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  1. 1. When I had a messy blow out as I pulled into my driveway. Had been holding it in while at the store and let loose as I made it home. Way more that I expected and my kiddo couldn’t take it in the position I was in. I’m not incon so it was kinda funny to me have that happen. 2. The strangest would be when I wore to bed while sharing a hotel room with my mom. We each had our own bed and she was none the wiser to my knowledge but it was awkward and I was a little self conscious about the crinkles as I moved in bed. Fortunately SDK’s aren’t too bad for crinkle factor. She knows about my diapers but I don’t flaunt them around her. 3. This past Sunday I had to try on a rental tux for my brothers wedding. I had been fitted unpadded a few weeks prior. When the tux was ready my plan was to just pick it up and go, but the dude wanted me to try it on to make sure everything fit correctly. I had on a kiddo diaper with one good wetting under its belt so it wasn’t too swollen. He had me put on the pants, undershirt and shoes and then come out to try on the vest and jacket. I tucked in the shirt, not sure if the light green and white print over the top of the pants was visible through the white shirt. I couldn’t see it in the mirror. My crotch did look a little swollen in the mirror. He asked me how everything was fitting while I was changing. I said good and then came straight out and tried on the vest and jacket. Didn’t really give him much opportunity to analyze the outfit and kept him occupied with chit chat. Doubt he noticed. If he did, so be it.
  2. SoggySoCal

    Does anyone use wipes?

    I use the north shore wipes for messy diapers changes. If I’m staying home I’ll use about three wipes per change and then diaper back up. If I’m headed out I still use wipes to clean up, but I also hop in the shower after.
  3. SoggySoCal

    Wetting a diaper from front to back.

    I agree that you will not hit the claimed absorbency volume, but I think the OP just wants his diaper wet from front to back with no dry spots. I regularly manage to do the latter.
  4. SoggySoCal

    Wetting a diaper from front to back.

    Like everyone else has said it requires some orientation changes and controlled smaller wetings once the diaper is almost at capacity. That is if you don’t want leaks. At home this is easy, but I would not attempt this out in public unless you’re prepared to possibly have some wet pants.
  5. SoggySoCal

    Statistics 2018

    I only kept track of how many diapers I used. 755
  6. SoggySoCal


    I also have zero interest in ball sports. My main interest in motor sports are with two wheels. I will not miss a race of Moto GP and follow WSBK and MotoAmerica closely as well. Desert racing and Ultra4 is also fun to watch. NHRA drag racing doesn’t do much for me on TV, but in person it is insane.
  7. SoggySoCal

    Your favorite printed diapers

    X2 on checking out ABU. SDK, Kiddos and PeakABU are my favorite diapers. Bambino Bellissimos and the new Cloudie diapers are also one of my favorites.
  8. SoggySoCal

    Hoarding diapers, but why?

    “Inventory check. Not including the Peak ABU I just put on. I have. Bambino: 39 Teddy, 245 Bellisimo and 10 Magnifico. ABU: 31 Little Paws, 18 Space, 106 Peak ABU’s, 45 Simple Ultras, 83 Cushies, 16 SDK V1’s, 235 SDK V2’s, 166 Kiddos, 95 Preschools, 16 Bair Bums. Rearz: 14 Safari Snuggies: 15 OG Waddler Overnight with adhesive tapes, 24 Galactic. Crinklez: 15 Original design, 49 Astronaut 37 Molicare Super Plus 44 Abena M4 69 Tena Slip Max 6 Depend Maximum Protection 134 Goodnights LX almost two years worth at my rate of consumption. “ Not doing a recount so I just grabbed this from the How big is your diaper stach thread from a few months ago. I added a case of cloudie diapers so that should offset what I’ve used since then. I like to have a large stock for a few reason. 1. I do not like to run out of a specific diaper. ABU is out of medium diapers often so I buy in bulk to weather the storm so to speak. 2. It saves money to buy cases vs a bag. 3. I like walking into my master closet and seeing all my diapers stacked up on the shelving for whatever reason. I have the room and funds so why not. I also agree with fillemup. These are all going to get used so it’s not really hoarding imo. Just a decent well organized collection.
  9. SoggySoCal


    The only time I have had issues with tapes failing is when I first started using PeakABU and Crinklz. Both diapers swell far more than most AB diapers in relation to their original size. I was taping tight like all my other diapers and not leaving enough room for expansion. I figured it out eventually. As for baby powder I just powder my diaper while it’s layed out flat and then put it on. Less mess that way. I’m also going to have to disagree with the op regarding wearing a size up. I’m a medium and I wear size medium.
  10. SoggySoCal

    Bambino Diapers Brand

    Got my case of Cloudee’s Monday. Really liking them. It’s built on the Bellissimo platform so fit and absorbency are the same, but the new print is fun. They did a good job on that one. Not to crazy about the revisions to the Teddy and Classico. I tend to prefer print limited to the landing zone only vs a all over design. I hope they don’t mess with the Bellissimos and do an all over print on that.
  11. SoggySoCal

    Actually useful life hacks

    Wearing a diaper so you don’t have to use the toilet.
  12. SoggySoCal

    Bambino Year End Sale

    No deals on the new stuff unfortunately.
  13. SoggySoCal

    How many men wear 'girly' type diapers?

    The new Cloudee diaper is about a girly as I get. The only thing making it even remotely girly is the unicorns.
  14. SoggySoCal

    New Bambino Diapers

    Tried my first Cloudee last night. It’s a reprinted Belissimo so I knew exactly what to expect in terms of fit and absorbency. The new print is very babyish and I’m super stoked the blue backing has some transperancy and you can still see a distinction between wet and dry areas. Being able to see that nice big yellow patch is why I typically prefer diapers with white backing and print limited to the landing zone. I was worried these were going to end up being like ABU Space diapers in that regard, but thankfully that is not the case. These will defiantly get worked into my diaper rotation.
  15. SoggySoCal

    New Bambino Diapers

    FedEx says my case was delivered today. Unfortunately I’m at my moms house for the night. Hopefully they are still there in the morning. Tracking originally said it was scheduled for the 26th.