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  1. What's Your Portable Music Player Set Up/Preferences?

    I use my memory for music... cause dont have any of the above lol
  2. A friend of mine was discussing fears with me. And I told them that my biggest fear is forgetting everything because my memory is abysmal so i don't remember things that happened like 5-6 years ago...

    (Just thought Id share)

  3. Ergh 16 days till i can order new diapers, oh well at least it  gives me time to plan..... just what diapers do i want this time.. decisions decisions.. what to do what to do...

  4. We relish news of our heroes, forgetting that we are extraordinary to somebody too. (Random Quote)

  5. -sigh- I wish I had some diapers.. but i have to wait..

    1. widdlebabyjacky


      have you tried securely hiding them?

    2. jackblg


      oh having them isnt hard, its just buying them, gotta save money then stash them :P

  6. *blushes* just a small collection of my toys :P

    014 copy.jpg

  7. feavor is so not fun

  8. That sort of odd moment when your looking a dresses for your GF and part of you goes, i wonder what id look like it that.... yeah it diffrent kidna day i guess

  9. I like buying new thing and buying gifts for my gf. it makes me feel better when everything else is shitty.

  10. I can never catch a break, even on holiday everything fucks up on me =(

  11. 9 more days till i get to go back across the ocean to the love of my life. way too exited! =) <3

  12. a full diaper, a full tummy and beer, what could be better?

  13. diapers and toys make for one hell of a fun evening :wub:

  14. I sleep better when i'm padded.