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  1. I know I'm very, very late to the party, but I want to say this has been one of the best ABDL stories I have ever read. It was so much more than I expected, and it kept me invested the whole way through. I couldn't stop thinking about the story in between reading sessions. Thank you Kimmy for writing a wonderful piece of fiction. I definitely will need to give some of your other stories a read next. Also, have to say between you and another writer, you've inspired me to try to write my own stories. Thank you for your contributions to this community.
  2. The silky soft material adorning me feels great against my skin. I stare up at my mommy as she asks if I want royal num-mums. I nod and reply "Yes Mommy."
  3. I blush, my cheeks turns a shade of pink matching my new outfit. "A-a princess?" I am shocked seeing the new outfit she has prepared for me. I sit up and wait for her to dress me up.
  4. My eyes widen seeing the pink diaper. I readily accept it. As she slides it under, she spreads my legs and pulls the diaper up. It is much bulkier than my previous one, and forces my legs a part. I giggle as I see the frills and princess theme. I can't wait to see what new clothes she has for me to wear.
  5. I smile up at her and giggle. The cool air breezes over the damp area. Her wiping feels good, and I let out a small groan of disappointment as she avoids contact with my cock. "I want to stay here for as long as I can." I lay back and let her take care of me. This is going so much better than I had expected.
  6. I calm down a little as she holds me. I nod and smile in response when she asks if I would like a clean one and some more milk. I turn onto my back and spread my legs for her.
  7. I slowly awaken from my slumber, and groggily stretch as I yawn. I start to realize there's a cool wet feeling between my legs. I reach down, and feel the diaper squish between my fingers. I realize what I had done, and tears start forming in my eyes. I don't even realize Miss Callipso is right next to me.
  8. I fall asleep with her breast in my mouth, and as I sleep I drool on her. I keep snuggled up next to her. Her heartbeat soothes me, and I sleep for a couple hours. Unbeknownst to me, for the first time in my life, I wet myself. I have strange dreams of being babied and wearing girly clothes.
  9. I change breasts to get more of her sweet milk, and I increase the intensity of my playing of her private play area. I wanted to show Mommy my appreciation before I fell asleep, filled with her delicious milk.
  10. I continue to suckle and drink from my Mommy. I finger her, and play with her clit. I want to show her I could be more than just a baby, or maybe get try to get a punishment for being so naughty. I continue to work on pleasuring Mommy as she lays next to me.
  11. With the final push from Callipso, I latch on. I start my suckling, and to my surprise she starts lactating like she said she would. I nurse on her, sucking her sweet milk as if I couldn't get enough. My hand slides to her groin, and I start rubbing it. I wanted to please Mommy.
  12. I snuggle closer when Callipso offers her breast. I inch closer until my mouth is mere centimeters from her nipple. My warm breath breezes against it. I am still unsure if I should proceed or not. My hand moves to her upper thigh, resting on it. I lay there, not wanting to make the first move.
  13. I look over at Mommy's body. It looks so soft, warm, and gentle. I nestle up next to her and place my head next to her inviting breasts. They feel so soft and comforting. His hand instinctively moves toward her thighs as he snuggles up next to her.
  14. Still dazed from my wanking from Mommy, I can only manage to nod. A little drool escapes my mouth as I feel very tired now. She easily carries me in her arms to her bed.
  15. I moan and buck a little behind the straps of the carriage. Mommy's hands feel so good against my member it doesn't take long after she untapes me for me to cum. Spurts of my hot load escape my member up into the air. I pant as I come down from my climax. My mind is fuzzy and my eyes lose focus.