely painful. Pulling his pants down further he saw that Emily had written more on the inside of Jace’s leg. It was smeared slightly by his accident, but it spelt LOL with an arrow pointing to Jace’s penis. Jessica quickly reached into Amy’s diaper bag and wiped it off. “What was that?” Amy asked looking over to what Jessica was doing. “Just Emily being… Emily.” Jessica sighed removing the final bit of graffiti left on Jace’s leg. “Amy, grab me a fresh diaper from your bag, and help Jace clean off his chest.” Amy grabbed a fresh Poof from her bag. This one had bees and fade-when-wet honeycombs on them. The same design that Amy had worn with her first diaper. She grabbed wipes and reached to start cleaning off Jace. “I can do it.” Jace said gently reaching to Amy’s hand. “Please… please let me do it.” Amy replied, her voice shaky. Jessica finished cleaning Jace and went to put the fresh diaper under Jace. She looked to Amy with worry. “Alright…” Jace replied putting his hand back to his side. Amy sat next to him her legs off to the side by Jace’s head. “I am just worried about what is going to happen… And I just want to be helpful.” Amy started, but tears started to swell in her eyes. “Hey, none of that…” Jace reached up and put his hand to Amy’s eye to wipe a tear away. Amy smiled back silently still cleaning Jace. Jessica looked to Amy; she felt horrible that she had put her in this situation. Jessica was supposed to take care of Amy and instead she got her caught up in one of Emily’s crazed fantasies. “All done.” Jessica said patting Jace on the side. “You’re up next Amy.” “I’d rather just wear a GreatNite… if that is alright with you.” Amy said timidly. “Of course! What ever makes you feel most comfortable.” Jessica said reassuringly. “You go change quick and I will finish up here.” Jace said grabbing Amy’s hand and taking the wipe from her. “Thank you.” Amy replied standing up. Amy reached into her bag and grabbed the last GreatNite that she had. This one had hearts all over it with a large one on the butt that read This Botty Belongs to a Cutie! Amy took it and walked to the corner to change. Jessica started to dig through the diaper bag. “Amy, I thought you said you packed extra clothes for you and Jace.” Jessica said. “I did!” Amy replied slipping off her wet GreatNite. “I packed Jace a backup pair of shorts and his onesie as a joke and I should have another outfit you gave me. They should be in the same pocket his onesie was in.” “She did not…” Jessica said realization coming to her. “What?” Jace asked getting to his feet. “She took all your clothes out.” Jessica stated. “Seriously!” Amy asked angerly stepping to the side of Jace her wet GreatNite in her free hand. “I’m afraid so…” Jessica replied. “So, what are we supposed to do?” Amy asked. “We could wear our wet clothes I suppose…” Jace suggested. “If you walk out there looking like you both pissed yourselves, they are going to kick you out thinking that you are drunk.” Jessica said. “And walking out in just a diaper is better?” Jace asked. “Well…” Jessica began. “If you both walk out in just your diaper and GreatNite people would probably assume someone put you up to this as a prank. That kind of stuff happens all the time at this place.” “You don’t think there will be an issue with Jace only being in a diaper?” Amy asked. “I suppose you are right… No shirt, no shoes, no service, but they don’t say anything about pants!” Jessica announced grabbing Jace’s onesie. “Come on… Do I have to wear that?” Jace bemoaned. “You will look cute! And at least you will have your diaper covered. I will be on full blast!” Amy said referencing to her GreatNite. “Fine…” Jace said grabbing the onesie from Jessica. Jace slid it over his head and put his arms through the long sleeves. He reached down to start buttoning his crotch, connecting the fabric together. Amy walked over to him when he was finished and gave him a hug. “To college, right?” Amy asked kissing him on his cheek. “To college.” Jace said smiling back. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK “What are you doing now?” Jace asked Jessica. “I’m sorry! But I could not resist! You two are so cute!” Jessica said. Both Jace and Amy started laughing. “Alright children, ready to get this over with?” Jessica asked. “Yes.” “Absolutely.” Amy and Jace replied, respectively. Jessica led them out of their cave hiding spot and back on to the mini golf course. Since this was a weekday in the afternoon the place was not very crowded. Jace and Amy held each other tight, supporting each other in their walk of shame. They arrived to return their clubs and balls. “Finishing early?” The attendant asked. “Yeah… was a little bit more exciting than we would have hoped.” Jessica replied putting the clubs back on to the table. “I see…” The attendant replied looking to see Jace and Amy standing behind Jessica. “I guess it can be hard when you still wear diapers.” Jace and Amy hugged each other tighter, both wincing at the attendant’s comment. “They will get the hang of it eventually! Bye!” Jessica quickly hurried Jace and Amy away from the attendant and to the merry-go-round. “Now what?” Jace asked looking around for Emily and other onlookers. “I don’t know… she said to meet her here.” Jessica replied. The trio looked around hoping to see Emily, but no such luck. People who were walking past and noticed Jace and Amy started laughing or giggling. The pair were blushing harder with each passing minute. Jessica looked to the merry-go-round and shook her head. “Over there…” Jessica pointed to the merry-go-round. “What the carousel?” Amy asked. “Yeah… just wait a second you will see what I am talking about.” Jessica replied. Jace and Amy watched the merry-go-round spin slowly. As it was completing a rotation the pair saw what Jessica was referring to. On the track there was an oversized stroller that sat two people. “You think she wants us to ride in that?” Amy asked. “Probably.” Jessica responded. “You two get in line and I will see if she turns up.” “Let’s get this over with…” Jace replied grabbing Amy’s hand and walking to the ride. Jessica followed them. “That is too funny!” The ride attendant said. “You must be Jessica’s kids; and you must be Jessica.” “How do you know us?” Jace asked. “Emily told me to be on the look out for two oversized babies and their mommy Jessica. She is a riot, isn’t she?” The attendant asked laughing. “Yeah, a real riot…” “Hilarious…” Jace and Amy replied. They both held their shoulder’s forward and sulked. Jessica could not help but smile at the two of them looking like miserable toddlers being forced to do things for their parent’s benefit. “Alright kids! I assume you want the stroller?” The attendant stated opening the gate for Jace and Amy. The attendant made sure that they were buckled in and then went back to his booth to start the ride. The merry-go-round creaked and then sprang to life playing music as Jace and Amy slowly Made their way around. Jessica pulled out her phone. “Smile!” She shouted. Jace and Amy smiled as they rode passed Jessica. On the second loop they had angry and worried looks on their faces. Jessica turned around to see Emily walking up to her, a drink in her hand. “Hello, Mommy…” Emily said walking up behind Jessica. Jessica was startled by Emily’s comment not realizing she had snuck up behind her. “So jumpy!” Emily sneered. Jessica looked at Emily with anger. “I should punch you right now!” Jessica stated. “If you do that you won’t find the key to Jace’s cage.” Emily replied. “Emily, this isn’t funny. They didn’t sign up for any of this.” Jessica pleaded with Emily. “Right, you did. I asked you when I came over last night if you really wanted to come back to me and you practically begged me to get into your bed.” Emily took a sip of her drink and waved to Jace and Amy as they rode past. “And now what is yours is my plaything.” “Just let them go! You can do whatever you want with me but let them go! Please!” Jessica begged. “No…. I think I like this version of you better. A poor sniveling little girl begging me. Much better than when you tried to tell me what to do. I think this will snuff any future ideas out of your head.” Emily pulled out her phone and pressed the screen. “AHH!” Amy and Jace screamed. “EMILY, ENOUGH!” Jessica commanded. Emily released the button. “You must really care about them…” Emily replied. “More than I ever cared about you…” Jessica replied ice in her voice. “Hmm.” Emily scoffed. “Fine, you want to play mommy then so be it.” “Give me the key Emily.” Jessica demanded holding out her hand. “You don’t EVER get to command me to do something.” Emily hit her hand away. “If you want to unlock your baby boy you will need to play my game.” “Fine. What do I need to do?” Jessica asked. “I? Don’t you mean we?” Emily laughed. “Your kids need to play too. They are going to be the stars of the show.” “Emily, no. I am the one you are mad at, not them.” Jessica stated. “You are just not getting it are you?” Emily said. “What you hold dear is now mine to do with what I please. That is what you agreed to when you let me in last night.” Jessica hung her head down; she knew that she was not going to win this here with Emily. Emily patted her on the head. “Much better when you comply isn’t it?” Emily said as she put her hand on Jessica’s shoulder guiding her away. CHAPTER 16 The ride slowed down and came to a stop. Jessica was waiting for Jace and Amy at the exit. It was taking longer than she thought it would for them to get off. Jessica saw the attendant run over to Jace and Amy. “CODE YELLOW – CAROUSEL” The ride attendant said into his radio. “Miss… can you please come and get your friends?” The attendant looked up to Jessica. “Oh… Sure!” Jessica said walking through the exit to Jace and Amy. Jessica walked to Jace and Amy’s stroller and turned to face her friends. “I see…” Jessica said. She looked to Jace and Amy’s laps and found that Amy had leaked through her GreatNites again and all over the seat. She had gotten Jace’s onesie soaked on the butt. “Looks like the girl couldn’t make it. Usually, we do not need to worry about kids in diapers here. I would say if you were planning on staying longer at the park you should diaper her like you did with her brother there.” The attendant said. “Thank you, I will take care of it!” Jessica smiled, helping Amy to her feet. “I am so sorry Jessica and Jace. I did not mean to… And I didn’t expect it to leak so fast.” Amy said apologetically. “It is alright Amy, seriously, has happened to me literally thousands of times.” Jace replied. “No use crying over a soggy diaper! Come on, let’s get you changed. Amy, hold Jace’s hand.” Jessica said grabbing Amy’s hand and leading her off the ride. “Change into what?” Jace asked getting pulled along. Jessica hurried them to a nearby family bathroom. She brought them indie and locked the door behind them all. “Care to explain what is going on?” Jace questioned. “Yeah…” Jessica replied snarky. “Amy wet herself and now I am going to give her a diaper change. Why do you ask?” “You know I was talking about Emily.” Jace respond. “Please tell us we can go home soon.” Amy begged jumping up on her feet. “Sorry… No, we are not going home yet.” Jessica replied folding down the bathroom changing station. “What did she say to you?” Jace asked. Jessica continued to go about setting up the changing station, pulling out a fresh diaper, wipes, and powder. “Jace, please help Amy up onto the table.” Jessica said. “Not until you tell me what is going on!” Jace said grabbing Jessica by the wrist pulling her away from the changing table to face Amy and himself. “I am still processing it… can we please change Amy first?” Jessica asked. “Not until we have answers.” Jace said folding his arms. “Amy?” Jessica asked. “No, I agree with Jace. I also would like some answers.” Amy said stepping closer to Jace’s side. Jessica started tapping the front of her forehead with her index finger. “UGH!” Jessica shouted into the air. “I hate you Emily!” Jessica turned to face Jace and Amy who now looked more confused than ever. “So… what you need to understand about me is I like it when a woman takes control of me totally. That is how I met Emily, she is a DOM and likes to play out these elaborate fantasies. I stopped seeing her because she always took things too far. But last night after the party and seeing you two together… I contacted her again.” Jessica said. “Wait, are you telling me that you got to have sex last night and we didn’t?!?” Amy shouted. “Yeah…” Jessica replied. “Un-fucking-believable.” Jace said putting his hands up. “So now you have a crazed dominatrix after us; I thought you said she was a nanny? What does she want us to do?” “People can have two sides Jace Harrison… and she wants us to… have a nice day at the park…” Jessica replied. Jace and Amy exchanged glances to one another before looking back to Jessica. “That’s it?” Amy asked. “That’s it.” Jessica said. “Bullshit. I do not buy it… Some crazy chick knocks me out and puts a cage on my cock doesn’t just stop with ‘nice day at the park’.” Jace said. “There are some conditions…” Jessica began. “There it fucking is!” Jace replied. “What are these conditions?” Amy asked. “Emily has got it in her head that I am coddling you both and disagrees with how I am treating you.” Jessica began. “When have you ever coddled me…” Jace began but was cut off by Amy. “Let her finish.” Amy put her hand onto Jace’s arm. “So, she believes that if I want to play Mommy so much, she was going to give me two babies to babysit for the afternoon. She is hoping that me being forced to take care of the both of you as children will make me want to get over you both and come running back to her.” Jessica started. “Get over us both?” Amy asked. “Yes… Emily says that I care about you two more than I care about her.” Jessica began looking to Jace and Amy. “And she isn’t wrong. She said that an afternoon of diapers and whining babies will be enough for me to get over this obsession of mine.” “So… since I didn’t go along with her plan… now you…” Jace began. “No! Jace, none of this is your fault. Please do not think you had anything to do with it! I am so sorry.” Jessica cut off Jace. “We just need to be in diapers for the afternoon and play with you as our Mommy? We can do that, did it last night and will do it again.” Amy stated. Jessica smiled to her. “I will play along too, for you. But I am still mad at you…” Jace said to Jessica. Jessica smiled back to them. “I don’t deserve either of you!” Jessica shouted and ran to hug them both, each with one arm. Jace and Amy hugged her back. Sharing a sweet reprieve of loving embrace before the games that lie ahead. CHAPTER 17 Jace lifted Amy onto the changing table in the family bathroom. Amy looked surprised that she was able to fit and that it was supporting her weight. “Right. So, like last night you both needed to call me Mommy but today call me Jessy, and if you don’t do it today and Emily hears it she will be the one giving out the punishments, not me.” Jessica began tearing at the side of Amy’s GreatNite, however, she noticed that Amy had started to wet herself again a look of fear on her face. Jessica noticed and put the GreatNite back in place so that Amy could finish wetting. “You both are expected to act as though you are between the ages of one and a half and two years old, that is how she sees you in this. That means no potty, diaper changes whenever and wherever, you drink and eat what gets handed to you, you go where anyone tells you to, if either of you get fussy you will be punished. If either of you talks back, you will be punished. If either of you even THINK of stepping out of line or crossing Emily, you will be punished. She will not tolerate you joking, and she will not ask you twice. Do both of you understand me?” Jessica finished looking between them. The room went silent, neither Amy nor Jace knew what to say. A faint hissing sound broke the silence. Jace looked to his crotch. “Good.” Jessica said pointing to Jace, taking his fear wetting as affirmation, then turning back to Amy. “Are you almost done love?” “Sorry…” Amy said turning her head away. “Not to worry! I know how scary she can be too. Looks like your GreatNite held this time… with some help from your shirt…” Jessica said noticing a large damp spot on Amy’s back. Amy blushed laying on the changing table. Jessica finished tearing the sides of Amy’s GreatNite. “Butt up!” Jessica commanded. Amy complied allowing Jessica to remove the wet GreatNite and replace it with a dry Poof. Jessica cleaned Amy off and then powdered her groin. Making sure that Amy’s collar was on the outside of her diaper she tapped it up snuggly. “Jace, could you?” Jessica asked stepping back and referencing to Amy. “Oh, sure.” Jace replied picking Amy up easily and setting her on her feet. “I love how strong you are.” Amy said playing wither her hair. “I love how easy it is to carry you.” Jace replied. Both blushed. “As much as I love how sickly adorable this is, we have things to do…” Jessica said. “What’s next?” Jace asked. “Jace, I need you to take off your wet onesie, and Amy since you also wet your shirt, do you mind taking that off as well?” Jessica asked. “Not at all.” Amy replied slipping of her shirt with ease. Jace undid snaps at his shoulder and slid the onesie down to the floor. “What?” Jace asked noticing Jessica looking at him. “Just funny to see how easy it is for you to operate a onesie.” Jessica replied. Jace shook his head and smiled slipping his onesie off and putting it in front of him. Amy and Jace were now standing diaper clad in front of Jessica. Jessica reached into Amy’s diaper bag and started pulling out clothes. “Emily went to get these for you to wear…” Jessica said. Jessica pulled a pair of denim overall shorts that had a large image of a teddy bear sewn into the butt with snaps running along the inseam and white T-shirt with DIAPER LOADING written on it, and a short pink petticoat baby doll dress. She handed these to Jace and Amy, respectively. “Why does she just have these?” Amy asked holding up the dress seeing that it looked like a princess dress she would wear while playing with her sister. “Apparently, her tastes have grown since we were last together… She now has a bunch of toys and outfits that she keeps in the stowaway of her van…” Jessica replied. “I honestly think my mother has bought me worse than this before.” Jace said chuckling. “Really?” Amy asked excited. “Really, it will be like I am in the seventh grade again.” Jace mocked. “Seventh grade?” Amy asked. “Please don’t remind me…” Jace brought his hand to his face in shame. “Well, I am sure you were even more adorable then than you are now.” Amy replied slipping her dress over her head and smiling to Jace. “I will take your word for it.” Jace said setting his overall shorts down and putting his shirt on. “Jace, do you want a change before we go back out?” Jessica asked. Jace looked to the state of his diaper. “Awe, the bees have no more houses to fly into.” Amy teased commenting on the fade-when-wet designs. “I suppose we should…” Jace said. “I don’t think you are going to fit on the table, but I think there was a mat in Amy’s bag.” Jessica said rummaging again. “Here it is! It came with the bag.” Jessica held up a small shiny mat that matched the design of Amy’s backpack. “That will work… AHH!” Jace screamed grabbing his crotch and falling to his knees. “Owie! Owie! Owie!” Amy shouted dancing and grabbing her leg. MSG: My Addiction ‘Too long! Mustn’t dilly dally! ~Wallflower.’ ‘Okay… we are coming. ~Jess’ ‘We are coming what? ~Wallflower.’ ‘We are coming Mommy… ~Jess.’ ‘Good! And change your signature line, I do not want you to forget who you are. ~Wallflower.’ ‘Yes, mommy… ~Little Girl Jessy.’ ‘Good girl ? ~Wallflower.’ Jessica looked up from her phone and saw that Emily had stop inflicting pain on Amy and Jace. “Sorry Jace. We are going to need to delay that diaper change. Emily is apparently in a hurry.” Jessica replied putting her phone away and packing up the diaper bag. “Why is she so mean?” Amy whined as she helped Jace to his feet. “Because if she was nice, the pact she made with a demon would be broken and her soul would be taken to hell.” Jace said groaning pulling his short overalls over his slightly wet diaper. “Or you know something close to that.” Jessica said stowing the changing table and wrapping up Amy’s dirty diaper. “Either way, let’s not piss the bitch off!” “Agreed!” Amy said pushing the sides of her dress down trying to make it fluff out less then announcing. Amy walked to the door. “Jace, would you mind getting the door? I’m afraid my dress will get caught in the door.” Amy Asked. “Of course!” Jace ran to the door and held it open helping Amy get her dress out. Jessica watched them exit the door. She was happy that even though all this was going on they were still finding some happiness. Jessica quickly threw Amy’s soiled diaper into the garbage and walked out the door. CHAPTER 18 “You both look adorable!” Emily cooed meeting Jace and Amy outside the restroom. Jessica followed closely behind them. “Jessy, I told them they look cute. Why aren’t they saying thank you.” Emily demanded to Jessica. “Guys. Say thank you to Auntie Emily for the clothes and the compliment.” Jessica said to Jace and Amy. “Thanks…” “Thank you…” Jace and Amy mumbled back. “AHH!” “Owie! Please stop it!” Jace and Amy yelled, Emily torturing them. “Jessy, you need to teach these kids some manners!” Emily scolded Jessica. Jessica put on a big smile and went up to Jace and Amy putting a hand on each of their backs. “Jace, Amy.” Jessica said sweetly. “Please tell Auntie Emily how happy you are with you new outfits.” “We love them Auntie Emily!” “Thank you so much! It is the prettiest dress I have ever had!” Jace and Amy responded back with an empty enthusiasm. “See, Jessy, this is how to properly discipline a child.” Emily said turning to address Jace and Amy. “Now I am hungry, so we are going to lunch. I want perfect children. Do you both understand me?” “Yes, Auntie Emily…” Jace and Amy responded back. “Jessy, now!” Emily turned to leave. “Come on kids.” Jessica said grabbing Jace and Amy’s hand leading them to follow Emily. They walked up to a picnic area with a small hut serving food. Jace and Amy could feel their mouths start to water smelling the food cooking. All they had to eat was the push-pops in the car and the ice cream when they got there. “Thank God. I am starving.” Jace said walking to the food hut. “Me too! My stomach has been grumbling since the carousel!” Amy replied. “Shh!!” Jessica said behind them, but it was too late. “That didn’t sound like what babies sound like.” Emily said turning around with her finger on the button. She let Jace and Amy feel the torture a bit longer before releasing them. “Now Jessy, encourage your kids to talk to me appropriately.” Emily demanded. Jessica walked up to Jace and Amy again and addressed the as though they were children. “Okay guys!” Jessica said cheerily. “We are going to use our baby words to talk today! Doesn’t that sound like fun?” Amy and Jace grimaced at each other. “She asked you both a question.” Emily said gravel on her lips. “Jace, Amy…” Jessica said diffusing Emily and focusing the attention back on herself. “Why don’t my good little ones try saying what they mean again in a way that is more age appropriate?” Jessica smiled at them, encouraging them to talk again. “Uhh… I so hungry I eat a horsey!” Jace replied unsure of his words. “So hungry! My tummy has all the grumpies!” Amy said overdramatically, covering for Jace. “Jace! You big hungy too?” “Yeah! Amy, I have big hungy too!” Jace said rubbing his belly. Emily turned back to continue walking. “Good job guys!” Jessica said walking behind them. Jace looked to Amy and Amy grabbed his hand and smiled to him. “I gotchu baby!” Amy said in a sing song voice. The gang arrived at the food hut. “Jessy, what do you want? I want to make this quick so we can get back to the day. I didn’t drive your brats all the way out here for them to lay around and shit themselves all day.” Emily stated when in ear shot of the food attendant. “Okay then…” The attendant replied. “What can I get for you?” “I’ll have the grilled chicken sandwich with chips, Jessy hurry up. What do you want?” Emily asked Jessica. Jessica looked at Emily with confusion. “Come on, Jessy I don’t have all day!” Emily announced. “I’ll just have a cheeseburger and fries.” Jessica said also realizing how hungry she was. Jessica turned to Jace and Amy. “What would…” Jessica started. “Ahh! No!” Emily cut Jessica off. “They don’t have a kid’s menu here and it is your fault that you did not pack them anything to eat.” Jace and Amy held their hands to their stomachs. Jessica looked at them with pity. She then turned to Emily who was waiting for her with her eyes wide. “Something you wanted to say?” Emily asked Jessica. “Please… They have barely eaten today…” Jessica started. “Are you two babies really that hungry that you are going to whine about it all day?” Emily asked looking over Jessica to address Jace and Amy. Both Jace and Amy shook their heads yes, unsure of what to do. “Fine.” Emily turned back to the attendant. “Also get me a double bacon cheeseburger, chili cheese dog and a large fry.” Jace and Amy looked at each other with surprise and worry. Emily looked back to them and smiled sinisterly. “And for the girl.” Emily turned back to the attendant. “She will have a large Cesar salad with extra grilled chicken, a large order of your grilled brussels sprouts and how about we get two pitchers of beer for the table.” “Alright then… Your total is $111.46. We will bring it out to you.” The attendant replied. “Well.” Emily said to Jessica. “Pay the man!” “Oh, sorry! Here you go.” Jessica said, putting her phone in her pocket and handing over her card. Jessica had taken