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  1. Kailee new sister Part 3-final chapter As lisa rocked kailee in her rocking chair, kissed her forehead and said “i cant wait to get you home baby girl” Kailee smiles through her bottle, Lisa takes a soft diaper cloth and lifts baby Kailee to her shoulder and rubs her back, as Kailee spits up some of the milk. Lisa then puts Kailee in the playpen with some toys and says, you stay here baby girl, mommy needs to start getting your things together. Kailee starts to cry, holding her arms up, wanting to be picked up and held, mommy says “no no honey”you need to stay in there for a while mommy wont be long's” Kailee starts to play with the toys as Lisa goes through Kaillee closet and finds her original big girl clothes, shoe, her duffle bag, her wallet and other items. Lisa madae sure she also grabbed some baby clothes to bring home, as she didnt have clothes there and reminded herself to order some as soon as they got settled. Lisa stood over the play pen and “said ready to go home honey”? As Kailee lifts up her arms, as lisa picks her up and carries her out of her room. They say goodbye to other mommies/nurses and walks to the front door as Wendy sees them, and says “we gonna miss you baby girl Kailee, but you have the best mommy ever!” kailee smiles and lays her head on lisa's shoulder. They leave the building as Lisa puts Kailee in the baby car seat and snaps her in. Puts her duffle bag in the back and gets into the car to drive home. They arrive at lisa's spacious 3 story home. Lisa oulls into the driveway parks the car and unbuckles Kailee from her baby car seat lifts her up and carries her into the house. Says “here we are baby girl this is your new forever home”. Shows her the living room, the kitchen, complete with the baby high chair all set up and then goes up the stairs to showKailee Lisa's bedroom, There is a large bed, nite stand and large crib in the room. Lisa says “this where you will sleep baby girl” when you wnt to be near mommy, but not all the time, Lisa goes into th next room and shows Railee her baby nursery. Her eyes widened as she saw large room with her pink crib, pink changing table filled with diapers, and wipes. Toys and suffed animals on the shelf,decorated in baby disney theme, Dresser which was filled with rompers and onesies, Her closet did not have much dresses, but that would be comimg soon. She had sandal shoes as well as snap on shoes with buckles. Kailee starts to rub her eyes. Puts her thrub in her mouth and lays her head on Lisa's shoulder.. Lisa pats pats Kailee diapered bottom, and says “nap time baby girl”, sits in the rocking chair, lifts up her shirt and lets Kailee nurse and suck on her breast, she fusses a bit as Lisa kisses her forhead rocks her, as she falls asleep. Lisa puts her in the crib coveres her with the blanket, puts a paci in her nouth and turns on the baby monitor. Lisa takes this time to call Kailee former receptinonst-Sarah toand ask her some quesstiions and have her come over for some coffee and chat about things. Lisa calls Sarah and says “hello Sarah, you font know me but I am Kailee's mommy, I was her mommy when she was at the Institute, and she listed you as a referenc,e, Sarah said ohh yes, Kailee mentioned to me she was going to a soecaial place”. Sure I would love to come over and chat, we can compare notes”. Tomorrow would be great Sarah said, See you then Lisa. Sarah arrived on time to Lisa's house dressed in a black skirt, white blouse and blue jacket. Sarah was about 5'7 with blonde hair blue eyes, with heels she says forgive me for dressing so formal, I just came from the pffice. Lisa smiles and says ohh its ok I understand, have a seat on the sofa, relax, can I get you a drink or something”? Sarah says water or ice tea if you have it is fine thank you. Lissa comes out with two glasses of ice tea and sits it down in front of Sarah and sits next to her on the soda, As Sarah hands Lisa a packaage,”here I brought ths for Kailee, its just a lil somethng”, Lisa says thank you, Sarah, you can give it to her when she wakes up from her naop, as she ehckecks her watch whitch should be soon. Now tell me what your relationship was like with you and Kailee? Sarah takes a sip of her ice tea, well, as you know, Kailee former life was as a executive at our company, and due to the stress, pressure, and responsibilites she had to oversee, she just “snapped” for lack of a better word, and wanted to give up her former life. I was the only one who knew she wanted to be a baby full time. At one time when we were in the office together, she asked me if I would secretly be her mommy. I was at first taken back that she would ask me, but we are very close friends, and I was honnored. I would come over affter work, undress her, bathe her, and put her in diapers for the evening and be at here at her place on the weekends. At times she nursed from me, but mostly drank from b ootles and I fed her baby food in her kitchen. But she wanted more than I could give and I had to “stop it” even though I really wanted to take care of her full time. Lisa hears Kailee crying from the baby monitor and says I will be right back. Lisa goes into the nursery Hello Baby girl, did you have a good nap?” There is someone special here to visit with you honey! As she lifts Kailee out of her crib, takes her to he changing rable and removes her soaked dress and diaper. Fussing and crying as usual, Kailee watches as Lisa gets out the wapes, and soft pink daiper as she plces it under her and powders her all over, brings the diaper forward and tapes the sides snugly. She finds a nice frilly dress with pink diaper cover for Kailee, and helps but her in it. Brushes her hair and puts it in pigtails, gives her the paci, lifts Kailee up carries her downstairs to the living room. Kailee sees Sarah, smiles, and kicks squeels ds as she sees Sarah. Lisa puts Kailee down on the carpet and Kailee crawls to Sarah, puts her arms up “uppies momny” .Sarah smiles and picks up Kailee and cuddles her, places her on her lap as she shows her the present, look what mommy got for you sweetie, as she opens the bag, gives her the stuffed dog and baby doll. Kailee squeals with excitement and cuddles the stuffed dog and baby doll.Sarah says you are such a good baby sweetie.. I have missed you very much honey. Lisa get up, goes to the kitchen and gets a bottle, Kailee gets very excited as she sees her bottle, Lisa hands it to Sarah, care to feed her? Sarah smiles.. I be delighted as she lays Kailee n har arms and starts to feed her the bottle. Kailee looks at Sarah lovingly as she enjoys being fed by her former mommy. Sarah looks at Kailee lovingly as she gently rocks her in her arms feeding her the bottle. Lisa sees this in Sarah's and Kailee eyes and asks Sarah, would you like to be Kailee mommy again part time? She says I like that, as my schedule at work is pretty, I can maybe do 2x-3x a week? Lisa says that will be perect. As Sarah lifts Kailee up and gently pats pats her back, Sarah tells Lisa I used to do this to her all the time after she had her bottle. Lisa jots down a schedule and gives it to Srrah, will this work for you? As Saah looks at the schedule and says its perfect! Thank you. Sarah but Kailee down on the carpet, and got up to say goodbye to Lisa,. Sniling she thanked Lisa, gsvr Kailee a kiss on her forhead and told lisa she would see her soon. As she opened the front door and left. After a few years of coming and going back and forth, Sarah moved in with Lisa,She took care of Kailee when Lisa had to work at the but now in a administrative position, which meant more money for Lisa. The relationship between Lisa and Sarah became more serious as they became lovers. Sarah started to become more submissive with Lisa, and even wanted to wear diapers, suck on a paci, and want to nurse from her breasts. this all made Lisa very happy to which she was more that willing to assist at times. Sarah still took care of Kailee during the day but at at nite and weekends Sarah became a baby, Lisa would breast feed her and diaper her, The day Lisa brought Sarah out as a baby, Kailee wasn't sure of this new baby. Lisa says this is your new baby sister honey, This is baby Sarah, Kailee smiles hugs Sarah, Babyy sissy? From that moment on Kailee started to call Sarah her sissy.
  2. This is my very first real foray into ABDL/age regression (had another one, but it went nowhere). Like all of my stories, there are mature themes, and I will warn you when we get to them - even with the content warnings in the tags; I have not led readers astray or lied to them about trigger warnings, and I'm never going to start. About critique, feel absolutely free to tell me what I'm doing wrong; in fact, I encourage it with all my heart! I want to publish this under my pseudo penname in books for AR/AB stuff, and in order to publish without mistakes and errors, I absolutely need to know what I've done wrong. If you can't find anything wrong, then tell me what you liked, please! These things make me a better writer. I'm not soft when it comes to critique, and I'll always listen to it. If you're ready - and still with me - let the story begin: Chapter One: A Girls' Night Out on the Town. - Svetlana Volkova was going to meet her two friends, Tatiana Voronina and Galina Tigrova for a normal Sunday brunch, and she had the feeling it was going to be quite exciting - especially on the day before Halloween. The three women weren’t really anything special, not really. All three were twenty-five-year-old Pittsburgh natives (from Russian parents), athletic, excellent figures (each of them were D cups), and all three were top-notch daycare workers. They had known each other since they were young, since before they could remember. Each of them had mousy-brown hair that they dyed to look prettier, and each of them had piercing icy-blue eyes. Some had confused the three for triplets at first glance. It was fine by them; they were each very much close. Even when they had their fights, it was solved rather quickly and with no hard feelings. Svetlana walked down the sidewalk with a purpose as her Pittsburgh Penguins jersey, knee-length black skirt and purse fluttering in the gusty wind. She brushed her shoulder-length dyed-golden-brown hair away from her eyes as she neared the stop. Tatiana was the first to notice, as she waved and smoothed her Penguins jersey and golden skirt, her shoulder-blade-length dyed-auburn curls noticeable. She nudged Galina, who was busy twirling her navel-length, shockingly-dyed-royal-purple hair before she turned to see her friend and jumped to her feet out of shock (and yes, she too was wearing a Penguins jersey and a golden skirt). The women walked over, hugging each other with gleeful looks on their faces. “Well, you finally came here, Svetka,” Tatiana said with a smirk. “We were beginning to think you had gotten bored.” “Bored? Of you girls? Never!” Svetlana was beaming. “Girl, I can’t remember the last time we haven’t spoken!” Galina exclaimed. “We do this so much, they give us free food.” “And we wear it well,” Tatiana laughed, causing the other two to join in. Svetlana sat down with her two friends. “So, how are things with you?” she all but sang. “Good! Can’t wait for the Pens game; that new swanky bar has the perfect place to watch,” Tatiana said. “You feel like coming, Svetka?” “Of course, Tanya!” the woman said. “I’m surprised we’re going out barhopping, though; we don’t have a car…” “Oh, come on, Svetka,” Galina said. “It’ll be so much fun.” She paused. “The only problem is, we have to bring someone else who can drive us, since our car is in the shop, and the only person we know who’s interested is…” “Celine,” the three said simultaneously, as they all let out annoyed sighs. Celine Fuchs was their old housemate they hated, and the feeling was very much mutual. A nosy busybody three years younger than them, Celine made no secret about having a fiancé to go back home to (it wasn’t that they couldn’t get boyfriends if they wanted; they were just not interested in dates at the moment.), and she critiqued them on every little thing, every miniscule detail, despite the fact that she was a law clerk. It was hell to deal with her. “You going to call her, Svetka?” Tatiana asked. “It’s not like we have a choice,” Svetlana muttered. She opened her smartphone and called Celine’s number. One ring. Two rings. Three rings. “Hello, who is this?” Celine asked in an annoyed tone. “It’s Svetlana.” “Oh, hi, Svetlana. What do you want?” “Tatiana, Galina, and I were going to catch the Pens game tonight at the new bar. Was wondering if you’d come.” “Oh, that would be marvelous!” Celine’s voice entirely changed, sounding genuinely excited. “Well, I’ll have to get ready. You planning on parking? Bringing money for food? What time would be best to leave-” “Don’t worry, Celine, we’re all going in the same car,” Svetlana said calmly. “Might as well bring my car; it’s a new one.” “You sure?” “It’s got multiple seats.” “Okay, fine. We’ll take your car.” “Can I bring my fiancé?” “Sorry. Girls' night out.” “Oh, well, I’ll tell him to go to our house. Where do I pick you three up?” “Right at Market Square. You’ll know us.” “Of course. Have a wonderful day! Go Pens!” Svetlana sighed when Celine hung up on her. Her two friends looked at her. “Guess it’s a go. She’s picking us up in her car.” “Ugh, she always likes to brag,” Tatiana muttered. “Always. It’s a new car, new clothes, new boyfriend, what-fucking-ever, I don’t care.” “She’s so fucking insufferable,” Galina said with a sigh. “I guess riding in her car won’t be the worst thing, right?” “True. It’s only one time, then never again,” Tatiana agreed with much reluctance. “Let’s just go to Market Square and wait; the game starts at 5:00, and it’s already 2:00 PM.” “Agreed.” They finished paying for their brunch and included a generous tip before walking to Market Square (hey, they always could use exercise, even with the various male catcallers), getting there at around 3:00 PM. It was a short wait until a brand-new Honda Odyssey that all but blared that it was Celine’s car pulled up, the aforementioned driver waving at them. “Hellooo!” she called. “You ready!” “Yeah, we are,” Svetlana said. No shit we’re ready, you dumb bitch. We’ve been ready! The three women packed into the backseats, none of them wanting to sit in the front with their annoying old housemate. “Look, I get you don’t like me, but…I do appreciate you bringing me with you to the bar with you,” Celine said politely. Svetlana looked at her younger ex-housemate who had a genuine smile on her face. Celine certainly was fairly attractive, actually, scratch that, definitely attractive with a blonde pixie cut, inquisitive sea-green eyes, and a larger bust than even they had. Tatiana was the only one to break the silence. “Sure, I mean, might as well bring you along; we know how big a fan you are,” she said. “Still, it is appreciated. Still, expect this to be a one-time thing, though.” “The feeling’s quite mutual,” Svetlana said bluntly. If only she knew just how dead wrong her words were. - So, let me know if there's anything I can improve on, anything you liked or disliked, stuff like that~
  3. Long, long, long time lurker. Have enjoyed hundreds of stories. I write as a pass time here and there and have recently become intrigued by PPP’s diaper dimension. Granted, I don’t know a ton about the lore and have a preference for the “self contained” amazon little world. This may be a little bold to create my own lore surrounding the diaper dimension but I like backstory. My character development skills are a little weak so feedback would be appreciated. Chapter 1 As the stories go, amazons were descendants of warrior gods and spent the first few centuries of their existence warring with each other. Supposedly the gods didn’t appreciate this and cursed the amazons to produce weaker offspring. This is how the inbetweeners came into existence. Still the amazons fought and a second curse came upon them in the form of littles. This curse also came at the cost of forcing amazons to develop overpowering maternalistic and paternalistic instincts for protecting these littles. Realistically the amazons had brought these curses upon themselves. In long forgotten history, the highly advanced amazon society had sought genetic altering bio weapons to hinder their opponents abilities to produce warriors. At the time, amazons went through extremely rapid growth, by 10 years old they were already developed enough to bear arms and go to war. Their lives were short, most barely making it to 40 years old. The genetic weapons were released on the world at the climax of the war which had sent the planet into a dark age where most technology and history was forgotten. Over the centuries the repercussions of these weapons came to light. Amazons no longer grew as fast, but their lifespan dramatically increased. They also switched their focus from warring with each other to capturing littles to fulfil their parental instincts. Until the re-advent of contraceptives, the little population exploded and as such they developed their own territories free of amazons. In the modern world these borders have not changed much. The easiest way to break these people into their groups would be based on height, littles, inbetweeners, and amazons. The difference between littles and amazons was blatantly obvious in terms of physical attributes and even preferences. Littles are what most would consider children, at least in terms of preferences and physique they never really grow through the puberty appearance and mature into full blown adults. There are cases of littles being very mature in terms of profession but a majority end up as adoptions to amazons. Littles are plagued with weak bladders, shortness, and weak physiques. As such, in the protective eyes of amazons, littles, no matter the age, are mostly seen as not much more than toddlers. Amazons are the complete opposite. Frequently growing well over 8 feet tall, well endowed and holding every position of influence, authority, or power. They were known to be strong and organised, what most people would consider an adult. Amazons are faster, stronger, and more resilient then their little and tweener counterparts. Due to a much higher bone and muscle density, most would consider them superhuman, capable of physical feats that are far outside the capabilities of their counterparts. Amazons also had the advantage of learning faster, solving complex problems quicker, and due to their physique, worked longer and harder. Of course there were always individuals that were neither little nor amazon, commonly referred to as tweeners, the group that quit growing in their teen years. They had the average height differences of amazons and littles, weren’t as physically gifted as amazons but still substantially more than littles. The tweeners filled in the roles that an amazon might consider below them but still above the capacities of littles. Ashley was a very special case, most people would go their whole lives without meeting someone like Ashley. Ashley was essentially an Amazon stuck in a little’s body. Granted she was fairly well endowed with a shapely figure and DD cup chest, but her height stopped completely as soon as she hit 4 foot 6. She also didn’t inherit the commonly known weak bladder of littles. Most littles ended up being doomed to diapers for their whole lives and the ones that developed potty training were always just a hair's breadth away from reverting to full time diapering. Ashley was gifted with the same bone and muscle density as amazons, the same mental capacity as any other amazon, and even had a very mature facial structure similar to an Amazon. Her hair was platinum blonde which would be an adoption sentence for any typical little. The little tendencies she had acquired and figured out how to suppress were things like a fixation on sweets and cute things as well as a desire to just lounge around and be cared for. Ashley, being such a conundrum in the amazon world spent a good part of her schooling years being poked and prodded by doctors fascinated with her rare genetic makeup. This led to her personal ID, which would typically label her as one of the typical three groups, being printed with “little/amazon.” She had protested at the time to just be considered an Amazon and forgo the little connotation. Amazons wouldn’t let such a short one of their kind easily claim the amazon title, and she was different enough from a little that she couldn’t be just a little. In fact it was always considered a blemish on amazon superiority for an Amazon to be reduced to baby status and they were often treated substantially worse than the lowest little. Ashley served her mandatory two year stint in the army, all amazons had to enlist. The recruiter at the time had thought there was a fluke but Ashley’s physical evaluation put her in the lower percentile of amazon performance. Due to her size she spent the whole time behind a desk. For the most part she had been left alone, the worst that had happened was during boot camp when the instructors had especially made Ashley spend her time running and working out whenever they deemed Ashley too small to participate which was just about everything. No obstacle courses, no practice fields, no weapons training, just hours of gym time and study time. When she was released from service the biggest benefit was getting a full ride scholarship. With the added advantage of spending two years studying she graduated from the four year program in just two, taking a double course load just to prove her amazon blood. Ashley had made it, for the most part, avoiding the misunderstanding of being a little. Her figure for one typically made amazons second guess her status. Her habits, presence, and air as an Amazon always carried her through any difficult situation with an Amazon trying to adopt her out of the blue as was typical of their overprotective nurturing instincts. She had even begun pondering the idea of adopting a little herself and found them absolutely adorable toddling around in their full diapers and cute little outfits chosen by their mommies and daddies. Ashley’s height was her only hold back realistically in the world of amazons, as such, she had quickly climbed the corporate ladder and by 25 had her own office in the r&d department of the largest little supply company. College wasn’t hard for her and she made the transition into the real world quite smoothly. At this point she had her own apartment in a high rise and was making quite a bit of money. Her success was due to being an analog of a test subject for the r&d department. Being a small amazon, she could frequently stand in for the littles but also being an Amazon she had physical capabilities that would far exceed anything a little would ever be able to muster up. She of course had limits, she refused to touch anything diaper related as that was entirely too humiliating and they did have littles that played the test subject. One time she had tried little apparel testing. The little proof buttons on the onesie stood no chance against her superior strength and the team went back to the drawing board and produced buttons that even she struggled to undo while wearing the onesie. These were the tests that landed her a nice cushy office. She had to admit that some of the tests she did were a little degrading and she knew quite a few of the amazons in the building would just love to take her as their own but they had no grounds to stand on and would be depriving the company of a valuable asset. There was a big project coming that Ashley knew she was bound to be a part of. Cutting edge technology that would be the first of its kind and could potentially revolutionise the market. Ashley took her normal seat in the conference room for the big meeting, picking up the folder in front of her and briefly glancing through the pages. That’s when a new amazon appeared next to her and took the seat. Ashley didn’t recognize the woman but the tall amazon woman sitting next to her sent even a shiver down her spine with intimidation. It wasn’t strange to have newcomers for big projects as people bounced between departments to meet the requirements. Ashley’s gaze split from her portfolio to appraise the intimidating woman that had taken residence next to her as more people filed in. She was at least 8 foot 6, her tall heels pushing her closer to 9 foot tall. Her hair was jet black and silky smooth. Her figure was well defined and if Ashley had to guess her chest was pushing HH or larger and more than likely full of milk, a common thing amazons did to feel closer to their littles. Her arms were toned from hours spent at the gym and from what she could see of her legs as she slid into the chair in the tight pencil dress, the gym was apparently her second home. Ashley wasn’t expecting the beaming innocent smile to come from the woman as she outstretched her hand for a hand shake with “hi there, I’m Bethany.” The slight southern accent also caught Ashley off guard a bit as she reached out to shake the woman’s hand, replying with her own name. Ashley stared into the Amazon’s golden eyes with her own purple tinted eyes getting lost in the black void of the woman’s pupils. Just after they exchanged their pleasantries, the section chief came into the conference room and both broke their stare and handshake long enough to refocus on the meeting. “Welcome everyone. Today we will be starting a new project and everyone in this room will have an assigned role. Joining our team is Miss Bethany Merlot, she is a r&d project manager from one of our sister sites that has a vested interest in this project. She will be managing the milestones and goals. I hand it over to you Miss Merlot.” The section chief took his seat at the head of the table and gestured towards the newcomer. “Thank you section chief. As he explained, this project will revolutionise the little care market and will provide a bevy of new opportunities and options in the tech sector. With the introduction of smart devices, there is not a whole lot of integration of smart little care. The goal of this project is to bring new options and devices to market that will allow parents to care for their littles from their phones. In each of your portfolios is a draft of individual roles as well as some rough drafts of items that we would like to bring to market.” Bethany gestured to everyone to flip through their folders and find their roles and get an understanding of the proposed product line. Ashley had to admit that the advent of smart devices for littles was a pretty good idea. She would dive into the proposed devices when she got back to her desk but wanted to see what her role was first. She flipped through the documents to find the list to see that she was in her typical role, data collection and testing. She thought for a moment that there were a few eyes glancing her way but didn’t think much of it. Bethany took her seat again and the section chief concluded the meeting with a few more words of encouragement before people started to rise to leave the room. Ashley wasn’t in any rush to get back to her desk and began to scan a few of the proposed devices. Some of them seemed a little outlandish for their schedule but she figured about 60% would be ready by the deadline. Ashley hadn’t noticed but Bethany had stayed behind with her until the room was empty when she herself broke from trance of glossing over the portfolio. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t realise you were still her” Ashley blushed a little as she looked up to the remaining amazon. “It’s okay, it’s exciting stuff isn’t it?” Bethany said as she herself rose, towering over Ashley even more. “Would you mind showing me the way to the r&d department? I’ve been told my office will be next door to yours.” Ashley obliged and shared a little small chit chat as she lead the way. Ashley had to admit that Bethany was very attractive, and her presence was incredible. She had a very reassuring vibe that put her at ease and she lowered her guard quite a bit on the walk. Most times Ashley would be a bit intimidated by the presence of a new amazon since she always had to gauge what their intentions for her would be. “It is quite unique you know, I’ve never met an Amazonian little before.” Bethany said as they boarded the elevator. “That’s the typical reaction” Ashley said as she leaned against the back wall. “It is extremely rare to have an Amazon stuck in at least the height factor of a little but that’s about as far as the similarities go” Ashley said with a smile. Ashley knew she was a unique case that peaked people’s interest in her but it was understandable. Difference from the norm always attracts attention and she had learned to live with it. The elevator arrived at their floor and Ashley gave Bethany a quick tour of the lab, showing some of the test equipment and ending with delivering Bethany to her office next door to her own. Bethany already had a large stack of boxes piled in the office, more than likely her personals delivered during the meeting. Ashley excused herself to her office to get to work and get a grip on the new product line. After a few hours of making lists and roughing out some test procedures she pulled off her reading glasses and leaned back in her chair with a little sigh. It was just about time to call it for the day and she stood from her desk to stretch. After grabbing her purse she headed out the door and saw that Bethany’s office door was still closed. The lab was empty for the most part save a few stragglers that were wrapping up. Ashley turned to Bethany’s door and gave a few light knocks before hearing “yes, come in.” Ashley turned the handle and entered to see Bethany pumping. Immediately she cast her eyes to the ground and blushed with a quick apology “sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you.” Bethany responded quickly seeing the girl’s embarrassment “it’s okay, it’s all natural for women. I’m quite used to it. I may not have a little yet but I wanted to be ready just in case I came across the right one. It is a bit of a pain to have to pump 3 or 4 times a day but it will all be worth it in the end.” Bethany explained. “I see, I was a bit curious” Ashley unintentionally paused “if you had a little that is, not if you were lactating” Ashley clarified blushing a bit more. She didn’t know what it was about Bethany that made her feel so awkward and out of place but she also felt comfortable around her. “I’m headed out by the way” Ashley blurted out trying to fill the silence of the room with only the pump whirling on the desk. “Would you like to come to the bar with me? It is Friday after all and we typically celebrate a little before a big project gets fully underway since we’ll more than likely be too slammed with work to get much more than time to go home and sleep.” Ashley explained. Bethany had a slightly intimidating look across her face for a brief second before that big bright smile came back and agreed to come out once she was finished. Ashley nodded with a smile, excited to have a new coworker to go out with. She turned to leave Bethany’s office only for Bethany to call her back with “why don’t you stay for a couple minutes. I’m almost done and it shouldn’t take long to finish up.” Ashley paused for a second, hand still on the door knob, not sure if she should accept the offer while the other woman was in the middle of something that was typically best done in private. “If it’s alright with you I guess I could stay and keep you company” Ashley said as she turned back around and headed for the chair opposite Bethany's desk. At the same time Bethany disconnected the pump from her left side and pulled the maternity bra back in place before switching to the other side and exposing her other breast. Ashley stared for probably too long at the phenomenal chest Bethany had. Perfectly shaped, perky, and beautiful rosey nipples adorning her pure white mounds. Bethany feigned ignorance of Ashley’s staring as she swapped in a fresh empty bottle. “So, what do you think of the projects?” Bethany asked, breaking Ashley’s trance. “I think there is a lot of opportunity to help a lot of caregivers and littles in the process,” Ashley said. “Good, I think it’s an Amazon's duty to provide the best care they can to littles” Bethany said after the cup was positioned on her breast. Bethany let a little gasp as the milk began to flow. “Sorry, pumping sometimes can be quite the sensation and it doesn’t help that the prescription for producing milk makes me so much more sensitive.” Bethany said. “Sorry if I may be too bold but do you perhaps have a little you care for?” Bethany asked. It was a little bit of a touchy subject for Ashley, she flip flopped between wanting a little of her own but at the same time liked the carefree life she was living without the responsibility of taking care of a little with all of their diaper changes and maintenance. This might be another area where her little tendencies flared, battling her amazon nurturing tendencies. “I don’t but I have contemplated it heavily. They’re just so adorable all diapered and dressed up that you just can’t help wanting one of your own. Maybe I’m still a bit too young though to be taking on that responsibility.” Ashley explained. “I totally understand. Seeing their big diapered butt as they toddle around is just to die for. Makes you sometimes kinda wish you could be as carefree and innocent as them. Use the bathroom whenever and wherever you want while being coddled and cared for unconditionally.” Bethan said, laying back a bit more into the chair. The mention of using the bathroom reminded Ashley’s own bladder that she had skipped her traditional bathroom break before leaving work and could feel the first pangs of needing to go. It was only a couple more minutes for Bethany to finish up. Ashley was surprised to see that she had filled another whole bottle. A quick mental maths and Ashley realised Bethany was producing 6-8 full bottles a day, she figured she was probably selling the surplus as was fairly common amongst producers and didn’t know if Bethany would actually enjoy going to a bar since it would taint her supply. Ashley was again in a trance as Bethany began to clean up and reorganise herself. “Would you like to try?” Bethany asked. Ashley’s mind quickly raced to drinking Bethany’s milk. Part of her was appalled by the idea but the little in her was eager to say yes. “Um?” Ashley paused for a second trying to think of a reasonable response. “Come on, it’s kinda fun” Bethany said as she held up the pumping cup. Ashley relevelled her thinking process to pumping herself, internally scolding herself for thinking about drinking Bethany’s milk. Bethany pulled out the second cup attachment to dual source the pumping process with “typically I only do one at a time since it’s a bit cumbersome to have both attached at the same time. Besides you got to see me pumping and if you plan on having your own little someday you should at least have some experience with it.” Ashley was hesitant but as Bethany stood with that innocent bright smile again Ashley knew she wouldn’t be able to say no. “You know, even without a hormone prescription you could end up lactating if you just pump a few times a day, the female body reacts to nursing and just starts producing on its own. I was just a bit impatient and didn’t want to wait,” Bethany explained as she approached Ashley. “Come one, open up” Bethany prodded, holding one of the cups in each hand. Ashley’s hands moved to her blouse and slowly began to unbutton the shirt until her bra was showing. Luckily she was wearing one of her more elegant bras with a front clasp. She looked back to Bethany momentarily who gave an approving nod to encourage Ashley to continue. Ashley undid the centre clasp and let the bra fall away. A little bashful, she covered her chest with one arm before Bethany scooted a little closer and held up the cups. “It’s okay, we’re all girls here, nothing to be shy about.” Bethany reassured. Ashley moved her arm away and exposed herself to Bethany who now positioned a cup over each nipple. “You have such beautiful nipples, I’m sure if a little saw them there wouldn’t be any way to pry them off of you” Bethany commented before flipping on the pump Ashley just blushed crimson red at the comment as the pump began to work. The sensation was a bit strange at first but feeling the suckling motion at each teet in alternating unison was quite pleasing. Ashley felt herself give in a little and let out a small gasp. Bethany looked quite pleased and stood back up to look down at Ashley who was enjoying the sensation of a warmth building in her stomach and moving down. This is when it clicked with Ashley, she was attracted to Bethany, she was so powerful and demanded attention that Ashley had never felt before. She wanted to make Bethany happy by whatever means necessary. “See, I told you it was fun, how does it feel?” Bethany asked. “It’s a bit strange but at the same time it feels a bit erotic” Ashley replied. “I know right, it’s quite the sensation but it kinda dulls out after a while and after doing it for so long” Bethany said. Ashley knew Bethany was excited to have someone to share this with and Ashley was excited to be the one. They continued the conversation through the process as Ashley sat in the chair being dry milked for quite a bit longer than either of them realised. Neither of them really realised the time until it became apparent that the office was getting dark with the setting sun. “Shoot, we should have probably stopped a bit ago” Bethany said, flipping the pump off. Without the pump the cups fell away from Ashley's chest. It was only then that she realised how engorged her nipples had become from the suction. She moved her hand up to cover her chest again as Bethany looked down at her. “Sorry hun, I lost track of time, it’s usually a bit much to go for long.” Bethany said. Ashley was gonna brush it off like it wasn’t a big deal but as her hand grazed her own nipple a tingling sensation shot through her body causing her to wince a bit. “Yeah, I was afraid of that. If you go too long it makes you really sensitive.” Bethany explained. “Here, I have some cream for this, it’ll help reduce the swelling.” She moved back around to her desk drawer and pulled out a tube of ointment. Bethany twisted off the lid and squeezed a dollop on her finger before. “Sorry, creature of habit,” she set the tube down on her desk and reaching for the Kleenex box. “It’s okay, could you… you can apply it” Ashley said without thinking. Bethany raised an eyebrow momentarily and then approached ashley. “I’m more than willing to help out. It’s going to be a bit cold so brace yourself.” Bethany reached forward and delicately smeared a dollop onto the tip of each nipple to distribute the larger wad. She brought both hands forward and began to massage the ointment in. Ashley was horny to begin with but with Bethany gently kneading both of her breasts, occasionally rolling her nipples between her fingers, Ashley couldn’t help but let out a little moan. Bethany looked pleased at the reaction and that beautiful smile came out causing Ashley to blush even deeper and turn away. When Bethany decided the lotion was worked in enough she stood back a bit and let the slightly disappointed Ashley straighten herself out a bit and put her top back together. “It’s quite strange, I’m sure you’re used to it by now, the waging war of amazon and little, but it’s so weird not knowing what I want. Part of me wants to take you home right now and have our ways with each other in my bed and part of me just wants to swaddle you up and tuck you into a nice comfy crib "Bethany said as Ashley did her buttons up. “I have that effect on people, personally I’d prefer the latter. I have never really felt little, I drink my coffee black and don’t really like sweets or bright colours. Once and a while a little urge might pop up but I’ve never embraced it, the amazon instincts automatically suppressing any of those desires but I think that’s just how we’re built.” “Oh, so you’re not opposed to the idea of coming back to my place?” Bethany said with a devious little smile that made Ashley turn the deepest shade of red yet. “It’s unfortunate that my place isn’t exactly set up yet tho, just coming into town I haven’t had many opportunities to unpack and get organised. How about this? What if we continue this once I get unpacked. Instead of going to bars on fridays we could have a little rendezvous at my place to unwind. We’ll have to keep it strictly professional at work. I’m sure neither of us would enjoy the office gossiping behind our backs about our relationship status and we both could clearly use a little de-stressing. Does that sound suitable to you?” Bethany took the reins knowing exactly what she wanted and it was an appealing offer. Ashley hadn’t had any meaningful relationships before and she knew Bethany was special. “That sounds like a good idea” Ashley said, only pondering for a moment and pulling out her phone. “Let’s exchange personal numbers, that way we can keep in contact.” Bethany pulled out her phone as well and they exchanged numbers on the spot. ———— I have up to chapter 4 written, just have to proof read them. I’m contemplating writing 2 different endings and maybe a “continuation” for chapter 5. Essentially a “fair” happy ending and an “unfair” ending. Often times I want my cake and to eat it to, we’ll see.
  4. Julie was running as fast as she can from the party that her friend hosted that got busted by cops. She found a window open in a quiet house that looked like nobody was home. After landing in it. Julie decides she will spend the night here. She was a little buzzed still from the drinks she had. Julie sat down then layed her head against some what she thought were pillows. She then picked one up and said "Wait a second these arnt pillows they are diapers! Just what I need! What is this place?" Julie puts on the thick diaper which perfectly. She then stands up and looks at the childish design room, crib, and closet full of clothes. Julie surprised "Oh a daycare! Makes sense and look here we have some cute clothes! They look like they will fit perfectly on me!" Julie then puts on a pink flower skirt overalls that barely covered her diaper. Then looked in the mirror and said "oh yea looking good. Fifty flavors of cute right here". Julie then feels her bladder needing released then let's it all out in her diaper "oh I'm totally filling my diaper up. Is this what freedom feels like!" Julie then grabs her wet soggy diaper and starts rubbing it "oh what's this! Oh my this feels so good. So squishy and warm. I might...uh...hmmm.. oh my I'm such a naughty girl" Julie then gets super tired and falls asleep. Julie then wakes up but finds her diaper clean. Confused who had changed it. The window has been locked. "Whoever changed me must have locked the window. How do I get out of here!" She then looks at a tall window typed door. Julie sees a lock and chain on the other side. She starts to get on her tipy toes to try and unlock it but shes way to short to reach it! She trys to yell out for help but no use. Julie sees a mommy like women enter the door way then yells out "Hey there must be some mistake I'm not really a child. I know how it looks but someone changed me already. I don't belong here and..." Julie then pauses and see a officer come in with the women. The women says "sorry I can't be anymore help officier". The officer then says "well if you do see her let me know". The women picks up Julie then says "What do you need darling?". As Julie is picked up. She wets herself from the officier standing right by holding his radio. Julie trys to play along till officier leaves. She then says in babyish tone "I need diapie changed!" The officer then looks at Julie and says to women "she looks a little big for diapers don't you think?". As the women lays down Julie on the changing table and opens her wet diaper "yea but don't let that fool you she deffinatly does need them. This is her third diaper change today! Isn't that right little stinker. Ran right through her little tummy didn't it? Do you need fed some more sweetie?". As Julie gets up from her diaper change she is super hungry. Julie then says "yes oh my god I'm starving. I mean... baby very hungwy." The officier still a little confused then says "you sure she's not to old. To me she looks to big to be in daycare much less nurse on a boob." Then Julie confused and in her head said to herself "Wait did he say.... nurse on a boob" then Julie sees the women put her huge boob right in Julie's face. Then the women says "your meals already cupcake" The women picks up Julie then the officier says "well your the expert but gosh.. kids these days" the women then pushes her boob closer to Julie's mouth with Julie having a super shocked look on her face and can't believe what she's about to have her do. Then the women smiles and says "they look so mature don't they?" Julie then having to play along starts sucking on the women's boob and starting to feel the milk enter her mouth then start to drip off her face. The women then says "it's all that fast food chemicals and formula they grow up on. Little girls need the real thing" As Julie kept drinking she felt her bowls release. A huge amount of poo entered her diaper. From all the drinks she drank it was super slushie and mushy. The diaper sagged super low in her humiliating situation. The officier then smells the horrible present she made in her diaper then says "that's my cue to leave". The women smiles and says "that's right sweetie get it all out" After Julie's humilating situation. The women then starts changing her diaper. "Peeyeew looks like my girl left me a big present in her diaper. We got to cut back on that big girl food and get you back on baby food" After Julie's diaper change she sees the clip board to sign out of nursery and tells the women "Hey so thank you for the diaper change and all. It looks like it's closing time so il just sign myself out". The women then snatches the clip board "oh I don't think so. Your coming home with me. Il take good care of you before somebody comes to claim you". Julie shocked "oh that's really not necessary" as Julie said that the women swooped up Julie and carried her in her arms and said "but you need a mommy to change your diapers and I got every size diaper imaginable. You can stay in my nursery. It was getting lonely with just me and my cats. The nursery is built for someone my size but your big for your age anyway" As the women walked outside with Julie to her car. Julie confused "big for my age? But I'm not a baby". The women waved to officers "evening officers. Ever find that college girl?". The officier said "no but don't worry ma'am. As per your request we will be stationed here till she shows up" The women smiled then said to Julie "did you hear that? Were going to have a fun time together... for a long time!" After arriving at the woman's home. Julie was carried into the home then up into the nursery room. To Julie's surprise it was a full adult size nursery just fit for her age. The woman then pulled down the crib bars and placed Julie inside then pulled the bars up trapping her inside. It was impossible to escape. Julie wasn't able to hop over or anything. Then the woman quickly shot her with a needle that weaken Julie. Julie's legs failed and she landed on her diaper butt. Only able to crawl around on her hands and knees. "Please let me out. I'm not a baby! I demand to be let go" Julie yelled out. The woman smiled then plopped a pacifier in Julie's mouth. "Now now cupcake your to young to make decisions. Also if I recall the cops are still looking for you. So you can either spend your time in a dirty old prison or stay here as my baby girl. Now which sounds better?" Said the woman. Julie then thought twice. She knew prison would be horrible. So if she had to pick anything I guess it's being this mommy's baby girl. Julie then says in babyish tone "stay with mommy". The woman then smiled. "Good girl. Now lets go over the rules. You will use your diaper for poopie and pee pee. No exceptions. You will call me mommy and mommy will decide when to change your diaper. You will also be breastfed and given a nice baby food diet. If you complain or act bad I will be giving you a good spanking over my knee or even a warm enema to fill your diaper. Since you tried yelling at mommy it's time for a spanking" Julie's new mommy grabbed her from the crib then put Julie over her knee. Then pulled her diaper down and spanked away. "Ow ow ow" SPANK SPANK SPANK. Julie's butt started turning red and she started crying. Mommy then pulled up her diaper and hugged her. "Sorry mommy had to do that but sometimes naughty girls need to be taught a lesson" The woman then slid her hand down the back of Julie's diaper and pushed her finger up Julie's butthole. Julie felt something go up. "Mommy what did you put up my butt" Julie asked. Julie's mommy put her back in the crib "don't worry about it sweetie you'll find out in the morning" Julie then fell fast asleep from the long day. She then woke up and smelled something really bad. "Ewww gross what's that smell? Did I just fart without knowing?" Julie then layed up on her butt and felt something yucky and mushy spread and smear against her buttcheeks and privates. "Noo noo noo I couldn't have! I just pooped my diaper in my sleep! This isn't happening! I'm not some dumb baby" Julie's mommy walks in the room "well good morning sweetie. Uh oh I think I smell someone made a big stinky poopy in her diaper. It's ok sweetie your just a baby you can't control yourself. I think someone also needs some feeding little stinker" The mommy then grabs Julie and heads to the rocking chair. Then places Julie's dirty diaper butt on her knee squishing all the poop again against Julie's butt. The mommy unbuttons her bra. And then grabs Julie's dirty diaper butt with her hand and then pushes her forward. Making Julie suck on her boob. Julie disgusted couldn't do much. All she could do is just suck and hope that her new mommy will change her diaper. The mommy just rocked her back and forth smushing Julie's dirty diaper butt.
  5. A friend gets shrunk down to doll size by his friend. She decides to humiliate him and punish him in so many humiliating ways. Using him as her new toy.
  6. Hello All, Most of us have other kinks outside of of ABDL. One of mine is slimes. The tentacles, forced feedings, breeding, etc. I find them all erotic, but I thought some of you might enjoy a combination of slime and ABDL. I don't plan on developing this story any further, however, if you all end up liking this I'd be willing to write more. Let me know. Slime Mommy The night was cold and the air whipped past Reina’s curled, fiery hair. Her motorcycle hummed with a steady rumble as the trees passed her by in a frenzy. Autumn was at its end and the cold winter nights were coming to her small farming town. Though she had stayed in the town she had grown up in, the feeling of wanting to travel to greater places always seemed tantalizing and the bike she now rode was the first purchase she made as an adult. All in the hopes of riding it to greener pastures one day. Fantasies of it carrying her away always crept up in her dreams, but the right time never seemed to present itself. Slowing down she banked towards a dirt path she had stumbled upon many years ago. A road less traveled that led to a pleasant hill with an old oak tree at its top. Friends, lovers, and just her thoughts had been her company to this wonderful little get away out here. Removing her helmet and making sure the kickstand was firmly in the ground Reina made her way up to her usual spot at the base of the old tree. Her leather jacket easily kept her warm enough and as the sun fully set she found a quiet peace in the twilight around her. “I’m not sure if I’m ever going to be able to leave this place.” She mumbled to herself as the first stars began to show themselves. Out here, the light pollution was minimal with the closest city being half a state away. The smell of forest was still barely present and the feel of soft grass below her beckoned her to lay a while and enjoy the view. The hum of crickets and the dancing of fireflies around her was like a lullaby to her work weary body and slowly she closed her eyes to rest for a moment. Staying out all night here would have been a bad idea, but a quick rest before going home would be perfectly fine. The dreams were covered in mist as she remembered her time in highschool, her first kiss, and then more passionate memories. It had been a while and her subconscious was all too happy to remind her of her time spent in warmer beds. The comfort of a plush carpet and the smell of herbs was pleasant in her dreamlike state. Reaching down she could feel the warmth radiating from underneath her. “God, why can’t all dreams be this pleasant?” Thinking to herself that the time to wake up was now, she began to flex her muscles and extended her fingers to dance upon the grass. Instead the plush carpet of her dreams met her fingers. Sitting bolt upright, the young girl tried to gauge her surroundings. Gone was the grass field. Replaced with a confusing union of plush white carpet and shiny metal roof. The room she found herself in looked like a half dome from some modern science fiction film. The soft glow of various colored lights dotted the ceiling with the very center dominated by a light that shined down upon the entire area. Was she still dreaming? No. The warmth of the floor and the clearness of her surroundings was too realistic. In a panic Reina rushed to the edge of the room. Hands slapped against cold steel as she frantically searched for the exit. Running along the circle it had to be the size of a baseball diamond, but with no way out. Frantically she began banging on the walls, “Hellllooooo! Is anyone there? What is this place?” Silence met her calls and the fear began to creep up on her. Curling up into a ball she began to try and make sense of the situation. In the midst of her panic a squelching sound came from the opposite side of the room. Between the cracks in the panels a green substance was oozing out. Horrified, Reina could only watch silently as the ooze continued to pour through until a large mound, the consistency of jello and the size of a small car formed from it. Nothing happened for what felt like minutes until suddenly the goo began to swirl around itself. It compressed into a cylinder standing over 8 feet tall before splitting apart into various tendrils. Certain areas seemed to darken, mostly towards the top, and eventually the slime sculpture was complete. A curvaceous giant woman stood before the frightened girl with dark green hair, light green eyes that glowed, and…...nipples? Finishing it’s human form the slime woman stepped towards Reina who began to shake violently. As it approached she felt a warmth spread from her crotch. Unable to take her eyes of the giant figure now casting a shadow on her tiny frame, the fact that she had just wet herself barely registered. A piercing scream came out of the redhead's mouth as the two translucent arms reached down towards her. The feeling of solid liquid surrounding her midriff and under her arms was unlike anything she had felt before. She felt in equal parts like she was both trapped and could slip through the substance at any time. Tears streamed down her face as in terror as she was pulled towards the monster. One of the arms seemed to reach down and hold her by her bottom as her face was pressed into the shoulder/neck of slime. She’s going to eat me! The horrifying thought screamed in her mind as she waited to be pushed into the green ooze, however, once her face actually met the surface of the creature, she could feel the surface resisting. Almost like a waterbed she felt her right cheek squished into the slime woman. Still scared for her life, Reina continued to cry and shake, desperately hoping something would save her from this monster. She felt a slight change in gravity suddenly as her vision went up and down. The hold on her butt was pushing her slightly up and then letting her slide down. Is she bouncing me? Like a mother carrying her infant, the slime woman was bouncing the young girl up and down gently in her arms and began pacing back and forth along the length of the room. Fear began to subside as Reina was now filling with questions. “Ummmm. Can you understand me?” Silence. If this thing could understand her then it gave no indication. Reina decided that instead maybe someone watching this would be able to help. “Hello. Ummm. Whoever you are. Could you maybe let me in on what's going on?” Silence. “Helllllooooo!” Silence. Now she was getting mad. What the fuck was actually going on? Suddenly, she felt a fizzy bubbling sensation down where the rapidly cooling seat of her pants were. Obviously concerned Reina tried to pry herself away from the weird creature trying to comfort her. Its grip was like iron though and the best she could do was crane her neck an inch or so. The hand that had wrapped around her bottom had thinned out and spread over most of her pants. She watched as it continued to travel down her legs toward her boots. Underneath the surface of the ooze small bubbles were forming along her pants and gently floating upwards. The color of her jeans changed in one spot which began to grow. A deep black could be seen on her left butt cheek through the slime. Then another spot appeared close to her lower back. Once the spots were big enough Reina realised with horror that it wasn’t a spot, but a hole! This stuff was eating her jeans and now her black boy shorts were becoming completely visible. Reina began to thrash against the slime and shouting up at its nearly featureless face, “Hey! Stop that. What do you think you're doing with my pants?” But it wasn’t just her pants. Soon the bubbling reached her skin through her panties. A soft bubbling could also be felt along her toes as the boots she was wearing were now filled with the ooze and were suffering the same fate as her pants. Hoping that anyone would hear her and come to help, she began yelling as loud as her throat could handle. “HELP! HELP! Please someone. Anyone! HEEEEEELP! Heeee...mmmmm!” With her mouth open, a sudden rush of liquid quickly silenced her. She could feel it push her cheeks out with force, but thankfully it seemed to only fill her mouth. Instead of drowning in whatever material this was she instead was just effectively; gagged. Crossing her eyes she could see the hand that had been holding her back had split into fairly detailed fingers, with nails and even knuckles. Two led to her mouth and she could see little bumps slowly leading towards the tips almost like a 90s cartoon firehouse. The filling of her cheeks stopped after a short minute and as the creature pulled back its digits a shield formed at the entrance to her mouth that just touched her cheeks and nose. A tentative bite down was met with a rubbery flex that once she relaxed pushed her mouth open again. Several attempts to bite, chew, and tear through the gag proved useless. While she was preoccupied with her mouth, the slime on her pants finished its job and retreated back towards the hand holding her up. Embarrassment filled Reina as she realised she was completely bare down below. The feeling of slime moving across her cheeks, down her crack, and then finally covering her sensitive areas was a shock. Fearing the dissolving from before would also eat her skin made her blood run cold, however, the feeling of flesh melting never came. Instead the ooze continued to roam and cover her entire bikini area and up slightly towards her lower back and belly button. It was almost like high waisted underwear. However, using her eyes to follow the arm that was causing this new garment to appear on her she could see the bulges similar to the ones that gave her the gag continue to pump material downward. She could feel her legs pushed apart as the relatively thin slim panties began to inflate like a balloon. After several minutes the bulges stopped, as did the pacing and bouncing. The arms holding her close relaxed and slowly lowered her back down to the carpet. As her feet touched down and she began to hold up her own weight, she suddenly lost her balance. The bulk of the slime had caused her to lose her center of gravity and she began to flail, trying to regain it. Like a bolt of lightning, a green flash passed her vision and she felt a giant firm hand hold her back and push her back to a straight upward position. Looking up, the eyes of the slime creature thinned and its head tilted to the side. Almost like it was miming, “There you go. Be careful.” Bow legged and mouth firmly sealed Reina watched as the creature gracefully walked off towards another part of the room. It began touching the panels of the wall. Curious if it was going to squeeze itself out, the young girl watched as instead a pink ooze began to come out of the walls. The creature waited until a fair bit had come out, before moving its arms in a sweeping low arc. The pink slime followed the path and moved along as the woman directed it over closer to the center of the room. Once they had reached the apparently preferred destination the woman began to build the pink slime up into what looked like a box. With smooth flowing motions slots were cut out and different sections took on a glass like rigid look before becoming opaque. Pink bars began to appear and slowly Reina began to recognize the shape. Is that a crib? Looking down at the balloon of slime at her waste and the shield covering her mouth, the pieces began to fit together. Realizing what they were brought a pink blush to her cheeks. That thing made me a diaper and pacifier! Satisfied with the crib the woman returned to the wall and began to lead another section of pink slime to another area, before beginning construction on another object. Why the hell did it put me in a diaper? Oh. The recent memory of wetting herself and then screaming/crying came to mind as the blush deepended from pink to deep red. Being put into a diaper made of slime was one thing, but in a small way deserving it, was infinitely worse. Maybe if I convince this thing that I’m not a baby, it’ll help me figure out what the hell is going on. She stumbled taking her first step but quickly picked up an exaggerated waddle as she made her way over towards the creature and its newest invention. Unsure of how to get its attention, Reina felt her ears burning as she did what any child would do to get Mommy’s attention; she gripped its leg and gave it a soft tug. The thing must have some sort of sensors on its “skin” as the tug had the desired effect. It rose to its full height before turning around and looking at the small human in front of it. Now what do I do? It would be nice if I could talk to it. Gotta get this thing out of my mouth first. Reaching up with her hand, she pointed at the shield of her pacifier and mumbled as well as she could, hoping the message would get through. The creature stared at her for a moment before closing its eyes, something Reina took as its way of smiling….maybe? Its arms reached down once again, picking her up and bringing her close, this time in a cradle. Once she was secured in the crook of the slime’s arm she felt herself falling with the giant as it fell backwards into its new addition to the room. Once it was seated, the slime pushed with its legs and began to rock the both of them back and forth. First a crib and now a rocking chair, I have to stop this quickly. Once again she pointed to her pacifier, this time trying to act out a pulling motion as she grabbed at the edges. The arm not holding her reached up and touched the shield covering her mouth. YES! Success. She could feel rubbery material squirt past her teeth and out of her mouth. Able to once again breath through her mouth, Reina took a deep breath. Thankful for the opportunity she plotted her next words carefully. As she was finally prepared the slime must have sensed her intention as it turned Reina face to face with the young girls right cheek pressed up against the sizable breast with its...unsettling areola also in view. “Ummm. Hello. I think that there’s been a mist…..” Once again she felt her body shift as the hand that had just removed the pacifier was now at the back of her head pushing her face directly into the slime’s massive boob. With her mouth open the teat, easily the size of a cow udder, was jammed into her mouth. “MMMMmmmmm! MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm!” Ew. Ew. Ew. Gross. Ew. Reina struggled once again. Shoving her hands into the boob now forcefully held against her face. The entire teat went well into her mouth and the thought of what was happening made her want to vomit. Suddenly, the skin of the slim seemed to give way as her hands were pushed into the mammary before stopping and being held at her wrists. Trying to pull her hands out proved useless as she was now fully attached to this massive breast. Trying to pull her head away, she was shocked as liquid came squirting out and hit the back of her throat. Fear of drowning once again filled her mind as she attempted to close her throat. Instead of her mouth filling, however, the liquid seemed to have its own mind, as it forced her throat open and pushed down into her stomach. She could feel gush after gush push itself down her throat as tears came down her eyes. She was being force fed some kind of liquid from a living giant slime woman out of its boob. The liquid was warm as it filed her stomach. Her constant struggling caused it to slosh and coat her insides as she was quickly becoming full, yet still it came. Just as she was feeling ready to burst, the gushing stopped and a pop could be heard echo through the room as she was pulled away from the suction of the breast. Breathing heavily she could only lay in the crook of this slime's arms as her distended belly hung out below her breasts. Wait… when did my shirt and jacket come off? Unaware of anything but the gallons of slime being forcefulled breastfed to her, the giant woman had taken the time to also dissolve the rest of her clothes. “Wha… what are you doi…” Once again the feeling of slime entering her mouth stopped her questions. Instead of going down her throat, the pacifier from before was reformed from the tops of the woman’s fingers. Looking up in a pleading fashion, Reina hoped that whatever this was would relent. While she lay there helpless and full, she also noticed something strange. Are her boobs smaller now? In hindsight, it made sense. The liquid now resting heavily in her stomach had to come from somewhere, but the thought nearly made her want to gag. In fact she could feel the usual feeling in her throat that meant bile was on the way. However, the feeling just...stopped. Whatever was in her seemed to want to stay inside her. At least it was warm. Like a thick creamy soup, her stomach seemed to radiate heat. She could feel it course through her all the way from her head to her toes. Her skin even warmed as she could feel the comforting warmth tingle across her skin. She could feel every inch that the slime woman touched as her hand once again reached down to her diaper. The hand melded with the diaper and the familiar bulges came racing down to inflate the diaper even further. Before she could try to comprehend what was going on, the increase stopped and the hand traveled up past the diaper towards belly. Electricity danced across her skin at the very touch of the giant hand. As it slowly flowed up past her belly button and up towards her chest she could feel every nerve it passed light up with a fiery passion. She couldn’t help but let out a deep moan behind her pacifier as the hand spread out to cover both of her breasts. The feeling of the warm slim rushing past her nipples was unlike anything she had ever felt before. Arching her back she looked on in the throws of arousal as the bulges returned and allowed a thick membrane to form over both her breasts. While not particularly proud of her pert B cups, she was shocked to see that once the hand was removed, she had easily grown to Ds if not DDs. The slime on her chest retained its clear green color, but seemed to adhere to her skin in a way that left no ridges or bumps. As she reached up to examine her new figure, the sensitivity of her skin seemed to extend to the slim. Closing her eyes in rapt arousal, she could barely tell the difference between what was skin and what was the newly formed slime. She could barely help it as she tweaked the newly formed bumps coming out of the slime boobs only to feel her own nipples were being lavishly sucked on. She felt herself being lifted up off the chair along with the creature and then carried over to the fully formed crib. At some point a mattress had formed with some kind of fur like sheet fitted over it and as she was lowered down onto it, the soft feel of fur across her skin was like a million fireworks dancing across her skin. Completely consumed by a primal sexual drive she thrust her entire body along the sheets to feel the white hot sensation tickle her entire body. Turning over onto her back the feelings continued as she grabbed both of her enlarged breasts with her hands and began furiously kneading the sensitive mounds. A gasp left her mouth as she felt movement from below. Looking down in shock she could see the opening of her womanhood slowly spread apart within the diaper. The feeling of a thick girth penetrating her left her desperately gasping for breath from behind the pacifier. The slime began to fill her completely before withdrawing. The slime seemed to mix with her own lustful secretions as it easily glided back in. The penetration only increased in speed as she could just barely see the outline of a massive cock sliding through the thick slime. She felt like she might explode at any second as each thrust was met with her own desperate need to rub as much of her body with her own hands and against the mattress below. Her climb towards pleasure was suddenly halted as yet another opening down below was slowly being spread apart. No. Not there! She reached down and desperately tried to grab at her bottom, but the diaper easily kept her hands from reaching what was happening. Suddenly a filling sensation had her desperately arching her back as the ooze began to trickle into her now gaping bottom. She flung herself over to her stomach to try and claw at the slime. As she did though, her full stomach let out an ominous noise as the pain caused her to bend her knees and relieve the weight on her stomach. With legs spread, face down, and bottom up she continued to try and stop the slime from filling her like an enema. The diaper didn’t seem to take any notice as once again, the semisolid cock was plunged deep into her slit. Thick beads of sweat rolled down her sides as the churning in her bowels were met with a sinking sensation in her gut. There’s no way. That’s way too quick. No matter what the poor girl thought. The dinner from before, provided graciously via breast from the resident slime giant, was making its way past her stomach and into her digestive system to meet the enema she was currently receiving. Horny, sweaty, sensitive all over, full on both ends, and desperately confused with all these feelings Reina looked up towards the towering figure looming over the side of the crib. Only able to desperately moan towards the creature that had put her in this predicament she prayed that she would be able to find release in one form or another. What had now been labeled as a smile, the woman slightly closed her eyes before reaching down towards the desperate girl’s face. Touching its fingers to her pacifier she was hoping that it would be removed. To her shock and horror, more bumps appeared along the slims arm and as the rubber inside her mouth inflated. It was now taking on a longer form moving towards the back of her throat. However, instead of the