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  1. Im from derby which is not long away from sutton

  2. dl-julian

    Watching other people to see if they wear diapers?

    I have always been a butt man, checking for the tell tale pantie line, never spotted a diaper bulge but if I did it would be an extra bonus.
  3. dl-julian

    The Midlands

  4. dl-julian

    Ever Had Someone Change Your Diaper ?

    Its only ever happened once and that was last sunday, but really enjoyed the experence of it
  5. dl-julian

    Anyone near Milton Keynes

    pm sent
  6. dl-julian

    Motorcycles... You Ride?

    I ride (when we get the weather for it) a Buell XB12s, i call her the bitch
  7. dl-julian

    Hair Removal - Do You Shave? What About Laser Removal?

    I hate body hair especially pubes yuk, i wax my chest and underarms, shave my crotch and ass and epeilate my legs,i could do with female hormones to slow the growth down cause within a few days there all back ahhhhhhhhhhhh
  8. dl-julian

    Goodnites as Stuffers

    If i want to double up a diaper i would wear a goodnite that had been cut to allow the wetness to seep through, then over it i would wear a medium lille, tena or fabine, they do last for ages as well
  9. dl-julian

    Any DLs That Enjoy Pacifiers?

    As I was alone in bed last night I slept with my new nuk5 all night and it didn't fall out, felt great to wake up with it still in my mouth, I think my ab side is getting stronger and stronger, with the dummy I ordered 2 cloth diapers like I wore in the old days.
  10. I know the owner of wellpadded, I think time is the issue from what he was saying the last time we had an adbl meet at his house as it does take a lot of time and effort to keep a busy website going, he is on fetlife under wellpadded as his user name you could always go there and as him personally.
  11. dl-julian

    soaked 5

    I can usually get a good 12hrs out of a fabine when worn with another underneath ;-)
  12. dl-julian

    New Babygirl

    hiya Tori
  13. dl-julian

    Secret Public Wetting

    If I wear in public I generally just dribble cause as wee all know a flood could cause a leak, but it does feel great feeling my diaper swell up when im out
  14. dl-julian

    How often do you wear diapers?

    I now wear everynight as I don't trust myself not to wet in my sleep and I wear when I can during the day