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  1. star trek

  2. Sofia

  3. A good place to get cute paci

    she will have all colors back in stock this Wed
  4. A good place to get cute paci

    http://jaykaybaby.com/ She makes great paci I brought a few as gifts this past X-mass. She is even will to work with you to make some thing custom very friendly.
  5. I found the best place to get adult paci she is very nice I have ordered a few from her as gifts  http://jaykaybaby.com/

  6. WIN_20180120_14_37_47_Pro.jpg

    froggy kitty came today YAY
  7. my little buddys

    my stuffy and my little fur baby
  8. 26219747_173385799936830_4928325178927913983_n.jpg

    I wish I could find some one to make this for me
  9. baby tigger monkeydoo

  10. Would love to be your baby sister! :baby-wants-milk-smiley-emoticon:

  11. IMG_20180105_201244.jpg

    yeah I sort of have to fix my trees and stuff
  12. my PRR locos and passenger sets

  13. my PRR locos and passenger sets

    its in N scale I use to to do HO/OO scale but N scale takes less room