out a little money for the day, but she did not plan to spend this much money at the park. Jessica turned and handed the number to Emily, who walked ahead to get a table. Jace and Amy looked at her worried about her and themselves. “Over here!” Emily called waving them down. Jace, Jessica and Amy walked over to the table. Jace had a noticeable sag in his shorts with Amy also starting to show signs of drooping. “Jace, Amy. You two sit over there. Jessy, you’re with me.” Emily ordered. The trio made their way to their seats. “I hope you two are as hungry as you say you are!” Emily teased. “So much food!” Jace pleaded to Emily. “My tummy hurts…” Amy said grabbing her middle and leaning into Jace. “I don’t want to hear it! You said you were hungry, and I expect you to eat all your food! Jessy tell them how we do not waste food.” Emily said. “Jace, Amy. You both said you were hungry. I want you to do your best to finish all the food that they bring.” Jessica said. Jace and Amy looked to her pleading for her to do something. “Here we are!” A food attendant showed up with mountains of food. Emily helped them distribute the food. Jace and Amy stared at their food with their mouths hanging open. There was no way they could eat just one of the portions between the two of them. Emily poured everyone a pint of beer while Jace and Amy gawked at their food. Emily sat down and started eating, Jessica joining her. Amy noticed and started nibbling on her salad. “Jace. Be a good boy and eat your food alright?” Jessica said warningly gesturing to him to eat. Begrudgingly Jace took his first bite. They ate in silence, Jessica and Emily finishing their meals way ahead of the other two. Jace and Amy were struggling to eat everything. Both were full beyond capacity. “What’s wrong with them?” Emily asked Jessica. “Guys what’s wrong?” Jessica asked. “Tummy full Jessy…” Jace said rubbing his stomach. “My tummy feels sick…” Amy said hugging Jace. “Really? We got you all this food and you aren’t even going to eat it?” Emily shouted. “Please… Auntie Emily… no more…” Jace said. “My tummy doesn’t feel good.” Amy said letting go of Jace and attempting to stand up. “Amy, sweety, what’s wrong? Are you going to be sick?” Jessica asked. “I… I…” Amy was looking around in desperation sweat started to form on her brow. Amy got her dress caught under the table as she was trying to stand up and now, she was stuck in a sitting position. “Amy, what’s wrong? Use your words.” Jessica said. “I…” Amy sat back up straight and looked to Jace before burying her face in her hands. Amy clenched herself trying to hold back what was inside of her. But it was no use and her body eventually caved to the growing pressure. Amy felt a steady flow of poo oozing into the seat of her diaper. She could feel it squish its way to up her back, the mess distributing itself through the padding. “Uh-oh…” Emily said condescendingly. “Looks like baby girl filled her diaper, hasn’t she? I was wondering when the laxative I slipped into your beer would kick in.” Amy looked up to Emily, tears streaming down her cheeks. She had just pooped herself in front of the boy she liked. She was mortified. She looked to Emily non-verbally begging to let this end. “That is enough.” Emily said standing up. “I suppose I can let you both slide on finishing your food. Messing your diaper in front of your boyfriend was enough torment for me.” Jessica ran over to Amy putting an arm around her shoulder, condoling her. “Come on, let’s get you changed.” Jessica said freeing Amy’s dress and standing her up. “Hold on.” Emily said to Jessica. “We have a lot of stuff to do. You can change her when Jace messes his diaper too. I gave them both the laxatives.” Amy looked to Jessica a look of despair on her face. “You can’t!” Jace said standing up. “Ahh, ahh, ahh…” Emily said holding up her phone. “Wouldn’t want to make it worse on your girlfriend, would you?” Jace stopped talking. “That’s what I thought.” Emily said returning her phone to her pocket. “Now let’s go. I have something special planned next.” Emily walked away. Jace looked at her wanting to strike her. “Jace, enough.” Jessica said. “Help me clean off the table while I help Amy.” Jace shook his head in agreement after seeing Amy upset. Jace quickly threw the trash away and went over to Amy. “Is there anything I can do? I know that messy accidents can be uncomfortable.” Jace said. “Thank you, but right now I just want to crawl in a hole and die…” Amy replied. “Come on, sweety, let’s follow Emily. Jace, please grab Amy’s bag.” Jessica said. Jace did as was instructed and followed the group. CHAPTER 19 “Here we are!” Emily announced as they walked up to the go cart track. Jessica, Amy and Jace looked at the track. Amy looked at the track with despair. “What are we doing here?” Jessica asked placing her phone into her pocket. “I thought it would be funny to have you children cruising around the go carts and helplessly fill their diapers. I did not think your girl was so much of a baby that she couldn’t even make it to the starting line. But no matter.” Emily shrugged and started walking to the track. “Jessy… I no want to go…” Amy said. Jessica looked at her with concern, wanting to help her. “Emily, do you think Amy can sit this one out at least? You will still have Jace and…” Jessica was cut off by Emily. “Did you seriously just try to tell me what to do again?” Emily said pulling out her phone. “Ow! Ow! Ow!” Amy grabbed the back of her leg, Jace rushed over to support her. “Is your little girl going to behave herself now or do I need to turn this up?” Emily asked. “Yes! Yes! Please, stop! I’ll go! I’ll go!” Amy whimpered. “There you have it, she is going…” Emily finished her sentence coldly. Emily turned to walk to the cart attendant. “Four of us.” Emily said to the attendant. The attendant looked back to Jace, Amy and Jessica. “Well don’t you all look adorable!” The attendant said, then put her hands on her hips in a mock authoritative way. “Are you two old enough to ride on this ride?” Jace and Amy blushed. “Oh, they are old enough to drive. They are just still getting the hang of potty training.” Emily stated. “Well, this course probably won’t help then. It’s a bumpy drive.” The flight attendant winked as the gate opened letting them in. Emily walked in followed by Jessica, then Amy and finally Jace. As Amy walked past the attendant started smelling harder and got a twisted expression on her face. Amy noticed and blushed deeply running forward to grab Jessica’s arm. Emily noticed Amy and looked back to the attendant. “Everything alright?” Emily asked. “Everything is fine, just caught a bad wind is all.” The attendant replied. “That is probably because little Amy here shit in her diaper in front of everyone and now we all need to suffer because of it.” Emily stated. “Oh… Umm… I am sorry to hear that…” The attendant responded awkwardly. Amy tried to bury herself further into Jessica. “It’s fine. We are all used to it by now. That is why I keep them in diapers.” Emily said casually. “I am… very glad… you found a solution….” The attendant responded. Amy wanted to die of embarrassment. Jessica tried to console her knowing there was only so much she could do. Jessica hated that Emily pulled that on Amy, the poor girl is embarrassed enough. “Here, let me help you.” Jace said offering to help Amy into the cart. “Thank you.” Amy replied accepting. Jace helped Amy climb into the car and held on to her hands. He stepped off and started to lower her down slowly, knowing how gross a mess can get when you squish them too fast. HONK Jace jumped letting go of Amy causing her to fall the final two feet to her chair. Amy hit with a thud, but she felt the mush spread further up the back and to the front of her diaper. “I am so sorry!” Jace said looking to the source of the noise. Emily waved her hand sitting in her own cart ahead of them. Jessica grimaced at her as she got in the cart beside Amy. “It’s fine. I’ll be okay.” Amy said trying to settle in her full diaper. Jace gave an apologetic grin and turned to his own go cart beside Emily. “Hey Jace! Why don’t we make this interesting!” Emily called over. Jace looked to Emily; Amy and Jessica also paying attention. “If you can beat me and fill your diaper, I will give you the key to your cage!” Emily pulled out a key on a necklace. Jace shook his head in understanding. Emily wanted to humiliate him just like she did to Amy with the attendant. Jace also knew that there was no way he was going to let a crazy woman treat Amy like she just did. He wanted to win for her. The lights on the track started to change colors. First, turning red, then yellow and finally green. Emily peeled out of the lane Jace following close behind her. Jace saw Emily’s cart bounce in front of him, he hit the same bump and landed hard. Jace felt something in his stomach start to churn. He sped back up trying not to think of it as they entered a climbing spiral track. Amy and Jessica were close behind them. Amy hit the bump and hit the pavement letting her foot off the gas for a moment. She felt her mess squish further around inside her diaper. “Keep up little girl!” Jessica screamed waving her hand for Amy to keep going. Amy snapped herself out of feeling uncomfortable and slammed her foot back on the pedal. Closing the gap between her and Jessica. The entered the spiral track not far behind Jace and Emily. Jace was following Emily tightly, his car was rubbing up against the bumper of his cart. He was trying to get on the inside so that he could pass. The track was getting higher. Their carts squealed as they got to the top of the track. Jace leaned into the turn trying to get the advantage when the track opened into a straight away. Jace pulled out to Emily’s right attempting to overtake her. Emily saw and swerved her car to block him. The sudden turn caused Jace’s stomach to drop as he let off the gas. He felt something try to shoot out his backside but then retreat back inside of him. “You bitch!” Amy screamed seeing the move that Emily pulled on Jace. “You tell her!” Jessica responded to Amy. Jace refocused and closed the gap between himself and Emily. He was inching closer he saw a turn coming and if he could just get to her side before then he could overtake her. The front of Jace’s car was at Emily’s back bumper when the track dropped into a dip causing Jace to lose his concentration. The sudden drop startled Jace enough to cause him to lose control. Jace hit the ground with a loud bang followed by what sounded like an even louder wet fart from Jace. Jace felt a wet mess explode into the back of his diaper. The sudden release causing Jace to let off the gas. He felt a warm mess make its way up his back. Jessica caught up to Jace. “Come on! Poop and drive!” Jessica yelled as she overtook him. Jace snapped out of his messing trance and refocused on the track, hitting the gas pedal, and accelerating. “You can do it babe!” Amy yelled. The track turned into a steep hill as a final stretch to the finish line. Jessica was able to use this to catch up to Emily, slamming into her bumper. Emily looked behind her to see Jessica her middle finger raised. The sudden impact caused Emily to slow down enough for Jace to overtake them both. “Oh no you don’t!” Emily screamed pulling out her phone. “Hey! Leave my boyfriend alone!” Amy yelled coming in from the side slamming into Emily’s cart causing her phone to fly out of her hands. Emily’s phone landed and shattered on the pavement. Jace was able to win the race with the help from Amy and Jessica. And as part of the deal Jace had successfully filled his diaper as well. Emily, Jessica, and Amy followed in behind Jace. An Attendant ran up with Emily’s phone. “Sorry miss. That’s why we say don’t use them on the track.” The attendant said returning her phone. All of them got out of their carts and exited the track. “Give me the key.” Jace demanded after they left. “No, you all cheated and it wasn’t fair!” Emily screamed like a petulant child grasping the key and running away towards the entrance. “Hey! Get back here!” Jace shouted as her started to run after her but was stopped by Jessica holding him back. “Just let her go.” Jessica said putting her phone into her pocket. “But she still has the key for Jace’s cage.” Amy said. “Just wait.” Jessica said reaching into her purse, pulling out her bottle of alcohol. “You both must want this straight from the bottle from what you just went through.” “Yes.” “Me first!” Jace and Amy shouted. Jace grabbed the bottle and took a long pull before handing it off the Amy. “Why are you so calm now?” Jace asked coughing on the after burn. “I think that Emily will be pretty upset when she makes it to the front gate.” Jessica said walking with her hands behind her back looking like she just won the lottery. Jace and Amy looked to each other confused but kept following Jessica. Each of them waddling uncomfortably. “Hey, Jessica… Can we get changed please?” Amy asked. “Yes, that would be nice!” Jace seconded. “Juist hang on for a few more minutes. You are not going to want to miss this.” Jessica said smiling. The trio arrived at the front gate to find Emily being screamed at by two older individuals. “This is what you do when you are supposed to be in class?” The woman screamed at Emily. “You live out some perverted fantasy?” “We are very disappointed in you.” The man said. “There they are! You must be Jessica.” The woman said running up and shaking Jessica’s hand. “I am indeed.” Jessica said with a smile. “I am glad that you got here alright.” “We would have gotten here sooner had it not been for the traffic!” The man called. Jace and Amy looked over to see Emily who looked like she was about a centimeter tall. “Emily, come over her and apologize to these people.” The woman commanded. “Mom…” Emily protested. “Do as she says or I will beat you over my knee with a cane.” The man threatened. “Yes Daddy…” Emily replied defeated and walked over to her mother. “Well?” Jessica asked smiling. “Well? Well, fuck you! You little cu…” “Ahh!” Jessica said putting Jace’s pacifier into her mouth. “We don’t need any of that language.” “Thank you, Jessica. As we discussed here are the keys to Emily’s van. I will come pick it up from you tomorrow.” Emily’s mother handed Jessica the keys. “And thank you for not getting anyone else involved in this… You have no idea the embarrassment you are saving her father and I.” “For your trouble.” Emily’s father walked up and handed them each $5,000 cash. “And your silence.” “One last thing!” Jace said as he moved to Emily and grabbed the necklace with the key snapping it from her neck. Emily gave Jace a disgusted and angry look. “Now if you will excuse us…” Emily’s father said moving Emily towards the parking lot. “Also, you both smell like you need your diapers changed.” Emily’s mother commented before turning to leave. Amy and Jace looked to Jessica with bewilderment. “How?” Jace asked. “Well, I didn’t have her last name, but never underestimate a sorority finding people on the internet. I sent the girls a message that I needed help tracking down a suspicious girl I was hooking up with they took care of the rest.” Jessica replied. “After they found out her last name it was easy to track down her parents; her mother and I have been texting since Emily explained her game to me. When I found out who her parents were, I figured they would want to keep a situation like this quiet, so I used that as a little blackmail. She may have had her fun, but I can only imagine what they will do with her. They have the kind of money to make problems just disappear. Like studying abroad in Siberia disappear. There was no way I was going to let her get away with this unscathed…” Jace and Amy looked to one another then back to Jessica. “What?” Jessica asked. “Just remind me to never piss you off…” Jace replied. “Umm… Jessica?” Amy asked. “Yes, dear.” Jessica replied. “Can you please change us now?” Amy asked. “Yes please!” Jace also chimed in. “Sure, let’s get you both cleaned up and ready for the ride home.” Jessica said as she guided them to a family restroom. Jessica had Jace lay down on the floor. She undid the tapes and same the mess that Jace had made. She reached in and used the key to unlock his cage. “Thank God! That is so much better!” Jace said. “Yeah! But you are so much stinkier!” Amy said holding her noise. “Oh boy, don’t worry little girl, you are next.” Jessica said going to work cleaning up Jace. Amy blushed and turned away. “Amy, hand me a new diaper.” Jessica instructed. Amy handed her a diaper with teddy bears and moons on it. Jessica slid it under him and powdered him up heavily. “Alright little miss your turn.” Jessica said shooing Jace out of the way. Jace went to buttoning his overall shorts back up while Amy got into position. Jessica undid the tapes and opened the front of Amy’s diaper. “Pee eww! And you were saying that Jace was bad!” Jessica teased while Amy blushed while Jace chuckled. “Could you get Amy a fresh diaper?” Jace grabbed a diaper that had pictures of ladybugs flying around and handed it to Jessica. Jessica went to work and cleaned up Amy, once again heavily powdering her before taping the diaper back shut. “Alright you two stinky kids. Let’s get back to campus.” Jessica said pushing them out the door. They made it back to the van, Jace and Amy getting in the back while Jessica got into the driver’s seat. They buckled up and Jessica pulled out onto the road. “Looks like it is a two-and-a-half-hour drive from here. We’ll be back after dark.” Jessica announced. Jessica looked back to find that Jace and Amy were holding each other’s hand. Jessica smiled at the two of them as she entered the highway; the sun setting behind them. Jace looked into Amy’s eyes and Amy into his. “I think I’m falling for you Jace Harrison.” Amy whispered turning her head so that it was facing Jace and resting on the back of the seat. “Call me when you catch up Amy Applegate.” Jace replied squeezing Amy’s hand. Jessica felt her heart flutter, she looked to the road and smiled settling in for the long drive. CHAPTER 20 Jessica pulled into the campus dorm visitor parking lot and looked back to Jace and Amy. Both had fallen asleep on the drive home. Jessica opened Jace’s side door and stepped out of the car. She gently woke Jace. “Hey, we are back to campus. Are you ready to go up?” Jessica asked. “Huh? Oh, yes. Sure.” Jace replied unbuckling and stepping out. “I figured you could just carry Amy up to your room and not wake her too much.” Jessica said as Jace stood in front of her. “I will return your room key tomorrow… and we don’t need to see each other again.” Jace faced her in silence for a moment. Jessica stood waiting for Jace to say something. Instead Jace reached out and hugged Jessica. Jessica stood stunned for a moment before hugging him back. “What is this for?” Jessica asked. Jace stopped jugging her and held her at arm’s distance. “Jess, as much as these last two days were crazy and wild and I don’t even know what else. I found Amy through it all and that was because of you. I can forgive you and we can still be friends, but please no more Emily alright?” Jace said. “Deal!” Jessica replied tears welling. “Can we go upstairs now? I heard Jace was carrying me.” Amy called from inside the car, not opening her eyes. “You heard the lady.” Jessica said. “I got her.” Jace smiled as walked to the other side of the van and picked Amy up from the seat. Jessica and Jace walked to the dorm entrance. Amy snuggled her head closer into Jace. “You’re wet little girl.” Jace commented. “So are you so, shh!” Amy held a finger up to Jace’s mouth. “You two are too freaking cute.” Jessica said calling the elevator. Jace smiled to her carrying Amy over the elevator threshold. The gang rode up together reaching the fourth floor. “See you for breakfast?” Jessica asked. “I think you owe us that much.” Jace smirked as he turned to his room. “Goodnight Jessica.” Amy called. “Call me Jess, my friends call me Jess.” Jessica replied. “Goodnight Jess.” Amy called back sleepily. “Goodnight Amy.” Jessica smiled. Jessica made it back to her room and closed the door. She went digging into her boxes and found a small chest. It contained her stash of alcohol. Jessica grabbed a cup and poured herself a tall shot of whiskey. She downed it and changed into some comfy pants and a cozy sweater before pouring herself another and moving to sit on her bed. MSG: JACE HARRISON ‘Please for the love of God tell me you have a condom. You are the only person I know to contact. ~Jace Windu.’ MSG: AMY APPLEGATE ‘Hey… do you have a condom by chance? Jace said he is going to call some people, but I don’t think he knows anyone that would have one… don’t tell him I texted you! ~Applesauce.’ ‘Sure, hold on… ~Little Girl Jessy.’ ‘LMAO! What is with your signature? ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Seriously Jess! Enough with the baby stuff today! Jkjk. ~Applesauce.’ Jessica walked to her door and opened it. “ROOM 4B NEEDS A CONDOM!” Jessica yelled into the hallway. Jessica saw that people’s doors had started to open. Some people with a condom in hand and walked to Jace’s room. ‘I am glad we are back to your normal crazy self… ~Jace Windu.’ ‘Did you get a condom? ~Jess.’ ‘Yes… Thank you… ~Jace Windu.” ‘You’re welcome. ~Jess.’ Jessica smiled and opened her laptop to watch a funny movie. She was glad that they were able to experience each other tonight. They had been so close and yet separated so many times over the last day that it was almost cruel to make them wait any further. MSG: NEVER AGAIN ‘I just want you to know that I am sorry, and you won’t be seeing me again. My parents have arranged for me to work as an au pair in France. ~Emily Adams.’ ‘Goodbye Emily, lose this number and never contact me again. ~Jess.’ Jessica downed the last of her drink and settled in for a night of mind-numbing comedy. The next morning Jessica awoke to the sun hitting her face. She jumped up. “Shoot!” Jessica jumped out of bed. “I am going to be late!” Jessica quickly grabbed her backpack put on some shoes and ran out the door. SMACK Jessica ran into Jace who was just about to knock. “What’s the rush?” Jace asked stepping into her room, he had on dark jeans and a V-neck sweater with a white T-shirt under. “Are you alright Jess?” Amy asked stepping in, she was wearing a pink sundress with a white headband and her new backpack. Both Jace and Amy looked very well put together and in stark contrast to what Jessica had seen them as yesterday. “Yeah, just late for class.” Jessica said. “Class? It’s Saturday.” Jace said sitting on her chair kicking his feet up. Jessica looked at her phone, sure enough it was the weekend and she had lost track of the days. “Too much craziness… messed with my schedule.” Jessica said collecting herself. “Messed with us all I think.” Amy replied. “Do you want us to come back when you are ready?” “Nah, I’m good.” Jessica replied walking out the door. Amy looked to Jace who stood up to follow. “I can only aspire to not care as much as her.” Jace said wrapping an arm around Amy walking her out the door. The gang arrived at the cafeteria and as promised Jessica treated them to breakfast. “I know this doesn’t make up for everything. But hopefully it’s a start.” Said Jessica. “I have no idea what you are talking about.” Jace said feigning ignorance. “Yeah, Jess I am pretty sure you have us mixed up with a different couple.” Amy said. Jessica laughed hard, causing the other two to crack up with her. She had not been able to laugh with her friends in a while. “I love you two!” Jessica said. “Love you too, Jess!” Amy said smiling back. Amy looked to Jace and put her hand on his back. “Whoops! Jace and I will need to be right back, I can tell boyfriend needs a change.” Amy said standing up. “Boyfriend, huh?” Jessica asked a giant grin on her face. Jace and Amy blushed looking at each other. “How could you tell he needed a diaper change?” Jessica asked smirking. “Intuition.” Amy smiled. “Was she right?” Jessica asked Jace. Jace pulled out the front of his jeans a small way. “She was.” Jace laughed. “Do you want me to help you?” Jessica asked standing up. “I got him. Don’t worry about us.” Amy said brushing off her help. “What about you?” Jessica asked referencing to Amy. “I got her.” Jace replied like he was explaining to a parent that they do not need supervision. Jessica sat back down and smiled. Jace and Amy walked towards the family restrooms. “They really do make a cute couple.” Jessica said watching her two diapered friends make their way to change one another. Fin If you have enjoyed this please check out its sequel Lake Cresent and let me know what you think!
