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  1. I hate being ill, just everything gone wrong with my body, day in bed it is =(

  2. what a wonderfuly hot day!

  3. Just another day

  4. :04_EmoticonsHDcom:ABU:04_EmoticonsHDcom:      There the best thing iv bought in the past year.

  5. Well What Ever Happens, Happens.

  6. So Ends my week, was fun. most enjoyable. but its back to only wearing when i can for now.

  7. why are all the ABU diapers so comfy that i dont want to ever have to take them off?

  8. The struggles of not knowing what diaper to wear.... ergh options and me are bad =/

  9. When you decide to buy a pack of 12 random diapers, and once you get them you dont know what like most of them are lol... they look fun tho! =)


    1. ruffledpanties


      Looks like your week in diapers is going to be super cute Jack

    2. jackblg


      out of curiosity anyone know what these all are? cause lol i dono aside from names on them i r so bad lol


  10. I hate waiting for diapers..... silly post..

  11. Going to be diapered 24/7 for a week soon, so looking foward to this, being alones going to be awesomes =)

  12. People freak out about one tiny thing, some people honestly...

  13. diapers in bed helps me sleeps =)

  14. Hope everyone's had a wonderful day *shakes diapered ass* I know i have!

  15. Going back to America in 6 months ^_^:wub: