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  1. Cody laid down on the back He took a few breaths to help calm his nerves.
  2. Ron woke up with a slight whine, but went with his brother to find their mommy.
  3. "What do you have in mind my love?" Jason asked Chris was happily playing with his mommy's face.
  4. Ron's diaper was drooping and soggy. He was still asleep on his brother's bed.
  5. Cody smiled as he looked into his mom's eyes. He kicked lightly. He felt slightly nervous about the next day. With Jen knowing about his new place as a baby. It was only a matter of time before everyone else knew. His current diaper was already in bad shape. It was soaked and almost leaking.
  6. Jason came in to check on his family. "I thought it was naptime?"
  7. Chris just cuddled into his mommy. Luke held his daughter close.
  8. Ron was asleep with his older brother in his bed. Ron was however very messy as he slept.
  9. Chris cooed softly with a happy smile. "Love you too baby girl" Luke said happily.
  10. Cody nodded into his mom's chest. He needed a hug to help him get through the shopping trip. He was nervous about the sudden change to his normal life. This was what he wanted, it was just a slow shock to his system.
  11. Ruby was going by with a soaked Ryan. "Someone needs a change." She cooed to him as they went by Dan's door. "Does Ron need a change?" Ron at the moment was only slightly wet.
  12. Chris crawled high on his mommy to kiss her. Luke looked back into Lauren's eyes. "What's up my little one?"
  13. Cody smiled, but blushed heavily while hiding behind her. (Sounds good)
  14. "That's good to now honey, but I really want you to finish your homework. But I will take you up on your offer. Just remember what I said about your homework" Ruby told her son as she left the room. Ron cuddled into his brother with a happy coo. Ryan followed after their mother.
  15. "Mama" Chris cooed with a yawn. "You're very pretty" Luke told Lauren.