  12. Alex was an incoming freshmen at Northern, part of the class of 2022. He along with other new students were attending orientation this weekend. He was a bit nervous to meet a bunch of new people, it would also be his first time with a roommate. His Mom had driven him up for the weekend, as he did not have his own car he could just take. The school was about 4 hours from his house so at least Mom and Dad would not make to many surprise visits. When they pulled up she helped him unload his suitcase, gave him a big hug and nearly crying got back into the car. It was his first time this far away from home all by himself, a big moment for both of them. Alex found his way into the Student Center, the specified location for the beginning of Orientation. The building was large, but the ballroom he walked into must have had about 500 chairs for everyone to sit in. He had about 20 minutes before the meeting was supposed to start, so he wondered around a bit before using the bathroom and then finding his seat. The president of the college spoke for awhile, then some students talked about different stuff to do and how important it was to take school seriously. “Getting involved in something more than classes helps to make the college experience more fun, make sure you attend the Clubs reception tomorrow! The location will be here and we will start at 5 PM.” The students were then split up into smaller groups, and given tours of the campus. They registered for classes, did group activities together, and ate together. At the end of Saturday Alex had made a few new friends. They were assigned roommates for the night, and given key’s to go up to their rooms. Alex was staying with Kyle tonight, which was awesome because they had gotten along great all day! The only thing Alex was worried about now was sleeping with, well, his stuffed doggy. Kyle had a 101 Dalmatians stuffed animal named Lucky that he had been sleeping with for a long time. He had given up stuffed animals when he was 12, but without his parents knowing he started sleeping with him again last year. Now he was worried about his new college friends making fun of him for it. It was college, so, they had no bed time, just a room assignment. They stayed up talking for awhile, then decided to get ready to pass out. They both put on their pajamas, and climbed into bed. After the lights went out, Alex slipped his hand into his bag by the bed and pulled Lucky out. Carefully tucking him under his arm before drifting off to sleep. ______ When morning came, Kyle was the first one out of bed. He walked past a fallen Lucky on the floor, and gave little thought to it. ‘So Alex still slept with a stuffed animal, big whoop’. When Alex woke up how ever, he saw that Kyle was out of bed, and then… Lucky was on the floor! He started to freak out a little, sat up in bed, on the verge of tears. As Kyle came back from around the corner, he saw Alex in his state, and checked on him. “You ok dude?” “Oh… Um…” Kyle picked up Lucky from the floor, “If you’re looking for this guy, he’s right here”. As his stuffed animal was handed to him, Alex sat silent. He could see that his it was a non starter, and the worries left him. “Thanks!” He took his stuffed doggy from Kyle and hugged it before setting it on his bed and began to get dressed. Today’s plan included Breakfast, another information session, and finally a clubs reception. Alex was most excited about this, as he had been told this was when all the activities tried to woo incoming students into joining their groups. Alex sat with his roommate at breakfast, Kyle never mentioning anything regarding the morning. They went along to the information session, got handed tons of paperwork, and then were swiftly rushed along to the ballroom lined with now empty of chairs and instead replaced with tables and signs. Intramural Sports! - Student Union! - Rock Climbing - ect… it seemed like the tables went on forever. Tucked away in a corner was a group no one seemed to be paying much attention to. Seeing an opportunity to get away from the crowds Alex walked over to a sign reading “Regression Club”. “Hi! My names Cindy, and you are?” “Alex! My name is Alex. Soooooooo” “So what? “What’s your club?” Alex thought he knew, but there was no way it was a club about that. How could that be in a college? “Well, we are a club that is all about acting the age you ‘want’ to be. Pick an age and we help you experience it.” “Wait, any age?” “Any age.” Alex was getting excited! “Wait so, how does this work?” He was handed a brochure, spelling out the details, and giving him the date for their first meeting. It just so happened to be the same day he moved into his dorm! “Read over that when you have time, now for my paperwork how old are you Alex? “I’m 18” “Oh… no no I mean… How.. OLD… are you?” Alex was not enterally sure what she meant, but he thought he understood, and tentatively answered: “four”. “Ah, I thought so! Read that information and come to the meeting! See you soon little one!” Now she knew, someone else really knew… He had never told anyone that before, and here she was, known her for less than 2 minutes and he spilled his single biggest secret to her. Alex had figured out awhile ago that he was a little. Kind of an adult baby, but more like an adult kid. He still liked diapers, but wore pull ups and undies more often. Mostly he just liked being made to feel little and small, and to be treated like a kid. He also liked stuffed animals, wearing little kid pajamas, playing video games, playing with toys, playing in general! Coloring, sidewalk chalk, swimming, and even getting in trouble sometimes. He thought one of the sure fire ways to feel like a kid was to get in trouble, specifically to get punished as a little kid. This he saw as two options, time out and spanking. He had spanked himself, and was spanked as a very little kid, but his parents did not spank often and had stopped a long time ago. Plus those were not real spankings, just single smacks to his bottom to get his attention, nothing like what he had read about in stories online. One day when he was 15, Alex worked up the courage to mention spanking to his mom in lieu of grounding. She listened to him, but said if he had found a punishment he preferred then she knew her’s was working well enough. If he wanted to experience a spanking, she would be willing to give him a small one though. He turned that down, blushing, and only wished. ………….. After the reception ended, it was time for everyone to head home. His dad picked him up this time, about halfway they stopped and ate dinner at a Chili’s! One of his and his Dad’s favorites. Alex got asked “if he was going to like the school, or join any clubs”? “I for sure like the school, Maybe join a club, but I’m not sure yet.” When they got home it was late so he headed straight upstairs to his room. He dropped his bag on the bed and laid back, suddenly remembering today’s events! His backpack had the thing he had been curious to know more about, the brochure on ‘Regression Club’. He opened it up, expecting to find some pictures, but it was all just text: “Regression Club is a group on campus dedicated to helping students act ‘their age’ while attending school. We help match you with another student(s) who are willing and enjoy regressing others. Those who might be interested: Non-traditional students who want to feel more like a college student Those who need extra guidance like in high school, middle school, or younger grades Those who enjoy juvenile activities Those missing parental discipline Those whom are a little younger at heart If any of these apply to you, consider joining us for the introductory meeting on dorm move in day! We hope to see you there.” There were more details regarding non-traditional students, and extra guidance like assisting in planning homework and study habits. But not much information on real regression. Alex hoped this was still what he was looking for! It must be, after all, it specifically talked about parental discipline! ______ Move in day came, and Alex had his parents help him get everything into his room. His roommate, as it turned out, was the same one he had at orientation! Kyle had already moved in when Alex arrived, he did not bring all that much. Just bed stuff, a few nick nacks, and his computer. Alex had his parents help put up posters, while he went to work setting up his TV, speakers, and PS4. Kyle got excited when he saw this! “Oh sweet! You got 2 controllers?” “Sure do!” As soon as Alex’s parents were on their way, the boys launched a game and played until dinner time. Once they had eaten at the dining hall, Alex found an excuse to head off to his club meeting. The Regression club was meeting in their office, at the student center. It took awhile to find the room, it was kind of out of the way in an upstairs hallway. He opened the door to find a meeting room with chairs lining the wall. He found an open spot, and took a seat. At the center of the room stood a well dressed older college student, his name tag said Mike. He had a nice looking beard, and wavy black hair. He was wearing khaki pants, and a button up shirt. Even his shoes looked very nice. “Hi, welcome. What’s your name?” “Oh…” Alex was a bit worried about everyone knowing who he was, the room was not exceptionally full but it had about 10 people waiting for the talk to start. “My name’s Alex”. “Welcome Alex”, Mike looked down at his clipboard and found the information that Cindy had taken down. “Looks like you're a little too young to be in this meeting Alex, we are having a separate meeting in the room through that door for kiddos your age. Why don’t you head in there?” Alex began to blush, “Oh, um…. ok.” He stood up and walked to the door, he felt like everyone’s eyes were on him but in reality hardly anyone looked up from their phone. Alex grabbed his bag, and headed for the door. What he found inside, well, did not look right. To Alex’s eyes he had just walked into a preschool or daycare. Bins and shelfs ran along the wall’s with toys, the walls themselves were painted bright colors. The floor was regular carpet, except in the corner where a rocking chair sat on the edge of a circle time rug. It was covered in letters and numbers, and looked extremely soft. The rug had 5 students sitting on it, 4 boys and 1 girl. The rocking chair had a woman dressed equally nice as Mike in the previous room, except she was wearing a dress. She spoke in a soft and fun voice. “Is your name Alex?” “Um.. yeah.” “Great, come and sit down on the rug!” Alex walked over, and took a seat. He sat criss cross applesauce, something he had not done in awhile. Looking around he noticed everyone here was his age, or thereabout. “Ok so now that everyone is here I’m going to talk about what type of regression this group is looking for. Once we are done with that, I’ll make sure everyone feels like they are in the right place, and then we will fill out some question’s and paperwork.” “Everyone in this group said they felt like they were 8 years or younger, the youngest age provided was 3, most of you were between 4 and 5. Regression for this age group can go one of two ways. The first is pretty much full time, your big boys and girls when you go to class but the decisions you make while your big affect your little side. So if you misbehave as a big kid, little you has to deal with the consequences. Some of you may choose to wear either a diaper or a pull up during you big kid time, to make you feel little even when you have to do grown up stuff. The other option is regression just for play. When you're grown up day is done, you become your little self, and anything you did as a big kid does not affect your little side.” The woman stopped at this point, and looked around. “Now if anybody feels like this is not something for them, now is a good time to get going. No one is going to judge you, this needs to be a safe environment.” Alex looked around, surprised to see no one got up from the rug. Even more surprising was this being exactly what he longed for. “Alright then everyone, I’m going to pass out a survey. I would like you to take it to a comfy part of the room, and fill it out. Feel free to grab a stuffed friend from the bin to hold while you're working on it. Take your time, don’t feel like you have to rush.” A pin and clipboard were handed to Alex, he got up and walked over to a soft bean bag chair and plopped down. Lucky was in his backpack, so he went ahead and pulled him out and tucked him under an arm before looking at the form. The top had the basics: name, age (real and play age), what dorm you’re living in, room number, phone number, ect. Next was emergency contacts, for that Alex put his Mom and his roommate. Next came allergies, Alex was allergic to peanuts and shellfish, so he put that down. Other questions were: ‘Favorite Kids TV show’? - Paw Patrol ‘Favorite Kids Movie’? - Cars ‘Favorite Food’? - Pizza ‘Favorite Restaurant’? - Chili’s Next the questions started to get a little more personal: 'Do you have sensitive skin’? Alex assumed this was relating to baby wipes. He did sometimes break out when using normal ones so he usually used the sensitive kind from Pampers. He put down yes. ‘Is little you potty trained’? 4 year old Alex was potty trained, but he still liked to wear diapers and pull ups when he could. He made sure to write that part down. ‘Do you wet the bed’? No, how ever he liked to imagine that he did and wanted to wear diapers at night. ‘Will you want your caregiver to help with diaper changes?’ YES! 'Will you want your caregiver to bathe you’? YES! ‘Discipline is required for all littles, but spanking is optional. Will you allow your caregiver to spank your bottom if you misbehave, sometimes on your bare bottom’? Alex was excited here, they would spank him if he wanted them too! YES! ‘Please provide a safe word here:________________. Should you ever feel something has to stop, all you need do is say the safe word. What ever is happening will stop without question, your caregiver will talk to you out of character to confirm your safe and then the 2 of you will determine what to do next, with you having the final say.’ Here Alex was stumped, a safe word, he had never had to do anything like that before. After some thought he settled on Cumquat, never would he imagine saying that for any reason other than as a safe word. Without warning the woman was kneeling in from to him. “I’m sorry, I don’t believe I introduced myself earlier, my name is Beth.” She was kneeling down on Alex’s level in the bean bag chair, taking notice of Lucky stuffed under his arm. “I don’t recognize that one as from the bin, did you bring it from home?” Alex had lost a lot of his fears about all this, he felt at home here. Without shame or hesitation he held out his stuffed dog for her to see. “This is Lucky!, he’s mine.” “Oh how cute, I’m so glad you bought your special friend with you. Do you always have him nearby? “Yep! I like to keep him in my backpack, just in case I need him!” “That’s so cute!” Beth touched Alex’s nose as she said this, causing him to blush slightly. “I’m just checking in with everyone privately about the spanking section of the questioner. I just wanted to make sure you understand that all spankings will be for punishment, not for fun. If it was fun it would not be discipline, you should know that any spanking you get will more than likely be bare bottom, and it will most likely make you cry.” Alex listened, growing more excited the more she spoke. He was blushing hard now, as he said “Yes, that’s ok. Spankings are supposed to hurt right?” “Right indeed!, now I see that you’re all done with the form. I’ll take this, why don’t you run and find some toys to play with quietly while the others finish up.” As Beth walked away with the form, Alex slowly got up from the bean bag chair and looked around the room. There was a big bin marked ‘Lincolin Logs, Alex took it from the wall and sat on the floor. Growing up he had loved to play with these, so he started building a bit of a structure. Using the little short pieces to interlock the side for his log tower that was growing quickly! He made sure to be quiet while he was playing, after all he had just agreed to spanking as a punishment for being naughty. He did not to experience one, but maybe not with all these other people around. Just about everyone was done now, all but one had found some toys and we're playing quietly on their own. When the last person finished, Beth called everyone back to the circle time rug. Alex was close by, so he just crawled over the rug and sat back down on his bottom. He still had Lucky clutched tight under his arm. Now he brought him around and held him in his lap. “Alright everyone, we are just about done for today. I will give these forms to our volunteer care givers and they will decide who will be taking care of who. Please come back tomorrow at the same time to meet them! Before you go we all need to clean up our toys and put them away.” With that everyone got up and put the toys away, it did not take too long as Alex had only been playing for a few minutes. When he was done he helped someone put away some toy cars they had dumped on the floor. “Ok, all done! I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!” Alex thought about walking back to his dorm with Lucky out in the open, but opted instead to stick him back in his back pack before heading home. When he walked in, Kyle was sitting at his computer playing a game. “How was your club”? “It was good, just getting started today so we did not really do anything”. “Oh hey, I don’t think you mentioned what club you’re joining. Anything fun”? Alex had not thought of what to say if Kyle asked this question, but he gave it some thought and decided to just tell the truth. “Yeah it’s really fun so far, it’s called Regression club”. “Regression club? Oh wait is that like a club for littles or something?” Alex turned beat red, how did Kyle know what regression was? He was hoping that providing just a little bit of detail would satisfy him. “Um……… yeah….. it’s that” “Cool! I should have guessed you were a little, I’m sure your super nervous now, haha, but it’s fine! Just be your self, I don’t care. Just do me a favor and try not to sit in a stinky diaper in here for too long” Kyle winked as he said that, and turned back to his game. He breathed for a second, processing all of this. Never did Alex imagine it would be this easy, maybe he could relax around Kyle after all. He decided to test the waters, might as well know what he can get away with. Alex pulled out a pull up, and a pair of his youngest looking pajamas. They fit tighter like a little kids would, and were super soft. He went around the corner and got dressed where Kyle could not see, but Alex figured he would be able to hear the sounds of the pull up as he put it on. He looked in the mirror at his pajamas, they were blue with the green dino print and green cuffs. He defiantly looked like a little boy, as he walked around the corner Kyle turned around again to see him. “Bed time already little man”? “No not yet! Wanna play some PS4”? “Sure!”, Kyle eyed Alex with excitement. He could see that Alex had a bit of padding under his pajamas. It did not look like a diaper, so he thought maybe it was a goodnite or something similar. Alex looked an awful lot like his younger cousin did when he got dressed for bed, and he wore pull ups, so maybe that was it. Kyle pushed out his chair and caught of glimpse of Alex’s bottom, not near enough padding to be a full on diaper. The PS4 clicked on as too excited boys sat down on the couch. Alex was shocked that he was able to be this open in front of anyone! He felt like a little boy as they booted up Call of Duty, he was really wearing pull ups next to his roommate! Kyle was enjoying this as well, his hunch had panned out. When he first saw that his roommate had a very juvenile stuffed animal, he thought that maybe he was a little younger than he gave on. Kyle was also into ‘little’ stuff, just a bit older. He considered himself to be somewhere between 10 and 12, diffidently too old to be wearing diapers or pull ups normally. That being said when he was that age he would take some from his younger brother to try on, so naturally his little self would occasionally wear diapers but not because he had too. He wanted to tell this to Alex, and would in time. He knew now that Alex was in fact a little boy, and maybe would be open to sharing. After a few matches Kyle saw that Alex was getting a little sleepy, and decided to test the waters himself. “Hey little buddy, I think it’s bed time”. “Oh, no lets keep playing!”, or at least that’s what Kyle managed to make out through Alex’s yawn. “No butt’s, come on we have our first day of classes tomorrow. You should get in bed”. After brushing his teeth, Alex did head to bed. Kyle surprised his roommate by pulling the covers up and over him, tucking him in. “Ok friend, big day tomorrow! Get some shut eye little buddy”. All of this was happening very fast, but it was so nice that it being a little weird went right over Alex’s head. He had just been tucked into bed, he was wearing pull ups and little boy pajamas, while cuddling his favorite stuffed animal. Bliss was not quite enough to describe the feeling. 5 minutes later, Alex was fast asleep. Kyle was looking in Alex’s drawers, looking for a diaper supply he was sure was there. He felt bad for looking through his roommates possessions, but he simply could not wait. He finally found what he was looking for, a stack of pull ups in both boys size. They did not have any patterns on them, just solid grey or blue. But they were super stretchy and felt quite a bit like the real thing. The biggest difference was the padding stopped about halfway up the butt, which made them a little different from kids pull ups. Kyle dropped his pants and boxers, and replaced them with Alex’s pull ups. They felt amazing, super comfortable actually. He decided he would take his chances of getting caught and not wear pants over them. He set an alarm and went to bed, secretly pulling his own stuffed rabbit out from under his covers before falling asleep. ______ Alex was not a bed wetter, but he woke up having to pee really bad. It was 5 AM, he did not have to get up for classes for another 2 hours. Peeing while laying down it difficult, but he tried, and tried, and…tried, to no avail. After about 10 minutes he gave up and got out of bed, and slowly let it out into his pull ups. He had plenty of practice peeing in them while standing up, but had never managed to figure out doing it while lying down. Once he was satisfied that he had not leaked, he climbed back into bed with a nice warm feeling spreading from his crotch towards his bottom. These were excellent at holding smell back for the first 2-3 hours, so Alex was not worried that Kyle would notice. Kyle was still fast asleep in his bed, his pull ups were already wet. He had done the same thing as Alex about an hour prior, except he managed to wet himself while laying down. It had taken awhile and mostly came out in spurts, but with some patience it finally all came out. The boys both laid in wet pull ups when their 7 AM alarm went off, Kyle not wanting Alex to see that he was wearing a pull up waited in bed for Alex to get up. He climbed out of bed and walked around the corner to change. His wet pull up was very visible through his tight pajamas, Kyle took note and smiled. Once Alex was out of sight Kyle popped out of bed and pulled on some shorts, he would change his pull up off once Alex left the room. He could hear the tearing sounds as Alex ripped his pull up off, it was easy to step out of it but he preferred taking it off like a diaper. After quickly wiping himself down, Alex threw on his robe and left the room to shower. He brought his used pull ups with him in a bag to throw out in the bathroom. He was pretty sure Kyle had not noticed him wearing it, so he figured it would be safer to continue to hide it for now. Kyle having the room to himself, climbed off the bed and admired his soaked pull up. What had started as rather thin now sagged and was very full. He found the baby wipes and dropped the garment to the ground, quickly wiped himself clean and then bagged the pull up and threw it in the trash. He figured he was going to tell Alex tonight anyway, so if he finds it he finds it. The boys had their breakfast together before attending their first college classes. Alex ran into his roommate as he stopped by to drop off his books before his club meeting. “Hey Alex, I wanna talk to you about something”. He feared the worse, perhaps he had had a change of heart regarding all the little stuff? Nervously he replied, “um… sure. But I don’t have long I’m supposed to be at a meeting soon”. “That’s actually what I wanted to talk about, or that subject anyway.” Alex had a pit in his stomach. “Last night, I um… I um… well I feel bad about it but I took one of your pull ups…” Alex was red before, now he was burning up. “You…did…?” “Yeah, I know you were trying to hide it… but I um kinda like wearing them and well I’m sorry I took one and I’m really sorry I did not ask your permission first. I hope you can forgive me.” First Alex was worried because now it was for sure, Kyle knew he was wearing pull ups the night before. How ever he also had damn near the best situation he could have dreamed of. Both of them liked wearing diapers. “You know what man, it’s ok! I’m just…. I can’t believe…. I can’t believe my roommate likes diapers too! Are you a little like me?” “Oh not quite like you. I’m a little older I think, like 10-12. It’s kinda like I’m your older brother but I like to try on your diapers. Speaking of which, you don’t happen to have any actual diapers do you?” “Oh yeah I do! Not that many right now though, I’ve only got 4 left at the moment. A lot more pull ups though.” “Oh well I don’t want to take one if you’re low, but could I maybe wear a pull up?” “Yeah, I was gonna put one on before I went to my meeting.” Alex went around the corner and came back with 2 pull ups in hand, throwing one towards Kyle. “Do you want to come with me?” “To Regression club? Oh well, yeah why not!” The boys turned away from each other as they got dressed in their pull ups, shortly they were walking towards the student center. As they entered the room, Mike addressed them both. “Welcome back Alex, and I’m sorry I don’t recall you being here yesterday. What’s your name?” “Oh I’m Kyle, Alex is my roommate. I’m kinda like him.” “How old are you, normally?” “About 10-12” “Ok then, welcome! Alex go ahead and head into the pre school room, Kyle you actually belong out here in this room.” The boys exchanged a glance, not knowing they would be separated. After a moment Alex turned and went into the pre school room. He was earlier than he was yesterday, there was only 2 students in the room. Cindy was sitting in the rocking chair, reading a book to the students sitting on the circle time rug. She glanced up when Alex walked in, and invited him to sit on the rug. “go ahead and get your Lucky out if you’d like!”