gushing feeling like the breast feeding this was more solid. As the hand was carefully pulled away, the shield also seemed to thicken. Looking up in confusion she suddenly gagged as the pacifier pushed itself deep into her mouth and then into her throat before withdrawing. The front of the pacifier was pushed out like a spring cord before plunging back in. She was being face fucked! As the pacifier pushed its phallic bulb back and forth in time with the cock in her pussy, she was left part way between moaning and choking. The sensitivity only seemed to be increasing as well as the fire that danced across her skin began to make the violation its own form of twisted pleasure. Throwing herself into the waves of ecstasy, Reina abandoned all hope of stopping what was happening and tried to match her own rhythm with that of the slime. Sitting up she began to grind her crotch into the mattress as she once again returned her hands to her chest. The sudden shift in position had another unintended consequence as her bowels also seemed to loosen. The spreading feeling of her anus completely dissipated, leaving her feeling completely filled throughout all of her insides, but without any more going in. Rather, it all seemed to want to come out. Stopping her gyrations she attempted to clench down on her sore anus. The sweat from her brow dripped past her eyes as she tried to concentrate, however, the cocks penetrating her mouth and pussy had no such concerns. They continued on pushing her further and further over the edge. Without warning there was a sensation of a wet tongue at her asshole, as the slime slid across her sensitive backdoor. The motion repeated itself, beckoning the deluge of waste outward. Desperately horny and desperately trying to prevent herself from embarrassing herself furth, she was caught with a choice; find sweet relief and fulfill the burning desire of her loins or hold back the inevitable. The choice was made for her as she felt large firm hands on either shoulder, pushing her down, before relaxing. She looked up as she was bounced up and down on the mattress in rhythm with the thrusts. Completely giving in, a wave of pleasure built inside as she relaxed her clenched cheeks. As she could feel the slimy poop gush out of her bottom, an orgasm unlike anything she had ever felt before washed over her entire from. Wave after wave of heated pleasure crashed down on her sweaty exhausted frame. The bouncing continued as all the muscles in her body went limp and let the process continue. The pleasure didn’t stop as she could feel her pussy bursting with juices for wave after wave. Never before had she squirted with such force. Were it not for the diaper sealed around her lower half, she was sure whatever bedding she was on would be ruined. Eventually the bouncing stopped and the slime cocks that had penetrated her receded. She was lowered onto her back desperate for air as she looked up at this strange alien creature that had just given her the most pleasurable experience of her life. She looked up with exhaustion, confusion, and maybe even just a hint of appreciation at what she was just given. Looking down at herself she could just see past the massive slime boobs towards the equally large slime diaper. Brown chunks were floating amongst the sea of green. Disgusted at first, Reina watched as they were quickly dissolved, much like her clothes, until there was nothing left but pure slime. The slime woman reached down to wipe some of the sweat from her brow and then to softly caress her cheek. Reina welcomed the kind jester until she felt the hand slid down her face and cup the side of her head over her ear. Too tired to stop it, Reina shuddered as she felt something trickling into her ear. She could feel the slime enter into her hearing canal and make its way gently past her eardrum. The feeling was entirely disgusting and fear gripped her heart, but the look from the slime woman felt almost reassuring. Sure, everything had been weird, but she hadn’t been harmed, and in fact had ended up enjoying the sexual play that she had just encountered. Reina fully relaxed her body and let the warm feelings that were creeping across her body continue to spread. Unlike the arousal from before, this heat was one of comfort. Never before had she ever been this relaxed. The warm smile from Mommy above was reassuring, her diaper was comfortable, and the suckles she performed on her paci kept her nice and calm. No more worrying about adult responsibilities. Just Mommy, booby time, and playtime came to the progressively altered mind of the young girl. Maybe Mommy will let me make more cummies. I love cummies, and I love Mommy. A gurgle could be heard behind the pacifier and the suddenly energetic Reina kicked her feet aimlessly while enjoying the soft cot below her. Her legs were spread apart from the bulk of the nappy around her bottom as the crotch area began to grow. A small orb was forming as the rest of the diaper shrank to its first size. Once the orb was fully formed, the surface split and the newly formed slime ball fell forward off the diaper. Smiling at this development, Slime Mommy retracted her tentacles from the infantilised mind of the baby woman squirming in her cot to pick up the slime ball. As she raised it to her face and let out a joyful hum as two eyes formed on the orb. “A successful reproduction!” Slime Mommy thought to herself. “And on the first try.” Looking down at the babyfied human in the cot below the translucent alien was giddy at her thoughts of the future, “This race of humans might just be what we are looking for. So compliant after just the smallest alterations. I might not even have to change anything with how this one reacted to positive stimulus all on her own.” Reina rolled back onto her stomach and began to crawl forward, inspecting all the crib had to offer, much to the amusement of her captor.Looking down at the newly formed slime in her arms, the alien felt her own excitement building. “Gotta get this new one to the incubator to develop.” Walking away from the cot, Slime Mommy began to prepare her body to leave the nursery. “I’ll have to tell my sister’s of this planet.” End. Thanks for reading!
  7. Chapter I: Switch Responsibilities Rachel and Monica sit on the couch, sipping their coffees. Monica looks frazzled, while Rachel seems unusually calm. Rachel: Monica, I've been doing some thinking. I think it's time for us to take a break. Monica: A break? What are you talking about, Rach? Rachel: I can't handle all your demands and control anymore. I want you to know how it feels to be treated like a baby. Monica rolls her eyes, dismissing Rachel's idea. Monica: Oh, please! You can't possibly... As Monica finishes her sentence, Rachel pushes a pacifier into Monica’s mouth. She then takes Monica’s hand and pulls her to the restroom. Pulling out a diaper-mat and diaper out of her bag, she lays her down on the diaper mat and begins replacing her panties (which turn out to be wet), into diapers. Across town, at Maclearen’s Pub, Robin sits at the bar sipping her drink as her best friend, Lily enters. Robin: You know, Lily, now that the guys are away, I think it's time for you to experience what it's like to be treated like a baby. Lily: What? Are you serious? Like At Central Perk, Robin pushes a pacifier into Lily’s mouth, before Lily could finish her sentence. Robin: You're going to use this. Let's see how it goes. Monica and Rachel’s apartment - Phoebe enters, looks at Rachel and then at Monica and starts laughing. Rachel: What’s so funny? Phoebe: My patient, Robin told me she’s also treating her best friend like a baby this weekend Rachel: Seriously? Do you think you can schedule a playdate? Monica: (being ignored) - No, I don’t want a playdate, I’m a grown-woman! That afternoon, Rachel and Monica enter Central Perk, Monica now wearing a diaper and sucking her thumb. They spot Robin and Lily, seating with Phoebe at a nearby table. Like Monica, Lily is dressed in a diaper, and sucking a pacifier as she seats on Robin’s lap. Phobe: Oh, hey, guys! Look who I found! Rachel: So, Robin, what made you decide to treat Lily like a baby? Robin: Lily, while motherly, she has always been immature, and acts like the baby of the group. She’s also a kindergarten teacher,who always wondered what her students go through. We had agreed awhile back to give her a chance to experience childhood, in order to better connect with her students. Why are you treating Monica like a baby? Rachel: Well, Monica is way too uptight and I just felt she needed to relax a bit. Also, she’s been treating me like a kid for some time, so maybe it’s good payback. As Robin and Rachel talked, Lily suddenly said: “mommy, I’m hungry.” Like a good mother, Robin pulled out a jar of baby food and began feeding Lily. When Monica was hungry she made the mistake of saying: “Rach, I’m hungry”.. Instead of taking a baby bottle, or a jar of food to feed Monica, Rachel had a surprise for her. Rachel laid Monica down on her lap and began to breastfeed her. Not only was Monica in shock, but also were Phoebe, Robin and Lily. Rachel: I believe Monica deserves the full baby treatment. And anyways, she knows she isn’t supposed to call me Rachel. Central Park, Sunday Morning Lily and Monica in their respective strollers, one sucking her pacifier, while the other sucks her thumb. Phoebe: Alright, ladies! It's time for some outdoor fun. We're going to the park! Lily: Can we play in the sandbox, please? Robin: Of course, Lily! Go ahead, have fun! Lily and Monica quickly drop to their hands and knees and crawl into the sandbox, relishing the freedom of being carefree and childlike. Rachel: Look at them go! They're like little kids again. Robin: I have to admit, it's pretty adorable. The friends watch Lily and Monica play, their stress melting away as they embrace the simplicity of the moment. Phoebe: Monica, you look adorable with that thumb in your mouth. Are you enjoying your little baby experience? Monica: Maybe, just a little Phoebe: And you, Lily? Lily: I love being treated like a baby! Lily and Monica, exhausted from their playful adventures, lie down in the shade, using their strollers as makeshift beds. Rachel: Aw, look at them. They're tuckered out. Robin: Yeah, it's been quite the adventure for them today. Random Kid: Something smells stinky, I think those women pooped their pants Robin and Rachel check, and find that while Lily only wet herself, Monica did in fact go number 2. Like a good mother, Rachel cleans and changes Monica, while Phoebe and Robin provide a layer of privacy. Back home, Monica wakes up, only to learn that she had peed and pooped herself while sleeping. Chapter II: Monica has Issues Rachel anxiously sits in the waiting area with Monica on her lap. Monica looks unwell, her thumb still in her mouth. They are surrounded by colorful toys and child-friendly decorations. Rachel: Hang in there, Mon. The pediatrician will see you soon. Monica: I don't feel so good, Rach. I'm glad you're here with me. As the pediatrician calls them into the examination room, Rachel carries Monica and walks in, still keeping her close. The pediatrician, DR. WILSON, a kind and gentle woman, greets Rachel and Monica warmly. Dr. Wilson: Hello there! What seems to be the trouble today? Rachel: My friend, Monica has been feeling unwell lately, experiencing some discomfort. Dr. Wilson: I see. Let's have a look, shall we? Rachel helps Monica sit down on the exam table. Monica continues to suck her thumb, finding comfort in the familiar gesture. Dr. Wilson: Monica, sweetie, can you tell me where it hurts? Monica: My tummy hurts, and I don't feel good. Dr. Wilson examines Monica, checking her temperature and listening to her heartbeat. Dr. Wilson: Well, Monica, it seems like you might have caught a little bug. Nothing too serious, but we'll need to keep an eye on you. Monica: But I cannot move my legs and am having trouble going to the potty. Noticing a decline in Monica’s language with every word, Dr. Wilson explains Monica's condition to Rachel. As the two discuss Monica’s regression, Monica starts squirming uncomfortably. Monica: Mommy, I need potty Rachel: Ok Monica, give me 2 more minutes to finish the conversation with the doctor Monica: I cannot mommy, I go now. Not caring who sees, Monica sits down on a potty chair in the room with her pants still intact. Noticing this, Rachel rushes to Monica’s aid, pulling her pants down just in the nick of time. Rachel: Thank you Dr. Wilson, I’ll make sure we update you on Monica’s status. EXT. PEDIATRICIAN'S OFFICE - DAY Rachel and Monica exit the pediatrician's office, relieved that Monica's discomfort has been addressed. Rachel: See, Mon? We handled that situation like champs! As Monica sucks her thumb, she nods her head in acknowledgement to Rachel’s comment. Chapter III: Going Home As Rachel helps Monica walk home from the doctors office, it’s clear that Monica’s discomfort is once again increasingly evident. Monica: Mommy, I need potty Rachel: Oh no, not again. Can’t you hold it? Monica, sucking her thumb nods her head from side to side. Rachel: Ok, lets see if we can find you a public restroom to use. As Monica begins to cry, Rachel notices a dribble of urine coming down Monica’s leg. Noticing a drug store Rachel drags Monica into it, and locates the diaper aisle. After purchasing the diapers, Rachel takes Monica to the restroom, and removes her soiled cloths with a fresh diaper. To Monica’s horror, Rachel opens the door. Monica (in a moment of relapse): Rachel, I’m only wearing a diaper Rachel (As she turns to hug Monica): it’s either the diaper, or those soiled pair of pants Holding Rachel’s hand, Monica walks out of the bathroom, with nothing but a shirt and a diaper Random Kid: Look mommy, that woman is wearing a diaper. In the shock and overwhelming situation she now faces, Monica takes a step back as she regresses, she begins to cry and suck her thumb once again. In order to get home quickly Rachel drags Monica through the NY subway system, as they get off the subway, a block away from home, Rachel notices Monica’s diaper has been sagging a bit. Rachel: Monica, sweetie, did you have another accident? Monica stares blankly at Rachel as she sucks her thumb. Understanding that Monica has regressed farther, Rachel grabs her hand and walks home; with the understanding that neither of them has any idea what the future holds. Chapter IV: Babysat at Home The next day, Monica wakes up, not remembering what happened. She’s surprised by the fact that her thumb is in her mouth. As Monica removes her thumb from her mouth, she tries to get up, only to stumble and fall. Clearly, her legs are still not working properly… Monica: Rachel, Rachel, come help me I cannot get up. Phoebe: I’m coming Monica, one second Monica: Phoebe?! What are you doing here? Phoebe: Morning, sleepyhead! I'm here to babysit you today since Rachel had to go to work. Isn't it exciting? Monica blinks, still trying to process the situation. Monica: Babysit? But I'm not a baby, Phoebe. Phoebe: Oh, I know that, Mon, but sometimes even adults need a little extra care. Don't worry; I've got everything under control. As Phoebe helps Monica to the living room, she notices a kids potty chair. Monica: Hey, Phebs. What’s the potty chair for? Phoebe (excitedly): Well, I talked to Rachel, and she thought it would be a good idea for you to have a potty chair since we're using diapers. It's a little more grown-up than diapers, right? She Rahcel asked that you ask me whenever you need to go to the bathroom. Monica: But I’m an adult Phoebe: Are you? Really? I mean look at you? Monica didn’t even notice the wet diaper around her waist, or that she instinctively began to suck her thumb again. Mid-day Monica: I need to go potty Phoebe: ok, one second Monica: I need to go potty, now! Phoebe (walking into the living room): Uh Monica, did you go potty already? Monica looking at Phoebe and down at herself began to cry. Without thinking, Phoebe took Monica and began to change her diaper, acting as if this was all natural; and explaining that accidents happen. Seeing that Rachel and Monica were short on diapers, Phoebe got Monica and took her down stairs. Having a hard time dragging the grown adult, Phoebe decided to stop by the local Baby’s R Us and purchase a few things. With each thing on the list Monica tried to make a point she’s not a baby. Phoebe: We need diapers Monica: I’m a big kid! I go potty by myself Phoebe: Monica, you’re wearing a diaper and clearly using it for both peeing and pooping. Lets get some just in case Phoebe: We need a stroller Monica: Why? Me walk Phoebe: You asked for a piggyback ride all the way here Phoebe: and finally Pacifiers Monica shakes her head no as she sucks her thumb. On the way home with the goodies, Monica now sits in a brand new stroller, her thumb in her mouth, and a big teddy bear Phoebe got her, for being a good girl. Not far from home, they met up with Rachel, who Monica was more than happy to see. Rachel and Phoebe decided to grab a cup of coffee at Central Perk and Monica slowly drifted off to sleep in her stroller. Chapter V: Babysat at the Park That “one weekend” of babying between Lily and Robin turned into an ongoing-event. This weekend though, Robin had a late shift at work, and asked Phoebe to watch Lily for a bit. Phoebe: Hey Rachel, it’s Phoebe Rachel: Oh, Hey Phoebe what’s up Phoebe: I’m babysitting Lily today and am planning to take her to the park later. Does Monica want to come? Rachel: I’m not sure, I mean Lily is aware that she’s really an adult, and Monica, well, you know, Monica has regressed beyond her years. Phoebe: Oh come-on it’ll be fun! Rachel: fine! EXT. PARK - DAY Phoebe leads Monica and Lily through the park, enjoying the warm summer weather and the playful atmosphere. The sound of laughter and children playing fills the air. Phoebe: "Here we go, on our summer adventure, Monica and Lily, together forever!" Monica giggles, finding Phoebe's joyful spirit contagious. Lily: Phoebe, you're like the coolest babysitter ever! Phoebe: Well, thank you, little one. I always try my best! As they continue their walk, Robin arrives at the park to pick up Lily, who runs excitedly toward her. Lily: Mommy! Robin: Hey, sweetie! How was your playdate with Monica and Phoebe? Lily: Mommy, can I have my pacifier now? Robin chuckles and reaches into her bag, pulling out the pacifier. Robin: Alright, Lily. Just for a little bit longer, okay? Rember, we promised Marshall that by the time you get home, you’ll act like an adult again. And anyways, we said that you’re a toddler this weekend. Lily happily takes her pacifier, feeling comforted by its presence. INT. MONICA AND RACHEL'S APARTMENT - MONICA'S BEDROOM - Evening Monica, exhausted from the day's activities, lies down for a nap. She instinctively sucks her thumb, finding solace and comfort in the familiar gesture. Phoebe: She had a bit of an accident earlier, Rachel. I think she did a number 2 in her diaper. She seemed embarrassed and started sucking her thumb. I think she was also kind of jealous of Lily. Rachel looks concerned but also understands that accidents happen. Rachel: Poor Mon. Let her rest, Phoebe. I'll take care of her when she wakes up. INT. MONICA AND RACHEL'S APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM - Next Day As Monica is seating on Rachel’s lap, Rachel recalls her conversation with Phoebe from last night. Rachel: Hey Monica Monica nods yes as she stares at a kiddy show infront of her. Rachel: Mon, I've been thinking. Since you've been having accidents in your diaper, maybe it's time we try something different. What if we start repotty training you? Monica: Wha? Rachel: Monica, I know you’re in there, and I need my best friend back! Monica: Mama! Rachel: I know, Mon, but accidents happen, and I believe in your ability to regain control. It's not about treating you like a baby but rather helping you become more aware of your body's signals. And I'll be here to support you every step of the way. Rachel: From now on, whenever you feel the need to go potty, you let me know. We'll work together to help you regain control. It's all about open communication. I promise only Phoebe or I will take you to the potty. Fair? Monica: Yes, mommy. Over the next few days, Monica does remember to say “potty”, but rather than before, it’s usually right when or after she had already gone. Chapter VI: Monica and Rachel accept Monica’s Fate Seating at Central Perk, with Phoebe, Robin and Lily, Rachel was bouncing Monica on her hip. Monica: Mommy, me need to go potty Robin: Rachel, I see that you’re talking to Phoebe, would you like me to take her? Rachel: Sure Monica: Only mommy Rachel: It’s ok Mon, aunt Robin will take good care of you! As Robin walking with Monica towards the restroom, she heard a loud wet fart. Turning around, Rachel saw that Monica had done a number in her pants. Rachel: Monica we talked about this, you said you wanted to be a big girl. Now, this doesn’t look like a big girl, does it? Monica sucked her thumb as she began to cry. Rachel: What should I do? Phoebe: you know my thoughts, if monica wanted to be an adult she’d at least try Robin and Lily: I agree Rachel: Monica do you want to be a big kid or a baby Monica: baby Rachel: do you know what that means Sucking her thumb Monica wobbled hear her in yes motion Understanding Monica’s desires and state of her diaper, Rachel pulled out a diaper mat, no longer caring who sees Monica in this state. Over the next few days, Phoebe and Rachel began to notice increasing regression with Monica. She was no longer the responsible motherly figure of the friends group, but rather nothing more than a diaper wearing baby.
