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  1. 1 pint of everclear 3 frozen grape juices (get the cheap stuff) Mix half a pint of Hooch with half gallon of water stir in two frozen juices of choice and serve to your little! Adjust Elixer to your littles tolerance, if your baby is still walking and talking hittem with that other half of hootch you been nursing. Not only do you get the real deal crawling baby you wanted! You also get that giggling, laughing, screaming, crying, falling over and vomiting on themselfs you know you love!
  2. Looking for someone to design some large letter blocks! Not much to the imagination here but I feel like anybody starting with a private nursery shouldn’t spare on the classics like blocks, rolling Ducks on a rope. I guess before I go on any further your more on the crafting furniture side right? I would pay $300 for giant scaled baby/toddler toys. One in particular would be a classic large sized multi color ball popper on wheels with handles. Just one of my wants.
  3. Howdy Texans and Cowboy fans out there! Moved last year out of trophy club after our house burned down. Finally getting back into my DL lifestyle and was looking to meet some new friend or at least purchase some large size thick diapers off a few local Abdl, Littles or even just vendor who is abdl aware.
  4. Kool & The Gang - Get Down On It! That's my final answer!
  5. Total Annihilation :Escalation Mod 8.20:
  6. It's pretty cool to see so many people living around the DFW area. We should try a movie night one of these days. I know theaters are a little expensive but if there is anyone who wants to get together and talk about are interest I would be down. Also I'm from Roanoke/Trophy club area myself.
  7. That is very cool! are you going to put a face on it later?
  8. We'll hello there! Sirlickknob here the names real probably Scandinavian haha just kidding. I have enjoyed all things diaper/abdl since I can remember and am looking to chat with my fellow peeps. I have never contributed any stories or art to the community but plan on dabbling in the ways of the ABDL artist! Perhaps with a little time and a few kind words I will make friends with the people who have a