. She smiled as he took him out of his backpack and sat down in front of her. She was reading a doctor Suss book. He sat and listened for a few minutes, slowly the other 3 students made their way in. Cindy was finishing the book as the last student walked in. She set it to the side, before addressing the group. “Welcome back, I’m glad we did not loose anyone overnight. I’m going to hand out a contract, i’ve already filled in the details you provided on your paperwork last night. Read it over and sign it if you’re ready.” I __________________ agree to allow __________________ + __________________ to act as my caregiver(s) for as long as both parties are willing. They will make decision for me which I must follow. A list of rules will be decided upon between both parties. I enter this contract under the premise that (Check One): My adult decisions will effect my time as a little _____ My time as a little is separate from my adult life _____ I agree that I will wear diapers/pull ups of my caregivers choice, and will allow them to change me. I also agree to not change myself without their permission. I agree that because I am pretending to be a child, I will often be seen naked by my caregivers and sometimes touched on my genitals as part of that care. None of this touching will ever be in a bad or sexual manor, if that occurs this contract is void. I will follow our mutually agreed upon rules, and understand that failure to do so will result in discipline up to and including a spanking on my bare bottom. Clothing decisions are up to my caregivers, except time I spend as an adult. It is my decision if I want to wear diapers while I am an adult, if I choose so section 3 rules apply. I agree to not out any member of regression club, if someone has chosen to keep this part of their life to themselves it is not my place to make that decision for them. When visiting the Regression club, caretakers can take care of me in the same way my regular caretakers can - by changing my diapers and punishing me as necessary. All littles will adhere to a bedtime, mine will be :10:30 PM My room must be kept mostly clean at all times, failure to do so will lead to punishment by my caretakers. I must take care of my own cleanliness as necessary, showering and wearing deodorant as necessary. My safe word is _______________________. Saying this word stops all activity and can only restart after a discussion is had. Print:__________________________________ Signature:______________________________ Date:____________________ Alex liked what he read, so he filled it out and handed it back to Beth. A few minutes later everyone else was done. “Ok, now everyone play for a few minutes. Shortly your caregivers will arrive and will be taking you out to discuss how things will work!” Alex was excited and nervous, butterflies danced in his stomach as he thought about meeting these people so soon. All of this was moving so fast! ______ Out in the other room Kyle had told Mike about himself and everything that had happened so far between himself and Alex. Because they were roommates, a plan formed in Mikes head. He excused himself after their conversation to talk with the chosen caregivers for Alex. Brenda and Chris were huddled in the other corner of the room chatting. Both seniors and an actual couple, they were excited to finally be on this end of the club. It was hard to be chosen as a caregiver, and even better that they would both be able to be the bigs for the same little. “Hey you two, how would you feel about having a second little”? ______ There was a 4’ block tower being constructed in the younger play room by a few of the littles, Alex one of them. Lucky was by his side as he reached up to place a block higher and higher, showing off the waistband of his pull ups in doing so. Mike had snuck up behind him, leaning close to his ear to ask “would it be ok to talk to you for a second” Alex climbed to his feet, before bending over to pick up Lucky as he began to follow Mike to the door of the room. Waiting there was his roommate, who looked a little confused as to why he had been brought into the littles room. “So… being roommates both interested in the club, presents an interesting opportunity for you both. Alex, I’ve talked with your caregivers and they would be ok with having a second little. How would you both feel about having the same caregivers and being brothers?” The boys faces lit up at this proposition, both almost jumping up and down as they said “yes!” “Wonderful boys! Alex for your official age you will be a 4 year old, and Kyle you will be 11. Obviously treatment will be a little age flexible, but this is going to be your starting point. Kyle, you will have the choice of which room you wish to be in when you come to regression club, but for today you need to stay here so your care givers can meet you both at the same time. Alex obviously since your 4 you will be need to stay here in the littles room all the time. As Mike walked away the boys turned to each other, both visibly excited excited. Alex was the first to break the silence, “Want to come play with some cars or something?” It took a bit for Kyle to get comfortable playing, but before long he fit right in. A few minutes later the care givers for the littles snuck into the room. None of the ‘kids’ took any notice, and everyone did take a few minutes to watch them before announcing themselves to their individual littles. Brenda and Chris made their way to the far side of the room where Alex and Kyle were playing, both crawling on the floor pushing some cars around each other. They took notice of Lucky sitting next to Alex, having been told about his stuffed animal by Beth. “Gosh they look cute!” They got down on their level, but did not yet have their attention. Brenda announced themselves, “Hey boys! Having fun”? Brenda was 22, Chris 24 having started college late. Both were moderately fit, but with a healthy amount of weight. Both were currently wearing diapers under their clothes, though they did not show. Caregivers were encouraged to still partake in their ABDL interests but to not show them to their little’s. The idea being that it would be easier to see them as authority figures if they never saw their diapers. Chris spoke up, “boys why don’t you clean up those toys so we can go to dinner? We will talk about how this will all work while we eat.” Kyle and Alex quickly put their toys away, and collected their bags. Alex went to put away Lucky when Chris stoped him. “You know if you want you can carry him to the car, I bet you no one will even notice you have him out.” WIth that Alex took Brenda’s hand as they led the boys out of the room. It was a bit nerve racking but Alex held Lucky under his arm as they walked to the car. It was a Mercedes SUV that Chris had received from his parents. It had a bigger back seat, which would be great for helping to keep little’s feeling little. Alex was led around to the passenger rear seat, and was quite surprised when the door was opened for him. An adult sized toddler style car seat, complete with a paw patrol cover and crotch/shoulder strap seat belt was in front of him. His mouth fell open, astonished at the sight of it. “Why don’t you go ahead and climb in so I can get these straps sized to you?” Alex giggled as he climbed into the car, he could not help but notice that the trunk had a little basket with ABU diapers, wipes and diaper rash cream. The thought crossed his head that he could get his diaper changed in the car! Chris took his backpack and placed it in the trunk while Brenda strapped him into his car seat. Kyle sat down on the driver side next to him, looking just as excited as Alex that such a thing existed let alone was now theirs to use. Soon they were on their way to dinner, their life as brothers had officially begun. ______ Alex immediately recognized the restaurant as one of his favorite, Chili’s! He and his family had always gone to them often as he grew up so this sight brought him comfort. “Stay put for a second so I can unbuckle you”. He tried to open the door to help his new caregivers but found he was unable. Curious, he mentioned it to Brenda as she got him out of his car seat. “I think someone put the child lock on my side of the car”? “Yep! Child lock is diffidently on for your side of the car, It’s not safe to hop out by yourself”. Brenda took his hand again and helped him hop down to the ground. “Did you want to bring your stuffed animal inside, or leave him in the car?” “Um…” Alex went a bit red, shifting back and forth on his feet as he pondered. No one was going to care, and if they did so what, no one knows him here and what does it really matter if they think he’s different. “I think I’ll bring him inside, is that ok?” Chris grabbed his shoulders from behind, gripping them in a comforting way. “Of course it is buddy, now come on lets get some grub” landing a playful swat on his behind to get him moving. This of course revealed the pull up he was wearing, causing him to blush. Chris gave Brenda a knowing look, thinking this will be a fun one. No one was waiting for a table when they entered the restaurant, so the host was on them quickly. “Hi there, how many today”? Alex almost spoke up, being used to eating here all the time on his own. But Chris beat him to the punch. “We have 4 today, and would it be possible to get 2 kids menus? These guys would like to do the activities, but they will be ordering from the adult menu”. The boys blushed hard, but the hostess seemed unfazed. “Oh sure, no problem. Follow me this way please!” Alex and Kyle sat across from each other in a booth towards the back of the restaurant, Chris sat next to Kyle while Brenda sat next to Alex. The boys were effectively trapped in the booth by their caretakers as you would with most young children. The host placed the kids menus in from of them and handed each a pack of crayons. She smiled at Alex when she noticed his stuffed animal tucked under his arm. “Cute doggy” she said with a wink. “Your server’s name is Ted, he should be with you shortly”. “Boys why don’t you play with your menu’s for a few minutes then after we order some food we can chat about things”. Soon the ‘adults’ got to talking about grownup stuff while the boys were occupied with coloring, tick tack toe, and a mini maze that was a little harder to solve than they thought it would be. Soon chips and salsa had been ordered, the boys each had a cup of soda while the adults had iced tea. Food was ordered shortly after, then the subject was broached. “Boys, do either of you currently call your parents mommy or daddy?” Kyle shook his head no, but Alex spoke up. “well i normally call them mom and dad, but sometimes mommy slips out. But not normally…” “Well that’s fine, we were thinking that if you are both comfortable you could call us Mommy and Daddy. We want you to think of us different than your parents, but are really hoping that we could have the dynamic of parents and kids. How do you two feel about that?” The boys smiled, and shook their heads yes. “um yeah!”, and “That should be ok” blended together as they both spoke at the same time. “Well great, we are both very happy to hear that. From now on please call us Mommy and Daddy then. Now your mommy is going to go over a few ideas we have for your room.” “So boys, you being roommates opens up an awesome possibility, how would you feel about us turning your room into a kids room?” Both boys smiled big, shaking their heads yes. “We were thinking that we could go pick out some new bedspreads and sheets, and Alex we need to pick up a bed rail for your bed so you don’t fall out at night. Also your dorm room should have a dresser, as it turns out it is the perfect length to turn into a changing table so we will pick up some memory foam and cloth to cover it as a changing surface. Over the next week or two we will start buying some toys to put in your room as well, and we will need to pick out a hairbrush for each of you.” Alex got nervous, sheepishly he asked: “Hairbrush?” “Yep, for your spankings. Daddy will talk about that in a bit so don’t get too worried. That only happens if you’re especially naughty… and maybe tonight.” Alex had a pit drop in his stomach, a spanking so soon! Mommy how ever pressed on, “Your dorm does not have a bath tub, just communal showers down the hall. So that means we can’t give you bath time there. Most days you will just shower, but sometimes you can get a bath at our apartment which is about 5 minutes drive from you. I’m sure you guys will sleep over at some point, we can put you in sleeping bags in the living room for a movie night, or even just drive you back to your dorm after your ready for bed.” “Speaking of which, bed time will be at 10:30, one of us will be there every night to get you ready for bed and get you both tucked in. We will try to do story time every night, even if you got in trouble. Know that we will be putting a web based baby cam in your room, if you’re caught out of bed after bed time and don’t have a good reason for it that will be an automatic spanking.” “Alex, you will wear a diaper to bed every night and will not be allowed to take it off until the morning. Kyle, right now we are planning on putting you to bed in pull ups. Is that what you want to sleep in or would you prefer to wear a diaper?” “Um… I guess I would like to wear pull ups most nights. Am I allowed to get up and go potty if I am wearing a pull up?” “Yes, how ever a diaper will have the same rules as Alex. You can’t take it off until morning, but we will let you choose each night what you want to wear. Pajamas are going to be required for night time, we will order you some really cute ones from Leveret. They have tight kid style ones in your size with awesome prints.” Alex already opening a few pairs of those pajamas, got rather excited proclaiming “I love the ones I have, they make me feel so little!” Saying that last part just a bit too loudly, only the waitress noticed and giggled a bit from across the room. “Day time while you are a little Alex will need to wear pull ups or cloth training pants. Know if we are going for a longer drive in the car or seeing a movie we will most likely just throw you in a diaper to make life easier. Kyle will wear big boy undies most of the time, if you want to wear a diaper or your night time pull ups during the day you can ask and Daddy or I will decide if that’s ok. Alex, do you want to wear pull ups all the time or just when you are little?” “I…. I think I want to wear them all the time, even when I’m not little right then. I guess I kind of always want to be little, and only be big when I have to. Like I just want to be reminded that I’m still little even when I’m having to do grown up stuff like going to class.” “That’s just fine too, if you’re going to wear pull ups full time we will take your underwear out of your drawer and replace them with your pull ups. All those undies can get kept at our place in case you need them back. Diapers will be in a basket next to your changing table along with your wipes/powder/cream and all that stuff. We will have to get you a diaper genie as well.” Alex was getting a little nervous with the talk of all these purchases, it all sounded so expensive! “I don’t know if I have enough money to pay for all this, so um… maybe we just take it slow?” “Oh baby!” Mommy leaned in giving him a 1 armed hug from the side, “you don’t have to pay for any of this! The club has a large amount of student fees allocated to pay for all your diapers and pull ups. Daddy and I get a good bit of money from his parents and being care takers we get a small stipend from the club for taking care of you. We will use that money combined to pay for the rest of it”. “Really!” Alex was bouncing in his seat at this point, clutching Lucky to his chest. Just then their food arrived. Alex placed lucky next to him and starting inhaling into his burger before all the rest of the food had even been set down. “Yes really, gosh don’t be afraid to slow down champ!” said Chris, as he laughed to himself. The next few minutes no conversation was had about the arrangement, instead everyone enjoyed their meals. “Food must taste good huh boys? Once we all finish eating we will go over the last of the details before we take you guys to the store, ok?” As they finished their meals, Chris began to talk about different punishments they may have to receive. “The first option will usually be a time out, those are easy for us to give you anywhere. You might get put in the corner or just made to sit down in a boring place with nothing to do so you can calm down or think about why you’re in trouble. Grounding may happen for bad grades on projects or tests, for those we will take away gaming systems or not let you watch TV or go out and have fun until the grade comes up. Spankings will be mostly done in your dorm room or in our apartment so you will likely see each other get spanked. If you get one in public. it will be in the car or another simi private place. They will always be on your bare bottom over one of our laps, laying on your bed with your bottom pushed up with pillows, or on your chaining table in the diaper position. That’s when I or your mommy lifts your legs like we are going to change you but instead spank your bottom. Now have either of you been given a real spanking before?” Both boys shook their heads no, liking what they heard but getting a little nervous. “Ok, so I’m going to offer you both to get a spanking tonight. It won’t be the easiest spanking we will ever give you, nor will it be the hardest one you will get. Think of it as an example spanking so you know what to expect if you get into trouble. I’m guessing both of you have always kind of wanted to know what it felt like or even craved getting one, so what do you say?” Kyle spoke up first, “I um, yeah ok tonight…” It took a moment later for Alex to decide, before saying “yes, I’ll get a spanking but can I hold onto Lucky for it?” “Yes, because this is just an example spanking I’ll let you hold him for this one ok? For a punishment spanking I don’t think we will let you have him until after it’s over with. Deal?” “Oh, I guess that’s fair” While Daddy had been explaining discipline to the boys, Mommy used the Ziosk on the table to pay for their meal. “If we are all done why don’t we get going.” At this point it was about 7 PM, so they only had three and a half hours until the boys needed to be in bed. ______ Back in the car Alex was strapped into his car seat watching the road go by, as the pulled into the mall. They walked inside and searched for a few minutes before stumbling across Pottery Barn kids, “I think this will be perfect for you two.” A little bit of searching yielded some younger looking sheets for Kyle and some toddler sheets for Alex. One set had cars on them and the other were cartoon toys. Bed spreads were picked out as well with some down comforters for each of their beds. Mommy decided that these should match as it would be rather cute. A memory foam pad was picked out to act as the changing table pad, Brenda said “I’ll pick out some cute fabric to make a cover for it in the next few days. For now just the pad and a towel will have to do”. After this stop the four found their way to Target, where they picked up a diaper genie, a basket for diaper supplies, a big box of baby wipes and a fold away bed rail so Alex would have a more toddler style bed. For being good in the store each got to pick out a toy to buy, both picked out a lego set they could build and then play with. After checking out, they all climbed into the car and headed towards the boys dorm building. They were a little nervous about carrying in all the baby stuff but Brenda said not to worry, no one would care or notice. They stopped by the front desk on the way to their room, and Daddy talked to the person behind it. “Hi there, my name is Chris and this is Brenda. The regression club should have sent over an email requesting keys for these boys rooms so we can have access”. “Oh yes they must be Alex and Kyle, boys you just need to sign this paper saying your caregivers have permission to obtain a key. and if you two could fill out this contact sheet for me. You will be who we call if there is a noise complaint or other problem with them in the room”. The boys signed the paper, blushing while doing it as they realized the front desk must know exactly how this whole thing worked. But after everything else today a few people knowing about their situation seemed like nothing to worry about. The front desk handed a set of keys to Brenda and Chris before turning to the boys, “Ok all set, behave you two.” “Oh they will, but there may be a bit of noise in the next few minutes, bit of an example to set.” The front desk looked unfazed, “No worries, just have that taken care of before quiet time at 10 PM please.” The new family made their way towards the boys room, opening it to find it much cleaner they Brenda and Chris had imagined it would be. They had an hour till quiet time started so the first half hour was put to use making up the room. The dresser was cleared off and the memory foam pad was laid down. Chris used his knife to cut the pad to size, while leaving some room at the top for basket of supplies to sit. The boys opened up the diaper genie and put it at the foot of the new changing table, while Brenda opened up Alex’s new bed rail. All of them together worked to make the beds with the new comforters, it was decided that the sheets should be washed first before they used them, so the old set remained for now. They made quick work of everything, and come 9:30 it came time for something the boys were dreading but somewhat looking forward to. Chris announced that it was time for the boys to get their spankings, “do either of you need to go potty before we start?” “Um…” “How about you both go try to use the potty just in case, come back quickly so we can get started”. Both boys walked quickly down the hall to the bathroom, and found they were able to go pee. After washing their hands and being extra careful to get every last bit of their hands dry, they eventually had to make their way back to their room. When they entered Brenda was sitting at the center of Alex’s bed, and Chris was sitting in the center of Kyle’s bed. They stopped just after they entered the room and the door shut behind them. “Kyle you go stand in front of Daddy, Alex come stand in front of me.” The boys walked into position while their Mommy kept talking. “We think it would be unfair to make one of you wait while the other goes first so you will both get your spankings at the same time. Until we pick out your hairbrushes or other spanking implement Mommy and Daddy have brought our own to use for tonight.” Chris and Brenda gave each other a knowing glance as they simultaneously unbuckled the boys jeans and pulled them down to their knees. When they let go they fell to the boys ankles, leaving them standing there showing off their pull ups. The pull ups were ripped off instead of just pulled down, then tossed to the side. Each boy was led over the lap of their caretaker, which because of the height of their beds made it so they had no way of touching the ground. Chris spoke up loud enough for both of the boys to hear. “Your spankings are going to make you squirm and most likely kick your legs. Please don’t try to get off our laps during the spanking, as we are not strong enough to hold you in place. Know that it’s ok to cry, we are going to spank you to your limit, and then push you past it. A true spanking starts once you really want it to stop, thats when the lesson starts to take effect. With that, let’s get started.” Mommy handed Alex his stuffed Lucky, which he held to his chest close to his face as his and his roommates spankings began. There was no build up, it was fire from the first smack. Both boys began yelping a bit after three or four smacks, about 30 seconds in their cheeks were pink at both ends. Alex was the first to start squirming but Kyle was the first to begin crying at about 4 minutes in. After 8 minutes both boys were crying and asking for the spanking to stop, for the last two minutes of their spanking Chris and Brenda stepped up their spanking speed to drive the point home. Both boys were kicking their feet, crying and begging through snotty noses to make it stop. When it was all over Lucky was a bit wet from all the crying Alex had done while clutching him to his face. The caretakers set their hairbrushes down and stood both boys up, taking them into a loving embrace and rubbing their backs. “There there, all done! Good job buddy.” During this hug each boy was doing a spanking dance hopping between feet with an intense pain in their bottom. After a moment each ‘parent’ pulled their boy up onto the bed and sat them next to them, holding them for a moment. After they had calmed down, Brenda spoke up. “Ok guys, that’s a spanking, quite a bit huh?” Both boys nodded their heads, “I would like both of you to finish getting undressed so you can go take a shower. After that Mommy and Daddy will get you ready for bed and read you a story, ok?” Both boys muttered, still slightly blubbering “ok”. They hopped off the their beds and stepped out of their pants leaving them on the floor. Shirts were next, a moment later both figured they should probably put them into a hamper less risk any more punishment. Once each had a robe on they grabbed all their shower supplies before heading to the bathroom down the hall. The walk took them past the front desk, the student staffing it was still the same as before. She noticed their tear soaked faces and smiled at the thought of each of them wriggling over a lap, thinking to her self ‘I’ll need to spank them at some point I suppose’. Showering did not