  8. He almost fell to the ground but was pushed close against the wall. Her body penning him. He could feel her skin warming from the fresh blood that filled her veins. She whispered into his ears. "Oh baby, you just did it for me. Can't believe they'd bring a helpless child to a fight. Guess I'll have to take care of you. Better get you washed. I got so much blood on you. And you pissed yourself too." She shook her head and clicked her tongue. yet firm English accent. No. Something closer to Irish. The man shivered as he felt her warm body up against his bareback. Her wavy red hair hung in his face as she places her arms around his chest and her chin on his head. Her perky breast was on his neck. His heart was racing. Pounding like a relentless debt collector. Like he was in the paw of a lioness toying with her prey. "Are you cold darling? You've been shivering ever since I brought you inside. You should be all warm after our bath. It was a little messy out there, and all that rain. At least most of it will be washed away. It's pouring heavy tonight." The man felt her weight on him. He was boxed in from all sides by the soft and pale creature. Her questions were farcical in nature. Asked if he was cold knowing full well that wasn't the reason he was shaking. What she did outside to his partners. Why he was pissing the thing she strapped to him. "Still you're silent." She said softly as she pulls off him and rubs her hands on his back. "Bruises and scars. How could someone be so ruff with a fragile thing?" She kisses his bruises from the other day's hunt. "No more boo-boos for now on. I'll keep you out of harm's way." Part of him was furious as he was afraid. He'd watch her take down two of his fellow hunters. Their blood spilled from their necks before they could fire a bullet or stake her in the heart. Two far more experience than a rookie with a year of hunting under his belt. She laughed as she killed them and proceeded to attack him next. Grabbing him by his neck and squeezing it with her delicate pale hand with strength far unexpected for a woman, let alone most men. Her speed left him little time to react and his grip left little air to breathe as he was slammed against the wall. She only relented with she heard him beg and the tears falling down his cheeks. To add to his embarrassment, he soiled his pants in the fear he couldn't suppress. This wasn't some basic creature, no foolish goblin or brain rotted zombie. She smelt the scent of urine and her eyes widened and her grip released. He almost fell to the ground but was pushed close against the wall. Her body penning him. He could feel her skin warming from the fresh blood that filled her veins. She whispered into his ears. "Oh baby, you just did it for me. Can't believe they'd bring a helpless child to a fight. Guess I'll have to take care of you. Better get you washed. I got so much blood on you. And you pissed yourself too." She shook her head and clicked her tounge. She pulled and pushed him into her domain. She slapped his ass every time he tried to resist.She escorted him to the bathroom and made him watch as she prepared him a bath and undressed him herself. She then did the same for herself, tossing her blood-soaked clothes to the floor. They bathed together, the fighting he did had long ceased as she smacked and pinch his butt into submission. He felt like some child, which was what was intended. She teased him and mocked him with baby words. He remembered her saying this. "You can't even wash your crack right. Such a mess. No wonder you wet your knickers and pants. Boys like you need something more practical. Nappies." He didn't understand what that meant at the time. He glanced back at her when he had the courage. Emerald green eyes, rich red hair, and dark lipstick against her pale white skin. Her beauty was similar to that of a statue made from marble. Her eyes were another story. Stunning emeralds drew him in. All she did was smile back. Still, he knew this was just a monster in the form of a gorgeous woman. She continued to clean him until she was satisfied. She then began on herself. The water grew murky with red blood. The blood of the men he'd considered allies in this war of the unnatural. They stepped out of the bath and she dried him off with a towel and then herself. Once the creature finished cleaning herself off and attempt to tickle her captive to laugh a little...it worked. They finished and she escorted him to her room. He thought it was over for him but he found this torture and embarrassment would continue. She stepped ahead of him yet held his hand firmly. She opened the white-painted door and kept her eyes locked with his. "You are going to love this." She pulled him inside and what he saw made him want to scratch his head. There was not a single window in the room. It was large and white. Where the wall and ceiling met there was some sort of tapestry along each wall. Safari print with the letter of the alphabet correlating with an animal. The room had a white crib with a mobile above and a changing table next to it with multiple stacks of diapers and other changing supplies. A blue toy chest off to the side. The carpet was clean and soft and the air was sweet like baby powder. Opposite of the baby stuff was a king-size bed with blue sheets and pillows. Complete with nightstands and an old lamp. One thing about the baby stuff that bothered him was its size. So big. Even the diapers. He could easily fit in the diapers and cribs. That's when the hunter's eyes grew larger and the emerald-eyed creature laughed and pulled her prey deeper inside. He wasn't going to be killed like the others, she had other plans. She took the naked man to the changing table. "Upon the table love. Mommy wants to get this over with." She waited for him to move. "Now!" She raised her voice. The hunter heard the creature raise her voice as she remained in eye contact. He started to move, part of him felt as if he was in a trance. Was it fear, some spell of magic, hypnotism, or just him not being an idiot? Whatever it was, he was laying on the soft padding of the table and having his butt tickled. "Good boy. Might as well just lay down and let me help you. Pissing yourself out there just shows you aren't nearly ready to do big boy things like killing what goes bump in the night." She was then applying lotion on his bottom and humming a tune. Mary had a little lamb. "Help me out and keep those legs up. Gonna have to shave those tomorrow. A little too hairy, but not too much muscle either, just a boy." She said picking at the hunter's confidence. "It'll be gone eventually. The muscle. I'll fatten you up just a little. And those muscles will eventually fade away." He watch as she reached under the table and grabbed something. She kept eye contact and her wicked smile. She pulled up a bottle of baby powder and went back down for something else. "Like wearing clouds darling. So soft and comfy." She pulled out a giant diaper with the designs of jungle animals covering its white background. "Nappies are so cute." The hunter couldn't look away from her. Even as she focused on the diaper. Her eyes then glance back and him as she started powdering his butt and proceeded to unfold the embarrassing thing with her hands. Her smile grew wider. She saw the pain on his face and reveled in it. "Don't make that face. My babies wear nappies because they need nappies. You pissed yourself. I had to bath you myself and you had crumbs in your crack. You can't even wipe correctly." She slides the unfolded diaper under his waiting bottom. "Bring those legs down." The hunter wanted to die. His eyes started to get teary but he didn't let a single tear fall down. She fixed the positioning of the diaper with her pale hands and then slide her hand down his legs. Leaving trails of powder on them. "Before I tape this well-earned nappy on your little butt, I want you to say it for me." He looked at her in confusion. "Say what?" Her green eyes lit up. "Are you my little baby boy?" Her dark lips smiled from ear to ear. "My helpless little boy." He hesitated. She wanted him to debase himself a tad bit more. She smacked the side of his leg. It stung him. "Tell me! You are my little baby boy! Tell Mommy what she wants to hear." He never thought a creature would be telling him this. "I'm your baby boy." He said flatly. He felt another smack on his ass now. "Why?" "Mean it. More pride in it. Louder. You are Mommy's helpless baby boy. Say it." She wanted to hear it again. It made her tingle. She was putting the fresh blood to work. This made her feel truly alive again. "I'm your helpless baby boy, Mommy." He said louder and prouder. Well not actually prouder. The opposite actually. He felt another smack. "I"m your little helpless baby boy. I need you, Mommy." "You're not a man. Not some hunter. Just a baby. A baby in need of his nappy. Tell me, baby. Ask me to put it on you. Make it sound good too. Or else." She flashed her fangs and her green eyes squinted with authority. He did so quickly. "Mommy. Please put my diaper on. Please, I need it." She looked at him and he knew it wasn't enough. "I'm just a baby. I need a nappy. I can't hold it, Mommy. I'm..." Damnit. A tear was rolling down his cheek. "I'm not a man. I'm a baby. A baby. Mommy please, put a nappy on me before I have an accident." "Of course cutie. No need to beg." She quickly began tapping the diaper on and had it tightly wrapped around his waist. "Precious little boy. Feels like a cloud doesn't it?" The diaper felt comfortable. The thickness of it made him feel like he was wearing a pillow. Soft and comfy like the creature said. He didn't respond to her. He didn't want to satisfy this bastard again. She'd probably enjoy hearing him confirm what she said before. This woman was into a sweet form of domination. A maternal one. Where she's needed and is in control. She helped the hunter off the table and had him standing in a juvenile diaper as she caressed it with her hands. "You won't be using the bathroom again, except for baths and brushing your teeth. For now on, when you gotta go potty..." She squeezed the diaper and placed a hand upon his shoulder. "You'll go in here." She tapped on the safari diaper with her finger. "Your nappy." She said soft and sensually. She then had him sit on the floor and she walked over to the toy chest that was in the corner. The pale naked creature bent over and unlocked the chest. Soon she was tossing toys his way. Toys from now to a 100 years ago. The older ones were in amazing condition. She turned around and gave him an order. "Play." The hunter did as he was told, but he wasn't in the slightest enjoying it. It was mostly baby toys and dolls made from fabric and stuff with cotton. Wooden block and some modern toys that made noises and flashed colors. His captor watched and smiled. She eventually went to the closet and began to dress herself. She now wore red leggings and a tan bra. Nothing else, she didn't need to cover up much around her baby. She then was hovering over the man and the curious thought of how he tasted entered her mind. She was then pricking him with her fangs and the hunter was pissing himself in fear leading to the start of this story. This was how this hunter found himself dress like some baby. "Now your all wet. Tell me, does having a wet nappy feel nice? It's still warm, baby." She moved her fingers up and down the wet portion of the diaper. "Being Lady Seymour's child is a pleasure. I'm very sweet to my babies. Even the unhappy ones change their minds after a while." She whispered softly in his ear and a kiss on his cheek. The hunter couldn't deny it. She was enchanting. He turned his head to look her in the eyes, those rich green emeralds that he couldn't look away from. Those grinning black lips and beautiful face. Her silky soft words were seductive. She made being her pet sound right. Her baby. The hunter needed to remember. To resist the mesmerism she had slowly placed him under. He felt a hand caress his face and a kiss on his cheek. "Now I'll go fetch you a bottle. Be good." She stood up and exited the room. The hunter wanted to stand up and search the room. But she told him to play. To be good. He didn't want to upset her. He knew he wasn't supposed to be standing up or searching for something to kill her. The hunter starts to look around. The lack of windows was smart. She must be in this room a lot. Not like the bed was an obvious clue. He expected a coffin. One hunter told a story of how they caught his cousin Elvis, yup that Elvis, in his coffin, and ended the fat Hawaiian virgin blood-drinking bastard. NOW THAT'S WHAT A HUNTER DOES. Fighting the mesmerism. He reminded himself what he was. Not some pet or baby for some pervert of a creature with some age play fetish. He had studied for this. He'll bide his time and wait for the chance to stake her overconfident ass in her dark evil heart. One of the rattles. Keep one of them hidden and sharp. Not as effective as blessed wood but enough force can do the trick. At the very least she'd kill him. The creature returned 15 minutes later with a baby bottle in hand. Far larger and more juvenile images on it. "A warm bottle to calm your nerves." She crouched down and offered the Hunter his drink. He grabbed it and examined it. Warm white milk from what he could tell. He then saw pale fingers snapping in his face. "Don't look at it like that. I wouldn't give you anything that would cause you harm. Drink up. You need it. Don't be so nervous." She ordered with her stern motherly tone. Trying to avoid eye contact with the creature forcing him to play baby; he lifted the bottle's nipple into his mouth with both hands and suckled. His new Mommy grinned with delight and moved in closer. She planted a wet kiss on his cheek and sucked her teeth. "You are so cute sucking on that bottle. Who'd let you ever be a Hunter? You are much more suited for nappies and acting as you really are, a baby." She said teasing her new baby/pet. She began to play with your hair. "We are going to have so much fun together." She pulled on the Hunter hair and made him look at her. He refused, as it would as looking into Medusa's evil gaze. Luckily it wasn't as lethal, but becoming her thrall might be worse. He felt the urge to obey. The image of her pale marble beauty, deep red hair, and emerald eyes. It made the blood rush into the spot. The creature was annoyed. He wouldn't meet her eyes. She grabbed his chin as he drank the bottle. He was going strong. At least he was drinking it. "Is there something wrong. Look me in the eyes and tell Mommy." She jerked his head directly facing hers and got as close as she needed. The Hunter tried not to look at her. Yet he couldn't resist and choose to simply close them shut. Nice and tight. He felt the grip on his chin grow tighter. "You little brat. Am I not worthy of your gaze anymore? Let alone your words. Such ungratefulness is not going to be tolerated. Spanking for you!" She exclaimed as she stood up. "Wait." The Hunter said removing the rubble nipple from his mouth. "I just have something in my eye?" He came up with a quick and lousy excuse." She shook her head with an incredulous look on her face. She removed her wavy red hair from her face. She noticed her baby still wasn't looking her in the eyes. She could tell. She had learned to notice a lifetime ago. She was hiding it. His little resistance was turning her on. It felt better when she had fresh blood running in her veins. It filled her with life, and made her really want to do something 'fun' for her. "You're going to lie to me? You're only going to speak when you're going to get some discipline?" "No. It's not like that." It totally was like that. "It just. You're intimidating. And pretty. I just feel awkward looking like this." His little compliment made her heart flutter. Still, he was going to get it, and no amount of honey could change it. She did love the compliments. "Awkward? Intimidating?" She asked. She shook her head in disapproval and clicked her teeth. "Me having to put you back in baby pants? I'm not the one who can't hold it. Or beg for mercy." She reminded him. "Get over to that bed. I think we should lay down the ground rules." She said pointing towards it. He looked at her and then the bed. Her face may have looked displeased but he could see the delight in her eyes. "I didn't mean it like that Mommy. I've just never met a woman like you." "You're still talking and not crawling?" He lowered his head and crawled over to the bed across the room. His Mommy looks on at his diaper butt and grins. "That looks right for some discipline." She walked over to the bed after he had climbed onto it. She had reached into her nightstands shelf and pulled out a paddle. Made of wood and image of bats going down the flat paddle. She sat down next to him and place an arm around his shoulder like she would a pal. With swiftness, she had thrown the grown adult over her lap. She tapped his padded butt with the paddles and stroked his head. "Say you deserve this spanking." The Hunter, if he is worthy of such a title, looked peeved. The amount of humiliation this bitch had put him through. He had to kill her. He needed to. He then felt a hand under his chin and an iron grip squeezing his cheeks. "Cat got your tounge darling? Say it, or I got worse in store for you." Her stern motherly look had made him smaller inside. "I deserve a spanking." He did as she ordered and told her the words that made her tingle with delight. "That wasn't good enough. I didn't hear my name. You said it earlier when you were all scared." She said with a grin and a spank. "I'll pull down this nappy and leave you purple. Now say it again...correctly!" She raised her voice as she hit his padded butt again. "Mommy, I deserve a spanking. I need a spanking, Mommy." The pale creature cooed and stroke the young man's head. Her baby's head. "Please spank me, Mommy Seymour." She leaned into his ear and whispered to him. "Brats like you need to be put in your place. And in your nappies too." That was when the creature started to dole out her punishment. The sound of the wooden paddle smacks and striking wet padding. It stung his ass like splash into a pull from high up the wrong way. A sharp pain spread across his butt as he kicked and bucked in her lap. Her supernatural strength kept him from escaping and his actions only delighted her more and cause him more pain. "A brat. First, you beg me for your punishment and then you act like this. What am I going to do with you?" The pale creature asked rhetorically. She then moved the brat around in her lap to place on leg over his legs. She grabbed his hair and continued her spanking. "Try to struggle now. Can't? Mommy's too strong for the silly baby isn't she?" The paddling was continuing. He wanted it to cease. The entire dilemma he was stuck in. As she punished him he could only imagine piercing her heart with a sharp rattle through the mounds of fat on her chest. It continued for about another 50 or more spanks until she suddenly stopped. The baby had shed a few tears in that time and pleads for mercy. She was wiping them away with her thumbs. "I'm done. I think you had enough. Just remember. Mommy will do it again when you try to be a bad baby." Her condescending tone was had made worse of how her hands were now patting the diaper. "You know what will make your cry baby \butt cute as hell. A dummy." She released him from her clenched legs snd tugged him farther into the bed. She then reached into her nightstand and pulled out another cute little item. It was a pacifier. It was purple and the shield was shaped like a bat's wing. It was cringy. The irony was a thing the creature found amusing. It even had a yellow string to make it a necklace. The hunter sat in a wet diaper on the bed as she removed the cap off it and brought it up to the Hunter's lips. "When you don't want to speak. You're gonna be sucking and chewing on this." She said sternly. The Hunter tried not to look her in her hypnotic emerald eyes. She grabbed by his chin and forced him to look at her. She was then on top of him and pinned him to the bed with her hand and weight. She didn't blink and only starred at him. Her stoic face started to grin. He'd had peed himself again. Some during the spanking and more just now. "Mesmerism is such an effective power. Just because you know you are under my little spell doesn't change anything. Now suck on this Dummy. Then I'm going to get that nasty butt of yours cleaned up." The Hunter started to open his mouth as she slowly and surely slid the dummy into his mouth. He did have lucidity. He wouldn't become her thrall. What she calls her baby. "Why am I your baby?" He asked as his mouth closed down on rubber. She smiled with excitement when he asked that. "Why? I told you." She enjoyed playing with him. She then saw the look in his eyes. He wanted to know. Why this. Why did she do this? She left her finger in the pacifier's ring. "Suck it. And I'll give you a better answer." The hunter did so with her pale finger there. Back and forth his suckled on the rubber nipple. She smirked and shook her head with approval. "Come to your changing table. I'll explain. I promise." She removed her finger and moved towards the table. The Hunter followed behind...on his hands and knees. The creature lift the big baby up and gently laid him on the table. She placed her pale fingers on the tapes of the diaper. "You soaked it quicker than expected. Just a natural baby huh? You'll be messing too. This little kink of mine goes all the way." The Hunter's heart dropped. "Shwit muself?" "Don't use that word. Don't make me spank you again." She threatens again nonchalantly. She began to remove the tapes. They crinkled and ripped as one tap after another was removed. "Nappies are just so perfect for domination." The nature of her kind. Domination. It was what they loved. They only bow when forced most of the time and love to bend others to their will. The pale creature was simply getting off to this. BDSM is considered normal for bloodsuckers. This however was out of the norm. She pulled down the diaper and was reach below for the supplies. She grabbed powder and along with it ointment. The Hunter had looked up at her when she first put him on the table. The Emeralds had caught him again. Her enchanting wicked smile and beautiful pale features. For a moment, maybe staying with her wasn't so bad. She grabbed the cool wipes and started cleaning him. Similar to how she washed him. She hummed a tone that soothed the both of them. As stern as she could be. This creature was gentle like dotting Mother. "Treating someone like this. As my baby, it just hits on the right buttons. Age play you'd call it. But it's better when you force it down someone's throat like a stream of warm milk." She giggled. "What better fate than that? Others are into much darker things. I just want to care for you. Make you love me." She clean his front and then slid it down and up his butt. She enjoyed humiliation too. All of it. What continued to excite her was when he would start to like it. Giggle and appreciate it. Now that would be the most gratifying. The creature then lifted his legs and pulled the wet diaper out from under him. She quickly rolled it up and tossed it in a nearby diaper pail. The creature reached down below the Hunter's view and came up with more diapers. Two this time. One with Baby written on it in blocks and another one with blue space theme diaper. "Pick which one you want Love." It didn't matter. He'd be wearing diapers no matter what. "The blew won." He said through his pacifier. It was better than to baby one but not by much. "Cute choice." She thought of putting him in the white one. Then again, the blue one wasn't a step up. "It's a good nappy. Very adorable. Space aliens and adorable planets. Just imaging your big nappy butt is turning me on even more." The Hunter watched the pale woman unfold the thick blue diaper and slide it under his butt. The smirk is ever-present. Her green eyes kept her pacifier sucking victim entranced. Something about her made him want her to please her. Why would he want to please her? To gain her trust? He wasn't sure. She grabbed the ointment and spread it over his bum. She hummed her tune as she babied him into her arms. Domination isn't always barbed. It can be gentle and sweeter than sugar. Perfect for keeping babies as babies. After applying the rash ointment she did a layover of lotion on his nether areas. She even took time to tickle his bottom. "Now time to powder you up and get that nappy on. Pissy pants." She grabbed the powder and covered him in it and rubbed the lavender-scented powder in. "So adorable. So helpless. Precious." Soon The Hunter found the diaper being tapped on nice and tight. She pulled the tapes on his crotch firmly on each side. She patted his diaper and squeezed it. "Squishy little sponge. Nappies are so your thing." she teased again. The Hunter felt the softness on the clean dry diaper around him. Part of him knew he didn't need it. Yet another made him feel safe. It was only made better by the presence of the creature...woman who changed him. "Come on baby. Come close and wrap those legs around Mommy. I'm strong enough to carry you. I can bounce you in my lap later if you want. I will actually." She told him in the sweetest tone. The Hunter panicked. He wanted that. He wanted that. It made him excited down there. To be in her lap. He could just imagine how sick and weird it was. Fuck! He moved closer to her felt her arms come behind his butt and lifted him up. The Hunter wrapped his legs around the woman like a baby as she took him back to the bed and sat him down. She just stood over him looking sultry and smug. Her curly red hair on her face. "Even though you've been a brat. I think you deserve a treat. Two of them." She snickered. The undead creature had started to rub her busty breast and bounced them while they were still in her bra. "You hungry? Two fat tits all for you brat." She said in her teasing tone. She was even more confident now. "I'm still warm. But for how long? Better-" She unhooked her massive pale breast and let them hang. They looked soft and sweet. "-suck me up now. They're still full of freshness." The creature crawled onto the bed and tossed her bra on the floor. "What a little baby. You were all big and tough only a few hours ago? Stalking me through the night. Now, look where that got you. Not a bad situation, is it?" He was gently sucking on the woman's breast. He didn't think about the action and simply did it instinctually. The warm and honey-sweet milk traveled down his throat. He didn't even think of those whose blood warmed this woman. He looked up at her and into the emerald eyes. He felt a hand on his diapered butt and the smug yet gentle smile on the pale woman's lips. "That's right." He was gently sucking on the woman's breast. He didn't think about the action and simply did it instinctually. The warm and honey-sweet milk traveled down his throat. He didn't even think of those whose blood warmed this woman. He looked up at her and into the emerald eyes. He felt a hand on his diapered butt and the smug yet gentle smile on the pale woman's lips. "That's right." The hunter continued to drink her nectar. "Drink more. Faster. You're hungry." Her hand caress and spanked his diaper rear. "Drink it up." She stroked his head and bit her lip. She closed her eyes and exhales a moan. "Faster!" She moaned through clenched teeth. The suckling and pulling off her nipple. The noise of him slurping her up. She chuckled at the irony. It all egged her on. The diapers. The humiliation. The entire situation. His resistance to her will. It was all that she enjoyed. HER fantasy for more than a century. The hunter felt little in her grasp. So small and unable to stand up against her. As milk traveled down his throat as he heard her tell him to speed up. The smacking of his bum and being rocked in her laps. He drank as much and as fast as he could. He heard her moan and he knew he was pleasing her. Mommy. He did remember his plan. He wanted to attempt it. He didn't want to be some kink slave and become her thrall for the foreseeable future. Yet, he didn't want to leave her. To not see that beautiful smile and enchanting eyes, neither giving up the warm nectar from her amazing bosom. He wanted to be a baby. Her baby. That thought made him curl up in fear. He was really hers. Another side of him was happy about it. The rich milk made him feel drowsy. Elated and lightless. He felt such good things from her breast milk. All the troubles in life were numbed. He eventually switched tits as she feed him. It continued from the other. "This milk will keep you nice and full. And youthful. Not immortality, but better than growing old and decrepit. And most of all, you'll be addicted. Withdraws are a B I T C H." She said sounding quite satisfied. "Momma's baby boy." She leaned in closer. "Forever." The hunter shed some tears as he dug closer into the creature's bosom. He felt the comfort of her presence. The pat on his bum. Even in all this trouble, there was a comfort. Eventually, the stream came to an end. He belched as she shoved the pacifier back into his mouth. He began to feel the stress of the night melt away. He felt the effects of the milk still. He was feeling like a baby. He felt his Mommy pull him close and a pinch on his neck. It only lasted a few seconds. It didn't hurt. Whatever it was. Blood dripped down her lip and onto her chest. Just a drop. "I just needed a taste little one. You feed on me anyway, I think it was a fair exchange. She then licked the wound of the blood and kissed it. In a matter of seconds, it started to close into just marks. "Kisses make everything better." With a little fresh blood in her. The creature left the bed and scooped the hunter up. She felt his legs wrap around her and carried him to the crib on the other side of the room. "Time for bed. You got an adorable crib to sleep in." The hunter was laid in his crib like an unhatched egg. "Baby." She said gaining his attention. With a beautiful smile, she removed his pacifier pointed at the side of her cheek. "Give me a kiss. A little thank you for cleaning you up and setting you right." The regressed Hunter smiled and gave his new Mommy a big kiss on her cheek. She smiled widely and tittered at it. She took this chance to plant a kiss on the forehead. She laid him down and grabbed his blankets. She covered her new baby with the covers and tucked him in. She placed the pacifier back into her baby's mouth and loomed over him. She watched her newly enthralled baby fall asleep. She had a cute boy to play with. So much more fun they would have. There was more that needed to be broken and new habits ingrained into him. Such as learning to do all his messes in a diaper. She was feeling hungry again. She had dragged the two she feed on before into the living room and set them by the fire. To warm the lifeless fools up for her to feed. Hunters were always easy prey and the cutest toys.
  9. One night Jacob heard about this girl at school named Stacey was having a slumber Party with some hot girls. He had to see what they were doing. He walked up to the house then climbed up a tree to see a good view. He saw so many hot girls. Then all of a sudden the tree branched snapped then he fell to the ground. He became unconscious and blanked out. Jacob then woke up inside a house and saw every girl staring at him. Stacey then was in front of him and said "so look what we have here girls this little twerp was spying on us. I think we can actually have some fun with him, grab him". The girls then all held him down onto the floor. " Wait Please don't hurt me I just wanted to see what you guys were up to and I umm think your all really cute". All the girls were blushing. Then Stacey said " awee thanks well lucky for you I think I have something else we can do with you". Stacey then whispered to the girls and they all giggled and nodded. "Well Jacob we think your very adorable and we would love to play take care of the baby with you" Stacey then held a diaper in front of him. "We got this to so you don't have any accidents" Jacob then cried " no please I don't wanna be babied" Stacey then giggled "too bad it's my slumber Party and we will do what we want. Alright girls get him to the bed so we can change this wittle boy into a fresh diaper". All the girls then carried him to the bed and held him down. They all then stripped him of his clothes leaving him fully naked "Awee look at his little willy it's so small alright baby, time to lift up for mommy". Stacey giggled "No please anything but this" Jacob tried to struggle but the girls held him down tight. Two of the girls lifted his legs in the air then Stacey then slid a diaper underneath him then powdered his bum and wee wee. Then taped everything up. "Awee doesn't he look so adorable" Jacob was blushing so much from embarrassment. "Time to feed the baby who wants to go first?". Stacey announced. One girl said " Oh I do I do" Stacey then chuckled " go right ahead". The girl then undid her shirt and bra. " Ok Baby drink up". The girl then stuck her boob in Jacob's mouth and made him suck it. "Ouch he bit me" the girl yelled out. " Alright Girls I think this baby needs to be taught a lesson". They all grabbed him then set him over the girls lap then pulled his diaper down. The girl then started to spank him really hard. " Ouch Please no I'm sorry" Jacob yelled out. She gave him 10 big spanks. Jacob teared alot from the pain. " Now You be a good boy from now on u understand" Jacob nodded. "Alright I think this baby needs some food food". The girls brought in a highchair then set him in it and then brought out some baby food. " Now Open wide for mommy " Stacey giggled. Jacob tried to resist the yucky baby food but the girls just plugged his nose so he had to eat it. "Someone get his bottle". The girls then took him out then put him in this baby bouncer that he fit in perfectly. Jacob couldn't believe he was under the girls control now and dressed up like a baby. He only hoped nothing could get any worse. Stacey said "gosh I can't believe our little baby hasn't gone poopy in his diaper yet". One of the girls say "I really want to see him poop himself like the baby he is". Stacy then had a evil grin on her face of a great idea and whispered it to the girls and then they all chuckled at the idea. We then see Jacob held on the floor unable to move from all the girls holding him down. Stacey smiles and says "I think our baby has been good enough to earn a reward". Stacey then untapes Jacob's diaper and then we see Stacey start too pull down her pants and undies. Exposing her naked pussy and butt to Jacob. Jacob starts to get a hard on. Stacey giggles then moves closer and closer get her nice shaved pussy up against Jacob's ragging horny dick. "I see my baby boy a little excited, does my boy want a big surprise". Jacob then nods his head wanting it so so bad. Stacey then says "alright baby boy if you really want the surprise that bad il give it to you". Jacob then smiles until he sees Stacey make a weird smile on her face and then a big loud fart. Then feels something warm and sticky fall in between his legs. Jacob was shocked Stacey just made a huge massive poop in his diaper and he tried to wiggle out of his torment. Stacey laughed and said "daww does the baby not like his surprise I made him". One of the girls laughed and said "gosh Stacey I really have to poop bad can I go next". Jacob not wanting another stinky load from another girl was trying to wiggle out of this himulating and gross situation. Stacey then nods and the girl then makes a nice big stinky fart then let's loose a nice load into the diaper. We then see the girls tape up Jacob's diaper. Then they get him his hands and knees and forces him to lift his butt up in air. "I think somebody needs a spanking for pooping his nappy" Stacey laughed with a paddle in her hand. We see Stacey then swing the paddle nice and hard against his butt and Jacob could feel all that mess spread against his butt cheeks and all over. He couldn't believe this. Then all of a sudden his tummy was upset. He made lots of farts then ended up adding his own messy load to the diaper the girls used. All the girls laughed and took pics. Jacob could only try his best to hide his face but the damaged was already done.
