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  1. Pretty much any time I wear to sleep. My body feels the diaper on and I just go. Feels almost like a reflex now.
  2. So I usually make a mess or two, squish it around until its everywhere, go about my business until it's time to change. However there was one time where I filled up once, and then the next time I went I couldn't stop until I was physically weighed down. Squished my huge mess and played with myself for awhile and somehow kept it contained. I was curious though, has anyone ever started messing and then got to a point where "Oh no, this is way too much to contain in this diaper"?
  3. Coming to terms with it has definitely helped me. I struggled with part shame and confusion thinking "why do I feel this way?" After I decided to act on how I felt, I realized that there's no shame to be had. Accepting who you are at heart will definitely bring a level of happiness and self respect like no other feeling, whether it be adult baby or diaper lover.
  4. Welcome to the messy club! It's an amazing feeling to squish it around all over yourself. Be careful though, those rashes are no joke
  5. Sorry. I was curious and didn't see any recent posts about it so I thought I'd ask. Didn't mean to seem like I was spamming.
  6. I'm curious as to how many of us have friends and family that know about our love for diapers and what they think about it.
  7. I remember that me and a childhood friend of mine played house and took turns as parent and baby. One day she took some diapers from her grandmother who was incontinent but was so thin that she could wear kids' clothes. They were the right size for us and we put them on. Being kids, we naturally dared each other to poop them. She pretended to but I loaded as much as my 5 year old body could push out. My friend didn't think I was going to but a dare is a dare. She eventually soiled hers too but we both admitted that it felt great and we kept doing every time we played together for the next few years.
  8. Have the day to myself so I loaded one this morning before my walk.
  9. Love the way it feels on me. Always have an internal smile when wearing them.
  10. Sometimes I play video games, sometimes I go for a walk, get off as well. But I always make sure to squish it around first before I do anything.
  11. I hope this isn't too late to post here because of how old the post is. Anyway, I always have felt naughty/great when making a mess in my diaper. Only been out in public a couple of times but it's always the best feeling to fill my diaper no matter where I am.
  12. That reminds me of a story: Had a 4 hour drive awhile ago now, filled my diaper before, during, and when I got where I was going. Got out of my car as I was pooping and was a bit weak in the knees. A very nice looking woman walked by and noticed I was struggling a bit. She walked up to me and asked what was wrong, immediately realized what happened, then said "Aren't you just a naughty boy?" She smirked. "How about we take that stinky diaper off and have some fun?" She flashed her diaper and for the next couple of hours afterwards, we had nice stinky fun.
  13. BlackShadow


    New here too. Hope we all find new and awesome friends here and swap stories as well.
  14. I like the freedom of going whenever I feel the need to. The relief and the feeling of it squishing in my pants is amazing.
  15. Everyone seems really nice and I appreciate it.