take long, as neither wanted to spend too much time with the hot water running over their bottom. The did take some time to gawk at each others bottoms before stepping into the privacy of their shower stall. Both bottoms were somehow bright red while not bruised at all, these two really knew how to give a spanking! A few minutes later both were dried off and heading back to their door room, they walked in to find the changing table had been stocked with supplies. “Alex why don’t you come over here and hop on up”. He crawled onto the pad after taking off his robe, and laid on his back. His bottom kinda hurt when it landed on the rough towel, causing him to wince slightly. Mommy came over and started prepping a diaper, opening it up before asking Alex to lift his legs. Daddy had come over as well to help, grabbing his feet and lifting them up while mommy placed the diaper underneath his bottom. Never in his life since he was a child had he felt as small as he did now. Rash cream was applied to his bottom and groin before Daddy lowered him onto the diaper, then some baby powder was sprinkled across his privates and the inside of the diaper. As it was was then pulled up between his legs and quickly taped into place. He thought he’d never been able to get his diapers this secure, it felt wonderful! “Ok buddy, hop on down and lets get you in some PJ’s!” As he hoped down Mommy continued, “I found your pajamas, glad to be able to start using them right away. I think the dinosaurs would be fun for tonight, so step in.” Alex put his feet one at a time through the leg holes of his pajamas before Brenda pulled them up his legs and finally over his diaper. The pajamas did nothing to hide the fact of what he was wearing, but that was not really a problem. “Ok, arms up!” Alex was in heaven as his new mommy pulled his pajama top down over his head, dressing him for bed. During this time Alex had been put in his pull ups, and also helped into a pair of Alex’s pajamas. They were similar enough in size that he had no trouble fitting into them. His pair of pajamas were covered in space ships, and were mostly black with white print on them. When they were both dressed Alex noticed a chart that had been placed on the wall over the changing table. It looked like a child’s bedwetting chart, and after a moment realized it was not out of place in his new room. “Hey Mommy, what’s this for?” He asked as he waddled over and pointed. “Oh right, I almost forgot to tell you about this chart! How silly of me, so, at least for this next week your Daddy or I will be coming over to wake you up and get you both ready to go to school. Because you are supposed to be a bedwetter we are going to track when you’re wet and when you’re dry, after awhile we won’t need to track it because your diaper should be wet every night. This is kind of like a reverse bedwetting chart, because we want you to wake up wet. For this next week your diaper will need to be wet every morning at least 5/7 times. If you have too many dry mornings in a week you can expect a spanking before heading to class, and to get you started your diaper will need to be wet tomorrow morning or you will get a spanking before going to class. Got it?” “Yes mommy!” “Good now both of you go brush your teeth, then you can snuggle around daddy on Alex’s bed so he can read you a good night story” Once Chris started reading both boys ended up with their heads on Chris’s shoulders, almost asleep halfway through the book. Brenda could not help but snap a picture on her phone to give to them later. Once the book was done everyone hopped off of Alex’s bed so he could crawl under the covers, crinkling as he did so. Mommy tucked him in pulling the sheets up over him and playing a moment with lucky pretending to give him good night kisses, before landing one herself on his forehead. Daddy tucked in Kyle before doing the same, and asking him if he had a stuffed animal hidden anywhere he wanted to sleep with. Kyle told his Daddy that he had a stuffed rabbit under his bed, Chris grabbed it and handed it to him. “No need to hide that anymore, ok?” The boy nodded, accepting that he could now let all this out just like Alex was doing. As they started to sneak out after opening the door, Mommy called back saying “Remember Alex, wet diaper in the morning and Kyle if you do wet your pull up know that if it leaks you won’t have a choice about wearing a diaper tomorrow night. Sleep well little boys, Mommy and Daddy love you!” The lights shut off, the door closed, and within minutes both boys were fast asleep. ___________________________________ End of Part 1
  13. Part One Sleep, study, social life; a good student could only afford two. Connie’s choice had been difficult enough without work in the mix. A thousand miles from home, sharing a room with a stranger, she clung to the future promised by her degree. Things would be better after that, even if the present was killing her. It was a brutal week of rude customers bookended with assignments. Connie could barely remember coming back from the library, or if she went back to the dorms at all. Every moment saw her crossing points from her endless to do list before trudging through the next item. She needed sleep. Whether it was a Wednesday or Thursday Connie could hardly tell; only that it was the afternoon and she had a window through which to crash. The handful of hours offered by her angel of a professor was a gift she was determined not to waste. Perhaps when she woke it would be with sanity restored. But even after her head struck the pillow rest evaded her. She closed her eyes and cleared her thoughts, but remained aware of herself and her surroundings. Her body, it seemed, had been trained to endure through exhaustion, and did not recognize the now alien nature of her reprieve. Something had to be done. On the rare nights she stayed in the dorm she watched her roommate, Emily, sleeping with her headphones on. ‘Relaxation tapes,’ she said, and they appeared to do the trick. Under the dim light emanating from her desk Connie would often find the other girl smiling in her sleep, sometimes squealing in delight; always peaceful, always happy. Oh, but for a fraction of that contentment! On any other day Connie would have left things as they were, but times were desperate. She opened the top drawer beside Emily’s bed and removed the small mp3 device sat inside. She replaced the headphones with her own. After scribbling a note to Emily, apologizing for borrowing without permission, she sprawled across the bed and hit play. Soothing music washed her thoughts. A gentle warmth ran to the tips of her fingers. All care melted into the ground. And then… **** Connie bunched the comforter in her arms, and held tighter as she began to stir. Better to bury herself in the warm fabric than think about how cold it was between her thighs. The thought landed; why were her thighs cold, and why were they wet? Connie started up in bed. Her heart nearly beat out of her chest when confronted by the stark reality. She’d wet the bed, like a small child! Her jeans, her underwear, her sheets, all stained and reeking. As though it weren’t bad enough the dread tightened when Emily stepped into the room with a gentle smile. Wild with panic, Connie threw the comforter over her lower half. Emily, however, did not falter, and kneeled by her side. ‘I’m so sorry,’ she said. ‘This is all my fault!’ Connie knew the words, but the more she thought about them the less they made sense. Though they’d barely spoken she recognized Emily as a gentle soul; the kind of girl who’d grow up to be a perfect mom. Her long, straight, strawberry blond hair had the same divine aspect as her eyes, sparkling pale and green. That was to say nothing of her smile upon which she’d carried a thousand wounded souls. She took care of her friends, though Connie was hardly that. Even then, the gentle touch running down her arm was familiar, as though they’d known each other for the better part of forever. Emily winced. ‘You listened to my relaxation tapes.’ Guilt wrenched Connie’s chest. ‘Those aren’t normal tapes,’ Emily said. Words faltered on her tongue. ‘The point is this isn’t your fault. Everything’s going to be okay. Come on. Let me help you get cleaned up.’ Connie flinched at the thought. Help? Wet clothes and a wet bed were easy to handle, maybe, on any other day. Yet every time she tried to move her body resisted. The job became bigger and bigger as she became smaller and smaller, and none of it made any sense. Connie whined as tears started to flow down her cheeks. What was wrong with her? Next she knew Emily’s arms were around her, pulling her close, drawing circles on her back. The other girl hushed and sang and assured her that everything was going to be alright. Connie couldn’t explain why, but she believed her. Something about those gentle arms made the world safe; even more than her comforter when she was clinging tight. ‘You must be feeling very fragile right now,’ Emily said. She was. ‘And little.’ She was. ‘And you really wish someone strong and kind would come and make things better.’ Connie hesitated before giving a loose nod. Emily eased back to brush the stray hairs falling over Connie’s face. Her green eyes lit up as she met the other woman’s gaze. ‘You can trust me to take care of everything,’ she said. ‘I owe you that much. I won’t hurt you. I promise.’ For reasons beyond her comprehension Connie’s thumb slipped into her mouth. She may not even have been aware of it; only the soothing sensation that followed when something was inside her mouth. If such a thing were unusual Emily said nothing about it. Instead she guided her roommate to her feet and held her hand as they stepped into the bathroom. Dutifully Emily lowered into a squat and unbuttoned Connie’s jeans. She slipped her fingers into the band of her underwear and slipped both garments to the ground. She then prompted Connie to step out of the leg holes, one after the other. Though still wearing a tee shirt, Connie had never been so naked. She winced knowing that Emily was the first to see her this way - not even boyfriends had seen her body entirely - but remained calm under the clinical gaze. Nothing, however, could prepare her for the cold shock of a wipe running between her thighs. Connie whimpered. Her knees buckled, but Emily’s firm hand kept her straight. ‘Everything’s alright, princess.’ ‘Princess,’ Connie echoed. At any other time it would sound condescending. Why not then? A sudden rush coursed through her body as the wipe ran between her lips. It was an area once exclusive to Connie’s touch. She pulled her arms closer across her chest. Her mouth sucked more intensely on her thumb. Emily hummed a bright, bubbly tune. ‘There we go, sweetheart. All clean!’ Finally, Connie thought. Emily paused. Her smile tightened. ‘We just need one more thing...’ New pants were exactly what Connie needed, but when Emily reached for the side counter she found her roommate had something else in mind. From the lower cupboard designated for Emily’s use she removed a flat, plastic piece of padding. Emily’s jaw tightened as she brought herself upright. ‘The effects of the tape last for about twelve hours,’ she said. ‘You’re going to need one of these.’ Unless her eyes deceived her Emily was offering Connie an adult sized diaper. More than it was an incontinence aid it was also strewn with pink shapes, decorated in the same way that it would be for a child. Connie frowned. ‘Why do you have this?’ The answer should have been obvious, but still evaded her. Emily retreated into her shoulders and fixed her eyes shut. Rolling up her shirt seemed to cause her pain, as did pressing down the hem of her skirt to reveal an identical garment taped up underneath. ‘You wear these,’ Connie said. Emily nodded, but dared not look. ‘Why?’ ‘Because I’m a big, pervy weirdo that likes to be a baby sometimes,’ she said, ‘and the tape you listened to helps me regress into little space. I don’t use my pacifier when you’re around, but you never notice when I’m wearing, so…’ Connie blinked. ‘Wearing?’ ‘Wearing diapers,’ Emily groaned. ‘I have been for nearly the whole time we’ve been rooming together.’ ‘But you said they were rela… re-lack-say-’ ‘Relaxation tapes, yeah,’ Emily said. ‘Being a baby is relaxing for me. I didn’t think you’d ever sneak through my drawers and use them!’ Connie shook her head. This was a lot of new information; more than she knew how to handle in such a short amount of time. Confusion swirled between her ears. Her tummy ached. It didn’t feel good. Soon it was too much, and came spilling out in tears and sobs. Emily leaned into her and hushed her, just like a mother would. ‘It’s okay, little one. I told you we’d get through this, remember?’ There was no reason for Connie to place that level of trust in her roommate - the two were relative strangers - and yet her scepticism remained absent, perhaps overtaken by the immense need for comfort. Was it a product of the tapes? It had to be, she thought; she needed as a child might need, and filled her arms with a figure to protect her. Emily lead her back to the main room. ‘Come lay on my bed.’ She did as she was told, allowing herself to be all the more vulnerable. Connie’s shame grew when her legs fell open. She’d revealed more of her body in the last few minutes than she had to anyone. The cool air tickled, and she shuddered. Guiding the girl’s backside up Emily slipped a towel beneath her. She beamed and hushed Connie with a finger to her mouth. ‘I’m not going to do anything untoward,’ she said. ‘You’re perfectly safe, and this is perfectly chaste.’ Connie groaned. Strange that she was both disappointed and relieved with the prospect. Reaching into a drawer Emily produced a pacifier, one whose plastic nipple was larger than any the vulnerable woman had ever seen before. She offered it to Connie who accepted it happily. It was even better than her thumb, and the relief that came with it! All her tension poured into sucking the plastic object. Emily wasn’t done, however. She reached over Connie’s head and to the far corner. From there she fished a stuffed rabbit; one which Connie had mistaken for ornamental, but now realized was so much more. It should have seemed silly to draw comfort from an old toy, but the moment Connie touched its fur she was filled with the love that was poured into it, night after night. She clutched the plaything and exhaled. ‘I see you and Whiskers are making fast friends,’ Emily teased. Connie held tighter, and buried her face in the rabbit’s fur. ‘Are you feeling happy, little one?’ Connie nodded. The butterflies eased some. How could something so weird be okay? Perhaps, she thought, it was the lilt in Emily’s voice, like magic. ‘Good girl.’ She giggled in spite of herself. She hadn’t been a ‘good girl’ since she was a child, but then again that’s what she’d become; or a psychological facsimile of one. So many people spent their lives reclaiming a lost childhood. Why shouldn’t Connie enjoy the experience while it lasted? Her embarrassment returned with the sound of crinkling and the realization of what was about to happen. Twelve hours, Emily said; twelve hours until she could return to adulthood and control of her bladder. What part constituted ‘relaxation’ was anybody’s guess, but for the sake of her sheets and what semblance of remaining dignity she could muster Connie would see it through to the end. Obediently and with minimal complaint she lifted her behind for Connie to slide the garment beneath her. She clung tighter to Whiskers as the rain of powder tickled between her legs. The heavy scent caused a tiny sneeze to escape her. ‘Bless you,’ Emily sang. She was going to make a great mom someday. Connie winced with the tearing sound and planted herself ever deeper into Whiskers’ fur. She lay still as the soft lining closed over her mound and Emily fastened the plastic flaps around her hips. They were firm against her body, but as Connie sat up she couldn’t help but notice how loose it was underneath. When she was upright it was with a quiet puff and a cloud of powder. Emily knelt and perched her chin on Connie’s knees. ‘How do you feel?’ She mumbled around the pacifier. ‘I feel…’ Words half formed on her tongue. Most failed after the first syllable. ‘Feels like my pants are going to fall off…’ Her roommate smiled. ‘Don’t worry. Diapers are supposed to feel that way. They need room to, erm, how do you say, expand.’ The stark reality drove deeper. First Connie had wet the bed, next she was wearing a diaper, and soon she would likely use it for its intended purpose, all because of a silly tape! Her hands trembled and her cheeks burned. Tears rolled down her already swollen features and ran under her chin. Emily pulled her into another embrace. Her fingers swirled in circles around her back, keeping her in one piece. All the while she hummed sweet assurances. ‘There, there, little one. You’ve got nothing to be afraid of. This is going to be our little secret, okay? I promise to look after you until this is all over, and then everything goes back to normal.’ ‘But- but I have so many things to do,’ Connie said. The very thought of her workload prompted a fresh round of tears. Her schedule was heavy enough for adult shoulders, let alone in her current state. She sobbed until the lump in her throat was full and hard. Emily climbed into the bed and pulled her reluctant charge back into her arms. Connie clung to Whiskers so that he sat between them. The blankets were drawn over them, and a safe cocoon took shape. ‘You don’t have to think about that now,’ Emily sang. ‘Just think about how good it feels right now, to be in my arms, safe and cared for.’ Her eyes closed, and for the first time since waking Connie’s troubles floated away, carried by the breeze. Her limbs collapsed against the force of gravity until her body was a lump held by her roommate. She breathed the warm scent of Emily’s flesh and the lingering apple shampoo she used. It was a moment of perfect peace, suddenly interrupted by heat between her legs. A small sound trickled to her ears as liquid expanded underneath her, curling up her behind. Connie stirred, but was quickly soothed by Emily’s melodious voice. ‘Just let it happen, little one. Everything’s alright. That’s what it’s there for. Just relax and stay here in my arms, okay?’ The world had gone topsy turvy, and yet Connie could not refuse such an offer. Emily’s breasts were warm and full of life. Her gentle heart beat set the rhythm for Connie’s breathing, until soon she closed her eyes and nothing else existed. Emily kissed her brow. ‘Goodnight, princess.’
  14. This day started like any other. Brian Arb awoke to the ringing of his alarm and the sun peering in through the dormitory window. The honking of cars outside signaled that the world around him was awake too. However, Brian was assured as he saw the day on his phone's calendar: August third. Nothing happening today. Besides, it was Thursday and school hadn't started again.Climbing out of bed, he opened the window to the calming air around him. The morning warmth had already set in, but it was pleasing upon his bare upper body as the sight of the city loomed before him. Today was going to be a good day.The only difference that today brought was a moving van. It wasn't very large, but it was also closed so there was no telling what could be inside. Brian knew that school was starting soon, so he would probably be meeting the owner of its occupants soon enough. He thought that now might be the best time, especially if they needed help with settling in or getting the layout of the town.Grabbing a shirt, Brian descended the stairs and made his way to the parking lot. Sure enough, bending over into the vans open doors was the driver.She stood less than five feet tall, he could tell that. She definitely wouldn't come up to his chest, even if she were standing upright. Besides her height, the first thing that struck him was her natural deep red hair done in pigtails and hanging on either side of her shoulders. It ran down her back, curling softly at the end.Brian could see that her outfit looked very interesting as well. Her shorts were hanging down all the way to her knees and were decorated with a strips of purple and light blue across them. Beneath those, he saw that her socks came up past her knees and were pink, with cat paw prints dotting them cutely. Her top, on the other hand was white, but he could only just make out the tank from this side of her backpack.The pack was much bigger than she had any right to be carrying and looked like it could be full to bursting. The zippers were barely holding on and one or two were actually visibly loosening as he looked on. The neon pink and chartreuse bag was also covered in patches showing a bunch of characters Brian couldn't recognize.Just as he took note of the weight it appeared to be carrying, she stepped back with a box and began to trip. Quick on his feet, Brian moved forward and caught her under each arm and grabbed the box with his hands alleviating the weight tolerably. He breathed a sigh of relief and then addressed the small woman in his arms. "Hi." He didn't quite have his bearings completely as he had just leaped forward and was handling what felt like a minimum of a hundred and fifty pounds, but he was trying to keep his voice stable at least.Glancing upwards to him, the girl looked quite young. Her face still showed signs of baby fat around the tops of her cheeks and her eyes were large and gorgeous spheres of brown speckled with green. Her cute button nose and natural pink lips only proved to enhance her cuteness factor and made Brian blush as he saw her cheeks begin reddening as well."Hiya..." Her voice was soft like a pillow and quiet. She sounded as though she had barely been breathing since her incident."Um, let's get you back up." Brian spoke again, "Can I take some of that for you?"Her expression still remained with her surprised look and her mouth slightly open, but she slowly nodded upwards at him. He leaned down to ground his feet before he set the young girl back onto hers and gently removed the large box from her hands and lifted it over her head. It wasn't heavy, at least not to Brian. but he was also pretty strong.The girl stared up at him like he was a giant. He looked into her car and back at her. "Tell you what, you tell me your dorm number and I'll help you move this all inside. Deal?" She stared at him still, mouth slightly agape, before realizing that he was talking to her."Oh! Uh, sure, I guess. I'm, uh." Brian noticed her grabbing at her pockets and pulling a small paper out of her back pocket. He saw her bag was slipping open again and he could see inside just a bit as she stepped forward away from him. He could tell she had a few coloring books and crayons inside, but not much else. "I'm on the third floor, room 313." She spoke again, only slightly raising her voice."313? We can manage that." Brian replied. He adjusted the box in his arm so that he could carry another and he nodded towards the building. "Lead the way. You're gonna need to open the door before I can get in."They ascended the stairs and brought all of her things to her room. The university provided a bed and desk, so that took care of a few things, but he noticed that she had quite a few boxes in her van. Once they had arrived, he set the boxes gently onto the ground and she pulled her backpack off, only now noticing that her zipper was coming undone. She looked at him quickly, but saw that he was looking away. She swiftly zipped it back shut and pushed it too the side. "Uh!" She started, awkwardly loud suddenly, "I think we should start grabbing the other boxes before we start unpacking." Brian was startled by this sudden outburst, but he stood up slowly and nodded, following behind her.It took several trips to get all of her things into her new dorm but, by the end of it, Brian was happy to help. He always tried to help out if someone needed it and wanted to make sure that she had a good experience in her classes."Well," he said, laying a briefcase down next to her closet, "That's everything. Happy to help out." He turned to look at her to see that she was offering him a twenty dollar bill in her left hand. "What's that for?" He questioned."It's yours. You didn't need to help me, but thanks for getting all my heavy stuff up here." She pushed the money further out towards him, lowering her head and blushing as she did.Brian held up his hands. "Hey, no big deal. I was in the neighborhood. Keep your money.""But, you spent hours helping me! At least let me do something.""Well, how about this." He reached his hand out and held it like he wanted to shake her hand and he smiled broadly. "I'm Brian. Brian Arb."She seemed slightly taken aback by this. She blushed even harder and reached out to grab his hand, putting away her money. "Cindy." She spoke gingerly."Cindy, it's a pleasure to meet you. If you wanna pay me back, then meet me at the coffee shop down the block tomorrow, around eight. Let's just get to know each other and we'll work things out from there." Brian could tell that she was apprehensive and looked a bit skeptical, but she slowly nodded at him. His smile widened. "Great. I'll see you tomorrow then." He left her in her room to start unpacking, thinking back on the whole experience.He was quite happy to have met Cindy. He could tell that she was a shy and a bit on the socially awkward side, but he didn't think anything of it. He just hoped that she would be a friend. He had needed to move a state over for college, so he was a bit short on friends and not many people who he had already spoken to were very genuine. Most freshmen just seemed like they were trying to pretend to be tough or to be more of a presence then they actually were. He admired that Cindy, at least, was shy but didn't feel fake.The next night, Brian showed up to the coffee house around fifteen minutes early. He had on a dark purple polo that hugged his physique and khaki slacks and he was going to make sure to make a good second impression on Cindy. He wasn't sure how she took yesterday, but he wanted her to feel comfortable around him. At least then there would be nothing awkward if they both needed to use their dorms laundry.Cindy walked in a few minutes after him. She had on a baby blue dress that came up to the tops of her knees and a red shrug that wrapped her snugly. Her hands were cover in gloves that matched her shrug as well and her purse was the same color too. Brian was impressed."You look wonderful." He said, walking over to her. She blushed again, as he expected she would by this point."Thanks." She said, shuffling her feet slightly in embarrassment. "You look good too.""Thanks. Let's get something and sit down." He guided her to the counter and they glanced at the menu."I'd like a hot cocoa, please!" Cindy said, her eyes lighting up and her voice raising louder than Brian had heard her speak before. "And whipped cream too!" She rocked back and forth on her heels as she said this.Brian glanced at the cashier and smiled. "I'll have one too then." He began reaching for his wallet, before Cindy grabbed her purse and pulled her money out."You helped me move, so I'll pay." She spoke as if she were trying to sound mature, but she only seemed more childish to him as she said it. He let her pay, anyway. He was happy to just be out.As they sat, they began talking. Brian tried to make sure that he didn’t bring up anything awkward, but he wasn’t quite sure what would make her feel uncomfortable. He soon started to notice a small tick of hers: her tapping her feet to any music that came on.