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  1. diapers in bed helps me sleeps =)

  2. Hope everyone's had a wonderful day *shakes diapered ass* I know i have!

  3. Going back to America in 6 months ^_^:wub:

  4. Anyone got any recommendations for diapers? thinking of getting some more in the next month or so =)

  5. hehee marshmallows are funs

  6. I love thick warm diapers <3

  7. a full diaper is fabulous. :wub:

  8. Have a delightful diaper day everyone! ^_^

  9. todays a struggle, all I want to do is curl up and sleeps the day away.

  10. best nights sleep in a while. woke up a little wet tho

  11. finally getting a little R&R. enjoying a comfy Cushies diaper :blush:  (Its dry for now but I wonder If it will remain the same till the morning)

  12. Hoping next month will be a more relaxing stress-less month =/

  13. threw out a bunch of diapers today, just didnt have space for them all =/

  14. overworked and ill, such is life......

  15. spending less and less time on here as life gets more busy  =/

    1. ruffledpanties


      Happy to hear you are growing and changing.  Just remember we are here for you anytime you need  some little time.