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  1. EmDan9513

    Rolla, Mo

    Oh wow I live in St James!
  2. Im in St James and also looking for friends and possibly a daddy
  3. Hello I also am in Rolla, MO area my name is Emily
  4. Hello I'm from Rolla, MO area
  5. I am looking for the same, I live in Rolla, MO area
  6. Hello im from Rolla, MO area and have been having trouble finding people near me nice to meet you im Emily
  7. Hi i wouold be very interested in being friends im from rolla, MO area so not too far and cant seem to find any fellow littles or abdl in my area my name is Emily
  8. Hi Im emily and Im new to the site as well! i live in rolla, MO area
  9. Hi im from St James/Rolla area but also am having a hard time finding other abdl near me
  10. Im in St James and would love to meet fellow abdl
  11. I live in St James, MO and i am looking for a little but also a caregiver as i am a switch