“You a music junkie?” He said. She noticed her foot and pushed both of them underneath her, blushing again. “Hey, I didn’t mean it like that. It’s cute. I don’t mind.”A minute of silence passed between the two of them. He couldn’t interrupt her thinking, but he also felt as the situation grew thicker on them by the second.“...why did you want to do this? You don’t even know me…” Cindy spoke, small and scared, raising her arms to hug her chest.Brian thought he had said something wrong. He held up his hands in defense. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it, I swear. I just-”“No!” She interrupted. “Why are you even here? Why do you care?”He paused, startled, but hurt. “Sorry. “ His voice lowered. “I just don’t like seeing people alone. I thought that you were, well, cute and thought that you might want a friend.” He felt strange. Normally, people wanted to be his friend, but it appeared as if the woman sitting in front of him was so apprehensive about opening it might be a lost cause. “Listen, I understand if you don’t want to be the kid’s friend here, but I’ll always be just down the hall if you need me. And thanks for the cocoa”Brian stood up, feeling slightly defeated, but knew he made his best effort. As he walked past Cindy, he saw her staring at him, and she kept watching as he left. ‘Oh well,’ he thought to himself, ‘I tried. I’ll find someone else.’ He began to walk his way back to his dorm, knowing it would probably still be close to empty. As he reached the second crosswalk, he heard the pitter-patter of feet racing towards him. He turned in time to see Cindy coming up behind him, panting as she reached him. She grabbed at his sleeve and held it as she caught her breath.“Can you take me home? It’s gonna be dark soon.” She said, voice sounding haggard from the run. He nodded down at her and waited for her to finish calming herself.She regained her breath, but the walk still took longer than it should have. Her small legs and quickly tiring herself out took a toll he could see. By the time they returned to their building, she had to lean against it to catch her breath. Brian offered out his arms to her. “I could carry you the rest of the way. It’s three flights of stairs if the elevator is in use or broken.”She glared at him for a few seconds before she relented. She climbed into his grasp and he began to hold her, one arm across her shoulders and down her back, while the other cradled her legs and met his hand at her lower back. The elevator was being repaired anyway so it was probably the safest bet.Brian climbed the stairs to Cindy’s room and helped her get her door open. She was already dozing as they entered, so he just carried her to her bed and helped her get her shoes off. He laid her head down and pulled her blanket over her. She nuzzled into her pillow and slowly pulled her arms and legs closer to herself, smiling slightly as she was almost in the fetal position. Brian left as he saw how comfortable she was and how quickly she was dozing off.He made it back into his dorm and began to mentally unpack everything that had happened tonight. This was his first time actually speaking to her for more than just a few words during the move and he wasn’t sure how to take everything that had happened. The one thing that kept coming back to him was she her last few questions:‘Why did you want to do this? What are you even doing here? Why do you care?”He felt hurt at that. He didn’t mean to make her uncomfortable. It had to be obvious. He wanted to be her friend. Maybe they could be more, but that didn’t matter. He didn’t have anyone here and, from the sound of her voice, she could use someone.The night was a restless for Brian and he noticed the rising sun before he could even get any rest. He could feel the ache of his body from the tossing and turning, but his mind wouldn’t quiet. He was worried for Cindy. If she was upset with him, he would at least try to make it better, once she had time to calm down. Getting up, he made his way to make sure that she was ok.Once, he left his dorm, Brian found that Cindy was still asleep. He could understand. It was early after all so he could wait. He was, however, extremely hungry, so he went to eat.By the time he had returned, he found that her car was no longer in the lot. Brian was upset about this, but he could accept her needing to be out. He wasn’t the owner of her life. He could apologize next time he saw her.Over time, Brian decorated his dorm sparsely. He set up his desk, made sure he had his computer and games properly wired in, and had a microwave and mini fridge to keep any drinks and snacks he needed. He felt comfortable and happy, but he did miss seeing anyone he knew. The only things he knew that anyone else was doing was partying, so he started to try going with them. He went to several new groups and found common interests, but he just wasn’t sure if they were as interested in being friends or just partying.Brian had to wait two weeks to see Cindy again. He always seemed to be on a different schedule than her and, whenever he tried knocking, she was out. He found a few other people to hang out with, but he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Something kept making him think back to helping her move and helping her back to her dorm.Then school started and Brian decided to put that aside. He had studies and knew he couldn’t keep up with his scholarships if he was distracted by some random girl he never saw or by partying all the time. The others weren’t happy, but he wasn’t gonna let them drag him down. He knew he could rely on himself and he could make real friends if he saw them more often.He was incredibly smart for his age, having gotten into college early on a full ride scholarship for in the field of psychology. He could read people really well if he could just see them. It almost felt second nature to him. ‘Your life is written in every action, every creased shirt, every discolored fingernail.’ He remembered saying that to a bully who told he had gotten expelled for smoking and his parents and school were keen to help him use this to the best of his abilities. He just wanted to make sure that he could help.Brian arrived in class early, cleanly shaven and dressed in his khakis with a red button up shirt, and noticed how much larger the room was then he anticipated. He noticed that all of the desks he had anticipated were gone, replaced with large arm chairs and several chaises longes. On the chalkboard, he read ‘Your seat and partner are yours for the year. Choose carefully.’ As the only one in class at this point he walked around, testing the seats and looking for the one he felt most comfortable in.The professor, Mrs. Harmon, walked in shortly. She was a young, looking no older than twenty-three, and had wild cinnamon brown hair but at her chin. She saw he was the only one in and smiled at him. Brian’s parents had known her when she was younger and they had been friends in the past. She had even babysat him when he was ten until he was fifteen. “Ah, Mr. Arb, a pleasure to see you in my class. I have to say, someone has grown up quite a lot since we last met. How’s the family?”“Fine, Mrs. Harmon,” Brian replied. “They are worried about me being away, but I told them I would be fine as long as you were keeping an eye on me. Mom and Dad haven’t changed much since you last saw them though. How’s your husband doing?”“I...don’t wish to speak of him today. He’s been getting under my skin a lot. I swear, one of these days, he’s going to end up out on his ass if he doesn’t straighten up.” Brian had never seen her get so emotional over anyone. He had known that her and Mr. Harmon had gotten married early, but he assumed that they truly did love each other once they moved. Hearing that she was upset about this made him feel nervous.He began to walk over to her, leaving his bag in the chair he had chosen, and hugged her. She paused for a moment before hugging him back. “Thank you, Brian. I needed that today.” After a minute, they separated and he caught Mrs. Harmon smiling brightly.“Just remember, you will always be Mrs. Harmon to me. I want to make sure that you can be proud of me too. So, let’s get to molding.” Brian made his way back to his seat and the others started to make their way into the room as well. There seemed to be an even divide in gender, he made note of, as they read the board and found seats. A few stayed with friends or significant others, while he saw just as many trying to just find a seat.The class was merely a few minutes from starting and Brian saw that all of the seats were taken, save for the lounge chair beside him. Mrs. Harmon looked in his direction while she scanned the class and looked back at her chart before looking back at him and holding up a single finger. There was only one person left. He got nervous, hoping that it wouldn’t be someone that he would hate.The door opened one last time, only a single minute from classes start time. The red hair was a familiar to him, but he couldn’t quite place it, the way it fell down her back in a braid as she turned to let the door close gently. Brian wasn’t sure who it was as she read the board, scanned the room and made her way to his chair.At first, Brian only saw the sensible red dress she was wearing as she made her way towards him. Then, he began to notice a few smaller details, like her matching wristbands, entwined with baby blue and purple, and her XX hi sneakers that reached her knees and were covered with neon laces. He couldn’t be sure at first if it was her, but he had a suspicion. It was confirmed as she saw him closer and almost gasped.“B-Brian?” Cindy said, in her surprised and quiet voice.Brian’s eyes widened as he realized finally who it was. “Cindy? Good to see you.”Her eyes were wider than any he had ever seen. She was startled to see him again, she could tell, but he wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t like he was stalking her. They went to the same school, so they were bound to meet eventually, but he didn’t imagine that they would be partners, and for the whole year. He didn’t know if his luck was amazing or terrible, but he could only hope that Cindy was at least nice.The teacher gave a short speech, introducing herself and handing out her syllabus, before she started discussing what we were expected to learn. She even discussed the partners. We were together for the entire year and we would both have to pull our weight as much as possible. We were to be studying each other and getting to know each other like we were both going to be the counselor to the other.“Now,” Mrs. Harmon said, winding down from her small lecture. “I want all of you to get to know your partner. I know that some of you don’t know each other, so I want you to at least know their name by the end of the day. I want you to understand that you both must learn the material and each other. The day is yours, but at least do something with your partner before your next class.”Everyone began to go their separate ways, either talking in their small groups or leaving with the partner they had to do something else. Cindy looked at Brian and he looked at her for a few moments before she turned away shyly.“Look,” Brian said, taking the initiative, “I’m sorry if I came off too strong earlier. I don’t really know anyone around here just yet and I was hoping to be your friend. Can you forgive me?”She glanced back at him before looking at the ground, tapping the toes of her shoes together quietly.“I understand you’re apprehensive, but we are partners, so can we at least make sure that we both pass?”At that, Cindy did seem to come to an understanding. She nodded and then looked at Brian calmly. “Ok, Brian. We do have to do this together, so, at least for now, partners.” She reached her hand out and Brian shook hers back before her eyes widened in realization. She quickly reached into her bag and pulled out two suckers. She handed him one that was grape flavoured. “Here.”Brian took it and laughed lightly before putting it to his mouth. ‘At least she is cute.’‘Hey. Writing an essay, need something to eat. Can you grab me some lemon chicken from down the street? I’ll get you something too.’ Brian’s phone lit up. Cindy had messaged him. He smiled, getting up to grab her food.They had been talking for two weeks and she seemed to be opening up to him. He could tell that she didn’t have many friends around here and was very pleased to be there for her. He was happy to have someone closer again too.Their interests were pretty aligned as well. They both loved cheesy movies and energetic music, though his energy could lean more to metal and hers aired on the side of foreign pop. The two also found that they both wanted to get into careers for helping those that were less fortunate. Brian wanted to be a therapist for those of lower income, while Cindy wanted to help developing kids who may have issues. It made him feel like they had a bit more of a connection.Grabbing her food, he made his way back to her dorm. He knocked and waited as she opened the door. The sound of upbeat K-pop was playing as she invited him in for the first time since she had moved in. The walls had trails of pink and yellow lights affixed on them, accompanied by wall supported candle holders and stuffed animals on shelves.Cindy dug into the food Brian brought and he took in all the details.“Cute.” He commented as Cindy looked up from her food. She blushed again, a recurring trend of her reactions to his compliments. “I like it. You shouldn’t think too much on others opinion.”Her head lowered as she bit into her egg roll. “You’re the first to see it.” She said, mouth still partially full.“Hey.” Brian said, raising his voice slightly as he gently bopped her on the nose with his index finger. “Don’t talk with your mouth open. What will your boyfriend say? Sorry, or girlfriend.”Cindy looked up at him through her hair hanging in front of her face. She swallowed her food before speaking. “Don’t got one. Not really that interested in talking to most people.”Brian could understand her there, what with everything he had been through in the last year or so of high school as well as the friends he was partying with before college started. “Don’t worry. If you want someone, I know that you could have them.”Cindy blushed again. “Thanks, Brian.” Her dinner finished, she began to turn back to her essay, but looked at Brian again. “Hey, do you have class tomorrow?” He shook his head no. “I have a long day between classes and I need a few things. Can you get them for me?” She held out her hand and in it was a list and money.Brian looked from her hand to her eyes and smiled. “No problem. Need me to hide the bodies too?”Cindy snorted in laughter, before her face turned tomato red. “Oh gosh. No. they’re in the closet. Don’t go in there.” She smiled back at him. “And you’ll need this to get in while I’m gone.” In her hand this time was a spare key, which Brian took.Granola bars? Check. Ginger ale? Check. Veggie chips? Check. Oreo's? Check. Goldfish crackers? Check. Chocolate syrup and Milk? Double check.Eclectic was definitely a word to describe her snack choices. The few normal items seemed to be countered by something Brian would have found strange for someone her age to be getting. That being said, he had known his parents to love cookies and his papa wouldn’t drink anything save for water and root beer, so it wasn’t a bother.The trip was short and, as Brian had no classes, he finished gathering the items quickly. He almost left but noticed a candy shop near him and decided to surprise her. He gathered a few types of chocolate and a few bottles of ramune flavors.When he arrived back, he put everything away in Cindy’s room. He wanted to look around or wait to say hi, but he wasn’t sure when she would be back. Besides, he had to finish studying.A quick knock on the door alerted Brian to the arrival of a guest and brought his attention to the time. It was getting late and he needed to be getting to bed soon. He turned his music down and opened the door to find Cindy, eyes beaming at him. She looked at him, staring into his eyes, before she jumped into the air and hugged him with her arms wrapped around his neck. He buckled backwards for a second but quickly grabbed himself on the wall.“Thank you.” She whispered into his ear, her voice euphoric. “I really love it. I needed to stock up and I didn’t know who to ask to help me and I knew the mall would be closed before I got here and-”“Hey,” Brian said, rubbing her back, “I got you. Don’t worry. We’re friends, right?”Cindy had an errant tear roll onto his shoulder that he felt he shouldn’t address. “Yeah.” She sighed in relief as she said that. “You wanna come over to my dorm real quick?”He nodded and followed her back to her dorm. Once inside, she pulled out a small plastic container with two cupcakes inside of them. One was obviously chocolate, while the other was vanilla. Over the top of it was a small bow and a tag that read “Happy Birthday” on it. Brian came to a sudden realization.“It’s your birthday?” He nearly shouted, realizing that they left the door open too late. He quickly closed it and turned back to her as she began to giggle.“I kinda didn’t want anyone to know but...you’ve been so sweet to me. I was going to tell you tomorrow, but you really are my closest friend.”Brian walked over to her and hugged gently, making sure not to hurt the package. “Happy Birthday, Cindy. How old are you?”Nuzzling forward into his strong chest, she muttered, “Nineteen.”After Brain set her down, she handed them the vanilla cupcake. Brian had never tasted one as wonderful as that night. The company only helped to make it memorable.The next two weeks of classes saw Brian and Cindy getting closer. They spent plenty of time trying to see each other between classes and they talked every night. The next Friday night, she brought cocoa to him in his room to study and watch movies. Each of them picked out something to show the other.As she had warned might happen, Cindy began to doze partway into the movie he chose for the night. Brian found it cute, especially as she curled up in the chair next to his bed. He wrapped a blanket on her and gently placed a pillow under her head.Getting up to turn the movie off, he grabbed a drink. As he went back to his bed, he noticed a small patch of wetness as he stepped past the chair Cindy was in. Curious, Brian lifted the blanket to find that her sweatpants were soaked across the legs and crotch area.Brian wasn’t sure what to do. He knew about some younger kids wetting themselves in their sleep, but he never thought of someone this close to his age doing that.‘Wait,’ he thought, ‘The diapers...those looked like they could have been her size. And she never wants me to stay at her place late...were those…’He didn’t know what needed to be done about them, but he knew that she needed a change. He grabbed her spare key and went into her room. He didn’t think she would want him snooping around, but he knew that she needed a change.He opened her closet and pulled open the first box her found. In it, was her diapers, along with several containers of wet wipes, two bottles of baby powder, a bottle of lotion, and a large diaper bag. This only confirmed it.Brian grabbed everything he would need, put it inside the bag, and made his way back. As he opened the door, he prepared himself for the change and the talk that he knew was coming. There she was, still asleep in his chair.Slowly, Brian pulled the blanket off of her and set it aside, noticing a small wet patch on it as well. Her pants were still drenched and he could tell that they might leak, when he realized that she didn’t even wake up from this. He couldn’t do this to her. He didn’t know how she would react and it was an invasion of her privacy and trust.Gently shaking her, Cindy began to awaken at Brian’s attempts. Her eyes seemed unfocused as she sleepily smiled at him. “Hey, Brian. What time is it?” She rubbed her eyes, not noticing her predicament.“Um…” Began Brian, awkwardly, “It’s just past midnight. Listen, Cindy, it...uh...looks like you had an accident.”Confused for a moment, Cindy looked at him quizzically before the realization dawned on her. She reached down and felt the damp fabric on her legs as her face began to take on the scarlet hue familiar to her cheeks.“I-It’s ok.” Brian stammered. “I got everything from your room. You can get changed in here. I’ll step outside if you want.”Still flustered, Cindy just tucked her head downwards. She reached to grab the bag, pulling it onto the chair and tightly securing it as her arms intertwined over her chest. Brain turned to leave and left the door just open so that she wouldn’t need to open it, just in case anyone came by this late.The rustling of a plastic diaper and the clicking of the container of wipes filled his ears. He hadn’t heard anything like this in several years. A bit taken aback, he turned his head slightly and noticed that the opening in the doorway didn’t let him see inside. He breathed a sigh of relief, not knowing if he could stop himself with if that temptation were there.The smell of baby powder wafted towards him, gently caressing his nostrils. This smell was slightly familiar, just on the edge of memory. He knew it, but couldn’t place where.Then tapes tearing and being stuck back. This was louder than the other noises and would have been noticed by anyone walking by, but no one did, thankfully.“Ok, come in.” Cindy said again.Stepping back into his room, Brian saw something that he never imagined: the cutest girl ever dressed in a diaper before him with nothing else covering her legs. Cindy was blushing so much that her neck was showing reddening signs.“Wow.” Brian finally spoke. “Uh…” Cindy merely stood there, appearing to try to sink into the floor beneath her. “I...should probably clean the chair.”From his closet, he procured a bottle of fabric cleaner and some towels. As he cleaned, Cindy sat on his bed. When he was finished with the chair and the floor, Brian turned back to her and noticed that she was crying.“Hey, please don’t.” He set his hand on her bare knee as he spoke. “It’s ok. Everyone has an accident every once in a while. I don’t mind, honest.”She looked up at him through her bangs. Her eyes were red and she softly sniffled back a sob. She then put her face into her hands, as if trying to hide. Brian moved his left hand to her shoulder and softly rubbed it. "Don't worry. I understand. You don't need to be embarrassed about it."Slowly Cindy's hands came off of her face. She looked at him like she was relieved, but still hesitant. She nodded at him."Ok. I understand if you are too tired or if everything that has happened was too much, but I still want to be your friend. Do you?" Once again, she nodded. "I'm glad."Brian moved to sit next to her on his bed and she gently moved to lay her head onto his shoulder. She sighed in relief and her breathing calmed. He could tell she was relaxing.“So, what now?” Cindy said.“Well,” Brian Began, “We don’t have class tomorrow. We could watch another movie or we could split.”“I think that, after everything that’s happened, I need to lay down. Maybe we can talk tomorrow.”“I understand. You're gonna need something to wear if you are going back to your room. I'll let you have a pair of shorts or something."Cindy packed everything and went back to her room, both her and Brian feeling exhausted from the night, but with too much on their minds to sleep properly. Eventually, Brian was able to sleep.The next week went by and they barely spoke of the event. The only time it came up was when they were going to spend more time in and Brian told her to remember to make sure to get her ‘night aid’ in case of issues. Cindy was grateful he didn’t say it out loud when people were around.Friday night came again and it was Brian’s birthday. Cindy wanted to make it something special for him, so she offered to make him dinner in the communal kitchen. He agreed.Brian never knew Cindy could cook, but was not going to turn down a free meal. He was excited to see what she could do. When she walked in, he saw her dressed in a way he hadn’t before. She was clothed in a knee length, sleeveless maroon dress. She was stunning.The dish she brought smelled exquisite and he could see she had not skimped on anything. Before him was the most gorgeous steak dinner he had ever seen. The flavours were sublime to him and he was finished before he could realize how quickly he had eaten. Cindy giggled at him. “Hungry?”