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  1. theonlyoneleft

    so u dont delete accounts on here?

    yeah ive got a person trying to ruin my life cause iam on here... litterly just causing me so much stress.
  2. theonlyoneleft

    so u dont delete accounts on here?

    yeah i read it... was just curios. thats all. guess sadly i will live with it..
  3. so u dont delete accounts on here?
  4. theonlyoneleft


    hi and wlecomes, I hope your new start goes well =)
  5. theonlyoneleft

    Hello Everybody

    Hi, and welcomes.
  6. theonlyoneleft

    A Worrying Future for Disposable Nappies/Diapers?

    It sounds worrying, but nothing to actually worry about.
  7. theonlyoneleft

    Another night in the ER

    I hope things improve for you. get well soon!
  8. theonlyoneleft

    How do you sleep?

    I like to sleep diapered, preferably dry and wake up wet.
  9. theonlyoneleft

    BDSM Test

    hmm intresting.... == Results from bdsmtest.org == 89% Rigger 69% Daddy/Mommy 67% Sadist 60% Degrader 59% Primal (Hunter) 59% Owner 58% Vanilla 54% Voyeur 52% Experimentalist 48% Master/Mistress 45% Dominant 37% Exhibitionist 37% Switch 18% Primal (Prey) 16% Ageplayer 14% Rope bunny 11% Submissive 7% Slave 6% Boy/Girl 4% Pet 4% Brat 0% Degradee 0% Masochist 0% Non-monogamist
  10. theonlyoneleft

    Studio Ghibli moives you like and don't like.

    I love almost all of studio Ghibli's movies apart from two: My Neighbors the Yamadasand The Tale of Princess Kaguya. Just due to the sytles and the over all stories being kinda meh to my tastes. My favorite tho is Nausicaa Valley of the Wind, because it was the first anime film i ever watch and i was memorised by it.,
  11. theonlyoneleft

    Grrr.... death rant

    Thats really bad =(
  12. theonlyoneleft

    What's Your Portable Music Player Set Up/Preferences?

    I use my memory for music... cause dont have any of the above lol
  13. theonlyoneleft

    And Worse...

    It also makes you wonder, how long would it take to potentially ban thousands of inappropriate websites, and how do you give age verification? it wont be just a you are you over 18 thing, it would have to be smarter. Still tho its crappy.
  14. theonlyoneleft

    And Worse...

    Ah, I did not realise that. Sucks
  15. theonlyoneleft

    And Worse...

    Didn't they try something like this in 2013/14/15?