  10. Prologue Here I lay on this gurney in a strange hospital with these two giants, amazons they are called, standing beside me looking down at me. Rose has her hand resting on my arm gently rubbing her thumb back and forth, trying to keep herself calm, or calm me down I'm not sure. Mark is standing there beside her with his arms crossed, while I see love and compassion in his eyes I can tell he's getting frustrated by the wait. And here I am, legs spread from the bulky diaper taped snugly to my waist, completely at their mercy as I cant even so much as wiggle my toes. As I break eye contact from Rose I glance at the only door into the room as it glides open on silent hinges. A middle aged Amazon with dark brown, salt and pepper, hair comes gliding through the door. The rhythmic suckling of the bright pink pacifier in my mouth speeds up as my anxiety starts to climb. “Good afternoon Mr and Mrs Townsend, I'm Dr Richards. I apologize for the delay. I see you have your little undressed as we requested, and looking at his chart I'm a little surprised to see such drastic changes, but I guess you just wanted a little girl and found a boy instead” he ends in a little chuckle. “Actually sir, there is a little more to the reasons if you would look through her chart properly you would see that.” Rose says defensively over me as if I don't even exist, but her hand stills over my arm and gently grips it telling me I am completely in her thoughts. Dr Richards stumbles on his words a little “I…. Uh…. Yes, I see it here.” as he quickly glances at the papers in his hands. “I am sorry we normally don't see Amazons that would go to such lengths for their littles wants.” “Yes well you see she is special to us in more than one way.” Mark says with just a touch of venom on his words. “Yes I can see that. Well we have the nanites programmed to your specifications. The nurse will be in, in just a moment to finalize the paperwork and start to put him…. Or her under. If you will excuse me” as he quickly turns and walks out the door. Rose turns and looks down at my little form. “Sean are you certain this is what you want? You know from the first talks everything may not go as planned.” “You know kiddo your mommy and I will always love you and take care of you, no matter how your are. You will always be our little bambino.” Mark adds in a sulum voice. I blush a little behind my pacifier at the nickname, as I reach up and pull it from my mouth “Yes I know you will Daddy, you both have been the best thing to have ever happened in my life. Mommy, I wouldn't be here if I wasn't sure. I can’t learn to truly love myself the way I am. I love you both more than you could possibly know.” Quickly sliding my paci back in. As a tear slides down my face, not even embarrassed at being 28 and calling these two mommy and daddy after only knowing them for 3 months. A slim woman rushes in with three syringes and a clipboard. “I am Ms boyd I will be the nurse assisting today. You are Mr and Mrs Townsend correct?” after bread nods from both. “looking over the papers I see we don't have a new name, have you two decided one one?” Mommy looks down at me then back to the nurse “The three of us have decided on Shawnna” “Aww that's adorable, close enough that she won't be confused when you call her.” She said quickly jotting down my new name. “Ok sweetie I'm going to slowly push these medicines in this little tube in your arm here. Just be a good little girl and relax for me” she says to me in a very syrupy voice used for little kids. As she gently hooks up the syringe and slowly pushes the first of three in, my mind starts to wonder back to how I came to be in this very spot. CHAPTER 1 The Dr comes rushing in with a very large syringe as the nurse switched to the second syringe to put me under. As the surgical type room starts to fade I look over at mommy and daddy, smile, and whisper around my paci “I love you” Just as another world, another life, comes into focus. I'm 6 standing in front of my mom and dad. Mom is 5’5” fiery red hair that she has to keep permed in a tight spiral. Dad is 5’10” dark brown hair and eyes that can bore through you with just a glance. They are both yelling at me for something I did. I hear the words, they are just not making sense. I'm told I'm going to bed without dinner. Six months pass I'm over my dad's knee. Getting my behind tanned as he says. The words ringing in my ears “you will learn one way or another you need to keep your hands to yourself.” Three months later my dad is yelling for me to get down to my room. I turn and run fearing the outcome if I'm not fast enough. I find my mattress and box springs on their side still on the frame. My dad is behind me “they will stay that way until I decide to put them down. Do you know why they are that way?” I shake my head I really had no clue, I followed all the rules I know I did. “You didn't clean your room like your mother told you to.” they stayed there for two weeks me sleeping on a concrete basement floor. Three months after my eighth birthday I find myself over my dad's knee again. They got me a boxing toy, one of those inflatable ones you hit and they come back up. I was curious as to how it was made, so I found a plastic knife and went to cutting. Boy was that a mistake. I should have hidden it better.. It was four months after my tenth birthday, I come in the house after school to both my parents sitting at the dining room table. I can tell right away my dad has been crying. Mom looks over at me and says “Sean we need you to sit down for a minute we have something to tell you.” I sat at the kitchen table across from them, as if I'm sitting on egg shells, waiting for whatever bombshell they plan on dropping now. “There is no easy way to say this……. Your grandfather Fredrickson died this morning.” I sit trying to wrap my head around what was just said. It can't be, he's 6’3” fit as a fiddle, he's my rock, my shining light in the shit hole I call a life. All the good memories turn to ash in my mind as my world crumbles around me. I don't even have the emotions to cry, I'm numb from the inside out. I stare blankly at her as she finishes what she was saying, I blanked out I don't recall if there was anything after. It takes two months and we are now living in grandpa's house. There is no room for me, the only boy, so I sleep on the floor of my sisters’ room. I sleep there for six months as my parents slowly clear a room out just enough for my dresser and bed. Once I'm there I start thinking and dreaming of simpler and better times. Times when I was just a baby and was loved and cared for. Image after image fly past, this little boy… wait that's me sitting alone under the play structure at my new school in as small of a hole I could find. Not really fitting in anywhere. Being locked out of the house for not collecting firewood for the house. Getting slapped and belittled for cutting some logs wrong. Joining wrestling in high school every match hoping just one of my parents would show but never being there. Yet always attending anything thing that my two sisters were involved in. Throughout this time my dad draws further and further away, pulling so far back he might as well not even been there. However, his insistence that boys don't do this, or don’t walk this way, or don't do that with their hands sticks in my head and won't let go. Mom on the other hand gets more and more violent, more and more verbal. Never going past the line into abuse but toeing it enough times it left the scars nonetheless. I decided the only way I could escape this life is to join the military. On my eighteenth birthday I signed up as a Navy corpsman. I shipped out in four months for bootcamp. As graduation time neared I sent the date and invitation to my parents, thinking there is no way they would fly halfway across the country for this, not for me. Yet there they where, they showed. That was the first time, since that day many years ago, I saw some life in my dad's eyes. “I'm proud of you Sean.” was all he said, but in those few words he spoke the world. Chapter 2 My parents stayed for a couple days after the graduation I spent the time with them. Surprisingly mom seemed to have respected my growth after boot camp because she didn't treat me the same. Not an equal, but not as some little thing she could bully and push around. My dad after the first day reverted back to his old ways, physically there but mentally checked out. The morning I checked into corps school, the A-school to teach us how to save lives, was uneventful. I was put up in the barracks, which are more like a hotel then what you may think. As I stepped into the room I see two beds on either side of the room with a night stand at the head and a wardrobe next to it framing a window which separates the room. At the foot of the bed is a desk and chair to study at. I had one roommate who seemed to be as quiet as I was. I started out by saying “Hey there I'm SA Fredrickson, looks like we are rooming together.” “Hi I'm SR Newkirk, yes so it seams. What do you think the schools ganna be like?” the other responded timidly shaking my hand. “I'm not sure, as long as it's better than bootcamp.” I nervously chuckle Newkirk rolls his eyes “Anything has to be better than there.” We quietly set about unpacking our gear and and getting to know each other a little as we warm up to the company. Turns out he was from a quiet little town in Ohio and joined the Navy as there was nothing but farming in his future back home. I kept most of my past secret and just stated I joined to get away from a dead end job and no other prospects. The next morning there was an orientation to the school. We were introduced to the rest of our classmates and instructed that there was going to be 5 “red badges” one CO, one XO, one MAO, and two EPO's, the student leaders of our class. The two EPO's would be decided with the results of our first test. The rules were really rather simple because the school was only three months long. We were allowed off base in civilian clothes, and on weekends we didn't have to be on base unless we were in trouble for something. The base was open for our roaming. After the rules, we were lined up and marched to to our first class. The class was set up just like I remember from high school, a bunch of seat desk combos lined in rows. There was a dry erase board at the front for the instructors to write on. After three hours of class we marched to lunch, then after a quick lunch it was back to class for another four hours of school. After classes we were dismissed to do as we wished. We were to report back to the class at 0800 the nest morning. So I went back to my room, Newkirk and I decided that it would be a good time to go explore the base and see what all it had to offer. We found a bowling alley, and the NEX (Naval Exchange) we went in and bought 3 sets of civilian clothes each to start us out. It felt nice to be able to just buy them after months of the same uniforms. We wandered back to the galley where we had dinner then up to the room for the night. The rest of the week went similar to the first day, class stated at 0800 till 1200. Marched to and from lunch. Class again until 1630 then free until the next morning. We had PT 3 days a week where we had to be ready at 0630. Friday came quick bringing along our first test. We took the test right as we got into the class, and had the results after lunch. As we all came in after lunch the instructor called “Fredrickson, Johnson, front and center face the class at attention.” Johnson and I glance at each other as we quickly do as ordered. “Class 425 these are your two EPO's. They are the two that had the highest scores on this first test. They will have to maintain a 3.5 and not fail a single test if they do not then another will be selected. They will lead any remedial studies that will be held for those of you that fail any test. Three test failures and you will be held back a class, three after you will be dropped from the school and another assignment will be found. Is that clear?” We all respond as one “YES PETTY OFFICER.” The red badges where pinned on the right breast right over our name badge. We were then dismissed back to out seats and class proceeded as normal. When Newkirk and I returned to our room we discussed a little of our plans this coming weekend. I had learned of a local mall and there were Van's just outside the gate that would take you there for a small fee. He was just going to study and stay in. I quickly changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt then headed out. The ride to the mall was uneventful even though it was $15 for a 20 minute drive. After roaming the mall for an hour or so, I decided that I needed a cellphone and a laptop. Found myself at one of those cell phone kiosks, the ones splattered in the middle of the malls that you have to walk around to get anywhere. Bought myself the best phone money could buy and a plan to match. The best part of being fresh out of bootcamp was three months of pay just stocked in your bank account. I soon found myself in an electronics store looking at the laptops completely lost in what I was wanting. An attendant came over “Can I help you sir?” “I'm not sure. I'm looking for a laptop that I can do some minor online gaming that would be good for school work as well.” “Well sir these here in the mid range will work from that short description. The night has a little better graphics and more memory, but any of these three would do well.” “Thank you sir, I think I will take this one.” pointing at the more expensive of the three. “Great choice, I will have it waiting for you at the counter when you are ready to check out.” “Thank you I will just browse a little longer and be right there.” as I looked around I grabbed myself a shoulder bag and a mouse for the laptop and went to the counter. “Find everything you were looking for?” the cashier asked cheerfully, but I could tell the cheer wasnt sincere. “Yeah thanks to the assistant I was able to find what I needed thank you.” I said adding a small smile of my own. “Would you like the 2 year service plan added it's only $50?” She says as she rings up the items. “No thank you.” I reply. “Ok your total today is $865.95, how will you be paying today?” “Debit. Why can't anything be an even dollar amount?” I gripe with a little chuckle, as I swipe my card and punch in my pin. “Thank you and have a wonderful day.” she says with a chuckle herself, one that I can tell is sincere as the smile reaches her eyes. I grab my bag and walk out feeling good that I could cheer someone up even for just a moment. I spend another hour hitting other shops for more clothes. Then find myself waiting for a van back to base. $30 this time but thankfully there where 3 others that would split the cost. Back in my room Newkirk asked “How was the trip? Was the mall even worth the it?” “Actually it wasn't to bad, and it's like most malls maybe a little bigger than I'm used to but not bad.” I reply as Ii started to pull out my new purchases. I place my phone on the nightstand and pull out the box for the charger. Newkirk glances over from his own phone that his parents brought for him between boot and school. “Nice phone” “Thank you I went and got a laptop as well. Figured it may come in handy for studying.” “Yeah like you need to study hard. You nearly aced that last test. I just barely passed.” he gripes tossing his phone on the bed so he can look at me better. “Hey, I'm sorry this stuff just comes naturally to me. If you need help with anything I'm right here. Hell I am an EPO now.” I state not even sure how I'm going to manage being in charge of helping people learn this stuff. I quickly unpack my new laptop and place it on the desk, pull out the cord so I can charge it and get the start up process going. I sit at the desk and pull out my phone adding numbers that I have in my memory, such as parents, sisters, and the few friends I had back home, while the the laptop finishes up its initial start up and install of everything. When it is finished I unplug it and take it over to my bed, setting up the wifi and jumping online. Being this is my first time really away from any authority figure, I start looking into those feelings I had so many years ago. Those feelings of wanting to be small and loved and cared for. I find some information on ABDL, and the whole caregiver and little relationship. I find myself drawn to the whole concept and wanting to experience it myself. I glance at the time to realize it's now almost midnight. I glance over at the other bed to see Newkirk passed out and he had turned the lights off. I must have been so drawn into what I was reading I didn't even realize he had done that. I close all the tabs I had up, closed the laptop, and snuggled under the covers drifting off to sleep myself. Chapter 3 I woke up in the morning after the strangest of dreams. Not only was I being cared for like a baby, but I was a girl as well. I decided I was going to take the day and relax, and do some more research and try to wrap my head around the dream I woke up from. As I sat up in bed I glanced across the room seeing the other bed made neatly and no one in it. Thinking to myself well I guess he decided to get an early start. I climb out of bed and gather a set of clothes for the day along with my shower caddy. I walk down the hall and slide into the communal shower, slide into a stall, close the curtain, and undress. I start the water and let the warmth just wash over me as I finish waking up. As I scrub down a few people come in and out, but no one says a thing. I rinse off, shut down the water, and quickly dry off. I step out and dressing fairly quickly as a fellow classmate comes in. We casually say good morning to each other but that is it. As I walk back to my room my stomach grumbles reminding me I need to go get some food. Stepping into my room I decide to give a mom and pop cafe that I saw right off base a try. I quickly throw on some socks and shoes and head out. I get the the cafe, read the sign “The blue moon cafe” with an image of a full blue moon behind the writing. I glide in the door and find it quiet, a few people around but not very busy. A sign at the front counter reads, “please seat yourself” as I see an empty booth and slide in. I pull out my phone looking for something to pass the time waiting for the waitress. “How can I help you today?” a middle aged woman, with shoulder length dark brown, almost black, hair asked in a drab voice saying today is going to be a long day. I look up a little startled “I will take some coffee to start with. Give me just a moment on the food. Thank you” as she turns to walk away I call back to her “save the cow”. She looks over her shoulder with a questioning look. “No cream” I explain. She turns back with a little chuckle and pours my coffee. I quickly look at the menu and decide on a western omelet, I have always liked those. As she returns I quickly tell her my order and grab the coffee for the first swig of the morning. As I sip my coffee I start surfing the internet on my phone trying to find some rhyme or reason behind the dream I woke up with that morning. I don't find anything worth looking to far into before breakfast comes. “Thank you” I state quickly before she dashes off to help another customer. I quietly ate my omelet savoring each bite, casually flipping through different sites about the ABDL community. “how's the omelet? And would you like some more coffee?” I hear the waitress ask from beside me. “It's great thank you, and I would love some more thank you.” I mentally shake myself, I need to stop getting so wrapped up in what I'm looking at online. She quickly refills my cup and continues her rounds. As I finish my breakfast she slips by refilling my cup one more time and leaving the check. I slowly finish my third cup as I let the food set, as I drink the last swallow of my coffee I slide out and grab the check and head to the the cashier. As I am waiting the waitress comes up and starts to ring me out. “How was everything today?” “It was wonderful thank you. I think I may have to make a weekly visit as long as I'm in town.” I say with a smile on my face. I quickly pay with my debit card and head back to base. When I got back to my room I pulled out my school stuff and started to study. I studied until my stomach decided to tell me that I was hungry. Glancing up at the clock I realise it is dinner time at the gallee and quickly make the walk down there for dinner. After dinner I head back to my room, pull out my laptop, and do some more research. Newkirk is in the room by then so I ask “How has your day been?’ “Ohhh you know just exploring what's around. I found my way to the mall first thing this morning. When did you wake by the way? You must have been having a strange dream. You were mumbling in your sleep.” He states as he stretches out his 6’2” frame onto his bed. I nervously chuckle “yeah I remember it being odd just don't remember much of it.” I quickly lie and hope he lets it go. “Yeah I have those sometimes, if you start to get to loud I will just throw something at ya. Do the same if I get loud” he chuckles at his little joke. I chuckle as I pull up the search engine and continue my site browsing. The rest of that day, and the next, go rather uneventful. Monday rolls around and the start of a new week. I learned that we have tests every friday, so I'm not expecting to start any study sessions as EPO until the week after. The week went by in a blur ending in a near perfect score on that weeks test. The weekend was about the same with the exception of going to the mall. Those strange dreams continued, with slight changes each time and no calling out. I decided that I would make the blue moon cafe a weekly stop every Sunday as a treat before the start of the new week. Monday came and the scheduling of the study halls. There would be two sessions a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Jackson, the other EPO, would take the Tuesday I would take the Thursday. The week flew by next thing I knew I was up in a different class room waiting for the study hall people to come in an hour after class was released. I had a tentative plan of what I wanted to go over, but was going to ask where the help was needed most first. A few people came in then she did, about 2 inches shorter than me, skinny as a rail, dirty blond hair pulled up in a bun. Her name badge read “Chappa” and I felt drawn to her. “Ok let's settle down. Now what do we all need help with?” I start the study session with. As it turns out they all needed help with different parts of today's lesson. So I settle in and start from the beginning. After an hour of going over the material. We call it for the night. As I gather my stuff I wait for everyone to leave. As I close the door behind me she is standing there just down the hall eyeing me with lust filled eyes. I walk towards her. “Hi I'm Sean Fredrickson” I present my hand for a shake. “I'm Carol Chappa nice to meet you. Are you doing anything this weekend?” She responds in turn. Daintily shaking my hand. “Not right now, do you have any plans?” I ask with a slight blush. “Actually some friends and I are getting a hotel and having a little party. I wanted to know if you would like to come?” I respond maybe a little too quickly “I would love to. Where should we meet?” “we are all meeting at the smoke deck at 1800 on Friday. Hope to see you there.” “Wouldn't miss it.” I assure her. I head back to my room, head swimming with what I may have just gotten myself into. As I step into my room I quickly say hi to Newkirk, undress and climb into bed. As I drift off to sleep my mind is fixated on her haunting looks and her piercing green eyes. Chapter 3 I woke up in the morning after the strangest of dreams. Not only was I being cared for like a baby, but I was a girl as well. I decided I was going to take the day and relax, and do some more research and try to wrap my head around the dream I woke up from. As I sat up in bed I glanced across the room seeing the other bed made neatly and no one in it. Thinking to myself well I guess he decided to get an early start. I climb out of bed and gather a set of clothes for the day along with my shower caddy. I walk down the hall and slide into the communal shower, slide into a stall, close the curtain, and undress. I start the water and let the warmth just wash over me as I finish waking up. As I scrub down a few people come in and out, but no one says a thing. I rinse off, shut down the water, and quickly dry off. I step out and dressing fairly quickly as a fellow classmate comes in. We casually say good morning to each other but that is it. As I walk back to my room my stomach grumbles reminding me I need to go get some food. Stepping into my room I decide to give a mom and pop cafe that I saw right off base a try. I quickly throw on some socks and shoes and head out. I get the the cafe, read the sign “The blue moon cafe” with an image of a full blue moon behind the writing. I glide in the door and find it quiet, a few people around but not very busy. A sign at the front counter reads, “please seat yourself” as I see an empty booth and slide in. I pull out my phone looking for something to pass the time waiting for the waitress. “How can I help you today?” a middle aged woman, with shoulder length dark brown, almost black, hair asked in a drab voice saying today is going to be a long day. I look up a little startled “I will take some coffee to start with. Give me just a moment on the food. Thank you” as she turns to walk away I call back to her “save the cow”. She looks over her shoulder with a questioning look. “No cream” I explain. She turns back with a little chuckle and pours my coffee. I quickly look at the menu and decide on a western omelet, I have always liked those. As she returns I quickly tell her my order and grab the coffee for the first swig of the morning. As I sip my coffee I start surfing the internet on my phone trying to find some rhyme or reason behind the dream I woke up with that morning. I don't find anything worth looking to far into before breakfast comes. “Thank you” I state quickly before she dashes off to help another customer. I quietly ate my omelet savoring each bite, casually flipping through different sites about the ABDL community. “how's the omelet? And would you like some more coffee?” I hear the waitress ask from beside me. “It's great thank you, and I would love some more thank you.” I mentally shake myself, I need to stop getting so wrapped up in what I'm looking at online. She quickly refills my cup and continues her rounds. As I finish my breakfast she slips by refilling my cup one more time and leaving the check. I slowly finish my third cup as I let the food set, as I drink the last swallow of my coffee I slide out and grab the check and head to the the cashier. As I am waiting the waitress comes up and starts to ring me out. “How was everything today?” “It was wonderful thank you. I think I may have to make a weekly visit as long as I'm in town.” I say with a smile on my face. I quickly pay with my debit card and head back to base. When I got back to my room I pulled out my school stuff and started to study. I studied until my stomach decided to tell me that I was hungry. Glancing up at the clock I realise it is dinner time at the gallee and quickly make the walk down there for dinner. After dinner I head back to my room, pull out my laptop, and do some more research. Newkirk is in the room by then so I ask “How has your day been?’ “Ohhh you know just exploring what's around. I found my way to the mall first thing this morning. When did you wake by the way? You must have been having a strange dream. You were mumbling in your sleep.” He states as he stretches out his 6’2” frame onto his bed. I nervously chuckle “yeah I remember it being odd just don't remember much of it.” I quickly lie and hope he lets it go. “Yeah I have those sometimes, if you start to get to loud I will just throw something at ya. Do the same if I get loud” he chuckles at his little joke. I chuckle as I pull up the search engine and continue my site browsing. The rest of that day, and the next, go rather uneventful. Monday rolls around and the start of a new week. I learned that we have tests every friday, so I'm not expecting to start any study sessions as EPO until the week after. The week went by in a blur ending in a near perfect score on that weeks test. The weekend was about the same with the exception of going to the mall. Those strange dreams continued, with slight changes each time and no calling out. I decided that I would make the blue moon cafe a weekly stop every Sunday as a treat before the start of the new week. Monday came and the scheduling of the study halls. There would be two sessions a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Jackson, the other EPO, would take the Tuesday I would take the Thursday. The week flew by next thing I knew I was up in a different class room waiting for the study hall people to come in an hour after class was released. I had a tentative plan of what I wanted to go over, but was going to ask where the help was needed most first. A few people came in then she did, about 2 inches shorter than me, skinny as a rail, dirty blond hair pulled up in a bun. Her name badge read “Chappa” and I felt drawn to her. “Ok let's settle down. Now what do we all need help with?” I start the study session with. As it turns out they all needed help with different parts of today's lesson. So I settle in and start from the beginning. After an hour of going over the material. We call it for the night. As I gather my stuff I wait for everyone to leave. As I close the door behind me she is standing there just down the hall eyeing me with lust filled eyes. I walk towards her. “Hi I'm Sean Fredrickson” I present my hand for a shake. “I'm Carol Chappa nice to meet you. Are you doing anything this weekend?” She responds in turn. Daintily shaking my hand. “Not right now, do you have any plans?” I ask with a slight blush. “Actually some friends and I are getting a hotel and having a little party. I wanted to know if you would like to come?” I respond maybe a little too quickly “I would love to. Where should we meet?” “we are all meeting at the smoke deck at 1800 on Friday. Hope to see you there.” “Wouldn't miss it.” I assure her. I head back to my room, head swimming with what I may have just gotten myself into. As I step into my room I quickly say hi to Newkirk, undress and climb into bed. As I drift off to sleep my mind is fixated on her haunting looks and her piercing green eyes. Chapter 4 I woke the next morning to the sound of my alarm going off. I blindly smack the nightstand looking for my alarm to get a few more minutes of sleep. From across the room I hear “I'm up, I'm up.” I open my eyes and find my alarm, shutting it off I roll out of bed. Grudgingly I get up and get dressed, grab my razor and go shave. Never having a whole lot of facial hair to start with made it a quick process. Heading back to the room where I see Newkirk still in bed. “Hey it's time to get up” I holler at him. “Yeah, Yeah I am. I'm just checking my eyelids for leaks.” he mumbles “yeah sure you are. You know we can’t be late get up already” He slowly climbs out of bed, and gets himself ready. We head to the class room together to get this day over with. As we step in I look around and see Carol sitting chatting with some others. She quickly waves. I return the wave and find my seat, placing my work material in front of me. The day goes quickly it helps when distracted with the prospect of going to a weekend long party that night. After classes Newkirk and I walk back to our room. “Any plans this weekend?” he asks. “Actually I do. Sr Chappa invented me to a party this weekend.” “Oh that's cool I think I'm gonna head to the mall and going to catch a movie.” “That's cool. Sunday night we can get some study time in. I noticed you have been flirting with that fail line.” “Yeah I will get some in this weekend and the help will be appreciated.” he states with a slight blush. I quickly strip out of my uniform and head down for a quick shower. After the shower I head back to my room, get dressed and ready to head out. “see ya Sunday James.” I say to Newkirk as I head out the door. “See ya Sean” I walk over the the smoke deck, where I see Carol and a few others. Looking at my watch I see I still have 30 minutes. Carol glances over “nice to see you made it. We are just waiting for a few others. We will go get the rooms, then Jack here will go get the alcohol.” she says to me as she turns a little, and gives me a little hug. “Sounds good” I say hugging her back. As we wait slowly joining the rest, the conversation is about who is with who, and general gossip. A pair, I learn are Chris and Mary, are talking about what was taught today. When the rest show we all pile into two cars and head to a nearby hotel. There were eight of us all apparent couples. We got there and got two adjacent rooms. We quickly found our rooms and we all handed Jack $20s and he headed to get the alcohol. As Carol and I sat on one bed we talked about our past. I glossed over all my past traumas leaving it as simply a quiet childhood. Hers, on the other hand from the way she talked about it, she was feed with the proverbial silver spoon. she joined the military to slight her parents. I decide before the alcohol got there to order pizza for all of us. The Pizza and the alcohol arrive at the same time. As we all dig into the pizza, the alcohol starts to flow. We turn on the TV to some movie channel as Jack breaks out a small speaker and starts some music off his phone. As the time nears 10:00PM we have to turn the music down because of a noise ordinance but the partying continues well after midnight. As everyone finds their way to a bed I find myself in bed with Carol where, in our drunken state, we proceed to have sex. I won't contest to the quality as we were both so drunk we couldn't stand straight. We quickly fell asleep in eachothers arms after. The morning came quickly I was the first to wake, I gently slide out from under Carol as she slept. I go to the bathroom and quickly take care of my morning needs. As I step out of the bathroom I glance around the room and see the total disaster it became from last night, and start to clean up. About 30 minutes after I started I flop back on the bed with a slice of pizza waiting for others to wake up. I pull out my phone and start looking at the pages I found about abdl. Jack was the first to wake. “did you enjoy your night?” he asks with a quick wink. “of course, it sounded like you had a good night as well.” I say with a chuckle About 20 minutes later Carol woke up and I decided to treat her to breakfast. We decided that after she freshened up we would walk to the blue moon cafe. As we walked there she asks “Last night was fun wasn't it?” “it was, I had a blast. Is this your every weekend?” I respond. “well last night was the biggest. This was the second weekend of parties. I know that I am not going to want this every weekend though.” she responds thoughtfully “there will be several that it will just be you and I” she adds with a little wink. I feel my cheeks warm with a slight blush “oh yeah? I didn't think I was that good last night, I was rather drunk” “yeah so was I. But I'm hoping I can find out how you are without the alcohol tonight” “That we can definitely do. I think I'm liquored out for the weekend.” I smile back at her. As we arrive we find a booth. The waitress comes by “Can I get you to something to drink as you look at the menus?” I look over at Carol “I will have some coffee thank you.” she says. “And another coffee for me.” I added. As we wait for our coffees we look through the menu and quickly decide on what we are getting. As the waitress arrives with the drinks. “Have you two decided?” “Yes ma'am we have” I respond and look over at Carol. “I will take the Belgian waffles.” Carol states eagerly. “The western omelet for me please.” when the waitress walks away with our orderI ask “So what would you like to do today?” “Well what would you say to going to the mall, and maybe catching a movie later?” Glancing at my watch I realize it's already noon. “sounds great we can decide what to watch there.” Conversation turns to the school and what she needs to succeed and pass. And we decide to do a weekly study there at the blue moon Wednesday nights. After we eat I pay and we head to the mall. We wonder around for several hours. Stopping at the theater we pick a romantic movie to watch that starts in a couple hours. We go back to the mall and pick up a few more outfits for the two of us. As we went in the theater I got us a popcorn and drink to share. We chose seats that were about half way up. The arm reacts raised out of the way. So I sat and she cuddled next to me during the movie. After, we made our way back to our room, and got ready for the night. We had sex again that night and I am the type of person that insures my partner orgasms before I do, which she greatly appreciated. We quickly fell asleep in each other's arms. The next morning we checked out and headed back to base. As we parted ways going into our respective barracks we hugged and kissed. “See you tomorrow?” I ask “Of course we are in the same class” she teases back. I chuckle and watch her enter the door. I turn and head up to my room. “how was your weekend?” James askes as I walk in. “it was great.” as I sit at my desk and give him a quick rundown of the weekend. “sounds like you had a lot of fun” he says with a smile. “I really did. Just wondering where it will lead to you know?” “well don't rush things.” “no definitely won't.” We spend the rest of the day studying. Then get to bed early for another long week. As I fall asleep I can't stop thinking over the weekend and how she may just be the one. Chapter 5 The next month flew by as we settled into a routine at school. Carol and I had our weekly study sessions at the Blue Moon. James and I studied every Sunday. I kept them both in the school and kept my red badge. During the month the other EPO was changed twice and the CO and XO had swapped. Carol and I had gotten very close and spent just about every moment outside of school that we could. We learned that the only way we could guarantee that we would be together after school was to get married. After we learned that we started discussing if that was what we wanted to do. One weekend we were at the mall and started looking at rings and I got an idea of what she liked and wanted. That Thursday I head out to the mall myself. And go to the jewelry store and find the perfect engagement set. And start to have it sized. They tell me that the rings would be ready Saturday and they will give me a call. The next day Carol and I head to our normal hotel. Rent a room for the weekend and head to it. When we get in I say “Hey do you wanna go catch a movie sometime tomorrow. I hear a new one was coming out and thought we could go watch it.” “I would love to. Are we going to make it a dinner and a movie?” she asked as her eyes light up. “But of course, is there any other way?” I ask playfully as I kiss her passionately. We spend the night in each other's tender embrace. The morning comes and we head to blue moon for a quick breakfast before heading to the mall. During breakfast the jewelry store calls “Hello” I respond. “Mr Fredrickson, I was just calling to let you know the ring you ordered is ready for you to pick up.” “Oh great thank you.” “No problem sir you have a great day.” “You as well.” As I hang up the phone. “who was that?” carol asks “just something I ordered is in. I will get it next week. I want to spend the weekend just us.” “are you sure?” “yes I'm positive.” “okay” she responds with a smile. We finish our food and make our way to the mall. At the mall we take our time walking around enjoying each others company. As we go to step into a store I excuse myself to the restroom. Instead of the restroom I quickly find my way to the jewelry store to pick up the rings I bought. We make our way to the theater and get out tickets for about 3 hours after. We then find a restaurant and have nice dinner before the movie is to start. We quickly order our drinks and food. After the drinks arrive, my hand is in my pocket holding the ring case. I stand and kneel next to her. “Carol Chappa, will you marry me?” I stumble over my words as i ask this very important question. She places her hand over her heart “yes, yes i will” she whispers as she starts to cry. I slide the ring on her finger and take her in my arms. The tables around us that overheard congratulated us. Our dinner arrived, as we ate we discussed how when and how we would get married. We decided on going through a justice of the piece for the quickness that we could get it done. And decided on a reception later on. After dinner we made our way to the theater arm in arm. She would randomly raise her hand to admire the ring. We watch the movie and bliss then head back to the hotel for a night of love making. The next morning we wake up together make love again then make our way back to base. I walk her to the front of her barracks kiss her goodbye and head on to mine. On my way in my head is swimming with thoughts of the diapered community I have been flinging I fit into. And how was I to tell my fiance about my thoughts. During my study session with James I am distracted by my thoughts of how to tell her. I decide that in the morning I will invite her to dinner off base Wednesday and tell her then. That morning I met her outside her barracks and walked with her to the school house. “Carol I have something we need to talk about. Can we go to the blue moon Wednesday for dinner to talk?” I ask along the way. “Of Course we can.” she responds with a worried tone in her voice. The first part of the week progressed quickly. Wednesday after class I rushed to my barracks quickly got changed and ready for the dinner with Carol. I met her outside her barracks so we could walk to dinner together. On our way to the Blue Moon, she says “So what was it you needed to talk with me about?” “We will talk over dinner” I simply state with a smile on my face as we hold hands and walk to our dinner. Chapter 6 When we arrived at the diner, we find our normal booth empty even with a small crowd. As we sit the waitress comes over with two cups of coffee as she is the normal waitress we see. “Its great to see you two again how have you been?” “We have been good thank you” I respond “Would you both like your normal for this evening?” She asks. “Yes please” I simply state. “So what is it that you where so eager to speak with me about?” she asks with a smirk on her face. I begin to blush as I start “Well there is a side of me that I haven’t told you about yet.” I say as I glance at the table in between us. “And what is that?” She asks with concern in her eyes. “I….. I like to wear diapers.” “Okay and what does that mean?” She asks with a little venom in her voice. “It means I like the feel of them. I like to be treated like a kid at times” I respond in defense to her unspoken accusation. A confused look comes over her face “So you want to be treated like a baby sometimes?” I bashfully look at the table and nod. “Well we can try this weekend, I don’t know what to do or anything but we can try” “thank you” is all I can say as our food is brought and conversation turns to school. After dinner we quickly find ourselves back at the base and separating to our separate dorms. I gently kiss her good night before she heads in the doors. On my short walk to mine I think about what I had just done. The weekend comes incredibly quick as I attempt to get everything, I think I will need for the weekend. Diapers, wipes, powder, a bottle and paci. Trying to get it all without being seen was harder than I had expected but I managed to get it all. Friday after class I rush to my barracks room pull out the bag I have everything in, look through it and check to make sure I have it all. Quickly change in the excitement of what this weekend will bring. Rush out to wait for Carol to come out of her barracks. After a 20 minuet wait she comes out and askes “do you have everything you need? And are we ready to go?” “I think so” I respond with a grin. She takes my hand and leads us to the vans to head to a hotel. When we get in the van she reaches across me and buckles my seat belt for me. “there you go little one” she whispers as the belt clicks. When we arrive at the hotel she unbuckles me takes my hand and leads me from the van to the office where she rents our room for the weekend. She leads us to our room. When we get in she takes the bag from me and says “lets see what we have in here.” She opens the and starts taking things out. The first is the bag of cheap store brand diapers, and says “I guess I need to get you into one of these now don’t I?” I nod as I lay on the bed on my back. She comes over and slowly takes my pants and boxers off. She opens the package reaches into the bag pulls out the powder sprinkles it on and gently rubs it in. “lift you butt as I slide this under you” I start to sense there is a little tension in her voice. I lift my but and she slides the diaper under me. As she pulls it up between my legs, I blush as I start to get hard. As she tapes the diaper she looks at me with a smirk “you really like this don’t you.” I blush as I nod my head. “lets see what else is in this bag of yours.” As she starts pulling things out “why is every thing for a girl?” “I don’t know, I just like the designs” “Ahhhhh, okay” she simply states, as she opens the Paci and slips it in my mouth. We cuddle and watch TV the rest of the evening. After I wet the diaper, I have to stand up to actually go, she changes me we have sex then go to bed. The next morning she asks “Can we just be us today, I need to think about last night” “Yes we don’t need to do anything today. I thank you for hearing me out and allowing this to happen. Do you think it will happen again?” “Yes it will happen again, just give me time.” “Okay no problem” as I let it go. We go out for breakfast and enjoy the rest of the weekend as we normally would. We also start to talk about our plans for next weekend as we are getting married then. Chapter 7 The week flew by, next thing I know I am getting ready to get married. We meet outside her barracks, I am wearing a pair of black slacks white button up shirt and a black tie, she is wearing a simple yet elegant white dress. We head to the vans bright and early Saturday morning. We are going to Waukegan courthouse. As we pull up, I start to feel my pules quicken as, second doubts start to fill my head. Carol reaches over grabbing my hand, “is everything alright?” I nod my head, “yeah just getting a little nervous, you?” “I’m excited” she exclaims with a big grin on her face. We gently slide out of the Van and walking hand in hand we step into the courthouse. Walking to the receptionist we check in and find some seats to wait our names to be called. As we are sitting there, we watch the bailiff step out of the courtroom and call people up. After the fourth time he calls out “Chappa verses Fredrickson” We stand and taking each other’s hands we walk into the court room. And go stand in front of the judge. “Miss Chappa, Mr. fredrickson you are standing before me to get married today correct?” “Yes you honor.” We say in unison. “good then, Miss Chappa do you take this man to be your husband?” “I do” she simply states “Mr. Fredrickson, do you take this woman to be your wife?” “I do” I say with a grin “I now pronounce you husband and wife” He claims. “the frond desk will provide you with your marriage license and all regarding forms.” We turn towards each other and kiss each other deeply. Then turn and head out the doors. We head to the front desk and obtain our paperwork. As we step outside, we hug and start laughing. We begin walking towards the tram station to head back towards the base. As we near the base we get off at a station then head to a motel just down the road. I step in and get a room for the night thank the lady then head out. “well Mrs. Fredrickson are you ready to head to our room?” “Yes Mr. Fredrickson I am. And please don’t call my Mrs. It makes me feel old.” We both chuckle as I lead her to our room. As we enter the room, I turn her and kiss her passionately, as we begin to slip out of our cloths and stager to the bed. I lay her on the bed our lips never parting, and we begin to make love. After we are done, we clean up get dressed and head out to dinner. We quickly get to our normal restaurant and find a seat holding hands the whole way. After a quick dinner we head back to the room and spend the night deep in each other’s embrace. The next morning, we go to breakfast and then head back to the base. We part ways and head to our barracks. As I enter my room, James is there and looks up at me inquisitively. “everything went great James” I state as I roll my eyes. “you mean she didn’t leave you standing out there all day and night like a fool?” “No she didn’t.” I say as I chuckle. “are you ready to get this studying knocked out?” “Yeah lets do this.” As he turns towards me and we spend the rest of the day studying. On Monday Carol and I submit all the appropriate papers, and we are told that we would be collocated with our orders. The rest of the school went by in a flash, I graduated top 5 in my class. After graduation we are given our next orders. Carol and I compare our orders, she is going to the hospital at camp Lejeune, I was being stationed with the marines. I had a school to attend for 4 weeks before I was to be stationed there, the good thing is it was in an adjoining base. When carol and I got to the bases the first thing we did after checking in was submitting the papers for us to live off base. It was instantly approved but during the week I needed to stay on base, as there was a lot of PT that was done first thing in the mornings. Carol and I was able to find an apartment off base and moved in the first weekend we could. The apartment was a simple two bedrooms with a kitchen, bathroom, and living room. We head out and get all the furniture that we need for the apartment. They tell us they couldn’t deliver it until Monday, so we stop at another store and pick up an air mattress and a TV to watch. As we cuddle and watch tv as my mind began to slide back to wanting to wear diapers. “Have you given any more thought about letting wear diapers?” I ask. “I haven’t but you can get a pack, as long as its not all the time and you go slow.” “Thank you” I simply say. As we snuggle in for the night, we gently make love. The next day we take it easy and just enjoy each other’s company. We went to bed early as I had to get up early to start classes. In the morning I woke to my alarm and quickly shut it off. Slid out of bed got a quick shower and went back to the bedroom to get dressed. As I stepped in, I stopped and watched Carol sleep and though how lucky I was to be her husband. I quietly got dressed and left for the week. The week drug and flew by all at the same time, early morning PT fallowed by class after class. On Friday after class I headed to my car with all my laundry and headed to the apartment. When I got there Carol wasn’t home yet so I decided to head to the store to buy a pack of diapers. When I got to the store, I quickly found the adult diaper isle and was suddenly very self-couscous about what I was going to buy. What would others think, what would others say. I grabbed a pack and started walking to the register. The closer I got the more my hands began to sweat, I placed the bag on the counter and the casher rung me out. She didn’t say anything about my purchase besides normal pleasantries. I drove home, as I stepped into the apartment, I realized Carol was home, I placed my bag but the door and rushed to give her a hug and kiss. “I missed you” I said as I held her. “I missed you too. What did you get at the store?” she gently prods. I head back to the door and pull the pack out of the bag and show her. As she looks at the pack, I miss the look that flashes across her face. “I am about to start dinner do you want to help after you put those up?” she asks. “sure thing” I say as I walk into the bedroom and place the pack in the closet. I walk back into the kitchen and begin to help her cook a simple spaghetti dinner. As we sit in the living room, she asked how my seek went. I fill her in as best I could and ask about her week. Fine was the only answer I got. We spent the rest of the week cuddling and just enjoying each other’s company. Sunday evening we went to bed early as we both had to get up early to start our long week. Chapter 8 The next two weeks flew by as I forgot about the diapers I had bought and stashed in closet. Our weeks found a very happy routine. During the week I would be at the school learning what I needed to, to keep a marine alive on their worst days. On the weekends Carol and I would truly enjoy each other’s company. Each day we fell more and more in love and I was thinking that life couldn’t get any better and she was the best time to come to into my life. On the Friday before the fourth weekend I remember the diapers that I bought. When I got home finding that Carol wasn’t home I went directly to the bedroom and put one on. As I finish I hear the door open and I hear Carol call my name. I step out of the bedroom in nothing but my green T-shirt and the diaper. I catch her roll her eyes and sigh. “Take that damn thing off” she says. I stopped and stared at her for just a moment. “I am sorry I just thought.” I start. “well you thought wrong” she snaps as she interrupts me. “okay” I mumble under my breath as I turn around and step back into the bedroom. I quickly take it off and get redressed. When I rejoin her in the living room, she acted as if there was nothing wrong. The weekend progressed as if nothing had happened. Monday morning comes to quickly as it always does. I kissed her goodbye as I left the house, my mind swirling about what had happened Friday. The week went by and it was more taxing then the rest. As I drug myself home Friday I find a note from Carol. Sean I am sorry I have duty tonight. I will be home late. Love you Carol I read the note twice to make sure I had it right. I quickly thought that tonight would be a good night to indulge in wearing. I head to the bedroom pull out a diaper from the pack, thinking if she really had that big of a problem with me wearing why hasn’t she thrown them out. I put it on, head out to the living room to watch tv in just my t-shirt and the diaper. As I am sitting on the couch relaxing, I can’t stop looking down at myself marveling at how the diaper feels against me and that I don’t see the bulge that I would normally see in regular underwear. My stomach starts to grumble, and I think it is about time to go get something to eat, I head into the kitchen and make a quick meal. I begin to feel my bladder and I have to really concentrate to let it out. I am shocked at the warmth that spreads across the front of the diaper and travel down between my legs to settle and soak into my diaper. I collected my food and went to the living room to eat. As I finish, I start to fall asleep on the couch. I am awoken by the door opening and the yelling of Carol “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT YOU DAMN NASTY PIECE OF SHIT FALLING ASLEEP ON MY DAMN COUCH IN A FUCKING WET NASTY DIAPER. YOU FUCKING PERVERTED ASSHOLE.” I jump up off the couch and start to stammer out some excuse. She marches over and I don’t even recognize her. The look on her face is like out of some slasher flick where the killer is about to kill their victim. She begins to slap and hit any part of me she can reach, as she continues to extenuate every other word with another strike. “TAKE THAT NASTY FUCKING THING OFF. I HATE THE IDEA I HATE YOU FOR IT AND I CANT STAND BEING AROUND YOU. YOU FUCKING PERVERT” I rip the diaper off and stammer out an apology as I cower in front of her. “Go get fucking dressed and clean yourself up I don’t want to smell your fucking piss” “I am sorry” I mumble as I walk back to the bedroom to grab some cloths and took them into the bathroom for a quick shower. I glance and see her on the phone with someone. As I get out and dressed, I walk out to the living room. “All of those disgusting things need to get out of my house NOW!!!” I quickly dash to do as she ordered I grab the near full pack and take it into the kitchen where the trash bags are and place the pack in an empty bag as a tear slides from my eye, my mind trying to wrap around what happened why she is so angry and not coming up with anything. I pick up the wet diaper that I had left in the middle of the floor and throw it away. And quietly take it out to the large trash bin outside. As I start back to the apartment. She is storming out with her keys in hand. “I can’t stand the fucking sight of you I am leaving.” “Please don’t, please stay I am so sorry” I start to cry. She storms past gets in her car and leaves as I am crying on the walk and slowly walk back in. I close the door and slump against it sliding till I am on the floor as the wracking crying starts. I manage to crawl to the couch. I climb up and cry my self to sleep right there. I wake to the smell of cooking bacon. I stand and stagger to the kitchen and see Carol cooking. “Carol I am sorry for last night” I say as I see her. “you should be, I can’t believe you would think I would be ok walking in with you like that. I can’t do that I can’t stand even the thought. It makes me physically ill.” She says “ok I won’t do that again” We let the conversation go and I put the thoughts of diapers as deep into my memory as I can. Just like I did as a kid about my gender. The weeks flew by and our relationship started to get back to normal. She snapped at every little think I did, and I shrugged it off. As school is a few weeks out from finishing I came home one Friday night. “So next weekend I will be spending it in the field” I tell Carol after I gave her a hug and kiss. “Yeah right you found someone to go play diaper buddies with. Well I sure FUCKING hope she is worth your damn marriage.” She begins to fume. “No I have put all that behind me I swear it’s a field op to finish up school.” I explain “You where told at the beginning that you wouldn’t need to be there during the weekend so I know your fucking lying” “No, I am not lying, what am I to do when they spring this on me. I told you as soon as I could. I am sorry. But I have to be there.” “What the fuck ever.” We try to make the best of the weekend. Monday morning comes and she wakes a little as I give her a kiss goodbye. “Have fun with your nasty ass diaper buddy you cheating asshole.” The Wednesday after my time in the field we graduate, and I don’t have to check into my next command until Monday. I head home with a heavy heart and a little eagerness to be with Carol for the long weekend. I think as I drive that this weekend, I am going to do all I can to make this the best weekend I can. I do love Carol, or I wouldn’t have married her. I get home and I start getting things out to make a wonderful dinner for her so it will be ready as soon as she gets home. As soon as she steps in the door I can see on her face that she had a bad day. “what the fuck are you doing?” she says as she slams the door. “Well I graduated and I don’t have to check in until Monday so I thought I would surprise you with a nice dinner and spend as much quality time with you this weekend as we can” I quickly say “Oh, well that would be nice. Since you weren’t here last weekend. And I did have a crap day” The weekend flew by even though it was really a great time. As we crawl into bed Sunday night I think tomorrow will be the start of a new adventure. Chapter 9 “HN Fredrickson, welcome to 1/2.” Chief Smith states sitting behind his desk. “we have assigned you as a line Corpsman for Alpha company. They are in the field for a couple days so when they return HM3 Sheppered will introduce you to the unit commander. For now you will be in the BAS helping with sick call and learning the way things work here. Any questions?” “No Chief I am just eager to get started” I simply state “As you are probably aware, we are getting ready for deployment in a month there is still a lot of training you will need to go through before we leave. Alpha company will insure you are trained in all that is needed before departure. You aren’t the only new member to their company.” “I understand and I was maid aware of that as I was checking in. thank you for all the information.” “not at all I want your time with us to be successful. Head into the BAS find HM1 Baker he will let you know what to do.” “Thank you chief” I say as I turn and head out of his office. As I step into the BAS I quickly find HM1 and introduce my self. “Well sick call is over for the day. We are working on organizing for the deployment. HM3 Shults is in the supply locker why don’t you see what you can do to help.” I find the supply locker and start helping. The next 3 days I spend in sick call and in the locker moving and unpacking boxes just to pack them in another box. Its tedious work but I can tell that I am helping a lot. The good thing about being at a command and not in school is I can go home every night. I am free from work at 4:00 PM and its like everyone gets out at exactly the same time. The traffic is horrendous. I get home about 30 minuets after Carol gets home. “What the fuck took you so long getting home.” Carol yells with her arms crossed. “The traffic coming off base was horrible.” I say simply “Yeah that’s what they all fucking say. Who did you find?” “seriously no one Carol. I came right home as soon as I was released.” “Yeah whatever. Dinner is ready” she turns and walks into the kitchen. “Dinner sounds amazing. Thank you” We sit down in the living room flip on the TV and just relax and talk about our days. “Wait so your fucking deploying in what a fucking month. What the fuck am I going to do” she says as I can tell she is starting to get irritated. “well we knew when I was stationed with, the marines there was a likely hood that this would happen. We will get thought this I promise.” I say sympathetically as I gently place my arm around her shoulder pulling in for a hug. She relaxes into my embrace and we finish our show like that. After the show we head to bed. The next 3 days go by the same way. When Alpha company returned, I was quickly introduced to the company commander, and assigned my squad. My eight-man squad is going to the rang the rest of the week I am instructed to gear up and go with them. At the range we are learning and practicing clearing rooms and houses. As well as practice shooting and quick and effective ways to drop an enemy. Each night we don’t get back to the unit until 4:30 and it takes and hour and a half to clean my rifle and check it in. of course, I gave Carol a call before as soon as I knew I was going to be late letting her know. It didn’t seam to matter much as soon as I got home, she blew up on me accusing me of cheating again and going back to my diapers. As I try to explain again why I was late I quickly learn that it doesn’t matter what I say. So, I just let her go off and blow her steam. As the weeks progress and the time for departure our field ops become more and more frequent to the point, I am away from home more often than at home. I lean that PT with my squad and company is a pain a lot harder than when I was in school, but it is needed. I am expected to go as far as any of my marines and back if they get hurt. I get really good at the range. When I a home I try to make the best of it. And show her all the love I have for her. Even when it seams all the love is one sided. Once a week we would gather all our gear, and have it inspected to insure we still had it all. As the day of my departure arrived things had settled down between Carol and me. She drove me to the unit to see me off. I introduced her to some of the members of my squad. We ended up hanging out with PVT Patrick Jessup. He had quickly became one of my closer friends. “Damn doc you got your self a good woman” Patrick whispers in my ear. “Yeah I found my self a real catch didn’t I” I say back as I glance at her. “what are you too talking about over there?” Carol says gently elbowing me in the ribs. “oh, nothing just how much I love you” I say bending over to kiss her. “Ok you two that’s enough” Patrick says as he chuckles. “You just keep this idiot safe out there Patrick” she glances over my shoulder looking at him. “Oh you know I will do my best.” We get called to muster up and start to load the busses. I give Carol a kiss as I get in formation. We load the bus and as we start to drive off, I watch out the window and see Carol crying. I sit back in my seat and relax for the drive to the plains we are taking to Iraq. “Don’t worry Doc, you will see her again” Patrick says as he relaxes into his seat next to me. “I know, I know still just my first deployment and not all that easy.” I say with a sigh. “I know, its mine also. Just ain’t leaving anyone behind” “I am starting to wonder if its not for the best” I say with a chuckle. “No, you have the better deal. I am going to get some shut eye. Make sure I am up when we get there.” “you act like Gunny would let us sleep though” I say as I laugh. When we get to the airport we file of the bus and go straight on to the plane. we take our seats. As I watch the ground move by faster and faster then start to drop away from us as we take off. My thoughts turn to what we are headed off to do and where we are going.