“Yes, but it was also fantastic.” Brian stated“I’m glad you liked it. Now, what do you want to do?”“I’m low maintenance. I’d be ok to just stay in and watch movies again.”Cindy giggled and blushed. “That sounds lovely.”They both made themselves comfortable again and they were almost halfway in before Brian asked her the big question:“Did you remember to put your diaper on?”Cindy blushed hard and looked at him like a deer in the headlights. “Um...no. I brought them, but I didn’t know what to expect.”“Do you need to change? I can leave again.”Cindy looked down and started playing with her thumbs. “I was, actually, thinking that, maybe, if you wanted to, could you please, uh...diaper me? I can walk you through it.”Now it was Brian’s turn to blush. He was shocked that she would suggest that, but at the same time, he was intrigued. He wanted to do this and that surprised even him. He placed his hand on hers and said, “I can do that.”She smiled and pulled her bag closer, opening it to reveal the supplies inside. Brian reached in and started pulling everything out. Diaper, wipes, lotion, and, lastly, a changing pad. He laid the pad across his floor and patted it, looking up into Cindy’s eyes as he did. She sat down on it and leaned back, making sure to still be able to see and walk him through the process.“Do you want me to remove those?” Brian commented as he lightly pinched the baby blue sweatpants she was wearing. She nodded in affirmation and he slid both the pants and panties off together.Seeing her vagina was not what Brian was expecting. He had never had sex before, but he had seen a lot on the internet, but this was different. She had a small patch of curled, blonde hair over her lips, but nowhere else, nor did she have stubble or any other marks of shaving. She just must not get very much hair.Getting to work, Brian wiped her down gently, trying to make sure that she was completely clean. Cindy looked so relaxed as he continued, appearing like she could drift to sleep at any point during this exchange. He was very happy at how calm she was about this.After her wipe down, the lotion came out. His hands rubbed from her abdomen down to where her thighs met her butt. Unconsciously, he did squeeze a small amount around there, but she didn’t seem to mind. Completely clean and now properly moisturized, the next step was clear.The diaper in his hand was different then the others from before. Though it was in the same size, it was completely purple except on her butt where it had her handwriting on it: Spank me! A smile came to Brian’s face, but he kept at his task, lifting her butt from the pad and sliding the diaper underneath, before lifting the front up and over, taping it snugly onto Cindy, then checking the tabs to make sure there wouldn’t be any leaking.His job done, Brian petted the front of her diaper. Cindy moaned slightly and sat up, smiling brightly and looking very childish. She hugged him and kissed his neck. “Happy Birthday, Daddy!”Taken aback, he pulled away from the hug. “Daddy? Do…” Not very often did it happen that he lost his words, but this was one of the few times in their friendship he had. He looked at her and, slowly, the words came out of his mouth. “Daddy? I c-can do that. I can be your daddy.”Cindy’s cheeks flared a bright red as she hugged him closely, a shy smile covering her face. The embraced lasted almost a minute before they pulled away and sat on Brian’s bed to watch their movie, with her panties and sweats still laying on her floor.Nearly an hour into the second movie, Brian heard Cindy snoring softly. He smiled to himself and began to slide a blanket over her until he noticed that she had wet herself by the feeling of a wet sheet on him. He gently roused her from her sleep, not wanting to be too mad.After cleaning the bed, Brian removed the sheet and sat Cindy in his chair. “Cindy, how come you are so wet? You’re leaking.”Cindy looked sleepily at Brian, now standing over her. “I wet, um, I just after we stopped hugging...and it was a big one. I had to go a lot during the movies too and I must have let it go when I was sleeping…” Her voice trailed off at that and she looked away, her blush nearly maroon on her cheeks.“You should have told me. I can change you. But now you messed up my sheets.” A thought then occurred to him. He wasn’t sure how she would take it, but he wanted to try. He sat back on his unmade bed and patted his lap. “Get your diapered butt over here, little lady.”Cindy’s eyes grew wide and her cheeks flushed. This look was much different from her normal, embarrassed state, she looked like she had seen a ghost. The color came back to her cheeks and she slowly stood up. “Um, that’s ok Brian. I can-”“No Cindy. You wet your diaper and didn’t tell me and you have ‘Spank Me’ written right across your butt in your own handwriting. If you didn’t want me to do this, you wouldn’t have done either of these things.” With that, he patted his lap again. “I know what I’m doing, sweaty. This is for your own good.”Cindy’s head lowered and her chin touched the base of her neck. Her hands clasped in front of her sodden diaper and she slowly inched forward. When she reached Brian, she leaned forward and rested her padded front onto his lap with her tiptoes touching the ground and her upper body hanging loosely off of him. Brian placed his hand onto the spot with her writing and started to rub it.“This is going to hurt me a lot more than it hurts you, but it’s for your own good.” As he said this, he lifted his hand and, when the sentence ended, it came down.The reverberations felt strange travelling up Brian’s arm as he spanked Cindy. He had never done this to anyone before, but he found that he did enjoy it. The way he felt in control made him smile. Even the plastic, slightly loose and squishing from the earlier wetting made him really excited.Tempered were the blows coming down on Cindy, Brian being careful to not hurt her more than a small amount. A bit of fun was fine, but it would be bad if he left any bruising or damage. All he wanted was to play with her and make sure that she wouldn’t do it again.After ten spanks, she was lifted from his lap, the redness on her face spreading down to her chest. She hadn’t been crying or anything, she merely looked like she was embarrassed. Brian stood up and kissed her on the forehead gently.“Daddy has to go take care of the sheets you messed.” He said, pointing to the corner next to his closet, one that no one would see unless they entered the living space of his room. “I want you to stand in the corner and face the wall until I get back.” Patting her butt one last time, he watched her as she took her place, facing the walls, and he went to start his soiled sheets washing.Once the sheets were started, Brian returned to his room. As he closed the door and entered, he found Cindy still facing the wall, but her legs were crossed and she was holding her arms in front of her stomach. Unsure what had changed, he stepped forward.“Cindy? What’s wrong? Are you ok?” He gently placed his arm on her shoulder and turned her to face him. No resistance was offered, but she wasn’t looking him in the face. “I’m sorry. If you want me to, we won’t talk about this and we don’t have-”“NO!” She said, more firmly than any other time he had ever spoken to her. Her blush had receded and she look Brian directly in the eyes. “I just- um...I liked it. A lot, actually. I wanna know if you would like to do that more. I have toys and things and, if you wanted, you could be my daddy more.”Brian was stunned. He had really liked it too and hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it the entire time he was doing laundry. “Oh.” A small pause followed as everything she had said caught up to him. “Yeah. I can do that. Anything for you.”Gently she pressed her face into his chest and the rest of her body slowly followed suit until they were only separated by the small amount of clothing they wore. His arms wrapped around her again, the presence of each other calming.Cindy spoke up again. “I really have to go potty again and I didn’t want you to be mad, so I held it while you were gone. I wanted to ask where you wanted me to go.”Brian laughed, then lifted her up and carried her into the bathroom. Setting her next to the toilet, he removed the soaked garment from her waist and guided her to sit down. He slowly ran his hand over her hair, petting her gently to help relax her, and leaned down to speak as softly as possible. “That’s a good girl. Daddy wants you to be happy and let everything go. Go potty for me, sweaty. Just relax.”The sound of water cascading into the toilet told him that she had relaxed quite a lot, the sounds signaling the relief of her bladder. Cindy sighed as she urinated. Neither one of them had an experience like this before, from either side, but both of them were very happy to be sharing this together.As she finished, she sat back and let out another sigh. She reached for the toilet paper, but she was stopped as she saw Brian holding it. He made sure to wipe her slit carefully to clean any excess before he dropped it into the toilet and flushed it for her.She was lifted again. The next trip they made was back to the living room as the changing mat was being used for the second time that night. Laying her back down, Brian began his work of recleaning her, wiping her down again, lotioning her, and diapering her, this time in her pink, princess themed diaper. Finishing the task, he took the garment and wipes and threw them away, making sure to wash himself afterwards.Cindy was laid back in the bed again, her cheeks slightly red again, but her smile as wide as could be. ‘She is gorgeous.’ Brian thought to himself as he kissed her on the forehead again. “I have to go and take care of the sheets. Don’t stop being cute.” Her blush spread as her knees touched and her hands came up to her chest, but her smile didn’t leave, only being accompanied by an adorable giggle.Brian returned as quickly as he could, having rotated his sheets. He couldn’t contain himself with how this was making him feel really good. It was nice to take care of someone in this way. Nothing felt like this.When he returned, Cindy was asleep again. She looked incredibly happy and peaceful. He pulled a blanket over her to keep her warm and moved into his chair.He began to consider what was going to happen between them. Did he really like her? He thought he did, but he was repetitious of jumping into another hasty relationship. Did she like him? She obviously trusted him, but that didn’t mean that she loved him or anything. What about the ‘Daddy’ thing? Was he ready to be this responsible for her and himself? He barely had any money, only a small amount from his parents each month to help him live.He would have to get a job, which would definitely pull him away from her. They would only see each other during class, maybe weekends or whenever he didn’t work, and when he ate or when he had to be sleeping. Would it really be great for them to be separated like that? Would she even want him if it would mean barely seeing each other until they were out of college?His thoughts were interrupted as Cindy rolled over and looked at him, eyes slowly blinking off the sleep. Her smile widened as she stretched and yawned. “Hey, birthday boy.”Brian looked down at her, cute as ever, and couldn’t help smiling back. “Hey, you. Still dry in there?”“Mmmhm.” She nodded. “I’m fine.”“Good. You still tired? Stay up a bit too late past your bedtime?”Cindy stuck her tongue out at Brian and made a noise as she did. “I am still tired. Maybe I should go back to my room.”“That’s fine. I had a lot of fun today.”Cindy put her pants back on and began putting her stuff into her bags. “It was a dream come true. Thank you.”Brian hugged her as she stood back up. “I had fun too. If you ever need a Daddy again, I’d be happy to oblige.”Cindy blushed again, but less then before, almost like she was enjoying or getting used to it. As she was nearing the door, he spanked her butt once again, a bit softer than when she was on his lap but enough that she could tell it was intentional. She froze for a second, hearing the crinkle and basking in the pressure of his hand. Then, she bent over, pushing her butt out towards him and swaying her hips side to side.Brian pulled back his hand and spanked her again, as hard as he was earlier, five more times across her diapered butt. Each slap coming down only made him want this more. He wanted to be her Daddy. He wanted to be here for her.After the fifth, he kept his hand resting on her and began to rub her butt in small circles. She sighed and held her arms outwards to steady herself against the door. He couldn’t help himself as he saw this as he slowly lent over and kissed her diaper clad butt, eliciting a squeal from Cindy.“What was that about?” She said, blush intensifying.Brian shrugged. “What can I say? You have a wonderful butt. It’s a lot of fun.”Cindy just turned around, giggling again, and left him alone in his room.Another few weeks of classes, social calls, and making sure to spend as much time together as they possibly could followed Brian and Cindy. Brian wanted to do everything with Cindy and she seemed to reciprocate. They were only apart when studying or when their classes conflicted.Brian was conflicted however. He could tell that he didn’t just want to be friends with Cindy like this. He had changed her diaper, spent late nights talking about everything from politics to coffee preference, he’d even listened to her pee as she used the bathroom, but he couldn’t tell what she wanted from this. She liked calling him Daddy, but was that just a game? He had to know.Friday night came again and he was ready. He knew that he had to ask her tonight. If she just wanted a friend, he would accept that and would make sure that she didn’t feel awkward. No pestering, no anger, just friends was fine if that was what was to come.He didn’t want to think about losing her friendship forever. It made him really nervous. If she didn’t like him, could she stand knowing that he liked her? If she didn’t want to be friends, could she even work with him in class?A knock came at his door. He knew it was her. The moment of truth was here. He opened the door and saw the most gorgeous girl in his life again, two bags draped over her shoulders and a third in her hand, the telltale bulge of her diaper in her shorts. As he let her in, the nerves kept climbing and he almost felt like he would explode from the pressure.Cindy set everything on the floor in front of the entertainment center and came back to hug him after the door was closed. He could smell gentle hints lavender and honey on her today. ‘Maybe she has a new soap or lotion on.’ Brian liked it. The scent was calming him as was the feeling of holding her again.“Hey there, Daddy. How are you tonight?” She said, her voice raised in excitement.Brian sighed. “Better now that you are here. Listen, I need to talk to you.” As he said this, he pulled away from her and moved his hands to her shoulders.Cindy looked at him quizzically, cocking her head to the side in the most adorable way he had ever seen. “What’s up? If this is about wetting, don’t worry.” She unbuttoned her jeans and showed off a teal nylon garment over her diaper. “I’m covered, in more ways than one.” She giggled as she finished her statement.Brian smiled. She had become more open with him and it was becoming so cute and easy to share these things, but it wasn’t what he needed right now. “No. I know that you won’t. I just need to ask something about...this.” He took one hand from her shoulder and pointed between the two. “I need to know what you want and what we are.”Cindy still seemed confused. “Us? We’re friends, right? Or do you mean you being my Daddy and me being your little girl?”“No. I mean, kinda. I love having you as my little princess,” she blushed at that, having never heard him call her such before, “but I need to know something else. I...do you want me to be more than your Daddy?”Cindy’s eyes grew at that and her blush, having become less and less prevalent around him suddenly returned. She dropped her head slightly, not daring to look him in the eyes. “UM...what do you mean, Brian?”‘She called me Brian.” He thought. ‘She hardly calls me that anymore.’ The nerves begin to rise again and Brian moves to sit down, motioning for Cindy to do so as well. As they do, Brian continues, facing downwards as the embarrassment takes hold of his words. “I like you.” The sentence came out slowly, as he knew he had to pick his words carefully. “I really like you. These past few months have been very fun and I’m so glad you opened up to me. That being said, I felt that you should know that I actually really want to be more than just your friend. I really want you to know that I think I love you.” With everything said, he raised his head to look her in the eyes.The redness on her face had reached critical levels. She was wide eyed, her smile was gone and she looked stunned. There was no sound between the two of them, save for breathing. Cindy finally spoke up. “I...I...You don’t want to be my Daddy anymore?”“Of course I do. I love it so much.” He quickly responded. “I just want to know if you want to also, you know, date me. Like, go out, see a movie, have a picnic at a beach, that sort of thing. I want to know if you could see us in a relationship.”Cindy still looked at him like she couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth. She looked down for a moment and then lifted her head back up smiling while tears were running down her cheeks. “Yes.”Every inch of tension began relieving itself in Brian’s body. He couldn’t help but to lean over to her and hug her. She began to hug him back, a small moan escaping from her lips. “Thank you.” He said, almost crying himself.A sniffle escaped from Cindy as she laughed for a few seconds. “Thank you, Daddy.”Brian squeezed her tightly in his embrace as he began to think about everything that had happened, settling back on their first meeting. He was so happy he offered to help her move in. Now, the best girl in the world was in his arms and wanted to date him. He couldn’t be happier. As he pulled away from her, Cindy leaned back into him, kissing him directly on the lips. He stood corrected.This kiss melted him. He couldn’t believe how good her lips felt and how it felt to be this intimate with her.Slowly, their lips came apart. Their gazes met again. Smiles returned to both of their faces as the realization of what had just happened came to them, both of their faces turning red to match.“My diaper is still showing.” Cindy whispered, eliciting a laugh from Brian. He reached down to her pants and began to try to push the button back in before he was stopped by her hands. “We can always take these off. It’ll be easier to change me.”They both began to take of her pants, Brian working his hands to the back of her hips while Cindy slid down the front side as she stood. It was slower than if one of them was doing it, but they didn’t care. The pants hit the floor and he pulled them off of her legs, leaving her in just a long sleeve pink shirt, her diaper with a heart on the front, and her teal cover.“Does my special little princess need to go potty?” Brian said, his hands sliding up to rest on her thighs and gently rubbing them.Cindy moaned and softly threw her head back. “Yes, Daddy.”“Do you want to use your diaper or the potty?”The blush returned and her hand raised up as she bit her thumb in excitement and embarrassment. “Can I go potty in my diapee, Daddy?”He smiled and kissed her stomach through her shirt. “Of course.”Cindy’s thumb went completely into her mouth as she began to wet herself. The noise of her urine soaking her diaper made Brian smile, knowing how much it made her happy and knowing it meant she would need a changing. The heart on the diaper began to shift its color, but the teal only made it appear to go from grey to a slightly different grey. She finished with a moan as the noises ceased.“Feel better?” He said, patting her diapered butt.Cindy nodded. “Mmmhm.”“Good girl. Now, does my little princess need another diaper on?” She stared down at him, her eyes softening again as she nodded. “Such a good girl, and so big, telling Daddy when she has a messy diaper. Soon you won’t even need them anymore.”“NO!” She whined, playful but firm. “I wanna wear my diapee all the time. I don’t want to grow up.”“Ok, ok. I understand. You can always be my little girl.”She smiled back at him, removing her thumb and sticking her tongue out.“Now that is where I draw the line.” He lifted her up, her squealing and giggling as he did so, before setting her on his lap. She recognized this position and began to shake her butt back and forth.“Daddy wouldn’t hurt me, right?” He could hear the suggestive nature in her voice.“Daddy knows what’s best for her, so he will if she need it.” With that, he pulled down her diaper cover and began to spank her. He was more forceful than last time. She was moaning with each time, enjoying every blow that came down on her padded behind.As the thirtieth smack came down, Brian stopped. Cindy was panting from the ordeal and was smiling broadly. He picked her back up and set her onto the ground as her began to get the changing supplies from her bag.“I think my little princess can get a changing now. Then we can have more playtime.”Cindy smiled up at Brian as he beamed down at her. They were both so happy and they were both ready to start a new chapter of their lives together.
  15. (New college freshman moving into his dorm, his roommate, after staying with him a few weeks, realizes that my character.. isn't quite ready to be on his own yet) After parking the car into the designated parking spot for students, Aren, 18. Looked up at the dorm he would be staying in and sighed. *home sweet home* he said to himself as he unbuckled his seatbelt and got his things out, carrying his stuff, Aren found his dorm after 20 minutes of walking and searching his room number. Putting his stuff into his corner that he picked, Aren made his bed and decided after being done he will just relax and play some games on his Laptop.
  16. Rokugan was an ancient civilization (a fictional part of this story) that authorities on the subject place around the Chinese area back when the Earth was more or less, Pangea, and believe it or not, they say that it co-existed with the Terrible Lizards we call Dinosaurs. There are a lot of mysteries surrounding this mystical and mysterious place, and now, some believe that a part of its lore and influences are even affecting today's world. Professor Randall Heightensen has taken a few trips to China to look further into the ancient civilization and to see if he can figure out more about what was going on there. They say that the cradle of civilization was in Africa some time after the Dinosaurs, but what if that was just where life had began again after some catastrophe, and what if the real start of the human story actually did start further East in the world, some thousand years before the African origin story? In the coming term, Randall is determined to bring some fresh blood with him so that some new eyes can get a look at what he found. He knows the old scholars will refute the civilization despite his evidence based principally on the fact that there have been no other hints or clues about such of an existence before. He knows that science likes solid proof, and while he agrees that solid proof is important, he believes that the older codgers, despite the proof he has found, will not accept anything before they even know what there is to see. He hopes that the newer students, at least half of them having some interest and experience in science, will actually look at the proof he has before deciding for themselves, and then, if even they say that what he is seeing is not what he thinks he sees, then maybe he can accept that something is just misplaced. A few days later, the start of term is about to start, and students are checking into dorms. Then, the first day of classes are beginning.... As the first day of classes begin, we start with the main character, Adam Johnson, coming into his first day of math, but let's let Adam tell us that story, shall we...? (Robehouse):....
