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  1. Nappies And A Foley Catheter

    I want to have have some put me a a catheters
  2. i need a gay daddy

    I need a daddy and I'm gay and also love diapers and catheters
  3. Diaper bondage ideas?

    Catheter? That will here the person in a diaper?
  4. Amber's New Life

    I do
  5. punishments for kik slaves

    I wish I had a master
  6. Adopting Young Adults and Adult Babies.

    Yeah I Probably don't want my phone number of here
  7. punishments for kik slaves

    Good idea
  8. punishments for kik slaves

    Catheters. I wish I had a master
  9. Adopting Young Adults and Adult Babies.

    Are there any web sites for Adopting abdl
  10. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    18fr is good with me No way
  11. Baby and mommy Q&A

    This bord is questions for mommy and baby like how do you up you abdl self up for Adoption . Find a mommy
  12. List of Rules for the Baby

    Do any use catheter Here is a nother rule no touching catheter when Inserted
  13. Why no ABDL pride??

    I would to go to and pride
  14. Nappies And A Foley Catheter

    So I had foly in for about a about 8 Hours. i'm think and 2 days next time. I drain it to a diaper or a lag bag.