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Closing the book and heading out of the nursery shutting the door and turning out the lights. A young woman probably in her early 20, she's a pink bunny with floppy ears. She is sitting in an office chair spinning before she notices the black deer. "o-oh boss, you already have the little ones to sleep?" The young lady has a slight blush on her face. The deer giggles and smiles. "I'm surprised you didn't want to join them? Heh." The bunny girl blushes more and laughs. "Well someone has to watch them right? Kinda part of my job. I know you've been looking for more help so I've been keeping an ear out for you." The deer puts her hands on her knees and smiles at the bunny. "Oh really! That's wonderful Sally. Tell mommy all the information and I'll go find you some new friend~" The bunny girl who looked in her early 20s begins to look smaller. She would blush more playing with her ears. "W-well there are two boys who are very sweet but it turns out they lost their home and are homeless now. It's really sad but I'm sure mommy can help them! Then they can work wif us!" The bunny girl gets younger and younger till she's about two years old, the deer grabs the bunny girl. "well ok, then mommy will check on these boys. But in the meantime, you need to get some sleep." The deer grabs a pacifier and puts it in her mouth. She rests her head on the deer and the deer pets her. Like magic, the bunny girl begins to fall asleep. She takes her to the nursery laying her in a crib and leaves thinking to herself. "Two young boys who are homeless. That's so sad… but I'm sure I can give these boys a better life, Heh." The deer leaves the nursery looking up at the sign Staries 'little' getaway. Was the name of this apparent nursery. "It's so hard to find help… No one wants to work here, they all want to stay here." She says with a sigh. She heads to a house next door and walks inside. It was a normal-looking home. But it had stuff set up like she had a child or two. But there was no evidence of a husband or even a kid. She heads to her room removing her skirt and brown apron. She gets dressed in some silky pj's and sits on her bed. "You're going to change the world Starie and if not… I'll make them change." She says with a giggle laying down and quickly falling asleep. The next day Starie wakes up stretching. She throws the covers off her and grabs her phone. She had a text from Sally, it was just a random address and some text that said, love you. Starie smiles and texts back. 'love you too baby bun.' She giggles grabs a new apron and skirt with some panties from her dressers and heads to the bathroom. She gets undressed and gets in the shower just relaxing and cleaning up after she gets out, dries off, and gets dressed. She leaves the bathroom and grabs her phone heading to the kitchen. She hums while she makes herself a bowl of cereal. She scrolls through her pictures on her phone and smiles. "Aww, I can't believe it's already been a year." There was a pink bunny that looked like Sally. She was covering her face as she was an adult in nothing but a diaper laying on a changing table. In the next few pictures, she was younger, probably about 16. Again she was in a diaper standing in the grass in a dress. Just looking around confused. More pictures later the pink bunny was a kid. She was crying because she had scraped on her knee a little. The next one though she was about 2 years old. She was sucking on staries boobs, eating while Starie petted her head. "She would kill me if she knew I took all these pictures. She doesn't have a huge debt to pay off. I probably still own her for another 10 years at least. I doubt she would quiet after though." She giggles and finishes her cereal. She finally gets up and heads to her computer and opens a document on her computer. She works for a few hours before printing it off. "That should do. All I have to do is get a few people to sign this." She grabs the 30-page document and puts them in her purse. Throwing it over her shoulder and heads out of her house. "Let's see here." She pulls out her phone and looks at the address again. "307 west peanut Street. Got it~!" She locks her phone and puts it in her purse and heads down the sidewalk. After about a half-hour of walking, she Finally finds peanut Street. She keeps walking and finds a homeless shelter and frowns. "I feel like most of my workers should come from here just to give them a second chance. Poor people. We will see." She says with a sigh she goes to walk up to it and finds an anthro pony orangish yellowish pony. He had a black eye and is handing a small girl a Halloween bucket. "Don't worry about me, I'm fine! Isn't that right Resuku? Me and him couldn't have you without Halloween candy next week now could we?" A skunk with orange on the back of his tail white belly and brown the rest of the way around smiles shyly and nods. "Ya… though brave took quite a beating…" Brave soul covers Resukus mouth. "Shhh! Yap! Just fine, now go have fun." The little girl smiles. "Thank you, mister!" She skips off and Starie smiles. "That was super sweet. How old are you two?" They both look around before looking at each other. brave spoke up first. "Us? Well, we are the same age, 26 ma'am." She giggles and smiles holding her hand out. "Oh, I should introduce myself. I'm Starie! You are brave? And your boyfriend is Resuku." Resuku blushed and brave blushed a bit. They both shook her hand. "He's my friend… we are not uhh together like that. But can we help you?" Brave asked as Starie nodded. "Oh right, well I hear you two don't have a place to call home anymore? Would you like a chance to have a place to live for one year? After that, we will see where it goes." Brave looks suspicious but Resuku looks interested as he speaks up. "Wait… like we pay rent or something? We don't have jobs but we could with a place to stay! Right brave?" He holds up a finger. "Hold on. What's the catch lady?" She frowns. "Aww, already caught on huh?" Brave smirks. "I'm not stupid." Starie pulls out a bunch of documents from earlier from her purse. "All you have to do is fill out this. Sign a few papers and for one year you have a free place to stay. I mean you can buy other stuff to make life more enjoyable but we will give you the basic stuff for free." Brave and resuku look intimidated by this large document. "Holy… crap…" Resuku says. "Oh ya it's quite long. Would you prefer me to come back another day, to get time to read it over?" Starie asks with a smile. "Uhh let's go inside and sit down and look it over I suppose?" Brave says. he's kinda excited. He couldn't believe such an opportunity to get back on his feet was here in front of him. They all head inside and sit around a table in the main area of the homeless shelter. They began reading the first page. It was very simple stuff. The normal for a legal document. Reminded them of kinda like a renters form. "Well… What do you think Resuku? This looks legit?" Brave asks. Resuku nods. "Let's sign it! I'm sick of this place. I'm ready to get back on my own feet and live my own life again!" Brave smiles and laughs and they begin to work on the document signing everything they need to. After what felt like forever of paperwork they hand the stuff to Starie who's texting on her phone. She's texting Sally. All it says is 'bring the van'. Starie looks up with a smile. "Oh all done? Well, congratulations on your new home!" She puts the paperwork away. And brave gets in her face. "S-so umm when can we go to this home…?" Resuku also looks interested but too shy to speak. Starie giggles. "Soon! I got a car coming to pick us up." They wait a good half hour before Sally comes running into the building breathing heavily. "I-im here! Sorry! I was changing-" Starie puts her arms around Sally. "Sally! Say hello to Brave soul and Resuku. You two, this is my worker Sally. She's a bit scatterbrained. But does her best." They all shake hands. They head out to the van and get in. "Smells like baby powder in here." Brave says, Sally blushed and was about to say something. "And? It's a better smell than something rotten wouldn't you say?" Brave shrugs. "Huh… ya I suppose so?" Resuku shrugs and smiles. "I mean...it kinda smells nice." Starie nods. "Yap! Oh while you two sit back there I got one more form for you to fill out. This one doesn't have anything about boring stuff. This is about what you all want. There's stuff that costs money here but don't worry you pay nothing for the full year. Then after you can either pay off your debt or work for me to pay it off. Sally's a previous customer! " Sally blushes more and nods. "Y-ya that's right! I racked up so much debt on day one… I had to stop and go with the free options." They take the paper Starie hands them and looks it over. Do you want an adult bedroom for $5000, a child's for $1000, or a baby's free. (girls bedroom would depend on clothing) Clothing options, adult $2000, child $500, or baby free. (Girls' clothes give you money in the opposite way. Baby $2000, child $500 an adult $200) Underwear? Adult $5000, childish, $2000 pull-ups $500, and diapers free. Food. Every meal adult $1000, baby food $500, breastmilk free. Bedtime, 7 free 10 $1000 no bedtime $3000 Fun items can be anything you want. They both had an incredible blush on their face. Brave speaks up. "You can't be for real? Why is all this baby stuff free? You just can't expect us to pick that?" Sally giggles and Starie smiles, turning to them. "Oh right, I forgot to say. The first 3 days you will be regressed, younger and younger. Till You're both about 2 years old. So the baby's stuff will come in later. Just depends if you want it earlier. It also won't make your debt much higher." They both blush more. "it's not possible to regress someone right…?" Starie reaches behind Sally who's driving and pulls her pants down a bit showing her diaper. Sally blushes like Crazy. "M-mommy!" Both the boys couldn't believe this was an adult in diapers. They both looked at each other as Starie kissed Sally's cheek. "Sorry baby, but mommy had to prove it to them. Now, are you going to select your stuff? Or do I get to?" Both their eyes get big. "W-we will." Resuku says filling out the information on his paper. Brave sighs and does the same as they turn them into Starie. She secretly takes a picture of them and sends them to an unknown number. "... We could just runoff." Brave says. "And risk jail time? The papers you signed give me ownership for one year. Take your choice boys." They sigh. "Guess we are going with you… but I mean what happens if we max out the debt?" Brave asks. Starie giggles. "You work for me for the rest of your life. But don't worry you will get a place to stay and stuff, In the nursery that is. Sally likes it there." Sally whines as they Finally make it to the house. They both blush. "N-nursery? Oh God… let's try not to make this permanent…" Brave says, Resuku nods. "I agree… but this will be so humiliating…" Sally gets out of the van running into the building with Starie’s 'little' getaway written on it. Starie laughs. "She's so shy about her diapers. But a year as a toddler will do that to you." They both shake gulping. She gets out and opens the door for them. "Well come on! Let's head on inside. You were both so excited!" They both take their time getting out of the van and follow Starie up to her house. They all step inside and she shuts the door. "Please take off your shoes." They both do as she says. "So uhh… I mean this place isn't that bad… right Resuku?" Brave asks. Resuku nods shyly. "Y-ya… do we get separate rooms?" Starie frowns. "No, unfortunately not. I only got one spare room. I never expected to take on two at the same time." Brave kinda shrugs. "I don't mind. Could be worse right?" Resuku blushed. "R-right! Like having to wear diapers… or something." Starie giggles. "Oh that will be a given eventually but I'll let you try to keep without them as long as you want. But I won't give anyone false hope. Now let's check out your new room for the day shall we?" They all head to a spare bedroom and open the door heading into their new room. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  12. Edward didn't hate going to the doctors, but he didn't enjoy it either. For starters, he was never sick. Ed was always healthy. As someone who ran five miles a day and kept up a pretty rigorous lifting routine, he was the type of person that would be on the front of the brochure that said "5 Steps to a Healthier You." Today was a regular check-up. When checking in, the receptionist at the front had him sign his name then handed him a water bottle. "You're going to have to take a urine test, so make sure you drink this." Robert nodded, accepting the bottle and casually chugging it while his insurance card was scanned and logged. After the receptionist mentioned the doctor was behind a little bit, Robert settled in for the long haul. The doctor's office only had two people in the waiting room, something about COVID restrictions, and to make matters worse, it appeared like the office was bustling that day. The receptionist kept picking up the phone and putting it back down, over and over. The words, "Dr. Vickers office, can you please hold," was starting to get awfully dizzying after a bit. After about 45 minutes, Ed decided to head back to the reception desk and see what the hold up was. "You're actually next," She responded, glancing at her computer. She handed him another bottle of water. "I am so sorry you have to wait. But there are a ton of COVID cases spiking and as you can imagine…" "Yeah." Ed thanked her for the water bottle and went back to his seat. He swished some water around in his mouth and swallowed. He hated the pee tests at the doctor. Surely he couldn't be the only one who had a hard time peeing on command. It's like you're peeing with someone watching. Who can do that? "Ed?" The nurse practitioner, Kristen, poked her head into the reception area. Ed stood up and walked behind her to the back area where the offices were. Doctor's offices always smelled like band-aids and latex gloves. It was like someone sprayed "latex fresh" all over the place. Tongue depressors that tasted like sterile wood and giant cotton balls were customary stables sitting on the hygienic countertops. The hint of hand sanitizer smashed into his nose at every turn. The nurse practitioner was probably the best part of visiting Dr. Vicker. Ed always noticed her full breasts that peaked ever so slightly from under her scrubs that were slightly low cut. He could never quite tell, but he was pretty sure she had an ass to match, but her lab coat always blocked that view. Ed was pretty sure everyone in the waiting room could agree with that sentiment… even some of the women. But the nurse practitioner was simply gorgeous, and she was pretty much a doctor, which meant she was smarter than he was too. After stepping onto the scale and answering a few initial questions, Kristen let him know that she'd be back in a moment with a cup for him to pee in - cause he was probably ready to go at this point. Snapping out of his trance, Ed nodded. He did have that telltale twinge in his bladder and had to go. "I'll go get the cup, and the doctor will be in in just a moment," Kristen said before leaving the room. But she didn't return. In fact, Ed just sat there squirming in his jeans and tee-shirt, wondering where she'd gotten off to. Ed stood up, felt the twinge in his bladder, and peaked into the hallway. He heard a lot of noise coming from the office down the hall. Judging by the commotion, the doctors seemed preoccupied at the moment. And yet Ed still had to pee. He looked around and noticed the bathroom was out of order. Worried he'd miss the return of Kristen and the cup, Ed limped his way back to the office. Ed decided he was going to stand instead and try and focus on his breathing. That seemed to be the right thing to do right now before he just peed all over the floor. But that walking turned into pacing and the pacing turned into jumping up and down. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Kirsten returned. "I am so sorry," she said. "We had a patient on telehealth who we needed to admit to the hospital. She was so reluctant to go because… well... you know, the virus. But hospitals are perfectly safe. They test everyone that comes in, the doctors are tested…" Kirsten kept talking while Ed danced back and forth. Finally, Ed couldn't take it anymore. "Nurse Kirsten. I'm sorry, but I really have to pee. Can I get that cup, please?" "Omg, of course!" Kirsten sounded shocked. "I am sorry." She reached into the cabinet and pulled out a cup. But before she could hand it to Ed, Dr. Vicker walked in. The man was 6' 4 on a bad day and looked like he could bench press anything that was in his way. As one of the top general practitioners in the area, wherever he went, he turned heads. "Edward." His loud booming voice echoed in the room. "Welcome back to the office." He squirted some hand sanitizer into his hand just in time to see Ed lose his battle with his bladder. The urine started slowly then made its way down the leg of his pants. His entire crotch was unnaturally warm as the urine began to run down his leg and then pool where his socks and shoes met. The worst part was the noise. To everyone in the room, it was obvious what had happened. "Um..." Dr. Vicker just stared. "Oh my goodness," Kirsten said quickly, running to the cabinet. "Don't worry, I didn't know you were…" her voice trailed off as she shuffled in the cabinets. But Dr. Vicker just started at Ed, his dark eyes drilling into him. Ed suddenly felt small. "Well, you need to take those off," the doctor said, gesturing to Ed's wet pants that were quickly becoming cold. "Um, yes, I guess, sure.." Ed shivered slightly. But he didn't move. Kirsten continued rustling through the cabinets and finally came up for air. She put a package on the table then turned to Ed. "What are you waiting for? They need to come off." Ed didn't budge. He was feeling pretty foolish at that moment, standing in his own urine. So Kristen did the work for him. She kneeled down and started unbuckling his pants. Pausing for a moment, Kirsten then pointed to his shoes. "Those have to come off," she said matter a factly. Ed kicked off his shoes and then reached down to pull off his now soaked socks. Ed was actually grateful for the masks they were all wearing; he hoped he didn't smell too bad. Kirsten began the process of removing his pants. Without thinking, Ed placed one arm on her shoulder to steady himself as she removed each leg hole, one at a time. He looked like a toddler. A shiver went through his spine as she reached for his underwear and yanked it down so fast. The air conditioning was causing him to feel chilly in a spot where breezes usually don't blow. "Come on." Kirsten snapped, smacking the side of his thigh. "Let's go." She motioned towards the underwear that was now stuck at his knees. Ed, feeling smaller by the moment, stepped out of that humiliating garment as well. It was now apparent that Ed was standing naked from the waist down while Dr. Vicker gave him a piercing stare. He could tell that he was slightly disappointed. His lip curled in some sort of sneer. Kirsten then grabbed the bottom of Ed's shirt. "Come in, baby. Let's go." She said. "Wait why..?" But he was muffled by both his mask and shirt that were muffling his voice. Ed raised his arms and the shirt was pulled off him on instinct from a time long before he was potty trained. His mask slipped off, and on instinct, he bent over to pick it. But it had fallen too far, slipping under the examination table. Ed bent down, getting on the cold floor to retrieve the mask. The floor was cold under his knees. Ed reached out and grabbed the mask and then, remembering he was naked, stood back up quickly. He put back on the mask as the doctor pulled out his clipboard and could see out of the corner of his eye that Kirsten was fumbling with a few packages she'd pulled from the cabinet. "Do you usually have trouble with continence?" Dr. Vicker asked condescendingly as Ed tried to cover up his privates with his hands. "Excuse me?" "Do you usually have trouble holding your urine and bowels?" Ed blushed. "I don't have trouble holding my pee." "It appears that you do. Look at the state of this floor. I'll need to do a more intensive examination than I planned." The doctor scowled. "I can't believe someone at your age is having these issues." "But I'm not…" The doctor held up his hand. "You're pathetic with these excuses, Edward." Ed fell silent. He had never heard the doctor speak to him this way before and figured it was best to comply to get this over with and hopefully gain this man's respect back. The doctor grabbed a few tongue depressors and began checking his hand. Then instructed Ed to open his mouth and checked around. Ed began dancing around a little again. He had to pee again. Generally, when he drank too much water, he found himself peeing too much. But the doctor took his time. But the time he reached his groin area, Ed was mortified. The doctor cupped his hands around Ed's testicles and then squeezed slightly. "Smaller than usual." The doctor said disappointedly to Kirsten, who had been taking notes on a clipboard. "We should do the longer exam to be safe." The nurse practitioner looked at Ed and sighed as if Ed was the source of a great inconvenience. "If we have to." The doctor looked over at her and said sharply, "He's peeing himself like a toddler. Of course, we have to." The loudspeaker crackled to life, calling the doctor out of the room. "I'll be back." He said. "Collect a sperm sample and check his bowels for me. Then make sure he's protected." "Wait a second…" Ed stammered. This examination was getting too intense for his liking. The nurse nodded, and Ed felt colder than he had all day as he tried to cover up what was left of his dignity in front of this beautiful woman. But Ed noticed a change in her. As soon as the doctor left, she got this devilish look in her eyes and smiled. Something about that look scared Ed. "Sit back on the table, please." She said quietly. Ed did so quickly so he could get this over with. She stood in front of Ed and looked him up and down greedily. Then she grabbed the package that she'd taken out of the cabinet earlier and pulled out a thick white square, and placed it between his legs. "Lift up for me, please." Ed paused for a moment. "Lift. Up." Kirsten said it with such firmness, Ed had no choice but to comply. She placed the plastic padding beneath him, and he put his but back down. Ed couldn't help but feel vulnerable in this very intimate moment at the doctor's office. Next, the nurse grabbed a bottle of gel and squeezed it on her hands. "This will be better if you relax," And before he knew it, she had shoved her fingers up his asshole. "Try and squeeze down for me." Kirsten said simply. Shocked, Ed did the best he could while feeling her invading his insides. She stared at him, deep into his eyes, while she probed him. "Can you try and clench?" She asked again? Ed tried, but his shock kept him from moving. She sighed and shook her head. "Fucking baby." "Hey, I'm not…" But Ed was clearly being ignored. Next, she removed her gloves and then put on another pair. This time she lathered more gel on her hands and fondled his balls, squeezing slightly and rubbing the gel in his most intimate crevices. Ed, at this point, was lying back, unable to stop himself from shivering inside. Admit it or not; this felt… pretty good. It might be worth the humiliation of the rest of the day just so he could endure this. He'd always liked Kirsten. She was beautiful. Her round breasts, her cute nose, everything about her screamed at his inner monster. He grew hard at her touch, and soon he was trying to match his hips to the rhythm of her movements. Fire boiled up inside his loins as she continued to stroke. Ed was getting close, and his breathing quickened. Had he given this movement any more thought, he might have fallen soft. Considering he was lying on an exam table with his legs open and getting a very medical handjob at the moment while being treated like an infant, this wasn't the worst thing that could happen. But right when he was about to cum, Kirsten stopped and took her gloves off. "That's enough of that." She said. "Wait, aren't you gonna?" "Gonna what?" She shot him a dirty look while instructing him to lay his head back on the take and start following directions. Ed was nervous. He had clearly misread the situation and gotten himself in trouble. He closed his eyes for a second as he lay back on the mat. He felt Kirsten tugging something soft and padded around his member and then felt it being taped up. "What are???" Ed's eyes shot open as he looked down. That white plastic square was a diaper. Was she kidding? He didn't need diapers. She glared at him. "You've proven, by wetting your pants, that you cannot be trusted to be fully continent. And," she raised her voice at Ed protests. "If you continue to fight back, I am going to have to call security. I doubt you'll want them to see you in your cute diapers. Now we have one more test, and that's to test to see how you take fluids." Ed stayed quiet because she, at the mention of "cute diapers," had patted him on the front of the diaper, driving him closer to the end of an orgasm. Kirsten shocked him by taking off her shirt and then leaning over the table and teasing her nipple in front of his face. "Suck baby." So he did, greedily. He sucked as much as he could. Enjoying the moment as he wiggled on the table. Ed figured that if he was going to have to suffer, he might as well enjoy himself. But as he sucked, she kept talking. Saying things like, "Good baby," and "that's my little boy." Ed tried his best to ignore her, but each time he'd hear her voice, his erection would get harder and harder until… Ed felt himself spurting in his diaper. He froze as the orgasm washed over him, causing him to feel extremely lightheaded and dizzy. His head jerked up over and over as his penis splashed cum onto the inside of his plastic padding. Then Ed fell backward and sighed. That was not satisfying at all. In fact, now that he finished spurting into his infantile padding, he felt a deep humiliation burning from within. In his haze, he hadn't realized that Kristen had stood back up and was now on the other side of the room taking notes on a clipboard, looking quite disappointed. Then a man's voice shattered the moment. "Looks like you will need these diapers after all." Dr. Vicker was back. Panic shot through Ed's brain as he condescendingly stepped to the table and looked at Ed, who at the moment had a full stomach and was sitting in a cum soaked diaper. "Nurse, let's make sure we get you a prescription for these." The doctor continued. "I think thick diapers for six months should do the trick. We can have them delivered to your house." "But I don't need them," Ed said stupidly. But the doctor just stared at him and squeezed his diaper. "It feels like you do to me." He then turned to the nurse. "And it looks like we need an enforcement mechanism. Sign him up for the diaper delivery service and write that the patient is reluctant to participate, they have ways of ensuring compliance." The doctor looked at Ed. "It would be in your best interest to participate and to do so as instructed. These people are serious. I've seen some boys like you never have their bladder and bowel control restored." "But I don't have issues…" Ed sputtered, moving to the edge of the table, fully aware of the slight squish that precluded that movement. "Keep that up, and you'll be punished." The doctor put down his iPad. "They'll make you eat baby food or replace all the furniture in your home with baby furniture. We had one guy come in here who hasn't cum in six months. That was…. scary. He just couldn't like most babies. Follow the program and you'll be fine, okay?" Ed just sat there as the doctor left the room. Nurse Kirsten handed him back his pants and gave his diaper a squeeze. "See you tomorrow at your place baby." She giggled and left the room. Ed swallowed hard. How was he going to get out of this one?
  13. Well, this'll be my first story here. Ready? Let's begin, shall we? - Chapter One: The Drive - The rainy spring in Corvallis, Oregon was in full force as May Holter took stock of her various belongings in her Ford Explorer. Xbox One and games? Check. Laptop computer? Check. Coffee mug? In a cup holder. Her iPhone? On her front seat. Cash? In her pocket. Toiletries. Yep. Clothes? She bit her lip and brushed her long, wavy strawberry-blonde hair away from her icy-blue eyes. She had all of her clothes in her car, but there was one notable thing in there that she had packed that filled her with doubt. She looked at the Molicare diaper pack that seemed to stare at her, teasing her, tormenting her with old memories. Mario… Her roommate, Mario Mazzanti, had died a little more than a month ago, and it was his idea that she try them on. She had as a dare, for May never backed down from a challenge. He, of course, tried them first. He was what was known as a “sissy baby”; a man who dressed as a baby girl. But beyond that, he was the nicest man she had ever met, and she loved him as a boy(or girl?)friend. Her family had never met Mario, and she had only talked sparingly about him; she hadn’t even mentioned that he had died. As for the diapers, she had started to wear them recently (albeit not using them as designed all the time), not just because it comforted her, not just because it reminded her of him, but because- No, best not to think about it. She already had the nightmares; she didn’t need it in her waking life as well. Did she really need to bring that part of her life to her family? She was sure that Winter would laugh, maybe Autumn, too. Mom would think she was a freak, maybe disown her entirely. But the diapers had helped so much… “Ah, hell with it,” May muttered, taking out a diaper before putting the package in a black duffel bag and zipping it up. She closed the trunk, making sure to shield it from the rain, and got into the front seat, the pink disposable diaper in hand. She lay down across the front seats and took off her baggy black jeans and panties. Using years of expertise (as a babysitter), she slid the diaper underneath her, and taped up the sides before putting her jeans on with some difficulty. May was 5’2”, 117 lbs., and she knew that it would be impossible to hide if she got out of the car for any reason, as the diaper was thick and unsubtle. Even her large bust and butt wouldn’t be able to distract from the obvious. But they were pretty damn comfortable, and she didn’t want to have to stop for any potty breaks on the long car drive to Redmond, Washington, where her family lived. She took a long swig from her coffee mug, turned the keys in the ignition, and began the four hour drive with hard rock music blaring in the SUV from her iPhone. The trip moved slowly, her music switching from hard rock to metalcore and back again. About two hours, give or take, she felt the urge to pee. Her naturally-taught toilet training, of course, resisted, causing her to moan. She noticed a nearby McDonald’s, and she realized - or, rather, her growling stomach made her realize - that she hadn’t eaten all day with her packing. Of course, since it was 3:15 PM, breakfast wasn’t an option, but she could certainly have a large lunch. Still, there was the whole “need to pee” thing going on. She pulled up to a parking space and tried to let go. There was nothing at first. Then there was a small trickle. Then a little bit more escaped. Then the dam broke loose and flooded it. She let out a sigh of relief. May checked the diaper. Amazingly, it had absorbed all of the pee and barely felt wet at all. Hell, it probably could’ve gone through two more floods before it needed to be changed. Still, it would be prudent to use the drive-thru. No need for others to notice that she had a wet diaper. She pulled out of the parking space, and before long she was able to order. “Welcome to McDonald’s,” a bored male voice droned. “How may I help you?” “Um, yes, could I have a twenty-piece chicken nuggets, large fries, and a regular Oreo McFlurry?” May said in one loud breath. “Will that be all?” Someone must’ve really hated his job by the tone in the voice. “Yes.” “Pull up at the window.” May did that, gave the cashier the necessary change, and got her food. She checked it, and once everything was in order, she pulled back into a parking space and chowed down. It took a while, but soon enough, everything was finished. She wiped her face with a napkin, although it wasn’t really needed, and continued on the drive, listening to her music. Eventually, she arrived at her mom’s two story house. Before she entered the driveway, though, she had to do a few things. First, of course, she took off the diaper and put it in a plastic bag to discreetly throw away. As she put on her panties and jeans, she noted that the comfort the diaper had given her had vanished entirely. Still, it wasn’t like she could go to Mom’s with it, right? Right? - Hope y'all enjoyed it so far...
  14. Hey I'm looking for someone to be my mommy or parents
  15. From the album: Breastfeeding Baby Jennie

    "Is this what you want, Baby Jennie?" Aunty Carmen teased the poor sissy baby.

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