  17. Life and Death Choices Made Casually The bell rang and Angela stood up gingerly to leave the classroom. She clenched her butt cheeks together and walked as quickly as she could toward the bathroom. She passed by the rows of lockers and didn’t even stop by for her books. Her stomach rumbled and she winced in pain as the cramp hit her. She squeezed her cheeks with all her might, but she knew she would make it to the girl’s bathroom. She had to. She was eighteen and a senior in high school. There was no way she could live down an accident. The cramp subsided and she continued her journey to the porcelain relief. It was just down the hall. She hurried as fast as she could, but she couldn’t run or even walk normally or she would poop--in her panties. Still, she persisted until she made it to the bathroom. The girl’s room was a mess at 1:30 in the afternoon. There were paper towels on the floor, lipstick on the mirrors, and she was sure she would find pee on the seats, but it didn’t matter. She was desperate. She groaned in disgust. All of the stalls were full. She stood in front of the row of stalls waiting. “Please hurry. I’m desperate.” Her voice sounded soft and alien to her. “Hold on a bit,” a girl called from one of the stalls. A girl flushed and exited a stall and Angela stepped toward it. Before she took a second step, she felt another cramp in her abdomen and she bent over slightly. That was all it took to make it the worst day of her life. The load she had been holding in Mrs. Miller’s class squeezed out in her panties. It was sudden, her accident. It wasn’t slow; it just came out and there was a lot of it. Her load was wet too, but solid enough that it met the resistance of her jeans and spread in the seat of her panties. She looked around and saw at least ten girls who were staring at her. One of them had her mouth open in surprise, but soon they would all know and then the whole school would make fun of her. She felt a blob of poop escape the leg bands of her panties and ride its slimy journey down the inside of her blue jeans to the floor. “She pooped her pants,” a girl said. “Hey everyone,” one of the girls yelled into the hallway. “Angela pooped her pants.” Angela wanted to say something. They had to be wrong. This couldn’t be happening. But it was. She heard a pattering noise and looked down. To add insult to injury she was peeing her pants as well. She could only stare as the wet patch on the front of her jeans grew. “I wish I could die,” she said. ### Bridget Addison cowered in fear in the passenger seat of her big rig. Eighteen wheels of power moved uncontrollably down the street. She was supposed to be the driver. She had the commercial driver’s license to prove it. She also had the hazardous materials and explosives endorsements that allowed her to haul the 9000 gallons of gasoline in the tank trailer behind her rig. It was supposed to be an easy job. She didn’t even have to leave the city. She just drove around from gas station to gas station refilling their stock. At five o’clock she would return to the oil depot and drive home in her own car. Today was different. As soon as she left the oil depot, she headed toward her first stop. It wasn’t in the best of neighborhoods, but she had always felt safe. She had grown up here. In fact, the truck driving school where she got her license was in the same neighborhood. She was the only pretty thirty-two-year-old in the whole class. When she arrived at the first street light she had to stop. The armed gunman opened the driver’s side door and pushed her aside as he mounted the cab of her eighteen wheeler. “Sit quietly or you’re dead,” he said. He took the wheel and begin to drive east away from the city. It wasn’t worth dying over someone stealing gas. Bridget sat still in the passenger seat. Still the calculations came to her head. That was her talent. Gas was $2.53 a gallon for regular. With her combined load of super and medium grades as well, the fuel was worth $23,470. She made a little more than that in a year, but not much. It was still not worth her life. She pulled her knees up to her chin and stared at the gunman. The man drove in silence. Every so often he pointed the gun in her direction, but he still had to shift. Bridget needed both hands to drive. At lights and on straight roads she could reach for the radio or even take a cell phone call, but she generally kept one hand on the steering wheel and another on the shifter just in case. The highjacker had to shift and hold her at gun point as well as steer. She cringed with each metal on metal crunch as the rig clipped other cars. “Slow down,” she yelled. “You’ll get us both killed.” Sirens sounded in the distance and she knew it wouldn’t be too long until the police caught them and she would be safe, unless… The man pointed the gun at her again. “Shut up or you’ll get it,” he yelled. …unless he planned to hold her as a hostage. She shivered. She just wanted to get home to her apartment and forget about today. The gunman turned a right and Bridget saw the trailer take out a fire hydrant as the rear of the trailer hopped the curb. Bridget felt the whole rig shake and she worried that her cargo might ignite. A full load would sure be hazardous. He turned left again, but it was less violent. “Why’d you turn here?” she asked. “This road only goes to the school.” The gunman turned off into the grass and drove toward the Arthur Miller Elementary School building. She realized what he was doing and knew she had to do something. She waited until he had to shift gears and then dove for the steering wheel. Riding her momentum, she turned the wheel to the left, hoping to turn the truck away from the school. The truck careened and jackknifed around and she was thrown free out the window of the semi. She lay on the ground stunned, the wind knocked out of her. If she could have taken a breath, she would have breathed a sigh of relief as she watched as the tanker missed the elementary school. Her relief was short lived as the tanker plowed into the building next to it: the middle school. She watched in horror as the gasoline exploded on impact. The screams of the students mixed with her own as she woke up in her sweaty jumpsuit. “Will you knock it off?” yelled the inmate in the cell next to hers. She looked at her surroundings. Bars, a steel toilet, the narrow cot in which she slept, and more bars. She had awakened to the same nightmare every day since the terrorist attack. “Today is the last day I wake up screaming,” she promised. The next time she went to sleep, she would never wake again. The terrorist who had tried to ram her truck into the elementary school was consumed in the explosion. The terrorist group had also claimed responsibility for the attack. No one had believed her that the gunman existed and today she would die because she couldn’t prove that he was the real killer. “If only I would have turned the wheel to the right,” she whispered. She knew if she did that, the elementary school would have been hit. She had twelve years to relive the attack over and over again. Every day she had second guessed herself as she sat in a prison cell. At least today she would be able to eat what she wanted. She knew a New York strip steak, a slice of apple pie with ice cream would be on its way to her today. She debated with herself on the ice cream. She didn’t dare eat dairy products because lactose intolerance would give her digestion problems, but she figured she may as well enjoy the ice cream because she wouldn’t be around long enough to need to worry about the after effects. She went to the sink in her cell and splash water on her face and returned to her cot to wait for her fate. ### The priest hadn’t been helpful. The food, on the other hand, was divine. She walked slowly down the hallway toward the waiting gurney. “Will you want the needle in your right arm or left,” an orderly dressed in white asked her. “Does it matter?” she asked. She hopped up on the gurney. This is really how things are going to end, she thought. The orderlies strapped her down to the gurney. A strap across her knees and chest and wrist and leg cuffs made any desire to fight impossible. She could have fought. She almost wished she did as they rolled her into the execution chamber, past the witnesses. The witnesses were some of the parents of the middle school children. Most had to watch the execution on a video monitor outside the prison since the number of witnesses were limited to twelve. Their eyes stared cold daggers into her as she lay helpless as the execution took an alcohol-soaked cotton swab and cleaned her arm. “Is that to prevent infection?” she asked. She smiled a bit, but no one else seemed to think it was funny. Gallows humor couldn’t hurt, could it? “Do you wish to make a statement?” the executioner asked. “I tried to stop him,” she began. “If only I’d turned the wheel to the left. No that wouldn’t have worked. Or if I fought him before he was going to hit a school…” She stopped talking when she realized she was only babbling. The executioner took the needle inserted it in her arm. At the same instant Angela Murphy said, “I wish I could die,” Bridget Addison said, “I wish I could live.” Both of them got their wish. ### Bridget almost stumbled. First she was lying horizontally and then she was standing. She looked around. She was in the middle of a bathroom surrounded by high school kids. Was this hell? It had to be and the students must have been what the children her truck had killed would have looked like when they got older. No, the math wasn’t right. Those students would be in their mid thirties now. “Angela pooped her pants. Angela pooped her pants,” the students chanted. Bridget’s legs felt warm and wet. She looked down. She had peed herself. She smelled a foul odor, felt a glob of poop rolling down her leg. She had pooped her pants. If she had pooped her pants, who was this Angela girl that did the same? A blonde girl walked into the bathroom. She looked at Bridget and her eyes traveled downward toward her crotch. She pushed through the crowd and took Bridget’s hand. “Stop making fun of her. You should be ashamed. Go to class.” She pulled Bridget out into the hall. The blonde girl was pretty, but just a tad chunky. A size eight or ten, Bridget thought. No, this is high school: a size seven or nine. She wore jeans and a long sleeved shirt. On top of the shirt she wore a t-shirt that said, “I heart dorks.” She wore the yuckiest brown glasses Bridget had ever seen. They had big eighties lenses like Bridget had worn in junior high. “Come on,” she said. “Let’s get you to the nurse’s office.” She pulled Bridget by the hand. She was in still shocked by what happened. One minute she was about to be executed and another minute she was standing in the middle of a high school having disgraced herself. Bridget felt the school nurse’s eyes glare at her. “You’re eighteen?” she asked. “Miss Grosstree wouldn’t let her go to the bathroom,” the blonde said. “She is very strict,” the nurse agreed. “We’ll have to call your mother to pick you up.” She turned toward her desk and picked up the phone. “What is your mom’s number?” the nurse asked. “Umm,” Bridget said. “It’s 555-8273,” the blonde said. The nurse dialed. “Angela, I got to get to class,” the blonde said. “I’ll call you tonight.” She turned and walked away. The nurse was already on the phone when Bridget looked away from the blonde. “Mrs. Murphy. You daughter had an accident. You need to come to school right away. No, she’s okay. She just soiled herself. I know she’s eighteen. No, it is not usual at that age. Just come and pick her up.” Bridget was confused. She wondered who Angela and Mrs. Murphy were. She had a sneaking suspicion, but she dared not speculate. She stood inside the nurse’s office flushed and embarrassed. She refused to think about how she had gone from the death chamber to a high school. ### Twenty minutes later a woman arrived. She looked to be in her early fifties. From the look on her face, Bridget thought she looked very angry. She walked straight toward Bridget. “Young lady, what do you have to say for yourself? How old are you? Bridget blushed. “Umm, I…” She wasn’t about to tell this woman she was a death row inmate. She hoped the age question was rhetorical. She was thirty when the attack happened and she spent the last twelve years on death row, but she wasn’t going to tell her age in front of this stranger. “I’m too old to be having accidents,” she said. She had to walk the walk of shame through the halls to the parking lot. She followed the woman outside toward the parking lot in silence. She kept her head down as she walked toward the car. As she walked she felt the poop slide around in her panties and against the inside of her leg. “How could you disgrace yourself so badly?” said the woman. “I could imagine a first grader having an accident, but you? You’re eighteen years old and a senior. She led Bridget to a maroon Taurus and opened the passenger side door. Bridget was about to get in, but the woman grabbed her by the arm. “Don’t sit down,” the woman said. She opened the back door. Bridget watched as the woman stripped the plastic off the dry cleaning laid in the back seat. She put the plastic on the passenger seat. “You can sit down now.” Bridget sat. It felt disgusting enough to have poop in her pants, but when she sat down it was worse. The poop was soft enough that it squeezed into empty spaces inside her panties. Some felt like it moved to the front of her panties. She hoped it didn’t go inside her. The woman got behind the wheel and they drove off. The only conversation was the woman berating the state of her underwear. Bridget just ignored her and looked out the window. When she caught her badly angled reflection in the mirror she froze. Her wavy red hair was now dark brown and straight. Her face was now had the glow of youth. It wasn’t her face. She put her hand to her face and the reflection did the same. This wasn’t even her body. She looked at the woman. Her colorations and looks were an older version of the reflection. “Mother?” “What?” the woman said. She didn’t know what to say. Was this how reincarnation worked? She didn’t think she was in Heaven or Hell. She didn’t know much about reincarnation, but she had thought reincarnated people start their new life at birth, not as an embarrassed teen in high school. “What, Angela?” the woman, her mother repeated. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I’m sure you are,” her mother said. “You still are grounded. No TV and no computer beyond what you need for schoolwork, understand?” Oh joy, do I really have to repeat this horrible part of growing up too? she thought. “How long?” “For the rest of the week.” That wasn’t too bad. “It’s Wednesday, right?” “Yes,” her mother said and turned into a driveway. The house was a suburban two story house. So much for lucking out and being reincarnated to a rich family. Maybe her karma was wrong because of how she reacted during the attack. What if she could have turned the truck far enough to the right? Would have she have ended up in a rich family or at least made the transition with clean underwear? “Now straight to the bathroom,” her mother said. I hope she didn’t think I would sit around stinking like I am, she thought. She had to waddle a bit as the poop was stuck to her bottom. Worse, it was starting to cool. Her pee stained thighs felt as if they were freezing. Her mother led her to the bathroom and left her standing inside. “Don’t move. I’ll get a trash bag.” Bridget looked longingly at the bathtub, but she stood on the cold tiled floor until her new mother returned. “I think everything from the waist down is a loss.” She shook open the trash bag and set it opened on the floor. Bridget kicked off her shoes and stepped inside the trash bag. She looked at her mother, but shrugged and lowered her pants and panties down into the trash. She looked down at her poop-streaked legs and sighed. “Would you like me to help you clean up?” her mother asked. The woman might be her mother, but Bridget still felt like she was a stranger. “I can handle it, mother.” “Okay, I will lay some clothes on the sink for you.” She left. Bridget took toilet paper and tried to get the worse of the mess off her legs and bottom. She let the paper drop into the trash bag. The shower that followed made her feel somewhat clean again. The water washed away the smeared poop, the horrible smell that seeped into her skin, and the clammy feeling of cold pee, but it didn’t make her feel truly clean again. When she emerged from the shower, the disgusting trash bag was gone. Clean panties, jeans and a t-shirt lay on the counter. She dried off with a fluffy white towel and dressed into the new clothes. When she left the bathroom, her mother noticed right away. “I put your backpack on the bed up in your room. Work on your homework until I say you can come down.” “Yes, ma’am,” said Bridget. She walked up the stairs and into a hallway. She didn’t know which was her room, but she knew it was the one with the red backpack on the bed. She looked in all three bedrooms until she found the one that was hers. The room was smallish. It contained a twin bed, a writing desk with a Macbook on it and a large chest of drawers. A bookshelf stood by the window, filled with horrible romance novels. Bridget shuttered at the sight of them. The room was overly neat. That told her that information about herself would be easy to find or not there at all. The red Jansport on the bed showed the most promise of having the information she sought. She unzipped the backpack and dumped the contents onto the bed: five spiral notebooks, a physics textbook, a Pre-Calculus book, and an English book lay on her bed. She opened the small pocket on the backpack and took out a cell phone, a little brown leather calendar, and a romance novel with a bookmark in it. She picked up the little leather book and opened it to the first page. Inside in very neat handwriting was her class schedule. She groaned when she read the list of classes. Physics AP, Pre-Calculus AP, English AP, Fundamentals of Computers, Spanish II, and Study Hall. At least she had a study hall. She had taken German in high school, but she didn’t remember much. The only Spanish she knew was from coworkers. She hoped it would be enough. She would have to seriously study to catch up. She’d also taken Physics and Calculus during the two years of college before she ran out of money and had to take that job at the department store. If her father wouldn’t have fronted her the money for truck driving school, she would still be working retail. During the past twelve years, she wished she would have stayed in retail. Her truck would not have been hijacked and her father would not have died of a heart attack the day she was arrested. She opened the calendar to the current date. Every date had the date each homework assignment was due. Her new life had been incredibly organized. She started on the pre-calc assignment. It took her over two hours to do. There were at least twenty-five complex problems and she had to read the text portion of the chapter and consult her notes to even know what to do. All the problems were even numbered problems, so she couldn’t look for answers in the back of the book. She had to solve the odd problems anyway so she would know she was doing the problems correctly. Physics was different. She thought physics would be hard, but they were studying electricity. The problems were just resistance or capacitance of circuits, and her father was an electrician. She knew the theory. It was simple to calculate those problems. That took another hour. She was about to open up her English book, when her mother opened her bedroom door. “You can come down for supper,” she said. “How is your homework coming?” “Two subjects down.” “Come down and eat.” Bridget went down the stairs. ### The table was set for two. A TV dinner was set at each place. “I didn’t make a big production of dinner because your father is not here tonight.” “Where is he?” Bridget asked. “Don’t you remember? He is one of the witnesses to the execution.” She frowned. “I wanted to be there to see that horrible woman put to death myself, but there were so many parents who lost a child at that school.” Bridget froze. Was she talking about her. “The woman who couldn’t stop the terrorist from…” “That woman was the terrorist, and you were in kindergarten then. Your poor big sister died because of that wicked woman.” Bridget remembered when the joy that the tanker missed the elementary school turned to horror as she watched it veer into the middle school instead. During the twelve years of second guessing her brief struggle with the terrorist, she relived every scenario in her mind and still no matter what children died and she couldn’t go back and fix it anyway. At least she had not been put to death. By Fates she ended up in a young body. She smiled when she thought of the chaos that was probably ensuing due to her disappearance from the gurney. The timing was none too soon; needle had almost gone into her vein. She dug her fork into the food and tried to take a bite. Her lasagna, cooked with all the finesse of a microwave, seemed a bit more satisfying. Her mother looked at her watch. “We’re missing the News.” She picked up the remote and aimed it at the TV. “I’ll let you watch this even though I grounded you from the TV, but Angela,” her mother said, “No other TV until you are ungrounded.” “Yes, ma’am,” Bridget said. She felt excitement. She was going to relish hearing the news of her magical escape. She could barely eat her meal as she impatiently waited for the weatherman to stop droning on about cumulus clouds. “In the capital today, the terrorist Bridget Addison was set to be executed.” The TV screen showed protesters out protesting the death penalty. Bridget scowled at them. She hated death penalty protesters in spite of the fact that the death penalty had made a mistake in her case. She looked back at the screen. “Two hundred forty children died when Bridget Addison rammed a tanker truck into a middle school.” The screen showed another group of people holding signs. One said, “Burn, Bridget, burn.” “I wish we could strap her to a tanker and light her up,” said a man when a reporter held a microphone up to her face. Just wait, thought Bridget, until they announce my escape. “At 1:32 PM,” the news announcer continued, “Bridget Addison was given lethal injection. She jokingly asked if the alcohol on her arm was to prevent infection, and then made a rambling statement. When she finished, she whispered something to the executioner, and lay back as the needle entered her arm. She then screamed for her father, and was pronounced dead at 1:36 PM” It couldn’t have happened like that. She didn’t die. She was sitting right here watching it on TV. Sure she had another body, but it was a newly created life she was starting anew. Wasn’t it? What if it wasn’t a great escape, but she just traded bodies with Angela Murphy? That girl was innocent of everything, but if their bodies were switched… “Oh God, Oh God,” she said. She had another life on her conscious now. She felt hot as the blood rushed to her face. Her whole body felt numb and then her thighs felt warm. A pattering sound came from beneath her chair, but she couldn’t investigate it until the news story ended. “They killed her,” she said. She finally managed to look down and just stared at her lap as she finished peeing her pants. “Angela Mae Murphy,” said her mother. No, it was Angela’s mother. She was just a cuckoo egg left behind to devour the woman’s children. She was a pretender. “Angela, you’re peeing your pants.” “I’m so sorry,” she said. She forced herself to look in the woman’s eyes, “I’m truly sorry for everything.” The lady looked at her with sad eyes. “Go to your room and change.” The woman sighed. “What am I going to do with you, Angela?” Bridget got up from the table and went to the upstairs bathroom. She undressed from the waist down and threw her wet things in the hamper. She walked bare-bottomed to her room and got dressed into some clean clothes. She heard an annoying tune. Her phone sat on top of her bed where she had dumped everything out and a light on it was flashing. She picked it up. “Hello?” “Are you okay?” the voice asked. Bridget looked at the display on the phone. “Lia?” “Yeah, it’s me. Are you all right? I felt bad leaving you in the nurses office, but I had to go to class. The whole school is talking about your accident.” She’s the blonde girl with the glasses, Bridget thought. “I was afraid of that? Do you think they will make fun of me for the rest of time, or did I just lose temporary coolness points?” “Angela, we are both in AP courses and we are in the top ten percent of the class. We never had coolness points.” “Oh,” she said disappointed, “Any other bad news?” “Umm, yes,” said Lia, “but I can’t tell you because it will make you cry.” “Go ahead,” Bridget said. “It’s about Evan Fiscus.” She had no clue who the guy was, but the way Lia was going on, she probably should know. “Is this news going to change any of my plans?” “Yes. He is being a bastard about your accident. He told me to tell you he won’t take you to prom anymore. He asked that ho Julia Grass instead. I’m so sorry, Angela.” “Oh, darn,” Bridget said. She really didn’t care about Angela’s boyfriend and it was just as well. It was bad enough replacing a daughter that was executed in her place. A complex relationship was just too much. “You’re taking this well,” Lia said. “I hope you’re not getting depression. If you’re sad you can talk to me.” “It’s nothing,” I said. “I just had a really bad day. I actually forgot how to speak Spanish.” “What? You’re the best Spanish student in the class. Just re-read the conversation over and over. We have until Monday to get it down. We can practice this weekend.” “Well I suppose you called me about homework. I finished Pre-Calculus and Physics.” “In English, just read the last three chapters of Brave New World. Miss Crampton is going to have us compare 1984 to Brave New World in an essay we have to write. That’s not due until next week. In Spanish: just work on our conversation. You wrote the whole thing in your notebook. You know this backward and forward.” “Okay, so I just memorize my part and we read it together like in a play?” I ask. “Yes. Are you sure you are all right. You don’t sound like yourself.” “I’m okay,” I said. “I’m so grounded though.” “For how long?” “Friday.” “This fundamentals of computers class: I don’t have the book at home with me. What do we have to do in there?” “You’re usually the organized one. The PowerPoint thing is due Friday.” “The power what?” she asked. Oh God, I am so screwed, she thought. “Your PowerPoint Presentation.” “Oh,” she said, “PowerPoint.” The Internet really took off while she was in prison. She had limited access to computers, but she could get magazines and read about them. She had had plenty of time to read. “